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    BOX FORT PIRATE SHIP BATTLE! 📦⛵️Nerf War, Box Fort Boat & More!
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    BOX FORT PIRATE SHIP BATTLE! 📦⛵️Nerf War, Box Fort Boat & More!

    January 5, 2020

    alright I’m back and I’m ready for this
    box for pirate ship battle check it out guys I got the full-on pirates – look
    Jake oh good I didn’t know we were going this all out I got the pirate flag on I
    guess I’ve got the floppy arms maybe not this thing alright guys it’s time to set
    sail with our ship here I’m naming her the SS Papa oh look at that
    beautiful ship sails just like she should and we are back video and today
    guys the Sun is blonde John is very blinding
    today the Sun is blinding but guys today we are doing something
    amazing we’re becoming pirates that’s right guys we’re going and we’re sailing
    the seven seas we’re looting for plunder we’re getting
    pet parents I don’t have a pet pair I have a pet dog oh they see you man a
    parrot because we’re becoming pirates and we are having an all-out pirate
    battle because me looking up debating I’ve been saying the Pirates need to
    have big ships with big cannons so that they can take on all their opponents and
    get all the plunder to feel it in their halls but but I actually disagree I
    think to be a smart pirate you gotta build small and fast so you can escape
    with the treasure I don’t know guys that’s exactly what we’re putting to the
    test today alright we are gonna be having a pirate ship battle between me
    and Logan Logan is gonna be making its small boats my ship which is very small
    and you know probably ineffective well I’m gonna be making that actually lower
    got across the pool really fast except on my side I’m making this into a
    massive pirate ship I don’t have side cannons I don’t have a plank that I can
    make people walk then I can make him walk the plank when they when they do
    bad things I want to have enough place to store all of my treasure and the only
    way to decide who officially is the best pirate would be best ship is to have a
    pirate ship battle on this ocean aka my pool so to kick things off guys we’re
    gonna split up with equal amounts of resources we’re gonna split up our nerf
    guns we’re gonna split up our supplies and then our imagination is the only
    limit once everything is completed we’re gonna set sail and the last man standing
    wins hashtag team Logan if you think my boats
    gonna be better hashtag Papa Jake if you think my boats gonna be
    and of course if you have any brand new channel do not forget to shoot that
    subscribe button down below as well as hit that Bell button so you never miss a
    video guys don’t forget if you don’t hit the
    felt button you’re not gonna see all of our videos and you don’t want to miss
    out on some really amazing summer content if you guys think we should
    combine their boat building skills and build one massive pirate ship let’s try
    and get thirty thousand lights all right see more like 40,000 likes because I’m a
    pirate I wouldn’t find golden mermaids and I want to sail on a dolphin and when
    I get tuna do a X I’m gonna dig it up and find a big old treasure alright I
    think Jase can a little bit get a little bit too piratey up in here so eyes if
    you like if you like Papa Jake’s pirate voice but a hashtag pirate voice from
    now on and it’ll only do videos in a pirate voice does not matter alright
    Jake I think I think we should start building now I like the word build in
    pirate voice for a little while now and it is looking amazing I’m not sure what
    what’s going on over in Logan land all the way over there with that tiny little
    ship that he’s got going on but definitely love what you do back come
    over here don’t you be looking at my ship okay look at it I mean I barely see
    it’s so tiny over there like I said guys it might be small but it can go very
    fast and it’s a work in progress okay well my ship which is the big ship and
    probably the best ship is looking amazing so check it out guys we’ve got
    the ship here and as you guys can see it’s up here on the floaties for maximum
    buoyancy and if we look over we’ve got a bunch of room inside here for building I
    also went ahead and equip the front with a cool little like ship looking point
    feature here which I think looks awesome so I’m gonna have a few cannibal huell’s
    here I’m also gonna have the entrance on the side and I need ports for using my
    nerf guns my water balloons and a couple more secrets I’m not gonna tell Logan
    about I also got a really cool flag we got to put on it so I gotta get back to
    building but so far this thing is looking sweet I’m excited to set sail
    all right guys the Sun is going down which means we’re running out of time to
    build these things here’s my boats so far it’s a work in progress not quite
    done it’s super compact gonna be really fast we have two shelving compartments
    and some room underneath for storage to keep like nerf guns and some awesome
    tricks up our sleeves to attack Jake’s boat still some work to go
    Jake’s boats looking a little bit more intimidating than mine but I’m still
    gonna be adding some stuff to this and it’s gonna look way better than that
    boom there she is decked out in pink it is looking awesome all we have to do now
    is gear up the insides put lots of fun things you know like some big missile
    launchers some water balloons slam gun tomorrow’s battle is gonna be a fire
    right guys we have a both of our pirate ships are ready and they are looking
    amazing mostly mine but Logan I know I’m this started out and all looking too
    good but now it looks actually little spooky yeah
    don’t know what the pink color though not very like scary you know it’s got
    that kind of friendly look to it well who said pirates have to be scary
    I mean arrr arrr that’s true but guys check this out our ships got the Jolly
    Roger on the back we’ve got multiple ports for firing cannons out of on both
    sides of ship and the only on this time check this out dual cam and fiery I mean
    look and your she’s not even big enough for one cannon not only that but check
    that we’ve got a plank so when I’m done with Logan I can make you walk the plank
    straight into the water to swim with the fishes that is pretty awesome but but
    still not as awesome as mine but guys I guess the only way to find out who truly
    is the best pirate is to come back and have our ultimate box for a pirate ship
    battle now the Sun is it’s set over there so we cannot do it tonight but
    that gives us time to get ready it gives us time to get our Nerf blasters ready
    our cannonballs ready and most importantly get our awesome pirate gear
    on because we are gonna have an all-out box for pirate battle tomorrow at noon
    so we’ll see you scallywags tomorrow alright we’re back for day two and we
    are here to have our pirate ship a battle that is right Logan are you ready
    to sail this time I got in the play I got a new plaque on her I’ve got the
    flag down here this is the scariest ship you could possibly see in the sea and
    I’ve got my pirate comrade Blackbeard but first guys before we can have our
    awesome pirate ship battle we need to get our pirate here on which means we’ve
    got a suit up get our pirate gear on and then we can choose our pirate weapons
    for the ship alright I’m back and I’m ready for this box port pirate ship
    battle check it out guys oh good I didn’t know we are going this all out
    I just got a t-shirt look at the pirate patch I guess I’ve got the floppy arms I
    know this thing does you look you look like a pirate alright it’s really hot in
    here when you’re wearing a t-shirt I thought this was all I was gonna need
    well I guess it’s time to pick our pirate weapons and head to the seven
    seas and have our all up higher ship battle this might slow me down a little
    bit and I’m one eye less for seeing but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna lose this
    pirate match so for our pirate ship weapons we’ve got tons of options here
    you’ll both get to choose a mixture of pirate weapons we have for example the
    pirate crossbow the pirate sniper these are pirate grenades aka water balloons
    over here we’ve got our pirate weapons for sore battling and then of course a
    pirate grenade launcher for firing blunderbuss now Logan you get to choose
    your weapons and I choose mine I’m getting the water gun oh that’s not a
    water gun son that’s a pirate flamethrower
    what okay sure whatever you say Jake guys he’s taking this thing really
    seriously so I’ll be getting the pirate Cosmo Blackbeard
    what do you want ah she’ll get it later okay so I’ve got my crossbow and I get
    to choose the next weapon well I’m gonna definitely a pirate axe we’re battling
    okay I guess I’ll take a pirate axe as well alright well if you’re doing that
    then I’m taking the pirate grenade launcher oh then I’m getting the pirate
    sniper well I’m out of hands but if I had some I would take a pirate grenade
    alright guys I think we’re all geared up let’s set sail and have a pirate battle
    yeah I guess have our pirate battle alright guys it’s time to set sail with
    our ship here I’m naming her the SS Papa let’s get her inside
    don’t want the plank to fall down here there we are
    alright let’s put her in oh there she goes oh look at that beautiful ship
    sails just like she should walk on inside here without it exploding alright
    here we go we’re sailing the seven seas in our pirate ship now where is our
    competitor Jake seems to be taking this thing really seriously so it’ll be
    really funny if we knock them off as both alright and we’re ready to go
    oh boy Susan as stable as I thought looks like we have another ship ship off
    the starboard side seems we have another pirate afoot and he’s in the water we’ve
    got another pirate attacking us in his small ship he’s already falling in so we
    know he’s probably not that good next up is the crossbow what do you got
    on us the waves are acting up here sigh he’s hitting us with a wave attack we’ve
    got to reinforce let’s get down below deck it looks like our opponent is
    moving in on us he’s got a small boat okay that was the second time I vote Ted
    it looks like I made some wrong calculations guys it looks like you
    Logan’s are moving in on us this small boat is fast but it also doesn’t look
    like he’s working and he’s a really bad pirate he’s always falling over like
    three times let’s try and hit him out this candy port here ready cross bugs
    raised bar direct hit we’ve hit this ship alright time to get ready got here
    hey what a good time to throw the water grenade ah he’s retaliating with the
    flamethrower oh we’ve gotta have something in here we can use the
    grenades on tradies then stop hitting me with the flamethrower
    putting cannon through whore a few guys we’re taking on a lot of
    water but here we go I’m gonna load up Opie that’ll do
    something all right let’s get him to these looks like he’s over there he’s mounting
    an offense if I didn’t tell I’ve got my blunderbuss loaded it’s time to attack
    hey Logan oh hey the motive a moan the blunderbuss oh these Susan the flames
    are oh we got it we’re gonna hit him with always I’ve got an idea I’m gonna
    load up the grenade alright goodnight lunch is ready Dora I’m out of ammo my grenade launcher
    I’ve got one more Sheldon that crossbow I hit him again to weaken him and then
    I’ll take him out with my sword alright let’s fire again where is he I don’t see
    him okay I lost my eye patch oh hi guys this ship is really rickety I think I’m
    still banning ship let’s take a look over the starboard side wait he’s not in if he surrenders then what shall we do
    all right guys is up to you in the comments shall we spare him Cheryl we
    make him join our crew or shall we make him walk the plank
    comment down below walk the plank spare him or join the crew let’s see
    what you make him do I love it it looks like y’all wanna make him walk the plank
    and that’s exactly what we’ll do my ship didn’t exactly work alright didn’t in
    fact it did the opposite of work it failed miserably I did and I accept I’ll
    walk the play alright alright walk the plank it down into Stevie Jordans
    lockers where you go I’ll walk the plank and I’ll see you guys next time but guys
    I think this is where we’re gonna end off the video for today if you guys did
    enjoy it smack that like button down below let’s try and crush 50,000 likes
    for more awesome videos like this any of you guys have a suggestion for the next
    video we should do leave a comment down below we’re always taking awesome ideas
    from you guys and do not forget we are working up to an amazing 24 hour
    floating box for it like this in the middle of the ocean if you guys want to
    see that happen comment down below and destroy that like button but guys this
    has been Papa Jake and I will see you guys next time for another awesome video

    24 HOUR BILLIONAIRE BOX FORT CRUISE SHIP! ?? Gaming Room, Mini Golf, Toys & More!
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    24 HOUR BILLIONAIRE BOX FORT CRUISE SHIP! ?? Gaming Room, Mini Golf, Toys & More!

