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    How To Use Elastic Vinyl Repair Tape

    October 19, 2019

    Hey guys, this is Seth with Today I was going to show ya’ll our repair
    tape. The repair tape that we have we have in various
    quantities to suit your needs. I’m going to show ya’ll what quantities we
    have so you can best decide what you require. So the first thing that we have here is the
    biggest you can order this, again, from this is three inches by five feet long. It’s on a spool I’ll take it out and show
    ya’ll real quick. So if you look here it’s on a spool. Again, this is three inches by five feet long. It’s got an alcohol prep pad and instructions
    for use. That is a little bit bigger, and it can be
    cut up into small sections if you need it. The next is the smaller box. This has a three inch by twelve inch long
    strip inside of it as well as various smaller patches already cut up for you. So if you think that you need one unit repaired
    you can keep one for each unit. Whatever you need. We also sell a six inch by twelve inch sheet
    and this is all that you get right here and this might be all that you need. You can cut smaller squares out of it. Any shape or size you need to cut out of this
    you can. Again, we don’t want to sell you something
    that you don’t need so we can sell you exactly what you need as a company. We also have a three inch by twelve inch strip. This is the smallest that we sell but again,
    might be all that you need. Alright guys, so I’m going to be showing you
    what we’re going to be doing here today. The first repair that I’m going to be showing
    you is a simple tear of 18 ounce vinyl. And again this is standard 18 ounce vinyl
    that you find on your jumpers. And then we also have, again, 18 ounce vinyl
    and 18 ounce vinyl. This is just a mock up of a seam of a jumper,
    bounce house, slide, whatever, and I’m going to show you how to patch a seam. So I’m going to show ya’ll this material,
    it’s very stretchy and very elastic but it’s also very strong . So we’re going to show
    you right here this is just a pen. All the way down it won’t even poke through. This is the first one that I had shown you. This is the 18 ounce vinyl with the tear and
    I’m going to show you how to patch that. So the first thing i’m going to do is I have
    my three inch by twelve inch strip. What I’m going to do is I’m going to take
    it and I’m going to cut a square. It’s always best if you round the tips or
    the square to make it more of a circle edge. All right, so I rounded off the edges a little
    bit more just like that, and I’m going to find the edge there. And just take that across the top. Smooth it down for a second. And there you go. All right, so this is your typical seam application
    and as you can see we already rounded out the edges of this one. So again, I’m going to find the top here. The less you touch it the better. So I had a little bit of a bubble so I peeled
    it up just a little bit, and now I’m going to stretch it back out again. Flatten it out. And that’s how you repair a seam. Some of the benefits of this is that it’s
    transparent so it’ll match what color of vinyl that you’re putting it on. If you’re out on a rental it’s easy to apply
    out on the field. The difference between this and duct tape
    is when you apply the duct tape or glue it’s going to get really messy when you peel it
    off it’s going to leave residue and over time it can really do a number on your vinyl. So if you bring it in to us to get repaired
    we’re going to have to pull off that duct tape and then it’s going to be a hassle and
    it’s going to cost you more money. But if we have the tear aid on it, we’ll just
    pull off the tear aid and get right to the repair. All right guys so that’s how you use our repair
    tape. Those are the functions of the repair tape
    and the quantities of the repair tape. If you have any questions, the information
    is on We also have a live chat on the website if
    you have any questions. You can give us a call or email us. Also don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe
    the video. It really helps us out to be able to make
    more videos to help you. And it helps us as well. So if you have any questions, again, don’t
    forget to go to the website. You can order any of the sizes that I’ve shown
    you today and we’ll see you in the next video.

    Boating Basics: Steering a Powerboat | BoatUS
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    Boating Basics: Steering a Powerboat | BoatUS

    October 19, 2019

    You just got a new boat? Congratulations, you’re in for a ton of fun! Now, right about now, you might be wondering if steering a boat different than steering the car. Well, it’s not very different. But, yeah, it is different. So let’s talk about some of the basics you need to know. Hi folks, I’m Lenny Rudow from BoatUS Magazine, and I love talking to people who just bought their first boat! Trust me. This is going to be awesome! But you do have to remember that since you don’t have tires and asphalt and friction, a boat depends on thrust for steering. So as a result, when we’re moving along slowly as we are now and I turn the steering wheel, it has a very different effect than when the boat’s moving quickly and I turn the steering wheel. Watch how as I increase thrust the effect of the turn changes. It’s important to remember, folks, that different boats all do steer differently. And the difference between an articulating drive like this outboard and a rudder that depends on water flowing across it to force a turn can be rather dramatic. You’ll spend a lot of time cruising along, so let’s look at steering while the planing speeds. The most important thing to remember is that whipping the wheel around can have a dramatic effect on everybody on board. It’s best not to make sudden extreme turns, especially without first warning everybody aboard. Also check all around you for other boats. Look over your shoulder, make sure there are no big waves and other potential hazards. One of the biggest problems people have is oversteering. Tiny incremental changes of the wheel will have a very big effect when you’re up on plane. So if you’re headed for something like this marker, look at how big an effect a tiny little turn of the wheel can have. When you don’t have a marker or some other obvious object that you’re steering for, pick a point on the horizon and then just make tiny increments in the steering wheel — tiny little changes — to stay right on that point. See people? I told you that was gonna be fun! Now, of course the one thing that stresses out a lot of folks is docking the boat at the end of the day. Now, I want to share one little tip with you. Remember that whole thrust thing? What you do not want to do is put the motor into gear and then steer. No, no. Steer first while the boat’s in neutral. Then apply thrust, and you get the maximum turn. Shift into neutral if you need to change. Turn the wheel and then apply thrust again. Make your turns while you’re in neutral and only apply thrust when it has the most significant effect. Of course there’s a lot more to docking a boat. So what folks should do is continue scrolling down the BoatUS YouTube channel. We have a lot of really good videos on how to dock a boat. Remember, people, above all keep a good lookout. Before you make a turn, check over your shoulder, make sure there’s no other boats coming, no markers in your way, nothing like that. Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed this video. I hope you’ll scroll on down and click on subscribe to the BoatUS YouTube channel. And, please, fill out the comments below and let us know what you would like to see more videos on.

