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    Bienville Largemouth Bass Fishing | Bob Redfern’s Outdoor Magzine
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    Bienville Largemouth Bass Fishing | Bob Redfern’s Outdoor Magzine

    December 7, 2019

    – [Narrator] On this
    week’s Bob Redfern’s Outdoor Magazine Bob heads to
    Bienville Plantation in White Springs, Florida
    for some early winter bass fishing. Plus on this week’s
    Sportsman’s Table we feature a pork wellington
    recipe using South Carolina-certified pork. All this and a
    whole lot more, and it all begins right now! [music] – Oh, he dropped it. Come on, fish! Oh, there he is,
    okay, hang on. Okay, alright. Yeah, there we go! I put the havoc
    on him, Mike. Well folks, welcome
    to our show this week. We are in north Florida
    back down at Bienville Plantation. We’re fishin’ one of the
    27 lakes on this property. I’ve never been
    on this one, okay, and so my guide and the
    go-to guy showin’ us how to do it today is Mike Sloan. He’s one of the professional
    guides down here that you’ll run into. Mike, you think I
    put the havoc on him, brother? – You got him – Yeehaw! Oh my gosh, look
    at that, well okay. That’s a healthy
    fish right there. Let me put my
    worm up there, okay, and I’ll tell y’all
    what I’m fishin’. ‘Kay, we’re fishin’ half
    ounce weights on this Texas rig and this Havoc worm,
    it’s a biggin and that’ll bring him in just like that. Now Mike, you know, let
    me let this thing go here. Let’s talk just a
    couple of seconds here, and I know you’re interested
    in getting guides, okay, I mean
    gettin’ fish, but listen, when you come to Bienville,
    what can folks expect when they come down here? I mean, this is
    a great fishery. – It is a good fishery,
    we’ve caught a lot of fish, and the biggest fish I’ve
    had a client catch out here was 12.5 pounds, and
    it was on Thomas Lake. But you can catch
    brim, speckled perch, bass, catfish, we have an
    assortment of fish that they can catch. We offer, really most of it
    is all artificial fishin’. We don’t do any shiner
    fishing or anything right now. – [Bob] Yet! – We did it one time,
    but we don’t right now. – Well, I’m hopin’. Folks, I’m
    talkin’ to Tia Rodie, the manager down here, we’re
    gonna try to see if we can’t do a show down here
    doin’ some shiners. But that’s another
    subject for another day. With that,
    brother, I tell ya what. Now out here and fishin’,
    this is a relatively new lake out here, it’s what,
    four or five years old? – This like’s about four,
    four and a half years old and has really no grasp,
    but it has more humps, more points, more structure
    as far as trees and stuff in the water, and that’s
    basically what we’re fishin’ today. – Well, I’m gonna
    date this, okay, ’cause I don’t
    normally do that. But it is 70 degrees,
    will be 80 degrees today. It is mid-January,
    okay, so listen, you don’t have to go to
    South Florida to catch trophy bass. You can come right
    here, White Springs, Bienville Plantation
    Log on to, go to Bob’s Top 16 and
    you’re gonna find it right here. You love to quail hunt,
    you love to bass fish, okay? You’re gonna get guides
    like this gettin’ you on the water, and you’re gonna
    have a great place to stay, five star, great facility. With that, I’m
    gonna shut up. I gotta get this
    Havoc back in the water, right? Alright, Mike, I got another
    one planned with my Havoc there, the 10 inch. – [Mike] A 10
    inch Havoc, huh? – Yep, great
    brown belly, mm-hmm. Oh, there he is,
    alright, come on. You know, he’s
    right over that, oh. Right over that
    hump, aw man! He took me all the
    way back to the boat. Alright folks, I’m gonna
    tell you what I caught the last fish on. 10 inch great
    brown belly Havoc. It’s a Skeet Reese design,
    and it’s by Berkeley, okay. Very, very simple Texas rig. The line that
    I’m usin’ today, I’m usin’ a 12
    pound Berkeley braid. I’ve got a
    Venerate Abu Garcia, and then of course,
    you know as always, Abu Garcia and
    a bait caster, so. That’s the combinations
    today that we’re fishin’ with, and thus far I’m
    havin’ a lot of fun, how ’bout you? – Havin’ a great time. – Yeah, man, woo hoo! – Catch a few more. – Yep. Come on, take it! It must be somethin’
    about that long tail. – Yeah, they’re grabbin’
    hold to the end of it. – Yeah, he’s kinda battlin’
    a little bit so oughta have to, I gotta be patient. Man, it’s hard to be patient
    when you’re worm fishin’, you know that? Oh my gosh! – [Mike] It’s easier when
    you’re crank bait fishin’. – Crank baitin’,
    that’s fishin’ for dummies. This actually takes a
    little bit of skill. I don’t know, maybe
    uh, I don’t know. Of course we got the sun
    comin’ up a little bit, so that’s gonna
    change the light. Now, have you noticed
    any differences in light patterns as the day goes
    on when you’re fishin’? – It’ll start movin’
    a little bit more. – Will it, oh,
    there he is again. Oof, come on. I wonder if that just
    ain’t some smaller fish just messin’ with me. You know, these bass
    like to mess with me, okay. I’m not sure
    why, but they do. Oh, oh, oh, oh,
    oh, oh, come on, take it, take it! – [Mike] You’ve got it. – Aw, take it. There he is, okay, okay. – Alright. – Woo hoo! – [Mike] He played around
    with it long enough that time. – Yeah, he did! Yeah man, he’s
    lovin’ that curly tail. Yessiree. I got the Havoc magic. Woo. Those are nice, chunky bass. – Yeah, they’re
    good little ol’ fish. They’re strong in this lake. – Yes sir, they are. You know, and that’s the
    great thing about Bienville down here, with over 27
    lakes available to catch fish. I mean, look, I can’t, why
    would you want to go any place else, to be
    honest with you. Now I can see, and folks,
    Mike actually lives in Jacksonville,
    Florida, about an hour, a little over an hour away,
    but that doesn’t keep him from comin’ over here to
    guide for you folks two, to three, to
    four times a week. And hey, he gets more
    folks seven days a week, he’ll even bring his motor
    home over here and he’ll be here 24/7, 365, woo hoo! – [Narrator] Stay tuned,
    after commercial break we have more bass fishing
    from Bienville Plantation. Plus we’ll introduce you to
    Bob’s Top 16 Destinations of the Week. Lake Guntersville, the mecca
    of bass fishing in Alabama. Bob Redfern’s Outdoor
    Magazine is brought to you today by Chevrolet, the
    official vehicle of Bob Redfern’s Outdoor Magazine. By the South Carolina
    Department of Agriculture, buy South Carolina,
    it’s a matter of taste. By Pennington Seed, the
    leader in outdoor forage products. By Browning,
    Browning, the best there is. By South Carolina Embroidery
