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    Living in a Beautiful Shipping Container Home in the City
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    Living in a Beautiful Shipping Container Home in the City

    December 14, 2019

    >>MAT: Hey everyone, in this video we’re visiting the first shipping container home in Toronto, Canada. It’s a stunning space inside and out and we’re really excited to show you around and show you how it was built. The homeowners Anna and Carl were looking for a home for their growing family but because of Toronto’s inflated real estate prices, they decided to build a home above the restaurant that they already owned on Queen Street West. They came up with a plan to float part of the house above the restaurant using pillars and to modify 3 used shipping containers off-site so they could be installed quickly in just a few hours. Carl designed, built, and finished most of this beautiful home himself, including a lot of the welding which helped them save even more money on the build. So let’s go meet up with Anna and Carl to find out more. [Music Playing]>>ANNA: Carl’s from Jamaica. I’m Portuguese and in both those countries, containers get used quite a bit. So we have been seeing containers being used for years. We wondered why it hadn’t happened in Toronto yet, and we really wanted to explore. This is the first container house in Toronto which means we did have to jump through some hula hoops to get here. It took about 6 years of paperwork from when we started drawing out the design, to the permit, and to all other steps and 3 years, from the moment we started digging, actual breaking the ground, to moving in. We already owned this building but it was just the restaurant. It was cheaper because Carl did most of the work and because the price of the houses around here are so high. For us though, more than the price tag was the dream of building our home from scratch. We just didn’t think that we could do it in downtown Toronto. [Music Playing]>>CARL: Toronto has been open. Toronto is that kind of city where a lot can happen here. There’s some gaps in the building codes that allows you to build to the line of the building and we realized we could do this. The question was: How do we do it? How do we do this huge renovation? How do you add 2,800 square feet and not close the restaurant for an indefinite period and then quite potentially go out of business? How do you do that? We framed out an exoskeleton above the restaurant and drop the containers onto it. We constructed everything somewhere else and then bring it in, back it into the alley and drop them one by one. There were issues of wires, Rogers wires and Bell lines. It was just crazy back there, right?>>ANNA: It’s a very busy alley. It gets used a lot.>>CARL: I went through literally 7 crane operators before I found one crazy enough to do it. Two guys came and there was a bunch of hand signals. They were awesome!>>ANNA: All the neighbours came to watch.>>CARL: It was like a party! [Laughter]>>ANNA: We pulled the kids out of school. They came to watch. It was great! It all went really well.>>CARL: They dropped them in 3 hours,>>ANNA: which really does say a lot about what can be done. We had so many restrictions building above a business, building in this tiny space in the back alley on Queen Street. But if you can think about taking containers, modifying them, doing as much as possible off-site and then just actually bringing them in and plopping them down on a piece of land. That is what is amazing about shipping containers. [Machinery sound] Originally, the design used 13 containers. But then we realized that wasn’t feasible. It was going to cost a lot of money. So we had to change our design in order to still use the containers, but only use 3 and then do the rest a conventional build to tie it into the containers.>>CARL: We used high cubes, about 9 foot 6 ceilings. So it was really high>>ANNA: and that’s a great way to create that airy feeling. It’s just having the extra high containers. So the house is 2 storeys up a level. So the ground floor is the restaurant. Then we come up and we have our living room/kitchen area. which also doubles as a yoga studio because I teach yoga here during the day. So it’s all done so that everything moves out of the way and we have lots of space; also, lots of space for our 5 children. Upstairs, we have the bedrooms. We also have a bathroom on the main floor and 2 bathrooms on the top floor. Our life is kind of a whirlwind around this building. It’s a busy space. There’s people in and out all the time but that’s kind of how our life has always been. Except before, we had to travel and now we just do it all here which is beautiful because it really does save on a lot of time. So it’s really nice to be in the neighborhood that we love and just be able to have everything concentrated here. [Music Playing]>>CARL: So I had the idea of what we were doing. I said, ok, I needed this cut out and we drew the plans up. So we cut out everything that needed to be cut out. We insulated the underside of it because the containers would be dropped. Once dropped, you can’t lift it again to insulate it. So we put spray foam on the underside and inside all the joist wells of all of them so that we wouldn’t lose any heat when you put the in-floor heat in. But the walls weren’t framed out, it was just a can. How long did it take to do the interior of the building? A year? Yeah. Insulating these things are a huge concern. Moisture, huge concern. If ever the containers get struck by lightning, it is a metal box just sitting up there. There are all kinds of legitimate concerns. Our temperature varies from plus 40 to minus 40. There’s a lot of movement in steel and wood. How you connect steel to wood and wood to steel and steel to concrete. [The design] has to take the physics into account. My engineer was up for the fun part of it and we figured it out together a lot of it. One of the issues you have with these kind of structures is thermal barriers, when entire sheets of steel get cold, and whatever insulation is there. The containers need that gap so that it doesn’t transfer. We had to think that through because very rarely do you find a house that an entire wall is metal. We used wood where we could because wood doesn’t transfer cold as much. The internal frame on the east side is wood but on the west side is metal because it’s an exterior wall that needs a fire rated material. So the building codes were respected. For example, one of the things we discovered was to put blue skin on the inside of the walls and it changed the entire equation. It’s 2mm thick but it just changes the condensation when it’s applied to the wall. But instead of doing it on the exterior, we did it on the interior of the wall. It was a bit of a nightmare and we are still married! [Laughter] [Music Playing]>>ANNA: My favourite part is our bedroom, and my yoga nook and the balcony. I love it! I’ve got flowers and it’s just so beautiful. I make my coffee and then go back to bed when I can and just sit there and look at it all. It’s just peaceful and beautiful and when all the kids are running around I can sometimes escape, lock the door and just be there.>>CARL: My favorite part of the house is the roof. It was always to take advantage of the view. I still haven’t built that yet but when that is finished, it’s going to be a dope space. It’s a very rare thing these days to build your home from the ground up. It’s been an honour to build this thing. [Music Playing]>>MAT: We first heard about this project a couple of years ago when we met up with Anthony from Storstac. They actually modified the containers for Carl and Anna’s house. If you’re interested in learning more about building with containers, definitely check out the video that we made with them. I’ll link to it in the description below. If you like this video, please share it, be sure to subscribe and thanks for watching.

    LEGO Custom Dredger Ship MOC Crane Working Dredging Bucket
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    LEGO Custom Dredger Ship MOC Crane Working Dredging Bucket

    December 6, 2019

    We’re back with a new custom lego moc My son and I built a custom lego ship moc This is a Lego dredger and the bucket can pick up things We will show how the ship mocs crane works shortly There are a few entry points The ship moc has several entry points on top To access the Lego boats bridge lift the roof The is also an engine room on the back of the Lego ship The door lifts up to get to the engine I will show you how the dredger works The crane is fully fuinctional I can raise and lower the Lego crane Once I lower the dredging bucket I can open it I will drop the dredging bucket on top of this pile When I pull up with the crane gravity closes the dredging bucket Then we can lift the bucket with the crane Once positioned the dredging bucket can be opened The load will drop into the Lego ships hold It was a lot of fun to build the Lego dredging ship Please look at our other Lego mocs on our channel and subscribe My son and I also like to read comments, thanks for watching

