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    GAME MASTER CHALLENGE! Sinking Box Fort Prison Escape (Project Zorgo Hacked)
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    GAME MASTER CHALLENGE! Sinking Box Fort Prison Escape (Project Zorgo Hacked)

    November 13, 2019

    they really explain what’s going on right now to make sure you hit the subscribe button and the power button where am I what’s going on where is this place it’s a GoPro what’s going on hello was I was they filming a video Logan did I pass out in a box for what wait wait no no they buzz chasing the gamemaster no no no no no no no she must have got me again you must’ve captured me what’s going on why is their camera hello can you hear me Logan are you here hello I’m cooking the chains he’s got me all chained up the door what yeah welcome to my box for prison escape balloon replay game since you’re so inclined to escape from prisons you could try to escape from my box for prison that’s giving you a GoPro to film everything this this isn’t a prison this is just cardboard look I’m I’m getting out of here I don’t care what do you mean not following my rules we’ll leave you with a shocking surprise if I break out if you follow my rules or else what if we pick out of here without using what kind of game is this the game is simple escape the prison using my rules before the time runs out you can escape by finding a final key and pressing the red button above you have 30 minutes the box was slowly filling with water water good luck what do you mean water buddy what do you be where am I went what are you gonna do with the water I don’t know I don’t know who’s gonna be seeing this I don’t know who’s maybe watching this footage this is you guys I’m in a lot of trouble right now it looks like the game master wants me to escape following his rules if I try and break out of this in any other way well he’s gonna eliminate me and worst of all if I don’t get out of here in the amount of time that he’s given me this thing’s gonna fill up with water and if I’m in these chains there’s no way I’m surviving all right Hey look I just gotta gonna think it’s gonna take like the game master with he’s gonna play his game he he must have set this up like a puzzle he does everything like a puzzle this isn’t like a box for a prison escape these in here have to make sense but also be a trick it’s gotta be something in here looks like this is all just random stuff on the wall if anything will touch anything box punched what do you mean don’t touch and how do I know what to touch it when not to touch you I gotta get these chains off and quick maybe there’s something in here looks like there’s some sort of funny beaker with some red substance inside of it hey rocky there’s some sort and weight depending who the waters are you trip we’ve got a rocket of some sort maybe a test tube for it I’m paying now has this this has gotta be UV light UV like that it uses UV light to find clues okay first I gotta get out of these cuffs well if the gamemaster set this up like a game it means he wants me to escape maybe maybe this is part of it maybe maybe he wants me to film it this is why would he give me a GoPro why would he give me access to you guys she wants me to film it he he wants me to escape he wants to put me through a game that’s why he’s the game master Oh keep it look if I don’t if I don’t play his game and I don’t escape then this will be the last video I ever make so I just gotta do it I’m gonna figure out a way out of here and I I can do this okay Papa Jake can do this I’ll end the game master be the end of me look I found this inside the chest he gave me I think I might be able to use it to open up these cuffs I’m not sure exactly what he wanted me to use it for but heck if I’m playing this game I’m bending the rules a little bit all right here we go I’m just gonna put it in here and I should be able to bend the metal enough to turn it into a makeshift key just like so and I got it I got the first cuff perfect okay all right now our objective is to open up this timer and click the button here to stop no more water this isn’t good guys there’s more water getting in here I thought the game master says is true this place is gonna be filled with water before I okay okay we’ve got to find a key to open up this timer and click the button to stop it that will end the game now if he’s hitting a key in here it’s gotta be somewhere we’re water more water more water no no no no no no I can’t plug it okay she’s gonna hide a key it’s gotta be somewhere in here maybe behind one of these walls maybe gonna be somewhere secret okay your seat can be received by pressing one of the buttons press the wrong one and the game boy the buttons through the buttons okay all right if I press the wrong button I get eliminated if I press the right button I get the key okay it’s going to work backwards and fast how do I know which button to press maybe maybe maybe there’s a clue me maybe there’s something with the UV light wouldn’t be that simple all right hold on let me get this last cup off and then we can figure it out come on got it all right cuffs are off now all I need to do is get rid of this chain if water starts pouring in here and fast this is just gonna sink me gotta find a way to open this looks like it’s a combination lock there’s got to be a clue in here some sort of combination maybe the UV light they can use this now if using the UV light combination would be written but I see something here No way oh no this isn’t good what kind of clues are these I can’t panic can’t panic all right there’s got to be something in here I don’t know enough time gotta find the combination if he’s giving me this UV light it’s gotta be with this it’s gotta be somewhere on the walls here was this mean boom feels like this is hollow but I don’t want to break through it he already told me if I touch too many things he will illuminate me okay let’s try and find this combination there’s got to be another clue on here somewhere somewhere maybe on the roof this side of the wall here something something nothing on the door wait here good guys we gotta hurry up come on what’s this a legit clue play something here subscribe no no no these are all these riddles numbers somewhere here this isn’t good this is a good can’t plug it wait wait here numbers one one eight six that’s got to be the combination there’s no way you’d give me the number of the button right now this has to be the combination and if I press the right button here that could be the worst thing I could do okay let’s try this huh one one eight six one one eight six got it the cheese off click on the channel police now if this place fills up the water I can swim a little bit much can be dragged down by this chain alright next step let’s find our way out of here there’s gotta be another clue in here oh no no more water come on tell me something what do you want me to do the answer from escaping can be behind your great what would I buy the boom behind the broom okay okay I gotta get behind the boom I’ll just punch it can i plunge it usually Walker Oracle’s use the rocket I thought you were an expert of escaping persons look yeah I’ve done prison escapes before but never something like this he wants me to get through the boom using this rocket he’s gotta think he’s the game master he’s putting things for my own videos in here what have i used before like a rocket and a prison escape wait that’s it baking soda and vinegar rockets that that must agree with the test tube was for hold on here it is okay looks like we have some sort of baking soda in here now only would need is vinegar and then I could set this rocket off and blast it through the boom like that through the boom I could get to the next step but I’ve got to set off a baking soda and vinegar rocket which means no no no I need to find some vinegar and fast something in here well are you starting to pull up here guys this isn’t good there’s a lot of water in here come on give me more time have fun vinegar vinegar vinegar where would it be I can’t go in the boom without using the rocket just catch something just gotta be something wait what’s this there’s some sort of substance in here guys wait guys guys check this out there’s no water in here that’s going to be the vinegar there’s got to be vinegar running through this tube look if I shine this on water it does nothing but inside this tube it lights up like crazy there’s supposed to be where he’s hiding the vinegar I need something to cut this way I know how this game has to be played he’s gotta follow his rules and do what he wants but that means solving his mysteries we’ve got to figure out a way to set off this baking soda and vinegar rocket I know I need vinegar to do that but the problem is the vinegar is inside this tube once I set off the rocket I can get behind this boom and maybe then I’ll figure out what the number is so I can escape using a key but if I press the wrong number then I go boom all right the only thing is we need something to cut this with I need some more clues in here I barely search the entire place here nothing here maybe something on the ground or the ceiling come on wait wait guys there’s an arrow there’s an arrow pointing towards this box here that must mean I’m allowed to open it okay all right if he’s pointing at it another arrow here okay if he’s putting out it with arrows it means that should be able to open it come on see what’s behind this thing oh no more water come on come on I was right there’s something behind here what is this some sort of song device but wait it’s missing a battery no no no no why is everything a riddle I might be able to use this device to open up this tube but this is missing a battery just gonna find myself a battery Jake who’s that hello okay Louise listen closely

