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    LEFKADA Fishing 4 – End of story
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    LEFKADA Fishing 4 – End of story

    March 9, 2020

    Today Ivo and I decided to sail again to the deeper and further reaching fishing points to experience something different We dedicated two days to fishing Dentex so we’re going back to fishing for Amberjack At the moment It’s around 10am and I’m currently on one of our most productive points and I know it’s a good spot since we’ve caught Amberjacks here before Our depth is something of the sort of 100-120m close to a ledge and only thing left is to launch the tackles Ivo is already fishing And the thing that’s been knocking I’ll show it now is my jig Today, because of the sun and the calm weather I’ll let go of the white zebra and use this color instead This is a blue-green Zargan imitation A few words on the jig’s shape Speed jigs aren’t so narrow lengthy just for your convenience and to go fast There’s another reason This is usually to find a compatibility to the fish’s natural prey during this time of the year Since you’re looking for fish on 100+ metres You need to know what it feeds itself down there Surely it’s not Zargana Since that is the first association you probably made But there are others Let’s just call them “very long and narrow” kinds of fish that live on these depths And these fish [Amberjack], naturally,
    can eat them [Zargana] One of them is the Cuttlas fish This is a typical deep-water kind that has a very similar shape to the jig So Wish me luck during this day as well I hope to surprise you with something nice Throw it to him Throw it to him Be quick Quick
    Quick A very big swordfish just passed by to look around and say hi But Is he still here? He’s below the boat Drop it a little lower and then pump it out This fish is 2m This is from the better ones Is it a Amberjack? Or does it shake? Oh, it’s definitely a Amberjack from the good ones We came to a spot very well known from before that we’ve been fishing on for Amberjack 3-4 years ago It’s a good day The interesting thing I can say here is that Like every other Amberjacks that we’ve caught It took the tackle during the soar But it was a very nice tug I don’t know if Ivo managed to see You sound a bit tired I have a lot of line to reel in How much do you have left? Here it comes Do we have a fish? a 10! Clip the camera there What can I tell you We came here to catch something different Brother Look, what a nice fish Look inside the net Fishie Me and Shkarow have been arguing a bout a jig of his This is it It’s the 3rd day in a row that I cant get him to take it off Finally he switched it but we have another problem because of one split ring he lost his jig and now he’s not fishing I stopped the camera Im recording audio I’ll post it anyway! Because of one stupid split ring Now he’s with a jig less and on dry land And he could have caught the same fish Ok
    Ok Remember This is for Dentex, not for Jack’s Hurry up.
    I got to fish Just a second And on this side This is what we have as a beginning here Right here on this picture I noticed something in the fish’s mouth Firstly I want to apologise because the “operator” thought he was filming but was actually not doing anything As you can see on the frames I managed to take out from the throat and stomach of the fish A “Sable” (Cuttlas fish) maybe around 40-50cm long absolutely whole I have no idea how it managed to fit it in it’s stomach Maybe it was rolled up but it’s a perfect illustration of the words I spoke at the start of this video on the shape of the jig 20 min have passed the next cloud front came The weather darkened and respectively we are switching to the white “ballet” so to say I’ll search trough this spot again and we’ll be baracing in for the wind so every launch of the jig can be our last I hope we have enough time for another fish At least one more It looks to me like a Fagri Or a Dentex But I’m betting on Fagri We’ll see It gave up quick It’s probably small but if anything – to stain the silicone Can you see what it does? We didnt take the tai rubbers again but… No matter We did go out for Amberjacks Well we’ll fish for Fagri as an exception What did we catch? Not like I didn’t say so Detex But with the colors of a Fagri Fagri A real Fagri Wait
    Wait Not bad Look how perfectly it’s bit on the silicone It’s a Fagri … as the Greeks say “Real Fagri” Well the fishing goes on and the weather is still giving us a chance so I hope we’ll have luck for one more fish a bigget one Today we’re out for trophies You saw how the Fagri took the tackle Very glutinous Shkarov told me to release it and to launch the tackle again but it looks like I have a hook problem we’ll see Fishing goes on we found Fagris we caught one but it turns out we’re in the mood for Amberjacks Now we’re going for Amberjacks On the hunt again No satisfying this person And when he’s not fishing he’s on the phone as you can see Kid finished 1st semester of 5th grade I have to give him some attention It’s not only fishing Bravo to the kid Bravo Ok. Shkarov, text more Youre allowed to Fish will wait

    LEFKADA Fishing 3 – A last second goal!
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    LEFKADA Fishing 3 – A last second goal!

