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    BABY ONBOARD our Sailboat 👶 ⛵We’re back!!!! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 259

    March 8, 2020

    – [Brian] This is the story of Delos, a sailboat adventurizing around the world for the past 10 years. (upbeat music)
    (water splashing) And now we embark on our
    greatest adventure of all. (film reel clicking) Come join us as we take to the high seas and travel the world with the
    newest member of our crew. If you enjoy Delos
    videos, please subscribe. It’s a great way to support our channel. – So we have just arrived back on Delos and it feels absolutely crazy,
    – Good morning. and a little bit overwhelming for sure and the night is here. – Somebody was up at
    oh-dark-30 this morning. (upbeat music) Good morning, Sierra. Did you sleep good? Do you like living in a tent? It’s not so bad, huh? It’s time to start the day Sierra. There we go. So Sierra, she likes to wake up early, she wakes up at like, oh six o’clock and I try and give Mom
    a little bit of rest ’cause Karin is still
    nursing her at nights. In fact, you wake up about
    every two to three hours, so it’s like your mommy’s been on watch for the last four months can you imagine being on
    watch for four months? No, it’s crazy and so I try
    and take her a little bit in the morning let Mom sleep in a bit and then we sit up here in
    the cockpit, I drink coffee and we play some games,
    flying baby maggot. Yeah, I sing some songs, ♪ Out came the sun ♪ ♪ And dried up all the rain ♪ ♪ And the itsy-bitsy like it ♪ ♪ Went up the spout again ♪ We just generally sit here
    and stare at the water. We both enjoy it, we
    were sailing on this boat until your mommy, known as
    Kazza, was seven months pregnant. And when she was seven months pregnant, her belly was huge and you were
    inside there, that’s right. Then we parked the boat
    and your uncle Brady, and aunt Alex sailed the
    boat across the Atlantic and we went to Sweden and
    that’s where you were born you were born in Sweden,
    a place called Gotland which is a small island,
    where your mormor lives. Welcome to Gotland. No way! (laughing) How did your mom get on the sign? – I don’t know, it’s really funny. – [Brian] It’s funny? – She’s like, “Look out for
    my face, I’m on the board,” I was like, “Okay” and there she was. It’s both our names. Took care of everything, okay. – [Brian] Welcome to our new home. – Welcome home my love, we
    have a little apartment. – I know.
    – It feels so weird. – [Brian] No way, Kazza
    come check this out. Look at that, that’s good news
    fiber, we got fiber Kazza. – Hey, come in. – [Brian] She’s filming too. – Yay!
    – Why did you need to do this? – [Brian] Hey Mormor. (speaking in foreign language) – Hey, Brian. (speaking in foreign language) – [Brian] So this is our apartment in Sweden, it’s pretty nice, huh? I got a big monitor for
    doing computer work. This is our couch, here’s my beer we also have a TV, which is quite nice. This is our little bedroom, there’s the belly. (laughing) – In my underwear. To take a photo. – [Brian] Hold on what’s going on here? Okay, now I’m so sorry about that. – Are you recording now? – [Brian] I’m now recording. – Are you sure? – [Brian] This is our first baby visit. – Yes, the first–
    – In Sweden. – baby visit in Sweden and it went really good,
    the lady was super nice Ava and she was very
    keen in speaking English. Feel the head down there. – [Brian] Yes so the head is down? – Yes.
    – Yeah. And the feet are kind of up here so. – [Brian] So that’s good. – I think so. – [Nurse] That’s good, that’s good. – [Brian] Have you found
    it to be difficult going to four different doctors and or
    in four different countries over the course of the pregnancy? – I mean, she was actually surprised about how many tests I’ve done. Always quite interesting because you know, you really know what’s gonna happen or what tests they’re gonna do. – [Brian] It’s always
    a little bit different. – Yeah, it’s always different, different countries have different things and he just told us now, that we’re gonna do another blood test. – [Brian] Yeah, here you go,
    man, thank you very much. We’ll give you a call
    if we need a ride back it might be a few hours, okay. – [Karin] 6:30. – [Brian] 6:30 in the morning. – In Sweden you take one
    ultrasound, I think I’ve done five. – [Brian] Did you feel something? – No just weird to see like. – [Brian] ‘Cause you have
    the screen over there I was wondering what you were looking at. (laughing) – [Man] Do you guys want to– – [Brian] I was like,
    what is she coming to do she’s not even interested, there’s a screen over
    there too, that’s smart you guys have this set up like you’ve done this before, haven’t you? – And we’ve done so many
    blood tests and everything so I think I’ve actually
    checked up way more than I would if I would have stayed here. But I also think it’s been
    pretty straightforward because I’ve gotten a lot
    of help from followers, which have been absolutely incredible. Telling me like, “Oh, if you
    come here you need a doctor “this is the one I went too.” That has been really, really nice and I felt that it was
    too hard except in the US it was really hard like we weren’t able to see a doctor there. But it made me appreciate
    how easy it’s been in all the other places in the Caribbean. It feels a peanut? – [Brian] A peanut? What’s the baby countdown,
    what do we got now? – Six weeks and three days left. – [Brian] No way! – Let’s do this. (upbeat music) This is just nice summer, where you can lay on a
    blanket on the sun outside and just do nothing. It’s been a really nice day here today and the belly is doing good. – Look at that.
    – I know. – [Brian] It looks like you
    swallowed a beach volleyball. Oh, was that you laughing? – Yeah, sorry. – [Brian] I can feel that, I can feel her moving around in there. Oh what the shit!
    – I know. – [Brian] Did you see that? Oh my–
    – That was a big one. – [Brian] That is the craziest thing she is getting strong. – [Karin] Yes. – [Brian] What does that feel like? – [Karin] It’s like an
    alien inside my belly, is what it feels like. – [Brian] Oh my gosh. We’re two weeks to the due days. – Yeah, like two and a half weeks I think something like that, which
    is coming up pretty fast. – [Brian] We’ve been
    procrastinating about a name. – Yeah, the baby name, the
    names are still a bit of a struggle, I think we have
    a few that we kind of like but it’s definitely hard and it goes back and forth a little bit. I think we’re doing good. – [Brian] Yeah, we’re doing good. – Yeah, it’s just hard
    with certain things like when you drop something you’re like shit you know to pick it up and
    stuff, it’s getting harder but so far I think
    we’re doing really well. – [Brian] It’s getting tougher to touch the computer and edit. – Yes I have to like. – [Brian] ‘Cause you’re
    sitting so far from the table. Okay, back to Stranger Things. – Yeah, let’s watch our series. It’s really bright out, super bright and it’s her official due date today but it doesn’t seem like
    she’s too keen to come out so, today we just been
    relaxing, taking it easy we’ve be working a little
    bit and taking a little walk around the park, which was super nice. And it’s a bit crazy that
    today is the due date I don’t know, it’s one of
    those things where you like kind of focus on this date and
    then the further gets to it, you kind of realize that she can come whenever she wants, right? – [Brian] What’s the news? – Oh!
    – Oh! – So he’s called the, I’m just gonna wait. – [Brian] Yeah, you just
    wait, you take your time I’ll start my contraction timer. I had a four minute 32nd
    interval on that one well, the news from the– – So the news from the lady that I called they answer straightaway,
    which is very nice. And I just kind of told
    her that I’ve been having these kind of like one minute
    contractions all night. This is like the first phase probably, so I’m in the first phase of? – [Brian] Labor. – The labor business and
    she said, the best thing I can do now is to rest,
    try to get some sleep because the real whole is coming and you don’t know how
    long it’s gonna take and eat carbs, have a nap, take a shower. She said you will feel
    when you need to come in. – [Brian] Starting, okay,
    so today we’re gonna chill we’re gonna watch a little bit of TV we’re gonna eat carbs, we’re out. It’s almost game time. It is nearly go time and
    we have decided to head into the (speaking in
    foreign language) center contractions are about what
    five to six minutes apart and getting more and more robust. – Yes changes it’s like more in the hips it’s quite intense, it’s
    gonna be interesting to sit in the car. – [Brian] Okay, I’m gonna
    turn this camera off we’re gonna get down there. So this monitor is reading contractions, when this gets up to 100% it means it’s a very strong contraction. Here’s the last two they’ve peaked out here it comes, baby’s heartbeat is good, there it is.
