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    How to Fish for Big Trout – Fly Fishing Tips from Tony Spacey & the Game Angling Consultancy – 1
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    How to Fish for Big Trout – Fly Fishing Tips from Tony Spacey & the Game Angling Consultancy – 1

    January 19, 2020

    This is a series of fly fishing programs made
    especially for the internet. [Collin’s] a newbie. I’ve been around a few
    years. We’re going to show you the very best of fly fishing that Britain’s
    got to offer. This is my setup for this. It’s a typical
    setup, my favorite. It’s a Hardy Zenith, centrics material for the rod, nine
    foot, 6/7 weight. I love my Lamson reel. Lamson is absolutely fantastic.
    For my money, they’re the best in the world. Coupled with a Rio gold, weight-forward
    line, what a setup. You’re not going to get better than this.
    The Rio line is superb. It’s soft, it’s supple, it presents like a dream,
    lifts off, attracts little dirt, very low-maintenance. Best of all, it
    lasts a long time. Fantastic line, beautiful reel, you can’t get better
    than the Hardy Zenith rod. Let’s see what we can do. Let’s catch a fish. The guys and the ladies out there who are
    middle-aged and blind, one of the best and valuable aids I’ve come across is
    one of these hinge magnifiers. Quite seriously, without this I wouldn’t be
    fishing, because I cannot see to tie the knots. Absolutely invaluable, these
    are terrific because there’s no adjustment, clips on your cap. It’s a permanent
    clip. They are quite expensive but worth every penny. [Collin ??] as
    well. We are here by the fishery owner’s invitation, so don’t leave
    litter, don’t be bitter [??] these are absolutely sensational. No adjustment,
    clipped on your cap, they are there when you need them. Absolutely worth
    a second right hand. There’s a fish in the background jumping. Let’s go
    and catch it. There’s a school of fish moving out there,
    they’re jumping like poor boys. We’ve got on a Daddy Long Legs. We’ve seen
    them taking damselflies and big insects. Let’s see what we can do to attract
    them. Just where I wanted it to go, leave it for a few seconds. Fish are
    initially scared of the fisherman’s cast, steady retreat. There’s
    one following him now. I just love this kind of fishing, when you can actually
    see the fish you’re casting to, it’s just so exciting. For my
    money it doesn’t get better than this. Important if you’ve come to get a good turnover
    and lead her. The thing that does scare these- there, we’ve got one,
    pull it. Go, go, go, oh, turned away last minute. No, it turned again.
    Can we hook him again? Are we set. It’s important to get a good turnover
    and lead her. You want that fly to land as long and far away as possible from
    wind in your fly line. That’s what will spook some of these still water
    fish, when they get spooked by being lined. That’s when the line drops on
    the fish or close to the fish, and scares them away. Presentation in all
    forms of life- here we go, he’s coming again. Now we’ve had the same fish following twice,
    but it hasn’t made it pay. What we’ll do now is we’ll wait until he looks.
    We’re going to try a faster retreat. Sometimes I find that works. What
    that means is he’s got less time to examine the fly. It has to make a bigger
    decision, quicker decision, “Am I going to take it or not,” it’s amazing.
    You’ve got two options. By the speed of the retreat, we’ll do the
    exact opposite and see if they’ll take it on the hang. On the hang, or on the
    drop, is when the flies hit the water. It’s gradually descending, hopefully
    something more like a natural insect that’s maybe drowned. Because it’s
    a little different than the movement, that’s all it takes sometimes to
    get a fish to bite. Terrific form, pull the same. Absolutely sensational
    pulling. Get him over a wee bit, you don’t want to lose him. Introduce
    him to my massive landing net. And here we go. … I’ll use my ridiculously oversize landing
    net, but I’ve never lost a fish for having a big net, but I have lost a couple
    when I couldn’t fit them into a small net. Here we are, this is what
    it’s all about. Absolutely beautiful brown trout. Because we’re fishing
    catch and release here, it’s important to fish with bobbers, or squash
    the bob down before you stop. Look at this. For me, this is what fly fishing
    is all about. Beautiful brown trout, fantastic surroundings, great
    company. What could be better than this. We’ve had him out of the water. Let’s get
    him back in and make sure he swims away safely. And there he goes, ready
    to fight another day. It doesn’t get better than that.

    Great Lakes Atlantic Salmon Fishing | Ontario
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    Great Lakes Atlantic Salmon Fishing | Ontario

