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    How to Cast a Multiplier Fishing Reel for Beginners.
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    How to Cast a Multiplier Fishing Reel for Beginners.

    September 7, 2019

    Hi guys so today im going to do my best to show you how to cast a multiplier its the perfect conditions today to use a multiplier when you need that little bit extra distance because you need to get passed the breakers so hopefully im going to explain how to use a multiplier reel today right guys so we are down at the beach ive got my multiplier all set up ready to go ive got my rig on with my bait and im ready to cast out the first thing you want to check is to make sure you’ve got your breaks on i would suggest putting these on full if your new to casting a multiplier the next thing you want to do is put your thumb pon your spool to stop it from moving disengage the spool by pushing your leaver down or pushing your button in what this will do is disengage your handle from your spool so you can spin that and as you can see its not moving there once your set up and ready to go if you let go with your thumb obviously your weight is going to hit the floor so you have to click that back on and take that back up if you have got a leaver on and you plan on doing a bit power casting make sure your leader know is either to the left or right to the right depending where you put your thumb on so because im not power casting today im not using a knot im not using a leader sorry so basically put your thumb on disengage your spool and then go and cast out when your casting use your thumb on the side of the spool there to slow it down before it hits the water make sure you stop your spool otherwise you’ll get a bit back lash once you’ve cast out re-engage your spool and you’re ready to reel in when youve got a bite right guys when it does come time to reel in if you’ve got a fish or something all you would do is strik as you normally would like that when your relling in with this try and get this as level as possible for your next cast if you end up bunched up on this side or this side its just going to make your cast over rund the next time so if you can try and get it as level as you can just use your thumb and guide the line from one side to the other depending how fast your reeling in just reel in guide the line from side to side after a little bit practice you will get quite good at it and you will not really have to look just on a ight time its a little bit more difficult but when youve got your head light on you should be ok if youve got a leader know make sure you end up with it to either that side or that side first thing you want to do when casting your multiplier out is set the drop of your rig everybodys different everybody likes a different drop after youve set your drop make sure youve got your breaks on if you are using your breaks i would suggest you put these on full and as you get better at casting justloosen then off one by one untill you no longer need to usae them so what we are going to do is.. we’ve set our drop put our thumb on use our other had to disengage the spool and now its ready to cast out we are going to put the rod behhind us cast out as the rod comes forward you let go with your thumb obviously thats going to let the line out if you keep hold with your thumb to much you are going to end up burning your thumb and if you dont move your leader knot to the side you will end up slicing your thumb ive done that quite a few times so basically onve your all set up and youve got your drop click it out of gear and then cast as your casting you can just use your thumb there on the side of the spool and that will stop it hopefully stop you getting any over run i would suggest stopping it just befor it hits the water aswell if you dont all this will just bubble up and backlash ill show you what a nest looks like on the other multiplier because i dont want to use this one because this is the one i use for fishing all the time right guys so on this rod here im going to show you what a nest looks like if you dont use your breaks and dont controll the cast properly you’ll end up with a nest so hopefully im going to wack this out and show you what a nest is

    NASH 2015 DVD BOX SET Carp Fishing + Subtitles Complete Movie in 1080P
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    NASH 2015 DVD BOX SET Carp Fishing + Subtitles Complete Movie in 1080P

