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    LEGO Steampunk Walking Ship (Strandbeest)
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    LEGO Steampunk Walking Ship (Strandbeest)

    November 19, 2019

    [walking noise] Hey everyone. Today I’m going to show you my latest LEGO
    creation, which is this walking machine. As you saw in the intro it is motorized, using
    the Power Functions system. Here’s the remote control. And, if we take a closer look you can see the infrared receiver here, the
    battery box here if we look underneath, you can see two M motors,
    one on either side. The wiring for the motors runs up through
    the frame, underneath the deck to connect to the infrared receiver here. Right now I have this resting on these two
    stands here just so I can more easily show you what’s
    going on but when it’s in action the entire weight
    is supported on these legs. The walking mechanism is basically the same
    as that developed by Theo Jansen If you’re not familiar with his incredible
    kinetic sculptures, you should really check them out. Um, I’ll put a link in the description for
    that. I can show you the legs in action while it’s
    on the stand here I’ll just turn the battery box on And now using the remote control, I can either
    control the right hand motor Forwards and backwards And also the left one [motor noise] So lets take a closer look at the legs So here I have a standalone model of one pair
    of legs So they’re connected in the middle to this
    central crank shaft which drives all the motion And as you can see the tip of each leg basically
    drags along the ground then lifts up and goes to it’s original point
    on the ground again Again, this is all based on the walking mechanism
    developed by Theo Jansen. The proportions of each segment in the leg
    are not exact to what he developed but I think this is about as close as you
    can get at this scale using what’s available in the LEGO system. I’ve also created step by step building instructions
    for how to build the walking frame If you want to check those out just to have
    a closer look at how it’s built or even try to build it yourself you can find those on
    my website. As you can see I’ve also themed this as a post apocalytic or retro future trading ship The cargo crane is fully functional It can rotate and slide along it’s base Each segment of the crane as well as the towball,
    can be independantly raised and lowered using the controls at the base That way you can load, unload or move cargo
    around on the ship On this side I have a cabin, for the captain. The roof can just come off The door opens and closes, as do the windows And there’s some stuff inside, which you’ll
    just have to imagine. The ladder also lowers and raises so people
    can get on and off the ship So that’s about it. I had a lot of fun building this model and
    I hope you enjoyed watching the video. Thanks again and we’ll see you next time. [walking noise]

    Cruise Ship Gets An Awesome New Kind Of Water Slide
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    Cruise Ship Gets An Awesome New Kind Of Water Slide

    November 18, 2019

    (Laughing) (Screams) I’m in Galveston Texas this morning
    and it is hotter than blazes! I’ll tell you what…
    a waterslide would feel really good right now and that is what has brought me to Galveston. One of these cruise ships behind me
    has a brand new type of water slide on it that no other cruise ship has. We’re going to take a look at it. It’s Royal Caribbean’s Liberty Of The Seas. (Woo Hoo!) The ride starts to get really crazy
    when you hit that first downhill section. It’s really steep
    and you get some serious speed going… and that takes you all the way up
    the uphill section right there. Just like that! You almost hit the wall at the top
    and then gravity takes over… and pulls you backwards to the end of the ride. It is SO much fun!
    We went four times in a row. It was so fun! (Woo hoo!) (Woo!) (Screams) (Huge screams) (Woo!) (Screams) (Screams) Now be aware that there are some very restrictive rules
    regarding riding the Tidal Wave slide. You have to weigh at least a hundred pounds
    and be at least 52 inches tall to ride… and you can’t weigh more than 280 pounds… and if it looks like you’re even close
    to not meeting those limits… there is a scale there
    and they will put you on it and weigh you before you’re allowed to get on the ride. The other thing is that
    you can’t take anything on the ride with you. No GoPro…
    so unfortunately I was not able to get
    any point of view video going down the slide. And you also can’t wear a watch
    or even a wedding ring. I had to take all that off to go on the ride. Just a swimsuit and that’s it.
    Just for safety reasons. Now, as a public service,
    here is a perfect example of
    how NOT to exit the raft! I would say it’s probably one of the
    three best water slides on cruise ships. Disney’s got the “Aqua Duck” slide. Carnival’s got the “Green Thunder” slide
    on a couple of their ships. And then here the “Tidal Wave” slide
    on Royal Caribbean’s Liberty Of The Seas. Listen to what some of the passengers
    had to say about it: It’s probably the fastest, funnest ride. It doesn’t last very long…
    but if you scream it makes it like 10 times better! (Off Camera Voice)
    I think so!!! It feels like a 90-degree drop…
    straight down, straight up, straight back down! It is great!
    And this is from someone who hates roller coasters! The tidal wave is so much fun!
    You go so high. It’s awesome.
    It’s like a thrill… like excitement. I love it so much! Nice little jump at the beginning and it looks like you’re about to fly off the top
    once you go down before you’re swung around. It gives you a little rush! It’s interesting that a lot of the
    people that ride the Tidal Wave slide don’t know the history of the slide. Things got off to a rocky start after the slide
    was installed on the ship about five months ago. There was some kind of design problem. I took them a few months to re-engineer things
    and make it all safe and get it right. But it’s great now… no problem now…
    and it opened up about three weeks ago and people are really enjoying it. (Scream) (Woo!) (Scream) I’ll tell you what…
    between the Tidal Wave slide… The Flowrider… The twisty water slide… The ice skating rink… The rock climbing wall… There is a lot of fun to be had on
    Royal Caribbean’s Liberty Of The Seas. I’m Jim Zim.
    Thank you for watching. If you subscribe to my YouTube channel
    you’ll be notified any time I post new videos about water slides and model trains
    and all the things that interest me.