    February 28, 2020

    I’m officially giving start on fishing day #3 We’re going after Dentex That will be the main goal for today If we’re lucky we will be successful The weather is perfect, for now though I suspect it’ll get worse in the afternoon So, our window of opportunity is in the next few hours maybe 2-3 hour window So this time we will surely need your good-luck wishes like this So that we could reach our goals … like it’s said. Right, Shkarov?
    Do you have high goals? I’m thinking of… doubling yesterday’s score – Okay, I…
    – At least 10kg and since I’m a maximalist, I would like to triple it so… Good luck! As soon as we started we found quite the amount of fish, but this also gave start of our sorrows: there is fish but it doesn’t bite Come on Shkarov! Everything bet to the bottom and it won’t budge It’s absolutely frustrating to watch this image.
    Fish go up and down, following our tackles, but they won’t strike It’s killing me they disappeared We just need two It’s visible on the sonar how the fish follow up behind our tackles and then follow them back to the bottom and they don’t nib or strike Fish is here Ah? The fish is here they’re down to the 65-63’d meter I can’t find words for this It’s horrible You can see the jig’s path but nothing happens All of this are Dentex No exceptions But they don’t strike Literally 2-3 minutes after I told you this we had our first … Dentex gathering or a Dentex seminar We only got away with a nib on the tail I threw a silicone, Shkarov is trying his luck on a jig Obviously fish isn’t very active here I will be showing you on the sonar What a headache! How we’re having no catches, I have no idea No matter! We have time. Come on, Shkarov, load the weapon Ready for battle Same old- large amounts of fish and unfortunately still no interest Obviously, it’s just not the hour And I hope it’s the hour and not something else Because if so, we’re done for with all of this fish that I’m seeing and not a single strike is absolutely unnatural It’s visible how thy’re following the jig clearly visible And they just wont strike, with the exception of this one nib on the silicone but the fish was small or just wasn’t sure about it It just bit on the silicone and let go There was no time for me to react Again we found them and again they ignore us I just can’t fathom it We’re exactly on top. We can see how they’re wondering about the baits but they just wont bite Right now they’re following Shkarov but to a point We’re in the feeding hour and we don’t have a single fish and the worst part is that I can already see how the wind is coming around Which is in no way a good sign You can see it making it’s way bit by bit It’s starting very delicately But at one point everything suddenly takes a turn and we won’t be able to spend the whole day Hopefully we get lucky Our attempts at catching fish were unsuccessful throughout the whole day Going around, finding fish fish were clearly visible, following our baits but we had no results Until we came to this moment Sundown and see what happened I registered a weak strike while the bait was falling and after I took out the tackle I noticed that my hook was missing But the thing that made me wonder was what I was seeing on the sonar For the first time, a Bitefish peeled off of the bottom And naturally this made me wan to make another attempt And I was about to get ready to go Obviously we weren’t done yet What happened?! We had given up! I’m suspicious about the fish though On the first drop, it stuck but only pulled the hook off And I made a second attempt I adjusted my hook and let the tackle down carefully I saw it very clearly on the sonar And from there… once, twice and on the third time it struck but how she wasn’t prepared We’ll see what’ll come out It’s either a Grouper or a Dentex At first it fought like a Dentex but now I’m not so sure Oh, how beautiful Oh, how beautiful The lady with the teeth Toothy And what will you say? What can I say? Never ever give up All day!
    All day! Never ever give up, even to the last possible moment because as you can see Gundi can score even at the last second Bravo, Shkarov! Number 2! Dentex I’m with the same impression By the way it shakes it’s head, it’s obvious See when they started feeding Yeah Come here [fish #2], this one [fish #1] is lonely She needs a friend Opa! Today, I must say was literally The typical example to the saying: Cover Gundy to the last second All day, all afternoon we went around.
    We saw a lot of fish we even had a few attacks ripped silicones, nibs etc but the fish, minus one exception, was not caught And , like I already said we were preparing for the walk of shame We thought
    “This is it! last spot and then we’re done” We’re still on this lat point because there is still fish below us Only reason I’m not fishing right now is that the sun has set and there is barely any light and otherwise I won’t be able to tell you my final words that’s why i stopped for a second and I just want to tell you this Never lose hope and never give up on your skills and knowledges because somewhere around you there is fish that can be caught That’s why- wish me luck I’ll keep the camera rolling and I’m off to fish The past day Is a certain success in my book even if practically for 10h of fishing, we didn’t catch anything For myself, I managed to make some important conclusions First of which is that We got a clear idea of the boundaries of an area, containing shoals of Dentex Large ones, as a matter of fact The other thing is that again I proved to myself that I these fish always, always, have a window of activity around sundown We solved one, seemingly unsolvable problem We managed to catch 3 fish throughout the day To me, this may be a win, despite a difficult one Good luck and see you soon

    How To Install A 3 Bow Bimini Top – Cooltech
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    How To Install A 3 Bow Bimini Top – Cooltech

    February 28, 2020

    Eevelle designs and manufacturers
    high-quality performance products for those who love the outdoor the Summerset Cooltech series bimini top featuring Aqualone Edge Cooltech fabric is the
    best choice for outstanding performance and durability
    the Summerset Cooltech series Bimini table comes as a complete kit including
    canvas frame and mounting hardware remove the canvas from the bag and lay
    out the pieces on a clean dry surface lay out the crossbars and slide
    crossbars down the Bimini sleeves insert the ends of the crossbars into the side
    of the frame and lock into place measure to compare the mounting points on your
    boat width of frame attach the mounting swivel to the end of the frame clean and
    mask off the area where you’ll be working position the frame in the
    mounting area open frame and confirm the position and coverage are correct mark
    the mounting points of the swivels drill pilot holes for the screws countersink
    the holes to prevent the fiberglass from splintering apply silicon to the holes
    to ensure a watertight fit repeat the drilling process to mount the
    eye strap loops secure the loop end of the web strap to Bimini frame and attach
    the strap to the eye strap loop using the clip on strap repeat for all straps
    adjust the straps and tighten canvas release front straps to close the top
    and collapse the Bimini rearward fold canvas towards frame then secure in
    storage boot the summerset cool tech series bimini top are designed to
    satisfy the most discriminating customers with marine grey fabric heavy
    duty frames and stainless steel mounting hardware
    this kit is manufactured with the highest quality materials for superior
    durability Eevelle quality and performance by design

    Floating ATVs across the river on a dinghy ► All 4 Adventure TV
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    Floating ATVs across the river on a dinghy ► All 4 Adventure TV

