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    Cheapest D.i.Y BOUNDARY LINE BEACH VOLLEYBALL | Garisan Bola Tampar Pantai | Low Cost!
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    Cheapest D.i.Y BOUNDARY LINE BEACH VOLLEYBALL | Garisan Bola Tampar Pantai | Low Cost!

    January 18, 2020

    Hi!! Thanks for watching BroCoach TV keep watching this sharing, don’t forget to subscribe Today I’m going to share with you how to make Beach Volleyball Line DiY before that Subscribe my Channel I’m Anwar Anhar, your BroCoach TV for anyone who doesn’t know what beach volleyball line is? it is a boundary line differentiates the game area and the outside of the game area if the ball falls inside the play area it is in! and if the ball falls outside the play area it will be out if indoor volleyball you can use paint for this beach volleyball, we will use a rope as well as marker powder or can use flour or we can make this beach volleyball line ourselves at a cheaper price, standard as the FiVB Tour I want to share with you how cheap the difference is the line we bought ready made with we do it ourselves the capital is only RM190 what you need the first is webbing tape the second Stretch Code Or Round Ring Angle iron Velcro 5cm Dunlop glue and also sewing kit that’s all, RM190 only instead of paying and buy ready made, you can even do it yourself prices are cheaper than that what you need to do now is you need to order onilne the webbing tape this webbing tape we usually use for bag straps this is webbing tape, If want to get this webbing tape simply, you need to order at Lazada this is a link and its name can be checked at Lazada prices are very cheap only RM18 for 10 meters but you need 60 meters don’t forget to order ORound RIng this is to connect between the first set and the second set our first set is 16 meters while our second set is 8 meters so it’s connected to Oring the price is just RM7 only for 2 but you have to buy four so you bought 2 sets get 4, for only RM14 there is one more you need to buy whether you can buy it online or go to any Mr. DiY shop at Mr. DIY Shop you find The Stretch Code or the rubber we used to get rid of the stuff, usually the first one with the RXZ motorcycle he usually has the rubber at the back at the back seat a helmet and all that so it is precious at MR. DiY costs RM1.98 for two, what you need just for two to make it four so you cut into two and u will get four there is another, this thing you can get in Dechatlon, it name might be a angle iron tent regular iron in this kind of spindle, tied to a rope and the pegs on the ground cost RM25 but we only need four, for RM25 you can get 8, so when all the stuff you get how you need to measure two sets for 16 meters you have two webbing lines 10 meters and 10 meters to get 16 meters you measure 8 meters and 8 meters, or even 10 meters you continue to add 6 meters or so an easier way to get the size within 8 meters you need to cut 8 meters but, at the end you need to increase by 6 inches, 8 meters by 6 inches left and 8 meters plus 6 inches to the right that is for you to paste velcro later for us to make the connection between set 1 and set 2 what is velcro? for example, say your child goes to school there is a shoe that pops open when it’s called velcro This velcro you can get at nationwide sewing shop, very easy to find no need to order online or anything To find out, you just go to the tailor shop or even a curtain shop or NAGOYA you can buy velcro ready-made stickers is on the market right now or you can use velcro with no stickers so you have your own glue near the webbing line using shoe glue sneakers such as dunlop glue or soldier glue and then once the glue is ready, you can sew it a bit on the velcro a reason to reinforce it so that it doesn’t get out of hand let’s say you have no direct talent to sew, you can send it to the tailor shop they only cost RM16 to RM20 only I’ll show you how to assemble this line Today I’m going to show you how to assemble this line beach volleyball is back This is a webbing line of 8 meters by 16 meters this is angle iron as well as rope (rubber) fasteners I got it at Mr. DIY orange and blue how easy it is to just throw it away we just throw it, this is 16 meters half of it is 8 meters this one end we pull up to get here we leave it here first, we take another one ok, same we throw we bring it to the end another one we bring ok, we got it 8 meters and now we take another 8 meters to the other end the special thing is this one made using velcro so you can enter only and make sure it’s on the bottom and we can lock it up if we want to change it if it’s too long or too short we can adjust it so I use the O Round Ring Ring Stainless Steel 5 cm, or so if you don’t have an O round ring there is another way just enter it cross between the two cross it like this one here and another here that this end we pull using stretch code or whether it’s inside like this and lock it like this can close up again like this and put it in the sand liken it? let’s fix it first because we’re going to adjust it soon OK Very easy and very cheap what are you waiting for order your stuff and do it When it’s ready you can put it anywhere you like, it’s easy to play beach volleyball right? is it fun right? So far my sharing has been this time, so what is it? I’ll share with you how to make a pole pole for beach volleyball see you soon, thanks for watching Remember to SUBSCRIBE, LIKE and SHARE for better sharing in the future again, I’m Anwar Anhar, your BroCoach TV Thank you

    Pour & Tour – Tour of the BEST Sailboat Interior!! [New Boat]
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    Pour & Tour – Tour of the BEST Sailboat Interior!! [New Boat]

