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    The Puppies Go To The Beach
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    The Puppies Go To The Beach

    December 3, 2019

    (light cheerful music) – [Narrator] The service dogs in training from Doggy Do Good have a big day ahead of them. It’s beach day! The sun, the surf, and boundless distractions that could cause any of these dogs to flunk out of Service Dog School. This is Puppy Prep. ^(light cheerful music) None of the pups are more excited to smell that ocean air ^than eight-month-old Golden Retriever, Luke. He’s been hanging out by the beach since he was only a couple months old. ^His half-sister, Remmy, is also excited, maybe too excited. It’s all right for her to take a second and adjust to the new sights and smells, but when it comes time for work, Remmy’s going to need to focus. For these puppies, the first order of business at any new location is to sample the local grass. While they’re not supposed to chew on the foliage, it’s easy for the pups to sneak a bite when the trainers have their backs turned. And the trainers turn their back frequently. Having this many puppies around draws attention, and people are excited to learn about the service dogs. But Nelly and Remmy are taking this chance to mess around. (dogs barking) The dogs aren’t supposed to go on the sand after 10:00, and while special exception can be made for service animals, there’s no shortage of other activities by the ocean, like the playground. The playground offers a multitude of different surfaces, sounds, and experiences. All of this builds confidence, getting the puppies ready for anything. ^First one up, six-month-old Chocolate Lab, Benelli. Climbing on rocks and walking on sand may appear simple, but it’s actually building the puppy’s comfort on a variety of surfaces. Wherever Benelli goes, she needs to be focused not on where she’s standing but on what her owner may need. – Good girl. – [Narrator] After breezing through the different surfaces, it’s time for something that will really disorient her. – Good girl. – [Narrator] The slide. While Benelli’s future owners may never actually take her down a slide, it’s important she has confidence to handle all kinds of new experiences. At first, she’s nervous, but with some coaxing and the promise of treat… – Good girl! – [Narrator] …even a puppy like Benelli can find her courage. Now back on firm land, the trainer is sure to praise Benelli up, building a connection in the puppy’s mind between bravery and reward. Fresh off the excitement of the slide, Trainer Paul tosses his keys to ensure Benelli still knows it’s work time. – Good, get it. – [Narrator] And she happily does her job. – Benelli, great, get it. Benelli, get it. Good girl. – [Narrator] There’s still one more slide for Benelli to attempt. (dramatic drumbeats) The spiral slide. That is, if she can get up to it. With a bit of a running start… – Benelli, jump. – [Narrator] …she makes the leap. – Good girl. – [Narrator] Her lesson from the other slide has her excited to try this one. Having never seen them before five minutes ago, slides are now simple for the six-month-old Chocolate Lab. – Woo hoo hoo! Good girl!
    Good girl. – [Narrator] Back with the dogs in down stay, ^Karen tries to refocus Remmy. She tries to get the Golden to heel, and focus in, but the eight-month-old won’t settle down. This isn’t good. Remmy’s future owner will count on her, day in and day out. And, it looks like Remmy’s lack of focus is starting to spread. Luke, get back! Come on, Karen’s trying to focus on Remmy. Kaya, are you serious? Come on! – Kaya, no! – [Narrator] All three Goldens have the sillies now, even usually dependable Luke. Kaya has to refocus, and quick. It’s her turn to walk the playground. ^The eight-month-old enjoys jumping on different surfaces. – Good girl! Good girl. Come on, let’s go. – [Narrator] The straight slide. – Good girl! Good girl, Kaya! Good girl! – [Narrator] And when it’s time for the spiral slide, what was a tough jump for Benelli is an easy hop for Kaya. But, what goes up must come down, and Kaya’s confused how that’s supposed to happen. When Sandy, the owner of Doggie Do Good, leads the way, Kaya eventually figures it out. She’s immediately praised for her bravery. – Good girl! Good girl! – [Narrator] A second attempt down the slide… (laughs) Oh, look at you. Oh, no. Good try, Kaya.
    Good try. – Good girl. Good girl, Kaya. – [Narrator] But, what’s important is that Kaya’s conquered her fear, and admirably so. Back in the down stay, it looks like Remy has finally calmed… Oh. Relax, Remmy.
    It’s just a bird. All right.
