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    12 കിലോ കറൂപ്പ് | caught a monster grouper | strom Arashi Tiger 10 | Kerala fishing
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    12 കിലോ കറൂപ്പ് | caught a monster grouper | strom Arashi Tiger 10 | Kerala fishing

    September 11, 2019

    Hi friends,Tackle Tips welcomes you all to a fantastic new fishing video Today we are introducing Strom Arashi Tiger 10 Lure it better than this prom in day Arashi
    Tiger tournament Lauryn Hill or Oba We are catching a big Grouper using Tiger 10 lure VMC3x 9626 Perma Steel trebles & 4x rings Circuit board lip for responsive action and fast dive Self-Tuning line tie keeps the lure tracking straight Self-Tuning line tie keeps the lure tracking straight Self-Tuning line tie keeps the lure tracking straight Self-Tuning line tie keeps the lure tracking straight nombre Arashi as well the number
    self-tuning lane and ideally i’m really polarizing only notochord a turtle under
    an hour a day and action of mother while adam day assuming a call at a cacti
    Taliban insight on it’s a you know they write in the way in the world I got it
    with to monogram wait term day as well as earned a negative Shamu 3 to 4 meter
    to notice Angelica and upon greatly are not a shallow angle Akash to Yanam I’m
    good water low angle accosted attempt at the Monday you know do order 88 like
    cholera Galloway LeBron ovation number and Natalie didn’t not Colorado room
    available on until de Sonoma cholera will sell to read there they are the won
    a gold thing I have Tiger ear and the wound of economic anonymity loom with
    the men died leading show for like an informant or in the coming around Larry
    children their brand Dona Dona moça where of like they should I eat under
    focus on approximate it in the right a number of market in the waiting mother
    or agent of appeasement you don’t know whatever fight la rotates and car okay I
    wanna jump in the UN Kalonji than the moving alcohol are a useful life and
    luck put a new room booty on of it in the malocchio a cheater love fishing
    reel indo-iranian tailed work in Thailand super wide power in the warden
    to LA go fishing real anomaly way to live but
    the main thing you learn dragged you here and now
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    enumerate Diwali fishing video might occur on the very lower come nom noms
    carom and happy fishing


