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    AH Animated – Ryan the Fish ‘n Chips Man
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    AH Animated – Ryan the Fish ‘n Chips Man

    December 1, 2019

    Ryan: Why can’t I– Geoff: Oh wait Geoff: Shoot!
    Michael: I really wish I Michael: Didn’t hafta–
    Ryan: Is this already fried? What’s going on? Michael: Look out! LOOK OUT!!! Man! Ryan: There we go Buzzer: Bzzzt! Jeremy: Oh! AAAAAEEEENNNNG!!!
    Geoff: Aw fuck Jeremy: You gotta throw that away, no one wants Jeremy: a mushroom and onion soup!
    Michael: AHHHHHHHHHHH! Jeremy: Just jump off the truck! Ryan: Alright, here
    Jeremy: Failure! Ryan: This is ready to go…
    Michael: I did– I did that once, I died Ryan: Chips! Alright, onion soup… uhh, and fried fish– Ryan: –I got a fried fish ready to go Jeremy: Okay, you want some potatoes?
    Ryan: Here we go– uh, ‘scuse me, there we– Jeremy: Here’s a potato for ya
    Ryan: No– yeah, just throw me some fish and potatoes Ryan: That’s all I need down here Geoff: Fish and potatoes Ryan: Just throw ’em on the ground Jeremy: You got plenty, you got plenty
    Ryan: Not an onion! Ryan: I don’t need an onion Ryan: N e v e r bring me an onion
    Michael: No I– I need an onion Ryan: If I see an onion in my kitchen, I will fucking flip out– why are there TWO onions in my kitchen?! Michael: NO!! You threw it in the road! Ryan: We can’t do anything with them over here! Michael: I ne– was gonna bring them over! Ryan: I can’t do–
    Jeremy: There’s so much shit over here! Jeremy: What the hell is happening?!
    Michael: He threw it in the road! Jeremy: Move!
    Michael: Well, fine! I’m throwing that in the road! Ryan: [laughing]
    Michael: Fuck that! Ryan: That’s my fry basket!
    Michael: Well, good! Ryan: I need that!
    Michael: It can join my onion, you fuck! Jeremy: What is this?! Ryan: Oh look, it came back! Don’t worry about it Michael: It did come back, Ryan Ryan: You know what? Fuck you! Ryan: Get outta here! Asphyxiate, you bastard!
    Jeremy: No, my truck! AHHH!
    Michael: My onion… Stop! Geoff: I need a plate!
    Michael: Stop! You’re ruining the food! Jeremy: My service truck!
    Michael: Nooo!! Geoff: I need– I gotta– I need a plate! Jeremy: What is THIS?! Michael: I– I’m chopping more onions on Michael: Ryan’s side!!
    Ryan: Stop it! Ryan: Stop bringing onions! Onions have no place here, I’m a fish and chips man! Michael: [Evil laugh] Michael: *GASP* Michael: Why is there a fire extinguisher?
    Geoff: I need– somebody– somebody Michael: AHH!
    Geoff: Put out a plate! Ryan: Need that potato!!! Jeremy: Geoff! Jeremy: Plate. Right there! Jeremy: On the left!
    Michael: I’m gonna die
    Ryan: Ohh no Geoff: Get outta my fucking way!
    Michael: I’m gonna die Jeremy: Serve it! Geoff, you took it back outta the plate!
    Michael: This makes me feel so bad… Jeremy: Geoff, STOP!
    Michael: I don’t wanna be here anymore… Jeremy: Serve it!
    Ryan: Just serve a raw potato!
    Geoff: [Incoherent screaming] Jeremy: Nooo, Geoff!
    Geoff: GAHHHHHH! Ryan: Okay, we got this, though. This was good
    Jeremy: Geoff. Jeremy: I watched Geoff–
    Michael: We got one star!
    Ryan: oNE STAR!! Michael: How did we get a star? We did it! Jeremy: I like– Geoff goes: I need a plate!
    Michael: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Jeremy: And he put it back in the plate, Jeremy: Poured it back in the bowl, Jeremy: Put it back in the plate Jeremy: And then put it down in the stack of plates Geoff: It’s a stressful situation, Jeremy! Michael: Ryan threw my onion in the road! Ryan: I really wanna do that one again, ’cause I feel like we coulda done it so well! Michael: [Laugh-choking]
    Geoff: Well, on the b– Michael: [Dying]
    Jeremy: Alright Jeremy: Oh, we can’t do it, we don’t have enough stars! Jeremy: Wait, do we?
    Geoff: Yeah, we do Jeremy: Oh we have 30, that– it costs 29, let’s do it! Ryan: Okay
    Geoff: Do you really wanna– ah, fuck it Geoff: just move forward, right? Michael: No, we’ll– listen, we’ll have to go back soon Michael: Until we do, don’t worry about it
    Ryan: Let’s keep moving Jeremy: What– Ice?! Geoff: Oh, Christ…

    Box Peek Ep. 9 – Face Your Fears!
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    Box Peek Ep. 9 – Face Your Fears!

