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    Episode 48: Programming Progress – Black Swan Training
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    Episode 48: Programming Progress – Black Swan Training

    October 18, 2019

    let’s go yes you’re working your magic I
    like it yeah a little bit so all right we’re bad
    back this week we’re going to be elaborate on our last two conversations
    I think yeah well actually let’s go back I think I’m sorry I think we’ve shifted
    around yeah because I had my arm on the thing and ended a nice I’m going like
    this the dog is not losing his mind as the mascot is over there whenever a
    cameraman who can’t see the cameras this psychotic dog is there staring at us
    like I feel so judged in podcast you guys do not understand Rena he’s
    pretending I’m not talking about him so he’s looking away but I know we both
    know he knows and I know that he know that I know everybody remembers well
    Eddie Murphy so I was gonna take a picture boys as soon as he was just
    staring staring we take a picture when you say I’ll squeeze you out um you need
    to understand what we go through so this week we’re gonna give you photos
    potatoes you know we have speaker for the podcast we’ll be ready because it
    won’t be as iconic as the dog anyway so the live audience
    we’re in psychos fuck yeah for a Q&A by the way we have to do a live Q&A I know
    actually I was just talking to John about that we’re it’s a we’re gonna get
    some hardware I got to get a different camera we can run everything okay
    awesome any we can do it all YouTube everywhere
    else so um right one cube Facebook all those things well it’s not sale day so
    we can talk about it but once we are finally in the same city yeah right I
    wouldn’t mind doing like a Q&A version on a regular basis but outside of the
    podcast like once every two weeks or shit like and so it’s a podcast bit
    secure Nate it’s a very secure special extra yeah that can I don’t podcast
    alright so we can have the Q&A they’ll give us also a direction a bit
    sometimes on where we should go back to a world or shit like that that’s a good
    thing to talk about too as we get into this part is because we’ve we noticed
    one thing with the strong fit community group that we find mando and IKEA is
    that when we’re getting conversations from there we were able to find out
    often like shit maybe we didn’t communicate this often enough for
    thoroughly enough we’re always able to see our holes in it by seeing how other
    people are responding to it yes that’s what the survey community is
    is ending up being one of the coolest thing ever
    did you see the rate of learning yeah it sounds like they went through like a
    master’s degree like some of them are like well shit however have to win so
    this is good like the phrase it in their own way I was like you’ve been listening
    like we ended up it’s almost like a strong fit University yeah
    through the podcast and it was shit we’re doing good so it’s Rafa community
    I think he’s doing so well like I see reasonable smart conversations yeah
    those words don’t go don’t get together with online no so yeah I mean like that
    is not how this works and we’re managing to get good fucking
    conversations going yeah and it’s been and because of it we’re able to see like
    all right maybe we are they got that that was yeah and that gives us good
    direction so I think this is even is just to go to and you know I think also
    is for the newbies when they come in and you can tell they’re coming from a
    different different version of the world almost and right away it’s ankle feet no
    yeah right guys stop but and then but then the old
    girls I like that’s not maybe we should look at it like this but the measure of
    coach role people have when they talk on the strong faith community I find we’re
    doing good yeah doing it it’s very nuanced conversations like well you know
    like this is how I do it maybe you should look at it like this did you so
    good good job guys is all I all I can say
    so we’re gonna get into some programming today I want to make it very practical
    yeah so like literally we’re gonna take a eight coin template and I’m gonna
    explain how I would what I think programming is I’m gonna use it quite
    template as a base so that you see where I’m going why I like the template and I
    think well the way I’m gonna change it for you guys and how you should you
    should change it for yourself most importantly yeah and now now I think the
    important thing to establish in the beginning is what is the what is like
    the the common goal that we want to have with this training so that I don’t want
    us we don’t want to say we want to do this to be strong stronger than have
    someone saying well geez mind your endurance is gonna go to shit if you’d
    like so let’s establish matrix yeah yeah yeah what is the metric of good
    programming yeah right right so well they start with that so we’re gonna use
    an eight Cohen template so that means it’s to get stronger I’m gonna bump this
    down one notch actually you’re hot no oh well I’m hot but the other way I’m
    worried about yeah about this sound yeah I’m just feeling it right it’s not
    sweating SCU’s tiny I’ll just shut off the air conditioning basically so we’re
    gonna die but that’s okay I’ll keep you together for you guys if I’m willing to
    shut it off this has to be worth it I actually biked here and got me and took
    the elevator here when I place the 19 morning
    yeah it’s 9:00 in the morning and I biked here without a shirt on yeah and
    it was dripping in sweat in the fucking elevator solos so you guys understand it
    we are still somewhat you know he’d wait let me put it this way
    there was a major heat wave probably the biggest heat wave ever in Europe the
    light in Northern Europe the last time we are here and there’s still some
    remnants of it why is it so bad here compared to Spain for example cause pain
    is basically a gigantic heat wave they always had so that means they build
    cities to let the win in and to deal with the heat Northern Europe never had
    to deal with it when I grew up I saw all when I say that but when I grew up
    basically the maximum temperature in Paris I think everyone went through is
    probably like 28 degrees so that’s like well like a 70 75 yeah like some shit
    like that around that maybe 80 right and now in Paris like three weeks ago II and
    the rapper like a hundred and 510 like I thought I was the desert mm-hmm you’re
    105 degrees like so for me it’s a desert is Death Valley yeah she’s not but you
    know me like they always say what’s really hard on like old people in
    retirement homes already and I always thought oh yeah cuz they’re old but
    actually when you think of the infrastructure yes there is exhaust
    juice not and there’s not an old folks home here that’s gonna fuckin have her
    no ok so you have to understand so the streets here are very narrow and
    everything so everything is designed not to let the win in what because when it’s
    cold there’s a lot of wind for example in
    Amsterdam you don’t want the wind through the streets otherwise you’re
    fucking freeze all the time and the houses are not built with forget air
    conditioning there’s no fans in in the houses we have to buy them like if you
    look around there is no fan underselling nothing
    Paris is built with heaters on because you win you don’t need fans you don’t
    need air conditioning except now with a heat wave you end up in Paris so that
    means there is no area Paris is fairly polluted still a big
    city right so there’s no pollution no air words well knowing just it’s just
    there and it sticks to you and you it’s stressful and in the city here which is
    the thing I think stinks looking at it and I didn’t understand this part living
    from the middle of nowhere but in the city of all this concrete and all these
    brick buildings that even the radio even though it gets caught in it so that
    makes it even hotter in the day but then when the Sun Goes Down fucking brick and
    concrete is so hot for those two hours you notice you don’t eat tiles no you
    know what because Talia is the hot country thing you don’t say that yeah
    this is the Arabic culture you notice everything is white and tiles yeah why
    because tau don’t know how does it here yeah it doesn’t absorb it yeah so at
    night it gets cool condensation everything is cool on the floor it keeps
    the house come so like so like Brit here at the vineyard this is observable ramen
    conversation yes but but the brick here like I used to read mine used to make we
    they would make this old-school like heating equipment where you would heat
    it when you had cheap electricity would heat up just just stacks and stacks of
    bricks right and then you would just blow air over at for hours and hours
    well that’s a chili yeah Chili’s were in brick because the point of the fire of
    the chimney was not to heat up there it was to hit up the bricks that we defused
    the the heat for the rest of the night so you in a wall what do you do if you
    want to not die of hypothermia you make a fire and puts fire stones in a fire
    once the super hot you dig a hole put the stones in it put the ground over it
    and I will keep you warm for the rest of the night for hours or
    so that’s what the bricks are for so in a heatwave
    fuck me living in an oven Oh with no air like Spain was sent at
    poverty ha I didn’t but it was fine because it was winning all the time this
    is anyway yeah Paris is even worse but so anyway I said way to shut off a fan
    and derailleurs black you still it’s really is having multiple conversations
    at once so so but we’re gonna tell you we’re gonna cover programming and let’s
    go what metrics we want to cover so matrix so that means we’re gonna talk
    about getting stronger is he gonna fuck up your endurance let
    me answer the other way are you gonna do an insurance program while you’re doing
    a strength program let me rephrase should you do a endurance program okay
    so what you achieve is zero yeah if you do an instrument endurance program and a
    strength program you will beat the living shit out of your joints your soft
    tissue we don’t not be able to handle it neither will your nervous system no the
    energy systems that you supposed to activate so what you do both at the same
    time what you end up with is none of it mm-hmm none of both but you get a little
    bit of it and you go like what you’re doing is you’re maintaining you’re not
    truly you’re coming your own doubts about yourself you call me a you say
    structure no you just want to be able to not freak out yeah about also and and I
    like I’m fine I’m fine and I like you now the spinning plates
    analogy is the thing that makes sense to you know if you guys spin plates in the
    circus on the sticks is you can’t just give each plate one spin at a time it’s
    not how it works you had to really strength and then let the strength spin
    while you go to endurance and then things will slow it up but that’s how
    you gotta move you gotta push one pin forward yeah and very importantly
    because this is something we’re gonna that’s going to be part of the
    conversation to what the programming is the butterfly effect right the reason
    you don’t do endurance and strength is simple there’s many layers but one very
    important one it’s from it’s a butterfly effect so it’s chaos theory too many
    variables too many variables means you exponentially
    make the system more and more complicated to the month where you
    cannot handle it anymore so what do they mean by the butterfly effects they use
    weather as an example like we can calculate one day to this but after that
    you come because once you put more variables in it at some point that extra
    variable as small as a better fly going around that movement of air will be
    enough eventually to create some kind of a cloud over there or even a storm over
    there because it accumulated with all the other butterfly of the world and the
    dominoes start falling and instantly you have a storm that you didn’t never see
    coming why because you cannot process variables
    path to certain level the smarter you want the more variables you can process
    but eventually the butterfly effect will take place which is there will be an
    extra variables that will that will create events you have no control over
    which is by the way the Black Swan events are we’re going to get into so if
    you do endurance and strength at the same time they are people I can do it
    like that dude who you don’t run a mile under five minutes and they lifted 700
    block of a boy’s name right you’re not him that’s that’s this what one this one
    this one it was my definition you’re not him otherwise that we know I always say
    when people are asking when they give an example and that example is an outlier
    it’s like you have to rule it out often and statistically there’s things you can
    learn from it but I don’t think that that’s what I I always say are you that
    person and okay I don’t want to forget running under them out there lifting 700
    yeah do you know how many people will be that no running mile under 5 minutes you
    know how many people will do that is that quiet for 30 miles right so you
    can’t even do that without the deadlifts yeah right he’s doing both but it
    doesn’t work like that like you so the problem is they go well I don’t need
    that I’m just gonna do what he does and then instead of for one half I’ll get
    five and a half instead of 700 I’ll get 500 it doesn’t work like I’m sorry
    Stubbs no by press it doesn’t work like that yeah you cannot duplicate what
    someone does and go like oh I’ll get his results but I don’t need that much I’m
    sure is gonna get 70% of his rules I’ll do 70% of his work and I get 70% of his
    results well that’s the thing too is you want to do what he does you
    skill down but that’s not what it is you need to do in theory the process of what
    he did assuming the YouTube even started at the same spot which he didn’t so
    let’s just worry about you but you don’t know what he did it’s that that’s that’s
    the problem is just because you have a shit in front of you like you know like
    tells you exactly what he did you still don’t know what he did because you’re
    not understanding like the work you put on a daily technique the work that is
    putting on running technique and even if you were to explain you that you still
    will know how he felt when he did it you still wouldn’t know the situation at
    night what I mean and then the way and the way you handle mistakes and
    successes and what you still don’t understand so if you were to copy
    exactly what it did it would not work the same because you don’t have the same
    system that he does so he still doesn’t work like again Gordon Ramsay he can
    tell you how to do scrambled eggs and yet when I do it it doesn’t taste like
    that yeah how come I follow the recipe exactly right and then some confession
    and you mix them to it except you know you lose and tastes like
    shit but compared to him it’s not like that so we want to go in this instance
    here we want to go strengths right so we’re going to talk about from the same
    principles can be applied to endurance except without strength go guess what we
