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    ✮ Water Spotted Beach Nails (2 Ways!) ✮
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    ✮ Water Spotted Beach Nails (2 Ways!) ✮

    November 30, 2019

    Hello everyone it’s Janelle and since it’s kind of around spring break time this video will be a beach nails tutorial I’ll show you two different variations of this look one will be a more glamorous look with gold nail charms and the other one will be a more simple look with less materials and a painted starfish let me know which one you prefer in the comment section below for the painted starfish option with no nail charms you will need white for the seafoam effect a sandy beige for the sand a light and a medium blue and an optional glitter polish for some extra sparkle for the sponge gradient you’ll need a wedge sponge to apply color for the watery seafoam effect you’ll need a body mist or a body splash with alcohol in it an inexpensive one is fine and a small bowl with water to make a starfish you’ll need a dotting tool or bobby pin with orange nail polish you’ll also need a nail polish remover to clean up and a base and topcoat for the nail charms option I added a few extra touches for a glam look to the same set of colors I added a sandy beige glitter from Zoya for the accent nail because it really looks like sparkly sand and I also added a couple decorative pearls some gold metal shells and a gold starfish as always I’ll have links to the materials in the description box first apply your favorite basecoat to all of your nails for all nails except for the ring finger apply white polish as your base color this will help the sponge gradient stand out next apply the following colors to your makeup sponge beige on top then light blue and medium blue make sure your white layer is dry and then dab on with your sponge to create a beachy ombre effect I applied two layers of color for a more saturated look now get your small bowl ready and fill with tap water not sure what temperature is best but I used regular tapwater from the sink and by the way I’ve seen this technique on a few YouTube videos and also on Pinterest so wanted to try it out for myself and share it with you totally not my original idea okay now just take your white nail polish and drop a couple drops onto the water surface it should spread out like this using your body mist or alcohol spray spray the surface of the water the alcohol in the mist is a solvent so it breaks up the thin layer of polish and creates this spotty effect take a look at the design and figure out what area you like best I’m choosing this part now just dip your finger into the desired area then dip a toothpick or brush end and remove the excess and now you’re left with a messy but very cool ocean inspired design clean up around the nail with nail polish remover I used a q-tip and a synthetic brush for a detailed clean up and since I covered up some of the beach portion of the nails I went over it again with beige polish totally up to you if you want to do the same for some added sparkle I added a tiny bit of iridescent glitter polish towards the top of the nail you can totally stop here if you wish but since I had some beachy related charms on hand I added a golden metal shell and a couple pearls to a few of the nails as a finishing touch For the ring finger I applied this beachy sandy polish from Zoya I bought this specifically for this look but a regular beige nail polish would still look great for the painted starfish look take a dotting tool or bobby pin dipped in orange polish and make a rounded star shape right in the middle of your nail for a more glamorous look I applied a small dot of nail glue and applied this gold starfish nail charm from Hexnailjewelry let everything dry completely and then add your favorite topcoat and now your beach nails are finished music by Jeremy Passion that’s it for this video Thanks for watching! Subtitles by the community

    Top 10 : The Best Star Citizen Ships
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    Top 10 : The Best Star Citizen Ships

    November 27, 2019

    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen CaptainShack here with TGN and welcome to TOP 10 ships of the Star Citizen universe Cloud Imperium Games is putting a hell of a lot of money and time into developing these ships and it really shows. So here are my top 10 favorites announced so far. Style and class baby. The 300i series is the Ferrari or Jag of Star Citizen. Each version of the 300i is built with sleek lines and a focus on speed and maneuverability. She’s got the engine power to get you in and out of a fight quick, and a sleek silhouette that can prove a challenge to nail when you’re on her tail in a dog fight. Coming in 3 distinct styles out of the factory, the 300i being the base model, the 315P giving you a more exploration focus with a robust sensor package and the 325A for more weapon focused pilots. If you’re looking for combat, the 325A is the way to go. The Avenger is actually one of the older ships in Star Citizen Lore having a bit of an interesting past. She started out as a standard patrol craft for the UEE advocacy. She’s got large engine mounts and specialized weapon mounts that favor center line guns, making her something of a marksman’s ship. The police avenger variation supports enhanced sensor suites for checking out a targets cargo bay, or tracking down a hiding criminal threat. Most navy pilots in the UEE will spend around 300 hours qualifying in an Avenger before moving to there combat assignment. It’s been stated that the Avenger will be kind of like the training ship for Squadron 42’s campaign. Think along the lines of the T-6 Texan from the US Air Force that’s used to train its pilots. You kinda get the idea. The T8A Gladiator is the UEE Navy’s top of the line carrier-based-atmospheric and space to ground dive bomber. Rugged and built Anvil Aero-Space tough. The Gladiator is the most capable and extremely modular bomber chassis ever designed. If you’ve got a target that needs to get blown to hell on the ground, or in orbit, the Gladiator will send it packing. Chances are we’ll get to fly one of these in Squadron 42’s campaign once it comes out. So the Starfarer is one of those ships we haven’t seen much on yet, but really has my attention. It’s the galaxy’s standard fuel transport ship. They can not only tout massive tanks of fuel from refinery to trading post, but they can also collect fuel from gas giants and extra solar sources to bring back and sell. It’s an interesting concept that I can’t wait to see more on. The Cutlass has hands down my favorite commercial attached to it over on the Star Citizen YouTube channel. It’s got style. The Cutlass has 3 distinct models to it, being low cost, easy-to-maintain ship that have been the back bone of local militia units for sometime now. They tout a larger then average hold, a dedicated tractor mount that the manufacturers insist are for “rescue operations” Yeah sure. Rescuing people from there stuff maybe. The pick-up truck of space. At least that’s how I’ve always seen the Freelancer. Big Cargo bay, small crew. Swivel mount Guns to protect your goods. The Freelancer is the hauler and merchant’s work horse. But with all the after market parts, and the 3 distinct variations these boats can come in, you probably can accomplish just about any mission. Looking for a missile boat for your wing? Check out the Freelancer MIS. A limited edition militarized variant that sacrifices the bulk of its cargo for an auto loading missile battery. Let’s just hope the rumors of “payload incidents” are just that… rumors. They only built a limited number of these things, so, you know. Boom! The Constellation is one of the most popular ships coming out of Star Citizen. A multi-crew vessel built from the ground up for long distance exploration. She literally is a home away from home. Designed with everything you and your crew need to survive out in the black. Large power capacity means long range, an advanced turret system means damn good defense for when that first contact goes so, so very wrong. Exploration is hardly the only option for a Constellation. Designed with large cargo areas, an insane amount of upgrades and customization options and an extreme versatility this vessel includes its own P-52 Merlin short-range fighter as a standard feature. The Merlin can scout, scan and cover the Constellation in the most dire of situations. Check out the different models to find the one that fits your style. Aegis Dynamics Monster of a ship: The Idris Frigate. Larger than a bomber but smaller than a ship of the line, Frigates sit in a sweet spot. While they lack the heavy armor and the capital weaponry of a cruiser, frigates are more maneuverable and are highly configurable. The Idris frigate is said to have a crew size of around eight to ten for optimal operation setup with the capability of holding 2 or more single seat fighters on board. Keep in mind this is still subject to change as the ship hasn’t been finalized yet. The F7 Hornet, this is the military workhorse of the UEE and most large scale organizations and my personal favorite fighter. Akin to an F-16 of today this baby comes in a variety of different models. If you’ve got a mission that needs doing, there’s sure to be a Hornet that fits it. From the stealthy F7C-S Ghost, to the two man Super Hornet that screams space superiority fighter. If you’re planning on sharing ammunition the hard way, the Hornet is a reliable choice. She’s not flashy but she gets the job done. For me this is the single most exciting ship in the lineup. The Reclaimer. Is she the ultimate war ship? Nope. Largest Weapon Capacity? Nope. Get this, she’s a salvage ship. Industrial salvage actually. The Reclaimer comes standard with a reinforced cargo bay, a long-range jump drive and launch pods for unmanned drones. It’s an ideal ship for taking advantage of deep space wrecks. So why is it my number one? Because joining up with my crew, floating through space, looking for the next big score sounds amazing. Using the ships’ tools, like tractor beams, floodlights, scanners to get the job done is what Star Citizen is all about. Finding the roll in the universe and diving in an immersive experience. It’s the ultimate utilitarian craft that looks like it’s straight out of an Aliens movies and I can’t wait to captain one. So guys, this is my look at the Star Citizen’s ships, I’m really excited for this title to come out. Which one is the ship you’re looking to get, or maybe you’ve already picked it up on their website. Let me know in the comments below. As always, watch your six and thanks for watching.

