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    BEACH DAY! Lake Huron & Goderich Ontario | The Weekly Diehl ep. 3 | The Good Diehls
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    BEACH DAY! Lake Huron & Goderich Ontario | The Weekly Diehl ep. 3 | The Good Diehls

    February 18, 2020

    hey guys, Morning! we are off to
    Goderich ontario on the sunny shores of Lake huron here we are in downtown Goderich and in true Canadian fashion we have our tim hortons iced coffee ready to go now
    Goderich which was founded in the mid to late eighteen hundreds like a
    lot of canada and right over there is the old down It’s like a wagon wheel the old town square and all
    the streets go up from a spoke at a central point in the middle and a couple
    years ago this area was raveged by a huge tornado so a lot of it is rebuilt and we
    can’t really even tell the difference yeah hey guys so we’ve set up a spot in the in
    the shade oh jez its nippy, here’s the thing that the Great
    Lakes they don’t heat up as fast as the Mediterranean you gotta have a really hot day yeah yeah they’re my toes easy yeah gonna jump this chain hey guys were back from Goderich we had
    a lot of fun in the Sun we didn’t really like go swimming in the water to get
    much warmer it’s cold oh oh oh yeah there wasn’t any
    humidity today sir so we got really hot really humid, that
    would have been perfect temperature we’re having burgers and then we’re
    going to turn in for the night in like the sense that we will watch TV or we’ll
    throw down some mario kart but this could be the end

    Doki Doki Literature Club!: I’ll Be Your Beach – PART 16 – Game Grumps
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    Doki Doki Literature Club!: I’ll Be Your Beach – PART 16 – Game Grumps

