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    Trout Fishing in Missouri

    December 9, 2019

    It’s early morning on March first. In Missouri, that means one thing
    to several thousand die-hard anglers: it’s time to go catch some rainbows and brownies. The opening day of trout season; it’s an event that’s been a tradition in Missouri
    for over fifty years, attracting new and experienced anglers each year. But for many, it’s an event that means more than catching fish, it’s a chance to share old stories and make new friends.>>You wore chest waders that time.
    >>I had chest waders.>>Yeah, I was getting down in the river, but the
    was a lot deeper than what I thought it was. I stepped off and went clear under and I come up sputtering. The guy standing there says,
    “That’s a deeper hole there than it looks.” (laughter) (siren) Within minutes of the opening siren,
    some anglers will have their limit of fish, while others will take home memories
    of catching a lunker rainbow or brown trout. The Missouri Department of Conservation
    stocks each of the trout parks and administers the daily fishing fee program. The four trout parks include Montauk, located near Salem; Roaring River, near Cassville; Bennett Spring, near Lebanon;
    and Meramec Spring near St. James. All you need to experience the fun is
    a valid Missouri
    fishing permit and a daily trout fishing tag. The summer trout season at Missouri’s four state trout parks
    runs from March through October, but the fishing doesn’t stop. Many people also enjoy the catch and release season
    during the winter months. It runs from November through February,
    on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. There’s no limit on the number of fish you can
    but you have to release them immediately. You can only use flies during the catch and
    release season,
    and other restrictions may apply. The chance to go trout fishing in Missouri
    may be
    closer to home than what you think. In St. Louis and Kansas City a handful of area
    are stocked during the winter with rainbow trout. The trout program offers some anglers
    their first chance to catch a trout, for others it’s a chance to wet a line in their own backyard. Each lake is stocked once a month
    from November through February. Stocking dates are not announced,
    but word passes quickly once the stocking truck arrives. Trout cannot survive water temperatures above 70 degrees,
    that’s why they’re stocked during winter. And very few trout ever see warmer weather;
    most are caught
    within a couple weeks of being released. Anglers age 16 through 64 must have a fishing permit;
    to possess trout, you need a trout permit.

    Buy a fishing rod licence on GOV.UK
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    Buy a fishing rod licence on GOV.UK

    December 8, 2019

    We are now looking at developing a much simpler
    service to encourage anglers to take up the service online. I wanted to look at the service
    from scratch and see how we can build it for our customers. I’m just speaking for the
    customers themselves, it’s what they want. It’s their service. Most people that go fishing want to buy a
    licence because they understand where the money goes, and they understand that the money
    goes back into the sport to enhance it and improve their sport for them and the future
    generations. Our overall objective is to get more people
    buying licenses online. We’ve just been through Alpha, so we’ve just being trying to prove the concept. We’ve been building prototypes and taking them out to our customers, those that are not so tech savvy, what kind of help and assistance do they need. Do they need telephone support? Do they need that assisted digital in the Post Office or wherever the counter service may be? Things like “Would you like a digital licence?” – some of
    that terminology of the word ‘digital’ hasn’t sat comfortably with people, they’re not sure
    what we mean by that, so looking at our content and making sure that’s simple enough for
    the customers to understand is what we’re working on As an enforcement officer I want a system
    where I can check details and people that have got a licence, when we check them
    on the bank, I want to know instantly. It can help our side of it as enforcement officers
    no end if they can really make the job slicker and quicker. Ideally we would like to move to a
    paperless licence, but that’s some way off yet. Or moving to text messaging or emails where
    they can just show the officers on the bankside when challenged; it’s just more handy if
    it can be stored on their smartphone. One particular person said it was that simple,
    his granddaughter who’s six could use it, which is really positive feedback that we’re
    actually on the right track and making the service really simple and easy for them.

