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    BTC with Trader Cobb. EOS V CARDANO (ADA) and Litecoin (LTC) NEWS

    August 25, 2019

    hello you crazy crypto people welcome
    once again to New Kids on the Block chain this is Ash and this is Lisa…
    thanks for the introduction it has been a pretty crazy week in the
    markets and a benefit savage downturn with we lost 20 billion overnight Friday
    going to press hopefully by the time you see this Saturday
    it may have recovered fingers crossed what is on the show today well we start
    off with a fantastic interview with Craig Cobb also known as trader Cobb and
    he’s going to be telling us how to smash Bitcoin trading and a little bit of
    background on how he became a trader what you have to do to keep your trading
    sharp and lots of good hints and tips we have number two of our five episodes of
    our crypto education series thanks to crypto for beginners this week it’s
    creating an exchange account we’re also starting with our first crypto humour
    section this week we’ve got a very funny clip about the battle between yose and
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    bell give us a comment too we love to hear from you so it’s a two-way
    conversation first a bit of a news roundup so starting off with some iOS news this
    week lots of excitement as everybody’s waiting for the June first block one
    event you may actually have even heard the announcement by the time this video
    goes out because it’s Saturday at 4:00 p.m. but first up from else writer what
    this block one doing with nine point eight million Yas tokens
    I’d like my opening yeah who wouldn’t block one purchased three point three
    million euros worth of RAM after having unstated their first vested
    ears for a total of nine point eight million tokens today block one purchased
    three point three million euros worth of RAM at the current price of seven
    dollars fifty nine this is about twenty five million dollars of RAM which fees
    will go directly into the Rex pool could this be the proof that block one is
    releasing their first DAP on the EOS main net from crypto briefing Queen base
    makes a surprise EOS listing coinbase has today announced
    it will be adding EOS to its custodial wallet effective immediately
    corn-based customers will now be able to buy and sell EOS as well as exchange it
    against supported fiat currencies the coin will be available in most countries
    in which the exchange operates with the two exceptions of the United Kingdom and
    the state of New York the surprise announcement made in an
    official blog post comes as coinbase continues to add new cryptocurrencies to
    its offering one of the most common requests we hear from customers is to be
    able to buy and sell more cryptocurrencies on coinbase the
    exchange said EOS trading has already been available on coinbase Pro an
    interface designed specifically for crypto currency traders since mid-april
    now onto our litecoin news from CCN sell your house sell your car then your kids
    and buy like coin CNBC host goes crypto crazy critter mania has once again
    gripped mainstream financial outlets CNBC’s fast money panel were beside
    themselves yesterday they analyzed bitcoin and litecoin is parabolic rise
    in recent months the panel whooped and cheered at the mention of like coins
    400% price rise the anchor ended the segment yelling sell the house sell the
    car sell the kids buy litecoin litecoins up four hundred and
    forty percent well there’s a reason why I sell the house the other car sell the
    kids by litecoin from BCC News crypto analyst litecoin is a no brainer this
    past week litecoin helped lead another crypto rally and help carry Bitcoin and
    the rest of the market higher the silver to bitcoins digital gold light coin is
    expected to be among the highest performing crypto assets in the coming
    months as investors accumulate ahead of the half Inc however one particular
    crypto analyst is so confident in like coin he calls his position a no brainer
    as Bitcoin continues its parabolic rally towards previous bull market highs the
    rest of the crypto market reached new lows relative to Bitcoin but over the
    past week renewed bullish sentiment around litecoin and its upcoming having
    an event that reduces the reward miners received for validating each block has
    caused it to lead the market and set new local highs now for some Khurrana news
    from invest in blockchain Cardno or ad a reaches top 2019 heights 10 cents and
    beyond is it on the horizon in today’s trading session card owner managed to
    climb by a total of six percent to reach a height of just over nine and a half
    cents slightly below the 2019 high of 10 cents the cryptocurrency has since
    fallen slightly towards the nine cent level due to the increase in volatility
    after Bitcoin spiked above $9,000 Cardano has now seen a 14% price
    increase over the past seven trading days with a further 26 percent price
    increase over the past 30 furthermore throughout the past three months Cardno
    has exploded by a total of 106 percent lost up with a little bit of Bitcoin
    news and I couldn’t resist this one from you today Bitcoin will be $100,000 by
    the end of 2019 says a time traveler from 2025 total sense makes total sense
    a redditor claiming to be a time traveler from 2025 says Bitcoin will hit
    $100,000 in 2019 and then the US dollar in central banks will disappear five
    years ago reddit user Luka Magnotta who called himself a visitor from 2025
    predicted bitcoins for each year from 2010 to 2020 one he
    has been pretty much right so far giving the correct forecasts for 2015 2016 2017
    he skipped 2018 somehow probably wishing not to upset the Bitcoin holders back in
    2013 for 2019 this person confidently names the Bitcoin price to be a hundred
    thousand dollars I think that’s a lesson for all of us that our total crypto
    portfolio should be entirely based on fortune tellers and time travelers what
    do we want time travel when do we want it it’s irrelevant so in blockchain banter today were
    chatting to Craig Cobb you may know him as trader Cobb obviously trading bitcoin
    is a very skilled process and in the last sort of month or so I’m sure it’s
    been a much more interesting process so Craig Lee there yeah thank you so much
    for having me on the show I appreciate it absolute pleasure so let’s talk about
    Bitcoin obviously we’ve had you know some dark times in the last 18 months
    but in the last month or so things have started getting a whole lot more
    interesting what’s your take on what’s going on out there oh look it’s made the
    margin trading side of things a whole lot better
    I traded as much margin as I can so with leverage so for me the top 10 against
    the US dollar is my favorite to be trading we can’t use margin against
    Bitcoin as well but the thing with trading against with Bitcoin as your I
    suppose current rate what it does is that you’ve got let’s say I’m trying to
    trade a theorem against Bitcoin now Bitcoin in its own right it’s very
    volatile as is aetherium if I’m trading against the dollar the dollar is
    relatively stable so therefore when I’m trading against the dollar I know that
    dollars not going to be quite as volatile as other markets so I prefer to
    trade margin against the dollar so because there’s been so many good trends
    against the US dollar pairs at the moment it’s really come into its own for
    the way that I like to trade and we’re kind of where are we at the moment
    there’s obviously lots of talk out there of the crypto winters over things are
    thawing then you’ve got some people on the other side of the fence saying this
    is some sort of dead cat bounce what’s going what’s your kind of general
    sentiment about where we in the marketplace well look it’s it’s
    recovered it immensely we’ve seen some very very strong moves my I was watching
    it for quite a while for certain few levels to get into a weekly uptrend and
    so forth so I trade trends predominantly huntable son exclusively so for me I was
    waiting for it to get above 40 300 I think was the first level to put us into
    a weekly uptrend the next level of real resistance which was the big one that
    everyone was talking about was the six thousand dollar mark now that six
    thousand dollar mark because so many people were talking about it and this is
    what I’ve learned a lot about the crypto influence community of what everyone to
    call it is a lot of people are saying I think it’s gonna fall from 6,000 but
    nobody was actually putting their orders in to back that see this they’re talking
    about it but they’re not acting upon it and that’s why when I saw us get towards
    6,000 normally if I was too short at around 6,000 I would stagger my orders
    so I’d have say five thousand nine hundred seventy five eighty five nine
    five nine nine but say a fifty or a hundred or stop whatever it may be
    so I’m scaling into the position and what we saw on the way up to a couple of
    those levels where I would think that there would be a series of orders was a
    bit of a dip but the second that dip came is how short and small the buyers
    would come back we select twice when we hit six thousand there was literally no
    sellers that there was nothing there to stop it of course we hung out there for
    a bit and we smashed straight through it on that so for me it was a Saturday
    afternoon a couple of weeks back and not only did we break 6,000 we also broke
    7,000 on that same day so I think it’ll be very difficult for a lot of the
    crypto bears still to really have any sort of strength in that argument for
    the time being but this is crypto after all anything can happen
    yeah that’s very true I know we it’s it’s kind of a lot of people are
    thinking are we gonna have a similar thing happen to you know what we
    happened in 2017 I remember at the time that was that was a crazy one where it’s
    like are we gonna blow past 10,000 then it hit 10 and just blew the top off and
    just went pretty much all the way to 20 we’re obviously in a very different time
    now do you think there’s a kind of potential for it to have that same kind
    of parabolic boost that it had in 2017 we’ve come on I’ve already seen a couple
    of big moves like that already arrived we’ve seen a couple of like no 10
    in 14% days recent you know in the last couple of months I think the difference
    this time round of it the answer is yes I think it still could have that
    meteoric parabolic insanity I really do but the difference is I think the next
    wave of investors will have more money because they watched the 2007 boom
    they’ve also been part of the 2000 that the boom and bust these are your
    investors from 45 to 65 that watch 2017 didn’t want to buy at the top they’ve
    watched a boom and bust they didn’t want to be involved in it they’ve seen it
    come off they don’t want to buy the bottom either then I wanna buy the top
    that I want to buy the bottom they want to buy at a point of which they feel
    confident that the space is not going to disappear I think we really have that
    opportunity now and if you consider we got to 20,000 off the back of most
    investment banks calling Bitcoin a scam and a fraud right now we’ve got
    companies like Goldman Sachs involve fact we’ve got ice we’ve got fidelity
    we’ve got all these new margin or derivative products coming in and a huge
    amount of different massive massive companies where you can pay using
    bitcoins for things like tax for things like your phone bill there’s a huge
    amount more momentum and legitimacy in this market as it stands and we’re still
    only at 87 hundred so yes I think I’ve got a long way to go I don’t know when
    it will happen but I’d just trade trends so when I get the chance I just take a
    trade well in terms of trends one trend I’ve started noticing is I’ve got lots
    of friends on the periphery we’ve stopped an email we go no is there any
