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    Bucket List: Aircraft Carrier
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    Bucket List: Aircraft Carrier

    January 18, 2020

    [RINGTONE] Commander Flanders, you
    got any good news for us? Got some good news. You guys got the green
    light for three days on one of our aircraft carriers
    in the Pacific, USS Nimitz. I’ve looked over your
    list, it’s very ambitious, but we’re going to
    do our best to help you check those things off. OK. Should be a good few days What about maybe me
    getting in an F-18 and soaring in the skies? Wow, uh, it could be tough
    to do on the carrier, but we’ll see what we can do. All right, Commander Flanders. We appreciate it. We’ll see you guys
    in a few weeks. Welcome to our home for
    the next three days. Everybody has a bucket list. That list of things you’ve
    always wanted to do, whether it’s a wild adventure
    or a breathtaking moment. We want to take
    these experiences and share them with you. Welcome to Bucket List. [INTRO MUSIC] Uh, we’re lost. To put the massive size of
    this ship into perspective, the USS Nimitz is over
    three football fields long, holds 6,000 people,
    and houses 60 jets. So what’s the price
    of this floating city? $4.5 billion dollars. This is our master
    list, everything we’re hoping to pull off while
    we’re on the aircraft carrier. Time to kick things off
    out on the flight deck. So we just got word that
    we’ve been greenlighted to go out onto the flight
    deck where the planes are taking off and landing. We’re shooting the planes
    off the runway ourselves. Let’s go! Make sure you get
    that chin strap. Yeah. OK. This is literally
    a dream come true. The yellow shirts on the
    deck are the shooters. They help launch and
    recover all the aircraft. Earlier today, we
    had the chance to be trained by a Navy Shooter. He taught us all we needed
    to know to shoot off a jet. Thumbs up, and then
    I’m going to drop, and whatever you’re ready. Shoot Shoot, baby. I’ve wanted to do
    something like this since I saw the movie “Top Gun.” Each Navy Shooter launches the
    Jets With his or her own style. So naturally, we decided to
    put a little Dude Perfect flair to it. I think for me, personally,
    I’m going here, bow and arrow, pull back, boom! We’re waiting on the tower
    to give us the green light. I am freaking out! [SCREAMS] Yeah! Yeah! I mean, I got to be honest, the
    timing of that was flawless. Unbelievable performance. Codes! Hey! Great job, great job. Thank you! I can’t really hear what you’re
    saying, but I’ll take it! The dab is never dead! Never dead! [MUSIC PLAYING] I’m nervous! Man, that was insane. All right, here’s
    the deal, guys. They just cleared the deck,
    time for a little knockout on the aircraft carrier. Let’s do this, guys! Next up, probably my favorite. Hitting golf balls off the
    back of an aircraft carrier. Don’t worry folks, we’ve
    got biodegradable balls. These suckers dissolve. Gar, how you feeling? Feel good. Nice. Let’s bombs away, baby! Never expected to be
    playing basketball in the middle of the ocean. I’m a little worried about
    hitting it in the water. It seems like a tight fairway. Oh, it is clutch, but it
    is right of the fairway. Hey, this is the XO. That’s out of bounds. You’re going to have
    to hit a provisional. Out of bounds! You’ve got to hit a provisional! That message was from
    the XO, the captain from the top of the tower. Sir, yes, sir. Ty, get him! See you, boys! Yes! It’s probably the most fun
    knockout game I’ve ever played. It’s pretty awesome. OK! Great shot. I’ve never club twirled on
    an aircraft carrier before. That’s nice! Oh, that’s fun. We have one ball remaining each,
    and it’s happy Gilmore time. Good luck to you, Gar! Oh! What a bomber. Not bad. Oh! Oh! The club is it’s scraped. It’s scraped pretty good. Oh, wow! You launched that! Oh! Sparks! We got sparks! Ladies and gentlemen,
    we have officially come up with our call signs. On the end here, the big
    guy, we’ve got lactose. Over here, we’ve got sunburn. Sparks, Clearthroat,
    and Slantnose. So, not bad. Hey, I could use some ice cream. Yeah. No! No more ice cream! Shut him down. I haven’t got an official no,
    I’m sitll holding out for hope to wakeboard behind the ship. Not happening. He would die, if
    it was right there. We are going down into
    this tiny little red hole, where we’ll get a chance
    to serve some sailors. Good thing I went on keto! After spending a
    full day on the deck, we decided to cool
    down underneath, with a Navy tradition. Ice cream social time. Pistachio will be
    the new top flavor, you just have to sell it. I have cookies and cream. This will be the number one. How can I help you, sir? Oreos. M and M’s, double scoop of both? Sure. Double scoop of both! Kind of gotta get in there. Can I interest you in
    some pistachio today? No, gross. Call this the no
    look Oreo serve. How’s it going, man? The official flavor in
    the US Navy, pistachio! No, I’m good with this one. Thank you, though. Haha, yeah! I have yet to be turned down. Feel like we should
    pick that up. So we’re on a runway where
    the planes go, and we just want to make sure that
    everything is off of it, so that it doesn’t get
    sucked up into the engine and bad things happen. So, Tyler is looking
    for washers, metal. Bird poop. Shrapnel, whatever. You gotta get that. Totally honest with you
    guys, we’re not proud of it, but when I came
    out the door, I was holding a little bowl
    of Cheerios from dinner, and they were like, oh, you
    can’t bring that out here. That’s the kind of thing
    we’re trying to get rid of. Got some FOD! No way! Mine’s bigger. Guys, wanna find more FOD? We need the FOD bag. Oh, she looks amazing! And warm? Oh, yeah. Oh, hot! Boy, it’s a little closer
    quarters than I imagined! I think we might have
    gone one size too small. I think this might have
    been the four person. This stars out here
    are next level! To our knowledge, this
    will be the first time a fish has been caught off the
    back of an aircraft carrier. This could be a monumental day. And it could also be a fail,
    we’ll have to figure it out. Eh, we’ll see. I don’t know if anybody on
    earth has ever done seven rods off the back of a ship. Haha, yeah! That’s what we’re going for. That’s where we wanna be! With all the lines in
    the water, at this point it was just a waiting game. So we headed up to see what
    the other guys were up to. We’re up here on
    the flight deck. I’m about to fly our
    own version of a jet. The ship itself is
    about $4 billion, all the planes together
    onboard, another $4 billion. The radars up there? They got to be expensive. I’d say at least a
    few more billion. Everything is in billions here. Plus if you’d crash,
    then we’d have to look for all the
    FOD on the runway, so that you don’t
    cause more damage. Foreign object debris. So you’re saying,
    millions in damage, maybe billions, maybe billions. Definitely billion. And then 3,000 angry sailors. Yeah. Good luck with that! Have fun. It’s gonna be great. I’m feeling confident
    in this suit, let’s go. [CHEERING] Here she comes, everybody give
    her a salute on the way by. Permission to buzz the tower! Holy smokes! What is wrong with you? What is wrong with you? Heads up, guys, coming in hot! [SCREAMING] Thought getting
    permission for this was going to be the hard part. Turns out, landing was. This is insane, I’m a pilot! Down! Get down! It’s running out of battery. Get it down! Pilot Cory is totally fine. He is safe. Hey, you just peaked. Congratulations. Thank you, thank you. Nice peak. Very nice peak. Hey, sorry about scaring
    you guys back there. I can’t believe
    we just did that! You know what I always say, this
    is my favorite part of the day, when we’re eating. Lot of hungry folks out here. We’ve got a little
