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    NEW METAL SHARK! – Feed and Grow Fish Christmas Update – Part 115 | Pungence
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    NEW METAL SHARK! – Feed and Grow Fish Christmas Update – Part 115 | Pungence

    September 17, 2019

    – It’s a crab wearing a Santa hat. You don’t remind me of
    Santa Claus, you killed me! What? Dude, look at that! Please, we open it? Achievement! Guys, do you know what day it is today? That’s right, it’s the best day ever. Guys, it’s update day, we gotta brand new update
    in Feed and Grow Fish. I’m so excited. We gotta brand new present, we’re gonna be opening
    a new present today. I guess the Santa crabs
    brought us a present. There’s actually Santa crabs. I love these Christmas updates. If you’re excited too hit
    that like button and guys, I got an idea. I was thinking, since we got an update, what if we did two Feed and
    Grow Fish videos next week. If we can get over nine-thousand
    likes on this video, that’s right, over nine-thousand. We’ll two Feed and Grow
    Fish videos next week. So guys, it’s up to you. But hey, only hit the like
    button if you like the video, so maybe, we’ll see. With the new update it
    kinda erased all my mods. We got no mods, there’s no mods,
    I’m playing the game legit. And it’s been awhile, I think
    it’s been a couple months since we’ve just played
    the game straight up so, I might be a little rusty,
    I’m gonna warn you guys. I might be a little rusty,
    but I got some coins, I got sixty-one coins. And I’m thinking, yo we got
    this new barracuda skin. This was the old one but I
    don’t think we’ve played as this barracuda before so all we
    gotta do is open the present and see what’s inside,
    so let’s get in here. Also I wanna talk about the new stuff that’s been updated in this update. Look at this, this is all new. One of the new things in
    the update is they said some of the in the ocean map,
    which I guess is the ocean map have been updated or finished. They never had plankton
    before, is this edible? I don’t think that’s edible,
    I think that’s decoration. (chuckles) But all this stuff is new, I
    think all this stuff is new. Actually the map looks really nice too and last time I tried it
    actually, it was pretty foggy. I couldn’t see much. I’m liking it, I’m liking the
    alterations they did so far. What’re we waiting for let’s
    just open these presents. Guys we gotta see the Santa
    crabs, look at this guy! It’s a crab wearing a Santa hat, but it doesn’t have the white ball on top. Uh oh! Oh no! Guys, the controller, oh no! How dare you, how dare you? You don’t remind me of
    Santa Claus, you killed me! He killed me, that doesn’t
    remind me of Santa Claus. Okay, so I’m a little
    rusty, I’m a little rusty. Are you serious, a crab just took me out? How many bites does it
    take to get this thing? Oh right, with the barracuda
    we do more damage by sprinting. The faster we go, the more damage we do. I gotta remember that. (chuckles) Let’s test it on this. Dude, two point four. I went from half of a point
    of damage, to two point four. That’s pretty good, that’s
    really good actually. You know what, Santa crabs,
    you think you’re so great ’cause you’re wearing a Santa hat? Well watch this! That things got reindeer antlers. Let’s do speed, speed, that’s right! I got the speed, he almost killed me. I’m only at four health. No, I have the speed though. But I have speed, get ’em, yes! Is it just me or these crabs
    like super crabs or something. And he’s so fast, he’s got a red nose! It’s a Rudolph the red nose Santa crab. Okay guys, we’re about
    to get revenge on ’em. I can’t wait any longer, we
    gotta open this last present. Last year they did a Christmas event too. If you never opened
    the presents last year, now you got another
    chance to open presents. What else, lets read one
    of the things they changed. Presents are back. They reduced the prices
    on some of the fish, which is really nice. The experience required
    to level up as a big fish has been reduced. I’m not sure which of these
    presents is a new one, so let’s just start opening. Let’s open this one! It’s not opening. I think last year all we
    had to do was just touch it and it opened. Yes! Oh there’s the mecha bibos,
    which we got last year. There’s the alpha gray white shark. They’re not popping out like they used to. (chuckles) Can I bite ’em? Can’t really bite ’em. And then this should be the fossil bibos. Oh no, that’s the mecha
    bibos, wait a minute. That’s the mecha bibos. That’s the alpha gray white shark. What is this, is that something different? Oh no, we got a Santa crab. Those guys are mean even though
    they gave us these presents. Maybe this is the fossil bibos. That’s the fossil bibos. That’s the mecha bibos. There’s the alpha gray white shark. This must be the new thing we got. I didn’t get a notification or anything. I feel like last year gave
    us some kinda notification. I’ll deal with you in a
    minute, you crazy Santa crab. We opened the present, so
    I should have a new fish. Let’s just take a look. Fish select. Just keep looking. It looked like a shark or somethin’. What? Dude, look at that! Requires achievement: Mecha
    Shark: Merry Christmas. Locked, requires achievement:
    Mecha Shark: Merry Christmas. How do we get that achievement? It’s another version of
    the great white shark. Are you serious? Mecha shark? This is my new favorite! Requires achievement: Mecha
    Shark: Merry Christmas. Wait how do we get achievement: Mecha Shark: Merry Christmas? I bet it’s by opening the
    present, but I opened the present. Uh oh. I just restarted the game,
    I think I know what it is. I think I know what the problem is. I don’t have any mods installed but I did spawn in some coins. On the top right I
    think it said “cheated”. I did spawn in some coins just so we could play as the barracuda. I think that’s what it was. That was the fossil bibos. This is the mecha bibos. This was the alpha gray white shark. Please give me an achievement
    for this mecha shark, please! We open it, achievement! Two-thousand eighteen Christmas
    gift, achievement unlocked. Mecha Shark Merry Christmas. Did we just get a mecha shark? Here’s the thing, we need some coins. We need some coins to play as this guy. How many coins do we need? Oh boy, two-hundred coins. Oh my goodness, look at that thing. It’s a robot shark! All the stats are the same as
    the regular great white shark. Don’t hate me, but we gotta
    play at this thing so, I gotta do it. We need the coins, so I
    could play for an hour or so and get the coins or we could
    just play as him right now. Actually before we do that,
    we got a new tiger shark. They changed the model of the tiger shark, they said to make it more accurate. I like this, I like this new model. Let me know in the
    comments what you think. I think is the third tiger
    shark model we’ve gone through. Personally, I like it. Maybe we should try it in a future video. But today we’re doing this
    mecha great white shark. I can’t believe this. I gotta see this thing, I gotta see it. Another thing guys, I wanted to let you I
    tried to play a server- Oh! I spawned right next to that other guy, you’re not gonna hurt me are ‘ya. We’re friends. (chuckles) But I tried playing on a server
    which is what I used to do but for whatever reason
    all the hostile fish or the predator fish, they
    don’t spawn in so Old Blood, the creators of the game,
    if you’re watching this. If there’s any way to fix
    that, that’d be awesome ’cause I love playing on a
    server, plus we can play as anything when we’re on a server. Let’s take a look at this thing. I love it! Look at those eyes. Look at that body. Look at those details. This thing is crazy. Oh my goodness. In his throat it actually
    looks like a gun. Imagine if he could shoot lasers. Imagine if this things could shoot lasers. That would be so stinking cool. He already is really cool. Can I get a close up of this guy? Can we get a close up up
    against a rock or something? Let’s get close up of this guy. This thing is amazing. Definitely one of my favorite
    Christmas presents this year. The mecha bibos, I think
    that was my favorite before. The mecha bibos, might’ve
    been my favorite. This might be my new favorite. Imagine a baby version of this. I wonder if there’s a
    baby version of this. That would be amazing too. Look in his tail, there’s some kind of black
    thing connecting it all. I don’t know man. Let’s eat, let’s eat some fish. You know what I wanna eat first? I think you know. Let’s get those stupid
    Santa crabs, that’s right. Hey Santa crab, you think you’re strong? Well you’re pretty fast. Take this! Uh oh, I missed him. I can’t get one of this guys. Let’s get Rudolph the red
    nosed Santa crab, got him! One bite, one bite and he’s gone. Let’s get this guy, got him. (chuckles) I wonder if we can just swallow him whole. Can I swallow this Santa crab? They are really fast. I can’t catch this guy, he’s so fast. Got him. We can swallow ’em whole. It’s kinda crazy too,
    how the eyes come out. The eyes come out a little bit. The models in this game are so amazing. Wait a minute, look at this guy. Oh no, he was on his back! Got ’em. (chuckles) That guy was on his back. Let’s get this coccosteus. Let’s get something a
    little bigger like maybe a dunkleosteus or. What’re those? A buncha barracuda, get back
    here you crazy barracuda. Hammer head! One bite, everything is one bite. I’m very happy about that. This is such a great Christmas. Also it feels great to just be
    playing regular death match. We’ve been playing with mods
    for so long it feels good to just be playing the
    regular game in death match. Let’s eat some puffer fish. I think he poisoned me. It said negative four but it was green. I think that poisoned me. (chuckles) Did you see the ragdoll on that guy? Where’s the dunkleosteus,
    we need some competition. He usually hangs out
    around here, this is crazy. Actually I just remembered I
    need to talk about update stuff so they said the water
    rendering is improved. It looks better to me. The tiger shark new model, more accurate. Aigialosaurus behavior fixed. I guess they said the aigialosaurus would just ignore everything. Now it’ll actually fight stuff. More ocean map parts fixed. Whoa, that’s all glowy in
    there, that’s pretty cool. (chuckles) I love the ocean map
    improvements, it looks very nice. Hey get back here you crazy Santa crab. I can’t be too mad at the Santa crabs. Technically I think it was
    them who gave us the presents. What’re those particles coming off? That’s pretty cool. What else we got? Megaladon! The megalodon is now playable in the game. I know we can play with him, with mods. But now we can play with him legit. But we gotta take him out and when we do we get another achievement. Let’s take out this tiger shark. We get another achievement,
    so leave a like or let me know in the comments
    if we should try to take out the megalodon and get that
    achievement next video. Let me know what you think we should use. I wonder if we could use
    this thing because this is technically a shark, the
    megalodon is kind of like a type of shark so it might not let me fight him. I don’t know guys. This is crazy. This is absolutely crazy. Where’s the dunkle- oh! There’s a goliath fish. Where’s the dunkleosteus though? Did you see that, we just
    shake it back and fourth, look at that! That is so awesome. Out of all the fish we’ve
    eaten, I’m only level three. (chuckles) This is why I like playing on a server. ‘Cause you can increase the
    experience rate by three. Let’s get another goliath fish. I just love thrashing those things around. I let go, where’d he go? There he is. I just love thrashing ’em. We’re only level three. There’s not a lot of
    stuff in this ocean map. But that’s another thing on the servers. You can control how many
    things spawn, what spawns in. But for whatever reason, none
    of the predators are spawning, which is kinda crazy. Whoa, look at this! Look at those particles. Oh, I think that’s a glitch. At first it kinda looked like rocks, but I think that’s a
    little bit of a glitch. (chuckles) It looks kinda cool though,
    it almost looks like rocks. It’s still kinda fun examining this map. Was this always here? I don’t know. But look at the water surface,
    the surface of the water, that looks kinda different. Can I jump out of the water? Okay. It seems like even outside
    of the waters improved. That looks pretty nice, maybe we’ll go into
    spectate mode or something. I can’t eat octavius. What’s this great white doing? Aren’t ‘cha gonna eat anything? We should actually double
    check just to make sure we opened all of our presents. I know I asked in my Amazing
    Frog video, but let me know in the comments what you
    guys got for Christmas. Also if you guys wanna know
    what I got for Christmas, what was that poison thing? That was a hundred and
    seventy-five damage! It’s doing a hundred
    and seventy-five damage! We’re about to die! What’s happening? What was going on? Was that some kind of
    poisonous coral or something? What was that? We almost died there, that was crazy. If you wanna know what
    I got for Christmas, I was showing it all in
    my Amazing Frog video. We also got a Christmas
    update in Amazing Frog. If you haven’t checked it out, you gotta check it out those videos. I’ll put a link at the end of this video so you guys can check it out. Is there anything else new in this map? I kinda wanna figure out what
    was hurting me over here. We almost died! We almost died by just
    snooping around in here. There might be some kinda
    poisonous thing in here. Where was it, I think it was right here. Something was doing a
    hundred, what was that? What do you think it is? Something’s doing a hundred
    and something damage is poisoning me. In here. Is it this green stuff,
    it’s not the green stuff. Hundred seventy-five, we’re about to die. One more hit from that
    stuff, we’re about to die. That might be some kinda new stuff. That is crazy, I only
    have ninety-five health. Uh oh. That’s gonna help, eating
    those swordfish helps. That’s crazy. If you know what that is,
    definitely let me know. I think it’s some kind of
    poisonous coral or something. Oh there he is, this is
    gonna be our best battle. I have six-hundred health. We’re going up against a dunkleosteus. He can’t even catch that hammer-head. Let me cut in. (chuckles) Here we go, we’re going
    up against a dunkleosteus. I can’t let him get a hit
    in, it’s too dangerous. I can’t let him hit me. Whoa, I’m only doing six,
    seven and eight damage against that guy? He’s got a ton of protection on his face. That is crazy weird, I’m just
    shaking him around like crazy. That leveled me up pretty good. The dunkleosteus, definitely
    our best competition but at the same time, kinda no competition. Aww man, remember this spot guys? This was our spot! But they took out the
    dreu, so no more dreu spot. I hope they bring it
    back again soon though. Let’s see if I can get him from behind. We do so much more damage when
    we attack him from the back. That was crazy. Wait a minute. It looks like there’s some
    kind of design on his head, Do you see that? You can only see it in the light. Almost like a paint design or something. You can only see it when
    the light reflects on it a certain way, that’s kinda crazy. That was weird. I was just eating a goliath
    fish and then my game crashed. That was really weird. So I’m back to level one. I think all that time playing, I think I was only at
    level nine or something. I wanna see what this dunkleosteus has. He won’t even bite me. Oh! Okay, he is biting. Uh oh. He does some decent damage. And if we’re going head to
    head, he’s got a little bit of an advantage cause he’s
    got all the protection on him. But he’s dead. (chuckles) We got ’em and he respawned. He wants a rematch, it doesn’t matter how many times we fight, I’m gonna win. He can’t beat the mecha shark. I just love that thrashing animation. I still say laser beams. Imagine lasers coming out of his mouth or some kind of gun or something. We’re aiming for nine-thousand
    likes on this video. If you wanna two Feed and
    Grow Fish videos next week. We gotta take out that megalodon
    and get the achievement then we can play as him. If you haven’t been seeing
    my new amazing frog videos, the update has been really really fun. Thank you so much for watching
    and I’ll see you next time. (electronic music) Now’s the moment of truth, let’s see if this thing
    is gonna explode ooh! Oh my goodness it’s a Pungence gun! Oh! It’s turns everyone into Pungence! No! No, he got me, I’m popping
    ’em, I’m trying to get out. Crazy red shark, dude he’s going in!

    NEW FISH CAN SWALLOW ANYTHING?! – Feed and Grow Fish – Part 113 | Pungence
    Articles, Blog

