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    Fishing for a Bow – UHC FFA Highlights
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    Fishing for a Bow – UHC FFA Highlights

    November 18, 2019

    Ohh ohh Alright soo hey hi This is the first time I have played a FFA in Reddit I think Or at least in a very long time We’re just gonna see if we can catch something right off the bat real quick Just real quick [TWO HOURS LATER] Something bite Pleeeaassseee? [UHHH…] A saddle (Sarcastically enthusiastic) Hey team??? Team? Team? (Chuckles ) do-oo-oo do-do-do do do do do do-do do-do-do do do– *gasp* Annnnd…? Another saddle?!? What–? I Kinda just like fishing Its relaxing Kinda like a bob ross painting– Right over the top *brush noises* we don’t make mistakes We have happy accidents Huuh Oh my god! *gasp* nononononoo Three saddles What bow is that? A power 4? We’re making a power 5 Were making a power five right now We just made a power five huhh Another saddle OK OK What is it? Its a flame!!! Come on Duhh nuhh Duhh nuhh (Jaws theme) Yooooo Ope ok If i get one more saddle (Chuckles) This is are little hidey hole Feather falling Efficiency III Proj- I’ll take it Infinity That is… That is now the best bow i could of gotten What a god bow!!! I’ll give it 5 more catches then we need to go down ‘Cause were still full iron Huhh thats a person Good bye forever I hear water… I don’t think we need that oop heeellloo Owww? Huhh OHH my god that scared me OHHH Huhhh Okay… Ooooo OK HUhhh HUhhh (Panting a lot) Thank the lord I just Huhh What I just What I just ?!?
    (Laughs) (Laughs) Another bow ohh my god Hoooh Yes! All the yes’s All the yes’s All the yes’s (Chuckles) Alright were aproching danger zone That’s a person It’s pokememe He’s on six My bow rips I got ’em Sharp fou– ohhh He had a Sharp V Knockback II Looting II Im going to keep these Feather Falling Ohh Ohh Ohh Ohh There is a person right there And he’s fighting It’s Orua He’s on two Oop he’s dead [Intense mineman bowing] Ooop He’s on 3.5 ♥ Ohh god This is ‘No Bueno’ Ohh I dont have blocks in my bar I need to put blocks in my bar Ohh Nice shot buddy OOH there’s another person Alright were Outie Ohh Ohh boi [Intense mineman bowing] He doesn’t have water? Is he just gonna chug Ohhh He has to be dead Ohhh I got him That shot though Can I get like a corner shot or something? There he is Ohh This guy has been fishing inside this little hut of his Alright lets do this Who ever this is [Intense mineman bowing] Does he have all Proj? He’s on 1.5 ♥ Ohh god Nice This guy is literally just running He’s on 3 ♥ What? What? What? What? What was that What?! He’s on 1.5 ♥ Think he’s out of arrows Good fight sir Ohh This is the guy That I saw in the begining Ohh my god *Flashback* Hey team? Team? Team? He’s on 3 ♥ He’s a one shot Goooodd Gammee Ohh That was awesome I love this I love fun game modes like this Good Game Thanks for hosting Hey you see those videos over there? Why not give them a click and subscribe!

    Big Ship Foam Mining – Renovating a Proper Boat
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    Big Ship Foam Mining – Renovating a Proper Boat

