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    #1 You’re Going Where On What? | Clearwater to Cuba Pontoon Adventure | Avalon Luxury Pontoons
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    #1 You’re Going Where On What? | Clearwater to Cuba Pontoon Adventure | Avalon Luxury Pontoons

    August 18, 2019

    “All right, everybody’s made it!
    Jim is speaking directly to the Coast Guard right now,
    clearing us for our passage to Cuba. “They’re telling us the wind is going to be
    so low it’s probably going to be a disadvantage.” “It’s gonna be what?”
    “Another 50 mile-an-hour as we go 850 yeah that’ll be dismissed.” “All right, well we’re heading out that away. Correct? that’s the way it is?” “almost due
    south. More South than that, but.” “Alright.” JIM: “We have our life raft, we have procured our life raft, it’s a rental but it’s may save our lives.” “We’re getting ready to go. There’s Doug.
    Trav, where we going?” “Hey, Charlie. We’re going to Cuba, are you goin?” “Let’s go!”
    “Let’s make it happen.” “Let’s get er done!” “We have our life raft, we’ve procurred our
    life raft. It’s a rental but it may save our lives!” “I thought he would have had a
    little more pizzazz going while we arrived you know maybe a marching band
    or something, but I get it. You know we’re on a fixed income because we’re doing an
    Avalon trip.” “This is all work, Charlie. We’re not relaxing!” “I think it’s gonna be
    a lot of fun. Nice challenge. Gulfstream ought to be interesting.” “You know there’s
    a lot of things you can run into out on the open ocean for 90 miles not seeing
    land, and you know, if you’re battling swells and chop and the boat’s just going
    up and down, and up and down for hours, it’s it’s a physical beating.” “Yeah, ready to rock.” “And it’s a commitment once you start heading, you know, turning around at a
    certain point is not an option. This is a big step in the adventure series for sure.” “Jim how fast we running?”
    “36.” “36 right now. Pretty good speed for us, huh?”

    Search for boater overboard off of Lake Worth Inlet
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    Search for boater overboard off of Lake Worth Inlet

    August 18, 2019


    Here’s What’s So Exciting About Celebrity Edge!
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    Here’s What’s So Exciting About Celebrity Edge!

    August 18, 2019

    A very unusual cruise ship has been
    under construction at the STX shipyard in France. It’s the Celebrity Edge, the first of
    an entirely new class of ships by Celebrity Cruises… The premium cruise line operated by Royal Caribbean. And Celebrity Edge has got some really
    unusual features and design elements! Construction has been underway for
    about the last two years… And the maiden voyage of the Celebrity Edge
    is coming up this December. Things are really coming together
    onboard the ship now… And I finally got some real video of the ship to
    share with you so you can see how she’s turning out. Now this right here is an animated artist’s rendering
    of the signature feature of the Celebrity Edge… That sets it apart from just about any
    cruise ship you’ve ever seen. It’s an exterior deck called “The Magic Carpet”
    that moves up and down the side of the ship
    like an elevator. Here is actual video
    of the nearly completed Magic Carpet. It’s a multi-purpose part of the ship. At times that’ll be where
    you board or disembark the ship. At other times it’s a dining venue, and also a bar. From a distance it kind of looks like there’s
    a construction scaffold attached to the ship. But that’s the Magic Carpet,
    and no other ship has anything like it! Here’s an artist rendering of “the Grand Plaza”. And this is actual video
    of how construction is coming along on it. There’s still a lot of work to do,
    but when it’s all done this is going to be
    one of the big focal points of the ship… A place you’ll go to be with people,
    have a drink, and be social. As you can imagine, there’s a lot of work involved
    in constructing a big cruise ship like this. And they’ve got hundreds of craftsmen
    working full-time to get it ready
    for the first cruise, in December. Another unique space on Celebrity Edge is called Eden. You know, like the Garden of Eden. We’re looking at some artist’s renderings here. You can see Eden will have lots of foliage…
    thus the name. Now here’s actual video of the unusual ceiling of Eden. The green color will be a great complement
    to all the plants that’ll be in this space. You can see construction is coming along
    but there’s still a lot of work to do on Eden,
    at this point. Another distinctive feature of the ship is the area
    on the top deck known as the Rooftop Garden. This animation was the design concept
    of what the space would look like… And here’s actual video to show you what it looks like
    at this point in the construction process. It’s a really distinctive look. You have to hand it to the design team
    for coming up with something that really
    sets the ship apart from all the others. Can’t you just imagine relaxing out here in the Sun on a Caribbean cruise? Here’s a photo of the ship’s theater… And there’s something really unusual about the theater that you might not notice at first glance. I think it’ll be easier if we take a look at
    an artist’s rendering of the theater in action. Now what strikes me about that artist’s rendering
    is that this looks very much like 270… The amazing theater at the back end of Royal Caribbean’s Anthem Of The Seas. So I’m pretty sure that Celebrity
    is going to use that same technology
    that they used on Anthem Of the Seas… For an amazing theater like I’ve never seen before. If you look at this picture of the back of the ship. You can see it looks very much like
    the back of Anthem Of The Seas…
    with that amazing theater. So, I’m pretty sure that that’s what’s going on here on the Celebrity Edge. And finally…
    Have you heard about the staterooms with
    what Celebrity is calling an “Infinite View Veranda”? I wish I had better pictures of it, but… What they’ve done is taken the Veranda
    (the balcony) and really integrated it into the cabin. The glass doors that separate the cabin
    from the veranda can be closed,
    when you want to keep the weather out… Or they can be fully opened, to make the
    cabin and the veranda just one big space. I think this is a brilliant idea
    and I could totally see myself
    enjoying a cabin like this. Celebrity Edge will be based in Hollywood, Florida
    at Port Everglades and the completely renovated
    terminal 25… The biggest investment that Port Everglades
    has ever made in a cruise terminal. And you can expect it’ll have all the latest innovations
    to improve the process of both boarding
    and disembarkation. Well that’s an update
    on the construction of the Celebrity Edge… A very innovative cruise ship that
    is going to make a big splash…
    (pardon the pun!) When she makes her debut in December. If you like cruising on the newest ships with
    the latest features on the cutting edge of design… Celebrity Edge is definitely
    a ship that you should check out. I’m Jim Zim…
    Always happy to shine a spotlight
    on the newest cruise ships! Here are links to some of my other videos
    featuring the best cruise ships I’ve found… With features that put them way ahead of
    all those older cruise ships you may have sailed on.

