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    Stonehaven Fishing and Crabbing Trips
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    Stonehaven Fishing and Crabbing Trips

    November 18, 2019

    Hi guys, welcome back to my channel today we are going fishing and crabbing lets find out if will catch some fish and crabs guys do i throw it yeah not as many crabs it still quite a bit crab is there another eel no look there’s more crabby more crabbies more crabs to go in the big bucket full of crabs it go in the big bucket of big crabby Mya want it get him get him there’s a little fish I want to hold the fishy let me hold the fish give me the little fish I caught him so let me hold him dad no let me hold her can you get the little fish out can you can I throw it no Mya wants the fishy Mya wants the fishy we wants turn of holding it right fish will survive you will get your fishy in a minute get the fish let me hold put the fish in the bucket me I want to hold let Mya it first let Mya hold it ok Mya let me put it in the bucket no Marcus put it on the bucket so guys I caught the eel and lots of crabs Mya has caught four crabs on her one we waited a long time for my big net and I caught like almost all of these oh look there’s the eel, smells like fish where’s the fish and the fish yeah the eel there’s still the eel in there ay eel’s in there blimey blimey me eel eel’s just slithering everywhere it feels fluppy ok put this one back, will we yeah will put that one back ok Mama help, pull it up

    CARP FISHING – EUROBANX 3 with Alan Blair and Oli Davies – Nash Tackle
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    CARP FISHING – EUROBANX 3 with Alan Blair and Oli Davies – Nash Tackle

