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    Canada Vs. USA: Who Has The Best Fries?
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    Canada Vs. USA: Who Has The Best Fries?

    October 14, 2019

    right off the bat I can’t help but notice these globs of what looks like a cheese poop I guess that’s why they call it poutine ladies and gentlemen who is gonna take home before in this week’s episode of EVs watch we have two contestants here from different parts of North America here to compete for the glory of the golden spork two people come in two meals are swapped but only one can win today we are swapping fries I’m representing the Philly Jersey Delaware area with some disco fries these don’t look like traditional disco fries disco fries are supposed to have gravy on them and some like sprinkle cheese I guess these will do for today disco fries to me or god it’s so nostalgic basically when you grow up in an area where diners are on every street corner you go with your friends when you’re sixteen to a diner and you just get the cheapest thing on the menu which is disco fries they’re pretty much like a poor man’s poutine so so I represent in Canada we have Poots in and it’s from Quebec so and again puts in Putin puts in good tene is the English version but I’ve been so used to say the French wipe that puts in yes there you go educating everyone today so this is pretty similar to a disco fries as fries and what’s a difference is that there’s cheese curds and the word cheese curd sounds gross but if you say in French it’s nicer homage ankh I know it’s like that again imagine Chi Y Maj I’m going to claim green okay okay yeah so it’s like grain of cheese and so it’s like little clumps of cheese that’s very like chewy and like squeaky when you put in your mouth because they’re fresh if you put in the fridge it like absorbs all the moisture so it comes really hard so it has to be fresh and then you melt it with like hot gravy it’s just a beautiful combination so this is very common in Canada I’m from Montreal so it’s like in the province of Quebec and same thing like it’s a great hangover food or like after like a night out let me tell you something about disco fries once you have them you want any other cheese fries forget it chili cheese fries absolutely not nacho fries no don’t even think about it disco fries you get potato you get the gravy you get the cheese you understand but you don’t get that squeak what’s that squeaks cheese curd gets hard it absorbs the moisture in the fridge sounds like bacteria place that I wanna be I think this is gonna win because once you’ve tried cheese curd that’s squeak in your mouth you can’t go back like she said it’s the poor man’s version of the service oh this is like a classic the one thing that you should try most of us are poor though so we found some gravy so now I think we have a much better chance of winning and it smells pretty good it really does it does I’m a little nervous let’s do it enjoy you as well right off the bat I can’t help but notice these globs of what looks like a cheese poop I guess that’s why they call it poutine I’m excited to try it I mean it smells like french fries and cheese and gravy so there’s no reason why this shouldn’t taste good well I’m the Canadian so I can’t help but be nice this presentation is really beautiful with the gravy and the parsley it just adds a nice little touch thumbs up is there a way to stay in English Bon Appetit but like the English way you know I’m words for anything okay so I’m trying to make a cheese pull that’s kind of clumpy again being nice if it was a little bit more heated it’d be a nicer cheese pull I’m not getting a squeaks I know squeak these curds I will say these aren’t these are really tasty though the gravy is really good the cheese kind of tastes like a mild watered-down mozzarella maybe it’s not really doing it for me I don’t really taste the cheese because the gravy is so flavorful but I could feel the cheesiness in my mouth but the cheese doesn’t have any distinctive flavor but the gravy very good got some neutral cheese’s here I like that you can kind of get one with every bite but it I want to be able to mix it all up kind of like you can with those guys this is kind of like you have to piece it together I get enough at it I’m like a salad it’s like a french fries salad I do see your point of how it’s like everything’s already like mixed together but the only thing is when everything is melted it kind of feels like a big clump when I tickets all like together so it’s really hard for me to just like eat it we’re not cute over there in the tri-state area this is really similar to the Canadian version so yeah I feel like if I missed home and I wasn’t in Canada and I was like in New York or New Jersey I would totally go for disco fries because it’s the same it just reminds me of home it’s close enough well I want to try those things so try to scrapie so good I pumped immediately my face changed I’m really happy there’s a bit of a squeak it feels more fresh it would really feel a squeak but I can imagine it she’s imagining the squeak it’s not there this is like disco fries served at an Italian restaurant this gravy tastes very like it’s got a bunch of oregano in it it’s almost like a pasta sauce it’s really tasty it’s not quite it I would say that’s more like gravy in my mind yeah really more thicker like yeah almost a sick-ass soup I feel like you should just try this one more time the cheese now that you’ve compared that cheese though this cheese okay there’s just more like personality to the cheese that little guy right there yeah you’re right got more personality poutine was very good cheese curds tasted really great just go fries little disappointing not the Jersey Philly diner way I did really like my experience with disco fries I would be curious to try DSN tick 1/2 – I love the name disco fries but at the other day my heart goes to puts in because it’s the cheese yeah the Irish tray that’s true we have come to a final decision Canada I’m sorry the US but another dog went cheap tuition for school we have free health care nature fresh air puts in and William and I want to share this because Canadians are nice you see this look at us I love Canada we didn’t be friends that’s all yeah people who eat disco fries this is devastating please help me describe how just amazing they are comments please puts in lovers you need the tried disco fries try the cousin version of boots in because that’s great as well but idea today Canadians win the squeak the squeak yes cheesecake squeak don’t don’t be afraid of the names cheese curds remember for all mankind so to go home as okay one more time homage on guy great [Music]

    Best Friends Swap Men And Women’s Halloween Costumes
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    Best Friends Swap Men And Women’s Halloween Costumes