    September 7, 2019

    That’s a nice fish Lovely carp mate Hi I’m Kevin Nash and welcome to Nash Tackle 2015 We’ve got some great features for you including our social session at Teillatts in France Trust me this is a small one compared to what has been caught So sit back and enjoy I got a great shot there mate Did you? A couple of years ago when Carl used to go to college he used to take the train While I was sat on the train bored out of my mind every now and then I’d get a glimpse of water through the trees and bushes Seeing this piece of water made me desperately want to fish it I had a chat with a friend who lived in the local area He said lets go and explore and see what is in there After having a look at Google maps trying to plot our route across the fields and through the forest to try and find this water We came down just for a look a round really but eventually we came across the lake We had a look across the water and ah man Well Carl came home and told me all about it and I was buzzing with excitement It was completely overgrown with bushes and trees fallen in the water There was an island with carp just drifting around it and that was the thing that ignited this spark that I had to fish it when I spotted these carp and there were silt patches and bubbles popping on the surface We had discovered a little piece of heaven really What a beautiful morning to be here It would have been easy to stay in bed a bit longer but we wanted to be here at first light It’s when the lake is at its best really It’s such a special little place to be It’s not big there is probably 2 acres of water in front of us Just knowing that you are going to be the only people down here and have the place to yourself It’s so special really Exactly When we first arrived at the lake we did have a look up in the shallows In amongst all of the silt and the reeds and there were a few carp up there Yeah there were a few bubbles popping up on the surface It would have been very easy just to flick the rods out there straight away but we have decided to settle in a spot which we have fished in the past You have a small island over my shoulder with loads of branches hanging in the water There are always carp out there Let’s hope it’s going to be a good day The rods are out now I’ve cast one quite tight to the island and one a bit further off I’m not really sure where the fish will be but we know they will be round that island Its a really good spot out there Just corn hook baits simple stuff really You don’t need to go too complicated The key thing is making sure your hook bait is above the silt Not disappeared into that gooey horrible stuff and the hook point turned over in some leaves But we are pretty confident Yeah just had another liner We are getting plenty of line bites so we will see what happens Did you tie up any more bags Alex No I’ll do a couple more then Oh man Well done Well it’s only a baby quite possibly one of the smallest fish in the lake but I’m still happy to catch it It’s going to be lively Look at that as we were saying it’s not about the size Every carp is absolutely mint Perfect little mouth on it Sometimes you have got to appreciate the small things just to make the bigger ones that bit more special Time to get him back See ya little man Lovely Now we have got to catch a bigger one Alex I’ll net it round here Oh man look at that Oh no Come on Wow look at that The colours on this one are just incredible There you have it Normally the mirrors in here are the larger ones and the average common is just a couple of pounds like the first fish but this long lean bronze common is quite possibly the biggest common we have had from here The colours on it are incredible There are not many places we fish where the bronze and gold is this vivid Lovely lovely carp and the barbules on it They are incredible like noodles or spaghetti You are a silt muncher aren’t you little man As the day wears on we are hoping to head up into the shallows See if we can stalk out a carp or two One of the reasons that we absolutely love this place is because of the beautiful surroundings but another thing that keeps us coming back is the variety of types of carp in here You never really know when you get a bite what it’s going to be I was speaking to a guy in the village down the road from here He told me that about 20 years ago the deep bodied mirrors and chunky commons were stocked Those are the ones with massive mouths and big shoulders and long barbules We don’t know if the fish that we are catching are the same fish that were stocked 20 years ago or if they have spawned and we are catching the babies but there are also the ones that were in here before those were stocked That is the long lean wildie looking commons and that is what is most prominent in here 99 percent of the bites come from the small commons It’s great that there is a variety of different types of carp in here but the ones I love most are the mirrors They are just so special to me when I catch one They are bubbling Are they? Yeah He’s like my first one Alex but smaller Is he Yeah Well at least I have got one Carl had a couple and I though I have to get one now and eventually I did Just as we were thinking about going stalking in the shallows it ripped off A bit like Carl’s first one but as Carl said it really isn’t about the size Those perfect scales and slurping little mouth a wonderful fish Lets put you back Awesome Alex has sneaked off down the bank to see if he can find some carp to catch on the float but in this swim this is the setup we have been using to catch those commons Just an inline lead and I’m the same as everyone I hate getting into tangles so I have put a tail rubber on the top and on the bottom of the lead Just to stop the braid wrapping round it As for the braid it is six or seven inches of Combi-Link down to a size 10 hook Two pieces of Mutant Corn and that sinks really slowly down to the bottom The main reason for that is when a carp comes along and he is slurping all the pellet in the PVA bag that will just whizz straight up into his mouth and hopefully we will get a bite Whilst Alex heads down there looking for some carp I’m going to get a new PVA bag on and chuck it out by the island I’ve left Carl with the bottom baits but I’ve seen some bubbles and swirls coming up and I can’t resist giving it a go What I’m going to do is flick a little float down there with a bit of bread and see if one of those carp take it No just missed it There is a carp just down there Just missed another one this is really exciting stuff They are bubbling away probably feeding on naturals and one of them just took my bread but annoyingly I struck out of it There are still a few down there though so I’ll give it another go Yes Boy was that exciting Just saw that line and float whizz across the surface It looks like another small common Come on I’ve got one It’s another small common What exciting stuff though On the float Yes Skills Have you already unhooked it It came out in the net It’s covered in silt Really long and lean this one What a nice one and what a way to catch it Was it by the pads Yeah by the pads Good spot Yeah they were bubbling away and this one took my bread Well done I’m definitely going to go up to the shallows I’ve reeled in the bottom bait rods because there is just nothing doing really and I’ve seen a few carp drifting around on the top I’m heading up to where I saw a few carp earlier A few of the better ones I’ve decided to get some floaters out a load of nice floating pellets and my catapult I think what I’ll do is get some floaters out there on the surface and see if any of the better fish come up Surface fishing I think is going to be the only way to pick out the better fish It’s the only way that you can detect a carp put your bait out to it and hopefully catch it So lets get these floaters out and see if we can get some decent fish taking It is just like a jungle up here trying to get through all the brambles but it’s certainly worth it As you can see Alex is on the other bank He’s trying to stalk one out from behind the pads I went up with the mixers trying to get the fish on the top There weren’t really many on the top but they were bubbling like crazy So I’ve got the rod tied on a hook and I’ve got to go ands try and catch one I’ve just missed another bite on the float Exciting stuff but sometimes you do miss a few but it’s getting warmer and I have seen a fews carp on the top slurping around so I think Carl and I will give it a go with over depth zigs on the surface and try and get a few more fish and hopefully one of the mirrors Well this is the swim we are going to try and tempt one off the top in There are a few fish out there I’m going to go with an over depth zig Fish the lead on the bottom and the line just laying on the surface and just sit and wait until one of the fish comes and hooks itself I’m going to use an on the top approach with a Bolt Machine Zig Flo hook link and an imitation mixer so the bait doesn’t keep coming off It means you can cast as many times as you like and the bait is not going to fly off It stays on perfectly Exactly Right lets get the rods out Recast He’s going right up to it Yes Alex That’s decent Hang on other side Oh man that’s decent as well What is it Can’t tell Just got to get him in the net Is it a common Yeah Decent Look at him swimming in He took it so quickly He took it straight away Here we go Yes He’s going mental There we go Perfectly hooked and it’s so different to the other commons we were catching It’s so deep-bodied Look at that This one has actually got a massive mouth The other small commons they didn’t have big mouths like this one What an awesome fish and off the surface as well Epic fishing Let’s get him back Yes No way He’s going towards the pads No That happens You’re in It jumped out of the water Alex Yes It might be I don’t know It looks like it No it’s a common Alex It’s a mirror Is it Yes Go for it Yes bruv Come on Good skills Well it’s taken all day but eventually we have got a mirror in the net The little commons kept getting in the way but we’ve got him in the net Alex Now that is a proper little carp Eventually we have managed to catch what we were after A beautiful linear carp and there aren’t many of them in here are there No definitely not mostly commons Perseverance has paid off this time and we have managed to catch one of the beautiful liners that are in here We have had a few fish now including this one but I think we will call it a day now No exactly we have had a few fish We have had the action we were after I hope it inspires you that there are places out there There are little secrets So go and find your own Excellent Ok so here I am about to board the tunnel It was about this time last year that myself and Alan Blair headed off on what turned out to be our Eurobanx mission Today I’m flying solo and I’m heading down to Provence I went down there in the summer with my other half and my mum and dad It wasn’t a fishing holiday but being keen I put a couple of rods in Sneaked them in and sneaked a bit of bait in Anyway it turned out one of our French consultants Remy put me onto a big public lake One of his favourite lakes that happened to be just 5 minutes up the road from where we were staying Obviously I managed to wangle a couple of mornings there The day before I was going to fish I went up to the lake and had a good walk round I took some bait with me in fact all the bait that I had I was going to put all my eggs in one basket swim it out and fish over it the following morning So the following morning came and the swim was alive There were loads of fish there obviously well on the bait At about 11am I finally had a proper take and I hooked my first carp It was a good one as well I lost in in a reed bed I was just on the verge of swimming out to get it I’d managed to get it right back through 30 or 40 yards of reeds just a bit at a time keeping the pressure on but I lost it I kinda knew that it would be my only chance so I was a bit gutted Anyway I asked Remy to let me know next time he was heading up there and I managed to wangle enough time off to go and meet him for four days So that’s the plan I’m on my way down there now so I’ve got a massive drive ahead of me It’s 681 miles the satnav is saying I’m going to try and do it all in one hit I’ve got Haribo fizzy drinks and a lot of willpower so let’s see how we get on See you on the other side Once across the channel I made relentless progress down the Autoroutes A toll tag makes the toll plazas far less of a pain when you are travelling alone meaning you don’t even have to stop let alone jump out and run round the van to pay and I was very glad of it That’s how we roll Well I’ve made it that was a mammoth drive I’m absolutely shattered Big shout out to Haribo Tango and my good old iPod for keeping me going So Remy is turning up first thing in the morning It’s now about 11.30pm I’m going to get the bedchair out and try and get a few hours kip It was just getting light when a car pulled up It felt like I had barely closed my eyes but I dragged myself out of my pit and greeted Remy It took two tiring trips each to get all the gear down and as I wheeled the last of it to the spot I tried not think about the inevitable return journey which would be back up that steep hill Not lovely times We got all the kit and the rods sorted and tied up fresh rigs We were going to be using Remy’s boat to place the rigs and bait up Once you got to the bottom of the marginal shelf the lakebed was pretty flat reading a steady 2.9 metres which made choosing spots simple It was just a case of bouncing the lead on the bottom Feeling for a slightly firmer area in the soft silt From his previous experience Remy reckoned that the fish spent most of their time out in the middle of the lake It was just a case of making our own feature and using bait to draw the fish in Using the boat Remy positioned three H-block markers out in a line covering the middle of the lake some 300 yards out One by one we towed a rod either side of each A few yards short to ensure that any hooked fish wouldn’t kite straight through the marker Over the top of each bait was scattered A kilo of 20mm boilies Although we had plenty of bait at our disposal we were basically fishing for a bite at a time By lunchtime we had everything sorted and retired to the shade to recover On Remy’s previous trips to the lake the the first 24 hours had been slow with the action building through the second day There wasn’t much time to rest however as one of Remy’s rods was away within an hour Well we were just making a cup of tea Remy only put his rods out at midday so they have been out about an hour and already one of them is away which I hope is a good sign Remy is it the Key Yes instant Instant It’s hard to persuade people that a new bait is a wonder bait Remy has lots of confidence in what he uses When I showed him the Key he didn’t turn his nose up but he wasn’t that impressed by it He said after the first run then he will be impressed Well it’s not taken long Judging by Remy’s serious demeanour it was feeling like a good one but just a few yards from the bank the rig came flying back attached to another rig that the carp had been trailing Someone else It wasn’t too long before one of my rods was also away It’s round the second marker If I look worried it’s because I am With knees shaking I eased it in but soon it was clear that something wasn’t right The fish hooked off the right hand marker had kited left and picked up the middle marker Big problem was Remy’s response and he wasted no time in stripping off and swimming out in an attempt to untangle them He swam the hundred yards or so out to where the marker was being slowly towed and after a bit of knit one pearl one he freed my line Leaving me once again connected to the fish However the hook hold must have been weakened as just a few seconds later the hook pulled Well unfortunately that one fell off We were up at first light to do the rods and I was greeted by the sight of a sack in the margin Remy was pleased with what sat quietly sluing within and rightly so It was a lovely chestnut coloured upper 30 mirror A fish that he had actually caught before on a previous trip Good Ok No sooner had we sat down for breakfast then I had a bite It’s nearly here After a dogged battle I was soon leading my first carp of the trip over the net cord Yeah my friend first fish from this lake It was a lovely mirror no whacker but I couldn’t have cared less I’d finally banked one and that was enough reward for me Well chuffed It looked like things were picking up but actually that was all the action for the day aside from another hook pull at range for Remy in the afternoon Once again as dusk fell the lake quietened down and it was time to redo the rods properly with the boat The moon rose up over the trees and tonight it was full The Harvest moon It was bizarre how bright it was and we stayed up listening for fish and chatting As we were thinking about retiring for the night one of Remy’s alarms let out a series of beeps On the rod in a flash he walked back to clear the fish from the markers before stepping into the boat and disappearing off into the moonlight returning a short while later with a carp in the net That signalled the start of a busy night for Remy and by morning there were four good 20lbers resting in sacks in the margin Bon Remy With the fish safely returned Remy disappeared off to the supermarket for some supplies leaving me minding the rods I was sat enjoying the morning sun when my middle rod roared off Slowly but surely I lead in what felt like a better fish and after a bit of wallowing in and out of the weed I netted what looked like a good 30 maybe even a 40 This is what I had driven all that way for I sat waiting for Remy to return with a big smile on my face He returned just in the nick of time walking back into the swim just as one of his rods ripped off Immediately this looked to be a good fish It kited hard right taking line and forcing Remy to jump in and follow it down the margin By the time I had caught up with the net and camera a dogged battle had ensued in the marginal weed about 100 yards down the bank with Remy up to his neck in water and a powerful carp repeatedly trying to bury itself in the weed Thankyou Well the fish has kited right and Remy has had to wade down It’s a powerful carp After a night of small fish Remy has his reward by the looks of things Yes Big fish Epic combat epic fight Very big fish On the Key On the Key big fish bait and small fish bait Back in the swim we got on with weighing and photographing both fish A monster Very monster Look crayfish Oui That is why the mouth is good Hard mouth Mussel cases Hungry fish It was clearly blocked up and on the mat it became apparent why The fish passing the remains of at least 10 crayfish along with zebra mussel shells and some Key boilies The smell of it all was disgusting Not good Ah it stinks man 24.4kg That’s more than 55lb Big fish Mine an upper 30 It’s Ok go Remy is in again just as we are photographing my fish Crazy morning 3 bites really quickly They are obviously well on the bait today With Remy’s side of the swim producing the majority of the bites we decided to rotate takes and it wasn’t long before I found myself playing one on one of his Scopes It was a strange fight the fish swimming straight towards me before waking up under the rod tip Crazy morning Crazy morning man Common It turned out to be the first common of the trip a long lean upper 20 Autofocus Oui Photo Very lively He’s gone Oh no Lovely times Remy was clearly over the moon It was what he had come for and for him the pressure was off Yes man With the sun blazing and the action subsided we sat down in the shade and cooked up a well earned steak sandwich Another afternoon bite brought another good fish for Remy this one a chunky mirror of just over 40lb Yes good fish 18 kilos a very nice carp Good angling Next After his busy night the night before and clearly exhausted Remy insisted that I was on rod duty that night and it turned out to be another busy night Four times the rod went off and each time I hopped into the boat and headed out into the moonlight to do battle with a carp out in the open water The fish all fought incredibly hard towing me round in the half light of the Harvest moon By the time it was starting to get light it was me that had been up all night with three carp languishing in sacks for the morning photo call and one lost Ready The carp yesterday showing way beyond the markers were today showing this side of them Although we were sticking to a kilo of bait per rod the action on the spots was building and the takes kept coming First another lean common for Remy Then what felt like a better fish for me later in the afternoon after I had swum the rig back out The fish came in doggedly and with the band of marginal weed a constant worry I took to the boat to try and keep it clear However this fish refused to come up and it towed me back and forth in front of the rods for an age eventually forcing me back to the bank to coax it to the surface Now yes Strong fish Surprisingly it wasn’t quite as big as the power of the fight suggested but I wasn’t complaining at another characterful upper 30 And what a battle it had given me One by one the remaining rods went The result of this was a long lean common each and in between I lost what looked to be a really good mirror long and yellow After another powerful fight it was actually seeing the fish that was the annoying part If I hadn’t I could have convinced myself that it was a smaller one It rolled on the surface a few yards from the net before diving through the weed and cutting the mainline clean above the leader Very likely on a bunch of zebra mussels We were both gutted but that’s the nature of this big pit fishing For this session with Oli I am using a very simple setup I have a mono leader of around 10 meters of .60mm There are sunken obstacles and this protects the first few metres of line Next I have a Diffusion Camo lead clip with a 4oz lead We are fishing at long distance but there is a lot of silt on the lakebed A 4 oz lead won’t sink too deep into the silt Next I have a hook link of 30cm of Armourlink It is very supple and abrasion resistant in the 35lb I have never had a problem and have caught many good fish using it I am using a snowman rig with a 20mm boilie and 15mm pop-up I use a size 6 Fang Twister It is a superb strong hook I use a tiny hook bead to position the hair on the bend of the hook I am using a very long hook link because of the depth of the silt I don’t want the hook bait to disappear into it Because the hook link is supple when the lead sinks into the silt the presentation remains perfect Just a small anti tangle sleeve to finish off And there you go A very simple but very effective rig With dusk falling we repositioned all six rods again hoping for one more last fish It wasn’t late when my right hand rod on Remy’s big fish spot and quiet for the previous three days rattled off and I found myself attached to a weighty fish that took line I had it on for a couple of minutes in the darkness making no impression and then the hook pulled Perhaps I should have gone out in the boat but with a flat battery I decided to take my chances and play it from the bank Hindsight is a wonderful thing There was no rush to leave in the morning so it was a lazy final breakfast and pack down Just the last couple of rods were left when out of the blue I had another violent take The last fish Au revois les Anglais Au revois France One last fish I wasn’t expecting this one to go as I’m pretty sure it was picked up last night Nice fish Very dark Not big but very nice fish In he comes yes beautiful I banked my final carp of the adventure a lovely mid 20 mirror With the pictures done and the last of the gear packed down it was time for the final tortuous push through the steep vineyard to the cars Very unfit my friend you go ahead It was hot exhausting almost to the point of collapse but it didn’t matter a jot It had been a great trip and we were both flying Although I hadn’t banked any giants myself I had seen one in the flesh and I felt like I had settled the score and in the process I had made a great friend 783 miles Long journey Lets go Yeah Lovely times Well even though the sun is shining it’s a freezing cold February day but I’m sat here with a smile on my face optimistic of a bite Why because I have got all my rods out on zigs I could have turned up today with a single hook bait approach Chucked a nice bright tutti about or a little white Citruz and tried to nick a bite like that but instead I’ve decided to suspend all my baits off the bottom at various depths Get a lure in front of them and hopefully the will suck it in I believe that is your best chance of getting a bite in freezing cold conditions I use the word lure as I believe that is in effect what I am doing I think there are fish out there at the moment that have no intention of feeding so I want something nice and bright and visual chucking out loads of attraction with the hope that they will approach it and potentially suck it in I think the best bit of advice I can give you is if there is some doubt in your mind about zigging or you have not done it very much Get out there with a friend and go and have a day sloppy spodding By that I mean go and find a venue that is stuffed full of carp Get the spod rod out and create a nice cloudy ground bait mix with no big particles in it Regularly apply it to an area and fish the zigs over the top It’s a really exciting day’s fishing it keeps you nice and active and I promise you if you keep the feed going in you will catch plenty of fish The nature of the method is you are applying a bait that doesn’t have any food particles in it The water clouds up the fish are attracted to that and of course the sound of the spod landing and what do they find Your zig hook bait amongst it It is dead simple you can use an adjustable or a fixed zig rig Anything from pop-ups to bits of cork little bits of foam bugs It really is exciting you will have multiple takes To be honest the biggest thing it will do for you and your future fishing is it will allow you to believe that carp can be caught off the deck It will then give you the confidence to take the method to a more challenging water and catch the fish you are really after Zigging is a massive part of my armoury now and to be honest it’s not just in the winter It’s right through the seasons Spring Summer Autumn It’s one of those methods I truly believe fish can always be caught There really isn’t a right or wrong answer as to what bug to use and there are so many options available now but what is really important is to pack them full of attraction and flavour I want those fish to home in on it and instantly want to suck it into their mouth I’ve mention how zigging is my number one tactic to get a bite in the winter months but it goes right through the year as well and I love nothing more than drifting that Riser Pellet out over the surface fishing zigs underneath or laying on top I’ve been stunned over the last few years how many fish I have caught with this method I used to be a passionate surface angler and I don’t know whether it’s because I am getting lazy or just greedy and wanting to catch more fish but now I actually put my floater rod to one side and instead opt to use two or three rods with zigs out there It allows me to regulate the feed more It allows me to drift the Riser Pellet out keeping a really close eye on how many fish are in the area How much food they are eating Introduce more food accordingly It allows me to fish multiple