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    Beyond Good and Evil 2: Staff Combat and Ship Maneuvers Gameplay | UbiBlog | Ubisoft [NA]
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    Beyond Good and Evil 2: Staff Combat and Ship Maneuvers Gameplay | UbiBlog | Ubisoft [NA]

    January 24, 2020

    The Beyond Good and Evil 2 development
    team is ready for another check-in: this time highlighting their progress on
    player movement and showing new gameplay of both on foot and spaceship piloting
    action. The player is a pirate, so we have two kind of very important gameplay:
    the ship itself and the character itself. One is moving on his feet
    and the fact that he can use his staff is a bit like the first BGE. So we are
    working with all the mechanics of the staff. We are working on all the mechanics of
    locomotion and our characters moving. We have the jetpack. It’s a good way to to
    move in 3D. Actually, you can also board the ship. So you are inside
    any mothership, trying to fight your way through the different rooms and you have
    your jetpack, so you can jump and escape and maybe come back to pillage after this.
    It’s up to you actually. Another nice thing with pirates is that they were
    very mysterious in Beyond Good and Evil One. They were inside caves. They were not like…you were not able to see them in the world, so that was very mysterious
    and it is a part of things we will explain or discover: What happened to the
    pirates? Being evasive is one of the things pirates do best, but the team
    knows that when you’re playing with friends, you won’t want to lose track of
    them so easily. In Beyond Good and Evil 2, we have huge spaces, so we have a lot of speed
    and it’s really hard in multiplayer to follow each other at low speed so you
    quickly will lose your friends and that’s why you have the Armada. Because
    in the Armada, you can look behind your friends. The design of the game is pretty
    advanced now. We know where we are going, so we’re in this phase of prototyping a
    lot of things today. So, it’s cool. Sometime, you see some very fun stuff coming. To stay up to date on Beyond Good and Evil 2, and talk with the development team about what you’d like to see in the game, go to BGE to sign up for the Space Monkey program then subscribe to this youtube
    channel to be sure to catch the latest videos.

    Private Investigator Vs. Psychic: Who Committed The Crime?
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    Private Investigator Vs. Psychic: Who Committed The Crime?

