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    The Puppies Go To The Beach
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    The Puppies Go To The Beach

    December 3, 2019

    (light cheerful music) – [Narrator] The service dogs in training from Doggy Do Good have a big day ahead of them. It’s beach day! The sun, the surf, and boundless distractions that could cause any of these dogs to flunk out of Service Dog School. This is Puppy Prep. ^(light cheerful music) None of the pups are more excited to smell that ocean air ^than eight-month-old Golden Retriever, Luke. He’s been hanging out by the beach since he was only a couple months old. ^His half-sister, Remmy, is also excited, maybe too excited. It’s all right for her to take a second and adjust to the new sights and smells, but when it comes time for work, Remmy’s going to need to focus. For these puppies, the first order of business at any new location is to sample the local grass. While they’re not supposed to chew on the foliage, it’s easy for the pups to sneak a bite when the trainers have their backs turned. And the trainers turn their back frequently. Having this many puppies around draws attention, and people are excited to learn about the service dogs. But Nelly and Remmy are taking this chance to mess around. (dogs barking) The dogs aren’t supposed to go on the sand after 10:00, and while special exception can be made for service animals, there’s no shortage of other activities by the ocean, like the playground. The playground offers a multitude of different surfaces, sounds, and experiences. All of this builds confidence, getting the puppies ready for anything. ^First one up, six-month-old Chocolate Lab, Benelli. Climbing on rocks and walking on sand may appear simple, but it’s actually building the puppy’s comfort on a variety of surfaces. Wherever Benelli goes, she needs to be focused not on where she’s standing but on what her owner may need. – Good girl. – [Narrator] After breezing through the different surfaces, it’s time for something that will really disorient her. – Good girl. – [Narrator] The slide. While Benelli’s future owners may never actually take her down a slide, it’s important she has confidence to handle all kinds of new experiences. At first, she’s nervous, but with some coaxing and the promise of treat… – Good girl! – [Narrator] …even a puppy like Benelli can find her courage. Now back on firm land, the trainer is sure to praise Benelli up, building a connection in the puppy’s mind between bravery and reward. Fresh off the excitement of the slide, Trainer Paul tosses his keys to ensure Benelli still knows it’s work time. – Good, get it. – [Narrator] And she happily does her job. – Benelli, great, get it. Benelli, get it. Good girl. – [Narrator] There’s still one more slide for Benelli to attempt. (dramatic drumbeats) The spiral slide. That is, if she can get up to it. With a bit of a running start… – Benelli, jump. – [Narrator] …she makes the leap. – Good girl. – [Narrator] Her lesson from the other slide has her excited to try this one. Having never seen them before five minutes ago, slides are now simple for the six-month-old Chocolate Lab. – Woo hoo hoo! Good girl!
    Good girl. – [Narrator] Back with the dogs in down stay, ^Karen tries to refocus Remmy. She tries to get the Golden to heel, and focus in, but the eight-month-old won’t settle down. This isn’t good. Remmy’s future owner will count on her, day in and day out. And, it looks like Remmy’s lack of focus is starting to spread. Luke, get back! Come on, Karen’s trying to focus on Remmy. Kaya, are you serious? Come on! – Kaya, no! – [Narrator] All three Goldens have the sillies now, even usually dependable Luke. Kaya has to refocus, and quick. It’s her turn to walk the playground. ^The eight-month-old enjoys jumping on different surfaces. – Good girl! Good girl. Come on, let’s go. – [Narrator] The straight slide. – Good girl! Good girl, Kaya! Good girl! – [Narrator] And when it’s time for the spiral slide, what was a tough jump for Benelli is an easy hop for Kaya. But, what goes up must come down, and Kaya’s confused how that’s supposed to happen. When Sandy, the owner of Doggie Do Good, leads the way, Kaya eventually figures it out. She’s immediately praised for her bravery. – Good girl! Good girl! – [Narrator] A second attempt down the slide… (laughs) Oh, look at you. Oh, no. Good try, Kaya.
    Good try. – Good girl. Good girl, Kaya. – [Narrator] But, what’s important is that Kaya’s conquered her fear, and admirably so. Back in the down stay, it looks like Remy has finally calmed… Oh. Relax, Remmy.
    It’s just a bird. All right.
    Good girl, Remmy. Thank goodness you’re finally starting to show some self-control, otherwise today could have been the day you failed at… Oh no. – [Trainer] Remmy! – [Narrator] Breaking from a down stay to this degree is a bad sign. With Karen working with Kaya, Paul has to leave the dogs to find where Remmy ran off. Even though they’re unsupervised, they don’t dare to break; no one wants the fate that’s about to befall Remmy. Lockdown. Remmy now has to think about what she’s done, and hope it doesn’t mean expulsion. ^Now, it’s Luke’s turn to take a lap around the playground. – Good boy. – [Narrator] His first challenge is the rocking horse. Karen is trying to get Luke to jump over it, in preparation for future awkward spaces. – Stay. – [Narrator] Luke is not having it. – Good boy.
