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    VENICE BEACH Shopping Challenge | Los Angeles, California
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    VENICE BEACH Shopping Challenge | Los Angeles, California

    January 19, 2020

    We’re trying to find my brother something here. And Marko steals Alex’s underwear. I don’t always. I’m accused of it. We do laundry together; they get mixed up. Thank you. Throw me under the bus, Carrie. What’s up guys? Welcome back to Vagabrothers Right now we are in Venice Beach, California on Abbot Kinney Street. What are we up to today? Well we’re here with Carrie Rad. Hello My lovely girlfriend. Hey guys. And we’re going to go try to find some shop. We’re doing a shopping challenge. The goal is we’re each going to have 50 bucks, and we’ll see who can buy the coolest things for each other with 50 bucks on Abbott Kinney, which is not easy because there’s a lot of high price shops here. We’re going to start off with lunch at a our favorite restaurant, Gjelina. Always a line here, so it’s smart to make a reservation, and they can text you in 20 minutes when it’s ready. Going to go for the Japanese sweet potato with jalapeno yogurt and scallions. OK. The charred brussels sprouts and the tuna salad. The main course we have is roasted chicken with a little sauce. The pizzas here are great. We got the mushroom truffle goat cheese which is just like a trifecta of my favorite things. Everything looks absolutely amazing. The pizzas here, like Marko said, are incredible, but anything with truffle oil and goat cheese is like a guaranteed, winning combination. Lunch was great, but now we’ve come up with the formula for what’s going to happen. What’s going to happen ? Basically we’ve got 45 minutes each. We’ve got 50 bucks, which is not a lot..a stretch on Abbott Kinney. We’re all going to get gifts for each other. We thought this out; you’ve drawn up a diagram. Want to see my diagram? Diagrams help. We pretty much want to buy each other things. So I guess I’m up first. I’m shopping for Carrie, my girlfriend. I have a pretty good plan of what I want to do, and I know that there’s this cool little shop down the street that might have exactly what I’m looking for. Let’s go. What’s this? Brazilian bum bum cream. Helps posteriors look and feel and feel their smoothest. Do you know how much this bum bum cream is? So I have purchased a gift, comes in a big bag, but it’s small and carry -on approved. Got the Malin-Goetz fruit facial cleanser, bergamont bodywash vitamin B body moisture, peppermint shampoo and cilantro hair conditioner $32. After tax, I have seventeen dollars and thirty cents left in my pocket. I’m going to head over to this garden shop and see if I can’t get her a little succulent because Carrie loves miniature things. I did that one last night. That’s beautiful. Seven dollars, a great piece of artwork done. 50 bucks on the spot…on the dot. Thank you. Have a good afternoon. We didn’t know the story behind Venice. Originally, this place was built to be like Venice, Italy. This street here was a canal, as were many here in Venice. It got filled in later in the ‘ 40s , I think . Abbott Kinney has gone through a lot of evolution, from kind of a seedy place in the ’70s , to now one of the most trendy spots. All these stores are super expensive. So the challenge is really going to be to find something affordable. We are at Intelligentsia on Abbott Kinney, one of the better coffee shops in Venice. There’s quite a few. Carrie’s favorite. Intelligentsia is amazing all over L.A., started in Chicago so good. My shopping or Carrie has been completed. Now Carrie and I are going to take off and shop for Marko. Good luck. What’s the plan? Where are we going? What do you think? You’re his brother. You’ve know him for 30 years. No, you’ve know him for 28. Where are we going? Almost 29. We’re getting up there. Let’s do this. There’s a book shop down there that I think would be good I don’t know . I feel like he’s such a book guy, but don’t you feel he has so many books? What does your brother use right now for a wallet? It’s bad. The wallet situation is old…yeah, it was cool. Actually I’m using the same one. We got it at Buffer Festival two years ago I’m so excited right now. We just found a gift that we can initial. And it took 10 minutes. Also has a lifetime guarantee, too. Awesome. Perfect. What are the initials? M.R.A. So good. One more time. I was expecting an ice cream truck, but… Salt and Straw. It’s got some incredible gelato. The lavander…so good. Lavender and honey, isn’t it? Honestly, the hardest thing here is choosing a flavor. Luckily, they let you sample pretty much every single one, and then after you ask really politely, they usually give you a gigantic scoop. Not official company policy. Peace out. Now it’s time for you. Bye. Ahhhhh. Ok. Let’s go. I really think we should take a look at Scotch and Soda because we know he likes that store a lot. We’ll be able to find something around that he might possibly like. I think that’s a good idea. We just got the gift for Alex. it’s a sweet little shirt; went for one gift instead of many. I think he’ll be happy, and now we’re going to go over and get a little drink of beer here at the sushi bar Fifty dollars on Abbot Kinney, as we have found out, does not go as far as we thought it would, but it can. It can go far; you have to be strategic. I got you a beautiful little succulent purple….. these are the purple species, dark purple. His name is Succulentist Purpolonus Magenta. I got you a bookmark that is hand-drawn ; it’s a piece of art and it was hand drawn by some very colorful friendly locals. Very cool. You’re welcome. And last but not least, I got you this Swedish made…[penis enlarger]…Swedish made… Swedish made….. No. I got you this really nice Swedish beauty kit. It’s all carry-on approved, one ounce. And if you just saw our video on essential packing list, this is actually a good alternative to the triumph and disaster kit that we said. All right, Marko. Now it is your turn. We went to Will Leather Goods. I have seen this shop in Nolita, in New York and really thought it was cool, but I’ve not… Comes in a little box. I’ll allow you to open it. Great things come in little boxes. 3-2-1 Reveal. Oh yes, yes. This is what I was hoping for. Look inside, Bro. Inside? M.R.A. Wow my initials. I had heard about this… that they do custom engraving when you buy it. That’s so cool Final gift is my gift to my brother, Alex. We went to a number of places. We know that your’re a particular person when it comes to gifts. You know what you like; you know what you don’t like. Oh very nice. This took up the whole budget, but I didn’t want to get you something a little extra , which I thought you might like. I appreciate it. This is from right next door. It’ s Stag. I got you scotch-whiskey soaked toothpicks because Alex always likes toothpicks. I do love my toothpicks. I know it’s only five bucks, but I thought this could almost outweigh the shirt in some ways. This is great. Thank you guys. I appreciate it, Brother. Hopefully you guys had some ideas on where to shop in Abbott Kinney. We’ll leave links to all the stores we went to the info box, and hopefully that will help you find a gift for under 50 bucks. Good luck.. apart from that, guys ..if you enjoyed this video, you know what to do: give it a thumbs-up, share it with your friends, and subscribe to Carrie, if you have not already. Thanks, guys. She’s pretty rad. Stay curious, keep exploring, and we’ll see you guys on the road. Peace.

    GAME MASTER CHALLENGE! Box Fort Prison Underground Maze Escape Room (Hacked By Project Zorgo)
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    GAME MASTER CHALLENGE! Box Fort Prison Underground Maze Escape Room (Hacked By Project Zorgo)

    January 13, 2020

    Oh looks like I made it out of that
    prison but where are we now guys I don’t know if we’re in another prison or
    something else hello can you hear me what is this what do you mean see if I
    can escape this look I’m not some puppet you’re gonna send through all of your
    games how do I get out of here what do you want with me look I know you’re
    sending this footage to Logan I I know you’re uploading it to my channel
    without my permission I don’t know what you’re doing but my
    viewers are smarter than this so tell me what you want us to be friends and tell me who you are tell me who you
    are right now are you another youtuber are you Chad well clearance even share I
    want to know the close to the answers you’re seeking will be given to you soon
    complete this game and I’ll give you one hey you know fine fine if I beat this
    game if I beat this maze then you need to give me a clue as to who you really
    are good my boys know yeah yeah I know I know the rules all right guys look it
    looks like we’re in some sort of box Ford maze the game masters put together
    I don’t know about you guys but this is really creeping me out
    I don’t like the fact he’s just staring at me I don’t know if he can see me or
    not I don’t see any cameras in here the best thing we can do right now is have
    you guys helping us call me to me down below helping us solve this mystery and
    most importantly guys if something does happen if the game master cuts off our
    subscriptions or something be sure that you have that Bell button hit it’s the
    only way I might be able to communicate with you guys let me know if you think
    any other youtuber could be game master I mean a lot of you guys
    before we’re commenting that it could be Logan but Logan pinky-swore me that is
    not the game master you’re not the game master right no
    Logan do you pinkie swear you’re not the game master yes so it definitely can’t
    be Logan but there are a lot of other youtubers that it could be we got to
    figure out a way to get out of here and solve this maze so we can get closer to
    the answer and more importantly break out of here because I’m tired of playing
    the game masters games all right let’s see if we can find anything in this room
    here there’s the creepy picture of the game master I think there’s one of these
    in the box for prison he puts one of these in like every single game II plays
    okay other than that we have a fan or something here and a rope you found the
    crystal key there’s a crystal ball on here to escape so wait if i find the
    crystal ball and places on here i can escape if i just press it doors opening
    doors opening can’t get a big boy all right well looks like the only way
    we’re getting out of here is with some sort of crystal ball unless I jump for
    it no I thought it was a little bit close to that time okay fine you know
    what I breaking out of prison I can play a
    box where maze and find this crystal ball it’s gonna get out of this room
    wait guys look at the door yes yes on the door out of here there’s like some
    writing maybe maybe this is cool to get out of here guys I have no idea what
    that could mean or what it is it might be some sort of clue or like a riddle or
    something guys if you have any idea what this could be let me know in the
    comments I might be able to get Logan to relay me the information he has been
    able to talk to me but I haven’t heard anything from Logan in a while we got to
    get out of this place and find this crystal ball actually I saw this great
    here looks like I might be able to get through here but the game master won’t
    let me do anything against the rules which means I’ve got to find a way to
    get through this legitimately without breaking it there’s got to be something
    in here I can use well I could throw a TV monitor through it but I don’t think
    that’s gonna solve anything he may have watched one of my prison
    escapes where I use a vent to pull the bars off in this case he might want me
    to do the same thing no no no no okay what about this
    well it’s working the rooms fully way to sup sup sup okay okay just like to get
    to the bars yeah I do alright perfect okay that must have been
    it if I can put this rope through the bars here I can use the fan as torque to
    pull them off of here and get down into whatever is down there I’m not sure
    what’s down there guys but I’m looking for a crystal ball I have no idea what
    the game master has in store for me but I really have no other options alright
    there you go guys I’ve got the knot tied on here now when I activate this it
    should pull the bars off and I’ll be able to get down into there alright here
    goes nothing activate perfect alright well listen you go down here
    into a little bit of an underground tunnel okay
    alright it’s a little freaky to go down there but su you guys aren’t going first
    no okay I got to go first okay here we go
    here goes nothing looks like there’s another door down there and as far as I
    can tell there’s no trap so we should be good to go all right let’s go feet first
    I’m making my way down into the creepy tunnel to find a crystal what just happened the lights just
    turned off okay I don’t know if we’re making progress or what but all I know
    is that screen is want to get out of here let’s go into the tunnel well looks
    like there’s a door over there and button system great some more buttons
    guys I don’t know what will happen if I press the wrong button here but I don’t
    think we have another choice I’ve gotta choose one and press it comment down
    below which one you would be pressing but I think I’m gonna go with number 2
    and see what happens with that to 100 all right that’s not creepy that’s a
    creepy at all it’s just it’s just the gamemaster laughing okay all right you
    know that’s let’s not press number two but number two is not to be pressed ah
    alright let’s try number three here goes nothing guys in three two one uh okay I think that might be the light
    switch uh all right let’s turn that back on
    totally leaves us one last number and if that doesn’t open the door I don’t know
    what will all right here goes nothing in three two
    one what do you mean look closely what’s
    going on what’s happening smoke wait look closely
    hold on the light the light whoa no guys I think I know what he means well look
    closely there are literally lasers all throughout this hallway the doors now
    open make it to the other side without
    setting off the laser oh okay that’s easier said than done I don’t know what will happen if we set
    one off guys but I don’t want to stick around to find out you can step over
    this one Oh easy does it thanks mr. lazy oh oh there’s one right
    here oh there’s one right here by my face all right let’s just dodge and ER
    this and this what I don’t want to hit you there
    good thing I’m slightly trained in acrobatics Oh Blue’s Clues we made it to the other
    side without setting off any other lasers all right let’s get moving
    this should just open got it all right looks like we made it to the next room
    oh it’s a lot brighter in here a lot less smoky okay what is this guys well this was a maze I’m sure a carnival
    or something with why are they balloons let’s try the door why what why can’t I
    go through the door hey it’s gotta be something we do to open it
    everything in here’s a game everything in here is a riddle the game master
    wants us to play his game and to solve his game as we go along which means just
    like the lasers this is another game that has to do with these let’s look
    around guys see we can find something there’s some markings on the ground here
    looks like there’s an arrow pointing towards the balloons this could signify
    that it has something to do with the balloons and it wants me to stand by
    this arrow wait here guys look there’s some darts oh I know what this is I need
    to pop the balloons okay all right that’s not too bad that’s that’s all you
    got some balloon popping games that’s nothing
    Paul for Jake has Papa Jake happens to be one of the best balloon poppers and
    the balloon popper leak it’s I think he gets the point all right well if I’m not
    mistaken this means we need to stand behind this blue arrow and pop those
    bullets shouldn’t be too hard all right here we go
    first dark and see if we can get it awesome got the first balloon how do you
    where to go start here we go let’s try get this big
    blue one up here three two one oh oh oh nice
    hi just go get this pink one and the door should open I think I got this here
    goes nothing awesome got it okay let’s try the door why does it work you pop the balloons guys I just throw how possibly I could
    do anything differently wait guys the balloons just refilled themselves okay
    that’s that’s not creepy at all uh do I have to do it again do I have to do a
    second time what I must have done them wrong I must have done the the puzzle
    wrong that I played the game wrong there’s gotta be something something I’m
    missing here we grab the darts guys look here there’s colored stripes of tape
    blue blue I think the game isn’t popping the balloons it’s popping the balloons
    in the correct order I’ve to welcome the order blue pink blue
    okay all right I can do this I’ve got the darts and behind the line let’s just
    pop it again in that order three two one perfect got the first one
    all right that’s done now to do the pink in three two one oh nice two for two
    the final ones the blue if this doesn’t work guys I have no idea what he wants
    but I’m thinking this is it this must be how we solve the puzzle
    three two one nice last one done hey now let’s try the
    door oh that’s different sound sounds like
    success alright we made it to the next room let’s see what’s in here
    well okay it’s a bit of a smaller room oh but ah looks like another puzzle or
    piece of the maze alright let’s scan the room see if we
    can find anything it looks like this is in the last room though I’m not seeing a
    crystal ball anywhere which means this maze keeps going on you

