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    PAPA JAKE HAS BEEN CAPTURED!! He Won’t Escape The Hacker
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    PAPA JAKE HAS BEEN CAPTURED!! He Won’t Escape The Hacker

    October 19, 2019

    hey yo what’s going on guys it’s Papa
    Jake here and as you know we are currently on the run from what we
    believe are either hackers spies or potentially worse we were able to make
    it back to our house after the last video we had to escape the haunted woods
    at 3 a.m. we used camera setup in those woods to track the movements of these
    creepers and were able to escape just in time we’re now back home but we are
    still on the run from them we don’t know who they are or what they want but guys
    get this we were able to find one of their iPhones that’s right this fell out
    of one of their pockets after they tripped and we’re gonna be using this
    today to hack into it and try and get some more information on who is
    following us as of right now all we know is that they’re coming after youtubers
    and they have a list of youtubers including me
    the sheriff family Chad wild play and a bunch of other youtubers we don’t know
    why they want us and we don’t know how dangerous these guys are right now I’m
    feeling pretty safe as you can see we’re back home after spending the last almost
    week in the woods it’s nice to be back here but look and I was just pulling
    them in on everything we’re still definitely not out of the clear no these
    cats could be anywhere I think our first priority today is gonna be hacking into
    this phone and figure out as much information as we can on these guys
    anything we can get from them it’s gonna be extremely important but guys one of
    the most important things is all of your support through this you guys have been
    amazing all these comments all of your likes sharing the videos getting the
    word out there and most importantly alerting other youtubers of the
    information we’re finding we’re putting together a case using all of your guys
    information and you’re helping us solve this mystery together so yeah guys as of
    right now there’s a few different theories but it goes from anywhere to
    this being the government to being someone trying to get rid of YouTube
    vloggers which is why they haven’t been attacking gamers I mean all the way to
    this being some sort of evil corporation trying to stop youtubers as you can see
    everyone’s helping out but we need your help as well wait guys I think I hear
    something downstairs I heard that too this house is so big
    there’s no way we’re gonna cover every entrance check the back check back something there look gia that it’s a
    security alarm one of the doors is opening let’s read
    answers quickly great if you think we’ve gone in the basement it’s the only door
    we didn’t check it’s closed to be in any Spock’s words there’s no way we’re gonna
    check all of this yeah check in here no the windows are open Shh you guys have
    to get here something in the front window come on Logan come on this way
    oh this isn’t good guys you seen this one in the window
    Lupe’s right there is the door I saw behind the door it’s one behind the door
    look he’s right there he’s right there guys this isn’t good when you hacked
    into this phone and figure it out they must know we have their phone that’s why
    they’re coming after us at our house look and what are we gonna do we have to
    get out of here man they’re literally surrounding the house get out of here we
    have to go down all right guys I’m ideal let’s grab my
    car and head out the garage because it’s Cape with the car and find a place to
    hack into this phone I’ve got my keys on me let’s go let’s go head to the cross
    come on guys we got to go we gotta get out of here and find a place where we
    can hack into this phone Hey look and get in get in
    look at this one coming get it get it get it really quickly let’s go let’s go
    let’s go she’s coming he’s coming
    get this out of you man we’re getting out of here all right let’s get out of
    here Logan we gotta get out of here and fast Jake where are we gonna go
    all right have an idea guys if we’re gonna hide out somewhere I think we can
    go to our old fort if you guys remember our previous box for video we made an
    awesome fallout shelter I think we head back there there’s no way we’ll find us
    there it’s a little bit of a drive but once we get there we should be able to
    get inside and use it as a base of operations the definitely be on our
    trail to Logan hi I’ve got an idea I’m gonna put the car in launch control and
    send this out it’s just really fast once we’re around the corner
    I’ll put it into electric mode and we’ll cruise around that way they won’t be
    able to hear us and we’ll be able to escape back to the fort
    once we’re there we can hack into the phone all right putting in wash control
    all right ready guys cheek that was so fast all right we got
    around the corner quickly by putting into electric mode now there’s no way
    they can be able to hear us hi this is perfect let’s head back to
    the Ford and a key to this phone shouldn’t be too far of a drive but
    we’ll keep an eye out and see if they’re following us
    come on guys – should be out this way oh wow guys the fort what is Roy I don’t
    think I’ve ever seen this happen to a box store this thing has been rushed
    supposed to been from all the storms we had lately guys wow the entire canopy
    that we had above it securing it from the water just fell on it well this this
    part of the floor it still looks good yeah the back looks like it’s an
    operation oh yeah do the lights are still on
    I should be able to pull off the back door here seems perfect for us to hide
    out and there’s no way they’re gonna look here so who’s going first in case there’s
    raccoons all right looks like Logan’s gonna go first hopefully there’s no
    animals in here let me get it set up whoa god this is crazy the whole four
    days like collapse dude check this out
    you can literally see like the line where the fort just collapsed this is
    raisi I mean at least we did a really good job
    on this side this part held up very well but yeah it looks like we’re not getting
    any farther than that way is there even a way through that look no this is this
    is a dead end to the fort all right well we can use the second story of the four
    to set up shop and hack into the cycle okay guys let’s do this and see we can
    find on this phone I’m gonna plug it in here there we go and see if we can hack
    into it first things first if we can get past the phone’s password hi hold on you
    in it Jake are you sure we’re even safe here
    they were just on our tail I mean it’s the least likely place for them to look
    we’d see enough time to get in your figure out what’s going on okay hold on
    a monster just around the program here basically brute-forcing the password
    dude I got it we’re in all perfect okay here we go downloading the data see what we have no
    although again what looks like they remotely cleared the phone they like the
    phone you try to remove all the data from it no no no no no mostly
    everything’s missing hold on cheek what does that mean I’m easily deleted
    everything off the phone once they knew we had it I’m gonna try and run a
    recovery software see what I can get from it
    look and check this out what is it look it’s some sort of map that they have on
    here so must be how they’re tracking us youtubers check out
    hold on I’m pulling some other stuff the recovery software is gonna try and pull
    everything off of this phone and put it into one folder so we can look what was
    on it and should be almost done I’ve got
    access to the files in the iPhone whoa guys it’s a text message someone owns
    the leader he says is the job done person’s phone that we took says yes
    well Papa Jake has escaped but we are tracking him guys it’s definitely make
    sense this is from the tracker this is who was tracking us your replies find
    him and what about the other sets that must be the other youtubers the other
    youtubers are slowly being captured soon our plan will be complete
    like great one nice is go forth Logan whoever this phone is texting they have
    a leader it doesn’t mean that these people are random there there’s some
    sort of organization I mean this could be an organization a spy to be an
    organization of hackers beep we just don’t know pray let’s see what else we
    got on here that’s the sharers house they have a satellite image of the
    Sherry’s house Logan guys this isn’t good they’re slowly using some some way
    to track it I don’t know what it could be
    however they’re doing it they’re tracking us and they have imagery of
    Carters house oh no this isn’t good this is good let’s do it officers dude what
    is this that it’s like a compound of some sort looks almost like a prison
    looks like it’s in the mists being built it’s just a wider view of the shop Oh
    what bad dude I have no idea it’s like graffiti or something yeah
    this is weird guys let me know in the comments if you have any idea what that
    could be all right looks like there’s two more
    files on here it’s a smaller weight Jake that’s the
    school that’s the Chad was in guys this means that that we are correct this this
    means that this is linked to Chad wild clay
    this means that whoever is doing this they’re all linked together maybe you
    can help us to KO some the information here maybe you can use what you’ve seen
    here to give us some more information : there’s one more file here let me bring
    it up seems like it’s a video Gus I know what this is from I can hear Carter
    share is voicing this look and you were there this is from Carter shares fourth
    of July party guys that means whoever this phone belonged to was that Carter
    share his house on the fourth of July that means that this could be narrowed
    down to as small as 50 to 60 people more importantly guys Carter’s in trouble I
    need to call him right now I’m gonna grab my phone call Carter Carter is that
    you can you hear me guys I need to warn you okay I don’t know if you know what’s
    going on right now but there is someone after us they’ve been tracking us down I
    don’t know if they’re hackers or spies or something were some sort of
    organization but we’ve already had multiple men show up at our house
    there’s been someone tracking us even so far as the forest I’ve been on the run
    for the pain I don’t know I don’t know how dangerous they are but I don’t know
    right now guys we’re hiding out in a box port but there’s something I need to
    tell you something extremely important you need to know about them you can’t
    trust anyone not even any of the other youtubers you can’t trust anyone
    Carter we found a video on the phone we can what I think someone’s here what if
    would it what do you mean we’re gonna just cut up the screen smoking look
    what’s going on it’s getting smoking when you smoke coming from is there fire
    near everyone ladies Ygritte there whoa whoa yeah watch out watch out thirty
    thirty we gotta go we gotta go now guys if you see this tell Carter share what
    we know give him the infrared Logan what is that
    there’s a crow we’re gonna cool abort okay

    Will 40,000 M&Ms Flush?
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    Will 40,000 M&Ms Flush?

    October 19, 2019

    Is your ability to draw a straight line constantly impaired by earthquakes outsmart that earthquake with this handy-dandy line drawing Oh man, look at him. He’s getting that that hard riding disease. I can’t remember the name of it carpal tunnel Yeah carpets a perfect tonal so that way it doesn’t get carpal tunnel. He’ll use actual car. That’s so smart Simply drill hole through the driver’s seat and let the pin drive whoo. Toasty nose is my favorite chip here the Krispy Kreme Oh, oh, whoa. Who’s this dude? You can’t tell me that guy didn’t know what he was doing when he opened it from the bottom scrap the heck just don’t invite That guy around anymore. Geez, come on. Oh, that is a mega chip, but that’s not a bad idea. That’s pretty good Okay. This one’s really useful. I’m going to show this to my wife and then our chips won’t be stale She just throws them in the cabinet without putting some kind of clip on them. And then I can’t enjoy my Chex Mix anymore Oh my doctor no sinners or the ranch. I have tried that salsa. It’s the Walmart salsa. It is not good That’s why we’re running it over destroy it each droid be good. Oh Are those Doritos who dips doritos in salsa? Let me know in the comments if you dip Doritos and salsa so I can have the FBI raid your house because you’re crazy You know, I’ve never ate burritos with salsa, but I mean it makes sense Do you log to be the greatest chef in the world? Come on? But struggle with figuring out how to open Chicken broth master this meeting method to be on your way to becoming the master chef get off at Like 400, where’s the container inside the rock? It’s like a juice corn that’s gross. That’s what juice is in the broth is Bad because all the sonic come on man, I feel like this hat kind of borders on crazy That’s how you make the best snack ever what you do is you take three hotdogs cut them up into little pieces put two pieces of crap singles on a microwave them for 90 seconds, then you dip them in ketchup after they pulled off and you eat them and it’s the best meal ever This next hat wait that potato looks like ba Arthur I don’t know who that is, but my scriptwriter put it there So i’m sanna grouse Pringles game, even though that’s the best flavor wait, so he used a knife at that So he’s gonna router that work. So well, it did work actually really. Well, it probably would work better than a knife, honestly He just did that we ate a raw potato. Remember I did. Oh, yeah Yeah, it tastes about your crush is walking your way. But your breath smells like a dead fish in a landfill You’re gonna need all the take taxi. Oh, yeah. This is gonna be very good up you’re wrong. This was not very close being sarcastic Nice, I’m going to rate this. Why is this on the street right now hack review? Chandler 0.2 rating on this half out of what 10? Sorry thing that you are not beginning the hack of the Year award ice cream sandwiches are great for space travel But they take up too much room on the shuttle. I read. All right, I’m not gonna make everybody mad I respect ice cream sandwiches. I just don’t do it. I don’t eat them very much I just don’t feel the desire for ice cream sandwiches every day this what are you eating? Oh, It looks like somebody’s Like a really fat person SpaceX plans to use this simple trick the safe room on the trip to Mars you that no ice ice tray duh game Yeah skirt Pato Bruce Wayne ain’t got no spoon Chandler and all I gots a ping-pong ball and some hot glue Probably and a popsicle stick he threw away the other half of the bomb. He could have had two spoons. Boom I just like packed the light pack. I was right about the hot glue. Oh, I don’t think that’s gonna work I guess that was wrong that won’t CQ for our Come on oh I think actually I think you did. I heard some slurping coke tastes better out of a bottle It’s just a scientific fact, but like me you like to carry your bottles upside down. What are you going to do? Don’t panic simply take the balloon. You keep in your pocket and use it to seal the bottle I’d die if the cabbage my eating itself. Yo ting itself even oh my gosh, it worked now You can safely transport your bottle without spilling any of that scientifically improved formula Sharpie has cornered the market but no one has created the permanent paintbrush yet Stay ahead of the game by breaking open a Sharpie to reveal the ultra secret hidden paintbrush in the middle I wonder what sharpens are gonna do. All right. So let’s settle this one sharpies the brain the end. It’s a permanent marker Yes, but you call other permanent markers contacted. Oh, look at he getting his hands dirty Dude, that’s not coming off either dude. Sharpie takes forever to get off your hands Looking for a creative way to patch those cracks in your driveway make them look fabulous by filling them with glitter glue Oh, that’s a pretty glue. Oh, yeah, I had to use normal white glue Oh, oh, yeah. Ah Beautiful Look at this shining of the Sun on it. It’s so nice. Gorgeous. Just gorgeous I don’t know about you, but wet concrete just looks so gross too low-key I feel like the amount of kids eating glue went way up when they paint blue pretty and as you know glue works better if You hit it with a hammer. Oh, no, not all the Nike whatever. Those are. I don’t even recognize issues Let’s get these nerfs some buffs. Oh, they’re waiting the ends of it Oh bears. Don’t hurt that bad I don’t think they hurt that I think it’s our coming out pretty fast. It’s coming out It’s on slo-mo and I can’t keep up with this, dude What they just made him do em right by they’re like, I don’t know. Maybe we should redo this Your shirt wasn’t in the right position the complete opposite of a hollow tip. This hack is plastic band proof ultra Ultra Thor and when a panel eb o for a living baby, will you like this son so much like him? What are your thoughts on Planet Sheen Planet Sheen yet? Did you see that? Yeah, it was trap. It was bad. Oh wow Look at that he put his hand chef’s huh? Ultra4 rice. Krispies treat. Oh wow, 2 or 1. Oh wow No good ultra Four Reese’s make getting peanut butter to your mouth faster when they put it in a squeeze bottle Achieve terminal peanut butter velocity with this quick hack. Oh whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa such a waste Oh, no, that stuff is so good. Oh, oh man, maybe a Wow Food. Ah Reese’s puffs receipt Oh, eat em up beat him up beat him up. It’s not the word see in the second verse. Yeah He’s good that Looks like good if I saw poop on the road and I saw that I would think that that was boot This hack was developed specifically with our viewers over 30 of mine. Are you in 1848 Chris? I actually am in 1848 currently I got stuck in a time machine will me to guess what I’m at to me What a quill holder Oh What a quill holder whose quill interpret Franklin see if Benjamin Franklin was alive in 1848 When did Ben Franklin died? 1790 dude, you’re like a hundred years off. This is beautiful since we’re an 18th minor your wrist We can hold our clothes and our little holders man. What does that say? Olden days life hat sometimes cooking like an adult can be boring. That’s why sometimes it’s fun to do it with a bad word Nothing to say a wienie Greg. Go back to weenie hut dude. Hey, what’s that beef Oscar Mayer be beef on a stick. Oh This ain’t bad idea. Do you eat cold hot dogs? I used to when I was a kid, but now the thought of cold hot dogs makes me do stuff Yeah, that’s kind of gross. Yeah, they need it Maybe not what a weenie weenie had doing you all your friends are out playing airsoft without you Here’s a hack to get involved in the action speaking of airsoft I don’t know if you guys saw the tweet, but we’re actually doing a huge $100,000 airsoft battle royale with youtubers So if your youtuber and watching this just you know tweet at me on Twitter and I can get you all the list There’s a lot going on right now. Whoa, what is going on right now? So we’re shooting BBs out of syringe Thanks. Oh wow Those dookied the first one is way better. Come on Look at it. It can be difficult to find a boat big enough to fit your entire candy stash But what if I told you every home in America came with one as standard so I don’t know what the point of this is Sit before it looked really cool. How are they not going down. Are they floating to him and in salute? yeah, but it’s so about oh, oh, oh, that’s nasty That’s disgusting. I look pretty cool though. How all those go down that toilet? Yeah, that’s all I had good flushing But it won’t after all those freaking M&Ms are in the mouths of it choosing which pudding you want can be Frustrating eliminate the choice by mixing them together to make one berry blue chocolate snacks. This is like two types of jell-o It could be jell-o when the jell-o pudding. There’s jell-o pudding and there’s jell-o Jell-o, but some people just call it put it but it’s made by gym. Gel is a brand not a yeah No, I tell them to jello is our item – no, no, no jello is the name of the brand gelatin is the item Okay, so nobody calls it. Gel. It’s like chapstick It’s called it’s supposed to be called lip balm. But everybody just calls it chapstick chapstick. I don’t know about that one That is gotta hate you sometimes lip balm because there’s lip balm on it for brands too though. Yes, exactly It’s the general name for it. Yeah Chapstick is the brand behind it. That’s their brand just lip. Balm brain. No If you listen to this Let me know stupid that blue one. Looks like it belongs in a barrel with the school label on it That’s it for the video. We’re about to play rock-paper-scissors Remember whenever you click on a mr Pirie beasts video always watch to the end is at the end of every video We play rock paper scissors people that don’t play rock paper scissors. The parents don’t level take your hand Preferably your left hand do either a rock a paper or scissors with that hit Rock Paper Scissors shoot I choose paper I know you lost don’t lie Next one I choose scissors. Oh Really you chose rock Wow. Okay, it’s time. Hmm. This one’s for the Dove Rock Paper Scissors Shoot. I know you chose scissors game end subscribe right now like the video leave a comment of your favorite life hack Get back

