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    Aluminum Boat For Sale – Mission Marine 338 –  ROCK, SOLID MACHINERY
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    Aluminum Boat For Sale – Mission Marine 338 – ROCK, SOLID MACHINERY

    August 19, 2019

    Ladies and gentlemen Allow me to introduce you to the Mission 338. This is rock-solid machinery. Heavy water boat, lots of freeboard forward, lots of hull, all-aluminum Catamaran, built to go where the others are afraid to even leave the dock. This boat is on a Myco trailer that was custom built just for it: triple axles, all-welded aluminum, just top, top shelf in every regard. This is another Mission 29 compared to some little boat; this I think is a Safe Boat. It is a 29 footer also. You may be able to see a little difference between the two. uh… If you hit a wave and the wave is this tall, gives you something to think about. You can see these fellows walking around the side of the Mission boat and really [there’s] no place to walk on the Safe boat. I don’t know how you get to the bow if you don’t walk out here on this collar or crawl on your hands and knees and come up through a little hatch. This is the bow area of the Mission 29 and one thing that you see here is when you want to go up on that bow, we walk-up steps. And we’ve got handrailings there, you can see that we have on this boat the same
    kind of deal, and that makes it safe and easy to get to that area and then a large seat that’s almost the full beam except this is a walk around boat. Lots of workspace. Also notice these are Freeman watertight hatches; you don’t see that on a pleasure boat, that’s for sure. Here’s another picture this seat; great place to sit up and run the boat from – not run the boat – but great place to sit and enjoy the boat. Moving forward from the cockpit where the control station, you can see there’s plenty of room. Keep in mind that very different from what we saw on that last little Safe Boat that has an area that is about that wide for you to walk on and go forward. We’re back. The Mission 29. Second to none.

    How to Pick the Right Fishing Boat | Saltwater Fishing
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    How to Pick the Right Fishing Boat | Saltwater Fishing

    August 18, 2019

    “Hi, my name is Captain Layne Wagner of Hawk
    One Charters. I’ve been a captain for over 40 years. I’ve fished all over the world and now I’m
    up here in Long Island, New York. You can find me online at Hawk One Charters, I’ll be talking to you today about saltwater
    fishing. The saltwater fishing there are three basic
    boats that I’m gonna discuss right now. One is an inshore, bay flats boat, one is
    an offshore, near shore fishing boat and one is a deep sea fishing boat. Now these boats can be interchangeable, but
    they each have their specific use. The inshore bay flats boat goes in shore,
    shallow water fishing, back bays. Then there’s the near off shore which goes
    in deeper water, it’s a little larger, a little stouter a little sturdier, able to take rougher
    water. Then you have your deep sea boat, thirty or
    more feet, tuna, sail fish, sword fish, deep sea fish. So that’s the basic three types of boats there
    are. ”

    Trailer Jack Maintenance Tip | Boating | Boats
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    Trailer Jack Maintenance Tip | Boating | Boats

    August 17, 2019

    Hey folks, Glenn May with
    And if you ask anybody who knows me, they’ll tell you that I’m really meticulous about
    the care of my boat. And that’s because I pay attention to all the little details. It’s
    the small things that make up the whole picture and make it look really good. So one of the
    things I pay attention to is the trailer jack, most notably this. See how the handle is hanging
    down like that. It’s just a knuckle dragger. What’s gonna happen is when you’re pulling
    up a steep ramp like this and get to the apex of it, this is gonna drag on the ground. You
    can also hit things when you’re going down the road, traveling down the road and get
    grease on it, dirt, that sort of thing. And after a while it’s just gonna look real crummy,
    and it’s gonna start getting grease and grime inside of here. It’s gonna be hard to turn.
    So a little tip that I use, just a little teeny bungee cord like this, I wrap it around
    the body of the trailer jack and around the handle. And then I lock it up just like so.
    Now look at that. Now it’s up nice and straight, up out of the way. It’s not gonna drag on
    the ground anymore. It’s gonna keep it looking new and keep it working really good throughout
    the duration of its lifespan. For more tips and tricks like this, visit