    February 22, 2020

    ♫ I’m slippin’… I’m slidin’ away… ♫ Well that thing makes it look easy. That little
    ranger just makes it look so easy. The plan is, today you boys are going to shoot
    down the river in the tinnie. All right, and we’re gonna go by land. And what we’re going
    to do is we’re going to link up at this fork here. That fork in the river. We’ll take the
    Navigator as well, the Hema Navigator with us. So we know exactly where you are and where
    we are with radio contact. All right? We don’t want to lose radio contact, because we’re
    gonna take a straight line across to get through, and then we’re going to lose sight of the
    river. But we’ll stay within radio contact. So that’s the rendezvous point here. And then
    from there, we put the bikes on top of the boats and then we’re gonna head across the
    river and then we’ll meet youse out in the mouth. Okay, let’s go.
    Let’s see what we can do. Wadey and Stu head for the mouth to hopefully
    meet up with us 10 ks up towards the mouth. Simon and I have to go cross country using
    the Navigator. How good is this? Don’t try something like this without communication
    as well as a GPS and maps. The boys are having a fun time while we’re
    slogging it through the bush. They get to fish. How does that work out? We finally get to the rendezvous point on
    the western bank. Hey, we’re nearly at the creek, mate. Can
    you see Wadey? I’ll get him on the radio. Wadey, can you see us, mate? It’s hard to spot anyone in this bush. You got us yet? We’re here, mate. We’re here.
    In here. Oi, oi. Now what a mission that was. We’ve made the
    rendezvous point with Wadey. Now the trick is to join these two tinnies together and
    get the Ranger on top. The Polaris will be easy, the Sportsman. But we need to get this
    Ranger on top. I’ve got some frames made up, and we’re going to lock it all together. And
    we’ve got to get across to the other side of the river now. We’ll see how we go. So the Rosie Creek ferry service was having
    its first run. Drive it. Now we need some straps. I reckon just don’t strap it in. If the boat
    was gonna go, you want to lose the bike and not the boats. Because if we don’t have boats
    to get back, we’re stuck here for a long time. Yeah, you’re dead right. Yeah, all right. Just lock it in gear. You’re gonna go over
    ever so slowly. Yeah. Off you go boys. You’re alright, mate. I reckon,
    Simon, you get up the front, mate. I bet the local crocs haven’t seen this before. Yeah, they just unloaded it, and actually
    just got the bike off. Unreal. So we’ve only got one more to go, the Ranger. So that’s
    going to be a little bit harder to get across. But we’ll get there. How’s it feel? Keep coming. Keep coming. Straighten up. That
    way. Keep going. Keep going. The Rosie Creek ferry service worked well. I told you it’d work, mate. I know boats. You’ve done well, mate. You’ve done extremely well. With the bikes, trailers and boats, we can
    travel the coastline like never before. But as soon as we get there, the
    Ranger has a flat. We seem to have gotten ourselves a puncture.
    We got this far, and when we unloaded them off the boat, this one’s got a flat tyre.
    So it went down fairly slow, so it’s only a little hole. And I think it’s picked up one of those sharp
    mangrove roots when we were loading up. Now on the eastern bank, we head for the mouth
    to meet up with the boats again. We hope. Without the Hema,
    you’d be flat out doing this. We made it. The mouth of the Rosie Creek. So what, are we the first people ever to drive
    on this beach? We could probably almost guarantee that we’re the first people ever to drive
    to this river mouth. I’m loving it. We’ve just got to hook up with Wadey now. We’re
    not sure where Wadey is. We’ve lost him. We’ve lost him. Wadey, Wadey, are you on channel? The sun is slowly poking its way up over the
    Arafura Sea. Today Simon and I are going to travel 20 kilometers
    east to another remote river system using the Polaris Ranger and Almac trailer to take
    the dinghy down the beach. Wade and Stu are going to fish the system today while we head
    east. Hopefully staying in radio contact. The folding trailers and quad bikes have opened
    up new territory for us as we cross creeks and rivers to continue along the coastline.
    The 4-wheel drives are still 20 Ks inland unable to get out this far. It’s amazing the things you find out on the
    beach washed up from the gulf. This deck chair off a cruise ship or something like that.
    There’s a port marker down there further. An actual floating port marker. There’s a
    massive, big carley float. It’s amazing. I love combing the beach to see what I can find
    on the beaches. There’s obviously plenty of coral and stuff like that. There’s also behind
    me here is a massive fresh water spring on the back side of the dune. Pure, fresh water
    just seeping out of the sand. This place is amazing. And we’ve had such a big wet season, and all
    that water just comes down and settles in this divet behind the back of the dunes. And
    it’s actually quite sweet water that filters up through the sand. It’s got a few little
    fish and stuff running around in it. I’d never expect to see fresh water like this on the
    back side of a beach in the gulf. It’s not on any maps. It doesn’t show up on any of my maps.

    VALENTINE’s Day Fishing
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    VALENTINE’s Day Fishing

    February 22, 2020

    Ivo, I have a strike!!!! Bravo Dessy Dessy, what a strike! How you feel it? It’s was good? Oooo…. Yes Mother……. Thank’s Alex You was the person that wish me that! I just close the phone I start without trust with this lure Realy? Yes Silikon Eel with second hook on the tail Om, take the fishing net I am not sure where is the fish We are still far away. Shkarov if I catch your fish – SORRY That is not the same fish. Fish must be close How many line you have? Still have 12 m Fish is close I’ll stay here Put the anchor in trolling motor Fish pull a drag with the strike! Keep tight! Be ready! I see the leader. Just a moument. Okey It’s a Amberjack Bravo Dessy! Pull it Fish is small I’m ashamed but it’s a first! Bravo It’s was nice Show the fis on camera Give me the rod I open the spool Take it and keep it tight and show it on camera If this was a bigger fish …….. will be hard for me! Now you understand That was a a slight hint Now I understand I can’t take it Go back Ok, look the camera How you can catch Amberjack with silikone lure I searching for Gruppers I make “cardio” early (speed jigging for jack’s) But now…. Be careful what you wish and what you don’t want Because usually “don’t wanted” happen first I not want Jack But , look…. I have Jack It’s not big We will release it. If you want. Yes, I want to release it! We will catch a big one! Keep the fish Keep it! Dessy Keep tight! Ok No No Stay on place! Stay… Stay, seat…..!!! Take it stronger Wait…. You see what happend Dessy start a fishing “half” day I say a “half” because a bad weather is coming and we will have only a few hours for fishing in the afternoon But today is a nice holiday St. Valentine’s day and specialy for that Dessy start the fishing and how she say early “made” one greeting message for all lady’s lady anglers say it now I wish to all of you to be loved and forgive to his man’s when they go for fishing because fishing it’s verry amusing Right…. we should not be jealous respect their hobby And I wish…. You can go to manicurists and hairdressers And I wish to all man’s, serios anglers Marry “Trifon Zarezan” (bulgarian holiday of wine)