    it’s we strong guys that being said it can be applied to insurance obviously we
    just to stay practical I need to take one thing one program and decompose it
    so that you can take the principles from that and apply to yourself and before we
    go we take the big step in there I want to clarify to you can do this level of
    focus for strength right yeah and then you can scale that back to a maintenance
    thing while you want to do something while you are pushing your endurance but
    you really are it’s gonna be really hard to build two or three skills at one time
    it isn’t much like even if you’re not doing it in the same training sessions
    like trying to learn to play guitar and learn to play drums in the same fucking
    six in January it like good luck yeah no but by the way it’s a good way we need
    to explain that if you think you can learn to play guitar drums and piano at
    the same time you’re extremely arrogant mm-hmm
    and you’re fooling yourself and you’re very condescending to those that have
    done it yeah one by one and two years to get good at it go talk to Paco de Lucia
    you know the guitar player and tell him like yeah guitar in six months and see
    the looks he gives you yeah well they’re like people your honor people said well
    you know Prince he played guitar piano drums and he’s like yeah it’s fucking
    Prince dude what are you kidding about these plates you’re not Prince and but
    it is funny because you can though eventually do all those things and
    that’s what the part I want to make sure you can learn to play guitar you can
    learn to play piano and you can learn to play drums and possess all those skills
    at the same time but you’re not going to like get into the world and push all
    those skills forward at one time what we need to talk about is timeline yes right
    like you can do all those things it’s not gonna take six months yeah you’ll
    take you 20 years yeah I think the biggest thing that I see through the
    mentoring program the training groups that we have the strong fit community is
    that every single time I agree with the goals not every single time let’s say I
    agree with the goals I more or less think people understand how to get there
    now especially on the traffic community you know all groups right
    it’s a timeline I’m not guys it’s not gonna happen mm-hmm guys get free sure
    dude I’m like you’ve been at it for nine It fascinates me… The more progress they
    make at the beginning, the more frustrated they get that it didn’t come faster.. I
    was like if I give you 5% you’d be willing to do it for 20 years.. But
    because I give you 60% progress, now it has to work in seven weeks… Humans.. my deadlift over the course of a year
    even yeah at some point it’s like nothing will sir chipping away could do
    it but we could like it but okay so we could do it we could then as an
    experiment we take one year 10% Deborah’s I bet you I can take you there
    yeah but this thing is a beast thing else he’s gonna go mm-hmm because your
    upper back I still weaker we’re gonna this is gonna be today but like you guys
    you have the wrong timeline on stuff is you think it can’t so two issues we can
    do everything at once yeah and you want it in six weeks
    so prioritize your time there prioritize your resources and take your fucking
    time or expect that it’s gonna take time right so we talked about that in the two
    podcast ago right you want an improvement a fight
    you put 300 whistles for one year on one subject you’ll get 5% you want a 25%
    increase of efficiency on that you do five groups of six researcher for three
    years four of them will fail the fifth group will get you to 25% but it’ll take
    longer with more failing attempts to get to a higher yield structure so you want
    that 5% okay that would be one skill but it’ll be faster in that sense but that’s
    all you get then you don’t get to wonder 25 percent in the way that you get the
    5% that’s the problem so I’m giving them like a huge jump forward from the
    beginning and I’m like now the work starts and they go yeah but I’m on the
    same jump now we go back to the five groups ago is now we’re gonna have to
    know what because so the early jump is easy it’s not even simple it’s easy and
    now the real work starts where we go okay so now we’re gonna have to shoot in
    the dark and you’re gonna fail 90 percent of the time so for four or five
    80 percent of the time you’re gonna fail but that last group is gonna get you the
    twenty percent but that’s why it’s going to take longer and it’s gonna get for
    you to try you don’t get to have both you don’t get to have a low chance of
    failing in the short time and get a big yield result of course I would like to
    but then every time I ask Santa something on the 26 I don’t get it yeah
    it’s funny other works right I mean so but imagine if it was money right that’s
    the point Nassim Taleb was the sin talib was was
    making is like it doesn’t work like that now you have the butterfly effect to
    deal with and then you have the Black Swan events and also it doesn’t work
    like that I think if we can teach people the correct time line I think that would
    be the greatest accomplishment of the strong food community would be that it’s
    like and it’s not like because whenever you say takes time people think you’re
    and they’re trying to bullshit them for money you have to stay longer even
    though there are few communities for free yeah but you’re bullshitting me
    you’re trying to hold me back that’s always my favorite like a Grinch like I
    got that this morning on two women in my life where I’m the Grinch and by the
    time she sees that you’ll be going no I don’t think she listened to the podcast
    anyway cause she has me talk all day so I can say she’s careless out training so
    I can whatever arm what about her don’t you
    tag her on the comments on that podcast please they had that on to him n this
    morning my daughter and my fiance and she’s looking at me like this I’m like
    I’m just talking I’m not holding you back because of course so we’re gonna go
    into this let’s make it to our podcast well she’s like so literally was like we
    got to do the ed Cohen cycle right you can’t make 10 weeks it’s not gonna
    happen yeah I’m telling you right now it’s a
    guy night you’re not gonna do it yeah especially not at you 7 we put in your
    100% numbers good fucking luck six weeks ago if you put 90 percent it’s seven
    weeks you don’t got to go past seven weeks all that means you started at
    forty percent of your max yeah or you’re just wrecking your shit trying to knock
    out yes right out of that template you’re gonna choose one left that’s
    gonna be your focus the other ones are whatever happens happens yes yeah
    maintenance and usually I follow the lining up progression on one lift and
    the other one I do something else we’re gonna expect with a very established all
    that so she saw the comment session you she’s like yes so I’m gonna make the
    template ten weeks I’m like red flag red flag that was so strike one what red
    flag and she goes you know that I looked at the sheets and the numbers mean that
    by week ten I’ll go back to Omaha or numbers or better so all three lives
    yeah strike two red flag and then she goes
    that would mean that I get my bench press to 220-pound PR strike three red
    flag and so by the way twenty Pompey I mean is not your own numbers yes so that
    means that you gotta go pee on everything but it’s wet and they lift
    out you know what she means by all numbers she means that one fucking
    session in a blue moon where she had the massive beyond a deadlift
    and that’s the one that counts now the best day of the five years exactly right
    and then she got that 385 day left and now that’s your strength I’m like no
    that’s that’s a once in a blue moon training back Oh max like shit happen
    you’re training max is any day when you walk in the gym what can you get and
    guess what is usually ten percent below that because she RapidArc on a good day
    it’s like DTF lucky build it up over six feet cuz that’s your true max like
    because we guess what when you compete is three two one go yeah it’s not a good
    day because your stress as fuck you waited on all the other motherfuckers
    that’s quite it before you two of them fail and blow up their knees so now your
    stress and it’s like three two one go you might wait twelve minutes between
    left you might wait two minutes between left it’s not up to you to decide the
    higher you go the less rest you have more fucked up right the weaker you are
    the most remote rest you have in combination somebody gets hurt and
    you’re up now I’ve had strongman competitions that started with thirteen
    and finished with five right and you’re talking so now you’re tired me yeah yeah
    exactly like nothing like figuring out what your you know twenty rep max
    fucking car deadlift is and then yeah and then this goes right at Atlas stones
    fifteen minutes later max wait max wait fifteen minutes later so so that’s what
    by the way that will be part of programming if you want to compete as
    well because there comes a butterfly effect right now in trees in the
    variables of competition which is it’s out of your control
    oh that’s an interesting one so those are the maxes we look at ya not the
    whole like blue moon because blue moon you had the right music you had the
    right food that day and you had as much waste as you wanted and you they lifted
    one you wanted not when you were told just like it’s like scoring a lot of
    points in a basketball practice and not again no but it doesn’t mean it’s bad
    were they like but if you have a game I’ll be Brian 82 points anyone 3281
    anyone anyone do you think he takes that as a baseline now like I’m gonna go into
    every Devon school anyone now growing up as a Lakers fan there by the way I mean
    I was like I think we could put this together more often Cody
    and by the way knowing could be Brian you probably thought that was very yeah
    that’s okay so that’s a bad example but you can’t take that as a baseline that’s
    not how he works yeah right that’s when we talk about the
    moving your Center yeah that’s that’s thethat’s that’s at the fringes and
    that’s okay cuz that now is the expression of all of your work if you
    will at that point meaning like you mom certainly you had this once in a blue
    moon day great also pushed at you capital and is not just something MB
    that was a good day that actually wasn’t near as much of a risk on the fringes
    yeah like it would be if you try to get that number on a day when it didn’t feel
    right right so the competition yeah so there’s nothing bad about having that
    accomplishment on that day no no it’s not yeah that’s not where you are yeah
    that’s not the world in which that is not the way you was like a thousand
    pounds yo Kari yeah that’s not my best time my
    best man was nine hundred that was over a ten percent pass what my baseline is
    that’s more only did it once because the risk I took to do that was ridiculous
    even nine hundred men fuck have a good day a good day was nine hundred my best
    friend was probably like you know any day going fairly fast was like a twenty
    eight fifty yeah I could do that on a like you give me a compassionate phone
    kilos 880 I’d be like yeah it’d be fucking heavy I have to move my feet but
    I can do that like maybe not as fast as I have you right ov you say but I can do
    that no no no that’d be like yeah all right we’re getting there
    thousands of fuck no I get to man I’m not a nice offer I like I just it’s it
    feels like they’re getting suffocated no I could breathe through it it’s moving
    my fist like this that moment we’re moving my feet fast enough for us
    getting robbed yeah anyway so to go back so we can actually talk about the
    program to go back was the key was then in college looking at me like like I’m
    the Grinch you’re taking you’re taking my structure away from you you know what
    I’m taking away from you is you’re set up for failure
    yeah right now I’m doing you a favor you’re going in a direction where you
    cannot win you will not do ten weeks of the templates on all three lives these
    four lives in a template but what about the force is shoulder press it’s not
    going to happen and we agreed that you work to focus on one lift and now she’s
    starting to talk about a mission like then 1 on twitch was the choose the
    bench then because he did really well you’re gaining momentum and you need
    more practice on the mansion like because you she never bench like
    powerlifting style so it’s going up she did 185 nice with a pause pressed it
    shit I look good yeah I was like alright so why don’t we do this icon on that on
    that because you’re gaining momentum that looks not what did I say I should
    stop to look at me like but I want to do squat I was like I’m not saying shit I’m
    just I am guys I am not the greater I’m not here to
    literally feel like sometimes my job or else is to take away your toys
    yes yeah that’s I felt like that sometimes coaching class I felt it was
    it’s like only coaches are like their toys okay well okay so I found that like
    that was yes thing outside I don’t think I feel because she still pissed at me
    yeah sorry so I thought our daddy I was like what so right – coming back to you
    coaches out there that feel like you’re the Grinch you need to explain to your
    clients that the point is not to hold them back
    yeah because that’s literally people look at me like like that is like well
    if I say take a day off like my goal in life is not to see you fail right I am
    not jealous of your progress where really what I’m trying to do is to hold
    you back so I look better yeah we need to establish that and I think you should
    explain that to your clients because sometimes that’s literally in their eyes
    what I see mm-hmm why would you want me to favor that no that’s the opposite I’m
    trying to explain to you that this is not you cannot be successful with that
    particular mindset and I’ll explain why yeah well I’m if you’re me and you go
    and say you gotta take some weight off that bar buddy you know that we have it
    in a track take it and the order and the end and the first reaction is very often
    like like what you mean I’m not strong enough to lift this and then I have to
    do it you know then you got to find a way to tactfully say you certainly
    aren’t cuz you just about got fuckin stapled there and you got a two fives
    buddy let’s any move today yeah we’re going back to the butterfly effect but
    yeah today there are too many variables like you’re tired you’ll never stem your
    food your what you’re doing instead of not whatever it is you introduce
    variables the day introduce variables that there are too much for you today
    it’s not going to happen you have to be able to go hmm
    by the way all the greats do that mm-hmm all the greats they go one rep empty
    barbell how did that feel where am I going today from there right every
    single set they ask themselves where am I going there’s a difference between
    asking a question and questioning something yeah right so the
    problem is your fish where it goes 135 doesn’t move right sixty kilos so you
    have two ways you can get down on yourself and be depressed kill the