    How to Remove Old Bottom Paint the EASY WAY? Heat gun? Sanding? Sandblasting? Patrick Childress #40
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    How to Remove Old Bottom Paint the EASY WAY? Heat gun? Sanding? Sandblasting? Patrick Childress #40

    October 19, 2019

    today we reconnect the head stay strip
    all bottom paint and what power tools we use well as you can see Patrick’s been doing
    a ton of work to the bottom of the boat more than we ever expected to do but
    it’s all for good reasons so um because we’re getting ready to
    cross the Atlantic Ocean and go to Uruguay and not sure I want to go much
    more south than that because it sounds awful cold I mean I have my requirements
    I offered her a water bottle she’s very sensitive to the cold that wasn’t very well received and
    he says how about we just cuddle underneath the blankets all the time
    every day anyway Rebecca is actually been researching a lot of heating system
    propane diesel you name it so we’ll see what we eventually can wind up with but
    in the meantime I’ve been getting all the paint off the bottom of this boat in
    preparation for new bottom paint so let’s get started I’ll show you what
    we’ve been doing normally if we are going to be hauled out for a week or two
    and I had to disconnect the head and inner forstay to fit on the travel
    lift I would just let them hang off to the side and rely on the spinnaker
    halyard and the running pole topping lift to help hold the mast in place but since
    we’re going to be here for months and months we really don’t know how long I
    want it to put the headstay back in place by putting the head stay back into
    its chain plate and going to the back Stay turnbuckle first I pull the two
    cotter pins and then unscrew the barrel of the turnbuckle just as far as it will
    go without losing the back stay I want to keep some threads inside of that
    barrel but that’ll make it as loose as possible so the mast will go forward
    bend forward fairly easily so I have the spinnaker halyard fastened at the front
    of the boat and cranked down tight and the running pole topping lift is also very
    tight against its bridle which is fastened to the bases of two lifeline
    stanchions all of this to help pull the mast forward just as much as possible so
    that we can set the clevis pin back into the chainplate and then I have a block
    and tackle setup here to the Anchor keeper pulling everything
    forward and down to get that sag out of the head stay and now I have
    it almost aligned it’s got to come down on the block and tackle just a little
    more another half inch first I ease the tension off of the jib halyard then
    tightened down a little bit more on the block and tackle and that gave me just
    the alignment I needed to slip the clevis pin in place and put the cotter
    pin back in its hold to hold everything securely while we’re hauled out and for
    the next several months the staysail will just hang off to the side out of
    the way till we get back into the water there are a lot of projects to be
    completed on this boat over the next several months but the two most major
    projects is to prepare the bottom for the application of Coppercoat, a very
    special antifouling product but that means I need to remove all the old
    antifouling and completely prepare the hull very especially for that
    application and at the same time I’ll be digging into all of these resin blisters
    above and below the waterline and treating those and making everything
    nice solid and secure for future travels across the Atlantic and and we’ll see
    how far south we get but the first major problem is to get rid of all that
    antifouling paint I really wanted to have the boat sandblasted quick and easy
    but sandblasting operations here had made such a tremendous mess of all the
    surrounding boats that they don’t allow sandblasting of boats anymore so I had
    visions of hand scraping with large two-handed scrapers like Brian Rolfe did
    on his 27 foot boat Tarka the adventurers of Tarka a very fun youtube
    channel although those scrapers are available anywhere in the US and just
    about anywhere throughout the Caribbean the largest scraper I could find in
    South Africa was this triangular scraper it just would not do so we had to check
    into other alternatives other methods we tried this
    but this paint is just far too soft it would just plug up 36 grit sandpaper
    instantly and so sanding was not an option to remove the bottom paint so we
    went out and bought two electric paint strippers warning warning using a heat
    gun to remove the bottom paint is Questionable and you should do research
    yourself if this is the best method to remove antifouling paint from your
    sailboat damage to underlying gel coat is a major concern especially with the
    heatgun in the wrong hands due to the area being overheated the substrate
    below may also be affected there are also carcinogenic fumes that are created
    when bottom paint is heated so removing it on a windy day is best
    removal with the lowest possible heat setting is preferable
    these are heaters high temperature heaters that will melt the paint and you
    follow right behind with scrapers and just scrape the adult and paint off of
    the boat a very time-consuming but it was a good thorough method to get most
    of it off this would take at least two weeks of continuous work for two and
    sometimes three men operating the powerful tools so it starts out slow but
    with a little practice each person gets their own routine their own method their
    own way of doing it and they just keep at it all day and on this one all those white spots in
    the off-white spot those are digs there it’s gone a little too deep but it’s
    unavoidable no matter how much practice you have so once all four or five layers
    antifouling paint is off we’ll go back and sand this we won’t have to smoothen
    out all of those digs that is not into gel coat this boat doesn’t have gel coat
    that’s an epoxy layer but these guns are so hot it’s possible to melt your way
    right through the whole boat if you’re not careful so after all the antifouling
    paint all the different layers that was removed from the bottom of this boat I
    took a closer look at the remaining red layer of paint what bits of it there was
    and I could see that there was repairs and patches to the boat this fairing
    compound had been placed over that red and as an experiment I took a rag of
    acetone and wiped the red paint and much to my surprise it came off in the rag
    that is not a good sign if this was any kind of a substantial barrier coat it
    shouldn’t be coming off with acetone so this is a major complication I’m going
    to be putting all kinds of epoxy fillers and epoxy barrier coat back over this
    entire hull so I need a good substrate like this white area that I really
    cleaned up and this means we have to go back and grind everything and get all of
    the red off and down to just the white Epoxy barrier coat
    Sip was just an amazing man he could run that 7 inch grinder overhead all day
    and hardly ever take a break and at the end of the day he still wouldn’t be
    tired so Sip and I both got in here with that 7 inch grinder and spent two days
    just grinding away with 36 grit paper to remove the rest of that red paint and
    then we’d go over the whole thing with a random orbit sander and 40 grit paper
    and that would smoothen everything out get it down to a nice white consistency
    and I think then ready for any other touch-ups in the way of filling up the
    ding and gouges which there weren’t many by