    and Screen Printing. And by Back
    Woods Quail Club, offering southern-style
    hunting and an array of exciting and challenging
    clay target shooting sports. – Alright, another Havoc. Ah, yeah, oh yeah! – [Mike] That’s a good fish. – That’s a nice fish, yeah. It’s okay. Man, oh man, mm mm mm. You know, and the good
    thing about this Havoc, I know I keep raggin’ on it,
    but that’s the same worm and I caught four fish in row! And I ain’t
    changed him out yet. Hoo hoo, mm. Now that’s a
    little bit bigger. – [Mike] Yeah, that’s a
    good fish right there. – Gosh, they’re
    nice and healthy, mm mm mm. Now you can tell
    it’s wintertime, though, ’cause they’re a
    little bit lighter in color, but that’s okay, you
    know, that is okay. – They get a little bit
    lighter in color when the water’s got a little
    bit of tint to it. Get out in the clear water
    and they turn just black as they can be. – Well, remember
    that, and begone, brother. Yeah, yeah, aw
    now he’s a runner. Let me get out of the way. He is a runner! I think that’s a
    little bit bigger fish. – [Mike] Nope, it’s
    about the same size fish, he just thinks he’s mean. – [Bob] Get him over here,
    I’ll get him out for ya. I got my union
    card, brother, huh. – [Mike] He just
    thinks he’s mean. – [Bob] Ah, there you go. – Yeah, that’s not
    a bad little fishy. – Well folks, we’re
    hump fishin’ out here, actually. And for all you
    all that bass fish, and you know, what Mike has
    located out here for us is basically a gravel point. This is a relatively
    one of the newer lakes, about four or five years
    old here at Bienville, and it has not had the
    opportunity to pick up hydrilla and a lot
    of the lily pads yet. And that’s the great thing
    when you come down here. Of the 27 lakes that are
    available for you to fish, there’s just every single
    type of basically water types that you
    can fish down here. And again, crank
    baits, spinner baits, and of course as we’re doin’
    this morning on plastics. This is just one of those
    places that you can kinda do it all, okay? And with that, the only
    thing you need is a good guide, and they got
    lots of ’em down here. So just again, log
    on to, go to my Top 16, and
    you need to connect. If you love fishin’, fine,
    if you love to hunt quail when it’s in season, man,
    Bienville’s your place. Or you just want to bring
    the family down and spend a weekend. It’s one of those
    places you can do that. Alright, Mike, come
    on, get out there. Get another one, brother. – You can fish from a
    foot deep to 35 feet deep. Just depends on what time of
    the year and what you want to throw. – [Narrator] Chevrolet
    presents Bob’s Top 16 Outdoor
    Destination of the Week. A look at the best
    and hunting and fishing destinations in
    the United States. Each week, Chevrolet will
    feature a new hunting or fishing destination in
    conjunction with Bob Redfern’s Outdoor
    Magazine and Bob’s Top 16. If ever there were a classic
    bass town Guntersville is it. It sets on a peninsula
    in northern Alabama. Surrounded by its
    namesake, 69,000 acre Lake Guntersville. A regular stop for
    many professional bass tournaments, with 950
    miles of shoreline, Lake Guntersville is to
    bass fishing what Augusta National is to golf. Steeped in old
    south tradition, picturesque and
    uniquely challenging, yet rewarding. It can get hot
    in the summer, but the climate is pretty
    mild and falls are colorful. Guntersville was ranked
    among the 100 best places to live in America by in 2002. Thanks to its
    excellent schools, artsy culture, and relative
    proximity to major cities, like Nashville 150
    miles to the north, Atlanta 160 miles east,
    and Birmingham 70 southwest. For more information
    about Lake Guntersville, log on to For more destinations, be
    sure to visit and click on Bob’s Top 16. And to get to your
    next destination, go online at Stay tuned, next we head
    to the Sportsman’s Table to show you how you can make a
    pork wellington that will impress your
    family and friends. The Sportsman’s Table is
    brought to you by the South Carolina
    Department of Agriculture. Whether you live in South
    Carolina or out of state, be sure to by South
    Carolina-grown meats, vegetables, and fruits. Make sure your food is
    South Carolina certified, it’s a matter of taste. – Folks, my guest this
    week is culinary student Dan Portrello here. He’s a senior at
    Horry-Georgetown Technical College in Myrtle Beach. And I’ll tell ya what, you
    got a great recipe for us. I can’t wait to get
    started with this one, Dan. – Alright, so today we’re
    gonna be makin’ a wild boar wellington. So we’re gonna start off
    with a sheet of puff pastry here. It’s been
    defrosted and laid out. This right here is about a
    six inch chunk of wild boar tenderloin that I seared
    off with a little salt and pepper, cut it to size. So we’re gonna take a little
    bit of this egg wash here. – [Bob] And folks, if you
    want a copy of Dan’s recipe you can log on to and his wild boar recipe will
    be right there. Listen, you know, and this
    is getting to be a mainstay, a lot of folks are
    usin’ their wild boar meat. – It’s very versatile, and
    if you get it in the right time of year, I
    prefer the flavor to pork. – Awesome, okay. Okay, Dan, we’re gettin’
    ready to roll it here. What are you gonna
    add to this next? – Alright, so the next thing
    that goes on is a little bit of sauteed spinach. This and a little
    olive oil and garlic, gonna wring it through a
    towel to get the liquid out. If it’s too wet the
    puff pastry won’t rise. So we just put a little
    bit of that on there. Just enough to
    cover that up, and then after that we put
    a little roast red pepper, lay that over the top. – [Bob] Again, certified
    SC grown right there, awesome. – [Dan] Alright,
    so the next step, simply tuck this in, and you
    want to roll this as tight as you possibly can. And when it
    starts to overlap, you’re gonna want to take a
    little bit more of your egg wash, hit that
    there, roll that up, and you’ll want to
    crimp those edges. So I take my knife, with the
    back end of my knife crimp it down, and cut
    the excess off. – Just kinda
    finishes it off. – Yep, and it seals all that
    in so the liquid won’t fly out in the oven. Put a little
    crosshatch on the top. Now, you’re gonna want
    put this in the oven at 350 until the internal
    temperature of the pork’s at around 145. The temp will right it to
    150 from there and it’ll be completely safe to eat. – Well great, I can’t wait
    ’til this thing gets done, awesome. – Alright, Bob, I just
    took this out of the oven. I’m gonna garnish it with a
