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    1,000% Profit In Bear Market! Bitcoin Technical Analysis! Bitmex Trading + Enjin/Cryptocurrency News
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    1,000% Profit In Bear Market! Bitcoin Technical Analysis! Bitmex Trading + Enjin/Cryptocurrency News

    October 18, 2019

    what’s going on guys Patrick here
    bringing you a brand new video T we’ve got another killer video for you guys
    full of information today we’re gonna be looking at making over a thousand
    percent profit from one single all coin in the bear market we’re also gonna be
    looking at what bitcoin is going to do next as well as tons of other news that
    went on in the cryptocurrency space but guys before we get start with that if
    you want to enter a chance to win some free Bitcoin all you guys have to do is
    number one be subscribed to channel and have your notifications turned on number
    two give this video thumbs up and number three leave a comment down below saying
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    trading cryptocurrencies even while the market is down make sure you check out
    the first link in the description or the first link in the comments for the
    cryptocurrency trade alert group so far we have a 90% success rate and I post
    every single one of the trades that brought me to a six-figure portfolio in
    the group so if you are a complete beginner if you don’t have time do
    technical analysis or you don’t know how to do technical analysis you can copy my
    exact trades it takes 2 or 3 minutes to set up and after that profits are taken
    automatically for you so it becomes a very very passive we have probably had
    trades in there for no matter what your schedule looks like no matter how busy
    you are if you have a full time job no matter what the situation is we have
    trades in there to help you profit in a bear market 2 of our recent trade Civic
    already up posted it just a few days ago and we already managed to catch this
    huge ride up hitting a 1 in almost two of our targets then want chain as well
    hit two targets again another recent trade that was able to catch all the way
    up up 20% just today alone so if you guys are instant in that make sure you
    do go ahead and check that out and use the code profit capital P R o fi t o
    capital to get 40% off your first month now let’s jump into the technical
    analysis because we have a lot to cover first of all what bitcoin is doing next
    I do have the shorts open I do have the shorts open down here because one thing
    I want to highlight and I’m gonna go to the daily for this is we are at very
    very low levels in the shore so let’s bring out the horizontal line let’s draw
    roughly about the last bottom we had which was over here the lowest point we
    went to in this bear market that we’ve been in so you guys remember up here was
    pretty much the top of these cycle then after that every time we got low and low
    and low we saw that Bitcoin had a drop so again we see the same thing here when
    we were low here here when we were low here you know and it just keeps going
    down this time we’re down as well and then right before we had that huge drop
    think of the capitulation drop that we call it we also were at low levels and
    we’ve just got to a point where we are the lowest in this bear mark it’s
    similar to when we were back up here now why is this important because
    historically we have seen every time we get to the bottom every time we get to
    this range every time we get to you know roughly around I’d say we could draw
    like a rectangle right here every time we get to this range that was terribly
    John rectangle forget that but every time we get to a specific range around
    you know this level and we see a drop come in for Bitcoin so we’re seeing
    Bitcoin have a nice little rally again being able to hit some targets if you
    were in a long trade but we are getting low on those shorts and that has been a
    previous indicator which again with technical analysis we use past trends in
    order to predict future future patterns well because he happened with that said
    we do have to keep that in mind but if we zoom in again more on these
    short-term trade or smaller more on the short-term technical analysis what I’m
    looking at right now currently I am in a long position now the long position has
    hit two targets and we are at the point where the stop-loss is at our break-even
    so if we do come back down we will hit these stop-loss we will and we will get
    out of the trade at break-even having secured two targets already in profit so
    that’s nice and to me I’m aiming for to close the fully close the trade anywhere
    in this range right here so anywhere between here and here between this Green
    Line and the top of where we were over here that to me could be a potential
    place we could see Bitcoin reverse from and that is when I will be exiting the
    trade and starting to analyze and look for another entry if we are going long
    again or if we are going short again so for those of you guys who aren’t in the
    group of course you guys know this those of you guys who are knob just want to
    update you guys with what I’m looking at with what my situation is right now
    before the most part again Bitcoin coming up with a nice little rally again
    if we zoom in we can see we had a nice little rally come in a very big job
    Canada we had happen yesterday but then shortly after that again recovering and
    continuing its moved back up for the most part we do have an upwards
    trajectory and we are gonna have to play this safe the RSI
    is again getting up to the high levels the stochastic is as well and the
    Bitcoin shorts like we talked about is at very low level so all these things
    could indicate a reversal coming in soon if we see another push up to get to the
    region that I am aiming for that would be fantastic but we might not see that
    happen so for the most part I’m going to keep an eye on this again the running
    trade is going to close at break even if um if we do reverse and come back down
    so I’m all happy and all set with that now moving on looking at the overall
    market cap just under one hundred thirty five billion dollars in market cap with
    a 51.6% Bitcoin dominance well Bitcoin is on a slightly upward trajectory even
    though it is small gains every single day it is a point for a percent move for
    Bitcoin again if we did is consider if we did this consistently at the end of
    the year it would be fantastic but we know we know with Bitcoin that
    eventually we could see something very parabolic upwards or very parabolic
    downwards we see again some small moves from the bigger crypto currencies
    indicating overall pretty sideways day following though that upward trajectory
    that Bitcoin is having slightly upward we are seeing that happen with the all
    coins as well the biggest gainer for the day Qyburn network of 53.6% engine coin
    up just under 38% was higher I believe not too long ago Bank or up 24.1% one
    chain again up 21.2% several cryptocurrencies performing very very
    well however of course we have the biggest losses Raven coin ontology
    electro neum several cryptocurrencies in the right as well definitely more green
    than red so it is an overall greedy like I said all coins still follow Bitcoin
    for the most part we had some choice triad II couple the likes of X R P would
    probably be the closest one to want to decouple from Bitcoin but for the most
    part obviously by Nance coin performing incredibly well and ng own as well two
    exceptions but for the most part we are still following Bitcoin trajectory which
    means small but still green gains we’re seeing more green in the market we’re
    seeing all coins are to follow the same trend if you guys can tell a lot of them
    majority of them are following a similar trend to Bitcoin now let’s jump into
    engine point I do want to share this and it’s not of course
    I don’t want to brag about this train I don’t want to say this is one of my
    long-term whole it’s not a short-term trade what I want to share with you guys
    with this is the opportunities in a bear market what I mean is I’ve managed to
    pick up I believe it was roughly around this level where I was trading sideways
    was where I picked up engine and where I stored it as a long-term hold and since
    then I’ve seen an engine go up over 1,000 percent that is insane gains for a
    cryptocurrency given what Bitcoin has done and what the cryptocurrency market
    has been through in the last year and just a few months over a year what we
    see it happen we still have opportunities to find gems to find
    hidden gems to find good all coins with actual value that could perform well in
    the market due to things like engine so again its source seventy percent in just
    a day after the crypto project says it’s a partner with Samsung’s partnering with
    Samsung now they couldn’t go into too much detail but they did contact the VP
    of Marketing from engine and he told coin desk that while I can confirm that
    we have an official partnership with Samsung I’m not at liberty to disclose
    any other information at this point so all he can say is that they are an
    official partner and that was kind of confirmation enough to get I believe it
    was Korea at first to jump in the market again pushing engine to all-time highs
    in Bitcoin valuation is not at the all-time highs in terms of dollar
    valuations but it is at the all-time high in terms of Bitcoin value which as
    you guys can see zooming out again it went up to 3400 Satoshi’s or 3,000
    yeah three thousand four hundred and forty satoshis and now we are up way
    higher than that with a high of six thousand three hundred and ten and like
    I said now it’s not I personally I wouldn’t be able to jump into a
    cryptocurrency that’s just performed you know a thousand percent in a bear market
    even if you zoom out into just you know just recently it’s up 750 700 66 percent
    I wouldn’t be able to jump into it so if you missed the boat on that you will
    have to you know it’s at your own risk if you are going to jump in at this type
    of parabolic move but again the opportunities in the bear market are
    still there so while overall our portfolio could be hurting we can still
    find the opportunity to either you know swing trade or also just get in
    the right moment in order to see success with some good all coins price will
    reflect what they are able to do and I say this with you know XRP with Tron
    price will eventually reflected and with a huge partnership like we saw engine
    have we’re seeing price reflect what we’re seeing price reflect what it’s
    been able to do it’s been under the radar for a very long time and just
    recently just over here we are starting to get you know just over at this area
    are we starting to get people talk about engine but there have been there has
    been a community there’s been people who have seen this project and have seen the
    potential in this project for a very long time so I do highly recommend you
    guys check out engine if you haven’t go to the website see what they’re trying
    to do I believe it still has room to go up in terms of the long and in the long
    term but I will not say that if you enter right now you will make gains in
    the next week at this point it’s two parabolic for me to predict now good
    news is well is that the crypto powered brave browser starts paying users basic
    attention tokens to see add so this is something people have been investing in
    for some time number one the basic attention token which is I believe a
    very good crypto currency because of the use case of it again if it has use case
    if it has actual utility it’s going to perform well rather than just hype so
    break browser a lot of people have downloaded it it does block ads
    automatically you don’t see ads then the plan was that they were going to pay you
    basic attention token in order if you accept seeing ads so that way you get
    paid to see ads not just the people showing the ads on their website they
    get they get paid for it now you get paid to see the ads as well so if you
    for some reason have not downloaded brave browser yet I’m going to leave a
    link down below in the description to brave browser there’s a hundred percent
    free to download and you will start being able to receive free basic
    attention token in order to see ad I believe it’s not of course at the final
    level where it’s going to be at now you can see what they said phase two
    provides token rewards to users for their attention and introduces Braves
    anonymous but accountable campaign reporting for Brant so again make sure
    you guys do go check that out just a little bit of a heads up to earn some
    free crypto to see ads doesn’t really hurt I know a lot of people have
    downloaded brave browser and they have really enjoyed what it’s had to offer
    it’s not again a lot of people have started using brave instead of chrome
    instead of so sorry because again you get paid so it
    doesn’t hurt to do that last up XRP yes we got XRP in the news again this is
    confirmed 19 companies using x RP not just x rap and not just x RP to power
    cross-border payments a lot of people were saying again that’s one of the
    things you hear a lot about ripple is number one they hold a lot of their own
    cryptocurrency then they hold other they own a lot of the XRP supply that’s one
    of things you see said this said and again there’s been reason there’s been
    explanation all that come out for this as well but again people still hold it
    against as against the the cryptocurrency but we also heard people
    say that they don’t need to use x RP or x RP and ripple are different so we can
    still have ripple succeed while x RP does not well people are actually using
    x RP in that again does give the credible case 2x RP and show that it is
    here to stay so a total of 19 companies i don’t believe this is new information
    but again for all of you who are holding and who do want to see what’s going on
    you guys can pause and take a look at the list of companies that are using x
    RP to power cross-border payments I expect this to continue to go up as we
    move forward again this was published on March 9th but I believe I’ve seen an
    article very similar that listed them before but again if you guys want to
    take it out if you guys want if you guys want to stop check it out we talked
    about Mercury just the other day where you know they managed to send money to
    the Philippines which was you know the first time they did that so that was
    insane and again more and more some more and more companies more and more people
    seem to be joining on the boat as we move for but that’s gonna be for this
    video guys hopefully you guys did enjoy if you did don’t forget to leave a
    thumbs up and leave a comment down below if you guys want to enter a chance to
    win some free Bitcoin and of course be subscribed and have your notifications
    turn on so you can check back in to see if you did win so you can go ahead and
    claim it but guys thank you so much for watching I’ll see you guys tomorrow
    for to the video

    Crypto Commandment #3: NO FOMO | Ten Commandments of Crypto Trading | Bitcoin Lifestyles Club
    Articles, Blog

    Crypto Commandment #3: NO FOMO | Ten Commandments of Crypto Trading | Bitcoin Lifestyles Club

    October 4, 2019

    Hello my friend, Caleb Wright here from Bitcoin
    Lifestyles Club, and in this video I’m going to teach you about the third commandment of
    crypto trading… Thou Shalt Not Commit Acts of FOMO! FOMO is a well known term within the crypto
    community that stands for Fear Of Missing Out… And where people tend to lose the most money
    in the world of crypto trading, is when they make poor trading decisions based on emotions
    and a ‘fear of missing out’. FOMO comes in several different forms in the
    crypto market experience… The most common acts of FOMO committed by
    newbie crypto traders are: 1. Buying into pumps or breakouts after the rise. 2. Not selling when the price is going up, peaking
    or having shown signs of peaking after a significant pump. 3. Selling too early when the price is going
    up and missing out on large potential profits. The first two mistakes are attributable to
    a fear of missing out on further profits and also greed which can blind a trader to the
    need to cut losses if its already going down, which can lead to further loss.. And the third ‘selling too early’ is a fear
    of losing money, and missing out on the profit that is already available. Getting into a trade based on FOMO and impatience
    will usually always lead to bad results and possibly even a string of consecutive bad
    trading decisions. The key to success with trading crypto is
    to have a proper mindset with trading, where you understand fundamental truths, such as
    ‘you never know what is going to happen next’ and that large whale traders exist on the
    playing field who can pump or dump the market at any time against your favor. The best way to avoid making FOMO trading
    decisions is to understand how the markets work, flow and react under the various market
    conditions we have to deal with in trading… To be properly educated so you can have an
    ‘eye’ for real trading opportunities where a profit can be made, and at the same time
    be able to recognize when a coin has pumped and is going to correct, so you don’t buy
    into it, thinking it’s only going to keep going up… and then end up hitting your stop
    loss… Or even worse, end up holding a bag of coins
    out of profit, leaving you with the decision to either wait for the market to get back
    into profit or to sell and cut your losses. And the less you know about the crypto markets,
    the harder it is to make these decisions, much less consistently position yourself with
    an advantage for profit… If you can follow the advice in this video,
    keep yourself from making trades based on the ‘fear of missing out’ and exercise patience
    with the markets, it’s going to go a long way towards your crypto profitability as you
    avoid many of the classic trading mistakes that many newbie traders make early on. Success with the crypto markets is all about
    timing. And when you catch yourself looking at entering
    a trade where the opportunity has already passed and other people are ‘FOMOing’ into
    the trade, you can sit back in comfort understanding that the opportunity has passed, and that
    can save your money to trade another day. I hope you got a ton of value out of today’s
    training. Keep your eye out for the rest of the 10 Commandments
    of Crypto Trading, that I put together just for YOU. In the next training video; Commandment #4,
    I’m going to explain one of the main reasons that cause uneducated traders to go bust,
    and on the flip side of the coin; how successful traders use this same dynamic to surf the
    flow of the crypto market to generate wealth… Because I want to help you avoid the costly
    mistakes made by so many new crypto traders and fast track your way to crypto success… Caleb Wright signing off for Bitcoin Lifestyles
    Club, but one last thing… If you are serious about developing your skills
    as a trader and carve your path to crypto wealth with confidence, you should check out
    the comprehensive suite of crypto trading education and the supportive community of
    WINNING cryptocurrency traders over available on the Bitcoin Lifestyles Club platform! Just click the link below this video for more
    information, and start accelerating on your path to crypto wealth and a financially free
    lifestyle starting today…

    Bitcoin Tanks But Was It BAKKT?
    Articles, Blog

    Bitcoin Tanks But Was It BAKKT?

    October 2, 2019

    – Good day guys, hope you’re well. Been a little while since I spoke to you. I’ve been all over the shop really. Busy in Hobart, Melbourne
    and events in Sydney as well. So I just wanted to go
    through and have a look at the top 10 with you guys
    because there has been… Well there’s been a lot of
    activity lately hasn’t there? I mean if we talking of Bitcoin right now, just quickly look at the weekly. Look, here’s the thing
    that’s been of my concern, is that the lower high
    here, lower high here. We had the potential to break
    out for a higher high as well. But obviously we’ve moved lower now. Couple of things to note here
    is the depth of the pullback. We’ve come back 41.21% now which isn’t out of the
    realms of normality, if you look at the pullbacks
    through here that we saw. We definitely saw a number
    of really strong pullbacks of that 40% tight region like back here. We also saw a 40%ish move back here. It’s just that they
    happened a fair bit quicker than what we saw here. If we look at the month though
    just quickly throw that up. You’ll see we’re actually
    back in around that 10 period Moving Average, which is quite normal. We saw back through here,
    touching on that 10 period on its way up. So nothing too out of the ballpark. Definitely lower highs and
    now we have some lower lows coming in there on that weekly as well. Is it tradable? Well, at the moment, not particularly, not from my point of view. If you have a look here in the four-hour, we’ve seen quite a quick dump. It’s gone down very fast and you’d be pretty brave
    to have gone short here. You may have, but since then there’s been really no
    really nice pullbacks even going down to the
    really low timeframes. Maybe, here, we might actually
    see a nice flat level form, which would be nice. I’d like to see that. We’ll wait and see if
    we get that eventuating throughout the afternoon
    and throughout the evening. It’s just a matter of time
    to see if we do get it. Okay, so, through the rest of the top 10, let’s have a quick little look through. Ethereum against the dollar of course having a big fall as well. Pretty unfortunate actually
    because as it pulled back into the cradle zone, it was
    looking really, really nice. Uptrend had kicked in. Very good run of course. Now we’ve undone all of that and quite spectacularly as well. EOS as well looking at hit here. Big fall. Again a really, really decent fall there. Regained a bit from those lows. Just keeping an eye on here. Anything on the pullback
    here that I can trade. Let’s go to the lower
    timeframe and just check again, any flat levels here that
    we could be interested in. Not just yet. It’s just a bit out of
    control at the moment, and that’s what the, not my concern, but that’s what’s keeping
    me being very cautious in the market at the moment, is just how fast it’s moving. Nothing on XLM. XRP. Good run up and then
    a very strong collapse once again here as well. So let’s have a look here. The one hour, back into that cradle zone. Let’s have a look at
    the 15, any flat levels. Ooh, nothing yet. Let’s draw a level through here. Look, I’m going to keep an eye on that. It’s got a lot of, a
    fair bit of work to do, but there might be the potential for a Bitcoin breakout short and if there was to be that, then I may look for that. It’s low risk, because of course we’ve got, I guess, a really volatile market at the moment which I need to be very careful of. From there, onto Litecoin. So XRP one to keep an eye on. Litecoin. Look it didn’t really bounce much and it sort of led the market down. We saw a decent move, if I jump back to the daily here. It moved lower a day before
    the rest of the market and then yesterday of
    course having another really, really strong fall, so it’s broken down through
    most of those key levels of support there and holding down again
    through those lows today. So not a great deal of interest
    there from me on Litecoin. Bitcoin cash as well. Very strong fall, a huge
    fall as a matter of fact, yesterday, we’re talking about 24%. Big, big, big move indeed. Happy to leave that for the time being. Binance against Tether. If you can trade this short
    against a dollarish pair, then there is also a flat level. I know some platforms do offer that. Just keeping an eye on
    that now, that flat level sort of coming about. But need to have conversions. Might get it. We’ll keep an eye on that. TRON, another one that’s
    in the list there on the 10 but it’s not doing a
    great deal at the moment. Needs to pullback a little bit deeper. Cardano in the same sort of boat and BSVS, they had a massive fall. Humongous fall which will
    make some people happy. What I will say is this. It’s in the downtrend and
    it’s moving quite nicely. Just a matter of waiting
    for it to come back into that cradle zone again really. It’s pretty straightforward from here. There was a a bit of a
    breakout that I mentioned to the Hobart class. Through here. And if I look at it on
    the one hour back up here. The market was a bit thin there, but it has had a very strong fall from it. Just waiting for opportunities. So guys, bottom line is this. Be patient. Good time to sit out for
    the time being in my view. Maybe some little
    opportunities for shorts. This market is so volatile right now that I’m really waiting to
    see what it will do next before I take any real action here. So, have a great day. I’ll speak to you all again soon. Don’t forget, anyone in
    London, Malta or Singapore, we are on our way. October will be when
    we come out to London, so not long at all. And from there, Malta and
    Singapore back to Sydney. Don’t forget Adelaide and Perth, we’re coming for you as well. Have a fantastic day. Trade safely, be patient and I’ll speak to you soon. Bye for now.

