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    Mother May I With That YouTub3 Family! Fun Parlor Game! / The Beach House
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    Mother May I With That YouTub3 Family! Fun Parlor Game! / The Beach House

    December 5, 2019

    Michael: Hey everybody, welcome toThe Beach House. Today we are with that YouTube Family Michael: We are getting ready to play mother may I with them. So we’ve got a few different players here. Becca’s going to be playing Michael: And James played last round on their channel. So you’ll have to go check out their channel and see Michael: The other version that we’ll play together downstairs. Michael: But then we’ve also got…who else is playing this round? Jordan: I’m going to be playing and I’m really excited. Michael: We got Jordan and David. Jordan: Ellie’s going to be playing and we’re on the same team. Michael: You guys ready? Michael: And then we got the rest…everybody that played downstairs. The cheerleader squad over here. Becca: And we have obstacles, so this table is in the way Becca: The island is in the way Michael: We have to get all the way down to the end of that room over there Michael: You guys ready? Michael: What’s your game plan Rebecca? Becca: I have no idea, but it might involve running on tabletops Jordan: Running on tabletops? Oh I didn’t know it was going to get that intense. Michael: Ellie, what is your strategy to win? Ellie: Go really fast. Michael: Ooh, that’s a good strategy. Okay, so you got a stand here on the starting line. We got one more player over there David: My strategy to win is I’m going to be like super fast like The Flash. Michael: He’s making deals with the mother. Are you bribing our mother over here? David: Just saying I don’t have to bribe. When you got skills… Michael: All right, well the starting line is over here Michael: Nice try. That was your strategy. Michael: Sorry I called you out on that. Michael: All right, well I think everybody is set up and ready to go so let’s get started. Michael: You want to do the honors? David: Ooh I get to start? This is going to be a short round guys. Sorry. David: Mother may I David: Hmm…be like Flash and come see you Corbin: No. But you can be a slow train. David: A slow train? David: (TRAIN WHISTLE) David: This is going to be a long night Becca: Okay mother may I Wingardium leviosa Corbin: No. But you can be a ball Corbin: Stop Michael: Wow. You got really far! Michael: Okay Michael: It’s Ellie’s turn Ellie: Mother may I Ellie: Be a ballerina? Corbin: No. But you can take two baby steps Michael: Two baby steps Michael: Good job Jordan: Okay. Mother you just got to trust me on this one and say yes okay? May I take my partner here and do the tango? Jordan: No?!! Corbin: But you can… Corbin: Be a crab. Jordan: Oh I got this. I’m the best crab ever. Corbin: Stop David: All right, are you ready? Mother may I trade places with Jordan? Corbin: No. Corbin: You can… Corbin: Be a ball. David: Ball?! David: Did you say bald or a ball? Michael: You got really far. David: I don’t think I can stand up right now. Becca: He needs to get undizzy for a little while. Becca: Oh mother may be a kangaroo? Corbin: No. But you can…. Corbin: Be a tornado Corbin: Stop. Ellie: Mother may I… Ellie: Go on the table? Corbin: No Corbin: You can be a ball Jordan: Alright. Come on Ellie. You got this! Corbin: Stop. Michael: Good job! Jordan: So close yet so far! Jordan: Mother may I….teleport? Corbin: Until I say stop. Jordan: Okay, so this a magic trick. So you got to come real close. Jordan: Ready? Jordan: Wow! How did that happen? Michael: Good job David: Hey, I’ve already been a ball, so I know I’m not going to be a ball again right? David: Can I be…here we go. Mother may I David: Be a downhill skier? David: Okay ready? Here we go. Becca: Would you mind doing it again? Becca: Give me an idea Michael. Becca: Mother may I be a race car? Corbin: But she can… Corbin: Be a snake Becca: I’m gonna be on my back Becca: I got so close Michael: Can you reach it? Becca: I think I might just take a nap right here actually. It feels really nice. Ellie: Mother may I Ellie: Teleport? Jordan: Mother may I do a single scissor cut? Corbin: Yes Jordan: You said the wrong answer cause I have long legs so… Michael: Better luck next time. Jordan: Okay you guys, are you ready? Jordan: I am now the mother! Jordan: So, ask away. Becca: Okay, round two. Becca: Mother may I be a torpedo? Jordan: A torpedo? Jordan: Why not? Becca: Did I stop at the right time? I heard a lot of