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    NEW METAL SHARK! – Feed and Grow Fish Christmas Update – Part 115 | Pungence
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    NEW METAL SHARK! – Feed and Grow Fish Christmas Update – Part 115 | Pungence

    September 17, 2019

    – It’s a crab wearing a Santa hat. You don’t remind me of
    Santa Claus, you killed me! What? Dude, look at that! Please, we open it? Achievement! Guys, do you know what day it is today? That’s right, it’s the best day ever. Guys, it’s update day, we gotta brand new update
    in Feed and Grow Fish. I’m so excited. We gotta brand new present, we’re gonna be opening
    a new present today. I guess the Santa crabs
    brought us a present. There’s actually Santa crabs. I love these Christmas updates. If you’re excited too hit
    that like button and guys, I got an idea. I was thinking, since we got an update, what if we did two Feed and
    Grow Fish videos next week. If we can get over nine-thousand
    likes on this video, that’s right, over nine-thousand. We’ll two Feed and Grow
    Fish videos next week. So guys, it’s up to you. But hey, only hit the like
    button if you like the video, so maybe, we’ll see. With the new update it
    kinda erased all my mods. We got no mods, there’s no mods,
    I’m playing the game legit. And it’s been awhile, I think
    it’s been a couple months since we’ve just played
    the game straight up so, I might be a little rusty,
    I’m gonna warn you guys. I might be a little rusty,
    but I got some coins, I got sixty-one coins. And I’m thinking, yo we got
    this new barracuda skin. This was the old one but I
    don’t think we’ve played as this barracuda before so all we
    gotta do is open the present and see what’s inside,
    so let’s get in here. Also I wanna talk about the new stuff that’s been updated in this update. Look at this, this is all new. One of the new things in
    the update is they said some of the in the ocean map,
    which I guess is the ocean map have been updated or finished. They never had plankton
    before, is this edible? I don’t think that’s edible,
    I think that’s decoration. (chuckles) But all this stuff is new, I
    think all this stuff is new. Actually the map looks really nice too and last time I tried it
    actually, it was pretty foggy. I couldn’t see much. I’m liking it, I’m liking the
    alterations they did so far. What’re we waiting for let’s
    just open these presents. Guys we gotta see the Santa
    crabs, look at this guy! It’s a crab wearing a Santa hat, but it doesn’t have the white ball on top. Uh oh! Oh no! Guys, the controller, oh no! How dare you, how dare you? You don’t remind me of
    Santa Claus, you killed me! He killed me, that doesn’t
    remind me of Santa Claus. Okay, so I’m a little
    rusty, I’m a little rusty. Are you serious, a crab just took me out? How many bites does it
    take to get this thing? Oh right, with the barracuda
    we do more damage by sprinting. The faster we go, the more damage we do. I gotta remember that. (chuckles) Let’s test it on this. Dude, two point four. I went from half of a point
    of damage, to two point four. That’s pretty good, that’s
    really good actually. You know what, Santa crabs,
    you think you’re so great ’cause you’re wearing a Santa hat? Well watch this! That things got reindeer antlers. Let’s do speed, speed, that’s right! I got the speed, he almost killed me. I’m only at four health. No, I have the speed though. But I have speed, get ’em, yes! Is it just me or these crabs
    like super crabs or something. And he’s so fast, he’s got a red nose! It’s a Rudolph the red nose Santa crab. Okay guys, we’re about
    to get revenge on ’em. I can’t wait any longer, we
    gotta open this last present. Last year they did a Christmas event too. If you never opened
    the presents last year, now you got another
    chance to open presents. What else, lets read one
    of the things they changed. Presents are back. They reduced the prices
    on some of the fish, which is really nice. The experience required
    to level up as a big fish has been reduced. I’m not sure which of these
    presents is a new one, so let’s just start opening. Let’s open this one! It’s not opening. I think last year all we
    had to do was just touch it and it opened. Yes! Oh there’s the mecha bibos,
    which we got last year. There’s the alpha gray white shark. They’re not popping out like they used to. (chuckles) Can I bite ’em? Can’t really bite ’em. And then this should be the fossil bibos. Oh no, that’s the mecha
