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    September 27, 2019

    Disclaimer: contains strong language and may induce IQ loss. (SM69 INTRO) *upbeat music plays* Wahoo! WAHOOOO!!! Yes! Yeah!! WaHAHAHAHA YEAH! O SHET, WE’RE F****D *PARTY* *A F**K TONS OF MEMES* MARIO! Mario: MYESSSSSSSSS? It is time! *Dramatic sound effect* 2SECURE4ME HOLY SHIT Dude, so, are you ready for Ssenmodnar Deluxe Edition? Ready? Ready doesn’t even Ready doesn’t even FUCKING Ready doesn’t even FUCKING DESCRIBE IT! *High five* Yeeaaaaaah! SMG4 and Mario: Jesus fucking get that shit in Fucking shit That’s so fucking GET IN! (How not to put a dvd in) *Computer trips on acid* *Dramatic music with screaming* *Screaming intensifies* *Transition music* *Music starts* ♪ FUCK DA POLICE COMING STRAIGHT FROM THE UNDERGROUND ♪ -Yeeaah boiiiiiiiiiiii *Explosion* *Congratulatory Mario 64 music* Wa! Hoo hoo! Yahoo! *More congratulatory Mario 64 music* *Music continues but with falling noise* *Upbeat music* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH *Splat* What? *”We No Speak Americano” in the background* ♪ WoUldN’t it be nice if we were older? ♪ ♪ And wouldn’t have to wait so long. ♪ ♪ Wouldn’t it be nice to live together? ♪ (ded) *Classic music* Mario: Hey fellas! Knock off all that high society crap and play some of this. One! Two! Three! Four! ♪ I PLAY POKEMON GO EVERYDAY
    I PLAY POKEMON GO! ♪ *Toad becomes triggered from the song* *abandon thread* (Video) Mister… What in the *bleep* are you watching?! Fifty Shades of Grey! HOW DARE YOU WATCH THAT WITHOUT ME!!! (Other guy) SORRY!!! *Intense music* Ha ha! So long gay Bowser! Aaaaarrrrrrgghhhhh! Mario: hey stinky! *Mario gibberish* ♪ Why the fuck you lying♪ ♪Wow♪ ♪ Why you always lying ♪ ♪Hey♪ ♪ Hhnnn…oh my god ♪ ♪ Stop fuckin’ lying! ♪ *Kick sound* AAHHH!! Hi there, my name is Toad Toadelstien, and I’m going to teach you how to successfully pick up women. Wupwupwupwupwupwupwupwupwupwup *screaming* GREAT! *Supa sexy music* Ooh oohhhh eeahhh yeaaah ohh… Toadette: Hey daddy! Sweet merciful crap! Just gimme, like, 5 more minutes, man! C’mon! WAT Uhhhh, I can explain! ♪ THE INTERNET IS FOR PORN! ♪ ♪ THE INTERNET IS FOR PORN! ♪
    Toadette: Gross! ♪ THE INTERNET IS FOR PORN! ♪ Toadette: I hate porn! ♪ Grab your dick and double-click for ♪ ♪ porn porn porn ♪ Hello? Hey what’s up? I need your help, can you c’mere? Uh, I can’t, I’m buying clothes. Alright, well, hurry up and come over here. I can’t find ’em. Whaddaya mean ya can’t find ’em? I can’t find them. There’s only soup. What do you mean there’s only soup? It means there’s only soup! Well then get outta the soup aisle! Alright, you don’t have to shout at me! *Goes to the next aisle* There’s more soup! What do you mean there’s more soup? There’s just more soup! Go into the next aisle! There’s still soup! WHERE ARE YOU RIGHT NOW?! I’m at the soup store! WhY aRe YoU bUyInG cLoThEs aT tHe SoUp StOrE?!?!? FAK YOU!!! *Music* Okie dokie. WTF IS THAT!? YEEEA D’OH UH UH UH UH UH Mamma-f***er! (Frustrated) EEUUUHH! GLOOP GLOOP BLOO OOWOWOWO Hmmm? Waaaaa! RAAAARRRRGGHHHH Yaay yaaaaay OHHHHHHHHH *Roided Mario* Wahoo! Good afternoon. This is your captain speaking. Coming up on the left you can be able to see.. OH FAK die *Explosion* *Epic music* Whale Ship: *monsterous roar* get in MAH BELLEH! COME ON! GO GO GO!! Get to da choppa! Steve: I’m a helicopter! ♪ FLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY AWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY FROM HERE ♪ *Surgeon Simulator music with Birdo screaming in pain* *dying noises* Yeeaah, well that’s disgustin. Hmmmmm… I Got It! Take-a That! Yummy! *With check/bell noise* Okie dokie-Fine! ♪ Theee kneebone’s connected to the…something… …the something’s connected to the…red thing… …the red thing’s connected to my PINGAS ♪ *bone crack sound* Oh shit! (ded) Enough is enough! I have had it with
    these motherfuckin’ snakes on this motherfuckin’ plane! *Solid Snakes screaming “Metal Gear” and other stuff with music in the background* And now, Moments with Steve! *Music* La la dadida la dadida *Steve singing Gibberish* *Steve hears someone screaming* I’VE GOT YOU NOW BITCH Well now you’re gonna get it, mother f*cker!!! That’s right!! You and me, right now!! Somebody stop that awful, awful man! OhohOhhoho What? Eating sound *Dramatic sound effect* Steve: Woah, man. I’m trippin’ about plumbers and stuff, dude. *Thud* *Mario 64 entering a course sound* Hooooly ssshhhhit! Hello! THIS IS FUCKING AWESOME!!! OHHH MY GOOOD!!! YEEESSS!!! YEEEE- OOAUUH!! Steve and Mario: HFWOW8H4TG38TH3TYT3TCYGTC Oh hell nooo-oo-oo-ooaaahh! COME AT ME BRO. *Sexy music* *SSB death sound/Mario dies from Steve’s sexiness* *KO* Waaaaaaooohhhhhhh… ♪ Mm-mm-mm ♪ ♪ I’m da best. ♪ ♪ Mm-mm-mm ♪ ♪ I’m da best. ♪ Steve: I3CTQHCW4TOCIC6E7CEUYGCEEG Ah…is he dead? ♪ Do you feel alone? ♪ ♪ Do you feel neglected? ♪ ♪ Not doing too well with the ladies? ♪ ♪ Well I’ve got the solution for you! ♪ ♪ LOW SELF-ESTEEM?! ♪ ♪ AFRAID TO FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS?! ♪ ♪ ARE YOU LONELY AND SAD?! ♪ ♪Are you stuck in the middle of nowhere and ya need to make an important phone call but your battery’s dead and YOU CAN’T FIND AN OUTLET TO PLUG IN YOUR CHARGER?! ♪ Mhm. GROW A BEARD! Oooooooooooo… ♪ Do you like waffles? ♪ No. ♪ Do you like pancakes? ♪ No! ♪ Do you like French toast? ♪ NO! ♪ Doo doo doo doo doo ♪ ♪ Can’t wait to get a mouthful ♪
    -NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *Teletubby giggling* One day, in Teletubby Land, something appeared from far away. *Almost godly falling noise* Oh hello there. *Teletubby screaming* *Teletubby screaming*
    *Shrek screaming* Narrator: Po the Teletubby was scared by the scary green smurf. Shrek: What are you doing in my swamp?! *Dramatic sound* Oh shit the green smurf is attempting to take over Teletubby Land. Po: Ohhh, no! *Beep* Help me! Help, now! Lala (is actually dipsy) tried to scare the smurf away! Boo! Very scary. Ohhh! Oh, gee, ahhh it’s so scary, ohh– Psych! *Pow* Dipsy (Is actually lala) tried murdering the green smurf. *Attack on Titan theme intensifies* Dipsy (Lala): YOOOOLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *Crash* Yabababar And Tinky Winky shat himself. *Fart* There was only one thing left that they could do. DAT DANCE! People think that just because I’m an ogre, I can’t dance! Well I’ve had it up to here! SOMEBODY LAY DOWN A BEAT! *Electric zoo plays* *Shrek dances on Electric zoo* Ha! Gaaaayyyyyyy! Take it away, fellas. [Actually legit beat and dancing] Take it away Tinky Winky! OOHOOHO OOH OOHOOOHOOH OO OOOOOHOO OHO MY GOD ♪ Fuck this shit, I’m out Mmhmm-mm-mm. ♪ Sonic: Kids, there’s nothing more cool than being hugged by someone you like. But if someone tries to touch you in a place or in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable, FUCK ‘EM UP! Okay! FALCON. PUNCH!!! Oh yeaahhhhh ♪ Yatatatatatatata Yatatatatata tata Doodoodavadadadada Doodoodavadadadada ♪ ♪ Dum ♪ ♪ Kaboom! ♪ ♪ Kaboom! ♪ ♪ He’s ♪ ♪ Baby baby baby ♪ ♪ Ooohhhhhh!!! ♪ ♪ He’s ♪ ♪ Baby baby baby ♪ ♪ Nooooooo!!! ♪ *Drumrolls* *AIRHORNS* ♪ Look at that booty, show me the booty ♪ ♪ Gimme the booty, I want the booty ♪ ♪ Back up the booty, I need the booty, I like– ♪ Baby Mario: What up, biatch?! ALALALALALALALALALALA AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!
    -PIZZA!!! *Typing sound* nOtIcE mE sEnPa-A-a-A-a-A-a-A-a-A-a *Glass breaks* -aiii Awww, fuck. SuPerMaRyOgUcCi4-sEnPaI cAn i plEaSe bE in y0ur 1 mIlLiOn s00b spEcIal? *Inhale* *Sigh* OH JESUS CHRIST PrEtTy plEaSe, SuPerMeMeGeNeRaToR4??? A THOUSAND F**KING TIMES, NO!!! *Glass breaks* AAAAAHHH WaS tHaT a yEs? *Cliche music* Bowser: AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! *BOOOOOM* AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! Yeah, ha ha ha! ♪ Kiss kiss fall in love ♪ *Smack* *insert Ouran High School Host Club here* Wahoo! Wahoo! Wahoo! Mario! Mario! Hmmmm… Toad: Hello! Nooo… Mario? Elmo: You wanna know how I got these scars? nope.avi RRRAAAAAGGGHHHH RRRAAAAAGGGHHHH
    -Ohhh ho ho hooohh! ♪ If you like chicken nuggets then you… gotta sing along ♪ -NOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! ♪ Oooooohh, Barbie is a bitch! ♪ ♪ She is just a witch! ♪ ♪ I really hate her! ♪ ♪ Why does Ken date her? ♪ ♪ Ken is such a man… ♪ ♪ I do all I can! ♪ ♪ Just to do him, ♪ ♪ We wanna screw him! ♪ ♪ And I cry… ♪ ♪ everydaaaay! ♪ ♪ ‘Cause straight up, that bitch is in my way! ♪ *Italian gibberish* Wow…that’s really interesting! Okie dokie! See you next time! 0h! H3y MAri0! tAke 0ff ur cl0TheS n0w! Alrightie! spOogheTtI, spOogheTtI. Babity Boopy, bibity boobity babity babity! Booba beepa booba bapa beepa bapa! RaVi0lI, raVi0lI, pUt mE In y0uR vIdE0Li! How ’bout no, you fucking ravioli? Welcome back to the Animal Channel. In the wild, we see this livid creature, the Fishy Boopkin, in its natural habitat. Scientists have labelled this particular amphibious species, “A Pathetic Piece of Aquatic Shit”. Boopkins: Hey, that’s not nice! Narrator: A truly retarded species, these creatures are suspect to all kinds of predators. Boopkins: What?! No, we’re not! We’re a very strong and noble species! I’ll let you know it only took me half an hour to tie my shoes this mor– (nom) –aaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!! And…they’re extinct. HAHAHAHA! Prepare to be skewered! Now, witness the beginning of the greatest empire of all time! *Congratulatory fanfare* DA DAB GUN Hahahaha, catch me if ya can! Sonic: Come and get– whoooaaaaa!!! Sonic: DAB DAB DAB DAB DAB DAB DAB *Swag music* Guy 1: DAB DAB DAB DAB DAB DAB DAB Guy 2: DAB DAB DAB DAB DAB DAB DAB Rosalina and Thwomp: AHH! OH GOD! OMG! All: DAB DAB DAB DAB DAB DAB DAB DAB DAB DAB DAB DAB DAB DAB DAB DAB DAB DAB DAB DAB DAB Eggman: Yeah hahahaha! *Pow* Real SMG4: DAB DAB DAB DAB DAB DAB DAB DAB DAB DAB DAB DAB DAB DAB DAB DAB DAB DAB DAB DAB DAB AAAAHHH-SOMEONE COME AND KILL ME!! UUHUAH!! ♪ Bakin’ pancakes, makin’ bacon pancakes! ♪ ♪ Take some bacon and then put it in a pancake! ♪ ♪ Bacon pancakes, that’s what it’s gonna make! Bacon pancakes! ♪ Toad: I AM ON FIRE!!!! Listen, I have a question for you… …I hope the answer’s yes… Will…will you… Oh yes! A thousand times– *Taxi honking/Crash/Scream* *Elevator music* ♪ WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING OOOOOOOOONNN?!?!?!?! ♪ *Death metal/Explosions* So, you’re interested in becoming my
    newest minion, Mr…Mario. That’s-a me! I’m very sorry but I don’t think you’re
    qualified for the position… Why is-a that? *sigh* *Double Click* ♪ Dis is my pee pee. ♪ ♪ Dis is my pee pee. ♪ ♪ Dis is my pee pee. ♪ ♪ DIS ♪ ♪ IS ♪ ♪ MY ♪ ♪ PEE ♪ ♪ PEE! ♪ *Captionist: In my opinion, he should’ve been hired for that.* *Song continues* ♪ Swiggity swooty I’m coming for that booty. ♪ *Metal Gear alert noise* Oh shit! E. Gadd: Gotcha bitch! Ghost: NO! *Screams* *Ghost laugh* Oohoo ha ha ha! You saved me! *Mumbling* I love you man. ♪ La-da-da-da-dahh ♪ ♪ It’s the motherfuckin D-O-double-G (Snoop Dogg) ♪ *Phone ringing* *Phone ringing* Mario: Hello! Swiggity swooty, I am comin’ for da booty! Reactor: *Screeches like a dying pig* NOM NOM NOM OM NOM *2SPOOKY4ME noise* What was that?! Somebody?! *Footsteps* NOOOOO GOD! NO GOD PLEASE NO! Ohh! Nice spaghetti you got here! Can I have it? OHHH IT’S A TINY PENIS! *Ocarina* ???: Ha! Gaaayyyyy! Let me show you how it’s done. *Darude – Sandstorm (Recorder Cover)* Let’s talk about music. We don’t like children’s music. (Both) No, no, no! What music are you into? I like this! It’s very grown up. ♪ Where my fat ass big bitches in da club ♪ ♪ Fuck the skinny bitches, fuck the skinny bitches in da club ♪ ♪ I wanna see all the big fat a.. ♪ 420 represents weed 420 x 2=840 840 / 280 is 3 3 sides to a triangle Go fuck yourself! I will! You know why? Because I’m attractive. Every day, I wake up, look in the mirror and ask myself, “Would I fuck me?”, and the answer is always YES! Because I would fuck myself! Oh hey there little girl! Wanna go for a
    swim? Yes! Lalalala la, lalala la, Lalalala la, hmm mm mm! That’s-a so nice! (You are ded.) ♪ I don’t give a fuck, I don’t give a fuck, ♪ ♪ I don’t, I don’t, I don’t give a fuck, bitch, ♪ ♪ I don’t, give a, ♪ ♪ fuck about you or anything that you do ♪ ♪ don’t give a fuck about you or anything that you do ♪ Help! Raccoons took my penis! ♪C’mon, mothafuckas, c’mon!♪ 42: Mario – Card trader song ♪ My Pokémon brings all the nerds to the yard ♪ ♪ and they’re like, “do you wanna trade cards?” ♪ ♪ Damn right, I wanna trade cards ♪ ♪ I will trade you, but not my Charizard ♪ Or not I dunno Hey stinky little Toadies! Hmm? Ooh-hoo-hoo-hoo! ooooooooOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooo… It’s raping time. *Toads yelling “Spaghetti”* HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!!! Princess! Peach: Oh what up, bitch!? WAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOHHHHH Goddammit! Oookey dokey! ♪ Baby, baby baby OOOOOOH! WHAT THE FUU Wario: Yes! Hello… I was wondering if you could play that song again. Mmm, which one man? The one that goes (so much gibberish that i can’t even decipher it) I’M A SCATMAN didididididididududududu dudududududadadada ding ding ding ding DING DING bababababawebvyfgurfvnywcgfvwenvcvngw (hacking cough) Ha ha! So long-a Bowser! Ohh! … Shit! Luigi climbed onto Mario’s lap and kissed him on the nose. Mario suddenly blushed bright red, trying hard to hide it. (Italian acce nt)
    Come on-a brother, let’s ha’fun… (damn you spinning wheel of death) (well shit) (he’s got anger issues….chill the fuck down) *Sad music* ♪I see trees of green♪ ♪Red roses too♪ ♪I see them bloom♪ ♪For me and you♪ ♪And I think to myself…♪ ♪WHAT A WUNDERFOL WORL!♪ PlEaSe, SuPeRmArIoGoObY4! pOot Me iN tHe ViDeO! H3ll0? Anyb0dy? aT lEaSt u wIlL b mY fRiEnD, rItE? Tumbleweed: NO! What the fuck just happened? Hi guys! It’s me, SMG4, and I want to thank you for watching this 20-minute Ssenmodnar Deluxe. I hope you enjoyed it, because… …y’know, 20 minutes of that stuff… …probably fried your brain. I know it fried my brain. (uuhhhhh) I’ve had a lot of fun making this video, and I hope you guys enjoyed it as well. But most importantly, I wanna thank you for 1 million subscribers. Because, it’s awesome to hea– it’s awesome to know that 1 million of you guys like… …Mario’s being naked and eating spaghetti is cool. Also, read the credits on this side, or here, I dunno where I’m gonna put it, but yeah, read the credits. I used a lot of audio from the internet and just, I don’t want to be in trouble for – for not crediting them. Thanks for watching and I love you. See ya! Captions made by some people who had a lot of free time on their hands. You guys did great.