    January 19, 2020

    (atmospheric music) – Welcome everybody
    to the New Fly Fisher. I’m your host Colin McKeown. In this week’s show,
    we’re fly fishing for Atlantic Salmon and
    this is kinda different Atlantic salmon fishing. We’re not using bombers,
    we’re not using wet flies, we’re using streamers
    and sink tips. We’re not in Newfoundland and we’re not in the Maritimes. We’re here in Northern Ontario, in fact we’re in
    Sault Ste. Marie, right in the center of the town. I’m with guide John Guiliani and he’s gonna tell us
    everything we need to know about how to catch
    big Atlantic salmon from five to 20 pounds,
    using streamers. It’s gonna be a great
    show, stay with us. (gentle guitar music) – [Announcer] The New Fly
    Fisher has been made possible thanks to Algoma Country., Orvis Sporting Traditions, Rio Products, Superfly, fly fishing made easy. (mellow guitar music) – [Colin] Sault Ste. Marie,
    the gateway to Algoma Country in Northern Ontario, thousands of
    tourists and anglers come through this
    small city each year bound for one of the many
    wilderness destinations Algoma has become famous for. What many anglers do not realize as they pass by
    the St. Marys River is that it is home to
    an outstanding fishery. Steelhead, pink
    salmon, Coho salmon and even lake
    trout can be caught in and near the rapids. But few know about it. What is even more significant about the St. Marys
    River is the large number of Atlantic salmon that
    come each summer to feed. This is probably one of
    the best keep secrets about this river. Yes, Atlantic salmon. Thanks to a consistent
    stocking program, there are good numbers
    of Atlantic salmon coming to the rapids every
    June through to November. I wanted to fish
    for these salmon, but I knew I needed an expert. And there’s one
    professional guide who has become quite well known for successfully catching these Atlantic
    salmon, John Guiliani. John has been
    fishing and guiding on the St. Marys rapids
    for nearly 30 years. This experience he’s gained over a great deal of time, learning about the
    salmon, when they run, why they’re there,
    what they’re eating and much more. Bill Spicer had come several
    years ago to fish with John and enjoyed outstanding success. They had waded the rapids
    and used either nymphing or swinging a fly techniques
    to catch the fish. However, in speaking
    with John on the phone, he told me there were
    periods each summer when the salmon were
    aggressively hunting smelt and would take a streamer. – Oh that was a big fish. Big fish.
    – The head come up. – That was just the head. – [Colin] The thought of
    catching Atlantics this way sounded too good to be true, so I had to come
    and give it a try. Joining me today is good
    friend Steve Bathgate who owns, an online fly pattern retailer. Like me, Steve has never fished for Atlantic salmon
    in the Great Lakes, so we’re both very
    excited to get started. John took some time
    to explain to us more about where the fish were, why they were there and
    what they were eating. – Well the Atlantic
    salmon basically moved in within the last couple of weeks. They make a summer migration from the depths of Lake Huron back into where
    they’ve been planted. They’ve been planted at
    the Edison power plant, that’s the long building
    on the US side here, by Lake Superior
    State University. So they home into
    that spot first and then they branch out. They feel the current from
    the Canadian power house and the US power house. But what keeps them there
    is our summer smelt run. So we actually
    look for the birds and the birds will tell you
    where the fish are feeding. Atlantic salmon
    the way they feed, they’ll crash through
    a pile of bait and they’ll ball ’em and push ’em up to the surface and then stun them
    with their tails and that’s why we do
    pretty good on streamers, is because nothing
    mimics a streamer like a wounded bait fish. It just kind of
    hovers in the current. You’ll see the fish rising, you’ll see them busting on bait and then I try to get above
    them and make big swings in the current and you guys
    will be pounding your rods, doing a little stripping. Let it drop back and if
    you feel a little tap tap, don’t set the hook on that tap. They’ll come up and
    slap it with their tails and if you prick
    ’em in the side, they’ll just take right off and pull up a
    scale on your hook. So if you can refrain
    from setting the hook, seconds later, pow, so what I’m saying
    is set the hook when you feel a fish on. – [Colin] What is equally unique
    about what John has learned about these salmon is the way in which he
    teases them to the surface. The technique is
    known as harling. John explains more. – Yeah this is harling, and this is a Norwegian style, where you fish in a
    boat in big rivers, heavy current, more
    than three rods and you’re back
    drifting streamers on top of wading salmon. The difference
    between my fishing and the the Norwegian fishing, we’re fishing for
    feeding salmon. Their salmon’s
    coming from the salt and of course,
    they’re ocean fish so they’re not feeding. So we have that in our favor. – [Colin] Though we have a
    spread of flies behind the boat, both Steve and I are
    casting to the sides with fast sink tip lines
    and double streamers. Just as John has said, we kept spotting salmon
    crashing to the surface, chasing juvenile smelt. Terns and seagulls
    wheeled above, diving down and grabbing
    injured or dying smelt, missed by the salmon. it was all quite
    visually exciting, but also very frustrating. Cast after cast,
    we could not seem to elicit a strike. Though we have any success
    this first morning out, we were not deterred, especially since we’d seen so