    Mike Iaconelli’s Boat Tour | Organization & Storage | Bass Fishing
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    Mike Iaconelli’s Boat Tour | Organization & Storage | Bass Fishing

    August 17, 2019

    All right. Hey, folks, how are you doing?
    I am Mike Iaconelli. I am here at the Bassmaster Classic in New Orleans. I want to take you
    around my boat, take a tour of my boat, all right? We will start up here on the front deck. Come
    on, let’s go! All right, key stuff right here–obviously,
    electronics, super-important to what we do–deep-water, shallow-water, it does not matter. We need
    to have quality electronics, so I have the Lowrance–the big ones, the 10s–and I have
    put the big unit on a big heavy-duty RAM mount. Now, this is the kind of RAM mount that rough
    water will not mess up, but it lets met adjust it to whatever the sun conditions are. It
    really lets me get a look at that screen, so that is my big one. Then if you
    look a little further, you see that I have a smaller one. I will pop this off for you
    here. I have a 5–HDS 5–and what this is here for is backup, because as good as these
    Lowrances units are, stuff happens. Every once in a while, something is going to happen.
    If this one goes down and I get in trouble–I still need GPS, I still need depth–I just
    turn on my spare, and I am ready to go. Okay. Let’s keep going. We have the trolling
    motor, another super-important piece of equipment, a Minn Kota 101 36-volt. It pulls this boat
    along great. I have it rigged. It is a pretty neat deal, here, instead of having it hardwired–never
    hardwire your motor–always rig it with a three or four-prong adaptor. Then, I carry
    a spare with me, so if this motor goes down, if something happens, all I have to do is
    go get my spare, pull it out, get the other one, plug it back in and I am ready to go,
    so put your trolling motors on these plugs. Here is a really neat one for you. I just
    told you about all this really expensive stuff. Let me show you something that is inexpensive
    that is probably more important than any of this stuff I just talked about. It is a darned
    marker buoy. The thing costs about two dollars. Go to Dick’s Sporting Goods. You can buy about
    five of them for ten bucks. I am going to tell you, these marker buoys are super-important,
    whether you are shallow-water or deep-water, it does not matter. If you see something out
    of the ordinary, if you catch a fish and you want to mark it, the best way to do it is
    with an old-fashioned marker buoy, so I keep one with me in the back, I keep one in the
    front, and I just use a little bungee strap and I put that thing in there, and I always
    have it ready to go. Okay. Let’s keep looking. Let’s head to the
    back here a little bit and we will look at some of these hatches. You know, the nice
    thing about this Bass Cat is the layout. It is one of the things I love about this boat.
    This is a Puma FTD, by Bass Cat. Check out the storage on this boat. We have two front
    hatches, and in these hatches, I basically put all my hard baits, and I separate them
    by style, so on the left side, I have all my top-waters: my vibration baits, my shallow
    crankbaits, my jerkbaits. Then on my right side, I have my deeper-diving crankbaits:
    my medium baits, deep, and then super-deep crankbaits on this side. Everything is organized
    by style. Everything is organized by color. It is really big and roomy so I can carry
    lots of stuff with me, especially in practice. I want to carry lots of stuff with me so I
    can change on the fly. Now you have two rod lockers in this boat.
    I use the right-side locker for more tackle. I am going to put my jigs in there and my
    spinner baits. I am going to put some swim baits in there. I am going to kind of load
    this up with more tackle. Then we have our left-side rod locker, and this is where all
    my rods are going to go. Believe it or not, when I am practicing for a tournament, I keep
    up to 30 rods in this thing. Take a little peek at how big that thing is. I will separate
