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    PAPA JAKE HAS BEEN CAPTURED!! He Won’t Escape The Hacker
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    PAPA JAKE HAS BEEN CAPTURED!! He Won’t Escape The Hacker

    October 19, 2019

    hey yo what’s going on guys it’s Papa
    Jake here and as you know we are currently on the run from what we
    believe are either hackers spies or potentially worse we were able to make
    it back to our house after the last video we had to escape the haunted woods
    at 3 a.m. we used camera setup in those woods to track the movements of these
    creepers and were able to escape just in time we’re now back home but we are
    still on the run from them we don’t know who they are or what they want but guys
    get this we were able to find one of their iPhones that’s right this fell out
    of one of their pockets after they tripped and we’re gonna be using this
    today to hack into it and try and get some more information on who is
    following us as of right now all we know is that they’re coming after youtubers
    and they have a list of youtubers including me
    the sheriff family Chad wild play and a bunch of other youtubers we don’t know
    why they want us and we don’t know how dangerous these guys are right now I’m
    feeling pretty safe as you can see we’re back home after spending the last almost
    week in the woods it’s nice to be back here but look and I was just pulling
    them in on everything we’re still definitely not out of the clear no these
    cats could be anywhere I think our first priority today is gonna be hacking into
    this phone and figure out as much information as we can on these guys
    anything we can get from them it’s gonna be extremely important but guys one of
    the most important things is all of your support through this you guys have been
    amazing all these comments all of your likes sharing the videos getting the
    word out there and most importantly alerting other youtubers of the
    information we’re finding we’re putting together a case using all of your guys
    information and you’re helping us solve this mystery together so yeah guys as of
    right now there’s a few different theories but it goes from anywhere to
    this being the government to being someone trying to get rid of YouTube
    vloggers which is why they haven’t been attacking gamers I mean all the way to
    this being some sort of evil corporation trying to stop youtubers as you can see
    everyone’s helping out but we need your help as well wait guys I think I hear
    something downstairs I heard that too this house is so big
    there’s no way we’re gonna cover every entrance check the back check back something there look gia that it’s a
    security alarm one of the doors is opening let’s read
    answers quickly great if you think we’ve gone in the basement it’s the only door
    we didn’t check it’s closed to be in any Spock’s words there’s no way we’re gonna
    check all of this yeah check in here no the windows are open Shh you guys have
    to get here something in the front window come on Logan come on this way
    oh this isn’t good guys you seen this one in the window
    Lupe’s right there is the door I saw behind the door it’s one behind the door
    look he’s right there he’s right there guys this isn’t good when you hacked
    into this phone and figure it out they must know we have their phone that’s why
    they’re coming after us at our house look and what are we gonna do we have to
    get out of here man they’re literally surrounding the house get out of here we
    have to go down all right guys I’m ideal let’s grab my
    car and head out the garage because it’s Cape with the car and find a place to
    hack into this phone I’ve got my keys on me let’s go let’s go head to the cross
    come on guys we got to go we gotta get out of here and find a place where we
    can hack into this phone Hey look and get in get in
    look at this one coming get it get it get it really quickly let’s go let’s go
    let’s go she’s coming he’s coming
    get this out of you man we’re getting out of here all right let’s get out of
    here Logan we gotta get out of here and fast Jake where are we gonna go
    all right have an idea guys if we’re gonna hide out somewhere I think we can
    go to our old fort if you guys remember our previous box for video we made an
    awesome fallout shelter I think we head back there there’s no way we’ll find us
    there it’s a little bit of a drive but once we get there we should be able to
    get inside and use it as a base of operations the definitely be on our
    trail to Logan hi I’ve got an idea I’m gonna put the car in launch control and
    send this out it’s just really fast once we’re around the corner
    I’ll put it into electric mode and we’ll cruise around that way they won’t be
    able to hear us and we’ll be able to escape back to the fort
    once we’re there we can hack into the phone all right putting in wash control
    all right ready guys cheek that was so fast all right we got
    around the corner quickly by putting into electric mode now there’s no way
    they can be able to hear us hi this is perfect let’s head back to
    the Ford and a key to this phone shouldn’t be too far of a drive but
    we’ll keep an eye out and see if they’re following us
    come on guys – should be out this way oh wow guys the fort what is Roy I don’t
    think I’ve ever seen this happen to a box store this thing has been rushed
    supposed to been from all the storms we had lately guys wow the entire canopy
    that we had above it securing it from the water just fell on it well this this
    part of the floor it still looks good yeah the back looks like it’s an
    operation oh yeah do the lights are still on
    I should be able to pull off the back door here seems perfect for us to hide
    out and there’s no way they’re gonna look here so who’s going first in case there’s
    raccoons all right looks like Logan’s gonna go first hopefully there’s no
    animals in here let me get it set up whoa god this is crazy the whole four
    days like collapse dude check this out
    you can literally see like the line where the fort just collapsed this is
    raisi I mean at least we did a really good job
    on this side this part held up very well but yeah it looks like we’re not getting
    any farther than that way is there even a way through that look no this is this
    is a dead end to the fort all right well we can use the second story of the four
    to set up shop and hack into the cycle okay guys let’s do this and see we can
    find on this phone I’m gonna plug it in here there we go and see if we can hack
    into it first things first if we can get past the phone’s password hi hold on you
    in it Jake are you sure we’re even safe here
    they were just on our tail I mean it’s the least likely place for them to look
    we’d see enough time to get in your figure out what’s going on okay hold on
    a monster just around the program here basically brute-forcing the password
    dude I got it we’re in all perfect okay here we go downloading the data see what we have no
    although again what looks like they remotely cleared the phone they like the
    phone you try to remove all the data from it no no no no no mostly
    everything’s missing hold on cheek what does that mean I’m easily deleted
    everything off the phone once they knew we had it I’m gonna try and run a
    recovery software see what I can get from it
    look and check this out what is it look it’s some sort of map that they have on
    here so must be how they’re tracking us youtubers check out
    hold on I’m pulling some other stuff the recovery software is gonna try and pull
    everything off of this phone and put it into one folder so we can look what was
    on it and should be almost done I’ve got
    access to the files in the iPhone whoa guys it’s a text message someone owns
    the leader he says is the job done person’s phone that we took says yes
    well Papa Jake has escaped but we are tracking him guys it’s definitely make
    sense this is from the tracker this is who was tracking us your replies find
    him and what about the other sets that must be the other youtubers the other
    youtubers are slowly being captured soon our plan will be complete
    like great one nice is go forth Logan whoever this phone is texting they have
    a leader it doesn’t mean that these people are random there there’s some
    sort of organization I mean this could be an organization a spy to be an
    organization of hackers beep we just don’t know pray let’s see what else we
    got on here that’s the sharers house they have a satellite image of the
    Sherry’s house Logan guys this isn’t good they’re slowly using some some way
    to track it I don’t know what it could be
    however they’re doing it they’re tracking us and they have imagery of
    Carters house oh no this isn’t good this is good let’s do it officers dude what
    is this that it’s like a compound of some sort looks almost like a prison
    looks like it’s in the mists being built it’s just a wider view of the shop Oh
    what bad dude I have no idea it’s like graffiti or something yeah
    this is weird guys let me know in the comments if you have any idea what that
    could be all right looks like there’s two more
    files on here it’s a smaller weight Jake that’s the
    school that’s the Chad was in guys this means that that we are correct this this
    means that this is linked to Chad wild clay
    this means that whoever is doing this they’re all linked together maybe you
    can help us to KO some the information here maybe you can use what you’ve seen
    here to give us some more information : there’s one more file here let me bring
    it up seems like it’s a video Gus I know what this is from I can hear Carter
    share is voicing this look and you were there this is from Carter shares fourth
    of July party guys that means whoever this phone belonged to was that Carter
    share his house on the fourth of July that means that this could be narrowed
    down to as small as 50 to 60 people more importantly guys Carter’s in trouble I
    need to call him right now I’m gonna grab my phone call Carter Carter is that
    you can you hear me guys I need to warn you okay I don’t know if you know what’s
    going on right now but there is someone after us they’ve been tracking us down I
    don’t know if they’re hackers or spies or something were some sort of
    organization but we’ve already had multiple men show up at our house
    there’s been someone tracking us even so far as the forest I’ve been on the run
    for the pain I don’t know I don’t know how dangerous they are but I don’t know
    right now guys we’re hiding out in a box port but there’s something I need to
    tell you something extremely important you need to know about them you can’t
    trust anyone not even any of the other youtubers you can’t trust anyone
    Carter we found a video on the phone we can what I think someone’s here what if
    would it what do you mean we’re gonna just cut up the screen smoking look
    what’s going on it’s getting smoking when you smoke coming from is there fire
    near everyone ladies Ygritte there whoa whoa yeah watch out watch out thirty
    thirty we gotta go we gotta go now guys if you see this tell Carter share what
    we know give him the infrared Logan what is that
    there’s a crow we’re gonna cool abort okay

    Blitzball Trick Shots 3 | Dude Perfect
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    Blitzball Trick Shots 3 | Dude Perfect

    October 18, 2019

    So we have thrown a ball through one moving vehicle, we’ve never done it through two. This is the double truck threading the needle shot. Dude Perfect What’s up guys we’re pumped to announced our brand-new Dude Perfect blitzballs and bats are finally here. Let’s have some fun Yeah, got em’ Ladies gentlemen welcome to the Dude Perfect blitzball home run derby. Each guy gets five hits. As always there’s points, but this time There’s also penalties. Here we go! Oh here we go, T oh oh I think he’s okay, but man that couldn’t have felt good. I thought it was curving the other way And I thought I was like it’s going to miss me that way and it hit me right there. I have to take a medical leave of absence We’re going to need a new pitcher guys bring it in real quick I’m not the smartest person in the world, but I have learned that when there is one bottle There’s usually two my head’s on a swivel It’s not happening today This is the mobile bottle buster I gotta tell you I like it when it breaks not on my head They call me the ringer Let’s go! Beautiful…Bang! We got a Facetime cody and have him do it. He’s on vacation He declined you. Darn you Cody Jones and by the end of this video, we will get you a woo from Cody Jones oh no, oh! the Cannon! Dang it! ohhhhhhh! hahahaha! I can’t see anything. Well, not happening today ohhhhhhh! the bottle buster, Woooo! Dang it! Listen guys these gloves are tough I got a tough draw feeling like I was in the ring right now. I’ll just Comment below by the way McGregor or Floyd let us know You know here at DP We’ve used just about every target imaginable rings bottles balloons until today ladies and gentlemen the dude Perfect Sticky Target It’s actually just a rat trap, but it is really sticky Let’s get sticky with it You wont go high five your Target I will! Good game I’m gonna go wash my hands Yeah, for an hour My coach always told me not to throw it right down the pipe, but this is gotta be an exception This is throwing it right down the pipe But your coach is gonna be so mad at you Sometimes you’ve got to throw right through the pipe they might jimmy jack it, but its worth… yeeeeeeaaaa!! Can’t stand that celebration. It’s about time. We get a woo from somebody Give it to me boy. Woooo! What have we done sorry Landry, you’ll appreciate this when you’re older plus one, Let’s go This is the bat that I have to use ohhhhh! Heavy metal! This bat right here weighs about a solid 20 pounds And that will do it for cory cotton Yeah there ya go, ohhhh! yeaaaaaaah! Way to go gare What’s up guys, Thanks for watching if you’re not already a dude perfect subscriber make sure you click down here So you don’t miss out on our next video giant airplane trickshot Gonna be good especially thanks to our friends at blitzball for making this video possible if you want to get your very own blitzball or the Brand-new Dude Perfect blitzball and bat click here to go to Also, if you want to see the last video click right here signing off, for now, pound it, noggin see, ya?