    – Oh shit. – [Brian] I’m glad we came in. Okay, it’s the next morning
    and we had a nice little bath last night to try
    and ease some of the pain which I think helped quite a lot. But then the and they’re kind
    and they put to bed together so that I could stay close to Karin and when we woke up this
    morning, her water broke. So that’s a good sign
    and they’re monitoring the baby’s heartbeat and Karin’s heartbeat and also the contractions. She ate an entire bowl
    of lactose free yogurt and a pear but she did not drink her tea and that is the baby
    update for this morning. We’re so close to being near the end now it’s not even funny, it’s
    been a hell of a mission but I think we have one more hour left according to the midwife then we should meet our daughter are you hanging in there Kazza? – [Karin] I’ve so many tubes in my body. – [Brian] Yeah, we’ve
    got gas, we’ve got a drip to help the blood pressure, we’ve got that. We decided to go with the epidural like for the last few hours, which
    I think was a crucial call. – [Karin] Yeah. – [Midwife] (speaking in foreign language) (groaning) – [Midwife] (speaking
    in foreign language). – [Brian] Head is out Karin, head is out. – [Midwife] (speaking
    in foreign language). – [Brian] Holy shit! Oh my gosh, Karin she’s out, you did it. – [Midwife] Wow, you did it. – [Brian] Oh my God. – [Midwife] She’s perfect, at last, hello. – [Brian] Oh my God good job. So proud of you. – [Midwife] (speaking
    in foreign language). – [Brian] 10:45, that was
    probably the craziest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life. How many of have you done? – [Midwife] Many. – [Brian] Good job. Awesome job. – [Midwife] I work for
    42 years as a midwife. – [Brian] I’m glad you’re here today thank you.
    – Thank you. – [Midwife] My problem
    is how can I finish? Because I love my job. – [Brian] Yeah of course, you’re bringing new life into the world. – Yeah, yeah, yeah.
    – It’s amazing, can I cut the cord? – [Midwife] Absolutely. – [Brian] Between the two scissors okay welcome to the world, you’re gonna have a hell of a life. – [Midwife] On the boat? (laughing) Around the world?
    – Yeah. – [Karin] (speaking in foreign language) – [Woman] (speaking in foreign language). – [Brian] Look at those
    curious little eyes. (sighing) – We did it. – [Brian] Good job, amazing,
    now begins the adventure. (baby crying) Bloody murder, bloody murder. So we’ve learned Sierra has
    three modes, she has angel mode where she lays there like a little angel. She has squiggly worm mode. (babbling) And she has screaming demon mode. (baby crying) And she can flip back and
    forth between these modes like either progressively or randomly. – The only ways to get her to fall asleep is to put her in the harness. (upbeat music) – Okay, that’s sort of our
    ritual but it works look and she’s now gone into angel mode. Little Sierra likes to be walked to sleep. – I love her face when she wakes up because she’s always really
    squishy, good morning. – Wow last night I’d changed
    her diaper four times for poops and two times for pees within
    like a three hour period that’s crazy but we’re using these– – Cloth diapers.
    – Cloth diapers which is nice. And we just living life here. (upbeat music) – [Karin] Almost what six weeks? And she can hold her little head up. – [Brian] What? – [Karin] Look at her. – [Brian] Whoa! (speaking in foreign language) Hello, it’s another Friday night here show you what we get up to. (baby crying) Come on Sierra, there’s
    nothing to cry about tonight, everything’s just fine. Whoa, Sierra! (speaking in foreign language) Yes! – [Karin] I did it. – Yes you did it. – It’s our last morning
    here in the apartment and it feels really sad, feels insane that we’re leaving today been here for six months and
    it’s just literally flown by like, I don’t know where the time has gone feels pretty crazy but
    we’ve done a lot of things and I have given birth to a baby and she’s four months, which is awesome. And we’re leaving Sweden. – All right Kazza, here we go it’s time to say goodbye to the apartment. – Yeah, time to go, we
    had a lot of thoughts stuff and a baby. – Hi, baby are you ready to go to America and then the sail a boat home. Yeah, all right let’s go. (upbeat music) – World traveler on her way. – [Brian] We’re not even
    in the airport five minutes we have our first disaster. – Shit everywhere.
    – Oh god. (speaking in foreign language) (speaking in foreign language) – Thanks you so much. – [Brian] Thank you for
    everything, it was awesome. – It’s been so great to have you here. – It has been awesome and
    here I won’t be needing this where we’re going. – I will be needing two. – Bye. Here we go Sierra next stop, America. (upbeat music) Wow what a mission? – [Karin] Yeah, it was a long trip. – Can’t believe it that’s
    like we started yesterday so it’s been over 24 hours of traveling. She did so good, imagine her
    first like long international flight, there’s no major. – I’m really proud of Sierra,
    I’m mostly proud of Sierra. – She cried a little bit I thought it was gonna be a disaster. – Yeah, me too. – And now hopefully Papa
    Dallas is gonna pick us up. (upbeat music) It is two in the morning
    and somebody is jet lagged how are you jet lag, wide awake. – It’s five o’clock in the morning Sierra is still awake, we’ll see I don’t really know anything
    about how to like reverse or how to get rid of this
    jet lag in babies this young but people have done it before so when I get internet tomorrow because my phone is not
    connected, I’ll do some research. (upbeat music) – I love you so much. – [Brian] This is your grandma. – I love you so much. – [Brian] She’s a happy
    baby, hi happy babby? – Hi, I can’t believe you’re at our house. – And we’re off to Delos
    tomorrow, so exciting, can’t wait. There’s a lot of stuff, baby
    and it’s like four o’clock in the morning and we should
    have left like 15 minutes ago there’s just so much
    stuff but we’ll make it. – [Brian] Last flight’s
    here we’re going home. (upbeat music) – [Woman] All right, big moment coming up. – The day is here, it’s finally here I feel like it’s been
    like a blur up until now going to the airport picking
    up Brian, Karin and Sierra it’s a huge deal. – [Woman] It is. – And a lot of milestones are happening. Time needs to to slow down. – Yeah, I’m making it.
    – Yeah I know. Let’s do it. – [Brian] Hey! – Oh my god. – It’s okay, we totally get it. Hey guys, look what I got. – [Woman] Oh my God. – This is Sierra, hey brother. – Hey buddy, how are you? – How are you?
    – Good. – You guys have a good trip?
    – Yeah. She’s a good baby. – This is your aunt Alex good to see you. – [Alex] Sorry, I just
    whacked her in the face. Hi, oh no! – [Man] The dad suits you well bro. – Yeah, look I dig it
    men, it’s a lot of fun. It’s a shit a load of work. It’s a lot of fun. – Feels bizarre to see her,
    after living with you guys for like seven years and
    seeing this little thing. – [Karin] We made it Sierra,
    are you ready to meet Maggie? All right, we’ll take that as a yes. – Look at you lucky little girl. – Mikey, sorry look at you
    hanging on like a champ. – [Man] Oh, she got the chopman feet gone. – [Man] Yeah. – [Karin] Look at that. – [Alex] Ankle twist. – [Brian] There she is, the
    Dalos welcome home Sierra this is where we live. She’s like, what the hell. – Welcome to your new house, it’s a welcome home bottle
    of champagne, it was a yes a gift from a Dalos tribe, shit that was hot pre primed. – [Brian] Well cheers
    guys, good to be back, thank you for the pickup at the airport. Thank you for the champagne welcome. – [Brady] Hey, welcome home guys. – [Brian] Cheers Sierra,
    you don’t get any drink. – [Alex] Cheers welcome to your new home. Congratulations on birthing a child. – Thank you. – She doesn’t get any champagne yet. Next on Delos, we install
    a gigantic internet dome I get looks great, it’s
    frickin cool again! It’s a gigantic comically large
    dome on the back of Delos. – [Man] It looks like
    we’re doing something cool, that’s all that matters. – [Brian] And Brady and Alex head off for a season in the snow. To celebrate the arrival
    of our little nugget, we’d like to offer a special deal, just head on over to the Delos
    shop, grab any gear you want and enter the coupon code,
    “littlenugget” during checkout and we’ll knock 10% off
    everything in your cart. – Make you dance, I like
    this big cloth of the sides. – [Brian] Other than that she’s alert I think she just pooped again. – [Karin] I think that was
    my belly, oh that’s me. I have a lot of things
    going on down there now. – [Brian] What do you think
    about living on a boat, huh? It’s pretty cool, isn’t it? Oh gross. – It’s just getting bigger and bigger it’s crazy how can it be that big?

