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    Fishing Big Jungle Jacks on foot Andysfishing Andy’s Fish Video EP.266
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    Fishing Big Jungle Jacks on foot Andysfishing Andy’s Fish Video EP.266

    October 19, 2019

    Hi everyone, Andy here. And I’m back in the jungle. It’s warming up and I haven’t been in for a long time. I will try to fish a spot where I caught my biggest Barramundi. I have camped the night and I think it’s just after 7am. Lets see if we can catch some Barramundi or Mangrove Jack. It can be hard to get down to the water. Keep looking and you will find a spot. I’m fishing with the Shakesphere 5pc travel rod and Sienna 1000 reel. Yes, oh, dropped him. Try again. I started fishing with a Lively Lure, but now, Ive gone to a Zman grub.
    I started fishing with a Lively Lure, but now, Ive gone to a Zman grub. With a weedless worm hook. It is very shallow and lots of weed, hard to see anything. This is my go to style of lure in this situation. It’s very shallow. It will be a bit tough today. Yes, I just got taken. Oh, yes. I will have to go over there. He has taken me a long way into that snag. It could be a Barramundi or Mangrove Jack. I didn’t quite expect that. I knew they would be here some place. It’s over knee deep in here. Lets see if we can find that fish, he is stuck now. Yep, he is still there. Where does the line come out… I’ll hand line him in. He is wrapped around everything. That’s one. Oh, he is still on there. Pass the rod under the tree. He is still going, still pulling. Under this one. Where from here? He as gone under everything! Ok, he is out. It is a nice Mangrove Jack. Right back under my feet. Into the snag. Rod under another tree. He is around my foot. Stick my hand in there. There he is, nice. Look at that Mangrove Jack. Wow look at that. He is almost 50cm long. No wonder he got me into the tree. Lets see. 51cm long even. Beautiful fish.
    51cm long even. Beautiful fish. A beautiful Mangrove Snapper. This is the biggest I have caught in the jungle at 51cm long. Hard going and low water, but an amazing fish. He is right to go, off you go. Beautiful. I’m just fishing this hole, and this is a natural disaster… The cane toad is a very bad pest here. I will now help the environment! Get them both out. Find some nice big rocks. To dispatch them. I was just fumbling around.. Dealing with the toads and… And there is a Barramundi sitting right there. You might see it, I can. Drop my lure in front of him. They haven’t been bitting hard today. Yep, got him! That is my kind of fishing. Ahh, love it, love it! Only a small fish, but sight cast, that is cool. So much fun. And a really golden colour too. That makes my day. The Jack was cool, but that was special. Look at the colour on this fish. Beautiful colours, look at that. He will be about 52cm long. They aren’t as heavy fish as a Jack or Snapper. But they grow very quick and fast. The Zman worked. Oh, hello, look at this fish. Release this fish very gently. Oh, no, I just scared the big fish. Damn!
    Oh, no, I just scared the big fish. Damn! I will fish here a bit longer now. I think he heard the other fish. Oh, here is another Jack! Right neat him. Caught him straight away, how good is this! Aww, no need to stop filming, cool. Nice, he is out. Lets see if the big Barra comes back. When I knelt down I scared the big Barra. We will fish here a bit longer, I like this spot. That is so cool, Sight cast Barramundi and Sight cast Mangrove Jack. The other Barramundi was huge, around 80cm long. For a spot this small, that is very good. Come on in, and another good fish. He is around the 50cm again. Look at that! He is about 47cm long. Tine to let Mr Jack go. Yep, no good bye, just gone. Wow that was cool, very cool. Here’s todays tip. The wind has come up and it’s a bit after lunch. It feels like the fish are not going to eat any more. When you think you should stop fishing… That’s the time to stop fishing. I have fished on many times and not caught anything. Time to go home.

    Boats and fishing: Biosecurity in the Tasmania Wilderness World Heritage Area (TWWHA)
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    Boats and fishing: Biosecurity in the Tasmania Wilderness World Heritage Area (TWWHA)

    September 21, 2019

    Any form of travel may bring pests and
    diseases into our remote areas, parks and natural places causing damage to ecosystems or even extinction Make sure to check, clean and dry all your
    gear, and if you can’t dry disinfect to keep our natural areas pristine Gary France is president of the Trout Guides and Lodges in Tasmania He cleans his boat and equipment before, during and after every fishing trip. Let’s take a look at his routine I’ve just come out of the water and I’m going to check the trailer over for potential
    weeds hanging off any of the parts and remove that I’m going to get up into the boat and give a spray of disinfectant inside the bilge As I release the plug that’s going to
    come out I’ll go and do a few things, tidy up, come back and finally allow that disinfectant to do its job It’s important to pay a little bit of
    detailed attention with wading boots and waders, they often come with a standalone gaiters and you just need to have a good look inside these little crevices These area take longer to dry out, so when you’re doing your spray down and check, just check in those areas for things that can be tucked away and unseen I want to make sure there’s no weed on
    that fly I just want to make sure there’s no moisture or weed caught up in that fly so I’ll
    give that a clean, but also check the guides depending on the location you can pick
    up a bit of weed out of the water and then carry it to another water so just
    giving it a good check over if I’ve been there a few days and I’m planning a
    change I’m not just check the inside of the reel and make sure that nothing is
    caught up inside They’re very simple and easy to check and easy to pop back together As president of Track, Guides and Lodges, I make this available to members F10 is the the disinfectant that we’re using and I mix it up according to the instructions. The bottle
    is very well labeled, it’s an easy process This is a premix solution. Any of our
    members that have done the workshop have the certificate We provide them with the disinfectant the motto that was put down by the biosecurity plan is Check Clean and Dry and if you can’t dry, Disinfect