    October 12, 2019

    this is the least attracted to you I’ve ever been [Music] hello I’m rural hi I’m Aria we’re gonna be swapping sexy oh yes what did you wear probably like I think I did a Mia Wallace thing which I know is like duck tried and true but I try to go for that cuz it’s like sexy without being like overtly sexy but it’s inherently sexy because it’s gonna Thurman I tend not to go for the sexy thing anymore I think when I was in college I did like a sexy football player I like just wore Jersey I I think it’s fairly standard fare that the female equivalent of a man’s costume is usually more revealing it has less material it’s crap honestly the females costumes are like generally I feel like worse quality and sometimes are more expensive I’m nervous because I feel like I would be seeing more of Aria today that I ever have or cared to before in the past give it a rocket I will say I’m a little nervous for you but I feel like you’re gonna rise very soon because you’ve got that confidence looks like I pick a gondola looks like it’s gonna be a tight squeeze around the old midriff you know yeah let’s try these on I’m really excited for this [Music] Wow from labyrinth that means to be honest with you you look kind of fabulous I will say yeah I’m surprised by how it’s not that revealing I don’t think if I was a bosom asst woman yes there might be more here but perfect that you know it’s not too bad not too bad it’s not as scandalous as I would have thought mine came with no pants so I had to wear half my jumpsuit okay that’s it look I thought that goes with it yeah you look like a young a young boy oh dear okay so I didn’t know what to do with this thing this was just a loose ribbon you didn’t seem sensing you really should treat yourself I don’t know if I want to scream come on come on I look at you you’re great you know if it’s me pretty well yeah I know you think you can keep that great yeah this is my next we’re gonna match though we got the orange which yours oh yeah I kind of like her she looks she looks sweet she looks like she’s close to their family okay like a milkman or something you do look like a pirate I do look like a bar mate a barmaid I mean yes I I have to say again I don’t feel like yours is particularly revealing yeah not really no I don’t know man I just feel like I should be holding an accordion or something I don’t know if I feel like a pirate Kyle look at myself look like a scarecrow you do you look like a pirate say say say say say like that you’ve got more going on that costumes but I say in this case the woman’s costume is better I mean I mean no the least attracted to you I’ve ever been I think that one’s sexier for I know that one’s sexier let’s do the last one let’s do it laughs coughs Wow line is huge would you ever had yours oh wow wow it’s it’s a it’s a jumpsuit I’m mildly annoyed that the the picture a hat and an axe which I don’t have either of when you get a hat though I do yeah I can’t see the rest of my costume though so it’s gonna be a real surprise oh it’s like there’s no way to know okay let’s put on this last costume conceal the attraction for me in this costume I look pretty steadily I do say so myself I kind of like this spell is very good I don’t he’s not sexy like oh no it’s not it looks like a crossing guard to me I think it maybe if it was much much tighter on me this is hot I feel like this is like I’m ready to put out fires you legitimately do look very much like a firefighter so yeah I’m liking the jacket I like I look a lot less like a crossbar than you oh okay now you’re a crossing guard that’s on there what like this is actually yeah looks I would take firefighter suspenders is a nice touch be a lot of stuff our costumes cost the same I’d say I got the better end of that Bob salutely yeah there’s the patriarchy at work I’m feeling myself in this costume yeah it is definitely the most attractive of the three looks at you it’s very loose I do I do it I don’t understand what this is Oh hot fire department yours is hot – hot hot stuff I didn’t notice that wow that was fun really I feel shame about costumes which is that they’re pretty poorly made and overpriced but the woman’s house is where I was revealing is that I really was not quite as compromised as I thought I was going to be they didn’t look like occupations though they did not my well men technically the pirate one made me look like a barmaid that’s the wrong occupation but ya know the fireman was the best one pirate was the worst one for me for you yeah the best of me I really liked the barmaid look there was a lot of moving parts to it I wasn’t offended the firefighter costume first one my first one was fabulous this year’s you you look like a housewife vampire like the real vampire Elvira there you go I was Elvira so obviously one thing that we love about Halloween is that I could see the chance to express yourself any way you want maybe ways that you wouldn’t the rest of the year so you know you don’t actually have to buy a costume you could just make one yourself as someone that doesn’t practice Halloween I will say that I do appreciate it as a time for everyone to feel free to let their freaky flag fly so this Halloween season go out there do your thing eat some candy an audience fun house I’m glad show their spirits together yeah we got to really get us each other and quite a different light yeah I know what works for your body type and what does not like lies [Music]

    Private Investigator Vs. Psychic: Who Committed The Crime?
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    Private Investigator Vs. Psychic: Who Committed The Crime?