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    October 19, 2019

    Hello everybody, it’s me Luigi the Dorobo Piper What I said about that No They say cut open eternity Wow Why Oh Yeah I Did it I did it I did it The rock in a dive world your little shit Oh What I thought I saw Selma that notebook on a paper Paquito each semester door opens inaudible acts on O’Connor’s what is very important episode you’ll be taken to that

    REACTION | Eat With Que Psychic Bootz Tarot | Do Christians Cast Spells
    Articles, Blog

    REACTION | Eat With Que Psychic Bootz Tarot | Do Christians Cast Spells

    October 18, 2019

    hi everybody bang taystee mukbang eats
    y’all hi is y’all doing today tasty is here with something lord have
    mercy y’all whoo y’all ain’t ready for this I’m not ready
    for this I’m not ready for the job I been crying today cuz I’m not ready for
    this yeah I haven’t had anything to eat since y’all see me earlier today with my
    baked potato and I still got let me get em plus I had some brie I didn’t eat my
    uh my bread this is jalapeno bread and I didn’t
    finish eating rest of my baked potato I don’t even have a fork over here let’s
    say great job father God I thank you for this book that I’m about to receive your
    blessings you love your kindness your mercy and your grace all your provisions
    that you have made for my life dear lord I ask you to continue to protect me from
    all hurt harm and danger and in Jesus name I bless this food and I pray amen
    so I clearly do not have a fork over here and I need to go get a fork so
    y’all just gonna have to hold tidy all righty so first let me tell you guys I have
    mods in the house so keep your conversation clean not calling anyone
    out of their names no disrespectful comments no spam
    comments no self promoting your channel we’re just here to engage in a civil
    conversation and if you do not like my views my opinions of my purpose for
    being here you are free to leave at any time I mean I really don’t understand
    why you subscribe to my channel if you don’t subscribe to my thoughts or you
    don’t have to agree with every single thing that I’m saying or the way that I
    say it or my actions you don’t have to agree with any of that but at the end of
    the day you do have to respect it so if you’re not going to be respectful then I
    will tell you to just go to the left because I don’t come in anyone else’s
    house and disrespect them if I don’t like what you’re doing in your house
    then I am free to leave at any time and I don’t have to even let you know that
    I’ve left I would just leave so uh today y’all oh my goodness I think I need to
    finish eating before I start talking about this because I got some footage to
    show you guys and I know some people keep saying quite tasty you’re in oh hey I’m getting
    the messages I delete them they not gonna stay on my channel you’re oh hey
    your be your age something is wrong with your eyes
    you’re a bald-headed and you got a knot in your throat you’re not telling me
    nothing I don’t know cuz let me tell you something when you have a mission that is contrary to the world’s agenda you’re
    gonna have haters let me tell you something it wasn’t until after Jesus
    was dead and crucified there a lot of people realized that he
    was the Christ but why he was walking in our on this
    earth telling people he was the Christ demonstrating to people that he was the
    Christ he was attacked he was a brute abused he was put in prison he was
    hunted down he was murdered if you are not willing to lose your life
    for the sake of Christ then you don’t belong to him
    if you’re not willing to be crucified for the sake of Christ you don’t belong
    to him if you are not willing to be called names for the sake of Christ
    y’all belong him everything not gonna always be peaches and roses some people saying you’re being a messy
    tasty just leave it alone first off you ain’t got you can’t tell
    me to leave something alone of God and telling me to leave it alone another
    thing people start miss but God finish it people try to expose people to destroy
    people and at the end of the day they end up getting exposed and God is not
    through exposing so y’all just need to sit back and relax stay prayerful keep
    everybody prayed up keep me pray to t be love life prayed up keep my family
    prayed up keep cute pray to keep everybody prayed up and pray that God’s
    will be done that’s all you could do because you don’t know right now what
    God is doing everything happens for reason and another thing people want to say you’re just doing
    this now for attention you’re just doing this now for a cop chasing let me tell
    you something don’t nobody have nothing that I want that I can’t get on my own
    don’t nobody have nothing that I want that I’d have to lie steal and kill for
    every single thing that God had for me he had for me in my to his own time and
    everything is in God’s timing y’all wanna question why this and why
    that and white is when at the end of the day God knew everything that had
    happened he knew everything that was going to happen and he knows what’s
    going to happen in the future only God knows why he did what he did and why
    he’s doing what he’s doing now because he sees the full picture we don’t this is not the jalapeno brilliant that
    they used to have God waves are not always God thoughts are not our thoughts one thing we could do at the end of the
    day as make sure we right we go and when we do things when we’re not right God we’re not gonna get away with him the
    Bible say whom he loves he chastens and if he loved you a lot and you did a lot
    of wrong the he’s gone chasing you a lot but if he loves you and he chastens you
    and you don’t take heed to the chasing then you’re setting yourself for sure
    destruction this situation today when I was thinking about this situation this
    situation today reminded me of Pharaoh when Moses went to him and told him to
    let his people go it didn’t matter how many plates that God allowed Moses to
    put on Pharaoh and his kingdom he would tell God he would tell Pharaoh that he
    was gonna let the Israelites go just to get Moses to release the plague off of
    him and as soon as he released the plague off for him he wouldn’t keep his
    word in this situation reminds me of that because this person has had
    multiple opportunities to wrong her right to acknowledge her own to repent but she’s not gonna do that and God I
    wonder and why she won’t do it cuz she into thee when you lay down with the
    devil and you sell your soul to the devil to accomplish fame and fortune I
    told y’all in the previous video the devil gives you that
    fame and fortune but he also takes it back from you and you and destroys you
    and you cannot you cannot dance with the devil in the pale moonlight and in the
    morning time put on the white robe and say you’re of God the Bible stares that
    I am a jealous God God say he’s a joke though he told you he jokes I’m a
    jealous God he made the plain he said you can not serve two masters either
    you’re gonna hate one of you who love the other one and he also said you
    belong to who you yield your members to not everybody didn’t say Lord Lord
    belong God and he’s made that plain cuz he said in the last days is many gonna
    say Lord Lord and he’s gonna say depart from me you worker of iniquity I never
    knew you I never knew you that’s a strong do y’all know what never
    mean let me never never ever ever so if those people are pretending
    to be Saints and pretending to be Christians and they say in the Lord Lord
    but God say depart from me you worker of iniquity I never knew you that mean they
    were never say they but they never belonged to him
    they never was sold out to him so I know y’all sing tasty get to the point I’m
    getting them hold on I’m hungry y’all telling me there’s some mukbang
    channel just a mukbang channel eat after even talk and I can just come on here
    top and don’t eat I can do whatever I mean dude I could change the whole name
    to my channel if I want to yeah it’s very important that we allow God to do
    whenever it is he’s trying to do and let him do it in his timing cuz our wisdom
    is not his wisdom our timing is not his timing and God will reveal the Bible say
    everything that’s done in the dark will come to the light everything that’s done
    in the dark we’ll come to the light there’s nothing that we could do was say the god don’t
    know else that he didn’t see and that he can’t expose and if God chooses to
    expose people at the expense of the destruction of those people then that’s
    what he chooses to do because you don’t know how far gone those people are and
    you don’t know at what point those people were plotting and planning
    to destroy somebody else if y’all go back to the story on my channel which
    I’ll tell again one thing but when I was 16 years old there was this lady I got
    married when I was 16 and one of my sister-in-law’s tried to put voodoo on
    me when I was 16 years old I’m not gonna get into the story but I
    tell it another day and because of my faith
    and the relationship that I had with God even at the age of 16 I turned that lady
    over to God and there ladies today as of today has lost so much she’s lost
    everything she’s lost her mind she’s she’s had two children that have died lost her health she has lost everything
    she don’t even know who she is half the time anymore and God didn’t judge her
    all at one time or he didn’t just judge her one for what
    she did and listen along the judgment is still on her life because pride would
    destroy you and some people think just because they
    repent they mean they don’t have to pay for that scene that woman tried to
    physically heal physically kill my baby that was in my body God didn’t let her
    get away with it she tried to wreak havoc on my life and
    then stay here her life was destroyed you don’t try to comfort other people
    children and think your children are gonna be protected she tried to kill my
    my son and she has lost two kids you can’t do whatever you want to do and
    don’t think that nothing is gonna happen to you
    and whatever God chooses to allowed to happen to you that’s his
    punishment and however long he continues to try he decides to punish you
    that’s his decision maybe for every time you ignored the truth you’re gonna be
    judged maybe for every time you could have repented and you didn’t you’re
    going to be judged maybe for every time you could have turned and walked away
    from that scene and you didn’t you caused the judgment of God to be on your
    life in a different situation for each and every one of those times you can’t
    play with the devil in the pale moon night and then call on God for mercy and
    want him to help you when you are when you actually belong to the devil you
    can’t claim to be a Christian but practicing witchcraft and voodoo God
    doesn’t dwell in an unclean temple and today I am here okay yeah what did I do
    in my glass y’all know hong-chih can’t see nothing without her glasses oh my
    goodness hold on yeah oh how my glass is into the way over there so today I am
    here to expose another another one of eating with cues antics before I get
    started see when this is all over with and this
    is all over wit y’all will see why God did not allow this to die down because
    he wanted to expose the full truth he wanted to expose the darkness of this
    whole situation before I get started with what I want to show you guys I’m
    gonna pray because and I also want you to know there’s a disclaimer in this
    video I don’t approve of or practice witchcraft voodoo I don’t believe in
    psychics tarot card reading or any of that so this is a disclaimer what I’m
    going to share with you in this video is in no way shape form of fashion my own
    reviews and I’m not promoting it at all but I am using this material as
    educational purposes to expose to you the things that eat what you have been
    doing behind the scenes that are in contrary to what she say she’s doing so let me see Geraldine gave me a 999 super chat Thank
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    pressed that thumbs up button press it okay so y’all let me start talking and
    get into the background of what I’m about to talk about tonight as you guys
    know I was live last night 2:00 this morning and then I was getting ready to
    go to bed at 6:00 a.m. this morning and I was like no I’m not gonna go to
    bed so I left the house I went ran errands and you guys seen me stop at
    Papa’s barbecue to go get something to eat
    and then when I got home I went to sleep I was so tired I was pulling in the
    driveway and my eyes was so heavy it just looked I’m sure somebody prolly say
    that woman looked like she owned some drinks cuz she just looked so tired I
    was so tired y’all because I didn’t go straight to bed
    when I ended my life this morning so not too long ago I was getting ready to get
    I got out of bed to go to the bathroom but I wasn’t ready to get up but I
    looked at my phone and I had a DM from somebody that sent me a link to a video
    that is farther exposing it with Q and it’s exposing her practices pretty much
    of witchcraft because any spirit that’s not the spirit of god is a spirit of
    witchcraft when you’re dealing with any spirit that’s not a spirit of God if
    you’re dealing with voodoo that’s not a spirit of God if you’re dealing with
    serving another god that’s not a spirit of God if you’re dealing in you know
    idolizing a person that’s not a spirit of God if you’re dealing with witchcraft
    and in reference to there are different forms of witchcraft if y’all know some
    of the different forms of witchcraft leave it in the description box below
    and make sure you say some of the different forms of witchcraft are so
    anybody reading this later would know what you’re talking about list some of
    the different forms of witchcraft that you’re aware of but there are different
    forms of witchcraft you guys I personally do not believe in palm
    reading tarot reading psychic readings I don’t believe
    in any of that stuff I am a person that God has given a gift of dreams and I’ve
    had a gift of dream since I was a little girl
    whenever I dreamed something it actually comes true so in that instance the Bible
    say try to spirit by the spirit but as far as getting my palms read tarot card
    reading psychic readings I would not do that and if you are a true follower and
    believer of Christ most Christians know that that is against one of the
    principles of God because you cannot play with darkness and yet say you
    belong to the light and I think this information that we’re gonna learn about
    cube is very important to us knowing her motives and knowing why she’s doing what
    she’s doing and knowing why God is doing what he’s doing in this situation
    continue to expose her because she’s in too deep right now she’s in too deep
    nobody knows what the outcome of this situation is going to be because you
    don’t even know if this person has already sold their soul to the devil and
    turned themselves over to a reprobate mind you do not know that and so God is
    never let me tell you how something because I said I had somebody tried to
    practice I say try to practice voodoo on me before and it didn’t work because I
    wasn’t a believer of it and I rebuke it in the name of Jesus and it backfired on
    that person and my exact prayer was Lord let everything that she intended for me
    happened to her and at the end of the day she must have intended a whole bunch
    of wickedness and evenness for me because this lady is still paying for
    this twenties something years later and all I have to
    say is when somebody sits their sight on destroying a child of God God is not
    gonna allow it to happen and he is going to do whatever he needs to do to protect
    the person against the evil that the other person was trying to cause against
    them and in this instance we are discovering today which I say it the
    other day because somebody else had so-called made a video on me and said
    that it just seems like I’m gonna win a witch hunt and I said in the video all
    right first of all I’m not no witch and second of all if I am on a witch hunt
    then I’m after all witches I said two or three days ago so for this information
    to come forward today and come in my hands somebody an anonymous source DM to
    me this information and God put it in the hands of the person that he wanted
    to get to have you guys are questioning timing why this why that why that
    because God knows who he can use he knows who he can trust he knows who is
    not fearful of the threats and the outcome of man there have been people
    threatening me what they gonna do to me they gonna expose me I’m not scared
    anything that you can expose about me God has already used as a testimony
    through my life and if I need to talk about it again for more souls to be one
    for Christ it’s nothing that you could say about me that I’m embarrassed of
    shame of and the God can’t use uh because I’m not the person I used to be
    and I’ve been through so much in life that I
    I’m lucky to still be here but I’m here by the grace of God because he wanted me
    to be here and he has a purpose and a plan for me such as a time as this and
    I’m gonna carry out the things that God want me to carry out regardless of what
    anybody got to say about me I don’t care like I said before and I’ll probably
    stay in every video you could talk about my ball head you can talk about my heart
    you could talk about my love in my throat
    you could talk about me wanting to live in a van you could say whatever you want
    to say cuz I don’t understand you’re telling me to stop talking about
    Q but you but then you come to my channel and call me B’s call me H’s call
    me out my name disrespect me and I don’t understand how the God that you serve
    tells you that it’s okay for you to call somebody out they name and disrespect
    them in defense of another person who is not God that means that you are
    idolizing Q because we are all subject to the Justice of God we are all subject
    to the judgment of God and whatever he decides to do and whoever he decides to
    do to expose a evil and a wicked person then you don’t start attacking that
    person you just sit back and you let God do it so I had some more food in our
    oven you guys cuz I know that wasn’t gonna be enough let me go get my other
    food out the oven and I’ll be right back I smell it I don’t want to burn it you yeah I said I didn’t want to burn it but
    I think it’s a little too late for that these are some enchiladas from Trader
    Joe’s and they are not supposed to be this crispy but I do like everything
    crispy right now y’all we have 306 people in the house please give the
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    right now can you can somebody put Psalms 91 let me let me go get my Bible I just moved in my Bible Oh what did I
    do with it I’ll see this beautiful Bible I found at
    like a garage sale recently y’all know I do garage sales 3 monthly markets I’m
    not a good reader somebody’s Ted storms 91 and before we
    get started I do want to play so maybe this is could you leave me into prayer
    because we’re gonna be dealing with some evil spirits that if you don’t have God
    covered in your spirit evil spirits can can come in signs 91 says he that
    dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the
    ADI I will say of the Lord he is my refuge
    and my fortress my god in him will I trust surely he will deliver me from the
    snare of the fowls and from the deadly pestilence he shall he should cover thee
    with his they got they have more than one word in this Bible for the word
    which is kind of confusing when you just want to read it straight because I got
    more than one word that you could choose to use I don’t think I like that he
    shall cover thee with his feathers under his wing shalt thou trust his truth
    shall be thy shield and my buckler thou shalt not be afraid of a terror by night
    nor the arrow that flieth by day nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness
    nor for the destroy action that was it at noon day 8000
    shall fall at thy side and ten thousand at thy right but it shall not come near
    thee only with thine eyes shalt thou behold and see the reward of the wicked
    or the recompense of the wicked oh I thought I was through oh that’s a long
    no I thought I was through that’s not finished hold on because thou has made
    the Lord which is my refuge even the most high thou inheritance there shall
    no evil befall thee neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling for he
    shall give his angels charge over thee to keep thee in all thy ways though I
    shall hear thee o they shall bear thee up in their hands lest they – their foot
    against the stone thou shalt tread upon the Lions and add it the young lion and
    the dragon and the serpent shall die trumple under thy feet because he had
    said his love upon me therefore I will deliver him I will set him on high
    because he had known my name he shall call upon me and I would answer I will
    be with him in trouble I will deliver him and I will honor him with long life
    will i satisfy by him and show him my salvation that is
    Psalms 91 if you want to read it on your own
    let’s pray y’all precious Heavenly Father’s we come to you right now dear
    Lord we thank you for everything that you’re about to do today for everything
    that you’re about to expose dear lord I ask you to protect us all persons having
    of heart farther and to shield our hearts from eating any evil and wicked
    that is going to be exposed here today dear lord I ask you to Laura to open our
    own eyes against any unrighteousness that we would have in our hearts in our
    minds and our souls dear Lord let us repent precious heavenly father of any
    and everything that we have done that is not pleasing unto you father God and
    Jesus precious heavenly father even though we count exposing our sister q
    today dear Lord we ask father God if you have not turned her over to a reprobate
    mind yet dear Lord that you please have mercy upon her so dear Lord lead her to
    repentance precious heavenly father lead her to your mercy and your grace lead
    her to forgiveness precious heavenly father allow her to seek true
    forgiveness and true repentance for the sins that she have done dear Lord
    show her purse heavenly father the wicked and evil ways show her precious
    heavenly father how her ways of evil and wickedness are leading to her own demise
    and destruction precious heavenly Florida show her precious heavenly
    father that she needs to take down those videos of speaking ill against a child
    purchase Heavenly Father show her how she is injuring herself her community
    and her future by being stubborn and disrespectful
    father God you know that we love q we do not like her ways we’re not accepting
    her waste we are holding her accountable for the
    evil and the wicked things that she has done we ask you right Nigel Lord that
    you use every word that is spoken against her to unhurt in her heart and
    to lead her to repentance prayer ceremony father I know that you can do
    this and more i entrust this situation to your hands father God and I believe
    that you can do this and more let this situation serve your purpose let this
    situation bring you glory in Jesus name I pray amen four hundred and twenty six people in
    the house we should over two hundred thumbs up
    right now give this video a thumbs up you guys so today I say someone sent me
    a link to a video of a person describing behaviors of cue that are demonic that
    are evil and that are not of the faith that she professes that she belong to
    and I know we all do stuff that we shouldn’t do but at the same time we
    can’t say we belong to God and continue to say that and not be willing to be
    held accountable for the wrong that we’ve done y’all give the video a thumbs
    up I need ten more thumbs up please so I am going to play this video of this
    person that came across my path and again these are not my views I do not
    subscribe to I do not promote I do not believe in witchcraft I do not believe
    in tarot card readings I do not believe in psychics I do not believe in any of
    that stuff but in order for us to in order for us to bring light to the
    situation we’re gonna have to watch this information that God brought to earth in
    order to expose the devil for who he really is because the devil is trying to
    stay unexposed but God is what God wants – devil to be exposed fully in this
    situation and that’s why the situation is not dying and that’s why the
    situation is not going to die until God has the last say it’s a god sees God
    puts situations in our path for us to repent instead of when we turn our hearts when
    we harden our hearts towards God God keep pounding at our hearts to try to
    give us the opportunity to do the right thing and to unhardened our heart
    so each and every time God gives a person an opportunity to do they don’t
    they’re continuing to heart their heart and in this situation Q is continuing to
    heart her heart against the things of God hi boss lady Lexi I guess the things
    of God because she is not submitting her members
    hello Doug W to God so we’re gonna watch this video get you guys and I may let
    you guys watch this video all the way through and then I’ll replay it again
    and do a commentary I want you to know that this is very very very disturbing
    and it’s very serious it’s very very very serious this is not this should not
    be taken lightly at all hello faith squad and again I need my mods on top of
    this I need my mods on top of this life today we’re not playing with nobody
    today y’all know what y’all need to do y’all do it
    we’re not playing with nobody if you coming up in here and you do not like
    what you see you do not like what you hear either watch and be quiet or leave
    because your opinion that is contrary to the Word of God don’t matter to me at
    all I don’t hear lies of Satan I don’t talk to the devil so I’m not gonna
    conversate with you we just gonna block you and you go out and start your own
    life and promote your own views on your own channel okay
    we got 511 people in the house y’all I need at least 25 more thumbs up thumbs
    up the video please okay so let me enlarge the screen and like I said you
    guys the views that are expressed in this video are not my views but this
    video is going to expose to you what is really going on and how wicked and evil
    this situation has become and ears and and we didn’t you you didn’t even know
    anything about it and it’s just gonna show you what the severity of this
    situation is we are in the last days in the last time the devil is roaming to
    info to see who he can devour thumbs up the video please the name of this guy’s
    channel is ro I mean Bo TT z Terra he is I guess like a palm reader tarot card
    reader from the dark side I don’t know what what to call this I don’t know what
    to call call it I tried to look in his About section to get a description of
    what he does and who he is and like again I do not promote the practices and
    the things that are going to be said in this video but I want to show this to
    you guys and I can’t play the music you guys I can’t play the intro because I’m
    not gonna get a copyright strike I’ve been hired body my name is boots
    I’m the hip hop local intuitive reader gay extraordinaire and beach I wasn’t
    ready before but I’m ready now honey we got some teeth did we need to speak okay
    this deals with celebrity gossip this deals with some personalized issues that
    I have it’s also deals with redemption recovery and release okay you know spill
    tea with a message but prior to that we have a very special guest Friday by the
    name of Ed Lin spirit the promo drops tomorrow I mean when you guys see it on
    her Instagram page or mine y’all deleted tra joy there was nothing wrong with pretty healthy so pull up a seat and
    it’s really some tea is some tea it needs to be some things that need to be
    expressed I’m gonna get today sessions are not available but la the 17th
    through the 26 coming back here and then I have another trip that I need to
    contract in a major city and have a week those tickets will be available on
    Friday if you are in the area you are trying to chill with your boy girl we’re
    gonna get up we’re now going to the Hard Rock Cafe out of that place I’ll work
    there is just like a memorial challenged underneath okay but this is our session and then I’ll
    have a true plan to South Carolina and you know why don’t you come you know I’m
    all about making friends especially friends that are entrepreneurs you know
    that’s my hope trying to meet and actually go and do and do things you
    know what I’m saying so she makes me Hilton Head South Carolina I treat her
    to a five-star resort not even brought my cat had a great time we’re getting to
    know each other and one of the conversations that we had in particular
    sensored around people who have done this wrong okay we’re just getting to
    know each other on a friendship level I’m not gonna a client and um you know
    sake basics you know okay so um if we’re talking about each
    other says well um what major like things have you or the conversation
    steered towards then and I bring up the name la Lima line okay and I don’t know
    if you guys know this about me but me and la la mulana work best friends in
    college and um I’m gonna be very mature and very transparent with you guys this
    book right now okay um and I hope this has been a testament
    to my own growth we were best friends in college after college she started to
    blow up and I grew extremely and in college I was basically the spotlight I
    was the flamboyant one that everybody wanted to get to know and I was on
    stages and stuff like that and I grew extremely envious of her and I told her
    that I was like you know and I felt to myself that I wouldn’t be a genuine
    friend if I didn’t say something about it you know what I’m saying so I was
    like okay that would be real to myself about my life and laughing you know how
    I’m extremely jealous of you I was like you know can you help me out thumbs up the video y’all we got 611
    people in the house so spectator I’m just watching how she is courting
    these various individuals and one of them means a Quay I don’t know quite
    harshly this has nothing to do with anything and I just felt as if I had
    been replaced so times like looking back and this is actually a recent euphoria
    then has come over me it was not hurt that I was upset with or in yourself it
    was the idea of being abandoned rejected and replaced and I think that in my
    logical and physical mind what I did was I carved her physical form out and she
    then was a representation of that energy you know what I’m saying she didn’t
    begin to represent my resentment when it comes to feeling abandoned and I
    think this went all the way back steps ahead of hash I’m in the Pokemon thing
    and I feel like she was always successful the first time okay so I say
    all that because it isn’t relevant to the story that I’m telling right now and
    looking fo recently I recently started animating what all of this was major
    lasting it was just the bringer of a lesson sq it’s also and bring your other
    lesson for myself as well and I’m especially transparently to you to
    potentially help somebody so I’m cute
    we’re just discussing it and she began to make mention of somebody by the name
    of be loved and she was bestest and I was her half and you know this was way
    back in February so much or housing me to have a good experience I felt the
    same fibrous energy that I possess for Lala that’s what she possessed for be
    love do you know what I’m saying it was a very similar parallel we were able to
    draw beer um and I thought we were connecting very well you know we’re in
    hot tub together she’s on my last video we do a little photo op on the beach I
    mean the trip was over oh she goes back to where she’s been on
    where I met and our friendship begins to grow and I enjoy it
    you know I’m absolutely enjoying being courted by her I’m not a fan of monkey I
    don’t like to watch people so I really didn’t understand like how she was doing
    what she was doing making money you know and I did I really want to know I was so
    worried about what I was doing in Swansea so we began hitting it off from
    Harshman your level I met with the structure her about my stuff she’s ever
    talk to me about her great until one day I was my show that was a challenge so my
    friend Jasmine well I’m a Scorpio and we’re very territorial I because I was
    like well you know know me in real life jealous of somebody from my past coming
    to do the show I understand um so she does the show in that night you
    crashing the talent show um and basically she was supposed to be a
    judged on the talent show and she ended up calling into my life and basically
    taking the talent show over and all of this information throughout all this
    experience is being reflected in my group Spirit Squad robot which is my
    private organization why disclose some of my deepest darkest oh my secrets
    before I bring them to the public okay so shut up as why let me see your
    symbols down for support so I’m gonna happen I grew weary now mind you we have
    planned a trip to Atlanta after that right and um you know I agree we’re not
    address the boat I said why would you do that like I just didn’t understand why
    you would come in and crash something when I already had and place for you on
    the oil on talent show I just didn’t understand so from that time period we
    began to kind of like someone’s like rose petals are falling off a rose as it
    grows you know and it’s just starting to feel a bit more awkward and awkward and
    awkward in – awkward you know and um again that was just still plaguing in my
    mind like okay well well while that protected me it did rubbed me the wrong
    way because I’ve been burned by people so many times and it’s like you know I
    didn’t understand the constant blatter II and I also didn’t understand you know
    why you would do bad on my life and then why he would be territorial over
    somebody I’ve known my entire life and she expressed to me she said well you’ve
    expressed some concerns about her and then she was saying that she wanted to
    with me it was it was developing over the very very fast for me and I just
    wanted to pump the brakes is Austin what is it go to Atlanta Muharram to have a
    good time so one day she ends up texting me and she said it’s gonna be in beauty
    kinda my just like a fool or whatever you know very sarcastically like I mean
    yes like just like me calling your worst enemy and saying that there’s gonna be
    any bitch you’re gonna be and I like and shoe Biden would you’d be manufactured
    the picture with her and trying to get her to my bomb and I told her I was like
    how would you like it if I took the picture would be loving trying getting
    them Ababwa her and the reason I lose me
    name was because we had that similarity transpired in the hotel room but I just
    have to make a comparison I didn’t think that she understood me
    also in that hotel room I expressed to her my biggest pet peeve was to be
    creatively mimic and creatively copy that is a huge pet peeve of mine I got
    everybody knows that by me I do not like my creativity being being ripped off up
    or being mimicked or popular anything of the nature I’m so she said got it I just
    had to make sure I didn’t want to fucking trigger you well that was the
    last message that I got from to and the receipt talking about inbox still um so
    like she said oh I didn’t want tribute x1l mind you I put money on that Airbnb
    that she’s not responding to me and then she was supposed to be saying that I’m
    gonna film a video and I was just like okay this is Shane girl keep the money
    not that she offered to give me back anyone keep the money have a great time
    in Atlanta and I’ll see you when I see you I wasn’t hurt what you do is you
    stop the person who banners choose page okay you go to your burner account so
    you check to see what they’re doing what they’re talking about and I really
    wasn’t so happy on it because I wasn’t something mostly invested again we were
    getting to know each other diving deeper from a client relationship to admiration
    at an accelerated rate and I’m in heard a memory of Shane over
    be able song already was all black it was black and so one thing led to
    another after that and you know I just you know I have danced white people and
    people that I’ve blocked that in being my except a she does everybody that
    blocked I just have a day sometimes I sit down and I’ll just grow and I
    scrolled on her stuff about a week ago about a week ago week ago and what I see
    is that she copied my walking video okay now I don’t know if you guys know this
    about me but I have this thing where I’m lucky I even getting an ela hit slow
    down on my time on you guys can see I like start walking in and it’ll slow
    down and go into slow motion or whatever right will she post a video at beautycon
    doing the same style of video my tokens in this way you are now anybody knows
    this about me I will stand with my LGBTQ brother and sister and however you
    identify them I will stand with you and then what you told me versus what the
    receipt symbol of shows I mean seems to me like he was chasing girl and I’m
    going to tell you the last thing before I actually revert the topic into the
    lesson that I have to give you guys you know I paid attention to cardi B and
    cardi B recently posted below right the only reason I feel like you are post
    or exposing the truth about your experience with her it’s because you saw
    that’s the only reason you out there because I’m watching in my situation you
    know what I’m saying anybody know I’m going to actually
    brought you in and then there was a reason is because she was supposed to be okay with me is the word of god so this
    is not to say the evening okay challenge and hug all
    right I’m here to do this room okay you guys welcome boots is in the house you guys
    the davits in this video is actually in the house so if you have any questions
    for him regarding q and his relationship with her you are free to ask those
    questions cuz he’s in the house right now and he say he feeling Missy so when
    I watched this video it disturbed me I cried I cried and I had to pray because
    someone who is making all of these exposing videos and crying in the video
    and say God is my Redeemer God has forgiven me you don’t know what I’ve