    January 17, 2020

    this is your warning this video contains
    content that might not be appropriate for all audiences it’s finally here the
    tour video we’re about to show you the boat that we just bought and I just want
    to give a little bit of precursor to all of our og fries that just because we
    bought a fancy as fuck yacht doesn’t mean that we’ve changed like the channel is
    still gonna be a dirtbag cruising channel do you want this martini dry, Bee yeah that’s fine I mean, nothing has changed we’re still this mmmmm same channel Welcome to Pickle’s tour and pour, pour yourself a drink and join me for a couple While I do a walk through of our new boat so this is a pilot house I guess, should I say what the boat is? yeah
    okay our new boat is a Rumba 41 it’s a French yard built cruising sloop with
    the keel down and it draws eight feet which it’s currently a suck down, but when that
    bitch comes up we draw two and a half feet and that is pretty slick okay so
    galley You’re just going to have to speak up a little bit because of the waves out here okay galley here we are at the galley part of this little boat I think this is where I do all my good work Breena’s not allowed in here in our galley side-mounted galley portside obviously
    we have a three burner stove, gimbled nice Two basin sink it’s alright we’re still
    working through that We have a fresh water on a 12 volt pump
    system on this boat which is kind of exciting although it already broke once and it and I imagine it will break many many times in future the storage in our boat is
    ridiculous because it’s giant and aluminum with very few bulkhead so anything
    that is hidden behind cabinetry is this open space and thus far we filled up
    with plastic bags and rum What else we got in here Got his cool spice rack Got this
    lovely spice rack where everythings hidden secure and not rocking around no
    clutter Breena doesn’t have to see it which is great I think I don’t have to hear about it
    this is our first boat that came with safety features such as don’t blow your
    boat up propane equipment where it sounds off if your boats going to blow up and it hasn’t sounded off yet and that’s great and you can push buttons and Boop on off
    like that the water tankage in the boat is two sixty gallon tank so you have 120
    gallons total they are filled in the boat not outside the boat
    I think that’s a clever design feature because then it’s like that’s less
    plumbing and less pipes to deal with also I don’t want to install it so I’m
    gonna say it’s a good design you may notice all the windows up in here no, it’s not a greenhouse we’re a pilothouse it does get hot as shit in here though I guess the idea is that at one point we could put a
    steering station in or we could use a little Beep, beep, beep Raymarine thing and drive from in here with our fancy ass cocktails around you poor peons if I put in a steering
    station we’d be destroying Breena’s lovely desk and office which is currently
    a nav station don’t mind the woodwork that’s getting fixed we’re tuning that up here this week nice big nav station lots of electrical
    things you can play with and touch they’re all in French so mostly we don’t
    know what they are but Pompe means pump know that! that’s true things that
    operate these don’t work but this is working which is great we can call our
    friends batteries are toasted our battery bank is 600 amp hours AGM which
    currently we have about maybe 25 amp hours because they’ve been sitting for
    five years and just getting fried by the solar that’s gonna be updated also we’re
    gonna do a lot of update videos oh you may notice this is where all our water storage is which is a nice midship design nice and low everything
    is brand new poly big fan of that no more rotting aluminum
    tanks like flapjack K not flapjack it’s not rotting it’s fine
    inside of this big spot here is in our center board trunk so like I said before
    this boat is a centerboard boat which is great when it works and when it doesn’t work it’s awful currently we’re drawing 8 feet but um so once I get that thing to swing up it will hide in this case I know we draw 8 feet because Breena hit the ground at seven five seven
    six and five feet so at least it bumps up so that’s good if you were to open this you’re going to see a giant aluminum trunk and has a viewing station where you can see if
    the center board is up or down which I think is a very clever design for
    this particular boat the pivot point is above the waterline so there’s no
    leaking concerns maybe you should mention the squeaking floors now what squeaking floors? The boat is currently squeaking a lot and I think that may be due to the thin plywood but we’re gonna remedy that but it’s
    very very nautical maybe that could be like a drinking game for the people at home since it is a tour and pour if you did that every time this fucking thing
    squeaks you would fucking die our boat is set up with dual heads
    which is fancy, I know. there’s an aft, we’re gonna get to the aft
    but there’s an aft living quarters with it’s own head which has the Jabsco that pumps
    directly out there’s no holding tank then to be in compliance with all the
    safety standards and Coast Guard stuff we have a composting toilet right here in
    the middle midship it’s all right, spacious stirrups it’s like you’re at the
