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    Italy’s Secret Paradise! Elba Island. Great Hikes, Amazing Food And Beautiful Beaches.
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    Italy’s Secret Paradise! Elba Island. Great Hikes, Amazing Food And Beautiful Beaches.

    January 16, 2020

    good morning from Elba Island I think I
    found one of my happy places I’m pretty excited I want to see these bunkers
    a hidden gem this is crazy history and beauty our AirBnB meh not so good I’m here a
    Cavoli Beach It’s called Capo D’Enfola We’re at Scaglieri Beach It’s called the ocean that’s why it’s salty I found I guess my happier spot if that’s possible don’t tell anyone though
    gotta keep it quiet it’s our place shhhh! Come on let’s go! [Music] when you think of Italy what comes to mind
    Florence Rome Venice and many other popular places my family who lives in
    Florence told us to visit those places but then they said Marco you have to go
    to Elba Island I’ve never heard of this place have you? man we’re sure glad we went and
    this is why good morning from Elba Island this is our view from our place
    we’re staying at and if didn’t have this view this place would be meh and I’m still kind
    of mad but this view is spectacular look at all the sailboats down there
    history is a big part of Elba Island Napoleon was exiled here it was also
    used as a German military base in World War two and today we’re gonna go see
    some of those ruins with the World War two bunkers we’re doing a hike today
    it’s called Capo D’Enfola it has old World War two German bunkers
    so we’re gonna see some of those I’m pretty excited I want to see these
    bunkers I’m a world war ii kind of buff so I know I’m like meh I just want to hike watch she’ll like them better than me [music] is this ever beautiful it’s not a hard hike but wow is it
    ever stunning you’re rewarded oh yeah not much effort no wonder they built a bunker up here there’s nice beautiful view Elba is such a hidden gem in Italy yeah not a lot of people go here it’s not
    that busy and there’s amazing things to do here and beautiful water yeah don’t
    tell anyone though got to keep it quiet it’s our place Jaden’s been asking me about tanks and world war two and if Germans had better tanks and they did
    they take about ten American tanks to kill one tiger tank because they were so
    well armored and well equipped and our tanks are just faster weaker Armour and
    weaker guns but don’t quote me on that but that’s my knowledge gotta
    check my facts you always get things wrong but I think that’s right right Jaden? get you’re face in there. there you go. [music] well we are at our first bunker or only bunker but we’re here this is crazy they hid in here look at this this is crazy
    you found the way out they would’ve had lights in here they would have power did they? how?
    running along the top there this is creepy and we’re out we found another bunker this is bunker bister busters let’s go in this is crazy you guys ever been in a bunker before oh my god look at this this is a maze this is probably where they kept the shells ok lets not get lost in here how can you get lost this the way out love this hike history and
    beauty I think the Germans just built a bunker up here so they could have this
    view [music] one thing Alba island isn’t short on
    is amazing beaches we basically got them all to ourselves check it out I think I found one of my happy places Cavoli beach oh my god
    it’s so beautiful here I never want to leave I think I’m just going to move here
    and it’s going to be my home there’s like this calm beautiful beach down below a
    beautiful hillside with lush green and then this aqua blue water is unreal we’re at scaglieri beach in ah biodola we got lucky we got chairs right up at
    the front beach and there’s not many people here is really awesome
    I’d recommend coming to this beach this is good this is ranked I think seventh out
    of ten but I’ve been to a Cavoli beach it’s really busy this one is big
    beautiful I picked this beach I’m at another Beach today I found I guess my happier spot if that’s possible I said I was in my happy place
    but I found an even more happy place for a beach
    this is Biodoli or ba doli beach and the sand is so fine it’s like
    it’s like flower or brown sugar and it’s even more beautiful which is actually
    hard to imagine I would say this is one of the most beautiful beaches that
    I’ve been to probably ever I’m stuck you’re stuck we’re just going to leave you here then a bye bye bye bye ciao this is amazing Elbe Island is one of the most beautiful
    places in the world you should go and oh yeah don’t forget to subscribe and hit
    that like button [music] how’s your pizza? really good! it’s a different style
    of Pizza isn’t it? it’s called puccini or something it’s made with chickpea flour it’s called square pizza what do you got there I got yogurt, nutella, smarties and chocolate he likes that ice cream oh my god
    let’s go good morning I’m working out well actually I’m not she is I still got my pajamas on
    I wont show you the rest because ah I’m all tanned

    Venice Beach House Tour | Los Angeles California
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    Venice Beach House Tour | Los Angeles California