    October 9, 2019

    hey there i’m colby rebel I am a professional psychic medium my name is Elizabeth self I’m a private investigator with cane associates and my job today is to figure out which one of these guys committed a crime [Music] P I versus psychic who can get it right psychic I’m a little nervous this is this is weird I’m a little nervous here we go I have a misdemeanor for bootlegging alcohol in the state of Utah honestly I don’t see anyone here they all look really nice to me actually this should be really fun I mean I stood to see what is gonna happen here with these guys I’m gonna start with you hi there Blake Colby nice to meet you like what’s the capital of Utah Salt Lake City I wasn’t in Utah but that’s where I got in trouble so it’s a whole thing so you weren’t in Utah I was in Utah when I got in trouble but I wasn’t like visiting Utah I was in Wyoming but we were going from Casper to Foley and how could you get in trouble with Utah cuz I was in Salt Lake City in Utah but we were I was staying in Casper I mean I’m not from there but so I’m guessing moonshine you didn’t know what you had with you not really now why big nuran I just heard we were going to Salt Lake so I hopped in the creek hop in the in the truck what kind of trap it was a Ford f-350 color maroon but it had like a gold trim buddy uh no this it’s hotter than what it is okay all right Thank You Boyd all right sweet cheeks okay cupcake with your name I’m Emily hey Emily I’m gonna shake your hand and say hello all right Emily what were you doing in Utah I was on my way to Idaho to film a documentary and then you had bootlegging how’d that happen it’s kind of a crazy story yeah they’re all crazy it seems we were just you know carrying a lot of carryin horses and a lot of things and we’re very large very large tow you just happen to have bootleg I guess I’m the Cowboys did ya but we were all kind of together what was the alcohol you were bootlegging I really don’t know so how did you have a misdemeanor well we were all kind of there they kind of just put it on all of us and that way did you have to go to jail no okay I’m that’s great thank you hi there what’s your name I’m Nate Vineet how you doing good how are you I’m good I’m good what was the alcohol you were bootlegging wine what kind of wine red wine what happened did you have to go to jail yeah I spent the night in jail what happened when when you spent the night in jail uh it was just for like processing but then after the night they let me out with uh just kind of like a slap on the wrist essentially did you have to pay a fine yeah how much $300 so what kind of car were you in I Drive a Hyundai Accent what color silver it was with you just me and so what is the loan you talk about wine the law it’s I think alcohol in general you can’t have more than three point two percent per volume but that’s different in Nevada so I could buy it in Nevada but then as soon as I cross state lines I was breaking the law so how did you get pulled over though because they would have had to pull you over first I had a busted taillight uh how much taillight my right taillight uh-huh and then he came over he checked my license and he saw I just had three bottles of wine sitting in my passenger seat and he’s like that’s against the law so then he took you to jail for it well he escorted me to the station and then I spent the night there for processing something and then they’re like all right you’re not from here and you can go was your family upset they were upset that I spent the night in jail but that was about it okay thank you a few of these shady McGrady’s back here have been given a fib or two I will be honest and you can kind of tell through their energy their energy shifts and you can kind of tell if they’re creating a thought before they speak you can tell with the shifting of the eyes which is a subconscious reaction to a question that they don’t know the answer to mate so far is the most convincing but almost too convincing because I’m almost a little worried that he’s rehearsed his little story so we will we will see we will see I’ve got one suspect left oh I’m excited to have him sit what’s your name good okay so what were you doing in Utah visiting some friends and where were you when you got got busted on the border between Wyoming and Utah and why did you get busted I got pulled over for speeding okay it’s a really long boring road right there and had a bunch of beer in the backseat okay so then why was the Baron of vaccine an issue apparently in Utah you can’t have outside alcohol how would they know it’s outside I have no idea what happened after that they pulled me over aha give me a speeding ticket and then they wanted to take me to jail okay I actually gave them like a I’m from Wyoming instead like can I just do something else and so then they gave me a court date well what else did you do their little song and dance shut up no they just sent me a court date so you had to go back to Utah for court and then they gave you a misdemeanor yeah and did you pay a fine I did how much was the fine I wasn’t knowing that’s expensive Wow did you have a hard time with that yeah so what were you doing in Wyoming at the time working in a minor how long ago was this this would have been C about 20-ish years ago time you didn’t know you couldn’t have alcohol not across state lines so no other previous trips did you take out don’t ever happen you just happen to get caught this time yeah and none of your friends told you no I just never really thought of it as a big deal okay all right thank you yeah no problem yeah okay I’m gonna ask them one more question blade have a seat just one more quick question yeah okay I just want you to look at me and say I have a misdemeanor for bootlegging in Utah I have a misdemeanor for bootlegging I have a misdemeanor for bootlegging in Utah hey guys I have a misdemeanor for bootlegging in Utah I have a misdemeanor for bootlegging in Utah okay all right thank you very much I’m gonna need another minute here and I’m excited to come back with my results well let’s start with you sir all right senator to police well there’s a state trooper and then there was from Wyoming and one from Utah why was he one from roaming there was right on the border and they just converged on you yeah interesting all right so how old were you at the time 25 and was it your first time ever being pulled over no I’ve been pulled over for speeding before well is that the only thing you’ve ever really done yeah you’re never really a troublemaker other than that not that I’ve ever been caught with did you guys catch that look where there’s a high road and not that you ever been gone okay so why did you get caught why did they pull you over speeding how fast are you speeding no one about ten over ten over normally they give you about a 15 15 mile an hour leeway I’m Utah nah wait were you just driving through visiting family visiting friends okay well I’m gonna go ahead and move on to the next person it’s all the questions I have for you I may pull you back down here come sit down here what’s your name Nate Nate tell me about how guilty you are I guess I’m pretty guilty I mean I got in trouble where was the wine sitting and my passenger seat on the floor just rolling around I had like put like my jacket in between them so they wouldn’t like Clank up against each other but they were just there oh so you had more than one wine bottle at three what kind of a red wine okay just picked out three cheap bottles of red wine yeah and was your family with you no I was by myself in the car I’m gonna carve you Jamie I Drive a Hyundai Accent how long ago this this was two years ago I wouldn’t done talking you gave me the next one er I’m gonna pull you guys back down here probably for another one hello hello and what’s your name Emily Emily tell me about how you are a very naughty girl I’m first of all very nice I believe so who got quiet tell me it was it was alcohol right says alcohol okay tell me about it well this one guy was bootlegging whiskey I think it was did you try any no because we were on our way there and then it got taken so far we were able to actually get to the destination so he brought his Caleb’s imply that he made how much was it I don’t remember I never really saw it they were just kind of like unloading it from the car but it was like enough for I mean how many people were there maybe like 20 people how large was a caravan they were probably like three horse trailers a couple other trucks and you’re just kind of a part of it yeah I mean I was the doctor I wasn’t like riding horses or anything have you ever been in trouble or pulled over any other time I was at a park when it was dark out once I was told to leave with a boyfriend we’re just sitting on a bench I bet you guys were just sitting on a bench it’s dark are you a little nervous yeah I am actually my leg there’s nothing to worry about yeah when you were polder was just how many police were there I think there are about two there was one like pulled us all over and then another one kind of I guess was driving by and that thing please do were they all kind of stopping make it worse and then they took the alcohol okay well go ahead I’ve got a nice little talk to you I’m not sure about her she seems just a little bit nervous in general and I’ve come across these people before all right come sit down last but not least definitely the tallest well I’m Elizabeth what’s your name quick so now you guys took alcohol can alcohol there was one vodka bottle and it was like two whiskey bottles but it wasn’t all like bottom shelf like not good stuff you put it in a toolbox they did they did I wasn’t in my car I was riding along so you didn’t actually get in trouble your friends then we all got in trouble they took us all we all got a misdemeanor robbing your pants you’ve been juggling your legs have been I get sweaty whenever under the light he talked to really awesome people you might be lying too maybe why did you guys put the stuff in a toolbox I’d have no idea that was it was not Mike that’s just where it was how did the police find him – a lot they searched pretty heavily like they took us all out they had us in we were standing in a ditch and like literally just in the ditch on the side of the road they have stole out and they searched through everything they were like pulling everything out of the glove box everything looking they were looking for drugs why would they be looking for drugs did you guys look questionable they just took us out and start searching like everything yeah how late was this this was at like 11 o’clock the morning 11 o’clock in the morning they pull you over because you’re I guess we’re speeding or whatever yes you’re speeding up that was not it that did not end up being the problem and didn’t really seem like they were worried about it I’m so so fun why they’re searching you I mean if it’s a random pull over because your speed maybe we looked a little shady I mean maybe you were like doing this thing when they like here’s the thing about you you seem like one of these guys who like always seems like they’re lying no matter what there’s something oh man because like you know I I get the vibe that maybe there are parts of this story that are true I’m not sure but you act really guilty go ahead Sam Erica I didn’t believe this guy at first at first I’m like he’s super nervous but then he seems like he might be actually just one of those people who like tells a nervous story or just doesn’t look really truthful you look truthful at first until I started talking I feel like I have it between two people here’s the problem I never listen to my gut on these sorts of things because I’ll start questioning me like well this one seemed a little bit nervous and this one seemed like that but generally if I listen to my gut it’s true so I think I know who it is alright now we are going to write down our predictions on a piece of paper hers may be more factual than mine but let’s give it a shot here I wouldn’t say that so I’m confident between two people but I’m a little bit torn it’s pretty tough I hope I’m confident and I was torn between two people as well so either they’re really really good liars or we got we got the right one here the same one we both think Nate so let’s see if Nate just was he was my second one no I did not think him I did yeah if I was torn between him and me so the real story is I was living in Utah at the time we’re we actually bootlegged it quite often so we would we’ve gone on dozens of runs because it’s cheaper to get alcohol in Wyoming that it is in Utah and we had very set rules for how to do it like go in and then either go to a movie in town or something so if the cops saw you they would lose track of you and well we broke our own rules and we just went up and straight across the border and then an undercover sting happening that weekend and so they pulled us over they’d filmed us loading up the back of the car for a 4th of July party so there’s like five cops behind us and an unmarked car from Nevada that is the pole see this seems like a totally unbelievable story that is like so how did that all happen together yeah so so that’s why they pulled us over right on the border and they had Utah and Wyoming police there but we came back the next day with my brother’s truck and pulled it off cuz we did a swap at an old movie theater downtown’s that we knew about so we came in bought all that alcohol I put it in his truck he went and went over and then when I came back across the same cops pulled they started pulling me over again and then they stopped rolled up next to me and just kind of looked at me and pulled off and so we got away from the next day my name is Josh I have a misdemeanor for bootlegging alcohol in the state [Music] [Applause] [Music]