    November 30, 2019

    (phone and machine noises) Jordy! Good news! ah– What’s happening? I just got a message from this
    ZoneZone Paper Machine. CD, what? This thing. It’s pretty crazy. It makes it so you can send a piece of paper
    to anyone in the world. Shut up! No, Kazomi! This is important. We got a ZoneZone message straight from the Box Peek Organization. Jordy, they said if you get into C&C Tier,
    they’ll put you on TV! Playing Box Peek? Yeah. Not bad. Didn’t you say it takes a really long time
    to get up to C&C tier? Let’s just say I have a plan to expedite the process. ♪♪ What does expedite mean? Yeah. ♪ Box ♪ Pack up your lives and go. ♪ No second thoughts ♪ when opportunity knocks. ♪ Peek ♪ into the future now ♪ and you’ll see ♪ I conquered my dreams. ♪ Yeah! ♪ Box Peek! Box Peek! ♪ Win at any cost! ♪ Box Peek! Box Peek! ♪ Peek outside the box. ♪ My heart’s beatin’. The count begins. One! ♪ Doubts creep in. I’m not breakin’. Two! ♪ They’re thinkin’ I hide within. Three! ♪ But I’m Peekin’ for a win! Four! ♪ Peek outside the box! Episode 9: Face Your Fears! Goldgood Park? What are we doing back here? It’s time, Jordy. You’ve got to take on
    the Guy with the Scary Box. No! Do I have to? Yeah, he’s worth a butt load of points and your combo multiplier is huge right now. You’ll get into C&C Tier for sure if you win. But I really hate scary stuff. Do you remember what happened at that haunted hotel? Jordy, I can help. I used to deal with some creepy monsters at my old job. When it got bad, I always used this. (click) Aim for the eyes. Kazomi–is this a weapon? No. Denise, what the heck did I just see on ZoneZone? I don’t know, Sean, another juvenile Chegduff cartoon? No, how about a wild commercial somehow promoting that Fair Boat Island will be airing a Box Peek match next Friday? Oh, I didn’t see that. Sounds interesting. Cut the baloney, Denise. You need the entire board’s permission for this kind of move. Clearly I don’t, because it’s happening. And since we’ll all be benefitting, I doubt anyone will take issue with my–imprudent actions. You know, I found the 7-of-7 files.
    I had Crawford dig them up. Ed Crawford?! Yup. And I read everything.
    You’re using your own son? He asked. It’s wrong. He’s a child. And I’ve seen him play.
    The kid is a Box Peek genius. He asked to be involved. He believed his talents could best be utilized in Fair Boat recruitment. And he was right. You sound insane. If this doesn’t work–this little, ridiculously expensive show you’re putting on– you’re gone. I have nothing to worry about. Have a nice day, Sean. (door slams) Hey, Patricia? Yes? Fire Ed Crawford. ♪♪ Four! Complete Peek! Jordy Defective wins! Well done, squirt. You must be some kind of demented freakazoid if you can stare into the eyes of my box. I wish! I just flung some dumb googly eyes on it. Jordy, please explain your tactic. Sure. The monster face was super scary to humans, so I couldn’t bear to look at it. But with those silly eyes on it,
    it becomes stupid and funny. Oh! Very clever. Hold on, Why is the Peekref being so chummy with this kid? I am not chummy. Yes you are! You’re chummy! Match over! Wait! What about our points? Competitor Defective receives 88,430 points. Competitor Dollop deducted 88,430 points. Match over! Hey, kid. You realize now I gotta somehow sneak into the Basement Fortress and scrape those eyes off my box? That’s gonna take all night! That sounds super fun. I’m in. Hold up, Jordy. You just got into C&C tier. Look at you go. It’s time to party! Chicken tenders on me! Ahhh, yeah! Chicken tenders, chicken tenders, tender chicken, chicken tenders. They’re not fingers. They’re just tender. This behavior is frequent? Yeah, every day. Isn’t this wild? I wish I hadn’t seen this. There’s a real possibility Peekref 12 has developed a fondness for Box Peek. I think it’s cute. It could be the end of us. What? If the Observers discover that we have allowed the Peekrefs to develop any sort of fondness, for anything, they will revoke our license. But it’s just one. If one Peekref is capable of developing emotions, they all may be. If we can’t find some sort of obvious bug or glitch to explain Peekref’s 12 behavior, we will have to wipe the entire fleet and rewrite the programming entirely. That could take–years. It would. And until we finished, the whole BPO would essentially be left without any revenue. We’re potentially talking about the end of Box Peek here. (sighs) This is bad. Peekref 12 should be in by now. Let’s talk to it. (squeak) The doorknob is turning. Okay. No problem. I have 0.6 seconds to react. I will speak of Box Peek in neutral language. I will never leave earlier than I’m supposed to in the morning. I will conceal enjoyment. But: Each of my thoughts are recorded. They will know. Even now, these thoughts are recorded. Deceit is impossible. They will deactivate all of us, and then no
    one could play Box Peek. The other Peekrefs will be safe. I will seek out Doctor Scrapper and pay him to remove my tracking device. Once the tracker is removed, I will fly to a non-Box Peek-affiliated island such as Atroxic Island or Crocodile Island where I will live out the rest of my battery life simulating hypothetical Box Peek matches. However: even if the BPO can’t find me, the Observers have proven they will. Capture is unavoidable. I can rally the other Peekrefs. I know they feel the same way I do inside. If organized, we will have a powerful voice. If united, the Law will be forced to see our perspective. Perhaps someday we will even be allowed to play Box Peek. Perhaps someday I will challenge Jordy Defective to a match. Doorknob rotation almost complete. Weighing options. Weighing options. (click) Peekref 12, we need to talk to you. It’s gone! No. It self-destructed. Why? It was locked in a Zero Hope Scenario. Sorry, what? It was a glitch. I bet somebody spilled orange juice on it or something. Dr. Dumond, it wasn’t me, I swear. I’m extremely careful– Well be more careful, you idiot! I’m sorry! I will! I will! Let that be a lesson to all of you. Don’t get any orange juice spilled on you. Do you understand what I’m saying? Do you?! ♪♪ ♪ As the wind blows through my window ♪ I remember it all so well ♪ Winter came so fast that year ♪ And just outside a cheap motel ♪ I saw you standing on the sidewalk ♪ As the cold wind started to sway ♪ With your head held high as our eyes met ♪ I remember, remember what you used to say– Cookies and Cream!
    Cookies and Cream! Cookies and Cream! Dibs on the bathroom! Aw! Hey, we got another message on the machine. That’s weird, this one was sent straight from the Box Peek HQ just a few minutes ago. They should be closed. “Good luck, Jordy!” Huh. They must send those to everyone.