    been through and I can tell ya I keep telling you I keep telling y’all I keep
    telling y’all God put me on this girl’s tail for a reason and I want to also
    clarify something that someone else said and say it I was clearly a fan of cute I
    was never a fan of eating with cute I support a lot of people here on YouTube
    and I believe in supporting my own kind I believe in supporting my own race I
    believe in supporting females entrepreneurs I believe in supporting
    small people trying to get ahead so even if I don’t necessarily jail with you but
    you’re doing something that is creative and I want you to get ahead and I want
    you to win I’m gonna watch your videos and I’m gonna support you so for the
    record I was never a fan of eating with Q I just supported her and watched her
    videos to help her come up because I believe in that and so I would every 19
    not often because I just couldn’t I couldn’t get into her for some reason
    or another don’t ask me why I couldn’t get into her yes I was subscribed to her
    channel yes occasionally I would watch her videos and yes occasionally I would
    leave comments was she somebody that I watched every single day and commented
    on her videos every single day no was she somebody that I wanted to do a
    collab with in the future No we’ll see somebody that I felt was
    talented beautiful and successful and smart yes I’m the type of person I can
    get critic where credit is due but God had me on her tail for a reason
    and when God let me see what I seen I was hot I was angry and I was made and I
    was ready to expose it Dean but I can’t I it’s not I can’t
    over step the boundaries of God and I said it to somebody personally several
    people knew about this situation and knew how angry it made me and only God
    knows why he didn’t allow me to do it then and I believe it’s because it’s
    this is when he wanted it everything has to be in God’s timing this is one he
    wanted to expose it all at once everything now everything is coming out
    and I do want to say and I said in my video earlier before I got ready to play
    boots is video I do not subscribe to or promote a tarot card reading psychic
    readings I don’t believe and promote that stuff
    but at the same time I do respect boots for what he said and what he did because
    uh he let me tell you something in life life
    is a journey and in life we all have things that we are going to be
    confronted with and for someone to get on YouTube and admit that they had a
    spirit of jealousy that they were envious of another person and even admit
    that to the other person that is someone who is trying to become a better person
    and when you admit you’re wrong you could take a step toward right and one
    of the reasons with Q is she’s not willing to admit he’s wrong he’s
    admitted and acknowledged and exposed that Q is dealing with several different
    spirits in her life she’s not just serving one god she’s not just
    practicing one religion she’s practicing multiple religions she believing in the
    works of whatever she’s believing in she’s going get read and he himself said
    to tell you the truth if you claim to be a Christian you shouldn’t be getting no
    services for me tell the truth and shame the devil I’m about to watch this video
    again and we bout to break it down now I’m gonna do my commentary and I’m oh
    stop it and start it and talk and elaborate on what he’s saying so we can
    get a better understanding of what it is that he is saying y’all know I can’t play the music in my
    video because I do not want a copyright strike but let’s pause this here for one
    minute I want to read the comments for one minute and see what you guys are
    saying boots did a great job told nothing but the truth you can do a breakdown with boots Deborah say Oh Lord Valerie’s say right boots lol did you
    say that he did he did say that something carpio that Scorpio Q isn’t
    loyal I am a very law under Scorpio and I definitely tell how I feel up front
    not behind their backs Lulu what is going on we are breaking
    down and exposing some more of Q’s antics and behaviors that are behind the
    scene what God would tell you to be on somebody’s tail though but I am not
    entertained by this okay if for some reason or another someone doesn’t want
    to be here you are free to leave at any time I thought I was your friend maude you’re in the house anybody that
    they need to confront anybody that they need to confront you go ahead and
    confront anybody that you need to timeout timeout
    it doesn’t matter who the person is if you need to timeout timeout so boots can
    I ask you a question can I ask you a question
    boots what exactly is that you do I’m the spirit baby you’re just you’re
    the spirit let me ask you another question boots where you are you willing
    to do a phone interview with me are you willing to do a phone interview with me
    boots say I’m a psychic by profession and entertainer by dream lol and one more thing you guys don’t leave
    any comments that are attacking someone else okay boots uh contact me on
    instagram it’s the same my name is the same as tasty mukbang eats so let’s go
    ahead and finish okay let me ask boots one more time boots do you mind me
    breaking down your video and giving my opinion on things that you’re gonna say
    one by one you you got thick skin boots I know boots can handle himself
    I could tell he could handle me he could handle what I have to say uh there we go
    I was waiting on you X X in me yes I use cocoa butter skin thick hold on let me
    let me turn his camera around so boots Cosima face boots you crazy I just want
    to let you know two boots uh I heard you when you say that she did I guess you
    were called we would call the spirit of video on spiritual s affirmations I just
    want you to know before we get started I have done um I have done affirmation
    videos before so I wanna let you know I ain’t copping out for you cuz I ain’t
    even know you before today I didn’t know you before today boots so okay don’t
    come for me okay yeah let’s turn his back around and let me just see
    one more thing let me see what boo say let me see what he said okay let’s let’s
    go ahead and start at the beginning y’all and I’m gonna do my commentary and
    break down what he’s saying so you guys can understand it fully so he says he’s
    a sight and a I guess a professional or a performer thumbs up the video if you haven’t
    already out you know we trying to get to 200 thumbs up before we and there will
    be a meet and greet in Los Angeles next week those tickets will be available on
    Friday you are trying to chill with your boy girl we’re gonna get up we’re not
    going to the Hard Rock Cafe I’m trying to that place um I’ll work there is just
    like a memorial for me to go Challenge that would be absolutely
    amazing to me I’m gonna look to see who did it and try to give you guys some
    problems tonight okay you guys let’s stop this right here let’s just say
    first of all boom said that he’s not a mukbang girl and
    he’s not a Christian so he letting you know and I think that’s listen this is
    the problem I got with a lot of people I got a problem with people who pretend to
    be a Christian and they really not but you if you if you if a person comes out
    and tell you who they are not then you know upfront who they are not and
    they’re being honest about who they are not but when you got people there saying
    I’m a Christian God loves me God forgives me and you’re not really a
    Christian but you pretended to be a Christian like you’re trying to pull the
    wool over people’s eyes and you’re a wolf in sheep’s clothing but now that
    you have been exposed now you want to cry crocodile tears and you want to say
    you’re a Christian you want to say you a Christian but you yourself know you are
    not a practicing Christian honey you wanted them Christians that you’re not a
    Christian the Bible says that he gonna say depart from me you worker of
    iniquity I never knew you you cannot you cannot
    do the things of Satan and think that you belong to God
    you don’t belong to God if you ain’t sold out to God if you sittin here booth
    saying I am NOT a Christian he ain’t you can’t confuse him with a Christian he’s
    saying I’m not a Christian you can’t hold him to the standards of Christians
    because he’s saying I’m not a Christian I’m not a Christian he’s he said he told
    the truth he told the truth and shame the devil her relationship ranges between God the
    Bible said you should know them body fruits there is no Hitler censored around people who have
    done this wrong okay and again we’re in a hotel room at this time we’re just
    getting to know each other on a friendship level I’m not gonna client
    and um you know sake basis you know what I’m saying
    okay so I’m ever talking about each other said well um what made you like
    the conversation steer towards then and I bring up today I’m alive okay so yeah
    he stated that Q was a client Q was a client Hugh came to him for readings
    that was the extent or the beginning of their relationship she came to him for
    readings and then over a matter of time they were trying to develop a
    relationship or friendship with each other but initially his services were
    made to her as reading her telling her future telling her whatever whatever it
    is she wanted to hear if I didn’t say something
    you know what I’m saying so I was like okay that would be real to myself a
    buddy to my so I said something I told Lala I think you know I’m hungry
    extremely jealous of you guys like you know can you help me out can you show me
    how XYZ and I immediately went into a viperous mode hindsight looking back
    that wasn’t correct thing to do I should have checked myself at the door but hey
    you live and you learn you know you understand so um when I admitted that to
    her um I had one brief text message conversation after that and then after
    that I was basically dismissed she dropped me she sent me into another okay
    you guys so whoops just um admitted to a
    relationship or friendship with Lala Milan I’ve never heard of her I don’t
    know who she is but I’ll try to research that and I think something that he said
    it was very powerful is that as she continued to grow as she continued to
    get bigger he became more envious of that person and when you have somebody
    that put that eyes on on the person and don’t focus on their own success then
    they become very envious of that person and I had somebody who have done that to
    me before and that’s a very hurtful thing but if you listen to your story
    the importance of his story is because he eventually recognized what was you
    know what he was doing to himself he also recognized that in cute he also
    recognized that top sickness and cue when he came in contact with her and she
    began to express her situation with me love life and um so as a spectator
    I’m just watching how she is courting these various individuals and one of
    them by all means a Quay I don’t know quite personally this has nothing to do
    with tea tea or anything like that and I just felt as if I had been replaced so
    Tom’s like looking back and this is actually everything euphoria then has
    come over me it was not heard that I was upset with or envious of it was the idea
    of being abandoned rejected and replaced that is very important when you say you
    guys it was his fear of being abandoned
    rejected and replaced because even when it’s work you I think she waited six
    months to come forward with this because she see other people that be love life
    is collabing with she see other people that be love life might be getting close
    to she cv love life like like he said Lyla I was always ten steps ahead of him
    she trying to catch up she doing everything she can to catch up with me
    love life but B love life is still always a million subscribers ahead of
    her and if that’s what your objective is is to be in comparison to someone and
    not be not be happy with the success that you have then you’re always gonna
    be unhappy and you cause unnecessary pain to your own self because you’re not
    actually giving yourself credit for where you are right here and right now
    and the hard work that you have put in to become who you have become like I
    said in many other videos Hugh has done an excellent job of growing her channel
    and getting to where she is but because she’s still worried about where beloved
    life she can’t even enjoy where she is a lot
    of people would like to be where she is right now my logical in physical mind what I did
    was I carved her physical form out and she didn’t look the representation of
    that energy you know what I’m saying she then began to represent my resentment
    when it comes to feeling abandoned and I think this went all the way back to my
    birth and me being adopted you know what I’m saying and I’m just now coming to
    terms with some of those things you know what I’m saying
    um and also I looked at it like a Ash Ketchum in Gary situation I don’t know
    if you guys watched Pokemon ever um but Gary was always on ten steps I hit an
    ash I’m in the Pokemon thing and I feel like she was always ten steps ahead of
    me and through that I grew very bitter I
    grew very cold I feel like I’m stuck in my growth and a lot of that fueled my
    first trip to Los Angeles which was probably why now let me tell you
    something let me tell you something he says something very important he said
    being adopted and I’m sure people that are adopted or whatever feel rejected
    but when we allow our insecurities to overshadow our life everyday we don’t
    reap the benefits of what our life could be because we always living in what if
    we always living in the past and we’re always trying to when you put your eyes
    on other people y’all when you put your eyes on other people you become blinded
    when you put your eyes on other people because their success is never intended
    to be your success what God have for you for them is never intended to be for you
    and when you can’t be happy for another person and you’re jealous of another
    person you can’t be that person’s friend because you know
    don’t necessarily mean them well because you want what they got you want what
    they got and you will mistreat them you can’t be Christ ooh a person that you
    jealous hood cuz ultimately in the inside of you and immaterial something
    y’all this is a very good example to try to explain to somebody what was going on
    with cute you’re going to a person house that you’ve tried to mimic 100% you’re
    gonna see things that you’ve never seen before you’re gonna get more intimidated
    in person because a jealous hearted person who just been watching you on the
    camera they don’t see everything they just see what you showed him but then
    when you go to the house and they see everything then now their intimidation
    grows bigger their anger gets bigger their jealousy gets bigger cuz not a see
    stuff that they didn’t see before they didn’t see your house they didn’t see
    your car they didn’t see your furniture in your house they didn’t see your bank
    account now you’re disclosing all kind of information to them because you’re
    comfortable with them and now and they already had envy and hate and animosity
    in their heart towards you but you didn’t know that now nothing that you do
    to make that person feel comfortable nothing that you do to make that person
    feel welcome is not gonna be enough because they already came there with
    jealousy in a heart and now they leaving with more jealousy and they hoard okay I want you out here the other part again I mean Zach way I don’t know quite
    personally this has nothing to do with TT or anything like that and I just felt
    as if I had been times like looking back and this is actually a recent euphoria
    dan has come over me it was not hurt that I was upset with or envy yourself
    it was the idea of being abandoned rejected and replaced and I think that
    in my logical and physical mind what I did was I carved her physical form out
    and she then was a representation of that energy you know what I’m saying she
    didn’t begin to represent my resentment when it comes to feeling abandoned and I
    think this went all the way back to my birth and me being adopted
    I’m just now you know a situation I don’t know if but it was not successful
    the first time yeah I’ll tell you something again he said she was always
    ten steps ahead of him and when he first went to where he went to that’s why he
    wasn’t successful see when you try something of your own might your own
    strength your own wisdom out of your own insecurities you’re gonna fail you’re
    gonna fail you’re gonna fall flat on yo face because you don’t have everything
    lined up right to prepare you for what it is you need it’s like going into a
    snowstorm with no jacket no coat no gloves no one in breaker no nothing you’re going into a snowstorm
    and you don’t have nothing you see it when somebody else is going or hit it
    and you want to get to go and hit it and you try to just pick yourself up and get
    there out of spite out of competition out of competitiveness and you don’t and
    you saying the other person it’s ten steps ahead of you but you are the real
    reason why the other person is ten steps ahead of you because you are always
    comparing yourself to that other person and not only do you keep their person
    ten steps ahead of you not a person about to be a thousand steps ahead of
    you because of envy and jealousy in your heart you putting yourself for the back
    cuz it’s still starting and stand where you are and gradually working there you
    messing up you’re messing up your own self and then you don’t have to start
    all over again you’re putting yourself a thousand steps behind and not a person
    when you look up at that person all over again they’re gonna be so far ahead of
    you then if you don’t get a humble spirit you gonna be mad you gonna be mad
    cuz you’re gonna be like that could have been me that should have been me I’m
    better than them I’m beautiful than them I’m more talented than them I have
    better connections than them that’s why you that’s why when God put you in a
    place where he’s breaking your wheel and breaking your spirit you need to abide
    in that place where God got you so you can recover so you can recover and you
    can catch up and you could be where God wants you to be but as long as you
    steady trying to be deceptive as long as you’re not willing to receive the
    chastisement of God for your actions as long as you’re not willing to humble
    yourself to people that you have harmed and injured and as long as you’re not
    willing to make your own right you are putting yourself farther and farther and
    farther behind you given yourself more and more lessons that you don’t have to
    learn and you delay your progress you delaying your success you’re delaying
    your growth you know we got four hundred and twenty
    six people in the house yo are you still there boots recently starting well all
    of this was it was she was just a great girl of a lesson SQ
    it’s awesome and she was you know energy possessed so
    I really didn’t understand like how she was doing you know and I didn’t really
    want to know I was so worried about what I was doing in Swansea so we began
    hitting it off on entrepreneurial I’m able to talk to her about my stuff talk