    Articles ⭐ Bitcoin Cash Technical Analysis ⭐ Bitcoin Price $15K | DEC 27 2017

    September 24, 2019

    BOSSOFBITCOIN.COM And if you don’t like me you must not like money. Thank you for joining me everybody today is December 27 2017 and as you can see bitcoin is still north of $15,000 hide many shadows has been Bitcoin cash holding its own It’s about the inner a new cycle break out and make some real-deal money So you just now joining us baby welcome to the money team. We’ve been making money where you been the doors are always open? 18,000 subscribers from Almost a hundred and eighty different countries around the world come together every Day in our crypto community so again hit that red button, and if you haven’t done it already check out boss of Bitcoin dot-com plus some more crypto resources if you’re just getting Started and then come on in and welcome to the money team we are going live into our Facebook group right now If this is your first time tuning in congratulations, baby. You are now rocking with the best My name is BK My friends know me as the crypto trader And I am the boasts of these charts as you will soon find out every day I graces microphone with my my voices a day you get to profit as a result and today is no exception So with that being said guys check it out number one Bitcoin group in the world hashtag one Bitcoin type it in on Facebook come on in the doors are always open Nineteen thousand of my best friends come together seven days a week to help each other stay Empowered and help each other state and profit in this crypto verse so what I’m doing right now Everybody is I am clicking right here On this post that we just put up Right when we started this video? And all you need to do to win is Share the video my man create with us a great stuff Thank You Marcelo trade like a boss. Thank you, sir All right here. We go what’s today’s date 12:27 was the difference between that 15 1 plus 5 is 6 let’s go 6 up from the bottom Big a stem on 1 2 3 4 Big B and BAM Learn it. It’s our future Fiat doesn’t work, but if people go to the people’s coin Look at that look at that like attracts like the fractals follow the links path of resistance. Thank you for your knowledge and sharing your insight to your Network and as a result the universe has selected you for the winner of the day. Oh Send me a message on facebook with yeah a toilet, I will send you a couple bucks Eth as a token of my appreciation. Thank you for joining this big, bin. I do appreciate it I don’t think I’ve seen you in the group before That’s pretty cool. Man. I love that triangle. Love the you know Fractal geometry you got there. I’m gonna go I’m gonna be your friend That’s pretty cool, man Everybody else again if you wanna, try to make some money. Just come live on the air I try to do these videos seven days a week Right cuz the money don’t sleep. So I’m oh here’s five six seven days a week there you go let’s go ahead and talk about today’s video I Say this once I say this twice Maybe third times somebody listen There is a storm a-comin across the sea and crypto verse is gonna be the new field that this Next phase is played off What I think is happening as I? You know we’re just seeing the latest and greatest chapter in a book that was written long long ago before we ever came to be BTC BCH red blue less old new you know Left right it’s all polarized. It’s all one versus two two versus one But at the end of the day and none of that really matters Because a lot of the decisions that they make behind the scenes to proliferate this you know Eternal conflict Has already taken its course in the markets the markets know everything? So we just used a little bit of that insight that makes money on our next trade what I’m telling you right now is it? doesn’t matter if you prefer Bitcoin or Bitcoin cash the market prefers Bitcoin cash for this next cycle Right so you could tell the broker bloggers that can you know bought Bitcoin at? $18,000 and they want to see Bitcoin $60,000 and any one Bitcoin cash to bail Thomas not they’ll happen BK Been telling you that Bitcoin cash was a buy since I did a 7 minute chart the first day. It came out at 225 dollars if you don’t believe it just check the YouTube channel You know I’m saying men live women line numbers don’t lie and I came on air with the denzel washington meme and say trading day scared money don’t make nothin and I said at 225 dollars Bitcoin cash was up by and now here it is 3000, and you still got some people hate on it So what I’m telling you is don’t let these boat bloggers cost you money, right? The market accounts for everything right Even in these exchanges you have tens of thousands if not millions hundreds of thousands of transactions that occur every day buyer seller buyer seller buyer seller Right and all we do is summarize all of that information into a few candles of future in lines a few Intersections a few cycles and say okay, given all that information we can expect BAM to happen And that’s what’s gonna happen right now BCH is about to break out this guy over Here is go sit down for a little while and this down Over here is gonna Stand tall and that’s what’s happening behind the scenes with the dollar and the wine and gold and you know all this stuff that YouTube don’t want nobody with any type of sense talking about that’s why I even monetize my channel I now own my own voice YouTube does not they’re merely a platform that I’m using at the moment to communicate to my audience But please believe a change is coming on that horizon as well, but until then Let’s take it for what it is He’s first west red first blue right first left Same story new chapter big coin versus big point cash VCH guess what the market values right now b c h B CC depending on what exchange or use it again all the new people trading view calm. What i’m gonna do is I’m gonna publish this chart on my page As soon as we’re done with it You know and again. We’re gonna be walking through a three hundred and forty three minute chart This is the boss method panel penitent intellectual property owned exclusively for the rights and replications of brain kelly LLC if you are a profit-seeking entity a fiduciary a hedge fund a bank some you know Influencer you know trying to build your home market No
    You don’t have my permission Usually you never will it’s a method for the people of the people by the people and it works quite well So use it I back your own freedom and enjoy the little bit of time you have on this life Because a lot of that time has already been lost and compromised by powers That exceed our own oh Here we go balsa bitcoin calm check it out. If this kind of stuff interests you, but what we see right away Is that this thing is a? Buy right now first things first right over blue You know what to do jump on board the cash train go get paid BAM Right what would you be sitting at right now on bitcoin cash? Eighty percent in eight days that is not bad business, right? And since this thing doesn’t have a lot of information when I when I do to 343 I like to you know see a few months worth of data at least Um and so that’s been one of my struggles with Bitcoin cash is that the data? just is not fair so I go down to a 77 minute you know and I draw a lot of my correlations from a 77 minute Instead what I’m gonna use this point as right here. It’s kind of like a solar plexus You know node reversal. This is basically when the chart You know stuck to stop going down and started going up, and you would be able to see it on you know a full-scale Chart as well, so like you know you can see that this thing went all the way down but For the most part went down over there Went up right there, and now we’re in kind of this limbo area right But still nonetheless that yellow point is still pretty influential so that’s one of the nodes that I focus on when I use this chart another No, I’m gonna focus on Is this one? Right here Right because once it went up It had to break down at some point and that Was actually a nice little part where all of those lines started to do their own little cycle you see that the white it bounced it bounced it bounced boom the red did the same thing inside that white and then as a result the blue came up and Came back down right and then the blue did is little double-dip boom right and so This is a very influential point when we draw our scale out from that point We can see that a few things happen. We can see that this was a minimum this was a maximum and you’re talking about local variance if you understand statistics and a harmony, this is like the Amplified wave like. This is just a dampener on it like mm You know minimum maximum, and this is like the New Balance points, so we literally just like split that in the middle boom boom and that’s gonna be Probably our bounce point on this thing right about there, right? What does that get us that gets us almost this exact same piece where that blue cross the white where the white is right now So we’re kind of building the metrics for a little bit of the Buffer that you mean to get this second wave of energy because this energy has to come from somewhere So that’s what I’m trying to show you guys is it’s already built into the chart it’s not a matter of you know Oh Roger bear tweeted that he was having a meeting with you know some billionaire guy and Now Bitcoin cash went up 30%. No no no no no it doesn’t work like that This is how it works you have highs you have lows you have balance points, and you have extensions Those are the only things that matter right and so when we put a Fibonacci right here boom boom You can see that basically we’re coming right back down to that 786 which is gonna give us the support we need to continue up even higher now What we have built inside this thing and that’s our macro lines right the 77 these are macro channels, right So like the ceiling right now is 0.28 right but right now. We’re at 0.16 – right So now what I’m gonna do Because we’re on a 77 I’m gonna cut off this seven and use the 21 And The red and blue it slows down my chart a little bit Right where if I judge their peak to peak You see almost hit it on the head, but when I drop it down that blue Look at that right. That’s where you start finding the resonance that in this thing right, and if you just recalibrate it a peak To peak You get the blue over to white so you can kind of see how these angles and Slopes talk to each other inside the chart, but I think this is good enough for Our demonstration right now, so what does that mean that means? We can copy and paste this thing throw it right over there Right where that thing crossed that? And now I’m just looking for agreement and alignment I found that a few times just when I did that first things first you notice notice We already hit our cycle line on the one six That’s a huge note of residence next thing we hit our 1.0 on the next cycle line that is not by mistake that is by design That’s how the chart confirms the young energy existing inside the chart, so what does that mean that means that by this moment? Right there We’re gonna have a pretty major event and That’s one seven How did I get that moment? Well I’m just going straight down the line Right there, this is gonna be our big event moment between there There all right you can almost just draw a Whole thing this is basically gonna be like all the energy in this chart is gonna be centralized between those greens Right, and if it is down here, which I doubt then It’ll have a huge breakout more than likely it’ll be somewhere north of that 786. If not that 1.0 And we’ll be looking to go north about 1.6. At that point and that’s just the energy in the chart coming to a full cycle cuz see exactly just what happened down here Right when we threw it down there when it finally crossed over let’s just rewind time show you guys how it happened before we’ll use a Light blue line right here when it crossed that top Money line right there it started to transition it going up And when it cross the next one Confirmed it so that was like a little limbo swing zone area Right before the cycle it And so maybe this will be the growth area This is either gonna be limbo or the growth area, but I think we’re in limbo right now So I think this will be a growth area Long story short, this is a definite by what you have is a descending triangle, but it has extremely Extremely strong support up under it So you don’t want to bet against this chart as what I’m saying because even if you’re betting against it You know then really all you have is that triangle to go down? And the rest of the energy is pushing the chart up young-sam, so yes, you could go down But that’s technically the lowest you could go down given this cycle And then you would have you know almost a super super wave pulling this thing back up from the inside Right and so more than likely that’s exactly what you have to look forward to a Bitcoin is you have a node in here? That’s gonna. Be pulling it higher it may fall a little bit, but then you have this you know magna carta node up here And that’s probably where we crossed the Zero at watch this watch this. I haven’t even moved that thing down yet now. We cross the zero right there So yeah you got This is basically The mega spot once once that thing runs all the way out of energy. This is basically. Where it you know? reset set right and That’s where you can expect this thing to be north of the one six Again I normally don’t even show charts like this much less talk the room for 20 minutes But I think we’re getting to the point now. I’ve noticed a lot of people Are you know really starting to understand the energy and the resonance and the fractals and then you got you know? Enlightened brothers like mr.. Saban Bowman You know I’m saying talking about cryptocurrency so I want to share at least my Perspective on you know the energy cycles inside these charts as opposed to just coming on and you know Jumping around and you know doing doing some game shows you know with some cool graphics like this is actually the Resonance in the market right you do have a quick cool off right here But you have so much positive momentum built into it and so many cycles Completing again if we take the path of least resistance It is to continue moving in the path that we came from and that has been an upward trajectory Since that node right there right so As long as we’re above this blue For any significant time then that node still stands, right? And if we were going to be below this blue it would need to be after that line For it not to stand for base. We get to cancel out As they were out of the cycle and we’re broken, which means we need to find a new cycle So I hope that helps you guys um you know just to just to start to understand how this energy works How it all comes together long story short BCH is that definite buy you got a lot of energy? completing in this micro cycle and You do have The boss method confirmation on it. You know, but just start to look at You know intersections and the agreement of the different lines one last thing you should note is that although You know this does appear to be a cool-off Correction period what you have what just happened behind the scenes is probably one of the most notable breakout formations, and that is when a 77 finally comes above the 231 on a 343 a lot of people don’t know about that Wall Street. Don’t know about that one yet, but once that happens This basically gives this thing Enough energy to go at least to that next Fibonacci zone If not above it and that’s where it comes from that’s basically to chart Confirming from the inside that it’s ready to go higher right so the fact that you’re able to buy it on a down Knowing that that’s gonna push it up is Like free money right and you can see like on a different scale it basically drew out the exact same way So, I hope this was helpful you guys getting boss of Bitcoin comm We do have a few resources Over there if you’re in the chat right now doing your favorite shots of country ever I am going to Come back to you guys in about 30 seconds Somebody said are you swing trading Bitcoin to the usb no Bitcoin is far too volatile and far too valuable for us to trade out right right it’s kind of like breathing in What is it like pure oxygen Something like that like even though it sound like a good idea. You’ll die in like 30 seconds It’s just too dangerous right so we have to breathe in like a diffuse that skin with like all these Trace elements and all that stuff in there Then because that’s what we can tolerate so as a result I swing trade be altcoins which are much much more Predictable much much more you know linear as a derivative of Bitcoin even though They’re intrinsically tied to it and as a result I accumulate Bitcoin and with that profit you know then I’m able to achieve the same objective the number one goal accumulate as much Bitcoin as fast as Possible right I’ve been saying that since Bitcoin was eight hundred nine hundred dollars Now it’s 1819 thousand dollars Gold still stands the same right get as much as you can as fast as you can right How do we do that we do that by trading all coins every single Hawk coin? We do we win boss method? Statistically proves us that you know and and when we know things like this are happening We can double down boom boom make 30 percent cash it out Take it to the next one right like a boss Boss a Bitcoin dot-com somebody’s got a peanut boss right here you go on that website You go see that man in the red white and blue suited and booted looking like the American dream They say a financial freedom should be free so this is one of the things I did for you guys I have a few packages dream-team the profit package script appleís You know you can go to the website check out Which one you like which one you want to dance with and it’s it’s money-making man You know it’s different different methodologies different ideologies and different Practicalities for all of these reports, I don’t need to go through them every video But just know that they are there And they are available if you choose to do that one-on-one meetings would be care packing up I think I’m looked all the way through February so just know that you know more products services Platforms will be making themselves available in the upcoming year building out an alert service You other products what West Coast rate shout-out you know? I’m saying to the big homie out in LA we bringing some things together on the back End so you know it’s just an exciting time does this is definitely a transition It’s some money moving on the horizon so as that happens do not be afraid do not be frightened Don’t let the bobbleheads on CNN tell you not to get in that It’s a scam that it’s a fraud you look at them and tell them your greenback Dollar is a fraud and it’s backed on more terrorism than Bitcoin ever was you know I’m saying make sure YouTube Sure to Sophie about the YouTube knows that right There you go there you go, that’s what you got to look forward to you know I’m saying somebody’s got to be a boss right and if I got to be the voice for the people within them And I’m gonna be the voice but a people and guess what my people need to get paid right and so that’s what we doing Every day and the number one Bitcoin group in the world come on in the doors are always open shout out the Big Ben I’m gonna get you paid right now but until then let’s go ahead and Shout our people out see who we got right now be layup holding it down for Cape Town. Thanks for joining this man Hopefully you may get some money left We should jump on a meeting or something just so I can meet up with you hanging up I want to make sure my people getting paid live they have been here since like 400 subscribers Young’s in big live South Africa’s in the building, Canada India, UK what up, Colorado Springs To buy you know sam BK is in Dubai right now. That’s what’s up, Singapore, Texas Poland um Let’s see secret touch said filling the fractal breakdown, thank you. Thank you You know this is a this is a not not sacred knowledge. This is esoteric knowledge and its inherent Esoteric is inherent with every energy being in this universe and and that’s what universe is one verse one Word one sound one five you know I’m saying so that’s that’s that’s All the logic carries through you know Sam eight one plus two equals three You know one equals one minus equals your energy as above so below from the earth to the earth You know all this stuff all the stuff we learn That every human knows nobody knows where it came from but every human knows these core values That’s because it’s ingrained in our makeup, right? So here we go Another Cape Town in the building, Ireland, Texas, New York, Tijuana, Mexico. I haven’t seen that before what a big make Thank you for joining us Redondo Beach, Callie said they boss walking on the west coast eight town What up, Fort Worth, Texas? Kenia and Czech Republic that being said guys, it’s that time of the day signing out this thumb boats your boy BK no matter Where you stay Brazil to pay your California all the way back up food jerk money. Good night. Good morning and good day Thank you for joining me. Thank you for your time. Please subscribe and share this video copy and paste the URL text it the one person you care about so that person can change their life do that for me if you appreciate mine till we Meet again stay cryptic y’all What up sigh I see you up there sack town

    Ripple XRP Shorts Got REKT! This is INSANE!!!
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    Ripple XRP Shorts Got REKT! This is INSANE!!!