    Jump over it. – [Narrator] He hasn’t had problems of bravery in the past, so this is a new issue. – Over it.
    Nope. Over it.
    Good boy, come on. – [Narrator] Eventually, our hero figures it out. – Good, good! Good boy! – [Narrator] And Karen is sure to reward his courage. – Good job! Good boy, let’s go! – [Narrator] If Luke shows the same hesitation on the slide, then… – Good boy! – [Narrator] …well, nevermind. – Good job, Luke! Good boy! – [Narrator] Looks like after only a couple attempts, he’s already a pro. – Good job!
    Good boy! – [Narrator] Good job, buddy. – Good job. – [Narrator] When Luke returns to down stay, he finds Deacon is still getting used to his harness. He’s not quite sure why he can’t flip all the way over on his back. Paul straightens him out, and it’s back to down stay. ^Okay, Remmy. ^You’ve had a tough day so far, so time to redeem yourself on the playground. First up is the rocking horse that Luke struggled with. – Come on.
    Good girl. Over it. – [Narrator] Just like with her half-brother, it’s a matter of confidence. – Let’s go. – [Narrator] And it suddenly looks like Remmy’s lost most of hers. The culprit? The pirate ship steering wheel. – Just need a second. – [Narrator] Notice how her tail is tucked between her legs? So do the trainers. They’re hyper-aware of the pup’s attitude, and this is a huge signal from Remmy. Karen gets down on Remmy’s level and starts feeding her treats. She pets her and praises her, trying to show Remmy she’s safe. Remmy then has to pass by the wheel several more times, ensuring the dog has confronted her fear. – [Karen] Good girl. – [Narrator] If Karen can get Remmy to sniff the wheel or be still next to it, that’s going to be a great indication that Remmy’s making progress. – Good girl! – [Narrator] Eventually, a sniff. – [Karen] Good job! – [Narrator] And after a few more laps, her tail starts to wag again. Remmy’s done extremely well, and with so much excitement already had on the playground, the slide can wait for another day. ^Back on the grass, the undeniable Mr. Pip ^finds himself in an embarrassing situation. – [Trainer] Mr. Pip. – [Narrator] Because he is by far the worst at down stay, Mr. Pip has to be tied up, to the other dogs. Luke seems confused why he has to babysit, but he doesn’t mind. It gives him something to watch as he snacks on the grass. – [Trainer] Luke, leave it. Luke, release. – [Narrator] Finally, some respect. Unbelievable. Chin up, Mr. Pip. You’re still a hero in our hearts. (Mr. Pip whines) ^Another hero from Doggie Do Good is recent graduate Sammy. Sammy transitioned to his forever family only five months ago, but his bond with handler Bryce has been immediate. Sammy helps Bryce with several diagnoses, including generalized anxiety disorder, ADHD, inflammatory bowel disease, and bipolar disorder. One way Sammy aids Bryce is during Bryce’s regular blood draws. Before going into an appointment, Sammy gives Bryce hugs and pressure, helping to prepare the boy for the anxiety the needles cause. During the draws, Sammy gives Bryce constant pressure to help him feel more comfortable. Sammy knows Bryce isn’t in distress now, but the 18-month-old lab checks in constantly, making sure, if Bryce ever needs him, he’s there. While Bryce’s family had always had animals, at first, they weren’t sure about adding a service dog. The support that Sammy’s provided in only his first few months, however, has made it all worth it. Someday, the puppies in training will have similar bonds with their owners and be just as important to a family as Sammy is. Back with the student pups, it’s time for a long walk on the beach. ^Or at least next to it. ^Remmy’s had a big day, so trainer Paul takes this walk very slow. Whenever Remmy begins to pull away or move in a different direction, the trainer stops. This teaches Remmy to stay focused. During a heel, the puppies need to be paying attention to the handler constantly, not drifting away on their own line. – [Paul] Good girl. – [Narrator] Eventually, Remmy starts to do better. On the stairs, heel is even more difficult for these pups. Dogs want to be on even ground, and prefer bolting up and down steps. The people they’ll someday aid, however, may need help with stairs, so it’s important the puppies learn patience. To end her day, Paul works with Remmy on one of her special abilities: hug. As difficult as the day has been for the young Golden, it’s important to remember that someday she’ll be a huge comfort to a lucky family. It’s going to take work and patience, but it’s clear it’ll be worth it. – Release. Good. – [Narrator] Some dogs can become nervous on the pier, as the spaces between the uneven surfaces can be uncomfortable under their paws. ^Not our Mr. Pip, though. ^He even finds the time to get in some of his best down stay work to date. Good boy, Mr. Pip. As the day winds down, Paul begins ^to test a special skill with Kaya: steady. Steady allows people with mobility issues to put pressure on a dog, to sit down, stand up, or just regain their balance. It’s one of Deacon’s specialties, and might someday be Kaya’s as well. Knowing her eight-month-old joints are still developing, Paul puts only the lightest of pressure over her legs. Once she’s grown, she’ll be able to take much more weight, and may even wear a harness like Deacon. At the end of the day, some dogs took steps forward, while others, steps back. For all these puppies, though, it’s still too soon to tell who will flunk out, and who will graduate Puppy Prep. (light cheerful music)