    Build A Boat Battle | Dude Perfect

    October 11, 2019

    Dude Perfect, what’s up guys were Dude Perfect and welcome to the very first ever build a boat battle. Woah boys. Lets go get some supplies, Whoo! Build A Boat Challenge The rules for this battle are simple, build a homemade boat, stay within the budget, and get to the other side of the pond Fastest time is the winner Howdy partners captain Ty(Tyler) here captain of the stealth floater I decided to go with the Handy PVC pipe welcome to the plastic bottle boat Captain Cody checking into the game I will be going with the catamaran sailboat. Ladies and gentlemen these guys clearly have not watched enough television. Welcome to the as-seen-on-TV boat face is made out of some storage containers. This is the stability part of the boat I know it doesn’t look like a boat right now looks like a pile of plastic bottles That’s because you’re here now and not once it looks like a boat I don’t know why I made this, but I think this is on sailboats basically I’m trying to make a little contraption right now to just kind of churn butter really Water in this case I am going to take mesh made of metal. I’m going to spray a sealant on it I Went straight through the boat, I’m sinking with that situation, but I’ve just activated the back-up plan tape I love building boats, man It is a great day There’s a lot of excitement in the air right now Christopher Columbus himself Inspired me to create our own boats my main means of acceleration is the wind I think it might sail on land if I’m not careful ladies and gentlemen I honestly could not be more proud I almost wore a suit and tie today because how confident I am that I’m not getting wet I just want to direct your attention to the double jet propulsion in the back. I feel like I’m gonna fly No, not sure. She’ll float she’s kind of heavy at least this will be considered a brutal forearm workout I switched from the spray-on sealant to the Sealed tape my ore I literally think I can win ladies and gentlemen This is the stealth floater the rear side of the ship. It’s powered by a weed eater. I attached a metal fan blade By now you’ve seen all the boat designs comment below who you think is gonna win He’s off boys Oh no his rudder came off oh no in an epic failure the only way to steer his
    ship is gone Hey ty what do you call somebody who sails a Salesman oh nice dude Under five minutes under five minute crossing I think Christopher would be proud of that turns out I’m not a great sailor But I’m just glad I’m not underwater. Here’s a deal the boat floats when you put weight on it the boat does not flow Oh, No Don’t think I’m moving boys. Alright is it officially over Garr? It’s sinking. That’s all we needed to hear Good try again. I’m proud of you It’s just like jet ski meets hovercraft meets, Coby cruise into his second ever victory good luck, sir This is so funny Three minutes and 59 seconds we have a new leader jetskis still going That is a recyclable jetski that’s amazing all right Cory. You got to beat 3:59 How do you feel my new boat renamed the tape me to victory? He’s gonna. Take me all the way across Go Cor go. faster he took a metal mesh and sealed it with tape and is Absolutely destroying the competition right now. It is paying off tremendously folks This is gonna be close, go Cory Go into the seaweed powers through Already come ashore ladies and gentlemen with a time of 3 minutes and 5 seconds yeah (celebration! good job Cory) Yeah only Ty can dethrone him up at this point folks Guys I’m so tired, but I’m so happy right now I just made a canoe out of tape alright folks it all comes down to this Oh Oh my word. he’s in the mud boys. Cory’s feeling good right now This might be the worst design of them all Oh My god. I did not see that coming. It was such a good design Was it it’s the face of a defeated man? I was outsmarted today little over engineered the thought was good didn’t account for the weeds in the pond Ladies and gentlemen if we’ve learned anything today, it’s that you were an impressive, man Christopher Columbus, man My boat wouldn’t have gone out of the harbor. We lost one right off the bat, Cory It is not my honor, but it is certainly my duty to present you with the Mayflower. Golden ship guys I’m so happy wanna say thanks to Chris you really taught me a lot, and I appreciate it as Chris Columbus You don’t miss out on any new DP videos make sure you click down here to subscribe You want to see the last video click right here you want some awesome DP Merch click right here sign it off for now pound it now again Walk slowly buddy yeah, and I’m gonna go get my boat Might save this for airplane battle few modifications. I’ll be in good shape

    The Net Gun | Overtime 4 | Dude Perfect
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    The Net Gun | Overtime 4 | Dude Perfect

    October 8, 2019

    Welcome to overtime episode 4 it is great to have you guys with us today. We have a great show planned To segment, you know two segments you don’t You’re twins purple hoser dude perfect in overtime tall guy beard twins purple *intro* Coach tell them the first one. Let’s start off a little cool not cool, bye-bye Wow COOL / NOT COOL Here we go starting off with a bang Cubs you got something cool for us Yes, you guys are gonna have to be the judge of that You know I’m saying I brought some of my best work today. This is a portable sauna. Oh Okay, so you just have hop in and zip that sucker up Already turned it on it’s set to 160 degrees Okay, you might be asking yourself, “But Kobe what if you want to use your phone?” I actually was not thinking that… You know what I like the effort I’m gonna give you a sympathy green Yes! I’ll take it! Ty, you have lost your mind. It doesn’t look to be totally improved. Going with the red button. Oh my! Put your hand in there! Listen, this is not a toy You should not have gone first. Here’s the deal, I’m gonna vote based on how sweaty you are at the end of this segment if he is sweaty, he will get a green Cory, you want to go next? Yeah, I think I should I’d like to introduce you to the cup that cannot be spilled. Oh Oh my! I will start us off with the green, you know, I don’t spill that often but I’ve got a little kid at home Bang baby! Hold on. How do you go from this to this? Oh my! Absolutely! Nice yeah, nice. You wanna green him? Nice. Yeah, that is 100% my fault I gotta say I’m gonna keep that over here Cody or Garr Oh somebody quick if you don’t want the world’s loudest whistle That’s a pretty bold statement Okay I need everything you got at one time *Whistle gives all it’s got at one time* I’m deaf. Really? well bonus whistle. I’m giving it a great oak. I just pick one for me. Oh, yeah, I’ll give him… How about both? Hey, there’s no other whistle. I’d rather have I think I might be able to hear that whistle from the moon Oh, yeah, that is loud. I hate to like to go there, but is there sound in space if you’re standing next to a rocket? Your gonna hear the rocket! Comment below whether Cody’s right or not speaking of space. I’ve got a really cool thing. You’re gonna enjoy That is a remarkable control, I will 100% Green man, green for Kobe. Sorry, I’m not very good Not a great flyer but the product speaks for itself. Oh Mylanta! You are sweating! I did say if it was a working product I would not I’m gonna wrap up this segment right here. You guys ever seen one of these giant flashlight? No, sir codes, I’m gonna actually use your vehicle in the demonstration. I would be honored. Would you mind taking it up for me? I’m gonna stand back. I would like to introduce you to the net gun I think we have a little fun with This is how you handle the tall guy that only shoots threes Should we see if they’ll take down a twin He’s got netted we should probably go back to the desk and we’re gonna do this all day Nice round of applause great cool not cool. We’re getting better. Well, it is time to move on to a brand new segment Hope you guys enjoy it. It is called prank Jackson Okay, so here’s some various taxidermy and here’s how this is gonna work, we got a couple buddies They think they’re just coming to hang out at the office today What they don’t know is there’s gonna be a vicious garden snake waiting just outside DP HQ – ready the snake attack. I’m ready. Let’s head downstairs Alright guys here we are at the sabotage point and we’re gonna lay our snake right here in the grass So here’s how it’s gonna work snakes gonna be laying here fishing line is going to be through the crack of the door They walk up to the door ideally without seeing the snake and then here it comes Right up I Think that’s gonna work They think that this door is open. So they’re gonna walk up and tug and then the snakes just come on Okay, they’re here Tell him to use a fake coat on this door, so he’s gonna be right here Can you believe it both wesley and trav actually what their britches ha ha ha I cannot believe that that is funny That was a good time It was a good time and I hate to be that guy but you know, it’s about to be a not good time No the next segment because it’s time to head to wheel unfortunate I Hate this segment you want to I think I’ve got a new way to do this Garrett You’re gonna start take a name out. Don’t show anybody Coby same thing then me then Cody There will be one name left in the Hat that Corey will pick up that will be the person spinning the wheel All right, Garrett eliminate the first person do not show anything Eliminate someone Kobe I have eliminated someone please me money, please. Okay, okay I am queasy like my stomach hurts. Oh my gosh. My heart’s pounding. Okay, Corey. The person is spinning that wheel is This is all fun and games, but I think we got a Great show of all time it is good to be back. I’m your host ed Forrester the golden boy see the resemblance Anyways, we’ve got a great show for you guys today. We’ve got a guest at his babe Are you serious Regardless, it’s great to have you on the show this week I’ve been kind of thinking maybe he tried to steal the spotlight or something, but then again it was like Nobody could steal that spotlight. So I wasn’t too worried about it, you know to be yeah cor I’d tell you how this works But you’re pretty familiar. So if you would hold my bike real quick. Yeah Alright thanks for doing that core and I got some great new stuff on the board. Well if you’re ready, I’m ready Cory sped that way. Oh Wow power ability obviously, it’s been working on that since last time All right, Leo looks like it’s coming to a stop. You’re not gonna have to shave your eyebrows Gratulations cor what I need you to do is fly to Wisconsin D board the plane go out through security take one step outside Take a big snipper and that fresh, Wisconsin air Turn right back around and come home if that is the definition of fly to Wisconsin for absolutely no reason Cory say it with me here Hey go buy yourself a plane ticket big guy Just left the office. Guess I’m going to Wisconsin what could be better than going to Wisconsin for literally no reason Everybody’s walking around with their bags. I have literally nothing. I’m holding my hat just so I can feel like I’m holding something So boring Why are you Wisconsin no reason I’ve arrived in Wisconsin. I got my cheese hat on but I can’t keep it a reason for coming the moment we’ve all been waiting for Wow, the flights are actually really close together no offense, but it all I get stuck in, Wisconsin Excuse me. Almost miss my flight didn’t know still Dead hope would never see each other again and back and that was unfortunate back to the studio All right, and welcome back Corey Yeah, oh thanks guys I hate this game Well now it’s time to add to the next segment and that is mail time Alright and as always we’ve asked our editors to come up with a creative way to deliver our mail So, let’s see what they have in store for us today Chad. What do we got? Oh, What a treat is that a male goat Let’s see what we got boy, so starting off strong Custom VP trailer hitches. Oh, very nice Look at this a clay figurine know what your big fan of our face off series take a look at that That’s tingle baby. Oh Wow, what a draw hair got a couple of friendship bracelets here if Jill wanted a shout out and he wanted us to wear them In the overtime video. Oh, yeah like a reward Oh guys Somebody sent us some micro smoke what in the world is micro smoke not familiar. I’m unfamiliar Oh Guys, there’s a pan. No, it smells horrible It does smell like a goat. Oh, he’s definitely peeing. Oh really No Oh, yeah now the goat Smells it’s so strong. I thought we just lost real unfortunate ok, guys, you want me to pop smoke and try and run him and Get the go-ahead. (goat poops on floor) Oh, he’s taking a dump on the pee. Is this a bad idea? Yes! x4 Don’t worry guys. I’m getting rid of it. That was a horrible idea Chad come clean this up. Thanks for joining us on mail time We’ll take you to the next segment as soon as we clear the building ha ha. That’s the greatest segment ever The smoke is cleared. The smell has not still smells little goatee in here But show must go on and it is time to head to a brand-new segment at the kitchen. Mine doesn’t look like that Hidey-ho, welcome to my kitchen. I’m sure you’re like me were you scared of the Internet look for a cool project? Think you know what? I could probably do that by the end of it you go Hey, mine, doesn’t quite look like that in there. Yeah, these two teams will be battling off in a watermelon sculpture battle Let’s see. What happens Oh sup guys team tying gear here. We have picked our watermelons. Hold on I would like to be its team Garrett and I go ahead take it away. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to team twins What’s up, guys? Here we go team guarantee We’ve decided to go with the peacock We’ll be tackling a slightly simpler concept a shark Good luck boys in three two one Begin, I wouldn’t worry about this so much Y’all ever seen a shark jump out of the water Shark-tooth You guys know that cucumbers or pickles pickles or cucumbers that’s what I meant Do you ever know that pickles have scales like fish I feel like at this point in the competition I’m taking this a little bit more seriously than Gary Hey ty you remember those high school projects where you always had the team lead, you know, the team lead does absolutely nothing You know, yeah welcome to Team Gary Always wanted to do this I Love have yet to see Jarrod do anything productive for his team? And honestly, I’m pretty impressed with what I’m seeing I think we might have to change the title of this one. Mine does kind of look like that One minute remaining oh I got a good idea. I got a good idea One eyed shark currently, I would add another blueberry no need you have to alternate tomato blackberry tomato by 3 2 1 tiny shark one side. I’m sorry. Literally all that matters is the one photo being posted to Instagram. We did a one-sided shark Sure, the other side doesn’t look great. He didn’t have an eye. Okay, but all we need is one phenomenal side of this shark So that our Instagram viewers will vote on it It’s officially time to take this to Instagram to find out which sculpture is better your week And the winner of the 2018 watermelon sculpture battle is Grant Pham what happened man? So disappointed I am too Gary that was absolutely ridiculous never should happen can’t believe that peacock Look exactly That’s all I have to say about that. I believe it is giveaway time As always at the end of it over time. We’ve got a couple treats for you guys if you’re a subscriber pound and you share the video pal you get this and this I’m not a freak out there you get this bow and this valley so we’ll pick five of you guys that are Subscribers and share the video and then there you go half anity So if you’re not a subscriber Click down here So you don’t miss out on any new videos if you want to see the last overtime video click right here And if you want some TP merch click right here sign it off for now. We’re the set smells like goat pee