    How To Install A 3 Bow Bimini Top

    February 21, 2020

    Eevelle designs and manufacturers
    high-quality performance products for those who love the outdoor the Summerset Cooltech series bimini top featuring Aqualone Edge Cooltech fabric is the
    best choice for outstanding performance and durability
    the Summerset Cooltech series Bimini table comes as a complete kit including
    canvas frame and mounting hardware remove the canvas from the bag and lay
    out the pieces on a clean dry surface lay out the crossbars and slide
    crossbars down the Bimini sleeves insert the ends of the crossbars into the side
    of the frame and lock into place measure to compare the mounting points on your
    boat width of frame attach the mounting swivel to the end of the frame clean and
    mask off the area where you’ll be working position the frame in the
    mounting area open frame and confirm the position and coverage are correct mark
    the mounting points of the swivels drill pilot holes for the screws countersink
    the holes to prevent the fiberglass from splintering apply silicon to the holes
    to ensure a watertight fit repeat the drilling process to mount the
    eye strap loops secure the loop end of the web strap to Bimini frame and attach
    the strap to the eye strap loop using the clip on strap repeat for all straps
    adjust the straps and tighten canvas release front straps to close the top
    and collapse the Bimini rearward fold canvas towards frame then secure in
    storage boot the summerset cool tech series bimini top are designed to
    satisfy the most discriminating customers with marine grey fabric heavy
    duty frames and stainless steel mounting hardware
    this kit is manufactured with the highest quality materials for superior
    durability Eevelle quality and performance by design

    DAMEN Super Yacht Support & TOY HAULER AXIS walkthrough: Full Exclusive Tour with AMELS (Turn CC ON)
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    DAMEN Super Yacht Support & TOY HAULER AXIS walkthrough: Full Exclusive Tour with AMELS (Turn CC ON)