    24 HOUR BOX FORT SHIPWRECK BEACH SURVIVAL!! 📦😱 Primitive Technology, Fishing Challenge & More!
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    24 HOUR BOX FORT SHIPWRECK BEACH SURVIVAL!! 📦😱 Primitive Technology, Fishing Challenge & More!

    November 18, 2019

    where’s there a box full supplies with
    these waves and this wind there’s no way we’re getting out in the middle of the
    ocean tonight do be right set up here for the night get a campfire started and
    guys we have to find food because all of our supplies went completely missing hey
    what’s going on guys we just got shipwrecked this is almost nighttime and
    we barely just survived a pox board in the middle of the ocean but like we said
    in the last video guys this doesn’t end our challenge and tonight we’re gonna be
    sleeping I guess in a shipwreck yeah guys we have a lot to do okay the Sun is
    going down we need food we need water most importantly we need shelter all
    right we need to salvage what we can from this and build ourselves a shelter
    to survive it for 24 hours it’s also getting really cold and I’m soaking wet
    from being in that water even though we couldn’t get past these waves we now
    have to survive the 24 hour shipwreck challenge let’s pull her in see what we
    can salvage we’ll set up camp here on the beach for the night all right Logan
    what survival skills do you have I got lots of survival skills I know how to
    look it what survivors day first up they always say first things first make a
    shelter that make fire so as long as we have a shelter and fire we’re okay guys
    we lost all of our supplies in the ocean we have no idea where they are they
    might still be out there but I think the first thing we need to do is start
    making a shelter okay so how can we make this into some kind of shelter all right
    guys we’re gonna come right back to you when we figured something out wait look everything that had our Foolish oh man
    okay we got our food we’ve got our water and some survival gear plate Logan Sun
    setting and it’s getting cold all right dude we got stuff fill in the
    space and fast we got to survive through the night we need first a fire in the
    base but now we got our supplies guys how lucky is that I think we’re gonna go
    for like a lean-to tonight we don’t have a lot of supplies so we’re gonna have to
    use what we have but if we get this leaning this way and use the few pieces
    of Carver that we do have the patch enough I think we can get some warm
    shelter then we just need a fire and some water we should be okay should be
    able to hold up I’m already getting extremely cool dude my hands are like
    going numb we got your fire started the Sun is setting extremely quick so we
    got to build this I’ll see you guys when it’s done all right guys so the first
    stage of our fort is complete we’ve been digging out a little hole here guys to
    help cut down on the wind and we use the back of the shipwreck box for it as a
    base here to hold up everything else now we’re patching it all together and
    I’m gonna start assembling the lighting we have a front wall to protect us from
    all the win because it’s really windy and it’s getting cold so far this is
    looking like a nice little shelter well I went ahead and grabbed some twigs for
    the fire I mean I guess this is what happens when you try and do 24-hour box
    poured in the middle of the ocean you get shipwrecked you guys let me know
    down below do you think next time we should do I don’t know a billionaire box
    fort in the middle of a calm lake comment that down below unless let’s you
    guys like these survival videos which I don’t mind I don’t mind but I am
    freezing cold the Sun is going down Logan how’s the fire coming along
    Oh Liss so far we have a little hole and I think we’ll have a little fire to get
    our hands and feet warm then it’ll be time for dinner
    all right well keep digging all right guys our shelter is almost complete oh
    there we go dude it’s actually a lot warmer in here already you guys we got
    some lighting setup as well as well as the ground hold that up in a nice piece
    of dry cardboard a sit-in whole Sabine look is not too bad you check that out
    shipwrecked isn’t so bad after all but all right I think now what we need to do
    is gather some wood to start ourselves a fire to get warm because I’m still
    soaked and I need to dry off then we can make some dinner for tonight it is a
    really good thing we’ve found our supply bag we wouldn’t have this light I got
    ourselves some twigs there we go and I should have some flint and steel and a
    fire starter kit in the back so hopefully I can make a fire I mean most
    of stuff I found was a little bit wet but should be okay all right guys so
    Logan’s gonna get some more firewood but I thought we take the time to get
    started on this fire as you guys can see the Sun is going down it is a beautiful
    view from inside here but I think it’s so cold right now guys I can explain to
    you I got super wet with our boxwork flips in the middle of the ocean and now
    we gotta make this fire so luckily for us you should have a fire starting kit
    in here with some fluids and steel now some of this kind of got wet actually
    this dry bag didn’t do what it was supposed to so hopefully our fire
    starter isn’t soaked there we go all right let’s set this up in there alright guys we got our flint and steel
    oh okay alright Logan’s back in alright dude it’s time to try and light this
    thing almost there we need something to light here guys I’m getting really cold
    and it’s getting really dark everything is just super soaked from ice falling
    into the water hopefully one of these will catch fire come on Jake the Sun is
    going down alright there we go guys we’ve got the fire started that is some
    nice warmth to warm us up who is getting cold in here man and we got a beautiful
    view of the Sun still kind of set in there but once we get this started I
    think it’ll be almost time to start making dinner okay definitely needed
    that guys that water got me super cold well that’s some good warmth there I
    mean there’s not much to do other than other than make moves to survive and
    honestly I gotta hand it to us for two guys who don’t have a lot of survival
    skills we’ve built this shelter really fast and got a fire started in extremely
    fast with just putting snow high five man now I think it’s time to start
    cooking our dinner guys and getting our MREs out almost looks like we’re cooking
    your feet for dinner dude no no speaking of that what is for dinner on the menu
    these are meals ready to eat they are survival meals that can last over a
    hundred years and it looks like we got some cheese tortellini here so let’s
    let’s open this up and start making dinner all right guys we warmed up put
