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    Fishing PIKE on BIG water!
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    Fishing PIKE on BIG water!

    December 5, 2019

    Alright, budy. We are here! How do you feel? I’m happy! And I am really stoked to go fishing! Yea, this will be great! About a month ago, me and Chris decided we have to fish more! From now on, we will dedicate more time big trip like this! Today, we are in a big lake, it’s early autumn. We just arrived, and we have about 2 hours of fishing tonight. A kind of a prefishing for the upcoming two days. Let’s hope for some big pike! Right? YES! I wan’t a 110cm+ pike!! They seem to be standing towards this rocky point! I’m pumped, a bit nervous aswell! Look at this! Only the view makes me nervous! In the middle of the sea! This is crazy! Yea, and that’s a great feeling! Fish on! This is a nice fish! Not a giant, but it’s ok! Cool, a small one right away Let’s go! Wonderful! Let’s get another one! First fish, an a magic view! What’s up? This is fun, we We asked our self, were can we find the fish? So we started to fish structure, as far out as we could. And so far, 3 bites and two pike! There is a lot of rocks out there! Yea! Look at the sidescan! What a bite! Yesus!! This guy inhaled the whole bait! Nice Chris! That felt great! It’s a bit hard though… I have a injured elbow right now.. He took the bait boatside! I think this is a great start to this weekend! To be honest, this kind of fishing is very new to us! We have very limited experience of this area. But, still we got some pike tonight! We missed two fish that we saw and they where around 100 cm. So we are pumped to get after them tomorrow! We will start in a big bay, and after that, we will work us way out here, fishing on every rock santa has to offer! What an epic evening! First full day! Yesterday, we got some fish, We found the pike on the reefs, and today it’s very cold, first frost of the year. So typical… What do you think Chris? I feel pumped, let’s start fishing! The rocks are that way right? Yea you can see it super shallow over there! It might be a big ridge here! We don’t want to miss it! I’l get us over there with the big engine. I can do it with the trolling motor. Yea, we will miss it otherwise. Let’s try it! 100% 5 m deep! 4,7 m and 8,7 degrees in the water. There should be some pike here! yea let’s hope so! OH SHIT! What’s going on? a 90 cm pike smashed my bait, but I missed it! Straight from under the bait! That was cool! Lunch break! Gulash sup for lunch, but we have had a tuff time out here! We had one small pike, but hopefully we have found them. It seem like we have found the spots, but the pike doesn’t want to bite! Maybe we were late here, we have been fishing for 2 hours. Let’s keep fishing this spots, and if nothing happens, we have to search for new areas. Maybe the fish inshore are more active! It’s taking line! This is crazy! What’s going on? I can’t talk! We moved to a big bay! It’s a strong fish! My arm is injured!! we needed this Chris! Things haven’t gone as planned so far. My pulse is off the roof! What a bite! Biggest one so far! Maybe, 6kg+! The wind is picking up! What a bite! This one is ok! It’s a nice fish! Talk to me! In the middle of the jerk! It’s hard to tell if it is big or not! I’ts got some nice head shakes! The average size is good! Yea! It’s 4-5 kg. A long fish, but quite thin. So cool! Let’s keep on fishing! Fish on! Is it big? No… Is this the final fish for this bay? Or is it big? Wow, it’s a nice fish! Oh cool! That one is fat! It’s a big fish! yea it’s big! Looks like a 7-8 kg! That lady got some back! We where about to leave this bay, when this lady bit! A 7kg pike! In the weeds! Last light, and we are on the outer reefs! Only one follower! It’s hard to tell if it was the right decision or not.. But, it feels like we have a better understanding of the area now. But it’s hard to decide if we should fish bays or not. We have had the best fishing there, but the only thing we don’t know if there is bigger fish out here?! But so far, no.. We have to stop fishing and leave before it’s to dark. See you tomorrow! Last day! We are heading to the bay, where we had good fishing yesterday! We will spend the whole day here! Try around and some different spots in the bay! Let’s hope for a big pike! It feels like the outer reefs is not going to turn on as we want them to. No.. And this morning has been super cold.. We tried another bay this morning but we couldn’t find the fish there… All in for this bay, let’s fish it thoroughly! Let’s do this, last day, let’s go for a big pike! Should I film? I’m recording with the gopro! Is it big? no… lost it. Was not big, but nice to have a bite! Right away in this bay! I lost it! Look at the swirl! What a bite! Probably the hardest bite I’l ever had! So hard! That’s a beautiful pike! Great bite! This is fun! Right away in bay! This is so much fun! Maybe I’l try a slidin shad in a bright color! Fish on! Small one! Nice! The fish are biting right now! Great bite! Let’s see if it is big or not! You have had fish 4 cast in a row! It’s a nice fish! You wan’t the net? Quite nice fish! Let’s do it again! Anchour?! It’s going great in here, lot’s of bites! No giants yet. But we have had som really nice bites! And it’s super fun! We’ll keep on fishing, and the warmer it’s get more fish will be active hopefully! This is exciting! Yea, you can cast in any direction, and it feels like you can get a bite anytime! it feels like we are on the spot! Exciting! Just cast infront of them! The fish are gathered here! It’s fish?!?! It’s a big one as well! That was crazy! That’s the biggest for today! That bite looked like a branch! It’s a big fish! It’s big! Take the net! You need help? I think it’s ok! My arm is injured!!! It’s a 7-8 kg fish! I looked at you when it bit! What’s happening? 6 pike during the last 30 minutes. and from nowhere this pike is in the net! Show us the pike! This is fun! Fish on! It’s an ok fish! What’s going on! You just had a big bite, seconds later i got this one! Fish on! Let’s wrap it up! I’m feeling great now, and we have been fishing hard for two days! 2 great days, with 2 fish around 7 kg, Yea, and we’ve heard that people fishing in this area had difficult fishing To finished it of with a pike on 7,7 kg, that I thought was a branch. That was sick! So strange, the bite feelt just like hitting a branch. But this is… It’s so much fun that the fishing panned out well for us, especially when we spend so much time and money on this thing! It feels great! We have to thank all the viewers for watching this! Oh yes! See you soon again!!