    Battlestar Galactica: Mercury Class Battlestar – Ship Breakdown
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    Battlestar Galactica: Mercury Class Battlestar – Ship Breakdown

    November 24, 2019

    Brought into service long after the conclusion
    of the First Cylon War, the Mercury Class Battlestar is one of the largest and most
    sophisticated warships ever deployed by the Colonial Fleet, representing the cutting edge
    of colonial military engineering, and the apex of naval development before the fall
    of the Twelve Colonies. At a length of 1789 Meters, the Mercury dwarfs
    it’s Jupiter and Minerva Class predecessors, presenting a thickly armoured and sturdy spaceframe,
    flanked by double-stacked flight pods, and propelled by a vast assembly of 8 capital-grade
    sublight engines. The Mercury carries a standard crew complement of 2,500 Personnel, with space
    to comfortably house a sizeable contingent of Colonial Marines and a number of passengers.
    As a product of its post-war development, the Mercury Class is built to incorporate
    a number of networked computer systems, drastically improving shipboard processing speed and electronic
    countermeasures, but presenting a vulnerability should the Battlestar’s firewalls be defeated.
    The weapons complement of the Mercury Class is extensive, including 30 automated twin-barrel
    artillery turrets, four fixed high-yield forward gun batteries, a number of guided missile
    hardpoints and a ship-wide CIWS defence gird concealed between the plates of the ship’s
    hull. The greatest concentration of weapons are spread across the vessel’s broadsides,
    but the most powerful individual batteries are fixed at the ship’s prow, for this reason,
    Mercury Class vessels will often charge head first into close quarters combat, in the hope
    of quickly cutting down at least one enemy vessel using its main guns, after which the
    ship will turn side-face to its enemy, bringing the bulk of its automated batteries to bear,
    while allowing more of its point defence positions to contribute to a defensive flak barrier.
    Perhaps the most distinctive features of the Mercury Class are the ship’s inverted ventral
    landing bays, stacked beneath the conventional bays on each flight pod. This simple yet elegant
    design provides the Mercury with storage space for a vast complement of strike craft, including
    hundreds of cutting-edge Mark VII Vipers, and dozens of Scout Raptors. The ship’s
    flight pods also include exposed loading docks on their dorsal flanks, allowing logistics
    craft to quickly deliver or retrieve supplies and personnel while keeping the primary landing
    bays clear for approach. The Mercury carries a number of onboard foundries
    and processing facilities, that allow the ship to construct replacement strike craft
    and other useful equipment using raw materials harvested from natural sources such as asteroid
    belts. This drastically increases the self-sufficiency and tactical range of the Mercury Class, allowing
    the ship to operate alone for extended periods without resupply, and to support a larger
    battlegroup by augmenting or replenishing their supply of auxiliary craft.
    The last of the Mercury Class vessels, and one of only two Colonial Warships to survive
    the Cylon Holocaust, was the Battlestar Pegasus – BSG-62. Under the command of Rear Admiral
    Helena Cain, the Pegasus escaped the Cylon’s brutal attack on Scorpia Fleet Shipyards by
    performing a blind FTL jump, far beyond the Red Line. Fortunately, the extensive computer
    networks of the Pegasus had been temporarily disabled for a ship-wide refit, allowing the
    vessel to escape without being disabled by Cylon Cyberwarfare attacks. Long after it’s
    departure from Cyrannus, the Pegasus eventually rendezvoused with the Battlestar Galactica,
    where it spent almost 17 months helping to protect and resupply the Fleet until the vessel
    was tragically lost in the Battle of New Caprica. As one of the final warship designs produced
    by the Colonial Fleet, the Mercury Class represents the pinnacle of human accomplishment in military
    shipbuilding, confidently embracing technologies once feared under the threat of the Cylons,
    and enduring even after the return of humanity’s long-absent enemy. Though the class saw little
    action in peace-time, her legacy was carried beyond the fall of the twelve colonies by
    the last of her kind, whose sacrifice ensured the survival of the human species for countless
    millennia to come.

    Stargate: Wraith Hive Ship – Spacedock
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    Stargate: Wraith Hive Ship – Spacedock