    January 16, 2020

    What’s going on everybody? Welcome to Venice Beach California, and this is our home. Welcome to Vagabrothers, Venice. We’ve changed a few things around since we moved in , so let’s go give you a tour. Let’s go. This is our living room; this is where we spend the majority of our time. This is where we “ideate.” This is where we eat. This is where we have coffee; it’s where we watch TV. This is where a lot of magic happens. You might remember these walls were green, but we noticed and a couple people commented that our faces were turning purple in the videos that we shot here, so we decided to fix that. Marko is like, “Why is my face purple”? It could be related to the walls, but it could also be related to the fact that you always forget to wear sunscreen. So wear sunscreen. Or I was just like a drunk, and I had one of those ruddy complexions of someone who drinks too much…..the Rudolph the red-nosed drunkard nose. Yeah ,anyway so let’s just show some of the things right here. We got a TV. This is the first TV either of us has ever purchased. Black Friday. This was a 55 inch LG TV. We got it on Black Friday at Best Buy for 400 bucks…a petty good good deal. And then down below, we have…these are some of my LPs. We have a collection going right here ,but behind it are some of the things we hid. We got this at Target something like that for 100 bucks and assembled it ourselves, and then we just put in these little screws to hide everything behind it. And what’s behind it is all of our hard drives organized from oldest to newest. There’s probably about 20 or 30 hard drives, maybe about a hundred terabytes plus of footage down there. It’s better hidden with cool album covers from back in the day. Marko, what’s your favorite record? We’re going to ..I don’t know I think we need to a video about this because there’s a ton of them that I collected during college, but we’ll save that for a separate thing. What about that? I found this at the Long Beach flea market for 25 bucks. It’s a 1960s school wall map. If you look at the details, coolest thing I love is the shipping routes going through the Panama Canal and stuff like that. This tells the distance between cities. I also love that they have all of the geography. What’s it called? It’s got elevation so it’s color-coded by elevation. You can see some of the highest places on earth. You have the Andes; you got some of the brown the Rocky Mountains.. Over here the Himalayas .If you come over here, you can see there’s North and South Vietnam. There’s a couple anomalies….it says the Soviet Union, so it’s definitely from way back in the day.,’60s..I think this comes from 1967. It’s always interesting to look back at history and see how the world was divided up. The idea is that behind it we have a white board that we can use to do some ideation. Can’t show you what’s behind it. It’s all secret plans, but we can basically have that down we’re doing business, and then we want to have friends over, we can just cover it up. Tin Tin.. mandatory . Got to love Tin Tin. We have this nice…… this couch is the one thing that we pilfered from our parents’ house. Sorry Mom and Dad. We just had to take it. It was the one thing our parents were always complaining about. It doesn’t really fit in the house, but it fits perfectly here. We got this table for fifty bucks at the Long Beach flea market. If you look at the details, it’s Chinese. There are all these sort of like… the Buddha in certain areas. It’s supercool and was only 50 bucks. Just great. This is a another Long Beach flea-find. It’s pretty decrepite it, but it holds some of our books and coffee table books which we try to swap out. Silver play button Thank you guys. Honestly, we wouldn’t be in this house if it weren’t for you guys. So thank you. Got this beautiful little painting in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala when I traveled as a senior in college way back in 2010, and I just kind of like how it’s the last thing…. a little bit of color on the way out when you flip the lights. Our table, breakfast and work on this thing. It doesn’t really fit. We’re contemplating listing this table, selling it, and then building some drop tables that would be right up against the window so you have natural light and then when you need a table, you can use it, and when you don’t , you can get rid of it and kind of reclaim the space. We have one of my favorite posters. This is a picture from the Berlin Wall, which I bought in Berlin last year. 1989, right? It’s the fall of the Berlin Wall, which I think is really symbolic of a beautiful era of openness and taking down walls, building bridges. And that’s a very strong principle of mine, personally. I think that’s the basis of our channel. It’s kind of cool to look at this and and see some reminder of freedom. No wall. No wall. Speaking of which…… This room is the best room. This is the chill room. This is the reading room. We don’t have a lot of books in this room, but we bring books into this room. We have a bit of a disagreement on that, right? I want our house to be open and clean and spacious. Mark and I, maybe one of our biggest character clashes is the fact that I like things a little bit more sparse and minimalist, and Marko likes to elaborate and put more and more. I think we found a pretty good middle ground, Bro, in here honestly. I just like bohemian style houses where you have little trinkets and cool little knickknacks from all around the world. I want a house that’s looks more like a curio shop. But you know what? When you get your own house, you can do that. I like Alex’s sparseness. I just watched a documentary Minimalism. I see the aesthetic pleasures of it, and we’re basically reducing. It’s working. Check out what we got here. It’s kind of a Mexican themed room. We got this Zacotec style design blanket, which we threw over this couch, which folds out. It’s a futon couch. When we have guests they can sleep on their own little bed, if they want. They can sleep on the couch. We’ve hosted quite a few people. We have Raya and Louis, FunForLouis and RayaWasHere, have been here, but Louis doesn’t fit on that couch. No This is not Louis standard couch. It fits everyone else, but not Louis or Will Darbucher They’re just a little bit too long, but I this thing’s pretty cool… open beers, you know .Show us some of the characters. We have these guys which are Oaxaca painted animals. They’re actually also…these were our mother’s. Elephant, candle, used to be a rabbit. Our dad is from New Zealand; our mom is from California. She’s a flight attendant, and she was always bringing back cool little trinkets. I think Marko, honestly, that might be where you get the curios shop vibe is from Mom. She has good taste. Here we have the Holstee Manifesto, which is always good to look at and remind yourself of. Shepard Fairey ,Make Art Not War. I went and bought a bunch of these cool ceramic light covers, which I got in Ensenada, Mexico for four bucks each. Then we have a bar. Alex, do you want to explain the bar? It’s got lots of alcohol; its kind of collection of our booze from around the world .Whenever we travel to a new place, we try to visit a craft distillery and pick up a little bottle to take home. A couple of scotch whiskeys. We are having a housewarming party tonight. The house is clean, and we figured we should take you guys along and show you, also. One of the cool things that I want to show is in the kitchen here. Marko, who has very good taste bought me a gift for Christmas that I really like. These are scotch glasses that actually have some of the bigger mountains in the United States in the bottom of the glass. They have an imprints of the peaks. This one is Mount Denali ,Mount Rainier. It’s got Half Dome in Yosemite and my favorite ,Mount Whitney in the Sierra Navadas, the highest mountain in the continental United States in California. When we drink whiskey or scotch, we drink it in these guys and also a big fan of the stemless wine glasses. These things are legit. Some cooking books right, Marko? Your ones. Jerusalem and Plenty by Ottolanghi This thing I got in Thailand. See no evil. Hear no evil. Speak no evil Works well with the yellow walls. What do we have in the fridge right now? We have a lot of beer in the fridge right now. We have party supplies in the fridge. We have a couple Take and Bake PIzzas from Costco because we were in Costco today getting party supplies…. lots of cheese, beers. We got