    Urban Banx Carp Fishing Alan Blair in Bristol – Urban Banx 7
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    Urban Banx Carp Fishing Alan Blair in Bristol – Urban Banx 7

    December 8, 2019

    Well I’m on a mission I’ve travelled up from Essex I’ve been driving for about three hours now I’ve come into the centre of Bristol to see my good friend Jordan Dicks It’s a glorious afternoon I’ve got 25 degrees here which is an absolute scorcher I’m going to quickly stop off at the first spot which is actually a small park lake I’m going to check that out then I’m going to hook up with Jordan We are going right into the thick of it tonight right into the docks I can’t wait I’m absolutely buzzing lets see what happens Boy its busy Carp Loads of carp What a place just had a chat with some of the locals one boy has had one of about eleven pounds He’s had them up to twenty five though and others of eighteen and nineteen so not just little fish and it certainly looks good for a bite Anyway I’m going to head on now and go and meet up with Jordan and go and check these docks out We’re off in search of some bigger fish Lets go find some carp After catching up with Jordan we had a walk round the docks before deciding where to fish for the night First cast Jord With the rods out and the sun setting we kicked back and tucked into a takeaway How do we get on that boat? We had a couple of bream each before midnight and as we settled down to grab some sleep we hoped the carp weren’t far away So its the morning after last night down here fishing in the docks in Bristol and if you can’t tell already by the smile on our faces it was a productive one What happened then Jord we got down here about six? Yeah six had a quick look round it was nice and sunny and looked really good Its just the most amazing place! Yeah its pretty special and we got the rods out It was midnight before we got our heads down it must have been about 1.30am that I had a bite on my middle rod It took me right round the boat Heart in the mouth stuff! I managed to get him out and it was a bit of a mission landing it but we got there in the end A nice mirror What a cracker! Beautiful absolutely beautiful you just wouldn’t think it was living here No you wouldn’t and you can back that up by the number of carp anglers we have seen Absolutely none We have seen one old boy doing a bit of roach fishing but other than that we have got the place to ourselves Yeah So well done mate it was an absolute stunner Yeah and then just on sunrise this morning you had a nice take on your left hand rod Hooked into a fish after casting the choddy a bit further down into the central track its quite a lot deeper I’d say eighteen or twenty feet and it absolutely melted off It was one of those battles where I needed to go above and beyond to actually land it Which involved involved a little bit of swimming at 6am A little bit of knit one pearl one getting lines from out behind boats but I got it in the net and its a cracking common The pair of them have got their scars and fin damage just worn and tired proper proper fish I’m buzzing thanks mate thank you Shall we get them out and have a look at them? Yes lets have a good look Then slip them back and get on with the rest of our day What a stunner What a carp mate Just check that out What a result I can see why you love it so much down here mate Special fish It really is questionable whether these have ever been caught before Definitely Big up Bristol We are going to get them slipped back and Jords taking me on another adventure Bring on the boat Yes the boat Awesome This is Bristol this is Urban Banx I’m down here with Jordan Dicks and I’m having the time of my life See you later mate thank you So whats the plan for today then mate? Well I think we will go and have a look at a few landmarks Maybe head down to Nelson street and then go and have a look round the park lake later I stopped off on the way here there were so many carp A bit different to this style of fishing Totally different its got a much higher stock of fish and we should be able to get them going pretty quick It’s worth pointing out that depending the water you are fishing and the type of fish you are fishing for rig and bait play a really important part What we have been using this session is going to be very different to what we will be using this afternoon We have both been on the Stiff hinges Yeah So ultra strong reliable setups 15lb mono fished straight through with some putty blobbed along it A nice big heavy lead 25lb Armourlink and then a bit of Chod Link on the front with a sharp hook Big baits the moment you put a 15 miller on you catch bream Bream It would be safe to say if we took that rig there to where we are going this afternoon Its not the one But what I have learnt over the years of fishing places like this is they are not riggy are they No not at all The odds are they have never been caught before You don’t need the latest wonder rig to try and trick them you just need something thats strong and reliable That’s the key definitely With the day ahead we decided to pack away the gear and go and see the Harbourmaster to get a permit for Jordan’s boat It’s a seven foot boat and it’s a two horsepower engine Excellent value for money I couldn’t quite believe it was only three pounds Thank you very much, enjoy your the rest of your day Bye bye Let’s go sailing Let’s do it Where are you taking us? Bristol marina Is this the place the gentleman last night said he thinks there are a few fish in? Yeah Again free fishing as well? Yeah free fishing Incredible is all of the docks free fishing? So everything around us now is all free? Yeah Does it get fished much? No not by carp anglers you get a few coarse anglers but hardly any carp anglers at all It’s just marina after marina Get ready for this guys it’s a Banksy exclusive He has got his work in some places hasn’t he scattered all over the place Check it out Badboy What the **** happened to you? It looks like it was just sitting there and then fell off Well what’s this Jord? We have obviously had a little bit of a malfunction with the engine and we are about three and a half miles from the vans and we are now rowing back with one oar We have just found this little box there are some quite weird contents I don’t know what this little fella has got to say for himself A small pig – oink A bead… anyones guess?! Over twelve months ago this little box was put here Thats our message and we will give them a little big up I think the way