    bibos, wait a minute. That’s the mecha bibos. That’s the alpha gray white shark. What is this, is that something different? Oh no, we got a Santa crab. Those guys are mean even though
    they gave us these presents. Maybe this is the fossil bibos. That’s the fossil bibos. That’s the mecha bibos. There’s the alpha gray white shark. This must be the new thing we got. I didn’t get a notification or anything. I feel like last year gave
    us some kinda notification. I’ll deal with you in a
    minute, you crazy Santa crab. We opened the present, so
    I should have a new fish. Let’s just take a look. Fish select. Just keep looking. It looked like a shark or somethin’. What? Dude, look at that! Requires achievement: Mecha
    Shark: Merry Christmas. Locked, requires achievement:
    Mecha Shark: Merry Christmas. How do we get that achievement? It’s another version of
    the great white shark. Are you serious? Mecha shark? This is my new favorite! Requires achievement: Mecha
    Shark: Merry Christmas. Wait how do we get achievement: Mecha Shark: Merry Christmas? I bet it’s by opening the
    present, but I opened the present. Uh oh. I just restarted the game,
    I think I know what it is. I think I know what the problem is. I don’t have any mods installed but I did spawn in some coins. On the top right I
    think it said “cheated”. I did spawn in some coins just so we could play as the barracuda. I think that’s what it was. That was the fossil bibos. This is the mecha bibos. This was the alpha gray white shark. Please give me an achievement
    for this mecha shark, please! We open it, achievement! Two-thousand eighteen Christmas
    gift, achievement unlocked. Mecha Shark Merry Christmas. Did we just get a mecha shark? Here’s the thing, we need some coins. We need some coins to play as this guy. How many coins do we need? Oh boy, two-hundred coins. Oh my goodness, look at that thing. It’s a robot shark! All the stats are the same as
    the regular great white shark. Don’t hate me, but we gotta
    play at this thing so, I gotta do it. We need the coins, so I
    could play for an hour or so and get the coins or we could
    just play as him right now. Actually before we do that,
    we got a new tiger shark. They changed the model of the tiger shark, they said to make it more accurate. I like this, I like this new model. Let me know in the
    comments what you think. I think is the third tiger
    shark model we’ve gone through. Personally, I like it. Maybe we should try it in a future video. But today we’re doing this
    mecha great white shark. I can’t believe this. I gotta see this thing, I gotta see it. Another thing guys, I wanted to let you I
    tried to play a server- Oh! I spawned right next to that other guy, you’re not gonna hurt me are ‘ya. We’re friends. (chuckles) But I tried playing on a server
    which is what I used to do but for whatever reason
    all the hostile fish or the predator fish, they
    don’t spawn in so Old Blood, the creators of the game,
    if you’re watching this. If there’s any way to fix
    that, that’d be awesome ’cause I love playing on a
    server, plus we can play as anything when we’re on a server. Let’s take a look at this thing. I love it! Look at those eyes. Look at that body. Look at those details. This thing is crazy. Oh my goodness. In his throat it actually
    looks like a gun. Imagine if he could shoot lasers. Imagine if this things could shoot lasers. That would be so stinking cool. He already is really cool. Can I get a close up of this guy? Can we get a close up up
    against a rock or something? Let’s get close up of this guy. This thing is amazing. Definitely one of my favorite
    Christmas presents this year. The mecha bibos, I think
    that was my favorite before. The mecha bibos, might’ve
    been my favorite. This might be my new favorite. Imagine a baby version of this. I wonder if there’s a
    baby version of this. That would be amazing too. Look in his tail, there’s some kind of black
    thing connecting it all. I don’t know man. Let’s eat, let’s eat some fish. You know what I wanna eat first? I think you know. Let’s get those stupid
    Santa crabs, that’s right. Hey Santa crab, you think you’re strong? Well you’re pretty fast. Take this! Uh oh, I missed him. I can’t get one of this guys. Let’s get Rudolph the red
    nosed Santa crab, got him! One bite, one bite and he’s gone. Let’s get this guy, got him. (chuckles) I wonder if we can just swallow him whole. Can I swallow this Santa crab? They are really fast. I can’t catch this guy, he’s so fast. Got him. We can swallow ’em whole. It’s kinda crazy too,