some mementos from friends who have been by here. These are our lovely grandparents. They are the best, our favorite people in the world. And here’s a thank you card from Louis and Raya, along with a photo from when we hung out in Long Beach. Robbie and Gisela, our friends from San Diego are getting married. We’re saving the date. Then some photos of all the friends from Friendsgiving party, as well as nice card that got sent to us from Manitoba, Canada of me catching a drone on a boat. This is a really fun. And me lurking extremely uncomfortably piloting the drone into Marko’s hand on a boat. There’s also here….. we have the record player ,which is tucked in the corner, and let’s see what’s on right now. We’ve got the Clash, Sandanista. We got love for Frieda, Tiki from New Zealand, pull-up bar for when we are feeling like we need to do a pull-up. Cow’s head ceramic thing, also from Mexico. I got a little crazy in Mexico , nesting a little bit after not having possessions for a long time. He called me at the border and was like, “Bro, you’re not going to believe what I got.” And he listed it off, and I was sitting there going ..Got an attic up here for all our extra stuff, which does open ,but we won’t go up there today. The bathroom. What I like about the bathroom…. we have I put this Botero painting, which is a woman looking into a mirror. It’s a painting within a painting.because when you look at the reflection of our mirror, you can see it. We’ve got shaving equipment here. I use a straight razor, so I like to have that set up, but for some reason Alex put hand soap on top of my shaving soap, Bro. What the hell, man. Lowball.Since when do you shave, Mark? Occasionally I do shave. It’s known to happen. Got a little magazine rack here with Tin Tin. Latest magazines, incense holder for when things get stinky. Pooh Pourrie If you don’t know where it is, use it. Your friends and family will love you for it. One of the major design flaws is that my lights to my room are outside. I sleep naked ,and if I forget to turn the light off , I have to get up out of bed, either put clothes on or just hope no one’s looking and come out here and turn the lights on. Not great, a design flaw. i’ll just turn the lights off for you, Bro. My room has evolved a little bit. Not done too much in here. The walls are still green. This is the original color of the whole house. I got a desk I put in. I put up this is zarape because we just have huge all spaces. I have this Tibetan mask right here, Indo board. I put my towel to dry next to the heater so that it warms up. My bed. I got this at the swap meet for 7 bucks. I left plenty of space so that I can do yoga in the morning theoretically , although i’ve never done it. Closet right here for all my clothes, and I put my hats on the wall like this. If you guys are wandering Village This is where I get my hat. Everyone’s asking. These are three of the same hats in different colors: black, brown, blue. That’s my style. This is my dresser that was my mom’s when she was a kid, .and I’m trying to keep top clean by putting magazines on it, I’ve got Esquire, Monocle the Economist, Rolling Stone, my current weekly subscriptions, and meditation couch, which I also picked up in India. When I used to live in India, I bought a bunch of things before I left for the one day that I would get an apartment. Now that time’s come. It feels good to finally sit on the floor This is my room. Like I said, trying to keep it a little bit more clean and minimal. I have a queen size bed from Tuft and Needle, two little dressers. I have some books in there. Im reading Stuff Every Man Should Know. That was a gift from Dad. I’m reading El Nuevo Kama Sutra. in Spanish. That was my book. Yeah but I’m using it. And the Lost City of the Monkey God, which I just picked up, which is pretty cool. It’s about a myth of a lost city in Honduras. Just got this yesterday and installed it. Finally have a dresser where I can put all of my clothes and stuff. Try to be organized. Having lived out of a backpack for so long. It feels really, really nice to have a place and be able to organize your possessions instead of having everything jammed into a backpack. That feels good. Got my Spanish guitar. Bought this guy when I was living in Galicia, in Pontevedra, Spain. It’s an Alhambra. Vincent Van Gogh Got a Van Gogh painting Starry Night Van Gogh’s my favorite artists.. Love impressionism ..big fan of that genre of art. I have this little guy, this quote from Ira Glass which is all about how most people who strive to be in the creative field or try to do what they want never get there because they don’t put in the the hard hours in between when you’re a beginner and making it. I still don’t think that I’ve made it, and I still look at my work still critically sometimes. So it’s good to be able to read this and get a little bit inspiration. I also have a couple of photos I took. The reason I still have all of this space on the wall is that I’m going to start going through some of my favorite images that I’ve taken in the last couple years of traveling, and I want to get them blown up onto either metal or canvas and have a couple of choice photos for that wall. Got this little guy from Costa Rica, my first ever trip without my parents. I was 14 on a surf trip. This little painting on a piece of wood is a nice reminder of that very first trip and that feeling of freedom and my life long love relationship with the Spanish language. s The closet…all this up here was covered with my pants and boxers and stuff because I didn’t have a dresser. This side is more shirts, like t-shirts and stuff and this side is more jackets and overcoats, organized by color. I’ve got my boots collection down here. All of my backpacks. We travel quite a bit, and I never really get to unpack them. And then way back here, I have the panniers for my motorcycle , which I’m really hoping that soon, Bro, we can go camping and fill the panniers and make some moto-vlogs. Please, let’s make that happen. This is from our Auntie Sal. She is really awesome. She lives in Humboldt.. big fan of the Grateful Dead, and she’s also a big fan of the Dalai Lama ,and so every year she sent us these really cool inspirational messages. This one is from His Holiness ,the 14th Dalai Lama ; it’s really nice. The true meaning of life is that basically if you contribute to other people’s happiness, you’ve found the true meaning of life. Here we are. Here are the skateboards: my two Santa Cruz skateboards Alex’s Sector Nine and this is Louis’s Penny Board because he’s staying with us. When you leave the kitchen ,there’s a side door, and it takes you into the side yard. This is my bicycle. I’ve had it since college. It has survived four years in Isla Vista, and hopefully it can survive many more here in Venice Beach. This is a my surf shed. I’ve got my wetsuit and then in here I have my boards. I have a 5/8 neckbeard from Al Merrick This is my pride and joy. This is what I’ve been riding a lot lately It’s a 5/6 mini Simmons. It paddles like a longboard and it shreds like a short board, and I’ve been having so much fun on this. It’s pretty much all I’ve got to show. This bike right here is a 1967 Schwinn Varsity. It is my grandfather’s. Perfect bike for going around Venice. I’m trying to get panniers. I want to get a nice little panniers set up here so I can just go to go work at a coffee shop. We’ve got a banana tree. We’ve got a grapefruit tree. We have a lemon tree, and we have a chiminea. We actually have two chimineas. As we said tonight, we’re having a housewarming party.. a little keg, a half keg of Blue Moon from Colorado. Wanted to get an IPA, but Alex cautioned me :people can’t drink IPAs in tons of quantity. I don’t know. You guys let us know. If you like IPA, put IPA in the comment section. The keg is officially tapped. Boom. It flows. Alright guys well that was the tour of our house. Hopefully, you enjoyed it. Let us know your thoughts. Let us know if you like the white better than the green. We definitely do. Hopefully, you guys had a good time and thanks for watching. We have a party to throw. If you liked the video give a thumbs-up, share it with your friends, subscribe to Vagabrothers and make sure you turn on notifications. You get video updates when we publish. In the meantime stay curious, keep exploring, and we’ll see you guys on the road. Vlog series coming soon. We know you guys want to see the travel vlogs. They’re coming.Stay tuned. Peace.