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    November 8, 2019

    previously on Papa Jake I just press it doors opening
    I can’t get a big red boy no all right well puts if you only remember getting
    out of here is with some sort of crystal fall good thing I’m slightly trained in
    acrobatics let’s stick this out sounds like success all right we made it to the
    next room whoa okay it’s a bit of a smaller room oh but it looks like this
    is in the last room though I’m not seeing a crystal ball anywhere
    which means this maze keeps going on yeah okay I’ll have the video done in 30
    minutes all right guys I need to update you on what’s going on currently the
    game master has me upstairs editing Jake’s footage I think he’s trapped in
    some kind of box for maze right now but essentially the game master has taken
    over our channel I’m only able to talk to you guys when I sneak Clips like this
    into the videos hopefully Jake can figure out a way to break out soon but
    as of now there’s not much I can do guys the game master can disable
    subscriptions so you have to make sure to hit the bell button it might be the
    only way you can see our videos my guess is the ground fight anything
    there’s a triangle here this might be the door it’s locked oh looks like
    there’s a walk across it okay all right well it looks like we found the way out
    of here I don’t think that has anything to do with this though I mean if the
    gamemaster has all of these rooms being some sort of puzzle or game this room
    has to be a puzzle or a game I’m not seeing anything like that wait what could he want me to do with this
    okay well I mean you already had me popping balloons maybe maybe I have to
    hit something with this I could hit the triangle all right let’s see what
    happens if I hit the triangle flashlight on this okay that helps see if this does
    anything nope doesn’t look like that did anything
    at all alright well if it’s not that it’s gotta
    be something in here something I’ve got a hit with this something something I
    need to activate using this nerf blaster guys there’s got to be some sort of clue
    in here to tell me what to do with this nerf blaster it’s gotta find it wait
    with the pen lid I still the UV light on it
    I saved this from the prison ok maybe there’s a clue in here written in UV ink wait wait there’s some righty l-o-l this
    isn’t funny the keymaster think he’s funny putting jokes in here something
    something wait the triangle the track guys guys I got something there’s an
    arrow there’s an arrow point towards the triangle another arrow wait wait here
    punch punch I think I have to punch it I have to punch the triangle whatever I
    have to do with this nerf blaster has to be on the other side of this triangle
    all right well I’m gonna do what the thing says and punch it here goes nothin
    in three two one oh all right it worked and it looks like
    there’s another room on the other side okay
    well unless I’m crawling through a very small hole then I need to do something
    to open the store using this nerf blaster okay guys so looking in this
    room there’s not much information but at the other end there it looks like there
    might be some sort of target I’ve got nothing else to lose I might as well try
    shooting it with this and see if it does something to activate the door lock three-two-one okay that was completely
    off and I only have two shots left let’s try that again all right this time I’m
    gonna try bring the blaster through the hole and holding it like this here we go just missed getting closer let’s try
    that again okay here we go last shot in three two one
    nice guys I got it look Oh guys guess the logs moving perfect that looks like
    it works guys the law completely retracted which means we can go into the
    other room all right here we go sweet all right well looks like so far
    the game master hasn’t been able to stump us maybe the crystal balls in this
    room whoa okay well crystal ball is definitely not in
    this room but I found ourselves a bigger room and there is the triangle that
    we’re shooting from okay so we gotta find our next spot now it’s time for me
    to give you the most valuable item you all ever have something something to
    help you escaped from my mace you supply sleep the most the most important item
    I’ve ever used what what do you what do you mean what what is it what what do
    you what woody why are you giving me a gift
    look this is another trick I’m not falling for it guys The Game Master
    wants to give me some sort of gift to help me escape from this thing either
    he’s tricking me or this is all part of him seeing me complete some sort of game
    guys I don’t know about this I don’t know about you but I’m not exactly sure
    what that is all right well we still have to complete this maze and if we’re
    gonna get that crystal ball the only thing we can do right now is trust the
    game master and follow him all right let’s see what’s at the end of this
    hallway guys I don’t know what that is kind of
    scared to pick it up and look it looks like there’s some sort of hole here all
    right well let’s who this is guys do you have any idea what this is what you see
    in front of you is a portable 3d printer use it to escape my base a portable 3d
    printer what what am I gonna do with this guys I have no idea how I’m
    supposed to use a portable 3d printer to escape this maze I don’t even know how
    this thing works what I’m supposed to do with it print
    print a way out of here print like a key to open me to open the door wait wait
    wait yes that’s that’s a keyhole and I think this might be the next door let’s
    try it mm nope
    buzzer went off all right you know what maybe this is something I can use to
    print a key look if you look here it looks like there’s a very specific
    keyhole in here I’m not able to really get in with my finger anything but maybe
    I could make something with this to get inside okay let’s bring this back here
    and figure it out all right so it looks like it is some sort of 3d printer it
    looks like this is I guess like ammo for it and I guess we just get guys guys
    it’s working it’s pretty it’s pretty okay I got some
    plastic it’s hot all right well it looks like this is in fact some sort of
    portable 3d printer guys this could be a huge asset but why would the gamemaster
    give this to me I mean I know he wants me to solve his puzzles I know he wants
    me to solve his game but giving me an asset like this I could make things to
    avoid his traps all right we got to use this and utilize it as best as we can
    first thing starts with that keyhole all right looks like it should be a pretty
    generic keyhole if I can make something that resembles a key I should be able to
    use it to get in there and get into the next room I don’t know about you guys
    but I think we’re getting close and Logan if you’re watching this I hope the
    viewers know I’m doing this for them I’m getting out of here for them the only
    reason I’m playing the game masters games is because he promised me some
    clues he promised he tell me who he is Logan I’m not able to see the comments
    or know what’s going on but maybe some of the viewers were able to crack the
    code from the last episode maybe some of you guys know what the game master is up
    to all right well let’s get to printing this key should be too hard let’s just
    start making a generic key all right and there we go guys now all
    they have to do is wait for the 3d print to set and I think we should have a key
    and be able to get into the next room I really wish I had one of these before my
    prison escapes this could have come in handy and guys let me know in the
    comments if you have any ideas on how I can use this to escape from here I mean
    I don’t know how much materials I have for this but if I can print anything I
    want we can definitely use it to take down the gamemaster
    looks like he’s ready and yeah it’s a solid key guys check that out this thing
    is rock hard all right let’s see if we can use this to open that okay here goes
    nothing in three two one looks like a one in hand let’s turn it
    Oh perfect looks like the doors activated alright time to go into the
    next room guys here we go game master yeah I think you forgot to turn the
    lights on and in the next the next room that there’s no lights on in there okay
    you guys I I can’t see what’s going on in there at all and knowing the game
    master and knowing that he has creepers I don’t exactly want to go in there
    maybe you guys can go first

