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    How to Sail – SH Pontoon Launch: Part 2 of 4: Launching Common Mistakes & Key Learning Points
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    How to Sail – SH Pontoon Launch: Part 2 of 4: Launching Common Mistakes & Key Learning Points

    August 18, 2019

    Tying the boat to the pontoon broadside to
    the wind, this will make it difficult to hoist the sails as the boat won’t be lying head
    to wind. Tying an unsuitable knot. The boat could either
    break free and float away, or the knot could be difficult to untie. Key learning points for launching Understand where the wind is blowing from,
    and how that affects where you need to position your boat on the pontoon. Only use the downwind or leeward side of the
    pontoon. Look out for slip or trip hazards on the slipway
    prior to launching. Secure the boat to the pontoon itself with
    a suitable knot. Try to be as close as possible to the end
    of the pontoon. When manoeuvring your boat be careful not
    to trap your fingers between the side of the boat and the pontoon. When stepping into the boat make sure you
    are as close as you can be to the centreline. Never step on the side tanks as the boat could
    tip over. Sail away from the pontoon on a close reach
    point of sailing.

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    August 18, 2019

    and we’re live alright guys welcome it’s a dark cloudy rainy day and welcome check out the box for boys we got the litters box for art it was a lot litter until we get to bring it outside yo this was so K so guys mind that alright that’s that bad thinking down here it’s supposed to be like that it’s called a head stopper it was way later we made a video on this guy’s inside and we made the sickest box for but we decided alright we made that video what do we do now with the box for it it was thundering outside we’re like bro do you think we can survive in a box for outside and that’s exactly what we’re gonna do so why don’t you come into papa Jake’s crib I’ll show you around boys you know so check this out we got a full working box for it with everything that you’ll need y’all get in here boys I check this out this is a peephole right that goes outside I’ll show you guys what’s out there yeah see you can see people peeping in on us right over here we got advanced walling over here I know you like that Blasi blaze Emily Craig you guys all like that Kailyn Kailyn I know you like that too all right this is our is our commander hatch so this actually we have a little handle here you pull the commander hatch back and then you can pop outside and you’re like that it what’s up so this is where there we go and then so originally in the video that you guys will see on the channel it’s coming up on the channel very soon in that video we had a double layer so it was like a two layer box for it with another roof on top that didn’t work when we tried to transport it outside so now we just basically have like this kind of leftover which is fine you know it’s fine we’re gonna go back down though and we’re gonna get in here so guys what are we doing today you probably asked you like you’ll pop a Jake what’s going down in the box for right so I’m gonna close this up here hatch gets closed need a little extra hatch layer here you put that in that means it’s closed Rey okay all right Sam we got a flashlight so what we’re gonna I’m coming in yo check this out boys we don’t even have a regular door like most people most people would have a regular dory did I have a working doors or doors a sliding door check that out slides in like that we good boys so now that we’re in here we Jake they’re all asking where’s your milk come on look bro that look get me out while you were with that going out I’ve got I’ll give you milk bro oh okay you some new got me some milk in here knows the door again all right doors locked in we are officially locked in now this is also an anti raccoon door right we don’t want no raccoons going there lots of raccoons out here now we just make a fire in the center yeah wait but maybe we should like make a fire when it gets a little darker right when it gets like you know nighttime here we go hey Jake are you bleeding oh god what’s going down yo where’s the medical supply yes my room over here you stay over there bro I know this is my this is my right you’re right nuts are a little curtain Jake sleep in there fits our privacy curtain bro dude it’s super spacious though we work in a lock with the toilet I gotta take it down man y’all just gonna I’m just gonna be unfortunate dump corner don’t see this hole man you stick your wee-wee on if you captain can you go pee yeah that’s where you go pee if you guys if you guys need to go pee just in fabulous yo yo guys I want to know in the chat who wants to come chill in our box for tea you guys want to come chew on our box board let me know you guys are allowed in your but we’ve got a few things we got to survive we got to survive a raccoon attack we’ve got to survive a torrential downpour thunderstorm and we got to survive a hail of bullets which I don’t think I mean it’s pretty solid bro these are reinforced things here all right so this could this be our fire pit we’re taking the fire like this to light a fire in sidewalks I was about to say this is all flammable but like the box itself is flame there we go I don’t think it’s smart to make a fire huh gum tells stories around the campfire where we it’s not good fire bruh I was kind of saying this looks like a furnace sorry enough so it looks like a little furnace oh okay because way that’s fine brothers with the hatches for it oh no actually that’s like a nice sunroof that’s a really dope sunroom dude go check that out let me get our little fire I’m Ashley here guys if you if you like this if you like this concept or yes I want this to be a series I want it to do like a 24 hour guys I would love to do you guys want to do a 24 hour challenge hit that like button if we get like some insane amount of likes real I don’t do it guaranteed 24 hour challenging in the box down it would be such a crazy experience bro we’re having problems here we’re gonna die y’all so storms coming guys we need two things to survive the storm we need heat and we need protection now this box Ford has got optimal protection heat we’re gonna have to get from a fire but all we got is this and it’s not working I mean we don’t even have food we have no food dude we have to hunt man oh there we go there we go Shh shit it was kind of working as a fire until that happened alright we’ll get back to the fire food how do we get food I mean I could go hunting right or we need the animals come to us Logan here’s we’re gonna do man we’re gonna put a little cracky I don’t like this idea jiggle the mouse hole right there right we gonna put a little bit food see this just some leftover brownie treats right there right there and now when the mouse comes in here do to eat that you go up BAM you kill that mouse or we get hit with the Taser why do we only bring a Taser to light fire I don’t know man and we don’t even have like wood or anything but we have zero one cat only how corn ollie again I gotta move the crane alright I might go hunting Jake are you want to go hunting Brad might go hunting all right I’m gonna stay here with my fire okay oh it’s getting good man fires coming out all right Logan’s gonna go hunting guys we’re gonna stay in the box for we go chill this is our makeshift fire inside the box for it it’s not really working as you guys can see I mean I’ve been trying to turn it into fire Oh yellow guy would close my safety hatch alright bro I got Chum all right close that – all right safety hatch is closed thanks man hi Logan’s going out and hunting guys it’s actually pretty cold out here this is our fire here guys I know a lot you guys are saying Papa Jake why are you lighting the fire inside a box for it well I’m going to teach you guys a lesson fires never start when Papa Jake tries to light one so it doesn’t matter we gonna be good we gonna be good guys God say my name yo what’s up Ashley what is up Colin what is up chassis don’t get eaten girl I’m trying not to man yo guys who wants to sit through 24 hour challenge though I would be so down for a 24 hour challenge inside the box for it let’s go over here – lets get a little smoky over there alright there we go so we got we got the fire pit over there which is pretty nice the washroom is over here slash bathroom um that is our Sun roof slash like escape area that’s the front door the front door is a cool handle what video is this for yo so we made we made the sickest box Ford video guys this was not even what the full box for was like alright this was half of what the box for was like but we made it inside so we decided that we were going to do surviving a thunderstorm slash outside in the box for it with what we got left but the real legit box where we have a video coming yo cuz you know we got rain coming boys yo yo it’s gonna rain really hard bro yo exciting to rain really hard guys oh shit yep oh my god we’re with some flashlights oh fuck oh no are you everyone get your position she’s holding come on Big Bird oh crap get your IR we got we got some Rican going on in the roof uh we’ve got some leaking going on in the roof guys oh god oh god okay so the roof is currently leaking ah the front door is falling off oh my god oh my god I there’s some definitely some holes in the roof and there’s some holes coming through the sunroof but so far we’re doing okay here guys we’re doing okay as long as the storm doesn’t get worse we should be okay oh God get in the house bro I’m I’m I’m staying in your man we Holden in the box for Dawg yo this box for its good I yell with the toilet area perfectly dry if I had to take a like a poo right now perfectly dried y’all bro get in your man the thunders comes young God yo anything they always getting battle girls bro shut the front door with you I found some guys little get hunter for some food I got some food yo what no what kind of animals this dude dude it’s a celery y’all ways a celery stick bro I know you enjoyed it you clean you use it you you eat check this out metritis try some celery yes yo we got some live celery in the wild Roble Shh oh I’m so wet do this show so test are a breath my god sue Delaney ripping snow drippy bro I mean Rolla a little puddle here we should get like a drainage hole going all right there’s a little drainage hole here but wait there’s a dry spot over here I’m glad you liked the wash I’m gettin it washrooms how you drive all right okay so the yeah I mean I man like it’s holding up pretty good Oh a big league boys yeah all right you see like it’s go pretty well with it when it rains hard we got an issue and if it wait dude come in – I just realized bro what box what’s the best place to be in a thunderstorm because he doesn’t get electrocuted you’re ready it’s made on a cardboard car for is not electrocuted I’m gonna try this guys this is some wild celery you sent its yeah you know thank you a yam bow show he says Logan you look so good hey good thing wait okay what you know I think we got to fix this leak I’m soaked I’m in so qmi where’s the leak dude I’m getting so I see the leak I see Li i’ma try to patch it bro okay I’m gonna use some of the box for tape here we go gonna fix the leak yeah yeah I’m good so quick boys oh no whoa photo oh no kitty Roose holding we’re good okay all right slick see the reins a little bit calmer now we’re good Oh God so what bro where we got to start the fire man how are we inside I don’t I learnt the fire bro there’s nowhere to light the fire everything’s really really wet right now all right all right we gotta cook the celery then they don’t have to cook it manicou celery I mean you could try maybe it add some flavor let’s try cook the celery boys I’m gonna take a little bit of support so she crept along careful there’s a lot of the support holding the right yeah that’s like literally all we got guys we’re gonna cook this celery don’t cook the celery all right here you go it’s gillo little fire here a little bit please light I’m so cool okay okay I’m so glad so wet and cold and my jam come on light light light light light light light for the love of God light okay all right I think we’re good no no please I’m so hungry I’m so hungry right now we need this dude can I cook it on this for white why is it so hard to light stuff in a thunderstorm she’s probably wet it’s probably white man I mean it feels crying all right here we go here we go here we go come on baby come on baby come on baby coming late damn come on just like just light a little bit of eat man mr. celery don’t cook you out real nice all right this is one of box for ders tricks when you’re surviving in the wild you get some of this raw celery you get cooking over the fire just like this and then you got some hot coals here you see those red coals loggin those are nice and hot keep them nice and warm like that you’re gonna cook the celery get all the bacteria in the celery done there we go there we go just like that just like that guys I was looking pretty good man yeah man I think it’s time to eat oh yeah oh oh while showering a guy a man tastes like she’s a chicken oh good Oh play awesome bro yeah man I hate them don’t give me the gross end oh hey come here just cook – cook my cookie all right this will smoke your back for boys you know so wet dude it’s it’s so wet I just really wet here man we only got the cherry over here the find rot rest of the air you don’t wear my