    How to Create a Sugared Sailboat
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    How to Create a Sugared Sailboat

    December 1, 2019

    Hi, I’m Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails. In
    this video, I’m going to show you how to do a cute little sailboat using the sugared
    effect. So we’ve got the polka dot design already done on this nail, but we’re going
    to take it further and add a little sailing boat. If you want to see the video of how
    to create this design, if you go to the descriptions, you’ll see the link there. So what we’re
    going to do, we’re going to do a sanding effect. For that we’ll need some Mega Gloss,
    I’m just going to pop some of that onto the pallet. Because it’s got a nice thick
    consistency it’s really easy to do this with. And then we’ve also got Neptune Infinity
    Super Fine Glitter. It’s a nice, gorgeous navy, that is. So with the Mega Gloss, use
    your detailing brush. And we’re going to do a very simple sailing boat. So we’ve got one sail there. It’s hard to see, I know. And we have another sail here. And a little flag on the top. And then we’ve got the actual boat at the bottom. Just checking that. Then, with the Super Fine Glitter, we’re going to sprinkle that over the top, tap off
    the excess. Add any more if you need to. Then we can pop that into the lamp for one minute. So I’m just going to finish with a little bit of cuticle oil. Rub that round. So you’ve
    got that sugared effect little sail boat on your dotted nail.

    Couples Try Extreme Workouts • Ship It
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    Couples Try Extreme Workouts • Ship It

