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    My Cheap $200 Pontoon Boat Project Part 4
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    My Cheap $200 Pontoon Boat Project Part 4

    August 16, 2019

    so a few years ago I bought this barrel
    off of Craigslist it was $5 and somewhere in the past it’s got a hole drilled in
    it I don’t think I drilled that hole I know I cut that accidentally using this
    as a sawhorse but I don’t think I drilled the hole there’s also a hole up here
    when I bought it I don’t then they told me it had holes in it so I’m not using
    this as a pontoon for the pontoon boat but I won’t cut it on an angle and make
    a water diverter out of it. That’s today’s goal so just to the sawzall and cut the
    top off of this barrel now I’m gonna flip it over and cut the bottom off of
    it then it’s time to do some diagonals sawing. Or we could stop right here and
    have a really good trash can. Okay cut to is now done that one was down on the
    table saw and I came with the sawzall and just cut out these thick parts. Now
    we got to do a diagonal, hang on. So for my diagonal cut I’ve got these vice
    grips holding my tape measure and there is a line here that goes straight up and
    down and there’s a line on the opposite side they go straight up and down this
    line right here so I bought the tape measure to the other side and then
    that’s my diagnosed it with a sharpie I’ll flip it over do the same thing
    again cut it out. Cut number three will go this way and that way and meet up on
    the opposite end down there making another point we’ll have two diverters.
    This is step three. So on our fourth cut there’s two ways to
    have done this, I’ve got a speed square I need a 90-degree angle it goes right to
    the center. That’s one way to do it, but the way I did it make this part level
    then draw a plumb line cut it off do that both sides, we got it. So there’s my
    scrap from cutting up this barrel and I’ve got two of these pieces the top
    that we cut off that represents the barrel on the front of the boat and that
    is what it’ll look like once we get it on. I’m gonna use some kind of 2X4
    framing then screws straight into the 2X4’s and if water gets inside there
    I don’t really care I mean you could fill the foam or caulk it or whatever I
    think I’m gonna leave mine open for now. that’s exactly what I was looking for. So
    I’m trying to get ready for another spring trip tomorrow the boat is already
    hooked to the car and I just cut two boards these two are for that side these
    two are for this side and that’s what the water deflectors are going to screw
    – I got one installed one to go and it’s about the storm so maybe we should hurry,
    but go ahead and storm today and be pretty tomorrow that’s why I say so one of the
    diverters is fully installed if we come up top I took the deck board off and
    there’s a screw going in this way there’s a screwed one in that way
    there’s two screws coming to the bottom and I could get some spray foam and fill
    up this whole chamber I think what I’ll do is just get some empty like laundry
    detergent jugs two liter bottles fill this up with things that hold air put
    the deck board back on and call it done or we could put the hands on this that
    could be a compartment for things that don’t matter if they get wet
    fins hold a second all that is a perfect fit for fins okay let me think about
    that we might have a hinge on here and could do a hinge on the other side have
    another compartment can’t have too much storage okay I’ve loaded my possible
    storage space I got to find the hinges if we fold up like that look at that
    wetsuit son where’s your lifejacket out right here
    bungee there’s my rope for the anchor or if you want to do some magnet fishing my water boots another fin that’s a lot of space and
    the door I don’t know yet it might fold it this way that’s probably what I do
    put the hands down through that like a stud and this is Braceface number two it
    is on and ready for the diverter to be installed let’s install it and the good news is there’s a seam down
    the middle telling you where to put the screws in out and now moving to the back
    I just screwed this together. Anything what that’s for?
    You’re getting warmer that’s gonna be like a step when you’re
    riding along you keep your feet on it or when you want to get back in the boat
    you climb on that and you climb up into the boat be a little ladder once that
    ladder And so there’s the step step ladder in place as you’re riding put
    your feet up on it. I wonder if we could also strap the paddles to this hang on second
    this just in so now with this little board at it I’ve got all my paddles
    organized so you need a paddle reach in twist it pulls out put it back if you
    look under there they tuck into that front box let me zoom in so you can see
    it where there they are paddle one two three and a spare paddles
    even farther up in there peddle storage check some where to put your feet check
    front pontoon water diverters can’t see them from this angle but check it’s time
    to hit the river we have arrived at the river again this time it is the Suwannee
    River right across the river we’re gonna find Fanning Springs I can zoom in on
    the sign so we use the boat ramp we are now in
    the water the girls are working on getting on some lifejackets and we’re
    about to start kicking across about to where you see the kayakers. Did you figure it
    out? No… Let’s take the umbrella off. and if you look back behind the boat
    there’s a baby Gator half half of a baby Gator the front half may I call this the ravioli boat we have
    more canned pasta that’s spaghetti meatballs she’s got some lasagna she’s also got some keeping it a secret
    hang on oh she’s keeping it a big secret there it is
    raviolis and meatballs I guess I’m not some lasagna oh we’ve got the anchor out
    that’s the magnet you know just in case something’s in there if you want is on you
    I’ll share mine with you I’ll trade with you and the Chips Ahoy are open I think girls
    like Chips Ahoy mm swimming makes hungry in case you don’t
    know it and just missed it there was a manatee swam through I’m keeping my eyes
    up in case he comes back so we’ve been here about seven hours I
    think we’re gonna leave now go out and play swanee a little bit then we’ve
    got a motel room tomorrow we hit in a different spring
    this one’s Fanning tomorrow suppose go to Manatee.

