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    What If? – YWAM Ships Kona
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    What If? – YWAM Ships Kona

    December 4, 2019

    The world is a watery place and no
    generations past have used the waterways to seek their own fortunes and take what
    was not theirs. Today, Floating Cities of Hope are
    setting sail to give and not to take, to serve and not the gain. Of the seven
    billion people on earth. 2.3 have no reliable source of energies. Four billion
    are without modern communication services. 863 million people remain
    illiterate, more than 1 billion people don’t have access to roads. 2 billion
    people still have no access to basic health or dental care and every hour, 900
    children under the age of 5 die due to the lack of basic sanitation. Without access to
    education or basic human rights many live without options,
    not everyone has an airport nearby but a boat can reach shores, where there are no
    airports and gain access to the most remote places on earth,
    in fact Ships can reach nearly 80% of the world’s population via sea ports and
    waterways and can carry a mobile community equipped to help, a crew of
    missionaries ready to make a diffrence. What if people were empowered to speak
    up whose voices were once silenced? Those from remote places could have access to
    health care food and clean water supplies? Local businesses once abandoned
    were stimulated and people could benefit from the natural resources of their own
    lands, people on the ground were trained to be trainers themselves. What if the
    quality of life can be radically improved and sustained for people far
    and wide. With core strategies of training trainers, evangelism and acts of
    compassion with YWAM Ships are ready for action!
    YWAM Ships carry equipment and supplies with the ability to support
    ministry for extended periods of time. These self sustained mobile cities carry
    not only solar resources, food, water and medical supplies, but our communities and
    workers have expertise to administer, educate, train and empower those on the
    ground to bring change in their own communities. These vessels have the
    potential to disciple multiple spheres of society and impact entire regions. A
    new generation of seafaring pioneers and adventurers are emerging selfless in
    their zeal. To know God and make him known. I’m serious about changing
    people’s lives, passionate students, professionals and volunteers are
    gathering the see the waterways now become waves of life and hope. Now in Southern
    California and other locations in North America
    we believe there are ships to be released! It’s time for America to see
    these Vessels of Hope released from our ports. Join with us in this historic
    moment. Hope on the Waterways. YWAM Ships.

    Fish Passage Construction – Caltrans News Flash #215
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    Fish Passage Construction – Caltrans News Flash #215

    December 3, 2019

    Hi I’m Andrew Goetz with Caltrans News
    Flash. Behind me you can see crews working on the installation of a
    bottomless precast concrete arch, the first of its kind here in District 1. In
    a moment we’re gonna head down there and find out what makes this bottomless
    precast concrete arch so different. Two steel culverts needed to be removed at
    Ritmer Creek just north of Crescent City which presented an opportunity for
    Caltrans construction project to install this new bottomless arch and improve
    fish passage. So this precast concrete arch comes out here in segments. As you can see behind me we’ve got these precast concrete arch segments and the
    foundation segments. It’s very modular. We’ve also got the
    wing walls and head walls that come in in separate pieces and we’re able to
    piece this thing together in a very short amount of time. I think this stage
    of construction was completed in about four hours. So a large portion of the
    structure is actually going to be buried and you won’t see most of it. We’re going
    to be bringing in natural stream bed material here up to the existing grade
    of the creek and it’ll be to approximately five feet above where
    we’re standing now. Some older culverts like the one at Ritmer Creek can restrict
    the movement of fish and other wildlife. Fish passage, reconnecting fish, reptiles
    and animals to their natural habitats along the waterway will be enhanced with
    this new bottomless culvert. At Ritmer Creek we had two culverts that needed to be replaced and removed and so in this case we decided to use a precast arch
    culvert option to span the channel and to provide a natural stream bottom
    channel allowing for the continuity of the system and the migration of the
    organisms that we are concerned with. Each fish passage location is is unique.
    We will have to take into consideration what organisms that we’re designing for
    for each location and geomorphology for each location, also the hydrology or the
    amount of water and the hydraulics or the roughness the physical features of
    the channel. For Caltrans News Flash, I’m Andrew Goetz.