    Fly fishing Tuna Whitsunday Islands Australia Andy’s Fish Video EP.279

    September 10, 2019

    Andy’s fishing Hi, every one Andy here today I’m going on
    some Tuna it’s reasonably early you can probably tell by the fog on the windows
    and the main reason is to get out there nice and early before it gets rough tuna
    feet all day there’s been a few around actually so head down to shute harbor and
    see if we can’t get a couple stay tuned so I’m all rigged up there’s no need to
    go too fast I’m just heading out of the bay and looking for bird, birds uh how
    you find tuna if they’re down low that means the Fisher need the surface and if
    the birds are up high the the Fisher down a bit deeper the birds can’t see
    them really well so they get up higher preferably I’d like to find a school
    that stays up for a while there’s no point just chasing birds you need fish
    to be like busting up on the surface yeah we’ll see how they go pretty
    excited I’d like I’d like to get a bluefin tuna
    I still have next you got a whole one of those I’ve dropped the couple and I’ve
    got half of one of the boat which was a shark a that one so plenty of Mack tuna
    but for no bluefin yet so here’s hoping what you don’t want to do is actually
    drive through the school you want to get in your position where they’re coming
    towards you or you drift beside them do not want to go through the school now
    they’re actually going this way so I’m just going to go here and stop if you
    drive through a tuna school obviously they get put down so don’t wreck it for other
    people don’t wreck it for yourself just going around them oh yeah coming
    straight up and out and that cast is good hopefully they staff a bit alright
    fly fishing to these things can be a real challenge hour behind me because
    you can’t just rip out 70 meter cast instantly you’ve got to do a few Falls
    cast get that line out there so I’m noticing the birds are constantly moving
    to the right here so I’m just going to try and get in front
    here we go me yep they constantly gallon gun right and I’m hoping the fish will
    come across me I might even just stop here it might
    work still a bit far away and I’m glad to
    come always watching the bird just getting ready yeah
    look at that nice nice one cast and the fish don’t seem to be staying up this
    morning that’s alright I’ll just keep persisting I can actually see them
    swimming around that yes buddy ah all saw that take oh yeah it’s just an
    accurate way but these things go hard Oh spare my 10th cast this morning and
    actually sorry made it oh oh I’m gonna put a bit more hurt on this guy he’s put
    it out five six kilo ah forgot what these things are like such strong fish and he still is staying
    with the skill still you need at least 200 meters of line on the back in here
    to get even even a 5 kilo Mack tuna how cool is that and I have a lot of time to make
    episodes at the moment so if I can come in here in a couple hours
    making up the side then I’m also at a lotta weight on that that line now pump
    and wine pumping line and try and get these guys in fairly quick because they
    do tend it just kill themselves a young they run so hard so long and they just
    build up like all their as you I just build up so much lactic acid that
    they’re young often you get them back to the boat they’re dead and they’re
    actually pretty bad eating it just full of blood and it actually tastes like a
    really bad steak nothing like a nice fish so hopefully later on if I can find
    another school I’m going to go for the the blue fin tuna here though they are
    they’re busting out right next to me look at that that’s a bluefin there
    that’s nice and that’s what happens you get your hookup to look up to one I just
    start feeding all around you can see swell straight ahead there as well when
    he’s doing up there’s one right there right next to the boat this guys doing
    cheering circles under the boat it’s probably about 30 meters down I haven’t
    seen a fly line yet there’s a flight line just enough line now see that the
    bend in that right and I do I really like these TFA’s
    they’ve probably got the second best warranty of any rod you can buy in
    Australia best one in my mind is uh Gavin Hurley’s stalker fly fishing range oh there he
    goes again hold on here do a video another time
    about what sort of fly gear I like to use and what’s the best value for money
    just too many value for money that’s what it’s all about and there’s actually not much I can do
    right this minute he is under the boat and just going down let me try and turn
    you turn your head I’m really getting some line on him now actually he’s not dead yet he’s still
    kicking but they do fight to the last little secondaries he’s swimming up
    towards me here and I tell you what having a fighting
    but a little bit bigger than just the end of a like a trout a rod is so good
    in these situations I’ve just been digging that right into my stomach and
    even with the fighting but it’s standeth get a little bit salt please
    you guys going just let done alright you okay fly rod I didn’t rod up in the lead a
    nap team I reckon I think you ready just watch any shocks all right good yes always about I’m gonna say that’s five
    kilos time maybe a tiny bit over five get that slant I’ll show you that in a
    second okay yeah imagine and as I said these are terrible eating so just going
    to throw him back you go give you a closer look very chrome looking mack tuna. off you go fish there yes it’s good to
    go so the fly I’m using is just a really basic little bait fish pattern
    a bit of craft yarn and a bit of sparkle flash and just thread to tie it off and
    it’s on a number to get magatsu SL 12 fishing 20-pound leader and just yeah 40
    and 20 so just just two sections on the humble eater pretty simple just got to
    get in front of them moving nice and fast all right yeah a little bit closer on
    the guy might go down yeah out and in there we go yes
    straight off top me off you go lost my fly yep
    just pushed him too hard that one okay here they are again let’s do it come on
    fishy see all around tuna fall on it I didn’t get it
    oh he’s looking looking cutting yes oh is it not going through guys and it’s
    still feeding oh look at this you lazy swimming around this is great hooked up and they’re just
    everywhere still nice you might need it real sit it’s a bit noisy there there’s
    a few more tips while I’m reeling this guy in it’s going to take a little while
    if you’re going to go after pelagics especially tuna and mackerel and
    billfish you want a large area like the school needs to be quite big not small
    like a trout reel and you want a couple hundred meters of backing I think I
    already mention that before you also want to reel with a young a good drag
    like a disc drag or yeah like a cork good cork drag cheat reels only have
    clickers you want to stay away from clickers you just you end up just lying
    down everywhere and getting tangled you don’t have to have the most expensive
    reel but it should have a reasonable drag on it here’s my not coming up this
    actually happens very often when you tuna fishing your line tangled and
    shoots up as a knot that’s actually a fairly simple one the I’ve had some
    really big big knots go go down my line it’s amazing how they end up going
    through all the guides I still haven’t broken a rod with it which is good but
    hey I’m gonna have to untie that before I get it in a little bit of slack there
    we go taking my slack this is where the second person on the
    boat would come in quite handy to be real careful of that break break my fly rod
    when he takes off hopefully it’s not too tight holding down the mouse is steady
    okay that’s untangled pretty easy yet all right keep tension on it make sure
    it’s not twisted and we’re back in the game I can see that into my flow on and
    there’s a little bit of color in the water that there is would really like a
    bluefin tuna but there’s a lot more of these Mac tuna around and bluefin tuna so you
    just have to get what you get I guess and I think we’ve got him straightaway
    that’s pretty good got it yes and I’m mocking around just
    get that hook out one little look at him and off you go fish you take photos of
    them you end up killing them so have someone either ready with a camera or
    we’ll have a camera going but yeah you don’t want to kill those things they’re
    food for Milan selfish and yeah terrible eating basically so this is the fly I’ve
    been using I actually cut the tail off because they’re on really small bait
    but that’s the one that’s doing it so yeah just really basic very easy to tie
    and now here very effective not even here do a little video on how to tie one
    of these the truth is I could really catch those things all day long but it’s
    kind of boring after that vertical come on say I’ll keep an eye out if
    there’s some bluefin tuna I’d really like a bluefin but the tip
    for the day is these fish you really need to approach them with we technique
    you can’t run straight over the top of them you you can’t use a big motor for
    strokes or small small two strokes work the Flies got to be just right
    and if you want to catch them on fly you definitely can just them can’t take a
    little more sometimes if you want to see more of my videos
    click one of the links you see up here or if you want to subscribe click the
    link here you’ll get my vit latest videos straight away if you want to
    contribute have a look at patreon down here you can donate any amount you want
    above three dollars isn’t taxed so harshly
    you can stop anytime you want and yeah that way you can support me and making
    bigger better and more interesting videos thanks for watching bye


    Carp fishing RIGS and INDICATION with Kevin Nash – Nash 2014 Carp Fishing DVD Movie

    September 7, 2019

    I think its been a great DVD We have given you some great and exciting stuff and of course its been one of our best years for gear But as this lovely late Autumn sun is setting on the year I thought I’d come and have a session on my own Church Pool To reflect and do a bit of proper fishing just for myself and whilst sitting here I was thinking about an article that I have had in mind to write for a while I guess the article is aimed at the large number of people that come on my Facebook page asking about rigs and what rig to use where The other thing I have been thinking about writing about is indication I just don’t understand what has happened to indication In the good old days we used bite alarms and indicators to let us know when we had a bite and from that we reacted to it Now they seem to be just ornaments on the line So lets talk about how I go about my fishing in terms of indication and what rigs to use on the day Kevin Nash – Rigs and Indication I see every time I go fishing as a new situation so lets talk about how I am approaching today on the Church On arrival the first thing I noted was how sharp the wind is now and so I decided to fish on the back of it Its the first really cold wind of the year and on The Church from my observations the fish prefer to get out of the wind So I’ve decided to fish this bank which is known as the Wibble In front of me I’ve got weed beds Some nice silt gullies and some clean hard areas which I have found I know already where I am fishing my four rods The right hand one here is in the margin I had a plumb around and found a tiny hard spot amongst silkweed In a way clay pits are the easiest lakes to read because the clay is always soft unless a carp has come and cleaned it So when you cast out and feel a bump on the lead you can be fairly certain that is an area that has recently been fed on So I found a little spot amongst silkweed and I am comfortable with that It is the only rod I am going to fish with a slack line There is a massive myth in my mind about slack line fishing The further out in the lake that you are fishing a slack line the harder it will be to get good indication We did some underwater testing and I can tell you the bite indication is appalling The only time I see to fish a slack line is in a margin situation So the fish are going to be swimming left or right to this margin rod I don’t want them to come up to that rod see the line and swim up and over it and miss the bait So that’s the only rod where I have laid the line flat and slack on the bottom Because it is in the margin at short range and that fish is only going to go one way Away from me So what rig am I going to use for my margin rod? As I mentioned it is silkweed and I found a little hard spot I’m not bothered about trying to get back on that hard spot I’m sure they are browsing the whole area so to my mind its perfect for a chod rig It will just sit somewhere near that hard spot on top of the silk weed On my choddy I am fishing a Critter and lets see what happens there In fact out of all the rigs I’ve got out today that is the one I want to see roar off I’m fishing the Bug Life mix I’m really excited about this concept of a ground bait that attracts naturals which in turn attract the carp I mentioned that we did some experiments but even to me it was a real eye-opener when we did the underwater stuff That is really proof of the pudding when you have got a guy at the bottom of the lake pretending to be a carp It actually revealed some things even I didn’t even expect Indication wise he was having to move 8-10 feet away in a straight line to straighten the slack line enough to get a bleep on the Siren That stunned me that he had to move that far Left and right indication was non existent fifteen feet and still no bite Things like just lifting up the hook, rig and lead like carp do and then shake it out You wouldn’t even know you had been done you could get done twenty times a day The one that really got me was a myth about fluorocarbon I know a lot of people use it I’ve considered it myself in the past because it is so heavy It’s not good on knot strength and that’s why I have never used it and I’m glad I haven’t now because again its a myth We saw that it sunk heavy to the bottom just off the rod tip and by the rig But in between there were big coils coming up off the bottom What was interesting is it was like a spring and until you pulled those coils out you didn’t get any indication at all So taking the next rod along from the right That one is fished with a maggot rig Autumn and winter is a great time for maggot fishing I believe especially after they have been hammered all year on boiles So that is on top of a hard ridge of clay So any carp coming along should easily see them wriggling away The next rod along is just on the edge of the silt with my old favourite Blowback rig Slightly buoyant to sit on the silt and I’ve baited with the throwing stick I visualise they are going to settle down and be partly submerged in the silt but still also visual So that is why I have selected those two rigs Now again back to the big one which is indication I think how I am fishing those is popularly called semi slack with a drop on the indicator The key thing is if I get a pick up from a carp I will get quick and positive indication Again going back to the diver with weighted indicators with a bit of a drop (so called semi slack) as soon as the lead was picked up off the bottom I got a bleep on my Siren He moved forward a few inches and I was getting a bleep Left or right I was getting a bleep So I’m going to know if a carp picks up that bait My fourth rod is in a position which arguably next to slack lining is the least understood or practiced properly and that is fishing against a far margin or island Something like that where in essence your indication is going to be what is refferred to as a drop back In this case I am fishing against reeds over there Now in that situation its about having the line as tight as you can so you can register that fish swimming towards you So you need a lot of tension on your line Either a really heavy bobbin a loaded swing-type indicator This is a situation situation where I feel flying back leads really come in and its a situation where I love using them I use the heaviest one I can but I put a backstop up the line because I don’t want it to fly so far up that because of the heavy bobbin I will actually lift it off the bottom In essence I’m trying to get the line as tight as I can but still have a bit down on the bottom by the rig Rig choice in this instance is a short rig and that is because it has really been cleared out along those reeds I’m fishing on a definite area of hard bottom and baited really tightly This rod is a classic example of where good indication is needed There is a possibility that the fish could crash into the reeds and be lost so I’ve got to be on them straightaway I’ve got to know immediately if something is hooked and so I’m fishing on that rod for one bleep So there you go thats how I’m approaching this swim today I hope that I have put it across simply It’s just a question of finding the spot and deciding how best to fish it What rig for it and then the important point is how you get your presentation and indication with the bobbin and bite alarm to be as effective as possible Now I’m going to sit back and hope for a big girl to come along What a carp I’m particularly happy with this one As you can see is a very pretty fish It was caught over the Bug Life on a water boatman Critter So its a Bug Life beauty Just as the sun got up this morning at around 10.30am she roared off You don’t get much more beautiful than that That is why the Church is such a desirable fishery Well I’ve had a great session topped off by this beauty 40lb 4oz a new forty for the Church and after last year’s tragedy where I lost a few its great to see them coming back and looking in such good condition as this girl What a way to end Thanks for watching guys and girls and have a great 2014 I hope you catch the fish of your dreams