enemies man again so right off prepare for box for him bro oh that’s some good celery boys no good mouth put some good salary all right y’all I think I got the answer to our problems right here so ancient box for your trick missing paper like this this is called a it’s called a UH – remember the name here a Roman fire it looks like a Roman torch guys we out here just trying to survive try survive boys it’s like fallout in real life stay one again this is what it would be like you know it fallout literally happened in real life this would be us right now trying to light a fire in a really wet box fort all right guys everyone’s asking for it I think it’s time do like spike for like spinal boys let’s do a like spike in five four no I blew up the fire no oh yeah the likes might James oh we saw y’all got the lights I didn’t in five four three two one likes my smell like put down like one guys let’s go for 1,500 light oh we can do I know we can do it boys there we go there we go ahead do we go fire we go I don’t don’t know boy for another time – yo Shh when man created fire there we go let’s put in the fire pit guys where’s the box well fire pit row two is all we have right now man I just all we got Manuel dude huddle around the fire bro so cool oh that’s warm oh so warm melvoin’s making me dry bro oh it’s good oh that’s good we have some cellulose or celery up yeah I got some all right yeah let’s cook some more celery dude gotta gotta make sure we keep cooking the celery guys don’t know don’t know when we’re gonna get out of it this is raw wild celery all right do you want to cook this up there we go we got we had to gut it before you guys came with that – how long have we been in the box for it uh I’m counting a few days now boys few days just surviving out here you know it’s uh it’s hard maybe that’s nice that’s fresh celery right there check Chris penis oh it’s getting a little a little smoky in your would you put that down there you can see the smoke there we go yeah I mean that’s like oh we got another leak trying to rein more dude it’s starting to razor on the rain more bro it’s starting to rain a lot more bro oh you mean go kid you go inside and try to fix the patch up here on the try are you just fix the patch right yo certain illegal hot brah oh god oh god dude oh shit I am um ooh back boys I’m a little back it’s starting to really leave I don’t fix the badge bro oh it’s raining so hard yo Logan oh Jesus Joe it’s coming down bad boys it’s coming down really bad shit oh shit I love Bologna closed tomorrow oh god yo make sure the support beams are good support celery get over your celery or all I got you’re all I got you get up there we need you to plug that hole celery we need to plug that hole you get up there oh god oh god it’s getting really bad boys I’m starting to leak really bad all right the washrooms still dry oh my god yo yo oh no no no no we are water coming in over here we got water coming in over here guys the box port is the structural support the fire’s out Wow oh I got it all over yo the fire’s level here boys we got no fucking luck oh dude it’s getting bad man oh my god all the fires out guys the fire is completely out we’ll get out the fire is completely out Oh – yo it’s getting really bad at least we can’t get electrocuted guys get out of there leave y’all dude dude we can’t get electrocuted don’t worry guys don’t worry cuz we’re literally in cardboard all right we’re literally in cardboard cardboard does not get electrocuted I mean water does and there is a lot of water here so there’s technically technically yes the water could electrocute me but uh oh god yeah it’s really bad up there you’re a nice and surprised though other than this section like yo we need over here where you go to the bathroom boys you’re gonna go over the bathroom here all right all right over here boys y’all thank you so very much April for the $2 Yolo get the body of the water’s coming in so bad man no patch the front but the back to the top level up bro Oh God Oh God all right so over here we’re pretty dry man oh yo this is trying to poop go go this is starting to fall down dude Oh God throw the top of the Friday game in bro just goes getting really wet Oh get really bad boys and really bad oh come on get behind the privacy screen save me celery save yo celery you got a passel you look at how bad it’s raining out there boys look at how bad it’s raining out there holy oh my god uh-oh my little safer over here guys it’s a little safer over here I think we’re okay see over on this side so you know this wall is really dry here like this walls completely dry this roof is good this side of the place is good we are good over here like we’re chilling in the middle not so much boys like right here where we had our fire it’s just it’s completely soaked there’s nothing left here I’m thinking like maybe we can like I don’t even know like try and drain it somehow I don’t even have like a knife or anything I should have brought a survival knife I mean it’s getting so guys that I might be able I just turn my face around it’s camping so yeah it’s good sweat that I might be able to like make my own little drainage hole right here oh you want to try to do it right there it was perfect all right so now we got a little drainage hole right here guys this is a nice little drainage hole that’s good that’s good right there all right so if any water comes down in it’s going to go into the drainage hole bring it the celery around here like this that’s going to make sure that it doesn’t come over here so we’re gonna be good all right there we go so far guys it’s been raining now probably 20 minutes straight probably 20 minutes straight uh the only issue we’ve had right here is this all right this part right here is kind of coming down but honestly the supports have been pretty good supports have been pretty solid this is like our major support beam right here and it’s holding up like it’s dry we had 200 we had to take a little bit of that out too to light our fire fires out fires completely gone the front entrance yeah not too good put a blanket over it yo man we don’t have a blanket bro we don’t have a blanket what am i doing now I’m just surviving man out in a box for it in a thunderstorm bro thanks for coming thanks for joining me don’t die man I’m trying not to go look look you guys said like I wanna see my breath hold on do you see that I know if you both see that it’s like getting not cold guys it’s getting really cold out front entrance i’ma try and see if I can’t close this a little bit better we had it looking so good a couple of you guys are asking about the box for it and what it looked like before so we have a video going up on this guy’s we have a video going up on the box for that we made what’s this oh you brought me blue can scavenge for some food bro it’s all I could find I tried to get you milk you’ll continue finding got some monster so we got man okay hold on we gonna survive with some monster energy boy Tobin the rain don’t come back you know it’s uh it’s been like 20 minutes to kind of chill down a little bit you know we at one point I thought we gonna die at one point I thought we gonna die but now it’s uh it’s a bit better you know we got her we got our drainage hole over there that’s important that’s important and it over there and then we’re gonna have I don’t even know man I don’t even know Bogart Papa Jake shot me out get supplies bro we have some supplies we have a monster energy drink and we have some wild celery right there monster energy wild celery that’s all we got here boys and the wild celery was cooked now it’s not cooked so I’m gonna drink some monster make the for better dude you guys I’m not even kidding the fourth that we made again I’m gonna say it one more time guys I’m gonna say it one more time the fourth that we made you guys are gonna see it in the video but let me check on guys the fourth that we made today you guys are gonna see it in the video it was insane it was two layers double-decker I’m not gonna give away everything I’m not gonna give away everything but it might have had to do with nerf all right it might have been a really awesome nerf or that we had to survive in that is a video that’s coming out next week this is only because we’re done with the fort and we thought how strong did we actually make our fort this has been out in a thunderstorm we had a fire here alright we already had a battle there’s multiple holes in it the roofs caved in but she’s still going strong boys that is look at this that is how solid look at this this isn’t wet this is not wet that’s dry the only place water’s been getting in is through our people and we was not designed for water guys so she’s holding strong man alright we’re doing good I know right go hunting bro I think we need two guys I want to know who wants us to do like a version that’s where we survive for 24 hours guys who wants hold on I get the camera around I can’t get the camera on my phone so wet boys I can’t get the camera around boys my phone is so wet oh god oh god dude I can’t get I asked her this way guys who wants a 24 hour box fort challenge that’s what I want to know all right if you guys won oh shit started oh god oh my god oh it’s really bad oh it’s really really bad this time oh no no no no no she’s making a little bit more by getting our getting our hole here gettin over we know where to go now all right we got the drainage system going what I gotta finish the monster so we can use this all right oh dude it’s really bad all right i’ma put the monster here that’s gonna collect some of the rainwater we can use that to drink later all right we can use that to drink some rainwater later if it uh if it continues oh no no no it’s sorry this is starting to come down boys this is starting to coat it Oh God support me scratch yo y’all so major why no support beams crashing boys I hold on hold on I’m old I gotta fix the support beam guys I gotta fix the support beam oh no no no hold on hold on boys all right Ari’s catching a little bit of a lean-to yo it’s jumping down so hard I don’t know how it’s still sitting together man I don’t know how we’re still staying together bro well then I want to put my camera around so bad I want you guys to see me it’s so wet I can’t put the camera it’s raining so oh yo yo oh my god it’s raining so hard it is raining so hard now bro check that out do you guys see the old look at look at you see how hard it’s raining look at that it’s written all gone I will show you my almost ready might dress on one of the bots it’s raining so hard alright so this is the this is the major leakage spot right here imma get the UH I’m get the monster can there we go alright if anything we can actually save that and drink it later so we can actually save that and drink it later guys if it gets too wet oh Jesus where’s Logan he’s out hunting man he’s out hunting for more food he brought it’s a monster and we’re filling oh it’s alright people it’s already full of water Oh God get some leaves on top that’s probably a good idea man we’re gonna have to rethink some of the building process here yo it’s like it’s like starting to cave man yo check this out though see this part right here it’s very oh my god I keep zooming in hold on hold on I gotta zoom out man my phone is covered in water there we go alright so oh why I keep doing that bro my phone’s like broken man the water’s getting to it it’s no water keep zooming in okay we’re good alright guys see this part here so the rains coming in the fire is out fire is gone this is our drainage system here drainage systems kind of working okay I guess not not really doing too well we got the monster energy drink it’s filling up here with with some of the rainwater the actual tent itself is sort of caving in oh it’s getting harder man oh yo but check back here boys check back here I just chilling back here man it’s high and dry back here it’s high and dry back here we get we Gucci back here guys um Jake Boyle rainwater do I have to boil rainwater guys can I just drink it no it’s really fresh it’s like really fresh broke rainwater makes you sick right Oh God oh I know I just drank like hey laters huh I just drank a liter over your it’s raining so hard it’s raining so hard rough we gonna die we got it bye guys we’re gonna is it it’s a sip boys this is the end this is the end you go the back door fell way we break yo we gotta bring the back door in this extra support we gotta bring the back door and extra support here boys all right we gonna make an extra support beam so hold up the front we’re gonna hold up the front with the extra support the hold on boys we got this all right all right here we go oh no no no no it’s leaking hard guys it’s leaking hard oh god oh god oh it’s all over the place boys oh it’s all over the place oh mama let me the camera all right that’s the extra support beam guys everything is coming down everything is breaking right now I know I need some guidance guys I need some survival to get over here it’s starting to fall over here all right I mean we’re still okay over here guys we’re still okay over here but it’s still not off uh-uh-uh brother abandon Oh hold on hold on we got this bro yo the roof dude you know we gotta get out we gotta get out guys we gotta get out the only way it’s the only way I’ll hold it up we don’t get out together boys the roof is caved in the roof is caved in I repeat the roof is ki we goin out we go on so cold all right so we bust in the back door open ah oh it’s cardboard ah oh God oh shit Audrey oh no oh oh we get low we get low oh we get now it’s raining back


