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    Found Something Huge Magnet Fishing With Giant Magnet!!
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    Found Something Huge Magnet Fishing With Giant Magnet!!

    February 16, 2020

    welcome back to up so guys if you
    watched my last videos from last week about two motorcycles in this area who
    knows what we’re gonna find out today here Oh what is that Ulta piece of rebar
    Oh what is that oh I think we just got he’s got
    something big Oh what the heck I don’t know what that
    thing is some weird piece of metal all right let’s get uh let’s get a scrap
    pile started right here oh yeah heck yeah oh all right guys we’ll talk a
    little farther oh oh it might be rocks right there we might one you may not
    want to throw out very far because this is a brand new place I’ve never been
    here before so don’t know what you’re gonna connect on to oh we got a solid
    hit right here guys oh dude this is big oh look at the bubbles oh I don’t know
    what that is it’s definitely heavy it’s big we might have to get gravel hook oh
    I keep getting connection all that keeps coming off yeah there’s definitely
    something huge right here guys we’re gonna pull it up – oh look at that
    oh my gosh look at that we’re hitch Oh oh my God look at Heights hole leak at
    hull that’s the biggest wrench I’ve ever found that efficient oh man this is
    definitely going to the collection okay guys I’m gonna like really pumped cuz we
    just found that wrench and there’s something huge right here in the water
    guys I’m really eager to know what the heck this thing is right here alright
    guys it’s got the gravel hook let’s hook it up and get this thing throwing out
    there Oh guys I might throw it too far but
    we’re definitely pull something up with it we got something guys big with it
    already holy cow look at that what the heck oh
    whoa what was it what is that dude this place
    if I got me loaded all right this looks like it’s where was that let’s try pull
    it up oh whoa ain’t no good guys yeah I’m hooked on
    Sunday big last time I looked on something last time like this it was a
    freakin motorcycle so it could be another motorcycle guys I mean there’s
    bubbles coming up all around oh oh it’s moving – all right let’s try to hook up
    to the car I don’t know if we can but we’ll try where that is my grabbling
    hook is stuck on – so what I did i hook the rope up to my car so we’re gonna
    head use the car try to pull it out hopefully it works all right guys
    whatever I’m pulling I think I’m pulling it out with it – still have gone to it I
    believe holy cow what is that oh maybe I go down
    there guys heck yeah we got something all right guys take a look at that look
    what we just pulled up the car see that guys we just pulled up an AC unit with a
    car that’s whatever my grappling hook was hooked on to I thought it was a
    motorcycle well looks like it’s the AC unit pretty cool we got something big
    out of the water all right guys see we can hook on
    something else yeah this place is turning out to be pretty good there’s a
    lot on this side I can definitely keep filling it I really wouldn’t know what
    that big thing was down here that I was hooked onto earlier all right we’re
    hooked onto it again and it keeps coming it’s coming
    oh all right let’s hook the hook on it suit that is my guys throw the hook alright guys I just hooked it we’re
    gonna try to walk it down get us out of water oh oh man’s bed guys oh my what this thing is man needs a sink oh it is I never pulled
    up one of these before let’s go down there and take a look at I
    pulled out up from out down there get in out look how huge this is guys let’s
    pull down the water I’m out of breath I think was freaking have another thing
    weighs over our higher pounds never kind of sink before hey yeah alright guys I just got this thing up on
    a bridge this ain’t no joke weighs over her pounds they’re zooming forever get
    it up man’s a big ol cast-iron sink I think swipe it down for 50 60 years
    who knows when they work on sink before that’s freaking crazy oh yeah let’s go
    see what else is over here guys I’m really excited we we found all these
    tools and stuff already done I think big air-conditioning unit I’m excited to see
    what else is over here let’s get started hey guys I’m excited to see what else is
    down here Oh what was that oh look at that guys oh yeah it’s like a
    putty knife or something there’s a lot of little stuff here oh we got something
    now keep pulling stuff up all motorcycle chain check the hell guys heck yeah my
    guys hooked on the big old 3600 pound let’s throw that out there yeah oh well there we worked on to something
    guys that was big out there don’t know what that was
    Oh what is that holy cow guys what the heck is that what in the world
    look at that guys anybody knows what this thing is definitely let me know
    down in the comments as we’re just finding all kinds of weird stuff today
    yeah rad that to the pile holy cow about $5,000 huh Wow
    bill herd of geese anybody knows the kind of geese those are let me know down
    in the comments right there there’s something guys oh oh man yeah there’s
    definitely one that over here Oh guys we got something big oh-oh it’s
    pulling Oh stay on the magnet please Oh guys oh oh there’s something on there Oh
    what is that Oh what is that thing what the heck oh look at that guys it’s like a pipe or
    something I think it’s way out there definitely add that to the pile they’re guys when I first got to this
    bridge it was kind of small so I wasn’t it wasn’t like real excited to come here
    today oh man this place is loaded really glad I came here
    well buddy come here two or three times oh oh we got something big oh all the
    bubbles dude Oh stay on there all right guys death definitely got something baby
    yeah oh come on stay on there what is that
    another one of those pipes holy cow look at that
    oh look at that guys another freakin pipe yeah all that goes through like an
    old bed mattress loo the spring right there oh we got something on there what
    that guy’s got now gun shell all kinds of junk right here look all these nails
    I never found somebody nails before Oh guys it’s take a closer look at the
    stuff that we found check this out guys looks like we found an old putty knife
    also found a couple of pipes today I believe these are probably two like an
    old bed spring or something like old bed mattress or something cuz there are some
    Springs and stuff that we did find so we found old chained to a bike or something
    maybe to a motorcycle look at that guys did find big old J
    well I found this swales diner getting at guys I found a fishing pole down
    there checked out guys my bill take that home and clean that up and get it
    running again who knows good fine now that was my first fine today a big old
    pipe but check out that guy’s that thing was freaking heavy and that’s a
    cast-iron sink I can’t believe I got that out I had to drag that thing all
    the way up here it’s just too good up here guys to get out of the water and we
    found that big AC unit that pulled out with the car I thought it was gonna be a
    motorcycle again but it wasn’t if you guys missed the motorcycle videos go
    check them out them things are really cool probably some of my best videos I
    ever made I also found an old Jack I know I asked what it was I was joking I
    knew what it was so trying to get some interaction but
    check it out guys we found a jack Baloo’s this tool this was definitely I
    go into my good collection on magnificient finds I love finding tools
    heck yeah but anyways I hope you guys enjoyed today’s episode
    thank you so much for watching if you guys enjoy this video smash that like if
    you guys are brand new to my show please subscribe and make sure you turn
    notifications on and thank you so much for watching

