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    August 18, 2019

    politics this long green card day no no
    no no no no red bird knows where you give opportunity I want yourself it
    because why I am coming for you I have a need you and Ari will be at
    your doorstep 30 days I will have your channel I will take your YouTube and I
    will leave you with nothing the Red Baron is coming get me oh good more
    eternity right now we have a problem now like what is it man
    okay have you seen this do you want what’s going on get over you right now
    you know how couple weeks ago my address with me yeah I mean like there’s been
    like a lot of kids around the house lately but well what’s up this guy on
    YouTube known as the Red Baron made a video saying he’s coming to take us down
    and steal our channel it’s probably just a troll man because he wants our channel
    Logan he wants to propagate cancer you can’t have it you can’t have I think
    you’re overreacting man again it’s probably just a troll no this is much
    why no problem Logan’s not 12 look for yourself the Red Baron is coming good
    she’s here I’m saying Logan alright this is real this is real Logan he’s coming
    and we’re not even prepared look at all the nerf guns we’ve collected Jake we
    are ready to fight the Red Baron I don’t know if we are Logan I don’t know if we
    are we don’t any time you just won dishonest he said he’s coming he said
    he’s coming for us soon what does that means I mean tonight’s
    moral next week what’s sown for the right Baron I’ll just chase the chances
    other did you hear did you hear that check the cameras check the cameras dude
    you could be here lock the doors oh god oh god oh god do you don’t think
    he’s here you don’t think you’re here do you can resolve fine come on turn on
    turn on turn on oh god oh god oh god he’s here he’s here someone’s at the
    front door somebody’s literally at the front door – dude what do we do what do
    we do he’s gonna break in he’s gonna break in we gotta get to the Arsenal and
    gear up if there’s one there’s going to be more let’s go
    we got a gear up and assign your house Logan is not getting my channels there’s
    no one I think you should take sniper your best hybrid
    can you gun all right let’s gear up we’re going to defend this place we’re
    going to need arts a lot of ducks oh-ho yeah that’s one source the bigger
    way out into the hallway suppressants can be in here in no time they are crazy
    food is nothing soft god damn I shot you alright now go in the front door this
    war coming it came down the street look we got split up alright
    you think we’re top of the sniper take him out I’ll hold the front door as long
    as I hand alright let’s do this let’s go oh here we go don’t look it hung up there I don’t know
    how much longer I can hold the Mothman they keep coming
    yeah thank you alright move up George best left hands well I’m already out of
    and we’ll both my guns will focus the mega turret
    hopefully I can pull them but I don’t know much Boulevard we go I’ll move them
    off as long as I can look we can’t decide with you
    I’m calling operation Bravo we gotta get out of here I’ve got me a channel on USP
    we mean the garage got a plan that you care most about the front door
    but this object coming with you I can’t hold it off much you throw the roof but
    and usual gamos them but man they just started coming in so fast all right I
    got a plan we need to get out of here – channel I’m USB only way out this
    operation Brava operation Bravo I know I know it’s
    dangerous good but I brought the Rhino five let’s do that one utility the Red Baron is coming get away no I’m
    the nerf got a bit nerf god I’m combing nurse got ya
    take a rest man then reloaded it nothing full I checked under the back and nurse
    died I’m the nurse yeah nurse doctor coming nerf gun what represent your guns
    in the shed help me man towards the rough forget now
    again father Jake

