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    Fly fishing Tuna Whitsunday Islands Australia Andy’s Fish Video EP.279

    September 10, 2019

    Andy’s fishing Hi, every one Andy here today I’m going on
    some Tuna it’s reasonably early you can probably tell by the fog on the windows
    and the main reason is to get out there nice and early before it gets rough tuna
    feet all day there’s been a few around actually so head down to shute harbor and
    see if we can’t get a couple stay tuned so I’m all rigged up there’s no need to
    go too fast I’m just heading out of the bay and looking for bird, birds uh how
    you find tuna if they’re down low that means the Fisher need the surface and if
    the birds are up high the the Fisher down a bit deeper the birds can’t see
    them really well so they get up higher preferably I’d like to find a school
    that stays up for a while there’s no point just chasing birds you need fish
    to be like busting up on the surface yeah we’ll see how they go pretty
    excited I’d like I’d like to get a bluefin tuna
    I still have next you got a whole one of those I’ve dropped the couple and I’ve
    got half of one of the boat which was a shark a that one so plenty of Mack tuna
    but for no bluefin yet so here’s hoping what you don’t want to do is actually
    drive through the school you want to get in your position where they’re coming
    towards you or you drift beside them do not want to go through the school now
    they’re actually going this way so I’m just going to go here and stop if you
    drive through a tuna school obviously they get put down so don’t wreck it for other
    people don’t wreck it for yourself just going around them oh yeah coming
    straight up and out and that cast is good hopefully they staff a bit alright
    fly fishing to these things can be a real challenge hour behind me because
    you can’t just rip out 70 meter cast instantly you’ve got to do a few Falls
    cast get that line out there so I’m noticing the birds are constantly moving
    to the right here so I’m just going to try and get in front
    here we go me yep they constantly gallon gun right and I’m hoping the fish will
    come across me I might even just stop here it might
    work still a bit far away and I’m glad to
    come always watching the bird just getting ready yeah
    look at that nice nice one cast and the fish don’t seem to be staying up this
    morning that’s alright I’ll just keep persisting I can actually see them
    swimming around that yes buddy ah all saw that take oh yeah it’s just an
    accurate way but these things go hard Oh spare my 10th cast this morning and
    actually sorry made it oh oh I’m gonna put a bit more hurt on this guy he’s put
    it out five six kilo ah forgot what these things are like such strong fish and he still is staying
    with the skill still you need at least 200 meters of line on the back in here
    to get even even a 5 kilo Mack tuna how cool is that and I have a lot of time to make
    episodes at the moment so if I can come in here in a couple hours
    making up the side then I’m also at a lotta weight on that that line now pump
    and wine pumping line and try and get these guys in fairly quick because they
    do tend it just kill themselves a young they run so hard so long and they just
    build up like all their as you I just build up so much lactic acid that
    they’re young often you get them back to the boat they’re dead and they’re
    actually pretty bad eating it just full of blood and it actually tastes like a
    really bad steak nothing like a nice fish so hopefully later on if I can find
    another school I’m going to go for the the blue fin tuna here though they are
    they’re busting out right next to me look at that that’s a bluefin there
    that’s nice and that’s what happens you get your hookup to look up to one I just
    start feeding all around you can see swell straight ahead there as well when
    he’s doing up there’s one right there right next to the boat this guys doing
    cheering circles under the boat it’s probably about 30 meters down I haven’t
    seen a fly line yet there’s a flight line just enough line now see that the
    bend in that right and I do I really like these TFA’s
    they’ve probably got the second best warranty of any rod you can buy in
    Australia best one in my mind is uh Gavin Hurley’s stalker fly fishing range oh there he
    goes again hold on here do a video another time
    about what sort of fly gear I like to use and what’s the best value for money
    just too many value for money that’s what it’s all about and there’s actually not much I can do
    right this minute he is under the boat and just going down let me try and turn
    you turn your head I’m really getting some line on him now actually he’s not dead yet he’s still
    kicking but they do fight to the last little secondaries he’s swimming up