    Brian Regan – Boo Sailboat – This Is Not Happening
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    Brian Regan – Boo Sailboat – This Is Not Happening

    August 17, 2019

    – Now they’re all booing. Now it’s unanimous. It’s the loudest thing
    I’d ever heard. It was… “Boo!
    Boo!”[percussive music]– [screaming][dark electronic music][crashing] [all screaming][screaming]– [growling][cheers and applause] – One of the best comics
    of all time– I’m super stoked
    he’s on the show– please give it up for
    Mr. Brian Regan, everybody. Let him hear it.[cheers and applause]– Years ago I was a campaign
    manager for a dog. [laughter] I’m not lying.
    I was a campaign manager for a dog.
    I’m not making this up. You guys know… remember Bud Light
    had Spuds MacKenzie? crowd: Yeah.
    – Yeah? Well, I wasn’t qualified
    to be his campaign manager, but I was the campaign manager
    for Alex the Dog from the Stroh’s beer
    commercials. Now, Stroh’s beer used to be one of the most popular beers
    in the country. And then I got involved. The Stroh’s ads,
    they would have– Alex would go get beers
    for his owner, and everybody loved the ad,
    so they thought, “Let’s capitalize on this. Let’s have him run for
    president of the United States.” So…yeah. So Alex can’t talk
    ’cause he’s a dog, so they thought, “Let’s get,
    like, a funny campaign manager,” and that’s where
    I failed miserably. [laughter] And what they would do is,
    they wanted us to go around to different cities,
    and we had to do, like, six, seven, eight events a day
    with this dog, and I had to do
    this campaign speech to get this dog elected. I’m not exaggerating
    when I say that every single one of these events was worse than any hell gig I’ve ever done before or since. And I had like, eight a day. We would have do radio stations. We wouldn’t bring Alex,
    ’cause he’s a dog… [laughter] And can’t talk. And we’d show up and they’d go,
    “Where’s Alex?” And I’m like, “Well,
    I don’t know if they told you, “but Alex is a dog. He ain’t got no vocal cords
    or nothing.” I don’t know if that’s true,
    but… [laughter] He can’t talk.
    And then– I said, “I’m Brian.
    I’m his campaign manager. I’m gonna do all the talking.” They go, “Oh!” I’m like, “Damn.” We go into the studio,
    and they would have a microphone on the floor, with a bowl of water, and they would say,
    “We were hoping we’d get him to bark
    into the microphone.” And I’m like, I gotta get
    a manager or something ’cause I’m getting upstaged
    by a dog that ain’t here. We would have to go malls,
    supermarkets, and I had to, like, try to get the dog
    elected, and… [laughs] I would say,
    “Man, he’s a great dog. “You really–
    look at him, man. “You should vote for him. He’s got great ideas.” And the handler for the dog
    would sometimes just say, “Alex needs a break,” and he’d just tug on his leash and he’d just leave for like,
    20 minutes to a half an hour. I needed a guy with a leash tugging on me,
    “Brian needs a break.” I was getting no breaks. So I would tell
    the Stroh’s people, “What do you want me to do
    while Alex is gone?” And they would say, “Well, just
    do the campaign speech anyway.” And I’m like,
    “There’s no dog here.” [laughter] They say, “Do it anyway.” So as people are walking by,
    I’d go, “Man, he’s a fantastic dog. You really got to hear
    his ideas.” People are looking, going, “What–what is this guy
    talking about? “There’s no dog. Somebody should get
    a straightjacket for this guy.” It was horrible.
    Every– I was having nightmares
    at night. I was literally
    having nightmares. I would wake up
    in the middle of the night go, “Aah! Aah!
    Oh…oh.” And then I didn’t know
    whether it was better to go back to sleep or to stay awake, because both of them were
    hell on Earth. It ended up–
    we were in Minneapolis. This is true. I get in the car in the morning
    and they said, “All right, here’s the deal,
    Brian. “You’re gonna bomb
    in the morning on the radio, “and then you’re gonna bomb
    at the supermarket, “then you’re gonna bomb
    on local TV, “then you’re gonna bomb
    at a pub, “and then tonight we’re going
    to an NHL hockey game. “It’s between
    the Minnesota North Stars against the Chicago Blackhawks.” And I said, “Great.
    So when we’re done, we get to, like,
    enjoy a hockey game?” And he said,
    “We’re not gonna be done. “You’re gonna go on center ice
    between second and third period, “and you’re gonna
    do the campaign speech to get this dog elected.” Now, at this point,
    we were in the car going about 60 miles an hour. If I’d been smart,
    I would have opened the door and just taken my chances
