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    Live Trading – $1275 in 38 Minutes (Brexit Trade)
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    Live Trading – $1275 in 38 Minutes (Brexit Trade)

    August 18, 2019

    Risk & Performance Disclosure: Futures & forex trading contains substantial risk & isn’t for every investor. An investor could potentially lose all or more than the initial invsmt. Risk capital is money that can be lost without jeopardizing ones financial security or lifestyle. Only risk capital should be used for trading & only those w/ sufficient risk capital shld consider it. Past performance isn’t indicative of future results. Hypothetical Perf Rslts have many inherent limitations, some of which R described below. No rep is being made that any acct will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those shown; There r frequently shartp diff between hypothetical performance rslts & actual rslts achieved by any particular trading progrm. One ofmany limitations of hypothetical perf results is that they are generally prepared with benefit of hindsight. In addition, hypothetial trading doesn’t involve financial risk & no hypothetical trading record can completely acct for impact of financial risk with actual trading. 4 example, ability to withstand losses or adhere to particular trading program in spite of trading losses r material pts which can adversely affect actual trading rslts. There R numerous other factors related to markets in general or to implementation of any specific trading program which cannot be fully accted 4 in preperation of hypothetical performance rslts & allwhich can adversely affect trading results. this brexit trade it’s about twelve
    sixteen in the morning Eastern Time a recorded this just a moment ago to kind
    of show you guys the the possibility of what you can do trading put in one
    contract simply because it’s it’s quite risky to put in positions with the the
    let’s say the chaos that can ensue but you can see here guys the markets moving
    down very very quickly you can see that trade from today did that one with about
    ten contracts or so market you know flew to the upside when some of the voting
    was talking about how they had the potential to to stay and then finally
    there was news that there’s more likely to actually leave and now a lot of the
    reporting agencies in in in England are reporting that it’s it’s final that
    they’re actually going to leave so we’re expecting quite a big debt in the market
    so I just want to record this for you show you what the possibilities that
    this is you can see that for those of you guys ages NinjaTrader
    this is a you know the live dome here on the right that chart ready you can see
    the points going live there and I’ll change that to to the monetary value so
    you can see I believe was about one thousand two hundred and fifty dollars I
    I did bail on the trend a little bit early so you guys can see what happens
    tomorrow so far you know the markets have completely just collapsed on the
    news so let me know if you guys have any questions I’m going to go ahead and
    fast-forward it here so you guys can get a little bit more of a view of the
    actual trade itself so let us know if you guys have any questions and we’ll
    talk to you soon and I’ll upload some of the other trades we had on the on the
    yen and gold vanveen doe-eyed brazil we are here in
    Copacabana we have Manny back there many waves and
    he’s doing the Spanish recap

    Day trading lecture
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    Day trading lecture

    August 16, 2019

    Hey everybody! Today I’m gonna do a training in less than five minutes. I’m going to show you how to leverage your time and intelligence by using the stock market. Now to do that. I’m going to illustrate Michael’s situation. Now, Michael is a student of ours and he was previously an engineer who quit because he went to school, a lot of education, some of you have are probably in the same boat. Went to school, got a good education, got a job. Michael had some income which paid for his lifestyle, his bills, his debt and whatever had left over for savings But forced him back to the job, and I’m just drawing this here. You’ve probably seen this referred to as the rat race before, the rat race is traiding the time for the money really because what ends up happening is you have to go back to the job, so it ends up the time and your job becomes so closely correlated and this is the same thing that happened with Michael, now he was by all intents and purposes a successful person because he had an engineering degree and he was an engineer and he came to me and says: ”James I hate this You know the higher up I want to go to live a better lifestyle and to create more savings the deeper I dig myself because I just end up spending more time there All right. I just ended up spending more time than they keep throwing stuff on my plate” The way we helped Michael solve this is by This little pyramid and this is why this training can be so short it is just this five-step pyramid here to how Michael was successful in the markets and this is what we call this the Context Alpha Trading Method. You don’t need to write the rest. Context Alpha Trading Method and essentially what it is You’re trading the financial markets, but you’re not It’s not one of those things where you have to understand all of the overwhelm with financial markets because it can get overwhelming at times. The Context Alpha Trading Method is you just focus on one market That markets leverage so we don’t need to look in 20 different markets stand in a black room with all these different screens So it’s one market. When you learn that market you’re gonna learn the Context of that market because you’re only looking at one market. The Context is much easier and when I mean context is what kind of story is the market telling us because each market has its own intricacies and if you read the market like a story you’re so far ahead of most other traders, and when you understand the Context, then you can create a simple trading Plan to trade that Context Remember, you’re only trading that one market. So these steps are all the traiding aspect This is the traiding aspect of the system and then you have Execution So I’ll just put Execute, this is psychology. So in the in the psychology part you’re just putting these three things together and Executing that play in that contextual trading plan you came up with and then at the end Capital. Need trading capital to succeed in markets. This is That word everybody likes to avoid – money. So the trading part, the psychology part, the money part It’s all in this triangle the first three parts of the trading Market, only trading one market treating the Contextual Plan and then you just Execute that plan That’s all you have to do. If you have the capital like Michael, we actually gave Michael the capital so that he didn’t have to worry so much about the psychology He could just execute his trading plan flawlessly and this is where many traders go wrong And I wouldn’t let our traders go wrong here because you can have the best Understanding contextual plan and execute the plan, but you can’t really execute it perfectly If you don’t have the capital, and Michael, we gave Michael the capital and he was successful and he did this: Quit being an engineer because of this, because it’s a hyper focus on one market You’re just learning that one market and if you have the contextual plan to the market And we just move ourselves up the ladder and we can execute that plan, all of these things Move on top of each other and that’s why it’s in this little triangle here So that’s all that we had to do with Mike. Michael had no trading experience whatsoever all we had to do was getting him moving up this triangle to decouple to get rid of this cycle Michael’s time was going to his job to give him some money which would require more of his time and this can get you Out of that because if you’re only trading one market, then you don’t have to sit at the computer screen all day Michael didn’t have to sit the computer screen all day because he only needs to look at one market, he doesn’t need to scan 100 different markets. If he understands that market well enough to create a plan He doesn’t have to sit at the computer screen all day because he could just execute his plan because he has enough trading capital to not have to worry about the little noise that happens in the market. The markets move very randomly a lot of times so Sitting there looking at it doesn’t do you any good Didn’t do Michael any good. So what we had to have Michael do was create the plan Execute the plan and walk away from it Knowing that he had enough capital to let the plan work and not have to micromanage the trades so that in five minutes is how Michael was able to go from an engineer to a trader and It’s just following this little triangle right here. So I hope you found that useful and we’ll talk to you soon.