    towards me here and I tell you what having a fighting
    but a little bit bigger than just the end of a like a trout a rod is so good
    in these situations I’ve just been digging that right into my stomach and
    even with the fighting but it’s standeth get a little bit salt please
    you guys going just let done alright you okay fly rod I didn’t rod up in the lead a
    nap team I reckon I think you ready just watch any shocks all right good yes always about I’m gonna say that’s five
    kilos time maybe a tiny bit over five get that slant I’ll show you that in a
    second okay yeah imagine and as I said these are terrible eating so just going
    to throw him back you go give you a closer look very chrome looking mack tuna. off you go fish there yes it’s good to
    go so the fly I’m using is just a really basic little bait fish pattern
    a bit of craft yarn and a bit of sparkle flash and just thread to tie it off and
    it’s on a number to get magatsu SL 12 fishing 20-pound leader and just yeah 40
    and 20 so just just two sections on the humble eater pretty simple just got to
    get in front of them moving nice and fast all right yeah a little bit closer on
    the guy might go down yeah out and in there we go yes
    straight off top me off you go lost my fly yep
    just pushed him too hard that one okay here they are again let’s do it come on
    fishy see all around tuna fall on it I didn’t get it
    oh he’s looking looking cutting yes oh is it not going through guys and it’s
    still feeding oh look at this you lazy swimming around this is great hooked up and they’re just
    everywhere still nice you might need it real sit it’s a bit noisy there there’s
    a few more tips while I’m reeling this guy in it’s going to take a little while
    if you’re going to go after pelagics especially tuna and mackerel and
    billfish you want a large area like the school needs to be quite big not small
    like a trout reel and you want a couple hundred meters of backing I think I
    already mention that before you also want to reel with a young a good drag
    like a disc drag or yeah like a cork good cork drag cheat reels only have
    clickers you want to stay away from clickers you just you end up just lying
    down everywhere and getting tangled you don’t have to have the most expensive
    reel but it should have a reasonable drag on it here’s my not coming up this
    actually happens very often when you tuna fishing your line tangled and
    shoots up as a knot that’s actually a fairly simple one the I’ve had some
    really big big knots go go down my line it’s amazing how they end up going
    through all the guides I still haven’t broken a rod with it which is good but
    hey I’m gonna have to untie that before I get it in a little bit of slack there
    we go taking my slack this is where the second person on the
    boat would come in quite handy to be real careful of that break break my fly rod
    when he takes off hopefully it’s not too tight holding down the mouse is steady
    okay that’s untangled pretty easy yet all right keep tension on it make sure
    it’s not twisted and we’re back in the game I can see that into my flow on and
    there’s a little bit of color in the water that there is would really like a
    bluefin tuna but there’s a lot more of these Mac tuna around and bluefin tuna so you
    just have to get what you get I guess and I think we’ve got him straightaway
    that’s pretty good got it yes and I’m mocking around just
    get that hook out one little look at him and off you go fish you take photos of
    them you end up killing them so have someone either ready with a camera or
    we’ll have a camera going but yeah you don’t want to kill those things they’re
    food for Milan selfish and yeah terrible eating basically so this is the fly I’ve
    been using I actually cut the tail off because they’re on really small bait
    but that’s the one that’s doing it so yeah just really basic very easy to tie
    and now here very effective not even here do a little video on how to tie one
    of these the truth is I could really catch those things all day long but it’s
    kind of boring after that vertical come on say I’ll keep an eye out if
    there’s some bluefin tuna I’d really like a bluefin but the tip
    for the day is these fish you really need to approach them with we technique
    you can’t run straight over the top of them you you can’t use a big motor for
    strokes or small small two strokes work the Flies got to be just right
    and if you want to catch them on fly you definitely can just them can’t take a
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    bigger better and more interesting videos thanks for watching bye

    FLY TV – Mountain Brownies – Fly Fishing for Big Brown Trout
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    FLY TV – Mountain Brownies – Fly Fishing for Big Brown Trout

    September 1, 2019

    Hi, I am Niklaus Bauer.