    many fish chasing the smelt. Perhaps later in the day, we would finally connect. Stay with us. (mellow guitar music) After taking the afternoon
    off for some rest, we’re now back out on the water. The sun is out and bright, but the light is just
    starting to fade. As day slips away, as day
    slips away towards sunset. Our guide John
    states it’s go time for the salmon and they
    should be coming in soon to voraciously feed again. John has rigged out some rods to tease the salmon up, while Steve and I cast
    heavy sink tip lines with short leaders
    and double fly rigs. The trolling fly rig set up, John has put in place,
    is known as harling. And it’s a popular
    means of catching trout and salmon in many countries, especially in parts
    of New Zealand. For our purposes, John
    has put out four fly rods, two on each side, rigged with floating fly lines and 9 foot leaders, coupled
    to a single smelt pattern. These flies only go down a
    foot or so in the water column. And the goal is to use them as a means of bringing
    salmon close to the boat, where Steve and I
    can cast to them with our sink tip lines
    and double fly rigs. Sometimes a fish will
    take the troll flies, but generally, they can
    be caught while casting. It’s all about the conditions. The tension mounts
    as we wait to see busting fish and diving terns. – Oh oh.
    – That was cool. – [Man] Oh I just seen
    another silver one just swim right
    underneath the boat. – Ah, I just missed a fish. – [Steve] I seen that. I watched your rod
    double right over. – So I felt a little tink, like John had told me,
    on one of the flies, dropped it back slightly, then I felt the slam
    and I set the hook, and he was on for a
    second, but I lost him, but it was a powerful
    hit, a powerful hit. After I missed
    that nothing seemed to go right for us. – [Steve] Right beside us man. That was five feet
    from the boat. – [Colin] Salmon were
    coming up all around, but we could not connect. We were so frustrated. Finally we ran out of light, time to head in and try
    again in the morning. For over 30 years now, Lake
    Superior State University has been stocking
    the St. Marys River with Salmon parr each season. Usually 23,00 to 40,000
    Atlantic salmon parr are released by the University’s Aquatic Research Laboratory. John Guiliani has been
    affiliated with the university and their stocking
    program for over 20 years. In 2007, the university
    recognized John’s contribution to the program by
    naming that year’s class of stocked Atlantic
    salmon in his name. He’s the only Canadian to
    receive this special recognition and acknowledgement for
    his continual assistance to this important
    stocking program. The next morning,
    we got up early and headed to go back
    out onto the river. Conditions looked ideal
    and John felt confident this was gonna be our day. We got rigged up
    and started casting and then the excitement began. – I’m gonna cut
    back on him a bit, so I’m gonna go down to him. Nice head shakes. – Yeah, he’s giving it. That’s it, he’s
    staying down and deep, it’s a good fish. – [Man] Oh yeah. – Finally, we’ve had so
    many fish hit, but not– – Yeah. – [Colin] Usually salmon
    go airborne right away for three or four jumps, but maybe when he
    gets to the boat here. – [John] Yeah, when
    he sees the boat, he’s gonna jump. Here he is, there’s the leader. – [Steve] Yep, I’m just gonna
    keep a steady pressure on him. – [John] And some of them– – [Colin] You want
    me to do the net? – Sure. Some of them, they get so full that they can’t jump.
    – I’m right beside ya. – They’re just here gorging. – Looks like a grills. – Is it a grills? – Yeah, it’s grills. (splash) Alrighty. – Now he’s taking
    the pole a bit. – Oh yeah. He’s throwing good. – [Steve] What do you get
    when there’s 12 pounds? – Yeah.
    – Yeah. – [John] They’re here,
    I’ve seem them roll. That’s it, get that net wet. – Alright.
    – Hit that top fly. – Nice fat fat fish.
    – Oh it’s a fat fish. – That’s a fat fish. That’s a fat fish. Are you ready, heads up. Now he’s gettin’ wrapped. – He’s coming right down. – Nice male. Yeah baby.
    – Yeah, he’s in. – [Man] You got him. – Look at that.
    – Good job. – [Steve] Get the flies out. – [John] Yeah, we’ll
    get the flies out. She’s pretty wrapped up. I’m gonna get one of you guys to work on the flies. – [Man] Yeah. – Beautiful little salmon. It’s got no fin clips, so that’s a wild fish. (atmospheric music) (atmospheric music) – [Colin] When the
    water conditions are
    right in the summer, John Guiliani takes people
    wading for Atlantic salmon. Several years ago,
    Bill Spicer enjoyed a fantastic few days of
    nymph fishing with John and hooked into numerous fish. Here’s a great memory
    from that visit. – [Bill] Here we go. – [John] That’s a big fish. Big Atlantic.
    – Big fish, yeah. – [Bill] Yes sir. – [John] Bravo, that’s the
    one we were waiting for. Look at the– Look at the pounding of that, good job Bill.
    – Yeah, this is a big one. – Yes, this is a big one. (reeling) Wow. – What you want to
    do is try to keep him in the hole if he
    tries to run down. This is one of those
    three and four year olds. Look at the bend in
    that rod, big fish. You’re at the mercy
    of the rapids now, that’s all I can say.
    – Yeah. – [Bill] I’m really
    leaning into this one here. – [John] If he’s gonna
    tear down out of that hole, if that’s all he’s gonna do, let him go. We’ll have to chase him. That’s it, let him go now. We’ll walk him– You hold that rod up real high and we’re gonna
    have to chase him. – Yeah he’s down and he’s
    officially into my backing. You can see the
    orange line going, he’s officially into my backing. – See hopefully that fish
    will go into that hole and then we’ll be laughing. It’s just the journey down. I think he’s already
    in that hole. So just follow me