    24 HOUR ABANDONED TUNNEL BOX FORT!! 📦😱 Finding The Rake!

    September 29, 2019

    anything you can see let me know Bob
    take monster hunter in the house let’s see what you got or you got nothing on
    Papa Jake Papa J takes you down yeah dude these monsters don’t even stand a
    chance against me monsters don’t stand a chance against me
    Bugan Bugan Luca Luca wake up wake up it’s an emergency
    Logan wake up emergency Luca I’ve been playing you’ll in each to revolution all
    night and I finally figured out what we need to do I’m no longer Papa Jake Logan
    if you’re not Papa Jake then who are you I’m Garrett the ghost of Logan I’m Gary
    the ghost hunter and battling monsters in this game in an epic MMORPG set on my
    mobile with beautiful graphics to tell me a lesson Logan taught me a lesson I
    can’t be scared my monsters anymore I have to face them I think it’s time Gary
    the ghost hunter comes back faces our biggest monster yet you talking about
    the Easter Bunny no Logan I’m talking about something bigger the rake we went
    to the abandoned tunnel many times months ago but we got too scared
    we did a fear get the best of us but there’s anything lineage to revolution
    can teach me it’s time we got over comic dear you versus 50 PvP multiplayer rate
    dungeons and then the expanse of open world all on my mobile phone there’s
    something I can learn from that that’s not to be scared of monsters like the
    right so we got a team up and we got to take on the right we’re gonna go back to
    the forest and we’re gonna do a 24 hours survival challenge until we can catch
    him into fear monster are you with me Logan do I have a choice no not really
    no just get your stuff I’ll meet you downstairs party here’s what I’ve been
    doing I’ve been reviewing it but it’s always looking over everything this is a
    clip from our last video as you can see everything looks normal but right there
    you can clearly see a figure running across the trip this is no doubt the
    ring okay this is no doubt our monster we have footage of him not only here but
    in our first video as well we even have to try
    I’m at his nest looking we’re dealing with this the rake
    that’s our monster Vulcan I don’t know if I want to go in the woods and face
    that thing man neither does Papa Jake but Gary the
    ghost hunter is ready to go these Juby had logan was with supplies
    transportation and enough equipment to catch him luckily our friends over at
    lineage to revolution made by met marble we’re happy enough to help us now those
    guys were really awesome to decide to sponsor this video and sponsor this
    expedition for us to go and find our monster guys honestly if you have not
    checked out lineage 2 revolution there is a link in the description down below
    you guys who’s pre-register and get a bunch of really awesome goodies in the
    game this is a massive open world MMORPG that you guys can play on your phone
    beautiful graphics got raid dungeons it’s so much more go check it out again
    link in the description down below big thanks to lineage to revolution for
    sponsoring this video and netmarble who made the game
    alright Logan now let’s go get that rank we have everything here that we need to
    track down our monster aka the rake ok I don’t know what’s in the woods we’ve got
    all the survival equipment that we could need for the night I’ve got MREs to eat
    we’ve got survival gloves we’ve got headlamps regular lamps a massive lab
    this thing is beasty we want to have enough light that if this thing comes at
    us we’ll be able to scare it away we even have some handheld lights over here
    as well as a compass you keep track of where we’re going in the dark cuz got it
    gets really dark in these woods and if we get scared and get all over the place
    and start running away we want to be able to meet up with one another I also
    have here some blankets for us we’re gonna be going pretty lightweight so
    we’re not gonna bring all of our sleeping bags and all that kind of gear
    so we’re gonna use these thermal blankets to keep warm because it is
    October it’s getting cold it’s getting spooky and we want stay warm in the
    sport if we’re gonna be there for 24 hours and last but not least guys we
    have a night-vision camera when it gets dark at night it is extremely hard to
    see and it can sometimes be creepy if we don’t know what’s coming on this in the
    woods this will allow us to determine if it’s an animal or something even worse
    it’s already dark we got to pack up gear up and get to the forest because we got
    a box fort to built and we got a night to survive
    we’ve been walking for a little while now through the forest and we came up to
    the spot that we’ve seen earlier in the summer this is the abandoned tunnel that
    we found not too long ago and it’s right around where we found the rake it’s down
    there past these trees so we’re gonna get down there find a clear spot and set
    up our box for it the only problem is we got here way later than we thought we
    can’t see a single thing luckily it’s a full moon tonight but I’m already
    freaked out man I’m hearing things this forest it’s not nice at night it’s
    really creepy it should be down here it’s been a full summer since we’ve been
    down here so I don’t remember too much yeah let’s just get moving I don’t like
    this this is creeping me out bro I’m gonna take a quick check yeah okay all
    right we’re not too far away from the abandoned tunnel I’m gonna bring you
    guys down there so we can get a good look at it I will leave the light here
    so we know it is the thing that we thought we saw was the
    rake was in there the tunnel system runs not too far it runs around here down the
    shoreline there’s another abandoned tunnel that links up to this one a
    little bit farther down and that’s where the rakes nest is so if you guys can see
    that light is where we’re setting up base camp and this is where the tunnel
    is for now I think our priority is to get shelter get food and warmth it’s
    already freezing out here I can see my breath honestly I just I don’t like
    being here I feel really exposed I think once we get the fort made we’ll feel a
    little bit safer without just me but I heard like his big
    thud if there’s something out there if he’s out there he’s watching us I think
    we just need to get this fort ready from get the fort ready at least we can be
    safe let’s set this thing up get inside get
    some warmth to get some food in us we just got the flooring done I think we’re
    gonna go with a fairly small shelter just because we don’t have a lot of time
    to build this thing and we just want to get inside we’re feeling really
    vulnerable out here we just wanna get the walls done and get set up once we’re
    set up then we could start planning about finding the rape and I also want
    to go ahead and do a little bit of scouting over by his mess as well as the
    other abandoned tunnel all right let’s keep building I think we just heard the Rixos we just
    heard it go off once I don’t know what it is this is getting scary right now at
    least the box where it’s coming under wait we’ve got the sides done so we’re
    gonna put the roof on now and then get inside this thing quick as possible so
    forth built we’re gonna get inside we but here’s some creepy noises we’re
    gonna get our flashlights get in the fort I’m hoping once I get some dinner
    in me and just kind of relax a little bit I’ll feel a little bit better but I
    don’t like being out here when things can watch us nice and safe a lot better
    just being in here it’s not the biggest box fort you ever made but at least keep
    us comfy and warm for the night blankets and some extra camera gear inside so we
    came down to the forest that we had been in a couple months ago that’s where we
    saw what we thought was the rake we made it back here we made it to the abandoned
    tunnel that’s right literally 10 meters from this fort we set up camp and now
    we’re ready to survive 24 hours here our main mission right now is that we want
    to confront the break we want to see if we can either capture him find him or at
    least get some proper footage of him this is base camp for now we’re gonna
    grab some food get some meals in us get some water in us just kind of relax a
    little bit it’s been a long hike it’s been a lot of building once we’re kind
    of settled down then we’ll start getting out and getting some expedition so we
    were hiking south I believe for most of the night looks like the noises we were
    hearing we’re coming from the southeast that’s that’s along the abandoned sewer
    system I feel like we should like check outside
    I definitely want to I definitely want to check out what that was I just think
    right now we just need to stay put maybe it was just an okay let’s let’s have
    dinner let’s just relax a little bit and after dinner we’ll gear up properly and
    we’ll go outside okay the combos just showing that the sound was coming from
    the southeast which relative to the abandoned tunnel system runs along the
    tunnels I mean they go four miles underground but as far as what we’ve
    traveled through goes right along where the rakes nest is so got our meals here
    we were hiking for pretty long while so these are perfect for us these are MREs
    if you guys have never seen us eat them you probably have by now but these are
    military rations to keep everything for us in one pack including a piece that
    cooks these things with just water so looks like I actually grabbed a
    breakfast one for mine but it’s all good cuz it comes with some peanut butter
    crackers which is nice and I believe a pop chart so Logan you have a pork
    sausage patty so we’ll hook that up for you basically just put in here the
    actual sausage is kind of vacuum sealed in this thing so use this cool little
    bag here and you pour water in it and it’ll get as hot as an oven which is
    pretty awesome I’ll be cooked in about 20 minutes so we’re gonna put this
    outside let it cook and in the meantime we’re
    gonna dig into some of our snacks pork sausage patty it’s gonna put it outside all right I’m just gonna put the M are
    you against this log so I can tuck nothing like a poptart after a long hike
    in the forest and being scared out of my mind
    Jake look it’s a little bug in the name you Ted he’ll protect us against the
    rake we’re still waiting for Logan’s food to cook we’re gonna kind of chill
    out we’re gonna wait a little bit later the rink hasn’t made much noise or
    movement until around 3:00 a.m. we’re gonna wait in the box for it till it
    gets close to the 3:00 a.m. and then we’ll start making our way over to the
    rakes nest in the meantime we’re gonna set up with our blankets we got some
    thermal blankets here to keep us warm and honestly I think I’m gonna play some
    millennion ch2 revolution break just like the rake thanks my fears you got
    this I got this beat you like I’m gonna defeat the rake I’m scared no monsters
    I’ll stir don’t scare Poppa Jake no scare Gary the ghost hunter or Papaji you’re going down just like we’re taking
    down the right who’s ray he’s got nothing on Papa Jake you’re going down Jake foods gone what what food yeah Mary
    it’s not there would you put it put it right there
    you sure it’s not just falling over all right actually you don’t give me the
    night vision give me a night vision same thing I don’t know if this will have
    audio but if you can hear me right now I’m on the night vision camera
    pitch-black but I think it you see a little bit through the screen on here as
    always – disease do you see anything on here let me know in the comments down
