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    Home Chef Tries The No Trash Trader Joe’s Challenge

    October 9, 2019

    since I haven’t been back here for four years since I’ve been zero-waste I’m having a lot of anxiety that’s coming up that I didn’t really realize what’s gonna happen this hurts my body and soul because I know that I can get this package free somewhere else but for the challenge I know I gotta make this work hey guys I’m Stevie and I’m a sustainability activist with a focus on the zero waste mindset and today I’m gonna go to Trader Joe’s because I’m gonna see if I can make a meal without creating any plastic or trash so what I’m gonna be trying to make today is a scalloped potato dish that’s just gonna be a nice little casserole with scalloped potatoes and then it’s gonna be really creamy I’m I’m excited in a little nervous okay so the first thing and foremost I’m looking for potatoes we have a lot more options than IVA okay so I got some gold potatoes some russet potatoes I’m gonna go ahead and opt for the russet that’s very good we can throw that in too I thought there was only gonna be apples and onions but we got a nice hearty selection I’m just gonna grab some garlic some onions I’ve already knocked off the main ingredients on my list so that’s good this hurts my body and soul because I know that I can get this package free somewhere else but for the challenge I know I’m I gotta make this work so I might just get it I don’t know what every time I look at them like it’s on its earth for a thousand years I’m gonna put it down and then we’ll come back to it I got a thing about it so Trader Joe’s has been under a lot of scrutiny because a lot of customers have complained that they have a massive amount of plastic they made a couple changes the changes the Trader Joe’s have already implemented are no more so you use plastic bags they’ve completely opted out of styrofoam and have more recyclable options and then they want to offer more compostable or biodegradable options a lot of waste haulers won’t accept the compostable and biodegradable materials because these materials don’t actually break down in their industrial compost since I know I can get cashews plastic free I can’t physically get myself to get the cashews in the plastic so I’m just gonna optimize and get the organic coconut milk I’m gonna try and make the flavors work I’m gonna get garbanzo beans just in case and I can use aqua file but maybe for the creamy mix I couldn’t find the nutritional yeast without plastic that they have one down here that I’m probably just gonna go ahead and get it that could be in my little ten percent I have a 1090 rule so ten percent I can waste and ninety percent I can try my best to be zero waste and this just gives me some leverage so I don’t beat myself up but I feel like if everybody adopted that rule I think our world would be a lot cleaner the last thing I need is herbs and we’ll see if that’s without plastic I probably don’t think it will be so we’ll see if I can make that work no could do it I don’t need herbs I can make do without salt to be nice since I haven’t been back here super four years since I’ve been zero waste I’m having a lot of anxiety that’s coming up but I didn’t really realize what’s gonna happen I think there’s just so much classic and this goes to nowhere like this goes past our children’s children’s children so the fact that it’s like almond butter that you eat for like two weeks but it lasts forever it just doesn’t worth it at it I’m having a moment I started the zero waste mindset because I started getting obsessed with mushrooms and mushrooms are really cool because they pretty much on the neurological network of the forest and they recycle and do all these really cool things and I think that humans can also be a symbiotic part of the world and then I wanted to see how I can reduce plastic in my own life what I have so far for the potatoes scallops are the onions the garlic potatoes I got the asparagus and the coconut milk I couldn’t bring myself to buy the cashews in the plastic just because I know elsewhere there’s a lot of access for me to get it involved and then I got the nutritional yeast because there really was no other option and the creamy flavor really does depend on it first to start the potato scallops I’m gonna go ahead and just cut the potatoes and then cut the vegetables and then I think I’m gonna work on the sauce after and usually with this recipe it’s kind of like a vegan alfredo and I would use pasta but I think potatoes are gonna work this time I think it’d be hard to find pasta plastic free at Trader Joe’s and now I’m just gonna store all the potatoes in here really easy zero-waste snack I don’t know if you’ve made this potato chips where you just slice it like this and then pop them in the oven with salt it’s a game changer and so I’m just gonna put also asparagus on the top and I think that’s gonna be pretty yummy and these are just gonna be intermittent layers for the casserole this is gonna be the easiest dish ever getting some carbs you’re getting some vegetables and now I’m gonna set this aside we’re gonna layer this later I’m gonna do the onion I can’t even deal with onion I’m gonna cry uncontrollably so I’m gonna save all the food scraps for my vermicompost to be honest is one of my favorite things just to feed my little worms and I actually have a bin in the house it’s in a wood bin and I give them all of my food scraps and it’s actually cool to think that you’re supplying food and you have like a little ecosystem in your house I really like that idea this is just an easy way to divert food scraps from the landfill food scraps in landfill is suffocated therefore creating methane which is a greenhouse gas I’m gonna throw that in right now give it directly to the worms I’m just gonna caramelize the onions first and foremost with the garlic and then we’re gonna make the cream sauce based around the caramelized onions and now I’m just gonna cut the garlic I’m moving these onions cuz I’m gonna have it I’m having an episode oh my god it just gets so choked up when I’m making potato scallops you know ya ready okay so after this it’s pretty much ready I’m just gonna start the sauce I usually use cashews to make a really nice cream sauce I didn’t have that because the cashews were packaged in plastic and I couldn’t do it instead I bought coconut milk and garbanzo beans to see if I can create that creaminess that I want so I’m just gonna pour her a little bit of coconut milk in my food processor I got this food processor secondhand and you can find so many things secondhand on eBay I am gonna be doing the garbanzo beans in there but I’m gonna go ahead and pour the aquafaba in here which is just the garbanzo bean juice this is just a really good egg replacer for any sort of recipe I pour half in and then I’m just gonna see how it goes and we’ll blend it I’ve never done this before so gonna be really interesting alright actually that really did thicken it up I’m pretty impressed with that now we have a source of protein look at that so this is literally the only big thing that I got in plastic and it really hurts pretty hard because there’s a lot of ways that I can get it plastic free but I’m gonna use it and I’m gonna love it and treat it so well for the life that it’s has and then I’ll reuse it for like a poop bag or something I’m gonna be pouring the nutritional yeast in the coconut milk and garbanzo bean ixed and now I’m gonna do the salt I could have bought it there but I have plenty so I assume that every household has salt as well a little bit of white cooking wine I’m gonna mix it all up and then taste it mmm not half that I think this is really close to the cashew mix as well I’m not gonna be able to tell until I actually taste it hot right now I just tastes like watery garbanzo mush I’m gonna caramelize the onions I’m gonna throw the onions in the pot with olive oil and I’m gonna use a little maple syrup that I already had any sweetener will do and then so it looks really nice okay now I’m just gonna throw the garlic in last let that simmer a little bit and then I’m gonna go ahead and throw in the cream sauce to make everything stand out with the flavor I’m so impressed by so this looks really good I’m gonna try this mmm I’ve honestly never done the garbanzo coconut milk mixed together so I was a little bit nervous it’s so bomb so now that we’ve got the cream sauce base and we have the vegetables chopped it’s a perfect scenario to pour all this together I’m gonna do the first layer put these layers on I’m gonna sprinkle the asparagus after the potatoes and now I’m just gonna keep pouring back and forth I’m gonna pour the cream sauce and then I’m gonna add another layer and then put the cream sauce and then add another layer and then back and forth I’m gonna get a little fancy look at that I’m gonna pop it in the oven it’s not 400 so I’m just gonna do that for probably about 45 minutes to an hour and all of it should culminate and this is totally uncovered does not need to be covered and the sauce actually should be even thicker after the hour boom boom I did it this looks great okay I’m gonna put on the bottom rack it’s at 400 Wow so I just took it out and now I’m ready to cut into it I’m a little worried that it’s too watery but we’re gonna figure it out okay so actually it doesn’t look too bad I hope the potatoes already now I’m gonna dig into this mmm it’s just so good it’s actually a different consistency then it would be with a cashew cream but I like it a lot it’s super flavorful really creamy and it has a good body to it I am into it super buttery it’s way more buttery than the cashew cream I think that had to do with that garbanzo beans I love this dish as far as trash goes I’m actually really impressed with myself I just did the nutritional yeast I have this asparagus tag and then I have two rubber bands that I got from the asparagus that I’ll go ahead and reuse this is my rubber band bin and then I also with all the food scraps I put it in my vermicompost so none of that’s going into the landfill so overall I think that Trader Joe’s has a ton of work to do to minimize their plastic use but I am really impressed with how affordable and convenient it all was and I really hope sometime soon have way more options that are sustainable yet affordable and convenient for everybody [Music]