    gynecologist we went with the solarium theme again some more poly up here keeps
    light in here which is nice 80s motif with the colors nice nature’s head
    not my favorite toilet if you’ve watched our videos before the whole one go back and do it don’t buy this toilet it’s already here though we’re going to use it pressurized water all
    led, throughout the boat led led led LED batteries dead still let’s go to the dining room, is it called the dining room? Settee? Is that right? I have no idea I think main salon, saloon, salon
    C’mon, Bee! here’s the main this is the action room
    It’s what we call at least right now, this is the main salon of our boat we have this rustic no nautical? Nah, Weathered, yeah this weathered table this is the upgrade to when it was nice lots of seating
    again storage storage storage storage storage
    underfloor storage we could like pack people in here if we had to we’re not a slave ship though we’re not gonna… cut that, cut that This is where we keep our flags
    because we’re gonna be traveling so many goddamn countries
    we have them all available at any time any any moment I can be like I’m in Cuba nope I’m in Mexico now nope, that’s a quarantine flag that’s not gonna work But you’re gonna need that for both
    Cuba and Mexico being a cruising of a fine
    standard that she is she has hand holes everywhere so you can stagger through
    the boat and not look too drunk at all points. See. we’re still gonna Bee don’t worry the hodge podge of cool electronics got an EPRIB it’s pretty slick
    Raymarine system storing all our goodies up here such as spots radios
    flashlights things bearing compasses we don’t use one downside of the boat is
    that it has its original engine which is the Perkins 4108 which is a great
    motor when it was installed in 1983 being 2020 now, is that right? probably due for an update
    you’ll see many videos of me wrestling loving and hating that motor
    moving on. Forward or Back? oh hey I know you’re like this is a
    different boat no this is still the front of my boat this is our lounge area
    right now I think right now it’s technically a seating nook or a reading nook but when
    I get to it we’re gonna put a fuckin sweet LED screen here have a gaming
    station yeah that has more storage more storage tools, spares and other things of the like Breena got this wind scoop at the swap meet and got hustled for 30 bucks
    still kinda mad about it moving on used to be a first-aid kit didn’t have any first aid now we hide our money in it don’t tell anybody when we sold the car we put like
    $3,000 in Quetzales in there. they don’t need to know that. but it’s a good story though, alright fine. Moving on
    Wanna go to the shop first I’m more excited about the shop but the bedrooms pretty cool
    Hey welcome to the bedroom, this is where it all happens This is the first time in our sailing career that we’ve had a door between our bedroom and the
    living quarters actually this is the first time in our relationship, sweetheart first time in our relationship other accommodations besides boats
    it’s pretty nice, I can like sneak out and make some coffee Breena’s got a little space back here a little privacy a nice square bed love that got a library over here got a
    shit ton of fans keep that air moving through here cool down Breena nice I
    installed this fan which is for better or worse I think a good idea for now
    until it goes to shit but I installed it so that it sucks out of the hatch in
    your face but if it gets rained on it’s kind of so I installed it where it’s kind
    of out of the way of the rain but I think worth the potential disaster of it being
    ruined Breena and myself each have our own
    lockers Breena decorated hers like she’s in high school very adorable I think I did
    not do that – just clothes Books
    we don’t read much but you could put books in there I think you put soap and shit in here, I’m not really sure what would you put in that, like spare change don’t bring any spare change on this boat you’ll ruin my boat because our boat is aluminum it has the potential of galvanic corrosion issues
    such as if you bring pennies on the boat and drop one in the bilge
    you will melt my boat about a hole that big and it will be about $4 grand so when you come on the boat you have to put all your change in jar which I spend
    on beer so it’s kind of a dual purpose system you don’t ruin the boat and you buy me beer it’s delightful two sets of hooks we can put bathrobes double bathrobes
    now your fav now my favorite part of the boat should we go to the back first I’ll
    just save that for the end it’s confusing then yeah we’ll go to the front I have a
    shop which is pretty sweet got a full bench vice lots more storage shits keep
    my tools in keep my mess in here which we’re still working on keep all my lines
    over here keep my work shit for when we actually gotta go get paid cuz this doesn’t pay anything put that down here later on we’ll fly out, go get paid, come back
    talk you guys again. chain lockers up front it’s kind of tiny you gotta
    like knock the chain down when we anchor but it’s sufficient but you know you want more
    shop space so that’s understandable it’s great don’t have to clean it up so it’s
    like normally in our tiny boats our other boats or probably your a boat
    like when you want to get to something you have to destroy the whole boat