    We Went Magnet Fishing At A Abandon Pump Station!! (Insane Finds)
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    We Went Magnet Fishing At A Abandon Pump Station!! (Insane Finds)

    February 5, 2020

    welcome back to them so guys today is a
    wonderful day is actually 22 degrees today check this out all the waters
    frozen but over here says no trespassing private property but check this place
    out this place looks cool the water snack frozen over here so we can go over
    here real quick it looks like it’s old power station
    right here guys hey look at the water stalled out because of the heat
    guys there’s no trespassing signs everywhere so we got to be fast hopefully he doesn’t hit like a power
    cable or get electrocuted I don’t know there might be you might get shocked
    that’s a lot of having you hold it so I have you hold the magnet here right run
    through down here oh my my hands are so cold guys 22 degrees
    today everything’s is so frozen the only place
    we could find where the water was stalled out oh you got something dude check that out
    look at that guys check it out very first fine today check it out guys let’s
    say we got an old pair of skinny pliers not too bad
    definitely good fine so far I’ll do check it out you got a knife
    dude check it out guys we just got a total murder weapon for sure oh man
    that’s a sweet knife look at that thing man oh yeah look at the bubbles and the Magnus’s
    then is beast all Sunday big right there frozen temple get it frozen tap holes
    little tadpoles yeah be still alive oh yeah he’s called
    – we’re stirring them out back way yeah I don’t care oh I’ll check that out what is that I’ll
    say it’s a big piece of metal maybe a little sign heck yeah
    check that out guys just found another piece of metal all right guys we’re
    gonna find a whole life here we’re gonna head to another spot real quick this
    place is pretty cool hopefully can find something else that somewhere else look
    at that guy’s private property keep off okay
    look like they’re pretty serious about it so we’ve got a couple things not too
    bad we just arrived to our second place today we’ve been here before it was on
    the way to the other spots we’re just gonna do a quick video over here real
    quick guys this is way too cold today because magnificient Hey oh you got
    something what’d you get all apparenty nose pliers check that out guys we just
    got our first fine at the bridge today old pair of needlenose pliers
    heck yeah dude this rope is frozen holes love it’s cold good we got ya guys check it
    out we got an old crowbar oh look at that guy’s freaking sweet take a look what we found a pair of
    needlenose pliers an old crowbar is way too cold my hands
    are freakin freezing right now we’re gonna hit one more bridge real quick
    alright guys we just got to another location check out this place this place
    is a major dumping ground looks like it’s pretty frozen others the other side
    behind me is not frozen – look there’s a couch TV just tons a jump I’ll check out
    the rabbit there was a rabbit look at all this junk there’s TVs junk furniture
    so there should be something here hopefully we find something Big Dave say
    just found something over here what’d you get what is that
    all do there’s a clam in it leave the clam I thought that was a clam look at
    this guy’s big James has found that it’s old pot lid or something I don’t know
    cook a turkey pretty cool do you pearl go ahead pull it pull it up there any
    guys I’m so excited I can’t wait to see what this thing is I hope it’s something
    cool hope it’s not junk it’s probably junk it’s always junk who knows oh there
    is something I’ll know what is that hole do check it out sling a claw
    holy cow grab the camera do what is that guys we just found something freaking
    crazy good good use of it dude just pull it up there and take a closer look guys
    look we just found check this out it’s kind of like a claw not really for sure
    what this thing is if anybody knows what something like this is definitely let me
    know down that’s dude that thing’s freaking sweet
    I think it’s freakin wicked really what the heck is that
    oh sweet look at that guy’s we found a little fishing rail pretty cool alright
    guys just take a closer look what we found today check this thing out guys we
    found an old fishing rod pretty cool it might be able to take a home and get it
    fixed look at this guy’s this thing is like a mystery piece anybody knows what
    this thing is definitely let me know down in the comments and also Big Dave
    did find this let’s take the old lid to old cooker or something who knows look
    at this look at guys it’s now nice and I was like catfish Skinner’s pair of
    needlenose pliers Oh crowbar and a piece of flat metal I
    wanna say thank you so much for watching and thank you so much for thirty-five
    thousand subscribers I’m almost there just a few hundred away if you guys are
    brand new to my show please smash that subscribe button it would really mean a
    lot you guys enjoyed this video please smash the like thank you so much for

    Clamming for Razors on Seaside Oregon Beach by Ave. U
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    Clamming for Razors on Seaside Oregon Beach by Ave. U