    ⛵️We FINALLY painted our abandoned sailboat 🤩(after 22 years on the hard)!! #100 (painting part 2)

    October 7, 2019

    Are you guys ready to see the biggest
    transformation so far on this channel? Yeah, today we’re gonna transform
    this boat into a fresh brand new colorful boat. This is gonna be weird. We’ve been waiting for this moment for a long long time. By the way… if you’ve just arrived here, this is part 2 of this episode. So you can pause this video and go to part 1 and then you come back. On part 1 we paint the boat from how it was, abandoned like this, and now it looks like this. And really soon it’s gonna look like… it’s a surprise. So, let’s I started. I’m Roberta. And I’m Duca. And for the past year we have been building our own tiny shipping container house. Made possible by our Patrons (Thank you!!) So, we can travel around knowing that we will always have this little place that we can call home. But guess what? We’ve just found our dream project before we expected: this abandoned sailboat. So we are gonna stop building the house for a couple months to bring our boat back to life, and then we’re gonna go back and finish the house. New episode every Monday!! Exciting day today! What we’re gonna do today? Moving day. Basically we are waiting for them to put
    this boat down on the ground, so then… they can take our boat and
    take all the way back there, right there. Yeah, what’s there? Painting cabin. Yeah, we’re gonna take the boat to the painting cabin because here is too dusty to paint the final
    color of the boat. We still need to give another coat of primer, not… Like 3 coats of primer and then we can paint it with the final color. But we’re gonna do all that inside of the painting cabin. And that means that once we go in the
    only way out is gonna be with a brand new painted boat. That’s exciting. It’s scary, but we can’t wait to see the boat on the actual final color. So, today is THE day. What is the color? No… You’re gonna see it after we open up the curtains of the painting cabin. So, let’s get started. But first let’s lift the Centerboard To lift the centerboard we use the mast. But as we don’t have the mast we need to use the jack to do the final… lift. Now we can move the boat. So, this is our new location. Old spot Time to go to the new place now. I’m tired. It seems like a quick thing to move the boat around but actually it takes some time. And we have a lot of belonging. Yeah, after a while in the same place we start accumulating things underneath the boat. So, we need to put everything together, now move there and then next week we move to another spot. Actually, that’s gonna be our spot. Do you see the first gray boat? After there that’s where we’re gonna go. But it’s gonna take like a week. (probably more) And then we need to install the hatches and we have a lot to do. A lot to do, yeah. And from there we come back to the first spot we were ever. I’m anxious to go back to the first one, that was the best place. Next to the coffee shop, you know… It’s much better. Less noise… a lot less noise. Less dust. Less dust, a lot less dust. 2 parts of Epoxy Primer We think the old water line is a little
    bit lower than we need. So we are putting it a little bit up… like 8 centimeters. There is no way back now. Ready? There is a big hole here. I’m just gonna be like with a small spot of orange. Ginger. First coat Second coat Third coat Fourth coat Almost there. Not really. Actually we’re gonna stop after this coat. Because the weather is gonna change, so we knew that we need to stop at 1:30. And then we’re gonna wait
    for this weather to get better, like a week. And after a week we’re gonna sand this, fix a few spots and then we give another 3 or 4 coats of polyurethane. And then the varnishing and then we’re gonna be done. It takes a while. And then the deck. And then we need to paint the deck. That’s another, yeah… Just wait. Be patient, we’ll get there one day. Eventually. Fifth coat Yeah, that’s it. Yeah, that’s it, the rain came back. As usual it’s already raining a lot I don’t know if you can tell, but it’s raining. But at least this time we got to paint the boat before the rain, and we had like two good days to dry the boat. And the boat is already on the final color.
    I mean… we still didn’t 100% finish it, but you can tell how the boat is gonna look. Let’s check it out. What do you guys think? Isn’t that pretty? We have like 20 batteries to keep the color like that. Yeah, it’s like an LED color, right? No, not really. So, basically this have already 5 coats
    of PU, polyurethane. But on the bottom of that we have 2 coats of primer, epoxy primer then we have fairing compound and then another 3 coats of primer and then a little bit more fairing compound to fix some mistakes. And then 5 coats of polyurethane and then… Come on. Confusing. They are already sanding the boat. Again. The reason for that is something that we
    didn’t decide yet. The boat looks really good, you can see it here. But still there are a few small imperfections that maybe if we sand again and paint it again it’s gonna be better. Because this is 5 coats. We still have paint left so we are gonna give at least another 5 coats. But now we have one question that we cannot answer. We didn’t decide yet if in between these 5 coats and the next 5 coats if we are gonna apply an
    extra small amount a really thin faring compound, just to make sure it’s really
    really smooth. Or if we’re gonna just leave it like this and just spend another 5 coats of polyurethane, and then 5 coats of varnishing. Because once the boat is inside the water the water will reflects the waves and we cannot see the… We don’t know if it’s just something that we want to be too perfect or if it’s something that someone’s gonna see in the future. Maybe it’s like small defects that no one’s gonna actually see it. So I don’t… We don’t really know if it’s worth to apply another fairing compound layer and… We have until tomorrow to decide that. So, we’re gonna let you know. Yeah, by tomorrow we’re gonna decide it. And then if we decide not to use another layer of fairing compound we’re just gonna apply another 5 coats of polyurethane and then 5 coats of varnish. And the side of the boat is ready. I don’t know if you understood… let’s show how the… So, here is the toe rail and the tow rail is
    gonna be white and an extra 3 fingers, around… Like 4 centimeters it’s gonna
    be white. So that means that here is gonna be a white stripe. The same color as the deck. It’s not really really white, it’s more like a ice color. Just because this is a part of the boat that is easy to scratch, so if it’s white it’s easier for us to fix. Yeah, to repair. Because you can get a brush and fix. The orange with varnishing is not as easy to fix. The deck we didn’t paint with polyurethane yet. But, the good news is that we found the awl grip. That’s good. We have all the awl grip necessary now and that’s pretty good. That’s good news. Yeah, but I guess for this week its done, right? Because it’s raining and it’s gonna be raining for the entire week. So, we’ll need to wait for one week until