    but here I can have all my tools and all my toys out and I like here’s a project
    I started today still out I’ll decide when that goes away whenever I want
    I got drawers yeah got slide out things here keep things like this is for my
    kick up rudder we’re gonna talk about later hang out up here I can make it
    like a cocktail shop lounge have friends they can sit here I got full
    120 I got DC I could make a test bench here if I wanna like test a motor in my
    vice because that’s what one does the shop’s essential I think people focus too much on the
    beds in the boat shop first then focus bringing people aboard best room
    room in a boat, do you understand that’s weird okay we should top this off ahhhhh ready? K, here we go moving aft should I show the engine, you wanna meet her yeah show it Since Tarka is a one-off boat meaning she
    was kind of designed and built by a yard for a particular person and what their
    needs are someone took a lot of care and time into making a lot of engine access
    with this decrepit old engine I am appreciating more and more if we had a newer engine I probably wouldn’t give a shit There is our old tractor engine everyone keeps telling me these fucking things are in every tractor in the world and thus far
    I can’t find any parts for it but I’m sure someone will write me saying that you
    can find parts everywhere you can open it here you can open the side you can open . the back gives you great access to get oiley continuing on wait but now we have to get all that shit that’s back there and put it up here Can’t we just have it dirty? I guess so, just precursor it well, they do yeah they do
    remember what Peter Mikenon said backgrounds are one of the easiest
    things to change to manipulate to make your videos look so much better I see a
    lot of people just filming in their kitchens or their living rooms and
    there’s nothing wrong with those specific areas of your home but it’s
    like a lot of those places have junk in the background or like the couch is not
    put together there’s dishes in the sink and sometimes it’s just cleaning those
    things up make your backgrounds so much better he’s not watching this shit Come on. Fine all right here we go
    going back gotta kinda duck so our aft quarters set up with this cute
    little writing nook I assume this boat was made for children to be onboard so this is like a homeschool station you can like write letters to your
    family and things whatever you want to do back here we are storing food
    currently in your closet if you come visit us you don’t get a closet
    inverter AC side breakers for the inverter and other things like that
    solar setup the bed is split up because we don’t want you guys getttin too frisky
    back here so we divide you in two places under me is our battery bank which we
    discuss off the top of my head I think it’s 600 amps, but that could be wrong but
    it’s nothing now because it doesn’t work so once we get new batteries they’ll go back
    in here, AGM so you don’t die there’s no off gassing back there more cabinet
    no if you were to stay you could use those cabinets potentially we’ll discuss the
    terms and conditions of your stay so this trunk here is the skeg that goes
    in front of the rudder and the idea is that it’s protected and then it’s a
    dagger board style where it slides up and so we can kick the rudder up and then
    slide this up and then sneak into a very shallow place where only tiny boats can be but we can have all this dope ass space if you were to enjoy our accommodations
    you’re welcome aboard you got a private head back here well not now that’s
    a communal head now but if we were to use the front head this would be your head
    standard Jabsco head pumps directly out for when offshore or out of
    do not do quotations marks people are gonna get pissed whatever uma did that whole thing no, i know people got pissed its a head it pumps out do what you please
    with that that’s fine I mean the point is two heads pretty dope same motif not
    attractive nice molding though oh you probably know no showers there’s no showers you have to deal with that somewhere else some other direction do I Iook sweaty and hot alright good so it’s accurate anyway if you enjoyed the tour and pour and I hope you joined along and had a good time if we’re gonna throw a number out, say 50 comments fuck it if we get 50 comments I’d love to do another drunken
    tour of the top deck and I can show you all the cool shit up there also the
    cockpit which is very interesting I’d encourage you to put a comment down
    there’s a lot of cool shit show the boat, yeah sounds good
    you say show the boat in a comment or say whatever you want I will be glad to do
    this again and also I enjoy martinis early in the afternoon
    oh if you’re wondering why these assholes got this boat you can check out
    the link I think above or below wherever Breena puts it we have a whole story behind the history of the boat and where it came from and why we love it so much
    check it out yeah also leave a comment there don’t say show the boat do a
    different comment there we’d love to hear from you guys and see what you guys
    think about our new home cheers folks glad you came along I hope you love the boat as much as I do but that’s not true because I love this boat
    a lot and I doubt that but yeah thanks comin along