    FLY TV – Mountain Brownies – Fly Fishing for Big Brown Trout
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    FLY TV – Mountain Brownies – Fly Fishing for Big Brown Trout

    September 1, 2019

    Hi, I am Niklaus Bauer.
    – And I am Daniel Bergman. And I am Ulf Johansson. You are watching FlyTV
    and today we are doing this: Welcome back to FlyTV. Today we are standing here
    on a helicopter platform. We are waiting for the helicopter
    to take us far out there. We are here together with Ulf
    from Ammarnäs Fishing Centre. And my good friend,
    Mr. Beard here. We are hoping to see some cool
    brown trout action today. What do you say?
    – I hope so. It is a really nice
    lake system up in Skeble. We have at least three bigger lakes
    that we can fish in. And also some smaller ones as well as
    some small streams for brown trout fishing. You have been flying out
    to these lakes for a few years now? I have been up there for
    at least ten years. What kind of dry flies are we considering?
    – Sedge, mayflies. We have also tied
    a bunch of small mice. It will be cool to see if we can get
    one to strike one of those. Really cool surface action. I think it was in 2011,
    and my son was up there guiding,- -and he saw a lemming
    swimming to a small island. It took 10-15 seconds and then
    a big brownie came and took it. Now I know what I am going to do
    for the next days. “Where is the island?!” The island is close by the camp.
    – Super. What time of the year do you fish up here?
    It is the beginning of July now. It is the beginning of the season up here.
    We keep on until the middle of August. How many are fishing these lakes in a year?
    – 20-25 people, I would say. It is almost only catch and release. We can see the helicopter coming,
    so we better get out of the way. I do not know what you say…
    – I think it might be best. Nice! Some peace and quiet. Welcome to the lakes of Skeble. It is like a picture frame,
    it is just beautiful. This is the main lake,
    you can also the smaller one up there. There are some really nice spots
    downstreams over there. Nice!
    We are going to have a good time. We also brought two belly boats.
    It will be interesting to see- -what can happen out in the areas,
    where no one usually fish at all. I wonder what the trout will think
    when they see our belly boats and fins. “What is this?” “Can we eat it?” I hope that they are not quite that big. We might look like ducks up there. I think we will fish with sinking line
    in the deeper parts. Because of the heat.
    – Yes, it is extremely hot. Cool! It is not a monster, but… We brought some belly boats
    in the helicopter. These lakes are so big
    and we want to fish farther out. Places where probably not
    a lot of people have fished before. There are really deep spots in these lakes. We want to try and fish them. And see what happens. I am going to start out
    with a fast sinking line. This is one of my favourite
    sea trout flies. A simple Wolly Bugger with a magic head. I am using very light colours,
    this is tan. Because the sky is so light,
    and it is very sunny out here. Usually these lighter flies
    work much better this time of day. You never know.
    We will see what happens. Bye bye guys!
    – Take care. Stay afloat! Oh, come on. It strikes it so hard,
    but it will not get stuck. What is the problem? It is like fishing perch or something. Nice! That was a better take. It is a bigger fish this time. A double hook-up!
    Should we check to see which one is bigger? I have a feeling that yours is bigger. I have been fishing
    some really nice reefs here. Daniel has been fishing with a dry fly.
    I have been fishing the channels. There are fairly deep channels out here.
    With the belly boat. This one came in one of these channels.
    It just slammed it. It was a really nice take. That was a nice one.
    About 1 feet 7 inches. Beautiful!
    – A nice trout. Look at all the spots on its head.
    It just slammed that magic head. What a feeling to be out here in the belly
    boat with all the surrounding mountains. It is the ultimate peace and quiet.
    Time to release this magnificent fish. Hey dude!
    – Good job. Good job!
    – Good job! It dropped off like this,
    then there was a deep channel. Then the next reef on the other side,
    I was fishing the channel inside. It worked! Believe it or not, but these lakes
    were covered with ice two weeks ago. Now it is probably
    above 60° F. It seems as if the trout does not
    want to go through this warm water. We are waiting for the evening to come
    with cooler water or cooler temperature- -to cool the surface
    water down a little bit. Maybe we will have some fish rising
    for some nice dry flies tonight. We are fishing sinking lines to go
    a little deeper to find some big trout. From a belly boat out here. When you are thirsty you can
    have a sip of water from the lakes. It does not get better than this. A fish! My legs are cramping as well. I put on one of those big streamers. It hammered it at my first layout. The funny thing is that
    I took the trout imitation. They do not have that much
    to choose from in these mountain lakes. They got bugs,
    and then they got their own kind. Look at that. You got a mouthful.
    A hungry guy. The baby trout. What is going on, man?
    – Did you see that stop? Jesus! That is a better fish.
    What is going on? Okay, we are in the backing.
    Awesome! We are into 55 yards of backing! We have these shallow points out here,
    in the middle of the lake. This is where the main part of the fish
    seems to be hanging around. That take was just…
    – Badabam! Like a hit in the face. This is the only way to fish
    when it is windy like this. They are not showing themselves at all. Everytime you have this small reef,
    one or two fish always hang around those. Nice!
    – Nice brownie! That is a good one. I wonder what happened to this guy. It has kind of a humpback. But it looks as if he is okay anyhow.
    He has been feeding well. He has kind of a strange shape.
    It is just a beautiful fish. Look at the spots on the head. When you are fishing these mountain trouts
    or trouts up in this part of Sweden- -I prefer to use a 6 weight,
    as a dry fly rod. With a floating line,
    and I prefer these longer belly lines. Not a long belly line,
    but definitely longer heads. I use the 5 weight with
    a really long belly line. That is my favourite set-up. You usually dry fly fish
    with sedges up here. We had some mayflies
    and stoneflies as well. But a lot of black gnats too.
    – Yeah, and daddy longlegs. We have everything,
    more or less. Kind of a mix of everything. The only problem is
    that the surface water is 68° F. They are not that willing to rise. But the sinking line fishing
    has been awesome. It is a good thing you brought your…
    – Sea trout box. With the magic heads.
    They work miracles. I never leave home without…
    – A box of magic heads? These light colours have
    worked really well. They have never seen
    anything like that before. Never a belly boat,
    and never a magic head. Always bring a 7 weight
    when you are up fishing like this. A fast 7 weight
    and a sinking line. That can definitely
    save your day. The fish is probably in
    the cold water looking up. If something comes that is worth
    going through that surface water for- -they will go up to feed on it.
    We have to try this mouse. That would definitely be
    something worth rising for. You have the one from Leffe?
    – Yes, the one with the faux fur. And with this sunker tail here.
    – I like the lemming. That is really cool. A lemming is a small
    rodent that live in these mountain areas. Let’s put something on
    and get some! This is the best trick ever. It was really fun. I had one of these
    horseflies on my arm and I killed it. I threw it in the water and it took
    20 seconds before a trout came up. I put on a big Goddard Caddis. It probably took 3 feet of stripping
    before one came up and ate it. It ate it a few times before it got stuck.
    A Goddard is big and the fish is not huge. It is not too bad. He really slammed
    that Goddard Caddis. That was nice. While Daniel and I were fishing,
    it was a really deep ledge here. We were both fishing it
    with a sinking line. We hooked fish simultaneously here. The fish nibbled our flies like crazy.
    It was pretty cool actually. Daniel hooked a bigger fish,
    and mine took right after that. Come on.
    That is a nice one. Come on buddy.
    – I think yours is a bit bigger. Definitely.
    – It might be fatter at least. Should I net yours too?
    – No, it is okay. I think I can manage. It is so cool in this crystal-clear water.
    – That is the fish! Now we are talking! Look at that! I think they are pretty similar in size.
    Yours is probably a bit bigger. They are about the same length. That is gone. Back he goes. It was a good fight. He got me all wet.
    – Awesome, man! No, I am stuck with my…
    – Your superfly? We actually saw a big trout hitting a bird.
    He is still holding it in its legs. The bird was going down to take a sedge,
    and then the trout came and took the bird. Why don’t we have any bird imitations?
    Just mouse. Check it out. Is it still holding it?
    -I do not know. Maybe it is difficult for it to lift off.
    – It actually took the bird. I think I might need to put my mouse on.
    You can see the small ones along the bank. Check that out. That is a lemming eater. We are going to try and hit them
    with some lemmings and big mice. We will see how they react
    with a totally calm surface. And good light, some rising fish.
    This should be the perfect opportunity. We have been dreaming about this
    since we planned the trip. We really have to fish these guys now.
    – This is the best moment. Let’s get some. You are going to die.
    – I have this smaller one. You have to clean up after me.
    – I’ll go after you to clean up your mess. They are not too bad to cast either.
    – No, as long as you use a 7 weight. Or an 8 weight, it is not a problem. I am actually scared to bully this one. I know. It is sort of intimidating.
    You do not know what is going to happen. All of a sudden there is a 1 foot 11 inches
    trout taking a sedge pupa or something. Then BAM! There comes a big mouse. “I will eat that.
    Any time of the day.” If you live in these remote lakes,
    you cannot afford to be too picky. Your feeding season is not that long. If somebody puts a big pizza in your face,
    you will eat it. He hit that fucking mouse! We are just moving ahead
    to an area farther up here. We know that it is a good one.
    – But that fish is not too bad. We are moving up ahead into
    these rocky parts of the lake. The first one hit your fly like hell.
    – We were just laughing at it. Then probably the same fish
    came and ate yours. Like 10 seconds later.
    It was a hungry trout. Was that on the furry faux mouse?
    – Yes, the one from Leffe Örtenholm. I thought that you were using
    the really big one from Andreas. I thought that I would pick up
    the scraps with my smaller one. That is a nice fish, man.
    Mission accomplished! First one on the mouse!
    – That is a big one. A mouth full of mouse. It ate my lemming first.
    Then the same fish took this little fellow. Big fish eat big bait.
    – Yeah, that is true. A furry faux mouse.
    Look at this big one. It is really long.
    Look at the tail fin. It is like a paddle. It is so cool when they
    are hitting them like that. Check out the colours on the back.
    It is green. A bit green on the back. Bye bye! Grow even bigger! First mouse trout! Awesome!
    Totally awesome! Rock ‘n’ roll, man! It inhaled that! It murdered it. Man, they hit them hard.
    – It thought it would be full for a week. But no!
    – He wondered what happened. “That is one strong lemming.” That is what you call a mouthful. The mouth is full. My first fish on lemming. Awesome!
    -It just inhaled it. Look at that fish. It is definitely one of the coolest
    trout I ever caught. And I once had a sea trout over 20 lbs! But the lemming caught
    a mountain trout. Sea trout do no eat lemmings.
    But I might need to try. Well well well,
    what do you say? Can we say mission accomplished? It took a beating. This was not as much of a baby
    as I thought it was. It is almost 12 o’ clock,
    it is really cool to be fishing. It is in the middle of the night,
    and it is still daylight more or less. It is a nice mountain brown.
    Look at this little beauty. Look at the red spot on this fin here. Quick release. Subtitles: Daniella Falkman Twedmark