    Fly fishing Tuna Whitsunday Islands Australia Andy’s Fish Video EP.279

    September 10, 2019

    Andy’s fishing Hi, every one Andy here today I’m going on
    some Tuna it’s reasonably early you can probably tell by the fog on the windows
    and the main reason is to get out there nice and early before it gets rough tuna
    feet all day there’s been a few around actually so head down to shute harbor and
    see if we can’t get a couple stay tuned so I’m all rigged up there’s no need to
    go too fast I’m just heading out of the bay and looking for bird, birds uh how
    you find tuna if they’re down low that means the Fisher need the surface and if
    the birds are up high the the Fisher down a bit deeper the birds can’t see
    them really well so they get up higher preferably I’d like to find a school
    that stays up for a while there’s no point just chasing birds you need fish
    to be like busting up on the surface yeah we’ll see how they go pretty
    excited I’d like I’d like to get a bluefin tuna
    I still have next you got a whole one of those I’ve dropped the couple and I’ve
    got half of one of the boat which was a shark a that one so plenty of Mack tuna
    but for no bluefin yet so here’s hoping what you don’t want to do is actually
    drive through the school you want to get in your position where they’re coming
    towards you or you drift beside them do not want to go through the school now
    they’re actually going this way so I’m just going to go here and stop if you
    drive through a tuna school obviously they get put down so don’t wreck it for other
    people don’t wreck it for yourself just going around them oh yeah coming
    straight up and out and that cast is good hopefully they staff a bit alright
    fly fishing to these things can be a real challenge hour behind me because
    you can’t just rip out 70 meter cast instantly you’ve got to do a few Falls
    cast get that line out there so I’m noticing the birds are constantly moving
    to the right here so I’m just going to try and get in front
    here we go me yep they constantly gallon gun right and I’m hoping the fish will
    come across me I might even just stop here it might
    work still a bit far away and I’m glad to
    come always watching the bird just getting ready yeah
    look at that nice nice one cast and the fish don’t seem to be staying up this
    morning that’s alright I’ll just keep persisting I can actually see them
    swimming around that yes buddy ah all saw that take oh yeah it’s just an
    accurate way but these things go hard Oh spare my 10th cast this morning and
    actually sorry made it oh oh I’m gonna put a bit more hurt on this guy he’s put
    it out five six kilo ah forgot what these things are like such strong fish and he still is staying
    with the skill still you need at least 200 meters of line on the back in here
    to get even even a 5 kilo Mack tuna how cool is that and I have a lot of time to make
    episodes at the moment so if I can come in here in a couple hours
    making up the side then I’m also at a lotta weight on that that line now pump
    and wine pumping line and try and get these guys in fairly quick because they
    do tend it just kill themselves a young they run so hard so long and they just
    build up like all their as you I just build up so much lactic acid that
    they’re young often you get them back to the boat they’re dead and they’re
    actually pretty bad eating it just full of blood and it actually tastes like a
    really bad steak nothing like a nice fish so hopefully later on if I can find
    another school I’m going to go for the the blue fin tuna here though they are
    they’re busting out right next to me look at that that’s a bluefin there
    that’s nice and that’s what happens you get your hookup to look up to one I just
    start feeding all around you can see swell straight ahead there as well when
    he’s doing up there’s one right there right next to the boat this guys doing
    cheering circles under the boat it’s probably about 30 meters down I haven’t
    seen a fly line yet there’s a flight line just enough line now see that the
    bend in that right and I do I really like these TFA’s
    they’ve probably got the second best warranty of any rod you can buy in
    Australia best one in my mind is uh Gavin Hurley’s stalker fly fishing range oh there he
    goes again hold on here do a video another time
    about what sort of fly gear I like to use and what’s the best value for money
    just too many value for money that’s what it’s all about and there’s actually not much I can do
    right this minute he is under the boat and just going down let me try and turn
    you turn your head I’m really getting some line on him now actually he’s not dead yet he’s still
    kicking but they do fight to the last little secondaries he’s swimming up
    towards me here and I tell you what having a fighting
    but a little bit bigger than just the end of a like a trout a rod is so good