    ESCAPING ON JET SKI! 馃殧 Adventure To Abandoned Tree House (24 Hour Challenge)
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    ESCAPING ON JET SKI! 馃殧 Adventure To Abandoned Tree House (24 Hour Challenge)

    January 5, 2020

    I don’t know mascot whoops no he’s
    looking he’s coming this way hold on all right what’s going on guys Papa Jake
    here we are back I think it’s safe to uh to open up the windows now we’ve been in
    a box for surviving on the lakes since last night last night semana or maybe
    just a man came to the shore and they’ve been following us for the past few days
    we’ve been thinking there were cops but now we’re more and more certain that
    they are some sort of organization or something we don’t know what they are
    yet but we have to solve this mystery this morning time I think we’re good but
    we got to make our next moves oh I can’t tonight it’s beautiful though sleeping
    in a box for it on a lake at home it’s morning it’s time to smell the birds
    guys where we left off things are getting they’re getting intense last
    night if you guys saw our last episode we evaded what we believe is no longer
    the real cops we think that people have been sent out after us after creating
    this hideout and heading out into the middle of the lake in the middle of
    nowhere we were tracked down here by a man who we heard on the radio so as you
    guys could see someone was literally on the shoreline last night trying to find
    us luckily we’re in here they couldn’t find us we turned off all of the lights
    and went to bed but I just think that means Logan we can’t stay here man it
    has been an exhausting night there have been so many bugs like now it’s morning
    they’ve kind of all gone but guys the bugs were horrible last night not to
    mention the fact that someone is quite literally hunting us down Jake our
    anchor held up it was pretty good during the night so guys I think it’s extremely
    apparent that we cannot stay here all right this mystery is getting intense I
    mean we’ve talked to more Jase too and he’s starting to piece together things
    that that could explain that the people chasing us are linked to Chad wild clay
    is hacker there is just so much going on right now and now that we know that it’s
    quite possibly not the real police I think we need to turn it around
    I think Papa Jake needs to go full investigation mode and solve this
    mystery because we cannot just stay on the run Logan Jake I I just noticed a
    really big problem one of our rafts is deflated
    you know what Logan you’re right I seemed a little shorter this morning
    that is equally a reason why we can’t stay on here and I found out that you
    can’t order pizza to know the lake that was that was very disappointing I think
    I know a place where we can hide out Logan I’m talking about the tree
    house now I know what you’re thinking I know you’re thinking it is in the
    haunted forest but we’re not too far from it we could get there could we
    paddle in this thing honestly in the state that it’s in right now I don’t
    think we can paddle I think we’re gonna need to go back to land and hike on foot
    plus we need to get back there anyway to see if we can find any information on
    this guy Logan one thing though before we go
    Papaji has to go fishing you don’t even know how to fish folk and I know how to
    fish and if we only have four MREs left we don’t know how long we’re gonna be on
    the run for we have to become hunters Logan Papa Jake has to become a hunter
    hunting is the last thing you’re good at can I know how to hunt I once went apple
    picking with my grandma mom now help me with this Jake’s on some fishing mission
    which honestly he’s not gonna catch a fish Logan I got this alright I’m gonna
    catch the biggest fish hashtag Papa Jake’s fish looks like
    there’s a lot of seaweed in there Jake alright guys you all thought Papa Jake
    couldn’t catch a fish you thought Papa Jake could not become the hunter well if
    we’re surviving on the land Papa Jake is gonna catch some fish if you believe me
    put a comment down below but I believe in myself now the key to catching a fish
    guys stupid slow guys we really need to get to shore and get a move on this day
    but of course jake has to hold us back and go fishing we are gonna be eating
    like kings what oh yeah that’s a rare form of sea fish you can eat you know
    it’s not a fish but you can still eat this loken people eat this it’s a
    delicacy we got we got to get to shore Jake no you’re right you’re right you’re
    right we need to get to shore we need to figure out this mystery we need to get
    some clues the anchor is really heavy Jake all right anchor is up we are good
    to start paddling the shore how do we know that guys still not at the shore
    well in the radio we’ve heard a few important things first thing that we
    heard guys was he was referring to someone named captain mana GU or mana Q
    I can’t really make it out too well other than that he also referred himself
    not as an officer but as a tracker I’ve never heard a
    police officer refer to themselves as a tracker which makes us believe even more
    that he is not a police officer and is hired other than that we did hear say
    he’s heading back to base so our hope is that he’s not there but like I said guys
    we need to start our journey towards that treehouse because we are sitting
    ducks out here were able to make it back to the dock oh
    it has been a while since I’ve been on land all right let’s get out of here and
    start looking around we started walking through the woods a little bit and
    they’re going down the shoreline we’re looking for any clues that we can find
    us who was here last night as you know we made it to shore we’ve been kind of
    walking along the woods here trying to see if we can find anything Logan’s been
    up ahead looking for clues it actually just started raining cloud covering kind
    of came in I guess this rain is really starting to pick up and we were getting
    deep in these woods Marines really come down dude we got
    them start making her way to the abandoned house and fast guys if we
    don’t find anything in the next a little bit I think we’re just gonna have to
    start traveling there if we get caught in this rain and get soaked we’ll have
    absolutely no shelter we got to make her way to the tree house so we can set up
    camp for the night he followed us to where we came we built a raft just near
    here maybe he wasn’t even on this side of the lake he was tracking us he would
    have come to where we started he had to have been here Logan I’m new to this all
    right I’m not used to someone some sort of police officer chasing us down it
    could have been anything sent they could have used dogs and satellite imaging I
    don’t know what the capability is that these people are Jase do thinks it’s
    lead to Chad well clays hacker I mean that’s Logan
    what where’s your phone it’s in my pocket well give me your phone right now
    this is how they hacked us Logan they used our phones how can we have been so
    stupid look if this is all your fault this is
    why they got here you use your phone to trace us Jake I didn’t even want to be
    here in the first place Logan no phones I told you that what there now we can go
    to the tree house No okay you don’t need your phone well where’s your phone okay
    that’s right here what why do you get to keep your phone cuz Logan you know I
    like to play fort night at night plus I know how to turn on airplane mode so I’m
    gonna go get my phone you know what fine have them have them find us maybe it’s
    not even our phones G wait Logan Logan what it’s like a rain poncho some sort
    you don’t think this could have been the guys do leave G there’s a clock I think
    this could’ve been the guys I don’t know looks like a map I think this might have
    belonged to who is tracing us I think they’d left this year cheek what
    is this see looks like a data card of some sort
    hey any clues on the timepiece Jake this clock says that at 6:40 6:40 what time
    is it right now it’s 9:40 why would some I have a clock that’s three hours behind
    guys I don’t know who this is but whoever it is he has a clock that’s
    three hours behind looking what time zone is three hours behind us you know I
    guess it would be someone on the west coast but we’re not on the west coast on
    the east coast all right we’re gonna hold onto this
    let’s check this map out looks like the rains picking up we did get a map here
    let’s check this out and see looks like it’s a simple map of the area looking
    what are you doing it’s raining I might as well wear the poncho Logan that’s
    evidence you can’t just wear the evidence we got a bag down and put it
    somewhere hey you know what let’s just check the map here it looks like it’s
    simple whoa look what am I looking at no looks like instructions just locate Papa
    Jake capture Papa Jake locked Alba Jacob this is a note on the back of the map
    what are those codes target 2 7 9 wait my name’s here my name’s here target 2 7
    9 papa Jake target 2 4 3 Chad wild clay target 2 8 3 Steven share with Logan
    there are other names on here other youtubers they’re targeting looking we
    have to warn these youtubers what’s going on this is somehow all lengths
    wait Logan look there’s an attack drone here Jake what’s this bus purchase
    confirmation for sweet wait bus purchase your member Chad wild clay as last video
    don’t you yeah why Logan in his last video with his hacker on the SD card
    there was a picture of a bus this has a bus confirmation order number what do
    you think that means I don’t know but it could mean that that bus is linked to
    whoever wrote these notes look we need a warm chat the rain is picking up we got
    to go somewhere fast all right we need to find that treehouse let’s start
    moving and fast we got quite a hike to go we’re currently making our way
    towards the abandoned treehouse to set up camp for the night Jake I think
    there’s a dock over there yeah looks like there’s a canoe there we just
    paddled over to the haunted forest and go to the abandoned treehouse I mean
    they’ll still take ours but it’s better than walking Jake it looks like we’re going into some
    kind of swamp yeah man you really know you’re getting
    close to the haunted forest when you go through stuff like this looks like this
    bridge is falling apart this is creepy keep an eye out guys
    okay guys I’m making it closer to the abandoned force to try to keep our voice
    down though we don’t want to draw any attention to us as of right now we still
    don’t know who these people are they’re tracing us but we are getting some more
    information and clues are coming together don’t forget guys we need your
    help to solve this mystery if you see anything suspicious or know anything
    about the clues we’re finding comment it below I like it I think we’re in a good
    spot good spot for what was we’re in a remote enough location I thought I could
    turn my phone back on and call chat Jake you’re gonna risk turning on your phone
    to call Chad what can I have two I mean yeah there’s a chance they could trace
    my phone but so what by the time they get here we’ll be miles away maybe you
    can get the word out to other youtubers and guys maybe you can get it out as
    well tell anyone on the list that Papa Jake found out they’re being targeted
    Texas guys it’s Papa Jake calling me he hardly ever calls me this must be
    important check chess that you can’t hear me look it’s Papa Jake what’s up
    Papa Jake I needed to warn you about what’s going on as you can see I’m I’m
    in the middle of nowhere I’m actually in a canoe right now in your last video I
    noticed in the drone footage there was a bottle weight yeah you saw the picture
    of that bus in my last video yeah wasn’t that picture the bus was on the drone
    wasn’t that weird I think I know what that bus is it’s related to the hacker
    on the list of paper he had your name lifted at the target not only that he
    had a bunch of other youtubers wait seriously at the bottom of that we found
    a confirmation number for a bus order I’m actually at a bus right now so that
    you’re saying this might be a stolen bus Chad I think that bus might be the one
    that you’re about to go into I needed to call you and warn you well I’m really
    glad you call because I was just about to try to get into this bus I’m gonna be
    extra careful now getting in here now that I know this might be a feeling
    with the hackers thanks Papa Jake all right talk to you soon all right guys
    well at least Chad knows now there’s still a lot of other youtubers on the
    list that we have to warn and be honest I think we’re gonna need your help to do
    it how’s it right now though we got to keep
    going we got to keep up with our time it’s only midday but we have a lot of
    traveling to do and we need to get to the tree house before the Sun sets
    or worse before it starts raining again okay yeah see you on the dock do you
    think we could use it I don’t know let’s just left here that’s getting closer
    dude if you get that seed working this we’re cut down our travel time by hours
    we could be there in like 30 minutes this is literally gonna cut down our
    travel time to buy so much all right let’s see we can get it working I don’t
    know if has any gas your goblin chief you know how to drive one of these
    welcome papa Jake knows how to drive everything okay you know what they say
    you can ride a bicycle you can drive a seadoo Jake literally no one says that I
    look what we got to move we got to get to the tree oh so fast there we go it
    started awesome all right let’s get it off of here come on perfect all right
    looks like we’re in business guys got ourselves to see do
    finally no more paddling right now if I know the map correctly it shouldn’t be
    too far from here we hit down the lake a couple miles and there should be the
    abandoned forest for the abandoned tree houses alright let’s do this thing you
    do you ready Logan let’s do this crazy adventure I gotta be locum the fun
    right now now if I’m correct the lake should be
    following along the trail here which means the haunted forest should be down
    that way yeah we definitely got to start heading this way honestly we’ve been
    making such good time guys we’re practically here looking he’s coming
    this way hold on ingenious I don’t know