    September 24, 2019

    Good afternoon ever 102 p.m. In the afternoon Beautiful beautiful beautiful rainy wet Sunday. May I taya it is nuts All right that pulled up here Cool all right. Okay yesterday lots of interesting things happened right around the time. I cut it short If we look I want to go through a little because I was actually trading that and it was kind of Cool to watch play out just a crazy amount of volume stepped in there. It was it was it was nuts I mean this we’ve got to break this thing down. So Michigan brings down a five-minute chart and If anybody else was watching this play out yesterday It’s kind of nuts so Here we go hitting the play button Trade trade trade trade trade, you know, this was yesterday morning Just kind of flippity-floppity around here stuck in this trade range below 6300 the mid harmonic not doing a whole lot Facing resistance up against the arc Nothing really to talk about they’ve got a long-term uptrend line here By the way in the broader markets, we’ve actually got a pretty nice gain and altcoins as well Of course you’re getting into the afternoon. This is where things like to do a little dropping and do a little sell-off Okay, as we are Seeing Volume participation not very large here start to see some pressure increase and we’re getting almost towards where Let’s go speed up There we go, all right now we’re seeing stuff whoa, okay, there it is. Oops So there’s that huge dump, okay massive drive lower and We just see this Massive acceleration and price there is a five-minute bar where looks like some bears want to try and recover it but Ultimately, we just ended up trading and this is a firm rejection and something that happened yesterday Was that the short chart the bit rate or not bit tricks the BitFenix short positions It actually crossed above this descending triple top Crossed above in fact, it actually gapped above on an hourly chart There was a gap above came up to right below the all-time high only to promptly get pressure down now It’s coming up against a pivot in time that shows up on the 21st This is going to be More than likely we’ll see an ugly turn here to the south because of this time and price relationship and You know, there’s a there’s a downtrend. Excuse me There’s a Trendline here that has been broken looks like it tried to retest and we’re continuing to drop here so as The shorts continue to drop that means they’re covering and turning into Long’s that should translate into higher prices in Bitcoin All markets are looking pretty nice We’ll see. I mean we could retrain back in there. I mean, there’s so many scenarios That we could see Where as So again, we are in this channel staying above it should expect it to hold the support this for our this one our Candle closes in 50 minutes the four. Oops the four hour It’s got another two hours on it, but otherwise, I mean this was this was some pretty crazy price action That’s the one of the highest volume days ever for aetherium Man date is so messed up. This looked way different yesterday. Yeah, so bizarre. Oh well Yesterday that volume bar looks very different Whoo news but still very nice. Bullish activity. We’re staying inside this art that 181 support zone is holding. Haven’t seen a lot of changes there at all. So Yeah, let’s look at our alt markets. What do we got going on so Cardno Caught a bit of a bed It’s getting some buyer buying pressure step in just experienced your little pullback here a little profit taking at the top finally we’ve we’ve breached that’s that seven cent zone and and are currently trading above it basic attention token also caught a little bit of a bit is trying to Get to 16 and above Nano trading at 2:41 caught a little bit of a drive up there. It’s got a We take a look here. It’s facing some resistance right up against that flag line. So we’ve got a Extended bull flag here breakout will occur if we can break get above this high over here That’s what we be looking for xlm actually caught a little bit of a drive too early overnight Traded up now. We’re just we’ve been trading down ever since then for the last six hours Ripple I’m honestly surprised with ripples Ability to stay where it’s There have been some clear efforts to drive it down Over the last couple hours, but that has not that has not played out. So Yeah, we may just be looking to trade higher here there’s a where we’re getting up to a Historical traded high over here. We’ll see if that stays or not. We may just observe ripple blast right through this We’ll see Et Cie theorem classic surprising is Not making a lot of a move and it’s actually a laggard. So that’s one of the things that I want to Talk about today as far as when we’re looking for some trading opportunities looking for those laggards now the short People who are short across the market in crypto They have not shown a real interest to get back in on those shorts unless something were to change there is still a quite a bit of folks, who are Just kind of hanging out and with short interest near this all-time high like the etherium shorts as well They are Eth is these shorts their error Look they are down 10% on the day Okay, so I mean like actually we were at all-time highs yesterday We’re at all-time highs yesterday in the shorts for aetherium and we’re down 10% on those short positions now But we have not seen a responsive price yet. Okay, we haven’t seen and that there’s I mean these Short positions are questionable. I don’t know I mean it’s the only other gauge we have so a Theory em still needs to catch a nice little drive up on all those that short covering and the thing is is with with when when a whole lot of people are net short on any instrument then the the thing that we See, is that kind of cannibalize each other? So It’s like a whole bunch of people are short and the only way that they can get out of the churches to get out of Liquidated where they have to buy to cover that short, so they have to buy and that just causes Uh, it’s just you know, really? It’s it’s not as violent I mean, I’m sorry when Long’s get liquidated because they’re stops get hit because of selling pressure. That is a more that’s a different type of behavior and and move then what happens when shorts when shorts just the psychological nature of of How shorts work in a leveraged market like this because it’s not as easy to go short is it is to go long? It’s a much more Aggressive and violent move and so people who are already long or have been long in between the eight and six thousand area are going to benefit greatly or people sitting on the sidelines are gonna be able to benefit greatly because all of those bears are just going to really kind of as I call it cannibalizing themselves because they’ll just be Buying to cover and it’ll just it’s it’s just gonna be a pretty deep drive higher the worst part about it. Is is that you Know if you if you’re trading a long position and you’re trading it, you know with cash Just you without leverage I mean pressure would go up and down as much as you want all the way to zero and you’re not going to get liquidated people who are trading margin shorts it’s very possible for Kryptos to spike up twenty percent and Then you get liquidated just to see price come back down or lower. So People who hold their active short positions are definitely getting hurt and I think aetherium Short traders are getting hurt here ripple short traders are getting are getting hurt and so are Bitcoin short traders. I mean, it’s it’s a dangerous market to be shorting and I mean It’s It’s dangerous to short this market So shorts have been getting eaten up like crazy. There have been a lot of people enjoying the pain the shorts are going through If you get mad and take it personal then oh boy, that’s not the way to trade Well, I won’t lie that it is sometimes really nice to see some mouthy trader lose So Ok, let’s let’s step away here. Just keep looking at We’ve got going on looks like the shorts are increasing here There’s gonna if there’s a these should accelerate down this structure here. This price structure is breaking down we get down to this major harmonic here price is pretty close to it that if we were gonna see some response of buying the Re-entries on shorts that would have happened, but we don’t see that there so Light coin I mean talk about a chart oscillating in Its last breath. I mean this is this 1/8 harmonic is like the last zone of major support. It’s That between that number and the next major harmonic is the number one one dollar actually point It’s actually it’s one cent All right, let’s let’s see muku this bad boy F, well actually let’s let’s not I want to I want to get a day count on our move here, so from Bitcoin that is though so Bitcoin looking at our all-time high day after We are on day 276 Which is right near that 270. That is the That is a key reversal date. I mean a key reversal cycle and if I were drawing those in there’s yeah, this would be a little harmonic, so good zone to be looking at for the Thing trends to change and additionally there are there are Important dates coming up here in ten days. We’re going to get the SEC commissioners talking about the the denied Bitcoin ETFs or that’s a xxx, I Can’t be right that Can that be right delayed salivex ETF Commission designates, September 30th 2018 as a date by which the Commission shall either approve or disapprove September 30th That’s a Sunday Am I am I wrong September 30th is a Sunday Who knows okay anyways Let’s pull up the cloud take a peek at what kind of trades we’ve got going on here if we have any at all Blue look at that the Swiss are taking it on the nose actually foreign currencies Was a dollar caching bid the euros up quite a bit. Hell, yeah Gold gold still sitting around 1200. I wonder for a lot of that money is flowing into our crypto world Very very possible. All right Let’s start off with Neos Now Yost looking here on the daily I like where it’s at if we can get above the baseline over here That would be the the best solution to take a long trade based on the daily. The four-hour is It’s questionable the legging spans right below the cloud. It’s facing some resistance there. It’s stuck inside price that’s not always a good thing that Was a bad thing either the one-hour chart looks a little better here wheat looks like we’ve got a Little bit of a triangle through a zoom in on like a 15-minute chart be probably like a bull flag of sort maybe But I would say if we can close above the conversion line on here that would bring us that 80 to 86 That be able to high here that bring the legging span above the 80 to 86 Yeah, I think there’s definitely I mean this is Yep, I like that one 8286 Yesterday I did throw out some I Did throw out later on in the day on? Nano and xlm and aetherium I threw out a couple trade ideas in the evening for our Forex lens into crypto subscribers for those signals the etherium long and the Nano and In it it ended and xlm Very nice So yose looking at that trade there to play out Let’s actually take a look at a theorems chart which is Which is coiling like a spring When you see a you know you when you know, you’ve been in a downtrend and Then you see it’s and it’s been an established downtrend and then you see volume picking up That’s a bullish sign. You want to see volume picking up and in in any well-established trend if it’s bullish or bearish if You’re getting to some type of new swing high or low and you see the volume pick up That’s your signal that the that the trend is about to have a have a change so This massive volume pick up that we see here on the daily It’s kind of a kind of a big deal notice that we have not We’ve had the three days of not a lot of deviation in the closes. So we closed on the 18th at 208 closed yesterday at 2:00 and nine even though we had that massive volume push and Even today we’re just we haven’t moved much at all. We have we have even the range is very little from 216 to 207 like a or a $9 $9.50 a that’s an awesome area. Oh My god, I wrote in the eurusd easy it just to you long at 212 all Right, I can delete that other message Oops damn it. I deleted the wrong one. I Deleted the EO Strayed. There you go Okay now Take a look at the doctor that XMR let’s take a peek at Manero Manero Was you know when we had our previous kind of nice drive up mo narrow Was kind of outperforming everybody the daily here is looking really nice We see it’s made a new higher high than yesterday We see a cross of the kitchen sent over the tank and sent tankinson over the kitchen center the conversion over the base Lagging span is about to break away from the clatter of the price here daily charts showing evidence of a nice trend change the 4-hour chart a little bit more difficult to see there is a there’s a Downtrend line here. We got to pay to introduce so when there is a little bit of an easier kind of a trade in that You know legging spans a signal we want to see it above the cloud and a buff price Price above the cloud we just kind of drifted over here. We see we would be above the trend line – so the oh one eight Oh 1/8 for our itchy Magoo Cardinal Cardinal Cardinal Kedah no Beautiful cordon, oh, I Just hit a hundred thousand car down. Oh, I Now have a hundred thousand car down on me yay Ok Car down Oh on the hourly showing a really nice structure of finding support at the conversion line here Want to see some follow-through buying to move above the last hour close? For our chart pretty nice to see that Legging span got into the cloud without a lot of issue. We are above the cloud on the 4-hour chart There’s a pretty nice. There’s there’s a pretty nice distance now for the legging span to be Moving higher, you know, the the the resistance above the legging span here is not until really that 0.083 That’s what we’re that’s what we see and then really not a lot of price resistance up above here either Conversions above the base. I mean we have all sorts of the the ok, go signals on the Cardinal 4-hour chart hourly chart is well. Probably want to wait for a Return to 75. Oh six day, ly chart If we can get two days above the conversion line, that’d be great. The base base line is flat. That’s nice to see Alright, so yeah looking for price to Probably looking at point O, seven five one would be a nice entry in Cardano Cool Basic attention token, I Don’t know if you guys have ever used it but basically tension token has its own browser. It’s a very chrome II and It’s called the brave browser stupidly fast, they have the moat they have a mobile one for it and Where to go thereíre so say hello to your new Chrome browser, but that’s the brave browser it the brave as making sure that people who do content advertisements and stuff that they are the ones getting the Majority of the revenue it’s not going to a whole bunch of different people Brea based attention tokens got a really nice thing going for it Looking forward to its future. All right, it’s a big stitchin Walton chain. Walton chain is a laggard Walton chain is has not seen a nice drive up. So just at the present value I like Walton changes because it is lagging behind everything. I should see the WTC BTC So Walton chain on the daily it’s below the cloud it’s just really Underperforming everybody right now, which is fine because when it has over performed it’s over outperformed Substantially and that’s what we want to see here. So At the present value area I am I am totally cool with a long trade on here at this level Oops Yes, actually I Got a I closed out all my browsers by accident so I’m just gonna do this on my phone real quick Doot doot doot doot doot Okay Haven’t gone anywhere. I’m just putting in my bye. I’m just gonna do it at the market here and Sure that that’s in there that is Man its finances little slow on the draw here That’s odd Well, it’s good if it’s being a little choppy, yeah the market didn’t market orders didn’t want to go through for some reason so Well now they did, okay, so there’s my Walton chain Cool Love writers we’re talking about insights to take a little bit of a drive up there It’s nice. So Walton chain underperforming. The market is a laggard I Don’t know I typed it in there maybe sorry, I remember Okay, what else I want to see what’s team is doing steam steams. Uh There I think they’re coming out with a hard Fork of something here pretty soon. But steam I like steam a lot I do spend more time on that platform, but here’s steam and I Don’t like this don’t like that. Nope. Don’t like it q Tom Hmm I like it on the hourly Cute thumb is a laggard as well q Tom Nides Has not had a nice drive up. So I would wait for a cross above the conversion on the hourly. So zero zero five two BTC 0.05 to one our Ichimoku is the purpose for that one got that ZRX Also a Lagarde Actually on the four-hour with volumes pretty heavy on the selling there Don’t know why well, actually this makes it a little easier so legging span has had difficulty crossing above the the one-hour Cloud here. It’s very flat when you see flat levels on a cloud that’s a that’s a hard area to cross if but if it’s flat like This where there’s no cloud, then that doesn’t count Pretty easy entry area to identify on the 1-hour and That would be legging span above the cloud. It’d be in the clear to for quite a while so that would be looking at the 5 4 level actually, I want to see the Bitcoin pair for this Above the cloud at 0:08 for 84 The rxb Tc8 4head bring us above the high over here Leave Close enough Yeah, that’s just pretty actually I think that getting into it today will be a Already have positions in that one be a nice Double I mean this is this is a standard inside bar trade Really? We you wouldn’t take a trade base. Is it though gosh, it looks a little lower low, doesn’t it? Barely Okay Alright now worried about that CEC Actually will probably want the CEC Bitcoin pair If I if you ever see me doing the dollar pair equivalents slap me because I I know that we can’t Get some of those dollar pairs, but I always just kind of look at the Bitcoin chart and see what it is Alright I had a nice little bit of a pump up there very nice above the conversion if we close above here. That’ll be great Daily Her hourly rather that is a G’s that isn’t move much at all. I’ll release pretty nice for our little dicey, er but Really just a little bit above the current high in the hourly be a great entry 1844 zero point zero Point zero one eight four Bc bt c XL lamb, I don’t think we did excellent yet. Nope xlm Daily looks pretty healthy for our looks a little dicey one hour looks a little dicey Yeah, don’t don’t like it And them so I I mean, they’re any em, but their tickers X EMI because is there something else that as any em, I think there is So any em on the daily is actually going to X iam is gonna have a little bit more volume than you let yesterday And we’re going to trade higher Above the conversion line for the first time. We actually kind of close above the conversion line in 16 days only the second time No, that’s not yes second time since then first time since that drop for our chart Mm dang it Now Check out oMG, I Kind of like this little formation here for hours kind of ugly Daily that’s so bad The hourly was a pretty simple entry Legging span crossing above here. It would be at the I want the BTC Fair Okay a little different I’d like to see the legging span get and price above the clouds. So really just looking at the O 5 Okay, and I know some people always wonder well, okay you do this You do. Uh, what do I think about Ripple? Sorry, I just I just saw that my head my other screen was Pulled down a little bit. And then I just kind of saw the top of that little circle. So what do I think about Ripple? I Mean price action wise it’s it’s very strong I mean, it’s it’s pretty damn strong. And if you notice a lot of these dips are getting bought up, so It’s hard to want to fight against that I don’t think it’s smart to try and call a top here and shard it as much as I would I would like to the daily chart, you know, we were coming up against this this this 39:25 there, you know 39 cent level If we break above that that’ll be impressive on the daily, you know the four-hour Ripples like one of those really popular kind of coins or ass like it’s gonna change the world It’s the new Bitcoin and it’s bled it out of that. I Don’t know about that I Also don’t think it’s technology, I mean, I think what it does is pretty awesome it’s fast but I Don’t know how long banks are gonna use something like that. I mean, I’m not sure. I don’t know Plus there is a crap ton. I Don’t remember how much it I haven’t actually been Up to date on it, but there’s a ton of ripple just waiting to be pumped out to dilute the value so We’ll see We will see but from a training perspective, I mean it’s hard to fight against the Significant pressure that’s going on here. I mean we this is a pretty standard pump with a bull flag here Or probably call this a pennant and then followed by a breakout so you know thing is as Pennants and flags are continuation patterns. This looks pretty much like a pennant to me if you drew some lines here We’d look like a little bit of a like a pennant on the hourly So that their continuation pattern so this may just break out higher That’s the trade to take I mean bull flags and pennants are are the easiest things to trade they are they have the highest probability of of completing and showing continuation so They’re something like ripple that has already had two breakouts now let’s had it’s had a Breakout followed by a flag and another breakout odds of that continuing are pretty high. So You know, I move higher here as is likely and that you know getting in before but at the same time Just because the probability is high that’s going to continue up Am I willing to risk an early entry just to see if that’ll happen? No, I’d rather see it confirmed. So the 3767 is possible entry. I Had some grass sold my ripple too early this morning and I’ve been debating on getting back in but I may wait to see what we do when the daily is getting closer to The cloud but at the same time the legging span has nothing behind it. And because the legging span is more the more powerful Indication of trend direction when it crosses the cloud, you know There’s nothing here so we could see prices rally up to you know, spike up to 46 before we see any Resistance, but even then trading sideways from here You know we would get into How many periods is this? From today to There thirteen days in the future 14 days, I mean then we’d see Yeah, probably 15 days actually we were to drift sideways or trade sideways for 15 days Be in more favorable conditions for for long I mean again This may not even be the beginning of the pump yet. So there’s a lot of feel behind it and I I’m but I’m just waiting for a move higher to see what we do If we if we totally blow past 39 I mean 40 is a psychological number where there’s definitely gonna be some selling and that’ll be a pull back I can get back in on but I’m not willing to jump back in yet again until there is a move here now Some of you may be saying or wondering okay if you miss a move like this You know because I think longer you trade the The more you get out of losing trades pretty much right away If that’s the only way to stay in this game it is it see But Trading cryptos is a little bit different I think you got to give yourself a little bit more leeway, but When you see opportunities like this that you miss I mean that’s that’s when that’s when I get upset so I sold too early I Think and I know I wrote down in my journal my trade journal that I sold early because for no other reason than I was worried that it was going to sell off from that level and that was just me being afraid so I exited that trade too early and Kind of irritated by it, but Then the question is okay. So what if you missed it you chase it? No, don’t chase it Don’t buy it at the top it what if it rallied all the way to $1 I mean, yeah, you probably that would suck because you’re probably like, oh I should have entered there but you know if it drops 50% You’re gonna be really upset so one of the things that I just tried to look for is a pullback, so On the daily chart, which is gonna be the more accurate of them I know that this area right here seems to be a pretty standard Subjective resistance area that people are trading up against At the same time though, this this ripples ripples kind of a hard one to read right now There’s a lot of bullish things that are going on here because When you get price to close and cross above the conversion line and the baseline on a daily And you’re this close to the cloud. That’s usually a good sign. It’s gonna keep going up. This is a pretty good sign that Trend is about to change Let’s see the legging span is so far away from where it could cross above Just looking at the legging span today and looking up we’d have to we have to go up 20 cents That could happen, yeah that totally could happen but I mean Not saying that’s not a high probability That’s just but I think we’re too early and our in our in our kind of recovering phase here to see that happen. So There’s other opportunities out there But if we do get a big spike up It let’s say we got a spike up to 50 cents. I Will more than likely have when it hits that I will more than likely be Looking to re-enter at 45 or 40 or retest lower Because that will happen I mean that will definitely happen. But right now I mean if you’re just looking at the hourly chart right now You know These dips are being bought up pretty hard. So and This triangle might get across if I was going to enter I’d probably be entering pretty soon here at 37 73 that would be Just on an hourly timeframe Because we’re already getting conditions met where we can see a break of this pennant and yeah, so that’s I Mean, we don’t want to get too far extended from the baseline. Otherwise we get snapped back it’s harder harder and harder for price to move higher when you’re far away from the baseline, but thing is folks is that we’ve had such a pretty tight consolidated range here that if we if we follow the theory that price will move Equal to the amount of time. It was in consolidation that we’ve still got room to move higher here. So just Keeping my eye out on that If we do trade down though looking at the four-hour the hourly all I’ll you know a pullback down to 34 actually probably to the base and Then if it doesn’t get down here and rallies back up getting in on a rejection lower but otherwise my I I would I I know I have a Resting I have a limit order down down here at 34. I think it’s a little lower. I got to move it up but 34 actually just say yeah 3 3 3 4 3 I’d be alright. Is there XRP short? Oh, my god ripple shorts are are up holy shites Hold on a little crazy Here’s ripple ripple shorts are up. Oh my god Not a lot of people. This is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Holy cow. Look at this. Look at this short interest here. Oh my god People like really want to push this thing down There’s Gonna be some hurt people a triple can’t sell off I mean, it’s just going higher this this could sell off there could be a stupid rally. This is a risk/reward. Yeah Hold on I gotta get in this just just for this chart here fairly decent tights fairly tight stop, but oh My god I Mean this could just no its dive but All tie ripple is already the whole market. Okay, you guys gotta settle down with the excitement here for a second. Just look at this Ripple is already beat the hell up. Okay, it is already beaten down like crazy and the lower ripple has gone in priced the higher the short interest has gotten That’s a little Weird, that’s usually not how things work We should actually see short interest drop But holy cow ever since 4:00 in the morning we’ve had this jeez Louise there’s gonna be some This is this is almost charts where you start to see cannibalizing I mean when short interest is like this I Don’t care what the chart is time to go against it But I’m I’m I have my stop sitting down at 36 even So I guess that is not holy cow this is this is just this is just crazy oh Man I love it that is that is wild Ripple BitFenix