    How to Make a Beach Bag
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    How to Make a Beach Bag

    January 16, 2020

    hi guys it’s alyssa from online fabric
    store today I’m going to show you how to make a phifertex peach bag this bag is
    perfect for Beach trips because the open weave of the phifertex allows sand to
    pass through while keeping your stuff secure so let’s get started
    the materials you will need are one yard of phifertex fabric I am using a red
    standard solid outdoor fabric a dritz loop turner pins or clips thread
    scissors chalk a ruler the template which can be downloaded for free on our
    website and iron and board and a sewing machine print cut and tape together the template
    use it to cut out the phifertex also from the outdoor fabric cutout two 19
    by 5 inch rectangles – two 19 by 8 inch rectangles and – two 35 by 4 inch strips fold the long strips in half with right
    sides facing and clip the edges sew up the edge flip the strap right-side out using a
    Dritz loop Turner iron it so the seam is directly in the center and it lays flat
    make sure to use a low heat setting on your iron take the long edges of all
    four rectangles and iron them in a quarter of an inch to hide the raw edge
    you may need to pin this in place click the top edges of the phifertex a
    and a half of an inch and sew them down so you hide the raw edge clip the two eight inch rectangles a
    half of an inch away from where the phifertex notches in to create the
    bottom of the bag do this to both sides sew these pieces on by stitching up both
    long sides of the rectangle don’t worry about the short edges for now they’ll be
    sewn on when you construct the bag then clip the five inch rectangles a half of
    an inch away from the top of the phifertex on both sides also clip each
    end of the strap three inches away from the center of the bag on both sides in
    between the phifertex and the outdoor fabric sew these pieces on by stitching up both
    long sides of the rectangle fold the bag so the right sides are
    facing clip up the edges make sure that the trim pieces line up with each other
    sew both edges fold the bottom corners closed so the
    seam that you just sewed is in the center and clip it down so this on both
    sides finally flip the bag right side out and now your bag is complete thanks for
    watching this OFS project like and subscribe to our channel for
    more crafting videos tips and tricks see you next time you

    Chania 4K: Top Beaches & Sights of Akrotiri Crete – Travel Guide | Drone Ακρωτήρι
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    Chania 4K: Top Beaches & Sights of Akrotiri Crete – Travel Guide | Drone Ακρωτήρι