    learning rate and have a shitty session or you can just ask a simple question
    how do I feel why do I feel like this is this heavy do
    I need more warm-up at this way you do not any question that you ask yourself
    is not the same thing as questioning yourself why are you guys so sensitive
    about simply going under a barbell going like is today squared a we talked about
    the warm-up in the last time right all right
    is it a reggae party I mean or is it fucking heavy metal today yeah last one
    was asking yourself that question well I think people miss out and I again this
    of course I’m pointing out an outlier right now but you when you want to see
    the level of deliberate work the best of the best put into warming up and
    assessment how they feel that day I remember at the Arnold we went and did
    some photos in the animal cage with Andre Milano Jeff who I believe has
    squatted I’ve watched him squat a thousand pounds I believe I’ve seen him
    I believe he actually has an Amit’s quad of eleven hundred pounds in rats not a
    suit so technically wrong wraps it so just think I’ve seen that whoo and I
    just one of strongest human beings on the earth in the world of powerlifting
    and outside and Andre goes in and he is squatting with an empty barbell
    something I don’t even do when I go into said I’m just what I’ll put a plate on
    it ya know but like he gets in empty barbell and does fuck maybe like five
    sets before he puts a plate on ya cuz he do feel right yeah and just and he’s
    just getting there and he’d do a little bit and he’d sit down and and this is a
    man who’s like I said at the top of his sport scrubbing shoes that his toes are
    blown out the side of he dirty ass yeah he’s just like Joey has it and it’s ten
    plates on his shot little eleven plates or twelve plates on your shot and
    instead spent five sets because and you know what it didn’t do it to warm up he
    did it because he didn’t the first one didn’t feel right yeah and so what he
    does then is he just grab Julie gradually progressed this was
    after a flight in from Russia exactly so he was just he’s feeling where he is
    that day and that’s gonna determine where he goes and by the way some days
    he might do for warm-up set and then get to a thousand pounds or there in my do
    twelve because today is not yesterday and I remember we went up to them
    because at that time Andre had no English I don’t think cuz we got up
    there and he’s in an enormous terrifying man and so and so we go up there and and
    in the cage it’s just him and so we go out there and okay mind if we take you
    know just take some photos if you warm up and stuff and and he just you could
    tell nothing got in this thing but he was
    just like I’m really okay well now we’re just gonna take pictures of this guy has
    no idea what we just add hey maybe he does that yeah doesn’t agree with it
    that he was gonna eat those yeah he was cool with it but but that level of your
    figuring out where you are today should be something that you get done in your
    warm up but even more important than that is like yes I agree with you it’s
    just like to all of you are there stop being so sensitive about your day it’s
    like if anything is not like your perfect day I see so many freaked out
    like oh my god what’s happening nothing it’s just today yeah and by the way
    today might not be a squad day and this ties that programming thing it’s all
    down into what we talk about is the test positive test negative no – where
    exactly where once you’re kind of getting into a program a training
    session a day like this and you don’t feel awesome like what’s your first
    inclination is like I’m not as strong as I used to be or I’m not as young as I
    thought I was oh I should whatever much even worse I should be like you cannot
    be successful at anything if you are sensitive about how the day feels yeah
    don’t get me wrong everybody hates not being on their best
    day of course right everybody hates not being able to to do
    this or that but if you are sensitive about where you day is like you do an
    entire cycle and then you end up with 90% of your max yes we have a problem
    I agree like okay what happened we need to sit down and that’s widget a
    legitimate problem but you walk in the gym feeling great and then that
    you don’t if you’re feeling sensitive about that and need to follow your
    program no matter what you will never get good like you have to understand
    like the whole grind stuff where like you have to do whatever the program say
    that’s not what they mean the great ones they don’t mean you can’t take a day off
    on the day where you should they they don’t not saying you should not adapt
    whatever is written on for the deck that’s not what they mean what they mean
    is you have to show up the only regular basis that doesn’t mean on Tuesday are
    sure maybe I’ll choose day I take a day off but you’re not on Wednesday I show
    up anyway and the the thing is to is those day there are people out there
    that probably do that where they just smash their shit in what’s on the
    program all the time and some of them make it still make it to the top but
    those are genetic freaks and look at the pile of bodies you didn’t make it that
    far I’m not I don’t know I’m just saying I don’t think that I’m just saying I
    want to hear from someone about all the great ones that I’ve heard talk none of
    them said no that even ate corn who did this entire 10-week program without
    missing a single lift and their main lift or assistance work he still was
    saying well I depends on the dance even what I what I mean by this is don’t come
    at me with somebody who does that shit because I don’t care because there’s a
    thousand or a million people who’ve been chewed up by that plane finding one so
    if you buy one they’re close to the top really that’s good for them but this
    thing there’s and it’s a risk it’s a really high risk and I would love to
    talk to that person to see if it happened one time in his life yeah
    cause that’d be awful one cycle but on a regular basis year after year there’s no
    there’s no fucking way democracy doesn’t work like him because strength is a long
    game mitigating your risk is important right this is like owning money that
    what we talked about is the same thing give me a stockbroker that gave seven
    percent ten percent every year for ten years to anybody going through we’re
    sessions you know who did it there’s one guy actually did it in the
    finance world and his name was a bear bear a sin of sin you know the dude who
    rendered Bernie Madoff Bernie Madoff yeah yeah Bernie Madoff is
    the only guy to ever deliver ten percent over multiple years yeah just pretend
    numbers exactly you know did it and wrong yeah
    do it that’s the only way you’re gonna get it it’s Bernie Madoff style it’s a
    scam so you can’t do it it didn’t work like that so so we talked about focusing
    on the right matrix the right metrics and we want to still pick you want to
    progress kind of maybe one lift right the thing is how do you decide which one
    that’s gonna be that right all right so first let’s establish the ground rules
    for that so these three things I look at is first of all is to Blackstone event
    if you do a 10-week cycle some one thing will go really better than you thought
    one thing will go far worse injury tweak or whatever you we need to be able to
    deal with both when we say black swuan the the thing for me is I
    was I was my conversation with Kerry this morning they were like yeah they’re
    always broad blocks I’m like that’s not what a Black Swan is if you look at the
    history of the world on any discipline the Black Swan is not the roadblock it’s
    not there is not a busy occasion it’s actually how the road that’s actually
    the road and the road works you’re seeing a road where the car is and it’s
    a straight line nothing in life is a road that is not true everything is a
    Black Swan event so what does that mean that means that there’s some shit that
    is gonna come up out of the blue bits actually not out of the blue it’s
    obvious he’s gonna come you just don’t know when or where mm-hmm right so
    that’s the problem is you don’t get to look at a straight line when it comes to
    training we’re going to talk about where that comes from that’s the science of
    stress from the 70s the line your progression right and people think it’s
    a straight line as long as I follow it that is not true
    life does not work like this life is a black Black Swan event which is we
    explain that to podcast ago well and if you look at your life that’s how it
    works look at your life anything meaningful with the Black Swan event
    something that is rare there was you could was obvious after hand but never
    before hand you could not predict it right and it changes everything that’s
    the definition of a Black Swan event everything in your life was like that so
    in your lifting career it’s positive and negative will happen you’ll have moments
    where you jump 20 pounds cause you found that one exercise that triggered
    everything if you keep looking you will find it when and where I don’t know
    neither do you and you count so that’s why we’re gonna have a way to program
    that allows you to find the Black Swan event
    that blacks on exercise right when well don’t know we just know we’ll get there
    so there are ways to get there right like for example of perfect blacks were
    event for me was the bubble shred podcast yeah it’s a rare event change
    everything for me obvious after the fact not before and I did not know when that
    moment would come I know it would come I know I would have
    my one shot I getting my stuff out there so you know what I did for five years I
    prepared for it never knowing when he was going to come but just maybe he
    would never come but deep inside I was like I’ll have that one shot
    I just come fuck it up only when he shows up at my door and eventually it
    did but I do you know when where who I just figured that one time I’ll have my
    shirt on it yeah he said no jørgen punk ass there will be another one like that
    I don’t know and it’s interesting when you mention it that way too because what
    you weren’t doing is playing around with a bunch of external variables either is
    actually doing there as you are preparing yourself myself for that
    future so testing everything is there really nothing you can do you don’t know
    what’s coming so I could have sent emails everywhere trying to get them to
    come over that’s not what I did what I did is I put the work in myself testing
    everything putting it on my blackboard trying every mistake fucking up left and
    right he’s only one thing is mine is please give me enough time that I’m
    ready yeah for the Black Swan even that was my only thing was like I hope I have
    enough time before that moment shows up in my life that I’m ready when it
    happens and so for five years straight with my dream that’s all I did was
    getting ready for the Black Swan event and people often worry that it needs to
    come sooner because you like sir and and that’s important to know right yeah it’s
    like I don’t you don’t want you may not be ready for this you don’t know what it
    is so just yeah yes you always happens to Moore I’ll go don’t get me wrong but
    I’m not ready yeah like I’m ready strong fit isn’t yeah right this is something I
    need more and so hopefully the new universe will give it to me when I’m
    ready yeah right but if you happen to move you silly I’ll go but that’s the
    way it works but by the way when I did my gym files I didn’t know when that
    moment was going to be I just knew it would happen so I got ready for it but
    again ready for it does not mean marketing does not mean shooting email
    no it’s getting me ready for it what do I need for that day and
    it’s not even what do I need to sell what I have to sell myself for that it’s
    not that it’s like how good do I have to be for that moment to matter mm-hmm
    right and then that’s what I define it says like make yourself better and
    sometimes by the way took five years to get to the Black Swan event with
    everyone knowing if he was going to ever happen or win but the thing was like I
    had trust in myself I was like I’m smart I can do this but I’m not ready so okay
    so let’s get ready and at some point I was like okay I’m ready and then until
    it shows up I just get better so it’s not like I’m ready um no no I was like
    all right I wish your point where I was like I
    couldn’t make a good podcast because I had to Bob know what get podcast getting
    better at some point I was like I couldn’t make an entire hour but the
    stuff was something to say and then after that it was just getting even
    better even better until one day they showed up but didn’t show up in the
    vacuum either it’s because they knew from other people heard me then they
    thought that was good enough and I stuff and it blew up too whatever I did why
    because I was ready well because the process of you preparing yourself I
    think you shined bright enough in doing that work that then that actually helps
    create the event anyways it it you know I mean it helps bring that into you
    that’s well yeah positive energy creates you something like there’s no question
    about that one but now we’re going into more like a well I mean more little bit
    like I mean more like literally the actions with which that you were doing
    yes yes you out there as you are better you are now more suited for this to be
    in you and then use when you talk well yeah like why did the barbell shrug
    podcast works well miss also because I made jokes and made you smile I was
    comfortable charisma has to do as well because suddenly you were more willing
    to listen because of the way I talk and I last out the French accent thank you
    very much all that stuff you know it’s an oval but
    just that’s the thing keys get better you not emails not marketing stuff is
    the bullshit business stuff you want alone business go with economists or
    money people the health issue business everybody else is
    yeah so here’s what I want to get to though I want to go to now yes
    let’s let’s do that so the preparation you did in preparation for say the
    barbell shrug podcast what’s the training equivalent right
    right so we have the Black Swan event right we have the butterfly effect chaos
    theory right we’re too many variables we’ll just create a storm and then after
    that is we talking about two podcasts ago is coherence versus completeness
    your ever coherent or your complete but you’re not most but do I mean by that
    you can have a year-long training plan but just know that it’s not coherent it
    will not work with the way life is but because of the butterfly effect that
    will create a Black Swan event now does that mean that doesn’t mean that you
    shouldn’t have a plan an idea means that it means that whatever this is you need
    to understand that that’s not the way it will be no so how do I get on the Black
    Swan even a positive ending at you but there has to be part of programming so
    if it was money I would say like you have a stockbroker that tells you the
    next 20 years of your bones you have a scam artist because 20 years in the u.s.