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    November 23, 2019

    – Hi guys, welcome back to my channel. In today’s video I’m going
    to be sharing with you my top summer hacks for moms. These are all ones that are
    tried, and tested, and work. And I think I’ve got some
    really good hacks here. Let’s face it, as busy moms
    during the summer break we need all of the help that we can get. So, I hope you find some of these helpful. And if you’re new,
    hello, my name is Emily, and I have three children,
    and I love finding life hacks to make motherhood easier. I have made lots of hacks videos before, so I will link all of my
    previous ones down below if you want to check them out as well. But yes, thank you so much for watching and I will see you in my next one. Right, so my first hack
    is probably the one that I use the most during the summer. And it’s one to help your baby sleep. Pack yourself some
    tinfoil and also some tape when you go on holiday. And when you arrive at
    your hotel or your villa if the room is too bright
    you can tape the tinfoil to the windows and it will
    make a complete blackout. It doesn’t look like much, but
    it will let your baby sleep. And that is what we need. During the summer I also
    like to dress my boys in bright swimwear and t-shirts. This way when we go to
    a park, or the beach, or the softplay, I can easily spot them because they are so brightly colored. You can see here that my son, Caleb, in the orange, is very easy to spot. My next hack is one that I love. We make frozen yogurts in the summer. So, all you have to do is get
    some yogurt pots like this, cut some slits in the tops, and then pop some spoons into the slits. And then put it into your freezer. And because you have
    kept the packaging on, even if it won’t close with them stood up, you can lay it down on its side and it will freeze just as well. And then when you take
    them out of the freezer just run the packaging under
    a little bit of warm water and out pops a frozen yogurt. And this is a really nice treat, and it’s a little bit healthier than
    traditional ice lollies. And it’s even easier with
    yogurt tubes like this. All you have to do is buy the whole packet and stick it into the freezer. And once they’re frozen you have some delicious frozen yogurt
    for your little ones. This one is also great for
    when my little one is teething. I know that some of you
    might say that there is sugar in these, but
    everything in moderation. And if he’s allowed yogurt,
    he’s allowed some frozen yogurt. Another great treat in
    the summer is watermelon. My kids love watermelons. So, all I do is cut it up into triangles and then cut a slit into the green skin. And then you can stick some
    popsicle sticks in this. I normally find these
    in my kids craft stuff. So, just pop them into the slits, it might take a little bit of umph, but then it’s less messy. My eldest has OCD and doesn’t
    really want to hold it so, then you have like a little
    watermelon lollie like this. And you can either eat it
    just as it is, just like this, or you can even pop
    these into the freezer. And then they have a
    delicious melon lollie. These are surprisingly yummy. Just so easy to make. A great hack to catch any
    drips from all of those lollies is to get yourself some
    cupcake cases like this, put a hole into it, and then put the stick of the lollie through it. It takes little ones a
    lot longer to eat lollies, so this is a great way
    of catching any drips so it doesn’t run down their arm. And cupcake cases like this are also great for keeping flies away from your drinks. Again, just do it a little
    hole, put a straw through it, and then put it over your drink. And speaking of drinks, a
    great way to keep your kids hydrated and to stop you
    from fetching endless drinks for your kids, is to get yourself
    a big container like this. I found this one in Sainsbury’s,
    and put water, or juice, or whatever your kids want in it, and then they can help themselves. And this is also fantastic
    when you’re having playdates. One mom hack that I’ve always sworn by, is to get things ready the night before. Pack a bag up with anything
    that isn’t obviously perishable like your food and picnic,
    and pop it in a big beach bag, and then stick it by the door. That way in the morning all you have to do is grab your picnic and off you go. And a hack for picnics on very hot days is to freeze some of your juice boxes and that way they can act as a cooler and keep your whole lunch cool. And now onto my favorite
    beach hacks for moms. When we go to the sea I
    always worry about my baby being too close to the sea
    because of the current. It really scares me. So, what I do, is dig a hole, just a shallow hole, to make a baby pool. Then grab yourself a shower curtain or a waterproof tablecloth,
    something like that, and line your hole with this. Then go around the edges and pat down the sand to weigh down the sides. And then fill it up with water. And you have yourself a
    really cute baby pool. And then your whole family
    can enjoy the beach. Your baby can sit in the pool, keep cool, and Jackson really loves this. He really, really enjoys it. Obviously you could take
    a baby pool to the beach but it could fly away, and
    Jackson was not tempted to climb out of this at all. Next time, I will definitely
    have to make it bigger though because our bigger boys
    really wanted to get in it. And when you do want to
    go for a swim at the beach hide your valuables in
    a nappy, or a diaper. Seal it all up, and hopefully
    if anyone was looking to take anything, they wouldn’t
    want to take a full nappy. And rather than spend lots of money on a fancy phone case for the
    beach that sand and water doesn’t get into your phone. Did you know a Ziploc
    bag works just as well? Stick your phone in and seal it up. And it will still work, and
    you can even take pictures. And you don’t have to worry about sand or water getting into your phone. To make a sand free place for your baby, bring a fitted sheet
    to the beach with you. Put bags, or towels, or
    shoes into the corners and this will make a
    nice little area for you to either put your towel down and sit or for your baby to sit
    and play in the shade. This is great because they
    won’t get covered in sand and it’s so, so simple to do. In the height of summer the
    sand can get really hot as well. So, this is a really
    nice place for your baby to be able to have a little
    bit of a crawl around without getting too hot or sandy. You can also make a really sweet baby seat at the beach by just
    digging a hole and kind of making it have a little
    bit of a back on it. And then cover it with
    a blanket or a towel, and pop your baby in, and
    it’s just a nice place for them to kind of chill out. They can’t really sit on sun loungers but this might also work better with babies that aren’t rolling yet. And once you’re all done at the beach, I know lots of moms know this hack, to use talcum powder to get sand off. We normally walk back from the beach and by then the sand on our feet is dry. And it works best with dry sand. So, just sprinkle a little
    bit of this powder on. And it’s so strange, it like magically comes off of your feet. It’s so, so easy, you definitely don’t need as much as he just put on. But it’s a really, really cool trick, and one that we use when we go away. And did you know that you
    can reuse swimming nappies? I only recently discovered this. But basically if your
    baby has been in the pool for not very long, and it
    seems quite clean, you can rinse out a swimming nappy
    and just dry it in the sun. And it will work just as
    well, so if you want to make them go a little bit
    farther, ’cause they can be quite pricey, you can definitely try this. And a hack for aftersun or aloe lotion, is to keep it in your fridge on holiday. So, that if you do burn your skin, it is nice and cold, and
    soothing on your skin. You can also freeze aloe
    gel in ice cube trays. As moms as well, we’re probably gonna drink more wine during the summer break. But, if you forget to
    put your bottle of wine into the freezer, pop some
    paper towel around your bottle of wine, and then
    put it under the tap. Then squeeze off any excess water, and pop the whole thing into your freezer. And you will have a
    very cold bottle of wine in just 15 minutes. Another really cool way to chill your wine, is to use frozen grapes. Just pop some into a
    Ziploc bag and freeze them. And these are perfect
    because unlike ice cubes they don’t dilute your
    wine, and then once you’ve had a nice glass of wine you
    have a snack at the bottom. And the last mom hack I
    wanted to share with you, is this product, which is a quick way of blowing up water balloons. This does a hundred in just
    60 seconds, by using the hose. They even tie themselves
    once they’re full. And these are perfect for
    water fights in the summer. So, that is it for this video. Thank you so much for watching, I really hope you enjoyed it. Please give it a like if you did. And don’t forget to subscribe.