    January 28, 2020

    Free Sand Dollar! Nice little souvenir. Here I am, at the end of Avenue U in Seaside
    (Oregon). Right on the beach doing some clam digging
    with my Bro, let’s see how it’s going for him. Tons of people out here! Beautiful morning. Love IT. Get that free food… Oh, Dude that easy. Look at that. That’s a meal Bro. Good work. That one is HUGE. Good sized. How many do you got so far man? I think this is number ten. Number ten already? You just got out here. Let’s get a close up. That’s beautiful man, good work. (Laughter) I can already taste it. You can already taste it. How many grams of protein do you think that
    (clam) is? I don’t know… There’s got to be six or seven grams of protein
    in each little clam. Good old Seaside Doggy Bag. Yeah. Good find man. So are you going to catch another five, or
    are you over it? Five is how many more I’ve got (left to reach
    legal limit). There’s one right here. Oh, here we go… Little dimple. Get it!. Kind of want to go at a slight angle towards
    the water (ocean), so you don’t crunch it. You’ll know if you do, because you’ll hear
    it crack. And you’re suppose to take the little baby
    ones too, right? Take whatever (small clams) you find? Yeah. Don’t throw them back, it’s illegal. It will cost ya. Where is (the razor)? Come on #clam There he is. Nicked him, oh well. Still good right? It happens. Let me see this guy. He’s being shy. Oh, look at that. That is a fatty clam. Looks healthy, looks delicious. This gun
    is a little skinny. Here’s your clam back bro. Easy pickings huh? Yeah, it’s just The Search. Some people go to different areas. See how that kinda looks like one there? The best way to tell is if you stomp next
    to it, and this might be a hit or miss… See how it sucked in a little bit? Yeah. There’s on behind you over there too. Yeah, I felt him crunch a bit. Oops! It’s getting gutted already. That might have been all of those shells. Oh, there he is. Boom. Barely nicked him. Good work! That’s a big dimple, yeah. Nice show. She we didn’t miss the tide huh, it’s just
    coming up now? Yeah, you can see the water behind you starting
    to come in there. Yup. Give me that clam. Look at that. That is Survival Bros getting some free food. Well, $7 for a permit. But lasts a couple months. We got our money worth. If you go to a restaurant…$$$ How are you
    going to cook these? Fry them up? Yeah. I’ll soak them in milk for about 30 minutes,
    egg, flower, frying pan, belly. haha I think we need three more. 3 more to go. It’s a quick meal though. Are you surprised with all of the people down
    here? No. Typical? Look down there. Yeah, there’s a good 50 people clamming. More than that! Tide is coming in. Quickly. People got their shovels, waders, couples
    out here, kids out here. Making IT happen. Early on a weekday morning. I love it. See if he’s got another show. Got something? I think so. Some people have rain on their gear so it
    drips and makes a divot, you kind of get fooled, but that looks like one right there. Yup. Oh God. Tough sand. Tough sand. Let’s of shells huh? Yeah. There we go, into the soft stuff hopefully. Nice Survival Strap. Where is it? There he is. Boom. So you got to be looking. Yeah. Once you know what to look for, that little
    dimple in the sand, golden. There’s different style of dimples… That one was shallow, others were deep. Sometimes you’ll find one that looks like
    a donut. Doughnut dimple? Where it’s kinda raised. It almost looks like a donut hold in the sand. Two more! Two more to go, let’s get these…here’s a
    show. See that? Yup. Oh, I don’t like the angle I took on that. Ahhh, hard sand, get out of here. This isn’t easy work is it? Oh, oh God. Trying to get him out clean. Not easy. There we go. You’ve got this bad boy, let’s see him. Uhhhh, more free food. Crab bait. Poor guy. It’s still money. So one more clam to go. That’s a fatty divot right there. It kind of looks like it, but….It’s tough. See that mark right there, how someone made
    that, and the water will splash over it? But if there’s nothing in there you just go
    find another one. See there’s one too. Yeah… Let’s see if we’ve got any luck here. Will this be the last clam of the day? There fast little guys, so it’s kind of time
    sensitive. That’s why I just throw that first core part
    out, right there? Don’t even worry if there’s one in there,
    because I can get him later. Get that second pass… Go as deep as possible the first time. Yes. There is the last clam of the day. Number 15! And we got that all in 50 square foot little
    area. Got that real quick. Minimal effort. Food for days. Good work man. Free food. Survival Bros dot com showing you how. I mean they are right here, it’s not that
    hard. The thing that gets me, is you’ll see people
    come down here and they bought all this gear and stuff… And you get me, I wake up late, I have this
    stupid little ghetto setup, and a freaking beach doogy (poop) bag! ha You made it happen
    tho. Let’s make it happen. This guy looks like a commercial (clammer),
    he has a huge net. He doesn’t have a limit, but he has to catalog
    his pounds he catches, and you see that big dragnet that he has behind him? He can only keep ones over 3 inches (long). He has a mark on his shovel, and he can tell
    by eye. They usually have a little mark on their shovel,
    and if it’s too small, since they are right there in the surf, he can just transplant
    right back into the dirt. But see here, look at all of these scavenger
    Seagulls. The minute you throw one that’s too small
    away, they are going to come and pick it up. Us scavengers are doing #clamming Seagulls
    are doing some clamming too!