    for example we know on average will be three recessions so anybody that tells
    you you’re your stock will do this for the next one years is come if it’s not
    taking into account them most likely three recessions coming then you’re a
    fool Yeah right then you know then you it’s a scam artist it won’t work like
    that that’s what those whole long-term plans that do not take care into your
    the idea of a Black Swan events are completely foolish yeah I’ve sat through
    some of those pitches at my day job yeah yes it doesn’t work like that
    any but again that’s also basically a Black Swan event the first stuff is that
    it will be discounted mm-hmm even though everything in your life happens through
    Black Swan even you will discover all of them must happen and then you’ll go back
    to your 20-year plan knowing that it’s like you know like you just switch
    countries you switch careers on mmm but that’s okay you just creating another
    20-year plan even though the last five years you had three different jobs
    countries wives or whatever and yet you just keep plowing forward like it’s
    actually gonna happen That’s the problem, you
    think the world is a long road that goes straight.. But life is the black swan events, and
    then in between black swans there’s a road, a straight road. Except you don’t
    know which way the road is going, so you have that Black Swan event is here and
    then the road goes that way and then the next Black Swan even is over there and
    then from there you draw a road but that’s how it works it’s Black Swan
    first then Road second and most people have it backwards and I think in
    planning and training like it’s anything in business is another thing too is in
    business I always tell people like to try to hang on because they see some
    long term yes thing out there like well I believe five years I envisioned I’m
    like listen in five years if your business goes as well as it could or as
    bad as if it just goes for five years if it exists in five years it will look
    like something you don’t even fucking imagine right now exactly yeah it’s just
    and that and that could be good it probably will be good but don’t be
    fucking married to this and it may not be mediocrity but it is compared to what
    the potential is so people set this fucking plan five years out for their
    business not understanding that partnerships can dissolve or you may
    acquire new partnerships or the whole shape and sculpt of a business may you
    may be in a different space and and so there’s just I hate that hanging on to a
    long term plan and ignoring short term opportunities like a business plan for a
    restaurant mm-hmm ninety percent will go out of business I have never seen a
    business plan that deals with the 90 percent fail rate of a restaurant is
    there not funny have you ever seen a business plan that fails no seen a lot
    of businesses that fail but never the business plan is not funny
    it’s imagine if there was any science well you know be like it’s it’s
    incredible what happens if you feel all you want really because nine out of ten
    will yeah and there’s ten of you so guess where statistically means so
    anyway so I’m preparing through this in training so you know it’s about keeping
    on on a path right you still have to have a compass right you have to have an
    idea a goal so you need two things you need a goal and a metric right so the
    goal is I want to get stronger I want to get stronger right the metric is so
    that’s where it gets a bit tricky it’s like the metric is I need to leave that
    much weight yeah okay so that we talked about it
    like getting stronger and being able to and getting stronger and expressing that
    are two different things when the measure becomes a target it ceases to be
    a good measure so you want to get stronger how do I know I get stronger my
    deadlift is going up that’s a good way to phrase it right so we get you
    stronger overall your deliv goes up the problem is then because this is a
    measure how strong you are and you really want to get strong what you’re
    going to do you’re going to game it right which means you’re going to bring
    your dead lift up thinking it means you get stronger overall and that’s what the
    problem is that’s the wrong metric that number when a measure becomes a target
    it ceases to be a good measure that’s that’s like that’s like assuming that
    the sound of a rooster crowing is causing the Sun to come out actually a
    barometer decides the stove’s egg no it does not and I know that’s difficult
    because in math for example there is no establishing causality is actually much
    harder than people on the center but people see most of the time is
    correlation not cause a little special e with empirical evidence in all that
    stuff it’s just you you’re seeing a very very strong correlation it is still not
    causation you’ll be surprised how much science actually does not create
    causation they only create very strong correlation why because that’s enough to
    produce the whole to Detroit in the book club soon yes exactly yeah and nice
    about me saying it is very very small people going on it so we’re gonna get
    you stronger again we through that we’re going to
    focus on the lifting like let’s try to bring the squat higher but again the
    squat is a measure a strong you are role not the other way around otherwise which
    is gaming the system which high conviction can be necessary but then you
    have to understand that if your focus is just on the squat you’re not getting
    stronger like he becomes a target that’s different than a measure so again that
    depends what that you have to define very closely what you want you want ten
    pounds on the squat okay but let’s make you strong overall – and then in return
    that we get you ten pounds on the square that’s a correct approach not I want ten
    pounds on the on the squat because then the measure became a target and that’s
    where usually you’re going to start fucking up it’s going to work once maybe
    twice and then you go down because you’re not getting stronger overall
    which means something is going to start falling off so the goal is getting
    stronger over the metric the as a measure would be
    let’s say my deadlift goes up but it’s a measure of that not the target
    right it’s just a metric all right so to get there we’re gonna use the let’s say
    the 8 coin 10-week cycle which is 4 different lives right and this is a
    linear progression Nadia progression comes from the 60s 70s to dog bompa was
    actually Bo MPA was actually the grandfather of your parallelization
    system created it was a from Romania but created that with a Russian system
    because the Russians are the first one to come with periodization and to dog
    bompa was an architect of that right so it’s the old science of stress we know
    we’re better or bad stress than we did back then this is 50 years later it
    doesn’t work the same way that’s why lining up regression I think he’s good
    not because he obeys the laws of the science of stress doing the correct ones
    because that the nervous system all herself gets into it but at least he
    gives you some kind of a structure right well you can not freak out because
    people need that straight line again humans have to discount black swans
    event it’s I could explain to you why but that’s a cow forest and stuff you
    should don’t want surprises there’s a very good reason for that but it’s also
    a human flaw right to not understand how things work all right so we’re going to
    give you a nice 10-week cycle so that you have something to anchor the in
    order for it to work we’re gonna choose one leaf to focus on why because
    otherwise the butterfly effect comes in you guys don’t understand what it’s like
    to have deadlift squat and bench you know for example typical stuff your
    upper back cannot take it you introduce butterfly effect too many variables they
    start to pile on each other up until a storm is coming so people do not
    understand what a heavy squat does on their upper back yeah like I’ve seen
    that already let me competition that when people want you know say if you’re
    training for this fitness you want a bigger squat bigger bench bigger
    deadlifts a bigger cleaner that is is just remember that those are
    measurements or tests created by a sport yes it’s it’s it is imperfect there is
    no sport that’s perfect meaning like it’s not like those three lifts are
    design are chosen because they optimally allow you to
    your overall script it’s like no those are the three ways that we can put the
    most load on the body basically the barn yeah we live in what is the barbell so
    listen I get mad because it’s one implement false we lists because they
    couldn’t use the sandbag because they couldn’t use a stone because you know
    it’s fucking being everything standardized so it becomes yes so it’s
    convenient based on a scientific thing is convenient
    no that’s also it’s much better test and if you want to be stronger like those
    three aren’t necessarily your only or even the best one rules or even the best
    way to means just the ones we use for convenience by the way who’s to say the
    barbell has to be at that height nobody you know why it’s at that height because
    it goes past your nose if you fall backwards with the barbell it is it’s
    gonna pick what if Thing Thing yeah right that’s what the bumpers ours
    because when you go like this they don’t because the guys would fall backwards
    and they were afraid of gaining like their chin cracked oh stuff like that so
    we just enough spaced but clearly effaced that’s literally why the height
    were decided so it’s not it doesn’t have anything to do with your by the way your
    five two so a meter of 55 or whatever obviously the guy was two meters tall
    yeah who’s six eight do you think it’s fair you think that the left is is the
    same exercise on both no because one is doing it off of blocks yeah because he’s
    basically by his knees well the other guy is basically by his ankles
    yeah that’s not the same lift otherwise he’s saying that a deficit the left is
    something as a block deadlift you know it’s not the same muscles anybody use
    trial they don’t know it’s not the same muscles being used so convenient for
    whom yeah right so that’s why like you have two people that’s like CrossFit
    right so you have to listen the powerlifting is a sport and it’s a
    it’s a test that allow you to use a convenient way to do that take your
    picture of this cycle looking on your arm so that’s what powerlifting is
    series telling on me I’m just saying we have picture now
    psycho stone cold stone cold like stop staring at me too
    so it’s based on convenience yeah right so again it is a measure us from you are
    not the target that’s very important all right so you want to know how taxed it
    is to squat on your products simple get your Mac squat in and then go bitch like
    I cannot tell you at competitions how many times I’ve seen a guy make her
    heart third attempt on his squat make it and fail its third attempt on the bench
    I would have to look at the numbers but I bet you it’s 60 70 percent me it was
    not out of ten I could always tell when someone was going to fuck up his bench
    by the way was quitting if he struggled on the way up like doing all that shit
    like all this is so tired the bench will just get destroyed so these things do
    take away from each other which means you got to decide what piece you want to
    slide forward first right so yeah so we got to take one right so which one
    should we take all right so if you’re gonna so you do a 10-week cycle which
    but again it’s gonna be seven weeks it’s not gonna be 10 weeks unless you choose
    real no bills gonna be seven weeks that’s okay doesn’t mean you suck out
    your pussy don’t wait just means you welcome to the club you just like all of
    us you need more reps with a barbell to work on your skill let’s choose that one
    two choices another one you had momentum going in the last cycle maybe you want
    to finish that momentum or for example Kyla just started to bench powerlifting
    style before it was all shoulder and triceps that she’s actually engaging
    your lats your bench looks so much better I was like it would be good to do
    a cycle on the bench I did not go well I said because she does quite that was
    like alright but alright so that’s the way I look at it right so lets you scan
    as an example she wants all three lifts back to her own numbers and PR on the
    bench so for 10 weeks just now back up again remove the time yes all totally
    that’s just not in the next weeks not a problem notice that we wait or we go way
    past that woman that’s the point of progress top five in the world give me a
    few years give me three to five years she’ll be top five in the world a there
    are 70 to 73 kilo all my wishes anything I went up to 109 80 kilos that’s a cross
    video I tried to talk her up to 78 to get almost there now I know she wants 73
    what I want is cause she’ll be my wife back then to show up at a size of a male
    crossfitter in any gym and start to do CrossFit workout 5 9 185 lady kilos like
    a male CrossFit oh you don’t understand how that happy it would be I’m still 25
    kilos heavier so anyway so it’s oh I’d be so happy anyway so she wants she will
    be top 5 in the world at some point if she keeps on going the problem is she
    won’t sit in the next ten weeks mm-hmm so she thinks she has to get 20 pounds
    on every lift on every cycle like that’s 60 to 80 pounds per lift
