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    How to Use a Lure Retriever – Fishing
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    How to Use a Lure Retriever – Fishing

    January 21, 2020

    Hey guys this is Gene Jensen. You know if
    you fish crank baits you’re gonna get hung up in brush piles. You have to fish them in
    and around thick cover and heavy cover, and it happens. You just get them hung up. I’ve
    got this monstrous tree right here in the back of this pocket, and I got my crankbait
    in it. It’s a lipless crankbait. So what do you do. Well, you break out what’s called
    a lure retriever and whenever I mention my lure retriever I get tons of questions. What
    is a lure retriever? Things like that, so I’m going to do a video on what they are and
    how to use them. First of all it’s just a gadget that you can drop down your line and
    knock your bait loose. That’s what this is. This is called a somthing golden retriever.
    I’ll put the name right up here, but this is my favorite lure retriever. I have another
    one, these you can buy at Bass Pro Shops. These little ones right here. These are great
    too. These little chains they hook into your, you know if you have trouble getting them
    out of the brush pile just keep shaking it till these chains grab hold of one of the
    hooks and 9 times or of 10 you can yank it out. This one is amazing, let me go ahead
    and get this bait out and show you how to use it. Get the bait our of the brush pile
    by showing you how to use this. and then I’ll talk more about this golden retriever. OK
    I’ve got it mounted on an old broken rod with an old old bass pro shops pro qualifier, 60
    pound braided, I’d like to put 120 pound on here eventually I’ve just got to find some.
    but I just push the button, lay that broken rod down on the deck. OK, you want the line
    going towards you with the line tie going towards you and the hook going away from you.
    I’m on the opposite side of the brush pile from where I got hung up. I put it on here
    just like that so it will slide down that line. Pull my line tight, and I drop that
    lure retriever right down to the bait. When I get to the
    bait, I just bump it. Guess what’s happened. There’s my crankbait. OK. so let’s talk about
    what all went on and how I got this bait out and everything else. Let’s talk about the
    advantages of this type of a lure retriever and the other types of lure retrievers. Let
    me get everything set up turn the camera back on and I’ll jump on it. Now let’s talk about this golden retriever
    okay The reason I love this golden retriever. I found this a couple of years ago. A buddy
    of mine, named Jeff gave one to me and about a year after that or about six months after
    that I was trying to knock a lure off, and evidently it was on something metal, and it
    sliced my line. That’s why want to go to some heavier braid. I really need to put some heavy
    braid on here. I don’t like to use the line that comes with it because it’s so thick it
    doesn’t go on a reel very good. That’s just how I do it. Some people wrap that line around
    a marker buoy like the one I’ve got up in the front of the boat. I don’t particularly
    like that because if you ever let all your line out that marker buoy will sink like a
    rock. Because this is too heavy for it. So what you do is, Let me use the big thick line
    so I can kinda show you guys how it is. When you put it on your line. You see how this.
    It’s kinda hard to show the whole thing. This little spring or curlicue thing is. So basically
    what you do is you run it along your line and your line goes right through here just
    like that. The reel being on the side, and the bait being on this side. and you drop
    it down and you do what I did on that video. You just shake it knock it loose. Sometimes
    it takes a little little bit longer. you gotta change your angles and things like that, and
    shake it and knock it loose. this one is amazing because this big hook right here as opposed
    to these little chains, this big hook right here will get an Alabama rig or an A-Rig or
    an umbrella rig whatever you want to call it. it’ll get that unhung. it drops down and
    this hooks on to the main body of your of your A-Rig. I’ll use this one. Slides down,
    hooks onto the main body of your A-Rig and it will pull that out and straighten out your
    hooks and you get your 15 to 25 dollar A-Rig back. so that’s why I love this retriever.
    another thing is I fish a lot of bridges a lot of riprap around bridges and things like
    that and you are going to get your crankbait hung in somebody else is stinking fishing
    line that didn’t know how to break the line off properly. it’s just gonna happen so what
    I love about this is this will go down and grab hold of that fishing line that hook will
    and yank it lose. this is just the ideal lure retriever. Now what I need to do with this
    little broken rod is I need to put a new guide on, I broke the guide off cause this things
    so heavy, but I need to change the guide to the bottom of it so it doesn’t break off next
    time. And I just slide this over top of it. Reel it in and that’s how it stays stored
    on my boat. It’s real easy to take out and deploy and get it all ready to go. this one’s
    about $12 at bass pro shop. this one is $25 on whatever website you can find it on. not
    bad. the other types of lure retrievers are there’s a long pole that has one of those
    curlicues on it. and that’s ideal for a bank fisherman because you don’t need to, for instance
    you don’t need to get on the other side, it helps, but you don’t need to get on the other
    side of the brush you got hung into. You just extend that thing out and knock your bait
    loose and get your lure back. There’s one called a Pocket Knocker. Now that’s a brand
    name but I tend to just take my, break out my sinkers and a big clip and make
    them myself. so what I would do is I would take a heavy weight, witch I don’t think I
    have one in here but we’ll kinda simulate. take a heavy weight. This is a half ounce.
    I would probably use a one ounce, a bell sinker something like that and then I take one of
    my duo clips. Take one of these duo clips right here and I hook on to that bell sinker.
    and then what you do is when you get hung up you get on the other side of the brush
    pile, you hook it onto the line and drop it down the line and then when it hits that bait
    you drop your line slack and it knocks that bait loose or you sit there and shake it.
    It just gives your bait that extra weight on that bill or on the lip of it to knock
    it loose. It done work every time but it does work a lot. it will save you a lot of money.
    let me think. That’s basically it. I tell ya, a lure retriever is a great investment.
    it will pay for itself just like that. These $12 or $15 lure retrievers at bass pro shop,
    come on. you lose three 5 dollar crankbaits, you’ve lost the equivalent of the value of
    this thing right here. so this thing will save you money in a hurry even this one being
    $25 it has saved me a ton of money. they’re worth the investment and it’s worth learning
    how to use them. Well like I always say. Introduce somebody to fishing. subscribe to my channel.
    share my videos across YouTube and facebook. I ask you to do that every time because this
    is what I want to do. I want to teach people everything that I know about fishing and everything
    that I’m learning about fishing and I can’t do it without your help so, if you like this
    video share it across Facebook share it across social media, remember to like this video
    and if you haven’t subscribed to my channel do so. Subscribe to this channel, subscribe
    to my other one called Flukemaster Reviews. And get out there on the water and enjoy fishing
    and have a whole lot of fun. Thanks. Take it easy.

    Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer (The Fishing Version)
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    Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer (The Fishing Version)

    January 20, 2020

    We picked these guys up offshore. Check out their rap sheets. Christopher, big spear fisher and diver. Been on a rampage ever since they closed down
    red snapper. They call him master of destruction because
    he’s always breaking things, usually on accident. JJ, this guy has been fishing his whole life. Unorthodox but effective. This guy is known for running out of fuel
    offshore, eating fried chicken and fishing at the same time. And taking way too many selfies. Really? Yeah not on purpose though, he just keeps
    pressing the wrong button on the GoPro. Who’s that? That’s Kayla, the youngest one and the most
    violent of the bunch. She does a lot of their behind the scenes
    work. Then there is Celeste. Some argue she’s the most normal one of the
    bunch. She loves catching lobster down in the Keys. She doesn’t hold up very well to questioning
    though. So, what happened Mom, your words please? *laughter* I don’t know! Jeremy Thurne, also known as Captain. Who calls him that? Himself, really. This guy only knows one speed on his boat
    and brings a whole new meaning to the phrase big baits catch big fish. He’s a hardcore criminal for sure. He thinks the government is totally wrong
    about the snapper population and that we should open up the season again. Are we wrong? Well, we make all the rules. How can we be wrong? I….. Formally they’re known as Reel Hazardous,
    but they also call themselves Guardians of the Galax-Seas Huh? You know, Galax-Seas like water. Get it? Yeah, no. No, not really. You don’t get it. I’m hooked on a feeling. I’m high on believing, that you’re in love
    with me. I’m hooked on a feeling.