    out the fire and now we’ve got our MRE here we gots the crackers I think this
    is the ravioli beef ravioli so let’s add some water to this and if you guys
    haven’t seen this before once we add water to this little pouch here this is
    gonna get as hot as an oven and actually cook the food here so we can eat it just
    like a nice warm home-cooked meal this is the remnants from our shipwreck guys
    it is a looking pretty racked right now cook it outside so in the meantime gonna
    enjoy some crackers and cheese inside our shipwreck box four which is a kind
    of cool do what you think about this was at one point I mean a couple hours ago
    in the middle of the ocean now it’s upside down and giving us shelter it’s
    looking pretty awesome I just want to say I
    we could have done this had we not had so much box we’re building expertise I
    mean building this with the scraps that we had was kind of impressive and now I
    get to enjoy some crackers and cheese inside it very dry guys we’re just
    started hearing some really weird noises it sounds like a heartbeat Jake I’m
    really freaked out I think we need to go out I know there’s a hole right there wait that wasn’t like your heart beating
    it sounded just like a heartbeat though you’re really feature guys I’m not
    joking with you there is like a heartbeat sound outside okay
    do you want me to go home yeah I don’t know what that sound was though what
    animals live around the ocean I honestly don’t know what that was
    no bears sharks don’t come on water I don’t think there’s alligators if we
    just get back inside Jake oh yeah let’s go back inside shut that door man and
    that is cool all right well here we go got ourselves our beef ravioli oh yes
    I’m so hungry I got the utensils alright I get the first bite oh alright there
    you go dude that should be nice and warm – it’s actually steaming a little bit oh
    yeah here we go beef ravioli inside a box port shipwreck
    on a beach that’s pretty crazy alright here we go mmm oh man I’m starving after all that
    work trying to paddle up there being shipwrecked and be freezing guys really
    burns a lot of calories so this is in the spot
    hi guys gonna wash up after dinner here got ourselves some camping tabs which
    when applied with some water check this out into a fully usable
    washcloth oh yeah how cool is that guys now with just a little bit of water you
    have yourselves a washcloth which we can use to kind of wash up and I’m really
    sandy so I’m gonna heat this to kind of clean myself after a long day in the
    middle of the ocean the Sun is set it is completely dark actually guys because
    it’s been so windy causing such huge waves we’re kind of lucky there’s not a
    lot of mosquitoes compared to our last video yeah we don’t have sleeping bags
    but we have something a little bit better there emerges something better
    but there dad there definitely better than nothing let’s uh unravel our
    emergency blanket here and we’ll be able to get nice and cozy and warm inside
    this and be able to survive the night in their little overturned box for it I
    think it’s time to hit the hay for the night and call it it has been an
    extremely long day think I had the great turn off the lights and get to bed and
    we’ll see you guys in the morning all right yeah okay oh that’s that’s one
    way to wake up oh cool look guys yeah dig this this place is extremely racked
    yeah guys I think because we built this out of soggy cardboard it wasn’t exactly
    structurally made to withstand a night and well yeah it’s time to go out
    completely my eyes are kind of still just a toilet so that’s one way to wake
    up in a box for we’re back we did make it though we did survive the night I
    should say quite warm in there for most of the night and there it is the ocean
    look at all nice and beautiful during the day our blue wrap
    I guess it don’t wait it in the night or something called Mangal it’s a beautiful
    day the sun’s out I’m thinking dude why don’t we go swimming and maybe just
    maybe Logan Papa J could do a little bit of spearfishing for us
    imagine fresh fish for the morning breath yeah Jake I don’t think you’re
    really uh I’m a spear fishing with I don’t really think you’re an expert in
    spear fishing Jake I I will go spear fishing and we are gonna catch a fish
    and you know while I’m eating my fresh fish for breakfast you could eat some
    Sam since Jake wants to go spearfishing I’m gonna get this raft ready so we can
    head out on the water and I think Jake wanted to dig a hole or something
    so while Logan’s getting the raft ready to go out for some spear fishing I
    thought we’d get some fresh water here you know at least you used to wash
    yourselves and that’s why I made us a little well check this out guys so I
    actually went ahead the water is over there but I dug down over here and if
    you guys didn’t know this you can dig down and get to the water level and then
    you’ve got some nice clear water here I mean it’s a little bit standing here I
    wouldn’t exactly drink this water but it’s nice and fresh and if you leave it
    in here for a little bit it’ll actually like settle and then the top layer is
    water how cool is that how’s it going over there Logan this place is an
    absolute mess from our last box court we build but I’m gonna clean it up and then
    we’ll head out on the water all right guys so I’ve got myself here a makeshift
    spear which I can use for spear fishing when we head out onto the water which I
    think it’s time to do I couldn’t actually make a entire spear on its own
    because we need well the paddle so we can paddle out there Logan’s already
    gone out to scout out but I think it’s time to take our wrap and head out onto
    the ocean I won’t let sound – keep going guys I’m
    all stand to keep surviving you guys like these survival videos smack the
    like button down below and let us know we should do some more survival maybe
    get even more hardcore go out into the woods with just some cardboard you gotta chill out here for the day
    it’s almost too tall for me to actually even stand here so I’m gonna get on here
    we’re gonna start paddling up you ready it’s not time to paddle out all right
    guys we got out pretty far on the raft I think it’s time to jump in use my spear
    fishing and see if we can find ourselves some breakfast my rods broken guys look
    he’s getting really far we gotta get back to him and quick fish put you back
    on the raft now yeah dick wouldn’t catch any fish I am bringing a fishing rod
    check out some of our other awesome videos here and let us know what we
    should do next I think next time we’re gonna do a more chill kind of
    billionaire survival on the lake if you guys haven’t seen part one check it out
    right here and we’ll see you guys in the next video