    yeah oh yeah that’s 240 pounds on your total per year well and she’ll say like
    there’s nothing wrong with watching that it is actly
    right so what you’re saying is that the world is a straight road that has road
    bumps which are the black swans black swans event and I’m telling you it’s the
    opposite yeah is so what do I mean by that means she’s getting better on the
    bench but she’s gonna get stuck because right now she has she does not know
    exactly it’s anchored she’s not here she does not know exactly where the correct
    assistance work for our bench is because she hasn’t had enough time with it
    probably to figure out the holes in of course she did and by the way she still
    does know how to engage our lats so what should would she choose for this cycle I
    believe she should I’m not gonna win I believe she should choose the bench
    because she still doesn’t know how to engage all that’s popularly so what does
    she need she need reps with a barbell right back to last week when we talked
    about warm-up what she needs skill with a barbell means what means engaging the
    same muscles every single session like without last time you don’t get to go
    shoulder tricep one day next week pecs and lats no no every session for seven
    to ten weeks should be that’s it you know the same muscle being engaged
    correctly with the right technique for fucking ten weeks that’s your Center
    that’s how he has to be done like if you won which you do shoulder
    and then you’re doing a cross you’re not bench pressing not the computer mesh
    missing she needs reps on if you know already had to bench press and you know
    your weakness like it’s your triceps all right let’s fucking make you do a close
    grip bench press cycle but you’re not there yeah this is not where you are
    right now you’re learning to bench with a pause lats pegs triceps all that stuff
    has to be built so first of all we start with the scale you need reps with a
    barbell we’re going to do a cycle on that right during that cycle we’re going
    to plant for the Black Swan event what’s the Black Swan event is everything is
    going to go well but we’re gonna finally discover what the weakness is Oh triceps
    are not strong enough for stuff like that alright so once we know that then
    we’ll do another cycle or change yes that’s work based on what you’re going
    to discover in that cycle and this may be put in part of it where you talked
    about how you can’t see this cut this situation coming because here’s a
    hypothetical that can happen so she could start doing this work very good
    quality work without over taxing to where she’s compromised so you’re doing
    it well when doing it consistently the loads increase she can make lots of
    great progress until all of a sudden you realize wait now that I’ve progressed a
    little bit now this is not keeping up and what does that mean Ariel’s pain by
    the way yeah it’ll be me there will be compensation I
    have there lat so exactly you’re making progress to doing 185 and then turns out
    that 192 because it’s only five pounds suddenly your lats come take it in okay
    that’s and now you’re starting to do this and now your shoulder hurts so what
    do we do do we move forward Amanda what do we pound forward or do we go up let’s
    pound again it’s not the roadblock no actually that’s not the point
    the point of this cycle was to find that I see those when you’re getting ready
    for those things is like when you find something like that’s a great
    opportunity that’s just we had a poll we will launch
    that’s my the next phase exactly that’s my problem when they say it’s a
    roadblock I’m like you’re phrasing it incorrectly it’s not the robot that’s
    the fucking win I was hunting for that moment this is what I like when people
    look at me for the Grinch when we find something because then that means to me
    that they looking at it in a negative way showing like oh I stock I’m like
    this is your greatest moment another factor that’s your greatest moment and
    you’re up there for you no no don’t do it don’t escape like those dead people
    do machine you don’t want Tyler Durden or Bruce gets it you better know we
    should we should have a movie that should be we should have a Movie Club
    too because they should know certain movies I realize now those young snails
    don’t know a lot of movies – they need to watch anyway Fight Club being one of
    them next book club one punch man oh it’s so good it’s the enemy among us at
    the weekend yet okay now I’m trying to go when it is because one point I had
    one now or now I’ll do a perk Jess I’m with Wyatt I love this anyway right so
    this is what like the Bobby I’ll short podcast was that’s a Black Swan event
    what I’m trying to get you to is that moment where you go there’s a problem
    right here I’m not great you know that’s what we’re shooting for we’re trying to
    find whether the key logs are that’s the only way to get better yeah and I think
    those are like those are your big opportunities my wife is it’s a similar
    case with her she’s a pretty good deadlift er really good it carries and
    all those things in the deadlifts the one lift she just wishes could still be
    better even though it’s good but she sells a hard time with hamstrings and
    with hinging and isolation and and and so in pointing that out to her doesn’t
    go very well no it’s funny and train your spouse remember when we talked
    about the learning thing there’s it gets up there to anger at others than anger
    itself and then go myself it’s a girl it’s never gonna leave you because
    you’re always there I just I’m always there and they’re not gonna always put
    it on me oh yeah that was this morning from but in those cases though it is
    it’s like you have to change your mindset of taking this as a fuck there’s
    something wrong with me I don’t know how to do this to like no no no no we found
    it if there was a leak in your fucking roof and you know there’s a leak who
    don’t know where it is well finding out where it is is
    important and there’s nothing you’re a bad person no stop being so sensitive
    about it it is just a fucking lift and again we’re hunting for it yeah you’re
    not trying to escape the problem you’re you’re hunting because you can only get
    so good without having fixed it right but because it’s
    not by the way it’s not is i don’t even sit as fixing it who needs just be
    progressed you need to find it first as you see it’s not even fixing is out oh
    that’s that’s the whole maybe but there’s no house it’s like a book
    leaking it’s part of being a boat it’s the nature of the boat that he leaks by
    the way you need the water in you just gonna have too much of it yeah so by D
    so we I never seen as a problem I’m not great I found a way to get better that’s
    it that’s what those moments so it’s a Black Swan event you looking at it as a
    negative I look at it as a positive as like I was fucking looking for what was
    holding you back and I won’t know until it happens it is by the key log is a
    Black Swan event when I have one I’m like my life just got better or you can
    look at it as I thought yeah so going forward then she would write it so wit
    five she’s getting piell’s but now the shoulder starts to hurt because the lats
    are not all right so should there be week six when we keep going up and fuck
    up the shoulder Laurie reset because we found out okay your last on work so what
    we’re gonna do we’re gonna stop the cycle and and basically we’re gonna fix
    the bench and restart a cycle from zero and focus on another lift in the
    meantime okay right so what I do is the three main lifts and new forces shoulder
    press if you’re strong men I mean this for lift right so you’re going to focus
    on one right but you’re gonna prepare for the Black Swan event to find that
    stuff maybe happens week five maybe happens but that’s what you start out
    week seven because usually us money shows up six or seven maybe it shows up
    at nine awesome and and so we do nine weeks the other lips I don’t want you to
    focus on getting stronger like what I want you is I want you to basically hunt
    for the Black Swan event from the beginning on the other one right so that
    means you’re gonna have how do you make money ninety percent in your Treasury
    bond one percent in ten different companies completely higher we stuff
    knowing that nine will fail but one we get will make you rich so that’s what
    we’re going to look on the other list that means to do that we’re going to use
    a conjugate system that means that you’re gonna have let’s say eight weeks
    which means four different lifts that you’re gonna rotate for two blocks right
    each been different conjugate system max wait for five reps except
    depending a little bit three five depending on who you were and stuff like
    that right so variation is the Kishin so let’s say I’m focusing on the bench and
    then the squat is coming so that means one way T can be passcodes
    next week it can be normal squat but with a safety squat bar and if that can
    be the hip machine right and everything and we have fall if I got the force one
    has to be something you’ve never done before
    next you never try to remember like what I was talking about that that you know
    when Travis dogs do AI guy was in Minneapolis then he gave a speech he
    gave I remember what it’s called but that AI
    that could mimic the human walking this will be named for that actually created
    an algorithm to try something that was never tried before so not random at all
    actually is to try something that was never tried before which is exclusive
    yes that was already done it’s gonna create something new there’s a name for
    that it’s a specific Eric algorithm the uses in a I I have it somewhere I’ll
    post it in the comments but there’s a name for that and it’s it’s very obvious
    pretty sure it’s an algorithm that is created to push out everything that was
    try it so the false lift is something you never done before so it can be a
    safety square bar square but then it has to be with Ben he has to be off a box it
    has to be about change or whatever something you never done before so that
    because that’s the only way to move forward because we keep getting that
    randomness in at Epsilon so that at some point you will go that
    one and that one is one makes you which in that case that will that will be your
    best bet for the Foursquare and training – those are the things that you find I
    like this part because it’s it’s experimentation it is exploring a new
    skill and exploitation and and you still though are I don’t know I just I love
    that you have to try something new because you can find something that you
    like that process in the beginning is fun you’re like ah that’s kind of cool
    trust I like this new exercise it’s good which means you’ll do it again you’re
    gonna be in the right headspace approaching it you’re gonna try you’re
    not gonna feel like it’s hunt you yes because in exploring like that
    you are a hunting that’s you’re the hunter and so so that feeling is good
    dragged out sooner so do some if you’re a very experienced lifter you could do
    only one time out of week I don’t need yeah right if you’re a very
    newbie lifter I would say one out of two mm-hmm
    right or stuff like that all right so depending well you won’t even have to
    choose that but could you do that for all four lifts the problem with that is
    that most likely you’re not skillful enough at all lifts to afford to do that
    is probably one left and it’s going to be only one left at a time to really
    focus on for example how to bench with a barbell if you’re super experienced you
    can probably get away with doing that for or foulest most of you are not so
    buy a new bit could you do like a full cycle with all barbell like line area
    away and everything to learn skills yeah but I don’t I really don’t like to do it
    yeah I want to focus one at a time you just mentally it’s better right so to me
    the best way to do it would be that so we have all 90 percent you know all
    bound well you’re gonna get that you’re gonna learn the skill of the bench so
    that’s where we put the safe money right you’re gonna learn the skill and all
    that stuff you need a lot of reps so we’re gonna take that lift and put it a
    line in your progression add coin style up until we get to the Black Swan which
    means you get two and three means okay we found them don’t the rest the other
    lift we’re going to go conjugate system three to five reps three to seven reps
    depending while you are depending she try to get muscle or not like that we
    have to basically that depends on your goal as well alright and it’s going to
    be with either one every two sessions or one one every eight sessions where
    you’re gonna try something completely different that you’ve never taught not
    random different from anything you’ve ever tried remember randomness means you
    can hit the same thing ten times in a row that is not what we’re shooting for
    we assumed for right now is I really wish I remember the name of that but
    it’s from AI it’s something you’ve never done before which is not random it’s not
    the same and this sounds to me often like it’s like walking up that hill from
    exploration to near Association and then you realize where you are yeah and then
    you jump to a new set of tools and with the new set of tools you walk up that
    hill exactly and then you can go back and express we have agreed that we have
    to agree that PR means you’re top of the hill you come