    BOX FORT High School – ESCAPE Detention & CONFRONTING The PRINCIPAL (Challenge)
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    BOX FORT High School – ESCAPE Detention & CONFRONTING The PRINCIPAL (Challenge)

    August 23, 2019

    Wow this place is cool Wow no Justin stated by our brand-new
    principal principal Pete and it looks like he’s coming right about now looks
    like you’re going to detention bro maximum-security detention all right now
    I need to do is make a makeshift harness and I should be able to drop down there
    once down there spray the security camera with our silly string we’ll grab
    the key and get out of here we’ll be back home playing for tonight in no time
    huh miss McGillicuddy won’t even know I’m gone
    I was able to make a makeshift sureness I wrapped it around the bars to Willie’s
    cell and I attached it to me down here now I should be able to lower myself
    down into here slow enough that I don’t hurt myself on impact got my silly
    string it’s time to go down that’s so bad all right guys I’m gonna start
    lowering myself down into this room here there’s a lot of vines and looks like it
    could be spiders hi I’ve got my harness though shouldn’t be too bad it’s gonna
    slowly easily lower my son Oh Oh Willie Willie what are you doing Willie Willie what was that for all
    right oops like I’ve fallen into some sort of guys that’s spices blowing smoke
    wait look on the wall this place is overgrown
    this place must not have been used for years for sixty years and even make sure
    I don’t trip any of these lasers kind of hard to see but you definitely follow
    their trail okay all right there’s one literally right
    here okay just gonna get down on the ground and call oh that’s uh that’s
    pretty close to me but looks like I made it under that one without any issues all
    right guys now that I made it through the laser field
    I should be able to get through this next door here note with Willie’s right
    he said there’s some sort of confiscated toy box I might be able to use some of
    the supplies in there to get myself out of detention because I don’t know about
    you guys but I don’t want to be here for the next 60 years and I need to get back
    to Logan fast all right guys here goes nothing see what’s behind this door alright looks like it’s another room
    no guys keep it on the wall there’s a security camera principal P might be
    monitoring these no no this is good this is a good principal Piedmont seen us
    principal peace all the way out of our cell and he’ll come and he’ll lock us up
    again and will become Willie will be in a Cell for sixty years
    no no but you guys thought I don’t want to become Willie I need to take out the
    security camera if I’m gonna get into the next room and find this confiscated
    toys bin luckily for me I’ve got Willie’s silly string I might be able to
    use this to block out the camera it’s not much but it should be able to buy
    some time I’m just gonna aim this and get a shot on the camera here we go perfect
    cameras completely sealed off there’s no way he’s seeing us okay speaker away in
    this room shutting the door behind me it’s probably gonna wonder why his
    cameras blocked off but but in the meantime we might be able to use this to
    escape and look guys hey skeet Whitman pickles who brings pickles to school
    literally a jar of pickles in here Pringles okay and a 3d portable printer
    all right this actually might come in handy I thought there might be some
    better supplies in here to use but pickles I mean if I get hungry we got a
    snack and 3d portable printer well I can definitely use this to escape I mean all
    this escaping has worked up an appetite why would they confiscate Pringles and
    you know pop okay they’re prank Pringles oh I know why they were confiscated
    looks like there’s another door Stig won’t budge look guys if Willie’s
    correct there should be an old storage locker
    through this hallway and in that storage locker we might be able to find the key
    to get us out of herself once I’m out of my cell I can sneak back into class and
    then we’ll be back home in no time okay this is starting to creep me out a
    little bit okay meat move that’s your name how do I get through this door what yummy for some hungry it looks like
    someone squished the face and put it on a wall Boop I need to get through this
    door okay I’m trying to escape detention do you have a way for me to get it up
    here can you unlock the door me Moo this isn’t funny
    I need to get out of detention okay I need to get home to play fort night you
    don’t understand if I don’t complete my weekly challenges this could be very bad
    okay it looks like me Boop’s knocking open the door for us he’s asking for
    some yum yum yum Eason hello be you guys but I have no idea what that could be
    look if Willy’s already known this much about this place maybe he knows
    something about me Mook maybe he knows how we can get meat moved to open the
    door for us I’m gonna head back to Willy and ask him if he knows anything Willy
    Willy Willy can you hear me look I made it through the confiscated
    toward the end like you said it was there but I ran into something on a wall
    it’s not letting me go through the door he’s called them a meat Moop do you know
    anything about this you know how to get him to let me through the door oh you’re
    about didn’t think I’d be seeing you again okay okay Willie that that’s great
    but look I need to figure out how to get past meat Moop he’s asking to be fed do
    you know anything about this gotta give them a meat going if you want to get
    through okay Willie look I don’t have time for this just how do I get meat
    move I can’t believe I’m saying this how do I get the talking wall thing to let
    me through the door oh you gonna have to go to meet look corn and only I got one
    can I have it oh good these yeah these are these are
    pickles I found them in the confiscated toy band they look like hundreds of
    years old I would love me some pickles okay I
    didn’t really I didn’t know you were so into pickles
    Willie would do anything for some pickles what Willie would you give up a
    meat move coin for this juicy jar of pickles okay you what I’ll give you a
    meat mood coin and I’ll promise to be your best friend Willie will be your
    best friend for the end just the meat lube coin will be finally that that’s
    that’s all I really need here you go and I’ll take the meat move coin here
    you go Willie okay perfect all right guys we got ourselves a meet moot point
    all right we’ll figure that all out later all I know right now is we got to
    get through that door because behind that is where we can find the key to get
    out of here Jay yes principal P how’s it going uh it’s going great just learning
    my lessons you know I’m really learning from detention I just wanted to check in
    make sure you’re doing all right uh yep nope just uh just doing you know
    some stuff in here why why are you standing like that
    I know just doing just doing special yoga to learn about why I should not go
    to the ten just don’t let its don’t look behind me look yoga don’t look behind me guys that was close
    if you saw this hole we’d be in a lot more trouble than this let’s get back
    down there okay look I brought you your coin here if I feed you this please let
    me in to the store I really need to get out of here oh and just eat faster perfect I think it worked all right here
    goes nothing guys this is her robot drone just trying to shoot us no no no
    this isn’t good guys if we’re gonna get the key to get out of here we gotta go
    through some sort of robot drone that’s shooting us okay hi definitely no sneaking around it
    there’s gotta be some other way to get through there maybe there’s something in
    the confiscated toy box I can use what’s that sound I know that sound
    I wouldn’t expect to see you here what are you doing in my school’s detention
    districts Trader Joe’s always here to sell you the best wears and tears of
    business and all I do is exchange relax okay well I I do have a little bit of an
    issue there is a robot trying to destroy me in the other room and if I’m gonna
    get out of here I need something to take down that robot do you have anything I
    can use that would be perfect I could use that to seek out the robot hi I need
    how many likes you want nobody likes you likes ya ya know we have like we don’t
    have them any like so what if we get 30,000 likes on this video what will you
    give it to me okay perfect no no I trust the viewers I’m sure they can get it
    guys look the only way we’re gonna be able to stop this thing and get out of
    here we need likes on this video if trader
    Joe doesn’t get his likes well I don’t know what he’ll do but knowing trader
    Joe it can’t be good okay look I’m getting you the likes can
    I have it now you owe yourself a brandy thanks for
    shopping at Trader Joe’s perfect now little weird but I think I can use this
    become Iron Man all right I don’t actually know how to activate this thing
    whoa perfect oh ho now this thing sounds
    powerful minou you’re gonna want to watch this
    hey mr. robot try this on for size I think we got it cut and I guess you
    would circuit in it now it’s got to figure out where we are this is this
    school honestly goes on for miles underground there’s a lot of weird
    places in the squad no idea existed this door up ahead oh no no no no no it’s
    blocked off looks like it’s sealed off with some metal taping if we can’t get
    through there guys we can’t get the key to get up detention it’s gonna be
    another way guys check this out it’s the ventilation shaft by the looks of it
    this ventilation shaft should lead into the storage locker
    wait the 3d printer I can 3d print a knife when you use a 3d printed knife to
    cut through the ventilation shaft and get the key inside the storage locker
    and get out of here once and for all all right here we go guys I’ve got the 3d
    printer and it looks like that’s a little bit of battery left in it should
    be able to use this to put myself a 3d knife alright guys there we go we’ve got
    ourselves a 3d printed knife and we should be able to use this to cut
    through this venting right now let’s do is cut through here still hardening a
    little bit as we just printed it but it’s actually extremely tough up here
    and is pretty sharp so I’m gonna use this to start cutting perfect now just
    push through here there we go looks like we’re able to cut ourselves a pretty
    nice square venting is off and I think we found the storage locker this should
    come in handy looks a little empty but if you see
    something on the wall there looks like a note it doesn’t look like I’ll be able
    to make it all the way through but I can make it close enough to read this note
    it says hit the selkie boss looks like this was a note from maybe one of the
    janitors the principal Pete he hid the cell key in here and it looks like well
    it’s not very hidden it’s right there got ourselves our cell key now it’s time
    to get out of here question now is did we take Willy with
    us and risk getting caught or do we sneak out by ourselves guys leave a
    comment down below if you think we should take Willy with us so far he was
    able to help us and I mean he did help us break out of this place
    I’ve got the key time to get out of here Willy Willy are you there hey you don’t
    suit yourself we’re getting out my lesson yeah I have
    learned my lesson and what’s the lesson not to cook eggs in class all right come
    with me you’re just letting me out like this I thought I was gonna be in here
    for 60 years what you have fully locked up for 60 years
    who’s Whaley Willie’s the guy in the detention cell next to me Willie Willie
    principal Pete’s letting me go what’s going on yeah my name is not Willie it’s
    will grow the pickle pea wait what your name’s not even Willie
    we’ll draw the people what I don’t know what you’re talking about but it’s time
    to go back to class what principal Pete sighs it’s time to go back to class
    come on and the pickle people strike again in another puppet video okay I
    guess Willie was a pickle thief who got pickles all right I guess it’s time to
    go back to class