    to me about her it was going really great until one day I was gonna have a
    guest on my show um that was the night of a talent show I don’t know if you
    guys remember my friend Jasmine who came and I told cute that like Jasmine is
    gonna come and be a part of my show whatever and she said well I’m a Scorpio
    and we’re very territorial okay let me um let me comment on something that
    somebody just said in the comments that Q is Hulk is hurt and broken and
    that she has probably had some things happen to her in her life this is true
    and this is the case for all of us but you cannot excuse your actions
    because of things that have happened to you in your life at some point you have
    to start taking ownership for your actions and seek help for the things
    that have happened to you in your life I’ve had tremendous awful things happen
    to me in my life and I was heading down a road of self-destruction
    self-destructing because of pain because of hurt because of anger I’ve never had
    a spirit of jealousy but anger and pain and depression can destroy you and so at
    some point for your own sake not for the sake of other people but for your sake
    you need to change for your sake you need to seek forgiveness you need to
    seek love you need to seek peace for your sake because if you do not do it
    for your sake you are gonna end up dead you’re gonna end up killing yourself you
    won’t you know destroying yourself because of hurts and pains and anger and
    you can always feel alone you can always feel depressed you don’t always feel
    shame and embarrassed at some point you got to do what’s right for you
    even if don’t nobody else do what’s right for you you are responsible for
    your own peace you’re responsible for your own joy you’re responsible for your
    own self or happiness and you are responsible for your own salvation you
    and you alone are gonna be held accountable for your walk or not walking
    with God nobody else gonna stand before God but you yourself and you and we
    can’t keep using the excuse the hurt and pain that we’ve been through the things
    that people do to us is why we do what we do
    we need to start doing the right things for our self self-love self help it
    starts here you got to start with you you got to look in the mirror and see
    what’s wrong with you first and acknowledge it and admit it before you
    can start helping yourself let’s go back to our let me tell you something about
    some people when you can be a participant and someone else is parade
    when you can’t be a participant in someone else to success but you want
    them to be there for you for everything that you doing but you can’t even allow
    yourself to be there for somebody else like he said she was supposed to be
    there listen when a person got multiple friends you ain’t got to like they are
    the friends but if you like them you come to support them even if you
    don’t get along with the other people forget about the other people that’s
    gonna be there and you be there for your friend but
    when you can’t even be there for your friend because you cuz you don’t like
    somebody else or because you’re gonna be jealous of somebody else or because you
    don’t want them to have no other friends besides you you’re not gonna be the only
    if the person is a good person if the person is a kind person if the person is
    a nice person if the person is a likeable person that person is gonna
    have more than one friend come on now let me put on my glasses and see what
    y’all saying cuz y’all know I can’t see nothing y’all say no I can’t see men
    y’all sayin and yeah I stopped reading the names when I read the comments cuz
    there are some people that are recording my lives and they just waiting for me to
    say their name so they can go back and make a video about it and I’m not giving
    them no credit I’m not saying they name someone says I have been to healing back
    baby I made it out some of us are stuck and continue repeating yes and continue
    repeating yeah whatever that word is the behaviors we all have free will and it
    is up to that person as to win they are ready to change I agree cue gave beloved back her hundred
    dollars dang dude this is not about money we ain’t talking about no money
    what you talking about he was still loved unconditionally from above no
    matter what a human says God loves us all unconditionally
    hi your faith how you doing sweetie it’s Wonder whoo in the house you are
    responsible for living peaceable with all men we are supposed to go hide we
    are supposed to go hide somewhere till Hugo grows up nope now not today somebody say it’s self-centered everyone is not going to grow up and
    better themselves instantly when you tell them that is true someone says I am here for the role leilani say no even last night insta
    tasties live below said she had not given the money back she did give the
    money back Leilani she gave the money back she said in the video that she gave
    the money back you y’all keep it keep it nice keep it nice
    you can’t be friends you know you know so one day she ends up texting me and
    she says love is gonna be in beauty condom I just whatever
    oh very sarcastic I mean it’s like there’s like me calling your worst enemy
    is saying they’re gonna be any bigger and trying to give her a bomb and I was
    like how would you like it if I to the bitch would be loving trying to get her
    and the reason I use be loves name was because we had that similarity transpire
    in motel room but I just had to make a comparison I think that she understood
    oh she said god I just had to make sure I didn’t want to fucking trigger you
    well that was the last message that I got from cue and the receipts are mi mi first of all let’s talk about character
    you guys character says a lot about a person if a person told you that they
    had a problem with someone or they had an experience with someone it seems like
    to me after that you went intentionally running after that person and then you
    would ask that person would you have a problem with me taking a picture of that
    person oh oh I didn’t and then you say oh I don’t want to trigger you so this
    is you making yourself sound like you’re considerate you’re making yourself sound
    like you’re kind but then you turn around and do the very opposite of what
    you asked like that’s very district disrespectful to your friendship if you
    value your friendship with that person and you value the way that you’re gonna
    make that person feel then why would you go do something that you know that would
    intentionally hurt that person like it’s like you trying to go out your way to
    hurt people like she tried to go out her way to posting videos of our beloved
    life to hurt her and then now she’s saying but I didn’t do that I didn’t
    mean to hurt her girl you sit up and you set up and you plot it that whole thing
    yes you did let me see what y’all say yeah I need five more thumbs up please five more thumbs up I got a hundred and
    fifty four thumbs up I need five more thumbs up please family thumbs up I need one more thumbs up thank you
    thank you for one more thumbs up Navi I want to give me five more thumbs up
    y’all know we trying to get to 200 thumbs up before we get out of this live
    we got three hundred and ninety eight people in the house
    someone says Q hold on let me let y’all look at the other screen let me let
    y’all look that way while I’m talking cuz I don’t want y’all in my mouth
    someone say the whole beloved thing was intentional and wicked it’s almost seems
    bipolar you should have never did what she did to be loved June why are they
    taking you out okay y’all keep it nice cuz y’all know my mods don’t play do you
    a good picture ah boots you better be happy that you is
    on the TV screen today take what you can get boots dope you y’all run that know
    your boots you do not run nothin over your home this is the tasty mukbang eats
    show this is the tasty mcveigh eat show the person who Danis news page okay you
    stop the evades like you gotta your burner accountants check to see what
    they’re doing what they’re talking about and I really wasn’t so handy or deny
    wasn’t something mostly invested again we were getting to know each other
    diving deeper from a client relationship to a friendship and an accelerator ring
    and I’m in heard a memory of sure you know what the hill was going on that it
    was all black it was black and musk so one thing led to another after that and
    you know I just you know I have bad swamp people and people that I’ve
    blocked that everybody got blocked I just have a day and sometimes I said you
    know and I’ll just grow is that she copied my walk so wait a minute so he
    said he peeps every 90 you know people did that she blocked him she blocked me
    she took a long time to block me I don’t know why but she blocked me so in other
    words boots let me see if I understand this part correctly she was in Atlanta
    and you pay for the B&B but when he was trying to contact her for y’all to do
    something together she said she was busy doing a mukbang and y’all supposed to be
    spending time together is that what you saying her black thumb is strong she ain’t
    gonna hear no subscribers after while she keep blocking people three hundred and nineteen ninety-one
    people in the house almost 400 people a hundred and sixty three thumbs up y’all
    we need five more thumbs up please how do you like that you are so now you know
    I’m watching you know I’m watching some spiritual shit on you
    whatever and I’m gonna text Mitchell someone said you just did this shit
    going on between be love and Q I said no what’s the deal whatever I don’t I don’t
    watch the boss man to get the key from another source so I get the tea oh yeah
    she called somebody’s child a queen she cruisin for a bruisin y’all she is
    cruising for them fighting words Deb is fighting words them is fighting
    words okay and then you can say I think he get his behavior from his daddy what
    you trying to say honey oh my goodness I just I just can’t I
    can’t believe y’all let me let’s take a little break I got my food right here I
    never did eat y’all see this I don’t even think it’s warm no more we not
    finish y’all we gonna get back to it how you gonna talk about something child and
    I don’t know how y’all keep saying it’s over with leave it alone no it’s not
    over with as long as those videos are still up with her calling their child
    queen she is perpetuate she is perpetuating hate towards the tile and
    if you apologize for the way that you address the family then that’s the
    reason why you should take the videos down because your approach was wrong so
    if your approach was wrong then the videos are not right if your approach
    was wrong then leaving the videos up or not right take the videos down you out
    of respect for somebody who have paved the way for you to grow your channel to
    300 certain thousand subscribers on your way to a million subscribers by
    piggybacking off of them out of respect for them if nothing else you ain’t got
    to love them I mean you ain’t got like them but you got to love them and
    if for no other reason but out of respect for them take the videos down
    honey it’s called damage control
    it’s called gaining the respect of the other people
    it’s called humility it’s called loving yourself if you were to took them videos
    down by now all of these other people wouldn’t even still be talking about you
    and coming out of the Woodworks because everybody wouldn’t let it go because you
    haven’t taken the videos down yet people haven’t let it go and you don’t know
    when they’re gonna let it go y’all know when they gonna let it go you
    need to decide whether or not you’re gonna be a Christian or whether or not
    you’re gonna play with other spirits you need to make a decision and write it in
    the same like booth say he say he ain’t no Christian so you ain’t gonna be no
    Christian then don’t be no Christian oq but don’t not be a Christian Sundays and
    then when the blank hit the fan you want to profess to be a Christian or
    you want mercy from Christians you want Christian behavior towards you but you
    want to act like the devil toward other people you can’t tell people how to
    respond to your actions everybody not gonna give you a pass everybody not
    gonna give you a pass just cuz you won’t want and sometimes you got to do things
    to earn a pairs you got to do something to show people that you worthy of a pass let me reach our conversation we don’t
    finish y’all it’s principie in the house I see somebody mention her name come play with the spirit who you
    talking to Lutz I know you ain’t talking to me boy not today hey Percy P not today boots
    not tomorrow and not to next day God being too good to me God been too good
    to me I know when my blessings come from I know what my blessings come from I know what my blessings come from so less prissy say hey y’all let’s finish watching boots what you
    told me versus what the receipt symbol of shows I mean seems to me like he was
    cloud chasing girl and I’m gonna tell you the last thing before I actually
    reverse the topic into the lesson that I have to give you guys you know I paid
    attention to cardi B and cardi B recently posted be loved right the only
    reason I feel like you are posting or exposing the truth about your experience
    with her is because you saw big harmony posted her that’s the only reason that
    she did that’s the only reason that you did that you could have held that in and
    then it got so messy you expected to put that out there and to get in traction on
    there but it got so messy because we love who you copy
    I’m literally watching in my mind’s eye my own Karma manifest your situation you
    know what I’m saying now do I believe that anybody humiliated no but I believe
    that the or my community should hang people by mistake no but I’m just coming
    out on my story and then I’m going to you know reflect on what has portrayed
    in those videos that are still posted my head you know and if it was so
    detrimental and XYZ why would you leave them posted when you’re basically
    shaming a family who actually brought you in and put you on their platform and
    then for me to actually do a little bit of love pinis is she there was a recent
    cardi be posted be lucky I did not post cute the reason I say this too is
    because she’s dead she was their go-to beauty card and she was gonna shoot her
    shot with cardi B for the fact that cardi B posted be love oh that’s it huh so yeah
    animosity and jealousy will lead to self-destruction repeatedly I’ll repeat
    it with me animosity and jealousy will lead to self-destruction say it again
    animosity and jealousy will lead to self-destruction animosity and jealousy
    will lead to self-destruction y’all cuz you constantly chasing behind somebody
    else you constantly watching them you can’t even mind your own business
    and take care of your own business cuz you trying to keep up what they
    doing you always spying on them you always peeping and snooping trying
    to see what they doing and you gonna always be unhappy cuz you’re good enough
    ain’t gonna never be good enough you’re good enough ain’t gonna never be good
    enough you’re good enough ain’t gonna never be good enough
    cuz you looking at what the other person is doing I didn’t tell people my whole
    life I am my own competition I’m my own competition I’m not trying to keep up
    with nobody else I’m not cloud chasing behind nobody else
    I don’t care if nobody don’t never want to collab with me ever again in life I’m
    over here doing my own thing after a while I’ll be able to pick and choose
    who I want to collab with okay I ain’t trying to get no collab with nobody if
    somebody want to collab with me they’re gonna collab with me if they don’t want
    to collab with me they don’t have to collab with me I can’t make nobody
    collab with me and today I ain’t kissing nobody for nobody to collab with me or
    to like me or to to give me a shout-out I’m not kissing no but I get my own self
    my shoutout I give my own self my own shoutouts
    I’m my own competition I’ve my own creativeness like our boots say he don’t
    like people copying his creative style people do it to me all the time I come
    up with good ideas excellent ideas smart ideas everybody do want to do what tasty
    mukbang do instead of being creative it’s still coming up with your own
    challenges you copy somebody else’s challenges be creative you never get
    nowhere you look like a really bad replica of somebody else when you copy
    everything that somebody else do you look like a bad counterfeit you look
    more confident in a $2.00 bill or a $3.00 bill cuz they do got two dollar
    bills it don’t it’s not good to copy other people you can take inspiration
    from other people but when you try to be just like that other person you look
    like a bad copycat a bad copycat and that’s when you make a mistake that’s
    when people don’t call you out because you looking like a bad copycat you ain’t
    even trying to be yourself you’re not even trying to develop your own skills
    your own style you copying off for other people and you never go tap into your
    own genuineness and it’s not when you’re marking somebody else it’s not genuine
    when you copying somebody else it’s not genuine you can’t try to be somebody
    else and be yourself at the same time that’s a contradictory of like the
    spirit of the light and dark do not abide in the same place when light comes
    on the dog disappeared you can’t try to be yourself and be somebody else at the
    same time you can’t do it you gonna either try to keep being them are
    you gonna lose who you are in the process of trying to be there and I
    can’t I get a a man let’s look at boots while I read some of these comments over
    here leather you to look at him than me can I get a man is it anybody in the
    house that could give me you’re a man boots
    calling me out say $2 Bo work just fine y’all I’m reading some of y’all comments
    thumbs up the video y’all I need four more thumbs up to get to 170 we should
    have already been there 200 likes I’m not understanding what’s taking so long
    to get to 200 likes and we had 600 and some people in the house I’m not gonna
    start talking in my lives until we get to 200 likes y’all cheating me all you
    had to do to pay to get into this house today was to give the video a thumbs up
    and you can’t even do that you can’t even thumbs up the video 5
    more thumbs up right now please okay yeah let’s see what else whoo we
    don’t know if he’s gay or not okay is if you I don’t even know these people but
    what I do know is we have no right to first come into this Queens environment
    okay okay wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute
    insert evil laugh oh my laughs I even up my ladder evil okay boots can you
    elaborate on the spell on the beach the child cast a spell the child casts the
    spell come on nine tell us the truth tell the truth and shame the devil y’all cast the spell say it one more
    times I have to uh make sure I’m understanding what you say while while while more on a some was
    that summer I can’t pronounce their word summons or summons but it still it still
    it’s kind of still the same thing it’s kind of still the same thing the line in
    this kitchen say who the child summons mermaids jollies summons no mermaids how long this time out I don’t mean no