    in these situations I’ve just been digging that right into my stomach and
    even with the fighting but it’s standeth get a little bit salt please
    you guys going just let done alright you okay fly rod I didn’t rod up in the lead a
    nap team I reckon I think you ready just watch any shocks all right good yes always about I’m gonna say that’s five
    kilos time maybe a tiny bit over five get that slant I’ll show you that in a
    second okay yeah imagine and as I said these are terrible eating so just going
    to throw him back you go give you a closer look very chrome looking mack tuna. off you go fish there yes it’s good to
    go so the fly I’m using is just a really basic little bait fish pattern
    a bit of craft yarn and a bit of sparkle flash and just thread to tie it off and
    it’s on a number to get magatsu SL 12 fishing 20-pound leader and just yeah 40
    and 20 so just just two sections on the humble eater pretty simple just got to
    get in front of them moving nice and fast all right yeah a little bit closer on
    the guy might go down yeah out and in there we go yes
    straight off top me off you go lost my fly yep
    just pushed him too hard that one okay here they are again let’s do it come on
    fishy see all around tuna fall on it I didn’t get it
    oh he’s looking looking cutting yes oh is it not going through guys and it’s
    still feeding oh look at this you lazy swimming around this is great hooked up and they’re just
    everywhere still nice you might need it real sit it’s a bit noisy there there’s
    a few more tips while I’m reeling this guy in it’s going to take a little while
    if you’re going to go after pelagics especially tuna and mackerel and
    billfish you want a large area like the school needs to be quite big not small
    like a trout reel and you want a couple hundred meters of backing I think I
    already mention that before you also want to reel with a young a good drag
    like a disc drag or yeah like a cork good cork drag cheat reels only have
    clickers you want to stay away from clickers you just you end up just lying
    down everywhere and getting tangled you don’t have to have the most expensive
    reel but it should have a reasonable drag on it here’s my not coming up this
    actually happens very often when you tuna fishing your line tangled and
    shoots up as a knot that’s actually a fairly simple one the I’ve had some
    really big big knots go go down my line it’s amazing how they end up going
    through all the guides I still haven’t broken a rod with it which is good but
    hey I’m gonna have to untie that before I get it in a little bit of slack there
    we go taking my slack this is where the second person on the
    boat would come in quite handy to be real careful of that break break my fly rod
    when he takes off hopefully it’s not too tight holding down the mouse is steady
    okay that’s untangled pretty easy yet all right keep tension on it make sure
    it’s not twisted and we’re back in the game I can see that into my flow on and
    there’s a little bit of color in the water that there is would really like a
    bluefin tuna but there’s a lot more of these Mac tuna around and bluefin tuna so you
    just have to get what you get I guess and I think we’ve got him straightaway
    that’s pretty good got it yes and I’m mocking around just
    get that hook out one little look at him and off you go fish you take photos of
    them you end up killing them so have someone either ready with a camera or
    we’ll have a camera going but yeah you don’t want to kill those things they’re
    food for Milan selfish and yeah terrible eating basically so this is the fly I’ve
    been using I actually cut the tail off because they’re on really small bait
    but that’s the one that’s doing it so yeah just really basic very easy to tie
    and now here very effective not even here do a little video on how to tie one
    of these the truth is I could really catch those things all day long but it’s
    kind of boring after that vertical come on say I’ll keep an eye out if
    there’s some bluefin tuna I’d really like a bluefin but the tip
    for the day is these fish you really need to approach them with we technique
    you can’t run straight over the top of them you you can’t use a big motor for
    strokes or small small two strokes work the Flies got to be just right
    and if you want to catch them on fly you definitely can just them can’t take a
    little more sometimes if you want to see more of my videos
    click one of the links you see up here or if you want to subscribe click the
    link here you’ll get my vit latest videos straight away if you want to
    contribute have a look at patreon down here you can donate any amount you want
    above three dollars isn’t taxed so harshly
    you can stop anytime you want and yeah that way you can support me and making
    bigger better and more interesting videos thanks for watching bye