    Never Seen Underwater Fishing Footage of Mackerel…
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    Never Seen Underwater Fishing Footage of Mackerel…

    January 28, 2020

    what’s up guys our fishing adventure today I will show you actual footage how to catch mackerel using key chain I drop one go pro to film the activity I know a lot of you are skeptical how I catch it please join me and watch the video guys lets eat after fishing lets pamper our self im in mac donald this is the go pro i used a while ago still wet i will wash it later with fresh water while i preparing the go pro accidentally my treble hook snag under the rock i need to dip into the water to unhook it because i don’t have spare treble hook to use lets eat guys

    Nosy City Employee Confronted While Magnet Fishing!!
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    Nosy City Employee Confronted While Magnet Fishing!!

    January 26, 2020

    guys we got something big all right guys
    the white vans is pulled up we might be in trouble welcome back to episode guys check it
    out right my two friends against treasure vixens they brought me out to
    this cool place check out this place you got a bandit house over there
    whole lot junk piled up over here is the old dumping ground they’re gonna do a
    little magnificient here for a little bit looks like it’s gonna be a good
    place so hopefully today’s video will find something pretty cool oh we got it
    oh she got guys big ol pipe too I just got something huge look at her go
    good job guys leave that bill pipe she’s a Scot again these are like old-school
    scissors – they are they don’t budge oh she’s killing it today guys well then
    another big ol pipe yeah you’re good – got something huge down here this drop
    this big Mary banner hook on – hey guys this thing is so huge we got use three
    magnets guys we got something big I think it’s huge oh is that connected
    again lost it that’s big alright guys the white vans is pulled up
    we might be in trouble how are you doing today magnificent
    magnet fishing magnet fishing yeah we drop magnets into the water having this thing be so big we can all
    ever hook one hey guys we’re gonna pack it up at this
    bridge we’re gonna go to another bridge so stick around we just got to our
    second bridge treasure vixens are a magnet fishing take a look what she got
    that big magnet oh wow all kinds of things all right guys I just wanted to
    eat the bridge let’s take a look under here look she just got something also
    big as I just something might be right there just take a look at that whole
    piece of rebar that guy’s old pair of vise grips
    look what she got guys take a look at that big ol pole right here nice so
    strong look at that guy’s excellent Oh guys I got something big oh that big
    old thing guys check that out what in the world is that anybody knows what
    this thing is definitely let me know down to comets thanks freakin cool all of that guys oh look at that
    I thought I was a weapon at first look at treasure vixens just found anybody
    knows this is let me know down in the comments what she does fastest not big
    ol pipe hey you’re like the pipe Queen you find
    them all sigh thank you so much for watching you guys enjoyed this episode
    please hit that subscribe button like