    Guide To Los Angeles 🌴 Venice Beach California
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    Guide To Los Angeles 🌴 Venice Beach California

    December 3, 2019

    hello guys welcome back to my channel
    today’s video is going to be a Los Angeles guide to Venice Beach I love
    doing content around Los Angeles you guys have seen my moving to LA video and
    my living in Los Angeles video in this video I’m gonna tell you all about the
    places that I love to go in the city of Venice Beach tons of people travel to
    Los Angeles every single year at all times of the year because it’s pretty
    beautiful here all of the time especially in the summer
    sunny California days are the absolute best because I travel a ton I am super
    excited to be working with hot wire to create this video for you guys how I are
    is a website where you can find four-star hotels at two-star prices and
    the way that hot wire does that is they hide the name of the hotel and I just
    recently did that I tried it and it was definitely part of the fun the fact that
    you can go through all of the different hotel options that they have you don’t
    know what your hotel name is but you can get really good deals for some really
    nice hotels booking with Hotwire makes it so you can experience luxury hotels
    without the high price tags that way you have more money to spend on a massage or
    dining which is always a good thing definitely check out how I are in the
    link that I put in the description box for you guys so you can book killer
    prices on hotels car rentals or flights alright so you get to Venice Beach and
    you want a coffee because if you are anything like me the very first thing
    you want to do in your new location is find the best coffee shop I got you but
    no D’s is my favorite coffee shop in all of Ennis speech I actually owe that to
    Marco who is part of the vagabrothers he is my boyfriend’s brother he introduced
    mono teas to me and ever since it has been my favorite coffee shop in all of
    Venice Beach potentially and this is a bold statement by me potentially my
    favorite coffee shop in all of LA that’s a big that’s a big statement coming from
    me but I freaking love that place it’s a tiny little hole-in-the-wall cafe that’s
    right underneath signe there’s usually a good amount of
    people there you’re probably always gonna have a line unless you go midday
    on like a Tuesday the location is amazing because you have a lot of really
    cool places to grab a quick bite to eat and you also have the boardwalk right
    there which is the best place to people watch I love everything that they have
    there my favorite is just Spanish a lot today though so if you guys go and get
    it please tell me and let me know what you think about it one of my favorite
    places for breakfast in Venice is the butcher’s daughter first off it is so
    aesthetically pleasing I have to say every time I go in there I’m like I want
    my entire apartment to look like this place look it up online if you don’t
    live in LA and you will get all of the inspiration for just decor in general
    but not only that the food is so good the butcher’s daughter is 100%
    vegetarian the food is so delicious they have tons of vegan options and
    gluten-free options so if you have dietary restrictions this is probably
    the place for you but if you are somebody without dietary
    restrictions you will still love this place so much my favorite thing to order
    there is the surfers breakfast burrito and I love this because it is the best
    bang for your buck there because there are definitely things there that you’re
    like a little bit expensive but potentially worth it but the surfers
    breakfast burrito you get a really great sized burrito
    with a lot of deliciousness in it and it tastes so good at a really good price I
    think it’s about 10 bucks or so and it’s filled with tons of stuff and it’s super
    delicious so I get that and a nice matcha and it’s a delicious
    combo 4 things to do Venice Beach has such a wonderful neighborhood vibe to it
    everyone is riding bicycles skateboarding and as of late everyone
    and their mother is writing Electra scooters called Birds and there’s also a
    new one called lime I think it’s kind of like your uber lyft rivalry situation
    but in an electric scooter but literally everybody is on them it’s insane most of