    November 26, 2019

    – Oh, god. – And it angles like that?
    – Yup. – There you go. (all laugh) (upbeat rock music) – Okay, so, today we are
    going to try couples workouts. So, couples workouts is this trend on the internet where
    really fit couples do these just obscenely cute things together. And it looks like it
    takes a lot of strength. – We haven’t done any couples
    specific workouts before. – It would distract me to work with her. – I feel like if you take
    those two things separately, being really fit and being really cute, – Yeah.
    – that’s us, but Right, we’re cute.
    – Being cute and fit. – At the same time.
    – together – I’m not cute when I work out. – Right. – I’m Austin Ray. – I am Julian Dagery. – And we’re from New Orleans, Louisiana. – And we are fitness acrobats. – We blend together a mixture of cheerleading, acrobatics,
    gymnastics, martial arts, dance, anything that involves movement. – We tried to find a beneficial way to where we could use one another. – A lot of this stuff involves trust, which is a critical,
    critical part in anything. – We trust each other. I would say
    – Oh, I trust you 100%. – Right, right, but like, do you trust me to lift
    you up over my head? Yeah. Yeah.
    – Yeah, No. – Her coordination skills, I’m
    a little worried about this. – I’m really bad at balancing myself. (laughing) – I would say that you, on the other hand, are below hand-eye coordination. – That checks out, that checks out, yeah. – Oh no! (laughs) – So first we’re gonna
    learn three challenges, which I’m told are very difficult. And then we’re gonna practice for a week, see if we can nail it. – So the three challenges, the first one, we call it the machine. One person is on the ground,
    kind of like a dead roach. The person that’s on the bottom grabs, kind of, the shin area. The person that’s on top grabs the ankles. – What? – Once that happens, we’re
    going to act like a machine. – Oh no, Oh hell no.
    – Oh no, oh no. – I can’t– so I’m gonna be down here like this. – [Austin] You’re also, you’re gonna raise your legs up first. That’s for support
    – Alright, I raise my legs up – [Ariel] Oh my God. – [Austin] And her ankles like that, yep. – [Julian] There you go (laughs) – It was hard to have the
    strength and just balance to get you up. – {Austin] There you go, there you go. That’s it. That’s it! Yes!
    (screams) (laughs)
    That’s perfect, that’s perfect Lift your legs up, lift your legs up. – [Julian] Yeah here (laughs) – Oh baby, drop me, drop me. – This is why we’re trying it for a week. – So this next challenge
    involves a lot of trust. She’s going to kick up into a handstand, while I catch. The person who’s in a
    handstand to do a push-up, while the other person’s
    holding the other’s ankles and then they do a squat. – Maybe. Oh my God, I don’t know.
    – You got it. (screams) – You have it. – I’m super afraid of doing handstands. – Yep (screams)
    (laughs) I need to improve my trust that you won’t kick me in the face. – [Ariel] I generally am
    pretty good at handstands. I’m worried that I’m gonna flip over. – I keep thinking that I’m gonna fall and I keep doing it really fast. Go faster. – [Herbert] Go higher. Just get over it. – I can’t, it’s hard. – [Austin] And last but not least, once again the male is on the ground. Lift your legs up. – [Julian] Ladies, grab
    his hands, once again. Extend your feet out,
    till you’re on your toes. I’m going to push down. – [Austin] Once she does a pushup, I press down as well. – [Julian] And then I come all the way up. – [Ned] I mean (laughs) You guys, you guys. – [Austin] Okay so you’re
    gonna do the pushup first and then you’re going to press down. (laughs) Pushup for you. Pushup for you. – [YB] It’s not going down. – [Austin] Then you go and you press down. Yeah now we’re working – 69
    (laughs) (grunts) laughs) We struggled. I wouldn’t say it’s harder than it looks. It’s about as hard as it looks. – Okay the main thing was we
    were shaking this whole time. So can we not shake. – Yeah I mean, it has to look pretty. We can do it but, you know. – I thought it went great. – I think it was interesting. I think some are gonna need this week to – Yes really need the week
    – practice a little bit. – I think Ned and Ariel
    can improve more on not thinking ‘Am I gonna
    get kicked in the face?’ More positive thinking, more
    mental preparation for them. – Herbert and YB are a great match. I think that the biggest thing
    that they were dealing with was fear. So believe in yourself. Scratch out the fear and
    you guys will rock it. – [Ariel] Hey Ned! – What? – [Ariel] It’s time to get up. – No – [Ariel] We’re gonna go work out. – [Ned] It was tough in the beginning. – We don’t normally work out together. – I think the machine is the most tricky. – [YB] We got the first position down but once we start moving we
    get all like wobbly and stuff. So we need to work on that. – In the beginning, we were
    falling almost immediately. We went to our gym and
    people were like ‘Oh shit’. – Yep, people got really excited about it. – My hardest part was doing the handstand. When I was practicing that,
    I fell and hit my knee. (screams) But we kept going. – It’s actually cool. To workout and to do something together. It’s kinda fun. – Okay ready. One, two (laughs) – The most difficult was the machine. – [Ned] Yeah, it’s hard
    to hold up your partner for a long period of time like that. – [Ariel] Yeah I feel like the
    other part was just strength. – So we got the handstand down and then my next problem was the pushups. – Show me. – Have arm muscles. (laughs) – [Ned] I did a lot of pushups to prepare. – [Ariel] You did? – [Ned] Yeah
    – [Ariel] I didn’t know that. – [Ned] And one day, I did 100 pushups – [Ariel] What? (laughs) – [Ariel] I can’t do that many pushups. And really the other two
    were very pushup heavy. – I feel I’m improving. Machine looks good. I think now we have to kind of perform. We have to just work on
    doing it a few times. Herbert can’t hold the phone
    cause his arms are weak. That’s weird cause I can hold
    the phone for a long time but I can’t do a pushup. – I feel like our mental fitness improved. Even though we may not have been stronger, we’re more determined not
    to let each other fall. – [Ariel] The best part was being able to spend time
    together when we work out. – Once we got chemistry,
    it got better and better. – Okay so it’s been a week and now we’re going to try Austin and Julian’s three exercises together. – So we’re going to start
    from challenge three and go backwards, since the first one is the hardest. You guys ready? – I’m ready. – Alright, let’s do it
    – Alright – I’m ready. (upbeat music) (squeals) (grunts) – The machine is going
    to be the most difficult. – The most difficult was the machine. – The machine, I think is, it’s gonna be the hardest. – [YB] Ready? – [Ariel] K, ready?
    – Yeah (electronic music) – Yaay! – Ah yeah! That was awesome. We did it!
    – We did it! – It wasn’t perfect but it was better than any of
    the things we did practice. – I mean, I felt more
    comfortable doing it. – We got good feedback. (laughs) – [YB] I mean, it was not as shaky. I felt like more steady I guess. Yeah. (laughs) – That’s really all we can ask for is better than it was a week ago. – [Ned] Yep Yeah – After a week of practice,
    I think we made some strides. – I think overall, it went really well. I think we definitely improved a lot. – [Herbert] You work
    on something together, you have to be on the same
    page otherwise it wouldn’t work and so that was pretty cool. – [Ned] It wasn’t easy but
    we supported each other. I’m proud of us. – I’m proud of us too. I’m proud of us too and I had a good time. I feel like I got to spend
    a little bit more time with you this week. – I would do it again because
    I want more challenges. It’s really, really fun to
    learn a lot about your partner. – A huge benefit for working out together is that we don’t need to go to a gym. We can go outside and
    we can use each other. It’s well worth it and it’s free, so. – Love you
    – I love you (laughs) – OK