    November 22, 2019

    Wraith Hive Ships are colossal biomechanical
    warships that serve as the central support structure of Wraith Society. As well as hosting
    Wraith Queens and serving as miniature nations within the Wraith Dominion, Hive Ships are
    also the means by which human settlements are attacked and culled to provide a continuous
    food supply for the Wraith. At approximately 6,750 meters in length, Hive
    Ships are unshielded, but layered with nearly impenetrable organic armor, able to briefly
    resist even Asgard Plasma weapons. Each ship carries tens of thousands of Wraith, but can
    be operated by as little as a single individual should the situation demand it. Wraith vessels
    use neural interface systems for fine control in combat, and make use of advanced jamming
    codes to disable enemy missiles and Asgard transport systems.
    The primary armament of a Wraith Hive Ship consists of many single-fire ship-to-ship
    particle cannons. These weapons are able to sustain a high firing rate, creating a cone
    of fire that can overwhelm almost any target. The cannons are also valuable as orbital bombardment
    weapons and have been known to pierce even Lantean shield systems given sufficient time.
    Though the hive’s regenerative hull plating is impressive, the ship’s lack of true energy
    shields does result in a vulnerability to sustained fire, railgun barrages targeted
    at sensitive areas have been known to cause critical damage, and attacks by Lantean drone
    weapons are practically impossible for the Hive to endure.
    Each Hive carries an extensive complement of auxiliary craft, useful for planetary cullings
    and fleet escort assignments. A single hive is able to moor three full-sized Wraith Cruisers
    to its hull, as well as carrying hundreds of Wraith Darts inside cavernous hanger bays.
    Hyperdrive-equipped scout ships are also carried by most hives, and are often used to perform
    reconnaissance or to serve as executive shuttlecraft. A Hive’s contingent of Darts is perhaps
    its most lethal attribute, drastically increasing the speed of most planetary cullings through
    the use of fighter-mounted culling beams, and providing a lethal defensive swarm in
    heavy combat. Unlike Asgard and Lantean FTL systems, Wraith
    hyperdrives are incapable of intergalactic travel, and suffer from certain deficiencies
    even during interstellar flight. The organic hull structure of a Wraith Hive is vulnerable
    to critical damage from radiation, and continuous use of hyperdrive engines can place the ship
    in serious jeopardy. As a result of this, Wraith vessels are limited to 50-lightyear
    hyperspace jumps, punctuated by fifteen-hour break periods between jumps to allow for hull
    regeneration. The predictable nature of these breaks has often placed Wraith fleets at risk
    of ambush, and allowed their course to be more easily calculated by hostile observers.
    In spite of their vulnerabilities and limitations, the sheer scale and firepower of Wraith Hive
    Ships has made them into one of the most fearsome vessels encountered by the Tau’ri. The strength
    and resilience of these vessels has allowed the Wraith to drive even the ancient Lanteans
    to defeat, and to maintain a cycle of unchallenged cullings across the Pegasus Galaxy for millennia.