    how the eyes come out. The eyes come out a little bit. The models in this game are so amazing. Wait a minute, look at this guy. Oh no, he was on his back! Got ’em. (chuckles) That guy was on his back. Let’s get this coccosteus. Let’s get something a
    little bigger like maybe a dunkleosteus or. What’re those? A buncha barracuda, get back
    here you crazy barracuda. Hammer head! One bite, everything is one bite. I’m very happy about that. This is such a great Christmas. Also it feels great to just be
    playing regular death match. We’ve been playing with mods
    for so long it feels good to just be playing the
    regular game in death match. Let’s eat some puffer fish. I think he poisoned me. It said negative four but it was green. I think that poisoned me. (chuckles) Did you see the ragdoll on that guy? Where’s the dunkleosteus,
    we need some competition. He usually hangs out
    around here, this is crazy. Actually I just remembered I
    need to talk about update stuff so they said the water
    rendering is improved. It looks better to me. The tiger shark new model, more accurate. Aigialosaurus behavior fixed. I guess they said the aigialosaurus would just ignore everything. Now it’ll actually fight stuff. More ocean map parts fixed. Whoa, that’s all glowy in
    there, that’s pretty cool. (chuckles) I love the ocean map
    improvements, it looks very nice. Hey get back here you crazy Santa crab. I can’t be too mad at the Santa crabs. Technically I think it was
    them who gave us the presents. What’re those particles coming off? That’s pretty cool. What else we got? Megaladon! The megalodon is now playable in the game. I know we can play with him, with mods. But now we can play with him legit. But we gotta take him out and when we do we get another achievement. Let’s take out this tiger shark. We get another achievement,
    so leave a like or let me know in the comments
    if we should try to take out the megalodon and get that
    achievement next video. Let me know what you think we should use. I wonder if we could use
    this thing because this is technically a shark, the
    megalodon is kind of like a type of shark so it might not let me fight him. I don’t know guys. This is crazy. This is absolutely crazy. Where’s the dunkle- oh! There’s a goliath fish. Where’s the dunkleosteus though? Did you see that, we just
    shake it back and fourth, look at that! That is so awesome. Out of all the fish we’ve
    eaten, I’m only level three. (chuckles) This is why I like playing on a server. ‘Cause you can increase the
    experience rate by three. Let’s get another goliath fish. I just love thrashing those things around. I let go, where’d he go? There he is. I just love thrashing ’em. We’re only level three. There’s not a lot of
    stuff in this ocean map. But that’s another thing on the servers. You can control how many
    things spawn, what spawns in. But for whatever reason, none
    of the predators are spawning, which is kinda crazy. Whoa, look at this! Look at those particles. Oh, I think that’s a glitch. At first it kinda looked like rocks, but I think that’s a
    little bit of a glitch. (chuckles) It looks kinda cool though,
    it almost looks like rocks. It’s still kinda fun examining this map. Was this always here? I don’t know. But look at the water surface,
    the surface of the water, that looks kinda different. Can I jump out of the water? Okay. It seems like even outside
    of the waters improved. That looks pretty nice, maybe we’ll go into
    spectate mode or something. I can’t eat octavius. What’s this great white doing? Aren’t ‘cha gonna eat anything? We should actually double
    check just to make sure we opened all of our presents. I know I asked in my Amazing
    Frog video, but let me know in the comments what you
    guys got for Christmas. Also if you guys wanna know
    what I got for Christmas, what was that poison thing? That was a hundred and
    seventy-five damage! It’s doing a hundred
    and seventy-five damage! We’re about to die! What’s happening? What was going on? Was that some kind of
    poisonous coral or something? What was that? We almost died there, that was crazy. If you wanna know what
    I got for Christmas, I was showing it all in
    my Amazing Frog video. We also got a Christmas
    update in Amazing Frog. If you haven’t checked it out, you gotta check it out those videos. I’ll put a link at the end of this video so you guys can check it out. Is there anything else new in this map? I kinda wanna figure out what