    How to smuggle alcohol on a cruise ship – Tipsy Bartender
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    How to smuggle alcohol on a cruise ship – Tipsy Bartender

    November 26, 2019

    (rock music) – Mallory, what are we making? – Actually I don’t know. (both laugh) – We showing people how to
    smuggle booze on a cruise ship. The thing with cruise ships is they don’t like you to
    bring on your own alcohol, okay you show up there
    with your bottle of rum they can take it from
    you and put it in storage or something and give
    it to you at the end, because they make their
    money on alcohol sales, okay? – That makes sense. – But their drinks expensive. – Yeah. – So here’s how you beat the system. – Ooh! – [Man] First thing’s first
    you want to get yourself one of these green
    Listerine bottles, right, and you want to gently
    cut right along edges, you see what I’m saying? Get right in there. – What? – [Man] Yeah, I told you the
    smuggling operation okay, if you’re already, you know, (unclear) then you don’t want to
    step in on this one. I got it. – [Mallory] Okay. – [Man] Bingo. (both laugh) – So now we empty out the Listerine. – And save it because we all
    know it’s very expensive. – Exactly because I
    need to use this again. – Yeah you will. – Girls love my fresh breath. – (laughs) – Smell that? Sexy.
    – Gross. – So once empty you have to wash it out, you don’t want any
    Listerine residue, homeboy. – No no no. – This here bottle’s
    clean, put in our funnel, go ahead pour in a bottle of vodka. – Okay. I have a question, why
    are we using this funnel? – [Man] You don’t have to but I like to use the funnel to keep everything neat. – Oh. – So now we gotta make this
    look like that green Listerine. So I need you to put
    in three drops of blue, one drop of green, okay? – [Mallory] Okay. – We’re using food coloring. – Oh my gosh. – This will not destroy the
    integrity of your water. – Your water? – I mean of your booze- one, two, three. – [Mallory] And then one drop of green. – [Man] And one drop of green, perfect! Now we’ll cover this up and
    give it a nice little shaking. – Oh my God! That looks like
    the blue Listerine mouthwash! That is genius. – [Mallory] Okay, how much? – [Man] Just like a shot, uh- – [Mallory] Oh! (laughs) This is going to be a strong drink! – [Man] Hit that with some
    orange juice. (laughs) Okay. – I have to pee. – (laughs) I’m not cutting that, okay? I have to pee… how old are you, 12? – (laughs) – And there you have it, a
    Listerine smuggling operation. – Oh my God I didn’t
    know you were filming. (laughs) Cheers! – Tastes just like vodka. Now be advised cruise ships might be slightly hip to this because there are a couple of videos online about this, and you could play with
    this color to change it up, go a little bit easier on
    the blue maybe a little bit more green to bring the color
    out even a little bit more. So cruise ships might be a
    little hip to this, okay? So what you want to do is
    if you go with your girl, wrap your Listerine in her underwear and when my boy touches it you go, “Hey! “That’s my woman’s underwear! “I want to see the admiral right now! “Bring me the freakin’ admiral homeboy, “what kind of pervert are you?” That’s right get upset,
    you know what I mean? You go with the family
    wrap it in granny’s drawers because even if my boy sees it, he could be like, “Ain’t
    no way I’m touching that, “go ahead, go ahead homeboy,
    go ahead, you deserve a drink, “after wrapping it in
    grandma’s underwear,” alright? Tipsy Bartender, I’m just trying to help people
    survive in this bad economy. – Life lessons from Tipsy Bartender. – [Man] Let me see the
    freakin’ admiral goddammit. Call Barack Obama! Violating my rights. Check out Nicky Limo
    making an apple jack shot or Kazaya making a candy corn cocktail, or click on Mallory
    for more of her videos, and find us on Facebook and
    Twitter at Tipsy Bartender.