    February 18, 2020

    [Intro] A:Welcome back oh boy A:Welcome back to…Fucking.. this game D: Yep I know all y’all are fuckin sitting there like “when -when’s the- when’s a good shit gonna happen?” D: I mean, I- it’s been happening. A: It’s getting close! D: Okay A : IT’S GETTIN’ REAL CLOSE! D: Uh, alright. *Arin’s Groaning.mp3* A :Okay, I just need to stretch my ribcage. D : yeah. A: “you’re trying to impress me?” Natsuki vigorously scans her eyes over my poem one more time, then the poem slips out of her hands and flutters to the floor. A: “I-I have to use the bathroom!” A puddle of y-yellow liquid..(Dan Laughs) Rolls down her thighs (Dan laughs more) D: “That poem was so bad I shit myself!” (Arin laughs) (Both laugh) A: You-you just hear, like *Violent fart noises* D: “No! Not again!” (More laughter) A: “I have to go!” D: “Not today!” A: ” Just let me go!” D: oh my god! All right. A: Red-faced, Natsuki quickly walks out of the room. M: Hello friend-Arin. Did you do something to Natsuki? I just saw her rush out like that. You didn’t do anything terrible, did you? A: No… You didn’t show her her po- your poem, did you? That makes her shit herself. D: yes. M: I just told- D:”Did she respond with defecation?” A: My voice gets caught in my throat. There’s no way I could tell Monika that I’m trying to impress Natsuki. M: hmm Monika sees the poem lying in the floor and swiftly picks it up. She reads through it, her smile not fading from her face. M: I see. I hear. I taste. (Dan chuckles) I am human after all. You write this for- you wrote this for Natsuki, didn’t you? A : I-i mean, not really. M: In fact, didn’t she like your poem a lot the other day, too? I’m surprised You know her taste, so well already eeeooor. D: arm up. M: Are you sure you’re not cheating Friend-Arin? A: Cheating? What do you mean by that? M: Never mind? I’m just kidding. A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A (robot laugh) A: I didn’t understand Monica’s joke at all. M: Anyway. How do you think Natsuki feels about you? Oh, you don’t need to answer that .It was just something for you to think of- ErRor Sookie comes up and snatches the poem out of Monica’s Into the classroom did you read this of course I liked it big You should really stop reading things that are for you You know you have a bad habit of doing that you know fuck its head Hey But friend Aaron wrote this poem and we’re supposed to share with everyone, right NAT Sookie freezes, she apparently forgot that my poem is technically for everyone to read my poem Natsuki forever. I love her I Would do so many things to you NAT Sookie. It’s for everyone If you insist what Like what like you would submit brazier? Hung a vest is now playing kingdoms of castles. Oh my god His symbol was a vest Ah NAT Sookie, I’ll give you the poem, but that’s still not very fair to say Orry she hasn’t gotten to read it yet so what? Well, I guess friend. Oh shit. I was using Okay, well, I guess friend Erin is right NAT Sookie in the way. He talks. I certainly do like it It’s not fair if you don’t let everyone finish reading it yeah fine That Sookie returns my poem no likes you like it though anyway read my poem now And no, I won’t let you keep it this my only copy oh God, I’ll be a bitch I’ll be your Beach some about the beach. That’s barrier. Heavy thoughts of the pilot say it is do it read it, okay? I’ll be a peach your minds are full of troubles and fears that diminish your wonder over the years, but today I have a special place a beach for us to go assure reaching beyond The walls in Europe each your own escape your little of yourself again Ready with negative things to learn to write something resonates message fluence it’s written to the tune of the elephant’s Awesome kind of anything negative about the beach So he decided to write about the beach first and then came up with the message later Yeah, kind of genius like that and so then because of what happened yesterday I mean after urine I realize he kind of wrote about the same thing she wanted to pick a topic and have us both write About it or whatever She can really see you do the taste and stuff maybe it’s made about a simple topic and then trying to impress me by coming up with something all fancy a Shit really I mean it gets might end up being kind of metaphorical too and like better than But there’s nothing wrong with doing that once in a while oh My god, let’s go Oh Tiny monster face Well done friend Aaron. What did I do definitely improved your writing