    was hurting me over here. We almost died! We almost died by just
    snooping around in here. There might be some kinda
    poisonous thing in here. Where was it, I think it was right here. Something was doing a
    hundred, what was that? What do you think it is? Something’s doing a hundred
    and something damage is poisoning me. In here. Is it this green stuff,
    it’s not the green stuff. Hundred seventy-five, we’re about to die. One more hit from that
    stuff, we’re about to die. That might be some kinda new stuff. That is crazy, I only
    have ninety-five health. Uh oh. That’s gonna help, eating
    those swordfish helps. That’s crazy. If you know what that is,
    definitely let me know. I think it’s some kind of
    poisonous coral or something. Oh there he is, this is
    gonna be our best battle. I have six-hundred health. We’re going up against a dunkleosteus. He can’t even catch that hammer-head. Let me cut in. (chuckles) Here we go, we’re going
    up against a dunkleosteus. I can’t let him get a hit
    in, it’s too dangerous. I can’t let him hit me. Whoa, I’m only doing six,
    seven and eight damage against that guy? He’s got a ton of protection on his face. That is crazy weird, I’m just
    shaking him around like crazy. That leveled me up pretty good. The dunkleosteus, definitely
    our best competition but at the same time, kinda no competition. Aww man, remember this spot guys? This was our spot! But they took out the
    dreu, so no more dreu spot. I hope they bring it
    back again soon though. Let’s see if I can get him from behind. We do so much more damage when
    we attack him from the back. That was crazy. Wait a minute. It looks like there’s some
    kind of design on his head, Do you see that? You can only see it in the light. Almost like a paint design or something. You can only see it when
    the light reflects on it a certain way, that’s kinda crazy. That was weird. I was just eating a goliath
    fish and then my game crashed. That was really weird. So I’m back to level one. I think all that time playing, I think I was only at
    level nine or something. I wanna see what this dunkleosteus has. He won’t even bite me. Oh! Okay, he is biting. Uh oh. He does some decent damage. And if we’re going head to
    head, he’s got a little bit of an advantage cause he’s
    got all the protection on him. But he’s dead. (chuckles) We got ’em and he respawned. He wants a rematch, it doesn’t matter how many times we fight, I’m gonna win. He can’t beat the mecha shark. I just love that thrashing animation. I still say laser beams. Imagine lasers coming out of his mouth or some kind of gun or something. We’re aiming for nine-thousand
    likes on this video. If you wanna two Feed and
    Grow Fish videos next week. We gotta take out that megalodon
    and get the achievement then we can play as him. If you haven’t been seeing
    my new amazing frog videos, the update has been really really fun. Thank you so much for watching
    and I’ll see you next time. (electronic music) Now’s the moment of truth, let’s see if this thing
    is gonna explode ooh! Oh my goodness it’s a Pungence gun! Oh! It’s turns everyone into Pungence! No! No, he got me, I’m popping
    ’em, I’m trying to get out. Crazy red shark, dude he’s going in!

    NEW FISH CAN SWALLOW ANYTHING?! – Feed and Grow Fish – Part 113 | Pungence
    Articles, Blog

    NEW FISH CAN SWALLOW ANYTHING?! – Feed and Grow Fish – Part 113 | Pungence

    September 11, 2019

    – Look at the size of him. He’s so huge. I’m gonna swallow him now. What was he doing just
    shaking his head like that? He’s just going right for me. You wanna piece of me? My controller is vibrating like crazy! What just happened? Hey what’s up guys, welcome back to Feed And Grow Fish. Guys, I am super excited
    for today’s video. First off, we’re taking a look at the newest fish in
    the game, the Arowana. And guys, he’s got this ability. He’s got this ability where he can eat bigger fish than normal, but I tweaked it. I tweaked it a little bit. I tweaked it a lot. So we’re gonna be eating some, we’re gonna swallow
    bigger fish than normal, but I’m talking like really big fish. Guys, we’re gonna be
    swallowing monster-size fish. Not even have to be that big, hopefully. Like I kind of tested it,
