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    Stinky Fish Challenge – Merrell Twins
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    Stinky Fish Challenge – Merrell Twins

    November 18, 2019

    I Don’t want to throw up but Hey guys I’m Veronica I’m Vanessa and today We are doing the world’s stinkiest fish challenge Thank You Brooklyn and Bailey for tagging us in this challenge no really, thank you I’m so thankful. You know I watched their video, and they’re all like throwing up What do you what even is this okay? Well before we get into it make sure to subscribe to our channel and click the bell Notification to get notified when we do stuff yes, also, we have some exciting news for the entire month of October We are doing a Halloween series on our channel, so you guys can look forward to that We don’t know what it’s called yet, but you can look forward to it. Oh my god right so nervous. Let’s get to it I want to Tranquil translate this though. I mean because I’m nervous my stomach has butterflies in it right now I don’t want to do this when was the last time we did a gross food challenge a long time ago You know why that’s that I think oh my gosh my stomach says Ingestion approximately five to seven st. Hella humming ring 400 grant. Oh, it’s it’s ingredients fat salt Oscar straw me a tiny. I don’t know what is this mean okay? Wait, so we don’t know what it Don’t know what it says um I don’t think even like house like air in it because it’s like the food Okay, we’re gonna open it Wait, what is the challenge just to eat it. Oh? Yeah? We just have to take a bite of it I Have to breathe through my mouth Can’t do it I can’t smell it through my toes This smell is horrible weird guy exact Way through you’re about just don’t breathe through your nose you that just looks like raw I Don’t know it’s so friggin disgusting I can Move that is what shooting out liquid why? Yeah, but not this much What’s wrong with our kid? What did you buy? you you Have such a weak freaking stomach come on teamwork you Know that looks like food what is it like refried beans? We have to take a bite of this my nose is running so bad right now Could your freaking there I did, but just Let’s Just Like I think there’s like a but like a bone in there or something do either We just do a little bit, I’m not doing a lot Daddy dad we just got an even get it on our plate no, no, I don’t even want to eat a lot I read In the comments of Brooklyn and Bailey’s video that you’re not supposed to eat it like this You’re supposed to put it on bread and it tastes a lot better than that way or something like that That’s the way you’re supposed to eat it because some people do like this That’s it. We’re statue it. I can’t breathe if I breathe I throw-up. Let’s just let’s do this Let’s do a little did they do big pieces or did they do in why they made their little pieces -? Why do I get the gross bucket who was first Oh No rock paper scissors Oh Oh Cathy rock paper scissors, Oh No rock paper scissors oh Don’t what to throw up just kind of taste it do I have to eat the whole thing just Try to get it down huh, just told me to go go no go What happened What the heck wait wait why wasn’t it in that bad, it’s really really salty Weight is good I’m shook It’s just the smell of it, but it doesn’t taste awful, I taste just like really salty and It’s bubbling this smells nasty. All right you guys. I like I even like swish that stuff in my mouth. I was like Yeah, my mother wasn’t bad, I don’t get it I don’t get it either. This is confusing It smells like poo tastes like salt. My nose is forever damaged all right Okay, I think we conquered this child I think so too. I think we did good job EPSA Don’t you dare comment down in the comments below that we should have taken a bigger bite kiss you wouldn’t either wouldn’t either You would not either are you okay? Yeah? I’m fine. I know. I just want to smell it anymore That’s why I’m not breathing through my nose. Thank you once again, Brooklyn and Beaufort Thanks baby for tagging us We’re not tagging anybody because we don’t want people to suffer I don’t want to put anyone through this this is awful Hope you guys enjoyed this video. Let us know the comments below. What challenges you want to see us do death and Thanks for watching If you like this video give it a thumbs up Make sure to subscribe to our channel all of some all of our social medias We do live broadcasts every week, and we will see you guys next time bye You

    Nood Beach: Send Foodz w/ Timothy DeLaGhetto & David So
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    Nood Beach: Send Foodz w/ Timothy DeLaGhetto & David So