    NEW FISH CAN SWALLOW ANYTHING?! – Feed and Grow Fish – Part 113 | Pungence

    September 11, 2019

    – Look at the size of him. He’s so huge. I’m gonna swallow him now. What was he doing just
    shaking his head like that? He’s just going right for me. You wanna piece of me? My controller is vibrating like crazy! What just happened? Hey what’s up guys, welcome back to Feed And Grow Fish. Guys, I am super excited
    for today’s video. First off, we’re taking a look at the newest fish in
    the game, the Arowana. And guys, he’s got this ability. He’s got this ability where he can eat bigger fish than normal, but I tweaked it. I tweaked it a little bit. I tweaked it a lot. So we’re gonna be eating some, we’re gonna swallow
    bigger fish than normal, but I’m talking like really big fish. Guys, we’re gonna be
    swallowing monster-size fish. Not even have to be that big, hopefully. Like I kind of tested it,
    I think it’s gonna work. So we’re gonna see what happens. So guys, I’m super excited. If this works, this is gonna be crazy. And guys, speaking of Arowana. Arowana like this video. Arowana hit the like button on the video? Okay guys that’s a bad pun. But yeah, I tried. Guys, I love puns, so I had to go for it. But yeah, you know, the
    like button’s there. Arowana hit 10,000 likes? Okay. Oh no! Stop, stop it, stop biting me. Stop it, I’m swallowing. I’m swallowing them. Guys I’m eating them whole. I’m eating these Bibos whole. Dude, I spawn in and this is how you treat me? This is how you treat me? You’re gone. Okay. That was a rough start. That was a rough start. But did you see what happened? We swallowed them whole. Gotcha. Gotcha. Gotcha. Dude look at my gills
    too when I’m eating them. Like okay. Let’s zoom in a little bit. Uh oh, that’s first person. Okay, look at my gills,
    they’re like popping out. My gills are popping out. That’s kind of cool. I kind of like it. Okay, we’re first person. That’s a little too close. Okay, dude. Also, I wanna see how fast we
    can level up as this thing. He just swam right into me okay. So first off, we’re gonna start off small. We’re gonna start off with some small fish and we’re gonna work our way up. But guys, I gotta give
    a couple of shout outs. First shout out, this one, you might not expect it. I think you guys think, you already know, who I’m gonna shout out, which that’ll be my
    second one, but first one. Guys, this mod was actually
    introduced to me by MattShea. So MattShea did a video on this and dude, he was cool enough
    to actually show how he did it. So guys, if you wanna see
    how to install this mod, you might need to check out AzzaFortysix’s mod tutorials first and then check out MattShea’s video and he’ll show you how
    you install this mod. But yeah, the second
    shout out is AzzaFortysix. So guys, I mentioned in my
    previous Feed And Grow Fish video that AzzaFortysix’s
    channel got terminated. So, yeah. It was like, I didn’t think he did anything wrong. I was like, I’m trying to figure it out. He didn’t know. So I reached out to him. Let’s see if we can
    swallow this Cuttlefish. Dude it was like the size of me. But I reached out to him and I said. Oh, wow, are you attacking me? Are you mad I ate your friend? Well, I’ll eat you too. Now you’re together. I reached out to him and I’m
    like hey, maybe I can help. And together, guys we
    got his channel back. I was so, so happy. He was without his channel for almost a month it seemed like. So yeah, this just like. I feel like it’s a Christmas
    miracle, personally. But yeah. So guys, if you’re not
    subscribed to AzzaFortysix or MattShea, definitely check
    both those channels out. But AzzaFortysix, they
    do mods on Octogedden, on Feed And Grow Fish, on just a lot of other games too. They just, dude, they come up with some
    really, really cool mods. Okay dude, let’s swallow
    a Hammerhead Shark. Give me that Hammerhead Shark. I wanna see it like from the front. No, oh! He just like disappeared! Okay, we gotta zoom
    out, we gotta zoom out. I’m level four. We’re swallowing Hammerhead Sharks. Guys this is crazy, this
    is absolutely crazy. Look at that blood stripe
    down the side of my back. Guys, we’re hurting a little bit. Dude that’s a pretty big. Whoa, what’s up with my lip? There’s blood on my, I don’t
    even know what you call those. But guys I gotta say, I like this Arowana. So I think this is based off a fish that was called the Diava and it’s just like a
    new model or something. I personally like it. And I love that he’s
    got that devour ability. It might be my favorite
    ability in the game. So dude, did I see some
    Sofactonous’ over here? Sofactonite? Guys what’s plural for Sofactonous? I really don’t know, there’s
    another Cuttlefish, gotcha. Where did the Sofactonous’ go? I can’t find them. But yeah, so like I said,
    we’re working our way up. We ate some Bibos, we ate
    some Hammerhead Sharks. That’s a Megaladon, whoa! Okay, that Cuttlefish, Cuttlefish are usually like. They’re pretty docile. Okay, that Megaladon is looking at me, I’m saving him guys. Like I said, we’re working our way up. And once we get like big enough, then we’re gonna see how
    big we can get, how fast. Dude he’s just going right for me. He’s going right for me, get away from me. Okay, you wanna piece of
    me, you wanna piece of me? He doesn’t want a piece of me! Did you see that? Guys did you just see what happened? As long as I had my back
    to him, he was chasing me. I turn around and he got scared. Dude he must know my ability. Okay well that’s a pretty smart Megaladon. Is he chasing me again? Okay dude he is like
    disappearing or something. Okay I need something bigger. Like a Tigershark maybe. Dude there should be
    Tigersharks around here. So let’s find one. And maybe we’ll find
    the Sofactonous again. But guys, I also wanted to mention if you missed any of my
    previous or my most recent. Oh, there he is. My most recent Feed And Grow Fish videos, guys we’ve been having some
    fun with some fish battles. So yeah, last video we bought
    a level 1000 Giant Whale, we actually played as the whale. Dude I just ate that Tigershark. We played as the Giant
    Whale for the first time and then we put a level 1000 Giant Whale up against a level 1500 Megaladon. I highly recommend checking
    that out if you missed it. And the one before, we were
    doing some land battles with the Swamp Lurker and stuff. Gotcha. It seems like they’re not
    leveling me up that fast. But dude we are kinda getting bigger. We are getting bigger. Definitely check those videos
    out if you missed them. But guys something I wanna know too, what are you liking the most? For me, I like playing
    Feed And Grow Fish anyway. I like just doing regular death match, or regular survival, I like
    doing crazy mods like this, I like doing the fish battles. But okay, this is what I wanna do. I wanna put a poll in this video and let you guys vote
    what you like the most. Do you like just regular death match or survival or having babies. Death match where we’re
    just trying to get big. Do you like the fish battles. Oh there’s a Sofactonous! Found him, found the Sofactonous. Get over here, you crazy Sofactonous. Dude how is this even possible? How is this even possible? Or do you like these random mods? Dude we’re going in circles, gotcha. That’s not even right. That’s not even right. That’s shouldn’t even happen. Okay, guys let’s go for something bigger. You know what? We should find the Kronosaurus. That’s one of the new
    creatures in the game. Let’s find a Kronosaurus,
    swallow him whole, and then maybe we’ll go
    for like a Prognathy, a Prognathodon. And then maybe we could do Megaladon. And maybe we do Giant Whale. Yeah I’m really interested to hear what you guys like the most, and maybe some of you guys
    like all of them equally. Okay dude we’re coming
    up on a Whale Shark. Let’s swallow a Whale Shark whole. Also guys, I have a strong feeling. Let’s swallow. How is that possible? How is that even possible, physically? It’s not! That’s pretty amazing. Okay let’s get a killer whale. Let’s get this orca. But yeah, I got a strong feeling that we’re gonna get a Christmas update. I feel like we’ve been
    getting some Christmas updates the past couple years. Let’s eat a killer whale, gone. Instantly, just like that, gone. But yeah, I’m hoping we get
    another Christmas update. And personally I’m hoping we get it a little bit before Christmas. Maybe like at least a
    week before because guys, this is just like, I don’t know, this is just random
    facts but for this year I like to take a little bit
    of time off for Christmas. Like I like to get a
    lot of videos recorded ahead of time so I can take the week off and spend it with family and stuff. So if we did get an update
    before, that’d be kind of nice. Yeah, we’ll just have to see. But who knows, they could be
    working on a new game mode or expanding the grade map, or working on new fish or
    creatures or something. It seems like they’re always
    working on something amazing. Okay, give me that Whale Shark. We’re level 25, guys we’re
    actually leveling up pretty fast. I’ve only been playing for a few minutes. And give me that Whale Shark. Dude, did I see a Sofactonous down there? I thought I saw something. Oh there he is. Get over here you crazy Sofactonous. Wait. That’s weird. Okay I didn’t notice this before. It looked like it said negative
    coins in the top right. No! Sofactonous, no, we gotta turn around. No! That was close. Okay, that was the closest
    we’ve been to getting devoured. Guys, that was really close. Okay we gotta be more careful. We gotta be careful. Okay, dude. I think this is the Titanichthys. You know the Titanichthys also
    has the devour ability too. And you’re not gonna swallow me are you? Got him, dude, the Titanichthys, dead. Oh I missed him, uh oh. Yeah it’s saying negative coins. Why are we getting negative coins? I don’t know. We do chomp a lot. Okay. I think the Kronosaurus is
    around here somewhere, right. I see him. I see the Kronosaurus guys. Hopefully, and they’re pretty slow, they’re pretty slow so
    hopefully I can get a good view of swallowing him whole. That was a decent view. And I got this guy! No my controller! My controller is vibrating like crazy! What just happened! Guys that was close. Okay we gotta unplug this bad boy. Dude that was close. I think one more bite and
    we would have been dead. Okay we’re level 35. I got another Kronosaurus. And guys I think it’s
    time, I think it’s time we just try to level
    up as fast as possible. So let’s get this Kronosaurus, there’s another one over there. And let’s just see what we can eat. You know what, I just
    had a crazy idea guys. I could spawn in stuff to eat. That’d be interesting,
    maybe we should try that. Guys should we try that,
    just spawning in some stuff? Speaking of spawning in,
    these guys keep spawning in. Okay our meter has to go all the way up. Okay, so there’s kind of a cool down. Yeah our yellow meter
    has to be all the way up. So we’re level 39. And is this guy chasing me? Are you seriously chasing me. I guess you just were born
    a couple of seconds ago, so you don’t really know what to expect. And you’re dead. Okay guys, it’s time to tango
    with some bigger stuff now. Okay we’re looking for
    like a Prognathodon, we’re looking for
    Megaladon, and Giant Whale. That’s what we’re looking for. Okay another Titanichthys. Dude I haven’t even seen
    the Prognathodon yet. Where is that guy? Oh Great White Shark, we
    haven’t gotten this guy yet. Give me that Great White Shark. He’s coming in, he’s coming in. And swallow him. Oh he’s avoiding me. Oh shouldn’t have avoided. Okay, oh. There he is. There’s Prognathy, right
    next to a Titanichthys. Dude these seem like
    almost similar in size. Okay dude one bite from
    this guy and he’ll kill me. Swallow him! Yes he’s distracted, he’s distracted. Yes! Guys I just ate, I just
    ate the Prognathodon whole. And let’s eat this guy whole. Dude look at how big this
    guy is compared to me. Oh. Maybe I, oh. I got him, oh no, no, no, no, no. No, no, no, no, no. That was close. Dude what was he doing just
    shaking his head like that. Okay that was close, my yellow
    meter wasn’t up all the way. Dude we’re level 48, we’re
    actually getting pretty big. We’re getting pretty big. Dude look at the shine on this guy. This guy’s pretty shiny. Okay where’s that Megaladon. Get over here crazy Megaladon. Okay, we only have 1000 health. One bite from the Megaladon
    could probably destroy me so we can’t get bitten. Oh there’s Prognathy, remember me. Remember me? Please don’t remember. Dude and I gotta make sure I swallow him before anything else. Get him. Oh yes, that was close. Oh no! Hammerhead, Hammerhead. I need to get my ability back cause our yellow meter’s almost up. And get back here, he’s tryna run away. Uh oh. Dude when they latch on like that, there’s almost nothing I can do. Dude we almost got taken
    out by a Hammerhead. That’s embarrassing. Okay Prognathy’s up there,
    I can get him again. It’s helping us level up. Which isn’t too bad. Dude don’t bite me, don’t bite me. Yes. Okay yeah we can’t get
    bitten by that guy once. Okay where’s that Megaladon. Guys he was in this area before. I’m seeing Great White Sharks. Where’s the Megaladon? Dude he’s gonna sneak up on me. Oh wait, what is that over there? Is that Prognathodon? I can see spawns over here too. Okay dude I’m not seeing. Oh no! Swordfish. Swordfish? Okay I am playing on hard, I’m playing on the hardest difficulty so the fish are definitely
    more aggressive. Dude, where is the Megaladon? Oh there he is! We got him! He was trying to sneak up on me. Dude, we’re gonna have to
    chew on that one for a while. And get Prognathy. No, no. He got behind me. Oh no he bit me! Swallow, swallow. Oh no! Okay, guys he got me. Why couldn’t I swallow him. Maybe cause he was biting
    into me or something. Okay dude look at these guys. Okay Prognathodon got me, but these guys are eating me. So you know what the beauty
    of this mod is though. Uh oh. Game crashed. Right when I said the beauty
    of this mod the game crashed. Okay so we’re back in. But the beauty of this
    mod is it doesn’t matter how big we are, we can
    swallow stuff at any size. But I guess we are at a
    little bit of a disadvantage because I only have 78 health now. But guys, I wanna find the Giant Whale. Dude imagine something this
    small eating a Giant Whale. Dude are these guys seriously chasing me? You’re dead, and you’re
    dead, and you’re dead. Uh oh, that’s a lot of them. You’re dead. Well I guess I could
    use a snack, you know. Always could use a snack. Dude these guys are aggressive. Guys this game got a lot, I
    think a lot more difficult. Okay guys there he is. Guys I’m level one, can I
    swallow this Giant Whale at level one. It’s just gonna be
    whoever can attack first. And I’m swallowing, I’m swallowing. Yes, he’s not even trying to attack me. Dude oh my goodness! Guys that just gave my six levels! We just swallow that Giant
    Whale as a level one Arowana. You know I’m kinda glad. Oh no. Uh oh. I’m kinda glad the
    Prognathodon got me before. Now I can swallow him as a. We just got him. I can swallow him as a level one. Okay where is he? I hear him clicking and clacking right. Oh there he is. Dude, okay, so like I said. We can spawn stuff in
    and eat that stuff too. Because this is probably, what, a level one or two Giant Whale. How about something really
    big like level 1000. Yeah, let’s try level 1000. Okay guys. Let’s get a big old Giant Whale in here and let’s do level 1000. Level 1000 here we go. In three, two, one. Okay let’s take a look at this guy. Can I take a look at him? Dude he is so huge. I’m like going into him. Okay let’s back up a little. Look at the size of him. He’s so huge. I’m gonna swallow him now. Guys, guys. That only gave us, what, like
    five levels or something. What level were we? I don’t know, we’re still chomping on him. But dude, we just ate a
    level 1000 Giant Whale. Okay, well what else can we eat? We can eat a level 1000 Prognathodon? Great White Shark? How about a level 1000 Great White Shark? It keeps pushing me down. Okay, he’s trying to eat me. He can’t eat me. Whoa! He’s shaking his head again. What’s up with that head shaking? Okay, eat him! Eat him, eat this guy,
    swallow him whole, uh oh. Having a hard time swallowing this guy. Oh, didn’t have a hard
    time swallowing me I guess. Let’s try that again. Okay give me this guy! Gotcha. He just disappeared,
    he just disintegrated. How about a Megaladon, Megaladon. Dude I just wanna see this guy. Yes, I just wanna see him. Dude look at how big this thing is. Okay I wanna see him and
    I wanna eat him though. Okay why am I having a
    hard time swallowing him? Uh oh, he sure is bouncing me around. Oh that was the inside of his stomach. Whoops. Dude now he’s on the loose, uh oh. We gotta take this guy out. Yeah my yellow meter was all the way up. I don’t know, that was kind of weird. We got a level 1000
    Megaladon on the loose. Okay, dude, I gotta
    take care of this thing as a level one Arowona. Dude he’s outside of the water. Oh boy, okay yeah, we gotta
    take care of this now. Okay let’s get him by the fin. Yes, I got him. Dude he just disappears. Okay one more. Guys I promise, one more. Prognathodon, Titanichthys, Dunkleosteus. How about the Alpha Great White Shark? Let’s see that guy. Uh oh, dude. Yeah this guy’s pretty big. Let’s take a look at his scars. This guy’s got a lot of scars on his face. Dude that is one big Great White Shark. That’s one Great White Shark. Okay, yeah, something
    about when I spawn him in the second time I can’t swallow, cause my yellow meter’s up all the way. Okay get this guy! Get this guy, swallow, swallow. I can’t do it, that’s really weird. I’m going through him, I’m
    going through him, I’m inside. Dude that is really weird. I don’t know, when I respawn
    I’m able to get these guys. Hello, Alpha Great White
    Shark, can I swallow you? I can’t do it, that’s crazy. I wonder if he’s too big
    cause I can eat things that are like 10 million times my size. Like literally 10 million times my size but I don’t think he’s 10 million times. Should be a thousand times. Or a thousand divided by
    six if we’re doing the math. Okay well let’s just go in his mouth. I’m already inside of him. Okay, this is kind of crazy,
    this is kind of crazy. Dude I can’t swallow him. I take it back, I swallowed him. Guys this is crazy. Okay why is my mouth constantly moving? Like I’m not pressing anything. I’m not pressing the E button or anything. I don’t know, but guys let
    me know in the comments what you wanna see next. Which fish you wanna see, or do you wanna some more fish battles. But guys thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you next time. Now’s the moment of truth, let’s see if this thing is gonna explode. Oh my goodness, it’s so Pungence gone. Oh it turns everyone into Pungence. No, no he got me. I’m popping them, I’m trying to get out. Crazy red shark. Dude he’s going in.