    VY QWAINT LEAVES SPY NINJAS SAFE HOUSE! Fails Lie Detector Test Challenge Proving She’s a Hacker!
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    VY QWAINT LEAVES SPY NINJAS SAFE HOUSE! Fails Lie Detector Test Challenge Proving She’s a Hacker!

    September 22, 2019

    What’s up Spy Ninjas! We just unmasked a Project Zorgo hacker and it turned out to be Vy! All the signs point to that Vy Qwaint is working with Project Zorgo. So we’ve got her hooked
    up to a lie detector test. We’ve got the lie detector expert Daniel, we’ve got Regina–
    That’s right. Behind the camera.
    It’s me! And we’ve got Vy, who
    if she lies three times, she loses the lie detector test. And what does that mean Vy? I’m kicked out of the Spy Ninjas! So don’t lie. This is probably the most
    important lie detector test we’ve ever done, I had to make
    sure the readings are 100%. Sensors to the brain Daniel,
    we’ve never done this before! He’s gonna give us a true reading. It might be possible that
    our own Spy Ninja has been working with our biggest enemy! You guys are making a huge mistake! We’re almost ready, I need
    one more thing though. Okay, what should be the
    first question that we ask Vy? Huh, whoa!
    Whoa! Let’s do it. Lie detector Daniel right here. Vy’s laughing because she
    thinks this is some sort of joke but this is super serious. It’s kinda cute, Daniel thinks he’s like a
    really good lie detector. He is, she’s doubting your skills Daniel, she’s trying to throw you off your game. She said cute, you’re free to go Vy. Just kidding, of course not. I’ll take the camera. We were just at PZ9’s training facility. I unmasked hacker, and the hacker was you! Vy we were trying to
    help you find your phone, we were on your side, and
    the next thing you know, you’re a hacker! Why were you dressed up as a hacker? There were like 30 hackers
    at the training facility. We were completely outnumbered! They had a better chance
    of finding my phone. That’s why I wore the hacker mask and the hacker outfits so
    I could find it quicker. Let’s see here, and the
    test is looking like. You’re telling the truth Vy. Ooooh.
    Yes, I’m telling the truth. That just means you
    have more confidence in Project Zorgo than the Spy Ninjas! You gotta have confidence in us! I do but it was taking too long! Next question, Vy, remember
    when Justin was here, there was a group of
    hackers getting together. You were one of those
    hackers, look at this video right here! Tell us who this is right here. Yeah.
    That one right (ding)
    there. Look at those (ding) pants, look at those (ding) shoes, and look
    at that (ding) ring! Who is that hacker? That hacker was me. (gasp) Is she telling the truth? I don’t know if I wanna know the truth. The machine says… (intense music) True. (gasps) This is the second time we
    caught you as a hacker now. – [Regina] Behind our backs! There is a reason, you guys
    just have to trust me, you– Yeah, yeah we’ll trust you once you answer all these questions. Vy since that you admit that is you, why were you standing there? What was the mission for that day? We had to figure out who PZ9 was, and that’s what I’m doing. – [Chad] Is she telling the truth Daniel? Wait a minute, what? The machine says it’s half true. What does that mean Daniel? There most be something more. What are you not telling us? I answered the question. There’s something else
    you’re hiding I think. You know what Vy (sigh),
    right now we’ll just count that half true as a truth but if you do that again, I’m
    just gonna count it as a lie. Full truth only. How long have you been
    a Project Zorgo member? Our whole lives, since we were married? Justin did marry us after all, and he had some involvement with Project Zorgo. I’m glad you acknowledge
    that your life started when you married me. (dramatic music) That’s not the point Vy! Quit changing the subject. The answer is, three months. Daniel.
    Oh my gosh. I don’t know that sounds suspicious. Look at that reading, the heart rate. You can see that, right Chad?
    Yeah. But I think. It’s the truth! It says true.
    You think? Daniel you need to be sure! Were you moving your temples? No, no, what?! She was moving her finger a little bit. It does say 98% true. But still Vy, for three
    months you never told us. Why would you not tell us? There’s a reason why
    I can’t tell you guys! Ugh, just next question!
    Tell us Vy! Vy. Hey, hey!
    Whoooa, she’s– She did that on purpose!
    No, am I– She removed her temple! I have to when I talk, my temples move! – [Chad] Mmm. Mmm, I don’t know. Why did you join Project Zorgo? Just tell us why! Gosh darn it. You guys I can’t tell you, you– (gasps) Daniel, maybe you gotta upgrade
    your equipment, it’s just not working properly.
    No. I can’t tell you guys that. It’s not the right time;
    you guys have to trust me. When is the right time, Vy, never? If you don’t give us an
    answer, that’s a lie! Are you sure you don’t wanna tell us? Three lies and you’re out
    Vy, you really wanna do this? (intense music) Yes, I’m sure, I-I-I can’t, I can’t do it. – [Chad] Lie number one, okay, let’s go. We gotta go. Okay what– What is up with her? I can’t believe she didn’t tell us what the true answer was. We’re like a family here, we can’t keep secrets from each other! And I can’t believe
    she won’t even tell me, her husband, she’s been
    doing this for three months and she hasn’t even
    told me this whole time. I definitely don’t wanna kick
    her out of the Spy Ninjas, she better not lie again. Two more lies, we have
    to kick her out because being a Spy Ninja means
    honesty, loyalty, and bravery. If you’re not honest,
    you can’t be a Spy Ninja! So she’s gotta keep telling the truth. Next question Vy. Whoa, wait a minute, I just
    realized, I was undercover as a Project Zorgo
    member a few months back! Were we both working with
    Project Zorgo, together?! And remember when they
    gave you the exit ceremony? That was like, one or
    two months ago Daniel. They made you eat dog food. Was that your idea? (Regina gasps) You planned out all those
    horrible things to happen to me! Tell us the truth Vy. I was there, I was hiding in the box! She was there! (claps) I was hiding in the box, there’s proof! On my vlog channel! You were probably sitting
    there laughing at me. I was trying to help you, it
    would have been a lot worse if I didn’t help you. They would’ve given you worms. Is Vy telling the truth Daniel? Looks like… (intense music) It’s true, thank goodness. I got the next question. You were the only one that
    has ever snuck into the Project Zorgo basement. You know the one with the
    black walls where they did the exit ceremonies, why is that? Regina, do you not watch my vlog? I do, I do, everyday! Let me see your phone Regina,
    you’re not subscribed! Sorry, subscribe again! Oh, okay, here’s what you do. You go underneath this video,
    hit the subscribe button, make it turn gray, make sure the bell symbol is ringing also, here. Oh. Now that you guys are all
    subscribed, how I got into the basement, is that I followed PZ2! And he went under that