    February 21, 2020

    – Hey guys! We’re about to tour Damen’s support yacht vessel called AXIS. This is my new best friend and we’re gonna do a whole tour together. Forever! We are about to tour
    this amazing yacht hauler and it’s got at least six different toys that
    I’m already seeing, including a submarine. As some of you have seen last year: a different vessel, New Frontier, so we gonna tour this one and see what new cool things they’ve got. Also, I have some friends joining us it’s their first show, first huge yacht show
    they’ve ever been to so you get real true reactions of someone who has never seen anything like it. So, what do we got here? We’ve obviously got an extra tender, there is a tender that, actually, there are tenders still there, which is boat in its own. There are a few different
    boats onboard here. Do you know how they using, what is the purpose of each one of them? – [Deniza] Yes, actually, these are flats, flat boats and these ones are
    used for the Bahamas, mainly. They have a huge stick that they, basically, they just move
    with the boat like this. – Got it. – [Deniza] because the water is really. – Shallow. – [Deniza] So this is perfect for that. – Okay. – [Deniza] The tender, they usually use it if they want to go somewhere fast. – [Victoria] Right,
    extra quick small tender. – [Deniza] Extra quick yeah. – [Victoria] Got it. – [Deniza] And what else we have? – Fishing?
    – Fishing. – [Deniza] Fishing as
    well, yeah, of course. – [Victoria] Got it. Okay, cool! – Submarines for.
    – Couple little sailors. – [Rico] Two lasers. – [Victoria] And some
    paddle boards, a submarine. – They go the Bahamas quite a lot. – Yeah – [Deniza] So, that’s
    their favorite destinations and that’s where they basically go. – [Victoria] Which yacht
    is this support vessel to? – GiGi Westport. – Oh, GiGi is the yacht.
    – Got it. – Perfect, got it. Is there anything else that’s
    stored down below tour-wise, that we’re not seeing? – [Chris] Nope, everything is on deck. So, there is a few things
    that aren’t on here; one of them is the seaplane, we have an ICON 85, which is that. So, they have retractable
    wheels that you can land on in an airport and on the sea. And then obviously you see
    this inflating pontoon? So, we have a second one of those and one in the middle
    that is about 10 by 10 so it creates a U, put that on the aft and the
    airplane can come straight in, walk off the plane and come
    straight on the boat from there. So, we’re like an airport basically. A floating airport. Got a final time of about 72 hours but I don’t know if anyone who can hold their fart for that long, so. – 72 hours, wow.
    – 72 hours. And it does 1000 meters
    maximum but, I mean, light disappears at 300, we’ve got strobes on it, and whatnot. It’s actually quite simple to drive, it’s just four thrusters
    and and the joystick. So it’s actually very maneuverable. – Triton submarine. It’s kind of a famous submarine ’cause there was a video that
    was recorded of a giant squid, the only video ever
    recorded and it was recorded off of one of the Tritons
    so it’s pretty cool. They do really incredible stuff. They’ve dived the deepest dives that they’ve done on this type of, and, they go up, I think, to 7 passengers, the bigger ones. – This is actually one
    of our newest editions. We realized that you can actually get biodegradable golf balls now
    so, essentially fish food. – Huh?
    – Oh. – (Victoria) What? Wait can I hold that? – [Chris] Yeah, sure, we’ve got
    some extras. – Is it the weight of the golf ball?
    – I’ve heard of this, but I haven’t actually seen one. So what is it made out of? – I’m not sure. I think you can eat it. Have a go.
    – What? Can I feel it? – [Rico] Let me smell it. – [Victoria] Smell it? – [Carrie] Oh, it’s heavy! – It’s amazing.
    – Yeah. – [Rico] I love it. – [Victoria] It doesn’t
    smell like anything. – I would always feel bad
    about putting a golf ball in the water but, I mean– – These things end up,
    like the real golf balls, in dolphins and whales in
    the blow holes, it’s awful, but this actually really
    feels like a real golf ball, it’s amazing, very cool. – An adaptability thing on this deck is that we actually have a 4K projector, just under the mast over there. And in between these two pillars, we have a massive screen so
    we can have a cinema here, or reverse it. Just lay out, loads of chairs. – So the way the owners
    use this, I mean obviously, you’ve got all the
    support vessels and stuff, but do they actually
    spend time on this boat? Like, if you are out? – Yeah. So it’s almost like his and hers. I mean, when we were in the Grand Bahamas, so we’ve got, we actually come side two, so we’ve got the actual
    other yacht will be here. – Yep, and that’s hers, right? – Pretty much, yeah.
    – Okay, got it. – And we’ll actually line up the gangways so you can literally just walk on and off and it’s almost just one big yacht. – Aha, so it’s like an extension of, ’cause yeah, this is
    an amazing space here. – Yeah, and between the two of us, we’ve got the same deck space as one of those monsters over there. – Yeah.
    – So. – What’s the, what’s the draft on this? – So, that’s the unique thing
    for the support vessels, we’re actually like a C Axe shape. So if you look at my shirt, you can see the shape of the AXIS. That’s actually the bow, so on the bow we draw 3.8 meters. On the stern, it’s 2.8
    so a little bit higher. So actually, I mean, it’s kind of cool for going aground, if not
    that we go aground but, (laughs) you can just nose in and– – Yeah, you nose in and it’s not gonna get stuck.
    – But it’s actually, it’s actually good for stability, so I mean, in rough seas,
    three, four meters swells, we are pretty sound. I mean, leave your cup
    of tea on the bridge and it won’t move an inch. – Amazing, I mean nothings moves here, it’s pretty incredible. But the draft on GiGi, right, that this is a support vessel too. This, how much is the
    draft on the main vessel? – [Chris] It’s got to
    be about 2.8, I think. – Okay! What else we got?
    – Let’s walk to the bow and I’ll show you. And over here you’ve got
    this, your mooring station. Underneath the deck is actually where we have the anchor drum, so, at the very front you can see the anchor. And it is literally, from
    that point, straight down. It goes all the way down to
    the deepest point on the boat. – Okay.
    – Interesting. – Oh yeah, you can actually see, kind of. – There are only 8 support
    vessels from Damen in the world at the moment and you know, every one’s a little bit unique, this is another edition for us, it is just mooring lines
    and fenders in here. – Storage. – Yeah, and if I show you in the bridge, I’ll show you the actual part
    of the refit that we chose. – [Rico] Search lights. – They will go ahead and kind of, set stuff up sometimes
    because they’re faster than the main vessel so
    they will go on forward and kind of prepare when
    the main vessel arrives so things are ready,
    whatever those things are. – There’s no way to tell, like one of these, it’d be, depending on how many Toys you got, but you gonna need between an hour or two to have a full set up.
    – To set it all up. So they arrive early, set it up. And then the main vessel arrives with her, vessel arrives, it’s all set up yeah. – [Chris] Yeah we can
    hit 32 knots on this, so we can just plow ahead. – [Victoria] It’s fast. To set up, yeah, this is my office, there’s my desk, this is the captain’s desk.
    – Look at this desk! – [Chris] This is a 55
    inch retina display, so I can actually, it’s touch screen, I can do all my routes
    and planning on here. And along with the other
    two that are independent, we are full ECDIS on board, which means we don’t carry paper charts. Everything’s on here. It’s easy to update and do maintenance. It means I can put my time elsewhere, where it’s needed. – [Victoria] How does it feel? – It feels like I’m a captain.
    – Do you feel like Captain Kirk? – I do.
    (laughing) – [Victoria] It takes a
    little bit more than that. – You can actually command the
    whole vessel from the seat, you’ve got four engines. So you’ve got one, two, three, four here. Forward and reverse. And obviously–
    – Don’t touch anything. – I’m not touching anything.
    I’m letting him do it. – You’ve got 22 knots and
    then there’s three gears, in the low gear that would be six knots and then ultra low for
    docking and parking positions, you do that in 2-3 knots. – Do you feel the power?
    – He’s like this is a strange language, but okay. Whatever you say. – This is steering wheel, it
    literally says steering here, and bow thruster to control to bow. So, we have two bow
    thrusters, four engines, that’s part of the DP system,
    which is dynamic positioning. So this boat was built
    for the oil rigs, so it’s, when an oil rig shifts four foot, the support vessel would
    actually shift with it. So, you know, nothing’s
    attached to the bottom. It’s just between these systems here. That’s the DP positioning system and that will actually be