folks are man that is There’s something up with the with these like bit Max and BitFenix and others that allow They have like these pseudo futures pseudo options and these the pseudo-inverse You know You know, there’s naked shorting going on and naked shorting if you’re unfamiliar with naked shorting. It’s illegal in the US in equity market, so You know if you want to short Apple you have to borrow some shares from somebody usually your broker will if you have like like if I have TD Ameritrade, so if I want it too short Apple And I don’t have any Apple too short on my own then the broker pretty much just lets you you can’t you kind of You really I think you’ve when you sign forms or you sign it whatever you’re agreed and that your shares can be used to short for other people, so if I want to borrow some shares to short then I actually have to have Quote a delivery of those shorts. There’s a period of time that that you let those come to you so I borrow some shares that are available and Equities are fixed volume. So there’s not like a whole bunch of them available all the time But if I’m shorting Apple you have to pay premium And you know there’s only yes there’s only a certain amount around and so if something great happens with Apple and everybody wants to buy it up, but I’ve got Shorts, I’m gonna get liquidated Like I’ll have to cover those. I’ll get a warning or it’ll just happen automatically and That’s what happens when you have a fixed volume market like Bitcoin is fixed volume, but I’m pretty sure there’s naked shorting going everywhere, so It’s kind of just following up like a derivative. It’s it’s weird, but This activity, oh my god, if we if we break higher here if we bust through this 337 and a half cents. Oh My gosh this This chart is going to get hit hard It’s going to get hit. You know, what in fact I Kind of want to I bet while we’re talking here This is gonna we’ll see what happens near the end of the hour in the next nine minutes Be interesting to see what happens to ripple and that short chart Hell let’s just let’s just watch this play out and see what happens. We’ll go dual charts And we’ll put sharks on the left lungs on the right See this these should not look at this thing There should not be as many This chart should not look like this. This makes no damn sense It’s like oh there’s an equal amount of shorting and lungs and with BitFenix No, this is this is a totally One of these is not like the other I Don’t know is this is this somebody like hedging one-for-one. I don’t know what this is This is kind of funny, but holy cow. Somebody’s gonna get someone who’s gonna get Hit here pretty hard, oh man This is nuts Ripple’s add a keep now the ripples at a key spot. So Think about this for a second if ripple were started were to start selling is there enough? Momentum, I mean clearly it looks like it for the short interest to go higher But I tell you if ripple has a breakout there’s gonna be the capitulation here From the shorts. I kind of want to see this play out here But I Don’t want to stop looking at me. We’ve got see we did a theorem Lagos monaro Cardno walton chain q Tom o XZ cash oMG and Ripple, excuse me Six minutes into the close here. Let’s watch this bad boy This is dumb this is really this is really messed up The whole econ my screens are really bright and I look at my picture here Four monitors I think is good Two is too little three leaves you wanting more for is perfect five is too much Netflix YouTube screen social media everybody bothering you screen other charts screen main screen Also if it’s boring overwatch screen Or Monitoring things that come on I Mean the volume here look at the logistic antsy the short volume that matters were just looking at the The chart but look at the volume here on ripple on the dollar pair. I Mean right here. Look at this. This is we’re still below but the I mean the volume is growing and it’s Looks to be look like it might the volume will close higher in this hour than it did in the pre prior Shorts just ticked up a little bit as ripple dead. Holy cow that Is nuts Oh Lois do you have are you in a position right now? Hoo-boy And bitcoins really taught to I mean Ripples got enough of a market cap being in the top five that if it has a big spike It’ll probably drag the rest of the market with it one way or the other maybe Bitcoin still has 56 percent of the market share There’s a bit this-this-this, I mean we’re in clear cumulation territory Yeah, we see it’s five minute chart five minute charts are sometimes a little fun I Call them panic charts because I mean when I first started trading I thought oh, my guys can be like a video game we’ll just chink some mountain dew and turn on some dubstep or something and well dubstep wasn’t around yet, but you know and then just yeah just trade like It’s a video game. Oh my god, and there were lost so much money in my life Yeah, look at the shorts keep entering in and ripples staying neutral to trading higher this is this is nuts Ooh If this breaks out to the top this is this is gonna be insane I Mean it’s gonna be wild. There’s there’s gonna be some there gonna be some nutso movement here Looks like Cardinal picked up a little bit. Just checking that one out here a Little bit it’s good potential tokens Caught a bid Nano xlm. Everything’s kind of growing a little bit, you know If all callings are growing and bitcoins not moving much Our theorem is not moving much that just means we’re getting a rotation of capital We’re going into more speculative markets if there is such a thing in in crypto currencies But there is there is something more speculative than Bitcoin or theorem and that is every other node. Oh There’s a little bit dip there One more minute See what the close of the hour in the open of the hour do There’s a pretty that pennant we’re talking about Pretty much all the behaviors of a trends descending triangle those are usually reversal patterns so we could see a could see a bit of a drop I Was trying to sell into the strength to acquire some more but the shirts charges just well yeah it dude It is not so that short chart is Okay new our let’s see. Let’s see where this where this goes I’m not I’m not I’m not I mean if we if we get into like another 15 20 minutes where nothing’s really happening here I’m gonna what will close the stream but and this is one of those times where like This is crazy. Where you gotta got to keep your eye on this I? Mean ripple is up from You know on the trading views chart shows we’re up 13 and a half-ish percent Whereas, you know if you look at finances Site and their exchange it’ll show that you know compare cuz because it’s just to its revolving 24 hours every minute you’re Checking what what it’s trading at now versus 24 hours ago so Your ripples actually up nineteen point two five percent compared to what it was at yesterday. Oh My god, it’s not dropping and that shard interest keeps rising Holy cow. There are gonna be some people like stung either way here But most of the pains will be generated by the shorts the short interest all right, if there’s people who have buy orders, which there’s it are like like me I mean like I Think I cancelled those. All right got it pulled up now. Yeah, I did because I did a market But if there’s people with resting buy orders up here and There’s also going to be some shorts that are gonna have to cover as well. This is this could just this is a recipe for Megha This’ll, this will travel up more than it will travel down In a scenario where we’ve got either direction The move down is not going to be anywhere near as bad as a ride up There is Oh God this Holy cow, this is the I’m anticipating a lot of fun here. I’m nerding out a little bit. So People what people don’t trust Ripple well who cares I don’t trust it either but oh my god, I’m not going to short it when It’s a what’s mimicking the lung action and there’s clearly buyers and strength behind this Oh my gosh. The thing is, is that okay. This is such a Noob thing to do is to want to be short here It’s it’s well, it’s not noobish, but it’s it’s dangerous because if you just look at the Price action behind it. It’s pretty healthy. But I mean it’s the thing is is that There’s I don’t know how the people who are here are how these shorts aren’t Exhausted. I mean every little tick up that we get if we get beyond this high here if we get beyond What is this high the? 3720 I mean even even a breakdown it’s gonna be I don’t know how much farther it would go. I mean the short interest here is just insane now It’s up to 53% Oops that me do do that This is just nuts Man Well, I don’t know what we got going on here but it doesn’t look like it wants to make a decision I’m looking at the I’m looking at the volume down here and you know, there’s Those volume bars are pretty telling there’s not a lot of sellers in here Because they’re probably all trying to short it. Where’s the We’re creating a higher note up here so Volume point control. I mean, I’ve nothing up here really matters, but it’s quite a bit of activity in here As shart interest it’s just nuts who is who is not set who is not anxious about this falling about their short positions getting illuminated Because there’s Man hold on To get my standing desk chair here Still moving up Well now the shorts are increasing in and I mean prices are still moving up but 50 3.75 percent up on ripple like how many more shorts are going to Be able to step in once this falls I Mean there’s a theory when you get when it comes to like short interest There’s a theory where some people say, don’t try and bet against What the majority of the traders are doing? But you Know that that’s true in a lot of like futures and forex markets in some ways, but this is one of those weird ones like I Mean how you know, how far will this go down? From where it’s at before a lot of these shorts want to cover I mean there’s going to be a big bounce either way Alright I’m gonna keep this chart up here, but I just on the left I want to look at and see what some others are doing Aetherium Had a nice hourly clothes it looks like yep finding support on the top of the hourly cloud Doing classic. Oh, yeah there in classic shape 1088 On the one-hour hu muku Litecoin Don’t like it Basic tension token Looking like it might catch another bid there Walton chain Nano really just needs to get another breakout here Bitcoin oh Man I think the whole markets about ready to Do another drive up she shorts? Xlm Z cash you cash have nice hourly clothes Manero it’s a really nice. Looking chart This is this is crazy, there’s still no there’s still no covering What they’ll still get still going up it said oh it’s 53.9% now Good god I have articles to write But I don’t want to stop watching this an anticipation of how exciting this is I’ve never seen this before I’ve never seen something like this before I Mean I am looking at the right charts, right? I am this is rippled and then this is XRP Ripple and ripple XRP and XRP. I’m not looking at a different chart. I Mean, I’m not looking at a different instrument. This is the inverse. Well, it’s supposed to be the inverse. I Was on the radio today? Yes, I was on Sirius XM just 12:30 Eastern I was on in Sirius XM No, I’m not I’m not leaving now I’m gonna I’m gonna keep this going here Excuse me What the f is this this is just nuts I mean This if this consolidates for the next few hours, this would be crazy but man okay, so the only sign of weakness that I’m seeing in the shark chart is that the the conversion and base They’re Getting tighter the cloud is will also be getting tighter and And prices are not Moving up as much anymore. But you know same with ripple is that we’ve got a pretty thin cloud right here But damn it if we’re still not Moving up finding a lot of support on the conversion line. It’s like consistently buying as it gets there And what the hell is that? That is? very divergent I got to get some music on. Oh Well, you tell me if it’s too loud Well, oh yeah, it’s off of my You see a little bit of a spike there, oh my god, this is gonna be so exciting We’ve got our own little mini triangle sitting in here in the 5 minute another another How does the Is the music too loud good for you, okay? Come on I don’t think loans are giving up here. There’s still people buying goddamn these shirts This is weird, this is so weird Mmm might be getting a little bit of slow down here. Let me Where the short sitting at we are Still at 53.9 Place there’s a lot that want to step in here I mean I don’t know like how much only more shorts or get it people if people step into short now You may have broke down they missed the boat. Oh My god, there we go. We might see a might see a might see the move happen Might see this guy take off Look at the short chart I Need popcorn I got maybe a pane showing up here Strong 5-minute clothes Shorts, oh there’s a lot of a shirt activity on that. Last one might be might be seeing some down move in the short Very close to a breakout I Can see it like face resistance up here a strong move down here to test it with a huge-ass wick or shadow Below here only to get bought back up and trap a lot of shorts But there’s a lot of momentum here. There’s It’s crazy amount Short interest did drop it was at 50. Oh, wait. No, I’m sorry It actually went up it was that fifty three point now in now, it’s a fifty four point. Oh six As the shorts shirts keep moving up with the long price This is so truly this is this is just this is just dumb This is this is dumb and exciting and it’s so weird to see this Still at fifty 4.06 Good just a little bit of a disease a little like When you’re shooting pool in that ball just gets right at the edge of the pocket We’re just a little bit of wind push it over. That’s what we’re sitting Oh my gosh Let me up Dollar Index didn’t hit pretty hard too. Oh, yeah That’ll little have a strength to market Beginning of something dropping This is why I don’t like five-minute chart I got burned so much tonight For our daily relaxed I Remember how much anxiety I would get looking at a five-minute shark-like zoomed in like this Okay, look naked price action. All I got to do is watch these things floor Nerves forth This is just absolutely the weirdest damn thing like as The spot price of ripple is moving up this short chart interest Follows it rep 54 Point two percent sharks Like creating all-time highs on the shirt chart Just just look at this daily, I Meant over here Over here on the daily though This is this is stupid look at this bar for the short interest Almost the 40,000 is the level that got rejected yesterday for Bitcoin Oh Any shorts that start to bounce now are going to are going to be the tipping point for this to move higher I mean, this is This is nuts. I mean if we were if ripple was like up here like today like it is today But the short interest was at 5% or not even near all-time highs we’d be we’d be whistling a different tune But this is just nuts who the hell is shorting this right now? And who the hell is even participating it along in it? Like I mean we are but It’s just because this risk to reward is is stupidly high right now for going long It just keeps moving so do the shorts Fifty four point three nine percent. Oh my god, they’re gonna get rolled over. This is ridiculous Very close to hip breakout with no signs of wanting to break down when the volumes in here and volume in here is pretty keeps going up to 4.3 9% I keep thinking it might be an idiot looking at two different Instruments. No, it’s this is Ripple short or some ripple long Well, there it is first little first little tag up looking at possible breakout Could be a fake-out higher or lower but Supporter trade Cerium sketching a bid bitcoins catching a bit higher Just tip a little bit higher. Oh my god. I think we’re about to see something crazy happen Short tiny man, was that no, no, no just spiked up fifty four point. Five five. That’s making yeah Shorts at an all-time high So this is the definition right what’s happening on the screen to the left this is the shirt So this is telling us that we’re at all-time highs for the short trainers for Ripple’s So this is like people are trying to buy the top on the ripple chart new new traders and newbies do this They get the FOMO of missing out the shorts. This is moving higher. Why? This is not moving anywhere Fifty four and a half percent Short interest fifty four points moving up as the price is moving up Do you think an altcoin rally can Yeah, all coins can rally the whole market. Yep. Yep. Definitely. I think actually that’s that what that is what needs to happen because if you notice that when when Bitcoin has a Significant portion of the market cap that means that people are not participating in the rest of the market there. They’re just not The speculative altcoin market is where the crypto currency market cat finds its Most of its growth and you get a nice rotation of that capital of people You know get you know selling back into Bitcoin resting on it seeing altcoin market sell-off a little bit Okay, so we did drop a little bit fifty four point three one percent of the shorts instead of sitting here at oh god, this is Well, I’m not so much excited about the screen on the right I mean I am I’m really excited about what what we could see happen over here in the shorts I’m gonna do like a fist pump. Once that happens once these things go Ripple BitFenix funding Fifteen point three one percent. Well, we actually had gap up on a five-minute chart with a little selling there Wouldn’t mind seeing a pullback down to this trendline that’s what you always want to see but fifty four point eight five percent key Bend to those shorts Oh mylanta There’s got to be a point where I think my profit target is probably getting here 40,000 all-time high huge psychological number on that short chart price is still moving higher in the spot market Stock markets at an all-time high Nasdaq. Got a great recovery. It’s just everything’s awesome Oh my god Why is that shark charge still sitting there fifty four point eight five percent so he’s got a really big account for their margin shorts Thirty-eight sitting daily highs I mean There’s people like I’m just I have I’ve trading via chat on the bottom and also like have some other chats on there I love seeing psychological sentiment because that’s one of a great indicator So, you know when you have everybody screaming shorts, it’s usually get back to consider a long trade Holy cow 56% short so if you’re like People don’t trust Ripple that’s why everybody sharp. I understand that why the hell would you short it now, though? Spot prices keeps going up. There’s got to be shorts Fueling this rally right now. It’s just not getting reflected in the chart on the left I mean unless this bit the next short chart where it’s differently than when I think it Holy cow Well, there it is there’s a dip there’s a dip on the shorts 750 three point six nine percent left that fuck. This thing’s in rally and part my friend drive up This is a short squeeze books, I Mean Don’t don’t want to get all getting. I mean really, I’m not III don’t like ripple at all. I Personally abhorrent. I think it’s as bad as Bitcoin cash, but I like price action and and this shit going on right now is weird because this This this short chart is still stupidly high as prices. Keep moving up in Ripple. I Mean bitcoins catching a bid right now. So as theorem, oh my god people That unless this is one big bull trap, which I don’t I don’t see it Fifty two point nine four percent on that shorts I don’t want to get grotesque but and I and I don’t know if this is lingo that’s used everywhere but in trading view They call large Green candlesticks like this cucumbers, they call them big green cucumbers, and then they call Again this is the lingo that I see people in trading view use is they call the the large red bearish candle sticks? They call them big red dildos. I think it’s kind of funny in a crass sort of way, but Now this short once I mean this pump up here really Has a lot more to go if we’re going to consider that if this is real time Accurate if these are all shorts that have to cover From these all-time highs then ripple is going to ripple higher I Have not seen this kind of activity before this is this is kind of nuts Where you have Daily highs Multi how many weeks higher are we on this guy? Gap up on the five and it’ll fit covered the gap Generally means we move higher and a gap even that a short timeframe Why not I look at it’s five minutes. That’s what I want to look at. There. It is big red thing But they’re mirroring each other I don’t know why that is, why are the shirts and the lungs all at the same here very bizarre You clear The dips are getting bought up that ripple interest keeps going We are no longer above 50% for short interest on Ripple short chart. We are below it at 48 point to 2% lots of Stuff going on here. This is crazy. This is just nuts This is gonna dip again that that short chart interest is going to dip again holy cow Also adding to the flux fluctuation of the prices here is that Bitcoin is Catching you bid now and so is aetherium and all these other guys are catching a nice drive higher. Oh mylanta My profit target did get hit and ripple I just check that but Look at that big gap down have five picture. I didn’t even notice it until Until now, I thought it was still hanging out up here like it was biking but there it is right down here Forty eight point one six percent Ripple still I mean 10 on technicals. This is straight-up parabolic. Yeah, I mean I’ve been in charge but you I mean you probably expect to see some type of retracement but This is crazy Man Oh like everything’s ketchup wait Golde just caught up a little bit section treating a little higher now to Euros blasting through talk about that fart slimeball of our courts position great Just all the Canadian dollar still kind of sitting there geez what pounds actually New Zealand dollar screaming Aussie dollar. Come on pick up the slack This come on this is the shark chart I mean There’s got to be people People participating up here. They got to be feeling Really sick to their stomach So a candlestick like this This is a nightmare if you’re if you’re trying to trade on a short-term time frame or if you’re like Oh my god rip a little look at all the look how high it is. This thing sucks Because people don’t trust it This has got to be very stressful for those people who tried to Short up here, which actually I mean you should short the tops but not when it looks like this over here Holy cow. This is this is this is nuts again looking at the daily This is like trying to buy the top such Oh, God died look look at that on the right It just keeps going Shorts are going to get rolled over man. I mean they are going to get dumped on they’re gonna get We kind of named us a better session for the day XRP shorts got wrecked. Wait a minute that that wasn’t the title before sneaky sneaky business partners Okay, I’m looking at the nexus shirt chart here, you know, I wonder let me pull up coinage E&C Man looking at that Hourly for ripple is massive, and it’s just a continuation. We were talking about that earlier You know when you see that this this pennant pattern there just continuations This has not moved Oh for some yeah, of course short interest most This this is not this is not reflecting what is happening for here You should be a Death signal on this shorter Jeez Ripa was just going crazy Ripple’s up 20% Well, it’s short chart reaches all-time highs ins just kind of sitting there dude I feel sick bastard sure because I know that there’s There there’s some red there finally Wasn’t the incorrect What Oh duh I’m trying to put it in crypto Piett not Just this price action, it’s just Is the volume okay for the music, I think the music’s still going right? There it is, there’s that big ol red thing Wow It’s a pretty crazy move What was I doing Was I looking up dangit? You see this is where the shorts start to cannibalize this is a short squeeze Well, I’m happy and we didn’t log off because this is exciting It’s actually pretty comical this is Like look old coin did you that’s I Need to go to it for next Here’s an excerpt feed that for next bowl chart, where’s the where’s the short turns? I don’t think they have Wow 21% gain on the day now I think like 40 cents is where You might see it turn How low do you think those shirts can go I’m surprised this thing hasn’t retraced already. It’s gone down a whopping 6% Shorts I mean they’ve gotta they’ve gotta feel pain and pressure That’s not there’s a lot of momentum I’d be surprised if we didn’t test it before A little bit of selling pressure right there Pretty normal though that 40 fine I think you know and I don’t know how long we’re gonna see this It’s kind of justify our stuff just with Boy this is hilarious crazy crazy crazy Take your profit at those key areas folks And then usually when you start to see this kind of moves people who are short and in a panic mode after a little bit of Retracement they might feel okay about leaving their position Now if that there’s been a little bit of retracement anything they got out the pain and misery that they’re in Yeah, now we’re bleeding off they’re loose did you take profit or are you still in it? That’s getting bought right back up look at that go Forty three and a half percent on those charts, let’s look at what’s the hourly look like here? Hourly let’s look what the daily looks like. Oh We need to we need to down a little bit farther come on For our oh that is bearish as f It’s crazy Wow Well, I think I think that was the excitement it was very exciting That was that was a kind of badass be interested to see what how this goes the rest of the evenings I’m going to keep an eye on it. But um definitely, uh Nice, yep point three nine That is the pro exit. Yep That is the way to do it Let’s just real quick one take a quick look at All these others So make for a good video, yeah I Mean, I wish I wish we would have seen more of us a sell-off here but in the shorts or covering in the shorts But it’s pretty damn funny. So write a theorem Theory I’m looking like it may have a break up pretty soon Card I’ll still looking healthy Bitcoin yeah bitcoins gonna have a drive up there nice hourly conditions on our fastest law oscillators Machines yeah, no, it’s too gtfo higher CRX now there he goes erection. We did it that trades going out very nicely Alright well that wasn’t good that was fun to watch Jeez Cool cool cool. Well anyways, hope you guys have had a good trade dish so far. Hope you guys have had a good week Forex lens folks. I will see you tomorrow morning and the rest of you if I don’t see the morning I will see you tomorrow afternoon. I’m gonna get some food in me getting hungry on and so Have a good rest of your trade day and watch these markets because there’s some definite Excitement coming back into these so goddamn this they didn’t fight all the way back up Well, I’ll stop time but I won’t stick around forever, so yep good good good day today This is just this is just crazy get a hold on. This is just nuts Where did I put that? Man We’re gonna probably form another pennant before there’s another breakout and shorts are Lots of fun stuff coming up again tons of volume But that same trade that’s real quick that same trade we were talking about Or he’s been to the long and a pull back down to three for three I mean keep an eye on that according to like where it’s at on the baseline and According to where it’s at Relation to the floor on one-hour chart because The pullback now may I mean we may have to wait them for a little higher, but still I think Let’s look here at the four hour Because we said three four pull back two three four three I Think that’s gonna have to get adjusted maybe two three five Yeah, yeah three five That’s the pullback trade Cool all right. Oh It looks like shirts have to keep going oh Man, okay, I gotta go. I gotta go. I gotta I gotta eat I’m gonna pass out if I don’t eat Guys, have a good rest of your day, and we’ll have a lot to talk about tomorrow Broadcasts, okay. See you later