    Racing into a force 12 storm in the Southern Atlantic – Ep105 – The Sailing Frenchman
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    Racing into a force 12 storm in the Southern Atlantic – Ep105 – The Sailing Frenchman

    February 29, 2020

    After leaving Punta del Este in Uruguay, we had a really calm and uneventful first days on the Southern Atlantic But the ocean was about to remind us why the Roaring Forties are said to be roaring Yeah, so it’s been two days that the ocean is flat as a pancake. We’re supposed to be in the Roaring Forties and and they’re not roaring so much they’re forties for sure, but not roaring and But tomorrow yeah, we do have little bit more wind coming, not that much like 35, maybe 40 knots All right. So yeah, that’s now tomorrow there we go it’s building it’s building and then we’ll catch the next one It should be pretty interesting Let’s see how everyone is preparing. How are you going to prepare for this wind that is coming? I’m gonna eat extra. But isn’t it what you’re always doing? So I’m always prepared
    Like a boyscout Jacqueline, how are you going to prepare for this wind that is coming ? Ho, I don’t know, don’t ask me that now Josh, how are you going to prepare ? I make sure my crew are prepared Sam Take seasickness tablets
    Yeah ? okay What about you Harpo ? I’ll seat in the lazarette.
    You’re gonna sit in the lazarette ?
    yeah, my favorite place Yeah I’m gonna take a shower before.
    That’s a good idea Jacqui? I just had a nice wash, got clean clothes on, prepare my bunk and I’m well fed and rested We’re really not ready All right getting a Yankee back in the sail locker in this weather condition is always fun We’ve installed a shower here? Hatch closing
    Quick ! You ready?
    Did you had food? Yes
    Good No, I’ll go for the handover, I’ll come back, thanks The low pressure finally came in,
    about yesterday afternoon It started building 15kts, 20kts We’re going full main sail and yankee 2 and And it started gusting 40/45kts suddenly We got a bit of a knockdown Quickly blew the yankee and took a reef in the main to be able to keep steerage and go deep we just a little rip in the yankee because of the flogging nothing major though Not too bad, we have a good boat speed We’re doing like 12 knots average That’s not too bad We’re going on a fine reach, kind of The visibility is terrible We’re expecting to have these conditions till tomorrow, tomorrow we should go through a transition and getting into another low, the winds should should be a bit stronger and more southerly and yeah, southern ocean, the Roaring Forties finally Maybe tomorrow night we’ll get a bit more serious wind It was an interesting morning and it’s just starting.
    Just had time to wake up and at the same time with it we received the weather forecast just had time to see that the low-pressure was moving on us much faster than we had expected Just the time to get on deck, wind was picking up, just the time to get the yankee down, get reef 2 get reef 3, get the storm jib and yeah, we ended up putting the reef 3 with with 70 knots in the gusts, so… Now we’re around 50 knots 60 knots We’re on reef 3 and storm jib Should be18 hours of this, and we’ll be slowing down and we’ll be putting more canvas but The sea is in an interesting state at the moment,
    let me show you this Oh, it’s been a rough 36 hours The low-pressure passed we’re in the tail now, back into more normal wind speeds 20/25 knots, we’re beating now And getting ready for the next one…
    24 hours, we have another low, coming to us. So the beginning of the low is gonna be tough
    because it’s gonna be up wind, beating But we don’t have many other choices And tough it was indeed.
    In the southern hemisphere the low pressures are turning clockwise and normally coming from the South moving East But this massive low-pressure came from the Northwest, meaning that we had to go through its Southeast quadrant, beating upwind before being caught up by the low and being able to surf into its Northwest quadrant In less technical terms, we spent about 18 hours beating into 50 to 60 knots of wind and 4 to 5 meters waves, with only a storm jib and 3 reefs. Life on board was pretty hard Impossible to tell conversation and leaks apart when below deck and the only dry-ish place was your waterproof sleeping bag But when I say sleeping it’s more resting. The boat was constantly dropping from a wave to another, slamming at the bottom like she had fallen
    from a two-story building. I just finished my watch I’m soaked, it’s blowing 45 knots outside, we have 3 reefs, storm jib Everything is so damp. It’s dripping water My bunk is wet The boat is slamming in the waves Southern ocean low pressure, baby. Got to love it Trying to get 4 hours of sleep before going on deck again Waterproof sleeping bag is probably the only refuge
    in the boat At that, on these days, everything is wet Very good investment I’m putting my wet clothes with me in the sleeping bag to dry them a little bit, at least warm them up After 24 hrs everyone came out on deck pretty exhausted in a boat bobbing around in only 5 knots of wind, but still an unorganized sea state.
    After a few hours wind started to build slowly, but from the Southwest this time, giving us great
    surfing conditions finally, and we were able to surf our way into that low, almost all the way to Cape Town Hello, we’re finally on the good side of the low-pressure Finally we get to surf those dam waves and not
    hit them in the face Yeah now we’re 4 days from Cape Town about a thousand nautical to go Yeah, we if we’re fast enough, if we manage to keep like about 11.5 average we’ll stay in this system to Cape Town, be amazing Right, that’s probably the last reef we take on this passage, let’s see how fast they can do I need 2 more ppl, one on deck and one squirel CV26 Halong Bay Vietnam, over Mora Mora, just requesting permission to cross the TSS,
    over What did you say, Mora Mora ?
    It means good morning Josh cannot write english, but he can speak, say hello, how are you? And some things like in hundred languages,
    it’s quite incredible Right, it’s been 16 days 15 days at sea, almost 16 days 3946, so when we arrive would be 500, no 5.000…………… Nautical miles,
    He’s a bit tired Ten knots average and we’re arriving probably
    4th in Cape Town except if UNICEF sinks in between here and the harbour So we crossed an ocean, sailed 4,000 nautical miles, had like two low pressure force 10 to 11 and now we’re sitting in front of fucking Capetown, with no wind at all and UNICEF was like 2 miles right in front stealing the podium, fuck sailing Right, so half an hour ago we were becalm and now we’re struggling to tack to pass the line with 40 knots + of wind fucking hate sailing It’s nice, we have the moon, we have Table Mountain, just too much fucking wind Closing a little Josh Grind on forward running spring, right,
    Hold ! everyone hold !