    Missouri Wind and Solar shows KWH’s produced from time solar tracker
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    Missouri Wind and Solar shows KWH’s produced from time solar tracker

    August 14, 2019

    Hi everybody, I’m Jeff from Missouri Wind
    and Solar and I wanna show you the production that we’re getting out of
    the Solar Time Tracker. I’ve been waiting to do this. We had last month was nothing but
    cloudy days. But, behind me is the solar time tracker, it works by time of day. That’s how this moves, it doesn’t track the sun, it goes by time of day. This is 3K
    worth of solar panels that we’ve got on there and they’re all hooked up
    to Aims micro grid tie inverters and I’m gonna go show you a meter and the kind
    of production we’re getting out in one day. You can see the sun, or the sky,
    it’s nice clear blue day. Now I’ll go show you the meter It is 9:30 in the morning and this
    is the kilowatt hours and I should have been on her earlier, but we’ll go from
    here. Seven hundred and forty-four kilowatt hours. Okay, so previously this
    morning I already showed you the kilowatt hours and it’s up to 745 so at the end
    of the day I’ll make another video showing you the kilowatt hours we
    produced. This here is the controller for the solar time tracker so we’ll wait ’til the
    end of the day and see how much, how many, kilowatt hours we’ve produced. Well, I’m back everybody and this is the next day, so if you take a look at the meter 769
    kilowatt hours and that’s in 24 hours Wyatt already wrote down, I started filming late, so he wrote down the actual kilowatt hours at 8 AM in the morning and
    it’s a quarter to 10 right now. So what we got at 8 AM, March 12 we started with seven hundred and forty kilowatt hours and March 13, that’s today, at 8 AM we had
    seven hundred and sixty-seven kilowatt hours and you say 769 now so that’s a total of 27 kilowatt hours.
    The temperature was sixty to sixty-five degrees and it was sunny, no clouds, and
    that’s in a 24 hour period. So, pretty much this time solar tracker is doing
    about 30 percent more than our fixed array that we have out front. We also have
    a fixed array. So at twenty-seven kilowatt hours in 24 hours, it was
    producing roughly 3000 watts in nine hours so that would be a total of eight
    hundred and ten kilowatt hours in 30 days that that would produce. So this
    morning, it is the 13th today, and it’s actually twenty minutes to 10 right
    now so since eight o’clock this morning it has done three kilowatt hours. It just
    turned seven hundred and seventy kilowatt hours and I’ll show you what
    the weather looks like outside if you want to follow me around here. And today is a cloudy day… Okay, so this is our time solar
    tracker and I’ll show you the fixed array that we have. And here’s our fixed array. So, we’ve already done the math between the fixed
    and the tracker, and the tracker is doing a minimum of 30% more power a day than over a fixed system. So, to me it’s well worth having a tracker especially
    if you’re living off-grid and charging a battery bank. I’m jeff for Missouri
    Wind and Solar and thanks for watching.

    20 AFFORDABLE Whole Foods Buys – HOLIDAY HAUL
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    20 AFFORDABLE Whole Foods Buys – HOLIDAY HAUL