rods meaning I can catch more fish I’ve got approximately 3 foot of zig flo and that is just popping straight up off the lead the aim to to lay on just 2 or 3cm and no more than 10 or 12cm if it is laying on the surface too much you get aborted takes it is important to get it nice and tight to the surface So when they do suck it in they cme straight into contact with the lead and you have seen the takes it gets the heart going It’s one of those lovely afternoons got the magazine feature done and now we are just enjoying the sun catching carp I should have been working but I sneaked a quick cast with Alan’s rod and it was well worth it It’s got to be done mate They dont come much better than that! Lets put him back And I will get back to work! And there you have it a stunning Chigboro carp caught on a zig bug just under the surface with a big drift of riser pellet over the top I think with a bit more bait out there there is plenty more like this to be caught They keep coming thick and fast but I think thats about it lads? I’m not alowed to cast out again! we are going to call this a wrap it’s been a great day I’ve said it before and I will say it again Enjoy Overdepth zigs or zigs just under the surface is definitely my number one tactic for those warmer months Movement in your rig and setup is so underestimated in carp fishing We all fish static legered bottom baits but one of my deadliest tips when surface fishing is to twitch the hook bait slowly back towards me Literally just half a turn on the reel and often the fish will come up and snatch at it and zigging is no different I’m fishing a bait out there suspended off the lake bed I’ve already picked a nice visual bug I’ve packed it full of attraction and flavour I want it to move With the adjustable zig rig I can sit by my rod and twitch the line Slow pulls down let it rise back up quickly big long twitches Basically trying to put some movement into that bug to further enhance the attraction and draw that fish in to want to take it The same goes for recasting I’m not just going to sit there all day long and wait for those fish to come to me I’m going to spend some time casting around the different areas trying different depths Trying different bugs Basically working my socks off to do everything I can to get one of those bugs or hook baits in front of a fish and hopefully get it to suck it in So there you have it a quick guide to my thoughts on zig fishing It’s a method I am massively passionate about I won’t go anywhere without a box of bugs I won’t go anywhere without considering that those fish might not be feeding and potentially that I stand more of a chance catching by presenting a Zig Bug to them Hi my name is Alfie and this year has been one of my best ever I had an idea of what I did want and what I wanted to achieve but I didn’t think it was actually possible in the time that I’ve had to get out and go fishing I have been fortunate with what I have succeeded doing this year put it that way It’s been quite incredible to be honest It all started last year from the autumn fishing quite a big water not far from home I knew there were some nice carp in there big carp as well I had seen some pictures I didn’t have many I had one and I did a few trips I thought in the spring I would give it a proper go In January and February I started to bait and properly get my head into it Not fishing but thinking about it a lot That’s when it progressed to spring and I started fishing to be honest Let that defrost Lovely times In the end I didn’t do a lot of sessions because the hard work had already been done in the previous weeks So like I said the baiting and the looking and all the preparation was done beforehand I ended up with 24 bites and landed 23 12 thirty pounders to 39lb I like to do a campaign when it’s big carp time in spring or autumn Get into it get my head into a water Think about what I want out of those few weeks About what I want to achieve and be happy with what I have achieved and pull off after not killing it off but finishing off on a high note and not dragging it out wanting to catch everything When I am happy I will pull off and go back to it next spring or summer You weasel sleeping in my bed Chod box Chod Twisters Leader material All my choddies ready Some leads More leaders ready my normal ones Chod Link Putty Crochet needle Tiny pop-ups for fishing snowmen Old dumping ground Everything I need for a chod Pop-ups I’ve put some sweetener on these Once they dry out they will be super sweet That’s it I’ve got two stunning old carp here I do like catching big ones but these ones are not massive they are only low doubles but as you can see they are absolutely stunning Jet black immaculate just prime old carp They are probably older than me these two Probably about 25 to 30 years old maybe I caught them today from a quiet un-fished stretch of river As you can see it just speaks for itself The summer came and I didn’t know quite what I wanted to do I wanted to do some river carping as I hadn’t done a lot so I started looking for a little river The only one close to home is the Coppermill Stream which is on the Walthamstow complex I know it holds some lovely fish and I thought yeah it would be worth a go Also the River Lea at Hackney and Tottenham lock In between there those stretches of the Lea I know hold some big carp It’s quite long it’s not really wide but it’s a bit of a mad one It’s quite urban You’ve got flats loads of tramps loads of kids Tottenham and Hackney is not the smoothest of areas so I had to be a little bit careful There’s an angler over there I don’t know if he’s a carp angler Does he know what I know I don’t know much literally just saw a few carp and thought bingo Game on lets try and catch them Yeah a few spots I’d heard of carp coming from I had a look My first few sessions not sessions fishing but baiting and looking preparation I found carp and I started to feed them I was mainly baiting with boilies 20mm and 15mm as there is quite a population of bream there Some sweetcorn as well I know bream will get on it but there are quite a few small carp in there and I know they would be really interested in the corn Oh my god one just rolled right there What a joke that was no bream Look he is bubbling up as well I know exactly where to bait man I’m going to bait this channel and this main point here The mouth of this It’s just such a perfect time to watch the river man Early morning And again Here Liking that Don’t bite me Bombs away Do you want some corn you like that Off home now a little one hour bait up This is the little stream Look there’s one see it down there I’ve not seen them this far up That’s quite exciting to be honest He was quite a big one that one 20lb common I reckon Look there he goes down there I can see him Whether it’s the same fish Yeah it looks quite big 20lber swimming down river Where I was fishing there is a concrete structure that comes up It’s like a pipe of some sort You can get up on it and on sunny days you can see the carp coming over this shallow area as they come round the point I saw a good common there a good 30lber so I knew there was big fish in the area I only did one or two sessions down there didn’t catch one but they are definitely there I didn’t quite get round to it because I ended up on the stream and I was enjoying my time on there all summer The Coppermill is not a long river that is the main thing During the few weeks that I wanted to fish it or two months should I say I knew it wasn’t going to be a big chore I just wanted to enjoy myself and I knew the river only being 1 and a half miles long crystal clear and not wide at all I knew that the fish would be easy to find I have seen carp in there over the past few years I know spots I know where they like to hang out just walking round being nosey The carp are lovely It was stocked when the reservoirs were stocked a good few years ago With I think 100 to 200 carp I got told And yeah there are some nice ones coming through the stockies They are lovely they are all jet black and adapted to their environment I was excited to say the least I actually went up with my cousin Didn’t bait just went up on the off chance I knew a few little snaggy areas that the fish got in Look see over there the tail is moving That one just weaving his way in he’s about 30lb What happened He sucked it in and spat it out He spat it out Yeah One spot in particular I visited over the years the carp always seemed to love it there It was a gravel spot on the side of the rubbing stick close to the bank Only within 2 feet maybe The bank sloped away into about 3 or 4 feet on the gravel run I had a big tree that I’d stand on You looked into the whole clear area in between the two sets of snags either side I managed to get them feeding quickly in the snags and I caught a little common of about 7 or 8lb It was my first proper river fish and I was chuffed to bits to get that first fish out of the way and get the summer on the river rocking I had a big common in the swim that I saw come in A good 30lber 31 to 33 pounds Came into the swim picked up my bait and spat it out A few other fish a big mirror as well of upper 20’s It sort of proved that there needed to be some changes to outwit these bigger carp They are definitely originals of the river not the little stockies that have come in At first that session I had 8 inches of hook link Just a little snowman hook bait on a blowback rig A simple go anywhere sort of rig The bottom is gravel and those big fish were doing me definitely The rig was quite long and they were getting rid of the bait quite easily So I nailed my rig down right to about 2 or 3 inches Not even that A big sharp size 4 hook And a tiny hair really tight with just half a chop on there I also used a rig called the Multi Rig I’ll quickly tie one up just to show you A very simple rig I’ve just got 25lb Combi Link here in silt Coated all the way through All you do is make two loops Just an overhand loop One to attach to your lead via a loop to loop and one that you attach your hook onto I’ve been using the size 6 and size 5 Twisters throughout the summer for my pop-up fishing Very sharp and very strong reliable hook Just perfect for the situation once again One of my pals showed me this little trick Literally a tiny 3mm hook bead pierced onto the shank of the hook like so Really really simple once again nothing too complicated Pass it through like so So just the hook threaded on then your rig ring Then all you do is pass this loop over the hook like so Pull it down and just let the material sit above that hook bead On the cast that will not slip but when you get a bite it will pull down Nice I have a tiny little break at the bottom as well and attach a little pop-up weight like so So that will just sit popped up off the deck nice and flat Really simple you can change your hook as well very quickly Just reverse pop it out and take the rig ring off slide a new hook on It’s a little edge It’s a very neat easy and effective rig to tie The little ones they were picking it up I was nailing them They weren’t really getting away with it Until one fish a big linear came along I tipped my chop off with a bit of pink as I was stalking in another swim in the open Right against the bank this big linear was showing himself Swimming up and down with his mates having fun He picked up my bait once and ejected it then I hooked him and I saw him shake the rig out I hooked him and he shook it out The swim actually in the snag they were using a stick to rub on I didn’t want to remove that snag which was quite easily removed Just waders saw it off take it out But if that wasn’t there it would probably be a different ball game They wouldn’t be happy there as that’s their little rubbing stick I think It wasn’t too much of a problem I just had to be on the rod quite quickly Jump out of the tree and get them above it so they couldn’t go under the snags because it is pretty shallow just 3 feet Come on He’s clocked it He’s clocked it He’s clocked it Easy as that I totally knew every fish I caught out of the Coppermill I would so called stalk it I would see it pick up the hook bait I’d watch everything I could watch how the fish would behave In the snag I was seeing different fish regularly The same fish regularly I started to give them names a few of them I worked out each way they would come in Past this certain tree going under it and coming back and feeding again at the run They wouldn’t feed facing downstream Oli Sorry the Gopro fell off my nut Yes! There are still carp in the swim My hook bait was stuck under this little stick where one ejected me Sucked it in and ejected it I put a bag of pellet on so they are sieving through and I’m watching the pellet fall out of their gills while they are chewing up in the water then dropping back down I just fished a chop and where he has ejected me and hasn’t properly got it in his mouth He sucked the pellet and got the hook bait sort of caught in the corner When he has blown he has blown it under a stick I saw this one go down and he sucked at it and he’s not quite got it in his mouth Then he sucked a little bit harder just to get that chop and bang Nailed him saw him shake his head and head towards the snags To be honest I thought it would be a lot hairier It shows these Sawn Offs are good powerful little rods for this type of fishing in the edge They can handle well hard fighting river carp under bushes can’t they I’m chuffed I’m chuffed Proper angry river common What a stunning stunning fish I caught one on the bottom bait and the fish were still in the swim but they weren’t feeding They were a bit wary so I decided to put a pop-up on A bright one in their face and one nailed it straight away and that was an eye opener for me I always use the same colour a washed out pink Not too in their face They really seem to go for that one I’ve tried yellows and whites and they know something is a little bit wrong but the pinks did do the business Yes you got him Literally that din’t take long at all I watched him come and feed down here on the normal spot then go round the back of the snags A bit of a hairy fight because he got caught up in a little bit of sunken foliage He clocked the pop-up from about a rod length away and was just homing in on it I put a lot of sweetener on the pop-ups as well and especially in a river the sweeteners leak off the pop-ups He literally tasted saw it it smelt it bang on it nailed A lot of the fights were no longer than a minute tops 30 maybe 40 seconds Touch wood still to this day I haven’t lost one in there or had a hook pull or cut me off by going under the snag So quite a good ratio And yeah I didn’t kill it and I always gave them some munch when I left so I knew they wouldn’t be far away each trip One mirror I saw quite a few times he was a 20lber He was a nice one he had a bit of a waddle to him so I started calling him Waddle Chris Waddle He evaded me a few times I had one of his mates as well they both came in and were feeding My rig was picked up and I hooked his mate He was there on my next session in the snag again just going about his business I managed to entice him onto the gravel patch and managed to catch him It was good after watching him for a few trips to finally get him in the net and he sure did waddle he didn’t put up a fight at all which was quite good I didn’t want him to scrap so yeah he went in the net first time I put a fair bit of bait in but they did really enjoy eating it Every fish enjoyed eating it The same bait that did really well for me in the spring everywhere I’ve gone to be honest It’s called the Key It’s really good for fish that haven’t seen a lot of boilies I found My fishing These river fish they loved that bait they certainly did The swim on the river if I was fishing the snag would sometimes be quiet for an hour or two So instead of sitting there being bored looking I would look up and down the river again Trickle a little bit of bait in and walk round the reservoirs It’s really quiet in the week over there like most day tickets They get packed on the weekends but in the week they see no pressure I did that quite regularly in the end Walking round the reservoirs fishing on fish because it doesn’t take long when you are on them Casting singles at showing fish I did actually manage a few bonus fish in the end doing that Fishing to showing fish on the 2 and 3 and dropping back on the river for an hour Bouncing between the ressies and the river in the end Beautiful little one Stalked him just in the edge One particular day I think I had six bites in an hour and a half Fishing on the number 3 ressie on a sunny day and caught two from the river as well so I had eight fish from the complex I knew he was going to do that That was quite a memorable day that was wicked The big common I saw at first the 30lber I didn’t see again unfortunately He disappeared These fish are elusive The river is full of cabbages and weed and I have seen them sitting under the weed The big common I generally saw regularly and was feeding regularly I’ve had it feeding with fish and hooked another one in the process I put as an upper 20 and yeah I saw him quite a few times One day I got lucky and managed to catch him Yeah that’s perfect That day it was a weird day I saw a few fish in the swim Not loads Not as many as I have seen before but generally they were bigger fish 20lbers Most of the fish I had been catching had been doubles and little commons mainly He was in the swim with a few mates and it felt good for a bigger fish that day I can’t explain it but the whole aroma in the air was that it was going to be a big fish day It was a bit of chopping and changing thinking what to do A bit of a gamble but in the end I did the right thing I had a good few fish feeding down on the normal gravel spot and I’ve caught one on the other side of the stick where they sit They sit there after feeding then the’ll come back round the stick feed again on the gravel run then go back under and chill out and have a little chew on the baits They were feeding hard and I was fishing for a bite at that stage Just to quickly nick one on a bright hook bait and they were munching really savagely on the spot Drifting over sitting there looking at the pop-up They were a bit hesitant Half an hour had gone with two good 20lbers maybe another 20lber and two little commons in the swim feeding hard on the gravel I though yeah it’s time to put it on that spot So once the fish had drifted out of the area and I watched the big common drift downstream I quickly hopped out of the tree Reeled in dropped it on the spot jumped back up the tree I saw he had gone round the back of the stick He was sat quite high up in the water came over the sticks Saw my pop-up straight away went down and nailed it Nailed him Yes Yes The fight was really quick I don’t think it was any longer than 10 seconds Yes that is what we come for I was buzzing a river PB and a really stunning fish We got him Proper river carp Got a lovely pristine big old mouth on it He couldn’t resist the pop-up and he certainly loved the boilies as well this one Well chuffed I have stalked the odd fish in the past Stalked them on floaters on day tickets and such Most of my fishing is done on park lakes and busy venues or at night guesting You can’t really do that kind of thing and I do miss out on it Thats’s what I really wanted to do this summer and I knew the Coppermill was a good place to do it Crystal clear Every bite I could see the fish take my bait and it’s just heart stopping stuff Watching fish from years up stream clocking my hook bait the little bright ones Heading straight for it and nailing it I really did enjoy my summer on there and definitely will be going back for more in the future I reckon And I think that there are one or two 30lbers in the river that might be worth going for as well in the future Four years ago from a seemingly simple innovation the shackles were broken The frustration of encumberment was removed and the instinct of the hunter reawakened with the realisation that we had allowed ourselves to become imprisoned by the doctrine of our current peers seeking their own gains The essence ethos and passion had been lost The pursuit was replaced with burden Finally Kevin admitted the truth He wasn’t enjoying it Unwittingly he had become influenced This wasn’t carping anymore He was following rather than leading and most of all he had lost his freedom The ethos of the true carper had been lost the passion diluted The instinct to hunt replaced by ambush That all changed with the rods Kevin Nash had become a carp angler again The burden was removed the mobility the passion and the desire to seek returned With it came focus energy the return of commitment and of course the results followed The legacy of Scope was born and the greatest change in carp fishing for decades evolved Scope carp rods in 9 and 10 foot lengths became understood for what they were A revelation in mobility usability and versatility The word soon travelled and carp anglers throughout the UK and Europe recognised the edge as they joined the rebellion Ideas and desires were recognised and so we have now satisfied our followers with the launch of of special 9 and 10 foot Scope Corks in 3lb and 3.5lb test curves 2.25lb and 1.75lb in 9 and 10 foot models for such diversity as floater fishing up close stalking and now for the specimen river angler And there is one more the heralded 6ft 3lb Sawn Off is joined by a 2lb version With the Scope Backpack or Rucksack comes the freedom of mobility protection and security and last minute flexibility Kevin was on it again loving his carp fishing and it took on a new dimension He was no longer breaking his balls struggling through marsh and reed on the Big Pit Now he saw the small windows of just a couple of hours for opportunist captures But for Kevin Scope was still incomplete with what he saw as two pieces of the jigsaw still to find Try as he might he had been stripping his Sleep System back and putting it into his rucksack It was still as struggle with a traditional sized bedchair The length of a Groundhog Brolly was doable but just didn’t make sense with the rest of his kit being 44 inches Like most of the best ideas the solutions were simple and they were staring him in the face The Scope Ops Bed utilises a four fold frame to reduce the cumbersome carrying depth and enhance compactness in the Sleep System format with climactic control providing comfort on the most humid of nights and total insulation on the coldest Mobility is ensured with it’s dedicated carry bag Now we can quite literally walk for miles Bed rucksack five rods and all The bivvy burden had been solved with the diminutive and ultralight Scope Bivvy but for many just like Kevin a brolly is the only way The answer was sitting above him Take his trusty Groundhog and hinge the ribs to achieve a 44 inch pack down size and an incredibly light 3.6 kilos The Scope Recon Brolly is a modern take on Kevin’s original design compacted to 44 inches with cover for a seat or bed chair and angler Now the amazing story of Scope and it’s journey is complete The purity of our beloved pursuit is restored The hunter and his instincts are reawakened the burden abolished the shackles broken Scope for the future My names Steve Sinclair I’m married with four children Full time job part time fisherman We are at the Essex Manor AKA Dollop City home of some of the best fish in the country I did fish here 18 years ago and I decided to come back I heard about all of the big fish and wanted to try and catch a few myself I live about 15 minutes up the road I suppose 5 or 6 miles Pretty handy I can get over regularly and walk round and put a bit of bait in Just generally keep my finger on the pulse The lake is an irrigation pond really Depth vary depending on the time of year It can fluctuate as much as 4 feet in a month So you can be fishing a spot in the edge and a month later it’s gone It’s in inches of water It shelves out to 25 to 30 feet depending on the time of year You have got a marginal shelf covered in blanket weed Once you go past that it’s pretty much clear bottom all over It just varies whether you are fishing on hard spots soft spots clay Because of the depth you can be fishing out in the middle and the fish are 20 feet away from you still It’s when they come in the edge that they are really catchable That’s when you have to be stealthy quiet and make sure your rigs are in place before they get there The fish are fished for all the time and it doesn’t take a lot to spook them out of the swim There are roughly 80 to 100 carp in here I’d say at the right time of year 20 to 25 40’s There has got to be a good 40 fish over 30lb The rest of them are made up of 20’s You have got to be very unlucky to catch anything under 20lb This is my fourth season now so I came back here not really expecting to pull up any trees It went better than I thought First day on four hours in I had a fish known as Stella at 44lb 12oz It couldn’t have gone any better really After that mate I was flying really 2 weeks later I had the Northern Lin the biggest fish in the lake at 48lb It was a dream come true I thought it would take me years to catch those fish and two weeks in I’d had them both The first season started really well To be honest the first three months the lake fished the best it has since I have been a member It seemed like every time I came over it was doing 4 or 5 fish a day The the water went down dropping from 23 feet to 15 feet in a couple of months It had a dramatic effect on the overall fishing It went from being relatively easy to doing a couple of bites a week There are a lot of guys come over here its a pressured lake so a couple of bites a week is not easy fishing Although people who don’t fish here would have you believe otherwise So yeah it dried up at the end of the year By the autumn I was struggling for bites I couldn’t wait for the start of spring again really I finished up on 24 fish and managed to get three of the good ones I was quite pleased really for my first season better than I expected but with it starting so well I maybe thought I might have got into a few more good fish The second season started pretty well It was only a few weeks in and I had a fish known as Joe’s which hadn’t actually been caught for two years I caught that and things were going really well It was the start of September I think when I actually snapped my ankle in the Car Park swim Running down the steps for what turned out to be a duck take on my rod It wiped out the rest of that season I was in plaster for 8 weeks Couldn’t get up and down these steep banks for 12 weeks so that was the end of my second season I think I finished on 12 fish with 2 of the known fish It was a big disappointment really That couple of good months at the end of the year that you wait all season waiting for the autumn Then to have it taken away All my mates were catching 40’s and upper 30’s I’m stuck indoors at the end of the phone and watching on Facebook I thought this year I’m going to go all out I’m going to have a few out definitely It was around early March just before the start of my third season I got a phone call off Gary Bayes I was already using his bait just off the shelf stuff He asked me if I wanted to try out some new baits that they were testing Just a different sort of edge I really thought that would help here because everyone was doing the same thing There are tonnes of roach and rudd so it kind of limits you to boilie fishing I couldn’t wait for the season to start so I could try this new bait I went down to the lake and met Gary and he showed me a little sample and told me it was called Key 6 