    Big Fish Stories – Expedition Hauka
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    Big Fish Stories – Expedition Hauka

    December 3, 2019

    Watch out for the bones in the fish. That´s ok. Chapter 1
    Pike fishing in Haukalukta When I was home during the winters I fished in the lakes nearby. One winter I put up pike traps in Haukalukta and got many big pike. I got pike on both 12 and 15 kilos. That winter I called a 5 kilo pike a small fish. I will never know what the biggest fish weighed though. I had a 20 kg scale with me, but that wasn’t enough to weigh the pike. I always sent the frozen pike down to Strömbäck in Jokkmokk. You never know if you could sell them though, no one wanted such big pike… The few pike that are around are so dumb. I just put in the ”dubbelsnus” Man that fish is so thick across the back! This is crazy! Do not stress guys! Now it´s calming down… It´s not raining now… This power station can´t get wet. If that happens we can’t charge anything and there will be no film. IT´S A TROUT! Oh maaaan that is a big trout! Fucking hell thats a big trout! Johan take it! Chapter 2
    The rifle barrel and the bear I did not have the time to aim properly. The bear was disappearing behind a hill and I shot but hit the bear in the leg. When the bear realized he had been hit, he turned around and charged me. He came right infront of me. I tried to shoot another shot, but the barrel and the bullet got jammed in the tray. Right now the bear was only 10 m from me, and I though to my self ” now, now i have to run”. I ran downwards. Down below there was a steep rock ledge where I glide down backwards on my back. I received the fall with the back of the rifle, lucky me, the jamed barrel fell out and I could charge a new bullet into the gun. The bear came charging right behind me, and I put the rifle to the chest of the bear and fired. The bear flipped around and I shot another bullet. If the jamed barrel hadn’t fell out of the rifle, I would have been bear food. Oh shit, Stenberg just fell in! Oh fuck! Hold on to this. Your canoe is floating downstream!! I’l run to get it! We got it! It’s dry in here! Can it be a big one? No.. This one was full of energy. I sip for the photographer. The photographer should not have any more! Why the hell are we up during the days? It seems like the night are assume! You got to film this! The pike is feeding on the grayling!! Thats sick!! Thats a nice pike! He is munching the whole bag! That’s crazy man!! This is so cray!!! It had the whole bag in his mouth!! Chapter 3 “The walk with the boat engine” I went up to the cabin and said that the boat engine got broken. At 8 a clock tomorrow we leave. Don’t know if it will be exactly at 8, but it shore as hell will be tomorrow. I had a new engine down in Ritsemjokk, and i went down there to get it. Old boat engines weighed alot, mine weighed 78 kg. I took it on my back and carried it all the way to the cabin at Sitesjaure. At halv past 7 I finally reached the cabin. I went in the cabin and made coffee. The lads that slept in my room woke up and I said: Now we can get out of here, I have fetched my new engine and at 8 a clock we are leaving.

    Fishing Derby/Fiskederbyt 2019 – Episode 1
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    Fishing Derby/Fiskederbyt 2019 – Episode 1