    Articles, Blog


    August 18, 2019

    and we’re live alright guys welcome it’s a dark cloudy rainy day and welcome check out the box for boys we got the litters box for art it was a lot litter until we get to bring it outside yo this was so K so guys mind that alright that’s that bad thinking down here it’s supposed to be like that it’s called a head stopper it was way later we made a video on this guy’s inside and we made the sickest box for but we decided alright we made that video what do we do now with the box for it it was thundering outside we’re like bro do you think we can survive in a box for outside and that’s exactly what we’re gonna do so why don’t you come into papa Jake’s crib I’ll show you around boys you know so check this out we got a full working box for it with everything that you’ll need y’all get in here boys I check this out this is a peephole right that goes outside I’ll show you guys what’s out there yeah see you can see people peeping in on us right over here we got advanced walling over here I know you like that Blasi blaze Emily Craig you guys all like that Kailyn Kailyn I know you like that too all right this is our is our commander hatch so this actually we have a little handle here you pull the commander hatch back and then you can pop outside and you’re like that it what’s up so this is where there we go and then so originally in the video that you guys will see on the channel it’s coming up on the channel very soon in that video we had a double layer so it was like a two layer box for it with another roof on top that didn’t work when we tried to transport it outside so now we just basically have like this kind of leftover which is fine you know it’s fine we’re gonna go back down though and we’re gonna get in here so guys what are we doing today you probably asked you like you’ll pop a Jake what’s going down in the box for right so I’m gonna close this up here hatch gets closed need a little extra hatch layer here you put that in that means it’s closed Rey okay all right Sam we got a flashlight so what we’re gonna I’m coming in yo check this out boys we don’t even have a regular door like most people most people would have a regular dory did I have a working doors or doors a sliding door check that out slides in like that we good boys so now that we’re in here we Jake they’re all asking where’s your milk come on look bro that look get me out while you were with that going out I’ve got I’ll give you milk bro oh okay you some new got me some milk in here knows the door again all right doors locked in we are officially locked in now this is also an anti raccoon door right we don’t want no raccoons going there lots of raccoons out here now we just make a fire in the center yeah wait but maybe we should like make a fire when it gets a little darker right when it gets like you know nighttime here we go hey Jake are you bleeding oh god what’s going down yo where’s the medical supply yes my room over here you stay over there bro I know this is my this is my right you’re right nuts are a little curtain Jake sleep in there fits our privacy curtain bro dude it’s super spacious though we work in a lock with the toilet I gotta take it down man y’all just gonna I’m just gonna be unfortunate dump corner don’t see this hole man you stick your wee-wee on if you captain can you go pee yeah that’s where you go pee if you guys if you guys need to go pee just in fabulous yo yo guys I want to know in the chat who wants to come chill in our box for tea you guys want to come chew on our box board let me know you guys are allowed in your but we’ve got a few things we got to survive we got to survive a raccoon attack we’ve got to survive a torrential downpour thunderstorm and we got to survive a hail of bullets which I don’t think I mean it’s pretty solid bro these are reinforced things here all right so this could this be our fire pit we’re taking the fire like this to light a fire in sidewalks I was about to say this is all flammable but like the box itself is flame there we go I don’t think it’s smart to make a fire huh gum tells stories around the campfire where we it’s not good fire bruh I was kind of saying this looks like a furnace sorry enough so it looks like a little furnace oh okay because way that’s fine brothers with the hatches for it oh no actually that’s like a nice sunroof that’s a really dope sunroom dude go check that out let me get our little fire I’m Ashley here guys if you if you like this if you like this concept or yes I want this to be a series I want it to do like a 24 hour guys I would love to do you guys want to do a 24 hour challenge hit that like button if we get like some insane amount of likes real I don’t do it guaranteed 24 hour challenging in the box down it would be such a crazy experience bro we’re having problems here we’re gonna die y’all so storms coming guys we need two things to survive the storm we need heat and we need protection now this box Ford has got optimal protection heat we’re gonna have to get from a fire but all we got is this and it’s not working I mean we don’t even have food we have no food dude we have to hunt man oh there we go there we go Shh shit it was kind of working as a fire until that happened alright we’ll get back to the fire food how do we get food I mean I could go hunting right or we need the animals come to us Logan here’s we’re gonna do man we’re gonna put a little cracky I don’t like this idea jiggle the mouse hole right there right we gonna put a little bit food see this just some leftover brownie treats right there right there and now when the mouse comes in here do to eat that you go up BAM you kill that mouse or we get hit with the Taser why do we only bring a Taser to light fire I don’t know man and we don’t even have like wood or anything but we have zero one cat only how corn ollie again I gotta move the crane alright I might go hunting Jake are you want to go hunting Brad might go hunting all right I’m gonna stay here with my fire okay oh it’s getting good man fires coming out all right Logan’s gonna go hunting guys we’re gonna stay in the box for we go chill this is our makeshift fire inside the box for it it’s not really working as you guys can see I mean I’ve been trying to turn it into fire Oh yellow guy would close my safety hatch alright bro I got Chum all right close that – all right safety hatch is closed thanks man hi Logan’s going out and hunting guys it’s actually pretty cold out here this is our fire here guys I know a lot you guys are saying Papa Jake why are you lighting the fire inside a box for it well I’m going to teach you guys a lesson fires never start when Papa Jake tries to light one so it doesn’t matter we gonna be good we gonna be good guys God say my name yo what’s up Ashley what is up Colin what is up chassis don’t get eaten girl I’m trying not to man yo guys who wants to sit through 24 hour challenge though I would be so down for a 24 hour challenge inside the box for it let’s go over here – lets get a little smoky over there alright there we go so we got we got the fire pit over there which is pretty nice the washroom is over here slash bathroom um that is our Sun roof slash like escape area that’s the front door the front door is a cool handle what video is this for yo so we made we made the sickest box Ford video guys this was not even what the full box for was like alright this was half of what the box for was like but we made it inside so we decided that we were going to do surviving a thunderstorm slash outside in the box for it with what we got left but the real legit box where we have a video coming yo cuz you know we got rain coming boys yo yo it’s gonna rain really hard bro yo exciting to rain really hard guys oh shit yep oh my god we’re with some flashlights oh fuck oh no are you everyone get your position she’s holding come on Big Bird oh crap get your IR we got we got some Rican going on in the roof uh we’ve got some leaking going on in the roof guys oh god oh god okay so the roof is currently leaking ah the front door is falling off oh my god oh my god I there’s some definitely some holes in the roof and there’s some holes coming through the sunroof but so far we’re doing okay here guys we’re doing okay as long as the storm doesn’t get worse we should be okay oh God get in the house bro I’m I’m I’m staying in your man we Holden in the box for Dawg yo this box for its good I yell with the toilet area perfectly dry if I had to take a like a poo right now perfectly dried y’all bro get in your man the thunders comes young God yo anything they always getting battle girls bro shut the front door with you I found some guys little get hunter for some food I got some food yo what no what kind of animals this dude dude it’s a celery y’all ways a celery stick bro I know you enjoyed it you clean you use it you you eat check this out metritis try some celery yes yo we got some live celery in the wild Roble Shh oh I’m so wet do this show so test are a breath my god sue Delaney ripping snow drippy bro I mean Rolla a little puddle here we should get like a drainage hole going all right there’s a little drainage hole here but wait there’s a dry spot over here I’m glad you liked the wash I’m gettin it washrooms how you drive all right okay so the yeah I mean I man like it’s holding up pretty good Oh a big league boys yeah all right you see like it’s go pretty well with it when it rains hard we got an issue and if it wait dude come in – I just realized bro what box what’s the best place to be in a thunderstorm because he doesn’t get electrocuted you’re ready it’s made on a cardboard car for is not electrocuted I’m gonna try this guys this is some wild celery you sent its yeah you know thank you a yam bow show he says Logan you look so good hey good thing wait okay what you know I think we got to fix this leak I’m soaked I’m in so qmi where’s the leak dude I’m getting so I see the leak I see Li i’ma try to patch it bro okay I’m gonna use some of the box for tape here we go gonna fix the leak yeah yeah I’m good so quick boys oh no whoa photo oh no kitty Roose holding we’re good okay all right slick see the reins a little bit calmer now we’re good Oh God so what bro where we got to start the fire man how are we inside I don’t I learnt the fire bro there’s nowhere to light the fire everything’s really really wet right now all right all right we gotta cook the celery then they don’t have to cook it manicou celery I mean you could try maybe it add some flavor let’s try cook the celery boys I’m gonna take a little bit of support so she crept along careful there’s a lot of the support holding the right yeah that’s like literally all we got guys we’re gonna cook this celery don’t cook the celery all right here you go it’s gillo little fire here a little bit please light I’m so cool okay okay I’m so glad so wet and cold and my jam come on light light light light light light light for the love of God light okay all right I think we’re good no no please I’m so hungry I’m so hungry right now we need this dude can I cook it on this for white why is it so hard to light stuff in a thunderstorm she’s probably wet it’s probably white man I mean it feels crying all right here we go here we go here we go come on baby come on baby come on baby coming late damn come on just like just light a little bit of eat man mr. celery don’t cook you out real nice all right this is one of box for ders tricks when you’re surviving in the wild you get some of this raw celery you get cooking over the fire just like this and then you got some hot coals here you see those red coals loggin those are nice and hot keep them nice and warm like that you’re gonna cook the celery get all the bacteria in the celery done there we go there we go just like that just like that guys I was looking pretty good man yeah man I think it’s time to eat oh yeah oh oh while showering a guy a man tastes like she’s a chicken oh good Oh play awesome bro yeah man I hate them don’t give me the gross end oh hey come here just cook – cook my cookie all right this will smoke your back for boys you know so wet dude it’s it’s so wet I just really wet here man we only got the cherry over here the find rot rest of the air you don’t wear my enemies man again so right off prepare for box for him bro oh that’s some good celery boys no good mouth put some good salary all right y’all I think I got the answer to our problems right here so ancient box for your trick missing paper like this this is called a it’s called a UH – remember the name here a Roman fire it looks like a Roman torch guys we out here just trying to survive try survive boys it’s like fallout in real life stay one again this is what it would be like you know it fallout literally happened in real life this would be us right now trying to light a fire in a really wet box fort all right guys everyone’s asking for it I think it’s time do like spike for like spinal boys let’s do a like spike in five four no I blew up the fire no