    November 17, 2019

    this big ship behind me is full of foam
    they put expanding foam down there to stop it sinking years ago. This is a
    video about digging the foam out and seeing what’s down there and
    make some more space. Ben’s building a big Hoover bag machine. There’s gonna be
    six of these filters to filter the dust as it comes out. So this is a lighthouse ship it was used
    originally as a sort of mobile lighthouse that could be anchored off in
    various parts of the country. It was built in 1939. Back in the 80’s they
    started filling up the compartments with buoyancy foam. I guess it’s sort of 30
    year old phone that we’re digging out. It’s full of it. All the
    different bulkheads are filled with foam and slowly Ben’s been carving it out. The
    Hoover box is taking shape.The phone goes in here, gets munched and then goes
    down the pipe. The time for the first test. Here we go.
    Okay here’s the bag. Boy it’s high-pressure. This is a beautiful
    machine. It’s time to start excavating. The excavation begins. You’ve already said that. No I wasn’t recording. Basically its gonna be a lot of that for a long time.
    Yeah. The moment of truth. The nozzles is going to
    suck up this foam. There’s no dust at all. This is like excavating. It’s like archaeology. We’re digging into the boat. How big a hole you gonna cut? So this is
    gonna be the new hatch. So you’re cutting a new hole where. Hey look at all that foam.
    Wow that’s a really big kind of crazy bit. All right, foam ahoy. Oh its a lovely big of foam. Time for the Hoover. Unsheathed the
    Hoover. Tis time to unsheathed the Hoover. cutting out all the phone by hand is a
    very slow and painful process so we’ve been having to think about what we could
    do to speed things up and we were looking on the internet, there’s nothing really
    available but then we did find this, the 800 watt garden tiller. So this is an
    electric kind of plough for your garden. If you wanted to sow vegetables you could
    use this to rip up the soil. Hopefully this is gonna speed things along. It
    might just be a terrible failure. Anything where you can use an electric
    tool rather than doing it by hand is definitely a good idea. The electric tiller is just making
    mincemeat of the foam. It’s like a hot knife through foam. We burnt it out. Its died, but it did
    prove that this is a good solution as long as we don’t let it overheat. So we just need to get some more. Ben can we get some more? How much was that. It quite a lot actually. 69 pounds It’s a shame. First bag is full, full of foam. Hopefully it’s had a chance to cool down.
    Then it’s gonna work again. He’s happy. Happy face. Pretty spacious, it’s like silence of the Lambs. It does feel like being down a mine. We’ve let the machine cool down for a
    minute and it’s now working perfectly. Two bags of foam. This is the foam. It’s really
    lightweight. In chunks like this it feels very manageable but in large
    quantities it’s actually quite hard to budge. When the foam is poured in it was
    ported in two parts. It mixes together, expands and then sets and you can see
    here where it’s formed around the contours of the boat. You look like a sheep that’s got a load of
    turds congealed around its bum. Ben’s been shopping. Oh yeah, 550 watts. How much was that? 40 pounds. Fail. Fail. The electric hedge trimmers
    rubbish. Sawing is too big so it doesn’t go through the mulching machine so
    that’s Ben now cracking on with the electrics tiller so I’m gonna give him a hand. It’s a relentless and hideous task but I
    can’t stop myself just carrying on. Today is the big push, we’ve got
    another electric tiller and there’s backup coming. Hopefully
    we’re gonna clear a massive space. Ben sometimes seems a bit grumpy but I know he loves me really. Is that bag number six or biog
    number seven? That’s bag number seven. I’ve always wanted to go into a giant foam pit. Get back down the hole we’ll hit the back. Then what? Then we get a
    special treat? Yeah I’ll buy you a coffee and
    maybe a Snickers. Do you feel a bit let down? Hopefully I’l
    graduate to a big one in a minute. It’s sort of addictive. Yeah it’s strangely satisfying. That’s the second batch of bags. That’s eight.. nine.. ..that’s bag number ten. That’s seven bags of foam off
    to be recycled. I’ve been away for a few days and
    I’m looking forward to seeing what progress they’ve made downstairs. I know
    they’ve got different coluor suits, they’ve gone for white and they’ve also got
    different type of bag. Transparent foam sausages. That’s a lot of bags, another five bags. Thats a pretty big space now.
    I think we’re nearly there now are aren’t we. We’ve broken the back of it. It’s very dusty down there. I don’t
    recommend it, if you if you want to try this at home just don’t do it because
    it’s very dusty. We’re nearly hitting the floor either the next time all the time after that. Do you enjoy the mining process? No. I mean it’s satisfying though it’s bloody horrible. It is quite satisfying. Do you think we are slightly addicted to it? No. It’s the holy grail, we’ve reached the floor.
    It’s one big thick flat sheet of steel How’s it going? You’ve broken all of the tillers. I thought you ordered some more? I ordered more yesterday, the tillers have all
    died. God this is an exciting point in the YouTube video guys. This is tiller
    number 5 that’s died. This cog has been completely stripped. This ship is really big inside, it has
    two separate apartments, it’s got two offices and downstairs there’s a large
    recording studio. The boat is about 46 metres long, weighs about 550 tons. How many bags have we done today? I don’t know. I think maybe this was a bigger job than
    Ben anticipated. There’s still a bit more down there but it’s
    pretty much done. The sausages are going. It’s like a proper room. We’re gonna do ten bags and then we’re pretty much gonna be done right? Well ten bags I
    reckon we’ll get it done. Ben says not. It’s gonna look like a room in ten bags time. Today’s the new record for bag loading
    we’ve done 11. I think we’ve done something like 60 bags to actually get to the bottom. It’s like a proper room. It’s the final day isn’t it? Probably not…