    Bluewater Sailboat Tour-INSIDE a Valiant 40 -(Our Tiny Home)2 Of 3 Patrick Childress Sailing #31

    August 18, 2019

    Valiant 40 Part 2 Hello I’m Patrick Childress on the sailboat Brick House … welcome aboard today is part two of the valiant 40 tour
    down below so let’s turn the cameras around we’ll go through the hatch board
    and take a look at one time all the trim around the companionway was teak now
    it’s very low maintenance polyethylene bottom wash board that’s
    also solid polyethylene very low maintenance very sturdy so let’s go down
    below we’ll take a very quick tour of this valiant 40 and then we’ll come back
    and look at some of these items in much closer detail on the right side the
    starboard side is a hanging Locker for all the foul weather gear and we also
    keep our flares in there just forward of that is the pantry with several shelves
    and very deep storage for lots of food storage and on the port side is the aft
    cabin which we often call just the bedroom and the port side of course is
    the galley and we’ll come back and take a closer look at the galley in just a
    few minutes. On the starboard side is Rebecca’s domain the nav station she
    installed a lot of these electronics and she maintains the electronics since she
    does all the navigating for us makes it easy for me she just tells me to turn
    right turn left how far up ahead to go and in the next video she’ll actually do
    a little orientation on the electronics what we have and how useful they are on
    the starboard side is a water tank under the settee that one is about 60 gallons
    capacity there’s a tons of storage behind the backrest they go all the way
    out to the hull and we have the stereo cabinet up here behind that white door
    and then there’s another 60 gallon water tank underneath this settee on the port
    side and in the next video I’ll go through what we did to save these
    aluminum tanks they were very heavily pitted and it was gonna cost a fortune
    to rip these out and try to fit something else in so we have a remedy
    that has worked for all these years and we’ll go into that next video up
    here on the left is even more storage and there’s also lots of ventilation in
    this boat lots of hatches and port lights so we really don’t need wind
    directors to force more air through these hatches this is a hanging Locker
    on the starboard side and more clothes storage in shelves just forward of that
    on the port side is the head it’s just the right size it’s not too big not too
    small so we’re not too cramped some people have problems with their Jabsco toilet. We just don’t have problems with ours and I have a few tips I think that
    might help you out which we’ll cover in the next video but I like the size of
    this head we have a shower curtain that goes around to contain water when we’re
    taking a shower it has all the amenities that we need to be comfortable on this
    boat. Stored up forward is the Barracuda sewing machine very similar to
    the Sailrite, a lot of the parts are interchangeable. and the v-berth is not
    for personal storage this is where all kinds of parts and supplies are stored
    stainless steel nuts and bolts fiberglass, fiberglass resin, glue, all
    kinds of extra stainless steel parts are stored up in these shelves sandpaper,
    tools you name it so we are pretty self-sufficient out here if something
    should break and the same for the storage up here on the starboard side in
    all these shelves and a way up in the chain Locker we’ll
    get to that in the next video we have a hundred and fifty feet of chain that we
    store up there and then in that PVC tube that comes out of that is a is where the
    other hundred and fifty feet of chain goes to down below the V Berth – we like
    to keep as much chain as low and aft as possible. To the hanging Locker and we’ll
    get started there oh there’s one other thing I forgot to mention we’ll also be
    taking a look at the main bilge pump underneath this floorboard and we’ll
    take a look at the emergency electric bilge pump that is much farther forward
    way up underneath one of these floorboards and of course we have the
    high capacity hand operated bilge pump in the hanging Locker normally we try to dry the gear before
    it goes into this locker but even if it did go in here wet any water would just
    drip down into the bilge work its way there there’s a nice big shelf up here
    another shelf a little further down plenty of storage space and this is also
    where we keep all of our flares and emergency signaling equipment. This is
    also where the emergency hand operated bilge pump is located. What was in this
    space originally was a Whalegusher 25. It wasn’t installed properly the
    discharge went directly out over the side of the boat without a high loop so
    it was very easy for sea water or rain water just to back right down
    that discharge hose and settled inside of the pump. A proper discharge loop starts
    at the discharge thruhull going out the side of the boat and then goes up
    just as high as possible before it goes back down to the pump so
    when I went to rebuild this it was so heavily corroded inside it just wasn’t
    repairable so we replaced it with a very high capacity Edison pump it’s a
    tremendous pump it’ll pump one gallon per stroke if I had two inch hoses on
    there but because of area restrictions in the hose run I could only put in one
    and three-quarter inch hoses so it’s a little bit less than one gallon per
    stroke. On the discharge side I have a very high loop but also one of these
    see-through check valves certainly it’s not the best idea to have a check valve
    in any kind of a discharge bilge pump but at sea water no other water is going
    to be backing up and just sitting in this pump it’s going to be fully
    functional if we ever need it down here is where all the water in the boat
    collects in a stainless steel sump that measures six inches by eight inches
    across so it’s a very tight squeeze putting the pump and the float switch in
    here but I can squeeze it out, take it all
    apart and clean it out occasionally because muck does at times keep the
    float from going up and down properly is over here this is the sump discharge
    from the shower so the shower pan goes through that green pipe and comes out
    into the sump here and then gets pumped overboard the important part though is
    to put a screen on the end of that discharge otherwise you get all
    of this muck they hear the soap scum everything you would go into the sump it
    helped to clog up the pump so this way we capture it in the screen I can take
    it out dump it into the garbage can wash out this little plastic screen and then
    slip it back on keep all that hair and gunk from clogging up the most important
    bill bilge pump on the boat now I’ll take you up forward and show you the
    emergency backup bilge pump that has never seen water and hopefully it never
    will. in this forward bilge area, this is an area that just never should ever get wet so water has to get
    in this bilge up to this float switch of course before it’ll finally turn on so
    that’s pretty darn high in this bilge area when it does turn on we have that
    round alarm this is the largest bilge pump I could possibly fit in this area
    and you can see there’s no way that I could attach it at the base like you
    normally would it’s held in place with this PVC pipe
    that I just cut the section out of to make a ring that hole slips over the top
    and then this PVC horizontal piece is attached to that ring and then to each
    side to the vertical piece attached to the frame of the boat to finish up in the hanging locker this
    is where we store the hatch boards we have these two teak twist locks that
    securely hold them in place and then the hatch screens get stuffed on the far
    side of those and they’re wedged in nice and securely… and this is the pantry it
    was way back in here this is the single sideband radio and of course the control
    head for that radio is at the nav station the next shelf down is more food
    and then the very bottom shelf is a lot of hand tools which are always getting
    used as they’re in a very convenient spot along with over here in the galley
    we have all these drawers but this drawer is dedicated not to silverware
    well it’s not aware that I like to use more than all the other, because we’re
