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    February 10, 2020

    Hi I’m Carl the landscape guy and today I’m
    building an indoor koi tank. It will be a fully functioning tank and filtration
    system where small koi or other fish can be temporarily quarantined. The system will consist of the following materials. For a basin, I’m reusing this 700 liter
    food-grade pallet box. This 90 liter large concrete mixing tub will
    serve as a pre-filter and sedimentation tank to filter out the coarse dirt. There are also various small parts that will
    be used, like this wall bushing and a suitable sealant compound. With this and the pipes, the whole system
    will be connected to each other. Then we have this ball valve as well as High
    Temperature pipes and PVC pipes. These brushes will later be installed in the
    mixing tub. I didn’t want to build a filter with any
    sponges because they clog up immediately and have to be cleaned often. Therefore, I bought these brushes that are
    15cm and 10cm in diameter, and we’ll see how we make them fit into the tub later. And then we have this rain barrel, which I
    want to utilize as a biofilter with Hel-x Biomedia. This basic pump that runs 2000 liters per
    hour will provide the necessary circulation. These are the main components at a glance
    and I’m looking forward to the assembly and the end result. The unique thing is that the filter system
    will work as a gravity system. The water surface in all three connected tanks
    is at the same height and the pump simply creates the circulation from one spot. This saves energy in contrast to pumped filter
    systems and the functionality has been proven. But one thing after the other, then the structure
    will be clear. First we’ll begin with the construction
    of the brush filter from the rectangular 90 liter mixing tub. The water should run straight through the
    tub and the floating particles should settle at the bottom and on the brushes. To achieve that affect, these 75 mm wall bushings
    are installed at the front and rear of the tub. These are installed with the included stainless
    steel screws. I put the flange piece on the outside and
    mark the opening. With a 10 mm hole, I can then easily use the
    jigsaw to cut it out. Use a file to clean up the cut edge. Then I insert a 75 mm pipe through the opening,
    and it fits. Now the flange piece can be placed in the
    center and I can drill the holes to fit exactly. Next, I roughen the surfaces with sandpaper,
    so that the sealant has good contact with the components. All the surfaces should be smoot . I wipe
    off the dust and then use Aquaforte’s Superstrong Fix & Seal. This can be easily applied with a silicone
    press. I apply an outer and inner ring on the surfaces
    of the wall bushing. I start with the flange from the inside and
    align it with two screws. I press some of the sealing compound into
    the screw holes so that they are waterproof afterwards, but I’m not really sure if that’s
    necessary. I turn the two screws so far in that they
    protrude out the other end. Then the outer flange can be aligned quite
    well and I can start putting the rest of the screws. This will squeeze out some of the sealant
    on both sides, but that’s a good thing, because you know that enough sealant was applied. Then I wipe off the excess material. This sealant is not to be confused with glue,
    because Polyethylene or Polypropylene can not be glued. The sealant has a strong adhesive property
    and is pressed against the side by the screws, creating a permanently sealed connection. I installed the opposite wall bushing the
    same way. I’m now putting another bushing in the bottom
    of the bucket. This 40 mm bushing is intended to serve as
    a drain when cleaning the filter. I have installed all bushings with the flange
    to the outside, so that there is as much space as possible for the filter brushes. In addition, the filter should be able to
    be emptied out as much as possible when it’s being cleaned. So we will let the sealant dry thoroughly
    and take care of the brushes. These are going to be hung in the filter. I simply use a piece of a cable channel, because
    it is light and yet stable due to its angular shape. I cut three pieces to length and put holes
    in them at the appropriate intervals. Now the brush ends are bent over and inserted
    into the holes. Each row has two 10 cm and two 15 cm diameter
    brushes and that is pretty much the width of the bucket. The nice thing is that you can now simply
    push on the cover of the cable duct and you’re done. There should be no large gaps between or alongside
    the brushes, so that the water can slide through evenly and no channels are formed. I ordered the brushes 30 cm in length and
    shortened them a bit. Nice and light and stable at the same time. I made three of them and that’s what it looks
    like. I take the brushes and lay them in the pond
    until the indoor tank system is put into operation. This way, beneficial bacteria can settle on
    the brushes and the filter will retract faster later. Next, it’s time to glue. The first thing I will do is glue the filter
    drain. These PVC pipes can be glued to the PVC feedthroughs
    with the help of some PVC glue. I’ll link all used materials and products
    in the video description. It is important that no HT pipes are glued
    in here, because they are not made of PVC. I cut the pieces to fit and roughen the gluing
    surfaces. The pipes can be easily cut to length with
    a metal saw, because it has a very fine saw blade. Then I coat both surfaces with glue and assemble the components. On the 75 mm flanges I put short PVC pipe
    pieces, so that I can later push on a 75 mm connecting pipe sleeve easily. Initially, I had planned to glue all the piping
    together, but then the system would be too inflexible for modifications. Now the brush filter chamber is glued and
    can dry by itself. Let’s continue with the 200 liter rain barrel,
    which I want to use as a biofilter. Here the pre-filtered water should run into
    the upper area, then flow from top to bottom through the bio-filter material. From the bottom the water is pumped into the
    tank. So a 75 mm wall bushing comes into play here
    also. The process is the same as before, so we’ll
    do it a little faster this time. Also here a piece of 75 mm PVC pipe is glued
    in such a way that later an HT sleeve pipe will fit well onto it. In order for the HT-sleeve to later seal well
    with the built-in sealing ring, only the adhesive surface should be roughened and the sealing
    surface should remain smooth. Down in the rain barrel, I’m installing
    a 40 mm wall bushing for the pump line. A PVC connection piece is then glued in here,
    not only on the outside, but also on the inside. So that the pump can be easily connected from
    the inside. Now we come to the installation of the actual
    tank. I bought this very sturdy pallet box second
    hand. It already has four holes in it with one on
    each side. Two of the holes I close with a corresponding
    rubber stopper and the other two openings will later serve as side drains. To do that, I extend the hole to the specified
    connection size, 63 mm. I use the Bosch cordless jigsaw again and
    saw out the connection carefully. This works relatively well, but you have to
    touch it up with a file of course. Clean the edges, smooth with sandpaper and
    then remove the dust. I found these rubber seal gaskets on Amazon
    that fit this 63 mm opening exactly. To make sure that they stay sealed well I
    apply some of the flexible sealant. Directly after that, an HT pipe 50 mm can
    be put in, which then also ensures that the sealing compound is pressed on tightly. A little salad oil helps when inserting and
    is more fish-friendly than pipe lubricant. The HT pipe elbows can now be reattached to
    the two connections. I connect both side drains together and go
    over to a 75 mm connector, because this is where our brush filter will be connected later. Now I need one last wall bushing for the return
    line from the biofilter. To do this, I put a 40 mm bushing into the
    pallet box further up. The box is stable and thick-walled, so the
    bushing is easy to install. The flange faces out so that the fish won’t
    bump into it later. For a watertight connection, a short piece
    of PVC pipe is glued in on the outside. Since it is a used pallet box, it’s pretty
    scratched up. To prevent the fish from getting injured on
    the bumps, I sand the box from the inside. Now all containers are cleaned and rinsed
    out. And finally the construction of the system
    begins. First, I set up the two filter basins. Of course, the brush filter must be raised
    up so that the water level can be the same in all the containers. I put bricks underneath, but anything should
    work, as long as it’s stable. On the bottom of the brush filter container,
    the drain valve is screwed on. We had everything glued, so now the rest is
    done quick. Align the bricks so that the valve is reachable
    in between them. So that the distance to the wall fits I put
    the elbow pipes on the back. When that fits, I put the basin in front of
    it and connect the 75 mm pipe to the brush filter container. On the other side I connect the pump outlet
    at the bottom of the biofilter with the return to the tank. I purposely don’t use 90° elbows, which
    will lessen the pipe resistance in this pumped line. Down in the biofilter, I now install the pump. With the help of a 40 mm rubber seal gasket,
    it can be very easily connected to a 40 mm pipe and then you can simply connect it to
    the pump. This way I don’t need to use thin hoses with
    high pressure that can easily bend. The only thing missing from the piping is
    the connection between the brush filter and the biofilter. Here I cut myself a 75 mm HT pipe to match. So all containers are connected and water
    can be filled in for the first time. It’s also a good way to check for leaks. Now the water has reached the pump. That means we can plug it in and see how it
    works. And it looks good. Filling it up is going to take a while, so
    in the meantime I’ll prepare the bio chamber ventilation. For now I use a small aerator pump. However, the two outlets are so small that
    they are not heavy enough. I weigh them down with a net and some stones
    so that they stay in the desired spot. They come down into the bio chamber and bring
    oxygen into the Hel-x. In addition, the rising air ensures a more
    even flow of the water through the hel-x. Unlike a moving bed filter the hel-x material
    will remain inactive. This allows the rain barrel to be able to
    hold such a large capacity of biomaterial, which in turn will improve the filters overall
    performance. The aeration seems a bit too small to me,
    so I will invest in something bigger in the future. Now I can get the filter brushes out of the
    pond and put them in. In the brush filter, I put two 90° elbows
    on the wall bushings from the inside. So the water is deflected upwards and the
    dirt can settle better on the bottom. I also add some natural pond water to the
    new system. Maybe it will bring in a few more beneficial
    bacteria. Now I also got the biofilter material. The nitrifying bacteria are supposed to settle
    on the Hel-x. But do not throw in everything yet, because
    there is still something missing. In this small piece of pipe I put a 13 Watt
    UVC tube light on the inside. This works well with the suction cups on the
    smooth HT pipe. At the end I attach a 90° elbow. The whole thing is now put on from the inside
    into the wall bushing. The elbow optimizes the flow of the Hel-x
    material and the UVC lamp reduces the germination pressure in the system. The only downside is that the HT pipe is not
    UV resistant and needs to be replaced at some point. But the lamp sits well in the center of the
    pipe and the water is irradiated evenly as it flows by. This way it is really cheap to operate such
    a useful UVC lamp. Now I fill in 120 liters of Hel-x. I decided to use the thicker 35 mm Hel-x material
    as it has good flow characteristics in a static structure. Now the system is ready and there are no signs
    of leaks from the pipes. Well, we can put in some fish now. I have some koi from my natural pond here
    that are going to be sold, so they will only be in here temporarily. The basin will also serve as a quarantine
    and observation tank in the future. In the finished system, the water will now
    run as follows: From the 700 liter tank, the water flows out the two 50 mm drains into
    the 75 mm pipe and then into the 90 liter brush filter. Here, the water calms down and suspended particles
    can settle on the bottom or on the brushes. Over time, bacteria settles here, which decompose
    the coarse dirt. A clear advantage of this gravity system is
    that the coarse dirt particles are not first shredded by a pump, but are allowed to settle
    down and not additionally cloud the water. Then it goes out again at the other end, namely
    the water drains off from above, so that the dirt can settle at the bottom really well. You can adjust the water level with a piece
    of pipe, which you simply shorten to the desired length. When I want to drain the brush filter, I simply
    place two longer pieces of pipe onto both elbows to stop the water flow. Then the filter can be easily and quickly
    drained with the ball valve. When the time comes I can show you how to
    clean the filter in another video. Then it continues into the 200 liter biofilter,
    past the UVC lamp and then through the Hel-x. The thicker Hel-x allows good aeration, which
    provides an even water flow through the material. I might want to optimize this in the future
    with a hole trickle plate. During operation, the lid should always remain
    closed, because the nitrifying bacteria are sensitive to UV light. The pump is at the bottom and its casing keeps
    the Hel-x from being pumped out. It transports the water from the bottom of
    the bio chamber back into the tank, where it provides a nice flow. As a result, dirt particles do not settle
    easily on the bottom and are slowly transported to the side drains. The rectangular tank is not ideal and a bottom
    drain in the middle might probably work better here. I intend to install a second aerator in the
    tank just to be on the safe side. The rule of thumb states you should aerate
    approximately 2 liters of air per minute per cubic meter of water in the system. All pipe connections look secure so far, which
    can of course be secured with screws or clamps. But first I am very satisfied with my small
    indoor tank and hope you liked this video. Through the HT pipes, the system is flexible
    and I can always change something around later. Normally, the filter should have a size of
    10% of the tank. The filter capacity is therefore very large,
    so I could easily expand the system and add a larger tank, for example. Then there will definitely be a new video
    coming out, so subscribe to my channel. I’m always happy to receive good ideas and
    suggestions, so feel free to leave a comment. I wish you much success with your projects. Thank you for watching and see you next time,
    I’m Carl the landscape guy.