    the locals in Venice Beach have bicycles and if you want to rent one as a tourist
    or if you’re just visiting the area there is a place called Perry’s bike
    rental that is at the Santa Monica beach near Tower 26 that’s the one I recommend
    if you’re going to be spending the day at the beach
    obviously there is like Muscle Beach which is really famous in Venice Beach I
    would recommend to lay out and spend your beach time at the Santa Monica
    beach at Tower 26 because it is so close to Venice and it’s gonna be a little bit
    more secluded to enjoy a beach day if you want to like eat and lounge it’s
    just less people and its really nice to spend a beach day there another reason
    why I like it is because right next to Perry’s bike rental is this little food
    hut where you can order coconut so you can feel like you’re in the Caribbean
    and they’re only like six bucks which is so awesome
    I just had one this week and I just thought why am I not gonna do this the
    entire summer so that is that is where I will be the summer when the Sun starts
    to go down and it’s becoming cold an hour
    I highly recommend a walk through the Venice canals there’s so many people
    that don’t know about the Venice canals or feel like it’s just a myth or
    something I’ve talked to so many people that are like where are they I’ve heard
    about these things but I don’t know where they are just pull out your Google
    Maps type in Venice canals it will take you there walking through the canals
    it’s something I would highly recommend something you have to do when you’re in
    Venice Beach cuz you’re pretty much just walking through history Abbot Kinney is
    a developer that created the Venice canals to resemble Venice Italy and it’s
    so stunning shout out to the vagabrothers for that history
    information they always give me all the best history information for everywhere
    we go so definitely learned that from my boys
    last but not least for dinner time you have to check out Julie
    on a bikini I would highly recommend it for dinnertime I’ve had breakfast there
    and lunch and if you’re gonna have lunch there definitely get the mushroom pizza
    oh it’s so freakin good they have several mushroom pizzas and they’re all
    amazing I really like the one with goat cheese but I would rather recommend to
    go there at dinner because they have a ton of veggie sides and like all of
    these amazing dishes that are so delicious
    I’d recommend to sit outside on the patio
    obviously there are so many places in Venice Beach to eat off of Abbot Kinney
    but when you’re in Venice Beach and you want to try a place that a lot of the
    locals love and a lot of people that are coming into town – it’s a very popular
    spot Gelinas is where it’s at and if you go for dessert you have to have the
    butterscotch pudding it is my mouth is watering just thinking about it right
    now it is so delicious the first time I had
    it I just had this moment of like we belong together me and this butterscotch
    pudding it was salty and sweet and just oh I can’t even tell you guys so yeah
    you you’ll have to get that and then if the Sun has not yet set walk outside and
    watch the sunset over the ocean whether it be rooftop somewhere or right there
    in front of the ocean there is nothing like a Los Angeles sunset I mean that’s
    not entirely true because I’ve seen some really great sunsets in my life but Los
    Angeles sunsets are pretty great so you you know you’re gonna get the orange and
    we got like we’ve got pinks and oranges it’s it’s really it’s pretty beautiful
    so definitely catch the sunset if you can and that is it for my Los Angeles
    guide to Venice Beach for you guys I hope that you really enjoyed this video
    I hope you got some really good tips I know you guys have asked me lots of
    times where I love to go and eat in LA and
    those are some of my absolute favorites so enjoy them let me know if you go and
    how your experiences here in LA and definitely
    check the link in the description box for more information about hotwire
    because why not get deals when you travel travel is the best thing in the
    world and getting good deals while you travel is even better so definitely
    check it out I love you guys to the moon and back again and I’ll see you very
    soon in the next one happy travels