    NEW BABY ROBOT FISH BECOMES REALLY BIG – Feed and Grow Fish – Part 86 | Pungence

    September 3, 2019

    – Oh my goodness. Dude it turns into (bleeps). Look at those big eyes. Oh my goodness guys, we’re having babies. He’s not gonna attack me, is he? Okay, just swim on by. It’s like a Mecha Bibos family versus a hammerhead shark family. Who’s gonna win? Oh, great white shark! Great white shark, you
    gotta be kidding me. Hey what’s up guys, welcome
    back to Feed and Grow Fish. So guys today we’re doing something we’ve never done before with one of my favorite fish in the game. Guys, we’re using this Mecha Bibos, I’d call him a robot fish. He kinda looks like a robot. But guys it’s one of my
    favorite fish in the game, and now we can play in survival mode. So guys I’m thinking since
    we’re playing survival mode, I think we’re going to get
    like a baby version of him. I hope we do. Okay guys, before we get into it, I have to ask you what are
    we gonna name this guy. Last video, I asked you guys
    to name the Norway Redfish, and there were some really good names. We had like Sammy, we had like Norbit, Mr. Red, or Big Red, or
    like Raymond and stuff. There was a lot of great names, my personal favorite was Fred. You know, we can call
    him Fred the Redfish, I kinda like it. But guys, like I said,
    we gotta name this guy. And also guys, last video, I think we were aiming
    for seven thousand likes, and I just checked and it said six point nine thousand, guys. It’s so close. So let’s try it again. I know you guys can do it, you’ve done it before. You’re the best subscribers in the world, of course you’re gonna hit that goal. Okay, so let’s check out these abilities before we get into it. We got the rage. So what is rage again, every
    time we deal or take damage, we gain plus 30% damage
    and 40% bite speed. Max 150% damage, 100% bite speed. That’s pretty good. And then call the gang. So I don’t know if this is gonna work. Like we’re a mecha bibos. I don’t know if this is gonna
    work with the regular bibos. Also, um, let’s get into it. I’m thinking guys, I’m really
    hoping we get a baby version. But if we do, and then we go to adulthood, what do you think our
    babies are gonna look like. Oh my goodness, guys, we got like a, we got a dark egg. Look at this egg compared
    to the other eggs. Oh please, please. Yes! Oh my goodness. Guys, look at this. Okay, the other bibos are
    like what just happened. Dude, you got like all of
    these regular bibos hatch, and then you got me. Guys, look at me. Oh my goodness, I need to
    see a close-up of myself. Okay, and we’re in survival,
    so we’re kinda starving. Dude look at those big eyes. Okay guys, we gotta find some food. And we gotta find some food quick. Okay, there’s a crab on it’s back. Dude, we got bibos all over the place. We are a bibos, so the other
    bibos shouldn’t attack me. Right? No! No. Oh, you. I’m gonna get ya. Okay, we got like a bibos
    crab thing going on. We got like a bibos crab war. Okay, not off to a good start. Guys, let’s try this again. Let’s try this again. And the goal for today, we gotta get huge. You know, we gotta get huge. We gotta become an adult. Maybe we’ll make a family. And we gotta get huge. Okay, so, as soon as I tag this, I know those other bibos
    are gonna be following me. And their gonna be stealing this. Yeah, look at this guy, he’s
    already trying to steal it. Okay, no, let me eat it. Are they gonna let me eat it? Okay, I did eat some of it. So all we have to do
    is get to level three. Then we can level up. That’s really good. Okay, I think this was the,
    actually this might be me. Yes, eat it. Eat it and get outta here. Watch out for the crabs. Um, hurry, hurry and eat it and then get outta here. Dude this, okay, I was gonna say, it won’t let me eat it. Dude that crab, that was really close. Okay, I can eat this! Dude, we got some aggressive bibos. Yes! Guys, we’re an adult. Oh my goodness dude, that
    was actually pretty quick. We’re an adult. We’re an adult mecha bibos. And we’re actually, we’re
    about as small as we can get. But it said we can reproduce. Okay guys, let’s try to reproduce. What do you think our
    kids are gonna look like? I can’t believe it, I can seriously, I got five eggs. Seven eggs! I can seriously reproduce with these guys. Okay. I think, depending, we
    got 15 seconds before we can lay the eggs. Depending on how our egg looks, that’s gonna dictate what
    our baby’s gonna look like. Okay, let’s see if we
    can do call the gang. Gang on. Okay, so they’re all following me. They’re all following me. Dude, that’s amazing. And I got that propeller guys. This is why, this is why this is my favorite fish in the game. If not my favorite because dude, you got a propeller for a tail. That’s amazing. Okay guys, let’s have these babies. Please tell me they’re
    gonna be robot babies. Gang off, gang on. Oh my goodness guys, we’re having babies. We’re having babies,
    and we got seven of em. And they’re robot babies. Guys here we go. We’re gonna have a robot baby family. Dude, this is gonna look amazing. And these babies, they
    usually take a while to hatch, so we’ll leave em, let em
    sit there for a minute. Let me grab some food. Hopefully these guys don’t steal it. Grab some food. And then, guys, we’re gonna have to get these babies to maturity, too. I don’t know, we’re gonna have
    to feed them some plankton. Feed em some other fish and stuff. As long as we got our gang, oh, guys, our babies. Our babies are here. Dude look at those guys. Oh my goodness. How intimidating is that? That is very intimidating looking. Okay, you know what,
    let’s feed these guys. I won’t even eat this food. Like my hunger meter isn’t doing anything. Oh my goodness, they’re pretty aggressive. They’re very aggressive. Okay, so guys, let’s just
    keep looking for food. We’re gonna look for starfish, we’re gonna look for, I don’t know. We can probably take out some crabs. Maybe even some baby turtles. Dude, those guys ate the food so fast. These babies, they are so cool looking. Guys, I know I’ve, I know
    I’ve said different fish are my favorite babies, but
    this is my favorite baby. The mecha bibos baby, is my favorite. Dude, and they’re so,
    they’re so aggressive. Like as soon as this turns
    into small pieces, it’s gone. They just devour it. So I’m wondering, I’m wondering how many, coins we’re gonna get each
    time we get one to maturity. I don’t know guys, but maybe we’ll take out some sea turtle babies. Like hopefully the sea turtle
    parents will leave us alone. But let’s take out some sea turtle babies. If we can find some. Okay we got sea turtles. Watch out for those guys. Sea turtle are pretty docile. You know, they’re not really aggressive. And this gang, they’re sticking with me. A lot of times, these gangs
    will just like abandon me. Okay, sea turtle, leaving us alone. We still got the babies, it still says we have seven babies. We haven’t lost any. Okay, where are these sea turtle babies? I see a crab, guys should we do it. Should we go for this crab. He’s running away. He’s running away, let’s go for this crab. Okay, don’t attack my babies. No, he’s attacking my babies. He’s attacking my babies. Whoa, oh my goodness. Well I leveled up. We lost a baby. Guys that was tough. We did lose a baby. Did we get any to maturity? As soon as we see like, a full grown mecha bibos then we know. Oh, guys we got one to maturity. Dude, that’s amazing. I don’t know how many coins we got. But dude, that is pretty amazing. Okay, so we didn’t lose
    one, we didn’t lose a baby. Just one of em got to maturity. Guys this is an amazing family. Oh my goodness. This is a really good family. Okay, well I’m seeing the crabs and stuff. Where’s the baby sea turtles. Dude, look at this gang we got. Oh my goodness, we just got another one. Okay, we were at six fifty three, now we’re at six sixty eight. So I think, oh, so it says
    that time we got seven. So I guess we get seven coins every time one gets to maturity. Dude. This is amazing. We’re gonna have the best family ever. And they’re getting to
    maturity left and right. Guys are they leaving me. We got one, two, we got like
    two mecha bibos around here. God, where’d they eat this stuff. Okay, just eat this
    stuff, okay I’ll eat it. Dude we’re so close, we
    only have two babies left. We’re so close to getting
    them all to maturity. Come one babies, come on babies. Eat it, okay. Why won’t this baby eat this. Okay, we’re getting close. Dude, where’s the sea turtle babies. Oh I see something up there. I think they’re out of the water. Let’s see if I can chase em. Is that them? Oh man, that’s full grown sea turtles. Let’s be careful for those guys. Those are full grown sea turtles. And they’re coming in. Okay let’s just eat this little stuff. Guys, this is amazing. We still have two babies left. Come one baby. Eat it, eat it. Come on, yes, guys we only
    have one more baby left. We gotta do this. We gotta do this. Oh here we go, there’s
    those sea turtle babies. Dude they’re freaking out. I don’t blame em, I don’t blame em. Yes, we got em. We got em. Eat that sea turtle baby. Oh my goodness, he just disintegrated. He just disintegrated. Guys, this is good. We could take out, we
    could actually take out some decent sized fish
    at this point I bet. Okay sea turtle baby. Dude, this is crazy. Okay, they’re taking him out. That’s actually taking a lot of bites. Okay, is my baby gonna
    eat some of that food? He didn’t get any. Okay, we still have one
    baby, but that’s fine. I do love the baby. Oh look at these babies. Speaking of babies, look at these babies. You can’t get away from me. Actually they’re a, wow. Dude this is insane. Okay, my little baby,
    he’s not able to eat. Yes, eat that. Dude, he’s so close. He’s gotta mature soon right. Guys we are a brutal family. Okay, let’s see if we can
    get some bigger stuff. Like I know we can take out crabs. Everyone’s following me, this is good. I know we can take out crabs. I wonder what else we can take out. I wouldn’t be surprised
    if we could take out, like a angler fish, or a
    mahi mahi, or something. Dude, it got to maturity, so we can, dude we can reproduce again. Should we do it? Guys, I think so. I think we should do it. Let’s just make more babies guys. We’re gonna have a huge family. And these guys are
    actually sticking with me. This is the first time, that my fish have actually
    been sticking with me. Dude, I have a family, they usually leave. These guys are actually staying. It’s probably the call of the gang thing. Dude that is amazing. Okay, we’ll just make
    sure that the gang is on. Everyone’s still hanging around. Uh oh, what are they scared of? I don’t know what, oh, maybe, maybe it’s the baby sea turtles. So these are our new babies. Guys this is amazing. Okay, here we go. They’re hatching. Guys they hatched so fast,
    they level up so fast. Here we go, here we go. Okay, dude, we got regular
    bibos, we got mecha bibos, we got mecha bibos babies. Look at this family. Let’s go down here. Let’s get into the real ocean. And we’re gonna fight some bigger stuff. So, we’re probably gonna
    run into some cuttlefish, some crabs, I see cuttlefish right there. We can probably take out some zebra fish. And then we’re gonna work our way up. Guys, here we go. Here we go, we got
    crabs, we got cuttlefish. Let’s go for this crab. We’re going for this crab. Uh oh, that hurts. No! Guys, okay that cuttlefish
    is oh my goodness, I only have six health. Okay, I gotta eat this. I gotta eat that, oh. I’m at eight health. Dude, I’m almost dead. Okay, how is my family doing? Seems like my family’s doing okay. I gotta eat this, I’m sorry. Dude, these guys are attacking my babies. I can’t let em. There we go, there we go. Dude, I need to eat a
    lot of this food too. Like, I was hurting on health. I guess I don’t have that
    much health to begin with. Okay cuttlefish. Dude and the cuttlefish, I
    think it does three damage. Whoa, there we go. Family is going to be doing really well. Yeah, I hate to say it but
    I need a lot of this food. I need a lot of this. I gotta get big. So I can protect my family. That’s why. You know, so I can protect the family. And get bigger and stuff. Dude they just ate all that food. Okay guys, we’re at four babies. We’ve lost like three of em. It’s kinda rough. Kinda rough. We’re level seven. And I’m only at 18 health. Guys, this kinda dangerous. Guys, look at my family. This is amazing. We got a strong family. Okay, just keep looking for stuff. I see some crabs over there. Oh, guys we just got two more to maturity. And the fact that they actually
    stick with me is amazing. Okay, let’s take out this crab. Take out this, crab. Okay, why am I only
    doing point six damage? Oh right, the crab has armor. Okay, give me that food. Oh, guys, we only have one baby left. The rest of em are mature. This is good. But it seems like, okay, okay we got a pink fish. Can I get him? Can I get the pink fish? These are kinda hard to get sometimes. Yes! I got Pinky. No! Okay that guy got him. But the thing is guys,
    we gotta be careful. I saw a mantis shrimp ’round here. Dude, he’s going flying. I’m actually pretty fast
    with this propeller. Dude this guy went flying. He went straight to the surface. Okay, gimme that food. And gimme that food. Level nine. We’re almost in double digits. But yeah guys, I saw a mantis shrimp, there he is, no. That’s a mahi mahi. Okay so I saw a mantis shrimp, we don’t wanna mess with those guys. ‘Cause they’re very very powerful. Look at all these fish. Okay, so this is a bad idea. I acknowledge the fact this is a bad idea. But let’s see how we do
    against some mahi mahi. Guys, we got a big family. Let’s just see, let’s just see how we do. Okay, no! Okay, no! Oh my goodness, guys. I didn’t even see how
    much damage he was doing. Guys, we just lost our family. Where’s our family? Do we still have our family? There’s my dead body. There’s our family, they’re gone. Maybe I can find em though. The thing is, if we see
    anymore mecha bibos, we know, they’re from my family. I guess now, we can get a
    better look at this guy. Dude, look at him. He doesn’t have any
    screws or anything in him, like the adult. That’s a really cool model. Oh my goodness guys,
    it says I have a baby. I didn’t have any babies though. Oh my goodness dude, here’s my family. Guys I found the family. Dude, you gotta be kidding me. I didn’t even know this was possible. And it says it’s our baby. Guys that’s actually really crazy. You gotta be kidding me, we got our family back. Oh my goodness, that’s
    actually really really cool. Okay, oh, our last baby got to maturity. Guys let’s have more. Dude, this is amazing. Four eggs, seven eggs. Okay, we get seven eggs every time. Dude, this is amazing. We actually didn’t lose that much. We got our whole family back. And I’m level four. I only lost like five levels. That’s not too bad. Okay, they’re hatching. Babies are hatching. Dude, we got, it only
    says we have six babies. I don’t know. Okay, either way, we got
    a really good family. Dude our whole family is mecha bibos. Okay, so let’s eat some of this plankton. Let’s let our, let’s let our babies eat some of this plankton. Let’s see if they’re gonna eat it. They’re eat it. Oh that’s really good. That’s really good. Oh this is my dead body. You think I can eat this. I don’t know, I bet if I bring it to the surface I prolly can. Okay let’s just, oh the
    propeller’s still going. Guys, guys the propeller’s still going. Everyone’s like bouncing into me. Okay, we just gotta get
    me up to the surface. Get it up to the surface. And then turn it into meat. Which kinda doesn’t make sense, if it’s a robot fish, why
    would it turn into meat? And another thing I was thinking, is who’s controlling this robot fish? Like does someone have a
    remote control or something? Oh my goodness! Dude it turns into nuts and bolts. Oh, my, goodness guys, that is so cool. It turned into like nuts
    and bolts and screws. Guys that is go crazy. I love this game. I love the creators of this game. That was just hilarious. Wouldn’t it be funny if it
    had batteries or something. It’s like, it’s a robot fish. So what if it ran on batteries. And what if it ran out of batteries. Okay, guys, we’re kinda
    running into some problems. Look at this, this whole area, there’s no food. There’s one sea turtle. But there’s no food in this whole area. No crabs, no nothing. Okay, looks like we can make more babies. Guys, this might be the
    only way we can win. We might just need to make a huge family. Get em all to maturity, and
    then attack stuff in a pack. But dude, the thing is, I tried that. I tried that with that whatcha call it. What was that thing called again? The mahi mahi. I tried it with that. And it was just a one v one,
    and he took me out instantly. So I don’t know what we gotta do guys. Okay, let’s just have some more babies. Hopefully they stay with me. Dude there’s my family. Are you guys gonna stick with me? Hopefully they do, gang off, gang on. Okay, make sure the gang is on, they’re all sticking around with me. This is good, we got more babies. And guys, let’s just keep looking around. Okay, now we’re talking. Now we got a crab. There we go. Now we’re getting something,
    we need more crabs though. Okay he just disintegrated. Here’s another one, okay, I gotta get some of this food though. Guys, I gotta level up. Okay, we’re finally level 10. Guys, it’s just too dangerous. Like I don’t even know if we
    can take out an angler fish. I guess we can try to
    make our way over there, but soon as we get to any
    other area of the map, it’s like super dangerous. Okay, there’s our family. Come on family, dude, we got
    a really big family though. You gotta admit. Dude, oh, they’re going
    after a mantis shrimp. Are you serious? They actually got him. Oh wow, dude that’s really good. Okay, well, that’s really good. Dude, good job guys. Oh my goodness, they’re all adults. Guys we can have more babies. Dude, this is crazy. We just keep having more babies. With the size of our family, I’m actually starting to feel a little bit more comfortable. Dude, as long as we stick together, we should be unstoppable. We should be. Okay, what can we do. I don’t see the angler fish. I think they just moved. I don’t think the angler
    fish are here anymore. Which is kinda weird. It definitely seems like an
    angler fish kind of area. But they’re just not here anymore. Guys I just gotta say,
    this is kinda crazy. I’m level 15 and I only have 22 health. That’s kinda bad. Oh, the bibos are eating the jelly fish. Okay, I’ll eat some jelly fish. We gotta be careful though. He does three damage. Um, is he gone? I think he’s gone. I don’t know what happened. Okay, we gotta be careful. Those jelly fish, they
    can be a little dangerous. Look at this family. It is just huge. The thing is guys, we’re level 15. Which is really good, but I’m only in the twenties for health. And my damage, zero point eight damage. That’s horrible at level 15. I don’t know how that’s even possible. How is that even possible? Okay guys, I think it’s time. We just gotta get out in this ocean. And we gotta start exploring more. Dude, this is gonna be so dangerous. Okay, all we can take out right now, are crabs, maybe mantis
    shrimp, cuttlefish. Outside of that guys,
    we’re pretty much toast if we go up against any serious fish. Okay, how about a zebra fish, I know there’s hammerheads around here. So we gotta be careful. But what about a zebra fish? You know, there’s a big
    pack of em right here. Let’s see if we can take out a zebra fish. Let’s just get one of em. Oh let’s get this guy, yes get this guy. Okay, so he does one point five damage. Guys this is our ticket. Oh man, dude, that’s a lot of meat. This is our ticket. This is how we do it. Just be careful of the hammerhead. Guys, this could be really good. We’re leveling up like crazy. Let’s get another one. Let’s get this one. Dude, as soon as I bite him, he’s pretty much dead meat. He’s pretty much dead meat, literally. Okay guys, this is good,
    this is how we level up. And we can make more babies. Dude, all of our babies are adults. This is so good. Oh my goodness guys, there’s
    the shadow of the mosasaurus. He’s not going to attack me is he. Okay just swim on by. Dude, mosasaurus just swam above us. Okay, I think we’re okay. Guys, where are some more zebra fish. Okay, they’re way out there. Guys let’s get em, let’s get these guys. Okay, let’s get, this guy. Got him, here we go, here we go. Okay, he’s actually attacking my babies, which is not very nice. That’s kinda mean. Dude, okay we’re up to four damage. That’s not too bad. Leveling up. Level 24 and only 28 health. That’s crazy. Oh, look at this guy
    trying to distract me. You see that lights coming on. Okay, dude, his lights are out. Guys we’re level 41. Okay, we’re actually doing a lot better. We’re level 41, where did
    those, oh there’s one. I was gonna say where did
    those mantis shrimp go. There were a bunch of em here. Okay, we gotta be careful, cause they’re pretty powerful. He’s dead instantly. Okay, now that were in the forties, guys. We can take out some decent sized stuff. We just gotta be careful, we
    can’t take out anything big. But we can take out
    some decent sized stuff. Okay guys, I see a mahi mahi here. Dude, let’s get some revenge on this guy. Hey remember me. Dude, oh no! Dude he does six damage. Where’s my family? Where’s my family? Where’s my family? I need my family, we got him. Or I got him, my family just watched. They just watched me do that. Okay guys, if we go up against
    anything that’s dangerous, just know our family’s just gonna watch, and see what I do. Guys, we barely squeezed that one out. Okay let’s try this again, and this time, family, I need your help. I need your help family. Please help me. Family is not helping. They’re just watching. I can’t believe this. Dude, okay, well this guys helping, I like that guy. He’s the only guy who helped. Okay let’s eat a ichthyosaurus baby. Let’s see if I can get him. Oh there we go, I got
    that ichthyosaurus baby. Hopefully the parents aren’t around. Because I definitely couldn’t
    take out an ichthyosaurus. Guys, I don’t think so at least. I don’t know, maybe we could. Guys, should we go for an ichthyosaurus? Oh, dude, hammerhead shark. Oh my goodness guys. We’re taking out a hammerhead shark. See this is how we do it. As long as we work together,
    we can take anything out. Oh now, another hammerhead. Guys the hammerheads keep coming. Dude they keep coming, and we keep taking them down. Guys, we got a pretty powerful family. We’re taking out hammerheads. Dude, this is really good. We’re taking them out quick too. Oh here comes another one. Guys, they just keep coming. I can’t believe this. Okay, I’m not going to start that fight. Like I’ll just join it if we get in one. But dude, oh! Another, another hammerhead. Okay, get outta here ya
    crazy hammerhead sharks. I guess we’re in their territory. Uh oh, guys we have multiple hammerheads, this isn’t good. Dude, we have multiple
    hammerheads and our family, I think our family is starting
    to dwindle a little bit. This isn’t good. Dude, I’m surrounded by hammerhead sharks. It’s like a mecha bibos family versus the hammerhead shark family. Who’s gonna win? I think we’re gonna win. Dude, our family is starting to die down a little bit though. As soon as I make food though. They hammerheads, they
    just come swooping in. Okay, let’s make the
    family a little bit bigger. We need some more babies. The thing is, the hammerheads, they could prolly eat my babies instantly. Okay guys, we’re level 62, we
    destroyed those hammerheads, let’s see how we do
    against a tiger shark guys. I’m a little nervous. I’m a little nervous, dude, I see a big thing of meat over there. That could be good for us. Okay guys, I know this is a horrible idea, but we just gotta see. We just gotta see, you know, how we stack up against a tiger shark. Where’s our family? Dude, we got like, we got no adult mecha bibos’. They’re all regular bibos’. I don’t know what the deal is. Okay, we’ll have some more babies. I don’t know why I’m having
    more babies at this point. We’ve had so many. Okay there we go. Seven eggs, guys, we’re
    over a thousand coins. I don’t think we’re gonna need
    to worry about coins anymore. Okay, what’s attacking, what’s attacking? Oh it’s an ichthyosaurus! Okay, get away from that guy. Ichthyosaurus, are you leaving us alone? I think he’s attacking my babies. Okay guys, this was the goal. We gotta take out a tiger shark. You think you’re a
    hunter, I’m hunting you. Okay where’s our family? There’s our family. It’s not a very big family. Kind’ve a small family, if you ask me. Okay, well let’s go this way. There should be tiger sharks over here. Oh there’s one. Okay guys, here we go. I’m going after this tiger shark. And we’re gonna need
    our family to help out. Okay, they’re right next to me. And, here we go! Here we go, here we go, oh my goodness, dude,
    he does a lot of damage, and my family’s not helping,
    family is not helping. Please help, please help. Oh my goodness, is he dead? Guys, we got him. We got the tiger shark. That was close. Oh that’s a lot of meat. That’s really good. I don’t know what’s around here. Babies are screaming about something. Dude, I don’t know what it is. They just keep eating. Eat the food, eat the food. I don’t know why they’re scared. I think it’s the cuttlefish
    and that gold fish thing. Okay, I guess that’s kinda scary. I don’t know, it’s not too bad. Okay, take this guy out. Oh, tiger shark, tiger
    shark’s attacking us. He can’t attack us. We’re gonna get you. Oh that’s kind’ve a big one. Okay dude, our family’s taking
    him out pretty quick though. Dude that was really fast. Oh my goodness, dude, our
    family is going crazy. Oh great white shark, great white shark. You gotta be kidding me. Guys we gotta get outta here. Dude, it’s a great white shark, there’s two of em. Oh my goodness, two great white sharks. Okay that was, um, that
    was a little scary. You gotta be kidding me, they
    just came out of nowhere. Okay, we’re level 70, I gotta say, we’ve actually gotten pretty
    huge for a mecha bibos. Like look at me in
    comparison to my family. Dude that actually looks pretty nice. Guys we’re in trouble. Dude this tiger shark, no, no. Guys my family abandoned me. You gotta be kidding me. Well at least they got him in the end. Guys there I am. The robot bibos, just got taken out. The propellers still going crazy. Look at that propeller. Oh my, well at least
    our family got revenge. That feels good, the
    family got revenge for us. But guys that was a pretty good run. We got to level 70, and I got to say, that took a lot of work. I’ve almost been recording
    for an hour and a half. Well guys like I said,
    we gotta name this thing. Put in the comments
    what we should name it. Also guys, if you missed it, I started playing Raft on the channel. Which if you haven’t heard of it, it’s pretty much, it’s
    like a survival game. You’re on this raft in
    the middle of the ocean. You’re trying to survive,
    there’s like a shark, and you’re collecting a bunch of stuff, building the raft up. Guys, I think we had a pretty good run. This mecha bibos is kinda tall, it’s kinda tough to use, but I’m happy with how we did. But guys I hope you really
    enjoyed today’s video. If you did, as always, feel free to hit that thumbs up button, and subscribe if you haven’t already. And I will see you guys in
    the next Feed and Grow Fish. (electronic music) That was a moment of truth. Let’s see if this thing
    is going to explode. Oh! Oh my goodness, it’s a pungence gun. It’s turns everyone into pungence. No! No he got me. I’m popping him, I’m trying to get out. Crazy red shark, dude he’s going in.