    always using all kinds of screwdrivers all the Phillips head or on that side
    and the flat heads are on this side these are always being used I can’t be
    digging out things from the engine room or some other storage space all the
    time but one thing I changed very quickly on this boat were these little
    finger holes with the latch behind I could only imagine my finger breaking
    out in the middle of an ocean and in fact a commenter on one of the earlier
    videos on galley tips said that’s exactly what happened to him he was
    reaching in to unlatch the door the boat hit a wave and his finger broke 90
    degrees in anticipation of something like that happening I did away with
    those latches and I installed these twist lock latches up here I’m actually surprised that they’ve
    lasted over 12 years now this is 2019 but just as a backup we have
    this little latch down here in fact in rough weather when things might be
    coming out and slamming against the door we always put on these extra security
    latches at the top of the door to help hold these open especially in rough
    weather are these Springs so the door can’t close push and now it’ll close
    easily so we don’t have to fight with the door along the ocean so to close the
    hatch you just pop the spring thumbs down real quick and easy any
    water that becomes a waterfall down this companionway which has happened out in
    bad storms will come down and eventually work its way down to this grating and
    then just simply runs down into the bilge.. another great idea.. oh hey there
    Lily she just woke up from her little hiding spot way in the back of the boat. I
    really like the layout of the aft cabin. Underneath this cushion is the V Drive
    and the transmission so it’s very accessible this white panel pulls out
    and up here is the storage cabinet and the bunk is 6 feet 10 inches long in
    four feet wide the only problem that I can really see is this side deck in this
    location the person sleeping on the outside can have a little difficulty
    crawling over the person on the inside. (but that could be a nice thing!)
    Underneath this area it’s all storage it is full of stuff all kinds of spares
    there’s no personal storage here there’s all kinds of electrical supplies wires
    in the back section is the hot water heater the regulators for the hooker and
    the scuba tank are stored way down in here just all kinds of repairs and
    Spares. and of course way down underneath here are the batteries we have six
    Trojan batteries golf cart batteries (T-105) one day I’d like to get caught up with
    modern technology and get some lighter batteries that have equal if not more
    amperage capacity I like the way the galley is laid out
    and actually the nice close U shape so you can’t really bang around too far
    you can always brace yourself against something while you’re working around
    the galley it’s a really good idea also on this boat we have a galley strap so
    we can lean against it while we’re cooking
    or at another position we can actually lean forward and keep from
    being thrown into the stove these countertops are solid plastic it was
    originally Formica and this work was done in Cartagena Columbia by a man
    named Eder who does a lot of this work and he did a pretty good job it is in
    Corian quality but it’s the next best thing and for $800 for doing
    everything here I think we got a pretty good deal this is a soap dispenser this
    is fresh water foot pump saltwater foot foot pump and this is the product water
    for the reverse osmosis system that we never use we just don’t need it we get
    all of our fresh water from the faucet on shore from the rain and sometimes a
    very clear stream but for washing dishes we use the salt water we rinse in salt
    water and then rinse in the fresh water we hardly ever use the pressure water we
    only use the pressure water really at the sink occasionally because we have a
    filter down below to filter the water that comes out of the fresh water tank
    and Rebecca likes to use that I’m not nearly as fussy about the water I drink.
    and back here is a big storage bin way down to the bottom of the boat all kinds
    of pots and pans we don’t have anything out here because I try to clean up for
    our ‘company’ and threw it all down here to hide it out of the way like throwing
    it under the carpet yeah we don’t normally live like this… and over here is
    the refrigerator yeah we got the freezer here it goes down very deep normally we keep these exercise mats on top of
    the refrigerator to help with insulation a lot of this is covered in video number
    22 which is galley tips and you’ll also get a very good look way down inside of
    the freezer how we defrost it and the things that we put in there to help aid
    the airflow in the freezer also in video number 20 about provisioning we go
    through a lot of these lockers pull things out and show a lot of different
    foods and how to store items on your boat and what to buy what not to buy
    while you’re out cruising long distance there’s tons of storage back here
    Bob Perry did a great job of using all the storage capacity on this boat and I’ll
    show you more of it as we move around these cabinets are full of dishes and
    cups all kinds of silverware so we’re not lacking at all for storage capacity
    well I hope other people have had better luck with their gourmet II princess
    stove than what we have had. we installed the stove in 2012. right from the get-go
    we had problems with rust it was rusting just way too fast and
    then up on the burners there was always a yellow flame and the company just
    wasn’t that helpful with us trying to figure it all out but eventually after
    trying so many different things we discovered that it was the caps that
    were not manufactured quite right and so when we got new caps and put those on at
    her own expense through a different source that took care of the yellow
    flame and now we have some nice blue flames the way they were supposed to be the original pot supports for this stove
    seem like in no time they started flaking off hunks of rust so we had to
    have new ones made out of 304 stainless and these are holding up far better
    sinks this sink on the port side was originally made far too deep seawater
    would back up through the drain hole and flood the sink when we’re just slightly
    heeled over to port. when this sink was about 38 years old I just couldn’t
    patch it up anymore on the bottom it was just rusting through so much that
    Davao City Philippines we had this one made to replace it and I only made it
    about an inch and a half less deep I probably should have gone to two or
    maybe even three inches less deep just to make sure that we are well above the
    waterline but it’s been adequate but this is simple to make the old one
    actually I cut out with an angle grinder starting from one side work down the
    bottom and brought up it was very simple to do and then just took it out and the
    people at the sheetmetal shop used that as the template for making this new one
    so it’s very simple to make with the curved sides and the very flat back and
    the flat front and it does have the flanges on each side for mounting up
    underneath these sink on the starboard side of the galley this is 43 years old
    now and it’s rusting on the bottom I haven’t had a patch it up just yet but
    when we haul out in Durban South Africa in a couple of months we’ll have a new
    one made there the sink on the port side was this 304 stainless hopefully in
    Durban they’ll have some 316 stainless to make this new sink. Once again time
    has really gotten away from me I just keep seeing more and more things to
    point out as we go through the boat so certainly there’s gonna be a part 3 part
    4 maybe even a part 5 we’ll just keep it going until we run out a boat hey but
    thanks a lot for all of the positive comments that you have been making
    that’s great encouragement to keep doing what we’re doing
    also of course if you can click on the thumbs up button down there and
    especially the subscribe if you haven’t done already that’ll be a big help so
    thanks again and we’ll see in a couple weeks for the
    next part of the Valiant 40 Tour – down below

    Lead Acid Batteries can EAT a SAILBOAT! (Patrick Childress Sailing #44)
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    Lead Acid Batteries can EAT a SAILBOAT! (Patrick Childress Sailing #44)