    Box Fort ZOMBIES Nerf War Z – ZOMBIES On A PLANE ESCAPE! (Papa Jake)
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    Box Fort ZOMBIES Nerf War Z – ZOMBIES On A PLANE ESCAPE! (Papa Jake)

    September 25, 2019

    well now they’re all over the house we
    gotta move fast just like that you bring the 200 on
    board alright gonna pull up the hatch so you can take off oh no Logan we got
    zombies native South African penguin travels over five thousand miles to an
    ice village known that’s cute the Penguins make home and stay here
    laughing oh I like that 50/50 flute Jake Jake have you seen the
    news the news about the pizza strike I know I saw it
    it’s so sad no cheek not the news about the pizza the news that the Baron
    released the zombie buyers 2.0 you released the zombie virus to point out guys if what Logan’s saying is true the
    Baron has successfully released his most powerful zombie virus it’s true it’s all
    over the news just regular zombies Logan we’re talking mega zombie x’ big zombies
    knowing the Baron he’ll be releasing it right next to our house which means we
    could have zombies in this house his biggest target is you which means we
    have to do something crazy to get rid of it okay well guys because Papa Jake is
    the smartest person on earth I’ve been compared on Stine once or twice very
    true I in my infinite wisdom created a back-up plan for if the Baron did in
    fact ever release the zombie virus 2.0 what what do you mean a back-up plan
    looks like a normal door right the tapir and Jake we all know April okay I’m
    getting to the point here I installed something in case the zombie virus ever
    came back check this out what what’s in the safe not what’s in
    the safe Logan what’s behind the wall yeah when did you have the time for this
    I worked out of mostly in the morning while you’re sleeping used a lot of your
    credit card to fund it but no but but Logan this is important we needed a
    secret bunker in case the zombie virus came back so as this is our zombie
    defense worker now it is a work in progress everything’s kind of all over
    the place didn’t have a lot of time to set it up we’re still gonna be working
    on it and upgrading it but as of right now we are in a critical emergency if
    the bear and zombies breached this house we need to get out of here and all of
    our supplies including blasters attachments ammo clothing rations all of
    it is in here good for you for building this place but what are we gonna do
    about the Baron well Logan a great man once said sometimes to win you have to
    run and as of right now if those zombies are coming here we need to run Jake I
    don’t think anyone’s ever said that it’s not important right now looking you’ve
    got bigger fish to fry no no no no this isn’t good yeah zombies breach the house
    Jake how many of them I’m counting over 20 Jake how are we gonna get out of this
    house we can’t just live in this bunker okay okay guys I have an idea if you
    remember in our last video we created a box for a private jet for little
    squeegee well I hate to break it to everyone I think a little squeegee might
    be a zombie right about now which means he’s not currently using his jet Logan I
    say we grab as much blasters as much ammunition as much of everything we can
    hold make our way downstairs and convert that private jet into a zombie defense
    plane capable of destroying zombies so you’re saying we turn the private jet
    into an attack defense plane exactly then we fly out of here and find a place
    to lay low until we can figure out how to stop the Baron I think it’s time to
    gear up dude what are you wearing what what
    what’s wrong with this Logan the point of this armor is to have really cool
    stuff look what I’m dressed in plus the fazham
    bee attacks doing that your good is gone but but I was really cozy all right
    Logan’s ready take on some zombies it’s time for part two of my plan we need to
    make it downstairs to the plane and geared up with blasters we can turn it
    into a zombie defense plan which means we need to choose our blasters put them
    inside our protective case and get through downstairs and ready to assemble
    without getting eaten by zombies which means Logan you’re gonna be in charge of
    carrying the box I’ll defend you as we make our way down we’ll make our way
    downstairs what’s with the plainest there’s already
    zombies in the house so be careful I know you’re gonna have to hold the belt
    over you okay let’s move flesh that’s off keep it going
    another all over the house we got any fast I think we clear them out I move ahead
    and see if I can see any zombies it’s not moving okay
    you almost made it downstairs hey guys were you able to make it downstairs
    towards where the plane is there she is Logan the old private jet
    now all I need to do guys is upgrade this jet so that we can turn it into a
    zombie defense plant add some upgrades to it get the power back on hopefully
    this thing can take off and take out some zombies no more coming he’s down
    Jake there’s another one oh nice shot dude thanks wait to get
    here another one I got this that was a lucky shot well not only for cleared out
    the zombies from down here guys we need to convert this plane into a zombie
    defense play I said we grab all of our gear grab some tape and start upgrading
    this thing and making it awesome so check this out we just went ahead and
    upgraded the entire plane to be a zombie defense plane and it’s looking pretty
    sweet see I think these zombies are gonna be scared of this when they see
    this we open up the hatch here welcome to the zombie defense play we’ve
    got side mounted turrets such as this bad boy over here to rip through zombies
    and the main thing about this guys that we wanted to make sure that we could
    shoot out of any angle so for example the back of the plane has its own turret
    over here we’ve got a mounted shotgun on the wall in case the zombie gets inside
    we’ve got a very large-scale sniper rifle which we can shoot out at any
    angle we need to and then over here on the side we’ve got the shooting port
    which flaps down like this so we can take our blasters and shoot
    any additional zombies that come at the plane we’ve also got an additional
    turret here but that’s not all we got check out the
    cockpit so if you guys haven’t seen our private jet before this is a fully
    flyable box sport plane which means it’s got its very own cockpit to the cockpit
    we go and check this out guys so this is the planes cockpit it’s got everything
    we need to take off we got our monitors up here we also have the engine start
    over here and most importantly the plane has a front turret so if you look at the
    camera system here you can actually see outside of the plane at the front and if
    we pull the button down it starts shooting now that we checked out the
    cockpit you guys need to check out the doom buggy oh yeah
    so we don’t exactly know where we’re gonna take the plane yet to survive the
    zombie apocalypse but wherever we go we’re gonna need a mode of
    transportation which is why we converted the back into a ramp that we can drive
    our dune buggy into so this ramp falls down and then we’re able to drive our
    dune buggy into the back of the plane and you take it wherever just like that we bring the dune buggy
    on board then the ramp comes up we can load any supplies ammunition anything
    like that into the plane and then take off easily all right gonna pull up the
    hatch so you can take off Oh No Logan we got zombies get the door shut
    we can’t take off the do zombies we’re gonna have to take them up first I take
    the door shut all right take your defensive position guys we’re not gonna
    be able to take the plane off until we get rid of these zombies we’re gonna
    have to defend the plane first firing up the turret alright to care of that one
    Logan we have some on the right side of the plank you got the flavor I think it’s got a kick on it gonna get
    the machine gun fire there’s so many of them Jake we need to get this plane off
    the ground put a we got one at the back door I got an idea hold on new zombie got him
    okay let’s get this hatch closed Ryan hatches closed we have to take off okay
    if we have a little bit of a window here let’s give her the cockpit right now
    let’s start taking off okay get into your seat starting up the ship’s engine
    okay okay four colors ready one two three are online man we need to get out
    of here guys before the zombies start getting really bad we need to find a
    place to lay low so we can figure out how to stop the zombie virus yep what we
    need to check this turret first okay checking the system hope we go zombie
    because I’ll be running from the aircraft all right firing up the front
    turret this should be a little loud all right I think we’re good to go
    company’s looking good in the back back to back hatches closed
    all right well all we have is the supplies in this aircraft get ready for
    takeoff takeoff position engines forward all right steady pace we have liftoff
    things a little turbulent here fuel levels are good everything is good to go
    all right good all right I’m gonna put all the engines to maximum power if we
    need to get out of the city and fast we’re gonna take this plane as far away
    from the city as we can and find out a place to lay low wherever we’re going
    though guys if we do happen to run into trader Joe we’re gonna need as many
    likes on this video as possible so you smash that like button and if you don’t
    want to miss our zombie adventures hit the subscribe button we’re in for a bit
    of a rough ride we’ll see you guys next time

    SMG4: World War Mario
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    SMG4: World War Mario