    little tunnel thing that only little tiny people can
    fit, and that’s how I get in! It’s almost as if you told Project Zorgo, “Make the entrances small
    so we can’t follow you.” What are you talking about?! How do you think I have
    that kind of control over Project Zorgo? – [Chad] Is she telling the truth? (intense music) It looks like she’s telling the truth. We’ve got some juicier questions coming. You remember that video we
    made where we were trying to open that unbreakable
    box filled with $10 000? I came home the other day
    and you know what I found? This!
    (Regina gasps) And it’s empty! Do you know what happened to the $10 000? – [Regina] She’s struggling
    guys, look at her. Her heart rate’s increasing. She’s getting all sweaty. (groans) (intense music) I took it outta there. (gasps) Wait.
    You took the $10 000?! She lying, she telling the truth? Let’s see let’s just see.
    Oh dear, ah. It’s true!
    Oh no. How could you do that? Why would you steal from the Spy Ninjas? There’s a good reason for this. I can’t tell you guys! The next question is, why did you steal it Vy? Uh. – [Regina] Oh my gosh. Tell the truth. (intense music) You’ve already told one
    lie by not answering. I can’t tell you guys that! You have to!
    Vy. If you don’t tell us, that’s
    gonna count as another lie Vy, that’s gonna be two lies! You guys know I am very logical. I wouldn’t do anything crazy. We didn’t know that you
    were with Project Zorgo. Joining Project Zorgo is not very logical. Ooooh.
    And taking money! – [Regina] Ooooh!. And not answering the question! – [Regina] Ooooh! And not telling us everything. – [Regina] Ooh. Ugh, you guys, just trust me on this! I can’t tell you guys right
    now, but there’s a good reason for this, you guys gotta trust me! Vy, you got three seconds
    to tell us, otherwise it counts as another lie. Three. – [Chad & Daniel] Two, one. (intense music) Ugh, Vy! That’s a lie! That’s lie number two! Oh my gosh.
    I can’t do it! You’re one lie away before being kicked out of the Spy Ninjas. We don’t wanna kick you out of the Spy Ninjas, okay?
    No. We want you to be with
    the Spy Ninjas forever! Just tell the truth from now on okay? Please, we need you. I can’t do this.
    Be on our side. Give me the camera. What would she still the $10 000 for? I don’t think she’s in any
    debt, she doesn’t owe anybody any money, I have no idea! Wait, how much are Teslas? She wants a new Tesla right? Ever since Joseph Banks transformed out into Delorean.
    That’s true! You can’t get a new
    Tesla for $10 000 though so I don’t think that’s it. Maybe she’s planning my birthday! Could be. Uh, no your birthday
    already passed, I think. That’s true, it was in March. I knew that. She’s definitely up to
    something, let’s just keep asking more questions, she’s
    one away from being kicked out. I really hope she doesn’t lie anymore, I don’t wanna kick her out. Have you been working
    for PZ9 this whole time? Did you give PZ9 your
    phone, was this all a trick? You left it in the house on “purpose”. How could I have left it on purpose? Chad was the one that put it up there. Yeah but you were pretending
    your phone didn’t get any signal, and you were like, “Chad, put it up some more high.” You tricked me into putting it up there. Great impression Chad, yeah. You know Chad, Daniel
    was the one who was like, “We need more signal” and why
    would I want work with PZ9? (rock music)
    He’s loud, he’s obnoxious, I can’t stand him! He’s egotistical, he’s loud,
    did I say that already? He thinks he’s the best fighter, he sucks! He calls me a spicy senorita, I don’t even like this guy!
    Okay, okay okay okay! Okay? So you’re saying, you didn’t put the phone there on purpose. No. – [Chad and Regina] What does it say? Only one way to find out. (intense music) Vy, oh, oh. You’re telling the truth. Oh. You’re telling the truth.
    Okay. Wait, Daniel, why did you hesitate? Is this whole entire thing even necessary if Daniel is not even sure about his readings right now? Just, I never seen
    somebody so nervous before. The readings! I’m not nervous!
    I feel the sweat. I don’t sweat! – [Chad] Your lie detector
    test is falling apart! I don’t even know if
    it’s working right now. Maybe that’s what it is! You need to keep your head still okay? I think you’re moving it on
    purpose to get false readings! Yeah. You’re hiding something. (tapping) Next question.
    (phone rings) Regina, your phone’s ringing. – [Regina] Who is it? It’s Vy calling! – [Regina] Vy? How are you calling Regina right now? I don’t know, who has my phone? PZ9 has–
    PZ9! He’s calling you Regina, using Vy’s phone! Answer it! (beep)
    PZ9, what’s up? Just checking in on my
    least favorite Spy Ninjas! Where’s my phone PZ9? Give me back my phone!
    Hold on, hold on. What’s that dumb looking
    thing on your head Vy? It’s a lie detector test PZ9. Oooh, looks like someone
    lost their Spy Ninja trust! Thanks for letting us know about Vy. You’re oh-so-welcome Daniel. Hold that note out Daniel. Did you just thank PZ9?
    Yeah. What is going on here? PZ9 remember in the board game challenge? The winner got the third envelope? Well it turns out Vy
    swapped it, with a fake one! But we finally got the
    real one right here. Oooh, what a dirty trick
    Vy, you’re so evil, hahaha! And it says, Vy Qwaint has
    betrayed the Spy Ninjas, you’re not holding it right Daniel. Anyway it says that Vy Qwaint
    has betrayed the Spy Ninjas. He can’t even hold this paper right. How are you trusting him to
    give me the lie detector test? It’s difficult, okay? Alright PZ9, I’m gonna hang up. Chad, I’ve been trying to
    figure out how to do thumbna– Vy, answer this question right now. How did PZ9 get that note,
    why would he send us that? That note right there
    is not completely true. PZ9 wrote that. Let’s see, is it true? Daniel, read it carefully. I’m trying, I need complete silence. (hushes)
    I’m quiet. (intense music) It’s true, it’s true.
    (gasps) Okay. So PZ9 did write that note. So Vy, okay my question is, why did you have the
    ending of the third clue in your backpack, which we stole? – [Regina] Were you trying
    to cover up your tracks? Yes, I swapped the third
    envelope out during the board challenge because PZ9
    has some tricks up his sleeve! You guys shouldn’t trust
    him, you Spy Ninjas at home should not trust him either. Let’s see if she’s telling the truth here. Are you smelling the truth Daniel? Does it smell like a lie?
    What does it smell like? My lie detector shirt
    smells a little different for some reason, it’s like
    someone was wearing it. Anyway… (intense music) It’s the truth! (gasps) Okay okay okay okay.
    It’s true. You’re on a roll with the truths Vy, I’m liking the way this is going because one more lie, and we have to kick you out. Regina take over! When you were in the park,
    you were talking to someone. Who were you talking to,
    why were you all sketchy? In the park, you guys were following me? That’s how we got the envelope. Who took the envelope out
    of my backpack, Daniel? Well, no I jus–