    The Man Trapped Papa Jake! Prison Escape Room Challenge (TOP SECRET  Mystery Battle Royale Game)
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    The Man Trapped Papa Jake! Prison Escape Room Challenge (TOP SECRET  Mystery Battle Royale Game)

    August 21, 2019

    hey what’s going on Papa Jake fam if
    you’re just tuning in in our last video we were captured and locked up in some
    sort of prison after putting a dark web USB inside our computer yeah guys put
    the USB in and must have joined some weird game and we end up here in this
    prison cell on the USB there was a video of someone who’s calling himself the man
    and apparently he’s running a dark Legion and those are the guys wearing
    the creepy masks who have locked us up here it looks like we’re part of some
    online game and we even have ranks and numbers on a leaderboard we were able to
    find a key and get out of the handcuffs after that we found a code that opened
    up the cell door and led us into here however whoever put us up to this is
    watching us with cameras and the only way out of here is to beat the game and
    what’s a bit more time testing is we’d have 11 minutes to do so yeah we need to
    get out of here in 11 minutes so in order to do that we need to open this
    door okay well I was able to open up this laptop here that they left now
    looking through it it doesn’t seem like there’s any internet connection there’s
    no way for me to get out of here it completely closed down the entire
    internet so there’s no way for us to call for help but what I did find was
    this phone message a phone message yeah you think I should play it yeah here
    goes nothing 47 I don’t know but I know I have to beat it game okay
    guys it looks like from what we can gather we are players and we are being
    ranked in this internet game we don’t know what’s on the line we do we don’t
    know what happens if you lose but what I do know is that there were definitely
    other players here in our last video we found nametags from other players that
    were left inside that cell and what we think may have been their clothing okay
    look all we can do right now is get out of here we can try and figure this out
    later whoever these people are whatever they want we’re collecting on this
    camera we’re gonna need your guy’s help solid we have five minutes and
    okay quickly we got to figure out how to get out of here it’s gotta be a way to
    get out of the game to leave the game we don’t want to play this we never should
    have ordered that mr. box in the first place ah Jake we should have never gone
    to that SUV Logan I got something looks like it’s a note I cannot be felt seen
    or touched yet I can be found in everybody yet I have my own style of
    music what am i guys do you know what that means it’s some sort of riddle guys
    if you know what that means comment down below let us know in the comments if you
    have any idea what this could be hear that take a really loud train yeah
    it’s definitely a train it’s coming from above us okay well okay well maybe that
    gives us some information as to where we’re locked up it could be some sort of
    compound may be under railroad tracks I had no idea where we could be guys but
    that’s half the mystery is finding out where we are some sort of box over here
    and there’s a light and a piece of paper inside we’ve got four minutes there’s blocks here they make some sort
    of puzzle well maybe it has some sort of information as to the combination to
    that lock the lock requires a four-letter word guys which means this
    puzzle should be able to give us a four-letter word it’s up Chapter seven
    now it’s kind of hard to make out what this puzzle was it’s all broken down and
    old but I think this might be a picture of a bird guys do have to let me know in
    the comments what you think but that’s a bird all right well let’s go try it
    got it G come on there’s only two minutes left
    all right looks like it’s some sort of medical cabinet okay there’s a
    flashlight in here a book of the world with a city highlighted okay it’s a key hold on
    come on come on boy what’s going on look the lights went off I think we go
    through here come on follow me so we beat the game huh hello if we beat
    your game we go we got out of the prison look at the screen screen please no the
    screen Oh Papa Jake congratulations on completing your first task you have
    proven yourself and increased your rank in this challenge you will be given
    another chance to do so you see our dear friend in front of you has lost his
    necklace and needs have returned completing this challenge will award you
    with all right points but remember the game’s law the game is tough and in the
    end the game winners necklace we have to return a necklace to take whoever’s in
    there why would anyone want us to do this look we can escape from this right
    now guys we can get ourselves out of here but this isn’t going to stop as
    long as we’re on that leaderboard as long as we’re players in this game
    they’re gonna keep coming back for us to figure it out the first things first
    let’s find this necklace let’s get out of here cheap do you think it’s real
    I have no idea guys listen only call me I think this
    thing’s real but I hope you’re honest with you I don’t want to open it and
    find out something already gives me the creeps meaning maybe we could dial out
    of here that’s the county Bell yeah it’s a it’s an old-fashioned phone I might be
    able to get it to work on we’ll check the other side here guys with this I
    think you can make it call yeah look look there’s numbers here 110 120 way
    there should be here police okay let’s get ready dial up to
    police maybe I can alert them as to what’s going on do you hear anything
    yeah yes this is done 9-1-1 look we’ve been trapped inside some sort of a
    prisoner or something we put a USB inside a computer and we were here
    abducted we were abducted inside some sort of black van and we woke up inside
    a prison cell and we had to escape and there’s someone talking to us can you
    trace this call I’m sorry I can’t help you wait no no no Jacob I don’t know if that was the
    police I think this phone might be rigged again
    longer they’d be performing here for us to find looks like you’ll never getting
    out of here is but finding the madness for our pile here my guess is we gotta
    go through this door way to get it open check this out look there’s some sort of
    wire attached to the wall here it leads down into this bookcase bingo this is a
    mag lock it’s connected to that door so we do need a combination to get out of
    here only question is a combination could be anywhere I’m gonna start
    searching around wait look at the console thing looks like a with a
    flashlight and telescope okay all right there’s some paper in here check this
    out just give me goosebumps man I want to get out of here I want to now and
    guys if you see anything let us know down in the comments cuz we need your
    help if there’s anything related between this and any information you have as to
    who could be doing this to us let me know we need all the help we can get
    so I saw this chest over here and I thought it was locked but when I came
    over there’s actually no lock on it so I think it’s just budged I can’t really
    get it open but look at maybe with your help oh nice what is it there’s like a lot of
    stuff in there there is a lot of stuff in here looks like there’s a key here
    okay well we’re looking for a door combination lock but that might come in
    handy in the future toast birthday it’s got a code on the
    back down at the bottom to 1:06 if you think that’s the code it might be let’s
    try it worked it turned green try the door quickly nice fun it great
    so we made it to another room whoa G what is this like a big pyramid
    with this blue thing on it that’s sure that what was that that was a lot click
    guys I think this might be a massive block like a like a locker lock that you
    see at school the ones you turn we should be able to base it on the clicks
    start turning about quickly I still should be full rotation and listen for
    the click okay did you hear that clicked again okay now we just got to
    rotate it back so this is the last room okay we’re look we’re looking for a
    necklace we need to find a necklace and put it on whatever that mummy is and if
    we do that we beat the game and then maybe we’ll be allowed to leave this
    place check the drawers so you can buy nothing in there radio here I don’t know
    guys what was that guys listen to this tell us if you can hear something maybe that’s the people who’ve walked
    Sun here maybe who’s ever in charge whoever put us in this game maybe these
    are the people from the dark web Logan guys you need to tell us in the comments
    below what you think you heard I couldn’t make out anything but maybe you
    guys are able to hear it better than us let us know down below we’ve been in
    here for hours let me give us any food or anything to
    almost eat that painting painting look dude that’d be the necklace maybe looks
    like here’s a small lock here Jake did you have it pink so yeah have him nice
    pass it here we go let’s get this open come on get us out of here here we go
    got it