    crypto you might be interested in and I I remember well there’s been none of
    that for a sort of 18 months or so bill remember that started happening in in
    sort of late 2017 and I know there’s that old adage of the minute the taxi
    driver starts telling you to invest in Bitcoin it’s probably time to start
    getting out so are there any kind of signals we need to be looking out for
    there oh yeah maybe the old Wall Street saying is Wendy when your shoes shiner
    can tell you more about the markets and most of people that’s a good time to get
    out because everyone’s hyped up I don’t think we’ve got anywhere near that level
    of hype at the moment we’ve certainly seen the mainstream media get more
    involved again which I think’s fantastic during 2018 we were doing well shorting
    the market so we can show up with margin and do very well and we did and also
    trading SATs and a builder bitcoin state trading
    opts against bitcoin we did well with that as well which is great now that
    we’re moving what’s changed at the moment it’s really come down to I
    suppose I wouldn’t know I’m not sure if it’s a new money coming out I’m sure
    that there is a new money coming in but it’s about understanding where we are at
    now in terms of the legitimacy of what is actually going on for traders because
    I’m a directional trend trader I don’t mind what way that market goes I much
    rather go up let’s let’s be honest okay it makes it a whole lot easier now we’re
    getting a whole lot more viewers on our podcast is on the on the trader called
    crypto podcast we’re getting a lot more people coming out of the woodwork asking
    about markets there’s definitely that momentum the press has picked it up but
    it’s not yet to the extent or anywhere near the extent of that hype cycle that
    we saw where there was like two full days we were up three thousand dollars
    before we hit 20 thousand so it’s starting but I don’t think the pho most
    sort of set in yet maybe after ten thousand and the the institutions where
    are they at the moment obviously they’ve been on the sidelines for a while there
    was this whole kind of talk in late 2017 whether 2018 was going to be the year
    that the institutions entered there were lots of delays and they didn’t but where
    do you think they’re sat at the moment I think they’re sat back watching and
    waiting for the derivatives to come in and a bigger volume so for a fund for
    example not just a boutique fund that might have had a million or 60 million
    or whatever a proper decent-sized fund that might be managing a couple hundred
    billion or something let’s say they want to put half a percent exposure into that
    market that’s you’re still looking at like you know five hundred million
    dollars right a large sum for them to go into that market and do that they’re not
    willing to just lose that money so they need to have a way to hedge now
    derivative products are way to hedge derivatives have been offered well
    futures have been offered by the same Egret for a little while now and we’ve
    seen the volume increase in the CMA futures contract for Bitcoin quite
    significantly in the most recent push higher now as fidelity come in as backed
    comes back into the space and as more genuine financial players come into the
    space those derivative products will become more common more volume and
    therefore bring in more institutions right now the
    way institutions are making their players is by investing in the
    technology or investing and getting equity in companies that are already in
    this space that they believe they’ll see growth in but not as far as dieting is
    buying Bitcoin for the sake of buying Bitcoin just yet
    so in terms of trail obviously you come from a trading background and you know
    you’ve been a trader that’s come in to crypto as opposed to somebody who’s in
    crypto who’s learned to trade do you find that that makes it kind of a
    much easier unemotional process because obviously from my perspective I got
    quite emotionally involved in some of these things and have made bad decisions
    based on the fact that I got carried away are you able to become of clinical
    and unemotional about it and kind of trade on like you say on trends yeah I
    mean for me it’s just in the market they’re all the same the strategies I
    used three trading strategies in the way that I make sure that I’m discipline is
    there a literal checklist so you’ve got essential factors which you must have
    you must have the essential factors met before you move a consider a trade and
    then the bonus factors helped to increase the probability if you’ve got
    more option than one so that helps myself and also that’s how I teach it so
    people understand what they’re looking for I think a lot of the things that
    people fail with around trading in general not just crypto but in general
    is the governor of the market let’s say they get home from work at 6:30 in the
    evening they have their dinner at 7:30 put the kids down 8:00 from 8:30
    they’ve got say two or three hours working do whatever they want now
    instead of watching TV they want to trade
    so they’ll trade that little window but what they do within the window is they
    go looking for a trade you see they’ll find what they’re looking for
    because that’s what they’re after whereas the way that I trade is I go to
    the market gate is the market prepared to allow me to trade because I go to the
    market then my rules this is my sport you come and you play my sport or we
    won’t play I hold the ball so I approach the market in a way of which will it
    allow me to participate today or is the market not allowing me based on my rules
    to actually you know be a part of it it sounds like a good plan and and
    somebody who’s kind of new to trading what’s the kind of single obviously from
    my perspective the single biggest piece of advice is get inside kind of track
    and knowledge from people to understand like yourself from the courses and
    things you run but if somebody just said to you what’s the one sort of golden
    rule when you’re new to trading what would you say that is risk management
    it’s the trading like trading is risk management if there’s one statement to
    wrap up trading from a professional standpoint trading is risk management
    now risk comes in many different forms for example it’s not just how much money
    you risk on a trade it’s how that market is trading is a really thin is it going
    to give you the Phils is there slippage is there gap egde to increase your risk
    outside of your control also your risk is held on the platform that you want to
    trade from so how much Bitcoin will you hold on that platform and how much will
    you hold in cold storage risk comes from many different variables especially in
    this space so understanding that you will always have to have a certain
    degree of risk on the table understand how to use that and operate within that
    it again it’s it’s everything that I do when I’m trading it’s all about having a
    structure and a plan in place and they’re all written down because if I
    don’t look I’m pretty spontaneous where there’s just me right just just the guy
    you are speaking with right now but when it comes to trading you no offense
    twenty accountants that were short tucked in white shirts with a brown tie
    that’s how I become I can’t have any emotion I can’t have any sponsor no tea
    I just need to make sure that I’m focused on the task at hand and that’s
    why routine reporting and being in the right headspace is such an integral part
    of being a successful trader I bet you’re good at poker ani I don’t play
    very much I have not played very much I’ve got to be honest then when it comes
    to poker usually blackjack if I’m in a casino I’m actually not because that’s
    the one thing that allows me to get rid of that little bit of gambling me well I
    play a lot of poker and I meet a lot of traders actually at the table and they
    say some of them say there’s a lot of similar skill sets in terms in terms of
    kind of you know thinking about hand strength versus other stuff if factors
    and risk and golf you every time you play golf you walk
    up to that ball and you know you’ve got to hit that ball and that direction that
    you know whatever it would that one whatever club now every single time all
    you’re doing is hitting a ball the variable that changes is the club and
    you now sometimes you have a great round and other times you don’t why it’s you
    you’re the ingredient you need to master now you can have the lessons you can
    know what to do you can approach the ball look at this head up through that
    blah blah blah but until you actually have the ability to pull it together
    more times than not and that only comes in practice then it’s it can be just as
    frustrating it really can be now just to back to sort of Bitcoin it are you kind
    of like a die-hard Bitcoin only or do you follow other crypto projects and
    trade other things or do you kind of focus on the big boy
    I I just look at charts mate I’ll take trades in a company or a project that I
    have no idea who runs at what the team is what they’re doing I have no idea at
    all and I’ve been trading bonds stocks commodities foreign exchange for the
    last 13 years with that exact same perspective of I don’t need to know what
    they’re doing or what they are my role is to follow that trend and to trade and
    execute once my strategy set up within that trend so I’ll I’ll trade anything
    provided it has what I call optimal chart structure an optimal chart
    structure is basically a clean smooth flowing trending chart of it doesn’t
    have those ingredients first rule done next chart move on so definitely not the
    this psychic has said the following coins going to moon so buy in quickly
    approach absolutely not know you want you won’t get me telling
    you what to buy and so you will get me suggesting what I’m looking at what’s in
    my watch this for the day what I think might happen based on XYZ but now we’re
    all about empowering others to be able to make their own decisions as opposed
    to just telling people what to do yeah well I hope that we can chat more and
    maybe we can get you to come onto the show and give us some sort of trading
    tips reggae I know tell us a little bit about the course as you run because
    obviously it’s really important like I said before to try and actually get some
    good knowledge to learn this stuff as opposed to trying to learn it on your
    own so what’s your kind of goal with the courses that you do you looked at the
    bottom line is that um we don’t have a business that’s set up to have a member
    for life we have our business that’s set up to
    give you the skills that you need to get you to a certain point and then you
    leave because you’ve got those skills um the bottom line really is I trades three
    different strategies because the market does it moves in three different ways
    one it will consolidate and break two it will move nicely in a cycle it will pull
    back it’s set up and then move and the third is when the market is moving very
    very fast and you need that quick entry so I’ve traded those strategies not
    changed for the last nine years literally not changed a single single
    thing it’s a checklist based system the courses are not just about trading
    strategy I want people to understand that you can have the same strategies as
    me but it doesn’t mean you’ll get the best the same results I also have people
    in my community they’re doing far better than me it’s about helping to have you
    become the best trader you can be and it’s not just a strategy it’s routine
    it’s how to practice good mindset how to be in the moment how to make sure you’re
    taking screenshots and keeping records how to improve on those records it’s how
    to run a trading business as opposed to how to click buy and sell with a massive