    September 24, 2019

    Glitch Productions Intro Wait is the intro whooshing us? [エスエムジー4] Okie dokie… T Y P I N G (oh no its the we- i mean ANIME island) Mario: LALALAHMHMHM! This is lots of fun! (r u sur about dat?) (100%R: lol yes) Tari: Ummmm… Boopkins: *sobbing fish noises* Swagmaster: let me at them! i’ll kick their Kawaii ass (R.I.P Tari’s lifeforce: Lost in vietnam) *japanese stuff* *asgagadgde* *Luigi crying because ww3* Luigi: NO GOD! (Weegee is having a mental breakdown) Mario Captian: Luigi! *Italian gibberish* Mammamia! Yippie! Yummy! Soldier: You’re f***ed! Haha! oh yeah! *the sr pelo scream of holyness* Ok guys, 30 seconds! (why am I typing this when the subtitles are in the video?) (We must praise the god of the Teletubbie Sun, Chris said) YOU SPIN ME RIGHT ROUND- BABY RIGHT ROUND- LIKE A RECORD BABY- (Fuzzy: STOP IT….Get some help.) RIGHT ROUND ROUND ROUND ROUND ROUND ROUND ROUND ROUND ROUND ROUND- (Fuzzy: SHUT UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUP) *stops* (Fuzzy: …Thank you! ;w;) *soldiers get shot, play despacito alexa* [Everyone screaming in terror] *Saiko saying a Japanese impression of Link* *Anime Language* Tari: AAH! Boopkins: AHHH! (Me: SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE) [Memorial to all of the people who died] Mario: LALALALLALALHMHMHM ๐Ÿ˜€ last guest OOFZ last guest OOFZ “My leg!” Mario: Haha! *Italian gibberish* (ITS NOT THE TIME FOR THAT, MARIO!) SMG4: WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!!!!!! Boopkins: War… War never changes… Bob: YoU gOdDaMn WaIfUs Go BaCk To YoUr MaNgAs AnD aNiMe! *a fucking waifu comes with a fucking gun* NICONII Oh GoD, mY oVaRiEs! (its like the Millionth time he said that Phrase…) *luigi crying* Luigi: WAAH! x2 Oh no! HRMMMMM *scream* Anime Soldier #69: Wave good-bye to your head, wankah! ? *fart* (100%R: she’s fucked, lol) gnome *angry anime talking* *battle scream* (The appropriate way on winning WW3) Mario: That’s-a so nice! Okey-dokey! SMG4: God Damnit, Mario! Mario: RNGH! Hey stinky! MAMAF**KER! Tari: HELP! AHHH! SMG4: AHH! OhH, this is bad! Boopkins: None of us can get past this point! It’s too heavily armed and there’s barbed wire everywhere! Mario: Hmmm… Ohohohoh! SMG4: OH WAIT, WAIT, WAIT, WAIT! WHERE ARE YOU GOING?! Hmmmm??? [A WILD MINE APPEARS!] Oh no! Hmmmmm…. Uhh…. Mario’s gonna die! ๐Ÿ˜€ [Wow. You’re dumber than I thought.] SMG4: You’re gonna die! T H E R E ! *🅱oom* *🅱oom x2* *🅱oom x3* (Super Mario 🅱ros. (1985) Live Lost) Mario! So good! [I take it back.] Boopkins: Good job, Mario! Sonic Forces Narrator: ROCKET LAUNCHER! *🅱oom x4* AAAA Pokemon Rocket Launcher: Coming 3019 W O W W H A T A N E P I C B A T T L E ! Top 10 Sad Anime Death: #2 (I am sad Alexa again ;_;) (What a slowmo :0) Oof *More Anime Stuff* (I SENSE A JOJO REFERENCE IN HERE!!) YOU STUPID…. (Well there’s Bob, Mario, Saiko, Boopkin, SMG-) (He’s alive and sometimes dead…) (Here comes a new anime called Angry Swag.) (Here comes a new anime called Angry Swag (also featuring Sanic anime music).) 怒っている盗品 ROLLING AROUND AT THE SPEED OF SOUNDWERTYHSGFRTYAUHGSDYUIJKHGSFYUSJAHGFDGYTDUIDSAHJGFTYUJASD NBVCFGSAHYDTSYUJADNBVGSYUAJKSBH (Fuzzy: *Grabs Chainsaw* Like-a sambody–! *bang* *bang X2* DYONGDONG Y E E T *Doing the Melee Fox dance* (No but I would love a croissant thank you.) *Stop killing Anime weebs* Anime Soldier #666: SHIIIIIIII *Anime oof* *Persona 5 style* Anime Soldier #21: ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Anime Soldier #87: :0 Anime Soldier #B*tch: :O Get the f**k outta here! WHOHEHAHAHAHAHAHA Anime Soldier #309763: Omae wa mou shi- OW MY A** Swag: Huh? (Oh hey bob) BoB: nEeD sOmE hElP? BoB: bRuH, yOu’Re NoT sO bAd YoUrSeLf. 🅱rUh bOb and Swag: BoB wIlL Do AnYtHiNg. BoB wIlL Do AnYtHiNg. L0L0L0L0L0L Luigi: Wow! Yuh! *italian gibberish* Tari: I believe in you! Keep going! Alright, let’s do this! Okay! Let’s do this thing! Mario: Bruh, Mario’s gonna kick some 🅱itches! (Bootcamp Flashbacks) (Kick their weeaboo asses Mario) [Meggy being ANNIHIALATED] (This pains me ;_;) NYES! (Shuddup you’re not Inkling Boy) MISTER! x3 *Gibberish* *Marx Soul screech* SIR, YES, SIR!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Not when I shift into maximum overdrive! (oh no) HAIYA! (doriyah!) *Intense Woomy heart attack* [How can anyone so ruthless would do this?] Axol: Francis! Stop this at once! WOMYWOMTWOOOOOOMY (wait aren’t you a veemo-) Naaaah! That’s probably nothing! (wait the speed tho) *Filthy frank laugh* Mario: Take-a that! Luigi: Oh yeah! Francis: gOd DaMN iT! GOD DAMN IT! Francis:You wanna know the meaning of life? Then I’ll show you the meaning of life! (Oh no! We gotta problem )=) Otchy-gotchy! Mario: Here we go! Tati: Meggy! HYUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU Mario: F**k off! (Pwnd) *Mario rated MVP of this TF2 capture the flag match* Top 10 hottest anime characters *and wtf is that music* (This music is like shit) ((I like it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )) SMG4: This is.. Kinda Hot. (luigi smack smg4 please) Steve: Hey angel! You da sexi! (Wait when did Steve get here..) *Angry anime noises* Anime Soldier #GetRidOfFortnite: *dies* *poor steve :(* (i would feel that way if i lost my waifu marina from off the hook) Francis: Colours colours colours. [Google Translate went wrong] Mario: WAAH! Oh no! Mammamia! Luigi as Patrick: He’s just standing there… Menacingly! Boopkins: Francis?! Why are you here? Francis: What is wrong with you? SMG4: What? What?! W-WHAT?!? Tari: Oh no! Axol? *Tari crying* (poor her tho) You just got… PRANK’D, BRO! HAHA! Francis: EEEHEHEHE! MEEEHEHE! HEHE! *Angry anime shits* Francis: Oh my god, I’m so scared! *fucking gibbers like an idiot* *Angry mario noises* Mario: No! Francis: eh Eh EHHHH! Francis: *sends out a piece of paper* Kazoo Kid: Wait a minute. YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!! *woomy heart attack* [SOMEONE DO SOMETHING!!!] *sigh* *sigh again* * Marina Gibberish* *again with waifu talk* *s i g h* (desti is getting really f * * k e d up) Axol: No… I can’t… (A classic case of an ally being the one responsible ) Axol: It’s… Axol: It’s all my fault. HOLY CRAP MORE MARINA NOISES Axol: *feather things that axolotls have pops up* Huh? *More marina noises* (ARE YOU A OCTOPUS OR A SQUID DESTI??) (Never mind, let’s listen to the woomy/ octoshit talk. Oh other splatoon fans, the reason its not veemo is because its the splatoon 1 octo noises) *Determined Woomy/octoshit* *pearl noises* Axol: You’re wise, emo fish girl! (I’ve seen many emo fish girls in Splatoon 2 already) Desti: *boi* Axol: HEY MEWTWO! Mewtwo: U WOT Axol: Magikarp is better than you! (100000 IQ AXOL) TAKETHATBACKYOUFIEND (Oh boy Mewtwo Strike Back Evolution is looking great :D) Who’s That Pokemon? It’s a dumbass! (he’s havin’ way too much fun with this. I blame you for this, Desti.) Motherf*cking guy, what the hell you say to me?! LEROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOY JE– oh Axol: Uhhhhh… *Microsoft Error Noise* *BOOM BOOM BISH* *Woomy has been saved :D* Yoink! ๐Ÿ˜€ (Thank god, she’s freed.) *octoshit* *Woomy crying* (OH COME ON! NOT THIS AGAIN! I CRIED IN MEGGY’S BOOTCAMP!!!) *woomy gibberish* Axol: We got you, beanie fish girl! *the bitches screamin’* *more woomy gibberish* Axol: B-but! *Angry Splatoon 1 octoshit* *More Splatoon 1 octoshit* (The good, the bad and the weeby) (Estuans interius – Burning inside) (Ira vehementi – WIth violent anger) Don’t you know, that killing is never the answer?! (Ira vehementi – WIth violent anger) Don’t you know, that killing is never the answer?! (Estuans interius – Burning inside) Soldier: You should face up to the consequences! (Ira vehementi – With violent anger) (Sephiroth) OH GOD! Soldier: That wasn’t very nice! AHH! (Sephiroth) YOU’LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE!!!! *Squeak* (Estuans interius – Burning inside) (Ira vehementi – With violent anger) Piss. (Ira vehementi – With violent anger) (f*ck me mario is definitly dead) (Estuans interius – Burning inside) (nevermind hes pinnochio) (Estuans interius – Burning inside) (Ira vehementi – With violent anger) (Sephiroth) *Mario laughs* SMG4: Hey! (Sephiroth) SMG4: I’m talkin’ to you. SMG4 posted on Twitter: Sephiroth sucks ass. Oh damn! (Hey SMG4 there you lost a good computer) (to anime…) (I’ll feel the same when I lost all my woomy data) (Estuans interius – Burning inside) (Ira vehementi – With violent anger) (Estuans interius – Burning inside) SMG4: Pls don’t hurt me ;-; (Estuans interius – Burning inside) (Ira vehementi – WIth violent anger) *intense Boopkins crying* (Ira vehementi – With violent anger) Boopkins: You’re so mean! (Sephiroth) (Wow Boopkins hasn’t said anything this entire episode) ((But the last sentence though)) (Sephiroth) Tari: *cry for help* (Sephiroth) Tari: HALP!! Tari: AAAA!! Tari: AAAA!! (Estuans interius – Burning Inside) (Estuans interius – Burning Inside) Francis: NOOO!! NO NO NO!!! Axol: Eh! Eh! Give my pen back! why r u so meen 2 m3 *Angry octoshit* *Smash KO noise* Francis: OH MY GOD! *only one word of octoshit thank god* Luigi: Oh hahaha! Oh yeah! Yahoo! *Japanese noises* Boopkins: Yay! ๐Ÿ˜€ SMG4: *crying of his loss* *Kidnapping in progress, child molestation to come* Axol: EMO FISH GIRL!!! (wait what his eyes are his glasses?!) Mario: Get That motherf*cker! *Sr Pelo gasp* You can’t stop me! *pew sword bang smash fortnite gay* (Another editor: I have no idea what this is but ok..) *Desti slowly backing up toward the Ink Zuccer* 𝐵 𝒪 𝐼 𝒩 𝒢 PWNED Weeeeeh! (Fuzzy: *Grabs popcorn*) E E E E E E E E e e e e e e e e [PSSSH] Francis: YAAAAAA~nan~AAAAAA Tari: AAAAH! AAAAH! Oh No! Saiko uses Hammer Thwack! Sephiroth: 𝙉𝙤𝙩𝙝𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙥𝙚𝙧𝙨𝙤𝙣𝙖𝙡❟ 𝙠𝙞𝙙. MISS Meggy: [Inkling language] Saiko: [Japanese] [Francis is satisfied] Desti: [Octoling language] Saiko: Uuuuh! Oooooo…. [IDEA] [Does anyone speak Japanese? Anyone?] Francis: WAT? Tari: Huh? Tari: Huh? What? [More Japanese] Tari uses Throw! Francis is shocked! [It’s a duck, Francis.You didn’t make it.] [It’s not very effective…] Francis: Wut? Desti: GET OVER HERE! [IT’S SUPER EFFECTIVE!] [PSSSH] [Octoling language] Axol uses Axol Kick! Mario and SMG4 use Football 101! SMG4: Ha! Mario: Whoo! SMG4: Whoo! Mario: Whooo! SMG4: Yeah! Mario: Huh! SMG4: Piss off! Boopkins: [Eats rock] Luigi and Boopkins use Throw-up Launcher! Luigi and Boopkins use Throw-up Launcher! Luigi: Go Weegee! Luigi and Boopkins use Throw-up Launcher! Boopkins: Ptootey! [IT’S SUPER EFFECTIVE!] Yaaaaaay copyrighted music [Wait, where the heck is Axol’s pe-] (Alexa play Final Fantasy Victory theme*) *the octopus was the stabbed* *first Aerith, and now Desti (wasn’t she dead?! We saw her get KO’d) ((I mean, it’s SMG4 logic..)) … -insert Irene dimension theme/aphmau death music/Aerith’s theme here- (Can the silence end now??) *Extremely sad woomy* (Wow. One of the best foes on the channel has been brutally murdered by an anime character.) [Death Note Laughter] (Oi Francis there’s such thing as Inkling/Veemo Spawner) (Fuzzy: YOU [email protected] #!?) (Another person: Woah Calm down 0.0) ..Desti…No… )’: *Francis The B**tch Still Laughing* D-DESTI..? *Desti’s last words* (Me: DESTI NO!!!) ((Another Editor: *pat pat* She’ll respawn.) (me: SHE WAS STABBED! SHE ONLY RESPAWNS IF SHE IS SPLATTED! …Let’s face it… she’s not gonna respawn…) (Ded. Not a big surprise.) (Fuzzy: *Sniffle*) つづく… Subs and Edit: Orbit Gaming, Poddee, hamed and all the other people who helped ^-^ sub to smg4 (Poddee: They don’t have to..) [Hamed: I’ll give you a notification bell so you won’t miss out on the finale…..] right now (Poddee: Uh.. ma’am..?) why not (Poddee: That’s a nice fanart there ^) supporters (Poddee: Thanks to all of you Patreon! I’m a broke person.) Fuzzy In the Backround: *Super Loud Crying noises* (Poddee: I’m sad ;-;) In memories of every single soldier who fought bravely as well as desti…… (Poddee: Guess we all have to wait for the finale, right?) (Poddee: See you next time!) (Poddee: *inkling sobbing noises*) (Fuzzy: *Still crying Loudly* [Anyone wanted a tissue? 🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧] (me, but i will keep this tissue for the funeral of desti)