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    August 19, 2019

    J hey J hey J yes
    remember I’m you’re trapped by zombies in me we’re floating and couldn’t get
    out watch Oh God thank you firing you
    remember the fuck how do we escape that can’t remember Logan I’ve told you okay
    multiple times you don’t ask those questions the same reason people don’t
    ask why is the sky blue did Picasso ask should I paint this
    painting no look at he painted the painting okay we don’t ask if we escape
    the zombies and now we’re back home everything’s okay but Jake I just don’t
    get it local oh we don’t we don’t ask those questions it’s just it just
    happened we’re back home we’re safe now zombies are gone we don’t have to worry
    about them anymore you know what Logan Papa Jake’s don’t read it for today all
    this talk about zombies reminded me we got a brand new sponsor for this video
    that’s right The Walking Dead our won’t sponsor this video with their brand-new
    game based on The Walking Dead I Logan get this it’s augmented reality
    augmented reality what does that even mean it means you get to fight zombies
    in real life bro check this out you get to play with all of your favorite
    characters from The Walking Dead and see them in real life
    now Michonne is literally in our room right now hey what’s up Michelle how’s
    it going we’re gonna take out some walkers together I know we are how cool
    is this dude but get this Logan not only that it’s a
    location-based game which means where you are in real life
    is where you are in the game see now we’re outside Logan check out those
    walkers we’re gonna take them over right now come on Michelle let’s get these
    guys there we go all right oh they’re coming over here
    all right I got I got oh oh would you go down you go down all of you guys go down
    and best of all Logan when you unlock these legendary characters you can go
    into the photo booth mode I teach sweet pictures with them check this one out
    with Michonne here let me get in the shot all right here I go
    Camacho of the show just move a bit tier right okay uh yeah
    that’s that’s pretty good oh cool bathroom okay Jake let’s take
    your photo in three two one all right bring your photo Papa Jake here with
    Michelle but guys if you want to download the game we will have a link
    down below where you can get it for free in both the Google Play Store as well as
    the Apple Store oh yeah who’s that was it the lightning bolt hit us or
    something oh I don’t know what that was oh it broke my bracelet house I’m sort
    of weird didn’t think they had lightning on sunny days uh anyway where were we
    you were just showing me the AR mode can can I try oh dude look it’s a walker
    yeah that’s awesome it’s so lifelike okay well the phone I’m gonna go take a
    picture wait wait Logan what Logan that’s not in the game Wow Jake plan for
    the smokin I’ve got nerve plasters in the fridge why do you keep in the fridge
    because I like to let’s go I’m gonna go get supplies you me in the woods that
    are zombies okay can I get supplies the zombies are coming mmm food for my pets Logan
    hello oh no no no no no no no no this isn’t good this isn’t good
    these handcuffs oh where am I hello what’s going on so let’s train me
    to this Oh what happened last thing I remember I was Logan this app zombies
    zombies and I ran downstairs she was robbing here someone’s locked me up
    hello who are you hello my pets are so hungry I have some food for you that’s
    what what pets are you out there let me throw this oh it’s that we easy time my
    pets eating time no no no no no it’s not eating time it’s not any time but pop
    pop Jake’s not food alright I’m a person that people aren’t food I’m escaped from
    a lot of prisons we can do this okay this is w he’s got to be way off first
    six person gotta get these cuffs off okay there’s gotta be something I can
    use here something I could yeah break this off with water your canister wait
    wait my pockets baby got something in my pockets ah highlighter pen got some
    money wait a second this is an infused Kevlar pad if I add water to this it
    turns into a Kevlar cloth that can withstand heat cold anything if I can
    find something to heat them up or or freeze them off I can use this to
    protect myself Jake Jake where are you guys I don’t
    think Jake made it he told me to meet him down here in the forest but I mean I
    can’t find them oh no no guys I hear Walker’s okay we
    got to get going wait snare can stir if you shake these things
    to turn them upside down these are colder than liquid nitrogen
    I’m never be able to use it to freeze the cuffs off hold on I gotta break the
    lid shake it up oh yeah there’s definitely some fuel
    left in here let’s test it out oh that’s cool guys look at that look how cool –
    god I could barely touch that fry this is perfect it’s exactly what I can use
    to freeze off these cuffs I gotta start moving fast hello no one
    feeding time is but it sounds like it’s soon all right I’ve got to get this
    Kevlar pad activated and now time to add the water to the Kevlar pad and within a
    few seconds we should have a working cloth that will protect us from the cold
    there we go all right time you use this starts out
    as a little tablet now we got a cloth all right if I wrap this around my side
    of the cup should be able to protect myself I’m gonna feed it through here
    now to put this in the keyhole slot and break these cuffs off in three two one it’s still very cold very very cool ah
    these cuffs are cool all right time to break him guys I can hear them in the distance oh you guys it’s a zombie Oh guys I gotta
    get out of here okay guys I think I lost him but this doesn’t make any sense why
    they’re zombies in real life the kitchen there was a zombie wait
    the Thunderbolt that’s it it must have transferred us into the game or
    something okay wait for in the game I could use that to our advantage if I use
    the game’s map I can find a supply kit and maybe get a weapon or something I’m
    gonna need that if I’m gonna find Jake okay right there I found a supply crate