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    December 4, 2019

    Howdy folks and welcome to the Friday show
    which this week has become a guide instead of the usual g-log, as today, we’ll be looking
    at every weapon you can install on your ship in No Man’s Sky and seeing what each does
    best.When it comes to weapons in No Man’s Sky,<br /> theyre actually pretty diverse, each one does something better than the others with very<br /> little crossover, on top of that, I will say at the beginning of this that preference plays<br /> a big part here, if you like a weapon over another weapon that performs far better at<br /> what you want to use it for, it doesn’t mean you’re making the wrong choice, most weapons<br /> can be used on their own to great effect, you just may require more titanium to replensih<br /> your shield due to longer fights. I’ll also be discussing every weapon and showing<br /> testing footage of those weapons in their highest DPS layouts, it is by far the most<br /> effective and other than some potential unlikely situations, DPS is what you should be going<br /> for over Damage per shot. That being said, we’ll also take a look at<br /> what can be done with very limited space and so little to no upgrades. So let’s get riiiiiiight, into revieeeeewsThe Positron Ejector is an impressive piece<br /> of tech, it has an insanely high DPS, so high in fact that when fully upgraded to the highest<br /> DPS layout it reaches 41,405 Damage Per Second, this is almost 6 times the DPS of the next<br /> highest weapon which is the Cyclotron Ballista at 7,043. All of these numbers are of course, before<br /> any bonuses your ship may apply. Now with all that in mind, we come to the<br /> shortcomings of the Positron Ejector, this is primarily it’s very widespread, so wide<br /> that getting 3 or so of its 20 projectiles per shot to hit, takes a fair bit of skill<br /> and for you to be quite close to the enemy. Its range is also lacking at only 400, but<br /> as the spread makes it useless at even 400 in comparison to other weapons, it’s not such<br /> an issue. The Positron Ejector has a few uses, however,<br /> one requiring great skill that you must learn, and that is if using within a rotation. If fighting within a rotation, you may choose<br /> specific weapons that perform at different ranges, the Positron Ejectors place here would<br /> be right as the enemy is touching your nose you switch for a last-second volley of power. Using in this way it could become quite effective<br /> but would require massive amounts of practice and of course for you to have your weapon<br /> orders committed to muscle memory, this is not so much for the casual player. The other use I would say is when very swiftly<br /> taking out an entire fleet of freighters for their goods. Freighters are huge, even their cargo pods<br /> are huge and don’t tend to fly off, so all or most of your shots will hit, meaning the<br /> Positron Ejector’s full power can be called upon to take what is theirs very quickly with<br /> even just the base unit.The Photon Cannon is the one ship weapon in<br /> No Man’s Sky that absolutely every player will know, and that is purely because it is<br /> a mandatory weapon for every ship, it’s placement is guaranteed and unchanging, it will always<br /> be located in the first available slot in the top left. This can present some anguish in fighters,<br /> as even a max slot fighter hosting the full 38 may have the slot below the Photon Cannon’s<br /> main unit inaccessible for use, and unless the 3 below it and the 6 to the right of those<br /> are available for use, the maximum layout cannot be achieved, this results in a 3.9%<br /> decrease in fire rate and a 4.5% decrease in damage. The layout of the upgrades is the same 3 by<br /> 3 layout, only detached from the main unit. The Photon Cannon is a rather useful weapon,<br /> it is a somewhat expected and generic machine gun, in essence, firing single projectile<br /> shots at a high rate, with the main module only it is the highest rate of fire weapon,<br /> though with all upgrades optimally placed it becomes the second. The Photon Cannon has a fast projectile speed,<br /> which is technically 4th out of the 6th for Projectile speed, but at 1,800 compared to<br /> the 2,000 of Infra-Knife and Positron Ejector, with the Phase Beam being instant, it’s not<br /> that far off from the joint second place. This allows the Photon Cannon to be used well<br /> in Dog Fighting as it’s real time to shine, yet takes second place in that when it comes<br /> down to pure effectiveness, it’s superior being the Phase Beam. But it’s worth is not just in one singular<br /> use, it’s worth is in everything, it is the Jack of all trades, master of none, but I<br /> mean this in a good way, not as a derogatory dismission. The Photon Cannon is already there which gives<br /> you a one slot advantage by only requiring 9 to meet its capacity while all but the Phase<br /> Beam and Rocket Launcher require 10. It can be used effectively in both movement<br /> based fighting and static defensive fighting.The Phase Beam is that first weapon that really<br /> gets you going, it is often present on new ships you may purchase and has some impressive<br /> power. The Phase Beam is an instant hit weapon that<br /> fires 2 projectiles per shot, it appears aesthetically as 2 continuous lasers but is, in fact, shot<br /> based, this is likely due to ease of programming. The Fire Rate of the Phase Beam is actually<br /> the slowest of all and completely unchanging due to the lack of Fire Rate upgrades, but<br /> this doesn’t stop it being incredibly powerful. Its statistics are deceiving in many ways,<br /> if you look at the DPS, it is the lowest when not counting the Rocket Launcher, and you<br /> shouldn’t use DPS to measure the Rocket Launcher as I’ll cover shortly. The low DPS, however, is made a complete non-issue<br /> via a special attribute the Phase Beam has, which is the lock-on it exhibits. Provided you have the enemy ship in range<br /> and within the sizeable reticule of the Phase Beam, both lasers will hit the vessel directly<br /> and all of that damage will strike. You will not lose shots here and there, they<br /> all hit for full force, and that lack of literal collateral damage brings the Phase Beam up<br /> to be the most powerful Dog Fighting weapon out there. During a dogfight with heavy movement, your<br /> enemy is being rather evasive and annoying, any weapon that has travel time will be missing<br /> quite often even if you have a perfect aim to hit in front of its movements as when the<br /> enemy changes direction, those shots already on route are going to waste, but the Phase<br /> Beam is instant and locks on fairly easily, this allows you to make every shot hit if<br /> your dexterity is high enough. It also has by far the greatest heat time<br /> at 9.45 seconds before overheating, which is fairly crazy, it’s not too far from double<br /> the next longest, which is the Photon Cannon at 5.71 The Phase Beam does, however, have a drawback,<br /> and this is that it requires charging regularly. You could last most fights from a full charge,<br /> with only large-scale fights such as the Sentinel 5 Star and maybe 4 Star requiring charging<br /> throughout, which can still be done easily via the quick menu, in the same way, that<br /> you recharge your shields. Plutonium is cheap, and most will carry a<br /> stack within their ship or cargo, so this really isn’t a big issue. It should also be noted that while all main<br /> units except for the Rocket Launcher and Photon Cannon have charge bars insinuating they require<br /> charging, only the Phase Beam actually requires charging, the other 3 weapons that display<br /> this bar never use up that charge and so remain fully charged. The Phase Beam also carries a rather substantial<br /> Pro to, and that is it’s inventory footprint, due to the lack of Fire Rate upgrades, the<br /> entire Phase Beam only takes up 7 slots, and is by far the best weapon suited for filling<br /> your Technology slots, which at only 2 slots high puts a real drawback on housing anything<br /> but the Phase Beam or Rocket Launcher.The Infra-Knife Accelerator is a colourful<br /> and fun weapon, it’s projectiles are not all that powerful, but it shoots 2 of them at<br /> a time and has the highest rate of fire of the lot, with an increase of over 25% from<br /> the second place Photon Cannon. The Infra-Knife Accelerator is very much similar<br /> to the Photon Canon, it has the same general uses, but is slightly worse at everything<br /> than the Photon Cannon for the most part. As far as the numbers go, it actually beats<br /> the Photon Cannon for DPS, though only very slightly, but has a massive drawback when<br /> it comes to overheating. When comparing to the Photon Cannon, the Infra-Knife<br /> Accelerator isn’t too far from half the time till overheat, and as they both have the same<br /> cooldown time, it’s quite a drawback. Due to this, I would suggest that you pulse<br /> instead of just holding down, learn through practice the length of time before it starts<br /> to go into the red, if you time it right a fraction of a second is all that is needed<br /> to reset its time to overheat. Doing this can make it an effective weapon<br /> for sure, especially in movement heavy fights, that being said it is still only third in<br /> that respect. The Infra-Knife Accelerator does have a hidden<br /> pro, however, and this is it’s innate and subtle locking on. I would liken it to Aim-Assist present on<br /> consoles, this is a system which subtly assists the player in hitting the target to make up<br /> for the fact you are using a controller versus a mouse. It’s also the primary reason that competitive<br /> games don’t cross-platform, as, without the assist on consoles, the mouse is too powerful,<br /> and with aim assist on consoles, the controller is too powerful. This lock-on aim-assist effect I observed<br /> while testing is quite substantial in making the Infra-Knife Accelerator an effective weapon. Though with all that it is still a second<br /> to the Photon Cannon, but not by all that much, making this a very clear preference<br /> play, so which of the 2 do you just like better.The Rocket Launcher is an interesting one<br /> for sure, it is a single module weapon with no upgrades that’s general use is on your<br /> first ship, giving you a large amount of power in the simplest form possible. It’s DPS is just awful as it’s Fire Rate is<br /> 0.1 per second, but it’s cooldown time is only 5, which skews the results a little. The Rocket Launcher is not any good at all<br /> in a battle with more than one weak ship when