    – And I am Daniel Bergman. And I am Ulf Johansson. You are watching FlyTV
    and today we are doing this: Welcome back to FlyTV. Today we are standing here
    on a helicopter platform. We are waiting for the helicopter
    to take us far out there. We are here together with Ulf
    from Ammarnäs Fishing Centre. And my good friend,
    Mr. Beard here. We are hoping to see some cool
    brown trout action today. What do you say?
    – I hope so. It is a really nice
    lake system up in Skeble. We have at least three bigger lakes
    that we can fish in. And also some smaller ones as well as
    some small streams for brown trout fishing. You have been flying out
    to these lakes for a few years now? I have been up there for
    at least ten years. What kind of dry flies are we considering?
    – Sedge, mayflies. We have also tied
    a bunch of small mice. It will be cool to see if we can get
    one to strike one of those. Really cool surface action. I think it was in 2011,
    and my son was up there guiding,- -and he saw a lemming
    swimming to a small island. It took 10-15 seconds and then
    a big brownie came and took it. Now I know what I am going to do
    for the next days. “Where is the island?!” The island is close by the camp.
    – Super. What time of the year do you fish up here?
    It is the beginning of July now. It is the beginning of the season up here.
    We keep on until the middle of August. How many are fishing these lakes in a year?
    – 20-25 people, I would say. It is almost only catch and release. We can see the helicopter coming,
    so we better get out of the way. I do not know what you say…
    – I think it might be best. Nice! Some peace and quiet. Welcome to the lakes of Skeble. It is like a picture frame,
    it is just beautiful. This is the main lake,
    you can also the smaller one up there. There are some really nice spots
    downstreams over there. Nice!
    We are going to have a good time. We also brought two belly boats.
    It will be interesting to see- -what can happen out in the areas,
    where no one usually fish at all. I wonder what the trout will think
    when they see our belly boats and fins. “What is this?” “Can we eat it?” I hope that they are not quite that big. We might look like ducks up there. I think we will fish with sinking line
    in the deeper parts. Because of the heat.
    – Yes, it is extremely hot. Cool! It is not a monster, but… We brought some belly boats
    in the helicopter. These lakes are so big
    and we want to fish farther out. Places where probably not
    a lot of people have fished before. There are really deep spots in these lakes. We want to try and fish them. And see what happens. I am going to start out
    with a fast sinking line. This is one of my favourite
    sea trout flies. A simple Wolly Bugger with a magic head. I am using very light colours,
    this is tan. Because the sky is so light,
    and it is very sunny out here. Usually these lighter flies
    work much better this time of day. You never know.
    We will see what happens. Bye bye guys!
    – Take care. Stay afloat! Oh, come on. It strikes it so hard,
    but it will not get stuck. What is the problem? It is like fishing perch or something. Nice! That was a better take. It is a bigger fish this time. A double hook-up!
    Should we check to see which one is bigger? I have a feeling that yours is bigger. I have been fishing
    some really nice reefs here. Daniel has been fishing with a dry fly.
    I have been fishing the channels. There are fairly deep channels out here.
    With the belly boat. This one came in one of these channels.
    It just slammed it. It was a really nice take. That was a nice one.
    About 1 feet 7 inches. Beautiful!
    – A nice trout. Look at all the spots on its head.
    It just slammed that magic head. What a feeling to be out here in the belly
    boat with all the surrounding mountains. It is the ultimate peace and quiet.
    Time to release this magnificent fish. Hey dude!
    – Good job. Good job!
