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    Bluewater Sailboat Tour-INSIDE a Valiant 40 -(Our Tiny Home)2 Of 3 Patrick Childress Sailing #31

    August 18, 2019

    Valiant 40 Part 2 Hello I’m Patrick Childress on the sailboat Brick House … welcome aboard today is part two of the valiant 40 tour
    down below so let’s turn the cameras around we’ll go through the hatch board
    and take a look at one time all the trim around the companionway was teak now
    it’s very low maintenance polyethylene bottom wash board that’s
    also solid polyethylene very low maintenance very sturdy so let’s go down
    below we’ll take a very quick tour of this valiant 40 and then we’ll come back
    and look at some of these items in much closer detail on the right side the
    starboard side is a hanging Locker for all the foul weather gear and we also
    keep our flares in there just forward of that is the pantry with several shelves
    and very deep storage for lots of food storage and on the port side is the aft
    cabin which we often call just the bedroom and the port side of course is
    the galley and we’ll come back and take a closer look at the galley in just a
    few minutes. On the starboard side is Rebecca’s domain the nav station she
    installed a lot of these electronics and she maintains the electronics since she
    does all the navigating for us makes it easy for me she just tells me to turn
    right turn left how far up ahead to go and in the next video she’ll actually do
    a little orientation on the electronics what we have and how useful they are on
    the starboard side is a water tank under the settee that one is about 60 gallons
    capacity there’s a tons of storage behind the backrest they go all the way
    out to the hull and we have the stereo cabinet up here behind that white door
    and then there’s another 60 gallon water tank underneath this settee on the port
    side and in the next video I’ll go through what we did to save these
    aluminum tanks they were very heavily pitted and it was gonna cost a fortune
    to rip these out and try to fit something else in so we have a remedy
    that has worked for all these years and we’ll go into that next video up
    here on the left is even more storage and there’s also lots of ventilation in
    this boat lots of hatches and port lights so we really don’t need wind
    directors to force more air through these hatches this is a hanging Locker
    on the starboard side and more clothes storage in shelves just forward of that
    on the port side is the head it’s just the right size it’s not too big not too
    small so we’re not too cramped some people have problems with their Jabsco toilet. We just don’t have problems with ours and I have a few tips I think that
    might help you out which we’ll cover in the next video but I like the size of
    this head we have a shower curtain that goes around to contain water when we’re
    taking a shower it has all the amenities that we need to be comfortable on this
    boat. Stored up forward is the Barracuda sewing machine very similar to
    the Sailrite, a lot of the parts are interchangeable. and the v-berth is not
    for personal storage this is where all kinds of parts and supplies are stored
    stainless steel nuts and bolts fiberglass, fiberglass resin, glue, all
    kinds of extra stainless steel parts are stored up in these shelves sandpaper,
    tools you name it so we are pretty self-sufficient out here if something
    should break and the same for the storage up here on the starboard side in
    all these shelves and a way up in the chain Locker we’ll
    get to that in the next video we have a hundred and fifty feet of chain that we
    store up there and then in that PVC tube that comes out of that is a is where the
    other hundred and fifty feet of chain goes to down below the V Berth – we like
    to keep as much chain as low and aft as possible. To the hanging Locker and we’ll
    get started there oh there’s one other thing I forgot to mention we’ll also be
    taking a look at the main bilge pump underneath this floorboard and we’ll
    take a look at the emergency electric bilge pump that is much farther forward
    way up underneath one of these floorboards and of course we have the
    high capacity hand operated bilge pump in the hanging Locker normally we try to dry the gear before
    it goes into this locker but even if it did go in here wet any water would just
    drip down into the bilge work its way there there’s a nice big shelf up here
    another shelf a little further down plenty of storage space and this is also
    where we keep all of our flares and emergency signaling equipment. This is
    also where the emergency hand operated bilge pump is located. What was in this
    space originally was a Whalegusher 25. It wasn’t installed properly the
    discharge went directly out over the side of the boat without a high loop so
    it was very easy for sea water or rain water just to back right down
    that discharge hose and settled inside of the pump. A proper discharge loop starts
    at the discharge thruhull going out the side of the boat and then goes up
    just as high as possible before it goes back down to the pump so
    when I went to rebuild this it was so heavily corroded inside it just wasn’t
    repairable so we replaced it with a very high capacity Edison pump it’s a
    tremendous pump it’ll pump one gallon per stroke if I had two inch hoses on
    there but because of area restrictions in the hose run I could only put in one
    and three-quarter inch hoses so it’s a little bit less than one gallon per
    stroke. On the discharge side I have a very high loop but also one of these
    see-through check valves certainly it’s not the best idea to have a check valve
    in any kind of a discharge bilge pump but at sea water no other water is going
    to be backing up and just sitting in this pump it’s going to be fully
    functional if we ever need it down here is where all the water in the boat
    collects in a stainless steel sump that measures six inches by eight inches
    across so it’s a very tight squeeze putting the pump and the float switch in
    here but I can squeeze it out, take it all
    apart and clean it out occasionally because muck does at times keep the
    float from going up and down properly is over here this is the sump discharge
    from the shower so the shower pan goes through that green pipe and comes out
    into the sump here and then gets pumped overboard the important part though is
    to put a screen on the end of that discharge otherwise you get all
    of this muck they hear the soap scum everything you would go into the sump it
    helped to clog up the pump so this way we capture it in the screen I can take
    it out dump it into the garbage can wash out this little plastic screen and then
    slip it back on keep all that hair and gunk from clogging up the most important
    bill bilge pump on the boat now I’ll take you up forward and show you the
    emergency backup bilge pump that has never seen water and hopefully it never
    will. in this forward bilge area, this is an area that just never should ever get wet so water has to get
    in this bilge up to this float switch of course before it’ll finally turn on so
    that’s pretty darn high in this bilge area when it does turn on we have that
    round alarm this is the largest bilge pump I could possibly fit in this area
    and you can see there’s no way that I could attach it at the base like you
    normally would it’s held in place with this PVC pipe
    that I just cut the section out of to make a ring that hole slips over the top
    and then this PVC horizontal piece is attached to that ring and then to each
    side to the vertical piece attached to the frame of the boat to finish up in the hanging locker this
    is where we store the hatch boards we have these two teak twist locks that
    securely hold them in place and then the hatch screens get stuffed on the far
    side of those and they’re wedged in nice and securely… and this is the pantry it
    was way back in here this is the single sideband radio and of course the control
    head for that radio is at the nav station the next shelf down is more food
    and then the very bottom shelf is a lot of hand tools which are always getting
    used as they’re in a very convenient spot along with over here in the galley
    we have all these drawers but this drawer is dedicated not to silverware
    well it’s not aware that I like to use more than all the other, because we’re
    always using all kinds of screwdrivers all the Phillips head or on that side
    and the flat heads are on this side these are always being used I can’t be
    digging out things from the engine room or some other storage space all the
    time but one thing I changed very quickly on this boat were these little
    finger holes with the latch behind I could only imagine my finger breaking
    out in the middle of an ocean and in fact a commenter on one of the earlier
    videos on galley tips said that’s exactly what happened to him he was
    reaching in to unlatch the door the boat hit a wave and his finger broke 90
    degrees in anticipation of something like that happening I did away with
    those latches and I installed these twist lock latches up here I’m actually surprised that they’ve
    lasted over 12 years now this is 2019 but just as a backup we have
    this little latch down here in fact in rough weather when things might be
    coming out and slamming against the door we always put on these extra security
    latches at the top of the door to help hold these open especially in rough
    weather are these Springs so the door can’t close push and now it’ll close
    easily so we don’t have to fight with the door along the ocean so to close the
    hatch you just pop the spring thumbs down real quick and easy any
    water that becomes a waterfall down this companionway which has happened out in
    bad storms will come down and eventually work its way down to this grating and
    then just simply runs down into the bilge.. another great idea.. oh hey there
    Lily she just woke up from her little hiding spot way in the back of the boat. I
    really like the layout of the aft cabin. Underneath this cushion is the V Drive
    and the transmission so it’s very accessible this white panel pulls out
    and up here is the storage cabinet and the bunk is 6 feet 10 inches long in
    four feet wide the only problem that I can really see is this side deck in this
    location the person sleeping on the outside can have a little difficulty
    crawling over the person on the inside. (but that could be a nice thing!)
    Underneath this area it’s all storage it is full of stuff all kinds of spares
    there’s no personal storage here there’s all kinds of electrical supplies wires
    in the back section is the hot water heater the regulators for the hooker and
    the scuba tank are stored way down in here just all kinds of repairs and
    Spares. and of course way down underneath here are the batteries we have six
    Trojan batteries golf cart batteries (T-105) one day I’d like to get caught up with
    modern technology and get some lighter batteries that have equal if not more
    amperage capacity I like the way the galley is laid out
    and actually the nice close U shape so you can’t really bang around too far
    you can always brace yourself against something while you’re working around
    the galley it’s a really good idea also on this boat we have a galley strap so
    we can lean against it while we’re cooking
    or at another position we can actually lean forward and keep from
    being thrown into the stove these countertops are solid plastic it was
    originally Formica and this work was done in Cartagena Columbia by a man
    named Eder who does a lot of this work and he did a pretty good job it is in
    Corian quality but it’s the next best thing and for $800 for doing
    everything here I think we got a pretty good deal this is a soap dispenser this
    is fresh water foot pump saltwater foot foot pump and this is the product water
    for the reverse osmosis system that we never use we just don’t need it we get
    all of our fresh water from the faucet on shore from the rain and sometimes a
    very clear stream but for washing dishes we use the salt water we rinse in salt
    water and then rinse in the fresh water we hardly ever use the pressure water we
    only use the pressure water really at the sink occasionally because we have a
    filter down below to filter the water that comes out of the fresh water tank
    and Rebecca likes to use that I’m not nearly as fussy about the water I drink.
    and back here is a big storage bin way down to the bottom of the boat all kinds
    of pots and pans we don’t have anything out here because I try to clean up for
    our ‘company’ and threw it all down here to hide it out of the way like throwing
    it under the carpet yeah we don’t normally live like this… and over here is
    the refrigerator yeah we got the freezer here it goes down very deep normally we keep these exercise mats on top of
    the refrigerator to help with insulation a lot of this is covered in video number
    22 which is galley tips and you’ll also get a very good look way down inside of
    the freezer how we defrost it and the things that we put in there to help aid
    the airflow in the freezer also in video number 20 about provisioning we go
    through a lot of these lockers pull things out and show a lot of different
    foods and how to store items on your boat and what to buy what not to buy
    while you’re out cruising long distance there’s tons of storage back here
    Bob Perry did a great job of using all the storage capacity on this boat and I’ll
    show you more of it as we move around these cabinets are full of dishes and
    cups all kinds of silverware so we’re not lacking at all for storage capacity
    well I hope other people have had better luck with their gourmet II princess
    stove than what we have had. we installed the stove in 2012. right from the get-go
    we had problems with rust it was rusting just way too fast and
    then up on the burners there was always a yellow flame and the company just
    wasn’t that helpful with us trying to figure it all out but eventually after
    trying so many different things we discovered that it was the caps that
    were not manufactured quite right and so when we got new caps and put those on at
    her own expense through a different source that took care of the yellow
    flame and now we have some nice blue flames the way they were supposed to be the original pot supports for this stove
    seem like in no time they started flaking off hunks of rust so we had to
    have new ones made out of 304 stainless and these are holding up far better
    sinks this sink on the port side was originally made far too deep seawater
    would back up through the drain hole and flood the sink when we’re just slightly
    heeled over to port. when this sink was about 38 years old I just couldn’t
    patch it up anymore on the bottom it was just rusting through so much that
    Davao City Philippines we had this one made to replace it and I only made it
    about an inch and a half less deep I probably should have gone to two or
    maybe even three inches less deep just to make sure that we are well above the
    waterline but it’s been adequate but this is simple to make the old one
    actually I cut out with an angle grinder starting from one side work down the
    bottom and brought up it was very simple to do and then just took it out and the
    people at the sheetmetal shop used that as the template for making this new one
    so it’s very simple to make with the curved sides and the very flat back and
    the flat front and it does have the flanges on each side for mounting up
    underneath these sink on the starboard side of the galley this is 43 years old
    now and it’s rusting on the bottom I haven’t had a patch it up just yet but
    when we haul out in Durban South Africa in a couple of months we’ll have a new
    one made there the sink on the port side was this 304 stainless hopefully in
    Durban they’ll have some 316 stainless to make this new sink. Once again time
    has really gotten away from me I just keep seeing more and more things to
    point out as we go through the boat so certainly there’s gonna be a part 3 part
    4 maybe even a part 5 we’ll just keep it going until we run out a boat hey but
    thanks a lot for all of the positive comments that you have been making
    that’s great encouragement to keep doing what we’re doing
    also of course if you can click on the thumbs up button down there and
    especially the subscribe if you haven’t done already that’ll be a big help so
    thanks again and we’ll see in a couple weeks for the
    next part of the Valiant 40 Tour – down below

    Lead Acid Batteries can EAT a SAILBOAT! (Patrick Childress Sailing #44)
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    Lead Acid Batteries can EAT a SAILBOAT! (Patrick Childress Sailing #44)