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    September 7, 2019

    THE BOSS OF BITCOIN!! What’s up everybody Hello hello hello Can you guys hear my voice okay got the chat up It’s kind of cool Does anybody know like of a countdown widget I Could use instead of this random website to take up half the window Make sure you hit that like button guys we need 75 likes get our cash winner you already know how it worked As soon as we get that let’s start the video and Show you guys what our breakout trailer today is to make some money. There’s one of those ones look this one’s solid So make sure you hit the like let’s see Turn the traitor, that’s pretty funny create the Oni Some find the traitor That’s pretty funny ready Find the traitor Hey, how’s that quality on this video is the quality good like the Pixels and everything or is it like really really blurry and sketchy. How does it look? How does it sound I? Just want to make sure that we’re good with everything Hopefully, we are Yeah a cloak just broke out. I put a chart on that one last week And then sure enough do you break out, but it’s gonna come back now, so it’ll be on the list You guys are pretty funny I Don’t know why it’s 360 I’ll be right back. I’m gonna stop it and pick it back up I’ll hold on I’ll reload it You All right This should be better. Hopefully there we go stream status good 1080. Let’s see Again I’ll I just got to spend like two days the problem What’s going on big Brian just landed in Beijing Wow across the world Still tuning in appreciate it brother Yeah does anybody know of I’m using OBS right now Does anybody know of any better software to use for live streams? I got this logitech New camera, which is decent right it says it could stream in 1080p but I need software that Supports it and I think YouTube’s native software for whatever reason when combined with OBS Does not support it very well, right? Which sucks Alright so here we go we are Wirecast yeah, I got like restream sure why because Yeah, the problem is like when I do it live the data gets crunched together and You know it doesn’t come out looking good. It’s a couple guys out there that figured it out But I haven’t yet Same quality issue I have right Okay, um let’s see we need to share this video to our Facebook page So we got 42 likes right now I’m gonna share this video, and we’re gonna get started Nice clean little quick little video tonight no Saturday Hopefully get out get outside. I’m gonna take my dog for a walk out. Oh, I’m going out there. Go get some sushi There you go I haven’t looked at komodo. Yeah, I may in the next couple days maybe tomorrow So we’ll say you might see them on an upcoming video pretty soon that is yet to be determined Shut up – Komodo Make sure you like the video guys we’re gonna go ahead and get started Just hit that thumbs up button that way everybody else that comes after you will see this video in their feet It’s a it’s a solid pick tonight For for some big-time profit in this market so what I’m doing now. I got to share this video on Our Facebook page and as soon as I do that we will be good to go Actually, I’m going to sign out This account Okay How’s everybody doing in the markets right now BK looking the ADX I already have Francisco are you the software guy the Charter G star what it do turn off chat yes There you go good Okay, yeah Yeah, thank you. You’re my software guy. I’ve seen some of the stuff. I think we messaged on Facebook You’re pretty you’re pretty good Do me a favor send me a message. I’m making a post on this page right now. I got a new Facebook page because the boys in blue Shut down my last one cuz they want me to make a fan page So they could charge me money to talk to my people and I’m not doing it I will make ten thousand fake email accounts and BK crypto traitor page before I make one fan page and pay the boys in blue to talk to my people Run tell that sorry Let’s go it out Stressful What’s up psycho sauce Crypto magic what it do? Hold on Francisco, I got a new I told her I got that new uh BK crypto traitor page, I need you to message me on that I want to talk to you about designing this software together But a boss method As soon as I can log into Facebook, okay? Okay, well I’ve seen your posts, and I think I saw the thing you put on steaming to yesterday everyday before I Follow you on steam it I’m only on there like once a week. Maybe has anybody used steam It does anybody know how to make money on steam it. I feel like it’s just like in Craigslist Where you got a few whales that make all the money and a few girls with their tits out that get like $12,000 for taking a picture on the beach, and that’s it Somebody posted on Steam and if that wasn’t you that was somebody else But I know you’re the software guy, so I wanted to talk to you anyway So um I’m about to post on our Facebook page. Just do me a favor message me on there Sorry to stick it so long guys. I got to like go in and authorize My other account to post to the board Yeah, I might have to start posting on library has anybody been on there yet Library d2 how does everybody feel about like these new? Platforms and portals that are coming out on the blockchain Someone keeps asking me about big quick and I have no idea A advatage account I have no idea what that even means So I’m not the guy you want to ask Sorry about this. I’m trying to okay finally goodness gracious Good that released it and took that long There we go I think Francisco, I just posted in a Facebook group do me a favor Message me on that profile BK crypto trader, and I wanted to chat to you about building some software together for this trading charting Automation I’ve seen your work. I think it’s really really really good And so that’s why I remembered you You have like a selfie picture like that of you somewhere, I think in the Facebook group, anyhow Message me write your name down Cool let’s do it oh Are we at 75 lights yet make sure you like this video guys 75 lights we got some cash money. We’re giving away That’s good We need our coin Yes looky that is how I clean my glasses Cookie you probably have the best best icon out of anybody in this group Well it won’t be about what I’m looking and Maybe you guys we could running us together I’m looking for software engineers to come together to build a platform that essentially streamlines the method that I used if you if you Consider the fact that the charts we read are is really just data. It’s like numbers, right? And we can build an internal we can just download the numbers through API build an internal algorithm to separate them and create our moving averages and then Put flags on the algorithm algorithm to highlight when certain events happen I’ve been designing this method For a year and a half now, and it’s very very very good. I just need some software behind it to make it to where you click a button and It does it for you In case Facebook is that of a hot chick 99 framework? Now I know what my girlfriend feels like That’s funny, I’m greens at night is actually really funny Sorry this is taking so long guys. I literally had to Make a new Facebook page just so I could do the stuff that we do every day Again the boys in blue wanted me to send my driver’s license passport Blood samples to confirm my other account and I didn’t do it out I told them how I’ll create 10,000 email addresses. You know 4bk crypto traitor before you know I volunteer to give up my rights But I promise we’ve got to get ready, hopefully you picked the day is worth it it should be this one Uh probably chart is probably the best the strongest one so far What up everybody no stranger to the joke yeah, I’m saying no stranger Perfect Francisco, see I knew you were too man. That’s what I’m talking about. I know you were too man. I Already build some stuff bitch right see that’s one that’s why I’m saying All right You can’t even load Excel graph will show you right right right? I understand that It’s not necessarily for trading it’s more so for the One I call that Correlation correlation Right Alright okay perfect. Thank you Michael for that Cool You can put your own settings and gun Bobby K. What is gun but I’ve never heard of it And I don’t I don’t know what that is it just beeps sometimes out of nowhere BAM hmm Sorry guys I get way too distracted Facebook coin market cap Auto trader platform Okay, yeah, we could do that real quick. I’m gonna. I’m gonna do another video just for a trading view Where it’s like an updated tutorial? It probably is boys and blue see the boys in blue not promise Just want to take over the whole browser don’t even make no sense Don’t even make no sense All notifications all sounds on who wants that You know I forgot Facebook didn’t used to be like this horrible. It really didn’t like back in a day. It was actually cool Like when I was in college 2005-2006 You can actually get laid off Facebook. That was the tender of 2006 2007 It makes you my girlfriend ain’t listening That was like that was that was that was out like like you know Now you’re gonna miss my birthday Yeah, and that’s that’s the point of my method is to empower the people reading the data It’s not a trading mechanism. It’s more so a correlation System that helps you understand and look at the data differently all uniformly In a different light. That’s it So hopefully me and Francisco be able to build that out Francisco if you ever pull that off man, you’ll be able to retire pretty quick I’ll buy you Tell you what Francisco if we could build this platform out I’ll buy you imagine go Ferrari I said in my last videos clowns drive Lambos bosses drive Ferraris. You know I’m saying I’m getting one chromed out all gold you know just because So I buy you one if you could build what I’m talking about what I’m thinking about what I got up here what I’ve been sitting on for about two years You would do it pretty well for yourself ticker alright Okay cool. We’re good. I’m sorry this took painstakingly long So this platform will show you all the informations and probably some points to get out. Yeah exactly It’ll show you the relationship between it’ll show you different metrics ratios However, we want to communicate the relationship right red light green light yellow light You know if we wanted to do it in Dexter where it’s like 3.75 point Oh whatever who cares But essentially it will give you some internal metrics to calculate What we do already you know when I draw lines on this chart. I’m basically Internalizing the metrics right when we look on this chart, and we see you know this moment in time where the green the red Crossed and broke down that orange. That is internalizing the data right and so now I want to design a platform that does that for us and describes it and A uniform system with relation to the whole it’s not that hard to do I Forgot can’t use tradingview on these free accounts They got so many ads on there it almost make it not worth using Like if you’re not paying $20 a month to use tradingview, and you got to put up with them ads I can’t do it Like I would pay $20 a month just not to do it and I would pay a Lot more to build my own platform, which me and Francisco about to do To compete with him Ripple’s about to bust out maybe If that if that happens, that’s good if ripple busts out and Bitcoin breaks down that’s gonna be a lot of money flowing into these altcoins guys and If you’ve been following me for the past week you see that that’s all we’ve been buying up is all coins ready to break out, so I hope it does I hope Bitcoin goes down to 3,000 and I hope ripple goes up to 30 cents that means I got about 20 billion dollars coming between my art coins and I’m ready Alright, but if you a long story short the reason I pulled this up if you want to turn off the If you want to turn off The candles this is where you do that right here You click that little button up there Right right by the times you click that down arrow for bar styles And you say you can either do candles But I prefer the line so that’s how you do, they have different styles like one of them’s really interesting the Line break I Was looking at this one for a while to try to see like how this stuff works That one’s kind of cool But I haven’t really looked at that that one’s like a completely different method all together, but look at that. That’s so beautiful like once once that thing dovetails off Vivix like has no choice, but to Keep trying to break out you know I’m Sam Like that’s how it works That’s how it works it follows a path of least resistance least resistance is to keep doing that so once that orange line You know happens, then that’s what’s gonna happen by pivots while you can As long as it’s under five dollars It is a buy once it gets right about there, then it’s gonna have to make a decision It’ll probably consolidate to right about there, and then it’ll probably keep going but pivots for the rest of this year probably a solid buy Hey, so this is good this is good, let’s go back to our Bitcoin And with that we got that we got that Vivix where we got pivots fix and then oops So hopefully that answered your question on how to make it happen And we are good to go here All right so question of the day let’s let’s throw it back out let’s throw it back out there What coin is is One of your lockdown coins that you think we should have included in this in This challenge right, and I haven’t told the coin of the day, so I want to hear your number one coin And then if our coins match You’ll have a good chance of win it right Let’s do that so we go come back in two minutes that’s the question of the day jump in to check make sure you like some like this video right now hit that thumbs up button guys cuz We coming back in two minutes, and I’m giving away some cash money That’s gonna be pretty cool Live from the USA hoping you get paid every day this is the boat and I got the number one web site on the Market for you to cash in and cash out in cash money for Bitcoin. It’s called big quick CEO There’s a link in the description and it’s in the number-one comment on this video you go to their website You’re gonna see this right here You click on buy And you tell them how much money you want to spend and it will automatically convert that amount in a Bitcoin Once you have that amount ready you let them know how you want to pay for it You can either do a cash deposit or money transfer I do cash deposits through a major bank right here in the USA. You pick what bank you won Personally I use Bank of America because they have so many locations And it’s quite convenient tamasam a big thing to note here is you only have three hours? To get that cash money into the bank account that they send you They’re gonna send you someone else’s bank account at Bank of America who’s a member of Bank of America and you will put your? Information into the system so that once you deposit the money into their account they send you the Bitcoin So this is how it works you put your state your email address they will verify Any phone number you give them with a simple six digit text message? And you also put your Bitcoin address notice that there is a two percent feed this morning when I send five hundred dollars They charged me Ten dollars to send it, but that’s not bad at all in crypto land so you click on next right thereafter It’s confirmed And they’ll send you an email And notice this is cash only you guys don’t go online and try to transfer it into the person’s account because it won’t work You need to go into a bank with cash money in the email that they send you they’ll put their name They’ll put a 12 digit account number. They’ll put that holders stake That’s all you need and they will also confirm your Bitcoin address where the money will be sent Biggest thing to note here is that you will need to receive the upload link And send them the receipt of the transfer This is what that looks like when you go to Bank of America you fill in copy and paste the information from that email Verify the number and all you do is you take a picture of? The deposit receipt after you send it you type in that little no refunds for a big quick on Bitcoin boom Upload it into that email right there using that link and Congratulations, baby. You are now a part of the money team. This is the boat? With another breakthrough website for you guys. I hope helps, and I hope you will be profitable and prosperous in the market. Let’s go Like a boss That’s right live from the USA helping you get paid every day This is the boasts of Bitcoin the creased o of crypto is your boy beat cake and if you don’t like me you Must not like money today is September 9th. I got a smile on my face because every day this Sun rises I’m able to make a little bit of money. I’m able to help some people you know and every day I’m fortunate enough to grace this microphone with my voice is another day that somebody else is fortunate enough to prop it as a result and Today is no exception If this is your first time tuning in Congratulations, baby. You are now rocking with the best my name is became my friends know me That’s a crypto traitor, and I am the boss of these charts as you will soon find out in so much that I Help my people get paid seven days a week And like I said today is no exception so all we’re about to do right now is jump in the chat And pick our winner today the question was What coin? Is the number one coin for you that we should definitely have included in our? Trading challenge right and you can see the answers are coming in The answers are coming in so I’m up make this screen real big real quick just so I could try to see some more people and First one I see that got my coin of the day is gonna be the winner let’s see here Let’s see here Who do we got I just saw it, I just saw it oh Don’t oh, don’t oh Don’t which one. Do you guys think you guys see a lot of good coins? I bet a lot of good coin Pam jingis Freedmen’s said s. I a and When you look at the chart It’s ready to do some damage so what I’m gonna do right now is I’m gonna throw you up In our Facebook group the number one Bitcoin group in the world And I want you to do one thing go on that group Like our comment and send me your Bitcoin wallet. I am going to Send you a couple bucks BTC out my wallet to yours as a token of my appreciation I can truly do Value you as a community member and thank you for for participating in our contest this evening So let’s see Bitcoin winner of the day BAM and just that easy You can see it’s just that easy to get paid again a lot of people Like to make things pretty complicated. I like to keep things simple and one of the simplest things I like to do the most is make money so with that being said let’s go ahead and get straight into These charts and you will see why asi eight Is ready to break out and it’s ready to make us a lot of money as a result what we’re gonna do right now is We are going to go to trading view dot-com I’ll have a link in the description there for you that this is your first time tuning in you click on over here We’re gonna type in see a coin si a – Bitcoin on bit rates BAM Let’s see what it looks like No sort of