    Chad, Regina? Who did it? Chad tried at first and he failed. And then I tried and I succeeded. I can’t even trust you
    Spy Ninjas, oh my gosh! You can’t trust us? We can’t trust you girl!
    Yeah! You guys are following me. Answer the question, who are
    you talking to on the laptop? Who do you think? Your mom?
    No. Mama Vy? Answer the question Vy,
    who were you talking to on the laptop? (intense music) Former you guys, a hacker. (gasps) Is this hacker your friend, was it PZ2? I actually don’t know his number. Alright let’s see here. Okay, lie detector is saying. It’s true. Talking to a hacker, again! She’s replacing us with hackers. You were saying some
    weird stuff on the laptop to the hacker, you were
    like talking about pizza. (gasps) That’s not weird. Yeah remember when she
    ordered that pizza that one time when we were sneaking
    up on her in the backyard, the pizza never came! (gasps) You also mentioned
    pepperoni, and zucchini, what the heck does this stuff mean? They’re toppings. I don’t know Vy, zucchini’s
    not a pizza topping. Some people might like
    zucchinis as pizza toppings. Not you. And especially not– – [Regina & Daniel] Extra cheese. – [Chad] Oooh! What does pepperoni, zucchini,
    and extra cheese mean? What is that? Is that some sort of like,
    language you’re speaking? It means it’s a code. Code? Yeah, a PZ code. (gasps) You know their codes? I don’t even know their
    codes, you know I used to work for Project Zorgo! I got a question, zucchini? That’s not a pizza topping. Extra cheese, you’re lactose intolerant. You can’t eat any cheese. Tell me, what is the code? Keep your hands still. Pepperoni stands for Project. Zucchinis stand for Zorgo. That makes sense. Okay but– – [Chad & Daniel] Extra cheese. Project Zorgo eats crackers. No, that’s actually straight forward. Slang, street term, cheese,
    cheddar, Bill, William, Lincoln, Benjamins.
    Wait. Money, oh yeah cheese I
    have heard people say. I got the cheese, like I got money. That’s like an old slang term. It was probably sort of from
    the 80s (sarcastic laugh). – [Regina] Oh gosh, the worst. Wait Regina, the 80s were awesome! Not that I was old enough to know. Extra cheese, you were
    telling them that you had the $10 000, is she telling the truth? Okay. Extra cheese means money? (intense music) Yes, it’s true! We now know the answer
    to the last question that you weren’t willing to answer. You were giving the $10
    000 to Project Zorgo. – [Regina] Well this is
    even worse than we thought, we thought we were just
    gonna try and get a new car. Yeah this is really bad, I thought you were buying
    me a birthday present. Biggest question yet Vy,
    why did you give the $10 000 to Project Zorgo? I, you guys, I can’t tell you this one! Vy you have to tell us, we don’t want to kick you
    out of the Spy Ninjas okay? This would be the third lie if
    you don’t tell us the truth. So just tell us the truth so we don’t have to kick you
    out of the Spy Ninjas please. We won’t be mad, just
    please tell us, okay? Yeah we won’t be mad.
    Fine. We need you on our team. – [Regina] Don’t you wanna be a Spy Ninja? I do, I’m the original Spy Ninja! It’s just gonna ruin
    everything, all my plans that I’ve been working so hard on
    for the past three months! I can’t, I can’t tell you guys! Vy, you have to tell us
    otherwise it counts as a lie! You know how this works! You’re being so suspicious,
    I don’t like it! Yeah.
    You have to believe me, you guys have to trust me, I can’t do this! You know what that means,
    that means it’s a lie if you don’t answer and then we
    have to, we have to kick you out of the Spy Ninjas. Yeah. Don’t make me say it, I
    can’t do it, I can’t do it. We can’t keep, this
    can’t go on all night Vy, will you answer the question or not? (intense music) I can’t, I can’t. – [Regina] Oh gosh. Okay then, the test is over then. That’s it, that’s it,
    that’s three, that counts as three lies. I can’t! We both agreed when we
    made the Spy Ninjas that we’d always be honest with each other. We would not lie, honesty,
    integrity, bravery. It’s what the whole Spy
    Ninja team is built on! It’s loyalty not integrity. You’re not even saying it right! I know, something like that. But integrity, it has to do with honesty, it’s fine. Vy I really don’t wanna do this, but. You don’t have to do this. – [Regina] Oooh. Here, pack your stuff and
    leave the Spy Ninja safe house. You guys are doing this, you
    guys are actually doing this? I mean, Vy you did it, you
    didn’t tell us the truth. We have to follow the rules. You’re working with Project
    Zorgo, our worst enemy, the opposite of a Spy Ninja! – [Regina] Oh. Okay guys let’s go talk. Guys are we doing the right thing? I don’t know this seems
    really bad, and seems wrong. It really does, she
    looked so sad actually. Well I’m sad too, I don’t
    wanna kick her out but, like we said, Project
    Zorgo is our worst enemy, she’s working for them. Well maybe we should give
    her another chance guys, I don’t know, I feel
    really horrible about this. If there was a good
    reason she was working for Project Zorgo, she would have told us. I know, I don’t see why.
    That’s true. She has to be so secretive about it. Honesty is like the key
    tenant of being a Spy Ninja, you have to be honest. She’s not being honest. (sighs) Alright, well, let’s
    go say goodbye to her. (sad piano music) It’s time to say goodbye. Here, I’ll pack your sewing kit. Remember this sewing kit Regina? I used this to sew your
    bear back together, here you keep it.
    What? So when Mr, bear, use to sew his leg back. You keep that. Oh my gosh this, Regina, she’s, she’s sad. Daniel, you were the first
    person that we accepted in as a Project Zorgo member. Mhm. I can’t believe this is happening. I mean I can’t believe it either Vy. I seriously never thought
    this day would come. Then why are you doing this? I don’t wanna leave the Spy Ninjas. I don’t want you to either but it’s just, you’re working with Project Zorgo. How can we keep you on the team? (rustling) You say your goodbye Chad. Vy, I, I don’t know how to feel about this ’cause, (sighs) I-I feel, I
    feel just heart broken that you’re, that we have to
    force you to leave like, why did you lie, why won’t
    you just tell us the truth? Just tell us what’s happening. I know-I know you’re a
    good person inside but for some reason, yo-you’re
    doing something and you’re not telling us the
    truth, just, just tell us the truth so we don’t
    need to kick you out! I can’t, it’s for your own
    good, it’s not the time yet. I can’t do it, you have
    to trust me you guys. I-I (sighs) I do trust you
    but (sighs) the Spy Ninjas have rules, we have to obey our own rules. We can’t lie to each other Vy, that’s the most important thing. (sobs) Okay, (sniffles) I’ll just go then. Yeah Vy we really are going to miss you. Maybe, just quit Project
    Zorgo one day or something. Just, just tell us,
    tell us what’s going on. It’s, it’s not the right time. You guys have to trust me. We’ll, we’ll see each other again. – [Regina] Okay. (dramatic orchestral music)