    back down yeah so you get a massive peer like you supposed to do a lift for three
    reps of week six and for three reps and Eubank six of it you don’t yeah that’s a
    mess the German system was already I get one PR don’t care what is your Don so
    you don’t want to you can pee on week two but that’s no but let’s say you
    anytime past week five you get a PLU reset the cycle yeah you don’t you
    choose a different lift no unless we do or just move things up unless we do the
    cycle take two weeks off okay let’s redo the cycle some but then we got to talk
    about the weeks off okay that’s very pop that’s okay but so that’s my view of and
    we can call it the black swan training You’re gonna have to
    understand that the approach is not linear progression. That’s just your
    safety route.. Just to keep you mentally learning a skill. Your progress,
    where you get rich is in the Black Swan training out there. So we’re gonna have
    to find the best way with the body you have right now, the best
    assistance work or the best lifts it is to make you a go up. So for example, let’s
    say I find that a box squat with the safety squat bar and chains is what
    makes me the strongest overall for hips, legs and
    guess what? That’s gonna become your 90 percent
    safety bond, which means your Treasury bonds.. Which means this is how we’re gonna
    make you do your cycle next is on that exercise, that’s your bread and butter now. that’s to make you the strongest overall
    so let so you’re still a newbie at squaring that means I’m still stuck now
    whether or not you squat with a barbell enough that you keep going on the scale
    versus what actually makes you strong so maybe if you’re a newbie that’s when
    you’re 90 percent bone I’m gonna do it’s a coin cycle but maybe at that time I’ll
    have one session safety square bar box chains one session with the barbell so
    kind of a wheel conjugates system but not exactly that’s
    where the the art of programming will come in depending how much skill you
    need Whizzer Bob you’re gonna compete and that’s usually gonna cause those
    three components of strength with skill neural activity and exactly and you can
    actually contract and so scary zombies Gil and I think that the skill has a lot
    to do with how you can express the neural activity as well so orally as in
    the I mean those are various correlated yeah well at it so for example to
    increase neon output I do better with the safety square box squared with
    change right so now the question is are you going to compete or not if you don’t
    compete then that’s what we’re gonna do because it allows you to have skill
    lower skill for you you’re better on it naturally for whatever reason your
    output capacity or muscle to contract alright so that’s your bread and butter
    yeah right but let’s say you want to compete with a barbell so now yeah now
    the skill is different so we’re gonna have to introduce session for the skill
    either high or post add a high percentage and you’ll see a lot of
    strong men don’t squat traditionally with enough straight bar though off like
    the safety squat bar and a family bar shoulder how yeah how it is it that you
    don’t get them big guys jack and their shoulders up they don’t need that they
    need they need to be squat strong but they do not need okay but we’re strong
    means because it’s not you know polyomino it’s usually wrong squad
    strong to me I don’t even care about the squat is in the spirit yes women buy
    squat squat strong to me is basically just leg core it’s a structure it’s
    actually up no Mac and well yes you know that’s what this is it’s disc waiting to
    get their hips and upper back stronger right so could you get the hip strong
    with your carries yeah that’s why they do it but basically so if you look at
    the others they want the their hips to be strong at a basically at the job
    position just slightly above parallel what because they’re going to use it for
    stones and stuff like that do two things why don’t they do the same exercise with
    stone cuz stones would blow up your biceps so you can’t
    so convenience as well it allows you to target the upper back in the hips yeah
    and nothing does it better than the safety square barcodes on your upper
    back it’s a monster yeah that’s why strongmen will use mostly that and not
    the barbell because it forces your hand out and it wounds your shoulder so again
    if you compete in powerlifting we’re gonna have to introduce the skill with a
    barbell if you don’t like to do strongman then let’s find your body
    butter and so input in your programming that’s important no like
    what are you again what do you want yeah okay and where does this fit into it
    because of what you want means nothing with the barbell then maybe we need oh
    we don’t know okay so let’s find what again
    measurement target what makes you stronger over all right all right so
    let’s say it’s a safety squat bar with change that was a change I love the
    change for me work really well for me it was always poor squats with change that
    just made me stronger shit like that that’s because that switching to eat
    cheese opponent so that made me stronger shit alright so since I competed in
    straw man and not powerlifting I was like fuck it I’ll just do that yeah I
    don’t need to squat up and down I don’t that’s why I spent so much time working
    on my power squats that made me waste from there but that’s cause I don’t
    compete in powerlifting so that’s where the skill path comes in
    so I barely did any stuff any normal squat by the end because he wasn’t for
    me it was an interesting so would I do in that case a cycle to get me focused
    mentally on 20 weeks on one left if I were to need scale for example my worst
    lift ever was a log I fucking don’t do that thing so then that’s where I’m
    going to focus my 10 weeks because I need to learn the skill with a lot cuz
    I’m gonna compete with the log if so the question would be if I never
    completed why would I need the log because if you really suck at something
    maybe getting better at it will improve your overall yeah your output may be but
    the skill may not be necessary so that’s well now I’m complicating things because
    that’s literally all the stuff you have to consider when you do a programming
    yeah right it’s all stuff like that so for me I knew because I compete in
    strongman we’ll talk about this I’m gonna come back but we’ll talk about
    this when you’re ready but the key was I need the log all right so that’s where
    my ten week cycle is trust me I’m not gonna make it to ten
    weeks yeah but that’s where the skill is because I need the skill with the log so
    that would be my one cycle and everything else is configured system max
    2005 that’s what worked the best for me and usually one out of three what sorry
    one out of four was completely different I did that naturally but now I
    understand why why I’m doing it so that’s with the Black Swan training you
    make it makes complete sense your focus on your so you have one focus which is
    for color on the bench and her focus on the other leaf should be
    what is it I cannot do for the squad what kind of form of squaring is
    destroying me is it box box is it paused is it safety square
    bar because up here bag gets my room oh so what I want out of the whatever weeks
    we’re going to be able to do that based on what the bench is doing I want to
    find out what the what the Black Swan is for that for the squat which is what is
    it you cannot do mm-hmm right which form of squaring is your worst because
    they’ll tell me what we need to work on is it hammies inside homies in our case
    and glutes all right so where is it going to be expressed as weakness
    because that’s why we’re gonna focus on as assistants work for her yeah same
    thing under they left something on the strict price so we get through kind of
    the whole thing yeah right now get through she’s basically got some PRS
    we’ve reset so she’d be on our bench right she’s mine in fact she gets 195
    which would be awesome so we reset do you go right back into or dumb you do a
    head of a face so first of all is for five days off nothing no training zero
    you’re gonna lose your mind when I say that which I founded we are the same by
    the way I was one of those but like we were on my off time we took one we after
    any completely to be the first time you don’t know how long that I’ve done that
    and same thing for her my body ached everywhere by day to right by day for
    like what the fuck they file I’m like hey the six I was like training training
    training ironically like this is what it’s like to be above water fully it’s
    kind of what that feels yes like I swear they three my ribs were screaming and
    I’m like I’ve been don’t shit yes exactly I couldn’t go of the Train of my
    left leg I had to go off my right because my pattern on the left was
    bitching Arthur what did I do we walked on we are looking at Museum
    bass not that is just a fucking a hidden processed unless we act everywhere on
    the left I was like what the fuck did I do for it too easy
    so you bite that chunk of time off yep and then if I like Rachel if you come do
    by the way she come to a week off you’re a problem yeah you know you’re addicted
    to the wrong thing right and then after that try telling
    your wife you cannot take five days not drinking she’s gonna be like it was a
    red flag bro yeah like unit is one drink no matter what it’s like everyday I need
    drinks every today yeah anything else in life should be like right Yeah right
    it’s I mean this is a sympathetic fix take five days off and learn from it
    like I’m mentally you’re gonna progress you’re gonna have a better outlook on
    what happened on your cycle and he’s gonna allow you to again have the
    outlook on the cycle celebrate when you about what you should celebrate get
    pissed about what you should get pissed off not everything is by the way not
    everything is go well in the cycle stuff you should celebrate or else you should
    get pissed about and then you just refocus and slightly
    right and so don’t you an accessory fee I do okay so why did you find out about
    that cycle where they’re like that’s the thing where you go fuck mm-hmm like that
    was such a problem all right I want to week somebody building on that yeah
    unlike but because this skill is like you can’t find your hammies are oh all
    right I want two weeks body building on everything but you focus your
    coordination and then every single day you’re gonna do Hermes right and you’re
    gonna do one exciting they’ve all done before and by the end of two weeks I
    want you to fucking make your hammies cramp mm-hmm and then you can roll right
    back into it with the information you’re going from the first cycle yeah you can
    have all of the skill and progression from that cycle rest from the time off
    the everything from now getting back into deliberate finding out it’s
    hopefully solving some of the problems that you found before and now that knew
    you that has learned all of this and covered all this ground that knew you
    jumps into the next thing but the next cycle you’re not the same person as the
    old just understand directs but it’s not a straight it’s not a straight road
    needs to be reset yeah that’s what the way fact days are about or the week off
    is about it’s about understanding that you are a different person
    that’s not Rose is not straight that’s not to sit there and say well I got my
    10-pound like this but I’m gonna get 50 kids yeah
    yeah yeah another now it’s again the road is not straight the road is goes
    here then it starts and it starts there it’s basically the road is it’s quantum
    mechanics just all over the place continent really it just it goes here
    and it’s there you are not the same person up stop with the fucking 20 year
    it has in a blink of an eye you’re gonna be on the other side and it’s quite some
    tunneling like they say whoa no there’s not yeah yeah and then so you stopped
    from there don’t look backwards yeah but then same time don’t plan the next ten
    years it doesn’t happen like that so the cycle is all right exists this is what
    you’re gonna and again you’re gonna have to be addressed at any moment within
    that cycle so what else do we want to flush out about we kind of went through
    the whole the whole process of the program yeah I think we are it’s okay
    it’s exploration versus exploitation like when we say look for stuff that’s
    it’s not pure exploration either by the way and the end of this cycle
    you made no progress anywhere this is a problem mm-hmm right so exploration that
    does it mean you get to dig around and not actually push the Machine because I
    feel like that’s what I saw on the strong free community when it came to
    nasal breathing and where people misunderstood the point the point was
    not to pace yourself on the contrary the portal nasal
    breathing was to make it harder on yourself to try to chase your number
    also while staying in theirs or breathing which is almost impossible
    especially at first you give yourself panic attacks but so when we said no
    data a lot of them use them to basically diminish the intensity by 50% yeah my
    self yeah so I can’t find my middle row can take six minutes to do it
    yeah no the point was to go as hot as possible walnut losing finishing like
    I’m gonna get if you don’t get a fucking panic attack every time you do it you’re
    doing it wrong it takes a while to be able to get your nasal breathing up I