    August 18, 2019

    can you believe this rotten mess came
    out of our sailboat hello we are Patrick and Rebecca
    Childress on the sailboat Brick House, a Valiant forty and we are
    hauled out in Richards Bay South Africa doing a lot of work on this boat
    actually Rebecca’s back in the US right now for six weeks and that gives me some
    opportunity to dig into cabinets fix bulkheads tabbing all kinds of things
    and now investigate what happened inside of our battery box about a year ago
    while we were out in the Indian Ocean I saw a dark spot the upper one kind of
    growing and I did not see that as a good sign I only figured ahead to have been
    battery acid so now that we are in Richard Bay South Africa hauled out this
    is the time to dig in there and find out what’s going on in that battery
    compartment so first I had to take all the batteries out of the compartment
    there are six Trojan batteries in here so disconnect all the wires yanked them
    all out I pull this pad out which we had originally installed long ago as a
    cushioning underneath the bad reason if any acid spilled to help protect the
    wood surrounding it so I got out a screwdriver and started poking around I
    uh oops what a surprise I mean how could
    these batteries have not fallen through that flooring and even this the support
    column was just eaten up by acid this was a total surprise and very
    frustrating I used to fix rotten houses in Rhode Island so I recognize the
    problem here you just have to start taking things apart and taking more
    things apart and keep taking things apart until you finally get back to
    where you might find some good wood and so I started demolishing everything
    unscrewing some of these screws though had been in here for a while carrying
    supports that they just would not turn so I had to get in with a dremel and a
    cutting disc and cut the heads off that way I’d be able to yank the
    screw through but grabbing hold on the support on the other side this is inside
    the galley just below the sink of course there’s always the fear of catching
    something on fire so I did have a spray bottle of water right next to me and
    every once in a while I would just stop the grinding of the screw heads and
    spray down the area with water and unfortunately the boat didn’t burn down
    but I was able to then he yanked the screw issue right on through that
    three-quarter inch plywood wall and you can see the damage on that wall between
    the battery compartment in the galley very soft wood in that area and this
    horizontal support this is actually pressure treated lumber and it wasn’t
    nearly as soft as some of the other wood so this floor I had no idea that it
    would just pull right up it was actually just setting in there so that was the
    easy part to get out but that wood was very saturated with moisture it didn’t
    harm my fingers I wasn’t wearing gloves so maybe the acids were neutralized I
    really can’t explain anything more than what I suppose caused the damage but now
    I have to figure out how to get this panel out so I start tapping up the trim
    strip on top of the three-quarter inch plywood panel I want to save all the
    wood for the installation the last thing you want to do is take nails and pound
    them back through the way they came into the wood that’ll rip out the
    nice-looking wood on the far side so just grab some wire cutters and twist
    the nails out in the direction that they were pounded that’ll leave the face of
    the trim strip intact so then as a matter of prying things loose
    fortunately this wasn’t glued it was just all nailed in but it was hanging up
    on the far left side so that would call for the multi-tool which is a very nice
    little tool for getting into tight places and cutting wood but I didn’t
    want to harm the teak finish on this cabinet so I put two layers of
    blue tape and went to work with the multi-tool just cutting straight in
    making a nice straight cut and of course vacuum cleaner trying to suck up as much
    of that dust as possible along with every touch so these are punch cuts just
    going straight in so I go all the way through and back out and make the next
    punch cut and of course that vertical support that’s going to be changed
    that’ll come out we don’t know what caused the battery acid leakage whether
    it was somehow over charging the batteries maybe that bad storm that
    we’re in in the Indian Ocean that shook the water out something to do with the
    battery caps we really don’t think we had the batteries overfilled so so far
    it’s just a mystery to us be real careful because it’s very soft down here
    I don’t want to break it it’ll be like a magic trick disappeared
    I thought I might be able to get away with just scraping back a layer of two
    of the plywood flooring and I scraped in I scraped and it never got any better
    the moisture meter just showed that everything was very wet no matter what
    it looked like it was still incredibly wet so that meant I had to cut the
    tabbing out that was sort of holding it in place and use a small dremel with a
    rotary cutting disk cut that tapping back out and he yanked it out of here
    and then I would gain more access to that second flooring and there is more tabbing to be cut
    along that partition wall between the F cabin in the galley area just below the
    sink there is so much of that area that would have to be cut out and be replaced
    also with new wood amazing what acid will do how far it’ll go and this is one
    reason why it’s good that Rebecca is back in D who have there’s just not room
    for two people so much has to come out of these cabinets and storage
    compartments and there’s just no place to put it all so we have four Trojan
    batteries sitting out here in the main passageway we have two more under the
    chart table and this is where they sit all day while I’m working in the half
    cabin at night I’ll put two batteries in here and hook them up in parallel so I
    have 12 volts just to run the lights around the stereo the computers didn’t
    have enough to get me by it also runs the refrigeration I used a little 18
    volt Sigler saw to start cutting out the bad area between the battery box in
    below the galley sink and then I decided I’d better sand the good wood in that
    area in prep it now for fiberglassing that way later on I won’t have all that
    dust flying into the galley sink area so we got that cleaned up nicely and then
    went back with the multi-tool and squared off the corners where the
    circular saw couldn’t get and then did a little chiseling and the old rotten
    board was ready to come out timber well somehow in cutting out this panel I
    didn’t cut into these water pipes I tried not to but you know trying doesn’t
    always work sometimes it takes a bit of luck at least three eighths of an inch
    of plywood out of here and still it’s damp
    I checked it with the moisture meter it reads very high and I can feel with my
    fingertips underneath here the moisture does go back underneath the flooring so
    what I’m gonna have to do is pull up the flooring and I’ll come back to this
    stringer no matter what happens I just can’t go back any farther than the
    stringer I’ll have to put new plywood from here all the way over and replace
    that okay so this is what we have all the
    rotten fluorines out of here good underneath here this is all solid
    this is good very sturdy and we have a little gap in the framing for the hoses
    and wires to run Oh once again I got lucky
    good I didn’t hit anything with the sauce oh look at that and down here
    okay this frame of this stringer is the foam right here it just never got fully
    encapsulated in fiberglass at the factory so yeah I don’t know I’ll
    probably put something on top of it and glues clean this up real good and put
    something on top of it to help carry the load because we have just a tiny little
    speck back here to carry the after end of this subflooring so yeah I’m gonna have to build that up
    and no work on that tomorrow and then just get the materials to put everything
    back together so good the end of the destruction everything else is looking
    good and solid back up in here this wall maybe I’ll stand this and get it ready
    for varnishing while everything is out of here okay the worst is over with now
    just putting it all back together well what just took 11 minutes in video
    took two days in real time and there’s even more rotten bulkheads and just
    pieces off to the left side as we’re looking into the cabin here but I didn’t
    think you needed to see every gory little detail but it’s incredible just
    how much damage battery acid can do so it was this goes back together
    everything will be all fiberglassed if it isn’t fiberglass it will be
    fiberglass so if there’s ever again any acid spillage it won’t be a problem it
    won’t be able to escape its containment center and that’ll all start going back
    together in the next video I certainly do appreciate you watching and sticking
    it through all of this terrible destruction and if it was worthwhile for
    you please give it a thumbs up down below there below the screen and if you
    haven’t already click on the subscribe hey thanks a lot for watching and we’ll
    see you on the rebuild next time

    Here’s What’s So Exciting About Celebrity Edge!
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    Here’s What’s So Exciting About Celebrity Edge!

    August 18, 2019

    A very unusual cruise ship has been
    under construction at the STX shipyard in France. It’s the Celebrity Edge, the first of
    an entirely new class of ships by Celebrity Cruises… The premium cruise line operated by Royal Caribbean. And Celebrity Edge has got some really
    unusual features and design elements! Construction has been underway for
    about the last two years… And the maiden voyage of the Celebrity Edge
    is coming up this December. Things are really coming together
    onboard the ship now… And I finally got some real video of the ship to
    share with you so you can see how she’s turning out. Now this right here is an animated artist’s rendering
    of the signature feature of the Celebrity Edge… That sets it apart from just about any
    cruise ship you’ve ever seen. It’s an exterior deck called “The Magic Carpet”
    that moves up and down the side of the ship
    like an elevator. Here is actual video
    of the nearly completed Magic Carpet. It’s a multi-purpose part of the ship. At times that’ll be where
    you board or disembark the ship. At other times it’s a dining venue, and also a bar. From a distance it kind of looks like there’s
    a construction scaffold attached to the ship. But that’s the Magic Carpet,
    and no other ship has anything like it! Here’s an artist rendering of “the Grand Plaza”. And this is actual video
    of how construction is coming along on it. There’s still a lot of work to do,
    but when it’s all done this is going to be
    one of the big focal points of the ship… A place you’ll go to be with people,
    have a drink, and be social. As you can imagine, there’s a lot of work involved
    in constructing a big cruise ship like this. And they’ve got hundreds of craftsmen
    working full-time to get it ready
    for the first cruise, in December. Another unique space on Celebrity Edge is called Eden. You know, like the Garden of Eden. We’re looking at some artist’s renderings here. You can see Eden will have lots of foliage…
    thus the name. Now here’s actual video of the unusual ceiling of Eden. The green color will be a great complement
    to all the plants that’ll be in this space. You can see construction is coming along
    but there’s still a lot of work to do on Eden,
    at this point. Another distinctive feature of the ship is the area
    on the top deck known as the Rooftop Garden. This animation was the design concept
    of what the space would look like… And here’s actual video to show you what it looks like
    at this point in the construction process. It’s a really distinctive look. You have to hand it to the design team
    for coming up with something that really
    sets the ship apart from all the others. Can’t you just imagine relaxing out here in the Sun on a Caribbean cruise? Here’s a photo of the ship’s theater… And there’s something really unusual about the theater that you might not notice at first glance. I think it’ll be easier if we take a look at
    an artist’s rendering of the theater in action. Now what strikes me about that artist’s rendering
    is that this looks very much like 270… The amazing theater at the back end of Royal Caribbean’s Anthem Of The Seas. So I’m pretty sure that Celebrity
    is going to use that same technology
    that they used on Anthem Of the Seas… For an amazing theater like I’ve never seen before. If you look at this picture of the back of the ship. You can see it looks very much like
    the back of Anthem Of The Seas…
    with that amazing theater. So, I’m pretty sure that that’s what’s going on here on the Celebrity Edge. And finally…
    Have you heard about the staterooms with
    what Celebrity is calling an “Infinite View Veranda”? I wish I had better pictures of it, but… What they’ve done is taken the Veranda
    (the balcony) and really integrated it into the cabin. The glass doors that separate the cabin
    from the veranda can be closed,
    when you want to keep the weather out… Or they can be fully opened, to make the
    cabin and the veranda just one big space. I think this is a brilliant idea
    and I could totally see myself
    enjoying a cabin like this. Celebrity Edge will be based in Hollywood, Florida
    at Port Everglades and the completely renovated
    terminal 25… The biggest investment that Port Everglades
    has ever made in a cruise terminal. And you can expect it’ll have all the latest innovations
    to improve the process of both boarding
    and disembarkation. Well that’s an update
    on the construction of the Celebrity Edge… A very innovative cruise ship that
    is going to make a big splash…
    (pardon the pun!) When she makes her debut in December. If you like cruising on the newest ships with
    the latest features on the cutting edge of design… Celebrity Edge is definitely
    a ship that you should check out. I’m Jim Zim…
    Always happy to shine a spotlight
    on the newest cruise ships! Here are links to some of my other videos
    featuring the best cruise ships I’ve found… With features that put them way ahead of
    all those older cruise ships you may have sailed on.

    Wind please go AWAY!! [Yacht Refit & Restoration Week 81] (Ep.90)
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    Wind please go AWAY!! [Yacht Refit & Restoration Week 81] (Ep.90)