    iBobber Sonar Fish Finder Tutorial – How to use video
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    iBobber Sonar Fish Finder Tutorial – How to use video

    August 29, 2019

    Now, being able to read the water is a huge advantage as a fishermen. On the surface and lakes and rivers they all look pretty much the same. But its subsurface where it all happens. There’s banks of weed, troughs, gullies, these are all brilliant fish holding spots. And it’s particularly important in summer but imagine what it’s like in winter when the fish really shoaled up. If you could understand what was under the the water you could try and those shoals of fish straight away. Now thanks to some new technology the ibobber, we can now see under water you can find the features and you can find the fish. Let me explain how it works. So what exactly is an iBobber? Well it’s a castable sonar device. So what’s sonar all about? Well it’s the sort of stuff the trawler men used two use years ago and still use it now to check the seabed to find out where the shoals of fish are so they can scoop them up and you can have cod and chips down the chippy. All that technology has now been refined into a tiny little device here is, you can cast it out, you can read the lake bed, you can find where the fish are. It’s amazing technology. Let me show you how you make it work on the bank The first step to start seeing under water and finding your fish is to get the thing powered up. Now it comes with a USB lead you plug it in, there’s a normal plug or into your laptop or computer. Now this Bobber goes into the port, attach it so like that and it does start to glow blue you’ll see it easier obviously if it was a darker room. And you just let it charge, and that charge will stay in the iBobber for up to a month. So its pretty long lasting. Now step 2 of this simple procedure of setting up is to download the app. It’s a free app, and again it’s simple to do from the App Store. You can use it on your mobile phone or indeed a tablet. Now it uses latest technology. It uses Bluetooth 4. Now that means there’s less of a drain than previous models and also it’s less intermittent so you get a more powerful connection. Once the iBobber is charged you need to
    sync the two together. So you take it off charge so you just knock it off like that. And then from the app you start to fill in your details. So you’ll put your email address in, your own tagline, mine’s Esox1969 after pike and the year my birth becuase I’m a pike fanatic, and then you’ll be able to start to build your details on your phone and personalise the connection between the two. Now step four, well that’s about getting down the lake or river and giving it a go. What you gotta do is attach this to your rod and reel. You need a fairly strong rod, I use carp rod with a shock leader on it. but you could just use any many powerful-ish rod. It weighs about 2 ounces so it doesn’t want to be something that’s going to break. You cast it out and you start to get the information on your phone or on your tablet. Now the first thing I’m going to show you is mapping the water. Now this is really important like I said before it’s the underwater world, the contours, the gullies, the weed beds, this is where the fish sit, and its a trick I’ve used many times with the iBobber to catch me some big carp, as well as pike and tench. Now all you’ve got to do, this thing switches on when it hits the water. Lay it down, and I’m going to go into the app, into the section marked mapping water. It’s at the top of your screen. You’ll see a little arrow pointing to an underwater map. Click it on, and it tells you to cast out. So let’s flick it out. Now this will map to a hundred feet out, and over hundred feet of water, a hundred and thirty-foot I think as much as. So you cast it out, and you refer to your app and it tells you to start mapping. Press OK. And then start to reel in slowly. Now don’t
    do it too fast and nice and steady and slow two feet per second is the default setting but you can change it to suit yourself. Wind in slowly and all the time it’s emitting sonar beams down to the bottom and back again and gathering all that information up. When you’ve got to the edge, go back to your app, and counts down the three seconds and it delivers the map of the lake bed or the riverbed wherever you fishing and
    you can start to understand the contours and then where the fish might be living. Now another crucial part of the iBobber is the finding the fish feature. Now this lets you identify where shoals of fish or individual fish are. It will tell you what depth they are lying at so you can choose the kind of rig you need, so if you were carp fishing you could use a ‘zig rig’ up in the water or a bottom bait. Or if you were lure lure fishing you might use crankbait lower down the water or maybe even a surface popper if they were high. So you can understand where they’re sitting in the water column. Also, it will tell you the size of fish. So there’s an orange tag on the fish that says they’re sort of
    smaller maybe under 15 inches and a green coloured one that says they’re
    bigger. It’s a good indicator to give you sort of a pointer to what you’re after. Another great advantage with iBobber is it can be used at night when the fish are often the most active. By using the status bar you can put the light on inside. So cast it out and you’ll be able to see it. Also on the device in the status bar you’ve got a fish alarm, and that can activate when it goes over a fish. OK so we’ve seen how it works. The best thing now is to stay active I mean the fish aren’t always going to come to you you need to go to them sometimes. So I’m going to wander around find some spots either some spots fish on the water or some nice contours
    where I think will be perfect set a trap and put a bait. And I’m gonna sit back and see if it pays off. Well I’ve had a good look around. I’m going to make a few more casts. This looks a nice spot to push your way through here to the
    reeds and there’s a bit the tree there. If this had a nice shelf, I could find the drop off and then put a bait there. So I quite fancy this if it looks right underwater. So lets cast out. And of course with these things are hardly makes any splash. So you’re not going to scary anything that’s there there either. Lets have a look. OK, we’ve crept into position. We’ve got a lot of cover here so when I cast out, flick it out. Now, it’s activated because the iBobber is in water. Lets go to the app. Now we’re going to go on underwater mapping and it’s telling me to, 3-2-1 yep. So now I can start retrieving. So I’m going to do two feet per second, something like that. Steady anyway, don’t have to be too precise. Now there’s been no disturbance so whatever is down there isn’t going to be scared off. But you might do if you were using a mark float. That’s it. We’re in. So press it again, and then I’ve got it. An underwater map of the contour here. It’s about two feet and then it drops off down a slope and then steadies away. So it’s the bottom of that slope I want to be because that’s where the fish are going to be patrolling along that so it’s a nice drop off let’s put a trip down there and leave it and see how we go. Lets keep quiet. So there you have it. iBobber really works I’ve used it to catch carp on lakes by positioning bottom baits near shelvs. I’ve used it to catch really big pike in Ireland I’ve just dangled all this thing off the edge of a boat and been able spot the underwater features, and shoals of silverfish. It’s a really great tool and that uses the latest technology so it doesn’t drain
    your battery. But the best thing about it is the price. It’s under a hundred pounds. You can’t go wrong.