It was awesome in my eyes really soft It breaks down quickly so I knew that if I was putting out 100 baits in the morning I didn’t have that doubt in my mind if I wanted to put out more bait I knew that the roach and rudd would have cleared it up The season started really slowly We had a really cold winter and the lakes were still freezing up in April I actually think I had two of the first fish out in the middle of April I think there had only been two other bites since Christmas On the new bait they weren’t the biggest two twenties but it was awesome to get two early bites on the new bait I didn’t get my next bites until the end of May but what bites they were I topped up with a 40lb a 50lb and another 40lb in 3 nights fishing Three separate nights I carried on catching through June July and August Not really getting amongst the big ones but catching regularly enough to make me think that the bait that I was using which was different to everyone else’s was giving me a little something extra that was maybe lacking in the first two years I went away during August and the start of September and when I got back I couldn’t wait to get over here It was my first trip back that I introduced another bait into my baiting and fishing with the Key 6 That was the Tandoori Garlic As soon as I brought that into my fishing my results went through the roof On my first night I caught a fish called Popeye at 41lb 8oz I mean weight is irrelevant it was an awesome fish a right old character One of the fish I joined the lake to catch That was the start of really my most productive spell on this lake Over the next seven visits I managed to bank five of the lakes 40’s Two of them new 40’s and a lake record common in with that along with other fish I was coming over every week and the lake wasn’t fishing well It was doing a few bites a week but I seemed to be catching every week I really couldn’t put my finger on other than the bait what was the massive turnaround in my results It wasn’t like I was putting loads in I was just trickling in a kilo here a kilo there Not really fishing over stacks either 50 to 100 baits per fish No heavy baiting campaign trying to get them onto my bait Just couldn’t stop catching on it Like I said I had a little though to myself I’m going to put in a big effort I want to get amongst the fish I really want to catch a few My results were patchy the first two years Living up the road made it easier I’d pop over two or three times a week once the kids were in bed really Just come for a wander a little chat see where fish were showing Maybe put out a little bit of bait Maybe not just depending on the amount of people on the lake and if I felt that it was worth it It gave me an edge for the weekends I had a rough idea of where I needed to be or where I thought I needed to be I’d pop up sometimes late at night if I was going to fish looking to get on fish rather than turn up when they are not showing I’d come at 2 or 3 in the morning and go straight onto fish rather than waiting and having to move Also the moving was a big edge for me as well I would move in the rain Other guys would sit there and actually comment I can’t believe you moved in that storm you got soaked My wife would have to bring me dry clothes over bless her Listen if you want to catch them you are either first or you’re last Yeah I’ve got the lucky vest It’s kind of famous on here now I can’t wear it all the time as I think I’d get mugged but yeah I’ve got a lucky vest and everyone comments I’ve had a few while I’ve been wearing it Through the spring and summer 90 percent of my fishing is pop-ups A lot of that ties in around the chod or a hinged semi-stiff rig Or I have got a combi rig with a curved shank hook Variants of different types of pop-up rig Later on in the year the fish move out into the deeper water and its very much bottom baits Well for me it was critical bottom baits as I like to call them Fishing a pop-up on a KD but nailed down with a split shot pushed hard against the bait There was a time that I was catching very regularly The only thing I could put it down to was the way my rig was sitting and the lightness of the bait 90 percent of the guys on here were using snowmen and they weren’t catching as regularly as me How slow the bait sank and how delicately the fish were feeding showed as all my bites were finicky I’d just get a few bleeps the bobbin would pull up to the top and that would be it it would just sit there with the tip bouncing I was sure that what I was doing was converting my bites into takes whereas with other people they were getting away with it That was probably another big edge for me It’s no secret that spring and summer on the Manor the ends can be very productive If you can get in there in the right conditions when the fish are there in numbers they can produce multiple catches If you get it right you really can have a once in a lifetime session They do a lot of bites Later in the year in the autumn I stayed away from them I was catching along one bank fishing out over the shelf in two or three swims It didn’t seem to matter which one I went in Any of those tow or three swims I was confident I would get a pick up It’s just areas for times of year But either end and a swim called the Middle Pads The Middle Pads has definitely accounted for a lot of my big fish After a long wet winter last season finished for me the way it had gone all season It was the last weekend of March I managed to take four fish up to 41lb A fish called 3 Scale which was actually my ninth over 40lb in a season It was unbelievable it just blew me away We rolled into the next season and it carried on the way it was going My next trip I caught a fish called the Bream Common at just over 41lb The trip after that I caught quite a sought after fish One of the nicest fish in the lake a fish called The Peach 46lb 8oz I think it was massive framed fish deep bodied Doesn’t come out much and I was over the moon with that I had a few of my friends there as well which made it even better My last memorable capture was probably a couple of weeks ago funnily enough I’d been down for a night fishing a swim not on the fish I got the opportunity to move in where there were a few fish the night before Into one of my favoured swims that I know really well I got my baits out on the spots I’d caught loads of fish off these spots I fished the night and there loads of fish showing but they were in different areas Not over where they normally would be I woke up in the mooring and thought am I going to let this slip by and just go home and not catch or am I going to try and make it happen I decided to pull my rods in off of the spots from which I had caught regularly I fished to areas where people wouldn’t normally put baits in the chod in the weed People are always looking to fish on the clean I was literally just going up to the top of the swim to load my barrow up and my rod rattled off I managed to land one of the best looking fish in the lake The Scaley Lin I was the only one down this end so I quickly changed my bait and sharpen my hook I left the fish in the net and chucked it back out there I called one of my mates to come down from the other end to do some pics He couldn’t have timed it better as by the time he got to the swim the rod was away again I actually need up with two fish in the same net There we go a bit of Manor madness A stunner and a chunk in the net It was Joe’s fish at 42lb 15oz and the Scaley Lin at 32lb 8oz It was an amazing sight to see two fish of that size in one net I think you have got to man up a bit Steve Get hold of it Tail cam right round and slapped him on the cheek This season so far I’ve had quit a few I’ve actually had to start writing them down I’ve had 15 fish seven 20’s four 30’s and four 40’s So things are still going really well and I can’t wait for the autumn That was my best time last year and I’m hoping for a bit of the same this year to be honest Nash Siren R3 Unique Speed Sensing Technology Remote control Volume, Sensitivity, Tone, Mute Advanced receiver functions Volume, Recall last event, Indication mode, Anti Theft Alarm Optix indicators Uses ‘light pipe’ technology Options Nash Siren R3 Next Generation Bite Indication We are at the beautiful Emmotland Ponds in deepest darkest Yorkshire A very historic complex of four lakes It was actually one of the first lakes in Yorkshire to produce a 30 pounder I think it was the 1970’s when that happened Since then there has been carp stocked into all four lakes that are on site We are on pond 3 which contains the biggest carp A fish that is known as Big C around about 36 to 40 pounds It’s probably around about 2 acres in size and the rough estimate of the stock is about 60 fish of which there a 3 or 4 30 pounders Probably 20 or so 20’s and the rest doubles and a few singles as well So it is a mixed stock but they are gorgeous fish in here I arrived on Sunday at about 6pm as I’d had a busy weekend I knew the spots I was going to fish to and I was fairly confident that there was going to be a good chance of catching something especially with the new baits that we have been using The lake itself is very weedy Its probably 85% of the bottom is covered in weed so there are very few clear areas about Because it is a day ticket water it does get fished by anglers of all different levels and ability The chod rig being the current en vogue or fashionable approach for this type of fishing it does tend to see this approach fished quite a lot on here So what I’m doing is fishing completely different to that I’m using very supple rigs with braided hook links and I’m trying to present on the clear areas There are probably half a dozen or so really productive ones because I have fished this water for quite a few years now I’m using a bait boat believe it or not Some guys don’t like bait boats but they are absolutely fantastic for this type of water The boat that I’ve got is a Lake Star which has a lovely echo sounder on it which is perfect for finding those clear areas Some of those areas are only a few feet in diameter and it’s absolutely perfect for finding those spots It’s located right in the middle of nowhere as well It’s a small water and it’s surrounded by countryside and fields The only noise you tend to get round here are the local farmers I tend to think that a subtle approach of dropping those hook baits into place is perfect for this type of water rather than thrashing the water to a foam with a lead and a marker float I know the lake has not seen this approach before so I’m using the 4G Squid which is a new bait by Nash I’m scattering a few boilies in each of the hoppers of the bait boat Then on top of that I’m putting in about a kilo of hemp The fish in this lake respond really well to new baits They also respond really well to hemp The hook bait is slightly different and it’s actually the first time I have used it It is one of the new hook bait range from Nash the Cultured hook baits I don’t really know a great deal about it other than Alan sent me through a pot the other day He said right guys this is new Keep it a secret keep it quiet and have a go and see how you get on Well we are approaching the spot that I’m going to drop it and that particular margin over there is a known spot for seeing the fish patrolling up and down close in The spot that I’ve been getting my takes from is about 3 and a half feet deep I’m just going to run the boat under a little bit further There’s the first load I’m going to position the hook bait just a little bit further along from where I dropped the first hopper There we go that’s perfect The first few hours of the session went really well I had the first one within a couple of hours which was a scraper 20 common So things have started really well The guys have just arrived with the cameras and fortunately I caught a couple of fish this morning and this has been the biggest one so it is looking really good for the next 24 hours I put the rods back out and during the course of the night I had another couple of fish and I lost one as well The biggest of which was probably just over 20lb A lovely little Emmotland Pond 3 mirror I’m very boring when it comes to rigs I’m very stubborn as well and I found something that works 20 years ago It’s a very supple rig and I’ve never really changed other than the odd component here and there Basically the rig that I’m using is about 8 inches long Its a supple braided hook link the Combi Link with the outer coating stripped off Very supple braid underneath there and it’s absolutely perfect for this type of fishery I’ve basically got a size 6 Fang X on there I’ve just knotless knotted that and formed a line aligner to it It’s a fantastic presentation for fishing on the bottom which is what I’m doing now just fishing on the bottom with the hookbaits It works I’ve had four fish on the session so far so clearly I’m doing something right The first day we didn’t get any more action during the day and then the second evening at probably around midnight I had another pick up Unfortunately for me that fish picked up both my other lines Wiped them both out and I ended up with a few problems of knit one purl one But we managed to get the fish in the end This rod has just woken me with a couple of bleeps At first I thought it was a bream or a nuisance fish I think because the line is going through quite a bit of weed it’s disguised itself but it’s a carp There we go he’s in there We got there in the end anyway Lets get this one onto the bank There we go a little chunky common from Emmotland It’s probably just over 20lb I’ve not weighed him He fought well all the way in and managed to wipe out my other two rods Caused me a bit of a problem as I’ve got a right birds nest that I’ve got to sort out in a minute but I’m happy as we managed to get him in safely Lets get him back into the lake and get the rods sorted out So far it’s gone really well we have had some good action on the new bait The big common is the one fish in my angling career that I’d love to catch I’ve fished here on and off for about 4 years now I did quite well on pond 1 with the biggest fish in there which was a mirror at the time A 32 pounder Then I went on to pond 2 and had the big one out of there which is a fish known as Black Jack and I’ve come on to pond 3 and out of all the fish that are in here it is the one that I’ve not caught There is bound to be the odd other one that I’ve not caught but out of the bigger fish it’s the one that’s proving really hard to get It would be lovely to get him now just before this filming finished but I know you guys are going to disappear today with the cameras I’m going to stick it out and come back for another couple of nights during the week So even though you are not going to be here over the next few days I might just get lucky and catch him Hi I’m Mike Wilson from tackle development and over the last 12 months we have redesigned the whole Nash luggage range Let’s take a look at five of my favourite new items This is the new Cube Ruckall It comes with four sections The end two are both insulated You don’t actually have to use it for food or freezer bait For example this is Alan’s In his top section he has his scales his buzzers and a tidy EVA Bivvy Tray In this section at the end he has got some freezer bait pop-ups catapults Spombs and ball makers and the middle two can be used to store bits pouches rig wallets and soft boxes Everything you are going to need for fishing The end two sections both zip off Once all folded together and clipped up it can be used as a carryall You can remove the shoulder strap and use it as a barrow bag Or on the back we have added this section This can be rolled up and you can actually use it as a rucksack This is the Barrow Bag great for if you are going abroad on holiday and you are only allowed to take one item of luggage This has actually been designed to take smaller items of luggage For example your brew kit bag maybe a small carryall cool bags or bait buckets This is actually Alan’s one again and he is using it for some spare clothes boots bait waders It easily fits on a barrow and will store under your bed chair when you are actually fishing to keep it out of the way This is the Nash Bait Mate my favourite item of luggage from the new Nash luggage range for a few reasons One it’s great to be used as a stalking bag or a floater bag in the summer or a few boys in the office actually fish out of one of these For example the front pocket will accommodate a medium size tackle box You have got another small pocket on the side which can take small bits pouches Bolt Machines and markers Another big pocket on the back and elastic on the side to accommodate catapults or a throwing stick The main compartment is actually insulated so you can store 7 to 8 kilos of boilies If you are floater fishing in the summer it can take floaters It also takes our D-pouches with other items of tackle inside This is the Session Food Bag ideal for the weekend or long stay angler In the front pocket is a teaspoon spoon fork knife plate and a hand towel Also supplied is a handy bag to store your dirty knives forks and plates at the end to the session There are two side pockets ideal for taking things like tins There is another pocket that can take your sauces The main carcass is insulated and ideal for storing all your food to keep it nice and fresh In here I have got bread some beer my brew kit bag my pots my pans my stove Everything will disappear into this main carcass If you are going on a long weekend session this is the bag for you This is the Nash Quiver System which is compatible with our Nomad 12ft and 13ft rod skins As you can see on here I’ve currently got five You can either fish it with two three or five whatever suits you best You can also use it with our Tip Tops Connect or just have your rods naked on the quiver On the back side there are two webbing and buckle straps to accommodate a brolly On the front there is a small pouch on the bottom to accommodate a landing net pole and obviously you have these pouches here which the bottom of the rod skins go into It comes supplied with a very handy hood which makes loading into the car a whole lot easier For example if you have got a net pole five rod skins and a brolly it is going to be a bit tricky to dodge between the seats The hood over the top keeps it all safely together I’ll just remove the hood and the brolly at the back You can see there is a small pocket here on the back face which is to accommodate your bank sticks with bite alarms sacks and pegs You’ve got another main section which will accommodate storm poles Captive retainer slings landing net mesh and poles It’s an all in one system which can take everything to the bank Well I’m just down at Nash base picking up the last bits of kit We are all just about loaded now and we are going to set off The tunnel is booked and we have a lovely lake in Belgium to go and fish now with some lovely fish and hopefully we are going to see a few of them Lets see how we get on It’s a cracking lake of about 70 to 80 acres I’m not sure exactly It’s quite open and windswept as it is a boating and windsurfing lake As you can imagine they like wide open spaces I don’t know how many fish there are in there but I know last year there were 85 fish captured throughout the year with probably a few recaptures So it’s not a bag up water it’s not really easy but there are some lovely fish in there to just over 70lbs That’s the biggest I’d like to see that one for sure There are 50lb plus mirrors and commons in there and some nice scaly ones as well The big one they call ‘The Bison’ and it doesn’t come out much Once or twice a year 70lbers five hours from your doorstep isn’t too bad is it Here you go Steve your welcoming committee is here Well we made it A bit of a long journey but it wasn’t too bad It looks like we have got some weather moving in right now so we are going to have to get round and get set up as quickly as possible We have driven through some of it already on the way here and what they are talking about is on the way is not only storms but hail stones Pretty bad stuff so we are going to go round and get set up as soon as possible and get under cover before it hits us We are heading up to beaver corner The fish are pretty spread out It seems like fish have been seen in areas and then they have moved out quite quickly There was a fish in over the last couple of weekends and there were fish caught in this swim so that’s a starting point The wind has been pushing in there fish have been caught there That’s all we have to go on at the moment so it’s a starting point We’ll see how it goes if we catch a fish then good If we don’t then we will have to move We are going to cop something here definitely We are about to get hit by the mother of all storms It is serious I’m not getting out of the van Well the first night has come and gone and all quiet at the moment unfortunately I’m not sure if we made the right choice Coming in here looked ok last night We have come in here on the advice of people who have been here over the last week and this swim in particular had done a couple of fish so it seemed a reasonable choice My initial thoughts were to go in the back bay which is over the other side of the lake I’ve got that on my mind now and also time is of the essence I’ve only got three nights If I was here a bit longer I might consider giving it another night and see how it goes but I haven’t got that sort of luxury this time so I’m thinking about a move in a couple of hours To be fair it was a bit of a rush job last night We arrived here in a storm and it was getting dark as well so I needed to get the rods out quite quickly I went out there and found some reasonably clear areas There is quite a bit of weed coming up but I found three clearer spots Didn’t put much bait out there a few Coconut Cremes a few Monster Pursuit All boilies I didn’t have much time to get anything else out there I was fishing fairly effectively Not 100 percent but I just didn’t have that luxury of doing it properly I think if the fish were here and getting their heads down then one of them would have gone off Apart from a couple of liners which I put down to tench more than anything it’s remained quiet so I’m going to give a couple more hours just in case and then I think it’s going to be a move over to the Back Bay to see if we can get one from there Well it’s early afternoon now and nothing else has happened I guessed it was going to be like that really so I’m going to have a move It’s a bit warm now to be honest but it’s not a bad time to move Getting in the new swim and getting the rods out there is going to be a bit of disturbance I’d rather get done and over with and let the swim settle because in the past I’ve had the odd bite at around 6 to 7 in the evening I’d rather get everything sorted well before then and hopefully get the chance of a bite Who knows it hasn’t happened here Hopefully it will happen over there We can only try anyway We are round in the back bay now and have just got all the gear out of the boat It looks ok and we have just seen a really nice common go in front of the swim It wandered down and then out to basically where I am going to fish There are some trees in the water over there and a long island with overhanging trees and that’s about where I am going to be fishing It actually looks good and we’ve seen a carp that’s the main thing There are carp here so all we have to do now is catch one I’ve had snowmen on all three rods I’m just going to change this one over to a simple pop-up rig It’s worked a few times for me before on here so it makes sense to give it a try on at least one rod otherwise I have got all my eggs in one basket Just a simple pop-up rig braided hook link stripped back and a 14mm pop-up on there and a size 7 Twister I’ve got some Sinkers and putty I like the putty because it is easy to mould You can get it exactly right and balanced I do like to overweight them a little bit Not too much just so it sinks steadily rather than critically balanced There you go a nice little pop-up rig simple but effective I’m using quite heavy leads This one is 6 ounces just because I am using braided line It’s quite windy and we are up on a platform here Any crosswind is blowing the braid and there is not much give in it so it does take a heavy lead to hold it in place It looks a little bit over the top when you compare it to the bait but it’s all for a reason Everything is done for a reason Hopefully that will do the job and we might just catch that nice big common that we just saw swim past That is just about perfect The smaller seed mix I use just about everywhere that I go Anywhere that there are not too many small fish it’s a really brilliant bait It smells lovely actually So there is a bit of that going out a bit of the bigger seed and two tigers over the top These are the Choc B tigers from the new Nash range of particles They smell absolutely lovely they really do In the past I have just used plain tigers as they come boiled Lets see what that does The first of three rods going out They are all going to go out along that treeline over there That is the main area that I have caught them from before I’ve brought the prodding stick out with me because there are little gravel spots there but they are only small and they are amongst weed Find the gravel then find the back edge of it Then just stick the prodding stick into the soft stuff and use it as a marker So I can drop my rig and bait in front of it then afterwards I can remove the prodding stick before coming back with the rod Here goes the rig I feel happy that I have got the rods out well today Yesterday it was all a bit rushed Today I know all the spots and had plenty of time to get them out there They are in position now so I am feeling pretty hopeful tonight Anyway I have the albums here Theo’s stocking albums for the lake over the years It makes really interesting reading What he has got in here is a record of every capture of every fish Some have passed away over the years which is unfortunate including a few nice ones The commons are cracking This one Lynx I have not caught and it’s one I would like to catch There have been ten captures of it over the years Not only weights but measurements as well It’s interesting to see that when a fish puts on weight it grows in length as well It’s something we don’t do measuring fish It’s interesting to see what happens That’s one I have had called Kim It’s had a few captures over the years I actually caught it from this area that I’m fishing now just after it had spawned out It had been just over 50lb the previous capture and I had it at about 38lb Later in the same year it was back up to 46lb But it’s interesting to see the record of how they grow over the years He has an album of mirrors and one of commons The special fish of the lake is The Bison The big one anyway there are some lovely fish in here It’s not been out yet this year Normally once maybe twice a year It was out twice last year and Alijn Danau who is pictured with it here had it at it’s biggest weight 32.1 kilos which is over 70lbs So there is a 70lb common swimming about out there somewhere Well he is not the biggest carp in the world but I’m certainly pleased to see him I actually got a bite at last The weather has changed it’s cooled down We had another storm last night quite a bit of rain as well It feels a lot cooler now and it’s made a difference Nicely in the bottom lip The lead has discharged off the weed clip It’s an absolutely gorgeous little fish There are certainly much bigger ones than this in here like the Bison This is not even son of Bison probably grandson of Bison but when you want a fish you want one whatever it weighs so I’m very very pleased to see this one I wouldn’t normally weigh a fish this size but I’m going to weigh this one and measure it because it is one of the stipulations of the syndicate on here that every fish is recorded both in weight and length He is 82 centimetres and I’m just going to do a quick weighing I’m just waiting for the water to drain out and he is a double He is 10lb 8oz or 4.8 kilos how about that This might be a little common but his granddad out there is over 70lbs We are running out of time now there is only one more night to do It’s been a fairly short session for me even though it’s a few nights You never know what you are going to get when you travel abroad It’s obviously going to be vastly different conditions to what you get in England and you are chancing a little bit to luck with what you are going to get All you can do is be prepared for every condition tackle wise I’ve come prepared with a big bivvy and plenty of clothing You might need shorts and t-shirts and you might need waterproofs We have needed them all this session as it goes Bait-wise it is no good turning up here with a few kilos of bait and the fish are going mad for it but you can’t just nip home and get some more So I’ve brought a mixture of instant bait the Coconut Creme and Monster Pursuit a high quality fishmeal bait Along with pellets and tigers as well I’ve tried tigers because I have caught fish here and good ones before on tiger nuts As it happens this time they wanted little pop-ups over a mixture of particles and boilies Next time it could be different I’ve caught some lovely fish here in the past This lake has got some cracking fish in It’s not all about the fish here People often say to me why do you want to go abroad and join a syndicate in Belgium rather than one in England It speaks for itself I’m sat here on a 70 acre pit I’m the only one fishing There are carp up to 70lbs in here The people are so welcoming they are absolutely lovely here They really do make you feel at home It says it all really why wouldn’t I want to come and fish here its absolutely wonderful It’s worth mentioning that I am going to leave the rods in place now I put two out this morning One I had a fish on and the other I changed over to a pop-up because that is what I feel is working The other one has been out since yesterday The way I see it is the chance of a take is building up all the time and if I went out and redid all those rods I’m starting from scratch again So I’m prepared to leave them in place for as long as it takes Well there we go another trip done and dusted I never want to leave but the tunnel is booked for 2pm so we have got to get shifting The van is just about loaded now but the rods are still out because you never know There is always a chance It has been a tough one this time actually I’ve always said I like to go away catching at least one fish It wasn’t the biggest in the world but we did get one fish It’s not a disaster but it could have been better It’s funny actually talking to Theo the syndicate leader it hasn’t fished that well this year There are quite a few nice big fish in here and none of them have been out yet and we are half way through the year It tells it’s own story it’s not an easy venue but the good thing is I can come back any time so I will be coming back over the next few months to try and get one of those big girls That’s fishing you don’t win every time We’ve caught a fish but hopefully better luck next time The Indulgence bedchair and sleep system range is renowned for superior comfort and warmth. 