these things work you are supposed to leave something yourself in the box So what have we got Jord? It’s got to be… a back lead Yeah So we will leave that where we found it Awesome now the big row back We didn’t want to bring the electric outboard did we Jord? No The petrol one will be fine After getting off the boat and packing everything away we decided to take a walk through the city Obviously with the rods in case we stumbled across any fish Have a nice one yeah cheers We needed to find somewhere to get a passport photo for our park lake permit but I still found the time to buy a couple of hats along the way Well we are trying to find somewhere to get our passport photos taken and it’s proving a little difficult We have been on a right mission haven’t we? Yeah We need it basically to get our permits This way? Yeah Here we go After all that the shop had run out of permits but the guy said fish anyway it won’t be a problem Bye bye thank you Honestly I’ve seen them catch them not that big that big honestly That is the classic anglers tale Thats big honestly Hopefully we will have one Yeah have a go Have a lovely day and you bye Well next stop where are we Jord? St George Park Yeah man it’s beautiful I reckon it’s probably 24 degrees what are we going to be doing? A bit of surface fishing I think get the Riser Pellet going in and tie up some zigs Only one thing to do really on a day like this isn’t there go and enjoy the sun go and find some fish and get them taking floaters Let’s do it Have you got any inserts in those? Yeah we have got some inserts My one started wearing out I started getting some gorges in them Grooves in it Thats dangerous it can cut the line So I just snapped the rod up and threw it away and bought another one There are some big ones in there seriously Any carp? You might do but the thing is people are taking them home instead of putting them back What the carp? Yeah so they disappeared They did that at Eastfield park they did the same thing there Do you want a joint before you go? No we are going to try and catch some fish fella You are enjoying the sunshine aren’t you?! You have a nice day mate and you as well Well we are here and just like always I am seriously excited You can see it’s not the biggest lake in the world It’s probably not the most picturesque and probably not the biggest fish in it but I can’t wait to do a few hours fishing on here Let’s do it So I’ve put out between ten and fifteen small pouches and they haven’t come straight up They are going to have seen a lot of floaters over the years and they are not going to be ultra easy But the Riser Pellet will turn them on the feed I’m absolutely sure of that Just to further enhance it I’ve just put on a bit more of the Pure Crustacean Extract oil to pull them up that bit quicker It’s just added attraction you know every little helps and the swans love it Yeah I might as well feed these considering we are going to be fishing fixed zigs on the surface and floaters I might as well make them my friend not my enemy and try and keep them in the margins as opposed to out in the zone where I am actually fishing After hooking my first fish I realised it wasn’t just the cameras that were watching me I couldn’t help myself I can only presume they have put this here because when the park is busy they need this walkway for the general public families wheelchairs to get past But its a Monday and the park is quiet I’ve taken a liberty and fished in the out of bounds It’s still the same bit of water we can cast to from the other side I’ve had a wander round with slow sinking maggots and eventually managed to get one to suck it in It’s not going to be as easy as I first thought having seen so many fish at the weekend and now feeding them for half an hour and the fifteen minutes stalking They ain’t no fools They have seen it all before they have been in here a long time one would argue they are quite pressured So refinement of tackle is going to be the order of the day small baits and fine line They certainly are not monsters so it allows you to scale right down This one has slipped up on the good old can’t be beaten slow sinking maggots Ok so you caught that fish illegally you caught it in there over the fishing line We have just said that and I appreciate that I have also said that I wonder if the reason that they put these lines here is because when it is very busy at the weekend they need wheelchair access No it’s nothing to do with that it’s to do with protecting the wildlife on that island and to keep this unpolluted and yet fishermen keep contravening the rules You have watched me you have seen everything I haven’t been near to the birds I haven’t cast into the island It doesn’t matter your line was there where they are that’s why we say this is the line I mean why you want to be torturing animals at all I don’t know but there you go What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? Well not torturing animals Can you please make a note that this is illegal fishing It’s just horrendous So yeah you never answered me what do you enjoy doing in your spare time? What relevance is that we are not talking about me Well you have come over and had a conversation with me I was just being polite I’m a member of the friends of the parks So you like the whole outdoor park thing? I love it yes and that is exactly the same as me No it isn’t you are killing wildlife You have to believe me I have fished since I was four years old that is twenty six years and I have never killed anything We have had fish torn mouths I’ll show you the hook is right on the edge there is no way that you can tear its mouth the fish are actually in quite good condition If you want to do this but to be doing it in the park and people are so distressed about it particularly people with young kids I’ve got the grandchild that I look after regularly and I know a lot of the mums and they say why is the council permitting it It’s horrible it’s horrible You don’t think it would be a good thing then for youngsters to get into the sport? No I don’t! But why is that? Because I think children particularly now need to totally love and respect the environment Not learn to kill things or harm them or chase them because we need to value the environment There are four of us here today and all four of us have fished all our lives Yeah and that one is over the line as well Yeah he is filming he is just sitting under the tree in the shade Well there is a rod there No the rods are all on the right side Yeah we have