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    Stargate: Wraith Hive Ship – Spacedock
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    Stargate: Wraith Hive Ship – Spacedock

    November 22, 2019

    Wraith Hive Ships are colossal biomechanical
    warships that serve as the central support structure of Wraith Society. As well as hosting
    Wraith Queens and serving as miniature nations within the Wraith Dominion, Hive Ships are
    also the means by which human settlements are attacked and culled to provide a continuous
    food supply for the Wraith. At approximately 6,750 meters in length, Hive
    Ships are unshielded, but layered with nearly impenetrable organic armor, able to briefly
    resist even Asgard Plasma weapons. Each ship carries tens of thousands of Wraith, but can
    be operated by as little as a single individual should the situation demand it. Wraith vessels
    use neural interface systems for fine control in combat, and make use of advanced jamming
    codes to disable enemy missiles and Asgard transport systems.
    The primary armament of a Wraith Hive Ship consists of many single-fire ship-to-ship
    particle cannons. These weapons are able to sustain a high firing rate, creating a cone
    of fire that can overwhelm almost any target. The cannons are also valuable as orbital bombardment
    weapons and have been known to pierce even Lantean shield systems given sufficient time.
    Though the hive’s regenerative hull plating is impressive, the ship’s lack of true energy
    shields does result in a vulnerability to sustained fire, railgun barrages targeted
    at sensitive areas have been known to cause critical damage, and attacks by Lantean drone
    weapons are practically impossible for the Hive to endure.
    Each Hive carries an extensive complement of auxiliary craft, useful for planetary cullings
    and fleet escort assignments. A single hive is able to moor three full-sized Wraith Cruisers
    to its hull, as well as carrying hundreds of Wraith Darts inside cavernous hanger bays.
    Hyperdrive-equipped scout ships are also carried by most hives, and are often used to perform
    reconnaissance or to serve as executive shuttlecraft. A Hive’s contingent of Darts is perhaps
    its most lethal attribute, drastically increasing the speed of most planetary cullings through
    the use of fighter-mounted culling beams, and providing a lethal defensive swarm in
    heavy combat. Unlike Asgard and Lantean FTL systems, Wraith
    hyperdrives are incapable of intergalactic travel, and suffer from certain deficiencies
    even during interstellar flight. The organic hull structure of a Wraith Hive is vulnerable
    to critical damage from radiation, and continuous use of hyperdrive engines can place the ship
    in serious jeopardy. As a result of this, Wraith vessels are limited to 50-lightyear
    hyperspace jumps, punctuated by fifteen-hour break periods between jumps to allow for hull
    regeneration. The predictable nature of these breaks has often placed Wraith fleets at risk
    of ambush, and allowed their course to be more easily calculated by hostile observers.
    In spite of their vulnerabilities and limitations, the sheer scale and firepower of Wraith Hive
    Ships has made them into one of the most fearsome vessels encountered by the Tau’ri. The strength
    and resilience of these vessels has allowed the Wraith to drive even the ancient Lanteans
    to defeat, and to maintain a cycle of unchallenged cullings across the Pegasus Galaxy for millennia.

    Fishing Planet – обзор игры. Гайд для новичков
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    Fishing Planet – обзор игры. Гайд для новичков

    November 18, 2019

    First of all, I suggest you
    get acquainted with the interface of this game. In order to understand what is where,
    where to click and what it all means. Let’s start. Top menu, here which
    it is always in its place. The inner content is changing,
    the top menu always remains. We start with the first item – the map. A map is a map of the world in front of you,
    here is this location – Lake Lone Star It will be the only one at the beginning of your game
    which will be available to you. This is the rest of the reservoirs
    to which you can get later level up your character. Map of the world, you can manage with the mouse. Here developers tell us –
    holding the left key, you can twist the globe. Holding the wheel down
    you can zoom out. The world map is made in the form of a globe. And from the back of the globe –
    we still have ponds. European entered here recently
    and Willow’s land is level 50. Well, before carp fishing to us, even as they say
    in the old Russian proverb – cancer to peking, In the meantime, back to our beloved Lake Lone Old,
    let’s look in detail at what we have here. Left menu refers all
    to the chosen, we pond. Now, if we, for example, choose Lake Rocky,
    here the weather and the types of fish will change, and licenses, and the cost of the trip. That is, the left menu changes completely,
    from our chosen reservoir. Choosing the first – Lake Lone Star
    and see what is there. The very first tab here – the name of the location. This is the state in which this lake is located. This is your character’s level
    which is necessary for a trip to this body of water By clicking on this icon
    we have a drop down menu. Here is a general view of this lake,
    here is the number of players and the number of friends who
    are on this reservoir. Here is a short description from the developers, with tips – where, how and whom you can catch. Read more here. And here are the competitions and tournaments,
    which pass on this reservoir. Since this is the starting location –
    Competitions and tournaments do not pass here. Tournaments are held at higher levels. See the next tab – the weather forecast. The tab tells us about the weather,
    for the next 7 days, on this reservoir. What is important to know … It depends on the weather – what we are
    We will fish and where – today. For example in this weather – when the bite is evening, we will catch in the evening and in the first hours of the night. For example – channel catfish. Developers write little tips,
    so we can navigate and better understand who and where we catch. In this weather, we will catch from 5 to 9 then rewind to 17 and we will catch to 21. At night we shake till 3 at night. And a couple of hours to half soms in the morning or crappie. In the afternoon, we will immediately shake the time, until 11 and we will catch from 11 to 17,
    and if the cage is not clogged, then rewind time to 3 nights
    and half a couple more hours – from 3 to 5. These bite peaks are the best times.
    for fishing. In all other times – it is not worth catching. In vain just waste time. It’s better to rewind the day right away and start the next one. And from the next peak, in the morning, continue to cheerfully catch quickly filling the cage, Faster earning experience and money. But what kind of fish are found on this
    pond – we tell the tab – the types of fish. When pressed, the menu list pops up. Which lists all the fish
    which are found on this reservoir. Name, size of this fish. Here is a short description from the developers. To what size, what is the mass, on average, what are these fish. Here are recommendations from developers,
    what better way to catch these fish here again – recommendations for use
    baits for spinning. What is worth catching these fish. The next tab of the license is necessary for us,
    for fishing, on this reservoir. Here on this lake,
    We have baseline unlimited. Because this is the first body of water
    and we can catch as much as you want. But with only a basic license,
    we will be obliged to let go of the most expensive fish, which is on this location. This is a spotted bass, trophy red-eared
    and trophy bluegill sunflower. Therefore, I recommend – always,
    purchase an extended license. So that we can – let go of anyone we want,
    pick anyone we want we could catch at night In the base license, night fishing is forbidden to us. Here are the small rules
    which we have to perform – let go, pick up, and that’s what a penalty
    You will receive if we do not have a license. The last tab is –
    the cost of the trip in one day. It consists of – the cost of the trip itself,
    the cost of one day of fishing, and here is the total total cost. With the keys – and + we can choose
    how many days to go to this reservoir and the button went, sends us to this reservoir. Since this is the first, starting, reservoir – the ride is free here. Every day fishing also costs us nothing. Therefore, in this reservoir, we can
    catch for free, as much as we want. The next tab is inventory. Quickly go over what we have here. This little man figure is you. This is all that is what you are wearing. This is a fishing rod case, toolboxes, tank,
    stand for feeder, Here is located prikormka, and this is your boat that will let you swim and catch the best places. Under tsiferki 1 2 and 3 –
    these are slots for fishing rods already assembled. Red slots mean –
    that some components are missing. fishing rod not fully assembled. Last this green thing –
    This is a slot for bait. All you have in inventory
    is either in a backpack either in your home. Rods, fishing line, jig-heads, wobblers, All this is duplicated here. Here is additional equipment,
    which is – only at home. You don’t have it in your backpack. This is the transport that I have here,
    I don’t have one at home. And this is all sorts of underwater objects
    which so far, it is not known how to use. The special tab is special items that we don’t have. Template is a template for gear. For example – I once collected a fishing rod pattern,
    in order to catch sunflowers. Here I wrote it down and quickly one
    hand movement – it is going. All Licenses tab — shows licenses,
    which you have in this game. The next tab is a store. This is our aliexpress fishing world. In the store we buy,
    all we need for fishing. Everything is conveniently divided into tabs. In this rods, which will be all the fishing rods. Here are all the coils, here are all the lines, here
    all the equipment we need to play. Your cages, boxes, covers, vests, stands. Snap-in is all that relates.
    to float rods, Well, feeder feeders. In the bait tab – there are baits, that we need
    for spinning and casting. In the bait section there are baits, which we put on the hook,
    in float and in feeder fishing. Here are all prikormki, here are all boats,
    here licenses for any body of water. You can buy everything at once. Here are all kinds of services, which we will talk about in more detail later. Well, the premium store tab. Next tab of the mission. The developers promise to introduce, many missions,
    including training, in the next updates. Premium tab – but perfectly implemented. Premium account gives a 50% increase in experience
    and money received for catching fish. Rent kayaks with 50% discount,
    to register for free in competitions And 2 times more often, use time rewind. You can also buy cash sets. Bust a little bit of a real bubble Permits for ponds that
    cancel you, the limit on the levels for admission – to the desired reservoir. In the tab sport – collected competitions. For those who have already pumped their level. For those who have learned to play well, or for those who simply want,
    try something new and not just sit with a pivasik – catch Karasikov. In the calendar tab –
    show us the next competition which will start in an hour. It is – in three hours, the next in five. Here in ascending order
    we are shown competitions that will happen soon. Information, ratings, description here
    competition details. In general, to see all the competitions,
    which pass on locations There is a tab – this one here. Here we go and look, Which reservoir, what, when,
    competitions are held. And it is only today. Tomorrow there will be other competitions
    on other bodies of water. After tomorrow, already some,
    few other competitions. That is, every day, the developers give us
    a lot, all sorts of different competitions in which we can participate, win. Receive unique rewards like x-series
    frog – and it is not for sale in the store. Such awards can be obtained
    just winning the competition. Tournaments tab – tournaments are located, which developers sometimes arrange,
    in honor of any holidays. The last tournament was crappie fishing,
    There was a tournament in honor of St. Valentine’s Day. In general – there will be a holiday next tournament. Statistics tab: Here we have your level, your nickname, your rank. Ranks give us, after
    as you reach the ceiling in levels. Presently –
    The maximum level in the game is 50. After you gain experience on 51
    you will have a higher rank. That is, level 50 remains
    but there will be 1 rank, then 2, 3, 4 and so on. These are bitcoins – who win the game.
    or plant for real money. Or we win some
    certain competitions. For example: if I catch 576 more fish here,
    then they’ll give me 3 bitcoins, for what I caught is 1000 fish
    using float accessories. All these tests
    you have described here in the sidebar. This silver is
    main game currency. The next tab rating is here I would highlight
    only one interesting thing is the fish. Why fish – now I will explain. Choosing a reservoir Lake Lone Star. Choose a fish – for example bass and
    see – that on the lake Lone Star, the largest bass weighs 1 kilogram. This gives us an idea of ​​what
    we need fishing rods for this reservoir. If we choose – all the fish – then we will see that on Lake Lone Star – the largest fish,
    is small-buffalo 1kg 650g, which means that any fishing pole that
    will withstand a weight of 2 kilograms, we will completely get off, for fishing on this reservoir. Others before the trip
    on any body of water we can go in here and see
    what are the most fatty fish are found. in order for us to
    at least approximately, decide what gear we need to take on this body of water. Our next tab is friends. Here are your friends down there, there are those people
    which are in your ignore. Tab tutorials – I recommend to familiarize. Especially newcomers to the game. It is written here as what, where. Here the developers have collected
    such very important tips to you. Just read and it will be easier
    navigate, in this game. The next tab is settings. This is where the most important thing is audio. The loudness of this music is crazy. I put it on 1% – this is normal. The first time I started the game and heard this
    mad music, I almost fell off the chair, seriously. Who, too, almost fell – go in, turn it down. So well, that’s all. We looked
    today is completely the entire interface of the game. Considered the side menu. In the next lesson, we will deal with you specifically on the store. Fishing rods, reels, fishing lines and everything else. We will understand what gear you need to collect.
    Than spinning fishing rods are different from telescopic. Matching from casting and so on. Subscribe to the channel. If someone liked –
    you can put a little like)) Bye everyone!