    The Puppies Go To The Beach
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    The Puppies Go To The Beach

    December 3, 2019

    (light cheerful music) – [Narrator] The service dogs in training from Doggy Do Good have a big day ahead of them. It’s beach day! The sun, the surf, and boundless distractions that could cause any of these dogs to flunk out of Service Dog School. This is Puppy Prep. ^(light cheerful music) None of the pups are more excited to smell that ocean air ^than eight-month-old Golden Retriever, Luke. He’s been hanging out by the beach since he was only a couple months old. ^His half-sister, Remmy, is also excited, maybe too excited. It’s all right for her to take a second and adjust to the new sights and smells, but when it comes time for work, Remmy’s going to need to focus. For these puppies, the first order of business at any new location is to sample the local grass. While they’re not supposed to chew on the foliage, it’s easy for the pups to sneak a bite when the trainers have their backs turned. And the trainers turn their back frequently. Having this many puppies around draws attention, and people are excited to learn about the service dogs. But Nelly and Remmy are taking this chance to mess around. (dogs barking) The dogs aren’t supposed to go on the sand after 10:00, and while special exception can be made for service animals, there’s no shortage of other activities by the ocean, like the playground. The playground offers a multitude of different surfaces, sounds, and experiences. All of this builds confidence, getting the puppies ready for anything. ^First one up, six-month-old Chocolate Lab, Benelli. Climbing on rocks and walking on sand may appear simple, but it’s actually building the puppy’s comfort on a variety of surfaces. Wherever Benelli goes, she needs to be focused not on where she’s standing but on what her owner may need. – Good girl. – [Narrator] After breezing through the different surfaces, it’s time for something that will really disorient her. – Good girl. – [Narrator] The slide. While Benelli’s future owners may never actually take her down a slide, it’s important she has confidence to handle all kinds of new experiences. At first, she’s nervous, but with some coaxing and the promise of treat… – Good girl! – [Narrator] …even a puppy like Benelli can find her courage. Now back on firm land, the trainer is sure to praise Benelli up, building a connection in the puppy’s mind between bravery and reward. Fresh off the excitement of the slide, Trainer Paul tosses his keys to ensure Benelli still knows it’s work time. – Good, get it. – [Narrator] And she happily does her job. – Benelli, great, get it. Benelli, get it. Good girl. – [Narrator] There’s still one more slide for Benelli to attempt. (dramatic drumbeats) The spiral slide. That is, if she can get up to it. With a bit of a running start… – Benelli, jump. – [Narrator] …she makes the leap. – Good girl. – [Narrator] Her lesson from the other slide has her excited to try this one. Having never seen them before five minutes ago, slides are now simple for the six-month-old Chocolate Lab. – Woo hoo hoo! Good girl!
    Good girl. – [Narrator] Back with the dogs in down stay, ^Karen tries to refocus Remmy. She tries to get the Golden to heel, and focus in, but the eight-month-old won’t settle down. This isn’t good. Remmy’s future owner will count on her, day in and day out. And, it looks like Remmy’s lack of focus is starting to spread. Luke, get back! Come on, Karen’s trying to focus on Remmy. Kaya, are you serious? Come on! – Kaya, no! – [Narrator] All three Goldens have the sillies now, even usually dependable Luke. Kaya has to refocus, and quick. It’s her turn to walk the playground. ^The eight-month-old enjoys jumping on different surfaces. – Good girl! Good girl. Come on, let’s go. – [Narrator] The straight slide. – Good girl! Good girl, Kaya! Good girl! – [Narrator] And when it’s time for the spiral slide, what was a tough jump for Benelli is an easy hop for Kaya. But, what goes up must come down, and Kaya’s confused how that’s supposed to happen. When Sandy, the owner of Doggie Do Good, leads the way, Kaya eventually figures it out. She’s immediately praised for her bravery. – Good girl! Good girl! – [Narrator] A second attempt down the slide… (laughs) Oh, look at you. Oh, no. Good try, Kaya.
    Good try. – Good girl. Good girl, Kaya. – [Narrator] But, what’s important is that Kaya’s conquered her fear, and admirably so. Back in the down stay, it looks like Remy has finally calmed… Oh. Relax, Remmy.
    It’s just a bird. All right.
    Good girl, Remmy. Thank goodness you’re finally starting to show some self-control, otherwise today could have been the day you failed at… Oh no. – [Trainer] Remmy! – [Narrator] Breaking from a down stay to this degree is a bad sign. With Karen working with Kaya, Paul has to leave the dogs to find where Remmy ran off. Even though they’re unsupervised, they don’t dare to break; no one wants the fate that’s about to befall Remmy. Lockdown. Remmy now has to think about what she’s done, and hope it doesn’t mean expulsion. ^Now, it’s Luke’s turn to take a lap around the playground. – Good boy. – [Narrator] His first challenge is the rocking horse. Karen is trying to get Luke to jump over it, in preparation for future awkward spaces. – Stay. – [Narrator] Luke is not having it. – Good boy.
    Jump over it. – [Narrator] He hasn’t had problems of bravery in the past, so this is a new issue. – Over it.