screaming. Okay. Michael: Alright Corbin. Corbin: Mother may I… Corbin: Go under the table, across the under it? Jordan: Oh so you’re going to crawl under the table? Jordan: I’m feeling generous. So, I mean why not sure. Jordan: Okay stop! Corbin: I asked to go to the other side Michael: Alright Ellie Ellie: Mother may I be a bunny? Jordan: A bunny? Jordan: Yes. Jordan: And stop. David: Mother may I be Dracula turned into a bat? Jordan: No David: What?! Jordan: You could be a spooky scary skeleton Jordan: Stop Becca: Okay, oh I am always unprepared every single time Becca: What’s something that’s really fast? May I be like the wind? Jordan: No Jordan: You can take Jordan: One ginormous giant step instead. Becca: Okay, ready? Jordan: Okay. Corbin: Mother may I be a tornado? Jordan: Tornado? Why do you want to be a tornado under the table? Jordan: Okay, no. Jordan: You may not have your tornado, but you can be a tsunami. Corbin: What’s a tsunami? Michael: It’s like a big wave. Ellie: Mother may I be the scissors? Jordan: Scissor cut, how many? Ellie: Five Jordan: Five?! Jordan: That’s so many. No. You may do two. Jordan: Two scissor cuts Jordan: There you go. David: Watch this one, it’s going to be good. Mother may I be Tarzan of the apes? Jordan: Sure. Yeah. David: She said yes! I didn’t think she would. David: (CALL OF TARZAN) Jordan: Stop! David: But still in last place. Becca: Mother may I be an ape?! Jordan: Be an ape?! Yes! Jordan: Stop! Corbin: Mother may I be a race car? Jordan: A race car? Jordan: Well, it depends what type of race car are you going to be. Corbin: Blue Jordan: Oh a blue race car. Okay, yes. If you said red then I would have said no. So… Jordan: Okay stop! Stop stop! Jordan: Alright. Ellie’s turn. Ellie: Mother may I be… Ellie: A race car? Jordan: No, you may not. Jordan: But Jordan: You may… Jordan: Do Jordan: The Jordan: The bird. Jordan: Oh no! Jordan: Okay. David’s turn. David: I have a feeling she doesn’t want me to win. David: So watch this. David: Mother may I be a fly fisherman? Jordan: No Jordan: Sorry, no. Jordan: But, you can go deep sea scuba diving. David: But that goes down. David: All right, you ready? Jordan: Stop! Jordan: I forgot the word is stop. Becca: Okay, mother…I was just about to say may I… Becca: Forgot what I wanted to say Becca: Mother may I be a fast growing weed? Jordan: Okay Becca: Losing my balance Becca: If you want to see that, check out their video on their channel. Michael: All right guys, thank you so much for watching The Beach House. This is so much fun playing mother may I with Michael: So if you want to see the version then we played on their channel make sure to go check it out Michael: I’ll have a link in the description below and Becca: For that YouTube Family! ♫ ♫ (THE BEACH HOUSE THEME ‘PAUSE THE GAME’ BY CODY CRABB) ♫ ♫

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    December 1, 2019

    guys check this out we’re underneath the ship now oh there’s a lot of spiders in there guys I do not want to be under there looks like this is the way I’m gonna be going in it is it’s looking freaky and I gotta make sure I do not pop this boat hey what’s gonna pop it Jake family Papa Jake here and we are back with a brand-new video and guys if you are following along in our series things are getting intense okay we escaped from prison in our previous videos and made it to well as you can see in the background this abandoned pirate ship that’s right guys we found out that the person who locked us up the gamemaster is evil because of something that happened on this ship and we need to put a stop to this mystery if you guys don’t know the gamemaster has been hunting down and capturing youtubers and we were at the cusp of solving this mystery all right Papa Jake is going full Sherlock Holmes on this and we asked you guys in our last video do you want us to board the ship because I mean Logan is it’s a freaky pirate ship it is really freaky guys it’s abandoned too which makes it even freakier because there could be pirate ghosts but you guys absolutely like button and that is exactly why today we are gonna be boarding the abandoned pirate ship and searching for clues to put an end to the gamemaster in our last video we did have some weird like electromagnetic stuff happen to the drone that we are flying over it as you can see I don’t know what caused that but it makes me even more believe that this ship could be haunted and whatever is linking it to the gamemaster might be evil this is gonna be one of the most dangerous missions we have ever gone on but