    Jim Zim’s Video About Emma’s Video About Virgin Voyages’ Scarlet Lady
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    Jim Zim’s Video About Emma’s Video About Virgin Voyages’ Scarlet Lady

    February 28, 2020

    It’s a beautiful day here in Southern California!
    I’m out in my backyard. It’s nearly the end of February
    and it feels like winter is over. I’m wearing my
    shirt today because… I’m going to be talking about Virgin Voyages
    and their brand-new cruise ship “Scarlet Lady”. And before I get going I should mention that
    I have not sailed with Virgin Voyages myself… But I’ve got a really good friend
    that did just cruise on Scarlet Lady… And that’s really what this video is about. It’s Jim Zim’s video about Emma’s video about Scarlet Lady! Emma Le Teace is my pal
    who I’ve never met in person… But we’ve known each other
    for a couple of years online.
    We even did a video together… About the MSC Seaside. And Emma just got home from
    a one-day preview cruise on Scarlet Lady… And posted a video to YouTube that I found really interesting. So, the whole point of my video today is to point you to Emma’s video… And get you to watch that to learn about
    Virgin Voyages’ ship, Scarlet Lady. I’m going to show you just a few highlights
    that I hope will intrigue you enough… That’ll make you want to go over
    to Emma’s channel and watch her full video. Let’s start with a short clip from her introduction… There’s certain things about this ship which I loved
    and others where I really think
    that Virgin have made massive mistakes. Virgin specifically hired people who hadn’t worked
    in the cruise industry before to design this ship
    and it is really obvious. Wow! OK, well…
    She made it quite clear that she’s going to be honest
    in her review and that she was less than impressed! Let’s hear some more… I was so ready to fall in love with this ship
    and the Virgin brand… Unfortunately, I came away more convinced than ever that Virgin aren’t a cruise line for me. I’m sure they’re for somebody but it just isn’t for me. Yeah, that was my impression too…
    Without ever even having been on the ship. I’m a 62 year old guy.
    This ship is not for me. And here are some important things
    that Emma points out about
    bad design choices that were made in the cabins. The cabin, for example, has no storage. There are no drawers or cupboards
    anywhere in the cabin
    apart from in the closet by the door. I would like to have a few drawers by the bed
    and at a minimum a drawer for
    chargers and cables over by the desk. I pack very lightly
    and I still think that I would find
    the lack of storage a problem. The closet itself is a good size…
    There’s lots of shelves
    and there’s space for hanging clothes. Realistically,
    you’ll probably have your suitcases in here, too…
    because they won’t fit under the bed… Which is what most people do with their
    suitcases. if you have a particularly small suitcase
    it might fit under the bed… But anything bigger than a size small is not gonna fit
    and it’s going to have to go in the wardrobe. Now that is a big design problem
    because if you can’t store your
    empty suitcases under the bed… Then you’re either going to be
    tripping over them all week long… Or they’re going to be hogging up a lot of valuable closet space. And Emma also pointed out this bad design choice… There is something interesting in the closet though. It’s the main light switch to the cabin
    and the Do Not Disturb button. I had friends who stayed on this ship
    who actually never managed to find the button! I did, but it took me about 20 minutes. I’ve been cruising since I was a child
    and I’ve been on 29 cruises to date. I’ve never seen
    such ridiculous placement of a light switch. It makes no sense to me at all. You literally have to push your clothes
    out of the way to find the light switch. I hadn’t even unpacked.
    I didn’t have anything in the closet and it
    still took me 20 minutes to find the light switch! Mostly, Emma didn’t hold back in her
    video. Sometimes in that situation,
    where a cruise line invites a YouTuber onboard for free… The YouTuber is a little reluctant
    to criticize the cruise line. After all,
    they would like another free cruise
    sometime in the future! But mostly, Emma didn’t flinch at telling the brutal, honest truth! Here’s what she had to say about
    the tiny bathroom in her cabin. The bathroom is very well designed and looks very modern. That said, it is the smallest bathroom
    that I’ve ever had on a cruise. I’ve literally stayed in a wigwam which had
    a bigger bathroom than this cruise ship…
    which is just crazy. There was just one time when I felt
    that Emma was too polite
    and let Virgin Voyages off a little too easy… The cabin had a pretty big balcony
    compared to other cruise ships…
    which is definitely a plus point. Oh, come on, Emma!!!
    Look at how tiny that balcony is! I can’t believe she called it “a pretty big balcony”. Now if that totally dysfunctional stateroom
    wasn’t enough to put you off this ship,
    listen to this… An area which has received
    a lot of negative comments online
    is the main and only swimming pool onboard. This is the pool and it is tiny! You would be lucky to get four people in the actual pool. The outer part does get filled with water
    but this is more of a splash pool than a swimming pool. I don’t really know what else to say about this.
    It is just tiny! Scarlet Lady is going to hold over 4,000 passengers. Much smaller cruise ships
    with other cruise lines, like Princess… Have four or five swimming pools. This one is just SO small. So, I want to encourage you to go over
    to Emma’s YouTube channel
    and watch her full video. I think it’s really interesting. A brand new company designs
    their very first cruise ship. What could go wrong?
    (he chuckles) A lot of things! Well, that’s pretty much it.
    Jim Zim’s video about Emma’s video
    about Virgin Voyages’ Scarlet Lady. That’s a heck of a title!

    Sky Princess Tour & Sky Princess Review ~ Princess Cruises [4K Ultra HD]
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    Sky Princess Tour & Sky Princess Review ~ Princess Cruises [4K Ultra HD]