    with the roadside gravel. We get to the hockey arena
    that night. My heart is pounding.
    I’m from Miami, Florida. I’ve never been
    to a hockey match. I’d never seen ice. [laughter] I don’t want to do this. I don’t want anything to do
    with this. During second period,
    there’s a fight, an NHL fight. Gloves off, blood,
    teeth all over the place, and I’m thinking,
    “Wow, this is cool. I’ve never seen a hockey fight.” And then I went,
    “Wait. I have to follow
    a hockey fight.” [laughter] Buzzer ended. Stroh’s people came up and said,
    “We’re gonna do something “a little different, Brian. “What we’re gonna do is we’re
    gonna put Alex on the Zamboni, “and we’re gonna
    drive him around and just let him circle around
    the arena on the Zamboni.” I said, “Fantastic.
    So you don’t need me.” They said,
    “Oh, no. “You’re still going out
    there to center ice “to do the campaign speech, but we thought
    it would be nice if Alex”… [laughter] “Is circling you
    on the Zamboni.” I’m like, “Can’t you think of
    any more obstacles? “Why don’t we get an NHL guy to fire some slapshots at me?” So they get on the voice of God. “Ladies and gentlemen,
    please welcome from the Stroh’s beer
    commercials, Alex the Dog.” And the Zamboni comes out. Alex is, like, confused. [laughter] He’s sitting next to the driver. The crowd is going berserk. They just saw a hockey fight. Now they’re seeing a dog
    on a Zamboni. [laughter] They’re plenty entertained. They don’t need to see
    what is about to happen. [laughter] “And now please welcome
    the campaign manager: Brian Regan.” They don’t explain
    that I’m his campaign manager. They don’t say
    he’s running for president. There’s no context whatsoever. Just, “Please welcome
    the campaign manager: Brian Regan.” So I walk out. I’d never been on ice,
    so I don’t want to go fast. I’m just walking slow
    to 12,000 people going, “Who the hell is this guy?” I slowly walk out to center ice
    and I’m thinking, who–who am I? Wh–why am I–
    and I’m looking around, I’m seeing just Alex going by
    on the Zamboni. And I keep turning
    the opposite direction and I just keep seeing him. And I’m like,
    “What happened to me and my life “that I’m here now? What choices have I made
    to be here now?” 12,000 completely confused
    people. I’m not smart enough to reset
    and go, “Hey, he didn’t tell you Alex is running for pre”–
    I don’t say nothing. I just go, “Hey, how about
    that election, huh?” [laughter] 12,000,
    “Huh? What’s this guy talking about?” And I said, “You know,
    a lot of people think this election
    is going to the dogs.” [laughter] “We might as well vote for
    somebody who’s qualified.” People start booing. I start hearing this low,
    “Boo. Boo.” And I’m like,
    “What the hell is going on?” And I just keep turning around,
    and everywhere I look I just see round lips. “Boo. Boo.” I see Alex going by, “What the heck’s going on?” “Boo.” So I figure, “Well, maybe I’ll
    get them with the next joke. “Bush and Dukakis. “Dukakis, that sounds like
    something Alex might do in a bush.” [laughter] Now they’re all booing. [laughter] Now it’s unanimous. It’s the loudest thing
    I’d ever heard. It was louder
    than any jet engine. It was… “Boo! Boo!” And I–and I just–I thought,
    “Well, it’s not smart “to face the boos.
    I’ll turn around,” like over here it’s gonna be
    people throwing roses. [laughter] Over here, “Boo!” Everywhere, round lips. Kids, “Boo!” Little old ladies, “Boo!” The Zamboni driver was booing. [laughter] Alex was booing.
    “Boo!” So I’m thinking, “This ain’t
    doing nobody no good.” I said, “Well…
    you guys have been great!” [laughter] “I’m gonna get out of here. “I just wanted to come out
    and have a good time with you, so good day!” “Boo!” With all the circling,
    I couldn’t remember what direction I had come from,
    so I’m just walking going, “I don’t think
    this is the right way.” [laughter] “Boo!” And I see this guy
    with a security vest going… So I have to turn. “Boo! Boo!” And from the fight there were
    blood and teeth all over. I had to move–
    I didn’t want to go fast, ’cause I didn’t want this
    to be the end. And I look at the exit
    and it’s this little square rectangle and it looks like
    it’s a million miles away, and the closer I get,
    the smaller the rectangle gets. It’s, like,
    mathematically impossible. So I realized with the boos,
    I didn’t even need to walk. “Boo!” All I had to do was stop, and the force of the boos was push–it was like
    a boo sailboat. I just put my arms out. “Boo!” And it literally pushed me
    through the little hole, and the next day,
    Stroh’s filed for bankruptcy. [laughter] You guys are great, man.
    Thank you.