fished all our lives and it is because of fishing that we have such a great love for nature and the outdoors Do you know I’ve heard that with fox hunting no way no way You love nature because it provides you with a means to torture animals fishermen just seem to think they are a law unto themselves I think you might be being a little bit stereotypical though you are pigeonholing the entire angling community Well…angling community and you are very sarcastic about that comment I’m not saying every single fisherman doesn’t follow the rules I’ve just broken one and I absolutely hold my hands up Well can you put that fish back because it was caught there Yeah it will swim back to wherever it likes to go I appreciate that but I haven’t done anyone any harm I’m certainly not going to leave any litter here I’m definitely not going to harm the fish Well that’s good but please don’t cross this line in future I know I’m not supposed to fish over here but you know sometimes in life you just break the odd rule as long as it’s not hurting other people Well it is it’s been hurting the wildlife It’s not I haven’t hurt the wildlife You may have witnessed things down here in the past You’ll have a really good film Oh it’s perfect! Anyway shall we get him slipped back It was lovely to meet you I’m really sorry No I’m sorry I’m not going to shake your hand You won’t shake a fisherman’s hand well it was a pleasure speaking to you Not unless you start looking at these things as a whole not just what you want to do and there is no reason why you can’t go fishing in the canal or in rivers but not here ok You have a lovely day yeah I only wanted to come fishing Let’s get this beauty slipped back It’s nice to see she is very passionate about what she believes we probably both disagree on a few things I’ve already held my hands up for fishing in an out of bounds area It’s a great shame especially her thoughts about kids getting into the sport she absolutely doesn’t think children should be fishing because they shouldn’t be torturing the fish in her words I sadly disagree I’m afraid I don’t think there is a lot better things to be doing when you are growing up to keep you out of other trouble than fishing and I think the four of us here today Oli Jordan Carl and myself are testament to that I’m sure there are a lot of people in Bristol and other cities right around Europe that haven’t been lucky enough to have the opportunity to go fishing and as a result may well have followed a path and not necessarily the right one Anyway let’s get this one slipped back Do you want to have a look? This is a carp He is a common carp Wow! He is big Would you like to try fishing one day? Yeah It’s really good fun There he goes Bye bye That was a big one wasn’t it wait til you tell your daddy Have you been feeding the ducks? Yeah What weight was that carp? He was probably five or six pounds So a nice one for a little lake like this Oh look a dragonfly can you see it See you later have a lovely day Thank you for letting us have a look No problem This is an over depth zig with a little Riser Bug Just been spodding out Riser Pellet and letting it drift down over the top of it and we are in Well done mate Double hook up Thats the first common and thats the second one This one caught about a foot under the surface on a Mixer Bug Two lovely little park lake commons Well that one has managed to slip the hook Jordan has had a bite on this little Riser imitation The are feeding very finicky so I’m using the smallest coating hook bait I can find It’s strange really you have half an hour of a lot of activity maybe twenty or thirty fish showing an interest in feeding and then nothing Enjoying it loving it and this afternoon we’ll see if we can get one of the better ones As the afternoon wore on there was plenty more action for Jordan on the zigs Third one of the day on the Riser Bug They are being a bit finicky now having fifteen minute feeding spells then stopping for a bit When they go for it they go for it properly in here I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the other ones goes in a minute I’ve managed to take a couple of minutes out now I’ve got the rods back out to run you through my zig Basically starting at the business end we’ve got the Riser Bug and that’s attached to 10lb Zig Flo line running down to an anti-tangle sleeve Which is just attached to a bog standard swivel The inline lead locks onto the swivel and that’s attached to 40lb Cling On leader Just with a spliced loop to loop your mainline on the end and you can change them over nice and quickly so you ca have another one ready waiting to go Have your fish loop to loop it on and you are back out and fishing again That’s my rig really basic The key to this is finding the right depth though I’m fishing them over depth at the moment because they are having it on the top that seems to be doing the business Well we have been here a couple of hours now Jordan has had three I’ve had one and lost one It’s been prolific a great afternoons fishing on this lovely little park lake but I don’t think we are going to give it too much longer We have all got long drives back Bristol has been kind to us Caught two stunning fish from the docks and came here and caught had some beautiful food good company it’s been a great couple of days and rather than tempt fate we will get on the road now I’ve got a third of a bag of Riser left I’ll get that out there and have twenty minutes more fishing and we will call it a day It’s certainly not the last you’ll see of me in Bristol I really have fallen in love with the docks Its a special bit of water hardly fished if at all and who knows what is in there Jordan’s 26lb linear and the common and mirror we caught this trip Real aspirational fishing getting me excited and making me want to go more and more So a quick recast on these two rods a bit more Riser Pellet out there and it’s time to call it a day But the park had one more surprise for us Its a kipper It’s a chunk! It’s so big! Oh you happy so lucky you How long you waiting? Only a few minutes not long Nailed is not the word Huge fish! You need forceps? Yeah man! Yeah Proper nailed that So it looks like the food with just a small hook Ooooh 22lb 10oz There you have it what a way to finish the day session fishing the Riser Pellet and over depth zigs on a park lake £3 for the permit for the year For the year For the year! Well done Jord good effort mate it’s been a pleasure Thank you mate for coming down Get in the picture Al Oooh Quality