    How to Cast a Multiplier Fishing Reel for Beginners.
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    How to Cast a Multiplier Fishing Reel for Beginners.

    September 7, 2019

    Hi guys so today im going to do my best to show you how to cast a multiplier its the perfect conditions today to use a multiplier when you need that little bit extra distance because you need to get passed the breakers so hopefully im going to explain how to use a multiplier reel today right guys so we are down at the beach ive got my multiplier all set up ready to go ive got my rig on with my bait and im ready to cast out the first thing you want to check is to make sure you’ve got your breaks on i would suggest putting these on full if your new to casting a multiplier the next thing you want to do is put your thumb pon your spool to stop it from moving disengage the spool by pushing your leaver down or pushing your button in what this will do is disengage your handle from your spool so you can spin that and as you can see its not moving there once your set up and ready to go if you let go with your thumb obviously your weight is going to hit the floor so you have to click that back on and take that back up if you have got a leaver on and you plan on doing a bit power casting make sure your leader know is either to the left or right to the right depending where you put your thumb on so because im not power casting today im not using a knot im not using a leader sorry so basically put your thumb on disengage your spool and then go and cast out when your casting use your thumb on the side of the spool there to slow it down before it hits the water make sure you stop your spool otherwise you’ll get a bit back lash once you’ve cast out re-engage your spool and you’re ready to reel in when youve got a bite right guys when it does come time to reel in if you’ve got a fish or something all you would do is strik as you normally would like that when your relling in with this try and get this as level as possible for your next cast if you end up bunched up on this side or this side its just going to make your cast over rund the next time so if you can try and get it as level as you can just use your thumb and guide the line from one side to the other depending how fast your reeling in just reel in guide the line from side to side after a little bit practice you will get quite good at it and you will not really have to look just on a ight time its a little bit more difficult but when youve got your head light on you should be ok if youve got a leader know make sure you end up with it to either that side or that side first thing you want to do when casting your multiplier out is set the drop of your rig everybodys different everybody likes a different drop after youve set your drop make sure youve got your breaks on if you are using your breaks i would suggest you put these on full and as you get better at casting justloosen then off one by one untill you no longer need to usae them so what we are going to do is.. we’ve set our drop put our thumb on use our other had to disengage the spool and now its ready to cast out we are going to put the rod behhind us cast out as the rod comes forward you let go with your thumb obviously thats going to let the line out if you keep hold with your thumb to much you are going to end up burning your thumb and if you dont move your leader knot to the side you will end up slicing your thumb ive done that quite a few times so basically onve your all set up and youve got your drop click it out of gear and then cast as your casting you can just use your thumb there on the side of the spool and that will stop it hopefully stop you getting any over run i would suggest stopping it just befor it hits the water aswell if you dont all this will just bubble up and backlash ill show you what a nest looks like on the other multiplier because i dont want to use this one because this is the one i use for fishing all the time right guys so on this rod here im going to show you what a nest looks like if you dont use your breaks and dont controll the cast properly you’ll end up with a nest so hopefully im going to wack this out and show you what a nest is