oh yeah the likes might James oh we saw y’all got the lights I didn’t in five four three two one likes my smell like put down like one guys let’s go for 1,500 light oh we can do I know we can do it boys there we go there we go ahead do we go fire we go I don’t don’t know boy for another time – yo Shh when man created fire there we go let’s put in the fire pit guys where’s the box well fire pit row two is all we have right now man I just all we got Manuel dude huddle around the fire bro so cool oh that’s warm oh so warm melvoin’s making me dry bro oh it’s good oh that’s good we have some cellulose or celery up yeah I got some all right yeah let’s cook some more celery dude gotta gotta make sure we keep cooking the celery guys don’t know don’t know when we’re gonna get out of it this is raw wild celery all right do you want to cook this up there we go we got we had to gut it before you guys came with that – how long have we been in the box for it uh I’m counting a few days now boys few days just surviving out here you know it’s uh it’s hard maybe that’s nice that’s fresh celery right there check Chris penis oh it’s getting a little a little smoky in your would you put that down there you can see the smoke there we go yeah I mean that’s like oh we got another leak trying to rein more dude it’s starting to razor on the rain more bro it’s starting to rain a lot more bro oh you mean go kid you go inside and try to fix the patch up here on the try are you just fix the patch right yo certain illegal hot brah oh god oh god dude oh shit I am um ooh back boys I’m a little back it’s starting to really leave I don’t fix the badge bro oh it’s raining so hard yo Logan oh Jesus Joe it’s coming down bad boys it’s coming down really bad shit oh shit I love Bologna closed tomorrow oh god yo make sure the support beams are good support celery get over your celery or all I got you’re all I got you get up there we need you to plug that hole celery we need to plug that hole you get up there oh god oh god it’s getting really bad boys I’m starting to leak really bad all right the washrooms still dry oh my god yo yo oh no no no no we are water coming in over here we got water coming in over here guys the box port is the structural support the fire’s out Wow oh I got it all over yo the fire’s level here boys we got no fucking luck oh dude it’s getting bad man oh my god all the fires out guys the fire is completely out we’ll get out the fire is completely out Oh – yo it’s getting really bad at least we can’t get electrocuted guys get out of there leave y’all dude dude we can’t get electrocuted don’t worry guys don’t worry cuz we’re literally in cardboard all right we’re literally in cardboard cardboard does not get electrocuted I mean water does and there is a lot of water here so there’s technically technically yes the water could electrocute me but uh oh god yeah it’s really bad up there you’re a nice and surprised though other than this section like yo we need over here where you go to the bathroom boys you’re gonna go over the bathroom here all right all right over here boys y’all thank you so very much April for the $2 Yolo get the body of the water’s coming in so bad man no patch the front but the back to the top level up bro Oh God Oh God all right so over here we’re pretty dry man oh yo this is trying to poop go go this is starting to fall down dude Oh God throw the top of the Friday game in bro just goes getting really wet Oh get really bad boys and really bad oh come on get behind the privacy screen save me celery save yo celery you got a passel you look at how bad it’s raining out there boys look at how bad it’s raining out there holy oh my god uh-oh my little safer over here guys it’s a little safer over here I think we’re okay see over on this side so you know this wall is really dry here like this walls completely dry this roof is good this side of the place is good we are good over here like we’re chilling in the middle not so much boys like right here where we had our fire it’s just it’s completely soaked there’s nothing left here I’m thinking like maybe we can like I don’t even know like try and drain it somehow I don’t even have like a knife or anything I should have brought a survival knife I mean it’s getting so guys that I might be able I just turn my face around it’s camping so yeah it’s good sweat that I might be able to like make my own little drainage hole right here oh you want to try to do it right there it was perfect all right so now we got a little drainage hole right here guys this is a nice little drainage hole that’s good that’s good right there all right so if any water comes down in it’s going to go into the drainage hole bring it the celery around here like this that’s going to make sure that it doesn’t come over here so we’re gonna be good all right there we go so far guys it’s been raining now probably 20 minutes straight probably 20 minutes straight uh the only issue we’ve had right here is this all right this part right here is kind of coming down but honestly the supports have been pretty good supports have been pretty solid this is like our major support beam right here and it’s holding up like it’s dry we had 200 we had to take a little bit of that out too to light our fire fires out fires completely gone the front entrance yeah not too good put a blanket over it yo man we don’t have a blanket bro we don’t have a blanket what am i doing now I’m just surviving man out in a box for it in a thunderstorm bro thanks for coming thanks for joining me don’t die man I’m trying not to go look look you guys said like I wanna see my breath hold on do you see that I know if you both see that it’s like getting not cold guys it’s getting really cold out front entrance i’ma try and see if I can’t close this a little bit better we had it looking so good a couple of you guys are asking about the box for it and what it looked like before so we have a video going up on this guy’s we have a video going up on the box for that we made what’s this oh you brought me blue can scavenge for some food bro it’s all I could find I tried to get you milk you’ll continue finding got some monster so we got man okay hold on we gonna survive with some monster energy boy Tobin the rain don’t come back you know it’s uh it’s been like 20 minutes to kind of chill down a little bit you know we at one point I thought we gonna die at one point I thought we gonna die but now it’s uh it’s a bit better you know we got her we got our drainage hole over there that’s important that’s important and it over there and then we’re gonna have I don’t even know man I don’t even know Bogart Papa Jake shot me out get supplies bro we have some supplies we have a monster energy drink and we have some wild celery right there monster energy wild celery that’s all we got here boys and the wild celery was cooked now it’s not cooked so I’m gonna drink some monster make the for better dude you guys I’m not even kidding the fourth that we made again I’m gonna say it one more time guys I’m gonna say it one more time the fourth that we made you guys are gonna see it in the video but let me check on guys the fourth that we made today you guys are gonna see it in the video it was insane it was two layers double-decker I’m not gonna give away everything I’m not gonna give away everything but it might have had to do with nerf all right it might have been a really awesome nerf or that we had to survive in that is a video that’s coming out next week this is only because we’re done with the fort and we thought how strong did we actually make our fort this has been out in a thunderstorm we had a fire here alright we already had a battle there’s multiple holes in it the roofs caved in but she’s still going strong boys that is look at this that is how solid look at this this isn’t wet this is not wet that’s dry the only place water’s been getting in is through our people and we was not designed for water guys so she’s holding strong man alright we’re doing good I know right go hunting bro I think we need two guys I want to know who wants us to do like a version that’s where we survive for 24 hours guys who wants hold on I get the camera around I can’t get the camera on my phone so wet boys I can’t get the camera around boys my phone is so wet oh god oh god dude I can’t get I asked her this way guys who wants a 24 hour box fort challenge that’s what I want to know all right if you guys won oh shit started oh god oh my god oh it’s really bad oh it’s really really bad this time oh no no no no no she’s making a little bit more by getting our getting our hole here gettin over we know where to go now all right we got the drainage system going what I gotta finish the monster so we can use this all right oh dude it’s really bad all right i’ma put the monster here that’s gonna collect some of the rainwater we can use that to drink later all right we can use that to drink some rainwater later if it uh if it continues oh no no no it’s sorry this is starting to come down boys this is starting to coat it Oh God support me scratch yo y’all so major why no support beams crashing boys I hold on hold on I’m old I gotta fix the support beam guys I gotta fix the support beam oh no no no hold on hold on boys all right Ari’s catching a little bit of a lean-to yo it’s jumping down so hard I don’t know how it’s still sitting together man I don’t know how we’re still staying together bro well then I want to put my camera around so bad I want you guys to see me it’s so wet I can’t put the camera it’s raining so oh yo yo oh my god it’s raining so hard it is raining so hard now bro check that out do you guys see the old look at look at you see how hard it’s raining look at that it’s written all gone I will show you my almost ready might dress on one of the bots it’s raining so hard alright so this is the this is the major leakage spot right here imma get the UH I’m get the monster can there we go alright if anything we can actually save that and drink it later so we can actually save that and drink it later guys if it gets too wet oh Jesus where’s Logan he’s out hunting man he’s out hunting for more food he brought it’s a monster and we’re filling oh it’s alright people it’s already full of water Oh God get some leaves on top that’s probably a good idea man we’re gonna have to rethink some of the building process here yo it’s like it’s like starting to cave man yo check this out though see this part right here it’s very oh my god I keep zooming in hold on hold on I gotta zoom out man my phone is covered in water there we go alright so oh why I keep doing that bro my phone’s like broken man the water’s getting to it it’s no water keep zooming in okay we’re good alright guys see this part here so the rains coming in the fire is out fire is gone this is our drainage system here drainage systems kind of working okay I guess not not really doing too well we got the monster energy drink it’s filling up here with with some of the rainwater the actual tent itself is sort of caving in oh it’s getting harder man oh yo but check back here boys check back here I just chilling back here man it’s high and dry back here it’s high and dry back here we get we Gucci back here guys um Jake Boyle rainwater do I have to boil rainwater guys can I just drink it no it’s really fresh it’s like really fresh broke rainwater makes you sick right Oh God oh I know I just drank like hey laters huh I just drank a liter over your it’s raining so hard it’s raining so hard rough we gonna die we got it bye guys we’re gonna is it it’s a sip boys this is the end this is the end you go the back door fell way we break yo we gotta bring the back door in this extra support we gotta bring the back door and extra support here boys all right we gonna make an extra support beam so hold up the front we’re gonna hold up the front with the extra support the hold on boys we got this all right all right here we go oh no no no no it’s leaking hard guys it’s leaking hard oh god oh god oh it’s all over the place boys oh it’s all over the place oh mama let me the camera all right that’s the extra support beam guys everything is coming down everything is breaking right now I know I need some guidance guys I need some survival to get over here it’s starting to fall over here all right I mean we’re still okay over here guys we’re still okay over here but it’s still not off uh-uh-uh brother abandon Oh hold on hold on we got this bro yo the roof dude you know we gotta get out we gotta get out guys we gotta get out the only way it’s the only way I’ll hold it up we don’t get out together boys the roof is caved in the roof is caved in I repeat the roof is ki we goin out we go on so cold all right so we bust in the back door open ah oh it’s cardboard ah oh God oh shit Audrey oh no oh oh we get low we get low oh we get now it’s raining back

    Magnet Fishing Sketchy Rail Road Bridge!!
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    Magnet Fishing Sketchy Rail Road Bridge!!