    – Good job! It dropped off like this,
    then there was a deep channel. Then the next reef on the other side,
    I was fishing the channel inside. It worked! Believe it or not, but these lakes
    were covered with ice two weeks ago. Now it is probably
    above 60° F. It seems as if the trout does not
    want to go through this warm water. We are waiting for the evening to come
    with cooler water or cooler temperature- -to cool the surface
    water down a little bit. Maybe we will have some fish rising
    for some nice dry flies tonight. We are fishing sinking lines to go
    a little deeper to find some big trout. From a belly boat out here. When you are thirsty you can
    have a sip of water from the lakes. It does not get better than this. A fish! My legs are cramping as well. I put on one of those big streamers. It hammered it at my first layout. The funny thing is that
    I took the trout imitation. They do not have that much
    to choose from in these mountain lakes. They got bugs,
    and then they got their own kind. Look at that. You got a mouthful.
    A hungry guy. The baby trout. What is going on, man?
    – Did you see that stop? Jesus! That is a better fish.
    What is going on? Okay, we are in the backing.
    Awesome! We are into 55 yards of backing! We have these shallow points out here,
    in the middle of the lake. This is where the main part of the fish
    seems to be hanging around. That take was just…
    – Badabam! Like a hit in the face. This is the only way to fish
    when it is windy like this. They are not showing themselves at all. Everytime you have this small reef,
    one or two fish always hang around those. Nice!
    – Nice brownie! That is a good one. I wonder what happened to this guy. It has kind of a humpback. But it looks as if he is okay anyhow.
    He has been feeding well. He has kind of a strange shape.
    It is just a beautiful fish. Look at the spots on the head. When you are fishing these mountain trouts
    or trouts up in this part of Sweden- -I prefer to use a 6 weight,
    as a dry fly rod. With a floating line,
    and I prefer these longer belly lines. Not a long belly line,
    but definitely longer heads. I use the 5 weight with
    a really long belly line. That is my favourite set-up. You usually dry fly fish
    with sedges up here. We had some mayflies
    and stoneflies as well. But a lot of black gnats too.
    – Yeah, and daddy longlegs. We have everything,
    more or less. Kind of a mix of everything. The only problem is
    that the surface water is 68° F. They are not that willing to rise. But the sinking line fishing
    has been awesome. It is a good thing you brought your…
    – Sea trout box. With the magic heads.
    They work miracles. I never leave home without…
    – A box of magic heads? These light colours have
    worked really well. They have never seen
    anything like that before. Never a belly boat,
    and never a magic head. Always bring a 7 weight
    when you are up fishing like this. A fast 7 weight
    and a sinking line. That can definitely
    save your day. The fish is probably in
    the cold water looking up. If something comes that is worth
    going through that surface water for- -they will go up to feed on it.
    We have to try this mouse. That would definitely be
    something worth rising for. You have the one from Leffe?
    – Yes, the one with the faux fur. And with this sunker tail here.
    – I like the lemming. That is really cool. A lemming is a small
    rodent that live in these mountain areas. Let’s put something on
    and get some! This is the best trick ever. It was really fun. I had one of these
    horseflies on my arm and I killed it. I threw it in the water and it took
    20 seconds before a trout came up. I put on a big Goddard Caddis. It probably took 3 feet of stripping
    before one came up and ate it. It ate it a few times before it got stuck.
    A Goddard is big and the fish is not huge. It is not too bad. He really slammed
    that Goddard Caddis. That was nice. While Daniel and I were fishing,
    it was a really deep ledge here. We were both fishing it
    with a sinking line. We hooked fish simultaneously here. The fish nibbled our flies like crazy.
    It was pretty cool actually. Daniel hooked a bigger fish,
    and mine took right after that. Come on.
    That is a nice one. Come on buddy.
    – I think yours is a bit bigger. Definitely.
    – It might be fatter at least. Should I net yours too?
    – No, it is okay. I think I can manage. It is so cool in this crystal-clear water.
    – That is the fish! Now we are talking! Look at that! I think they are pretty similar in size.