    Stomach Wrenching Magnet Fishing Find & You Have To See For Yourself!!
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    Stomach Wrenching Magnet Fishing Find & You Have To See For Yourself!!

    August 29, 2019

    oh dude there’s me tonight something dad
    wrapped up in there Oh guys about the 36 heart pound pulled
    magnet today I am sitting in a kayak I’ve never met a fishing kayak before so
    stick around we’ll see how we do today something oh I got my first fine today
    oh yeah look at that like a bully or something look at that my first fight of
    the day about time I got some we’re in a kayak oh yeah oh yeah good fine right
    there nice yeah that’s a nice knife – a little rusted and feel a little things
    wrong with it but not bad fine so we found a few things so far not a whole
    lot just keep on going it’s who we can’t find anything else oh yeah it’s good
    it’s not the bolts they find these all the time
    GLaDOS to the bucket alsa Oh bear pliers and I was actually just stuck right
    there I was trying to move and I was pulling magnet up and actually found
    something until they add that to the bucket so far being on the kayaks been
    pretty good oh it’s good to crap out on me
    look I just found a little piece of metal no nice piece of mallet you found
    one two ha ha ha all right big day thinks you guys safe
    over there take a look oh we actually found something too oh no
    all right we’ll get that off later it’s a big day got let’s get the gravelly hook I just got
    out of the kayak because it’s big Dave so there’s something big over here you
    can’t get up so we’re gonna drop this diner so we can’t find anything got it
    oh it’s going up snap we got it we got it
    it’s coming it’s coming hold it there I’ll go around
    Oh but how’d you catch that the hand right
    there huh yeah you got him a little little water thing a water faucet watch
    glad that to the bucket you always find a cool stop my big day just hooked on
    something for graveling hook some type of bag what is that oh I’m gonna pull it
    up that stinks dude God dies thanks Malik oh dude there’s me tonight I tell you that stock where isn’t Rasmus
    is dead first blue bones well where that is wherever that is it
    stinks I don’t know what is I’m gonna drag it put it off to the side there’s
    no way I’ll take that with me there’s something dead wrapped up in there all
    right guys take a look we found a date I didn’t – Poli which is pretty cool is
    the very first thing I found today I found that in the kayak did fine is nice
    trouble hook today did finest piece of metal I found right here I know for sure
    what it is but as a solid piece of metal found a couple of fishing lures and some
    bullets which is real cool always find these did find this cool knife today
    which is real cool always find knives out here
    it’s probably about the I don’t know how many knives I found out a lot so I found
    this weird piece of metal not sure what that goes to found some nuts and bolts
    there’s some bottle caps and like a something else oh now what that is all
    really cool finds did find his pair of pliers they don’t work which is real
    cool let’s take a look what Big Dave found here’s a big day found he did find
    this piece of metal which is real cool another piece of metal old bullet shell
    casing nice nut some type of metal bar he found notice how you found a co2
    cartridges slew say he found some nuts and bolts also all really good finds a
    bottle cap a piece of old can which is real cool did find this fishing lure
    which is real cool maybe one day I will take our lures out and go look for them
    and also found this lure which is real cool found a couple more hooks and he
    also did find this thing right here – graveling hook I don’t know how he
    pulled that up but he got lucky found that

    Catch n Cook a 4 day survival fishing hike and jungle cook EP.333
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    Catch n Cook a 4 day survival fishing hike and jungle cook EP.333