    November 15, 2019

    This program is presented by Volkswagen Stockholm. Fromm Sweden AB Athletic Work and AIK and Djurgården have existed for 128 years. Side by side in the same town. During theses years, battles have been numerous. And up until now they’ve been fought at grass and ice. No matter what today will result in. A totally different twin derby was decided this summer. It’s time to switch the grass, to the big open blue. Welcome to this first ever, Fishing Derby! This is the competition where AIK and Djurgården go head to head in pike fishing. The rules are simple. You need to catch three pike above
    the minimum of 60 centimeters. The team with the highest collected
    length will win the Fishing Derby. Team captain in Djurgården, Bosse Andersson. Also nicknamed Super-Bo. Following a long carrier as a player, Bosse now holds the title Sports Director in his beloved team. This will be a long day, and we need
    to grind on and keep our patience. I know both Jacob and Erik are patient. Along his side we’ve got Erik Berg
    and Jacob Une Larsson. Two important players for Djurgården… that will come with routine
    enough to bring them the victory. Facing AIK is always a blast. Wether it’s fishing or football. I’m excited to go up against them on the water. In a derby you’ll always be eager to beat AIK. In the second boat, we’ve got the legend
    Nils-Eric Johansson as captain. His task will be to lead his team into
    yet another derby victory. We’ve got a Fishing Derby
    against Djurgården ahead of us. Of course this will be a tough task. But we’re used to win against Djurgården. I see no other way than that we do it once again. It has become natural to beat them. I’m fairly sure you’ll see the victory picture of us in the end, just like in the football. By his side, Daniel Sundgren and Stefan Silva. They will bring the fishing experience to the boat. Both teams have one professional fisherman with them. They will take the wheel,
    and provide their boat with priceless knowledge. Fishing with AIK,
    Egron Nilsson. Incredibly talented fisherman,
    with many hours on the water. We’ve had to adjust our plan to the
    heavy southern wind today. My plan was to fish stones and cays
    since fish are active now. Water is heating up and they’ll be out hunting whitefish and other bait in the pelagic. But we’ll fish a shallow bay now. With lots of vegetation. Hopefully it’s grown enough, if so the small fish will come and the pike follow. We’ll head to a big bay where
    we can cast in any direction. Don’t mind the reeds, it’s not interesting at the moment. If we bomb out there we might
    have a look further in later. But it should be out on the flat bed that works. For Djurgårdens IF, Fredrik Sjöblom. What this man doesn’t know about fishing,
    is not worth knowing. Anyone got a plan? I’ve got one. Une you had something right? I would want to catch a few quick
    fish to get the confidence up. – Fill the paper.
    – Yeah, that feels important. Yeah, start from there and then catch bigger fish. Yeah I agree. 60 centimeter is the limit. We need to catch three sixty fish to be in the game. And then work with that. You want us to mix up the baits? Yeah I’d like that. I guess you guys have your favorites.
    So fish the baits you feel confident in. Everyone needs to catch fish. One each and we’ll be there. – Let’s go!
    – Find Nemo! One, two, three.
    DIF! It’s finally time to release the teams,
    and make history! Let the first Fishing Derby ever
    start now! Let’s go! We’re approaching mid June. And the Swedish summer is about
    to get it’s grip on Mälaren. Hard winds are making the
    teams adjust their plans accordingly. The pike just finished their spawning period. Most likely they’ve headed out
    from the spawning grounds The teams seem to have ended up in the same bay. Start here? Yeah, they can be wherever in here. Three meter depth line Bosse. – Let’s go boys!
    – Yeah come on now! Feeling good! Weather is decent. Our guide seems good. Confident feeling in the boat. I’m eager to see Nils-Eric Johansson fishing. I’m feeling like he should be some
    kind of natural fisherman. We’ve got a good mix going on. Stefan has done a lot of fishing. Nisse is like you all know a good captain. He’ll take care of us. And I’m somewhat of a joker. A joker. I’m feeling good! It’s a new type of lure, and new style of fishing for me. But I’ve gotten a good start. Dirty water. It’s a bit tricky. It’s quite thrilling to think it can bite in any cast now. It’s fun, but though on you to fish
    in the pelagic water like this. We haven’t done that much before. But it still feels good. But the tales of Mälaren that
    we’ve heard over the years… about the monster fish that swim around here. Feels a little bit scary. That they might be too big? Yeah, any second a big one can bite. I’ve been in this bay before. Been around. In this bay. What say you Stefan? – Been here before.
    – Yeah this is our home turf! Chances are big. But I’ve been told that the other team are pro fishermen. Still big chances. Anything over there? You’ve seen anything? Nope, and we can’t hear them either. Well, we’re used to fish towards the reed. At the start we fished in the open water.
    And you really need practice to handle that. It goes to your mind. I want something to aim for. But I’m feeling good.
    I’d say we’re well prepared. And super focused.
    If we get a bite now… we will be on our toes. Yeah, net is ready. Will you net it for us? Have a look at this boat.
    What a feeling we’ve got. – Nice Erik!
    – You ready Freddan? Sweet buddy! How does it feel? – Better?
    – Feels longer right? It’s coming now. Finally!
    We’ve been waiting for that one! No! It’s snagged!
    Can’t be for real. Yeah, snagged. Unreal! It’s not even over 60,
    no biggie. What a relief.