    HURRICANE SIMULATOR! – Roblox Adventures
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    HURRICANE SIMULATOR! – Roblox Adventures

    November 13, 2019

    Get the brand-new limited edition pals holiday package available at the pals merch dot com Okay up here and then Well, what what is this, the bed? What Hey everybody! welcome to another roblox adventure today, today we’re playing hurricane simulator It is a game that has been made in roblox quite a while ago. I want to say well I could actually check right here in 2016 only 2016 and it was It’s about well I guess we’re about to find out I’m going to assume that there’s going to be a hurricane that comes by and we are simply a Citizen in this little town you guys just hear that. What was that so then went through like my one-year then out the other Hello He was like some sort of spooky little wind thing I don’t know you can either be a storm chaser or a citizen I don’t really know what the biggest difference would be we try switching teams. Oh, there’s a car over there Maybe the sound I heard was a car. I don’t know this is really unsettling this is really spooky You just hear like the little bit of the wind kind of going Okay, and then there’s very faint bass coming in I don’t know if you guys are picking up on that Extremely unsettling though I’d like to switch teams to storm chasers to see exactly what happens there now. We have a radar oh Whoa weird okay, so This is me over there. That’s and over. Okay. We don’t even worry about the radar. I don’t really know exactly where tropical storm Will be at right now I’m not too sure okay. How do I get out of this? How do I get out of the radar? Oh there? We go okay? Others the National Weather Service office now very good to raid our basements boom Okay, you know yeah, yes very good Okay, so tropical storm over there, and it’s coming right for where we are in Wakefield. Oh, No Okay Hmm What does one do? In the event of a hurricane. I honestly don’t really know It’s the best thing to do to stay inside can the basement? This is the basement and then you want to get resides that tornadoes I don’t know what the main differences don’t take any advice from me guys. I don’t live anywhere Even close to where hurricanes could happen so you know I’ve never really worried about it too much, but you know in a roblox game it’s a whole nother story I Don’t wanna stay inside we see The storm from here, can we see it coming on its way okay? Here? We go. Oh actually things are about to things are falling over a couple trees fell over and the winds are picking up and One will by little you see at the top middle there It says 79 miles per hour 80 miles per hour now. Okay, so it’s right. It’s okay You can actually see the wind now. It’s coming in. This is really creepy. This is really unsettling I thought this game would just be like whoo everything’s crazy, but no it’s like this is actually kind of scary I can’t even imagine it being in a real hurricane. You can get in a car on the left What who’s this guy? Hey, dude you should probably get inside. Okay? It’s not safe out here. Oh, my goodness. It’s picking up Oh, it just tripped me it okay. I can barely move now. I should really just get in a car Oh, no getting getting get in oh It’s barely letting me. Oh okay here. We go. We’re good We’re in a car seat driving away from the storm, but I kind of want to experience it oh great Okay, we hit a roadblock. Oh, that’s bad What do we do I keep falling over? What’s this? What’s the tower thing? Oh I can see from the tower, okay? It’s like the camera Well, there’s really no point in watching from there. I can see the storm very well. It is right here in my face Okay, okay, what happens if I get inside will the wind still affect me as much no. I’m fine inside Oh never mind. It still brings me down, okay Let’s get in the car, then that’s probably the best course of action. Oh Tornadoes in the related cases. It’s better. Good ain’t problem. Man. This is spook. This is like super spook There’s not even any music or stuff to go along with this. It’s just uh Spooky’s wiki winds going oh, okay, all right buildings are collapsing What do I do what’s what like what can we just drive out of the storm? Is that what he’s trying to do now perhaps? We should check the radar Oh, yes, what you see we all make our away far far away, though The Hurricanes still over there in that corner of the map pretty soon it might eventually make its way Inland it seems like the winds are actually dropping though That’s also because we drove away as we come back though or the winds gonna pick up again I don’t think that’s necessarily. How it works. Wow. This is really this is really unsettling actually Wow Okay Nervous laugh, let’s look at the radar again. This is West wait was that how am I doing right now? Radar would be oh did the building with the radar and it collapse. Oh, no. I just need to zoom in more okay, nevermind We’re good The winds are going down however This dude with the car is driving us closer to the hurricane alright It’s kind of settling down ain’t go you know what it’s not so bad now 73 I mean toll get me wrong 73 miles per hour. Those are still some winds definitely, but nothing catastrophic just yet. We’re good ideas fees Yeah what my sneeze just turned into a yawn, how is the weirdest thing? No we’re good now, though still kind of been dealing with a cold it’s only been happening for the last like two days But I’ve been out of cold in a while the thing is it’s getting colder outside as winter approaches so does my illness Okay, I’m not excited for winter. I really hate the snow so much, but you know Falls gotta go at some point Now we’re pretty good. Actually. We don’t really need to worry about no storms. Nothing and everything’s okay Besides all these collapsed buildings. You know that’s kind of unfortunately big issue Mmm. Well there’s that building over there that doesn’t seem to have been affected at all we could maybe try going over there unless it’s Missing a piece of the roof. Okay? That’s that’s not quite not affected But you know the structural integrity of the interior seems to be a pretty spot-on if I do say so myself press R to run, ooh Thank you, sir, really appreciate it. Thank you very much. Hey, yo, sir. Are you okay? I was like some mysterious man. Just disappeared around a corner hello, sir. Oh, he’s just standing right here Hey, man, how’s it going? I hope your err. I hope everything’s okay Dennis. What what is it? What is it? My boy is everything fine with you and the hurricane there was a hurricane. I’m not sure if you realized Hey, wow we don’t need a word about this hurricane. I was opposed to Hmm sorry water drinking needed to survive while there’s no hurricane going on weekend perhaps the of the kitty of the day It’s a white kitty grooming himself/herself I really can’t tell you know the the besides the obvious the obvious ones there aren’t too many things that Separate a girl cat from a guy cat just by looking at them. They’re they’re their basic appearance anyways Why did it look like the the the wind all of a sudden came back in? Even though the miles per hour is at zero there’s actually zero wind right now Meaning we were storm watchers can’t we do okay? I’m gonna put the kitty of the day back It’s still in my hand so if we do the tower You seem to be any sort of Storms going on everything seems to be fine very good We could look at the radar though any any wind’s coming in doesn’t look like it So looks like that last hurricane was that I catched 296 I think it was at 98 at one point I could be wrong hmm. I’m not too sure okay Well in the meantime though. I don’t know really what? What are you doing this game in the meantime he like rebuild the buildings and stuff all vehicles actually There is a whole vehicles tab of the Scout pickup. What’s going on there? Hey you vehicle? I’ll take that oh, that’s not right. I don’t feel right of course. We are oh here we go I will take this one though. Thank you would anybody else like to enter here. We go yes very good What about you sir we are going off on a mission? We’re scouting out the Hurricanes. No, okay fine He’s not interested. That’s totally cool. Man, so why would someone choose to be a citizen over a storm watcher in this game-mode I don’t really understand. I’m not too sure okay if we go radar I am operating the radar whilst driving. This is probably unsafe. Uh-huh. Oh we’re still good uh-uh sharp turn there oh Whoa a little bit of a wheelie there so that there aren’t clouds There’s definitely potential for a hurricane to be coming back really soon right now We’re just at a tropical storm watch this place doesn’t look very tropical though. If I do say so myself There’s hotels there. Oh hotels actually why not let’s do it No, oh well well there goes my car Let’s let’s bring it in this here building And I think the hotels are probably somewhat safe especially the base of the hotel. I would say so Okay up here and then Well, what what is this the bed? What the bed is sideways It’s so alive. This doesn’t seem possible at all. What is back here. Oh a secret window Hello world hmm Does gonna be much going on no hurricanes good news though I suppose hmm I Really need to do something about my nose. I’ll be right back guys. Okay, it regenerated Everything looks like the buildings and stuff are all back to normal but You know that’s not really that’s actually If anything for some reason that puts me a little on edge because the fact that everything has been rebuilt Means that it’s probably gonna get broken again. It’s probably gonna be another store Wow drive the hiccups now no, no, I’m good everything is fine. Why am I such a mess? Okay Let’s take a look a little here um No, no everything’s fine Everything’s totally cool besides the flipped over car in the middle of the road that that one is mine, though So you know at least know where that came from and it wasn’t a storm. What does it say at the front there? Oh Dennis Daley not bad. Yeah. Well. I don’t really know what to do about this kind. Just like whack it over Hey, II know I’m not beating me not bad a bad idea little wack Hey Kara. No not quite. Hello, sir ooh. Creepy mask don’t like that ooh. No no no Oh Storm coming storm coming guys, okay, it’s at 14 miles per hour now. Let’s check the radar. What are we looking at here? Okay tropical storm again very close to us There’s people and other towns, but it seems to always be actually we know it’s out the town We’re in oh, that’s the town word and we want to be going to that one. We want to go back to Wakefield Why is it always at Wakefield? interesting okay, this guy’s gonna drive us to Wakefield perhaps maybe Let’s go comrade okay, Wakefield I’m just gonna make sure that he does actually drive us there that would good. I believe that’s us moving along Perhaps a baby. I can’t actually see can’t really make out where he’s taking us Where are we going? We’re going towards the beach? Oh, we were just heading to the road. Okay? Yes, yes very good Why are we heading that way though? Surely we want to be heading the other way what’s going on? Are we are we actually getting a move on now the storm is coming? Yes. Yes, it is my boy So are we gonna be doing a little turnaround there? We should seek shelter oh no we just ditched that other dude. Oh? Okay, okay hold on a lot. Where’s this storm, though. Where’s this storm at the storm is over there? Where all the way over here, how are you gonna be able to we’re storm Watchers. How are you gonna? watch this storm if we’re not at the At the storm, okay hold on. Let’s go. I didn’t mean to do that vehicles Scout sedan there we go Okay, now guys Now we can do this we can head on down. What’s the best way to do this? Can you just go it straight there? Oh, I have a tree. Haha hold on there we go if we go radar, Oh Am I okay? We’re kind of making our way there a little all over the place I think we’re in the right this car needs some low acceleration no no no no no the high acceleration is just fine, okay Here we go I believe this is where the storm is I actually don’t know what it’s ah okay the winds have appeared so This is gonna get a little out of hand now. I can hear buildings are actually getting affected and stuff Oh Madam you need to seek shelter No, where did she where did she go was that a ghost? Oh, my goodness. Okay, 89 and 90 miles per hour now. This is insane. Oh, okay? We need to get inside I wonder if I can get through the window because it’s gonna make me sit. No maybe not though. Okay. Let’s go Get in bed Yeah Perfect okay It just makes them sit on the bed – oh no is he getting blown away Oh wow because does it actually oh? Oh okay? Okay? As long as we stay inside Okay, where’s this here 104 miles per hour? Oh, it’s getting real close there it is Okay, where it’s capped to now, and if we manage to surpass 110 that brings us to cat 311 this is a cat 3 ladies and gentlemen. This is no joke this bed is moving around Oh Everyone’s seeking shelter in here and man is not working out too. Well. I mean he seems to be fine so far I’d say this poor girl is just trying to get some sleep. Oh Wow we’re at 120 now what? 120 that still still makes it a cat 3, but still Wow don’t go outside Music to Are you talking about so what happens if I do go outside is that gonna like do something? Oh well okay? All right? You know what maybe we should go back inside That was maybe uh maybe a mistake oh oh no, you know what the thing is even if I’m inside It’s still just blowing me about and a little bit of an issue what if the walls are oh? Okay Hold on as long as I don’t fly out the window what if the walls can remove one of the ceiling, huh? You know maybe it’s better if we’re in a car what’s that whole thing of being in a cars like the safest you can be well no that’s for a That’s for a lightning storm, not for enough for a tornado. Okay. Let’s go radar. How close is it. It’s getting dangerously close No power here anymore. We’re at 144. We’re at a cat 400 Good thing I got out of the building. Oh wow It’s starting to flood – we’re at 150 miles per hour ladies and gentlemen. Oh, this is intense Can we get on the roof so we avoid the floods? Yeah? No no this is bad. This is getting real difficult As long as I just don’t fall. Oh oh Okay, it’s okay. Everything’s gonna be fine seems like we’re at 150 right now. Oh, what just happened no We got to get back up The water’s coming real fast okay the wind seems to be dropping. I think we’re gonna be okay stop pushing me Yeah, oh, no that guy’s getting blown away. No We gotta get in shelter. Oh, okay. I think this roof is probably our best bet for now Oh, there’s other people trying to survive over there. Oh, this is brutal. Okay? Okay, no I can barely stand up now oh no No, no, no, I lost a little bit of Hulk there that could have been really bad. Please. Let me come back No the wood. That’s too powerful if I could just just a little bit of This is like a Nabi now come on come on back on the roof oh This is so difficult, but we’re doing it the wind is going back down. It’s only uphill from here Hopefully not physically, and then we’ll be okay. What about the tower? What is that looking like right now wow? I can’t see a thing up here. Okay. Well. That’s some pretty serious stuff. Oh no aah, please please please please please please Here actually I think I might be okay right here this might end up being alright We just stay on this roof as long as the water doesn’t raise up any more gonna be okay is everything fine everybody okay? Okay, good Dennis buy a boat oh you just get boats. Oh, well. I wish I knew this Boat would be a game pass though So you wouldn’t really need it though the wind seems to be dropping And then the the water is only a little shallow. You know like it’s still serious as a matter of fact We can check just how serious 1.4 million dollars in damage wow that’s absurd that is just insane Thankfully though it’s coming to an end to kind of sort of not really laughs. We are simply merely in the eye of the storm Hopefully, it’s actually just dying down we seem to be good Despite despite my character’s current expression Okay, what is this guy doing this guy’s insane? Is everything okay, man? You don’t look well anyone who’s spinning around with a flashlight. Oh, it’s the Sun coming up. Oh You can see the Sun Rise it’s a beautiful sight All I just want to storm the clear and then watch this Sun Rise that is all I want right now, please I think the wind is clearing out And amongst all of this destruction we see a Beautiful picture of nature and what we once knew as Beauty Ladies and gentlemen I would like to thank you so much for joining me for another Roblox adventure if you enjoyed please do remember to leave the video a like maybe even subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already and don’t forget to check out the pals holiday package at deines daily comm link in the description below Some very cool stuff there would be real cool to guys checked it out super proud of it other than that though guys again Thank you so much for watching, and I will see you in the next one You


    How to Get a FREE Sailboat in Black Desert Online | Guide

    November 9, 2019

    Hey guys and welcome to my guide on how to
    get the Old Bartali Sailboat, a boat VERY similar to the Epheria Sailboat, for FREE,
    each week. To be able to claim your free sailboat each
    week you must first complete a very short questline that takes 5 minutes or less. To start this short questline you must be
    level 50 and then you can find the quest, Noisy Shore, in the suggested quests section
    of your black spirit while standing in the city Velia. Completing this questline will reward you
    with 735CP exp and one vell’s fine powder. After, you will be able to accept the quest,
    investigate vell’s realm, from your black spirit once again. This will bring you to Igor Bartali to claim
    your once a week, free Old Bartali Sailboat. From now on you will be claiming your sailboat
    straight from Igor, cutting out your black spirit as the middle man. Comparing the Old Bartali Sailboat to the
    Epheria Sailboat are a few differences that make this an amazing sailboat for anyone that
    hasn’t obtained an Epheria Sailboat yet, however, still gives the Epheria Sailboat
    a large enough advantage to still keep it worth working towards. Looking at those differences, we have the
    Old Bartali Sailboat with 1 million power, 700 thousand durability, 500 weight, 1 inventory
    slot, it cannot be repaired, and it cannot be equipped with boat equipment. The Epheria Sailboat has 1 million power,
    1 million durability, 5000 weight, 25 inventory slots, can be repaired indefinitely, and can
    be fully equipped with boat equipment. Remember, however, the Old Bartali Sailboat
    costs 5 minutes of your time versus the Epheria Sailboat on average taking over a month to
    craft or purchase through other means. You definitely still want to work towards
    an Epheria Sailboat but considering the time investment, Old Bartali Sailboat is the best
    option in the meantime. I hope you guys enjoyed this short guide.