    Good girl, Remmy. Thank goodness you’re finally starting to show some self-control, otherwise today could have been the day you failed at… Oh no. – [Trainer] Remmy! – [Narrator] Breaking from a down stay to this degree is a bad sign. With Karen working with Kaya, Paul has to leave the dogs to find where Remmy ran off. Even though they’re unsupervised, they don’t dare to break; no one wants the fate that’s about to befall Remmy. Lockdown. Remmy now has to think about what she’s done, and hope it doesn’t mean expulsion. ^Now, it’s Luke’s turn to take a lap around the playground. – Good boy. – [Narrator] His first challenge is the rocking horse. Karen is trying to get Luke to jump over it, in preparation for future awkward spaces. – Stay. – [Narrator] Luke is not having it. – Good boy.
    Jump over it. – [Narrator] He hasn’t had problems of bravery in the past, so this is a new issue. – Over it.
    Nope. Over it.
    Good boy, come on. – [Narrator] Eventually, our hero figures it out. – Good, good! Good boy! – [Narrator] And Karen is sure to reward his courage. – Good job! Good boy, let’s go! – [Narrator] If Luke shows the same hesitation on the slide, then… – Good boy! – [Narrator] …well, nevermind. – Good job, Luke! Good boy! – [Narrator] Looks like after only a couple attempts, he’s already a pro. – Good job!
    Good boy! – [Narrator] Good job, buddy. – Good job. – [Narrator] When Luke returns to down stay, he finds Deacon is still getting used to his harness. He’s not quite sure why he can’t flip all the way over on his back. Paul straightens him out, and it’s back to down stay. ^Okay, Remmy. ^You’ve had a tough day so far, so time to redeem yourself on the playground. First up is the rocking horse that Luke struggled with. – Come on.
    Good girl. Over it. – [Narrator] Just like with her half-brother, it’s a matter of confidence. – Let’s go. – [Narrator] And it suddenly looks like Remmy’s lost most of hers. The culprit? The pirate ship steering wheel. – Just need a second. – [Narrator] Notice how her tail is tucked between her legs? So do the trainers. They’re hyper-aware of the pup’s attitude, and this is a huge signal from Remmy. Karen gets down on Remmy’s level and starts feeding her treats. She pets her and praises her, trying to show Remmy she’s safe. Remmy then has to pass by the wheel several more times, ensuring the dog has confronted her fear. – [Karen] Good girl. – [Narrator] If Karen can get Remmy to sniff the wheel or be still next to it, that’s going to be a great indication that Remmy’s making progress. – Good girl! – [Narrator] Eventually, a sniff. – [Karen] Good job! – [Narrator] And after a few more laps, her tail starts to wag again. Remmy’s done extremely well, and with so much excitement already had on the playground, the slide can wait for another day. ^Back on the grass, the undeniable Mr. Pip ^finds himself in an embarrassing situation. – [Trainer] Mr. Pip. – [Narrator] Because he is by far the worst at down stay, Mr. Pip has to be tied up, to the other dogs. Luke seems confused why he has to babysit, but he doesn’t mind. It gives him something to watch as he snacks on the grass. – [Trainer] Luke, leave it. Luke, release. – [Narrator] Finally, some respect. Unbelievable. Chin up, Mr. Pip. You’re still a hero in our hearts. (Mr. Pip whines) ^Another hero from Doggie Do Good is recent graduate Sammy. Sammy transitioned to his forever family only five months ago, but his bond with handler Bryce has been immediate. Sammy helps Bryce with several diagnoses, including generalized anxiety disorder, ADHD, inflammatory bowel disease, and bipolar disorder. One way Sammy aids Bryce is during Bryce’s regular blood draws. Before going into an appointment, Sammy gives Bryce hugs and pressure, helping to prepare the boy for the anxiety the needles cause. During the draws, Sammy gives Bryce constant pressure to help him feel more comfortable. Sammy knows Bryce isn’t in distress now, but the 18-month-old lab checks in constantly, making sure, if Bryce ever needs him, he’s there. While Bryce’s family had always had animals, at first, they weren’t sure about adding a service dog. The support that Sammy’s provided in only his first few months, however, has made it all worth it. Someday, the puppies in training will have similar bonds with their owners and be just as important to a family as Sammy is. Back with the student pups, it’s time for a long walk on the beach. ^Or at least next to it. ^Remmy’s had a big day, so trainer Paul takes this walk very slow. Whenever Remmy begins to pull away or move in a different direction, the trainer stops. This teaches Remmy to stay focused. During a heel, the puppies need to be paying attention to the handler constantly, not drifting away on their own line. – [Paul] Good girl. – [Narrator] Eventually, Remmy starts to do better. On the stairs, heel is even more difficult for these pups. Dogs want to be on even ground, and prefer bolting up and down steps. The people they’ll someday aid, however, may need help with stairs, so it’s important the puppies learn patience. To end her day, Paul works with Remmy on one of her special