    we can go back to the painting job. Just… let’s welcome our new Patreons. That’s good, yeah. Welcome on board, Michael, Dimitri, Jacqueline, Michael, Carlo, Mike, Mark, Joe, George, Michael. And we also want to thank the donations through our PayPal. Thanks so much, Clive and Jonas. Guys, thanks so much we really really really appreciate the support. And for those of you who don’t know… this is a weekly series. We are refitting this boat that was staying on the hard for 22 years and we produce one episode every Monday. 10 o’clock in the morning, Brazilian
    time, every single week. But if you don’t want to do the math and check the time you can just subscribe and click on the little bell. So you’re gonna receive an email every
    time we post a new video. She’s smart, see? I’m not that smart. Yeah, but basically we are just on the mission to put her back on the water and that’s… We thought it would take 3 months it’s more likely 5 months. But, still… We’re, you know… enjoying every single week. That’s… We’re having a good progress. It’s hard but it’s fun and it’s gonna be amazing when we see her in the water. Because she’s been sitting here for way too long. She deserves to go back to the water. Yeah. But I guess we’re talking too much, as usual. I mean, I’m talking too much. So, we see you guys next Monday. Beautician time. Beautician. That’s it, it’s good. Can I? Yeah. Join the crew


    Art Lesson: Sailboat Painting on Kids Connection

    September 19, 2019

    – All right, guys, my name is Shelly. I’m here with Art Parties Tonight. Today I’m going to show you how to do this nice boat picture. We’ve already got our
    background painted on here, and that’s what you would
    do here in the studio, but I’m gonna show you how to do the waves and the sail today. So, we have our boat
    drawn on here really nice. We’re gonna start with our largest brush, which is provided here at the studio, and we’re gonna go ahead
    and start with white paint. With this white paint, we want to go ahead and draw the form of our sail, which is basically a big triangle. Really simple, we’ll just start up here. Gonna come straight down. And we’re gonna do that again. We’re gonna come down on
    an angle on the other side. Kind of matches up with the size of the boat that we’ve drawn. Then with this line, we’re just gonna curve it down just a little bit. Once you get to that point,
    we just get to fill it in. Nothing too hard, we’re
    just gonna take our brush, paint in the white background of the sail. And that’s gonna get us set up for our black detail
    that we’ll do at the end. That’s already lookin’ like a sailboat. Okay, we’re gonna let that
    dry for just a little bit. I’m gonna come through
    with our smallest brush. With this, I’m gonna put in some waves. We have some blue waves
    that kinda come through our black background here like
    they’re comin’ off the boat. These are really simple to draw. You’re basically just starting like you’re gonna go up and draw a circle, and then instead of connecting it back, you’re just gonna loop in. We’re just gonna do those
    swirls all around our boat. I’m usin’ blue paint
    with my smallest brush. (upbeat music) Some of these can even come right through our red of our boat. We wanna kinda fill this black space with some of those blue swirls
    because we will actually outline those with white at
    the end so they’ll really pop. Gonna do a couple more. Okay, now that I’ve got that on there, we’re gonna come back
    with some black paint. I’m still gonna be using
    my smallest brush here. I’m gonna do some details. Since the sail is still a little wet, we’re gonna start up
    here on this little flag, and we’re just gonna outline
    that with black paint. And that’s kind of the
    same shape as our boat, just a loose curved shape. Also gonna give some
    little details on my boat. We’re gonna put some lines at the corners. Then I’m gonna do a line that
    kinda goes across the top. We’re also gonna put a
    little stick comin’ out that our sail’s attached to. That’s gonna be at the top as well. Then now what we get to do next is we get to add these lines,
    the details of our sail. It’s gonna make it look
    less like a triangle, but we still get to leave
    all of our white paint there. So, we’re gonna start with the continuation of that
    line that we just drew. That’s just gonna bring us all the way down to our post there. Then we’re gonna do two curved lines. We’re gonna do one on each side, so I’m just starting at the top. It’s best to work from top to bottom. Just gonna connect down
    there at the bottom. The same thing on the left side. Then we’re gonna go ahead and outline our sail
    next with black paint. It’s gonna make it stand
    out a little bit more. So, we’re just doin’ that triangle shape that we started out with in the beginning. We have one last thing to do, and that’s to go ahead and
    put some of those details that I was talkin’ about
    earlier on the waves, and that’s gonna be with white paint. We have two different
    sets that we’re gonna do. To give this blue part a
    little bit more time to dry, we’re gonna start down here at the bottom. We have some loose waves
    that we need to do. This part’s really simple. All we’re gonna do is just draw some Ws. So, you’re just gonna do some little Ws that kinda come across our
    different colors of blue here. So, you’re just doin’ Ws side by side. That’s gonna give us our waves. It’s an easy way to draw waves. Gonna come through with some more. With this second set, you can kind of overlap and criss cross them. Now that we’ve got those
    bottom waves on here, we’re gonna go ahead and
    come back to our blue waves that we drew, and those
    were the swirls that we did. We’re just gonna go ahead
    and outline our swirls, but we still wanna see some of that blue paint whenever we do it. So, I’m gonna start on
    the center of my swirls and just work my way to the outside. We’re just comin’ through and we’re gonna do that
    on all of our swirls here. And that’s really gonna
    make it easy for you to see those swirls from a distance ’cause the blue against the
    black doesn’t show up very well. And since our blue paint
    was still a little wet, we actually get a nice light blue, so it looks more like
    the color of our water. All right, and that completes
    our sailboat for today. You can come in and do this
    along with many other paintings. Our kids’ paints, all of them
    will be on a 12 by 12 canvas for just $15.00 and adults can come too.