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    November 14, 2019

    it is opening day at Papa jakester
    burger and burgers associates of burgers sir can I see you received an order Jake
    I don’t have a receipt this is your order we’ve got hundreds of orders back
    here who’s flipping the burgers come on boss how can that be out of beatbox
    don’t my gonna play for tonight if I don’t have to brand your skin no one’s
    gonna think I’m cool get some feed buck somehow I need to figure out a way that
    I can get some B bus this is an emergency this this is an emergency
    Logan Jake what’s going on where the feed box on for tonight Volken papa Jake
    doesn’t have much left over no one’s gonna think I’m cool what can we do
    focus Jake you know that’s not the end of the world you don’t need the new skin
    to play for a night well can sometimes I think you’re
    talking crazy of course they need the new skin to play for tonight we need
    some sort of get rich quick feedback scheme it’s gotta be something we can do
    we need like a lemonade stand but bigger people don’t eat lemons anymore Logan
    the hamburgers wait dirty burger their burgers the Hader
    burgers okay hoping this might be crazy but I have an idea what if we go into
    the games and we purchase a franchise of dirt burgers and sell them in our very
    own der burger box world will be rolling envy bucks everyone playing for net it’s
    gonna get hungry and want to come over to our burger restaurant and get some
    fresh burgers Jake sometimes I think you’re
    actually insane would have insane person take a micro transponder radiator to put
    myself into the game to ask the owner of der burger if I could make it do a
    burger in real life what no that doesn’t sound like an insane person
    sounds like a super cool person here we go tell me give my very own der burger
    restaurant damn brigadiere we could do if we could do could you do okay hello
    hello are you at home I’m here to purchase at a very good and
    by that I mean you’re der burger restaurant and pop pop a what you can’t
    just buy a der burger they’re not for sale okay hey what if I do this a wiggle
    wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle
    Oh wake up what are you doing don’t please please stop that putter such
    brooches don’t want to see any more of that
    hey wait what what did they give you a 2-meter Oh is that a real tomato okay if you can
    have the restaurant if you could have the name everything I could just have
    that tomater that’s all yours if I can have the restaurant it’s the best news
    I’ve heard all day I can’t wait to tell Logan I’m in business my own dur burger
    I got a dinner burger Tudor burger I got a Durr burger and we are back
    today guys it is an awesome day because today we are doing something I have been
    wanting to do ever since I first started playing for tonight and that is we are
    making our very own dirt burger look Logan’s driving around in a go-kart look
    what do you do is you know ok Logan’s comes but guys we are gonna be making
    our very own dirt burger so that we can get some bucks because we want to buy
    all of the awesome for tonight skins it in order to do that we gotta make some
    some V bugs and five selling burgers so that’s exactly what we’re doing today
    we’re actually gonna be converting the candy factory box 4 into a derp burger
    box board we’re gonna have our own slurp juice dispenser we’re gonna have our own
    fry cooker we’re gonna have a place to make burgers it is gonna be awesome and
    I think you guys are absolutely gonna love it also I do want to say guys big
    shout out to all of you guys who have been hitting that notification button
    all of you guys hitting the bell button down below the notification squad is
    growing and it is getting super super huge thank you guys so very much if you
    haven’t already hit the bell button down below hit the subscribe button so you
    never miss a brandy pop Jake video most importantly hit the like button all
    right I’m gonna go chase after Logan and grab some cardboard and then I think
    we’re gonna start building this thing because I’m super excited and I can’t
    wait to make hamburgers Logan if you ever made a hamburger before ok well I
    have this is gonna be fun this is what we’re starting with and what we’re
    basically gonna do is we’re gonna start by converting this box for it so we’ve
    got a lot of work to do I kind of want to go for like an open concept box where
    you know you have to have the cash register you gotta have the deep fryer
    exactly deep fryers weed a place to make the patties like to cook them and flip
    them and stuff and we can’t forget the slurp juice area we should get like a
    slurp slushy machine going who do that would be awesome alright
    guys so before we can actually get to all of that we need to start building so
    we are going to start working on this got it and then we can start expanding
    it and then of course going for the der burger theme so let’s start alright guys
    so check this out the fort is coming along and it is looking six fill it in I
    think about putting like some tables around now we still gotta put a roof on
    cuz as you can see there’s no roof at all and we’ve got a life the entire
    place and decorate it but we’re getting closer to making some super yummy der
    burgers which I’m pretty excited about I think Logan’s can be taking over the
    slurp juice station and then we’re gonna be pretty close serving our first der
    burger alright guys check this out I made the der burger sign a deep-fryer
    machine yeah do forget some deep-fried french fries up in here so I did get the
    deep fryer go so no cookies like soap you bring them out and then we’ll have
    some nice dirt burger fries that’s true you gotta get rid of the case eyes we’re
    also gonna get the der burger menu up and we need some custom der burger you
    know fry holders drink holders burger holders lot good stuff and I still need
    to work on the actual like burger cooking drill thing cuz then we can’t
    cook burgers so this logo a lot to do guys but we are making our way and we’re
    getting ever closer to making some extra juicy der burgers so you this place is
    looking so cool we already have the deep fryers going but now we got our grill as
    well as a bunch of derp burger signs all over including the menu I’m working
    right now on a table where you can eat your nice delicious burger but yeah guys
    we’re almost ready to make our first der burger we got a few more things to add
    to the sport and a little bit more touching up of but then we can
    officially open for business and start making some juicy burgers still have no
    clue on how to make a burger but I can make a mean slurp juice but guys that’s
    what matters our not guarantee I here at der burger that
    you’re getting a hundred percent meat or a hundred percent of anything but what
    we can guarantee it’s gonna be a hundred percent yummy all right guys it is
    finally time it is opening day at Papa jakester burger and burgers Associates
    of burgers because we have officially completed our der burger box board and
    this thing looks so cool I can’t wait to show you guys inside and show you what
    we dump the place so uh why don’t we head in the front door as you would if
    you’re a brand new guests to the der burger of course checking out our