    November 18, 2019

    – That sauce is hot. I can barely talk.
    – I asked him to put a little, he put half the bottle. – That’s how we do, son. You know why? Cause we ain’t no bitch! – Oh my god, that’s hot! – I’m Timothy DeLaGhetto. – And I’m David So. – We travel around to
    different food festivals. Where we eat all the eats. – We drinks all the drinks. – And we get all types of crazy. While giving you guys the most raw and realest food reviews in the game. – This is Send Foodz. – What’s good, you sexy motha(beep)? Guess what? We are, – I’ve walked three miles to get to this location! – So, David had a rough start to his day. Some Uber problems. Some miscommunications but, – My driver dropped me off in the middle of a highway and I walked in sand for three miles, as if I was looking for an oasis. I’m basically Moses now. – And you found it, bro! We’re here. – What is this tree? – Don’t rip the trees, David So. – Today, we here at Nood Beach in Huntington Beach. And did you know? That this is the evolved
    form of the first festival, that we shot the first
    episode of Send Foodz at. – Wow – The Noods Noods Noods Festival from episode one, bro. This a new segment on my
    channel called Send Foodz, where we just go. I go with the homie. We eat (beep). We talk (beep). I’m over here at the Foodbeast, Noods Noods Noods event. And I’m just ready to like, show you my Noods, man. – So, it’s like an anniversary, but to bring it back to Earth. I walked three (beep) miles! – And you look good. So, I know you’re in pain, bro, but what are you excited to eat today? – Brisket garlic noodles, with bone mother(beep) marrow. – We also, they’re gonna hook us up VIP style, I think. They’re bringing us like, a whole like, tray of like garlic lobster noodles in the VIP section, at our personal table we got. – You know after that
    Maine episode that we did and we found out how long it takes to actually make a full (beep) lobster grown to eat it. It changed my life. I started eating more of ’em. – Yeah! – Yeah (beep)’em, right? – (beep)’em – Let’s get drunk. – Hello, hey, how’s it going? – (mumbles) Yeah, okay. – Okay, yeah, no, okay? Yes (air kiss) Okay. – Awkward. – Can we please have, a spicy ramen grilled cheese? – What? – We took the best bits
    of everything put in one. So you can pull it apart
    and all that comes out. And it’s looking great. – Best bits of everything. Like when you and Chia have a kid. – Awe. – Awe. – Okay, so as you saw, we were just at the Sandwich Society. We just got out sandwiches. This (beep) is heavy. – Yo, right off the (beep) jump. Look at the color on this bitch, dude. – She thick, bro. – That’s nice! – She is thick. Just the outside of it. It’s just like how you want
    a grilled cheese to be. You know what I’m saying? That nice little crispy, but not burnt. – I hope it strings. – Immediately. Wait, wait. – If it doesn’t, I’m going to throw it in the trash. – Okay, do it. Me too, me too. – Oh (beep) got it! – Oh my god. – We got it! – Wow, I am wet. – I am hard. – Yeah. – We should have sex.
    – I think we’re about to. – Look, I know I’ve been kind of like, playing with the cheese (beep) and kind of going easy on it, but I got to go in with this right here. – Yo, cheers. You got to twist it. – Yeah, yeah. Wow. – These mother(beep) playing with me. – Wow. – You guys playing with me? – Wow. – Good (beep) move with
    the provolone, baby. Cause the provolone is what
    makes it cheesy like that. – Wow. – We got that delicious classic (beep) ramen noodles in that. Great kimchi, great jalapeño. – Yeah, the kimchi’s, I love the corn in the kimchi, too. Adds a little bit sweetness
    to that spicy, right? – Good (beep) move with
    the pickled vegetables and that heat. And they got a little bit
    of spicy sauce in the too. – Oh my god. – Did y’all hear that crunch? – Sometimes ramen in (beep), can come off very gimmicky, but I love what a squiggly texture it adds to the sandwich. – Adds a nice little heft to it, right? So you bite down more onto something besides just cheese. I (beep) with it, man. – Bro, I really like this. – Man, guys. – This is like when the ninja
    turtles would bite the pizza. Oh my god. – Man! – Cowabunga! Wow, this (beep) really good. – We are over here at The Golden Marrow! – Okay, what the (beep) is this? What do we have here? – It’s a five truffle,
    Parmesan bone marrow. – Wow. – It’s roasted on white oak wood, so it’s super smokey. Have you had bone marrow before? – I have. I love bone marrow. – Yeah. – Let’s get it. Thank you, so much. – Thank you, so much. You guys (beep) don’t skimp
    on that black truffle, homie. – Crazy! – There’s 24 karat gold on top. – These (beep) crazy, dude. Children are starving all over the world. They don’t care. Naw, just kidding. I was
    just (beep) with her. – (beep) them kids! – Yeah, man! – First of all, let me just say, since Snoop is here, I’m sipping a gin and juice. – Presentation, 10 out of 10. – Wow, this is beautiful. – Not a single (beep) we’ve ever been to, at a festival, had presentation like this. – Oh, nothing like this. – Yeah, man. – I saw her dusting the
    (beep) with the gold, like she was cleaning off makeup brushes. – That’s what I’m saying dude. That’s legit gold we’re about to eat with black truffle, which is food gold. – This is some decadent-ass
    (beep) right here. – And on the on the bottom we have, I don’t know how to pronounce, spaetzle. – Oh, spaetzle! – Yeah. – Spaetzle on the bone marrow. – Yeah, it’s the, I, – I don’t know about (mumbles) – Okay, I’m gonna (mumbles) Let’s try this, Okay, here we go. – Oh my god. Look at this. – Cheers. – I can’t even scoop. Oh my god this is trazy. – Wow! – They put this like, black truffle sauce on top of that marrow. It’s so rich and decadent. The fat just coats all over your mouth. – If you’ve never had bone marrow before, I describe it to people, like if you can imagine butter made out of meat. That’s what it tastes like. You know what I’m saying? And it just like, it literally melts in your mouth, because it’s just (beep) like, just flavorful-ass fat. You know? – I don’t know if you guys
    agree with me on this, but if you’ve ever had Japanese A5 wagyu. – Yeah. – That intermuscular fat
    reminds me of bone marrow. – That boy said, intermuscular – You know what I’m saying, bruh? You know what I’m saying bruh? – Not everybody (beep) with it, because of the texture. Because it’s so soft and so gooey. But, I love just like a fatty piece of meat in my mouth. No pause. – Yo, you mix that fatty bone marrow with these fried, delicious buttery pieces of spaetzle. I’m eating this whole thing. – Yeah, me too. (beep) my cholesterol. – Oh, hi! – Look at this. They (beep) love Tim, dude. It’s only cause he’s Thai. (beep) these guys right? – What’s up, bro? – Oh (beep) – Okay, what? My people, my people. – Yeah, you’re my people, dude. What is this? What do we have here? – I’ve got spicy, crazy noodles. That are made from Thai chili and then are topped
    with roasted pork belly. Sunny side up. The slow crab claw. – You know what my dad
    says about Thai chilis? Thai chilis are like Thai penises. They’re not big, but they’re the most powerful. – Yeah, absolutely! – Is that right? – That’s right. He said, get in there. That (beep) crazy, dude. – There you go. – Yeah, yeah. – That’s what talking about, the sauce. – Wow, he doesn’t know what
    the (beep) a little bit means. – Son of a bitch. Hey, welcome to episode
    Send Foodz everybody. Basically, this a food show, but Tim’s over sucking his
    own (beep), like, hello. – I don’t need to suck my own (beep), when I got my people to
    suck my (beep) for me. – That guy had the biggest smile on earth. I thought his face was
    going to rip in half. – So, I don’t know how to go about this, but it’s dripping all over me and I’m, – Break the yolk. Mix the sauce in. – Cheers. (upbeat music) – Oh my god. – When it comes to Thai food, one thing they never lack is flavor. You talking bout (beep) flavor man. – Wow! – This piece of pork, It tastes like that Thai beef
    jerky. That’s the seasoning. What is that called? – Nuer Daed That’s the beef jerky. It’s like, they call it Thai beef jerky, but it’s like way juicer than regular beef jerky. – It’s delicious. – I apologize to the gringos for stopping by this booth because this (beep) right here. Next level spice, bro. – You’re gonna tell them to get the hell out of
    your country, basically. – Look at these delicious
    little crab claws. That’s good, man. Definitely some fish sauce
    flavor in there for sure. – Hey, look. My mom was right. Thai people are the best at everything. – She like, oh yeah, Thai people are the best. She’s a Thai supremacist, dude. – All right, as you can see.
    We’re in the VIP section, because too many fans are coming up to us. It’s getting dangerous. – Yeah, so many fans. – Throwing their ramen
    soaked panties at us and it was ridiculous. – Crazy, man. – So up next, we’re gonna be hosting the ramen eating competition. – What? – They got twenty pound bowls of ramen. – That’s it? – Five competitors. They have twenty minutes to eat twenty pounds of ramen. Look at the annunciation, on my mouth. – They’ve got hoodlum music, playing in the background. – What’s up y’all? Y’all having a good time? Make some noise. – Oh, god! – Make some noise if you’re
    ready to see some people eat a lot of ramen. – (beep) disgusting toppings, including charred pork belly. – Bamboo. – Corns. – Soft boiled eggs. – Nori. – Yeah! Only one person has ever finished, this bowl of ramen in history. – And they’re dead, now. – Yeah, they died right afterwards. – [Crowd] Five, four, three, two, one, Eat! Wow. – Amazing. – Oh, it’s the hands. The hands. – Little Japanese women
    are crying all over in Japan right now, watching you eat this. What in the hell is going on? This is insane. – This is wild. – You guys eat like ducks. You don’t chew at all. – Okay, see so, everybody is doing the noodles first, because that takes up the
    most room in the bowl. You know what I’m sayin? – What the (beep)? – Wow! – Yo, oh my god! – What the (beep)? – That was two minutes and three seconds. – Two minutes and three seconds. Molly killed this ramen. Boy, here we go. The grand prize winner, the one who killed that bowl the fastest and the winner of the golden chopsticks. Make some noise for Molly Schuyler. Y’all, she looks like she’s
    in her first trimester right now. All right guys, well, thanks for watching. Go eat some (beep). All right, so we stopped
    by the Ten Asian Bistro, being worked by three white girls. And, we got their hot nude pig on a stick, which is what David’s fiancee will see on their wedding night. – Slow roasted pork, wrapped in egg noodles. Deep fried in Nashville
    hot sauce, parmesan on top. Lets get it, Tim give that a nice little, snippety, snappety, bite. – Okay, okay! – Oh, hot, oh! – Definitely cooked slow, because that pork belly is (beep) tender. – You know the sweetness
    of that pork reminds me of? What’s that Chinese sausage? – Lap Cheong. – Lap Cheong. Kind of reminds me of that,
    if you’ve ever had that. You know pork belly, we’re used
    to it being salty and fatty. But this is like, I don’t if it’s from the
    sauce or the actual meat, but it’s kind of sweet. I like it. – The fried egg noodle, always adds that delicious crunch factor. Crunch is not a flavor, but it really should
    be at a certain point. It has a lot of elote
    flavorings right now, right? – Because of the cheese on top. – With the cheese and that creamy sauce. But you have that buttery, tender, slow roasted pork. I (beep) with this man, very good. – Yeah, that’s tasty. So, we stopped by the Mess
    Hall Canteen food truck. These guys always adapt really well. They take their time in taking
    whatever ingredient it is and doing a nice lil combo configuration. – It’s like Asian finesse,
    with American decadence. Cause the heft! – That’s like us! – Yes! – The heft on this is amazing. – The Hugh Heft. – The Hugh Heft. So what do you have, Tim? – I have the Kalbi Brisket Garlic Noodles. Now David, with your Korean ass, what is Kalbi brisket? – Kalbi is actually a Asian, we call it short rib. And it’s marinated in soy sauce, garlic, onions. You eat that (beep) up. I have it nice and pink, usually. And you just rip it right
    off the mother(beep) bone. – And what you got over here? – We got ourselves a hamachi, soba noodle thing going on. I love soba noodles. This is a noodle dish that
    is supposed to be eaten cold. – Yes! – I love cold noodles. – Let’s get it. – Okay. – This is what I look for
    in a cold summer dish. Very bright, very acidic. You got these nice little snappy,
    crunchy edamame in there. And of course, that
    fatty, fresh, delicious, chunky-ass piece of hamachi. – Chunky! Bro, let me tell you something. The brisket, is so tender, dawg, with these soft-ass noodles, and that crispy-ass, little carrot and What’s in this little thing on top? – That’s probably daikon. – Carrot and daikon, mixed on top. Try this, try the kalbi. Wow. – Very (beep) good. – That’s a fresh piece of
    fish too, off a food truck. How they do that? – How McDonald’s do
    the filet-o-fish, man? I don’t know either. Fatty piece of brisket. Brisket, is typically a
    very cheap cut of meat. For the size that you get. You have to cook this super (beep) slow, to get it this tender. – Low and slow and long. – Long time. – Kalbi! Because that (beep) Like Kobe, but kalbi. – Hello. – Hello. – Hi! – How are you? – Good, how are you? I’m a big fan of you. – I love your show, I watch your show I can’t believe you’re here. – Thank you. – Thanks! Can I get a Lychee-lada? – Uh-huh.
    – Do you say lychee or lychee? – I say lychee. – You say lychee? – Yeah. – Okay, can I get a
    Lychee-lada? What do you want? And can we also get a
    Smurf Berry S’more please? – Yeah, of course. – All that (beep). Give us all that (beep). – Yeah (beep). – What’s up, man? – Aw, (beep) – That mother(beep) came
    out like a crack head. Like, “Hey, what’s up man?” – All right, so we’re getting fullsies. So we decided to get some
    dessert from Hug Life. – Hug life! – Hug life. I got me a Lychee-lada. Do say lychee-lada or, Do you say lychee or lychee? – I say (pronouncing). – Is there an actual way
    to pronounce that (beep)? – I can’t figure it out. – It’s a (beep) mystery. – Okay so, I like what they did here. They took what they do at
    the Mexican food carts. They got some type of tajin on there. They got some chamoy in there. And let me tell you some, dawg. How you, You can’t wait for me? – I’m a little buzzed right now. You know what, this whole show is just feeding me alcohol and you know, – Look, (beep) your liver. (beep) my cholesterol. We out here. Shout out to Thrillist, we getting paid, but we gonna die early, but it’s worth it. Have you tasted this? – It’s delicious. – It’s really good. – I told you. – Like what does this taste like? – Coconut, taro, something. What is this? What the (beep) is in this? – Blueberry, blueberry, I believe. – Really, no, no. But something else though. Taste it again. There’s
    more in here than that. Or am I trippin? – Oh. I know what the flavor is. – What? – Smurf. I have no (beep) idea. – Smurf (beep) – It needs a lil alcohol though, right? There it is. – Gin. – Straight to the dome. – Lit. – Well you know, basically at this point, Tim is just approaching other people. They don’t even know
    him and he’s just like, You know me, right? You know, Wild Style! I (beep) hate the guy really, I do. – How are you? – I’m fantastic! – What was your favorite
    thing you had tonight? – Me? – Yes. – Me, I think. I, Are we doing the ending? – Yes. Outro. Do it, do it, do it. – No. I’m not doing the outro. – What was your favorite
    thing you had tonight? – Are we doing the (beep) (beep)? – No. What’s you’re favorite
    thing you had tonight? It’s the outro. – I guess we’re doing the outro. – We’ll do outro. What’s Your, What’s your favorite
    thing you had tonight? What’s your, What’s your, What’s your favorite
    thing you had tonight? – My (beep) side hurts! – (beep) So, this (beep) Eli, put
    together this whole (beep). And now we bout to go on stage. Instead of bottle service, we got lobster service. Instead of champagne, they’re bringing us a
    whole (beep) lobster. – Twenty pound lobster. Every claw is bigger
    than a regular lobster. Just the claw. – Wow! – Yeah. – Lobster. – It is twenty mother(beep) pounds. It takes years for a
    lobster to get that big. And he just spit on our producer. Right in her (beep) face. You ever see that old
    Missy Elliot music video? Anyways, – I’m sorry. – Tim literally spit on a woman. I didn’t mean, I didn’t mean to spit, I wasn’t trying to spit on her. – You were trying to spit on the camera. – It’s all right. – Twenty percent, of our (spit) our earth’s oxygen, comes from the Amazon Rainforest. (spit) – Let’s go (beep) – Wow. On the Versace! – Make a noodle pun right now. – Hey man, my computer broke, so I need a new Dell. – That (beep) was so bad. – Yo! So, this food festival was poppin’. Noods, noodles. I’m drunk. – I couldn’t tell at all, Tim. I’m talking about the best food I’ve had so far at a festival. – What was your favorite
    thing you had today, bro? – Man, I gots to say, It had to be, And not because they did
    anything crazy or special. It brought back nostalgia, was the momma noodle Thai thing. – Momma noodles. I love me some momma noodles. Not gonna lie, I think my favorite might have been, because of the momma noodles. The grilled cheese. – Oh! – Because that (beep) was fire. – He didn’t care about his
    skin or his relationship. – I didn’t care all. I’m out here, you what I’m sayin? And shout out to all
    y’all leaving comments, in the comments, because Elyza S. wants more longer episodes. Thank You. – And Diana Laura and Andre Terrell, say they want a little more David So. – So, keep watching! Keep sharing! Keep subscribing! Because we out here.