    the time we finished sanded with the 40 grit paper why they’re such a massive
    epoxy barrier coat on this hull is that about 18 years ago the entire hull from
    the waterline down was peeled and re- Fuberglassed that was a process to take care
    of some of the hull blisters at that time but obviously some of them have
    reappeared and that’s what I’m dealing with on this haul out these are most of
    the power tools that we have used while doing the bottom work on this boat all
    the sanding and it’s smoothing out of things but it all starts with this
    transformer the change is 110 to 240 in these four countries it can be anywhere
    in the range of 220 to 240 volts or from 240 to 110 any international boat really
    has to sail with this tool if you bring American tools with you or if you’re a
    foreigner like an Australian going to America and you intend to do any work so
    if your home bought tools don’t match the local AC current this will
    straighten it out for you so anytime we go into a new region with AC 240 current
    I have to change plugs this is a plug from Southeast Asia now
    we’re in South Africa so I changed the plug over so I can plug into their
    outlet here there’s a switch on the back I can go from 240 to 110 and I can plug
    in my american-made power tools here on this side I take over 220 volts aside so
    that I and anybody else who helps will not be plugging the power tool my 110
    power tool into the 220 by mistake and it just makes it run twice as fast and
    you can’t slow the darn thing down it hasn’t burned it out but we have only
    made that mistake for very short periods of time if you plug anything electronic
    like a battery charger a 110 battery charger into the 240 side ZAPPO.. you’ll
    hear it pop and that Chargers will be no good anymore blows out the circuit
    right away move over to the porter-cable the seven-inch disc size porter-cable i
    bought this back in when was that 1987 and did a lot of grinding on houses prep
    rate prepping them for painting and it’s still good
    several years ago about five years ago when were hauled out in kudat on the
    very north end of the island of Borneo a bearing gave out inside here and I
    thought the machine was dead but Rebecca went down to a local tiny little
    hardware store they had the bearing that goes inside and the same day I had it
    functioning again so a lot of these tools you think they’re dead because the
    berries burn out or the brushes burn out you might smell them burning electrical
    fire and they stopped working simple replacement of the parts get them
    going again I like this tool it normally comes with
    a handle I don’t know what happened to it we never really used that side handle
    anyway we just hang on to it like this but there’s a backing plate here paper sometimes it isn’t stiff enough I’ll put
    on two pieces of sandpaper and really make it stiff for the type of grinding
    that I want to do normally you only use the outer 1/3 of the disc you don’t hold
    this flat against the surface just the outer 1/3 and you don’t really want to
    use just the outer tip either it’s a waste of paper then there are times when
    I really need a flexible piece of paper on here to get into grooves and I’ll
    just put the paper without this backing plate onto this little backing rubber
    pad here and that way this disc can really fold into places and get a nice
    curved surface where we need it very versatile in Porter cable made in America
    out of other countries they’ve never heard of that brand this is something I
    bought in 1987 also a rant porter-cable random orbit sander it’s done a tremendous
    amount of work over the past 12 years on the bottom of this boat and these Velcro discs that go on the front here… this is a six inch disc so it’s very very efficient in just
    the other week after all these decades of use like I say 1987 I bought this
    thing the bearing went out inside here and then there again I thought being
    american-made here we are halfway around the world the local repair shop had the
    bearing to fix it with a lot of these parts internal parts are universal so as
    soon as I drop this off at the shop to be fixed I went out and bought this one
    because we had to keep working yeah this is the bosch 6-inch random orbit sander
    it is 220 volt and the guys who have been working on this boat they seem to
    like this one better than the porter-cable it’s a little faster a
    little more aggressive in the way it sands and it also has a dust collection
    on the back but we never use that of course we don’t have a good vacuum to
    set it up but that possibility is there where the Porter Cable doesn’t have a
    dust collection system all these tools we carry on the boat it all stuffed away
    somewhere this palm sander is great for getting into tight places it’s good for
    paint prep especially on wood work this is a gen tools I never heard of gen
    tools I bought it used up in Kudat when we were hauled out and I’m very
    surprised I mean the price of of it it certainly cheap on it and I’m surprised
    it’s still working after all this time this angle grinder is almost as old as
    the other two discs Sanders and I started out using this with a masonry disc
    just to kind of dig into some of these bubbles and and blisters but being such
    a stiff disc it’s hard for me to get a nice contour I would have to go back and
    sand it with a random orbit sander or something else to help smooth and out
    and round out the contour… a smoother less aggressive disc would certainly do
    a better job when we decided that we had to heat strip the four or five layers of
    antifouling off of this boat I just went out and bought the cheapest heat
    guns because it was going to be a one job use it seemed like all the heat
    settings amongst the brands were really the same so I just went with price and
    it lasted through the job I have no more use for them now they’ve paid for
    themselves I feel this is 220 of course since I bought it locally here in South
    Africa uses their two prong South African plugs which is strange because
    you can’t plug this in to a wall outlet you have to use this kind of a plug so
    it takes an adaptor plug this into here and now I can plug it into the extension
    cord or a wall outlet my 110 deWalt boy this is an oldie too but I used this for
    putting in a wire wheel for cleaning up bronze fittings through holes also the
    prop strut in the English steel rudder shaft but it’s also good for using these
    little links the drum Sanders put these in here and I can get a nice contour in
    different areas then there’s different sizes I got these actually had a shop
    that sells a dremel tools the good variety of tools is what you
    need for doing this kind of work like I say these tools go with this everywhere
    and they’ve all more than paid for themselves . So Sip, who’s the best person
    you ever worked with? Who me? yeah. Well you! me? yeah! No…. why is that? because
    your good boss , good pay! yeah? yeah! I might have to give you a raise next year!! Oh that would be good…Id thank you for that! That would be good! of course we just reversed that . Yeah you the good boss! WELL, if you ever come to Richards Bay you need a good help, come talk to Sip!
    that’sit…yeah don’t forget miss miss Rebecca inside here! next time we find
    that for decades there has been something quite missing from our keel
    and we’ll see what other projects we have made major advances on also up in
    the video description there is a link to a tip jar if you don’t mind helping out
    thank you very much and we’ll see you next time