    still conduit on running you know it’s a badge so that’s the exploitation versus
    exploration yeah and I think in the body building work to that we see and some of
    the accessories ice I would see very often people focusing which is good find
    the connection whatever but like after now I need you to go like you fucking
    leaf what you teach your muscles to move fucking slow and then
    while you’re not strong in the end because you’re doing your accessory work
    and you’re just I’m something in the first few time but now you have to stop
    you’re doing that shit you have to actually move some weight like with
    speed because that contraction and the neural recruitment specifically yeah is
    you know what I mean that’s gotta go so it’s not on the fifth session right
    hinging people just good know you don’t even know what you’re doing but once you
    can feel then try to go faster faster doesn’t mean Lightspeed right away
    because then you’re going back to your old problems and it means less fast
    exactly means has a higher quality as you can with as fast as you can but as
    fast as you can depends on the quality on the movement that speed of the
    contraction not the speed of the movement its speed of contraction that
    has to be always always look after so mentally all this is much harder because
    I’m making everything harder by doing that I’ll do this off not easier I’ll
    tell you this I such always being bigger and heavier is I have been terrible with
    pull-ups for really their time in my lats tend to show that yeah but like but
    so what I found was in trying to find my lats and doing pull-ups I was moving so
    fucking slow like well they’re not there it said well you get a little bit of
    actual intent on there but what I would do is I get a little bit of you know
    kind of get them involved and then I started actually like okay well now
    let’s actually think about the word fucking power when I’m you’re doing
    exact just squeeze yeah doing a pull-up no matter what it’s not the same oh no
    sake there and and I will even I will even do this whereas I fatigue because I
    can only do I don’t know six or eight unbroken at 300 pounds but like but like
    I’ll get to the point where I can’t go much further without doing weird shit so
    then I stay still in the range where I have the muscle and I will still be fast
    because exactly but but now that exercise has just skyrocketed
    yeah because I focus on doing it fucking like not just slow on purpose but really
    doing it on purpose yes and engaging properly as powerful as you can know
    while engaging properly it’s those two sides of the archers and I feel
    Paul sometimes can’t do two things at once I really learned how to engage it
    but I didn’t do any work or moving yeah exactly
    wonder why it gets wrong yeah oh I should stop throwing weight around
    because I will use the right and then the noun gets from your either right and
    and so there’s two sides of the arch is you have to be able to do to have two
    conflicting ideals at the same time and balance the mountain that’s what they
    call complementarity actually in physics but it’s it’s very important to have
    done in training usually it’s to ideal that are exactly opposite which is where
    Cara this morning was hanging me it’s like but you telling me to be structure
    by the same time to be flexible I’m like yeah I remember exactly no I don’t
    remember what I was gonna say yeah remember how you open a sentence with I
    remember and yeah no fucking remember no I’m gonna get work so he was that he was
    like the structure flexibility but again I want to make sure people understand
    life is not a straight road life is pure black swans event everywhere they no
    doubt the meaning for one and then in between those you have a road yeah but
    the start of the road is the Black Swan even yeah that’s just the way it is and
    then you build a road from that not the other way around the Black Swan is not a
    roadblock on the contrary it’s the start of a new road yeah so it’s a great thing
    that can happen to you out of the black swans event yeah right and then from
    there you build a road but the road is not the point the point is to get to the
    next Black Swan event that’s the only thing that matters these moments in your
    life and everything in between mmm-hmm right do you don’t get that many
    moments in life but those are the one that matter and then this is shit that
    happens in between no shit happens in between is not the
    important stuff what happens in your are the moments in your life that’s what
    matters right and again you just draw a road from those but don’t get it the
    other way around which is what but since you don’t know when and where those
    Black Swan moment happens how can you sell that well we get we get busy making
    plans because what happens but welcome to 180 we’re in as well as I want to
    apprentice how do you sell a Black Swan event no cuz like I don’t know when I
    don’t know where I don’t know who you can’t sell that but
    I can tell you the road like that kids basically so for the next like how do
    you gotta make money from next five years well I’m gonna expand to human
    right planets even though that plane takes nothing that happens in reality
    into consideration you think John verses Obama makes a
    difference up to the economy and shit like that
    yes it does so you can carry some of it but then trade war changes soul and
    spirit see Tyler thinks that neither of them do any favor there you go but yeah
    exactly well we’re go is controlling right the
    way the cock growth one other cock brother died yeah so I bet you that’s
    gonna change it but let’s say like you you don’t like to enter into the steel
    business and five years ago you’re fucked
    yeah because that’s the first thing you trade world it so you know like you go
    into agriculture as you and then you started to expand and now all the
    soybeans are not being sold yeah you’re fine right so did you plan that no
    because but because no one because you can really and now you must move forward
    and that’s the way it always is right but the fact that you put all your eggs
    into the soybeans means you don’t understand how the world works and I
    know someone sold you on that and the bank were like great idea except you
    didn’t see the trader welcoming yeah that’s why it doesn’t work like that the
    life is about the Black Swan event and all you can do because you cannot
    predict them by definition is getting ready for when they come yeah so that’s
    what planning is but it’s understanding again that it’s not miss it you can see
    it as a negative you can see it as a positive I see it as a chance to learn
    so therefore a positive always is just if you fucked up and did not prepare for
    Black Swan event you don’t have to prepare because you don’t know where
    they’re coming from but you yeah I mean like you’re so your vision of life can
    get you ready for Black Swan events and welcome them or take it as something
    that rules your life every time it happens
    me I’m a Black Swan if you look at my life that’s where it is add way more
    Black Swan events and most people if you look like if you look at my life and I
    start to tell real stories it’s insane it seems to be like it’s on a regular
    basis I created a few lie our lives like when I start to say I have an idea
    oh shit yeah everybody’s like yes like basically Cara looking at me this
    morning honey you know just not used to it here
    no worry about it but because I think that’s what life is and I believe that’s
    why I’m successful yeah it’s because for me it’s like if there’s no Black Swan
    event I’m like let me steal the pot yeah I’m gonna create one yeah we’re gonna
    shake something we’re gonna shake something oh my god that’s this is
    enough we built enough road we put enough bricks right unless we need to
    have some quantum tunneling happening that’s actually that’s a pretty good
    deflation because I’m gonna hit that fucking hole and see the one particle
    goes sweet up like we started on it which is a new story we’re gonna talk
    about soon we’re in her upside down it’s what I’m tunneling I’m like this a war
    no there’s not one particle will go through I don’t know which one I don’t
    know where I know one of them will go through we’re starting from past that
    wall next week I just have to hit it enough man one particle will go through
    that’s the way to live right okay not everybody will I see Kyla we’ll get used
    to it do not let her see Podcast do not tag her on it because I
    can say she cuz she’s not here she went to train and fuck up the second wave I
    know she won’t watch the podcast I can say whatever I want
    that’s my Island this is a podcast because I can see whatever about her
    whatever I want do not like her I think that’s really
    high-risk Black Swan I like it all right I like to live my life on the edge but
    so she you can tell she’s not used to it yet she will it just fine oceans are
    looking like this morning MA we walk in the back what you looking at me like
    this but like she’s like I’m just breathing but literally this actually
    brush you want so I’m just breathing your party to talk breathing is that’s
    what I look like I’m I saw her my wife and I have been together long enough to
    where she know she just has an understanding like so with this thing
    with what we’re gonna move here she’s like okay try explaining to most average
    Midwestern mothers and wives like what do you mean like hey well two days
    well it’s like you sing Antwerp or Barcelona but which one your news bars
    like one of the – one of the – oh and and she
    was like well you know what you fuck decided I’m not gonna tell you
    which one because that’s you’re gonna change anyway and I’m like alright you
    get you like so that but for her that’s the nice thing I remember when I called
    you when you and I had talked about coming here and you it’s like well just
    come to Europe and I said do I gotta sell I gotta sell my house and shit are
    you sure we’re good to go after one fucking phone call about this and I got
    and you’re like well you better talk to your wife first and and I actually I
    just I was like that’s not gonna be a problem like I just knew that that’s how
    we are like yes yeah we’re good that’s all I think yeah no but but so yeah but
    anyway let’s get let’s get wrapped up we’re running long I gotta check into an
    Airbnb here this morning oh yeah go go go but let’s wrap it up strong agreement
    so um yeah by the way the Blackstone turning probably be the new the new
    stuff I’m putting out there yeah I’m testing some of it on myself
    specially the one two three yeah I don’t know that I can put that into one
    template but I feel like this is a new dystrophy training system new layer I
    like and that’s gonna make us change everything
    yeah but I believe that support the proper way to do it so that’s what we’re
    gonna do I think it’s a really good application base for the torque and
    tension and your people’s individual yeah and you know what we need is so
    we’ll have the main template and then you’re like almost like a yes or no yeah
    where do you hold fats well the muscle water witnesses and based on that this
    is that you choose your stuff it’s it’s a very layer program but I believe like
    if you can create an app on stuff like that yeah that would be sick I believe
    that’s the future strong feel programming is that yeah so that way
    it’s all the variables we think have to be in but with some very clear
    guidelines as like TPR after week five you’re done yeah you reset or shit like
    that yeah stronger calm strong with equipment
    he’s not behind your pack – and uh oh shit what else Julian’s corner comm
    strong fit one on Instagram Tyler reference tone on Instagram bouquet
    thirty-two raybert rare barracuda meant I fitness mountain
    there was a knife there was one that I have I think we forgetting – all right
    yes I’m going to a now BND we forgot but we shall see you guys next week yes
    look at that you doing the add reason yeah
    all right thanks we’ll see you next I guess you

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    September 12, 2019

    Aircraft unusual events compilation #1
    I have simply made a collection of what I think fits together. Some of these qualify as official accidents but the main theme is that these events could have turned out much worse. Bell 206 Long Ranger – Pilot does not have right of way and should not be around taxiways – thats why you buy a helicopter! Airbus – awful landing with tail strike. Boeing 747 – releases parking brake too soon! R44 helicopter – maybe the student pilot forgets what the cyclic control does? Not sure of the type of helicopter but its heading for a roll over!! This is what an actual, official near miss (or near collision) looks for all you new you tube people! (I have seen many videos where the “near miss” was miles) (speaking Italian) Notice the contrail of the approaching aircraft (speaking Italian) And in case that wasnt close enough…. here is a T38 training jet “OH MY GOD !!! ”
    ” YOU HAVE CONTROL” (air traffic control in background) (cleans out pants) “ok lets go home” 747 airplane – rejected takeoff because of #1 engine compressor stall/surge “fire #1, hes aborting…. yeah” Suhkoi fighter – all this aircraft needed was to be a couple of centimetres lower and the hook would have grabbed the arresting cable. TU144 – Russian pilots dont understand “pilot caused oscillation”. I guess if you slam the airplane onto the pavement that’s one way to deal with it.