abilities: hug. As difficult as the day has been for the young Golden, it’s important to remember that someday she’ll be a huge comfort to a lucky family. It’s going to take work and patience, but it’s clear it’ll be worth it. – Release. Good. – [Narrator] Some dogs can become nervous on the pier, as the spaces between the uneven surfaces can be uncomfortable under their paws. ^Not our Mr. Pip, though. ^He even finds the time to get in some of his best down stay work to date. Good boy, Mr. Pip. As the day winds down, Paul begins ^to test a special skill with Kaya: steady. Steady allows people with mobility issues to put pressure on a dog, to sit down, stand up, or just regain their balance. It’s one of Deacon’s specialties, and might someday be Kaya’s as well. Knowing her eight-month-old joints are still developing, Paul puts only the lightest of pressure over her legs. Once she’s grown, she’ll be able to take much more weight, and may even wear a harness like Deacon. At the end of the day, some dogs took steps forward, while others, steps back. For all these puppies, though, it’s still too soon to tell who will flunk out, and who will graduate Puppy Prep. (light cheerful music)

    32 | Velejadores X Lancheiros – Sailing Around the World
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    32 | Velejadores X Lancheiros – Sailing Around the World

    November 21, 2019

    Hello, welcome aboard! We left Tapera, where we were with our neighbor Paulo. And we went to Lagoa Azul, spent the day in Lagoa Azul, we had fun, Google went into the water as usual. We did stand up, that nice mess. And our subject of the day is the sailor and the motorboat owner. ♫ Music ♫ And we’ll show you a little bit what is the effect of a speedboat can do with our sailboat. Because a lot of people do not really know what can happen. Like, the boat… The motorboat owners, it’s not that we don’t like them. But they usually cross in front of us, but they don’t know how much it disturbs us. So we’ll show you. Paulo will cross in front of us, and we will film how much we shake. – It’s controlled, huh? It’s not that Paul is a bastard, he knows me.
    – Right. Then he’ll cross in the back of our boat so you can see how good it is when the motorboat crosses behind us. When he is very close to us, here on the side, the wave he makes, how much it shakes … So, it’s not like we… Look, Paul is calling us. Sometimes motorboats don’t respect us, and we have the preference because we’re on sail. So we came up here and then you’ll see what happens to us when the motoboat crosses in front of us. Look at the size of that wave. It’s coming. The wave is coming. Look at our sails, they’re regular. Look what happens, watch the wave. My God, that was intense. When the wave hits us, it deregulates the sails. And then you have to regulate again, get back on the move. And that, like, he crossed slowly, I’ll tell him to move faster. He will not let me know when it’s coming. Just to rock in here, like a fool. Look what happens to the sail. A lot of movement. ♫ Music ♫ That’s what happens, look. So, my motorboat owners friends, please do not cross on our bow. You can go in another direction. Sometimes, we can not do this maneuver. We can not get on board like that, suddenly. ♫ Music ♫ Well, we’re here with our friend and neighboor, the motorboat owner.
    – Our friend, the motorboat owner. Welcome aboard Paulo’s boat. Exactly. And Paul is the one who did all this test with us, that we showed before. Crosses in front, crosses behind … So Paulo, did you know about this difference it makes for us? No, I learnt recently, when I started having friends in the sail business, but I really didn’t know, it’s something we don’t learn, you have no idea how much it disturbs the sails. Sometimes we actually want to be near the sail, because we think it’s cool, everyone who has a speedboat enjoy the sailor’s lifestyle. I think people pass us by to see Google, that’s what happens, and I say “Oh, my”. So, the waves… If they see Google, then they will follow you guys. We have several friends who are motoboat owners and none of them knew how much it disturbs when he walks past a sail. And we showed the sail knocking, we got out of the way, things fall inside, people fall into the boat … We even talked about this. We do not have this knowledge of how much it disturbs. When we seek to divert from another vessel, we will divert as far as the security of passing by is guaranteed. You don’t have this idea that sometimes you’re far, but your wave is still going to disturb something about the navigation of the other boat. The ones who has a boat hardly has this knowlegde. – But in short, we love motorboat owners…
    – Good! We love… Actually, I think that the sea… Paulo, who is super fond of the sea, this is what attracts everyone, this is what attracts the motorboats, this is what attracts those who walk troller, sailboat… Canoe, fisherman … I think, in general, what attracts everyone is the sea and the love for the sea. So that’s what we have in common. Yeah, and this brawl has to stop, right? What did we do here? – We stopped side by side.