    little roasted orange pepper sauce. Little bit of drizzle. – And again folks, if you
    want a copy of the recipe just log on to, and Dan’s recipe
    will be right there, that’s awesome. Man, that really adds
    a lot of color to it, okay. And the flavor, you know, I
    tell ya I can tell that this is awesome, mm. Oh, that sauce
    is awesome, yeah, there you go. And remember,
    nothin’s fresher, nothin’s finer until it’s
    certified South Carolina. Log on to their website at and see for yourself. – [Narrator] To find out
    more information on food that’s fresher and
    tastier, go online at Buy certified South
    Carolina-grown products, it’s a matter of taste. Bob Redfern’s Outdoor
    Magazine brought to you today by the South Carolina
    Department of Natural Resources, life’s
    just better outdoors. By Shakespeare’s
    Ugly Stik GX2 rod, Ugly Stik,
    America’s strongest, most sensitive rod. By Ranger Boats, still
    building legends one at a time. By Browning
    Ammunition, Browning, the best there is. And by Southern
    Woods Plantation, a place where the grandeur
    of times passed can still be experienced today. – Ah, there we go, okay. You know now, Mike, it was
    a little different on that one. He was actually
    up on the bank. Mm-hmm, up there
    in that gravel, yeah. Mm-hmm, alright, here we go. Come on up here, oh yeah,
    he got a little size to him. Listen, I take
    these all day long, okay? Oh my goodness, mm mm mm. You know, I’m not so used to
    havin’ somebody kneel down to get my fish,
    oh my gosh, yeah. – Pretty little fish. – Now, he’s a little cool. What’s the
    water temperature, I didn’t even check. What is it, in the 60s? – 60, about 63 degrees. – Yeah, well it’s just over
    the threshold for plastic baits. Well, I’ll tell you what,
    I wrecked havoc on him, too. – Yeah you did, there
    ain’t no doubt about that. The Havoc’s been workin’. – Get on back
    in there, buddy, woo hoo! – [Mike] You have
    worked the Havoc over today. – All my friends at
    Berkeley will be happy, brother. – [Mike] And the funny
    thing is that’s two baits, two worms, and six fish. – Yeah, exactly, you know? There’s something to be said
    for longevity for plastic. I’m tellin’ ya,
    you know but, ah, a 10 inch. You know, folks, just a
    little bit about the bait selection here today. I just thought
    that that long, curly tail
    Havoc 10 inch worm, not much underbrush,
    mainly gravel high points. I just thought maybe that
    might be the ticket today, and you know, that’s one
    of the keys to fishin’. Whether you’re fishin’ in
    Florida or wherever you’re fishin’, you just gotta
    try some different things, you know? And I’m always, most of the
    time you’ll see I’m on the down end, the
    guide’s always beatin’ me, but that’s okay,
    it ain’t about me. I want our viewers to see
    guys just like Mike Sloan and all the rest of
    the guides down here at Bienville. I want ’em to understand
    that their whole focus is to put you on fish. Again, it’s a destination,
    and we want them to get in the boat and catch fish. And they’ll put you on the
    right stuff to do it with. You just gotta be patient,
    but if you wanna bring your own stuff and you
    know what the deal is, you could do that, too. But if you’re comin’ down
    here just havin’ a family fun time you don’t get out
    on the water very often, these guys,
    they’ll put you on fish. And especially if
    you’ve got kids. They love kids in the
    boat, as we all do. Again, the future of the
    outdoors is with these youngsters. – [Mike] Yeah,
    it’s with the kids. – Yeah, get ’em
    off the iPhones, get ’em off the iPads, get
    ’em out from behind those godawful video games, and
    get ’em out breathin’ a rod and reel. – Out in the
    wide, open spaces. – Alright, I’m gonna try
    the middle of that cut right there, we’ll
    see what happens. Now, I love the structure
    on that bank there, the rock, goodness, mm. I’m tryin’ to be
    extra careful. – You don’t want
    to lose that Havoc, now. – No, man, this
    might be the money fish! Might be the money fish. You know, the
    bites kinda changed, though, just a little bit. The sun’s come up now, but
    they’re still comin’ off these little
    humps and points. He may have
    dropped it right there. Maybe. I’m kinda
    stringin’ him along. Eh, I still feel a
    little weight there, no he’s still there. Oh, come on, I hate gettin’
    ’em this close to the boat! You know what it is? Dang it, do you want to
    play the gator chomp? – Go ahead, hit him. – [Bob] Could I
    just get you to, I mean, one
    rendition of rocky top! Yeah, man! – Alright! – Yes sir! I’ll do that one for you. Yeah man, mm, mm, mm, okay. Well, he ain’t the biggest,
    but I’ll tell you what. Took me a little
    while to play ya there, little fish. Woo, well folks,
    listen, I will tell ya, this is been an
    awesome trip. I come down to
    Bienville a lot. Quail hunt and really just
    to come bass fishin’ and hang out with these guys
    because I learn so much when I’m here. And you know, Mike, you’re
    one of those exceptional guys. I tell ya, folks
    tell us all the time, you know, Bob, what’s really
    special to us when we see your show is these guys
    that you go with and fish, that they just act like we
    could spend all day with ’em. And I said, well yeah,
    that’s part of the deal. And you’re one of
    those special guys. – Yeah, it’s like
    everything else. You want to have
    people have a good time, you want ’em to
    enjoy themselves. You want ’em to catch fish,
    you want to be able to teach them something that’ll
    help them catch fish. And that’s really
    what I’m here for. – Well, and you know,
    and that’s very special, because I mean it
    takes a certain amount of temperament to be able to
    spend eight to 10 hours, especially when you’ve got
    a family and that sort of thing, and you guys do
    it so well down here. And the other thing,
    with Ranger boats, I know you’re still buildin’
    legends one at a time. Yeah, there you go. Well folks, that’s
    our show this week. It has been, well,
    one for the books. I just really, again
    from one bait right here, the Havoc, man,
    this is the ticket. Log on to our website, go
    to the Pure Fishing website, go to, and
    Abu Garcia and all the great folks that sponsor our show. I know I’m not tryin’ to
    make this an infomercial, but I tell you what, when
    you want good gear to come down to
    Bienville to fish with, Abu Garcia,
    Berkeley, Shakespeare, it’s the best on the market. And with that, as I always
    like to say each and ever week, the
    outdoors’ my passion, I want it to be yours, too. We’ll see you next time. Alright, man, we
    have got to get, and I got one
    more in me, Mike. One more, beau. – [Mike] Let’s get one more. – Alright.