    August 17, 2019

    gunshots I can hear him shooting towards
    this away I’m actually hiding behind this wall I come back everybody we are
    at a new location today we are gonna be magnificient this railroad bridge
    brought to 1500 pound pull magnet so stick around it’s gonna be a great
    episode guys just drop in right here honestly thought this place is gonna be
    a lot deeper who feels something yep that’s something let’s see what that
    thing is oh look at that guy’s just a little junk piece of metal
    probably something off the bridge a couple items so there is something else
    on there I also got like a little bolt – not bad let’s drop it up and down right
    here because there’s a lot of mud so some of the stuff may be underneath the
    mud just gotta make sure I’m paying attention no trains sneak up on me something on there yeah there is
    something on there no I thought if I couldn’t see it
    look at that do that I sure what kind of bolt that is how’s
    about I go ahead and move over to another spot bounce here a few more
    times so we can’t find anything it’s always good to go over spots two or
    three times Hey I feel something there’s something
    on there there is something on there oh that old bolt probably to the top of the
    train so I’m not too bad one little hole we already found four little four or
    five items already all right guys we’re gonna move on the other side of this
    bridge see if we can’t find anything over there hey guys were over here now
    looks like there’s a big old metal plate right there should I get that out there
    oh hey right on it look at that big old piece of metal thing is heavy very heavy
    oh come on not one drop that Oh how’s close he’s got my thumb hey we’ve been
    bad maybe not guys it’s like it’s a railroad
    plate there along the road right here so only big fine today not too bad
    Oh guys there’s another piece of metal right there in a watery probably can’t
    see it I’m gonna go ahead and try to kill this on top of it I said we can’t
    get it come on oh we got it always another one of those doing it the things
    are a pain to come off you think you fall off as much as I care
    oh I hate getting nose oh oh look at that guy’s another one of
    these these things weigh like 20 pounds all right guys I think that’s it another
    piece of metal right there Sam for sure it might be a rock or a
    stick but I’ll drag the magnet over and see is it yep sure was another railroad
    tie I just moved to it they were part of the bridge real quick my guys just drop
    it right here one side there’s a lot sticks right here but it might be
    something then there you never know there was – this never sure kind not all
    this this pison to do at the railroad also all right guys move down to the
    lower part of the bridge we’re gonna have throw it under here and see if we
    can’t find anything under here I do see a couple of little pieces right there
    well bit a little bit but let’s try under here cuz I can’t really see heck
    yeah I knew it I heard it her right away look at that another one of these you’re way up under there oh we got a little piece of metal look
    at that probably something else to bridge also Oh didn’t see that well that lets takes
    another bolt off the bridge oh I think I felt something might be wrong
    uh-oh I do got something look a couple of these today so far is we’re going to
    it different spot right now we’re below the bridge I saw a big piece of metal
    down there in the water so we’re down there trying to get it hopefully there’s
    no snakes down here because I got sandals on I don’t know if y’all can see
    that but there’s a piece of metal right there in the water let’s go around over
    here it might be easier definitely a big piece my magnet don’t get stuck to it oh
    we’re getting it – oh we got it oh yeah I knew that was a big piece look at guys
    let’s drag that up there we’ll take a closer look at it
    guys look at this guys I just got that out over there there must be a piece to
    the old bridge maybe the original bridge that was here who knows other thing it’s
    definitely heavy unfortunately I can’t take it because
    I’m on railroad property it’s against the wall so I gotta leave this behind
    but that was a gunshot did you guys hear that gunshot hello by
    shooting out here that is gunshots alright guys we’re gonna head out here actually kind of scared to go up there
    and walk because the gunshots are coming from that way I can hear him shooting
    towards this away all right sorry I’m good out of here all
    right guys real quick let’s take a look what we found real quick I’m actually
    hiding behind this wall wash show you guys my intro because somebody’s
    shooting guns probably here right here the bullets and shooting them over there
    like a here I’m shooting across the railroad tracks so we’re gonna hide
    behind here and trying to get shot by stray bullet
    and then I’m on book II out of here anyway let’s take a look at our quick
    found a couple of these are these big ol plates you think they’re heavy look at
    that another one do not like getting the magnet stuck to these I’d prefer to ever
    find those where will spike must be a bolt to this bridge or something this
    goes through the railroad also not really sure what these are never seen
    these before found a couple of them down this weird piece of metal that thing’s
    been here for a way long time that’s not a couple this is a metal not really sure
    what all this goes to anyways I hope you all enjoy today’s episode if you’re
    brand new to my show go hit that subscribe button and I thank you so much
    for watching I hope to see you again next time