    GIANT SQUID vs 100 VAMPIRE LEECHES – Feed and Grow Fish – Part 108 | Pungence
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    GIANT SQUID vs 100 VAMPIRE LEECHES – Feed and Grow Fish – Part 108 | Pungence

    August 23, 2019

    – I gotta bad feeling about this. Yes what happened to his tentacles? He’s going in circles. This is what I’m talking about. He’s flying, he’s flappin’ his wings. Look at all those teeth! Vampire leaches attack! Hey what’s up guys? Welcome back to Feed and Grow Fish or as I’m calling this video, Feed and Grow Fish Battle Simulator. Guys, that right, we’re doing
    a battle simulator today. Guys, this is something I’ve wanted to do for a really really long time and this was all made
    possible by Azza Forty Six. I gotta give him a shout out, guys. He’s an awesome mod maker! He developed this mod where, guys, look at this. We can spawn in any fish
    we want at an point. Any amount we want, any level we want. Guys, it’s about to get crazy. So yeah, if you want to
    check out Azza Forty Six, the mod maker, link will
    be in the description and he has tutorials and
    links to download these mods. But guys, it’s gonna be crazy. It’s gonna be, like, a bunch of jellyfish versus
    like a Kronosaurus or something. We’re going to get a
    bunch of vampire leeches. Guys, it’s just gonna be crazy. Also I want to know in the comments some ideas from you guys, cause look at this! Dude, we can use any fish in the game. Any fish, any creature in
    the game we can use it. It’s all fair game. So lemme know in the comments what kind of battles you wanna see. But yeah, also guys,
    before we get into it, dude, I have to address this. Last video, the vampire leech. Guys! That mighta been the fastest any one of my videos has gone viral. Dude, less than a week and
    it’s over 1 million views, and guys, I have to
    give you all the credit because, dude, if you’ve ever wondered if hitting the like
    button helps, it helps. Guys, last video you had 26,000 likes and I think that’s a huge reason
    why the video did so well. So guys, thank you so
    much for all your support. Welcome to all the new people too. If you haven’t already subscribed, feel free to hit that subscribe button, hit the bell too. Hit the bell next to the subscribe button, you get a notification and
    you’ll never miss a video. Okay guys, let’s have some fun! Okay, so I wrote down a bunch of ideas for match-ups today. First one, let’s just start it off small. You know, we’ll get some small fish. So guys, if you look in the top right, we hit the brackets and
    that changes the fish. So I wanna start off with some piranha. And the power under that, that’s the power that we throw the fish. And then start level, that’s
    the level the fish is at. So let’s do, like, level, let’s just do level one piranha. And we’re gonna do 20 piranha. You know what, let’s go slow motion too. So I can slow down, yeah, if you look in the bottom left, slow motion is at 5%,
    and we’ll get 20 piranha. So guys look at this, if I
    hit one, it makes one piranha. If I hit two, two piranha. If I hit three, three piranha. Four? Okay, what’s one plus
    two plus three plus four? I don’t know guys, I don’t have how many
    piranha we got, but yeah. And if I hit zero it just
    makes a million of ’em. So yeah, we’re in slow motion. That looks like almost 20. Maybe that’s 20 piranha. So guys we got 20 piranha or more. And we’re gonna put it
    up against a giant zebra. So the zebra is 58, so I gotta press the
    bracket over and over. The zebra’s 58, I kinda wish I could
    just put in the numbers but I don’t think that’s possible. I think we’re just lucky
    that we have this mod. It’s just amazing. So the zebra’s gonna be level 30, it’s gonna be a big zebra. He might swallow ’em all whole, but let’s just see what happens. So a big, giant zebra
    versus all these piranha. And whooo, here we go. Guys, it’s our first battle in 3, 2, 1. And go, and go. Get ’em, piranha, you must attack. So here’s another thing guys, like. Ooh, are they gonna attack? Here’s another thing. Oh my goodness, they’re going in. Uh oh, they just bounced off him (laughs) Here’s another thing. For some of these
    battles, it’s gonna work. Sometimes it’s not. Like, okay, are they
    gonna go after anything? Like, maybe he’s too big. Sometimes the fish, they
    don’t go after each other. Okay, let’s slow it down, guys. You know it’s our first time doing this, so we gotta work out the kinks. So maybe it’s the fact that the
    zebra is like a docile fish? So let’s put him right
    in the middle of ’em and here we go, here we go. Fight ’em. Dude, you’re piranha! Piranhas should attack, they’re
    just bouncing off of him. Maybe ’cause the zebra are nice. (laughs) Maybe ’cause they’re nice. Well, let’s get a predator in here. What would be a good predator, guys? Let’s look through. Salmon, salmon might be good predator. Let’s do a little 15 salmon. Okay that’s a big salmon, and attack! Dude they’re both river! They’re both river creatures,
    piranha and salmon. Uh oh, salmon’s going after the zebra. Okay, dude, the zebra just swallowed ’em. Okay, well now we’re gettin’ something. Now we’re gettin’ somewhere. So we got a level 15 zebra
    versus level 15 salmon. Okay zebra lost it first
    guys this is gonna be tough. This is gonna be tough. You know what’s gonna be easier, the pack hunters like, raptors and bibos. Let’s see if I can find
    the raptor or bibos. ‘Cause you get one of those guys mad then you’re gonna have to
    deal with the whole crew. Okay so we’ll do power level 3, and let’s do 9, 18 and 27. And here we go. Oh, now we’re talkin’. Yes, yes, that’s level 15 salmon going up against those raptors, Dude, he’s got no chance. Let’s go slow motion. Let’s go slow motion. Okay, dude, that’s what I’m talkin’ about. That’s what I wanted the
    piranha to do to the zebra fish. Okay, here we go
    (laughing) he’s panickin’. The zebra’s like panickin’, but you know if he can just turn around I think he could get those guys. He’s tryin’, he’s tryin’ to turn around. Dude, he doesn’t stand a chance. Oh, they let him go. Why’d they let him go? They had him. I guess maybe he just had too much health. So guys, this is actually something I’ve been wanting to do
    for a while, like I said. Like, the first time I
    wanted to do this was when they made the new, oh, are they attacking? No he’s just swum on ’em. But when they first made
    the servers available where you can pick which fish spawn in, I tried to do it, but for whatever reason the
    predators weren’t spawning in, so it just didn’t work. But now that we got this
    mod from Azza Forty Six, it’s workin’ so you know what, we might actually have to play
    at some of these giant fish, to get some battles going. Okay, what was my next one? Oh, I wanted to do jellyfish
    versus ichthyosaurus. Okay, guys, let’s pick
    a different location. We’ll pick a different location, we’ll get a bunch of
    jellyfish vs the ichthyosaurus and you know what, we might have to experiment with the, with that power level. Okay, so we’ll get some jellyfish. We’ll do like level 5. Level 5 jellyfish and jellyfish is 12. Okay guys, let’s get a bunch of ’em. If you just hold (laughing),
    just hold down zero, it spawns in a ton of ’em. Oh, look at all those jellyfish. That looks so cool. Okay, we’re slowin’ it down, (laughing) slowin’ it down. Dude, look at those jellyfish. Okay we’re putting ’em up
    against an ichthyosaurus. And let’s go level 10. Level 10 ichthyosaurus
    versus a bunch of jellyfish. In 3, 2, 1, go. 3, 2, 1, go. And go for it, please, please attack. They’re goin’ for him. They’re swimming the right way. Is he gonna go for them? Uh oh, we might just
    have to start shootin’ stuff at these guys. Oh, okay, there we go. He’s swimmin’ right through ’em. He’s swimmin’ through the jellyfish. You know we actually can’t see the damage. That is kinda tough, like when we’re playing
    we can see the damage, but when we’re in spectator
    mode we can’t really see. Dude, he does look like
    he’s having a hard time. Maybe, I don’t know, maybe
    they did do some damage. Dude, okay, he’s going back down. He’s glitchin’. Guys what is going on
    with this ichthyosaurus? Is he actin’ weird? Okay, so guys let’s mess with his power. So, power is at 1. If we put power at 10, this changes the speed
    that they shoot out of us. So, this is at power 10, whoops, that’s a penguin. (laughing) That’s a penguin. We’re going jellyfish. Okay, so that’s not that fast. Let’s increase the power a
    little bit more to, like, 30. And shoot ’em. Shoot ’em, dude. That’s cool, that’s really cool. Okay, shoot ’em with, oh, he’s gettin’ mad. He’s gettin’ mad. The jellyfish are becoming a problem. And keep shootin’em. Guys, this is crazy. Oh, he’s bitin’, he’s
    bitin’ the jellyfish. Keep hittin’ him. Guys, this is a level 5. Let’s bump it up. Let’s do like level 10. Level 10 jellyfish. Shoot him, shoot him. Oh, we got ’em. Look at (laughing), look at his mouth. Guys did you see his mouth? I wonder is this breaks the meat. I think it does. I think it does break
    the meat a little bit. You know what, let’s shoot ’em down. (laughing) Guys, this is gettin’ crazy. Look at all those jellyfish. Dude, that is a very dangerous ocean. Guys, if you’re ever at the ocean and you see a bunch of
    jellyfish like this, don’t go in. (laughing) Don’t go in. Okay, guys, things are gettin’
    a little more interesting. (laughing) Look at all these jellyfish. Okay, let’s just spawn something in here and see if it survives. What do we wanna do? Colossal crab, mahi-mahi baby at level 5 and we’ll bring the power level
    down to like 2 or something. Down to 1 and here we go. Mahi-mahi baby. Let’s see how well you survive. Wait, I wonder is it still gonna be a baby if it’s, like, a high level? Oh my goodness it stays as a baby. Guys, that’s crazy. And they’re just swimming
    in the jellyfish. How is that possible? He’s just swimming in the
    jellyfish like it’s no problem. How is that possible? (laughing) Dude, the colossal crab
    wants to eat some of these. Okay, I though since it’s a baby, you get it to level 30
    it’ll turn into an adult. That’s pretty cool. Are you gonna attack the sea turtle baby? They’re friends. Guys, this is tough. I really was hoping more of these fish would
    like attack each other. I think we’re just gonna
    have to be selective. I think we’re just gonna have to pick really aggressive fish
    to go after each other. Okay, guys, I think I might
    have a matchup that’ll work. Dude, let’s get great
    white sharks in here. You’re not gonna see a great
    white shark pass up a meal. So, we’re gonna do level
    1 great white sharks. We’re gonna do like 1, 2, 3, 4. So I hit 9 four times so we
    got like 45 great white sharks and guys let’s put it up
    against the brand new squid. Guys, we haven’t played as this thing yet, but I wanna see it. I wanna see the squid. It’s huge and we’re gonna
    make it even bigger. We’re going level 30. Level 30 squid. Here we go. Dude that thing’s huge. (laughing) Here’s a battle. Now this is a battle I
    could get excited about. Okay and attack. Attack, oh, he’s yes, oh, what happened to his tentacles? I think he got one. Guys he, oh, he got one. Oh no, great white shark
    is rippin’ into him. Dude, he’s goin’ crazy. Okay we’re at 35 percent speed. Dude, the great white sharks, they might just be too much for him. He might not be big enough. Look at those tentacles. I don’t think he’s big enough. Yeah, he’s not big enough. Okay, guys I’ll slow it down. That was level 30. Let’s go level 50? I don’t know, man that’ll
    probably be to small. They took him out easy. There was, like, a few of ’em. Let’s do level 70. Level 70 squid. Oh, ya think you’re tough ’cause you ate a level
    30 squid or somethin’? Let’s see how you do against level 70. Okay, here we go. Guys and 3, 2, 1 go. Dude, look at that animation. What is he doing? Oh, he is getting ’em. Oh my goodness. Guys, he’s getting ’em. He’s gettin’ the great white sharks. Although when they latch on, he’s going in circles. This is what I’m talkin’ about. Guys, this is what I’m talkin’ about. This is why I wanted to do it. Get some actual battles going. Oh my goodness, dude. They’re latching on. They’re starting to latch on. They’re gettin’ him in the eyeball. They’re gettin’ him in the mouth. Dude, look at that mouth. Look at those teeth. Let’s go right inside. (laughing) Guys, guys are you kiddin’ me? Is he dead? He looks kinda dead. Okay, level 70 was still no match although he did get some of ’em. Level 70 was still no match. Maybe we need to go level 100. Okay let’s pick a fresh new spot. We’re going level 100 giant squid and we’ll do like, I don’t know, maybe 30 great white sharks. Oh, he just came in and swallowed that. Whoops, we gotta go slow motion. Bring the slow motion down. And let’s get these great
    white sharks in here. Here we go. 1, 2 and 3. That’s 27 great white sharks. Oh, they’re level 100. Uh oh, guys, I got a
    bad feeling about this. I got a bad feeling about this. Okay, well that’s what happens when you do 30 level
    100 great white sharks. Guys, the whole map, it’s
    full of great white sharks. And they’re all level 100. Uh oh, you know what let’s get outta here. (laughing) Let’s get outta here and pick a new spot. I forgot to, that’s the thing, I’m gonna forget to change
    the levels from time to time. So let’s go over here now. Okay, we’re back over here and I’m gonna remember this time. Okay guys, we got our great white sharks and let’s do level 200. 200 for this squid. A level 200 squid versus
    30 great white sharks. Whoa, where’s the squid going? Squid is flying. Squid is flying. He’s flying, he’s flapping his wings. Why is he flying? Where ya going? Whoops (laughing), okay. Let’s bring him here. Guys, that was kinda crazy. Okay, yes, he’s going in. He’s going in. Guys, oh he’s just swallowing ’em. Oh, that’s what happens. He’s just swallowing ’em whole. I guess that makes sense. Dude, this is crazy. Look at him rotating
    around his body and stuff. Guys, this squid, this
    would be fun to play as. Maybe we should mess
    with him a little bit. Dude, look at how his body
    like rotates like that. And can you believe when
    he was like flying away. Okay, I love this squid, we’re gonna have to play as him, but really quick guys. I had a crazy idea. So we got all these great white sharks, but I got another idea. I got another idea for the giant squid. What if we put him up against, I don’t know, like 100 vampire leeches? Guys, I loved the vampire
    leeches so much last video, seemed like you guys loved it too. What if we did 100 vampire
    leeches against this giant squid. I think that’d be pretty crazy. Let’s do it. Okay, let’s have ’em, we
    can’t have ’em level 1, ’cause they’re just too small. So let’s have ’em at like, level 20. And let’s see what happens. Guys, we’re in slow motion and we’re goin’ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, oh, whoa, that’s level 20, he’s just sucking ’em all up. Uh oh, he’s just sucking ’em all up and it’s making him bigger. Okay, we need to have ’em
    over here a little more maybe. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, okay, that’s gotta be 100. That’s gotta be 100. Guys look at all those vampire leeches. Okay, they’re gonna go for him right? Guys, let’s do it. Let’s do it. Vampire leeches, attack. Attack, guys, they’re going inside of him. They’re attacking, whoa, uh oh. Game is kinda freezing. Oh boy, (laughing) dude, what’s happening right now? I actually don’t know what’s happening because the game is freezing. Maybe I should put it back in
    slow motion again, if I can. Dude that might’ve crashed the game. Oh, yes, I see a bunch of vampire leeches and I see a great white shark. Where’s the squid? Where’s the squid? Okay we’re back. These vampire leeches
    are kinda going crazy. Look at those teeth. Why are they going so crazy? They’re wiggling like
    I’ve never seen before. And looks like the squid is fine. Now guys, the thing
    with the vampire leech, if you remember from last video, they technically don’t do
    any damage when they bite, but they do suck the life out of whatever they’re going after. Okay guys, let’s try it again. This is probably a bad idea. This is probably a bad idea. Okay, he’s just sucking ’em right up. As soon as they come in. Uh oh, so okay. It seems like if I hit escape and then get back in,
    then it gets fixed again. That’s how we do it. Okay we spawn ’em all in, then we’ll press escape,
    then we’ll get back in. (laughing) Maybe, okay, let’s bring
    the slow motion down and spawn ’em in, like this and hopefully, hopefully they latch on without him swallowing. I’m putting ’em like inside of him. Guys, I just want these
    things to go crazy on him. Go crazy on that squid. Take him down. Take him down a notch why don’t ya. Yes, yes, we got vampire
    leeches all over the place and we’re going slow motion and here we go. Latch on, latch on. Dude, they’re puttin’ some scrapes in, oh, he just sucked ’em all up. Okay, dude, you can see though, you can see the bite marks, you can see some leech bite marks. I think he’s just too big. Maybe we’ll make him a little smaller. Okay, how about level 100. That one was level 200. We’ll go level 100 and make
    sure we’re in slow motion. Level 100 and we’re doing, I
    think I liked the level, where were we, level 20
    with the vampire leech? I like that level. Let’s get some vampire
    leeches on this guy. And 3, 2, 1 and here we go. Here we go. We got vampire leeches. We got a giant squid. And here we go. Yeah, I think that’s about 100. I think that’s about 100. Guys look at all those teeth. Dude, look at all those teeth. Some of ’em are inside of him, some of ’em are just about to land on him. Okay, let’s pick up
    the speed a little bit. We’re going 35% speed. Latch on, uh oh. See this is when problems happen. When he starts spinning around (laughing) Dude, this is when problems happen. Okay, we’re gonna hit escape. Hopefully that’ll help things, uh oh. Okay, whoa, did he just
    swallow all of ’em? Okay, ya think you’re tough? Okay, he thinks he’s pretty tough. He thinks he’s pretty tough
    swallowing these guys. Let’s see how you do against level 30. Level 30 vampire leeches. That’s right, level 30
    vampire leeches all over ya. Just like this, and just like this. (laughing) Guys, here we go. You can’t swallow these guys. Oh my goodness. Okay, latch on boys, latch on. I’m rootin’ for ya. I’m rootin’ for ya my leech friends. Get him, yes. They’re biting, they’re attacking. There’s blood everywhere. This is what we need. This is what we need. Here we go. This is the battle I’ve been waitin’ for. Dude, his mouth is ready. Okay, whenever his tentacles are like that I think that means he’s got one. Oh, he’s got one but
    they’re still fightin’ back. Okay, let’s bring it up to 100% speed. Okay, they just, are you gonna attack? Uh oh, what’s up with his tentacles? He’s running away. Is he running away? He’s scared, okay guys. This is what we’re gonna do. I’m gonna play as a giant squid and let’s see if I can
    take these guys out. Dude, that’s gonna be pretty interesting. Okay guys, let’s just do it. Let’s do it. This gonna be our first time
    playing as the giant squid and we’re probably gonna start off, we’re just gonna start off at level 1 and here we go guys. We’re playing as the squid. He’s got no abilities. Damage is 1. His damage is only 1? Okay, oh, okay, oh, I’m next to the raptors. Uh oh, let’s get outta here. Dude, you know what, let’s
    level up a little bit. Level up, oh, level 69. (laughing) Level up a little bit, level 80. And where are those vampire leeches. Guys, this is hard to navigate. It’s kinda hard to navigate. Wait, this isn’t working out so well. Okay, another thing in this mod, they made it to where you can like, oooh, am I makin’ it? Guys, I’m makin’ it. Okay you know what, let’s zoom out. Wow, look at that view. Another thing this mod, you
    can infinitely zoom out, which is really nice especially
    when you get really big, but when you’re zoomed in too much, yeah, it doesn’t really work out. Okay, here we go. You see all those vampire
    leeches, they’re mine. They’re mine, so I’m level 80, but I only have 155 health. Okay, here we go. Let’s just go for it. Give me that leech. Give me that leech. Oh, I got him. Whoa, oh, okay, they’re bitin’ onto me. They’re stealing my health. Oh my goodness, that’s how they get you. My health is going down. That’s how they get you. It technically isn’t doing
    damage but in a way it is. Guys, what is up with these tentacles. (laughing) But in a way it is doing damage because your health is going down ’cause they’re stealing the life outta ya. Guys, this is a really
    difficult thing to play as. So every time you bite, it
    pushes you back, I think. Dude, I don’t know what’s
    going on with this squid, but, I can’t, what’s happening? Guys, the squid, squid is stuck? Uh, Squidward, uh Squidward. Squidward’s stuck. Guys, this is one of the craziest videos we’ve had in a while. (laughing) What is this thing? Okay, so I think it’s D plus U, or D plus X, yeah. D plus X to instantly kill yourself. Okay, let’s get back there, just level 1. Okay, well let’s start
    off by eatin’ this food. Can I just swallow this food? Can I swallow it? How ’bout biting it? Bite it, bite the food And yeah, that’s not working out so well. Okay guys, let’s try this again. Where are those leeches? There they are. Dude, look at him. Look at this squid ready for action. Okay, we’re only level 1, so this could be a little rough. This could be a little rough, but maybe, maybe we won’t
    get glitched this time. Okay, here we go. Get these leeches. Get these leeches. Yes, yes, okay guys, I’m telling you the squid, he’s not easy. He’s not easy to use, wow, especially against these leeches. (laughing) So this is probably why they
    haven’t released the leeches or the squid yet. Like, they’re probably
    still workin’ on ’em. I can’t believe it only does 1 damage. But yeah, they’re probably
    still working on the leeches. They’re probably still
    working on the squid. Technically they haven’t released ’em. I’m only able to play
    as them because the mod, but either way, it’s fun messing with ’em. Dude, look at me. They destroyed me. I’m all scratched up and my tentacles are off to the side. Okay, as far as the battle though, I think the squid won ’cause
    he just kept swallowing ’em. The leeches never got a squid. The leeches never took
    any of the squids out, so I’m giving the victory to the squid. Okay, well guys, this was pretty crazy. Let me know if you like
    this, if you wanna see more and definitely let me know in the comments some of the matchups you wanna see and if you did miss last video where we play as the vampire leech, I highly recommend checkin’ it out. Also guys, if you’re not watching my Tasty Planet forever series guys, you gotta watch it. The game just came out. It’s just like Tasty Blue. It’s made from the same creators, but you can play as a
    cat, an octopus, a bee, just a ton of different stuff. So definitely check it
    out if you missed it guys. I really hope you enjoyed today’s video. If you did, as always, feel free to hit that thumbs up button and subscribe if you haven’t already. I’ll see you guys in the
    next Feed and Grow Fish. (upbeat instrumental music) That was the moment of truth. Let’s see if this thing is
    gonna expl (explosion), oh Oh my goodness it’s a pungence gun. Oh, it turns everyone to pungence. No, no he got me. I’m popping ’em all, I’m trying to get out. Crazy red shark. Dude, he’s going in.