on its own, but it is certainly useful. The Rocket Launcher’s use is in its super<br /> high damage projectile, it deals 3000 damage, it also has a super high range at more than<br /> triple everything else. This allows you to start on the Rocket Launcher<br /> as the ships come toward you, and aim up your shot, it is not assisted as such but is quite<br /> accurate, you have a narrow reticule that must be placed perfectly, and luckily, you<br /> have quite a distance to aim up this shot before other weapons can be used. Take your shot, then switch to another weapon,<br /> likely the Phase Beam and enjoy the extra 3000 damage you just got off on the enemy<br /> which likely ensured it’s destruction. This takes practice to get your timing right,<br /> but once you master it, the Rocket Launcher can become a cheap and effective addition<br /> to your lineup, that adds without replacing. You can thank 7101334 for showing me the potential<br /> of the Rocket Launcher that I had previously written off.The Cyclotron Ballista is a frankly ridiculous<br /> weapon, in the best way. The Cyclotron Ballista fires 2 high powered<br /> projectiles per shot at a rather low speed when fully upgraded it will fire more than<br /> 20 of these high powered projectiles per second resulting in the Cyclotron Ballista taking<br /> the 2nd place for DPS behind the Positron Ejector. This is no weapon for movement fighting, this<br /> is what I would refer to as a defensive weapon. You stay still and what for the enemies to<br /> come in range, the second that reticule goes red, you start firing and by the time the<br /> first shots start hitting the enemy, you have almost finished firing your volley. Using this method you can get the majority<br /> of shots to hit which will destroy almost any enemy assuming you’re are in a fighter. This will not fully destroy a skull ship however<br /> which has more than double the health of a 3 star. The Cyclotron Ballista is also one of the<br /> best choices for filling a very small space for a weapon such as on a hauler built solely<br /> for trading, giving the hauler a powerful yet cheap defensive weapon. The Cyclotron Ballista can be used in movement,<br /> but it is far surpassed in its effectiveness by the Phase Beam, Photon Cannon & Infra-Knife<br /> Accelerator in this circumstance. When on a ship made for battle, the Cyclotron<br /> Ballista is most definitely at home but should certainly be paired with another weapon that<br /> is more suited for movement. I would not advise using a Rocket Launcher<br /> before switching to a Ballista, the Rocket Launcher does have a great advantage of being<br /> able to aim and fire far above the range of the ballista to get an extra shot in, the<br /> drawback is that the Rocket launcher will fire it’s Rockets at twice the speed of the<br /> Ballista, which will cause the ship to turn away before the Ballista fire reaches it. It is far more beneficial to stick purely<br /> to the Ballista switching to something like the Phase Beam as either the volley ends or<br /> the enemy turns off. This means that it is largely pointless to<br /> have both the Rocket Launcher and the Cyclotron Ballista.<weapon ranking>To keep things simple, I have split the very<br /> basics of battle into 2 distinct situations. These are Static and Movement based fighting. I’m fully aware that there are many intricacies<br /> to battle and certain weapons will shine in specific techniques, but these techniques<br /> are usually built privately by the individual player, and for the most part, Static and<br /> Movement covers everyone well. For static, which is when you stay still in<br /> one location and wait for the enemy to come to you, giving you an effectively still target<br /> from your perspective, the Cyclotron Ballista is by far the superior, dealing an insane<br /> amount of damage that has the upside of having your enemy turn off just in time to overheat<br /> and cooldown your weapon for the next run, that is of course, if the enemy even survived. The second and last in this category would<br /> be the Rocket Launcher and Phase Beam Combo, aim your rocket, wait until the second the<br /> enemy itself fires, alerting you that the Phase Beam range has been reached, and fire<br /> your rocket while immediately turning to Phase Beams to finish off. The big downside of the static approach is<br /> that in fights involving more than one enemy, you will be taking an incredible amount of<br /> damage and must replenish your shields constantly, this isn’t really too much of an issue, it’s<br /> just a little boring in comparison. When it is one on one, you will take almost<br /> no damage and obliterate the enemy. For Movement, which is when you and or your<br /> enemy is moving to your perspective, the Phase Beam certainly wins, largely due to its instant<br /> projectile speed and lock on effect, with the Photon Cannon, coming in second and the<br /> Infra-Knife Accelerator Third. Movement-based fighting requires more practice<br /> and general skill, anyone can stand still and drown in titanium, which is why I usually<br /> do it, but it takes practice and skill to really fly about avoiding enemy fire while<br /> tagging them yourself, it’s also by far the most fun of the 2. The Positron Ejector doesn’t really fit anywhere<br /> as a solid contender, it’s uses are too specific, you have to get close and aim very well, if<br /> you specialise in tailgating your enemies, it could certainly be the best weapon for<br /> you as with the x2 bonus it would be dust in a second. I think there are very few who will use that<br /> weapon effectively, but I quite like that we have it.<layouts>For the Layouts I have decided to not show<br /> a big old slideshow of different builds on screen and instead have linked the highest<br /> DPS layouts for all weapons in the description, it’s right next to the timestamps for the<br /> sections of this video in case you wanted to skip back or forward to a particular section. There are also some suggested full builds<br /> to meet different criteria, whether it’s defensive Hauler or the most minimalist fighter ever,<br /> it’s all down there. All builds are shown using Ket’s Layout Editor,<br /> a fantastic web app created by the mighty Ket that allows you to build and share you<br /> Ship, Multitool, Exosuit and Freighter layouts, giving you all of the information for the<br /> build, like Damage, Rate of Fire, Cooldown Time, Time to Heat, Range, Velocity, everything. And don’t forget that you can copy that shareable<br /> URL and paste it into the Technology Planner Calculator on to find out<br /> all of the resources required to build it as well as any quests you may have to complete,<br /> or nanites you’ll need to get the blueprints and even the race rank.<tips>As far as tips go, I would suggest fighting<br /> away from Asteroids unless you need the iron for your shields. The reasoning behind this is that if like<br /> me, your fighter is pretty full of tech, you want some slots to pick up items from the<br /> ships, so you put your Titanium for your shield recharging in your exosuit or Exosuit Cargo,<br /> unfortunately, if you fight around an asteroid field, you will hit asteroids, which means<br /> you’ll pick up Iron, this iron will go into your ship. When you go to Recharge an item, it will display<br /> the materials for recharging from that inventory first, so by picking up iron in your ship,<br /> it will present the iron as the first option along with any other Oxides in your ship,<br /> then your Exosuit, then your Exosuit Cargo. Especially if using the quick menu as a reflex<br /> without looking, you will charge you shields with a minute amount of iron which won’t charge<br /> them much at all, yet leading you to believe they are full. You could just keep an eye on it, but I find<br /> greater peace of mind in knowing the titanium fully charged the shields. This may seem obvious to some, but remember<br /> that hitting a ship on its backend, will result in a multiplier for your damage, this is a<br /> massive advantage and makes movement fighting all the more tantalising. If you wish to flee from Sentinels, they will<br /> not stop chasing you if they are already about, you must destroy the current squadron and<br /> as soon as the pulsating warp circles appear, boost away, you will lose them doing so, if<br /> you are fighting a nearly endless stream of sentinels on the 5th star wave and are running<br /> low on Oxides, you can cut the waves short early by flying the Sentinel ships out of<br /> loading distance from the Sentinel Freighter, you will still have to destroy the current<br /> squadron but at least you won’t get any more. To escape a confrontation before it begins,<br /> immediately summon your freighter and fly in before they appear and it will cancel. A space station can be used to end a current<br /> battle. If you are performing the role of a filthy<br /> pirate, then ignore the sentinel ship that appears after attacking your first freighter,<br /> it is weak, so is perfect for ignoring while you pillage a fleet or 2 of freighters before<br /> finally taking it within your sights for immediate expulsion. Your weapons will be in the order that you<br /> have them in your inventory, this is specifically the main weapon modules, with that in mind,<br /> you should where possible choose you locations wisely. If performing the Rocket Phase combo, you<br /> should place your Rocket Launcher before your Phase Beam Module with no other weapon between<br /> them to ensure your Phase Beam is the next weapon after your rockets.<outro>If you have any tips of your own, please do<br /> put them in the comments to help out your fellow travellers, and of course, if you disagree<br /> with anything I’ve said or have more to add I’d be happy to read it down below. Also this week, we will finally vote on the<br /> name for my fighter, a few weeks ago I asked for people to suggest names for my fighter<br /> and we had a few interesting ones, so now you can all vote for the permanent name of<br /> my beautiful dart. The choices are Destroyer<br /> Falcon Lancer S71 SS Shadaisy<br /> ICI Calamity S7 Tangerine Cremator<br /> Daisy Lancelot<br /> Bill Bluebird<br /> Bumblebee oder Stinger Vote by writing the name of the one you want<br /> to pick in a comment, and I’ll tally the votes in 2 weeks once I’m back from my festival. If you liked this video then hit that like<br /> button, subscribe and think about checking out my Patreon, a dollar a month is a great<br /> way to support the channel and the work I do, we also have an awesome discord that is<br /> growing constantly. But above all, have an awesome day folks! </outro></tips></layouts></weapon>