    August 17, 2019

    We’re gonna start prepping the mast I’ve
    got to show you all my master splicing tricks and all of those are done and
    everything organized man ugh, so frustrating It’s 8 o’clock in the morning just
    dropped Simone off at the boat she’s busy editing to kick out another episode
    and here’s our list to do for today so we’ve got upholstery and we gotta sort out
    some rigging so I’ve got a collect rigging that’s waiting for us for the
    two fore stays then we have to phone southern ropes for our final order of
    all our new lines and some mooring lines and some rode. I always tell Ricky
    when you get a parcel wait till I can film you opening it do you think he does
    that no he’s too damn eager to open up his parcel. So our new two fore stays freakin
    awesome actually the first time I’ve ever played with the stuff other than
    obviously removing ours we’ve got a stay lock we’ve got our bottom
    turnbuckle this is a little one for inner fore stay ,guys we got to that stage where the mast is outside. We’re gonna start prepping the mast and
    I don’t mean prepping a sense of haylards and that. We’ve cleaned it and washed it
    and done all of that stuff terms of gear and that means installing our tricolour
    light with anchor light that’s below this very nice setup that they got, believe Lalizas does this they’re super nice really neat looking like that
    and we can do it because we are vessels just under 12 meters and this is for
    vessels just under 12 meters so we’re lucky on that we don’t have to do the two bow lights but we
    still need a steaming lighting we still need a we don’t actually need stern light
    because this one has one in the tricolor but we will install one anyways at the back
    mount for our VHF aerial and that looks like that’s one of these whip tips.
    and this is also AIS enabled one probably a later stage we’re probably
    gonna change it and run a secondary aerial to run the AIS independently but since
    our VHF has AIS built in we’re gonna run with one of these those will connect
    up with simple bracket that mounts in goes in there , thought about figured out
    how to mount this bracket in large spot that it’s not in the way of anything
    else and then we got our anemometer that we need to mount with Raymarine they come with a nice
    little base bracket mounted like that probably have it aft facing so that if
    we peek out of the out of the Dodgers it will be very easy to see if we put it to either
    side we might have a bit of a shadow or whatever we’re gonna put it to the back
    that backwards something like that there we got our deck lights, pretty much shines
    on on a well, workinglight, deck light shines on on the deck of the boat so
    that we can see everything at night if we were working if we want to do
    something something goes wrong we could turn that light on a good good light and
    then we got to have our steaming light on there and then our radar and this bad
    boy Quantum Raymarine, so awesome, we bought this
    in the beginning of the project and maybe thankful that we did because we
    have we gotten to this stage might have not been able to afford one, we would have allocated the money to
    other more important things but radar always a great great thing to have and
    yeah we luck to have got one. Here’s our steaming light for vessels less than 12 meters according to the call regs.
    what’s great about those lights that come with these and it’s a 3M double sided tape so all i’m gonna do is put it on drill the holes that need to be drilled
    and screw/tap into that One of the things i’ve discovered lately is using 3M VHB tape as a dissimilar metal barrier, so a barrier between stainless and aluminum ,slap
    some 3M VHB tape there it adheres to and then you can do your fasteners onto that, got
    some of this stuff Duralac tough to get here in South Africa for some reason
    can’t seem to find it, not much around but there’s a guy I helped out with some other
    stuff one of the old sailors helping him with some other gear and he says use
    this and I have seen this all along this mast it’s been green stuff read up a little about it, seems to be pretty good anti corrosive joining
    compound inhibits electronic corrosion between dissimilar metals so
    yeah so if you guys can get a hold of that seems to be good so all the connections we did with
    those and if you don’t know them it’s a solder and then two seals and
    then a heat shrink and over that I put two heat shrinks to seal everything up on top of that. We drilled
    the holes in the bracket that our radar sits on the electronics will only be
    mounted once the mast is already up We then ran all the wire through the mast
    for our lights and connected them up I didn’t get a bracket with the with the
    light obviously you never get brackets with the lights so gonna make one
    just got a piece of stainless steel that is lying around piece of scrap
    marked all my lines where I need to do bends and then the line where I need to cut off and
    we’re gonna fit it over here, we’re gonna have a little steaming light over here
    and our that’s our deck light working light so that’s the bracket pretty much as you
    can see and will rivet it on to the mast over there , we’ll just bend them in a bit
    more thosee tabs and it will be done! putting some of this Duralac stuff it’s
    just to isolate the two material from one another some VHB tape there on the back
    to just to isolate it from the mast to and it’s purely a barrier we just got this little power pack
    it’s a 12-volt power pack and all we’re doing is just testing the light to make
    sure that everything works then I check the tricolor up top. Sweet! sweet Moses helped us out the weekend
    and we got started with our rigging a little bit of corrosion there and on top
    that’s for our Furler so we’re just gonna clean all of that up nicely Lube it up
    maybe even add some anti-corrosion compound and put everything back
    together and inspect all the pins replace all the split pins So this is what she looks like before.. As you can see there’s just a single strap over
    there and then just have you have to take either one of the back stays and
    what I’m going to do is I’m going to standardize these holes are not standard
    I want to go to 13 ml I’m going to get another plate to this like that’s recut
    and then we’ll go down to the standard which is a 13 ml hole and then like
    that’s the whole rig is standard if we need to get gear anywhere it’s easy to get make new
    pins and it will fit, we’ve got a new strap for the other side
    These pins have been in there without compound so they a little bit tight and a little
    bit seized we’re just gonna smack it out that’s pretty much how how our two back stays
    are gonna be, the only thing that’s going to change here is that plate we’re gonna make a new
    plate on Monday with all the wires metal supplies closed today so that’s a set
    up for front one it’s going to go on to a stay lock we have a Norseman here but
    it’s gonna take us a stay lock up front Check at this wind the windsock over there, check at that windsock
    forecast is gusting 45 knots clearly what happens with this marina if it
    blows from the west it flattens everything out but if it was the east
    there’d be one heck of a swell in here on to these dead eyes we’ve got the dead
    eyes which we got from Kraken Luke in the US and we’re gonna make all of these
    lashings so there’s our super 12 from southern
    ropes we’re gonna get all of that turned into these so that we ready hopefully
    Monday to get it on so one of those things have been really on my mind to
    talk to you guys about is doing a boat build in like an open area like
    we’ve done exposed to the elements 24/7 seven days a week and if anyone knows PE
    they’ll know how brutal this environment is the wind pumps here it’ll be sunshine
    in the morning will be raining this afternoon and you’re trying to build a
    boat outside it’s freaking tough so if anyone’s ever considering doing a boat
    build or a refurb or something try your best to kind of get it to somewhere even
    if it’s upper stream somewhere into a little warehouse or something like that
    just to help you out a bit because the weather will really sometimes get you
    down but yeah I think Simone needs some help let me go help her out, at least we got some indoor
    splicing today I’m gonna show you all my master splicing tricks I’ve only been
    doing this for like two months.. no you’ve been doing it since Luke taught you.. joking been here since Skywalker has been
    here so Luke left me a whole bunch of these goodies like this thing I think he
    said this is to start the engine when it doesn’t fail.. Marlin spike. ah Simone knows them! it’s got some of these these apparently
    to do shoelaces .. fids.. splicing fids..I’m clever hey!! Too smart! Simone;s got it she’s got it down
    thanks to Luke well it’s not as neat as when Luke left it here. Luke check
    at this what is going on at this box and all of those are done and
    everything organized so we got each one attached to a sexy Deadeye man so
    frustrating so we’ve prepped up the mast pretty much we’ve run our rigging on the
    mast we’re ready to haul up the mast but do you think the weather plays right
    with us no, this wind never freakin stops which is great for sailing but really
    crappy when you have to work so we’re trying to finish up our little things
    that we still have to do and hopefully the weather clears up sometime this week so
    that we can hoist up the mast So all our Dyneema rigging is run.. check out those are the custom spreader
    tips that we put that we made out of HDPE and check theres our oh man almost
    looks like carbon fiber but it ain’t it’s super 12 from southern ropes
    with chafe sleeve cover on it and now what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna seize these
    tips on so we’re gonna literally will run lines over in a figure eight like
    that so it’s secure and doesn’t move so that’s what the mast looks like at the
    moment VHF aerial super awesome LED light and that’s where anemometer is
    gonna go plug in to there I just took it off because I don’t want it hanging outside
    here, secondary fore stay that I made out of Dyneema out of super 12 just for
    the moment so we can get the gauge length
    there’s our backstay’s check how nice that looks man now that’s another one’s
    missing cause I’m waiting for that toggle for the guys to bring the
    toggle , there’s our solid thimbles and the whole rig is done like that check at
    that man that’s beautiful whole mast is set up
    Show you down here what it looks like our white steaming light
    Also LED with our deck light Hella, so we’re gonna have lots of good
    light at night you want a party on the decks so yeah the only thing we need to
    do, our furlers on the side see that long aluminum one there that’s a
    furler and we still got the drums at Basil’s house hopefully we’ll get out to
    that this week get it all done all the wirings in conduit in there and those
    lines are all gonna get replaced with new lines but for now we are ready to go up It’s Wednesday today, we’ve been
    waiting since Monday for a crane and obviously cause we trying to get the
    discount the crane can only come on the day that they’ve got work inside the
    harbor so we wait for them for those days and when they pitch up then we just
    use them once they’re done with the other work that they need to do first
    and then obviously it’s at a much reduced price much cheaper so it’s
    affordable for us to do it and that’s going to get our mast on but the boat is
    looking sweet check at that anchors on everything’s
    finishing up real good gotta give you guys a better view! check at that get my
    head out of it , that looks awesome man,so much work, year and a half down the line and we’re finally
    getting ready launch super excited just wanna freakin go sailing
    already travel eat food surf not that I can surf but we’ll try something check at those
    bad ass solar panels 1000 watt’s baby let’s get to work don’t forget to
    subscribe below if you haven’t already and give us a thumbs up if you’d like to
    support our production you can do so viaany of the links in the description below
    and have an awesome week Stay tuned till next week where we hopefully.. get our mast up.

    How to build a boat Ep #1 – Catamaran you can live on
    Articles, Blog

    How to build a boat Ep #1 – Catamaran you can live on

    August 17, 2019

    This is the first of a series of videos about a catamaran I built back in the 90s. Building a boat, something big enough to live on and sail off over the horizon is a dream I had for years. My original idea was to build a monohull, in fact I bought plans for a little 21 footer that I was going to weld up and sail around the world in. The plan got postponed for a number of years and in that time I come across a couple of books that changed my ideas. It was back in the early 90’s First book was the Gougeon Brothers on boat building, all about building with epoxy and wood. And the other book was the cruising multihull by Chris White. The two of them together made sense Building a multihull, that didn’t rely on tonnes of lead to keep itself upright and building with wood, epoxy and fibreglass, all made sense to me.. I found plans I liked from a local multihull designer, Tony Grainger. I then started preparing the place to build it, in the bush on my parents property out the back of Noosa Heads. Queensland, Australia. The original shed was only big enough to build the 21ft boat that I originally planned to build. So I lengthened it with the idea of building the boat in 3 sections. 2 hulls separately and then the centre section. Which I ended up doing. Building of the hull starts with a strong back. It’s a ladder like construction that I concreted into the ground. I cut out temporary frames in chipboard. to make the cross sectional shapes of the hull. Using full size contours on mylar sheet that I laid down on the wood and traced out with a dressmakers wheel. Each temporary frame is set up on the strong back. and lined up. It’s worth spending a little extra time to get everything spot on at this stage Getting it all lined up perfect. and the contours cut out perfect. made for an absolutely fair hull. It saves you a lot of time down the track. The construction was strip plank western red cedar. Basically a wood cored fibreglass boat. My reasons for building it this way were that its a simple system for a one off boat You don’t need to build a mould before you can make it. produces a very fair hull. It’s strong, its light. The cedar strips were 14mm thick and for the majority of the boat 90mm wide. what I’d bought, machined ah, were not long enough to make up the length of the hull so they have to be scarfed together to give you the full length of the hull. I set up a jig with my brothers radial saw, to saw them all give them a feather edge for scarfing. and then set up a jig table to scarf them all together. Once they were dried then I could start screwing them on to the temporary frames. Edge gluing them as I went to start to form the shell of the hull. The edge glue was a mixture of epoxy resin & cab-o-sil which thickens it to a peanut butter consistency. probably (80 – 90%) of the work I did on my own the rest was help from family and friends Here’s my Dad giving me a hand. To follow along to the next stage of the build, just click on the link above for the next video. Thanks for watching…

    Attempted robbery! – The darker side of sailing around the world! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 127
    Articles, Blog

    Attempted robbery! – The darker side of sailing around the world! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 127