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    January 25, 2020

    hi guys welcome back to the episode
    today we are in st. Louis Missouri in a shallow Creek I’m here again with
    treasure fictions we’re gonna walk down a shallow creek drop the magnets so we
    can’t find anything today oh I got something big all that love shallow
    Creek magnificient I don’t know no I don’t think so
    Oh check that out guys got a shovel look at that guy’s shovel Oh got something
    Oh what is that guys check that thing I’ve never seen one of these before
    frost King still-frame anybody knows something like this is definitely let me
    know down in the comments that’s pretty cool-looking look at that look at that
    old piece guys definitely I’m sure what that thing is good we old window
    regulator baby freakin sweet guys look at that Matt’s
    got a fork his mouth pork dinner tonight on me okay guys you just found something
    huge she’s reached an Arab it Oh check it hell what the heck is that I think
    it’s freaking crazy guys yeah thanks freakin huge that’s crazy-looking it’s
    got like a old wheel right there and like some blades or something who knows
    what that thing could be definitely old it’s been on it for a while definitely let us know down in the
    comments everybody knows what this thing is
    ooh got something guys keeps falling off what is that Oh another big piece of old
    pipe little cast-iron pipe right here Oh Oh check it out little walkie-talkie –
    like a police scanner radio or something check that out I really got it – oh is
    that oh look at that Oh check them out guys another garden
    tool today we’re gonna shovel and a rake look at that pretty cool stuff here
    I got something Oh check it out Oh lock Oh combination lock pretty cool
    I like that check it out guys got me old soul with that now the pipe guys not too
    bad hi guys see this hook on something big
    right here well yeah let’s say old sign probably that is definitely old sign I
    got something again oh it came off look at that guy’s another piece of wire old
    piece of rebar probably oh oh that bill peace guys another day
    old piece a lot of rebar out here oh holy lads just dropped it right there
    found that my guys found another piece another piece of rebar I guess I know
    where you see that big old piece don’t let me find a lot pipe down there I’ll do that a whole bunch more stuff
    that guy’s old flat metal some weird piece of metal and another one he’s ring
    things pretty cool Oh what is that another piece of rebar
    what was a big piece of metal definitely not for sure what that is I
    think that might be like an old motor or something

    Man Peeing Outside On The Beach!!!
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    Man Peeing Outside On The Beach!!!

    January 15, 2020

    Beautiful Sunset out here at Hug Point! Way up high, looking down over the rocks. Cute little couple down there… Awe, look at them. Just enjoying all of Nature, and everything
    it has to offer. (MAN GOING PEE OUTSIDE) Sure is beautiful. Ahhhhhhh!!! Peaceful. (URINE SPLASHES BUSHES)

    Magnet Fishing A Illegal Dumping Ground!!
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    Magnet Fishing A Illegal Dumping Ground!!