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I first heard about the Silver End pits a few years back when Kev was putting his book together One of my jobs was to look through his slides and old photos and get all the information ready for the book So I talked about it with Kev and he started telling me stories from back in the day Straight away it got my interest Steeped with history obviously it is a well known Essex water and I got to learn quite a bit about it from Kev The stock of fish are by no means the biggest fish in Essex But what they lack in size they make up for in looks and history At the time the reason why the lakes became popular was due to the fact that Kev caught the then Essex record at over 40lb Obviously that fish is long since gone but when he informed me that some of the fish he was catching were still present in the lake as well as a number of others that have come on I got excited basically It was definitely a bit of me My plan of attack was similar to any of my fishing to be honest with you I’ve never been one for long sessions I don’t have the time I don’t have the patience to sit behind rods for days on end So as with any of my fishing I was going to go in with quick overnighters Usually two nights if I’m lucky mid week Fish for one bite at a time Fish where the fish are Get on the fish and fish single hook baits and little traps Opportunist fishing Due to the fact that March is a busy time at Nash what with all the shows I didn’t actually get down for my first night until the end of March It was a quick overnighter Wednesday I believe It was still cold and dark and I was rushing about to get down here before dark and get some rods out I blanked that first night as expected I wasn’t really expecting a lot but I did see some fish which gave me a bit of confidence and got my buzz going I packed up and went straight back to work then as soon as I could I was straight back down for another night I fished exactly where I saw the fish and caught one in fact the next morning A scraper 20lb common I was happy I was buzzing I’d not put any bait out just fished single hook baits where the fish were and it had worked I was buzzing to get back for another session I managed to get back down the following monday for my next session and straightaway bagged another one which obviously got my confidence high again I was fishing little Citruz pop-ups that Gary had given me to test out and they were doing the job I’d not fed any bait at all I was purely fishing singles to where the fish were showing Two fish in four nights I was happy with my approach and I knew it was working So we are now into April and spring is most definitely in the air and the lake was starting to wake up I just knew I had to be fishing basically Luckily for me I was working locally for a few weeks which allowed me to get down to the lake during daylight hours for the first time Up until now I had turned up on dark and not really been able to see the lake as such I spent a few afternoons down here looking around and lo and behold I started seeing fish I was buzzing to get down so much so I cancelled plans I had on the Friday night and decided to do the night which is quite rare for me as I normally just do the midweeks I got to the lake on Friday night expecting it to be busy with weekend anglers but as I pulled into the car park I could see that there was no-one here I had an empty lake to go at I instantly headed for the swim with the best chance of fishing for where I saw the fish basically It just so happens that it was the swim that we are in now the Oak swim It was getting dark and I was rushing about a little bit but I managed to get my hinged stiff rigs and little Citruz pop-ups out to the rough area where the fish were showing the previous day I didn’t actually see any more that night until quite late on I was a little bit worried that I hadn’t seen any but lo and behold I saw one crash out just before midnight I instantly reeled in both rods and chucked them to the area and I was fishing During the night I managed two more bites A lovely 26lb common an awesome fish and one of the originals and one a little bit smaller Up a little bit Tommy tail up a little bit Things were starting to come together There are two pits at Silver End the front pit and the back pit There are a lot more fish in the back with some nice ones still to go at As the front pit stated to get busier with more anglers I got a little bit distracted and decided to give the back pit a go I actually had a weekend at my disposal so I though why not I’ll get over there and actually do a proper session for a change as opposed to a quick overnighter I went in with my same approach but I actually introduced a bit of bait for the first time as there are a lot more fish in there to compete for it Generally I had been told that you can have good hits Over the course of the weekend I had 4 or 5 fish to low 20’s Some nice ones as well as a few stockies but I was quite happy I was enjoying myself It wasn’t until one of the lads came round on the Sunday to have a little word with me and see how I was getting on He then informed me that he had caught Scatter the big mirror out of the front pit the previous night I’d got to know this lad and he’d put a lot of time in so I was happy for him He deserved it but I was a little bit gutted at the same time The one weekend I decide to not fish the front pit the big fish comes out but that is all part of it I guess I knew at that exact moment that I was going to stop messing about and get back over the front pit and concentrate all my efforts on there So the following Monday I had had a stressful day at work and I wasn’t actually planning on fishing I remember sitting at home telling myself that I really should be The weather was just bang on for it So I had a little word with myself got in the car got the tackle loaded and headed for the lake It was still light so I knew if I got there quick enough I would still have a decent chance of seeing something and getting on the fish Unfortunately I ended up sitting on the A12 for two hours due to a heavy crash which stressed me out even more Eventually I got to the lake two hours after dark a little deflated and with no confidence whatsoever if I’m totally honest However I was determined not to just fish anywhere and fish behind rods that I wasn’t really confident in and so I sat there for a while to see if I could spot any signs of fish despite it being dark I did eventually see a fish roll on the far bank in an area that I’d not actually fished before but I thought I’d head round there and see what it was all about I wasn’t even convinced it was a carp to be honest with you It looked more like a tench but I had nothing else to go on We were well into the night now and I generally had the hump and wanted to get some rods out and get to bed The next thing I knew it was 5.30am I was knee deep in water and I was playing something that was clearly not a tench It was an awesome fight by far the best I have had from the pit so far So in the back of my mind I was convinced it was a better fish However the last thing I was expecting was to net the fish and peer down into the net and see the big mirror To say I was pleased is an understatement A fish that usually gets caught two or three times a year had now been caught twice in a week and this was it This was why I joined the lake this was the fish I initially wanted to catch and there she was Just now one of the rods has rattled off and we have got Scatter the big mirror in the sack She is just over 31lb a little bit down in weight due to her capture last week but I’m not bothered in the slightest Proper history fish 30 years old 40 years old even I’m absolutely made up A proper bit of opportunist angling It was never meant to be really but I made something of it It’s paid off big time Let’s have a look at her What an incredible carp 40 years old a proper English carp I remember holding her up and thinking this is why I have come to Silver End This is the fish I wanted to catch Just an awesome mirror the perfect mirror in my opinion Yeah it was a special moment New for 2015 in the range of Nash bivvys is the flagship Double Top Apex. The frame is a traditional pram hood design, easy to erect yet rigid enough to withstand gale-force winds. The unique CAD design provides a heightened central ridge for better accessibility and headroom. The Double Top Apex is constructed from the tough Aqua Sense Hydra material to ensure long life Within this shell is a sealed mesh capsule to prevent the ingress of bugs and other wildlife. This modular system allows a variety of configurations for the front panel to suit any conditions whether it be letterbox or fully open. Ventilation is provided by rear vents with full mozzie mesh, The Apex roof design also allowed a meshed roof vent to be built in to the design. This is especially useful to prevent heat build up in intense sunlight of the summer months and an industry first. The Apex is available in both 1 and 2 man versions. With all the features of the 1 man, the 2 man is perfect for those longer sessions and can easily accommodate two bedchairs with enough room for plenty of gear, as well as having increased headroom allowing easy access. In late October 2014 Kev Alan and some of the lads from Nash headed over to France for a week on big fish mecca Les Teilliatts Right have we got everything have you got your passport Passport have you got a passport in your lovely security pouch Got some water on you Got a bottle of water got directions got a postcode Lets go to France Lets go fishing Looks like very Seine type country now It feels like we are going carp fishing all of a sudden in the last 15 or 20 miles Kev and Alan arrived early just in time to witness Nash’s very own Steve Sinclair bank one of the Teilliatts A team On his final night Oh mate 78lb no 77lb 8oz On the way to Teilliatts just going over the Dartford crossing Absolutely buzzing At the services and Oli and Loz have just turned up What are you saying boys A bit of football at the services look at him! At the crossing Well thanks Eurotunnel its now 2.36am and we still haven’t arrived yet and me and Monsieur Loz we are a bit tired and we’ve still got 250 miles to drive and we haven’t had any sleep and yesterday was a work day It’s 7.30am we’ve been driving all through the night Les is absolutely knackered I’ve been driving through the night We’ve got 10 minutes to go come on the chunks Once everyone had arrived it was time to take a tour of the lake with bailiff Jake an then draw for swims 27 wraps but I have also seen fish get caught on the gravel at 70 yards These two swims here the two chaps in them Last week the guy in here had 13 fish and the guy in here blanked This we the guy in here has blanked and the guy here has had a 62lb a 71lb Two 60’s Looking good Tom Morning Morning Kurt Morning That is Manny’s the Long Common has come from that swim more than any other swim on the lake So if someone just wanted to try and catch an 82lb common If I come out first thats all me No cheating right number 3 not bad 4 2 He’s got it number 1 5 Number 6 That is my lucky number Right that’s the draw As Kevin had paid for the trip the lads insisted he had first choice of swims before drawing Its funny Jake was saying this morning the one who gets the last swim usually fills his boots Well we’ll see Ever the opportunist Oli having cast out three singles whilst setting up was quickly off the mark It’s not a giant but it’s bizarre to think that there might be an 80lber on the end You just don’t know bruv Keep her coming And it’s in the net Yes First blood Hi Les Hi mate The boss quickly bagged one too A little barrel Shortly after dark Loz had his first bite of the trip I don’t think she’s too far away Have you hooked a bus there Loz Très possible Well it was out in front of you Did not seem long enough to be a cat That clutch has got a good work out As has Loz’s arm Go on my son Get in First night at Teilliatts first fish 60lb 3oz Caught from a nice little reed lined bay and the fight It beat me up it still is Incredible fish Hi everyone here I am at Lac de Teilliatts Drove all night last night didn’t get much kip throughout the day either either Went to sleep last night crashed out and had a little liner Loz has had a 60 Kevin has had a 30 I think Mike has had 20 and Kurt has had another 30 But yeah fantastic I’ll just show you around Well this is the bedchair the table the odds and sods the brew the Biolite and we are charging The rods and the boat the day chair I’ve had wild sheep going round the back of the swim all night There are geese at the back of the swims as well but yeah fantastic place Really happy to be here On the second day it was fairly quiet but then the action started to pick up for Mikey in the cresent We are here this morning in Wilson’s swim One in the retainer one in the net and the third rod has decided to go as well In she goes 33lb 4oz common one of three this morning Well chuffed Caught on a double tiger nut this one from a 6 ft plateau Well happy 37lb 12oz Just over 37lb 8oz And it’s beating him up The biggest of three fish this morning just under 38lb Well chuffed Hi just reeling in for the morning and guess what I’ve caught a Spomb One Spomb yes Here we are in Mikes swim Seven bites five fish landed and we are into the 6th fish of the session It’s plodding away this one we haven’t seen it yet could be a good one Oh it’s a chunk bruv get that in the net Yes thats a chunk Right we are going round to see Wilson because then little hauler has got a real big common Let’s go and see 48lb 10oz Wicked yeah that will do me a new PB Well in Yes Wilson Still got four days to catch a 50 or a 60 or a 70 or an 80 Cheers boys thank you I was having a beer as per normal and a little snooze as you do on holiday and it ripped off The boys were here before I even got out of the bivvy and got to the rods Go on Les Yes Give us a cheer Les Thanks Mike Les is off the mark What have you caught Les What weight was it Mike 25lb 12oz On the Cobra rig over a bed of particles Having a snooze weren’t you when he tore off I was having a snooze Go and get your brothers and sisters Early hours of this morning it went a bit mental the same as happened yesterday 3am I had my first bite and since then I’ve been awake How many have you got now then Five Five So five today and five yesterday No five today four yesterday and one on the first night and I’ve lost two as well Well we are stood in Mikey’s swim just about to sort his fish out and Loz and I have discovered something Something shameful Something very shameful He has got a single rod down here Why why Wilson Why Sort it out Loz That’s better He’s had all his bites on that rod this morning Why would you do such a thing Wilson Because you are a melt They are my mates not yours I’ve told you Brilliant Kurt has just been raided by the sheep look they have raided him up Have they done you They have smashed my boilies to bits They have eaten all his boilies Did you not even nail one Yes Willy two more to go Brilliant The bites kept coming for Mikey You’re in this rod Clearly he had a pack of fish in front of him the average size getting bigger before bagging his first ever 50lber with another trio of mid 40s How many have you had Just over 50 Yes bruv Yes Wilson You have got to give him 50 for that It’s bang on the money Big shot And Willy is in yet again Just when I though I was going to get a break Just when you thought you were going to get a break Have you got another big one Quick Meanwhile on the other side of the bay dispite of illness Alan had caught himself a couple including a monster Well I have got the most stinking cold you could possibly imagine I’ve had it about 8 days now and it’s nearly killing me Sore throat cough headache you name it but I’ve still got a massive smile on my face We are day four now of our Teilliatts social and I’ve caught an absolute bruiser It’s a big girl It’s one of the Teilliatts big girls Yeah that’s a lovely carp mate Well I’ve had a busy morning I left my swim at about 9am to go and photograph some fish for Mikey It’s now about 3pm and I’m still walking round the lake Finally I think I have done everyone’s fish For me I will do another night in the corner There is not much happening there but maybe the pressure will move them out and tomorrow if the are still in the bay I will come and double up with Tom in the Big Double and see if I can’t get another one as well Hi everyone just a quick one I’ve recovered after having that horrible flu That was terrible it was just dripping out of my nose for days Anyway I went up the town today to try and get some presents and bits and pieces I’ve come back and it’s absolutely smashing it down I’ve been out in the boat the outboard is broken I’ve got no rigs out So I’ll have to ask Jake the bailiff if I can borrow his outboard Bye for now What’s going on here then Les Well I got some bait out of the van and they all decided to help themselves This is the main character that has eaten most of the bait this one I just though I’d bring him up and show you And they were actually in the van were they In the van look at them all now attacking the bags They have had the van out the bags out everything Greedy weasels Go and sort them out Les Alright mate I will just put this one down He will be straight back with his mates Come on No you have scared him Les He just doesn’t care look He is actually going to try and get in Wilson’s bivvy See you later Kurt has just moved swims The wind has got up massively Has anyone clocked Kurt look at Kurt He has had to row it to the next swim We walked into Mikes’s swim yesterday and he had a rod in the margin on it’s own on single sticks up against the reeds with a folded handle We have got it on film don’t worry You catch more fish if you fold your handles He doesn’t know why he does it You catch more fish Nashy Kev last night after me moaning at him please turn the handle so it’s down the bottom Asking why do you do that Do you know what I aint going to dispute that because if you feel sharp you’ll be sharp You’ve caught a few haven’t you It’s all down to the confidence thing A move into the fence the previous day had paid off for Oli as in the early hours he had bagged himslef a Teilliatts wacker of 30kg or 66lb Oh dear Wow Oli What a carp I’ll have to go in the water That’s it mate good job Hi it’s wednesday after all that wind and rain no-one caught anything but one fish Oli caught a 66lber All I’ve been doing really is watching DVDs There is my little munch down there Little brew There is one I’ve just watched The frantic action had slowed down for Mikey but he bagged a nice mirror I’m here in Wilson’s swim trying to get a sneaky look at what he’s up to What’s happening Wilson Just getting some more bait back out there now for the night Willy are you coming up here for dinner with us What time is dinner It’s on its way by the sounds of things Top man dinnertime No that isn’t fair that felt like a good fish The setting sun seemed to trigger the carp into action with bites all around the lake after spending the day in the big double Tom had returned to his original swim and bagged his first carp of the trip It’s a little one but he’s in there Yes Tommy That’s me causing carnage in the swim on camera Pas de problem I couldn’t get on the fish so I got a little bit frustrated I’m not going to lie I moved then moved again back to my original spot to my original baited patch Perseverance has paid off Not massive by any means but well deserve I think Yeah mate you’ve earned that one She’ll do I’m not complaining one bit I’m off the mark Thats the horrible thing you just don’t know what could be on the end in here In Kurt’s swim French time is nearly 9.30pm 9.30pm and Kurt’s had a take on his right hand rod Taking some line isn’t it mate Looking good boss! Oh my god what was that That was a hippo Did someone just fall in You netting him Les Scrapping isn’t it It’s a cat Kurt nil catfish one What a lovely pussy It isn’t a 100lber but it’s a good fish Well I was just about to reel in and go and photograph Alan who has got a 57lber I’m glad I went back to bed for a little while because it’s just ripped off It looks like a mid 30 common not a monster for in here but a result anyway It’s a bit easier to hold than the one yesterday In spite of his illness Alan had been up all night spodding and had been rewarded So what have you got here Al Well I had another big one last night Fishing to a spot at 90 yards three rods really tight I kept spotting over the top every half an hour You are a machine Al the rest of us were asleep There were a few people asleep but Kev was watching the water I was Spombing away They started to show the they started to show over me I just kept baiting and I caught this absolute bruiser It was worth keep ing that one Good catch Al What a gorgeous Well rescued let’s get a quick still What did you catch him on Ol Another one on a Key pop-up on a multi rig Over about 1.5kg of bait Same rigs that I use back in the UK It’s done well for me this year A Chod Twister hook and Combilink hook link Simple effective Lovely times Les that’s a beauty mate It’s got a double barbule on this side Take a picture of that for me Kurt That’s it that’s all I want Top man Les Over in the bailiffs Kurt had had a hectic morning bagging several carp to over 50lb Through my legs Did a good job of that Kev had also had a busy couple of hours I’ve just turned up in Kev’s swim to photograph one that he had first thing this morning and lo and behold the boss man is playing one My third one His third one Yes well in Kev Meanwhile Tom’s paitence had been rewarded and the fish had turned up infront of him Slow start to the week Four days with no activity whatsoever but we persevered along this bank The fish have turned up and I’ve managed to take advantage of it Not many places where as you are photographing carp you have a herd of sheep Anyway back to the action The fish varied from 20s to mid 40. After a slow start he was finding it hard to keep his rods in the water It might not be the biggest but look at that I may have got the prettiest one I think you have mate Just come to do Loz his water shots of his nice common and oh look What do we have here And that will be one rod left in the water Here we have Tommy out in the boat playing what could be a monster you never know Come on Tommy yes Now he has just got to paddle back in a boat with one oar Well it has been Tommy’s afternoon today Yes Tommy it’s just coming up to dark How many now Bite number seven today That’s a strong run at the end got yourself a wide boy Bite number seven and this is the one I have been waiting for It’s a big one it’s the one Look at that it’s a cradle filler He got the bite that really mattered a true Teilliatts giant Oh Tommy it’s kilos yeah Hold it still thats 31 Bouncing around 31 Get in Well I had one bang on 30 kilos and that was 66lb So it’s 68 to 69lb It’s massive Yes Tommy The last morning brought a fluffy of activity He’s got a big chunk He’s a big fat one Loz Yes Loz look at that for a carp How big Loz 50lb 4oz margin spot middle of the night Happy days Yeah that side is done What a carp He looks chuffed with that one the boy He is In the water What a beast Big up your bad self Give us a fist pump Well here I am on the final morning of the final day at Les Teilliatts Eating one of Jake’s beautiful bacon and sausage rolls and I’m blown away to be honest I don’t know I feel a bit sick and don’t know what to do with myself Because down there in one of them there sacks I’ve got the fish of a lifetime Well I couldn’t have dreamed of catching a fish like this I though 66lb was big but this fish just blew me away Oh my God the size of it’s head So big It’s immense How big Ol 81lb Go on Well when Kev said there were bigger carp to come he wasn’t lying was he 81lb common one of the biggest commons in the world and I’m privileged to have caught it I hope you enjoyed Nash 2015 See you next year Well done Oli Thank you boys thank you all