    How to build a pond – fish pond uk – how to make a pond

    September 12, 2019

    Chances are you found this
    video because you’re looking for some help with building a fish pond. Well in this video, How
    To Build a Fish Pond, we go into specific details of
    why we’re upgrading this old, traditional fish pond with
    high maintenance issues. So grab yourself a drink, and
    sit back and enjoy the video. Hi, guys, it’s Mark from, you’re trusted resource in the UK for ponds and water features. And what we’ve got here is we’ve got an eight foot by eight foot
    round, traditional fish pond. There’s a lot of fish
    in this particular pond, and they’ve been in there for
    a long time, about 15 years. And we’ve got a very
    small filtration system keeping the pond looking good, but it needs weekly maintenance. How crazy is that? Weekly maintenance to me is far too much. You should be cleaning
    your filters out every four to six weeks to allow the
    beneficial bacteria to colonize. Otherwise, what you’re doing is basically you’re flushing out any
    feces on a regular basis, so as soon as the fish defecate
    it’s out of the system. So a lot of work, it’s a lot of attention. So what we’re gonna do
    is we’re gonna upgrade this particular pond to a
    10 foot by eight foot pond. Two foot deep, we’re still
    gonna be two foot deep. We’re gonna put rocks and
    gravel all around the outside, and also we’re gonna put in
    a wetland filtration system that only really needs
    cleaning out once a season, or once a year, depending
    on the size of the fish, depending on the size of the pond, depending on what you’re
    gonna keep in the pond. So what we’re doing today is we’re building a
    lovely natural fish pond. Stay tuned for the Any Pond showcase. (slow synthesized music) So before we actually
    start digging the pond, what I’m doing is I’m
    plumbing in the biofalls so we can actually bury the
    pipe underneath the ground. So what I’ve got is I’ve got a 63 mil pipe coming from the skimmer
    that I’m gonna tee off. One’s gonna go to the wetland, and one’s gonna go to the biofalls. And what I’m doing is I’m
    reducing it down to 50 mil, so the 63 to the 50,
    and then basically 1x 50mm goes to the biofalls, and
    1x 50mm goes to the wetland. And also, we’re gonna
    put on these gate valves so I can regulate the flow, how much water goes down
    the (biofalls) waterfall filter, and how much water goes into
    the wetland filtration system. So, let’s crack on. (slow synthesized music) So now we’ve got a plan. We’re gonna basically extend
    the fish pond two foot that way. As you can see the skimmer
    box is gonna go down in there. This is what the skimmer box looks like. We’re gonna turn it around. So we’re gonna have the skimmer here. And we’re gonna have a
    waterfall at the back, so that flows down a five-foot stream. And also these. So this is gonna go into the ground and water’s gonna percolate
    up through the gravel. We’re gonna put a skimmer box on that side and we’re gonna extend the
    pond two foot that way. (slow synthesized music) So now we’ve got all the groundwork done. We’ve gone down to two feet in the middle, we’ve extended the fish pond by two feet. We’ve also excavated around
    for this surface skimmer, and also we’ve got the
    Wetland filtration system down underneath the ground, and we’re gonna have
    gravel on top of there. We’re gonna have a five-foot stream. Wetland filtration. We’ve got the surface fish pond skimmer. So let’s get the underlaying
    liner, than the overlay, and then we can start rocking. And what we’re gonna do today
    is we’re gonna actually stack a lot of stones around the bottom, to make it look a little
    bit more interesting, and also we’re gonna build a big fish cave out of the glass tabletop
    that came out of the last one. Now normally, I wouldn’t
    use a glass tabletop, but the client wants a big fish cave because the fish are used
    to having a big fish cave. So we’re gonna put in a
    five foot by three foot piece of glass, and we’re
    gonna rock over the top of it, and make it all look nice. So you won’t actually
    see it apart from unless you’re actually
    specifically looking for it. So carry on watching, appreciate it. (slow synthesized music) As you can see, the
    fish pond’s taking shape now. We’ve still got quite a bit of work to do, but as you can see, we’ve
    started rocking in the pond. We’ve got pebbles in the bottom. We’ve even put the fish cave in. And today, it’s all about the stream and building the waterfall, and carrying on the creative process. (slow synthesized music) – [Computerized Voice] I am
    very impressed with my new pond that Mark has just finished. He listened to my brief and
    interpreted it very well. He answered all my questions honestly and understood when I was anxious, and never made me feel silly. I would thoroughly recommend them. (slow synthesized music)