    Cruising dinghy sailing Fraser Island  4 sailboat Moonlight.
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    Cruising dinghy sailing Fraser Island 4 sailboat Moonlight.

    October 19, 2019

    Day 4 of my journey sailing moonlight up the great sandy strait beside fraser island from
    Inskip point up to harvey bay it’s a journey of about 40 nautical miles in
    total and today we’re going to cover the final 15 nautical miles from the ranger
    station and an Ungowa to Urangan the Certodus was built as a dredge at
    paisley in Scotland about 1898 she measured a hundred and forty-five feet
    long had a 30-foot beam and weighed in at four hundred and six tons>During the
    1940s the Ceratodus carried 98% pure white silica sand from Yankee Jack Creek
    on Fraser Island to the mainland now she’s one of several rusting hulks that
    are beached on the west coast of Fraser Island over the years not far up the
    coast from Yankee jet Creek we come across a derelict jetty which is left
    over from the days when the locals on Fraser Island residents used to travel from this
    point back across to the mainland In the background you can see a nice little
    camping ground there’s also a boat shed there and some buildings that were built
    for the forestry activity which ceased in about 1991 nowadays it’s been taken
    over by the National Parks and Wildlife Service. No wind today for the final leg
    of the journey so it’s all done by motor You get tired of the
    motor clattering away in the background so I lashed the helm and I can stand
    up beside the mast to steer the boat increasing the waterline on that
    site by heeling the boat over, it decreases the resistance and therefore
    the boat steers away from the side that you’re leaning towards Fraser Island was named after Captain
    James Fraser he perished on the island in 1836 he shipped the Stirling Castle
    Wren aground on the 25th of May 18 36 on the Swain reef near Rockhampton he and
    his wife Eliza along with the remaining crew set out south heading towards
    Moreton Bay now called Brisbane in two lifeboats. Eliza was heavily pregnant and
    gave birth to a child while underway the baby unfortunately did not survive and one
    of the lifeboats was abandoned on the way and the remaining boat eventually
    landed a K’gari now known as Fraser island after camping
    for a few days they were taken into the camps of the local butcher people fraser
    died while in captivity but his crew and later his wife was rescued in march of
    1837 K’gari or Fraser island is a
    heritage-listed sand island separated from the Australian mainland by the
    great sandy Strait the island is made up of 98% white quartz sand that has been
    shaped over millennia by the wind and sea into nearly 200 miles of beaches in
    1600 square miles of forest and germs the dunes rise 800 feet above the sea
    level. It is thought that the population of K’gari
    reached up to 2,000 people during the times of Plenty Captain Cook
    first spotted the Butchlla people in 1770 as he sailed past they were standing on
    a high point on the East Coast the and named Indian head. A brash redheaded,
    an American timber getter, going by the name of Yankee Jack Pigott began
    harvesting carry pine on the island in 1864 the first Bullock’s hauled the
    timber to the western shore where it was rafted across the break sandy straight
    into the Mary River to be processed in a steam driven sawmill at Maryborough in
    1905 the steam tramway was built across the island from the southeast to the
    northwest to avoid the elevator sections sparks from the steam engines are
    thought to have started many bush fires so we’re coming to the end of our
    journey now having transitive across the great sandy Strait and are entering the
    Susan River near your engine locking operations on the K’gara he came to a
    halt in the early 1990’s so we now have this rich heritage The Butchulla people
    spread the message of care and respect for the land visitors to the island are
    greeted with a sign carrying a welcome written by uncle Malcolm Burns good day
    welcome Butchulla people ,traditional owners of K’gari welcome you to country
    may all your good spirits be around you throughout the day wherever you go leave
    only footprints we’ve arrived back in the mouth of the Susan River near your
    engine we’re just taking a bit of a look around the bay before we take the boat
    out of the water this is the place where the ferries depart for kingfisher bay those words leave behind only footprints
    are echoing in my mind we have left behind a few footprints we’ve also left
    behind some ripples the other thing that we’ve taken away from the island are
    some incredible memories

    Will 40,000 M&Ms Flush?
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    Will 40,000 M&Ms Flush?