    there’s another song okay now time to get out of this place it’s gonna be some
    way out of here something looks like I’m not getting
    through that door looks like there’s a door here but it’s missing a door handle
    pretty second why am I even here we’re just playing with the app and then the
    lightning I don’t want to jump to conclusions yet but I think maybe we
    were somehow transported into the world of The Walking Dead that would explain
    the zombies I would explain this rundown place that this creepy guy has me in a
    zombie dinner oh no this isn’t good I don’t know if Logan’s been able to
    figure this out all right I’ve gotta break out of here and get back to Logan
    I just gotta find a way something a trapdoor no no that’s a zombie that’s a
    zombie so wired here yeah we’re making La Soul does it it’s a fan there I might be able
    to get this cord in there and stick it in there huh Oh cut the fan off okay
    next time you feed the wire through hey come on come on catch something hey
    perfect well we got the zombie stuff huh but you might be able to break out of
    there in no time it’s gonna be the way to eliminate him in here there’s
    something in my pockets I could use pens wait a hole makeshift crossbow okay you
    just stay right there zombie man all right yeah it’s not the best crossbow
    what it should do the trick in three two one oh yes you got it
    worked oh there’s all bees dead oh alright how much time that bought us
    guys we got to figure out a way out and fast looks like there’s a fire escape
    here but it’s locked up with a lock there’s no way I’m getting through that
    maybe there’s something in that room but the door handle missing there we go
    oh sweet okay guys this is perfect I have a weapon and I have lots of
    ammunition my next objective is finding Jay if I’m gonna survive these Walker’s
    I’m gonna need them what’s that I think I must have
    attracted apart no here they come Dolman on the left we’re gonna have to
    get out of here how many more coming all right I gotta
    go oh yeah that’s something I can use ah perfect this think it’s a hunting
    rifle I needs ammo oh here we go this should be enough to pull off the
    lock sweet it looks like there’s a tack best I’m
    gonna need this one we’re going outside it’s time to break out of here and find
    Logan I don’t know if he’s realized yet that we’re in the game but if he hasn’t
    he’s in a lot of trouble gonna walk beside you okay or touch his
    hand I touched his hand sound of bus this lock off three two one sweet you got it all oh here’s the
    window looks like I found a way outside not
    time to get out of here to meet up with pony this is getting really crazy if
    Jake’s realized what I realized that we’re in the game he’s gonna meet me out
    of safe house so all I have to do is find a safe house and meet him there
    all right this is the forest where I said I’d meet Logan I hope he’s figured
    out what I figured out that lightning bolt was no lightning ball some sort of
    weird witch crack we’re in the game now and if we’re in the game and Logan knows
    that and want to meet me somewhere it’s gotta be something around here okay some
    ammo crates around here I’ve been traveling for a while now and we’re
    almost at the safe house oh wait what guys another ammo box oh yeah guys what
    was that oh no there’s another survivor in distress all right you know what but
    I hope this person out and then I’ll meet Logan got enough ammo for it
    this should just be up here along this path wait Logan right hold still man I
    got you don’t move don’t move to 100 buddy that was really close you do not
    want to know what I just went through look I love you figure it out yeah but I
    think that lightning bolts about put us in the game yeah I realize that too
    that’s true then we’ve got Walker’s coming at us at all angles right now our
    number one party is surviving all my fault I found a safe house it’s not too
    far from here it’s just on the path that way if we can get there we might be able
    to ride this thing out whatever this thing is yeah Jake that’s where I was
    heading I was hoping to meet you there all right come on follow me well as you
    can we gotta get there before sundown okay safe house should just be up ahead
    you gotta be careful though I hear Walker’s coming from all distances but
    if you hear that you’re what listen listen is that a fork
    no it’s is that trader Joe someone in need where’s it taste what do you boys
    need yeah are we happy to see you yeah you definitely use some supplies today
    but don’t forget trader Joe deals in lakhs it’s the only thing I accept yeah
    yeah no no no we remember you you buy and sell using our likes Logan how many
    likes is our last song bees video have I think it has like 80,000 80,000 likes
    alright what can we get for 80,000 likes or Trader Joe’s got lakhs supplies for
    you so many supplies we’re all in my car I got something a little bit better than
    supplies something you boys might like a little more how would you like a save
    that might have the cure to the zombie apocalypse you check that bad boy out an
    abandoned safe oh oh those are so big right now I can sell the same to you for so what’s it gonna be well we could get
    a lot of supplies to those likes I say we get the supplies hokum Papa Jake
    hasn’t made it this far playing it safe you know what we’ll take the safe for
    eighty thousand likes whose safe it is have this transported to you in no time
    who knows what could be inside it’s an abandoned safe try to Joe how do we open
    the safe now oh you want the combination I could sell that to you for likes oh I
    didn’t think that through let’s see how you boys don’t have a hundred thousand
    likes Trader Joe’s gotta go alright I may have messed up a little
    bit but that’s okay look we got the viewers guys if we’re gonna get into
    this safe we need a hundred thousand likes that’s like nothing you guys could
    do that in a day right I hope so okay guys we need your help we
    need those lights to get in the safe who can do it fast guys is this getting dark
    and zombies are coming