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    August 17, 2019

    Come on guys I think we escaped this way, let’s get out of here Maybe we could put these disguises on our heads, so he won’t see us come on guys. Let’s get out of here I’m gonna ride on Rudolph come on not suspicious presents. I don’t want to make anymore fidget spinners. where do you think your going STOP! It runs on Santa power you can’t ride a sleigh without Santa Can’t believe he trapped us in a facility we tried to escape on that sleigh ride But now we’re here and we need to hop all the doors so we can escape gonna keep us here for eternity You guys can’t escape you’ll be making fidget spinners forever Well you have to yeah go back to your work go back to your Come on. Come on wait was my work station in this a tube thingy. It says I’m Authorized entity because it’s your work space yeah, you guys have a little funny Draft go his trap to me. It’s awesome. Oh, Oh Thank you so much, okay, let’s get out of here, so we’re gonna Go have another computer Dracoclaus is still on the loose make sure to take check left and right okay open the door open the door Run run run run. Where are we in a conference room? Oh? It says next Santa project. It says he’s trying to make a new windows He’s trying to make a computer to take over the world girls come on come on after the window Make more toy Josh go make a fidget spinner, and you will make hatch animals for days Jong-kook laws. Why do we gotta make so much hatch symbols though. I thought the trend was over. I thought for them Not come on where are you? We can sneak in here Wait to use do something to my gold. Oh heck die hack that I’ll get lunar out. Let’s go back. Let’s go back And let’s hack this computer wait. Where’s Ellen Rambo Leave this place, okay Cass, no you have this day. Ho ho shit off Will cub you you wanna leave Rudolph. You don’t have Rudolph. You’re lying you robot get off track oh no No, I have rude are You why you why you throw out Where are you? What is the point of having a tiny hole they have you kept lunar turnaround we had escape we go we gotta find Uh the rest of the elves or they’re gonna die Actually, they’re fine, you know what rainbow keeps getting captured, so we’re just gonna leave from lunar ditched me, okay? She left me here in the garbage disposal, and I was drowning in the water. Well the rest of your life rainbow spinners in that pod Don’t know how to Guys guys come on you’re gonna disappoint all the Space part well my truck. Oh, don’t don’t don’t I have something I tell you I have a new invention It’s a new type of fidget spinner if you don’t okay, okay, so it’s like a type of fidget spinner Where you put it on your head, and you wear it? It looks like a propeller hat and it spins Haha Drock OH How does it feel ruined Christmas? Yeah, you’re ruining Christmas. You don’t want to make toys well I don’t want to make toys because I don’t want to make hatch two moles for one year, okay I just want to be a free elf I want to go in the city. Maybe get a little cabin have some eggnog You know I’m bad or not to have a cabin now just wait wait Hey Open the door open it where’d you go? Like not in a good way like this the bad way Gold we need a hack another computer. I don’t know where to go Why dragos she opened the gate like out hey, this is rude you can’t throw me on the Shelf out Do you know how to pull an elf? I’ll protect me. I don’t want to make more hatchimals go in I’ve been making fidget spinners for my whole life The doors gonna come back in here uh You know what gold I have ditched you this is survival of the fittest only one of us will live Survival of the alphys okay, go to where I go? What is A GU GU save goat is my job as an elf the protector no no no not this time She was trying to help you ding ding dong dong This is freedom, but you can wait let me choco, can you test a glitch can you just drag really? I can’t escape you just give it to me through the hole. There’s nothing here. It’s all fake My whole elf life, and you’re never going to escape Well you were just trolling me. Oh yes, you’re never gonna escape you guys That is what you get for cheating wait how did you get a scent outfit? Okay, that’s a good idea. I’ll rat Drago claws. We want to make an alliance with you Yeah, I’m not Drago cause I’m an elf You changed there’s no Santa Claus why you? Guys I’m 9 well, you’re actually nice, I’m peaceful I’m reformed wait why – Santa’s cow dragoo Claus aren’t you a little angry that gold is wearing a Santa costume? I’m an L. I don’t I don’t I don’t need a sidekick that is the boss and that’s why dad has to go down No no Santa It was a bad egg And you guys you friends with this fake Santa that you must be fake elves and you have to be Eliminated Jaco cannot be trusted you’re not allowed to work or escape this factory ok I see how this is gonna be a Danger hazard, I’m an elf anecca sue you for dangerous work. I don’t work here. You’re a fake-out You see someone oh wait, I mean I didn’t see nobody I Don’t know you were you just sitting there. I was like oh hey Yeah, you guys can see each other forever in that. I can’t see each other track. Oh, yeah, we let someone protect me What is wrong with you two go Jack oh You know what you guys don’t have to save me just I’m just pretending. Please come save me, okay. We’ll save you Drago Okay, you know I’m gonna go hack a computer first because that’s like Jackal jackal get those juice juice. I gotta I gotta save my friend No I mean jackal. How are you gonna? Have all your elves do midget spinners if we’re all frozen. Yeah drop fake elves You don’t work there. You could BAM you laughs what I’m going through though I’m going am I so slow. Yes, because you’re a player and I See someone fails a computer oh It’s a lunar Swan swing We have more computers left come on we have to hack these we need to Bells jingling No, I can’t wake up what a speech help me help me help Help me Jack Jack oh, please come on My gold iPhone into pod Hey Watch it. Let me go through the portal maze Whatever gonna get lost in here you get real confused Rach. Oh look at ice I don’t know. What’s the point of going through all of this just so for you to suffer Drago just for you to suffer chuckle chuckle chuckle stop What is the echo What did you literally capture everybody you froze all oh? You literally just rose gold you betrayed me you took the profits from the toys for yourself I can see it in your hammer and in your pocket. No this is from donating to flee the facility I got it Bitches Buddhist wait oh, thank you how am I supposed to make fidgets spinners if my fingers are gonna be frozen Run learner run like you’ve seen a cake in the snow for my oh I don’t know I’m an elf I don’t Open this loon. Are you captured no. No. Yeah, okay? Okay? I’m opening I’m opening with the hacking skills come on Why is this taking so long? Oh? My gosh my gosh come on I Don’t have a good feeling about this guy’s Rainbow are you hacking – yes? I am I am. I did. I already did two computers alright I feel like Luna is a bad spot right now loon. Are you still alive or you like? Honey Which one You can’t find All the toys we got to be safe, and we will escape through the mirrored thing if anything happens all right Oh the mirror thing. Oh, I mean No, don’t listen to what I’m saying yeah All I said like don’t listen to it the bye cruel Goodbye, cruel cookie less world the world is so cold without cookie oh, hey I’ll poop Luna, so tell me where leader is then I’ll spare your life at jacket She was behind you. Oh, she was behind you when we don’t drag me don’t take me don’t laugh. She wants to shoot No, seriously laugh. Go straight jacket. Go straight. No go straight down the hallway Jack go now take a right Take a right and then take a left She’s right there didn’t know where Hey what No Ah Fine okay, I’m assuming you won’t believe I should write down Hey Save yourself Luda Wake up I need to wake up wake up wake up hi Don’t put me beside Luna. This is just sad dude. This is all very cool Drac. Oh What’s the point Drago what’s up? Why why Jack? No you want out there goes Okay, you know I’m just gonna take one first. Yeah, I’m escaping Luna I Feel like I’m In blue Okay, we need a fine the last Computer, but I am shedding out of these doors. Okay. We’re not gonna leave it open so he could come in here and troll us does anyone know where the last computer is I don’t feel so say no I Don’t feel very safe, I know I know, okay, let’s go Drago just leave Luna alone, okay? No, you are not escaping again and selling these toys for extra money in your pocket Luna, I’m sorry I couldn’t get to you and Beaver are you excited for Christmas Jack? Oh? No You just you’re just a little elf Well, I must your pony. It’s just a 1/1 computer. I gotta play with the cookie now. I cannot find it. I’m This little elf I think I found it Hello Hello, it’s me It’s not I’m not looking for you a towel go away. Go away elf elf dell drac. Oh, please elf alpha Del junco yeah, I don’t want to sing a song with you stuff. I just want to escape the facility in a very quiet manner The time limit runs out this facility’s gonna go in lockdown Well I could do this I don’t care as long as I don’t get frozen and make biggest Fitness I Have a dog What’s your point I have a reindeer oh Yeah, Jocko your bad elf you’re making me taste the cockpit, and it doesn’t taste very nice well He’s putting me away Try let’s get some milk and cookies first No You’re not Santa only Santa gets milk and cookies You’re a suck-up dracco chuckle the elf we were just trying to escape the facility to never make fidget spinners again But I guess you’re gonna. Dude. You’re the party runner. You’re the sucker you’re a party pooper. Yeah party pooper tracker I hope you like being a party pooper pooping on people huh you enjoy Christmas movies forever Something has gone terribly wrong Gold’s elf went haywire She said she’s crazy I can hear her evil. She’s crazy um She wants to trap us all she’s on dracco clauses evil side and luckily this time Drago up, so I guess you follow the mentality if you can’t beat them join them Yep, that’s right. That’s not a good mentality there. Please please let me go go. Let me go Why? Totally We brought you into our team Drago elephant now you’re letting us out, what’s wrong with in the in the candy cane skittles room It’s it’s the honey cake skittles Jail. He’s Lions left prison. It’s left No, Oh Michael Michael, mud, don’t you loon? I can’t see anything Oh Hi day, and she keeps walking five Well just you know okay, she’s gone, she’s gone. I was hiding in the washroom stall now she’s gonna come back Hey, where are you guys can you uh? Oh? Oh? I just saw you come on. Hey God yes You bitch right? Okay? She’s gone. Okay, y’all betrayed us he We are in the cafeteria where we get a good stuff like cookies and mouths and sugar Oh spaghetti candy canes and crab cakes Yeah, why do I keep going in here this prison is looping us. Let’s get out of here Drago Don’t hide in the kitchen chill. She’s gonna come you cook. You don’t let her know we’re in the kitchen. Oh hey. Hey evil Gold Yes, can you turn the lights in the prison? It’s very dark. I can’t yeah Did you not pay your bills or something the point? Yeah, so did you not pay your bills? they like shut off the electricity nah the light hurts my house I see oh So like you’re like darkness or something bomb blast computer. I am hacking Oh My gosh buddy, you know it’s okay, I left the location. She is not near bus anymore Nice oh no there I’m getting out of here when I leave. I’m gonna go get me a nice. Uh a nice hot cocoa near the fireplace I’m moving now maverick catch. I swear the gingerbread house. Yeah, yeah Yeah, okay. Let’s go let’s go Come on Think of all the wonderful things we can have we can have popcorn candy pop coin Gold Stu hey hey, why are you being so savage junkie let me talk? And I will cope with that you know, yeah, sometimes people get really okay? Just want to talk to you, I swear if I open a door you can stick me right into that freezer right away But can you let me talk I’m a talker okay, okay? Gold. Why would you like dismiss this year? Except dragging me around on the floor that Samantha Jesus asked the questions funny. I Will listen to you what toy, would you like to me to make for the UH not You want you want a hoverboard Yeah, I want you to filled hundreds and hundreds of them with vinegar wheels what’s up. I don’t Okay fine. I’ll make whatever you say okay. I’ll make a fidget spinner have a voice That’s right Yes, Oh God any last words before I leave this issue what my gosh calm down girl Calm down I know I’m not leaving yet Well we hope you guys enjoyed that roblox video I’ll free the facility if you did make sure to smash the like button down below like like that like an elf Yes, I felt like an elf Yeah, Santa’s bad now like Alf we’re trying to reach 15,000 amazing likes for more flee the facility and you guys if you are new to the channel and love this video don’t forget to Subscribe we post videos every Single day, and it’s finally here my dream cabin. I’m going home guys go back. Yeah, we have cookies We have cookies and you guys thank you so much for watching, and we will see you all in the next video bye guys

    Deep Sea Fishing Battle | Dude Perfect
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    Deep Sea Fishing Battle | Dude Perfect

    August 16, 2019

    What’s up guys, we’re Dude Perfect. Welcome to Deep Sea Fishing Battle. Here we go! The rules for this battle are simple. Catch a fish, add up the points. The two guys with the most points move on to the big fish finale. What up gang, Cody here. I feel like I’ve got a bit of an unfair advantage. I’m the only on in the group that owns a boat. Hey, you gotta believe, guys. Last time you saw us fishing, Ty and I were going absolutely shark for shark. I feel pretty good, you know. Coming off a big land. Let’s get it done, baby. Whabam! I think Cory is gonna do it this time. Even though he doesn’t fish much, the fish just like him. Cody is now in the game, got a fish on. I’m focused right now. We got a wahoo on, boys. Nice! There you go! Yeah! Barracuda, baby! Yeah! Fish on! Broke the ice, fish on the board. Here we go. 20 points for Cody Jones! There’s the wahoo. That’s a big point fish right there. Catch an release, and, for the folks at home, I am a fish kisser. Kind of a thing. Never seen a reel run this fast. I’m throwing a harness on. This thing’s really pulling! Think this is why they say don’t skip leg day. Hoping for something good after all this wait. New prediction: 300-pound blue fin. Shark. Oh, my gosh. Oh my gosh. Guys, that thing is huge! Let’s go! Let’s go! Oh my gosh. That was amazing. What an adrenaline rush. I am a shark feeder, apparently. You guys may notice Garrett’s missing today. Garrett’s at home because he’s having a new baby. Not him personally, his wife. We are going for yellow-tail snapper right now. Not a ton of points, but let’s see what we can do. The cameraman has a fishing pole! Yeah! There we go. I’ll hold you rod. He just looks like he’s got a hand behind him Shark right below. Hurry! Wow. Isn’t this the luckiest fish in the world? I mean it just dodged that shark. Couldn’t have been less than six inches. Taking a quick fishing break, swimming with sharks. We’re swimming with sharks? Well, I’m not. Cory’s not. Our professional underwater cameraman is swimming with sharks. I already told him there’s some huge sharks in the water. It’s probably a terrible idea. Are you nervous? No, I’ve done this before. Well, good luck! Take a look at this! There’s like 50 sharks in the water! We’ve been told it’s a shark. Fish on! It’s no shark. But it’s pretty cool. It’s gonna be a skipjack king, baby. Hey, guys, what do you know. It’s not a skipjack. I got me a Coby fish, a skippy! Who knew in fishing a palace is as good a a treasure chest? Haha! Let’s go! Look at those teeth! Fly of the day! Got a Yellowfin, buddy! Add Mackerel to the list. 15 points. Nice fishy! What is that, Codes? That’s a horse eye! Fish kisser! Fun part about this, I have no idea what you’re seeing. Hope there’s not a shark nearby! Good news and bad news. Good news: the tiny fish love me. The bad news? The tiny fish love me. They’re all worth 15 points. He ain’t gonna do it. I’m out. Well played, Cor! All right. And we are nearing the end of day 2. Last chance of Coby to make a move on the leaderboard. He’s gotta have the top 3 fish in order to pass Codes and have a chance in the finale. Gotta have someting big from the Cobester. All right, what have we got, Codes? I got a good feeling about this! Unless it’s a baby marlin! Oh and that will do it! That a baby marlin! A blue runner. New species bonus, but folks, that will do it for the end of day 2. The finale is sealed. Ty vs. Cody. Congratulations, boys. Headed to Florida. Good luck to you, my man! Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the championship round. Codes, congratulations. Thank you. Biggest fish wins. That’s all that matters, those are the only rules. Good luck to you, Codes. Good luck to you, Ty. Bang! Let’s do it! Birds feed little fish, little fish feed big fish, baby! Yes! Sailfish on, baby. Cody, sailfish on! First fish of the day, folks. First fish of the finale, for that matter. First sailfish, baby! Good finale start, folks. Ty, you’re up, buddy! Nice start. Let’s get it back in the water. First fish in the boat. Codes, 78 incher. Not bad! Looking for number 2. Think I could pull out a victory, maybe with a little bit bigger one, we’ll see. All right, we’re on. We’re on in the finale, baby! We’re hoping, guys. Coming down to the wire! Folks, you can not make this stuff up. Full-body workout today. Ty. That’s a giant, bro. An 80 pounder. Full body length is 88. It’s a giant, people. Hard to complain. Tyler brought home a beautiful fish to take home the golden hook. Let’s head to a trophy celebration. It pains me to do this, but if you had this, you might have caught a bigger fish. Ty, you deserve the golden lure. What a treat! Might use that in the next deep sea fishing battle. Thanks for watching, guys. If you’re not already a Dude Perfect subscriber, click down here so you don’t miss out on any new videos. Next video: Overtime 3. It’s a good one. Hey, purple hoser fans, Gar’s back! Ho! What a treat! Anyways, special thanks to our friends at Old Bahama Bay for making this video possible. Click here to check out their resort and yacht harbor. Special thanks you our buddy, Josh, for helping us out. If you want to see more fishing videos from him, click down here. If you want to see the last video, click over here. Signing off for now. Pound it! Noggin! See ya!