    below I’m gonna do a quick scan of the forest I’m the time my best to see if I
    can see any in the distance but there’s anything you can see let me know right
    now are you are you sure you so handsome I’m positive I’m positive because our
    all force they supposed to be food it’s almost a closing on three o’clock
    if we’re gonna go out and we’re gonna find him
    are you sure man we can just go home look we’ll follow the riverbank down
    towards his nest go through the abandoned tunnel and get some better
    footage of him I’m so close I just got scared let’s gear up we’ll bring
    everything we’ll bring all their flashlights all the gear everything that
    we need a little bit of a hike down this way but we brought all of our gear we
    packed up we’ve got flashlights got the night-vision camera as well as the GoPro
    you guys can see more than me I mean even what you guys can see is not much
    you can see the leaves the trees other than that it’s completely pitch black so
    we’re gonna head down towards where the rape test is follow the creek bed and
    that’s when we find the abandoned tunnel we’re gonna make our way down the river
    towards the other abandoned tunnel the abandoned total starts here and travels
    down that way but we’re gonna follow him towards his nest try and document
    everything as I said before guys there’s a lot of weird things in these woods so
    if you see anything or hear anything after the fact well we were viewing the
    footage but let us know because the more we look into this the creepier things
    get all right while Logan’s getting packed up I’m gonna take a look at the
    tunnel down here there’s a whole tunnel system under this abandoned place we
    can’t go in this thing there’s just way too much water so we’re gonna make our
    way down to a more manageable tunnel and make our way through that we’re gonna
    follow him towards his master try and document everything house I said before
    guys there’s a lot of weird things in these woods so if you see anything or
    hear anything after the fact we’ll be reviewing the footage but let us know
    because the more we look into this the creepier things get guys
    Jesus who’s that Logan yeah we just heard some weird noises in the woods
    I can hear dogs barking that’s not what I’m scared of what I’m scared of is what
    they’re barking at normally in the night vision camera eyes will light up by
    reviewing the footage it doesn’t seem like the rake has eyes or his eyes don’t
    light up on the camera I don’t like this I don’t like this at all and I’m
    starting to weird I’m starting to feel freaked out we just we just uh keep
    going I can see I can see I made it towards
    where the rakes not this definitely no you’re getting close to the race and
    that’s when things start to look weird or weird the tree pattern around here
    was that cheeks what’s that Logan all right looks like the creek bed goes down
    here the race house should be over around there
    stay up there I’m hearing things man I know just don’t come on right now
    Logan’s her and I have a change of heart he’s hearing these noises he’s looking
    we have to keep going native too far let’s just get to the rates nest let’s
    get to be bad in tunnel check it out the only way to get across is to go across
    the river but right now it doesn’t look like there’s any movement coming out of
    the race class so our best bet is to keep moving towards the tunnel so we
    found the tunnel in the middle of a forest that’s abandoned guys the
    advantage someone that we found a couple months back watch out watch out I’m the spine
    there’s a lot of fighters in here look I heard let’s go let’s go get over Tom’s
    goal it seemed like the ring crying I don’t wanna be in the tunnel anymore
    it was definitely the right use make it back to the self it go go go up two
    three up the creek let’s get back to camp I don’t like being here watch yourself completely wrecked I
    think this might have been the rake I think you might have been chasing us
    back here the whole fort’s gone bro down there this way I can hear him calling
    see don’t go down there let me just wash my back all right guys so we are back
    and we are you playing civil lineage to revolution of course fighting monsters
    in real life might be a little bit more spooky and than fighting them in this
    game so I think I’m gonna kill and play some more lineage to revolution with you
    guys of course if you missed my first episode on this you would have seen us
    battling out having a lot of fun and if you guys want to check out this game it
    is not out yet but if you use the link in the description down below you can go
    ahead and pre-register to get some really cool features so right now we’re
    gonna go ahead and do some quests last episode I said I’d do some PvP so I’ll
    definitely check that out today I don’t think I’m gonna win but we’ll try our
    best so let’s start off things here with just a simple quest I really really
    loved the story in this game I know I talked about it a little bit before in
    our first video and I definitely showed off a lot of like the really cool
    features so if you missed that go check it out it was a lot of fun that was our
    video where we battled to drag in a box for Dragon that is so we’re gonna go
    ahead and see what’s going on here escort to arcane Academy professor
    artists we got that done episode cleared sweet
    let’s see what we’re doing today all dude I mean I’m getting ranked up here
    they also have a really cool thing going on so I got some new armor for my
    character as well as ranked up some of my weapons so if I take a look here I
    was using this which is like a bow and arrow instead of my regular kind of
    swords but if I use my bow and arrow we can actually go ahead and upgrade it a
    little bit too to make sure so it’s gonna it’s gonna remove my combat power
    a little bit but we can upgrade it with some of the cool stuff that we got I
    also believe here we go I got a grade-a exclusive armor box so let’s use that
    and see what we get let’s open that up Oh tracker our suite actually might be
    better than when I got on right now yeah it is okay because right now I’m using
    this tracker armor which is a b-grade so I’m gonna upgrade this so let’s let’s go
    ahead and equip this and then I can’t upgrade it by combining all of our items
    in the forge and I did a bunch of that in the last episode but to be honest
    with you I just want to play I want I want to beat some bad guys I want to
    defeat some monsters in this game so let’s hear it our quest is for today and
    I’ll definitely gonna do a dungeon because I want to beat a big monster
    again alright so let’s see here I also have Auto questing turned on I actually
    started to like it a lot because it really helps you figure out where to go
    and how to do things but of course you can’t just keep Auto questing on or else
    you will die so that’s very important to know oh and check this out guys
    I got emotes I can do I can do this stuff now I ranked up this is high five
    even though I don’t have any when I have five with I can go on the ground and get
    really scared so I got some cool stuff here that you can mess around with and
    it’s a really social game it’s a lot of fun to play with your friends I know
    Logan has an account we’ve been playing together let’s see what our quest is
    today enhance oh we got new content on long sweet’s oh we should start a clan
    guys I’d be sick alright I feel like a lot of these we’re not gonna have a high
    enough character level so we’ll go back we’ll do a little bit of research on our
    clan alright let’s claim a reward let’s see
    if we can do one more quest for this guy and then we’ll uh we’ll go do a dungeon
    and I do want to do some PvP I’m really scared to do PvP because I’m only level
    12 we might do well we might we might be able to defeat someone we’re level 13
    now no worries we’re gonna dominate PvP no problem our mission is to retake all
    right let’s do it I’m on I’m on your side bro we got this let’s do this hold
    your ground stop the orcs yo you’ve got a big sword bro
    this dude’s got a massive sword I don’t have a sword I just got a little bone
    there I don’t know if I want my bone there anymore
    okay I’m a little bit afraid we’re okay we’re okay
    alright this this dude’s gonna protect me Russell I need you you take the front
    I’ll take the back it makes more sense if I’m in the back of my bow and arrow
    anyway so we can’t give you a high five Russ no high five man I’ll clap yeah you
    doing it you’re doing a fine job this is a daily dungeon guys you can do
    oh my god you can do dungeons pretty much whenever you want die die already I
    failed the dungeon I already died alright there we go we’re doing easy oh
    man that’s a monster now that’s a monster not not exactly looking like the
    rake yeah to be honest with you if we saw this in the forest instead of the
    rake I would be like a thousand times more scared this is a freaky looking
    thing it’s like a werewolf okay let’s go bro let’s go let’s go BAM get rekt
    we got him he’s done can’t you can’t mess with Papa Jake I’m a dance on you
    dance on you so there we go we got our dungeon reward so we’re definitely a
    little bit too low of a CP to do anything like too crazy but oh alright
    let’s go ahead and do some PvP guys because we haven’t got to check that out
    yet also I want to check my mail because you
    keep good I keep getting all these like really awesome gifts in it so let’s grab
    some gifts here always some nice gifts in my mail again like I said if you guys
    have not pre registered yet go do it linked down below get some really cool
    stuff so we’re gonna go ahead and we’re gonna do arena which is like a 1v1
    battle we can pick different players here to battle one of you once this
    guy’s level lovin we’re level 13 let’s see if we can do this I feel like that’s
    a good match verse is alright let’s go for it some guys they were like level 26
    I’m like now I’m not I’m not even touching that all right here we go bro
    what you got what you got on me let’s go oh he’s going for it he’s going for oh
    we don’t even have any we don’t many revives okay we get like no revives for
    this alright so it’s just pure battling it out and it looks like we don’t win
    there we don’t win you just got roasted you know he’s one
    of first PvP match not too bad after all I mean granted we played someone who is
    like two levels look look if you check out like a guy like this level 25 you’re
    just like no I don’t wanna I don’t want to beat that guy there was like one guy
    here he was like level like I think was like 24 oh no if it’s this guy no
    there’s one guy here with like the Beasties armor I was like man how do you
    even get that armor oh that guy’s got a big sword it’s actually gonna cool to
    check out all the other all the other players and what they’re what they’re
    using alright so we’re back here we’re back in our main land oh we got some
    blood Rangers fighting some works everything’s looking good yeah you know
    I’m just walking around make sure they make sure that lands are looking good
    pop Jake holding it down pretty much holding the kingdom together all on me
    no big deal I do want to thank you so very much for watching this video if you
    guys enjoyed me playing this game and you guys want to go check it out like I
    said there is a link in the description down below you guys can go pre-register
    get some really cool bonuses for the game and have a bunch of fun playing and
    guys again a big thanks to lineage 2 revolution made by netmarble for
    sponsoring this video go check it out link down below I’ll see
    you guys next time