    November 18, 2019

    Miles travelled 2880 Red Bulls Consumed 24 Countries Visited 5 Venues Fished 18 Alan new rigs 82 Oli new rigs 4 Cameras lost 1 Number of showers 2 number of carp 32 This Eurobanx 3 As always these trips require so much planning and preparation But even with the best of plans as usual it all came round so quickly Lets rock We hit the road but not before saying a quick goodbye to my girls Goodbye See ya Love you Even though we were running a bit late we decided a Burger King was essential to get the trip started This however ensured that we missed our crossing by a few minutes Because it was peak season we were delayed for 5 hours Well I have just opened the side door and there are some maggots which means It has gone from bad to worse Not only have we missed our crossing but the very limited supply of maggots Are somewhere underneath that That is bad times Not the best start far from it in fact But we quickly made friends with some fellow travellers to pass the time Well that is the van reloaded again I am not pissing I am collecting the flowers for my girlfriend She likes flowers a lot Wait a moment Well if you ain’t driving you are tying Too right this is it mate we are going again Round 3 We are in France drive on the right let’s roll Our first destination was the incredible Paris which in the grand scheme of the adventure was only a short trek away Due to the long delay at the tunnel it was approaching midnight when we finally arrived in the city to meet our friend Sebastien Sebastien had sorted out the fishing permits and was going to show us a couple of very special park lakes in the heart of Paris itself I don’t know if it’s going to be the best coffee you dink in your life Thank you We had a good look round before baiting lightly with a few Citruz boilies ready for a return early the following morning We have got tonight and that is running away with us We are going to go and put the rods out on the river somewhere but really we have got one day in Paris tomorrow to make the most of it Have a go on these two park lakes and see if the Eiffel Tower is going to be kind to us We left the park behind us and followed Sebastien across Paris to check out some spots on the mega River Seine Searching for somewhere to drop in for a few hours until morning came round We both flicked out the rods and much to my surprise within 20 minutes one of mine was away 6oz lead on a drop off and it has come off on the take and just come straight up in the water It did feel like a catfish it still does feel like a catfish the way it is fighting Welcome to Paris Really nice one It’s not a giant but look at the mouth on it My first River Seine carp and it took about 20 minutes Let’s go catch a park lake carp Let’s do this Back at the park lake a little later than we had hoped for we dropped onto the spot we had baited a few hours previously Two rods out First proper day yesterday was a bit of a write off with regards to fishing having spent so much time travelling and waiting at the Eurotunnel It was soon apparent that the spots we had baited were not going to be the one It was time to try and hunt them down It’s a funny old morning Oli has had to go and put a jacket on I’m half tempted to put one on There are fighter jets shooting across the sky everywhere Army on every roundabout Men walking round with some serious guns protecting boiling and houses It’s a little bit strange There is a big military parade I think So as much as we were going to stay in Paris for another day and night I think it’s time to venture to pastures new If there were carp here in front of us now I wouldn’t be here talking to you I would have a rod in my hand and we would be trying to catch them We had pretty much given up hope of catching a carp at the park But Alan refused to give up and while I loaded the van he went for one last look There is a carp there two carp One behind the patch one going that way off the patch I need to get a stronger rod and stronger line Hopefully they will be there when I get back Grab Oli and see if we can get one It just shows that just another walk round was enough to track some down I instantly had another chance but my luck really wasn’t in It was a really nice mirror How’s your luck I have lost two this morning and I have just hooked a third one I’m trying to keep my calm but when you have lost a couple it can really get to you So I’m trying to keep calm and take deep breaths A group of fish came through and I have managed to hook another one Finally things took a change for the better and with maximum effort the lake had given up one of its jewels Bonjour Carp oui Are you putting it back Of course Just taking a picture Are you a fisherman in England as well You do that with so much care Just to get that shot of the Eiffel tower We did it Beautiful Now we will travel to Italy to Bologna Florence and Rome And you are going to catch a carp This is the plan With the sun now beaming down it was a totally different day to earlier on and I was sure there was another bite to be had Well done mate Yes Paris I lost two and then landed two and I’m absolutely made up with this one A real chunky park lake mirror Simple tactics a size 4 Uni a Bread Bomb and a big chunk of bread The adventure continues and we still have many more days ahead of us Buzzing absolutely buzzing Thank you Au revoir Today has been un bon jour Merci We were literally going to drive off The weather was appalling it was freezing cold with drizzly rain and a big chop on the water Just not appealing I didn’t even want to fish myself and that is me saying that It was a case of lets go somewhere else where we might have a better chance One walk down the other bank and a little bit of sunshine coming through Buzzing man They are certainly receptive to a bait if you can get it in front of them I wish I had filmed that take as he turned round when he decided to take it Most of the bites I have had has been a 3 lap thing with them looking at it maybe nibbling or knocking a bit of the bread off And then eventually they come up and when they nail it they proper nail it He knew what he was doing from 10 feet away He was eating that piece of bread We are going to get on the road I need to get out of these clothes big up France lets hit the road After just 12 hours in Paris we were back on the road Heading south on the next leg of our journey with our victory souvenir proudly displayed on the dashboard While Alan ate up the miles I backed up the memory cards So back in the motor and we are heading to Italy However what with the lack of sleep last night we have decided wisely I think To pull over and get some sleep tonight rather than try and make it all the way down to Italy We are definitely getting there absolutely shattered So Oli has done what wise people do in this situation and get on the phone to Nick Helleur Nick has very kindly recommended like he did last time somewhere for us to stop off Where are we going We are going to somewhere blue That was a pretty mammoth van tidy there We have a bit of a problem Will it not shut No Lets go fishing How comes you have so much less stuff than me Look you have a tiny barrow Bloody hell After no sleep in Paris and a long day on the road we finally got to the Blue lake just on dusk We flicked the rods out and got our heads down for some well needed sleep So we find ourselves rudely awoken by the bailiff this morning You say that but since I have been up he has been over there looking over and waiting for us to wake up So thank you sir for letting us have our sleep before coming round and nicking 42 Euros off us for a day ticket It’s not some big public French lake it is OK to pay And we caught well you have done alright and had a couple I’ve had a couple yeah one 20lber and one maybe not quite that big Disappointingly I lost two half decent ones One was certainly a 20 plus mirror right at the net As you do in fishing you have to evaluate where you are going wrong First one I got the rig back on the spot The second one Oli has looked at me and growled let me see that rig Is that the same rig as you lost one on before Yeah exactly the same rig Ol Citrus Cultured hook bait in a bag chucked out and I’m getting the bites really quickly What size hook A small one Get a big hook on they have got big rubbery mouths 1am there I am tying more rigs to add to the list of rigs I have tied Big hooks size 5 and stronger braid Cast back out and caught 2 skimmer bream I doubled the hook bait size and size of the hook and caught two skimmers Anyway I had a little mirror and more importantly we got some sleep eh mate It’s not Bream Banx It’s definitely not Skimmer Banx Lovely little starburst mirror Thank you fella lets have a look what Oli caught They are a bit larger than you but I’m very happy Mini carp Number 1 They go like trains and you can see the size of the fins and tail This one was on a TG Cultured I had the smaller one on a Citrus pop-up Over about half a kilo of bait as well So last night’s hotel came complete with carp Let’s hit the road Well you are definitely in Italy when one of them pulls up next to you After another long day on the road we arrived in Northern Italy in Bologna where we met our good friend and Italian Nash manager Matteo at a very special lake up in the mountains Matteo has treated us all to a pizza It is very good Matteo Bolognese Yes pizza with bolognese Pizza al ragu for Englishman When in Italy and all that Do something completely English Night Alan Night Oli Well we are in Italy we got set up really quickly as it started raining The boys brought us a pizza Which was lush I hasten to add The rods are out two each and it has been a long day I know what I am dreaming about All those photos those lads showed me on their phone Big commons big mirrors beautiful backdrops It’s certainly an amazing place Welcome to Italy Get some sleep mate see you in the morning The night was very quiet not just on our rods but in general With no shows and nothing to really go on As the temperature rose to almost unbearable levels it was clear the fishing was going to be tough Well Alan being Alan it was a bit boring sitting round It was getting that way mate No carp about but lots of other little fish Look at that little beauty nailed on a fly Well we are going for a quick drive round the lake Very little happening where we are fishing I have seen one fish show tight to the dam in god knows what depth that was One fish late last night but other than that it was quiet Matteo Because of the quick change in weather Hot to cold 15 degrees less Last night was it really that cold The water is coloured So maybe carp Don’t know So have I been minding the rods We have been for a drive round I say we have been to look for fish but actually I just wanted a nice drive in Matteo’s Maserati Through the mountains So we have had a good look round and the lake is really busy Matteo says the nice weather and the fact it is Saturday has brought out many Italian anglers Anyway so we went back round the dam and all the way down this part of the lake and I might have found a few fish There is a back channel with a big pipe across it On one side of the pipe I noticed the water to be a different shade The more I studied it the more I started to see bubbles and sets of bubbles coming up It’s difficult to say but I’m pretty sure there are some better sized fish down there I’m in a bit of a dilemma as I have come back and they have seen one show here When do you sit on your hands and when do you move Me personally I am moving I have sat on my hands for long enough here For sure we can come back here later on but I think for now I would like to go and have a look where the water is a bit different Potentially something to go on so I’ll give it a go What have you caught there I was just kicking back on the air cradle up there almost drifting off And after a series of beeps I nailed one I’m actually quite buzzing about that That’s an Italian carp yes mate well done It certainly wasn’t the 20 kilo carp that I was dreaming of but it was a bite in very tough conditions The only fish to have been caught from the lake while we had been there I also found a group of small fish right in the corner but they were very spooky We ended up going back to the original spot for the night Well it has been a long but enjoyable day in the sun and there has been some sun I don’t know quite how hot it has got but 28 to 30 degrees Certainly I have caught a bit and Oli has done really well I’m back round in the swim that we fished in last night There is not a lot to go on or any places to fish to be frank The lake is very busy I have had a play around with the marker float and rather than just chuck them out there anywhere I have located what I can feel to be a much smoother area If I keep coming I hit rock and it starts coming up I am fishing in 20 to 25 feet of water on both the rods One of them down to my right here In case any fish do come in and out of this bay I’m going to fish a pop-up and just spread a few boilies around it This one out here is in slightly deeper water It’s about 26 feet but again it is that nice clean bottom and I will fish a bottom bait out there Matteo is sorting out some dinner for tonight He very kindly offered to arrange food tonight and presented us with two options One option was cheese and olives bread and