candles on this when I haven’t sold two candles in a while, so here you go and what we’re gonna do is we are looking at a Three hundred and forty-three minute chart on trading view This is the boss method that I’m using it’s a patented intellectual property owned by Brendan Kelly LLC I use it for the benefit of society as a Person if you are profit-seeking entity you may not use it you do not have my permission However, if you’re just a regular person trying to pay for your kids to go to college Or you know trying to get yourself out of debt by all means, please use it. It’s quite empowering and it’s quite accurate Long story short when that green lines below that orange line you sail when that green lines above that orange line Just like it was On our last little break out you buy, right? Using these three trading averages seven 21 and a 77 so here we go, right Training view comm link in the description how to chart like a boss a lot of people may notice The first two minutes of this video I spend you know I introduce a bit quicken and how to buy Bitcoin you have to realize that this community is growing by the thousands every day and there will be a point when it grows by the Millions every week so instead of me taking five or ten minutes every single video or instead of you know new people coming into the Facebook group and s in the exact same questions You know I tried to be proactive in educating people and big quick is by far the best Easiest cheapest way to buy Bitcoin with cash I’ve come across if you have a better way put it in the comments And I will evaluate it until then that’s what I will be and it’s not advertising because they’re not paying me That’s what I will be educating our community on So there you go See you coin BAM Let’s look at this thing right now if you know anything about the way these charts come together You can see that this thing is setting up very very nice to actually like that set up right there that looks pretty good right This thing is coming together pretty nice For a big time reversal right before this little market you know Right before the market turned over see a coin was one of the strongest coins You know wanted strongest performers in the market and since then This thing has completely fallen off the wagon this thing jumped up a hundred percent in a few weeks You know and it had its strongest line I remember I was watching this line so much a lot of people are watching that line throwing money in trying to make some money Thinking that it was gonna carry there And it just fail and it took so much money with it right and now this thing is literally at The bottom I don’t think it could go any lower it hasn’t Gone much lower what I’m gonna. Do now is I’m gonna jump to a twenty one minute chart. Just so I can see How Lotus thing actually went before There you go, that’s what I wanted right there, okay, so it’s gone a little bit lower, but look at that there and there and Knowing how to use charts work? that is Our bottom right there because that’s the area that the orange decided on two separate occasions Where the green and the red caused it to break up and even you can even take it back one more you know three occasions and So what I see over here is that’s where that green line had to honor you know with that lowest candle dip So this means that essentially we are very very very close within a few percentage points of that bottom right you see that which is exactly why you want to dump as much money as you can right there and Just sit on it just wait This thing is broken That’s for sure but it has to be rebuilt at some point and my estimation is that as this thing dovetails and those green lines Continue to push it higher and try to break out that orange will have no choice But to eventually do something like that it won’t be that quick But it will eventually do something Like that right and that’s the only reason that’s gonna happen is because both the green and the red line and It’s already done it once But I’ve under that orange The green and the red line Will be pushing it higher and higher and higher and Probably on the third time is when it normally breaks out right so we already had one attempt right there We’ll probably get another one Right there But then by the third time that thing happens, which is essentially right? There is when you’ll see that orange give in and then we’ll have a pretty big recovery now The one thing I said before on another video was that SIA when it was going down it basically stepped down like an elevator so these are the levels that it will have to clear on its way coming back out right and One way we notice is when we bring it in like that You can even see like this thing is true to itself break down Break down and that’s when you got that little spike right there for our breakout You see that All I did was went green to orange break down green to orange break down. It’s like in math negative plus negative What is that equal positive? Oh my god when we passed that point in time BAM? We got a positive reaction? energy Transfers from one point to another through these charts. This is the boss method right? And so in seeing this stuff, but you can even take that line throw it up top Do the exact same thing and you can see that second wave that we got as a result? When that candle hit the bottom of it it bounced off again So what does this mean this means that SIA is definitely setting up? But there are a lot of Internal problems and turbulence is that it will see along the way a quick way we can do this without getting way Too complicated is just freestyle on a Fibonacci and see What the charts tell us so what we’re gonna do now is go to break down To break out and See exactly That’s actually a pretty good line see exactly where these levels are as you can see that blue line is a solid ceiling you guys That’s a very very very solid ceiling so that blue line is gonna Be hard to break through and come in before that right before on top of the money zone was our Major floor, so that’s gonna be a major ceiling right so essentially we’re looking To spend a little bit of time Trying to break through that Green Line, which is is that exactly what that’ll be right there and once we do that We’re basically gonna have to double the amount of time we spent consolidating On top of the money zone will basically have to double that amount of time inside of it, right Before we have a legitimate chance of breaking out a lot of this will be dependent on the market but long story short Once this thing fully recovers we’re almost guaranteed to end up in there, right Which will essentially be? We should get there right about there 45 days 50% that’s not bad And then again we also do have the chance to do something crazy like that You know if something stupid happens, that’s not completely out of it, but worst case scenario we should be looking at 50% in about 45 days and given that this thing is at rock bottom prices that comes with about 0% risk right and that is how you chart like a poops oh? So I hope you guys appreciate that you know see a coin Long story short before this little Fiasco with Bitcoin cash and the market turning red You know and all this all this nonsense with icos see your coin was was was bang You know this thing went from 300 to 450 from 450 to 820 you could check my trading view account I predicted that like a boss back about two three months ago You know now I’m predicting a breakout of about 50%. You know over over the next six weeks, which is which is pretty sad That’s pretty solid. That’s a that’s almost a zero risk investment, which is essentially guaranteed money So that’s pretty good. That’s pretty good with that being said I am coming back to The chat so if you’re in attack right now shout your country out and we are coming right back to you Let me jump into our community. Just to show you two different things We have to stay empowered today to stay profitable in the state prosperous in the market, right This is our Facebook group you guys. It’s called the number one Bitcoin group in the world That’s the name of it right there. You can join it. Please come in the doors are always open we got about 10,000 of my best friends that come together seven days a week to make each other money you know and so It’s pretty cool. It’s pretty cool. You know we got guys on here posting some real-deal charts and actually you know this guy I’m just now But he posted this chart I think a few days ago. That said this one is ready to take off and guess what it is see a coin To where he couldn’t he completed a completely different analysis that basically shows that nice bell curve of support Right that it’s gonna be bouncing off of going going up and in the next couple months I didn’t even see this before I did this video. I completely forgot about it so it’s good to always see different. You know Opinions and interpretations that oftentimes point in the same direction right so come on into our community. It’s an amazing community, right? One of the things I did want to include In this is our Products that we have for community we our website boss of Bitcoin comm go there right now You click on that homepage you see my man right there suit it up suit it up G’d up from the feet up wearing the red white and blue looking like the American Dream You know putting on for his hometown in a skyline office They says somebody got to be the boss and I think he’d do it pretty well So this is a few of the packages he put together for you the first one guys. It’s a banner This thing is called the profit package and it is Consistent of 10 pigs you guys 10 pigs when the green is above the orange these pigs essentially run the market and That’s why it’s 10 of them because all of them aren’t gonna be hot at the same time, but all we do is we jump From coin to coin and in doing that you can see that that profit Skyrockets we got about 3 coins and it might be for now that are up about a hundred percent in the past two weeks That’s pretty good. That’s pretty good so 25 dollars you’ll have this list and you will be well on your way to being profitable in the marketplace in addition to that we got a New list you guys I put together called the dream team. You know. This is the second round third round of money That’s coming into the market a lot of these coins are just one or two dollars a piece so you know you could go in and scoop up the whole list you know back when I put this list you could buy a Whole list with a $20 bill you know and that’s what they talk about it started with a dollar and a dream So as long as you believe these coins will achieve And they will ultimately be the coins to make the profit package you know two three years from now But for now they’re on the dream team so that’s another list if you’re looking for long-term Profitability and prosperity and then after that we have our one-on-one meeting with BK you know every day I’m doing two or three meetings a day with people from all over the country all over the world And this is how this is how you set that up? Too late’ was lonely so she came she said BK. You’re in way too many meetings. You know take me all in the Fox You know even though we took a long nap today, so you paid $25 set it up and The details are in the description and we will be face to face spending about an hour to make you profitable Right you click on that link it’ll take you to a calendar to Open my personal calendar up to you so say you wanted to do something Wednesday afternoon You know before the kids got home from school 1:30 p.m.. BAM click that button and we are good to go Look like a statue right now. This is Tula by the way This is the the the the crypto mascot you know So there we go And with that being said I’m gonna take it back to the chat Let’s see who we got rocking out with us to the ones the plays she said I’ve been on this computer too long And I can’t stop petting her either, otherwise she gets she doesn’t like that Okay, so here we go All right all right who do we got rocking out on the channel today? All right cool BAM. Let’s see Estonia Morocco liberland Wisconsin is in the building shout-out to my Badgers up there Wisco in the cheese State Romania sunny Coast, Australia Portugal San Diego Slide town GA Vegas shout out to the 702 Houston Netherlands, Missouri ATL one time, Virginia, Pensacola Canada big in the building and Romania jerk money is gonna close us out Thank you so much for joining us everybody Me and two of the neat that need to go outside and enjoy a little bit of Sun We got left on this Saturday. I sincerely do appreciate you all support In the community cookie message me on Facebook. I’ll get that to you and but that being said Is about that time of the date isn’t your boy? BK signing out no matter where you stay from Brazil to the bay in California a Good night. Good morning and good day I appreciate the time subscribe share this video if you appreciate mine till we meet again stay cryptic y’all these

    Crypto Commandment #7: Have A Gameplan | Ten Commandments of Crypto Trading by Caleb Wright
    Articles, Blog

    Crypto Commandment #7: Have A Gameplan | Ten Commandments of Crypto Trading by Caleb Wright

    September 3, 2019

    Hello my friend, Caleb Wright here from Bitcoin
    Lifestyles Club, and in this video I’m going to teach you about the 7th commandment of
    crypto trading… Thou Shalt Have & Abide by A Game Plan! If you want to experience a high level of
    success in the crypto markets you can’t just be randomly slinging satoshis on the exchange
    everyday with no vision or goals… Trader’s who approach the market without a
    specific gameplan in mind are most likely to become whale food… Don’t be that guy! Decide what your goals are… For example, how much money do you want to
    make and how often… how much would you like to make per week, per month, per year… how much do you ultimately want to make before
    you liquidate out into other investments like real estate or an income generating business? This would be in relation to your long term
    goals with your crypto profitability… And how much capital do you have to invest? It’s okay to dream, while being realistic
    at the same time. If you set the bar really high, you are bound
    to at least achieve a good result and grow from there. But as a universal rule of thumb, something
    that applies to everyone, you should only enter the crypto market with money you can
    afford to lose… You should not be depending on making trade
    winnings daily, weekly or monthly to eat or ‘pay your bills’. This will end up being a root cause to bad
    trading decisions as you may end up selling your holdings to pay the bills, and then your
    coin skyrockets… which is always a painful feeling…
    or even worse, if you really needed that money, and then the market goes red or even crashes
    and you can only get a fraction of the money that you needed… and now you can’t pay your
    bills. So this is why you should never put money
    into the crypto market that you are afraid to lose or going to need in any shape or form
    ‘anytime soon’. Once you become clear with your crypto trading
    goals, you can tailor your portfolio accordingly to reach those goals. And of course no game plan is complete without
    a well thought out Exit Strategy. So while every one of your trades should have
    a profitable exit strategy, as well as an exit strategy to preserve your capital for
    the next trade, if things go south on you…. You also need to have an exit strategy for
    when you reach your longer term goals with trading crypto… Of course I can’t give financial advice, but
    I personally think it would be unwise to stay 100% invested in crypto long term. And to me, it makes more sense to diversify
    your success out of crypto into other forms of investments that are less speculative like
    real estate, which can also have income generating potentials. So think about what you’d like to do with
    your money once you’ve reached your loftier goals of crypto trading, and you will be prepared
    to maximise on the situation and build a legacy for your families future generations. A major benefit of having a game plan with
    your crypto trading, is that you will be more in control of your emotions and less likely
    to fall prey to FOMO. According to your gameplan you will only be
    entering the market when prices are low and selling when prices are high… You will not FOMO into coins that have already
    broken out to higher levels…. meaning the buying opportunity has past. You will not hold onto trades too long once
    your profit targets are reached and end up back in the red when it corrects…
    …because you avoided impulsive actions or complete inaction, stuck to the script, and
    sold according to your gamplan… This is just scratching the surface but I’m
    sure you can see by now there are a lot of benefits to having a gameplan. Having a solid game plan in place is one and
    the same as having a winning mindset with your crypto trading. Because you are conditioning yourself to make
    the trading decisions that need to be made, so you can consistently take profit and preserve
    your capital… whatever the needs may be according to each
    given trading situation. This is where so many newbie crypto traders
    go wrong. Some may end up winning big, but because they
    didn’t have a game plan in place to take profit, they end up holding on too long. And they may not even end up selling until
    they are back to break even or maybe even in a loss! Don’t let yourself be that guy!
    because I guarantee it will not be a good feeling… Stick and abide by your gameplan, take the
    emotion out of it and be methodical with your trading and maximise your crypto profits as
    a result. Caleb Wright here from Bitcoin Lifestyles
    Club, and I hope you got massive value out of today’s training. Watch out for the rest of the 10 Commandments
    of Crypto Trading, that I have put together just for YOU. Because I want to help you avoid the costly
    mistakes made by so many unsuspecting crypto noobs. In the next training video coming right up,
    Commandment #8, I will reveal the methodology that successful traders are using to develop
    winning gameplans for trading the crypto markets. Because the more educated you can be about
    all of this, the more powerful you will become with each trading decision and your ability
    to minimize your losses. And by the way, if you want to fast track
    your way to immersing yourself in the crypto markets and if you are serious about developing
    your skills as a trader, you should check out the powerful crypto trading education
    and 24-7 running mastermind community of WINNING crypto traders available on the Bitcoin Lifestyles
    Club platform that we have put together to help you maximise your potential and overall
    success with crypto! Just click the link below this video for more
    information, and start accelerating on your path to crypto wealth and start living a financially
    free lifestyle starting today…