    I think it’s gonna work. So we’re gonna see what happens. So guys, I’m super excited. If this works, this is gonna be crazy. And guys, speaking of Arowana. Arowana like this video. Arowana hit the like button on the video? Okay guys that’s a bad pun. But yeah, I tried. Guys, I love puns, so I had to go for it. But yeah, you know, the
    like button’s there. Arowana hit 10,000 likes? Okay. Oh no! Stop, stop it, stop biting me. Stop it, I’m swallowing. I’m swallowing them. Guys I’m eating them whole. I’m eating these Bibos whole. Dude, I spawn in and this is how you treat me? This is how you treat me? You’re gone. Okay. That was a rough start. That was a rough start. But did you see what happened? We swallowed them whole. Gotcha. Gotcha. Gotcha. Dude look at my gills
    too when I’m eating them. Like okay. Let’s zoom in a little bit. Uh oh, that’s first person. Okay, look at my gills,
    they’re like popping out. My gills are popping out. That’s kind of cool. I kind of like it. Okay, we’re first person. That’s a little too close. Okay, dude. Also, I wanna see how fast we
    can level up as this thing. He just swam right into me okay. So first off, we’re gonna start off small. We’re gonna start off with some small fish and we’re gonna work our way up. But guys, I gotta give
    a couple of shout outs. First shout out, this one, you might not expect it. I think you guys think, you already know, who I’m gonna shout out, which that’ll be my
    second one, but first one. Guys, this mod was actually
    introduced to me by MattShea. So MattShea did a video on this and dude, he was cool enough
    to actually show how he did it. So guys, if you wanna see
    how to install this mod, you might need to check out AzzaFortysix’s mod tutorials first and then check out MattShea’s video and he’ll show you how
    you install this mod. But yeah, the second
    shout out is AzzaFortysix. So guys, I mentioned in my
    previous Feed And Grow Fish video that AzzaFortysix’s
    channel got terminated. So, yeah. It was like, I didn’t think he did anything wrong. I was like, I’m trying to figure it out. He didn’t know. So I reached out to him. Let’s see if we can
    swallow this Cuttlefish. Dude it was like the size of me. But I reached out to him and I said. Oh, wow, are you attacking me? Are you mad I ate your friend? Well, I’ll eat you too. Now you’re together. I reached out to him and I’m
    like hey, maybe I can help. And together, guys we
    got his channel back. I was so, so happy. He was without his channel for almost a month it seemed like. So yeah, this just like. I feel like it’s a Christmas
    miracle, personally. But yeah. So guys, if you’re not
    subscribed to AzzaFortysix or MattShea, definitely check
    both those channels out. But AzzaFortysix, they
    do mods on Octogedden, on Feed And Grow Fish, on just a lot of other games too. They just, dude, they come up with some
    really, really cool mods. Okay dude, let’s swallow
    a Hammerhead Shark. Give me that Hammerhead Shark. I wanna see it like from the front. No, oh! He just like disappeared! Okay, we gotta zoom
    out, we gotta zoom out. I’m level four. We’re swallowing Hammerhead Sharks. Guys this is crazy, this
    is absolutely crazy. Look at that blood stripe
    down the side of my back. Guys, we’re hurting a little bit. Dude that’s a pretty big. Whoa, what’s up with my lip? There’s blood on my, I don’t
    even know what you call those. But guys I gotta say, I like this Arowana. So I think this is based off a fish that was called the Diava and it’s just like a
    new model or something. I personally like it. And I love that he’s
    got that devour ability. It might be my favorite
    ability in the game. So dude, did I see some
    Sofactonous’ over here? Sofactonite? Guys what’s plural for Sofactonous? I really don’t know, there’s
    another Cuttlefish, gotcha. Where did the Sofactonous’ go? I can’t find them. But yeah, so like I said,
    we’re working our way up. We ate some Bibos, we ate
    some Hammerhead Sharks. That’s a Megaladon, whoa! Okay, that Cuttlefish, Cuttlefish are usually like. They’re pretty docile. Okay, that Megaladon is looking at me, I’m saving him guys. Like I said, we’re working our way up. And once we get like big enough, then we’re gonna see how
    big we can get, how fast. Dude he’s just going right for me. He’s going right for me, get away from me. Okay, you wanna piece of
    me, you wanna piece of me? He doesn’t want a piece of me! Did you see that? Guys did you just see what happened? As long as I had my back
    to him, he was chasing me. I turn around and he got scared. Dude he must know my ability. Okay well that’s a pretty smart Megaladon. Is he chasing me again? Okay dude he is like
