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    Koi Toy Light-up Bathtub Fish Toy
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    Koi Toy Light-up Bathtub Fish Toy

    February 13, 2020

    Your child’s face
    is sure to light up when you introduce the
    illuminating, color-changing Koi toy to their bath. The Koi toy is made of
    squeezable, flexible plastic that’s durable exterior ensures
    that it won’t fall apart, if your young one plays rough. Like any quality
    pool or bath toy, the Koi toy floats,
    allowing your child to continuously observe all
    of its awesome features. The first of those
    features is its ability to light up immediately upon
    coming into contact with water. Your child will adore the
    brilliant glow emanating from within the Koi toy. The other neat feature
    of this fun fish is its color-changing ability. It cycles through
    a rainbow of hues so long as it’s touching
    the surface of the water. This is sure to grab the
    attention of even the hard to impress child. The Koi toy is totally safe. The LED bulbs and the
    battery are securely stored inside the
    belly of the fish. The battery has a life of
    approximately 40 hours. The Koi toy, available
    now from, creators
    of award-winning DVDs and purveyors of curiously
    awesome products.

    Couples See What Their Future Kids Will Look Like • Ship It
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    Couples See What Their Future Kids Will Look Like • Ship It

    February 11, 2020

    – [Voiceover] Three, two, one! (laughs)
    – Oh my God! (groovy music) – Our relationship is great. – A little over four years, like a month over four years. – Eh! Four-ish.
    – Like a month! – We have talked about babies, just in general senses. Like babies walk by and
    (mumbles) goes hysterical. – Babies in the future? Yes. – Yeah, we’re gonna have kids, in the next three to five years. – Not that long. – Babies in the present? – No I’m good. – I’d want the baby to have Gena’s eyes because their fierce and their emotive. – I mean, I do love his face, but I would like at least my nose. – (mumbles) is Indian and Danish. – Her nose, my head. – I am Welsh and Chinese. – I’m curious just to see
    what you guys came up with. – But it might, who knows? – [Voiceover] I feel excited. – I’m excited too, I mean, this is gonna be my future baby. This is what he or she is
    gonna look like exactly, so. – [Voiceover] Three, two, one! (laughs) – Oh my God! – [Voiceover] One! – Oh, my God! (laughs hysterically) – Oh, my, God! – It has my eyes. – Can I tell you something?
    – Yeah. – I kinda wanna care for this child now. – Is it reading a guy to you?
    – It looks like a guy. Yeah. – It even has your beauty marks. – If the nose comes out
    on the baby like that it’s too much. – This wasn’t always like this, it grew as my head grew.
    (laughs) – This is my baby skin, my baby skin is on this baby. – Aziz William.
    – Aziz Williams? – Zee Zee?
    – Zee Zee Williams? – That’s a cool name! – It has one of your
    eyebrow and one of mine. (giggles) – I didn’t know how
    excited he was gonna be about seeing this baby. – About seeing the baby,
    not having the baby! I just wanna make sure
    this is crystal clear. – Listen, your kid is gonna
    look a hundred different ways and there’s a lot of
    things that could happen, and as long as it’s your
    child you’re gonna love it. We look at this and we say,
    that’s not really our kid and then we had to say,
    well that is our kid, right? And then we stepped
    into the parenting gear, so I’m confident that when (mumbles) and I go down that path we’ll do a great job.

    Pretty Fit | EP 3 with Mithila Palkar
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    Pretty Fit | EP 3 with Mithila Palkar