this antipasti type dish The second options this traditional Italian pasta dish I told him how it is I need both Matteo You can’t offer me two amazing things and then expect me to pick one So I’m looking forward to sitting down with the lads later on and having a bit of tea and soaking it all in really But for now lets get those rods out In spite of finding the perfect spots the carp were just not playing ball At first light we packed the van and headed into the historic city of Florence to fish the River Arno So we have left the lake driven down the mountain and we are on our way to Florence All in all very quiet The most amazing place to chill for a couple of days I think at a different time when it wasn’t so busy with the flexibility to move about and a bit more time there are some special fish in there to be caught with beautiful backdrops But for now lets go to Florence and see Giambastiani There are carp about but Matteo is saying not so many But Sebastien said the same on the river Seine and Oli went and banked one So I’m staying optimistic about it Got my shorts on the suns out going to have a Cornetto later And we are actually on the right road This the road This is the one where we had a massive detour the wrong way Theres that bridge We are going the right way now Off to Florence Hey cats fancy meeting you here Florence one of the best cities in Italy Beautiful city Urban Banx in Florence See man driving Italian whip Another Ferrari How is that bucket treating you Al It’s crippling me I didn’t realise it was a 500 metre walk I could have travelled a bit lighter in hindsight But we are nearly there There is a beautiful bridge just up in front and we are going to pitch up there for a couple of hours Seen a catfish seen a carp so it’s looking positive Our great friend Giambastiani had organised for us to fish an inaccessible stretch of river right beneath the famous Pont de Vecchio bridge in the grounds of an exclusive rowing club where there was the chance of a monster river carp It is deep and there are many rocks So you can fish on the bottom or on the surface You think they will take on the surface They eat bread Behave Hopefully they are doing some carp spotting for us Seen any carp guys Well just as it was looking like it was going to be all quiet Giambastiani has one I don’t know quite what What is it Its a catfish a very small catfish Well its not what we came for Small channel cat Pretty fish well done We did get the big net but it wasn’t required We gave it a couple of hours at this picture postcard spot but with the temperature in the mid 30’s and rising and no shelter to get away from the blistering heat we were forced to seek a shadier spot for the afternoon This is mental They must be good at rowing I think they have won a few trophies by the looks of things We stepped out onto the busy streets and Alan was instantly recognised by an angler It’s a small world Good to meet you man Ciao Random Seen the back of that T-shirt I like that Four tuna salad After lunch we were invited to join Giambastiani’s friends Tiziano and Yamuna at a spot further upstream Here there was welcome shade from the relentless sun and hopefully some obliging carp Tiny but it is a carp though a real carp Well it’s like a carp Al only smaller bless him Grow up to be a very big carp He has got a lot of combatting to do out there first He is catfish sized and there are big cats in here Well done mate I was just putting out that other rod and this rod here has gone off I’m in a right pickle here Bella bella Not so small Have you got a better one He is a bit bigger than the pound and half one No photo then Another awesome baking hot day I managed to catch myself two fish and now I’m sitting here loving life I’m pretty confident we have got all the rods in position I’ve even stuck a cat rod up by the bridge I’m going to get some sleep because I need to get up early to head on the next leg of the journey We are going to Rome I have never been to Rome It’s been good A hot day and the fishing has been hard Florence in July isn’t really top carping conditions But hey you have managed to bag one well two We spent a very pleasant evening with our new friends talking the universal language of fishing With just as small catfish to add to the tally the following morning it was time to leave our new friends and head off on the next leg of the mission Got our souvenir from Florence our little David Bellisimo I had a lovely time and I’m a bit sad to be leaving The fishing wasn’t great but the company was exceptional Really nice people really looked after us And of course we have learned a little bit of Italian Molto Bene What is good luck Bocca al Lupo In the jaws of the wolf I like it big saying We are driving through Florence now and we have a 2 and a half hour hop to Rome How many times have you played this tune Mate hundreds It’s a banger it’s amazing That’s a yard Yardage Finally got settled for another evening down on the river in Rome Got here at about 11am and met up with David and Michele We went and saw three amazing river spots all quite different in their own way Along the way we had a guided tour through Rome and I had to up my game with the driving It was bedlam and chaos You did well mate We went to visit these three river spots and in amongst all that also stopped off at a park lake A really big lake with a lot of boat activity that take place there I did an entire lap of it and found them at the far end I met back up with the boys and we had a bit of lunch under a tree in the shade It was too hot to do anything for more than an hour After that you had to wind down for a little while and get your breath back I headed back down to where I had seen the fish but only saw a couple of small commons actually roll I couldn’t see them drifting beneath the surface like I had previously David and Michele had a walk down on the bottom bank and noticed a couple of fish so I shot round there Very quickly I managed to catch myself a nice Roman park lake common Good angling mate Opportunist I had to do it I could easily have sat in the shade somewhere but I had to do it I got the bite second or third cast I’ve got myself an Italian park lake common Again it’s no monster but I’m absolutely made up We then went to the supermarket and we have ended up back here This is actually the first spot we came and looked at There is a bridge here and what is the bridge up there called lads Ponte Milvio a beautiful bridge up there You have a nice fast run here and it drops off into some deeper water You have the football stadium just up here yeah we are in the middle of Rome Oli got his rods out nice and quickly I set up underneath the bridge Bad angling really I should have not just sat there because the picture would look amazing People have been living under there in numbers The guys have explained that they have had a government policy where they all have to go and all these people living under there have all been sent away elsewhere but the remnants of them are still there and it’s pretty grimy So I’ve moved up here with Oli and we are going to have a social Oli got his rods out quickly and managed to catch an incredible common A really dark beautiful fish First Italian carp and it’s a banger And we are at the Urban Carpfishing spot yes we are hashtag urbancarpfishing I’ve also lost two myself I set up the barbel rods We were both keen to catch a barbel and they are overgunned for barbel really being 3lb Scopes But they are just not up for the job here Carp yeah You have a lot of flow running down through the middle The first one did me in a snag and the second stripped 20 yards of line before again doing me in a snag No more barbel fishing barbel rods going away These are 3lb Scopes with 20lb hook link and size 8 hook Small hook again barbel rods bye bye The big guns have come out I’m going to get some heavier gear out there Bigger hooks and longer stronger hook links Look forward to the night ahead It’s so snaggy out there It’s a really nice one Scalded pellet Whacked the kettle on and scalded it up I have just been moulding a bit around the hook bait protecting the hook point as well and also wrapping a bit around the lead It releases loads of attraction off down the river pulling these bad boys up onto the hook bait And what a background with the angry urban carp over your shoulder I’ll take you a couple of stills We were going to stay the night here but it turns out there are a load of people living in the bamboo behind us We are going back into the city itself We are on the outskirts a bit here like I said the football stadium is just up there but we are going right into the thick of it now Scarf you I’m not a big football fan but for any of you guys and girls that love football this quite a big deal Roma Big team Do you know them Yeah I don’t I’m naive to the world of football I’m a fisherman thats all I know There is football and there is fishing Roma Forza Roma This is a bit more of an upmarket bridge Just slightly It’s ok to go upmarket sometimes It’s alright slumming it Yeah that was slumming it though Real different gravy The river is just there and we are actually driving right along it now This whole trip I have been longing to fish out of the van Up until now it has been nothing short of mission after mission Gear in and out Upstairs downstairs upstairs downstairs Look at that With the party boat just downstream pumping out the tunes we got to work tackling up But what I didn’t need was alan tipping the contents of my tackle box into the dust Where many of my swivels and rig rings still lay buried to this day Right so here we are in the posh part of town It’s lush but why I think I was getting so much interest at the last spot I was taking my hook bait and this is some scalded smaller micro pellet Give it a good squeeze Bit of paste Basically mate A bit of flow and few smaller fish pecking way at it Lots of scent and attraction tumbling downstream I do exactly the same to the lead I also find it helps not only with the casting but when it goes down the extra weigh helps hold bottom and lets everything get settled Usually by the time it is dislodged your lead has found it’s grip on the bottom Dead simple Good morning Italy Good morning David good morning Michele I was just having a mega van sort out showing the boys my new scooter and it absolutely buckled over We were literally on our way really Just getting packed up It looks like a better fish It might just be the flow There is a far old flow It’s whacking through there The water has come up Same as last night a big long hook link and a size 4 Twister It’s not a bad one Double take Go on Michele Fish You alright there mate Fish or flow Na flow Well the second one wasn’t a bite That might not have been a bite But we have got one in the net It’s pretty safe to say this will be my last Italian carp of the trip We haven’t been here very long In and out of most places we have been to but thoroughly enjoyed it Good company beautiful food and incredible carp from some really special places Made up big up Italy Definitely couldn’t have done it without these lads You know I said that would be my last Italian fish well Rome wasn’t quite done yet Alan should have reeled in Another ripper nearly had the rod out of the pod They are the most violent takes out of absolutely nothing When in Rome you go fishing With the van loaded we decided it would be rude not to see a few of the sights and sample some of the local delights before we said goodbye to David and Michele and headed North again Serious cake In Italian you would say a or avete just one word You have or do you have Our 24 hours in Rome had flown by and although we hadn’t banked any monsters it had been an amazing experience in this incredible city sampling some of the often overlooked urban fishing Romeo done We drove north back across the border to France chasing the setting sun and hoping to arrive in the French Alps before dark to meet Bastl and Robin who had travelled up to meet us at some very special lakes You are off road now boy I was busy looking at the map then Mega peaceful well other from a Yout on a moped We didn’t fish that night choosing to have a social and a catch up and half decent night’s sleep Ready for an early start the following morning So first morning in the Alps with the man like Bastl And the man like Savage A beautiful dark Alpine mirror Bastl is this your first French carp It is my first French carp The first of many my friend I hope so And hopefully the smallest Thats a pretty one It’s a lovely one This was followed shortly after by another even bigger one I can’t believe it Look at it The boys have come down The boys have dragged themselves out of bed A better description After a couple of hours sleep Look at that sun though Ol There’s big dirty mark on that lens a big fingerprint Shower I’m going to be jumping in the lake in a minute That’s what I mean mate au naturel It’s a really mad one That’s a lovely one Yes Bastl second French carp Step by step to a 25kg fish Thanks for helping We love it wet About time those socks got washed And this is Savage chasing a Snake across the lake to go and catch it Beat him It was a viper Savage by name savage by nature Watching Robin having a swim and in dire need of a shower I couldn’t resist having a dip myself However the local wildlife was less than