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    October 19, 2019

    (Whoopsh~) Top of the morning to ya laddies my name is JackSepticeye and welcome back to Dad of Boy!!! boy? All right, ah there. I didn’t see you were cast in the shadows all right boy We’re moving off through the door of Odin less sneezin and more.. Wheeling and dealing okay? I also like that in the options for this game. I Checked around and some options before I started the game just to maximize it and everything boy There’s an option for these doors that you can do them in one tap you didn’t actually have to find The specific points, and I just realized Magne didn’t come back to life That is Interesting it’s known the ACF find their own way to Valhalla. No valkyrie escort No processing at the gates of Helheim that may be significantly Yes Boy But you can just tap a button you can just press R2 and it’ll do all the stuff for you immediately And they also have an option that the parts we have to keep tapping circle You can just hold circle so for people with disabilities That’s really really nice that they can actually play the game a lot easier without having to worry about the the fine-tuned controls That’s nice. I like that a lot Okay, there’s a crystal up there. There’s a crystal thing there I have to destroy that and just think destroy over here, so I’m assuming we’re gonna find some SAP Look at you how convenient? Wahoo! While we fucked it boy We fucked it real good up there Nice Thank You crystal Now I’m going to do this section first you can pick up that thing at the same time You don’t need to be doing this cray cray Nice my boy could shoot through walls I’ve heard about my spiked knuckles soft svartalfheim steel. Well. You keep sneezing cuz he’s sick He’s got a bit of a esperen in him which no you think about it isn’t at Reyes a Greek name Ha, I never thought about that I mean Bye guys ah No bad guys seems like the ones that you don’t need to do Are the ones that you actually have to do something for you don’t actually have to fight bad guys ok ghosts of realms got it I can upgrade my talisman with that but um It only occurred to me now. I’m like. Oh yeah at Reyes Sounds like a fitting name Kratos, and at Reyes. They go together, but now I’m like wait. He’s in Norse mythology He’s not in Greece anymore, and his mother would be Nordic Dowdy’s catching to this port and use that contraption to send some of it directly to the y’all’s main kitchen The rest was sorted and sold there is an exit under the Dhamma find a way across Across Hey, that’s a that’s a thingy. Oh used to go from oh, I get it so my boy Needs to get up here Boy there is an opening I want that voice it sounds so good. There’s a path to the exit Lose it oh hold on Wait that just goes down on its own He’s very sick this boy better not die oh Yeah, I forgot that I threw the axes like why can’t I throw it Okay, so that’s not a rope it’s a chain Unplayable can’t even play this game anymore So now I pull the axe back up my axe it’s so cool now that it’s all golden Tipping I’m a typical gamer, huh? As soon as I get to a place I go the opposite direction off. It’s all random Okay Don’t worry boy cuz I’ll make a boy out of you just Replace the play songs with boy Toys buddy, I was busy dreaming bout boy boy boy I Want somebody to do that please? Enjoys pom we’re almost there My axe is all clean tea glow Powerful now. Are we going to Congress Pam look at that? Julio oh, this is the lower area Sploosh Hello silver nice I also didn’t realize when I was editing the last episode I uh I was watching the Magnum OD fight again, and I think We killed Magne. Yeah, Modi was on that ran away. I’m pretty sure that Modi is Nolan North Climbed on a dead John wrote a giant flying hammer fought some bad guys What do you think mother would say that you have come a long way? That’s so sweet you guys you’re my favorite boy man. Do all I see it Sploosh Sploosh Alright does the third one oops okay? Turn to the lake of nine got it, there’s so many more places I can go to now because I have this thing ooh A storyboard I’m sit down watch another ah You know this one doing that move It was to be his masterwork you only wanted to protect his people Too bad the first part got burned. I prefer the last panel was bombed such a senseless pity See now the first one again with your man Gander and Thor that hasn’t happened yet, or has it am I silly The greatest stonemason and one of the biggest Giants of all he argues with his son grim Thor Strikes him and gets lost looking for him Thor chisels theme war in the head and crushes a whole town Somewhere was building a wall around Jotunheim to protect the Giants from the Aesir. They’d never get finished That’s cool, I think in Some mythologies. I don’t know if it’s this one specifically, but it’s reminding me some authorities They think Giants care of the mountains Because the mountains are so big and because people can work on stone with hand or a hammer and chisel they were like oh Some giant people from years and years and millenniums ago must have come down to carve the mountains so maybe that’s what they think of my family I Like that stuff whoa what is this? The help Okay It feels like like a present that would explain the hefty magical lock on the outside, but it’s more than that I had this feeling Like something is waiting for us down here even act for ominous statements wad. What kind of something. I’m not sure Something power whatever you feel boy. We will handle it. We have come this far. Yes. Yes He’s got some like Future Sight or something He predicted the dragon before he said there was something lurking up above and then we came up against Rams birth birth whatever his face was um and now he’s Predicting it again Do have powers boy Cuz every time he goes for some werewolves was that Ever let me go somewhere he can’t stop this feeling Deep inside of boy See that’s what I want, I just want a bunch of versions of songs like that alright. Let me Now that I think about it. Let me do this you Can do the storm of the elks no yes 32:52 upgrade that nice Oh upgrade for my accent for God Maxima targets to eight why barehanded press r2 to instantly recall the Leviathan axe that’s cool That’ll come in handy for some of their so from sprinting at them Unlock a third final or one well into switch stance oh, it’s gonna spin around a lot more. Oh And he puts his hand up in the air to catch it that’s cool Switch senses by pausing home too early effort and then r2 for ranged attacks. Okay, so I have a heavy switch stance attack nice I Don’t need these I do need the pots cuz fuck the pots Ok is this a fight Good job boy you learned how to jump max over. Please a Balcony Oh present She actually did it a Valkyrie But I thought they were just spirits take caution Watts about curry in the flash I can’t think of a more formidable opponent. She does not attack does she even know we’re here This isn’t even part of the story, this is a side thing. Oh God um okay? Hi You’re not doing anything Hey, maybe I can talk to you oh No oh Shit oh Shit, you look good. Fuck me Okay, you’re strong well. Thank you that works Oh Jesus Christ go boy Okay, I hurt a lot Wait this might be tough No get out shut up. Oh my boy can fire four arrows now Shit I can’t dodge because I’m stuck in two things right here. We go. Let me should have waited for a full one Can touch that Shit I can’t dodge away, I was too close I fucked it up what you just think How is that useful Okay good, just I was just about to block. I even make the sound and oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit Okay What I supposed to do what my block gets brokenness And my boys habit, okay, okay? Okay, I always have me attack again Okay, I have this And then I have this oh you give me a stock nice Okay, we’ll try harder boy Come on Dance and everything Okay, what are you doing? What are you doing? What are you doing? Hey the elk is out Okay, we’re doing a coin. We’re doing it. I’m trying to watch out I mean this thing gets broken. I don’t know how to fix that Okay, okay, okay, okay? And shrine boy Oh So close oh I Could have parried that But even holding buck, and then my buckets broken and then they have a secondary attack I think I have to use the boy to break theirs Okay, I don’t know what you count as do you count as a dark elf Could I use some other attacks against you? I will do this. I will do this Holy hell that was good attacks okay, now, I’m ready to block your attacks bit more Card my Tekken stood for a really long time. Oh my god, literally pressing and hammering dodge Okay there it worked. I was spamming dodge last time when it wasn’t dodging Press too late this is hurt Dear I am Ok ok ok Now I hate this attack There we go there. We go get some help back Hey Get the help I Think if you just miss it your folks and that’s it Yeah, I’m spamming square with the boy as well, and I can’t do anything Just need to be aware of the attacks Ah shit like that Dutch, what’s me Garrett is broken and fucked? Even spamming dots there it wasn’t working I’m dead This is frustrating because I know what it’s supposed to do it. I’m hitting the right buttons that it’s not working I I’m dead Frustrating Man Okay, I’m ready. I’m ready. I can do this. All right. I’m I’m dedicated, but they’re very very close to death So this should be They weren’t taking any more damage so then I’m taking any more damage, oh there we go okay Nah, he’s What You freed me from my corrupted form. Oh you have my eternal gratitude But my sister’s remain trapped as I was Okay, take my help damn find them freedom the fate of the Valkyries rests on your shoulders Okay, thank you. I guess uh I don’t want this eleven thousand XP. Holy crap Dude you shout out lots of goodies of the Valkyries Sounds pretty important that’s putting it mildly whadda a legendary theme with them a Fair question and yet not one easily answered I know more than most but much of their history has bailed in secrecy My own experience with about curries ends with my opponent Avoiding the question head as I said brother. It’s complicated I don’t know why or how they become such a wretched features Ooooh Asgardian Steel The valkeries lad The more what they endeavor there is not he will be dangerous. Well that hasn’t stopped you before ay? Man that was tough Holy God, that would that fight had to be almost Well not perfect truth Atreus! follow me There was a lot of it if where I had to be like on point every single time And if I wasn’t I was just gonna get killed so I had to like turn off my brain and just start smacking stuff perfectly Who paid off that was a good fight that was fun? Had to try and treat it like a Dark Souls battle at one point um I want Glee’s once Yes And I had to switch up my attacks I couldn’t use their the throw a really powerful one that I had been using Because I had to use the anvil again because it just wasn’t working River of knives is that it? No glaive storm And what’s super powerful? I had the boars on for him because they actually helped a lot It made him a lot stronger it stunned the enemy a lot