over the course of these few days? Oh that has my advice been helpful to you. Not really I mean definitely yeah, one of those. I’m glad Sharing our writing like this. It’s a lot more fun and rewarding than I’d anticipated. I need to remember to thank Monica I think we all felt a little awkward at first But now it seems like everyone is enjoying sharing the writing and seeing what others think I guess I can’t oh So I guess I can’t really disagree with dad I was afraid this whole thing would be a chore But it’s a great way for me to spend some personal time with all the girls In the club so ho But it’s been fun getting to know everyone in their writing, and I guess doing some writing myself well Have you learned anything about yourself or into Aaron? Ah? Well, you know how I like to say the writing is very personal way to get in touch with yourself. Yeah well I don’t believe that shit in the end it doesn’t matter if you’re good writer Or a bad writer and even in my opinions, or just opinions you know Stephen King’s get ready as always I believe what’s most important is exploring and discovering yourself That’s comforting for you kind of afraid of disappointing you in some way or another hey Why me well you’re always sophisticated with your writing and have the most advice to share you are a flirty bastard friend iron the edges Is that so? Monster faced URI thanks for all me that must be terrible Yeah for me to have become someone whose opinion is fearsome. How unlike a bowl of me URI It’s not as bad as you’re making a sound in your head. I mean. I don’t think you’re pretty or anything. Oh shit I just meant that you can’t expect your opinion Oh, I see, I’m sorry that I always overthink and come to these sorts of conclusions. I’m just a little too used to it Overthinking being disliked URI those aren’t the same words what what am I saying? I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to bring that up. Let’s move on Alright, do you want to share your weird poem now? Yes more than ever Oh? God Beach bitch a Marvel millions of years in the making where the womb of Earth Chaotically meets the surface under a clear blue sky and explants of bliss but beneath grey rolling clouds and endless an endless enigma the easiest world to get lost in is where Everything could be found but afforded Why can’t we build this sand castle where the sand is wet afford it again? But was quiet where the sand is wet the tide Cubs will it gently lick at your Foundations until you give in or will a sudden wave send you crashing down in the blink of an eye Question mark either way the outcome is the same yet, we still build sandcastles That’s pretty profound I Kind of relate to that (interspersed fart noises from Dan) Just reading this in your head, and you just hear that like that gonna worry about that I (D: TOOT NOISE) (D: TOOT NOISE) Said where the foam wraps around my ankles For my toes squish into the sand the salty air is therapeutic the breeze is gentle yet powerful It told me to write about the beach, but I really wrote about something else I’ve seen my toes into the ultimate boundary line tempted by the foamy tendrils turned back I and I abandoned my piece to a road at the shore drew a Ford and I returned earth forevermore Oh, that’s when you decided to rhyme Ignore the farting I’m aware that I’ve been farting the beach is kind of an innate a main thing to write about But I did my best to take him metaphorical. Okay, yeah roots to it It’s cool that’s About it she did She didn’t say anything weird did she? She just wanted us to write about the same topic again. I Supposed to better compare the differences in her writing styles our thought processes Anyway, it was her idea Knowing her it’s no surprise. She’d wanted to something like that. She probably just wants to show off God you guys Do I get to talk at some point it’s not like I have a particular interest at a writing style The books of the butt fell in my face feels like it’s been a fucking eternity anyway gone, sorry Don Todd I Just went with her request, but well I suppose it’s not so bad to write about something simple on occasion It could be refreshing. You know don’t answer that it’s good for me to come thoughts once in a while Yeah, I think I agree. Thanks for sharing and Not letting me be a part of it who should I show my poem to next say Ari? But do it next time on game grumps baby. N oh goodness me Next one’s the one then I’m excited dude these all have been the one are you kidding yeah?