    How to dock your boat with Alistair McGlashan | Club Marine
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    How to dock your boat with Alistair McGlashan | Club Marine

    September 7, 2019

    Al McGlashan: Now, when it comes to tying
    your boat up or docking it, people get a bit nervous, but if you follow a simple procedure,
    you can make it easy. First thing, we want to dock there. It doesn’t matter whether you’re going for
    coffee, you’re tying up to pull it out, it doesn’t matter. First thing you do, assess the situation. Tide, wind, other boats are all factors that
    can play a role. Now, we’ve got a run-out tide. You can tell that because the water’s flowing
    down against this edge here, so you can actually see it. So like a plane, you always … well, like
    a plane always takes off into the wind. For us, we’re going to come in from downstream,
    so we’re going into the current, so pushing into the current and pull up. Al McGlashan: The first thing we want to do
    is the gear out. Now, fenders, get those ready. Secondly, have your ropes ready. Finally, make a plan with your deckhand. Coops, when we come in, I’m going to get you
    to tie off on this back one here. I’m going to bring it in and then you secure
    that. As soon as you secure it, tell me, and we’ll
    hold against that. Coops: Yep. Al McGlashan: Beautiful. That’s your one. First step, get the fenders on. Now, it sounds silly, but decide what side
    of the boat you’re going in, whether it’s port or starboard. In this case, current’s running out, so we’re
    going to come in on this side because I like it on the driver’s side, so I have better
    control. When you tie your fenders off, tie them off
    so they’re nice and high. Don’t let them sink down too much. You want it so it’s fending the boat. If it sinks down too much, it’ll sit underneath
    the boat. A couple of half hitches. Three half hitches for good measure, ready
    to go. Now, your second fender, position it up somewhere
    mid ship, that it’s going to protect the boat. Don’t put it too far forward. If it’s going to sink in under the bow, you
    want it somewhere where it’ll protect the boat. Three half hitches for good luck. Now, you’re ready to go. Al McGlashan: As you’re coming in, again,
    keep assessing the situation, keep making sure. There’s other boats moving around, there’s
    debris, or in this case we’ve got a child on the ramp there catching toad fish, I think
    it is. Trick is come in nice and slow. So you’re constantly assessing the situation. Now, we’re driving into the current and it’s
    the same with the wind, always drive into the wind or the current, rather than with
    it because if you’re going with it, it’s much harder to control. Secondly, in and out of gears, slow is best. Out of gear, the slower the better. Come in pointing the bow in towards it, and
    you’ll let the water naturally pull you in. Coops is ready to go to tie it off. Al McGlashan: There you go. Now, we’re secure. Now, if it’s really rough or it’s a bit more
    dangerous, what we can do is wrap it on here, so then see how just one wrap and I can pull
    tight on there. That way I can control the boat and it’s semi-secured,
    so you can hold it like that and that way, there can be a bit of pressure on the rope. To secure it off, give it an S, then half
    hitch, which basically you just roll it over itself, pull down to secure it through the
    half hitch facing the other way. Then for good measure, do one more. Al McGlashan: Grab your other rope.. Now, this is a temporary version. So we just pin her through like that, pin
    her over. Half hitch, half hitch, one more for good
    luck. To make it really secure, you want to tie
    some springers, which will help take the pressure off. Black rope comes down to the back. Again, like that, pull tight. Half hitch, half hitch, and then one more
    for good luck. That’s going to take a bit of pressure off,
    going from the bow. Then Coops is passing me the other way. To take pressure off coming the other way,
    we tie the other springer. Same thing, tie off your springer coming forward. Again, two half hitches and one more for good
    luck. Then just roll it up so that it’s neat and
    out of the way. Al McGlashan: Now, your boat can move around,
    but see how all the different ropes tension at different times. Probably the final touch there is for securing
    it, is that once you’ve tied it off, check it. You may need to readjust a couple of the lines
    just to get it all working properly. Finally, if you want to go one step further,
    you can tie another rope across from the back stern, across to a cleat there, and another
    one off the bow as well. So, once you’ve tied it off, remember, just
    check your ropes. You may need a little bit of adjusting, but
    once you’ve got that baby tied down, she’s going nowhere. That is safe boating.


    How to Properly Tie a Dock Line to a Cleat, A Must for Every Boater!

    September 3, 2019

    Shurhold– Clean-N-Simple. [MUSIC PLAYING] Hi, guys. Shane Berhoff here, with
    Shurhold Industries. And for today’s
    Clean-N-Simple tip, I’m going to teach you
    how to properly tie a line onto a cleat. So I’ve been up and down
    the docks many times, and I see a lot of people
    doing it the wrong way. What they do is they either put
    too many wraps with the line, or they tie the loop backwards. And this could take too
    much time, or become a safety hazard. And I’m going to show you
    how to do it the proper way. So what you want to do is you
    want to come around the back, farthest away from
    your main line, or where the line
    is coming from. Then you want to do a half
    turn around the cleat, and go under the second ear. Then you want to come
    up around the ear, and go back down and
    around your furthest ear, giving you sort of
    like an S shape. And you want to twist
    the rope like this and pull tight, so that
    you have your loop. But you want to make
    sure you don’t twist it in this direction, because
    then your tag line will go over your main line, and this is
    an incorrect tie on your line. What you want to do is you want
    to make sure your line goes around and under, so when
    you put it around the ear and pull tight, your tag line
    is parallel with your main line. So now, you have an
    easy-to-tie knot on your cleat that is easy to
    do, easy to undo, and it’ll hold in any
    sort of conditions. Until next time, Shane Berhoff
    here, with Shurhold Industries, to help you keep your
    boat clean and simple. Come on guys. Who left mud on my end screen? We’ve got to keep this
    place clean around here. That’s better.

    RC ADVENTURES – 3 Speed Boats & Full Scale Recovery – Impulse 31, Spartan, Mystic 29
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    RC ADVENTURES – 3 Speed Boats & Full Scale Recovery – Impulse 31, Spartan, Mystic 29

    September 3, 2019

    (dramatic music) – [Man] Another beautiful day. I love the summertime, look at this. Water like glass, a perfect
    time to get out a couple of boats, give her a rip. We even tagged down the
    recovery dingy just in case. You know darn well one of us is going to end up flipping over. I’ll be filming today watching the guys. Got Sean, Everett, and Josh
    out here with his boat. There’s the three drivers right there. Impulse, upgraded Spartan,
    and what’s the end one Josh? – Mystic 29. – [Man] Mystic 29. You’re running a four
    cell with the Mystic, Everett’s going to run a
    six cell with the Spartan, first time he’s run it since last year. – Yeah since that other boat did we did. – [Man] Yep, nice. Sean, how many times have
    you run a boat before? – Two or three times. – [Man] Excellent. – Mini-model, so this is
    going to be different. – [Man] Yeah, and you’re running
    a four cell in the Impulse. Nice, I adjusted it so it
    should level out for you pretty good on the water,
    should plane nicely. – Mine’s going to catwalk the whole time. – [Man] Yeah. – [Josh] Clear. – It sits at my front door. – [Man] Full strips of guerrilla tape. Impulse is sealed up ready to go. One thing I like about the pro boats we’re talking about was the inside seal they have that’s under the lid. Spartan should’ve come with it, never did. – The Spartan just– – [Man] Sucks water
    like crazy in there man. – Man, I swear half the time
    I’m emptying water out of it just to play with it. – [Man] Yeah. Nice, everyone’s going to think
    that you left your batteries outside the boat, those
    are extra batteries. Aren’t they? – Yes. (men laugh) – [Man] Good luck gentlemen. – Hey who’s got the money, who’s betting? – [Man] Who’s going to
    go upside down first? Nope, nope. (boat whirring) Uh-oh, are you dead already? – Yeah. – [Man] Uh-oh. – I switched the cable. (boats whirring) – [Man] Nice, Everett’s
    boat, a little hoppy there. Here comes the Impulse. Like I was I saying, I
    did adjust the trim on it. But I still see it looks a little heavy. Don’t know if he’s full out
    throttle right now though. (boats whirring) Back in on Ev. Such a good looking boat. (boat whirring) Nice, looking good. (boats whirring) Beautiful. Sean, piloting like a champ. Boat’s looking good on four s. – [Sean] I see a lack of catwalks. – [Man] Lack of catwalks indeed. There we go, yeah buddy. Spin out. (boats whirring) You still good? – We’re going to drag race across. – [Man] Nice, drag race, awesome! One go. Oh man. Oh yeah! Recovery boat of shame! (boats whirring) (man cheering) (boats whirring) (men cheering) (boats whirring) Oh you got the Mystic going, awesome. Oh that is quick on four s. Did it die? – Just died running. – [Man] Oh, so soon. It’s a ripper though man. – [Josh] It’s fast. – [Man] It is fast (laughs). (Everett cheers) Enjoy. So the Mystic had an
    issue for some reason, it just died and it’s stuck right there. Impulse still going strong. Spartan way out there now. Everett trying to push himself out. Good one dude. You’ll be there in a few hours. – [Josh] I hope I didn’t smoke the VFC. – [Man] Agreed. Recovery boat. This is going to be awesome. – I haven’t been in a
    dingy in like, 20 years. (men laugh) – [Man] You need a Shriners hat. (men talk over each other) Dude you wore your boots? You’re going to sink. – The sun affects me. – [Man] Wow. – [Sean] Yeah you got it. – [Man] Good job dude. That was helpful. Technically that was helpful. – Get struck if I came in that far. – [Man] Have a good, have a good row. – [Sean] Doesn’t it looks like
    your boat’s starting to sink? (men scream and cheer) – [Everett] Dude someone
    push the throttle. – [Sean] Turn it on. – [Man] Dude. – [Everett] I don’t think
    there’s any water in it though. – [Man] Yeah, it’s totally full of water. (boat whirring) Here you go. – [Sean] It’s got power
    going to that (mumbles). – [Man] He got it. Nice, oh yeah, this is
    almost out of batteries. Come on, closer. – [Josh] Yeah you need to be able to do a bigger (mumbles) challenge. – [Sean] I know that’s what I’m trying. (birds chirping) – [Josh] Row, row, row! – [Everett] This is god damn tiring. – [Sean] You’ve been
    out there for an hour. – [Josh] Did you see my Phantom? – [Man] Dude you did it. Boat recovery. And you got the whole
    boat, nothing but the boat. Just the boat. – My face feels burnt. – [Man] Yeah dude, that
    was a long row, good job. Josh what happened to the Mystic? – I’m pretty sure VFC’s done. – [Man] Yeah, just toasted on you. – The cooling line came
    off the back of it and– – [Man] Wasn’t getting it’s cooling, yeah. – Unfortunately. – Everett, what happened man,
    where was the water coming in? Is that was it was, water? – Oh man, water came in everywhere. – [Man] Yeah. I heard you had a little
    bit of an accident. – You heard? – [Man] You dropped the boat. – You didn’t see?
    – No, oh okay. – It was crazy I was like– – [Man] No I meant before you went. – I was at the best race in the world and it was like, I was
    in first place and– – [Man] It was an epic crash. – You should have seen it just endoing, it like took off in the air
    and at first it was flying and then the water. – [Man] Okay. (Everett whooshes) Boom, boat go boom.