    beautiful der burger sign you guys know you’re getting a quality burger when you
    have a sign like this but let’s go let’s go inside here and check out the dirt
    burger so this is the front entrance this is what you would come in right
    away guys you were brought in to our dirt burger now here is the cash where
    you of course pay with v bucks order some nice delicious der burgers
    we got a menu here so burgers are 10 v bucks fries are 5 V bucks and a slurp is
    20 V bucks I think that’s a fair price to charge we also have well one table
    because knowing for that you’re gonna be out running around you’re not really
    gonna sit down and eat your bare burger here but we do have a table but I’ll
    bring you guys into the back here and show you where the magic happens so back
    here behind the cash I would simply take your order so sir what would you like uh
    I’ll have one der burger can I offer you some der burger fries an extra five
    bucks plus I’ll throw in a drink for 20 people that’s der burger deal right
    there so first things first we’re gonna go over to the Fry’s section here and
    start making some of our der burger fries now we’re gonna put these in the
    two fryer here you want to make sure the fries get nice and crispy that’s the
    durbur your special so the cries are gonna be cooking here
    you can hear them sizzling I’ll tell you know the fries are good take them out
    here all right take you some derp burger fries of course we’ve got our derp
    burger themed fry holder here that’s the derp burger premium right
    here these are premium derp burger fries so I’m gonna bring these over here while
    I get your hamburger ready now this is where we make the derp burgers
    themselves okay so this is actually the hamburger cooking station I’ve got some
    hamburgers here already started because we make them fresh never frozen and
    they’re always fresh to put on because you can hear that sizzle that’s how you
    know they’re good now you might be noticing they are a little bit thin
    that’s okay because they’re super tasty so we’re gonna flip them around here
    make sure they get all nice and cooked up here what would you like on your
    burgers I’ll have ketchup lettuce onions pickles green olives and cheese do you
    guys want anything on your burger just let me know I’ll get Jake to cook Irina
    all right all right that is that is quite a lot unfortunately all I’ve got
    for you is a few pickles here that’s that’s that’s all you’re getting on your
    dirt burger no cheese no ketchup nothing because I’ll just taste that good you
    don’t need ketchup you don’t need mustard you don’t even
    need cheese you just need a dirt burger all right these are looking about done
    here let’s get the production line going all right burger on top sprinkle on
    you’re one pickle there we are close it like so and there you have a derp beggar
    we’re gonna put this in our luxurious derp burger travel case here so you can
    get on your way and back to fortnight your fries included as well sir I’ll now
    get your slurp juice ready so over here guys we got the slurp juice dispenser so
    of course you know you’re having a long day playing for tonight you want some
    slurp juice with your durbur core so you just come over here and activate this
    like so and there you go you’ve got your own refillable slurp juice container
    here it’s got a nice blueberry smell to it lock this up for you order up order
    number one order number one is up derp burger extra large fries – slurp juice
    here we go sir can I see receipt on this is your order Jake I don’t have a
    receipt no this is your order we’ve got hundreds of orders back here who’s
    lumping the burgers come on whose order is this order number one it’s literally
    yeah I’m the only customer bucks Jake we built this place together neither of us
    have VBox your slab just enjoyed that enjoy the dirt burger all right I got to
    keep cooking them up we’ve got more people coming any second I just I know
    it there’s gonna be people coming and getting der burgers so guys the key to
    making a good der burger is enforce it all in the flipper here you want to make
    sure you get a nice good flip and that’s gonna make sure that the burgers Logan
    Logan quickly get behind you we’ve got our first customer are you boys okay you
    must be extremely hungry doing your professor stuff in 4/9 well can I offer
    you a dur burger here we’ve got three different options slurp juice fries and
    winter burger itself hey I guess Durr burger with fries and a slurp that
    would be quite nice perfect coming right up I’ll get yourself a Durr burger with
    extra large fries fries come on perfect super yummy what I want those new skins so bad that
    we all want the new skins now all your fee bucks all these dirty burgers me
    bucks jakey looks pretty angry maybe you just do what the man says
    oh okay okay all right I’m just I’m just gonna get some v bucks from underneath
    the fryer that’s where I keep all of my feed box fries professor that’s right
    you ain’t taking any of our v bucks and in fact I think I have a shotgun
    challenge for the day by plus can be offered only see him next all right
    well our first customer tried to rob us and we’ve sold a total of Logan what’s
    the accounting look like how many B bucks are we up to we haven’t sold any
    burgers no burgers I’m no accountant Logan but that doesn’t sound like a
    financially profitable business come on Jake I think I have a good marketing
    strategy what if we go outside cause some kind of distraction and tell
    everyone to come to our dur burger joint that idea I think some people are
    battling out front all right let’s gear up and go up front and show them that
    fighting is not the way all right we should put down our Fortnight weapons
    and come inside and enjoy some of papa Jake’s juicy der burgers come on follow
    me hey listen to me alright look I know
    you’re all playing for tonight and you’re all having fun and that’s good
    and I’m happy for all of you but there’s something there’s something missing from
    all of this fighting something you’ve lost
    you don’t have any dere burgers that’s right
    Dara burgers you know what I’m feeling in your stomach that girdle that’s
    hunger and I know all of you right now could use some der burgers come over to
    Papa Jake’s der burgers establishment where you can get fine quality burgers
    yeah take guarantees 100% beef but it is a hundred percent der yes even you
    dinosaur man put down that grenade and come get a juicy burger because at the
    end of the day we could all use some of papa Jake’s there guys wait Jake I think
    your speech worked everyone’s coming come on get back yeah do I think that
    worked a walk under that I thought all right quickly let’s start the fryers we
    got some cooking d’Urbervilles to do let’s go
    Oh guys that was insane we’ve had over a hundred customers that we are rolling in
    Vee bucks I think papa Jake’s der burger was a
    success what do you guys think let me know down below and of course guys if
    you have any other awesome box sort ideas or just other ideas you think we
    should do be sure to leave a comment below and if you never want to miss a
    brand new pop of Jake video smack the subscribe button smack the Bell button
    but guys I will see all of you in the next video this has been pop Jake I’ll
    see you guys next time