welcoming What is that Is it biting you Put your little toe in He has got a little nip on him He is the winner Look he has reinforcements Pop-up rig tying Bastl is going to join the pop-up team As usual after a couple of hours I started to get itchy feet I went off to do a bit of stalking on the intimate lake next door Bad times straight out of it’s mouth With no further bites that morning we headed into town to pick up a few essentials Time for a bit of shopping Top of the list was a disposable barbecue which proved a challenge to locate in the giant hypermarket Victory I’m so hungry Going to chill out with the boys now and get the barbecue on and flick a couple of rods out See if we can get a monster In the heat of the day there was nothing else to do but get the rods out fire up the barbecue and chill out That’s got to be a bite hasn’t it No Yes Only a small one Yeah I can see it’s a small one I’ve been picking them out Oh mate we came to the Alps to get a monster It’s a bite and I’ve really had to work for it God knows how many miles I have walked and how much sweat has dripped out of me today A little pineapple crush Fluoro pop-up and just a smattering of Pineapple Crush boilies over the top That’s the only one I had on a brighter hook bait and that’s nailed it Selecting bigger fish is an art in itself Mate you have just got to fish for bites at the end of the day At the moment most of the bites are coming from the mosquitos You ain’t wrong As the day came to a close Bastl joined Robin and Oli who were set up on a big wild lake nearby chancing their arm for a public lake whacker At first light Bastl left the boys on the big lake and we joined forces again for our second day in the Alps It will be a monster one day A stunning little Alpine mirror Certain it’s been born in the lake One day it will grow to be a really impressive beast Well we have just released that small mirror We have looked at each other and thought it ain’t really happening up there There are definitely a few fish boshing out further down I think we are going to get the rods in drive down this track here and have a go down the bottom end where Bastl caught that amazing mirror yesterday I put quite a bit of bait out there yesterday evening and managed to catch one just on dark I think it’s well worth going and checking down there It’s really quiet up here Let’s do it yeah After a move back to the area we had baited Bastl quickly bagged a nice mirror I said half an hour You said 30 minutes Key again 20mm Perfect It’s not that small what is it about 11 kilos Yeah something like that Number 3 for the lucky boy Nice one mate Lets get him back Bye bye There is nothing exciting about tying bait to the hook Do you use bait floss No How do you do it then pierce it Just using some cut off Chod Link And then burning it The fish won’t mind It’s a good method mate I have done it loads It’s quick it’s simple Do Nash sell bait floss Yeah Oh bait floss is way better then There were definitely more fish up at this end and again it was Bastl that had the next take You got it on tape Yeah You are very quiet Bastl Sorry my body doesn’t know what to feel It is huge Good fish Big battle We have to call the boys My phone Last year a Gopro The back Is this one filming Yes Now your phone It’s dead Was it worth it Yes Come and look at this 20 kilo 45lb 8oz How much is that 20 kilo I don’t know how much that is Just over 20 kilos Yes Bastl I don’t know what to say I fell dropped my iPhone Out of nowhere It was the next rod to reel in Happy days It was a big fight Basil is so modest he is going to put his T-shirt on You are looking good Bastl That’s what no sleep no eating and many fishing does to you It keeps you trim Let’s go Feed the fish The Key and Pineapple Crush unbeatable C’est bon Pour les grande poisson I never used to fish pop-up rigs I tried years ago but never felt good using them This time Robin was saying go for a pop-up A huge 20mm pop-up and it worked 4 times now I used pink but we ran out of pink pop-ups I just brought 3 or 4 as I caught 4 fish now That’s it Oh well Alan brought everything but no Key pop-ups I brought the leftovers from Austria Did you get that This is our second day here now and though I have managed to catch a couple of small fish on pop-ups Bastl has done incredibly well and only a little while ago he banked an impressive monster of 45 pounds I thought I’m going to try and catch them right in the edge While Bastl had about 3 hours sleep earlier I have been up and down this lake Just priming areas with pellets and tigers Eventually I got a few fish grubbing around here I refined my rig and took the choddy off I put a nice short hook link on and two little tigers Yeah go on the Alps I managed to get about 10 fish grubbing around None of them were monsters I just wanted to get a bite So I have gone a little bit shorter and fished a double tiger nut on there on a blowback like so I don’t think it’s the tigers it’s the pellet It’s definitely the pellet They love pellet carp love pellet I’m sure that attracts the crays First thing tomorrow morning they are going to get whatever pellet I have left Bring as many cray and poisson chat in as possible Let’s have a party and hopefully there will be a few more of these incredible fish along with it too Just look at that for a common He doesn’t want his picture taken Is it a carp Yes a common carp Would you like to come and see Big fish Stroke his scales Splash him Say bye bye Au revoir 5 second rule The heat had brought the locals out in force and in spite of the disturbance the fish were still feeding Bastl was starting to make it look easy So we left Bastl on his own for a while and look what happens Those rigs Pop-up rig strikes again He is nice one man Maybe not quite 30 but not far off Still don’t believe in pop-up rigs but they have been working Sorry it’s gone We are having a really nice time Robin is sticking it over on the big forgotten lake Oli is going to go back over there this evening and chuck the rods out with him Bastl and I are going to go on then stalking pond and in the morning head off north back to the UK One final stop though and I’m looking forward to it We are going to do a bit of canal fishing in central Amsterdam Meet up with everyone on Saturday evening and have a barbecue and a social There are a few people meeting from various parts of Europe and on Sunday we are going to go to a festival to unwind Ready for a big reality check when I get back to the UK And a big box full of emails But don’t worry about that now cos look where we are All that matters now is trying to get the next bite Bonjour Bastl My body is aching everything is Yeah the back of my legs are aching Too many mosquito bites You boys are hardcore It’s only you and Oli who can do this No one else can is as crazy It is starting to kill me though We got up again this morning at silly o’clock There has been lots of rain and we haven’t caught anything But we are smiling Fake smile It has not worked out this morning bizarrely Put a bit of bait out last night To be fair everything looked really good I don’t know if it’s the constant changes in the weather Anyway I have just had a phone call from Oli and Robin They have packed up on the super duper special lake and they have not caught anything either Not really the ending we were hoping for but we had a really great time As we packed the van almost ready to bid the alps farewell it very kindly gave us one more carp This is the future As Scopes are Then we have a 10 hour drive up to Holland into Amsterdam and the boys are coming with us I wasn’t sure they would To be honest we weren’t sure we would It’s such a beautiful place we were going to stay I thought the boys were going to stay as well but they are coming with us We are going to have a party and try and catch some Dutch canal carp Let’s see what happens I think you are the first one to catch him I have caught three that I was the first one because I catch so many small ones Let’s do this See you later Address change country Holland 654 miles its a short one We can do this After over a week on the road exhaustion was kicking in and we reached a point where Haribo and strong coffee were the only things keeping is going This is a picnic We are having a little road trip picnic I have just done a very dangerous thing Went shopping when hungry Hungry man went to supermarket So while i drive and film Alan is making lunch When you don’t have knife just use the top bit I have had to do this many times Thats about done That’s a good sandwich nice one mate Give it to me Feed me And for desert Well we have arrived in central Amsterdam The day is coming to an end really We have watched the sun go down as we were driving along and we are here in the thick of it Lot’s of people about going out for dinner It’s Friday evening so it’s going to be pretty busy I have just made a quick phone call to Timon one of the lads from the Benelux Nash team who we are meeting We are going to go and chuck the rods out with him for the evening down the canal So lets get the rods out here tonight get a few ours sleep and get up bright and early and head over to some park lakes See where the day takes us a few of the nash lads from the uk are coming over to have a party on sunday Timon will be here somewhere There’s our man Got a bream mate This is not Bream Banx Arriving just before dark we met up with Dutch consultant and top lad Timon who was already set up in the centre of Amsterdam at the junction of five canals We have got a park bench and a bin Luxury I bet you close by there could even be some toilets Living the dream Check it out porcupines Baby zebra Many beautiful birds A swan sorry queen The queen doesn’t own the ones in Holland True that We grabbed a quick bite to eat but wasted no time in getting the rods out Loving it absolutely loving it Isn’t it funny we went from the busyness of Rome to the tranquility of the Alps and now we are back in the city again It’s been a real rollercoaster A mad adventure And now we are in Amsterdam Plenty of bream tonight Timon Well we are off Didn’t catch one well none of us caught one Timon had 11 bream I had 4 Bastl had 3 and the wise man Robin had none cos he fished with double 20mm I didn’t go to sleep until about 4.15am I ended up changing to double 20mm and I didn’t catch another bream There is a major tip for you there guys If you don’t want to catch a bream stick two 20mm baits on On one rod I had two 20mm pop-ups on the other I had two 20mm Cultured hook baits Perfect no bream Timon is up in front we are following him around central Amsterdam looking for some carp Here it is I am not going to try and pronounce it I’d be better off spelling it to you but it starts with B and I think it ends in M It’s a park lake and I wouldn’t say it was the ghetto Some people have described it to me as the Ends Not the nicest part of town but I think it’s quite affluent That house there is lovely Anyway it looks like a gorgeous park You have got a kids play area a couple of connecting canals so lets go for a walk round Find some fish and try and nick one bite We spent a few hours exploring the maze of waterways in the park and although we found the carp we couldn’t quite tempt them into feeding We decide to call it a day and meet up with some friends at a massive lake on the outskirts of the city That’s it boys where we are going to spend the night The barbecue is already on There is something on Yeah there is something It’s stuck in a snag but you can still feel it Dave So Alan just because he is bored He has got some balls man Never a dull moment hey He’s out This is not Bream Banx What have you got there I caught some kind of cloth Well done Dave PB cotton I think that’s for the blooper section then What we have over here is some Englishmen and some Dutch people for some nice celebrations Do a trick It’s a fishing scooter Rachel Please do not tell me It is a fishing scooter The Sawn off net goes in there and then you wrap it round there No man you put your R3’s in the front of it like that You pop this up It’s a rod pod as well Where are your front stabilisers Al My man Neil Stanley check him on Facebook he went in Clip your Sawn offs in Ah man I’m building a rod pod I can ride on Surprise surprise Bastl is now in charge of the food he loves his food this boy Oh yeah that’s looking good Of course Savage can’t help but touch a sausage With his bare hands Touching all the sausages Czech style We had an evening filled with good food fun and laughter and of course the rods out too It was the perfect way to end a sweltering summers day Sometimes it really is about more than just the fishing It actually turned out to be quite a productive night In the hours of darkness I managed to bag one as did Bastl and Dave With the others sleeping off their hangovers I was up bright and early to try and stalk myself a final carp Hopefully the lads will be up soon Nice one Dave sorry to wake you up buddy No problem man Lovely times Let’s go party Let’s go and have a shower I need a shower For our final night we had booked a hotel mainly so we could have a shower before we hit the festival later that day We treated ourselves to a proper meal with knives forks and napkins The dancing shoes went on and it was time to party Here we go It was an amazing way to end the best adventure roll on eurobanx 4