    harm to anybody why they at you in timeout pinkie yeah I
    have pinkie in timeout what did he do what did he do
    yeah everything in timeout pitch it they all play yeah
    ciello if they had you in timeout pinkie pinkie you better come over here and be
    nice I told you anybody could get timed out I’m female tasty they put you in
    timeout pinkie what did you do pinkie tell on yourself they summon Ariel who is Ariel ain’t
    nobody getting no shout out up in here today pinky went to timeout they pinky go to
    timeout hey there squeaky yeah we need five more time’s up please thumbs up the
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    the link and subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already ok let’s go finish
    finish watching the rest of this video yeah get rid of the Chinese writing
    anything that’s not English we can’t read it so we get rid of it I’m not a
    mud burn in the fair and I’m not a Christian you keep saying it the child
    hear that he said he is not a monk beggar and he’s not a Christian and he
    said he channels his inner energy to a bunch of different things and she does
    as well in essence he’s saying he’s not a Christian so he not generally
    challenging a challenging his energy in that direction so he’s challenging his
    energy and other directions and he says that she does as well which means she is
    practicing and believing in other things in God is a jealous God God is a jealous
    God he is a jealous God he is a and she learned from me she learned I enjoyed
    our time together I did I just felt like we should have pump the brakes a little
    bit and your movements were questionable I would never intentionally sale of boats you need to get rid of that
    squeaky chair that chair is squeaky you need to get rid of a saying a mouthful
    fool he said as your psychic I apologize that I wasn’t able to provide you the
    help that you needed the help that she needed was more than what anybody can
    give her and she ain’t even willing to listen to
    nobody that’s trying to help her on YouTube her to take them videos down
    that would help her we need five more thumbs up please thumbs up the video she’s not even listening to people who
    are trying to help her here on YouTube and I just don’t understand now that’s
    your chair sentimental value sentimental value is annoying you better
    let that chair house send them in a value over in a corner somewhere
    collecting dust and take your videos to the next level and get you another chair you better get you another chair honey
    see take my advice take my advice I’m trying to help you this what’s wrong with y’all today y’all
    don’t listen I’m trying to help you Hey this was boots and like I say before a
    disclaimer you guys know and I stated before the views that in this video or
    not my own views I’m endorsing the views that were stated in this video again I
    do not believe in psychic readings I do not believe in tarot card readings I do
    not believe even and I don’t believe in any of that
    and you guys know I don’t promote certain things on YouTube but in order
    to bring you a part of what is going on with Q and this story I felt it
    necessary to bring you this aspect of it as well not wanting to ignore a very
    important part of the story but again like I said the things that were
    expressed in this video are not my own views and they’re not shared by me but I
    just wanted to bring you this person’s truth and enlightenment to help us see
    what’s really going on let me see something I don’t really know you saying I don’t
    know who you are no I really I’ve never uh I’ve never seen you before
    until tonight you have fine boots well thank you for joining me boots I really
    appreciate you guys joining me tonight y’all let’s turn this camera let’s
    camera around and that was that was just there it makes me sad it makes me sad to
    watch somebody talk about God watch somebody bring God up in every video and not being fully committed to what
    they’re professing on camera not being fully committed to the relationship with
    God like they say they are like that’s very disturbing to me it’s very
    deceptive and if you are deceptive in your relationship with God then that
    means you’re gonna be deceptive in everything else everything else is going
    to be deceptive everything about you is going to be deceptive because you’re not
    even being real with yourself and you’re not even owning up to who you
    really are because even boots say it I’m not he said I’m not a Christian I’m not
    a Christian I’m not claiming to be a Christian and at least he’s honest
    because at least when people are honest you know who you are dealing with
    upfront you know who you’re dealing with upfront but people are honest but when
    people try to deceive you and then you discover
    for those deceptions then that means your whole relationship with them was
    based on a lie and that means they’re not to be trusted
    about anything that means you can’t trust him when it comes to anything
    y’all we need three more thumbs up please three more times uh-oh she said she can’t see you now boots she
    took off her glasses but he said I did have fun where my money for monetization
    is video my name though Bucci better get your butt up out of here before I give
    you the boots there’s a such thing called fair use you better get your butt
    up out of here all of her old friends are exposing her now well God wants the
    truth to come out and everything that’s done in the dark will come to the light June say hit the like button yep we need
    five more likes meaning fake people are the most dangerous ones sad but true
    yes that is so saying it it broke my heart today when I seen this because
    it’s like everything that a person is professing or claiming to be it’s like we finding out more and more that
    nothing is true nothing is true that we believed about
    you not even your claims yes all of this happen for a reason yeah somebody said she put herself in
    that light these people never spoke on her publicly I keep saying she slipped
    on her own banana peel she dug a pit and fell in it herself
    geez that is so true yeah God everything that God want to expose about me honey I
    will not be embarrassed or ashamed I have a very humble spirit and if God
    wanted to expose something about me I’m gonna take my beatin because the beatin
    is gonna bring about perfection a beatin is gonna be a part of the process of me
    getting better so if God got the God wanted to do something to me or for me
    he can do it because he is God he can do whatever he want to do yeah God said he would because at the
    end of the day at the end of the day you don’t know if a person was trying to
    bring harm you don’t know if a person cast a spell catch cast witchcraft cast
    voodoo against the life of people you don’t know how you don’t know what meant
    that person was willing to go to to destroy someone else you don’t know you
    don’t know what lives that person was willing to go to to destroy somebody
    else so God is doing what he is doing perhaps to keep that person from doing
    what they wanted to do maybe they were ready to destroy to kill you don’t know
    what extent that that person was willing to go to we need five more thumbs up Jazmin say everybody getting timed out
    that’s funny girl God said vengeance is mine I will repay who is that video by who is that video
    by I mean what what they meant what they make the video who they make the video
    on I don’t watch everybody’s I got to watch
    this stuff before I put it on the TV but before I put it on here because I might
    not know what it’s about I don’t know if they uh I don’t know if
    they use profanity or works can we get four more times up please I don’t know
    if they use profanity or what how was your day today how was your our day today yeah that’s good you think hue sister was sincere mine
    was good you cooked some ribs and some cabbage that sound good God tried to
    deal with us privately before he exposes us publicly I am sure warning comes
    before the fall that is so true it’s true King was saying the same thing
    boots was saying that they dodged a bullet
    yes I’m gonna probably play his video tomorrow my day was cold it was raining
    here in Detroit the devil been busy today all I can say yeah yep y’all we need three more thumbs up
    please thumbs up the video and I’m not playing with y’all Angela where you been
    at all night long where was Angela the first video Q sister made seems sincere
    but the second one seems a little sketchy well basically all she was
    saying in the second video was is that that’s her sister and then she’s pretty
    much staying behind standing behind what she said in the first video it’s hot in
    Cali yep it was hot down here today too
    it’s hot it’s hot but it’s hotter in Hale it’s hotter in Hale let me see let
    me see what I need you out to do for me tonight let me see which I need you how to do
    when we come against you we can be against you when God oh who can be
    against you when God is for you no matter what
    she tried God knew the plan believe it that’s right and that’s why he had me
    wait he had me wait for a time like this
    because there’s nobody else speaking against it and talking about it
    consistently and and going to continue to bring light on it nobody else doing
    it yeah I need for more people to subscribe
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    mhm much down thank you for your help today
    Thank You Valerie Simmons thank you Miss Lea low 79 Thank You Jamie’s world Thank
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    name Thank You Jasmine’s world Leilani you still here Leilani say don’t be asking me if I’m
    here tasty I’ll always be you you’re welcome you’re welcome tasty be keeping me up all leilani
    I thought you stayed up late anyway I thought you’d be staying up anyway you I thought I thought you’d be up anyway
    Lonnie I do you keep me up even later well you could go to bed you a boss to
    you I’m not the boss to you you can go whenever you want to oh it’s
    3:00 in the morning okay uh thank you Malakai I think do y’all want me to
    start now this is my question do y’all want me to start doing my lives
    earlier or do y’all like I’m around this time good morning boss lady Lexi boss
    lady Lexi still in the house thank you – boss lady licks it for you you what do you do pinky what are you
    talking about again okay let me see what so what time is a good time what time
    y’all think I need to start doing my lives I mean I got hit over 300 600
    people in here at this time that’s why I come at this time because it seems like
    I get more views when I come at this time yeah I know I used to come at 8
    o’clock every day if you call casting spells do you call casting spells and
    going to a psychic and cast what else is there other word Leilani casting spells
    and some of the things and all that stuff would do you call that voodoo yeah I haven’t since I’ve been going
    live though I don’t know if I’ve tried to go live at eight I don’t know
    summoning spirits do y’all consider summoning spirits
    voodoo and going to a psychic and having tarot card readings all of that is in
    wonder chill no bueno it said she’s playing with things she
    knows nothing about maybe she does know something about them it’s all it’s all
    witchcraft boss lady Lexi so what do you call summoning spirits
    casting spells going to a psychic having your palms read and and probably even I
    you know I think I think if a person does all that they are willing to cast a
    spell on somebody and try to get if somebody do something to them to hurt
    them and they try to get back at them and cast a spell on them nope not me either but I’ve had someone
    who tried to do it to me before God is not pleased it’s June say it’s
    all witchcraft you say child too much what does that mean too much dealing
    with some form of witchcraft chants the devil workshop I think it’s all evil
    because I think like I think you put it all into the same category cuz if you
    try to start saying where this belong over here and just belong over here in
    this it’s like you’re trying to separate it it’s like you’re trying to categorize
    it and it all falls it all falls in the same place to me I’m not playing with
    none of it eating jasmine saying I’m home alone I’m scared
    can’t deal with this jasmine is nothing to be scared of if you have the Spirit
    of God in you what is it you gonna be scared of ain’t I’m gonna jump out the
    closet and get you check the source if it ain’t of God then it’s witchcraft
    period God has all power over Satan God how has our power in Satan has some
    power so if humans get knowledge and power check the source of it and fame
    and fortune to the Bible – Shawn the very appearance of evil
    the Bible says – Shawn the very appearance of evil so if you ain’t
    playing with nothing evil and wicked then you won’t have to worry about
    whether or not somebody’s gonna question whether or not you’re doing things
    according to the Word of God showing the very appearance of evil stay away from
    anything that’s evil and wicked you got to stay prayed up like boss lady said
    and you got to walk the walk and not just top to talk you got to do more than
    talking see some people is just into lip service they just into lip service but
    they ain’t into serving it’s it’s more than lip service you got to do more than
    just serve which lips so y’all we got 184 thumbs up I know we
    can get to 200 thumbs up we had so many people in this life tonight no he hasn’t given us the spirit of fear yeah we don’t stay on this life till we
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    morning okay y’all um y’all didn’t tell me what time I should start doing the
    lives in the morning or lunch no not around that time in the evening time not
    in the morning nope do a video on things about you we don’t know I am going to do
    why it’s buzz I’m gonna do some testimonies 3
    p.m. and that’s too early you not good oh good night people good night thank
    you my currents are I don’t have a time I really don’t have a time how many
    thumbs up now 185 185 thumbs up yeah we need 5 more we need 15 more to get to
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    feel like it good night mhm much down tell your son that’s what I that’s how I
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    I’m getting tired yeah we still got 266 people in the house and they not giving
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    people coming from we don’t have 266 people talking so what are they what are
    they doing if they’re not talking lol exclusive internet news Esther’s safai
    Safari oh they just not coming here and talking y’all queue is fake q is fake watching creeping and not
    speaking mmm-hmm watching creeping and not sneaking I like that
    watching creeping and not speaking let me write that down watching creeping and
    not stay watching quickly not speaking tasty no lie though business-wise this
    is a good time to make money smart move it’s not about a smart move is just what
    God had me doing and whatever God chooses to do I said God is the one that
    gives the increase so I don’t think that people should look at this as it’s as if
    it’s a business move God is the one that gives the increase and Satan rewards his
    kingdom and so why there are people on you to period it doesn’t matter what
    they’re doing it doesn’t matter what you’re doing on YouTube if you’re
    consistent in it you’re making money so why shouldn’t people that are promoting
    the things of God not be why should it be a big deal when you’re promoting the
    things of God I mean it’s all the same no matter what
    it’s still a job I’m working every day whether I’m a Christian or not I’m
    working every day so why shouldn’t I get paid just like everybody else
    God is my provider so whatever he wants to provide for me I’m 100% cool with it
    and wherever he wants me to go and however far he want me to go with it
    that’s up to him I’m very humble and I will always be humble I’ve been through
    too much in my life and God is my provider I don’t look to me and I look
    to God and this is not a strategic move it is just what I
    would be doing anyway I mean I will be doing this anyway so and then to God be
    the glory to God be the glory about for everything
    for everything God is the rewarder of those who
    diligently seek Him if you put God first God is gonna bless you yeah maybe I will but what is exactly is
    a mean is it just repeating the same song cuz I think people have made means
    and put it in their video I was about to write down who said that
    watching watching or watching creeping and and not speaking watching creeping and not speaking that’s what they doing
    yeah we need three more thumbs up to get to 190 nice and cute is the devil but a lot of
    people are seeking to destroy well let me see
    yep I like I’m gonna say this if we are Christians we should be all seeking to
    destroy those things of Satan we should all be willing to come against those
    things of Satan we should always be ready for a battle we supposed to be
    ready we supposed to have all in our lamps and all times yeah well I team creeping and not
    speaking we got 243 nine people in the house and
    only about 10 of them is speaking and the other ones is watching creeping and
    not speaking and they ain’t even give it a thumbs up that’s all right though they
    here they here watching that’s all that matter they here watching well God don’t dwell in an unclean
    spirit God do not dwell in a clean spirit so if God is not in the place then I’m not understanding something okay yeah I’m trying to see what time
    y’all trying to go to bed cuz it’s past our bedtime y’all I need two more thumbs
    up can we get two more thumbs up before we
    go please cuz I’m about to go tasty let’s do play or request a wee prayer
    request o prayer request we’re gonna pray before we leave y’all I’m afraid
    but I got to go I’m tired let me pray y’all first of all I want to
    thank everybody for joining me today thank you guys for living the Spirit of
    God dwell within this place and using the video that we watched for
    educational purposes father God as we come to you right now I thank you for
    all that you have done for us I thank you for your love your kindness your
    mercy and your grace precious Heavenly Father I ask you to encounter your
    angels round about us tonight as we go to be and your lord I ask you to remove
    the spirit of fear in the hearts of those who say that they had the spirit
    of fear the lord I ask you to remove anything out of our hearts our minds our
    bodies our souls and our lives that are unlike you we ask you precious Heavenly
    Father to lead and guide us every step of the way to show us the error of our
    ways Lord so that we could be more like you lead us to repentance lead us to
    deliverance and lead us to healing let us seek to put you first in all that we
    do and say in Jesus name we pray amen amen okay i’ma talk to you guys later thank
    you guys we got to 190 thumbs up I appreciate y’all we need 10 more thumbs
    up to get to 200 but I am completely satisfied with 190 so I will talk to you
    guys later thank you and I love you and I will see
    you guys to-morrow tomorrow tomorrow I’ll talk to
    you later bye