    Daytona Beach, Florida Is Adventure Filled :60
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    Daytona Beach, Florida Is Adventure Filled :60

    December 6, 2019

    There’s lots to do. There’s fishing,
    kayaking, going to the beach and hanging out with good friends. Daytona Beach is
    laid back. Because you can have fun in the sun. It’s the ultimate good time
    package. It’s more of an eco-tour mixed with a paddleboarding experience. We take people out on a nature tour, on a paddleboard. The dolphins, the manatees,
    estuary, tributaries. Basically the whole ecology is enclosed right out here. Daytona Beach is kayaking. No matter what you’re into, Daytona Beach is totally your speed.

    FLORIDA Pier Fishing: Catch Fish Fast!
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    FLORIDA Pier Fishing: Catch Fish Fast!

    December 5, 2019

    Wow! Brendon, the striped fish just came up to the surface Do you see them?! Oh my Goodness! This week we are at South Point Pier in Miami Florida and we’re attempting to catch that many species of fish is possible. And a little bit of sunshine. Some people spend their entire lives chasing monster fish, but when you’re in a new area it is hard to catch those big trophies. This episode is about catching what’s the over quality. This week I want to share my way to quickly and easily figure out what kind of fish are biting an area and, catch a lot of fish in a short amount of time. I will be putting my recommendation in the description below. “My go to rig…Very easy-to-use…Guaranteed fish almost every time.” This is a Sabiki Rig. It is a line with 3-6 hooks and a bunch of tiny flies attached to the Sabiki rig is an excellent fish finder. It is really easy to use and it comes in a variety of hook sizes. All you really have to do is Bait up the hook, drop the rig down and wait for a tug! If there are fish around, the Sabiki Rig Will catch them. I’m using cut shrimp because I’ve heard Florida Fish love shrimp, but you can use whatever kind of bait you like. I told Erin to use a sabiki, because it’s really easy and it’s really fun to use and ultimately she had a really great time. “Okay.. you are tangled immediately…” “How did you mess that up already??” “What did you do?” “Oh! I did it!” “I just pulled it right out!” “Oop, nope you got one.” “Oooo thats the first one!” “Caught a little fish, what kind of fish is this?” “No idea” My family caught a bunch of different fish that day, but i love it when you guys tell me what they’re called. If you could share your knowledge with us us please comment below. This fish had a really weird mouth, maybe with some kind of bottom feeder? My dad caught a fish with a big black spot on his tail, does anyone have any guesses as to what kind of fish this is? “Caught right at the rocks. Another species. that spot on the tail” “What was it.?….What did you get?” “I dont know! I just like it when they pull. It makes me excited!” “Got a bite?” Yup! “Get it!” “EEK! ITS A NEEDLEFISH! ” “Oh you snagged it tho, did you snag it?” “Dont touch it, dont touch it, its gonna bite you.” “Ok what do I do Brendon!?” “Alright put it down.” “This is a tiny one.” “Its weird tho, its cute!” “Yeah It has a lot of teeth on the inside.” “Oh wow, its like a baby, so cute!” “Alright so we’ve caught four species now within like 10 minutes something like that?” “It is so easy.” “I see Needle Fish in there!” Don’t catch another one! they’re not fun to catch. They are so big! “They are like a foot long.” “Whats that??” “Over there” “AHHH!” *Shrieks “BRENDON” “I diddled the line” “Give it a cast out there!” “I thought I caught the fish of my life!” “YEA RIGHT. Cast it over there” “Brendon Brendon!” “WOW, Brendon! Go Go!” Now Im not exactly sure what kind of fish this is… maybe you guys to tell me. “Whoa! Oh this is a Parrot Fish. “Look its changing colors… “It’s changing colors. See it? Its turning from blue to red oh no its turning blue. “Am I seeing things?” “Wow. Ok I’m going to throw the rig right by the rocks and see if there’s anything hiding in there.” “Got one already??” “Another species, this is like species number…6” “Look at this one” “Thats beautiful. Species number 6” “We were here for probably 15 to 20 minutes” “We caught like seven different species of fish. Just goes to show why I really like the Sabiki rig. Again it’s not it’s not a very challenging ring I mean it’s very easy casual kind of fishing rig but I catch the whole bunch of different kinds of fish and its really great at catching bait fish and it’s so fun. It is so fun and it’s so easy.This is the kind of fishing that I love where you just go and you just catch bunch and it’s over and this was like so much fun I’m so happy. Now the hardcore fisherman would argue that is very boring kind of fishing but this is not for everybody who ever wants to chill out, catch a bunch of fish, kick back and relax, the sabiki rig is for you.”

    Visit Amelia Island, Florida for History, Culture and Stunning Florida Beaches
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    Visit Amelia Island, Florida for History, Culture and Stunning Florida Beaches

    December 4, 2019

    Welcome to a place named by Conde Nast one
    of the world’s top 25 islands, a place where you can enjoy relaxed Florida beaches with
    a distinct Southern charm, and where you’ll find fascinating history, plenty of outdoor
    activities, and terrific shopping and dining. I’m Marieve, and welcome to beautiful Amelia
    Island! Amelia Island, Florida, is located just south
    of the Georgia/Florida border on the Atlantic Coast and is easy to get to via Jacksonville
    International Airport. It has a truly fascinating history and rich culture. In fact, Amelia
    Island is the only place in America to have been under eight different flags at various
    times throughout its history. Walk or take a horse-drawn carriage around the Fernandina
    Beach historic district and see beautiful 19th century historical homes and public buildings,
    or catch a boat tour from the marina. The historic district is also home to a plethora
    of dining options from various cafes, to locally owned brewpubs and eateries serving up the
    freshest Floridian seafood, to al fresco dining venues headed by award-winning chefs. You’ll
    also find countless charming and eclectic boutiques and antique shops both here and
    further south on the island at Palmetto Walk Shopping Village.
    Of course, “island time” is synonymous with “beach time,” and Amelia Island has
    plenty of pristine shores to explore. One of many beach access points is located
    at Fort Clinch State Park, where you can even sneak in a little more history by touring
    the best preserved 19th century fort in the country. Here, amongst the dunes, you’ll
    find gorgeous trails perfect for hiking or biking, where you can enjoy the lush native
    vegetation and might even catch a glimpse of some native wildlife like a heron, alligator
    or nesting sea turtle. You can also try stand-up paddleboarding, do some surf fishing, or take
    a self-guided nature walk. You can wander one of the island’s many natural, preserved
    park beaches or relax on the more manicured resort beaches. There is plenty of opportunity
    for a romantic stroll and swim or family time collecting seashells.
    Whether you’re seeking an active, yet relaxed family vacation, or a luxurious couples getaway,
    you’ll make memories to last a lifetime here on Amelia Island… where you’ll find
    the best of Florida combined with unforgettable Southern Hospitality.

    Miami Beach, Florida, USA. Aerial 360 video in 5K
    Articles, Blog

    Miami Beach, Florida, USA. Aerial 360 video in 5K

    December 2, 2019

    Miami Beach is one of the most famous resort
    cities in the world. It is located opposite the City of Miami,
    on the island between the Atlantic Ocean and Biscayne Bay. Palm Island and Star Island are known for
    having such famous residents as Al Capone, Anna Kournikova, Shakira, Iggy Pop, Julia
    Roberts and Ricky Martin. Just opposite the port of Miami, there are
    man-made islands facing the ocean and having luxury estates on its territory. And this is Point View located in the City
    of Miami and facing the amazing view of the ocean. Miami Beach is primarily known for its beaches. At least 8 million people visit this place
    as tourists annually — it is 9 times more than the number of island residents.