    Top Ten Attractions Myakka River State Park – Sarasota, Florida (ep.1)
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    Top Ten Attractions Myakka River State Park – Sarasota, Florida (ep.1)

    August 16, 2019

    Hey are you looking for some outdoor fun
    full of adventure from mild to wild? Then we’ve got just the place for you. Hey everybody and welcome to another
    episode of the Florida Trailing and Camp Report. I’m Joanne and I’m Wes. Thanks for
    joining us. If this is your first time here then welcome to our channel where
    we cover hiking backpacking and camping in Florida. If you’re interested in
    seeing more of this type of content, then consider subscribing to our Channel and
    click the notification bell so you don’t miss any of our episodes. This week we
    begin a five-part series on one of Florida’s oldest and largest state parks.
    We’ll travel about an hour southeast of Tampa, to Myakka River State Park in
    Sarasota, Florida. This historical park has enough activities in it to fill a
    week-long vacation itinerary. Which makes it difficult once you arrive to know
    where to start. Especially if you only have a day or two to explore. In this
    series we’ll cover the Top 10 Attractions in Myakka River State Park.
    To help you match adventure level and attraction and make the most of your
    outdoor recreation time. Coming in at number 10 are sunsets and sunrises. Park Drive is the main road that takes
    you from the ranger station to the outpost area and the pink alligator cafe.
    And there’s lots of places to stop and enjoy a sunset along the road. But the best place to catch a
    spectacular sunset at Myakka River State Park is on the birding boardwalk
    overlooking upper Myakka lake. Coming out here we just missed sunset,
    would have been a gorgeous sunset set to share over Lake Myakka. Were gonna come back here
    and see if we capture some of this beautiful color. There’s a ton of birds out here we are on the
    birding boardwalk, gorgeous. You can hear all the birds. Since the park doesn’t open till 8:30
    you’ll need to be an overnight guest to capture a one-of-a-kind sunrise. The 75
    foot tall North Tower of the tree canopy takes you high above the treetops so
    that you can capture the dawning of a new day and witness the forest coming to
    life. Its 6:50 Sunday morning we’re on top of the treetop canopy to catch some
    time-lapse of the sunrise. It’s a little bit overcast. So I don’t know how well if our efforts
    will turn out but it sure is neat being up here so quiet. There’s a real strong
    wind you can probably hear on the camera unless our DIY dead cat is working well? This is one of the two places that we
    recommend the viewing and sunrise and sunsets on top of 75 foot high tower for
    the canopy above the treeline. Coming in at number nine, is the birding
    boardwalk in the far north area of the park. Yeah, a lot of people miss this when
    you’ll need to veer right slightly before you reach the pink alligator cafe
    and go almost all the way to the far north gate. Hey everybody we found a cool tree to
    sit in time. First time Jeremiah has ever climbed in a tree. What do you think Jeremiah? Would you climb more trees? If you found this episode entertaining or provided any
    valuable information at all. You can help us out by clicking the like button below
    and make sure you click the notification bell. When you subscribe to our channel
    so you don’t miss our next episode where we’ll reveal number 7 and 8 on the
    Myakka River State Parks top 10 attraction countdown. See ya on the