    24 HOUR BILLIONAIRE BOX FORT CRUISE SHIP! ?? Gaming Room, Mini Golf, Toys & More!
    Articles, Blog

    24 HOUR BILLIONAIRE BOX FORT CRUISE SHIP! ?? Gaming Room, Mini Golf, Toys & More!

    November 23, 2019

    we have officially completed the world’s
    biggest floating box for cruise ship this is the most advanced box for
    technology join my eucalyptus infused face mask and Jake keeps singing with
    his ukulele and it actually sounds so bad you get so fluffy the dork who are
    you names ship to person well savage businessmen this side of
    towns obscene you see I fancy money I’m in the business of making money and
    while I’ve been a little down on my luck recently I had the idea the perfect idea
    to create the world’s first chip chippers and cruise ship there be
    glorious super big and make tons of money both charge hundreds of dollars
    per ticket but see there’s one problem I couldn’t quite get down how we build the
    cruise ships cost a lot of money and that’s where you boys come in I’m
    thinking we turn your two-story box board into the chip chips and cruise
    ship that way we save money and you boys get a handsome cut I’m thinking a
    hundred tape rolls each cruise ship yeah yeah yeah we could do that we could
    definitely do that right Marcia muth we can make cruise ship absolutely not
    we are not building a cruise ship there’s no safety regulations it’s not
    safe for the public safety but this kind of want to make money we’re talking
    about making money here guys are a tip Jefferson is into making money now you
    throw a little floaties in that thing maybe have some life jackets and there
    you go you got a cruise ship what are you saying
    okay whoa what if we survive 24 hours in it though okay we can prove that that it
    is truly safe to live in hey see there you go you got your own
    safety regulations personally I don’t care but I hope to come and see the
    cruise ship when it’s done see you boys later okay what’s going on everyone it’s
    papa jake and we are back with a brand new video and as you guys can see we are
    currently outside we’re sitting next to the pool and behind me is the two-story
    floating box fort sanic sorta it did rain a little bit we
    built this thing strong enough that it did withstand the night and now it is
    time to convert it into a real cruise ship now it may not look luxurious right
    now it’s kinda empty it’s just a bunch of cardboard but we know two things that
    a cruise ship needs to do one it needs to float – I mean that’s the most
    important it needs to flow other than that it’s pretty safe it’s got a beat
    okay the safety little bit asleep yes we’ll have some safety protocols I also
    want to expand on it and make it even bigger I’m thinking we get another
    floaty and push it out this way so it’s like the biggest cruise ship to ever set
    sail in fact it will be the biggest port we have ever sailed slash floated in
    water Logan tell everyone what to do you got a subscribe subscribe join the 6
    million people we have 6 million of anything that would be a lot but right
    now guys we need to build this cruise ship for two reasons one for fun and 2
    it might start raining again let’s get our cardboard and let’s start making the
    biggest cruise ship that she ever saw sail okay guys so update for you we’ve
    been working on the cruise ship barely under two minutes and it’s already
    starting to pour wine this case just doesn’t stop raining guys this is going
    from a luxury experience to now we’re back to survival again it’s cool now
    it’s cold and rainy okay guys since it’s raining and we do
    not want a repeat of the last 24 hours out here this is really bad this where
    we decided to put a tarp on top of the roof oh please it’s gonna keep us nice
    and dry Oh saves us look goes in here and we still
    gonna add an entire other parts of the ship so we got a lot of work to do so
    like I said we were gonna be expanding onto the sport and actually making it
    even bigger which is why we had to get an entire new floaty for the sport first
    things first I can inflate this thing and then we can start building we go we got a brand new floaty now
    it’ll have some cardboard and filled an epic room on top of this okay guys so
    update for you everything is going perfectly as planned
    guys we messed up Jason hold fort is on its side so while we’re trying to lift
    this in by ourselves it was extremely happy with all the wood in the entire
    fort just it just collapsed so yeah look at this thing we messed up Logan because
    we didn’t call Fox man at all but I said we call him up Jake you speak box man a
    little bit I’m working on it buddy oh okay yes do that over here okay guys update for you the ship isn’t
    that straightened up it’s like a sinking Titanic and we’re gonna try and get it
    in the pool hey guys we’re gonna I guess we’re officially inside so I’m gonna
    start working on the interior here making it super luxurious while Logan
    starts working on the additional sleeping quarters which what’s crushed
    when the box flipped over look at this alright guys so Jake has been inside the
    ship decking it out and I built ourselves a little attachment that we’re
    gonna put in the water add to our ship and this will be our sleeping quarters
    so now we have our two box four it’s in the water I’m uh I’m not really sure
    what we’re supposed to do now here we go so now we got this open and this
    attaches inside the main cruise ship area so now we gotta do is attach this
    and then I need to tape them together alright guys so check it out I’m
    currently working on the inside of the cruise ship here I still have a ton of
    stuff to do I haven’t even gotten to the lighting yet and it’s already starting
    to get dark out of course up here on the second story I’ve got a few LEDs and a
    few down here but we just installed the third part to this cruise ship and
    honestly guys it’s one of the biggest builds we’ve done let alone on water I
    mean right now like you’ve got to remember I’m standing up I’m chilling
    but I’m on top of a pool floating and then down here we added the sleeping
    quarters so what you would do is you would open this door here
    the super-secure hatch and then you have a ramp leading into these sleeping
    quarters obviously these are separated because we
    couldn’t build them all on land but you come over here it’s kinda like a train
    car oh I’m gonna get inside okay not too bad obviously not as big as the
    cruise ship but this is pretty good as sleeping quarters yes it is officially
    time we have officially completed the world’s biggest floating box for cruise
    ship I wonder chipper McChicken will like it he’s
    gonna have to love it and we’re gonna be the first people to actually get to go
    onboard and have the ultimate billionaire cruise ship experience we’re
    gonna go inside see all the cool stuff you can do on board we’ve kind of kept a
    lot of the interior secret because we wanted to show you guys
    once we’re actually in there but this is two stories three floaties massive by
    far the biggest build we’ve ever done on water
    we should go even bigger this summer smack that like didn’t leave a comment
    down below with other video ideas magnificent cruise ship I take it to our
    new guests on this marvelous luxurious cruise ship but I have prepared both of
    you an amazing voyage we will be sailing the seven seas around countless oceans
    and you will both be getting the most luxurious room that this cruise ship has
    to offer you will get to attend all of our games and fun activities plus be
    treated to a dinner by our marvelous top-notch chef
    why don’t you come aboard take your key card I’ll show you around gentlemen
    welcome to the cruise ship this is the most advanced box for technology known
    to man we have used every piece of physical box for engineering put into
    this ship it is three floatation devices Long’s two stories tall and can say of
    the seven seas for a lifespan of a hundred plus years this is the future I
    do have to let you know a few things one dinner is at 7:00 paired by our very
    talented and exquisitely professional chef chef Boyer you know over here are
    your flotation devices in the event that this fort does sink which is impossible
    you would simply take one of these put it on and pull the pin now remember only
    do that in the event of an emergency now enjoy your stay on the world’s class’s
    ship 7:00 p.m. yeah well we’ll be here for dinner that sounds great
    fifteen right now so that I guess that’s in like 45 minutes yeah okay what it is
    all right well guys it looks like we have this cruise ship to ourselves so
    we’re gonna go explore and of course be spending 24 hours in here so making sure
    that this cruise ship is absolutely safe is extremely important which is why I’ll
    be testing this myself it’s safe and good to go
    he said only an emergency but now they’re definitely might be an emergency
    all right guys so I think it’s time to show off the cruise ship and give you
    guys a little tour as to what we got in store so as you can see we’ve got the
    massive interior here which is the main area this is where you come to kind of
    relax you know maybe talk like hello sir it’s really bumpy yeah well we weren’t
    able to exactly put any stabilizers on the ship so if we do hit a big wave you
    know there’s a bit of like you know that kind of seasickness all these handrails