    January 14, 2020

    This part of greek land will steal your heart. A multicultural crossroad of civilizations. The kingdom of blue skies, shiny rocks, bright sun and crystal water. Akrotiri Chania – Crete. Just beyond the town of Chania, and it’s airport in Akrotiri Peninsula, you will find traditional villages and the famous beaches of Marathi, Seitan limania, Kalathas, Stavros, loutraki & Maherida nearby beaches number one: Marathi beach Marathi a popular resource east of Chania which hosts 2 beautiful beaches with fine sand & shallow calm water. Well protected from the wind and well organized with amenities. number two: Kalathas beach. A beautiful beach in a
    natural Bay at the Cape Akrotiri Windy and ideal for water sports. Opposite Kalathas there is a small island easily reached by swimming Number three: Stavros Beach Stavros is a seaside village with the characteristic steep, camel-shaped Mountain, famous from the film Zorba the Greek, were Anthony Queen dances the famous Syrtaki dance number four: Seitan Limania Beach Seitan Limania is 22 km northeast of Chania, a tiny fantastic beach with deep Azure waters at the wild landscape. Enjoy diving and snorkeling number five: Loutraki beach A very nice quiet beach with clear shallow waters suitable for children. It is well-organized. Number six: Maherida Beach. Stunning little beach with white sand and turquoise water surrounded by sharp rocks. Not organized, the secluded beach of Maherida attracts mainly nudists. number seven: Tersanas beach The calm water combined with the proximity to the touristic facilities makes Tersanas ideal for family holidays Accommodation Skandalis Traditional Suites (chorafakia). The area is quite developed and a popular destination for holidays Creteview Luxury Villas (Loutraki). A variety of accommodation choices will meet all of your criteria, ** Villa Imperial (Marathi) from luxury suites to all-inclusive units or hospitable apartments and rooms ** Casa Manolesos (Kalathas) Chorafakia, Kounoupidiana, Marathi, Tersanas, Loutraki & Stavros are the main villages of Akrotiri Cretan Cuisine The traditional cuisine of Crete is famous worldwide
    ** Almyriki Restaurant (Stavros) Olive oil is the cornerstone of the cretan diet and the secret of the longevity of cretan people ** Skalakia (Kalathas) Artistic creations Like this video. Write a comment. Share! Runnismos Travel Guru
    contact us: [email protected] Thanks for watching and subscribe for more videos!

    How to Make an Epoxy Resin River Table With 3D Fish Stickers – NO Painting and NO Sanding! DIY
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    How to Make an Epoxy Resin River Table With 3D Fish Stickers – NO Painting and NO Sanding! DIY

    January 13, 2020

    To make this table I found a wooden cutting board that was the perfect size. Mark a line length ways down the centre I used a jigsaw to cut the table top in half. I cut slowly with a Bosch T308B blade for a clean cut. Apply shiny parcel tape along the centre of a suitable base. I’m using white faced hardboard. Temporarily mask the cut edges of the timber with masking tape, then secure them down with double-sided tape. Mask the base along the full length of each piece of timber Decant some general purpose silicone into a syringe Apply a thin bead of silicone between the timber and the base to create a seal The idea is to prevent any leakage of the resin Use a ball ended tool to smooth the silicone into the corner, and remove any excess You can then remove the tape and wait overnight for the silicone to cure Create a dam for the ends using a piece of foam core board covered with more parcel tape Stick it into place using double-sided tape, then seal all around it with hot melt glue The dam must be the same height as the timber, no taller or the resin will form a raised edge For this project I’m using my usual epoxy art resin, which has a 2A:1B mix ratio by weight The first pour used 150g of resin, the four middle layers each used 75g, and the top layer used 150g for a total of 600g Pour half the resin, then add some pre-washed white gravel. The fish stickers do look best against a white background. Spread the gravel evenly, adding a little more at a time until there are no gaps This gravel will release tiny bubbles as it soaks up the resin, so don’t be tempted to pour too much resin at once Pour any remaining resin then use a lighter flame to quickly pop any surface bubbles. You may need to come back after 20 minutes and do that again. Take a small paintbrush, and use the resin to coat the remaining exposed sides of the timber to seal it I bought these ‘lucky’ Chinese fortune coins off eBay, and scattered a few on the bottom… However I won’t get my hopes up for winning the Lotto tonight I let each of these layers cure for 24 hours before pouring the next This was a plain layer of resin to provide a bit more depth before adding any fish Get them bubbles Get them GET THEM ALL Search eBay, Amazon or Ali Express for ‘resin fish stickers’ and you’ll find these The best way to apply these is to put down a bit of resin first, then add the sticker to the resin Trust me, I’ve done so many of these I’m an expert If you want to see this process in more detail, then please check out my ‘fighting fish coaster’ video And if you’re translating these subtitles into Portuguese that’s ‘drinks mat’ not ‘rollercoaster’ XD Google translate… :/ Notice how I’m putting the remaining stickers next to the relevant ones in the resin so I can remember which is which… I’m not just a pretty face 🙂 You might see it in that reflection if you look carefully XD Add a bit of greenery on each layer Make sure all the stickers get covered with resin GET THE BUBBLES This time apply the next sticker in sequence directly over the first They are arranged in order on the sheets. Top to bottom or left to right. Get them. Get them. GET THEM. GET THEM ALL! I can’t even remember which layer this is. Hardly anyone reads the subtitles anyway. Takes me an hour to put these on you know. Ooops messed that one up, time for a jump-cut YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO I think this is actually the last layer – finally. It feels like I’ve been filming this all week. Oh wait… I have :/ That fish on the far left looks like he’s about to jump Can’t say I blame him KILL THE BUBBLES Hooray, it’s cured 😀 Remove the end pieces first, then detach carefully from the base If there is any seepage of the resin, you can tidy it up with a light sanding I chose some hairpin legs – link in the description Mark the position of each leg, then drill pilot holes Perfect 🙂 Thank you for joining me for another project, see you again soon 🙂 [Alexa] Finally… [Alexa] Something decent for me to sit on [Alexa] Oh no… [Alexa] One of them jumped out