more. Okay, so these are the last two for here Nice nice nice switch stances Wow I can do switch sense in just punchy mode Okay, I should upgrade my my thing Nice. Press l2 to pick up and hurl a large boulder. That is so anime oh I want that I can’t get it though I have no XP left right. Where are we going oh? Wait where am I going in general? That’s what I wanted to know The journey returned to the lake of nine so can I just use this and go back to Brock’s no no no no Shit I was gonna say use that I ended up using the thing anyway oh Well, maybe you’ll get more boat stories by going this way never get more boy stories I Just wish this wasn’t so slow which You don’t realize it have you noticed that there’s no loading screens in this game at all yet? and it has kept the the 1 camera shot thing and A reason for slow elevators like this it might seem tedious and the fact that you can’t skip any of the cutscenes But all of this is hiding the loading screens so when you’re in a cutscene the reason you can’t skip it is because It’s loading the rest of the game in the background while it plays that cutscene, and then if you skip Then it would break that illusion of just being one camera shot and no loading screens anymore It’s the same with slow elevators That’s the same reason the door closes behind you because now it’s D loaded the area behind you and now it’s just loading What’s in front of you? It’s fascinating. It’s very very clever Wait well now I’m here. I might as well go on the boat Well now that we’ve got the giant system We need to learn the travel moon to your tonight So we can carve it into that special gateway atop a beach and open realm travel to the land of the Giants You don’t know it good sound design snow, but the serpent did mention that the Giants have entrusted that secret Fortier Is very much enriched the doors Samaritan elite for generations until our snake man shifted his weight there. We shall find the people will Know and that vault isn’t going anywhere soon the same towards the boat. We shall see boy You Jersey boy It was good audio design as soon as you go into the caves as soon as you go under the cavernous rock areas The sound all started to reverberate That was a singular piece of Cruelty even for dinner as if a marriage wasn’t punishment enough Clair was better to him than he deserved He stuck it out to all manner of indignity all in the name of maintaining peace and safety for her people Turning his corruption of her magics it became more than she could stomach and at long last he broke it off More than she’d dare to hear After so much time together he knew her vulnerabilities and exploited them to craft curses she could never break But still he wrote down about warrior spirit React even to defend herself No living thing may see harm by blade nor spell In a world this belligerent. What choice does he have but isolation hmm poor Freya I Guess if I was her I’d spit in your face, too, I lad So would I… Look at you guys bonding Namir you better not take my boy away from So it is I I Know That’s not where that was why did I do that? And You’ve already turn into Coco Pops and they get destroyed Hey, but it’s missing But the middle panel is missing wait I thought here was a God not a giant ah but he was loved by everyone including the Giants He was the only one they gifted with their special site. Hey, I wonder if the Giants left a triptych about me somewhere – I Wouldn’t count on it head Boy read the sand Actually come on. Let me show you how to do this that is not necessary. Not me so much Let me teach you something oh That’s cute Father-son bonding moment come on You already speak it learning to read will leave that on. I know how to read boy Just not this tongue. You have right there So the Rings represent a lot of different things some God’s some animals wait Oh Am I going too fast? Sorry not that? You smell something Yeah, I do it smells like distraction But now everyone’s gonna think I only cut it this might be a joke But I kill you know it’s gonna let me Are you dumb now your father’s dude, where did you get it from your mum she’s stupid and ugly oh? It’s true But I’m gonna get to know you really well you’re gonna be my new brother Right after I finish me off Whoops costly car broke him oh Let me show you how it’s done boy. Oh, why didn’t he take it in time? Fight max I can actually fail that I was busy being dramatic oh I failed such an easy thing go ahead oh Come on. Let me show you how to read this that is not nice. I don’t need to see this again teach you something um So he went into Spartan rage the boy did, but he’s sick here we go Yeah Cuz he doesn’t know the crane nose is a God so Kratos is stronger than him Again you little bitch brother the boy yes You have to get into flair quickly, there’s no other way There’s a storm a-brewing Oh shit everything’s all dark and gray and gloomy now Take the bolt fares isn’t fine The hell is going on Oh geez is the boy doing this something looks like it’s on fire What if the boy is actually like insanely strong But because kratos hasn’t told him what he is especially now that you’ve taken to towing your skin As far as there’s a blind spot for this is our smartest move anyone can heal him it’s What is happening to him? I’ve seen in mortals son a conflict of the mind expresses itself as an ailment of the body God God believing himself immortal We’re almost there the boy is a god Damn You need to tell them kratos He’s a small and limp Maybe that’s Odin storm coming maybe it’s Thor are we gonna get see Thor Lord knows his brothers. Nephew is a coward Attacks you when you’re not looking there runs away when you fight back Somebody just called the serpent What? But who? Oh shit’s getting interesting now He’s pacing I’ve never seen Kratos so worried Okay her house is down The fever burns hotter he is shaking and serious. We must hurry! Yeah, can’t you run faster? Freya open the door we need your help Woman do you have a it is urgent I’m still a god go away the boy is falling ill Freya!! Inside oh He’s sound so worried. No ordinary illness the boy is true nature your true nature fights within him I I did this to him? Will you help me? Of course There is a rare ingredient found only in Helheim the keeper that protects the bridge of the Damned. I need it to heart The realm of the dead do you know it? Not this one It is a land of unyielding called Fires cannot burn there no magic in all the nine realms can create a blaze as for the dead Your frost axe will be useless you’ll need to find something else Then I must return home No! (No way!) No, that’s the swamp would stay buried oh you were before doesn’t matter This boy is not your past. He is your son, and he needs his fate. No way! This rune opens the bridge to Helheim When you are there do not under any Circumstances cross the bridge of the Damned there is no road back understand Boy hey Malloy You must hurry through my garden There’s a path leading to my boat to take it Return home dig up your past do whatever you need to do. Just bring me back the bridge keepers heart Freya.. And last we spoke I was no You were right to distrust the word of a God no need to explain not to me not for that Will keep him safe Thats a mothers promise No way! am I going to get the fucking blades of chaos. NO! Helheim of all places you alright brother, I will do what I must leave me be Holy shit, and I’ve never seen oh Damn I’ve never seen Kratos that worried before he’s never asked someone for help The blades of chaos are the weapons from the original games the chain blades Because they’re made by gods, and they they have fire in them am I seriously gonna get the blade to Chaos for this game You’re not that crazy to do that are you? Game Developers!? Athena! Athena Get out of my head When we’ve got to so many throwbacks happening for the old games right now Jesus If you’ve never played or Watched or anything about the old games you won’t realize the hype, that’s happening right now. How the hell is going on Thor or Odin are pissed When he said I must go home Obviously he means the cabin, but for a second. I thought he meant Greece And there was like there’s no way he’s gonna go back to Greece is he But that made no sense This game is so cool those people there Hell hello And also him saying She said you have to go to hell hell Hyneman hell world or hell Rome and She’s like do Do you know hell and he said not this one because Kratos has been to the underworld in Greece like two or three times? That’s a new attack a guy Come here ain’t nothing stopping me now. I have a boy to save he’s the shit Go away Don’t care anymore you Know if you got those blades you’d be able to take care of these guys no problem Maybe that’s why it’s doing this cuz it’s like this is our week you arrogance fees right now And then is going to give you the blades Locally jumps in the air after that’s awesome All right all right we’re doing this That’s what was underneath he told the boy to never go down there Oh, I’m so excited to see what they look like Holy shit Hands are shaking There’s nowhere you can hide Spartan But as much distance between Hill when the truth as you want It changes nothing Pretend to be everything you are not teacher husband Father But there is one unavoidable truth you will never escape You cannot change You will always be Monster I know But I am your monster no longer Oh Oh FUCK YA!!! I Can’t believe they actually put the blades in the game Everyone was always complaining about her not in the game anymore just the ax you had no idea They’re so awesome no she fucking face Yes This is the coolest oh my god, it’s like when they played Metal Gear Solid 4 for the first time and I went back to shadow Moses I Am so happy, I’m gonna cry happy tears right now Door to the realm between realms over there Yeah Jesus man they actually did it I Was not expecting that at all I know I can just switch between them I Thought how your blades work now because there was supposed to be the thing that happened with the blades Originally the reason he has the bandages on his Aaron’s is because the blades were made from fire And they were made by the God of War Ares And they were seared to his flesh so the chains wrapped around his arms, and they were burned into his arms And he literally could not take them off. They were stuck on his arms forever I Don’t know how he got them off in the end, maybe because he killed all the gods and all the power vanished Well, I don’t know how your blades are still working, but I’m not gonna question it magic oh I’m so pumped up right now. Holy hell Corie verlag you were a mad scientist you’re a genius I Hope they’re actually in the game from now on and it’s not just a once-off kind of thing oh Man legit you weren’t talking to me back there elegiggle you’re cleared up. Just mother I Can assure you I’m unsurpassed in keeping confidences Well you know where to find me and for the record I’d already guessed you would click Athena dead giveaway Damn Poor Kratos, man I can’t believe they’re actually making me sympathize with great hosts of all characters They’ve done