    Hiliadou beach, tropical heaven – Evia island, Greece guide | top attractions
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    Hiliadou beach, tropical heaven – Evia island, Greece guide | top attractions

    February 2, 2020

    Runnismos Travel Guru
    Presents Greek Queen of Free Camping! Hiliadou beach Evia island
    Greece Hiliadou, one of the most famous naturist beaches in Greece erotic This summer it’s time to experience special free camping moments in Greece! exotic adventure contact our team: Runnismos travel guru
    [email protected] naturism: freedom, inner contact, detox go natural, enjoy the greek way of life Hiliadou naturist beach: 136 km or 2:15 hours northeast of Athens Virgin nature, extreme pleasure, wild moments Life never gets boring in Hiliadou beach Isolated Hiliadou beach: accessed by sea or by a steep path camp River side beach: At the right end of the sea road The great outdoors River camping site: a wild forest scenery only five minutes away from the sea Hiliadou blue cave: accessed only by sea, next to the nudist part of the beach mysterious thrilling Best Choice Hiliadou main beach: long, fun and blue Hiliadou by night: spiritual, charming and enigmatic! Like this video. Tell us your opinion: write a comment. Share! Runnismos travel guru
    Thanks for watching and subscribe for more videos!

    Hydra island, top beaches and attractions | Attica, Greece: travel guide
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    Hydra island, top beaches and attractions | Attica, Greece: travel guide

    February 1, 2020

    Blue, transparent & refreshing… A tiny minimal greek paradise! Nature and human passion in perfect alignment. A cosmopolitan scenery, yet so relaxing… Hydra island, Attica – Greece. Population: 1,900 people. Area: 50 km2. 2 hours distance from Piraeus by hydrofoil, 30′ from Ermioni and 20′ from Metochi. Located in the heart of the Argo – Saronic
    Gulf. It’s the perfect option for a quick getaway! In Hydra, you won’t see any cars! Everyone uses their foot, boats or donkeys to get around the island. The cars ban, along with the elegant stone mansions of the island, create a charming atmosphere and make the island one of the
    most serene destinations near Athens. Top Beaches: Number one: Hydroneta. In a walking distance from Hydra town. Rocky, blue & luxurious! A rocky swimming area with cemented decks and profound blue waters. It is a popular place, playing relaxing ambient music 20 hours a day and offering magnificent view over the sea. Number two: Vlychos beach. 2 km west of Hydra Town. A small pebbled beach with crystal-clear waters. A few taverns are available near the beach. Number 3: Mandraki beach. 2 km east of Hydra Town. A lovely beach, organized with sunbeds, umbrellas and watersports centres. Number four: kaminia beach. 1 km west of Hydra Town. Kaminia is a small pebbled beach. Number five: Bisti beach. On the western side of the island. a tiny cove popular for water sport activities
    such as kayak, snorkel and scuba dive. # 6: Molos beach. About 1 hour walk, west of Hydra Town separates one from the quiet pebbled beach of Molos. Top Attractions: Number one: Hydra Bastions & glorious past. The bastions with cannons that were used for the protection of the harbor in due time war, can still be seen. Explore the island’s rich history! Number two: churches & monasteries. The Church of the Assumption of the Virgin
    is located in the port of Hydra. Its main characteristic is the tall bell tower
    of 1643 made of pure marble from Tinos. Number three: hydra alleys exploration. Start wandering around the small picturesque
    alleys of Hydra. Impressive mansions, Museums and the true
    spirit of the island is there, waiting to be found! Number four: live like a star! Sophia Loren and especially Leonard Cohen
    have spent great time in Hydra island. This place is really offering to visitors a celebrity sensation with its unique style and glamorous vibes… Number five: Dokos island. Known among nature lovers, hikers, and free campers. Beaches in Dokos are small and clean, while
    the remote landscape is ideal for camping. Hydra island.
    A Blue cosmopolitan paradise. Where to eat: Hydra taverns: Paradosiako, Il Casta, Omilos, Techne restaurant, Pirofani Cafe & bars: Papagalos, The pirate bar, Hydronetta cocktail bar Accommodation: Hydra Hotels: Hydrea Exclusive, Angelica Boutique Hotel, Guesthouse Alexandra, Leto Hotel, Hydra Icons, Hydroussa Hotel. Like this video. Tell us your opinion, write a comment. Share! Runnismos Travel Guru. contact us: [email protected] Thanks for watching and subscribe for more videos!