    January 12, 2020

    I’ve never seen that before guys look at
    that Raoul spike it’s just hanging on there that’s freakin nuts welcome back up so guys today I’m gonna
    do a little magnet fish at the Mississippi River so let’s guys strap on
    the magnet and get straight to the point alright guys you might have something I
    don’t know blaah rocks oh we got a little piece of metal check that out
    guys barely on there – look at that I really for sure what that thing is who
    knows this river you never know what you’re gonna find here what a mud right
    here very little rocks I’m really frame will get hung up right here oh I keep
    hitting something a metal or something right there rocks or something oh we got
    a pipe and something else that guys like old gas pipe not too bad
    oh my hung up nope you guys we’re pulling up something heavy I’m pulling
    it slow cuz I’ve lost a lot of stuff today
    oh-ho look all that my guys a cigarette I’m pulled up oh my god look at that Oh
    single piece guys I think that thing probably went to old doc maybe at one
    time not for sure it’s still pretty cool who thought I clip something feels like
    there’s nothing on it but let’s see you never know there is something on there
    check it out guys look at that what the heck could that thing be pretty
    cool hey yeah why that’s his bucket alright
    guys I think we hooked on something maybe feels heavy I don’t know we do got
    something oh we got arrested whole guys oh look at that big ol pole guys another
    big fine from the Mississippi River definitely not sure what that thing is
    who knows pretty cool though oh my hacks Lee house
    we do got something guys look at that the heck is that that’s pretty crazy
    looks like might be too old lamp maybe Oh No yeah I like this spot where my
    magnet fishing guys it’s not really a whole lot of rocks right here now
    finding a lot but there’s not a lot of rocks so we got something yeah it’s old
    junk piece of metal typical Mississippi River junk guys we might have something
    big or my magnet I don’t know find out when we get up there it’s always a
    mystery I’m gonna get nothing big but we do got a railroad spike another railroad spike always find these
    out here I could have a whole collection I’d be rich I can sell these for money
    not too bad ah don’t get stuck or violent something
    big guys oh there’s something on there what is that ah piece of Chuck metal
    Gath I have something better oh he’s junk here who knows that could
    be used for I wish that log wasn’t right there guys this is a good spot some
    magnificient mud right here not a lot rocks but I don’t know all right
    so kind of junk we got this time Oh what is the Hat full up slow oh you’re
    that guys it’s like some weird wire I don’t think I ever found this kind of
    wire out here before police are finding stuff that’s all matters yeah guys I
    also wanted to apologize I was gone for like a whole month on YouTube I was
    working on a really big project one day I’ll tell you guys about it so I do
    apologize I hope that don’t ever happen again what the heck of that like that little
    thing guys yeah might be a little walk that’s pretty cool thank you
    I realized slower you pull a little better better it is I guess I’m just
    gonna take my time there is something on there though check that out guys look at
    that what is that I think that might be – like old foot
    pedal or something maybe – like an old model T maybe that’s what I’m thinking
    anyone knows what this thing could be let me know down in the comments it’s
    kind of boring magnet fishing by yourself I kind of realized that but
    don’t worry guys I got big collaboration with a big youtuber real soon in
    February oh we got something oh oh it’s something always something else but I
    came off well how do we got here though looks like a cool little gear by two old
    boat motor maybe who knows Kimi’s nothing cool flying today oh there’s that wire look we got that wire
    that we lost earlier yeah we got a bunch of other junk on here look at that
    that was only magnet layer I fell off pretty cool more junk metal I have
    another gear ah man sometimes stuff does get stuck on there pretty cool yeah guys
    they look like my brother magnets in st. Louis so next time I go back down there
    I have to go get on I’m gonna stop using the 3600 pound I just think it’s way too