    Not even 60. Get your lures back in now. It was snagged. So I’m guessing it missed the lure. Still a sweet feeling to catch something. – The rod bend.
    – Hard bite! Yeah, and a great strike Erik! Been practicing? How are you doing Sundgren?
    Focused? Always! A bit now wouldn’t hurt. Gut feeling is great now.
    Heading towards a good spot. I would’ve done exactly this. Yeah!
    No? Damn! If the boat is calm and quiet,
    it means we’re on a roll. We’re just in the zone. Focus is on! How are you doing Bosse?
    Felt anything? Not a single bite. Still confident. I like that he woke up there in the back now. Seems like Bosse got going again. He’s been awfully quiet. Yeah he sat down before. If you’re sitting down when fishing,
    you’re tired. – Are you sitting down again Bosse?
    – You tired? Feels in the back. You got any fishing story to tell Bosse? Yeah, once upon a time. We were out fishing a bunch
    of footballers 25 years ago. We said we’ll give a thousand crowns per pike under 15 kilo. We caught 49 in three hours. But that is a killer lake. How did you get into fishing? I fished with a few buddies.
    But we never caught anything. So I got bored and wanted to stop.
    Bud my buddy still brought me out once. So we went to this small part of Mälaren. Close to Bromma. Behind Daisys. Ah you mean that small lake? And I was like
    “We’re never gonna catch anything here” But he told me he had seen people fish there. But two hours later he caught this huge pike. That was the first time I saw a big fish. After that I was hooked.
    And fished many times with him. So lovely. Yeah, and everyone has their own stories from fishing. Fishing is almost like the new golf in Sweden. More and more people want an outdoorsy lifestyle. It’s awesome. For me it’s more about being out here. Fish in itself isn’t the most important thing. I enjoy getting up early, pack some food etc. You’ll be out in nature, it’s all quiet. It’s nice. That’s where we differ. I’m only here for the fish. Without fish I’m upset. That’s because it’s quiet at your house. Nisse needs to get from home to have some quiet time. Damn, I missed it! Damn it! Feels like a hot spot in here. We started with a quick contact in here. And that gets your hopes up. Feels like we’re onto something here at least. I like when you see the bait fish surfacing. You know something is here at least. There we go! Get the net! Wouldn’t say it’s a biggie. You’re ready? Yeah! Nice! It’s hooked in the mouth too! – It’s got to be over 60 right?
    – I’m doubting it. – It’s in the mouth right?
    – Yeah! Yeah it should be 60. It’s thin but long. Yeah it’s sixty.
    No need to measure it. Grab the head. 68! Yeah 68! Sweet! So damn nice! I’m feeling good. I missed one fish early in this bay.
    But got a new chance on this one. It’s not that thick, but it’s decent length.
    Took a Rad Dog! 68 cm, no giant.
    But still the first fish in this competition. Of course a nice feeling for Djurgården
    to get a fish on the paper this early. Nearby we find AIK,
    who’s got nothing to declare so far. We’ll get a bite soon. They seem a bit cautious. They seem like they are full. We’ve had four now, or five? Bites?
    Yeah. Really good casts Silva. About one meter from the reeds at all times. I’m seven meters from the boat. Dream opportunity now. What are you doing over there? It’s really stuck. I’ve got my line ahead of the boat. What’s going on? The boat turned. I’ve got it. Or? Fishing. At the top level. Really exciting. I’m fishing the outer side. I haven’t really gotten my way round just yet. Still having some positive vibes on the boat now. Got a fish of 68 centimeters. Need to work on that. Fill that paper. And go from there. But I’ll fish out here. The others can fish inwards.
    They’ve got the good stuff. It’s all about grinding.
    Patience and a set mind. Keep the team together and
    have a good feeling together. We’re not eating any buns. I’ve had a few. We’re not here for the buns. This is something else. Yeah! It’s a better fish right? That’s a good fish! Yeah it’s nice!
    So sweet! We’re in the game!
    On the paper! Damn, I’m the only one now! I was supposed to be the icing on the cake.
    I’m not contributing at all. I haven’t done anything at all! Come on now Bosse! – This should be a good fish any day right?
    – Yeah no worries! Want me to release the tension? It’s 76! It’s passing!
    So nice! Good one Erik! I saw it before the strike! Thought I might miss the strike and pull too early. – It inhaled the whole bait right?
    – Yeah! Not far away from the lunch break.
    So that second fish was really important. Second passing fish. Two good fish in the Djurgården
    boat means they’re getting ahead. AIK seems to be out of luck. It’s time to hype up the team! Let’s just keep doing what we do. Just keep believing. Just get the gear out. Keep casting. That’s when we’ve got the audience. The audience will come if I start the marching song? Just do a chant! We can’t do much different. A chant.
    Want me to do a chant? A classic! We’re black, we’re yellow! I told you it’ll crack you up! Yeah now you hyped me up! What would you have changed? I would’ve just kept casting. On the same places we’ve been. But I would’ve tried as many things as possible. Maybe tried slower to. To see if they want that instead. Let’s see if they hook. – Want me to drag it out?
    – Just wheel it in. Come on now. Let’s take one here.
    Wind is neat at this spot. Not much time left.
    The rain will go away soon. So nice. This is magical.
    Swedish summer at its best. We’ll let the rain end the morning shift. It’s time for the teams to head back into shore. A quick bite and report todays catch. Djurgården did well and caught 144 centimeters. In the meantime AIK has been struggling
    and have nothing to report in. Still, things can turn around quickly in fishing. Don’t miss out on the exciting
    finish of the Fishing Derby 2019.