    How to Clean the Bottom of a Sailboat Underwater! (Tips from the Pros #4 /Patrick Childress #55)
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    How to Clean the Bottom of a Sailboat Underwater! (Tips from the Pros #4 /Patrick Childress #55)

    January 13, 2020

    your boat doesn’t have to come out of
    the water looking like this on sailboat ‘Brick House’ we’ll show you how we clean
    our bottom and then we’ll go to Hank Schmitt from Offshore Passage Opportunities to give his tips from the pros number four how to keep your bottom
    clean. Hello I’m Patrick Childress in over twelve years of living on our
    sailboat Brick house Rebecca and I have never found a bottom paint that does
    what it’s supposed to do what the advertising says that it will do
    we’ve always ended up having to scrub the bottom much sooner than ever expected so we
    normally use a hookah and up here we’ll put a link to video number 12 which
    shows how we use the hookah for scrubbing the bottom especially after
    we’ve been sitting for several months in one harbor and the marine growth really
    does accumulate and at the end of this video will show you some underwater
    scenes from that video but Hank Schmitt from offshore passage opportunities has
    a very good system for using a scuba tank which you don’t have to strap to
    your back and be so encumbered under the water so he’s going to show us how to
    start with scrubbing the waterline and then go deeper using the scuba tank and
    not wear it into the water okay so we’re getting set up to go ahead and clean the
    bottom of the boat I’ve been cleaning bottoms for about the last 25 or 30 years
    and at first we’d set up like most divers with a BC jacket and and
    regulator and all the weight belts and everything but I found it was much
    easier just to have a tank and a long 25-30 foot hose which I’ll set up right
    here in the middle of the boat and if you have a dinghy you could also put it
    in your dinghy but this keeps you from having to get a BC jacket and the weight
    belt when it’s time to clean your bottom and you’ll see how we can actually clean
    most of the bottom and we’ll demonstrate that in a little bit just by
    having the tank set up in the middle of the boat. we open it up so it’s
    ready for us we all the way open and back a little bit and I’ll just leave it
    right here in the middle I’ll go ahead and get set up to enter the water and as
    you’ll see I can clean most of the boat without having to use the tank and I
    just have that ready for me when I need it so I’ll go in the water and it’s all
    set to go when I need that for cleaning the prop for the bottom of the keel
    maybe the bottom of the rudder we’re gonna go ahead and get in the water now
    and we’ll show you how you can clean your boat pretty much about as big as
    forty forty five feet without using a tank if you didn’t have a tank if you
    weren’t certified but of course having a tank makes it certainly easier for
    cleaning off your prop or the bottom of your keel but really to clean the bottom of your boat
    the water isn’t that cold you don’t need a wetsuit or anything you just need a
    few things so we’re gonna go in with our swim fins
    a scraper of course for getting any barnacles or anything if you have
    barnacles on the bottom of your boat or anything then you really should you just
    be hauling the boat out and painting it a diver is not to keep from having to
    paint your boat once a year or once every two years for scrubbies they’re
    actually three different grades of scrubby’s one is like a sponge almost
    and that’s when you’re racing or you keep it clean a lot then the red want a
    little bit more abrasive and then you might be familiar with the black ones
    which are really for cleaning your barbeque grill and if you have to use a
    black one again I would usually just tell the owner of the boat save the
    money that I would charge you for diving and putting it towards a short haul so
    you shouldn’t have to be taking barnacles off the bottom of your boat if
    you have barnacles on the bottom you vote you need to paint but I know our
    bottom is not that bad so I’ll be able to use the lightest grade scrubby you
    can you don’t want to use anything more abrasive because then you’re taking the
    bottom paint off and again bottom paint as you know is very expensive 250 to 400
    dollars a gallon so the idea isn’t to put it on and then scrape it all off so
    again you want to use the the lightest scrub you can also very important are
    the suction cups because again imagine you’re in the water and as you’re
    cleaning the boat you’re pushing yourself away so they sell these at your
    marine supply stores also any glazier windows they also have suction cups for
    moving big pieces of glass so you want suction cups I put a line on there so I
    don’t lose that and then I’ll just have the scrubby on the other side I do use
    gloves again for barnacles you don’t want to scrape your hands if it’s really
    cold water you’d want to use a wetsuit but it’s not too cold today so just swim
    fins again if you want you can use booties my booties are more worn out
    than my gloves so I don’t use booties anymore and up here where the water’s
    dirtier I do like to put on a hoodie as well with a mask just any any mask I
    don’t use the snorkel at all because again I’m gonna be holding my breath
    cleaning the bottom of the boat and coming back up and you’ll see that
    demonstration in a little bit so again you don’t need a lot of a lot of tooling
    a minute ago you saw we set up our tank so we don’t have to worry about a BC a
    buoyancy control jacket or a weight belt even you’ll have enough with the suction
    cups to be able to take care of that so you’ll eliminate a lot of gear a lot of
    maintenance without the BC jacket so just a tank, a tank and long hose in the middle of
    the boat or you keep it your dinghy in the middle of the boat and I’ll just
    need that really for cleaning anything off the prop or the bottom of the keel
    so with that we’ll get suited up and see you in the water
    okay so I’m all suited up with my stickems – my suction cups…and hopefully I’ll get
    away with just my sponge type and I leave my other scrubby and my my putty
    knife near me so I could reach it when I’m in the water so just go in make sure
    you hold your mask okay we are in the water I generally
    like to start at the bow you see just okay so you could see the contrast where
    it was already cleaned and where it’s not and basically it’s my suction cups
    in one hand and I’m right-handed so I have this scrubby in the other and I’m
    just doing wipe wipe I hold my breath as I go down get to the middle of the
    bottom of the boat then work my way up the other side and I just continue that
    and that way I can do probably 90% of the boat without the having to use the
    tank or the regulator so it saves you from using a lot of air so when I was
    commercial diving I could do eight or ten bottoms with one tank so I wouldn’t have
    to make as many runs to do it and again if you’re out cruising around you don’t
    have to go and get your bottle filled as often. They do sell smaller pony bottles
    which you could probably do the whole boat bottom with just a small five or
    ten-minute pony bottle because again you only need it for your keel and for
    your your running gear your prop and your shaft if you have any barnacles
    there so it’s really just hold my breath wipe wipe….. and i come up again…work on down, more wipe wipe I don’t even have to hold my breath on
    the top. And I head back down. And i just keep going, all the way around. Probably once every 2 month if you’re not racing if you are racing then you
    might want to do it before each race. Very simple.
    okay so I’ve cleaned 80% – 90% of the bottom I have my regulator set up
    25-foot hose connected to the tank on deck. It could be on your Dinghy I just pull the
    hose down now because I’m ready to clean the bottom of the keel then I’ll get the
    putty knife and I’ll go ahead and clean the the strut, the prop, and the
    shaft and then we’re all done so I only need this for the last part of the last
    part of the cleaning the bottom. Thank You Hank I hope this video was
    worthwhile for you if it was please give it a thumbs up and also click on the
    subscribe button if you haven’t already also there is a link to the tip jar in
    the video description if you don’t mind helping out in that
    direction now here’s some of those scenes from when we were anchored for
    three months in Sri Lanka (cleaning the hull, cleaning the chain, cleaning the prop on the bottom of our sailboat Brick House) Propspeed from Oceanmax worked great for 2 years, so it made cleaning our bottom a lot easier than before. After 2 years, we are applying it again (hauled out now for Coppercoat, Propspeed and more)