    Andy and Amy’s Haunted Ship Adventure
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    Andy and Amy’s Haunted Ship Adventure

    November 18, 2019

    ANDY! – IT’S FINE.
    NO! NO.
    IT’S FINE. – [screams] – IT’S FUNNY. HA-HA!
    GOT IT. – ANDY, GO, GO.
    – [screams] [all screaming] – AMY.
    – [screams] OH, MY GOD. – GO. [both scream] – HOW MUCH–
    – OKAY. – HI.
    – GO, GO, GO. – ONCE YOU SEE ‘EM,
    IT’S NOT BAD. IT’S THE– – [screams] – ARE WE– IS THIS THE RIGHT WAY? OKAY. – WHERE’D THAT CHICK GO? [screams] [all screaming] YOU GO! GO! ANDY! – I SEE YOU. I KNOW YOU’RE THERE. – [cackling] – HELLO? – STOP. – [screams] [both laugh] – THANK GOD WE MADE IT. [all scream] WE’RE GOOD.
    WE GOT IT. – ONCE THEY’RE OUT– – YEAH. – [screams] – STOP.
    GO. STOP. – [screams]
    – GET OUT. – STOP!
    – [growling] – OH, GOD.
    I SEE YOU. [whip cracks] WE’RE GOOD.
    I’M GOOD. [all scream] – OKAY. GOT IT.
    – [screams] ANDY!
    – JUST– – ANDY! – [screams] – ANDY.
    ANDY? [both scream] – THAT’S IT?
    ALL RIGHT, NOW. – I DID IT. [all scream] – ANDY.
    – THANK YOU. [cheers and applause] – OH, WE’LL BE RIGHT BACK WITH ALLISON SWEENEY. [cheers and applause]

    Fish Drowning in Water? RIF 10
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    Fish Drowning in Water? RIF 10

    November 18, 2019

    Hey Thoughty2 here.
    Yellowstone park experiences between 1,000 to 3,000 earthquakes every year. Welcome to
    RIF There is a basketball court on the top floor
    of the U.S. Supreme Court Building. It is known as “the highest court in the land.” During the first two years of a baby’s life,
    new parents will miss six months of sleep on average. A fish can drown in water. Just like humans,
    fish need oxygen to survive, so if there isn’t enough oxygen in the water, they will suffocate. Humans can survive longer without food than
    they can without sleep. In 2010 there there were more farm animals
    living in the U.S. than there were humans on earth. Tea is the most widely consumed beverage in
    the world, after water. The word decimate doesn’t mean to completely
    destroy, it actually means to remove 1/10th of something. It comes from the Latin “Decimare”,
    which was the practice of killing every 10th Roman soldier if they tried to mutiny. Research shows that men know they’re falling
    in love after just three dates, but on average women don’t fall in love until date number
    14. And finally, there is a condition called Koro
    or “penis panic” it’s a type of mass hysteria in which men believe their penises are vanishing.

    Mystery Evidence FOUND at Abandoned Beach Scavenger Hunt (Island Adventure Treasure Chest Searching)
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    Mystery Evidence FOUND at Abandoned Beach Scavenger Hunt (Island Adventure Treasure Chest Searching)