    24 HOUR BOX FORT SHIPWRECK BEACH SURVIVAL!! 📦😱 Primitive Technology, Fishing Challenge & More!
    Articles, Blog

    24 HOUR BOX FORT SHIPWRECK BEACH SURVIVAL!! 📦😱 Primitive Technology, Fishing Challenge & More!

    November 18, 2019

    where’s there a box full supplies with
    these waves and this wind there’s no way we’re getting out in the middle of the
    ocean tonight do be right set up here for the night get a campfire started and
    guys we have to find food because all of our supplies went completely missing hey
    what’s going on guys we just got shipwrecked this is almost nighttime and
    we barely just survived a pox board in the middle of the ocean but like we said
    in the last video guys this doesn’t end our challenge and tonight we’re gonna be
    sleeping I guess in a shipwreck yeah guys we have a lot to do okay the Sun is
    going down we need food we need water most importantly we need shelter all
    right we need to salvage what we can from this and build ourselves a shelter
    to survive it for 24 hours it’s also getting really cold and I’m soaking wet
    from being in that water even though we couldn’t get past these waves we now
    have to survive the 24 hour shipwreck challenge let’s pull her in see what we
    can salvage we’ll set up camp here on the beach for the night all right Logan
    what survival skills do you have I got lots of survival skills I know how to
    look it what survivors day first up they always say first things first make a
    shelter that make fire so as long as we have a shelter and fire we’re okay guys
    we lost all of our supplies in the ocean we have no idea where they are they
    might still be out there but I think the first thing we need to do is start
    making a shelter okay so how can we make this into some kind of shelter all right
    guys we’re gonna come right back to you when we figured something out wait look everything that had our Foolish oh man
    okay we got our food we’ve got our water and some survival gear plate Logan Sun
    setting and it’s getting cold all right dude we got stuff fill in the
    space and fast we got to survive through the night we need first a fire in the
    base but now we got our supplies guys how lucky is that I think we’re gonna go
    for like a lean-to tonight we don’t have a lot of supplies so we’re gonna have to
    use what we have but if we get this leaning this way and use the few pieces
    of Carver that we do have the patch enough I think we can get some warm
    shelter then we just need a fire and some water we should be okay should be
    able to hold up I’m already getting extremely cool dude my hands are like
    going numb we got your fire started the Sun is setting extremely quick so we
    got to build this I’ll see you guys when it’s done all right guys so the first
    stage of our fort is complete we’ve been digging out a little hole here guys to
    help cut down on the wind and we use the back of the shipwreck box for it as a
    base here to hold up everything else now we’re patching it all together and
    I’m gonna start assembling the lighting we have a front wall to protect us from
    all the win because it’s really windy and it’s getting cold so far this is
    looking like a nice little shelter well I went ahead and grabbed some twigs for
    the fire I mean I guess this is what happens when you try and do 24-hour box
    poured in the middle of the ocean you get shipwrecked you guys let me know
    down below do you think next time we should do I don’t know a billionaire box
    fort in the middle of a calm lake comment that down below unless let’s you
    guys like these survival videos which I don’t mind I don’t mind but I am
    freezing cold the Sun is going down Logan how’s the fire coming along
    Oh Liss so far we have a little hole and I think we’ll have a little fire to get
    our hands and feet warm then it’ll be time for dinner
    all right well keep digging all right guys our shelter is almost complete oh
    there we go dude it’s actually a lot warmer in here already you guys we got
    some lighting setup as well as well as the ground hold that up in a nice piece
    of dry cardboard a sit-in whole Sabine look is not too bad you check that out
    shipwrecked isn’t so bad after all but all right I think now what we need to do
    is gather some wood to start ourselves a fire to get warm because I’m still
    soaked and I need to dry off then we can make some dinner for tonight it is a
    really good thing we’ve found our supply bag we wouldn’t have this light I got
    ourselves some twigs there we go and I should have some flint and steel and a
    fire starter kit in the back so hopefully I can make a fire I mean most
    of stuff I found was a little bit wet but should be okay all right guys so
    Logan’s gonna get some more firewood but I thought we take the time to get
    started on this fire as you guys can see the Sun is going down it is a beautiful
    view from inside here but I think it’s so cold right now guys I can explain to
    you I got super wet with our boxwork flips in the middle of the ocean and now
    we gotta make this fire so luckily for us you should have a fire starting kit
    in here with some fluids and steel now some of this kind of got wet actually
    this dry bag didn’t do what it was supposed to so hopefully our fire
    starter isn’t soaked there we go all right let’s set this up in there alright guys we got our flint and steel
    oh okay alright Logan’s back in alright dude it’s time to try and light this
    thing almost there we need something to light here guys I’m getting really cold
    and it’s getting really dark everything is just super soaked from ice falling
    into the water hopefully one of these will catch fire come on Jake the Sun is
    going down alright there we go guys we’ve got the fire started that is some
    nice warmth to warm us up who is getting cold in here man and we got a beautiful
    view of the Sun still kind of set in there but once we get this started I
    think it’ll be almost time to start making dinner okay definitely needed
    that guys that water got me super cold well that’s some good warmth there I
    mean there’s not much to do other than other than make moves to survive and
    honestly I gotta hand it to us for two guys who don’t have a lot of survival
    skills we’ve built this shelter really fast and got a fire started in extremely
    fast with just putting snow high five man now I think it’s time to start
    cooking our dinner guys and getting our MREs out almost looks like we’re cooking
    your feet for dinner dude no no speaking of that what is for dinner on the menu
    these are meals ready to eat they are survival meals that can last over a
    hundred years and it looks like we got some cheese tortellini here so let’s
    let’s open this up and start making dinner all right guys we warmed up put
    out the fire and now we’ve got our MRE here we gots the crackers I think this
    is the ravioli beef ravioli so let’s add some water to this and if you guys
    haven’t seen this before once we add water to this little pouch here this is
    gonna get as hot as an oven and actually cook the food here so we can eat it just
    like a nice warm home-cooked meal this is the remnants from our shipwreck guys
    it is a looking pretty racked right now cook it outside so in the meantime gonna
    enjoy some crackers and cheese inside our shipwreck box four which is a kind
    of cool do what you think about this was at one point I mean a couple hours ago
    in the middle of the ocean now it’s upside down and giving us shelter it’s
    looking pretty awesome I just want to say I
    we could have done this had we not had so much box we’re building expertise I
    mean building this with the scraps that we had was kind of impressive and now I
    get to enjoy some crackers and cheese inside it very dry guys we’re just
    started hearing some really weird noises it sounds like a heartbeat Jake I’m
    really freaked out I think we need to go out I know there’s a hole right there wait that wasn’t like your heart beating
    it sounded just like a heartbeat though you’re really feature guys I’m not
    joking with you there is like a heartbeat sound outside okay
    do you want me to go home yeah I don’t know what that sound was though what
    animals live around the ocean I honestly don’t know what that was
    no bears sharks don’t come on water I don’t think there’s alligators if we
    just get back inside Jake oh yeah let’s go back inside shut that door man and
    that is cool all right well here we go got ourselves our beef ravioli oh yes
    I’m so hungry I got the utensils alright I get the first bite oh alright there
    you go dude that should be nice and warm – it’s actually steaming a little bit oh
    yeah here we go beef ravioli inside a box port shipwreck
    on a beach that’s pretty crazy alright here we go mmm oh man I’m starving after all that
    work trying to paddle up there being shipwrecked and be freezing guys really
    burns a lot of calories so this is in the spot
    hi guys gonna wash up after dinner here got ourselves some camping tabs which
    when applied with some water check this out into a fully usable
    washcloth oh yeah how cool is that guys now with just a little bit of water you
    have yourselves a washcloth which we can use to kind of wash up and I’m really
    sandy so I’m gonna heat this to kind of clean myself after a long day in the
    middle of the ocean the Sun is set it is completely dark actually guys because
    it’s been so windy causing such huge waves we’re kind of lucky there’s not a
    lot of mosquitoes compared to our last video yeah we don’t have sleeping bags
    but we have something a little bit better there emerges something better
    but there dad there definitely better than nothing let’s uh unravel our
    emergency blanket here and we’ll be able to get nice and cozy and warm inside
    this and be able to survive the night in their little overturned box for it I
    think it’s time to hit the hay for the night and call it it has been an
    extremely long day think I had the great turn off the lights and get to bed and
    we’ll see you guys in the morning all right yeah okay oh that’s that’s one
    way to wake up oh cool look guys yeah dig this this place is extremely racked
    yeah guys I think because we built this out of soggy cardboard it wasn’t exactly
    structurally made to withstand a night and well yeah it’s time to go out
    completely my eyes are kind of still just a toilet so that’s one way to wake
    up in a box for we’re back we did make it though we did survive the night I
    should say quite warm in there for most of the night and there it is the ocean
    look at all nice and beautiful during the day our blue wrap
    I guess it don’t wait it in the night or something called Mangal it’s a beautiful
    day the sun’s out I’m thinking dude why don’t we go swimming and maybe just
    maybe Logan Papa J could do a little bit of spearfishing for us
    imagine fresh fish for the morning breath yeah Jake I don’t think you’re
    really uh I’m a spear fishing with I don’t really think you’re an expert in
    spear fishing Jake I I will go spear fishing and we are gonna catch a fish
    and you know while I’m eating my fresh fish for breakfast you could eat some
    Sam since Jake wants to go spearfishing I’m gonna get this raft ready so we can
    head out on the water and I think Jake wanted to dig a hole or something
    so while Logan’s getting the raft ready to go out for some spear fishing I
    thought we’d get some fresh water here you know at least you used to wash
    yourselves and that’s why I made us a little well check this out guys so I
    actually went ahead the water is over there but I dug down over here and if
    you guys didn’t know this you can dig down and get to the water level and then
    you’ve got some nice clear water here I mean it’s a little bit standing here I
    wouldn’t exactly drink this water but it’s nice and fresh and if you leave it
    in here for a little bit it’ll actually like settle and then the top layer is
    water how cool is that how’s it going over there Logan this place is an
    absolute mess from our last box court we build but I’m gonna clean it up and then
    we’ll head out on the water all right guys so I’ve got myself here a makeshift
    spear which I can use for spear fishing when we head out onto the water which I
    think it’s time to do I couldn’t actually make a entire spear on its own
    because we need well the paddle so we can paddle out there Logan’s already
    gone out to scout out but I think it’s time to take our wrap and head out onto
    the ocean I won’t let sound – keep going guys I’m
    all stand to keep surviving you guys like these survival videos smack the
    like button down below and let us know we should do some more survival maybe
    get even more hardcore go out into the woods with just some cardboard you gotta chill out here for the day
    it’s almost too tall for me to actually even stand here so I’m gonna get on here
    we’re gonna start paddling up you ready it’s not time to paddle out all right
    guys we got out pretty far on the raft I think it’s time to jump in use my spear
    fishing and see if we can find ourselves some breakfast my rods broken guys look
    he’s getting really far we gotta get back to him and quick fish put you back
    on the raft now yeah dick wouldn’t catch any fish I am bringing a fishing rod
    check out some of our other awesome videos here and let us know what we
    should do next I think next time we’re gonna do a more chill kind of
    billionaire survival on the lake if you guys haven’t seen part one check it out
    right here and we’ll see you guys in the next video

    Mystery Evidence FOUND at Abandoned Beach Scavenger Hunt (Island Adventure Treasure Chest Searching)
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    Mystery Evidence FOUND at Abandoned Beach Scavenger Hunt (Island Adventure Treasure Chest Searching)