    October 19, 2019

    Is your ability to draw a straight line constantly impaired by earthquakes outsmart that earthquake with this handy-dandy line drawing Oh man, look at him. He’s getting that that hard riding disease. I can’t remember the name of it carpal tunnel Yeah carpets a perfect tonal so that way it doesn’t get carpal tunnel. He’ll use actual car. That’s so smart Simply drill hole through the driver’s seat and let the pin drive whoo. Toasty nose is my favorite chip here the Krispy Kreme Oh, oh, whoa. Who’s this dude? You can’t tell me that guy didn’t know what he was doing when he opened it from the bottom scrap the heck just don’t invite That guy around anymore. Geez, come on. Oh, that is a mega chip, but that’s not a bad idea. That’s pretty good Okay. This one’s really useful. I’m going to show this to my wife and then our chips won’t be stale She just throws them in the cabinet without putting some kind of clip on them. And then I can’t enjoy my Chex Mix anymore Oh my doctor no sinners or the ranch. I have tried that salsa. It’s the Walmart salsa. It is not good That’s why we’re running it over destroy it each droid be good. Oh Are those Doritos who dips doritos in salsa? Let me know in the comments if you dip Doritos and salsa so I can have the FBI raid your house because you’re crazy You know, I’ve never ate burritos with salsa, but I mean it makes sense Do you log to be the greatest chef in the world? Come on? But struggle with figuring out how to open Chicken broth master this meeting method to be on your way to becoming the master chef get off at Like 400, where’s the container inside the rock? It’s like a juice corn that’s gross. That’s what juice is in the broth is Bad because all the sonic come on man, I feel like this hat kind of borders on crazy That’s how you make the best snack ever what you do is you take three hotdogs cut them up into little pieces put two pieces of crap singles on a microwave them for 90 seconds, then you dip them in ketchup after they pulled off and you eat them and it’s the best meal ever This next hat wait that potato looks like ba Arthur I don’t know who that is, but my scriptwriter put it there So i’m sanna grouse Pringles game, even though that’s the best flavor wait, so he used a knife at that So he’s gonna router that work. So well, it did work actually really. Well, it probably would work better than a knife, honestly He just did that we ate a raw potato. Remember I did. Oh, yeah Yeah, it tastes about your crush is walking your way. But your breath smells like a dead fish in a landfill You’re gonna need all the take taxi. Oh, yeah. This is gonna be very good up you’re wrong. This was not very close being sarcastic Nice, I’m going to rate this. Why is this on the street right now hack review? Chandler 0.2 rating on this half out of what 10? Sorry thing that you are not beginning the hack of the Year award ice cream sandwiches are great for space travel But they take up too much room on the shuttle. I read. All right, I’m not gonna make everybody mad I respect ice cream sandwiches. I just don’t do it. I don’t eat them very much I just don’t feel the desire for ice cream sandwiches every day this what are you eating? Oh, It looks like somebody’s Like a really fat person SpaceX plans to use this simple trick the safe room on the trip to Mars you that no ice ice tray duh game Yeah skirt Pato Bruce Wayne ain’t got no spoon Chandler and all I gots a ping-pong ball and some hot glue Probably and a popsicle stick he threw away the other half of the bomb. He could have had two spoons. Boom I just like packed the light pack. I was right about the hot glue. Oh, I don’t think that’s gonna work I guess that was wrong that won’t CQ for our Come on oh I think actually I think you did. I heard some slurping coke tastes better out of a bottle It’s just a scientific fact, but like me you like to carry your bottles upside down. What are you going to do? Don’t panic simply take the balloon. You keep in your pocket and use it to seal the bottle I’d die if the cabbage my eating itself. Yo ting itself even oh my gosh, it worked now You can safely transport your bottle without spilling any of that scientifically improved formula Sharpie has cornered the market but no one has created the permanent paintbrush yet Stay ahead of the game by breaking open a Sharpie to reveal the ultra secret hidden paintbrush in the middle I wonder what sharpens are gonna do. All right. So let’s settle this one sharpies the brain the end. It’s a permanent marker Yes, but you call other permanent markers contacted. Oh, look at he getting his hands dirty Dude, that’s not coming off either dude. Sharpie takes forever to get off your hands Looking for a creative way to patch those cracks in your driveway make them look fabulous by filling them with glitter glue Oh, that’s a pretty glue. Oh, yeah, I had to use normal white glue Oh, oh, yeah. Ah Beautiful Look at this shining of the Sun on it. It’s so nice. Gorgeous. Just gorgeous I don’t know about you, but wet concrete just looks so gross too low-key I feel like the amount of kids eating glue went way up when they paint blue pretty and as you know glue works better if You hit it with a hammer. Oh, no, not all the Nike whatever. Those are. I don’t even recognize issues Let’s get these nerfs some buffs. Oh, they’re waiting the ends of it Oh bears. Don’t hurt that bad I don’t think they hurt that I think it’s our coming out pretty fast. It’s coming out It’s on slo-mo and I can’t keep up with this, dude What they just made him do em right by they’re like, I don’t know. Maybe we should redo this Your shirt wasn’t in the right position the complete opposite of a hollow tip. This hack is plastic band proof ultra Ultra Thor and when a panel eb o for a living baby, will you like this son so much like him? What are your thoughts on Planet Sheen Planet Sheen yet? Did you see that? Yeah, it was trap. It was bad. Oh wow Look at that he put his hand chef’s huh? Ultra4 rice. Krispies treat. Oh wow, 2 or 1. Oh wow No good ultra Four Reese’s make getting peanut butter to your mouth faster when they put it in a squeeze bottle Achieve terminal peanut butter velocity with this quick hack. Oh whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa such a waste Oh, no, that stuff is so good. Oh, oh man, maybe a Wow Food. Ah Reese’s puffs receipt Oh, eat em up beat him up beat him up. It’s not the word see in the second verse. Yeah He’s good that Looks like good if I saw poop on the road and I saw that I would think that that was boot This hack was developed specifically with our viewers over 30 of mine. Are you in 1848 Chris? I actually am in 1848 currently I got stuck in a time machine will me to guess what I’m at to me What a quill holder Oh What a quill holder whose quill interpret Franklin see if Benjamin Franklin was alive in 1848 When did Ben Franklin died? 1790 dude, you’re like a hundred years off. This is beautiful since we’re an 18th minor your wrist We can hold our clothes and our little holders man. What does that say? Olden days life hat sometimes cooking like an adult can be boring. That’s why sometimes it’s fun to do it with a bad word Nothing to say a wienie Greg. Go back to weenie hut dude. Hey, what’s that beef Oscar Mayer be beef on a stick. Oh This ain’t bad idea. Do you eat cold hot dogs? I used to when I was a kid, but now the thought of cold hot dogs makes me do stuff Yeah, that’s kind of gross. Yeah, they need it Maybe not what a weenie weenie had doing you all your friends are out playing airsoft without you Here’s a hack to get involved in the action speaking of airsoft I don’t know if you guys saw the tweet, but we’re actually doing a huge $100,000 airsoft battle royale with youtubers So if your youtuber and watching this just you know tweet at me on Twitter and I can get you all the list There’s a lot going on right now. Whoa, what is going on right now? So we’re shooting BBs out of syringe Thanks. Oh wow Those dookied the first one is way better. Come on Look at it. It can be difficult to find a boat big enough to fit your entire candy stash But what if I told you every home in America came with one as standard so I don’t know what the point of this is Sit before it looked really cool. How are they not going down. Are they floating to him and in salute? yeah, but it’s so about oh, oh, oh, that’s nasty That’s disgusting. I look pretty cool though. How all those go down that toilet? Yeah, that’s all I had good flushing But it won’t after all those freaking M&Ms are in the mouths of it choosing which pudding you want can be Frustrating eliminate the choice by mixing them together to make one berry blue chocolate snacks. This is like two types of jell-o It could be jell-o when the jell-o pudding. There’s jell-o pudding and there’s jell-o Jell-o, but some people just call it put it but it’s made by gym. Gel is a brand not a yeah No, I tell them to jello is our item – no, no, no jello is the name of the brand gelatin is the item Okay, so nobody calls it. Gel. It’s like chapstick It’s called it’s supposed to be called lip balm. But everybody just calls it chapstick chapstick. I don’t know about that one That is gotta hate you sometimes lip balm because there’s lip balm on it for brands too though. Yes, exactly It’s the general name for it. Yeah Chapstick is the brand behind it. That’s their brand just lip. Balm brain. No If you listen to this Let me know stupid that blue one. Looks like it belongs in a barrel with the school label on it That’s it for the video. We’re about to play rock-paper-scissors Remember whenever you click on a mr Pirie beasts video always watch to the end is at the end of every video We play rock paper scissors people that don’t play rock paper scissors. The parents don’t level take your hand Preferably your left hand do either a rock a paper or scissors with that hit Rock Paper Scissors shoot I choose paper I know you lost don’t lie Next one I choose scissors. Oh Really you chose rock Wow. Okay, it’s time. Hmm. This one’s for the Dove Rock Paper Scissors Shoot. I know you chose scissors game end subscribe right now like the video leave a comment of your favorite life hack Get back