    – Yes! – Right!
    – So we’re here, let’s show it. I had never even seen it happen. – Shogun on the side, boat here.
    – Barbecue back there. – You see, you came in afterwards, barbecue was ready!
    – It’s ready! And it was already anchored. – We don’t have to lift the anchor, Beto is not suffering with his arms.
    – Easy. The barbecue was ready, waiting for you. Stop side by side, there is a refrigerator, there is a drink, there is meat, the best thing for the sailor. But I wanted to say something serious. Because I think the brawl is based on that. Everyone who has a boat, when we see a sailboat, we admire it, we like it. The lifestyle of those who live aboard and usually is in a sailboat, not in another type of boat, – It attracts everyone who likes the sea.
    – Yes, they admire it. Everyone would like to have a speedboat, as everyone would like to have a sailboat, everybody would like to live in the sea, living in the sea. So I think it’s one complementing the other. Let’s try to do this education, but understand, for God’s sake, if sometimes the boat passes near you, is because the the guy really wants to see, he wants to admire. Let’s try to see if you can spread this new culture to stop it. To stop it and see this happen more often, right? This it’s really cool. And let me tell you, there’s nothing better than a motorboat owner friend. There’s nothing better! At least one barbecue, right, which is ready. There’s a barbecue, there’s the private toilet, you know? There is the showerhead there, has space so Google can play, – I say “You can always invite me!”
    – And Paulo came from São Paulo and brought our modem that had broken. I think it was the most expensive freight ever. And this, in fact, the modem… We don’t have a fixed address anymore, nothing, but we have a lot of friends, which is the best thing in the world. And it was like so: one led to another, which led to another. – My aunt left here, from Ilha Grande, took it to my mother, my mother put it in the Mail, took to my friend, my friend from São Paulo, went to the Eldorado store, Eldorado traded, motoboy took it to Paulo, so Paulo could bring it to us.. – And arrived.
    – Has arrived! – Logistics, huh?
    – We have no address, but we have friends. So that’s what counts. I think that’s what … – To everyone who’s at sea.
    – At sea we all have to be friends, right? If one day a sailboat needs to tow a boat, I think he won’t deny it. If the motorboat needs to tow the sailboat, no doubt he’ll will help. Everyone is at sea, we have to help one another. That’s it. Then, motorboat saw sailboat, sailboat saw motorboat, stop side by side and make a barbecue. Exactly! ♫ Music ♫ Santa Claus arrived on our boat, our boat was invaded by Bis! Paulo … Look, our neighbor. We got it, got it, we’re here. Boat against boat. And look, Santa Claus, Paul! Amazing. Tell us more about this lovely dish, Paulo. This is a rocambole of cheese, ham, catupiry, tomato … And what dough, what did you use, what dough? It’s a secret … Ooooh! We make it here on the boat. Try and tell me what you think. I figured it out, it’s pastry dough. Wow!! It’s a secret … ♫ Music ♫ Google is drinkning water with ice in here. And brown bread. How is Google going to go home now, huh Google? ♫ Music ♫ – So, Paulo, what do you think?