    GIANT ICHTHYOSAURUS vs MOSASAURUS! – Feed and Grow Fish – Part 60 | Pungence
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    GIANT ICHTHYOSAURUS vs MOSASAURUS! – Feed and Grow Fish – Part 60 | Pungence

    August 23, 2019

    Look at all those crabs! Um, big guy, you’re coming with me. What? Dude, what happened? I can’t do anything! Dude, I think we’re almost the same size! Oh! Hey, what’s up guys? Welcome back to Feed and Grow Fish. So, guys, today we’re
    gonna do something crazy! We kinda normally do crazy
    stuff on these videos but today we’re doin’ something
    I’ve never done before. I don’t know if anyone’s done this before. Guys, we’re gonna try to get big. We’re gonna try to get
    really big in survival mode. So, guys, this is actually
    gonna be really, really tough. Survival mode is different
    than death match. It’s tough to get big. So, guys, I got some ideas. I got some plans. Hopefully, it works. We’re gonna try to get big. I’m talking like level
    100, maybe even bigger and we’re gonna be using the
    Ichthyosaurus but guys, I think you know what I’m
    gonna say before I even say it, thank you so much for all
    the support on last video. Guys, one of my main
    goals when I make a video, I wanna bring a smile to your
    face, but sometimes guys, a lot of times actually, you
    bring a smile to my face and that’s exactly what happened last video. Dude, I just checked. 8,000 likes. It was like 8,600 likes. So guys, thank you, so so much. I always just have to
    say thank you because I’m mentioning other videos. It just seems like a small thing just hitting a little button, but it helps more than you guys know, so guys thank you so much! Okay, let’s do this! Let’s get this Ichthyosaurus in here and guys, let take a look
    at his ability again. Passive: Accelerated oxygen, okay, yeah. We gotta take a breath
    every once in a while. Fresh breath, buff the
    reptile for 30 seconds. Afterwards, the CO2 slows it down. So, 100% buff is 50% speed,
    bite speed, and 150% damage. That’s gonna be really important! We got 86 health, nine damage. Guys, let do this. It’s 70 coins. He’s pretty expensive and we don’t hatch. These guys don’t do eggs or anything. We’re already kinda
    hungry, but guys, okay. I gotta reveal my plan to you. How are we gonna get big? Because, dude, we’ve
    played in the survival map quite a bit and I’ve
    never gotten that big. I think the biggest we’ve gotten, I can’t even remember,
    maybe like 20s or 30s or something but like I said,
    I’m going for like 100 or maybe 200 or maybe 300. I don’t know, we’re
    just gonna have to see. If you guys remember, if you guys have seen on my survival map. Oh, cachart! If we die. If you guys have seen my
    other survival map videos and you know the biggest I’ve gotten, please let me know in the comments. Oh, Goliath Fish! Dude, they’re chasing me! There are two Goliath Fish down there! Whoa! He’s still chasing me! Okay, no, he’s still chasing me! Okay, I think we lost him. Dude, the good thing
    about the Ichthyosaurus, we’re pretty fast and we’re gonna get really fast when we become an adult. So, guys, another thing, normally when I do survival map, you know, we try to have babies, we try to get our family going, but today I’m not even worried about it. Maybe we’ll have some
    babies or something but that’s not gonna be my main goal. Main goal is just to get
    me as big as possible. So guys, before we do that,
    we gotta become an adult. Which, I think this is like, I think this might be the hardest
    to become an adult, too, because you got to get to level 10, which is kinda crazy. Look at all those crabs! What is happening? Okay, get me out of here! I have never seen so
    many crabs in one area. And where’s the food? Okay, let’s take a little breath. Let’s get a little breath of fresh air. Let’s recuperate. Dude, did you see all those crabs? That would actually be really nice if they were big enough to take them out. Dude, why are you doing five damage? That’s kind of nice. Okay, crabs are coming. Crabs are coming. Do you think I could take this guy out? He’s kind of small. Oh, we only have eight health, though. I’m not even gonna risk it. No, no. We only have nine health now. We did level up. We have nine health. I don’t think we can take out a crab yet. Dude, where’s the food? Are these crabs eating it all? I don’t know but guys, I think it’s time to reveal to you my master plan. My ultimate strategy. Here’s the plan. So guys, I’ve taken out
    that huge Mososaurus before. I’ve taken him out. Dude, I’ve taken him out as a Bebos. So, I’m pretty sure I can take him out as a Ichthyosaurus even faster, especially if we get like
    a breath of fresh air, get that damage boost. So guys, here’s the plan. We take out the Mososaurus. We get big. We’ll probably get to like
    level 20, 20 something, but then, our damage is gonna be even higher, which means we can take
    him out even faster and then every time we take him out, we’re gonna get bigger and bigger and we can take him out faster and faster. Our damage is gonna get crazy. So, hopefully, dude,
    I’m hoping this works. What is that? Sea turtle. Sea turtles are here. But guys, I’m hoping this plan works. If it does, we can
    potentially get pretty big. Dude, imagine if we got big enough to like swallow the Mososaurus. That’d be insane. Okay guys, we’re level seven but let’s get a fresh breath of air. I wanna see if I can take
    out one of these crabs. Here’s one right here. Dude, he’s so fast! Get back here. Yes, okay, we’re gettin’ him. We’re gettin’ him. Dude, he hasn’t hit me once! This is good. This is good. We got him. Dude, we got the crab. Oh man, look at this! Dude, it like a crab cuttlefish war. Oh my goodness, we got crabs and cuttlefish all over the place! Guys, I think this could be really good! This could be really good! Okay, also guys, sometimes
    when I talk about today, I know we usually have a lot of new people watching this. We have a lot of people who
    have been around a while, too, but, if you are new to the series, new to my channel, I do wanna
    encourage you to subscribe. Oh, dude! Oh man, we gotta get out of here, but I do highly encourage to subscribe mainly because, dude, we’re
    all about having fun here. I just like having fun. Playing fun games,
    laughing with you guys, and like I said earlier, if I can
    bring a smile to your face, I feel like I’ve done my job. Okay, you know what? Dude, this Zebra fish is like trapped. I can get this guy! I can get this guy! Dude, these Zebra fish, they
    have a lot of meat, too. But yeah guys, like I said, if you haven’t subscribed, I highly encourage it. Also, when you do subscribe,
    there’s a little bell. You click that bell and you get notified every time I upload a video. Okay, dude, let’s get the Zebra fish! Get the Zebra fish! Dude, these guys have so much health! They are pretty big! Oh, I got him! His eyes went like gray or something. Oh no, dude, we need to breathe. Okay, you stay right here, Zebra fish. Actually, I’m gonna bring him with me. Okay, dude, we gotta get some air! No, we’re about to die! No, no, is this gonna be like, with our health thing, we’re
    gonna slowly use health? No, how close am I to the surface? I can’t even see! Oh my goodness, dude, I’ve
    never been this close. I’ve never been that close
    to not having enough health. Guys, that was close! Dude, I’m sweatin’! Okay, we’re level eight. I think this guy can get us
    pretty close to level 10. Eat that food! I think this could get me
    pretty close to level 10 but guys, as you can see, leveling up in survival mode takes a long time. Dude, I’m not even an adult yet. Speaking of which, dude, we’re so close. The next thing I eat is
    going to make us an adult and then let’s eat some Zebra fish. Okay, dude, just give me
    like a starfish or something. Give me a starfish. Dude, even this clown. Oh, there’s a Mososaurus out there! Even this plankton will do, probably. Oh my goodness, we’re so close! We were so close! Just give me some more plankton! Yes, we did it! Guys, it’s almost time! It’s almost time to start
    attacking that Mososaurus. I just wanna get maybe,
    like one or two levels. Dude, we’re doing 21 damage? Oh, what is that big? What is that shadow? Dude, what is that shadow? It’s a Mososaurus! Okay, he wasn’t attacking me or anything. Guys, that scared me to death. Okay, where did all those Zebra fish go? There were a ton of them over here. That scared me. Okay, we’re going down, our
    damage is going down slowly. We gotta get some more air pretty soon. Okay, we’re level 10, let’s get to maybe like, level 11. We’ll wait ’til level 11 and then we’ll start attacking that Mososaurus. Then we can get the plan going. Guys, it’s gonna be tough, too, because dude, the Mososaurus, he won’t even try to eat me if I’m like a small fish but if I’m a big fish, I think that even happened in our previous video. The Mososaurus will try to eat me. So guys, we gotta be sneaky with this guy. Okay, here’s a cuttlefish. Eat the cuttlefish. He’s inking me! He’s inking me. Okay, watch out for
    those hammerhead sharks. We might be able to take them out, but I don’t wanna risk it! Okay, you know what,
    let’s have some babies! Let’s have some babies, just for fun. Four eggs. Dude, that was quick. Let’s have some babies for fun. I don’t know, maybe they’ll
    protect me, too, but if anything, they could get in the way! Oh, guys, 21 damage. I just swallowed him whole! I just swallowed a Cuttlefish whole! That’s really good but guys if anything, like I said, they. Why do I have five XL? They could get in the way. They could like, make the Mososaurus try to eat me or
    something ‘cuz the goal is when you’re fighting the Mososaurus, you gotta stay behind him. If you stay behind him, you can usually avoid getting eaten alive. Oh, oh, I don’t have to lay eggs! They’re already babies. Dude, that’s pretty good. Okay, it could be good to get them to grow up to be adults then I can get a bunch of coins but, I don’t know. Guys, I need to focus! The main goal is to take out this Mososaurus multiple times. I see a Zebra fish down there. This could be dangerous. I’m going for it, though. There’s a lot of hammerhead
    sharks down here, too, but let’s eat the Zebra fish. Okay, we got plenty of food. Let’s get a breath of fresh air. Guys, let’s just do it. We’re level 11. I think it’s time. I think it’s time to
    take out this Mososaurus. Guys, I really, really hope this works. I’ve never done this before. I don’t know if I’ve seen anybody do this before, maybe someone has. I don’t watch like everyone else’s Feed and Grow Fish videos. Maybe someone has done this before but I’ve never seen it. If they have, I haven’t seen it. There he is! Dude, he’s eating something. Whoa! What is he eating? He’s trying to eat an Ichthyosaurus! That’s what I am. That means he’s hungry. Okay, guys, let’s just try this. Let’s just try this. Okay, baby alone. Yes, we’re doing 22 damage. I got a breath of air. We’re doing 22 damage
    and we gotta concentrate. We gotta concentrate on making sure we stay behind him. Dude, if he gets a hold of me, we’re dead meat and I’m thinking, guys, I don’t know how much health he has, I’m estimating it to be
    between like one and 2,000! So, if that’s the case, and I’m doing 20 damage each bite, if he
    has like 2,000 health, we have to bite him 100 times. But guys, like I said, as we level up, as we do more damage, it’s gonna take less and less bites, we’re gonna take him on faster and faster and faster. Guys, hopefully, this works. Okay, we’re starting to lose damage. We’re down to 18 but our
    hunger is still good. Our oxygen is still good. This guy can’t get me! Look at him, trying to bite me. Dude, that’s the difference. That’s the difference between fighting him with an Ichthyosaurus
    and one of the other fish. He’ll actually try to kill
    me as an Ichthyosaurus. Dude, this is going pretty well! Okay, I think I’ve bitten him like, I don’t know, maybe 20 to 30 times. Okay, guys, you know
    what, let’s take a break. Let’s get a breath of air. Hopefully, he doesn’t eat anything because I think if he eats anything, it’s gonna help him regain health. We can’t let that happen! Okay, round two. Here we go. Round two, he’s already trying to eat me. 23 damage! Dude, that is great! Also, when we get air,
    our bite speed increases. So, that’s really nice, too. Bite speed increases. Swim speed, our damage, it’s all boosted. Oh, also guys, I want to. Wait, did we take him out? We got him, guys. We got him! We got him, he’s dead! That was really fast. Oh my goodness, okay. Here’s the plan. Um, big guy, you’re coming with me. Here’s the plan. I’m just gonna drag him
    to the surface, ‘cuz once he hits the surface, he’s gonna explode into a million pieces. We’re gonna eat all those pieces, but guys, another thing I
    wanted to talk about today. Dude, I wanna do videos of fish that you guys wanna see. So, I was thinking about it. I get so many comments for like different fish that you guys wanna see and I love it, but I was thinking, it could be fun to like do a poll. So, I don’t know if I’ve ever done a poll in one my videos, so I’m planning on doing a poll at the end of the video. You should just be able to click on it. Here we go! You should be able to click
    on it on the video and you can vote for which fish you wanna see. I don’t know, maybe we’ll
    do like Theotaku and I don’t know, some other fish. I’ll have to figure out
    what will be in the poll and if the fish you wanna
    see isn’t in the poll, just let me know in the comments. Guys, dude, this is
    gonna be a lot of food. The Mososaurus is back. Um, I think he’s leaving me alone. Here we go! Guys, the plan’s working so far. This is a lot of bait, but look how long it takes for us to level up. I’ve eaten so much meat so far and we’re only a level 12. That’s not good. That’s not good! Okay, dude, there’s like meat that’s up in. It’s up in the sky, I think! Okay, dude, let’s just keep eating. This is what I’m talking about! We’re eating a whole Mososaurus and no other fish are bothering me. This is perfect! We’re right towards the surface, too, so we can get air anytime we want. Look at that meat in mid-air! And we can’t eat the bones. It’s kind of a shame. Dude, we’re already doing 28 damage. Our damage is going up already. Man, I am surprised how
    fast we took him out! And some of you guys are probably thinking hey, why don’t
    you make a family and then you all can take him out faster. It’s a good idea, but
    like I mentioned before, I think it could be a distraction. It could like, it could make him turn around faster or
    something, then eat me. I don’t know. Look, for whatever reason,
    whenever I make a family, when they become adults,
    they just abandon me. Dude, it’s like a whole trail of bones. Guys, it’s time for round two. Where’s that Mososaurus? Oh, our kids are back! Follow me. Dude, I don’t know if the kids are like, gonna help or anything. He’s probably gonna eat
    them if they follow me but, well, at least we still got ’em. They’re still alive! Which actually makes me think if they’re still alive, they could be maybe eating some food
    and maybe leveling up soon. Okay, where is this guy? Guys, I don’t know if it’s just me, but does it seem like the fog is like greater? Like it’s harder to see distances? Dude, I don’t know. It’s harder to find this Mososaurus with it being so foggy down here. Oh, there he is! I guess it’d be more realistic. Dude, this is a dangerous area. Dude, the Great White
    Shark is right there! Okay, guys, you know what? I’m not going to be messing
    with a Great White Shark. He could take me out instantly. Let’s see how we do against
    some like medium sized fish. Maybe I can find like a Mahi Mahi or like a hammerhead or something. Okay, here’s a hammerhead. How could we do against this guy? We’re doing 31 damage. That’s really good. He’s running away! Oh, dude, that was fast. Okay, dude, this could be a
    good way to level up, too. I honestly don’t know
    if this will be faster. Okay, there are a lot of
    hammerheads around here. Oh, I hear my babies! There’s my babies! Dude, I’m actually gonna
    give them this food. Dude, I’m gonna give them this food. Okay, this hammerhead’s
    trying to attack my babies. Don’t you dare! Okay, eat this food babies. Okay, we leveled them all up. Dude, that was actually
    really good for coins. We have like 800! Okay, that’s really good but look at this! I had all the babies,
    they’re all adults, and they’re all gone. They all just left me. They’re seriously gone! Okay guys, it’s time for round two. I’m level 19. Dude, the Great White
    Shark is right there! Is he following him? Dude, if we get eaten alive
    by that Great White Shark, if he attacks me, we’re instantly dead. Okay, you know what, let’s
    get a breath of fresh air. Is he chasing me? Let’s get a breath of fresh air. We should be able to swim
    faster if we need to. Okay, dude, let’s try this. Okay, here we go. Round two, 42 damage! Guys, we’re gonna take
    him out really fast. This is going to be twice
    as fast as before and maybe I could take out
    a Great White Shark. I don’t know but dude,
    he does so much damage. I only have 136 health. He could probably take me out quick. Dude, this is going really well. We’re gonna take him out twice as fast! Guys, I think this plan is gonna work! As long as I don’t get attacked by the Great White Shark or the Mososaurus doesn’t get me, I think we got this. Actually, another problem could be, dude, the bigger we get, the more food we need, I think. Did I get him? Dude, I gotta, I gotta swim. I’m stuck! I’m stuck. Did I get him? I got him! Guys, we got him. That was really fast! Dude, this is good! Okay, bring him to the surface. We need some food, but hopefully, hopefully, we get him to the surface and I can eat the food
    before I get too hungry. Guys, the plan is working! That was fast! Okay, here we go. Dude, we need food but we got it! Food’s right here. Okay, we’re level 19 and actually, the bigger we get, the
    slower we level up, too. I don’t know, man. This might take a while. I might run out of hard drive space. Dude, I’ve been recording
    for like 50 minutes. What? Oh, no! Guys, what happened? Guys, I was just swimming
    and then I disappeared! (dramatic music) What happened? Wait, resume. Dude, what happened? I can’t do anything! I was just swimming
    and then I disappeared! How does that even happen? Guys, I can’t do anything! I’m pressing every button. You gotta be kidding me. Guys, we’ve been going for so long. I took out the Mososaurus two times! Okay, what can I do? What can I do? Settings, resume. Dude, if I change to a different
    fish, it’s gonna kill me. What was that? I’ve never seen that before! Okay, so guys, it
    actually happened, again! I got to level 16, then
    I disappeared again! So, guys, I don’t know what’s going on. I got a theory, though. I think I may have figured it out. I think I was just, like, I was sprinting both times it happened, so I’m thinking maybe I was just going so fast, the map wasn’t loading or something. I really don’t know, but
    guys, we’re level 30. Dude, we’re level 30. Okay, I can’t swallow him whole, but guys, the thing is, we’re level
    30, which is really good. I don’t think I’ve ever hit
    level 30 in survival mode, so that’s an accomplishment,
    but guys, here’s the thing. Here’s the thing. The bigger we get, the
    faster we get hungry. So, guys, I don’t know
    if this is gonna work. I don’t know if it’s
    possible to get to level 100. Guys, I’m just gonna
    do the best I can, but guys, if the plan doesn’t work out, maybe we can try to take out
    like a Great White Shark. That’s something I’ve
    never done in survival. Dude, look at how fast we get hungry. So guys, I just haven’t been sprinting. Like, I’ll sprint to
    go to the surface, but as far as like looking for the Mososaurus, I have to look for him
    without sprinting, so it takes forever to find him. From the time I find him, I’d
    be like starving to death. Look at this, I’m constantly
    eating and still starving. Okay, let’s take out like
    a swordfish or something. Dude, I’m actually pretty big. Look at me compared to the swordfish! Dude, I’m really big. I probably could take out
    a Great White Shark, maybe. Okay, guys, we’re level 32. I just got a breath of air. Let’s see how fast we can take this guy. Oh! Dude, that was weird. 84 damage! Oh, man! I should be able to take him out pretty quick, as long
    as he doesn’t bite me. This actually isn’t a good position. Dude, as long as he doesn’t bite me, we should be able to take
    him out pretty quick. Dude, 80 damage! I’m almost the size of this guy! He’s dead! Guys, I don’t know. The plan actually might work! Thing is, it’s taking forever to level up. Okay, this is a full Mososaurus. Let’s see how much we level up
    for eating a full Mososaurus. We’re level 32. Look at that guys face. So, I don’t know, I’m like
    the size of his head, maybe? I don’t know, we’re getting there. Okay, let’s eat all this. Whoa! Dude, we leveled up one. We can eat these whole big pieces? Dude, that’s pretty good, actually. Okay, level 34. So, we leveled up twice. We’re leveling up two levels every time. Whoa, there he is, every
    time we take him out. So guys, the hardest part,
    too, is finding him, because like I said, I can’t sprint! Okay guys, let’s just see
    how far we can take this. Guys, I just ate a full Mososaurus and it says we’re hungry again. Dude, that’s not good. Okay, we’re level 38. This might be as big as we can get. Guys, I can’t believe it! I just ate the whole thing and it said we’re instantly hungry. Okay, let’s just keep it going. Dude, if I could get to
    level 40, that’d be amazing! Okay, how fast? Oh, we’re doing 105 damage! No, no, dude, I can’t let him bite me. He could still probably take
    me out with like one bite. He probably does so much damage, but dude, we’re doing 100 damage every bite. This is good! Oh my goodness, this is really good! Okay, guys, I found the Great White Shark. I lost the Mososaurus but I
    found the Great White Shark. Guys, I think we can take this guy out. Let’s just try it. We’ve got 530 health. We’re doing a ton of damage and something I realized is, dude, there’s more than one Great White Shark here and this great map. Dude, this is our first
    time, trying to take out. Oh, we took out the Great
    White Shark in two bites! We’re level 50! Guys, we are level 50. Okay, I don’t think
    we’re gonna hit 100 but dude, I feel really
    accomplished with level 50. We took out a Great White Shark. Okay, let’s see how big this
    Tiger Shark is compared to me. Dude, we are a monster. That’s crazy. Okay, dude, it takes a
    really long time to level up. I was hoping we would get to 100 but I don’t know if that’s gonna happen, man. Dude, I think we’re almost the same size! That’s crazy! We are almost the same
    size as the Mososaurus. Dude and I’m taking him
    out in just a few bites. (ramming sound) Oh! (playful music) Guys, did you see that? Okay, dude, we were doing 200 damage. I think it said he did like 500. Guys, I had over 500 health! He took me out in like two bites! Dude, that was crazy. Guys, I started recording
    this video three hours ago. This was a really long process but we got to what, like level 54, 55? Oh my goodness! Look at that guy. Dude, he is monstrous, but we almost were the same size as him! That was really fun. Okay, guys, that’s gonna
    do it for today’s video. Dude, that was super fun. Also, like I said, I’m gonna try to remember to put a poll
    at the end of the video, something you should be able to click on, maybe the top right of the video. I wanna know what you guys
    wanna see next time, but guys that’s gonna have to
    do it for today’s video. I really hope you enjoyed. If you did, as always, feel free to hit that thumbs up button and
    subscribe if you haven’t already. I will see you guys in the
    next Feed and Grow Fish. If you tell me I can grab a, whoa! Okay, so let’s hit the air lock. Is this some kind of simulator? Oh my goodness! Oh, dude, its a sand worm! Oh, he’s got me! You gotta be kidding me! Keep shootin’ No, he got me!