    Real Life MINECRAFT Box Fort! 24 Hour Challenge DAY 7 – Building A Nether Portal

    September 23, 2019

    welcome back to real life minecraft
    where we survived and realized using only minecraft items and oh my gosh Jake
    that’s an Enderman in today’s adventure we finally built our own nether portal
    we construct a workshop on the second story of our house go fishing and I farm
    and eat a delicious watermelon what’s going on everyone yes Papa Jake and we
    are back with another day of real-life minecraft and we are back with day 70 of
    real-life minecraft day 7 j7 yellow tune it will be day 70
    but guys this of course is the series where we survive in real life using only
    minecraft items and every time a video gets 50,000 likes we survive another
    night and we have been out here now for officially one whole week wait wait wait
    what are the calculations on this Jake guys 300,000 lights that’s a whole lot
    of lights that’s enough likes to fill in the Grand Canyon that made no sense
    anyways the more likes we get the longer we live in Minecraft and of course we
    have been living with our amazing a Minecraft base which today we are gonna
    be upgrading and making even more epic but Before we jump into that guys I do
    want to remind you in all of these videos at the end we give a huge shout
    out to one of our awesome squad members if you want to be a part of the squad
    it’s really easy all you got to do is subscribe hit the bell button and
    comment hashtag squad okay that’s not how you do a brother you need to get
    into it you need to get your feet down and your mind in the game and yell
    hashtag skull at the top of your lungs and for y’all you guys are home
    that means comment hashtag spot but guys before we start upgrading and doing some
    more crafting today of course we need to do some resource gathering but I wanted
    to show you guys what we have so far and what we’ve been working on so right here
    is our Minecraft port it’s two stories of Awesomeness we’ve got an activated
    piston here with fires out Jake actually built this all
    himself with my two bare hands and a lot of wood we’ve got an activated piston
    here which when you step on the pressure plate it will shoot out an arrow it’s
    any enemy that comes at us and then when you come on inside the fort it’s a
    little messy Logan I do apologize welcome to the board we got over here a
    crafting table we’ve got a furnace these are probably my two favorite parts of
    the fort we got the armor stand over here and we have a secret door right
    here now we don’t tell anyone about it so if you guys tell anyone about my
    secret door I’m gonna be really mad okay now when you pull this like this the
    secret door opens and that’s where we have our chests with
    all of our diamonds in all our goodies so today’s mission is actually pretty
    intense we are going to the nether well before we go to the nether though we do
    need to make some additions to the base we are gonna make a bigger second-story
    so we have a full second story that I’m gonna turn into a workshop and we do
    need to get some food because we’ve been out here for a while only eating
    Minecraft food and I’m kind of hungry so maybe we build like a smoker so we can
    smoke our food and get some yum yum Yum’s
    or a Jake we could just a little cheat meal you know go down the street oh well
    the restaurant for real guys in real life we sleep here we live here we eat
    here and if it’s not in Minecraft we don’t get to eat it I’ve been living on
    apples and bread the past week and I feel great Logan you need to go gather
    some resources with the equipment that we have because we are kind of low on
    stuff while you’re gathering the resources I think I’m gonna start
    working on the workshop so we can get a ton of your stuff made speaking a new
    stuff Logan we got a creeper coming this way Jake I’ll get him with the sword no
    no let them get the pistol we’re gonna be
    a-okay right we’re not okay move move move piston didn’t work nice your
    redstone piston machine doesn’t work we got gunpowder maybe I should add the
    gunpowder to the piston Sheen and shoot out TNT we make a TNT cannon Jake that
    might be a little dangerous I mean it’s dangerous but it’s better than a piston
    that shoots arrows okay all right well that that can come later okay you go
    gather your resources I’m gonna start panning the fort and making the second
    story did a little bit of upgrading inside the fort cleaned it up a little
    bit made it a little bit more liveable so now we got the bed moved over here I
    also have my armor stand which looks super sick behind the LEDs I big that
    looks awesome so any new armor I grab I can put on the armor staff just like you
    would do in Minecraft I also had to move the crafting table over here kind of
    close to my secret door but I think it makes a more secretive time to start
    binding some material so we can build our awesome workshop what something just shoot me no guys
    it’s a skeleton okay you’re going down mr. skeleton you don’t mess with the
    Logan aider I got the best sword skills in the game and I think I’m ready for
    the nether check you know we got the dog right here can you team you blue for the
    dog you are now officially my minecraft dog I don’t any bones for you but if I
    did I would give you all the bones in the world so your your mind now you
    don’t opens you’re not Logan’s before we have a mission today and that is to get
    some water from the ocean using my steel pail let’s grab our water and head back
    to the farm so we’re back at the farm and first things first we need to make
    sure that we take out a little section for our water so we can fertilize the
    crops I’m also growing some nice flowers too
    so you know maybe we can make some dye guys we should grab some flowers and
    make an awesome banner using the loom I can grab dye and then we could dye the
    banners and have our own individual banners like the Papa Jake house all
    right now time for our one watermelon seed place you there in fertilizer just
    like in Minecraft you need a nice block the water beside wherever you’re farming
    that’s how you grow food nice and fast probably how real farmers do it is I’m a
    real farmer tomorrow morning we should have a fresh watermelon
    we are converting this minecraft paste into a Minecraft mansion we got this
    entire section of the four on two stories there’ll be a back entrance into
    this second storey and we’ll have a nice handy-dandy workshop up here with all
    the new Minecraft updates so check this out guys we actually made
    the entrance to the second storey outside so you come out the back door
    here and then you open up this door here so check it out guys we’ve got the
    second storey workshop so you come up like so and we are now on the second
    story it has a ton of room to add all of our new stuff I’m thinking we add the
    loom we add the blast furnace I also want to add a smoker to make some good
    food I was thinking today we could go fishing and get some fish and then smoke
    it in the smoker and then I got some nice fish also my favorite part about
    this is the fact that you can see outside and it’s got such a sweet and
    nice view know you do you want to join up for it oh don’t leave me come back
    Jake what are you doing Jake what do you mean it’s not jake is looking absolutely
    incredible except for that what is that Jake that’s our chimney where the smoke
    comes up okay Jake but dude this has to be on par with some
    of our biggest box foots of all time it is getting huge and it’s only day seven
    it is a box for a mansion dude if you get 50,000 likes and we go to day 400
    the whole world is of Oxford next we got to build an island an island obvious we
    got an island minecraft box bore but Logan I wanted to show you some of the
    cool inside stuff because now that we have your resources we can finally put
    them inside the workshop and start building some new cool stuff Jake that
    weird guy is back ah that’s friendly Phil yes friendly Phil
    what do you want every time you come here something bad happens so it better
    be good we have friendly Phil but we’re minecraft pro so we’ve rebuilt the whole
    thing in like it kind of took a long time Suns
    actually like the creepers yeah friendly Phil I think we can handle some
    skeletons and creepers okay no we’re not sick minecraft I just took out a
    skeleton the viewers are destroying that like button again fifty thousand likes a
    video pulse were about to go to the nether okay alright friendly friendly
    Phil careful with family fell it’s I’m being careful okay we want to go to the
    nether we’re going to the nether friendly feeling there’s nothing you can
    do about it I mean I’m just trying to be freeing the pill it’s dangerous I mean I
    think we spent enough time in Minecraft to go of another but I mean Jake what if
    he’s right okay he’s not right okay I don’t know what friendly feels up to but
    every time he sees me he tells me to stop going there stop doing this I think
    he might not be so friendly I don’t know guys what do you think personally I
    think friendly fills up to something gives me the creeps
    no I mean he did warn you about that cave and look what happened yeah but
    r-cubed that was his cave that he set up for me do we ignore friendly Phil for
    now please get back to the real business at hand inside his building my legit
    workshop this is how we use those materials you gathered and build some
    awesome new items at our crafting table so Logan I think first things first
    what’s one new item I want to use oh I know what it is the blast furnace
    everyone needs a blast furnace to smell through or faster oh there we go we got
    ourselves hoodoo that’s heavy furnace this is going in here into the
    workshop next item I want to crap is oh I know we’ll do the loom because we’re
    gonna be making our very own banners today this is the loom this is how we’re
    gonna be crafting our banners and giving them some sweet designs we’re actually
    doing a lot of work on the workshop today which I like but we are still
    going to the nether guys alright next up I think we’re gonna need a stone cutter
    for our brand-new workshops so mr. crafting table I’m gonna give you the
    resources you’re gonna give me a stone cutter in brand-new stone cutter that’s
    dangerous this is going in the workshop Jake you’re using all of our resources
    that we just mined I know I know but it’s important that we build the
    workshop because then we can expand the base with anything last item we’re gonna
    make today is one of my favorites and something we’re gonna be using for
    dinner it’s called the smoker here we go in three two brand-new smoker that we’re
    gonna be using for cooking some fish tonight because I thought we could build
    a fishing rod and try some fishing I mean I am working on some watermelons
    but we’re out of chicken and breads been getting old and I’m kind of tired of
    apples so why not fish cheek that’s a great idea except you’re not very good
    at fishing Oh Logan I’m the best fisherman you’ve ever seen okay when I
    put my fishing rod in the water all the fish come by cuz they’re like what’s up
    proper Jake can I get an autograph cuz you cool hey Jake the Sun is going
    down we need to get cooking first before we go catch some fish and build a
    fishing rod why don’t we check out the brand-new workshop that is my passion
    project oh the workshops actually looking pretty good oh dude this is
    awesome and it’s on the second story which is sweet we got our stone cutter
    our furnace our loom and our smoker it’s not too shabby not too shabby plus we
    have another room that we can build under here so we can keep expanding the
    base unlimited possibilities that’s why I
    keep telling you guys if you have anything you think we should add on to
    this bass be sure to comment down below but before we get into using some of
    this stuff and building our banners I think you’re right Logan I think we need
    to go crab fishing rod and do a little bit of fishing ok locum ball in order to
    make a fishing rod we need some sticks and luckily I have some in my secret
    hidden chest so why don’t we open up this bad boy here diamonds that’s a
    steal not bad move slime slime in here ah sticks okay now we’ll use these to
    craft got my sticks and my strength and all we need to do is use the magic
    powers of the crafting table to build a one outside before we check it out our
    very own minecraft fishing rod check it out the Sun is going down it’s the
    perfect time to fish because they’re all sitting down for their dinner and I’m
    about to serve them up so I’m chef Pappas yo Jake be careful with that Papa
    Papa Papa Jake all right here we go cast it out and now we wait although can
    I got a big one here hold on he’s fighting me brother where to go where’s the fish Jake that’s
    not how you do it we gotta finish time to take this fish to the smoker make
    some dinner now I’m officially inside the workshop and it’s time to cook some
    fish Logan’s back down there Logan why just saying hi
    but anyway we’re gonna be using our nice little smoker here to cook our fish so I
    already put it in close up the lid here and we’re gonna let it cook for about
    one two three and it should be ready get up pull this down yeah I think I see
    some nice fresh fish check it out we got some smoked and cooked fish Jake that
    actually looks really good time in the Papa Jake minecraft for it it’s pretty
    good I’m gonna do a really good job making this slow cooker what happens
    well Papa Jake and lo dinners stealin minecraft while they’re still in
    Minecraft I was gonna destroy their base but they came back anyways I think
    everything is a grave everybody they haven’t left long video in Minecraft the
    more likely they are to find me you are very far away who in their right mind
    look for a big dragon Lea you stop Papa Jake we are back inside a fort after
    eating a nice yummy yum dinner it is currently uh well it’s getting
    kind of dark out we’ve spent a lot of the day building we got a lot of stuff
    upgraded inside the four guys check out my bedroom it’s on the second story it’s
    kind of better than Jake’s better and that’s for sure and we have my bedroom
    where we get to see the nice beautiful ocean
    oh my gosh gee that’s an Enderman Jake there’s an unnerving outsider for no
    this is all over again where’s mushrooms I want to make sure he’s okay moobs get
    over here come here boy no endermans getting you this time I’ll
    open what you need to do is I’m gonna go to sleep while I sleep you fight off the
    Internet Jake come on now’s our chance we can get
    him all right but I’m doing it for mr. Rochelle’s it comes in handy
    cuz I’m doing this for you you stay here hey guys I’ll grab my sword he’s done
    yeah Bannerman’s got where did he go no Jake he was right here maybe you got
    scared away from my kung fu powers crisis averted Papa Jake saved the day
    once again guys we are safe to head back in the fall how many at least it wasn’t
    an under man alright well that’s a find mean is a nighttime lobster spawning
    he’s probably Scout since creepers all around but it’s okay maybe we just lock
    our doors tonight and go to bed lock the doors we go to Logan another skeleton dude where are these skeletons coming
    from inside our base and chill all we want but if there’s a ton this is
    spawning how does spark you so close to our base
    we’ve been all around this place we’ve never seen a spawner we gotta get this
    thing out of here hope all right let’s get rid of this and fast we got lucky we
    found a spawner get over on the entire house as far as I can public we’ve been
    around this entire place I mean we’ve scavenged the entire area for resources
    we would have seen a skill at this corner there that means somebody placed
    it yeah I guess that is kind of suspicious but who would have done that
    man help feed or whatever his name was you mean friendly fella just friendly
    Phil okay but not so friendly dude someone put it there look I think first
    thing in the morning we need to set for another portal and get into the nether
    maybe we can find some more information in there tomorrow is another portal so
    get some rest Logan we don’t know what’s gonna be on the other side of that thing
    see you in the morning and we are back and it is days I don’t even know what
    day it is but I had a great sleep last night we need to wake Logan get up I
    sleep up there I actually realize Logan has a little bit of advantage because
    last night I kept getting ants crawling in my bed which is not fun so you’re
    actually sleeping up there probably got a lot less than you so that’s nice and
    today is an extremely special day because it is the day we finally get to
    build our nether portal and go to the nether before we do that Jake I think I
    need to eat breakfast while Logan I’m glad you mentioned that because today’s
    breakfast I got something extra special you see last night while you were out
    gathering resources I actually went ahead and planted some
    watermelon we’ve got a fully grown watermelon I knew it was gonna work
    oh now that that’s breakfast that is breakfast look at this it’s fresh it’s
    grown straight from the farm what more can you ask for when you’re living in
    real life minecraft guys I am looking forward to this sweet watermelon now the
    key to a good watermelon cut is you get your ax
    put it right in the middle and you just give her a good swing like that and we
    got watermelon I don’t think that’s how you eat a
    watermelon oh you to warm up huh you’re dripping everywhere the map warm Oh hmm
    all right guys now that we’re all filled up on our watermelon I think it’s time
    we head back inside because we got a lot of planning to do before we head to the
    nether and we actually had a really awesome idea suggested to us by one of
    you guys huge shout out to short clips for suggesting that we use our brand-new
    loom to make some awesome banners we’re back inside the workshop and time to use
    the brand new glue takes time we put this bad boy to the test Logan Jake I’m
    going first here we go all right do tons of a banner inside and here we go oh
    that is sick check it out mom got her custom banners all right let’s go put
    these on the front of the fort oh yeah don’t mess with the owl squad okay looks
    pretty cool but I think I’m gonna put mine here hanging off the roof the nice
    Papa Jay banner it can flap in the wind it looks cool I think our base is
    starting to look pretty awesome well in order to build our nether portal we’re
    gonna need a bunch of obsidian and my flint and steel then once we’re done we
    just strike it with the flint and steel and boom we have another portal yeah I
    got my diamond armor my diamond helmet my diamond sword Jake I don’t have any
    armor Oh you got a diamond sword oh okay I have
    an idea I have an idea why don’t you build the new shield let’s build that
    shielding Oh guys check out this shield all right Logan while while you were
    making your shield I set up the nether portal
    before we go inside and activate the nether portal I do want to remind you
    guys that if you guys want us to stay another night and go into the nether
    where you’re gonna need 50,000 likes on this video just in case whatever happens
    Logan I think we should do the shout out right now huge shout out to Logan Jones
    for being a member of the squad squad thank you so very much Logan for being
    an amazing member and as always guys if you see you down below in the comments
    give him a big thumbs up give him a nice little comment thank you so very much
    but guys I think it is time to activate this nether portal good thing I have my
    foot and steel are you ready for this Logan my first never never been so ready
    in my life Jake here we go in three two one

    BILLIONAIRE BOX FORT MANSION!!๐Ÿ“ฆ๐Ÿ’ฐ 24 Hour Challenge: Movie Theatre, Hot Tub, Gaming Room & More!
    Articles, Blog

    BILLIONAIRE BOX FORT MANSION!!๐Ÿ“ฆ๐Ÿ’ฐ 24 Hour Challenge: Movie Theatre, Hot Tub, Gaming Room & More!