    October 9, 2019

    hey there i’m colby rebel I am a professional psychic medium my name is Elizabeth self I’m a private investigator with cane associates and my job today is to figure out which one of these guys committed a crime [Music] P I versus psychic who can get it right psychic I’m a little nervous this is this is weird I’m a little nervous here we go I have a misdemeanor for bootlegging alcohol in the state of Utah honestly I don’t see anyone here they all look really nice to me actually this should be really fun I mean I stood to see what is gonna happen here with these guys I’m gonna start with you hi there Blake Colby nice to meet you like what’s the capital of Utah Salt Lake City I wasn’t in Utah but that’s where I got in trouble so it’s a whole thing so you weren’t in Utah I was in Utah when I got in trouble but I wasn’t like visiting Utah I was in Wyoming but we were going from Casper to Foley and how could you get in trouble with Utah cuz I was in Salt Lake City in Utah but we were I was staying in Casper I mean I’m not from there but so I’m guessing moonshine you didn’t know what you had with you not really now why big nuran I just heard we were going to Salt Lake so I hopped in the creek hop in the in the truck what kind of trap it was a Ford f-350 color maroon but it had like a gold trim buddy uh no this it’s hotter than what it is okay all right Thank You Boyd all right sweet cheeks okay cupcake with your name I’m Emily hey Emily I’m gonna shake your hand and say hello all right Emily what were you doing in Utah I was on my way to Idaho to film a documentary and then you had bootlegging how’d that happen it’s kind of a crazy story yeah they’re all crazy it seems we were just you know carrying a lot of carryin horses and a lot of things and we’re very large very large tow you just happen to have bootleg I guess I’m the Cowboys did ya but we were all kind of together what was the alcohol you were bootlegging I really don’t know so how did you have a misdemeanor well we were all kind of there they kind of just put it on all of us and that way did you have to go to jail no okay I’m that’s great thank you hi there what’s your name I’m Nate Vineet how you doing good how are you I’m good I’m good what was the alcohol you were bootlegging wine what kind of wine red wine what happened did you have to go to jail yeah I spent the night in jail what happened when when you spent the night in jail uh it was just for like processing but then after the night they let me out with uh just kind of like a slap on the wrist essentially did you have to pay a fine yeah how much $300 so what kind of car were you in I Drive a Hyundai Accent what color silver it was with you just me and so what is the loan you talk about wine the law it’s I think alcohol in general you can’t have more than three point two percent per volume but that’s different in Nevada so I could buy it in Nevada but then as soon as I cross state lines I was breaking the law so how did you get pulled over though because they would have had to pull you over first I had a busted taillight uh how much taillight my right taillight uh-huh and then he came over he checked my license and he saw I just had three bottles of wine sitting in my passenger seat and he’s like that’s against the law so then he took you to jail for it well he escorted me to the station and then I spent the night there for processing something and then they’re like all right you’re not from here and you can go was your family upset they were upset that I spent the night in jail but that was about it okay thank you a few of these shady McGrady’s back here have been given a fib or two I will be honest and you can kind of tell through their energy their energy shifts and you can kind of tell if they’re creating a thought before they speak you can tell with the shifting of the eyes which is a subconscious reaction to a question that they don’t know the answer to mate so far is the most convincing but almost too convincing because I’m almost a little worried that he’s rehearsed his little story so we will we will see we will see I’ve got one suspect left oh I’m excited to have him sit what’s your name good okay so what were you doing in Utah visiting some friends and where were you when you got got busted on the border between Wyoming and Utah and why did you get busted I got pulled over for speeding okay it’s a really long boring road right there and had a bunch of beer in the backseat okay so then why was the Baron of vaccine an issue apparently in Utah you can’t have outside alcohol how would they know it’s outside I have no idea what happened after that they pulled me over aha give me a speeding ticket and then they wanted to take me to jail okay I actually gave them like a I’m from Wyoming instead like can I just do something else and so then they gave me a court date well what else did you do their little song and dance shut up no they just sent me a court date so you had to go back to Utah for court and then they gave you a misdemeanor yeah and did you pay a fine I did how much was the fine I wasn’t knowing that’s expensive Wow did you have a hard time with that yeah so what were you doing in Wyoming at the time working in a minor how long ago was this this would have been C about 20-ish years ago time you didn’t know you couldn’t have alcohol not across state lines so no other previous trips did you take out don’t ever happen you just happen to get caught this time yeah and none of your friends told you no I just never really thought of it as a big deal okay all right thank you yeah no problem yeah okay I’m gonna ask them one more question blade have a seat just one more quick question yeah okay I just want you to look at me and say I have a misdemeanor for bootlegging in Utah I have a misdemeanor for bootlegging I have a misdemeanor for bootlegging in Utah hey guys I have a misdemeanor for bootlegging in Utah I have a misdemeanor for bootlegging in Utah okay all right thank you very much I’m gonna need another minute here and I’m excited to come back with my results well let’s start with you sir all right senator to police well there’s a state trooper and then there was from Wyoming and one from Utah why was he one from roaming there was right on the border and they just converged on you yeah interesting all right so how old were you at the time 25 and was it your first time ever being pulled over no I’ve been pulled over for speeding before well is that the only thing you’ve ever really done yeah you’re never really a troublemaker other than that not that I’ve ever been caught with did you guys catch that look where there’s a high road and not that you ever been gone okay so why did you get caught why did they pull you over speeding how fast are you speeding no one about ten over ten over normally they give you about a 15 15 mile an hour leeway I’m Utah nah wait were you just driving through visiting