    emphasis around risk management on the website there’s this trader Cobb CEO BB
    dot-com there’s a whole plethora of our free information there free courses
    whatnot walkthroughs to show you a bit more about what we do we do more free
    content than we do paid and I guess last question in the old crystal ball do you
    dare sort of take a stab at where bitcoin finishes 2019 price-wise it’s
    not really my game I don’t make projections on the way up I can
    definitely make full boat projections in a trend look got honest truth is I’m not
    going to say a number because I just don’t know and it really is not how I
    operate and I do hope to see the market move a lot higher I’m scaling my
    positions at the moment where I’ll scale out at one to one to minimize my risk
    and then let this thing move because we have a strong market right now and
    currently you know the markets sort of taking a breather as I speak to you
    right now but I’ve got four trades on they’re all in very good profit and I’m
    happy to let those things run now one or two things are going to happen the
    market continues to move higher and those margin let those margin positions
    come very very very very profitable or it pulls back and I get to stop that and
    they just started all again but I’m willing to have more risk on at the
    moment because of the way that this market is operating I see it is very
    strong and I wouldn’t be surprised to see ten thousand by the end of this week
    fantastic well it’s been an absolute pleasure to chat we’ll have all
    information on the show notes below you should definitely subscribe to the
    podcast and you should definitely go and check out the website to get more
    information and like I say hopefully we can get you back on regularly to maybe
    give us some of those trading tips like sounds good to me thank you so much for
    your time the podcasters that try to cope crypto Chauvet cheese fantastic
    take care so a new segment everybody likes a bit of a laugh don’t they we all
    love a little love so we thought we’d bring you some crypto humour and this
    week we found a very funny clip which is about the battle between Cardno
    and yose so here it is the system Frank along the front and I got a logical
    expression in mizuna Dignitas Munim introduced of France before the find
    operatives and nutritionists our Constitution for now on Franco and the
    most is defined mystery nirenberg mouth stove cows house calamity my demography
    stylist with us as you know how my Fuhrer Steiner Steiner continued in
    testifying under Frisian the understand has mr. forth that’s bribing him around Kaito yogurt
    Krebs and Burgdorf that’s why I prefer to understand about
    the fern velch it says the generators announcer neither is the compilers a
    fight later but village punished Tula’s in the season if you see for this data
    right yeah yeah some high-tech pataga man philip english
    nice the structure versus say solar Aaron she takes it come on our MIG
    Joffrey tale can be took the Rasta love to learn a bit better double is hotter
    on guitar materiality interested in starting hey g’day all sanrak here crypto for
    beginners in this video I’m going to show you how to create your exchange
    accounts forgetting fear gribbit pounds US dollars into an
    exchange to my crypto currency and exchange account where you can transfer
    crypto to buy other cryptocurrencies so that further ado let’s get into it okay
    so here we’ve got a coin base and you can get onto this website by typing in
    coinbase calm and once you sign up pretty straightforward I think you do
    have to fill in kyc know your customer anti-money laundering details so you’ll
    have to provide a passport driving license to get validated and but then
    once you’re in you’ve got your account dashboard here the pans euros
    Bitcoin wallets and so on about Bitcoin cash theory Imperium classic litecoin
    that rx basic retention token US dollar coin z cash ripple and I’ll go as well
    as stellar down the bottom there and it’s a pretty straightforward you know
    the payment method to buy or sell at a card at your bank account
    good old shit basic shots here and it tells you more about your account I
    should scroll down below so it’s pretty straightforward and using the paper
    wallet I showed you earlier you’ll be able to once you’ve bought
    cryptocurrency be able to withdraw the crypto from this exchange which is the
    you know there’s the recommended thing to do and then deposit it to your public
    key where your what is held and other exchanges that’s a more the best
    beginner fiat so great rich pound in euro and dollar exchanges to clip so to
    sign for other exchanges include crypto – Krypto is bit facts calm this is
    called some of the one of those days with most pairs on based in the US I
    think the this exchange is now ki see she have to you know provide passport
    driver license again you didn’t after at first but now you do very good
    exchange kay you coined calm you sit there based in Korea they’ve got it’s a
    fantastic exchange no kyc they just simply sign up there with an email
    address a mobile number and you just confirm that off you go
    I do recommend activating two-factor authentication as well and once your
    accounts active and you’ve got all these pairs here where you can buy and sellers
    requires pretty cool the third and final one we recommend is BitFenix calm yes I
    have been hacked years ago in 2014 but now they’ve attacked and they’re
    securable are one of the best most liquid
    exchanges in the world and again sign up top right there and as you can see
    they’ve got many pairs available and so yep pretty straightforward I think we’ve
    bit for next also you can deposit dollars euros and pounds and they’re
    don’t quote me on it because they don’t use often enough but feel free to let me
    know in the comments and cool that’s pretty much it
    they’re all much of a muchness and very straightforward and similar these
    exchanges so if you have any comments questions and if you like this video
    please like and share it and subscribe many thanks for watching thanks everyone it’s been a wonderful
    week hopefully we are going to recover from that Friday slaughter we saw and
    with a bit of luck things will be heading back in the right direction
    because it has been exciting it’s been getting there and it’s nice to wake up
    every day not completely and utterly despondent about everything yes
    but comment below if you have any thoughts about the market our stories
    today though I can subscribe you know the drill there’s a little bell it’s
    super fun yeah please do it helps us we put a lot of effort into bringing this
    content and it just makes it worthwhile to see the fact that you guys are
    enjoying it let’s all be friends and in the meantime until we see you next week
    where we’re going to sunny Spain and we’ll be reporting from there you’ve
    been blood chained you

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    FREESTYLE on a FIBONACCI ?? Cryptocurrency News ledger wallet bitstamp cryptonation digibyte DGB

    August 21, 2019

    THE BOSS OF BITCOIN! This is the boat and I got the number one website for you to cash in and cash out in cash money for Bitcoin It’s called bit quick dot Co There’s a link in the description and it’s in the number one comment on this video you go to their website You’re gonna see this right here You click on buy And you tell them how much money you want to spend and it will automatically convert that amount in a Bitcoin Once you have that amount ready you let them know how you want to pay for it You can either do a cash deposit or money transfer through a major bank right here in the USA You pick what bank you want? And it’s quite convenient to my house a big thing to note here is you only have three hours to get that cash money into The bank account that they send you once you deposit the money into their account they send you the Bitcoin Notice that. There is a two percent fee this morning when I send $500. They charged me ten Dollars to send it, but that’s not bad at all in crypto land so you click on next right there after it’s confirmed And they’ll send you an email And notice this is cash only you guys don’t go online and try to transfer it into a person’s account because it won’t work you Need to go into a bank with cash money in the email that they send you they’ll put their name They’ll put a 12 digit account number. They’ll put that holder state That’s all you need and they will also confirm your Bitcoin address where the money will be sent Biggest thing to note here is that you will need to receive the upload link And send them the receipt of the transfer This is what that looks like all you do is you take a picture of? The deposit receipt after you send it you type in that little no refunds or a big quick on Bitcoin boom upload it into that email right there using that link and Congratulations, baby. You are now a part of the money team. This is the boat with another breakthrough website for you guys I hope it helps, and I hope you will be profitable and prosperous in the market. Let’s go like a boss Live from the USA helping you get paid every day This is the boasts of Bitcoin the Cristo of crypto is your boy BK And if y’all like me you must not like money Today is October 1st Happy October. Everybody. Happy Sunday. Hopefully you got a couple of trades. We did last week. If so you should be profitable As a result if this is your first time tuning in congratulations, baby. You are now rocking with the best My name is B keg my friends know me as a crypto traitor And I am the boss of these charts as you will soon find out every day I’m able to grace this microphone with my voices another day somebody can profit as a result and today is no exception So with that being said guys every video, I give out a question of the day to which You know I open it up to the community and say hey guys You know we doing this hundred day challenge. I buy you know 0.01 Bitcoin, I’ll put it on the market either buy or sell for a hundred days and What coin should we pick you know what’s looking good? What do you think? What do you think I say if I pick you and this is open today? This is the question of the day? What coin should we buy or sell for our portfolio? You can actually track us live with the link in the description and in the number one comment on this video So as this after every video if I pick your coin, then you win You know some cash money from me as a token of my appreciation on behalf of our community We make money we trade Bitcoin back and forth with all the different cults and we profit We are up right now on our portfolio. We have already beat the market inside of I think eighteen or twenty days twenty trades So the coin that was selected that I’ll actually be showing you the Fibonacci process with is Well actually let’s go To the source This is our group the number one Bitcoin group in the world remember I tell you guys the doors are always open come on in if you haven’t joined yet It is no joke the number one Bitcoin group in the world And the post that I am referencing is this one right here This is a girl that’s been in our group for a while Diana Rodriguez She says my post today is to thank Brendan Kelly the boasts of the charts Who thanks to him? I’ve learned how to search the Fibonacci By when the green is above the orange not by when it’s over pumped and gone up 40% remember I say that don’t buy to green don’t sell the red and basically not to take every trading alert as Someone that knows everything without first looking at the boss method. That’s a BK chart. That’s pretty cool Just to give you a little example this morning I received an alert that digi bite was a good buy had been watching it since the 21st But hadn’t bought it then this morning. I thought this is it less than 24 hours I made 20 percent profit BAM, and I’m still learning I haven’t invest a lot i’ve only invested 0.015 Bitcoin But I didn’t think I would be so successful in just a short period of