such a good job with him. He was pacing back and forth at the boy He was worried his eyes were actually open when he asked for help his hands were shaking when he tried to pick up the blades Such a conflicted, man What hey you Rica foreign magic sweet name is Heather’s what are those I’ve never seen the life. That’s gotta be a family heirloom. No nor will it ever be Son my brother and me created me all near for the big idiot. I know from qualities and dim Dim special He wears a little turd He’s fallen ill know What happened? easier no We fault is mine And my responsibility to make it right We all gotta take responsibility Sometime, huh? Hey, what can I do to help I can do things When I say tag along no You’ll work here is enough alright So, where are you off to in such a hurry the realm of the Dead Helheim shit is just serious oh? My god, I keep in my iron He’s a different type of character now as well Brock can upgrade the blades of chaos to strengthen them Wait oh My god They’re here to stay y’all oh and even have upgrades for them combat stuff Jeez this is the best birthday oh Yeah need that let’s kill us no additional forces tonight. Oh I have it already ok Ok I get more fire if I keep attacking, but I can hit Nice aim and press or two oh, I don’t want that one or this Alright get it anyway Dude I am so giddy right now Can I actually change the grips and everything Oh Be sweet and still my beating heart took when I was his age I cut my head clean off, and I’m done the worst for where I’m what okay? I need a chaos flame to upgrade them And I buy chaos flame off you know Okay whatever I’m not here to upgrade or talk. I’m here to save my boys. That’s my boy Cedric he was dead Now that phrase given you the chapel ring to Helheim, it should be unlocked on the table I Should have known we’d end up going to hell at some point kratos always ends up in hell These ruins all end up looking the same ah let’s go destroy some bitches On hime Jotunheim Alpine Yeah, you’re stuck to tag along also I wonder if from a mere knows all about like Zeus and Athena and Kronos and Hades and all those guys He is a smart, man But I don’t know if he knows all about the Norse world or if he knows about all the worlds that he’s aware that other gods exist somewhere and Now that Norse gods and Greek gods exist in the same world I wonder how many other gods exist in the same world This game is outstanding. This is how you do a fucking video game, man So happy It’s also strange to think about Hell being in a different light like hell in most places is all fiery burning to death than hell, but to the Nordic people I Am to the Nordic people hell was frozen take this moment to tell you that what you are about Those blades what Damn Yes well Odin I’m also bare-chested Odin Isn’t made out of fiery rage like Kratos is Mr.. Brewster a smoker no we’re still in the realm travel bridge But after the bridge of the Damned the dead use it to cross into their permanent home the city of Helheim The bridge keeper who minds admission he’s the one we want just follow this bridge should lead us straight to him You know that’s one of the really things never to see this place again That was cool. How his voice change coming down the steps as well Let’s see what let’s see what this yeah, what’s up? Doesn’t do a lot of damage. Oh, we could charge it up That’s the old Kratos we know Some of the combos are different though, I’m trying to do some of the combos from last time, but they’re not their Rage please This stuff was all stuff. He used to do though that cane used to like throw blades and people and pull himself towards them That’s why I loved the blades because it was so much more acrobatic Than the axes use the fire of your blades to burn away that hell’s bramble blocking the path oh The blades were to burn the brambles Smarten Church, oh I get more attacks for it now Okay, that’s not an old move from the old game. Oh wait. What’s the map say? Weird all right Many reasons we went back for those blades see now it makes perfect sense but for these Now it makes perfect sense, but earlier on like I didn’t know the blades are gonna be in the game And you said nothing could burn through them That’s a cool move he kind of pulls the blades back in but they whip around everywhere and kill everything I Love this game And I think releasing this game now After so much time has passed people kind of forget what Kratos was like they forget. What his character was But they don’t forget, but it’s kind of not in people’s hands as much as it was originally So we get the blades back now creates this big like nostalgic. Hype trip He’s a soul’s The new lead age should be here There’s too many the gate must be closed, and if the gates closed then it’s true house full up Without the Valkyrie a certain Coulomb hell is overwhelmed All right, so if I free the Valkyrie and then come back here If I do all the Valkyrie ones and then come back here afterwards Would they all be? Disappearing this is a cool animation watch this Not not just the the spin, but watch how he kind of like like bounces afterwards He kind of like like he’s ready to go he’s ready to get into a new animation he’s ready to keep that momentum going That’s good animation work Sorry fellas coming through God of War I’m a big deal somewhere else Re-blocked know what the boat hold or Nice no there’s a bunch more areas I can open up when I go back There’s nothing down here for some reason why is this even here? Yeah, the basic attacks aren’t the same anymore, that’s gonna take some getting used to I Almost remember all the combos from the old game as well Lads Well something’s moving down there Bird oh hell yeah Like maybe this wait now I guess your fucking chain or you Go wait Wait for it there we go That’s kind of the same, but I can’t do there I can’t do there the base It used to be square square angle Nice so it’s kind of the same no no no I thought that was an item for some reason It’s so badass it feels so much fun It’s good to have you back police When we killed the Reavers near my home they came here How did they return so quickly? Time doesn’t move the same between all realms especially where the spirit world is can sound like the light of Alpine the opposite in fact The lake of souls feels faster than Alpine time, but hell is much slower than Midgard. Sorry. I’m sure that’s confusing if we will be back to my son of the sooner that is good ah Aren’t you a quick study? Like Inception rules Or interstellar actually Christopher Nolan likes a lot of his time slow down and speed up stuff doesn’t he? Bran please The bitchy I Don’t even that tough Now I knew that too yes That was the move you could do before where you would pull either you’re One of the games you pull the enemies towards you and then another one of the game is you pull yourself towards the enemies So it was always a case of like Kratos who never ever backed down He was a character that always pushed forward. I think in the old games. He never ever took a step backwards I Don’t know how true that is at least for the first three games. He never ever like physically walk backwards He always kept pushing forward because he was always like in the fight. He was always going forward at least not by his own Volition maybe something knocked him back or something It was always something noteworthy that he never took a step back What okay We have an attack now, that’s not nice actually fell quickly And with the super like jumpy finishing powerful moves, okay fuck this Come here get over here. He used to have a move that is it with inhale They’d go there the Warriors who die in glorious combat hell is for those who die in dishonor? criminals high and those dead of disease mishap age It was dishonorable $0.20 aids well never too late to go out fighting. I supposed Dishonorable to die of old age really That’s why I’m here But he used to have a Finishing move on or two or triangle where he would like spit turn around spin And then jump up in the air and slam his blades down. I don’t have that anymore That’s sad. I missed that was my favorite one That claim there could lead us out if we can reach it I know but I hear another bird Ah okay good at that ooh under the thing Okay, that’s the way forward I’m assuming this is just the way back I Just want to miss anything did something fall down while I came down here No, that’s cool Oh it did miss something look at you sneaky Family heirloom, that’s gonna get me a lot of cash actually at Brock shop All right moving on finally Thing is they the gatekeeper of help we’re killing the bridge keeper help the dead leave Midgard. I don’t expect it well No, I don’t suppose it will make things any worse either It’ll be one less obstacle for the living to reach the inner sanctum of Helheim Who’d be mad enough to go there? We’re going there aren’t we oh I don’t have my boy Wait can I come back here with a trace The bird Bird I miss my boy, that was the bird He’s up there somewhere I hear you, I just don’t see ya I Must be able to come back here with the boy, well I guess if you finish the game You can probably come back and go to all areas Kratos, it’s a pot the fact that you’re having difficulty with that really concerns me One of you guys can actually hear the birds in the video The bridge of the Damned and there’s the keeper making sure the dead I’m really dead What is that he holds that totem contains a powerful source of magical energy the very power of Helheim itself? Just take it we can leave Start some trouble you can do that right, that’s what I do best look at this thing that Is a giant bird that it’s just straight up a giant bird And it is awesome I was gonna get a fight, you know no mine these guys. This is just the same dude again it’s just a reskin version of the the other guys What’s disappointing? This game does a lot of that which is sad Whether the enemies are very very repetitive, and that’s not only is it disappointing in general But it’s disappointing for a god of war game because it was always known for its Very varied set of enemies, but whatever let’s just fight this guy Hey, I’m not dead They gate keeper how often do you actually have to do this? On average what you say per year how often do you think a living person comes through here? Also who do you work for oh whoa whoa? Okay, thank you. God those things explode Okay, not liking this guy wonder if I could fire those back in Yeah I’m actually kind of scary I Need more attacks Oh my god. Oh, no, I can’t he broke my guard. I thought I was getting ready to fire back He’s gonna take all day Why am I not hitting those Damnit We can still just use this for the attacks Okay, no literally does nothing to At least I blocked it, right What are you doing Oh hey, I’m gonna be cheeky and go this way Damnit stop running away you big, baby Oh great more of them I See and hear them They don’t oh, yeah, that was cool make me feel like a boy You’re very low set the pot to the kettle I’m trying to hit these things sometimes isn’t it them? Okay, okay, let’s play the Sun and dance Could it be rates time ow y’all I think it’s