    We went too far! OBR 46cc 12hp Gas Engine w/ Silenced Pipe in 4×4 Concept Truck | RC ADVENTURES
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    We went too far! OBR 46cc 12hp Gas Engine w/ Silenced Pipe in 4×4 Concept Truck | RC ADVENTURES

    August 15, 2019

    – [Cameraman] Holy cow what is this, dude! Oh, that looks like an OBR46! – Woo woo! – Man what is up with
    those tires, okay, hold on hold on, hold it, how tall are you? How tall are you, bro? – I’m 6″1. – Yeah. So there you go, that
    gives you an idea of the truck put it there on the table, man. What a Goliath! – It’s huge! – Holy cow! These are the new tires, from,
    at the time of this filming, from the new Low-C
    monster truck aren’t they? – Yeah except I dyed ’em, they come gray, so I dyed ’em black – So the rims actually come gray? – Yeah. – How did you dye them?
    Just dip it in normal rit dye or something like that? – Yeah exactly. – Holy cow. What is this enormous
    exhaust? Here’s where, Is this where the filter is gonna go? – Yeah the air filter is
    gonna go right there, it’s a, this is what comes with the OBR46 kit, this is the silenced version
    of the Jet Pro 46 pipe – Holy cow – They come with unsilenced as well. – Wow. Here let me walk around. – She’s pretty. – It’s hard to get the
    scale of this truck, yknow, just on camera. – it’s huge. – it doesn’t do justice. Holy cow. So Servo brace in here, explain the truck, for viewers what’s up Everett? – What’s up! (laughter) – Wicked truck dude! (mumbles) – So it’s essentially a Low C5,
    there’s not very many low C5 parts on it anymore, still got
    a couple things to tighten up like fixing my straps
    there. Gotta cut ’em. – These are limiting straps? – Limiting straps, yeah. MIP limiting straps. I figure there’s so much
    weight with these tires and everything popping
    that I want that to, – Man, turning around a corner
    must be impossible with that. You didn’t spin it all. Wow, bro that’s amazing. – So we went pretty heavy in the ditch, we’ll see how it goes. – Diff weight oil – So it’s really gonna be
    touchy because as you can tell it’s so new we haven’t ran it yet, been working on building this
    for months and getting it done, but (mumbles) stopped us. – Right at the beginning of winter (Laughter) you’ve been working. The only
    reason I say that is cause you’ve been talking to me about
    this on the side, just like y’know “I’m working on a secret project” and it just took a long time to, – This was a project that
    we started, OBR wanted us to showcase their engine there,
    had all the boys sign it, it’s their number 100, they’re
    really proud they had made 100 of them at the time. That’s
    quite a few months ago now. – Is that Dan and Sean? – Dan, Sean, JP, you betcha. – Holy cow brother, that’s amazing! – There’s Sean’s right there, Kabam! Well congratulations
    bro, that is a sick ride. – Yeah I can’t wait to drive this sucker. – Tell me about the shock towers, will ya? Who makes the shock towers? – That’s by 7075 RC, they
    made the gifs the chassy, so they also made these shock towers. Isn’t it gorgeous?
    Check it out underneath. – I remember when you
    got these shocks, wow! – Yeah the shocks are
    off an older project. – Yeah, man but they fit in so well. So C&C machine – You betcha. – Looks all drilled out, so there’s not a lot of extra weight I’m assuming that’s why. – That’s why, yeah. What’s
    really nice about this chassy is, say you were to bend one of
    your front pickups, your track, you just replace those sections. It’s a three piece modular
    chassy which is really nice and it comes with a nice skid
    protector that I got too. Keep it shiny. – Wow. So this piece here,
    and the piece in the front, is this part of the chassy that comes, this whole piece together? – You buy all three pieces together, but you put them together individually. – So it is kind of a kit then. – Yes. Then I got the diff cases in
    the front and rear as well. – So even though I know, if you
    could explain to the viewers why it’s important or why
    you would even convert from plastic to aluminum for the dif cases. – In the big suckers here,
    the plastic, when it heats up, and the bearings heat up, it
    can warp the plastic and you start to have issues there. But
    this big giant sucker engine I wanted to go bullet proof,
    weight was of no concern. – So do you know how
    heavy this whole rig is? – Man, I never weighed
    it but I mean it’s… – It looks, maybe 30, 40. – 40 at least. – 40 with the engine, for sure. – Yeah. – Man that’s crazy cause
    the stock one I think is 38, and stock 5, – Yeah this one is gotta be at least 40. Getting to the 40 range. – Oh yeah. – It is a much heavier
    engine than the small one that comes with it. – Here let me give that
    a try. Holy cow. Wow. Now that’s nice. You’re right on the money
    I think, it’s around 40. Just wicked. – These here, these braces,
    the low c braces that deanodize them to get their (mumbles) – So you wanna let everyone
    know how you deanodized? – I used EZ off oven cleaner I think – Yeah. – Spray it on, let it sit on a plate or, – Can’t let it sit too long
    man or, it was a few coats, but I say I let it sit no
    longer than a minute cause if you do it’ll eat through
    and you gotta buff it after. – So did you have to, I know you just said
    you had to buff it off, but did you have to
    wipe the anodization off when you took it off
    and wiped the thing off, or rinsed it, it was already gone? – so I would swish it around
    in there in the oven cleaner, and it was starting to come
    off, and rinsed it with water. Just fell right off. – So anybody that’s watching
    that’s underage that’s never used oven cleaner before, wear gloves, do not touch it with your bare
    hands. Use eye protection. So the stack man, this
    is an unusual stack, eh? – Well it’s an unusual
    engine. The whole carburetor you’ll notice, – I notice the bubble, yeah – Yeah it’s on the bottom,
    it’s got some extra, here’s where you prime it from. Yeah it’s kinda, totally different. – I wonder if it’s gonna be
    difficult because of the heat of the pipe, like getting your
    fingers in there close when you have to tune it, eh? Whatta ya think? – Probably. – Yeah you’re gonna need a
    glove or something like that. – Well I use a really
    long screw driver right, – Oh that’s true, your tuning
    screw driver, that’s right. in Everett’s kit bag. – This is the one I use. – Holy cow! That’s perfect, man. Okay yeah you don’t even
    have to get your hands close, – so it goes right through
    the back of the body, too on the Low C5, right, I can – Through past the cage – Right through the
    cage through the window. – So are the fuel tubes different, or are they just colored
    cause they look nice? – I changed ’em, cause they’re
    red to match the body, man! – The body! – So this is red clear, and dark red. – Well it is apparent that
    everybody is probably wondering, where is the body? – Let me grab it. – Awesome, man. So extended body posts on
    the back, because of the size of these tires, Everett has
    been having to work on how to mount up the body properly it’s modded, this is the first time I’m
    gonna see the body too, you guys have all seen the
    thumbnail, but oh, man! Candy, oh wow! Look at
    the sparkle in that, man! Okay here’s where we’re
    talking about the body and the flex of the tire, that
    is huge clearance up front, brother, that looks amazing. – I don’t have it sitting
    on there properly right now, but if I put it on it
    does clear pretty well. – So tell us what we’re looking at, I see lots of different pictures in there. – Yeah this is, PitDogHydro
    did this body up for us, – Of course, Thomas, Nice. – You betcha. He did a candy
    red, and the sun in the summer, – I can see the sparkle there.
    We have a firetruck that has the same kinda color with that fleck, the paint fleck it’s just beautiful. – This engine design I
    thought just set it off, I think it’s awesome. – Your cage, the cage is gold. – The cage is gold! – I noticed, I wasn’t gonna say anything, cause I kinda remembered
    seeing some pictures on your Facebook about having a gold cage. Well let’s go around back here, can you roll it forward
    for us a little bit there? – I didn’t set it on right. – No no that’s fine. Wow all chromed up, up top. OBR, I love how the scoop is
    matching the exhaust through there, PitDogHydro with good
    flowing lines right down the side, – he did an awesome job of it. – yeah links to OBR guys, in
    the video description box down below, same with Thomas,
    of course from PitDog, look at that, there’s PitDog’s, woah can we even get it in the camera? So before we’re able to
    go outside and do this, people are gonna be wanting
    to know about the tire mod, cause it’s huge, and it looks awesome, so did you run into any problems? – Oh yeah, these don’t just
    slap right on, for sure. – Why do you have a tire off, I thought we were going outside? – Because I try the short
    axle extender first, to see if it would fit because
    I didn’t wanna push it out as far as I absolutely had
    to if I didn’t need to, but turns out I need to. – So longer extension, so
    right now we’re having an issue cause we wanted to
    switch out the tire easily, it’s stuck on the hex nut, so now we can at least
    go over to the vice, knock it out and then we can
    move on to the next part. Same on both sides. Try the dark soul ones here. – I got them in the back
    and they fully cleared. This is the problem right
    here, when you’re at full turn, not on the truck they’re not
    doing it, but knocks here, – People are gonna ask, why don’t we just cut into the tire here, – Well that changes your tires – Exactly. – They can get wobbly and lose balance. – And strength. – The strength, exactly. It’s
    a heavy truck, these are quite soft, cause we haven’t
    driven it, we don’t know how it’s gonna react. It’s
    a pretty custom truck. – But we know with wide tires,
    if you don’t have full throw on the servo, you’re gonna
    have a hard time going around, right? – The servo’s already not a giant one. Not a dual servo set up, so I’m all ready. – Same with the jumbo kong’s.
    I still have the jumbo kong’s, the big big tires I had on the summit, these are equally as large, so you’re definitely gonna
    need to have full throw. Let’s get to it. I also noticed, on the
    back, orange shocks, and on the front red
    shocks, is there a reason? – Lazy. (laughter) – Okay, so since we have
    the front part anyway, do you wanna switch over
    to the orange springs? So orange springs, we got
    it done on Low C project Large here 2.0, I also
    switched over to the super heavy duty, I think it’s
    10.5 pounds in the front, – I think that might be it. – Yeah. And more on the back. Can’t remember right now.
    It might be 14, or 12, but, – Yeah I think it’s 14 – 14? I think it’s 14. – It was so long ago. – But, no more saggy
    saggy in project large. There we go, just for those
    that wanna know, 14.2 pounds just removing the bottom
    of the shock, the rod end, – And I’m too lazy to find a wrench. – That’s the way to do it,
    bud, just stuck a screw driver, (both) Oh!!! Whammy! That is not the way to do it. Here is my helpfulness,
    I will hand you the part. – Thanks bud! – You’re welcome. – Handles are so much stiffer. – Everything is all retightened again. – Whoo! – Yeah I had a hard time opening it, I had to put the camera down, there. – Just so I can compress
    and he could spin the rod end back on. – You’re gonna have some
    great jump power with that. – That’s what I’m looking for! – Look at the pinion in there
    dude, you’re missing a screw there’s a screw that’s loose,
    you don’t have a pinion – I always have a screw loose.
    No, no screw in the front. – No? – No, you screw in from the top. – There’s a hole there okay, there, nice. So do you
    wanna do like a double thing just to keep it in place or you think that one is good enough? – I think it’s good enough. – Alright sure. – Easy access to swap
    it out for a bigger one. – That’s true. It is a huge pinion. – It is huge. And I’ve got a bigger one in case we don’t get enough speed. – You’re gonna show us what
    with this silver screw? – That’s reverse thread? That’s reverse threaded. The people that work on these trucks, may notice that he was just
    going in reverse threading that screw into the shock there, the silver screw on Low C5’s, notice the other one is not silver, is a reverse thread, for
    people that don’t know. – That’s right. Alright so let’s get plate on the bottom, what are these four screws for? – To hold the engine – Exactly. So to cover that up. (hums) – Doing it doing it doing it well! – Yup, it looks real good,
    bud. Thanks man, almost there. We’re about to start it. – All the Low C’s should’ve
    had a skid plate like that, that’s a genius idea. – So, this is the big moment of start up, – Yes! I’m excited I’m excited
    I’m excited! I’m ready to go! – People don’t really get
    how big this machine is, I don’t think. Look at this. So this is the front, up here. Here is my small 124
    scale Low C trail tracker, let’s pick something else
    though, here’s my bomber, here we go that’s better.
    That’s a 10th scale. Look how big that is. Monster truck tires, come here have a look over
    here, these are jumbo kong’s they’re obviously different
    so we can’t use them, but size wise, look at that,
    the jumbo kong is actually smaller. Amazing. – yeah those are off that
    new DV Excel monster truck, so they have quite the, and
    a narrower spindle in there. – Yeah, yeah. Alright. Gives everyone a decent
    look at what it is, you can’t really capture
    how big the truck is. – No, it’s huge. Biggest truck I’ve ever seen in an RC. – Start her up, let’s hear it! – Let’s rip her, eh? Alrighty. – Good luck, dude. Oh there’s a choke on there I think. – You gotta kill switch
    in it? Your futaba, 4px, no kill switch right
    now, well, hence why we’re out in the prairie here. – wouldn’t wanna do that in the city. This is not a city vehicle. – No. Especially with that pipe. – It’s silenced, what
    are you talkin about? – Yeah we know what
    silenced pipe sounds like. Especially with a
    powerful motor. Or engine. – Alright. – Good luck. Nice. Oh! Nice! That sounded great! First start up. (engine revving) It’s gonna be a wide turn, bro. – Let’s find some grass
    to break her in, eh? – Yeah let’s get it on the grass. – Oh she’s gonna be fun. – Yeah once that engine’s
    broken in, it’ll be rippin. That pipe is shockingly quiet. Sounds awesome, Ev. You can’t grasp how
    big this truck is, man. – I wanna jump it! – I know you wanna jump it, we gotta wait. Keeping it slow right now,
    we’ve gotta keep it slow, it’s a matter of working that
    piston properly into place getting those piston rings
    moving, y’know everything with the braking process of a big
    engine like this is critical to long term life and performance.
    Now, we will be amping up the throttle as we go, and I’ll
    make sure to shorten up the video because this process
    actually takes quite a bit of time. Now that the engine has
    been worked in a little bit, we’re doing a retune, trying
    to figure out where the needles are feeling most comfortable,
    it is getting a little bit cold outside here, not too
    bad there, sounds like he’s adjusting, almost sounded
    like the idle motor, and it goes with the low needle. And it sounds like he actually
    richened it up a little bit. Trying to get that two stroke,
    oil and gas mixture flowing through the carburetor properly. – That pipe sounds awesome, bud. The fuel smells like it’s a perfect burn. You’re at half a tank, now. – Filled with leaves! – Yeah, well it is the October season. So the more you use an engine like this, the more power you’ll find
    is created, you figure, – Yeah once the piston ring
    and everything starts to seep. Wear in a bit. – We’ll see a lot more
    speed out of it, yes. – I’m beginning to think
    we’re seeing maybe 15% speed right now, we have a lot to go. – Yeah, I agree. – A lot of you guys are
    probably wondering why it seems so slow, but really the answer is, you gotta give it time to break in, we’re only giving it a little
    bit of throttle right now because too much throttle you can make it not seep properly and you
    gotta do it the right way. We went for lunch, we’re back,
    it’s cooled off for the last 60 minutes so everything
    should be cool to the touch, what are you gonna do now? – I’m gonna reset the
    needles and set them. – Okay, so you’re setting
    needles to stock again? – The high and the low, I’m
    not sure what stock is to be honest with ya, but in the
    video that Dan at OBR, the OBR video posted, he said he puts
    the low to one and a quarter and high to one and three
    quarters as the starting point to using this engine. – For those that are new, what
    he’s talking about is full complete turn, so when he
    says one and a quarter, we’re going basically the face of
    a clock, 12 to 12 is a full turn, and of course a quarter
    would be down to the 3:00 position there. – Exactly. (engine revving) – Okay, so bigger tires, how
    did you mount up the body? – So basically I just put
    extenders, we haven’t tested it, and I don’t know how well
    the roll over is gonna go, but this is good ol’ home
    depot sprinkler system tubing with some plastic caging
    super glued in there. – Yeah they’re on there pretty snug. Man that pipe is amazing. – Yeah that’s a pretty gnarly
    looking pipe, for sure. – These limiting straps,
    see this for suspension, so when you go off jump it
    doesn’t slam down too far, – Yeah, how Low C5 normally
    does it if you can get the camera in here, but see
    this hole right here? There’s a set screw that sits in there, that screws in there, – Right, bump stop – Yeah. The bump stop is
    underneath it, exactly. And that’s how you normally
    set your arms from over extending. But it gouges
    the chassy pretty good, so that’s why these are really
    nice, they really prevent it, even with those you can still over extend, – And it looks like a monster truck. – They look awesome! – They look awesome! – I’m interested to see how
    much body rub we have on those tires, – Yeah on the back there will be some. – Yeah lots. – Haven’t done any real,
    real testing on it yet, so – That’s okay. – Thought that was gonna be
    enough. The front is totally set the back I was thinking I might
    have to trim the body a bit more, is what my next step was gonna be, I mean I could’ve chose a
    body that was no fenders, but this one was just too much cooler. – Exactly. You could’ve had open wheels, but on the other hand,
    the only way to figure out new stuff is to try it out, eh? – And I mean if I have
    to put it up higher, I can put it up higher and trim the body. – Oh yeah. That’s huge size difference. – It looks like a slash
    wheel, man, but it’s not. This is a huge tire. – Amazing. These big tires are awesome,
    we wanna see the performance now on the smaller tires,
    maybe we can get a little bit more low end speed. Is
    that super tight? Uh oh. – Wow that wants to pull, man. That’s an angry weed whacker. Aww, little monster truck! – Definitely got the torque to start. – Man, off the line it rips! So a 40 pound truck able
    to move at that speed takes a lot of torque. A lot of people may say that
    we should’ve been breaking this in with these tires to begin
    with, y’know I kinda will have to disagree with that because
    if Everett’s gonna be running the larger tires on there,
    we’d rather have it broken in with the extra load.
    So doing half and half, is the way to go. It’s comin along, bro. Oh! – I was just gonna say
    let’s put the body on, – Gotta put the body on, let’s do it. – So did you wanna run
    the big tires on this, or did you wanna keep it on these for now? – I’m gonna keep it on these
    for now, get more use to it. – Yeah, yeah, breakin it in, feeling good. – Tune into it, and then
    we’ll go from there. – Yeah, yeah eh? – How’s that throttle linkage, neutral? – It’s alive! Alive! That’s what we’ve been waiting for, woo! It looks great, I love it, dude! I think it looks sick. – I think it looks hilarious. – I’m laughing at that body stance. – I know it’s pretty high up. But it makes sense for
    the monster truck wheels. Oh yeah, man let’s go. Your first track time on the new rig! – Boy she flies. – First place you go is to jump. Oh nice! Oh man! (laughter) – That body – Hey it goes straight, eh? – Yeah it’s nice. I love the sound of that pipe, bro. – Could definitely use a bit
    of a tune if you hear it. – Those body posts are holding well. Oh, I hear that. – Yeah it needs a tune right now. – Okay, bring her in. – Tuning here. Here’s Everett’s new tuning
    way with his screwdriver, and the body mount. Without
    taking that body right off, it’s hard to get to the
    screws, but look at this, we had a hard time showing the
    scale of this truck before, but not anymore. Thanks Ev. Oh, down she goes! And it made it! – There goes that body modification. – Oh it is off! Broke it off. So much power she ended up on her lid. – well, we knew it wasn’t
    meant to take any roll overs. – Pretty awesome, bro. Thanks for sharing your new
    rig with us, the OBR46, buddy! Guys, I hope you’ve enjoyed
    today’s RC adventure, we know we enjoyed rippin
    this new rig for you, we’re gonna try out those
    monster truck tires in the upcoming episodes, Everett,
    thanks for the sacrifice. OBR, wicked engine once again,
    and of course PitDogHydro coming through with a pretty
    sick fifth scale body. Guys, until next time, thanks
    for tuning in, bye for now. – Do a donut! Yeah! Pure power, baby. Wicked truck, bro. High five!