    Timelapse of a container ship traveling at night.
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    Timelapse of a container ship traveling at night.

    February 13, 2020

    Timelapse of a container ship traveling at night. Ink meeting water and surface tension moving the leaf Pointer puppies and their mother instinctively freezing at the sight of a “feather” Mascot launched by humans from 3-point line. My daughter (born with Spina Bifida) walking without her walker for the first time. Video is from Feb. 2018. Posted to FB then… but wanted to share on Reddit now. (OP: u/tommyspall) Better w/ Sound on. Extreme Halib Pouring This car uses an integrated camera system instead of a conventional wing mirror 3D printing timelapse A newly opened power plant in Copenhagen named Copenhill has a beautiful ski slope on its rooftop! Skateboarding Into A River Table saw that shuts down with contact of flesh. (Or fleshy objects like a wiener dog) The grip strength that this fly must have! Wind so strong it changes the director of the waterfall Earthquake dampeners

    Penguin Beach | Episode 5 – The Art of Persuasion
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    Penguin Beach | Episode 5 – The Art of Persuasion

    February 10, 2020

    – [Narrator] As time progresses, our colony at Penguin
    Beach are progressing too. Relationships are changing, bonds are strengthening, and even appearances are altering. Every day brings a new opportunity
    and a new story to tell, so let’s dive in to this story, the season finale of Penguin Beach, and find out what mischief our penguins have cooked up this week. (water runs) (upbeat music) (water runs) (cheerful music) It’s midday, and some of the
    residents at Penguin Beach are enjoying a swim in
    the warm summer sunshine. Some are taking themselves
    on a morning waddle, and others have opted for a sleep-in. Things may look business-as-usual today, but hang on, is there a
    new bird on the block? Tall, dark and handsome, sporting brand new,
    freshly-grown feathers. Believe it or not ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, but this
    handsome bird is Jack. Fresh from his molt, our young Jack is looking more grown up than ever. – He’s looking absolutely
    fabulous, and he knows it. – He’s got a whole new air
    of confidence around him, and he’s strutting his stuff. – So hopefully, he’ll be
    able to attract a nice lady. She’ll see him for the
    fabulous bird that he is. – [Narrator] And guess who
    else is flashing a new look? Yep, it’s the lovely Lori. Barely recognizable in that fresh tux. After being somewhat overlooked by many of the male penguins
    during her first molt, she’s pretty happy to be back in the game. And she’s not wasting any
    time making her first moves in her adult plumage. She’s spotted her first target, a handsome young male. It appears that she’s moved on from her signature neck preen. New look, new moves. She’s coming in strong with a foot preen. And you’ll never guess who
    her new love interest is. Yep, you’re not seeing things, that’s Jack’s name tag you’re looking at. Lori and Jack. Jack and Lori. Did anyone predict this one? – It took us a little bit by surprise. Jack is so shy, and Lori’s been so indecisive
    about her partners, it’s kind of special seeing them together. – I think they’ll make a really cute pair if she can stay loyal to him. – [Narrator] But at this stage, the relationship seems
    to be a little one-sided. Although he’s happy to oblige
    to a good foot-preening, Jack doesn’t seem as into
    the partnership as Lori does. Jack had expressed an
    interest in Lori in the past, but she never looked twice at him. He wasn’t as grown up and
    mature as the other penguins, so he never captivated her interest. And now, all of a sudden, Jack has emerged from his juvenile plumage as a straight-up Bird Pitt, and Lori wants every part of it. (penguin calls) But the tables have turned now, Lori had her chance. If she didn’t want to
    preen him at his worst, she doesn’t get to preen him at his best. Perhaps Jack wants to see where this new look can take him. Speaking of trying new things, since DG’s partner
    Harlan left him for Katy, DG has decided to find himself a new girl. And this new partnership
    certainly comes with its benefits. – He’s got it all figured out. What better way to make Harlan jealous, than to start a new relationship. – [Narrator] And by the looks of it, it could be working. – Well, despite DG’s best efforts, doesn’t seem to be having an
    effect on Harlan and Katy. They’re as tight as a pair as we’ve seen. – [Narrator] In fact, they
    are staying true to each other during Katy’s first molt as a couple. Even though she’s bulking up a little, and she’s less into swimming sessions, and more into lying around, Harlan hasn’t left her side. Preening her when she needs it, cuddling her so she doesn’t feel lonely, and just letting her know that he’s still attracted
    to her, no matter what. Meanwhile, on the other
    side of Penguin Beach, Gayle and Cannon have
    taken their relationship to the next level. – Gayle and Cannon have finally
    decided to nest together. So essentially, they’re on
    the hunt for a new house. – [Narrator] This could be a good option. Spacious, friendly
    neighborhood, prime location. Hm, or not. Gayle appears to be after a better view, but this space is far too small. Perhaps the other end of the beach has something more suitable. After days of searching,
    Gayle has thrown in the towel, and opts for a swim to
    take her mind off things. But in Gayle’s absence,
    Cannon hatches a plan. He’s had his eye on a nice little spot, but he’s been waiting for a
    chance to decorate it for Gayle. She’s on her way back, it’s
    time to put this plan in motion. The perfect leaf for the perfect girl. What’s the verdict? She seems satisfied. (penguin calls) What a journey we’ve been
    on together this season. From the highs to the lows, and everything else in between. This colony has taught us
    the importance of loyalty, bravery, and passion. And regardless of the various challenges they’ve faced as individuals, the strength of the colony
    bond has been unbreakable. For now. (upbeat music) (ocean waves roar) (birds call)