    November 23, 2019

    Hello folks it is Barry here welcome to my
    virgin kitchen today we are doing another mini food if you have missed any of the mini
    foods already you can check out the playlist there should be a link here or in the description
    box down below loads of you have asked for a mini fish and chips that good old seaside
    classic and I am going to try and make your mini food dreams come true today without further
    ado we have all the tools here lets get cracking. It is fair to say folks we are building up
    quite a stash of mini food utensils many of these things including the cocktail sticks
    randomly have been sent in by you guys so thanks for that as always the rules are very
    simple we must fit the food on this teddy bear plate. The rip off winnie the pooh plate.
    The first ingredient is the humble baby potato we have a knife here and what I am going to
    do is turn this baby potato into chips. Which sounds a lot easier than it is but we will
    get there I am going to square it off first. Alright that will do but this knife is not
    being the most cooperative but I am just going to cut thin squares down like this ok cool
    and then across like this will give us our chips there we go.
    I will put these chips to one side I have patted them dry to get rid of any starch good
    times, this is a pack from some fish mix ok the smallest amount of fish I could get so
    I do have fish for dinner tonight randomly within this pack I found this bit of fish
    which I do not even need to cut to size so it is kind of like the runt of the litter,
    it is perfect so we need to make our beer batter next.
    Oh my gosh it is not even 9 o clock in the morning and I am drinking beer I feel like
    I am on a stag do that I had to do that so it will not spill when I pour into this shot
    glass just a little bit of beer there yes about half full that is perfect and if it
    was past midday maybe I would have some more but that is enough for now.
    Ok so what I am doing is adding an eighth of a teaspoon at a time into our beer to make
    our beer batter so we are going to need a bit more than that you know what I actually
    ended up adding eight one eighths of a teaspoon so should have just used a teaspoon so lets
    mix this together what should I use lets use this toenail thing so we are going to push
    the flour into the beer you can see that foamy look you get in there that happens normally
    just thicken it up so it coats our fish when we dunk it in there. Oh here we go getting
    a bit of a mix on now. I think it is quite thick but just to make
    sure and to make it worthwhile using the eighth of a teaspoon we are going to add one more
    in there, mixing it all through and that should coat our fish amazingly.
    For mushy peas this is a teeny speck of boiling water from my kettle I am going to plonk my
    peas in there which should cook it, and this mint this is a sprig of mint right here one
    leaf I have got these things that I think are things to cut off scabby bits on your
    feet. I am just going to cut teeny pieces of mint, and just put it in like that wow
    they really are teeny bits in there I am not going to need all the leaf, waste not want
    not all that stuff about half of it so we will just get through this.
    Turns out I do not have a device for mushing really so I am using the back end of a chop
    stick to mash down the peas and puree them. And we have made mushy minty peas look at
    that, cool. Lets turn that down a bit right folks this
    is the bit I am most scared of ok, and on the complete off chance you are trying these
    at home be very careful, we are going to fry both the chips and the fish in here separately
    I would normally oven bake my chips but this seems like too good an opportunity.
    So we will start by grabbing a chip with the tweezers, I wonder if these tweezers ever
    thought yeah I am going to be on youtube videos and stuff, here we go lets put it in the oil.
    Alright it is not coming off oh there it goes ok it is in there this oil is not red hot
    at the moment I want it to be quite slow so it will cook if it was piping hot it would
    just cook instantly and we do not want that. We want to give it at least 30 seconds.
    There we go chips away and as I say 30 seconds would be a good time to aim for want to get
    them nice and browned, it is on a super low heat and is cooking away like a dream.
    Look at that folks like a baby potato Jacuzzi they are starting to brown I have got my big
    tablespoon to hand that I am going to scoop these chips out any minute now and will rest
    them down. Amazing check out those fries, that is great.
    For the fish it needs a slightly larger pool of oil to sit in so I am warming this up again,
    so we will keep it low again but it is time to dunk the fish in the batter and then in
    there. Ok so it is time to grab the runt of the litter our fish into the batter, is it
    coming out yes, haha oh wow lets get it in the pan that looks weird.
    In it goes folks it is cooking away the batter has clinged on to the fish, in true fish and
    chip style the beer being carbonated makes bubbles so it should have that awesome fish
    and chip effect. It is starting to spit a bit so have turned
    the heat down the actual shape of it looks like a fish. An actual fish in there anyhow
    all we are trying to do now is get that nice brown colour.
    Look at that fish folks I am not sure where to place it no fish pun intended so lets serve
    it up straight away. Alright our rip off winnie the pooh plate
    is ready I have to say I love doing these mini foods I do find them quite a challenge,
    but lets get the chips down, just try and do a bit of styling on it look at that, flashy
    or what, one more chip. We will bring in our fish, look at that it just fits the requirements
    we are ok. So with the mushy peas my trusty one eighth of a teaspoon is going to help
    us out again, yes loving that a little bit more just because you know, why not.
    There we are then folks our mini fish and chips done, there is the beer bottle lid just
    for scale lets see what it tastes like. You are the cameo do you know what that is,
    it means you are making an appearance at the end, so this is some mini fish and chips do
    you want to have a try, you have to eat it in one big go, it is not a drink you are supposed
    to eat it I did say drink, what does it taste of chips even though you ate the fish that
    is good, can I finish it off, ok, oh my gosh, I was going to have some, oh whoops, tastes
    so good identical to a large scale one. There we are then guys another mini food done
    check out my last 2 videos, remember to subscribe follow me on twitter Instagram facebook all
    that stuff if you are not already for the latest updates and some crazy pictures with
    her you guys probably know if you have not already seen it, that is it guys say bye chloe,
    thanks, thanks I said thanks but you can say thanks if you want,