    Fishing Derby/Fiskederbyt 2019 – Episode 2
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    Fishing Derby/Fiskederbyt 2019 – Episode 2

    November 14, 2019

    The program is presented by Volkswagen Stockholm Fromm Sweden AB Athletic Work and In the last episode of the Fishing Derby: Djurgården had a great start and caught two early fish. This put them in a comfortable lead. 78 centimeters, took a Rad Dog! Yep! Good fish right? AIK were unlucky during the morning hours. They missed many good bites that would’ve put them in a better spot going into the afternoon. Maybe did the lunch break provide them with some new energy and turn it around. Just keep doing what we do. Keep believing, never stop! Okay boys, first half is done. We had a few contacts. And Djurgården caught small fish. They’ve got two small fish. Not hard to beat. We’ll do that in ten minutes. It’s all about casting and retrieving. – Fight all the way down.
    – All the way! We’ll try something new now.
    Fish very, very shallow. Close to the reeds,
    and new baits. Hopefully they are close to the reed feeding on bleak. We’ll start there and go further. We might fish around the rocks later. Whatever happens.
    Get out there and have fun! Let’s do this now!
    Don’t worry! Let’s take ’em down! We’ll keep doing what we did before lunch.
    Keep grinding, and adapt to the fish we catch. It’s been a tough grind all day as we’ve seen. We’re getting very few bites for being in this area. The other team are having an even tougher day. So we’ve got a head start on them. We’re doing the right thing,
    and we manage to hook the fish that bite. So let’s just keep doing what we do.
    Hopefully the wind will calm down a bit. It’s great that you all fish different baits. We’re fishing both swim baits,
    spinner baits and some rubber. Nothing has been outperforming. Let’s get this second half done! One, two, three!
    DIF! Let’s go!
    Round two! Thanks! After a quick break,
    to recharge the batteries. It’s now time to head out again. Let the games commence. Mälaren is a huge lake, despite this both teams have ended up on the same spot once again. This time, they’re fishing a channel
    running out from a big spawning area. Nah, if you act like that you won’t catch any fish. That’s just like not doing the goal kick in time. Just follow us and then stop in front of us. Just where we are going to drift. Not cool! But if they play dirty,
    we better show them we are better none the less. Yeah! – Come on now boys!
    – Come on! Let’s go! You too Bosse!
    Do not just talk about it! You better deliver too! You can’t live off of others success. First cast in the new spot, second half running. Feeling good after the rest. Nice to be in the lead. But we can’t be comfortable here. We better be on our feet, and catch even more fish. Feels really good to get going again. There, got one! Bravo Stefan! Bravo!
    Well done! – Sweet Stefan!
    – Vamos, vamos! – Gimme five brother!
    – So nice bro! So nice! Got one too! – No it came off!
    – Keep going, it might come back! You’ve got a small one? You saw it right? Damn! You saw?
    Yeah! Finally a fish in the AIK-Boat. Stefan Silva gives his team some hope. Unfortunately it’s not over 60 cm and won’t be counted towards their total. – Oh, come to daddy!
    – Strike back! Is it on? Yeah But the drag…
    Damn! It was over sixty! And I should’ve struck it! I were too soft. Yeah you should do like this. That hard?
    Really? – And then he’ll be hooked?
    – Yeah, best case. In my mind, I already had that pike in the boat. Could see you film me holding that fish. Give a quick update how the fish took the lure ten meters out from the reed. And now I’m standing here like Cliff Barnes. And he died a few weeks ago. Mr Cliff. Now I’m here all alone. Come on now!
    Don’t look at that drone! Yeah, don’t look at the drone Bosse! Damn! Yep! Got it? – Do we have something going on?
    – Yeah, but it’s not big enough. – Come on, be over 60!
    – It might be. Yeah that might do it! What a boss! Calm down now, don’t over do it boys! “Calm down!” 67! First team with a full paper,
    Djurgården! But they need to keep their attack at point since AIK also found some active fish. It’s nice to know that there are fish around. – Bro, fish slowly.
    – Yeah I know. And another thing, when you’re half way in… don’t stress.
    Sometimes they follow all the way to the boat. It’s 15:30 now, which means we’ve got three hours left. I’d say we should move. That’s about 500 casts? At least! 500 casts, and 10% success rate.
    50 fish. Or… Wait?
    No? Since they just caught a fish.
    Let’s do another ten minutes here. Let’s see if we find any fish on this spot. Keep casting towards the reeds at all times. I’m casting towards that jetty! Right there, perfect! Yes! So nice!
    So we’ll stay here? Drag it towards me! Get it up now! Let’s stay here now. It’s a good fish at least. Nice Sundgren! What an important fish! Well done buddy! You’ve fought for this one. Get it up here now. All the way up. It’s up? Yeah, 62 centimeters. 62 centimeters means Daniel will
    break the slump for AIK. Finally a first fish on paper. This means they’ve got all afternoon to improve. I’m feeling like a million bucks.
    Been struggling all day. To catch this one. I’ll let him go back. Can you hook it up on mine? And we’ll have two! Yeah exactly! We’d have two! I’ve been waiting for that fish! That one! Get in there! We should’ve had that fish two hours ago! Better late than never. Let’s just go for it now. I’m getting one more. – Come on now Bosse!
    – I’m trying god dammit! Got my mind set! It’s a fish Bosse! There we go! Finally! I’ve been working so hard for that fish! Set your mind at it! What a sweet feeling.
    I don’t wanna hear that nagging on practice in the future. Just get him on the paper now! On the paper he goes! So sad now.
    He’s too short. Had such a great feeling. – You’ve fought for that one.
    – So nice! Have a good life! Yes! To the right!