    August 18, 2019

    can you believe this rotten mess came
    out of our sailboat hello we are Patrick and Rebecca
    Childress on the sailboat Brick House, a Valiant forty and we are
    hauled out in Richards Bay South Africa doing a lot of work on this boat
    actually Rebecca’s back in the US right now for six weeks and that gives me some
    opportunity to dig into cabinets fix bulkheads tabbing all kinds of things
    and now investigate what happened inside of our battery box about a year ago
    while we were out in the Indian Ocean I saw a dark spot the upper one kind of
    growing and I did not see that as a good sign I only figured ahead to have been
    battery acid so now that we are in Richard Bay South Africa hauled out this
    is the time to dig in there and find out what’s going on in that battery
    compartment so first I had to take all the batteries out of the compartment
    there are six Trojan batteries in here so disconnect all the wires yanked them
    all out I pull this pad out which we had originally installed long ago as a
    cushioning underneath the bad reason if any acid spilled to help protect the
    wood surrounding it so I got out a screwdriver and started poking around I
    uh oops what a surprise I mean how could
    these batteries have not fallen through that flooring and even this the support
    column was just eaten up by acid this was a total surprise and very
    frustrating I used to fix rotten houses in Rhode Island so I recognize the
    problem here you just have to start taking things apart and taking more
    things apart and keep taking things apart until you finally get back to
    where you might find some good wood and so I started demolishing everything
    unscrewing some of these screws though had been in here for a while carrying
    supports that they just would not turn so I had to get in with a dremel and a
    cutting disc and cut the heads off that way I’d be able to yank the
    screw through but grabbing hold on the support on the other side this is inside
    the galley just below the sink of course there’s always the fear of catching
    something on fire so I did have a spray bottle of water right next to me and
    every once in a while I would just stop the grinding of the screw heads and
    spray down the area with water and unfortunately the boat didn’t burn down
    but I was able to then he yanked the screw issue right on through that
    three-quarter inch plywood wall and you can see the damage on that wall between
    the battery compartment in the galley very soft wood in that area and this
    horizontal support this is actually pressure treated lumber and it wasn’t
    nearly as soft as some of the other wood so this floor I had no idea that it
    would just pull right up it was actually just setting in there so that was the
    easy part to get out but that wood was very saturated with moisture it didn’t
    harm my fingers I wasn’t wearing gloves so maybe the acids were neutralized I
    really can’t explain anything more than what I suppose caused the damage but now
    I have to figure out how to get this panel out so I start tapping up the trim
    strip on top of the three-quarter inch plywood panel I want to save all the
    wood for the installation the last thing you want to do is take nails and pound
    them back through the way they came into the wood that’ll rip out the
    nice-looking wood on the far side so just grab some wire cutters and twist
    the nails out in the direction that they were pounded that’ll leave the face of
    the trim strip intact so then as a matter of prying things loose
    fortunately this wasn’t glued it was just all nailed in but it was hanging up
    on the far left side so that would call for the multi-tool which is a very nice
    little tool for getting into tight places and cutting wood but I didn’t
    want to harm the teak finish on this cabinet so I put two layers of
    blue tape and went to work with the multi-tool just cutting straight in
    making a nice straight cut and of course vacuum cleaner trying to suck up as much
    of that dust as possible along with every touch so these are punch cuts just
    going straight in so I go all the way through and back out and make the next
    punch cut and of course that vertical support that’s going to be changed
    that’ll come out we don’t know what caused the battery acid leakage whether
    it was somehow over charging the batteries maybe that bad storm that
    we’re in in the Indian Ocean that shook the water out something to do with the
    battery caps we really don’t think we had the batteries overfilled so so far
    it’s just a mystery to us be real careful because it’s very soft down here
    I don’t want to break it it’ll be like a magic trick disappeared
    I thought I might be able to get away with just scraping back a layer of two
    of the plywood flooring and I scraped in I scraped and it never got any better
    the moisture meter just showed that everything was very wet no matter what
    it looked like it was still incredibly wet so that meant I had to cut the
    tabbing out that was sort of holding it in place and use a small dremel with a
    rotary cutting disk cut that tapping back out and he yanked it out of here
    and then I would gain more access to that second flooring and there is more tabbing to be cut
    along that partition wall between the F cabin in the galley area just below the
    sink there is so much of that area that would have to be cut out and be replaced
    also with new wood amazing what acid will do how far it’ll go and this is one
    reason why it’s good that Rebecca is back in D who have there’s just not room
    for two people so much has to come out of these cabinets and storage
    compartments and there’s just no place to put it all so we have four Trojan
    batteries sitting out here in the main passageway we have two more under the
    chart table and this is where they sit all day while I’m working in the half
    cabin at night I’ll put two batteries in here and hook them up in parallel so I
    have 12 volts just to run the lights around the stereo the computers didn’t
    have enough to get me by it also runs the refrigeration I used a little 18
    volt Sigler saw to start cutting out the bad area between the battery box in
    below the galley sink and then I decided I’d better sand the good wood in that
    area in prep it now for fiberglassing that way later on I won’t have all that
    dust flying into the galley sink area so we got that cleaned up nicely and then
    went back with the multi-tool and squared off the corners where the
    circular saw couldn’t get and then did a little chiseling and the old rotten
    board was ready to come out timber well somehow in cutting out this panel I
    didn’t cut into these water pipes I tried not to but you know trying doesn’t
    always work sometimes it takes a bit of luck at least three eighths of an inch
    of plywood out of here and still it’s damp
    I checked it with the moisture meter it reads very high and I can feel with my
    fingertips underneath here the moisture does go back underneath the flooring so
    what I’m gonna have to do is pull up the flooring and I’ll come back to this
    stringer no matter what happens I just can’t go back any farther than the
    stringer I’ll have to put new plywood from here all the way over and replace
    that okay so this is what we have all the
    rotten fluorines out of here good underneath here this is all solid
    this is good very sturdy and we have a little gap in the framing for the hoses
    and wires to run Oh once again I got lucky
    good I didn’t hit anything with the sauce oh look at that and down here
    okay this frame of this stringer is the foam right here it just never got fully
    encapsulated in fiberglass at the factory so yeah I don’t know I’ll
    probably put something on top of it and glues clean this up real good and put
    something on top of it to help carry the load because we have just a tiny little
    speck back here to carry the after end of this subflooring so yeah I’m gonna have to build that up
    and no work on that tomorrow and then just get the materials to put everything
    back together so good the end of the destruction everything else is looking
    good and solid back up in here this wall maybe I’ll stand this and get it ready
    for varnishing while everything is out of here okay the worst is over with now
    just putting it all back together well what just took 11 minutes in video
    took two days in real time and there’s even more rotten bulkheads and just
    pieces off to the left side as we’re looking into the cabin here but I didn’t
    think you needed to see every gory little detail but it’s incredible just
    how much damage battery acid can do so it was this goes back together
    everything will be all fiberglassed if it isn’t fiberglass it will be
    fiberglass so if there’s ever again any acid spillage it won’t be a problem it
    won’t be able to escape its containment center and that’ll all start going back
    together in the next video I certainly do appreciate you watching and sticking
    it through all of this terrible destruction and if it was worthwhile for
    you please give it a thumbs up down below there below the screen and if you
    haven’t already click on the subscribe hey thanks a lot for watching and we’ll
    see you on the rebuild next time

    Trailer Jack Maintenance Tip | Boating | Boats
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    Trailer Jack Maintenance Tip | Boating | Boats

    August 17, 2019

    Hey folks, Glenn May with
    And if you ask anybody who knows me, they’ll tell you that I’m really meticulous about
    the care of my boat. And that’s because I pay attention to all the little details. It’s
    the small things that make up the whole picture and make it look really good. So one of the
    things I pay attention to is the trailer jack, most notably this. See how the handle is hanging
    down like that. It’s just a knuckle dragger. What’s gonna happen is when you’re pulling
    up a steep ramp like this and get to the apex of it, this is gonna drag on the ground. You
    can also hit things when you’re going down the road, traveling down the road and get
    grease on it, dirt, that sort of thing. And after a while it’s just gonna look real crummy,
    and it’s gonna start getting grease and grime inside of here. It’s gonna be hard to turn.
    So a little tip that I use, just a little teeny bungee cord like this, I wrap it around
    the body of the trailer jack and around the handle. And then I lock it up just like so.
    Now look at that. Now it’s up nice and straight, up out of the way. It’s not gonna drag on
    the ground anymore. It’s gonna keep it looking new and keep it working really good throughout
    the duration of its lifespan. For more tips and tricks like this, visit