    Minecraft 1.12: AFK Fishing Farm Tutorial (From Hermitcraft)
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    Minecraft 1.12: AFK Fishing Farm Tutorial (From Hermitcraft)

    October 19, 2019

    Hello, everyone, and welcome back to another Minecraft tutorial In this video, I’ll be showing you how to build the AFK Fishing farm That you’ve seen me and some of the other Hermits using on the Hermitcraft Season 5 server. This was a heavily requested tutorial and finally I’ve found a little bit of time to prepare and record it for you. Now, if you don’t know what an AFK Fishing Farm is, well, it’s a farm that you go fishing at but you can do it for long periods of time using an AFK trick. We’ll come back to that in a moment. This one is musical; you can place a block on top of that to disable it. And from this you will get loads and loads of fish and lots of other cool loot as well, like books, even mending books you can get from this farm. It is very overpowered if you haven’t seen it before. I’d highly recommend checking out the Hermitcraft videos to see how much loot you can get. In fact, I’ll show you some of the loot from Hermitcraft right now. Crazy amounts of loot is what you can get from this thing. So in this video, I’m going to show you how to build it, before we do that though, I do want to mention that this design is not my own. I saw some of my Patrons on the Patreon server using this and I decided to use it myself. I have no idea who the original author is, but one thing I will say about this design and why I like it so much is that it’s very server, and very lag friendly. If you have a poor connection to a server, you can increase the delay over here, and it gives you much more time to cast your rod and to have this little trick right here work. And this trick is to continuously hold down right click and do all of the different functions of fishing in order continuously. The way we do that is mostly with this iron trapdoor right here. We can actually click on it because it is below this string you can see this doesn’t come all the way to the bottom of the block so there is a gap that we aim at. Now, I’ve deliberately aimed at the wrong spot on this trapdoor, but what you can see is that we are casting the bob over and over again. And then when the bob is cast, if we were aiming in the right spot, it will stay there. So then the next part of fishing is for the fish to catch on the bob and then we would have to right click to bring it in like we’ve just done there. And then the thing resets itself. So let’s simulate that again. We catch a fish, we hold down right click, the trapdoor then shuts but we are still clicking in the same space, so then it casts, the trapdoor then goes up, and the process repeats itself. Now the next thing to do is to trick your computer into thinking that you’re holding down right click, whether you’re using the computer for something else, or you’re not even at the computer. I’ve already made a video showing you how this is done, so there will be an image of it on the screen, but because they have removed annotations, the link is in the description box. So after you make this farm, make sure you go and watch that video, so you understand how to do this AFK. We shall now start the tutorial! 😀 And there is a reason I have left this glass block here, It is to remind me to remind you that above your water, you want to have direct access to the sky. So if you are underground, dig a hole up to the surface and put a glass block here just in case anything falls down. With that direct access, you will actually do your fishing faster, which is really cool. So, at the top of this chest are all the things you need to build this. You can pause the video, gather those materials, and then we can build this together. Now, I’ve already placed a few blocks: this hopper, those chests and that back to front upside down stair block. They are all in the same position. and they are level with the ground that the player stands on when they use this farm, which is nice and easy. So, we start off by placing down a few blocks We’re going to have a slab at the front here, put our water in the middle, then we’re going to place some temporary blocks, which are these two, so we can remove those now. And one over here at the back, we’re going to put a note block above it then remove that. If you don’t want this thing to make any sound, just put a slab or something; a block on top of the note block. And then we place this iron trapdoor here on the side of that block. Very important that it’s on the side and not on the note block. Then we place in our tripwire hooks and a piece of string in the middle. Because I’ve placed it over there, it’s actually over here. You could also place it against the iron trapdoor I guess, as well. And then we need to place in some redstone. So just a few blocks over the side here, a repeater there, facing outwards. A repeater here, facing inwards. And then three pieces of redstone. I believe you need three ticks of delay minimum for this thing to work, and then if you are on a server you can adjust this and add more if you need more delay. I also feel like mentioning that you can kinda re-arrange the redstone a little bit if you wanted it to not stick out to the side you could also put it back here which is a little bit more compact, to be fair. Last thing to mention is that this is the best type of fishing rod that you can use. Lots of people will debate which enchantments you should have on it, and a misreading or misunderstanding of how the math works with fishing may make you think you don’t want Lure on there, or Luck of the Sea, I can’t remember which one it is. But this is actually the best way to get the most loot. Now, having mending on there might sound pretty crazy ya know, getting a Mending book, but you’ll find that when you start using this farm, after you’ve gone through a couple of fishing rods, it won’t be long before you get more fishing rods with Unbreaking on, and eventually you’ll end up with Mending on it, and, you know, you get XP from using this thing anyway, so then you can use the anvil to combine them together. So, basically, when you start out, frequently check up on the drops that you’re getting, and you’ll soon end up with a fishing rod like this. Now you may have noticed when I showed you the loot from Hermitcraft that there were these heads in here as well. These are additional loot that we have on the server, and these heads are now available for you to have in your world as well. If you didn’t see my More Mob Heads video, then be sure to check that out; there will be a link on the screen for ya. And if you go to the website, it now includes the fish as well. So that’s it from me this fishing tutorial, I do hope you have enjoyed it. If you have, leave a like on the video. Thanks for the support. And I’ll see you in the next one. Chow for now! Bye, bye.