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    February 10, 2020

    My god hello im roi with sky the gohost pls.follow sky christopher on facebook his profile is the boy on motorcycle What’s up YouTube um, it’s currently 3 o’clock in the morning once again I’m extremely tired, but I really wanted to do this video. So there’s this app umm It basically is a ghost detector a ghost radar you like scan and goes around and then I don’t know I don’t I don’t really believe in it because how can an app Ok apparently. There’s a ghost here. That’s not a ghost I Don’t know if you guys heard what it said, it says ghost signal acquired Ok this is a weird but anyways we are going to just I guess go around my apartment complex with this go around my This is creepy, so let’s see what happens, so I guess just keep an eye on the and can you see something yeah? Okay, yeah So here we go. Let’s just Go around. Oh, that’s weird. That’s creepy at us is it looking for the thing so uh? Here’s my room So far this must be in my room. I Know my bathtub is probably haunted There’s a light. That’s you good my closet Is it good choose the app? There’s nothing like it? Everything is follow. What is like quiet, or shoot it says there’s a bet you see the thing. It says vengeful Spirit Acquired Look around oh Swear look at that. Yeah. Oh, shoot. It’s right there It’s so do you see this. It’s supposed to be right here, but you pick it out. There’s nothing there. So is there really? It doesn’t ask a question. What do you want to ask? Are you? Why our mascot quite? Why are you in my closet in? My closet see it. Yeah. Why are you in my closet? Okay, so I sent in a question why you in my closet. It’s transmitting to the ghosts I don’t know. Why it looks like a skeleton though. It is the girth of a phone. I don’t know Well, the ghost is supposedly See this is where the ghost is standing. I don’t know how accurate this thing is but it’s not responding to my question No shooting it disappeared Okay, Loki this is kind of creepy. Especially it’s like 3:00 in the morning all those Spirits come out this hour. Oh Come on weird yeah. Yeah, okay Yeah, I don’t know I guess we’ll keep going and see where this takes Did you hear that upstairs? Is the room again? nope Just in your sleep it off. It’s making noises. Oh Okay, okay It’s Gonna be oh Whoa, that’s a really weird lady. It says it’s a specter It’s supposed to be oh my gosh Don’t you see it. There’s a like to book the toilet. It’s right here. She’s up here What’s she doing question what do I ask? Are you pooping? I’m Gonna ask are you? Pooping maybe just need some probiotics She’s not saying anything She’s still here. I’m trying to touch her but i cant. Can you see it? I don’t know where she’d go. She’s right there This is stupid. This is so dumb. I don’t understand this is from fake I’m going to reset that maybe the app is broken, so I’m going to reopen it Okay, it’s calibrating Sensors There you go all right quickly. Doc. It’s activated again are y’all how about to go around? Upstairs where we heard that actual noise? So far nothing weird has not been rather burn loved I don’t see anything sense. You know is that anything look at all those is like this. Oh my gosh Where is it? whoa What is that? What is I said, it says errant soul. I don’t even know what that stands for What is errant mean what? I’m Gonna ask you to quit what does errant mean? It’s not doing anything all right. Well, that’s cool Give up now. It’s in my hand you see it There’s nothing there walls in your hand. It’s in my hand wait Yeah, I don’t know what that is wait The doors open who did that? We was that yeah, I came from here Where you care, and you’re talking about that? Oh, no, that’s part of this no house is probably the trash can trying to close, okay? That doors open doll hold on so I’m pretty sure there’s something Good last time you tried to go here We’re so happy Nothing here if you guys don’t know what this room is. This is where I do all my recordings for like videos and like audio Songs or whatever, but there’s nothing here really? Here actually, you know what I could do the only way you could Terrify ghosts and make them scare to you is to scare it. So follow me I have a perfect tool for this. I heard ghosts. They don’t like saxophone. So I’m going to play some songs for the ghosts Here we go All right here we go. Ha ha ha yeah All right here. We go ghost this song is for you, please leave me alone Please if you are in this room leave me alone, please. Thank you That door just closed Joe Joe Jonas Amigo, We Gotta go Go sway. Don’t know huh this is for the ghost don’t don’t scare us um so I’ve been working anymore ah Hey, don’t be don’t don’t do that. Well you trying to prank me like that. You know there’s some weird stuff going on alright I’m out. I’m out We gotta go we should just really get a priest in here and have him bless the apartment But it seems like like good thing. I’m moving soon I’m moving out of this place pretty soon, so I’m gonna have to deal with a ghost all right back to the app Apparently, there’s a ghost nearby. Oh there it is It was here the whole night on my bed. Oh I Think she wants to uh lay in bed with you oh So sweet, huh? Huh? Hey ho bitch I? Think it wants to cuddle Where is it? Oh? So cute. Yeah Okay, we you’re happy. I think they’re happy now and thinks we’re good and keep it. Uh-uh Let’s go around the apartment complex itself. Maybe there’s some weird stuff going on over there alright guys So we’re just going to go around and see what happens oh My gosh look at this without that look it’s scary things I can Turn around and then you don’t until witcher them ski like something will pop off randomly so Let’s just you rapidly us How those who to the parking garage I heard someone Not too long ago jumped out of the Garage I Mean the person who dives kind of broke your leg, but silhouettes, why would she do that? Let’s find out hey by the way if you’re trying to figure out where I live I’m not going to live here probably when this video comes out so huh, okay, I? accept the ghost that I always try to haunt What did you see? I didn’t see and this radar my God. It’s Emma’s on the radar. I saw with my eyes There anymore, but it just kind of like Dashed it’s black figured – real quick from that and it All right now looks from a cycle there. Let’s go back to the original plan Let’s go to the garage and see what? all right, we didn’t find a ghost we found Marlin, so I’m going to drive his spaceship real quick okay, so we’re inside Marlins car I guess this is what the ghost was trying to get me to go to so Yeah, just drive it around and see if we could find ghosts right guys, so we’re still looking for the ghost and I Think it’s over here over here. I think so Over here. I think it’s like right there All right, so we couldn’t find any ghosts there. So anyways all right why Marlin all right hater so let’s just continue to explore the garage area and flexibility, so As you can see so far there is nothing that I feel nothing nothing that I could You see something really random oh, ho Sweetie lizard scared me where does this go from? Sitting on top of the client and nothing nothing she’s there and I think it ought she’s gone Tim is this is legit cold. This is really cold right here. Whoa. That’s like a it’s like 10 degree different what? You got Scott well she’s here now. Oh Electro Whoa, but Mike just fell down guys. That’s not going on Look the Mike legit just fell off the camera So weird that it happened after the cold All right, this wool when here right here, right here, ooh Like a little breeze still here right there Huh? Come on. Let’s go there. Let’s go there She’s gone. She’s gone. She’s legit gone What? Yes, all that. I saw someone runs to this corner. I had to go where is it nothing Oh-oh-oh, what? oh Oh there it is there is That’s so freaking weird We can’t breathe. Thank you for you lady. I can’t breathe So go again for your sins, but I can bring help closer. Let’s go lunch So weird like I literally couldn’t breathe in that corner like something was like thrusting down on my chest like really hard Okay, yeah Kind of smells like someone like scratched my back really hard There’s like I feel like my back is like burning Heat up here, okay? oh What do you see anything’s amok? Anything it was like three line like right one shut up, shut up No way, uh-huh shut up Where listen that’s it? Oh? Yeah All right, can you can’t do this? Yeah? We need to stop. We’re like at this point We’re just like invading the spirits privacy, and they just got to the point where their eventual so We need to stop here. Yeah, anyways, thank you all for watching woo. Yeah Don’t mess with spirits y’all I’m gonna when I take a shower some of these things it’s so weird man The way I could silver All right, thank you all for watching got to go now