    them: I will use those rod separators, and I will also use those rod socks to keep the
    rods from getting tangled up together. All right, let’s keep going. Let’s go a little
    bit down here. We have a couple of smaller hatches. We have one. We have our cooler.
    We have all our food, our drinks, and we can put our ice in here. We have a smaller hatch
    here, and in here, I am going to put things like culling equipment, I am going to put
    things like dyes, pens and glue, and then I am also going to put some scent in this
    thing. This is stuff that you need everyday, and I want to have easy access to it, at my
    fingertips. The next thing we have down here–this is
    a cool little deal, this little thing. It is kind of like a little pencil holder. It
    is a great spot to put all your tools, you know, so I have kept the basics. I carry a
    Phillips’ head, a regular screwdriver, a scissors, a nips, a pair of pliers, and, last but not
    least, a hook file, and they all stay nice and tight in here. This is all stuff that
    gets used every single day–it is all my tools, okay? All right, we are almost done, getting back
    here to the console. The console layout is pretty much the same as the front. I have
    my big Lowrance unit: my HDS 10. I have an HDS 5 in-dash in case something happens to
    the 10, and then I have my little tricks of the trade here. One is a hydraulic jack plate.
    You know, for guys that fish shallow water–you are power-fishing, you like fishing shallow–you
    have to have that hydraulic plate. It is super-important. I put it on the turn-signal style switch. Then, another really important piece of equipment–I
    know everybody has heard about it out there–is called a PowerPole. If you do any kind of
    shallow-water fishing, if you flip, if you pitch or if you like to sight-fish, you have
    to have a PowerPole. I mount it with two toggles, one on the front and one right here on the
    console, and just with the push of a button, I can raise or lower that PowerPole to keep
    me in position. One last little thing–and this is just kind
    of for me when I want to make myself happy–I have an iPod holder right here. This is from
    Lowrance. You can pop your iPod straight in there. We have our speakers, we have our woofers,
    we have some tweeters built up in here, and–hey, you know what– if the fishing is bad and
    you want to rock out a little bit, put in your favorite tunes. Put in whatever you like
    to listen to. Okay. We are almost done. Getting to the back,
    we have two smaller hatches in the back. We have one hatch that is going to be for all
    our tools–our straps, our rope, our heavy-duty tools in case something needs to happen, a
    first-aid kit–so the basic necessities in that one. Then, in the last hatch, we are
    going to put all our terminal tackle in smaller boxes. For example, here are my weights. Pop
    it open. I have all my tungsten weights from one-sixteenth of an ounce all the way up to
    two ounces, all organized by size. Jigheads, tubes, dropshot weights–any kind of terminal
    tackle goes in this hatch. Okay, finally, let’s get to the back here.
    Oh, wait a minute! Did I tell you that I also have a UFO in my boat? This thing looks kind
    of goofy, but this is a Lowrance radar unit. For a tournament like this where we are making
    long runs–we have possible fog conditions–this is a really awesome tool, you know? Most guys
    who use this are saltwater guys, but in a situation like the Classic, I want to have
    every tool I can to help me get to my spot, so we have our radar mounted, and then finally,
    our battery box. Come on back here. In the battery box, we have four Trojans, 32-style
    batteries. We have our battery chargers–we have a four-bank battery charger–and we have
    our cable to plug in. Well, I think we have pretty much hit it all.
    Bass Cat Puma, Yamaha outboard, PowerPole, Minn Kota trolling motor, and, of course,
    Lowrance electronics. That is my boat. Now get out of here, I have tackle to do!