    September 11, 2019

    oh yeah another awesome day the Carl and
    Jinger house. Liz what’s going on what are you working on oh yeah get ready
    this is about to post a vlog and of course Carter’s not here right now he’s
    actually out going to get food so he can snack later today
    but me Jinger and Luke are gonna go outside we’re gonna go do something to
    cool the awesome we’re gonna get a really fun toy for today I’m super
    excited for this it’s gonna be so much fun oh it’s such a nice day out too well
    the sun is shining the wind is blowing it feels so good okay over the car
    thought okay let’s go let’s go let’s go I’m ready to get this thing let’s go
    what’s going on let’s do it all right we are here thanks for the ride ginger
    Luke’s gonna help me pick out a cool color
    yeah Sharers they don’t to this I don’t want to show you just yet what we’re
    getting but it’s really really really cool a few moments later okay we filled
    out all the paperwork we got the keys this is gonna be awesome
    Luke’s excited and guess what we’re gonna even surprise Carter with this you
    think cars gonna be something surprise yeah I’ve never been in one of these
    have you okay sure these things are really really fun I love doing this and
    every time we come to visit Luke and Carl and ginger and the whole family we
    always get one of these things they’re so much fun and today I’m we’re gonna
    drive it home we’re gonna surprise Carter with it it’s gonna be totally
    epic all right let’s hop in this thing you ready yes let’s do it oh yeah hop on
    in isn’t it awesome yeah all right buckle
    up we’re about to go fast oh yeah buckled ready to go yeah I’m
    totally ready let’s do this here we go whoo and we made it back oh yeah wow
    that was one fun crazy right okay let’s go inside let’s get carded let’s get Liz
    let’s see what everyone thinks of this thing okay time to go in surprise Carter
    okay I don’t know her quarters that’s good check oh yeah sure is get
    ready for tomorrow’s vlog check this thing out Carter Oh Carter there you are
    what do you up to oh yeah I got something cool would you get
    check out this key whoa how cool is that you see that I’ve probably never seen a
    key like that have you know never seen a key like that that is a weird-looking
    key isn’t that weird looks like a flux capacitor flux capacitor well quarter
    that key actually goes to something that is gonna cause a lot of fun and a lot of
    epicness for one day really one day for a key this is a key to fun a success
    it’s a key to fun and success okay what is it good in what come outside I’ll
    show you okay where is it this way okay this way oh actually what a key like
    this would even go to I’ll give you a hint we’ve used it before last time we
    came to Utah really like a dirt bike kind of it’s like an ATV it’s like
    cooler than all that it’s like really cool check it out there it is whoa oh my
    gosh is this the Polaris slingshot looks so awesome look at this the back wheel is insane looks
    like the key matches the we look at that oh you’re right it look how big the back
    wheel is it’s in totally insane so it’s got one epic wheel in the back it’s
    driven by this awesome belt here it’s look how awesome doesn’t that just look
    so cool just from the back yeah I think that surprised yeah we got this awesome
    YouTube red I love it check it out oh yeah look how monstrous this thing is
    it’s so big it just looks insane doesn’t it yeah this thing is super awesome it’s
    so cool and in the seats are red as well everything’s just red and black it looks
    so good let’s go for a drive chairs it’s been a
    while since Carter drove this thing let’s see the story members so well
    yeah you sit way down in here right to the bus sink in
    so shares this thing is actually stick shift you have to shift gears so what
    you do card is you turn the key and those things the gages move up and down
    there the start it you press that yeah you three two one oh and look at IVA has
    a reverse camera Oh what I know the emergency brakes on take the brake off
    okay we’re about to be backing up one second we got to open the gate all right
    opening gate number one opening gate number two all right Carter go ahead
    rack it up yeah careful don’t don’t hit the gate hang on reposition there we go
    oh my gosh this thing just looks insane look at that thing all right bring it
    back bring it back bring it back out the gate let’s go let’s go
    sheriff’s cars gonna get crazy on this thing he knows how to make this thing do
    burnouts and crazy stuff he is a pro at driving this thing it’s gonna be a wild
    ride so get ready for this all right keep going Carter you got it keep it
    going keep it going you’re clear there you go all right
    let’s get this thing on the road let’s start doing some tricks
    oh no a quarter left without me he’s going crazy already
    Carter uh-oh Sharers he’s warming up he is warming up
    I don’t know what he’s about to do but he’s warming up oh my goodness look at
    that thing go whoa whoa I couldn’t wait for you see
    this thing is so fun, this thing is crazy it’s so fast
    okay I’m popping in let’s do this buckle up for safety this could be a wild ride
    buckled up let’s do this wow this thing is crazy my hair is just
    flying straight back I don’t think but there is a dirt road over there we
    should try it yeah turn in there there’s a dirt road
    oh it’s blocked off they don’t want anyone going you’re gonna try to go by I
    don’t think you’re gonna fit well this thing off-road don’t even know you ready if it gets stuck we’re gonna be in
    trouble don’t get stuck oh my goodness Corner
    don’t don’t get stuck do not get stuck it’s totally working for now oh my
    goodness I don’t think I don’t think this thing’s made to offroad this is
    made for street use only you’re in the middle of the desert Carter don’t get
    stuck oh my gosh Carter is definitely not made offroad it barely has any
    clearance oh my goodness let’s keep going
    keep it going what was that Oh careful don’t get stuck let’s make it
    out of here oh dear be careful Carter yeah we should probably just try to get
    out of here before we get stuck I don’t think these things are made to off-road
    Carter be careful be careful I don’t know what’s up there rattlesnakes there
    could be a big I don’t know Carter I probably wouldn’t go that far
    Carter uh yeah we don’t want to break this thing oh my gosh there’s like
    something hanging on underneath like he ran over some type of plan whoa whoa it
    worked yeah I don’t think it’s made for
    off-roading but it works oh and I just realized it’s time we got to get back
    home sure is we have another epic thing to go to today Carter let’s go we got to
    get home I just realize we have an insane I don’t even want to tell you
    this give you so much fun let’s go we got to get out of here card we gotta get
    back home yeah okay ah Carter whoa whoa what was that I
    think you made a skid mark right there it smells like burnt rubber what
    happened I told you lost control and then I almost hit the car that was bad
    yeah this thing is super fasty I’m getting in Carter remember we still have
    that thing to go to that special event what special event car did that oh yeah
    I can’t wait oh we gotta get home for that all right all right let’s make it
    home see this thing is awesome with an
    awesome surprise this is one of the best present ever
    yeah I love these things Oh oh my gosh Kota our hair sure is ready screenshot
    this our hair Oh let’s get inside we gotta grab a few
    things that we got to get to that awesome event that we’re going yeah this
    events gonna be super awesome you gotta check out on my channel hint hint hint
    backflips dirt bikes it’s gonna be epic he asked could be like the best day ever
    oh hey Kyle what’s going on what are you playing for tonight oh yeah what’s going
    on gage just snacking no riding off to Nitro Circus it’s gonna be so much fun
    I’m gonna take gage for a ride whoa do this Nitro Circus here we come yeah we are we’re really do Nitro Circus
    this is gonna be crazy I’ve never been to a dangerous circus before I’ve heard
    about it Paula Travis was trying for years this is gonna be crazy
    we got the whole Carl and ginger family with us Carter Liz everybody’s here
    everybody’s here we’re ready to do Nitro Circus this is gonna be crazy
    those are the chumps oh they look so good they look huge what I think Travis
    is if I want I can try my backflip on the jump there what oh look at this oh
    yeah definitely Liz definitely Liz Liz got a new dirt bike and she’s learning
    to drive it says she’s definitely ready to take take it on this joke maybe like
    a few backflips sure is it’s just so cool around Nitro Circus check out the
    line it looks totally awesome we’re all ready to go we got the Nitro Circus tent
    over there I’m so excited card we’re gonna go
    backstage I know we got the VIP access let’s get back it’s so cool what’s up
    sharers we got some chairs here as well what are you guys’s names
    Trevin what’s your name you want to give a shout-out you want to give a shout-out
    to TJ boy we are a backstage officially right now check this out we got a bunch
    of ramps all over totally huge even more jumps over here while this place is
    gonna be crazy I can’t wait for the show to start and sharers we’re all here
    because it is Luke’s birthday oh yeah some major shout out to Luke everyone
    smash that like button for Luke oh yeah happy birthday loo look at this jump
    it’s got a little kicker at the end oh I’m gonna go off that I’m gonna back
    about that it’s it’s not higher anything sharers this is amazing we’re now
    backstage we’re seeing all the dirt bikes there’s so many turqu bikes that
    are gonna be flipping today we even have a snowmobile that’s gonna be flippin a
    special dirt bike there this is going to be crazy we even have these awesomely
    tricked-out dirt bike here check this thing out it’s got like a bar roll cage
    around it we got an awesome souped-up power wheels a moped and some other cool
    bikes down there this might be the awesomest show we’ve ever been to
    Sharon that shows about to start Carter’s gonna film the rest make sure
    to check out Carter and Carl’s videos it’s gonna be totally epic here we go!