    Mortars & Fireworks at the Beach!!! Oh Yeah!
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    Mortars & Fireworks at the Beach!!! Oh Yeah!

    January 29, 2020

    Hi Diddly Oh, everybody happy fourth of July
    – yeah fourth of July is tomorrow for me you’re probably seeing this on the fifth
    the day after this is my digs here I got my flags out and my patriotic lights out
    but as much setup as you see for me when it comes to holidays other than
    Christmas right yeah I’m out here at that one hidden campground this is that
    one in ocean actually Ocean City four miles north of Ocean Shores it’s called
    Oceana you won’t find it on the Thousand Trails map itinerary database and I
    think I finally understand why I finally got a response from Thousand Trails
    about all the ones that aren’t listed I don’t think they’re very proud of this
    one and that’s why because she said we are very aware of the fact that this
    campground is not listed in the directory or map oh but but as a
    Thousand Trails member we’re paying for this but you won’t allow us to camp here
    unless somebody tells us it exists and we go to Oceana RV park and then tell
    them we’re a Thousand Trails member to reserve a spot which is kind of weird to
    me this place doesn’t have much they have some rundown horseshoe pits here
    that says the the first and only that I know of thousand trails that doesn’t
    have a pool or a sauna no no foosball billiards air hockey
    nothing it’s just it’s just an RV park that doesn’t even have full hookups
    we’re parked really close together but there’s a 10-minute walk to the ocean I’d rather stay at Seaview the last one
    I was at I like sea view a lot better than I like this one but doesn’t matter
    how I want to try it out you know and I don’t want to be negative on the fourth
    of July but all the people that I was all the friends and family I’m supposed
    to hang out with have all kind of canceled on me at the last minute within
    the last week so I find myself out here alone but actually that was not the plan
    I don’t really mind this it’s gonna be Jackson Jackson me for fourth of July
    possibly check out this little dodge sports
    with the new paintjob it’s a 77 sportsman I believe dodge was a flashy
    new paint I brought it right back to life I like that I mean I’m comfortable
    over at my site obviously but you I can’t stay still guys and I’m not
    promising that I’ll stay here through the fifth because there’s the ocean you
    know where you can bring the RV and you can go hang out and people are firing
    off fireworks all day and all night and so I haven’t really decided what I’m
    gonna do tomorrow it’ll be part of this video though but don’t be surprised if I
    just unhook and go to the ocean instead to boondock one thing here worth
    pointing out one thing this trailer oh that’s not just a trailer even though
    it’s parked next to all these other campers this is the laundry room for the
    campground and to be honest with you I really like it I don’t know if it was
    just left here and that’s why they converted it into a laundry room or if
    they just wanted to be different I love it it smells like an old trailer a
    little love seat with some magazines to read a little folding table and a
    whopping two washers and driers because that’s about all you could have fit in
    here anyway all right I like that you know I know I dog on Thousand Trails all
    the time but that’s for stuff like the fake fishing license and the five dollar
    cards that you sometimes have to buy you don’t got to buy any cards you just take
    quarters here I mean I this is different this is unique I like this part of
    Thousand Trails I don’t like the money grab stuff or the the really strange
    stuff that makes it hard to camp you know I mean this I’m wearing long pants
    in July we are going to hit a balmy 66 degrees here on the fourth of July at
    the ocean it’s gonna be a hot one today oh let me check in here on Jackson we’ll
    go check out the ocean digs out there too
    because I mean what else is there to do here right Catman Jax I would invite you
    to the beach but I know you don’t like the wind and the beach and the water and
    everything related to the beach so you want to stay here instead all right man
    how about I bring you back a nice feather
    oh good feather okay okay give me another were late you were late you okay
    I am working on one project in the RV filming that too I will update you that
    on the next video just just so you know I’m working different angles whoa cool
    like a secret little Cove ear let’s go check this out don’t hit my head I’m
    short no problems oh cool live under this tree in here and someone
    may have they do have like camping tent camping right on the other side of the
    dunes you can play here voices and people over there along this trail you
    know no power anything but I guess most people wouldn’t care you’re just gonna
    camp right this is the trail could definitely take the ebike on this trail
    as well as sea view no problem right now it’s not soft sand at all hey there
    ocean it looks like it’s gonna rain it really does look like it’s gonna rain
    out there no this isn’t okay fourth of July I don’t mind I love water
    I love beach I mean cares me tomorrow this whole beach is gonna be filled gone
    there will be nowhere to park all the way up to the water but look at that
    sand cific Northwest what’s that a tasty Jack’s feather a freshly plucked single
    feather from the sniff oh yeah I know I’ve been pretty vague about what my
    summer plans are it is summertime but summer trips and everything it’s coming
    really soon guys just dealing with a couple minor things here real quick I am
    saying goodbye to the Pacific Ocean it may be some time before I touch this
    body of water I don’t have any plans in the next year to be back feeling sad
    about that but hey there’s still tomorrow I may bring the RV out here
    tomorrow I might do it I just might do it anyway I told you I couldn’t resist I
    told the people at the resort I was heading out for the day to go to the
    ocean where the party’s at and I got Miranda all decorated here a little
    reserved sign on my campsite back there I got a buddy Nate here there’s a few
    RVs on the beach it’s only 11 a.m. so there will be no room to do anything and
    the tide comes up too well let me show you where the tide comes up – it’s way
    out there now but it’ll come up to my tires we will get waves into my tires
    starting at 3:00 p.m. and there’s another one at about 2:00 a.m. after I
    get out of here there are people can’t be in setting up their bad idea so there
    will be some drama later as people scurry to put their stuff away that’s
    not my problem I got a patreon follower Matt who
    brought in some fireworks let me show you this you can park out here if you’re
    in a four-wheel drive and the soft stuff but my buddy’s got the safety zone
    quarantined over here there’s the fireworks hey got some
    mortar loading this is gonna be great and look at this pile now Matt already
    shot off a lot of these the last two day is this well this was originally $5,000
    worth of fireworks here and this is what’s left still a lot of fun boom
    booms so it’s nice it actually got to hang out with friends after all on the
    fourth of July so there’s Miranda and Oh cut back in later happy fourth of July
    everybody all right we have reached the afternoon high tide everybody has moved
    back we barely have a lane of traffic here people are still getting through
    for right now and then for the fireworks tonight it’s gonna go back out and we
    should be okay I’m not going to talk anymore I’m going to show some video
    though put some music to it it’s gonna be really loud and crazy around here
    so wish you all a safe and happy 4th of July
    Jackson I will see you in a couple days bye guys do you see me standing there right Sorry Sorry close your eyes and find out you got
    nothing to do now you

    HILARIOUS Sri Lankan Dudes at Galle Fort Beach. 🇱🇰
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    HILARIOUS Sri Lankan Dudes at Galle Fort Beach. 🇱🇰