    Home Chef Tries The No Trash Trader Joe’s Challenge

    October 9, 2019

    since I haven’t been back here for four years since I’ve been zero-waste I’m having a lot of anxiety that’s coming up that I didn’t really realize what’s gonna happen this hurts my body and soul because I know that I can get this package free somewhere else but for the challenge I know I gotta make this work hey guys I’m Stevie and I’m a sustainability activist with a focus on the zero waste mindset and today I’m gonna go to Trader Joe’s because I’m gonna see if I can make a meal without creating any plastic or trash so what I’m gonna be trying to make today is a scalloped potato dish that’s just gonna be a nice little casserole with scalloped potatoes and then it’s gonna be really creamy I’m I’m excited in a little nervous okay so the first thing and foremost I’m looking for potatoes we have a lot more options than IVA okay so I got some gold potatoes some russet potatoes I’m gonna go ahead and opt for the russet that’s very good we can throw that in too I thought there was only gonna be apples and onions but we got a nice hearty selection I’m just gonna grab some garlic some onions I’ve already knocked off the main ingredients on my list so that’s good this hurts my body and soul because I know that I can get this package free somewhere else but for the challenge I know I’m I gotta make this work so I might just get it I don’t know what every time I look at them like it’s on its earth for a thousand years I’m gonna put it down and then we’ll come back to it I got a thing about it so Trader Joe’s has been under a lot of scrutiny because a lot of customers have complained that they have a massive amount of plastic they made a couple changes the changes the Trader Joe’s have already implemented are no more so you use plastic bags they’ve completely opted out of styrofoam and have more recyclable options and then they want to offer more compostable or biodegradable options a lot of waste haulers won’t accept the compostable and biodegradable materials because these materials don’t actually break down in their industrial compost since I know I can get cashews plastic free I can’t physically get myself to get the cashews in the plastic so I’m just gonna optimize and get the organic coconut milk I’m gonna try and make the flavors work I’m gonna get garbanzo beans just in case and I can use aqua file but maybe for the creamy mix I couldn’t find the nutritional yeast without plastic that they have one down here that I’m probably just gonna go ahead and get it that could be in my little ten percent I have a 1090 rule so ten percent I can waste and ninety percent I can try my best to be zero waste and this just gives me some leverage so I don’t beat myself up but I feel like if everybody adopted that rule I think our world would be a lot cleaner the last thing I need is herbs and we’ll see if that’s without plastic I probably don’t think it will be so we’ll see if I can make that work no could do it I don’t need herbs I can make do without salt to be nice since I haven’t been back here super four years since I’ve been zero waste I’m having a lot of anxiety that’s coming up but I didn’t really realize what’s gonna happen I think there’s just so much classic and this goes to nowhere like this goes past our children’s children’s children so the fact that it’s like almond butter that you eat for like two weeks but it lasts forever it just doesn’t worth it at it I’m having a moment I started the zero waste mindset because I started getting obsessed with mushrooms and mushrooms are really cool because they pretty much on the neurological network of the forest and they recycle and do all these really cool things and I think that humans can also be a symbiotic part of the world and then I wanted to see how I can reduce plastic in my own life what I have so far for the potatoes scallops are the onions the garlic potatoes I got the asparagus and the coconut milk I couldn’t bring myself to buy the cashews in the plastic just because I know elsewhere there’s a lot of access for me to get it involved and then I got the nutritional yeast because there really was no other option and the creamy flavor really does depend on it first to start the potato scallops I’m gonna go ahead and just cut the potatoes and then cut the vegetables and then I think I’m gonna work on the sauce after and usually with this recipe it’s kind of like a vegan alfredo and I would use pasta but I think potatoes are gonna work this time I think it’d be hard to find pasta plastic free at Trader Joe’s and now I’m just gonna store all the potatoes in here really easy zero-waste snack I don’t know if you’ve made this potato chips where you just slice it like this and then pop them in the oven with salt it’s a game changer and so I’m just gonna put also asparagus on the top and I think that’s gonna be pretty yummy and these are just gonna be intermittent layers for the casserole this is gonna be the easiest dish ever getting some carbs you’re getting some vegetables and now I’m gonna set this aside we’re gonna layer this later I’m gonna do the onion I can’t even deal with onion I’m gonna cry uncontrollably so I’m gonna save all the food scraps for my vermicompost to be honest is one of my favorite things just to feed my little worms and I actually have a bin in the house it’s in a wood bin and I give them all of my food scraps and it’s actually cool to think that you’re supplying food and you have like a little ecosystem in your house I really like that idea this is just an easy way to divert food scraps from the landfill food scraps in landfill is suffocated therefore creating methane which is a greenhouse gas I’m gonna throw that in right now give it directly to the worms I’m just gonna caramelize the onions first and foremost with the garlic and then we’re gonna make the cream sauce based around the caramelized onions and now I’m just gonna cut the garlic I’m moving these onions cuz I’m gonna have it I’m having an episode oh my god it just gets so choked up when I’m making potato scallops you know ya ready okay so after this it’s pretty much ready I’m just gonna start the sauce I usually use cashews to make a really nice cream sauce I didn’t have that because the cashews were packaged in plastic and I couldn’t do it instead I bought coconut milk and garbanzo beans to see if I can create that creaminess that I want so I’m just gonna pour her a little bit of coconut milk in my food processor I got this food processor secondhand and you can find so many things secondhand on eBay I am gonna be doing the garbanzo beans in there but I’m gonna go ahead and pour the aquafaba in here which is just the garbanzo bean juice this is just a really good egg replacer for any sort of recipe I pour half in and then I’m just gonna see how it goes and we’ll blend it I’ve never done this before so gonna be really interesting alright actually that really did thicken it up I’m pretty impressed with that now we have a source of protein look at that so this is literally the only big thing that I got in plastic and it really hurts pretty hard because there’s a lot of ways that I can get it plastic free but I’m gonna use it and I’m gonna love it and treat it so well for the life that it’s has and then I’ll reuse it for like a poop bag or something I’m gonna be pouring the nutritional yeast in the coconut milk and garbanzo bean ixed and now I’m gonna do the salt I could have bought it there but I have plenty so I assume that every household has salt as well a little bit of white cooking wine I’m gonna mix it all up and then taste it mmm not half that I think this is really close to the cashew mix as well I’m not gonna be able to tell until I actually taste it hot right now I just tastes like watery garbanzo mush I’m gonna caramelize the onions I’m gonna throw the onions in the pot with olive oil and I’m gonna use a little maple syrup that I already had any sweetener will do and then so it looks really nice okay now I’m just gonna throw the garlic in last let that simmer a little bit and then I’m gonna go ahead and throw in the cream sauce to make everything stand out with the flavor I’m so impressed by so this looks really good I’m gonna try this mmm I’ve honestly never done the garbanzo coconut milk mixed together so I was a little bit nervous it’s so bomb so now that we’ve got the cream sauce base and we have the vegetables chopped it’s a perfect scenario to pour all this together I’m gonna do the first layer put these layers on I’m gonna sprinkle the asparagus after the potatoes and now I’m just gonna keep pouring back and forth I’m gonna pour the cream sauce and then I’m gonna add another layer and then put the cream sauce and then add another layer and then back and forth I’m gonna get a little fancy look at that I’m gonna pop it in the oven it’s not 400 so I’m just gonna do that for probably about 45 minutes to an hour and all of it should culminate and this is totally uncovered does not need to be covered and the sauce actually should be even thicker after the hour boom boom I did it this looks great okay I’m gonna put on the bottom rack it’s at 400 Wow so I just took it out and now I’m ready to cut into it I’m a little worried that it’s too watery but we’re gonna figure it out okay so actually it doesn’t look too bad I hope the potatoes already now I’m gonna dig into this mmm it’s just so good it’s actually a different consistency then it would be with a cashew cream but I like it a lot it’s super flavorful really creamy and it has a good body to it I am into it super buttery it’s way more buttery than the cashew cream I think that had to do with that garbanzo beans I love this dish as far as trash goes I’m actually really impressed with myself I just did the nutritional yeast I have this asparagus tag and then I have two rubber bands that I got from the asparagus that I’ll go ahead and reuse this is my rubber band bin and then I also with all the food scraps I put it in my vermicompost so none of that’s going into the landfill so overall I think that Trader Joe’s has a ton of work to do to minimize their plastic use but I am really impressed with how affordable and convenient it all was and I really hope sometime soon have way more options that are sustainable yet affordable and convenient for everybody [Music]