    BTC with Trader Cobb. EOS V CARDANO (ADA) and Litecoin (LTC) NEWS

    August 25, 2019

    hello you crazy crypto people welcome
    once again to New Kids on the Block chain this is Ash and this is Lisa…
    thanks for the introduction it has been a pretty crazy week in the
    markets and a benefit savage downturn with we lost 20 billion overnight Friday
    going to press hopefully by the time you see this Saturday
    it may have recovered fingers crossed what is on the show today well we start
    off with a fantastic interview with Craig Cobb also known as trader Cobb and
    he’s going to be telling us how to smash Bitcoin trading and a little bit of
    background on how he became a trader what you have to do to keep your trading
    sharp and lots of good hints and tips we have number two of our five episodes of
    our crypto education series thanks to crypto for beginners this week it’s
    creating an exchange account we’re also starting with our first crypto humour
    section this week we’ve got a very funny clip about the battle between yose and
    kadhai no don’t forget to like subscribe quickly before you start watching the
    show and there’s a little bell button that you can click too so you don’t miss
    anything it really helps us if you do please do subscribe like and click the
    bell give us a comment too we love to hear from you so it’s a two-way
    conversation first a bit of a news roundup so starting off with some iOS news this
    week lots of excitement as everybody’s waiting for the June first block one
    event you may actually have even heard the announcement by the time this video
    goes out because it’s Saturday at 4:00 p.m. but first up from else writer what
    this block one doing with nine point eight million Yas tokens
    I’d like my opening yeah who wouldn’t block one purchased three point three
    million euros worth of RAM after having unstated their first vested
    ears for a total of nine point eight million tokens today block one purchased
    three point three million euros worth of RAM at the current price of seven
    dollars fifty nine this is about twenty five million dollars of RAM which fees
    will go directly into the Rex pool could this be the proof that block one is
    releasing their first DAP on the EOS main net from crypto briefing Queen base
    makes a surprise EOS listing coinbase has today announced
    it will be adding EOS to its custodial wallet effective immediately
    corn-based customers will now be able to buy and sell EOS as well as exchange it
    against supported fiat currencies the coin will be available in most countries
    in which the exchange operates with the two exceptions of the United Kingdom and
    the state of New York the surprise announcement made in an
    official blog post comes as coinbase continues to add new cryptocurrencies to
    its offering one of the most common requests we hear from customers is to be
    able to buy and sell more cryptocurrencies on coinbase the
    exchange said EOS trading has already been available on coinbase Pro an
    interface designed specifically for crypto currency traders since mid-april
    now onto our litecoin news from CCN sell your house sell your car then your kids
    and buy like coin CNBC host goes crypto crazy critter mania has once again
    gripped mainstream financial outlets CNBC’s fast money panel were beside
    themselves yesterday they analyzed bitcoin and litecoin is parabolic rise
    in recent months the panel whooped and cheered at the mention of like coins
    400% price rise the anchor ended the segment yelling sell the house sell the
    car sell the kids buy litecoin litecoins up four hundred and
    forty percent well there’s a reason why I sell the house the other car sell the
    kids by litecoin from BCC News crypto analyst litecoin is a no brainer this
    past week litecoin helped lead another crypto rally and help carry Bitcoin and
    the rest of the market higher the silver to bitcoins digital gold light coin is
    expected to be among the highest performing crypto assets in the coming
    months as investors accumulate ahead of the half Inc however one particular
    crypto analyst is so confident in like coin he calls his position a no brainer
    as Bitcoin continues its parabolic rally towards previous bull market highs the
    rest of the crypto market reached new lows relative to Bitcoin but over the
    past week renewed bullish sentiment around litecoin and its upcoming having
    an event that reduces the reward miners received for validating each block has
    caused it to lead the market and set new local highs now for some Khurrana news
    from invest in blockchain Cardno or ad a reaches top 2019 heights 10 cents and
    beyond is it on the horizon in today’s trading session card owner managed to
    climb by a total of six percent to reach a height of just over nine and a half
    cents slightly below the 2019 high of 10 cents the cryptocurrency has since
    fallen slightly towards the nine cent level due to the increase in volatility
    after Bitcoin spiked above $9,000 Cardano has now seen a 14% price
    increase over the past seven trading days with a further 26 percent price
    increase over the past 30 furthermore throughout the past three months Cardno
    has exploded by a total of 106 percent lost up with a little bit of Bitcoin
    news and I couldn’t resist this one from you today Bitcoin will be $100,000 by
    the end of 2019 says a time traveler from 2025 total sense makes total sense
    a redditor claiming to be a time traveler from 2025 says Bitcoin will hit
    $100,000 in 2019 and then the US dollar in central banks will disappear five
    years ago reddit user Luka Magnotta who called himself a visitor from 2025
    predicted bitcoins for each year from 2010 to 2020 one he
    has been pretty much right so far giving the correct forecasts for 2015 2016 2017
    he skipped 2018 somehow probably wishing not to upset the Bitcoin holders back in
    2013 for 2019 this person confidently names the Bitcoin price to be a hundred
    thousand dollars I think that’s a lesson for all of us that our total crypto
    portfolio should be entirely based on fortune tellers and time travelers what
    do we want time travel when do we want it it’s irrelevant so in blockchain banter today were
    chatting to Craig Cobb you may know him as trader Cobb obviously trading bitcoin
    is a very skilled process and in the last sort of month or so I’m sure it’s
    been a much more interesting process so Craig Lee there yeah thank you so much
    for having me on the show I appreciate it absolute pleasure so let’s talk about
    Bitcoin obviously we’ve had you know some dark times in the last 18 months
    but in the last month or so things have started getting a whole lot more
    interesting what’s your take on what’s going on out there oh look it’s made the
    margin trading side of things a whole lot better
    I traded as much margin as I can so with leverage so for me the top 10 against
    the US dollar is my favorite to be trading we can’t use margin against
    Bitcoin as well but the thing with trading against with Bitcoin as your I
    suppose current rate what it does is that you’ve got let’s say I’m trying to
    trade a theorem against Bitcoin now Bitcoin in its own right it’s very
    volatile as is aetherium if I’m trading against the dollar the dollar is
    relatively stable so therefore when I’m trading against the dollar I know that
    dollars not going to be quite as volatile as other markets so I prefer to
    trade margin against the dollar so because there’s been so many good trends
    against the US dollar pairs at the moment it’s really come into its own for
    the way that I like to trade and we’re kind of where are we at the moment
    there’s obviously lots of talk out there of the crypto winters over things are
    thawing then you’ve got some people on the other side of the fence saying this
    is some sort of dead cat bounce what’s going what’s your kind of general
    sentiment about where we in the marketplace well look it’s it’s
    recovered it immensely we’ve seen some very very strong moves my I was watching
    it for quite a while for certain few levels to get into a weekly uptrend and
    so forth so I trade trends predominantly huntable son exclusively so for me I was
    waiting for it to get above 40 300 I think was the first level to put us into
    a weekly uptrend the next level of real resistance which was the big one that
    everyone was talking about was the six thousand dollar mark now that six
    thousand dollar mark because so many people were talking about it and this is
    what I’ve learned a lot about the crypto influence community of what everyone to
    call it is a lot of people are saying I think it’s gonna fall from 6,000 but
    nobody was actually putting their orders in to back that see this they’re talking
    about it but they’re not acting upon it and that’s why when I saw us get towards
    6,000 normally if I was too short at around 6,000 I would stagger my orders
    so I’d have say five thousand nine hundred seventy five eighty five nine
    five nine nine but say a fifty or a hundred or stop whatever it may be
    so I’m scaling into the position and what we saw on the way up to a couple of
    those levels where I would think that there would be a series of orders was a
    bit of a dip but the second that dip came is how short and small the buyers
    would come back we select twice when we hit six thousand there was literally no
    sellers that there was nothing there to stop it of course we hung out there for
    a bit and we smashed straight through it on that so for me it was a Saturday
    afternoon a couple of weeks back and not only did we break 6,000 we also broke
    7,000 on that same day so I think it’ll be very difficult for a lot of the
    crypto bears still to really have any sort of strength in that argument for
    the time being but this is crypto after all anything can happen
    yeah that’s very true I know we it’s it’s kind of a lot of people are
    thinking are we gonna have a similar thing happen to you know what we
    happened in 2017 I remember at the time that was that was a crazy one where it’s
    like are we gonna blow past 10,000 then it hit 10 and just blew the top off and
    just went pretty much all the way to 20 we’re obviously in a very different time
    now do you think there’s a kind of potential for it to have that same kind
    of parabolic boost that it had in 2017 we’ve come on I’ve already seen a couple
    of big moves like that already arrived we’ve seen a couple of like no 10
    in 14% days recent you know in the last couple of months I think the difference
    this time round of it the answer is yes I think it still could have that
    meteoric parabolic insanity I really do but the difference is I think the next
    wave of investors will have more money because they watched the 2007 boom
    they’ve also been part of the 2000 that the boom and bust these are your
    investors from 45 to 65 that watch 2017 didn’t want to buy at the top they’ve
    watched a boom and bust they didn’t want to be involved in it they’ve seen it
    come off they don’t want to buy the bottom either then I wanna buy the top
    that I want to buy the bottom they want to buy at a point of which they feel
    confident that the space is not going to disappear I think we really have that
    opportunity now and if you consider we got to 20,000 off the back of most
    investment banks calling Bitcoin a scam and a fraud right now we’ve got
    companies like Goldman Sachs involve fact we’ve got ice we’ve got fidelity
    we’ve got all these new margin or derivative products coming in and a huge
    amount of different massive massive companies where you can pay using
    bitcoins for things like tax for things like your phone bill there’s a huge
    amount more momentum and legitimacy in this market as it stands and we’re still
    only at 87 hundred so yes I think I’ve got a long way to go I don’t know when
    it will happen but I’d just trade trends so when I get the chance I just take a
    trade well in terms of trends one trend I’ve started noticing is I’ve got lots
    of friends on the periphery we’ve stopped an email we go no is there any
    crypto you might be interested in and I I remember well there’s been none of
    that for a sort of 18 months or so bill remember that started happening in in
    sort of late 2017 and I know there’s that old adage of the minute the taxi
    driver starts telling you to invest in Bitcoin it’s probably time to start
    getting out so are there any kind of signals we need to be looking out for
    there oh yeah maybe the old Wall Street saying is Wendy when your shoes shiner
    can tell you more about the markets and most of people that’s a good time to get
    out because everyone’s hyped up I don’t think we’ve got anywhere near that level
    of hype at the moment we’ve certainly seen the mainstream media get more
    involved again which I think’s fantastic during 2018 we were doing well shorting
    the market so we can show up with margin and do very well and we did and also
    trading SATs and a builder bitcoin state trading
    opts against bitcoin we did well with that as well which is great now that
    we’re moving what’s changed at the moment it’s really come down to I
    suppose I wouldn’t know I’m not sure if it’s a new money coming out I’m sure
    that there is a new money coming in but it’s about understanding where we are at
    now in terms of the legitimacy of what is actually going on for traders because
    I’m a directional trend trader I don’t mind what way that market goes I much
    rather go up let’s let’s be honest okay it makes it a whole lot easier now we’re
    getting a whole lot more viewers on our podcast is on the on the trader called
    crypto podcast we’re getting a lot more people coming out of the woodwork asking
    about markets there’s definitely that momentum the press has picked it up but
    it’s not yet to the extent or anywhere near the extent of that hype cycle that
    we saw where there was like two full days we were up three thousand dollars
    before we hit 20 thousand so it’s starting but I don’t think the pho most
    sort of set in yet maybe after ten thousand and the the institutions where
    are they at the moment obviously they’ve been on the sidelines for a while there
    was this whole kind of talk in late 2017 whether 2018 was going to be the year
    that the institutions entered there were lots of delays and they didn’t but where
    do you think they’re sat at the moment I think they’re sat back watching and
    waiting for the derivatives to come in and a bigger volume so for a fund for
    example not just a boutique fund that might have had a million or 60 million
    or whatever a proper decent-sized fund that might be managing a couple hundred
    billion or something let’s say they want to put half a percent exposure into that
    market that’s you’re still looking at like you know five hundred million
    dollars right a large sum for them to go into that market and do that they’re not
    willing to just lose that money so they need to have a way to hedge now
    derivative products are way to hedge derivatives have been offered well
    futures have been offered by the same Egret for a little while now and we’ve
    seen the volume increase in the CMA futures contract for Bitcoin quite
    significantly in the most recent push higher now as fidelity come in as backed
    comes back into the space and as more genuine financial players come into the
    space those derivative products will become more common more volume and
    therefore bring in more institutions right now the
    way institutions are making their players is by investing in the
    technology or investing and getting equity in companies that are already in
    this space that they believe they’ll see growth in but not as far as dieting is
    buying Bitcoin for the sake of buying Bitcoin just yet
    so in terms of trail obviously you come from a trading background and you know
    you’ve been a trader that’s come in to crypto as opposed to somebody who’s in
    crypto who’s learned to trade do you find that that makes it kind of a
    much easier unemotional process because obviously from my perspective I got
    quite emotionally involved in some of these things and have made bad decisions
    based on the fact that I got carried away are you able to become of clinical
    and unemotional about it and kind of trade on like you say on trends yeah I
    mean for me it’s just in the market they’re all the same the strategies I
    used three trading strategies in the way that I make sure that I’m discipline is
    there a literal checklist so you’ve got essential factors which you must have
    you must have the essential factors met before you move a consider a trade and
    then the bonus factors helped to increase the probability if you’ve got
    more option than one so that helps myself and also that’s how I teach it so
    people understand what they’re looking for I think a lot of the things that
    people fail with around trading in general not just crypto but in general
    is the governor of the market let’s say they get home from work at 6:30 in the
    evening they have their dinner at 7:30 put the kids down 8:00 from 8:30
    they’ve got say two or three hours working do whatever they want now
    instead of watching TV they want to trade
    so they’ll trade that little window but what they do within the window is they
    go looking for a trade you see they’ll find what they’re looking for
    because that’s what they’re after whereas the way that I trade is I go to
    the market gate is the market prepared to allow me to trade because I go to the
    market then my rules this is my sport you come and you play my sport or we
    won’t play I hold the ball so I approach the market in a way of which will it
    allow me to participate today or is the market not allowing me based on my rules
    to actually you know be a part of it it sounds like a good plan and and
    somebody who’s kind of new to trading what’s the kind of single obviously from
    my perspective the single biggest piece of advice is get inside kind of track
    and knowledge from people to understand like yourself from the courses and
    things you run but if somebody just said to you what’s the one sort of golden
    rule when you’re new to trading what would you say that is risk management
    it’s the trading like trading is risk management if there’s one statement to
    wrap up trading from a professional standpoint trading is risk management
    now risk comes in many different forms for example it’s not just how much money
    you risk on a trade it’s how that market is trading is a really thin is it going
    to give you the Phils is there slippage is there gap egde to increase your risk
    outside of your control also your risk is held on the platform that you want to
    trade from so how much Bitcoin will you hold on that platform and how much will
    you hold in cold storage risk comes from many different variables especially in
    this space so understanding that you will always have to have a certain
    degree of risk on the table understand how to use that and operate within that
    it again it’s it’s everything that I do when I’m trading it’s all about having a
    structure and a plan in place and they’re all written down because if I
    don’t look I’m pretty spontaneous where there’s just me right just just the guy
    you are speaking with right now but when it comes to trading you no offense
    twenty accountants that were short tucked in white shirts with a brown tie
    that’s how I become I can’t have any emotion I can’t have any sponsor no tea
    I just need to make sure that I’m focused on the task at hand and that’s
    why routine reporting and being in the right headspace is such an integral part
    of being a successful trader I bet you’re good at poker ani I don’t play
    very much I have not played very much I’ve got to be honest then when it comes
    to poker usually blackjack if I’m in a casino I’m actually not because that’s
    the one thing that allows me to get rid of that little bit of gambling me well I
    play a lot of poker and I meet a lot of traders actually at the table and they
    say some of them say there’s a lot of similar skill sets in terms in terms of
    kind of you know thinking about hand strength versus other stuff if factors
    and risk and golf you every time you play golf you walk
    up to that ball and you know you’ve got to hit that ball and that direction that
    you know whatever it would that one whatever club now every single time all
    you’re doing is hitting a ball the variable that changes is the club and
    you now sometimes you have a great round and other times you don’t why it’s you
    you’re the ingredient you need to master now you can have the lessons you can
    know what to do you can approach the ball look at this head up through that
    blah blah blah but until you actually have the ability to pull it together
    more times than not and that only comes in practice then it’s it can be just as
    frustrating it really can be now just to back to sort of Bitcoin it are you kind
    of like a die-hard Bitcoin only or do you follow other crypto projects and
    trade other things or do you kind of focus on the big boy
    I I just look at charts mate I’ll take trades in a company or a project that I
    have no idea who runs at what the team is what they’re doing I have no idea at
    all and I’ve been trading bonds stocks commodities foreign exchange for the
    last 13 years with that exact same perspective of I don’t need to know what
    they’re doing or what they are my role is to follow that trend and to trade and
    execute once my strategy set up within that trend so I’ll I’ll trade anything
    provided it has what I call optimal chart structure an optimal chart
    structure is basically a clean smooth flowing trending chart of it doesn’t
    have those ingredients first rule done next chart move on so definitely not the
    this psychic has said the following coins going to moon so buy in quickly
    approach absolutely not know you want you won’t get me telling
    you what to buy and so you will get me suggesting what I’m looking at what’s in
    my watch this for the day what I think might happen based on XYZ but now we’re
    all about empowering others to be able to make their own decisions as opposed
    to just telling people what to do yeah well I hope that we can chat more and
    maybe we can get you to come onto the show and give us some sort of trading
    tips reggae I know tell us a little bit about the course as you run because
    obviously it’s really important like I said before to try and actually get some
    good knowledge to learn this stuff as opposed to trying to learn it on your
    own so what’s your kind of goal with the courses that you do you looked at the
    bottom line is that um we don’t have a business that’s set up to have a member
    for life we have our business that’s set up to
    give you the skills that you need to get you to a certain point and then you
    leave because you’ve got those skills um the bottom line really is I trades three
    different strategies because the market does it moves in three different ways
    one it will consolidate and break two it will move nicely in a cycle it will pull
    back it’s set up and then move and the third is when the market is moving very
    very fast and you need that quick entry so I’ve traded those strategies not
    changed for the last nine years literally not changed a single single
    thing it’s a checklist based system the courses are not just about trading
    strategy I want people to understand that you can have the same strategies as
    me but it doesn’t mean you’ll get the best the same results I also have people
    in my community they’re doing far better than me it’s about helping to have you
    become the best trader you can be and it’s not just a strategy it’s routine
    it’s how to practice good mindset how to be in the moment how to make sure you’re
    taking screenshots and keeping records how to improve on those records it’s how
    to run a trading business as opposed to how to click buy and sell with a massive
    emphasis around risk management on the website there’s this trader Cobb CEO BB
    dot-com there’s a whole plethora of our free information there free courses
    whatnot walkthroughs to show you a bit more about what we do we do more free
    content than we do paid and I guess last question in the old crystal ball do you
    dare sort of take a stab at where bitcoin finishes 2019 price-wise it’s
    not really my game I don’t make projections on the way up I can
    definitely make full boat projections in a trend look got honest truth is I’m not
    going to say a number because I just don’t know and it really is not how I
    operate and I do hope to see the market move a lot higher I’m scaling my
    positions at the moment where I’ll scale out at one to one to minimize my risk
    and then let this thing move because we have a strong market right now and
    currently you know the markets sort of taking a breather as I speak to you
    right now but I’ve got four trades on they’re all in very good profit and I’m
    happy to let those things run now one or two things are going to happen the
    market continues to move higher and those margin let those margin positions
    come very very very very profitable or it pulls back and I get to stop that and
    they just started all again but I’m willing to have more risk on at the
    moment because of the way that this market is operating I see it is very
    strong and I wouldn’t be surprised to see ten thousand by the end of this week
    fantastic well it’s been an absolute pleasure to chat we’ll have all
    information on the show notes below you should definitely subscribe to the
    podcast and you should definitely go and check out the website to get more
    information and like I say hopefully we can get you back on regularly to maybe
    give us some of those trading tips like sounds good to me thank you so much for
    your time the podcasters that try to cope crypto Chauvet cheese fantastic
    take care so a new segment everybody likes a bit of a laugh don’t they we all
    love a little love so we thought we’d bring you some crypto humour and this
    week we found a very funny clip which is about the battle between Cardno
    and yose so here it is the system Frank along the front and I got a logical
    expression in mizuna Dignitas Munim introduced of France before the find
    operatives and nutritionists our Constitution for now on Franco and the
    most is defined mystery nirenberg mouth stove cows house calamity my demography
    stylist with us as you know how my Fuhrer Steiner Steiner continued in
    testifying under Frisian the understand has mr. forth that’s bribing him around Kaito yogurt
    Krebs and Burgdorf that’s why I prefer to understand about
    the fern velch it says the generators announcer neither is the compilers a
    fight later but village punished Tula’s in the season if you see for this data
    right yeah yeah some high-tech pataga man philip english
    nice the structure versus say solar Aaron she takes it come on our MIG
    Joffrey tale can be took the Rasta love to learn a bit better double is hotter
    on guitar materiality interested in starting hey g’day all sanrak here crypto for
    beginners in this video I’m going to show you how to create your exchange
    accounts forgetting fear gribbit pounds US dollars into an
    exchange to my crypto currency and exchange account where you can transfer
    crypto to buy other cryptocurrencies so that further ado let’s get into it okay
    so here we’ve got a coin base and you can get onto this website by typing in
    coinbase calm and once you sign up pretty straightforward I think you do
    have to fill in kyc know your customer anti-money laundering details so you’ll
    have to provide a passport driving license to get validated and but then
    once you’re in you’ve got your account dashboard here the pans euros
    Bitcoin wallets and so on about Bitcoin cash theory Imperium classic litecoin
    that rx basic retention token US dollar coin z cash ripple and I’ll go as well
    as stellar down the bottom there and it’s a pretty straightforward you know
    the payment method to buy or sell at a card at your bank account
    good old shit basic shots here and it tells you more about your account I
    should scroll down below so it’s pretty straightforward and using the paper
    wallet I showed you earlier you’ll be able to once you’ve bought
    cryptocurrency be able to withdraw the crypto from this exchange which is the
    you know there’s the recommended thing to do and then deposit it to your public
    key where your what is held and other exchanges that’s a more the best
    beginner fiat so great rich pound in euro and dollar exchanges to clip so to
    sign for other exchanges include crypto – Krypto is bit facts calm this is
    called some of the one of those days with most pairs on based in the US I
    think the this exchange is now ki see she have to you know provide passport
    driver license again you didn’t after at first but now you do very good
    exchange kay you coined calm you sit there based in Korea they’ve got it’s a
    fantastic exchange no kyc they just simply sign up there with an email
    address a mobile number and you just confirm that off you go
    I do recommend activating two-factor authentication as well and once your
    accounts active and you’ve got all these pairs here where you can buy and sellers
    requires pretty cool the third and final one we recommend is BitFenix calm yes I
    have been hacked years ago in 2014 but now they’ve attacked and they’re
    securable are one of the best most liquid
    exchanges in the world and again sign up top right there and as you can see
    they’ve got many pairs available and so yep pretty straightforward I think we’ve
    bit for next also you can deposit dollars euros and pounds and they’re
    don’t quote me on it because they don’t use often enough but feel free to let me
    know in the comments and cool that’s pretty much it
    they’re all much of a muchness and very straightforward and similar these
    exchanges so if you have any comments questions and if you like this video
    please like and share it and subscribe many thanks for watching thanks everyone it’s been a wonderful
    week hopefully we are going to recover from that Friday slaughter we saw and
    with a bit of luck things will be heading back in the right direction
    because it has been exciting it’s been getting there and it’s nice to wake up
    every day not completely and utterly despondent about everything yes
    but comment below if you have any thoughts about the market our stories
    today though I can subscribe you know the drill there’s a little bell it’s
    super fun yeah please do it helps us we put a lot of effort into bringing this
    content and it just makes it worthwhile to see the fact that you guys are
    enjoying it let’s all be friends and in the meantime until we see you next week
    where we’re going to sunny Spain and we’ll be reporting from there you’ve
    been blood chained you