rich, man Nice oh, that’s the stuff I wanted I need it oh Yes wait wait you not dead Okay, I’m just going to go over to the sides because you don’t attack over here for some reason Oh, yes here we go Really the same animation again, Oh Nope not exactly Okay, I’ll forgive that one that was awesome No the heart brother, I’ll have to get your hands dirty ya think you can do that Kratos Hey big bird Blood Got it now eat it to gain its courage Kratos Spartan God father dr. I Also need a bath I have the heart I need dozen more you said I’m not a linger here Hurry to Seduce My father your father was this lie explains a lot Your what is that place never go there understand? Look that was Odin for a second, that is not possible. It’s just an illusion Tells no one for torturing its inhabitants carols and past we should focus on getting back to your son. Oh Buddy buddy I Fucked you up, didn’t I I’m just lying here. Dead I Want to go down to the edge though and see They told me not to cross the bridge I can’t even cross the bridge even if I wanted to Stupid Helheim, I’m gonna fight you who’s that oh? Look at all the people Heading into the inner sanctum of hell Damn well now it’s all tantalizing now. I want to do it That lock needs a gust of hell’s wind to open it oh Okay, I have the heart can I not just use that oh? Maybe but to figure out through the green things Yeah, Shh he’s supposed to be here It’s cold Real quick give me your blades. Why I said, I’d help you name – come on My quick mention midgar’s be right back Yeah, you don’t suppose. He make those to you Yeah Now they’re ready where the winds will help Just target this magical goalie figure with your blades and throw Winds of hell are very unstable and can only be held for 10 seconds before returning to the last wind trap Oh Wind trap with your blade Whatever again, please so you’re welcome, and I believe this place is cold enough to freeze a pair of pigeon eggs I sometimes wonder if there was once some sort of accident in his brain We have been away too long uh Okay that makes sense now I actually know how to do it ah I know I can uncover all the things the vines and the green things were the last things I had to figure out Lads has gone. Good chilly huh now great weather. We’re having Okay moving on Nice ooh Nightmares that Works That works real nice I’m gonna throw something at me now. Give me that face Sick Boom rayji boy see the bird from up here No Bullshit over there, okay, go moving on Yep where’s Cheston there how do I get that I have lots of questions? That’s cool, though cuz they the axe is the ability to like throw it at certain things like that so now I have an ability with the a puzzle traversal thing with the blades – Hell is that Ordered order Linder Yes us these guys disappearing Maybe I didn’t hear a bird, maybe I’m deaf actually that makes no sense didn’t definite mean I hear nothing Great it’s not in the thing anymore. Oh, it’s in this one my talk But it’s not gonna close Okay No wait I don’t even need it what am I talking about? Snotty brother, I’m still stuck in what I have back there This was your father not now we should focus on getting out of hell and with that I cannot argue Just contemplate that little nugget in silence there There’s a nice translucency layer on this ice I know a lot of people who care about this, but you can see that It’s actually like a layer of It’s like a transparent shader on the ice, and then you can see the ground underneath it Very nice. I like that a lot see this is the type of stuff that goes through my head when I’m playing games Doesn’t leave footprints are do I have a shadow is it wait. Do I have a shadow I have a shadow okay? Well, not a very nice shadow No wait, what are you just half and half? Kratos has impeccable aim is you go into baseball after this Okay, can I take some of this hell wind? Put it into this Nice okay friend Okay, are you are you holding our torii? Is’s sword. Oh god. He just fight Okay, okay He’s tough Whoa did you see that hit bucks? Oh? Send that into hitbox board subreddit That was awesome Crap funny can get away with it That’s so much fun cuz you ready hit them in the head with it Deadly war handles lower activation perk chance to grant a gift of strengths Oh Their handles for this Wow I was actually pretty cool, it’s pretty good Travelers grizzly I Like that doing that now will actually pulls them towards you and then you just end up killing them immediately Well I’m looking forward to operating these bad boys There’s the next wing trap Sorry fellas sorry my bad come through You’re all dead anyway. What do you guys care? Wait what are we even doing with this where am I bringing it? Oh, hi guys. Oh, there was a thing in the inside of that wasn’t there where I hit the bird It just looks so cool the attacks that they pull off are so visually appealing Let her remember that’s the David Tapp he said about the first game anyway, but that’s what they kind of want it What does the thing in your back? Oh? I was just gonna run all the way down there Wait so we don’t get a fight giant bird, man Don’t read it up too forward to fighting giant bird, man Good idea wait your update oh Thanks Mamere alright, where’s the next up? I see it the next hidey hole Throw these pretty fair Don’t don’t even get me started on the physics of how these things don’t work all right I know they don’t they just awesome and that’s all you need to know You can use them as a weapon against the other guy Nice oh you have to bring it down there, don’t I oh you better have something worth it then after all this Am I actually gonna make this oh So close oh wait there’s another one. I got a done that I almost did Disappointed Almost missed that I only had a second left Because when he starts sprinting he slows down eventually although. I do have a thing that increases my sprint speed Reach it there for a second Behind door number chest, ooh The cyclone II chaos yes That was one of the moves. I was trying to do Yeah It’s this spin around II won in the old game You could just spin your blades around your head, and then you could just keep it going forever. I have it now Pray, I can’t upgrade anything yet – so I’ll just keep gaining XP Watch this shit Yeah, and then the further you upgrade is the more you can do it and it goes on forever Sweet cradles you’re a badass. You’re a dad ass and you got dad ass All right Brooke you made it better get home to your boy all right no No, no we go we go we got to do some shit Daddy grips of protection daddy grips magic Tenley recovery hand I like the draw called deadly something You all do specific little things better, but overall Yes, but they got a little thing on them they got a little shinier Yes please yes Please can you upgrade it again? I sure can watch me go 20 grand to upgrade it of you, there’s a lot I’ll grade it to max Nice one dawg Yeah berserkers record resurrection stone oh It gives you full rage and a small amount of health when you come back they might actually be better Cuz if I get a full rage Bearer and a small amount of health when I come back I just go into Spartan mode, and then I get a chunk of health back from that we shouldn’t delay brother It’s straight back to Midgard with that heart Here we go Finally understand I’m dangling from the hip of the bloody Ghost of Sparta Do not call me that don’t mistake me brother from what I have the Pantheon had it coming Still a bit to take in Gods, but you really can’t stay away from him Kenya. You must say nothing to the boy. He must never know Oh Respectful he has to know you’ll never be whole without the truth I Get it you hate the gods all Gods, it’s no accident. I include yourself, and it includes young boy He feels that Help what he? Can’t begin to help it because you haven’t even told him it’s all connected mine Tell him nothing Very well damn Make sense Kratos hates all gods for what they did to him Because he blames them for taking away his family, and then taking away his own soul even though It’s all a lot of it is his own fault But he hates all the gods And then he hates all gods in other realms as well because he doesn’t trust gods because he sees them for what they really are but your vainglorious egocentric shitheads so he hates himself which is obvious the first game starts off and you try to commit suicide and then he hates his boy because of it I Know I just recapped exactly what my mirror just said I’m just repeating it so it stays in my head Interesting You know that shortcut between realms well I made it better Or I might’ve boom we use that I know what you do So I took a few cuts from them winds of hell and made it so it ain’t just one way Now you can use it to travel to and from if I didn’t breaks it then we can take it to Freya There’s an idea nice So you were always able to take these out in the world back to Brock, but you couldn’t go anywhere else from them We don’t lose a leg and the in the meantime Well you gentlemen certainly know how to get around sure do Now you are you know us boys I mean boys Without my boy. You haven’t said it as much I feel sad I Don’t know why I’m sprinting here The the door literally shows up anywhere as as soon as the game is loaded because that’s what it’s also doing This area is a loading screen See just shows up wherever you’re loaded Well this isn’t right yeah, but close enough he did see there were kinks no story I came out right on top of it though ooh winds of hell Ok Kratos, I know you love your boy. We all do we all get a kick out of him. He’s great boy How about we figure out this puzzle I Don’t know where the the wind of hell starts actually and there’s an Odin door down there. There’s an old and orden blender Where was the hell for a Hellfire SiC that and this one go downstairs let me stick that yep. Yep. Yep yep Wait where is it? It’s there Well that’s not right oh I can’t go up with that the boy. Okay, whatever we have to do this then I’ll be back Don’t you worry about that Yeah, I’m back I did it real quick. I’m amazing real hard you have it yeah Wait what if she wants it for something else Back of your hand He’s too little I Can break the fever but to heal they must know the truth of 40 years? Yes It is not so simple Help me prop him up Did I tell you that I have a son, too It’s been Forever since I last saw him at his birth the runes foretold a needless death Babe and my arms were so small so helpless I knew right then I would do anything to protect him no matter the sacrifice of Course everything I did I did for myself I Let my needs my fears Come before what he needed and I couldn’t see his resentment until it was too late Don’t make the same mistake Have faith in him I know the truth isn’t simple, but nothing is when it involves your child It is a curse the boy has been cursed you break Don’t leave without me, I will not I’m better now I see that Is he well enough to travel For now They won’t happen again. I promise. you see that it does not Thanks free–free for helping Trey Trey for cray-cray Damn straight back into it huh the sickness prayer. I will not forget this Thanks Your father did the heavy