    $9 Fish Vs. $140 Fish

    September 24, 2019

    – You know for two guys who
    live in California you’d think we know how to dress for
    the beach a little better. – I got this. – Fish! – In Hawaii. – Because if your gonna eat seafood might as well go to the
    middle of the ocean to get it. – [Steven] Today on- – [Andrew] Worth It. – [Steven] We’re going to be trying three fish dishes at three drastically
    different price points to find out which fish dish is the most worth it at its price. – Fish dish bish. Look at Hawaii. That’s actually the ocean. That’s Hawaii. We are on the island of Oahu. – Oh. In the city of– – Honolulu. – This will be pretty
    much gonna be sticking for this journey. Maybe we’ll come back some other day. Check out the other islands. – First off we’re going to a
    place called Ahi Assassins. – What are we going to be having there? – Poke! – Wish I brought my swim trunks. I didn’t pack for this really. (band music) – I’m Erika, I’m the
    co-owner of Ahi Assassins. – I’m Josh, co-owner of Ahi Assassins. – This is traditional
    poke here that we do. – What is poke? – [Erika] In Hawaiian
    just means to dice or cut. Poke for us is fresh fish, lightly sauced. We wanna bring through
    the taste of the fish. Majority of the time if you
    come in here in our first hours you’ll see guys breaking
    down fish, right here. – [Andrew] How long have you been fishing? – I think I was made on a boat. (laughing) Possibly, born right off of a boat. On my mom’s side I come from a long line
    of Hawaiian fisherman. – So did you always think that you would be a fisherman for work? – It was my dream. I read the “Old Man in the Sea”. I’m like, that’s who I wanna be. – [Erika] He was a construction worker. He would never go to work because he wanted to catch the ahi. So we decided to give it a shot and make it a business. – [Josh] This is all that’s
    left of our first boat. – I was wondering, like it’s
    kind of a weird looking door. (laughing) – This boat now rests at
    the bottom of the ocean. We’ve still got the door ahis
    are still coming through it. – Do you have a couple favorites that you could recommend for us? – Yeah so we are really
    popular for our Lunatic poke. That’s our version of spicy ahi. I am not a mayonnaise eater so we decided to take the mayonnaise out and add a few other things in there. – Could you give us a little snapshot of what is in that sauce? – If I tell you, I gotta kill you man. (laughing) – [Andrew] Talking to
    a couple of assassins I don’t want to rub them the wrong way. – This is a miniature van that
    we’re sitting in the trunk of because Ahi Assassins does
    not have any sit down space in their retail space. – You take a bowl and you eat it anywhere. – I feel like I’m channeling
    Josh’s story right now. I got sounds of construction. All I wanna do is eat fish. – [Steven] Let’s do it. So first. – [Andrew] The Lunatic. – [Steven] Yes. – Looks like cartoon
    rubies, little sea jewels. – [Steven] Look at how juicy they look. – It looks extremely juicy – I can’t do much more talking because I’m salivating so much. – Cheers. (upbeat music) (chewing) Oh, my god. – Yeah. – It’s so tender. It just like melts. – This is the real tuna melt. – Yes. – This is the most luxurious texture I’ve ever experienced with food. I feel like a bear eating this. It’s like (growling). – I’ve never had real– – Oh my god. – It’s like when you watch sports and your just watching
    it from your own couch. Then when you go the
    game and your court side you actually see and feel
    the vibes of the place. – Courtside with the bad fish. – No hesitation. (laughing) – [Erika] We’re gonna do Hawaiian style, which is our traditional poke. – [Josh] Hawaiian salt,
    limu is the seaweed. – [Erika] Throw white onions and inamona, a little bit of Hawaiian chili peppers, and then coat that with sesame oil. Mix everything around, get the rice in your bowl, top it on top and then
    that’s your final poke bowl. (cash register ring) – So here we have the Hawaiian style. – Yes. (band music) – Oh… God, what have you done? – This tastes like your
    standing on a beach and just grab the tuna out of the water. You got all this seaweed stuck to it. – [Steven] Oh my god. – I want to try all of them. – My mind is being re-wired right now, like the things I knew about raw fish and the taste that you could experience. – Stupid good. – I wish I didn’t know about this. – We flew too close to the sun on the wing of a tuna. – [Erika] We use every bit
    of the ahi in this shop. – [Josh] Hawaiians are
    taught to use your resources and store them well. We catch only sizeable fish,
    one hook, one line at a time. I’m not thinking about a paycheck for me. I’m thinking about
    putting food on the table for many generations. – [Erika] So bones and collars that’s usually trash parts of the fish… – Yeah.
    – You can say. It’s not trash to us that’s gold. Everyone’s favorite is the bag of bones. It’s when we get a paper lunch bag and we just fill it to the top. – Do you just munch down on that? – Yeah totally. – Is the whole thing edible at that point? – You would’ve sucked the
    meat off of those bones. Yeah, it’s exactly like a chicken wing. – [Andrew] Okay. – That bone meat. – Bone meat. – That’s what I’m about. – I had no idea this was gonna happen. Imagine the size of this thing. You know that’s like that on you. – Oh. – How should we attack this? – People just like to
    stick their finger in it. – Oh geez. – Dip it in and you eat it. – Okay, alright I can’t wait. – Oh yeah… look at that. I just ripped meat off
    of a fish’s neck head. Oh dude, it’s so fatty and soft inside. – This is where the flavor lives. – Yeah. – Right off the bone. – Now I feel like a bear. – Can you imagine if bears
    knew how to deep fry fish? (laughing) Last thing I want to talk
    about is the aloha spirit. It’s about the family,
    it’s about the neighbors – Can I eat the outside of this? – I’m trying to have
    sentimental moment with you bro. – Sorry, I gotta find out if I can eat it. (chewing) – [Steven] We got Leonard’s Bakery. My roommate is from Hawaii and
    he said we should eat here. Oh man. Boom. (soft rock music) – Oh. – Oh no. I feel like eating a thick cloud. – It’s delicious. – I need to live here. – [Andrew & Steve] Fish fact. – [Andrew] The mucus-producing hagfish can fill a two gallon bucket with mucus in minutes when disturbed. – What? – Yeah. – How big is this fish? – We’ll try to find a
    picture and put it here. – Can you imagine
    producing gallons of liquid from your body? – Okay. – Just when your annoyed. I guess that’s kinda like what crying is, but if you cry gallons. – And it was thick in viscous. – Yes, great usage of viscous. – Now we’re going to a
    place called MW Restaurant. It is a husband-wife duo. – I wonder if they consider each other a catch. (serene music) – I’m Michelle Karr-Ueoka, pastry chef, owner of MW Restaurant. – My name is Wade Ueoka, chef
    and co-owner of MW Restaurant. – I love the fork MW, it’s awesome. – [Wade] Her cousin
    actually designed it for us. – That was one of the very
    few things we agreed on. (laughing) – What kind of restaurant
    is MW Restaurant? – [Wade] We do Hawaii Regional Cuisine. Hawaii is made up of so
    many ethnic backgrounds so we try to put that
    all together on a plate. – Do you mainly focus on the dessert or do you cover other
    areas in the restaurant? – No no, only dessert and I think that makes
    it a happy marriage too. The front is his side,
    the back is my side. – [Wade] Today we’re making the dish for this beautiful naga
    that just came in today. It’s a long tail red snapper. We take the filet, season with salt, and we take blocks of kiri mochi, and then we grate it, looks