    BOX FORT PIRATE SHIP BATTLE! 馃摝鉀碉笍Nerf War, Box Fort Boat & More!
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    BOX FORT PIRATE SHIP BATTLE! 馃摝鉀碉笍Nerf War, Box Fort Boat & More!

    January 5, 2020

    alright I’m back and I’m ready for this
    box for pirate ship battle check it out guys I got the full-on pirates – look
    Jake oh good I didn’t know we were going this all out I got the pirate flag on I
    guess I’ve got the floppy arms maybe not this thing alright guys it’s time to set
    sail with our ship here I’m naming her the SS Papa oh look at that
    beautiful ship sails just like she should and we are back video and today
    guys the Sun is blonde John is very blinding
    today the Sun is blinding but guys today we are doing something
    amazing we’re becoming pirates that’s right guys we’re going and we’re sailing
    the seven seas we’re looting for plunder we’re getting
    pet parents I don’t have a pet pair I have a pet dog oh they see you man a
    parrot because we’re becoming pirates and we are having an all-out pirate
    battle because me looking up debating I’ve been saying the Pirates need to
    have big ships with big cannons so that they can take on all their opponents and
    get all the plunder to feel it in their halls but but I actually disagree I
    think to be a smart pirate you gotta build small and fast so you can escape
    with the treasure I don’t know guys that’s exactly what we’re putting to the
    test today alright we are gonna be having a pirate ship battle between me
    and Logan Logan is gonna be making its small boats my ship which is very small
    and you know probably ineffective well I’m gonna be making that actually lower
    got across the pool really fast except on my side I’m making this into a
    massive pirate ship I don’t have side cannons I don’t have a plank that I can
    make people walk then I can make him walk the plank when they when they do
    bad things I want to have enough place to store all of my treasure and the only
    way to decide who officially is the best pirate would be best ship is to have a
    pirate ship battle on this ocean aka my pool so to kick things off guys we’re
    gonna split up with equal amounts of resources we’re gonna split up our nerf
    guns we’re gonna split up our supplies and then our imagination is the only
    limit once everything is completed we’re gonna set sail and the last man standing
    wins hashtag team Logan if you think my boats
    gonna be better hashtag Papa Jake if you think my boats gonna be
    and of course if you have any brand new channel do not forget to shoot that
    subscribe button down below as well as hit that Bell button so you never miss a
    video guys don’t forget if you don’t hit the
    felt button you’re not gonna see all of our videos and you don’t want to miss
    out on some really amazing summer content if you guys think we should
    combine their boat building skills and build one massive pirate ship let’s try
    and get thirty thousand lights all right see more like 40,000 likes because I’m a
    pirate I wouldn’t find golden mermaids and I want to sail on a dolphin and when
    I get tuna do a X I’m gonna dig it up and find a big old treasure alright I
    think Jase can a little bit get a little bit too piratey up in here so eyes if
    you like if you like Papa Jake’s pirate voice but a hashtag pirate voice from
    now on and it’ll only do videos in a pirate voice does not matter alright
    Jake I think I think we should start building now I like the word build in
    pirate voice for a little while now and it is looking amazing I’m not sure what
    what’s going on over in Logan land all the way over there with that tiny little
    ship that he’s got going on but definitely love what you do back come
    over here don’t you be looking at my ship okay look at it I mean I barely see
    it’s so tiny over there like I said guys it might be small but it can go very
    fast and it’s a work in progress okay well my ship which is the big ship and
    probably the best ship is looking amazing so check it out guys we’ve got
    the ship here and as you guys can see it’s up here on the floaties for maximum
    buoyancy and if we look over we’ve got a bunch of room inside here for building I
    also went ahead and equip the front with a cool little like ship looking point
    feature here which I think looks awesome so I’m gonna have a few cannibal huell’s
    here I’m also gonna have the entrance on the side and I need ports for using my
    nerf guns my water balloons and a couple more secrets I’m not gonna tell Logan
    about I also got a really cool flag we got to put on it so I gotta get back to
    building but so far this thing is looking sweet I’m excited to set sail
    all right guys the Sun is going down which means we’re running out of time to
    build these things here’s my boats so far it’s a work in progress not quite
    done it’s super compact gonna be really fast we have two shelving compartments
    and some room underneath for storage to keep like nerf guns and some awesome
    tricks up our sleeves to attack Jake’s boat still some work to go
    Jake’s boats looking a little bit more intimidating than mine but I’m still
    gonna be adding some stuff to this and it’s gonna look way better than that
    boom there she is decked out in pink it is looking awesome all we have to do now
    is gear up the insides put lots of fun things you know like some big missile
    launchers some water balloons slam gun tomorrow’s battle is gonna be a fire
    right guys we have a both of our pirate ships are ready and they are looking
    amazing mostly mine but Logan I know I’m this started out and all looking too
    good but now it looks actually little spooky yeah
    don’t know what the pink color though not very like scary you know it’s got
    that kind of friendly look to it well who said pirates have to be scary
    I mean arrr arrr that’s true but guys check this out our ships got the Jolly
    Roger on the back we’ve got multiple ports for firing cannons out of on both
    sides of ship and the only on this time check this out dual cam and fiery I mean
    look and your she’s not even big enough for one cannon not only that but check
    that we’ve got a plank so when I’m done with Logan I can make you walk the plank
    straight into the water to swim with the fishes that is pretty awesome but but
    still not as awesome as mine but guys I guess the only way to find out who truly
    is the best pirate is to come back and have our ultimate box for a pirate ship
    battle now the Sun is it’s set over there so we cannot do it tonight but
    that gives us time to get ready it gives us time to get our Nerf blasters ready
    our cannonballs ready and most importantly get our awesome pirate gear
    on because we are gonna have an all-out box for pirate battle tomorrow at noon
    so we’ll see you scallywags tomorrow alright we’re back for day two and we
    are here to have our pirate ship a battle that is right Logan are you ready
    to sail this time I got in the play I got a new plaque on her I’ve got the
    flag down here this is the scariest ship you could possibly see in the sea and
    I’ve got my pirate comrade Blackbeard but first guys before we can have our
    awesome pirate ship battle we need to get our pirate here on which means we’ve
    got a suit up get our pirate gear on and then we can choose our pirate weapons
    for the ship alright I’m back and I’m ready for this box port pirate ship
    battle check it out guys oh good I didn’t know we are going this all out
    I just got a t-shirt look at the pirate patch I guess I’ve got the floppy arms I
    know this thing does you look you look like a pirate alright it’s really hot in
    here when you’re wearing a t-shirt I thought this was all I was gonna need
    well I guess it’s time to pick our pirate weapons and head to the seven
    seas and have our all up higher ship battle this might slow me down a little
    bit and I’m one eye less for seeing but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna lose this
    pirate match so for our pirate ship weapons we’ve got tons of options here
    you’ll both get to choose a mixture of pirate weapons we have for example the
    pirate crossbow the pirate sniper these are pirate grenades aka water balloons
    over here we’ve got our pirate weapons for sore battling and then of course a
    pirate grenade launcher for firing blunderbuss now Logan you get to choose
    your weapons and I choose mine I’m getting the water gun oh that’s not a
    water gun son that’s a pirate flamethrower
    what okay sure whatever you say Jake guys he’s taking this thing really
    seriously so I’ll be getting the pirate Cosmo Blackbeard
    what do you want ah she’ll get it later okay so I’ve got my crossbow and I get
    to choose the next weapon well I’m gonna definitely a pirate axe we’re battling
    okay I guess I’ll take a pirate axe as well alright well if you’re doing that
    then I’m taking the pirate grenade launcher oh then I’m getting the pirate
    sniper well I’m out of hands but if I had some I would take a pirate grenade
    alright guys I think we’re all geared up let’s set sail and have a pirate battle
    yeah I guess have our pirate battle alright guys it’s time to set sail with
    our ship here I’m naming her the SS Papa let’s get her inside
    don’t want the plank to fall down here there we are
    alright let’s put her in oh there she goes oh look at that beautiful ship
    sails just like she should walk on inside here without it exploding alright
    here we go we’re sailing the seven seas in our pirate ship now where is our
    competitor Jake seems to be taking this thing really seriously so it’ll be
    really funny if we knock them off as both alright and we’re ready to go
    oh boy Susan as stable as I thought looks like we have another ship ship off
    the starboard side seems we have another pirate afoot and he’s in the water we’ve
    got another pirate attacking us in his small ship he’s already falling in so we
    know he’s probably not that good next up is the crossbow what do you got
    on us the waves are acting up here sigh he’s hitting us with a wave attack we’ve
    got to reinforce let’s get down below deck it looks like our opponent is
    moving in on us he’s got a small boat okay that was the second time I vote Ted
    it looks like I made some wrong calculations guys it looks like you
    Logan’s are moving in on us this small boat is fast but it also doesn’t look
    like he’s working and he’s a really bad pirate he’s always falling over like
    three times let’s try and hit him out this candy port here ready cross bugs
    raised bar direct hit we’ve hit this ship alright time to get ready got here
    hey what a good time to throw the water grenade ah he’s retaliating with the
    flamethrower oh we’ve gotta have something in here we can use the
    grenades on tradies then stop hitting me with the flamethrower
    putting cannon through whore a few guys we’re taking on a lot of
    water but here we go I’m gonna load up Opie that’ll do
    something all right let’s get him to these looks like he’s over there he’s mounting
    an offense if I didn’t tell I’ve got my blunderbuss loaded it’s time to attack
    hey Logan oh hey the motive a moan the blunderbuss oh these Susan the flames
    are oh we got it we’re gonna hit him with always I’ve got an idea I’m gonna
    load up the grenade alright goodnight lunch is ready Dora I’m out of ammo my grenade launcher
    I’ve got one more Sheldon that crossbow I hit him again to weaken him and then
    I’ll take him out with my sword alright let’s fire again where is he I don’t see
    him okay I lost my eye patch oh hi guys this ship is really rickety I think I’m
    still banning ship let’s take a look over the starboard side wait he’s not in if he surrenders then what shall we do
    all right guys is up to you in the comments shall we spare him Cheryl we
    make him join our crew or shall we make him walk the plank
    comment down below walk the plank spare him or join the crew let’s see
    what you make him do I love it it looks like y’all wanna make him walk the plank
    and that’s exactly what we’ll do my ship didn’t exactly work alright didn’t in
    fact it did the opposite of work it failed miserably I did and I accept I’ll
    walk the play alright alright walk the plank it down into Stevie Jordans
    lockers where you go I’ll walk the plank and I’ll see you guys next time but guys
    I think this is where we’re gonna end off the video for today if you guys did
    enjoy it smack that like button down below let’s try and crush 50,000 likes
    for more awesome videos like this any of you guys have a suggestion for the next
    video we should do leave a comment down below we’re always taking awesome ideas
    from you guys and do not forget we are working up to an amazing 24 hour
    floating box for it like this in the middle of the ocean if you guys want to
    see that happen comment down below and destroy that like button but guys this
    has been Papa Jake and I will see you guys next time for another awesome video