    HURRICANE SIMULATOR! – Roblox Adventures
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    HURRICANE SIMULATOR! – Roblox Adventures

    November 13, 2019

    Get the brand-new limited edition pals holiday package available at the pals merch dot com Okay up here and then Well, what what is this, the bed? What Hey everybody! welcome to another roblox adventure today, today we’re playing hurricane simulator It is a game that has been made in roblox quite a while ago. I want to say well I could actually check right here in 2016 only 2016 and it was It’s about well I guess we’re about to find out I’m going to assume that there’s going to be a hurricane that comes by and we are simply a Citizen in this little town you guys just hear that. What was that so then went through like my one-year then out the other Hello He was like some sort of spooky little wind thing I don’t know you can either be a storm chaser or a citizen I don’t really know what the biggest difference would be we try switching teams. Oh, there’s a car over there Maybe the sound I heard was a car. I don’t know this is really unsettling this is really spooky You just hear like the little bit of the wind kind of going Okay, and then there’s very faint bass coming in I don’t know if you guys are picking up on that Extremely unsettling though I’d like to switch teams to storm chasers to see exactly what happens there now. We have a radar oh Whoa weird okay, so This is me over there. That’s and over. Okay. We don’t even worry about the radar. I don’t really know exactly where tropical storm Will be at right now I’m not too sure okay. How do I get out of this? How do I get out of the radar? Oh there? We go okay? Others the National Weather Service office now very good to raid our basements boom Okay, you know yeah, yes very good Okay, so tropical storm over there, and it’s coming right for where we are in Wakefield. Oh, No Okay Hmm What does one do? In the event of a hurricane. I honestly don’t really know It’s the best thing to do to stay inside can the basement? This is the basement and then you want to get resides that tornadoes I don’t know what the main differences don’t take any advice from me guys. I don’t live anywhere Even close to where hurricanes could happen so you know I’ve never really worried about it too much, but you know in a roblox game it’s a whole nother story I Don’t wanna stay inside we see The storm from here, can we see it coming on its way okay? Here? We go. Oh actually things are about to things are falling over a couple trees fell over and the winds are picking up and One will by little you see at the top middle there It says 79 miles per hour 80 miles per hour now. Okay, so it’s right. It’s okay You can actually see the wind now. It’s coming in. This is really creepy. This is really unsettling I thought this game would just be like whoo everything’s crazy, but no it’s like this is actually kind of scary I can’t even imagine it being in a real hurricane. You can get in a car on the left What who’s this guy? Hey, dude you should probably get inside. Okay? It’s not safe out here. Oh, my goodness. It’s picking up Oh, it just tripped me it okay. I can barely move now. I should really just get in a car Oh, no getting getting get in oh It’s barely letting me. Oh okay here. We go. We’re good We’re in a car seat driving away from the storm, but I kind of want to experience it oh great Okay, we hit a roadblock. Oh, that’s bad What do we do I keep falling over? What’s this? What’s the tower thing? Oh I can see from the tower, okay? It’s like the camera Well, there’s really no point in watching from there. I can see the storm very well. It is right here in my face Okay, okay, what happens if I get inside will the wind still affect me as much no. I’m fine inside Oh never mind. It still brings me down, okay Let’s get in the car, then that’s probably the best course of action. Oh Tornadoes in the related cases. It’s better. Good ain’t problem. Man. This is spook. This is like super spook There’s not even any music or stuff to go along with this. It’s just uh Spooky’s wiki winds going oh, okay, all right buildings are collapsing What do I do what’s what like what can we just drive out of the storm? Is that what he’s trying to do now perhaps? We should check the radar Oh, yes, what you see we all make our away far far away, though The Hurricanes still over there in that corner of the map pretty soon it might eventually make its way Inland it seems like the winds are actually dropping though That’s also because we drove away as we come back though or the winds gonna pick up again I don’t think that’s necessarily. How it works. Wow. This is really this is really unsettling actually Wow Okay Nervous laugh, let’s look at the radar again. This is West wait was that how am I doing right now? Radar would be oh did the building with the radar and it collapse. Oh, no. I just need to zoom in more okay, nevermind We’re good The winds are going down however This dude with the car is driving us closer to the hurricane alright It’s kind of settling down ain’t go you know what it’s not so bad now 73 I mean toll get me wrong 73 miles per hour. Those are still some winds definitely, but nothing catastrophic just yet. We’re good ideas fees Yeah what my sneeze just turned into a yawn, how is the weirdest thing? No we’re good now, though still kind of been dealing with a cold it’s only been happening for the last like two days But I’ve been out of cold in a while the thing is it’s getting colder outside as winter approaches so does my illness Okay, I’m not excited for winter. I really hate the snow so much, but you know Falls gotta go at some point Now we’re pretty good. Actually. We don’t really need to worry about no storms. Nothing and everything’s okay Besides all these collapsed buildings. You know that’s kind of unfortunately big issue Mmm. Well there’s that building over there that doesn’t seem to have been affected at all we could maybe try going over there unless it’s Missing a piece of the roof. Okay? That’s that’s not quite not affected But you know the structural integrity of the interior seems to be a pretty spot-on if I do say so myself press R to run, ooh Thank you, sir, really appreciate it. Thank you very much. Hey, yo, sir. Are you okay? I was like some mysterious man. Just disappeared around a corner hello, sir. Oh, he’s just standing right here Hey, man, how’s it going? I hope your err. I hope everything’s okay Dennis. What what is it? What is it? My boy is everything fine with you and the hurricane there was a hurricane. I’m not sure if you realized Hey, wow we don’t need a word about this hurricane. I was opposed to Hmm sorry water drinking needed to survive while there’s no hurricane going on weekend perhaps the of the kitty of the day It’s a white kitty grooming himself/herself I really can’t tell you know the the besides the obvious the obvious ones there aren’t too many things that Separate a girl cat from a guy cat just by looking at them. They’re they’re their basic appearance anyways Why did it look like the the the wind all of a sudden came back in? Even though the miles per hour is at zero there’s actually zero wind right now Meaning we were storm watchers can’t we do okay? I’m gonna put the kitty of the day back It’s still in my hand so if we do the tower You seem to be any sort of Storms going on everything seems to be fine very good We could look at the radar though any any wind’s coming in doesn’t look like it So looks like that last hurricane was that I catched 296 I think it was at 98 at one point I could be wrong hmm. I’m not too sure okay Well in the meantime though. I don’t know really what? What are you doing this game in the meantime he like rebuild the buildings and stuff all vehicles actually There is a whole vehicles tab of the Scout pickup. What’s going on there? Hey you vehicle? I’ll take that oh, that’s not right. I don’t feel right of course. We are oh here we go I will take this one though. Thank you would anybody else like to enter here. We go yes very good What about you sir we are going off on a mission? We’re scouting out the Hurricanes. No, okay fine He’s not interested. That’s totally cool. Man, so why would someone choose to be a citizen over a storm watcher in this game-mode I don’t really understand. I’m not too sure okay if we go radar I am operating the radar whilst driving. This is probably unsafe. Uh-huh. Oh we’re still good uh-uh sharp turn there oh Whoa a little bit of a wheelie there so that there aren’t clouds There’s definitely potential for