    August 17, 2019

    [? They got ?] [? it. ?] Hey. Hey. Over here, over here. Over here. Brady, over here. Brady. Kazza, what’s happening? Is it a guy right there? Yeah, he’s right here. [MUSIC PLAYING] Previously on Delos– we do
    some more underwater exploring, we have one final sail
    with Greg and Cheyenne, and we say a sad
    goodbye to Camilla. It was 3 AM and we
    had just been woken up by an incredibly loud noise. We ran out on deck
    to find someone attempting to steal our dinghy, Kazza, what’s happening? Is it a guy right there? Yeah, he’s right here. [INAUDIBLE] We had come home early that
    night and did as we always do, lift Maggie a few meters out of
    the water, turn out the lights, and crawl into bed. Unfortunately, a
    local from the village thought it would be a good
    idea to paddle out and see if he could get his hands
    on our outboard motor. Once he realized the motor alone
    would sink his little canoe, he decided to stand up and
    cut through the haylard that was holding all 150
    kilos of Maggie. The ridiculously loud noise
    of Maggie falling two meters onto his canoe woke
    us up immediately. I turned the deck lights on and
    ran outside with a flashlight to find a man standing
    in Maggie, attempting to paddle her away. Half naked and half
    asleep, my first reaction was to yell, hey you, [BLEEP],,
    which scared him enough for him to dive out of the dinghy and
    disappear into the dark water surrounding us. Brian appeared with a
    machete, also yelling and screaming like a crazy man. Get the [BLEEP] out of
    here, you son of a [BLEEP].. We immediately
    sprung into action, jumping into Maggie just
    before she drifted away. We re-tightened the outboard
    motor and began the chase. There was no way we were
    letting this asshole get away without trying to capture
    his face on camera. Where’s he at? He’s right under the boat. Right here, right here. Under the water. Swimming back over. This dude was an
    incredible diver, going back and forth
    under the keel of Delos and least six or seven times. He’s over here, Brady. He’s right here. So [BLEEP] scary, though. He’s over here. Our plan was to scare him, scare
    the shit out of him, actually. And hopefully get
    him in the dingy and take him to
    the police station. Hey, I’m going to
    get you [BLEEP].. Don’t [BLEEP] I don’t
    know if I like this. I know he’s [BLEEP] tired. He’s right here. Yeah. [INAUDIBLE] Is there just one of them? [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] Come here. Yeah. [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] Come here
    in the [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] I don’t– They’re going to
    get him in the boat. It’s– I mean– he’s
    a [BLEEPING] pissed, but you don’t– I don’t know. We don’t want him to drown. We don’t want to hurt him. So the boy’s getting him now. [INAUDIBLE] No, no, no Don’t let him rest. Don’t let him rest. [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] All right, starboard. [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] We’re not going
    to kill you, bro. [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] We’re not going to kill you. He doesn’t want to go
    in the boat, though. Yeah, get his face. Get his face. But it’s– No, no, no [INAUDIBLE] Blurry. [INAUDIBLE] He’s slippery, bro. You almost had him. [INAUDIBLE] He’s hard to grab, bro. OK. [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] Guys. Brian, do you want to call
    somebody or should we– Yeah shouldn’t we be calling? Nah, we’ll get him first. He’s right here. Well, I mean, he’s never
    going to hand himself in. Yeah, he’s not. After a while, we figured
    it would be a good idea to call some of
    our local friends, get some advice on what to do. After all, we were in
    Madagascar and wanted to play by the local rules. The security guard. Should we call, like,
    Bruce Bruce or Rudy? Yeah, I think he swam to the
    other boat and [BLEEP] I mean, it’s really dark out tonight. Must be just like hanging on. It’s no moonlight. Yeah, he might be
    hanging onto something or is drifting, right? If he drifts down it’s
    real hard to see him. So I think we’re going
    to try to call somebody to figure out what to do. But, I don’t know. Yeah. I kept hearing
    these crazy noises and I thought the bow of
    the dinghy was full of water because it was like banging
    and making a weird noise. then I just got this [BLEEP]
    feeling, a really bad feeling. So I flipped the
    lights on on deck and came out with a
    flashlight and somebody had cut the halyard for the dinghy. Really? And was trying to fucking
    steal the outboard in a sinking canoe. Like, [BLEEP] is he going to do? Absolutely didn’t
    think about it at all. His canoe is totally
    under water and it’s gone and he’s trying to steal
    our massive outboard. Trying to swim to
    another boat to lose us. Come on, let’s go
    over there, quick. [? Go, ?] go. Why do people do shit
    like this, though? Like, what the [BLEEP]. I don’t know, it just
    makes me really sad. Like a beautiful place
    like this and then can just be completely
    destroyed, in a way, by people think that it’s OK to
    steal from other people. It’s just real shit. Just makes me sad. No luck? Nah, we lost him. We’re going to try
    and find his canoe. So I just need
    Mares dive lights. Can you [INAUDIBLE] I think we– I think
    we lost him in the dark and he’s something
    between the boats and we couldn’t
    get him on board. We kept grabbing him and his
    shirt kept ripping apart. But we found the canoe. And he probably stole it
    so if we collect the canoe and hopefully we have
    this face then we can maybe track him down. So the guys have
    just gone off now and there’s a lot of
    whistling going on and I think quite a few
    other boats are now awake. And I feel like it’s
    [? something that’s ?] going on at land. So maybe he got into land. I’m just happy other
    people are awake because then at least
    other people can help and locals can be more– I don’t know. I don’t like when it’s just
    the guys because you never know even– I mean, what do you
    even do with somebody? If we would have
    caught him, like– I guess we all have
    different feelings about it but for me it’s
    like, I don’t know. Like, if you want to get
    involved with the police in that way in here. I mean, Madagascar
    is amazing but I don’t think you want to get
    involved the police here, unfortunately. And me and Cheyenne
    are having a cup of tea because I need to calm down. Have you ever been
    robbed before, Cheyenne? From my locker in high school. Not like this. Yeah. It’s definitely
    a little sketchy. And it’s different when
    you’re in a country. Like, it’s not in Sweden
    where you can call the police, 911, boom, somebody’s there
    in 10 minutes, you know? It’s different. You have to deal
    with it yourself. You have to take action
    that you don’t need to in another country. Yeah. Yeah, just trying to stay calm. Where it’s like
    you said, back home it’s like you call someone
    else to come and help you. Where here there’s
    five of us and we all have to help each
    other and then look out for all of these people’s
    boats and make sure that everybody is like
    aware of what’s going on. Yeah. So it’s good that you
    got a shot of his face because now at least there’s a
    name to what’s been going on. Yeah. And it looks like
    there’s a spotlight search from– is that a boat? Do you see that? Is that the boys? Every once and a while. See that? Yeah, that’s probably them. Meanwhile, we were
    scouring through the jungle with about 10 of the locals. After a few hours of searching
    the sun started to rise and we called it off. The thief had escaped
    into the darkness. What a manhunt that was. Did you find him? No. Very close. Really? Very close a few times. He was up in the jungle. I think they saw him
    climbing the rocks here. Yeah, we spent the
    last couple of hours in the jungle
    trying to track him. No luck. No luck. Torches started
    dying and he gone. He’s gone. I think he was in his canoe
    trying to take the outboard off and that wasn’t working
    because it’s so fucking heavy. Ah, yeah. And he’s probably like– Because when you lift
    it the whole thing– The whole front, exactly. Goes up, right? So then he’s like, OK. So you have to be two
    people in two canoes to be able to push
    [? straight to ?] front. Yeah. So then he’s probably
    standing there next to it and just started
    cutting the lines and those were the loud
    noises that sounded like the anchor was pulling. Every time you cut a
    line the dinghy’s like– and then he had it. I mean, it was gone. It was loose. [INAUDIBLE] Yeah it was– He cut all the lines and
    the bow line was cut. Really? Yeah. It was floating right
    next to the boat when me and Brady came out. Yeah. I just stepped into
    it and then we– It was like this fucking close. Another, 10, 15
    seconds and it would have been drifting that way. We came out and it was gone. I mean it, I had pieces of
    shirt that kept ripping. Yeah. Then you’d grab his arm and
    he was a little slippery. Real slippery. Madagascar [INAUDIBLE]. We got a canoe. We got a canoe. That’s pretty cool. We did. Yeah, we found his canoe. I’m happy you guys didn’t get
    hurt or witness any brutality. Yeah, I was on
    the way back and I started seeing there
    was probably 10 people involved looking for him. And on the way back,
    we passed the people that were on the
    trail if he ran out, and they all had
    knives and rocks. And we’re like, well, maybe
    they’ll hit him a few times and then grab him and
    take them to the police. Or maybe their brain will
    flip and then he’s dead. I don’t think the
    kid deserves to die. No. That’s what we were saying, too. He deserves to get the shit
    scared out of him like he did. And he deserves to get caught. It sucks because we’re
    not going to sleep well and every little noise
    is going to wake us up. That’s the worst part
    about it is [INAUDIBLE].. The last time it happened
    it took months for me to be able to sleep again, you know? Yeah. So we have some
    boys here that think that they know who
    the canoe belongs to and they want to take it. I don’t think they
    speak good French and they definitely
    don’t speak English. And French is shit. But it sounds like they
    know the owner of the boat. The chances that it was his
    canoe is pretty slim, right? Yeah, I don’t think
    it would be his. He looked quite young. I don’t know,
    generally the people that own the canoes
    that are proper fisherman they’re not
    bad people, you know? They have a livelihood
    and they like the sea and they kind of have a
    respect for each other. So it could be his
    uncles or it could be somebody that knows him, right? Yeah. [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] Sorry about that. Huh? [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] They’re like, shit. I don’t think they knew
    that we [INAUDIBLE] Yeah. [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] Brady, it’s true? You got to have picture of– Yes, on my phone. On your phone? Yes. You can show me the face? Yes. Yeah. Yeah, we can. [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] Things are happening. I don’t know what but people
    are gathering and talking. We’re going to carry
    it on to dry land. Only one guy, no? Yeah, one guy. [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] I don’t know what
    they’re saying but it sounds– they said a few names. [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] Is he black? Yes. Yes. [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] Maybe young, young too. Yeah, he’s young. 20 maybe. 20. About 20. Yeah. Or something. Not much more. You don’t know? Or you recognize him,
    but don’t know the name? [INAUDIBLE] Yes, yes. Yeah, we know his name. Oh you do? And he’s the guy who
    makes something wrong here every time, every time. Last night only one
    person, just him. Yeah. Yeah. [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] I know this face. I know this face. Yeah? I’m 80% sure. Yeah? I’m 80% sure. Who’s the canoe? Huh? Who does the canoe. This canoe is for the man who
    will help you to bring it here. The man who has the cab. I asked him who
    asked you yesterday for the [NON-ENGLISH]. Anyone ask to ask me
    for the [NON-ENGLISH],, he just kept the [NON-ENGLISH] Do you think he stole
    it last night from– Yeah he stole this
    [NON-ENGLISH] and– OK, so those kids had no idea. They were just like, my dad told
    me to come get his canoe back. And we were like, no, it’s ours. So we were apparently
    80% sure who the thief was by this point. Over the past year,
    things had gone missing from a few other yachts. In fact, our friends had
    their laptops stolen not long before this incident. The system here in
    Madagascar is a bit different than most places. Matters like this
    would normally be taken care of by the village itself. They call the village justice
    and it actually works really well for crime prevention. If you’re caught
    doing something wrong, you are shamed and
    possibly beaten. If the offense is really
    bad and you’re directly affecting the livelihood
    of the other villagers, there’s a chance
    you will be killed. There is no room for dishonesty
    among the culture here. But we were foreigners, and
    the last thing we wanted was to get mixed up
    in village justice. So we called the police. We called the police. Yeah. And we’re going to show them
    this guy and the picture [? of you ?] and then– So Bruce called the local
    [? agent ?] [? amery, ?] the local police department and
    his friend that is the police officer there. So they don’t feel the
    need to come down here. Bruce said that we’ll make a
    report, print the pictures, and then we’ll come and
    we’ll give it to Bruce and he’ll translate it in to
    Malagasy and then he’ll go and he’ll take it to the
    police station later today. OK. So– And then we’ll see. If Bruce wants to do that. It’s not like we’re– Yeah, no, he said
    this is the best plan. Or else he said it’s
    just like you just leave it and you’re
    just, OK, well let’s just be lazy about it and he said– And then he’s going to be
    out there next month, too. Yeah. We’re about to go in and
    give our official statement. Da da da. Wherever that is. [INAUDIBLE] And I’ve printed
    out some pictures of our little [BLEEP]. It totally looks like a
    wanted poster, doesn’t it? It does. And Brian put this little
    thing together just in case the police have a
    computer with a USB. The thief of Madagascar. We weren’t the first people
    to have problems around here. Everyone from the
    local village was pretty sure they knew who
    was causing all the trouble. The only problem was no
    one could ever prove it. Everyone wanted to come and have
    a look at the thief in action. So Bruce has just finished
    translating everything into Malagasy and he even
    wrote on behalf of the marina, too, how important the
    matter is because it’s not normal around here
    and it ruins tourism and it ruins
    sailors coming here. It’s a beautiful place and
    if one person can ruin it, nobody will come here anymore. And they understand that
    here for tourism, you know? So all the local
    fishermen around here and everybody that
    works here and everybody in the closest
    village is very, very against this sort of thing. I think we’ll go to
    the police station. The police station
    in [NON-ENGLISH].. OK. Just five kilometer or
    six kilometer from here. OK, not far. They won’t let us film
    in the police station anyway so we’ll just go and
    turn this stuff in and see what they say. Sounds good. Maitenant? Yes. OK. The story. So– Oui, oui, oui. So Bruce took me to the police
    department in [INAUDIBLE] way on the top of the
    hill somewhere. And we gave them the
    form and the photos and it was pretty cool. They had computers in
    there so I was able to– and he had a hard drive
    so I used the tablet and transferred the video
    and they loved it, man. They were trotting around
    watching the video like, oh, look at him. Laughing their ass off. And they said, we need to
    go see the local security force because the police–
    there is not enough police to do anything about it. Yeah. But there’s like a private
    security force that’s here. It’s 30,000 ariary per
    security guy to go capture him. So how many security guys? Three? Three. So now I go with
    this man to find him. If he’s really at
    home or not and then I phone them and come
    now and they [INAUDIBLE].. We need to capture him,
    he’s bad for the clients, for the tourism, and
    that’s really bad for us too here for the marina. And for the future of the
    marina it’s very, very bad. Yeah. And we need to make some
    example, something like that. The little [INAUDIBLE],, the
    Windows tablet, game changer. High five. They were like, what? You caught it on video? Never seen any crime
    caught on video before. And it’s on this
    little tablet thing? Like, what? And then the guy
    has a hard drive and he’s like, put it on here? I was like, yeah. They were like, whoa. And then he watched it on
    his computer like 10 times. He was like, aw, look
    at him, ha ha ha. Luis. [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] OK. OK, so they said that
    they captured him. So it sounds like– oh no, no [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH]. It sounds like they
    got him, I think. And he’s like, they’re going
    to meet at the local police station just up
    here for us so if we want to go and make sure it’s
    him we can have a look at him. Let’s go. Let’s do it. So we’re going to organize
    a taxi to go up there. It’s kind of weird because
    you never really, like– You never get closer. You never get closure. I think– That’s what the
    guy was telling me. It’s like, we
    never get a reason, we never know who it
    is, we never have– They wake up and
    their shit’s gone. Maybe they see
    somebody swimming away but they never can capture it
    and they don’t know who it is. And if this is the guy
    then it’s great, man. It’s kind of like
    an episode of Cops. And then things got
    even more bizarre. We met Bruce on the
    side of the road. A few guys who we assume to
    be the private security force piled into the back
    of the taxi with us. It turns out one of those
    dudes was the thief. What’s up Bruce Bruce? Yeah? How are you? Fine, and you? Yes. The man is just here. So– Yeah, that’s the one. From last night? Oui? Yeah. Are you sure? Yeah. Yep. The same dude we were
    chasing in the dinghy and swinging paddles
    at last night was sitting right
    next to Greg and Brian in the back of the taxi. And you guys? Are you sure? I need to see him in the light. OK, hold on. Wed need you to
    put the light on. Put the light. I can see your– Video. Yeah, yeah. Oui, oui. [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] Yeah. [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] Yeah, I mean, look at that one. Oui, oui. As soon as I saw him
    and the light, I– Yeah. I see. [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] Cool, man. Well Madagascar
    justice actually works. Who knows what’s going
    to happen after this. And it was civilized
    justice, so far. Very civilized. Nobody’s– I mean, he just– Nobody– We got in the taxi with
    him which surprised me. That’s kind of awkward. That was a little awkward. You’re like, dude, I was trying
    to smash your face in last night and catch you in the
    jungle and now you’re– And now we’re paying for
    a taxi ride to take you to the [NON-ENGLISH]. Yeah. OK. It’s very weird situation. I think– I’m glad the girls didn’t come. [INAUDIBLE] They would have been
    like sitting in your lap with him next to them. I think that’s a
    bit traumatizing. Yeah. Yeah. Looks like he accept. He accepted. He accept. He says, it was me. To be there on the boat. OK. He said it was him last night. Confession, 100%. [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] OK, go. OK, OK, OK. [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] So he accept. He accept. He admitted. Accept. Yeah, yeah, accept. Because he don’t want to– because the [INAUDIBLE]
    they force him, they force him again and
    again and he accept finally, you know? And they know the
    [NON-ENGLISH] on his face– From the fight. Yeah. Yeah. But let’s go now. OK, let’s go now. We did good today. Yeah. The thief ended up
    spending about two months in the local jail. After learning more
    about him it turned out he was a young
    father without a job and was trying to make ends
    meet and provide for his family. This is in no way an
    excuse, but his story is pretty universal worldwide. Just like in every
    other city in the world, if you leave things of value
    around or leave your house or car unlocked,
    there’s bound to be an opportunistic
    thief looking to take advantage of the situation. The friendliness and
    honesty of the locals here reminded us that Nosy
    Be, Madagascar is just like everywhere
    else in the world– 99% friendly, honest, and safe. Unfortunately, all it
    takes is one incident for word to spread and people
    to have a preconceived notion about a place. We have never found
    Madagascar to be dangerous and will not let this
    one-off experience change our perception of this
    paradise we love so much. So, it is our last dinner. Oh, shit. The last supper. I cannot believe. How do you guys feel about
    inviting a bunch of strangers on your boat? Just us. Oh yeah, we were
    kindred spirits before. I feel like I already knew you. I already knew you guys. Are we wicked awesome? Wicked awesome. Yeah. Wicked smart. Wicked smart. Thank you guys for
    being such a good crew. [MUSIC PLAYING] So, it’s 6:30 in the morning. I just woke up and
    we fly out today. And I don’t know if
    I’m ready to fly out. There’s been quite a lot
    of commotion the past day. And we had somebody
    try and steal Maggie. I was kind of, pretty
    shaken up by at first, just to be woken up by
    somebody else on the boat. Then you have mornings
    like this that are so calm and there’s such a
    beautiful sunrise and there’s already fishermen
    waving and so many happy people that it’s like, you
    just know it’s going to be OK. I just want to say,
    thank you guys. And I’m going to
    miss you all a lot. [BLEEP] But no tears because
    adventures will happen again. Everything’s packed. Sadly. Unfortunately. I know. Thank you so much for having us. It was such a pleasure to meet
    you guys and we will see you in [? Aman. ?] All right, it sounds good. Thank you so much. Our pleasure. It was awesome. You guys were an awesome crew. Thank you. Great crew. So much. You fit in so well. [INAUDIBLE] sad. Absolute legends, mate. It was a wicked awesome trip. Wicked awesome kid. Dude. Dude, it was killer. Bye, see you soon. Bye. And just like that, it
    was only three left. [PLAYING GUITAR] Next up on Delos– we celebrate Kazza
    birthday in style. I’m the king of the world. Not really, but
    it’s my birthday. A beautiful day
    filled with diving, exploring, and watching
    a solar eclipse. (SINGING) Count the
    stars, I’m fighting sleep. So let it wash over me. I’m ready to lose my feet. Take me out to the
    place where [INAUDIBLE] [LAUGHTER] [INAUDIBLE] First thing in the morning. It’s a wrap. (SINGING) –wake up
    [INAUDIBLE] part of me. [INAUDIBLE] I’m
    blind [? to see ?] find how far she go. Everybody got their reason. Everybody got their way. We just catching and releasing
    what beats [INAUDIBLE] today. Like it? I like it a lot. (SINGING) –your body. It flows right
    through your blood.