    bit of a burnt patty. We’re going to chum the
    water, head back down, do some more fishing
    after the tailgate. So this is the burnt
    burger patty toss. We’ve got approval to
    throw basketballs off of the top of an
    aircraft carrier. Hard to believe, but it’s true. When you get permission,
    you chunk away. I’ve been given the
    green light to jump into one of these hush puppies,
    and take a little fly around. Gonna be sick! Maybe don’t hang on
    the nose cone of a jet. It’s pretty durable. Thank you for your service. Enjoy that. This has got to be the
    best burger restaurant in the middle of the Pacific. This is the aircraft
    carrier shot. Bang! Let’s go! What an honor to be
    on the USS Nimitz with these wonderful
    sailors cheering us on. What a treat. Currently in the bridge, this
    is where they drive the ship. This is where everything
    mega important happens, including checking
    in on our fishermen. Got the pros driving
    the ship right now, I’m going to see
    if they’re going to let me take a quick shift. Guys, I am officially
    in control of this ship. It’s a terrifying thought. Man overboard. Little to the left? It’s not my fault, OK? What’s happening? You can whip it to the left,
    and then this is your indicator. Yeah, you got to
    whip it to the left. Dude, you are– What are you doing? Just drove an aircraft carrier. This is by far the biggest,
    most powerful, most expensive vehicle I’ve ever driven. Well, it’s been a fun few
    days here on the Nimitz. We are getting ready to
    leave the ship, which I don’t know if I didn’t think
    about it beforehand or not. But we do have to
    get slingshotted off from the catapult. So that’ll
    be interesting to experience. It’ll be a doozy. Getting a little
    nervous about that. But– Guys, we got a fish on. What? Oh my gosh, oh my gosh! We got a fish! Go! Go, go go! Fish on! We got a fish on! We got a fish on. We got a wiggler. Yeah, we got it! Land him, land him! [CHEERING] We got the call we had fish
    on, we rushed down here. These guys made it happen,
    they put in the hard work. Thank you guys, job well done. Whoo! Unbelieveable. It’s not how I typically board a
    plane, but I’m pumped about it! What’s up, guys? Slantnose and Sunburn,
    getting ready for departure. See you back on the mainland. Hold on, baby! That was like Mr.
    Freeze times five. Let’s go fly a jet! The Blue Angels is the oldest
    active flight demonstration in the world,
    dating back to 1946 to attract new recruits
    to the United States Navy by showcasing the talents
    of some of the finest pilots on the planet. Some of these
    death-defying maneuvers put these pilots as
    close to 18 inches apart at speeds around
    400 miles per hour. So when the Navy asked us to
    fly, we immediately said yes. We’re going to go
    over three things. We’re going to go over
    cockpit familiarization. What you’re going to experience
    in a jet, positive, negative– So before we were able to
    fly with the Blue Angels, we went through an hour-long
    informative, but boring, training session, which
    we probably should have taken a little more seriously. In the case of ejection,
    he’ll let you know. He’s like, hey, we’re
    going to have to eject. He’s probably going to–
    he’s probably going to– he’s probably going to put it
    in a different perspective. We’re having issues
    with aircraft, we’re going to have to eject. But that will not
    happen today, I promise. Cody’s getting strapped
    in, and he’s going first. He won the rock paper
    scissors battle, and it is minutes
    away from go time. I think he’s freaking
    out a little bit. He’s getting his
    barf bags lined up. I predicted two pass-outs
    and three throw-ups for you. Dude, I’d pass out on
    the Texas giant, man. I’m going to be honest,
    before we showed up today, I was glad I wasn’t
    a part of this. But I really wish
    I was doing it. Well, if this isn’t on your
    bucket list, it should be. Here we go, let’s
    rock and roll, baby. Oh, that’s amazing. There’s no turning back now. Should be a fun ride,
    we’ll see what happens. But I’m looking forward to it. See you guys in the air. All right, we’re going
    to go taxi away here. We’re moving, we’re
    actually moving, oh my God. This is insane! Where are we going? Oh, he’s driving it! See ya! Bye, guys! This will go up there as
    one of the coolest things I’ve ever done. This is Cody, we’re
    in a Blue Angel, we’re about to take off
    in an F-18 Hornet, baby. It’s going to be sweet. All right, you ready to go. I think so. All right, you ready to go? Yes, sir. All right, we’re going to
    check the engines here. You will feel the afterburners
    kick in right there. And there’s 50 knots. There is 100. There’s 140. We’re flying. 330. Oh, he’s moving. You ready to go? He’s moving. Ready, hit it. Going upside down. [LAUGHING] Oh, baby! And that’s how you get to
    3,000 feet pretty quickly. Wow. To the left. Ready, hit it. There’s four. And here comes six. I’m going to bring
    it back around now. We’re going to start
    stepping it up a little bit. There’s one. Two. I could do those all day. Nice. And up we go. So there’s our 2 and 1/2 G’s. Again, we’re just
    going to hold that. If you look to your right,
    you’ll see the smoke trail. And that’s everything
    you just did. So you see that straight
    line and then vertical pull. I’m now going to show you how
    quickly our jet can accelerate. Here comes the afterburners. There they are, kicking in. We’re already at 400, which
    is roughly 700 miles an hour. So that’s probably the fastest
    I’ve ever gone as a human. That absolutely is. There’s one. There’s two. I’m going to pull the jet
    back to finish the maneuver. Thank you again, man,
    for taking us up. Oh absolutely, my pleasure. All right, we’re going
    to go to the left. Ready, hit it. All right, there’s
    our spike at 6 G’s. Then we’re going to back
    it off here a little bit. OK. I got one more thing, I usually
    call it the cherry on top. You can let me know
    if you’re up for it based on how your stomach feels. All right, Tyler, you ready? Yes sir. We’re going to go to the right. Ready. Hit it. Keep working for me,
    we’re almost there. You’re clear for a left turn. Roll it out. Woo! Roll it out. How you doing? Nice. How’d you do? Awesome, baby! Sounds like you did pretty good. I felt good through that one. Bringing home party favors. And welcome back,
    you’re safe on deck. Awesome. That was absolutely incredible. He’s alive! Yeah! Careful with that bag. Man, that was so cool. Oh, you’re pretty pale. Am I? He’s pretty pale. The last one, it just
    takes it out of you. The world is on you. You’re just like,
    don’t go, don’t die! Ahhh! That’s what you looked like. Yeah. I got sick. I’m not going to lie to you. How many times? Five. You barfed five times? Yeah, the spins
    and vertical stuff. And once he comes
    back level, I’m like, I’m still spinning but
    we’re not spinning. You’re nauseous. It’s just pure nausea. It was insane, though. On behalf of the team, I
    want to thank you again for coming out with us. Thank you very much. Appreciate it, man. I do feel like I earned that. Blue Angel, bros. Mav, Goose. I’m Mav, right? No, I’m Mav. What? Obviously. I’m the copilot? You’re the tall Goose. OK, cool. Comment below. Let us know what bucket list
    adventure we should go on next. Special thanks to the US Navy,
    the greatest Navy in the world. You guys are unbelievable. It’s been phenomenal
    meeting you guys. From the sea to the air,
    thank you guys so much. And I don’t know, what
    do you think next, like the North Pole? Yeah, the Arctic that’d be
    fun, a little ice fishing. See some penguins, ice
    fishing, build an igloo. Yeah. Where are the other guys? I don’t know. I think they went inside. Signing off for now. Pound it, noggin see ya! [CHEERING]