    Crypto Commandment #10: No Crypto Scams | Ten Commandments of Crypto Trading by Caleb Wright
    Articles, Blog

    Crypto Commandment #10: No Crypto Scams | Ten Commandments of Crypto Trading by Caleb Wright

    August 25, 2019

    Hello my friend, Caleb Wright here from Bitcoin
    Lifestyles Club, and in this video I’m going to teach you about the 10th and final commandment
    of crypto trading… Thou Shalt Not Lose Money To Crypto Scams! Everyday in the crypto verse there is a crypto
    noob who is risking losing their bitcoin forever by entrusting it to a 3rd party to ‘make it
    grow’. Let me tell you right now and settle this
    forever… There is no program or 3rd party you can trust
    as an average person to grow, much less multiply your bitcoin holdings for you. And if you think such a thing exists, you
    will be sadly mistaken when you try it and find that your satoshis disappear into the
    ether of the internet forever… And you are back to square one, with zero
    skin in the game and missing the ‘crypto opportunity’. The problem is that these insidious little
    scams that promise to multiply your bitcoins within a certain amount of time are a dime
    a dozen. Not one is different than another, in the
    fact that all will inevitably fold and run away with the victims bitcoin. Another type of scam you have to watch out
    for, are people who are trying to recommend or refer a ‘trusted bitcoin or crypto account
    manager’ with whose services they have ‘supposedly’ had great success in multiplying their crypto
    holdings. this will be another front to try to deceive
    and convince you into parting with your bitcoins, if you don’t know any better. Ultimately there is no better way to grow
    your bitcoin holdings than to learn how to manage your own money and secure and trade
    it yourself. You can also learn how to participate in the
    various forms of cryptocurrency mining to earn a passive income of crypto. This is another legitimate way of ‘doing it
    yourself’, when it comes to growing your crypto holdings and making it work for you. So it ultimately comes down to the fact you
    should never trust your funds with a 3rd party that is trying to offer you investment or
    growth services. And you need to learn to be in total control
    of your fate by learning how to trade and mine cryptocurrency for profit, yourself. There are many average people out there who
    are doing it. They were once like you, looking into it and
    learning. Trying to find a solution, get some direction
    or find where to start with all this… And it does ultimately come down to education,
    knowing your options and doing your own research to keep yourself in profit, out of the red,
    and able to identify a crypto scam from a mile way when you see one. And the kind of education that will put you
    on the path to crypto wealth and success is what you will be able to get via our Bitcoin
    Lifestyles Club crypto education platform, where I am featuring my comprehensive video
    based training course on cryptocurrency trading, mining and much much more that will help you
    maximise your profitability with your crypto experience. Not only that but you will be able to tap
    into and mastermind with our powerful community of crypto traders from all over the world
    via our 24-7 running chat group that covers all the burning topics of the crypto market. If you really want to take your crypto success
    seriously and get on the fast track to achieving your financial goals, we have the road map
    to success that you so direly need to get it done… Again my name is Caleb Wright, and as the
    lead educator of Bitcoin Lifestyles Club, I hope you got massive value out of today’s
    10th Commandment of Crypto Trading video and are feeling inspired to take your skills as
    a crypto trader to the next level. I made this training because I wanted to help
    and make sure you became educated enough to avoid losing your crypto in ways that you
    can so easily avoid… I want to see you to win long term! So we got to keep you safe from the crypto
    scams… and by the way, If you want to fast track your way to mastering the crypto markets
    by developing your skills as a trader, you should check out the powerful crypto trading
    education and community of WINNING crypto traders available on the Bitcoin Lifestyles
    Club platform that we have put together to help you maximise your potential with crypto! Just click the link below this video for more
    information, and start accelerating on your path to crypto wealth and start living a financially
    free lifestyle… Your future is waiting for you to take action


    5.18.2018 🔷 ICO Spotlight: 🔷Wearable Technology on The Blockchain

    August 24, 2019

    Topics discussed will include: Bitcoin trading, how to trade bitcoin, bitcoin trading tutorial, and cryptocurrency technical analysis. It should also be noted that altcoin trading, altcoins, finance, crypto, and trending bitcoin news is discussed as well.

    Over the course of our discussions, we will also cover the various exchanges that answer the questions of How to Buy Bitcoin along with providing transfer from BTC to USD through Coinbase, Poloniex, Bittrex, Bitbay, Binance, Bitstamp, and Bitfinex Tutorials. We will also discuss topics pertaining but not limited to:

    Best Cryptocurrency to Invest 2018
    Is Bitcoin legal or a scam
    Crypto Trader Market Cap Analysis
    Binance Bittrex Coinbase or Bitfinex

    how to invest in bitcoin
    How to get bitcoins
    Bitcoin Price today

    Is Bitcoin a good investment
    Is Bitcoin a scam
    Is Bitcoin legal
    Is Bitcoin taxed

    What is the blockchain and how does it work
    Blockchain technology explained
    Blockchain wiki CNBC

    Best altcoins 2018

    Cryptocurrency latest news today
    cryptocurrency list
    best cryptocurrency to invest 2018 I used to back when my you know, Fiat loving days. I actually used to own stock in it you know because I Understood what they were trying to do I think people Are designed to come together to help each other to support each other to encourage each other and to achieve together, you know And when we’re able to do that on On a platform to encourage each other and to get healthy together to improve our quality of life I think that’s pretty amazing right lack of exercise is responsible for twice as many deaths as Obesity, right? And it’s as deadly as smoking so that’s kind of crazy Right, and and and the biggest thing is is a lot of people it’s not that they don’t want to work out It’s just that they aren’t encouraged to work out. They don’t have a support network. They don’t have a team They don’t have a plan and I think these guys are in the process of making it pretty easy for that to be Accomplished and I salute them for that They say they have three main pillars for any brand corporate or business There is no one platform that provides all three business for customers alike, right so engagement gamification and loyalty those are the big three pillars that they stand on right and now they talk about Metcalfe’s law how You know the value of the network actually Contributes to the value of the network they talk about the business model between user growth and price growth earning and burning the tokens themselves and then a little bit about The loyalty to tie into some retailers as well So I think it’s a very very interesting concept on the blockchain for its startup and you know to my knowledge I have not heard of too many blockchain businesses that were specializing In wearable technology or healthcare, right? in fact when you just type in wearable devices on the blockchain You can see that it’s really not that many recent publications. We are in May of 2018 However, most of these top-ranked articles go back to the middle of last year so the first one will click on that it says wearables on the rise, but where does Blockchain technology fit in right this was published earlier this year January And they talked about a few products right one of them Specifically for clothing so retail, you know wearable Technology to help you figure out the best retail and the other one. It looks like Where is it? Okay, they talked about partnering with – I remember that I thought that was besties right one more for payment So this is a using the near-field communication with wristbands and – accounts, right? So this one is talking about moving money on your wrist. And this one is talking about helping you dress better, right? Nothing is talking about helping you get healthy bringing people together to build healthier and more fulfilling lives And I think that’s a real opportunity. That’s here a Quick call to action. If you are interested. The private sale does begin in one Day seven hours. So essentially that is going to be Saturday for most people may 19 May 20th. So it looks like you know depending on what part of the world again so May 20th And it goes all the way to June 10, right? Minimum is a hundred theory. So if they got it, you know put it on the table. Alright and Jumping back into the industry one of the things I try to supply you guys with is not only the black chain product but a little bit of insight with regards to the industry as well just for education and enlightenment and we can see that wearable medical devices are expected to increase by 2022 up to 14 Billion dollars. I saw an article that’s it. They’re actually expected to double inside the next two years So if they’re at six billion right now 2017 one article said it would be about twelve by 2020 and then on these guys are saying fourteen by 2022 that’s that’s the direction you want to go in and again if you’re looking You know for competitors in the space you do have a lot of big names Which means there’s a lot of money in this industry Nokia technology jawbone Polar right? I forget how to pronounce this Naomi’s Iommi, right? Monica right and I say a Fitbit Nike Under Armor there y’all coming out with wearable health conscious products as well And so if we take that market cap 14 billion and you know, I did the research I did not see one major funded IC o—- Specializing in healthcare wearables. So if these guys were able to get 1% of that overall 14 billion inside the next couple of years that would land them pretty close to the top hundred coming under power ledger May say coin Monaco 10x You can see that is not bad company To be associated with on the blockchain, right? So again both corn TT 1 C dot IO Check it out. They do have a pretty decent pot product But the other for the Black team I do wish them the best of luck in addition to that. You can see their social media Statistics just a few insights about that. I do believe they’re telegram is one of their more active communities of 60,000 members. Let’s see if we could check that out on their website real quick. There goes right there. Just pop it up one time Right signal dashboard, I’m not like giving up the little pictures, you know health ID Crypto wallet decentralized marketplace, so it just kind of makes it easy to bring people together. You know, I want to make money So you can click that button right there it takes you straight to their telegram community 60,000 members and you can also Sign up for that whitelist presale On the website as well looks pretty good on a track. I see a calm 5 out of 5 ratings ICL vince 4.7 out of five And again a little bit of aetherium To get set up but at the end of the day you know this the whole world is coming to the blockchain and These guys look to be in a pretty good position to have a pretty good product Waiting on them when they get there, so thank you to the community for you know giving me the opportunity to preserve this information Thank you Listening and good luck to everybody on the boat team as well We will be back in a later this week with another market update I might bring the four horsemen out out of the stables, you know Just a knock knock dust off and make some money on this market I think it’s going to be a big boom coming in June And it’s more to come on that later with that being said at that time of the date Sounding out this is uh-oh your boy BK no matter where you stake Brazil to Bay your telephone 88 all the way back out boop. Jerk Monday Alegre more than a good day Thank you for joining me. Thank you for your time Make sure you jump down The money team do that for me. If you appreciate my till we need against a cryptic y’all