    August 12, 2019

    hi buzybeez come on in happy December tis the seasons for gifting and Eating I am so excited to share with you my latest haul This one is actually from Whole Foods, and I know Whole Foods is known for a mold paycheck But I actually found some pretty great deals, and I can’t wait to share it with you these are ideas for your Entertaining needs or even your holiday gifting needs if you guys like these haul or gifting video ideas Please give this video a thumbs up and let me know in the comment section below What kind of haul or budget price points? You’d like to see anyways? We’ll go ahead and get started with the treats alright first up I love looking for seasonal flavors of ice cream, and I found this eggnog gelato It looks so beautiful with the layers of with the top layer of Spices in here. It’s kind of frozen, but let me open it up for you But it has all these layers of spices on top, and it just looks so creamy and decadent I cannot wait to dig into this And how I would serve it is just eat it plain or what would be really fun is making affogato So I would add a scoop of this into hot coffee That would be really fun to serve for friends too, and then next up is this Drizzled kettle corn. I don’t know something about that drizzled chocolate The sweet and salty popcorn combo just called my name And I think it would be so amazing to eat this while watching My favorite holiday movie home alone – alone – what’s your favorite holiday movie So even though I bought popcorn already packaged. I also found these colorful multi-coloured corn kernels for popping I know I owe you guys an epic popcorn video, and it is coming. I promise just stay tuned in January I will have an amazing popcorn video for you But I just love the different colors here, and I thought would be really fun next up. We have this, baba Ghanoush I shared it with you guys on our last video, which is the pita chips with, baba? Ghanoush and a little bit of caviar, but to be honest with you. I love just eating it plain on toast with avocados or Again on homemade pita chips and even just a little bit on my chicken for like some flavorings So good. I love baba. Ghanoush. Let’s see oh This hail-mary Persian lime tart I the first time I had this was a mini one that my sister gave me that she got a big box from Costco and Behind the box that says say yes to mind-blowing indulgence and literally my mind was blown I Love this one because it is made with really good ingredients. It’s organic shredded coconut Organic Blue Agave cashews coconut virgin virgin coconut oil Coconut sugar lime juice so everything is natural It’s vegan gluten free and dairy free you want to think that it tastes good, but this is one of the best tarts I’ve ever had in my life Uh-oh you guys know how much I love my ciggies so I bought this coconut Icelandic scure which is very similar to Greek yogurt The great thing about ciggies is that it’s now 20 cents cheaper than it used to be it’s 159 so Stock up on it I’ve also really been into coconut milk yogurt so I saw this flavor passionate mango And I thought it would be really good with coconut milk, so I am giving it a try it has It has 13 grams of sugar versus This one. That’s 11. I tend to get sick easily because it’s not super super sweet But this one’s not too bad. I’ll definitely let you guys know how this one tastes speaking of dairy alternatives I found this almond milk nog it’s been great to add to my coffee in the morning and I do think it’s a little bit too sweet, so I only add just a tiny little bit but it really brings out the flavor of the coffee, and it has that nog flavor in there that just is just Perfect for cold mornings here. Well now that we’ve finished all those treats Let’s move on to drinks since that was a good segue. I found this gingerbread spice tea and I actually couldn’t decide which one to get between this one or The sugar cookie sleigh ride so I ended up getting both and it was a deal because it was two for five dollars Every year I stock up on celestial Seasonings Holiday teas last year I remember I was in New York And I was looking for a caffeine free tea, and I found this sugarplum fairy tea I couldn’t find it this year, but I’m excited to try these two flavors Next up is this Celebration cafe coffee. I buy whole beans because I like to grind them up myself But this one has notes of roasted almond toffee and bittersweet chocolate And I thought it sounded really cozy, so let’s give it a try right And then we have this honking huge anchor brewing beer Magnum size it actually kind of looks like a huge champagne bottle or like an apple cider bottle, but It’s filled with beer Nate and his friends love a good hoppy IPA type beer and that’s exactly what this is and it’ll be great for entertaining kind of like a Conversation piece because have you ever seen a beer bottle this big It’s really pretty we get this every year so when we have friends over I always like to have kind of like a spread for them to kind of nibble on so I Really love to get cheese’s. That’s like the best way to entertain everyone has a little bit of everything but Here’s a tip for you at Whole Foods They will cut cheese’s down until like mini sized so you can try it And I know cheese platters tend to be a little bit expensive based on whatever cheese you buy But this is a really great hack or a shortcut to kind of save money, so this right here is a huntsman cheese It’s basically kind of like a blue cheese with cheddar, so you kind of get like the best of both worlds And I got this for $5 for this piece I know that sounds expensive, but there are ginormous pieces of cheese that you buy there that can be like $15 and that I feel like that’s kind of what and then I also have this, Taleggio it’s kind of like a Brie it has like a washed rind right here, so it tends to be stinky I Love stinky cheese, so like camembert would also be another really great option But since this was in their mini cheese bucket. I thought I’d give it a try I also really love that cheese bucket too because I get a chance to try cheese’s that I’ve never tried before And it’s not like a huge investment this one was for 55 and then I’ve had manchego before but since it was a smaller piece, and I thought it was like the perfect size I Would get this manchego is like a Spanish cheese that kind of resembles cheddar, it’s mild It’s