    February 23, 2020

    hey everyone welcome to Popular Cruising
    I’m your host Jason Leppert here with a review of the Sky Princess from
    Princess Cruises and a new more informative format that includes an
    on-camera introduction from yours truly detailed ship specs venues specifically
    mapped to deck lines and a conclusion of pros and cons so be sure to stick around
    until the end to enjoy it all speaking of specifications the Sky
    Princess fits between the standard and upscale luxury lifestyles in the premium
    category it is in the Royal class along with sister ships Royal Princess Regal
    Princess and Majestic Princess it launched in 2019 has a tonnage of 143 thousand
    seven hundred and a guests capacity of three thousand six hundred and sixty
    which amounts to a moderate passenger space ratio of 39 point 26 we had the
    pleasure of being on hand for the ship’s christening on December 7th 2019 in Fort
    Lauderdale Florida which began with a fascinating look at the ship previously
    under construction by the way if you haven’t yet done so now would be a great
    time to subscribe to our channel at the button and bell notification icon below the ceremony was emceed by none other
    than Jill Whelan who played Vicky Stubing Captain Stubing’s daughter in
    The Love Boat who then introduced godmothers Captain Kay Hire and engineer Poppy Northcutt both proudly of the u.s. space program in addition to a sampler
    of the ships onboard entertainment before they blessed the ship and pressed the christening button to release the ceremonial bottle of champagne our private accommodations on board
    consisted of a Balcony Stateroom which will certainly look familiar to past
    Princess passengers and thanks in part to the plush Princess Luxury Bed gets
    our teddy bear thumbs up of approval what really stood out for me though was a
    departure from what I would call the perpetual beige of the line’s previous
    ships introducing much more pleasing and contemporary gray tones to mix it up
    as always we appreciated the balcony itself as it means to get some fresh air as well as handy amenities back inside
    particularly a convenient USB charging port not just at one night stand but
    both continuing towards the bathroom you’ll find Princess’ usual walk-in
    closet adjacent to the bathroom which is still
    surprisingly standard unfortunately showcasing a small shower enclosed by an
    anything but premium flimsy shower curtain by comparison here is a
    rendering of a larger Mini-Suite on board as well as photos of the ship’s
    new Sky Suite category which is ideal for families or groups looking for a
    central common area divided by a full bedroom and bath on one side and a luxurious master bedroom on the
    other complete with a sizeable walk-in closet
    and a convenient multi compartment bathroom with both a shower and a
    bathtub but what really sets this suite apart is its expansive 270 degree
    wraparound balcony which looking back faces the Movies Under the Stars screen
    as a very cool bonus occupants therein can even choose one of the films
    screened on it when you’re ready to book your cruise we recommend doing so
    through our sponsor Fairy Godmother Vacations who will handle all your trip
    planning for free adding even more magical value to your voyage so to get
    your complimentary quote click on the link right here or in the description
    box or you can always contact them traditionally with the information below activities aboard Sky Princess are
    anchored by OceanMedallion technology a complimentary watch sized wearable for
    every guest that conveniently links via mobile app to the ship and its crew
    among its many features are the ability to unlock your cabin door automatically
    upon approach plan all your daily events play interactive games such as scavenger
    hunts digitally shop order food and drinks to your exact location and easily
    find your way around in fact either at these portals or on
    your smartphone you can route directions and in so doing never getting lost
    onboard the ship again nor losing track of your traveling companions and in that
    very spirit we’re pleased to introduce our own deck plan tracker highlighting
    exactly where every venue is level by level from the bottom up starting with
    The Piazza which as you can see here is the ship’s magnificent central atrium
    just off from The Piazza is the Internet Cafe which doesn’t get as much use as it
    once did now that most passengers bring their own electronic devices however if
    you do opt to leave them home you can still log in conveniently right here
    also radiating from The Piazza are the Guest Services and Shore Excursions desks where of course you can book tours or get other administrative assistance here
    we had a fun encounter with Stanley Princess’ adorable teddy bear mascot
    which can also be purchased to take home with you next moving forward is The Lotus Spa & Salon The Enclave seen here is a relaxing thermal suite that can be
    enjoyed by buying a limited number of available cruise passes besides a thalassotherapy pool there are various experience showers and other therapeutic
    rooms ranging from dry to very steamy before enjoying other a la carte
    treatments there’s a relaxation room to wait in and of course several different
    treatment rooms themselves lastly rounding out the facilities here
    is a full-service salon immediately up one deck and rather contradictory to the
    health-conscious spa is Churchill’s a thankfully enclosed cigar lounge not
    enclosed however is the Princess Casino where smoking is also allowed secondhand smoke notwithstanding the
    space is well-appointed for gaming as well as grabbing a drink continuing down the way is a stretch of
    Photo Video and Art galleries for checking out images captured during your
    cruise as well as now rather common Park West pieces available at auction meanwhile across the way is the Future
    Cruise Center for booking new voyages the Captain’s Circle loyalty desk
    and the first bit of the Shops of Princess which also continue up onto deck seven
    through a fantastically designed retail boulevard that we find wonderfully
    reminiscent of earlier cruise ships skipping over some dining until a little
    later we head next to OceanFront this is a helpful hub for learning more about
    OceanMedallion and buying related accessories next door Princess Live! is
    reprised but in a much redesigned fashion gone is Royal Princess’
    uncomfortable studio seating in favor of a venue more akin to Princess’ other
    open and airy Explorers Lounges now heading up to pool deck 16 the SeaWalk
    has also been repeated on both sides of the ship now extending more useful
    decking and loungers all the way out to it but still affording the thrilling
    opportunity to step over a glass floor one thing that was available on the
    Royal Princess and Regal Princess that we miss however are the pool deck show
    fountains right here in the center used to be the Princess Watercolor Fantasy
    Show a small but fun Bellagio style fountain set to music alas it is not
    to be found on the Sky Princess but since the first of the sister ships the
    added WakeView Pool is definitely an improvement but let’s head up the stairs
    again also reconfigured this time around is
    the more sheltered Retreat Pool a free adults-only area including its terrace