    THE YAOI SHIP?? | When Midoriya knows about the ship (My hero academia cosplay)
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    THE YAOI SHIP?? | When Midoriya knows about the ship (My hero academia cosplay)

    November 18, 2019

    i want to die OoOOoOoh *brush brush* Hm, what should I do today? Ah, That’s right. I found some awesome clip about All Might the other day. Maybe I should watch it again! Oh yeah, Uraraka-san barrowed my computer yesterday. How am I gonna find the video now? Heh, typical Uraraka-san Discount shop Cute animal video And cute clothing Ah, here it is Wait, what is this? My name and Todoroki-kun? Aw This drawing is so cute! Just me and Todoroki-kun Ah! What?! Wha-What was that! Why am I, and Todoroki-kun Kissing?? And why do I keep looking at it? This is wrong. Me and Todoroki-kun are friends Friends don’t kiss each other. Right? Hi Midoriya Oh H-H-H-Hi Todoroki-kun Um, what are you doing? Um, I’m doing nothing! N-nothing at all! Just sitting here, loving life. W-Whats up? Um nothing, I was hearing you screaming in here. are you okay? Is there anything wrong? W-Wrong? N-Nothing is wrong I’m just sitting here, watching All Might. You know, Fanboying? Okay then Thank god he didn’t saw me. Maybe Just researching Midoriya? Yes? What are you doing? I’m in the bathroom Can I borrow your computer? Yeah, sure Wait The computer Shoot! I haven’t turned off the Fanfiction! Wait, Todoroki-kun, don’t! Turn on the computer. What is this Midoriya? Tha- I- I can explain! I was trying to find a video about All Might that I watched the other day. It was a really cool video! He was saving people, he was smiling. Anyway! Then I saw all of these pictures About me and Todoroki-kun kissing, and doing stuff… And then I can’t stop looking at it! I mean if you want a kiss you could just tell me Wait What are you saying? Do you wanna do it now? Wait, what? What?!?

    We Tried A 300-Year-Old Makeup Routine
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    We Tried A 300-Year-Old Makeup Routine