    #17 Spares for a sailboat trip to Antarctica | Sailing Sisu catamaran in Cape Town South Africa
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    #17 Spares for a sailboat trip to Antarctica | Sailing Sisu catamaran in Cape Town South Africa

    August 17, 2019

    Good evening last week we discussed the foldable bikes and we also discussed the scuba gear and the fins and the things that we’re going to we’re theoretically going to get. This week we’re going to discuss spares and tools and things like that and a Rum Runner Bag. So thank you very much for last week you guys have been excellent and I think that this might be the main reason why I like the YouTube community the YouTube community You guys gave us so much feedback we also subscribed I think the last time a counted was around hundred and fourteen other sailling channels and from all of this you gain so much, I think this is a new kind of university! I am busy with my double PhD , but I think we should say all these paper things is??? we should go to YouTube school Oh, don’t let google hear that just now we’ll start paying for that too Okay anyway so thank you very much for for your awesome advice and comments that you give. You might have noticed that my arm is now not anymore white, so the white thing is gone. If you look like this I can already go, you see it must go that far, but I cannot, and also if I go, how was this?, Oh yes this way, I cannot move, you see this one? doesn’t want to. And then I can move like that already and I can move like that already, so progress is is in the air I’m still very stuff as you can see Uhmm so I also use a new lens if you guys want to have a quick look here is the lens, it’s a new lens The problem is . . . Is that that lens is not auto focus so I never know whether it’s in focus or not. It doesn’t auto focus so you have to tune it, it’s like very old-school manual things. Me an very electronic gadget guy, this is a little bit out of my reference view. But as a F2 stop it’s a very very awesome lens and also a 15 millimeter lens . . . Without auto focus. Anyway, so let us see how that goes and let’s carry on with this week. So the first thing, the first tool is a bosun chair. So and it reminds me of my days when I was actually flying paragliders and also powered paragliders. It is more of a powered paraglider chair than it is a paraglider chair, but it looks like a little chair. Electric tools, electric tools, electric tools! I’ve got, I’ve got this one but I will tell you now what is the problem with this one. This is a drill, but I also got a Dremel drill which is similar, similar things so the Dremel drill is actually my favorite and is to do with my drone days when i was flying drones. The problem with the Dremel drill is that it uses this kind of socket. The european socket. So our boat will be fitted with european, this two-prong sockets, but it’s electrical, so maybe I should go for the higher one. This is the Dremel 200 and we might need to go for the Dremel 8000, the series 8000, which is a battery, lithium battery operated one. So let’s see what happens. Then I also got these little things full off, I’m not going to open it – no if I open it everything falls out, but it has sockets and wrenches and allen keys and all sorts of things in it. But maybe just for safety sake I will have maybe two of them, they’re not that expensive so we can maybe have two of them, and . . . Then some of the tools that I, oooohh I must be careful now This hand is not strong! So as an Electronic Engineer, my first degree, I will know how to use this one, so this one can measure volts, ac/dc and amperes. I think I would like to get a clampy one, the way you put a clamp over to measure the ampere so you don’t need to break the wire. So this might be a good nasty one. And it is waterproof and all of those things, but I think for currents maybe we need to have the little clamp one. Then I’ve got a glue gun, and now my other hobby is starting to come out. This glue gun I used for first person view drones, racing drones, when I was flying racing drones, this this one can go into the lithium battery drone battery. But it doesn’t have a warning, if the battery, if the battery that doesn’t have a management thing then it will drain it and you kill the battery like kill, kill, dead! dead! So it’s not maybe a good idea, but this is a soldering iron for 12 volt. Then I also have this thing here, and if you watch The Wynns just recently, they have this as well. So it’s a nice thing uuuhh magnetic. So it’s a magnetic one and you can hold it here and it can turn around corners and still do stuff!!! It also has 57 pieces of stuffies that you can use. Pretty cool. Not sure how long it will last in a salty water but that we need to find out later on. So this is the one set of tools and I think for the spanners and . . . for the spanners, and the sockets and things like that, wrenches, maybe I’ll will have two sets of each, for in case one drops overboard, sounds like everyone is doing that quite often. So that’s it for that. I will look for tools that has lithium batteries so everything will be charged. So drills saws, uuhm grinders and things like that. So rather do that. Then a Chain counter? Another tool that I was thinking of is a chain counter. Chain counter, and the reason is The leopards 45 doesn’t have a big space for counting, or actually watching, even if you mark your chain to see the chain going out I don’t think it is . . . It’s that wIde, that you can actually quickly see how much scope you put out so I will drop the anchor look at the counter and then from there make five times more or three times or seven times depends on on the conditions of the sea. So I think a chain counter is good. Then a sewing machine. So sewing machine, we are thinking of doing the same as Ruby Rose. Uuhm, they’ve got a Sailrite, and it looked very good for us, and in Cape Town that’s almost the top of the range to do in Cape Town. Cape Town has a lot of sail makers, Cape of Storms, so they do repair a lot of sails. And then another . . . talking about sails, what about a sail repair kit? So in a sail repair kit we’ve got, I think I will put a manual in there so I know how to fix the sails. So and they’ve got the needles and then they’ve got this hand thing that you put on with a steel plate or a bobbin thing in that you can press the needle through that. So if the Sailrite machine conks, or there’s no electricity or for whatever reason then I can still manually fix the sail. And then you get these strips of Dacron and you get these strips of double-sided glue things. Basting tape, so get double-sided basting tape so that is also that I will get. I will also get like different spools of cotton. Either a big one that is not treated and you have a little wax, soapy thing to treat it or the threat is already, already treated for ultraviolet and things like that. So it depends on where you want to use it you can use it, it is just that some of them are expensive and others is very cheap so. So also leather that you . . . I think in the kit, I think there should be like a piece of leather and I didn’t know what it was for but at the clue, at the corners of the sail, you can actually then, if the corner has been stripped or broken or torn like ripped out then you can actually use, if you want to make a new corner you need to have to put leather in on both sides. Stitch it up with Dacron and it will actually strengthen the sail and then you can make a new hole, new punch also. We will also have the grommet thingy, a Jimmy grommet thingy so a jiffy grommet thingy to also do the grommets, maybe also for the eyelids, for the reefing lines so that will be there. We will have a couple of ropes and I’m not sure about ropes, so I was thinking, and I’ve just read now on the Leopard, the Leopard Owners Group That some of the halyards they replaced with another one, which is stronger but more expensive as well. But it goes faster through this thing, so the sail drops faster so I will look at that one. A Dyneema rope and, so this is a new thing, so I need to understand what that is But I might maybe buy those and then use the halyards and things that comes, the lines that comes with the running rigging that it is coming with, and maybe then replace it with this Dyneema lines or ropes. So we will have a few extra ropes. Sail ties! I would like to have sail ties. If you have a furling, and I will have a furling system and the furler is connected up and the lines is starting to, the sheets is busy, the wind pulled and pulled them and whatever, the water came over and pulled them and it is a little bit opening, and if it’s opening a little bit the wind can catch it and then it goes. So I would like to put sail ties there so it doesn’t go by itself. And so for that maybe a few spare sail ties. Then shackles, I think we will need a lot of shackles and, blocks, for I think we have blocks that we can put in for the Code 0, that I think it is coming with the boat. But I also want to have spare ones for in case they break and also pulleys, so we will see from Leopard what they have and then just maybe take exactly the same ones and have a couple of spares for them. And then Duct tape. A very good friend of mine one time gave this super bad joke which I cannot tell you guys but, a very good use for duck tape. So duct tape will be there and it will be different sizes, different lengths and different colors maybe. Electric spare kit. All the fuses, if there is ten 5 amp fuses and say two 10 amp fuses, then I think it’s obvious that I will not take 5 of each. So but a certain percentage of the fuses I think I will have in a box and then lux? If you need to cut a wire or if the wire is getting cut Then you need to be able to clean it, so we need a wire stripper, you need to put this lux? on and maybe crimp it and also heat shrink, so I will try to get that thing so a complete electrical toolkit, repair tool kit for any electrical wires, or electrical issues that we can pick up. And of course spare electrical wire. I’ve seen also another channel where they run out of Bora bora When they needed some electrical wire and there was no electrical wire. So they had to use from another thing like I think something like a pump of which they didn’t use, and that’s the wiring that I use, so I would rather have spare wire as well for in case something like that happens. And spare pumps, spare pumps I would like to have spare pipes and those pipes is either the water, the flexible ones or the stiff ones and all, then all up bends, and if you, and if you need to cut one like if it is burst and need to cut and stitch it together again so the ones that can stitch them together. So all of those pipey things I will also put on board, and then I’ve got two Yanmar engines, so the Yanmar engines I will need, apparently Marcel said there is two sets of spares. Spare kits. So one is maybe for the first hundred hours and then after that a regular one. So I will have a couple of those on board just to make sure it. . .Because one of the things is, the first one . . . The first couple of weeks we will go through the Wild Coast, so there is going to be a lot of shakey things. The Wild Coast is Wild Coast for a reason, and we need to be able to prepare or repair things very quickly. But the second one is, depends on the year, I don’t think this year we will make it but next year December, the season to go to Antarctica is always around December. Maybe late November, but definitely you need to wait for the ice to melt. So that I will go, and that will be a long trip to go around Antarctica from, from Ushuaia from Argentina, and you go around and you get to Australia. So that is a little bit of a longer trip and you will need a lot of spares for that so that is, I need to think of that. And also then, Water Maker kit, we have a water maker kit but the water maker, not just the strainers, not just the filters, not just the normal things but also the o-rings. Not sure but we have a bunch of o-rings and Ruby Rose, there’s a link, I will put a link up Ruby Rose had a video just on all the o-rings that you have. That’s a, not the whole video and just for o-rings, but video on spares. Lots of o-rings, so I would like to have also lots of o-rings. Since we will have diving stuff, so we will also have the diving spares and spare kits which also will need a lot of o-rings. So that is the thing and then Iridium Go, I would like to have a spare Iridium Go. And if you watched Delos just this weekend they actually run into troubles because their Iridium now for the second time, I think it’s electrical error there somewhere, but for the second time now their Iridium Go stopped receiving. Now the Weather Maps, which is a problem because it’s not a good idea if you cannot get the weather maps and again if we want to cross the roaring forties and furious 50s and screaming 60s we would like to know what is the weather window, where is those low pressure cells and you need to get out of the way very fast and you need to know what is the window for that. So i don’t want to lose the weather forecast for for that. Then also a small Mantus anchor for two reasons. The first reason is obviously for if you are at anchor and your boat swinging too much and it and you might hit a wall. There’s the shore or rocks, you want to maybe anchor it there but second, and also maybe the more important one is if you are in heavy seas like the guys, I spoke to some of the guys that’s doing the Leopard deliveries from Cape Town to Australia and then they, the run line to Australia is actually cutting through the furious fifties and the sea states is 40 foot 50 foot, very high. And for that the catamarans, the Leopards start surfing very easily and they can then do a nosedive. So what I do is I take a bridle out at the back so they put on the two hulls, the two cleats, it’s like a bridle, but it’s a hundred meter rope that they put out. And this 100 meter rope, at the end they have like a shackle kind of configuration like a bridle set up and there is the anchor, and the Mantus anhor, so it’s just to keep the rope down and just that rope is enough, first of all to steer the Cat down the waves in a straight line, to keep it in a straight line But also to make sure it doesn’t start surfing too fast. So, and you need to rope to be in the water all the time. We discussed the drogue anchors with them and some of them they do make drogue anchors but I don’t like them in general so the girl that is doing always the record speed from Cape Town to Australia, she use a rope. There’s actually a video. I’ll put the link for that video there as well. Awesome footage of, it’s the only video that I saw the sea state so high! And LED’s, so all the lights is LED so we will have a couple of LED’s for the lights so if the light goes out and you can have that. And you might ask us why don’t we talk about impellers? Since I’m watching Delos and since they’ve been now replacing these impellers at a furious rate! Why don’t? So I was, I was in a long discussion with Brent from Catamaran Impi, and this topic came up, because he has a video and I can post that link here as well, where he actually threw the impellers out. Actually the whole water pump system he’s kind of like thrown out and put a electrical pump there, so the electrical pump, the moment the alternators kick in the electrical pump is then started by the alternators and it starts, the water starts circulate. You can look in the video but I will also show you guys the moment we install it and how we install it. That’ll be like another couple of videos. So no impellers! We will replace it even before we leave Cape Town to make sure we don’t need impellers. But we’ll need then extra spare water pumps to make sure that they are all there. They say I need spare props. I’ll have some spare props for the dinghy and for the boat. If you do hit a rock you need to replace your props. So i will have spare props as well. So where are we going to put all of these things you may ask, and I may answer you so if you look at this video clip. So you go down on a starboard side and this is where we’re going to put the spares. Yes you’re right, this is not a four cabin version, it’s an owner’s version! But what about episode six! you will cry Yes that was when we were still young and dumb, now all you viewers have come up with lots of awesome advice. And we looked at other things, we actually looked at the catamaran, at a Leopard 45 at the starboard side where we can fit it in and my idea and what is actually there, didn’t work out. Also we tried to unify that two bathrooms. I’m not sure what you call them, it’s a Head and the shower right? I’m not sure what you call it now, but there’s two heads and showers, we wanted to combine them. It’s not going to work out, so we decided to go for the owners version and we will discuss that at a later video. So big changes, big, big, big changes that we did. This brings me to the Rum Runner Bag. Do you guys know what is a Rum Runner Bag? It just sounds so Caribbean It just sounds so rrrrrrrrr. I’m sure my Afrikaans accent is not making it less romantic. So a Rum Runner Bag is actually a bag to put stuff in and you . . . . there’s a little rope on top and you just pull it. And this is a Rum Runner Bag! I don’t know if you Sailors have a Rum Runner Bag. I think it’s awesome.