    though so you could just grab onto a handrail and check this out guys with a
    beautiful view we’ve got a nice patio out here if you want to eat and you got
    a nice view of the ocean slash the pool if you’re just chilling here so weird to
    think we are floating on a box we’re sitting here you actually don’t realize
    it like Logan’s chillin man I’m looking down here all right well let’s go check
    out the sleeping quarters because that is the third floaties that we added on
    to the ship if you guys remember from our last video we tried to make this and
    that was a success on the zone but then we expand it with the room let’s go
    check it out of course you got our key card scan it in and there we go should
    open like this and there is the sleeping quarters how’s that the commanding a bit
    seasick all right guys welcome to sleeping quarters
    Jake put put the ukelele away all of our luxurious rooms on this billionaire
    cruise ship come with your own ukulele which you can rule cheek why’s this so
    wobbly it’s a little bit more wobbly than the rest of the ship we put less
    time into it we didn’t have any windows to this because we’re doing the 24 hour
    challenge and it’s actually really cold outside so I didn’t want windows in here
    to get really cold so we left the windows open and we’ve got our nice
    comfy blanket got pillows we also have a wash basin in case we need to like wash
    our hands or use the water obviously we gotta save space so it comes with these
    little pucks which actually convert into full-on towelettes and then there you go
    you’ve got yourself a nice little towel you know you can wash your hands
    Jake Jake speaking of washing hands Dennis coming up that’s true dinner is
    almost ready guys we also got some hand warmers in here in case it gets cold at
    night and just watch awesome little snacks first aid kit but we got to get
    going it’s about dinnertime and we want to
    check out the rest of the cruise ship so let’s head back into the main area here
    close this up back into the main section of the cruise ship I don’t know there’s
    apparently a chef did we just hello chef I am a chef
    employee and I am going to be your ship of foot’s in that how may I help you
    uh looking for dinner you know like basic simple nice dinner poufy you have
    come to the right place and chef oh boy is it making the best dinner you have
    ever tasted I will start the cooking back into the main area here Jake Jake
    there’s a guy and he’s gonna cook us dinner oh that must be chef boy another
    customer tonight we are going to be having a fresh-caught fish straight from
    the ocean and I will be preparing it for both of you uh yeah like I mean I was
    gonna have a pizza but but freshly caught fish works for me
    do you have anything other than fish Shiva boy I only have a fresh-caught
    fish they must have fresh fish you ever taste
    okay yeah I guess we’re just having fish what about do you have any like like the
    7up like 7up for the drink I have a vision milkshake fish milkshake okay I’m
    not gonna pass on that one now some of you at home might be wondering how does
    chef a boy make the most beautiful fish dinners but that is because I use the
    premium fishing rod to catch my very own fish straight from the back of the
    cruise ship the ocean is filled with fish it is like nature’s grocery store a
    fee there we are the freshest fish in the ocean these will make a nice dinner
    for both of my boys all right dinner is a served fresh fish caught
    from the ocean and cooked up to perfection thank you joy courtesy of a
    chef oh boy this is fresh fish from the ocean
    even say we kind of fish you this no he’s going to nice fresh caught fish
    inside a box or cruise ship so we just enjoyed our luxurious dinner inside the
    cruise and now we’re coming up to the second story after dinner the Sun is
    going down it’s getting sort of dark out there so I thought we’d come up here
    play some games maybe beat Logan at beyblade first thing I wanted to try
    Logan was mini pudding I have never mini put it on the second story of a box for
    it that’s floating in a pool alright guys what we’ve got our Mini Putt ball
    here got our Mini Putt and stick and we’ve got our core setup so looks like
    I’ll be going first Logan let’s see who’s gonna be the winner of Mini Putt
    on the floating box for Jake you’re going down all right first one to get in
    the hole they’re trying number two wait wait wait wait but I got to do my second
    shot it is Mini Putt oh that was a that’s a birdie buddy yeah it took you
    three tries watch hole-in-one alright guys Logan is going up for his shot on
    the second line yeah that’s actually getting so dark we have all these lights
    in here but that doesn’t mean you’re gonna win a beyblades you know I’m the
    beyblade master if you didn’t know me and Logan have a long-standing beyblade
    championship going on right now that I have won every single Bay play match
    ever that we’ve ever done like the last three games we play I don’t know if any
    of you guys know what beyblade this is let me know in the comments but Logan
    has won every single game with this so this is not allowed to this time okay
    this is going over here we’re having a fair I’m still gonna beat you if you
    like he’s playing beyblades on this down below
    three two one well you know it’s best two out of three
    three one well I think it’s about time to head back to my sleeping quarters and
    go to bed of course this is a 24 hour challenge so we got survived tonight I
    mean when I say survive I do enjoy the night because we are in a luxurious box
    for uh Logan you haven’t even checked out your sleeping quarters yet wait Jake
    what do you mean I thought that was my room no nope
    Logan this is my room I pay for it you didn’t pay the $10,000 fee for the
    premium room I had to give the guy $10,000 to get this room what do you
    think you get this room for free your rooms under here I will uh I guess I’ll
    see you in the morning buddy have a fun time in your room what what okay let’s
    check out this room what why is my room flashing different colors
    a pillow and a blanket I could literally fall out of the fort
    all right gasps welcome to my room the luxurious room on this luxurious box for
    it as you guys already saw we got some awesome stuff in here but now that I’m
    in here I’m gonna get cozy for the night I’ve got this super thick and warm
    blanket obviously it’s nice and warm on the cruise ship itself but I want to get
    all cozy here okay we’ll check out some of the entertainment that we got it
    looks like it came with sour patch kids that’s awesome I love sour patch kids I love my room I love my room I am
    freezing right now it’s uh it’s really cold and Jake keeps singing with his
    ukulele and it actually sounds so bad Jake Jake you have to stop
    all right guys curly enjoy my eucalyptus infused facemask got it on here in
    complimentary in the luxury room super good for the skin gonna make my face all
    nice and clear I don’t know how I’m gonna sleep
    it’s like someone said hey let’s have a disco party and Logan saw him all night
    but honestly I gotta say guys this is one of my favorite boxers who ever built
    but I think I’m gonna get to bed now get some rest
    enjoy my night here as the as the waves rock me to sleep I’m just gonna have to
    try and sleep see you guys in the morning
    I always love doing floating box sports hopefully nothing happens tonight but
    I’ll update you guys in the morning when we wake up and that guy’s way too cold
    in my room so I came into the main area because it was just freezing course Jake
    gets his nice cozy room welcome to the breakfast menu
    you have a selected year to that Shiva body because I prepared you a marvellous
    a breakfast on this allegory as who-who’s you know
    Bishop Morita fish marina cut fresh this morning at full of fish and serious Yasha goodbye okay well at least I have
    some breakfast Aussie super comfy super warm I love
    this place to get up I headed into the main area organs doing see what’s going
    on in the cruise ship this morning it was terrible that sucks man yeah you
    should’ve got one of these premium cabins it was super comfy cozy in here
    foodie fish hey chef can I get some breakfast
    ah I am so sorry but the kitchen is a closed do you have to be here at 7 a.m.
    on the dots you see chef abaya does not fish unless it is fishing you
    have to wait for the lunch menu goodbye what’s come on I’ll pay for the premium
    economy I can’t even get breakfast looking up breakfast
    you weren’t here on time I guess alright guys well it is a beautiful morning in
    our two-story floating box Ford and when I say beautiful
    I mean it’s rainy I’m gonna head up to the second story here as you guys can
    see it is currently raining but we are still
    floating none of our ships sank during the night
    which is always a good thing how awesome would it be to do this video but on a
    lake I don’t know if that even be possible guys but let me know in the
    comments if you think that would be awesome and let us know by liking the
    video and of course guys if you did enjoy this and you want us to continue
    this series destroy that like button but this has been Pappa Jake and a burrito
    Logan and we will see you guys next time for another awesome video