    and whirlpools above further down on deck 17 is the Fitness
    Center with lots of sea-view exercise equipment ranging from stationary bikes
    ellipticals and treadmills to even more in a dedicated motion studio in partnership with the Discovery brand
    the youth center on the other side of the ship is called Camp Discovery encompassing a children’s outdoor area
    and well themed inside area for ages 3 to 7 called the Treehouse
    besides the appropriate jungle gym there is also an area for arts and crafts
    watching movies and playing video games then slightly more mature in another
    room is the Lodge for ages eight to twelve featuring air hockey skee-ball and more
    of a dance club vibe skeeball is also a favorite activity at
    the Beach House teen lounge for ages 13 to 17 or naturally there are also plenty
    of video game terminals as well as a large indoor area to
    socialize it’s worth noting that the teen outside lounge was not carried over
    to the sky princess but up on deck 18 the reservation only Sanctuary just for
    adults did make its way on board still showcasing a fantastic view shaded
    loungers private cabanas and also a whirlpool unique to deck 18 this time around is the
    oddly named and difficult to find Experience Center which should really
    just be labeled according to what it hosts the Phantom Bridge escape room
    during our preview sailing we didn’t get the full experience but a brief preview
    of the pay activity showed how interesting its blend of physical sets
    and digital interactivity is encompassing multiple elements and video screens and then just outside in the light of day is the surrounding Princess
    Sports Central since there’s not a complete promenade deck below this is
    the only full circuit jogging track but it does encircle an inviting
    full-size centre court and just above on top deck 19 is The Greens Mini Golf for the last bit of sports before we go
    ahead and get a bite to eat just like activities we will go deck by
    deck for dining in reverse order from the top down
    additionally pointing out which options are included in the cruise fare as well
    as extra starting with the Slice Pizzeria and Salty Dog Grill both of
    which are mostly complimentary a couple premium items such as the delicious Ernesto Burger however are extra naturally The Mix bar in between as well as
    the Seaview Bar across the way are extra available to purchase a la carte or with
    a drinks package but all buffet food at the World Fresh Marketplace is included
    as you can see there’s quite the variety of favorites self served here including
    tasty ethnic dishes alternatively for a specialty steakhouse experience there is
    also the extra Crown Grill and Bar below on deck 7 if you’re a steak connoisseur
    like myself you’ll not want to miss this one as it definitely does feature some
    of the best cuts at sea next door servicing Princess Live! is its
    namesake cafe with extra cost coffees and other drinks in addition to the poolside pizzeria
    upstairs Alfredo’s Pizzeria is a wonderfully included sit-down variety
    which has been relocated by a deck on Sky to feature an alfresco extension
    making for greater capacity to get even more savory pies out meanwhile extra for
    premium sushi is the Ocean Terrace Seafood Bar flanked by our favorite art
    installation onboard a collection of cute hot-air balloons that also leads to
    Bistro Sur La Mer an extra French seafood sit-down restaurant that is well
    worth the cost the only negative is it’s situated just
    off from the frequently noisy atrium but quieter outdoor seating is also
    available to enjoy creative mouth-watering dishes like these then down one level on deck 6 is Good
    Spirits At Sea an extra bar that brings to life the Good Spirits television show
    with custom destination inspired cocktails as demonstrated live but sped
    up here making for even more entertainment value
    it includes screening of related TV footage before pouring and enjoying the
    resulting drinks always included are the main restaurants
    on board beginning with the Estrella Dining Room making it a little challenging to
    navigate to is the galley separated Cielo Dining Room which requires passing
    through deck seven before heading down nonetheless this one does feature the
    special Chef’s Table Lumiere lastly rounding out the trio of main
    dining rooms is the Soleil one on deck 5
    this one also features a neat table nestled within a wine cellar for
    complimentary cuisine courses at these three restaurants are quite good but not to be forgotten off The Piazza
    is Gelato which although extra is now genuine and in fact Italian certified resulting in some very creamy flavors or wine connoisseurs may prefer Vines an
    extra bar dedicated to various vintages the handsome venue is just across the
    way from Princess’ signature Bellini’s Bar where friendly staff serve extra
    drinks then last but not least for free options
    is the included International Cafe where throughout the day you can get all sorts
    of pastries and sandwiches just in front is a final specialty
    restaurant in the form of Sabatini’s Trattoria for extra Italian cuisine the
    sharply decorated venue serves equally delicious dishes and as usual let’s finish up with
    entertainment with not only great live music in The Piazza but also dancing and
    wondrous acrobatics entirely new to the Sky Princess is Take
    5 another huge improvement over the previously dated Club 6 a marvelous
    jazz club that serves up artful drinks as well as very talented tunes it’s not even the main theater but the
    Vista Lounge may have made the biggest impression on us what is ordinarily
    reserved just for cabaret acts features the awesome Jim Henson’s Inspired
    Silliness while we were requested not to film during the show itself the pre-show
    displays just how adorable and hilarious the performance is this is one of
    professional puppet show befitting the name that you should arrive early at but
    that’s not to upstage the production shows in the Princess Theater which also
    wonderfully include live music and expert singing and dancing as in Rock
    Opera this one definitely included some
    spectacular moments but the one that stood out the most is
    5-SKIES as a very creative stage interpretation of a video game with
    impressive sights and sounds all while telling an intriguing story that goes well beyond just a revue suffice it to say Princess entertainment
    has greatly regained our attention with colorful costuming dramatic pyrotechnics bold choreography amazing aerial
    acrobatics and overall performers with lots of
    heart so bringing us to our conclusion of Sky Princess pros and cons let’s
    briefly list what we consider to be a pain in the aft at this point in the
    game small showers with flimsy curtains have got to go
    we’re also disappointed to see the pool fountains missing this time around as we
    are also for a partial promenade deck but what can definitely take a bow are
    the following the outstanding Bistro Sur La Mer specialty seafood restaurant
    the Explorers Lounge like redesign of Princess Live! and the jazzy new Take 5
    venue thanks so much for watching please feel free to like this video subscribe to
    our channel while hitting that bell icon to be notified of new ones and if you
    would check out our other videos and visit popular cruising dot com