    Pathfinder 2200 TRS Part 1 Boaters Exchange Central Florida
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    Pathfinder 2200 TRS Part 1 Boaters Exchange Central Florida

    August 16, 2019

    Hi this is Paul what voters exchange
    today we’re going to check out the pathfinder 22 TRS that stands for a
    third row seating and corsets a twenty two-foot pathfinder now pathfinder is
    the inventor of the babe Category and the pathfinder bay boat is the standard
    by which all payments are measured its high quality and has tremendous
    construction quality as well see her shortly but one of the unique things
    about the pathfinder 22 is that it has a legendary ride quality it’s about that I
    personally feel that are linear foot it has the best fits the best riding home
    on the water so twenty two-foot babe about to be you know such a great
    writing is a little bit surprising you would expect it to be maybe an offshore
    but that is one of the reasons why this boat is literally sold by the thousands
    now that made him for pierce the company is great to deal with a great track
    record when it comes to warranty and customer service and we just like baidoa
    for them they also offer a factory trailer option this trailer is made by a
    merit rail and america is based in st. cloud Florida also not too far away and
    the trailers are very high quality torsion axle built in the step ladders
    so it’s easy to get up and down into the boat on the trailer course they’ve got
    aluminum wheels and one of the neat designs are one of the things that mara
    trail offers are some special design features this one has what’s called the
    zero clearance breakaway time so what I can do now is called the tongue back and the trailer only takes just a few
    more inches which is great for storing it in Itanagar aaj most of the time
    trailers and we see on the market really don’t save me all that much length but
    because america replaces the breakaway behind the winch stand it’s quiet like
    savings which is the whole point so again that’s a neat feature it’s just an
    example of what America has become one of the leading trailing companies on the
    market back to about this is and a half and then the length overall is just over
    22 feet equality in the construction is exceptional for instance fall of the
    hatches are very rigid team which the answer resin transfer molding the
    hatches are very very stiff so I can stand on that hatch and not have to
    worry about cracking I go about 230 pounds right now much to my wife’s disappointment but
    support my weight if I happen to be on the ballot so I really like the
    construction quality and you’ll notice something here the way they do this entire anchor
    locker is really clever it’s got a place to support the anchor there’s carpet
    still tens that reason this anchor locker his carpet Edwards support seeing
    her is to keep it quiet you’re not going to spook some fish is easily because
    when you’re messing with the nice and quiet little things like that make the
    difference on above like this pop-up cleats are that way you’re fishing line
    doesn’t get snagged a special appearance in this boat for fly fishing moving further back of course we’ve got
    the 210 all color which is very very pretty the way they do and I’ve also got a
    contour line here for stiffness that’s what translates into ride quality that’s
    so what I’d like to do next is show you some of the great features inside the
    both were gonna go to the next video in the series to learn more about the
    pathfinder 22 Series.

    2017 Pontoon Boat AVALON LSZ | Retro style
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    2017 Pontoon Boat AVALON LSZ | Retro style

    August 16, 2019

    Settle into the Avalon LSZ and prepare yourself for the ride of your life… This brilliantly constructed, elegantly stylish pontoon features our classic deco wall design and plush handcrafted furniture with standard features too numerous to mention. LSC will enthrall family and friends alike with its outstanding performance and style. This mid-range pontoon has the DNA of its premiere class siblings and delivers classic Avalon innovation. With every tight turn or flat-out cruise, you’ll experience the thrill of unsurpassed Avalon construction and performance. Visit your local dealer today to discover the incredible specifics and find out why LSZ is no longer the best-kept secret in the pontoon world, and available in these five beautiful layouts: The Cruise floorplans features both a port and starboard bow bench in addition to the aft corner seating area. The aft portion of the pontoon has a spacious sundeck with storage compartments that are used to house the privacy station. LSZ comes in three Cruise models: Cruise, Cruise 2, and Cruise Rear Bench. Quad Lounge floor plans contain port and starboard benches in both the bow and aft portions of the boat. In addition to the captain’s chair is also a port side chair. Entertainer boasts a bistro bar table with booth seating as well as port and starboard benches in both the bow and a half portions of the boat. The Rear Lounge features teo lounge seats in the aft portion of the boat. They have both port and starboard bow benches. The Rear Lounge models also feature an additional chair in the mid area of the boat. Fish — If fishing is first and cruising is second, then check out the Quad Fish. If cruising is your aim, but you want fishing-equipped space, then choose Rear Fish. On the Quad Fish and Rear Fish you get a live well and rod holders. Innovation, performance, and style. Experience LSZ.
    The Art of the Pontoon.