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    February 8, 2020

    What do you call a sleepy dinosaur? -Sleeposaurus rex A brontosnorous *Rose laughs* What do dinosaurs have, that no other animals have? A history of extinction! Dinosaur babies *Buzzer sound for fail* What is it that YouTubers have that other people don’t have? Fame Face ready for camera A well-worn sofa Loneliness Intro “group hug” Hi guys, and welcome to the internet This week, Rosie and I are drinking tea and Rosie’s drinking it through a dinosaur straw to preserve her lipstick What have you called your dinosaur straw? A dinostraw! That makes perfect sense Now, talk to me about what you were talking about a minute ago, with the numbers Ok right, I have a huge – like, I need to rearrange the numbers, like it’s getting to me So, I’ve realised why I get confused with numbers Cause the other night I was like “oh 100,000 isn’t 100,000” *sighs* It’s confusing But anyway, basically 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9… *Rose interjecting* TEN! *Rose sighs at Rosie’s terrible math skills* One-ty, two- One-ty, one-two One-three, one-four Right, let me just quickly explain Rosie doesn’t understand why the number 11 is called ‘eleven’ -But not ‘one-ty-one’ When it could be called ‘one-ty-one’ Right, and someone went “uh because 21 isn’t called two-ty-one” I said “yeah, but 41 is forty-one” and so is ‘sixty-one’ And ‘seventy-one’ ‘Seventy-one’ and ‘eighty-one’! and ‘eighty’ So why isn’t 11 called ‘one-ty’? No, 10 would be ‘one-ty’ Then it would be ‘one-ty-one’ ‘One-ty-two’ ‘Three-ty-one No, one-ty-three, one-ty-four, one-ty-five, one-ty-six, one-ty-seven, one-ty-eight, one-ty-nine Two-ty Two-ty-one Two-ty-two Two-ty-three, right *continues in this fashion* Threety, right *continues* Okay, you’re starting – Wait wait wait! *continues* FORTY! But then if it’s teen for ten, right Twenty should be two times teen It’s just so confusing So it should be one-ty, two-ty So, for example, on my next birthday, I’m going to be two-ty-seven You’re gonna be two-ty-nine, but we don’t speak about that So let’s just say that you’re also two-ty-seven and I’m two-ty-five So, 100 should be ten-ty and then it will be – no, it’ll be ten…ten-ty Yep *Rosie to herself* No, what’s 100, Rosie? Ten-hundred-ty No, what is it? Oh, yes, it will be ten-ty! What would 1 million be? I think 1 million’s just 1 million Just call it ‘rich’ Why is the equator called the equator when it equates to nothing? Surely it should be called the circumference Which makes absolute logical reasoning Yeah, what does it equate to? Nothing! It’s not like this x this=the equator Or call it hotty-line or the hotty-width You know? This is why I married you because I like the way your brain works It makes perfect logical sense Why would they be like, right, there’s this line that goes round the globe which, by the way I’m still not sure if that’s a physical line If I wear lipstick, does that make me a lipstick bisexual? The only category of bisexual is flighty Now, that’s not part of the number You’re thinking of one-ty It’s not flighty, it’s ninety! Let’s get into the real core of this video Okay, one-ty-one, one-ty-two, one-ty-three Oh my god, can you imagine if you’re playing hide-and-seek You’re like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 TEN-TY! No, it’s one-ty, I’m so confused! And it should be a two-ty pence How much cuter is that? Can you lend me two-ty pence? Rosie and I have been thinking about how characters are always killed off if they are gay Yeah, that’s actually a theory we learned about in University, did you know? It’s actually a theory It’s no theory, it’s reality Yeah, well some guy, can’t think what he was called Might not be a guy, might be a woman, let’s not be sexist, it probably was a woman someone said the only way the mainstream media can have gay characters especially central characters is if one of them dies AKA Brokeback Mountain What happens? He dies Also, they’re never really the central characters, they’re always the side character or the friend Well, that’s the only way they can survive, if they’re just someone who it’s not about but if it’s the main character, they have to die, right? But do you know what I was thinking about? What? I thought of a main character who doesn’t die who’s gay WHO? And then I had this thing Right, do you remember when we went to a party and there was someone so young there that they didn’t know who the Spice Girls were? I know, horrifying Well, I remember this great lesbian thing, I had an epiphany while I was brushing my teeth today I was like fuck, young lesbians aren’t gonna know about this and everyone’s like “watch Supergirl, watch The 