    500 ROTTEN, FESTERING Blisters!!  – Blister Repairs on a Fiberglass Sailboat! (Patrick Childress 59)
    Articles, Blog

    500 ROTTEN, FESTERING Blisters!! – Blister Repairs on a Fiberglass Sailboat! (Patrick Childress 59)

    February 23, 2020

    We need to get all of these opened up resin blisters from looking like this to Looking like this and this is how we did it Hello, we are Patrick and Rebecca Childress and our six-month-old South African deckhand coati on our Valiant 40 Brick House And we are hauled out in Richards Bay South Africa In 1976 When this boat was built the price of oil in the u.s Just about tripled and along with that all oil related products like fiberglass Resin, and the Builder of this boat decided to change resin suppliers and go to a cheaper resin No one could have foreseen the consequences over the years and decades the uncured resin in the lay-up has been trying to get out of that layup and Causing blisters on its way out. So these are uncured resin blisters It has nothing to do with osmotic blisters, which is water trying to get into the laminate and then causing blisters So I’ve seen these blisters develop and get bigger and more numerous over the past twelve years of crossing oceans on this boat So right here in Richards Bay after sailing three-quarters of the way around the world I’ve decided to dig in take care of these blisters make sure that there’s no structural issues and Fix these up just as best as I could So we can carry on and cross more oceans and have no more problems and hopefully any future owner of this boat Twenty years from now if there’s problems they’ll be just minimal. So we’ll see what happens in twenty years I hope I’m around to see it but this is what we did to dig in and Fix our resin blisters for right now Digging into these resin blisters below the waterline where there’s a lot of soft antifouling paint just wasn’t working out So well, we opened them up a bit, but there had to be a better way of Digging out the fiberglass that was delaminated from the hull and that’s where we found It was better to first drill holes into these blisters and if there is moisture Which often time there was to let it squirt out Although it might look clear here. Certainly. The liquid was more of a dark. Tobacco. Looking color Eventually, we got all the bottom paint off which was the whole video in itself and that took weeks to do But that also made it easier to find the less obvious Blisters like this one that has a little bit of a ring around the perimeter So this is where our nice flat random orbit sander just went over the top and outlined this ring Alright, it’s time to dig in and take care of this blister. We found a much better faster way to open up these blisters so that we didn’t have to spend a lot of time and send a lot of dust into the air with the dis sanding we Use two different sized hole saws and of course, we first got rid of the pilot bit got that out of the way we don’t need to be drilling holes right up through this hull of the boat to the inside and Made a pilot guide out of the thick piece of plywood that held the hole saws in place well, we were able to at least get them started then once the hole is started big if you get rid of the guide and Go ahead and drill the rest of the way through the delaminating fiberglass Certainly made a lot faster and easier than just a lot of this So what starts out as a shallow blister can wander off it in any direction and then become a deep pit going through many layers of fiberglass Those vertical parallel stripes are where this boat was peeled below the waterline only in 2001 and treated for blisters at that time It is quite obvious that just surface peeling to a particular depth is not the best way to go because these blisters originate at all different depths within the laminate layout It was become frustrating just when I thought we had all the blisters opened up I would find another one but my eye was getting a little better at finding these things and Especially in the late daylight the side lighting would show up blisters that just weren’t obvious during the midday light So this one it’s a small one I probably should have seen it before because of that circular Identification so we dig in and open that one up – these are the dish that we were using on the 7-inch porter-cable dis sander 36 grit and 24 grit Occasionally, we would drill into a small blister and it would turn out to be fairly solid So for that small hole we would use this angle grinder with a metal Grinding disc on it to kind of feather out that hole but it left such a ragged finish We would have to go back with the larger this sander and help flatten it out of it Here is an example of a blister that has been ground out fairly symmetrically around however There’s still a bit of a bubble area here. So this grinding is going to have to come back much further out To where it’s well adhered in the layers We want to grind open all those layers of fiberglass the existing layers of fiberglass So that when we lay up the new layers of fiberglass, there will be very good adhesion to what is already there So here’s a spot that was ground out to take care of a blister and After a month of drying we have one little spot here that’s starting to bleed through So I’ll get in here today with a grinder and grind this out We’ll see how far back that little wet spot goes but I would predict something about that size So we’re getting down to these fine little areas And hopefully closing in on a date to start putting everything back together again At the end of nearly every day I get out the water hose and wash down all these open blisters And it’s pretty well known that this process is washing then we’ll help draw out More of any liquid that might still be hiding in the laminate I think if you do some research on moisture meters, you’ll find that they aren’t terribly reliable They give a lot of false indications but what I needed it for on this project was to give an initial reading and Then see if that reading changes over the following months Which fortunately it did in in our favor after five months of drying the numbers were very much in our favor I’m 69 years old. We’ve waited long enough time is ticking. It’s time to put this boat back together and move on The best information I have on this is up to 10 percent Moisture is acceptable for rebuilding but if you have better information, then please share it in the comments So others who are watching this video can benefit from your knowledge Environmental concerns and many of these foreign boatyards is it not the concern that it would be in? America New Zealand, Australia or many other countries But we would still set up our old mainsail drop cloth as a containment cloth Not only for our dust but to keep our neighbors dust off of our boat, especially when they were sandy steel We had to get a system going for patching up all of these irregular shaped blisters so first they were numbered and then we got out a sheet of plastic a Manual held it up while Elvis traced out the outline of each numbered blister Then that piece of plastic was cut out along the magic marker line and used as a pattern to cut out the fiber glass repair cloth Concentric Li smaller pieces of cloth were used then to help fill a depression It was the judgment call of whoever’s working on that particular void that Particular patch on how many layers of cloth to cut to help fill that depression This cloth is called biaxial because of its particular weave as opposed to this more traditional type of cloth Sometimes called boat weave on the backside of this is Chopped strand mat this chopped strand mat is actually sewn when with threads onto the biaxial together This is often times called combi Co MBI? but it’s also known as 1708 because the biaxial cloth weighs 17 ounces per square yard and the chopped strand mat weighs 8 ounces per square yard good strong combination we will use this for all of our Repairs all the blister repairs all the laminating and the build up and we’ll generally put the chopped strand mat side Down onto the repair first and build up from there Now the chopped strand mat has a nice way of folding into a lot of the defects and depressions of our repair work On the final layer will put peel ply peel ply as a floss It’s a polyester cloth very finely woven, but you just put it on as though it’s another layer of fiberglass cloth and but you don’t Wet out around the edges You don’t want to glue the edges down, but when everything is all set up you peel this off against it’ll leave a texture Equal to the weave of the cloth So it has tooth for the next layer of cloth to bed to and adhere to and along with using the peel ply Any Amin blush, which is a chemical reaction in epoxy resins comes off in the peel ply so there’s no more washing or any other prep work that’s needed on our laminate on our lay up after the peel ply comes off actually a mean blush is a reaction between the epoxy hardener and the Surrounding humidity in the atmosphere Some hardness like what’s used in two-part epoxy putty don’t create amine blush So we have all of our stacks of pre-cut glass all lined up ready to go now All we need is some fiberglass resin and this is epoxy gur at 106. Resin using slow hardener It’s a 1 to 5 mix this is very similar to is West system 105 and these pumps are very easy to use for these small mixes and Talento is our mixer man. It was so easy just to SATA lente. I need 5 and he’d give us 5 pumps or we need 6 or we need 7 and He would just mix up what we need. And this was his full-time job all day long Cilenti is wearing a double respirator Only because I was working on a separate project myself and I had him mixing up thickened epoxy with Cabo Sill Cabo still is a very flaky powder. You do not want to breathe If we needed a big batch of resin Then we would use a small kitchen scale to weigh it out all of us an annual worked well together The Emmanuel was the more experienced apply man, and Elvis supplied him with everything that he needed next It doesn’t matter who you are in South Africa even adult boat owners go around this repair yard barefoot tough African feet they have CIPO has been working in this boat yard for at least 15 years He knows everything about everything and I’ve learned a lot from them he’s starting out filling up these small depressions with smaller pieces of Fiberglass cloth and then working into larger diameters sections to eventually fill up the whole depression And certainly rolling out any air bubbles that might be entrapped in the laminate Years ago Emmanuel started out here as a security guard now. He just like CIPA is one of the best fiberglass men and all-around boat repair guys and available in the morning talento gets to pull all the other peel ply off of our previous day’s patching and That’ll give us an idea of when we have to lay in more fiberglass cloth Do some sanding or what if we just get to start cutting and fairing everything Celente started out in this boat yard working on the catamaran that was hauled out in front of it Polishes that catamaran was used in our how to clean the bottom of the video tips from the pros I saw how hard he went every day non-stop So I had a ragam and he’s caught on very quickly on how to mix resin same isn’t doesn’t Apply resin and looser layup so he’s becoming a very good fiberglass man himself Along with all the other things that about you parry arguments to have done Sotell NT is an independent contractor Now that we don’t need him anymore He stays very busy because he’s very desired by all the other private boat owners who were hauled out and need some excellent work done Using the peel ply helped tremendously to smoothen the surface unfilled laminate But we still had to go back with the 7-inch this sander and also the six-inch random orbit sander to help smooth things even more To repair anything for cutting and patching and that’s where a lot of previous work to begin This boat needed Massive amounts of cutting and fairing from the gunnel all the way down to the bottom of the keel and it would be very impractical to try to mix up two-part epoxy resin and mixing the Proper fillers and everything else and then get it out of the bucket before it’s set up and onto the boat and ferret out So we chose to use a two-part Ready Mix fairing compound s fare 600 which we got from AMT composites out of Durban and we would have them send it up on a little truck And whenever we needed more it’s good stuff Everything on this whole project is only epoxy We never used any polyester or vinyl ester resins for anything, but the S fare, you just mix it up One-to-one by volume Or if it’s by weight, it’s 100 to 64. And the first number is always the Resin, so that would be 100 parts and the 64 would be the hardener quantity It’s very easy to mix this stuff by an eye you make two nice globs of equal size and shape and then mix it all together thoroughly and Then you’re ready to go. But still the working time is very short You do have to move fast and this is probably about as much as what we could mix up at one time And get it on the boat before Having it start to set up and become useless to us spreading the putty thin and white on the mixing board like this Decreases the amount of heat build-up so it increases the amount of working time before it starts to set up before applying any compound to the boat we first washed everything thoroughly to get the sanding dust off using a lot of fresh water and A terry cloth towel to wipe everything down as though we’re washing a car a scrub brush Just does not work always leaves sanding dust and other contaminants behind we need a very clean surface for all of this to adhere to Properly but after washing and everything’s drying then we went back and wiped everything down with acetone and very clean paper towels or very clean rags that we had laundered trials are a putty knives like this or Sheetrock compound knives like this one We’re adequate for some of these smaller areas in flatter areas, but once we got into much larger compound curves or large great areas We tried to find something that would work much better and that would conform to the compound shapes so we finally figured that out and we made our own tools get into that in the next video in this series part 2 And we also show you how we made long boards for sanding all of this stuff down and getting in Even finish it was a lot of work

    GOODBYE Marine Head & Holding Tank, HELLO Composting Toilet  | Sailing Soulianis – Ep. 17
    Articles, Blog

    GOODBYE Marine Head & Holding Tank, HELLO Composting Toilet | Sailing Soulianis – Ep. 17