we’re bringing you guys along alright guys so check this out we’ve got two of our inflatables here that we’re gonna use to get across and over to the ship now if you guys remember in our drone footage there’s actually an opening that we found on the way far side of the abandoned pirate ship which means well we got a paddle all the way around and then hopefully we can figure out a way to get in like I said guys we need to be extremely careful this thing is not only falling apart so we got to be careful using gloves and long pants but it might be haunted so we got to keep that in mind Logan this make our paddles alright guys so we have our rafts and we have our paddles and we’re ready to go out to the ship let’s set out and sail over there I’ve got everything ready in mine so stay close and hopefully we don’t run into any issues but like I said guys this is gonna be pretty scary looking these are gonna work for us right dude I really hope so yeah be careful and don’t tip okay I’ll try my best I think I’m good uh Jake that doesn’t look too sturdy we’re not going too far I think I’ll get us there all right guys we’re making our way over to the ghost ship got our little dinghy here it’s a little hard to control definitely not as inflated as I would have wanted it to be as you guys can see it’s kind of buckling but like I said the ship isn’t too far away look at all this flow cause with all the seaweed here it makes it so creepy this is definitely a go ship so we got to get around to the other side and that’s where we’ll actually be able to get in okay guys so far so good dude check that out this thing is massive and guys as we get close to the water is actually changing color it’s like a darkish blue now I know if you guys can see that on the camera but that is really freaky Logan how you doing oh man hi we’ve got to get up and inside this thing guys and from the looks of it work it’s up there we’re down here let’s hope the other side is a lot better I mean on the drone it definitely look like there’s a spot to get up but from here this is gonna be difficulty all right let’s keep moving around the ship that way I think that’s our best bet to get inside guys the thing is huge when you get up close yeah guys check it out and it’s so rusted we got to be careful we don’t get too close to it because we do not want to pop this guys check this out we’re underneath the ship now oh there’s a lot of spiders in there guys I do not want to be under there we’re making our way around though to the other side we’re getting close to the entrance or slash where we think we’ll be able to enter so once we get over there we’ll update you guys but as you can see this thing is just absolutely massive look at all the places we could search in here there’s got to be some clues in here hi guys looks like this is the way I’m gonna be going in it is it’s looking freaky and I got to make sure I do not pop this boat on this rusty metal or else we’re gonna have a really bad day / no way to get off this thing so whoo that was a trip hi Jake this looks really freaky yeah man it’s it’s uh this is interesting all right get up you’re dead all right guys Logan’s getting up here nice there we go guys so far the mission is well 20% successful we’ve made it onto the boat now it’s time to start exploring but already guys this place is creepy not only the fact that it is an abandoned pirate ship but it is a dangerous hazard being on here and I also don’t know exactly where we can walk because there are holes all throughout here and I mean it’s rusted metal so parts of this could break at any time guys I’ve never seen so many spiders in my life yeah there’s a lot of weird stuff on this so let’s uh let’s start exploring into we can find whoa guys this is uh this is really freaky you do not want to fall down there that is a that is a dangerous place to fall down guys you have to be so careful there is a ton of random holes here look at this not somewhere you want to fall down so we’ve made it onto the ship it’s been quite the journey to get on here guys I can say I’m a little spooked to be honest with you I move at nighttime it’s a over the middle of the day but that doesn’t take away from the fact that this was once like a pirate ship in a way pretty cool but it doesn’t take away from the freaky factor dude look at this this is crazy spider webs guys this is really creepy I don’t know if you can see what’s back here guys but tell me if you can see anything behind that corner it looks like this ground is like not stable enough to actually go over