    MUMBAI beach clean-up with Afroz Shah #TrashTag Challenge
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    MUMBAI beach clean-up with Afroz Shah #TrashTag Challenge

    December 28, 2019

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi:
    “I congratulate Mr.Afroz Shah and this movement.” “The way he has joined the local people,
    the community, is a motivational example.” Hello, everybody. Welcome to Saiman Says.
    This is a very special episode of Saiman Says. We’re here at Danapani Beach. So, I heard about this
    #TrashTag challenge on social media. It’s basically a challenge where
    people clean up a particular area. They post before/after pics of that area,
    and they clean up that area. Finally, there is some social media challenge
    which has some benefit to the society. Now, I wanted to organise a clean up
    activity for this #TrashTag challenge, but I thought that instead of doing that,
    why don’t I join the OG guy, who has started this beach cleanup
    trend here in Mumbai, in India. So, today we’re going to vlog with Afroz Shah.
    He’s been doing this beach cleanup for the past 3 years. So, the cleanup activity today is at Danapani Beach
    right here in Madh Island, in Mumbai, and Afroz Shah Sir is somewhere here in the beach.
    Let’s go and find him, and let’s start the cleanup activity.
    Right, Timothy? Wear your gloves, Timothy. [Timothy snickers]
    Wear your gloves, Timothy. [Timothy snickers]
    Alright? Come! Alright, everybody. We’re here with Afroz Shah,
    the man, the myth, the legend. We’re here today.
    Me and my assisstant Timothy is here today. We’re going to clean up this beach. Sir, please,
    give us instructions what should we do today. – Cleaning is like eating, and having sex.
    Easy, go for it. See, what is the problem, Saiman, is-
    this is what you call the problem of human behaviour. Human behaviour is when you get plastic in your life,
    and you don’t know how to handle it. Every person- morning breakfast,
    lunch, dinner, shopping, clothes, cars, everything is connected to garbage. Now the question is- if you keep on generating it,
    is this planet be able to handle it? One of the ways it can’t handle is showing at the beach. -Hmm.
    One of the ways it can’t handle is showing at the beach. Some day, this beach will become clogged,
    this ocean will become clogged, and it will erupt in some other form in the future. The idea is to reduce garbage first. Then if you get plastic in your life,
    how to handle it? Circular economy is about that. So this whole beach cleanup
    is to begin that journey. – And I am proud to be a part of
    this beach cleanup today. Without any further ado, let’s start. He is very lazy. He’s my assisstant, Timothy.
    He’s very lazy. – Timothy, why are you lazy to pickup garbage? – Why are you lazy, Timothy? Huh? Alright, so I am here at this beach cleanup
    activity today with my friend Parth. – Hello!
    – So let’s get started, Parth. – Yeah, let’s get started.
    – So let’s get started, Parth. – Saiman Says!
    – Yes. – I watch your videos daily.
    – Daily!? – …means whenever you upload.
    – Thank you. What’s your name? – Amay. He’s my friend.
    – Hello. Ramesh. – You also watch me, or you just came
    along with him just like that? [chuckles] – From now on, I’ll watch. – Send him the link
    – Yeah. Timothy, you don’t have to sit.
    You also have to pick up. Pick up that. Go!
    You also have to pick up. – Milk pouch! – Saiman, what would be the title of this video? – I haven’t thought of a title.
    I think about it at the end. It would be, “I’ve done MEHNAT” [Timothy laughs]
    It would be, “I’ve done MEHNAT” It’s a good idea, Timothy.
    Write it down, write it down. So this vessel is filled with garbage just from this area. No imagine how much garbage will be
    there throughout this beach. I feel like a proud citizen of this country I mean you’re obviously not from Mumbai We’re from Norway. You’re from Norway. So what inspires you to clean-up Mumbai beaches? Well the problem is global… It’s not just here in Mumbai. and Afroz Shah is a global person. Who am I? Saiman Says Whats you name? Sourabh I love your content.
    Especially that Pewdiepie one. Thank you! So I wanted to ask. When we put the garbage in the trucks, where does the truck go? The local municipality, the Mumbai Municipal Corporation has a lovely facility at Bhandup Segregation Center. So this is sent to a machine. Where machine segregates it and they try to retrieve whatever they can retrieve. If you’re listening to me don’t abuse the BMC so much. They also do a little bit, you know. So should we just pick up the plastic? I saw glass bottles and a lot of questionable stuff By the way guys, Saiman located a condom over here so he doesn’t want to talk about it. This is a very Sanskaari channel (well-cultured)…
    So I can’t… Condom is very Sanskaari. Who tells you condom is not Sanskaari (well-cultured)? You pick up everything that does not belong to the sand and the ocean. That’s the trick. You make love with the beach
    and not pollute the beach. We’ll make love with the beach afterwards. If you have something and you can’t find any dustbin. You sould keep it with you right? Of course in your pocket. Indians have very deep pockets you don’t know that? And if you want to control susu (urine)? Do susu at home. Don’t pee outside. Go home and do it. There are clean public toilets too now. These questions are only asked by guys, you know that? Does a woman ask to pee on the road? They are gifted with a special bladder
    which can hold a lot of susu. Even I have a bladder issue. Its not about being ashamed I care for my roads, because it (urinating in public) spreads diseases. And apart from that I have a menstrual cycle also. If a woman can control, so can a man. I like how this vlog turned into a toilet… We have sandwiched Saiman… Now we are going to make love to the beach…
    Me and Timothy. Thank you so much Afroz sir. And congratulations you’re finally
    featured on Saiman Says. You’re doing a Kapil Sharma on me? Also Im going to tell my subscribers to join me at the Mithi river clean-up. You people have been asking me for a meet-up. So now Im going to call you at Mithi River this Sunday. for a meet-up. Meet-Up at Mithi. Rap:
    Listen kid I’ll tell you a thing. How should I tell you this? Fish is the queen of the sea.
    Water is it’s life. She is scared of us touching her,
    but she dies due to plastic. Earth is our mother, but why is plastic it’s food? Theres is garbage in sand and
    sand in garbage. Throw it wherever you want,
    it’s your father’s property. It’s all Governments fault right? There’s plastic in your brain. Redeem your sins That’s it that’s it I have a lot of it. I have a hook as well… it goes like Clean the beach, kid, clean the beach. Get out of the plastic world. Clean the beach, kid, clean the beach. Rivers have become gutters, clean them. Clean the beach, kid, clean the beach. You’re a real son of a beach. I go by the stage name of Raptor if that’s needed. Raptor. So this was the clean-up which I
    attended last week with Afroz Shah sir. Afroz Shah holds clean-ups every weekend
    since the past 3 years. He organises clean-ups every Saturday and Sunday. This Sunday the clean-up is at Mithi river
    in Goregaon East, Aarey Colony. I am going to be attending that clean-up. The location of that clean-up is just 20 minutes away from Goregaon Station.