    Chania 4K: Top Beaches & Sights of Akrotiri Crete – Travel Guide | Drone Ακρωτήρι
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    Chania 4K: Top Beaches & Sights of Akrotiri Crete – Travel Guide | Drone Ακρωτήρι

    January 14, 2020

    This part of greek land will steal your heart. A multicultural crossroad of civilizations. The kingdom of blue skies, shiny rocks, bright sun and crystal water. Akrotiri Chania – Crete. Just beyond the town of Chania, and it’s airport in Akrotiri Peninsula, you will find traditional villages and the famous beaches of Marathi, Seitan limania, Kalathas, Stavros, loutraki & Maherida nearby beaches number one: Marathi beach Marathi a popular resource east of Chania which hosts 2 beautiful beaches with fine sand & shallow calm water. Well protected from the wind and well organized with amenities. number two: Kalathas beach. A beautiful beach in a
    natural Bay at the Cape Akrotiri Windy and ideal for water sports. Opposite Kalathas there is a small island easily reached by swimming Number three: Stavros Beach Stavros is a seaside village with the characteristic steep, camel-shaped Mountain, famous from the film Zorba the Greek, were Anthony Queen dances the famous Syrtaki dance number four: Seitan Limania Beach Seitan Limania is 22 km northeast of Chania, a tiny fantastic beach with deep Azure waters at the wild landscape. Enjoy diving and snorkeling number five: Loutraki beach A very nice quiet beach with clear shallow waters suitable for children. It is well-organized. Number six: Maherida Beach. Stunning little beach with white sand and turquoise water surrounded by sharp rocks. Not organized, the secluded beach of Maherida attracts mainly nudists. number seven: Tersanas beach The calm water combined with the proximity to the touristic facilities makes Tersanas ideal for family holidays Accommodation Skandalis Traditional Suites (chorafakia). The area is quite developed and a popular destination for holidays Creteview Luxury Villas (Loutraki). A variety of accommodation choices will meet all of your criteria, ** Villa Imperial (Marathi) from luxury suites to all-inclusive units or hospitable apartments and rooms ** Casa Manolesos (Kalathas) Chorafakia, Kounoupidiana, Marathi, Tersanas, Loutraki & Stavros are the main villages of Akrotiri Cretan Cuisine The traditional cuisine of Crete is famous worldwide
    ** Almyriki Restaurant (Stavros) Olive oil is the cornerstone of the cretan diet and the secret of the longevity of cretan people ** Skalakia (Kalathas) Artistic creations Like this video. Write a comment. Share! Runnismos Travel Guru
    contact us: [email protected] Thanks for watching and subscribe for more videos!