    January 27, 2020

    Do I want to take a Sri Lanka lady? Maybe, maybe I will try. Where? Your wife, or no?
    No, no, no. Where your wife?
    Where your one? 1, 2, 3, 4 5 people like me. I don’t know these ladies. You don’t know these ladies?
    Go. Talk! Talk to them! I go tell them you want to talk, okay?
    I’ll go tell them, these ladies, these men want to talk. Good morning Sri Lanka. As you can see
    I’m at the train station. That’s because I’m gonna take a wee day trip.
    A wee 2 hour train ride down to Galle. Or Galle as it’s pronounced in Sinhalese. Thank you. Into the fortified city of Galle. See what’s in here. Ohh, some shade, some shade at last. Your man is sweating his arse off right now. Gonna find some water somewhere soon.
    Emptied my supply that I brought with me of Sprite Zero and Coke Zero. Now I need something cold and wet to refresh myself. I’ve just hit the ATM machine, and that’s when
    I’ve realised my face is black. As I’m standing here. I have a wee look
    in the mirror there and I notice my bloody face is covered in black soot
    Of course that was a steam train. It’s a bloody steam train.
    I’m getting all the black soot standing in the doorway. for like two hours. So I’m going to have to
    go find somewhere to wash my face. I knew people were staring at me. I just thought
    because I’m a daft tourist with a selfie stick and I’m sweating my arse off, that they’re having a
    wee stare and a wee smile and a wee laugh. But no, it is all that, but it’s also
    the fact I look like sooty. I look like a bloody chimney sweep. I’m going to find somewhere to wash all this muck off
    my face. Okay they don’t sell tissues but
    she’s gonna give me one so I can wipe my face. I take the train and this smoke, black in my face. Oh, thank you very much, you’re very
    kind, thank you. Okay Finally. Look at that. Black! See that?
    Yeah I know, filthy uh? Yeah, yeah.
    Okay, thanks very much. Oh, here we go. Clock tower, through here. Let’s see if we can wipe this. Ah, hopefully that’s better, now. I don’t know. You tell me.
    I can’t even, can’t even see. There we go. There’s our shade. Okay that’s better. Bottle of water down my throat. Fake Under Armour cap that I bought from the market yesterday. Now we’re loving it.
    Wait there’s a couple of….. You’ll never guess what’s down. A couple of random cows.
    Just, there. Tied up as well like that’s where they belong. Like somebody’s using the fort
    as their wee mini farm that has only two cows and nothing else.
    I don’t really understand why those cows would be there but anyway, they are. Yeah, this is nice. Nice for a wee stroll. There’s just a few couples
    around here with their umbrellas. I could do an umbrella. Walk
    around, white boy, Michael Jackson’s style hiding from the sun. But with the cap and shades, factor 50 on the arms,
    not too bad. There you go. It’s all the couples with the
    umbrellas, they’re all at it. This must be the spot where you come.
    Where you come and get all romantic. You know, you ask a girl. She lives with her parents,
    you live with your parents. What do you do? Where do we go for a wee stroll?
    To be on our own. Here, Galle Fort. Sit in one of the wee bits
    where they shoot the arrows and sit under the umbrella.
    And have a wee smooch. Must be nice. There we go.
    Right next to the clock tower that beautiful Stri Lankan flag. Sri Lanka does have one of the
    nicest flags of any country that I’ve seen. Most countries, they just have a simple
    three or two different lines, a cross or a something like that. There you have this lion with the sword.
    I don’t know what the history of that is I’ll maybe find out though. Right, this clock tower.
    Is that saying the right time? Two o’clock, when’s the last train? I think the very last train back to Colombo is at 4:50. So I’ve got maximum two hours and fifty minutes to have a wee explore around here. I don’t know how much there is to do. Let’s just climb up. I dunno if you’re supposed to come up here but I’ll do it anyway. Right, don’t know how much there is to do here, I’m just gonna really have no plan other than to wander about. And see what’s here. Would be nice to go for a wee swim.
    I don’t see anybody else doing it. Don’t know if it’s possible. Didn’t bring any swimming trunks. But it’s never stopped me before, swimming in my boxers. Or, swimming in the nude, as I did in Penang.
    Penang National Park. Here we go. Good thing about coming to places like this in Sri Lanka is that, if I was at Edinburgh Castle there’s no
    way they’d just let me walk all over the bloody walls. They’d be like “Hey you! Get doon fae there!” “Get doon fae there! What dae ye think you’re doing?”
    “It’s out of bounds!” No, nothing’s out of bounds when you come to developing parts of the world. And you come to places like this.
    You just crawl all over the historic monuments and walls and do whatever you really feel like to be honest. So, I wonder if it’s walls all the way around the city.
    Cause it’s pretty big. That’ll be a nice wee walk, all the way around. See people walking from that direction, so that’ll be nice if that’s the case, I’ll take you on a wee stroll around Galle Fort. Oh, lovely breeze. Lovely breeze. Ah. That’s what you want when it’s like 34
    35 degrees C. You want that sea breeze. You don’t want to be stuck in a city like
    Bangkok for example when it’s like 40 degrees and no breeze because the
    buildings are so high and then you’ve got all the pollution. It can be it can be tough. Here, oh this is lovely. I am getting sunburned. I’m getting desperately sunburned. But I’m not feeling it. So that’s the point. I can actually enjoy
    the moment at least. Some fellow travellers here. Good afternoon guys, good afternoon. They look happy. They’ve had a good wee stroll. What I love about places like this, Galle, it’s a World Heritage Site. It’s ancient,
    but you don’t have to pay to get in. And there’s still people living within the walls, living their normal lives, as they have for hundreds
    of years, people have lived within these walls. So it’s not been like closed off and turned into some tourist attraction. I mean, there are tourists here but it’s not like you have to pay to get through a gate or anything like that. Or whatever, so that’s pretty nice, okay. Gonna disturb a smooching couple, as I run and jump.
    Another smooching couple, as we run and jump. And another smooching couple. Oh, this is fun. And another.
    And another. Oh god, they’re everywhere.
    And another. Another, and another.
    Every single alcove has a smooching couple. And I’m spying and all of them. Literally every one. There’s not one free. You must have to get here early to reserve your spot.
    Don’t tell the Germans about it. The Germans will be putting sun towels down on the alcoves. reserving their spot for later in the afternoon. Ah, this is nice. I really am enjoying, enjoying the breeze. And best of all, today’s entertainment is free.
    I have spent a quid on a train fare. 240 rupees, that’s like one dollar 30 or
    something. That’s all I’ve spent all day. Well, apart from that bottle of water. That’s 70 as well. Had to wash my face and
    have a wee drink though didn’t I? Right, again. Smooching couple.
    Umbrella. Smooching couple.
    Umbrella. Jump. Smooching couple, smooching couple?
    Yes. Umbrella. And this one I think was empty. Oh, just need to find a girl now. I can get myself under there. A girl and an umbrella,
    that’s what I need. Right, let’s go. Okay so I’ve had three guys, three
    different guys tried to scam me today already. Not in Galle but actually in
    Colombo and on the way to Galle. First of all, get out the hotel. Some man walks
    beside me. I’m walking pretty fast, your man right here walks pretty fast,
    so whenever somebody’s walking in parallel with me, right beside me, they
    definitely want something. They’re definitely not just, it’s definitely not
    just circumstance that they happened to be walking beside me and strike up a
    conversation. He’s trying for something. So it’s the
    same as yesterday and at pretty much the same spot. Some guy starts asking me
    about where I’m going in Sri Lanka blah blah blah. Ain’t got any time for it. He’s
    obviously on the scam. Tell him to do one. Oh hello, what’re these guys doing? Going for wee
    swim? Looks like a lovely spot down there. Ah, nice. I don’t have any swim trunks.
    Boxer shorts swim? No towel either just dry off in the sun? what do I
    think? I’m thinking about, I’m thinking about it, anyway I’ll tell you my wee story.
    Right, second of all, at the train station I’m away to go and buy tickets and ‘m away to
    go and buy my ticket. Some bloke comes up to me saying “no, no, tickets over here,
    tickets over here.” any he points to a man. Right, obviously that’s some some random
    guy standing at the train station is not where I buy my tickets, I buy it from the ticket counter.
    And last of all, I’m on the train, Some guy comes up to me. Starts being all friendly
    telling me he lives in Germany but he’s back visiting his family.
    “Where are you going?” – “Galle”, “No, don’t go to Galle. Go to this, one or two stops before Galle.” “Oh, there’s these islands you can visit. I can
    arrange a boat for you and all that. My uncle has a boat and my brother has
    and this, and this is so much better.” “Galle, everything closed, everything closed, it’s
    Sunday. Don’t go to Galle.” And he’s desperate. I’m giving him excuses why I want to go to Galle.
    “I want to see the Dutch, I want to see what the Dutch built all those years ago.
    I don’t need anything to be open. I just wanna go have a wee look around mate.” “No, don’t go, this bad. Galle very bad.” “Come to *whatever this place is called*”
    I’m like, after a while I’m just like “mate, I’m not interested, sorry, talk to someone else.” So that’s obviously his scam. He just every day gets on that train trying to coax
    tourists into boat rides at whatever stupid little part of the coast that
    he’s got a scam set up on. Unfortunately, yeah, that just seems to be a
    feature of Sri Lanka. People coming up to you, trying to pretend to be your friend and