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    December 24, 2019

    this RC car has been through a lot
    already it’s climbs clever it’s gone up jumps, it’s gone across water what else is
    gonna do well it’s gonna go over top of this big jump ready ready oh I’m ready I
    can’t wait let’s do it what is going on Sharer’s whoa welcome to the vlog welcome
    to another awesome day we’re out here on the beach if you’re new here I’m Stephen
    Sharer we’re gonna do some pretty big stuff so if you’re not already
    subscribed hit that subscribe button we’re about to do some RC cars so I’m
    insane jumps we got this whole Beach and we also have my brother Carter Sharer, what’s up
    Sharers welcome to the vlog I’m Carter Sharer and this Beach is awesome we got the
    ocean over there yeah we got this crazy ledge right here look at this it’s so
    big then it’s like rock solid I can probably climb this thing ooh
    Carter you know I won’t be getting up on that yeah let me try that again ready 1
    2 3 I got it whoa oh yeah there we go okay I’m coming down ready let’s do it
    hit three two and shares check out this awesome xmx car it’s absolutely huge
    let’s drive this thing Oh No see what happened whoa the wheel
    you broke it oh okay how did you break it we have even shot anything cool with
    it yeah my car’s broken okay guys I’m running fair hey you get
    that I brought it with me in my luggage all the way no Hawaii whoa yeah sure
    myself Carlin & Jinger here today wait where’s Jinger where’s Jinger yeah we
    are this one is awesome well before Carter’s X-maxx broke we did do a couple
    cool things we even drove it off this cliff and now we’re down to one X-maxx so let’s
    build some jumps let’s build some ramps for this and let’s see what it can do
    gonna do a little competition shares jump vs. Carl&Jingers jump we’re each
    gonna build our own jump out of sand and we’re gonna test the RC car gets it and
    see how far the RC car can fly you’re gonna bring it Stephen because we know
    our ramps and our jobs we’re pretty awesome jump so I’m gonna tell you right
    now and for a bonus I’m gonna make an awesome job – lets get to work we have
    the entire Beach out here let’s do it I’m gonna step up titling as much sand
    as possible I’m gonna build a huge huge huge jump I just want the car to fly out
    fit so what we’re gonna do is we’re just gonna steal a bunch of stephen sand but
    we’re gonna pile it up taller than his so we go even higher and farther than he
    does and for my bonus jump i’m gonna do mine over here and it’s gonna be so epic
    so watch to the end because my jump is gonna use some of that cliff right there
    it’s gonna be so epic we got our little helper child’s toys and games over here
    are you gonna help us build our ramp yeah all right oh yeah I got the help of
    Jackson over here stairs check out this job that’s getting here
    in this is the bonus jump over here check it out and dig like a dog oh yeah sure that’s getting even bigger
    we got loot joining us this is going to be the biggest jump coming right now
    now shake share oh yes shares heart jump is done check
    it now it looks like a normal jump from the side but it gets huge and it is
    steep shares it is gonna work like crazy it even has something special in the
    back check this out Oh what do we have here that’s how you know it’s a share made
    jump oh yeah oh and then over here we have coral and Jin Joos jump we are
    going for a really good angle and approach for maximum distance and we
    even have an arrow so you know which way to go off the jump oh this does look
    good it’s got a long running the ramp it doesn’t go as high as ours but it might
    go farther we’ll see won’t wait we’ll have to find out and then shares over
    here we got quarters jump it is uh it’s a little crazy to say the least I don’t
    want to show you too much of Carter’s jump but we now have everybody helping
    to build it it looks crazy that’s huge okay I think my jump is done let’s test
    all these three jumps out yeah we’re gonna save cars jump for the last try
    because the jump is so big the car might just break after it okay share so we
    have three options for the car to go farthest we have Carl and Ginger’s jump
    then we have my jump and then we have carter’s jump come right now which jump
    you think it’s going to be the best hashtag Carla Jinger hashtag Steven or
    hashtag Carter for his the rules are there are no rules whoever’s car gets
    the farthest wins Carl you’re up first of you the honors of driving I get to
    drive off my own jump oh yeah awesome even better Carl jr. are you ready to
    test out your jump we’re ready let’s do this well that was awesome meeting all the
    way to here it looks like the car veered off a little bit but it still made it
    pretty far sure so it looks like the car hit the joke but it went off the side a
    little bit and it went weird in there and flipped around in Atlanta so we’re
    gonna give them a read oh let’s do it here you guys ready trying to eat let’s
    try this again hit me
    whoo okay that was crazy that was much better it looks like it landed right
    here whoa that was awesome because the ramps are really narrow so we’re gonna
    have to see how everybody else does Karla jr. did their job Steven it looks
    like you’re up next Oh Cher’s I didn’t think about how
    narrow the jump is mine is pretty narrow check this yeah yours is a little bit
    bigger yeah sure as my jump might be bigger in terms of height but it’s
    pretty narrow I thought she’d never driven one of these before so let’s hope
    I don’t break it you’re gonna do that you’re gonna do good let’s do it all
    right expects are you ready okay everybody Steve are you ready I’m
    ready okay Karl ginger are you ready to see it as we give you a countdown
    yeah give it down three to go come on Steve get new countdown ready
    three Teva looks like it landed right here
    that went farther than the core on ginger uh no I don’t think so no I think
    there’s a bit further it looks like yeah we went a little bit further about this
    far so this is where there’s planted this is
    where Stevens landed it’s about this far away so close okay shares well there’s
    one jump left and that’s Carter’s you’ve got to check it out oh yeah let’s do this this is gonna be
    awesome share and shares this is the last in final jump
    you saw this jump over Carl and Ginger’s jump whoa is it me then you saw the RC
    car go over top of my jump now it’s time for the absolute ultimate
    jump the RC car has got a jump off this giant ramp here and lands all the way on
    this cliff you saw earlier when the car tried to drive up this cliff it was
    pretty hard so we’ll even make it I have no idea what’s gonna happen will the car
    even survive it could break just like Carter’s last RC car let’s find out
    what’s gonna happen is everybody ready whoo okay let’s do it Steve get into
    position RC car versus mega beach ramp let’s do
    it I heard a crack I heard a crack okay I don’t know okay car are you okay we’re gonna have to try that again one
    more time corner this thing we gotta get a little more speed yeah I’m gonna go
    faster sure smash the like button with your notes we got to get this done let’s
    do it let’s make this car jump move try number two you ready all right come on good one more tempered you’ve gotta go
    mrs. gotta be last with shirts if you haven’t spent that like button you got
    to smash it right now full throttle we gotta go full throttle he can do it yeah okay let’s do it set
    up what works out here we go oh that was awesome
    yeah work yes finally your car survived I can’t believe that it totally flew
    over the cap I think it could have gone all the way over my head and it totally
    landed up here that was awesome we tried to get a job Carl you know what
    let’s stick Carl underneath it why not all right
    shares if the car makes it over top of Carl you got to go to his channel and
    you guys subscribe because this is gonna be crazy and if it nails me then you got
    to turn on notifications – how’s that for a deal deal shares let’s see will
    this actually go over Carl’s head I don’t know he’s pretty tall he’s way
    taller than the job dad definitely don’t try this at home
    Oh Carl’s underneath the ramp oh my gosh you guys here comes he’s making practice
    runs right now this is really intimidating Carter let’s give it a go oh yeah awesome I don’t think I even
    haven’t duck but I just got scared but that was so crazy
    oh that was awesome oh yeah that was awesome
    I was so cool alright shares well there you have it that was an RC car epic jump
    first it’s the beach with coral and GG you got to go check out their channel
    hey whenever Carl said you’ve got to hit subscribe on their channel they drove
    the xmaxx across the water did it work I don’t know you gotta find
    out go to their Channel and check it out Sharers and Carter drove his RC car
    across the pool there’s been some crazy videos that we’ve done with it.

    I Mailed Myself in a Shipping Container & You Won’t Believe What Happened (Human Mail Challenge)
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    I Mailed Myself in a Shipping Container & You Won’t Believe What Happened (Human Mail Challenge)