    Protect your Boat from Sunscreen Staining as seen on SSTV
    Articles, Blog

    Protect your Boat from Sunscreen Staining as seen on SSTV

    September 3, 2019

    Hey guys, Barry Berhoff
    for Shurhold Industries, and we’ve got a clean
    and simple tip for you today that has to
    do with safety gear. We’re getting ready for
    our family summer trip, and we’re going to be
    crossing over to the Bahamas on the boat. And I’ve got my wife here
    with me today, Tiann. And Ti, what’s important to
    me is keeping the family safe for the crossing
    over to the Bahamas and, obviously, whenever
    we’re out on the ocean. So we’ve got our
    ditch bag, which has spare water and
    first aid it, our VHF, our EPIRB for emergencies,
    our flare kit, all the life jackets you could need. I even have a life
    raft on the boat. But I know that you
    have some safety gear that you always like you
    take on a boat, so what’s that? For me, it’s sunblock. I know that’s crazy. But we’re in the
    Bahamas for three weeks. And safety, for me, means
    keeping my kids safe, keeping you safe. We live in Florida, and we’re
    in the sun all the time. So sunblock is definitely
    high on my safety list. Now, you know sunblock– I’m very, very careful about
    what you buy for the boat. It stains. It can stain. It can stain. And we want to keep
    the boat clean. So I know you’ve done a
    bunch of research looking into the different sun blocks. Tell me a little bit
    about the staining, and where it comes from,
    and why it happens. So I found that– looking up different kinds
    of chemicals in sun blocks– that there is a chemical
    called avobenzone. And it’s what causes that
    staining on your shirts and staining on the vinyl
    when we go on the boat. So when I look at
    sun blocks, I try to avoid any sunblock–
    sprays mostly have it, but I can avoid those sun
    blocks on the ingredients when I buy them. OK, so you’re always checking
    the label for that avobenzone. Now I know because I
    looked at this with you. And in the cleaning videos
    we looked into this. The avobenzone binds with
    the iron in the water and causes that rust
    staining, similar to what you get from your
    sprinklers around the house. And so some people may
    see it more or less, depending on the iron
    levels of their water. What we want to do is
    prevent this from happening. First foremost, you said– Well, I always put sunblock
    on the kids and myself before I get on the boat,
    especially if I’m spraying. Because the spray gets
    into the vinyl and all that kind of stuff. So that’s number one
    if you want to keep the boat safe from sun block. And it’s hard to do
    that with guests. You can’t always
    tell the guests, hey, don’t bring the sun block
    with avobenzone on it. So you just try and maybe
    make them spray off the boat or put it on. But then they sit on the vinyl. And it can get in the
    vinyl and everything. So if that happens,
    then you’re going to have to want to clean
    it as soon as possible. Right, so before
    you add the water that has iron to
    it on the boat, we want to clean those seats down. And so what we recommend is
    our Serious Marine Cleaner. Now, there is going to be
    very little to no reaction with avobenzone with this. And this is going
    to cleanse the seat. We’re going to
    wash it with this. Then we’re going to
    come back, since we’ve stripped the seat down
    and got it nice and clean, and protect it with
    our Serious Shine. And spray it and wipe
    it down, and that’s going to provide a
    nice clean protection. Now, what I want you
    guys to do at home when you get a chance is
    visit us at And as usual, I’ve got all
    of our training tips, tricks, videos, and articles there. And we’re going to have an
    article on this specific topic in relation to the sunblock. I’ll list all my favorites
    that don’t stain. Perfect. And until next time,
    I’m Barry Berhoff. I’m Tiann Beroff. And we want you to keep
    your boat clean and simple.

    Dangers for Sailboats Sailing Africa-Preparing for Passage when DANGER LURKS! –Patrick Childress#34
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    Dangers for Sailboats Sailing Africa-Preparing for Passage when DANGER LURKS! –Patrick Childress#34

    September 3, 2019

    hello I’m Patrick Childress along with
    my wife Rebecca on the sailboat Brick House we are in Tanga Tanzania on the
    east coast of Africa and tomorrow morning we pick up anchor here we are in
    Tanga Tanzania on the east coast of Africa and we have one two three four
    five the blue one is the fifth international sailboat here were
    anchored just off the Yacht Club you see that sailboat doesn’t have a mast
    I’ll get back to him in a minute but we are getting ready to leave here to go to
    Zanzibar which is to the South right now that is pointing north and that’s where
    the wind’s coming from so once we get out of this Harbor we’ll have a real
    nice sail so I’m getting this boat ready so we can leave tomorrow morning it’s
    about a 45 mile trip so just a day trip but up here in the bow you can see it’s
    quite a mess up here over the last three days I’ve been pulling up the chain and
    setting it on a plastic tarp down to here on the deck and letting it dry out
    in the Sun getting all of the muck and growth off of it we’ve been here for
    almost two months so there’s a lot of growth on the chain that had to dry out
    then I’d put it back in the water and wash it off pull more chain up so we
    have a pretty clean chain so now when we put it down into the hawse pipe and in to the anchor locker the whole boat isn’t gonna smell like that an old dead fish and back here I’ll
    be tying down all of these empty fuel jugs there on the port side we certainly
    expect all the wind to be coming from the north and northeast so I want all
    these fuel jokes to be on the high side we’re running low on everything which is
    just fine I want to keep this boat as light as possible since we’re just
    coastal we don’t need to stock up with tons of gasoline and diesel extra diesel
    on the deck so right now I’m gonna get ready to put the jib sheet blocks back
    on to the track. We take those off when we’re in port for any length of
    time just to get them out of the way so we
    don’t fall and trip over them stub our toes we also get the jib sheets out of
    the way but also here in such a poor country the people are very nice the
    fishermen are nice but they are so incredibly poor a lot of simple things
    like line will disappear from the deck off the boat if you’re not careful Ok, we will go into the engine room and
    check the engine oil and a few other things and since I’m not going to do a
    proper sailboat engine room tour I don’t think there is just enough there to make it
    worthwhile I’ll just show a couple things here while we’re down in my
    favorite room in the boat there’s a nice seat over here to sit on we have the
    refrigerator and the freezer up here I have them shut off right now so they
    don’t make noise in the background for us so this is a 56 horse Yanmar engine
    Lily you’re in the way! She loves to help me in the sailboat engine room and
    so it’s been very reliable you can see that it’s in here backwards. this is the
    flywheel so it’s facing aft and that goes… the driveshaft is on the other side
    it goes to the, of course the transmission and then the V drive as in
    Victor that reverses the output and the driveshaft comes underneath the engine
    and out the boat we have dual Racor filters with a very important suction
    guage so the needle goes counterclockwise to the left as we’re
    looking at it and that will tell me if these filters are getting plugged and so
    I’m always checking that while we’re motoring. in the back here there used to
    be one big fuel tank 80 gallons but that ruptured long ago and another owner had
    put in these 2 40 gallon tanks they’re actually probably about 38 gallons each
    there’s one to port and one starboard the dividing line is right here so that
    helps us to distribute weight on the boat a little better so the galley the
    head a lot of weight is on the port side of this boat so it just has a natural
    port list so we always try to use the port fuel first also the water in the
    port water tank underneath this settee We’ll always use that first and try to get
    more weight back to the starboard. up here is a remote oil
    filter makes changing oil extremely easy I just put a little plastic cup under
    here take the filter off and it makes it very fast and easy for changing oil up
    here is the oil pump for changing the oil and there’s a hose is here that
    comes down and I can just put that into an empty container. so I check the
    tension on the fan belt half-inch depression mid span which is good. make
    sure we have enough coolant in the reservoir that’s good and we’ll check
    this engine oil hey Lily she loves to come back here and help me check engine
    oil don’t you kitten? I can do that pretty much by feel. wipe this off you
    know you pulled these dip sticks out and they never have anything on them but you
    put it back in and then the oil will show so we’re right up there to the
    proper line we’re looking good and I changed this oil not too long ago I
    change the oil every 100 hours the manual says 150 hours
    but I always go 100 hours even one thing – I wanted to show you you
    know you always hear about boats catching fire and sinking and it always
    seems to start in the engine room and so why is that what I think might happen in
    some of those cases is that a positive battery wire would be chafing on a hard
    spot like right here chafe through shorts out overheats and sets everything
    on fire so what I have done in some of these cases where it does lay on top of some
    metal just take a piece of strong water hose, cut it lengthwise and use some wire
    ties to hold it on so you have some good safeguard. this is the engine room blower
    that goes back out to the cubbyhole anytime our engine is running this is
    running there’s a manual switch that we turn on I want to get as much
    cool fresh air into this engine room as possible and get the heat out this is our new mainsail when we get
    down to South Africa and we haul out our old mainsail will become a drop cloth
    and then we can finally get this one out of our way so reach down in here to the
    V drive area and check the oil on the V Drive and the transmission and the sea
    strainer has been sitting a long time I’m gonna have to shut off the water valve
    and clean that out If we didn’t have this V drive reversing
    the output from the drive shaft this engine we have to be sitting up there in
    the galley somewhere so we checked the levels in the transmission and V drive
    and we are good to go so in the morning right at sunup around
    6 o’clock we want to leave Tanga for Zanzibar so I want to check the tide
    tables and see what the situation is going to be if we’re gonna be fighting a
    current or going out with the current so although you’re getting a flicker in the
    screen because of the difference in shorter speeds of the camera you still
    won’t be able to see this but what I’ll do is hold my finger on the screen and
    the menu comes up and cursor place Waypoint chart objects and’ find nearest’
    I want to hold my finger on ‘find nearest’ let it go and we have a whole menu
    here I’m going to go down the menu for waypoints. ports. tide stations. current
    stations. obstructions. wrecks and go back to’ tide stations’ touch that one and now
    we’ve get all of our tide stations along the coast and I want Tanga Bay
    push the enter button up here and it comes up so I don’t want today’s I want
    to push ‘tomorrow’ and in the morning low tide is
    at 4:45 so if we leave at 6 o’clock it’s just changed and it’s going to be coming
    back in and just starting to rise so we won’t have too much of a current to be
    fighting on our way out here high tide is going to be at 10:30
    a.m. with departure festivities we got delayed we are putting the dinghy up on
    deck that night in the dark that’s no problem we’ve done it plenty of times
    but we cannot be delayed in the morning we don’t want to wait until then to put
    the dinghy up on deck we have to leave just before sunup so that we don’t have
    to fight the current that will be shifting against us but also we can’t
    really be traveling in the dark because there’s dangers out there which I’ll be
    able to show you I’m certain on the way out of the harbor and also I’ll be able
    to show you what happened to that blue sailboat and how it got totally
    demolished Ok, and this is the first danger for
    sailing at night these little fishing boats are out all night many of them
    have no lights at all or they rely on just a little flashlight or a little
    lantern to hang up when they eventually see you coming and about to run them
    down it’s not only the fishing boats also their fishing nets will foul a
    cruising sailboat’s propeller and these fishing boats also have traps that they
    marked with just little empty water bottles plastic water bottles that are
    tied with some monofilament line and those will certainly wrap up around a
    sailboats propeller as well so there’s a lot of dangers in close to shore. As we move
    offshore there’s tugboats and this tugboat was
    showing no AIS signal. we have two AIS Displays and neither one showed a signal
    coming from this tugboat and that would lead me to believe that also at night
    there’s no reason for them to be showing the proper lighting that is required of
    a tugboat so sailboats sailing along the coast of
    Africa in Southeast Asia and a lot of waters around the world they have to be
    extremely careful because International Maritime Organization regulations really
    mean little there’s very little enforcement in a lot of these other
    foreign countries and this is what happened to that wrecked sailboat at two
    o’clock in the morning. he was 10 miles off the coast of Africa when he saw a
    tugboat and he decided to go behind it right into the tow line and that
    demolished his mast. the tugboat finally saw what was happening and slowed down
    and the barge came along and then just wiped out the rest of his boat and just
    spun him around like a top and just beat him up on all four sides of his boat and
    the owner of the boat says oh he finally did see that there was a light on the
    tow but it was so extremely dim you had to be right on top of it to see it which
    is very common in these foreign countries if you see a tugboat at all in
    the distance give him a wide berth and plan on sailing behind him only at a
    very great distance I was told that the insurance company for the tugboat does
    not want to pay as both captains were equally responsible for the accident but
    of course that is debatable it could be very helpful
    to keep a quick reference guide like this close to the helm or the nav
    station just in case there is some questionable light combinations out
    there on the horizon on some other vessel when we left Tanga Harbor we motor
    sailed on a beam reach due east and then once we were passed all of the shoals
    and small islands and out very much into deep water then we turned due south for
    Zanzibar and in the afternoon as expected as it
    does every day the wind shifted so we had to take down the running pole roll
    up the jibs and move everything off to the port side and there of course I had
    to make sure that the forward guy the after guy all come off the bottom of the
    running pole cleanly so that they don’t tangle or get crossed and that the
    mainsheet goes through the jaws cleanly and it won’t get tangled and to make
    sure that the topping lift comes off cleanly from the top of the running pole this running pole is two feet shorter
    than the J dimension that is the dimension from the mast to the head
    stay/ it’s just too short I would really much prefer to have it at
    least equal to the distance to the head stay but even better than that two feet
    longer and that way I wouldn’t have to be rolling up the jib like this I can
    get a lot more sail area out with a longer running pole. in this Pleasant
    weather it give me a chance to remark the topping lift and the forward and
    after guys just where to cleat them off at. there’s different ways of setting up
    running poles with the forward and after guys I just clean off the forward one to
    a cleat near the windlass and then have the after guy come back to a turning
    block and then a winch in the cockpit and that suits me this is not a race
    boat I can set it up any way I want navigation is so easy these days there’s
    no figuring out drift correction angles or distance time speed equations it’s
    all just right here in front of you there’s very little to think about and
    the machine like this which has a screen of eleven and a half inches across makes
    it so easy to see and gives a very good spatial awareness gives the true wind
    speed, maximum true wind speed, apparent wind angle, waypoint
    time to go, distance to Waypoint , on and on and on, everything you could possibly
    want to know and certainly takes all the mystery out of navigation which that’s
    fine with me we are heading down now to a nice little
    cove on the north end of Zanzibar. we’re gonna arrive well before sundown. if we
    keep on going there’s a good chance we’ll have to enter the marina after it
    gets dark and we haven’t been there before and we’re not in any rush. so
    we’re just going to have a nice Pleasant sail for the day and anchor in this cove
    that we see on the chart that’s a change, we have our picture
    taken! so we set an anchor symbol where we drop
    the anchor and then settle back and now our track is swinging in an arc around
    the anchor so in the middle of the night if we have bad weather or any concerns
    at all we can check the chart plotter and we’ll see if we’re drifting if we’re
    dragging anchor or we’ll know exactly what’s happening. Rebecca and I have
    never heard of anybody being boarded on their yacht anywhere along the Tanzania
    coast and accosted but why take chances we just feel much better putting in the
    security bars closing the hatch and then inserting the bar into its proper
    position so the patch cannot be open from the outside but will also close the
    big forward hatch and dog that tight and just keep our security things…our
    knives or whatever we have close at hand just in case and we also left the bright
    cockpit light on but I didn’t go through the trouble of setting up our trip
    alarms Well are we back in Internet again? no…No internet? oh no. How many days has it been now? It feels like days, but 24 hours..that’s long enough! God In that amount of time the whole world could have just blown up and we
    just blown up and gone all the hell and all gone to heck, and we would never know it. Probably wouldn’t care! yeah really! we have enough food onboard and fishing line…Ah.. … a big ship out there huh? Yea. Its on AIS. Its at anchor. . Oh good, nice to see somebody has AIS out here that’s supposed to have it. So as we make our approach into the
    marina we always tie off the wind generator we don’t need that noise or
    having that thing spinning around and possibly getting in the way of anything.
    we roll up the Bimini and headsail and get that out of the way so we have better visibility
    over and around the Dodger plus we don’t need the extra windage. that thing can
    act like a sail and really blow us around and we don’t know what the wind,
    what the current is going to be inside the marina so we just want to streamline
    the boat as much as possible also on the way in I always have to think well what
    if the engine quits what do we do I mean we should be able to sail the boat to
    the dock but I’d prefer not to in a lot of cases I have to think well what would
    Kevin do? Kevin has a youtube channel called “how to sail oceans”. He sails
    everywhere on a 31-foot double ender gaff rig boat with no engine and so I
    watch his channel to refresh my memory on things that I have done only long ago
    and to learn new things so he’s got an excellent channel for those people who
    are out sailing now and you want to learn more and refine your skills Kevin
    on ‘how to sail oceans’. He wouldn’t ever turn on his engine he doesn’t have one
    to turn on and he would just sail into the dock here. and think nothing of it.
    After docking the boat one of the first things I did was go over the side and
    bagged the prop and the shaft with plastic bags it’d be far better to use a
    black bag or something that does not transmit any light at all to discourage
    marine growth but since this transparent bag is all that I had I went ahead and
    threw some laundry detergent powdered laundry detergent inside the bag and
    then installed it over the prop and that will help discourage any marine growth
    on the prop and on the shaft even though I had taken the time in Tanga it to wash
    off the chain it wasn’t enough it did start smelling so why not take advantage
    of the dock here all the fresh water and I pulled all the chain out of the locker
    and gave it a good rinsing and a little bit of a scrubbing and then let it dry
    out in the Sun so it’s nice to get all that mud and muck and old marine growth
    off and give it a good fresh water rinse before it gets stowed back in its chain
    Locker so now we’re in Zanzibar I’ve waited decades to get to this place
    and now we are here we get to explore this ancient incredibly historic Island!