    Yours is probably a bit bigger. They are about the same length. That is gone. Back he goes. It was a good fight. He got me all wet.
    – Awesome, man! No, I am stuck with my…
    – Your superfly? We actually saw a big trout hitting a bird.
    He is still holding it in its legs. The bird was going down to take a sedge,
    and then the trout came and took the bird. Why don’t we have any bird imitations?
    Just mouse. Check it out. Is it still holding it?
    -I do not know. Maybe it is difficult for it to lift off.
    – It actually took the bird. I think I might need to put my mouse on.
    You can see the small ones along the bank. Check that out. That is a lemming eater. We are going to try and hit them
    with some lemmings and big mice. We will see how they react
    with a totally calm surface. And good light, some rising fish.
    This should be the perfect opportunity. We have been dreaming about this
    since we planned the trip. We really have to fish these guys now.
    – This is the best moment. Let’s get some. You are going to die.
    – I have this smaller one. You have to clean up after me.
    – I’ll go after you to clean up your mess. They are not too bad to cast either.
    – No, as long as you use a 7 weight. Or an 8 weight, it is not a problem. I am actually scared to bully this one. I know. It is sort of intimidating.
    You do not know what is going to happen. All of a sudden there is a 1 foot 11 inches
    trout taking a sedge pupa or something. Then BAM! There comes a big mouse. “I will eat that.
    Any time of the day.” If you live in these remote lakes,
    you cannot afford to be too picky. Your feeding season is not that long. If somebody puts a big pizza in your face,
    you will eat it. He hit that fucking mouse! We are just moving ahead
    to an area farther up here. We know that it is a good one.
    – But that fish is not too bad. We are moving up ahead into
    these rocky parts of the lake. The first one hit your fly like hell.
    – We were just laughing at it. Then probably the same fish
    came and ate yours. Like 10 seconds later.
    It was a hungry trout. Was that on the furry faux mouse?
    – Yes, the one from Leffe Örtenholm. I thought that you were using
    the really big one from Andreas. I thought that I would pick up
    the scraps with my smaller one. That is a nice fish, man.
    Mission accomplished! First one on the mouse!
    – That is a big one. A mouth full of mouse. It ate my lemming first.
    Then the same fish took this little fellow. Big fish eat big bait.
    – Yeah, that is true. A furry faux mouse.
    Look at this big one. It is really long.
    Look at the tail fin. It is like a paddle. It is so cool when they
    are hitting them like that. Check out the colours on the back.
    It is green. A bit green on the back. Bye bye! Grow even bigger! First mouse trout! Awesome!
    Totally awesome! Rock ‘n’ roll, man! It inhaled that! It murdered it. Man, they hit them hard.
    – It thought it would be full for a week. But no!
    – He wondered what happened. “That is one strong lemming.” That is what you call a mouthful. The mouth is full. My first fish on lemming. Awesome!
    -It just inhaled it. Look at that fish. It is definitely one of the coolest
    trout I ever caught. And I once had a sea trout over 20 lbs! But the lemming caught
    a mountain trout. Sea trout do no eat lemmings.
    But I might need to try. Well well well,
    what do you say? Can we say mission accomplished? It took a beating. This was not as much of a baby
    as I thought it was. It is almost 12 o’ clock,
    it is really cool to be fishing. It is in the middle of the night,
    and it is still daylight more or less. It is a nice mountain brown.
    Look at this little beauty. Look at the red spot on this fin here. Quick release. Subtitles: Daniella Falkman Twedmark

    FLY TV Squeeze – Beginner’s Guide to Belly Boat/Float Tube Fly Fishing
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    FLY TV Squeeze – Beginner’s Guide to Belly Boat/Float Tube Fly Fishing

    August 20, 2019

    Hi and welcome back to FLY TV Squeeze! I am Daniel Bergman.
    – And I am Pontus Sjölund. We thought that Pontus should try fishing
    from a belly boat for the first time. I have watched you fishing when filming
    for the FLY TV episode about trouts. It just looks so much fun.