    December 14, 2019

    (dramatic music) – So you guys just love it
    when I mail myself in a box. I’ve got it already, yeah. I’ve been thinking for a
    while since the last one. Felt “Yo, I’ve not mailed
    myself in a while.” (laughter) This is a weird thought to
    have. I know, but it is true. I’ve not mailed myself in a while. I mean, I’m fed up with doing it in a box. You know. I’ve done it in
    a box like three times now. Today, I feel like I want
    to do something bigger. Something better. Something more epic. Shipping container. So what I first wanted to
    do was go to the docks. Find an open shipping
    container. Just jump in. And then I don’t know
    where I’m going to go. Just go there. Actually
    tried that already. Just watch this. What I’m going to do is
    I’m going to put these on. And attempt to just walk
    straight through into the docks. Let’s go. (door slam) (electro music) I was so close. I was actually was actually so close. I walked in through the main gates. I was actually kind of in for a second. Then a guy stopped me. Alright, then. Yeah, look. I look like I fit in more now. This can’t go wrong. Come on, let’s go. Nah, they recognised me. It was the same guy. He said “I know it was you.” Tonight. We’ll come back tonight. Come on. (suspenseful music) Alright, so it’s night time. We booked ourself into a hotel room. We’re gonna go try this again. We’re literally straight
    across the road from the docks. What? This. Yeah. And the trousers as well.
    They’re a bit too big. So I mean, I can take them back and get
    my money back when we’re done. (laughter)
    It’s just for tonight. We’re gonna go. We’re gonna do this. I’ll wash it off. I’ll wash it off, right? Okay. So anyway. Forgetting that. We’re
    straight across the road. It’s the only tshirt they had in black. I had to get this one, okay? We’re gonna go do this. (suspenseful music) I’m just coming around this corner. (suspenseful music) Dead end. Mission abort. Quick! Come on! (laughter) Complete fail. So what I have to do is rent
    my own shipping container, and I’m going to have it picked up, taken to the docks, and then shipped. It’s not exactly the ideal way. So what we’re going to do is, go in the house, find a place online, and get myself shipped there
    in that shipping container. But before we go, let me just make sure you go follow me on Instagram and twitter. Links in the description below. My username @killemftw And I do stupid stuff like
    this usually every two, three, four days. This
    one took a little longer, because it’s a huge video. It’s a big video. So anyway, if you’re enjoying this video, you’re going to enjoy the rest. So make you smash that subscribe button. And if you’re new, make sure you press that little bell right next to the subscribe button, and you’ll be notified
    every time I upload. It’s as easy as that. And I’ve just got rid of the bouncy castle from my last video. I had to throw it away. If you didn’t see that
    one, go and watch it. It was awesome. Don’t leave just yet. There’s going to be links
    right at the end of this video. Anyway, let’s go inside. Plan this thing. And then go buy supplies, because this is going to be an epic video. So get ready. (typing) Okay, so I’ve been sat
    here for a couple of hours. I’ve already got a shipping
    container on the way. I know somebody with a piece of land. It’s going to be there soon. It’s going to be seven foot by eight foot. So it’s quite a small shipping container. Plenty of room for me, though. Next thing I’ve got to
    decide is how I’m going to go where we’re going to go. So I’ve got a friend who actually works at the shipping docks. So I’m going to give him a call. I’m going to ask him
    when he’s next working. Get us in, bypass all
    the x-rays and stuff, and he’ll let us out on
    the other side as well. Because you can’t open these
    things from the inside. So I’ll give him a quick call right now. Yo, what’s good (bleep)? When you next working? Tomorrow? Where are you going? Iceland? Okay, I’m going to finish
    this phone call with (bleep), and I’m going to go buy supplies. Let me just. I’ll sort this thing out. Yo, I’ve got a video idea. Help me out. Can you get me through
    one of the x-ray machines? So we’re in the shop getting supplies. I mean, I usually go for a theme. Like all Mexican or stuff
    like that. Well not usually. But today, it’s serious. I could be in there for two to three days. I need to make sure
    I’ve got plenty of food. Plenty of drink. So I need
    to make sure I’m comfortable. And I’ve got things to do. So I’ve found the camping/survival aisle. There’s this torch thing
    where it’s like really bright. I could put that on the ceiling. I’ve already got the survival kit. Oh, this is cool. Look at that. It’s a fork,
    a spoon, and a knife in one. Fook? No. A floon. I like it. We’ve got the floon. (laughter) Look at that. Yes, it’s
    going to be awesome. Ah, yeah. We’re having
    it. We’re having it. I also need a foot pump to blow it up. Cheetos. I’m going to be in there a while. It’s going to be like a next day thing. We’re going to go into day two I think. So, I’ve got to have my Frosties, man. My cereals, you know? A day doesn’t begin properly unless I have my cereals. And you can’t have cereals without milk! But this could go weird
    if it gets warm in there or something. So I think I’m going to try powdered milk. I never even knew this was a thing. You add water to it, and
    it turns into into milk. Does not sound nice. But, we’ll have it. Extra sandwiches. Sandwiches. I want some magazines. That one. That one. That one. That one. That one. That one. Oh, and maybe that one. I need some plastic bowls
    to put my cereals in. Seven pack of snickers. Ten litres of water.
    I think that’s plenty. Oh, where do I wee wee? I had one of these ones when
    I mailed myself to America. Yeah, it did. So I’m going to get that again. Pretty sure that’s enough stuff. So I’m going to go buy this. I’m going to go back home,
    gather all my supplies, and then off we go to
    the shipping containers. (hip hop music) Here we go. This is it. This is the shipping
    container that I’ve rented. So, what’s going to happen is this is going to get picked up real soon. I’ve just got enough time
    now to set everything up, and make it all nice in here. It’s going to be picked
    up, taken to the docks, taken from the docks to Iceland
    with me in it. (laughter) And then obvious it’s going
    to be brought back to the UK, but without me in it,
    because I’ve rented it, and I’ve got to give this back
    to the person who owns it. This beast first. (laughter) (grunts) That’s everything. He’s a good friend. He owes me a favour. Ooh. It’s gonna be a while. (whooshing) – [Voiceover] Day two. (whooshing) Day three. (whooshing) Day four. (laughter)
    – That is awesome. So the pick up guy is
    literally expected any minute. This took way longer than
    I expected to blow it up. So, Moon’s gonna close the doors now. And then he should be here. Let’s go. (doors slamming) – [Tom] I’m pointing the
    camera at me right now. So you can see me from the microphone. So literally, it’s completely
    pitch black in here. It’s literally, I can’t even see one dot. Guys, I should have got my
    light before I did this. (laughter) I didn’t know it
    was going to be this dark. Wait wait wait wait wait. Let me see if I can get my light. Yeah! Yes! I’m going to duct tape
    that to the ceiling, so I can use it as a proper house light. Here we go. So I stuck
    that to the ceiling. And I’ve also stuck this to the wall. And I’ve also got this little one here. So I’ve got three lights. What? Alright! So, the man is here. I’ve got to be quiet now. If he knows I’m in here, he’s not going to take me to the docks, and the whole plan is foiled. Foiled? Who says foiled? (laughter) (machinery noise) Whoa. So I’m in the back of the truck right now. And he’s really loud. I feel a bit sick. I feel a bit sick, I’m not gonna lie. (panting and laughing) Oh my god. Oh no, this is going
    to be a long two days. I can’t believe this. This is awesome. This is awesome. I’ll show you what I’ve got in here. Duct tape, obviously. All my food and stuff that
    you saw me buying earlier. I’ve got my first aid kit as well. Got my sleeping bag. I’ve looked online. It’s about three or
    four degrees in Iceland. Celsius. Almost freezing point. So this is going to be really cold. I’m assuming it’s going
    to be really cold in here, because you know there’s no
    insulation in these walls. Both of them lights, and my glow light. I’ve also got spare
    batteries for the camera. Spare batteries for the microphone. You don’t want to know about that. I’m just letting you know. I’ve forgot my powerbank for my phone. That’s me and Moon. I’m
    not going to show Moon. It’s currently 13:23. No service in here. It’s 78% battery. That’s where we’re at right
    now. That’s all I’ve got. Seriously. No service. This whole metal container
    must be blocking the signal or something. I mean, I couldn’t even go
    to the internet or anything. I’ve just got a few games on my phone. (cries) Why didn’t I bring my powerbank. I always remember my powerbank. At least I remembered my phone this time. I can’t eat or drink anything just yet, or I will puke. This thing is like dirty as hell. It looks like somebody
    already did puke. (laughs) The floor is filthy. I don’t know if these shipping containers are airtight or watertight, but I’m pretty confident I’ve
    got enough air in here to survive if it is airtight. But I don’t think it is. And I’ll show you why. Over in this corner,
    there’s some air holes. And then behind me up here, there’s some air holes as well. The truck that we’re in right now has come to a complete stop. I think that we’re in the docks. (crashing) Whoa! My mate (bleep), we’ve
    got a secret knock planned. He’s going to knock on the container. He knows which one it is, and when he’s given me the knock, I know that he’s found me. And we’re good to go. And he’s actually coming
    on the boat with me. But the thing is, I cannot show
    (bleep) at all on the video. If I show his face, I’m going to get him in
    a whole lot of trouble. He’s going to lose his job. So he’s going to open the
    doors, run to the side, and I’m just going to run
    out as quick as I can, so no one gets caught. We’re still quite a long
    way away til then, yeah. But I’m just letting you know the plan. So I’ll I’m doing right now, is I’m waiting for (bleep) to come along. To give me the secret knock. (bang) What? So I’d just had the
    secret knock from my mate. He did it a little bit too quick. I didn’t catch it on camera. He literally just did it real quick, and he must have gone straight away, just to make sure no one’s
    suspicious of what’s happening. We are kind of safe. We’re in his hands. He knows we’re here. So going good. Good! Down! It’s going as planned. It’s all going as planned,
    is what I meant to say. Mm mm mm. Eating some food, and playing some games on my phone. I’ve been reading these
    magazines that I bought. These things. This one
    came with a knitting set. I had a go. It went completely horrible. Look, it’s just like
    women’s things I’m reading. It’s interesting. Ooh. Wait. Kylie, baby. Oh, possibly Rihanna’s
    hiding a baby bump too. That’s not too bad actually. It’s just a little after ten.
    Like 10:04 to be precise. My phone is almost dead. I’ve been playing games. And I’ve been reading these magazines. I’ve had a sandwich.
    I’ve had a bag of crisps. My pasta came with a fork in there. So I didn’t have to use my special one. And also I’ve been drinking some water. Not too much. A couple litres. I’m pretty sure that I’m
    going to be here overnight. I think I would have gone by now if we were going to be
    setting off tonight. So I’m going to get my sleeping bag, because it is a little chilly. I’m going to get in here. Get comfortable. And have a sleep. (grunting) Oh yeah. Oh. I meant to turn the lights off. So I’m going to turn the lights off. It’s going to be pitch black, so there’s no point in
    me recording anything. I’ll let you know when I wake
    up, and keep you updated. Goodnight. It’s just so loud out there. I just woke up. I can hear forklifts going
    around, big lorries and stuff. Cars passing me. I have had a bit of a sleep, and I can’t tell what time
    it is anymore, because. Phone’s dead. Is it still night time right now? Is it morning? I don’t know. Could literally be just twelve am. Could be six am. I don’t
    know how long my sleep was. I think I’m going to have some cereal. I’m going to try that
    weird powdered milk stuff. I don’t know how much to add. (pouring) No, I’ve spilled it everywhere. I’ve got milk soaked.
    It’s soaked right in. Oh, it’s all in my sleeping bag. Oh! It’s soaking all into the sleeping bag. This is disgusting. (crunching) Mmm. Actually not bad. I did bring my potty with me if you saw it earlier in the shop. I bought a new potty. I’ve just used it. I did go wee wee. I’ve hid it down this side. I’m not even going to show
    it, because that’s gross. (laughter) I don’t know
    why I’m saying this video. That is that. (bang) Okay. I think I’m on the boat. If we are on the boat
    right now, this is it. This is the big moment. This is where the main part happens. It started. We are on the way. The boat is definitely started. It felt like a huge rumble
    noise as the engine started. And now we’re moving. This
    is it. There’s no going back. And I’ve eaten quite
    a lot of food already. I’ve still got a lot of water left. So far, supplies are going well. I’ve just got no sleeping bag now. It’s over there in the corner still. It stinks cause of the milk. The sleeping bag’s all sticky. It’s kind of like stuck together, and it stinks, so I can’t utilise. It’s going to be cold in Iceland.
    Three degrees in Iceland. I’m gonna. Oh, why did
    I have to make milk? Why did I have to make my own milk? I don’t want to just vlog all the time. There’s not a lot for
    me to just talk about. This really is just me here existing. (grunting) I don’t know
    how long we’ve been. This trip is so boring. It must be quite a big boat
    because we’re quite steady. It’s not like we’re
    rocking over in the waves. I don’t feel too bad. A tiny
    bit sick, but nothing crazy. The truck ride was a lot worse. Just so bored, and because I’m laying here
    just thinking about everything, I’ve got nothing to
    take my mind of things. I’m just overthinking everything. Like, what if the boat sinks?
    What if something happens? Boats do go down. So many things could go
    wrong still at this point. This is reality, which is
    kind of hitting right now. As soon as we got on that boat, it kind of started to hit me. But now it’s just sending
    me to anxiety attacks. I don’t know what to do. If I just started shouting, if I just started shouting
    and banging to get out of here because I can’t. I do not like this one bit. I don’t like being here. It’s sending me crazy. I’ve been eating loads of food and stuff. It’s way over there. Just to keep me going, I’m just eating cause I’m bored really. To be honest, I’m not even hungry. I’ve been drinking and stuff. It stinks and it’s still a
    bit wet, but I don’t care. I’m doing okay. Oh, it’s just so cold. I don’t know. It must be
    getting close to Iceland. I’ve not video’d a lot at all. I’ve been sleeping and
    eating. Just chilling. I should have video’d more.
    I didn’t video a lot at all. I just want to fall asleep. It’s dangerous when
    you’re as cold as this. (moaning) My last torch just went.
    The battery’s gone. The one on the ceiling
    went hours and hours ago. And now the one on the wall’s just gone. The batteries have gone.
    It’s just pitch black now. This is made the whole thing
    a thousand times worse. I can’t see a thing.
    There’s nothing to see. It’s just pitch black.
    You can’t see anything. So, I guess the next time I see you will be when we’re landing in Iceland. But for now, this is Killem, over and out! Okay, so I think we’ve been docked now. I’m pretty sure. The boat’s
    engine has completely stopped. It’s a lot quieter. And now I can hear shipping containers being moved around and stuff. (banging) Shhh. We’re here. We’re here. I cannot be loud. I
    can not get caught now. I’ve gone through too
    much now to get caught. Okay. So now I’m just waiting around. He’s going to pat on the door
    to let me know it’s happening. And I’m going to turn the camera
    on. I’m just going to run. Okay, he’s just knocked.
    It’s happening. We’re here. Oh! Oh! Come on quickly. I can see light. (panting) This way. This way. Looks like there’s road this way. Oh, I don’t know where to
    go. Don’t know where to go. I don’t know where to go.
    I’ll just go this way. There’s a fence. There’s a fence. (clanking) (panting) I’ve done it. I’ve done
    it. Can’t stop running yet. Keep going. Keep going. I’ve done it. This is the docks. Yes! Iceland! I can’t believe I’ve done it. So the nearest town actually
    wasn’t too far away, so what I’m going to do is I need a drink after all that running. I’m gonna buy a phone charger. And then I’m gonna get
    a hotel or something. Book flights and stuff. It’s going to be a long journey. I can’t believe I’m in Iceland. (laughter) (hip hop music)