    disappearing or something. Okay I need something bigger. Like a Tigershark maybe. Dude there should be
    Tigersharks around here. So let’s find one. And maybe we’ll find
    the Sofactonous again. But guys, I also wanted to mention if you missed any of my
    previous or my most recent. Oh, there he is. My most recent Feed And Grow Fish videos, guys we’ve been having some
    fun with some fish battles. So yeah, last video we bought
    a level 1000 Giant Whale, we actually played as the whale. Dude I just ate that Tigershark. We played as the Giant
    Whale for the first time and then we put a level 1000 Giant Whale up against a level 1500 Megaladon. I highly recommend checking
    that out if you missed it. And the one before, we were
    doing some land battles with the Swamp Lurker and stuff. Gotcha. It seems like they’re not
    leveling me up that fast. But dude we are kinda getting bigger. We are getting bigger. Definitely check those videos
    out if you missed them. But guys something I wanna know too, what are you liking the most? For me, I like playing
    Feed And Grow Fish anyway. I like just doing regular death match, or regular survival, I like
    doing crazy mods like this, I like doing the fish battles. But okay, this is what I wanna do. I wanna put a poll in this video and let you guys vote
    what you like the most. Do you like just regular death match or survival or having babies. Death match where we’re
    just trying to get big. Do you like the fish battles. Oh there’s a Sofactonous! Found him, found the Sofactonous. Get over here, you crazy Sofactonous. Dude how is this even possible? How is this even possible? Or do you like these random mods? Dude we’re going in circles, gotcha. That’s not even right. That’s not even right. That’s shouldn’t even happen. Okay, guys let’s go for something bigger. You know what? We should find the Kronosaurus. That’s one of the new
    creatures in the game. Let’s find a Kronosaurus,
    swallow him whole, and then maybe we’ll go
    for like a Prognathy, a Prognathodon. And then maybe we could do Megaladon. And maybe we do Giant Whale. Yeah I’m really interested to hear what you guys like the most, and maybe some of you guys
    like all of them equally. Okay dude we’re coming
    up on a Whale Shark. Let’s swallow a Whale Shark whole. Also guys, I have a strong feeling. Let’s swallow. How is that possible? How is that even possible, physically? It’s not! That’s pretty amazing. Okay let’s get a killer whale. Let’s get this orca. But yeah, I got a strong feeling that we’re gonna get a Christmas update. I feel like we’ve been
    getting some Christmas updates the past couple years. Let’s eat a killer whale, gone. Instantly, just like that, gone. But yeah, I’m hoping we get
    another Christmas update. And personally I’m hoping we get it a little bit before Christmas. Maybe like at least a
    week before because guys, this is just like, I don’t know, this is just random
    facts but for this year I like to take a little bit
    of time off for Christmas. Like I like to get a
    lot of videos recorded ahead of time so I can take the week off and spend it with family and stuff. So if we did get an update
    before, that’d be kind of nice. Yeah, we’ll just have to see. But who knows, they could be
    working on a new game mode or expanding the grade map, or working on new fish or
    creatures or something. It seems like they’re always
    working on something amazing. Okay, give me that Whale Shark. We’re level 25, guys we’re
    actually leveling up pretty fast. I’ve only been playing for a few minutes. And give me that Whale Shark. Dude, did I see a Sofactonous down there? I thought I saw something. Oh there he is. Get over here you crazy Sofactonous. Wait. That’s weird. Okay I didn’t notice this before. It looked like it said negative
    coins in the top right. No! Sofactonous, no, we gotta turn around. No! That was close. Okay, that was the closest
    we’ve been to getting devoured. Guys, that was really close. Okay we gotta be more careful. We gotta be careful. Okay, dude. I think this is the Titanichthys. You know the Titanichthys also
    has the devour ability too. And you’re not gonna swallow me are you? Got him, dude, the Titanichthys, dead. Oh I missed him, uh oh. Yeah it’s saying negative coins. Why are we getting negative coins? I don’t know. We do chomp a lot. Okay. I think the Kronosaurus is
    around here somewhere, right. I see him. I see the Kronosaurus guys. Hopefully, and they’re pretty slow, they’re pretty slow so