    Waterworld (1/10) Movie CLIP – Revenge at Sea (1995) HD
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    Waterworld (1/10) Movie CLIP – Revenge at Sea (1995) HD

    August 29, 2019

    Smokers. Just enough wind
    to get away clean. [ Drifter ] Forget the bag. lt’s not worth it. You’ll never
    make it with your sails down. Hey!
    [ Laughing ] What can l say?
    [ Laughing ] – Joe, he’s goin’ for it.
    – What the hell? Never seen that before. Here we go! Go!
    Drive! Drive! Faster! Faster! Whoo! Come on! He’s gonna get it!
    He’s gonna get it! – Pick her up!
    – Get it! Get it! 0h, no!

    Karate Prank NYC
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    Karate Prank NYC

    August 17, 2019

    – Uh! (motorcycle crumbling) – Whoa! (heavy metal music) ♪ Hey ♪ ♪ Hey ♪ ♪ Hey ♪ ♪ Hey ♪ – Yo, you just bumped into me! What are you gonna do about it? You wanna make this an issue? You wanna start
    something, let’s go! (horn honking) – What are you talking about? – Let’s do it, let’s
    bang it out, c’mon! – Dude, you don’t
    wanna mess with me. – You know what actually,
    I do wanna mess with you. What do you wanna do?
    – Please, please don’t mess
    with me today man. – Oh, please don’t
    mess with you. You ain’t gonna do (beep). You ain’t gonna do
    nothing, nothing. Do something, let’s go. – Yah! (breaking glass and screaming) – [Woman] Oh my god. – [Man] Oh! (grunting) – Ooh! – [Woman] Oh my god. – [Bystander] Oh my god. – Oh, is that your bike? Nice bike. – Man, relax, I’m good. I’m good, man.
    – Very nice, bro. (loud grunting) (motorcycle collapsing) – Oh! (grunting) – Woo hoo hoo hoo! (powerful grunting) (nervous laughter) – [Female] Are you kidding? – [Bully] Don’t
    hurt my bike, dude. (grunting) (motorcycle collapsing) – Had enough? Yah! Yah! (nervous laughter) – Ah! Boom, boom, whoa! – I wouldn’t mess with him. I think you’re done, pal. – [Bystander] Oh my god. – You’re gonna be
    my karate teacher? – No. I’m gonna be your sensei. – You think I’m gonna let you fill these kids heads
    with that garbage? You’re nuts, man. – Hey sensei, is there
    any particular way you want me to
    wash these windows? – No, I don’t give a sh– ♪ Back in the game ♪ ♪ Breaking hearts again ♪ ♪ You better watch out ♪ ♪ ‘Cause I’m back in the game ♪ ♪ Oh yeah ♪