    24 HOUR BOX FORT ZOMBIES ?? Zombies Vs Box Fort Boat Base!!
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    24 HOUR BOX FORT ZOMBIES ?? Zombies Vs Box Fort Boat Base!!

    August 13, 2019

    previously on Papaji look I think it’s
    time we’ve missed her the serum to that zombie if we didn’t cure him and that
    means we have the cure to the zombie apocalypse if we give this to the zombie
    and it gets bigger it could spread to the rest I mean we can manage them now
    but what if they’re what they’re bulletproof but what if they don’t stop
    when you shoot them or worse what if this were contagious it could make this
    worse or it could work and we could make everything better guys I think it’s
    gonna be up to you should we administered the zombie virus to the
    zombie and potentially save the world if it is a cure or should we not give it to
    them and keep surviving you guys have to decide this video was sponsored by pub G
    mobile play the famous player unknown battlegrounds on your mobile phone and
    check out the amazing realistic graphics powered by the Unreal Engine talk to
    your friends with in-game voice chat and check out the latest update which
    includes the highly anticipated Miramar desert map not only does pop G mobile
    have all this but it also features a brand new Arcade Mode with 28 players
    featuring a variation of shotguns only snipers only all weapons melee pistols a
    bunch of really fun game modes you guys have to check out you can use the link
    down below in the description to go ahead and download the game that’s
    completely free to play I highly recommend you check it out now ok been
    up all night working on the serum I think I was finally able to distill it
    we need to use it Logan we were able to pull the viewers and they all think we
    have to try it we have to see if this can actually work is the cure this is
    what I came up with this here it’s a last stop stopping the zombie apocalypse
    if I inject this into the zombie that we have trapped outside and it works we can
    put it into this whole thing but there is still a chance that it’s a trap if
    wrongly used this zombie could transform into something we’ve never seen before
    but I said we’d gear up and go out there and try it it’s our last shot ok I agree
    now listen I’ve gathered all of our animal supplies in case something goes
    wrong I’ve got food water and the rough amount in these packs
    most of it we’re gonna have to leave here if something does go wrong my hope
    is nothing happens we give it to the zombie and we cure everything but if
    something does happen you have to meet me outside I mean me in the backyard and
    don’t look back let’s head out let’s play a little friend another visit all
    right here he is I’ve got the zombie virus see I’m here looking this is our
    only shot at this we only have one how do we know it’s gonna work we don’t
    we’re gonna have to take the risk look the viewers voted and they want us
    to take this risk if we have a chance of curing this we have to take that chance
    even if it’s a slim one you ready okay let’s do this three two one no did I see
    you live she got him like this can’t help he’s alive a dog maybe it didn’t
    work maybe it just killed them how long would it take to work I don’t know what
    I’ve never tried this before can’t solve its breathing or not look maybe there’s
    something oh that didn’t work little get it didn’t
    work my fear came true the serum acted as the counter serum and
    made it stronger did you see yourself those bullets everything I hit it with
    didn’t do anything chief what are we gonna do I don’t know I don’t know he’s
    trapped in there behind that wall look if that virus starts spreading it gets
    the other zombies look practically bulletproof there’s nowhere we can put
    an end to them I can’t believe that happen we should have known better we
    shouldn’t have done that Jake we had to try it’s all we had
    Logan before we can easily soft these zombies with our blasters and a base
    wall did you see that thing a group two times the size
    now with that spreading I don’t know if we stand a chance what are we gonna do
    nothing we can do now so I’m just gonna take over the barrens gonna win we can’t
    stop it we shouldn’t have tried the serum Jake there must be something we
    can do come on man think yeah looking there is something we can do all right
    we can go for one last swim before we get eaten alive at least then zombies
    can’t touch us in water wait zombies can’t touch us in water look at how you
    think it went I’m picky floating box right if we could if we
    could make a Sami base and put it in the middle of the pool if they won’t be able
    to get to us I mean they’ll try to swim and you think a bunch up but I mean we
    might be able to stop them when you have people that at least create some form of
    a barrier it could buy us some time to figure out a new plan key but we gotta
    do this quickly you’re right it looks like a storms picking up – look we don’t
    belong survival gear have packed our bags with a little bit of ammunition and
    food we have first things first though we need to build a floating base and get
    inside then we can figure out our next steps it looks like after giving the
    zombie serum to the zombie it only got stronger the zombie is 2 times as
    powerful and our weapons aren’t doing anything to stop it
    well we have a plan plan right now is to get a floating box for bass bill and
    survive in there against it we have some supplies that I packing his bags and MRE
    can’t a little bit of water and a little bit ammunition it’s not enough to
    sustain us but if we can get in this floating base it should buy us some time
    it’s exactly what we need are you ready to inflate it a little bit let’s try and
    find some supplies around here there should be some extra cardboard if we
    can’t build ourselves a makeshift base we should be able to set sail in the
    middle of the water and survive alright guys so while Logan’s trying to find
    some tape I’m gonna be in charge of fighting the cardboard I made a stash
    back behind the house so I should be able to grab something but by the looks
    of it storms and if it starts raining out here who gets any colder than this
    it’s gonna be hard to survive we gotta get a shelter built and fast all right
    let’s go find our cardboard let’s see we got zombie he’s able to move though it
    doesn’t look like the new infections affected all the zombies so some of them
    I’m still able to take down see if it works on this guy and there’s her
    cardboard perfect alright no we got the tape cardboard let’s start building this
    thing and fast sores picking up okay guys update for you we’ve been