100” And I’m like “bitches, do you even remember Tipping the Velvet?” Because that is incredible! Okay yeah, the L Word’s old but people go back and watch it because it was the only thing we had apart from Lip Service, which I would rather call Shit Service So, Tipping the Velvet, am I right? Also, Fingersmith, am I right? What’s better than a period drama? A lesbian period drama which is literally called Fingersmith AM I RIGHT? Even though that refers to the theft, I’m pretty sure But it’s a double entendre I have never seen The 100 which is what number? Tenty-ten Tenty-ten No, TENTY-HUNDRED! Okay, we’ve never seen the one-ty-ty We’ve never watched it But we realised that they killed off Clexa Was it just one part of Clexa? I imagine so Okay, I’m going to review this, knowing nothing about it Yeah and I’m also going to try and find some clips of Supergirl as well I’ve also read, even though I haven’t watched it, but serious spoiler alert But I’m really wanting to watch The Handmaid’s Tale which is based on a book Now, that’s this thing which has pages It’s B O O O K *Buzzer sound for fail* We’re gonna dive in and look at this lesbian death Okay But look, in my opinion as long as it’s not lesbian bed death, it’s cool How are you saying that physical death is better than lesbian bed death? If they’re physically dead, they can’t have sex to begin with! Twilight I know, but she’s not technically a lesbian in that yet He’s more of a lesbian in that than she is Yeah, and he’s dead so lesbian bed death Do you know what? Our friend texted me the other day and said “are you registered to vote?” and I was like “yeah” and then she was like “not gonna lie, I didn’t think you were registered to vote” and I was like “mate, I’m not as dumb as I appear online” and then, wait what did she say? She said something like “yeah, you are” Look at Buffy Joss Whedon was like “right, what can we do, how can we mix this up?” Kill the lesbian Let’s kill her, it’s gonna piss off all the lesbians It really hurt, I thought she was gonna come back for a bit but she didn’t come back It’s like, I’m sorry, but you literally live in the Buffyverse you could have easily brought the lesbian back It’s like, you brought Buffy back! Right, let’s react to Clexa! The death scene in Clexa I’ve never ever watched this I have no emotional attachment to these people But I know that I would if I’d watched it all So I’m speaking for all of you guys Actually, I think we watched the pilot, if it’s from The 100 Can I say, I typed in ‘Clexa death scene’ and what’s come up is ‘Clexa death scene: is not the end!’ So we’re going to watch this death scene completely out of context So…I feel like we’re almost fraudulent for doing this because we haven’t lived through this No, cause it’s good that we’re doing this Let me tell you why Go on Cause we’re looking at it Is it objectively or subjectively? Objectively Either way, we’re non-biased We don’t know whether it’s a good show or a bad show But we’re going in and we’re gonna kinda narrate this lesbian not bed-death Fuck! She’s speaking another language She understands her even though she’s not speaking the same language Why’s her girlfriend dying? Why has she got mascara around her mouth? WHY HAS SHE GOT MASCARA AROUND HER MOUTH? Could they not, like, clean her mouth? Why is she on the shag rug as well? When she’s not getting shagged Okay, there’s no time for poetry, I mean that’s a little gay NO! She’s not going to find another love! She’s going to love you, and you only! No! Aww Stop saying bye! Oh my god! I wouldn’t say bye I’d be like “no, hold on!” “Let’s shag one last time” It’s upsetting me! Shag her now while there’s still time! There’s still time! Get the men out the room Yeah, fuck off men! So she can at least fingersmith her before she goes Aw, she’s going for the kiss Yeah, she’s kissing the sicky mouth The men are loving it FUCK! Is she dead? Yeah, it looks like she’s dead Fuck WHAT KIND OF LESBIAN SNUFF FILM IS THIS? All the men could have left the room so she could at least lay next to her And licked it? I’d leave her eyes open so I could look at them for a bit longer No, cause they might start hazing over Do they do that? That man needs to fuck off and let her have that moment Do you think we should start watching this, cause I think they’re both pretty fit Yeah, they are really fit Which one do you think is more fit? Rosie, you can’t play off women against each other Smash or pass? Smash both He’s crying too, do you reckon he secretly loved her? Maybe he’s her dad Fuck, are they already moving her around? No point putting her in recovery position now Flashback! *Rosie making crying noises* That looked like their first kiss Oh my god! She’s