    sorry yes! Let’s get down the hole, the big reveal.
    it’s not the big reveal stop saying THAT. This is the last bit you go. We finally got there, floors uncovered.
    There’s just a few bits more foam to be Hoovered. A lot of time has passed since we’ve
    started this mining project it’s now the winter. A lot of port holes.
    Okay the Foam is all gone and it’s really looking quite spacious. It’s gonna be bathed in light in here. Bathed it light. The original port holes hulls were there from when it was made. They were covered over in the 1980s and now Ben is cutting them open again. Looking really nice I mean it’s got a
    completely different feel to it down here now. Ben has done two windows on the
    other side the light is already streaming in. Suddenly you can feel the
    space. It’s not just a big dark box. It’s like a proper room now though it
    really is. This is how thick the hull is it’s
    pretty bloody heavy. So this is what you’d use to break into a safe or some
    other valuable storage area. This drill is magnetic. It sucks
    onto the wall and it’s like a pillar drill. You just set it going and
    it holds on to wall and drills straight through. That’s Ludo he started the big job of
    painting this place and it’s already looking much much whiter. Side wall will go straight back.
    So what another three months… who knows. Great well look forward to seeing it
    finished. Next up floor yeah? Floor is all done. It even has an echo in here now. It is going o be a lovely flat floor. The metal
    floor here slopes but it will be flat. How’s it going on there, finished it yet?
    We’ve been doing this for so long it’s now the middle of the winter and it’s
    snowing on board. Ben wants to make it into a passive house so it’s gonna be completely sealed with a heat exchanger unit. The air is going to be sucked out and the heats gonna be taken out the air and put back into the rooms. it’s going to be very eco. Insulation is going in and it’s
    already very nice and warm. The walls are going up. This is like a beautiful woodworking video. It’s looking good down here.
    Oh look. So the windows are boxed in. Ben has added a double
    glazed panel to keep the cold out. Wiring is going in. Built in shelves, very
    nice. It’s like a proper room. Rockwool is on, then this foil goes on then plywood on top. It’s going to be very well insulated. So most of the boarding out has happened. There’s a lot of light coming in. There’s a new skylight in. It’s gonna be a very nice office. Speakers are in, stereo.. Oh nice.
    Don’t touch it… don’t touch it. Workbench is going in over there.
    Kitchens going here, plumbing.. storage. This project has been going on for a hell of a long time it’s been over a year Ben’s been fiddling around down there
    he’s just doing the last little finishing touches before this becomes a
    proper room. This is the companionway.. It’s the main entance. Yep. Also there’s the stairs… oh yeah! It’s looking smart down here. Kitchens is pretty much there isn’t it. Basically Ben wants this to be done by
    Christmas… If you’ve ever watched those shows where
    people do up their own houses they never get in by Christmas but god I hope they
    do because I want to get this video finished and edited and on the Internet. Ben, hey open your door I think it’s probably more
    light than it was before actually because it’s reflecting around and these these
    two windows are covered up as well so. You’re gonna have an inner hatch here? An inner hatch with double glazing. Hhey it’s got everything but the kitchen sink.. Oh no no kitchen sink as well. It’s got lights down here, power, cupboards.
    Looks great. The proper room is now being properly painted. This is gonna be a professional finish. It’s gonna be a very nice office space. Ben’s gonna be able to sit down here and do big deals and be big businessman.
    Maybe I’ll be allowed down there too you know, now and then to use the
    photocopier. So how far away are we now. The lights
    are in. It feels really warm in here now. it’s 20
    degrees, so does this control.. oh. last night it lights up the heating is
    in its gonna hold that engine Casey yeah So basically all the portholes are gonna
    be double glazed like this. Sockets are in.. with USB. Sink is finally in. It’s like a
    proper room. It’s been two years… no it’s not. OK it’s been a year in 10 months
    but it’s been worth every minute. I’ve been here doing all the work Ben’s been
    just fiddling with stuff. look at this its like a proper room it’s looking pretty smart down here, Ben is still fiddling around, looking almost done. There’s still a bit to do. Floor is down. Ben’s doing the final just
    bits and bobs and finishing off. internet router is up on the wall over
    there. Ben’s still here fiddling around so it’s
    nearly done it’s been nearly two years but I think
    it’s finally there.. somewhere down in that ship there might just be a proper
    room. Lets go and have a look, follow me. There he is, the man himself.
    After you Ben please, let’s go check it out. well no I mean it’s definitely slicker
    than I thought. it’s very white isn’t it. New chairs, look at that
    brand spankers. The kitchen is all done. Very nice, fridge… obviously every office
    needs a big desk like this. this is no exception. We’ve got the lighting in, there are power sockets here there’s plenty of storage.. ah hold on it’s a very large… I believe A1… A3 printer. I mean
    they really have thought of everything. We’ve got more storage down here, great!
    Ink cartridges. Over here.. what will we find… oh it’s a printer, it’s a scanner.. yes! Well done Ben. Here we’ve got knickknacks. Who lives in an office like this… Vicki and Ben.. because this is their office. it’s great. look at this.. hey you got some good pencils.. yeah this feels very comfortable. who’d have thought this was once full of
    foam storage… great. storage. Ben sits there. Are you proud? Yes. You’ve done a very good job. thank you. Thanks. this is a proper room, it’s a proper office.
    it’s been nearly two years but what a transformation. Remember those days when
    it was full of foam? This has been a video about mining
    a lot of foam in creating an office. I’ve been Harry Dwyer. It’s like a proper room.