    November 17, 2019

    – Hey Sharers, what’s going on? I am still in Hawaii and check out all this crazy stuff we have in the backyard. We’ve been up to some crazy, crazy stuff. But in the Rebecca Zamolo’s last vlog, I ended up with this mystery iPhone. And on this iPhone is
    a four digit passcode that we asked you guys
    to comment down below if you know a four digit passcode and a lot of you guys have been commenting that on Stephen’s vlog, you saw a coconut over
    there fall out of the sky that had a four digit
    passcode number on it. So let’s go see if that’s the right code. Let’s see, let’s see, let’s see. Okay, so here’s the coconut you guys were talking about. Yes, there are numbers on it and there are four numbers on it. Could it be the right passcode
    to this mystery iPhone? So let’s start with two, six, nine, three. Let’s see if that’s the right number. Two, six, nine, three. Oh, oh no, that must have
    been the wrong order. Let me try it the other way. Three, nine, six, two. Okay, let’s see if this order works. Three, nine, six, two. It’s unlocked! Guys, guys, it unlocked! Guys, the iPhone unlocked,
    I got it unlocked! – What’s on it? – The iPhone’s unlocked? – Yeah! – No way. – It’s this map thing. – What map? A map of what? – Look, look, look! – Wait, that’s the house right there. – That’s our location. – Look, there’s an X right there. – And a yellow path and a red path. – There’s two paths? – One’s in the water which means that we might have to take like a raft or something to get there, but maybe if we take the red, we can get there on foot. – Yeah, I don’t think there’s anyway we can go out there on the water. We don’t, one, have a raft. I couldn’t find a way to get to the dock. – Wait a second. The only
    people that have a raft are the people outside right
    now working on the dock. This map, they’ve been using to get back and forth to this house. – That’s how they’ve been getting here without going through our house because the only way
    you can get to the dock is through our house. – They must have. – Or the water. – Yeah, they must have a raft and they’re getting back
    and forth to this point. Since we don’t have a boat, we can take the land path and go this way. – And then they won’t know that we’re going to that location. – Right. – It’s almost like we’re
    sneaking up on them. – We need to open this, Grace. – Yes, Grace, Grace, it’s your turn to open the envelope inside
    the detector briefcase. Are you ready? – Yeah, yeah, let’s open
    the detector briefcase. Oh wait, before that, I won Rebecca Zamolo’s last
    to drop iPhone challenge so I get to put a sticker up. Right here, oh yeah, so now
    me and Stephen are tied. Whoa, okay. Which one should I pick? No one has picked a non-color before. Okay, I need to sit down because things are getting serious. Okay, let’s see what it could be. The map on your iPhone is not a trap. Explore the abandoned beach, find the treasure map. – It’s like they knew that you were gonna be the winner of that iPhone. – Yeah, and look. The note is ripped. This is the first note
    that has been ripped. – Grace, remember the overall winner of the leaderboard is going to win the treasure chest. Maybe, maybe the treasure map will lead us to the treasure chest. – Grace, maybe you’re the chosen one and we can find the treasure chest at this location. – Oh, the treasure chest
    could be at the end. Guys, we need to get there! – Yeah, let’s pack up, let’s go, let’s go. – Let’s find it! – Let’s get our spy
    gadgets too, just in case. – My backpack. – Sharers, there’s people down there working on this deck thing. I don’t know if they’re
    detectives or anything, but they’ve been taking
    that abandoned boat to and from the beach and I think that’s the beach that we need to get to. Wait Matt, what do you see? – They’re looking at me. I
    think I just got spotted. – Do you think they look
    they look suspicious or do you think they’re
    doing something normal? – I know two days ago we saw three people, yesterday we saw four, and
    now there’s five down there. I don’t know why they keep on multiplying. – Five, maybe their mission is getting bigger and bigger each day so they need more crew members. We need to get onto that map, get to that path, and let’s go. Stephen, Rebecca, we gotta go. We need to find what’s at
    that mystery map thing. – We got our spy gadgets. – [Grace] You have spy gadgets? – Yeah, we even got the
    compass just in case. – Perfect, and if we
    need to go in the water, we’ve got goggles. – [Grace] Perfect.
    – I got my spy glasses on. – And I have walkie talkies in case we need to communicate
    if we have to split up. – Okay, let’s get going. – Let’s keep an eye out, okay? – Let’s go. – [Grace] Let’s go guys. – Come on. – [Grace] Let’s go, let’s go.
    Okay, let’s stay on this path and see what’s at the