    February 10, 2020

    Hey, everybody, welcome back
    to another episode of Pretty Fit. I’m the same girl
    who’s your next door vlogger who looks extra cute today. I heard you say that.
    Thank you very much. But this is the show
    where I try new things. And I get fit while doing
    these new things. Obviously, it’s a lot of fun stuff,
    so I can’t do it all by myself. And if there is any one person on the face of this planet with whom I can share this episode because this is the closest to my heart
    and it is the queen of little things
    whom I’ve known since ages. And who also happens
    to be my better half, the wife Mithila Palkar! I’ve basically come here because there
    is no other way I can spend time with her. She asked me to come here and that we would do something fun
    and we’ll get fit while doing it. But I don’t know what I’m here for apart from the fact that I’m spending
    time with you. No, I’ll tell you but let’s eat first
    and then I’ll give you information. Thank you.
    Surmai Tawa fry. – [Prajakta]Prawns Koliwada.
    – Pomfret because I love it. [Prajakta]Bombil fry, Bangda fry,
    Butter garlic. We’ll order the main course later. – Yum, right?
    – Veg and non veg if there is food at home,
    I’ll never serve veg on my plate. So I… [laughter] That’s a great way. That’s a great way of dealing
    with vegetarian food. – Butter garlic.
    – What? One, two, three, four, five, six! Pomfret. – Thank you.
    – You brought some more. I think I need bigger size pants. Too much. Okay, now that we’re done eating,
    what are we doing? What we are doing is this! You and I are going to go… – And eat fish.
    – No! What? We just finished eating fish. What we’re gonna do is
    deep sea fishing which my ancestors used to do. No, but, you know this.
    It’s cheating. I don’t know this.
    Koli is just my surname. I don’t know anything.
    You think in my free time I’ll go to the sea fishing?
    No, that’s not it. And we’re not fishing
    with a fishing rod. Don’t give me that look
    because we’ve an expert who’ll explain better than this.
    Let’s go fishing! Let’s go. Let this seep in. Okay, I’m going to test
    your knowledge, okay? – Hello.
    – My knowledge? – Hi, Moushi.
    – Tell me. Okay. So we’ve fish. [Prajakta] You’ve to tell me which fish
    is called what. – This is…
    – Mandeli. – Don’t prompt.
    – Mandeli, Modka. We call it ‘Modka’ as well. – This is karandi.
    – Karandi. Karandi. That’s fine. I know this. This is Bangda. I was a bit unsure but it’s Bangda – and Bombil and this is a shark.
    – No, it’s a singara. Singara. This is soundalya. – Can I lift the crab?
    – Yes, go ahead. Come closer I’m lifting the crab. Hope it’s not alive!
    It’s bit be when I was a kid. [woman] She was bitten by a crab
    when she was a kid. – The yummiest. – It’s the best.
    – The best. I’m sorry, guys. You’re too young, I’m sorry.
    Don’t look at me like that, I know. – But that’s the thing.
    – We can Apologise. It’s like… It’s nature’s rule. It’s like a long circle that you’ve,
    sorry what? Okay. You see, I don’t get it. I mean… I think she’s having a moment
    with the crab. Sorry, guys. It was a relationship there. Moushi, how should I come there? From behind? Why don’t you sit this way? I’ve never done this,
    this isn’t my childhood dream either. – I’m only doing this for Prajakta.
    – It was mine though. This is tough, guys. I think I’ve come full circle Koli. I’ve come full circle Koli, guys. I like how nobody is suspecting
    anything different. – But no one is buying anything from us.
    – No one is buying. [indistinct chatter] – Stand up!
    – Stand up! – Hey, bhau. Do you want some Mawra fish? [indistinct chatter] There’s a new fishmonger. There’s a new fishmonger. The
    additional Rs. 20 is for the make-up. – How much?
    – Same, I don’t have much fish. [chuckles] – I don’t have any prawns with me.
    – Rs. 150! – Yes, all of this for Rs. 150.
    – How much for this lot? This one? Rs. 500. I worked hard for this. What is the similarity between this,
    me and Mithila? I don’t have an answer for that. We’ve all been called sukda bombil. – Hey!
    – Girls. – Hello.
    – How are you? Okay, this is a lot of excitement. Hello. Hello, sorry. – Mithila, this is Rajan.
    And she’s Mithila. – Hi. So Rajendra Dada is the bhai here. – I mean, look at him. He started doing
    yoga also. – Yoga also. – Now what do I give you?
    Fish or should I cook something? – Nothing today. Now you know that
    we’re fishing here. – Yes. You just have to tell us
    what exactly happens here. I mean, from the time
    you leave home until… From the start to the end. – Until the end?
    – Yes. We drop the fishing nets
    early in the morning. We place the nets and return. We’ve to wait around
    five to six hours minimum. – Around six hours?
    – Yes, for a big catch. – How much fish you get in six hours?