    How to sail with a Spinnaker on a small sailboat
    Articles, Blog

    How to sail with a Spinnaker on a small sailboat

    August 16, 2019

    In this training video we will look at how
    to handle an asymmetric spinnaker. The asymmetric spinnaker is flown from a retractable bow
    sprit which launches with the sail. Asymmetric spinnakers have now all but superseded
    conventional spinnakers in modern boat design. The large sail area delivers extra power to
    the boat, which will add a whole new dimension of fun to your sailing. The spinnaker is a large sail that can only
    be used when the boat is on a beam reach, broad reach or training run. It cannot be
    used on a close hauled or close reach point of sailing. Like the other sails on your boat, the spinnaker
    has three corners. They are also called the head, the tack and the clew. The sail is made
    of a much lighter ripstop sail cloth than the other sails. The head of the sail attaches
    to the spinnaker halyard, and is best tied using a bowline knot. Next run your hands
    along the leading edge, or luff, of the sail until you find the corner tack, which is then
    fixed to the end of the bow sprit. Again this is best done with a bowline. Next attach the
    retrieval line. This is a continuation of the halyard, and is attached to patches on
    the sail, again with a bowline. Next you should hoist the sail to check things
    aren�t tangled. When the sail is hoisted, go to the spinnaker sheets and pass one of
    them around the front of the forestay. And through its control fairlead, and the other
    through the fairlead on the other side of the boat. Tie a figure of eight stopper knot
    in the end of both sheets, and then tie both ends of the sheets together using a reef knot.
    With all the ropes connected correctly you should then pull the sail into the spinnaker
    chute by pulling on the retrieval line, but be careful that the sail doesn�t get caught
    around the trolley, as this could cause damage. With the jib rigged you may choose to relocate
    the forestay and tie this back to the mast. This prevents the spinnaker from snagging
    on the wire and also keeps it clear of the jib when furling. You must remember to reconnect
    the forestay before you lower the jib at the end of your sailing session, otherwise the
    mast will fall down. We recommend that to start with you practise
    on light wind days where things happen slowly. When afloat the first point to understand
    is when you can actually hoist the sail. And this is best done on a training run. Working together, the helmsman and crew balance
    the boat to keep it flat. The crew then pulls the spinnaker up using the halyard. This might
    feel tight because pulling the sail up also pulls the bow sprit out. Watch yourself here
    as the sail will suddenly pull free from the spinnaker chute, so make sure that you are
    balanced or even seated to do this. The crew then locks the halyard in the jam cleat. Look
    above to check the sail is fully hoisted. The crew then moves to pick up the leeward
    control sheet. This is the one on the same side as the boom. Tension in the spinnaker sheet is crucial
    to successful spinnaker sailing. To find the best position for the sheet, the crew must
    constantly be easing and tightening the sheet in small amounts whilst keeping a keen eye
    on the leading edge of the sail. The crew releases the sheet until the leading edge
    of the sail just starts to curl. When this point is reached or the sail starts to flap,
    the crew then pulls the sheet back to the point where the sail stops flapping. This action is continually repeated. As you
    get better the leading edge should just be flicking with the sheet being released and
    tightened by just a few inches at a time. At this point the sail is set for the optimum
    airflow and generates the maximum power or drive. Sooner or later you�re going to have to
    gybe, and in this video we are assuming that you are already proficient at doing this manoeuvre
    without the spinnaker. The actions undertaken by the helm are pretty
    much the same, so we�re primarily going to look at what the crew does. Again you should
    practise this manoeuvre in light winds, without the boat moving at significant speed. Turn the boat back onto a training run, which
    will have the effect of blanketing the spinnaker under the mainsail which reduces the power
    in the sail. The normal gybe routine then applies. With the helm carrying out the usual
    gybe procedure, the crew releases the jib sheet, picks up the new spinnaker control
    sheet in preparation, and as the boom moves across, sharply pulls the spinnaker across
    onto the new side with the new spinnaker sheet. Let�s look at another gybe. The crew releases
    the jib sheet from its cleat, and then prepares to grab the new spinnaker sheet. The helmsman
    then turns the boat and pulls the boom across by pulling on the falls of the mainsheet,
    whilst the crew at the same time, is pulling on the new spinnaker sheet. The crew pulls
    the jib smartly across, and then returns to play the spinnaker sheet as before. All that�s left to do now is to lower the
    spinnaker. The helm turns the boat back on to a training run and the crew passes him
    the spinnaker sheet. This keeps the sail under control. The crew then releases the halyard
    from the cleat – and pulls on the retrieval line to stow the spinnaker back inside the
    chute. The sail and bowsprit are retracted simultaneously by one single line and the
    sail is stowed in the spinnaker chute. Having perfected light wind spinnaker sailing,
    now let�s look at what happens on a windy day. It�s the same, but things happen much
    quicker. Strong wind sailing with the spinnaker is
    sailing at its most fun. The power of the wind simply lifts the nose of the boat out
    of the water, and by moving your weight backwards promotes planing and allows you to travel
    at much greater speeds than normal. Travelling at speed calls for careful concentration and
    good team work. And good balance is also critical. You must keep the boat flat and be prepared
    to move your weight extremely quickly around the boat as required. The crew adjust the sail exactly as before,
    releasing the control sheet until the leading edge flicks – and then tightening it a little.
    The helmsman is continually looking out for gusts of wind on the water, which usually
    appear as dark patches on the surface. When the dark patch hits the boat, the helmsman
    reacts immediately by pulling the tiller slightly away from the sail, this makes the boat turn
    away from the wind slightly. This directs more of the wind�s force to driving the
    boat forwards. And as the boat turns away from the wind,
    the crew eases the spinnaker sheet just a little bit, to encourage the lip of the sail
    just to flick as before. When you feel the gust of wind having passed you, the helmsman
    then turns the boat slightly back towards the wind. This combination of turning the
    boat away from the wind when the gust hits, and back towards the wind when it has passed,
    allows you to successfully get the best out of the wind. Now let�s look at gybing on a windy day. Unless you have to gybe, it�s a good idea
    for any gusts of wind to pass you by before attempting to gybe, as clearly this will keep
    you more in control. The helmsman checks the area is clear, the crew releases the jib sheet,
    the helmsman initiates the turn, the crew pulls the spinnaker across, and then plays
    the spinnaker sheet as before. And then tightens the jib. Let�s look again, but in slow motion. The
    helmsman checks the area is clear, the crew releases the jib sheet from the old side and
    is prepared to pick up the spinnaker sheet on the new side. The helmsman then initiates
    the turn as in any normal gybe, and the crew sharply pulls the spinnaker sheet across to
    the new side. Both helmsman and crew move their weight quickly onto the windward side
    of the boat, with the crew paying attention to the leading edge of the spinnaker as before.
    Quick movement here is vital to prevent the boat from capsizing. Returning to tighten
    the jib when they have a moment, the crew is concentrating hard on keeping the spinnaker
    set well. Both helm and crew balancing the boat, the boat then sails off. Looking again at full speed, wait for the
    gust of wind to pass and the boat drops off the plane, the helmsman looks to check the
    area is clear, the crew releases the jib, the helmsman initiates the turn, the crew
    pulls the spinnaker across, both helm and crew balance the boat quickly, and then the
    crew trims the spinnaker, dealing with the jib when they have a moment. And then sail
    off as normal. All that�s left now is to lower the spinnaker.
    So let�s have a look at what happens in slow motion. To do this, the helm should turn the boat
    back onto the training run to allow the spinnaker to be blanketed by the mainsail. The jib will
    also lose power and flop like this. When the sail is limp, the crew moves to the centreline
    of the boat and releases the spinnaker halyard from the jam cleat and pulls on the retrieval
    line. The sail and bow sprit are then retracted simultaneously by this one single line, and
    the sail is stowed safely in the spinnaker chute. The boat is now ready to turn back
    onto the wind as required. It is a certainty that you will capsize at
    some point with your spinnaker up. No matter how experienced you become the extra power
    of the sail will lead to inevitable capsizes. As with a normal capsize, the heavier person
    will swim around to the centreboard, leaving the lighter person inside the cockpit. In
    this example the crew then releases the spinnaker halyard and simply pulls the sail back inside
    its launching chute with the retrieval line. This makes things a lot easier later on, and
    will make it safer once the boat is upright. Once the sail is lowered the conventional
    capsize procedure then applies. Key learning points The spinnaker is a large sail that can only
    be used when the boat is on a beam reach, broad reach or training run. It cannot be used on a close hauled or close
    reach point of sailing. When rigging ensure all the control sheets
    are outside any other rigging including the retrieval line. Use a bowline knot to secure the halyard. Run your hands along the leading edge of the
    sail when rigging to make sure it isn�t tangled. Tie the ends of the sheet together to allow
    better control when gybing. If your forestay is removable, it�s advisable
    to relocate this to the mast like this to prevent the wire snagging
    the sail. The sail is launched from a chute at the bow
    of the boat and is hoisted with its own halyard. Hoist the sail on a training run point of
    sailing, and then adjust your point of sailing to get where you want to go. The crew is responsible for managing the sail. Release and tighten the spinnaker control
    sheets to find the point where the edge of the sail starts to curl.
    This is the most efficient setting for the sail. Turn the boat away from the wind when a gust
    hits and then turn back when it has passed. During the gybe the crew pulls the sail across. To drop the sail turn the boat until the headsail
    flops like this. Next steps Watch this video enough times so you understand
    the techniques of how to handle the spinnaker. Use the script and glossary accompanying this
    video if you need more detail. Practise using the sail in light wind days
    before venturing out on windy days. Glossary Beam Reach – A point of sailing where the
    boat is sailing at 90 degrees to the wind Boom – A horizontal spar attached to the mast
    that supports the mainsail Bow – The forward end of a boat Bowsprit – A spar that extends from the bow
    to support the asymmetric spinnaker Broad Reach – A point of sailing where the
    boat is pointing away from the wind at an angle of approx 135 degrees to the wind Centreboard – A large plate that pivots and
    retracts inside the boat, used to prevent sideways slip (called leeway) particularly
    when sailing close hauled Cleat – Fittings that come in a variety of
    shapes and sizes either on a boat or pontoon used to secure or hold fast a control line
    or mooring line Clew – The lower aft corner of a sail Close Hauled – The point of sailing required
    to sail as close as possible to the wind. This is the edge of the no go zone Close reach – Point of sailing where the boat
    is approximately 60 degrees to the wind Control line – Piece of rope or cord used
    to control an individual part of the sail Crew – In the context of these videos the
    crew is the person controlling the headsail on a two handed dinghy Fairlead – A fixed and rigid fitting normally
    screwed to the hull that allows a control line to have its direction of travel altered Forestay – A wire rigging that supports the
    mast at the bow of the boat Furl – Roll up a sail Gybe (gybing) – To change course from one
    side of the wind to the other, sailing downwind. Halyard – A line either made of rope or wire
    used to raise sails on a boat, for example “the main halyard” is the line used to raise
    the mainsail Head – Top corner of any sail Headsail (or jib) – The front sail on a two
    handed dinghy controlled by the crew Helmsman/Helm – Person steering the boat,
    applies to both male and female Jam cleat – A cleat which is designed to allow
    a rope to be fastened quickly Jib (or headsail) – The front sail on a two
    handed dinghy controlled by the crew Jibsheet – The control line used to pull the
    jib in or let it out Leeward – The side of the boat or pontoon
    opposite to where the wind is blowing from Luff – The leading edge of a sail Mainsail – The main sail on a boat, the largest
    sail (except for the spinnaker) controlled by the helmsman Mainsheet falls – Mainsheet pulley system Mast – A vertical spar or pole that holds
    the sails in position Planing – When a boat travels fast on a windy
    day the bow lifts out the water Point of sailing – Any direction of sailing Retrieval line – Line used to retrieve or
    stow a sail Sheet – A control line used to trim sails Spinnaker – A large, often colourful sail
    made of a lightweight cloth Spinnaker chute – Storage place for the spinnaker Tack – The manoeuvre used to alter direction
    by turning across the wind, the bow goes from one side of the no go zone to the other. Or
    the lower front corner of a sail Tiller – Attachment to the rudder by which
    it is controlled Training Run – Point of sailing where the
    boat is travelling at 150 degrees to the wind PAGE Copyright � 2010 Sailaboat Ltd PAGE 2 Asymmetric Spinnaker Sailing ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������)��*��S��T��f��g��h��{��}��~���
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    ���(�����4�� ���T�����`�����l��
    ���x�����������������������������������,���Sailaboat Transcripts 12th November 2009��������������������tash������������������������������Normal��������penny���������3���������Microsoft
    Office Word���@������G����@����������@����H� �E�@�����&U�E�����������������0���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������՜.���+,��0�����������h������p������|����������������������������������������������������
    ���������������������������������g�������������8�����’����������������������������������)���Sailaboat Transcripts 12th November 2009������������Title����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������
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    Sail boat Plumbing DIY (Replace Copper Pipes w/ PEX for fresh water)Patrick Childress Sailing #27
    Articles, Blog