    November 17, 2019

    – Hey Sharers, what’s going on? I am still in Hawaii and check out all this crazy stuff we have in the backyard. We’ve been up to some crazy, crazy stuff. But in the Rebecca Zamolo’s last vlog, I ended up with this mystery iPhone. And on this iPhone is
    a four digit passcode that we asked you guys
    to comment down below if you know a four digit passcode and a lot of you guys have been commenting that on Stephen’s vlog, you saw a coconut over
    there fall out of the sky that had a four digit
    passcode number on it. So let’s go see if that’s the right code. Let’s see, let’s see, let’s see. Okay, so here’s the coconut you guys were talking about. Yes, there are numbers on it and there are four numbers on it. Could it be the right passcode
    to this mystery iPhone? So let’s start with two, six, nine, three. Let’s see if that’s the right number. Two, six, nine, three. Oh, oh no, that must have
    been the wrong order. Let me try it the other way. Three, nine, six, two. Okay, let’s see if this order works. Three, nine, six, two. It’s unlocked! Guys, guys, it unlocked! Guys, the iPhone unlocked,
    I got it unlocked! – What’s on it? – The iPhone’s unlocked? – Yeah! – No way. – It’s this map thing. – What map? A map of what? – Look, look, look! – Wait, that’s the house right there. – That’s our location. – Look, there’s an X right there. – And a yellow path and a red path. – There’s two paths? – One’s in the water which means that we might have to take like a raft or something to get there, but maybe if we take the red, we can get there on foot. – Yeah, I don’t think there’s anyway we can go out there on the water. We don’t, one, have a raft. I couldn’t find a way to get to the dock. – Wait a second. The only
    people that have a raft are the people outside right
    now working on the dock. This map, they’ve been using to get back and forth to this house. – That’s how they’ve been getting here without going through our house because the only way
    you can get to the dock is through our house. – They must have. – Or the water. – Yeah, they must have a raft and they’re getting back
    and forth to this point. Since we don’t have a boat, we can take the land path and go this way. – And then they won’t know that we’re going to that location. – Right. – It’s almost like we’re
    sneaking up on them. – We need to open this, Grace. – Yes, Grace, Grace, it’s your turn to open the envelope inside
    the detector briefcase. Are you ready? – Yeah, yeah, let’s open
    the detector briefcase. Oh wait, before that, I won Rebecca Zamolo’s last
    to drop iPhone challenge so I get to put a sticker up. Right here, oh yeah, so now
    me and Stephen are tied. Whoa, okay. Which one should I pick? No one has picked a non-color before. Okay, I need to sit down because things are getting serious. Okay, let’s see what it could be. The map on your iPhone is not a trap. Explore the abandoned beach, find the treasure map. – It’s like they knew that you were gonna be the winner of that iPhone. – Yeah, and look. The note is ripped. This is the first note
    that has been ripped. – Grace, remember the overall winner of the leaderboard is going to win the treasure chest. Maybe, maybe the treasure map will lead us to the treasure chest. – Grace, maybe you’re the chosen one and we can find the treasure chest at this location. – Oh, the treasure chest
    could be at the end. Guys, we need to get there! – Yeah, let’s pack up, let’s go, let’s go. – Let’s find it! – Let’s get our spy
    gadgets too, just in case. – My backpack. – Sharers, there’s people down there working on this deck thing. I don’t know if they’re
    detectives or anything, but they’ve been taking
    that abandoned boat to and from the beach and I think that’s the beach that we need to get to. Wait Matt, what do you see? – They’re looking at me. I
    think I just got spotted. – Do you think they look
    they look suspicious or do you think they’re
    doing something normal? – I know two days ago we saw three people, yesterday we saw four, and
    now there’s five down there. I don’t know why they keep on multiplying. – Five, maybe their mission is getting bigger and bigger each day so they need more crew members. We need to get onto that map, get to that path, and let’s go. Stephen, Rebecca, we gotta go. We need to find what’s at
    that mystery map thing. – We got our spy gadgets. – [Grace] You have spy gadgets? – Yeah, we even got the
    compass just in case. – Perfect, and if we
    need to go in the water, we’ve got goggles. – [Grace] Perfect.
    – I got my spy glasses on. – And I have walkie talkies in case we need to communicate
    if we have to split up. – Okay, let’s get going. – Let’s keep an eye out, okay? – Let’s go. – [Grace] Let’s go guys. – Come on. – [Grace] Let’s go, let’s go.
    Okay, let’s stay on this path and see what’s at the
    end of this treasure map. – Oh, gates opening. – Oh, the gates opening. – Let’s go, let’s get
    out before it closes. – [Rebecca] Where do we go Stephen? – Uh, straight up here. – [Grace] Straight? – And then it looks like. – Look, there’s like a little path. Maybe that leads it. – Yeah, maybe that little
    path leads to something. Whoa, whoa, whoa, get back, get back. Those dogs, those dogs are crazy, get back Rebecca! – It must be this way. It’s down the hill. The beach
    is always down the hill, not up the mountain. – [Grace] Oh yeah. – Never on the top of the mountain. – Let’s go.
    – I get lost all the time, so. – Um, it’s, hold on, let
    me orient this thing. – [Grace] Right or left? – Configurate it. – Oh, I have the compass. – [Grace] Oh yeah, yeah! – Boom. Looks like south is that way. – South is that way? Okay, let’s go.
    – Okay, let’s go this way. We need to hurry though because we don’t know why no
    one takes the red path and only takes the yellow. – We made it, check it out. – [Grace] What? – Beach is right ahead. – [Grace] There’s the beach. – Okay, let’s go, we gotta figure out where this map thing is. – What do you guys think
    the treasure map leads to? – I don’t know, but look! There’s a boat. That’s like the boat that they were using by the dock. – [Grace] Oh my gosh. – Let’s go check it out, come on. – Could the treasure
    chest be under the boat? – I don’t know Grace, let’s find out. Wait, there’s writing on it. Take a look at the writing. – It says like P star S. – [Stephen] What does that mean? – I have no idea. – I think we should flip the
    boat. Let’s all flip the boat. – Yeah. – And see if there’s something underneath. – Yeah, let’s flip it. – Three, two, one, flip. – Oh, it’s heavy, it’s heavy. – Whoa, whoa, whoa, back up. – There is something, there is something, there is something. – There’s something, what
    is that, what is that? – [Rebecca] Is that the treasure map? – Trash. – Okay, watch out, watch out. – [Rebecca] Oh my gosh. – Scratch that, that wasn’t it. – Look it, there was another
    boat that was right there. – It looks like there was another boat sitting right here and they
    took it out onto the water. – Yeah, well Grace think about it. There’s a boat right by
    the dock of our house. – Yeah, it was probably
    right here to start and then now it’s at our house. Okay, I think I should pull up the map and see how close we are to the dock because the treasure chest
    is right around here. – I don’t want to alarm you. Don’t turn around. – Don’t turn around? There’s something behind me? – Wait, what? – There’s a guy in a van with
    a beard right behind you. – Oh no, you’re right, you’re right. – Here, just look like
    we’re talking to the camera. – Hey, we’re having so much fun in Hawaii! Who is it, who is it? – Sharer family. – Comment down below if
    you know who’s in that van and why are they stalking us. – All I know is that
    when we got down here, nobody was here. Now that van just showed up. – If that person in the van is after the same thing that we’re looking for, we need to find it before them, so let’s get going! – Well Grace, where are we gonna look? Where do we look? – Okay, I’m pulling up the map. – Quick, quick, pull up the map. – We’re right next to the X. We need to keep walking,
    it’s somewhere around here. – Where though Grace? – Grace, look over there. It looks like a hidden
    tunnel in those bushes. Do you see that? – Guys, a footstep! Someone’s foot! That means someone was
    coming right from that tunnel because it’s facing this way. – Onto the boat, the boat that goes to our
    dock at our safe house. – We need to get to
    that hidden tunnel now. – Come on Sharer fam, let’s do this. – Look. – What is that? – It’s a rope. – [Stephen] What does it go to? – [Grace] Whoa. – [Stephen] Ew.
    – [Grace] What does it go to? – [Rebecca] What is that? – [Grace] What is that?] – [Stephen] It’s attached to something. – What, what is it? – [Matt] It’s attached to something. What is that? – It’s like fishing line. Wait, wait, wait, look, there’s this too. – [Stephen] Whoa, whoa, whoa, careful Grace, careful,
    whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. – [Grace] Oh my God. – [Stephen] Whoa, whoa, whoa. – [Grace] It’s a wire. – [Stephen] It’s a wire. – It looks like it came
    from a. (screaming) – [Stephen] What was that?
    – [Matt] A coconut just fell! – Another coconut fell
    just like in your video! – The clue was on the coconut. – Alright, go get it Grace, go get it. Yesterday you guys saw on my video that a coconut fell out of the sky. Careful, Grace. It could have something on it, be careful. – Whoa, this one’s really big. – [Stephen] What does it have,
    does it have any clues on it? – I don’t know. – [Matt] We have to break it open. – [Stephen] It’s gotta have something. We gotta break it open, Matt. – I think we gotta break it open. – [Stephen] I think we gotta break it own. – Here, here, Matt, you’re
    strong. Try and open that. – Okay. – What if the treasure map is inside? – [Stephen] Is it working? – It’s not breaking. What if I
    throw it up against the wall? – Yeah, yeah, throw it
    up against the wall. – [Stephen] Ready, three, two, one, go. Anything Grace? – No, nothing. – Guys, there’s a wall right there. What if someone’s been spying on us and they don’t want us
    to find the treasure map and so they threw that coconut as a decoy to thwart us. – [Grace] Yeah, you’re right. – Is there anywhere to hide? – We need to hide. – We’re not. – [Stephen] Grace, drop the coconut, it’s a decoy, it’s a decoy.
    – Drop the coconut and run. I just saw someone peek over! I think someone is watching us. We need to hide in
    here, there’s a hideout. – [Stephen] In there? – That’s where I saw the tunnel, it was over here! – [Stephen] What tunnel? – Yeah, yeah, there’s a tunnel, come here. – Look. – [Stephen] Quick, quick, hurry, hurry. Someone’s looking over, let’s go, come on, in here, go, go, go. – I think we’re protected
    with the tree here. I don’t think they can see us. – It’s like a hidden
    jungle tunnel or something. But I think we’re safe
    from whoever’s out there trying to distract us from
    getting the treasure map. – Look Grace, the tunnel goes that way. – Okay, let’s go this way guys. – The tide is rising, you guys. We need to move fast, look at the water. – [Stephen] Look Grace, it
    says posted no trespassing. – You’re right, I think
    we’re in the right spot. Let’s keep going. – I don’t think we’re in the
    right spot. What is this place? – She might be right, though. Because it says no trespassing because they don’t want people coming here to find the treasure map. – Well, where would it be? This is like, really weird. – This is where the X showed on the phone and we’re near the water. – [Stephen] What? – Guys, there’s someone down there. – He’s coming, he’s coming. We need to look quick, look quick. Grace, look for something, anything. – Oh my God, guys! Check this out, Stephen! – [Stephen] What is it?
    – Oh my gosh, oh my gosh. – [Stephen] What is that? – It’s like a note in a bottle. – [Stephen] Open it, open it, open it. He’s coming, he’s coming! – Run. – [Stephen] Someone’s
    coming, someone’s coming. Go, go, go, go, go, go. Take the map and run Grace. Someone’s coming, hurry, hurry, hurry. – Run, Steve, run! It looks like that guy
    that was at the house. He was bald, just like that guy. – Faster on the grass, you guys, run! – [Stephen] Hurry, hurry. – Wait, guys, is that the Uber? – I don’t know. – Should we go in? It’s our only choice guys. Come on. – [Stephen] Are you sure? – We have no other choice. – [Stephen] Okay, let’s go. (intense music) – Let’s go. – Open it, quick. – Okay, open, open, what is this? – What is it? – It’s the treasure map! It’s like there’s a boat or
    something there with water. – Like a footprint step thing here. What is this thing? Sharers, comment down below if you know what this thing is. What does it mean? – I don’t know. Wait, part one. – Part one so then what’s part two? – I don’t know, there must
    be another side to the map, because look, this end is straight and this one is bent and like ripped. – Look, footprints. – Yeah, but what does that mean? – I don’t know, but look. There’s an arrow there and an X there. – Maybe this is the house? – Wait, wait a second. This is blueprints of the
    house we’re staying at. Look, that’s your bedroom. That’s my bedroom. That’s where we did the egg drop test. – That’s the balcony, you’re right. – This is the pool. – We need part two.
    – Where do we find part two? Did we not get everything? – Wait, maybe if we go home, we’ll be able to search here in the house and we can figure it
    out, we can find the X, it’s perfect because we’re going home now. – Perfect. – Yeah, yeah. – Okay, this is perfect,
    we need to get home. Mr. Uber, can you turn right up here? It’s quicker if we go this way. – Turn right. – Mr. Uber, turn right, turn right. – [Rebecca] Right. – [Stephen] Right, right. – [Grace] Right, not left. – [Rebecca] Where are we going? – Where are we going? – Where are we going? Steve, what’s going on. – I don’t know.
    – Why aren’t we going home? – Why did we go the wrong
    way, hello, Mr. Uber. – Where are you taking us? – Alright well Sharers
    I got the camera now. I’m gonna figure out why this Uber driver is taking us to a different location. Click the card right here
    to come over to my channel and help me along with the journey and figure out exactly
    what’s been going on. – And where we’re going. – Okay, good luck. What Rebecca, what is it,
    what is it, what is it? – Guys, we’re pulling up to something.