    NEW BABY BROWURAG BECOMES HUGE – Feed and Grow Fish – Part 89 | Pungence
    Articles, Blog

    NEW BABY BROWURAG BECOMES HUGE – Feed and Grow Fish – Part 89 | Pungence

    August 20, 2019

    – No, he’s going for me! No, no! Okay, we’re going up
    against two hammerheads. It’s floating above the water. Give me that! Yes. I’m gonna get ya. He’s trapped, we trapped him! Guys, this is it! Here we go! One more bite and I’m dead! Hey, what’s up guys? Welcome back to Feed and Grow Fish. So guys, there is still
    more to this update that we haven’t done yet. Guys, today we’re doing something
    we’ve never done before. We’re playing as this
    browurag in the great map, and guys, we’re gonna be
    playing as a browurag baby. I’ve never done this
    before, and who knows, maybe we’ll make family,
    the goal is to get huge. You know, we’re gonna start off as a baby, but the goal is to get huge. And guys, look at this ability. Guys, the browurag is pretty amazing. Look at this ability. The longer you prepare your next attack, the bigger damage it deals. Look guys, I am super
    excited for today’s video. I hope you guys are, too. But before we get into it,
    oh my goodness, last video! Guys, you blew me away. It is still going crazy. Last video, we played as the whale shark, and we started as a baby, and we, guys, we got so big we
    swallowed the giant shark. And dude, the support was insane. So guys, everybody who
    hit the like button, everyone who left an amazing comment, everyone who subscribed,
    thank you so much. Guys, that was one of those videos where, when I saw the support,
    it just made me feel something inside, and I
    think the word is happy? Yeah guys, thank you so
    much for all the support. But guys, last video you had 14,000 likes. That’s the most amount of
    likes we’ve had in a long time. So guys, you’re gonna call me
    crazy, but what do you think? Do you think we could
    beat that in this video? What if we got 15,000 likes on this one? I know it’s crazy, but
    guys, let’s just try it. And I think we got a lot of new people, so I want to say welcome
    to everybody who’s new. And if you haven’t, you know, you can hit that subscribe button. You hit that subscribe button,
    you’ll see all my new videos. You hit that bell next to it, you get a notification
    every time I upload a video. Okay, here we go. Press space to hatch. Guys, this is our first time,
    uh-oh, we got crabs coming in. This is our first time
    playing as the browurag baby. Dude, those crabs aren’t
    gonna eat me, are they? Why is my health at 12? Don’t, no, he’s going for me! No. No! No. Guys, we almost got destroyed by that crab right at the beginning. Okay, we’re very hungry. What was that all about? Okay, this is a bad idea. I’m bleeding, do you see
    that blood coming out of me? Let’s just see what my damage is, 2.3? Do you think I could take him out? Okay, I’m charging up my bite. You can see my yellow meter going up. No! Okay, I missed. So let’s get the yellow meter up, and then let’s see what
    kind of damage we do. Five damage. That’s pretty good, guys, I
    bet we could take this guy out. Just a couple more bites. A couple more bites,
    okay, that was only four. And the thing is, I bet
    we’d do even more damage against other fish, because the crab has got like, yes, I got him! Yes! Guys, this is really good. ‘Cause the crab has armor, pretty much, ’cause he’s got that shell. Oh my goodness guys, this
    is what I was worried about. Okay, so this is the way the game works. The bigger you are, let’s
    take a look at this guy, by the way, but the bigger fish you are, the more food you gotta
    get, oh my goodness! Guys, I love this thing! Oh my goodness, the babies in this game are so stinking cute. Look at this baby. Look at this browurag baby. Look at those teeth, look at those eyes, look at everything about him, I love him. I don’t even know if I
    want to become an adult. Guys, this thing is amazing. Okay, our health is at 31. You know what, let’s eat some
    more crabs, if I can find ’em. Where’d they go? Dude is there food over here? Someone just left food over here for me. I’ll take it. Dude, 10 damage, that’s really good. But yeah, so the bigger fish you are, the more food you gotta eat to level up. So guys, do you see,
    we’re two out of seven. Once we get to level
    seven, we’re gonna become an adult browurag, then
    we can have babies, and we’re gonna get a huge damage boost. But we’re already doing
    10 damage, that’s great. Okay, maybe I can find some starfish. Okay, this is some free food. I see a tiger shark,
    let’s steal this from him. And get out of here. Oh. I see great white sharks over there. We’re gonna be taking ’em out eventually. We just gotta get big first,
    I’m still a little baby. Okay, guys, here’s something
    I wanna talk about. I was thinking about it. You know, I was thinking, this game is very similar to life in a way. I know it sounds crazy, I
    know it’s just a video game. But guys, I’m serious. This game is kind of like life in a way. You know, we’re starting
    off as a little baby. We’re a little baby browurag,
    and the goal is to get huge, the goal is to get really big. Like I said, I wanna take
    out great white sharks, tiger sharks, maybe even the, who knows, maybe even the giant
    whale or the mosasaurus. I don’t know if it’s gonna
    happen today, but I’d like to. But it just seems impossible
    with how small I am. And that’s exactly how it is in life if you want to accomplish anything. You know, let’s say you want
    to get in shape or something. And this kind of hits
    home for me, ’cause guys, a while ago I wasn’t in the best shape. But I wanted to get in
    shape, and I was like, dude, where I wanna be, I’m so far away from where I wanna be, I don’t even know if it’s gonna be possible,
    but I was like, you know what? I’m just gonna make little steps. I’m just gonna do it one step at a time. It’s the same thing with this,
    like, we’re still a baby. I’m still so small. See, I eat this thing,
    and nothing happens. I didn’t even level up or anything. But that’s how it can be
    in life, like let’s say you want to be good at an
    instrument or something or you wanna get better
    grades in school or something. To get to that point, it seems
    like it could take forever, like it’s never gonna
    happen, but here’s the key. You just do it. You just take little steps,
    over and over and over, and over time, then
    you become a huge fish, or you get in shape,
    or you become a master at an instrument, or you get
    like all As or something. Guys, is this corny, is this cheesy? I don’t know. For me, I just like talking about life. You guys know this, if
    you guys have been around my channel for a while, you know I like talking about life from time to time. And I don’t know why, but I
    was just thinking about it. Guys, where are the crabs? I need crabs, not bibos. Bibos could probably take me out. But yeah, I was thinking about
    it, I’m like, you know what? This game is so similar to
    life in the fact that like, if you have a huge goal,
    it seems so far off, it seems so impossible,
    like, I’m still a baby. Guys, we’ve been recording for a while, and I’m still a little
    baby, I’m only level four, I’m still tiny, and I want to get huge. But we just keep at it, and you know what, we might run into problems. Oh, look at these little babies. Oh, those are mahi mahi
    babies, can I swallow this guy? I can’t. Oh. Okay. I got this. I got that little baby. Dude, the crab’s getting that baby. No! Okay, we got some crabs. I’m just keep eating the crabs. Okay, I know the longer I hold my bite, the more powerful we are,
    but dude, against this guy, I think we can just keep
    biting over and over. Guys, we’re about to do it. This is gonna happen. We got food here, we got food here. Where’s that other crab? Where did that other crab go? Okay, he’s like some kind
    of ninja crab or something. Okay. Guys, we’re level five. Once we get to level seven,
    we’re gonna be an adult, we’re gonna be huge, and
    we’re gonna be unstoppable. Well, close to unstoppable. We’re just gonna be really big, and dude, I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re gonna be able to
    take out some hammerheads. Maybe that’s what we’ll test it out. We’ll do some mahi mahi, some hammerheads, we’ll just test out our
    new powers and abilities. Okay, is that a cuttlefish? Okay. There’s a hammerhead right there, I don’t think I’m ready for him yet. Dude, let’s just see if I
    can find something smaller. I got my bite all charged up. Dude, look at this baby. Cherish it while we can. He does have a little gash out of him. I do feel bad for this
    baby, he’s got some blood. Okay, we got our bite all charged up. Guys, what do we, oh, I
    see a crab down there. Okay, this probably won’t
    get us to level seven, but it’s probably gonna get us to, okay, we’re doing seven damage with a full bite against this guy, but dude, it’ll probably get us to level six. There we go. Guys, one more level, and we’re gonna be a full grown browurag, oh. I can swallow these little pink babies. I like that. Guys, it’s almost time. Oh, they’re laying eggs,
    I just ate the egg. Okay. I just ate the egg. Guys, this crab is gonna do
    it, it’s gonna do it for us. Eat this crab. Guys, we’re about to be an adult. I feel a little
    bittersweet, because I love the baby so much, but we gotta be, oh! An adult. Guys, look at how big of a jump that is. Look at how big of a jump. And look at how much bigger we are. Look at how much different we look. Okay, we’re not as cute anymore. We’re definitely more scary looking. Okay, let’s see what
    kind of damage we do now as this big old giant
    browurag, look at those eyes. Okay. Guys. It’s time, it’s time. Let’s test our new abilities. What do we got over there? There’s a dead fish. There’s some mantis shrimp. Okay, what kind of damage
    do we do with a full bite? 30? 30’s very good. Okay, what about just a regular bite against a mantis shrimp? Six. Okay, four? Okay, maybe the mantis shrimp
    has some protection, too. Maybe he has like a shell or something. Okay, but guys, this is something I was a little worried about,
    the fact that we’re so big, I think it’s gonna take
    a lot, it’s gonna take a lot of food for us to level up. But here’s the thing, like I said before, you just keep going one step at a time, one little step at a time, and you stay consistent
    and you hit your goals. That’s what we’re about to do. We’re about to hit our goals. My goal is to eat this zebra fish. And eventually get very big. We got him. Okay, let’s charge up a big attack. We’re going full power. We’re going full power in three, two, dude, the yellow meter, it
    gets slower towards the end. That’s really weird. 31 damage, guys. This is good. Okay, I bet you anything we
    could take out a hammerhead. If we can’t, that’s
    actually gonna be very sad. After all the food I’ve eaten,
    we’re still level seven. Okay, well any time we’re swimming, we need to be charging up our bite, ’cause it takes a long time. Okay, here’s a hammerhead. Okay, he’s eating the zebra. Maybe we’ll let him finish it off, and then I can eat both of them. What do you think about that? Okay, he finished it off,
    and dude, I missed him. He’s actually pretty evasive. Okay, he just took out that, yes! 29 damage. Okay. He does have that bleed ability. Dude, he’s getting around me. Oh my goodness, he’s pretty agile. I got him though, I got him. Okay, so he took some health away from me. That was a little dangerous. Guys, I’m gonna admit,
    that’s a little dangerous, I was a little nervous, but dude. Oh no. Okay, we got more hammerheads
    trying to steal my food. Don’t steal my food, that’s my food. Okay, you know, this is what happens. This is what happens when you try to steal a browurag’s food. I eat ya, I eat ya. Okay, guys. Leveling up very, very slowly. This is probably gonna take a while. Okay, these hammerheads,
    they know I’m coming for ’em. So they keep running away,
    that’s a little bit of a problem. Let’s eat the zebra that the
    other hammerhead took out. Eat his food. Oh my goodness guys, this is
    gonna take a really long time. But the good news is, we
    don’t have to worry too much about like, getting eaten or anything, ’cause we’re pretty strong. I’m pretty sure a great white shark could take me out, or
    maybe even a tiger shark. Mosasaurus could definitely take me out, but outside of that stuff,
    I think we’re pretty good. Okay guys, this is a little bit dangerous. We’re going up against two hammerheads. I went to like the hammerhead den, and they’re all attacking
    me, so this is not good. This is a little bit dangerous. Dude, I’m down to half health! Okay, this is very dangerous. Guys, we might need to
    get some reinforcements. You know what? Let’s make some browurag babies. Uh-oh. Dude, two hammerheads again? That makes three hammerheads. Okay, guys, this is really dangerous. We really need reinforcements. So I’m going back. We’re gonna make some browurag babies. Dude, these guys are going crazy. They are going very crazy. We’re level 14, we’re
    slowly getting there. Okay, let’s see if I can
    make it out of here alive. This is getting kind of tough. Okay, if I can sneak by here, there’s a tiger shark down there. I think the great whites
    hang around here, too. Okay guys, just get me over here. This is where the
    browurags usually hang out. Do we have any other browurags? Guys, oh. There’s a browurag baby. Can you be my baby? I don’t think so. Okay. Guys, where are the browurags? I don’t know if I can make
    a family, this isn’t good. Guys, they’re usually around here. All I see is that one baby. This is actually really tough. Maybe we gotta wait for
    that baby to grow up? Oh guys, we got a whale shark. Dude, we gotta eat a whale shark. This probably will give a lot of meat. Let’s see what my damage is. Oh, I lost my bite! Okay, 44 damage. That’s really good. Dude, he probably can’t swallow me, right? That’s the only thing he could do, ’cause he can’t bite hard enough. Oh my goodness, his baby’s attacking me. Guys, the whale shark
    baby is attacking me! It’s not really doing
    that much damage, though, so I think we’re good. Guys, this whale shark, he’s got a weird swimming pattern when he gets bitten, he like swings me around. Okay, this kind of takes a
    while, he’s got a lot of health. Yeah, he’s like a tank, but dude. We got him, I think we got him. Okay, now that we got him,
    let’s see how much food we get. Is this gonna be like
    a Thanksgiving dinner? Please tell me. Please tell me he’s gonna
    be like Thanksgiving dinner. Okay. Oh! I see a mosasaurus. Guys, we gotta be careful. Oh my goodness, that’s a lot of food. That is a lot of food. Are you serious, we’re level 16? Weren’t we at 14 before? Get down here! Dude, that food is floating up there. Okay guys, we need to
    get like a running start. It’s floating above the water. Give me that, yes! That was actually really cool. Guys, that felt pretty good. Okay. Dude, we gotta get more whale sharks. That leveled me up twice! Let’s keep looking for ’em. Oh, we got some colossal crabs. Okay, they’re pretty small. Can I swallow him? I can’t swallow him whole,
    that would’ve been fun. You know, I like
    swallowing the crabs whole. But it doesn’t look
    like it’s gonna happen. Okay, guys, we need to
    find some whale sharks. They usually hang out around here. These are ghost sharks. We could get a ghost shark. Okay, that hurts a little bit. What’s a mosasaurus doing over here again? Is he following me or something? Okay. Okay. Crazy ghost sharks! Ghost sharks actually do
    a little bit of damage. So we gotta be careful. Yeah, they’re a little dangerous. Wow. That actually gave a lot of food, too, for how small they are. That’s pretty cool, guys, we’re level 17. That’s my favorite number,
    and you’d know that if you’ve been watching
    my Dude Stop videos. Guys, if you haven’t seen
    that Dude Stop series, I recommend it, it’s just a fun game. You know, you’re messing
    with this narrator, you’re solving puzzles and stuff. I like puzzle solving games. I like where we’re like,
    interacting with the narrator. It’s just a really, really fun game. So the first one we try to
    do all the puzzles wrong, second time we try to do ’em right. And I think we had to do that, I think we had to do ’em
    all right at some point. I personally prefer doing ’em wrong. But I think we had do ’em
    all right at some point just to unlock the new levels. Okay, guys, this is actually
    a little disappointing. I’m not seeing a lot of whale sharks. Here’s the baby. Here’s a whale shark baby. He’s really fast. Give me that baby. Give me that baby! Yes, I got him, I got him. Okay, maybe if I eat the baby,
    then an adult will spawn in? I don’t know, guys. This is kind of disappointing! Oh, here’s the jackpot. Guys, that’s where they’re all hiding. Look at all those Octaviuses. Okay, this is where they’re
    hiding, let’s do a full bite. 67, 67 damage makes me very happy. This make me happy. Guys, this is really good. Okay, was that a jellyfish? Guys, we’re getting to a point
    where we could take out some, oh, he bit me, he bit me,
    it was only two damage. We’re getting to a point where we could take out
    some pretty big stuff. Are you kidding me? Dude. This guy just swam up and stole my food. Okay, the whale sharks,
    I’ve been working on ’em for a little while, but
    guys, we’re level 31. I’ve been working on these
    guys for a little while, but that’s the only problem, you know? I take one out, and then
    one of them out of nowhere just like, scoops all my food away. Okay, now that we’re level 40, guys, let’s see how we
    do against a tiger shark. Actually, there’s a great
    white shark right there. There’s two great white
    sharks right there. Okay, this is a very dangerous area. So I’m thinking, dude,
    guys, with a full bite, okay, that’s one bite,
    that’s over 200 damage. Okay, I should be able to
    take out a great white, right? Maybe? Guys, this is a very bad idea. We have 900 health. Okay, let’s do a full bite. We’re gonna charge it up all the way. Guys, we’re going up
    against a great white. I wasn’t planning on this. I was wanting to try out the tiger sharks. But let’s go up against this great white. He doesn’t even see me coming. Dude, he’s running away. He knows I’m stronger. Get back here, you
    crazy great white shark. I’m gonna get ya. I’m gonna get ya. Okay, he’s trapped, he’s
    trapped, we trapped him! Yes. 253. Oh man, 104. Guys, he didn’t even
    get one bite off on me. That’s really good. That was great. Okay, so we can take out
    great white sharks now. Okay, let’s test out our damage at full power against this whale shark. Dude, did that say over 600? Okay, guys, we’re level 70. You know what, let’s
    get a little dangerous. I think we’ve accomplished
    our mission of getting huge. Look at how big I am. We’re a monster. Okay, this whole time I’ve totally avoided the whole like, ice area. Guys, this ice area gets really
    dangerous, we got whales. But the most important thing
    is, we got that giant whale. And if we’re close to
    him at all, he’ll attack. Okay, guys, we got an orca. Let’s take out, uh-oh, I disappeared. Let’s take out this killer whale. One bite, and I swallowed his baby. Guys, one bite? That’s very good. Was that a baby? I think this is a full grown killer whale. Guys, that’s really good. Okay, I think we can do this. I think we can take out
    that big, giant whale. Maybe? Okay, there’s only one way to find out, and we need to charge
    up our bite all the way. Where is he? I haven’t even seen him yet. Thing is, he can sneak up out of nowhere. We should probably, oh! There he is, we should
    probably check behind us. Guys, we’re level 71. I don’t know if I’m ready to die. Okay, let’s just do it. We have 2,000 health, I got a full bite ready to go, he just disappeared. He’s back. Guys, this is it! Here we go. He does 193 damage. That’s a decent amount. But that’s nothing compared to me! Dude, I think we’re getting him. I think we’re getting him! Okay, a couple more bites. Guys, this guy has a lot of health. And my bite speed is actually really slow. So he does 193, and I’m doing
    like 100 with each bite. Guys, he’s still not dead yet! He’s still not dead. Oh my goodness, I think we just got him. Oh no, he just spawned
    in right next to us. Get away. Get away. Guys, is he going for me? I don’t know if he’s going for me. I don’t know if we could do that again. Okay. Did that level me up? Oh my goodness, that was dangerous. Dude, there’s still a lot of food here. He’s going for me. Dude, I don’t know if
    we could do this again. Okay, he’s not getting as
    many bites in as last time. Guys, we gotta do this, we
    gotta do this, take him out! Take him out. I see a bunch of food
    over there and I want it. This is really close,
    four more bites and I, no, two more bites and I’m dead! No, no, no, one more bite and I’m dead! No. Please! You gotta be kidding me. That’s me. That’s me, the giant browurag. Okay, remember what I was saying about accomplishing your goals? This isn’t part of it. Don’t think this is part of
    accomplishing your goals. Hey, just remember, we got huge. We got to like, level
    73 or 74 or something. All that matters is that we got huge. Guys, we went from a baby
    to this, this big monster. I think that’s an
    accomplishment in itself. Guys, I gotta say, I
    loved playing as a baby. Dude, we’re about to turn
    into a bunch of meat. We gotta see this, as
    soon as I hit the surface, there’s gonna be meat flying everywhere. That’s a lot of meat. Is anyone gonna eat this? Anybody? Giant whale? Okay, no one’s gonna eat it. Okay, well guys, if you
    didn’t see last video, we played as a whale
    shark and we swallowed that giant whale, we
    swallowed that thing whole. But guys, I really hope
    you enjoyed today’s video. If you did, as always, feel free to hit that thumbs up button, and subscribe if you haven’t already. And I will see you guys in
    the next Feed and Grow Fish. Now is the moment of truth. Let’s see if this thing
    is gonna explode, oh! Oh my goodness, it’s a Pungence gun! Oh! It turns everyone into Pungence! No! No he got me! I’m popping, oh, I’m trying to get out! Crazy red shark. Dude, he’s going in!

    GIANT WHALE SHARK EATS A GIANT WHALE – Feed and Grow Fish – Part 88 | Pungence
    Articles, Blog