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    Man Peeing Outside On The Beach!!!

    January 15, 2020

    Beautiful Sunset out here at Hug Point! Way up high, looking down over the rocks. Cute little couple down there… Awe, look at them. Just enjoying all of Nature, and everything
    it has to offer. (MAN GOING PEE OUTSIDE) Sure is beautiful. Ahhhhhhh!!! Peaceful. (URINE SPLASHES BUSHES)

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    hello everyone please welcome and join me Indian Punjabi style cooking and best of all my easy step cooking channel I am going cook a whole fish in oven and I’m going to roast it I’m going to share with you how do I do it I have a whole fish I just make a cut cleaned it washed it let’s make sure that it’s a no more water one tablespoon of olive oil soy sauce 1 tablespoon lemon pepper is all seasoning is a inside mix 1 fresh tomato I’m going to use 1/2 onion and 1/2 lemon what I will do right now that I’m going to share with you that I’m just going to make a 2 3 cuts one here one here so make sure you just ress it in you need the sharp knife you don’t need to cut it out the way let’s go to know what I’m going to do that I’m going to since I’m going to make a paste I’m going to mix everything in one once I mix it I’ll lift the belly I put the paste inside I’m going to put a little bit olive oil now I’m going to put the sauce my marinated olive oil soy sauce I’m going to put into my oven and I’m going to let it sit at 450 degrees and we’ll let it sit in on for 10 minutes and I will wrap it up my oven is ready at 450 but the secret I’m going to share with you that while I’m cooking make it more faster better I’m going to fill the tray with glass of water that will help our cooking faster now this is going to go in on for 10 minutes let’s see how it’s going start to be careful I can smell it good ok the way to check it so you go on the side and you lift this thing so I’ll cook perfect how beautiful my fish in my oven and it’s a fully cook as I show it to you you can cut to this you can lift it up and you can take the whole bones out how perfectly my fish is the cook I can try mmm very tasty it has all the flavoring but the pepper is a very mild thank you for joining my Indian Punjabi style best of all easy step Cooking Channel thank you

    German Shepherd Dog Running In 4K Slow Motion ( Alsatian Shepherd Dog )
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    German Shepherd Dog Running In 4K Slow Motion ( Alsatian Shepherd Dog )