    FLY TV Squeeze – Beginner’s Guide to Belly Boat/Float Tube Fly Fishing
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    FLY TV Squeeze – Beginner’s Guide to Belly Boat/Float Tube Fly Fishing

    August 20, 2019

    Hi and welcome back to FLY TV Squeeze! I am Daniel Bergman.
    – And I am Pontus Sjölund. We thought that Pontus should try fishing
    from a belly boat for the first time. I have watched you fishing when filming
    for the FLY TV episode about trouts. It just looks so much fun.
    – It is, I can tell you. The casting you already have
    under control, more or less. Niklaus taught me about a month ago
    when we fly-fished for pike. You can watch that film down here,
    via this link. That was about a month ago.
    I can cast, but I am not a pro. But I can get the fly out.
    – Exactly. I thought I would go through some basics
    when you are fishing with a belly boat. It is almost just to jump in, but there
    are a few tricks to use to make it easier. Let’s get these babies in the water.
    – Yeah, sounds like a plan. Put the flippers on.
    – Just put them on the wader shoes? Maybe after they are in the water. It is sort of hard to walk with them. Especially in the water. Are there any handles or something?
    Or is it just to grab them wherever? You have handles on the inside,
    but just get it in, it is not heavy. It is really light actually. It makes it possible to bring it out
    even when you are out with a chopper. First of all, take the line tray away. And get in. Did you leave your flippers on the shore?
    – Yes, I left them there for you. Stay put. I will get them. This does not feel that effective.
    Without the fins. Maybe I should tie them. Just like that. Perfect. I feel like a duck.
    – Yeah, you look like a duck. We will start with this.
    Are you a right or a left hand caster? Right.
    – Right hand? We will put the rods facing your left side,
    so you do not cast over them. Then take the landing net,
    just put it on top of them. It is easier to get it quick,
    if you want to land a fish. Put this over your knees or thighs,
    to have kind of a line tray. Does this one go down here? Normally you should have an inflatable
    collar or something when hitting the water. We forgot to bring it,
    but we have 68° F in the surface water. It is a small lake
    and we are several guys. We will manage anyway,
    but if you are going out alone… Or in November or something,
    it would be a good idea. Bring a life jacket
    or an inflatable collar. Let’s get out! I will get my flippers on
    and get going. This was fun! Just like snorkelling.
    – Yeah, it is easy. Like this?
    – Try to keep the feet further down. You will get a longer stroke
    and more power. You will not make as much noise
    on the surface that scares the fish either. It is easier to turn
    and easier to get some speed going. It becomes deeper quite fast,
    so I think we should get out a little bit. Just cast out here.
    – Yeah, exactly. One thing to think about when fishing
    like this is to mind the wind. If the wind comes from this side,
    you do not want to cast like this- -because then the line will
    blow straight in your face. It is better to have the wind
    in the back or on your other side. For example, we got the wind
    coming from this angle now. You want to cast in either
    that direction or that one. With the wind coming in from your left
    since you are a right hand caster. Like this?
    – Here we go! One thing you can do is
    to try and keep the rod a bit higher- -than you would do if you were
    fishing from a boat for pike. I am much closer to the surface now.
    – Keep your rod tip high in the back cast. Otherwise it will fall down in the water
    and if you are fishing a Magic Head- -it might even flip it back.
    – I felt that now when I touched the water. How long did you say
    you have been doing this? A month. One and a half. I had not fly-fished before,
    before that time a month ago. But I have watched
    a lot of guys fly-fishing. That is good.
    Do as you have seen people do. I think I have caught a bit bigger fish. It might be a new personal best for trout. It seems to be
    a good paddle on that boy. Good fish! This is definitely my biggest trout ever.
    It is a long nice fish. It is just awesome to catch
    this one from a belly boat. In the middle of nowhere. Bye bye, baby. This clear water is just awesome. Come on. Fish on!
    That one looks bigger. It is a better fish. Is it a really good one?
    – Hard to say, they are so strong. Look at that paddle! It is great to catch
    a fish like that from a float tube. Come on, baby! That is a big fish. Look at that guy! It is a real beauty.
    – You took it on a Magic Head? They seem to like these Magic Heads.
    – I wonder how old this guy is. How long has he been swimming around here?
    – He has been swimming here for… Maybe longer than you have been. Subtitles: Daniella Falkman Twedmark

    Rapala Pro Guide | Halibut and Cod Fishing at Sørøya
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    Rapala Pro Guide | Halibut and Cod Fishing at Sørøya