    ✔ Minecraft: How to make an AFK Fishing Farm
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    ✔ Minecraft: How to make an AFK Fishing Farm

    November 22, 2019

    Hello again! Here’s the things you’re going to need. Using this thing you”ll be able to get tons of fish and treasure while AFK. (Very useful for beginner players.) Make sure the hopper is directing items into the chest. The orientation of the trapdoor is relevant here. There’re tons of takes on this simple concept out there! I’ve decided to give it an aquatic look. (Try smooth stone blocks, looks cool, too!) Make sure you place stairs here and not a block. When the tripwire is triggered, the piston should retract. (Don’t forget to subscribe MagmaMusen! He worked hard just to make our gameplay even more enjoyable!) This fishing farm is based on fishing with a fishing rod. It comes with a lot of the pros and cons of manual fishing. In addiction to fish, you’ll also be catching treasure and junk. Fishing also grants experience. Whoops. (It’s fine, everybody makes mistakes.) The water source should be on top of the hopper. Done! Wait for it… We just caught a fish! And I did nothing but hold right-click! This method is exploiting a fishing rod mechanic. Whiile you’re holding right-click over a trapdoor, you”ll open and close it… This oberwrites the reel in action. There’s a bite, the fishing rod will register the right-click as reeling in… Pretty weird, pretty useful! Your catch goes right to the chest! (Yay no need to clear the inventory anymore xD) After some time, you might be left with something like this! Just stand AFK with your mouse button pressed! Hope you enjoyed the video! (I do while im subtitling this!) See you next time! (Goodbye MagmaMusen!) English subtitle by: SansZed Gaming

    Tiny Houseboat Build – Removing rotten floor and gutting it – Demo Day – 1
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    Tiny Houseboat Build – Removing rotten floor and gutting it – Demo Day – 1

    November 20, 2019

    What’s up guys. My name’s Trevor and I
    just bought an old houseboat. It’s time to rip up the carpet and paint the walls. So we thought. Hopefully it will all fit in the trash can. This is the part where we found a 25
    mile a n hour speed limit sign on the floor Lifted it up. And Found a hole in the
    fiberglass and a bunch of rotten wood Just soaked with water underneath. So Chad came by after work and informed us Of how this is really bad. And it turned into a much larger job than we initially anticipated So he told us we could sell
    the boat And be done with it. Or continue on So we continued on. At this point we’re about halfway
    finished. But. We have filled up my mom’s trash can As well as all the neighbors
    trash cans And We’re gonna have to wait until a trash pick-up day. Which is
    tomorrow morning. So for now we’re gonna Put things into black contractor bags
    that Chad let us borrow and then we’ll transfer them into empty trash cans. Guess we figure out what we’re gonna do
    next. Paint the interior. Put new floor in it. Stick an air conditioner in it. And. Then. Head to North Carolina. Pick up that Catamaran I love it! I think it’s adorable . I think it is a perfect little houseboat for people to spend a weekend on or a
    weekend week at the lake. I think it’s wonderful You gonna like it more when
    it’s not in front of your house? Absolutely it’ll look much better on the
    water Than on a trailer in my neighborhood in front of my house okay