    – Around 40 Kgs. – 40 Kgs?
    – Yeah. – How do you pick it up?
    – When we go there after six hours… – You leave your nets behind?
    – Yes, we do. – And what if someone takes your fish?
    – We’ve our own… You just’ve to drop your
    handkerchief there. No, we’ve our own numbering
    so nobody else can take it. It takes a lot of energy
    to pull it out of water. So you need around three guys… What’re you thinking about? – It’ll be too heavy, right?
    – I’ll give you a couple of helpers. – Rajendra bro has got it sorted.
    – “I’ll give you helpers.” – I will.
    – You have to lift it… It’ll be heavy when you try to pull
    it out because of the currents. – We have some crates.
    – Okay. We put the fish in those crates. So you’ll be giving those crates
    to the market or the fishmonger. – It’s fun but we’re doing
    this together, right? – No! How can we do it together?
    It’s not a challenge then. – So we’re doing it separately?
    – Yeah. You do your boat and I’ll do mine. Okay, I’ll do this now that
    it’s a competition. – Bye.
    – Bye! He’s damn cute, pal. Now what is going to happen is since it is very clear
    that we’ve to work out for this. And that is what the show
    is also about so we’re going to meet our coach our trainer, Urmi. Who will get us ready for this. The things that I’ve to do for love. – Let’s go.
    – Let’s go, guys. Let’s work out. – Hi. – Hi, Urmi. Look, guys,
    it’s Urmi. Oh, my God. – What fake excitement, Prajakta!
    – No, I’m very excited. – Hi, Mithila. How are you?
    – Hi. Very worried. Are you going to put us
    through an obstacle race? More than that, are you guys
    ready to compete? – Well… – You know
    I really love her off camera. But apparently I’m supposed
    to be competing with her because I thought we were on one
    team but she told me we’re not. – We’re not on the same team.
    – So then… I think it has to be a competition. The only time Mithila and I
    can be loggerheads is now. – So we’ve to do it.
    – Today we are mainly doing upper body and core strengthening
    workout. – Because your challenge
    is fishing, right? – Yes. Yeah. Now reverse it. Breathe out, yeah! My foot might get
    trapped in your hair! Face each other. Bend one and keep one straight.
    Nice! – It’s orange and lemon…
    – Nice… …sold for a penny. – All the school girls…
    – Come forward and relax. Okay. Mithila just wanted to keep holding. The first challenge of the task is that you’ve to row in the open sea.
    Yeah. – And now you pull it to your right.
    – I don’t think we’re doing this right. You’re doing it right.
    That’s it, nice! Yes! And now, on the other side. [laughter] Pull… Come on, guys. Squat a bit and use your elbows.
    Yeah, that’s it! Darn it, Mits!
    Give up! Try to pull..
    Hey! Damn strong. Yeah, keep the glutes engaged. I’m loving my view, guys. It’s a beautiful view
    if you know what I mean. Five, four, three, two and relax. – Lovely.
    – You can smell my feet. Now you go. You can’t have a look, okay? Six, five,
    bring your lower back up, yes! Four, use your fingertips, Prajakta,
    to really push away. Two and one. Relax. Good job. Now lift your lower back up
    a little bit. Yeah. Your glutes are engaged
    and Mithila’s legs are also engaged. Mithila, don’t…oh! [laughter] – Bye, Urmi.
    – Bye. – Please, pal.
    – We just spoke about this. – It was a challenge.
    – But how does it matter? It’s me. Why does it have to be a competition
    between us? This is not a competition,
    it’s a challenge, a game. Please! But I’m your wife
    and you love me and I love you. And I get to spend some time with you
    or else you’ll never have time for me. – Shut up!
    – Hey, please, pal! Thanks! – So you want to go on one boat?
    – Yes, one boat. – Fine, we’ll do one boat.
    – Okay. But there is a race when we return. – But we’re going on one boat, right?
    – We’ll go up in the same boat. – Not the same boat while returning!
    – We’ll sing, Valhav Re Nakhawa. Okay, bye. She’s damn annoying. [seagulls squawking] [boat engine revving] [boat horn honking] Hello! Manoj ji, I’m Prajakta.
    She’s Mithila. Manoj ji is the expert here. So tell us about how we’re
    going to start. Okay,
    Rajendra has told me everything. I’ve made all the arrangements. Okay? You just have to go there and I’ve made
    the arrangements in the boat too. – Let’s go?
    – Come on. – Let’s go. [hoots] – Where are we rowing towards?
    – It’s far. – It’s really far? – Yes.
    – Row hard or row home.. Row hard or row home.. Hey, what is the
    “Kaho Na Pyar Hai” dialogue? – Wow.
    – Rohan, I think you’re doing everything. – It’s gorgeous.
    – No, it’s you guys, you’re doing well. – We’re doing well? We learnt it?
    – Yes. It’s a miracle.
    Urmi’s workout helped. Yes, Urmi’s workout helped. – My rowing stick is stuck.