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    October 19, 2019

    Hi, Lochie Daddo here for the National Maritime
    Museum in Sydney. Now there’s a couple of situations that should be avoided at all costs.
    One: Forgetting to take your pyjamas off before you head to the office and two launching a
    boat at a busy boat ramp. Now boat ramps are pressure cooker situations and on any given
    weekend boats are dinged, cars are dipped and a lot of egos are bruised as people try
    to retrieve and launch their boats the wrong way. So we thought we’d have a chat to Kathryn
    Kershaw who’s one of the Ship Keepers at the National Maritime Museum here in Sydney
    about how to keep your reputation intact when you’re on the ramp. Well Kath, here we are
    at the dreaded boat ramp and it’s a slippery one at that. What’s the etiquette for launching
    a boat? Well the main thing you’ve got to remember
    is to not jump the queue. So take a look at how the boat ramp works and just make sure
    that you get in the right position. One of the other things is to make sure that you
    do all of your prep while you’re either in the queue or before you dump in to minimise
    the time spent on the ramp. What are the biggest mistakes that you see
    people make? It’s amazing the number of people that launch
    their boats without the bungs in and—– Oh. Yes and with the tie downs still on and they
    wonder why they can’t get it off the trailer. Alright Kathryn, what are the top tips for
    launching a boat? Well it’s really important to make sure
    that you’re fully prepared. So make sure that you’ve got your fenders in place, lines
    that you need, and one of the important things is making sure that your trailer lights off
    if they’re not submersible and waterproof. Make sure you have a look at the lay of the
    land and any obstacles that might be in your way. What is the art to backing your boat down
    to the water? Well it’s really important just to take
    your time and make sure that the boat and the car are in a nice straight line, and then
    back back slowly. So one really important thing is to make sure that you don’t unhook
    your safety chain until you’re in the water and ready to go otherwise your boat might
    float away without you and it won’t be a very fun day. And what should we do once we get the boat
    into the water? Well it’s really important to move away
    as quickly as possible. So a lot of boat ramps these days have pontoons located nearby so
    if you move your boat to the – as far away on the pontoon as you can and tie up, and
    you can also take your car back off the boat ramp. So you’ve had a great day out on the harbour,
    now it’s time to bring your boat back, go home. What’s the art of putting your boat
    back on a trailer? Well when you’re coming in just make sure
    that the centre of the boat is lined up with the centre of the trailer. So as soon as you’re
    in far enough hook your winch on and you can winch your boat up. Move away to an area that’s
    out of the way and then you can put all your tie downs back on. Make sure it’s all secured;
    make sure the safety chain is back on and all your lights and head home. Well thanks to Kathryn I’m now feeling a
    little bit more confident when it comes to launching my boat. So there’s a couple of
    things to remember: Prepare your boat on land not in the water. Make sure that your bungs
    are in. It’s a good idea to check out the ramp at low tide before you use it and when
    it comes to backing your car down align your boat and your car. Finally the last thing
    is when it comes to retrieving the boat do it all in reverse. Well kind of.