    August 24, 2019

    Here is Noah and I ready to head into the bush. I have no idea what we said, as the microphone didn’t work. We took 2 banana’s, some rice, nuts and dried fruit.
    I have no idea what we said, as the microphone didn’t work. We took 2 banana’s, some rice, nuts and dried fruit. Total food was 1.5kg The first find we have is wild ginger, the berries you can eat. You take the blue shell off and suck on the membrane around the seeds, then I spit he seeds out. You can also eat the root off this plant, like commercial ginger. This is an interesting one, Gress Tree’s or Black Boys. When they flower you can get nectar from their stalks. We just left the track in and now going into the bush. We will follow a creek to another creek, and where we are going there are no roads! We will do 3 nights in the wild. Hopefully we aren’t too much skinnier when we get out. We need to find a place we can walk, this is terrible. Trying to make our way down to the creek. After about 2 hours of walking down hill, we have found the big creek. It looks really nice, have a look at that. There is some food in this here. I think we will try to get crayfish for bait. We have some beautiful Gotu Cola here. 6 leaves a day, 3, 4, 5, 6. Will keep you young for ever, mmmmmm… Very tasty, a little bit bitter. Tastes like bitter grass. Makes you live longer. There are two toads there, one really big one. All that black stringy pearl stuff is their eggs. Not good for the environment. Noah will save the planet by catching these toads. They swim pretty fast when disturbed. She just closed her eyes again. Got her, he will most likely hang on. There’s their eggs. Some big toads. Frogs legs for dinner, yummo! Just crashing though the bush, and I smelt something, this tree here. This is Lemon Myrtle tree. We will take some and make nice tea out of it. This is the first pond we have come to, and we have already seen… Boney Bream, Jungle Perch and a 5 foot long Eel. This is my fishing set up, just some 60 pound mono-filament line. There’s Mr Boney Bream swimming. Noah has his line tied to his waking stick. We are just having a nibble on fruit and nuts, and hope to catch lunch. We should camp down there. Sounds good to me. That is a white pig, right down the end. Two white pigs. Looks like they heard us. Hello piggies, hello piggies! You can grab them, that’s an 80kg pig! And the one at the back is even bigger. Alright maybe I might go…. ha ha. Get out, go on, get out… I was a bit worried there for a second, ha ha ha. We have found camp for the first night. A really nice pond down here, Noah has already got the eel line in. And we will be up in the bushed here. This is our private little river and we have a nice beach down there. The hammocks are in the gully here. Amongst some nice trees. Nobody will see us. No, nobody could see us in here! These are small prawns or shrimp. There is also a small fish above him. What do have there Noah? I have some lovely french frogs… These are cane toads and pests in Australia. And the white stuff you see is poison. It only makes you blind. I think it will do more than that! It’s coming out of the legs too, that’s poison. Think twice before you eat that poison toad. But look at the size of the legs! We have been in the bush for… 6 hours. Ha ha ha, Noah is getting hungry. We will give him a go. While Noah is cooking Cane Toad legs, I will film these cute frogs. There’s 2 now, there goes one. Here is Noah’s attempt at gourmet toads legs ala frog. Let it be noted, that I don’t think he should eat that. When there was poison coming out just 5 minutes ago! So, I love you all and I hope I will see you again. And if Noah doesn’t die tonight, I will try some tomorrow. But one of us should survive. Toad legs going onto the fire. They don’t look much different to chicken legs, except they had poison dripping off them before. Where is the salt? You need salt for that? Mmmm. Yummy? Tastes like… Chicken? mmmmmm, no. Tastes like smoked pork. Does it? Ossobuko this bit. That’s it, Noah has eaten Toads Legs! We think it’s an eel, yep it’s an eel. It’s a little tasty one, a very good size. That is the one we saw. Just drag him right up on the bank. Perfect size. Morning of day 2, and he’s still ALIVE! It didn’t kill me! Toad legs again tonight… Lets go hiking. Noah has been walking along the creek.. And he saw a Barramundi right at our feet. What I have done is got a leaf with a hook in it. I have a stick to lower it near the fish. And catch Barramundi dinner. Here’s a Bull Rout. This is like a freshwater Stone Fish. They are very poisonous. Very camouflaged. He doesn’t think we can see him. We are about to pop out on a creek. There are 2 pigs in front of us. Lets see how close we can get. There are a lot in the bushes to our left. Noah is always thinking about food, he just asked if i have a knife ready? Yes she smelt us. My leaf lure didn’t work. I’m going to make a bamboo fish trap or scoop. I am using some cane we found in the forrest. Split it down the middle. I will make lots of thin pieces. Until I have this pieces to work with. Once i have then pretty thin, I will remove the excess. That will make them more flexible. Run the knife down like that. If I try to bend that it will break. So I will use fire to bend it. There we go, a much tighter bend. Now I will weave a fish net or scoop. Just like a scoop net. Always alternate the weave. Once it is started it is actually very vast. Over, under, over under… Just make sure the holes are the right size for your quarry. An hour and a bit and I have a fish catching device. Just finish it off with a handle. That will catch us live bait for tonight. Scoop the fish up. It’s half an hour after dark. Look we have a small fish, for bait. We just came back from getting live bait. There goes the line, we just caught a Mangrove Jack and the line is going off again… Do you have light? The water is down here, we just re-set the line and.. Noah you do the honors, it feels eel-ish. Good, very big. That is a nice Eel. Nice, perfect size. We have dinner now, we have Mangrove Snapper and we have Eel. We are not going hungry tonight. And Andy is not eating Toad legs tonight. NO! I’m not eating Toad legs at all. There is todays catch. 2 Mangrove Snapper and an Eel. The line just went off again and I let another Mangrove Jack go. That is more than enough for us for dinner. Soon we will have full stomachs. A green tree snake has been coming down the hill. Chasing a cute yellow frog. We had a good feed last night and some breakfast this morning. We saw a Bull Rout in the creek so we made a bow and arrow. Bring on the toxic fish and the toxic toads, lets test him out. If the Bull Rout is not there, we will shoot some toads. Only a little deep. Ha ha, it’s very refreshing. Sometimes in the bush you score and I have scored. These are Brambles or Raspberries, and very tasty. Sweet and juicy. There are lots here. You find them on the edge of creeks. He Noah, I have some Raspberries. A good reason to watch when walking, a Red Bellied Black Snake! He is very fat, very healthy and 1.5m long. He is hunting and doesn’t know we are there. Normally they will try and flee when they see you. They have the ability to restrict venom when they bite you. They are not too dangerous, but I stay away from them anyway. 300m past the rainforest and the creek has changed. Nice pools but completely different. When you thin the creek gets smaller… It opens up into an oasis. This is an amazing find. Water lilies, palm trees and deep water, just amazing. It is like a big blue oasis water hole. Stunning with this moss. We will keep walking today. It didn’t do that when I jumped on it. Noah on the last night of our trip got a monster Eel. That will be a good tasty Eel, a huge meal. Very happy. We have eaten very well. Hello Mr Eel, yum yum. An hour and a half after catching the Eel, and it is looking very tasty. Half smoked and hals hot cooked, some salt and yum yum. Mmmm. That is perfect. Magical, magical. A little salty, a little smokey, very nice. Nice omega oils in there. Ok, my turn now. Here is a tree we saw from the other side yesterday. You can see Barramundi and Mangrove Jacks. Yes, it’s chasing it. We could eat Barramundi for lunch. He is looking at it. My bush made lures didn’t work, my home made lures would. You can still see the Barra sitting in there. Noah is eating last nights Eel for lunch. Just a lunch break before we climb out. 2 kg of smoked Eel to power me up the beautiful mountain. Beautiful adventure done.