    like shredded coconut. Coat the fish and then
    sear it a medium to hot pan with about 3-4 minutes on each side. We place the fish right
    on top several minutes and then three small piles
    of bonchon vegetables, kimchi, bok choy, and
    then some pickled namasu. My mom used to make deep friend mochi, growing up is one of my favorite things. That’s kind of the
    inspiration of this dish. – [Steven] Do you serve the dish now when you mom comes to the restaurant? – [Wade] Yes. (laughing) What does she think about that? – [Wade] She loves it. – [Andrew] This is delightful. Do you ever thing you’d
    mochi as a crust for a fish? – No, but… now I’m thinking what else can we crust with mochi? – Probably anything. – This is a unnamed cocktail by the way. – Yeah. – There’s still development
    it’s uzu, ginger. – Some kind of Japanese whiskey highball – And a local honey. – Local honey, that’s what
    they called me in high school. – Cheers.
    – Cheers. – Okay that’s delicious. In the world of crunchy stuff there are all types of
    different kinds of crunch. You’ve got your potato chip
    crunch, your carrot crunch. I would most relate this crunch
    to the crunch of popcorn. Initially a crunch and
    then super soft all the way through on the inside. I’m gonna dip this in the sauce. (soft rock music) – Slightly sweet, slightly salty. This is just like very slight. – Yeah, this is delightful. The snapper flesh itself
    is like pats of butter with flakes apart. Yeah, fish butter. – I think fish is the perfect meat. – Yes. It’s so tender and light. – Also did you see the raw snapper? – Yes. – [Andrew] It’s a beautiful creature. People think horses are beautiful that is a red ocean dragon. – I’m not gonna to forget this moment. I’m gonna be telling my
    kids and my grandkids about this mochi crusted fish. I’m going home tomorrow and I’m gonna try to make this myself. Pop this whole thing in your mouth. You want some sauce, here. Take a little bit of sauce. – Drizzle, yeah. His minds gonna be blown. Yeah. Time for dessert. – For dessert you’ll be having
    tropical creamsicle brulee. Coconut tapioca on the bottom, which is a play of of the
    Filipino dish halo-halo. And then we top it off
    with tropical fruits, lilikoi custard, my
    version of a gummy bear. I loved gummy bears growing up. I take the lilikoi and there’s a french
    dessert called petit four, it’s a little bit softer
    not as chewy and gummy so I combined the two together to make the texture of a gummy bear. Lilikoi sorbet, lilikoi custard, and we burn it like a thin sugar cookie. It all comes together. – [Andrew] Creme brulee
    might be my favorite dessert. It’s neck and neck with tiramisu and carrot cake, and gelato. (laughing) I’m ready to break the crust. (jazz music) – It’s over. – Yeah. – One fish, two fish. – Screw fish eat dessert. (laughing) Oh my god. The sorbet inside is so good. I like how you double every texture. You have something chewy and something slightly different chewy. The gummy bear cube and the tapioca balls. It’s like a gummy bear, but it doesn’t have the
    part of a gummy bear that sticks your teeth together. – I used to be-head gummy bears as a kid. – Oh yeah, you gotta
    be-head the gummy bear. – And then you swap the heads
    with the different colors. – I didn’t do that. – [Andrew] Chef Michelle’s
    mother hand bakes her grandmother’s recipe. Cookie cheers. – That’s what I’m talking about. Cheers. – That’s really good. Got a fish fact for me? – Fish fact (symbol clash) Actually its more like fish trivia. Although, many species have
    not been discovered yet right now how many fish
    species do you think there are? – Fifty thousand. – Your in the right ball park. – The answer is 27,300. – That’s a lot of fish species. I mean the ocean is giant. It’s like the rest of the world is living on a one story building and the ocean is a
    thousand story building. Fish on every floor. Now we’re on our way to Chef Mavro – What are we eating there? – Fish. (soothing music) – [Andrew] What type of cuisine do you here at Chef Mavro? – Really, why? – Tell us about the onaga
    that you used in this. – [Andrew] Is the tea leaf
    a local ingredient as well? – [Andrew] That’s the leaf. – [Andrew] Okay. – [Andrew] Oh. – [Andrew] Is there a recommended beverage that we should have along with it? – [Steven] Thank you. Cheers. – Divine.
    – Smooth. – Ready to have this fish? – [Andrew] Do you always serve the fish? – When I can. Sometimes we get too
    busy, I cannot escape. – So this guy… – Alright. – You cannot eat that with all this salt. Even you want I’m not
    going to give to you. – Enjoy it. – Thank you.
    – Thank you so much. I did not expect any of this. You literally create a
    shell to cook the fish in. (smelling) – I honestly don’t know
    what’s happening here with my nose. Fish is in there, but there’s
    so much more happening. Cheers. – What? – What. – More unexpected things
    that are happening right now. I need to take another bite. Okay, I have to say it’s
    extremely delicious. – I’ve never had a more
    perfectly cooked fish. – I don’t understand what is happening. My expectation going in, I was like okay, I know something tastes like
    a tomato, with leaf and fish. For my mouth it is not at all that. – Here’s my impression of it and this is gonna sound ridiculous because I know that we just interviewed a french man who moved to Hawaii, but when I eat this fish the first thing I think of is a french man who moved to Hawaii (laughing) and made the most delicious fish he could. That’s what it tastes like. I don’t know. The seaweed inside the
    sauce is blowing my mind. – It all feels like one delicious, mind melting, in heart warming texture. – It kind of just tastes like that’s how this fish always tasted. – Yeah, I’m trying to think of what could be just
    perfectly come together? – I would also never guess
    spinach was gonna end up in here. – No. – Oh. – That looks like a delicious biscuit that’s covered in sugar right now. – I want to eat it,
    but I know chef told us not to let our taste buds near that. – Just makes sense. – [Andrew] The movie with Robert De Niro? – I know this is the
    end of the fish video, but we’re here where the fish get made. (laughing) – [Steven] One of my favorite episodes that we’ve never done. – Yeah, me too. – Aye oh! Who’s your worth it winner? – [Andrew] MW Restaurant, they just do such a good job there. Everything is delicious,
    but my worth it winner Chef Mavro. – [Steven] No way. – Chef Mavro’s dish is the story of a man who moved to Hawaii, fell
    in love with the island, and then created a masterpiece on a plate. – Wow. – I think you just want to move here. – I just want to be Chef Mavro. What was your worth it winner? – [Steven] The poke at Assassins. – [Andrew] Whoa. – [Steven] Yeah. – They killed it. (laughing) Literally. (laughing) – Poke in general doesn’t
    really make sense to me other than here. If your in Ohio eating
    poke the cost of freight is not sustainable. – Did you say fright? – Freight. – Oh, freight. – Freight.
    – Freight. – Is it not freight? – You said fright. The cost of scaring the fish today. (laughing) Adam who’s your worth it winner? – The creme brulee? – Michelle’s creme brulee. – I actually haven’t touched the ocean yet since I’ve been here. – I’m going first. – Is it warm? (waves crashing) Oh it’s nice. – See you on the next episode. What are we doing next? – Bye.
    – Bye. Bye guys. – Bye. – [Steven] I want to be a fisherman. You ever fish? – [Andrew] Couple times as a kid. A lot more crabbing now. I don’t know if that
    counts as fish or not. – [Steven] Are crab fish? – [Andrew] No, they’re not. You catch a fish, you capture a crab. – [Steven] Oh, yes!