    How to Make a TRUCK RACK in 30 Minutes or less
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    How to Make a TRUCK RACK in 30 Minutes or less

    November 16, 2019

    I’m Andrew I’m Kevin Welcome to Brojects! so this morning we were loading long wood
    into the truck and it’s not very good in the six foot bed…I mean it hangs out way over Oh, that works perfectly… so we’re thinking about building like a
    homemade truck rack We need to get it done in a half an hour because we’ve got to get to the lumber store before it closes buy the stuff and get down to the cottage but times a ticking so we gotta get going We’re basically just gonna put some posts
    in the receivers along the truck bed rail, cross them and
    then cross them again I think we make the cross members out of
    two by four No Why not? We’re not using the two by four What are you talking about the two by four is the strongest way to do it you misunderstand this whole project
    we’re not making this for a contractor We’re carrying lumber on a highway…why are we making this thing out of toothpicks? You’re ruining everything…if I can sit on it, it’s strong enough yeah, ok Finally Alright let’s cut What did you say again twenty six? Thirty six This one is ready to go? Yea that’s ready to go Alright? Yea it looks pretty good! Right now we are just doing the finishing touches on the lumber carrier take a two by four put two notches one
    front and one back So it’ll just slot in there and that will give us our square Try to get this one Perfect! As soon as we put these two things on we’re done Then we have to do the tarp You’ve got your electronics in the back you’ve got your tools in the back you don’t want them to get wet We’re going to try and make a custom tarp that goes over one thing we do want to add to it are a few hooks along the side so we’ll be able to hook on go over really easily Punch these clips around the perimeter, so we’re going to be able to bungee this down the idea was to be able to have something that you can put on the truck and take off the truck really easily…I think we accomplished what we set out to do that’s gonna work really well Pretty good! That’s going to be much safer!