    I Buried Myself Alive on the Beach and It Went Incredibly Wrong (Buried Alive Challenge)
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    I Buried Myself Alive on the Beach and It Went Incredibly Wrong (Buried Alive Challenge)

    November 17, 2019

    (dramatic music) – Moon! (upbeat music) – So you guys just seem to love it when I bury myself alive. I don’t know why, but it’s
    cool being buried alive. (laughs) What the hell am I talking about? Been buried alive twice. First time under normal ground, second time under water. This time I’m gonna be doing it again, but under sand. I mean, there’s not many things that you can actually bury yourself under. So if you guys like this video, smash that thumbs up button. And that’ll let me know
    whether to do more, ’cause I got some more ideas what I can be buried alive
    under if you like this one. So let me know by smashing that thumbs up. I just said that. I’ve just woke up, I’m tired, I’m not making any sense. (laughs) So let me just start again. I’m gonna be burying myself alive. So as always I’m a go buy supplies, I’m a go buy a box. We’re gonna go to the seaside, dig a hole, put me in it, bury me, under sand. Why not? (laughs)
    (upbeat music) So Moon does not want me to do
    this because it’s dangerous. Moon’s actually a trained nurse, but there’s only so much she can do when I’m buried a live under sand. She can’t get in there to me fast. This is very dangerous,
    don’t try this at home or anywhere, ’cause this is just stupid. And as always, don’t forget,
    go follow me on Instagram, link in the description. @KILLEMFTW, I’m following back. Go follow me. Or on Twitter as well,
    link’s down there, too. I hope there’s not many people at the beach gonna be watching me, ’cause this is gonna be embarrassing. I mean, it’s September, it can’t be that many people
    on a beach in September. If you didn’t watch my last video, right, look at this. Look at that. That is insane. That’s bruising. If you didn’t watch my last video, I duct taped myself to a
    wall for the entire night. And I didn’t get it on camera, but this is the aftermath. There’s gonna be a link to that right at the end of this video. Don’t click off this video, go press that when you’ve
    finished watching this, go watch that. ‘Cause that was crazy. That one of my favourite videos
    I’ve ever done, seriously. So go follow me on Instagram, watch that at the end of the video. Me and Moon are now gonna go buy supplies, buy the box and then go do this thing. Here we go. – What? – Why? – For food and drink? – Just £5.50? So just editing the video right now and I’m not too sure if
    this actually makes sense. But I’ve got to spend exactly £5.50. Can’t spend any less or any more, it’s gotta be exact. Oh, and I also forgot to mention earlier, if you’re new, subscribe and if you’ve already subscribed, press the notification button and you’ll be notified
    every time I upload. Bit of a weird time to
    say it, but go do it! Okay, let’s carry on. So get a sandwich, cheese
    and onion, that’s £1.10. I really want Capri-Sun,
    but it’s like a weird 89p. Gotten it. I’ll get some crisps. I got some cheese and
    onion and salt and vinegar. So that’s exactly £1. We’re on a budget, so I’ll
    get a small can of Coke, the smallest can I’ve
    ever seen in my life. 40p. Got £1.10 for the sandwich, 89p for the drink, – No, they were 50p each,
    so that were an extra pound. Plus the drink was 40p. £3.39. So what’ve I got left? £211? – Get some habanero chilli peanuts. They sound beaut. £1.20. Quick calculation, I got 91p left. I’ve got to spend it exactly? – 90p, 91p. Oh, 90p! Some chocolate fingers,
    oh, I love these as well. The white chocolate ones, yeah. – I got 1p left. – I don’t think you can
    buy anything for 1p. Do you know if you sell anything for 1p. – 10p is cheapest. They don’t sell anything
    for less than 10p. I’m 1p off. (sad, sombre music) – £5.49. Fail. So this is the box I used in
    the last mail yourself video. No? Not mail yourself. Oh, I’m not doing it again. So this is the same box I used in the last buried alive underwater video. I used this exact same one. I mean, I could use this
    again, I fit in it and stuff. I don’t want it to be the
    exact same video, you know? So I’m just gonna make my
    own box out of cardboard. They should sell cardboard
    here, shouldn’t they? – Yeah, we’ll go and have a look. (clanking) I got the broken trolley. Like a hundred to choose from. (upbeat music) (laughs) This is the biggest box they sell. Five tiny ones. (loud speaking over intercom) (laughing) I can’t do that. – I’d have to buy all these and like duct tape 25 boxes together. (loud speaking over intercom) What if we buy a door? (upbeat music) What if we buy a door? (laughs) (upbeat music) – I’ll explain in the car. Just need a shovel. Let’s go, come on. (loud speaking over intercom) (upbeat music) Unlike Jack, this door’s gonna save me. – Hey, it’s gonna save me, this door. – That one? (laughs) – Oh, that one. (upbeat music) – I don’t know. (laughs) (upbeat music) (gasps) – No! Paint work’s ruined. It’s ruined. (laughs) (upbeat music) Think it’ll go in? – Whoa. (laughs) I’ve gotta drive like this for two hours. (laughs) (upbeat music) – This is why we’ve got the door. So here’s the floor. – This is the beach. This is Moon. That’s me. Here’s the hole. And then what you do is this. You have to dig the hole like this. The door sits on there and then Moon over here with
    the shovel fills this in. So there, that’s my de… That’s my idea. (upbeat music) If you forgot, this is me. This is Moon. This is shovel. This, sand. This is the beach. (upbeat music) – Come on then. (dramatic music) (dramatic music) (knocking) – Oh, hello. Come in. (laughs) – Let’s get digging. It’s gotta be a hole that big. Oh, I’ve got an idea. Gotta go around it. That’s it, that’s the hole. (upbeat music) Yeah, we’re gonna be a while. See you soon. There’s the hole. Were starting to fill up with water. I was hoping we could get
    a bit deeper than that before water start coming in. But we’re gonna have to
    change plan, change plan. Think we’re have to dig down deep enough just so I can lay in it, and then just put the door on top, and then just put sand on top of the door. Just make like a hill on top of me so I can’t push the door away. The police are coming. – Somebody’s reported to the Coastwatch that they’ve seen you coming down and you’re burying a car door. Well that’s obviously not a car door. – No, no.
    – Oh, no, it’s not. (laughing) (chuckles) – What? We’re burying a stolen car? (laughing) My bag can just fit there like that. And I lay down. There we go. This camera’s gonna have
    to be here like this. You’re gonna have to see
    my double chins and stuff. (laughs) Go on then, put door on,
    let’s see if it works. (grunting) That’s it. And now you need to fill sides up and throw loads on top. It’s getting darker. Uh-oh. All the way around. It’s nice and tight up to the thing. It’s just this last piece and then as soon as this last bit’s in, it should go completely dark. – [Moon] Bye. – Bye. Oh! (laughs) Completely dark. I should have go that torch ready first. Oh, God, where is it? Yes! I don’t like this. I do not like this. No! You’re gonna star throwing sand on top? Alright, three, two, one, go. (thuds) This is what we’ve got, let me show you around. Room tour. This is it. This is everything. My feet are down there. My bag. I really do not like this. (breathing heavily) I just need to calm down and stop myself from freaking out. I don’t know how much
    oxygen I’ve got in here. I don’t know if oxygen can
    get in through the sand. I don’t know. I don’t like this. (breathing heavily) (knocking) Moon! Can you hear me Moon? Moon! (knocking) Moon! The deal is, when I want to come out I call Moon on my phone. Should be in my pocket. (breathing heavily) I haven’t got my phone. I haven’t got my phone. Last I remember, I put it in
    Moon’s bag when I was digging ’cause I didn’t want it
    to fall out of my pocket. How am I gonna tell her, How am I gonna tell Moon when I haven’t, How am I gonna tell Moon when… Moon! Moon! (banging) I aint got my phone! Moon! (banging) Moon! Moon! (banging) Oh! (breathing heavily) (growling) (whimpering) (groaning) I’ve just got to try and not freak out. The more I freak out, the more oxygen I use up. I don’t know how long I’m gonna be here. Just gotta hope Moon realises
    that my phone’s in her bag and then she can dig me
    up in a suitable time. If she don’t realise, she’s just gonna be sat there waiting for me to call, and I’m not gonna call, obviously, ’cause I’ve not got my phone. Could be here a long time. I can’t stop it, I keep
    freaking out and panicking. My natural instinct isn’t to just grab the camera while I’m doing it so I’m not getting it on camera, but I’ve just been banging
    and scratching so hard. I peeled this film off the door I feel like it might get caught up in my mouth or in my face and suffocate me or something. I don’t know why, I want it off. This is the hardest
    challenge I’ve done yet. I’ve got nothing. Nothing to take my mind off anything. Nothing. I’ve got no phone for entertainment, I’ve got nothing except food and drink and that’s it, that’s
    all I’ve got, literally. So I’m currently underneath the beach with a door on top of me, And then a huge mound of
    sand on top of the door. I can’t lift the door off. I’ve tried pushing the door. (grunting) I’ve tried pushing the
    door as hard as I can. I keep getting sand in my eyes. I can’t lift the sand at all, it’s just so much on top of me. I just can’t do anything. (groaning) So warm and soggy. I’m getting so uncomfortable on my back. I need to move. (grunting) I’ve got quite a lot of
    room in here to be honest. I mean, I can move around a little bit, I can hold the camera comfortably. It’s not like insanely tight in here. And I’ve just been eating stuff. I’ve had the sandwiches, I’ve had them chocolate things. I might have a bag of
    crisps next, probably them. But there’s really not
    much to update you on. I’ve literally just laying here, you know, just trying my bets not to go crazy. That all I can do. If I had a little bit less room in here I’d be going crazy ’cause
    I’d start freaking out, I’d start panicking. But ’cause I can move my arms and legs around a little bit, I’m good to go. I’ve got little bit of like a ramp here, get my head in there nice. My feet, and I could just
    touch the bottom with my feet. I’m not cramped in. I’m not cramped in or anything. The air is getting real thick in here. Like really hot, really thick air. (whimpering) (breathing heavily) It’s just like all of a sudden from nowhere I just start
    panicking, I don’t know why. I don’t think of anything bad or anything, I can just start freaking out and panicking from nowhere. It literally just feels
    like it’s from nowhere. I can’t keep track of time or anything. But it feels like every 10, 15 minutes I’ll just have a little panic freak out. If I had my phone, this would
    be completely different. I’d feel completely different. Maybe I could have my phone right now and I’ve got no signal under all this sand so I could still possibly
    be in the same situation right now if I did have my phone. So I’m just thinking of that. This could still be… (whimpering) I should have agreed a time
    with Moon to get me out, like no matter what. You know, like if you don’t
    here from me or anything, something like that happens, then just get me out by 3:00,
    4:00, 5, whatever, you know? But we didn’t schedule
    anything, which was stupid. Oh, Moon, I just hope you
    find my phone and realise. (grunting) I’m really wet. Look at my clothes. My clothes are so wet through. Why are my clothes soaking we through? Just on my back where I’m laid. I’m really hoping not, but I’m thinking that
    the tide’s coming in. As the tide’s coming in, the water below me is rising. And I’m kinda gonna be end up
    laying in a puddle of water. That’s just my guess. But looking at my clothes right now, that’s looking like what’s happening. It is actually really cold in here. From me breathing and stuff, the air is really hot and it’s getting quite
    difficult to breathe. But the actual sand I’m laying on and around me is actually freezing. So it’s a weird mixture of hot and cold. I’m just really hoping that
    as that tide gets closer I don’t end up in a pool of water before the tide even gets close, because Moon’s not gonna
    know from the outside that I’m laying in water in here, you know what I mean? She’s not gonna know that. If she decides to wait right until the tide’s getting close to get me out, but I could already be
    laid in water before then. Yeah, I’m not gonna say what could happen, ’cause it’s kinda freaking me out. Alright, change subject,
    change subject, okay. This is the stupidest
    thing I’ve ever done. I should’ve got the box, I should’ve just got waterproof box, but I just didn’t want the video to be exactly the same as the last one. So I just thought I’d make it a little bit different, you know. (whimpers) I didn’t fully think this through. I’ve rushed it. I rushed into this decision because I wanted to try and
    get the video out in time. I’m going, I’m going. (breathing heavily) (groaning) I wanna dig out, I wanna get out! (growling) Jesus Christ! I wanna get out, I wanna get out! But I don’t want it to collapse in on me. If I start digging it’s
    all just gonna come down. No. (crying) (breathing heavily) I feel like I’ve just run a mile. (breathing heavily) I feel out of breath. The air is getting low. The oxygen is getting low and thick. This is stupid. I feel weak. (breathing heavily) – [Moon] Tide’s coming in! – Yeah! Tide’s come in, I can hear it! You must be getting close! (banging) Come on! Keep digging! (banging) Come on! Keep digging! – [Moon] Try to push it
    off, try to push against it! – I can’t press it yet! (grunting) It moved slightly, I can only move it slightly! (grunting) Oh, come on! Quick! (grunting) Come on! (whimpering) It’s getting really sludgy in here, Moon! (breathing heavily) Now it’s starting to fill! It’s starting to fill up! Moon it’s all cracking,
    it’s all caving in! I can see it, I can see daylight! (grunting) Quick, grab that! – [Moon] Quick! – I can’t leave my door! (upbeat music)

