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    Boy’s Awesome Reaction To Catching His First Fish

    August 29, 2019

    Did he swimmed out? I think you got a fish! Pull it up. Heyyyy That’s a Fishy. Bring it in. Aghhh Heyyy. I got one. Oh, Fishy Can you touch him? You can touch him. Can you touch him? This is your first fish. Ya, I catch him. What name is he? I don’t know. What do you want to name him? Ummm Umm Free What do you want to name him? Free. Free? He’s a nice fishy. He’s Beautiful Can you touch him? Touch him Dad. You can you him I am holding him up. I can’t. You want to touch him. This is your first fish. You can pet him. Give him a little touch. Be gentle Does he like me? He likes you. I touched him. We are going to put him back in the water ok? Ok.

    New very simple dripper tracker!  Use as part of your solar tracker to get more power from your PV
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    New very simple dripper tracker! Use as part of your solar tracker to get more power from your PV

    August 16, 2019

    Here is the dripper tracker concept There is a string attached at the top. The red string is attached at the bottom As this float rises The yellow string goes up and the red string goes down and the black thing over there turns and if the float falls it goes in the opposite direction Oops, it is caught (quick model that wasn’t attached) As you can see one goes up and one goes down and it is all caused by the water falling. Generally it would be up at the start and the water would go down over time The water level is controlled by the height of the tube which slowly falls down and empties the barrel The half full float weighs 25 kg and only needs to be 5 kg to do its job. The emptying rate can be controlled in a whole bunch of different ways It is a non’ mechanical way of getting the circular motion that you need for solar tracking So this is called “equatorial mount” or “equatorial platform” when you have a rotating axis that points at the north star so it is called equatorial mount or polar mount and it is a way of aiming solar cookers that solar panels you point this at the north star and rotate you mount your solar appliance on this platform So the dripper tracker applies the rotational energy to turn the appliance on the platform. Check the solar projects 2012 playlist for more detail (It shows the entire device working)