    DONT DROP the Watermelon from 45FT onto the Mystery Pond Monster!!
    Articles, Blog

    DONT DROP the Watermelon from 45FT onto the Mystery Pond Monster!!

    August 15, 2019

    – Holy smokes, you guys
    are not gonna believe where we are right now, check this out! Whoa, Carter! What are you doing? – You better watch out, Carl. – [Carl] Oh my gosh,
    don’t run over the table! You’re gonna run over it right there! Oh, you’re gonna go right
    in the pond! Look out! Gage, look out! Get outta the way! Run away! Welcome home, you guys! You’re here on the Carl
    and Jinger family channel. We’re gonna do some awesome stuff today. We’re at the Sharer fam’s house and we’ve gotta giant crane, we’re gonna do giant Slip ‘N Slide stuff, and we’ve even, gonna be wakeboarding across their pond. Hopefully the pond monster doesn’t get us, we’re gonna have to be
    really careful guys. Because everyday’s a new day, let’s make it an awesome one. Carter, your Mom is out in the boat! – Yeah, what is she doin’? – I don’t know. Are you guys gonna be out there to try and catch the
    watermelon when we drop it? I’m like sweating so much right now. – It’s pretty scary up here, huh? (excited screaming) – Three, two, one, go! (upbeat music) (watermelon hitting the water) – [Crowd] Oh! – [Carl] What are we doin’, Carter? – Alright, Carl come on on. You gotta hop through the gate. – [Carl] Oh my gosh, are we
    getting up on this giant crane? – [Child] I wanna go! – [Carl] This is like
    a giant dinosaur arm. There’s only two people at a time. – [Child] Oh okay, okay. – [Carl] So you’re gonna
    have to wait your turn. Alright, here we go, what are we doin’? – So hop on, that’s step number one. – [Carl] Oh my gosh! Am I too big for this, Carter? – I think we’ll be alright. – [Carl] ‘Cause I gotta put
    this harness and everything on? – That’s next set, the next step. – Oh my gosh, we’re gonna have to put this harness on, you guys. I don’t know if it’s gonna be big enough. And then are we gonna go up in the air? – Yeah, so then the next step after you buckle up with the harness. We’re gonna go really high. – Oh my gosh. This is
    gonna be crazy, you guys! Smash that like button
    and give us good luck! Jinger, Steven, what are
    you guys doing over there? – We have a wakeboard wench. – [Carl] What the heck? You guys have a wakeboard wench? – Literally wakeboarding right now. – [Carl] Oh my gosh. Across the pond, this is gonna be crazy. – [Carter] So. – [Carl] Look at these controls, you guys. It looks like a spaceship or something. This is really awesome. How does it work, Carter? – [Carter] So, this is
    the joystick for driving. – [Carl] Okay. – [Carter] This is the
    joystick for one of the booms. – [Carl] Uh-huh. – And then these are all the
    different options through here, every switch does a different piece of hydraulic on the arm. – [Carl] Uh-huh. – And this thing, if
    you operate it correctly it can so high, you can
    go 60 feet in the air. – Oh my gosh! And Gage just ran back up to the house and we are going to
    drop a giant watermelon off this thing into the pond. ‘Kay, so this thing supposedly buckles through here across the chest. We’re gonna be really safe today ’cause we’re gonna go up like, really high in the air
    to drop this watermelon. – Yeah, it can go. You can go really high. – This is gonna be awesome, you guys. Oh! They’re doin’ test runs right now! Oh my gosh, this is gonna be awesome! That looks like the perfect watermelon. – I accidentally dropped it though. – [Carl] Oh, it’s fine. – Oh and now it looks really sad. – [Carl] Oh look, it’s got
    like a big frowny face. – But if you do it like
    that, then he’s happy. – [Carl] Oh yeah, he’s
    happy. He’ll be happy. – There you go, now he’s happy. – [Carl] Until he drops from like, 60 feet up off this crane into the pond. – Carl’s just goin’ ahead
    and strappin’ in this thing. And my question is that, Carter, do you have a certificate to operate this machinery? – A certificate or a license?
    – Of course I do. And if you don’t, don’t try this at home. (Jinger laughs) – We printed one off of
    the Wikipedia or somethin’. – I’m a trained professional when it comes to heavy
    machinery just like this. (Jinger laughs) – Right? – [Jinger] Of course you are, you look very legitimate with your straps and such. – I got the, it’s a harness. – [Jinger] How’s the harness goin’, Carl? You’re a different size than Carter. – The size is too small. (Jinger laughs) I’m like Quasimoto over here. – I think Liz was wearing
    this one first, so. – Oh my gosh. – We’re gonna have to loosen this one up, I got you. – In the meantime, me and
    Grace, and Stephen Sharer Grace is actually Stephen’s sister that just joined the Sharer fam which is totally awesome. Are setting up a giant
    wakeboarding Slip ‘N Slide across the pond. It’s gonna be epic! Gage, what do you think’s gonna happen? – I, I think that she’s gonna
    make it all the way across but I really hope she actually wipes out. (Jinger laughs) I think that’s gonna be really funny. – [Jinger] Wipe outs are funny,
    but we won’t tell her that. – Yeah, shh. Don’t tell her. – [Jinger] Stephen, what’s goin’ on? – So we got this share the
    love wakeboard wench goin’ on. Check this out. It’s a 13 horsepower engine. – [Jinger] Wow! – [Stephen] Connected to this rope. – [Jinger] Yeah. – And when you floor it, you
    go flyin’ across the pond. – [Jinger] That is so epic. Are we about ready to try it out? – It’s so much fun, yeah. Grace, you ready? – [Grace] Ready. – [Jinger] Here we go, you guys! Go, Grace, go! Everybody give Grace a countown, in three, two, one go! (high energy music) – Woo! (crowd cheering) – Yeah! That was so awesome! – Whoa! – She made it all the way across the pond on her first try! That was amazing! Grace, was that so awesome? – It was awesome, you
    have to give it a try! – [Jinger] Oh my gosh,
    I totally wanna try it. – Cleanin’ out the pond. – [Jinger] Whoa, I thought that was part of pond
    monster for a second. – Maybe it’s what he eats. – [Jinger} Ew. Oh I don’t know if I
    can swim in your pond. – Come on, your turn, you’re up next. – [Carl] Oh my gosh, look at this. Carter, your Mom is out in the boat. – Yeah, what is she doin’? – [Carl] I don’t know. Are you guys gonna be out
    there to try and catch the watermelon when we drop it? (faint yelling) Oh they’re gonna–
    – Is that a boat, or is that a swimming pool? – [Carl] I don’t know, it’s like a giant, inflatable swimming pool. – [Carter} Yeah. – [Carl] On the pond. – That is definitely a swimming pool inside of a swimming pool pond. – [Carl] Oh my gosh, you
    guys keep your eyes out on the pond. And tell us if you spot the pond monster. Or if you guys have seen it because Carter and Stephen
    have had some crazy stuff goin’ on. – We’ve seen some crazy stuff in there. – We’re not messing around
    when we say that, you guys. Here are some highlights
    from their channel. – [Carter] Do you see it, Liz? – [Liz] Yeah, it’s moving towards us. – [Carter] It’s still coming,
    it’s still coming, look. So let’s just keep an eye out, and maybe, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Is that the pond monster? Oh, what is that Sharers? There it is, do you all, it’s goin’ under, it’s going under. Oh, where is it going? Get this Sharers, look at this, ready? Zooming in, I don’t wanna get too close. But can you see him? He’s sitting right there. That’s his nostril and he’s, that’s his head. And his body is back
    underneath right there, do you see that? He’s just sitting there. Very still, very quiet. Okay, I’m gonna go around Sharers. I’m gonna try to be quiet. I’m gonna try to get a
    closer looka t this thing. I wanna show you what
    this thing looks like. Okay, okay. Okay, I’m zoomin’ in, hang on. There it is, I can see it. There he’s just sittin’ there, oh whoa! He’s under, okay, it is under. – See, we weren’t joking around but as crazy as that is, this is about to get really awesome ’cause we’re gonna lift this
    boom crane up in the air, and we’re gonna drop this watermelon and see if it bursts open, or how big of a splash it makes. Alright, Carter, I think we’re ready to fire this thing up are you? – Alright, yup. So the first thing, yhou gotta
    pull the big red button up. – [Carl] Okay. – [Carter] And then let
    it beep for a second. Then we’re gonna hit the
    start button right here. – [Carl] Okay. Oh yeah, totally turned on. It’s workin’. – Alright, and now we are gonna start movin’ up a little bit. – [Carl] Oh! We’re goin’ higher and higher! Look at this! – Swing it out. (carl yelling excitedly) – Hang on, I hope you got a handle. – We’re goin’ over the pond right now. You guys, this is insane. Here we go, we’re above the water now. We not that high up, so
    not too scary so far. But it feels weird bein’
    in this crane like this. I have never done this before, Oh! – Alright, I’m gonna
    push button number two. This is the main, this ones’s
    for the main boom right here. And you can see. – [Carl] Oh my gosh – [Carter] We’re goin’ up. – [Carl] We’re goin’ up, guys. Look at this, we’re
    getting higher and higher. Oh my gosh. Guys, this is crazy. (crane beeping) (upbeat music) Carter, how high up are
    we gonna go in this thing? – I’m not sure. – Oh my gosh. – We’ll see how high we can make it. We got all kinds of trees up here. – Tell me down in the
    comments below, you guys. Are you guys afraid of heights? Yes or no, afraid of heights? Tell me down in the comments below. – [Carter] Yeah, we’re really about to. – We’re getting really high up here. Oh, we’re starting to extend the boom! Look, it’s getting taller and taller. Oh my gosh, what if this
    thing tips over into the pond? What would happen? – Well, I guess we’d
    be like the watermelon, I don’t know. – [Carl] I know, long ways down, guys. Look at this, oh my gosh. Oh! Every time you engage those hydraulics it’s like, gets crazier
    and crazier up here. Everything is moving around a lot. What if you jump up and down right now? – I wouldn’t do it. – [Carl} Not Safe? – I wouldn’t do that. – We’re not gonna jump up and down. – You wanna stay nice and still. You ready for the real height now? We just got unfolded,
    now we’re gonna go up. – What? Okay, hang on. Okay, I’m ready. – Alright, I hope you
    gotta hand on the railing. – I got a, I do. Okay, I’ve got my hand
    on the safety bar here. Oh my gosh! – And we are off, we’re goin’ up! Look at the tree, we’re above the tree. – [Carl] Oh! We’re like almost taller than your house! Look at this place. You guys! I don’t even know what to say. We’re way up here and this is so crazy. – We’re way up here, we’re
    way over the water too. – And you can see through, and it’s a little bit unnerving the fact that it’s like a
    grate underneath your feet so you can all the way down. And you feel like, at any moment, like this railing could give way and you’d just fall over the side. Oh, now we’re rotating the bucket around. I want you to look at this, guys. I’m like, sweating so much right now. – It’s pretty scary up here, huh? – I don’t know if it’s
    ’cause how hot it is up here, or how unnerving this is
    but we’re way high up. Good thing we’re harnessed in. – [Carter] Alright, Carl,
    you got the watermelon? – I know. – [Carter] You’re like at
    the height of the house, and we’re downhill. – It’s already got a split in it and I wonder if this landed on the bottom, like face down if it would
    just explode everywhere. That would be nuts, right? – [Carter] Yeah, I bet it would. – Alright guys, we’re all set. We are way up in the air on this crane. We have the watermelon ready to go. Kyle and Luke are down there in the raft to give perspective of how high up we are. (cheering) And we’re all ready to go, you guys ready? (cheering) Alright you guys. Links are gonna be down in the description to everybody else’s
    channels who are here today. Go and check ’em out. In the meantime, let’s get a countdown in three, two, one go! (drum beats) Oh! (upbeat music) (crowd cheering) – [Carl] Where is it? – [Carter] I think it cracked open? – [Carl] Look, there’s water, oh! – [Carter] Wait. – [Carl] It totally busted up. – [Carter] There’s like so many pieces. – Oh my gosh, you guys that was crazy. Now I really don’t wanna
    fall off this thing. – [Carter] Yeah, I wonder
    if you would look like that. – I know, we should go back
    down and check out the damage. – [Jinger] Go and get
    some watermelon guys. – ‘Kay, guys, there’s
    the watermelon chunks. Kyle, you film it. – [Kyle] Okay! – [Carl] Are you guys
    recovering the watermelon? – [Kids] Yeah. – [Carl] Awesome, look at that. It’s totally busted up
    into a bunch of pieces. Oh gosh, we’re movin’ now. – Hang on, Carl, hang on. – [Carl] We’re hangin’ on tight. Oh, here we go. – [Luke] I got the watermelon. Guys, look at the watermelon. I got some. – [Kyle] Yeah, we got it. This is crazy. Let’s retrieve it and
    bring it back to shore. – You guys, don’t forget
    to turn on notifications so you can be part of
    our notification squad. You do that by ringing the bell, and make sure that you subscribe
    if you haven’t already. Thanks you guys, so much
    for hanging out with us. This has been so awesome. There’s plenty more to come. We’re gonna be here for a few
    days at the Sharer’s house. So you gotta check out
    everybody else’s channels, it’s gonna be amazing. Oh, wow, you can really
    see what happened now. We’re right down above the water. There is watermelon chunks everywhere. – [Kyle] Look, Dad. – [Carl] It totally burst open. – [Carter] Oh, look at that one. – [Carl] Oh my gosh, look at that. They’ve got a bunch of watermelon on the pontoon boat over there. Have you tried to taste it? – Uh uh, not now, let’s see. – [Carl] Oh my gosh, they’re
    gonna try a bite of it. Is it okay? – Yeah, it’s good. – [Carl] That’s so funny, these kids. Yeah, you better spit that out. Don’t eat that, that’s gross (laughs). Whoa, this whole thing drives? – Yeah it’s crazy. – [Carl] That is awesome. So we’re actually back
    above the ground now and completely safe. Oh my gosh, now Stephen Sharer
    and Jinger are over there and they’re making like mystery box, fort, slip-n-slides, is that
    what’s goin’ on over there? – I have no idea. – [Carl] I don’t know. And then we have this whole zipline thing across the pool with wakeboards. And they’re like crusing
    around in the pontoon boat. What a fun day. Guys that was so awesome. We just dropped a watermelon
    from like 60 feet up from a giant crane with Carter Sharer at the Sharer family house. There’s so much more cool stuff going on. We have giant Slip ‘N Slide. We’re gonna get towed across here. We’re gonna do all sorts
    of stuff and guess what, There’s other big youtuber coming too. We’ve got Papa Jake, we’ve Chad Wildclay, we got all sorts of cool people. We’re all coming here
    for a huge collaboration so make sure that yo subscribe and check ou tall these
    other videos on screen. We’ve picked these just for you. If you like this video
    and you like our friends, you’re gonna love these. So make sure and check ’em out. And we’ll see you gys next time. Bye! Keep an eye out for
    that pond monster, Kyle. Swim, Luke, swim! – [Carter] Swim! – [Carl] Be careful! Wow, look at that. Awesome.