    I Went Camping in a Floating Tent on a Lake & It Was Fun Until This Happened…
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    I Went Camping in a Floating Tent on a Lake & It Was Fun Until This Happened…

    November 16, 2019

    (instrumental music) (dog licking man) – New merch available, finally. It’s taken like three months. A lot of time, a lot of money, a lot of preparation gone into it. It’s here now, finally. Link in description. Go check it out. Let’s get on with the video. Bigby is on it and
    there’s the pathetic one. There’s t-shirts in kids and adults sizes. – Okay, it don’t want to…
    – [Cameraman] (mumbles) – I got all we need. (cart rolling) – [Cameraman] It’s big? (whoa) – How we get it in? – [Cameraman] Thomas,
    that is not going in. That’s double size of the car. (ugh) – It’s only around the corner, I’ll just carry it. – [Cameraman] It’s not
    just around the corner, it’s quite a bit. – It’s alright. – [Cameraman] Thomas, it’s quite a bit. – I’ll see you there. You drive. (Thomas grunts) – [Cameraman] Thomas, it’s not very close. (yells no) (footsteps) – [Cameraman] I’m waiting
    for an hour Thomas. – Ugh Stupid. – We are here. We’re at the lake, and if you haven’t seen the (ineligible) video, you should know that we’re going to be
    making a floating tent. Floating tent! Are we doing this Moon? – [Cameraman] We already got the plan. – We’ve already got a plan, you see we’ve already started. I’m not going to tell
    you what it is just yet. You’re going to see as the video goes on. We’re going to make this floating tent. We’re going to launch it into this lake. How long am I spending in there? – [Cameraman] Don’t know. – As you can see, it’s a beautiful lake, lovely day. The beer bottle just adds
    that finishing touch. – [Cameraman] Well that’s a cool t-shirt. – Where can I get it? – I’m glad you noticed. New merch, link in description below. (playful music) – [Cameraman] Don’t fall in. – You filming?
    – [Cameraman] Yeah – Moon, you filming?
    – [Cameraman] Yeah – I’m going to put it here. You filming? – [Cameraman] Yeah put it down
    – Quick! What? I can’t hear you. You filming? (boards dragging across) – Alright, that’s how
    big it’s going to be. I don’t even know if
    this is going to work. We just got a few lie-lows and a bit of wood, and a tent. – [Cameraman] And duck tape. – And duck tape and a few screws, but the screws might puncture the lie-low. (electric screwdriver) – Twist this, my life
    is on the line, Moon. You can save just your duck tape, but it’s me on there. I need it. – [Cameraman] Just use duck tape. It holds everything together. – I need some security. – [Cameraman] If you’re a real proper man, you would just use duck tape. – Don’t come at me with that. That’s a load of rubbish. I need to screw you. Twelve lie lows. You said 12 lie lows are
    enough, that’s right. Isn’t it? 12 lie lows. – [Cameraman] It don’t seem
    a lot now I’ve seen it. I was just guessing. – You said you worked it out. You said you calculated how much air in it and how much it would hold.
    – [Camerman] How can I work it out? I can’t work it out. – [Cameraman] How do you think… I can’t even do simple math.
    – Tell me you worked it out. – [Cameraman] Well, that looks nice. Just leave them like that,
    – Yeah, well… – [Cameraman] Don’t even put air in. – Are you for real? – [Cameraman] Yeah (laughs) – What are you laughing for? – [Cameraman] I just don’t want
    to blow them all up, Thomas. – The fun part. (air hissing) – Is that it? Did you put spare batteries in this? – [Cameraman] That’s thumbnail. Look a bit sadder. Thumbnail, that’s it. Thomas. – What? – [Cameraman] Cool t-shirt you got there. – It’s nice, isn’t it? – [Cameraman] It is.
    – Funny you say that, I didn’t even notice. – [Cameraman] Where did you get it from? – I put a link in the description below. – [Cameraman] Thank you, that is awesome. – Out now, available! (blowing up low lies) – That pump is actually useless. Moon! – [Cameraman] I think I pass out. – I’m looking forward
    to Morgs doing this one. I know he’s going to do it really good. – [Cameraman] Getting a
    good idea from me, isn’t it? Go on, Morgs. – I’m going to duck take them all. Duck Take. – [Cameraman] Duck take it all together. – I made a mistake. Okay? I said it wrong. – [Cameraman] Thomas…
    – What? – [Cameraman] You’re using duck take. – Stop it. (laughs) No! – [Cameraman] You’re duck taking? – Oi! I said it once by mistake. Okay? – [Cameraman] Is it the good duck take? Duck take one. I’ve got some duck jokes that
    will quack you up, Thomas. Are you ready? I’ve got them ready. I’ve got at least 20 on them, Thomas. Go on, then, Thomas. – What? – [Cameraman] What did
    the duck detective say to his partner? – What? – [Cameraman] Let’s quack this case. (laughter) – That’s a good one. – [Cameraman] You know
    like crack this case, they quack.
    – I understand. – [Cameraman] Because
    that’s what ducks say. – I get it. – [Cameraman] Quack, quack. – Duck Take. – [Cameraman] Thomas.
    – What? – [Cameraman] What do you
    get when you mix ducks with fireworks?
    – What? – [Cameraman] Fire quackers. (laughs) – [Cameraman] I got more where these are from, Thomas, plenty more.
    – Please, no. – [Cameraman] Thomas (repeats)
    – What? No. – [Cameraman] Thomas, what
    do ducks watch on television? – No, no, no. – [Cameraman] Looks good, Thomas. – No more jokes. – [Cameraman] No, I’m not, I promise. – No
    – [Cameraman] No, I promise, pinky promise. – [Cameraman] What is a
    duck doing in a rubber ring? It looks nice, the pink
    and yellow, Thomas. – Good. – [Cameraman] ♪Pink and
    yellow, pink and yellow♪ (hip-hop instrumental) – Now, we need to try to stick
    the lie lows to the wood, flick it over, and
    throw it onto the water. We got to be quick
    because it’s getting dark. – [Cameraman] Why not screw it on? – I’m not screwing on the lie lows. – You can’t screw lie lows. – [Cameraman] You can at least try. (Thomas grunts) – It looks like a real boat. – [Cameraman] It does. It looks like something that could work. That’s like a real boat. I’ve seen boats like that before. – [Cameraman] I’ve not
    seen boats like that. (laughs) Oh, God. – That’s massive. – [Cameraman] It’s bigger than I thought. (directing into lake) – You keep walking to the edge. – [Cameraman] That’s it. A bit more. That’s it. – If you put your hand
    there, like I am now, lift it long.. – [Cameraman] That’s not working. Look at them working it out
    together, father and son. Pathetic.
    – I’m not lifting in (mumble). – [Cameraman] That’s pathetic. Three. Two. One. Oh, yeah! – It’s floating. – [Cameraman] It looks like it’s working. – It’s floating. – [Cameraman] It worked pretty well. – Moon, it’s floating. – [Cameraman] It looks very stable. – Moon, help, Moon! – [Cameraman] Go on, do a little dance. – Moon, I can’t. – [Cameraman] Do a dance.
    – I can’t. – [Cameraman] Stand up. – Look, it’s creaking. Moon. (upbeat music) – I did it, I got to be quick. – [Cameraman] Can’t believe it, can you? – Quick, give me a tent. Is this it? – [Cameraman] That’s it,
    it pops up, it’s out. – It’s out?
    – [Cameraman] Yeah. (techno music) – You said it sets itself up.
    – [Cameraman] You need to give it a little go. – [Cameraman] That’s it, tent. – It’s up.
    – [Cameraman] Yeah. – That doesn’t look like a tent. – [Cameraman] It is a tent. – Oh (electronic music) – I’m in. I could go anywhere I want. – [Cameraman] I packed you some stuff. I hope you like it. – You picked it?
    – [Cameraman] Yeah. – Oh no. – [Cameraman] Come on, quick. – That’s heavy. What you’ve got? – [Cameraman] Just get the lamps out. It gets a bit dark now. – Camera, please, Moon. (chuckles) – We’re in baby. We’ve got some torches in
    here, I ain’t got a light. – [Thomas] What we’ve got? Straight away, that’s good. Two lights. Yes, three lights. Alright, Moon, push me out please? – [Cameraman] Alright, we’re pushing. – Okay.
    – [Cameraman] Bye. – Bye
    – [Cameraman] Have fun. – Bye. – [Cameraman] Bye. – Moon, no, bring me back. – [Cameraman] Bye, have fun. We still got the emergency rope. – I don’t like this. – [Cameraman] Bye. – No way, I cannot believe it, this is actually happening. I can’t believe it worked. Look at that guys, an awesome view. Can’t believe we’re floating in a tent on 12 lie lows. (laughs) – [Thomas] It’s so cold. Look at that view, that beautiful. Where are you? – [Cameraman] Here. (laughs) – [Cameraman] Blur me out. – [Thomas] I’ll blur your out. Where are you going? – [Cameraman] I’m here. (laughs) – [Thomas] What we’ve got here? I’ve got my oar, so I
    can steer myself around. I’ve got a sleeping bag, a little table, I don’t know why I’ve got a little table, and my girlfriend, Moon,
    has packed me a LifeStraw. – [Friend] That’s your drink. – My only drink? – [Cameraman] Yeah – What have I got to drink? – [Cameraman] What you’re on. – I’ve got to drink the water from here with the lifestraw?
    – [Cameraman] Yeah, filled. (ineligible) – That’s filth. – [Cameraman] Yeah it’s filth. – [Thomas] I’ve got, What’s that? Cooking ware. Ration, self heating ration pack. Self heating food, is that legit? – [Cameraman] Yeah, from the Russians. Very good that. Self heating food, what? – [Cameraman] The Russians
    know what they’re doing and they send people to the moon. – What? What’s these big cubes of sugar? – [Cameraman] If you don’t
    eat it, it’s fire cubes. – [Thomas] Fire cubes? A lighter, and a gas thing. – [Cameraman] Thomas?
    – [Thomas] What? – [Cameraman] How’s it going? – Good. I’m hungry, though. – [Cameraman] I packed you some food. – I’m going to have some now. Is it really self heating? – [Cameraman] I don’t know,
    I ordered a survival pack. – The yooged on this is a joke Anya. – [Cameraman] No, it’s for you to survive. – I’ll try it. Look how many flies. Look at this. Look at that. That’s ridiculous, that’s insane. They’re all over. They’re actually everywhere. It’s making me itch. It is making me itch. I don’t want no food because these flies are going to get all in it. Seriously, I’ve got to try
    some of this self heating food. What is self heating food? I’ve got to try it. I know it’s going to last me all night, but I just need to know. Alright, so I think that looks good. Let’s open this self heating food. Vegetable, curry, and rice. – [Cameraman] Read the
    instructions, Thomas. – What instructions? (bag crunches) – I can’t see any instructions. It would be quicker just cooking it. – [Cameraman] (laughs) no. (laughs) – I can hear your echo right over there. Tear here, alright, so you tear this open. – [Cameraman] Completely.
    – Right, that’s off. – I get my vegetable, curry, and rice in there with this in there, I guess. Just leave that in. Add water to bag up to
    fill line at bottom of bag. I need water. Ugh, there are flies in my face. – [Cameraman] Looks good. – This isn’t real. Moon, can you see how
    many flies there are? This isn’t real. This is not… Okay, so I’ve got actual
    filthy pond water. Now, what? – [Cameraman] Now pour it in the bag up to the fill line. – That’s it? Fold that over that, that’s that, touch in the middle. Listen. (bag popping) Whoa, it’s filling up. Oh, geez, whoa. (laughs) – Moon, I feel like it’s going to explode. I can’t it’s too hot to touch. I can’t touch it. No. (laughs) It’s steaming. – [Cameraman] That’s the
    coolest thing we’ve ever gotten. Whoa, that was crazy, that was insane. (laughs) – The mosquitoes are still here. They live through it. Push me back out. – [Cameraman] Push yourself out. Bye. The ropes around my leg, the rope! – [Thomas] I can’t find you.
    – [Cameraman] Yeah. – [Thomas] Are you there? (Cameraman responds in foreign language) – I don’t know if it’s been 12 minutes. I’ve not got my phone. Moon’s not got her phone. I think its been 12 minutes. Let’s open this bad boy up and see how the self heating food is. I think this is it. Just take it out. Ew, it looks like cat food. I’ve got my fork, I’ve got my bowl, I’ve got my food, let’s try it. – [Cameraman] Is it hot? – No
    – [Cameraman] It’s cold? – It’s not hot, it’s not cold, its just… – [Cameraman] Warm then? – Yeah. I need a drink.
    – [Cameraman] Tea. – I’ve only got this weird stuff. – [Cameraman] Drink that love. – This?
    – [Cameraman] Yeah. – But, it’s pond water.
    – [Cameraman] What? – It’s pond water. – [Cameraman] You’ve
    got the LifeStraw in it. – What? – [Cameraman] You’ve got a filter in it. – I can’t hear you. I think I’ve got a mosquito in my ear. (gags) – I can’t, Moon, I can’t. Have you got a drink, please? – [Cameraman] I’ve got a second
    system that is bullet proof. I’m going to deliver you delicious liquid good for 100 percent. – How? – [Cameraman] Just watch. (drone flying) – [Thomas] I’ve got it. I’ve go it, Moon. – [Cameraman] I got you
    a delicious beverage. (Thomas laughs) Moon, I think that’s the first
    ever hover craft delivery. Look at me, throw your money on that, and deliver everything to hovercraft to people on boats. – [Cameraman] And you
    just build those floats – I’ll quit recording,
    we’re recording, wait. (fire starts) – Making a cup of tea. I’ve got tea bags, sugar,
    and everything in here. You sure this is safe to drink, Moon? – [Cameraman] Let it
    boil for another minute. It needs to boil for a couple minutes. – Then what, when it’s boiled? – [Cameraman] So, all those
    mosquito eggs will be gone. – Couldn’t you just have said bacteria, instead of mosquito eggs and stuff. – Moon is that you? – [Cameraman] It’s me. – That you?
    – [Cameraman] Yeah – Shall I head towards the bright light? – [Thomas] Moon, it’s bubbling. Is it good? – [Cameraman] Yeah, it’s
    going to bubble for a bit. – [Thomas] Whoa. Steaming up. I can’t see. This is awesome, Moon. – [Cameraman] You like it? – [Thomas] Yeah. – [Cameraman] You like
    being an adventurer? – [Thomas] Yeah. – [Cameraman] We’re
    going to go camp in one? – [Thomas] Yeah. We got milk for this tea? – [Cameraman] Is it not in the pack? – [Thomas] No. – [Cameraman] Then, no. – I can’t drink it without milk. I’m not camping ever again. Ugh, that’s a bit warmer. It’s getting so cold out here, I had to get a sleeping bag. It’s a little bit warm in here. Moon, you’ve not packed a very think one. This really looks like paper. – [Cameraman] The cheapest one. – I know it’s the
    cheapest one, I can tell. My stomach is like a washing machine. I don’t know why a washing machine, it’s going around and round. I don’t know, I feel a bit sea sick like, something like that, I don’t know or if it’s something weird I’ve eaten, or that dodgy water. I know I shouldn’t have
    had that water, Moon. I keep going into the hedges, Moon. – [Cameraman] What? – [Thomas] I’m in a bush. (water splashing) – My lights are running out of battery. It’s almost gone. My lights are dying. My batteries are going. It’s so cold, I might have to make up a little fire or something. Camping, you got to do
    camping with a fire. Camping is not camping
    unless there is a fire. I guess, I could do one
    here, just at this point. Why? – [Cameraman] Thomas, you’re
    tent is really closed. – [Thomas] It’s alright, there’s loads of room there between that and that. That’s nice, that’s really nice. That’s lovely and warm. That is beautiful. (sigh of relief) – Should’ve done this earlier. Think I’ve got quite a lot of these cubes. So, we could do this for a while. Let’s get a little bit closer. Oh, that is nice. That is so nice. (screams) – [Thomas] No. No. Sleeping bag is on fire. Can’t get it out, I need to get it out. Moon, there’s fire. Quick, I need to get out. – [Cameraman] Oh my God, Thomas jump. That’s a really cool t-shirt. Thomas jump. Thomas grab it. Grab it. (electronic music)