    November 23, 2019

    we have officially completed the world’s
    biggest floating box for cruise ship this is the most advanced box for
    technology join my eucalyptus infused face mask and Jake keeps singing with
    his ukulele and it actually sounds so bad you get so fluffy the dork who are
    you names ship to person well savage businessmen this side of
    towns obscene you see I fancy money I’m in the business of making money and
    while I’ve been a little down on my luck recently I had the idea the perfect idea
    to create the world’s first chip chippers and cruise ship there be
    glorious super big and make tons of money both charge hundreds of dollars
    per ticket but see there’s one problem I couldn’t quite get down how we build the
    cruise ships cost a lot of money and that’s where you boys come in I’m
    thinking we turn your two-story box board into the chip chips and cruise
    ship that way we save money and you boys get a handsome cut I’m thinking a
    hundred tape rolls each cruise ship yeah yeah yeah we could do that we could
    definitely do that right Marcia muth we can make cruise ship absolutely not
    we are not building a cruise ship there’s no safety regulations it’s not
    safe for the public safety but this kind of want to make money we’re talking
    about making money here guys are a tip Jefferson is into making money now you
    throw a little floaties in that thing maybe have some life jackets and there
    you go you got a cruise ship what are you saying
    okay whoa what if we survive 24 hours in it though okay we can prove that that it
    is truly safe to live in hey see there you go you got your own
    safety regulations personally I don’t care but I hope to come and see the
    cruise ship when it’s done see you boys later okay what’s going on everyone it’s
    papa jake and we are back with a brand new video and as you guys can see we are
    currently outside we’re sitting next to the pool and behind me is the two-story
    floating box fort sanic sorta it did rain a little bit we
    built this thing strong enough that it did withstand the night and now it is
    time to convert it into a real cruise ship now it may not look luxurious right
    now it’s kinda empty it’s just a bunch of cardboard but we know two things that
    a cruise ship needs to do one it needs to float – I mean that’s the most
    important it needs to flow other than that it’s pretty safe it’s got a beat
    okay the safety little bit asleep yes we’ll have some safety protocols I also
    want to expand on it and make it even bigger I’m thinking we get another
    floaty and push it out this way so it’s like the biggest cruise ship to ever set
    sail in fact it will be the biggest port we have ever sailed slash floated in
    water Logan tell everyone what to do you got a subscribe subscribe join the 6
    million people we have 6 million of anything that would be a lot but right
    now guys we need to build this cruise ship for two reasons one for fun and 2
    it might start raining again let’s get our cardboard and let’s start making the
    biggest cruise ship that she ever saw sail okay guys so update for you we’ve
    been working on the cruise ship barely under two minutes and it’s already
    starting to pour wine this case just doesn’t stop raining guys this is going
    from a luxury experience to now we’re back to survival again it’s cool now
    it’s cold and rainy okay guys since it’s raining and we do
    not want a repeat of the last 24 hours out here this is really bad this where
    we decided to put a tarp on top of the roof oh please it’s gonna keep us nice
    and dry Oh saves us look goes in here and we still
    gonna add an entire other parts of the ship so we got a lot of work to do so
    like I said we were gonna be expanding onto the sport and actually making it
    even bigger which is why we had to get an entire new floaty for the sport first
    things first I can inflate this thing and then we can start building we go we got a brand new floaty now
    it’ll have some cardboard and filled an epic room on top of this okay guys so
    update for you everything is going perfectly as planned
    guys we messed up Jason hold fort is on its side so while we’re trying to lift
    this in by ourselves it was extremely happy with all the wood in the entire
    fort just it just collapsed so yeah look at this thing we messed up Logan because
    we didn’t call Fox man at all but I said we call him up Jake you speak box man a
    little bit I’m working on it buddy oh okay yes do that over here okay guys update for you the ship isn’t
    that straightened up it’s like a sinking Titanic and we’re gonna try and get it
    in the pool hey guys we’re gonna I guess we’re officially inside so I’m gonna
    start working on the interior here making it super luxurious while Logan
    starts working on the additional sleeping quarters which what’s crushed
    when the box flipped over look at this alright guys so Jake has been inside the
    ship decking it out and I built ourselves a little attachment that we’re
    gonna put in the water add to our ship and this will be our sleeping quarters
    so now we have our two box four it’s in the water I’m uh I’m not really sure
    what we’re supposed to do now here we go so now we got this open and this
    attaches inside the main cruise ship area so now we gotta do is attach this
    and then I need to tape them together alright guys so check it out I’m
    currently working on the inside of the cruise ship here I still have a ton of
    stuff to do I haven’t even gotten to the lighting yet and it’s already starting
    to get dark out of course up here on the second story I’ve got a few LEDs and a
    few down here but we just installed the third part to this cruise ship and
    honestly guys it’s one of the biggest builds we’ve done let alone on water I
    mean right now like you’ve got to remember I’m standing up I’m chilling
    but I’m on top of a pool floating and then down here we added the sleeping
    quarters so what you would do is you would open this door here
    the super-secure hatch and then you have a ramp leading into these sleeping
    quarters obviously these are separated because we
    couldn’t build them all on land but you come over here it’s kinda like a train
    car oh I’m gonna get inside okay not too bad obviously not as big as the
    cruise ship but this is pretty good as sleeping quarters yes it is officially
    time we have officially completed the world’s biggest floating box for cruise
    ship I wonder chipper McChicken will like it he’s
    gonna have to love it and we’re gonna be the first people to actually get to go
    onboard and have the ultimate billionaire cruise ship experience we’re
    gonna go inside see all the cool stuff you can do on board we’ve kind of kept a
    lot of the interior secret because we wanted to show you guys
    once we’re actually in there but this is two stories three floaties massive by
    far the biggest build we’ve ever done on water
    we should go even bigger this summer smack that like didn’t leave a comment
    down below with other video ideas magnificent cruise ship I take it to our
    new guests on this marvelous luxurious cruise ship but I have prepared both of
    you an amazing voyage we will be sailing the seven seas around countless oceans
    and you will both be getting the most luxurious room that this cruise ship has
    to offer you will get to attend all of our games and fun activities plus be
    treated to a dinner by our marvelous top-notch chef
    why don’t you come aboard take your key card I’ll show you around gentlemen
    welcome to the cruise ship this is the most advanced box for technology known
    to man we have used every piece of physical box for engineering put into
    this ship it is three floatation devices Long’s two stories tall and can say of
    the seven seas for a lifespan of a hundred plus years this is the future I
    do have to let you know a few things one dinner is at 7:00 paired by our very
    talented and exquisitely professional chef chef Boyer you know over here are
    your flotation devices in the event that this fort does sink which is impossible
    you would simply take one of these put it on and pull the pin now remember only
    do that in the event of an emergency now enjoy your stay on the world’s class’s
    ship 7:00 p.m. yeah well we’ll be here for dinner that sounds great
    fifteen right now so that I guess that’s in like 45 minutes yeah okay what it is
    all right well guys it looks like we have this cruise ship to ourselves so
    we’re gonna go explore and of course be spending 24 hours in here so making sure
    that this cruise ship is absolutely safe is extremely important which is why I’ll
    be testing this myself it’s safe and good to go
    he said only an emergency but now they’re definitely might be an emergency
    all right guys so I think it’s time to show off the cruise ship and give you
    guys a little tour as to what we got in store so as you can see we’ve got the
    massive interior here which is the main area this is where you come to kind of
    relax you know maybe talk like hello sir it’s really bumpy yeah well we weren’t
    able to exactly put any stabilizers on the ship so if we do hit a big wave you
    know there’s a bit of like you know that kind of seasickness all these handrails
    though so you could just grab onto a handrail and check this out guys with a
    beautiful view we’ve got a nice patio out here if you want to eat and you got
    a nice view of the ocean slash the pool if you’re just chilling here so weird to
    think we are floating on a box we’re sitting here you actually don’t realize
    it like Logan’s chillin man I’m looking down here all right well let’s go check
    out the sleeping quarters because that is the third floaties that we added on
    to the ship if you guys remember from our last video we tried to make this and
    that was a success on the zone but then we expand it with the room let’s go
    check it out of course you got our key card scan it in and there we go should
    open like this and there is the sleeping quarters how’s that the commanding a bit
    seasick all right guys welcome to sleeping quarters
    Jake put put the ukelele away all of our luxurious rooms on this billionaire
    cruise ship come with your own ukulele which you can rule cheek why’s this so
    wobbly it’s a little bit more wobbly than the rest of the ship we put less
    time into it we didn’t have any windows to this because we’re doing the 24 hour
    challenge and it’s actually really cold outside so I didn’t want windows in here
    to get really cold so we left the windows open and we’ve got our nice
    comfy blanket got pillows we also have a wash basin in case we need to like wash
    our hands or use the water obviously we gotta save space so it comes with these
    little pucks which actually convert into full-on towelettes and then there you go
    you’ve got yourself a nice little towel you know you can wash your hands
    Jake Jake speaking of washing hands Dennis coming up that’s true dinner is
    almost ready guys we also got some hand warmers in here in case it gets cold at
    night and just watch awesome little snacks first aid kit but we got to get
    going it’s about dinnertime and we want to
    check out the rest of the cruise ship so let’s head back into the main area here
    close this up back into the main section of the cruise ship I don’t know there’s
    apparently a chef did we just hello chef I am a chef
    employee and I am going to be your ship of foot’s in that how may I help you
    uh looking for dinner you know like basic simple nice dinner poufy you have
    come to the right place and chef oh boy is it making the best dinner you have
    ever tasted I will start the cooking back into the main area here Jake Jake
    there’s a guy and he’s gonna cook us dinner oh that must be chef boy another
    customer tonight we are going to be having a fresh-caught fish straight from
    the ocean and I will be preparing it for both of you uh yeah like I mean I was
    gonna have a pizza but but freshly caught fish works for me
    do you have anything other than fish Shiva boy I only have a fresh-caught
    fish they must have fresh fish you ever taste
    okay yeah I guess we’re just having fish what about do you have any like like the
    7up like 7up for the drink I have a vision milkshake fish milkshake okay I’m
    not gonna pass on that one now some of you at home might be wondering how does
    chef a boy make the most beautiful fish dinners but that is because I use the
    premium fishing rod to catch my very own fish straight from the back of the
    cruise ship the ocean is filled with fish it is like nature’s grocery store a
    fee there we are the freshest fish in the ocean these will make a nice dinner
    for both of my boys all right dinner is a served fresh fish caught
    from the ocean and cooked up to perfection thank you joy courtesy of a
    chef oh boy this is fresh fish from the ocean
    even say we kind of fish you this no he’s going to nice fresh caught fish
    inside a box or cruise ship so we just enjoyed our luxurious dinner inside the
    cruise and now we’re coming up to the second story after dinner the Sun is
    going down it’s getting sort of dark out there so I thought we’d come up here
    play some games maybe beat Logan at beyblade first thing I wanted to try
    Logan was mini pudding I have never mini put it on the second story of a box for
    it that’s floating in a pool alright guys what we’ve got our Mini Putt ball
    here got our Mini Putt and stick and we’ve got our core setup so looks like
    I’ll be going first Logan let’s see who’s gonna be the winner of Mini Putt
    on the floating box for Jake you’re going down all right first one to get in
    the hole they’re trying number two wait wait wait wait but I got to do my second
    shot it is Mini Putt oh that was a that’s a birdie buddy yeah it took you
    three tries watch hole-in-one alright guys Logan is going up for his shot on
    the second line yeah that’s actually getting so dark we have all these lights
    in here but that doesn’t mean you’re gonna win a beyblades you know I’m the
    beyblade master if you didn’t know me and Logan have a long-standing beyblade
    championship going on right now that I have won every single Bay play match
    ever that we’ve ever done like the last three games we play I don’t know if any
    of you guys know what beyblade this is let me know in the comments but Logan
    has won every single game with this so this is not allowed to this time okay
    this is going over here we’re having a fair I’m still gonna beat you if you
    like he’s playing beyblades on this down below
    three two one well you know it’s best two out of three
    three one well I think it’s about time to head back to my sleeping quarters and
    go to bed of course this is a 24 hour challenge so we got survived tonight I
    mean when I say survive I do enjoy the night because we are in a luxurious box
    for uh Logan you haven’t even checked out your sleeping quarters yet wait Jake
    what do you mean I thought that was my room no nope
    Logan this is my room I pay for it you didn’t pay the $10,000 fee for the
    premium room I had to give the guy $10,000 to get this room what do you
    think you get this room for free your rooms under here I will uh I guess I’ll
    see you in the morning buddy have a fun time in your room what what okay let’s
    check out this room what why is my room flashing different colors
    a pillow and a blanket I could literally fall out of the fort
    all right gasps welcome to my room the luxurious room on this luxurious box for
    it as you guys already saw we got some awesome stuff in here but now that I’m
    in here I’m gonna get cozy for the night I’ve got this super thick and warm
    blanket obviously it’s nice and warm on the cruise ship itself but I want to get
    all cozy here okay we’ll check out some of the entertainment that we got it
    looks like it came with sour patch kids that’s awesome I love sour patch kids I love my room I love my room I am
    freezing right now it’s uh it’s really cold and Jake keeps singing with his
    ukulele and it actually sounds so bad Jake Jake you have to stop
    all right guys curly enjoy my eucalyptus infused facemask got it on here in
    complimentary in the luxury room super good for the skin gonna make my face all
    nice and clear I don’t know how I’m gonna sleep
    it’s like someone said hey let’s have a disco party and Logan saw him all night
    but honestly I gotta say guys this is one of my favorite boxers who ever built
    but I think I’m gonna get to bed now get some rest
    enjoy my night here as the as the waves rock me to sleep I’m just gonna have to
    try and sleep see you guys in the morning
    I always love doing floating box sports hopefully nothing happens tonight but
    I’ll update you guys in the morning when we wake up and that guy’s way too cold
    in my room so I came into the main area because it was just freezing course Jake
    gets his nice cozy room welcome to the breakfast menu
    you have a selected year to that Shiva body because I prepared you a marvellous
    a breakfast on this allegory as who-who’s you know
    Bishop Morita fish marina cut fresh this morning at full of fish and serious Yasha goodbye okay well at least I have
    some breakfast Aussie super comfy super warm I love
    this place to get up I headed into the main area organs doing see what’s going
    on in the cruise ship this morning it was terrible that sucks man yeah you
    should’ve got one of these premium cabins it was super comfy cozy in here
    foodie fish hey chef can I get some breakfast
    ah I am so sorry but the kitchen is a closed do you have to be here at 7 a.m.
    on the dots you see chef abaya does not fish unless it is fishing you
    have to wait for the lunch menu goodbye what’s come on I’ll pay for the premium
    economy I can’t even get breakfast looking up breakfast
    you weren’t here on time I guess alright guys well it is a beautiful morning in
    our two-story floating box Ford and when I say beautiful
    I mean it’s rainy I’m gonna head up to the second story here as you guys can
    see it is currently raining but we are still
    floating none of our ships sank during the night
    which is always a good thing how awesome would it be to do this video but on a
    lake I don’t know if that even be possible guys but let me know in the
    comments if you think that would be awesome and let us know by liking the
    video and of course guys if you did enjoy this and you want us to continue
    this series destroy that like button but this has been Pappa Jake and a burrito
    Logan and we will see you guys next time for another awesome video