    (remember that these aircraft were scrapped partially due to design and structural issues) one two three slam I really hope this next video was some kind of test flight. I would be angry as a passenger. TAIL STRIKE while we are here, lets smash the nose gear on the runway as well !! “Ground loop” in some kind of aircraft with back tire. Looks harmless but this is why “tail draggers” can be tough to control right after landing “That looked nice” “woops” “Im glad that was on video”,
    “that doesent feel right now” Eurofighter Tyhpoon – nice aircraft but the pilot nearly crashed or “bought the farm” with this stunt. “shit, shit” Airbus A340 rejected takeoff certification test – did not go as planned!! “Its braking”, “spoilers” (speaking french) “dont move”, “4 seconds”, “OK”, “time” “dont move” “6 seconds” “you can move” “power”, “its coming” , “sorry” Explosion, central wheel NO FIRE “OK Im shutting down the auxiliary power unit air system ” Explosion of the right Fire is starting, central wheel Yes Fire, fire on the central Oh its not a big fire No Tell him not to start (with water) No intervention yet No intervention No intervention yet Its not an important fire (french) , We are looking Well, hes not listening Well, its their job. We are forced to spray some (water/foam) We wont extinguish the fire (pilots) OK lets got ouf of this plane Yes, they should bring the stairs Stairs ?! Are they already fire fighting ? Yes he is already spraying Shit Explosion central wheel Well we have to leave !! (pilots) They should bring the stairs!! The stairs, damn ! Please bring the stairs now The stairs! Evacuate, evacuate! The stairs!! OK, we are leaving. Shit, its the (wheel) metal block which is exploding. Yes, its burning. Its burning well. Ok guys Im leaving. Oh shit Whats going on down there ? A 74 nearly hits a fence at ST. Maarten airport.
    This place is famous for a beach where new tourists get thrown into the water during a large airplane departure and landing aircraft cut your hair during arrival.
    Years ago, an Air France 747 took out the fence, and probably some hair as well. Korean Airlines 777 – watching this plane land was just painful, almost like the flight crew couldnt device if to land or not. Why werent the spoilers armed for automatic deployment at touchdown? This A320 did hit its wing tip on the ground. Near crash landing? This BAE airplane was removed for a hard landing inspection after this. The passengers sued for whiplash (just kidding). slow motion The pilot forgot to turn and pull the airplane nose up before landing and cost about 15,000,000 British pounds in damage. This E3 Sentry was trying to get fuel from a KC-135R when the tanker appears to lose autopilot control and pitch down sharply.
    The miss distance was probably measured in centimetres instead of metres. Notice how the tail of the tanked rises quickly against the horizon just after the refuelling boom disconnects, causing the tanker to descend. ” go , go , go”

    Custom Alerts on Flightradar24 – Flight Tracker
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    Custom Alerts on Flightradar24 – Flight Tracker

    September 11, 2019

    Hi everyone it’s Gaelan from Flightradar24
    Support. Today I’m going to be talking about the in-app purchase of Custom Alerts. So to
    access Custom Alerts select the drop down menu in the top left and alerts there. The
    Custom Alerts is the third down from the top, if we select this we can see a list of already
    defined custom alerts that I’ve already set. I’ve only set one at the moment and that was
    for the aircraft type. If I select the back button key and then directly below this I
    see Received Alerts. This is a list of previously received alerts, if I select one and we see
    “Flight not found”, this is because I received this message, urrhh this alert a couple of
    days ago and the plane has landed since. So I’ll actually go back to creating an alert
    and if I click Custom Alert, then the “+” symbol in the top right hand corner, you can
    create an alert for four different types, that’s Flight, Registration, Airline or Aircraft
    type, I’ll be selecting Airline today. After selecting Airline you can input the ICAO code
    directly below this, I’ll be searching for SAS Airlines, so I input “SAS” and choose
    it there. You can also set the alert region from a Global alert or a Localized alert,
    I’m going to select Local today and you need to select “Select area” underneath it. This
    takes you to the map view where you can zoom in or out to specify the area that you want
    the alert triggered in. So if I zoom right into the Stockholm area and there we go…
    keep zooming… this is the area that I want that alert triggered in. If I’m happy with
    that area I can select back and there we go. There are also conditions that you can add
    “Aircraft type is one there” and there are also a few others, I won’t be setting a condition
    with this alert but there easy to access for the future there. If I select my back key
    and again, I’ve finished creating the alert so I select “Done” in the top left hand corner.
    After creating the alert we just need to wait and be patient and once it’s triggered you’ll
    receive a notification to your phone, so it’ll look like it does in the top left hand corner
    here.To access this swipe down, and I’ve actually got 3, but I select it as one and it’ll take
    us to the received alerts inside the app, now I just need to select the alert that I’m
    interested in and it should take me to the view on the map. If you can’t view the aircraft
    that means that we can’t track the aircraft or it has landed already. I hope this helps,
    please let us know if you’ve got any questions and have a great day!

    10 Abnormally Large Airplanes That Actually Exist
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    10 Abnormally Large Airplanes That Actually Exist

    August 15, 2019

    When you think about it humans have been able to pull off some pretty impressive fees flight is one of them not [happier] Just making any old plane We’ve pushed the limits for the last century and built some truly impressive and terrifying creations from Cargo Planes to bombers to Insane-looking double-Decker Passenger liners the Following massive airplanes will leave you wondering just how big things can get just be sure to hit that subscribe button before You get distracted by some pretty impressive aircraft Hughes H4 hercules You probably know the hughes h4 hercules better by its next name the spruce goose designed by famed aviator Howard hughes this Massive Aircraft was built during world war [two] even more impressively It was built almost completely from wood powered by eight engines this beast was designed to carry two tanks of around 75 tons of Cargo sure it never entered operation service but because it did fly it still holds the record [for] largest Wingspan at 320 feet so we think it deserves a mention Convair B-36 Peacemaker During the cold war it was all about building aircraft that were bigger faster and had the longest range Possible enter the B-36 Built during the time when everyone [was] using jet power this bomber was nearly obsolete when it started service in 1949 Nonetheless it was the only bomber which had the range to strike the uSSr with a nuclear bomb so it stayed on the B-36 was truly massive in every way and with a 230 foot Wingspan remains the largest mass produced piston engine aircraft ever built [it] was so large it had a 13 man Crew and was Powered by six piston and four jet engines antonov An-22 Even in a world dominated by jet power the an-22 shows that propeller driven aircraft can leave a mark you see the antonov An-22 Isn’t just powered by propeller technology it is the largest Turboprop-Powered aircraft ever 68 of these large Cargo Planes have been built and they currently see service in Russia and the ukraine so how big are they well the an-22 has a wings of 211 feet and can carry four armored vehicles or 290 passengers for added measure even its engines look impressive with dual contra-rotating propellers Which are necessary to lift all [that] weight into [the] air? Boeing B-52 What’s incredible about this American cold war palmer? is that the crews that service and fly them today weren’t even born when the last one rolled up the assembly line [in] 1962 it’s not the Heaviest bomber in the American Arsenal, but the B-52s 159 foot length, and 185 Foot Wingspan make it dimensionally the largest bomber in us service the fact is Also that has eight jet engines adds to the impressive overall size Incredibly planners hope to keep these bombers flying until 2040 this means the B-52s will have had a longer lifespan than the men who flew it over the last several decades lockheed C-5 Galaxy if you’ve ever been to an airshow and had a chance to see one of these close up then you know Just how massive they are the lockheed C-5 Galaxy is a transport plane used by the United States military It is a wingspan of 222 feet and it’s powered by four massive engines yet the true size of the plane is revealed when the interior gets opened up the Cavernous interior Is One foot longer than the distance covered by the wright brothers first flight this allows it to carry up [to] six apache attack Helicopters or five bradley fighting vehicles at one time antonov An-124 Anything you can do I can do better. [that’s] pretty much the russian response to the u.s. C5 Galaxy which came in the form [of] the antonov An-124 Introduced [sixteen] years after the C5 this russian military plane was the world’s heaviest production Cargo aircraft for 30 years until that title was taken by an entry that we’ll get to soon the An-124 has a 240 foot Wingspan and can carry an amazing 150 tons of Cargo it can even hold 350 people in its Massive Cargo hold ironically when nato countries required more heavy lifting capacity during operations in Iraq and Afghanistan They lined up to lease some of these massive aircraft TupoleV Tu-160 it’s not just the United [states] that builds big bombers in the 1980s the soviet Union unveils the Tu-160 bomber nicknamed black jack this jet-powered bomber has a 189 Foot Wingspan and takeoff weight of 300 tons making it the heaviest combat aircraft in the world this plane can carry around 40 tons of bombs and cruise missiles and fly at an impressive speed of mach 2 there are only around 16 in service But rumor has it that more might be built soon boeing 747-8 in the 1970s the boeing 747 was introduced and ushered in the era of the jumbo Jet a partial double-Decker the 747 became the face of transatlantic travel capable of carrying Several hundred passengers at a time nearly 50 [years] on and new versions of this plane continue to fly and set records the newest version from boeing is the 747-8 and it is the longest passenger aircraft in the world In fact at 250 feet in length this passenger liner is more than 90 feet longer than the massive B-52 bomber for Cargo a freighter version is heavier and [can] carry more weight than the impressive and 124 making it the heaviest production Cargo plane in the world Airbus A380 there are some planes that just don’t look like they should be able to fly take the airbus A380 for example this passenger liner takes the term jumbo jet to a whole new level with a 261 Foot Wingspan and full double-Decker layout the A380 looks like A 747 [that] has had way too much to eat it can easily carry over 500 passengers and empty it weighs in over 300 tons. That’s big No wonder people everywhere are going crazy photoshopping new variations of the plane with [3] [4] or even more decks added on top of the 2 Already in place it kind of makes you wonder if that’s even possible [antonov] An-225 when [russia] had a space shuttle program they needed a plane to carry the spacecraft around the answer taken an 124 and large it add a new tail and slap on [two] more engines what you are left with is the An-225 [and] it is big at 275 feet Long and with a 290 foot Wingspan this beast is the biggest currently around just to give you an idea of how much this plane can carry in 2001 the An-225 Flew with four main Battle tanks weighing 280 tons each in its whole although only one is currently in service Rumors and reports suggest that the production of the an-225 may once again start up making the largest production Cargo plane ever Well those are some pretty big planes [yet] there still never seems to be enough arm rest for everyone to use So figure that one out until next time be sure to subscribe and check out the other fun Terrifying and truly interesting facts found in other videos and articles over at the richest bye. Bye for now