    end of this treasure map. – Oh, gates opening. – Oh, the gates opening. – Let’s go, let’s get
    out before it closes. – [Rebecca] Where do we go Stephen? – Uh, straight up here. – [Grace] Straight? – And then it looks like. – Look, there’s like a little path. Maybe that leads it. – Yeah, maybe that little
    path leads to something. Whoa, whoa, whoa, get back, get back. Those dogs, those dogs are crazy, get back Rebecca! – It must be this way. It’s down the hill. The beach
    is always down the hill, not up the mountain. – [Grace] Oh yeah. – Never on the top of the mountain. – Let’s go.
    – I get lost all the time, so. – Um, it’s, hold on, let
    me orient this thing. – [Grace] Right or left? – Configurate it. – Oh, I have the compass. – [Grace] Oh yeah, yeah! – Boom. Looks like south is that way. – South is that way? Okay, let’s go.
    – Okay, let’s go this way. We need to hurry though because we don’t know why no
    one takes the red path and only takes the yellow. – We made it, check it out. – [Grace] What? – Beach is right ahead. – [Grace] There’s the beach. – Okay, let’s go, we gotta figure out where this map thing is. – What do you guys think
    the treasure map leads to? – I don’t know, but look! There’s a boat. That’s like the boat that they were using by the dock. – [Grace] Oh my gosh. – Let’s go check it out, come on. – Could the treasure
    chest be under the boat? – I don’t know Grace, let’s find out. Wait, there’s writing on it. Take a look at the writing. – It says like P star S. – [Stephen] What does that mean? – I have no idea. – I think we should flip the
    boat. Let’s all flip the boat. – Yeah. – And see if there’s something underneath. – Yeah, let’s flip it. – Three, two, one, flip. – Oh, it’s heavy, it’s heavy. – Whoa, whoa, whoa, back up. – There is something, there is something, there is something. – There’s something, what
    is that, what is that? – [Rebecca] Is that the treasure map? – Trash. – Okay, watch out, watch out. – [Rebecca] Oh my gosh. – Scratch that, that wasn’t it. – Look it, there was another
    boat that was right there. – It looks like there was another boat sitting right here and they
    took it out onto the water. – Yeah, well Grace think about it. There’s a boat right by
    the dock of our house. – Yeah, it was probably
    right here to start and then now it’s at our house. Okay, I think I should pull up the map and see how close we are to the dock because the treasure chest
    is right around here. – I don’t want to alarm you. Don’t turn around. – Don’t turn around? There’s something behind me? – Wait, what? – There’s a guy in a van with
    a beard right behind you. – Oh no, you’re right, you’re right. – Here, just look like
    we’re talking to the camera. – Hey, we’re having so much fun in Hawaii! Who is it, who is it? – Sharer family. – Comment down below if
    you know who’s in that van and why are they stalking us. – All I know is that
    when we got down here, nobody was here. Now that van just showed up. – If that person in the van is after the same thing that we’re looking for, we need to find it before them, so let’s get going! – Well Grace, where are we gonna look? Where do we look? – Okay, I’m pulling up the map. – Quick, quick, pull up the map. – We’re right next to the X. We need to keep walking,
    it’s somewhere around here. – Where though Grace? – Grace, look over there. It looks like a hidden
    tunnel in those bushes. Do you see that? – Guys, a footstep! Someone’s foot! That means someone was
    coming right from that tunnel because it’s facing this way. – Onto the boat, the boat that goes to our
    dock at our safe house. – We need to get to
    that hidden tunnel now. – Come on Sharer fam, let’s do this. – Look. – What is that? – It’s a rope. – [Stephen] What does it go to? – [Grace] Whoa. – [Stephen] Ew.
    – [Grace] What does it go to? – [Rebecca] What is that? – [Grace] What is that?] – [Stephen] It’s attached to something. – What, what is it? – [Matt] It’s attached to something. What is that? – It’s like fishing line. Wait, wait, wait, look, there’s this too. – [Stephen] Whoa, whoa, whoa, careful Grace, careful,
    whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. – [Grace] Oh my God. – [Stephen] Whoa, whoa, whoa. – [Grace] It’s a wire. – [Stephen] It’s a wire. – It looks like it came
    from a. (screaming) – [Stephen] What was that?
    – [Matt] A coconut just fell! – Another coconut fell
    just like in your video! – The clue was on the coconut. – Alright, go get it Grace, go get it. Yesterday you guys saw on my video that a coconut fell out of the sky. Careful, Grace. It could have something on it, be careful. – Whoa, this one’s really big. – [Stephen] What does it have,