    trying to scam you. Not as bad as India. India, anywhere where there was tourists
    it was just non stop. Here it’s not too bad. It’s just now and again, but when you know
    what they’re up to it’s not that much of an convenience. You just tell them to do one,
    and they do one. Oh wow Beautiful white lighthouse right there. That’s lovely. Wonder if you can go up that.
    I don’t see anybody up it. This is nice. A nice place to take photos. Unfortunately I don’t have a friend who can come
    and take photos for me. Don’t really want to be one of those guys who asks strangers. Hey, I do have a selfie stick. Okay
    let’s just let’s just take one right here. There we go. I’ll grabbed a screenshot of that.
    That’ll be my photo, standing in front of the lighthouse. Brilliant. Starting to notice way more tourists. As long as the
    tourists are beautiful girls I don’t mind, don’t mind them being here. Bloke selling hats. Wonder if they’re as cheap as the one I got yesterday. And handicrafts, that’s pretty nice. Hello sir, how are you? Not right now. Maybe on the way back. Thank You. Right, can I jump over this one? easy.
    There we go. That’s how you do it. Yeah, they’re discussing “how do
    we get across there?” You jump! That’s what you do. You just jump, you grow
    some balls and you jump. And here the families. All the kids enjoying their day at
    the beach. This is lovely. What a picture this. All these people
    enjoying themselves. Look at that. That really is nice to see. Sunday afternoon, day off. No work.
    Take the kids to the beach. Just enjoy life. You live around here, you can do that every single weekend. You know, you might be just a farmer,
    growing coconuts, not making that much money or whatever, but your life is brilliant compared to somebody back home, all stressed, trying
    to pay the car payments or their mortgage and worried about going negative equity
    and worried about their retirement fund and this and that and the bloody other thing, innit. These guys, come to the beach and chill. Go home, drink a few coconuts. Right let’s see if I can go down there.
    Doesn’t look like I’m getting down that way. Wait, there’s some steps there. How do I do this?
    Right, run and jump again. Okay just need to have balls.
    Okay, here we go. And down here.
    Here we go. Don’t slip. There we are.
    Safety. Good afternoon. Good afternoon. Good afternoon.
    How are you? Fine. You live in Galle?
    Yeah, Galle. This is a nice city you have.
    Thank you. You can come here every week right? Just relax in the sea, nice. Don’t have to pay any money, just come to the beach. Just have fun?
    That’s good. You are very lucky to live here. Me, I’m from Scotland. A very cold country. That’s why now very sweaty very hot.
    But it’s okay, maybe I jump on the sea and cool down. Okay, nice to meet you my friend, have a good day. Friendly locals. I do want to take a dip in the sea, the thing is,
    if I go in there in my boxer shorts I’m gonna come out with a wet
    pair of boxer shorts, and then what? What, just walk around Galle city in
    my boxer shorts soaking wet? Right, so I’ve taken a wee detour from walking
    around the fort walls. I’m at the Dutch hospital shopping precinct. where all these wee shops are selling
    their arts and crafts. Right, I’m looking for somewhere where I can buy
    a towel. Not a particularly nice towel, no not one with a high thread count cotton or anything
    like that. I just want a towel that can use one time to take my, to hide my
    private parts while I take my wet boxer shorts off after I take a dip in that sea. That guy’s waving at me from tuk-tuks. Never
    going to happen mate, ever, ever, ever going to use your services. Right, towel, somewhere.
    Oh there’s one. I could just grab that.
    A bit small though, to cover my junk. Well that’s nice. Try fitting one of them in my luggage. I’m pretty sure that’s that’s bigger than my bloody
    backpack that I brought to brought with me here. Lovely old church there. Built by the Dutch 1755, that’s ancient. I wonder
    if I can just walk in. No ticket required to have a look in this wee place, this Protestant
    church. All right, that was nice.
    That’s all you need. A couple of seconds you can see everything. How are you son? It looks like that shortcut I took has taken me back for the entrance. So I’ve
    still got like 2 hours and 20 minutes before the train back to Colombo so what I’m
    probably gonna do is there was that first wee bit where there was people
    in the water, but it was just like 5 or 6 Sri Lankan guys. Not the bit where
    there was loads of people and kids and that, there was just like 5 or 6 Sri Lankan men, I
    remember quite early in the trip around the fort. What I wanted to go and do there
    is see if I could just If the tide hasn’t come in there, just jump in there with my
    boxer shorts and try and dry myself off with my t-shirt and I’ve got a
    spare t-shirt and a spare pair of boxers in my bag that I just remembered that I brought.
    I didn’t bring them because I thought I was gonna go swimming or anything like
    that. If I thought was gonna go swimming I would have brought my swimming
    trunks, which are in my hotel room and a towel from the hotel. No, I brought
    them because I thought was gonna be a sweaty Scotsman and I am a sweaty Scotsman. So that is the reason I brought them but that could
    come in handy. So that is the plan. Didn’t find a towel in any of those
    fancy, arty shops that were just selling like overpriced women’s dresses and
    stuff like that so a rather than buy a woman’s dress to dry myself with, I’m
    gonna, my plan now is dry myself with my t-shirt, jump in
    the water with my boxers, get changed find somewhere to have lunch and then
    get my arse back to Colombo. So that is the plan. Let’s do it. Here we go. That’s where we were before.
    This is where we were before. A nice quiet bit, so I’m gonna try an get my kit off
    in that wee corner and and then jump in the water. Hopefully my wallet and my phone and all that’s gonna be safe. Down there. Down these steps.
    This is nice. Semi secluded. Hopefully, can just leave my stuff in here, and have a wee swim. Okay, here we go.
    Boxer shorts swimming. Oh, lovely.
    Oh, that’s nice and cold. Oh that’s better. That is better. Good afternoon. How are you? Ah, nice and cold. Up there too hot. Here nice.
    This too hot. This nice temperature. Here we go. I’m from Scotland. From Scotland. Yeah.
    Me, I’m from Scotland. Where are you from? From Galle?
    Yeah. This is a nice city you have.
    I don’t know. This very nice. You can come here
    every day if you want, right? Not have to pay any money, just come.
    Yes, yes. Relax. My country also have beach but nobody go. Nobody go because they will die. If they come
    and stay here 5 minutes in the sea, they dead. Finished. I’m every day washing in here?
    Really, you’re washing in the sea? Oh nice. It’s nice, you’e lucky to live next to something so beautiful. You are very lucky. Where your country?
    Scotland. Scotland, you know? Next to England. But better than England. Better than England.
    Not better in the cricket but better in everything else. Sri Lanka, everyone keep their country very nice and beautiful. Yeah it’s very nice to see.
    Some people have bad people have. Everywhere have bad people but not many in Sri Lanka.
    Most people have a good heart in Sri Lanka. It’s nice to sea, yeah. I have a very good impression
    of your country. This is just what I needed after that
    hot sweaty walk around. What’s that?
    Monday, Ella? No. Tomorrow, Monday I go to Nuwara Eliya. After that I will go to Sigiriya. I’ll go to Sigiriya. Go to Sri Pada. I dunno where this is.
    Sri Pada like. Oh yeah. Last time I go.
    Walk the steps. They call in English ‘Adams Peak’.
    Adam’s Peak is Sri Pada, right? Sri Pada. Sri Pada. Yeah. Walking up stairs like this.
    Yeah, I go before. I start walking 3AM and go to the top
    for the sun coming up. At the top there’s a temple and
    they’re chanting like this. It’s very nice. And walk down, there’s waterfalls.
    Very beautiful. Yes, Yes. Do you want to take Sri Lanka ladies? Do I want to take a Sri Lanka lady?
    Maybe. Maybe I will try. Your wife or no?
    No, no, no. Where your wife? Where your one?
    Where you one? Just with your friends? One, two, three, four, five people like me.
    Ahh ok. I don’t know this ladies. You don’t know these ladies? Go!
    Go, talk to them! I go tell them you want to talk, okay?
    I go tell them, these ladies, these men want to talk. Sri Lanka ladies, they shy or no?
    They not shy? You can talk to them? No, I want only ****
    What? Don’t talk, only.
    I don’t like talk. Really? Don’t like talk? Only like one thing?
    Yes. Okay. You don’t like?
    I like but it’s a bit too honest. At least you’re honest.
    Okay, tell them you want do this. Tell them, go. Hey, hey, hello.
    He want do something with you. You are very good.
    You are very good. And where good for eating the food in here?
    Everything here very expensive, right? Have to go outside the fort? No, you don’t eat inside. Don’t eat inside, because they charging like 5 times or 6 times. Other country people coming here, too much money, you know? Yes. So the owners are charging high. You go buy some salmon. Maybe 100.
    You go there, maybe 1000, like this. Really? Oh. Ten times, ten times? Don’t go inside. Not good. Everywhere in the fort not good?
    Same, same. I can see that, yeah. You need 1 coffee 100,
    but I take 1 coffee, 1 rupee. Really? 1 rupee? No way, 1 rupee. What is your job? Electrician.
    Electrician? Ah. Telecoms.
    Telecoms, ah? Carpet. Carpet.
    Okay. Ah, okay, that’s good. Why you laughing. Why you laugh at him? All drinking. No job company.
    No job company, only drink. Only drinking?
    Police coming, police. Hey but if he drinking, where he get the money for drinkning? Where he get the money for drinking? These people, they have too much.
    Have [inaudible]. He go there, ask you buy money. This guy go bar, buy drink.
    Really, like this? Oh, okay. That’s how he lives his life. Good.
    His life. If you’re having fun it’s okay.
    Coming police, run. Really? Ah, okay. What’s your name?