    The Towns of Boca Raton & Delray Beach | On The Town in The Palm Beaches
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    The Towns of Boca Raton & Delray Beach | On The Town in The Palm Beaches

    December 1, 2019

    [Frank] Today, we’re exploring a tale of two
    cities. These neighboring coastal towns are full of
    charm and creativity. In Boca Raton, we’ll take a nostalgic ride
    through the cities’ history. Get our groove on as we take on a ballroom
    dance challenge. And it’s no wonder the Delray Beach was voted
    most fun small town in America. We’ll visit a spot for vintage arcade games. And indulge in the ultimate comfort food. I’m Frank Licari, join me as we go On the
    Town in the Palm Beaches. [Announcer] This program is brought to you
    by Discover the Palm Beaches. Visit ThePalmBeaches.TV for more information. Hey, On the Towners, I’m Frank Licari. Today we’re exploring two of Palm Beach county’s
    most vibrant cities, Boca Raton and Delray Beach. We’re gonna start in Boca and the first stop
    on our adventure is a taste of history on the Boca Express. ♪ Still, you won’t ♪ ♪ Take that train
    ♪ ♪ Board that flight ♪ ♪ To bring us sailing ♪ We’re on a train right now that feels like
    the Rat Pack would come like kinda trouncing through. So tell me just a little bit about where we
    are right now. Okay. We’re on two 1947 Budd cars. They’re called the Streamliners. And we used photographs, oral history, in
    order to be able to recreate and restore what it would’ve been like if it was 1947 on these
    rail cars. The Streamliners introduced the modern era. And they also introduced the art deco era. So when you come in here, you’ll see the fan
    tail, and you’ll see the stainless steel. Everything was Streamline, remember, even
    your toaster in your kitchen became Streamlined. That’s right, that’s right. And this particular train that we’re in, it’s
    kind of, there’s a lot of flowers around. Is there a? Yes. Every train route had a theme, and being on
    the Silver Meteor you were taking passengers from New York to Florida, and they wanted
    to remind the passengers that you’re going to warm, tropical Warm paradise. [LaurieLynn] Going to paradise! [Frank] That’s right. Welcome aboard, guys. My name is Tyler and I’m the conductor today. [Frank] When the tours come through, tell
    me a little bit about what you’re showing. [LaurieLynn] We have one called Ticket to
    Ride, where the students dress up as train crew member, or Boca Raton pioneers, and they
    take this role on as a passenger and then they come in here and they learn what it was
    like to travel in 1947. Oh, thank you very much. Do I just? Take one. Just take, oh, one? Yes. What is this, a French car? I could eat a lot more than that, one?! [LaurieLynn] Also, we try to address as many
    of the five senses that we can. When you go into the galley, you’ll smell
    something is baking. Oh, yes. So you get a little aroma. The see part we know, because they come in Right. And they see, hopefully, most of them. They’re listening, and what are we missing? Touch. [LaurieLynn] Touch. [Frank] What’re they touching? [LaurieLynn] Well, what’s great about the
    train museum is you can touch anything you want. [Frank] Anything?! [LaurieLynn] There’s no, you can’t touch that. [Frank] I am about to get into something that
    you’re gonna teach me how to do, which is the Zumba. [Nicole] Yeah, that’s right! [Frank] Well, explain to me how this all evolved,
    like the Zumba on the beach, what’re we So, what happened was the city of Boca Raton
    wanted to put some fitness on Saturdays, down in Boca Raton and we put it in Sanborn Square
    first and then we actually realized that in the middle of the summer, doing Zumba in 90
    degree weather wasn’t going to be good. So we brought it over here to the beach and
    we figured out that this was such a better venue. People are walking by every Saturday, they
    see us, they jump in the next week they take a class. And it’s been going on since 2012, January. Oh, so, it’s successful. Yeah, absolutely. Are you finding as you walk around that people
    are more fit now, because of you? Like, do you walk around and the people go,
    “Nicole thank you!” You know, I’d like to say that that’s exactly
    what’s happened. Yeah! So Boca’s more fit? [Nicole] Absolutely! [Frank] Yeah? [Nicole] Yeah! [Frank] It’s once a week. [Nicole] Yep, once a week. [Frank] Yeah, and it’s all year round? [Nicole] All year round. Even when it’s 102 degrees out. [Frank] You’re still out here? [Nicole] We’re here, we stop the class when
    I sweat too much and it’s [Frank] Wow, oh yeah, it gets a little yeah,
    yeah. [Nicole] It gets a little slippery, [Frank] Yeah. we have to go. Yeah. How many people about would you say for class
    you get in here? [Nicole] From about December, all the way
    through February, March, we have about 65 people. [Frank] In one class?! They overflow out here, Whoa! [Nicole] all the way down, all the way up. [Frank] Isn’t that dangerous? Like, we go to a wedding, right? And I’m dancing, I like to take a nice, you
    know what I’m saying? Well, when people like you show up? What’s, oh? I do, I do have one thing, where they take
    up all the space. I actually have been known to stop the class. [Frank] And that’s it? We have to make people Oh, we gotta give ’em room. [Nicole] Make people get room, [Frank] Right. [Nicole] And then we start again. [Frank] What a work out! How about we head over to Red Reef Park and
    take a little dip? Some salt water would sure do me some good. This 67acre oceanfront park spans A1A, with
    it’s beach side showing off stunning views and some of the best sand in the county. While the intracostal side boasts the Red
    Reef Executive Golf Course. A playground and a raised walkway winding
    through a hammock of tropical trees. So, whether you want to surf, fish, or just
    take a nature walk, Red Reef Park has you covered. And if that’s not enough, there are lots of
    cool family friendly learning activities at the Gumbo Limbo Nature center. Be sure to check out their sea turtle rescue
    work. Only in Boca could a retail space become the
    defacto town square. Of course, we’re talking about Mizner Park
    here, with it’s lush landscape, open spaces, and popular eateries. Whether it’s date night or family night, people
    from all over the city gather here for concerts, festivals, outdoor dining and more. Oh, and there’s shopping. Did I mention there’s shopping? In Boca, it’s moved from pastime to art form. Boca Raton is known as the sixth borough thanks
    to the large number of New Yorkers who live here. It’s also home to a large Jewish population,
    which means if you want a great brisket served New York style, you came to the right place. Mm, I smell things, I smell, what do I smell? I smell history. A lot of history here, right? [Sweta] Yes. [Frank] How long we been here? This location, 20 years. [Frank] 20 years here, but you were somewhere
    else before. West Boca. West Boca. Now, why’d you move from West to here? 300 seats to 55 seats. [Frank] Smart man. Yes. [Frank] ‘Cause I noticed you’re running around
    like crazy, it’s easier to manage 50 seats, right? [Todd] You decide you want a life, too. [Frank] That’s right. [Todd] So you go from breakfast, lunch, and
    dinner. To breakfast and lunch. [Sweta] Correct. [Frank] So if I come to these doors at five