    Aluminum Boat For Sale – Mission Marine 21′ – A Lifer Hardtop, Giant Lever, and Huge Cockpit
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    Aluminum Boat For Sale – Mission Marine 21′ – A Lifer Hardtop, Giant Lever, and Huge Cockpit

    August 15, 2019

    So the things you ought to see here in this 21 footer #1: notice how far the engines are mounted apart This is significant, because when you’re
    using differential power and you have one engine in forward and the other one in reverse; this is like a general lever: that’s what
    helps to make the book so maneuverable. Also notice how big that cockpit is. Look at all of that wide open space all the way around, up around the console also from here we can see that the console has a dodger. We can look through, but it doesn’t go behind the side of the hard top. Another important thing to see is the hard top is actually made out of metal. It’s not fabric that’s going to rot and tear and all of those kind of things. It’s kind of a lifer hardtop.

    2018 Pontoon Boat AVALON CENTER CONSOLE FISH | Fishing Pontoon Features and Upgrades
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    2018 Pontoon Boat AVALON CENTER CONSOLE FISH | Fishing Pontoon Features and Upgrades

    August 14, 2019

    Let’s take a look at our 2018 Center
    Console Fish boat. This pontoon was new last year and features some of the same great upgrades, including the furniture hot stamp again in the G Series. Center
    Console Fish boats are very popular in the pontoon segment. They provide
    excellent stability and it’s really for that hardcore fisherman that likes bass
    fishing or wants to adapt into a more stable fishing platform, and one that can
    also accommodate more people. These are way more spacious than
    what you would find on your conventional bass boats. Pontoons offer lots of
    features. With this you get your Striker 5 Garmin, an attractively designed Console. Ample seating in the rear Rear fish station Live well. The Center Console pontoon takes pontoon fishing to a new level. All of these features culminating in the Art of the Pontoon.

    Classic Accessories Colorado XT Inflatable Pontoon Boat Review
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    Classic Accessories Colorado XT Inflatable Pontoon Boat Review

    August 12, 2019

    Classic Accessories Colorado xed inflatable pontoon boat review what does living a richer life meeting is it having more money what about discovering new places how much money does a new memory cost Colorado exit inflatable pontoon boat is a great value boat which provide your fishing ready requirement completed experiencing new things for the first time again and again needs a companion like a Colorado exit inflatable pontoon boats whether that’s fishing challenge at the office just fishing with family over the weekend where you have been wishing to learn something new about fishing then this is the boat to have cause the oars of this boat are 7-foot blue made of aluminum to avoid rust from attacking the oars with time the oars are also rugged on the edges to allow firm grip so that they don’t slip when way the oars come in one pair for maximum balance in high speeds to ensure the stability of the boat the product also comes with three heavy-duty bronze all off stirs are firmly attached to the boat to minimize the swings during rolling and also allowed for braking current with ease seasoned forests the boat is constructed to ensure safety and comfort the seat will for Chester adjustable to allow a person of any height to fit perfectly the footrest are made of thick rubber mat with grooves on their surface to allow no slip once the boat gets soaked to enhance agility and Tufts the seat is firmly attached to the chassis of the boat the versatility of the chair is designed for people with back and neck issues as it allows turning to the back storage capacity the product has customized 20 side pockets that are removable and can be combined to make a gear bag with an addition of removable baskets on both sides 2 insulated drink holders are placed at arm’s reach to firmly hold the bottles or mugs firmly with minimum spinach the rear of the boat is made of wire mesh to increase the storage capacity and water logging as it allows water to sit through the battery storage is also at the rear for stability of the boat from 2 the product is 9 inches heavy-duty pontoons that are very resistant to tear and abrasion their lengths provide stability when making turns and also acts as pressure resistant by absorbing most of the force during impact they are placed within metal mesh to protect them from debris both in and out of water the pontoons come with a combination of nozzle valves that allow faster inflating and deflating the top of the pontoon is made with tough nylon that is both heat and cold resistant once the pontoons are inflated they rise to a height that allows great visibility at the same time the base of support is increased for maximum support rod holders the fishing rods can be mounted in six different locations on the boat to allow maximum exposure to the fishing ground no tools have assembly are needed and they are firmly fitted to ensure no fish is lost in help in operating the fishing rod the rod holders can also be mounted on the or stands to allow one to steer as well as control the boat the anchor the anchor is built to abide standards to allow safety of the boat the actor can be mounted on either side of the boat and at the back exiting the boat is easier as one does not have to unclipping the board as it’s fitted with a dual end – sided stripping abran the safety features the boat is built to hold a maximum of four hundred pounds without topping over the product is easy to move with since it has a gross weight of 68 pounds it comes already assembled into safety labeling standards approved by American boat and York Council the tube frame is powder coated which is environmental friendly and last longer no need to replay pros capacitive provision the maximum 400 pounds weight capacity ensures that can accommodate the load and the weight of a person without topping over launching the boat can be launched form the beach there is no need to walk over to sit down very poor stability and visibility heavy-duty pond to cons the tubes are keep collapsing due to the power variation installing a motor to work with battery to power the tools stripping baskets they are too tall and then make paddling harder shorter baskets will do perfectly conclusion of Colorado exit inflatable pontoon boat the market is concentrated with inflatable boats for sale but having an inflatable boat for fishing is a wise investment that could serve you for a foreseeable future collect possessions that make you interesting by acquiring this product for a limited time you Colorado exit inflatable pontoon boat in your hands in just a few days by clicking the link below in the description area to tribal our channel two inflatable boats news and reviews please don’t forget to click the bell icon to notify the latest videos