    My name is Dale. Dale? Yeah, what is your name?
    Delucia. Delucia? [inaudible] Tarigar. Tarigar? Jetson.
    Jetson? Maleed. Waleed? Pleased to meet you.
    This Arabic name? No.
    No? Waleed not Arabic? Maleed.
    Maleed ah, okay, I thought you said Waleed. Because Waleed Arabic.
    Arabia, yeah. Walla. This guy Arabia, Arabic. Salaam alaikum sir. Salaam alaikum. Wa alaikum salaam. You know Arabic language?
    Yes, a little bit, a little bit. I know a little bit of every language. You know Arabic language?
    I know just a little bit. Every language I know a little bit, little bit.
    You know? You know, khalas? Khalas is finished, yeah yeah, okay. Dook dook?
    No. Dook dook ****
    Dook dook? Okay, I learn a new word today. He never buy the sun cream in his life.
    Never need. This good. You like this colour?
    It’s good, yes. He can stay here in the sun all day.
    Not go red, not go red. If he come to my country, the girls very like this.
    They like, wow, really. All these men, white like me, they don’t like.
    Then they see you, like, wow, exotic. I want, I want. Really. If you go to my country you’re very successful, very successful. This colour is good though?
    Yeah, the girls will like, they will like. Mahogany, yeah. Kohomada, Kohomada. Yeah the girls. Every country the girls like
    someone who is different from their own men, yeah. Sri Lanka girl, they like this colour.
    Yeah that’s what I’m saying. Every country they like what
    is different from the men there. You go there, some lady coming hug. Hug, uh? Okay, I’ll go now. No? Bad idea? Police come for me if I do this, right? Ah, okay they don’t know English? Badgan.
    Badagan? Oh, you are telling me something bad.
    I do not trust. I do not trust to go up to some woman and say Badagary. I love you.
    I love you, uh? Aadarey.
    Really? Aadarey. Aadarey. Aadarey. I go, I say Aadarey. No, no no. I don’t trust you.
    You are saying something bad. It’s true but don’t say to the women? And they have their baby with them as well, yeah. Punch? Ah yeah. Okay, I’m going to be nice today. I’m not going to
    upset the locals. Aadarey, aadarey. But you know, this Sri Lanka language is better, good. You know, Kohomada, how are you. Kohomada, Kohomada. Why are you laughing?
    I don’t trust you. I’m going to read a book and find out what it is. Why he laugh? Why he laugh?
    This guy every day laughing. But he don’t know language.
    Okay. So what is it? Modaray?
    Aadery, aadery. Aadery, okay so I find a police man, I say say to him aadery, aadery?
    Aadery means I love you. Aadery, I love you, huh? Kohomada, kohomada means how are you?
    How are you. Fine means hondai. You cold? You shaking.
    I can see you cold. This cold for you? This lovely for me. This perfect for me. You go there – Kohomada.
    He telling – Hondai. I will ask, Kohomada.
    Hondari, Hondari. Hondai, hondai. Ahh, hondai. Kohomada, Kohomada.
    Hondai. Okay, Kohomada, Hondai. Okay, I ask with the women. Okay, Kohomada, Kohomada, how are you. Okay, let me try. No, no, no, no. No, no?
    Do? Okay, I ask them? Kohomada? Kohomada? Okay, no. Really? Not talk, not talk. Same in Sri Lanka, you don’t talk to the women like this? Lady, you don’t talk to the lady like Arabic countries? You know, Sri Lanka lady have here. Pussy, pussy, you know pussy?
    Yeah, I know pussy. Pussy, have here.
    Have here, yes? She is think, oh I am very beautiful. Oh, like this? Not want to talk like this?
    Oh, really? So if you want to meet a woman, what do you do? You play Tinder app or what do you do to meet? If you want to meet a lady, how you do? You go to a nightclub, or bar like this?
    Dancing, that’s a good way, yeah? Oh okay. You want? I don’t want because tomorrow
    leave train 5AM. You like to ****? You want to **** with a lady? You mean one I pay money or one I just be nice and and she do, like this? That’s what I like.
    No, not pay the money. That’s not fun. That’s not fun, not fun.
    Fun, you go, you meet, you chat, you say Hey, hello, my name is Dale, pleased to meet you. Where are you from? Oh, what a lovely dress you have. What a
    nice shade of lipstick you’re wearing. Charm the lady and then she you give for free
    and then this way I feel like I winning winning, I feel like I am successful. In Sri Lanka, how much these women costing? 3000, 2000.
    2000? 3000? Oh it depends on the quality of the lady. Starting 2000?
    No, starting 500. Starting 500? What do you get for 500?
    Yes, I can’t imagine how bad. Colombo, 500. 2000, no problem, good. 2000 for a good one?
    Yeah, starting 2000. And 5000 like supermodel. Ah, okay.
    Age 21, 20 age, 3000. 3000 uh? Okay, this is interesting. You go, no 3000 Yeah, I know, I know, I pay tourist price.
    2,000,000 2,000,000 they want. 10,000
    10,000 yeah? Kohomada, Kohomada.
    Kohomada. They’re not talking.
    Kohomada. Kohomada, Kohomada. Okay, I’m gonna go dry off. And go outside the fort to find some food, not inside. For eating, yeah. Okay guys nice to meet all of you. Now I go, yeah.
    Bye, bye. Nice to meet you, it was fun. Nice to meet you. Enjoy your drinking, enjoy. Nice to meet you. Enjoy, enjoy your day. See you. See you guys, okay, bye, bye, okay. Okay, friendly locals. Okay guys nice to see you. See you again.
    Maybe next year I come back, I see you again. Find you on a Sunday, swimming in the sea. Okay, see you guys. Nice meeting you, bye, bye. Well, those guys were pretty friendly. That was nice.
    A nice wee chat with the locals. And I just left my bag while I was swimming, with my phone and my wallet which has like enough money for two months for the average Sri Lankan wage in it. And didn’t feel worried at all. All those people there seemed like pretty trustworthy. Doesn’t seem the kind of
    place where somebody’s gonna, likes it’s not like Koh Phangan or something like
    that where if you leave something valuable on
    the beach, you go for a wee swim, you’ve got pretty much zero chance of finding it
    when you come back. So yeah, that’s nice a Nice to be in a place like this. Well that was nice. I’d happily visit there again.
    So those lads suggested I get out the fort, which I have. and find myself some grub then. So let’s see if we can find some Sri Lankan priced food. Well here’s an interesting thing about Sri Lanka, is that cafes or restaurant cafeterias, are called hotels here. See this one, National Hotel you
    think that’s a place where you can stay for the night. It’s not. That place is a restaurant.
    They just call them hotels for some strange reason. So what I’m gonna do is check myself in to one of these hotels for half an hour to get a bite to eat. That one looks like it’s probably going to be decent, but I’m gonna take a wee walk up this alleyway first. I’m thinking, if one of them is gonna screw me over it might be that one just because it’s the one closest to the train station. But I’ll have a wee look down here. 10 rupees samosas. That is cheap as chips. 10 rupees that’s like four pence British or like five, five and a half cents American. For one samosa. I mean, I mean how cheap
    do you want to eat. Right, see what these are doing here. He’s also got snacks, but these ones are like 50, 40. They look much better though. Right. A further walk down the alleyway. They’re all selling these things everywhere. These spring roll and
    samosa and pancake type looking things. Everywhere, everywhere is selling these. What are they?
    What are these? Dunno, don’t know if I fancy getting food poisoning today. It’s a bit early in the trip to be writing off the whole trip like last time. If you read my blog about my last trip to Sri Lanka you’ll understand. Lost the last couple of days spewing out of both ends. Right so we just came out the train station. There’s a bus station there as well. So that’s why there’s all these little eateries everywhere. This place looks more legit. The South Ceylon Bakery.
    Looks more legit. Selling decent cakes and all that. Pretty expensive compared to some of the local places down there. Let’s just have a wee look inside. See what’s going on here. Egg rolls. See this is how I got sick the last time. In a little cafe outside the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage. They were selling some egg pastries and they’d probably been sitting there for days, and that’s what made me sick. and that is the reason I’m going to avoid eating in that place even though that does look quite tasty
    right now, I want to find somewhere I can get something cooked fresh or
    something that just looks like it’s not gonna kill me. Well that looks nice and sweet.
    I think those are Indian style confectionery. I just don’t want to buy something that looks like it was left there the whole day. Like this stuff. What’s he selling? Hello. How much for one? How much you pay for one? how much 1?
    100. You want? Yes, 1. Okay, there you are. This looks like it was made with tap water. Probably going to kill me. Give it a go. Thank you my friend, thank you.
    Oh yeah, very nice. Right, I probably got overcharged for that.
    I was trying to ask the guy next to me how much is one. He either didn’t know English or wouldn’t answer me. What’s this here, chicken? Chicken. Ahh okay. And this, what, oh it comes together – Chicken Pasta. Ah okay, yeah one plate please. Yeah, this. One, oh it comes together, chicken pasta or chicken and rice? Okay, chicken and rice is good. Yes, yes. Hot? Hot, I want to eat here.
    Eat here, yes please. Cream Soda flavour. This a spoon? Spoon is good, okay. Mmm, nice. Okay, train back to Colombo and your man actually got a seat on this one. Fantastic. The legs do need a rest
    after walking around Galle all day. Anyway, total spend for the day, for this day trip to Galle, total spend the whole day including transportation, 1100 rupees, that’s
    like six dollars or five quid. I’m pretty happy with that as a good value day trip. Anyway, if you’ve made it this far through this long video I reckon that must mean you think it’s worth giving a thumbs up to and my channel is probably worth subscribing to. Because there will be more videos like this coming soon so for now guys, take care and I will see
    you on the next video. Peace.