    $3.50 Fish Tacos Vs. $30 Fish Tacos
    Articles, Blog

    $3.50 Fish Tacos Vs. $30 Fish Tacos

    August 17, 2019

    what’s happening I’ve been waiting for you to start oh I’m starting we’ve been a fish episode we’ve done a taco episode today we’re doing fish tacos that’s all right tell you out there Stephen close your eyes okay you hear the crashing of the waves smell the ocean air imagine putting a perfectly cooked piece of fish into your mouth right now I am salivating now transport yourself to under a bridge next to the freeway 14 miles from here no stop stop the dream you know what happens under highways that’s where we’re going now sketchy things bro sketchy things happen at the beach then worth it we’re going to be trying three fish tacos at three drastically different price points to find out which one is the most worth it and its price because Stephen all of the best fish tacos are not at the beach we’re heading to Silver Lake to a taco truck called Ricky’s fish taco listen folk I do not appreciate having us leave the beach but I have had these fish tacos before they are delightful but come on you can’t just bring me to the beach and then leave the beach beach please hi my name is Ricardo Pina we’re at Ricky’s fish tacos I had the idea of making the fish tacos in LA because the lack of original recipes for Ensenada sell fish tacos actually I got the recipe from a mom my sister and my grandma put it all together and apply it to the rush rush of LA was it something that she was making it home for you know actually I’m the first stucco guy in the family I went to school to be a lab technician but in that I’ve been at the care of a good Ensenada style fish taco calls for wheat flour oregano mustard mayo fried and large I use a lot more oregano a lot more mustard so it’s a more flavorful batter yes the deep fryers all the flavors fly out of the batter with that kind of temperature kiss is boiling so you add a little extra in order to maintain the flavors in it how do you achieve a really crispy piece of fish ah lard heats up faster than oil we and alert to go into the fish so i period the fish as it’s frying you get moist melt-in-your-mouth fish with a crispy crust I can hear your lab technician background coming through right now a good fish tackle should be able to bring you back to Ensenada shredded cabbage which doesn’t go bad without refrigeration as fast as lettuce back in the fifties in Ensenada that you didn’t have refrigeration when I started my recipe nine years ago I didn’t stop until I tried it and he tasted like my favorite fish taco place in Ensenada the smell of fried stuff yeah the aroma around this truck is delicious almost perfume like okay so I mean it’s off these bad boys up 20 recommend that we try it don’t leave the red because great the smokiness of the roasted tomatoes and the hell opinions with because the fish that go okay let’s go straight down the head we go didn’t chairs like a horse that you taught math here’s a controversial statement oh I think that fish might be a better fried food than chicken oh wow please defend yourself because they’re gonna be some mad people out there it’s how soft the flesh stays on the inside here at Ricky’s this particular better get so crispy then we got another like a really named new rash pretty good eating calm crispy yeah and you put your foot in the shoe and it feels soft oh yeah like the best sneaker that might be the best technology you’ve ever had a mango so good okay more I think we should do a lobster talk yes I have to ask about the lobster taco is that actually a very common taco from Ensenada not from Ensenada for no sorry there is a place for Puerto Nuevo lobster fishing village they serve Pacific lobster with salt pepper paprika and garlic butter so I wanted to bring that to lobster chairs oh that’s good I like how this is a very affordable would eat lobster your lover seven bucks boom you might roll your eyes at a lobster taco but if nothing else this proves that Ricky is a great all-around chef and is not just in the frying game look he’s a scientist Ricky’s a fish scientist yes is that what we actually learned that’s right let’s get out of here maybe only thing that would have made that better is that I was eating that at the beach I was an amazing fish taco it was so hot and crispy and crisp and now I need to cool my mouth down ice cream top perfect look at that sucker why doesn’t mine already look worse than yours out of the bag must have squeezed it too hard oh that’s good the taco shape is great for ice cream though because it allows you to bite the ice cream and your teeth don’t get cold fish taco back time fish taco bag any day of the fact the people of my pounds per what year that’s it yeah I was thinking to be a lot more no way yeah we gotta up our fish consumption so we’re on our way to a place called hold off a fine seafood restaurant in a food port near USC so once again we are not going to the beach correct [Music] my name is Alberto subpoena we’re here at Hull boss restaurant in Mercado La Paloma in Expo Park Holly Bosch is a regional coastal Mexican restaurant that works with sustainable high quality local seafood the heart of Mexican seafood is fresh ingredients seasonality and simplicity the purest way of eating seafood to a rock or wood grill we’re here to try a kampachi fish taco the anatomy of a taco is pretty standard across all of Mexico you have a tortilla then you have a protein usually there’s a fat component and like street tacos that’s what makes the flavor really pop this fish in particular the kampachi has the fattiness to give you that full mouth feel so fish comes in straight from the farm the blue agriculture back up on you our fish taco is skinned on we try to use as much of the fish as possible if the skin is delicious use it seasoned just with sea salt that’s it gets that very important ingredient which is the smoke from the fire that smoke takes me back to cooking fish on the beach back home in the Yucatan while the fish is cooking masa made for us by a Molina in East LA that’s been doing it for like thousand years maybe like 50 years we want the flavor of the fish we cook it to medium well this is a fish that is beautiful if it’s slightly undercooked our pico de gallo a little bit of motif that sauce motif is a smoked dried chili a little drizzle of that helps accentuate the sweetness of the fish alright guys this is a wood-grilled kampachi fish taco awesome did you smell that oh yeah look at this giant chunk of meat taco Cheers hey my pants appear that is ridiculous with the fear of sounding