    Charlotte Harbor Aquatic Preserves Nature Boat Tour
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    Charlotte Harbor Aquatic Preserves Nature Boat Tour

    August 16, 2019

    It’s time to get out on the water with Charlotte Harbor Aquatic Preserves’ nature boat tours. Learn from experienced aquatic preserve guides about the importance of our estuaries and the history of the local area. With a capacity of only six guests you will enjoy a comfortable two-hour boat ride observing wildlife in their native habitats of our aquatic preserves. From dolphins feeding in the mangroves to large white pelicans gathering on the sandbar. Registration is thirty dollars per person leaving out of Gaparilla Marina in Placida. For more details and to register online go to and get out on the water today.

    #2 Pontooning to Marco Island | Clearwater to Cuba Pontoon Adventure | Avalon Luxury Pontoons
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    #2 Pontooning to Marco Island | Clearwater to Cuba Pontoon Adventure | Avalon Luxury Pontoons

    August 16, 2019

    “Do you know how to drive in rough water?” “In rough weather, you just need to… be aware of the boat, how fast it’s goin, you don’t want to be pounding real hard, so you want to find your sweet spot kind of. Like right now, we’re cruising along, the boat’s not banging too hard. Just keep a straight line. You know? Pick a destination or pick a point on the horizon and go for it. These boats essentially drive themselves, so.” JIM: “We have our life raft we have procured our life raft. it’s a rental but it’s may save our lives.” “Probably left the dock around 8:30 or so, after loading it up, fueled up and just put the pedal down and started heading
    towards Marco.” “Well here, by Cape Coral. Then you gotta go all the way down the coast, tuck into the side of Sanibel.” “Well we ran 608 miles and that consisted of about three days of
    actual boating. Pretty impressive. I don’t know of too many people that get the opportunity to run that many miles in boat. A lot of people don’t get to do that in a summer let alone a free day.” “We are about one hour into our trip. The
    waves are actually kind of like backed off a little, it’s not quite as choppy.”
    “Yeah.” “And Jim has backed it down to 30. We’ve got a nice kind of ride.” “Nice clip going.” “We’re going along Sanibel Island right now. Been out for just under 3 hours. About 110 miles to do the trip.” We’ve got, what, 50 miles I think to go to Cuba. And weather’s good. We’ve been running real strong. We’ve been anywhere from 35 to 50 miles an hour.”
    “Yeah, been pretty good huh?” “Good trip, yep. Notched it around a little bit of a storm of to our west. I think we’re gonna go right around it.” “Nice, so what’s the next three hours look like?” “Gonna be wet.” “Alright, settle in for some wet weather.” “Yeah, we’ve got the first hundred out of the way. That was pretty easy.” “How’s the boat running?”
    “Oh, the boat’s running awesome. Everything’s good. Crew’s good. All feel good. Now it looks bad out here but we’ll make it.” “Yeah it looks like it’s gonna move a little bit to the to the west, and we’re heading south so, we it looks relatively lighter over there.” “Pretty out here.”
    “Looks a little dark over there.” “Yeah, it’s a great day for a boat ride though.” “What’s your impression of pontoon boats?”
    “Oh it’s just uh it’s a cruiser and it’s a usually a smaller motor, and it’s a girl on the front and cooler full of beers. It’s usually not a “pontoon to Cuba,” you know. Travis gave me a heads up that you guys are gonna be stopping and needing fuel so I met you guys over here on my half day work and get you guys fueled up and say hello before you take off for Key West.” “So what are you thinking we’re gonna put 100+ in?” “I think we’re gonna put 120 in.” “We’re at 30 so.” “And any concerns for your friends about this passage?” “No, not at all. No. I mean, I’m sure that Jim is taking care of a
    lot of things that need to be done and it should be pretty fun. Guys are making history here before too long.” “I like what you said, thank
    you so much.”