    Is Your Girlfriend Cheating? Here’s one way to find out!
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    Is Your Girlfriend Cheating? Here’s one way to find out!

    August 29, 2019

    I discovered how to track anyone
    or anything for about $25 bucks with this cool device. This Little Buddy
    Tracker combines GPS and cellular technology
    and will give you real-time location updates. Well, I wanted to get inside
    to take a closer look. There’s two security screws
    with the funny little heads but that didn’t stop me. I’ve got a security
    bits set that can get into just
    about anything. So I removed the two screws
    and popped open the case and inside, a little
    circuit board, a 3.7-volt lithium ion
    rechargeable battery. And then there’s
    also the transmitter. The USB port on one end is what
    charges a lithium ion battery and will also power it
    and leave it running. So the first step was to
    register this little device. So I went to the website
    and activated the device and entered in all
    my information. Now what’s cool is you get a
    30-day free trial of tracking, which is perfect for what
    I want to use it for. So now it’s time to
    throw it in the Jeep and take it for a ride
    to see how well it works. When I got back,
    I checked the site and sure enough, it
    had tracked everywhere I went every two minutes. Now, it’s pretty cool because
    it gives you a road view, an aerial view, and
    also a bird’s-eye view, where you can see the
    roads you’ve been on. And you can access all this
    information on your cell phone. Perfect. Now you can be your own
    private investigator by tracking anyone, like
    maybe your girlfriend who you suspect is
    cheating on you. Just hide it in the
    bottom of her purse. Attach a little Velcro and you
    can stick it under a bike seat. Find out where that bike’s been. Or you could keep tabs on
    your cat or your banana. You could use a
    cigarette lighter adapter and plug it into a car. Or better yet, strip
    the ends and hot wire it to the fuse box. Mount that thing
    in the car and it will tell you where
    your car has been. And if your car gets
    stolen, you can track it. And that’s how to keep tabs on
    anyone or anything, 24-hours a day. For more hacks, pranks
    and how-to videos, click the box on the left. And to check out more
    of my spy videos, click the box on the right. Thanks for watching and
    we’ll see you next time.