    RC Boat Catches Fish!?! Fishing Challenge!
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    RC Boat Catches Fish!?! Fishing Challenge!

    August 17, 2019

    – Good morning everybody! GetBent TV, we’re out
    challenging ourselves to a new series. – Of! – What kind of crazy
    stuff can we fish with? – That’s right, that we
    find at the toy store. – Or other retailers. – Amazon.
    – Exactly. (techno music) – My toy of choice today
    is the RC fishing boat. I hope to catch a fish
    so big that I never see this thing again, and it sits
    at the bottom of this river til the apocalypse. (drums music) So right we’re gonna test out
    or brand new RC fishing boat. I’m going for trout today. We’re gonna be drifting a worm, alright? This thing is right out of the box, we wanna see how it does on
    its own, no modifications. There’s a very convenient little knob on the back of the motor that you can hook your leader up to by
    this nice plastic thing. To a float, to the rest of the line, to a very delicious-looking worm, so what we’re gonna do is we’re
    just gonna put the boat in, I’m gonna drive it to a spot that looks like a nice little rip. (burps) And actually cut the engine,
    and just let the boat take the worm right over these fish. (toy motor revving) (drums music) We made one pass at
    the school of brookies, and not really any kind of reaction, so we lengthened the leader a little bit, we’re gonna try to get
    it right in their grill, see if that’ll get ’em to take it. (drums music) – [Tony] He just took the– – [John] Yeah, I thought we had one. – [Tony] Leave the boat
    right there, that’s fine. It’s perfect, actually. (jazzy music) (toy engine revving) – Should be money. (suspenseful music) There we go. Come on! (dramatic orchestral music) Oh my. Dude, I can’t get it over here! Where’s the thing, do you have the thing? Oh, yes! Bro, what? Alright, so we expected to
    catch like a little brookie or something, or a little rainbow, but not a big old fatty male
    like that, with some teeth! (jazzy music) Drift a nightcrawler over a pass that we know has fish in it, we saw ’em there in the beginning, we just drifted the worm right over ’em, dude came up and smashed it, bro. That was it.

    Strongest Men VS Strongest Fish
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    Strongest Men VS Strongest Fish