    BOX FORT ZOMBIE SURVIVAL BASE!!  ?? The Walking Dead Box Fort!
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    BOX FORT ZOMBIE SURVIVAL BASE!! ?? The Walking Dead Box Fort!

    August 30, 2019

    previously on the last episode infecting
    the people is the only way that I can ensure I’ll be the richest person
    activating the virus now slim we wave when we get out there there might be
    zombies who want you to follow me we’re gonna run as fast as we can to the woods
    don’t stop this video sponsored by next games what let’s go grab my hand let’s keep
    them just keep moving I can hear them behind us I don’t know we just gotta
    keep moving away from the Lord sounds like the walkers are gaining on
    us let’s keep moving
    maybe one behind us these walkers catch-up for dunes the rivers blocked
    off there’s a gate there we’re gonna have to go up Jake there’s a walker
    right there we gotta go we gotta go well we gonna keep moving keep moving
    we gotta get far away from that prison as we can it seems like the whole
    world’s affected I have a runoff fumes for the last few miles
    here take a break here all right a few seconds but we got to start moving man
    what’s Walker hold on wait are we good clothes that should do it
    high let’s just keep moving man we gotta keep going hey take a quick break here it seems
    like the sound of the hordes die down a little bit when seconds lay down Jake
    what are you doing what do you mean we just saw a zombies and you’re gonna play
    a game I’m playing The Walking Dead no man’s land it’s official mobile game of
    AMC’s The Walking Dead and Logan with the season 8 update coming out on the
    23rd of October it’s given me some ideas so what are you trying to say look if
    this means I haven’t just had fun playing The Walking Dead no man’s land
    I’ve been learning Logan I’ve been learning how to make an outpost if we’re
    gonna ride this thing out we need to set up a base we need to build a base like
    in The Walking Dead no man’s land it’s the only way we can defeat the Baron
    okay I hear you we gotta get going though it’s pretty much pitch black kind
    of like being in the woods but its pitch black we gotta find a place to build
    this base I don’t think the walkers have gained on us but we gotta keep moving it
    seems like a package or something old survival package whoever was fleeing the
    city must have dropped it we better take it with us come on let’s keep moving hey
    I know if it old abandoned house up there it’s a little far walk up the hill
    but if we can make it there we might be able to fashion a base over the back of
    it hey yo what’s going on guys Papa J Q from G bit me and we are back with a
    brand new video and today guys we are start in the very first day of zombie
    apocalypse week that is right we’re going full Walking Dead with this build
    okay this is a week full of zombie adventures and post-apocalyptic fun
    before we get any further into the video I wanna let you guys know that this
    video is sponsored by next games the creators of The Walking Dead no man’s
    land I’m gonna have some gameplay of this game a little bit later on in the
    video but if at any point you guys want to check out the game you can use the
    link down below and download it for the App Store as well as the Google Play
    Store also guys if you use our link down below you will unlock negan completely
    for free and you can start playing with them in the game so basically what we’re
    gonna do guys is we’re gonna have a massive wall that’s gonna protect us
    from all the zombies and walkers that can come and try and eat us during the
    night so what we’re gonna do first is we’re gonna start by walling off the
    fire let no zombies can get in and then we
    can have a gate that only me and Logan can get in and out of once inside we’ll
    have multiple different areas that will build up over the week so we can have an
    amazing Zombie Survival base of course we got to start with the headquarters
    which is the main place we’re gonna sleep eat and store all of our items
    that we find during our scavenging missions but we got to get going fast
    guys as you guys can see we’ve got this massive fence which covers the entire
    area over here so no zombie no matter where they come from can’t get through
    this thing I found this kind of rural slash bundle of wire fencing it’s like a
    wire fence that we can actually run across the main fence itself to
    reinforce it also behind in the compound there is a big metal fence over there
    so I’m thinking we combine both the wire fencing as well as the metal fence with
    some extra cardboard to make this thing super secure but if zombies breached
    this wall we’re gonna be in a lot of trouble so we gotta make sure that this
    thing stays on lockdown so just finish putting on the fencing and it dude this
    looks so cool it’s actually really secure at the fencing now it’s like
    really hard to get through and it holds up the wall really nicely I was talking
    to Logan and we thought it’d be really cool to put like spike traps up made out
    of cardboard but I think we might do that in a future episode so don’t forget
    guys if you want zombie Week to continue select that like button down below let’s
    get a hundred thousand likes on this video and we’ll keep doing zombie week I
    also went ahead and scavenge a little bit and found this fence here which we
    used to reinforce the fence this is solid steel now we can bend down like
    this we can hide away from any walkers or even any other Raiders coming to try
    and raid our outpost and then if we want to look up we have a whole view of
    anywhere they can come from we’ve got to make the main council building over here
    which is gonna be the center of the entire outpost we’re gonna have a
    medical bay a food bay I’m also thinking about building a farm back there but
    those are for future episodes in this episode because it’s getting dark
    because you guys know once it gets dark that’s when walkers are most active we
    have to scavenge for food we have to scavenge for supplies and stay warm
    right now it’s not too bad no I’m in a regular shirt and everything like that
    but tonight it’s gonna be cold so we got to get a fire going and we definitely
    need some more supplies for defense pastor I think I see something up ahead
    there’s lights watch your step look sis I’m gonna
    started building this outpost and abandon it it’s got a fence seems clear seems like they left the gate open and
    walkers got in whole place is clear but building supplies are here this is where
    you build the outpost looks like this wall is pretty secure solid reinforced
    steel wire mesh and the rest of the outpost is covered by a large walls this
    is perfect those Walker noises were getting lower
    but we gotta be on the lookout I don’t think we’re gonna have too much issue
    from behind but this gate Falls they’ll be swarming in here I want to make sure
    that we have eyes looking out that way at all times this fence will hold but
    unless we get this camp built we’re not gonna have a chance surviving here for
    longer than today we need a Town Council med base sleeping quarters if you want
    to live here we’re also gonna need to think about making a farm of some sort
    to gather food but tonight though let’s get the council built and see if we can
    scavenge for supplies in the area well definitely with someone’s survival crate
    they must have left behind it’s a few things in here mostly it seems like
    clothing but think I’m gonna need to change your clothes a survival blanket
    definitely gonna need that got pants more pants jacket must be getting cold
    out here – all right foot and steel keep us a little bit warmer but we’re
    definitely in need to start a fire I think before we go out on our scavenging
    mission we got to get this main building built if we can get that bill at least
    we have a place to survive and sleep for the night – check it out the walls are complete
    this is where I’m gonna sleep this is where we’re gonna go ahead and kind of
    spend most of her time you still want to do the medbay
    basically now oh wait look looking we got a walker all right I got this I got
    this hold on hold on little vidi weapons dude that was close I think we really
    need some weapons yeah we definitely do man that was way too close
    well it’s getting pretty hungry and it’s getting colder by the hour
    I say we finish this roof and then we go out on the scavenging mission for food
    supplies and definitely firewood so we just finished putting the roof on
    this box for it it’s looking super secure we got a nice path all the way to
    our fence Jake just went on a recon mission to get some more supplies I
    found it in the scrap pile of cardboard over there it’s an old beat-up fire pit
    but we can use it for our fire tonight ah if we can find some wood and maybe
    some old food we can scavenge we’re gonna have some meals all right
    come on let’s head out there’s an abandoned house it’s not too far from
    here stay close and watch for walkers all right up here I see some wood let’s
    grab it we’ll definitely need this for a fire there’s a gun too
    looks like someone was here all right let’s move in you stay outside I’m gonna
    search this place for any food and supplies got some water nice there you
    go grab it I have to we can find another supply pack there we go water okay now
    we see some food zombie outbreak survival kit this might
    come in handy house tip is anything back there I think I see some food up I had
    its can of beans perfect it’s exactly what we need this
    lighting kit some extra flashlights all right I’m gonna pack this up and bring
    it with us this might come in handy when we rig our main base definitely got to
    keep this thing definitely don’t want these leftover cookies this this will do
    got some more beans all right Logan I’m coming out wait Logan go to Walker we go
    to Walker’s clothes what’s going on there CH are walking
    I got him no don’t worry here grab this applies we gotta get out of here invite
    you more talking in the back I got a box full of ice as well
    all right we’re good to go let’s get back the vases get a fire going I’m
    absolutely starving here’s some walkers in the distance but we should be okay if
    we keep moving and keep quiet inside close the gate I’ll be in charge of getting the fire
    going I need you to get inside the bases start rigging the lighting okay some
    light and warmth in here if we’re gonna survive it sounds good we got a few
    extra flashlights cans of beans should be able to cook these up on the fire
    tonight rule a tape an old journal might come in
    handy got this what is that some sort of zombie emergency guide I mean I don’t
    know if it’ll help the guy before us but might be able to help us now some toilet
    paper it looks like a military axe cutter and use this prepare the fire
    tonight we’ve been dealing with walkers all night and we need to get some food
    in our bellies I couldn’t find any matches but we doing some putting steel
    which it should be able to make this lightly fires lit and we got enough kindling and
    wood the last is the night this should be able to keep us warm for most of the
    night and help us cook our food the fire doesn’t make a lot of noise so it
    shouldn’t attract walkers when I’m more worried about as other survivors but we
    definitely need it tonight so now that we got the main council built any
    outpost is coming along we’ve got a fire we also faded out the entire inside at
    the fort here so it’s all decked out for us to survive for the next 24 hours
    we’re gonna cook up some beans for dinner and they get inside and start
    getting ready for bed we found two cans of beans until we find more supplies
    that we needed rations so we’re only gonna eat one canopy is between the both
    of us tonight we’ll go on another scavenging mission in the next episode
    but until then this is all we got so now it’s time to cook these up on the
    fire eventually it should be hot now some nice yummy beans it’s not the
    finest meal but I’ll have to do just finish eating their beans of the
    night fueled up we’re feeling a lot better
    we hydrated with some water haven’t heard any walkers or seen anything
    behind the fence but so far it’s looking pretty good let’s make sure the gates
    locks do one last check for Walker’s not seen anything out there looks like we
    should be good let’s head inside and start getting ready for the night –
    welcome to the council this is our base and our main headquarters to the rest of
    zombie week we’re gonna be surviving here and building off of this of course
    guys like I said if you guys want the series to continue make sure to smack
    that like button down below share this video with all your friends or even have
    plans to go on some more crazy recon missions out in the wild to scavenge for
    supplies and I’m even thinking about trying to make a zombie car that we can
    use to travel around before we start getting ready for bed I want to check
    out that package that we found inside that abandoned base zombie Emergency
    Operations CD interesting it says here we can’t get bitten by the zombies