    Chalkidiki TOP beaches: Ammouliani island, Ouranoupoli, Drenia – Greece | Complete guide
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    Chalkidiki TOP beaches: Ammouliani island, Ouranoupoli, Drenia – Greece | Complete guide

    January 12, 2020

    This is not Maldives… This is not Seychelles… This is not Philippines or the Caribbean… This is Greece! Ammouliani island
    Chalkidiki – Greece Population 550 people
    Area 4.5 square kilometers About 120 kilometers from Thessaloniki and only two nautical miles from the mainland coast Tripiti, it is easily and affordably accessible by ferry boat which takes only 15 minutes to transfer you to heaven The main town of Ammouliani is built like an amphitheatre above the bay. The beautiful tiled roofs, gardens and alleyways complete the picturesque scenery! Don’t miss the fish taverns of the harbour and the delicious local flavors! If you like hiking you will especially
    enjoy the footpaths and the contact with nature, as the island is a bird sanctuary. The kingdom of serenity! top beaches number 1: Alikes beach. 2.5 km south of Ammouliani port. The most photogenic and vibrant place of the island! Welcome to Alikes beach. Here everything is set to be relaxing, fun and joyful. Swim, dive, do water sports, read your book and forget everything else Alikes camping is a great alternative for nature lovers. The beach bars with funky summer music are really fun, transmitting everywhere a party vibe number 2: Megali Ammos and Agios Georgios beach. Two tropical beaches at the southeastern part of the island Two stunning beaches which will be responsible for your temporal amnesia against worries and other irrelevant thoughts. The green and blue will make you lose your mind number three: Karagatsi beach. A peaceful heaven next to Alikes. Romantic moments under the blue sky Number four: Faka beach. four km west of Ammouliani. Two tropical islets across are waiting to be discovered Drenia islets
    Chalkidiki – Greece Drenia is a complex of little islets located opposite Ouranoupolis, about two miles away from the mainland and east of Ammouliani. Drenia is the largest islet and Tigani, Pontiki, Feti, Penna, Artemis etc are the smaller ones. The islets, also known as Donkey islands, are a virgin place. No electricity or other facilities here, with only exception the cantine at the biggest islet, offering sun beds umbrellas and other amenities using a power generator. You can reach Drenia Paradise islets by boat from Ouranoupolis (daily), rent a private boat (no license needed) or paddle your own canoe to explore every islet and its beaches one by one. An experience you will remember for a lifetime The landscape and the seabed of the six
    tropical islands is absolutely stunning! Golden sandy beaches crystal blue waters in all magic shades of the Greek archipelago and an enchanting atmosphere Visiting Drenia is a sweet summer adventure! Ideal for divers and water sport lovers. Become the king of your summer vacation at one of these heavenly made Greek islets! Ouranoupoli
    Chalkidiki – Greece Ouranoupoli lies 140 kilometers east of Thessaloniki. It is an ancient city founded in the late 4th century BC. Today is a popular summer destination. Don’t miss the famous Prosforion Byzantine tower, overlooking the seafront top beaches number one: Akrathos beach. three km northwest of Ouranoupoli. The beach is part of a hotel complex number two: Tripiti beach. 7 kilometers northwest of Ouranoupoli number three: Eagles beach. 4.5 kilometers north of Ouranoupoli. The beach is part of a resort number 4: Ouranoupoli beach. The beaches is at walking distance from the village are truly stunning! Athos peninsula, Chalkidiki – Greece. Do not miss the chance to visit the Holy Monastic state of Athos. The third Peninsula of Halkidiki where only men may have access according to tradition. Athos Cruises is organizing daily excursions to Mount Athos from Ammouliani and Ouranoupoli. Chalkidiki: a heaven to fall in love with! Where to eat: Ammouliani: Glaros Tavern, Anemotrata fish tavern, Savana beach bar. Ouranoupoli: Zorbas fish tavern, Kritikos Restaurant, Anemos beach bar, Ammos cafe bar, Patisserie Sekeroglou. Accommodation: Ammouliani Hotels: Archontiko, Giorgios, Sun Rise,
    Ammouliani Hotel. Ouranoupolis Hotels: Avaton Luxury Villas, Eagles Palace, Akrathos Beach, Theopisti, Alexandros Palace, Xenia Ouranoupolis. Like this video and subscribe!
    Tell us your opinion, write a comment. Share! Runnismos Travel Guru
    contact us: [email protected] Thanks for watching and subscribe for more videos!

    Oven Baked Striped Bass | Oven Roasted Whole Baked Fish Recipe
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    Oven Baked Striped Bass | Oven Roasted Whole Baked Fish Recipe

    January 11, 2020

    hello everyone please welcome and join me Indian Punjabi style cooking and best of all my easy step cooking channel I am going cook a whole fish in oven and I’m going to roast it I’m going to share with you how do I do it I have a whole fish I just make a cut cleaned it washed it let’s make sure that it’s a no more water one tablespoon of olive oil soy sauce 1 tablespoon lemon pepper is all seasoning is a inside mix 1 fresh tomato I’m going to use 1/2 onion and 1/2 lemon what I will do right now that I’m going to share with you that I’m just going to make a 2 3 cuts one here one here so make sure you just ress it in you need the sharp knife you don’t need to cut it out the way let’s go to know what I’m going to do that I’m going to since I’m going to make a paste I’m going to mix everything in one once I mix it I’ll lift the belly I put the paste inside I’m going to put a little bit olive oil now I’m going to put the sauce my marinated olive oil soy sauce I’m going to put into my oven and I’m going to let it sit at 450 degrees and we’ll let it sit in on for 10 minutes and I will wrap it up my oven is ready at 450 but the secret I’m going to share with you that while I’m cooking make it more faster better I’m going to fill the tray with glass of water that will help our cooking faster now this is going to go in on for 10 minutes let’s see how it’s going start to be careful I can smell it good ok the way to check it so you go on the side and you lift this thing so I’ll cook perfect how beautiful my fish in my oven and it’s a fully cook as I show it to you you can cut to this you can lift it up and you can take the whole bones out how perfectly my fish is the cook I can try mmm very tasty it has all the flavoring but the pepper is a very mild thank you for joining my Indian Punjabi style best of all easy step Cooking Channel thank you

    How to Make a Screw Propelled Vehicle
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    How to Make a Screw Propelled Vehicle

    January 9, 2020

    Lets Make Screw Propelled Vehicle Take 21 cm 2 inch PVC Pipe Wrap tape clock wise in first PVC pipe and anti-clock wise in second PVC pipe take regular epoxy adhesive take four 120 rpm 12 volt Gear Motor connect left front and left rear RED to RED and BLACK to BLACK wires connect right front and right rear RED to RED and BLACK to BLACK wires