    December 16, 2019

    Welcome back to Warped perception. Sorry we haven’t posted any videos in a while. I’ve been really really sick. Stomach flu versus the flu. Norovirus: you don’t want it. We picked the windiest day. today over the year to film. Today I’m going to be showing you something. That I’ve been wondering about for a long
    time. I just haven’t filmed it yet. We got April the German Shepherd right here. I’m going to do something really simple. I’m just going to film her running. She runs really fast. So I’m just going to film her running. In 4K slow motion. And the first thing that we are going to do. You know how to brush a dog?. Yes. She’s excited she knows something’s going
    to happen today. Hup hup. And I think she’s too fast. I don’t think this golf cart is fast enough. but we’re going to try it first. To see if we can get something good. If not we’re going to use the truck. And let’s get this going. Now I’m going to
    jump on the golf cart. And I’m going to go full speed. And then I’m going to have her just release
    her. And April’s going to get really excited. Are you ready April?. Go go go go. 4K slow mo 1300 FPS. Alright so it looks like it got a little bit
    too late in the day. So we couldn’t do the second part of this. In the truck. Will do that at another time. I decided to have her attack Fabian. In slow motion. Yeah but he said he doesn’t want to do it. I guess I’ll do it. Okay. Look at April’s already ready look at her. Ready ready. Zits. zitzen. Just fass fass. That’s what you’re going to tell her. April loves this. That’s it for this episode. If you want to see more. Well this wasn’t really a full episode. but if you want to see more of April. Just let me know. Tell us what you think in the comments below. Don’t forget to like share and subscribe. And that’s about it. Until next time. Adios. You ready April come on.

    I Mailed Myself in a Shipping Container & You Won’t Believe What Happened (Human Mail Challenge)
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    I Mailed Myself in a Shipping Container & You Won’t Believe What Happened (Human Mail Challenge)