    Nope. Over it.
    Good boy, come on. – [Narrator] Eventually, our hero figures it out. – Good, good! Good boy! – [Narrator] And Karen is sure to reward his courage. – Good job! Good boy, let’s go! – [Narrator] If Luke shows the same hesitation on the slide, then… – Good boy! – [Narrator] …well, nevermind. – Good job, Luke! Good boy! – [Narrator] Looks like after only a couple attempts, he’s already a pro. – Good job!
    Good boy! – [Narrator] Good job, buddy. – Good job. – [Narrator] When Luke returns to down stay, he finds Deacon is still getting used to his harness. He’s not quite sure why he can’t flip all the way over on his back. Paul straightens him out, and it’s back to down stay. ^Okay, Remmy. ^You’ve had a tough day so far, so time to redeem yourself on the playground. First up is the rocking horse that Luke struggled with. – Come on.
    Good girl. Over it. – [Narrator] Just like with her half-brother, it’s a matter of confidence. – Let’s go. – [Narrator] And it suddenly looks like Remmy’s lost most of hers. The culprit? The pirate ship steering wheel. – Just need a second. – [Narrator] Notice how her tail is tucked between her legs? So do the trainers. They’re hyper-aware of the pup’s attitude, and this is a huge signal from Remmy. Karen gets down on Remmy’s level and starts feeding her treats. She pets her and praises her, trying to show Remmy she’s safe. Remmy then has to pass by the wheel several more times, ensuring the dog has confronted her fear. – [Karen] Good girl. – [Narrator] If Karen can get Remmy to sniff the wheel or be still next to it, that’s going to be a great indication that Remmy’s making progress. – Good girl! – [Narrator] Eventually, a sniff. – [Karen] Good job! – [Narrator] And after a few more laps, her tail starts to wag again. Remmy’s done extremely well, and with so much excitement already had on the playground, the slide can wait for another day. ^Back on the grass, the undeniable Mr. Pip ^finds himself in an embarrassing situation. – [Trainer] Mr. Pip. – [Narrator] Because he is by far the worst at down stay, Mr. Pip has to be tied up, to the other dogs. Luke seems confused why he has to babysit, but he doesn’t mind. It gives him something to watch as he snacks on the grass. – [Trainer] Luke, leave it. Luke, release. – [Narrator] Finally, some respect. Unbelievable. Chin up, Mr. Pip. You’re still a hero in our hearts. (Mr. Pip whines) ^Another hero from Doggie Do Good is recent graduate Sammy. Sammy transitioned to his forever family only five months ago, but his bond with handler Bryce has been immediate. Sammy helps Bryce with several diagnoses, including generalized anxiety disorder, ADHD, inflammatory bowel disease, and bipolar disorder. One way Sammy aids Bryce is during Bryce’s regular blood draws. Before going into an appointment, Sammy gives Bryce hugs and pressure, helping to prepare the boy for the anxiety the needles cause. During the draws, Sammy gives Bryce constant pressure to help him feel more comfortable. Sammy knows Bryce isn’t in distress now, but the 18-month-old lab checks in constantly, making sure, if Bryce ever needs him, he’s there. While Bryce’s family had always had animals, at first, they weren’t sure about adding a service dog. The support that Sammy’s provided in only his first few months, however, has made it all worth it. Someday, the puppies in training will have similar bonds with their owners and be just as important to a family as Sammy is. Back with the student pups, it’s time for a long walk on the beach. ^Or at least next to it. ^Remmy’s had a big day, so trainer Paul takes this walk very slow. Whenever Remmy begins to pull away or move in a different direction, the trainer stops. This teaches Remmy to stay focused. During a heel, the puppies need to be paying attention to the handler constantly, not drifting away on their own line. – [Paul] Good girl. – [Narrator] Eventually, Remmy starts to do better. On the stairs, heel is even more difficult for these pups. Dogs want to be on even ground, and prefer bolting up and down steps. The people they’ll someday aid, however, may need help with stairs, so it’s important the puppies learn patience. To end her day, Paul works with Remmy on one of her special abilities: hug. As difficult as the day has been for the young Golden, it’s important to remember that someday she’ll be a huge comfort to a lucky family. It’s going to take work and patience, but it’s clear it’ll be worth it. – Release. Good. – [Narrator] Some dogs can become nervous on the pier, as the spaces between the uneven surfaces can be uncomfortable under their paws. ^Not our Mr. Pip, though. ^He even finds the time to get in some of his best down stay work to date. Good boy, Mr. Pip. As the day winds down, Paul begins ^to test a special skill with Kaya: steady. Steady allows people with mobility issues to put pressure on a dog, to sit down, stand up, or just regain their balance. It’s one of Deacon’s specialties, and might someday be Kaya’s as well. Knowing her eight-month-old joints are still developing, Paul puts only the lightest of pressure over her legs. Once she’s grown, she’ll be able to take much more weight, and may even wear a harness like Deacon. At the end of the day, some dogs took steps forward, while others, steps back. For all these puppies, though, it’s still too soon to tell who will flunk out, and who will graduate Puppy Prep. (light cheerful music)