    whoever owned this must have been close to the barren this is all the ways you
    can avoid the baron’s infection so you got remedies for if you get bitten
    should put this up in the fourth this is a bite kit so we’ll definitely need this
    she put some of these supplies in our lockbox over there we got some tape here
    might worn off some other survivors if they see it now it’s time to get our bed
    ready and start setting up for the night we don’t have a lot we definitely need
    to go on some more missions hopefully find some pillows or maybe blankets so
    for tonight we’re gonna be using the emergency blanket it may not look like a
    lot but between this and the fire should keep us toasty tonight
    all right here you go logging your blanket not much it’s time to get to bed
    hopefully we don’t have any Walker’s tonight now we’ve got our council / base
    here which should protect us throughout the night and keep us warm tomorrow we
    got a lot of repairs to do a lot of fixing up to do so see you guys in the
    morning good night it has been one of the
    longest and hardest nights to survive in a history of our box Ford videos it
    started to pour rain last night and start to leak through here and that’s
    what woke us up originally it’s we had to run outside we had to go ahead and
    start scrapping for supplies in the middle of the night while avoiding
    Walker’s we were able to go ahead and get some tar P so we tarped up this base
    to get it dry we got like an hour of sleep but now we’re up and it’s it’s a
    new day just the crack of dawn it’s pretty dark outside but I think we’re
    gonna go up we’re gonna start a fire cuz both me and Logan are just absolutely
    chilled to the bone we’re soaking wet everything’s wet let’s go outside
    hopefully we get a fire started and get some warmth because I’m absolutely
    freezing you guys what we’re dealing with here this is the entrance to the
    fort as you guys can see we had to go ahead and turn most of the fort and get
    it rigged up during the night here we go guys it is absolutely pouring rain out
    here I’m a little concerned because during the night the wall has been
    completely getting also the fourths roof was just
    completely soaked when we woke up this is quite literally going to be the
    hardest survival week of all time I think in episode 2 we’re gonna have to
    do a full upgrade of this base we’re gonna have to redo all of the outposts
    to make sure that the main council has a tarp on it like this the big continues
    to rain all week and this cold keeps up there’s no way we’re getting through the
    week like this especially if you can’t find a way to upgrade this wall I think
    for now all we’re gonna have to do is just keep adding cardboard to it and
    keep it alive this is truly survival in a zombie apocalypse completely soaked to
    the bone out here during the night guys while Logan was sleeping and a little
    bit of time to work on a pet project of mine we’ve been having some issues
    getting weapons to fend off the walkers something I want to show you her name is
    Lucille she’s gonna help us survive she’s gonna help us make it through
    zombie week bitch is between this rain and the walkers out there the cardboard
    crumbling around is we will not stop we will not be defeated we will survive
    we’ll survive and we will take down this barren we’ll survive against the walkers
    we’ll survive against the the hunger the cold there’s nothing that’s gonna stop
    us this is zombie week now we’re jumping on board and we’re playing some of the
    Walking Dead no-man’s land as promised guys we’re gonna get into some gameplay
    but I thought I’d start off here with my outpost to kind of show you guys what it
    looked like we actually modeled our box fort after
    my outpost from the game so we had our council in the middle with our campfire
    on the right-hand side and everything and this is kind of what we’re gonna be
    building our box for week into so we’re gonna have like a farm we’re gonna have
    over here like some tents we’re also gonna have of course a hospital but the
    main thing here is the fence check this out guys so in the game it’s exactly
    like our box fort fence well not exactly I mean I mean our fence didn’t have a
    bus it wasn’t reinforced steel but still nonetheless it’s you know it’s an
    outpost and although our boxford outpost might not be as big and might not be as
    cool it’s still ours and you know you guys can in the game place your farm
    wherever you want to if you want to put your farm over here you can put it over
    here I like mine here cuz it looks cool which probably isn’t a good idea cuz if
    a walker ever broke in he would you know ruin my potatoes but anyway that’s not
    important and before we jump into the gameplay guys if at any point during
    this video you guys want to download the game it is completely for free and if
    you use the link down below you can actually get negan unlocked for free he
    is super-awesome hero that you guys
    definitely need in your game he’s a great addition to your outpost and the
    game’s free to download on iOS as well as Android so he doesn’t get it in like
    the Google Play Store he doesn’t get it in the apple iOS store as well but let’s
    jump in here and start playing some of our missions so the cool thing about the
    season missions are that in season 8 it’s gonna be following the show so each
    Monday there’s gonna be an update where you get to play a mission that reflects
    the show from that previous Sunday so let’s jump in here and check it out
    because season 8 was just released it’s out now so if you guys get the game you
    can jump in and start playing but let’s see we got sanctuary siege I already
    played the first mission because I couldn’t wait to be honest with you guys
    I was like I have to play I gotta check it out we can do a hard mode but I’m a
    little worried about doing hard mode so maybe we’ll just play some some of the
    regular modes start out in so let’s jump in here and start playing some season 8
    all right so we got Aaron we got Maggie we got Rick looks pretty good here so
    let’s let’s start our mission up there we go all right let’s jump in here got a
    pretty solid squad here Maggie with the sniper Rick and Aaron with the pistols I
    love it the cool thing about this game guys is
    you got to be really tactical when you’re playing like you got to make sure
    that you have your players positioned where you want them so for example
    Maggie being a sniper you can put her in the back and kind of have her like on
    overwatch looking out and taking out people while your other guys move up and
    you got to be careful too because for example if I take Aaron and I put them
    over and you know I don’t know making loot over here check out that that trash
    can you could get surrounded by walkers very
    quick so you got to make sure you got one of your guys to come and help him
    out unless you don’t want Aaron to to lift
    and then you can just let him go over there but we like Aaron so we’re not
    gonna let him get eaten by walkers so let’s uh let’s start here looks like
    we’re gonna be taking out some enemies as well as walkers and these kinds of
    guns so we’re gonna be careful of that oh I got snipers up here too okay I just
    got two snipers behind the fence and looks like one guy’s got whoops one
    guy’s got a melee weapon and there are a bunch of walkers surrounding us so the
    walkers are gonna attack both of us which means I’m gonna take them out to
    start cuz it looks like they’re already kind of dealing with those guys let’s
    move Aaron up here let’s see what he can do go for it Aaron
    there we go that didn’t do a lot Aaron all
    make him bleed air and that wasn’t good enough he’s still standing pretty strong
    let’s see if Maggie you can do anything mmm all the Walker moved in I thought
    you didn’t get the Walker as well all right sweet
    and we’ll have Rick kind of want to save the walkers cuz they’re kind of working
    to our advantage right now this is part of being tactical all right you know
    what actually I’m gonna Rick around here so we can take out these snipers pretty
    quick all right you missed that the Walker did
    not get us but he is exposed Oh Oh Rick don’t worry don’t worry we got the rest
    of the crew coming up to help you oh you came right in all right all right we’re
    gonna take this guy out Maggie’s gonna go for the snipe boom and Aaron should
    be able to finish him off let’s see you there and yeah there we go dude all
    right Rick’s behind here all right they got Joe on the other side whew Walker’s
    still got the sniper over there we still got that guy so you know what I mean I
    the Rick go ahead and take out the sniper there we go nice because Joe’s
    just got a a measly little knife here the fence won’t save them let’s clear
    the rest and move out okay how’d they close the fence on us all
    right so we still got two snipers mm super drink Oh always taking some bad
    damage here we’re just going in for the shot got a critical hit but that’s not
    gonna be good enough oh we got something Walker’s keeping up
    on us too you guys got to be careful as well because if you use like a really
    high-powered weapon like maggie has you can attract more walkers so typically
    you know you might want to have one guy have melee or like a silenced weapon if
    you’re lucky and have one but in this case we’re just gonna try and take these
    guys out as quick as possible it’s over it go around oh I should’ve probably Oh
    nope we got a nice I got sweet so we’ll throw Aaron up and
    start taking out this guy and I should be able to snipe him with Maggie I’m a
    little bit worried about Dale over there it’s gonna be hard to get to but I go
    for Maggie boom man we got the Walker nice hi walkers turn hold her moving and
    quick oh they’re definitely moving in quick
    all right luckily for us I think Dale’s gonna yeah Dale’s gonna try and take out
    some walkers which is actually gonna help us out oh there’s ah there’s a lot
    coming all right all right let’s move Maggie up here oh she got stuck
    dang alright let’s move Aaron up and let’s move Rick over as well there we go
    nice I’m a little bit worried about Maggie but she should be okay alright
    let’s get out let’s get our guys together strength in numbers
    oh no we’re surrounded please surrounded by walkers alright quickly if we can do
    this we can do this guy’s we got this all right we need everyone to hold in
    deal keeps moving away oh no we kind of we kind of lined that up for him all
    right you know what Dale we’ve had enough of you
    Aaron’s coming in Maggie’s coming in boom there we go we got him all right
    horse coming let’s get out of here all right let’s get out let’s go I’m gonna
    have to wait one more turn I think we can do this all right Rick’s gonna give
    some defense here Erin’s taking a little bit of damage I don’t say I think we’re
    just gonna run for it let’s just let’s just run for it guys
    you can do this Erin you can do this man nice we did it guys there we go victory
    got Walker’s killed all right XP oh now we get to choose our boxes all right
    here we go now this is also very tactical all right guys you got a pick
    three boxes here and you gotta make sure you pick the right one so I’m gonna
    start with the middle one all right all right that’s so that’s a good start nice
    little XP okay let’s uh let’s do top right corner okay all right oh wow
    that’s actually a lot of food all right we need one of those gold cards hmm
    bottom left mmm oh sweet that’s actually pretty sweet okay cool
    nice got some good loot on that one guess all right let’s go back to our
    outpost and check it out here we go grab some more food awesome and I can
    show you guys who I’ve got in my survivors category here so I’ve got some
    pretty cool heroes I’ve got Daryl I think he actually might be my only hero
    here although I I i consider max a hero all right I’ve had max ever since the
    very first episode that I started streaming this game and he’s you know
    he’s my homie okay I’m not gonna get rid of max I don’t know who Roger is or
    Danna they’re dared not my homie but max max is my homie and Roberto is pretty
    cool I guess but yeah if you guys want to add negan
    to your list of Heroes here like I have Daryl but if you want to get negan
    absolutely for free again guys use that link down below download The Walking
    Dead no man’s land is completely free-to-play guys and trust
    me you will not regret it I cannot tell you like it is such a fun game to play
    I’ve been I mean I’ve been playing it for seven years now I guess it’s not
    years what do you have start play it’s been quite a long time that I’ve been
    playing this game but yeah I mean ever since I started streaming it you guys
    have loved it and so the fact that we could do a video modeled after the game
    has been such a fun experience for us and this is just the start of the week
    guys so we got lots more awesome content to come but I want to thank every single
    last one of you for checking out this video if you guys did stick around this
    far put a hashtag panda down below some of you guys are truly savage I’ll see
    you guys next time for another awesome video