    I’ll get it! We’re drifting towards it, and now it’s snagging. I’ve put the Talon down. Hold the net up! Yeah it’s bigger.
    It’s the best we’ve had. – It’s in!
    – There we go! So damn nice! We’re so darn good! I could feel that bite in my elbow. 72.
    Sweet boys! – It’s an improvement. Important!
    – 5 centimeters! I was using a Swim It’s a swim bait. But when these lily pads showed up
    I switched to a Rad Dog. It’s a spinner that will And I got this beauty. A bit thicker than the others we’ve had. AIK tries to reduce but Djurgården keep there offense. This pike will increase their lead once again. If they’ll even stand a chance,
    AIK must hook fish over 60 centimeters immediately. I believe in you Stefan.
    You’ll catch another one here. Gimme some joy and energy! Gimme something! I’ll get a ten kilo fish now. In all honesty, they’re probably more skilled fishermen. So if the playing field is the same,
    chances are they’ll do it better. What an analysis. So I’d say we should leave.
    Take a gamble, and be alone. Absolutely!
    And we’ll be alone with the fish. Totally right. I’ve got a few friends that I used to play ball with. But you’ll spend so much time playing
    against each other, so you become friends. So I can’t say we hate each other
    outside the pitch. But some you enjoy more than others. But it used to be worse. It used to be a lot worse. Both Djurgården and Hammarby,
    they’ve got no people from Stockholm playing for them. Very few at least. Their guys come from all over Sweden. We are well ahead of them there. We’ve got a strong AIK based troop. That’s really nice. It’s over 80? Yeah probably.
    I’d like you to keep fishing… Yes, yes!
    Bite again! Keep fishing.
    How does it feel? I’d say its small. I’ll get you the pliers. A bigger pike smashed the bait. It’s quite thick.
    Unsure of the length. Should be an upgrade. Djurgården are steaming and
    catch fish every other cast. AIK on the other hand are fighting head wind. Time’s running out. But two quick fish and we might
    see a brand new points table. Got one! Bravo! Keep calm.
    Do not give it slack line. Put pressure on the line at all times. – It came loose? No still there.
    – Just keep calm! Get the rod down, don’t let it surface! Get it towards the net.
    There we go! It’s really small.
    Damn! Fish are always fish. We’ve got at least fifteen minutes to go!? We’ve got at least two more in us. Fish on board.
    But once again too short. Unfortunately Sundgrens pike will
    remain alone on the paper. But,
    Nisse seem to not let this be the last word. I’ve got one!
    Sweet Nisse! Tension on the line, get the rod down!
    Sweet Nisse! Don’t let the pike get up in the surface and rattle around. It’ll come loose. Keep it down!
    It’s a small fish? The sun is setting and they’ve started to bite. Get it up now! Awesome Nisse!
    Everyone on the boat caught fish! There we go!
    So nice! What do you think?
    40? It’s less than 50 at least. Finally.
    With 20 minutes to go. But I keep fighting! That’s the joy with fishing.
    Just keep grinding. I feared not catching anything today. But this is nice. Nobody remembers a quitter. This is heavy! This is a heavy fish! So nice Nisse! Nisse from Manpower! Nisse just googled where the fish are. Come on Nisse, bring us a seven kilo fish or something! This is a big fish. Are you sure you’re not stuck on the bottom? You’re snagged in the bottom. I am? It’s not moving. You see the rocks here? You scared the shit out of me. That would’ve been a Cinderella
    story unlike anything else. If that would’ve been a 110 centimeter fish. Bosse will catch a meter fish. Yeah let’s go now! I’ll catch a meter one! They believe in me.
    I like it! Ten hours later. Long line, far out! – Hold it down!
    – Almost fell over. Fish all over this bay. Keep fishing! It’s heavy.
    But I think it’s bringing some vegetation in. It’s a full salad buffet coming with it. Can’t even tell if it’s still there.
    No head shakes. – If it’s not snagged, it’s a big fish.
    – Yeah it’s a big fish! Sweet one! Don’t tangle in the trolling motor! Ready? Got it? What a pike! – It’s thick?
    – Yeah really thick! There! It’s 91. 91. Nope, it’s a two. 92! That’ll take our 68 right? This is a fat fish! Just minutes away from the end, and 100 meter from the start, Jacob hooks the biggest fish all day. A great Mälaren pike that brings Djurgården
    to a total of 247 centimeters. I’m feeling like this. We’ve done what we could.
    And we’ve caught some fish at least. It’s time to go. Last cast. Today. How are you feeling boys? They had their advantage. Coming into the second half. We might have equalized in numbers.
    But not in length. That’s my gut feeling. The Fishing Derby 2019 is over. The teams head back into shore for a prize ceremony. WInners will be announced by Mats Enqvist,
    Secretary General of Swedish Elite Football. It’s been a unusual day. Swedish Elite Football, Djurgården and AIK get together. Let’s call it Swedish Elite Fishing. It’s a little different, but shows how
    the football can bring people together. Really cool to see a derby under new circumstances. It’s prestigious to win the first Fishing Derby. And we remain excited to hear who’s eligible to go home with that bragging right. We’ve had a tough day today. Despite this boat teams have caught fish. But one team outperformed the other. Winners of the first Fishing Derby ever. Djurgården! Congratulations Djurgårdens IF
    on winning the Fishing Derby! First prize is 20 thousand crowns. Sponsored by Stadium. And will benefit the organisations youth. It’s all about Une Larsson. He’s showing tactical discretion. Delicate hands. Something he might be missing on the football field,
    but he’s showing it today. Really impressive! Can’t do anything but agree. As a second prize, Stadium will donate ten thousand crowns towards AIKs youth organization as well. Thanks for this years Fishing Derby. Hopefully we will see you next year.