    TRAVEL VLOG: San Francisco | Train, Glass Beach, & Botanical Gardens
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    TRAVEL VLOG: San Francisco | Train, Glass Beach, & Botanical Gardens

    December 2, 2019

    Good morning. I’m headed over to Union Station to go to San Francisco. The train is going to take about 8 hours, but I am taking you along. Hey everyone. I just got to SF. I am heading over to the Botanical Garden. I’ll show you guys. Hey, I am headed to Glass Beach in Fort Bragg. It’s about a 3 hour drive up north from San Francisco. Hey, I am back in LA now. I hope you enjoyed and thank you so much for watching and I will see you in my next video.

    Is this the Best Party in Miami Beach? | Art Basel Florida
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    Is this the Best Party in Miami Beach? | Art Basel Florida

    November 29, 2019

    Good morning Vagabuddies. What’s going on? We are at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida, and we’ve come here for Art Basel. Bro, what is Art Basel? Art Basel is the largest gathering of artists in the U.S. It’s an art festival about modern art that started in Basel, Switzerland, came to Miami Beach fifteen years ago this week. It’s a four-day festival. There are thousands of collectors, artists, connoisseurs from all around the world gathering to look at the new art, buy some pieces and have a lot of fun in the process. And not only artists, connoisseurs, and collectors, but people like us, tons of spectators. So it’s going to be a super fun couple days of partying, so stick with us. But first things first……breakfast. Can I just say that I love South Beach? I love Miami. This is an international city. It’s a Caribbean… It’s a Latin city. It’s tropical You’ve got the Art Deco right here. It’s beautiful, man. I love this place, and this is a good place to people watch. Marko loves Art Deco. I have to agree. It’s cool. It’s a cool architectural style. But this place definitely does it right. I think the palm trees really accentuate Art Deco for me. The thing is…this is an historical area. All the hotels here can’t make any changes. It has to stay the way it is. You’ll see why this is the perfect place to have an art festival. It’s got style for miles. Vagabrothers. That’s us. Thankfully, we got media passes. We can skip past this huge line…..go in.. hopefully get some behind the scenes access because that’s what it is all about. We’re going to be hobknobbing with a lot of rich and famous and society people. It should be pretty fun. My favorite part about this….. air conditioning. One of the things that is universal about the art world is that it is a place where people come to be seen. And I think that is the case even more so here in Miami because Miami is a flashy city. Miami is a city where people want to look good and put their best foot forward. And I think here at Art Basel in Miami, it is the “creme de la creme.” Another thing that I really do like about art is that it’s open to interpretation from the individual who is viewing it. Art can mean something different to everyone. And I think with a lot of this newer avant-garde art, that is very much the case because I have no idea what this thing is supposed to mean. But to somebody, it might mean something very, very deep. So finally some art that I actually understand. This is Picasso. There are actual….. There are a couple of Picassos here being sold. So you can see, it’s not just the newest art It’s also some very famous painters, as well. Take a look. Can you tell me what your favorite thing about Art Basel Miami is? Well, I guess it’s that everybody comes from all around the world. There are galleries, art