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    January 18, 2020

    Hello from Cancun So we have reached Cancun and this is the last top of our stay in Mexico. We are going to the beach and it’s

    already 12pm as we woke up very late but it’s okay it’s vacation. We are living in the center of Cancun and now we are
    going to the beach area What we know is to go to the beach area we need to take Route number one bus numero uno 1 but you have to take the bus from
    the other side of this road so we have to somehow cross this road but it’s not
    so easy crossing roads here We will make it I’m from India so all okay. This is a footpath but cars are not stopping so yeah
    we just go on the bus comes over there we’ll go to some popular beach here so I
    think I’m going to Playa Forum. I looked at Google it’s kind of a public
    beach. One thing is most of the beaches in Cancun are private beaches
    because there are many many resorts built on the beach and they’re only
    available to guests of resorts and only a few are for public so if you have the
    money say in the hotel zone. Today is the second
    day of Christmas thus everything was super expensive for us but if you come
    in off season you can get some good deals in right in the Cancun Beach
    zone so you can have your own beach in the sea (I meant beach zone :)) So let’s see these are buses this is R6 so not our bus
    we have to take R1. We have the bus it’s R1 we just pay to the
    to the driver directly it’s around 12 Mexican pesos. From the bus to Playa Forum it’s really simple just ask
    the bus driver Playa Forum and then he pointed
    us to Playa Forum. we are next to the beach here so feels nice and he asked me to go into this narrow street to reach
    Playa forum let’s see oh there is a bird I don’t know you can see or not he has a hat and my wife loves it.
    Oh we scared him. Okay let’s go. We found another narrow street
    that goes to the beach so everything here is commercialized. Coco
    Bongo is here it’s one of the biggest nightlife spots in Cancun at
    Playa Forum but you have to cross through all that and reach this beach.
    You can see I think the water is nicer than in Tulum. Yeah I so blue.
    The water absolutely blue because of the corals so this beach is made by corals
    and that’s why the water is absolutely blue here. Okay so now we have the shade
    we took the umbrella for 250 pesos for the whole day and sunscreens have been
    applied let’s go to the beach whoa
    it’s really sunny here yeah the sand is like you’re walking on something very smooth okay my camera is not waterproof it’s cold
    the water is cold. I see it’s not very deep at all
    it’s not deep at all it’s the same level very flat. Look at this ! Ok so now we are into sea on the beach and the waves are very nice See the big wave ! Wow okay that was not good. The waves are bigger there. It is very nice standing in water and just chilling at the beach. playing with the waves. Perfect. we had a lot of margeritas and
    we want you to show you a supermarket in Mexico is called
    Soriano can you see Soriano super. Let’s
    see how to supermarket in Mexico and what other prices here. Let’s check
    it out. Why we need a big one take a
    smaller one. Okay so they are huge trolleys here we don’t need so big.
    Let’s see let’s walk Soo big here. There are ATMs in the supermarket. If you want ATM go to the supermarket. Let’s check it out let’s see Okay Oh Gillette Gillette Gillette. It is
    406 Pesos. I’m a bit drunk so I will not do any any translation of the
    currency I will just say in the Mexican
    peso so Mexican peso is like 20 euros 1 euro is 20 Mexican pesos. Let’s see what
    else do they have. Oh look at this oh lot of cookies these cookies look delicious amazing Pasta Pasta ! One pasta. Pasta Barilla is 14 pesos I think it is same as Europe no offense
    hello No we cannot make any video. Oh !! so we cannot make video 🙁

    Chalkidiki TOP beaches: Ammouliani island, Ouranoupoli, Drenia – Greece | Complete guide
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    Chalkidiki TOP beaches: Ammouliani island, Ouranoupoli, Drenia – Greece | Complete guide

    January 12, 2020

    This is not Maldives… This is not Seychelles… This is not Philippines or the Caribbean… This is Greece! Ammouliani island
    Chalkidiki – Greece Population 550 people
    Area 4.5 square kilometers About 120 kilometers from Thessaloniki and only two nautical miles from the mainland coast Tripiti, it is easily and affordably accessible by ferry boat which takes only 15 minutes to transfer you to heaven The main town of Ammouliani is built like an amphitheatre above the bay. The beautiful tiled roofs, gardens and alleyways complete the picturesque scenery! Don’t miss the fish taverns of the harbour and the delicious local flavors! If you like hiking you will especially
    enjoy the footpaths and the contact with nature, as the island is a bird sanctuary. The kingdom of serenity! top beaches number 1: Alikes beach. 2.5 km south of Ammouliani port. The most photogenic and vibrant place of the island! Welcome to Alikes beach. Here everything is set to be relaxing, fun and joyful. Swim, dive, do water sports, read your book and forget everything else Alikes camping is a great alternative for nature lovers. The beach bars with funky summer music are really fun, transmitting everywhere a party vibe number 2: Megali Ammos and Agios Georgios beach. Two tropical beaches at the southeastern part of the island Two stunning beaches which will be responsible for your temporal amnesia against worries and other irrelevant thoughts. The green and blue will make you lose your mind number three: Karagatsi beach. A peaceful heaven next to Alikes. Romantic moments under the blue sky Number four: Faka beach. four km west of Ammouliani. Two tropical islets across are waiting to be discovered Drenia islets
    Chalkidiki – Greece Drenia is a complex of little islets located opposite Ouranoupolis, about two miles away from the mainland and east of Ammouliani. Drenia is the largest islet and Tigani, Pontiki, Feti, Penna, Artemis etc are the smaller ones. The islets, also known as Donkey islands, are a virgin place. No electricity or other facilities here, with only exception the cantine at the biggest islet, offering sun beds umbrellas and other amenities using a power generator. You can reach Drenia Paradise islets by boat from Ouranoupolis (daily), rent a private boat (no license needed) or paddle your own canoe to explore every islet and its beaches one by one. An experience you will remember for a lifetime The landscape and the seabed of the six
    tropical islands is absolutely stunning! Golden sandy beaches crystal blue waters in all magic shades of the Greek archipelago and an enchanting atmosphere Visiting Drenia is a sweet summer adventure! Ideal for divers and water sport lovers. Become the king of your summer vacation at one of these heavenly made Greek islets! Ouranoupoli
    Chalkidiki – Greece Ouranoupoli lies 140 kilometers east of Thessaloniki. It is an ancient city founded in the late 4th century BC. Today is a popular summer destination. Don’t miss the famous Prosforion Byzantine tower, overlooking the seafront top beaches number one: Akrathos beach. three km northwest of Ouranoupoli. The beach is part of a hotel complex number two: Tripiti beach. 7 kilometers northwest of Ouranoupoli number three: Eagles beach. 4.5 kilometers north of Ouranoupoli. The beach is part of a resort number 4: Ouranoupoli beach. The beaches is at walking distance from the village are truly stunning! Athos peninsula, Chalkidiki – Greece. Do not miss the chance to visit the Holy Monastic state of Athos. The third Peninsula of Halkidiki where only men may have access according to tradition. Athos Cruises is organizing daily excursions to Mount Athos from Ammouliani and Ouranoupoli. Chalkidiki: a heaven to fall in love with! Where to eat: Ammouliani: Glaros Tavern, Anemotrata fish tavern, Savana beach bar. Ouranoupoli: Zorbas fish tavern, Kritikos Restaurant, Anemos beach bar, Ammos cafe bar, Patisserie Sekeroglou. Accommodation: Ammouliani Hotels: Archontiko, Giorgios, Sun Rise,
    Ammouliani Hotel. Ouranoupolis Hotels: Avaton Luxury Villas, Eagles Palace, Akrathos Beach, Theopisti, Alexandros Palace, Xenia Ouranoupolis. Like this video and subscribe!
    Tell us your opinion, write a comment. Share! Runnismos Travel Guru
    contact us: [email protected] Thanks for watching and subscribe for more videos!