    All About Kim Jong-un – Supreme Leader of North Korea – 김정은
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    All About Kim Jong-un – Supreme Leader of North Korea – 김정은

    August 13, 2019

    Welcome to the Investors Trading Academy event
    of the week. Each week our staff of educators tries to introduce you to a person of interest
    in the financial world. This could be a person in government or banking or an important investors
    or trader, on just someone making the financial headlines in recent days.
    Much of the early life of Kim Jong-un is unknown to Western media. Presumably born in North
    Korea, Kim Jong-un is the son of Ko Young-hee, an opera singer, and Kim Jong-il, who was
    the military-oriented leader of the country for over a decade until his death in 2011.
    Kim Jong-un has continued the country’s nuclear testing and what is believed to be
    the development of missile technology despite international disapproval. He has pledged
    to focus on educational and economic reforms and is more mediagenic in his approach to
    leadership than his father. In the summer of 2012, it was revealed that
    Kim had taken a wife, Ri Sol-ju. While the couple’s exact wedding date is unknown, one
    source reported it as 2009. It has also been speculated that the couple have a child.
    North Korea’s controversial supreme leader Kim Jong-un has an estimated $5 billion at
    his disposal, according to the Huffington Post. The UN says this money should be spent
    on raising standards in this impoverished country and on its people but much of it isn’t.
    He reportedly spends an average $30 million each year on importing liquors into the country
    for his elite circles. His favorites are whisky and cognac, but not just any brands. He prefers
    the more expensive kinds such as Hennessy which can cost up to $2,145 for the best bottle.
    Kim spares no expense when it comes to his diet. He’s been known to order in top quality
    pork from Denmark, caviar delivered from Iran, Chinese melon and steaks of Kobe beef, a Japanese
    delicacy. While the exact figure he spends on feeding himself and his inner circle the
    best cuisine in the world is not known, the sum is estimated to be in the millions.
    Most people will only ever dream of owning a yacht, but Kim Jong-un is the proud owner
    of a 200-foot yacht that was described by his friend Dennis Rodman as a “cross between
    a ferry and Disney boat”. The top-of-the-line Princess yacht is kitted out with a Fendi
    interior and is valued at a cool $8 million. The Telegraph reports that the textbooks taught
    in North Korean schools apparently claim that Kim was a child prodigy who learned how to
    drive at the tender age of three. What is true is that he has quite an impressive garage.
    It’s been reported that he owns up to 100 cars after beginning to collect them at a
    very young age. His favorite brand is Mercedes-Benz. Kim recently gave an inside glimpse at his
    newly re-vamped private jet aptly named Air Force Un – a reference to the United States’
    Presidential aircraft, Air Force One. Having added luxurious touches like crystal ash trays
    and leather couches, the new look is a lot more lavish than the plane’s previously
    clinical interior and is likely to have cost him around $1.5 million.