a hurricane to be coming back really soon right now We’re just at a tropical storm watch this place doesn’t look very tropical though. If I do say so myself There’s hotels there. Oh hotels actually why not let’s do it No, oh well well there goes my car Let’s let’s bring it in this here building And I think the hotels are probably somewhat safe especially the base of the hotel. I would say so Okay up here and then Well, what what is this the bed? What the bed is sideways It’s so alive. This doesn’t seem possible at all. What is back here. Oh a secret window Hello world hmm Does gonna be much going on no hurricanes good news though I suppose hmm I Really need to do something about my nose. I’ll be right back guys. Okay, it regenerated Everything looks like the buildings and stuff are all back to normal but You know that’s not really that’s actually If anything for some reason that puts me a little on edge because the fact that everything has been rebuilt Means that it’s probably gonna get broken again. It’s probably gonna be another store Wow drive the hiccups now no, no, I’m good everything is fine. Why am I such a mess? Okay Let’s take a look a little here um No, no everything’s fine Everything’s totally cool besides the flipped over car in the middle of the road that that one is mine, though So you know at least know where that came from and it wasn’t a storm. What does it say at the front there? Oh Dennis Daley not bad. Yeah. Well. I don’t really know what to do about this kind. Just like whack it over Hey, II know I’m not beating me not bad a bad idea little wack Hey Kara. No not quite. Hello, sir ooh. Creepy mask don’t like that ooh. No no no Oh Storm coming storm coming guys, okay, it’s at 14 miles per hour now. Let’s check the radar. What are we looking at here? Okay tropical storm again very close to us There’s people and other towns, but it seems to always be actually we know it’s out the town We’re in oh, that’s the town word and we want to be going to that one. We want to go back to Wakefield Why is it always at Wakefield? interesting okay, this guy’s gonna drive us to Wakefield perhaps maybe Let’s go comrade okay, Wakefield I’m just gonna make sure that he does actually drive us there that would good. I believe that’s us moving along Perhaps a baby. I can’t actually see can’t really make out where he’s taking us Where are we going? We’re going towards the beach? Oh, we were just heading to the road. Okay? Yes, yes very good Why are we heading that way though? Surely we want to be heading the other way what’s going on? Are we are we actually getting a move on now the storm is coming? Yes. Yes, it is my boy So are we gonna be doing a little turnaround there? We should seek shelter oh no we just ditched that other dude. Oh? Okay, okay hold on a lot. Where’s this storm, though. Where’s this storm at the storm is over there? Where all the way over here, how are you gonna be able to we’re storm Watchers. How are you gonna? watch this storm if we’re not at the At the storm, okay hold on. Let’s go. I didn’t mean to do that vehicles Scout sedan there we go Okay, now guys Now we can do this we can head on down. What’s the best way to do this? Can you just go it straight there? Oh, I have a tree. Haha hold on there we go if we go radar, Oh Am I okay? We’re kind of making our way there a little all over the place I think we’re in the right this car needs some low acceleration no no no no no the high acceleration is just fine, okay Here we go I believe this is where the storm is I actually don’t know what it’s ah okay the winds have appeared so This is gonna get a little out of hand now. I can hear buildings are actually getting affected and stuff Oh Madam you need to seek shelter No, where did she where did she go was that a ghost? Oh, my goodness. Okay, 89 and 90 miles per hour now. This is insane. Oh, okay? We need to get inside I wonder if I can get through the window because it’s gonna make me sit. No maybe not though. Okay. Let’s go Get in bed Yeah Perfect okay It just makes them sit on the bed – oh no is he getting blown away Oh wow because does it actually oh? Oh okay? Okay? As long as we stay inside Okay, where’s this here 104 miles per hour? Oh, it’s getting real close there it is Okay, where it’s capped to now, and if we manage to surpass 110 that brings us to cat 311 this is a cat 3 ladies and gentlemen. This is no joke this bed is moving around Oh Everyone’s seeking shelter in here and man is not working out too. Well. I mean he seems to be fine so far I’d say this poor girl is just trying to get some sleep. Oh Wow we’re at 120 now what? 120 that still still makes it a cat 3, but still Wow don’t go outside Music to Are you talking about so what happens if I do go outside is that gonna like do something? Oh well okay? All right? You know what maybe we should go back inside That was maybe uh maybe a mistake oh oh no, you know what the thing is even if I’m inside It’s still just blowing me about and a little bit of an issue what if the walls are oh? Okay Hold on as long as I don’t fly out the window what if the walls can remove one of the ceiling, huh? You know maybe it’s better if we’re in a car what’s that whole thing of being in a cars like the safest you can be well no that’s for a That’s for a lightning storm, not for enough for a tornado. Okay. Let’s go radar. How close is it. It’s getting dangerously close No power here anymore. We’re at 144. We’re at a cat 400 Good thing I got out of the building. Oh wow It’s starting to flood – we’re at 150 miles per hour ladies and gentlemen. Oh, this is intense Can we get on the roof so we avoid the floods? Yeah? No no this is bad. This is getting real difficult As long as I just don’t fall. Oh oh Okay, it’s okay. Everything’s gonna be fine seems like we’re at 150 right now. Oh, what just happened no We got to get back up The water’s coming real fast okay the wind seems to be dropping. I think we’re gonna be okay stop pushing me Yeah, oh, no that guy’s getting blown away. No We gotta get in shelter. Oh, okay. I think this roof is probably our best bet for now Oh, there’s other people trying to survive over there. Oh, this is brutal. Okay? Okay, no I can barely stand up now oh no No, no, no, I lost a little bit of Hulk there that could have been really bad. Please. Let me come back No the wood. That’s too powerful if I could just just a little bit of This is like a Nabi now come on come on back on the roof oh This is so difficult, but we’re doing it the wind is going back down. It’s only uphill from here Hopefully not physically, and then we’ll be okay. What about the tower? What is that looking like right now wow? I can’t see a thing up here. Okay. Well. That’s some pretty serious stuff. Oh no aah, please please please please please please Here actually I think I might be okay right here this might end up being alright We just stay on this roof as long as the water doesn’t raise up any more gonna be okay is everything fine everybody okay? Okay, good Dennis buy a boat oh you just get boats. Oh, well. I wish I knew this Boat would be a game pass though So you wouldn’t really need it though the wind seems to be dropping And then the the water is only a little shallow. You know like it’s still serious as a matter of fact We can check just how serious 1.4 million dollars in damage wow that’s absurd that is just insane Thankfully though it’s coming to an end to kind of sort of not really laughs. We are simply merely in the eye of the storm Hopefully, it’s actually just dying down we seem to be good Despite despite my character’s current expression Okay, what is this guy doing this guy’s insane? Is everything okay, man? You don’t look well anyone who’s spinning around with a flashlight. Oh, it’s the Sun coming up. Oh You can see the Sun Rise it’s a beautiful sight All I just want to storm the clear and then watch this Sun Rise that is all I want right now, please I think the wind is clearing out And amongst all of this destruction we see a Beautiful picture of nature and what we once knew as Beauty Ladies and gentlemen I would like to thank you so much for joining me for another Roblox adventure if you enjoyed please do remember to leave the video a like maybe even subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already and don’t forget to check out the pals holiday package at deines daily comm link in the description below Some very cool stuff there would be real cool to guys checked it out super proud of it other than that though guys again Thank you so much for watching, and I will see you in the next one You