    hopefully I can get a good view of swallowing him whole. That was a decent view. And I got this guy! No my controller! My controller is vibrating like crazy! What just happened! Guys that was close. Okay we gotta unplug this bad boy. Dude that was close. I think one more bite and
    we would have been dead. Okay we’re level 35. I got another Kronosaurus. And guys I think it’s
    time, I think it’s time we just try to level
    up as fast as possible. So let’s get this Kronosaurus, there’s another one over there. And let’s just see what we can eat. You know what, I just
    had a crazy idea guys. I could spawn in stuff to eat. That’d be interesting,
    maybe we should try that. Guys should we try that,
    just spawning in some stuff? Speaking of spawning in,
    these guys keep spawning in. Okay our meter has to go all the way up. Okay, so there’s kind of a cool down. Yeah our yellow meter
    has to be all the way up. So we’re level 39. And is this guy chasing me? Are you seriously chasing me. I guess you just were born
    a couple of seconds ago, so you don’t really know what to expect. And you’re dead. Okay guys, it’s time to tango
    with some bigger stuff now. Okay we’re looking for
    like a Prognathodon, we’re looking for
    Megaladon, and Giant Whale. That’s what we’re looking for. Okay another Titanichthys. Dude I haven’t even seen
    the Prognathodon yet. Where is that guy? Oh Great White Shark, we
    haven’t gotten this guy yet. Give me that Great White Shark. He’s coming in, he’s coming in. And swallow him. Oh he’s avoiding me. Oh shouldn’t have avoided. Okay, oh. There he is. There’s Prognathy, right
    next to a Titanichthys. Dude these seem like
    almost similar in size. Okay dude one bite from
    this guy and he’ll kill me. Swallow him! Yes he’s distracted, he’s distracted. Yes! Guys I just ate, I just
    ate the Prognathodon whole. And let’s eat this guy whole. Dude look at how big this
    guy is compared to me. Oh. Maybe I, oh. I got him, oh no, no, no, no, no. No, no, no, no, no. That was close. Dude what was he doing just
    shaking his head like that. Okay that was close, my yellow
    meter wasn’t up all the way. Dude we’re level 48, we’re
    actually getting pretty big. We’re getting pretty big. Dude look at the shine on this guy. This guy’s pretty shiny. Okay where’s that Megaladon. Get over here crazy Megaladon. Okay, we only have 1000 health. One bite from the Megaladon
    could probably destroy me so we can’t get bitten. Oh there’s Prognathy, remember me. Remember me? Please don’t remember. Dude and I gotta make sure I swallow him before anything else. Get him. Oh yes, that was close. Oh no! Hammerhead, Hammerhead. I need to get my ability back cause our yellow meter’s almost up. And get back here, he’s tryna run away. Uh oh. Dude when they latch on like that, there’s almost nothing I can do. Dude we almost got taken
    out by a Hammerhead. That’s embarrassing. Okay Prognathy’s up there,
    I can get him again. It’s helping us level up. Which isn’t too bad. Dude don’t bite me, don’t bite me. Yes. Okay yeah we can’t get
    bitten by that guy once. Okay where’s that Megaladon. Guys he was in this area before. I’m seeing Great White Sharks. Where’s the Megaladon? Dude he’s gonna sneak up on me. Oh wait, what is that over there? Is that Prognathodon? I can see spawns over here too. Okay dude I’m not seeing. Oh no! Swordfish. Swordfish? Okay I am playing on hard, I’m playing on the hardest difficulty so the fish are definitely
    more aggressive. Dude, where is the Megaladon? Oh there he is! We got him! He was trying to sneak up on me. Dude, we’re gonna have to
    chew on that one for a while. And get Prognathy. No, no. He got behind me. Oh no he bit me! Swallow, swallow. Oh no! Okay, guys he got me. Why couldn’t I swallow him. Maybe cause he was biting
    into me or something. Okay dude look at these guys. Okay Prognathodon got me, but these guys are eating me. So you know what the beauty
    of this mod is though. Uh oh. Game crashed. Right when I said the beauty
    of this mod the game crashed. Okay so we’re back in. But the beauty of this
    mod is it doesn’t matter how big we are, we can
    swallow stuff at any size. But I guess we are at a
    little bit of a disadvantage because I only have 78 health now. But guys, I wanna find the Giant Whale. Dude imagine something this
    small eating a Giant Whale. Dude are these guys seriously chasing me? You’re dead, and you’re