    My Cheap $200 Pontoon Boat Project Part 4
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    My Cheap $200 Pontoon Boat Project Part 4

    August 16, 2019

    so a few years ago I bought this barrel
    off of Craigslist it was $5 and somewhere in the past it’s got a hole drilled in
    it I don’t think I drilled that hole I know I cut that accidentally using this
    as a sawhorse but I don’t think I drilled the hole there’s also a hole up here
    when I bought it I don’t then they told me it had holes in it so I’m not using
    this as a pontoon for the pontoon boat but I won’t cut it on an angle and make
    a water diverter out of it. That’s today’s goal so just to the sawzall and cut the
    top off of this barrel now I’m gonna flip it over and cut the bottom off of
    it then it’s time to do some diagonals sawing. Or we could stop right here and
    have a really good trash can. Okay cut to is now done that one was down on the
    table saw and I came with the sawzall and just cut out these thick parts. Now
    we got to do a diagonal, hang on. So for my diagonal cut I’ve got these vice
    grips holding my tape measure and there is a line here that goes straight up and
    down and there’s a line on the opposite side they go straight up and down this
    line right here so I bought the tape measure to the other side and then
    that’s my diagnosed it with a sharpie I’ll flip it over do the same thing
    again cut it out. Cut number three will go this way and that way and meet up on
    the opposite end down there making another point we’ll have two diverters.
    This is step three. So on our fourth cut there’s two ways to
    have done this, I’ve got a speed square I need a 90-degree angle it goes right to
    the center. That’s one way to do it, but the way I did it make this part level
    then draw a plumb line cut it off do that both sides, we got it. So there’s my
    scrap from cutting up this barrel and I’ve got two of these pieces the top
    that we cut off that represents the barrel on the front of the boat and that
    is what it’ll look like once we get it on. I’m gonna use some kind of 2X4
    framing then screws straight into the 2X4’s and if water gets inside there
    I don’t really care I mean you could fill the foam or caulk it or whatever I
    think I’m gonna leave mine open for now. that’s exactly what I was looking for. So
    I’m trying to get ready for another spring trip tomorrow the boat is already
    hooked to the car and I just cut two boards these two are for that side these
    two are for this side and that’s what the water deflectors are going to screw
    – I got one installed one to go and it’s about the storm so maybe we should hurry,
    but go ahead and storm today and be pretty tomorrow that’s why I say so one of the
    diverters is fully installed if we come up top I took the deck board off and
    there’s a screw going in this way there’s a screwed one in that way
    there’s two screws coming to the bottom and I could get some spray foam and fill
    up this whole chamber I think what I’ll do is just get some empty like laundry
    detergent jugs two liter bottles fill this up with things that hold air put
    the deck board back on and call it done or we could put the hands on this that
    could be a compartment for things that don’t matter if they get wet
    fins hold a second all that is a perfect fit for fins okay let me think about
    that we might have a hinge on here and could do a hinge on the other side have
    another compartment can’t have too much storage okay I’ve loaded my possible
    storage space I got to find the hinges if we fold up like that look at that
    wetsuit son where’s your lifejacket out right here
    bungee there’s my rope for the anchor or if you want to do some magnet fishing my water boots another fin that’s a lot of space and
    the door I don’t know yet it might fold it this way that’s probably what I do
    put the hands down through that like a stud and this is Braceface number two it
    is on and ready for the diverter to be installed let’s install it and the good news is there’s a seam down
    the middle telling you where to put the screws in out and now moving to the back
    I just screwed this together. Anything what that’s for?
    You’re getting warmer that’s gonna be like a step when you’re
    riding along you keep your feet on it or when you want to get back in the boat
    you climb on that and you climb up into the boat be a little ladder once that
    ladder And so there’s the step step ladder in place as you’re riding put
    your feet up on it. I wonder if we could also strap the paddles to this hang on second
    this just in so now with this little board at it I’ve got all my paddles
    organized so you need a paddle reach in twist it pulls out put it back if you
    look under there they tuck into that front box let me zoom in so you can see
    it where there they are paddle one two three and a spare paddles
    even farther up in there peddle storage check some where to put your feet check
    front pontoon water diverters can’t see them from this angle but check it’s time
    to hit the river we have arrived at the river again this time it is the Suwannee
    River right across the river we’re gonna find Fanning Springs I can zoom in on
    the sign so we use the boat ramp we are now in
    the water the girls are working on getting on some lifejackets and we’re
    about to start kicking across about to where you see the kayakers. Did you figure it
    out? No… Let’s take the umbrella off. and if you look back behind the boat
    there’s a baby Gator half half of a baby Gator the front half may I call this the ravioli boat we have
    more canned pasta that’s spaghetti meatballs she’s got some lasagna she’s also got some keeping it a secret
    hang on oh she’s keeping it a big secret there it is
    raviolis and meatballs I guess I’m not some lasagna oh we’ve got the anchor out
    that’s the magnet you know just in case something’s in there if you want is on you
    I’ll share mine with you I’ll trade with you and the Chips Ahoy are open I think girls
    like Chips Ahoy mm swimming makes hungry in case you don’t
    know it and just missed it there was a manatee swam through I’m keeping my eyes
    up in case he comes back so we’ve been here about seven hours I
    think we’re gonna leave now go out and play swanee a little bit then we’ve
    got a motel room tomorrow we hit in a different spring
    this one’s Fanning tomorrow suppose go to Manatee.