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    August 20, 2019

    Chad! What happened, wait I was I was holding the signal jammer it just went kaboom Vy! Vy! behind us there’s hackers behind us They must have been the ones who came out of the Tesla and they were trying to hack our channel and they got knocked out too. Vy- Wasn’t there someone here with us Stephen! We’re Stephen go. Yeah, he should have been right here. Vy- Is stephen one of the hackers now Definitely not maybe some of the other hackers took him and carried him somewhere and they didn’t bother to pick up their teammates here Just to be sure Stephen is not a project zorgo member I think we should try and unmask them what do you think Chad? Chad- I think we should unmask them anyway? so we can finally know who these project zorgo members are give this video a big Thumbs up right now if you should unmask these hackers, we’re gonna finally see who one of the hackers are kind of nervous I know me too get up nice and close here. So you can see this face. Ready 3 2 1 Go Daniel Wake up. Wait if this is Daniel, this is make any sense. Why is he wearing a hacker mask and Hacker outfit? I’m so confused right now. What what is going on? What should we do about Daniel here? I have no idea but let’s go to this other hacker Regina Regina, let me see your turn over Hello, Regina, two of our spy ninjas are in hacker clothes their projects Oracle members. It’s coming back to me a little bit I remember we were like in a battle royale with some project circle hackers Daniel Would you know look up idea look They’re sleeping or something. I don’t know what’s going on here, but I’m going to search them pockets wait What is it like baby food or dog food or something? She will be eating dog food we Recognize that that’s do the purple orman that Joseph Banks made when Regina fell asleep, and we couldn’t wake her up We use this Oh, maybe that’ll wake them up. Yeah now let’s pull out Daniels arms you okay? Okay Watch okay. I can’t even smell it or something You’re asleep, why are you happy close? That’s Daniel, wait, are you a yo-yo wait why why are the both of you wearing hacker masts and clothes? Oh my gosh, I didn’t do this. I didn’t dress up like this Dress me up like this. Oh wait, let’s see Don’t put this on us. Yeah, wait, where’s your seat? Uh, BC body’s gone. Someone took my merch. Oh, Are you guys still spy ninjas? What’s going on? Here we go into the hackers Tesla we almost had it and then the hacker came out push us on the ground and he spilled the sleeping virus on us they were Trying to frame us Oh, yeah, look he’s moving he’s moving He’s gonna find out about all this guys I have a really weird idea I don’t know if you guys are gonna like it or not, but I’m already dressed up as a hacker, right? What if I actually join projects or go just to like help us out unlock secret information, you know I can go in their headquarters. I can maybe get the Tesla back and the signal booster But Daniel, they’re never gonna believe you’re gonna join them again You’ve been a spy ninja for so long and you betrayed them, which is true. What if he’s about to wake up? He doesn’t know what just happened. What did you guys land the ground? Like I just battled you and beat you guys up Well, then don’t have to know that I’m on their side. Okay ready? Yeah, you go back to the safe house to see if they’ve done anything to our safe house. Okay? I’ll dress up as the hacker and get you laid out like your beat-up Ah Look, I just beat up Chad wild clay and I beat up feet look Here’s a camera sitting right here. You see then I beat him up beat her up How is that possible we’ve been trying for months? What’s your P Z number? That’s my P Z number? I’m I’m Pz 1 no way He’s been out of this organization from once But I’m back. I’m P Z 1 and I am about 3v Wow Oh, you want me to prove it a true project? So remember it never reveals their identity Ok, ok I’ll prove it I’ll prove it ok Whoa, whoa Yeah, yeah, it’s me man. I’m back. I decided to join projects or go again You know what in my mind? I never quit the whole reason why I’ve been hanging out with Chad wild clay and be quaint is just to get secret Information from them, you know, I was being a double agent I was really with projects or go the whole time you believe me, right? Yeah. Yeah. Yes It’s true that PZ one then we have to take them back to the headquarters way back to the headquarters You can’t take them back to the headquarters. That’s what P Z boss told us Well, you know what PZ member I am PZ one. I was the first hacker on this projects organization. You gotta listen to me So I say we’re not taking them anywhere. We’re leaving them right here. I’m PZ one I outrank you man, which you do not rank the boss We’re going back to this headquarters. I guess that’s true. Okay for a little bit we can go back to the headquarters Shoot Are you gonna stand there and record or what easy one? All right, I’ll get V Features just go along with me take my hand. Okay, let’s go. All right, there they are Okay, I’ve brought him back to the headquarters. Just like the leader told me to tz1 since you’ve spent so much time away from Projects or go with the spy binges the only what you have learned about there, I don’t know I don’t really feel like telling you I didn’t really tell me much. Yeah, I’m sorry. I can’t I can’t tell anything I just I just don’t know anything. I forget their names sometimes to even Sorry, oh It’s the largest are fizzy one commands you to leave the room and address the situation while you’re doing that I’ll take care of the spine in jizz Guys guys guys wake up. Wake up. I have ok. Good job. Good job. Good job acting that was very convincing Get back on the ground sleep perfect Welcome back peasy member. I beat them up really good. They’ve been out for a long time. What are you looking at? They weren’t like this when I left we were gay only. What do you mean? They weren’t like this? Oh, you mean they’re in different positions, huh? I moved them. I was yeah, I moved them. See I was I was going like this and stuff See I was looking in their pockets for any information maybe like their password so we can hack them easier stuff like that That’s why they were different different positions If you are this much a member of projects or go gay then we will oblige by this mission you Stay here Okay One of those things easy member oh So you want me to put them in the bags, yes, you’ll put them in the bags I’ll get the other hackers Okay. Yeah, sounds good while you’re doing that. I’ll put them in the bags Okay. No you hurry up. BeeZee wants this hurry up Peezy wants to tear you up down here. Hey, go easy one overrides you. Yes. Oh, My gosh beat beat Jack wake up You want me to put you in the bags? We should just get out of here Chad. Yeah They’re gonna be wondering like dang it. Where’s the bodies girl? They’re gonna know that you’re screwed. You’re not really a member No, we had a trick get up Somehow you’re gonna like stop the bags with things that look like you it’s always like the bags you pull from around ya idea Okay, the hackers in the park, they were like practicing their their ninja skills with pillows Maybe we can like find some pills and stuff the pills and oh, yeah practice. They gotta be out here somewhere Abbi be right there in the closet. Yeah Yeah, this is a perfect different It’s a little bit light though, I mean Yeah Looks like you’re in there Oh Jed okay, that kind of works actually That one Yeah, yeah, he’s in that one and shads and that one Don’t get so close though, you know, you don’t want to like wake them up. Hey back up Yeah, Chad, trust me I spent lots of time with Chad, do you squishy don’t get so close though back up back up You’re gonna wake them up. Yeah, if you don’t believe me, just just listen for yourself listen Noorie no, no, no, don’t don’t don’t what a grand peasy why you’re gonna you’re gonna wake him up. Yeah, don’t Okay, I wait They’ll be able to battle us if they wake up we don’t want that, okay I hope you’d knock them out for a long time. Oh, yeah, they’re gonna be out for a while Okay and get out of here, I’ll handle the situation a PC once said get out of here you got P Z what You should always listen to PZ 1 Remember like the old days I’ll stay in here and I’ll handle the situation you guys go back in the safe house and meet up with Regina Yeah, I can hear your might your piece Over gee would you know? I hacked into project circles camera footage right here of Daniel and he’s with all the other hackers They think they’re transporting you guys Daniel. Can you can you hear me? I can hear you, but I can’t talk Why are these bags so light? Oh Say that I make a tiny spy ninja so I’m like super light don’t even worry about it Yeah, just saying I’m in such good shape. I’m really like, okay, that’s a good body percentage. Wait now like 0% body fat. No It’s like 2% Check Chad and V are light people, you know, they’re very skinny Daniel PZ won’t just be assertive. Awesomer. You’re the boss. You shouldn’t check I Am PZ 1 I will do all the check-in here go make sure no one is watching us you Heard me you got to follow my orders. No Documents over there. Oh My gosh sadly Regina they’re on to us what do we do now? You have to walkie talkie on you? Yeah. Yeah Okay, you should put it in the by Bank. It’s neatly spine in your way If that Packer ever pokes them, you know, like the other one did say the piece pushy you check and go Great idea V. Okay. I’m putting the walkie-talkie inside the bag and then when you talk through it, it’ll sound like you’re inside the bag I Checked the bats myself. Jadon, but you’re definitely in here everything is okay. Listen for yourself You can hear their voices, but you be pretend you’re in there See, okay, so let’s just keep on with our mission and bring the bags to where the leader said so, okay peasy member help me Okay, follow me They might figure out what you’re doing you need to figure out where they’re going Okay Just ask them where they’re bringing the body bags This could end really badly if they figure out there’s just two computer monitors and pillows in the back Yeah, you get big trouble if they find out it’s just that hey Project circle members where exactly are we taking the bag Chad V For taking them to the police station Oh my gosh, okay. I want to go to jail again easy for we can’t handle another You’re not in the bag D So they’re just put the brain to the police and they’ll open up the bag and they’ll see that it’s pillows Oh the police station, uh Y-you guys are gonna Report them to the police and put them in jail. Yes Yeah, that’s really good because Chad and V are really bad people. They deserve to be in jail. Oh Okay, okay. Oh goody, put the bags down I’m tz1 you need to listen to what I say. Okay, stay right there They’re taking you guys to the police. What’s the plan? I mean when we go to the police station and open up the bags and you guys aren’t in there They’re gonna be so mad at me and then I can’t be a double agent anymore. What do we do Oh deal Maybe you could tell them, you know, take them down. Wait one against three. I was a good idea I can’t just beat up for hackers. I wasn’t even good at pretending to beat up Chad. It didn’t even look real I can’t believe they bought it. Okay. I got a plan. Okay, just do something like really crazy You know like to gain the hackers trust. Yeah. Yeah, it’ll prove that you’re not with us anymore I think in the far distance if you can kind of see though, there’s a jungle gym. Throw us off the jungle gym Whoa V that’s that’s quite a plan. I feel like that might actually work They’ll never suspect you’re working with us if you’re willing to do that All right, I think it’s a good idea I’m gonna go do it right now Okay guys I’m back thanks for waiting I know we were told to take Chad and V to the police station You know get them locked up forever, right? That’d be amazing but what do you say we give them what they really deserve what if we take Chad and V and Just throw them off of something really high. There’s a jungle gym all the way over there Bobaloo, I know the leader is very important, but I am tz1 then I’ll I did. All right, it’s worse There’s the jungle gym. Oh don’t bend the body that much Wobble, he is very flexible. You do nothing really suspicious Very good, very good Okay, guys The plan is we’re gonna take these bags and toss them off And they’re gonna fall all the way down there but are gonna trouble by the lunar. Hey, What’s that guys? Let’s throw V off this jungle gym Go The computers all broke I can hear them breathe Did you hear all that cracking sound Wow, really like eh, yes, it’s really light. Okay, let’s let’s go Chad Oh Yeah, they really look like your body falling me my body floated the butterfly cause it’s so light Alright see wasn’t that fun. We respect you very much but even so via keye TV, please No, absolutely, not. PZ one says no you can’t do that guys. Listen to me guys. I Understand this control of power feels good, but you need to calm down Daniel just maybe just run Daniel Run, I don’t know that’ll be really suspicious if you run I just think it’s just a bad idea. Chad and V were we’re gaining so much exposure with Chad and V. We can’t do it Hey, hey