    GIANT WHALE SHARK EATS A GIANT WHALE – Feed and Grow Fish – Part 88 | Pungence

    August 13, 2019

    – Is there anything around me? Wee, that’s a Mosasaurus. That’s a dinosaur fish. Why does my eye keep
    going out of its socket? Look at that. This is the hardest starting
    fish I’ve ever seen. Oh no, guys, we’re getting attacked. You think I could fit a big giant whale in that mouth? Hey, what’s up guys? Welcome back to Feed and Grow: Fish. So, guys, today, we’re
    playing with this whale shark. Now, guys, I know we’ve
    played this game before, but today’s a little different, guys. Today, we’re gonna be starting off as a baby whale shark, and the goal, the goal is simple. The goal is to get very, very, very, very, very, very, very big. We’re gonna get very big. That’s the goal. We’re gonna see what happens, but yeah. So guys, look at this guy. Look at this guy. He’s got a vacuum for a mouth, and all he’s gotta do is open up that big ‘ol mouth and he can swallow huge fish. Like, we got this devour ability. We can swallow 50%
    bigger fish than normal. Guys, it’s gonna be amazing, and also, you know me, I always like to set some light goals. But I was thinking for today’s video, no goal, no goal. I’m just gonna let you guys surprise me. We’re changing it up a little bit. I know we usually aim for
    like, a gazillion likes. I’m gonna let you guys surprise me, and it is my birthday after all. It’s actually not my birthday. My birthday is in February. So, yeah. Yeah, you can just surprise me. Also, hey, you know, if you’re watching these videos, and you’ve never subscribed
    to my channel before, you know, you can hit
    that subscribe button, and you’ll get notified
    if you hit the bell, and you’ll get notified
    for all my new videos. Okay, dude, look at this whale shark baby. Oh my goodness, it seems more blue. Look at these little whale shark babies swimming around me. I think they love me. Guys, this is actually really interesting. Like, I haven’t moved yet. This is interesting, because we don’t have a gang or anything. They’re just swimming around me. Are they gonna follow me? Dude, they’re following me. Okay, guys, we actually gotta find some food pretty quickly. I’m very hungry, I’m starving to death, as you can see in the bottom right. I’m starving to death. I probably can’t swallow
    those colossal crabs. Guys, there’s no food around here. How am I supposed to eat with no food? I hear someone eating something. Oh, I hear babies being scared. Okay, guys, we’re in trouble. Hey, there’s no starfish? Okay, we got no starfish, we got no pink things. Guys, what are those pink things? You know, like, uh-oh. There’s hammerheads down there. Dude, we gotta eat something. Okay, I’m gonna do a quick buzz-by. I’m gonna do a quick buzz-by, by this hammerhead. Okay, just to get a little food. Did he see me? He sees me, and he’s attacking. He’s going on the attack. He’s so fast. Well, um, there goes that run. Well, you know, we got enough coins to try it again. Okay, guys, that was just
    to teach you a lesson. You know, don’t, don’t get close to a hammerhead shark if you’re ever in the water, you know. Whoa, see, that’s a full-grown. That’s a full-grown whale shark. That’s what we’re gonna be pretty soon. All we gotta do is not
    get eaten by hammerheads. Guys, that was bad. Oh, okay, we got Octavius over here. You think I could swallow Octavius? No, Octavius is too big. I couldn’t swallow Octavius. He’s our friend. Okay, so guys, something about this area, there’s no starfish and no pink things. Okay, this is what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna go to the complete other side of the map, and we’re gonna mess with some crabs. We’re gonna mess with
    some sea turtle babies, and maybe even some sea turtles. But guys, we gotta get big, you know? That’s the whole goal. Goal is to get big. But first thing, I gotta find some food. Okay, here’s some plankton. Oh no, I see hammerheads. Okay, let me just do
    another quick buzz-by. Dude, I can’t even swallow that. I can’t even swallow that starfish. Okay, I know we have, I know we have tiger sharks around here, and my bite is very weak. Dude, and my bite speed is very slow. I can’t swallow this? Dude, my bite speed is so slow. Is there anything around me? (squeals) What’s that? That’s a Mosasaurus. That’s a dinosaur fish. Okay, let’s just keep biting this. Guys, this is just the slowest
    bite speed I’ve ever seen. Look at how long it’s taking me to just eat this starfish. I can’t even break up the starfish. Okay, guys, but believe me, once we get a little bigger, once we become an adult, we’re gonna be swallowing
    things left and right. Dude, we’re gonna starve to death ’cause I can’t eat this starfish. We’re in the red. Guys, we’re in the red, we’re in the red. Okay, let’s just take this with us. Dude, we are gonna starve to death. The goal is to get huge, and I can’t even get to level two. Guys, believe me, believe me, we’re gonna get big, we’re gonna get big. Okay, there we go. Oh my goodness, finally. You gotta be kidding me. Okay, that Mosaaurus, he’s probably gonna leave me alone. Stay away from the hammerheads. I’m playing on the hardest
    difficulty, you know. I’m playing on the hardest difficulty, because you get more experience that way. Dude, I don’t even know. Okay, I hear something like, scared. Is that me being scared? I don’t think there’s
    anything attacking me. Okay, guys, I might just have to edit out eating these starfish, but dude, once I get to level, like, two or three, I should be able to eat this stuff. Guys, this is crazy. Gotta admit though, he’s pretty cute. I have already said before, the Mecha Bibos baby is my favorite baby, but this one’s a cute one too. Why does my eye keep
    going out of its socket? Look at that. The eyeball, it goes out of its socket. What is that all about? Okay, can I swallow one of these things? Dude, I’m not even at level two yet. Oh, my goodness, guys,
    what are we supposed to do? We probably are supposed
    to just eat plankton at this point. Guys, this is so rough. This is the worst starting, this is the hardest starting
    fish I’ve ever seen, to be a baby, ’cause our bite is being so slow, and our damage is so bad. Dude, this is really tough. And that’s weird, like, look at our yellow meter. Our yellow meter, once that gets full, that means we can swallow, like, the biggest things possible, but it’s resetting every time I bite. That doesn’t make any sense. Guys, we’re in the red. My health is going down. I’ve been trying to eat
    this thing the whole time. We’re at 12 health, 11. Guys, look at my health at the bottom. Dude, nine, can I eat this before our health goes away? Yes, guys, oh my goodness, we had five health left. This is so dumb. Plus I’m not even at level two yet. Oh, is that a cuttlefish baby? I can probably, yes! I just swallowed the cuttlefish baby and he broke that up. Dude, and we’re not even at level two. Is that an, oh, another cuttlefish baby. Can I eat these pink ones? Yes, level up. Guys, I can eat the pink fish. Okay, that’s how we do it. We gotta find those small fish. We’re finally at level two. Oh, look at all those
    babies that I just ate. Now we’re getting somewhere, guys. That was a rough start, but now we’re getting some momentum. Dude, this will get me to level three. There we go. Dude, and they keep respawning. This is actually good. Did I just find their spawn? Oh my goodness, I’m eating the eggs. I just ate the eggs. That’s pretty crazy. Dude, if they keep spawning, this is gonna be perfect. Okay, let’s say they stop spawning. That’s kinda tough. But, we did get to level three. It’s a decent start. Can I swallow this stuff yet? I can’t even swallow this stuff yet, guys. Well, at least I know I
    can eat those little fish. Okay, how about this crab? That’s a, kind of a, oh! I just ate that crab. Guys, we can eat crabs, this is good. Okay, we can eat crabs, we can probably eat Bibos too, and I still can’t eat
    these things, that’s crazy. Once I become an adult, though, guys, it’s gonna be all over. We’re gonna be able to
    swallow a lot of stuff, ’cause hopefully, hopefully I get a big size jump or something. Okay, what do we got? We got some Bibos. Guys, this is dangerous. These Bibos, if they attack me, they could probably, they could probably take
    me out pretty quick. But yeah, our biggest danger is if anything bites me, because I probably can’t
    turn around fast enough to, well, I can’t bite them back. The only thing I can do
    is swallow them whole. Oh! Dude, I just ate all those Bibos. We’re level five, yes! I can finally eat this small stuff. Look at this guy trying
    to get out of the water. Okay, guys, we’re at level five, almost at level eight. Dude, our main goal is
    just to get to adulthood. We get to maturity, and
    we’re gonna be good. Also, guys, we can make babies. We can make whale shark babies, which, that’s gonna be pretty nice. They’re not gonna be able
    to help me with anything, unless we can make them adults. Guys, here we go, let’s eat some crabs. Oh, my goodness, dude. It is time for crab legs, anybody hungry? Anybody hungry for crab legs? I am. Oh no! Dude, he bit me, or pinched me. Okay, I’m always hungry for crab legs, oh! There we go. Dude, we’re level eight, and we’re a full-grown whale shark, and we’re just gonna keep
    getting bigger, guys. This is where it starts. Okay, what do we wanna eat next? Dude, this is crazy. Eat these crabs, and I think those are
    Bibo’s egg or something. I saw something like
    green dot or something. Dude, look at all those Bibo’s babies. I’ll eat them all. I just ate a whole Bibo’s family. There was like, 15. Dude, I’m eating the eggs too. Okay, that’s pretty crazy. Guys, now we’re talking. Dude, I can swallow anything. Almost anything, probably. Okay, let’s just keep going. We’re leveling up pretty slow. We need to get something bigger. What do I see down there? It’s a mahi-mahi. Dude, I know I can swallow
    that guy, all right. Dude, that was good,
    that was 300 experience. We just swallowed a jellyfish, another mahi-mahi. Uh-oh, dude, I gotta get my, yes, I gotta get that yellow meter up, and I think the great white sharks usually hang out around here, so, let’s watch out. Uh-oh, uh-oh. They’re screaming. Okay, those babies are scared. They’re probably scared of me. But yeah, I know the great white shark, there’s multiple, that
    hang out around here. I’m pretty sure I can’t swallow him yet. Yeah, let’s be careful. Oh, there he is down there. He’s right down there. So let’s stay up here. He’s close to the bottom. Okay, guys, man, once I get to the point where I can swallow like, a hammerhead, that’s gonna be good. But dude, we just level up so slow. I need something. There’s another great white shark. How many are there? This is tough, there’s
    another great white shark. I need something, there’s another one. Guys, this place is crawling
    with great white sharks. It’s like great white
    shark city or something. I need like a medium-sized
    fish that I can eat. Does the great white
    shark see me? He doesn’t. Guys, if I die and have to restart, this is gonna be a little devastating, you know, because it kind of takes awhile. It kind of takes awhile
    to get to adulthood. Dude, I don’t think I can
    swallow an ichthyosaurus, but those, dude, those
    zebra fish look really good. They look delicious. Oh my goodness, oh, I
    just ate a swordfish. Okay, we’re level nine, there we go. I just ate a swordfish. I didn’t think I could. I could probably take
    out an ichthyosaurus. Okay, let’s see if I can. Ichthyosaurus? Dude, he’s running away. Okay, good thing he’s running away. He’s not gonna attack me, is he? It looks like he’s looking at me. Okay, he’s leaving me alone, that’s good. Guys, this is a bad idea. I’m back at the hammerheads. Let’s just try it. The hammerhead looks pretty small. Can I eat him? Nope, can’t eat him. Dude, don’t touch me, don’t touch me. Okay, he’s know I’m bigger. He’s running away, ’cause I’m bigger. Little does he know, my bite speed is horrible, and my damage is really bad. Okay, dude, what can we eat that’s like, medium-sized? You know, a cuttlefish is good, but I need a lot of something. How can I get this goldfish thing? This is tiger shark territory, but it’s also zebra fish territory, which is good for me. That’s good. Okay, I don’t see any tiger sharks, guys, we gotta be careful. Oh, there they are over there. Guys, we’re level nine. Give me the double digits. One nice thing, though, I feel like I’m pretty fast. We’re big, but we can move pretty fast. Dude, we’re level 10. Level 10’s good, and actually, my health is good. I’m 171 health, so we’re
    like a tank, pretty much. Guys, I’m feeling good. If we could get to 20, then we’re gonna be able
    to eat a lot of stuff. Okay, guys, you know what we gotta do? We gotta go back to our home. Dude, there’s actually a lot of, there’s a lot of like,
    medium-sized fish here, like there’s ghost sharks, and we can actually find
    some other whale sharks. Maybe we can make a family or something. We could have some whale shark babies. Okay, where are they? I think it’s this way. Oh no, great white shark, leave me alone. Guys, this is getting
    like, really dangerous with the great white shark business. Okay, these are some baby, oh! Dude, there’s a whale shark right there. Okay, well, let’s have some babies. Let’s make a family. Come on, whale shark, will you make a family with me? There we go. Guys, we’re, three eggs. Okay, sharks don’t have eggs, do they? Pretty sure sharks don’t have eggs. I’m pretty sure whales don’t have eggs. Dude, are you serious, I can’t swallow the ghost shark? That was the whole reason I’m coming here. Okay, well, I could probably
    swallow these things, like the lantern fish, and maybe the Tomco fish, also known as, what are they called,
    Blob fish or something? Oh no, guys, we’re getting attacked. Dude, this isn’t good. Guys, I can’t get away from this guy. Dude, please leave me alone. Oh, man, please leave me alone. Dude, that was close, ’cause there’s nothing I can do. I can’t swallow him, and there’s no way I
    could bite him to death. That was close. I did steal his food, so, it’s understandable he was upset. But we worked it out, you know,
    we just talked it through. (laughs) Talked it through, I just screamed at the top of my lungs, and he left me alone. He felt pity on me. Dude, okay, we’re leveling up really,