    Off to Cuba ~ 2 Headed Gator, WW2 Ship, Da Beach
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    Off to Cuba ~ 2 Headed Gator, WW2 Ship, Da Beach

    January 10, 2020

    morning everybody feeling a lot better
    every single day now it’s getting better and better although it is gonna take at
    least another week to fully get over my bronchitis again I’m still not
    contagious or anything but I want to I want to film some stuff for YouTube
    because it’s been it’s been a tough month with being sick with the flu and
    bronchitis and not making any money with my Disney videos I need I need some
    content to help pay the bills so we’re gonna have a me day
    well a me day with you on the other side of the lens I’ve never never really
    explored much of Tampa I don’t even think I’ve ever stopped in Tampa in my
    life so we’ll get Roxy warm here and then
    we’ll go we’ll go play in Tampa today we’ll take it easy though you know
    because I still don’t don’t feel my best but yeah and see all the Spanish moss I
    love it I love it all right let me go feed Jackson got
    some fun today all right guys my first attempted moto
    vlogging here on the Honda rebel I got the microphone tucked underneath the
    helmet here I don’t know if it’s working or not or if they’re still wind getting
    in there I know one thing I don’t like being behind this truck because all this
    netfloor – shrubbery has got in the back just does not look very secure so I’m
    just gonna take it easy I want something to fall out and hit me
    oh yeah it looks like we’re 22 minutes away from downtown Tampa so we’ll just
    kind of enjoy the scenery here and sunshine and have a good have a good
    little ride here how’s that sound I sure love having this motorcycle it is
    a blessing for someone in an RV because otherwise there’s no way the RV would
    get to places like this I wouldn’t I just wouldn’t take the RV downtown Tampa
    there’s no way I’ll also mention the Tampa RV show is
    coming up I’d like to go I just don’t know about
    timing – 8c well it’s starting to feel a little
    bit like industrial Tampa just a lot more businesses and stuff
    he’s a big muffler man guy over there holding uh I don’t know what he’s
    holding a wrench advertising for automotive services okay
    cool fifty-five miles an hour through here
    love it man having a bike is so fun
    it just makes so much sense there’s my cough come back
    now that sign just said Tampa City Limits so we are now officially in Tampa
    Florida Oh see the city line over there
    obviously not sure how close we are there’s the city
    not exactly the prettiest sight but Tampa Bay okay actually like this part of town
    though called those palm trees I love me some palm trees
    yes I forgot my gloves today but they were in the helmet but I didn’t feel
    like going back in flight I doubt it set the alarm on the RV and everything how’s
    the view working how’s the microphone working you guys like like going on bike
    rides with me I don’t do it too often my channel is more about RV life but still
    this is an extension of the RV makes us so that I can see more and share more in
    a practical way mm-hmm gonna make a stop up here at a historical marker you might
    be interested to see what it is though it’s gonna be that building right in
    front of us so what is now the Columbia restaurant behind me this facade in the
    middle here they have some markers so we’ll go check those out right now
    it’s a beautiful building I’ll give you that I love the tile work in detail here
    but the sign here the Rough Riders Road here
    1898 the intersection of 7th Avenue and 22nd Street was a sandy cross road
    connecting three army encampments in that Ybor City area during the
    spanish-american war Oh Theodore Roosevelt and his gang on horseback were
    called the Rough Riders and they made this spot here in Ybor I asked somebody
    how to pronounce it y bo r because I would have butchered it another little
    note here on the other side says Colonel Teddy Roosevelt frequently rode by here
    on his horse named Texas and his little dog named Cuba that’s that that’s pretty
    cool I never say I don’t take you guys places we are in the United States
    however this this is the park amigos de Jose Marti this little point 1/4 acre
    piece of land that we’re stepping into is technically owned by Cuba yeah well
    plaque here from 1893 gave some refuge to some people I guess so so that’s what
    we got Isle de Cuba uh-huh with the American flag and the Cuba flag waving
    high here in Tampa that’s dick reminding me that it’s still there ok that’s
    different that’s different little piece of Cuba right here in Florida on the
    mainland very cool ok the downtown Tampa trolley that’s cool
    not necessarily going to be filming every little ride on the bike from place
    to place I’m doing some walking too but at least you know I can get around and
    stop a little stuff like this you guys know how much I love my quirky metal art
    installations all over the country I appreciate businesses that put stuff
    like this and builds that this is a welding shop and he’s got a machine gun
    and everything like that that’s actually pretty awesome this one here looks like
    a Greek soldier of some kind and this guy is in a bunker and there you go
    rustic steel creations thanks for putting some cool stuff out front for
    advertising give you some free advertising weird stuff though – I mean
    I can’t explain quite all of it but okay you’re doing a great job there buddy
    keep pushing whatever you’re pushing there so there’s a legit folk tale hear
    about the two-headed alligator in these parts here’s a concrete mosaic version
    of it apparently there’s a couple more
    sculptures around here it’s from the folktale bite or smite something about
    good karma and a rabbit I can’t find a whole lot of information on the story
    but it is quirky nonetheless yeah yeah okay all right you know I’ve seen quite
    a few of these another futuro home this one’s in pretty good condition
    I think it’s built the way they were supposed to be built up high and unlevel
    and stuff it’s good take a closer look at it can see this one actually has all
    of the windows around it and there’s an air conditioning unit looks like there’s
    plumbing so this one is exactly how they were meant to be probably a little
    staircase that goes up into it very cool also ironic this is a strip club below
    the futuristic futuro house mr. Club interesting just a gray wall behind me
    that’s all it is it’s not all it is this monster beast aptly named the American
    victory is one of only four surviving fully functional World War two ships excuse me
    ships in the u.s. fully functional I might add she’s a beaut Clark we’re here
    at a terminal two here in Tampa what a beast right that’s not Tampa Bay out
    there like I said that’s just this is just the marina here and at the time of
    me filming this there still is no World War three officially but if you’ve been
    following the news us and Iran and everything going on things could change
    things could change here in 2020 but for right now just a just a sleeping beast
    there yeah I think what I’m gonna do is go try to find some beauty in Tampa
    let’s go find the Tampa Bay it’s actually go find it the white sand and
    blue skies and all that stuff ooh security notice maersk level one yeah I
    don’t think we have that clearance guys so yeah let me look on the maps google
    some stuff and go find some nice scenery okay everybody excuse me sorry
    what’s palm-trees lotsa happy happy Eric almost some white sand down here but not
    not really as pretty as I envisioned it over all these years every time I’ve
    heard Tampa Bay said I see it as a place as pretty as like Panama City Beach and
    it’s not it’s it’s just a bay you know you probably got to go to the Gulf of
    Mexico side of Tampa to really see the the green blue water everywhere and pure
    white but I’ll take it I seem to have found a little deserted park here where
    nobody’s at and I finally feel like I’m in Florida I finally feel it yeah it’s
    about 76 degrees today here although on the bike when you’re going 55 miles an
    hour it’s significantly 20 degrees colder than that
    yeah I’d almost call that weights and it is that’s what you saying man nice
    little ride thanks for coming along with me guys I’m gonna carefully head on back
    here a little bit I’m gonna sit down in that chair first off Cameron soak in the
    bay a little bit though I see you’ve just made yourself right at
    home haven’t you now Oh sunbathing on the concrete all right
    miss me you didn’t miss me but but I have the power to the food bowl looks
    like you’re petting your out yourself yeah Oh big stretches what a rough day
    you had oh my god I was so much sleeping that you did yes I had a really good
    ride today it was fun it was nice and sunny changed my spirits I’m just gonna
    have to be patient getting over the last bit of this bronchitis
    but I’ve told the guys here that I’m not contagious doc says so maybe going out
    with them one day before I leave would be fine all right so anyway Jax and I
    will we’ll see you next time on the nomadic fanatic show of example hey guys