    How to Make a Simple Pop Pop Boat
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    How to Make a Simple Pop Pop Boat

    August 14, 2019

    Today I’m going to show you how to make a really
    cool candle powered pop pop boat using household items. To make it we’re going to need an empty drinks can,
    some Blu-Tack, 2 straws and an empty juice carton. First we’re going to make the boiler, and
    we’ll start by taking the Coke can cutting off the top and bottom with a pair of
    scissors, and turning it into a flat sheet. Then we’ll cut a straight line down one edge, and from
    that mark out a rectangle 6cm wide by 18cm long. Be very careful not to cut yourself. Once we’ve cut that out we need to gently fold it in half, but don’t
    push down hard on the fold as we don’t want it to tear. Next we need to mark out a 1cm
    line around one half of the boiler and cut it out with our scissors, so we
    should now have something which looks like this. Next we’re going to take out Bu-Tack, warm it up in our hands
    and roll it out into a long worm about 0.5cm fat. Then we’re going to open up our boiler pattern and stick the
    Blu-Tack onto the 2 outside edges of the smaller half. Next we’re going to fold it in half, remembering
    not to push down hard on the fold and stick the two halves together. Then we’re going to take a bit more
    Blu-Tack and put it on the edges. It should look like this. Next we’re going to fold over the tabs on both sides, and gently crimp
    it all the way up with some pliers to form a seal. Then we need to take our scissors and cut off the
    excess tab to leave one long tab along the bottom. Next we’re going to take our Blu-Tack and push
    it into a flat strip about 1cm wide. Then we’re going to wrap it around the end of
    one of the straws, followed by the second. Add a bit more until the straws are well
    sealed in a good plug of Blu-Tack. Next we’re going to open up the end of the
    boiler, be very careful not to cut your fingers and push in the straws and Blu-Tack plug. Add a bit more Blu-Tack to form a good
    tight seal. It should look like this. Then we’re going to take our scissors and cut the
    bottom tab along each side of the straws. Next fold the tabs over and give them a squeeze with some
    pliers, but be careful not to rip the metal. Our boiler is not complete. Next we need to test it’s air tight by dipping it into
    a bowl of water and gently blowing through the straws. If you see any air leaking, give that area a
    gentle squeeze with the pliers and try again. To make the boat we’re going to take our empty juice carton, mark out and
    draw a line down the middle of it, and cut it in half. To make the cabin for the inside of the boat, cut
    the bottom off the half with the plastic lid. or if you have another empty juice carton, you can cut
    the bottom off that to make a slightly bigger cabin. I’ve also cut out some windows and we’ll be fixing that in place later. Next we need to cut a small hole in the bottom
    of the boat for the 2 straws to go through. This should be roughly half way up the carton an in the middle. Then we need to put a thin ring of
    Blu-Tack around the hole on both sides. Next we’re going to take our boiler and
    poke the 2 straws through the hole. Then we’re going to fix the straws firmly in place to the
    bottom of the boat with a strip of tape, Making sure the straws run to the back
    of the boat and are central. Then cut the straws off flush with the back of the boat. Next using a stapler we’re going to fix the cabin in place. And finally we need to make sure the Blu-Tack rings around
    the straws are pushed together to form a good seal. Our boat is now water tight and complete, but to use
    it we first need to prime the boiler with water. To do this we’re going to take one of
    our straw off cuts and snip the end. Then we’re going to poke it into one of
    the straws at the back of the boat and with a mouth full of clean water, blow water through
    the system until it comes out of the other straw. The boiler is now primed and ready to use. All we need to do now is drop a candle under the middle of the
    boiler, put it into the bath, and wait for it to warm up. It shouldn’t take long for the boiler to start popping, and off she goes. After a while you might find that the boiler leaks and doesn’t work properly,
    in which case you might need to seal it with some more Blu-Tack. Or if you have any you could make a
    boiler using epoxy glue rather then Blu-Tack. This is far more durable and should last a lot longer. You can paint your boat using a waterproof acrylic paint if you like, you
    can also spray it with a waterproofing lacquer to help protect it. But make sure it’s completely dry before you use it. If it’s taking a while to get going, try dropping a second
    candle underneath the boiler. This should help speed things up. If you like this project, maybe you’d like to take a look at some of
    my other videos by clicking on the links on the right hand side. Or take a look at my youtube channel page. Have fun and happy boating!