    SMG4: Mario’s Big Chungus Hunt
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    SMG4: Mario’s Big Chungus Hunt

    October 16, 2019

    Glitch Productions And SMG4 Presents: (Ahh… the forest…… …& Mario?) Mario: hrph Mamma mia… *grunts* Mario: *Italian gibberish* |*wooping in his flashback*| Mario: *Italian gibberish* *grunts* |*wooping in his flashback*| Mario: Here we go! WAH! (oh wow) (Cover your kids’ eyes!) WOOPWOOPWOOPWOOPWOOPWOOPWOOPWOOPWOOP (x2) (OMG MARIO IS GONNA DIE!) WOOPWOOPWOOPWOOPWOOPWOOPWOOPWOOPWOOP (MARIO! LOOK OUT!) *Still wooping* (Something is getting closer…) (Mario! Stop wooping!) Mario: Wahhh! HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM……. big chunguuss….. Mario: (You want Mario’s Spagett?) Big Chungus: (yes yes yes) Mario: (oh no plz) Big Chungus: (gimme my spaghetti!) *Mario crazily shakes head*
    Mario: (NO!) *Big Chungus crazily shakes head*
    Big Chungus: (YES!) (0_0)
    *shut down* Mario: What’s wrong with you? Big Chungus: REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Mario: *PANIC* Big Chungus: GET IN MAH BELLEH!! Mario is a wiazrd: YOU!! SHALL NOT!!! PASS– *oof* CHUGUS VACUUM: *ON* Mario: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *latah bish* *gun cocks* Mario losing his sanity: The Hunt… Is on Mario: GET OVER HERE!! Big Chungus: YOU WILL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! *Mario Went Total Psychopath On Big Chungus* *YEET*OOF* Mario: GOTCHA BITCH! MISSED x ∞ *Mario’s aim sux* Mario: *Grunts* Mario: DIE BITCH!! *Airplane noise* oh bruh Bullet Bill: AHH THE PAIN ITS UNBEARABLE!!! Tell my children I luv– (WTF CHUNGUS! sin count: ∞) Big Chungus: ohok… Big Chungus: oo ee oo lala~ Confused Mario: (Wut?) ???: Hey kid! Totally not Mario: Wanna check out my van? I got some candy~ (dat face tho) (Oh… ) Mario: ow… Mario: *grunts* (o shet Mario pulled out the big gunz) *GET THAT MOFO* NOM Big Chungus: oOOooo~ Mario: *Grunts* No! Hurry up already! Chain Chomp: It’s so thicc! EXTRA THICC DAMN BOI HE’S THICC!!! BOI!!! THAT’S A THICC ASS BOI!!! DAYUM!!! Big Chungus: IIIIIII’m about to whip somebody’s aaaaaaaaassss (gay!) *bishes* Big Chungus: HA! GOT EM!!! *dat derpy walk though* (Oh shet. he fahked up) Big Chungus’ Power: *OFF* (snoring and shit) Mario: HO Ho ho! (The fucking walk like HOW DOES HE DO THAT?!) Mario: GOTCHA! Mario: Game Over! BOO! (Minecraft version) Big Chungus: AAAAAAAAAAAHH!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERHH!!! *ded* Mario: boiiiiiii i win OH I GONNA TAKE YOU TO THE RICE FIELDS TONIGHT!! YIPPEE YIPPEE YIPPEE OH YOU SO DEAD! Chungus: Plz! And leave me no harm! (CHUNGUS IS FRIEKING OUT) Mario: MMmmm~ So good and tasty!
    (I don’t think he wants to R.I.P chungus) HMMMM… HM!!! Big Chungus: WHAT THE F#@K!? Mario: Haha! Game Over!
    (Oh shet he gonna get roasted) (Mario senses something…) Mario: Wahh! (pelo battle cry)Chocka hoo Chocka hoo Chocka pinga Chocka hoo Chocka hoo Chocka hoo Chocka pinga Chocka hoo *Chungus Battle Cry Continues* Chungus Cop: Keep your hands in the air… Step to the rear of the Chungus Mario: How about you suck mario’s-a pingas?! THAT’S IT! WE’RE CALLING THE MILITARY!! *La Cucaracha* Chungus Soldier: *Inaudible* Duty reporting! Mario: oh [email protected]! *Screams* *Boing* *Continue Screaming* Target required *FIRE* Mario: *PANIC* *Slowed down oof* Mario: mama mia… what’s-a going on here? Mario: *pants* Hmm? What are you doing? Big Chungus: Hey kid, would you like some drugs? *Girl scream* GOTCHA BITCH Mario: Oh no you don’t! *Super Mario Odyssey* Mario: Oh yeah! Big Chungus: What just happened? Enemy spotted NOOOOOOOOOOO– Wait a minute? ahhhh [email protected]! Mario in disguise: Why don’t we just give up partner? Mario: hehehehehe haha… Mario: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH (Now u fuk up) Mama mia… ah spagetti… (He’s still alive?!) *snoring* ah the princess… *snoring* ah dat ASS!!! *Knock knock knock* Mario: Hmm? *gibberish* Mario: AH! Oh no! (pelo battle cry again) Mario: Hey stinky! *Italian gibberis–* SILENCE!! *Warp pipe sound effects* *more gibberish* de! (pelo gasp) Mario: *Laughing* Mario: Wah! *panic* GRAAAAND CHUNGUUSSS! *screams* IM VERY CHUNGRY (get it?) Mario: NOOOO! GOD! NO! Mario: *Italian gibberish* *gibberi–* Judge Chungus: Say what? (That music! Could it be?) (It is!!! Meggy!) Mario: Yes! I’m so happy to see you again! Grand Chungus: What da hell is this? *gibberish* Mario: Hey! Shut up! *Knock knock* (Wow… that’s really hard… for a plumber…) *mumbling* Ah yeah.. that’s definitely is SILENCE!! *more gibberish* *Grand Chungus having a stroke* Judge Chungus: BOI!! What u gonna do huh? (Playing 3DS while tied up… Yup that’s normal…) Mario: Imma guess imma go fishin’ Judge Chungus: Huh what?! Mario: penis Grand Chungus:
    GENIUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! Mario: Mama mia.. Mario: Okie dokie! Let’s-a go! Oh yeah! *gibberish* Mario: Haha! That’s-a easy for me! Mario: *Italian gibberish* Let’s-a go Mario: Hoho! Hello! Shigeru Miyamoto: Oooh! My boy! Mario: Are you ready to fly? Shigeru Miyamoto: Uuhh… Mario: OKEYDOKEY *rip* Master Hand: U MUST DI– *Gun shot* oof *Level up* Mario: Lot’s-a fun! Mario: *Singing while shooting* Goomba: Ah! OH MY GOD!
    Mario: *Singing while shooting* Mario: *Singing while shooting* *BOOM* *Cha-ching* Mario: Hello! *Italian gibberish* Yipee! Goomba: Uh… No. *S L A P* Goomba: AHHH! Mario: B*tch *Level up* Koopa: Jesus! Hey! Koopa: You’re holding up the lin– *S L A P* Monty Mole: That was very nice… *S L A P* Monty Mole: AH! *Toad wandering around* *S L A P* *S L A P ing intensifies* *Level up* (mafia in a nutshell) *S L A P* uh *Cha-ching* Mario: Oh yeah! *Level up* That’s-a so nice! *BOOM* (Big Chungus for PS4?) Mario: Ho my god! Big Chungus: I did it! I did it! (look at awl dose gaems) *Honk* *Honk* Mario: Here we go! Weehee! (rip toadsworst) Mario: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Tari: What? (POW! U R DED! Not big suprise…) Tari: Hmm? What the… dadadadadaddadadqa Tari: WOW!!! (hory shit that was fast!) Money (x8) Mario: It’s-a king Mario! Mario: Yay! Judge Chungus: der… derderderder… Mario: *Excited* Oh Yeah! Judge Chungus: derderder (Wow… that escalated quickly than I expected…) Mario: (Wait… what?) Judge Chungus: *gibberish* *Throws him out* Mario: WAAAAaaaaa—oof! Mario: *Sigh* Oof… *pipe noise*
    Mario: *Sigh* Oof… Mario: fak uuuu