    Crispy Beer Batter Fish & Chips – Food Wishes
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    Crispy Beer Batter Fish & Chips – Food Wishes

    November 18, 2019

    hello this is chef john from food wishes
    comm with crispy beer batter fish and chips
    that’s right anybody can do a beer batter fish that stays crispy for a few
    minutes but I’m sorry for me that is just not long enough okay not to sound
    too high-maintenance but I kind of want my crispy fried fish to stay crispy
    throughout the entire eating process and by the way it’s always a nice thing when
    the recipe that provides the best results also just happens to be the
    easiest recipe which is the case here so with that let’s go ahead and get started
    with our batter and that’s gonna begin with one cup of self-rising flour which
    is nothing more than regular flour that’s milled with baking powder and
    salt and as usual I will tell you how to mix up your own in the blog post which
    is super easy and only takes a second and then to this flour we’re also going
    to add about two tablespoons of rice flour or if you want some other kind of
    non wheat flour okay some people like cornstarch some people like potato
    starch which will also work but I like the rice flour and then last but not
    least I’m also gonna add in a little extra touch of baking powder and even
    though our self-rising flour already contains baking powder I do like to add
    just a little bit more and that’s it we’ll take a whisk and give this a mix
    until we have everything thoroughly combined and that is now ready to finish
    off by stirring in our beer which by the way I’m going to wait to do until I’m
    ready to use this and because one the secrets here is keeping the batter as
    cold as possible what we’ll do is transfer these dry ingredients into the
    freezer and we’ll leave this in there until we’re ready to mix in our beer and
    then once that’s set we can move on to prep our fish and today I’ll be using
    some beautiful frozen cod which I gently defrost it overnight in the fridge and
    if we are going to use frozen fish or any fish for that matter we want to make
    sure to get it as dry as possible okay so use some paper towels and blot off
    any excess moisture and then what we’ll do once our fish has been thawed and
    dried is possibly cut it down the middle to make to approximately one inch thick
    strips sure we could have just fried this as is but by cutting it not only
    will cook faster but we’re also increasing our surface area which means
    that much more crispy coating and then what we’ll do once that’s cut is go
    ahead and dust those in a little bit of seasoned rice flour be
    for they go in the batter and what this is gonna do is absorb any of that last
    moisture on the surface and then once that’s been lightly dusted and we shake
    off the excess what we’ll do is transfer it onto some crinkled up foil and this
    is just gonna serve as sort of a drying rack for that fish okay so that’s gonna
    let some air circulate underneath and we will have less chance of a soggy bottom
    oh by the way I’m just seasoning with a little bit of salt but if you did want
    to sneak in some spices like curry powder chili powder etc this would be a
    great step to do that but anyway we’ll go ahead and dust our fish in the rice
    flour along with like I said any other seasonings we want and then because we
    want to keep everything cold well transfer that into the fridge until
    we’re ready to use it and that’s it once our fish is prepped in our oils hot we
    can pull our dry ingredients either freezer and finish this batter off by
    pouring in some beer and for this I recommend a nice inexpensive lager style
    okay I have one imported from Australia in large blue cans but really any cheap
    lager is gonna work and that’s because you’re more affordable can beers are
    gonna be nice and light in color and taste not to mention have a nice high
    level of carbonation and all we’re gonna do is whisk it enough until it’s as
    thick or as thin as we want okay so I’ll start with a nice big splash and I’ll
    give it a stir and then I’ll decide if I need more which I did and what I’m going
    for is something similar to a nice thick pancake batter all right keep in mind
    the thicker the batter the thicker the coating once it’s fried and since
    personally I want a nice thin crispy coating I tend to go for a thinner
    batter and I’m actually gonna grab a spoon so you can get a good look at what
    I’m talking about okay so make it thicker if you want but
    I generally shoot for something that’s just gonna coat the fish and by the way
    I mentioned keeping everything cold as a key so if you’re not gonna use this
    right away pop it in the fridge or keep it on a bowl of ice but I was starving
    and ready to fry so I’m going to transfer in two pieces of my nice cold
    dry fish into the batter and then once those are nicely coated we’ll go ahead
    and lift them out letting most but not all the batter drip off which plane we
    will carefully transfer that into some 375 degree oil and by the way I did that
    first piece wrong because we don’t want the oil splashing towards us so place it
    in like this so it splashes away from and then what we’ll do after making sure
    those aren’t sticking together let’s let them fry for about three to four minutes
    or until they’re crispy and beautifully golden brown and there are some things
    we deep-fry that about halfway through we can kind of tip them and flip them
    over but fried fish isn’t really one of them
    so don’t worry about trying to turn them over they can just cook with that same
    side down although sometimes to hedge my bets I will give them a little dunking
    for a few seconds but anyway like I said we’ll let those go for about three or
    four minutes or until they look a little something like this
    at which point we’ll fish those out and let those drain for a few seconds on
    some paper towel and as you can hopefully see this recipe really does
    produce a gorgeous piece of fried fish which we will want to serve immediately
    on top of either some french fries which people in certain places call chips or
    on real actual chips and as you can see I’ve lined the bowl with some newspaper
    and a little bit of an homage to actual fish and chips
    speaking of which because malt vinegar is often served with the fried fish
    I actually went with salt and vinegar potato chips and that’s it before I tuck
    in I went ahead and tucked in a little bit of tartar sauce in a wedge of lemon
    which is not traditional with regular fish and chips but is very very very
    traditional with Western New York fish fries which is what I like to
    pretend this is and by the time I did that it had been about 10 minutes is’s
    came out of the fryer but it was still crispy as you’ll hear when I bite oh yeah and what I find amazing with
    this recipe is that we’ve achieved this level of Chris penis with such an
    incredibly thin coating I mean it’s barely there in fact this might even
    qualify as a low carb recipe oh and by the way as I was taking this next bite I
    thought to myself I’m gonna stop and take some pictures of the cross-section
    which is why you’re about to see me pinch off a jagged piece of the coating
    which as I was doing I realized would look weird on camera so just something I
    wanted to mention because that would have kept a few people up wondering why
    did he pinch that fish dick and of course it’s probably really obvious but
    I’ll tell you anyway just because I use Cod for this doesn’t mean you have to
    I mean you are after all the Arthur Treacher’s of what sea creatures this
    features and virtually any fish or seafood will work with this technique
    but anyway I went ahead and finished that first piece and I went ahead and
    grabbed the second and even though it had been quite a while since this came
    out of the fryer it was still just as crispy as my first bite so I just
    absolutely love this formula oh and let me give you a little tip here whether
    you’re gonna use a tartar sauce or some other sauce you want to go ahead and
    apply that to each bite all right don’t just slop it all on
    there at once otherwise everything is gonna get soggy all right so the method
    we want to use is the bite sauce white sauce white sauce
    whoop sorry it’s actually the other way around it’s sauce white sauce white
    sauce white and that will help preserve the Chris penis but anyway that’s it my
    favorite method for doing beer battered fish whether you’re going to serve yours
    on regular chips or the British style potato chips which are actually french
    fries which are really actually Belgian fries but the point is no matter what
    you serve this on I really do hope you give it a try soon so head over to food
    which is calm for all the ingredient amounts of Martha as usual and as always
    enjoy you you