    How to Sail – SH Pontoon Launch: Part 3 of 4: Recovery – how to land
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    How to Sail – SH Pontoon Launch: Part 3 of 4: Recovery – how to land

    August 17, 2019

    Now let’s look at the recovery process The first thing to decide when approaching
    the pontoon is which side to use. This MUST be the downwind or leeward side of the pontoon. Recovery on the windward side can result in
    damage to your boat or injury to yourself as the wind forces the boat onto the pontoon
    and you will be unable to de-power the sail, so this is to be avoided at all times. If you misjudge things you should simply tack
    around and sail away and then come back for another go. The best point of sailing to approach the
    pontoon is from a close reach, as this will allow you to easily control your speed by
    releasing the mainsail, and keeps you out of the no go zone. Travelling slowly, at the last minute turn
    the boat deliberately into the no go zone to stop, and step ashore taking the painter
    with you and tie this to a suitable fixing point on the pontoon. In this example we are
    using a round turn and two half hitches. You can then step back aboard and de-rig or
    lower the sail. Then, raise or remove the centreboard and rudder. Be careful moving about the boat once the
    centreboard is raised as things will be less stable as you move around. Pull the boat closer to the pontoon and step
    ashore, untie the painter and walk the boat to the slipway. Tie your boat to a cleat whilst
    you get the trolley from the dinghy park or ask a friend to this. Then recover the boat
    onto the trolley. Tie the painter to the trolley and get ready
    to pull the boat ashore, but watch your step here as the slipway can get very slippery.

    How to build a boat Ep #1 – Catamaran you can live on
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    How to build a boat Ep #1 – Catamaran you can live on

    August 17, 2019

    This is the first of a series of videos about a catamaran I built back in the 90s. Building a boat, something big enough to live on and sail off over the horizon is a dream I had for years. My original idea was to build a monohull, in fact I bought plans for a little 21 footer that I was going to weld up and sail around the world in. The plan got postponed for a number of years and in that time I come across a couple of books that changed my ideas. It was back in the early 90’s First book was the Gougeon Brothers on boat building, all about building with epoxy and wood. And the other book was the cruising multihull by Chris White. The two of them together made sense Building a multihull, that didn’t rely on tonnes of lead to keep itself upright and building with wood, epoxy and fibreglass, all made sense to me.. I found plans I liked from a local multihull designer, Tony Grainger. I then started preparing the place to build it, in the bush on my parents property out the back of Noosa Heads. Queensland, Australia. The original shed was only big enough to build the 21ft boat that I originally planned to build. So I lengthened it with the idea of building the boat in 3 sections. 2 hulls separately and then the centre section. Which I ended up doing. Building of the hull starts with a strong back. It’s a ladder like construction that I concreted into the ground. I cut out temporary frames in chipboard. to make the cross sectional shapes of the hull. Using full size contours on mylar sheet that I laid down on the wood and traced out with a dressmakers wheel. Each temporary frame is set up on the strong back. and lined up. It’s worth spending a little extra time to get everything spot on at this stage Getting it all lined up perfect. and the contours cut out perfect. made for an absolutely fair hull. It saves you a lot of time down the track. The construction was strip plank western red cedar. Basically a wood cored fibreglass boat. My reasons for building it this way were that its a simple system for a one off boat You don’t need to build a mould before you can make it. produces a very fair hull. It’s strong, its light. The cedar strips were 14mm thick and for the majority of the boat 90mm wide. what I’d bought, machined ah, were not long enough to make up the length of the hull so they have to be scarfed together to give you the full length of the hull. I set up a jig with my brothers radial saw, to saw them all give them a feather edge for scarfing. and then set up a jig table to scarf them all together. Once they were dried then I could start screwing them on to the temporary frames. Edge gluing them as I went to start to form the shell of the hull. The edge glue was a mixture of epoxy resin & cab-o-sil which thickens it to a peanut butter consistency. probably (80 – 90%) of the work I did on my own the rest was help from family and friends Here’s my Dad giving me a hand. To follow along to the next stage of the build, just click on the link above for the next video. Thanks for watching…

    How to do a three point turn with Alistair McGlashan
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    How to do a three point turn with Alistair McGlashan

    August 17, 2019

    Al McGlashan: When it comes to driving a boat,
    maneuvering it in tight spots, it can be very daunting, but I’m gonna show you a few little
    tricks to make it really easy. And even in a tight spot like this, we can
    turn a boat this size around on its own shape. Al McGlashan: In the scenario like this, if
    you need to turn the boat around, say it’s rough off shore, or you’re not comfortable
    going in reverse, you can actually turn it around in a tight spot doing a three-point
    turn. Al McGlashan: So the first thing you must
    understand, and this is, be aware of your surroundings. So, you’ve got tide, wind, other boats. But more importantly, the depth. That’s critical. So you need to be conscious that it’s shallow
    in there, it’s shallow up there, that’s something that’s very important. Al McGlashan: And I’m just turning the wheel
    slightly. Out of gear, reversing and turning the wheel
    at the same time. So you’ll start bringing the boat round. Pull the boat out of gear while you’ve still
    got full lock on the wheel. Then, turn the wheel the other way, and then
    touch it in gear. And you’ll find you’ll actually start turning
    the boat. Pull it out of gear into neutral. All you do is just in gear, out of gear. You don’t have to rev it at any stage. Out of gear, you’re still turning. What I’m doing is I’m spinning the wheel the
    other way, and I’m turning the boat. Out of gear. So I’m just conscious there’s a wharf there
    on the corner. I want to go forward a touch. Al McGlashan: So now you can see I’ve actually
    turned the boat, which I’ve got six and a half meters of boat, basically, around in
    its own length, and I’m now facing the other way. Al McGlashan: Even a boat like this, six and
    a half meters, you can turn it round a tight little spot like that on top of itself. Just in gear, spin the wheel hard, out of
    gear, turn it. Just in and out of gear, and you’ll find that
    you’ll keep turning it. You don’t need a 3-point turn, you can do
    it in a 5-6-point turn. Forward turn, and you’ll just edge the boat
    around. Al McGlashan: The key is when you do it, just
    do it slowly. In and out of gear. Use the throttle and the steering in sequence,
    so it’s in and out of gear, turn the throttle, touch it, it’ll turn the boat naturally. Al McGlashan: Now, we get nervous doing things
    like this, particularly at a boat ramp, so people are watching, but, the only way you’ll
    get better is by practicing. Al McGlashan: And, probably just one other
    little point. While you’re practicing, if you are in those
    tight confines, get someone down there to support you, so if you do go too close to
    a wharf, too close to the edge, they can help fend you off and make the whole job a little
    bit easier, and that way, you’ll have better boating.

    How to sail with a Spinnaker on a small sailboat
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    How to sail with a Spinnaker on a small sailboat