    BIGFOOT Caught On DRONE In Real Life (Sasquatch Evidence)
    Articles, Blog

    BIGFOOT Caught On DRONE In Real Life (Sasquatch Evidence)

    September 27, 2019

    I don’t know what that is dude like it
    could be a person but what there would have been like oh hey guys as I was
    moving back and forth we were almost out of battery with about three minutes of
    flight time left and that’s when I saw this but yeah I got some news from our
    last video yeah it’s the viewers they uh they want us to go back to the forest
    what do you mean they want us to go back to the forest I mean literally every
    single comment is saying we need to go back to the forest did you even see what
    we saw in the forest towards a Bigfoot in the forest well
    Jake we still don’t know what that was how do we not know what that was I don’t
    care what’s the big foot it could be an escape girl it was a big hairy thing you
    guys and you you are all insane I’m not going back to the forest the whole point
    of this was to find Bigfoot now we found something and we don’t know what it is
    but we found something so we don’t know what but it could be something awesome
    like what logan a leprechaun that’s gonna say here here’s some gold and
    chocolates for you here you go no alright it’s not someone handing out
    free iPads if there’s something in the forest at night it’s big it’s hairy it
    was coming towards us is either wants to eat us or eat us literally that’s it
    okay Jake why don’t we just slow things down a sec okay we have a ton of new
    information we just found and we have a lot of comments from you guys with
    really cool suggestions of what this might be yeah yeah you’re right and if
    we don’t go back to the forest and figure out what this thing is that we
    technically can’t film there or do any fun videos in it and yes you guys were
    very helpful with your comments a lot of you guys were analyzing the footage
    finding things that we didn’t even notice were there while we were there
    which is kind of freaky okay Jake what kind of information do we have so far
    about what this might be okay well based on the comment and you
    guys helping yourself by analyzing the video
    very slowly more than we could have the first thing that we found were that
    those scratch marks we thought on the log were most likely caused by ants so
    these aren’t anything to do yeah the next thing we notice those
    creepy banging noises like that what dude those ones that Logan seem to
    have ignored and made us go more forward into the forest those actually might be
    being caused by Bigfoot himself you were saying that Bigfoot will actually bang
    logs against trees to warn people when they’re getting too close to his area
    and Logan that makes me think that there might be a Bigfoot nest that we were
    getting too close to and if we got any closer he would have come and literally
    ate us he’s protecting his babies wait so Jake you’re saying there might
    be more than one Bigfoot like Bigfoot has babies I mean that’s what you guys
    were saying in the comments that might be why he was trying to warn us like hey
    you’re getting too close bam bam bam and then if there are babies
    Logan that means there could be little babies like me running around I’m gonna
    climb up my leg or something and eat me so that makes it even more scary and
    more of a reason why we should not go back there okay Jake just calm down for
    a second we still have a lot more information what about that weird smell
    once we got down to those sewers or tunnel area it didn’t smell like sewage
    it was like an old like musky smell you guys were saying that that could in fact
    be Bigfoot and I started researching online it and people were saying that
    you can smell Bigfoot before you see him he’s like some hairy dude that smells
    bad I mean makes sense if the guy’s body just covered in hair and I don’t know
    I’m guessing he doesn’t shampoo or conditioning Logan we’re dealing with
    someone that doesn’t use conditioner all right well and then the most important
    thing probably be single hand leave most important reason I do not want to go
    back there is the footage we captured of this thing okay so this is the first
    time we use thermo and I think right here you can see something in the bush
    yeah right right that right there we’ll look pause it look at this look at this
    it’s gonna move right wait so I think right now it’s crouched down I think
    it’s I think it’s crouching and then I think you get scared maybe and you can
    kind of see it like something’s crouched you right there and then look at this
    look at this once we’re filming once you’re filming
    and then it’ll move it moves so you see look look sitting right back see right
    there and that’s moving get right there two feet
    that is that’s two feet Logan that is not that is not a giant raccoon that is
    not a wolf it could be a bear I don’t know but it
    looks like it’s walking that’s lucky Tom’s the first ones we have what about
    the second set okay now this is the scariest part right this is when it
    actually comes towards us and this is what makes me think that maybe we’re
    getting too close to a nest up to some sort and maybe there’s a nest nearby
    okay look at this okay so right there you can definitely see something’s
    moving something’s moving something’s moving I don’t know if it’s on all fours
    or on two legs it’s really hard to tell and then look at this look at this I
    don’t know what that is dude like it could be a person but would that would
    have been like oh hey guys then we get way too scared and we start running away
    so that’s that’s all we have but bro that is that is definitely something now
    it could be a bear maybe it’s an escaped gorilla from the
    zoo that’s been the living in the forest but here’s the other thing okay I had to
    do research people were saying all Bigfoot you know might be here might be
    there you know whatever we live in Toronto look at how many sightings there
    have been online a Bigfoot in Toronto and these date back to 1958 so unless
    this Bigfoot is 60 years old he’s just walking around the forest this might in
    fact mean that Bigfoot is having Bigfoot babies fake foot babies smoking little
    eight foot babies come on this is a photo that someone took in Toronto this
    is uh this is one of the footprints here now this is actually a lot bigger than
    what we saw so maybe we’re dealing with a female but the other thing is look at
    this look at this so this is also from Ontario and look at this photo it looks
    very similar to what we saw it’s the same type of hair with Jake we found
    some of that hair on the branch and we brought it home what happened to it so a
    lot of you guys were saying that that hair couldn’t be bear hair but it was
    pretty hard to see during the night time so why don’t we go grab it and take a
    look at it I had to lock it up inside her super secure room because I don’t
    know if that Bigfoot can smell its own hair and I don’t want it tracing itself
    back to the house put it behind this door super secure
    metal door and inside the secure tape room I put the hair in this extremely
    thick metal chest don’t you think this is all a little bit intense for a little
    bit of hair Logan this is the only way we can stay safe okay it’s safe and
    secure in here I want this thing coming after us whatever it is and there we go
    okay there she is now this is the hair that we were able to grab from the
    forest we’re gonna need your help I’m no expert on analyzing hair but you need to
    help me figure out is this bear is it wolf humanely tell me if you know if you
    have any cool ideas for some spy gadgets we should buy to help us on these
    missions let us know down below you know should we get more night vision should
    we get like a device microscope science kit let us know down below well here it
    is I do not want to smell this I’m not going to smell it smell it
    she’s smell like Bigfoot knowing that if I’m not gonna smell it okay so that’s uh
    that’s it I mean people in the comments were saying it’s not bear hair I mean
    you should probably view in gloves I don’t I don’t know what it is
    it’s definitely hair okay kind of feels like fuzzy cat hair it was on a branch
    that was like six feet tall so the definitely wasn’t a cat or a raccoon I
    don’t know but the hair definitely does match up it’s thick it’s fuzzy can’t
    believe I’m saying this but I think you guys are right I think we have to go
    back do you remember in the last video we left a mold there of a Bigfoot print
    well what we thought was a Bigfoot print if we go back now the mold would have
    had enough time to harden we can pull it up and we can see what kind of
    footprints this thing was leaving this mold was found right along the trail
    with whatever was walking with this hair Jake I also had a really good idea why
    don’t we bring my drone over to the forest
    fly it above where you think the nest might be and maybe we can see Bigfoot or
    some kind of nest it’s a good idea that we don’t have to get too close don’t
    worry about getting eaten we’ll also go during the day because I am NOT going
    back at night and based on the comments Bigfoot gets more active all the way up
    until 3:00 a.m. so the sooner and the more daylight we have the better one
    last problem is the extreme cold slowly move over here
    the river has turned to ice and it’s freezing hey guys we’re dealing with extremely
    cold temperatures here there’s an extreme cold warning which means we
    cannot be here too long let alone the fact we don’t want to stay here till
    dark because of wha bigfoot it’s also only getting colder as the minutes go by
    so where did we put the footprint change should be down to somewhere over there
    yeah now the only good thing about this cold is it’ll make traveling a lot
    quicker we actually travel directly down the creek bed if you guys remember in
    the last video this was all water flowing extremely fast now it’s like our
    own little personal walkway okay guys this is so cool this is probably the
    coldest we’ve ever done a video and hopefully the equipment including the
    camera that we’re filming with can sustain this type of temperature but
    we’re getting closer and closer to where we put the footprint now keep in mind
    guys when we were here at night Bigfoot was making noises like he didn’t want us
    to come near here there is a nest and we wake him up this could be really bad
    buddy keep check focus we then headed west traveling towards where we last
    left the footprint with newfound confidence traveling during the day but
    still the thought of Bigfoot looming above us Jake that looks like a
    footprint right there swish you swallow for Bigfoot what what
    if it was like a baby Bigfoot footprint footprint footprint footprint frozen the
    ice definitely could be baby dude look at this it’s like a giant popsicle it’s
    one big icing that doesn’t show you how cold it is I don’t know what will
    actually might be a good time to go exploring in the tunnels if this cold
    stays up let us know guys we should go in there sooo guys before
    like this would have tons of foaming water at us it’d be really hard to get
    in here I’m gonna get soaking wet but because of this deep freeze
    these solid ice now I think if you guys want we could definitely go and explore
    some of these tunnels all right but we need to keep moving we got to find this
    big footprint smell that smell again nice fella – we haven’t noticed anything
    other than the smell but the footprint should be just up ahead I think it’s
    just down there walk right here yeah thanks brockhard okay let’s get this
    thing out of here let’s get the mold and get out maybe you get some drone footage
    search for that nest and then we’ll get back home I have some cocoa and
    hopefully never come back here because this is gonna be a bear footprint or
    something once we found the mold I started clearing the dirt around it I
    did carefully make sure that I was able to lift it up and remove it from the
    ground without it breaking unfortunately it was covered in dirt there’s too much
    money to really c+ to wait till we get home and clear it off okay I got it
    though it’s bagged well analyze it when we get home okay guys so we have the
    footprint we can take that home and analyze it but what I want to do right
    now is I want to fly the drone in the direction where we think Bigfoot’s nest
    might be I’ll hopefully be able to get some good footage with this I don’t know
    if he’ll be out during the day but at least we can see if we can find a nest
    not to launch it on the ice here all right so I got a visual on us from
    below all right okay now what we need to do is go over a couple miles to the west
    that’s where we last saw Bigfoot well what we think was Bigfoot
    Logan check this out I’ve got uh I’ve got some sort of it looks like a brick
    like almost like a cave or something just along the creek bed farther than
    we’ve ever traveled towards where we last saw Bigfoot look at that thing
    can you get any closer I’ve got like really reach signal I I can’t even I
    can’t see I’m flying off the camera look I’ll Aggie this thing is okay I don’t
    want to get too close guys we might lose the drone and we’ll lose all this
    footage we should get an aerial shot of it yeah you’re right dude look look this
    guy’s there’s too many trees I can’t push farther after not being able to get
    closer to the cave we took the drone up and got an aerial shot of the
    surrounding area I started looking around scanning the forest for any type
    of movement as I was moving back and forth we were almost out of battery with
    about three minutes of flight time left and that’s when I saw this wait wait
    wait look you see that do you see that what is that Jake oh I I think I think
    that might be very but I think that might be Bigfoot look we got what I get
    this wrong back I hit the drum back we got you out of here right now you you