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    August 23, 2019

    look at that but here’s a little ramp to
    go in this is a box for loading in the middle of a lake oh what’s going on guys
    JQ from Jeep of me and we are back with a brand new video and today looking
    we’re not at home anymore dude we are not at home bro we are at a lake because
    you guys absolutely destroyed the last video we got over a hundred thousand
    likes in less than a day you guys have been absolutely killing it Papa Jake
    always keeps his promises we came out here now I know what you’re thinking
    what’s this this looks like a pun well this is actually where we’re gonna be
    building the box where we have this nice little area here we’ve got our boxes
    over here and this is kind of like a launching zone a marina whatever you
    want to call it and out there guys out there is the great lake normally we do
    these floating box sports it’s in our pool but here there’s all these looks
    sharks but there’s fish there’s mosquitoes there’s Paulino alligators
    but there’s definitely deadly stuff here we’re gonna start building this box for
    it again we don’t a lot of time so we want to make this thing as quick as
    possible so we can launch it on the lake and get out there and guys our challenge
    for today is to survive 24 hours in the middle of the lake we’ve brought a ton
    of supplies with us we’re gonna make this thing as cozy as possible we got
    lights we got food we got water we’ve got a shower so it’s time to get
    building this thing because we got to get it in the water but first we need
    our floaties let’s so we got our two floaties here and we’re actually gonna
    go for a design we’ve never used before it’s definitely a tall box for it but
    guys the reason why we’re making is so tall unlike my pool there are waves
    there are boats going by so if a big wave comes and hits the side of the box
    for it and we’re really close to the ground that’s gonna wet all the
    cardboard and ruin the whole thing so we want to make sure we’ll high off the
    ground high like a boat I mean like look Logan’s boat boat I don’t see a
    difference either gonna tape them together so they don’t move around at
    all and then we can start putting on the boxes let’s start building we use a ton of tape and they seem
    pretty solid seem like they’re not moving around too much so it should be
    good for us to start building with the boxes we just got the floor done and it
    is looking so nice it looks sweet dude we got the orange outline and everything
    going so we have all the walls done and it is looking it’s so awesome we still
    got to do the roof but check out the inside once we get the roof on we’re
    gonna make the door as well as windows and it’s really important guys that we
    have windows on this thing because when we’re out in the middle of the lake
    there’s boats there’s sea-doos there’s all this stuff that could come by and we
    want to make sure that we can see will definitely add some flash to the windows
    because at night I know there’ll be a lot of mosquitoes and bugs as long as we
    can look out and see a boat coming that’s what’s important we also to make
    sure we have a hole where we can use our paddles because we’ve got a paddle out
    into the middle of the lake also on a side note I brought my fishing rod and
    I’ve been looking in here and there are a lot of little fish so hopefully we can
    do some fishing off the side of the box for it and actually get it to work this
    time she is almost ready to go we definitely
    made this one extremely secure and this is probably one of the greatest floating
    box for builds you’ve ever done now this is ready guys we’re gonna go grab her
    gear when I can put her gear in until we’re out in the middle of the lake once
    around the middle of the lake then we’ll put the gear in so I’m a little bit
    worried about the waves but hopefully if we have the anchor and the oars set in
    place it should be okay to hold up against all that so we just finished up
    our lunch break and we came back the box is looking great so we’re gonna cut out
    the windows as well as the doors now and then we’re gonna get in it let’s make
    this door dude we also brought our extra tube over there which you’re gonna use
    to go on like maybe an expedition or something we don’t know yet but in case
    we want to like go out on the water we’ll have that little rowboat to get
    out on and like I said guys we’re also gonna need to make these windows so we
    can see other boats driving by or anything that might hit us check it out
    that’s looking pretty lit definitely want to be able to close them because at
    night there’s lots of mosquitoes lots of bugs and we don’t want those getting in so the windows are almost complete time
    to fill this up with all of our supplies oh we got a lot of stuff so it’s good
    thing we made this extra buoyant all right so we also brought along an anchor
    which is in here so we’re gonna actually pull out a rope and tie it to inside
    here but I think we’ll do that once we’re afloat in the box port obviously
    if you’re staying here during the night we don’t want the box to start moving or
    pick up with the current and fly off so that’ll keep us in place hopefully but
    we have one problem Logan this isn’t a big ank our lives are all depending on
    this tiny little anchor lifejackets are a must if this thing goes down we don’t
    want it to but in case it does we got our lifejackets so we’re ready to launch
    it we got our paddles here now it’s time to put it in the water we’re gonna
    attach the dinghy to it with our rope it’s all ready yet Jake it needs one
    thing she needs a name she doesn’t need any we will choose our favorite name
    from you guys leave it down below in the comments I’m not gonna lie to go in
    we’re ready to go we have a perfect docking system patches perfectly and now
    we’re hooked up to the Ducks the moment of truth we’ve got the Dean hooked up we
    got the rope there that’s gonna be keeping it to the box port house the
    floating box courthouse we’ve got our nice little stand here to get in it
    Rosie so sick it definitely needs some cleaning up in here because we just
    threw everything everywhere and then bringing some lighting in this so we
    brought our nice little survival pack here this is actually our shower
    sweatpants change of clothing all that kind of good stuff fuel for our dinner
    cuz we’re actually making a fire just because if we’re in the middle of a lake
    it’s gonna be kinda hard to put on fire so reason propane got a LED lights got
    the little lamps on here so those are some nice ambient light and we’re gonna
    put these up maybe up on the roof here so we get like two cool lights and I’ll
    put the control panel on the side BAM we got the lights on make them different
    colors let’s change them to blue we go check that out guys I’m not sure which
    colors the best I guess like maybe yellow is give us the brightest color
    but it is cool you can change it to whatever you want
    okay ready Oh God we’re setting sail now should you like cleanup yeah let’s let’s
    organize everything set up before we set sail God most first stuff organized
    we’re gonna organize the rest of it once we get out into the Melville Lake but
    the Sun is setting so we got to get out there ASAP I hung up our first-aid kit
    hopefully not gonna need that I also hung up our lights and I got some of our
    dinner cookware ready for tonight oh there we go guys I think we’re gonna try
    and get out there as soon as we can so we can anchor and do like a little
    expedition there’s this island pretty close to where we’re gonna be going we
    got a dinghy over there we’ve finally left the little marina we were in so
    we’re pretty far out now in the lake so once we got to a good spot we’re gonna
    set our anchor up we are now officially in the middle of a lake this is a box
    for loading in the middle of the lake we did it though now that we’re here guys
    we’re gonna set up our anchor once that’s done we’re gonna go straight into
    our expedition cuz we wanted to go to an expedition problem is if we go too late
    it’s gonna be pitch-black and there’s no way we’re gonna find our box for it so
    we got our anchor um this is more of like an anchor to catch on a rock then
    it is to hold down the boat 3 2 1 so now that we got that anchored it’s time to
    go on our expedition we’re gonna bring the dinghy around to the front we’re
    gonna gather a few supplies probably we’re gonna take our underwater
    flashlights it wasn’t until after we departed from the box fort and headed to
    the island that things started to get a little bit weird getting closer and
    closer to the island it was definitely creepy and we knew
    that being in an abandoned kind of Island place in the middle of a lake
    nonetheless once we entered into the island that’s when things started to go
    wrong at first we thought it was just normal
    stuff the camera kept shutting off but on top of that we had a massive glitch
    with all the sound from the entire island once we got back home after the
    entire trip we reviewed the footage and found out that no other part in the
    entire filming session did the audio cut out except for the island now it’s
    important to note that these were multiple clips on the island this wasn’t
    just us filming straight and the audio happened to glitch every piece of
    footage we had from this island glitched out we walked around for a bit and
    planned to head back and that’s when I saw some sort of like weird structure I
    thought we’d go check it out what we ended up finding was an abandoned
    treehouse now granted this is an island in the middle of a lake only accessible
    by boat after all the weird stuff that had been going down with the camera
    shutting off it was just starting to get really eerie I started to feel this
    weird feeling cat had hair sticking up on the back of my neck and just kind of
    like a scared feeling we got closer and closer to the treehouse and that’s when
    we decided to take a look inside and see if we couldn’t find any clues sooo if
    anyone was living there or had been there once we got up inside it we
    noticed it was overrun with tons of bugs spiders
    after spending a little bit of time in the treehouse and looking around we knew
    we had to head back to the floating box for quickly made our way back to the
    boat where we launched off and made our way to the box for it itself what I
    don’t think is a coincidence is that the next scene after we returned the box for