time I’m so happy Sorry for the long post wanted to share my experience This is image to me surf from the Fibonacci and digi bite, right Thank you for being an awesome teacher, so you know Here it is. You know live and direct like this was just posted today And I saw it and I was like wow that’s pretty amazing Thank you for sharing that to Diana. It’s really inspirational. It actually shows. You know how? The Fibonacci can be used to correlate all of this information and let you know When lightning is getting ready to strike right remember? I tell you that the biggest thing you have to wait for is that? Dovetail on the 231 that line has to go flat the Green has to come Above the orange and once that orange cracks through that 231 we are making some real deal money She was a little she jumped the gun you know, but she didn’t jump it before you know the seven crosses 77 So that’s rule number one green above orange by and now, I guarantee you. She’s in a better position You know that most of the market will be with regards to this trade So I say all that to say this remember guys It doesn’t matter if you start with a hundred dollars Or if you start with a hundred thousand dollars all that matters is every penny of profit You’re able to get as a result and I guarantee diana with those twenty percent gains You know trade the trade like that you will be well above Where you’re at right now in the near future, so thank you for the pick today after I checked the chart I was like she’s right this thing is ready to make some real deal money so without further ado Diana You are our winner of the day message me on Facebook which a Bitcoin wallet I’m gonna send you a couple bucks BTC as a token of my appreciation Thank you for your contribution to the community, and thank you for helping the rest of us to make money as well So here we go guys. This is digi byte, and we’re looking on a three hundred and forty three minute chart and So now what we see is Diana was right this thing has come together Quite nicely and first of all first thing we look for is is the green? Above the orange I can cut this red off You know just to clear things up a little bit, and we see that yes Yes, yes, it’s well above the horns If you would have bought you know when that green went above the orange You’d be up about eight percent right now I think Diana said she bought right here somewhere um and timed it up almost perfectly to be up twenty percent so that’s pretty cool So what does that mean for the rest of us? That means first of all we’re gonna buy this coin today, so our strike price is four hundred and twelve so toasties That’s what I’m gonna put in our portfolio d g/b at four one two set and we’re gonna buy 0.01 Bitcoin of Digi Bible right now before we get into you know that actual trade I wanted to show you guys how to freestyle on a Fibonacci write first of all if you don’t know what a Fibonacci is it’s more or less a mathematical relationship to describe The correlation of Nature right As humans that breathe oxygen and carbon you know made with carbon. We are from the earth, right We absorb energy from the Sun just like plants Do you know if you go too long without eating any plants more than likely it won’t be on this earth much longer So we’re plant-based entities that absorb energy from the Sun and as a result the Fibonacci describes a mathematical sequence of Our alignment right not only with each other, but also with different events so you know, that’s the simple version of it But it carries out through everything that happens naturally on this earth Some of you guys may have seen a picture of like a girl dipping her hair down in The water and spiking it back in the the spiral that the water goes in is actually the fibonacci spiral Um another thing is if you look on the underside of an acorn right that little spiral that The individual pieces of that acorn go around is the Fibonacci curve Curved spirals same thing its semantics. Don’t worry about it and also The sunflower seat if you look at does Google sunflower Flower just sunflower picture right and if you look at the arrangement of the seeds, it’s kind of like that endless spiral out flower of life you know same spiral That’s the fibonacci one plus two equals three plus five equals eight You know a natural sequence of numbers to describe the most likely number to happen based on this inherent set of rules We can use this Correlation to Understand the chart as well and in order to do that since we’re inside of like a month here I’m gonna turn back on our 21 And we’re gonna start the freestyle on this Fibonacci to show you guys exactly. How it works out So let’s zoom in a little bit And I highlighted these two areas ahead of time because there are two very very prominent areas on this chart Right when we saw Laura’s chart Diana I think Diana start it was all the way, I want messy memo, I’m sorry Diana when we saw Diana’s chart it was drawn all the way out you know a few months back Before did you buy it broke down, but now that we’re down pretty close You know we can zoom in to this intersection in this intersection and use those two points as our fibonacci Right so we go from right down to breakout Right and what do we want to do? Since this is like the natural extension this orange line that you see down down there. That’s moving is the natural extension of that Relationship so if this point was one two, then that orange line would be three, right It’s just the next natural logical path or the relationship between these two points right now one thing you should note is if when we double click that Fibonacci and Also, it opens up this little toolbar, but before we even do that Let’s just go to a long way of getting to it I think it’s in this side panel over here, maybe no, it’s not Probably in this one up here the second second box down second little icon click on that click on big Retracement and then click that little star right what that’ll do is that’ll throw it up top So you always have it and after you get like a bunch of these things like side-by-side like this you can order I’m going to put them in or whatever You know it works best for you, so I have like 12 up there that I’ll just use a lot so here We go back to the field so we can see that this thing is saying 1 2 & 3 is gonna be down but we don’t want that we’re saying that we think biggie bike is gonna break out so we double-click it and We click on reverse That’s all you need to do right. Also if you notice my settings are a little bit different, I think one of the default you know Fibonacci’s has 0.5 as you know a Level you don’t need that The only ones you need are two zero two three six three eight two six one eight right the ones I have highlighted are really the only ones you need And as you can see I have the one grayed out because that’s like a hundred percent It doesn’t really help us, and it does also is not a key Fibonacci level Tantas leave that up one six one eight three two seven two Are really the most two that you’ll use more often than not in a four point six one eight is really the highest Level that you’ll be able to extend to on one sequence and as we can see If we do that now our orange line goes above right? So what this says is if this is one? This is two That becomes three Right it’s the next logical step and so the way I use the Fibonacci is it doesn’t matter if we go forward or backwards the? Relationship still stays the same the correlation. That’s my understanding of it, and it works out pretty well right so Just the simple fact that we’re going down right one two We can still get up to three once we break out in fact. That’s the natural Ascension of us you know given this relationship already, so what does that mean? What does that mean for? Where we’re at right now It means that we are well on track to make some money once we get Inside this money zone right and you can see that’s actually where we broke down in the past before right there in the money zone So once we’re able to break through the top of this money zone then We’re more likely to Go up here, then. We are to go back down there. That’s how Fibonacci means It’s really just what is natural inside the chart And what is the most likely thing to happen you should also note that when you do have this nice step pattern Establish that the fibonacci more or less infers where the chart will step down at and Where it will step up at to the different levels right so if you notice This thing Has been living down That first channel for quite some time but as It goes up It will step up in these channels just Like it stepped down in those channels once it gets above that blue line chances are that’s gonna be a nice little run for us and We’ll do something you know That looks like that and pops us up to that orange Before we decided to go down Or go up You also notice that when we do make it up to this orange line Just like we did back there It’s not for very long, but we do get there given the situation in the scenario And this is the only time I look at the candles is that when I want to fine-tune this Fibonacci really understand What’s going on inside of it right otherwise? I don’t need two candles whatsoever But you can see like right here went to the top of that money zone came right back down, right? Here went to the top of that money zone came right back down right right here It was sitting sideways In-between it trying to decide do you want to break out or do you want to break down decided to break down? Tested bounced off that money’s on right there continue to go down Consolidated right over the top of that two three six went down You know bounced off the orange line broke up to the top of the money zone went back down You know I’m saying so it’s literally like the top of the bar and the bottom of the bar that more or less Confirmed this thing the entire time now with us buying a digi bite right there inside that money zone That’s what I tell you guys if we’re gonna buy we want to buy inside that money zone because that is The most likely chance that we have to go back up to the top of that orange line and a beautiful thing about This relationship, this is a strong strong chart is you can see that that orange line? confirms You know the top of our candle On two different notes right there And that’s why I picked this chart because it’s like it’s so clearly defined you cannot make that up. That is not an Accident right so now. What do we do with this information? We’re gonna buy digi bite, and this is what we expect to have happen I Don’t like limiters. I don’t recommend. You know stop losses I just want to do this to give you guys an idea of what kind of profit to expect I’m not saying put a stop loss down here. Don’t you ever do that because there are BOTS and whales that? Intentionally will suppress a market to knock out your stop-loss before they allow the natural market to take it back up to where its chart said it was gonna go so do not waste your Time put me in stop losses Right that’s just my two supposes, but here we go With this guy we’re gonna buy it Right there and Now what is natural to the chart right? What is natural to the chart? We’re buying it Where for one for right around there Sell it up there and What’s natural to the chart is a drop of no more than that? right so that gives us a Risk/reward ratio 3.16 target profit of 38 percent And If it gets down there. It’s broken technically We could take this up to that fifth level, but again that will be on one candle sell them I said do not sell the candles but if a Candle gets down there that more than likely are 7 day moving average has broken that blue line And that’s when technically we would get out, right So we gotta risk the reward of about 3.0 So it’s a solid solid solid pickup, and that’s what I wanted to do it for today’s chart because it’s really really good Right real quick we can go through one more So essentially this is what we look at right here I like to leave these things just as reminders the top of that candle is our sell zone Which is very natural already two one six one eight extension of the Fibonacci and again when that green crosses that orange and that? Orange starts to go up you got you a solid reversal and so shout out