    August 16, 2019

    In this training video we will look at how
    to handle an asymmetric spinnaker. The asymmetric spinnaker is flown from a retractable bow
    sprit which launches with the sail. Asymmetric spinnakers have now all but superseded
    conventional spinnakers in modern boat design. The large sail area delivers extra power to
    the boat, which will add a whole new dimension of fun to your sailing. The spinnaker is a large sail that can only
    be used when the boat is on a beam reach, broad reach or training run. It cannot be
    used on a close hauled or close reach point of sailing. Like the other sails on your boat, the spinnaker
    has three corners. They are also called the head, the tack and the clew. The sail is made
    of a much lighter ripstop sail cloth than the other sails. The head of the sail attaches
    to the spinnaker halyard, and is best tied using a bowline knot. Next run your hands
    along the leading edge, or luff, of the sail until you find the corner tack, which is then
    fixed to the end of the bow sprit. Again this is best done with a bowline. Next attach the
    retrieval line. This is a continuation of the halyard, and is attached to patches on
    the sail, again with a bowline. Next you should hoist the sail to check things
    aren�t tangled. When the sail is hoisted, go to the spinnaker sheets and pass one of
    them around the front of the forestay. And through its control fairlead, and the other
    through the fairlead on the other side of the boat. Tie a figure of eight stopper knot
    in the end of both sheets, and then tie both ends of the sheets together using a reef knot.
    With all the ropes connected correctly you should then pull the sail into the spinnaker
    chute by pulling on the retrieval line, but be careful that the sail doesn�t get caught
    around the trolley, as this could cause damage. With the jib rigged you may choose to relocate
    the forestay and tie this back to the mast. This prevents the spinnaker from snagging
    on the wire and also keeps it clear of the jib when furling. You must remember to reconnect
    the forestay before you lower the jib at the end of your sailing session, otherwise the
    mast will fall down. We recommend that to start with you practise
    on light wind days where things happen slowly. When afloat the first point to understand
    is when you can actually hoist the sail. And this is best done on a training run. Working together, the helmsman and crew balance
    the boat to keep it flat. The crew then pulls the spinnaker up using the halyard. This might
    feel tight because pulling the sail up also pulls the bow sprit out. Watch yourself here
    as the sail will suddenly pull free from the spinnaker chute, so make sure that you are
    balanced or even seated to do this. The crew then locks the halyard in the jam cleat. Look
    above to check the sail is fully hoisted. The crew then moves to pick up the leeward
    control sheet. This is the one on the same side as the boom. Tension in the spinnaker sheet is crucial
    to successful spinnaker sailing. To find the best position for the sheet, the crew must
    constantly be easing and tightening the sheet in small amounts whilst keeping a keen eye
    on the leading edge of the sail. The crew releases the sheet until the leading edge
    of the sail just starts to curl. When this point is reached or the sail starts to flap,
    the crew then pulls the sheet back to the point where the sail stops flapping. This action is continually repeated. As you
    get better the leading edge should just be flicking with the sheet being released and
    tightened by just a few inches at a time. At this point the sail is set for the optimum
    airflow and generates the maximum power or drive. Sooner or later you�re going to have to
    gybe, and in this video we are assuming that you are already proficient at doing this manoeuvre
    without the spinnaker. The actions undertaken by the helm are pretty
    much the same, so we�re primarily going to look at what the crew does. Again you should
    practise this manoeuvre in light winds, without the boat moving at significant speed. Turn the boat back onto a training run, which
    will have the effect of blanketing the spinnaker under the mainsail which reduces the power
    in the sail. The normal gybe routine then applies. With the helm carrying out the usual
    gybe procedure, the crew releases the jib sheet, picks up the new spinnaker control
    sheet in preparation, and as the boom moves across, sharply pulls the spinnaker across
    onto the new side with the new spinnaker sheet. Let�s look at another gybe. The crew releases
    the jib sheet from its cleat, and then prepares to grab the new spinnaker sheet. The helmsman
    then turns the boat and pulls the boom across by pulling on the falls of the mainsheet,
    whilst the crew at the same time, is pulling on the new spinnaker sheet. The crew pulls
    the jib smartly across, and then returns to play the spinnaker sheet as before. All that�s left to do now is to lower the
    spinnaker. The helm turns the boat back on to a training run and the crew passes him
    the spinnaker sheet. This keeps the sail under control. The crew then releases the halyard
    from the cleat – and pulls on the retrieval line to stow the spinnaker back inside the
    chute. The sail and bowsprit are retracted simultaneously by one single line and the
    sail is stowed in the spinnaker chute. Having perfected light wind spinnaker sailing,
    now let�s look at what happens on a windy day. It�s the same, but things happen much
    quicker. Strong wind sailing with the spinnaker is
    sailing at its most fun. The power of the wind simply lifts the nose of the boat out
    of the water, and by moving your weight backwards promotes planing and allows you to travel
    at much greater speeds than normal. Travelling at speed calls for careful concentration and
    good team work. And good balance is also critical. You must keep the boat flat and be prepared
    to move your weight extremely quickly around the boat as required. The crew adjust the sail exactly as before,
    releasing the control sheet until the leading edge flicks – and then tightening it a little.
    The helmsman is continually looking out for gusts of wind on the water, which usually
    appear as dark patches on the surface. When the dark patch hits the boat, the helmsman
    reacts immediately by pulling the tiller slightly away from the sail, this makes the boat turn
    away from the wind slightly. This directs more of the wind�s force to driving the
    boat forwards. And as the boat turns away from the wind,
    the crew eases the spinnaker sheet just a little bit, to encourage the lip of the sail
    just to flick as before. When you feel the gust of wind having passed you, the helmsman
    then turns the boat slightly back towards the wind. This combination of turning the
    boat away from the wind when the gust hits, and back towards the wind when it has passed,
    allows you to successfully get the best out of the wind. Now let�s look at gybing on a windy day. Unless you have to gybe, it�s a good idea
    for any gusts of wind to pass you by before attempting to gybe, as clearly this will keep
    you more in control. The helmsman checks the area is clear, the crew releases the jib sheet,
    the helmsman initiates the turn, the crew pulls the spinnaker across, and then plays
    the spinnaker sheet as before. And then tightens the jib. Let�s look again, but in slow motion. The
    helmsman checks the area is clear, the crew releases the jib sheet from the old side and
    is prepared to pick up the spinnaker sheet on the new side. The helmsman then initiates
    the turn as in any normal gybe, and the crew sharply pulls the spinnaker sheet across to
    the new side. Both helmsman and crew move their weight quickly onto the windward side
    of the boat, with the crew paying attention to the leading edge of the spinnaker as before.
    Quick movement here is vital to prevent the boat from capsizing. Returning to tighten
    the jib when they have a moment, the crew is concentrating hard on keeping the spinnaker
    set well. Both helm and crew balancing the boat, the boat then sails off. Looking again at full speed, wait for the
    gust of wind to pass and the boat drops off the plane, the helmsman looks to check the
    area is clear, the crew releases the jib, the helmsman initiates the turn, the crew
    pulls the spinnaker across, both helm and crew balance the boat quickly, and then the
    crew trims the spinnaker, dealing with the jib when they have a moment. And then sail
    off as normal. All that�s left now is to lower the spinnaker.
    So let�s have a look at what happens in slow motion. To do this, the helm should turn the boat
    back onto the training run to allow the spinnaker to be blanketed by the mainsail. The jib will
    also lose power and flop like this. When the sail is limp, the crew moves to the centreline
    of the boat and releases the spinnaker halyard from the jam cleat and pulls on the retrieval
    line. The sail and bow sprit are then retracted simultaneously by this one single line, and
    the sail is stowed safely in the spinnaker chute. The boat is now ready to turn back
    onto the wind as required. It is a certainty that you will capsize at
    some point with your spinnaker up. No matter how experienced you become the extra power
    of the sail will lead to inevitable capsizes. As with a normal capsize, the heavier person
    will swim around to the centreboard, leaving the lighter person inside the cockpit. In
    this example the crew then releases the spinnaker halyard and simply pulls the sail back inside
    its launching chute with the retrieval line. This makes things a lot easier later on, and
    will make it safer once the boat is upright. Once the sail is lowered the conventional
    capsize procedure then applies. Key learning points The spinnaker is a large sail that can only
    be used when the boat is on a beam reach, broad reach or training run. It cannot be used on a close hauled or close
    reach point of sailing. When rigging ensure all the control sheets
    are outside any other rigging including the retrieval line. Use a bowline knot to secure the halyard. Run your hands along the leading edge of the
    sail when rigging to make sure it isn�t tangled. Tie the ends of the sheet together to allow
    better control when gybing. If your forestay is removable, it�s advisable
    to relocate this to the mast like this to prevent the wire snagging
    the sail. The sail is launched from a chute at the bow
    of the boat and is hoisted with its own halyard. Hoist the sail on a training run point of
    sailing, and then adjust your point of sailing to get where you want to go. The crew is responsible for managing the sail. Release and tighten the spinnaker control
    sheets to find the point where the edge of the sail starts to curl.
    This is the most efficient setting for the sail. Turn the boat away from the wind when a gust
    hits and then turn back when it has passed. During the gybe the crew pulls the sail across. To drop the sail turn the boat until the headsail
    flops like this. Next steps Watch this video enough times so you understand
    the techniques of how to handle the spinnaker. Use the script and glossary accompanying this
    video if you need more detail. Practise using the sail in light wind days
    before venturing out on windy days. Glossary Beam Reach – A point of sailing where the
    boat is sailing at 90 degrees to the wind Boom – A horizontal spar attached to the mast
    that supports the mainsail Bow – The forward end of a boat Bowsprit – A spar that extends from the bow
    to support the asymmetric spinnaker Broad Reach – A point of sailing where the
    boat is pointing away from the wind at an angle of approx 135 degrees to the wind Centreboard – A large plate that pivots and
    retracts inside the boat, used to prevent sideways slip (called leeway) particularly
    when sailing close hauled Cleat – Fittings that come in a variety of
    shapes and sizes either on a boat or pontoon used to secure or hold fast a control line
    or mooring line Clew – The lower aft corner of a sail Close Hauled – The point of sailing required
    to sail as close as possible to the wind. This is the edge of the no go zone Close reach – Point of sailing where the boat
    is approximately 60 degrees to the wind Control line – Piece of rope or cord used
    to control an individual part of the sail Crew – In the context of these videos the
    crew is the person controlling the headsail on a two handed dinghy Fairlead – A fixed and rigid fitting normally
    screwed to the hull that allows a control line to have its direction of travel altered Forestay – A wire rigging that supports the
    mast at the bow of the boat Furl – Roll up a sail Gybe (gybing) – To change course from one
    side of the wind to the other, sailing downwind. Halyard – A line either made of rope or wire
    used to raise sails on a boat, for example “the main halyard” is the line used to raise
    the mainsail Head – Top corner of any sail Headsail (or jib) – The front sail on a two
    handed dinghy controlled by the crew Helmsman/Helm – Person steering the boat,
    applies to both male and female Jam cleat – A cleat which is designed to allow
    a rope to be fastened quickly Jib (or headsail) – The front sail on a two
    handed dinghy controlled by the crew Jibsheet – The control line used to pull the
    jib in or let it out Leeward – The side of the boat or pontoon
    opposite to where the wind is blowing from Luff – The leading edge of a sail Mainsail – The main sail on a boat, the largest
    sail (except for the spinnaker) controlled by the helmsman Mainsheet falls – Mainsheet pulley system Mast – A vertical spar or pole that holds
    the sails in position Planing – When a boat travels fast on a windy
    day the bow lifts out the water Point of sailing – Any direction of sailing Retrieval line – Line used to retrieve or
    stow a sail Sheet – A control line used to trim sails Spinnaker – A large, often colourful sail
    made of a lightweight cloth Spinnaker chute – Storage place for the spinnaker Tack – The manoeuvre used to alter direction
    by turning across the wind, the bow goes from one side of the no go zone to the other. Or
    the lower front corner of a sail Tiller – Attachment to the rudder by which
    it is controlled Training Run – Point of sailing where the
    boat is travelling at 150 degrees to the wind PAGE Copyright � 2010 Sailaboat Ltd PAGE 2 Asymmetric Spinnaker Sailing ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������)��*��S��T��f��g��h��{��}��~���
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    ���(�����4�� ���T�����`�����l��
    ���x�����������������������������������,���Sailaboat Transcripts 12th November 2009��������������������tash������������������������������Normal��������penny���������3���������Microsoft
    Office Word���@������G����@����������@����H� �E�@�����&U�E�����������������0���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������՜.���+,��0�����������h������p������|����������������������������������������������������
    ���������������������������������g�������������8�����’����������������������������������)���Sailaboat Transcripts 12th November 2009������������Title����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������
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    What’s The Best Fishing Knot? | Bass Fishing
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    What’s The Best Fishing Knot? | Bass Fishing