collectors, and the city gets so much exposure. It’s like an epicenter of art now, Miami. For a South African gallery, it takes 16 hours for us to get here, it’s great to reach an American audience. Well definitely the art, you know, parties, you know, happening, the lights. Interesting..makes people want to come. You get to see Picasso. And for me as well. It’s electric. This is the Baylor Gallery And this one has a huge installation with actual real-life pasta that’s been served on plates. People are freaking out about it. Makes me ask the question.. what came first……. the chicken or the spaghetti? I don’t know if you guys know this. You might because I’ve said it before. I’m kind of a bird nerd. I’m obsessed with birds. This has to be my favorite installation of the day Birds. Andy Warhol. 1967 Andy Warhol’s banana that was on the cover of the Velvet Underground album and made super famous. It’s crazy to be able to see pieces like this… the originators of modern art two feet in front of my face. Regular reality during Art Basel is pretty cool. We’re going to make our way down to the One Hotel where there’s apparently a really cool party that started on the Island Ibiza and is popping off here. We’ll show you more when we get there. We made it in. We’re inside of Rumors and rumor has it that this party’s going to be popping off tonight. Having a couple of cocktails, sun is going down, and having a good time. It’s really nice because it’s very loungy It’s not like a boom..boom….boom club. There are beautiful people. There’re good drinks. good music, and everything is…. That was a super fun way to transition into the evening. We’re going to switch it up. We’re going to head over to the Freehand Hotel to a place called the Broken Shaker… grab one more cocktail. Stay tuned. Right now for dinner and drinks we’re at the Freehand It’s an upscale hostel with a great bar. And upscale hostels are the best of both worlds. We’re going to meet up with our friend, Lisa, who is a YouTuber from the Netherlands and have some dinner and drinks. Hey, guys. Hello. How’s it going? We have been joined by Lisa and Michelle from the Netherlands who are here shooting some stuff. How do you like Art Basel in Miami so far? Miami is great. The weather is great and the people. The people are really nice here. I don’t want to leave tomorrow. And Michelle…how’s it going over there? Pretty good. I’m drinking water. How long have you girls been in Florida? Eight days now. We’re leaving tomorrow. Make sure to go check out Lisa and Michelle. We’ll link them in the info box. And if you speak Dutch, you probably already know Lisa. I have to say though, this place is really “gezellig” Right? Prost. Cheers. Prost. May I just say that I think this is actually my favorite bar in the U.S. but maybe in the world. I love this place. And that’s not hyperbole or any exaggeration. Wow. It is a great bar. And you know what? It is a great city, and it’s been a great day. I’ve had such a good time, and hopefully you guys have enjoyed it coming along with us. If you guys liked this video, you’ve got to stay tuned for tomorrow. We’re going to be going to the Wynnwood Art District on the other side of the bay. Give it a thumbs-up; share it with your friends and subscribe to Vagabrothers if you have not already. Big thanks to Miami Tourism for bringing us out here. Go check out Art Basel See you guys here next year. In the meantime stay curious; keep exploring and we’ll see you guys on the road. Peace.

    Pasta Fazool: Pasta e Fagioli, Italian Cooking Video – Gianni’s North Beach
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    Pasta Fazool: Pasta e Fagioli, Italian Cooking Video – Gianni’s North Beach