    does it have any clues on it? – I don’t know. – [Matt] We have to break it open. – [Stephen] It’s gotta have something. We gotta break it open, Matt. – I think we gotta break it open. – [Stephen] I think we gotta break it own. – Here, here, Matt, you’re
    strong. Try and open that. – Okay. – What if the treasure map is inside? – [Stephen] Is it working? – It’s not breaking. What if I
    throw it up against the wall? – Yeah, yeah, throw it
    up against the wall. – [Stephen] Ready, three, two, one, go. Anything Grace? – No, nothing. – Guys, there’s a wall right there. What if someone’s been spying on us and they don’t want us
    to find the treasure map and so they threw that coconut as a decoy to thwart us. – [Grace] Yeah, you’re right. – Is there anywhere to hide? – We need to hide. – We’re not. – [Stephen] Grace, drop the coconut, it’s a decoy, it’s a decoy.
    – Drop the coconut and run. I just saw someone peek over! I think someone is watching us. We need to hide in
    here, there’s a hideout. – [Stephen] In there? – That’s where I saw the tunnel, it was over here! – [Stephen] What tunnel? – Yeah, yeah, there’s a tunnel, come here. – Look. – [Stephen] Quick, quick, hurry, hurry. Someone’s looking over, let’s go, come on, in here, go, go, go. – I think we’re protected
    with the tree here. I don’t think they can see us. – It’s like a hidden
    jungle tunnel or something. But I think we’re safe
    from whoever’s out there trying to distract us from
    getting the treasure map. – Look Grace, the tunnel goes that way. – Okay, let’s go this way guys. – The tide is rising, you guys. We need to move fast, look at the water. – [Stephen] Look Grace, it
    says posted no trespassing. – You’re right, I think
    we’re in the right spot. Let’s keep going. – I don’t think we’re in the
    right spot. What is this place? – She might be right, though. Because it says no trespassing because they don’t want people coming here to find the treasure map. – Well, where would it be? This is like, really weird. – This is where the X showed on the phone and we’re near the water. – [Stephen] What? – Guys, there’s someone down there. – He’s coming, he’s coming. We need to look quick, look quick. Grace, look for something, anything. – Oh my God, guys! Check this out, Stephen! – [Stephen] What is it?
    – Oh my gosh, oh my gosh. – [Stephen] What is that? – It’s like a note in a bottle. – [Stephen] Open it, open it, open it. He’s coming, he’s coming! – Run. – [Stephen] Someone’s
    coming, someone’s coming. Go, go, go, go, go, go. Take the map and run Grace. Someone’s coming, hurry, hurry, hurry. – Run, Steve, run! It looks like that guy
    that was at the house. He was bald, just like that guy. – Faster on the grass, you guys, run! – [Stephen] Hurry, hurry. – Wait, guys, is that the Uber? – I don’t know. – Should we go in? It’s our only choice guys. Come on. – [Stephen] Are you sure? – We have no other choice. – [Stephen] Okay, let’s go. (intense music) – Let’s go. – Open it, quick. – Okay, open, open, what is this? – What is it? – It’s the treasure map! It’s like there’s a boat or
    something there with water. – Like a footprint step thing here. What is this thing? Sharers, comment down below if you know what this thing is. What does it mean? – I don’t know. Wait, part one. – Part one so then what’s part two? – I don’t know, there must
    be another side to the map, because look, this end is straight and this one is bent and like ripped. – Look, footprints. – Yeah, but what does that mean? – I don’t know, but look. There’s an arrow there and an X there. – Maybe this is the house? – Wait, wait a second. This is blueprints of the
    house we’re staying at. Look, that’s your bedroom. That’s my bedroom. That’s where we did the egg drop test. – That’s the balcony, you’re right. – This is the pool. – We need part two.
    – Where do we find part two? Did we not get everything? – Wait, maybe if we go home, we’ll be able to search here in the house and we can figure it
    out, we can find the X, it’s perfect because we’re going home now. – Perfect. – Yeah, yeah. – Okay, this is perfect,
    we need to get home. Mr. Uber, can you turn right up here? It’s quicker if we go this way. – Turn right. – Mr. Uber, turn right, turn right. – [Rebecca] Right. – [Stephen] Right, right. – [Grace] Right, not left. – [Rebecca] Where are we going? – Where are we going? – Where are we going? Steve, what’s going on. – I don’t know.
    – Why aren’t we going home? – Why did we go the wrong
    way, hello, Mr. Uber. – Where are you taking us? – Alright well Sharers
    I got the camera now. I’m gonna figure out why this Uber driver is taking us to a different location. Click the card right here
    to come over to my channel and help me along with the journey and figure out exactly
    what’s been going on. – And where we’re going. – Okay, good luck. What Rebecca, what is it,
    what is it, what is it? – Guys, we’re pulling up to something.