    Panfried Cod and Ratatouille | Bart’s Fish Tales
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    Panfried Cod and Ratatouille | Bart’s Fish Tales

    January 20, 2020

    Hi FoodTube! I’m Bart of Bart’s fishtales
    and look at this beautiful beautiful scenery. I’m in the north part of Norway,
    the Lofoten. It’s a group of islands where the catch may be the most
    delicious cod in the world in these months, the winter months. We’re going to
    make pan fried Cray which is Norwegian cod and ratatouille. Okay, so we kick off
    we’re going to make this recipe for four persons. So, step number one: pepper. So I
    cut all these ingredients in more or less the same size – which is like
    squared one centimeter and actually I’m standing right here in a port of Nusfjord. Which is really on the top of Norway. So, I’m using a red and a yellow one. Okay, so the next step I add a bit of
    olive oil into the pan and I’m going to simmer, I’m going to pan fry it without
    caramelizing these red and yellow pepper. So, I give this a little stir
    every now and then and meanwhile I start cutting zucchini in the same size cubes.
    So, keep these aside and now it’s time to grab the eggplant. So, the pepper has cooked now for eight
    minutes has been soft now. If I keep these aside I’m using the same thing
    again a little bit of olive oil to cook, to simmer the eggplant and the zucchini
    and this time it will not be 8 minutes but maybe 5-6 minutes until
    they have reached the same texture. The eggplant and actually I’m not
    seasoning the ingredients right now. This is what I will do at the very end of the
    ratatouille. Okay, so this is ready and I add this to the paprika. So, I here bring some water to boil. Why?
    Because I want to de-skin these tomatoes. So, I score the tomato here as a
    cross then I take out this part by cutting it around.
    So, I’ll wait until the water is boiling. Meanwhile, I take another pan
    here and I fill it with it with some snow but at home you will use some cold
    running water. So, add these to the boiling water maybe for 10-15 seconds.
    Actually, when you see at the cross of the tomato, it’s like a bit pulling out
    starting to pull out, it’s time to take them out and to cool them down.
    Immediately, take them out cool them down Take the skin off. So, next step I’m going
    to take out the seeds of the tomato Start cubing the tomatoes – ok so the
    last cutting part of making the ratatouille is 1 onion. So, start with a bit of olive
    oil. I’m going to start simmering the onions. You don’t want to caramelize, you
    want to have them soften. Ok, so now it’s time to add the pepper, the eggplant and
    the zucchini. Look at these colors really really beautiful. Next step, adding their
    tomato cubes. So, I have some fresh thyme leaves add them to the ratatouille. So,
    add some salt and some black pepper. So, now I put the lid on top and I keep it
    there for 10 minutes on low heat. So, now all these beautiful flavors have infused
    but you want to give it a bit of evaporation. Then it’s time for the
    hero. So, I remove the pin I keep it warm aside and now it’s time for the hero
    that’s skrei. This piece of cod is not only stunningly delicious, but very importantly,
    it’s sustainably caught it’s certified by the Marine Stewardship Council.
    Ok, so first step is I dry the skin of the fish you want to have it really dry
    you want to create the crunchy crispy skin. I add a bit of salt so I’ve got my
    frying pan on high heat I add a bit of vegetable oil.
    So, I start been flying the fish and actually the recipes for four persons
    but I am starting with two loins. What’s really important not to move to fish too
    much because the we created crispy skin and but there’s a bit of juice coming
    out of this cod and as soon as the skin touches this juice goes a bit
    rubbery. So, now it’s time to flip them over I’ve got a spatula which is really
    important because the fish is easily breaks. There we go, beautifully crispy skin.
    So, if we kind of find them like 3-4 minutes on one side. Beautifully
    caramelized, crispy. I’ve turned them around and we get them up maybe it’s
    quite a thick fillet. So we give them two- three minutes more but there’s an easy
    trick to see if your cod, your piece of fish is properly cooked. So if you
    press your finger on these layers and they fall apart quite easy and it’s
    properly cooked. So this one is almost done. So now it’s time to plate this dish
    up, so I’ve got the ratatouille right here. So I’ve placed the cod on top and I just
    add a bit of extra olive oil. Nice thyme leaf. Tiny bit of rock salt and this dish is
    ready. It’s ratatouille with a local cod. Beautiful piece of Skrei. This is
    such a pleasure, this is such a treat. It’s the true taste of the ocean, it’s
    maybe the best piece of cod I ever had. And a combination with the fresh veggies,
    purely made with a bit of olive oil, is just stunning.
    If you want to see more delicious seafood recipes please head over to my
    channel Bart’s Fish Tales, where I travel the world, to fish cook and live together
    with the most amazing, sustainable fishing communities. Don’t forget to
    subscribe! See you soon! you

    man catches“GIANT” snakehead using“Spear” incredible talent | Kerala traditional fishing method
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    man catches“GIANT” snakehead using“Spear” incredible talent | Kerala traditional fishing method