    really, really slow. Okay, let’s lay these eggs. For some reason, it says eggs, so here we go. Yeah, there’s no eggs. They just turn into instant whale sharks, and they’re terrified, ’cause there’s a bunch of bad guys around. Okay, let’s eat something. Let’s eat some colossal crabs. Yeah, those babies, they’re, I’m pretty sure they’re
    not getting to adulthood. Dude, it took me forever to do it. You have to get to level eight. Yeah, it’s a little, a little tough. Oh, that’s a whole school of fish. Let me eat all these guys.
    That’s what I’m talking about. That’s the power of the vacuum mouth. Okay, we’re level 13, and I can’t swallow the ichthyosaurus. He is running away, and our thing isn’t full,
    our meter isn’t full, so maybe we’ll try it again. I still can’t eat the ichthyosaurus. That’s a little rough. Let’s try the ghost sharks again. Dude, I’m level 13. My babies are following me, which is nice. (laughs) They’re gonna get destroyed, probably. Okay, let’s try this ghost shark again. Dude, we’ve only leveled up one time, but hopefully it’s big enough to swallow some ghost sharks. What’s this? I think
    that was a lantern fish. We have chambered nautilus, that’s good. I know there are some ghost sharks around here somewhere. Oh, there they are. Guys, tell me I can swallow, oh, yes! Guys, this is big. Now I can swallow the ghost sharks. I just need my meter up all the way. Dude, this is good. It’s like a medium-sized fish that we can take down. And there we go, we’re level 14. That was actually pretty fast. Now, we’re getting somewhere. Guys, as long as we can
    swallow some big stuff, then we can level up at a decent rate. Okay, this is good. Okay, let’s try this ichthyosaurus again. Dude, I just swallowed an ichthyosaurus. Guys, this is a really good spot. We got ghost sharks all over the place, we got those Tomco fish. Guys, this is really good. Dude, we just hit level 20. Okay, now I’m feeling a lot better. Guys, we could probably take down hammerhead sharks now, right? Okay, let’s just, let’s
    eat a little bit more, and let’s try out these hammerhead sharks. Let’s see if we can swallow those guys. Okay, guys, we’re back,
    and stronger than ever. Let’s swallow a swordfish. Dude, he actually hit me. That wasn’t good. But guys, my health, my health is at 450. Dude, that’s gonna help us a lot. Like, if we get into a fight, having 450 health, that’s gonna be really good. Okay, guys, if I can
    swallow a hammerhead shark, I have to be able to,
    I’m huge, I’m a monster. Okay, guys, now we’re in good shape. I just swallowed a barracuda, I’m swallowing hammerhead
    sharks left and right, we’re level 22. Dude, do you think we can swallow a tiger shark at this point? Okay, let’s get a little bigger. Let’s go for like, level 25, then we’ll try a tiger shark, and then after that, we gotta try a great white, but guys, the great white is a lot bigger. He’s a lot bigger than the tiger shark, so we gotta be really
    careful with that guy. Dude, if he latches onto me, we’re pretty much, we’re as good as gone. Okay, guys, now we’re at level 25. Oh, there’s a Mosasaurus. Okay, just don’t let him see me. Don’t let him see me, act natural. Okay, I think we’re safe. Dude, he would definitely want me if he could get his hands
    on me, or his teeth. Okay, guys, let’s go for a tiger shark. Dude, is he coming around again? Okay, he’s going that way. Guys, let’s go for a tiger shark. We’re gonna need our yellow
    meter all the way up, so maybe I shouldn’t ate those guys? So where’s the tiger shark? There’s a bunch of them over there. Dude, just don’t get bitten. Yes, guys, we’re eating tiger sharks. Okay, do I need the meter all the way up? I’m not sure. Looks like we need it up a decent amount. Dude, they’re running away. That’s really good. Guys, that’s really good. They’re not even attacking me. That’s also good too. If they were attacking me, wow, we just went to vacuum mode. If they were attacking me, we’d be in really, really bad shape. Okay, so guys, you know
    how I was talking about getting very, very, very,
    very, very, very big? Guys, it’s happening. We’re level 62. Look at how big I am. Guys, we’re level 62. I gotta be able to swallow a great white shark at this point, right? Let’s try it. Guys, let’s try it. If this doesn’t work out, we’re dead meat, because even though I’m huge, I’m level 62, well, let’s see what our, let’s see what our damage is if we bite something. 20 something, actually, 20 something’s not too bad. That’s actually not too bad, but it’s nothing compared
    to a great white shark. So guys, the goal, right now, is to find a great white shark, and then, we’ll level up. Maybe we’ll level up to like, a whale, like an orca or something, or a beluga. Guys, I still think we’re pretty far away from being able to swallow that big whale, that huge one, dude. I don’t think we stand a
    chance against that guy. We’d have to get, I don’t know, we’d have to be at least double our size right now, ’cause he’s still bigger than me, like, we gotta be double
    his size, I think. Okay, guys, there’s a
    great white right there. Let’s let our meter go up a little bit. Dude, he’s looking at me, oh! Guys, I got him. I swallowed him easily. Guys, this is really good. Oh no, a Mosasaurus. Oh my goodness, dude, the Mosasaurus. Look at my mouth. The Mosasaurus, he just ignored me. That’s very good for us. Okay, guys, at this point, we can swallow, I think pretty much anything except for the Mosasaurus and that big giant whale. Guys, this is a really good spot. Okay, you know what I wanna do? I wanna get poisoned by the Megalograptus. I’m gonna see what
    happens if he poisons me. Okay, so I bit him. You’re gonna bite back? Come on, bite back, bite back. Poison me. Oh, I think, did he try and bite me? I don’t know, I heard like, a bite noise. Is he biting me? I wanna see what happens if he poisons me. Dude, it could be bad. I think it would paralyze me, but maybe I already did, I don’t know. Dude, he’s getting that barracuda, whoa! No, no, don’t go through the map. Okay, dude, the barracuda’s going for me. Okay, well, that didn’t work out. Guys, that was close. I almost got glitched through the map. We can’t have that. We can’t go glitching through the map. So here’s the plan. Dude, I have 2,900 health. Guys, this is good. Even if that big giant
    whale did attack me, it would take him a lot
    of bites to take me out. So, we’ve got a little buffer there. So that’s good. We’re level 65, swallowing great white sharks left and right. Okay, guys, this is what I’m thinking. So, I wanna eat some whales, but the thing is, if I
    go over to that area, the giant whale’s gonna be there. The giant whale’s gonna be
    there, is he gonna attack me? So, I gotta get big enough to where I think I might be able
    to swallow him whole. I don’t know how big
    that’s gonna be, but guys, we’re in a little bit of trouble. Like, I’m level 90, but we’re in a little bit of trouble because the game’s already
    starting to lag out. Good news is, I have 5,000 health. We’re almost level 100. But yeah, the game’s starting to lag out a little bit, which isn’t a good sign. Dude, if I get to level 200, who knows what it’s gonna be like? It might be, it might just end up being like a slight joke at that point. Okay, guys, we’re about to hit level 100. Dude, we’re going to be level 100, and we’ve 6,000 health. That guy’s probably have to bite me like, there we go, we just hit level 100. But that guy’s probably
    have to bite me like, 20 times to take me out. So let’s just scope things out. Okay, let’s see what my damage is. 57. 57 damage is not great, especially with like, how slow our bite speed is, but let’s just scope things out. You know, I wanna eat some whales. Oh, plus we could eat
    some Browurag on the way. And we got some Browurag over here. That was quick, now he’s gone. Yeah, guys, we gotta eat like narwhals, we gotta eat some orca,
    some beluga whales, and let’s just scope it out. Let’s see how big that
    giant whale actually is, ’cause I’m pretty giant myself. I’m pretty sure I won’t
    be able to swallow him. Let’s see how big my mouth
    is. Do you think I could fit a big giant whale in that mouth? I don’t know, guys. Whoa. There he is. Okay, so him versus me. Dude, he’s already going for me. He’s already going for me. No, 358 damage. Okay, that’s not good. That’s not good. Okay, you know what, maybe I can eat these guys and heal up while he’s doing that. Do you think I could swallow him whole? Let’s try it, let’s try it. Let’s get all the way up, he’s running, oh! Guys, I just swallowed
    the giant whale whole. Dude, I’ve never done that before. Our meter has to be all the way up. Look, guys, I just swallowed him whole. Okay, dude, I need the meter up, but I keep swallowing other stuff. Oh, that’s not good. Okay, whoa, dude, he just went flying. He just went flyin’. Okay, the meter’s up. Guys, that just leveled me up. Dude, and this is a spawn. Guys, do you think we
    could spawn trap this guy? Oh my goodness, dude. We’re spawn trapping him. This is really good. He is getting a couple
    of bites in every time, but, oh my goodness,
    guys, we got this guy. Okay, I gotta get a little bigger. Dude, when we get to the point where I can swallow him instantly, that’s gonna be really good. My health keeps regenerating too, because I keep swallowing him. Guys, I think we’re about to get massive. Look at that, I feel like I’m not that much bigger than him. It is a perfect fit. It’s a perfect fit right into my mouth. Dude, look at this. We can like, watch it happening. Yes, I don’t even know if he can get a bite in out of me. Okay, he can still bite me. This is insane. Okay, once we get to, maybe once we get to like,
    level 120 or something, we’re probably just gonna be able to swallow him whole,
    without needing the meter. Guys, that’s gonna be really good. Dude, he’s trying to bite my mouth. He can’t bite my mouth. He can’t bite me, I’m a whale shark. Guys, this is what I’m talking about. Dude, he spawns in, and we swallow him. Guys, this is what I’m talking about. We’re level 135, how high should we go? It takes, okay, let’s see how many we have to swallow before we get to the next level. Okay, one, two, three, maybe three? So it looks like every three
    or four whales we swallow, we get another level. Okay, guys, I’m just gonna keep going. Let’s just get really, really big. The goal, like I said at the beginning, was to get very, very,
    very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very big, and we’ve done that, but let’s get very, very, very, very, very, very, very big. Oh, man, dude, he’s getting faster. It’s getting faster, guys. This is really, this is really good. Guys, we’re over level 200. We’re getting 6,000 xp every time. Okay, guys, we’re level 200. Let’s see what kind of damage we do. Okay, 189. 189 isn’t too bad. I have 2,600 health. Okay, let’s see if we can get out of here, and hopefully that guy
    will leave me alone. And you know he’s gonna attack me. Okay, he can latch on. You can latch on. Dude, actually, that’s
    actually pretty annoying. Get off me. Okay, so guys, let’s swim around. Maybe, I don’t know, maybe I can find the Mosasaurus and swallow him whole too. All I know is I’m very, very big. We are very, very, very, very, very, very big. Dude, let’s see that mouth again. Guys, it is seriously just a vacuum. It’s a giant vacuum. It should be called the vacuum shark. I like the name. I like the name, whale shark. Okay, guys, where’s this Mosasaurus? I’m ready to be a bully to him.
    He thinks he’s a big bully? Uh-oh, I just disappeared. Dude, there he is. He doesn’t seem that big. Okay, there he is, right there, and let’s swallow him whole. Dude, we just took out
    the Mosasaurus instantly. Okay, where is he spawning in? It’s always hard to find his spawn, but I bet it’s around here. Yeah, I don’t know, man,
    I can’t find that guy. Dude, we can pretty much just swallow everything in sight. Guys, remember when we started? We started from the
    bottom, and now we’re here. Okay, but seriously, guys. I was taking like five minutes just to bite a starfish. When you think about that,
    and where we are now, we made a lot of progress. I’ve been recording for about an hour. There’s the Mosasaurus again. Okay, we get 6,000
    experience from him too. Dude, I wish he spawned
    at the same location. So, okay, Mosasaurus and the giant whale, they both give you 6,000 xp, but man, I hope so bad, I hope so bad the
    developers leave the spawn. Like, I love when one
    fish has the same spawn, plus, it’s almost like a reward.
    If you can get to the point where you can swallow
    that giant whale whole, it’s almost like a reward. You should be able to
    swallow him over and over. I don’t know, that’s just my opinion, but it’s seriously one
    of my favorite things about the game. Okay, guys, we’re level 210, we’re huge, we can swallow anything in sight, and it’s pretty amazing. Dude, we’re swallowing that
    Mosasaurus over and over. Guys, this is amazing. The whale shark, definitely
    one of my favorites in the whole game. Dude, that is so cool. The game’s definitely lagging out. But guys, if you missed
    last week’s video, dude, we played this with Fossil Bibos, we had a family, we had
    a skeleton fish family, we were going up against a tiger shark. Guys, it was a lot of fun, so definitely check it
    out if you missed it. Also, guys, dude, if you haven’t seen my Totally Accurate Battlegrounds video, guys, you gotta check it out. The makers of Totally
    Accurate Battle Simulator, they made a Battle Royale game, and guys, we checked out every weapon in the game. Guys, there’s a grenade. When you throw the grenade, and it shoots bullets
    like, all over the place, they’re like bouncing all over the place, there’s a grenade where you can put like a cage around something, guys, it’s just crazy. Definitely check it out if you missed it. But guys, I really hope
    you enjoyed today’s video. If you did, as always, feel free to hit that thumbs up button and subscribe if you haven’t already. I will see you guys in the
    next Feed and Grow: Fish. Now’s the moment of truth. Let’s see if this thing is gonna explode. Oh my goodness, it’s a Pungence gun. Oh, it turns everyone into Pungence, no! No incoming. I’m popping ’em, I’m trying to get out. Crazy red shark. Dude, he’s going in.