    it there was nothing wrong with the audio or footage itself alright guys so
    we just got back in after that expedition I never thought we would find
    in a bamboo tree for like it was like it was cool but as creepy man I don’t know
    that was probably someone’s hangout spot guys do you think that was cool or
    creepy let me know down below but it is getting dark out guys okay wait brace
    for wave Logan Logan that’s a big one you know here comes God guys we got a
    first Pope passing by quickly so we are gonna start getting ready for dinner but
    I just want to clean up a little bit more I found this cool flashlight it’s
    like really big to like really intense so this is the camping shower that we’re
    gonna use in our box for it pretty much you fill up your shower bag with water
    you put it on the roof and then the Sun heats up the bag and the water then it
    comes out hot just like a normal shower well so let’s fill it up and get out
    there now alright so I filled it up now I’m just gonna put it on the roof it’s
    on the roof gonna heat up there and we’re gonna have a nice shower tomorrow
    morning because this is actually starting to become such a nice home good
    chill out float here enjoy the nice waves I always say this guys I love our
    clothing box for 24 hour challenges because when you sleep in a floating box
    where it is like rocks you sleep slowly sometimes it can make you feel sick by
    the way dude I’m kinda hungry one week dinner making dinner is not easy we
    can’t call Pizza Pizza we can’t call uber eats you have nothing
    we only have the food we brought luckily we brought some rations guys know our
    MREs we use them all the time to keep themselves with just a little bit of
    water we ran out of that but luckily we actually brought a camping stove with a
    propane tank so we’re gonna boil some water pour it in our new ration pack and
    I think for dinner we got some pretty good stuff this is our dinner only way
    to activate and cook it is with boiling water so unfortunately we don’t have our
    MRE heaters but we’re gonna boil the water on our stove but it also comes
    with a kitchen and we’re in the middle of the lake pop the Jake’s the Box book
    got just letting you know we have our breakfast but this is what we’re gonna
    have for dinner we got a spicy sausage pasta and it’s southwestern style
    macaroni so looks pretty good do not forget we are box for build and
    professionals so anything we do do not try it at home and you’re doing this in
    the pool as dangerous enough but in the middle of the lake definitely dangerous
    is if you don’t like it you can go right out the box for door we have a tea
    kettle which not only is great to make coffee and stuff like that but it’s
    gonna be what we use to boil our water for dinner we’re gonna use one of our
    purified water bottles because you not gonna use lake water even if you’re
    boiling it I mean you can in a dangerous situation but we have got water so now
    we take our little propane tank and we put it in the propane tank holder that
    way it doesn’t tip cool girl especially I want this one we’re on a boat alright
    so that’s it just gonna test it real quick make sure it’s on and again guys
    if you do happen to have one of these do not try to use at home because they are
    extremely dangerous in any box for make sure you have parent supervision when
    you’re making your food it’s best to stay to dry foods there we go and now we
    got a gas soap in a box for it so now what we’re gonna do is take our skin box
    put it on top and wait for the water to boil so guys we’re just going to hold it
    steady now and wait for the water to boil it shouldn’t take too long
    to get the water boiling we’ll know when it starts to steam up here twelve
    seconds late Dale alright guys so it looks like the water has just come to a
    boil so we’re gonna turn off the stove there we go so we’re gonna carefully
    take this off here we’ve got this southwestern macaroni and cheese so
    let’s take our water then we’re gonna let that Sam for about ten minutes
    alright next up we got the spicy sausage passes so I think this one’s gonna be
    mine now we got about ten minutes for dinner to cook and we’re ready to eat so
    we’re gonna dismantle this put it away safely and then get ready for dinner by
    the way guys check this out we were kind of worrying that bugs might be an issue
    well they’re an issue look at all the bugs here dude they are swarming around
    the box port light it is insane luckily these aren’t mosquitos so like they’re
    not really gonna affect us we got some bug friends up there we started to hear
    some news we also heard some wolves earlier so that’s that’s nice I mean
    luckily none of those are an issue I mean the worst thing that could happen
    is a friendly loon comes Bob let’s change to some dinner lighting I’m
    feeling blue dinner lighting bro that looks nice
    all right so we got some blue dinner lighting going we got our friends the
    bugs up there they’re getting more and more up in that corner it smells
    delicious oh man that looks good does it look oh wow looks good man some beef
    macaroni and beef macaroni awesome man that was good man those
    dinners were great although they still don’t beat the MREs but they were some
    good meals it’s pitch black we’re both exhausted from a long day of
    building I think it might be time to hit the hay I think it’s time to sell our
    sleeping bags and get ready for bed I just got them a sleeping bag chilling
    out now I’m gonna turn off the lights and go to bed we got our anchor in place
    I think we’re snug for the night the anchor hasn’t moved at all so yeah we’re
    pretty good we also put a light on top of the box for we strapped one of our
    lanterns up there just to make sure that if there are any boats on the water at
    night they will see us and not run into us because that would be terrible but
    we’re gonna turn the rest of the lights off and get to bed you ready to go to
    bed Jake all right lantern it’s going off main lights going off and Logan if
    you would do the honors see you guys in the morning boats just went by right beside us man I really woke up and for a second forgot
    where I was like what is that I’ll be dying little gay apparently can sleep
    the rainy over there looking how did you sleep last night it got a little cold
    last night like at first I thought the box for was gonna be amazing
    we woke up during the night literally shivering and I was like bro so we had
    to change put on our sweaters for our sweatpants which was fine we brought all
    that stuff the anchor kept us perfectly positioned
    it just kept us in the middle of the lake I woke up like a few times when we
    woke up to fix this thing I took the high beam flashlight was like y’all it’s
    gonna check to make sure we haven’t floated downstream and we were
    completely fine we didn’t move at all the anchor seems to hold up the time anchor definitely highly secured back in
    there but it definitely got a little bit wet during the night by the way guys I
    don’t really got to show this off check out the beautiful morning view this is
    what we get to wake up to when you sleep in a falling box for it on the lake we
    have 360 degrees of a beautiful morning lake and it looks like the Sun is just
    coming up guys look at this view another kind of woken up a bit we are
    going bust your teeth because we’ve got toothbrushes we to set up the bathroom
    because we need a morning bathroom to get ready for a nice day on the box fort
    so we’re gonna set that up now and then after that maybe go fishing I look
    actually kind of bad the guys slept in the box for all night but the mirror
    looks awesome just because you’re living in a box for it does not mean you don’t
    have to keep up with hygiene all right looking good ready for a day
    in the box for it I think it’s now time to do some fishing I’m gonna see if we
    can catch some breakfast we did bring some breakfast rations but we also
    brought a fishing rod and I mean unlike my pool this is the floating Lake box
    for it so there’s fish down there and they need to be calm definitely catch
    didn’t release it but I do want to prove a concept I want to prove that we could
    survive here off the land if I catch a fish now watch me now oh thank god oh no
    both laugh I gotta freak down so we have the fishing rod ready I got our weights
    on it I’ve got our lure on it and now we are good to go out and do some fishing if everything goes as planned i’ma catch
    a fish Logan does not think I can catch a fish he does not believe that I’m the
    ultimate fisherman in a floating box seats at his lake Dale oh my god what oh
    you caught a fish yeah yeah guys be easy on Jake in the comments she was really
    upset he didn’t catch anything okay dude the fishing rod brochure this just all
    fell apart so it was all right you know it was a good test to see if we could I
    definitely could have if we had more time but we got to keep going here in
    this floating box for it before breakfast we’re gonna take a shower in
    our box for a shower at this point of the day the shower should have enough
    sunlight to heat up because shower guys I never thought I would be in a floaty
    box for it in the middle of a lake and having a shower that was really really
    refreshing so now I’m gonna dry off I get warm probably my sweater and
    clothes back on and look at all this seaweed a lot of very graceful docking
    but we don’t the wind really started to take us out which survived this
    challenge man well high five man we did it we did any for hours in the middle of
    a lake on a floating box for it barely made it home oh I’m exhausted man that
    was the longest pal back I did not think we’re gonna make it the current kept
    pushing us back well I think this wraps up our 24-hour floating box for Donner
    Lake challenge we did it it was absolutely insane and we pulled it off
    in style we had a shower we had a fishing rod we had a kitchen with
    everything in there even a bathroom it was so much fun also this was a really
    fun adventure as hard as it was it was really cool to be out in the middle of
    the lake the fresh air so guys if you enjoy this video and me wants to do more
    extreme challenges like this be sure to smack that like button down below let’s
    get a hundred thousand likes on this video share with your friends share it
    with the grandma I don’t care this is my Papa Jake from T Epiphany
    I’ll see you guys next time for another video