    Bill, this way. Then we’ll go right to shore and we’ll be able to
    walk you down to that. – Whoa. Whoa. – Do you mind if I get ya? – It’s alright. I just went for a swim. (laughing) I’m a little embarrassed. – This is the spot
    where it’s do or die, you gotta try and bring
    him back here now. We hit the fish in the
    big hole up stream, the fish did not
    stay in the hole, took off downstream and we had to chase him, as you do in the rapids. Hey Bill, you can’t
    go any further. – Yeah okay. – [John] That’s over
    your head there. – Is it? – [John] Yeah. – That’s good to know. – [John] Just come
    over this way a bit. – That’s good to know. What I’m doing is
    he’s sitting there and I’m trying to
    get him to move. If you pluck your line like that it goes right down into his jaw. He doesn’t seem to want to move. It’s official, he’s gone. That’s too bad. – [Colin] For fishing in
    the rapids as Bill was, all you need is an
    eight or nine weight rod with a floating line. However, for casting from
    the boat using streamers, you need a special set up. Sink tip lines in
    a 24 foot length in a 350 grain weighting
    are ideally matched to both our 9 weight rods and the conditions. The 24 foot length
    is easy to cast without the need
    for false casting, while the 350 grain density
    compensated sink tip helps get the flies
    down to the salmon in this fast water. Full sinking lines do not work as they tend to
    cause too much drag. We used a two fly set
    up, on a short leader of 10 to 12 pound test. (atmospheric music) Whoa whoa whoa whoa. (reeling) whoa. This guy’s going deep into the backing. This guy’s gone
    into the backing. – [Man] He’s down deep, huh? – [John] Yeah okay we’re
    starting to drift back now, so you should be able
    to pick up on him. – There we go. (groans) This fish took
    the smelt pattern. They were bustin’ all around us. I gotta tell you the
    mayhem and excitement when you’re trying to– – [John] I’m in neutral now, we’re gonna drift
    back from him a bit. – Okay John. He’s taking line again. – [John] The thing is we’ve
    got so much current here, it’s unbelievable. – Yeah, look how far
    he’s taking this back. – [John] And you
    gotta deal with that. – [Man] Now we’re using 12
    pound leader right John? – [John] 12 pound fluoro. – [Colin] Yeah. Wow. I haven’t even see
    the size of him yet. Oh wow. It’s in the corner. I can see it was in the
    corner of its mouth. – [Man] Decent size? – [John] Yeah, decent I
    think it’s a next year class. – [Man] Yeah it looks
    like it’s in that six, seven pound range. – Nice.
    – Maybe a little bit bigger. – Oh look at the, the smelt
    are busting over here again. The terns are going
    after the smelt. – [John] No boats. – [Colin] The salmon
    are pushing up. – [John] No competition. – [Colin] Yeah and
    we’re all alone, nobody here. There’s just one guy over
    here in the jetty fishing. – [John] And we’re
    backing down to him. – Oh he just came off. Aww. – [John] That’s why
    they call it fishing. – Yeah and just to show
    you what the rig is. Two fly, he was on the
    bottom fly, I saw it. Wow, alright.
    – Yeah. – [John] Let’s get back at ’em. That was a hard fight. – Oh yeah. Ahh. – [Colin Voiceover]
    Now I had lost two fish and I don’t mind admitting, frustration was
    starting to set in. Everywhere around us,
    the salmon were busting on the surface, even
    next to the boat. The tern circled and
    dove into the water to happily eat the wounded
    smelt missed by the salmon. It was quite a show. Now it was time for Steve and did he ever come
    through with a major fish. – It feels pretty good actually. – [Colin] Well done Steve-o. – [Steve] Let’s do our best
    to get this puppy in the net. All the lines clear? – [Man] Yeah. – Perfect. I’m just trying to keep
    a steady pressure on him. – [Man] Way to go Steve. – Well, I’m not there yet. He’s holding in the
    current right now actually. – [John] They’re backing
    down, just watch your eye tip. – No that’s good. That won’t happen, don’t worry. There is no chance of that. He’s getting a big head shake. He’s trying to spit
    the hook at the minute. Yeah he’s head banging
    right now still. – [Man] If you give me a
    chance, I’ll catch him. – [Steve] He’s a nice one. Okay, that’s great. (splashing) Oh he’s a nice one. – There’s the jump
    we want to see. – [Steve] There you go, okay. Yeah okay, I’m gonna you an
    opportunity here actually. Alright, I’m gonna bring
    him towards you John. – A little bit higher.
    – Okay. – How’s that?
    – Woo hoo! – [Steve] You got him? – Good job.
    – Ah, nice. – They don’t come
    any fatter than that. – [Steve] Look at that puppy. (atmospheric music) That’s a beauty,
    absolute beauty. Great job, that’s a beauty. (atmospheric music) – [Colin] Steve and I
    enjoyed several days of fantastic Atlantic
    salmon fishing, but sadly it was
    time to head home. We truly enjoyed this
    unique experience of casting streamer patterns
    for salmon in fast water. It was unlike anything
    we had done before. If you decide to come to
    Sault Ste. Marie or Algoma for a fishing trip,
    you need to set aside some extra days to
    go out on the water with John Guiliani. Whether you wish to
    swing flies in the rapids or cast streamers for these
    powerful Atlantic salmon, you’ll have a great
    time in the water with this wonderful guide. Best of all, you can
    stay at local hotels and take in the many
    wonderful restaurants that Sault is famous for. For most information
    about this show and this destination, please visit us on our website. Thanks for watching and
    we’ll see you on the water. – [Announcer] The New Fly
    Fisher has been made possible thanks to Algoma Country,, Orvis Sporting Traditions, Rio Products, Superfly, fly fishing made easy. (mellow guitar music) (tumbling rocks)