    Sail boat Plumbing DIY (Replace Copper Pipes w/ PEX for fresh water)Patrick Childress Sailing #27

    August 15, 2019

    today on Brick House… a big bucket of
    plumbing worms! Hello welcome aboard Brick House. This video
    is about one little plumbing project a burst forty one-year-old copper water
    tubing and how that little tubing now turns into a big bucket of worms because
    every other piece of plumbing that you look at surrounding the project then
    falls apart who would have thought that I would need all these extra supplies.
    what started this whole plumbing project was down here underneath the galley sink
    both of these red tubes just the other day were copper. Brick House is 42 years
    old so it was no big surprise that the hot water pipe finally let go and was
    just flooding all over the place. I just happened to have a coil of PEX
    P E X which stands for polyethylene cross-linked that’s the type of
    polyethylene that they use for making this water tubing I happen to pick that
    up in an island called Mayotte and we had it on board so now that we’re here in
    Tanzania I was able to break it out and run new tubing. the problem is even in
    Mayotte, and here in Tanzania they don’t have the proper fittings that I need to
    make the connections. that seems impossible but so far I haven’t been
    able to find. Way in the back here in the quarter berth underneath the bunk is the
    hot water tank and the main connections for all of the plumbing. so this used to
    be of course copper and there is a copper pipe extended down here these are
    both the hot water pipes and I was able to cut the pipe and leave about a three
    inch extension to slip the PEX over the copper extension, clean it up and use
    3M 5200 and several clamps to clamp it down. I waited 24 hours before
    fully clamping it down and so far we have no leaks. I feel very lucky
    although the copper tubing up here which is connected directly to the hot water
    tank has a patina on it it’s still in very good solid condition it’s the
    copper tubing that was resting on the floor that
    had been deteriorated and caused a problem. and now that I’m down and way
    back in here I can see that this nylon drain is very deteriorated and it’s just
    dripping in the slightest, so it has to be taken out and changed and that’s the
    way plumbing goes with me. If I do one little job everything around it falls
    apart and now I’m in four days of work, unexpected work. SO I just happened to
    have a barbed connection that would fit inside of the PEX and actually clamp in
    place with two or maybe three clamps and that was perfect for making the
    connection from the water hose from the faucet. however when I went to connect to
    the cold water line coming from the faucet that nut from the faucet just
    disintegrated and so another bucket of worms. Rather than trying to fix the hose
    from the faucet we just decided to get a whole new faucet and another bucket of
    worms. yeah so now I can move on to the head repairs and make those connections
    and what a surprise another big disaster there was just a
    tiniest drip at the handle shutoff for the sink drain. so when I went to check
    the handle and move it just a little bit it broke off in my hand
    oh geez…so I put a bung on the outside, take the valve off. This valve is
    only about eight years old we’ve had valves on here that were like 35 years
    old and never had a problem with them and we changed them just because they
    were so old. So definitely don’t buy Chinese made valves! SO now the big
    problem is trying to find the same size valve here in Tanzania.
    So now along with the shutoff valve at the through-hole we have a big
    tremendous leak at the connections going up to the sink. The PEX to the copper
    join is just fine so everything above this point has to
    now be replaced! So we left to go into the big city with
    our long list of valves and parts and things, and the need for a new faucet at
    the galley sink. Easy for them to say they haven’t been working on my plumbing
    project but also in Swahili Safari that’s a new word for me means journey so we called Uber for a tuk-tuk or for
    a little more money you can get a car But tuks tuks are a lot more fun. So we
    walked into this first store they don’t have any thru hull shutoffs to help
    us out. They don’t have any of the fittings that we need. The only thing
    that would be close that they have is hanging on the wall and they’ve never
    had anything like that in stock and they’re not willing to cut the sample
    off of the wall even though they have no use for it. So onward we push rather than
    calling Uber again we take the first tuk tuk that comes along and he wants
    five thousand shillings to take us where we want to go and we negotiate him down to three thousands shillings which would be about forty four cents more than what
    we paid our first tuktuk driver that’s okay that this is a total amount of a
    dollar thirty two cents but I hold the money out in front of him to make sure
    that he and I both agree on the amount as far too many times these tuktuk
    drivers are the same as taxi cab drivers in New York City, Suva Fiji, Madagascar or
    anywhere else in the world. You agree on a price, you get to where you’re going,
    then all of a sudden they have raised eyebrows as though you’re not giving
    them enough money so when that happens nowadays after we already agreed and we
    hold out the money I just give them what we agreed on and then walk away. there’s
    nothing more to talk about thank you have a good day so we go into the most promising
    hardware store and go through our whole list of the parts that we need and
    unfortunately this man shakes his head more no than yes and so the only thing
    I’ll have to do is to check a box of stainless steel hose clamps with the
    magnet and make sure that the screw that tightens down the hose clamp is not
    magnetic, so that these are suitable for use on the sailboat. good to go and off
    to the next store. hopefully we can get a faucet just like this one for the galley
    sink. So we thought we’d stroll around the only upscale mall in Dar Es Salaam now.
    All we need is a new faucet like this one for the galley so I go down all of
    these faucets that are on display and what a nice surprise most of them are
    stainless steel and this one will do. In Tanzania its a three-position handshake.You start out normal go up high and then back down to the normal position again
    unless you’re dealing with international businessmen on a much different scale
    then it would just be a conventional one position handshake. So we finally got
    back to the boat and I could get back to work and all I could do with the shutoff
    valve was clean up the broken handle area on the valve body and then fill it
    up with epoxy glue, wait 24 hours and then put it back in place so it’ll
    function just fine there won’t be any leaks but we
    certainly will have a new valve on order. And of course there is a leak at the at
    one join underneath the sink but that was easy to fix it just took a couple or
    O–rings for spacers in there and these o-ring packages are invaluable they come
    in metric or imperial. I’ll just run through a couple of things here to show
    how I cut pipes and glued things together and was able to run through
    some of these long difficult reaches underneath the floor of our boat to get
    that tubing through. To cut the tubing use this little tubing
    cutter. You just open it up enough to slide the tubing in and then just
    tighten it down a bit until it’s not real snug but not loose at all, because
    it has to cut just a little snug. You’ll get a feel for it give it a turn
    I’ll give it two turns and then tighten it a little more and give it some more
    turns. I mean it’s not even a sixteenth of a turn that I’m giving it and then it
    all comes undone with a nice perfect circle sometimes on larger tube cutters
    there’ll be a little thing that you can pop out it’s a like a wedge shaping and
    put inside the tubing and twist it to help clean up any sharp points now. And then
    to prepare the tubing for the pecs to be glued and clamped on I took 220 grit
    paper sand the heck out of this where to get all the old deterioration of the
    copper off and then followed it up with 400 grit paper and then I used acetone
    on everything to make sure that there’s no grease. But this way there would be a
    nice tooth for the 3M 5200 to stick to although 3M 5200 does not stick very
    well or if at all to the PEX it’ll act as a filler for any voids that might be
    around the tubing tacks join. Another way of cutting is to use the dremel tool
    which I had to do way down inside the aft cabin. You know by the water heater there
    was a couple of places I just couldn’t get that tubing cutter in place 3m
    adhesive 5200 fast cure is what I used to make the join before clamping tightly.
    By the end of the day, after running the hot and cold tubing to the galley and
    then another very long hot tube all the way forward to the head my arms were cut
    scraped and badly bruised. It was a tough day and overall though in some areas it
    was easy to shove that PEX through all on its own, other places it just would
    not go from one small hole in a bulkhead to the next small hole in a bulkhead so
    I had to use this electricians tape and it’s a very long flat
    piece of metal on the spool that you can wind up just like a fishing reel it has
    a little hole through the end here which I put a piece of string and then drilled
    a hole through the end of the PEX tubing so I could shove this into the pecs and
    have this line coming out of each hole in the tubing tie it up and then reel it
    back through that long run so this is really good for just shoving out from
    getting into tight places attaching something to the very end and then
    bringing it all back through. Okay so just imagine this is the barbed connector
    coming out of the top of the thruhull valve. If teflon tape is not wrapped
    around the threads and making the join into the valve it is guaranteed to leak
    so the teflon tape should be wrapped around the threads about five times is
    what I normally do and in a direction so when it is screwed into the valve
    it’ll be tightening WITH the wraps rather than pulling the wraps off of the
    threads of the connector. We don’t need to put the teflon tape on the connector
    going up to the water hose to the faucets because those have o rings;
    rubber o-rings to make the seal. Well we have everything back together
    again there’s no leaks underneath the sink in the head the thru hull is
    patched up and back in this proper position underneath the drain in the
    head. We have the new mixing valve ( faucet), and we have the new mixing valve ( faucet) in the head. We have
    three out of four old copper tubes replaced with the PEX. We have the new
    mixing valve ( faucet) at the galley sink, no leaks anywhere in that area so we’re in very
    good shape. It certainly has not done to ABYC American Boat and Yacht Council
    Specifications but it’s the best that we can do out here in the field.
    Certainly it’s on my list of things to keep an eye out for it is PEX to copper
    tubing joints and also of course will be mail ordering a new shutoff valve for
    that thruhull underneath the sink in the head. Hey, but thanks a lot for
    watching. I hope this has been helpful for you. If it has, please click on the
    thumbs up down below and also with the SUBSCRIBE button. hey thanks a lot for
    watching! And we will see you soon!

    Rigging Our Sailboat (Part 2 of 3)- Sailing SV Delos Ep. 62.
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    Rigging Our Sailboat (Part 2 of 3)- Sailing SV Delos Ep. 62.