    able to hold the GPS position that is in the boat.
    – Wow. – Yeah.
    (loud beeping) – I didn’t touch anything – What did you do?
    – I didn’t touch anything. – What did you do? This feels a little bit
    like “Star Wars” over here, or whatever that is. – [Rico] How much fuel do you guys carry? – You can see that just over here. So, about 100 cubic
    meters, I think, in total. Maybe a bit more than that. It’s 100 tons of fuel. But it carries more than that. – [Victoria] Also it will carry trash and things like that, extra. ‘Cause it’s all, you know, if
    you’re out for a long time. Like, I mean they go into
    the Bahamas, it’s crazy, but if they are going to some
    of the most, like the Arctic, there’s certain things,
    you can’t unload anything. Everything has to be brought with you, so, they will carry trash
    and extra water, fuel. – So, the other thing is, I’m not sure if you noticed on the deck, we actually have a ton of fixing points, so we can actually carry containers, if we were doing any research round here, you could set up a lab inside a container and have the whole deck geared up. Again, as I said before, it’s, the adaptability is one of
    the unique things about this, is that we can change it up
    and have different set ups, you can play basketball
    on the back of that if you cleared it out.
    – Yes, you can! – [Rico] Do you know what
    the gross tonnage is? – Sorry? – [Rico] What the gross
    tonnage is of the vessel? There we go, 462. – Just under 500. – [Rico] Just low enough that you don’t have to have 24 hour watch and a machinist on standby. – [Victoria] So it’s really
    just crew who stays on here. – [Chris] No, we have guest accommodation. – Extra, in case you–
    – As I say also, like, an overflow of employees or whatever, from the company.
    – Got it. – Boss company.
    – So, dayhead. – AV rack, so watch
    anything, anywhere, anytime. – Okay. – [Rico] Direct TV – You guys go ahead. You wanna go ahead? – [Rico] Okay. Wow, that’s very comfortable. – [Chris] So, this is, the gear was laid on this in
    2015, and refitted in 2016, so it’s only two years old. – Awesome!
    – Wow, yeah. – So, very spacious, I mean, it’s not, it’s a bit spartan, and it’s not as luxurious as
    some of the other yachts but– – Well, we were on, what, New Frontiers? – [Rico] New Frontiers, yeah. – And, it was not as luxurious
    as this one, I feel like, that one was definitely
    more spartan, like this, this feels like you could
    actually hang out here. – Comfortable.
    – Yeah, it’s great. – [Deniza] New Frontiers
    was for sale at the moment, so, the yard just built it, very simple. – [Victoria] Right, that they, so they could.
    – Yeah. But even that was this
    huge amount of space and real amazing things. – [Chris] So we can actually keep a crew and an overflow of employees in here, so the guests and the crew. – So that’s a four-man cabin?
    – That’s a four-man cabin. – [Victoria] It’s beautiful! It’s really nicely done, great job. But wait, there’s more! – [Rico] It’s comfy. – [Chris] And if you step through, I’ll shut the door for you, you can see the dayhead
    behind you over here. – [Rico] Oh, that’s very spacious. – Ready to come out?
    – Thank you. – [Chris] Alright, so that’s
    mirrored on the other side. – [Victoria] Same thing on the other side. – And then, if you have
    a look at this, actually, you can actually see when we bought it, used to be Fast & Furious,
    that’s what it was called, and then you can see the difference here, the garage that was added on, so there used to be a
    full 360 bridge, I mean, you can see it over here. And look at the after. – [Victoria] But that’s
    great space up there, that’s awesome. – Cool. – [Rico] It’s like a big hangar. – Yeah, exactly. That’s what it was built
    for, for the seaplane. – He’s doing a great job of the tour! – [Deniza] I know, that’s why– – You’re like, “go ahead!” – [Deniza] He knows much more than I do. – And just before, there’s the little bar. You can set up your drink. – This is really nice space. – [Chris] Down here we’ve
    got the crew quarters. – Is everybody decent?
    – Have a go in. (laughing) Slowed in their lunch. (laughing)
    – Enjoy man. – [Man Eating] No worries, man, thank you. – So that’s Crew quarters. – [Chris] And then, right at the end, we have our laundry area. – How many crew?
    – Eight crew, we are the smallest crew
    of the support vessels. [Carrie] – Wow.
    [Chris]- Normally run with 10. – She’s like, “wow, eight is small?” – [Carrie] Actually no,
    sounds like a lot to me. – So: captain, and myself, first mate, chief engineer, second engineer, chef, bosun, deckhand, and second deckhand. – Any questions?
    [Carrie] – No. – About responsibilities,
    or you know all of them all? [Carrie] – Are you hiring?
    (laughing) – Unfortunately, it’s an
    all-male crew on this, so we don’t actually run with any interiors. – Interesting! – Yeah, so we kind of
    look after ourselves, we have a schedule, and you know, good. – Everybody pitches in. – But, it would be nice to have 10. – She’ll be just fine on the male crew. – We want 10 crew! – [Rico] (laughing) We want 10 crew. (laughing) – Yeah, through here, you’ve
    got the bow thruster room/ – Oh, go ahead, Rico. – So it’s more of a services strip. – [Rico] Little work out bench? – [Chris] Yeah, yeah, we can
    keep fit at sea, you know. Weights. – [Austin] I have those at home. – [Victoria] You have those at home? – [Chris] We have water
    boilers and so and so. – [Victoria] But you can
    feel like you’re in a boiler. – [Austin] Yes. – [Rico] Yeah, wow, they’re big boilers. – [Chris] Yeah. – [Rico] You can actually see
    the outer hull of the boat. – [Chris] Yep, that is it. (knocking) – [Rico] Is that a fire pump? – [Chris] Crash pump, yeah. For emergency, and it’s
    also built so, for flooding. Alright, so you guys are now under water, you are below the water line. – [Carrie] So this is where,
    if something goes wrong, you’re coming down here and–
    – Yep. This is where the engineer do their magic So this is essentially the control room. So we can control generators from here, we’ve got all our pumps and stuff here, so you’ve got aircon, you’ve got the massive hydraulic
    pumps behind you there. Through here, we’ve got the ventilation
    for the engine room, and into the engine room. – [Victoria] This is so loud! You can’t be in here without headphones. – [Chris] Yeah, it’s quiet at the moment, there’s nothing running. – So this is where the four Beasts sleep, between four of them, we’ve got six and a half
    thousand horse power. – [Rico] Can you repeat
    that one more time? – [Chris] So between the four of them, we’ve got 6,500 horse power. – Six and a half thousand horse power. Did that register? Okay – These are massive Caterpillars – Wow. – [Chris] I mean here
    you have your generator. – [Rico] How many
    generators do you guys have? – [Chris] Three, they’re all in here. – [Rico] Stabilizers? – [Chris] Exactly. I mean, here you got your fire system, and bilge system. And that will be the water separator. – [Carrie] Well, here’s that fire system? – Yeah.
    – front and center. – This is the real one here, so you can actually,
    if it’s a sealed area, as long as everyone’s outside, you can release it and
    it puts out the fire. – [Carrie] Oh, cool. – Over here, you’ve got the
    water maker, reverse osmosis. – [Rico] That’s a massive water maker. Look at this. – [Rico] How many rudders
    do you guys have, two? – Two rudders, yeah. So, underneath you can see the ramps. So, in the pool quarter,
    you’ve got our Dive compressor, and just recently, we’ve just started to
    mixing on board as well, so we carry 21 dive bottles, and all in behind these panels is all our dive equipment to go with that. Got a nice little ice machine over here, and if you just walk over
    there and take a right, you can see our workshop. – [Rico] How long have you been onboard? – [Chris] Two months. – [Rico] Wow, fresh! – But he knows everything! Amazing! – [Chris] Hit the ground running. – You like it? Something different, huh? – [Carrie] So clean, this is so clean. – Yeah, I mean it’s–
    – Clean, all this stuff. – Everything’s clean, right? – [Austin] Oh my god, this is your– – This is a workshop. This is every guy’s workshop dream. – [Carrie] Yeah. Look at the–
    – I know. – [Victoria] I mean, it’s like a chair! – [Rico] They’re serious. – [Victoria] It’s like a chair. Wow. – So, just behind you,
    we have a stern anchor and over here, we have our fueling system. So, it’s just like a
    regular petrol station, we’ve got a nozzle, bring
    all the tenders in here, it’s very easy to keep
    the tenders all fueled up. – Alright, this completes our tour of this awesome support vessel, there are only eight of them in the world, if you guys have any questions, just put it down in
    the comments down below and we’ll do very best to answer them all. Thank you to Chris for doing
    this amazing tour with us and if you guys have any questions, please shoot in the comments and we’ll make sure to ask them
    everything and let you know. Ciao!