    – There is someone in the water. – Why’re we going in circles?
    – We are going in circles. Rohan,
    we’re going in circles, man! [laughter] He’s called us good girls. Okay, we’ve to board that boat. My rowing stick is stuck. Oh, wow! – Okay. Thank you. Yes!
    – Get in. – Thanks, guys. It’s been a great ride.
    – Thanks, friends. Come. Can we do “Titanic”? Wherever you are. – I believe.
    – I can’t sing. How much more time? – Ten minutes.
    – Ten minutes! Do you know what is the good thing
    about this room? – You can sleep.
    – It’s a nap friendly room, guys. Hey! With a lot of hard work… Actually, it’s my fault.
    I said we’ll go on one boat and that we’re in love.
    [plays mouth organ] I should’ve just left her behind. Hey, you’ll scare the fish away! [laughter] [seagulls squawking]
    It’s been quite some time. And we’re still waiting
    for Tony Dada to tell us. – We’re removing it now.
    – We can? – Yes, we can.
    – Right away? – Yes. – It’s done, let’s go.
    – Come on. [laughter] Come on, let’s get the fish out. Keep pulling. – It’s very hard.
    – Pull! – Oh, my God!
    – Pull! Where is the fish? Pull! Pull! Crab! – [grunts]
    – [screams] That’s a lot of fish. – I can see Bombil too.
    – That’s it, right? – There’s another catch.
    – One more? – Yes. – Guys.
    – This is less, right? – How is this less?
    – That’s why we’re getting another one. We’ve already finished
    four days’ work out in one day. – Let’s go.
    – We’ve one more left. Come on, pull harder. I don’t know what I’m trying to pull because I’m pulling this
    all by myself. What if nothing comes up? [singing traditional song] Guys, my manicure will be ruined.
    It’ll spoil my manicure. – Stars! This is what I meant.
    – My manicure, Dada. You’ll have to pull the net
    if you want to catch fish. – I want the manicure too.
    – You’ll never win. Oh, shut up! [grunts] Pull! Woah! Oh, man! Hold it. – Hold it.
    – What if it jumps on me? – No, it won’t.
    – Just hold it in the same manner. That’s enough.
    Please take it back. Guys, look at this. This is our catch. – We’ve done this.
    – I mean, Tony and Gordon also helped. – Gather everything together.
    – Like this! – Put it in the crate. – I hope
    there won’t be any snakes in this! [screaming] Sorry. I overreacted, sorry! What? – Come on, hurry up.
    – Fill it quickly. It’s almost full. Okay. – So we’ve filled our crates with fish.
    – I’ve more fish than her. No, are you blind? – Dada, who has more?
    – I’ve more, right? Tell us, Tony Dada. – Yours is more.
    – They don’t care. – I care.
    – Well, that is because you’re losing. Anyway, we’re going back to the dock and we’ll have the real competition there. Do you want to take a nap
    before that? – I think so, on our way.
    – The shore is far away from here. [humming] Dada who’s driving, can you drive
    faster because we’ve to head back. [boat horn honking] Friends, we’re back. We’re here. Now this is the final race where… Where we are actually going
    to compete. So what is going to happen is,
    in a minute whoever take the most fish from here across that red flag will win. Manoj ji will time us
    and we’ve a minute. – Okay, I’m all suited up and ready.
    – But I.. – I also want. – Okay.
    – There we go. – Three, two, Jai Mata Di rocks.
    – Let’s rock! [screams] Listen,
    your workouts are too serious, man. Okay, I think Mithila is getting this one. Okay. Listen to what I’m saying.
    Damn it! My belt is going, guys. This is easy, man! I shouldn’t have listened to you. [panting] Ten, nine, eight seven, six, five four, three, two, one. [applause] Thanks, friends, thanks. See, it’s my show. If I win, it’ll look like
    I’m winning on purpose. So I let you. What is this woman?
    Does she climb mountains every day? [applause and cheers] Yay! See, what I told Mithila is just because it’s my show
    and if I win then it’ll look like I’m biased. Are you done? She lost, I won, end of story! I was out of breath.
    I just could not figure it out. But good… I finally got to shoot
    a video with her. Thank you so much
    for coming on the episode. – And…
    – I had a great time! Don’t forget, another episode
    of Pretty Fit with another amazing woman
    coming up… other than me of course. Remember she comes up with new videos
    every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. – Until we meet!
    – Love love! That is the most famous Koli song
    but nobody knows about it. – Nobody knows the proper lyrics.
    – Good evening, ma’am. – Good evening.
    – What would you like? What will you have, ma’am?
    Pomfret fry, halwa fry – surmai masala?
    – No! Stop it, I don’t want to hear it.
    Just don’t. I don’t want to think about seafood
    when she’s around. I don’t even want to look at it.
    Just get me all the vegetarian options. – Thank you, ma’am.
    – Thank you. You’re a vegetarian now?