lifting you should stay recover you have done enough You know my door is always open to you That’s been on isn’t it you figured that out Did you well the window looks like Bifrost crystal, and I know that’s no what’s on the other side of the wall well It makes you sad you are wise for one so young Yes, this is the window to a home. I left long ago, but it is only a few The thing that happened to you now fun you can’t leave Midgard King a gift from my former husband upon our separation I Would own and trap you in Midler petty cruelty would be reason enough for him? But as with all his rash decisions. He’s driven by fear the veneer for the greatest threat to the a seer until our marriage brokered peace Many of the van here now think I betrayed them the fruits of my sacrifice To be hated by my own kind To trap me here is to ensure I can never make it right The van here come from vanaheim and the Aesir come from Asgard Yay boy is back now, then before lordy so rudely interrupted us We were just about to explore tears vault yes to find a black room boy. Do you know the way from here? Oh? Sure you do lad we need to vote I guess we need to know okay then What’s up, boy? Why you look so sad tears are in your eyes, I can I just run with this Yeah, what am I talking about on the brambles are over there? Okay? Let’s do this boy Is he not gonna ask about the blades or anything Well nobody can’t claim him without him. I mean he wasn’t available Yeah, but you didn’t see what daddy had up his sleeves Maybe cuz I never showed you when I kept the colored bandages, but daddy’s got some webs. I Wonder Why put this in the middle can I jump and then jump Where are we even going with this? Up there okay, got it I Don’t know if that’s gonna be enough It is nice what you got for me, baby Yes rampage of the Furies a robust flurry attack that ends in a powerful slam So cool cyclone of chaos is still pretty good though. This one does more damage. Oh You have more skills now oh Wait There it is. That’s the combo I wanted I Still don’t understand what this means adds a series of cluster bomb concussions to the heavy combo finisher unfix burn damage requires runic Out here Increase this twice Nice Cyclone aquellas. There’s a lot of storm damage, but it just do a lot of regular damage it’s more to keep people at bay, and it’s an area attack I Don’t really want to use that right now Joe That’s awesome There’s a bunch of areas I can go back to now and figure out If I’m gonna go to tiers vault just yet Because it might oh, we can do this thing unless this is like another prison No, I didn’t even hit it, I gently pushed the book by accident There’s two What’s behind this door Hidden chamber of Odin Alright, what’s in here? Oh, it is I do want to do a Valkyrie They’re difficult they hired they saw Alright, I’ll figure out I want to go back to where Sindri was Yeah Sindri was in a location back near the start where his elevator was to go to the black breath I Want to head back there because it was a bunch of stuff that I can do with these back there Don’t know where that is though, and I also have a site quest that I can do Let’s go down to get the door the blue door The duo Doreen Linda, whatever Hi-yah nice man Each episode of this keeps getting crazier and crazier first we find a dragon then we kill some gods and Bring a giant Hammer down through some ice and see the big giant and frost and then we hit the blades of chaos again And we’ve been to hell I’m glad I made these episodes longer. It feels like we get a lot more done ok. Go that way yet boy oh? I feels good to say that I get boy boy boy boy boy boy boy boy see the boat washed ashore Someone did call us south of Kalia Yeah, but who? Get in I will pull You are quiet. Are you not better? Yes, I know you overheard my talk with Freya you think you understand that you do not Why do you say nothing He said I was cursed You think I’m weak because I’m not like you I Know I was never what you wanted, but after all this I thought Maybe things were different you’re weak cuz you’re exactly like him you do not know everything why? No But at least I know the truth now The truth I’m a god boy from another land far from here When I came to these shores I chose to live as a man, but the truth is I was born a god and so Boy have you nothing to say Haha And you turn to minimal what? No No, I do not think so Mother knew she was about to know she was mortal, but she knew my true nature Why did you wait so long to tell me I had hoped to spare you Hina God It can be a lifetime of anguish and tragedy That is the curse What sort of things can I do good Can I fly? Turn invisible. I do not know. I don’t feel like God I Do not know the rigsum of godhood but over time learn Damn you sure I can’t turn into a wolf Sometimes You sure you’ve never heard anything. How does you? Do? That’s no surprise? every God is unique so maybe I won’t get strong like father, but I’ll have abilities on my own no ready to muddy your Faculty for language is extraordinary for one so young Time alone will tell what else will become capable all But I’ve known more than my share of the ones you’ll inherit oh nice Do you know him from before the day of your mother’s funeral was the first I ever saw Balder that is the truth Go right back to tears of all Dewey. I mean we’re gone. We can do whatever we want right What do you really feel like doing right now? I will show you oh that’s clever I Will show you I will there’s no matter. What ends up happening. I’m the player so I get to dictate what actually happens I Want to go not to tears Walt, I’m not doing that let’s try this again without interruption no We’re not doing that. I’m going up here to get a door Ah the sunshine feels nice on my ash covered flesh Place that he told him though glad he actually knows now I What triangle does oh it does that? So even if I throw the axe when I take these out compress triangle okay, I get it I Don’t know where this thing is though. I don’t know where this area is I got the moose behind rune didn’t I? Hey check out what that is Is that what that rune is yeah fire realm Well let’s look at what we know Balderas Auden’s finest tracker Bar None if he wants you you have to consider the possibility that Auden wants you and as for what Odin wants on this I have some expertise The a CLI His Reach is not unlimited and where he cannot reach. He is preoccupied no Clem. He certainly tortured me enough about it over the years Or fire realm, then we will go back and fight Chronos again Hey, what’s our dude? Wow it’s hot here but Is that snow ash It only Falls like that for great fires The whole realm is a great fire the source of fire itself and all the Sun and stars if legend is to be believed Should we believe I mean? We’re here On fire not yet well You know I suppose it’s cooled considerably since the dawn of creation hasn’t it Me for hime isn’t exactly ice these days either. It’s in the nature of things Extremes are tempered by time fires burn colder men grow old and gray Heads are chopped off and attached to belts such is life. Oh Yeah, I was gonna say that that lab of animation is not that nice, but I mean you don’t even see it most times so who cares Space is awesome looking This is where my Frost acts will shine, this is like the off the opposite of Helheim This like a whole area then what I can do shit in Sure enough missing stuff Well like that even red-hot fire its crimson fire There he is it’s a Brock Must be a fire John I the first and original Makes a flaming sword a weapon of legend He fights Thor and Odin, but is that the past or the future? Hmm that may be a matter of perspective Well I know you’re breakin my brain, I know this just telling me that I found her a shrine you middle or an Ancient fire giant of Muspelheim he forged the sword of fire and fought or will fight Thor and Odin See this is the thing I was talking about. I don’t know if it’s past present or future Listen let’s go exploring boy another elf. I don’t think it’s coming from up there Waiter was just coming out of nothing The voice it’s just around this corner Oh Sore it’s a great big sword it wants to know for ready to train What also I love that the lighting changes and when the lighting changes the shaders and crate hoses head change and his skin Very nice ready to Train Moves behind trials oh it’s a trial area complete the dress our luck the next arena press X to accept the challenge I’ll accept challenge You can Prepare yourself boy yes, sir Did you steal me enemy’s remaining 15 have time okay? Damn those flowers disease Here we go here we go boy. I’m guessing these are gonna get harder as more of them. I killed I’m so glad he’s way stronger now. He’s way more useful and his arrows recharged pretty quick Yeah, I See him Okay, we’re leave two minutes to kick fulfill six enemies Have you pulled off my big magics yet, Oh Damn Wouldn’t it be nice to find some incense. Just once the smell of brimstone gets old quickly It’s a nasty smell isn’t it smell like farts uh? Here’s where I get some smoldering embers and stuff. It’s all making sense swords back The gate didn’t open But Okay be ready boy. I am kill twenty enemies in three minutes Enemies will resurrect if other enemies are still alive due to the wave to events oh So it’s a kill them all at the exact same time Okay my bad. I killed him by accident We’ve complete what Now we’ve got a tough one Okay, I’m talking oh, I have to kill a witch as well And it’s gonna be pink yeah Because I can get weak enough Yes, yes unless she takes you to finish this With complete yeah a lot of people ask where it or do the or three attacks a lot of time with wall They usually don’t do print much Leaves II don’t grant much else other than killing the enemies normally Okay, and they always take longer to do so that’s why I don’t bother. I’m waiting for my attack to power up The others I have Okay nevermind I didn’t even need it Let’s phone, that’s a good way of getting used to the combat actually you can kind of just practice and train here Wanna get Smoldering embers and hacks silver, and you couldn’t have been a another no it opened and you couldn’t have been a whole new area to explore like Alfheim and Helheim and those kinds of places so it makes sense that it’s just like a trial location Yeah, okay, I’m gonna leave this episode here Then III might go off and do some of these in my own time or I might I don’t know I don’t want to bog down the videos with just Repetitiveness and these kinds of things I’m trying to balance out side quests with story stuff So we’re still moving forward with still also exploring the game Really really fun so far. I’m so glad to have my lady boys back They are so badass Camp leaves are actually in the game. I’m shocked anyway. Thank you guys so much for watching this boy If you liked it punch that like button in its boy! LIKE A BOSS! And High Five all-round!!! (Whoopsh 2x) Fish thank you boys, and they were sailor boys IN THE NEXT VIDEO!!! (Outros- I’m Everywhere By Teknoaxe) Draya’s you haven’t asked much about my blades yet pretty cool right don’t tell me to where to go