    o’ clock, you’re out of luck. [Todd] I’m on the golf course. All right, smart man. You see? What makes a great Jewish deli? Personality. Who’s, yours? Mine. or hers? It’s yours. I’m gonna disagree with you, I like hers too. All right, so it’s your personality. So, when people come in, they’re seeing you,
    they’re seeing your face, you’re getting to, you’re shaking hands, you’re greasing palms. Right, you’re here all the time? [Todd] Yeah. [Frank] You guys run it. [Sweta] Absolutely. [Frank] The specialties, I come in here and
    you say, all right, you’re gonna be here at Deli On Ryes, what’re you having? [Todd] Well, we make our own briskets here. [Frank] Oh yeah. [Todd] Old fashioned, you know, the way grandma
    used to make. [Frank] Sure. [Todd] Fresh turkey, so we cook ’em every
    day. Motzah ball soup is the real McCoy. And we have specialty sandwiches, like Reuben’s
    and Red Russians and combinations. What is a Red Russian? A Red Russian is Is that redundant? It’s kind of It’s pastrami and turkey, with
    coleslaw and Russian dressing. [Frank] That’s a lot of meat there. [Todd] Yeah, well, the people like a lot of
    meat. [Frank] Yeah, they do. They do. Do you ever like see somebody you don’t like,
    give them a little bit less? Nah, I don’t work that way. Good work! But my wife’s always yelling at me, I’m giving
    away too much. Yeah, always yelling. [Frank] Never give away too much of the meat. [Todd] ‘Cause they end up taking it home with
    them and they have dinner. [Frank] Well, that’s okay. [Todd] But that’s not But it makes them remember
    you, they come [Frank] Exactly. [Both Together] And one, two, three. One, two Oh, so smooth! Good job, how did you do that, what are you
    doing? I’m going to teach you. Oh I get to do that. Exactly what to do Okay, I want that. You, what, chacha first thing you do in the
    morning? Well, the older students, they all know when
    they come in, they’re got to start learning immediately. [Frank] Right, there’s no learning at the
    beginning. It’s definitely Salsa first, salsa. [Frank] Salsa first? Oh yes, it’s a warm up. [Frank] Why, why Salsa? Because of the hip region? Or the shoulder. What is it, what’s happening? [Ivan] People come like, you know, sometimes
    they come for actual dancing, they just need to like you know, a getaway. So it just shakes ’em up. I just keep doing this. Oh yeah. And she just turns. She’s got the hard work and I’m just doing
    this. So, give me a little bit about you, because
    you’ve been everywhere. Right? Russia, Belgium, where else? [Ivan] Poland, Amsterdam, and then moved to
    the States five years ago. [Frank] And always dancing. [Ivan] Always dancing. [Frank] Dancing the whole time. [Ivan] Since six years old. When did you, since six?! You’ve been ballroom dancing since six years
    old? Is that stir the sauce, what is that? That is exactly what it is. Is that what that is? Just think of that if that helps you, man. Okay, stir the sauce. Tell me a little bit about the studio, how
    many lessons a week, what do you teach? What’s going on? [Ivan] I teach over 50 lessons a week, basically
    every day, six days a week. It’s all private, or is it group as well or
    both? There’s group classes, but most of them are
    private lessons. Gotcha, so you must have a lot of good clients
    here. Yes, they love it. It’s a beautiful studio. [Frank] Right, it is gorgeous here. [Ivan] Boca Raton is amazing. [Frank] Right in the town center, you can
    get to it easy. So you’re dancing like 12 hours a day. Yeah. That’s why you’re such in good shape. That’s not, that’s why I’m not. [Both] One, two, three. And turn. One, two, three. You turn. [Both] One, two, three. Go, one, two, three! Yes! Oh man! That was a first try! You’re good man! Rain check my wife up, you go right ahead,
    no hair she’s a red head. [Name] We first opened our doors September
    of 2015. Rolling, through the roof, through the roof. We’re on our fourth year. How many, and what do you seat here? We seat roughly People come in [Nicole] 285, we have shows typically from
    Thursday through Sunday, and we have shows Monday through Wednesday. Oh wow, so you’re all through the week then. Busy all week. Wow. [Nicole] To be honest, there’s a show for
    everyone. We do comedy. [Frank] Comedy, stand up comedy. Any shows I can bring the family, or are we
    pretty much talking 18 and over? No, we definitely have familyfriendly shows,
    occasionally, we’ll have magic shows. We have hypnotist shows. Some are family friendly, others are adult
    only. Gotcha. [Nicole] Prices are pretty affordable, tickets
    can range between 25 to 75 dollars, depending on the act. Whew, Boca, cheap? Right? I think so. Yeah. [Nicole] We have a beer and wine bar. [Frank] Beer and wine, nice. [Nicole] Guests can actually drink throughout
    the entire show and also we offer a special feature, where during the show, they can actually
    text their order to the bar. They don’t have to get out of their seats. They don’t even have to get up?! [Nicole] Nope! [Frank] Lazy and drunk at the same time, that’s
    fantastic, makes it funnier, makes people funnier. Crazy Uncle Mike’s, and you’re Crazy? Crazy, crazy what? Yeah. Can I call you by your first name, can I just
    call you Crazy the rest of the time? [Mike] Yeah, if you like. All right. So this place strikes me as, you were sitting
    around one day, you were at a place and you were like, I don’t like anywhere I’m going,
    I’m gonna create a place that I would want be at. Right? [Mike] Yeah. [Frank] Am I right about that? [Mike] Yeah, everything I do is like that. [Frank] You’ve got brews, bites, and beats. [Mike] It’s important. [Frank] Yeah. [Mike] Those are three important things in
    life, serious. [Frank] How do you come to this? I like things that evolve around music. And I like to go places that evolve around
    music. Are you a musician? No, I’m not. I’m just a music lover. Whoa! You’re just a lover of music? Yes. [Frank] Well, now it’s one thing to listen
    to music and have a beer, it’s another thing to go, I’m gonna open a place up in the middle
    of Boca. And it’s gonna have food, ’cause that’s a
    whole other responsibility, how’s that happen? [Mike] I’ve been in this business all my life. [Frank] Oh, you have? [Mike] Yeah, so this is what I’ve been doing. I build, I design, and I operate. [Frank] Okay. [Mike] Get printed in places. You don’t just make a little venue, you get
    yourself a huge space here. How many people can you put in here? [Mike] It’s a 200 person capacity. [Frank] 200? [Mike] Yeah. [Frank] And you’ve got a brewery. [Mike] Got a beautiful brewery and the beer
    that we’re making is incredible too. [Frank] Talk about the food a little bit,
    when I come in here, is it pub fair pretty much, but it’s elevated. [Mike] We wanted to have quality products,
    so we call it fun dining, instead of fine dining, but it’s the quality of fine dining,
    so it’s the same kind of preparation it would take to make the fine dining meal, but we
    do it in a simplified product. [Frank] Boca Raton sure is fun, but let’s
    not stop here. Let’s head over to Delray Beach. If you enjoyed Boca’s parks and beaches, you’ll
    love Delray Beach. Boca’s colorful neighbor to the north is packed
    with a vibrant cultural and dining scene. Let’s begin at the historic downtown area
    on Atlantic Avenue. Now, how long have you been in this position
    here? I’ve been in this position for three years