    Carpdays & Friends – Parco del Brenta [+ EN subs] , the movie – Carp fishing, 2019
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    Carpdays & Friends – Parco del Brenta [+ EN subs] , the movie – Carp fishing, 2019

    November 18, 2019

    can you please move me there, to the shade will you tip him? a tip for the boy? will do, will do no work, no business, no money i don’t want to see any more bass fish. I had enough of them at Tancabesti this used to be a swim in the past it was not, here was a swim this turned out to be better (swim 15) its quite better, yes say something for the intro very beautiful place ahh how you changed the tone very nice place i would say very pleasant and the next scene with a big carp in your hands on the next clip i will be with a 24kg carp i will be with a 24kg carp i will be with a 24kg carp are you holding tight? its quite big you are right 24.500kg very good, very good did it take from the far end? Vesko did you catch it? this is your record now, right? congratulations! very nice! it took from close range here on the left bank good work! say something congrats for the new record i managed to beat the record:) bravo lets show it bravo, bravo thank you, thank you the headlight is turned off let’s lift this bad common Italian bad boy 21kg carp his grandpa his grandpa is here as well, they come from Sicily come together from a famous family common bad boys here he is Bonjorno, Ciao, Ragatsi innovative, quite practical method for placing your rigs here you see Vesko hold one of the rods Mr. Genov is on the other side with no shirt and fights with tree and tries to take his rig out of a branch from the tree and put it on the gravel so, ready – the rigs is in Mr. Genov’s hands ready to be placed we are ready the questions now is how to place it in front of the bank stick here is quite deep so, stay just a second, please, to take out my slipper no, it’s stuck in the mud we are ready now let’s feed the spot Now Mr. Genov is right on the gravel right? yes now dry are we sure there is gravel, with so much mud in your slippers it stops here, and in front of the bank stick the gravel starts let’s go and feed the other spot we are searching for a led on the ground somewhere here here it is Mr Genov sees them all here you see the line and how it went all the where here now this was quite a precise throw this is the cleanest shot so far so now we place the rig there the fish started to jump, started to feed so the person on the other side is sleeping here we have to be very careful as well because i think you will make public something quite stupid ahh this is quite interesting for me and want to shoot everything do you see the gravel? here you can see it don’t know if it easy to be seen yes i see the small rocks now we place the rig and we look at our rig we put it by hand as we used to fish as kids and now we do it like this and of course in case of fish passing in the deeper parts we do like this a path the fish is very nice the fish is beautiful, black common i cannot see anything from the sun i will lift it it’s still not ready if it pushes so much, it’s not a big fish come here to spit on the reel ahh this smile good weather, we had a fish its not a bad fish it’s not that small, huh. It’s not a 30kg carp, but it’s a good fish they gained strength, eaten from the boilies look at the bent in the rod c’mon its been 4 minutes and 50 seconds ahh no free space on the camera, my man c’mon – go up, you will be in the movie good, good bravo, bravo this is fish # 3 for the night i am talking to the camera, man fish # 3 for the night small fish for the lake we did not have the chance to catch a bigger one but let’s hope it will happen in the next days today during the day we will continue to fish in the open water swim with Vankata(swim 4) let’s hope we catch a bigger one over and out just to show you on camera how hard you work let me show so that people don’t say i am a lazy person what can you do no food left, here no food left Vladi, why is your bucket so full? Vladi started later Because i feed from Wassim’s bucket Vanka, where are the 30kg carp? have to ask Mr. Genov the fish stay on a rise which i started to feed from yesterday and this morning i have some results another fish that we managed to catch with Vladi this is around 12kg we will measure is again so that it is correct weight without the sling it was 13.900kg with the sling very beautiful fish i think they are all the same from this spot people would say that we take photos with the same fish we will change sides 😀 catfish? if it was grassy it would be up in the water ahh so ugly fish the other rod, run run i will take the catfish this is a big a** catfish i am on swim 4 after i moved from swim 17 we had no fish for a couple of days i came here at swim 4 and let’s see how it goes and what my luck will be to tell you it’s quite a good lookin carp, with big shoulders say something what we are doing here after 2 days struggle i decided to move from swim 17 to swim 4 as i see the fish jumping here 30 minutes later i had a run, after that i lost a fish and now i have my first carp for the trip i think it is around 19-20kg what a slap it’s not enough as you did not mention that i was here during the three runs you had yes Wassim was here during the 3 runs and he helped me quite a lot now i will try to lift it do you need any help? 😀 it’s quite lively very aggressive mirror carp very nice quite nice, on PVA bags we changed our luck now we try to catch another one a few photos and we let it back let’s try and catch another let’s go Thanks, Wassim for the help it would have been hard without you you are welcomed, he is saying goodbye as well bye friend, come and visit me on swim 1 i am walking towards swim 4 with a bucket full of pellets, boilies and finger stall where together with Vankata to try and catch some carp the fish are jumping and playing in the open water in the main part of the lake yesterday we managed to catch one, we lost two today, Vankata managed to catch another one the same method as yesterday we will try to catch a few more some big and really beautiful carp and hope we go live again on camera see ya this is our tactic house pellets Red Herring by Solar we fish on 14 raps (50m) in this part of the lake in the deep part 6.5 – 7m today is day 4 and we are just getting started a fish jumped here, here, here and here any idea if we will have a run? count to 10 what time do we have left on the gopro? 6mins so count to 6min the last 2 or 3 runs where during spombing so let’s hope we have Bye Vanka Vankata, helped me with the landing net Wassim as usual was also here to help me for which i thank him you are welcome i will be here for the 27carp as well let’s hope this is a very nice carp i am very pleased with it hope it is pleased with me as well for sure nobody has ever put water on her so naughty now we let her go can you swim under water? i go down with the gopro i think it wants to go as well i let you go, don’t worry shall we tell it that i am fishing over there as swim 1? to bring its friend we go under water wait, my slippers are going down ahh i fell gravel over here, we can fish here in the net the fish is really nice there is potential to be a PB, lets see please hold this 20.750kg well, it was close 20kg carp is a 20kg carp 🙂 we passed the line so we go up from here a 30kg carp, why not 😉 i knew things will change i just had to get some sleep to put the Kurt Tee T-Shirt and this beauty a nice one, huh? what did you say? let’s continue with the naughty water you said catfish, huh? i said that… let’s lift it up to show it to the camera, make some photos very nice fish, i waited quite a lot for it the fishing is hard the last few days it’s harder to show off the fish it’s hard but you don’t need to fake it it’s big enough as it is and beautiful good how long is the clip i have stopped it a couple of times i think it has been 20 minutes so far the last clip is only 5 min and i have 3-4 up to 2 mins have deleted a few F** ohh my Mitko how are you we will remove the sling later op, new record? 27kg, it’s 27kg it’s not a new record my current is 27.600kg but it’s quite good, right 😉 very good close huh? 600gr, yeah the sling is 1.950gm it’s quite heavy, it’s 1.950gm let’s move it let me put some water we have a tradition here, to put water like this naughty, naughty and then on you it’s not his record, so let’s not make it too much say something depression stops, not that i was so much in it a few broken lines i was a bit grumpy but things started to come together after i kept on my spots down the lake my brother was catching them here killing it here i came with Wassim to see what he is doing and i was just about to go redo my rods as all my rods are out and Wassim said that i was not going to catch like this but i gues i caught you thought that this was not a fish bite the run was really slow and pathetic you said that “a dead fish hit the rig” did you said this? did you say that it is a dead fish that went pass the rig let’s say that i did say something like this and this chunk came out good good let’s do some photos and put it back will you manage well if i can’t we let it go, we did some good photos already the mood is better now this time is on this time is one let me show you what we’ve got we gave quite a lot to manage to catch this fish that i was waiting for this whole trip since day 1 it has a huge back let’s show the fish quite happy Wassim managed to get this fish we take it on the mat weight it and if it is 22,610 what should i do? you go straight in from here let’s go how are you my friend comes to check the lake quite a good scale i really wanted a good common to beat my PB, it came together with Vankata the whole team half of my rods are on the swim and Vladi is looking after them while i am trying to locate fish and fish with Vankata want to thank the whole team Vanka, thank you my friend this record will be named Vancho Vancho, the scale let’s make a few photos Vancho, the scale let’s swim with it it’s so beautiful, i don’t want to let it go bye my friend, Vancho the scale Hi, Vanka a quick 18kg common its a really beautiful carp awesome fish last day at Parco, the lake is quite good to us the last days with some awesome fish in a couple of hours we are having with with Wassim at swim 4 the lake is empty and the fish has gathered here went out from the bay stays in the middle part of the lake we fish with Red Herring by Solar quite happy with it PVA Bags the party is here, a few photos and we let it go to be fair, the fish is really beautiful this is the small cousin of the fish i had earlier it was bad we lost the other fish from the double run the second fish that was on, while we played with this one let’s hope we have a couple more we will continue in a bit amazing run as the other that we had and i have to run to the rods, so it’s quite hard we have a really decent fish, 12.5kg quite good the Ridgemonkey hooks, huh good evening, two days left at Parco Toni and I finally managed to get on the fish this is fish #3 for the night my brother is catching them during the day on the other side of the lake at swim 4 i finally managed to find the fish and catch a few this is fish #3 for the day and second for the last 1 hour both of my rods went Red Herring by Solar fluro pop up and we have another run or we do not we make a few photos and let it back we will have another in a bit the led did not come off? a little after the last video after the awesome 18.4kg mirror we have a real chunk 24.400kg amazing carp very huge fish we make some quick shots to show it to you came on Red Herring by Solar very huge fish a couple of photos and we let it go it’s quite hot so we mush think about the fish step by step, the progress is here he wants to go after the hard work with a second fish from the same rod bravo good job, Toni we have a Koi carp my first ever we did not weight it suppose it is about 7-8kg Hi, my friend you are awesome a small tiger we watched them in the Koi pond the colors are amazing