    Cooking Tips : How to Pan Fry Orange Roughy Fish
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    Cooking Tips : How to Pan Fry Orange Roughy Fish

    January 14, 2020

    To pan-fry Orange Roughy fish, first start
    off with a pan set to medium-high heat, with a little bit of oil at the bottom of the pan.
    Next, salt the Orange Roughy, and add any seasonings that you would like to it. From
    here, place your Orange Roughy into the pan, laying it away from you so that the oil does
    not splatter on you.
    Next, you don’t want to move the Orange Roughy at all, or it will flake away. So let it cook
    about 3 to 5 minutes or until it gets a nice brown crust on it. And that is how you pan-fry
    Orange Roughy.

    Elafonisos paradise island, Greece 4K | Best beaches and places – Travel Guide
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    Elafonisos paradise island, Greece 4K | Best beaches and places – Travel Guide

    January 14, 2020

    Peloponnese – Greece The place to be There are some places
    Algunos lugares Elafonisos island
    Southern Peloponnese That you will remember forever
    para siempre A strip that resembles a path to heaven… Beauty
    belleza blue experiences
    experiencias This summer a paradise waits for you sweet melodies
    deep feelings sentimientos 323 kilometers south of Athens Elafonisos village making you wanna return
    volver again and again Tasty Greek cuisine Freedom
    Libertad – Freiheit Elafonisos
    your secret blue paradise paraiso azul I love to travel Love is waiting for you this summer
    este verano Simos Camping Beach
    Sarakiniko in Greece
    en Grecia – στην Ελλάδα Natura 2000. Elafonisos has a wealth of flora and fauna which is confirmed by its inclusion to the European network of protectes areas. Let the picture reveal all those things the words cannot describe… There are some places you will never forget! Have you ever dreamt of the amazing colors of nature, coral and emerald shades with gold and white grains of sand? sand dunes Relaxation Elafonisos is your hidden Paradise Adventure Panagia beach Are you ready to experience this? Authentic Lefki beach crystal blue water Let’s go on an adventure! The only trip you will regret is the one you don’t take “To travel is to take a journey into yourself”
    – Danny Kaye Erotic Small simos beach Ten minutes transit time by ferry from Punta Tiny island
    immense beauty mythical greek blue exotic best choice This summer will be the best of your life! all in your hands passionate alternative Elafonisos waits for you
    this summer! romantic Elafonisos,
    your new favorite destination Like this video, tell us your opinion, write a comment. Share! Runnismos Travel Guru
    Contact us: [email protected] Thanks for watching this and subscribe for more adventure, impressive pictures and breathtaking travelling videos!

    Elite Dangerous beginners Guide Top 10 Items to buy for your Ship
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    Elite Dangerous beginners Guide Top 10 Items to buy for your Ship