    #BB40 | Day 4 — Who is The Tim Tracker?
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    #BB40 | Day 4 — Who is The Tim Tracker?

    August 14, 2019

    My family and I went to Orlando earlier
    this summer and before we went we were doing some research online we’ve never
    been to the Universal properties before so we wanted to kind of see what there
    is to do before we went and we found these videos by this guy named Tim
    Tracker. I don’t know if that’s his real name or it’s just like a moniker or
    whatever but what he does is he does videos like this where he’s pointing the
    camera at himself and he’s walking through the parks through Disney, through
    Universal and it’s like I’m having a hard time right now walking and talking
    and holding camera up at the same time. Maybe it’s the 13 cupcakes I’ve eaten
    this week but I’m out of breath but this guy does this every day he’s a, you
    know he’s a season pass holder for all the different parts down there and all
    he does is goes to theme parks walks around like this stands in line for
    rides eats things it sounds like the best life. I kind of want to be that guy he’s got like a mustache that curls up
    like this it’s kind of kind of cool I don’t think I could ever do that —
    physically, I couldn’t do that because I don’t grow facial hair very well. Yeah
    this guy, he’s kind of got a cool life. Tim Tracker, check it out!

    Strongest Men VS Strongest Fish
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    Strongest Men VS Strongest Fish