again to Diana for finding it for us It really helped everybody to make some money This is a good chart you guys and another reason why it’s so good is even if you look at the inner day What it just got done doing it went all the way up to that top of that money line We’re buying it in the middle After a bounce-back so this thing already has momentum to the upside given the recent pullback and it’s about What is it right now? 8% discount So that’s solid. That’s out so this is a strong pickup for the situation I’m not saying did you buy it as a top twenty point? I’m not saying we’re gonna have it more than a few weeks, but we are gonna have it with the expectation of making 38% on a 3.0 risk/reward ratio, that’s how we do it, right Let’s check one more out. Just just to show you the difference in possibilities this one is going to be Nexus and e.x us to the Bitcoin And I believe somebody Recommended this one in one of our comments the other day So I’m gonna go back to the whoever you are in and throw you a couple bucks as well in Bitcoin so when we look at Nexus we can see let me take that off and We zoom out so now. I’m gonna cut this red off because we’re looking out like more than six weeks So we really don’t need red right now. I can get enough information between a green white and orange and So what’s really intriguing about this chart. I saw is that when you connect? First of all let me show you how this works right here because these are two very very very Important moments in time that I captured right first of all That moment in time When we look at it, let’s do this That’s not that that moment in time right there is very very very critical to the future of Nexus What do we have we have the green is? essentially in quicksand you guys It’s under the orange under the white and then the white started coming down You see that the white came down and so now it’s like the roof was closing in on Nexus It was literally like running out of air underwater But what happened fight or flight and this thing took off? You know like a horse off the tracks So it jumped up lower low lower low bam bam bam and now we’re out of clicks in this was our bye signal right here Is the date that Nexus came green above orange? We should have been in there? We should have bought right, but then it went went up nice nice run Had another little aftershock and came right back down right, but it was hit with the exact same situation Not even you know six weeks later In quicksand need to break out. What do we do it come back again BAM? Hit him upside the head for another three thousand percent Three hundred percent and now it’s back in the exact same situation So this is why I? Wanted to do this chart because you can see that There is a strong correlation between those points, so if we just take a Fibonacci Extension from there, and this is the beauty of it you guys – they’re from low to low, but we know how those two points work And we say okay between that correlation show me something reverse it up. Let me know What’s the next natural point is on this chart? We can see that it gave us a Few things don’t look like you gave us much at first But when you know where to look it’s not hard to know where you’re going as well the most natural Area of that extension is that four point six one eight that was last area of? Consolidation we had before we broke back down Right that’s kind of like the homerun if you get up to the fork one six one eight you just hit a home run, right So in addition to that we cut to candle on we can see that this thing naturally started to fall at The three point two right there right it went up. Broke it a little bit. It came right back down What’s even more intriguing about this Fibonacci is even if you move it to? The intersection of the red and the green green above red and then let’s do this one Green above red check that out now. It’s like fine-tuning a knife You know sharpening a knife look at that now that four point six one eight almost goes exactly Perfect to the moment of time this thing broke out and you can play with it a little bit like you know I’m not I’m not even close in on like you can literally zoom in on these charts to the exact moment in time something happened so I Say all that to say this nexus is also a Very very very strong chart right now Another way to look at the Fibonacci is just what we did on the last chart right you just saw like a short quick Validation you can also do a long-range Validation where we go all the way up that most recent trend and now you can see that this thing basically stepped down the letter Crashdown tried to bounce right there didn’t make it right We’ll put this thing up a little bit to the red and there you go so Now it’s bowing something that didn’t make it right there But it’s coming in what’s called a? Ascending wedge right some people say. This is a bearish formation I Tend to think it can go both ways I think this is a situation where Nexus becomes very intriguing because not only does it have two other Confirmations of bouncing off this, but we just had a huge YouTube run, right So now this white line is coming flat if Nexus is able to get a quick break out here that will be enough to Continue in the pattern that we already formed right so How do we tell if it rebounds we can tell if it rebounds just based off? Let’s see This is our. This is our base trend line right here. Let’s cut off the red This is our base, turn line so as long as it does not as Long as the green Does not break that line right? this big big big Color it white if you want This big big white line as long as our 7 day moving average is above that line the Nexus has a much better chance of Continuing to go up than it does of going down right nothing’s guaranteed But it just basically shows you the different levels to which it would happen So say if we were gonna buy an Isis, this is what we would expect the first Area of breakdown would be anywhere below that orange line right? That’s like the ground floor. Let’s check this out What’s natural the nexus is? a huge huge run at least two I Would say right about there Right in between yeah right there at the bottom of that seven-day So we would be able to look at making a solid a solid 41% right there at the top of that 231 just on our first little spike here With the possibility of going all the way up To that one six one eight On our next huge breakout run Which will happen eventually it’s not a matter of if but when and this is a lot of times How I project you know future points as I say okay, if that’s our base rate. You know line then by This point over here We should reach that money zone that a 1.618 extension right because then you can like start the BACtrack horizontal lines You know to pinpoint different areas of events most likely to happen as long as you stay on track You’re gonna be fine all I’m doing it is if you look at my charts on trading view all they do is pinpoint different intersections of energy positive energy negative energy right you got both of them, so normally the money zone is Positive energy especially when it’s at the top of money zone because that’s like That’s like fight or flight remember what I said over on this side. There you go. You know I’m saying you’ve got a breakout or you go break down and most coins break out During this when this intersection happens right so that’s like the top right there But then also its entry into is if once you start to understand that and you start to see like Where these intersections happen at that distance in itself is actually? The Fibonacci line going that way You know I’m saying like this is 1 this is 3 this is 8 the next one would be 13 You know so so you start to get in some weird stuff with the correlations But that is the Fibonacci everybody it’s not perfect. I’m not saying that it’s perfect, but a lot of people ask me How do I know when certain events are gonna happen? This is how this is why because I just chart the energy of the intersections I extend them out to certain points I go back and chart another path of energy so say you know something like that You know was another path. That’s just arbitrary, but okay. Well. Let’s just make it real something like Break down That’s actually a path right there right so say we wanted to chart that one And throw it against it you know if that path was relevant in that chart, then that would give us Different events based on the intersection of those two lines within the same Fibonacci curve right And this actually becomes in if this path strays stays true then this Becomes the area of growth that Nexus Could have to where does something like this And this is just you know the example at this point something like that down and then up To that four six on it, but it’s all the natural extension of the same Relationship and at the end of the day, that’s all Fibonacci can do for you is show you how what you see right now? extends out as long as The future stays a part of the natural cycle that is on There you go guys. That’s it. That’s how you sharp like a boss Oh It’s a little bit longer than I wanted to spend talking about it, but I think it I think Hopefully it was good to go over to charts You can kind of see how you the Fibonacci is not set it’s not it’s not like Regimented to where you have to use it like this you have to go to the top of a candle to the bottom candle no It’s open to interpretation and the more you develop your own charting style the more you will understand How it fits the patterns that you begin to see naturally right? Everybody’s eye is different and so these charts when I draw a chart It’s the way my I see my brain sees it right when you draw a chart. You can see it completely differently I guarantee you it’s people out there right now saying oh my god He could have did this this and this and came up with a different relationship, and then drew this line in this line You know and saw a saw completely different story, right? But that’s the beauty of the Fibonacci as it doesn’t really matter. What story you draw It just shows you how that story will compete Continue naturally in the future Right so there. You go guys. Hopefully that was beneficial for you I’ll you know from time to time again. I’m gonna be doing like little intro how-to videos I thought this would be helpful for the community just to see like two different real-world examples digi buddy Nexus But you should know that only one of these coins is a part of our dream team right I’ll tell you after and every call I got I got to list I got the profit package and I got the dream King and That will take us into our next thing. This is your first time tuning in you do have a treat You are officially a part of history you know I’m saying this is the bus a Bitcoin and I want to show you the community We got online in the packages we got for you if you in the chat right now shout me out Shouts of people out let me know what country you are in so we could do our cloak global check-in in a second but for now We’re gonna go through these little options right here first thing you go to boss of Bitcoin You go see three options for you the first one is a profit package This is the movers the Shakers and the moneymakers. This is a hand selected list you guys I spent about two months about $20,000 in the market trying to figure out what the best coins were for you to get $25. It’s yours. This list is up no joke about 1,400 percent in the past two weeks using the boss method right next one We got is the dream team, and this is what I like This is this is that this the Golden Goose right now This list is the next generation tokens a lot of them are only one or two dollars When I make this list you could get the entire list with a $20 bill so what I’ve said is if you got a dollar And you got a dream then you got coin on this list and you can be profitable and as I told you earlier only One of those charts we saw today It’s good enough to make it on this list so you get it you get this package and you’ll understand Why and your opportunity to profit from it as a result last thing we got is the one-on-one meeting with the boss you click that last little icon right there pay the $25 that will open up my personal calendar say you wanted