    Big Perch Fishing – Glen Grant Fishing Experience
    Articles, Blog

    Big Perch Fishing – Glen Grant Fishing Experience

    November 10, 2019

    It’s a perch… It’s a huge perch! I’m tired, hungry, in a bad mood and got a headache. It’s time for another Glen Grant Fishing Experience. This time we are on the east coast. And we are searching for real big perch. Day 1 – Stripy warriors On this trip we have met up with Jörgen Larsson, wich most people know about. A fantastic angler. We have also met up with Dejan Milosevic who is a person I look up to, especially when it comes to perch fishing. A real deal angler. The conditions right know looks good. This is weather I like. The water is a bit murky which is good. It’s very shallow in this bay and we don’t want to clear water. Fish on! Might be a perch. Let’s se what it is… Might be a perch right? It feels like a pike.. It’s a small pike. It felt lika a big perch in the beginning. This place is packed with pike. It’s almost a bite in every cast. The first day we fished a cove in the sea. We had hope of finding some feeding fish. Which we did. Unfortunately is was mostly pike. It was fun though… Once a pike angler, always a pike angler as you say. This is a big pike. A nice dubbel. A small perch and a well fed pike! What a way to start the day! Let’s slip’ em back. Even though we where not fishing for the pike we got like 40 pike in one day. You got pike all the time! It was fun on light gear, even though we where fishing for perch. That is a big pike! It’s a nice rod you got Nicklas! Lend my rod out for one cast.. and he nails a big pike. That pike is big! Good job!! This one is so fat! I really got to try out your rod there Nicklas! What a fight! Let’s slip her back. What a beauty! During this time of year there is a lot of pike in that cove, as we saw. This means that the perch have to swim around alot to avoid the pike. The perch fishing was not easy at all yesterday. Now I will try my “in line” rig. I’ve got some nice perch on this rig actually. Let’s see if this works better. The purpose of this rig is to make the bait a bit more floating. And with this mega teez from Westin, the bait gets a real wounded action. Very effective! What I do is simply thread the bait on to the leader. That’s how it’s suppose to look! You’ll get a lot of nice movement on the bait. When jig fishing, it is very important to learn your baits, How they work together with different techniques. Every jig has it’s own movement
    and doesn’t fit with all techniques. If you learn what technique is best
    suited for the bait and situation, you’ll benefit from it in the long run. Damn! Must be a small one. He came back again, after the first strike. Nice! Good job Jörgen! A perch, and a nice one too! Yeah, very nice colors too! If there’s one, there’s more! I had some hopes to get a
    couple big perch on crank baits but, this shallow area and all the vegetation on
    the bottom made it impossible. So i quickly changed gear and started to fish
    with super light weight jig heads with an offset hook, so I could fish them weedless. And since I had this light jig head of only
    5 grams i could fish very slow, without getting stuck in all the vegetation on the bottom. Oh, nice perch! Yeah it was on this spot we caught the first one too! Caught on new small Hypo Teez. Crippled… Hypo Teez. Super nice colors on this one too! Yeah nice perch! Nice work mate! Never give up! Looking really nice! 1090 grams! Let’s weigh this perch! A great technique with these smaller fish is
    to use a regular plastic bag. It’s very gentle on the fish! Just wet the bag and deduct the weight off the scale. It won’t hurt the fish at all. – 1140 grams?
    – I think it’s smaller than that. 1010 grams! Spot on one kilo! We caught pretty much all the perch in the same area earlier that day. But i felt like we didn’t really get the size we wanted. We got fish from 7 hektos to about one kilo… And to be honest it didn’t really feel like this
    was the place to catch a bigger fish, usually the same sized ones stick together in shoals. I had a strong feeling we wouldn’t
    catch a bigger fish here where these fish are. That’s why we did this almost desperat move and switched spots pretty late. Oh! It’s a lump! A really nice fish! So nice when your gut feeling is right,
    we were on the wrong spot earlier. Biggest of today! You could feel it in the air in there,
    all fish were the same size! You won’t catch these bigger fish
    were all the smaller ones are! Look at the fin here. A big part is missing. It’s just like there never was a fin there. Looks like it’s a very old wound that now is fully healed. Very long fish, but unfortunately still not a heavy one. 1390 grams. A bit thin, a long fish that could’ve weighed
    a lot more if the belly was right size. I won’t complain, biggest fish of the day so far! We are trying out a new water today. We’ll fish in moving waters, another great place for big perch. Now we’re just waiting for the rain
    to hold back just a little bit. We’re heading towards one of my home waters and, quite various scenery, beautiful nature A stream where you’ll have to
    change your techniques quite a bit. To be honest it changes pretty much every hour here so you’ll have to be on your toes so to speak. If you wanna catch fish here you’ve got to
    have a few tricks to pull out when in need. I’ve been fishing a lot for perch in
    flowing waters throughout the years, it was actually the way I started out back in the days. And the first thing you got to learn was that you would always find the big perch in the back eddies. The rivers in Skåne (Sweden) are not