    Kerala Fishing The 10 Best Snakehead Fishing Using Frog Lure & Fishing Series Part #5

    December 8, 2019

    Top 10 Snakehead Fishing in the world First Casting for catching Snakehead Tighten the reel seat on the Fishing rod A decent size snakehead pulling up from the water it’s a beautiful snakehead Rubber Frog lure is used on this catch Lures Trown for the next target The second oNe hang on the Jump Frog A beatiful fishing spot snakehead chase strike reality of snakehead fishing Best strikes of Gaint Snakehead

    Fishing Day at Coyote Pond
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    Fishing Day at Coyote Pond

    December 7, 2019

    Hi, My name is Jennifer Mata. I am the Field Manager with the Redding BLM. Behind us you’ll see kids participating in the third annual kids fishing day. I’m Eric Coulter. I am with the Redding BLM Field Office. We are out here at Coyote Pond in the Sacramento River Bend Outstanding Natural Area. We have an opportunity for the youth to be able to come out and enjoy America’s Great Outdoors and so we partner with Bend Elementry School to create this fishing day opportunity for kids to get out and enjoy the great outdoors and be able to learn about aquatic life and the ecosystem we have here. So three years ago we decided to partner with Bend Elementry School and create this partnership to allow the youth to come out once a year for a kids fishing day. So one of the great values of this event is that we create an opportunity for the youth to get outside and enjoy America’s public lands and the great outdoors. So the great thing about this event is seeing these kids enjoy themselves in the outdoors. Some of these kids, the looks on their faces and the experience they get to have catching these fish are priceless. Many times this is their first opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and do an activity
    like fishing. You guys see any fish down there? Yeah, Look! Hi, my name is Nancy Haug. I am with the Bureau of Land Management in Northern California. Today, I am out at Coyote Pond working with kids who are learning how to fish. In many cases they haven’t been even in the outdoors. So today is a really great day, it’s the best of all worlds because we get youth out on public lands and they get to practice
    doing something they don’t get to do everyday. Today at the Bend fishing day we caught this Valley Garter Snake, this thing will swim around the pond and catch tadpoles and little insects. I like that we get to hang out here with our friends and also catch fish. To find out about more BLM youth programs contact your local field office.