    Product Reviews: About Summerset Cooltech 3 Bow Bimini Top Kits
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    Product Reviews: About Summerset Cooltech 3 Bow Bimini Top Kits

    February 20, 2020

    Eevelle designs and manufactures high-quality performance products for those who love the outdoors The Summerset series bimini top featuring Aqualone edge Cooltech fabric is an excellent choice for outstanding performance and durability Summerset cool tech Bimini tops are handmade from Aqualone Edge marine grade fabric Aqualone edges the next generation in multi-use high-quality bimini top fabric powered by cutting-edge Perfecta marine technology Aqualone edge fabric offers unrivaled heat reduction heat reflection and UV resistance to keep surfaces and interior temperatures cooler Equipped with Perfecta marine the heat reduction technology. The canvas keeps interiors 30% cooler than leading brands Aqualone edge resists water cracking fading mildew rod and UV rays The Summerset pool tech bimini top comes as a complete kit including canvas frame and mounting hardware Summerset Bimini kits include rear support poles and front tension straps that allow you to adjust a Bimini position and tightness your kit also comes With a storage boot to keep your cover neatly stored when collapsed the Aqualone Edge canvas is constructed to the highest standards including double stitched Seams and fully finished underside the edges are reinforced for enhanced durability Their full width sleeves at the front and back at the top and a shorter center sleeve to make for easy installation At each corner, there’s a sewn in d-ring this provides a handy attach point for accessories such as sunshades Aqualone Edge canvas is also available in a wide variety of vibrant long-lasting colors The frame has double polished 1 inch super Trude extruded aluminum and significantly outperforms the standard 7/8 inch 2 being used for most other pivoting No drilling or screwing is required to assemble the frame the poles simply snap together Each kit comes with a hundred and eighty degree swivel mounts to allow for mounting on a variety of both surfaces Mounts are attached with stainless steel hardware that will not oxidize or rust Your kit also comes with a storage boot to keep your cover. Neatly stored when collapsed Summerset Bimini tops with a cool on edge are designed to satisfy the most discriminating customers with next-generation Perfecta marine grade fabric Heavy duty frames and stainless steel mounting hardware. This kit is manufactured with the highest quality materials for superior durability Eevelle… Quality and Performance by Design

    LEFKADA Fishing 2 – Where is a DENTEX family?
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    LEFKADA Fishing 2 – Where is a DENTEX family?