    September 3, 2019

    the budget Billa come on it’s worth four
    million dollars so slow in the room Azam bro Oh what if we did one last light
    goal of a hundred and twenty thousand likes and if we get it we will turn this
    into a box fort spaceship will use all of the wiring all the interior all the
    electrical all the different rooms everything including the computers TV
    screens in Tendo sewage and we will turn it in to the world’s biggest spatial hey we came I got a call Logan right now
    Jake what’s going on I got here as fast as I could
    Logan is here June and you’re probably all wondering what it is and guys we are
    officially announcing these Papa Jake box for building kit that’s right today
    we are launching it there will be a link in the description like the description
    and you guys can now go and get your very own Papa Jake’s box for building in
    guys this kit comes with absolutely everything you need to build your very
    own box for at home it not only builds just a box board feet also a box for and
    before we start today’s video we’re going to be using that in today’s box
    for Bill I don’t want to do a little unboxing for you guys make sure you guys
    what comes inside the kit this is the box we got built by Papa Jake on the
    side view I love is look so sick let the box work
    will be begin so once you get your kit it will be a little bit different guys
    into this demo kit for us here we go so it opens up like this oh my god I get
    that out so this is the official built by Papa Jake pamphlet I’m going to get
    into this in a little bit because this is really cool let’s start off with the
    most important things you need to build any box board this is something that me
    and Logan use is every build and we go through so much of it so we hooked you
    guys up with a massive roll of duct tape that’s detect ale is customized duct
    tape to have a seal of – it was bolts inside of it so when you’re using this
    in your box board it’s going to look like a legit building
    extra strong – you know XO guys we got a water gun cuz if you’re having a box for
    warm looks box for its worst enemy its water we got ourselves a Papa Jake
    Brandon water gun oh my god oh let me see through a lot of 24-hour challenges
    and whether or not you do the 24 hour challenge or just chillin it gets cooled
    sometimes in a box for that’s what we got the Papa Jake blanket not only we’ve
    got the property branding on it but it is so fluffy splink when we’re
    making this guys I specifically said fluffy and comfy for nothing and so we
    got the copious blanket for your box for bills we also got some double-sided tape
    so you can attach stuff to the side of your box four walls two sets of box door
    handles and next up one of the most important things you need in any box for
    a high-powered flashlight so you guys voted for the army sticker pack so we
    have everything to turn your box fort into a legitimate box for bunkers whoa
    what’s that button it first but don’t don’t don’t press that bro first to the
    launch button you can launch your rockets or anything from your box or
    with this baby you got to make sure your box bunker is secure and we want to do
    still windows posts on the side no one’s getting in and take the blanketing
    enough your box hole comes with a camp fire say nice toasty warm yeah no one’s
    going to find your box for check that out of you and last but not least guys
    no box order is complete without a door and this is your solid metal box for
    doors or you know get creative uses of the room use of the flooring whatever
    you guys want your creativity is the only limit with this box for kids so
    guys go grab your passport kit today links are in the description down below
    and for today’s video there’s a billionaire box board we’re going to be
    using all of this to create the most ultimate box for bills we have experts
    alright guys so we’re back outside and here is our massive fallout shelter you
    guys know that you probably see the last video and you guys absolutely destroyed
    the like button so we saved the box for it and now we’re going to be using this
    to build the billionaires box for it’s a house guys we already have a massive
    houseful we’re going even bigger it’s so big but we’re going bigger guys
    we got add a bathroom we got to add a movie theater and a hot tub onto all of
    this guys because it’s truly going to be a billionaires box for not to mention we
    got all the new awesome stuff from our kits to make this even cooler so the
    first thing we’re going to do guys is make our hot tub entrance
    we got to take off from house door oh dude I love that vault or we’re
    definitely saving this guy’s maybe someday we’ll do a follow-up on a five
    version of this you were going to actually have a tunnel coming all the
    way out to the hot tub so you can easily get inside and out of the hot tub will
    also probably install like a towel rack or something because we want to dry off
    after a nice dip in the hot stuff first steps to making the hot tub room we need
    a drying rack because we all know guys this cardboard gets wet that’s a very
    bad thing so we’re going to use this drying board as something that we can
    stand on dry off on with a towel and then enter the box for it but you check
    that oh this is perfect you get on this dry off go back in the box for after
    your night’s tape and ahh so now that that’s in place all we have to do start
    building so let’s set the time lapse and get this hot so every bill I live right
    now we have the living quarters we also have like the eating area slash chilling
    area hot tub room is done now it’s time to make the movie theaters logic gaming
    room this is going to be one of the funnest parts of the actual billionaires
    box for it so we’re gonna start working on it here get it all ready and then
    once we have all the exterior done that’s when we get to go inside start
    sagging this baby out alright guys so the Sun is setting but
    the movie theater is coming along great we have most of it ready all we have to
    do now is put on the roof what’s the movie theatres done guys all I have to
    work on is the bathroom and that’s it for scarier we’re going inside and check
    it out this box floor and just in case you’ve never seen what the boss floor
    looks like so far we did rip down a bunch of the stuff that we have in here
    for the fallout shelter because it didn’t really make much sense but I’m
    going to show you what it looks like now and you guys can see what we’re working
    with so when your guys we have our living quarters this whole place is
    decked out for sleeping we got our sleeping beds in here and we got some
    beautiful lighting did we go through here we have a secondary hatch and
    obviously we have a door here that we can close if we need to but if we go
    down here into the main I guess common area this is really cool this is where
    we can eat as well as just kind of chill we’ve got a first-aid kit on the wall we
    have a fan venting in fresh air so we have a full ventilation system over
    there we have a radio and then at the front here because we do have this kind
    of walkway that you have to kind of walk up a little bit up here we have the
    lookout and now we had this close for the follow video since this is be
    billionaires box port we’re probably going to open this up so we can look out
    and check out the nice waterfront oh and did I mention guys that
    everything in here is all electrically wired to this main power modules here so
    we can actually fully equip the entire box for it not only with a bunch of
    light fan systems but also because this is the billionaires box work we’re going
    to clip it with a TV gaming system and much more for the first thing we’re
    going to be using from the Papa Jake box for a villain box is our door we’re
    going to take our sticker I got our Papa Jake certified door handle so we can
    easily get in and out of the box for dude that is looking so sick look at
    that now we’re just going to cut out the door I said that first
    check that out it’s a metal door it’s not done yet we still need to handle
    when you do buy one of our box for kids make sure to tweet me pictures send it
    to me on Instagram because we want to showcase some of your amazing bells of
    this because honestly the amount of creativity you have with this is insane
    but wait the doors not done let’s get the door handle on door handle is going
    on thing on there like a charm dude check that out close it like this or
    open it yo that’s so much easier bro don’t forget you get four of these in
    your kit for the sake of this we’re going to have one on both sides so you
    guys can get creative with them of course but let’s put the next one right
    on the inside I just one of the hardest things when you build a box fort is
    shutting the door from the inside so the last thing we have to do before you can
    go inside is get the bathroom done this would be a billionaires box for without
    a proper bathroom it’s gonna be a little bit weird but we’re going to go for the
    outhouse method with this one I’ve already got the main placeholder here
    well you get what that’s for I’m probably gonna put a policy between me
    and Logan no one used it but for the sake of this video we’re still got to
    build it so now all I have to do is make housing around it as well as a very
    secure door all right here we go Logan’s got the fuck it just in case for proof
    of concept it’s not the best it’s not the most beautiful but it works you can
    actually go up in here it’s got a lot of room up in here there is no light and
    you do have a space to sit not the most luxurious bathroom but hey the bathroom
    in a box Ford and of course you can close the door oh I also forgot to
    mention guys that our box port comes with a rain catcher this actually works
    to catch rain you can put a cup in there and we have a funnel system you guys
    would’ve seen that in our fallout box board but I thought I’d mentioned as
    well yeah so now that we have everything pretty much ready inside the box where
    I’m going to start making our additions now before bring the TV the Nintendo
    switch I’m going to do all the electrical lighting inside the brand new
    movie theater slash gaming room all the lighting is done and now
    officially the entire box board is fully lit now it was time to start decking out
    this box board with all of the awesome gear it comes inside the Papa Jake box
    for building kids so we got a lot of fun stuff to put inside this box for
    probably one of the scariest things surviving in this box board for 24 hours
    our raccoons because we’re outside and outside there’s only a few things I can
    hurt us I mean well there are coyotes but but mainly raccoons we got our water
    gun and not only does this work to deteriorate boxes
    it will also scare raccoon away our box board kit comes with its double-sided
    tape so we can mount the water gun on the wall for easy access there we go
    guys the water gun is mounted on the wall for easy access during the night
    and the cool thing to guys is if you use a few of these you can even mount like a
    nerf gun or really anything you want on the side of the wall it’s great too
    because it’s so sticky you can actually pull it off and stick it back on a few
    times before it loses thickness so these are our super big asset but when you’re
    making box board Oh looks like someone’s off door oh look like Logan with the
    food dude that’s awesome billionaire box for it has food
    delivered all right guys and before we have dinner I am going to put up one
    more thing from our kin we’re going to put the rest up after dinner but before
    we get into that I did want to use the pamphlet not only as a pamphlet awesome
    for given instructions and everything like that but it also doubles as an
    asset to building a box for it you cannot hold it like this and bam you’ve
    got a full cork board in your box you’ve got a bunch of helpful box building tips
    different secrets from our box for building videos and just the general
    information that you need to know when building a box board and you’ve also got
    some extra room to make notes for yourself so I’m going to pin this up in
    here so we have a little wall this is definitely something you have to include
    in the home base of your box board for dinner I’m going to read one helpful tip
    from the board listed here tip number seven always build your floor
    first this is going to be the base of everything that holds the box together
    make sure that you’re confident with the floor first before building the walls
    and roof that is important guys I’m not going to go through all the tips but
    there’s a lot of helpful stuff here that you need to know one building box fourth
    before we continue building this box for it’s time for dinner
    our dinner delivered to us because it is still the billionaires box first ensure
    got the breakfast bagel for dinner bagel with some cheese as well some
    turkey alright guys we just finished dinner we’re back into the movie theater
    slash gaming room I’m going to start setting up the gaming setup now Logan is
    currently editing tomorrow’s video we’re going to set this up I got my Nintendo
    switch here I also got a flat screen TV and i rewired a bunch of power so I’m
    going to work on that and then get this baby running it’s official check this
    out we got the Nintendo switch attached to the flat-screen TV even Logan has a
    power outlet over there so you can work on yesterday’s video which is awesome
    look at it says we got Mario Kart we got one two three switch we got bells on my
    crap and because we’re only in my backyard we even have Wi-Fi which is
    sick this is by far my favorite room in the fort so I think we’re going to go
    play a little bit of Mario Kart and then dude are you dying to go in the hot tub
    I mean we have a billionaire box for doom we got a hot tub you want to go in
    after thirty twelve thirty but yeah all right what else do we get in here all right guys we just finished gaming we
    had a bunch of fun playing Mario Kart in here Logan for editing so I think it’s
    time to both take a break and we’re going to go enjoy the hot tub sleeping
    quarters look good but we definitely need to get this set up before bed
    all right here you guys Oh hot dog on bro oh it looks nice dude let’s get in
    here towels are here drying station is on point straight from the box forth
    into the hot tub billionaire box or it done right go from the box where to this our gas from finished up in the hot tub
    now it’s time to get back in the box for dry off change and get ready prevent the
    tricky thing is we have to dry out inside the drying chamber because if we
    step on the box with wet bathing suits will completely destroy the box this
    heating lamp is absolutely amazing I’ve changed a gun my freshly shirt on I’m
    feeling good I’m ready for bed but guys while we’re in the hot tub mean-looking
    we’re talking we need a crazy idea obviously we’ve been having these
    massive like goals to keep this box for build and to keep adding on to it but
    this thing will have to come down but we thought what if we do one last light
    goal what if we did one last light goal of a hundred and twenty thousand likes
    and if we get it we will turn this into a box fort spaceship will use all of the
    wiring all the interior all the electrical all the different rooms all
    the different doors says everything including the computers TV screens in
    tendo switch and we will turn it in to the world’s biggest spaceship so put a
    hashtag save the box and smack that like button let’s go for 120,000 legs alright
    guys we’re having the bed I almost forgot top of Jake box port builder kit
    comes with some other accessories that we’ll need but comfy is blanket in the
    world oh oh yeah this to be my blanket for the night so let’s bring that in
    here and just to be on the safe side let’s bring the Papa Jake flashlight
    before we go to bed we still have a bunch of other stickers we’re still
    going to do some interior design some more with the other stickers we have
    making it cold at night so having time to put the fire know that is toasty man
    already I can feel the flames bro Kass stickers fire room literally the
    stickers fire guys get the comfy blanket up oh dude
    but I didn’t realize this it comes with extra writing space all right here yo
    guys comfy blanket in the world since Jake’s already ready for bed I’m going
    to turn off all the lights my number two I in the last light this
    is a pretty sweet day but I think we’ll see you guys tomorrow night guys be in
    the morning so what’s up so you’re the room Azam bro it was
    really eating my food you must blanket well that’s what we wake up what is
    going on guys it’s nothing we just woke up rumbas on in billionaire box floral
    oh my god it was a good night it wasn’t bad at all this thing is so big and with
    the fans and ventilation systems there was no issue at all Logan’s in the
    kitchen he’s going to be working on a circuit breaker turning back on all the
    light I thought I’d use our flashlights and really quickly checking inside the
    gaming room and make sure no raccoons came in here last night take a look
    around the corner so everything’s fine TV is still here and there we go the
    lights are back on in this box for guys now we’re swinging for a breakfast and
    in the meantime I thought we’d do some more decorations and put this here over
    the door just in case you don’t know who built the box for it and we still got
    some awesome stickers to check out so it’s find a place to put these so I
    think we’re going to put the camo over Logan’s bed now normally could use this
    on the outside of your box for it like a military box but in this case we’re
    going to kind of use those like wall art like I said guys it’s whatever you want dude that is looking awesome looking
    great man this is some sick walleye I mean yeah we could use this on the
    outside but because this isn’t a military box fort it’s a billionaires
    box fort we’re going to pretend that this is a billionaire painting it is
    called the bush did lick em off it’s worth four million dollars just thing
    it’s old steel and we still up some handles left from the box for building
    kit so we’re going to put handles on it so we can open up the window and close
    it one really awesome tip that we found out is if you are sticking a door or a
    window put the sticker on first and then cut it it’s a lot easier if you are
    using a box cutter make sure you have an adult help you out because they could be
    very dangerous that is no awesome man
    and look it’s so secure dude a solid metal you turn an old door into a new
    door and it works amazingly awesome I think that for breakfast you might be
    wondering Pappa Jake why don’t you use it this is a demo kit for us and because
    of that it’s just it’s just like journey for show it’ll be exactly this size it
    looks exactly like this but it’ll actually be stronger than the duct tape
    that we normally use in our videos here you go Jake thank you buddy
    inside the nice gaming room chill it out relaxing this was like living in a house
    for 24 hours we got a gaming set up yeah we got air
    conditioning what more can you ask for literally and Wi-Fi don’t forget to
    smack that like button we got 120,000 likes real keep this
    build for one final build with this box board before we tear it down and we will
    make a massive spaceship if you guys thought the Papa Jake box fort it was
    lit with I know you guys all did go check it out get yours today link it in
    the description down below and guys be sure to send me pictures if you get it
    send me pictures of the kids so many pictures of the builds you make will be
    posted on Instagram following you guys on Twitter and showcasing them here on
    the channel so if you guys want to get in one of Papa jeeps videos you need to
    go grab that kit and start building an epic box for it

    Captured By BIGFOOT!! 24 Hour Snowstorm Survival – Spy Gadgets, Fort Building (Sasquatch)
    Articles, Blog

    Captured By BIGFOOT!! 24 Hour Snowstorm Survival – Spy Gadgets, Fort Building (Sasquatch)