to do something Friday Morning, you know I’m saying after The Ellen Show click that button BAM We now got some face time baby, and this is my favorite part of the day. You know this is when I tell you what? Hold on hold on next time. Thank you. Hey, China They trying to cut the lights out, but I said no I said I said let there be light Take this stop word man every every day is an adventure trying to make this software work But I actually had a call this morning. Which was very inspirational would a you know I feel like he’s my he’s a you know like a like a legend The way that he was able to shed light, but yesterday was about three hours With an individual very influential individual in the digital space and I look forward to creating monumental Monumental things with him and I it’s really amazing just the people that you’re able to talk to the lives You’re able to touch, right? Because you know as I say all the time we live in a world where it’s very very very unfortunate But we in the world we’re all too often right This little piece of paper is all that matter You know our whole world is run by how many of these little pieces of paper we can Scab it together So my goal is to give out as many of these pieces of paper as Possible to anyone willing to manifest it through the method that I’ve developed It’s a patented method It’s very very very accurate very efficient, and it works, and it will bring a lot of these pieces of paper to you But in doing so you must then manifest more positivity as a result I believe society is sick Society is is sick and tired of being sick and tired and that’s why people are not happy, right people are inundated with Depressing and this Detrimental you know content on every digital platform you turn on you know any major media outlet You will hear the talking heads on TV with the voices in their ear and the words behind the screen telling them exactly what to? Say those talking heads will find 20 different ways to divide me from you, but not one way to bring us together Turn on any TV on Sunday look on Facebook on Sunday All you see is is people You know standing around in a circle some guys kneeling down some guys not and all of a sudden. That’s it That’s a point of controversy Let me tell you something it’s a thousand ways to keep people distracted from what’s important? But I found one way to bring longevity to the solution empower yourself use this method to Bypass all of that right more money. We have the happy. We are the happy. We are more. We can actually live right That’s what this method allows you to do, so if you like that By all means hit that thumbs up button baby is more to come Motor come with that being said let’s jump in the chat right now Right I like to end on a positive note so we go to our global check-in you can see you know the results from The dream team right there if you want them Pam So let’s go to our chat. Let’s see who we got rocking out with the boats right now We got Canada, Canada two times back to back off top the market Ranger one of our minds holding the chat down from town bolts walking on the west coast Romania Jersey big ups from South South Africa Yasin but down in South Africa. What’s going on baby appreciate the love, Seattle? USA you saw Orlando Santa Cruz see eggs Surfing on the west coast jerk money is in the building big Brian holding it down cross the ocean d g/b yes, we bought that one today point one point o 0.10.0 one Bitcoin, we just bought D. G B today, I didn’t go through the process of actually buying it I’ve done it enough, but yes. We are buying digi body to date BAM Let’s make some money right been asking for the Fed demo explanation bam. Thank you, man. Thank you ten dollars. I take it Norway’s UK is in the building Finland is in the building Paris France duskie turn money London Canada Romanian Netherlands, Switzerland and Belgium Turn money is like big strong strong So there you go guys That’s our that’s our community in a nutshell man. This is what we got. That’s what we do we come together We empower each other we prosper together, and we practice together right each one reach one we print each one You know I’m saying Come as you are but leave, but every chance that’s my goal That is my goal, and we are creating a coalition of empowered people as people that made money this week just by watching this channel As people that don’t make money tomorrow just by watching this channel It’s people that’s gonna make money a year from now just by watching this channel. I’m not stopping This method will not stop it beats the market ten to one So with that being said It’s that time of the day signing out this the boats your boy BK no matter Where you say from Brazil to the bank telephoning I gay all the way back out through jerk Mun man Good night. Good morning and good date. Thank you so much for taking the time to watch this video I certainly do appreciate it make sure you subscribe share this video do that for me if you appreciate mine till we meet again Stay cryptic y’all B’s

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    BOSSOFBITCOIN.COM Laughs from the USA helping you get paid every day This is the ghosts of Bitcoin the creased off crypto is your boy BK And if you’re like me you must not like money, thank you for joining me everybody today is February 20th and as we can see Bitcoin is taking up all the money in the market right now Sitting north at eleven thousand dollars as we can see the alt coins are weakening by the day and that is Exactly why I wanted to jump on the air and report this market action to you guys I don’t often like to be the bearer of bad news But somebody’s got to do it I click through all these YouTube videos. They didn’t see nobody speaking about this Correction about to happen to the altcoin so I decided to take it upon myself and empower you guys With a bit a little bit of knowledge and insight into the crypto markets and the charts. There’s your first time tuning in Congratulations, baby. You are now rocking with the best my name is BK You know me as the crypto trader and the boasts of these charts as you will soon find out Every day I grace this microphone with my voice is another day you get the profit as a result today is no exception So go ahead Smash that subscribe button hit that thumbs up button turn your notifications on I’m giving away money to the people Every time I speak into this microphone 23,000 strong and growing every day You know I’m saying if you want to support the community patreon calm at BK crypto trader and boss of Bitcoin calm as well for your crypto trading resources Let’s get somebody paid we’re going into the number one Bitcoin group in the world Had a contest going earlier to share a post. What’s the day two? to zero We go go with four from big Nick for up one two three King Wayne BAM You are the winner of the day I can’t comment on this post big King but shoot me your bitcoin wallet And I will send you a couple bucks and BTC as a token of my appreciation I haven’t seen your face before look like you shining driving to work on a Monday morning. I appreciate the support brother You know any way I could be a service to you guys I try to do it if giving away some money out of my pocket. I make it a cup You know I give away a couple hundred dollars every month you know just to pay it forward and bring people over to the blockchain because I think this is the best chance we have as a people To empower ourselves and change this position it is juxtaposition that we have Within humanity right so here we go Number one Bitcoin group in the world come on in the doors are always open twenty Thousand community members coming together to keep each other empowered and improv it in the marketplace And as we can see you Know if you understand the boss myth that we do fractal harmonics This is this is the the key right here seven and 7703 forty-three It’s only sixteen comments on this post that means it’s not that many options out there Which is another reason? Why I feel like this is the calm before the storm? When you’re struggling to find a safe haven to put your Bitcoin into to accumulate more Bitcoin then Indeed we’re in a flex point in the market, right? And I did do an a video on aetherium not too long ago I think that was like yesterday or something where I said aetherium top will fall to 0.085 BTC So I’m actually gonna do an update to this one right now Right so I said aetherium will fall 0.085 boom boom We hit that and we kept going So now I did not think we were gonna break that line. We really needed to stay in that zone Right, but now that we fail That’s fine. I’m just gonna go in and use that point o85 as a floor and You know this will be our update chart for today. I’ll make one on a oh me see guys They don’t music. Oh not too long ago, but I’ll do a chart on a Mesa go for tomorrow, but I’ll do this Aetherium chart now. It’s like our chart of the day Again my screen name on trade and view is BD Kelly 1203 Follow me on there. I do charts. You know a couple days a week I am also on steam it as well at BK crypto trader And I actually just released a chart for the steam it community Yesterday, which is steam it exclusive release, you know talking about LTC to the BTC So if you want to jump in on that one you can peep some of that knowledge as well right so if you don’t know Now you know this is the boss method is patented intellectual property on exclusively for the rights and Replications a Brandon Kelley LLC if you’re a profit-seeking entity you may not will not ever use it without my express written consent Or else I’m a you know Use some of this crypto money to put my lawyer to work So I don’t want to do that don’t make me do it but you know I Protect what’s valuable and this knowledge is valuable and that’s why I give it to the people for free if you’re a person It’s my gift to you. It works quite well There are two simple rules. We just follow Really, we all we need to do is follow two intersections right to seven which is that white line and the 77? Which is that blue line the 231 kind of gives us the long term money inside a chart, but all we got to do is Know when not seven goes above that 77 just like a deer right there It’s time to get paid right so that’s what we follow when the white goes above you Buy when a white boat goes below? It’s got to go, right? buy it Sell it right and if we would have did that just that easy this is Virg We would have made 2,000 percent in 20 days that’s not too bad, right? You notice right now. We actually have another buy signal on Virg even though. We’re underwater by underwater I mean we’re under The 231 but technically this is a buy down here It still could have made 5% in four days on Bitcoin. That’s not too bad given given the market right

    The FUTURE is NOW ?? Bitcoin Price 7000 Cryptocurrency News New Technology 2017 Blockchain Fintech
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    The FUTURE is NOW ?? Bitcoin Price 7000 Cryptocurrency News New Technology 2017 Blockchain Fintech

    August 16, 2019