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    November 6, 2019

    Hi this is Carl the landscape guy. Today I
    want to build a large floating net basket, which is going be used in a natural pond.
    Therein, larger fish can temporarily be held in quarantine or it can be used for raising
    young fish. There are different floating nets available but they are pretty expensive and
    they don’t really fit my needs exactly. I will now show the construction step by step
    and i will explain what i do. At the end I will test the new floating net basket in a
    natural pond. First I am planning exactly how big the keep
    net will be and make a drawing. It is going to be 2.2 meters long, 1.2 meters wide and
    0,8 meters deep. The drawing can now be used to . This drawing shows the net spread, it
    going to be made in one piece, that way I save some seams. I decided to use weatherproof
    fishnet mesh type PES300 with 3mm mesh width and ordered 10m² at
    I designed the net the way that it can be sewn together in cuboid shape. It is easier
    to cut the mesh on level ground using the straight joints from the terrace for example.
    That way i get the rectangular angles easier. With tape measure, ruler and marker pen, the
    cuts are now transferred from the paper drawing onto the mesh. Since the mesh is to be cut
    the same way on both ends I fold it once, in order to be able to cut both ends simultaneously.
    Slipping can be prevented by fixation with needles. Then the slices are easily carried
    out with sharp scissors. Now the net is sewn together according to
    the drawing to a cuboid. Polyester sewing thread is used. Sewing works well if it’s
    a stiff mesh like this one. The
    net is now folded around like this and stitched again, that way they are more durable and
    look nice too. It is sewn with tiny stitches because they consume more thread length and
    therefore the seams are stretchy. The net remains resilient and the thread doesn’t rip.
    The keep net will float on the water through pipes later. Therefore the net is flipped
    on the edges and sewn as a wide seam, so the float tube can later be simply inserted into
    the so formed tunnel. It is left open at one spot so that the pipe can be inserted.
    As floating tubes I use PVC pipes 7,5 cm in diameter. These are stable, have an inconspicuous
    color, rubber seals on the connections and I can take it apart at any time again. I use
    2m pieces for the long sides and 1m pieces for the short sides. Each corner is built
    from two 45° pipe elbows. I bought all pipes at the hardware store. All seals are treated
    with lubricant that way they can be pushed in easier and seal off better. The floating
    tube ring is left open at one point, so that I can slide on the sewn net. It works best
    to have someone helping to hold the pipes while you slide it on. Now it looks quite
    like a fish keep net already. But I will add a removable cover net. This
    should keep the fish safe from predators like herons and cormorants and keep the fish from
    jumping out. For this I use some PVC pipes again. This time I use 87 ° pipe elbows for
    the corners. The pipes need to shortened as the lid is going to sit inside the floating
    pipes of the net. I cut off about 7 cm and deburr the edge. For a nice mark around you
    can use a piece of pipe like this. Now all the pieces are put together.
    A net will now be stretched onto this pipe-frame. To secure the net screws are placed in the
    pipes. The screws can be set at the crossing points, which gives additional stability.
    In between more screws are set centrally. Now the net can easily be put on. It is a
    stable Bird netting that is stretched with a threaded string.
    I want to put some weight in the inside of the floating net basket to keep it hanging
    down. Therefore I got some thin cable pipes and elbows. I stuff some metal wire into the
    small pipes to make them heavy and cut them to the right length. Now I am gluing the pipes
    together with the elbows to a frame that fits the size of the net basket. I drill small
    holes into the pipes for the air to come out under water. Allow to glue to dry and done.
    Now the fish keeping net can be set into the water. It now consists of three parts, the
    net with float tubes, the cover and the weighting. I put the net in first, then I put in the
    weighting. The tube fills up with water and sinks to the bottom, so the net doesn’t wrinkle
    and hangs down nicely under water so the fish always have enough room to swim. The cover
    net is put on, the screws are mounted so that they cannot damage the white netting.
    If you now want to put a fish in, just slide the cover off a little. If you want to take
    out fish, just take the hole net out of the water. There is a nice gap between the covering
    net and the water surface which makes feeding through the net possible without problems.
    Of course you can also use a smaller mesh cover net. The relatively large size tubes
    keep everything safely on the surface. Overall i think my new floating net basket is very
    convenient, the young fish have plenty of space for swimming, they are protected from
    birds and I can feed and watch them while they swim in their usual water. Overall, I
    spent about 90 dollars for the materials. I hope that this video was helpful whish you
    good luck with your projects. Helpful comments are always appreciated. Take a look at my
    channel if you like, there are many pond and landscaping videos. Please do not forget to
    subscribe. See you soon, I’m Carl the Landscape guy.

    How to build a durable cardboard boat
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    How to build a durable cardboard boat