    August 31, 2019

    look I think you see I think it’s if
    he’s moving we’re in Bigfoot territory now guys so we’re able to make it to the forest
    where we are currently tracking Bigfoot as you guys can see huh we’re in the
    middle of a massive blizzard we brought all of our survival gear to set up our
    base camp right now we need to push as deep into the woods as possible and
    start setting up camps so we can survive till 3:00 a.m. luckily though Logan
    brought a toboggan the snow is so high right now guys it isn’t making it
    extremely hard to walk so we can toboggan deeper into the forest it could
    definitely help hey okay that was a good distance okay it’s
    this and I you’re covered in snow you can be out here for hours you need to be
    more careful oh that’s true I am freezing already all right well
    let’s try and make our way in set up this tent so we can get some warrant for
    this storm is not letting up guys we need to keep pushing and keep an eye out
    for Bigfoot guys you see anything in the woods you need to let us know all right
    so we’ve made it to the creek bed the satellite images we have of where
    Bigfoot is is essentially a couple miles down east that way we normally follow
    the creek bed but now we have to get down this mountain so Logan olestra
    tobogganing down we’re in for some ice rock climbing I think I might have to
    toboggan down here we go okay all right we have our survive well we
    made it all of about 10 meters into the woods and it took us probably four times
    the time it took us the first time this is going to be an extremely hard mission
    my ankles are completely numb creek bed is there you can’t really tell but that
    is where the water line is and we need to get really far not to mention you
    guys I don’t know how Bigfoot fares in the snow but if he’s able to maneuver
    these things faster than us there’s no way we can run away he sees us we’re
    literally sitting ducks in this snow well it shows a bit of a job take a look
    here oh yeah I got the ice right down here guys we do have an iPad for a GPS
    but with this storm we’re not going to get any cell phone signals GPS signals
    this could be pretty hard to track Bigfoot would you know that he’s most
    active at 3:00 a.m. and that’s what we’re banking on is that we can find him
    around then and find out where his nest is once and for all
    sorry now we got to go set up this tent broke okay
    very careful this ice is not solid the mission continued at a slow pace with
    the winter storm pushing back it was almost impossible to move through the
    snow we headed towards where a satellite tracker was showing Bigfoot’s last
    movement our main objectives right now are to set up base camp and get warm yeah that’s water high that’s gonna be
    way too dangerous to travel along this which means we’re not gonna be able to
    travel up this creek but we’re gonna travel through the woods which is gonna
    slow us down even more and the sun’s already starting to set so right now we
    have to set up base camp and I think we’re gonna go to where we found him
    last also guys we were able to bring motion detectors so we can set those up
    around the camp to make sure that if he does come near us during the night we’ll
    be able to know where he is at all times if we can find this Bigfoot nest and we
    can prove that Bigfoot lives here this this could be huge guys I mean all
    of this will be worth it all of this hardship and we need your guy’s help to
    do that we made it to the top of a hill guys
    this is really difficult in Bigfoot territory now guys this is not good this
    storm is not letting up so this is not only just a survival mission Logan okay
    it’s not only can pop Jake and Logan survive for 24 hours in the snow what’s
    on itself is harder now now we have to keep in mind that Bigfoot is out here
    lurking and trying to find us all right I’m taking a little breather Jake’s
    really into Finding Bigfoot now and I used to not be on board but after our
    last couple encounters there’s definitely something in these woods now
    I don’t know what it is but Jake says he’s tracking something and we’re gonna
    find it tonight so we’ve been making our way along the path where we last saw
    Bigfoot behind us is the creek bed and we can’t walk on it because of the ice
    the only way to go right now guys is up well above this kind of cliff here and
    if you guys notice this is like a bit of a cave here check this out dude yeah
    it’s like what we’ve been seeing before exactly and I have a theory I think that
    maybe Bigfoot chose this area to survive in because there’s so many of these and
    if we were able to track Bigfoot and find out where he’s living I’m gonna
    assume that Bigfoot’s nest is something like this but obviously a lot bigger a
    lot of you guys in the comments have been saying that the Bigfoot we found
    might in fact be a baby and the real Bigfoot is still out there which I don’t
    know about you Logan but kind of freaks me out
    so let’s climb up this cave cuz we ought to set up our tent yeah
    nothing like climbing a cave in the middle of a blizzard does anyone here
    have expertise in clave climbing I’ve never even climbed a rock let alone rock
    climb before I went rock climbing once is a field trip I didn’t go cuz I was
    scared of heights now you want me to climb up this in the middle of a
    blizzard Jake you got this good news and bad news
    good is Bigfoot isn’t up here bad news is all the energy I have out of me yeah
    we forgot the bags I’ll see you guys when I get the bags so we’re back on
    track heading deeper into the woods we need to set up base camp fast this
    storm is not letting up and we’re starting to get cold maybe you get our
    tents set up if you guys are wondering about some of the gear we’re using this
    face mask actually works really well in this situation like this it takes oxygen
    in from the outside the cold oxygen and doesn’t let it come back out when it
    heats up so the hot air actually goes down into my suit it lets us stay out
    here a lot longer than we would normally cuz right now I think it’s about
    negative 19 degrees and that cool is only gonna get worse as the Sun Goes
    Down well good I think I’ve found a spot up ahead set
    up camp yeah we need to uh man it’s getting way too cool I’m coming down all
    right I’m good all right guys I think I found a place where we can set up for
    the night this is just a long where we last saw a Bigfoot and is within
    satellite range of his tracker plus guys the great thing about this is even
    though it’s still storming this is going to give us some natural defense against
    this storm because we’re in a bit of a crevasse here and then when we do pick
    up Bigfoot we can follow him right along here but right now we need to dig out
    some of the snow and set up camp and get inside our tab before we freeze guys if you think adventures like this
    are awesome be sure to hit that like button we’re gonna find Bigfoot I
    promise you Logan is currently on the outside or
    working on the outside of the tent making sure that the snow is all piled
    up and away from us I’ve gone on the inside I’m starting to unload all of our
    gear get our food ready because I am starving Logan to starving we need to
    eat and everything is freezing over I hope you guys are seeing this footage
    because the GoPro is literally covered in ice I can barely even told you guys
    right now all right guys the storm is getting worse we got to get inside right
    now set up our lights to get some food into us the tents already quit you I
    heard that full of that hide inside inside I don’t know what that was what
    was making that noise but if it is Bigfoot it sounded an awful lot like him
    people now that we have our base camp set up and a little bit more breathing
    room let’s check the GPS so this is
    essentially well this is Earth and if we zoom into where we are I guess we just
    we just heard something again I don’t know if you caught on camera but there
    was another noise no oh this is not a good idea
    hold on hold on no okay guys it’s getting really windy and I’ve heard two
    animal noises this must be Bigfoot Logan I’m I’m tracking him here on the GPS we
    got a problem he’s move it what’s our plan what are we even gonna do if we see
    him okay so guys I can’t really zoom in that much because of I don’t know why I
    don’t know if the iPad is not working or what’s not working I can’t get it really
    pops you don’t like freak out it says he’s on top of us is what I’m trying to
    say I can’t get any closer but I don’t know it’s on top of us I’m gonna see if
    I can find him she could be bright out there I’m not
    going outside let’s scan the night vision goggles right there okay stay here with the tent door open a
    back door open he doesn’t need to run back hi guys I’m putting on the night
    vision okay oh yeah see anything in the woods this storm
    storm is picking up extremely bad I can barely see should have brought out more
    gear go get on us come back in okay keep an eye on that Jeep

    Articles, Blog


    August 31, 2019

    OHHHH I LIKE PEANUTS! they’re trying to get my door! they’re going for my door! they’re going for my door! Oh my gosh there’s three of them! it’s FGTEEV (ME:)) Give me back the minutes well Hey, I’ve escaped from Swindon and now it’s time [to] continue making frog park 3 Thank you, buddy [alright]. What’s up everybody is study back, and we’ve got more amazing frog for you I’ve escaped that of [swindon], and I still got my water pistol, and it looks like over here. There’s actually a button I’m not Gonna Lie So I’ve already tried this but I thought it’d be cool [to] do it together [this] right here is a button to open stand up to open the door So that way we can get back in without having to crawl through a little hole again and we found in the last video So I am going to attempt to Follow some roads because as you may remember [using] [the] last video going down the Grassy [Mountain] Didn’t work too. Well so we’ve got two ways here. All right and [a] left well Let’s see what this is this is slide to victory Well, there’s a cannon. Oh, I know swindon I remember that from last time nevermind okay, so let’s go this way this guy’s a crazy driver closer the bowler Look [again]. Wow. It looks like there’s nothing insane There’s just a bunch of pokemon over there whoa not for nothing. I would not mind like Buying a house right here and having that as my scenery, ooh But not not if I live next to this frog forget it. Oh, what is this a plateau Valley? No Whoa wall picking up speed? I’m going [really] fast all out that’s water. That’s [a] reflection was this science safe. What does it say? Hey, [Bree], Swindon on the sea where you can pee in the pool. Yes I finally knew I’d find a place that accepted me. I mean this frog Come on guys. [oh] my goodness. Is that jet ski no way Oh my goodness. We found in Ocean. There’s a bus. Oh my gosh. There’s other people here. Hey Now [it’s] six. [oh] no. Oh oh, we [can] miss nothing without casualties Oh, I only stopped right there that even the most epic Parking job ever that was not a good [that’s] not a good exit. Who are the [innocent] nude Beach? [oh]? Put your clothes on but to make it frogs walking around. I it is time to unholster Hosted my weapon, and I’m back to dude out. Let’s go squirt this cookie squirt the cookies screw that guy wait I’m gonna get in one of these days Future site of the swindon on sea of Swindon on see can we interact with a garbage can hello No, hello, so swindon on C. Must be like a new home that they’re trying to create. Oh, wait. [oh], I could talk guys I’m all about saving the environment I’m just kidding oh Leonard I mean Iii opposite of littered. I got confused. I saw the word litter I stopped someone from littering look he wants to push it down. Don’t do it I am cleaning up the beach who are these men oh my video camera? Excuse me Seth. How do you feel about locals being naked on the beach, sir sir hello. Yes you yes, you okay Hey, what’s so rude? I was actually gonna. Give me an interview. Well if you really forget you guys What is this here? 47 kilograms of Methane gas Why couldn’t I have a fire gun right now? throw that I think gas going oh oh Every time I pick up the gas dodo. I don’t wanna fall down there yet Yes, the gas is Gonna Roll into the ocean while the gas is polluting the ocean let’s go. Let’s go See there’s anything cool in this bus [oh] No [nevermind] get off the bus froggy. [oh] Hey, I got your [litter]. Hey, I got your litter watch this [aunt]. Oh There we [go]. [just] [smack] the litter [again] punching litter in the face. That’s how we save the world Who can we use this thing right here? Yeah? Okay, cool. Oh, I can just go in and I can’t turn sigh oh yeah, I get [turned] sideways, so we’ve got some cool Ramps or something there how much money does this cost I can’t quite see. Oh wait respawn point. I should probably Go in there, right? Don’t mind if I do I’m going in and oh You don’t want to go with her oh, I forgot We’re Sprint farting guys here. We go. [oh] I wonder why I was taking a look. What is this thing do? What is happening? [oh]? [oh], no, [wait]. Don’t throw me out, please don’t throw me out. Oh Scuba Scuba Steve Check out my awesome Scooby costume we have to go try this out excuse me, man. Put some clothes on. Thank you spread [full] Giving up my goodness. They have ski-doos down here, and what are all these frogs in the water doing I got I gotta check this out. Can I actually snorkel? Hey, just lost. Good show look at these guys. What are they doing? So oh, oh, I could see in the water. [oh] my goodness. That is on wait wait You’re this way turn around. [I] think I think I’m dead Hello Hello, oh Oh, oh, oh didn’t see that. [I] was just trying to focus. Oh wait wait wait, no Oh, no, no no How do I get here okay? [ah] [no] see your weapon unholster the weapon? I can’t I’m dead. Oh my goodness The [Sharks] got me [oh] my sharpness. Oh my goodness ah No, I don’t want to start back here Don’t you make me? I’ll kick you I’ll pinch you hello anybody oh Thank goodness. Put me up who pay up. Oh That is so cool. I did not know that there was Gonna be sharks there How come the sharks who only came in the water after me not after my friend? Weapons if I press [shift], I can’t really swim good. Oh No shark. No shark another shark. Go. Go go. Go sit up. No stand up go go. Oh You guys can’t reach me. Oh, they’re killing my friends. [oh] [let’s] dig through them. Oh my goodness are those bones the Froggie bones, ha ha ha This is scaring up know what how did you get out [of] there? Let me wait what I [would’ve] this works, and I am I’m stuck yes. Yes [ah] didn’t work Oh, he’s eating my phone look at my heart pump me out of my chest right now. Oh Get back in there [alright]. Oh, they’re all still there Now you guys listen to me know about [the] [hubble] Now oh my got it No, it’s not fair, and it’s not fair and not fair [Swift] Twitter the [proheat] suited to forget quick Green is wrong it. Yeah Yeah, and your face is it all of your faces that guys [do] in a clock dial. Oh my goodness That was so close. Oh my gosh. Hi guys you know, what wait my gun. It’s over there. How am I gonna get that? Okay, I’m trying sprinting Yes, okay? Yeah, so they’re following me no no question okay [han] and quick e quick eat it no, no [hahaha], never getting like Is it in my head is it Eli the shark nate like I’m all right [forget] [the] gun Forget teasing the [sharks] let’s see. Oh no no no no not again, okay? Yes, how am I gonna make it to the jet skis we [have] to Sprint far ready? Yeah? Yeah, go quick. Go quick [go] quick go quick. Go yeah, make it a getaway. I’m Gonna [kill] me There’s nobody that’s gonna stop me because I’m g V wilbur Jones, and I’m a frog I’m gonna picture fall. I’m Mr. Graham I’m Mission into [Rambis] all right. No. No you’re going that way gotta go that way Turn around oh No, no if the frog can get that it’s not even a fun game it is not Stop it. Stop. [that’s] not fair. I just gotta run. No way. I want land. Oh my goodness Where am I going looks fun looks real build this ramp here? Look look look and no no wait wait wait man, and come on go oh No, not upside down. I’m going [to] water [oh] [no], they’re closed what I’m invasive maneuvering. Oh my goodness where I go now ah they’re all following me Try to catch me shock ease. I have no idea Where to go look at those clowns back there? Why only sound like Shaggy look we’re sad missing on the clouds? High sadness sadness [actually] looks like she could be a frog there’s five sharks on my tail And I don’t even have a tail cuz I’m a frog I don’t think I’m supposed to be out this far. They’re gonna concert. They are so getting closer. Oh my goodness [I] do like a trick or a flip Gee why you I ke o lj mm hd g [v] dC? Z and x okay I’ve done everything. I’m not convinced. I’m supposed to go this far What would happen when I die? Find out next time which is right now Whoa, what’s happening? Okay? What was that? [I] think [a] nuclear what I? Think it nuclear bomb is going off when I see something all those jet skis civilization have a son named civilization civilization Where are you? I wonder if she’s with my civilization daughter. Oh, yes, I am supposed to be here [alright] and f run all night. Yeah, try to get me shot keys aha, you guys stay [there] Oh look. They’re sliding back. Yeah, there’s must be oil on this mountain alright, so the fact that there’s [seed] [is] they’ll ski-doos. No stop [Sprint] [falling]. We don’t have time for that now. [I] must get off this mountain Explorer [starting] um the fact that there’s a Seadoo ski, do you think me there that must mean that else? Civilization somewhere right above this mountain peak it sounds like a stop sprint farting and get to the top We shall check it out almost there. I could do this He’s fast in the middle of the screen slow on the left side of screen fast on the middle still a lip That’s in the middle slow today, okay here. We are here. We are here [ah] the trick there’s more mountains ah Getting to another peak Shall this be the Peak of revelation Show me thy cities of frog Are you serious there really is nothing else around? Where do I go? Hello Can you hear me? We are going through Sprint [fart] and Roll down the Martin and I’ve got her it’s gotta hurt. He’s you’re wiggly Oh, yes, jump jump jump [don’t] dick me my people want to jump jump you’re gonna. Make me lose my mind up in here Let’s go come on. We’re almost there Yes mini coopers and a pooper I am going in the [Porta] [potty] and I’m going to [resp] on Here I’m going [to] resp in here. Yes, shut the door. Oh, no. I’m going flying there we go Let’s go flying with this beautiful view All right, I’ve got the mini Cooper. Oh Bobby Hmm. [I] was a little steep. We’re going off-roading I guess Okay, wait. Oh, no. I have a thing. I’m going to bust up this car and Wait should I try to drive the car in the [wah-wah]? What’s this right here, okay? We’ve got a gorge. [oh] my goodness we have a gorge [a] Gorgeous scenery, [oh] we’re going into different terrain We’re getting into different terrain All right, come on. What do we do oh, I’m going off of this. I’m so going off. I don’t care. [yo] Don’t flip okay. All right. I I legit don’t even know at least we have a spawn point there. Oh my goodness Let’s see if there’s sharks on the side of the ocean Wow, they really should develop this area it would be high very highly visited tourist attraction [oh], [no], oh roll over, [wha] it’s actually not that scary I was hoping that be a little bit more epic, Er But it wasn’t what can I drive in the water go underneath? No sink sink sink, please sink Please see okay in real life when a car fills up with [Wawa] it goes down [oh], what is that? It’s a shark. [oh], yeah, come on. Let’s see if your I’m legit [Jess] and stuff come on sharky Oh my gosh. There’s two shark are that’s not fair one mini Cooper wants it oh You just hit my catalytic converter [now]. [it] smells like eggs. [oh] Honey can I don’t they’re going for my door [now]. Go really gone. Oh my gosh There’s three of them, but I think on it. They got me in the door. [oh] They got me in the door. [I’m] dead already [alright] well ladies and gentlemen I’ve had enough Shark killing bloodshed today That’s about it. We’re Gonna We’re gonna have to save some of this fun for the next episode if you guys want to see more of this then you know what to do thumbs down [and] Unsubscribe Chris kidding stop don’t do that. If you do that. I’ll delete the channel so don’t okay. I’m not kidding [I] am kidding about not kidding I was just kidding about that, okay but fertile though Like and subscribe and favorite and share and thumbs up and do all those other things that most youtubers say in every single video Whatever. They say just do it here [because] I usually don’t say that because y’all just awesome. You do it anyways, we’re done [I] had fun. [I] hope you had fun. Watching. I love this game [I] just [need] to find out where else to visit and I’ll check you next time Oh, you’re waiting for me to say okay be really bought by bots