    THE BOSS OF BITCOIN! Hello hello you guys should be able to hear me okay? What’s going on, Alexis Shelley? Daddy big crypt up. What up. What up? Not much, man, it’s been running around all day Chong the earth I don’t even know what that means What’s up everybody boss lady all right all right now Boss lady in the building Not much guys just uh Setting up everything let me go ahead and share this video to my people in the Facebook group Go ahead and do that right fast Duh there you go bitcoin gasps oh, yeah, that was probably from the fork Yeah bitcoin carried you might want to hold it now the thing is is more valuable every day Yeah, well I mean everything’s gonna fool that probably next day or so Just to get the market a chance to recover. I mean you know you look at the run Bitcoin that last weekend Pretty crazy so you can expect like a day or two just to come back Come back and uh You know before I can keep going up I Let’s see here All right, let’s uh, we’ve got this done. It’s good. It’s all you need right and Bamm-bamm okay, good make sure you like button if you haven’t done it already um We will be doing our question of the day at the end that are called today 77 people watching live on the air 16 thumbs up hit that thumbs up guys it does help me out With the ranking let’s see here, I’ll give you Um let’s do three minutes so 825 if you get 75 lights For 825 I’ll do two winners and give somebody on before the video pick two winners today So that’s a chance 83 people watching y’all can do it 85 people watching It could happen it could happen Look That’s pretty funny Hey Let’s jump on one chart. I guess I can do that while we’re waiting Somebody want to look at bird, so let’s do that real quick What’s going on some merged concepts in the building xbg We got plenty of time to talk about the fork and the all coins and all that So I’m not gonna be doing that on this call As long as we stay This is just a nice catch, right I was looking at this chart all day today because I got a lot of this I made a lot of money on Bert brought It back down here somewhere um But it’s not broken you guys even though. This is a quick ok Let’s look at the 343 bring above orange buy right um That’s it that’s really all you need to know It’s all you still got a buy on it, it’s not broken the greens going above the orange, right? You’re getting higher lows So you had a low right there a low right there, you can draw a Fibonacci from the two of them Probably figure out where you’re at in this cycle, or where to look to buy it, right? So you got strong support? Right there Which is the top of that fractal line right there? So if anything if this thing goes all the way down to 105 I will be looking to dump a bunch more money in because you’re gonna get at least one bounce Before it did something like that, but I doubt it even goes that low Remember you buy on the down, and you sell on the up so this is actually a buying opportunity given That huge run that it had it’s not done You can even lose something like this right from the top of that green the bottom of that orange throw it back There you go Break down break out so all we’re doing is we’re coming down to The one point two right now. That’s it Litecoin is is not a good coin LifePoint is a about like when will ever break out getting beyond Like this is just it’s not a good coin That this thing you got a better chance of Buying etherion classic and hoping for theory aetherium classic and like mine are basically in the same boat as far as I’m concerned It’s a lot of other places you can look to make money like This thing is catching on the 786, maybe it’ll hold I’m not holding my breath You shouldn’t be looking to buy it until it’s inside that money zone. They don’t look like is. They’ll be there any time soon, so It’s just a honestly. It’s just a garbage coin right now There’s a lot of other coins that’s better than this There you go cool Let’s go ahead and get started hundred in three people Watching live on the air make sure you hit that thumbs up button guys if you haven’t done it already that’s what it looks like just clicking clicking one time I Appreciate it. Also everybody. I do a post all of these videos. I categorize in different playlists for you This one will be going into November 2017 some some of the best videos not only from me But from other channels as well. I put in that playlist and You know so you got that as well so here you go. Let’s go ahead. Oh in a crypt appleís video Trip topless playlist crypto mountains BAM Appreciate it everybody. Let’s get started Ah man, I just killed oh man oh Boy I had all these windows and tabs okay hold on My bad. I just closed my google chrome that had like my whole thing in it I Reopen Oh Hold on one second I Had like my whole Where’s recently close that I Like my whole you know talk on a Google chrome chrome ctrl shift key And then work back All right Okay cool sorry about that We’re back, and we’re back Let’s go y’all ready, I’m ready already. Oh there. What oh? So I got to Go It’s so frustrating There we go sorry about that Let’s go Live from the USA hoping you get paid every day This is the boats a Bitcoin the crystal of crypto is your boy BK And if you’re like me you must not like money is November 6 you guys and as you already know the market is pulling back a little bit, but don’t fear the boy BK is here with some insights and guidance And hopefully it a little bit of crypto knowledge to keep you profitable and prominent in the market place This is your first time tuning in congratulations, baby. You are now rocking with the best. My name is BK my friends Call me the crypto trader, and I am the boasts of these charts as you will soon find out every day I graced this microphone with my voice is another day You get the profit as a result so stay tuned everybody we’re doing our question of the day live on the air at the end Of this video uh and that will be your chance to win some cash money Compliments of the boats so with that being said we’re gonna jump straight into it and introduce ourselves To civilization civilization 2.0 Crypt Dominus where to market cap is Well north of a 1 trillion Bliss you know where all everybody that bought Bitcoin and theorem back in tools to 2017 we just bought the whole building, you know I’m saying and this is our little playground right here Whatever we want we got in that little building right there That’s pretty cool But uh, yeah We are reaching a new day and age everybody. I don’t know if you realize it or not I think you do by listening to these words. I think you know we have an enlightened Group and an informed community, and I’m very fortunate To have such an amazing audience you know And I think everybody does realize that this is indeed a turning point in our Civilization, this is a pivot in our existence For better or for worse it’s happening and It’s with that That creates the opportunity For us to learn what’s happening for us to be aware of what’s happening for us to be Cognizant of the different influences and the different variables in the equation so we can make a better informed Decision as to where we want to place our resources You always have a choice you Always have the power to choose what you wish to do And just by listening to these words right now. You are choosing the path of being informed being empowered and Hopefully this will yield you bountiful fruits of Financial harvest well down the road Today’s video is gonna. Be really talking about how does this new civilization get built? Who are the major players? That are coming in behind the scenes to rebuild Civilization from the inside out or so how can you profit from it? From what’s taking place on the blockchain? so That being said I do have a few pages that we’ll be looking at Anybody can do this you can do this right now? I don’t recommend it because then you won’t be able to listen to me anymore But you know once we get done talking you could go on you know right now Type in city of the future one of the things I like to do I like to click on news Right over there because this kind of just throws like the most populated articles Right this is within the past couple days, and I thought this was interesting This is I heard about this already, but this is an article Talking about Toronto where they want to build almost like a test City if anybody you know knows how these private semi-private Civil engineering projects happen this is one of them where basically a private entity builds out the infrastructure of a Communal place they actually have something like this here in Atlanta right here at a Atlantic Station I believe right there all seventeen to Midtown To where it’s private land you wouldn’t know it you would just be walking around just fine. You know hunky-dory going shopping You don’t even know it’s private land. Everything is you know? designed to be a system right and That’s what they’re building out right now When you walk down the street Right one of the things I like to do when I travel is you know going to Chicago, New York, San Francisco LA Miami Brazil you know is just look at the city start to understand that it’s a system, right understand that the water Doesn’t just sit there and allow people to walk on it That was actually designed that the sewers were designed that the sinks were designed that the lights were designed understand that we are Essentially a part of a system right and so therefore we can understand the variables we can understand the builders We can understand the logic that you and we can better put ourselves in a situation to be Better off in the future, so this is just one quick article that Google is doing this is another one This is the one I actually wanted to talk with you guys about This is boards a little a couple years ago a couple years removed, but I think it’s still relevant Where they talk about cities are the future? What do they look like how do we build them? Notice that is a proactive Communal initiative whether you agree to it or not, it’s already happening So you might as well Make some money as a result. You know they’ll sit back and pout say I don’t want this to happen understand It is happening and better better better than that understand how you can make some money You know now that we know what direction. We’re all headed right and what’s their impact right? So this is what they call smart cities future cities more or less the next step of smart phones Everybody you know put it this way more people Have a smartphone than people That have electricity believe it or not That’s pretty crazy, but More people have access to a smart phone. I’ll say that then people that have access to electricity so essentially this is already in In place right and again. I’m not here to say it’s good. I’m not here to say it’s bad I’m not here to show anybody’s whatsoever all I all you know my sincerest effort is to try to help you guys Understand the transition, that’s taken place in particular how these different industries are coming together and then loop it back into the blockchain and What’s happening right now every day what we see on the charts right so this is just a quick blip of? What this guy put together? Let’s go back to that article just to pull some? qualitative content out of there Notice they already say National Resources Defense Council more or less resources right corn gold oil water land resources Right so already there. They’re clustering communal Terminology together To basically say this is this is already in motion you guys and this is a national initiative between now and the year 2050 right so they have a 50-year plan 30 year plan and works right now Data-driven right that’s a big one Data-driven, what does that mean data-driven as far as I know it to mean is autonomous. It’s basically What the blockchain does better than any other protocol or process ever preceding it? It works right and That’s the simplest way to say it when they say data-driven. They just want to say it works. It works fast It works better, and we don’t have to worry about it They use all these different Quant correlations to more or less build out their existing entities their existing businesses notice This is for occult right Oracle is a huge huge huge huge multi national conglomerate business That’s kind of like one of the backbones of you know a lot of corporate computer software Programs and technology nobody even knows you know what they really do anymore But they’re so big and so old that you know there’s still relevant here in 2014 But essentially what data-driven means to them is how do we make Oracle this company that was founded in? 1948 you know if we look up what I don’t want to I don’t want get distracted But you know they really don’t produce any any strong value anymore. They’re just embedded in all these huge huge huge multinational software protocols So how do we make this company? How do we bring them up to speed well we gotta make them data-driven? We got it? We got a you know what some other tag. Where is you go seeing this thing a student? inspired basically hire Auto broke kids that are a hundred thousand dollars in debt give them about 80 to 120 thousand dollars a year and Have them come work for us. That’s what that means Rocket-powered factor they he was a naughty little buzz words that you know everybody at Ford’s like the read This is what gets them excited like them old dings in the boardroom get hard-on