    Box Fort ZOMBIES Nerf War Z – ZOMBIES On A PLANE ESCAPE! (Papa Jake)
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    Box Fort ZOMBIES Nerf War Z – ZOMBIES On A PLANE ESCAPE! (Papa Jake)

    September 25, 2019

    well now they’re all over the house we
    gotta move fast just like that you bring the 200 on
    board alright gonna pull up the hatch so you can take off oh no Logan we got
    zombies native South African penguin travels over five thousand miles to an
    ice village known that’s cute the Penguins make home and stay here
    laughing oh I like that 50/50 flute Jake Jake have you seen the
    news the news about the pizza strike I know I saw it
    it’s so sad no cheek not the news about the pizza the news that the Baron
    released the zombie buyers 2.0 you released the zombie virus to point out guys if what Logan’s saying is true the
    Baron has successfully released his most powerful zombie virus it’s true it’s all
    over the news just regular zombies Logan we’re talking mega zombie x’ big zombies
    knowing the Baron he’ll be releasing it right next to our house which means we
    could have zombies in this house his biggest target is you which means we
    have to do something crazy to get rid of it okay well guys because Papa Jake is
    the smartest person on earth I’ve been compared on Stine once or twice very
    true I in my infinite wisdom created a back-up plan for if the Baron did in
    fact ever release the zombie virus 2.0 what what do you mean a back-up plan
    looks like a normal door right the tapir and Jake we all know April okay I’m
    getting to the point here I installed something in case the zombie virus ever
    came back check this out what what’s in the safe not what’s in
    the safe Logan what’s behind the wall yeah when did you have the time for this
    I worked out of mostly in the morning while you’re sleeping used a lot of your
    credit card to fund it but no but but Logan this is important we needed a
    secret bunker in case the zombie virus came back so as this is our zombie
    defense worker now it is a work in progress everything’s kind of all over
    the place didn’t have a lot of time to set it up we’re still gonna be working
    on it and upgrading it but as of right now we are in a critical emergency if
    the bear and zombies breached this house we need to get out of here and all of
    our supplies including blasters attachments ammo clothing rations all of
    it is in here good for you for building this place but what are we gonna do
    about the Baron well Logan a great man once said sometimes to win you have to
    run and as of right now if those zombies are coming here we need to run Jake I
    don’t think anyone’s ever said that it’s not important right now looking you’ve
    got bigger fish to fry no no no no this isn’t good yeah zombies breach the house
    Jake how many of them I’m counting over 20 Jake how are we gonna get out of this
    house we can’t just live in this bunker okay okay guys I have an idea if you
    remember in our last video we created a box for a private jet for little
    squeegee well I hate to break it to everyone I think a little squeegee might
    be a zombie right about now which means he’s not currently using his jet Logan I
    say we grab as much blasters as much ammunition as much of everything we can
    hold make our way downstairs and convert that private jet into a zombie defense
    plane capable of destroying zombies so you’re saying we turn the private jet
    into an attack defense plane exactly then we fly out of here and find a place
    to lay low until we can figure out how to stop the Baron I think it’s time to
    gear up dude what are you wearing what what
    what’s wrong with this Logan the point of this armor is to have really cool
    stuff look what I’m dressed in plus the fazham
    bee attacks doing that your good is gone but but I was really cozy all right
    Logan’s ready take on some zombies it’s time for part two of my plan we need to
    make it downstairs to the plane and geared up with blasters we can turn it
    into a zombie defense plan which means we need to choose our blasters put them
    inside our protective case and get through downstairs and ready to assemble
    without getting eaten by zombies which means Logan you’re gonna be in charge of
    carrying the box I’ll defend you as we make our way down we’ll make our way
    downstairs what’s with the plainest there’s already
    zombies in the house so be careful I know you’re gonna have to hold the belt
    over you okay let’s move flesh that’s off keep it going
    another all over the house we got any fast I think we clear them out I move ahead
    and see if I can see any zombies it’s not moving okay
    you almost made it downstairs hey guys were you able to make it downstairs
    towards where the plane is there she is Logan the old private jet
    now all I need to do guys is upgrade this jet so that we can turn it into a
    zombie defense plant add some upgrades to it get the power back on hopefully
    this thing can take off and take out some zombies no more coming he’s down
    Jake there’s another one oh nice shot dude thanks wait to get
    here another one I got this that was a lucky shot well not only for cleared out
    the zombies from down here guys we need to convert this plane into a zombie
    defense play I said we grab all of our gear grab some tape and start upgrading
    this thing and making it awesome so check this out we just went ahead and
    upgraded the entire plane to be a zombie defense plane and it’s looking pretty
    sweet see I think these zombies are gonna be scared of this when they see
    this we open up the hatch here welcome to the zombie defense play we’ve
    got side mounted turrets such as this bad boy over here to rip through zombies
    and the main thing about this guys that we wanted to make sure that we could
    shoot out of any angle so for example the back of the plane has its own turret
    over here we’ve got a mounted shotgun on the wall in case the zombie gets inside
    we’ve got a very large-scale sniper rifle which we can shoot out at any
    angle we need to and then over here on the side we’ve got the shooting port
    which flaps down like this so we can take our blasters and shoot
    any additional zombies that come at the plane we’ve also got an additional
    turret here but that’s not all we got check out the
    cockpit so if you guys haven’t seen our private jet before this is a fully
    flyable box sport plane which means it’s got its very own cockpit to the cockpit
    we go and check this out guys so this is the planes cockpit it’s got everything
    we need to take off we got our monitors up here we also have the engine start
    over here and most importantly the plane has a front turret so if you look at the
    camera system here you can actually see outside of the plane at the front and if
    we pull the button down it starts shooting now that we checked out the
    cockpit you guys need to check out the doom buggy oh yeah
    so we don’t exactly know where we’re gonna take the plane yet to survive the
    zombie apocalypse but wherever we go we’re gonna need a mode of
    transportation which is why we converted the back into a ramp that we can drive
    our dune buggy into so this ramp falls down and then we’re able to drive our
    dune buggy into the back of the plane and you take it wherever just like that we bring the dune buggy
    on board then the ramp comes up we can load any supplies ammunition anything
    like that into the plane and then take off easily all right gonna pull up the
    hatch so you can take off Oh No Logan we got zombies get the door shut
    we can’t take off the do zombies we’re gonna have to take them up first I take
    the door shut all right take your defensive position guys we’re not gonna
    be able to take the plane off until we get rid of these zombies we’re gonna
    have to defend the plane first firing up the turret alright to care of that one
    Logan we have some on the right side of the plank you got the flavor I think it’s got a kick on it gonna get
    the machine gun fire there’s so many of them Jake we need to get this plane off
    the ground put a we got one at the back door I got an idea hold on new zombie got him
    okay let’s get this hatch closed Ryan hatches closed we have to take off okay
    if we have a little bit of a window here let’s give her the cockpit right now
    let’s start taking off okay get into your seat starting up the ship’s engine
    okay okay four colors ready one two three are online man we need to get out
    of here guys before the zombies start getting really bad we need to find a
    place to lay low so we can figure out how to stop the zombie virus yep what we
    need to check this turret first okay checking the system hope we go zombie
    because I’ll be running from the aircraft all right firing up the front
    turret this should be a little loud all right I think we’re good to go
    company’s looking good in the back back to back hatches closed
    all right well all we have is the supplies in this aircraft get ready for
    takeoff takeoff position engines forward all right steady pace we have liftoff
    things a little turbulent here fuel levels are good everything is good to go
    all right good all right I’m gonna put all the engines to maximum power if we
    need to get out of the city and fast we’re gonna take this plane as far away
    from the city as we can and find out a place to lay low wherever we’re going
    though guys if we do happen to run into trader Joe we’re gonna need as many
    likes on this video as possible so you smash that like button and if you don’t
    want to miss our zombie adventures hit the subscribe button we’re in for a bit
    of a rough ride we’ll see you guys next time

    BOX FORT HIGH SCHOOL!! 📦🚌 Gym Class, Dodgeball, Detention & More!
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    BOX FORT HIGH SCHOOL!! 📦🚌 Gym Class, Dodgeball, Detention & More!