    January 14, 2020

    Hello its Ricardo and I’m playing elite
    dangerous elite dangerous as a game they’re very complex affair I’ve been
    playing it for a few years now and I’m still learning not only is the new
    player go and look at controls joysticks keyboards mouse joystick controls
    there’s also what seems to be the insurmountable aspect of upgrading your
    ship and indeed choosing your ship so with that in mind I thought I’d put
    together a quick video on what new players can do to start in elite
    dangerous what are you going to spend your hard-earned money on number 10
    straight in at number 10 we’ve got the SRV now the SRV is the elite dangerous
    all-terrain multi-purpose vehicle the Oni will allow you to go trundling
    around different landscapes but exploring abandoned outposts mining for
    rare materials so you can take them to an engineer to modify other components
    of on your ship the horizons customer or commander can do land-based missions and
    not only explore those strange new worlds and find out what’s going on with
    Guardian ruins sadboys ruins and the search the SRV I think is one of the
    most important tools any commander pad within the elite dangerous Network and
    readers open up the game so if you haven’t got horizons it’s my advice go
    out and get it it can’t be that expensive and it will open the game up
    tenfold number nine now I’ve got ninth place
    allocated to shit now starting off in that old Sidewinder is going to be a
    hell of a bind and you want to try and trade and work your way up to getting a
    better ship one of the best ships the go for really is going to be the Cobra mark
    3 one of the immediate goals that you should have and then from there on to
    ships like the ask for a trading vessel steer clear of things like the Eagle
    steer clear things like the adder and the hauler why you want to be looking at
    is to get yourself a nice meaty ship like the Python but I think in my
    opinion is the best multi-role ship you can possibly get with an elite dangerous
    it’s got load a module babe it’s got good power allocation it can land at
    outposts so small landing pads as well as accommodate some of a larger missions
    however I run that and I also run an ass now the ass fire fine is another good
    multi-role though it does look a bit like a dinner plate but it’s pretty good
    for exploring number eight I love fuel scoops they give you the
    total freedom to go out and do whatever you want to do without sticking it to
    the man and buying your fuel from a space station or star port fuel scoops
    for the Explorer are essential if you’re going to go anywhere with a long jump
    range or a long journey for example to Colonia anywhere outside the bubble get
    yourself a good fuel scoop make sure it’s at least a rated and you can scoop
    up as much fuel as you possibly can the shortest period of time but remember you
    fly too close to that Sun you’re going to get your wings good you’re also going
    to need when to use the neutrons superhighway and to gather for that
    neutron star fuel number seven ship power core
    now the power core is the heart and soul of your ship without that power core you
    can do anything you can’t power any of the toys or gadgets you brought up your
    ship or your weapons or your engines now some players will target your power
    core in combat to try and disable your ship power cause or power plant and
    nuclear fusion reactors which supplied the ships with energy they are however
    not a hundred percent efficient at converting fusion energy into
    electricity so some energy is lost as waste heat and must be exhausted through
    radiation panels the fusion process also produces helium in a highly energized
    plasma state or very good however large power plants are able to produce more
    energy whilst power plants with a higher rating are more efficient now you can
    also engineer your power plants with armored power plant lower emissions
    power plant and also overcharge power plants it’s number six the discovery
    scanner now there’s a whole galaxy out there of rare and wondrous planets to go
    and explore the advanced discovery scanner and discovery scanners the
    discovery scanner is a unit that fits inside of internal compartment of your
    ship which allows you to scan for unknown astronomical objects within a
    certain radius of your ship this can be increased however with engineering all
    vessels come with a basic discovery scanner figured as standard but there
    are three levels the basic scanner the intermediate scanner and the advanced
    discovery scanner and the advanced one has a system-wide range and you want to
    be aiming so that one for you commanders who are intent on going out and
    exploring the galaxy then having a scanner is essential you will get care
    to graphic data which you can trading at the space stations to get you not only
    money but also notoriety within the game of elite dangerous when you discover a
    planet a system aster or whatever that nobody else has and get your name on the
    game it’s number five and that’s the docking computer
    now this really is one of the most handy devices in the game base at number five
    for a particular reason is you should be able to dock as it is this is strictly
    for convenience in my honest opinion the standard docking computer is a ship
    module that automates docking with a space station
    surface station if you’ve got horizons or an outpost the process can be slow so
    it’s not recommended for pilots who need to dock quickly and please do not leave
    your ship and attended so there’s a warning attached to this they’re not
    perfect and may not work correctly at times especially around planets I’ve got
    high gravity that I have found be careful because that docking computer
    might outlast you cause you to get blown up by station defenses or just plant you
    directly into the surface so be warned number four it’s that power distributor the power distributor takes power from
    the power plant and distributes it to the ship’s three main onboard areas that
    of systems sis engines Eng and weapons web it also includes a capacitor bank
    for each of the three systems plus a three-way research capability power
    distributors are rated by their energy storage capacity and they recharge rate
    very important to have one of these doing all these big funky lasers on your
    ship and then it being discharged really quickly you’ve got to have that
    capacitance within your power distributor all distributors I keep all
    of recharging the weapons considerably faster than what they do when they
    recharge the systems or the engines so bear that in mind and make sure you go
    and get yourself a good one number three shield boosters shield boosters are used
    to increase the integrity of a ship shields but also increase the time it
    takes to replenish the shields should they become depleted in combat or
    through collisions it’s a relatively easy addition to your ship to increase
    its endurance with in battle equipping multiple shield boosters will
    see shield multipliers stack additively this meaning – Oh a shield boosters will
    combine provided total multiplier of 1.4 to shield strength but when in danger
    and they depleted turn them off to a charge of shields quicker number two
    the kill warrant scanner the thing that every bounty hunter needs to make more
    money from their kills and imma know what happens you’re going to get into a
    scrape or two and you’re going to come into combat with other players or NPCs
    if you’re a bounty hunter that’s going to be by choice if you’re not you get
    pulled out a frameshift you can’t be getting attacked by somebody else or
    something else now the kill warrant scanner is a great little device that
    when you do get your kills and you defeat that player NPC you’re going to
    get extra credits in the form of a bounty for it so in my opinion it’s a
    worthwhile device fit into your ship as stand as it would be to fit thrusters
    making those kills equals more money not only a rank towards the lead
    number one the right weapons choosing the right weapon can in fact be a
    minefield and there’s no punning to today do you have fixed weapons do you
    have gimballed weapons do you have multi
    cannons beam weapons they all have their pros they all have their cons with
    gimballed weapons it gives you more time to fly around and concentrate on what
    you’re doing the guns will move with your target with fixed weapons you have
    to be a better shot Multi cannons and projectile weapons don’t use as much
    heat whereas being weapon to the pulse being lasers they are going to incur
    lots of heat and drain your weapon battery from your power distributor even
    quicker it’s my recommendation I tell you my recommendation that gimballed
    weapons and a mixture between beam and projector weapons would be your aim and
    this is why I find Hulme player D player or any other form
    of space combat to wear those shields down take the shields out completely
    with beam weapons once the beam weapons have eaten through the shields and their
    shields are decimated get in there with your multi cannons all your projectile
    weapons while your beam lasers are recharging okay and the heat is
    dissipating shred through there help destroy their ship that’s my opinion
    anyway I’ve been Ricardo this has been my top 10 items to buy in elite
    dangerous for your ship we’ve enjoyed watching this video I’ve had a lot of
    fun making it fly safe and check back for more videos see you soon you