    003: Boat Search for the Perfect Cruising Sailboat to Sail Around the World with the Family
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    003: Boat Search for the Perfect Cruising Sailboat to Sail Around the World with the Family

    February 6, 2020

    We’ve been looking for a boat for almost two
    years so I know which boats are generally quite good and which boats to maybe keep away from.
    We also belong to the ocean cruising club so there’s a lot of information on the type
    of boats that people sail around the world on. So we can use that as some guidance. I
    talk to people, I ask people about what they think about a boat and lots of people give
    different opionions. Originally we were going to go for a monohull, then we decided to go
    for a catamaran then we’re back to monohulls but a lot of it will depend on how much it
    costs. It’ll be how much it’s got on it already. What the condition of everything on it is
    and whether it can accommodate us all. We think it’ll be easier to get a boat in Europe
    because it’s cheaper to fly there. It’s easier to get stuff that we need over there and it’ll
    be an easy place to start as well. Woody is going out looking at the boats because it
    isn’t economically viable for all of us to go out so Woody goes to look at the boats
    and he videos them, he inspects them and then comes back, tells me about it, shows me the
    videos and that’s how we decide. I think Woody generally does enjoy these trips. I think
    he always feels guilty actually, because he goes out and always has to kind’ve tell me
    he’s been busy, busy, busy doing his boats but I know he’s having a nice time as well, because
    why wouldn’t you in Greece or in the Caribbean? We’re only having one Irenka! Just the one! [MUSIC] [SILENCE] So after Woody has done his initial inspection; he’s very good at
    that because he’s been looking at boats for years, and if he thinks that it’s worth it
    and we like the boat, we put an offer in, offer’ accepted we get a survey. And a survey
    will involve a rigorous check of the boat. Basically, it checks the condition of everything
    on that boat and the actual condition of the boat, both the structural condition and sort of, finer
    details. We’ve made three offers so far on boats. One was a boat in Barcelona, but that
    wasn’t accepted. The second one was a catamaran in the Caribbean. That was accepted but then we
    pulled out after the survey and we’ve just put an offer in, in the last few days on a boat in Greece
    and we’re waiting to hear back. The boat is good value, we don’t think he’ll accept our
    offer but we’re hoping there’ll be some kind’ve negotiation on that and then we’re going to
    organise a survey after if it does go through. If the offer’s accepted and then the survey
    is complete and there’s nothing in the survey that surprises us, then we transfer the final
    balance and the boat is re-registered in our name. Then, we’ll keep the boat in Greece until,
    probably the beginning of September which is when we will probably all fly out, ‘house
    will hopefully be rented, pack up our stuff and we’ll start the journey in Greece. So
    when Woody’s away I just have to make sure that I’m not booked on as crew for the RNLI
    when he’s not around. I do realise actually he’s like the silent partner supporter
    because I can only be on standby for the RNLI when Woody’s around and when he’s not there
    I suddenly have to sort of book off quite a bit. If If I’m working I try and do swaps with people.
    It just means I sometimes have to pick them up a bit later and it’s just a few more favours
    to other mums. But I do it in return for them whenever I can and so everyones helps each-other
    out really. The kids are looking forward to it. They’re also a little bit ambivalent about
    it. They don’t know what’s going to happen when we go live on this boat. This has been
    the plan for quite a while so we’ve been keeping them involved in it along the way but they always
    think, ‘Oh maybe it’s tomorrow,’ or ‘maybe it’s going to be this boat,’ but then they
    realise that actually it isn’t such a simple procedure and it does take a long while. But I
    think they are looking forward to going somewhere different. I think they like travel. ‘Amazing
    awesomeness’ – I don’t think that’s a real word actually. [LAUGHS] I’m just going to
    get some coffee. [MUSIC]