family visiting friends okay well I’m gonna go ahead and move on to the next person it’s all the questions I have for you I may pull you back down here come sit down here what’s your name Nate Nate tell me about how guilty you are I guess I’m pretty guilty I mean I got in trouble where was the wine sitting and my passenger seat on the floor just rolling around I had like put like my jacket in between them so they wouldn’t like Clank up against each other but they were just there oh so you had more than one wine bottle at three what kind of a red wine okay just picked out three cheap bottles of red wine yeah and was your family with you no I was by myself in the car I’m gonna carve you Jamie I Drive a Hyundai Accent how long ago this this was two years ago I wouldn’t done talking you gave me the next one er I’m gonna pull you guys back down here probably for another one hello hello and what’s your name Emily Emily tell me about how you are a very naughty girl I’m first of all very nice I believe so who got quiet tell me it was it was alcohol right says alcohol okay tell me about it well this one guy was bootlegging whiskey I think it was did you try any no because we were on our way there and then it got taken so far we were able to actually get to the destination so he brought his Caleb’s imply that he made how much was it I don’t remember I never really saw it they were just kind of like unloading it from the car but it was like enough for I mean how many people were there maybe like 20 people how large was a caravan they were probably like three horse trailers a couple other trucks and you’re just kind of a part of it yeah I mean I was the doctor I wasn’t like riding horses or anything have you ever been in trouble or pulled over any other time I was at a park when it was dark out once I was told to leave with a boyfriend we’re just sitting on a bench I bet you guys were just sitting on a bench it’s dark are you a little nervous yeah I am actually my leg there’s nothing to worry about yeah when you were polder was just how many police were there I think there are about two there was one like pulled us all over and then another one kind of I guess was driving by and that thing please do were they all kind of stopping make it worse and then they took the alcohol okay well go ahead I’ve got a nice little talk to you I’m not sure about her she seems just a little bit nervous in general and I’ve come across these people before all right come sit down last but not least definitely the tallest well I’m Elizabeth what’s your name quick so now you guys took alcohol can alcohol there was one vodka bottle and it was like two whiskey bottles but it wasn’t all like bottom shelf like not good stuff you put it in a toolbox they did they did I wasn’t in my car I was riding along so you didn’t actually get in trouble your friends then we all got in trouble they took us all we all got a misdemeanor robbing your pants you’ve been juggling your legs have been I get sweaty whenever under the light he talked to really awesome people you might be lying too maybe why did you guys put the stuff in a toolbox I’d have no idea that was it was not Mike that’s just where it was how did the police find him – a lot they searched pretty heavily like they took us all out they had us in we were standing in a ditch and like literally just in the ditch on the side of the road they have stole out and they searched through everything they were like pulling everything out of the glove box everything looking they were looking for drugs why would they be looking for drugs did you guys look questionable they just took us out and start searching like everything yeah how late was this this was at like 11 o’clock the morning 11 o’clock in the morning they pull you over because you’re I guess we’re speeding or whatever yes you’re speeding up that was not it that did not end up being the problem and didn’t really seem like they were worried about it I’m so so fun why they’re searching you I mean if it’s a random pull over because your speed maybe we looked a little shady I mean maybe you were like doing this thing when they like here’s the thing about you you seem like one of these guys who like always seems like they’re lying no matter what there’s something oh man because like you know I I get the vibe that maybe there are parts of this story that are true I’m not sure but you act really guilty go ahead Sam Erica I didn’t believe this guy at first at first I’m like he’s super nervous but then he seems like he might be actually just one of those people who like tells a nervous story or just doesn’t look really truthful you look truthful at first until I started talking I feel like I have it between two people here’s the problem I never listen to my gut on these sorts of things because I’ll start questioning me like well this one seemed a little bit nervous and this one seemed like that but generally if I listen to my gut it’s true so I think I know who it is alright now we are going to write down our predictions on a piece of paper hers may be more factual than mine but let’s give it a shot here I wouldn’t say that so I’m confident between two people but I’m a little bit torn it’s pretty tough I hope I’m confident and I was torn between two people as well so either they’re really really good liars or we got we got the right one here the same one we both think Nate so let’s see if Nate just was he was my second one no I did not think him I did yeah if I was torn between him and me so the real story is I was living in Utah at the time we’re we actually bootlegged it quite often so we would we’ve gone on dozens of runs because it’s cheaper to get alcohol in Wyoming that it is in Utah and we had very set rules for how to do it like go in and then either go to a movie in town or something so if the cops saw you they would lose track of you and well we broke our own rules and we just went up and straight across the border and then an undercover sting happening that weekend and so they pulled us over they’d filmed us loading up the back of the car for a 4th of July party so there’s like five cops behind us and an unmarked car from Nevada that is the pole see this seems like a totally unbelievable story that is like so how did that all happen together yeah so so that’s why they pulled us over right on the border and they had Utah and Wyoming police there but we came back the next day with my brother’s truck and pulled it off cuz we did a swap at an old movie theater downtown’s that we knew about so we came in bought all that alcohol I put it in his truck he went and went over and then when I came back across the same cops pulled they started pulling me over again and then they stopped rolled up next to me and just kind of looked at me and pulled off and so we got away from the next day my name is Josh I have a misdemeanor for bootlegging alcohol in the state [Music] [Applause] [Music]