    November 28, 2019

    I’m Gianni and this is my North Beach.
    I’m making pasta e fagioli aka pasta fazool. This is a favorite of mine and it’s also a
    favorite of lovelyamor13, who suggested that I make this on YouTube. So that’s what I’m
    cooking today. So let me show you the ingredients for pasta
    fazool. Here’s cannellini beans, that I soaked overnight.
    Ditalini, the little short cut pasta. Extra virgin olive oil.
    Celery. Onion.
    Garlic. Fresh Italian parsley.
    Bay leaf. Dried oregano.
    Sea salt. Black pepper.
    So let me get the odori going first. I’m going to use celery and onion.
    So there’s one. The second one. See these leaves over here?
    This is gonna add flavor to it. If I got celery leaves, we’re gonna use them.
    Okay, there’s my celery. Then we’re gonna take half an onion.
    Okay, now got a little bit of garlic here. Baboom. And baboom.
    Give this a rough chop also. Let me get my pan going. I’m using this enamel
    pot. We’re gonna give it some olive oil. Maybe about 2 tablespoons, I’d say.
    Get these in. So this is the celery, the onions, the garlic,
    the bay leaf. All that goodness is going right in there.
    I don’t want to get any color on this, so I’m gonna keep a good eye on it and we just
    want them to soften a little bit. They’ll finish cooking in the soup, of course.
    But I just want to cook them a little bit to bring out their flavor. Any time I’m making
    a soup or a stew, I’ll always start this way by cooking your herbs or your garlic, onions.
    So we’ll just let those go for a minute or two.
    Now that the onions and the celery have sweated down a little bit, this is my Sicilian oregano.
    And I’m gonna add that now. Just let that toast up.
    I’ve got the cannellini beans that I soaked overnight.
    I’m gonna put a cup or two of these in. If you don’t want to soak beans overnight,
    you can use canned cannellini beans. Just make sure that you drain them well because
    you know there’s gonna be a lot of starch at the bottom of the can and you don’t want
    that in here. We’re gonna add some water to this.
    You could use chicken stock, you could use vegetable stock, but this is gonna be such
    a flavorful dish, I don’t think you need it. I don’t want the salt, I don’t want the other
    flavors, so I’m using some good old Hetch Hetchy water here in San Francisco.
    And you want to make sure that you’re more than fully covering the beans.
    So I’m gonna bring the heat up to high. The lid on ajar.
    And we’ll just test these in about 15 minutes and see if the beans are tender.
    So the beans have been cooking for about 10 minutes in the boiling water.
    So I just want to add the final ingredients here before the pasta goes in.
    So I’m just gonna add some parsley here to help flavor that broth, right? Because it’s
    just water. A little bit of salt and pepper. And then
    we can always adjust. This is a tomato puree from Italy. So I’m
    gonna add some of this for color. Let’s take a look here and see how we’re doing.
    I think my beans are gonna be–let me taste one for you. I don’t want to get burnt here.
    Mmm. The beans are just about to the creamy stage.
    It’s time to add my ditalini. You know, usually, my mother used to make this with ditali, right?
    It ended over here. No “ni”. Because they’re a bigger cut than this. It’s
    hard to find ditali, this cut sometimes. So ditalini you see more often.
    So I’m using that. It’s gonna be just as good. Some people like to cook their pasta separate
    and then add it. So there’s one downside to doing it this way.
    The pasta gonna swell up, so you better eat this soon. The good thing is that some of
    that starch from the ditalini are gonna help thicken the soup.
    So we’ll let it go probably about another 5, 6 minutes and we’re gonna be eating some
    pasta fazool. Let me taste it.
    I got a bean and I got some…I think it’s gonna be done though.
    Mmm. Perfect. Needs a little salt. Right? Always adjust
    salt and pepper. I’ll give it a little bit of fresh pepper
    here, too. So this isn’t a real watery soup.
    See, you can see here, see how it thickened because it had the starch coming off the pasta?
    That’s the way you want it. Okay, so here’s our pasta fazool.
    I’m just gonna brighten it up a little bit with some parsley.
    Nice olive oil. A little drizzle. A little pecorino.
    Look at the mess I made over here. Get that all in there.
    That cheese is expensive. I don’t want to lose any.
    Okay, let me take a little bit here. See how nice and thick it is, though?
    You don’t want this to be like a broth. Look at that.
    Some of the beans. Some of the little ditalini. Burning my hand.
    Mmm. Just like my mother made in New Jersey. Be sure you subscribe. And you can check out
    another episode here. Hey, what are you waiting for? Click something.
    When the moon hits your face like a big pizza pie, that’s amore.
    When the stars make you drool that’s pasta fazool and I’m having some more-e. Mmm.
    When the moon hits your face?