    Fishing for a Bow – UHC FFA Highlights
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    Fishing for a Bow – UHC FFA Highlights

    November 18, 2019

    Ohh ohh Alright soo hey hi This is the first time I have played a FFA in Reddit I think Or at least in a very long time We’re just gonna see if we can catch something right off the bat real quick Just real quick [TWO HOURS LATER] Something bite Pleeeaassseee? [UHHH…] A saddle (Sarcastically enthusiastic) Hey team??? Team? Team? (Chuckles ) do-oo-oo do-do-do do do do do do-do do-do-do do do– *gasp* Annnnd…? Another saddle?!? What–? I Kinda just like fishing Its relaxing Kinda like a bob ross painting– Right over the top *brush noises* we don’t make mistakes We have happy accidents Huuh Oh my god! *gasp* nononononoo Three saddles What bow is that? A power 4? We’re making a power 5 Were making a power five right now We just made a power five huhh Another saddle OK OK What is it? Its a flame!!! Come on Duhh nuhh Duhh nuhh (Jaws theme) Yooooo Ope ok If i get one more saddle (Chuckles) This is are little hidey hole Feather falling Efficiency III Proj- I’ll take it Infinity That is… That is now the best bow i could of gotten What a god bow!!! I’ll give it 5 more catches then we need to go down ‘Cause were still full iron Huhh thats a person Good bye forever I hear water… I don’t think we need that oop heeellloo Owww? Huhh OHH my god that scared me OHHH Huhhh Okay… Ooooo OK HUhhh HUhhh (Panting a lot) Thank the lord I just Huhh What I just What I just ?!?
    (Laughs) (Laughs) Another bow ohh my god Hoooh Yes! All the yes’s All the yes’s All the yes’s (Chuckles) Alright were aproching danger zone That’s a person It’s pokememe He’s on six My bow rips I got ’em Sharp fou– ohhh He had a Sharp V Knockback II Looting II Im going to keep these Feather Falling Ohh Ohh Ohh Ohh There is a person right there And he’s fighting It’s Orua He’s on two Oop he’s dead [Intense mineman bowing] Ooop He’s on 3.5 ♥ Ohh god This is ‘No Bueno’ Ohh I dont have blocks in my bar I need to put blocks in my bar Ohh Nice shot buddy OOH there’s another person Alright were Outie Ohh Ohh boi [Intense mineman bowing] He doesn’t have water? Is he just gonna chug Ohhh He has to be dead Ohhh I got him That shot though Can I get like a corner shot or something? There he is Ohh This guy has been fishing inside this little hut of his Alright lets do this Who ever this is [Intense mineman bowing] Does he have all Proj? He’s on 1.5 ♥ Ohh god Nice This guy is literally just running He’s on 3 ♥ What? What? What? What? What was that What?! He’s on 1.5 ♥ Think he’s out of arrows Good fight sir Ohh This is the guy That I saw in the begining Ohh my god *Flashback* Hey team? Team? Team? He’s on 3 ♥ He’s a one shot Goooodd Gammee Ohh That was awesome I love this I love fun game modes like this Good Game Thanks for hosting Hey you see those videos over there? Why not give them a click and subscribe!

    Big Ship Foam Mining – Renovating a Proper Boat
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    Big Ship Foam Mining – Renovating a Proper Boat