    If Magnet Fishing Were Not Filmed, No One Would Believe us!!
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    If Magnet Fishing Were Not Filmed, No One Would Believe us!!

    August 15, 2019

    Big Dave thinks he’s got something big
    right here LaBelle oh you do got something alright guys welcome back to
    the episode I am at a new boat dock I’ve never been here before
    I did bring the 1500 pound pull bag net so we’ll go ahead and throw it in here
    get the show started I just pulled over a metal rod very first fine today oh yeah look at this
    oh man it’s got a walkie-talkie hey will you guys just found my very first
    walkie-talkie oh yeah just found midnight that oh I just found
    fidgets spinner huh check it out with very first fidget spinner
    oh yeah take a look at that I just found first pair of needle nose pliers today
    Oh would you get it well you got a lighter
    fishing lure little pop can bottle some more lures well there’s something on there just
    like a pair of old set of keys house keys more likely oh look at that some piece of metal not for sure what
    that goes to oh there is something on there what is that oh it’s rich check
    that out look at that thing David just sounds old
    wrench what’d you find over here oh they’ll tie
    or pull it out of the water I don’t need to belong in there hey that’s disgusting
    there ain’t nothing down there nothing Bell oh you do got something
    look at that pair of pliers anal fissure look at that
    thing that fishing lure and these other lures
    yeah good fine right there well Hut my hat heck yeah you guys saw the catfish
    Bell I had another pair of needlenose pliers
    he’s been in for a long time he’s our black oh there is something on there
    there’s a rod on here look at that guy’s oh yeah it’s not a fishing rod reel
    handle all of that snake holy cow right there right there hey that’s
    disgusting would somebody do that alright guys hope
    you all enjoy today’s episode let’s take a quick look what we found
    define a soul pair of pliers did find an old fishing rod reel the finest pair of
    needle nose pliers Big Dave found them did find his another pair of needlenose
    pliers define his cool walkie-talkie never
    found one of these before they find old fidgets better some kid must have
    dropped us in the water found a fishing rod handle found a pair of someone’s
    house keys fouled catfish Bell Oh bottle cap let’s say we found a little junk
    knife did find this wrench right here to find some Pole of some sorts we’ve got
    some line right here might have been used as a trotline spike or something
    and we did find a lot of fishing lures today well hope y’all enjoy today’s
    episode please hit me a big like and leave a comment down below make sure you
    tie subscribe button see y’all next episode thank you for watching

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    August 15, 2019

    is really big if you so I keep its nose
    like hands alright guys we just hooked on something big
    alright guys welcome back to another episode I’ve been here quite a few times
    I have found three guns here so far I am bringing my new magnet here anyways
    we’re going to throw the 1500 pound brute down here so we can’t find
    anything nothing what is that now for sure what this is
    it does look like it’s junk anybody knows what this thing might be
    go ahead let me know down in the comments oh god something we got there hey that couple bolts and screws okay
    that fine knows all time not for sure what that is oh look at that got a
    little rabbit on it I wonder where it goes – anybody knows what this goes to
    let me know down in the comments something on there yeah there’s that big
    ol hook alright guys we just hooked onto something big is really big alright guys I feel I got it Oh guy
    thing look at that I think it’s really hard to get all the
    water does the junk over in well here’s the game warden and see what
    he wants how the glory vineyard these things does a little bit things right
    there so far I’ve and I are very long time
    found three guns died here so far yeah yeah yeah he I in the past not today
    yeah I turned him into Marion County he’s finally gave them back to me a
    couple days ago yeah so they gonna find anything linked oh yeah man you too
    thank you guys I just pulled up a big on that this thing though the fishing lures
    in it that was a good thing we got that out of the water it’s take a look what
    we found today we did not find a whole lot today because I’ve been here so many
    times this is the same place where we found it three guns and the sword if you
    guys been watching but we did pull out this bill ran out of this room I think
    it was more a hot that I did find this I’m not for sure what this goes to let
    me know down in the comments if you know what this goes to it little does have a
    little rabbit on it I’m not for sure so just let me know it looks like I found
    some sort of bracket it is piece of junk did find this fishing lures

    REAL LIFE PRISON ESCAPE CHALLENGE!! Escaping The Hacker (24 Hour Challenge)
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    REAL LIFE PRISON ESCAPE CHALLENGE!! Escaping The Hacker (24 Hour Challenge)

    August 15, 2019

    that’s camera perfect gues guess I’m
    gonna pee didn’t hear me right now currently I’m locked up somewhere I I
    don’t know where we were knocked out and brought here look after we tried to
    escape on the 24-hour box port we heard a radio call we left and headed towards
    an abandoned tree house after making it halfway there there was a massive CEO
    chase which finally we’re able to escape from and led us to the treehouse itself
    after the night came though they came for us we’re getting more and more
    information from you guys we’re piecing it together the phone what’s once we
    caught the phone they followed us my memory is a bit blurry but the video the
    video of someone I Carter shares house look good looking you good – Logan wake
    up who can read some sort of prison what cheek this isn’t good
    they’ve captured us they brought us somewhere I have no idea where we are on
    the files ooh look at you remember anything do you remember what we were
    searching for there’s a phone on my head it’s so much the last thing I remember
    we were in the fort trying to solve this mystery and then I know I fell asleep
    looking this one of the creepers Hey what is this place hey don’t walk away
    from me what’s going on no I don’t know where we are
    wait the phone look look at the phone we had one of their phones the map looking
    where one of the prison’s of the map this is this is where they’re trying to
    lock up youtubers guys what do you think they want with us
    it’s more of them please go hey hey come back here
    what’s your name who are you she’s gonna talk to us they’re not even
    not even looking at us I hope we’ll be able to get out with all of them here I
    don’t even know if there’s a way out where’s fine you put your phone away
    guys if you see anything leave a comment down below we need all of your help the entire facility’s covered in barbed
    wire – get down yes look I do tell this isn’t a real prison
    so I swear soaring the youtubers he’s coming this way there’s bunch of abandoned vehicles here
    might be able to hear some supplies might’ve escaped maybe we can get one of
    them working I don’t know guys those cars look pretty done to me all right
    I’ve got a rudimentary knowledge of mechanics I think I might be able to get
    one working if we can but I gotta I can’t better look at them I think right
    now guys what we do is been play along okay we don’t want to raise any
    suspicions fantastic what’s coming this way for now we’re just gonna play along with
    our games so we have to start collecting everything that we find every item that
    we can use to escape I guess we definitely might be able to use this to
    escape in some way Mike you’ve been hidden in here though in case they check
    ourselves guys what do you think this place used to be able to use this pad if
    we can figure out a plan could you write it down on here all right guys I’m gonna
    draw a rough map of the prison Shh okay so this is a rough idea of what the
    prison looks like essentially we’re here what I’ve been able to figure out the
    prison is a c-shape with this knowledge we know that the cars are on the
    left-hand side of the prison and the courtyard here looks like it’s fairly
    low security finally we’ve got guards in both of these towers here we are located
    here we’ve seen one guard at the back of the prison one guard at the front of the
    prison so far we’ve counted four different
    people I think the first thing we can do is for garters scheme method we can
    always find a way to gather these cuffs we know it’s finding a way to distract
    the guards but guys we don’t have a proper way of transport there’s no way
    we’re getting more than over that hill I need to check those cars look I need to
    get a visual on them all right look we play around until we find a break once
    we find that I take you guys with me when we go check out those vehicles see
    if we can figure out if one of them can be worked maybe I can distract the
    guards yes but what what do you want what do
    you want what does he want because what does he want where are we going thank
    you yes what what do you wants to do what do you want our butts did you say it’s recreation time all
    right I’m just gonna play basketball now just uh enjoying the prison life of
    playing basketball looking up having fun are you having fun
    having a lot of fun G yeah that’s the ball
    all right three-pointer good job Logan did you just need to count to the cars
    that was me man yes right now so give me your honor for
    only shots all these guys are doing okay do something do you hear that guy has
    the keys you can hear them I’m gonna go distract it okay I really have a few minutes
    I don’t need this car speaker but I could see it’s a golf golf cart I might
    go get me started come on come on looks like it’s dead I’m
    I need a new battery adorable all I’ve got for too long I gotta get back
    I couldn’t find anything else in the other cars at least we know there’s one
    working a golf cart but it definitely needs a battery gonna hide the camera
    now gasp nice dude figured out a way we could get out of here
    it’s a golf cart but it’s missing its battery if you see anything that uses a
    battery let me know okay yeah what’s going on back yeah okay we’re going
    we’re going we’re going back in ourselves it’s gonna sit here not doing
    anything he’s got okay guys so what we figured
    out as of now is that our only way out of here’s a golf cart problem with a
    golf cart is it’s missing a battery guys if you have any ideas comment them down
    below I can smash that like button we need every leg on this video to help us
    escape I’m gonna put down some more information okay let’s check this out
    this is the map of escutcheon over the place as you know we have a base of
    idiots the map here that’s what the golf cart is all the gears where you have the
    extra guard this guard here has the key if we’re gonna get out of these
    handcuffs actually drive ourselves out of here
    more importantly than getting this golf cart just getting out of these cuffs not
    only that but when I haven’t I made a list of everyone that was there that
    night at Carter’s party at least the Lizzie sheriff Stephen chair Carter cher
    Marlon Chad wild clay and V now these were the only youtubers that there were
    multiple other people that were their family and friends but out of these
    people one of them could be whoever’s behind all this someone there is part of
    this and if it wasn’t one of the family or friends it was one of these youtubers
    right now we’ve got to figure out our escape plan yes you want to you wants to
    come just just me okay okay we sit what are you gonna do it’s going
    on what is this contraption what’s this for once for the camera
    look rebuilding is for what is going on tell me what are you don’t do what are
    you doing right but you’re stealing my pots
    let me take away from you I know what they have us here for a
    bokken slogan I think they’re trying to steal our thoughts you’re trying to
    steal hope it youtubers thought search the trying to suck them out of our
    brains and how use them I don’t know one for if you know why they might want our
    youtuber ideas let us know in the comments down below but Logan I know one
    thing if we don’t get out of here and get out of here soon skip began to Poppa
    Jake we’ve got to get out of here tonight