    December 14, 2019

    (dramatic music) – So you guys just love it
    when I mail myself in a box. I’ve got it already, yeah. I’ve been thinking for a
    while since the last one. Felt “Yo, I’ve not mailed
    myself in a while.” (laughter) This is a weird thought to
    have. I know, but it is true. I’ve not mailed myself in a while. I mean, I’m fed up with doing it in a box. You know. I’ve done it in
    a box like three times now. Today, I feel like I want
    to do something bigger. Something better. Something more epic. Shipping container. So what I first wanted to
    do was go to the docks. Find an open shipping
    container. Just jump in. And then I don’t know
    where I’m going to go. Just go there. Actually
    tried that already. Just watch this. What I’m going to do is
    I’m going to put these on. And attempt to just walk
    straight through into the docks. Let’s go. (door slam) (electro music) I was so close. I was actually was actually so close. I walked in through the main gates. I was actually kind of in for a second. Then a guy stopped me. Alright, then. Yeah, look. I look like I fit in more now. This can’t go wrong. Come on, let’s go. Nah, they recognised me. It was the same guy. He said “I know it was you.” Tonight. We’ll come back tonight. Come on. (suspenseful music) Alright, so it’s night time. We booked ourself into a hotel room. We’re gonna go try this again. We’re literally straight
    across the road from the docks. What? This. Yeah. And the trousers as well.
    They’re a bit too big. So I mean, I can take them back and get
    my money back when we’re done. (laughter)
    It’s just for tonight. We’re gonna go. We’re gonna do this. I’ll wash it off. I’ll wash it off, right? Okay. So anyway. Forgetting that. We’re
    straight across the road. It’s the only tshirt they had in black. I had to get this one, okay? We’re gonna go do this. (suspenseful music) I’m just coming around this corner. (suspenseful music) Dead end. Mission abort. Quick! Come on! (laughter) Complete fail. So what I have to do is rent
    my own shipping container, and I’m going to have it picked up, taken to the docks, and then shipped. It’s not exactly the ideal way. So what we’re going to do is, go in the house, find a place online, and get myself shipped there
    in that shipping container. But before we go, let me just make sure you go follow me on Instagram and twitter. Links in the description below. My username @killemftw And I do stupid stuff like
    this usually every two, three, four days. This
    one took a little longer, because it’s a huge video. It’s a big video. So anyway, if you’re enjoying this video, you’re going to enjoy the rest. So make you smash that subscribe button. And if you’re new, make sure you press that little bell right next to the subscribe button, and you’ll be notified
    every time I upload. It’s as easy as that. And I’ve just got rid of the bouncy castle from my last video. I had to throw it away. If you didn’t see that
    one, go and watch it. It was awesome. Don’t leave just yet. There’s going to be links
    right at the end of this video. Anyway, let’s go inside. Plan this thing. And then go buy supplies, because this is going to be an epic video. So get ready. (typing) Okay, so I’ve been sat
    here for a couple of hours. I’ve already got a shipping
    container on the way. I know somebody with a piece of land. It’s going to be there soon. It’s going to be seven foot by eight foot. So it’s quite a small shipping container. Plenty of room for me, though. Next thing I’ve got to
    decide is how I’m going to go where we’re going to go. So I’ve got a friend who actually works at the shipping docks. So I’m going to give him a call. I’m going to ask him
    when he’s next working. Get us in, bypass all
    the x-rays and stuff, and he’ll let us out on
    the other side as well. Because you can’t open these
    things from the inside. So I’ll give him a quick call right now. Yo, what’s good (bleep)? When you next working? Tomorrow? Where are you going? Iceland? Okay, I’m going to finish
    this phone call with (bleep), and I’m going to go buy supplies. Let me just. I’ll sort this thing out. Yo, I’ve got a video idea. Help me out. Can you get me through
    one of the x-ray machines? So we’re in the shop getting supplies. I mean, I usually go for a theme. Like all Mexican or stuff
    like that. Well not usually. But today, it’s serious. I could be in there for two to three days. I need to make sure
    I’ve got plenty of food. Plenty of drink. So I need
    to make sure I’m comfortable. And I’ve got things to do. So I’ve found the camping/survival aisle. There’s this torch thing
    where it’s like really bright. I could put that on the ceiling. I’ve already got the survival kit. Oh, this is cool. Look at that. It’s a fork,
    a spoon, and a knife in one. Fook? No. A floon. I like it. We’ve got the floon. (laughter) Look at that. Yes, it’s
    going to be awesome. Ah, yeah. We’re having
    it. We’re having it. I also need a foot pump to blow it up. Cheetos. I’m going to be in there a while. It’s going to be like a next day thing. We’re going to go into day two I think. So, I’ve got to have my Frosties, man. My cereals, you know? A day doesn’t begin properly unless I have my cereals. And you can’t have cereals without milk! But this could go weird
    if it gets warm in there or something. So I think I’m going to try powdered milk. I never even knew this was a thing. You add water to it, and
    it turns into into milk. Does not sound nice. But, we’ll have it. Extra sandwiches. Sandwiches. I want some magazines. That one. That one. That one. That one. That one. That one. Oh, and maybe that one. I need some plastic bowls
    to put my cereals in. Seven pack of snickers. Ten litres of water.
    I think that’s plenty. Oh, where do I wee wee? I had one of these ones when
    I mailed myself to America. Yeah, it did. So I’m going to get that again. Pretty sure that’s enough stuff. So I’m going to go buy this. I’m going to go back home,
    gather all my supplies, and then off we go to
    the shipping containers. (hip hop music) Here we go. This is it. This is the shipping
    container that I’ve rented. So, what’s going to happen is this is going to get picked up real soon. I’ve just got enough time
    now to set everything up, and make it all nice in here. It’s going to be picked
    up, taken to the docks, taken from the docks to Iceland
    with me in it. (laughter) And then obvious it’s going
    to be brought back to the UK, but without me in it,
    because I’ve rented it, and I’ve got to give this back
    to the person who owns it. This beast first. (laughter) (grunts) That’s everything. He’s a good friend. He owes me a favour. Ooh. It’s gonna be a while. (whooshing) – [Voiceover] Day two. (whooshing) Day three. (whooshing) Day four. (laughter)
    – That is awesome. So the pick up guy is
    literally expected any minute. This took way longer than
    I expected to blow it up. So, Moon’s gonna close the doors now. And then he should be here. Let’s go. (doors slamming) – [Tom] I’m pointing the
    camera at me right now. So you can see me from the microphone. So literally, it’s completely
    pitch black in here. It’s literally, I can’t even see one dot. Guys, I should have got my
    light before I did this. (laughter) I didn’t know it
    was going to be this dark. Wait wait wait wait wait. Let me see if I can get my light. Yeah! Yes! I’m going to duct tape
    that to the ceiling, so I can use it as a proper house light. Here we go. So I stuck
    that to the ceiling. And I’ve also stuck this to the wall. And I’ve also got this little one here. So I’ve got three lights. What? Alright! So, the man is here. I’ve got to be quiet now. If he knows I’m in here, he’s not going to take me to the docks, and the whole plan is foiled. Foiled? Who says foiled? (laughter) (machinery noise) Whoa. So I’m in the back of the truck right now. And he’s really loud. I feel a bit sick. I feel a bit sick, I’m not gonna lie. (panting and laughing) Oh my god. Oh no, this is going
    to be a long two days. I can’t believe this. This is awesome. This is awesome. I’ll show you what I’ve got in here. Duct tape, obviously. All my food and stuff that
    you saw me buying earlier. I’ve got my first aid kit as well. Got my sleeping bag. I’ve looked online. It’s about three or
    four degrees in Iceland. Celsius. Almost freezing point. So this is going to be really cold. I’m assuming it’s going
    to be really cold in here, because you know there’s no
    insulation in these walls. Both of them lights, and my glow light. I’ve also got spare