    Suutariongella | Tench Fishing
    Articles, Blog

    Suutariongella | Tench Fishing

    January 19, 2020

    approximately 100 years ago, a new delicious fish was found in marketplaces To keep mysterious fish fresh as possible, markets sold it alive And that made transplantation possible in southern Finland Soon this fish started to spread successfully in eutrophicated waters This mysterious fish was named “Suutari” (Tench) Tench isn’t very respected fish on the menu anymore But the respect among anglers, is rising every day For years, we have been fishing tench, without great results Still, we found ourselves on the fishing bank once again this year This year we really wanted to succeed That means lots of work before fishing Pre baiting, feeding and raking the botto – those are the keys for success Soon we saw first bubbles on the spot That gave us more hope, and we tried even harder It didn’t take too long to see wide smiles on our faces Next, we wanted to test our skills with a new lake.. Here we are! Looking good Let’s think about the tactic. There’s a good looking spot Water lilys are creating “holes” which can be good fishing spots Maybe there’s one more spot, or is it too shallow? There’s at least 2 good spots, and maybe that third. Im pretty sure there are some tench here In my opinion we target one spot, and do it well Pre baiting wasn’t that huge, so I think we shouldn’t spread out too much New place has the unique feeling The plan is fishing with “method feeders” And what’s the great thing about method feeders Is that with feeders you can put ground bait with your main bait And that’s even more attractive for the fish, when there’s ground bait, and on top of that a corn So you get more “runs” with this method Another good reason to use method feeders is that Your bait is always visible In Finland, most of the lakes are very “dirty”, lots of stuff on the bottom So you easily misplace your bait with traditional methods. You cannot be sure if that bait is fishing for you or not YEA! That was a good run! Surprise Pauli the tench king got the first one Got stuck? – Yea. Not anymore! This is so cool. It could be a big one. Run was so powerful strong head shakes It’s a calm dude WOOOOH! That was a nice fight First tench for me About 2kg fish So damn nice fish! And so aggressive fight Weather wasn’t that good for tench, we thought this could be a hard day But this didn’t take that long, and right after this one Jani got a run, but unfortunately it got away But now they are active for sure Right after that release! This is so crazy. Always Pauli get all the fishes I love this fishing Got stuck again What you do when you get stuck? Then I just wait. Strong fish again! It almost got me wet it looks like a big fish again Teo: Should I wait for the third one with this net? This is so crazy.. another run! Last tench is still in the net This one got stuck as well! What should I do Can you see the fish? – yea there it is Im not sure do I have it anymore.. Is it only that water lily left? Teo can check it Here it is! Check! There is it Water lily is moving when I lift this Now we know it’s still there, no need to hurry It doesn’t move.. How big it is? So much lines here Noo.. It did break How did that happen? No can do.. Second fish of the day Little bit smaller than the first one but still a big dude And right after this I almost got the third tench, but unfortunately it got away after long fight.. It seems like there’s lots of fish on the spot. Now I have all the luck and I get all the fishes That’s fishing. So beautiful I’m pretty sure this night is gonna be even better Lets release this fellow and keep fishing Lines are moving. That means fishes are on the spot Bubbles also.. Oh! Olavi yours! That was a good run This is basic thing for Pauli, but a new thing for me This is an aggressive fish.. What’s your game plan Pauli? When it got stuck Pauli: – Just chill 5 runs in 30 minutes? – Easily 30 minutes. This is so crazy This is like my daily job Get well prepared and you shall succeed This is so exciting. Big fish, maybe my record It’s 50/50 a new record i’d say But it’s not in the net yet.. That’s the problem Olavi, good luck Should I take the net? Teo: If there’s over 1 meter deep, you’ll need a diving mask Throw the net! You got it? – Yea! This was one of the oldest records I had Nice fish! My old record is gone now. It was from 2005 or something Now my new personal best is over 2kg Had to fight and net it in the water Super feeling What happened after that release? I opened a beer, and Pauli got another run Pauli is hungry today I said it won’t take long.. So much bubbles on my spot That was a fast fight Third fish for me. 4th of the night 1,96kg So crazy fishing at the moment One spot gives so much fish You cast your feeder, few minutes and you net a big fish This is unbelievable tench fishing It cannot be better! So nice fishes And BIG! If someone says tench fishing can’t be fun, he is a liar There it goes! And my turn! Got stuck right away Funny how hectic this is today I was right here, but still it got stuck after run Should I go swim? Teo hold this for me please Pauli: You just wanted to go swim This is tench fishing come on! YESYES!! I love this fishes so much.. Pauli: Jani, Jani!! Again! And here we go again! I didn’t had time to weight that one Got stuck? – Yea Good place and big fish, but hard because there are so much weed and water lilys High five! Good job Jani! Now net Pauli’s fish too! This is so “Urpoerämies” style of fishing. Everyone is holding rods or cameras or nets.. fishing is crazy! Net that dude Jani! Jani: Here’s no dude, just the water lily Epic triple photo was so close Triple would have been so cool! 2,91.. 2,81.. 2,81kg with net My first over 2kg tench EVER! Im so happy! You still have that another fish there 2,24kg! Oh my.. This is so crazy Now I really wish from my heart that Teo gets tench as well Then this would be sickest trip ever This is a night to remember.. We were talking about we camp here all weekend Then the weather did change, and it’s gonna be storm this weekend That’s impossible to fish and film in conditions like that So we decided to make short trip only.. And the weather wasn’t promising at all We were pretty sure this cannot be a good day for tench What happened next? I’m afraid that soon I wake up from my dream And this was only a dream.. No big tenches.. Now I gave my rod to Teo. Lets hope he manage to get one tench at least! Then 3 of us would break records in one night! Now thumbs up guys! I dont wanna lose this I was gonna say that let’s go home, and then I hear my alarm! I’ve got 2 little roaches so far.. Others got huge tenches all the time, but i’m the roach king Got stuck.. Should we throw something? Like with Olavi’s fish we did throw that net and released it from weeds I can still feel it’s hooked HAHA NOOOO Let’s give it few more minutes How they got stuck always Olavi: I’d say swim Now its free! YEAH!! Ooh Wait a second, no words yet I just lost one fish, and im the only one with out tench this night And few minutes after Jani’s alarm is yelling, and he said that I can take that. Then the battle started again 2,3kg. very nice! 2,3kg tench. Clock is around 10:30pm So beautiful