    August 20, 2019

    Welcome to today’s show!
    We are on the beautiful island of Sørøya. The goal is to catch some halibut,
    hippoglossus hippoglossus. We will let this little
    friend of ours back. How hard can it be? It is back here again, behind us.
    Fantastic nature here in northern Norway. What a cod!
    Last one now. Come on! Fishing for halibut and cod on Sørøya Welcome to today’s show!
    We are on the beautiful island of Sørøya. Hopefully there will be some
    awesome deep-sea fishing today. We are fishing together with
    the owner of Sørvær Gjestehus- and our Rapala Pro Guide,
    Ralph Bengtsson. What kind of fishing are we up to?
    – Genuine big game fishing. The goal is to catch some halibut,
    hippoglossus hippoglossus. We are going out to a big reef called
    Storskalltaren, 28 nautical miles that way. It will take about an hour to get there. There is some big cod over there too?
    – Yes, it is. It is quite astounding. We are going out on sinking water. Ebb?
    – Yes, ebb. It is rarely good fishing
    when the water is sinking. You should be there when it is at its
    lowest and then starts to rise again. Then you fish the entire ascent,
    the flood that is, and then the top. Then the fishing starts to slow down. Nothing strange about that,
    they need their time to rest. They cannot eat 24 hours of the day.
    – They want a great dinner and some rest. When the water starts to flood
    and there are streams… The tide has two tops a day,
    it turns every six hours. If it was at six o’ clock in the morning,
    the next top will be twelve hours later. It is up and down every six hours.
    It is pushed forward an hour each day. That is what creates the speed.
    It speeds up the entire food chain. It triggers the fish to start hunting
    as the food comes with the streams. You said it.
    The fish is often on the lee-side. Then it comes in over here,
    and the fish just catches it. That is how we will fish today. The most shallow tops
    at Storskalltaren are- -about 33 feet. I might be
    a few feet wrong, but about 33 feet. It is up and down. Some are peaks
    and some are not that pointy. It is almost down to 165 feet. That is the optimal depth
    when fishing like this. Then you have good control of what you do.
    It will be very interesting today. The surface water is very warm in here,
    and it is usually even warmer out there. You may think that the winters are
    very cold up here as we are far up north. We are very far up north,
    on almost the same latitude as Greenland. But we have the Gulf Stream
    that sends us some pretty mild winds- -that makes the weather not that cold,
    but very humid. To find the cold, you have to go up
    to the mountains. The Gulf Stream makes the climate nice.
    We can wear t-shirt and it is really great. When the weather is like it is here,
    I think it is paradise on Earth actually. It is better than the best South Sea island
    that is what I think. Here are our colleagues,
    who we will be fishing with today. As it is so far out,
    about 30 miles,- -we go out with four or five boats,
    for security reasons as well. There can be fast change of weather here,
    today it is fantastic though. Security is a priority,
    which is why we go out as a group. There can never be less than two boats,
    on these longer excursions. This can almost be seen as a theme park.
    Storskalltaren is a place of joy for all. I have been out there
    and it is really amazing. Fishing is fishing, it is up and down.
    But it is usually great out there. You know what?
    I cannot wait anymore. Let’s go! Finally!
    After one hour and a half- -on a boat, we have arrived
    to the northern end of Storskalltaren. We are at one of Ralph’s
    previous positions. You have had some halibut here before.
    We saw some small coalfish on the sonar. We are hopeful.
    – It is promising. Let’s rig some jigs
    and get them down to catch some. Exactly!
    How hard can it be? Let’s go! The tide is on its way
    and it is starting to move out here. We are drifting slowly right now. The depth under the boat is
    currently 88 feet, but it varies. We will start by fishing a flat layer.
    We will see what happens. We had some here before. I will fish with…
    A Storm jig, 510 grams. It is prepared with some wasabi. I think it is so much fun.
    We have tried and this is great. Done with that. Let’s get it down
    and see if anything bites. The technique I use is to let it down
    to the bottom and slowly fish upwards. I had a nudge there,
    it might have been a small cod. We will see. It is either cod or halibut. I think it is a good cod,
    but it is still so much fun. It is interesting to see the baitfish comes
    closer as it activates everything close by. I got a cod down here.
    It is pretty decent, I think. It has been around before. How much can it weigh? 29 lbs?
    – I think it might be more. This one is not that bad actually. Nice! It is nice, very nice. Let’s get it back in. It has been knocked
    around. Let’s give it one more chance. Nice!
    – That is how it is done! How hard can it be?
    – Good start. Great! It is always fun
    to let some back in. It is up to the individual,
    but I put my stinger hook like that. You have to feel your way
    to get nice action in the water. I see a nice fish on the echo sounder.
    We will see if we can get one more. It is always fun when it bites. I have hooked a decent cod.
    It might be more than 22 lbs. I think so.
    Maybe not quite that big. At least it was a nice bite.
    That is why we are here. Some opposition in the other end. This fishing is so much fun.
    Everyone should go to northern Norway. It is a memory for life. There is a puffin over there,
    which is quite unabashed. They look like small parrots.
    – Our parrot of the sea. There it goes for another swim
    to find something to eat. I go down to the bottom
    and then reel it up 5 feet. Then I hook it…
    It is so small and I lost it. Just as well. There is some work…
    Oh god damn! This is a pretty decent cod. It might be quite big actually. If I may say so.
    What do we think? About 44 lbs? Beautiful cods! Thank you for a good fight! It is getting close to midnight
    and we have had some great cod. No halibut in the boat,
    but we have had some contact. It is the middle of the night
    and it does not get much darker than this. It is great to see what you do,
    when you tie and fish. It is a fantastic setting.
    Snow up on the mountains. The birds are singing.
    – There is full activity in the water now. We will fish in all water layers.
    The hunt is on at least. We just have to be lucky enough
    to hook the right fish. The fishing was slow,
    so I put a small coalfish on a hook. After a while, a small
    but decent halibut chose to bite. This is what they look like. It is always fun.
    – Let’s get it in and have a look at it. You got it?
    – Yes. Here it is.
    We have been trying for a few hours. We have had some contact before
    and a few other boats caught some. We heard that one was
    more than 6 feet. They are out here. We will let it back in
    and let it grow bigger. Thank you for visiting!
    We will see you next year. Bye bye!
    Nice job! Great work! How hard can it be? Hi! My name is Stefan Källström,
    mostly known as Källan. I am a Rapala Pro Guide.
    Right now I am in northern Norway- -at Sørøya together with Tommy
    and our good friend Johan. We will try and get some
    big halibuts and cods. We have caught some halibuts already,
    and some big cods too. We have seen a lot of seagulls
    that we will go out to. The conditions are great
    and I think it will be an awesome night. We will make a stop here,
    because we saw thousands of gulls. I got a fish now! I lost it. Is it a big one, Tommy? It is going away. A greater nature experience
    is very hard to find. There is so much fish. I just lost a nice one and
    Tommy has one by the boat. I start to reel again,
    and we will see what happens. Is it a cod? What a cod! This is easily more than 44 lbs. Check this out! This is far more than 44 lbs. Lift it up. Last one now.
    Come on! It was the first drop, right?
    That is insane! How far down did you go?
    – About 120 feet, I think. I am exhausted. It was far more than 4 feet,
    so it was a huge cod. Let’s keep going. The coalfish is back out here.
    Let’s see if we can get some cod now. I let it down next to you
    and we will see what happens. There are loads of kittiwakes here.
    And plenty of coalfish in the water. There is so much fish
    on the echo sounder. Reel it in a few feet
    and then make a stop. Reel it in quickly a few feet
    and then make a stop. Johan, do you feel anything?
    – No. We will make another drop,
    and then move on. We have two porpoises
    right next to our boat. Look! They are coming one more time. There is one more. The nature up here
    in northern Norway is truly amazing. It is fantastic. They are hunting for fish
    in the shoals that the gulls chased before. Right next to the boat. This is incredible. It is crazy.
    Are we supposed to fish among them? I let it down to the bottom.
    Then reel it in quickly and make a stop. Come on! This is a halibut. It is not a huge one,
    but it is a decent fish. It should not be that far away now. It bit on a Storm. The second largest size,
    a Glow Tiger. I can see on the echo sounder
    that it is on its way up. The halibut is coming right up. Can you help me with the rod? That’s it! It is a nice fish.
    About 35 lbs I would say. As I said, it bit on a Storm.
    A Glow Tiger. It bit as I reeled it up,
    and then it just attacked. Should we let it back? Just let it recover for a bit. Thank you and goodbye! What an amazing fish! It was not a huge one,
    but I am still a bit shaky. Let’s get the big one now! What kind of equipment should we
    use when fishing like this, Ralph? It is actually a secret,
    but I will tell you anyway. I use a great 30-50 lbs rod. And a 2 speed reel. I think the line is 0.32,
    a flatline also known as super line. It is quite enough for
    any normal fish up here. Big halibut, big catfish,
    big cods, you name it. Something that is very important
    when using this kind of line is- -I do not know if you can see it here,
    a hard leader of nylon. About 1.2 mm. If you get a halibut that
    swims along the bottom- -the hard leader obstracts
    the line from breaking. These super lines are sensitive
    to wear and tear. I also have a stinger. A bit of line, a treble hook.
    You can also use a single hook. I got it quite far back, like this. The tail of my jig.
    Like that. I do not want the line too tight.
    It might affect the action. Snaplocks are a big no-no. We do not use snaplocks up here.
    We have seen too many straigthened out. Eights and rings are great stuff. To sum it all up, the fishing
    we do here is very simple. We let our stuff down to the bottom
    and work with it with a certain technique. It is very different how people do,
    some might jerk it and some are calmer. The fishing is really very simple.
    -The time on the water is what counts. It is like my wife always says,
    the stuff should be IN the water. It is getting late and I am getting tired.
    I have seen you yawn one or twice. I do not do that anymore. Our loved ones are waiting for us.
    We are going back home and clean the boat. Our boat ride is an hour and a half
    before we are back in the harbour. Great job today! Want to see more from Rapala Pro Guide? Subtitles: Daniella Falkman Twedmark