    batteries for the camera. Spare batteries for the microphone. You don’t want to know about that. I’m just letting you know. I’ve forgot my powerbank for my phone. That’s me and Moon. I’m
    not going to show Moon. It’s currently 13:23. No service in here. It’s 78% battery. That’s where we’re at right
    now. That’s all I’ve got. Seriously. No service. This whole metal container
    must be blocking the signal or something. I mean, I couldn’t even go
    to the internet or anything. I’ve just got a few games on my phone. (cries) Why didn’t I bring my powerbank. I always remember my powerbank. At least I remembered my phone this time. I can’t eat or drink anything just yet, or I will puke. This thing is like dirty as hell. It looks like somebody
    already did puke. (laughs) The floor is filthy. I don’t know if these shipping containers are airtight or watertight, but I’m pretty confident I’ve
    got enough air in here to survive if it is airtight. But I don’t think it is. And I’ll show you why. Over in this corner,
    there’s some air holes. And then behind me up here, there’s some air holes as well. The truck that we’re in right now has come to a complete stop. I think that we’re in the docks. (crashing) Whoa! My mate (bleep), we’ve
    got a secret knock planned. He’s going to knock on the container. He knows which one it is, and when he’s given me the knock, I know that he’s found me. And we’re good to go. And he’s actually coming
    on the boat with me. But the thing is, I cannot show
    (bleep) at all on the video. If I show his face, I’m going to get him in
    a whole lot of trouble. He’s going to lose his job. So he’s going to open the
    doors, run to the side, and I’m just going to run
    out as quick as I can, so no one gets caught. We’re still quite a long
    way away til then, yeah. But I’m just letting you know the plan. So I’ll I’m doing right now, is I’m waiting for (bleep) to come along. To give me the secret knock. (bang) What? So I’d just had the
    secret knock from my mate. He did it a little bit too quick. I didn’t catch it on camera. He literally just did it real quick, and he must have gone straight away, just to make sure no one’s
    suspicious of what’s happening. We are kind of safe. We’re in his hands. He knows we’re here. So going good. Good! Down! It’s going as planned. It’s all going as planned,
    is what I meant to say. Mm mm mm. Eating some food, and playing some games on my phone. I’ve been reading these
    magazines that I bought. These things. This one
    came with a knitting set. I had a go. It went completely horrible. Look, it’s just like
    women’s things I’m reading. It’s interesting. Ooh. Wait. Kylie, baby. Oh, possibly Rihanna’s
    hiding a baby bump too. That’s not too bad actually. It’s just a little after ten.
    Like 10:04 to be precise. My phone is almost dead. I’ve been playing games. And I’ve been reading these magazines. I’ve had a sandwich.
    I’ve had a bag of crisps. My pasta came with a fork in there. So I didn’t have to use my special one. And also I’ve been drinking some water. Not too much. A couple litres. I’m pretty sure that I’m
    going to be here overnight. I think I would have gone by now if we were going to be
    setting off tonight. So I’m going to get my sleeping bag, because it is a little chilly. I’m going to get in here. Get comfortable. And have a sleep. (grunting) Oh yeah. Oh. I meant to turn the lights off. So I’m going to turn the lights off. It’s going to be pitch black, so there’s no point in
    me recording anything. I’ll let you know when I wake
    up, and keep you updated. Goodnight. It’s just so loud out there. I just woke up. I can hear forklifts going
    around, big lorries and stuff. Cars passing me. I have had a bit of a sleep, and I can’t tell what time
    it is anymore, because. Phone’s dead. Is it still night time right now? Is it morning? I don’t know. Could literally be just twelve am. Could be six am. I don’t
    know how long my sleep was. I think I’m going to have some cereal. I’m going to try that
    weird powdered milk stuff. I don’t know how much to add. (pouring) No, I’ve spilled it everywhere. I’ve got milk soaked.
    It’s soaked right in. Oh, it’s all in my sleeping bag. Oh! It’s soaking all into the sleeping bag. This is disgusting. (crunching) Mmm. Actually not bad. I did bring my potty with me if you saw it earlier in the shop. I bought a new potty. I’ve just used it. I did go wee wee. I’ve hid it down this side. I’m not even going to show
    it, because that’s gross. (laughter) I don’t know
    why I’m saying this video. That is that. (bang) Okay. I think I’m on the boat. If we are on the boat
    right now, this is it. This is the big moment. This is where the main part happens. It started. We are on the way. The boat is definitely started. It felt like a huge rumble
    noise as the engine started. And now we’re moving. This
    is it. There’s no going back. And I’ve eaten quite
    a lot of food already. I’ve still got a lot of water left. So far, supplies are going well. I’ve just got no sleeping bag now. It’s over there in the corner still. It stinks cause of the milk. The sleeping bag’s all sticky. It’s kind of like stuck together, and it stinks, so I can’t utilise. It’s going to be cold in Iceland.
    Three degrees in Iceland. I’m gonna. Oh, why did
    I have to make milk? Why did I have to make my own milk? I don’t want to just vlog all the time. There’s not a lot for
    me to just talk about. This really is just me here existing. (grunting) I don’t know
    how long we’ve been. This trip is so boring. It must be quite a big boat
    because we’re quite steady. It’s not like we’re
    rocking over in the waves. I don’t feel too bad. A tiny
    bit sick, but nothing crazy. The truck ride was a lot worse. Just so bored, and because I’m laying here
    just thinking about everything, I’ve got nothing to
    take my mind of things. I’m just overthinking everything. Like, what if the boat sinks?
    What if something happens? Boats do go down. So many things could go
    wrong still at this point. This is reality, which is
    kind of hitting right now. As soon as we got on that boat, it kind of started to hit me. But now it’s just sending
    me to anxiety attacks. I don’t know what to do. If I just started shouting, if I just started shouting
    and banging to get out of here because I can’t. I do not like this one bit. I don’t like being here. It’s sending me crazy. I’ve been eating loads of food and stuff. It’s way over there. Just to keep me going, I’m just eating cause I’m bored really. To be honest, I’m not even hungry. I’ve been drinking and stuff. It stinks and it’s still a
    bit wet, but I don’t care. I’m doing okay. Oh, it’s just so cold. I don’t know. It must be
    getting close to Iceland. I’ve not video’d a lot at all. I’ve been sleeping and
    eating. Just chilling. I should have video’d more.
    I didn’t video a lot at all. I just want to fall asleep. It’s dangerous when
    you’re as cold as this. (moaning) My last torch just went.
    The battery’s gone. The one on the ceiling
    went hours and hours ago. And now the one on the wall’s just gone. The batteries have gone.
    It’s just pitch black now. This is made the whole thing
    a thousand times worse. I can’t see a thing.
    There’s nothing to see. It’s just pitch black.
    You can’t see anything. So, I guess the next time I see you will be when we’re landing in Iceland. But for now, this is Killem, over and out! Okay, so I think we’ve been docked now. I’m pretty sure. The boat’s
    engine has completely stopped. It’s a lot quieter. And now I can hear shipping containers being moved around and stuff. (banging) Shhh. We’re here. We’re here. I cannot be loud. I
    can not get caught now. I’ve gone through too
    much now to get caught. Okay. So now I’m just waiting around. He’s going to pat on the door
    to let me know it’s happening. And I’m going to turn the camera
    on. I’m just going to run. Okay, he’s just knocked.
    It’s happening. We’re here. Oh! Oh! Come on quickly. I can see light. (panting) This way. This way. Looks like there’s road this way. Oh, I don’t know where to
    go. Don’t know where to go. I don’t know where to go.
    I’ll just go this way. There’s a fence. There’s a fence. (clanking) (panting) I’ve done it. I’ve done
    it. Can’t stop running yet. Keep going. Keep going. I’ve done it. This is the docks. Yes! Iceland! I can’t believe I’ve done it. So the nearest town actually
    wasn’t too far away, so what I’m going to do is I need a drink after all that running. I’m gonna buy a phone charger. And then I’m gonna get
    a hotel or something. Book flights and stuff. It’s going to be a long journey. I can’t believe I’m in Iceland. (laughter) (hip hop music)