    January 20, 2020

    Carefull!! Lobster!! look here brother Hello guys, hope you are all doing good. I am here in Kuttanad , I am Sebin Cyriac, welcome to my channel Fishing Freaks. Joby and his friend Lijo is here with us today. So what we are going to do today is! Look at what he brought today. This is kind of a lethal weapon. I hope all of you know what this is. This is called “Mupally in Malayalam. And he has a torch, it’s a really good one. So we are going to do the traditional method of spear fishing. We are expecting to catch Pearl spot and some Lobsters. (He is saying we could catch all most all the specious of fishes using this) I am really excited now. Because, we could catch all the fishes we find near us. I asked about the size of the fish? He says’s up to 4-5 kg Now I can’t wait to do this, lets start. We started searching for the fishes in river It’s a mango tree, he knows the places where the fishes maybe hide. let me know if you find any fishes. The fish will not move fast since its night and probably they will be sleeping Look at this guys, it’s a small snake head. Its really small We are not going to catch him. These ants are biting me, and I could not stand there guys Do you guys often go fishing? Not all the time, once in a while. Do you get a lot of fish? sometimes we get a lot of fishes So you will definitely catch at least for a meal. I hope today also he could catch few fish for me. I am sure he will. We have seen a lot of snakeheads Not only fishes they see, but also snakes Let’s see What if we get something excited. ants are all over me Can I come? Did you find one? (Asking the kid to not come in front of camera) Can you see? Wow, Go ahead brother. I don’t think the camera can capture it well. Guys, he spotted a beautiful pearl spot It’s a beautiful fish It may not be that clear in the video. It’s a big one wow, clear shot Did you get him? Guys it’s a wonderful pearl spot. Bring him near the camera look! A little more close! It’s not dead yet! So, he is the one caught the fish. It was extremely accurate Look at the fish once more! His son is also here with us Do you know fishing? It was completely unexpected. Look the bananas Nobody wants it. Got?? Hold it!! Just missed!! careful!! come here Guys he just caught another one while I was on a call It’s a kind of a carp fish, and it is big I think around 150 gms Its known as “thooli or pullan” in Malayalam. Can you take off from the spear watch your legs!! careful I think the first fish we caught is almost dead Guys, he spotted the next fish. You can see the fish, watch close It’s there wow!!! got him?? Its again a pearl spot So today’s second pearl spot Beautiful fish! I think this one is bigger than the previous one. Can you show it to the camera Guys did you like this method of fishing? wow I love it It’s really big. Again Jobby chettai The world famous kuttanadan pearl spot. Look at the size of my palm So, it is as big as my palm I think its around 450/- Indian rupees per kg (He is talking about the experiences) we keep searching for the next fish Sometime they throw the spear also The spear will vibrate, if it hits the fish I just noticed something, that hevsearches for the fish so fast. I tried many times to find one, but could’t. He is really expert in this This is interesting, he gently moves the weeds with the spear Fishes like pearl spot and Lobsters will not move So they catch the fish from here. Oh there is a fish, Its a fish, I think something like MJ Perfect! So, this is our third variety fish A decent size fish Brother I really appreciate this skill Look at the beautiful fish Its called as “Chemapally ” in Malayalam He is trying to fill the bag look how he is moving the weeds and plants Most of the fishes wont move right? If they get to know about the danger then it will be impossible to catch them. The water is almost 3 foot deep He spotted a small pearl spot! yes he got it! This is the third pearl spot of the day. and a “Pullan Again Joby He is really good at fishing That was perfect aim brother So we are walking through the sides of the river.