    – It’s Cabo Frio now, that we’re going, right Beto?” You can go already. ♫ Music ♫ Good Morning! Wow, today we’ve overslept, it’s almost ten and a half. Yesterday we went to Abraham, at night, we took a walk. Yesterday we spent the day here, we went to Coqueiro Verde, along with Paulo. So today I don’t know what the plans are, I just know that Paulo is paddling to try to reach us, and he will, you see? ♫ Music ♫ Let’s have breakfast with our neighbor, we bring the pots, the milk, and just cross the bridge, Come Google, show how it is, come Google. Look at that! Well, in the end, in short, we decided to take a break at Tapera, look at Betinho and Google. We will go on the Tapera which has a lot of group girls in there. There’s Bibi, there’s Carmen, there’s Bruna … So we’re going to take a walk, have Google a walk, rest, and at night we are going to sleep at Praia Vermelha, which we never went. ♫ Music ♫ How do you pee? Tell me. How? It’s okay that the sea rocks from time to time, but it can also collaborate, right? ♫ Music ♫

    What happens when we leave on the boat.. (Dogs Home Alone)
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    What happens when we leave on the boat.. (Dogs Home Alone)

    August 16, 2019

    Hey Chels What you doing? Looking at recipes for dinner. Recipes, huh? You wouldn’t, uh, happen to know what day it was or anything like that. Would you? Well… I think it might be… What’s up guys and welcome back to another episode of super cooper SUNDAYYY Good boy Coop, what are you doing? You’re waiting for dinner too – you’re hungry? I have no food You’re that hungry? Oh my goodness. Koda’s here sniffing my ear. What’s up, buddy? What’s up guys? And welcome back. This week, we have a fun episode planned I’m actually excited for this and this could be the first time that Chelsea has been involved in this type of sneakiness. So last time we did this I was the only one that was home, but, uh you guys may remember from last week – the slip n slide episode – Cooper left me a little surprise. Roll the clip. What can he – so he can see right here he can see that we’re here Well, he can see the corner of the tarp, but he can’t tell what else is going on – show you something. What? Just gotta come here You’re in trouble – I don’t know we might just have to cancel this episode Oh no So Did he do an f you poo? Who did it? I think he pee pee’d too. Coopie come here. Who did it? Cooper who did that? Who did that? Who’s a naughty boy – Cooper. That wasn’t funny Cooper It wasn’t nice that you did that. It was not funny at all Look, he’s still guilty Technically, we don’t know for sure that Cooper did that Technically, we don’t know 100%. We know judging by the size of the gift that it was probably him This back here is my office where I work all day and for the most part we kind of have this invisible barrier that they know they’re not supposed to come through Cooper will sometimes, especially in the morning when he and Chelsea get up and he wants to come downstairs and see me and that’s fine. Koda the barrier is especially solid and it makes me feel bad because Koda’s the one that wants to see me the most but he just drops hair everywhere and it gets on the PC and causes issues and stuff. So Technically Koda won’t even go in the office half the time he’s like – he knows he’s not supposed to be in there, Cooper doesn’t really listen to the rules all the time So we have a pretty good suspicion that it’s Cooper that keeps doing this but today we’re going to be taking the boat out and we’re gonna find out exactly who the mystery pooper is. So check this out guys, we have two go pros set up on the go fetch mounts so we’re gonna mount these bad boys on the boys. I’ve got another camera set up over here, i’ve got a camera set up here in the back and then I’m also gonna have a camera rolling in my office and we’re gonna see if we can catch the mystery pooper. So the reason why we have so many cameras set up and we aren’t just rolling off with these is cause I don’t know how long, these are gonna stay on. Sit. Good boy. I don’t know if Koda has ever – I mean he wore one very briefly in that one episode, but he didn’t necessarily love it so we’ll see what happens here. Koda you’re so big look it – look how long it has to be. Yeah, you guys can see they’re different lengths I gave him the extra long one, just cause I know he has a big head that we have to try to see over He just wants to kiss you, please. One goes around the leg. Let’s go ahead and turn you on buddy and boom there you go. Alright. Does he even know what’s on there? I don’t know if he does. Good boy Koda Good boy, that’s nice He always puts his head down because it’s so big and heavy, I don’t know if we’re really gonna be able to see much but him looking at the floor Koda that’s a good boy If he runs underneath the table, we’re screwed. You’re handsome! We’re kind of getting a little bit – a little bit crooked here. We need to tighten this up some, I don’t want to make it too tight but Coopie, you just knocked the whole camera this big ol head. Coop. Good boy. I’m sorry about this footage guys, Cooper keeps walking underneath me and knocking the camera. Coopie come here! You’re a good boy He just did it again Good boy it’s alright It’s okay Koda, it’s okay Good