    Night Fishing – Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]
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    Night Fishing – Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

    November 18, 2019

    THE RIGHT TIME TO THROW A LINE IN THE WATER? [girl laughing] ‘Cause that’s
    when people fish! ON THE COPANO BAY PIER
    TO TRY THEIR LUCK. I donít know a whole bunch
    about fishing except you never know what youíre
    gonna catch and thatís fun. [James] Is this that same
    kind from earlier? Oh! Ewwww! I have no idea
    what that is. James didnít say ëdid you remember
    the fishing rodsí or anything. She said, ëMom, did you bring rags?í I think thatís what they
    call a dogfish. THE LIGHTS AT NIGHT DRAW
    BITES FROM BIGGER FISH, AT LEAST IN THEORY. The fish isnít much bigger than my
    bait. How do they do that? There you go. Better than nothing,
    BETTER LUCK FISHING THE LATE SHIFT. I love to fish. Fishing under the lights is fun, especially when they come in
    like this, they start poppiní. [Cajun music] This is our favorite spot. Itís a good spot to catch fish. GOOD PLACE TO BE AN ANGLER. BAD PLACE TO BE A SHRIMP. I got two. Norm, sheís pulling ëem in
    2 at a time.. [music] Nice one. We just come down here
    fishing at night ëcause we always catch
    more fish down here than when we take
    the boat out. This is my second home. Iíve been coming here since í69. My dad, my 3 boys and
    Iíd come out here and go home with stringers
    full of fish. We’ve had good times out here. It’s just nice to be out here. NOT SURPRISINGLY, FISHING AT
    GALVESTON BAY. Weíre only going to be able
    to run one at a time. AND JOHN ROSS AND
    BROTHERS… We have light! MAKE FISHING LIGHTS. We actually started the company
    about 10 years ago and it was because
    we enjoyed night fishing. The test runs are our favorite
    part of the business. Your lights bring the fish to you. SO JOHN AND HIS
    SAN LUIS PASS LIT UP LIKE A DISCO. Thereís a lot of people that run
    generators to fish at night. BUT JOHN’S SOLUTION IS,
    WELL, GREENER. The fluorescent is absolutely
    one of the easiest ways to fish. I mean you can hook
    2 or 3 lights to a single battery and run
    them all night long and itís simple and a heck of
    a lot of fun. First catch of the day! ONE BOAT AWAY,
    LOOK SIMPLE. Whoa, thatís a nice one.
    Thatís a big speck! That’s a keeper! BUT AROUND THEIR
    THEIR MAGIC JUST YET. I have refused to go
    to live bait so that may be my
    downfall tonight. But generally speaking, artificials are
    super effective in the green light. Weíve found the green fluorescents,
    the light travels further in the water. It also interacts with the fish eye
    receptors. They see it further also. Itís really exciting when you
    start getting the bait going. Thereís a food chain
    going on down there and hopefully weíre at the top. OF COURSE THAT FOOD CHAIN
    HEATS UP. Night fishingís become very popular
    out here at Purtis Creek. We have 2 lighted piers. We have guys thatíll come to
    the park at 8:00 at night and 8:00 the next morning, theyíre
    still sitting on that pier. Of course the cooler weather, and thereís just something
    about fishing at night. Itís very relaxing and the fish tend
    to bite better at night. [angler] I donít do no good
    during the day. AMONG THE REGULARS ON
    HIS FATHER GARY. Itís just nice and peaceful, cool, no sun. Itís time we enjoy. Just easier for me to catch
    fish at night. Itís just fun. I got a catfish this time. Catch some catfish and… bass mainly. [Gary] Huh?
    [laughs] Get him off, Joe. Aw, the boyís just afraid of getting
    WANTS TO HANDLE. What do you got this time? Gar. Hey, Joe, why donít you just
    cut the line and let him go? ALL IN ALL, A GOOD
    SORTS OF THINGS. We enjoy it. I donít think thereís any such thing
    as a pessimistic fisherman. BACK UNDER THE FULL MOON
    DOING MUCH FOR JOHN’S BOAT. There, we got him. But the Pattersons
    arenít complaining. The boat next doorís
    doing pretty well but thatís about all the action
    weíve seen so far. Woo! [music] Ah, it’s beautiful! [music] All in all a good night. Nice trout. Good time. Green lights did the trick. I wish they were working
    for us, too. BUT JUST BEFORE THE
    FIRST AND LAST FISH. Well, we didnít get
    completely skunked. BUT THAT’S OKAY. That gives you a real good excuse
    to come back soon. Not every night is as
    productive as others but itís just great to get
    out with good friends and just spend some time
    on the water. Canít fault us for not
    giving it a heck of a try. Weíll see yíall back
    at the dock. Iíll be back out next week no doubt. The night is just a
    real special time. It took my bait. BACK ON COPANO BAY, JAMES AND ROSA ARE
    BEEN A LITTLE SMALL. Itís that same little midget fish. Thatís giant. I think it’s the same one! Okay, this is the one, people. Got a fish? Wait, did I just lose it?
    Did yíall see it though? Did you at least see it? BUT AS WITH MOST
    FISHING TRIPS… It was that big at least.
    WILL RETURN HOME WITH SOME STORIES. Itís just kind of fun being
    out here anyways and like I said, itís just
    something different, you know? Itís an experience. A friend of mine used to say,
    ëItís a memory.í You saw it, right?
    It was pretty big. Thatís a fish story, James.