    4 STORY BILLIONAIRE BOX FORT CHALLENGE!! ๐Ÿ“ฆ๐Ÿ’ฐย Movie Theatre, Drone Defence, Gaming Room & More!
    Articles, Blog

    4 STORY BILLIONAIRE BOX FORT CHALLENGE!! ๐Ÿ“ฆ๐Ÿ’ฐย Movie Theatre, Drone Defence, Gaming Room & More!

    August 30, 2019

    we have central heating in here all
    right we have the nest on the wall that allows us to control the temperature and
    heat this entire place you get on the segue you want to go into the kitchen
    you roll right into the kitchen check that out guys and welcome to our nice
    five-star kitchen the entire third story is literally a hallway for something
    every Baker we are now going in to the fourth storey Mogan get in here right
    now yeah Jake what what are you wearing Boggan it’s my thinking masks it’s the
    only way I could come up with the best box for building ideas ever I have a new
    idea all right quick little bit put this off you made me one it’s the only way
    you’re gonna be able to see what I’m seeing
    okay let you see it see what poke at the future a box for buildings look I know I
    know you thought it couldn’t be done but I’ve done the math I’ve done the math
    the math checks out the math on what Jake okay you need to
    follow me you have to see this this is one story no we have done a two-story
    box for Logan double the stories we thought it was impossible but we went to
    three stories then what’s wrong the fourth story the math simply doesn’t
    check out Jake we can’t have four stories yes look at the math didn’t
    check out but we didn’t take into consideration the height of the box for
    when we get to three stories we’re touching the top of theoretical limits
    this is the sky this is our space and what’s in space Logan cheese zero
    gravity look in the fourth storey doesn’t need to be supported by the
    other three because it’s supported already by zero G’s looking this means
    the math checks out it means we can do a four-story box or we can do the big 4 4
    it’s gonna be an endeavor it’s gonna be something that we’ve never done before
    the people who built the Hoover Dam had it easy
    we’ll have it hard but we can do this you really think we can do this
    Logan I know we can we have to start building now yo what’s going on guys
    Papa Jake here from to you Brittany and we are back with a brand new video and
    to date today guys we are doing something so next level so advanced
    we’re going into the future a box for building our
    guys go on for story or stories and you guys have seen us we did one story which
    is book the ground then we went two stories and we thought that was crazy we
    thought we were insane then we went three stories we thought the technology
    can’t go any farther we cannot go farther than three stories
    but today is the day today is the day that we go all four stories I know you
    guys been asking us to your box for skyscraper and this is kind of preparing
    us to do a massive box for skyscraper with multiple stories so we’re gonna
    kick it off with this four-story box for it so we thought why don’t we add on to
    it why don’t we take what we already have built and extend it out we make
    this into a billionaires four-story box for it alright well everyone’s been
    asking for it exactly we’ve done billionaires box floors before but never
    four stories so this is gonna be in all our box fun we’re gonna have a gaming
    room movie theater it is gonna be insane this is gonna be the modern box for it
    we’re like the Tesla a box for Bill basically we’re gonna take this and
    we’re gonna extend it all the way out here we’re then gonna add our tables so
    we can start leveling up our stories and then you’re probably wondering Papa Jake
    where’s the fourth story gonna go you can only go so high now I know it looks
    so spooky I know it looks a little bit scary but up there is the Attic we have
    gone so far we literally need to go to the Attic to make this four stories and
    if you guys like this if you guys think this video is awesome we can actually
    extend our build even farther up there because there’s a lot of space up in the
    attic that we can build with I did want to remind you we are getting ready for
    our awesome Papa Jay Christmas giveaway and we’ve been asking you guys what do
    you want us to give away for this so if you guys have an idea you know whether
    you want an Xbox ps4 s iPads iPhones hoverboards let me know down below in
    the comments we’re gonna be picking the most suggested giveaway and we’re gonna
    do an insane Christmas giveaway to give back to all you guys for all the likes
    comments shares everything like that it’s like Papa Jake’s Christmas dude it
    is I’m like Santa Claus just rain and presents on everyone if you are gonna be
    entering in when we do this make sure that you’re part of the notification
    squad make sure you hit the subscribe button and hit that tiny little Bell
    button so you guys never miss a brand new pop Jake video well guys it looks
    like it’s time stop oh no get really dizzy look okay
    but it looks like eyes it’s time to start building so we’re gonna start off
    with the build and then we’ll get inside and start decking out this billionaires
    box fort but for now we got start working on the second story check it out from working on the for now
    for a little while it is looking so awesome we have the second story already
    almost complete I’ve laid out the entire cardboard here and of course we got the
    first story we just sealed down here and we still have the whole fire station
    which I do need to modify I do need to upgrade because I think I want to kind
    of open it up a little bit more make it a little more open concept but before we
    get to that I still have to put on all the walls here and I still have to do
    the third story because if we don’t have a third story there’s no way for us to
    get to the fourth story which is all the way up there still not 100% sure how I’m
    gonna do this but I think the most important thing right now is getting
    onto that third story and putting it all together then we get inside and start
    decking it out so let’s keep building and see how it goes I’m inside the box for now and I have to
    say this has to be one of the most difficult box for builds in a good way
    all right we’re going all out on this thing and it is absolutely massive now I
    haven’t done all the interior I haven’t done the lighting I also haven’t gone
    ahead and did all the cool LED strips other than what we have left over and
    over here we have this whole section almost done so we have the second level
    here it’s coming along it’s looking pretty nice under here we’ve got extra
    room this is gonna be kind of like our gaming room our chill-out room we think
    we’re gonna put a projector on this screen so we can watch movies and stuff
    like that over down there is the kitchen which I haven’t gotten to yet so you got
    a lot of work to do over in the kitchen I’ll get there in a little bit but I
    want to bring you guys up to the third storey because that’s where I am right
    now don’t want show you guys what I’m dealing with here so if you follow me
    you climb up around here and we have the third storey now the third storey is
    where things get a little bit weird because it’s so tall that the roof is
    right there and actually couldn’t really put a roof on it because it would be
    extremely difficult and extremely cramped now the fourth storey we’re
    gonna be building off here which which means I gotta go and get all of our
    cardboard and bring it up here so we can build that fourth storey yes this is the
    roof of the rest of the box for here and it is absolutely massive so what I’m
    gonna do right now is I’m gonna go ahead and get a bunch of carboy we’re gonna
    bring it up here and we’re gonna start working on the fourth storey a few
    moments later alright guys so I know it’s been a little while since my last
    update but that’s because we have been absolutely grinding this for in fact
    we’ve been grinding so hard it has become our biggest most luxurious most
    insane box fort we have ever made and you guys know Papa Jake alright I make
    crazy box fours this is a new level this is four stories of Awesomeness
    this is do by far the craziest build we have ever done I have we gotta go inside
    we got to show you guys what we’ve built if you think this box board is fire you
    need to destroy that like button and if you guys think we should go even bigger
    and keep this box board smack that like button and leave a comment down below
    hashtag keep it and for all of you guys who are wondering when the next Samba
    soap is coming out it’s coming out next Tuesday yeah so stay tuned for epic you
    guys do not want to miss that but without further ado guys let’s jump in
    the sport I’ll show you guys a billionaire box for me it doesn’t look
    too impressive from the outside I’m not gonna lie but we’re just wait here we go
    oh yeah check this out guys oh we are inside the billionaires of box for it
    look how insane this is so as you guys can see right off the bat I’m standing
    up because it’s big it’s huge in here but not only that we’ve got some crazy
    features in fact we have so many features it’s gonna take a while to go
    through this is gonna need a house to do it’s gonna need a house tour so why
    don’t we start here in the living quarters as you guys can see here are
    the living quarters this is one of the sleeping areas on this table here this
    is the second this is my bedroom this is Logan’s bedroom we got a nice window
    here we’ve got arrows on the wall guiding you through the box for of
    course the cool thing about the living quarters is we got our very own home
    movie theater that’s right a whole movie theater we try to compile a bunch of
    really cool box 4 designs from our previous videos into this so home movie
    theater here projector here Nintendo switch here you’ve got an ultimate
    gaming and movie watching set up you might be wondering Pappa Jake you’re in
    a t-shirt but you’re in the garage that’s cuz this place is heated we have
    central heating in here alright we have the nest on the wall that allows us to
    control the temperature and heat this entire place well why don’t we go check
    out another area that’s really important for a billionaires box but you know you
    guys know this is for the super-rich of the rich so if I’m gonna go over there
    into the kitchen you don’t see it says food here like this I don’t just walk
    he’s walking so last year you just get on the Segway you want to go into the
    kitchen you roll right into the kitchen check that out guys know who are inside
    the kitchen and welcome to our nice 5-star kitchen and let me remind you in
    case you forget we’re not in Papa Jake’s house we’re in a box for in the kitchen
    we have a toaster a working toaster I might add we’ve got our cutlery on the
    wall here we’ve got some napkins we also have some extra water balls if you feel
    kind of parched over here we got some peanut butter on the wall cuz you know
    Peter bar is always good when you wake up in the morning you want to make some
    toast which we can do in the box for it and then over in this room we have my
    bedroom which is a two story bedroom as well up there we’ve got my sleeping
    quarters down there we have storage but up here
    so up here is where I’ll be sleeping you’re relaxed up here it is super cozy
    I forgot we put a window here mice I did had to put some windows in here we
    wanted a really open concept so it’s Logan’s chillin over there playing video
    games maybe I’m chillin over here reading we can still talk to each other
    if I want to like as cool as it is that we have two bedrooms a working kitchen
    with the toaster a segue to roll around a nest system to heat this entire box
    for lighting LED strips a whole movie theater home gaming setup as well as all
    I forgot to show you guys we also have a Roomba over there to keep everything
    clean we’ve got one more thing to show you guys we have the fourth story cuz
    this is a four story box for and I know you probably think it Papa Jake this
    can’t get any bigger this is insane you’re sitting there like so close your
    mouth smack that like button I’m gonna show you guys the fourth story okay
    quiet I’ve shown them the fourth story you got to turn off man we know the
    fourth story box for it has been a huge thing that you guys have wanted yeah
    here it is guys you guys ready for this so we start here on the second story
    this is Logan’s bedroom slash bed feels pretty sweet two stories we did that you
    know I was so two months ago then we go to 30 stories the third story is just a
    hallway alright the entire third story is literally a hallway for something
    even bigger we are now going in to the fourth story this out we come up here
    and we are in the fourth story in our four story billionaires box for it how
    sweet is this tonight you come up here you can read your books
    relax know maybe get away from everyone else because when we build box for it’s
    their mansion so we have to have our own space so I can come up here you know
    breathe relax got a light up here got double lights and there’s tons of room
    you can just stretch right out enjoy yourself up here hey guys this is one of
    the reasons why we’re like should we hashtag keep this because this goes even
    further we could make this bigger which I know is crazy I know you think you
    can’t get any bigger but it can so if you guys think we should go bigger smack
    that like button down below let’s try and get 50,000 likes on this video and
    guys will go even bigger we’ve been building for a while so I think it’s
    time that we have our dead but the cool thing about a billionaires
    box for it is there’s no MREs there’s no crackers nothing like that
    we’ve got a personal chef his name is little boy they eats these guys in the
    morning you know we’ll make our own breakfast but for dinner I think we’re
    gonna order in some ubereats deliver it straight to the box for it and enjoy
    that while we play some Mario Kart or something or maybe watch a movie but
    let’s head back downstairs now let’s order our food and let’s check out some
    more of this box for it I think this is one of my favorite box words we have
    ever felt for sure so I think it’s time while we wait for our food to come to
    have a little Mario Kart battle so we’re gonna start playing some Mario Kart i’ma
    get in my bed Logan here’s a controller I actually won that that was actually
    insane the best power-ups at the last second like you wanted you to win guys
    looks like I’m the champion once again undefeated in Mario Kart have you won this round yep looks like I
    take a Mario number one Luigi number dude check it out boots here got a food
    here looks like it’s dinner time let’s go to the kitchen check it out yo Jake
    why don’t we dinner upstairs dude that’d be sick let’s go to the fourth storey
    and have our dinner we’re up in the fourth storey so we’re gonna enjoy our
    dinner have a nice feast in this billionaires box for it and then we’ll
    go back downstairs for some more fun Oh so I’m thinking dude I feel like we
    have enough room in here we should try and fly a drone have you ever flown a
    drone inside a box for now I say we fly the drone this might be the worst idea
    or the best idea ever we’re gonna try and fly the mini drone inside the box
    where these things are super fun to fly around so let’s see if it works it’s
    either gonna be really awesome or this thing’s gonna go flying into Logan space
    mini drone inside the box fort all right all right
    first plate was a little wonky let’s try that again this time the charm I got it I think it’s time that we hit the hay
    I’m exhausted it took a bunch of energy to build this thing but we still lots of
    fun stuff so we’re gonna get to bed now because we built the billionaires box
    for it I mean there’s there’s not much to it I mean we just did a challenge
    surviving in the woods that was hard it was cold it was wet it was rainy we’re
    in the middle of the woods this is luxurious to me I might as well be in a
    hotel right now we’re gonna start turning off our lights getting into our
    beds before we do that though one last thing I forgot to mention we got a
    security system check this out guys so we’ve got onboard motion sensors so we
    turn this on and then if someone walks in during the night it goes off and we
    know someone’s in our box forth all right let’s get to bed well it looks
    like it is time to hit the hay it has been an awesome and amazing day and this
    billionaires for story box for it it’s time to get into our nice comfy beds our
    luxurious rooms and go to sleep so we can have an awesome day tomorrow see you
    guys in the morning it’s a brand new day in the box for come
    on Jake we got things to do buddy guys how’s it going
    this is day two one day two in the Box Ford how did you sleep great man like
    honestly I have to say going from a very very very cold forest box for it this
    was nice stuff heating in here cuz I was toasty warm in fact at some points I
    took my blanket off is that warm Jake I think it’s time for some food
    food you want you want chef pop Jake to whip you up all right welcome everyone
    to the kitchen it’s a new day in our billionaires box for it and unlike
    regular box sports our box for it comes with an entire kitchen which is why breakfast which is why I’m gonna be
    making us some classic breakfast peanut butter toast what more can you ask for
    in a billionaire box four three two one all right ready
    got some Fox floored toast the best kind of toast of course we’ve got our cutlery
    nicely positioned here to make this we’ll grab our peanut butter off the
    wall perfect Logan what do you want you tous course it’s your only option a lot
    of people thought Papa Jake wasn’t a professional chef well if you don’t
    think I’m a professional chef look at this could I have done this if I wasn’t
    professional well there we go guys you got our nice peanut butter toast in the
    morning gonna put our peanut butter back in our holder here and so we don’t get
    peanut butter everywhere this goes back in a little holder here we can wash that
    later when we’re done in the box for let’s head up to the fourth story and
    have our breakfast in the chill room I think I’ve outdone myself Logan this is
    some very good peanut butter toast well we had our breakfast we played
    Mario Kart we checked out the entire box for the kitchen the fourth story the
    third story the video gaming room the movie room our bedrooms the onboard
    heating this has been an insane build it has been one of our biggest bills in
    fact it is our biggest build ever and if you guys want to keep it
    make sure to smack that like button and put a hashtag keep it down below and if
    you guys have been waiting for zombie week episode for no episode 5
    stay tuned for Tuesday cuz there’s gonna be a brand new episode so just wait
    it’ll be here it’s gonna be a crazy episode and a crazy addition to what you
    guys have already seen and of course if you don’t want to miss any of these
    videos be sure to smack that subscribe button and hit that little bell icon but
    guys thank you very much husband Papa Jake’s MC epiphany and Logan and we’ll
    see you guys next time for another awesome video