job Coop It’s alright, he’s alright Koda Put this one in here Koda, he’s okay. Tighten it up He’s okay buddy, you’re wearing the same thing You’re good! Good boy Coop oh goodness Well, we’re gonna get nice, slow, smooth footage out of – Hey Cooper, Cooper! We’re gonna get nice, slow, smooth footage out of one and we’re gonna get crazy all over the place footage out of the other one really bumpy Good boy Coop, come here come on show me your GoPro, good boy don’t try to knock it off you’re a good boy, you’re a good boy Okay Let’s get out to the boat. All right, girl. Are you ready? Are we gonna find the mystery pooper? I don’t know. It might – it might take us a couple of tries, but I feel like it’s pretty consistent. I – It’s gotta be I hope we find it on the first try so watch out boys. Let’s – Koda you’re already crooked just – you’re just a crooked dog, okay, here we go Everybody else has to stay home. Just us. Stay Sorry. He is telling you off. Cooper, chill. Be good boys. They’re already very unhappy about it Here we go. Look at our grass, it’s coming up through the dock. We need to get that – get that taken care of She’s getting us untied, looks like our neighbor Chase is having a little bonfire – that thing’s going pretty good His fire looks like it’s like escaped the pit there. I saw him throwing gasoline on it. So – Well that’ll do it he’s – he’s having a good time. Uh, Cooper’s in the love sack, I can see him. I don’t know if you guys can see but he’s in the love sack He’s gonna get in trouble Get down! Where’s Koda? Maybe he’s the culprit. I’m starting to wonder – he disappeared real fast This is truly a mystery. What if Dakota is the culprit? We just always assumed it was Cooper – would you feel bad? Oh, no, I see Koda. He was just napping – I just saw him stand up I would feel really bad. They’re both at the window. There they are! Aw Do you see them? They look so cute Good boys There they are guys, you can see them standing there We’re leaving you Oh, I thought he was going towards the back I’m seriously curious when we get out of eyesight, what he’s gonna do He’s still at the kitchen table, he’s watching that other boat now Koda’s circling for a nap. I’m hoping that other boat doesn’t throw him off his game We were just gonna chill here around the corner and give him a couple minutes and we’ll see what happens Just hanging out, going for a leisurely boat ride knowing that our – our two wonderful, beautiful, good boys at home are gonna protect the house and they’re gonna be good They’re not gonna sleep in the love sack. They’re most definitely not gonna poop in my office Sometimes you guys, he gets in the love sack and he’ll stay in the love sack until we get off of the boat and then he’ll get out Like he stares at us Yeah, and then he’ll get out and lay next to it like “been here the whole time”. “Wasn’t me” He’s got to do it when we’re gone. Oh 100%. That’s why I’m excited to see this footage Trevor’s bringing us in. Upon arrival, oh, one has just emerged. Which one. Which one? I see a small golden boy Oh – the golden is the first one When we first got here we could see no dogs, but Coop just came from like back by the stairs in the kennel so he could have been upstairs, he could have been having a poo – That’s a dangerous spot to be. could’ve been having a rest. He looks very cute. Hello, buddy. Hello – oh your GoPro is completely sideways What were you doing? Koda, what were you doing? You weren’t on the couch were you? Your GoPro at least is still upright. Let’s see the moment of truth. Are you behind me chels? Let’s go see what’s going on in here Huh. No dice. No poos, alright well attempt number one didn’t work out, but I think we’re just gonna go right back out and pick up where we left off. We’re gonna give him a little bit more time this time. All Koda wants to do is go back to bed. I just want to let you guys know that Koda has not moved since we came back in the house. We went over we turned the GoPro off we readjusted it we turned it back on and he hasn’t moved an inch Who’s a good boy? Oh my goodness, alright, so we’re gonna go back out we’re gonna give him a little bit more time this time. Hopefully it works. Let’s get going Run darling. The boat – the boat is leaving! My legs are only so long! Come on No, seriously You gotta come – come on I can’t make that Yes you can My legs are not that long! That would’ve been funny. Aw man. Alright Coopie is shakin and bakin. Oh, he’s walking towards the office. Nope. He took her – oh, he’s going upstairs What do you think Coop’s doing? Well, I can’t see him, he’s probably still up the stairs. He’s probably waiting to see if that’s gonna be a better angle So we’re gonna cruise around for a good like ten minutes this time and just let him do his thing, hang out, we’ll enjoy this. I mean the sun’s currently setting right now. Does it really get a whole lot better than this? Or, it’s about to set at least. So we’re just gonna cruise around and hopefully he’s gonna do his thing I’m gonna be real mad. If whoever does it doesn’t do it this one time that we’re trying to catch them I’ll be so mad. Watch him do it like tomorrow Ugh. I don’t think you guys understand – there’s like any time that I leave my office door open and we come out here on the boat there’s like a 