    famous for being very fast running. But, when the waters are cold, the fish tend to go
    for the eddies, sometimes in really small areas of, only a few square meters. That must’ve been a strike again! I didn’t dare to do believe it, could it really
    be three strikes in three casts? But it is! Third fish now! Three casts in a row now! I’m not so used to fish with flouro carbon
    line so I wasn’t sure it really was a fish again. I was really hesitating when setting the hook. We knew it would rain a lot today but it was
    estimated to stop at around 11 or 12 o’clock, We didn’t expect it to rain
    this much and be this cold though. We’ve had snowy rain and terrible conditions. We kept on fishing but it was terrible. We took a break for two hours before we
    launched the boats hoping for less rain. But it never stopped, instead of pouring down
    we had some kind of misty rain the rest of the day. It made the fishing very hard. They are cautious. Nice! Perch! Looks nice too! Nice Jörgen! Maybe there is a shoal here. Decent fish, very beautiful at least. Damn it, just missed one! Super cautious strike on this one. Look at these stripes, they’re so black. Better fish? Feels decent! Yeah I think it is a bit bigger actually! Do we need the net? Is just like the other ones we caught. Maybe a little bit bigger. Yeah definitely the biggest of today. You’ve been fighting for this one! Good job! On the “Jika-Rig” too, better tackle up one for me too! Caught on a Ring Teez. I’ll show you what the rig looks like. Maybe we found the technique of today. There we have it! Better fish! I think I got a bit lucky here. All of a sudden your confidence goes up and you start fishing a lot better. Strike in every cast. Me and Dejan had a stop where we caught
    ten fish in ten casts, easy fishing. And then back to the regular hard
    fishing we had. Back and forth all the time. But one shouldn’t complain,
    we’ve had a lot more fish than it felt like. We’re getting closer to the big ones now! Just a short move upstream and we’ll find them! Getting closer! That was a better fish! We decided pretty early on to fish as long into the night as we could! And just before dawn we find a spot where the fish are feeding. It all starts with Jörgen missing a really big pike. Better fish! If it’s not a pike this is a good fish! Looks very “Pikey”. Yeah, pike warning on this one. Just mad fish! Lost it… Black is a underestimated color.
    Very, very effective at times. First fish on paddle tail. Now things are starting to move! These fish are so beautiful. Fun times! The sun has started to go down now and the fishing has been very slow all day. Maybe the fish is starting to feed now! Hope we’ll get really hectic 30 minutes now! Jörgen just caught a fish in the same size,
    maybe even a bit bigger. Let’s rock n’ roll now! Fish on! What a big difference there is from now and earlier. Wow, this must be a nicer fish! Really nice! Think we’ll need the net on this one. Please don’t be a pike, feels like a perch at least! Yes, nice one! Wow! Big one! Super nice fish! Same ending as last night! This one is BIG! Beautiful fish! This is the one we came for. We’ve had fish eating around is for
    fifteen minutes and now this came! 1380 grams. Compared to the other two days,
    this morning feels a lot better fish wise. Fishing is what it is. You never know. It’s still very cold, put your hand in
    the water and it gets ice cold in a second. The fish are very slow, and we’ve seen
    that on the techniques we use. If the fish would’ve been more active, shad jigging
    and ordinary jigs would’ve worked a lot better. These days carolina rigs and dropshot
    has by far been the most effective. Drop shot perch! Is it a better fish? Definitely a better fish. Easily above one kilo! Couldn’t resist a drop shotted worm! 1110 grams. Very interesting day today, as soon as the sun decided to break trough the clouds the fish started feeding. And when the light went away,
    just like a push on a button all fish was gone. Nice fish! No giant but still a beautiful fish. A carolina rig, slowly fished with a bit longer leader. With a small and super soft Ring Teez in the end. Awesome looking fish! In the middle of the day, when the sun came out
    for a little while we tried to fish a stream line. We slowly fished the Ring Teez with really
    long leaders, dragging them on the bottom. Then we caught some fish, even had a double take.
    All of them being decent sized. Was almost like a little rally with really nice fish. Finally, after all the fish at seven or
    eight hectograms, I caught a kilo plus fish. It’s liberating when you catch a fish like that. But we wanted heavier fish! And not even ten casts later it happened. I immediately felt that this is the one. This one has an old wound
    that might be affecting the weight. Still so beautiful. 1400 grams of pure love. And after all these big fish over
    one kilo it got me thinking… 1100 1400 The day before 1380 grams. Super nice perch all of them. “Can it really be this good?” We decided to go upstream to catch a bigger number of fish. Try to relax and fish for fun instead of size. But it was the exact opposite. Slow fishing with few bites, until Nicklas got a hard strike from a pike… Pike, or a really big perch. If this is a perch, I can tell you it’s a big one. Cant be a perch, must be a pike. PERCH! This is a really big perch! At first when we netted the fish… it looked a bit smaller, but at a closer look… This is really big. 1600 grams! It was the goal for the trip! 1,6 kilos was my goal for the trip! This feels like magic. Let’s get him back. It’s almost surreal. At that time of the bite we had one hour fishing left. A good days work to say the least.