    I Mailed Myself in a Box *UK to USA* (HUMAN MAIL CHALLENGE PART 3 – BY AIR)
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    I Mailed Myself in a Box *UK to USA* (HUMAN MAIL CHALLENGE PART 3 – BY AIR)

    December 11, 2019

    (upbeat instrumental music) – I’m gonna mail myself again. I know I said I wasn’t
    gonna do it ever again but I’m gonna do it. It’s like it’s a trilogy. The first time, I mailed myself by land. The second time, by sea. I’ve just gotta do a Part Three by air. I’m just gonna get
    straight into this thing. I’m gonna go make the box and everything but first, I can’t decide
    where I want to mail myself to. I bought a map. I’m just gonna throw a dart on the map. Wherever it lands that’s
    where we’re going. I just opened this thing up. I’ve (laughs) I accidentally ordered a kids map. (laughs) I’m gonna go duct tape
    this to a piece of wood and then we’ll see where we’re going. Benny got a scarf. I’m gonna use this as a blindfold so I can’t see. And then just drop the thing. – [Woman] Turn around a bit. Yeah, that’s it. Around, turn around. (laughs) Alright. Yeah, whatever. Just, yeah. – Say yeah. – [Woman] Yeah. – Okay, yeah. Three, two, one. (dart drops to floor) Where is this? – [Woman] Oh, it landed in the sea. – Where about? Wait, right in the middle of, ahh. It’s closest to LA, I guess. LA, here we come. (laughs) Let’s go meet this crate. Let’s go meet the crate. So here we go. I’m in the garage. I’ve got loads of wood right here. Plenty wood to make the box. I’ve got a hand saw,
    a drill, tape measure, screws, loads of all this wood for joining stuff together. I think we’re ready to go. Let’s just make this thing. (upbeat instrumental music) So where we’ll go? It’s been a few days
    where we’ve got this thing all together. It took awhile. We had a lot of coats of wood. We just have to try now
    to put it all together and stuff. Write Fragile on it. This way (mumbles) and this
    is my door way to get in. Here’s my lid. What I’m gonna do is when I’m in there, this is my lid. I’m gonna sit in. I’m gonna put the lid up, screw it in place, and I’m in there and then I can just get out whenever I want by unscrewing it. Just a quick peek inside. There it is. We’ve got loads of room in there. Loads of room. Look at that. This is awesome. It’s like a full on crate. Luxury compared to what I’m used to. This is how we’re gonna transport it. We’ve got this. This is how I’m gonna get from here to the post office. So where you’re going, you can just move me around like this. Let’s go! So now I’m gonna go get my stuff. I’m gonna go buy some food, all my supplies and then, it’s time to get in. So, to the show we go! We’re in the shop. I’m just trying to think what I need so I can take with me. I need lots of food, lots of drink. It would be good if I could
    take that Xbox or something. That’d be cool. Mom’s here with me. She’s here to advise me. – [Woman] Hello. (laughs) (rustling) – I need plenty to snack on. – [Woman] No, you can’t. No! – I’m gonna be there ages. – The more you drink, the more you pittle. Don’t. He’s insane. You’re insane. – What about chocolate? – [Woman] No. – Why? – [Woman] It’s gonna be hot in there. I mean, I can have it still. – We any some water. Gotta keep hydrated. You know, what I’m saying? You know what I’m. Sparkling, not sparkling, fizzy water. Not that, Phil. Here we go. Highland Spring water. All the Highland Spring. Oh, gotta have some Oreos. Cereal bars. Got have a cereal bar. If I’m gonna be in there
    for like a full 24 hours, maybe even more, I need something that’s gonna keep me going. Cereal bars. Lots of carbs and stuff. I don’t know. Gotta have a can of beans. Then one of those beans. I’ve just seen these. I’ve got to have them. I just love them so much. Pickled eggs. Pickled eggs. (laughs) I’m trying to think
    where I can do pee pee, poo poos. And then what do I want to do. Look at this. Look at this. A potty. It’s like a little mini toilet. Potty with a lid. No, no, no. Hold on, quick, quick. Look. What do you think of this? – [Woman] A baby toilet. – It’s like a proper toilet. – That’s good. You can actually sit on it. – I can sit, that’s good in there. It’s good, nothing can go wrong. (laughs) – [Woman] Yeah. – The final touch. Spider Man cake. Let’s go. – [Woman] Alright, come on then. Are you ready? Why are you eating that? Stop it. – Don’t (mumbles). – [Woman] You don’t need it. – (mumbles) leave me alone. Okay, so I’m back from the shop. It’s the next day. I’ve got my box ready. Let me just show you what I have done. Here, I’ve got my lid ready. I’ve got the screws poking out, ready to screw in. I’ve got my potty. My drink, Spider Man cake. I’ve got a bag full of goodies. My light. Before we go, there’s just
    one think I want to do. (drilling holes with power tool) Air holes. Those are my air holes. I’m just showing you me drilling about four or five. I’ve actually gone around the whole thing. I’ve done about 50, 50 little air holes all the way around. Should be nicely ventilated. I don’t wanna do too big of holes. I’ve got people on the outside of the box can see in, so that’s why I’ve done
    really small holes, but I’ve got lots of them. So I’ve got plenty of air coming in and now it’s nice, ventilated. It will go, we’re gonna go put this on the van right now. I’m gonna go put this on the van then go to the post office. I’m gonna get in the box, in the back of the van, and then my dad is gonna
    wheel me into the post office and then away we go. The journey begins. Let’s go. Let’s (laughs) let’s just do this. This is it. No going back now. Everything’s been prepared. It’s taken ages to prepare it. Here we go. So I’m gonna jump in the box real quick. My dad’s gonna pull me down this ramp and then wheel me off into the post office. Let’s go quick. People around. Bye! Screw this lid on quick. Quick, quick, quick. It’s cool isn’t it? I’ve got my (mumbles). I’m just gonna screw all of these. I’ve got like eight more screws to screw in. We’re gonna be steamy in here. So I’ve just spun around 180 degrees. I was like there, now I’m here. I just feel like I can
    get through this easy. You know, to undo the screws and stuff. We just need to wait a minute because I’ve been sweating so much. wait, wait, wait. I’ve been sweating so much, getting that lid on
    and stuff and we’re all steaming up in here, so as soon as we’ve de-steamed
    and I’ve cooled down a bit, we’ll get going into the post office. Jesus Christ it’s hot. Okay, so I’ve just re-arranged stuff so I can get nice and comfortable. I’m still in the back of the van and we’re about to enter the post office but before we do, I figure I’ll show you what I’ve got. I’ll show you what I brought with me. I brought a few more
    things than what I just buy in the shop ’cause once I’m in the Post Office, I’ve gotta be real quiet. You know, I can’t get caught. If I get caught, I’m in some huge trouble. I’ll show you what I’ve got
    and then it’s time to go! I’ve got my Cheetos. It’s like a multi pack bag thing. Along here, I’ve got my water, I’ve got my big bag of stuff. This is the potty. I really regret bringing the potty. The potty is huge. It’s taking away more space than I thought. Too late. So I’ve got the huge potty. I’m kind of using it like a leg rest. I brought this thing, I brought this blanket. What else we’ve got over here? I’ve got a Ouija board. All these YouTubers doing
    these fake Ouija boards videos for views. You know, I thought, you know what? Let’s just bringing a
    Ouija board, why not? I’ve got my Spider Man cake, I’ve got my cereal bars, my pickled eggs. A magic 8 ball, why not. Oh, that’s the (mumbles)
    for the Ouija board. And Oreos. Oh, oh, oh. Oh, this. This, this! I brought my mobile phone. Obviously the mobile phone battery when you’re playing games the stuff, can just
    draining in a few hours. Boom, my back up battery. This can charge you phone from dead to fall. Probably four or five times. I’ve got plenty of battery in there. I’ve got my passport. Because I’m in America,
    obviously I’ve got to fly back. Passport. I’ll need passport and the beans. Two spare batteries for my camera so I’ve got plenty of battery camera. Plenty of camera battery. I don’t even know anymore. Obviously my screw driver for the lid. And this, fidget (mumbles) thing, One final thing, this, this
    is the real important thing. I better set it up. This is actually a spy camera. What I’m gonna do with this is, just down here by my leg. Right there, look. Just there, there’s a little hole in the box. I’m gonna put my camera lens there. Whoa, whoa. I’m gonna put my camera
    lens up to that hole. I’ve already measured it and cut it out. That will go there and I’m
    gonna duct tape that there. So you’re probably thinking, what, why? This is gonna record outside of the box. So you know, exactly where I am, what’s happening. I can’t see what this thing has recorded until the end of the journey. I’m just really, really
    hoping that I’ve got all the settings correct. I’ve set it for motion detection so with it doesn’t continuously record the whole journey because it would run out of battery. It would run out of memory well before we probably
    even leave the country. Whenever this detects
    motion on the outside of the box, it starts recording. – [Woman] Freddy. – We’ve got five more minutes. So I’m gonna land that
    lens of the lenses there. I’ve gotta line it perfectly. There. So there we go. I’m gonna put a little bit more duct tape on our camera just to make sure it’s completely solid and will not move but there is the security camera. This is where things get real. Let’s just go. I’m ready. (crate dragging) Okay, so I’m in the post office right now. I think I’m in like a back room. And I think people keep going in and out. So I can’t do anything that’s
    gonna make a lot of noise. I can’t play any games on
    the phones or anything. Half an hour in and I’m bored already. (laughs) I’m so bored. It’s just almost quarter past three in the afternoon. 3 pm, so let’s just time to see how long this thing takes. I’ll keep you updated. But for now, I can’t do anything. Yeah, I’ll see you soon. Okay, okay. I managed to get to my Oreos without being too loud. I’ve got some drink. I’ve been playing this fidget spinner game to keep me entertained. It’s actually really good. Nothing big’s happened. I’ve just been eating and drinking and playing fidget spinner. We’ve been in here like
    maybe two hours or so, I feel like any minute
    now, could be the time that we get taken to the next destination. So we’re, fingers crossed. Go fidget spinner, go! (laughs) Oh, my bum are aching so bad. Ooh. I need to sit up more straight. Ahh. (burps) I think we’re in the warehouse. Warehouse must have