    September 25, 2019

    box for its past for the counter you
    learned everything you need to know about making boxes do you guys know how
    much of an average roll of duct tape can hold up oh well you’ll learn it here
    I probably xbox for Academy there you go Easy’s get into bed
    are you sleep tight now don’t want you guys waking up in this hour
    Pappa Jake’s pop jukebox we’re building services how may I help you school you
    say yeah I don’t know about that I’ve got a lot going on right now between the
    red Legion and zombies it’s not really something I’m 40 rolls of tape for the
    school I was just putting my easiest to sleep but I think I could swing it 40
    rolls of tape you have yourself a deal I’ll gather Logan and we will build you
    a school you’ve had my word all right guys looks like you’re not going to bed
    I’m putting you on we’ve got a box for to build Logan get in here we’re gonna
    work you what’s going on guys Poppa Jake your front teeth with me and we are back
    with a brand new video and today guys we’re doing something that all of you
    have been asking for for a very long time Logan we’re going to school school
    school Logan that’s right we’re building a box for school so we can learn just
    here looking what’s 2+2 4 there you go Logan’s got the math down we’ve got a
    lot more to learn guys and a lot of you guys have been asking us to make this
    video and I’ve been super excited to do a full on out box Ford school we’re
    gonna have everything we’re gonna have a gym classroom we’re gonna have a science
    room a math room we’re gonna have like halls with lockers in them it is gonna
    be a full-on box Ford school if you happen to be brand new to the channel
    make sure you hit that subscribe button so you can join the Poppa Jake family we
    are over 4 million subscribers strong thank you guys again so very much for
    helping us get there and if you do decide to subscribe make sure you hit
    the little bell button it’s right down there beside the subscribe button and
    click the fun so you never miss an awesome video but guys here is what
    we’re dealing with alright so as of right now we use structures built down
    we’ve got this kind of big house over here a big school looking building it
    doesn’t look like a school but I think this might be a classroom I’m not
    entirely sure yet what I’m thinking guys is that we make a hallway all the way
    over to this building you check this out guys so you might remember this it’s
    gone through a lot of renovations but this I think is gonna be the gym because
    it is massive it’s also two stories so you have enough room to stand up in here
    you know this where we can go and play dodgeball do all the gym class stuff
    that you normally do and guys we have a lot of really cool and awesome school
    related gear that we’re gonna show you guys but that we’re gonna save that for
    when we start decking out the box board I think the most important thing right
    now is to get into building and start making our school alright guys so first
    thing on the list is getting this gym in working order we need to make sure that
    all of the inside is removed and also preparing the ceiling and the wall it
    looks like a tornado went through here this thing is falling apart so we’re
    gonna repair this first and then we’re gonna get working on the hall we also
    have to make our lockers we’ve got to make everything that a regular school
    would have so so that stuff’s gonna require some extra box for engineering
    but I think we’ll be able to do it alright check it out the gym is Kuechly
    you got the whole thing lit up with LEDs we’ve got the spotlights in here so it
    actually looks like a gym and this thing looks sweet we also went ahead and put
    markers on the ground so we know exactly where to be when we’re playing games
    like dodgeball and all that fun stuff like I said at the start of the video we
    have a lot of cool things and one of those is gonna be a full on out
    dodgeball match between me and Logan so now what we have to do is we have to
    connect this gym to the next classroom through a school hall with an entrance
    and filled lockers we got a lot of stuff to do guys in fact we’ve got so much
    stuff that I was talking to Logan like this would be an awesome series to
    continue boxboard school have like different classrooms different teachers
    different things to do if you guys like this and think this is an awesome idea
    swipe the like button down below let’s try and crush 50,000 likes and we’ll
    continue the series but let’s go outside and see what Logan’s up to while Jake is
    lighting the inside of the gym I’m gonna work on building the hallway that
    connects the gym to the main classroom so now we’re inside the classroom and
    this is the part that we have to check out because where all of our classes are
    gonna be in so as you can see we’ve already got this really cool lens here
    which we can use to kind of sit on and have our desks on here and then down
    here is where the teacher will teach with this big wall here we’ve got to get
    all of our cool gear in here and start decking this place out to not only look
    like the classroom but also function like one and I need to light this place
    because right now it’s kind of dark so I’m gonna start working on that while
    Logan continues to work on the hall and then we’ll reconvene when we’re done alright guys so we just did a ton of
    upgrades to the school I want to show you guys of what it looks like inside
    because this place is awesome we didn’t just make like a regular school alright
    this is a full-on college campus we got a flag but you guys know any proper
    school needs a proper flag so you got a flag out front and we’ve got everything
    inside the real schoolhouse so let’s go check it out before we do
    any more and I want to show you guys around the high school we still have a
    name box for its password Academy where you learn everything you need to know
    about making boxes this is looking single take dimensions do you guys know
    how much an average roll of duct tape can hold up or how long an average roll
    duct tape is well you’ll learn it here a poppet Xbox for Academy but guys check
    this out alright this is the main hall as you guys can see we got posters all
    around here we got things like are you stuck practice with a growth mindset
    past that guys though we’ve got our very taken walk yeah so you open it up you
    got yourself a nice little Locker inside so you put like our bags in here or
    anything like that but let’s check out the main classroom you this is where
    we’re gonna be learning everything and having all of our classes welcome to Fox
    Ford Academy all right this is lecture class numero 1 this is where you’ll
    learn everything from sciences the arts to box ology everything you need to know
    to become a master box floor builder and you might be thinking Papaji where are
    you gonna sit this is future technology a box for an engineering
    this is a box desk simply open it like this oh wow yeah slide here Oh
    and reassemble that’s you guys so nice type take notes anything you need while
    the teacher is doing this lecture and you’re sitting up but anyway this is the
    classroom here so this is where we’re gonna be doing all of our studying but
    guys you know the classroom isn’t the only part of any school oh no we’ve got
    the gym so let’s go check out the finalized gym over here you gotta go all
    the way to the other side of the school and when I say the other side of the
    school I mean that it’s all you all the way down there so I guess this will be a
    time lapse we’ll go over to the gym alright guys so here’s the gym I
    actually completely forgot we never cut the door to the gym so we’ve got to open
    up our gym door here let me go inside but as you can see the hallway is nice
    and big but to do activities in the gym we needed a bigger space so check this
    out – Surrey gym or we can play games like dodgeball basketball for this video
    though we’re gonna play some dodgeball but this is it look how big it is man
    even got the lines on the grass you know where you are but there’s so many
    possibilities and guys I want to remind you guys if you think that we should
    keep this build and keep adding on to it maybe do a billionaires box for or I was
    even thinking like this would be a sweet space station let me know in the comment
    section down below and smack that like button let’s try and get 50,000 likes on
    this video but now that we have our gym ready we have one more thing to do
    before this is officially a box fort High School where you gotta get our
    dodge balls in here now I’ve got over Dodge balls here they’re not inflated
    yet so let’s get these things inflated so we can use them in our dodgeball
    match 3 – what sorry guys we gotta dodge balls ready we’ve got the gym ready I
    think this school is officially done and it’s time to turn it over to the
    principal because we got this thing completed alright looks like she’s done
    we built yourself an entire school in record time now just hand over the keys
    job here is done now I don’t know what this talk about
    finishing no boxboard is well my question is where do you boys think
    you’re going it’s time for school you’re about to be late five minutes till class
    – better deck wait wait wait cook go to class no no we
    we were the builders we’re not students here you don’t want to end up in
    detention now do me you boys weep we built this place we’re not students no
    way yeah we’re not students we’re far done with school then that nonsense with
    that I know first educators can be quite scary now you get inside now all right
    now get I’m watching you best be going to class discuss that’s pretty serious
    he’s saying work that got his attention Jake I don’t want to go to detention I
    don’t either maybe we just go okay yeah we’re good we’re getting to class sorry
    about that must have been a misunderstanding
    Jake what do we do look I don’t know but I do not want to go to detention
    maybe we just just do this day all right it can’t be that hard it’s high school
    and Logan I’m a little bit worried because these lockers have our names on
    them do you think they really messed up and put us as students I don’t know how
    do we even know what class to go to well let’s take a look inside our lockers do
    we have oh okay a notebook and pen what are you out I just have a light not the
    greatest first day class maybe it has some info on our schedule in here right
    here 9:00 a.m. our first class is science with mr. shmoo all students
    please head to your first class why does that name sound familiar
    I don’t know but look we got to get to class now or we’re gonna be late come on
    describe what you can we’ll go we’ll share each other’s notebooks come on all
    right this is our first class I’ll take my seat here welcome come on we made it
    just in time all right science class all right I’m gonna take
    some notes do you I don’t have any paper hello children and welcome to my class
    my name is professor smear you can call me the professor smooth that’s spelt s
    and E smear today I’ll be teaching you about science
    that’s spirit see no please please please be up we get
    it we get it science no no more we don’t need it spelled out
    if you think you’re smart enough to skip the introductions then I suppose we can
    do so I have prepared all of you a lab assignment for today Oh Abba Simon your
    objective is to complete it with a partner create a concoction and learn
    about science but if you fail you will be going to the e T shine the engine if
    will pass begins attention how is that even fair good luck I guess we’re
    partners on this do you know anything about science I don’t know anything
    about science but here I have two kin well let’s just make slime that’s a
    super easy science experiment there’s no way we can mess that up right now I’m
    happy the slime activator I’m gonna add some of these things I don’t really know
    why but I think I’ll make it look cool here goes nothing whoa whoa okay all right no self never
    do that again Oh my eyes closed what are you doing get
    out of my class right now okay well I think we’re late for gym class anyway
    welcome to Moscow right now or get detention
    all right ready for gym class Oh God but in gym class
    I’m gonna give teacher whoa it looks like very qualified gym teacher
    you guys know Avery good hands with JIT with gym class Bob kiss I pretend chin
    in this life so I think there’s an age first lesson you guys will play
    dodgeball I’m moving finish bag burritos other side I’ll come back in you know
    you get graded and stuff so yeah Jake let’s do what the man says okay I don’t
    want to go to detention all right well looks like we’re playing
    dodgeball you know I used to be sort of the dodgeball King back in the day you
    ready to take me on Logan Jake you’re going down all right three
    two one you’re going down – let’s see what you
    got buddy hey as what we see we ditch this class play a little bit of hooky I
    mean he’s gonna be out there for a while – yeah cut up for you but I’m tired of
    getting hit in the face with dodgeballs look I knew this class would be boring
    so I brought this from home what is it it’s an ultimate fidget pack let’s see
    what’s inside check it out please it’s a fizzy cube hey you kids
    what are you doing out of class hey mr. principal oh we were just on a bathroom
    break that bathroom great you two are going to detention
    oh no he’s sending us to detention

    Who Can Catch the BIGGEST FISH in 30 Mins?!
    Articles, Blog

    Who Can Catch the BIGGEST FISH in 30 Mins?!