    Small Boats Can Fish Big Too
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    Small Boats Can Fish Big Too

    August 12, 2019

    One of the neat things about having a boat
    is when it’s your boat. I live in Illinois where there are horsepower restrictions, but
    I don’t want to be restricted by my boat. I’m able to take a smaller boat and have everything
    that I would have on a big 520c and I can do it in this small boat. We’re going to take
    a walk through this boat and I’m going to show you exactly how I set it up, why I set
    it up it up the way I did, and some of the neat features that we’ve got on this boat.
    Let’s start at the transom. One of the things about a little boat is you’ve got to be able
    to get it going. One of the things I’ve done is I’ve got a nice Mercury Outboard. I’ve
    also got a Power Pole. Skinny water is an advantage with a little boat. You can get in real skinny
    water, put the Power Pole down, and be able to stop and fish a fish a little bit longer
    than you could otherwise. Also on this boat I have a jack plate, which gives me 1 or 2mph
    better which is really neat. Let’s step down and take a look at the console. One of the
    things that is very important is you’ve got to have electronics at the console level.
    I happen to like the fact that you’ve got the capability to network my unit from front to back. That allows me
    to set a waypoint here as I side image and then be able to have that same waypoint in
    the front. When I go up to the front you can see I’ve got a larger unit up in the front
    and that’s because I spend a lot of my time up here in the front of the boat. The other
    thing I really believe in is the Hydrowave. The Hydrowave whether you catch fish with it or not it’s
    one of those things where it’s a competence thing for me. The other thing that is very
    important is you’ve got to have enough power to get you around in shallow water or deep
    water. That’s why I like the Fortrex Trolling Motor. When you look at a boat like this you’ve
    got to have all of your controls right here in the front with you. You’ve got controls
    at the console, so you’ve got to have the same controls up front. One of the very important things
    about that is you want the capability to be able to use a small boat just like you would
    in a big boat. Except you don’t have the affordability issue you have with a big boat. I can take
    this small boat and I can fish anywhere in the country and be able to fish comfortably and with the
    right skills, abilities, and techniques. All of the things that are important in a big boat,
    except it doesn’t cost as much.