    shut at 10 or something. ‘Cause about 10 o’clock, everything start to go quiet. Stay quiet through a bit longer just to make sure and now, I think this is it for the night. I’m pretty sure this is it so I’m just gonna make the
    best of this right now, best of the situation. I’m just stuck, I’m stuck here. Obviously I can’t go opening the lid, getting out ’cause they might have like, alarms, set up around the building. If an alarm sets off,
    that’s it, game over. I should have some internet on the phone. I’ve got three G, I’ve got one bar signal. We’re in a warehouse. You never get good signals in these places so I’m gonna play some games, and eat some food. I can be as loud as I want. I think. I can’t be too load in case
    there’s like a security guard wandering around. I’ll keep you checked in. I’m just about to change the battery in my camera already. One battery down. I’ve still got two full ones so we should be good to go. I’ll catch you on the flip side mother. It’s about 12 or something. It’s been about two hours or something. Three hours since we last spoke. It’s starting to get really cold. (mumbles) Cheetos. I’ve already finished one bottle. And almost finished the second one. I mean, time’s going so slow. (mumbles) been recording (mumbles) the good bits and stuff. Just keep you updated every hour or two or something. I don’t know what the hell I’m saying. I don’t make sense. I’m just so tired. I’ve drank so much water. I mean, I’m surprised I’ve not needed to use the potty yet. Thank God. So far so good. Anyway let’s play some Ouija board. Why not? Oh, yeah cramped into like a position. You’re stuck. Ahh, let’s play some
    Ouija board on the potty. (laughs) Oh, God. I know I mean to play one person but here we go. Hello. Hello, spirits. I think it meant to do this first. Whoa-wee. Is there any spirits here today? What? No way. (laughs) It’s just me, just me. I’m just kidding, I’m just kidding. You can’t do this one person. Yeah, I might just have a nap. I might as well go to
    sleep just to make some time pass really. Yeah, I set my alarm for about four. It’s gives me about three hours nap. Hopefully that’s when
    the post office opens up. I know post offices are
    known for opening early. I’ll set my alarm for (burps) and then yeah, hopefully they’re early. Yeah. Oh, my God. It’s the next morning. I’m just (mumbles) wherever. It’s the next day. 6:08 am. So I set my alarm for 4 am. I couldn’t hear anything. I don’t think it opened yet, the warehouse. The work men. I set my alarm for 5 am. Still quiet. I’ve set my alarm for
    6 and there’s people, I can hear people now so it must be opened up now. Ate some Cheetos, after that drank some water. I’ve only got three and a half bottles left now. So yeah, nothing’s happened in the night. I woke up a few times. I’ve got a really bad belly ache. Hopefully soon we’ll be
    moving on to the aeroplane. We can get over to America. But for now, we’re still here. So yeah, I’ll just keep you updated. I’ll let you know what’s happening. (music playing) So I’ve been dragged
    out of the post office. I’m in the back of a van right now. I don’t like turning my camera
    on when there’s people around because I don’t want them to end it. Everything’s (mumbles) (laughs). The engine has stopped. I think we might be at
    the next destination. (rustling) Ugh, my belly. My stomach. I thought drinking a lot of water will make you feel better but it won’t, it doesn’t. Ahh. It’s gotta be them eggs. It can’t be Cheetos. Oh. It’s happening, it’s happening. I need my potty. I need my potty. Ugh, quick. I can’t show you what’s happening. Ugh. I feel a lot better. Oh, no. That stinks. The whole place stinks. (laughs) I came out like water. (breathing heavily) 10:38, it’s freezing. I kind of like got woken up from the box moving. Been placed into the aeroplane. So I’m in the aeroplane now. I think I’m pretty, pretty
    confident I’m in the aeroplane right now. I’m just, I just want this to end. (rustling) That’s it, we’re in there, we’re in there. I brought this as like a surprise. I wanted to tell you. You know, I was wanting to do like a little funny party scene. But I just, I just don’t care anymore. I just don’t care. I’m just tired as hell. My body. I just feel like I’m 180 years old. I just want to get there. I just want to get there. Oh, and the potty thing. The potty, I had to duct tape it. Oww. Duct tape the potty up to try and keep the smell in. But the smell is just so bad. It just won’t go. The smell will not go. I’m like over the
    Atlantic Ocean in a plane and no one knows I’m here. Nobody, nobody knows I’m here. What if the plane goes down? What if? What if we have an accident? What if something happens, the plane goes down, and I’m stuck in here. I’m stuck in here. Oh, all my energy’s just zapped. I got no energy. I’ve been eating (mumbles) I’m living out of Cheetos. And my cereal bars. I don’t want anything more eggs. No more eggs. Ugh. It’s starting to get cold. We’ve been in the air for
    like 30 minutes or something. It’s getting really cold. (video game music playing) I’m on my last battery. I don’t want to waste this battery. I’m just bored and stuff,
    like me just in here eating and drinking and playing games. So I’m just gonna try and sleep through this flight for as long as I can. If I can. This trip is just so uncomfortable. I mean, I’ve not got a lot of food left. Oh, God. Three Oreos left. I’ve got some baked beans. I didn’t bring a can opener so I can’t open them. Stupid. One bag of Cheetos. I have one bottle of water left. And that is it. That’s all I’ve got for
    the rest of the journey. Before I love you or leave you, on this flight we will ask the 8 Ball one question. Oh, magic 8 ball, will I come out of this challenge alive? What does that say? Come on focus please. There. Yeah. It says looks like yes if you can’t read it. No joke, absolutely no joke. That was first time, first time. So the next time it would probably be just like when we land I guess. When the plane’s coming down. I’ll keep you updated. So I was actually asleep when the aeroplane landed. As soon as the wheels hit the floor, like my eyes pinged open. I was awake. And then like, couple minutes after that, not long, we was out the aeroplane. I didn’t get a chance to grab my camera. I’m pretty sure I’m in a van. So I can’t, I don’t
    think we’ve got long left ’til there. I know it’s been a long time since we last spoke. I’ve literally just tried to sleep as long as I can. This is it. This is the final stretch. I’m just so happy. The temperature here in the US is way hotter than in the UK. Ahh, I’m so sweaty. Okay, so the van has just stopped. I think this might be it. (mumbles) the box is being delivered. (mumbles) shh. (rustling) (wheels rolling) (knocking) – [Man] Delivery. (door opens) (knocking) – [Man] Come on, you’re in California. – Dad? Quick, quick, quick. – [Man] Come out now. – That’s it? – [Man] Thank you very much. – Okay, thank you. You want your ticket? – Ugh! – [Man] You made it. All that way. You made it. – Oh, God. Ugh. – [Man] Come here. You actually made it (mumbles). (laughs) – Yes, yes! Ugh. (laughs) I made it. Look at this. Look, look. America, baby. Look at this. Oh, the hill. Look at the mountains. The mountains! I guess this is our room then. – [Man] Yeah, this is it. – Oh, I need a shower. Ugh. So here I am in Hollywood. I’m in the Highland Shopping Centre. Shopping Mall. Look, look, look, look, look. There it is. Just there, You can just see the Hollywood sign, baby. Walking around LA. Look at this. Huge buildings. I got to shower. I feel good. We went for some food. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of it. A place called IHOP. Now I’ve got a Payday bar. I’ve never heard of it. Payday bar in LA. Eating at IHOP. What can be better? (laughs) (gasps) (dramatic music) (hip hop music)

    Beach Cliff Basketball Trick Shots!
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    Beach Cliff Basketball Trick Shots!

    December 10, 2019

    I’m Josh Horton. I’m David Kalb – Let’s make some trick shots! let’s do it you always enjoy that swish Cassie’s turn! not bad with an audience! SWISH! While we were warming up I air balled, air balled…. airball airball airball ugh alright well
    let’s just try it and then BOOM! we’ve switched locations to the Travis
    Mathew headquarters we’re both Rock and Travis Matthew today
    and you know the beach was nice but now it’s time for some some court shots juggle three I’ll toss one up and then
    you knock that one in the hoop it’ll come down and you keep juggling them
    I’ll try to catch the one that you threw and continued juggling and in theory it
    should work oh so wouldn’t be a proper Josh Horton
    video without a challenge so you up for a challenge
    oh for sure I actually think you’re gonna dominate me at this but we’ll see
    we’re gonna have a timed relay race free-throw three-pointer half-court shot
    and then you had an idea for the finale I say for the finale
    we take the exercise ball has to basically get stuck in the really fast
    is wanting to get all four of those wins whoa come on oh no shoes I got on the testers Oh thirty seven one three okay
    Wow I’m tired it’s a hot in this gym we’re used to that thirty seven one
    three so leave a comment right now who do you thinks gonna win
    leave a comment Josh or David good luck on the one three I think I can get that
    are you ready three two one Oh No three-pointer nail then 24 seconds Oh
    work thank you that was impressive half were phone good yeah half quarter look
    like you’ve done it before yes I have any time back to more trick shots yeah
    oh great they both rolled in but both win is but it counts that is today’s
    video but first we’re gonna do a giveaway win yourself some Josh Horton
    juggling balls by following this man on Instagram
    David Cal leave a comment on his most recent post saying juggling Josh sent me
    and you could win yourself some juggling balls today was awesome
    yes we made some crazy stones of stuff and I’m so happy that you came down it’s
    it’s been a while since I just my card court trick shots on this channel so I
    know you guys at home love this video give it a thumbs up if you did we’ve got
    videos every Monday Wednesday Saturdays make sure you subscribe we do Instagram
    shadows every video here’s here’s one the other is on David’s face follow
    Cassie eye on Instagram your chance of an Instagram shoutout
    let’s go let’s go back to the beach right