when they see articles like this Yes student inspired stem science technology engineering math yes Right or a call Academy. I can’t even tell you what Oracle does anymore But more than likely them about two or three companies that are doing something so that’s how they’re still relevant Because that’s how these things work, so I’m getting a little bit off topic let’s bring it back essentially Everything is all divided up. Everything is already in process, and this is our civilization as we know it a high-level Diagram of it and this is the civilization that will be recreated where everyone is basically You know little walking beacons connected to one centralized grid of connectivity right your phone talks to the the Internet tower talks to your TV talks to your apartment talks to your alarm clock talks to your refrigerator talks to your car talks to your wallet talks to you know the farmer making ethanol and all this other stuff, right This is what they call smart infrastructure smart civilization basically where where privacy is more Or less mitigated and transparency at least one way transparency. They can look in but we can’t look out One way transparency is completely coherent So that’s their smart world of design right now. How does all of that? Correlate into what’s happening right now. Well as you can see? We have to date 1265 crypto currencies and Once you actually start to get inside them and actually understand You know this is just one of them I just happen to scroll down and saw it and it jumped out but once you Understand that especially the big ones I would say almost every coin in the top 50 And this is number 50, so we’ll cut it off on this one is being built for a specific purpose And That purpose will ultimately contribute To this purpose right and so now let’s look at what this one does black chain plus RFID equals value Internet of Things remember Internet of Things one central node Many many different little pieces Your smartphone is a little piece the taxi is a little piece The grocery store is a little piece, and these guys are essentially looking at making RFID chips, which will be integrated and hardwired into Our Industry and our infrastructure right and this is happening right now, right? This is not you know something some idea that they’re you know Hoping the give get money for they didn’t even need an IC o—- they already had money right they were already funded they just popped up And and you can look on their project plan to understand how this is actually being built out And who are the other big players and partners that are helping them build it. This is why I say this is happening right now So what we can do in the crypto bers is? understand that start to a a Fragment and segment these different industries just the same as bloomberg us so when we say Bloomberg Industry or know let’s say sector analysis Right So Bloomberg has this thing called you know sectors And this is where they basically divide up the entire stock market into about eight different Clusters right information technology for example you click on that you’ll probably see another big big big you know categorization so you can see out of eight Categories now we got information technology, but even inside this we still got what 74 companies, right? Semiconductors, let’s see if we even know recognize any of the names on this screen probably not IT now we’re at First Solar Okay, First Solar six point four billion dollar market cap right. Okay cool So that’s semiconductors so First Solar f SLR is similar to let’s say power ledger on The blockchain and you can see over time as we start to categorize and you know Identify these different sectors we can essentially understand how this whole Civilization is being built out between these twelve hundred and sixty five different crypto currencies, right? And that’s our opportunity. That’s really what I wanted to take the chance to identify with you guys today As that is an initiative that I’m undertaking and inside the text next twelve months I do have plan to have this thing pinned down and I do plan to Understand exactly how this money is moving where it’s moving why it’s moving and how we can profit from it But until then you know I got to look at this list one off one at a time just to get an idea But just know it’s well in the works and so much that uh Just earlier this week your boy released the beta of You know the first of many iterations In this whole saga is called crypto police report is 25 dollars, and it basically gives you a high-level overview Of what we just talked about of uh? You know where these different sectors are coming in and more so Where you should put your money on the blockchain to profit from it right, I told you guys that we are Building a new civilization right they could throw it in one icon And you know make you pay ten thousand dollars a month and give it to all their rich banker friends on Wall Street for free over at goldman sachs team Schwab Ameritrade, and you know Citigroup, but we don’t got that so you got me and imma do a theme right I sat in it I sat in the UH Same same conference room a lot of these a lot of these people I was on the same Conference calls a lot of these people was on you know so I know what they look for And I’m looking for it right now, and I’m identifying it. I’m associating it Relative to the marketplace, and you know as far as I know nobody else is doing this. I think honestly I think it’s one person that has the inside and wherewithal on YouTube to be able to do this, and he’s not doing it right now So until then I’m doing it And I think it’s a great opportunity for you guys not only to get informed but to also get empowered You know this is this is one of the things that we did talk about at the University of Notre Dame was really identifying and understanding How business is built right and and behind the scenes you have all these little bitty pieces? Right and nobody really sees how blackcoin may be connected to Energy coin right, but then once you scale it out and you say well You know black coins is offspring care and energy coin is smart lighting and you know together They’re both under laid by the Oracle platform, which you know has its headquarters in Taiwan But that’s being financed by You know you see you start to build these bridges and understand exactly the correlations and connections between an entire industrial grid a new civilization is being rebuilt right in front of our very eyes and over the next 12 months it will be my due diligence to pinpoint the value and understand how that’s happening more, so how we all can profit from it as a result and There in lies the Opportunity so crypt a police report you guys. I’m pretty proud of this thing It was an amazing collaboration between myself and the mods in our Facebook group. If you don’t know now you know you are Officially a part of history. This is the number one Bitcoin group in the world Typing in on Facebook as mazurkin Buttered I’m sure he know about you know flag about three of my accounts already asking for twelve different photo IDs But it’s called number one Bitcoin group in the world BAM there go come on in the doors are always open Fourteen thousand of my best friends come together seven days a week to help each other make some money You know I’m in this thing almost every day you guys I make it making my due diligence to jump in here And you know this guy was pretty funny right there that made me laugh earlier. Um you know just to keep it positive you know I think I think as people continue to make money that is my goal make as many people as much money as Possible point blank P. You don’t have to pay me one done you gotta pay $9.99 for udemy course I don’t even ask for no money on Parthenon I just say come on in the doors are always open Once you get on put somebody else on each one reach one reach one teach one The less people we got broken desperate the less desperate and broke everybody got to be all together Right, and this is a very easy way to make some real-deal money guys But it takes the knowledge and the insight to really Take two steps back look behind the curtain and see who the major players are what they plan on doing Where they plan on doing it? What what tokens and currencies and cryptos they plan on using and I’m pretty sure I just gave you a fairly good idea Inside of about eighteen and a half minutes of how that’s gonna shake out You know at least as far as the next two or three years is concerned And again boss of Bitcoin calm right this is our question of the day, but before we do that I’m gonna jump over into our chat To see who we got rockin out live on the air with the boss right now shout to country I don’t want to see a kaleidoscope of nations you guys I’m gonna give you about 13 seconds let’s see if we had any question. Oh man auto fix it boss Smith it Thank you for sharing you met with it. Thank you again. I’ve seen you a few times in chat room. Thank you for your support I Do appreciate you know you guys just coming on we are We were on the chat earlier Just doing charts a lot of people you know through I’m not rocking with the best things being what you do Thank you. You know I appreciate you. Thank you guys. I’m real quick one of the ICL’s I am excited about I think that was one of the things I was going to ask you guys earlier but in – comm I think Today is it open today or tomorrow. Let’s see, let’s see, let’s see one day Pre. I see El token distribution starts BAM So if you ain’t registered yet, let me uh i’ma do this in the chat right now I’m going to a copy and paste the link to go ahead and Get set up over there um again. This was the group I was out in Poland for about a week with an amazing amazing team Awesome energy awesome city. I really can’t say enough about it. I don’t want to say too much Because I would get tired of me, but it was legit It was legit, and I’m actually going to be putting some of my hard-earned money in this, ICO Tomorrow so I probably make a video I mean, that’s just so everybody can see how that comes together, so let’s see yeah Um if you’re in the chat we’re yeah well Yeah, so yeah shouts country out people. Let’s go ahead and wrap this thing on up Also Yeah, let’s do that Oh Badger state Michelle eHome down for already white number 9 in the nation on Wisconsin Jersey Australia, Australia, Denmark Poland, Australia and down under three times Early polling was going on. I don’t counted a Cuba, Toronto, Jersey, Texas uh Mel born LA USA Portland is that LA West Coast are LA Louisiana? I think is the west coast Senate cruise Surfs up paint can for me out there NYC Brazil, Phoenix, Utah Massachusetts Canada Southern land gray, Sutherland and tuna Georgia port land and Seattle miss daddy owned it down for Seattle Here we go question of the day. Let’s get somebody paid. This is how it works you guys You need to leave your answer in the comments. I will be picking a winner One week from today, so Monday November that probably should say 13th I forgot to change today Monday November 13 Tell me what year will cryptocurrency break 1 trillion dollars in market cap will it be 2017 2018 2050 never was it gonna. Be let me know leave me a comment in the description right up under this video Again, if you haven’t done it yet make sure you hit that thumbs up button you guys it does help me out a lot with Regards to get in this video you know Distribution and letting everybody in our community see it so again guys. This is exactly how it worked right there You just go down a little bit hit that thumbs up BAM 92 thumbs up right now. I do appreciate that Thank you so much with that being said leave me your question of the day I guess somebody paid is that time of the day signing out this stuff folks? Hey, everybody in the chat make sure you leave it in the comments don’t leave it in the chat I’m not picking a winner now leave it in the comments Signing out this is the folks your boy BK No matter where you stay from Brazil to the bank, California all the way back out dude jerk money. Good night Good morning, and good day. Thank you for joining me. Thank you for your time Make sure you like subscribe and share if you appreciate mine until we meet again stay cryptic off