    Exploring the World’s Edge in Zelda: Breath of the Wild
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    Exploring the World’s Edge in Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    October 19, 2019

    The world in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of
    the Wild is huge. I’ve been playing for over one hundred hours
    and I’m still discovering new things! But even a world this big has to have some
    limits right? Well, we ventured around the world to find
    out exactly that, so join us as we explore all four corners of the world–and even a
    couple areas inbetween–to see what awaits at the world’s edge– So let’s start off in the Northeast Corner,
    where we find this island-maze, right up against the edge of the map. It’s surrounded by ocean to the east and
    south–which we’ll come back to later, but to the North, we can see a tall mountain wall
    extends well into the ocean. And that mountain, as it turns out, wraps
    around almost half of the world, from the Northeast-corner to just above the desert
    to the Southwest. So the question is. Can Link Reach it? Let’s find out! Here we are leaping off the Northwest corner
    of the maze and gliding toward the that giant mountain…and we’re making pretty good
    progress so far! But as soon as we get close to these rocky
    pillars before the mountain–our progress comes to a sudden halt with a message appearing
    that “You can’t go any farther.” Dang, thwarted by an invisible wall! But let’s try it again, this time from the
    Northwestern corner, which remember, that same mountain wraps around. Dang, the exact same thing. Okay, well let’s try once more, this time
    from the Western side. Gah, stopped in our tracks kagain–except
    we oddly didn’t get a message this time. And even worse, once Link dropped low enough,
    he automatically let go of the Glider–come on man–we need to work together on this! Okay, so it seems like that wall is impossible
    to get to. But what if we try going to the point where
    that tall mountain ends–specifically to the southwest, just above the desert. Especially since we can see a different mountain,
    one that’s clearly accessible, continues off the map. Well, here we are, at the edge of the map–and
    that little hill looks extremely climbable. At least untily ou actually give it a shot,
    as the mountain shuts you down instantly, preventing Link from being able to climb up
    more than a short ways. We just can’t catch a break Okay, so clearly the mountain-thing isn’t
    quite working for us. But what if we head to an area without any
    mountains at all, such as the desert! Look, it’s just sand and sand dunes for
    as far as the eye can see. There’s nothing to stop us! Except for those blasted invisible walls again–followed
    by an immediate sandstorm. Brutal. Well that leaves only one corner of the world
    left. The Southeast, and here we have nothing but
    water to contend with. And look, we can even some some land way out
    in the distance. And while they’re probably too far to swim
    to regardless–can we at least get close? We tried gliding their first…and nope. Invisible wall, followed by a strong wind
    pushing us back. So what if we try swimming instead. Ha, nope. So there you have it. The world of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of
    the Wild is extremely open…until you reach the edge. Which, yeah, I guess that makes sense–but
    hey, we wanted to prove it anyway. So thanks for watching and make sure to hit
    that subscribe button if you haven’t already for more on Zelda: Breath of the Wild and
    all things Nintendo too.