    August 13, 2019

    Previously on Delos! We check out som local jelly fisherman. Officially check into Thailand. And weigh our options of changing the rig on Delos. We woke up with the sun to get Delos into the Royal Phucket Marina. Today was a huge day for us! We were gonna dive head first into the replacement of our standing rigging. It was something that was absolutely necessary to do before crossing the Indian Ocean. So we really don’t know what we’re doing really. But we’re gonna try and go with it. So we’re thinking the first things we could take down would be- obviously the hardest one is gonna be the forestay. So we’ll take down the foresail first- the genoa. Get that down on deck. And then we’ll run a halyard from up top replacing what the forestay would be doing. To brace it. And then we’ll have another halyard coming off of the mizzen mast. To brace it, to support that. And we’ll ease the backstays so everything kind of comes forward. And we’ll have slack to pull that off, then we’ll pull the furling motor off. And then…. It all that goes really smooth then that’ll be supported, the backstays on the mizzen will be supported then we’ll get a forestay on the mizzen coming down. And take the triatic off, a backstay on the main coming down. If we have enough lines. And that’ll be the first run! Let’s do it! Sweet!! So this is the halyard that we use for the genoa and we’ve just basically taken it off and attached it to the bow of the boat so we can use it as a temporary forestay. Electrics are done! So I’m hooking up a bridle in the stern cause we have two backstays for the mizzen but we want it to come down the center. And pull straight back on it. Tighten this down a little bit, but then we need to ease off on the backstay for the main and we also need to ease off on the backstay for the mizzen. So…. Round 1 here we go! Alright Max- so what we’re gonna do is when these things unscrew they are reverse thread. One thread is different than the other. So as you unscrew it both of these sides move out. Yup. So if we tape it here and we tape it here. And then we loosen it then we get to the dock then we tighten it and we know what the eye to eye length will be when the rig is in tune and that will help us put it back on later. So what you want to do is go around each one and just put a piece of tape just like that. Alright are you ready for tension on? Hold on to your panties Breeeyawn! Weight on! All the lines good? Lines looking good. Alright let’s do this. Do you have the give me shit line tied to you? I think so. Is that this one? Yeah just make sure this one runs free. Ok coming up! Good luck Breeyawn! Don’t shit your pants! Alright so we’ve got the backstay- the temporary backstay sorted and we’ve eased off the mizzen stays so they’re nice and loose so now we just gotta take the pins out. And Brian’s up top doing the same thing. Make sure nothing falls in the water. Time for a beer and a pickle sandwich! A pickle sandwich? Karin prepared. Nice! What do we got going on now? Oh I’m just getting the furler motor off I’ve got all the pins out. I’ve got the bolts out that hold the foil into the furler motor and I’ve popped this pin out. Down here, so I can pull it back and then that should pop up. Which should allow us to loosen the turnbuckle. Alright, well we got the mizzen off that was pretty easy so now it’s time for the tricky. So we’ve gotta figure out a way to get the furler down. Which I’ve actually never done before. Soooo…. We’ll see how that goes. Nice and slow! Ok. Take em out slack! Ok! Weights on. You guys are looking good! Oh man it’s so f**cking hot! I have a pretty intense headache going on. We need to drink more water bro. Yeah. So what’s coming down now Brady? Ummmm. The triatic will be coming down soon. Right now Brian is just unattaching the pin for the forestay. Yeah, you don’t want to hear that! Oh yeah he’s taking out the…. or loosening up the forestay so we can get the foil out of the furler motor. And then once we get that we’ll lay the forestay all the way out on the dock. Alright bro tensions on the bucket. Then on the way back down we’ll take down the intermediates. How are you feeling man? Yeah alright. Yeah it’s f**cking hot. I gotta pretty good headache. That’s a good sign of mild headstroke or some shit. I’m just watching Brian up there f**cking hammering away at the mast. As the forestay’s slacked and the backstay’s slacked. We’re in good shape though we’re being extra safe. We’re got everything sorted. I can still be safe I just drank a couple liters of water. I’m in the shade, I’ve got a bit of breeze. Ok ready? Oh Frida can you maybe film? So we’ve got the forestay off now. Ok wait. Ok hold. How much line do you have left? A couple meters. How’s it going guys? Oh man. All good! Good. We’ve gotten 5 out of the 7 stays we were gonna get off today. Awesome! Hot day though isn’t it? Yeah. We’re all dehydrated I think. We’re trying to drink liters and liters of water but it’s hard to keep up. The boat’s just destroyed with shit laying everywhere. All of our stays are laying down the dock. Welcome to the Royal Phucket Marina! So Max you think one week is enough for this? I think so. Do get everything down and up. Yup. Well maybe 9 days! It’s gonna be tricky to get it all back. But I think we can handle it. Yeah. What are you doing Karin? Herregud!! I’m sweating my balls off here. It’s so hot isn’t it? Imagine Brian he’s been up there for like half of the day, most of the day. He refuses to come down. Ha Ha He He! NO! I’m gonna stay up here! F**cking insane man. Ummm. How are you doing up there Bri? I’m tired! Yeah! My manskraft is not enough! Multipurpose penetrant lubricant. That’s the stuff. That’s the stuff dreams are made of! Ok ready? All good. Ready Max? Yup. Coming down! Is um Brian coming down soon? I think he’s gonna stay up there tonight and continue to work through the night. Yep. Yup. No he’ll probably be coming down in like 45 minutes or so. We tried to get him down but he doesn’t want to come down. We just have to pass him up beers in that bucket. Yeah I think we have like 10 in the fridge. Beers and coconut oil! He He He. Just dripping it all over the f**cking deck. Gross! Hey shut up up there we’re trying to sleep! He he He. Yea it would be one of those he went up and he never came back down again. Like his lunch, his brekkie everything is sent up. That’s good. Yup that’s good. So it is what you thought it would be, like with the rigging? Did you think that this is what it would be like? Getting everything down or has it been harder? No I think it’s actually…. When we first thought about it we have no f**cking idea what it was like or how hard it was we just imagined it was some crazy rocket science but it’s pretty straight forward and mechanical and just some real strong wires holding up a mast. Ohhh. shit… We got 7 stays down today! Out of? Out of oh f**ck I don’t know. Alot. 18. Not yet are you ready Bri? Yup. Coming down. 18. So we have 11 left. Yep. And he’s coming down! Ohhh yeah!!! Oh yeah!!! Let me down more! Ok. How those balls feel bro. F**ck! Karin will do a Swedish massage tonight for you I’m sure. Du! So how do you feel Brian? You’ve been up there all day. I’m f**cking exhausted. I just wanna drink a big glass of water, lay down, and have a beer. Right after the water. Yeah. Well you did really good. Like you did the most you could for one day huh? Well the mast didn’t fall over so that’s good. That’s awesome. I was pretty sure it wouldn’t. We got everything done that we thought we were gonna get done. Or actually we didn’t think we’d get done. Yeah we got more done than we thought. We got the forestay off which is awesome. I was really worried that would be really hard. And we got the backstay off the main. We got the triatic stay off the top, we got the backstays off for the mizzen. And we even got the intermediate shrouds port and starboard off for the main. So it was like… 1,2,3,4…. 7. Yeah 7! 7 we got off today. I think we were worried about…. Yeah, just getting the forestay off. Yeah. Now we gotta figure out how to get this out of here ’cause it has one of these on both ends. And this hole is too small. And there’s bearings inside this that allow it to spin. So I’m not really quite sure about that. There’s rivets here. And neither end is mechanical is it? No. So the two options are you cut it and take it out and then when we put the new one in that end will be a mechanical swage fitting instead of pressed. Or we figure out how to take this apart which it probably would be good to service all the bearings anyway. Imagine getting this thing apart? How does it even come apart? There’s not even any screws in it. I think there are parts that slide out of each other. Hmmm Hmm Hmm. You’re always saying that! They slide in and out of each other smoothly. It’s beautiful! Or if that cap is off will it fit through then? I can’t imagine the bearings are that big. They should be the same size as the wire. There’s quite alot of gap in there. So after about 30 seconds of looking at things trying to get this thing apart we decided to just try and pull it. And it seems to just come right out!!! Compared to other forestays that we’ve heard about it’s all a big bearing system with the swage on the other end which is this guy that really crimps onto the wire won’t fit through the bearings. But I don’t know either if there’s not any bearings in here if there needs to be or if the swage just fits through because that’s the way they designed it. But either way we can just pull it out and not have to take this shit apart. Beautiful! Beautiful! It’s just a really greased stay. That’s all it is. It’s fantastic. A greasy stay! So the new one we just gotta grease the shit out of and and stick her in!!!! Pkkkkk! The next day David from Rolly Tasker came by to grab our old standing rigging. We were real keen to see the process so we set out on a little Delos field trip to the rigging shop. So we found the car? It’s a Caroll! Oh that’s a nice car! F**ck look at that thing! It’s like a sauna. You’re sweating from the inside out. We all have sweat mustaches. And the breasts it’s just like sweaty boobs! So we’re here at Rolly Tasker in Phucket and we’re gonna go downstairs to see David about sorting out our rigging. So they came and picked up 7 of our stays at like 12:00 today and it’s maybe 2:00 now and they’ve already gotten 3 of them done. We got both mizzen stays and the main backstay brand new. and shiny. Yeah it’s 20 past 2:00. That’s like fricking 2 hours. Yeah. So it’s cool. We’re gonna see how they do it, how they press all the swages on and the whole process. What’s your thoughts Karin? It’s really cool to see how they’re made, how everything is just in this warehouse kind of feeling. It’s very exciting! This wire before swaging you push it to this… through here. And you keep one diameter length where you don’t swage. Why? Why is that? Because when you swage the wire’s expanding a little bit at the end. So its make like ahhhh. A wider diameter. There is more chance to slip if you swage form the beginning. Because it’s like a bulb at the bottom. Yes. But if you don’t swage here. So the wire just… a little bit and you can see also so this is the rest. This was here before so we’ve cut in half. You can see how thick it’s going. Yeah wow. The strand of the wire inside the swage. That’s why uhhh sometimes people ask me for inspection on boats so we go we look but you cannot see where it’s… the failure will happen most of the time because 90% it breaks inside the swage. This is some strands which break. This is one wire which we get. We receive and when we check for measurements we got like this and CRACK it breaks by hand. We have to finish to cut those 3. So it doesn’t really rust down here it rusts in the first kind of. It’s maybe not rust huh. It just uhhh metal fatigues. So a check on standing rigging doesn’t mean nothing. Just for insurance. You say it looks but with that I cannot guarantee that uh ha ha. It looks good ok. But looks good doesn’t make doesn’t means too much. You wanna tell us what we’re doing bro? This is the mizzen forward lower the one with the strand that we noticed was broken. And we’re going to… It looks like there’s actually two strands broken. Yeah. I don’t know if you can see that. Good. Yup. So there was one that we noticed when we were checking everything with the pick and one broke off. And it looks like when we cut it now, cut the wire, there was another one here so we’re gonna cut the whole thing open and see what’s going on inside. Should be cool! The swage is almost split all the way in half. And we’ll see what’s on the inside! Cool man! Give us a big smile! You look like an American now! Hmmm some rust is deep huh? This is the top. That is? So the rust is all the way down. Yup. This is the top because you see the broken strand just here. Yup. Yeah Yeah. I’m surprised to see rust so down. Yup. Probably because of those damn shroud covers. This broken strand wasn’t the scariest part though. This cracked pin came out of our forestay which could have brought down the entire mast. How in the hell did the rig inspector miss this little gem? Check your own rig guys, and check it really good. The industry kicks around a lifespan of 10 years for a typical rig. For bluewater cruising insurance most companies will make a fuss if your rig is any older. Ours was the original for Delos and 15 years old. So whattya doing? I am measuring. To the bottom of this. This here. Okay. And then… Wo go like this right? Yup. To see where the bottom of it is. Yup. Right? So why? Why 12? Cause when we press this together… Cause the diameter of the stay is 12 mill. Yup. So when we press this together the bottom of it will billow out and there’s now way it can come out. Yup. You got it. Now we are ready for swaging. Okay! Let’s do this! You have a choice to put it. To put the marks here. Or here, or right actually here would be good. Okay. So you have to open it a little bit more. It’s the one on the left right? Just try you will see. So after- you go slowly. You go with the left i think. You have one hand here I think and one hand here. Keep it straight. Okay. And you go very very slowly to the place where you marked to start swaging. So right…. Yup, right there. Okay. Till it grabs it. Push a little bit. Okay I think. So come back. Is that good? A little bit. No no no. Yes Yes! Yeah. So you just go until the bottom of it is all the way squished? Yes, squish all the way. That’s cool! All the way through? Yep all the way. It’s hot! Yeah it’s hot. You see how long. Longer than before. Ohhh cause it got squished from the end. And your start was close to the mark. Do you approve? I approve. Did I pass the test? I am now a riggers! So now walk that eye all the way down and put it on top of the other one. Oh so we just measure the old one and then just exactly replicate that. Okayyyy! Good? Yup. Do you approve? Approve! So the electric wire cutter is broken, not working. No we have but it’s easier with this. And more precise. Okay. So we’re doing old school manual. Manskraft! Manskraft! Now I just go fast? It’s okay. I can let go? Hands off. Okay!! Which stay is this so we know? Ummm. Which one is this? If this one breaks we’ll know it’s the one that I did…. Intermediate… Oh that’s a good one! Okay. Okay finished! Finished. So I push the other one? Then after you release it. Oh easy- Brady could even do one probably. Cool. 100,000 USD you said for this machine? Wow! German machine! German machine 100,000. Normally it lasts for years. How old is this one? This one is 12 years so. Okay, look at that! My first swage. It’s warm, still warm from the machine. Cool! Up next! We continue hammering away on our projects, we take our old standing rigging to the recycler, and get asked to leave the marina. Probably for making too big of a mess. Come on don’t be such a wiener! Uh uh uh… Ha Ha he he. Seriously? I saw the thai lady that works here doing this in like 20 seconds. She must have big guns…. Uhhh Uhhh. Fuck. It’s really fucking hard. He’s gonna have to go change his panties after this. yeah Yeah.