    3 Simple Sailboat Tips EVERY Sailor MUST know!! – Patrick Childress Sailing #26

    September 3, 2019

    today on Brick House How the U V rays of the Sun affect your eyes, sometimes requiring surgery and how some
    unexpectedly inexpensive sunglasses can be better protection than the designer
    brand, and then shock absorbers for the main and jib sail when the wind dies but
    the waves are still up take that terrible snap out of those
    sails, how to fish out and patch a broken jib leechline
    a day on shore with the natives and some local yachting Madagascar style keep the
    bailer close by. Hello my name is Patrick Childress on the sailboat Brick House. I
    grew up in the southwest section of Miami and in the summer’s out of high
    school in the late 1960s if my friends and I weren’t waterskiing on the nearby
    lake then we were out scuba diving on the nearby reefs. In those days no one
    paid any attention to what the UV rays of the Sun were doing to one’s skin or
    their eyes. In 1979 I left Miami on a 27 foot sailboat to sail solo around the
    world. After completing that trip the worst
    part of that whole voyage was having to have both of my eyes operated on for
    pterygium. Pterygium effects anybody who’s outdoors a lot; construction
    workers, farmers, sailors, anyone who is exposed to constant eye irritation like
    dust, wind and especially the UV rays of the Sun. Pterygium starts out as a
    ‘pinguecula’. Take a look at this pinguecula. A pinguecula starts on the inside
    corner of the eye nearest the nose and it generally has a yellowish cast to it
    and it’s complete with blood vessels as it grows across the white of the eye and
    encroaches on the cornea, the clear lens of the eye, that is then called pterygium
    and is spelled with a PT. It can actually pull and deform the eye like a muscle
    and cause an astigmatism and certainly at that point it needs to be operated on to
    be removed. The sunglasses that are just open to the side they’re a benefit but
    they allow far too many rays of the Sun and wind in to damage the eye. A hat
    certainly helps but really the best thing is to use wraparound sunglasses as
    long as you don’t need prescription glasses – you can’t get wraparound
    sunglasses in a prescription as of yet. Some of the best glasses are
    actually the least expensive. These are safety glasses that you can buy at any
    hardware store for five or six dollars. The most important thing is to look for
    the ANSI – the American National Standards Institute designation on the
    Temple of the eyeglasses this will show that the safety glasses have been tested
    for impact resistance in UV protection along with other measures, These glasses
    are made of polycarbonate polycarbonate which is a natural inhibitor of UV rays of the Sun. Even if the glasses are clear like these safety glasses they’re 100% well
    did they ever say one percent 99.99% UV resistant. When the wind has died but the
    waves are still up what to do to take that terrible snapping slamming out of
    the main and the jib when you still have to sail? The best remedy that I have
    found is to use a snubber just like this anchor snubber that normally attaches to
    the chain. It can be looped around the boom of a mainsail and hooked back on to
    itself or a separate line can be tied around the boom and then the snubber
    attached to it or if the line is long enough on the outboard end of the
    snubber it can just be tied around the boom with two wraps and then tied with
    the bowline back on to itself and if you’re hanging out in Southeast Asia
    you’ll always see these old motorcycle inner tubes laying along the roadway.
    They may not be good enough to hold air but they’re great for shock absorbers
    whether at a docks or for taking that shock loading out of a sail while you’re
    still out at sea. So when we set up the shock absorber on this mainsail there’s
    a bail already on the boom its easy to attach to and it’s in a set up so when
    the shock absorber reaches its full extension then the mainsheet will take
    over the load. This certainly eases the pressure on the
    gooseneck and the sails. This shock absorber is set up on a Swan 53 and it’s
    so easy to set up the shock absorber on a Swan because there’s so many winches
    and cleats and all kinds of options to attach the bitter end to. Of course
    there’s a preventer tied to the other side of the boom. In this situation the
    shock absorber is set up as a jib sheet and once it gets to its full extension
    then the jib sheet takes over its loading in this light air it’s just nice
    to have a running pole, a lightweight running pole, to help hold out the jib so
    it doesn’t have such a throw for its movement. The outboard end of the pole is
    attached to a sacrificial loop of line that’s tied through the clew of the sail
    it also acts like a great hinge point and these light winds for my own use I
    just don’t see any sense in going through all the trouble to set up fore and aft guys and topping lifts. It’s just as easy to man handle these running poles and
    especially these smaller lighter what I would call whisker poles. In this
    situation the jib sheet is doing what it’s supposed to do but shock absorber
    is easing the vertical slamming on the sail and here you can see a close-up of
    the sacrificial loop of line to which the upward end of the running pole is
    attached to, so shock absorbers are a big help to save the sails, save the
    gooseneck, save the rigging, and also to ease all that terrible sounding noise. On
    the jib of Brick House and this is the clew of the jib and this is where the
    leechline used to be. iIt chafed through on this little cleat and we have no more
    adjustment, so if my problem is how to get the leechline
    out so I can tie a new piece to it and get us back in business again. So I cut
    just a tiny hole with a razor blade knife right through here being very
    careful not to cut the remainder of the leechline.Then I took this lighter
    and singed the threads so nothing would come unraveled. So now I’ll take my
    rigging knife and dig out that broken leech line and I’ll have about this much
    left to tie a new piece of line to, and get us back in business again. That was easy enough – sometimes you get lucky. On the staysail we had the
    same problem of a damaged leech line because of that cleat, but there, there was
    enough line exposed at the bottom of the pocket of the leech lines where I
    could grab it and pull it down and raise the sail up away from it and then clamp
    the leechline with vice grips the jaws of which were wrapped in tape so that I
    wouldn’t be biting through and breaking the leechline so that gave me enough
    exposed leech line to where I could tie it to a new extension and that was a
    much easier process getting us back in business. So I joined this Dyneema to the
    old leech line and I left a little extra here because there was a worn section in
    here I don’t want to risk tying to a bad area and having that break so I’ll shove
    this down it has a bit of stiffness to it and I can feel it coming down if I
    run into any snags and I can use a retrieving tool like this to shove up inside and grab the line and
    pull it down. But I think this is gonna work out okay. There it is, good
    I had a long pair of needlenose pliers I could have also stuck up in there to
    help pull it down. I’ll give myself plenty of line to come through… I don’t even
    like using this anymore because of that chafe factor. I’m gonna go around it and
    just use the eyes since we don’t really adjust the sail that much and I’ll give
    myself plenty of line. So I wrapped the new Dyneema extension through the eyes
    several times and then tied it off bypassing those terrible sharp jaws of the
    adjusting cleat. I don’t want to turn this into a destination YouTube channel
    but there’s just so many fun things that we get into I just feel like I need to
    show it to somebody… so I have a series of videos here that I’ve strung together
    and this shows our new friend Paul who showed us around his island and then
    took us for our sail in his dhow. This is the son of my sister …oh the son of your
    sister so your ‘nephew’. A cruiser had given Paul a solar panel and a 12 volt battery
    AND a single light bulb so he has enough power to also run some simple
    electronics. Very cool…look at the little kitten – a little snowball! How many kittens? Are there five? four? ONE? Meow Meow…Only one little baby hah? Better bring you back to your mommy before she misses you too much ha? This roof is made from palm..and the wood is for planking. Oh yeah…. This was the middle of the dry season so
    there wasn’t the waterfall that we had hoped for. But does the pig get smart yeah yeah yeah…and learn not to go…maybe he sees trap, and not to go yeah yeah yeah so maybe he see trap he see food but nah.. too dangerous…no
    no no no he like some food yeah because you you like some, you
    love some Rafia.( a flower seed) And how often do you catch pig? Maybe one or two weeks like this, they come in. Yes, On the first day, you make some seed and the pigs you come in to eat one day.
    ????///Oh ok… A Frenchman had been living on
    this island and went away for a couple of weeks at which time he died but while
    he was away a bad storm came along and washed his sailboat way up onto the sandy
    beach near the mangroves and it’s been sitting here now for several years. We had a fantastic fish lunch with rice
    and mango salad Singing… Thank you Paul for a fantastic day!

    24 HOUR BOX FORT ZOMBIE BASE!! We Got A Secret Package
    Articles, Blog

    24 HOUR BOX FORT ZOMBIE BASE!! We Got A Secret Package

    September 3, 2019

    alright guys what’s going on right now I
    just drew on the blogging camera because something is happening something is
    going down right now we just got an emergency alert on our phone that
    something is going down and as this happen a strange package showed up to
    the door look it’s already down there looking
    into it it’s addressed to us but there’s no person that sent it to us it doesn’t
    say who sent it what is this call the duct tape on see what’s beat up who’s
    got dirt on it you know something’s not right there something’s not right guys
    after we got the emergency alert we had a knock at the door we didn’t even know
    who dropped this office she’s a strange package and now inside well there’s this
    all right maybe we should bring this downstairs and open it up and find out
    what’s inside dude this is freaking me out who could
    have left this and what is this look there’s duct tape stuck on it I mean we
    use a lot of duct tape so maybe it’s it’s for us right Bevell with it really
    dropped it somewhere all right let’s see what’s inside you be careful I don’t
    know what’s in there I don’t either but dude look we got to
    figure out what this is what’s going on first the emergency alert then this
    package something’s not right you don’t think the Baron could be up to
    something do you we haven’t heard from the Baron in a really long time
    you’re right looks like clothing these pants no it’s a jacket dude this
    is freaking me out dude if this was someone’s jacket oh we got more stuff in
    here man looks like this might be some sort of
    survival kit like a survival bag look there’s dried pineapple there’s a
    there’s a Nalgene bottle G a beat-up camera what is this dude this definitely
    was some sort of survival pack someone was using this and whatever happened to
    them wasn’t good things beat up sunflower seeds it’s a water bottle oh
    dude look at that who could have done that so scratched up like crazy guys
    this is really freaking me out right now this is really freaking me out
    it’s a survival booklet on what to eat and what you can’t eat I’m more curious
    about what’s in this camera box yeah me too but look it’s a notebook maybe
    there’s lots of information on it it’s covered in dirt there’s a bunch of notes
    here look at this day one weird stuff is happening on the news what else is in
    here it’s more writing back here day 53 if
    you think this just happened you’re fooling yourself someone knows what
    caused this someone is behind this don’t believe me then riddle me this why does
    the army start ferrying people in two days before the first confirmed attacks
    attacks Logan what is this talking about wait wait wait there’s something here
    there’s something here too papa Jake if you’re receiving this it might already
    be too late Logan Jake what does it say the zombie virus has spread and the
    zombies are moving quickly by the time you’re reading this it already may be
    too late the zombies will be approaching your position if I can give you one word
    of advice it’s to stock up now build a base and survive as long as you can
    hopefully what’s in this pack can help you check the video camera there’s
    something here it’s a medkit and looks like inside here
    there’s some sort of medicine alright look dude whoever sent us this is trying
    to warn us we need to start building up now if zombies are truly coming this way
    we’ve dealt with them before and we can deal with them again we need to build a
    survival base we have to grab our cardboard grab our resources and build
    up Jake what about what’s on this camera we’ll have to watch it later watch it
    once we’re inside the base safe and secure but right now our first priority
    is getting this base built looks like the zombies are coming which
    means we need to build our zombie base fast now the thing is we’ve dealt with
    zombies before so we have a bunch of equipment that we can use to make this
    base zombie survivable we need food we need water we need supplies and most
    importantly we need our nerf guns so if we can defend this fort now what I’m
    thinking guys is rebuild a front fortress here that allows us to get in
    and out of the base here we’ll have different windows that we can shoot out
    of to defend ourselves from the zombies as we move back here well this place
    open so we can expand the base if we need to I’m thinking we can out like a
    med bay over there we could even have an Arsenal where we keep all of our awesome
    nerf guns after we go out on missions so with zombies coming I think the most
    important thing we can do right now is start building up this base and getting
    settled in for the night it’s gonna be a long night alright Gaston check it out we’ve been
    working on the zombie bass for a little while now and it’s coming along great we’re we’re gonna be living sleeping
    eating all that kind of stuff over here we have a storage room where we can
    store all of our supplies like our nerf guns as well as our food and water and
    then over here is the front entrance this is actually where we’re gonna be
    able to defend against any zombies coming to fight us we even have a bunch
    of room back here that we can expand on through in future episodes if we need to
    expand this base but right now like I said guys our main priority is getting
    this set up and then once we have it all set up we can watch what’s on that tape
    but guys check this out while I was moving the bag over here I found
    something else inside and I need your guy’s help with it guys check this out
    inside the journal I found this code look at this I don’t know what it means
    or what it could be for which is why I need your help guys I need you to try
    and figure out what this could be for and let me know down below in the
    comments have you guys seen a code that looks like this and do you have any idea
    where we could use it it’s gotta have something to do with the zombie outbreak
    but I need your help so the zombie face is finished guys check it out this is
    our zombie bases we’re gonna be holding up against all the zombies and while
    surviving the zombie apocalypse as long as we can in terms of supplies and
    ammunition we’re a little bit low I’ve got a few cartridges for our weapon here
    and swell food and ammunition there is none but coming inside guys I’ll show
    you guys the base so once you get inside here you close the exterior door like so
    and then we have this lock hatch it’s gonna prevent anyone and zombies from
    getting in that means other survivors trying to steal our supplies or well
    zombies of course trying to break down the door from the window oh yeah guys
    check this out so we have this window here so if the zombies do come up
    obviously if a bunch of them bunch up outside it could break down the fort so
    we have this window here that we open up like this and then we can fire out of
    with our nerf guns and then if it gets too hot to close it like this and we’re
    safe inside let’s head back here though guys to check out the rest of the base
    all right guys this is our second survival area this actually we’re gonna
    be sleeping making our food as well as storing all of our equipment and
    supplies behind me here this is the supply locker as you guys
    can see we have the backpack in there and well it’s completely empty right now
    cuz our first priority was building the space and then we’re gonna move our
    stuff in like sleeping bags food ammunition nerf guns and more but there
    is also a lot to do on this base like like I want to add reinforcements I want
    to add defenses against zombies and back here guys check this out
    we have an entire open space back here with surrounding walls that we can
    expand the base into so we have lots of room for expansion but right now we’re
    gonna be surviving here and while before we watch whatever’s on that tape we need
    to get supplies like food and water but guys if we’re gonna be surviving here
    and well watching whatever’s on that tape before we do that we need the
    essentials food and water there’s a storage unit in our house where we keep
    all this stuff just around the corner we’re gonna head out now I’ve been
    hearing a lot of zombie activity listen ok closer to the house alright we gotta
    head out now and grab as much as we can a little doesn’t even have a weapon yet
    let’s go alright guys we’re gonna head out now and head towards the storage
    locker don’t know what the situations like out there so we got to stay close
    and stay quiet releasing the latch alright let’s do
    this we’ll get it on the base get the store get the latch lock the door
    they’re already broke into the house Jake what’s going on they’re already
    here alright she’s latched off oh no I don’t have a lot of ammo all the stuff
    is in the storage locker we should have grabbed it first all right let’s take a
    look outside and see what’s going on we got another one could ruin the bass
    hold on dr. mouth Logan we’re really low on ammo
    chief we only have one cartridge left I know we gotta make it towards that
    storage locker got him all right look emotive ammo maybe there’s something in
    that camcorder that can help us with this so I mean we haven’t checked we’re
    all out we’re gonna get out of here we need to
    make that storage locker but first let’s secure the door then check the bag come
    on there could be some extra supplies in here here this camcorder have something
    on you it’s gotta be a reason they sent us a camcorder it’s pretty old tech but
    I should be able to get to work there’s a battery
    please got some juice left in it it’s working let’s see what’s on here should we play it yeah they’re getting
    closer alright let’s watch this supposed to be
    the doctor the doctor who this bag belong to listen up Papa Jake if you’re
    hearing this the serum that I provided in this bag might be the only cure for
    the zombie apocalypse I’m giving it to you because you need to end this fight
    okay well it looks like the scientists who
    own this before it’s no longer with us but the medicine that’s in this bag
    supposedly could be the serum to stop the zombie virus how are we gonna know
    well whoever sent us this thinks that it might be the cure which means we need to
    trap a zombie and try it on one it’s the only way we can know for sure if this
    will stop it we need to create some sort of zombie cage to trap a live zombie and
    administer in medicine it sounds crazy but if this works we could stop the
    entire infection we won’t have to survive here but in order to do that
    we’re gonna need supplies we’re gonna have to fashion some sort of makeshift
    zombie weapons and head to that supply locker gather supplies and then create a
    zombie trap stay here for the night and tomorrow we
    catch ourselves a zombie ready for this yeah let’s do this
    all right let’s get a good night’s sleep we’ll head out in the morning we’re
    gonna do this and we’re gonna stop the zombie virus once and for all
    it was created by the Baron and it’s gonna be handed by Papaji