hyperbolic this is the most perfectly blended balance of ingredients I think I’ve had in a taco before this might be the best constructed single bite of fish I’ve ever had including the best sushi I’ve ever had Oh No you’ve had the best sushi in the world this is right up there with it what more can you say it was over too soon but another thing that I would like you guys to try is agua chili it’s a northern Mexican thing very very popular in Sonora Sinaloa California it’s a marinade made with lime juice water cilantro and spicy green serrano peppers we add a little bit of cucumber to it to give a little bit of sweetness we’re gonna be pairing it with beautiful Santa Barbara spot prawns one of the great products of Southern California marinated in the Iowa chili little bit of avocado then we fry up the heads of the ponds and serve them as a crispy garnish on the plate it’s a great little appetizer which would be my first bite the head the head right of all the crunch of the shell why are we not even shrimp like this all the time I’m gonna start with a little scallop action Oh God this is right there yeah it’s sweet like fruit it’s ocean for it oh my god shrimp is ridiculous whoa the first thing I noticed what the one this it’s in this rather bleep long one you know like people who have gone too far with their lip filler and it’s uncomfortably plum this is borderline uncomfortably plum one of our most popular dishes also people in between that octopus and its own ink in a taco fish taco location to taste test take to the octopus taco is a very traditional you’ve got on style recipe which is where I’m from here we do a version of that where the theme that the ink component is mated to a sofrito and then the octopus is fried and served on top of the it sounds great oh it’s really warm I’ve never had a fried octopus before Cheers okay where are we where are we where in the world do you eat octopus and it is soft still plump crispy on the outside and juicy dude it looks like a cheese stick I’m going to be thinking about that fish dies oh yeah a long time I’m gonna be thinking about that ugh what she lay for a long time so earlier we had an ice cream taco it’s time for another sweet treat we’re having ice cream again for this time what it’s in a fish oh how have I never heard of or do boop-boo-boo-boop everybody touch fish Cheers mmm mine has red bean inside well I’ll just drift off myself in 2017 14% of seafood fish to the US was used for fish oil what and fished me on him I mean my cat does eat a lot of fish products I think your cat should be on this more than episodes ooh I wonder if I could make a cat food fish taco oh he probably doesn’t know what a taco is though so I don’t know if you know how to eat it so for our last stop tomorrow we’re going to Connie seafood she will be serving us a whole grilled fish that we will eat as tacos [Music] [Applause] my name is Connie Kazu I’m owner of Connie seafood and today I’ll be serving this cattle set on the other this is a cooking style yes you have to be flipping it back and forth so sudden the other means means flippin yes Connie seafood it started in our backyard in 1989 my dad was a founder he’s from Nadi Mexico the cooking is simple you know it’s just a little salt pepper little lime and you can taste the quality and so that’s what I represent first we have the whole fish we butterfly it add a little margarine salt and then my special sauce and then we put it to drum face down first where all the meat is that because it’s a longer cooking process it’s about 25 to 30 minute process we have sliced red onions a little bit of margarine soy sauce a little bit of salt and that’s a green sauce it’s a traditional diet eat green salsa Serrano lying slaughter and so if you go to net eat all the seafood places have that and is there a reason why you wanted to maintain that Camino style I thought my customers would like to come out and enjoy the whole fish just the way I would enjoy when I was 12 years old my dad would take us to the beach and we get a large fish there’s a fine balance between telling customers to do too much or too little like I don’t wanna cook my own food but I do want to like participate in the making of it absolutely yeah I’ll cook it be a service mission Lata for you and Roma’s for me cheers Cheers [Music] what is yours my body’s tingling this looks incredible look at the sheen look how juicy this is I think we should try the fish on its own oh ha ha ha that’s a choice piece oh why don’t I make fish it’s not like this knowing you it could be any number of reasons okay I’m gonna do Hani’s recommended construction first fish caramelized onions a little green sauce that’s it you know what I just realized the reason that we probably build these is because you get to like get this start to salivate as you’re preparing your dish anticipation starts to build up as you’re getting the whole time in you know that’s also though sophisticated oh my god Stephens designer bite is coming up naturally I’m gonna add some of the crispy parts here at Carla’s onions fresh red onion course cucumber and I’m adding a chip because is there when you give me options I’ll take all of them you’re a monster you know you jealous when you started I was like there’s no way this isn’t gonna end up looking stupid but now I’m looking at guys looks pretty fun what’s the verdict heck yeah I want to try this it’s really the crunch that I had it here I think cucumbers my favorite part I can’t imagine eating this on a beach oh for sure Stephen I’ve brought you back to the beach thank you very much we’ve had our fish tacos it’s sunset on another worth its story time to decide okay which fish taco what’s the most worth it to you my were that winner is hole Bosh there was so much on that menu that I can easily go back three more times and not eat any of the same food whose you’re worth it winner okay look I would eat all of them all the time but if I were that winner it also goes through homage the wood flavor cloth the I’ll tell it made this beautiful thing that just yeah steam my mouth I couldn’t something about it here’s the thing each fish taco today had a special occasion where you would eat it Rikki’s is the go-to hole Bosh a date night and then Connie seafood that’s the group gathering taco spot Adam who’s you’re worth it winner well Adam says hole Bosh Annie who’s your worth a winner okay okay good night and good luck I’m gonna go that way should we finally touch the ocean let’s go touch the ocean [Music] my god there’s a bike coming [Music] jump in this volleyball game real quick [Music]