    now. Three years? Three years, I’m born and raised here in Delray. Oh, so that’s how you know all the history. Yes. [Frank] The arts seems to be a huge portion
    of Delray, a lot of arts here, right? [Jamael] When you have a lot of things from
    the preforming arts, to the visual arts. The renovations of Old School Square, which
    was an elementary school that my grandparents, my great grandparents went to. Deserted for awhile, and I think the birth
    of our CRA and rebuilding that Cultural Arts Center really sparked a lot of redevelopment
    in Delray. [Frank] It was just voted one of America’s
    most fun cities to be in, right? [Jamael] There’s a playground for all age
    and races and everything. You can come down and really walk the stretch
    of Atlantic Avenue and just pop in in any restaurant and bar. And everything is packed and happening. We have a program here called the Downtowners,
    it was small, little makeshift golf carts. That will pick you up and give you free rides
    all throughout the down town. We have the trolley service, nice little trolley
    that just rides up and down Atlantic Avenue is free. [Frank] So that makes it a lot easier, even
    for tourists to come in, they can center themselves in a hotel here, and they can experience the
    entire town. You’ve got fine dining, quick bites. You’ve got art galleries, you’ve got chocolate
    shops. There’s so much going on. And everything is so compact and it’s centrally
    located. In the 1940’s, pin ball machines were considered
    illegal, that’s because they were deemed a game of chance. Like gambling, not a game of skill. But there are some people at the Silverball
    Museum who would disagree with that. I’m here with Rob, you are the owner and founder? Yes. How did you manage to retain all of your youth? Because as I walk in here, it’s like 1985
    all over again. What gave you the idea for this? I grew up at the Jersey Shore, in Longbranch,
    West Longbranch, New Jersey. Pinball was part of the culture down on the
    boardwalks of New Jersey. My oldest daughter has autism, and she took
    to a pinball machine. Fantastic. About 20 years ago, so I started collecting
    games. One led to two, two led to 20, there’s about
    900 total games in the collection now. Explain this to me, ’cause I got a 10 year
    old, and they love like the Xbox and the whole thing right. When they come in here, the kids are digging
    the pinball machines? [Robert] Oh, sure, yeah. [Frank] That’s fantastic. [Robert] We have video ski ball, shuffleboard,
    air hockey, you know, all fun. And this is a lot cleaner and classier than
    the ones I went to when I was growing up. Yeah, and we try to do nostalgia, the stools
    here are from the Howard Johnson back in the 40’s. The candy wheels are from the Asbury Park
    Boardwalk. [Frank] And I would imagine you’ve got a cross
    section, ’cause you obviously you said you do kids, you obviously bring families in here. [Robert] Yeah, we say kids of all ages have
    a great time. [Frank] Speaking of arcades, Delray Beach
    was once a winter hotspot for artists, authors, and all kinds of creative types. I’m told they held court at a secret speakeasy. And if the tales are true, the Arcade Taproom
    even had a secret tunnel running next door to the Colony Hotel. We are going to the Arcade Taproom building. The Arcade Taproom is being restored to it’s
    former glory. At one point, the place to go in Delray Beach. Very famous, lot of famous people hung out
    here. It’s built in 1925, by, designed by Sam Ogren
    local famous architect. Opened up as the Arcade Taproom in 1932, just
    before prohibition ended. Opened as a restaurant, and it was openair. So there was no roof in the middle of the
    arcade. And there were local businesses that were
    set up around the outside of it. There were rumors that yes, there was a tunnel
    under here, during prohibition. It’s just rumors as far as we know, there’s
    no hard evidence of that. But it makes a great story. The trolley rides of Delray Beach Historical
    Society Popcorn House are doing the historical trolley rides through Delray Beach. Atlantic Avenue was and is the hub of activity
    in Delray Beach, so plenty of the stops are along Atlantic Avenue. The Arcade building is one of them. And so you can come here and see it yourself
    and learn about the history of Delray and the Taproom. ♪ You can cook it in a kitchen ♪ ♪ Cook
    it down the hall ♪ ♪ There’s one big lovin’ ♪ ♪ There’s enough for us all ♪ ♪ Sunday
    afternoon ♪ [Frank] Grab your reusable shopping bags,
    because every Saturday over 60 vendors hit Old School Square for a lively market, filled
    with South Florida’s best produce, gourmet foods, and homemade goodies. You’ll find international cuisine and artistic
    treasures. There’s even live music. But don’t take my word for it. Let’s hear from one vendor who’s serving up
    a taste of Africa. There’s a world of vendors that are here. Different countries, different foods, different
    arts and crafts, homemade things, brings out the community, which is awesome. The people are friendly, it’s dog and pet
    friendly, so you see them coming about. They will have activities, there’s music that
    takes place as well. It’s awesome. It’s a great place to come out and enjoy the
    market. We have programs and activities that I create,
    indoor and outdoor. We have drum circles, Square Play activities
    for all the community to come and enjoy. What is Square Play? Square Play is when you bring out gigantic
    mega games, and kids come out in the park and play. We have monthly events, Kids Fests in October. We have fitness in the park on Wednesday night. [Frank] What’s that entail? It’s Boom Fitness Boom?! That sounds big too, what’s a Boom Fitness,
    show me. [Abby] Boom Fitness is just working out and
    we actually have Boom Fitness in several parks in Delray Beach. [Frank] Okay, a lot of Boom going on. [Abby] Lot of Boom [Frank] Now, workouts, what do they entail,
    could somebody of my, of my stature participate in that, or do you think I really don’t need
    it? You probably could Be honest. work out a little bit. I probably could work out a little bit, that’s
    a good point, Abby. Good point. Don’t get old! [Frank] We called this the Cabbage Patch in
    the 80s. Didn’t we? In the days of Take it all the way around. Mm, and your life would never be the same! [Abby] Outdoor Tai Chi, anyone can come in
    and participate in it. [Frank] And people just show up. [Abby] Yep, they just show up and do [Frank] Don’t need to have a ticket, don’t
    need to pay, they just show up and have Tai Chi. [Abby] Correct. [Frank] Fantastic. [Abby] And we also have Zumba. [Frank] What?! [Abby] The best Zumba class. [Frank] The best? [Abby] The best. [Frank] Ever?! The biggest Zumba class you ever saw? [Abby] Yes, it’s the best, biggest Zumba class. Wow! Bam! Isn’t that what you? Ready for some culinary creativity? Just west of the downtown Delray Beach area,
    this dining hotspot wants to surprise guests with a modern and playful menu. Let’s see what’s cooking at Mia Kitchen and
    Bar. I love the lighting. I love the decor. I love the layout, and I interview a lot of
    chefs on this show, but you, one of the hippest ones I’ve seen. You got everything goin, you got the flat
    brim, you got the nice full beard, you got the funky shoes, what’s happening, tell me
    your story. [Jason] I started dish washing at the age