90% success rate for the mystery poo-er I would say at least, like there have been like one or two times where it hasn’t happened, but 90% of the time it does so, hopefully they do it again We have made it all the way over to the other side of the lake I feel like that’s some pretty ample time if somebody’s trying to be And we’re completely out of sight Oh yeah, you can hardly even see the house back there, so There’s no worries of us like possibly coming back now so Right, so we’re we’re gonna cruise like this all the way back, that should give us plenty of time. If somebody’s gonna make any moves, they’re gonna make moves and we’ll see what happens We’re almost back home. It’s been like 15 or 20 minutes. They had to have done it. Coopie were you good boy? His – It’s sideways and pointed at the ceiling Koda’s over there. Alright. Hold on – Coopie come here. How long how long? 23 minutes. 23 minutes and 21 seconds That’s how long we were gone. We’re gonna shut off all these cameras. I don’t smell any perpetrators so far, but that’s not a guarantee Here we go. Were you naughty? Was anybody naughty? Nope Nothing? They know. It’s gotta be that he knows. You know babe, I’ve just – I’ve reviewed all the footage and I’ve come to one conclusion, okay? We simply have the best boy in the world and he wouldn’t go in the office That’s what it comes down to Someone is pooing in the office Listen, look – he would tell you that same thing. He – he wouldn’t do it. someone is doing it – it’s not me He wouldn’t do it I cannot believe that he didn’t do it. Like I’m – Part of me is really happy because I mean let’s pretend what if this was the end of the office pooper and he just never did it again That would be really nice. I feel like that’s not gonna happen but, um, Man, I showed her a couple of the clips and I honestly don’t know if we’re going to be able to enjoy the boat anymore. Don’t think we’re ever gonna be allowed to leave the house again I’m worried that he has some separation anxiety or something because Koda just acts like if we fell off the end of the earth he wouldn’t care, he would just sit there. He literally did not leave the couch. Meanwhile Cooper is running all around the house just crying. He’s sad. Oh Poor buddy. I’m so sorry He’s so sweet So, I feel like we have more evidence that he’s the one that does it I don’t know if we fully told you guys the – the severity of the situation it seriously happens all the time, like I – I want to – to know for a fact who it is and I’m pretty sure it’s Coop But we still don’t have concrete, solid evidence yet He’s so sad, please love him forever Came up with a really good idea why you don’t think he did it Do you want to tell the people? Oh I think it’s because he saw the cameras out and so he just thought he assumed he was going Ever since he was a puppy. He has always known the cameras that I have He knows the noises they make when they start up and when I hit the record button and stuff so I totally agree with you. I think that’s a great idea. He knows that means he’s gonna play or swim or get a new treat or something. I think he saw the camera and just knew that he was coming along and that’s probably why he was all extra sad throughout all that footage, at least that’s what I’m gonna hope. There’s that meme that you see sometimes and every time I see it, it makes me want to cry – It’s like that a dog is just a small part of your life, but you’re their entire life and stuff like this just really puts that in perspective, like he ran around for probably 40 minutes that we were recording this video – the two times that we went out – just crying for us, so Guys, no more vlogs, have to stay home with dogs Yeah, no more vlogs, no more gaming videos, I’m just gonna spend the rest of my life just cuddling on the floor with this guy We might have to get carpet if we’re gonna do this We’ll never see you guys again. No, but seriously, hope you guys enjoyed the video, man it just Every time you see something like that it really kind of humbles you and brings things into perspective. He’s such a good boy. They’re both such good boys, even though I think if we never came back you wouldn’t mind He’d be like Until he got hungry “where’s the food?” That’s – that’s about it. Meanwhile Cooper would be crying over our graves forever. So anyway, hopefully you guys enjoyed the video I know it wasn’t really what you expected I was hoping to be able to catch him in the act But we didn’t make it happen. If you guys want more like this with like the GoPros on the dogs leaving home, first-person perspective type stuff, we could definitely do that. I would still like to try to catch him, so if you guys want to see that let us know, drop a like in the video and we’ll just start putting GoPros on the dogs everytime we leave and eventually, we’re for sure gonna catch it cause like I said It happens most of the time, so. Drop a like if you guys enjoyed. Thank you guys so much for watching I’m sorry if Cooper kind of pulled on your heartstrings a little bit. He’s such a sweetheart Poor little man Such a lovey-dovey. Oh my goodness. Koda, I love you too, even though I feel like it’s not reciprocated quite as much, but I still love you and, uh, we’re gonna see you guys next Sunday. Thanks for watching guys. Peace out