    ⛵️REFIT of our ABANDONED Sailboat 💪(the plan) #089
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    ⛵️REFIT of our ABANDONED Sailboat 💪(the plan) #089

    August 16, 2019

    Well, now that the boat is clean… It’s about time to start organizing the actual refit of the boat. Yeah. I’m Roberta. And I’m Duca. And for the past year we have been building our own tiny shipping container house. Made possible by our Patrons (Thank you!!) So we can travel around knowing that we will always have this little place that we can call home. But guess what? We’ve just found our dream project before we expect: this abandoned sailboat. So, we’re gonna stop building the
    house for a couple months to bring our boat back to life. And then we’re gonna go back to finish the house. *New episode every Monday!! Yeah, the thing is… this is such a huge
    project and we have a timeline. We have 3 months to get out of the marina and to start going south to our city. And we have way too many different projects going on on the same time, and that’s what turns this into confusing to shoot video. Because back when we were building the shipping container house we did one project at time because we had time. And now for example the past week we shot video about I don’t know 5 10 different projects at the same time. So, it’s really hard to edit a video actually. Yeah. Why did we skip a week? This video right now it’s a week after the last video you watched. We have one week in between them. Why? We had a friend here last week. He’s an expert in sailboats. So he was here to try to organize how the refit is gonna go with us. And… He has a lot more experience than we have. He was on the Olympic games before on the Brazilian Team. He is a judge on the Olympic games, on the Pan-American Games. He is… On the Volvo Ocean Race. Yeah, on the Volvo Ocean Race. He knows what he is talking about. He really really has a lot of experience. And we need someone to see the mast, to see if we need to put the mast down, and to check someone to check the engine. And that knows people where we are, because he travels here all the time. So he knows people to help us with the painting and all these kind of things. So, we are gonna organize the main things that we need to do and the not that important things. So we’re… we need to hire people to do some things because we have the timeline as Duca said. And we are gonna write on the post-its and we are going to organize the priorities here. Yeah, just give us a few minutes and we are gonna shoot a time-lapse while we organize the ideas. And then we show you what are. So, let’s get started. Trying to skip you, go there. Good. So, let’s start from port to starboard. I’m learning. The thing is… we have 3 months here, right? So, the longer job we have is to paint the boat. We believe that a metal boat needs to be
    really really well painted and treated, otherwise it’s not gonna last for too
    long the hull. So this is gonna take around 70 days, that’s what the guy said. But before we can start painting we have something else to do. We need to do all the weldings outside. Yeah, it’s not much, but as we are not in our town and we don’t have the welding machine with us… And we don’t have experience welding stainless steel. Yeah, we… in some spots we’re gonna exchange regular steel, carbon steel to stainless steel. And we need someone with experience to weld these 2 kinds materials together. So, this is 1 of the 2 things I don’t like about the design of this boat. This… it’s like flush with the deck, the hatch. So there is too much… how you say? Like… (Friction) Touches the metal with metal too much and they did on regular steel, galvanized steel I mean. They should have done in stainless steel, otherwise if we fix this… it’s all rusted
    if we fix it’s gonna rust in the future anyways. So we decided to take this off
    and build them in stainless steel. And then we’re gonna cut this part off and also change this for stainless steel. So, it’s gonna be a little bit expensive, but at least it’s one time. We do it one time and then we are good to go, otherwise we’re just gonna be repeating the fixing that’s not good. And it’s good because I’m gonna learn. Because the deal is: I hire him but he needs to give me a mask so I can… you know… Learn how he does. I didn’t know that. He doesn’t know yet too. That’s gonna be the deal. We didn’t hire him yet. We talked to him already, but this is gonna be like welding class, stainless steel welding class. That’s gonna be really cool. I’m looking forward for that. So, after we weld the boat we start the painting. This is gonna be a really really long job. We had a few options on the painting. We could just sand a little bit and just give a coat of paint on the top of the paint that it’s been sitting here for we say 20 years but I think is 22 years actually. I don’t think that would be a smart idea, it wouldn’t last for too long. The other choice would be to sandblast the whole boat. But then we have… where we
    were gonna lose the galvanization. And if this boat is in such a good condition is because there is galvanization. This being said we decide that we wanted to take the paint off until the second primer. The second primer is really good still. So we need to sand all over with the Orbital Sander to the second primer. And why the second and not the first? Is because if there is any mistake on the sanding you won’t end up on the galvanization. You will end up on the first primer so
    you have like a backup. You have like a guarantee that you won’t hit the galvanization and you won’t lose the galvanization. If we did this job as 2… we could do it. We have the tools for that, we know how
    to do it. But we would take a year. Yeah, for sure. The boat’s huge. We won’t make on time and as you can tell we have like a huge list that doesn’t make sense for us
    to spend the 3 months we have here sanding instead of doing all the rest. Another thing… we are in the marina with a lot of regulations. You need to have a specific way of working in order to be fine. And it’s cheaper to pay someone to do it than to stay here for a year. Yeah. Basically. It’s not gonna be cheap but it’s gonna be cheaper. And the guys that we’re hiring have a lot of experience and this is a really really technical part. Because if we do the painting job well
    this could last for 20 years. And we know us. We know that we spend a lot of time sanding. Sanding the little corner, sanding… So it’s better to hire more people to do
    the same job. Yeah, so basically I think it’s gonna be like 4 people doing it at the same time. So that’s gonna be a lot faster and well done. So, this painting job we’re gonna hire someone to do it. We won’t do it on time. We decided… took a while to decide that but we decided we’re gonna hire
    someone to do it. And then we’re gonna do the random things while they paint it. Get prepared to know about the color that we’re gonna paint the boat. It’s not gonna be white as it was. That’s a surprise. So, random things. Random things… Random things… there are a lot of random things and most of them we are gonna do by ourselves. So this is the list of things that we have to do. While the guys paint the boat. So, just some stuff that we need to do. We need to fix the toilets,
    that’s important. Yeah. We need to check all the hoses for water, gas and everything. We need to check if we need to change any hose. We need to clean the sails and check how they are. We need to give maintenance to the valves, every valve of the boat. That’s really really important. But the good news is this boat has no
    valve under the waterline, every single valve of the boat… there is a steel tube welded to the hull higher then the waterline. That means that if a valve or
    a hose breaks it won’t sink the boat, because if the valve it’s under the
    waterline and a valve brakes it start bringing water inside of the boat and
    that’s not the case. I really like that. So we need to fix the hatches, we need to
    change the rubbers… We are gonna be able to take all the port lights and all the hatches off and change the acrylic or polycarbonate and all the seals. So we need to redo all the seals of… I don’t know how many… it’s like a lot of hatches. So that’s a huge… that’s one of the big big important jobs that we need to do. And a lot of things. You’re gonna see it with time. We need to fix the compass. So, engine. We don’t understand about engine. Of course we need to hire someone. And it seems that we found a guy. We don’t know the prices yet. We’re gonna have two big things to do with the engine. First thing we’re gonna hire a guy that understands about this kind of engine to come here and just help us
    turn the engine on. To try to turn it on and see if it turns on
    and based on that he is gonna give us a list of what we need to do on the engine. And based on this list he’s gonna say this you can do by yourself this is easier, this is just sanding parts and taking rust off and cleaning… and this part I can do and we are gonna mix with him and do it together. He does a part of the engine that we don’t understand. And we do the one that
    we can do. And then every single thing we are hiring at this point is good because we’re learning. Because as we hired him to work on the engine we’re gonna learn a lot about engine with him and then in the future we can do it
    ourselves. And actually the boat has so many parts, spare parts for the engine that we need him to go through these spare parts and tell us which spare parts we can use which ones are expired. This kind of things. About the mast. Mast. We didn’t know if we were gonna put the mast down. Yeah. And actually we start like touching some parts and we needed to take the mast down. *Episode about taking the mast in the future!! Electric. We hire someone. He’s gonna help us to install the new batteries. And he is gonna test every single circuit on the entire boat: 110, 220, 12 volts, the whole thing… short power, everything. And with that he’s gonna help
    us to make a list of everything we need to fix, everything we need to change and
    everything that’s good. It seems like the panel is in perfect
    condition. And that’s it. We also want to thank our new Patron. Welcome on board, Iulian! Thanks so much. We really really appreciate your support. And we see you guys next week. Join the crew