    Noryangjin Fish Market attracting visitors amid low raw fish prices
    Articles, Blog

    Noryangjin Fish Market attracting visitors amid low raw fish prices

    November 18, 2019

    this winter Koreans are heading to the
    wholesale markets for some fresh raw fish known in Korean as way this year
    diners are in luck at least because prices are down archie jong-un filed
    this report from Seoul’s most famous fish market this is Butantan fish market in Seoul
    here you can enjoy some halibut South Koreans favorite raw fish for the price
    of 18 US dollars per kilo this winter the prices are lower than usual
    according to a recent report from Statistics Korea the price of the raw
    fish last month fell two percent on-year marking the biggest drop in 13 years
    halibut in particular saw a roughly 30 percent decrease in their wholesale
    price the price fall is mainly due to oversupply new technology has produced
    too much fish to make things worse the Seoul Tokyo trade war has intensified
    export quarantine procedures which leaves supplies concentrated in domestic
    markets measures are being taken to stabilize the price such as Jeju Island
    purchasing and discarding of 200 tons of house but the lure prices are attracting
    more customers to the fish markets and for travelers Ludington fish market is a
    unique experience because it’s a lot different from German fish markets
    because everything is still alive so it’s so fresh whereas in Germany it’s
    not really a life anymore so it’s really good I try to look in the King Cab for
    is for my lives and I’ve read too tired a lot fish this one I see in the movies
    I like skinny saw exciting food the winter delicacy at the market is
    yellowtail in winter people look for yellow tell because it’s savory and full
    of nutrients it’s good for your brain and blood vessels as well as helping
    prevent osteoporosis recently it’s easy to spot younger consumers around the
    market along with active promotions through social networking services
    special applications provide information about the fish at the market as well as
    reviews from other customers cha dong-young Arirang news

    Fish Drowning in Water? RIF 10
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    Fish Drowning in Water? RIF 10

    November 18, 2019

    Hey Thoughty2 here.
    Yellowstone park experiences between 1,000 to 3,000 earthquakes every year. Welcome to
    RIF There is a basketball court on the top floor
    of the U.S. Supreme Court Building. It is known as “the highest court in the land.” During the first two years of a baby’s life,
    new parents will miss six months of sleep on average. A fish can drown in water. Just like humans,
    fish need oxygen to survive, so if there isn’t enough oxygen in the water, they will suffocate. Humans can survive longer without food than
    they can without sleep. In 2010 there there were more farm animals
    living in the U.S. than there were humans on earth. Tea is the most widely consumed beverage in
    the world, after water. The word decimate doesn’t mean to completely
    destroy, it actually means to remove 1/10th of something. It comes from the Latin “Decimare”,
    which was the practice of killing every 10th Roman soldier if they tried to mutiny. Research shows that men know they’re falling
    in love after just three dates, but on average women don’t fall in love until date number
    14. And finally, there is a condition called Koro
    or “penis panic” it’s a type of mass hysteria in which men believe their penises are vanishing.

    Home-made Fish Fingers with a Chip Butty – Gordon Ramsay
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    Home-made Fish Fingers with a Chip Butty – Gordon Ramsay

    November 18, 2019

    These fingers with a delicious chip butty The secret of a good chip butty is in the potato Now these are désirée potatoes one of my first ever jobs Was working in a chip shop most input sacks and sacks of potatoes into the rumbler which will send the potato peeler All day long today. I’m gonna do something a bit healthier for my oven chips with a twist simply peel slice and blanch for three to four minutes drain season and cover well with paprika spread evenly over an oiled baking tray and Place into a preheated oven for 20 minutes simple as that Next up easy fish fingers. This is Pollock a Really nice firm delicious fish cut the fish and finger size patterns of fish Put them onto your plate and just lightly salt them You can do that literally 20 minutes 30 minutes before you start cooking the fish It firms the fish up beautifully and it allows it to become a little more durable especially in the pan now for the coating Start by thoroughly coating the fish in seasoned flour And then just roll it To get rid of those little sharp corners Because then it stops those corners almost burning in the pan in to a wash And really coat them wonderful Then this is dill goes running you out with a fish and run the deal through my breadcrumbs That makes it more aromatic Laman on to your breadcrumbs nothing wrong with the chip butty nothing wrong with fish fingers Just give it a lovely modern twist Beautiful once the fish fingers are thoroughly coated they’re ready to pan fry, and they’ll need around three minutes on each side All the fish fingers to be nice and crispy get a really nice color on them first and then we’ll flip them over Then finish them with butter Bring the heat up into the pan a nice little normal butter That worked wonders with the bread comes in the deal Nice and carefully Take them out, they look and smell incredible Stay nice and crispy Now to assemble my chip butty starting with buttered thick crusty bread It’s nice and wet Mop up that amazing flavor On Slice in half never slice in an angle My mouth is salivating beautiful On with the chip butty, there’s one thing missing and it signifies that I’ve never forgotten the joy of comfort food, but my god that makes me feel like a nine-year-old Excuse me for a moment, want to stuff my face Homemade fish fingers and my ultimate chip butty so simple to make but trust me it tastes amazing Now the secret to whisking is a big beautiful balloon whisk the bigger the blue that needs sliding down juicy and creamy tender