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    August 20, 2019

    previously on Samba week infecting the
    people it’s the only way that I can ensure I’ll be the richest person
    activating the virus now slim we wave go to see Walker no he’s not a Walker
    what’s your name this is where the parents hiding out he’s waiting for the
    infection to spread and for everyone to die gotta go there you gotta go there
    there is a cure we can go there and we can stop this thing I need to tell Logan
    about this I need the files I need to get back to base camp I gotta go what every single play he’s in trouble Mugen I saw the flare what’s going on
    it’s been really bad all the Barons men got here look at this place
    it’s destroyed man the whole fort looks like it took a beating the walls were
    broken down the Barons been breached the gate and zombies followed I was taking
    this place on by myself yeah I felt few walkers coming up here
    well since all the singleplayer I ran as fast as I could
    this place is completely toast Frankie it’s not even holding up Medical Bay is
    completely destroyed Jake what did you find I used the car to
    get deep into the woods and I found the military base located on the map they
    put up a pretty big fight but looks like most of them were overrun before I got
    there by walkers while I was there I found an envelope with some information
    in it I was able to retrieve her from the wreckage of the base got a lot of
    medical files in it but most importantly it looks like one of the Barons men knew
    how bad this virus would be talks about a cure Logan he says there is a cure
    there’s a way to recreate it we’re really gonna put an end to this we need
    to find out where the Baron is whoever this guy is he doesn’t like what the
    parents up to if we could convince him to change his mind
    keep the Baron and cure everyone oh no we got a walker I got it damn where’d you get that me the last
    night dual-action nice we’re gonna need that look this place isn’t safe I think
    we need to gather all the supplies we can and make our way to the woods it’s
    safer in there we’re gonna get deep into the woods and set up base camp for the
    night I’m gonna go over these files as well as any other information I can with
    the notes I have and see if I can’t figure out how this cure works once I’ve
    got some more information we got to find the bear in space we got puts top of
    this gear up and gather your supplies we’re heading out
    look here it’s got a pink marker place it here last time when I was making my
    way towards the base here the Horde behind this but in the woods this should
    be few and thin they can’t group up in here so we should be safe but I’m
    worried about though it’s people can I am they should be just up here see
    another marker up ahead hold up we got a walker let’s keep moving
    this way I fought the parents right last time they did a fairly he’s a stronghold
    set up here but I was able to take him out we need a place to stay for the
    night this is where we should build up and resupply what’s that they were
    setting up here for a long time I’m not sure how close these men were to the
    Baron but is where I found the information regarding the chemical
    compound of the virus and so we use what we have for cardboard and build a base
    here to bunker down for the night hey yo what’s going on guys Papa J here from T
    with me and we are back with a brand new video and today guys
    it is episode 4 of zombie week that’s right our epic series does continue and
    today we’re out in the middle of the woods because we are surviving in the
    middle of the woods with this zombie bass are based on overrun by zombies as
    well as the barons men and it forces the flee to the woods finally go ahead and
    take him down but if we’re gonna do that we need a base camp which is why we
    found this area it’s a fairly secure concrete bunker area as you guys can see
    behind us there’s a massive pond and waterfall nothing can get us from behind
    and in front of us is the woods which is really hard for zombies to clump up and
    create a horde in we’re gonna start by working on setting up a wall area as
    well as our base where we’re gonna survive for the night it’s fairly cold
    in the forest and we’re gonna need to scavenge all the food and supplies we
    can to survive here I think we got to start building cuz the sun’s going down get out we’ve been working on the base
    now for quite some time it’s looking awesome we actually went through like a
    bunker kind of look to it which I love because the base is actually sunken down
    below the concrete as you can see the box fort itself is like half underground
    it’s really cool so you have to enter through the side and we have windows on
    the back side which we’re gonna put in once we get the roof on and make sure
    the support beams are working we’re gonna start bringing all of our supplies
    as well as our lighting inside and get this place lit up and warm because we
    got to survive here for the night guys I’m gonna hand you some materials all
    right check out inside here guys this place looks amazing this is one big
    coolest bases we have ever built inside as you can see we’ve got this awesome
    window here which opens up we can close in the case we want to make sure that
    this place stays warm cuz obviously it’s gonna be pretty cold tonight we also
    want to close it to make sure that you know any zombies or enemies can’t look
    at this but as you can see out here we’ve got a great view of the pond down
    below as well into the bunker that we’re able to salvage a pretty decent amount
    of stuff from our old base we’re still pretty low on supplies though we
    definitely need some food as we have absolutely no food left over we laid a
    few cans of beans but that really wasn’t enough for the most part I think we’re
    gonna need to go on a scavenging mission pretty soon to BrahMos super supplies in here we
    really didn’t have a lot weapon wise we’ve got one pistol here we’ve got my
    repeater and we’ve got Logan’s new creation here a double pistol medical
    supplies are almost none as well we used a lot of our other stuff on Kirk as well
    as in the last battle you got some extra gauze
    some band-aids I don’t even think we have an extra thermal blanket in here so
    it’s definitely gonna be cool tonight what we did find here though guys once
    we came back to the base we noticed there was some leftover chemistry gear
    used to be a chemist right Jake that’s right
    it looks like whoever was set up in his base before was working on some sort of
    chemical compound considering I found files relating to the zombie virus I
    think whoever was here was working on some sort of cure now there isn’t a lot
    of materials left over but I did find a small compound here I’m hoping that if I
    have some time at the station given the notes that I have inside this file I
    might be able to recreate the compound itself and created small doses of the
    cure it’s a long shot but at least it’ll be one step in towards defeating the
    Baron other than that one this morning comes we’re gonna have to go out and
    find this barren space alright before we do anything further though and going on
    our mission I got to treat my leg banged it up pretty bad we were walking into
    the base camp here gonna put a bandage on it’s one of our last there’s something else that do that oh
    yeah I got a visual on a walker think you can take him out of course I
    can take him out got him I think now if we want to get something neat tonight
    we’re gonna have to go on a scavenging mission there’s a lot of pretty beat-up
    walkers around here we might be able to pull some food off them at the very
    least we can find something maybe an old abandoned outpost grab your gear
    I’m also pretty low on ammo give any extras think I got a couple rounds
    passing say we stick pretty close to the creek bed seems like the water is fairly
    distracting for the walkers they can’t hear us or bunch up on us we
    go pretty low light we shouldn’t have a problem
    I don’t expect too many people I don’t know we’re gonna find some about where’s
    some walkers are the elements themselves the cold stuck in some quicksand you’re
    done there’s a bridge up here you make our way out should I keep the shot let’s
    keep moving down this way I think you see something up ahead looks like a
    person might have something on them oh yeah I see him it’s not living like he’s gone he’s
    gonna turn soon let’s go get some food on it it’s good here before we’re
    Waukesha I was a good mission it was so much but call six of beef jerky and some
    old-world M&Ms it’s a long day of hiking fine walkers apply the best slam gonna
    happen cesium to 980 I think this is the stuff they’re using to make the Cure it
    seems like you’ve up to 95 percent of the nervous system is infected this can
    still hear it it just needs to be implanted into the body somehow look you
    didn’t leave much supplies behind but with the small amount of chemistry
    supplies I have here might be able to formulate something Logan kill the lights and if I compile
    this correctly it should be glowing as you can see here the compound itself is
    glowing that means the radiation is separating from the cesium has compiling
    itself onto the water seems compounds reacting you see this stuff is highly
    radioactive this will cure the zombie virus we’re holding the only cure this
    entire zombie virus if we can implement this into a bullet we should be able to
    hit a walker with it and cure whoever it is I know it’s not much but this means
    that there is a cure it means the Baron has the resources if we can defeat the
    Baron you should have enough stuff piled up that we could cure the entire world
    we’re gonna try it on the next Walker refine I don’t know what’s gonna happen
    but if it works nice we have to cure right here tomorrow we’re gonna find the
    Baron tomorrow I’ll review the notes from the journal I have the notes are
    correct there should be some sort of stronghold not too far up down the creek
    we need some strength we need some rest we definitely need some new supplies
    we’re gonna be taking them on so we hunker down close the window just try to
    stay warm for the night Jake we go zombies yeah sounds like a
    horde where they coming from no no no no the golf come from the east well there’s
    a lot of them Caitlin breech the base he fired you
    fired did you hear any from behind us you’re having trouble getting through
    the creek bed but they’re still coming pretty fast I got one in this home
    wandering on the right side that’s our chance
    this is chance Logan I can use the Cure bullet that’s only one way to find out I
    only got one shot Hayden my enemies down I got him right in the
    torso let’s spend a roaming horde moving through this way all right let’s go
    check that body I want to see this cure worked all right I don’t know how well
    this would have worked so be careful when we approach the body bodies over
    there be really careful Jake this might be
    Kirk green administered the Cure to Kirk there’s exactly like I’m not you what
    happened let’s take his bite secured the Cure worked really where like Jake
    Logan what happened where are we Kirk the bite you had back at our old
    base turn you into zombie who turned on us okay we thought you were gone we
    happen to move here after our base got overrun by the barons men we’re able to
    formulate a cure based on some old chemistry findings I found in the base
    Logan that means the Cure works that means whoever was working for the Baron
    who formulated this cure knew what was happening this here’s a backdoor to the
    virus it can cure these zombies and bring them back to normal I’ll have to
    check his vitals once we get back to base but
    all right let’s keep back to base and brief you look at it the wounds
    completely healed there’s nothing there hearts good pulse is good this cure
    really is working cesium to 980 cure him you use the cesium on me how do you know
    what the cesium to 980 I used to work for the Baron I didn’t tell you guys
    when we first met I was scared I was running away from him what do you mean
    you used to work for the Baron Bester talking fast it’s not like that it’s not
    like that I was one of his minions when I met you guys I was running away from
    him we knew about the cesium he knew about the cure from what I can recall me
    and another scientist named van were working on a cure because we didn’t
    believe in the Baron so you wanted to stop him yes we always have your last
    names cretin Kirk Rita yes these are your notes this is what helped me
    compile the compound you came across a way to create a cure and compile it into
    a liquid form if we’re gonna put a stop to the Baron when you’re gonna need to
    work together we need to administer this compound to everyone the only one who
    has enough cesium to do so is the Baron himself we came to the woods to track
    down his compound we’re gonna go face them head-on
    I’ve got a notebook here has a map of where I believe it might be tell me if
    this is something you would call at all you see here his bunker system is four
    stories underground how do we get into it then where’s the entrance the
    entrance is over here it’s on the north side through an abandoned sewer system
    Kirk we’re gonna take your word for it are you willing to help us defeat the
    Baron of course welcome back to the team buddy
    so now we’re never we’re gonna get to the abandoned compound head in and
    defeat the baron once and for all we need to put a stop to this virus all
    right keep moving be really careful we don’t know what’s
    in here man this place is huge this parents
    fortress must go on for miles Kirk you coming LeBaron put him down put
    him down right now good to see you two again you thought
    you could escape me forever you put it down right now we know what you’re up to
    look there’s three of us and one of you drop it it’s over you think you could
    put a stop to this beautiful vibe we know about the cesium we don’t secured
    all of this I don’t think so only one person has the cure we have the
    cure from finding my full story concrete bunker unfortunately for you two you’ll
    be staying here forever what what are you doing what are you doing what’s this happened you just closed the
    gate on us the concrete doors just closed looking
    for trapped where’d you hear that pull the gas

    24 HOUR BOX FORT ZOMBIES ?? Zombies Vs Box Fort Boat Base!!
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    24 HOUR BOX FORT ZOMBIES ?? Zombies Vs Box Fort Boat Base!!