    Dragging Jigs for Wolf River Walleyes – Walleye Fishing Tips
    Articles, Blog

    Dragging Jigs for Wolf River Walleyes – Walleye Fishing Tips

    August 18, 2019

    (outdoor rock) Alright team! Charge! (take me out on the
    water…) We eat! Fish eat! (way out in the woods…)
    (gunshot) (where the breathin’ is easy,
    the livin’ is good…) (out in the great outdoors!)
    And welcome to Larry Smith
    Outdoors! We’re sponsored by: The Badger
    Sportsman Magazine, Bartlein
    Barrels, Warrior Boats, Big Snow resort,
    Hard and Soft Fishing, Lynch of
    Muckwonago, Wings Over Wisconsin, Mike’s
    Country Meats, Midwestern
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    Vexilar, Dick Smith’s Bait and
    Tackle, Komelon Measuring Tools, Kmiec
    Law Firm, Norm’s Ag, and Jiffy! And remember, it’s a
    great day to be alive! (out in the great outdoors!)
    Holy Moly! (music ends) (music ends) (drum beats) (music) Hey! Welcome to Larry Smith
    Outdoors! Today we brought our
    208 Warrior here to Dowco Hey, Jason! Nice to meet you!
    I’ll tell ya what! You guys
    have some great products, and today we’re
    here getting our bimini top, our fishini top installed. Tell us
    why people should install this on their boat. (jason)
    Well first of all we made the
    top to be be a size for fisherman, so they
    can take their families out.
    Especially keeping you out of the sun.
    Most fisherman want room, they
    want space, Normal bimini tops get in the
    way so you ignore the huge
    concerns with the sun, huge concerns with UV, sunburn,
    skin cancer is on the rise in
    the US, This enables you to use the top
    more versus just keeping it
    stored in the down position because
    there’s a ton of space with
    this top. Definitely very fisherman
    friendly for sure. Hey Jason,
    can you explain some of the
    benefits of the Fishini top? Sure Larry.
    First thing is it’s made with no rear straps. A
    typical bimini top has a strap
    coming down right here, or a bar that just gets in the
    way when you’re trying to troll
    or cast. This eliminates that using
    tension bars underneath the top to hold it up, along
    with bars in the front. You can
    push it over to the radar position so when you’re not
    using it, it completely leaves
    the back of the boat open in addition to it being quick
    up and down, it has quite a few
    features that will help the fisherman. First, a quick
    access storage pocket
    underneath, next there are 4 rod holders for
    quick access to rods, it’s made
    with climate shield plus; our
    exclusive solution-dyed
    polyester for years of
    durability and use, one inch aluminum
    tubing; much heavier than the
    industry standard, and then finally stainless
    steel hardware; for ease of use year round. (larry) Nice! How
    can the people that watch our
    show get ahold of this product? They can go to and search for
    fishini. And just for your viewers we’re
    giving 10% off if they use the
    promo code Larry10 on everything Dowco makes! That is awesome!
    Thank you very much! What an
    awesome product! And thanks for watching Larry
    Smith Outdoors! (music) (music) Creating a fishing boat that
    delivers unsurpassed
    fishability, speed and performance on the
    water, is achieved through an
    ongoing commitment to quality and a driving passion
    for making great boats even
    better! You’ll see this commitment to
    quality and a passion for
    building the fisherman’s boat in every
    Warrior Boat model you see on
    the water. For additional information on
    Warrior Boats new V208, check out their website at, or visit your local Warrior Boats
    dealer to schedule a test
    drive! And see for yourself why no fishing boat on the
    market offers a smoother, drier
    ride! More interior cockpit space,
    more storage, more room to fish big water in complete
    comfort and safety than the
    V208. From Warrior Boats! Dowco. Far and away the
    nation’s leading boat cover
    manufacturer. Precisely fit for
    a large variety of OEM makes and
    models, Dowco premium covers
    are the boating equivalent of a hand-tailored
    suit. Not only are Dowco cover
    the best fitting and best quality, they include
    neat features like our pole
    less cover lift system, and ratchet attachment system,
    making them the easiest and
    fastest covers to install and remove. Visit for more
    information on how to order. Use promo code
    Larry10 to receive a 10%
    discount today! (metallic clash) The new Acme rattlemaster has a
    built in echo chamber with a brass rattle that calls
    fish in! The body’s solid brass
    too and won’t bend or dull! And reflects fish
    attracting light all over the
    water column! This one-two punch of sight and
    sound means you make less
    casts! Because the fish come to you! Rip it of shake it
    for crappie, walleye, northern,
    salmon, or trout! And experience multi
    species action with just one
    bait! (music) (music) I know, I’m a little bit late!
    But you know something? I’ve
    got my brand new Warrior with my new Envinrude 300, and
    along with my new Dowco cover, I’ll tell ya what! I’m
    traveling in style! The only
    problem we have yet is the truck. We need to
    find somebody to wrap our truck, and to
    design a decent wrap for it. That looks outdoorsy! So if you
    know anybody that wants to take
    that challenge, email us for sure! Got something for ya here!
    (larry) What do you got there? There you go. Whoa! What do we
    have here! Carolina Reaper Pepper. Wow!
    (laughing) And those are Reaper pepper
    eggs! (Larry) Want one today?
    No, I want nothing to do with
    that! Are you serious? I think there’s like heat waves
    coming off of that thing! Holy
    Man! Want one Jon? Nope! (laughing)
    Why is everybody so afraid of
    this!!? They want to see what’s gonna
    happen to you first! I told all
    of them! You want one? Brad will eat
    them! (laughing) There is a little bit of heat
    to them, Shawn. (laughing) He’s got a bite going on there!
    (laughing) He won’t be cold
    today! It get’s hotter as it goes. It keeps going?? It takes 10
    minutes to get to the peak! (music) (music) Hey I’ll tell ya what! Good
    morning and welcome to Larry Smith Outdoors! Today
    we’re up on the Wolf River and
    the water is extremely high. It doesn’t seem like it’s
    gonna stop. But Lance, morning! How’s it
    going? Very good, Larry. Hig water is not a bad thing.
    What it will do is keep these
    fish in the top part of the
    WInnebago system. There’s a lot of forage up here
    so the fish have plenty to eat. And lots of current. Those two
    things fish love. I’m a big river guy, and I know
    you live on the lake and you’d
    rather see these fish back in the lake!
    (lance) Can’t pull you away
    from the river! It’s gonna be my turn this year
    for a while! I would suggest that if you’re looking to catch
    some good walleyes, you come
    and visit the Wolf River. We’re fishing between New
    London and Fremont and there’s
    a couple really good bait shops, you can stop at Johnny’s
    here in New London or go down
    to Ma’s in Fremont. Call them. They’ll tell you the
    information about the bite. Plus you can get good bait.
    What we’re gonna be doing today
    is mostly dragging jigs with half a
    crawler and doing some vertical jigging with
    plastics. Those are the two
    techniques. Lance, you’ve got a bunch of
    guys in your boat, I’ve got a
    bunch of guys in mine. We’ve got a great group today.
    We’ve got our good friends from
    Dowco, and Shawn from Mike’s Country
    Meats is with us! And he brought me some great
    eggs this morning! I see you had one already! Stay
    tuned! Let’s see what happens
    today up here at New London on the Wolf River. (music ends) (rock drums) (music) (music) (music) (cameraman) You only need a
    couple inches. (Brad) Jon, get under there and
    push down. Put your feet up.
    (laughing) (music) (lance) You got it! (inaudible) (music) Watch it! (lance) Get her going! You know something, I love hot food. The other
    thing is look how bundled up you guys
    are! I don’t need to bundle up! When you have this stuff! Mmm! (Jon) Hey Larry, there’s no
    bathrooms out here today. (music) (music) Here we go you guys! What we’re
    doing here is basically just dragging along the river
    here. You try to get the boat
    going at a natural speed. Here he is.
    And we’re not using a net today, cause we forgot it. And plus, most of the fish you
    catch up in the river are mostly males right in that
    14-16 inch range. Perfect eating fish. We’re
    using a weedless jig. Which is crucial. A lot of
    times I’ll trim some of the barbs down on the jig and just because sometimes it’s so
    rough you can’t catch the fish, it’s too stiff.
    I’ll trim some of them down. There we go. Got the first one.
    You know, you got that bite
    down right away! One hookset, reel down and pop
    them in. There you go! Nice job! Good
    job Bradley. Hold that fish up. You see how that bite goes? You
    just let them hang on there. The most important thing to
    have is patience. I’m gonna let it go for a bit,
    you think? Take him. Any time.
    Oh, I said wait! I said take him when I say take
    him! (jon) You said take him! Take him anytime! Let me see
    the replay on that one! (Cameraman) He said take him.
    (Larry) Watch yourself, boys! Trees. Watch your head. Ha ha! Yeah, I’ll admit my
    stomach is turning a little bit. Kinda feels like
    a volcano inside my stomach. That’s when you know
    it’s a good egg! Nice job, Brad! I knew you had
    that one! Those fish shifted around the
    corner now. That’s the key to
    just drifting stay right on them. Gonna give
    him the super flip? We don’t have a net. I think
    Dowco should start making nets! That’s a nice
    fish! Nice fish! Very nice fish for the river!
    Whoo! Watch the trees, Brad! (music) Nice fish! Watch that stick on
    the motor! Stick on the motor! Break that
    sucker right off! There you go. That’s a nice fish. That’s
    about as big as I like to keep them right there.
    Perfect. About 17 inches. Perfect. (music) I’m gonna feed this one some
    line. See what happens. Still there.
    There we go! No that one just didn’t feel
    right so I fed him some line Interesting. We just went by
    some guys up there and they’re
    using plastics and they almost have their
    limits. It’s typical when you get cold nights, nice
    fish, that the crawler bite takes a little
    longer to come on. For me, when you have a lot of
    people in the boat, dragging with the weedless is
    the way to go. When you get cooler nights, it
    takes a little longer for the bite to come on. Bite coming on now! That’s 2