    much I liked a smaller magnet better well we got got a weird piece of metal I
    won’t come off a metal doughnut pretty cool add it to the bucket whoo come on stay on there
    oh ho guys look at that oh look at the Hat guys know that it’s probably trimmed
    to an old car baby maybe there’s a car down here who knows
    this is the Mississippi River when it surprised me we got something
    night it’s stuck Oh guys I got something big I think I do
    whoa oh look at the Hat what is that oh it’s one of them window
    weights haven’t found one of these in a long time
    look that guy’s pretty cool same belongs to old window from like the old houses
    back in the 1800s old window light pretty cool oh ho got pipe another gas pipe guys added to the
    bucket oh we got something big guys I can feel like I’m pulling it want to
    take my time it’s a big piece I can tell probably bigger piece of metal rod or
    something again hello what is that oh that’s a big pipe look guys
    oh hey drop that on my foot yeah look that guy’s big old cast-iron pipe cuz
    baby it’s old oh man I think we got something guys again I feel it always a
    mystery what is that oh what the heck is that
    who’s that guys hey hey we gotta see that guy’s wellhead in the world is that 120vac I don’t know what the heck that
    thing is that’s pretty cool oh I think I felt something oh we got something I
    know we got something I feel it I’m gonna pull slow again slow is always
    better what is that uh oh we got a couple
    things on here guys check it out the old junk piece of metal and like old
    chain not too bad ah-hoo I don’t know if I feel rocks or
    if it’s metal like I said it’s magnets just way too heavy there is something on
    there too look at that guys look at barely oh yeah look at that
    I’ve never seen that before guys look at that real real spike it’s just hanging
    on there that’s freakin nuts oh I see something what is that
    look at that guy’s more of that chain let’s say I took that too old piece of
    rubber oh what’s that could be used for not bad ah Oh Oh guys as we get what is that
    holy cow look guys I got old pulley or something not too bad that that’s a rod
    Oh guys I just looked onto something big oh-ho I’m dragging it look at this thing
    B it’s huge oh it’s stuck Oh what in the world look at that boom he’s guys thank ya
    that’s too bad hey painting off the magnet it’s gonna take a look what we
    found today alright guys take a look at our quick
    check out the stuff so we found a big old piece old metal nothing special to
    find this big old piece who knows that clay went to maybe old boat got some
    more scrap metal this is kind of cool thought they were old pulley Thank You
    500 years old found this ring they had a railroad tie stuck to it somehow found a
    big old window wait pretty cool stuff did find a couple
    gears always find a lot of gears out here
    always find this kind of stuff I believe that’s probably to a car old car trim
    this big uh cast our pipe that I found believe this thing might be too old car
    to a car door where’s the window rose up the window regulator then find this big
    old piece of metal think probably went to old doc at one time thing was heavy
    sir probably even it was old pulled out didn’t get hung up on nothing just so
    square metal metal pipe springs not really sure what this thing is hooked on
    to it always find some weird things out here they little piece of pipe more junk metal where these things are I
    found them before this thing looks like an old doughnut old cast iron pipe
    things been added for a hot minute look at the hole in it metal junk pipe
    railroad spikes always find these more gas pipes always find pipes old chain
    that had a rubber thing on it another railroad spike and also found this big
    old piece I think I might go to old car maybe or old tractor who knows check out
    this this thing was pretty cool I’m gonna definitely take this home and save
    it Thanks probably pretty old I believe
    it’s all walk through the lock right there so who knows this thing could be
    100 200 years old so hope y’all enjoy today’s episode
    thank you so much for watching if you guys are brand new to my show hit that
    subscribe button and smash that like and definitely leave a comment down below
    always means a lot I love interacting with you guys thank you so much for