    September 24, 2019

    (upbeat music) – So we are going to have
    a fishing competition between Ty and my dad. – I’m the best fisherman. – Oh yeah, that fisherman
    hat looks amazing. So all three of us are
    going to have fishing rods and we’re going to throw our
    bait in at the exact same time. In 30 minutes, whoever can
    catch the biggest fish, I mean, if you can even
    catch a fish in 30 minutes. – Yeah, so basically, you
    can only catch one fish. That’s it. So if you catch one fish, you’re done. We measure it, we see whose is bigger. After 30 minutes, if
    you don’t catch a fish, well, obviously, you lose. – Yeah, but the one rule is, is you have to take the
    fish off with your hands after you catch it. – With your hands! I don’t know about that rule. – Ty hates touching fish. – [Dan] He’s so scared of fish. – So scared of fish. – [Dan] That’s not really a rule. – [Lincoln] No, it’s not. – [Dan] I’ll help you take it off, because I know how terrified you guys are. – [Dan] Okay, Ty’s
    going to be right there, Lincoln’s going to be right there. I’ll throw mine out, but
    I’m going to give you guys a little bit of a head start.
    Three, two, one, start! (whistle blowing) You’re just dropping it
    straight down under the boat. Okay, there’s one strategy. Lincoln, did you just drop yours? – Uh, no, it’s over there. – [Girl] I’ll fish, too! – [Dan] You threw it out, okay! – [Girl] I’m fishing, too! – [Dan] All right, I’d
    better get mine out. – [Ty] I got one, I got one! – [Lincoln] A fish? What? – [Ty] Aw, he had it in his mouth. Look, he’s going for it! – [Dan] What the heck! Stay there, I’m coming. – [Ty] Look at this one! I barely have had to
    put this in the water, look at this fish, comes right up. – [Dan] Oh my gosh, is
    that the one you want? – [Ty] Right up, no. – [Dan] Oh my gosh! – [Ty] There he is. (Dan laughs) – I don’t want that one though. – [Dan] Pick a new spot, then. – Dang it, I saw a big fish right here! – [Dan] Dang, man. – He’s right there, ugh! – [Dan] That guy’s gonna eat it, unless you move somewhere else. – [Ty] Lincoln, be careful! – [Dan] Where’s yours at? – [Ty] There’s a small
    one coming over there. – Coming over here? – [Dan] That fish was
    attacking it, Lincoln. He was just jumping up out
    of the water to get it. – [Lincoln] That poor fish. You’re going to head out on the ski boat? – [Dan] Okay, Ty is changing positions. He’s moving over to this side of the boat. Good luck, Ty. But not that good of luck, though. Oh, it’s the same fish! – Got him. I got him, dang it!
    No, no, he spit it out! – [Dan] Oh my gosh. – Hallelujah! (Dan laughs) – [Dan] It’s too easy! – [Ty] I need to be out back here. – [Dan] Oh jeez, what? – I’m the best fisherman ever. (Dan laughs) – Woo! – [Dan] Lincoln’s got it! I hope it’s small! – [Ty] I hope it’s tiny! – [Dan] It’s bending that rod, though! – What is it? (suspenseful music) – [Man In Blue Tank Top]
    Kissed the house boat. – I don’t think this reeler works. – Yeah, it does. Wait, let me see. You go like this, look, push it like that. – [Dan] Ty is teaching
    Lincoln which way to reel. – Push it this way? – Yeah.
    – [Dan] That’s it, that’s it! Oh, it’s bending it a lot, Lincoln. That might be a big one! – [Ty] Do you have any image? – [Dan] Smart fish. – [Ty] That pole, jeez! – [Dan] Why can’t you reel it in? – I don’t know. – [Dan] Does it have a
    ton of slack on that? That’s bending it a lot. – [Ty] Oh, there it is, there, keep going. We’re on, just pull up, pull up. There you go, see it? – [Dan] Oh, that’s a catfish! – [Lincoln] Oh boy! – [Dan] Oh boy, catfish. – [Ty] Pull it up, pull it up, pull it up! Get it up here, Lincoln. – [Lincoln] Where is it? – [Ty] Pull, reel, reel! No, other way, other way! – [Lincoln] Other way, dang it! – [Dan] Lincoln, stop reeling
    the wrong way, it breaks it! – [Ty] Slow down, slow down! – [Dan] Oh, Lincoln. You get so excited, you break the pole. – Yeah go for it, there
    you go, keep reeling, keep reeling, keep reeling! – [Lincoln] Where is it? – [Ty] It’s coming! I see it down there. – This thing is huge! – [Ty] Keep going!
    – [Dan] That’s a big boy. – [Lincoln] I see it, oh my! – That’s a big fish. – [Dan] That’s a big one. – [Ty] Do you want to get
    the net and I’ll do this? – [Lincoln] Yeah.
    – [Ty] So you can get it. – [Lincoln] Yeah, yeah, yeah, thanks. – [Ty] Oh my gosh! – [Dan] There’s too much
    slack on that reel, I think. It needs to be tightened
    up, it’s just pulling it. Oh man, he is strong. Get it, Lincoln, dip it! – [Ty] Pull up! – [Dan] Scoop it! – [Lincoln] Yes! – [Dan] Oh, it’s a big boy! Look at that cat!
    – [Ty] Here, let me see. – [Dan] Oh that is so big. All right, we’ve got to measure him. – [Lincoln] That thing is massive! Come on buddy, breathe, breathe! – [Dan] How do we measure this guy? We need something to measure it with. – [Man In Blue Tank Top] Are
    we going on length or weight? – [Dan] Probably length
    because we broke the scale. – [Lincoln] Breathe! – [Man In Background] Okay. (Lincoln yelling drowns out speaker) – Oh, oh, yep, he’s good. – [Ty] Want me to hold the camera? – [Dan] Yes, don’t drop it.
    – [Lincoln] He is alive. – [Woman] Grace, do you want to come look? – [Lincoln] It’s caught
    on the net I think. That thing is huge! (girl yelling is drowned
    out by other speakers) – [Dan] Stop spinning, buddy. – [Woman] Do you see it? – [Lincoln] All right, yeah,
    I’ll take that as my catch. – [Dan] Where is the hook? There it is! – [Woman] Look at it! – [Lincoln] London, stop. – [Dan] London, stop spraying us! Don’t spray us! – [Lincoln] Here, put it
    in the water for a minute. – [Dan] Okay. – [Lincoln] Oh my gosh! Look at that thing! – [Ty] Yeah, Lincoln! – That thing is huge! – [Dan] Dang, man, that’s a big fish. – Pick it up, Ty. You gotta get it out of there.
    – Nah, I’m good. – You gotta get it out. – [Ty] No, just put it in the water! – [Lincoln] Here, I’ll touch you. – [Dan] Okay, Taylor, you are the judge– – [Lincoln] Yo, you’re slimy! – [Taylor] All right all right. – [Dan] You girls are the
    judge, so see how big that is? That’s Lincoln’s fish. – [Taylor] Wait, hold it
    down, put it down here. Put it up against the– – [Woman] Want to cut a
    piece as long as it is? – [Dan] Nah, let’s just let him out. – [Taylor] Dan, you know we
    could just do this with the net! (woman laughs) (cheering) – [Dan] Okay that’s how big it is. – [Woman] All right, that’s pretty big. – [Ty] That’s probably about a foot. – [Dan] Okay, we’re letting him free. See you, buddy! – [Lincoln] Don’t get
    caught on another line! – [Dan] See ya! Oh, he’s going straight down. Straight down. Lincoln, that is impressive. – I got that so deep. I got that, it was– – [Dan] Okay, we’ve still
    got about 20 minutes, Ty We’ve got to catch up here. – It’s hard to catch up! – [Dan] Yeah, we gotta catch it. – [Woman] It’s so big! I’m just going to catch the same fish, then I know I won’t lose. Okay,
    Ty’s got one, Ty’s got one! How is it, does it feel big or small? Come over this way, come on the back deck. Oh, that looks big! – [Ty] It’s big. – [Dan] Oh boy, oh boy, it’s
    pulling your, you got, oh jeez! I think that’s– – [Lincoln] Pull! – [Dan] Ooh, that’s a big boy! There’s another fish following it! – [Ty] I got, I feel like I’m bigger! – [Dan] That looks like a bigger catfish. – [Ty] Look at that, look at that! – [Man In Blue Tank Top] Oh, I think that one might be bigger. – [Taylor] Oh, that one’s big. That one’s way bigger. – [Man In Blue Tank Top]
    That’s a bigger fish. That’s a trout, though. – [Taylor] According to the judges– – [Lincoln] No, that’s a cat. – [Man In Blue Tank Top] That’s a catfish. – [Dan] Wow, that’s a beast! – [Lincoln] Honestly, I
    thought there was no way anyone’s going to get a
    bigger fish than mine. – [Dan] Here we go! That’s a fat one! – [Man In Blue Tank
    Top] What do you think? – [Taylor] Bigger, bigger.
    – [Dan] Look at this guy. – [Man In Blue Tank Top] Same fish? – [Taylor] No, bigger. – [Dan] Ty’s is bigger? – [Girl In Purple Shirt]
    It’s bigger, yeah, it is. – [Ty] It looks fatter. – [Taylor] Sorry, Lincoln. – [Dan] Oh, there it goes.
    – [Ty] Oh yeah, that’s bigger. – [Dan] He’s a goner. – [Ty] Woo! – [Dan] Ty has now taken the lead. – [Girl In Purple Shirt] I really thought you had that, Lincoln. – [Lincoln] I know, I was so obviously– – [Dan] I only have about
    ten minutes to catch one. Time is running out! – [Lincoln] I was just
    thinking, there’s no way anyone’s going to get
    a bigger fish than me! – [Dan] And then, bam! Ty does something epic. – [Ty] Dan just– – Ah! – [Man In Blue Tank Top] Can you see it? You can totally see it! – It’s so big! – [Man In Blue Tank Top] He’s so huge! – Check it out, Ty! – [Ty] Dan got a big one. (yelling) – [Ty] That’s definitely a– (speaker is drowned out by yelling) – [Lincoln] It’s so big! (laughing) – I got the smallest one. Sorry, I didn’t know. I was trying to trick the boys. – [Man In Blue Tank Top]
    But it’s not a catfish. – [Man In Background]
    But it’s not a catfish. – I caught the biggest non-catfish. – [Woman] Grace, do you
    want to touch this one? – [Dan] Taylor, is this the biggest? – [Taylor] I think it might, actually. – [Woman] Do you want to touch it? – [Taylor] It’s pretty close. – [Ty] Good job, Dan. – I did it, I caught one. – [Dan] I caught a bass, what kind of fish is that, just a bass? – [Man In Background] A bass.
    There he goes. Sorry, buddy. ♪ We are the champions. ♪ – [Dan] Let’s hear it! Where’s Lincoln? There you are. Okay, Taylor, give him the trophy. – Here you go, Ty. (cheering) – [Dan] Ty’s the champion,
    there’s the trophy. Lincoln, better luck next time. Ty, for the second time
    at Lake Powell, again is the king of giant fish at Lake Powell. The kid catches giant fish. If you haven’t seen that
    video, we’ll link it right here and you can watch it, but let us know what you
    guys thought about that. Have you ever caught a
    fish bigger than that? I don’t think so.