    3 Boat Cleaning Tips & Tricks to Tackle Your Toughest Stains | BoatUS
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    3 Boat Cleaning Tips & Tricks to Tackle Your Toughest Stains | BoatUS

    October 19, 2019

    Hey there, folks! Lenny Rudow here for BoatUS Magazine. You know, when it comes to cleaning up your
    boat, there are a lot of tough chores to take care of. The internet is full of awesome tips on how
    to take care of it. But the internet is also full of some advice
    that is downright dangerous! So, today, we’re going to talk about three
    top cleaning hacks that you can use on your boat. Hack number one: mold and mildew stains on
    vinyl is really tough to get rid of. Now, you can use a chlorine-based product,
    but it will destroy your vinyl. It takes a big toll. However, OxyClean actually does a really good
    job of getting out those stains. So, we’re just gonna sprinkle a little bit
    here, give a little dose of water and a little scrubbing and some good old-fashioned elbow
    grease. Much better! Actually, this is a two-part hack. After you clean that vinyl, you want to hit
    it with some 303 Protectant. That will help keep the mold and mildew from
    getting back in there into the vinyl material. Sun-dried fish blood is another tough one
    to clean. Now the best way to handle it is, first-off,
    to give your boat a good coat of wax in the springtime so stuff cleans off easier. Second-off, scrub it and rinse it away the
    moment the fish blood gets on the gelcoat. But when you don’t manage to do that and all
    else fails, go for your Barkeeper’s Friend. Sprinkle a little bit of this stuff on that
    blood, let that sit for just a little bit, percolate, add a little bit of water, and
    then give it some good old-fashioned elbow grease. Oh yeah! That’s taking it up! There you go! Folks, this one really aggravates me. Hard water spots on my windshield. I mean, come on! I just washed the boat, and this is the reward
    I get? Hard water spots? Well, 50/50 mix of vinegar and water will
    take care of that. When you’re working on your gelcoat, if hard
    water spots are an issue, just chamois the boat as soon as you’ve washed it. Ah! Much nicer. I like that. Well, folks, I hope you found this video helpful. Don’t forget to leave your comments in the
    box below, and by all means, please subscribe to the BoatUS YouTube channel. Have a good one!

    Fishing Power Baits in Cold Water with Kevin VanDam
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    Fishing Power Baits in Cold Water with Kevin VanDam

    October 19, 2019

    We’re out here right now with the Wired2Fish
    guys and we’re on Kentucky Lake. We’re trying to follow this fall transition; we’re looking
    for shad, gravel bars, grass beds, and things like that. When you’re watching this you’re probably
    sitting at home watching the snowflakes fly and thinking about spring time early season
    fishing. One of the things I really like to do is I like to get out there early. It’s
    the time of the year when the fish really get grouped up, the water’s cold, they can
    be in a big school, and you can catch some of the biggest fish of the year. I still like to
    power fish. Some people think that when it’s real cold you’ve got to slow down and fish
    deep, and that’s not necessarily the case. The one thing that I’ve learned is I can really
    apply a lot of those same techniques. My favorite lures for fishing that winter period and early
    spring are still crankbaits. I mean yeah I’m going to have a jig, a swimbait, and a lot
    of other things ready to go. But to cover water and find bass you’ve really got to have
    three lures that I’m going to show you. First are foremost you’ve got to have a lipless
    crankbait. A 1/2 ounce Red Eyed Shad is a go-to bait for me. I’ve won a ton of money
    with this. It’s very efficient for covering flatter areas and shallower areas because
    again it sinks. On a casting retrieve this is going to get you from 0-8 foot or so. If
    you’re going a little bit deeper than that you can go up to the 3/4 ounce model and get
    it down to 10 foot or so. Fantastic if the lake you’re fishing has grass. A lot of the
    lowland reservoirs that don’t have grass it’s still perfect. Kentucky Lake, Pickwick, and
    places like that have a lot of gravel bars and even though there’s not grass on them lipless crankbaits are a great tool on a lot of those
    fish because of the water clarity being kind of low they will stay shallow even in 35 degrees
    water so you can catch a lot of fish with that. I try to use a slow retrieve, have just
    enough contact with the bottom that I can keep this bait bumping into cover and rip it out of the grass. PERFECT. A lot of the lakes that I fish maybe have
    a little steeper banks; highland reservoirs or something like that. That’s where this
    (this is a bait I’ve been looking for awhile from Strike King) it’s called a Lucky Shad.
    The unique thing about this lure is it’s got a very tight action like some other minnow
    baits do, it has a really good rattle to it, and you’ll notice that the bill is a little
    bit different. Most of these minnow baits that are on the market have a rounded bill.
    This one with that square covered bill deflects off the rocks and cover. This is a great for
    fishing rip rap, channel banks, and things like that. I typically throw this on a spinning
    rod with light line. 10 pound test is what gives it the livest action. Another thing
    with this bait is it’s designed to almost suspend. In cold water this bait will suspend,
    and in warmer water it has a slow rise to it. I like crawdad colors if i’m cranking
    the rocks and that. If it’s a clear lake and it’s coming off the bottom I’ll use a shad
    pattern. I’ll tell this makes a great jerkbait when you can get it out off the bank from
    up shallow as it comes out into deeper water. Stop it, twitch it a few times, and let it
    pause for a few seconds. It’s a great combination crankbait for rocks and to kind of use as
    a jerkbait. Which leads me to the jerkbait. The big that
    I’m really looking for this time of year is what the fish are really keying on. If they’re
    on the bottom eating crawfish it’s hard to beat that Red Eyed Shad or something like
    that Lucky Shad crankbait that is getting down into the rocks. If you’re seeing a lot of gulls around and
    shad dying on the surface you know that the bass are going to be suspended and that’s
    where a suspending jerkbait like this Strike King KVD Jerkbait really come in. I love this
    color right here this Crystal Shad if the water has some clarity to it. If it’s a little
    more stained you can use some Chartreuse Sexy Shad or something like that. The thing about the jerkbait is you’ve got
    to have clear water. These other crankbaits not so much if you’ve got stained or dirty
    water they’re still going to work. If you don’t have clear water this is not even an
    option. I like to have a least 2- 2 1/2 foot of clarity and see be able to see it that
    far down before I even pull out a jerkbait. If I’ve got really clear water that’s when
    this really shines. In the early spring or the winter time these three baits can help
    you find the fish quick and they’re still really good at catching them. I call them
    search and destroy baits and that’s what I use during this time of year.