    dead, and you’re dead. Uh oh, that’s a lot of them. You’re dead. Well I guess I could
    use a snack, you know. Always could use a snack. Dude these guys are aggressive. Guys this game got a lot, I
    think a lot more difficult. Okay guys there he is. Guys I’m level one, can I
    swallow this Giant Whale at level one. It’s just gonna be
    whoever can attack first. And I’m swallowing, I’m swallowing. Yes, he’s not even trying to attack me. Dude oh my goodness! Guys that just gave my six levels! We just swallow that Giant
    Whale as a level one Arowana. You know I’m kinda glad. Oh no. Uh oh. I’m kinda glad the
    Prognathodon got me before. Now I can swallow him as a. We just got him. I can swallow him as a level one. Okay where is he? I hear him clicking and clacking right. Oh there he is. Dude, okay, so like I said. We can spawn stuff in
    and eat that stuff too. Because this is probably, what, a level one or two Giant Whale. How about something really
    big like level 1000. Yeah, let’s try level 1000. Okay guys. Let’s get a big old Giant Whale in here and let’s do level 1000. Level 1000 here we go. In three, two, one. Okay let’s take a look at this guy. Can I take a look at him? Dude he is so huge. I’m like going into him. Okay let’s back up a little. Look at the size of him. He’s so huge. I’m gonna swallow him now. Guys, guys. That only gave us, what, like
    five levels or something. What level were we? I don’t know, we’re still chomping on him. But dude, we just ate a
    level 1000 Giant Whale. Okay, well what else can we eat? We can eat a level 1000 Prognathodon? Great White Shark? How about a level 1000 Great White Shark? It keeps pushing me down. Okay, he’s trying to eat me. He can’t eat me. Whoa! He’s shaking his head again. What’s up with that head shaking? Okay, eat him! Eat him, eat this guy,
    swallow him whole, uh oh. Having a hard time swallowing this guy. Oh, didn’t have a hard
    time swallowing me I guess. Let’s try that again. Okay give me this guy! Gotcha. He just disappeared,
    he just disintegrated. How about a Megaladon, Megaladon. Dude I just wanna see this guy. Yes, I just wanna see him. Dude look at how big this thing is. Okay I wanna see him and
    I wanna eat him though. Okay why am I having a
    hard time swallowing him? Uh oh, he sure is bouncing me around. Oh that was the inside of his stomach. Whoops. Dude now he’s on the loose, uh oh. We gotta take this guy out. Yeah my yellow meter was all the way up. I don’t know, that was kind of weird. We got a level 1000
    Megaladon on the loose. Okay, dude, I gotta
    take care of this thing as a level one Arowona. Dude he’s outside of the water. Oh boy, okay yeah, we gotta
    take care of this now. Okay let’s get him by the fin. Yes, I got him. Dude he just disappears. Okay one more. Guys I promise, one more. Prognathodon, Titanichthys, Dunkleosteus. How about the Alpha Great White Shark? Let’s see that guy. Uh oh, dude. Yeah this guy’s pretty big. Let’s take a look at his scars. This guy’s got a lot of scars on his face. Dude that is one big Great White Shark. That’s one Great White Shark. Okay, yeah, something
    about when I spawn him in the second time I can’t swallow, cause my yellow meter’s up all the way. Okay get this guy! Get this guy, swallow, swallow. I can’t do it, that’s really weird. I’m going through him, I’m
    going through him, I’m inside. Dude that is really weird. I don’t know, when I respawn
    I’m able to get these guys. Hello, Alpha Great White
    Shark, can I swallow you? I can’t do it, that’s crazy. I wonder if he’s too big
    cause I can eat things that are like 10 million times my size. Like literally 10 million times my size but I don’t think he’s 10 million times. Should be a thousand times. Or a thousand divided by
    six if we’re doing the math. Okay well let’s just go in his mouth. I’m already inside of him. Okay, this is kind of crazy,
    this is kind of crazy. Dude I can’t swallow him. I take it back, I swallowed him. Guys this is crazy. Okay why is my mouth constantly moving? Like I’m not pressing anything. I’m not pressing the E button or anything. I don’t know, but guys let
    me know in the comments what you wanna see next. Which fish you wanna see, or do you wanna some more fish battles. But guys thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you next time. Now’s the moment of truth, let’s see if this thing is gonna explode. Oh my goodness, it’s so Pungence gone. Oh it turns everyone into Pungence. No, no he got me. I’m popping them, I’m trying to get out. Crazy red shark. Dude he’s going in.