    INCREDIBLY EASY ART Abstract  beach Landscape  ?   tutorial for REAL beginners
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    INCREDIBLY EASY ART Abstract beach Landscape ? tutorial for REAL beginners

    December 6, 2019

    hey I’m cinnamon Cooney your Art Sherpa
    today I’m going to show you how easy it is to paint a fabulous day at the beach
    get your paint get your brushes come back and meet me the Easel are right now I’m
    going to show you how you can paint this come on let’s go so let’s look at the
    materials we’re going to use today for this incredibly sublimely easy painting
    that you’re going to paint at home I have an eleven by fourteen canvas board
    here this is Pre-gesso’d t it doesn’t need another thing for you to do to
    paint on it over here I have all the colors I need for this magnificent
    painting that’s three colors I have titanium white yellow ochre and phthalo
    blue I’ve got a couple cups of water so I can thin my paint and I’m ready to get
    started so the first thing that I’m going to do is I’m going to grab a big
    wide flat brush see this brush right here I’m going to put in my sky so I’m
    going to dip in the water I’m going to drag this off this brush is synthetic
    elements and it’s not going to over hold water for me so it’s going to put just
    that right amount it’s made for acrylic painting I’m going to just load my brush
    up really well with the white and then I’m going to come in and get just a
    little bit of blue on my brush I’m going to come to my canvas this is the halfway
    mark I’m going to come about oh gosh what three inches below that I’m going
    to go back and forth look at this making this really nice
    light sky if you need some more white paint come over here dip your brush come
    here blowing both sides to Breezy there we go
    very streaking nice day all right here you go up up up up up now I want this
    guy to get darker as I go up so this time i’ma load my white paint but I’m
    going to get some more blue onto it there we go
    I’m going to just blend these two areas as I’m going up
    into each other back and forth this is just about a wide brush and having the
    paint be still wet to get the blend all right pushing the paint out of my brush
    and anytime I get white streaks it starts to feel like clouds which is
    really nice I’m going to come get my brush a little bit wet pull out a little
    more of my blue paint take it over my white I’m going to just make sure the
    top of the painting has a nice sort of very dark sky color to it there we go
    very little just lightly dragging that down and I’m making sure everything is
    horizontal now I’m going to rinse out my brush wipe it off only to the side dry
    my painting and use a really cool trick to make sure that my horizon line is
    level which is the key to this painting so I’m going to come right here let me
    get what is called a t-square and I’m going to line it up to the edge of my
    canvas on the side and I’m going to use my chalk line this is right at just a
    smidge a hair above the halfway point of my canvas if I didn’t have a t-square I
    could use a folded paper towel and line up the corners on the edges here and get
    the same level horizon for my horizon line so there’s a lot of ways to get
    this done that you don’t got to worry about it alright I’m going to take a
    number 10 bright this is a nice big fat bright with a stiff synthetic element
    I’m going to come over here I’m going to get the brush wet drag off the extra
    water I’m going to take a little of my yellow ochre to my white and I’m going
    to make kind of a streaky nice light sand color I’m going to paint the edge
    of my canvas with this light color I’m going to let the streaks happen get my
    brush and water if I need better flow just coming up if I’m going to come to
    about here with this color a little more the goal if you need it
    you want to keep your sand a fairly light color because that way you can
    darken where the wave is going over it it’s going to give you a nice result I’m
    going to rinse out my bright and I’m going to make my faraway water color so
    my faraway water color is a little bit of my yellow ochre in my phthalo blue
    notice how it makes this crazy cool oceanic kind of green all right there we
    go so I’m going to come along the far back edge making sure that I am
    following my mark I have a level far away horizon line that’s really kind of
    the key for me here just carefully doing that before this dries I’m going to get
    a little more blue into it and a little white into my mix you need to add some
    water definitely now I’m going to just brush
    back and forth as I’m going painting in this abstract each day now you might
    need to put out more white so that you have enough as you go down probably even
    a little more than that this is me getting paint all over my hands as per
    the usual and I’m going to just keep adding a little white into that make
    sure and if you need to a little of the blue just blending these areas into each
    other this is the ocean coming forward very marine and that’s what you want is
    a very marine Oshin there we go
    King us a little bit wet grab a little blue add a little white just come in and
    streak these in so this is like the sky reflecting in the trick is try to keep
    these brushstrokes level this is going to be where it’s really important to
    kind of keep it totally together now and then coming into this range of the
    canvas which is a little bit above the halfway point a little more color hair between the edge of my Beach where it
    ends on my canvas and this I’m going to want to get a little more yellow onto my
    brush so it’s almost like a green and if you need to you can even wipe off a
    little the extra pigment and then I’m going to get a lot of white to make my
    up close surf color I’m definitely going to go a little bit at least an inch down
    so see how this is wet and this is wet these blend together when you do that
    when acrylic paint is wet it blends now that I have this two here I need to make
    a little wave story and it’s really interesting how I’m going to make this
    little wave story get a little more paint on your brush and I’m going to
    come right here just below it I’m going to tell a funny little story and it’s
    going to be a little laundry story right so how we do is we wander up we wander
    down and we come up just meander across your own canvas right my little Marine color ends this
    is very very light in three he see how sturdy this is but it’s not white it
    needs to be dark enough with the white will show up on top of it I’m going to
    rinse this out and put this to the side for a second I’m going to get a smaller
    brush this is a number four bright this is a number four bright and I’m going to
    make sure if enough clean white out that I can do this next part alright I’m
    going to get a little white on my brush this number four bright I’m going to
    come into my abstract ocean here I’m going to make some light streaks this is
    sea foam or some distance disturbance in the water these streaks need to be
    different lengths you don’t want to make them all the same length I’m going to
    just have them just placed randomly around as you come up into the white
    come on here make a frothy a little bit of a story along this edge that you sort
    of sketched in the paint should be thick see how that stick on my brush I’m just
    telling that edge of this wave it’s just a little bit rolling into the shore
    isn’t it now you can even take it far out ahead of its friends with the white
    or this little toe of it has pushed into the shore there you go you’re nearly
    done three colors just a few brush strokes
    you can have a whole painting that’s what’s wonderful about art just filling
    in the slip here keeping my brush strokes short so that they’re choppy so
    that it mimics that wave feeling that we like and then let’s make sure we add
    some frothy little story back here just little disturbances right it’s a little
    disturbance right there little disturbances now that that’s all done
    its rinse rinse rinse rinse that out come and get a little of your yellow
    ochre and right along the bottom of this wave make a little shadow dark in the
    sand just a little bit dark in the sand oh yeah Turk can darken dirt you can see
    sometime because yellow ocher is often a little transparent almost working in our
    favor here because it’s acting like a glaze are you coming along hands make
    sure we just tell this little shadow to come along the way shadow the light has hit it all right you can soften this if you want to this
    effect self-admit just don’t pick up the white now I’m going to get the brush I’m
    going to sign with and I’m going to make it even one more shadow this is a number
    zero black pearl round will come here and I’m going to make my paint a little
    more fluid all right here we go you’re doing great see how I’m dipping
    the brush in my water and coming here and finding it out so that makes a
    little bit more like a flow paint and I’m going to come just along this wave
    äj– define the shadow a little bit more
    going to pick up a little the green that’s okay what we want just wandering
    along there if it gets a little defined come in it
    there you saw semantics a little bit of that shadow Google might
    come back with a little of my ogre just make sure push that back a smidge now
    I’m going to find a place to sign my painting and I take my little brush and
    I’m going to get my yellow ochre I think I’m gonna come right under here chef
    before the wave is about to erase it I will write my name in the sand you can
    put your signature anywhere you want to on the beach you can hide things put
    shells it’s really up to you or you can just leave this a lovely abstract piece
    that you can enjoy on your wall today could that have been easier isn’t it
    amazing how easy painting actually is good to yourselves be good to each other
    and I’m going to see you I think you’ll really soon bye bye you