    working on this for a little while now and well it’s coming together we’ve got
    the walls on still no roof zombies would be coming out of it everywhere but you
    able to hold them off we’ve got to get in the water fast not only because of
    the zombies but also it’s so windy it is so and we need to get this thing in the
    water fast all right we’re gonna put on the roof open up the door and jump
    inside and then we can start tallying up her supplies but right now a number-one
    priority is getting this in the water alright the Box Ford is complete we have
    artillery windows and Endor oh no we got another one I’m hearing a
    horde coming this way – alright you start getting the stuff in there I’ll do
    with the zombie here we go wait I got him
    get in there grab over here and get inside we got to get in here and get in
    here quick talking to your board zombies coming
    grab the rest of your gear and let’s jump inside we’ll tally up our stuff
    when we’re in there Jake we’re gonna need to do some reinforcements I’ll do
    this thing’s falling apart especially with that storm coming if you start
    getting too windy in here the whole thing could blow apart all right I’m
    coming in Oh Jake this is not good okay I’ve got some tape all right let’s start
    making repairs and get ourselves settled at least we’ll be safe from zombies for
    now get some of the holes patched up here the winds really throwing us around
    there’s definitely a storm coming we’ll do our best to reinforce the base and
    then we can tally up the supplies we have but right now guys welcome to our
    new home as you guys can see here we patched it
    up to water can’t get inside the wind’s really been picking up though we’ve been
    blowing all around you guys can check out our shooting holes here get a good
    view but if you want to you can of course close them up a like so and we’re
    perfectly safe roadside though we’ve got this nice body water that’s acting as a
    moat so if zombies do try to come this way
    they’ve got to swim through all of that water alright guys so base is looking
    good we’ve gotten everything patched up well as best as we can
    cuz of right now we’re gonna go for your supplies and see what we have to survive
    in here everything we have has to count looks like some sunflower seeds a bit of
    an MRE a bit of another MRE not bad an extra coat if it gets cold we
    got some extra ammo nice we’re gonna need that we’re low on it in this book
    so we’ll know if they were trying to sabotage us for that serum but it’s
    worth keeping maybe noting our experienced Sun and we
    have this food guided lets you know plants are edible I could come in handy
    as well pretty low on food only to Emory’s we’re not gonna last long it’s
    gonna be our number one priority is getting food and defending the space
    against zombies alright let’s divide up the ammo and get ready to get here horde
    coming we’re gonna have to defend this base if we’re gonna stay here here love
    your blaster with ax much as you can and I’m loaded up and ready to go all
    right same here we’ve got a little bit of ammo left over as well it should be
    good to see anything out there still on water Sam okay I like the sound of this
    record got really quiet wait what’s that no can’t be trader Joe no there’s no way
    hey stranger Joe and a rap hi-yah why I didn’t expect to see you out here how
    did you even get out here chain to Joe’s always here to make a sale you got the
    likes I got the winds yeah no we actually we did get the lakes Logan how
    many likes do we get I think we got eighty five thousand likes can we get
    that mini group now Oh perfect nice to meet you I’m Jake that’s awesome
    well let’s do you have for us to buy tell he’s just with 35,000 likes perfect
    for spying on your enemies I find in the surroundings UAV reconnaissance drone
    definitely use that yeah okay look we’ll grab that you a beer across this drone sweets will definitely need this wait
    what’s that in the back your dinghy if you have like 50,000 50,000 likes
    again here we can do it we can do it think so all right guys look that thing
    is something we definitely need I mean what if we build an underwater zombie
    base we’re gonna need something like that to Joe okay I think he’s trying to
    help us fight the zombies no but buddy buddy you can’t you can’t pick up that
    gun alright that’s that’s too heavy for you what you wanna you want a hug
    what’s a hug okay Jake routine was really cute and all but do you really
    think he was worth all those likes what’s he gonna do for us I mean I’m
    sure you can help us there’s lots you can do right buddy yeah see Logan we got
    zombies ain’t coming all right buddy you go hide in the knapsack there’s lots of
    them pretty let’s do this we got one booty now watch yeah keep
    you remember them as well any more ammo wait I got one right here pass you’re
    gonna call him Harry passin a mo Paul man there’s more than we thought one of
    the left side of hill got him fully a few more laps I’m coming down the stairs nice shot all the hatches you think
    they’ll stop hope so just be really quiet
    oh we go in here oh I was too close we’re almost out of ammo oh I think that
    was the last one yes this place is falling apart
    looks like Suns coming down to keep quiet though we need the rations we have
    about going outside shouldn’t have any more trouble tonight we’re gonna need a
    plan we’re gonna be a plan fast Suns going down we’re gonna have to survive
    here for the night but we can’t stay in this water forever we’re gonna be food
    we’re gonna be more ammunition and most importantly a way to stop the zombie
    virus I’m gonna try and figure out a way to get the UAV online if I can get it
    online and they may be able to look around to see if there’s somewhere else
    we can move to maybe a military base a compound anything that we could fortify
    to survive this thing oh I’m sorry buddy I forgot about you what’s that okay you
    want some pizza Jake we don’t have pizza great look we
    don’t have pizza right now okay we can’t get you pizza all right for now group
    just just stay here okay all right look I know what you’re
    thinking who can’t help us out right now but maybe maybe we could train him maybe
    he can become a huge asset to this team but as of now I think we need to start
    reinforcing this place get out our food and most importantly get the UAV drone
    online we’re gonna have to survive here the night
    and who knows what’s coming for us no no you’re not blogging Groot brew this
    isn’t your walk Groot Groot no no no no no no these are a little bit serious
    right now but yeah if you hit the like button leave your
    comment down below and yes put a hashtag I’m Groot look not right now okay we’ll
    see you guys next time