    – It is, I can tell you. The casting you already have
    under control, more or less. Niklaus taught me about a month ago
    when we fly-fished for pike. You can watch that film down here,
    via this link. That was about a month ago.
    I can cast, but I am not a pro. But I can get the fly out.
    – Exactly. I thought I would go through some basics
    when you are fishing with a belly boat. It is almost just to jump in, but there
    are a few tricks to use to make it easier. Let’s get these babies in the water.
    – Yeah, sounds like a plan. Put the flippers on.
    – Just put them on the wader shoes? Maybe after they are in the water. It is sort of hard to walk with them. Especially in the water. Are there any handles or something?
    Or is it just to grab them wherever? You have handles on the inside,
    but just get it in, it is not heavy. It is really light actually. It makes it possible to bring it out
    even when you are out with a chopper. First of all, take the line tray away. And get in. Did you leave your flippers on the shore?
    – Yes, I left them there for you. Stay put. I will get them. This does not feel that effective.
    Without the fins. Maybe I should tie them. Just like that. Perfect. I feel like a duck.
    – Yeah, you look like a duck. We will start with this.
    Are you a right or a left hand caster? Right.
    – Right hand? We will put the rods facing your left side,
    so you do not cast over them. Then take the landing net,
    just put it on top of them. It is easier to get it quick,
    if you want to land a fish. Put this over your knees or thighs,
    to have kind of a line tray. Does this one go down here? Normally you should have an inflatable
    collar or something when hitting the water. We forgot to bring it,
    but we have 68° F in the surface water. It is a small lake
    and we are several guys. We will manage anyway,
    but if you are going out alone… Or in November or something,
    it would be a good idea. Bring a life jacket
    or an inflatable collar. Let’s get out! I will get my flippers on
    and get going. This was fun! Just like snorkelling.
    – Yeah, it is easy. Like this?
    – Try to keep the feet further down. You will get a longer stroke
    and more power. You will not make as much noise
    on the surface that scares the fish either. It is easier to turn
    and easier to get some speed going. It becomes deeper quite fast,
    so I think we should get out a little bit. Just cast out here.
    – Yeah, exactly. One thing to think about when fishing
    like this is to mind the wind. If the wind comes from this side,
    you do not want to cast like this- -because then the line will
    blow straight in your face. It is better to have the wind
    in the back or on your other side. For example, we got the wind
    coming from this angle now. You want to cast in either
    that direction or that one. With the wind coming in from your left
    since you are a right hand caster. Like this?
    – Here we go! One thing you can do is
    to try and keep the rod a bit higher- -than you would do if you were
    fishing from a boat for pike. I am much closer to the surface now.
    – Keep your rod tip high in the back cast. Otherwise it will fall down in the water
    and if you are fishing a Magic Head- -it might even flip it back.
    – I felt that now when I touched the water. How long did you say
    you have been doing this? A month. One and a half. I had not fly-fished before,
    before that time a month ago. But I have watched
    a lot of guys fly-fishing. That is good.
    Do as you have seen people do. I think I have caught a bit bigger fish. It might be a new personal best for trout. It seems to be
    a good paddle on that boy. Good fish! This is definitely my biggest trout ever.
    It is a long nice fish. It is just awesome to catch
    this one from a belly boat. In the middle of nowhere. Bye bye, baby. This clear water is just awesome. Come on. Fish on!
    That one looks bigger. It is a better fish. Is it a really good one?
    – Hard to say, they are so strong. Look at that paddle! It is great to catch
    a fish like that from a float tube. Come on, baby! That is a big fish. Look at that guy! It is a real beauty.
    – You took it on a Magic Head? They seem to like these Magic Heads.
    – I wonder how old this guy is. How long has he been swimming around here?
    – He has been swimming here for… Maybe longer than you have been. Subtitles: Daniella Falkman Twedmark