    Kalamaraton 2018 | Fishing Competition Kalamaraton
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    Kalamaraton 2018 | Fishing Competition Kalamaraton

    January 18, 2020

    I will poison this sea…. 18 hours ago.. A fishing competition kalamaraton 2018 One of our favorite competition was about to start 24 hours fishing, and size doesn’t matter Goal is to catch as many different species as possible in Helsinki Very warm spring might show some difficulties And it’s gonna be tight race between top teams h Jani: Here we go, goob luck guys. Pauli: Good luck! Jani: Do you remember the heights and depths, where the fish were in training? Pauli: Here I got them Jani: Opening fish was caught next to us….. (thanks!) Pauli: This first spot didn’t deliver as thought, we just need to continue to the next swim. Plan A got destroyed, so we will move on to plan B. We must hurry to the next spot Teo: First fish, WHITE BREAM THREE SPINED THICKLEBACK Teo: Here we go mates Jani: Here we have.. ahh..I think it is BLEAK. Quite a beast Jani: All of us have caught one species Jani: Then we have to get those important species, we are little bit behind schedule. First spot was quite frankly a fiasco. We were wondering, why no one was coming there. They probably knew that the spot was empty. But anyway, no panic yet, Urpo’s will prevail. We are at our best, when back against a wall. Olavi: We caught a bream. How many species we had so far? Teo: Four Olavi: Fourth species Jani: We are making Kalamaraton film, which means we also catch film Teo: I think that film got ruined when you took it into the light Jani: Do you want to see, how I cut the film? Cut! ROACH by Pauli Pauli: We have a new roach king Teo: Not really, you know that you can not say that. Teo: What was it? Jani: ROUND GOBY Pauli: We must first got through that salakka layer, to the bottom Olavi: ROUND GOBY, then we should still catch perch and kiiski before moving to the next spot Jani: We have six species, not a magical performance, considering that we will going to get few species from elsewhere Cant do anything about it, the bites are rare elsewhere also. It is so hot, it could be one of the reasons. We must just keep on fishing. Tactics didn’t go as planned But we still have hope If SUNBLEAK doesn’t give us any problems Teo: Jani, don’t you have also similar shocks somewhere? Teo: You are partners in kind Jani: I don’t have them with me unfortunately Pauli: Here we are, fishing RUFFE, it is quite frustrating fishing. When you try it, you don’t get it, and when you don’t try it, you get it. Typical. Jani: Gandalf is coming Teo: Jani caught SORVA. Species number eight. Pauli: We tried this fellow for some time. I cant remember the last time, when I was so happy to catch them Jani: What the hell, how can this be so difficult? Jani: Last time I wanted to poison the pond, when we had 26 species now we have 9 species and I am just about to get those poisons. People are hoping that I will lose my mind this night, but apparently is already happening. Olavi: I got SUNBLEAK already biting, but it dropped 20 cm from the shore. We could have leaved here, 10 species in pocket, 45 minutes ago. It is too easy, I must say. Jani: The fish came off! Cloud is blocking the vision SAND GOBY COMMON GOBY Pauli: Now we are going back to competition center to identify our species. We should now have all the basic species and COMMON GOBY, maybe SAND GOBY also. It is important to get time from the 10 species, even if it is quite bad. We want to make sure that we have COMMON GOBY We will turn this around, so no worries. All the other teams are also struggling. Even though, our rivals have already way ahead. But the time for 10 species isn’t going to determine the winner. Judge: Yea, it was a COMMON GOBY Jani: Good job Pauli. Pauli: We got one, and it was enough. Jani: What is our next strategy fish, GUDGEON or PIKE? Pauli: Maybe pike? Jani: Pike first then GUDGEON Olavii: Then one swordfish Jani: Then one beer Pauli: Then into local bar Teo: Great job guys! Jani: I would say, change of plans.. – GUDGEON time! How is it going? Is it hard? Pauli: We just got here, cant tell yet What is so that under brindge was still allowed? But not the other side? Teo: Yep, here it is OK. Pauli: Look at that beaty! One of my favorite species Put it in the bag and lets go Jani: GUDGEON was the first good achievement, we got it quite fast. Now we trying CHUB with the sausage as the bait. It will be hard to get it, but at least we can say that we tried it. Olavi: This place is great, we have had one bite in the last half an hour, it is in a matter seconds, I hope. Jani: Dip species. Mc Donalds is close, so you get nuggets and dip easily. Jani: clock is 19:20 and we have 12 species. Lets check how the previous years have gone. Two years ago, 17 species. Almost same results, BLACK GOBY was caught at this moment. Last year, we had 18 species. Arggh, we have to put second gear on, boys. Jani: Incredible race, what a farce so far, this could be one of the hardest year in every way. All the teams are struggling. Now we are fishing for VIMBA BREAM. This should also be easy Just put float in the water, and lift it, and bag the fish. Another team “kalapuikot” was here two hours, but didn’t catch and didn’t see anyone else catching so. And to be exact, the isn’t other teams here now, normally there are. Sick We won’t break records in this Kalamaraton, but I think that it will be hard for other teams as well. Teo: You cant know that. If we get lucky. Jani: We get lucky? No, we used it all in the first year. When things won’t go as planned, it is mentaly hard At least one success would be more than welcome Many teams struggled with GIBEL CARP But it was our first “quick-stop” And that success gave us more hope Where?? Where are the other teams? This is the fourth place in a row, we there are no one here. This is normally crowded place. This is so difficult race that I think everyone has given up and went to the bar. Do you have maggot or worm as a bait? Teo: Show it to the camera. Speciesmaster. BROWN BULLHEAD Teo: It is beautiful Pauli: Yea it is. I am not as