always had mascara around her face! Do you think they’ll meet again? I think she’s dead I love a good blonde and brunette story They’re both blonde, aren’t they? No, that one’s clearly a brunette! Alright, chill out That one’s clearly blonde! I bet the blonde one’s bi #1: Supergirl lesbian kiss scene, Season 2, episode 6 Okay That means there must be some kind of like Season 1 build-up And then below, it says “Alex and Maggie kissing” Let’s watch it! She’s fit Hey LESBIANS! She’s being too straight *Both gasp* Oh, she’s not into it That’s so brave, but I don’t ship this in any way No “I’m straight, you didn’t do anything wrong” They’re in the same place! Oh my god, they’re not cool Well that was a horrible thing I just watched! I’m not watching that! That girl’s basically straight Right, I found what I want you to watch What? Every lesbian kiss on PLL 11 minutes worth! Sold! Yeah, so I love PLL I’ve watched it all Actually I think I’ve got one final episode to watch Fine. I’ve never seen Pretty Little Liars because every time I see it, there always seems to be like a dramatic event It always ends on a cliffhanger every second No no, in every conversation It will be like *dun dun dun dun DUN!* And then it’s the next scene *dun dun dun dun DUN* It’s like how many *dun dun duns* can you actually have? Very accurate, right Let me decide for myself whether I’m gonna ship anyone who’s anyone in PLL Show me some gay! I’m one of those lesbians who has to be like emotionally attached to the storyline to really enjoy the kiss so show me a kiss out of context and I can only find it a certain degree of hot but if I know that it’s like “oh they’ve had such a rough, emotional journey” “oh they used to be in a band together and one of them left but they still love each other” Think that’s their first kiss Why are they at a movie theatre on their own? Because they went on a date *Rose gasps* They spilled the popcorn, fuck! Yeah, I’m in! I’m into the Shay Mitchell babe, who’s this? This is her first girlfriend That’s her mum *Rose gasps* *Both gasp* Ugh, she made her jealous I hate Paige She’s aggressive, I’m not into it I’m not into it at all, I hate her Does she ever kiss Ashley Benson? No Why? Well, because Ashley Benson’s straight That’s stupid That was good, right? That was really good Am I right? I’m 100% watching it from Season 1 Are you really? No Pretty Little Liars is pretty gay It’s really gay! And has any gay character died on Pretty Little Liars? One Let’s talk about all the films that have a heterosexual protagonist story arc That they missed out on a lesbian story arc Right, so films that would have been better if they were gay Right, first of all: all of them All of them Titanic Because that was a little gay, wasn’t it Yeah, oh my god Yeah, that would be so good if she the ship and met a girl and they did the dirty in the carriage And no one died because that’s not allowed in our lesbian films Yeah, and maybe her boyfriend would be less controlling Because she would be like “I’m just off with my girlfriend to walk round the decks” I love it And they’d be, like, fingersmithing Oh, and when they go to the lower deck where all the cool Irish people are dancing they’d all be cool, fit Irish gays Or she’d meet an Irish girl Oh my god what if she met a Galway girl Passengers Lesbian, lesbian So she wakes up a woman Yeah Which is more forgivable Thelma and Louise Well, that was a little lesbian, wasn’t it? Come on Well it was a little bit, but there was no- They died for each other, did they not? Well, you say it was lesbian, but she shags Brad Pitt Yeah, well, every lesbian shagged Brad Pitt Look at Angelina Jolie Die Hard! DIE HARD! Okay, right, so basically Lesbian wives are going through a divorce Yeah And they’ve like, she’s moved They’ve separated Yeah, and then lesbian, kind of like Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider comes in, saves the day and they Gay Hard GAY HARD! They get back together and they gay hard Gay Hard Also,The Sixth Sense That could be The Gay Sense Or it could be Gaydar And he’s like “I see gay people” and he just has this gaydar and he just sees gay people everywhere There’s so much we could do with this! Why aren’t we filmmakers and directors and producers? I don’t know Rosie, one day I think it’s gonna happen Maybe after our stint on Orange is the New Black Ah, you’re right You know, then we’ll be like “we’ve been in some films” We’re going to kick off our career Alright guys, that’s it from us If you can think of any films that would have been better gay films then leave us a comment below Don’t forget to like and subscribe Yeah, let’s get this video up to one-ty-ty likes Alright, take care of yourselves! BYE!