    November 17, 2019

    this big ship behind me is full of foam
    they put expanding foam down there to stop it sinking years ago. This is a
    video about digging the foam out and seeing what’s down there and
    make some more space. Ben’s building a big Hoover bag machine. There’s gonna be
    six of these filters to filter the dust as it comes out. So this is a lighthouse ship it was used
    originally as a sort of mobile lighthouse that could be anchored off in
    various parts of the country. It was built in 1939. Back in the 80’s they
    started filling up the compartments with buoyancy foam. I guess it’s sort of 30
    year old phone that we’re digging out. It’s full of it. All the
    different bulkheads are filled with foam and slowly Ben’s been carving it out. The
    Hoover box is taking shape.The phone goes in here, gets munched and then goes
    down the pipe. The time for the first test. Here we go.
    Okay here’s the bag. Boy it’s high-pressure. This is a beautiful
    machine. It’s time to start excavating. The excavation begins. You’ve already said that. No I wasn’t recording. Basically its gonna be a lot of that for a long time.
    Yeah. The moment of truth. The nozzles is going to
    suck up this foam. There’s no dust at all. This is like excavating. It’s like archaeology. We’re digging into the boat. How big a hole you gonna cut? So this is
    gonna be the new hatch. So you’re cutting a new hole where. Hey look at all that foam.
    Wow that’s a really big kind of crazy bit. All right, foam ahoy. Oh its a lovely big of foam. Time for the Hoover. Unsheathed the
    Hoover. Tis time to unsheathed the Hoover. cutting out all the phone by hand is a
    very slow and painful process so we’ve been having to think about what we could
    do to speed things up and we were looking on the internet, there’s nothing really
    available but then we did find this, the 800 watt garden tiller. So this is an
    electric kind of plough for your garden. If you wanted to sow vegetables you could
    use this to rip up the soil. Hopefully this is gonna speed things along. It
    might just be a terrible failure. Anything where you can use an electric
    tool rather than doing it by hand is definitely a good idea. The electric tiller is just making
    mincemeat of the foam. It’s like a hot knife through foam. We burnt it out. Its died, but it did
    prove that this is a good solution as long as we don’t let it overheat. So we just need to get some more. Ben can we get some more? How much was that. It quite a lot actually. 69 pounds It’s a shame. First bag is full, full of foam. Hopefully it’s had a chance to cool down.
    Then it’s gonna work again. He’s happy. Happy face. Pretty spacious, it’s like silence of the Lambs. It does feel like being down a mine. We’ve let the machine cool down for a
    minute and it’s now working perfectly. Two bags of foam. This is the foam. It’s really
    lightweight. In chunks like this it feels very manageable but in large
    quantities it’s actually quite hard to budge. When the foam is poured in it was
    ported in two parts. It mixes together, expands and then sets and you can see
    here where it’s formed around the contours of the boat. You look like a sheep that’s got a load of
    turds congealed around its bum. Ben’s been shopping. Oh yeah, 550 watts. How much was that? 40 pounds. Fail. Fail. The electric hedge trimmers
    rubbish. Sawing is too big so it doesn’t go through the mulching machine so
    that’s Ben now cracking on with the electrics tiller so I’m gonna give him a hand. It’s a relentless and hideous task but I
    can’t stop myself just carrying on. Today is the big push, we’ve got
    another electric tiller and there’s backup coming. Hopefully
    we’re gonna clear a massive space. Ben sometimes seems a bit grumpy but I know he loves me really. Is that bag number six or biog
    number seven? That’s bag number seven. I’ve always wanted to go into a giant foam pit. Get back down the hole we’ll hit the back. Then what? Then we get a
    special treat? Yeah I’ll buy you a coffee and
    maybe a Snickers. Do you feel a bit let down? Hopefully I’l
    graduate to a big one in a minute. It’s sort of addictive. Yeah it’s strangely satisfying. That’s the second batch of bags. That’s eight.. nine.. ..that’s bag number ten. That’s seven bags of foam off
    to be recycled. I’ve been away for a few days and
    I’m looking forward to seeing what progress they’ve made downstairs. I know
    they’ve got different coluor suits, they’ve gone for white and they’ve also got
    different type of bag. Transparent foam sausages. That’s a lot of bags, another five bags. Thats a pretty big space now.
    I think we’re nearly there now are aren’t we. We’ve broken the back of it. It’s very dusty down there. I don’t
    recommend it, if you if you want to try this at home just don’t do it because
    it’s very dusty. We’re nearly hitting the floor either the next time all the time after that. Do you enjoy the mining process? No. I mean it’s satisfying though it’s bloody horrible. It is quite satisfying. Do you think we are slightly addicted to it? No. It’s the holy grail, we’ve reached the floor.
    It’s one big thick flat sheet of steel How’s it going? You’ve broken all of the tillers. I thought you ordered some more? I ordered more yesterday, the tillers have all
    died. God this is an exciting point in the YouTube video guys. This is tiller
    number 5 that’s died. This cog has been completely stripped. This ship is really big inside, it has
    two separate apartments, it’s got two offices and downstairs there’s a large
    recording studio. The boat is about 46 metres long, weighs about 550 tons. How many bags have we done today? I don’t know. I think maybe this was a bigger job than
    Ben anticipated. There’s still a bit more down there but it’s
    pretty much done. The sausages are going. It’s like a proper room. We’re gonna do ten bags and then we’re pretty much gonna be done right? Well ten bags I
    reckon we’ll get it done. Ben says not. It’s gonna look like a room in ten bags time. Today’s the new record for bag loading
    we’ve done 11. I think we’ve done something like 60 bags to actually get to the bottom. It’s like a proper room. It’s the final day isn’t it? Probably not…
    sorry yes! Let’s get down the hole, the big reveal.
    it’s not the big reveal stop saying THAT. This is the last bit you go. We finally got there, floors uncovered.
    There’s just a few bits more foam to be Hoovered. A lot of time has passed since we’ve
    started this mining project it’s now the winter. A lot of port holes.
    Okay the Foam is all gone and it’s really looking quite spacious. It’s gonna be bathed in light in here. Bathed it light. The original port holes hulls were there from when it was made. They were covered over in the 1980s and now Ben is cutting them open again. Looking really nice I mean it’s got a
    completely different feel to it down here now. Ben has done two windows on the
    other side the light is already streaming in. Suddenly you can feel the
    space. It’s not just a big dark box. It’s like a proper room now though it
    really is. This is how thick the hull is it’s
    pretty bloody heavy. So this is what you’d use to break into a safe or some
    other valuable storage area. This drill is magnetic. It sucks
    onto the wall and it’s like a pillar drill. You just set it going and
    it holds on to wall and drills straight through. That’s Ludo he started the big job of
    painting this place and it’s already looking much much whiter. Side wall will go straight back.
    So what another three months… who knows. Great well look forward to seeing it
    finished. Next up floor yeah? Floor is all done. It even has an echo in here now. It is going o be a lovely flat floor. The metal
    floor here slopes but it will be flat. How’s it going on there, finished it yet?
    We’ve been doing this for so long it’s now the middle of the winter and it’s
    snowing on board. Ben wants to make it into a passive house so it’s gonna be completely sealed with a heat exchanger unit. The air is going to be sucked out and the heats gonna be taken out the air and put back into the rooms. it’s going to be very eco. Insulation is going in and it’s
    already very nice and warm. The walls are going up. This is like a beautiful woodworking video. It’s looking good down here.
    Oh look. So the windows are boxed in. Ben has added a double
    glazed panel to keep the cold out. Wiring is going in. Built in shelves, very
    nice. It’s like a proper room. Rockwool is on, then this foil goes on then plywood on top. It’s going to be very well insulated. So most of the boarding out has happened. There’s a lot of light coming in. There’s a new skylight in. It’s gonna be a very nice office. Speakers are in, stereo.. Oh nice.
    Don’t touch it… don’t touch it. Workbench is going in over there.
    Kitchens going here, plumbing.. storage. This project has been going on for a hell of a long time it’s been over a year Ben’s been fiddling around down there
    he’s just doing the last little finishing touches before this becomes a
    proper room. This is the companionway.. It’s the main entance. Yep. Also there’s the stairs… oh yeah! It’s looking smart down here. Kitchens is pretty much there isn’t it. Basically Ben wants this to be done by
    Christmas… If you’ve ever watched those shows where
    people do up their own houses they never get in by Christmas but god I hope they
    do because I want to get this video finished and edited and on the Internet. Ben, hey open your door I think it’s probably more
    light than it was before actually because it’s reflecting around and these these
    two windows are covered up as well so. You’re gonna have an inner hatch here? An inner hatch with double glazing. Hhey it’s got everything but the kitchen sink.. Oh no no kitchen sink as well. It’s got lights down here, power, cupboards.
    Looks great. The proper room is now being properly painted. This is gonna be a professional finish. It’s gonna be a very nice office space. Ben’s gonna be able to sit down here and do big deals and be big businessman.
    Maybe I’ll be allowed down there too you know, now and then to use the
    photocopier. So how far away are we now. The lights
    are in. It feels really warm in here now. it’s 20
    degrees, so does this control.. oh. last night it lights up the heating is
    in its gonna hold that engine Casey yeah So basically all the portholes are gonna
    be double glazed like this. Sockets are in.. with USB. Sink is finally in. It’s like a
    proper room. It’s been two years… no it’s not. OK it’s been a year in 10 months
    but it’s been worth every minute. I’ve been here doing all the work Ben’s been
    just fiddling with stuff. look at this its like a proper room it’s looking pretty smart down here, Ben is still fiddling around, looking almost done. There’s still a bit to do. Floor is down. Ben’s doing the final just
    bits and bobs and finishing off. internet router is up on the wall over
    there. Ben’s still here fiddling around so it’s
    nearly done it’s been nearly two years but I think
    it’s finally there.. somewhere down in that ship there might just be a proper
    room. Lets go and have a look, follow me. There he is, the man himself.
    After you Ben please, let’s go check it out. well no I mean it’s definitely slicker
    than I thought. it’s very white isn’t it. New chairs, look at that
    brand spankers. The kitchen is all done. Very nice, fridge… obviously every office
    needs a big desk like this. this is no exception. We’ve got the lighting in, there are power sockets here there’s plenty of storage.. ah hold on it’s a very large… I believe A1… A3 printer. I mean
    they really have thought of everything. We’ve got more storage down here, great!
    Ink cartridges. Over here.. what will we find… oh it’s a printer, it’s a scanner.. yes! Well done Ben. Here we’ve got knickknacks. Who lives in an office like this… Vicki and Ben.. because this is their office. it’s great. look at this.. hey you got some good pencils.. yeah this feels very comfortable. who’d have thought this was once full of
    foam storage… great. storage. Ben sits there. Are you proud? Yes. You’ve done a very good job. thank you. Thanks. this is a proper room, it’s a proper office.
    it’s been nearly two years but what a transformation. Remember those days when
    it was full of foam? This has been a video about mining
    a lot of foam in creating an office. I’ve been Harry Dwyer. It’s like a proper room.