    Fish roe bibimbap (Al-Bap: 알밥)
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    Fish roe bibimbap (Al-Bap: 알밥)

    November 26, 2019

    (knife chopping) (bright uplifting music) – Hi everybody! Today I’m going to make al-bap, fish roe bibimbap. In my previous video, I made a kimchi-bokkeum, stir fried kimchi. So I made one portion of that recipe. And we need this kimchi-bokkeum to season this al-bap. Al means eggs. But we are going to use fish roe. You can find this in an Asian grocery store. There are all different colors available. Some green, and even black, you know, but I use this. It’s called tobiko. Tobiko is a flying fish roe. In Korean: nalchi-al. This fish roe is going to be cooked with the heated rice. So when you eat it, texture is really, really awesome because small fish roe is going to be popping in your mouth. I’m going to rinse in cold water. (water running) So this way let’s remove any fishy smell. Squeeze out. (tapping) This is a lemon. So I’m going to put some lemon juice here. (lemon squelching) I’m going to add these vegetables. And this is cucumber and
    this is radish sprouts. And I washed this and drained. And cucumber around two ounce. Quarter cup.
    (knife chopping) Like this. Green onion. Just a little bit green onion is good. (knife chopping) Maybe one tablespoon. Pickled radishes, danmuji. Always we add danmuji. Danmuji also around two ounces. So make it little cubes. (knife chopping) (bag unzips)
    And last one is gim. Seaweed paper. For one person half is enough. But I’m going to use just one. (stove crackles) Toast this gim both sides. Until very crispy and also the
    color changes to green. (seaweed crinkles)
    I’ll just cut this into really thin pieces. (scissors snipping) Then this is a plastic bag, I like to keep this inside
    the plastic bag so that it’s not going to be soggy. All prepared. I’ll bring my rice. I made rice with my rice cooker and this is my earthenware pot. My kimchi, kimchi-bokkeum. Let’s turn on the heat. I will add some sesame oil and rice. So we gotta mix this like this. (food sizzling) Sesame oil is all mixed. This rice is very delicious now. And now I’m going to
    put this kimchi-bokkeum around a half cup, and cover. It’s medium high heat and now just can you hear
    that crackling sound? I’m going to do this
    around three minutes until this rice on the
    bottom is a little crunchy. (food sizzling) All this kimchi-bokkeum is very hot now and then I’ll just add egg here, (food sizzling) Pickled radish, cucumber, and then this. It’s around a quarter cup. (food sizzling) Look at that, colorful. And we can turn off now. Turn off. (food sizzling) This green onion. I’ll bring and let me taste. (food sizzling) You see this is kimchi and this raw egg is going to be cooked, also along with this fish roe. This is burnt, a little
    bit burnt nurungji. (food sizzling) Because of this egg, raw egg, you can mix this very easily. Too hot. (blows air softly) Mmmm. I’ll just eat one more time. (blows air softly) It’s so spicy, savory, soft, and crispy kimchi-bokkeum and crispy cucumbers. Fish roe is popping in my mouth. Served in an earthenware bowl, so slowly, slowly cooling down. You can enjoy this warmth,
    heat until you finish eating. But if you don’t have
    this earthenware bowl, you still can make this
    for all your family members in one skillet. So why not. Today we made al-bap, fish roe bibimbap. Enjoy my recipe. See you next time. Bye. (uplifting music)

    Best Ab Workout In 10 Min ♥ Tummy & Muffin Top | Virginia Beach
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    Best Ab Workout In 10 Min ♥ Tummy & Muffin Top | Virginia Beach

    November 21, 2019

    hi friends welcome to virginia beach today I’ve got a quick intense workout for you thats going to be all about your core its going to be 10 minutes of intense core exercises that primarily will focus on the muffin top as well as your lower abs so if you’re ready, if you got 10 minutes grab your water and join me on the beach