    Thomas the Tank Engine at the Beach Compilation
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    Thomas the Tank Engine at the Beach Compilation

    November 17, 2019

    it was a beautiful day on the Island of
    Sodor. all the engines were chuffing hard at Ulstead sandcastle. they were working
    hard. soon, salty arrived at the sand castle.
    ahoy mateys! I have to go to the sea today. what are you doing out that way
    salty? I have a shark I need to release to the water. Wow!
    a shark! can we watch you release the shark salty? yarr, for sure matey!
    just follow me, so all the engines followed salty down to the sea. soon all
    the engines were down by the seaside, where salty put on his cage, and he
    backed the shark into the water. salty released the shark, and made his way
    out of the water. Wow salty! that shark sure looks happy. the shark was happy to
    be back in the sea. yarr it’s always good to be kind to
    others me mateys. just then, a giant tidal wave splashed the entrance. just then
    Nia came in. Oh No! you’ve all shrunk! in my native Africa,
    whenever something shrinks in the water, we put it out in the hot Sun to dry. we
    should go back to Ulstead sandcastle and you can lie in the Sun to see if you
    grow again! So Nia and the minis all went back to ulfstead sandcastle. soon the
    engines were drying out in the hot Sun. it wasn’t long before they grew stout to
    normal size, and they all went back to work except
    for Thomas, who had fallen asleep in the Sun. after work, all the engines got
    together. Wow Nia, thanks for telling us about that
    trick with the Sun! yaar you certainly saved the day matey!
    we’re very grateful for all your help Nia! huh but where’s Thomas?
    I haven’t seen Thomas since we came back. Oh No I hope he didn’t stay in the Sun!
    he might have grown too big if he did. so the engines raced back to find Thomas.
    they soon came up to Thomas who had grown too big in the Sun. oh no Thomas
    wake up! yaar you grew too big matey. then there
    was trouble. oh no Thomas destroyed Ulstead
    sandcastle! quick we must draw him out into the water. huh?
    leave it to me. hey Thomas! Want to race? and off diesel sped. that Thomas
    chased after him soon DS honk made it to the seaside and
    Thomas followed where they got splashed by a huge wave Wow I feel like my old
    self again I better go back and apologize to the other engines and off
    Thomas went back to meet his friends later on at Tidmouth sheds Wow guys
    sorry for my behavior I had no idea I get that big yeah Thomas that really
    escalated quickly yarr luckily diesel was there to save
    the day say where is diesel anyway one day Percy
    was headed to tell him sandcastle on the way there he ran into salty pie sulky
    were you doing at Callum sandcastle dar looking for buried treasure
    what buried treasure there very buried treasure in Callum sandcastles towers
    what kind of treasure I’m not too sure but here’s the first
    clue under the sand filled by some pails lies enough foul weather to fill all
    your sails yarr let’s find out what’s inside salty
    ok Percy’s digging what do you think he’s gonna find Oh Percy keep digging oh
    hey what’s a what’s that what’s in there who is it hah that’s hurricane here you washing them off take it a bath
    and hurricane hurricane its belong in the water
    that’s where hurricanes go from in the water right now isn’t he
    hey Percy thanks for rescuing me no problem hurricane yarr a hurricane is
    foul weather maybe you can rescue one of my friends in the second tower under the
    sand kept in its place a kind foreign engine from the great race gar sounds
    like more very treasure well let’s get digging
    where do things buried in here now let’s find out Oh hurricane and Percy digging
    together she ma I need to wash off as well as wash wrong it’s a Shima welcome to the beat regime
    or Akane back in the water Oh Percy thank you for rescuing me hiya
    Shima Wow salty I can’t believe we found
    hurricane and as Shima in the sand gar she’s a lucky find
    to be sure can you ask you my friend buried in the third tone well thank you
    here’s your clue trapped in the total power without any door a most splendid
    red engine on all of Sodor yar I’m right here
    Turner Tower who’s gonna open it up we have a Shima and Percy rosy splendid red
    engine oh it’s Rosie are you different Percy
    back in there thanks for rescuing me guys hi Rosie I was trapped in that sand
    you certainly are the most splendid red engine on all of Sodor yar she’s not
    even rad can you guess who’s buried in the fourth tower a brand-new engine from
    a faraway land big world big adventure lives in the sand oh I love big
    adventures yar let’s dig oh it’s the biggest Tower who’s digging Rosie and
    Percy Oh yar you’re splashing sand everywhere Oh oh hello Nia hello Percy are you excited
    for a big world big adventure not particularly dirty beyond Sodor was a
    much better movie well it was no great race for Nia let me give you the proper
    Sodor welcome Thomas what happened why that’s a good-looking castle hey x marks
    the spot maybe there’s more buried treasure oh yeah oh yeah welcome to yay hey buddy where
    are we today that beat I’m ready to have some fun with Thomas you bet
    oh that’s it only the wheels actually move your ranking on the sander what are
    you doing Thomas it’s a boat train hey where are we today are we at the
    beach look at all this beautiful ocean you have so much polish announcer
    the larder is absolutely these are some DC Comics Mattel’s mateys let’s see
    these minis look like oh it’s a good thing we’re by the ocean
    because I was like Aquaman let’s put that guy together that’s Aquaman then we’ll have to do today because he’s
    gonna have a lot of fun that looks like partner Batman whoo that
    does look like Batman doesn’t he let’s see if we can put this guy
    together and that looks like armored Batman okay Aquaman and Batman who’s gonna win the
    fight I think Batman Aquaman oh you looked really okay are you ready to open
    up these minis let’s go okay do you think that’s Thomas don’t
    you think that’s a Thomas one let’s open them up it’s Gator Gator we have Gator
    by the seaside oh if you think it’s all it’s Charlie original Gator and original
    Charlie these guys are already sad so buddy gets salty here since we’re in the
    ocean it’s a pillar bed that’s bad original burn then Benton Bam Bam Bam
    Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam – Ben Ben – Ben Ben hey where’s Charlie and
    Gator did you bury Charlie and forget where you buried them okay let’s see if
    you can find him Clark want daddy to find quick found him whoa Nelly original Toby Oh Toby got
    buried already let’s take a look at Toby we’re getting nothing but original hey
    we did nothing but originals at the speech today
    oK we’ve got two more who do you think they are do you think that’s ezel 10 and
    Thomas dump it up Oh shiny Percy doe with metallic percy it’s metallic Percy shiny shiny Percy
    and he’s gonna be here by himself cuz we don’t know what happened to the rest of
    them oh oh that’s chilling Edward you destroyed that bag chilling Edward yeah
    you did he’s ready for the snow but we’re in the sand and the surf today
    chilling everything got snow Matt’s gonna melt in record time
    okay so we’ve got then Gator Metallica see chilling Edward original Toby
    Aquaman Batman and sand engine Charlie are we ready to take these guys to the
    ocean hey guys come here to watch another
    video and like here to subscribe to our channel bye

    The Beach Song | Original Songs for Kids | Original Song By LBB Junior
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    The Beach Song | Original Songs for Kids | Original Song By LBB Junior

    November 16, 2019

    The beach, the beach, the beach, yeah yeah
    The beach, the beach, the beach, ooh yeah! Grab your towel, bucket and spade
    Swimming gear too cos today’s the day We’re off to the beach! Hip hip hooray
    Come on everyone let’s be on our way! The beach, the beach, the beach, yeah yeah
    The beach, the beach, the beach, ooh yeah! Look at the beach. Check out the sea!
    They’re so beautiful and so pretty Lay our beach towels out on the sand
    Soak up the sun and get a suntan! But please have on lots of sunscreen
    To protect your skin you need this cream Or you might end up a bit sunburnt
    Which can actually really hurt! The beach, the beach, the beach, yeah yeah
    The beach, the beach, the beach, ooh yeah! Play lots of games then go for a swim
    Next, how about sandcastle building?! Time for an ice cream before we go
    We love the beach, don’t you know! The beach, the beach, the beach, yeah yeah
    The beach, the beach, the beach, ooh yeah!