    quick fish in a row! A lot more bites! Badger Sportsman Magazine!
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    Fishing and hunting in
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    dollars staying in Wisconsin,
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    with any purchase of a sonarphone you
    get a free smart phone armband! That’s the Sonarphone! By
    Vexilar! (music) (drag slipping) Nice job! Whoo ho Jon! Alright! You’re on the board! See that time I told you to
    take him and you took him.
    Before you were a little early. Is that what it was? I gotta
    listen to you more. (laughing) You didn’t know that? (laughing) You barely had him, too! Jon,
    why don’t you tell us a little
    bit more about some of the products
    you guys have coming out. The new Fishini top, and the covers for the boats, you have
    some innovative stuff going on. Tell us more about Dowco. Brad and I were kinda hoping for
    some rain, usually you don’t
    want that when you’re fishing
    but we just put the new Fishini top
    on for you yesterday when you
    were at Dowco. I appreciate that. We’re trying
    to create products for the fisherman and the
    boater. This industry hasn’t
    been innovated for a lot of
    years. We’re bringing products that,
    number one, meet the customer’s
    needs above and beyond we’re trying to do things that
    aren’t being done by other
    people, and that are a little bit more
    valuable than the standard
    product line. There’s not a lot
    that’s been changed in a boat cover in a
    lot of years. (Larry) You ain’t
    kidding! That’s why I haven’t
    used one for the last 5-6 years. The neat thing
    about it is, you have a brand
    new Warrior Boat like this and you fish it hard,
    but that’s not what’s hard on a
    boat. The UV, the weather that hits
    this boat, so the more you can put that cover
    on the boat, you’re really
    gonna save your investment on
    this boat. It could be 2-3 thousand
    dollars difference by the time
    you get ready to sell this boat. From a covered boat versus an
    uncovered one. We trying to help you protect
    your investment and everything
    that’s in the boat. It gives you storage while
    traveling. (music) (cameraman) Stomach
    must be on the mend there Smith! I feel better now! 3M has a new soda out. It’s
    pretty good. See that? Found it on the bank… (music) Surprise me. I think it’s a
    sheephead. Watch that tree. I wouldn’t be surprised. It’s a walleye! A decent one
    too! Watch the trees above your
    heads! That’s the deal with the
    river! I better wait to wheel him in
    then! Incoming! There you go! Nice job! Hey
    Shawn, why don’t you tell us about
    Mike’s Country Meats; the finest jerky on the planet. Well my
    mother in law and father in law started the
    company about 15-16 years ago
    and they actually started in Camblesport. Three years ago we expanded and
    moved up to Tigerton. We make 6 flavors of jerky
    ranging in flavor from the
    regular to the hottest stuff that you can stand!
    (larry) I love that stuff!
    (laughing) Right now we’re actually
    working on one new flavor,
    hopefully within the next 6 months or so
    we can actually get it into
    production. Keep your eyes open on our
    website for news of that. (music) Here we go! We got competition!
    Lance is down river and they’ve got 7 we’ve got 9 this
    will be ten. Uh oh! That fish went in a snag! He
    did! I got him out! He went right
    into that tree! I can’t believe I got him out of that branch. Nice fish right there! The
    interesting part about this is how you
    visualize this. The fish are facing up river.
    So what happens, they come by the jig going down stream,
    they grab the back of that crawler. Every time you
    feel the thrust on the rod that fish is turning, turning,
    turning. I usually give them 6 pulls.
    Then they’re finally swimming all the way downstream and then
    they will inhale the bait. Patience is the key. Let them
    hang on. Most guys set the hook too soon. The fish are still turning and
    trying to make it down stream. And they only have the crawler
    and not the hook. More time is better than less. You almost
    can’t give them enough time. Decent fish. Hey! You know
    what? We’re ahead of Lance! Yeah, we are friends, but
    there’s always competition! You know this when it comes to
    fishing! You should know that by now! I
    feel a lot better now that my
    stomach settled down. I’m gonna eat a few more eggs,
    but I think I’m gonna wait
    until I’m on shore! (music ends) (guncock) (sizzle) (music) Hey! Shotgun Steve Schafer in
    the kitchen with Mrs. Schafer,
    the mother of my life! Happy Mother’s Day!
    Yep, yep, yep… Yeah you did? (laughing) Well,
    don’t be so happy about it. We are making pasties. Burgers’
    Smokehouse meats, hamburger, potatoes, (mom)
    crust. Pie crust right? (Mom) Any kind of
    packaged pie crust. I prefer the real pie crust
    made with lard. But nobody has
    time for that so just by the
    pre-packaged. That’s why you
    sent me to the store? Yes. You don’t cook no more.
    That’s the whole problem. No,
    no, no. Should we start? Yeah. You
    start. How much burger should I
    put in? About a quarter pound per
    pasty. Now, we’re gonna take
    the crust I gotta peel potatoes right?
    Yep, yep, yep. Peel it and dice it. Yep, yep,
    yep! Put flour on the board so the
    pie crust doesn’t stick. Then if you know what a rolling
    pin is, oohh this is a heavy one! Oh my
    lord! (laughing) What do you mean it’s heavy? Oh
    my gosh! I got an old-fashioned
    wood one! Just use this to flatten it
    out. DIdn’t even have to flour
    this one! It’s a non-stick! Mine is a
    wooden one at home! (music) Now we add salt. Ok. Yep. This is how the yoopers do it!
    Oh yeah, that’s right. She’s
    from Upper Michigan. This is how the yoopers do it!
    Just salt and pepper! You gonna stir it up? You gotta
    put the stuff in first! Larry Smith Outdoors has this
    awesome seasoning! (mom) Whoo!
    It’s making my eyes water! Then walk away from the camera
    cause this kid here is seasoning his up! I guess so! You probably need more potato.
    You took all the potatoes so
    that’s fine. Jalapenos! Holy Sheese! This is
    gonna be a mexican pasty! If anybody watches the show
    they know Shotgun likes it hot! (music) 350. There’s your pasty. Alright! (music) Is that good? (mom) Yep. See
    how nicely it went in? It shows the potatoes
    are soft so it’s ready to eat. Just like old times. Mmm mmm. Is it too hot or what?
    Yep. It’s steaming! Oh yeah, by the way, your favorite son says Happy
    Mother’s Day! Whoo! Look at the tear in her
    eye! Or is that cause the
    food’s too hot? Both! (laughing) You cry over
    the flowers, I’m gonna keep
    eating. My number one, only son! That’s why. Yep. Burgers’ Smokehouse. Your
    hand-crafted smoked meat headquarters since
    1952. Our dry rub recipes, aging process, and
    natural hard wood smoking come
    together to create bold, satisfying flavors
    that we are proud to stand
    behind. Whether it’s summer sausage,
    hearty sportsman’s cut bacon,
    or dry rubbed barbecue ribs; we are your
    source for top notch hard wood
    smoked meats that you’ll be proud to serve
    family and friends. Visit us
    online at or look us up at your local
    grocery store. For over 25 years, Midwestern
    Shooter’s Supply has been your
    premiere dealer for hunting
    supplies! Our staff is friendly,
    experienced and certified with
    over 15 years in gunsmithing experience! We’re
    your one stop shop for your
    hunting needs! Our inventory is at the lowest
    possible price, and we will
    match any other dealer advertised price! Do you do
    more than hunt? Check out our
    supply of fishing products as well! Visit Midwestern
    Shooter’s Supply today, or shop
    our webstore at Midwestern
    Shooter’s Supply! We want to be
    your outdoor supplier! (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) Hey we might have a little
    problem. I’ll tell ya what,
    this morning to get up river here, we had to have everyone
    in the bow of the boat. We pushed down on it to get the
    windshield underneath, and we
    had about a quarter of an inch clearance.
    Well, I kinda figured it was gonna happen this way,
    the water came up about 3 and a
    half inches. We have no clearance at
    all. What we did is we actually flooded the
    boat. We just let the pump run and flooded the floor
    of the boat. I’m not suggesting anybody ever does this, unless
    you’re a trained professional. A guys gotta do what a guys
    gotta do when it comes to
    fishing! (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) Nice job! Whooo! That was close! Too close! Hey I’ll tell ya what! What an
    exciting day! Mostly because we had to make a
    few manuevers with the new 208 Warrior to get above the
    railroad bridge this morning and coming back down? Boy! That was
    an experience flooding that
    boat! A lot of fun, a lot of
    excitement, we caught a bunch
    of fish today. Hey! I’m gonna throw these at
    my friend Shotgun Schafer, have
    him cook up some ribs from Burgers’ Smokehouse and
    we’ll have a good meal before
    we leave! I also want to thank our good
    sponsor Mike’s Country Meats
    and Shawn is definitely the main man over
    there running production. Anything you have to say? Just
    go to our website, check the
    monthly special right now any order over 2 lbs
    gets a free 3.25oz bag! Awesome! You know what? I love Mike’s
    Country Meats! The finest jerky
    on the planet! Hey! I’ll tell ya, Dowco! We had a great time with our
    friends from Dowco! And Jon, tell everybody a little bit
    more about Dowco. Larry we
    really appreciate you number one, helping us
    enjoy the outdoors and having a
    great time doing it. We’re glad to be a sponsor. We
    appreciate that. We put a couple new products on
    the boat this year that we’ll
    hopefully see a lot of. The new Fishini top, and the
    new cover lift system 2.0 We’re really excited about it.
    All American made, we have 5
    plants employing over 200 people here in the United
    States and we’re proud of that. An proud to be with Larry Smith
    Outdoors I appreciate
    everything made here in the
    United States. That’s awesome! That is the end
    of our show today and like I always say: Just remember, what
    a great day to be alive! (music ends) (music) Oww! That’s going above and beyond
    the call of duty Brad! Yes it
    is! Well done! (rumbling) Awww! Them eggs!
    (laughing) Sorry boys! I’m telling ya!
    That’s what happens when you eat Reaper Pepper Eggs!! (I’m down
    wind!) (Laughing) I can’t help it! Excuse me!