    November 5, 2019

    One of the most effective ways of
    convincing everybody you’re crazy is to tell them you’re going to build a boat out of
    cardboard. I got the idea of a cardboard boat
    from the Internet – I was looking for some cardboard projects and I
    found that people were building cardboard boats and usually they were building them to compete
    in races – there’s cardboard boat races where you have a certain amount of time to
    build a boat and then you race it across a lake and whoever doesn’t sink and gets there
    first wins and uh… since i was gonna put the
    effort in to building a boat and I wasn’t really gonna put it in a
    competition my goal was to make something that was a little
    more durable so i took a few ideas from from certain plans and added a few ideas of my own to build
    something that’s actually pretty durable. I’ve had it out on the water several times over the last
    two three years. This boat doesn’t have any rigid
    materials like metal or plastic or wood it’s made almost entirely out of cardboard as you can see, I also used some paint I used some varnish here on the bottom, I used some newspaper, and I hold it together with glue and tape. These duct tape patches you see here are
    not part of the original construction I found that duct tape is a quick
    way to patch a hole if you find a hole just before you’re
    ready to put on the lake or something this is a quick way to make sure it
    doesn’t leak typically if i have the time the best
    way to patch this would be to actually use varnish and a small piece of newspaper – give it
    several coats of varnish to seal it up. When I build this boat I started with one
    big piece of cardboard it was about eleven and a half feet long
    and about forty two inches wide and I found this piece of cardboard at the local appliance store. You’ll find
    that appliance stores have lots of cardboard
    that they need to dispose of so that was a good resource for me you
    get the cardboard to build this. Now what I did with the big piece of cardboard
    is, I just laid it out and i folded up nine inches of each side all the way along to make the shape of the boat. now on the front and the back I had to cut along the corner of the bottom, the bottom part of the U then I folded in the sides and I cut off the extra there was a triangle of cardboard here and one
    over there that I cut off. On the front of the boat I did it just a
    little different than the back once I folded in those side pieces
    I also cut a wedge out of here that way the bottom would actually fold up a
    little bit that way it stays above the waves a
    little better as you’re moving forward. Now any place where there were seems in the
    cardboard and here along the front of the boat would’ve
    been one of them I used this water activated paper tape to hold those pieces together. Basically with this tape all you do is get it wet – use a foam brush or something
    to brush just a little bit of water on there to
    moisten in the whole thing and then you put that on there and sticks very quickly and it sticks
    very well. You do have to be careful if you get too much water on here it
    doesn’t stick too well. Don’t actually dunk it in water before you put it on – I found
    that that doesn’t work very well. Once I had the outer hull of the boat complete from that single sheet of cardboard then I had to make its sturdy. So to do
    that I simply laminated more and more sheets of cardboard on the sides and the bottom. And these peices weren’t always real big – just
    as big as I could get. I made sure they were wedged in there tightly and made
    sure the other sheets fit tightly against it. And this process took time because what I had
    to do is take some Elmer’s glue either wood glue or regular white blue and dilute it with water and then use a foam brush to just brush
    it over top the bottom of the boat and then I took a piece of cardboard put
    on top of that and then I’d have to take heavy objects and
    put it on top of that piece of cardboard to allow it to dry and to get sturdy. So obviously it took some time because I
    had to wait for it to dry and then I had to put another piece on and them maybe put a piece on the side, a piece toward the back and so forth. So it took a few days to get so pretty much all the boat – both the bottom and the sides were about four pieces of cardboard thick so at that point the boat became pretty sturdy. You can see right in the middle here there’s
    something that looks like a beam and what I did with that is to just laminate a bunch of pieces of cardboard
    together, use that water activated paper tape to wrap
    it so it became a real sturdy beam, and almost felt like a 2×4 except obviously it was lighter and not as
    strong and I put this clear from the front of the
    boat the back of the boat. The reason I did that is, if you actually look up a couple
    videos on cardboard boat races and you find the people that built little canoes or kayaks like this one
    you’ll find that, as they ride in it, what would happen is
    their weight would push down and the water would push up on the ends
    and soon the boat would buckle in the middle that seemed to be a recurring problem
    that I saw. So the purpose of this is to keep that
    from happening and then as you noticed I used cardboard to make a seat here and again I used several pieces of cardboard laminated together to make the seat nice
    and sturdy but the seat is sitting right on this beam and so the idea there is when i’m sitting
    in there my weight is distributed along the whole bottom of the boat as long as this beam holds up and hopefully that’ll keep it from buckling in the middle. To finish the inside of the boat I used
    that textured latex Dry Lock paint that
    you use in your basement to cover blocks with. This is designed to be water resistant and that texture makes so things don’t get
    slippery when it gets wet on the inside of the boat. What I did to finish the boat is coat
    the entire outside with spar varnish and then I laid a piece of newspaper, just a
    single sheet over top of that and made sure I smooth out
    all the bubbles and of course that stuck fast to the wet
    varnish and then once that was dry I put yet another
    coat on and again put another piece of newspaper and I did that about six times. There was a layer of varnish, then a layer of newspaper, and so forth. and that makes a really tough coat – it kind of
    feels like plastic but it is just newspaper and varnish. If there’s anything that isn’t clear in
    this video or if you have questions about my cardboard boat, feel free to leave a
    comment. As always, thanks for watching, and I’ll see you next time!