    Falasarna exotic beach, Crete island – Greece travel guide | Everything you need to know
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    Falasarna exotic beach, Crete island – Greece travel guide | Everything you need to know

    January 13, 2020

    One of the top 5 beaches of Crete island! Falasarna beach, Chania – Greece Exotic Greek summer Free forever! Chania – Falasarna: 58 km and you are in Paradise! This nearby excursion will take you to a tropical destination… Endless Greek blue It’s summer time! Falasarna beach: 3 kilometers long! White sand between your toes, emerald water and magical sunsets. Endless beauty at one of the most stunning beaches of the Mediterranean! Falasarna village: North of the village you can find Ancient Falasarna ruins relaxed summer moments The only trip you will regret is the one you don’t take! Falasarna beach
    Chania – Crete Like this video. Tell us your opinion, write a comment. share! Runnismos Travel Guru
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    Chalkidiki TOP beaches: Ammouliani island, Ouranoupoli, Drenia – Greece | Complete guide
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    Chalkidiki TOP beaches: Ammouliani island, Ouranoupoli, Drenia – Greece | Complete guide

    January 12, 2020

    This is not Maldives… This is not Seychelles… This is not Philippines or the Caribbean… This is Greece! Ammouliani island
    Chalkidiki – Greece Population 550 people
    Area 4.5 square kilometers About 120 kilometers from Thessaloniki and only two nautical miles from the mainland coast Tripiti, it is easily and affordably accessible by ferry boat which takes only 15 minutes to transfer you to heaven The main town of Ammouliani is built like an amphitheatre above the bay. The beautiful tiled roofs, gardens and alleyways complete the picturesque scenery! Don’t miss the fish taverns of the harbour and the delicious local flavors! If you like hiking you will especially
    enjoy the footpaths and the contact with nature, as the island is a bird sanctuary. The kingdom of serenity! top beaches number 1: Alikes beach. 2.5 km south of Ammouliani port. The most photogenic and vibrant place of the island! Welcome to Alikes beach. Here everything is set to be relaxing, fun and joyful. Swim, dive, do water sports, read your book and forget everything else Alikes camping is a great alternative for nature lovers. The beach bars with funky summer music are really fun, transmitting everywhere a party vibe number 2: Megali Ammos and Agios Georgios beach. Two tropical beaches at the southeastern part of the island Two stunning beaches which will be responsible for your temporal amnesia against worries and other irrelevant thoughts. The green and blue will make you lose your mind number three: Karagatsi beach. A peaceful heaven next to Alikes. Romantic moments under the blue sky Number four: Faka beach. four km west of Ammouliani. Two tropical islets across are waiting to be discovered Drenia islets
    Chalkidiki – Greece Drenia is a complex of little islets located opposite Ouranoupolis, about two miles away from the mainland and east of Ammouliani. Drenia is the largest islet and Tigani, Pontiki, Feti, Penna, Artemis etc are the smaller ones. The islets, also known as Donkey islands, are a virgin place. No electricity or other facilities here, with only exception the cantine at the biggest islet, offering sun beds umbrellas and other amenities using a power generator. You can reach Drenia Paradise islets by boat from Ouranoupolis (daily), rent a private boat (no license needed) or paddle your own canoe to explore every islet and its beaches one by one. An experience you will remember for a lifetime The landscape and the seabed of the six
    tropical islands is absolutely stunning! Golden sandy beaches crystal blue waters in all magic shades of the Greek archipelago and an enchanting atmosphere Visiting Drenia is a sweet summer adventure! Ideal for divers and water sport lovers. Become the king of your summer vacation at one of these heavenly made Greek islets! Ouranoupoli
    Chalkidiki – Greece Ouranoupoli lies 140 kilometers east of Thessaloniki. It is an ancient city founded in the late 4th century BC. Today is a popular summer destination. Don’t miss the famous Prosforion Byzantine tower, overlooking the seafront top beaches number one: Akrathos beach. three km northwest of Ouranoupoli. The beach is part of a hotel complex number two: Tripiti beach. 7 kilometers northwest of Ouranoupoli number three: Eagles beach. 4.5 kilometers north of Ouranoupoli. The beach is part of a resort number 4: Ouranoupoli beach. The beaches is at walking distance from the village are truly stunning! Athos peninsula, Chalkidiki – Greece. Do not miss the chance to visit the Holy Monastic state of Athos. The third Peninsula of Halkidiki where only men may have access according to tradition. Athos Cruises is organizing daily excursions to Mount Athos from Ammouliani and Ouranoupoli. Chalkidiki: a heaven to fall in love with! Where to eat: Ammouliani: Glaros Tavern, Anemotrata fish tavern, Savana beach bar. Ouranoupoli: Zorbas fish tavern, Kritikos Restaurant, Anemos beach bar, Ammos cafe bar, Patisserie Sekeroglou. Accommodation: Ammouliani Hotels: Archontiko, Giorgios, Sun Rise,
    Ammouliani Hotel. Ouranoupolis Hotels: Avaton Luxury Villas, Eagles Palace, Akrathos Beach, Theopisti, Alexandros Palace, Xenia Ouranoupolis. Like this video and subscribe!
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    🇮🇹 Italian Riviera – Portofino: top beaches and attractions | Italy Guide: cosmopolitan paradise
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    🇮🇹 Italian Riviera – Portofino: top beaches and attractions | Italy Guide: cosmopolitan paradise

