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    Flex Seal® Liquid Commercial with Airboat | Flex Seal®
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    Flex Seal® Liquid Commercial with Airboat | Flex Seal®

    August 13, 2019

    – Hi, Phil Swift here for Flex Seal, the easy way to coat, seal, and stop leaks fast. And now there’s Flex Seal Liquid, the super thick rubber that you could pour right into cracks to stop water dead in its tracks. You could brush or roll large areas for a watertight seal. Even dip all your tools for a tough, no-slip grip. Flex Seal starts out as a thick liquid and turns into a super
    strong flexible rubber. Dip PVC pipes or downspouts to create a watertight
    seal that lasts for years. This rubberized coating
    prevents rust and corrosion. In extreme heat or cold, Flex Seal Liquid keeps its hold. Unlike thin paints, Flex Seal Liquid is super thick and
    creates a flexible barrier that’s completely waterproof. It’s like a handyman in a can. Flex Seal Liquid is safe
    around plants and animals, so we used it to seal this fish pond. Now any project, big or small, with Flex Seal, you can do ’em all. To show you the incredible sealing power of Flex Seal Liquid, we made this entire airboat out of screen and covered it in Flex Seal Liquid. After a day on the water, flying through aligator infested swamps, Flex Seal’s watertight
    barrier takes a beating, stays strong and flexible, and the inside is completely dry. Yahoo. Brush, roll, dip, or pour. Imagine everything you could do with Flex Seal Liquid.