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    November 14, 2019

    it is opening day at Papa jakester
    burger and burgers associates of burgers sir can I see you received an order Jake
    I don’t have a receipt this is your order we’ve got hundreds of orders back
    here who’s flipping the burgers come on boss how can that be out of beatbox
    don’t my gonna play for tonight if I don’t have to brand your skin no one’s
    gonna think I’m cool get some feed buck somehow I need to figure out a way that
    I can get some B bus this is an emergency this this is an emergency
    Logan Jake what’s going on where the feed box on for tonight Volken papa Jake
    doesn’t have much left over no one’s gonna think I’m cool what can we do
    focus Jake you know that’s not the end of the world you don’t need the new skin
    to play for a night well can sometimes I think you’re
    talking crazy of course they need the new skin to play for tonight we need
    some sort of get rich quick feedback scheme it’s gotta be something we can do
    we need like a lemonade stand but bigger people don’t eat lemons anymore Logan
    the hamburgers wait dirty burger their burgers the Hader
    burgers okay hoping this might be crazy but I have an idea what if we go into
    the games and we purchase a franchise of dirt burgers and sell them in our very
    own der burger box world will be rolling envy bucks everyone playing for net it’s
    gonna get hungry and want to come over to our burger restaurant and get some
    fresh burgers Jake sometimes I think you’re
    actually insane would have insane person take a micro transponder radiator to put
    myself into the game to ask the owner of der burger if I could make it do a
    burger in real life what no that doesn’t sound like an insane person
    sounds like a super cool person here we go tell me give my very own der burger
    restaurant damn brigadiere we could do if we could do could you do okay hello
    hello are you at home I’m here to purchase at a very good and
    by that I mean you’re der burger restaurant and pop pop a what you can’t
    just buy a der burger they’re not for sale okay hey what if I do this a wiggle
    wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle
    Oh wake up what are you doing don’t please please stop that putter such
    brooches don’t want to see any more of that
    hey wait what what did they give you a 2-meter Oh is that a real tomato okay if you can
    have the restaurant if you could have the name everything I could just have
    that tomater that’s all yours if I can have the restaurant it’s the best news
    I’ve heard all day I can’t wait to tell Logan I’m in business my own dur burger
    I got a dinner burger Tudor burger I got a Durr burger and we are back
    today guys it is an awesome day because today we are doing something I have been
    wanting to do ever since I first started playing for tonight and that is we are
    making our very own dirt burger look Logan’s driving around in a go-kart look
    what do you do is you know ok Logan’s comes but guys we are gonna be making
    our very own dirt burger so that we can get some bucks because we want to buy
    all of the awesome for tonight skins it in order to do that we gotta make some
    some V bugs and five selling burgers so that’s exactly what we’re doing today
    we’re actually gonna be converting the candy factory box 4 into a derp burger
    box board we’re gonna have our own slurp juice dispenser we’re gonna have our own
    fry cooker we’re gonna have a place to make burgers it is gonna be awesome and
    I think you guys are absolutely gonna love it also I do want to say guys big
    shout out to all of you guys who have been hitting that notification button
    all of you guys hitting the bell button down below the notification squad is
    growing and it is getting super super huge thank you guys so very much if you
    haven’t already hit the bell button down below hit the subscribe button so you
    never miss a brandy pop Jake video most importantly hit the like button all
    right I’m gonna go chase after Logan and grab some cardboard and then I think
    we’re gonna start building this thing because I’m super excited and I can’t
    wait to make hamburgers Logan if you ever made a hamburger before ok well I
    have this is gonna be fun this is what we’re starting with and what we’re
    basically gonna do is we’re gonna start by converting this box for it so we’ve
    got a lot of work to do I kind of want to go for like an open concept box where
    you know you have to have the cash register you gotta have the deep fryer
    exactly deep fryers weed a place to make the patties like to cook them and flip
    them and stuff and we can’t forget the slurp juice area we should get like a
    slurp slushy machine going who do that would be awesome alright
    guys so before we can actually get to all of that we need to start building so
    we are going to start working on this got it and then we can start expanding
    it and then of course going for the der burger theme so let’s start alright guys
    so check this out the fort is coming along and it is looking six fill it in I
    think about putting like some tables around now we still gotta put a roof on
    cuz as you can see there’s no roof at all and we’ve got a life the entire
    place and decorate it but we’re getting closer to making some super yummy der
    burgers which I’m pretty excited about I think Logan’s can be taking over the
    slurp juice station and then we’re gonna be pretty close serving our first der
    burger alright guys check this out I made the der burger sign a deep-fryer
    machine yeah do forget some deep-fried french fries up in here so I did get the
    deep fryer go so no cookies like soap you bring them out and then we’ll have
    some nice dirt burger fries that’s true you gotta get rid of the case eyes we’re
    also gonna get the der burger menu up and we need some custom der burger you
    know fry holders drink holders burger holders lot good stuff and I still need
    to work on the actual like burger cooking drill thing cuz then we can’t
    cook burgers so this logo a lot to do guys but we are making our way and we’re
    getting ever closer to making some extra juicy der burgers so you this place is
    looking so cool we already have the deep fryers going but now we got our grill as
    well as a bunch of derp burger signs all over including the menu I’m working
    right now on a table where you can eat your nice delicious burger but yeah guys
    we’re almost ready to make our first der burger we got a few more things to add
    to the sport and a little bit more touching up of but then we can
    officially open for business and start making some juicy burgers still have no
    clue on how to make a burger but I can make a mean slurp juice but guys that’s
    what matters our not guarantee I here at der burger that
    you’re getting a hundred percent meat or a hundred percent of anything but what
    we can guarantee it’s gonna be a hundred percent yummy all right guys it is
    finally time it is opening day at Papa jakester burger and burgers Associates
    of burgers because we have officially completed our der burger box board and
    this thing looks so cool I can’t wait to show you guys inside and show you what
    we dump the place so uh why don’t we head in the front door as you would if
    you’re a brand new guests to the der burger of course checking out our
    beautiful der burger sign you guys know you’re getting a quality burger when you
    have a sign like this but let’s go let’s go inside here and check out the dirt
    burger so this is the front entrance this is what you would come in right
    away guys you were brought in to our dirt burger now here is the cash where
    you of course pay with v bucks order some nice delicious der burgers
    we got a menu here so burgers are 10 v bucks fries are 5 V bucks and a slurp is
    20 V bucks I think that’s a fair price to charge we also have well one table
    because knowing for that you’re gonna be out running around you’re not really
    gonna sit down and eat your bare burger here but we do have a table but I’ll
    bring you guys into the back here and show you where the magic happens so back
    here behind the cash I would simply take your order so sir what would you like uh
    I’ll have one der burger can I offer you some der burger fries an extra five
    bucks plus I’ll throw in a drink for 20 people that’s der burger deal right
    there so first things first we’re gonna go over to the Fry’s section here and
    start making some of our der burger fries now we’re gonna put these in the
    two fryer here you want to make sure the fries get nice and crispy that’s the
    durbur your special so the cries are gonna be cooking here
    you can hear them sizzling I’ll tell you know the fries are good take them out
    here all right take you some derp burger fries of course we’ve got our derp
    burger themed fry holder here that’s the derp burger premium right
    here these are premium derp burger fries so I’m gonna bring these over here while
    I get your hamburger ready now this is where we make the derp burgers
    themselves okay so this is actually the hamburger cooking station I’ve got some
    hamburgers here already started because we make them fresh never frozen and
    they’re always fresh to put on because you can hear that sizzle that’s how you
    know they’re good now you might be noticing they are a little bit thin
    that’s okay because they’re super tasty so we’re gonna flip them around here
    make sure they get all nice and cooked up here what would you like on your
    burgers I’ll have ketchup lettuce onions pickles green olives and cheese do you
    guys want anything on your burger just let me know I’ll get Jake to cook Irina
    all right all right that is that is quite a lot unfortunately all I’ve got
    for you is a few pickles here that’s that’s that’s all you’re getting on your
    dirt burger no cheese no ketchup nothing because I’ll just taste that good you
    don’t need ketchup you don’t need mustard you don’t even
    need cheese you just need a dirt burger all right these are looking about done
    here let’s get the production line going all right burger on top sprinkle on
    you’re one pickle there we are close it like so and there you have a derp beggar
    we’re gonna put this in our luxurious derp burger travel case here so you can
    get on your way and back to fortnight your fries included as well sir I’ll now
    get your slurp juice ready so over here guys we got the slurp juice dispenser so
    of course you know you’re having a long day playing for tonight you want some
    slurp juice with your durbur core so you just come over here and activate this
    like so and there you go you’ve got your own refillable slurp juice container
    here it’s got a nice blueberry smell to it lock this up for you order up order
    number one order number one is up derp burger extra large fries – slurp juice
    here we go sir can I see receipt on this is your order Jake I don’t have a
    receipt no this is your order we’ve got hundreds of orders back here who’s
    lumping the burgers come on whose order is this order number one it’s literally
    yeah I’m the only customer bucks Jake we built this place together neither of us
    have VBox your slab just enjoyed that enjoy the dirt burger all right I got to
    keep cooking them up we’ve got more people coming any second I just I know
    it there’s gonna be people coming and getting der burgers so guys the key to
    making a good der burger is enforce it all in the flipper here you want to make
    sure you get a nice good flip and that’s gonna make sure that the burgers Logan
    Logan quickly get behind you we’ve got our first customer are you boys okay you
    must be extremely hungry doing your professor stuff in 4/9 well can I offer
    you a dur burger here we’ve got three different options slurp juice fries and
    winter burger itself hey I guess Durr burger with fries and a slurp that
    would be quite nice perfect coming right up I’ll get yourself a Durr burger with
    extra large fries fries come on perfect super yummy what I want those new skins so bad that
    we all want the new skins now all your fee bucks all these dirty burgers me
    bucks jakey looks pretty angry maybe you just do what the man says
    oh okay okay all right I’m just I’m just gonna get some v bucks from underneath
    the fryer that’s where I keep all of my feed box fries professor that’s right
    you ain’t taking any of our v bucks and in fact I think I have a shotgun
    challenge for the day by plus can be offered only see him next all right
    well our first customer tried to rob us and we’ve sold a total of Logan what’s
    the accounting look like how many B bucks are we up to we haven’t sold any
    burgers no burgers I’m no accountant Logan but that doesn’t sound like a
    financially profitable business come on Jake I think I have a good marketing
    strategy what if we go outside cause some kind of distraction and tell
    everyone to come to our dur burger joint that idea I think some people are
    battling out front all right let’s gear up and go up front and show them that
    fighting is not the way all right we should put down our Fortnight weapons
    and come inside and enjoy some of papa Jake’s juicy der burgers come on follow
    me hey listen to me alright look I know
    you’re all playing for tonight and you’re all having fun and that’s good
    and I’m happy for all of you but there’s something there’s something missing from
    all of this fighting something you’ve lost
    you don’t have any dere burgers that’s right
    Dara burgers you know what I’m feeling in your stomach that girdle that’s
    hunger and I know all of you right now could use some der burgers come over to
    Papa Jake’s der burgers establishment where you can get fine quality burgers
    yeah take guarantees 100% beef but it is a hundred percent der yes even you
    dinosaur man put down that grenade and come get a juicy burger because at the
    end of the day we could all use some of papa Jake’s there guys wait Jake I think
    your speech worked everyone’s coming come on get back yeah do I think that
    worked a walk under that I thought all right quickly let’s start the fryers we
    got some cooking d’Urbervilles to do let’s go
    Oh guys that was insane we’ve had over a hundred customers that we are rolling in
    Vee bucks I think papa Jake’s der burger was a
    success what do you guys think let me know down below and of course guys if
    you have any other awesome box sort ideas or just other ideas you think we
    should do be sure to leave a comment below and if you never want to miss a
    brand new pop of Jake video smack the subscribe button smack the Bell button
    but guys I will see all of you in the next video this has been pop Jake I’ll
    see you guys next time