    January 12, 2020

    blue romantic and irresistible… this is not south of California… this is not southern France or Spain… this is Italy Portofino, Liguria – Italy. Welcome to the heart of the italian riviera. This fishing port is famous for the
    picturesque harbour and the high-class visitors, like celebrities and artists.
    Dalida was right I found my love in Portofino! Located 45 minutes east of
    Genoa and about two hours south of Milan. During the Roman times the area was
    called Portus Delphini. This splendid A class sea resort has a bright
    mediterranean personality. live your dreams! The Piazzetta, meeting-up point for the international
    jet set, is the symbol of Portofino, while the port is the icon and the pride of
    the locals for their centuries lasting maritime tradition. The charm of the place, the fine Ligurian cuisine and the innumerable cultural and nature itineraries make this corner of Italy an ideal destination any time of year. Top attractions Portofino’s lighthouse. One kilometer
    south of Portofino. Situated on punta del capo, imposing itself over the entire Bay. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy cold and refreshing drinks at the lounge bar La
    Portofinese. The views here will remain unforgettable. San Giorgio church five minutes walking from Portofino. Portofino’s patron, a construction from the 12th century. Inside are relics brought back by sailors after the Crusades. The breathtaking panorama from the churchyard is ideal for photo shooting. Castello Brown. Ten minutes walking from the harbour. The Brown castle is a fortress in the middle of a hanging garden, characterized by partitions with lovely bas-relief, and architectonic embellishments in marble and slate Luxury experience! Christ of the abyss: located between Camogli and Portofino, was placed under water on August 1954 top beaches: Paraggi beach: 1.5 kilometers
    north of Portofino Pedale beach: 3 kilometers north of
    Portofino Rapallo Rapallo is a municipality in the
    metropolitan city of Genoa and has 30,000 inhabitants. This beautiful area
    is part of the regional Natural park of Portofino. Friedrich Nietzsche wrote that the ideas for Zarathustra first came to him while walking on two roads surrounding Rapallo. During the 16th century it was attacked and sacked by the Ottomans and Barbary pirates. To help defend the village against such attacks a castle was built on the seafront. Top attractions Basilica of San Gervasio e Protasio. Consecrated in 1113 and has a leaning bell tower. Torre Civica: marks the skyline of Rapallo. Castello sul Mare: it
    was erected on 1551. Every July, Rapallo holds a magnificent celebration. Besides offering delicious food based on Ligurian traditional and fish dishes, breathtaking views of the stunning Mediterranean Sea while strolling along the promenade from July 1st to 3rd, Rapallo also proposes unique religious traditions accompanied by secular folklore with spectacular fireworks. Santa Margherita
    Liguria – Italy The resort of Santa Margherita Ligure is
    one of the most attractive and charming in the Riviera di Levante, the eastern
    half of the Ligurian Coast in Northwest Italy. Start your visit with a stroll along the promenade pausing for a coffee or an ice cream along the way. The seafront is the main attraction here, with its beach and lively harbour. Useful tips. Do it like the Italians rent a Fiat 500 convertible: small, fast, stylish and convenient. Prefer an accommodation in Rapallo, a cheaper alternative while it’s a fun and vibrant city. elegant Parking in Italy. In portofino’s main
    parking you will pay 11 and a half euro for two hours. In Rapallo there is a free zone parking at the marina otherwise there are plenty of parking meters and private parking spaces. Autostrada toll fees. Using the main motorways means paying toll. From Genoa to Rapallo the cost is about 13E. where to eat Restaurants: Portofino: trattoria Tripoli,
    trattoria Concordia, Paraggi: Capo Nord Rapallo: Oltremare, Sapore di Mare. Santa Margherita: Ristorante Beppe Achilli Portofino a heaven to fall in love with Accommodation Hotels: Portofino Hotel Nazionale, 8 hotel. Paraggi: Hotel Argentina. Rapallo: Hotel Astoria
    Grand Hotel Bristol. Santa Margarita: Hotel Minerva like this video.
    tell us your opinion write a comment. share! Runnismos travel Guru.
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