    February 12, 2020

    Kirk: Tell us what we
    got in the mail today. Lauren: We got denatured alcohol! Just kidding. Kirk: Oh Lauren: We got an anchor. [Music] Kirk: What do we got here? Lauren: We’ve got 44
    pound / 20-kilogram Rocna. It’s replacing a bent
    CQR that was sacrificed when the boat was
    rammed into a wall. Kirk: By not us. Lauren: Yeah so it bent the anchor.
    Some people said it wasn’t a big deal and other people
    said “that’s terrible.” If you have a bent anchor,
    it’s going to keep wanting to unseat
    itself, so I decided to get a different anchor,
    a larger anchor, the new-school anchors and
    one that’s not bent. We are hoping that it’s going
    to fit on our bow roller. [Music] Kirk: That fits kinda nicely. Lauren: It does. [Music] [background conversation] Lauren: I’m stoked. [music] Lauren: Here’s your throne. So funny story: we’ve owned
    this composting toilet longer than we’ve owned our boat, we
    just haven’t opened it yet. Why would you buy a composting
    toilet before you bought a boat? Kirk: Because we’re idiots. Lauren: We wanted to get
    started on a project and we hadn’t closed on our
    other boat officially. This was actually purchased
    for the boat that we thought we were going to
    buy and then, we didn’t. We ended up getting that boat. Kirk: What all we got in here?
    When we decided between the C-Head, which is
    this one, Nature’s Gate– Lauren: Nature’s Gate
    is a toothpaste. Kirk: Nature’s Head? Lauren: Yes, I think
    it was Nature’s Head. Kirk: Was the ease of
    cleaning this unit. All the inside surfaces are very
    smooth and instead of having to take the entire base container out of the
    boat, you take just this bucket. Lauren: So then, what do you
    do with that bucket? Kirk: That bucket
    and then, chuck it. Lauren: You could put it
    into like a plastic bag or something and just
    throw it in a dumpster? Kirk: You could. That’s to keep the bugs out. It looks pretty, it does kinda look
    like a throne right now. Lauren: That’s a very tall throne. So we need somewhere to
    put our feet right? Kirk: Yeah Lauren: Our friends
    Phil and Hadley flew in from California for the weekend. It just so happened that
    Racine’s annual cardboard boat race was taking
    place at the same time. [Music] Lauren: I’m glad we don’t
    have a cardboard boat. [Music] Hadley: What else is there to do? [laughter] Phil: Those glasses look
    good with that jacket. Kirk: Yeah? Do they have blue? Phil: They got everything. Lauren: Purple, green, blue Hadley: They got all the colors Phil: Yeah look like you’re doing something, haha! Hadley: I’ll take care
    of the rope, baby. [laughter] Lauren: What did you think
    of your first sail? Phil: It’s good to get
    my sea legs back, just hold the wheel-
    it’s called a helm. I loved it. Lauren: How did he do, Kirk? Kirk: What’s that? Lauren: How did Phil do? Kirk: How did what feel? [laughter] Phil: Hadley, did you throw up? Hadley: I did not throw
    up and that’s a win. It was very relaxing after I got
    past that initial bout of nausea. Phil: And you got snacks. Hadley: Oh yeah, the snacks. Kirk: There’s no better
    feeling when you’re sailing than watching the other boats
    go quickly behind you. Kirk: When you know that you’re
    actually doing something right because I’ve been
    that other boat many times. [laughter] Lauren: Hey, that dude’s in a Hobie. Hadley: I know, all kitted up Phil: I designed your kayak! Lauren: He works for Hobie. Phil: You like it? Kayaker: Awesome! Hadley: I made that! I did that. Phil: You like? Hadley: Hi. Lauren: Ooh another one. Kirk: Lauren we got four minutes. Lauren: Okay. You don’t usually do that. Phil: No. Hadley: I think,
    he’s far enough from home that he feels
    like he could do it. Lauren: Do you remember? Long
    short or short long? Phil: Long short. [airhorn sounds] Lauren: Nice. Hadley: This is all for us? Lauren: Yes! Phil: Can we do a little loop while we’re under it? Hadley: Yeah, just park. Phil: Take our time. Kirk: Horn one. Hadley: Doing it. [horn sound] Lauren: I love that. They’re like, “You’re welcome.” [music] [background conversation] Kirk: Okay. Go back down. Oh god. [laughter] Lauren: Okay. Let’s
    see what you got. Hadley: We’ve got a whole slew of stuff.
    Phil what do we got? Let’s do everything we got. K let’s start here and we’ll spin to Superman. Phil: What? How am I
    going to…? Hadley: You got this. [laughter] Phil: No problem. [laughter] Phil: One, two… Hadley: Wait, what? [laughter] [music] Lauren: Nice. Phil: Coming down! [laughter] [music] Kirk: All right. I feel like this mat needs
    to come out of here, too. Lauren: This morning,
    we took the boat out underneath both bridges
    over to the other marina and pumped out our holding
    tank for the first and last time because we
    are ripping this out. We’re ripping out our head. Right there. We’re riping our holding tank
    which is underneath the V-berth. And we are putting in a composting
    toilet and we are both super excited about that
    because of several reasons. The first one and grossest one being
    of which the last time we were out on Lake Michigan, the boat
    was heeling all over the place. I came forward and looked in the head
    and saw that there was a bunch of– Kirk: Brown water. Lauren: Brown water pooling in the toilet and more so than
    there should have been. Then, Kirk came down
    later and tried to fix it and we ended
    up with poop water- Kirk: Made it worse. Lauren: – all over the
    bottom of the head pan, so that was gross
    and disgusting. So, we are– Kirk: Pulling everything out
    of the V-berth, so that we can get access to our holding tank
    and get rid of the poopies. [music] Kirk: I hate flat heads. Whoever invented flat
    heads is the worst. I can’t even see which way this lines up. Can you? Lauren: Yeah Turn the base with the screwdriver all the way to the right. Too far. Kirk: Okay. That’s clearly not going to work. Lauren: Man these are like painted in there. There we go. Kirk: It’s stripped with like one half of a thread left. Lauren: Ah, step one. Kirk: Surefire way to piss
    off the next owner of your boat is to use a four-inch
    flathead wood screw. Ok step two. We have our waste line,
    this white one, out from the toilet. We have our vent
    line up to the deck. We have our pump outline and we
    have our cleaning line here. We need to disconnect
    all of these, so that we can back this
    tank out, which goes through the bulkhead
    here, out of here and then, we can pull that
    tank out of V-berth. Lauren: There are some hose
    clamps that I could undo. Kirk: Come on. Lauren: Did any come out? Kirk: We didn’t have any come out of either of them. [music] Lauren: Okay. What’s next? Kirk: I don’t know which
    one’s going to be worse. Hope that when we pull this off,
    it doesn’t some flooding out. Time to bring in the big guns. Lauren: Check it out. All the hoses are cut
    and disconnected and we’re ready to remove
    the holding tank. Kirk: Okay, here we go. Lauren: Okay. Kirk: God. Lauren: Is there a lot
    of water in there? Kirk: Yeah did any
    come out at all? Lauren: No, not out
    of the plastic bag, but the thing is this big black one. We didn’t put anything over that. Kirk: Oh eff. Yes, that would have
    been disgusting. All right. So take three? Lauren: Yes. Kirk: Let’s hope this works. Lauren: Okay. Kirk: Get the black. Keep it up. Lauren: Okay. Kirk: Is it dripping? Lauren: Yeah, but it’s
    just a couple of drops. Kirk: Okay. Coming through. Lauren: Oh sh–t There’s ton’s of the
    stuff in the cockpit. Yes. Bye, holding tank! Kirk: That feels good. This could be very easy. Lauren: Could be? Kirk: Could be. So we don’t have to take
    the toilet apart, so there is nothing nasty there. This white waste hose goes at a straight
    angle through both bulkheads. If we can just pull
    it all the way out of there, we don’t have to
    take anything apart. All I have to do is un- Lauren: Screw the– Kirk: – screw the
    toilet from the base. Lauren: Then, all that
    pump and everything just stays together. Kirk: Yep. So that would be very, very nice. Lauren: Let’s see if
    it works out that way. Kirk: Here we go. There. Cool. Lauren: Good? Kirk: Where did that hose clamp go? Lauren: Up top by your drill. Kirk: What would be the odds
    of that? Man I’m getting good at this. We’re home free. Lauren: Both screws are out? Kirk: Yes there is one– Lauren: Or are those bolts,
    where are they, love? Kirk: These are bolts. Lauren: Edumacate me. Kirk: Technically those
    are like machine screws. We’re almost there. Lauren: No home free yet? Kirk: I just don’t know how hard
    I’m going to be able to bend it, how close am I to pulling
    that all the way through? Lauren: You got about
    two and a half inches. Kirk: We could just pull
    this white pipe off. And collect whatever water comes out of it. Lauren: That doesn’t sound good. Kirk: All right doesn’t mean there’s
    water coming out right now. Lauren: Coming out of where? Kirk: I don’t know. Lauren: Okay, it’s out. Where’s the water coming? Kirk: From the pump handle. Okay, there we go. Lauren: It’s free? Kirk: It’s free. Lauren: Do you want me
    to hold that tube up? Kirk: Yeah [music] Kirk: We did it. Success. Lauren: High five. I mean– Kirk: All right. Lauren: Now, we gotta put
    the boat back together- Kirk: Yes. Lauren: – and we need to
    install our composting toilet. Kirk: True. [music]