    HOW TO CHOOSE A SAILBOAT for living aboard and sailing arround the world! Ep. 2

    October 14, 2019

    I hope to my jingle and we are lingering gazes and as it goes what’s going on 27 people and we want to live in England London wear a dress in another book to check out this well film was night in the hub already was even night we were really enjoying the play but [Music] first of all it was to quote or maybe but just maybe we didn’t have the right book using Teddy shoes for walking in the snow second it was so cold the freakin see had frozen over and we want to be able to lawn in anytime soon like we’re supposed to be walking on top of that better if you’ll solid oh it’s that very day never seen C freezing up like this apparently the more than the Baltic is a less salty and that’s why it stays up so you place is amazing just beautiful yourself there’s even a couple of ducks sitting on uh what’s that nice boat something like it there’s no duck sticking off sitting over that oh this place is just amazing and third we won’t have to spend a lot of time and money on retrofitting that have already [Music] [Music] so you can take a look at this uh holiday rocky in Helsinki and I’m at a moment apparently all the docks are frozen there is no way out we have to wait until end of March beginning of April frankly and that’s the only way to have to leave we’re hoping we might get out of ribbon earlier tip with you by the sports to have what Cena in England but I choose this back massage and it’s a completely froze so a second option up here along the way it was a Naiad 391 and promised to be within our budget and in great condition we are linger on Jesus as it going came to look at the me odd when I one run away she’s freaking out because we’re driving the wrong side row everybody but the two things rarely go together right we had two options you think life is easy when there’s only two options right well not so much we had to scratch our heads over for a few days and still then get into a conclusion so after looking at so many boats the Nyad was really the only competitor to the harbor at sea we had considered in the first place world news today brought to you by Continental radio and for those of you who are wondering what’s with the yards and how the grasses let me try to explain those are two different brands of cold makers but they are situated in the same islands we noticed there’s a saying around here in Scandinavia and it was then for us we trust few would disagree with me that boats made in that Island and around that region are some of the best boats in the world those two models we ended up with had pretty much or what he wanted but he sent a cockpit that keeps us away from the incoming flow and gives us a massive aft cabin along he’ll gives us strength against groundings and keeps our boat going straight escape neck now rudder because we don’t want that for you I’m doing and I’m sorry construction it’s not a tank but it’s close enough although both boats are absolutely amazing sturdy and safe the 391 and a big job to be done on the teak deck and also some other stuff that would become too complicated from a knowledge background on the other hand the HR 39 in Munich tronics electrics and some fiberglass work to be done and that I believe we could tackle by ourselves that’s not too much to ask and then consider our key options we decide to put it off on the Hager ration ready to buy a boat here your work in the next episode check out our also was received by oldest and what our next steps will be we hope you all enjoyed that video and if you did give us a like subscribe and I’ll see you guys next week Cheers stop somewhere ah your mommy almost died

    Unboxing the Tracker and Everest Vehicles with Santa Clause Toys
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    Unboxing the Tracker and Everest Vehicles with Santa Clause Toys

    October 11, 2019

    – [Child] Family fun for everyone. – [Man] Assistant, I’ve got Tracker. – [Child] And I’ve got Everest. – That’s right you’ve got Everest. Oh look mine has the number 11 on it. What number does yours have? – Nine. – Nine, so these are the
    ones that you can pull back and then they race, right? – Right. Let’s have a race. I think mine’s gonna win. – And they both make cool sounds. – Mine’s gonna win
    because mine has the best, coolest sound. – Well let’s check it out, okay? – Okay. – So, assistant, here they come. Oh, they kinda wreck, assistant. – Here’s yours. – So here’s Tracker in
    his jeep, and here is. – My super duper cool
    one better than mister. – You think so? – Yeah. – So you got, wait, oh look at that. – It looks like it could carry something. – That’s right, it looks
    like it opens up even, right? Let’s see. – Right. – Whoa, assistant, look. The front of her snow plow
    opens up, and you can put it all the way inside. – Whoa it looks like
    kind of her dog house. – It does kinda look like her dog house. And here’s Tracker. Now what I like about
    Tracker is he comes out. Here’s Tracker, right? He’s the newest member
    of Paw Patrol, right? – Right – And here’s his jeep. You put him in and then (car engine sound) Whoa did you hear that? It sounds like it started. – Yeah but mine can do
    lots of cool things. – Show me what you can do with Everest. So somebody can ride on the back of it. Right? – Right. Like Rudolph. – Or Santa Claus. Santa Claus goes “ho ho ho”. – Ho ho ho. I’m riding with Everest. – That’s right. Okay so, Santa Claus is in the
    back of Everest’s snow plow. – That’s so cool. – So here goes Santa with,
    oh, where are they going? – Everest fell. – What, where they at? Uh oh you know who’s
    gotta look for ’em, right? – Rudolph. – So here’s Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer lookin’ for Everest and Santa. Where’d they go? Oh there they are. The assistant has them. Oh they wrecked right back into Tracker. Well, Santa, I don’t know if I like that. Tracker, who do you think should ride on the back of Tracker? – Tracker on the back? – Yeah. We’ve got Frankenstein. (gasps) Whoa so they both can
    have passengers, right? – Right. – Oh, Frankenstein fell. – Mine’s still better than
    yours ’cause mine’s Santa. He can probably make mine fly. – Well really, maybe so, but you know who’s gonna ride on the back of Tracker’s now, don’t you? – Who? – Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer. – Well you know who’s gonna do me, now? – Who’s gonna ride the back of yours? – Catboy at super speed. – Really? You’ve got Catboy in the back of yours? – Right. – Well, guess who I’ve got? – Who? – I’ve got, oh she fell. I’ve got Shine. Is that Shine or Shimmer? – I’m doing Shine. – Well let’s try that. You’ve got Shimmery Shine,
    and I’ve got Shimmer. – I wish that I could go really fast. – Whoa she fell again. – I wish I could go really fast. Boom zaramay, first wish of the day. Shimmer and Shine go really fast divine. – Wow. – Hey will you hand me Tracker again? Somebody else wants to go
    for a ride with Tracker. You know who wants to go
    for a ride with Tracker now? It’s none other than Tommy. – Does he want to go on the back of mine? – Who? – Bunga? – Bunga bunga woo, bunga bunga what? – Bunga bunga. – Well, assistant, Tracker
    lives in the jungle. You know who else lives in the jungle? – Uh. – Spiders. (laughter) – You know what something that can do? – What’s that? – To keep me company? Little Red can give me
    muffins while I’m driving. – Really? You’ve got
    Little Red and muffins? – Mhmm. – Wow. – Little Red can give me
    all the muffins I want. – Well, assistant, it says
    that Tracker was in the jungle, and you know what he found? A dinosaur riding in the back. – Well since Everest can
    float, she found Captain Hook. – Captain Hook, that sneaky crook. – Yeah. – Wait a minute, but
    remember this is a snow plow. – Yeah, and also Captain Hook, he needs to go back to his ship. And you know who’s coming? – Who? – Kyon. – Oh really? – To be the ruler, so yours, uh. – Maybe I’ll get rid
    of that spider, right? – Right. (roars) – Bye spider, bye. Ran over him. Uh oh, it looks like it’s
    getting cold outside. Who’s gonna have an advantage now? I think Everest and the snow plow. What do you think? Yeah, let’s race. – Okay so this is how
    we’re gonna make snow. I’ve got the can right here, right? – Right. – Look what I added to it. – Water? – Water, and this is special snow. So we add that to it, right? – Right. – Like this. – It looks like salt. – I don’t think salt
    would work though, right? And then you gotta use
    your shovel, and stir. Be careful not to get cut
    though because it’s kind of. Whoa did you see that heap of snow? Watch. Stir it up, and it’s snow. It’s snowing, it’s snowing, it’s snowing. – Should I throw it in the air? – No, you shouldn’t throw it in the air, because then we’ll have a big mess. – Then we’ll have a snow day. – It’s snowing. – I’m gonna try to make a snowman. – It’s snowing, it’s snowing, for Everest. – It’s snowing. – You know what they say
    about show business, right? There’s no business like. – Show business. – Snow business. – Snow? – Yeah. There’s no business like snow business. – It’s snowing, it’s snowing. There’s Everest, inside of it. – Should I put some in her? – Oh you know what? There’s Rudolph. Rudolph likes to play in the snow too, but you know what? I think the dinosaur is
    no good for the snow. No more dinosaur. What about Tracker? Do you think Tracker likes snow? – Yeah. Maybe a little bit. – Snow’s so cool. – It is pretty cool, isn’t it. – Yeah well let’s talk about it. – So we’ve got Rudolph, and our friends. I don’t think it actually makes
    into very good snow does it? – Nah, but it does feel
    like snow, but don’t eat it. – No, you know what this is, assistant? Do you know what is very similar to this? – What? – This is made as the same stuff as. – Water? – Orbeez. – Orbeez? – Yeah, it’s kind like Orbeez
    but instead of it being little cubes, it’s a powder,
    and so when it got water, it expanded, and so then we
    were able to make this snow. – It kinda feels like squished Orbeez. – It does feel like squished Orbeez. – Let’s put some snow in it too. – Oh Rudolph. Where’d Santa Claus go? – Santa. – Come here, Santa. – Here, I found Santa. – Oh, you know what Santa’s gonna do? – What? – Santa’s gonna make snow angels. – And here comes Everest,
    she’s loading her thing into. – Ah I was making a snow angel. Ah, Santa. – Let’s make him buried in the snow. – Snow angel. – Let’s bury him in the snow. – Bye Santa, you’re
    gettin’ buried in the snow. – People at home, do you see Santa? (laughter) – So that is how, we’ve
    done three different things in this video. We’ve played with Everest, Tracker, and made snow with Santa Claus. – Sold separately: the snow,
    these two, and these two come sold separately. – That’s right we were able to race home and do lots of fun things, right? – Right. They’re so cool, actually, don’t eat the snow but like
    Orbeez you don’t want to eat it because it’s made of the
    same thing, which is poison. – Yeah, that’s for sure. Definitely don’t want to eat it. So people at home, which
    did you like better? Did you like snow, did you like Everest, and her vehicle, Tracker and his, or did you just like the snow. – I like the snow. – The assistant didn’t even
    know we were gonna make snow in this video did you. – No, I just thought we were viewing it. – You just thought we
    were gonna do a video of the toys, right? – Right. Whoa, this is like a volcano. – It is kinda like a volcano. It’s like a snow-cano. Santa we’re gonna put
    you in Tracker’s jeep. There you go. – You’re having a special privilege. – That’s right so people at home tell us which one you like the best, and make sure that you push
    right there for TEF Kids, right? – Right. And TEF Animal channel
    which is my new channel. – That’s right. All right everyone. So TEF kid, right there it says subscribe. So subscribe to what? – The Engineering Family, and I might make a hand angel. Hand angel. (laughter) And also our secret
    spelling word is gonna be paw patrol, p-a-w p-a-t-r-o-l spells. – Paw patrol. – That’s right. – And have a snowy day. – Have a snowy day. Give us a like. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Bye everyone. – Bye. – Hey there everyone, thanks for watching our video, now make sure that you
    subscribe to the The Engineering Family to
    see lots of cool videos. In fact, there’s another
    cool video right there. You can select and watch it. I think you’re really gonna like it. It’s a teamozazone, paw patrol,
    surprises, frozen, blade, masha. There’s so many videos to watch. Bye.