    GAME MASTER CHALLENGE! Sinking Box Fort Prison Escape (Project Zorgo Hacked)
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    GAME MASTER CHALLENGE! Sinking Box Fort Prison Escape (Project Zorgo Hacked)

    November 13, 2019

    they really explain what’s going on right now to make sure you hit the subscribe button and the power button where am I what’s going on where is this place it’s a GoPro what’s going on hello was I was they filming a video Logan did I pass out in a box for what wait wait no no they buzz chasing the gamemaster no no no no no no no she must have got me again you must’ve captured me what’s going on why is their camera hello can you hear me Logan are you here hello I’m cooking the chains he’s got me all chained up the door what yeah welcome to my box for prison escape balloon replay game since you’re so inclined to escape from prisons you could try to escape from my box for prison that’s giving you a GoPro to film everything this this isn’t a prison this is just cardboard look I’m I’m getting out of here I don’t care what do you mean not following my rules we’ll leave you with a shocking surprise if I break out if you follow my rules or else what if we pick out of here without using what kind of game is this the game is simple escape the prison using my rules before the time runs out you can escape by finding a final key and pressing the red button above you have 30 minutes the box was slowly filling with water water good luck what do you mean water buddy what do you be where am I went what are you gonna do with the water I don’t know I don’t know who’s gonna be seeing this I don’t know who’s maybe watching this footage this is you guys I’m in a lot of trouble right now it looks like the game master wants me to escape following his rules if I try and break out of this in any other way well he’s gonna eliminate me and worst of all if I don’t get out of here in the amount of time that he’s given me this thing’s gonna fill up with water and if I’m in these chains there’s no way I’m surviving all right Hey look I just gotta gonna think it’s gonna take like the game master with he’s gonna play his game he he must have set this up like a puzzle he does everything like a puzzle this isn’t like a box for a prison escape these in here have to make sense but also be a trick it’s gotta be something in here looks like this is all just random stuff on the wall if anything will touch anything box punched what do you mean don’t touch and how do I know what to touch it when not to touch you I gotta get these chains off and quick maybe there’s something in here looks like there’s some sort of funny beaker with some red substance inside of it hey rocky there’s some sort and weight depending who the waters are you trip we’ve got a rocket of some sort maybe a test tube for it I’m paying now has this this has gotta be UV light UV like that it uses UV light to find clues okay first I gotta get out of these cuffs well if the gamemaster set this up like a game it means he wants me to escape maybe maybe this is part of it maybe maybe he wants me to film it this is why would he give me a GoPro why would he give me access to you guys she wants me to film it he he wants me to escape he wants to put me through a game that’s why he’s the game master Oh keep it look if I don’t if I don’t play his game and I don’t escape then this will be the last video I ever make so I just gotta do it I’m gonna figure out a way out of here and I I can do this okay Papa Jake can do this I’ll end the game master be the end of me look I found this inside the chest he gave me I think I might be able to use it to open up these cuffs I’m not sure exactly what he wanted me to use it for but heck if I’m playing this game I’m bending the rules a little bit all right here we go I’m just gonna put it in here and I should be able to bend the metal enough to turn it into a makeshift key just like so and I got it I got the first cuff perfect okay all right now our objective is to open up this timer and click the button here to stop no more water this isn’t good guys there’s more water getting in here I thought the game master says is true this place is gonna be filled with water before I okay okay we’ve got to find a key to open up this timer and click the button to stop it that will end the game now if he’s hitting a key in here it’s gotta be somewhere we’re water more water more water no no no no no no I can’t plug it okay she’s gonna hide a key it’s gotta be somewhere in here maybe behind one of these walls maybe gonna be somewhere secret okay your seat can be received by pressing one of the buttons press the wrong one and the game boy the buttons through the buttons okay all right if I press the wrong button I get eliminated if I press the right button I get the key okay it’s going to work backwards and fast how do I know which button to press maybe maybe maybe there’s a clue me maybe there’s something with the UV light wouldn’t be that simple all right hold on let me get this last cup off and then we can figure it out come on got it all right cuffs are off now all I need to do is get rid of this chain if water starts pouring in here and fast this is just gonna sink me gotta find a way to open this looks like it’s a combination lock there’s got to be a clue in here some sort of combination maybe the UV light they can use this now if using the UV light combination would be written but I see something here No way oh no this isn’t good what kind of clues are these I can’t panic can’t panic all right there’s got to be something in here I don’t know enough time gotta find the combination if he’s giving me this UV light it’s gotta be with this it’s gotta be somewhere on the walls here was this mean boom feels like this is hollow but I don’t want to break through it he already told me if I touch too many things he will illuminate me okay let’s try and find this combination there’s got to be another clue on here somewhere somewhere maybe on the roof this side of the wall here something something nothing on the door wait here good guys we gotta hurry up come on what’s this a legit clue play something here subscribe no no no these are all these riddles numbers somewhere here this isn’t good this is a good can’t plug it wait wait here numbers one one eight six that’s got to be the combination there’s no way you’d give me the number of the button right now this has to be the combination and if I press the right button here that could be the worst thing I could do okay let’s try this huh one one eight six one one eight six got it the cheese off click on the channel police now if this place fills up the water I can swim a little bit much can be dragged down by this chain alright next step let’s find our way out of here there’s gotta be another clue in here oh no no more water come on tell me something what do you want me to do the answer from escaping can be behind your great what would I buy the boom behind the broom okay okay I gotta get behind the boom I’ll just punch it can i plunge it usually Walker Oracle’s use the rocket I thought you were an expert of escaping persons look yeah I’ve done prison escapes before but never something like this he wants me to get through the boom using this rocket he’s gotta think he’s the game master he’s putting things for my own videos in here what have i used before like a rocket and a prison escape wait that’s it baking soda and vinegar rockets that that must agree with the test tube was for hold on here it is okay looks like we have some sort of baking soda in here now only would need is vinegar and then I could set this rocket off and blast it through the boom like that through the boom I could get to the next step but I’ve got to set off a baking soda and vinegar rocket which means no no no I need to find some vinegar and fast something in here well are you starting to pull up here guys this isn’t good there’s a lot of water in here come on give me more time have fun vinegar vinegar vinegar where would it be I can’t go in the boom without using the rocket just catch something just gotta be something wait what’s this there’s some sort of substance in here guys wait guys guys check this out there’s no water in here that’s going to be the vinegar there’s got to be vinegar running through this tube look if I shine this on water it does nothing but inside this tube it lights up like crazy there’s supposed to be where he’s hiding the vinegar I need something to cut this way I know how this game has to be played he’s gotta follow his rules and do what he wants but that means solving his mysteries we’ve got to figure out a way to set off this baking soda and vinegar rocket I know I need vinegar to do that but the problem is the vinegar is inside this tube once I set off the rocket I can get behind this boom and maybe then I’ll figure out what the number is so I can escape using a key but if I press the wrong number then I go boom all right the only thing is we need something to cut this with I need some more clues in here I barely search the entire place here nothing here maybe something on the ground or the ceiling come on wait wait guys there’s an arrow there’s an arrow pointing towards this box here that must mean I’m allowed to open it okay all right if he’s pointing at it another arrow here okay if he’s putting out it with arrows it means that should be able to open it come on see what’s behind this thing oh no more water come on come on I was right there’s something behind here what is this some sort of song device but wait it’s missing a battery no no no no why is everything a riddle I might be able to use this device to open up this tube but this is missing a battery just gonna find myself a battery Jake who’s that hello okay Louise listen closely