    ⛵️After 22 years abandoned 😱it’s time to (pressure) wash our sailboat #092
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    ⛵️After 22 years abandoned 😱it’s time to (pressure) wash our sailboat #092

    August 14, 2019

    As you can tell the boat is a lot different already. What we are gonna do this week? We’re gonna prepare the boat for painting. This week we’re gonna give a huge clean up outside of the boat and start taking things off the deck so we can finally finally start painting this boat. So, let’s get started. I’m Roberta. And I’m Duca. And for the past year we have been building our own tiny shipping container house. Made possible by our Patrons (Thank you!!) So we can travel around knowing that we
    will always have this little place that we can call home. But guess what? We just found our dream project before we expected: this abandoned sailboat. So we’re gonna stop building the house for a couple months to bring our boat back to life. And then we’re gonna go back and finish the house. *New episode every Monday!! So, we’re gonna wash this now. We’re really curious to see the boat without this black part. We have a long way to go. Let’s get to work then. It’s a pretty easy job and actually it’s really fun. Of course we should have done the deck
    before but the machine was with some problems. And we were curious to see the side of
    the boat. It’s fine, it’s all good. Ready? Yeah. Let’s do it. We only have one trouble, the rest is fine. This is the only one that is giving us some trouble. To be continued… Too many locked bolts… leave it for later… Last job of the day. At least the mosquitoes didn’t kill us yet. At leas another successful job. Yeah, a successful job. That’s pretty good. It’s good when you do something from beginning to end. Not like this. All these marks are the ones that we couldn’t take off. It’s like 15 from each side. We need a better tool and we will eventually get that done. Otherwise we will need to screw on
    the top of it and that’s gonna be a mess. We’re practicing how to get the
    drone on the air because once we are sailing we will need to do that moving and that’s gonna be a lot harder. Successful mission. Success. Next try. We tried all the methods you could imagine to take this screw off. So now the next step is to break
    the screw. Let’s see if we can do it. The big, not the huge. That’s a victory. We won one. One out of 30 screws that we need to take off. After half an hour. That method was taking too long, so… Last chance. If we don’t do it with this I don’t know how we’re gonna do it. Jig saw it is. Good news. We can do it. Is it off? Yeah. It worked, but now we have another… I don’t know… 20 or 30 to go. We can do it. That’s a really really really good thing. You guys have no idea how big of a
    victory this is. That was like a week fighting with this track. We did it. That’s pretty good. So, what day is today? Moving day. Today we are finally gonna move the boat from here after years. We’re gonna write somewhere the amount of years it’s been sitting exactly on this spot. Because in 22 years the boat
    went to many spots on the boat yard. We found out which day… the exactly day this boat is been here in this marina. So just for fun, that’s the picture
    of the dates the boat moved on the last 22 years. Yeah, but today we’re gonna take the boat to the covered place. Because we are gonna start sanding the hull to get ready for the painting. That’s the idea. So we are waiting for a travel lift and we’re gonna see the boat on the Travel lift for the first time. That’s exciting and scary. But let’s do it. Here we go. Looks pretty good!! Hello. New home? Yeah. So here’s our new spot. Really loud because everyone… It’s pretty dark inside now. And really loud. A lot of people working here. But it’s all good. At least now we can sand the boat and no rain is gonna come because… It’s about time to welcome on board our new Patrons. Yep. The list is long this week also. Thanks so much and welcome on board Ivan, Z-non or Zac. Timothy, Orville, Mattheu, David, Marek, Eric, William, Randy and William. Another William. Guys, thanks so much we really really really appreciate the support. And we hope you guys enjoy the extra video that we are gonna prepare today for you. Yeah, today we are gonna shoot a short… Sometimes we have been doing that, a short up to date video exclusively for Patrons. Because the refit is just too long and we’re not like in real time right now . So, it’s just a perk just to show you how is the boat right now. We hope you enjoy it. We see you guys next week. Join the crew