    of 12, getting involved with chefs in local restaurants and food, so. I saw the way that they acted in the kitchen
    and how passionate they were, and I kind of went along with that and kind of wanted to
    do it. [Frank] You got the bug. I took a piece of everything, created my own
    style, and now you’re looking at it. Hip and humble, two very rare qualities for
    an executive chef, you know that. So, in a diner, why are they always grape
    jellies that they give you, why don’t you get other ones? That’s grape right? Wine is made from I know how wine is made. [Frank] What’s your tagline? [Jason] I’d like to say that it’s, nostalgic
    and allinclusive. For example, you could be 18 years old, taking
    your grandmother out to dinner. You could be eating an octopus with foam,
    foie gras peanut butter and jelly, slowbraised veal cheeks, and your grandmother could sit
    across from you and have chicken parm or chicken picatta, it’s very inclusive. Do you really use the cheeks? Is that what it Correct, right here. Really, wow. Slowbraised, just like a short rib but richer. Yeah, I’m not quite sure I’ll ever eat that
    again, but all right, that’s good. I’m glad people like that. This is a huge space. [Daniel] Yeah, I took a chance. So you start like a little art colony. Yes. Now, do you, do you get into art, do you do
    anything? I do a little bit, my dad’s a painter. Oh is that right? Yeah, so I have a few pieces around. So you got it in the blood. Now what do you do, do you do, what is your
    thing? I just paint acrylic. Watercolors? [Frank] Acrylic. So you get together with all these artists,
    now, I notice as we walk around here, you’ve got like little art studios where people can
    come in and paint. It’s not just a gallery. [Daniel] No, I have about 19 studios where
    the artists come in and out regularly during the day, and they paint and they create. And it’s, it is a community, they all work
    together, they’ll help each other all the time. It’s really good. How big of a space we got here? We got about 11,000 inside, another 3,000
    out in the lagoon area. Now, I don’t know if the audience at home
    knows this, but both Dan and I, we got skates on. Now, I know you’re probably wondering why
    we have skates on. I have no idea why we have skates on. But we’re gonna do this We get around faster. This one, somebody took off her face and went,
    “Look at me, I just pulled my face off!” Ready? Oh! That was pretty close. So you’re the judge. I am curator, yes. Wow, so you look at something and you go,
    “No thank you.” I say, you’re almost there. Wow! Now here’s another Italian, Rocco Grosso. [Frank] You’re doing all the metal and all
    that stuff? [Rocco] I do all the mobiles. [Frank] Mobiles, look at this! I know, I know. Precision, excellent. All right, hook it up on your wire. Yeah. Okay. All done. And, here, you got it balanced. Now, in the event it wasn’t balanced, look,
    if it was Don’t, leave it, it’s perfect! Why, I got it perfect, why you gotta I don’t know! Rocco, what’re you doing? And there you go. I got it perfect! Good. Now, we’re gonna get our hands dirty. Aw man, together? We can do it together. Oh, aw man. This is like Lady and the Tramp, we’re gonna
    finish in the, all right, all right. That’s fine if you want to. So lets go in, mix it all in. Just do it, oh, oh wow. [Frank] At the Ramen Lab eatery in Delray. You are the owner, [Louis] Yes. [Frank] The founder. [Lous] Yes. You make the noodles. Yes. Now, what possessed you to get into this type
    of business? A little bit of the history, I was born into
    it. Easy, family’s always been in the restaurant
    business. [Frank] Right. I’ve always wanted to get out of the restaurant
    business, but here I am today. But they pulled you back in. Yeah. [Frank] And you guys are the first ramen place
    in Delray Beach. [Louis] First one in Delray, and first one
    in Boca. [Frank] Cornering the market. [Louis] Yeah. [Frank] And how’s it been going? [Louis] Going pretty good, getting the word
    out there. It’s a very seasonal market, but people when
    they come in, they love it. A lot of people are like, what’s ramen, what’s
    raymen? Yeah, raymen. People are always new to the cuisine, so. Right, you gotta educate them while they’re
    eating. Oh man, look at that side arm. Yeah. Thank you. I played for pro, I don’t know if I told you
    that. [Louis] I see it. [Frank] Obviously, it’s a restaurant where
    families come in together, right? You gotta have a lot of families here? [Louis] Oh, we do. [Frank] ‘Cause it’s a safe type of food. [Louis] It is, it’s a comfort type of food. [Frank] That’s what it is. [Louis] It’s like Japanese, we call it Ramen
    Lab, because it’s a laboratory. [Frank] I was going to say, where does the
    laboratory come in? It’s because we have a little bit of a mixed
    background, like Korean style in it, Thai style in it, a tiny bit of Chinese, but at
    the end of the day, we try to make it authentic as possible. So the diversity makes the laboratory, there’s
    not like people back there in white coats and stuff, like mixing things, right? [Louis] Oh, we have a little bit of that. [Frank] You have a little bit of that? [Louis] Yeah, we have a little bit of that. All right, so hey, how are you? So this is Louis, he’s the owner, but I just
    made this. I made your ramen. Okay? Okay this was like, I wanna, I’m gonna watch. We’ve got a camera here. You’re gonna try the ramen, because I made
    this myself. Gotta get in there, I may not have separated
    the noodles, okay, all right. Very good! Good, right?! Very good! Just salty enough. [Michael] We get anywhere from 50 to 300 people, [Frank] Wow! [Michael] That show up at the downtown Delray
    Beach Drum Circle every Wednesday, to drum, dance, do acroyoga, other types of artistic
    expression. [Frank] Sure, whatever they wanna do. You get kids around too? Lots of kids, people of all ages. How do you get the word out? Do you just sit in the middle of town square
    and beat your drum and people show up? Facebook and Meetup and the word spreads. [Frank] So there’s no rules, you bring whatever
    drum you want. [Michael] Any kind of percussion that you
    feel fits in, you wanna try to fit in, we want to try to, even though we’re not a group
    or a band, we want to try to make music together if we can. Of course! And Follow a common rhythm. OF course. Whatever those rhythms are, it’s very organic,
    it’s very natural, we don’t practice ahead of time. Sure. Whatever comes out of the moment. For the energy of the night. It’s a mecca of every age and every possible
    concept. [Frank] And it’s really, really positive. That’s wonderful. Yeah! [Frank] Boca Raton is laid back luxury, that
    welcomes everyone with it’s glistening beaches, array of dazzling Restaurants and upscale
    shopping. While Delray Beach has you covered With it’s
    lively main street, family friendly attractions, and rich Florida history. So whether your workout takes you to the sun
    kissed beach, or you’re experience train travel from the 1940’s, taking a stroll on the historic
    Atlantic Avenue, or dancing to the beat of drums under a moonlit sky. These neighboring sister cities have something
    for everyone. I’m Frank Licari, we hope you enjoyed discovering
    Boca Raton and Delray Beach, and that you’ll join us the next time we go On the Town. [Announcer] This program was brought to you
    by Discover the Palm Beaches, visit ThePalmBeaches.TV for more information.