    August 13, 2019

    previously on Papaji look I think it’s
    time we’ve missed her the serum to that zombie if we didn’t cure him and that
    means we have the cure to the zombie apocalypse if we give this to the zombie
    and it gets bigger it could spread to the rest I mean we can manage them now
    but what if they’re what they’re bulletproof but what if they don’t stop
    when you shoot them or worse what if this were contagious it could make this
    worse or it could work and we could make everything better guys I think it’s
    gonna be up to you should we administered the zombie virus to the
    zombie and potentially save the world if it is a cure or should we not give it to
    them and keep surviving you guys have to decide this video was sponsored by pub G
    mobile play the famous player unknown battlegrounds on your mobile phone and
    check out the amazing realistic graphics powered by the Unreal Engine talk to
    your friends with in-game voice chat and check out the latest update which
    includes the highly anticipated Miramar desert map not only does pop G mobile
    have all this but it also features a brand new Arcade Mode with 28 players
    featuring a variation of shotguns only snipers only all weapons melee pistols a
    bunch of really fun game modes you guys have to check out you can use the link
    down below in the description to go ahead and download the game that’s
    completely free to play I highly recommend you check it out now ok been
    up all night working on the serum I think I was finally able to distill it
    we need to use it Logan we were able to pull the viewers and they all think we
    have to try it we have to see if this can actually work is the cure this is
    what I came up with this here it’s a last stop stopping the zombie apocalypse
    if I inject this into the zombie that we have trapped outside and it works we can
    put it into this whole thing but there is still a chance that it’s a trap if
    wrongly used this zombie could transform into something we’ve never seen before
    but I said we’d gear up and go out there and try it it’s our last shot ok I agree
    now listen I’ve gathered all of our animal supplies in case something goes
    wrong I’ve got food water and the rough amount in these packs
    most of it we’re gonna have to leave here if something does go wrong my hope
    is nothing happens we give it to the zombie and we cure everything but if
    something does happen you have to meet me outside I mean me in the backyard and
    don’t look back let’s head out let’s play a little friend another visit all
    right here he is I’ve got the zombie virus see I’m here looking this is our
    only shot at this we only have one how do we know it’s gonna work we don’t
    we’re gonna have to take the risk look the viewers voted and they want us
    to take this risk if we have a chance of curing this we have to take that chance
    even if it’s a slim one you ready okay let’s do this three two one no did I see
    you live she got him like this can’t help he’s alive a dog maybe it didn’t
    work maybe it just killed them how long would it take to work I don’t know what
    I’ve never tried this before can’t solve its breathing or not look maybe there’s
    something oh that didn’t work little get it didn’t
    work my fear came true the serum acted as the counter serum and
    made it stronger did you see yourself those bullets everything I hit it with
    didn’t do anything chief what are we gonna do I don’t know I don’t know he’s
    trapped in there behind that wall look if that virus starts spreading it gets
    the other zombies look practically bulletproof there’s nowhere we can put
    an end to them I can’t believe that happen we should have known better we
    shouldn’t have done that Jake we had to try it’s all we had
    Logan before we can easily soft these zombies with our blasters and a base
    wall did you see that thing a group two times the size
    now with that spreading I don’t know if we stand a chance what are we gonna do
    nothing we can do now so I’m just gonna take over the barrens gonna win we can’t
    stop it we shouldn’t have tried the serum Jake there must be something we
    can do come on man think yeah looking there is something we can do all right
    we can go for one last swim before we get eaten alive at least then zombies
    can’t touch us in water wait zombies can’t touch us in water look at how you
    think it went I’m picky floating box right if we could if we
    could make a Sami base and put it in the middle of the pool if they won’t be able
    to get to us I mean they’ll try to swim and you think a bunch up but I mean we
    might be able to stop them when you have people that at least create some form of
    a barrier it could buy us some time to figure out a new plan key but we gotta
    do this quickly you’re right it looks like a storms picking up – look we don’t
    belong survival gear have packed our bags with a little bit of ammunition and
    food we have first things first though we need to build a floating base and get
    inside then we can figure out our next steps it looks like after giving the
    zombie serum to the zombie it only got stronger the zombie is 2 times as
    powerful and our weapons aren’t doing anything to stop it
    well we have a plan plan right now is to get a floating box for bass bill and
    survive in there against it we have some supplies that I packing his bags and MRE
    can’t a little bit of water and a little bit ammunition it’s not enough to
    sustain us but if we can get in this floating base it should buy us some time
    it’s exactly what we need are you ready to inflate it a little bit let’s try and
    find some supplies around here there should be some extra cardboard if we
    can’t build ourselves a makeshift base we should be able to set sail in the
    middle of the water and survive alright guys so while Logan’s trying to find
    some tape I’m gonna be in charge of fighting the cardboard I made a stash
    back behind the house so I should be able to grab something but by the looks
    of it storms and if it starts raining out here who gets any colder than this
    it’s gonna be hard to survive we gotta get a shelter built and fast all right
    let’s go find our cardboard let’s see we got zombie he’s able to move though it
    doesn’t look like the new infections affected all the zombies so some of them
    I’m still able to take down see if it works on this guy and there’s her
    cardboard perfect alright no we got the tape cardboard let’s start building this
    thing and fast sores picking up okay guys update for you we’ve been
    working on this for a little while now and well it’s coming together we’ve got
    the walls on still no roof zombies would be coming out of it everywhere but you
    able to hold them off we’ve got to get in the water fast not only because of
    the zombies but also it’s so windy it is so and we need to get this thing in the
    water fast all right we’re gonna put on the roof open up the door and jump
    inside and then we can start tallying up her supplies but right now a number-one
    priority is getting this in the water alright the Box Ford is complete we have
    artillery windows and Endor oh no we got another one I’m hearing a
    horde coming this way – alright you start getting the stuff in there I’ll do
    with the zombie here we go wait I got him
    get in there grab over here and get inside we got to get in here and get in
    here quick talking to your board zombies coming
    grab the rest of your gear and let’s jump inside we’ll tally up our stuff
    when we’re in there Jake we’re gonna need to do some reinforcements I’ll do
    this thing’s falling apart especially with that storm coming if you start
    getting too windy in here the whole thing could blow apart all right I’m
    coming in Oh Jake this is not good okay I’ve got some tape all right let’s start
    making repairs and get ourselves settled at least we’ll be safe from zombies for
    now get some of the holes patched up here the winds really throwing us around
    there’s definitely a storm coming we’ll do our best to reinforce the base and
    then we can tally up the supplies we have but right now guys welcome to our
    new home as you guys can see here we patched it
    up to water can’t get inside the wind’s really been picking up though we’ve been
    blowing all around you guys can check out our shooting holes here get a good
    view but if you want to you can of course close them up a like so and we’re
    perfectly safe roadside though we’ve got this nice body water that’s acting as a
    moat so if zombies do try to come this way
    they’ve got to swim through all of that water alright guys so base is looking
    good we’ve gotten everything patched up well as best as we can
    cuz of right now we’re gonna go for your supplies and see what we have to survive
    in here everything we have has to count looks like some sunflower seeds a bit of
    an MRE a bit of another MRE not bad an extra coat if it gets cold we
    got some extra ammo nice we’re gonna need that we’re low on it in this book
    so we’ll know if they were trying to sabotage us for that serum but it’s
    worth keeping maybe noting our experienced Sun and we
    have this food guided lets you know plants are edible I could come in handy
    as well pretty low on food only to Emory’s we’re not gonna last long it’s
    gonna be our number one priority is getting food and defending the space
    against zombies alright let’s divide up the ammo and get ready to get here horde
    coming we’re gonna have to defend this base if we’re gonna stay here here love
    your blaster with ax much as you can and I’m loaded up and ready to go all
    right same here we’ve got a little bit of ammo left over as well it should be
    good to see anything out there still on water Sam okay I like the sound of this
    record got really quiet wait what’s that no can’t be trader Joe no there’s no way
    hey stranger Joe and a rap hi-yah why I didn’t expect to see you out here how
    did you even get out here chain to Joe’s always here to make a sale you got the
    likes I got the winds yeah no we actually we did get the lakes Logan how
    many likes do we get I think we got eighty five thousand likes can we get
    that mini group now Oh perfect nice to meet you I’m Jake that’s awesome
    well let’s do you have for us to buy tell he’s just with 35,000 likes perfect
    for spying on your enemies I find in the surroundings UAV reconnaissance drone
    definitely use that yeah okay look we’ll grab that you a beer across this drone sweets will definitely need this wait
    what’s that in the back your dinghy if you have like 50,000 50,000 likes
    again here we can do it we can do it think so all right guys look that thing
    is something we definitely need I mean what if we build an underwater zombie
    base we’re gonna need something like that to Joe okay I think he’s trying to
    help us fight the zombies no but buddy buddy you can’t you can’t pick up that
    gun alright that’s that’s too heavy for you what you wanna you want a hug
    what’s a hug okay Jake routine was really cute and all but do you really
    think he was worth all those likes what’s he gonna do for us I mean I’m
    sure you can help us there’s lots you can do right buddy yeah see Logan we got
    zombies ain’t coming all right buddy you go hide in the knapsack there’s lots of
    them pretty let’s do this we got one booty now watch yeah keep
    you remember them as well any more ammo wait I got one right here pass you’re
    gonna call him Harry passin a mo Paul man there’s more than we thought one of
    the left side of hill got him fully a few more laps I’m coming down the stairs nice shot all the hatches you think
    they’ll stop hope so just be really quiet
    oh we go in here oh I was too close we’re almost out of ammo oh I think that
    was the last one yes this place is falling apart
    looks like Suns coming down to keep quiet though we need the rations we have
    about going outside shouldn’t have any more trouble tonight we’re gonna need a
    plan we’re gonna be a plan fast Suns going down we’re gonna have to survive
    here for the night but we can’t stay in this water forever we’re gonna be food
    we’re gonna be more ammunition and most importantly a way to stop the zombie
    virus I’m gonna try and figure out a way to get the UAV online if I can get it
    online and they may be able to look around to see if there’s somewhere else
    we can move to maybe a military base a compound anything that we could fortify
    to survive this thing oh I’m sorry buddy I forgot about you what’s that okay you
    want some pizza Jake we don’t have pizza great look we
    don’t have pizza right now okay we can’t get you pizza all right for now group
    just just stay here okay all right look I know what you’re
    thinking who can’t help us out right now but maybe maybe we could train him maybe
    he can become a huge asset to this team but as of now I think we need to start
    reinforcing this place get out our food and most importantly get the UAV drone
    online we’re gonna have to survive here the night
    and who knows what’s coming for us no no you’re not blogging Groot brew this
    isn’t your walk Groot Groot no no no no no no these are a little bit serious
    right now but yeah if you hit the like button leave your
    comment down below and yes put a hashtag I’m Groot look not right now okay we’ll
    see you guys next time