salty and it’s perfect with like prosciutto or other at like charcuterie And then I just pair it with some plain crackers I love these crackers because they’re like perfect size and you can find them at pretty much any stores nowadays I’ve also seen them sell this at Costco For like a honkin huge box, and it would be really great for entertaining through the holidays It’s by law panzanella croquette teeny mini Hmm, let’s see what else do we have here. Let’s get right on into the gifting. Yeah, this one is a chocolate panettone and Panettone czar so popular during the holiday season they’re pretty and they’re really delicious, too I love a good panettone, and I love that this one has chocolate It already has a ribbon here, so it’s already set to give just pop it in like a gift bag, and you’re good to go I’ve been really into more natural nail polish up products so this one by mineral fusion has been great I really recommend it it doesn’t have as long of a lasting power as like se or OPI But the colors are really great, and it it’s good enough for me. It lasts like one and a half weeks. It’s a hundred percent vegan it’s totally in free camp for free DBP free formaldehyde free cruelty flea free and gluten free so I I really like that. It’s such a great product and I feel better using it And then I also found this sugar plum foaming soap I love the smell of it anything sugar plum. I just kind of Gravitate towards because it has that sweet smell that just reminds me of the holidays And I wash my hands a lot because I handle a lot of different things And I don’t want era C to contract any germs, so This one will be in heavy rotation at our house this season and then something super random But I thought it would make such a fun gift is this artisanal How do you say that gigantic Gigante Gigante Pasta it comes in three different shapes this cone, Keely Annie. I shouldn’t even try pronouncing it to see Pocari So this one is a giant like Shell shape this one is your big spiral pasta And this one it looks like a big ribbon pasta Nope a big big rigatoni type pasta without the bridges this one would be so fun for like a College student that loves pasta or just getting into cooking cuz pasta is like the easiest thing to cook And it would make such a decadent meal, and I like that on the box it has recipe ideas, too But what I would do when giving this away is? Its parent with my favorite pasta sauce Brow’s Homemade this one tends to be on the more expensive side of pasta sauce but it’s so worth it And it was actually on sale, I got it for $6.99 I know it sounds kind of expensive for pasta sauce but you really Really taste the difference in the quality between like the $2 jars and this jar This one’s actually two pounds 32 ounces, so it’s on the larger size Which I feel like it’s kind of a deal, and it would go with The pasta product here, which is also two pounds Let’s see next up is this PIPA penguins sewing kit now I was looking for stuff for my mama friends I feel like all of my friends recently had babies, and we’re all kind of in the same boat So it’s been really great to kind of support each other why I chose this was because you have to make it yourself Everything you need to make a cute and cuddly penguin So it’s it’s a little bit more special than just buying a stuffed animal of course I don’t know how my friends would feel because it would make them work to make this But I thought it would be a fun sewing project Any moms that don’t know how to sew this would kind of be like a good Segway into Learning how to sew then for air-sea since I am starting to make her baby food. I bought these plastic storage caps to go with mason jars I’ve been making her so much solid foods, and if you guys are interested in watching more mom content I am starting mom days on Mondays, so I will share like Recipes for baby food my favorite Baby gear all that stuff so if you guys are interested Don’t forget to subscribe and tune in on Mondays, but back to what I was saying I make her fresh baby food And I like to store them in glass jars But I don’t like these metal caps because sometimes I find that they rust at the bottom just due to moisture or like the dishwasher so Also, there’s two pieces, and I always lose the part. I don’t know how or why, but it’s always gone I can only ever find one piece, so I found the cap plastic caps here that are bpa-free, and I’m gonna start using this I Found the Magnolia Journal at Whole Foods I love Johanna games and look how beautiful. She is here. She looks like a queen I’m obsessed anyways um I’m actually gonna start subscribing to it because it’s a lot cheaper this one was $7.99 But I think you can get like the whole year’s worth of magazines. I think they come out Quarterly, so you get you can get one full year of the Magnolia magazines for just twenty dollars so I’m definitely gonna sign up for that so Joanna really inspires me to up my game with holiday decor and that’s not really my forte like I’m not a big interior designer or like home decor is not my thing so I’m definitely trying now that we have a place with the fireplace and a cute red door in the front I Am gonna hang up this Reef I? Love that it came already pre-made. I may just add a little bit of small ornaments Just kind of spruce it up a little bit But this is gonna go in front of my red door for the holidays alright, and that does it for my haul I would say these two are my favorite finds Actually, I have a lot of favorites, but one item that I was looking for that sold out completely was a health aid Holiday kombucha if you guys have tried that do let me know how it tastes cuz it sounds amazing let me know what is your favorite buy from Whole Foods and what deals have you found I am a Definite deal hunter, and I don’t like spending whole paychecks Anything that’s too expensive, I kind of shy away or I’ll wait till it goes on sale, so especially during the holidays I Have certain stores that I shop at and I know that they’ll always have deals during the holidays so during the week I wait till the weekend where they have their promotions, and that’s when I’ll do most of my gift shopping I hope you guys like my holiday haul slash gift guide if you guys want to see more definitely comment below and let me know and Don’t forget to subscribe and I will see you guys on Monday next bye Awesome sergeant Leopard mulberry time