    August 14, 2019

    so guys we got three of the strongest men on earth got Devon Larrick ex-special forces armwrestling champion the world juji mu food the only guy in the world I know that can do this right here and we got Lane Norden powerlifting champion and the amberjack champion as well yes so our goal today is push the winners we’re going to try to catch Goliath Reapers in a way of no number four strongest men versus strongest fish you guys ready yeah [Music] the rules of this competition are simple biggest fish wins obviously but here is the catch the rod can never touch the gun if the rod touches the gun oh it’s strike one if you get three strikes you’re out juji’s gonna go first he’s ready I didn’t even warm up yet me into a thousand-pound squad fine right okay I’m fine I mean you got compression sleeves on yeah ready hey nervous yeah because everyone else around me is nervous to smile even bleed through to me all right here we go I’d be super nervous if I was you Jersey yeah just like catching a car right that’s the bait right there Devin you’re gonna be back here if the line snaps I want you to grab him to make sure he doesn’t hit his head yeah now if we’re getting pulled forward and we’re getting pulled in I need you to grab his shoulders yeah hold on tight okay so it’s kinda like a seesaw all right so either piece we’re gonna go in or he’s gonna fall back we got you Jersey scared buddy yeah because you’re talking about how many people are it’s gonna take to keep you from flying into the water all right let’s go come on all right all right come on oh yeah all right explain to us how it felt when he actually pulled you to the gunnel this is nothing you could do about it it’s just your viewing pulled in the water and the only thing you’re hoping for is that the people holding you so much lactic acid in my hand right now right yeah my my wrist is just yeah from just holding on pass the torch to ya man I’m so excited to try now now that I see kind of what we’re dealing with dude you didn’t die that’s a good thing I see that it can pull you right over the boat so I hope I got a spotter but I think really the main thing is surviving that initial minute right I didn’t survive it I guess that is the main thing I mean if I how long do I gotta go to like get ahead of you how long what’s your longest armwrestling match you’ve ever done probably like one of my good ones is like probably Marcia Barbosa like probably up around two minutes two minutes and then that turned my lips purple no yeah yeah like anything over twenty seconds is an eternity okay and what what would it tell anything it will take the real this bad boy five minutes all right there you go more than twice as much as a match with Marcia yeah okay well let’s do it let’s do it [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] it’s like we had him and we had a bit and then he decided to really push explain now you both stop full power voice it wasn’t stoppable for me you know it’s hard to gate when something stronger than you it’s hard to know exactly how much stronger is it like for me it’s taken me over like if we weren’t here would you’ve gone in the water yeah yeah no I that would it would it would win right so I can’t really count it I would like like I feel like I’ve already learned something like I got to get the plate lower I gotta get more lean like early because if you’re like not set and it’s done here it’s like you can’t recover yeah you’re right yeah so it’s I feel like I have anticipated it’s so much fun so guess what it’s lanes turn now that’s pretty confident over there look at that gonna be tough be real tough but you know me I like a challenge guys it’s lame norden’s turn he’s pretty confident I would say he’s got confidence with them freedom fight him beat him you beat them you beat dude dude you’re doing [Music] oh boy strike one for everybody it’s juji’s turn now and we’re gonna move to the bent foot so we’re gonna switch this this was really cool with this rodrigo check this out for this so this winter operator but press this button right here and goes to bat but just gonna give up them a little bit more power so we’ll see how the combos get ready Oh [Music] [Music] it was slipping way up he took the rudder my didn’t spear your stomach did it no I got the ready I’m ready are you ready throw him back you ready to sign yeah yeah bring a little room over here no no that’s the problem that’s why you have the wrong you need you need to be centered right here okay I need to let you need to be centered [Applause] thank you [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] he was heavy like my hand was underneath and I’m like he’s crushing my arm okay wow that’s a big animal I was like I gotta my god are you sure yeah why not I almost got dragged in with you I know I almost broke my arm yeah let’s do it let’s do it I got it I got a prevent earlier it’s like you don’t know what you’re messing with and you have to assume it’s a really bad thing because you can’t see it [Music] learn a lot of comments over the years people are like hey the rods never supposed to touch the gunnel you need to fight in a harness or play you don’t know what you’re doing I go look I’ve been used for a long time okay and when you push that much pressure this guy my size not possible you want to catch the fish your Roger Stefano that’s where you put this tubing on the rod right here this vinyl tubing that protects the rod from getting scratches rock from breaking and the boat from being scratched and it looks weird but that’s a mandatory requirement so the rod stay in the boat stay safe and you’ll see after Alain does this vent over here and switches and do my technique I’m gonna catch on real quick for you guys and it’s a lot easier but you got a gun on the rod I’m gonna see if they can do it don’t cut on the raw but it’s nice I got to tell you I’m a little stressed out spotting you actually really you’re like one of those bench pressors that if we just touch the bar they’re gonna freak out okay because it didn’t count they can fit come on this is all you bro this is your year [Music] the plates up get the plate down real real whirlpool it’s just he’s done he’s done for his belly up bro oh I’m jumping in there we go yeah I’m really bummed because I felt like I had him in a really good spot I had the rod in the right spot I was getting some line and then just my feet just went right from under me no I totally slick yeah really yeah my just my left foot with and it was gone and then that rah hit the cuddle and it moved the plate on me yeah and then what’s that plate got it over here I mean that it’s like you can’t do anything yeah you’re help you know so thankfully good spotters Devin and Juji they help me out this comes back on target there’s no solo fishing out here you can’t do it by yourself I mean these guys are monsters I’m a little guy and I can tell you I can’t do by myself and ask them and can you guys do it by yourself no no I mean you know three of us together it’s my turn we’re gonna do it the way you vote me see me doing on my show [Applause] oh yeah you made it look so easy man I was tryna be the bait up because I wanted to see cuz they said this Wonder Adolphus everyone else could see stuff but I was real enough he smoked it taught me off guard [Applause] [Music] [Applause] what a day sick saying thank you insane thanks Josh they probably wanted me most intense fishing experience I’ve ever had the opportunity to be part of win rods went in the water keeping global school the water it was insane I’m ready take a nap I’ve already taken in that really okay go to bed upon sleep the policy my feet is well I’m not gonna lie I was on the water could be that was that’s the best fishing day of my life I got no complaints that was you you went you went down and I was just I was this close to falling on the boat that was crazy we’re all exhausted guys give all these guys a file fall lame Shuji Devin their links are in the description go there follow them they are super cool guys lameness your nutrition expert and basically everything about science you want to learn about weightlifting power thing that’s your guy juji can do things that no other man can do upstairs you want to come and do the splits I’ll hold me I don’t know how much honey pounds the weight on this over his head this is feeling good I this guy’s crazy Devin if you ever want to get arm wrestle Devin you keep McCall I’ll come over there in any place any time any place any time anywhere freedom special thanks to everyone that made this video possible Penn Blackfin rods win crop Folsom we thank you guys so much and also a captain Rob you’re the best thank you guys you guys enjoyed watching this video hit that like button subscribe and we’ll see you next time [Music] [Music]