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    January 11, 2020

    Hey guys, welcome BACK to another video! Hope you guys are doing well! Today. I’ve got fish and chips I’ve got 2 large pieces of cod fish With large chips and mushy peas Hope you guys enjoy this one Make sure to like, comment and subscribe! LET’S GET THIS Refreshing It’s so big- is this really a fish I didn’t really know how to hold it… Anyway, it’s super crispy! Tartar sauce goes so well with cod fish The fish was amazing, I wonder if these chips will be too Pretty good, but the fish impressed me more! Let’s try it with some lemon I think this is the first time I’m squeezing the lemon instead of biting into it Do you guys see how crispy it is? I’ll try it with some curry sauce The fish is so flaky it keeps falling apart Definitely the best cod fish I’ve tried I’m sure you guys know already I like to eat the lemon like this Funnily enough, Pineapple Fanta tastes exactly like pineapple The ketchup goes better with the chips than the tartar sauce does The fish is so fragile, let’s be careful 😮 Leave no man or fish behind Mushy peas time Bit bland but it’s alright Are they any good fish and chip places around where you guys live? Lemon round 2 Needed more lemon Don’t wanna finish the lemon too fast Let’s finish the mushy peas Btw guys, I had to cut a few seconds here due to background noise Surprised by how crunchy the chips still are I hope you guys enjoyed that one If you did, make sure to like, comment, and subscribe I’ll see you guys in the next one! Peace!

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    January 6, 2020

    Hey guys, welcome BACK to another video! HOPE you guys are doing well! Today, I’ve got some Vietnamese food I’ve got caramelised braised fish with a chicken salad and some boiled rice Hope you guys enjoy this one make sure to like, comment, and subscribe LET’S GET THIS Happy new year guys! SO GOOD It basically melts in my mouth It was my first time making this and it came out really nicely Don’t worry, you haven’t been forgotten The dressing on the salad is heavennn It instantly hits your palette Let’s have some more rice The fish is so flaky and tender so it’s almost falling apart I guess I’m still really hungry- Tradtionally this dish is supposed to be made with fatty fish I’m using lean fish but it’s still very tasty The salad includes cabbage, carrots, and shredded chicken There are more details in the description if you wanna know how I made the food It took about 30 minutes to prepare everything so it wasn’t hard to make The sauce on the fish has the perfect balance of sweet, salty and spicy I’m sure you guys know how plain white rice looks like but here All the Vietnamese food that I’ve tried so far has been delicious So I highly recommend trying this I added 2 bird’s eye chillis to the salad It really enhances the flavour but it wasn’t spicy at all Let me add the fish on to the rice so it can soak up some of the flavour Hopefully soon, I will start incorporating the cooking process into videos I blame the spoon I’m also planning to try pho sometime soon It’s a lot easier to do this with lemons… I really enjoyed this meal I hope you guys enjoyed that one If you did, make sure to like, comment, and subscribe! I’ll see you guys in the next one! Peace!