    August 16, 2019

    I’ve been using fluorocarbon since it got
    popular, before it got popular. I was one of probably the first guys who used it in
    the US. I forget how long ago it was, over ten years ago. I tied Palomars back then,
    and they used to pop it off a lot. I had some Japanese friends on tour and stuff, in Kota,
    and some of the guys that fish, they know a lot of technical stuff, and probably from
    Japan. And to make a long story short, I get a lot
    of Japanese catalogs and magazines, and there’s a lot guys back east that still use the Palomar.
    VanDam’s one of them. He’s one of the biggest guys that still use the Palomar on fluorocarbon.
    Four or five times I’ve taken his baits and snapped them off just to show him, throughout
    the year, since I know him well. I would take his crankbait and just pop it. And then I’ll
    tie my knot on. And it’s heavy line, you feel it, it’s like 16 or something, and I’ll just
    pop it off. And I’ll tie mine on and actually kind of do the same thing and it doesn’t break,
    and I’ll do it four or five times, and then I’ll give it to him. And he still does it,
    he still does the Palomar. I’ve never seen a Palomar knot in a Japanese
    brochure or magazine ever. They don’t even talk about it. They have all these knots.
    They’ll have a whole page of knots, like, eight, ten different knots, how to do them.
    Even two pages, I’ve never seen them illustrate a Palomar. That’s how against it they are.
    But, you’re losing 10 percent to 20 percent of knot strength, and I can show you guys. I’ll be here as long as you guy want, I don’t
    have to fly out till tomorrow. But, I’ll show you some knots I got. The one thing I can
    tell you, there’s a lot of good knots, and slips. They don’t really . . . they’re actually
    specified as slips, like nooses, like a hangman’s noose is basically what it is. On fluorocarbon,
    anything that kind of cinches down and doesn’t bind is a good way to connect your bait to
    fluorocarbon. There’s not really that many knots. There’s
    only a Palomar. The rest of them are actually slips. There’s a Trilene, there’s a San Diego,
    Improved Clinch. They’re all kind of similar. There’s some easy ones I can show you that
    I used to tie that are really good. They’re way better than a Palomar, but they’re less
    consistent and I’m all about consistency. And I don’t want to risk having an overlap
    somewhere and snap off a big fish. Because I do pull so hard, I need a perfect knot. So the one I use is a Uni. I double the line,
    make a big loop, and then I tie it, which I can show you later. One of the things I
    can tell you is on those slips is you’ve got to do a lot of wraps. So, a minimum, to me,
    I think is about six. Six wraps. And if you use two pounds, or three pounds for trout,
    which I do sometimes, I use eight wraps. Because it’s literally almost a hundred percent, up
    in the high 90’s, 98%, 99% knot strength. The same thing with braid. Braided line, I
    use anywhere from ten to fourteen wraps. The lighter I go, the more wraps I do. The fluorocarbon,
    now, you’ll notice, I always fish on the heavier lines. They’ll be a little big, but it’s never
    affected the way they hit it, and it’s so strong that that’s all I use. I do connect
    the fluorocarbon to the braid with the same knot. I just do two of them, so. I can show
    you some of that stuff later. Hi, I’m Aaron Martins here with Limit Out
    Marine in Washington. I’m going to show my knot that I use. It’s an old saltwater knot.
    It’s called a uni. You can call them Razo knot. Razo takes a little bit of credit for
    it, but I think a lot of salt water guys always double their knots. Basically it’s a uni knot
    doubled, with the line doubled. It makes you able to do it on the drop shot rig. If you
    do it singly, you’ve got a long tie again, but if you double it, you have a short loop. Right here I have some high-colored high-vis
    braided line and a really big hook so you can see good. Probably right in this area
    is good for you. Pretend this is my main line here. It’s main longer. Take it and double
    it up. What I do is when I take that loop and double up with fluorocarbon or braid,
    too. That works good with everything. I usually give it a little pinch. Obviously
    this is big stuff and this is a big hook, but with the smaller lines I just give a pinch
    so it’s easier to get in the eye of the hook. Once I do that, you’re going to slide it like
    so. Give yourself enough line. That’s the most important thing you want to do is don’t
    give yourself like that much because you’ll make it really hard on yourself. Give yourself,
    especially starting out with this knot, give yourself a lot of material to work with. Here is your main line. The tag end’s right
    here. All right, grab it like so. Usually by now I’ll grab my main line, my tag in,
    which is a loop that came through. I made that loop. I’m going to grab this loop and
    slide the hook up, holding this piece the tag in the main line. With my same hand…That’s
    the hardest part about this knot you’re going to find is hand position. I take my right
    hand and my pinkie and whatever finger this is called, and then hold it there. Hold it
    tight. I’m not really holding the hook. The hook
    I’m just holding wherever the eye is at. Then you take these two fingers on your right hand.
    This is how I do it. You might have a better way. When I take it I kind of turn it downwards.
    This just makes it easier to do your loops. What I’m going to do now is I’m holding it
    with both hands. You’re going to have to watch this video over and over again. What I’m going to do is I’m going to wrap
    up…My loop’s a little long but, if you’re following, and anywhere between six and seven
    or eight wraps on fluorocarbon. This is only like five wraps but…Braided lines, lighter
    stuff I use 12 wraps and the heavy stuff I use 10-11, or even 12 wraps. It’s really good
    with braid. It’s really good with fluorocarbon. This is the strongest knot I’ve found so far. If there’s a better one out there, please
    let me know, but this is the strongest knot I’ve found. It really is close to 100 percent
    knot strength. You saw how I just cinched that tight, kind of pulled on the hook a little
    bit, pulled on the main line and the loop a little bit at the same time. Once you cinch
    it down like so, you want to make sure…See that little piece how it kind of made a loop?
    You want to make sure you pull those at the same time. You can fix this knot. If you mess it up,
    you can usually fix it. Now I’m pulling the tag end and the main line, and you just slide
    it down. It’s actually not really called a knot. This is called a cinch. Once you get
    to that point you cinch it down really tight and it makes a really nice tight knot. When
    you’re done, you’re going to cut that loop and the tag end off, and that leaves you with
    a nice tight uni. That’s it. Just practice makes perfect. Takes a long time to be efficient at it, but
    once you are it’s actually as fast as a Palomar. I’ve tied it with one of the anglers back
    East. Kevin Wiggins? Well I forgot his name, but he’s really good with a Palomar, and we
    tied our knots together. Mine was the same time as his, and he ties a Palomar all the
    time. Once you get efficient at it, it isn’t that much more time to tie it, and it’s a
    lot stronger. Try it out.