pretty as this. Teo: Almost Sun was setting fast It was time to head to the places for “night species” But before that.. ..we wanted to fill our list with HERRING. HERRING Olavi: I have trim this maggot to get it smaller. Jani: If we manage to get this, then we are really back in the game. ROUND GOBY is foreign species, that is harmful for BLACK GOBY That’s why, BLACK GOBYs aren’t that common anymore And only few teams manage to find this rare fish. We didn’t.. Jani: How shy are these? If you lift rocks, the say you find these, but I would imagine that the run as soon as you do that. Olli: First one I caught, was in one lake at the day light, when I turned rock just for fun. Olli: I was walking at the bank and fell down until my knee sunk in the water. Jani: I was losing my mind. I get almost ten changes, STONE LOACH just wasn’t interested at my bait at all. Teo: There it is. MINNOW Jani: Should we go more to the left, there isn’t anyone there. Teo: There in the hole. Between that grey rock, there. This way, There There There Jani: This hole? yep BULLHEAD Jani: BULLHEAD, MINNOW and.. yeah, that was all. But it is okey, we only need EELPOUT and possibly FIFTEEN-SPINE STICKLEBACK Teo: Searching for FIFTEEN-SPINED STICKLEBACK, part 443 Jani: Damm, I lost one. Teo: Is it still there? Teo: Change the bait? Jani: I just cut the maggot, hopefully it is enough Jani: Damm it tried it a long time! I am shaking, I am shaking Jani: This fish came from some push, I was trying another one almost an hour. Then this fellow appears from nowhere, trying to get the bait. First I only spooked that one I was furious. Then I was like, give me another change and then I caught it. Pauli: Daam, that is small. I have never seen so small EELPOUT Jani: Pauli, can that be some else species? Pauli: I just slipped. I love this kind of small confusion. Teo: Chaos maximus. The sun is rising from the horizon. Pauli: Nottt yet. Don’t trop it. Be careful After “night species” Sun wasn’t rising yet So we decided to try BURBOUR Few moments later, we found out that many teams had just caught ZANDER it was time to go! Teo: Too small – yeah, size of dick Teo: 40 cm zander, just lacking few centimeters Pauli: Fourth fish Teo: It isn’t enough Teo: BROWN BULLHEAD-frustration has changed to ZANDER-frustration Jani: I will poison this sea.. Olavi: This is why we don’t have zander episode yet. We just don’t know how to fish it. Jani: Why are you smiling, you have to show the real feelings not a fake smile like hellou camera I show that I have fun But reality Pauli: That is how you do it TENCH Pauli: CRUCIAN CARP You got it? So we are done here Looks like a MINNOW BUT.. Does it have peaks? Yep it has TEN-SPINED STICKLEBACK Eventhough we were tired, we caught many fishes after sun rise But we knew it was time.. To take revenge with SUN BLEAK Jani: Now we take this small m**** f*** up Pauli: Think about the satisfaction, if we get this up Pauli: I think, I lifted at the right time. Third time is the charm. Jani: I was so upset for this pike fishing, so I casted one really high cast and I just let it sank all the way to the bottom Then I just stated reeling and daam I got it. PIKE! Pauli: Luck, First real lucky during this competition Jani: What we are doing next? should we just leave here, and start fighting for the victory? We are gonna get VIMBA BREAM And then everything rest.. and let’s win this s*** Olavi: What is our rank at the moment? Have anyone checked? Jani: The leading team has 27 species. Teo: Vanhankaupunginkoski, we are trying to get VIMBA, and what else? ZANDER, ASP.. if we get lucky There it is! Pauli: We caught it, that was a great win for us. VIMBABREAM Teo: Yep, it seemed that way. You guys seemed that you were sleeping there. Pauli: Did you see how I net it? I just borrowed a net Jani: We were chilling with Pauli and then the guys with jigging rods, changed the colour of the jig and we decided to put our poles where they were. It didn’t take too long.. ..when we had to go back.. Pauli: One SUN BLEAK is making love to that straw. It has been eating that same straw over 15 minutes. Sometimes it disappears and then comes back. It nipples our bait Teo: It has been here all day. I’m sure it is the same individual Olavi: Jani and Pauli were fishing for SUN BLEAK and at the same time I found my inner jigmaster spirit. They have caught a quite many zander there, and now we got one over 42cm. 26 species for us. We are still back in the game, hopefully we still get few fish more. Lets keep on fishing for SUN BLEAK There it comes! So close.. Pauli: Times is running out. We are still trying to catch SUN BLEAK Couple of them have been hooked, but no luck. But lets see, if we get this, we are probably in the place for medal. We have maybe 5 minutes left. 55 seconds It was biting again.. 45 seconds Teo: This was it, rod off. No luck. Pauli: Olavi we just talked how expensive it was to miss this fish. It was expensive. Teo: Could we have done something differently? Pauli: We can always do something better Olavi: It was 22 hours ago, when I lost the fish 30 cm from the shore. It was really expensive loss. Pauli: After that 10 hours ago, I also missed one. Im out of energy Pauli: I haven’t looked the results but there was a change to be in medal place. Jani: But this was still great results, same results as the last year with these conditions. Pauli: Are we at 26 species? Jani: Yep, it is still excellent result. Think about the start we had Teo: What was our time for 10 species? Jani: I don’t even know. I cant calculate that far. Teo: 4 hours and something. Jani: I’m so broken Teo: Get your thinks and lets head back to starting area. Jani: 7th place. 26 species. I am not disappointed. Pauli: Yep, you can’t be disappointed. We fought hard. Olavi: Good ending, bad start. Great feeling Jani: This was better race than last time. We didn’t have to spend 8 hours fishing BULLHEAD. Pauli: Our strategy was way better than years before. We had many hours more extra time to fish. Teo: Pros and cons? Jani: Pros: Good weather. Cons: Bad weather. Pauli: That was deep! Teo: The most important team member. Caretaker.