    Can you make your way to the top? | Spire of Eternity | Elvenar
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    Can you make your way to the top? | Spire of Eternity | Elvenar

    August 30, 2019

    Now, you’re super happy!
    Now rejoice! Hello Elvenar players! Today, I will tell you a story about a young
    hero and his way to glory and riches. It all began when our protagonist spotted
    a white Spire in the distance. A white Spire in the distance! I wonder what mysteries and riches
    await me there?! Curious as he was, he took his staff and
    shouldered his backpack to venture forth to the Spire of Eternity! Even though he still didn’t know
    what it was called… At the outskirts of his ruler’s capital lies the magnificent Spire in a valley right by the shore. A light breeze was ⁠—hey, could you skip that? I want to know what’s in there! Very well. He didn’t hesitate and
    entered immediately. Upon entering, he found a strange being awaiting
    him, guarding a treasure chest. It didn’t seem to be too aggressive, but
    it was clear, that the Spirit wouldn’t surrender the treasure without some convincing. Our hero, sure of his striking charisma,
    chose to convince the spirit rather than engage in combat. To our hero’s surprise, the Spirit wasn’t alone! He had brought some friends and our hero knew,
    that he would need some smart moves to get those Spirits on his side. Where did those guys come from?! Hey! I’m not a guy! Well, the more the merrier, let’s see. I give you something that you need and I get the chest! Let’s see what I have… I’ll just give them coins! I have a lot of them anyway, and
    everybody loves coins, right? Some coins for you… …and some coins for you… …and you get coins! …and some coins for you…and coins for you! So, what do you guys say? Do I get my treasure?! Ahh! Coin, I don’t need coin! If you don’t like it, why do you keep it? – I keep what I want! –
    – Give me something else, I don’t like it. –
    – What is that?! –
    – I don’t want it. – Okay I don’t give up yet. Let’s see what else I have in my bag… I have supplies… …and I have elixir. Supplies for you… …and you get elixir! You want elixir too? Okay! …and some supplies… …and more elixir! So now, are you guys happy? – Not too bad…really not too bad. –
    – I don’t need this. Maybe somebody else. – Haha! You have only one turn left! Dude! It’s not that complicated! They are literally telling you what they need. Well, you know the end of this story.
    Please let me do my work here. I’m on it I have an idea. So you get supplies and you get elixir Fine, I’ll keep it! That’s exactly what I wanted! Woohoo! Yeah! Yeah! You did it! You did it! Now that our hero has the hang of it, he learned
    to enjoy the little game he played with the spirits, not to mention how he enjoyed the Rewards
    he reaped after succeeding. Our hero realized the trick was to consider
    what the spirits told him, and with all the clues at hand, he could simply apply the principle
    of exclusion to find out what the Spirits wanted. For good measure, he of course could also
    send some of his troops into battle, just to add some variety into the mix, and not
    bore the Spirits too much with his shenanigans. Then he reached the first guard – an armed spirit
    that seemed stronger than the others – but given that the treasure looked even bigger,
    he didn’t mind so much. Hey, I think I defeated enough Spirits,
    Can we just go to the point where I get tons of treasures? The guard was no match for our hero and he
    went through the Spire’s first level like a hot knife goes through butter. But all this changed when he faced a tall
    Treant that not only guarded a treasure, but also a gate to his back, that would lead the
    hero to the next level of the Spire. It’s a Boss. You know you call it a Boss when you reach
    the end of a level and ⁠—hey, we’re in a narrative here, don’t ruin
    the story with your gamer terms! Where was I ahh, yes, the Treant spirit Boss! Whatever! It blocked the path and so the Hero
    faced the last challenge of the first level, and as he did, he discovered something
    he never faced before. Actually I had that three times,
    but only with two wa- There were several waves of enemies
    that were opposing his troops. He would have to be able to overcome all three
    enemy waves with only five selected squads of his troops. He considered his choices carefully by observing
    the enemy forces and then, once he was sure, sent his units into battle! Hmm… Mages… and Light Ranged Units as enemies… What do I send? How about some Cerberus squads and.. yes! Sword Acrobats should do the trick! Even though there were some casualties along
    the way, our hero and his troops were victorious. But then something unexpected happened. Our hero sensed that a mighty treasure had
    appeared as the Spirit was vanquished. There was a message on my screen!
    I just clicked a button I didn’t sense anything! Jonas! Uhh mighty hero, what did
    I tell you about the narrative! This is not the first one I collected. But I’m still so excited. Shush! You wanted to skip to the Boss. Ohh Yeah!!! I got the Genie!!! Nice. Wanna see what else you can get in the Spire?! So there is a nice set, the Moonstone Library Set. It gives you Spell Fragments, Combining Catalysts,
    and even Sentient Goods, if you are advanced enough in your Research! But there are also some interesting expiring
    buildings, like the Genie, which is similar to the Wishing Well, but better, and the Trading
    Station, in which you can produce Coin Rain, or Portal Profit, depending on your chapter. Don’t forget the Dwarven Armorer, that boosts
    your Unit hit points! I’m so exhausted! That was quite a journey. But you skipped most of the work! Pffff.. This was actually just a break for our young
    hero, and not the end of his journey, because there were two more levels
    of the Spire still awaiting! What?! Come on! Soon there will be plenty of heroes queuing
    to discover the saga, and waiting for you to lead them! The Spire opens its gates every week, from
    Sunday to Friday – but remember, only experienced rulers can send out a champion! That means you have to have
    reached chapter three in your city! So this concludes our story for now If you want to see more stories in the future, make sure to subscribe our channel hit the like button and the notification bell! …and we have a special contest for you! If you want to win one out of three
    Genies that we are giving away do what he said before and put the
    solution for the right resources I used in diplomacy before down in the comments. See you in-game!

    WORLDS SMALLEST Transforming HOT WHEELS Box Fort Race Track!!
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    WORLDS SMALLEST Transforming HOT WHEELS Box Fort Race Track!!

    August 26, 2019

    Jake why are you so sad with what’s
    going on it’s wrong as it’s been almost two years since the accident there’s
    another Hot Wheels race next week the first time I don’t compete so I stay
    here other race goes out take it easy on the parade then having
    way too much that way late don’t you tell me to slow down on the Perrier you
    don’t know what it was like to be the greatest whole fields racer in the world
    have it all taken away in an instant Jake what happened why don’t you race
    anymore it was the summer of 2001 Hot Wheels racing was all the rage and I was
    the best Hot Wheels racer the world has ever seen
    sponsors money fame I had it all until the grand race ladies
    and gentlemen welcome back to the hot wheels grand race for a million dollars
    today we have racer Papa Jake versus glaze McQueen battling it out
    head-to-head it’s gonna make the finish line in that
    million dollars is ours standing on me though trying to ship this thing into
    cool gear moving my way in interruptus he’s in the lead I may have to feed on
    this chump Partlow D coming up is the hardest turn and that’s why I’m sad
    cheak why are you so sad I mean it’s just haul wheels it was my life
    you know they said I might never be able to race again I suffered a broken finger
    now just because you had one failure doesn’t mean you’re a failure for the
    rest of your life you need to get back up there and race again and I am just
    what could happen even if I wanted to I left all that home bill stuff behind me
    in the past I left it back at the old house before we moved here shake it so
    happens I have the keys to the old house I say we go back to the old house get
    those Hot Wheels tracks can we build a box for that can transform into a Hot
    Wheels race track why would we do that don’t know but what I do know is it’s
    gonna be your once a growing school do you think I could do the Hot Wheels
    track on the scooter I don’t me do not do the Hot Wheels track home school
    that’s a very bad idea Logan that would not work out it at all well mr. Pooh you
    can’t play Hot Wheels with us today because today we are gonna be making our
    very own Hot Wheels box for it I thought it would be extremely cool to make the
    world’s first ever transforming Hot Wheels box for ya guys we were thinking
    because the race crate transforms into a bunch of different tracks we would make
    our very own box perversion that expands out into our own cool ball wheels tracks
    so we can have a Papa Jake versus Logan challenge no before we actually start
    building that thing though guys I did want to show you the race grip because
    this thing is just so cool so as you guys know the race great start task well
    this a race crane and then to the power of magic aka unfolding it like origami
    it turns into this so before to make our own box perversion in this Logan why
    don’t we have a little bit of a race here to get some inspiration
    so the first track is a drag race like Jake said and Jake you’re going down
    look at my car it’s got a baseball on it because baseballs are really fast
    everyone knows that so I’m gonna win this challenge it’s a straight drag race
    into a looky-loo and at the end here we even have that this sweet little device
    that tells us who wins so I’m just absolutely no cheating
    all right Logan get in possess I’m going for advance fault wheels
    position are you coming all right in three two one Rock pick oh alright
    we’re doing Hollis sorry alright three two one alright well okay fine you won
    the track race but Logan we’ve got two other variations of the race crate to
    play on right no I’m gonna beat you on this one cannot be I gotta go with my
    racing position s interesting strategy Jake but I don’t think it’s gonna help
    you at all oh yeah well look at the speed Logan
    whoa hmm we didn’t even see that it’s lightning
    speed all right ready in three two one oh wait wait a second I don’t know what
    that means I don’t know what that means either my car went through first but it
    went through in your lane which means based on the Hot Wheels rule book of
    rules I think I won the race now we’re gonna transform the hill climber into
    the gravity drop three two one oh dude check it out
    it’s the gravity drop you start up here and let the cars go under the
    loop-d-loop and of course across the finish line
    this is for all the marbles or should I say Hot Wheels for this one
    I’m going for the brake all right you know I don’t want the baseball cards
    before but you’re gonna be making something that transforms just like the
    race crate does but also has the ability to box for that we can live in so it’s a
    port it’s a racetrack it’s a box board okay but Jake how are
    we supposed to build this right now you open up the door and you come on inside
    so so that looks real cool it is looking sweet now guys it isn’t done yet we
    still have to actually like trick this place out with a super-sweet track so
    that when we do unfold it we can race but I want to show you guys what it
    looks like right now when we got these super sweet LED lights and it looks like
    a regular four from the other side gasps that’s where you’re wrong Logan why
    don’t you show them check this out this box for it has been specially engineered
    to unfold with no tape as you guys can see we have these tape pouches which the
    cardboard perfectly go in and then they come out as you guys can see and the big
    flap comes out just like that and here we go here comes the rib oh there we go
    in our box for trace creep opens up just like that you’re gonna make our epic
    wheels track along this just like she’s having the race crates we can embrace
    each other and then when we’re done hold it back up and chill in our box for it
    so now’s the fun part where we actually get to build our track and I thought we
    would use the Hot Wheels jumbo studs box we go down the ramp
    all the way through maybe a super loop deal here and then to the finish line up
    on the couch alright guys so check it out we just
    finished building our life size of box fort Oh
    wheels radius train and guys as you can see from the outside no it looks like a
    normal box whereas we already showed you use all wheels accents it’s got the
    plane so you know it goes faster and then when you open up the door now it
    looks a little bit crazy but if you actually look in here you can see all of
    the wheels track so it kind of does make sense in those things like on the cia’s
    whole wheels on the ceiling and the walls it’s not everywhere so right now
    you know it’s all here for storage and you know it’s still fort like do I can
    still get in here see you check it out I’m inside and chilling in here you know
    this Hot Wheels all around me like this and then when you know you’re like oh I
    want to race some of these awesome Hot Wheels well that’s when the Rea security
    comes from handy because well this all falls out and works as one insane
    racetrack Logan you want start the folding process so we’ll start with
    their roofs the flat goes up the entire thing is folded out now and we have an
    amazing Hot Wheels track not just one but two different tracks this is a drag
    race track that starts up here you get a bunch of speed with the help of you know
    gravity or our friend and you go all the way down here into the double loop to
    move over to this this is actually a sweet new piece we got in the Jumbo sub
    box and it’s a working elevator so it brings your car up here keeps it another
    boost and off into another and then the final jump and whoever
    makes it to the end first of course wins be also the Sun track
    I’ll show you guys that out I think it’s time for me and you to race Logan I’ve
    got my gold card Logan has this green car now of course there’s only one
    switch that’ll activate both cars so you know it’s 100% fair and whoever makes
    the finish wins you’re ready to do this Logan ready as I’ll ever be
    all right here we go in three two one epical is dry it’s crazy because your
    car was beating me but then up the elevator my car started beating you that
    was so cool than when they hit the elevators all right well I think we need
    to go again because that was way too close all right guys it’s time for round
    number two Jake are you ready oh dude I’m ready or I’ll let you do the honors
    of letting them launch this time all right in threes buddy to me my car my
    car thought that’d be racing this way I kinda went up the elevator the wrong way
    but fix this all good this is like one of my favorite drag races and the fact
    that we can just fold this all up when we’re done and like move it anywhere we
    want it’s pretty awesome now I think it is time to check out the stunt tracks on
    track is really cool we have another really awesome new feature for this so
    the stunt track works well maybe we should just show you okay here we go
    let’s get our car lined up here and then let’s get our other two cars lined up
    all right guys here goes our awesome hot wheels on track in three no i-5 man so this little doohickey here
    launches two cars at once after you activate it by eating this
    thing so you think it’s a stun this way but then we go 90 degrees and it’s a
    stunt this way we’ve accomplished something a pretty insane dude but guys
    we made the world’s first transforming Fox 4 2 F course this has been Pappa
    Jake and Logan and we will see you guys next time
    for another awesome video turn