    February 20, 2020

    Today, unlike yesterday, is still morning And the second day of fishing has started Our mission today is to discover new territory slightly lower towards the islands and hopefully find the more precious types of fish like Dentex, Grouper, etc. Not that we’ll be evading our main target- the Amberjack but some diversity is welcome This is why the goal for today is to eventually find Dentex fish or Pargos Wish us luck. We’re fishing for Amberjcks on this spot And like you said The rod perfers Amberjacks There’s a lot to reel in in seems It’s probably small It’s not Amberjack Then? Dentex Really?! Pull it in. Wait, wait, wait! Come over! Show the viewers! Not so close! Lft it up infront of the camera Great! Like we said- pink catches fish You saw what happened. Ivo tripped when throwing the tackle, but managed to reel in a Dentex which I take as a good omen for the day. This is why we’re following the plan and I hope everything goes well and have a successful day like yesterday with two, three, four fishes! And so on Ten catches! If not more and if possible. And the comrade with the teeth Shkarov said he’ll make her a citizen of Gabrovo. and now he’s making a ruckus, not letting me record clear sound Dear viewers, Gabrovo right now is a pretty cold place. And he put her in the ice to get used to it! Bad person! It looks like the comrade Ivanova is about to show herself! Number 2! This is how I like it Bravo I told you that this jig is 2 in 1 We’re trying out a new colour. This is what we’re on about. Bravo I’m very satisfied It hit oce! I hooked it but the fish got away and while I was swearing, not sorry, she bit a second time! I’m guessing it’s a Dentex. A good one too We’ll see Ah, Mamushka! Come! Come! Amberjack! But it’s a good one Eh, good, bad Here! This it’s what we’re on about! New color with a new fish! I was guessing a Dentex, by the pulling This is it! I don’t know. By tradition, we let these ones go. I personally am very happy with the outcome because I successfully tested a new jig first drop second falling I pulled it up once and on the second time it bit But it went loose once Doesn’t really matter Look at the hooks Take the camera and film them We’re going foreword. This was no.2. Going for no.3 A few words on the jigs Today we’re on the same types of tackle. Even the same models, but with a different color scheme. I’m with this one mirror with a golden red with phosphor on one side And Ivo Martenitsa Pink hologram with Glowing white and pink on the other side The models and the weights are the same from yesterday’s but like we said, the target is different and respectively the places What’s different is Here I need to note something about jigs It’s very important to find a tackle for this kind of fishing that doesn’t have large resistance, while being easy to lead and has a good game So that you can have good execution and be able to change the pase It’s not necessary to always switch between tackles pick 2, 3, 4, maximum of 5 models of weights and colors that you like and trust and use those That should be enough for a successful fishing day at least in my own opinion Personally use tackles between 120g and 160g Most often. Ive also had catches on 200-250g as well as actually, I’ve never used something below 120g, but 200g is rare because it gets exhausting and you’re not as agile It’s only worthy if you’re chasing after specific size of fish specific depth or there’s a strong drifage But in most cases I use something like this one – 130g For me it’s the perfect. 130-150g I lead it very lightly, I can do it all day the jig has a very good play I’m well acquainted with it and I can use it for numerous fish slow, fast, with pause, falling etc. If you can take it as advice then do so Yes With this position of the wind, it’s always there Right now I’ve thrown the tackle in shallow waters and I’m waiting for the bait to fall over the edge after a couple leads Fish most often bite on the edge or below it, on the base of the drop Im still in the shallow And right about now I should be going over the ledge, down to the deep It’s a good day in February It’s 2nd February, right? Yes It’s good for 2nd February. Short sleeves… As you can see I switch between fast-pased periods with moments when larger pulls which allows the jig to fall It turned out to be very effective the past couple days Most of the fish we caught were on these technique After the strong start fishing kind of died out which led us to change the spot Right now I’m trying to cover a wider area We’re going to places where I’ve been before. We are also using navigation charts to get a better idea of the submarine topography, underwater islands where we can also look for fish After 1h – 1.5h of looking around On the edge of one of the submerged islands you can see what we caught on the fishfinder What you’re looking at is Shkarov’s jig followed by a large quantity of fish and I’m throwing my tackle after his. There is absolutely no way we’re not catching something You can see the action we’re in! Friends there’s fish! After the curve, I’m using a Tai rubber Shkarov’s on speed jig he pulled out a Dentex, about 4 kg and I have no idea how large mine is I’m doing my best, but with this tackle, I can’t This is bad! Fish bit mid flight! The tackle didn’t even get to the deep It pulls and pulls! How much more of the line does it need?! Can you get the net for me? You saw with your own eyes two fish at the same time At first I thought they were Pargos and what can I say. I threw with a tai rubber And we got a Dentex the kind you can eat On a tai rubber And our boy here, threw a speed jig and reeled in a grade 5! what can I say We’ll try for more It just so happened that 3. and 4. came at the same time Now we got to see if we’ll manage 5. and 6. Hear that? It nibbed 3 times and bit on the 4th. And here I am, playing with some tassels What you can see here inside One of the hooks is so deep that I can’t deal with this right now I’ll leave it there to rest I told him that a grandma will take him Yes, it was very clear I’ll try to show you Here is what it’s about Here Shkarov’s jig My Pizhu is not visible at all Now I’ll show you the resut Shkarov, stand up get up What are you showing? Lift it properly! Here This is on the Marenitsa [Tai rubber] And on my Fishporta is a smaller one Do you know what we wish for? I wish to have just one or two more catches Nothing more! We got two amazing catches but unfortunately the weather doesn’t let us stay here any longer. The shoal came and went I couldn’t find it a second time and steadily we’re making our way to calmer waters because Unfortunately I’m having a slight problem with the sonar The transducer loses contact with heavier rocking and vibrations and right now I practically don’t have a sonar and without a sonar, I won’t be able to do much so we’re looking for calmer waters Despite all of our efforts to find again that shoal of hungry Dentex, it was to no avail and with the absence of a sonar We will have to wait for calmer weather Hopefully, those fish will be here afterwards Today passed in a flash and we’re forced to call it a day We hid from the wind, it even calmed down but unfortunately we came out of the feeding window so the unfulfilled promises will be left for tomorrow and the next time we fish I dont know if it’s going to be tomorrow, but mark my words The promise I made will be kept Sometime, someday though I hope it will be tomorrow Today was a wonderful day again, we caught four fish this time our target were Dentex and it is safe to say that we achieved that We found Dentex and we caught that mainly so make sure to watch us next time Good luck