    August 14, 2019

    so guys we got three of the strongest men on earth got Devon Larrick ex-special forces armwrestling champion the world juji mu food the only guy in the world I know that can do this right here and we got Lane Norden powerlifting champion and the amberjack champion as well yes so our goal today is push the winners we’re going to try to catch Goliath Reapers in a way of no number four strongest men versus strongest fish you guys ready yeah [Music] the rules of this competition are simple biggest fish wins obviously but here is the catch the rod can never touch the gun if the rod touches the gun oh it’s strike one if you get three strikes you’re out juji’s gonna go first he’s ready I didn’t even warm up yet me into a thousand-pound squad fine right okay I’m fine I mean you got compression sleeves on yeah ready hey nervous yeah because everyone else around me is nervous to smile even bleed through to me all right here we go I’d be super nervous if I was you Jersey yeah just like catching a car right that’s the bait right there Devin you’re gonna be back here if the line snaps I want you to grab him to make sure he doesn’t hit his head yeah now if we’re getting pulled forward and we’re getting pulled in I need you to grab his shoulders yeah hold on tight okay so it’s kinda like a seesaw all right so either piece we’re gonna go in or he’s gonna fall back we got you Jersey scared buddy yeah because you’re talking about how many people are it’s gonna take to keep you from flying into the water all right let’s go come on all right all right come on oh yeah all right explain to us how it felt when he actually pulled you to the gunnel this is nothing you could do about it it’s just your viewing pulled in the water and the only thing you’re hoping for is that the people holding you so much lactic acid in my hand right now right yeah my my wrist is just yeah from just holding on pass the torch to ya man I’m so excited to try now now that I see kind of what we’re dealing with dude you didn’t die that’s a good thing I see that it can pull you right over the boat so I hope I got a spotter but I think really the main thing is surviving that initial minute right I didn’t survive it I guess that is the main thing I mean if I how long do I gotta go to like get ahead of you how long what’s your longest armwrestling match you’ve ever done probably like one of my good ones is like probably Marcia Barbosa like probably up around two minutes two minutes and then that turned my lips purple no yeah yeah like anything over twenty seconds is an eternity okay and what what would it tell anything it will take the real this bad boy five minutes all right there you go more than twice as much as a match with Marcia yeah okay well let’s do it let’s do it [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] it’s like we had him and we had a bit and then he decided to really push explain now you both stop full power voice it wasn’t stoppable for me you know it’s hard to gate when something stronger than you it’s hard to know exactly how much stronger is it like for me it’s taken me over like if we weren’t here would you’ve gone in the water yeah yeah no I that would it would it would win right so I can’t really count it I would like like I feel like I’ve already learned something like I got to get the plate lower I gotta get more lean like early because if you’re like not set and it’s done here it’s like you can’t recover yeah you’re right yeah so it’s I feel like I have anticipated it’s so much fun so guess what it’s lanes turn now that’s pretty confident over there look at that gonna be tough be real tough but you know me I like a challenge guys it’s lame norden’s turn he’s pretty confident I would say he’s got confidence with them freedom fight him beat him you beat them you beat dude dude you’re doing [Music] oh boy strike one for everybody it’s juji’s turn now and we’re gonna move to the bent foot so we’re gonna switch this this was really cool with this rodrigo check this out for this so this winter operator but press this button right here and goes to bat but just gonna give up them a little bit more power so we’ll see how the combos get ready Oh [Music] [Music] it was slipping way up he took the rudder my didn’t spear your stomach did it no I got the ready I’m ready are you ready throw him back you ready to sign yeah yeah bring a little room over here no no that’s the problem that’s why you have the wrong you need you need to be centered right here okay I need to let you need to be centered [Applause] thank you [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] he was heavy like my hand was underneath and I’m like he’s crushing my arm okay wow that’s a big animal I was like I gotta my god are you sure yeah why not I almost got dragged in with you I know I almost broke my arm yeah let’s do it let’s do it I got it I got a prevent earlier it’s like you don’t know what you’re messing with and you have to assume it’s a really bad thing because you can’t see it [Music] learn a lot of comments over the years people are like hey the rods never supposed to touch the gunnel you need to fight in a harness or play you don’t know what you’re doing I go look I’ve been used for a long time okay and when you push that much pressure this guy my size not possible you want to catch the fish your Roger Stefano that’s where you put this tubing on the rod right here this vinyl tubing that protects the rod from getting scratches rock from breaking and the boat from being scratched and it looks weird but that’s a mandatory requirement so the rod stay in the boat stay safe and you’ll see after Alain does this vent over here and switches and do my technique I’m gonna catch on real quick for you guys and it’s a lot easier but you got a gun on the rod I’m gonna see if they can do it don’t cut on the raw but it’s nice I got to tell you I’m a little stressed out spotting you actually really you’re like one of those bench pressors that if we just touch the bar they’re gonna freak out okay because it didn’t count they can fit come on this is all you bro this is your year [Music] the plates up get the plate down real real whirlpool it’s just he’s done he’s done for his belly up bro oh I’m jumping in there we go yeah I’m really bummed because I felt like I had him in a really good spot I had the rod in the right spot I was getting some line and then just my feet just went right from under me no I totally slick yeah really yeah my just my left foot with and it was gone and then that rah hit the cuddle and it moved the plate on me yeah and then what’s that plate got it over here I mean that it’s like you can’t do anything yeah you’re help you know so thankfully good spotters Devin and Juji they help me out this comes back on target there’s no solo fishing out here you can’t do it by yourself I mean these guys are monsters I’m a little guy and I can tell you I can’t do by myself and ask them and can you guys do it by yourself no no I mean you know three of us together it’s my turn we’re gonna do it the way you vote me see me doing on my show [Applause] oh yeah you made it look so easy man I was tryna be the bait up because I wanted to see cuz they said this Wonder Adolphus everyone else could see stuff but I was real enough he smoked it taught me off guard [Applause] [Music] [Applause] what a day sick saying thank you insane thanks Josh they probably wanted me most intense fishing experience I’ve ever had the opportunity to be part of win rods went in the water keeping global school the water it was insane I’m ready take a nap I’ve already taken in that really okay go to bed upon sleep the policy my feet is well I’m not gonna lie I was on the water could be that was that’s the best fishing day of my life I got no complaints that was you you went you went down and I was just I was this close to falling on the boat that was crazy we’re all exhausted guys give all these guys a file fall lame Shuji Devin their links are in the description go there follow them they are super cool guys lameness your nutrition expert and basically everything about science you want to learn about weightlifting power thing that’s your guy juji can do things that no other man can do upstairs you want to come and do the splits I’ll hold me I don’t know how much honey pounds the weight on this over his head this is feeling good I this guy’s crazy Devin if you ever want to get arm wrestle Devin you keep McCall I’ll come over there in any place any time any place any time anywhere freedom special thanks to everyone that made this video possible Penn Blackfin rods win crop Folsom we thank you guys so much and also a captain Rob you’re the best thank you guys you guys enjoyed watching this video hit that like button subscribe and we’ll see you next time [Music] [Music]