    October 12, 2019

    we know throughout history there has been some highs some lows one thing we do know is that throughout history there have been looks being served beauty has been there beats historical beats weird cool mostly weird so today we are stepping back in time and trying an iconic beauty look from someone in history Spencer do you have a favorite time in history I liked when Mary and Elizabeth are fighting there was drama okay drama you like the drama do you have a favorite characters you know iris no you know how you want to like put yourself in a scenario there’s no parts where I’m like yeah wish I could go back then history fashions yeah baby segue so today we are going to be doing a look inspired by 18th century from from how do you feel about that they are pretty extra I feel like it’s definitely my level of extra but I’m excited to see you do it Marie Antoinette turn that upside down she had people putting stuff in their hair yeah people wearing lots of makeup so the most recognizable example of this time as you already said as our homegirl with Marie Antoinette there was some like real thought put into this and taking their time and like you worked on that well they didn’t work on it I feel like the thing was like to look like your face is a baby I’m not a baby okay before we hop into our looks we need to know some basic history the luxury goods market know the luxury goods market in Paris in the 1700s was said to be lively and extravagant yes extra French women of the time used a large variety of beauty products similar to how we use them today these products were used to clean and beautify the skin hide imperfections such as pock marks and syphilis scars this stuff is running rampant back in the day I guess also I have pock mark what Epoque marks from like Jacob Haas that sounds like that a few trade close on posh mark [Music] these products were also used to prevent aging and to prevent illness were they trying to get rid of all right makeup is off are you ready to start yes there’s a lot of stuff that’s been put in front of us that’s vinegar I can smell it and we have matches so we have this mood board over here that I’m going to grab and it’s going to be our inspiration you know when you like save those pictures on Instagram yeah this is it I made it myself oh my god this little dog lots of blush lots of blush defined phantom brows a little bit of nose highlight they were not using highlighter I’m pretty sure this was just paintings there were two main types of makeup Blanc and Rouge which is white and red Rouge is my level of Sephora insider the popular aesthetic was to have super pale skin which was seen to be a sign of high worth or social class woof interesting woof I mean this is where we get to history being like DUP and discriminatory yeah during the 15th through 18th centuries both men and women would paint their faces with a mixture of white lead and vinegar white lead I don’t think LEDs good to put on anything right I mean yeah that but also vinegar where do our Beauty standards come from this so obviously we’re not going to put poison on her faces I personally am NOT going to do any skin lightening steps just because I’m going to really modify my face and make it look as flat as possible I get to put light stuff on my face which is gonna be really great and I can’t wait oh girl yeah I know that is like kind of we’re talking like Halloween makeup like a clown situation that’s like whiteout like I erased my mistakes it’s funny like they would have been so excited to put this on no you’re a clown [Music] you look like they do I know Hey just gonna throw this out there not a fan eyebrows we’re often shaped both plucked and painted or dyed those with wealth could even wear false brows made from Mouse fur okay that’s Mouse wait wait why lice I can only imagine people years from now looking at like micro bleeding and being like that’s what they did that right elderberries may be used to darken the brows as well as burnt pork or cloves that what these are turns out we’ve got some cloves here so we’re going to be historically accurate with this so what you do is you take a little clove and you burn it on this thick end and then you wait for it to cool and then you use it on your brows okay wow you know this is working much better than I anticipated it’s very dark but I love it it is so good listen I’m impressed by how like pigmented that is but yeah baby she’s dark yeah they’re Rouge is basically blush that was used on top of the white makeup to achieve red and cheeks now I tell you but I’m not excited for this part yeah no I feel like this is gonna be a thing I love lush I put on too much already this is like a norm for me wow you look really scary scary because it’s so good my words aren’t helping you they’re not easy no I feel beautiful I feel like I look like I have a fever lips lips for not necessarily reddened but could be accentuated with the application of ingredients like almond oil or goose grease what’s goose grease no goose grease just makes me it’s the alliteration that really is throwing squeeze if color was desired a woman might apply distilled alcohol or vinegar balsamic and even then I meet men I want to put it on my lips so they just what does it do if they were smart they would just put their blush on their lips Oh smells yeah smells of vinegar it’s not doing anything honestly I’m like going back for more like it’s the Fountain of Youth over here a beauty more women and some men would also incorporate mooch a mooch mooches women and some men would also incorporate a move into their look highlighting their skins paleness oh so they would put a little beauty even larger like a dark dot just to be like look at how white I am these were black silk or velvet patches commonly cut into circles but could also appear to be shaped like moon stars or diamonds yes you’re getting crazy with that while they were mourn for their aesthetic value they were also useful for covering blemishes caused by syphilis or smallpox syphilis is back baby I’m gonna do too I knew the beauty marks but not the like stars it seems so much more calling attention to something when you could just live with your syphilis car Here I am this is me so we have our makeup looks but we’re missing a little something that’s the hair all right the poof was a hairstyle that was very popular with women in Paris during the 18th century in 1774 Leonardo da invented the poof sentimental in the first iteration of this style it said he used many feathers to wax figures a parrot pecking at cherries and 14 yards of gauze yeah this is what I remember there are a lot of stuff in there hair this so it was like a Christmas tree on your head Wow yeah probably some food yeah I was thinking about that I feel like you would have like little sunglasses of yours oh my gosh little sunglasses like some lipstick yeah a work phone a home phone I have some pens that are very dear to me my felt tip pens that are all different colors probably those in there yeah theatre or opera was a great place for ladies to show off their poops okay so they would like go out and stun yeah for like I have to imagine on her neck you know you wear your heels is a really cute heels but by the time we go home really get these it’s alright so it turns out to buy a poof these days is quite expensive yeah so we got a budget poof here we are I am scared we do the height and then the length I feel like a man on the dollar I am terrified to go out into the world the shirt kind of makes you look like you’re ready for court judge Court is in session I don’t know what you look like but I’m not confident in saying it out loud it wasn’t that bad no for me but I did I’m not pumped about how pale I am at the moment I’ve got some wild on my face this is something that I don’t [Music] okay I guess we gotta go see what people think great we’re wearing 18th century beauty trends do you have a denim oh yes sir the mole books absolutely not okay yeah it’s gonna be a note from you dog okay what about you Lillian not into it so much hair and I’m sweating so much ain’t we getting cake in a bitchy game yes you can honey I’ve been walking around all afternoon with this look on and this is not even the start of what women did at that time will some women it is warm under here I can only imagine what they had to do this is actually kind of fun I’m surprised how many things like worked like the clothes and the eyebrows like my eyebrows don’t look that bad like I’m pretty impressed not a look I’m gonna you know keep her my everyday but I mean it was fun there was a lot of work that went into this look I’m gonna go with my natural beauty [Music] you