    Airboat fishing trip in Steinhatchee Florida!
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    Airboat fishing trip in Steinhatchee Florida!

    January 18, 2020

    hey we’re here today in Steinhatchee Florida
    and you’re getting ready to go on an airboat fishing ride this is my buddy
    Chris town with Kimley-Horn y’all stay tuned it’s not a real nice day a little
    breezy but the tides low and when you when you have a low tide like this you
    sort of get the ability to trap the fish in those shallows they go back up in the
    wintertime it’s it’s mid-january right now they go up in the shallows and
    creeks and an airboat you can get up in there and cast down them sometime it’s
    kind of like the old saying fishing in a barrel it’s sometimes it’s kind of like
    that so stay tuned we’ll see if we can drum them up I’m Sure you can probably hear the wind blowing. It’s gotta be blowing what 20 25 miles an hour We’re not catching anything but Chris and I have decided that no matter how dumb it is to be out here, I don’t know if you can see that right there but that is guy in a kayak and he’s trying to row uphill if you know what I’m sayin…and it is not working at all So I’m sure the wind in this video is ridiculous but we’re fishing, nothing yet Oh that’s true he did catch a puffer fish, I forgot to get that on video We’ll keep you up to date. Stay tuned Allright, so we got one in the boat If he would ever stop spinning, the wind is so bad Little redfish Pretty little guy, not legal just so everybody knows what we’re
    fishing we’re fishing a gulp what color is this nuclear chicken on a something
    ounce redhead Eighth ounce maybe quarter ounce like that Eighth ounce jig on a gulp not that it’s very successful but that’s what we’re fishing so take note Alright people, I think we have a fish. I think we have a keeper redfish 18 inches Here you go everybody, 18 inch redfish We are just south of the Steinhatchee river maybe I don’t know what a quarter mile, half mile Their she is look at her One spot 18 incher, first cast On that Gulp I was showing you Gonna have blackened redfish tonight for dinner We’ll show you how to clean em, and we might even show you how to cook em. Alright here is the catch Two redfish both redfish are about 18 inches over 18 18.1 inches
    now we’re gonna do the cleaning portion of this video all right we’re gonna have
    mr. towne is gonna be our special guest cleaner so I love getting comments where
    I did things wrong so I’m looking forward to that yeah well don’t listen to them all right red fish
    are pretty hard to clean because they’ve got a very thick outer skin unlike mr.
    towne who obviously doesn’t have a thick outer
    layer and he worries about what people say about him I stay awake what is the key to
    cleaning fish sharp knife sharp knife exactly and they’re not all slimy
    they not all slimy but I can’t really know how to take off fish slime doing a
    good job gonna take it right down the backbone take that top half. so we caught these on the Gulp
    nuclear chicken nuclear chicken here in Steinhatchee just to the south of the
    Steinhatchee River fresh red fish tonight we’re gonna fry
    up some red fish sometimes we blacken it just do it on a grill I think we’re
    going to fry it very nice and he goes tail end back from the tail end back so he’s
    gonna just pull the skin the nice part about redfish skin as it is so thick
    that it’s pretty easy to just go right down that backbone and peal the meat off
    without throw it down the hole trim it up get all the bones out of there throw it right on the ice there you go
    all right so we had a really successful day today and we caught two redfish and
    we have cleaned them here they are and we have dusted them with some Zattarains fish fry crispy southern formula Zattarains
    Duran’s whatever we’ve dusted it and we’ve put some extravirgin olive, no we didn’t what
    we do with this that’s for the rice this is for the rice we’ve put some vegetable
    oil 100 percent pure in this pan and we’re warming that up and we will take
    the fresh freshly caught fish put that in the oil and cook it up so stay tuned
    okay here we have the red fish frying simmering in the pan of 100% pure
    vegetable oil with the here I’ll remind you what kind of seasoning because it’s
    important Zatarain’s fish fry this is a Zatarain’s fish fry crispy southern oh yeah
    I can taste it already all right the fish has been cooked and now we’re
    gonna eat it see I catch my fish
    me and my buddy we catch our fish and I’m pretty good in insurance I’m pretty
    good at golf but I’m not very good at catching fish so we’re this is like a
    special occasion some people have stone crabs that they
    buy from the store me but I have to go catch my fish so let’s try it out did
    you cook fish medium high alright let’s try it out mmm
    mmm awesome hey thanks for watching make sure you remember to subscribe like
    video hit the little bell so you get notified every time we go fishing and
    drop one of these awesome videos take care