    Plaża, załadunek i w drogę! Day on the beach, pick and and off we go! – Iwona Blecharczyk 2019/53
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    Plaża, załadunek i w drogę! Day on the beach, pick and and off we go! – Iwona Blecharczyk 2019/53

    February 6, 2020

    The trucks stay here Good morning. Is that a bus going to the beach? – Yes, please come in. ESCORT TEAM will take as to the beach – The beach in Aurich Hi there! Today I am not wearing work wear I’ve got black Goldhofer cap my joga mat, finally will be in use so far I used it only for reparation under the truck or trailer of course I am excersing so that’s our team today we are in Aurich, north of Germany it is over 33C (86F) and we set the loading for the evening we won’t stay in the trucks and run the engines normaly we would do that, but guys found nice beach so why stay on the parking when there is abeach 3km (2m) from here as I told you earlier, pick up in the evening we hope it won’t be that hot the temperature will remain the same probably, but the sun won’t burn should be better like that I always have swimming costume with me AC shame I’ve this one, would prefer bikini today but that’s fine, my joga mat water in my bag, apples, water melon in the fridge for later what did you buy? – Nothing. No drinks in the fridge. Everything was warm like mulled wine – Lead us, Greg that’s our short vacation Shall we go? we need to turn around somehow tell him his on the TV no swearing allowed – Iwona says you are on TV so behave, and switch to german frequences (CB radio) – I am on german frequences – we have parking ticket paid till 6pm horses… it pretty nice here, on the north – the village we will be passing is nice if are around Aurich for the weeknd that’s the beach is located – Let’s go! there was no truck prohibition on this road this road doesn’t look like the one for the trucks… – guy has fire department truck next to house I don’t remember when was the last time I was on the beach I can’t remember I know! – Have you seen russian language on the road sign? about the cementary The last time I was on the beach was is St Monica, LA it looked more like Cyrillic rather then greek was russian here in old times? that’s our little lake who would have guessed there is such a nice beach around I forgot that it is possible to spend time on the beach at work in my first years of trucking I used to do that all the time I visited so many nice places in Spain the palms on the north of Germany it must be very nice in here in the evening we arrived here (Aurich) yesterday evening when we learnt we won’t get load we have decided to have a BBQ if we knew there is such a nice place we would have come here that’s a shame too bad Oh my God, I had no idea what I ordered thank you I love to have vacation at work I never go on vacation our holiday is over! He has a birthday today, but he didn’t buy us a drink 😉 he is from NASA 😉 – that’s not a birthday, that is a wake have you ever seen a wake without drinks? – of course, no alcohol like on the communion party – we will have a salad that good, caus we drive tonight now you see I might spend the time on the sun and I am still white that’s why I don’t bother to spend hours on the sun, it only damages the skin I let the rest have beautiful tan I will never have good buy I think that’s a great place for the weekend look how nice it is what do you think? it seems we were not the only one from the pilots team the day on the beach that’s a pilot van as well the beach was nice but the job has to be done it is still 35C (90F), if the sun was shining now… I had no idea how we would survive it but how fast we were today! 3 blades in 1 hour! with 4 chains for each blade that’s how I look after the pick up that’s from the chains today a bit different blades I’ve got to tell you that work trousers, even when is that hot is not a stupid idea I am so dirty and you know what it is 9:20pm and I have some more job around the trailer and the shower for women is available till 10pm, for men no limit it is harder for women in transport 33C (85F), the temperature is going down so hot at that hour… it is 9:40pm, I hope they will let me have a shower! I am so dirty and here yeah! I can have a shower! it is going to be a very fast one! I would show you the shower here coffee time! all with the milk – that one is mine Jarek is make a coffee for us and I am smoking