there cuz the grounds moving beneath me but let me know what you uh let me know what you see and look at this dude there’s like a machine here guys I don’t know what this used to be but check this out this might be they’re gonna look stairwell or something but there’s like a gauge over there and there is a ton of bird’s nest and other nasty here this freaky man that’s it right now nothing too spooky is happening but this place is definitely really freaky freaking me out to being on here there’s like a weird feeling being on here especially knowing this was an old pirate ship you see anything Logan this looks like it was a staircase that went to the basement and now it’s full of water guys by the look of it it looks like there may have been a fire yeah you’re right guys there’s a lot of markings here that indicate that this could have been a fire I mean obviously the ships sunk but if you look around there’s a lot of charred wood here like look at this was definitely on fire I didn’t notice that until Logan pointed it out but even when I was looking in here guys look at the wood all down there that looks like that was on fire at one point perhaps there was more to this shipwreck maybe it wasn’t an accident maybe someone looked this ship on fire you got to be very careful when walking though guys the ground here is definitely not stable I’m trying to vlog as best I can but I also need to be very careful looks like this at one point look up even here guys look at this there’s another hole here that is freaky it would be awesome to go and explore down there but it is just too dangerous this is one of the most dangerous things we’ve ever done and I cannot stress it enough guys do not try this at home if you have an abandoned ship or even an abandoned building near you do not try it at home because it is dangerous and you could get extremely hurt okay whoa okay what’d you find it’s kind of weird but I found a lens cap to a camera what’s what some kind of camera lens dude that is weird I mean considering that this game masters after youtubers and we know he’s been trying to make his own youtube videos that makes this thing even weirder so as of right now what we do know is that the game master was turned evil after this ship will crashed or had a shipwreck and whatever happened on this pirate ship happened over 200 years ago which means either the game master is well a ghost or there’s something else to this story and I think Logan might be uncovering it with that camera cover let me know the comments down below guys what you think that could be from I’m also noticing here guys look it looks like this might have been like a kitchen or a room or something on the old pirate ship this is like tile for the floor it’s like nice tile it almost looks like it hasn’t been here for 200 years like this wipe all the dirt off and it’s fine but obviously the rest of the ship is burned you guys can see down there the water is actually really clear you can kinda get a good view of what it looks like it looks like down there there’s some more machinery oh dude I don’t know if you guys can see or if we can zoom in but there’s an actual door down there look at you see that yeah it’s like an old door an old window that is crazy if you notice anything or recognize anything from this pirate ship you know maybe an old weapon or something in the video let us know in the comments down below let us know what you guys see ok guys I’m gonna check out the front of the ship guys it’s really freaky the ship keeps making these like all rusty ship noises it’s really weird what I think I just saw something move in there no yes in the room we just came from it was like a figure so he was black all black like I don’t know like something like that something’s going on I saw something move did you get on can she get the footage oh keep filming that way something’s moving in there I wants to want to go back over there I’m freaking out guys let’s kind of avoid that section for now there’s a box it’s like a chest or a box of some sort walk through the chain yo check that out does it have anything on it you could have been left by the pirates I have no idea yo that is crazy okay we should definitely bring this with us this could have a ton of really important clues in it there it is the sound Jake I think I saw what you’re talking about something moved back there guys something’s there I don’t know it’s like a pirate ghost or or or some creepers following us but there is something that keeps making a noise and moving back there we’re trying to get it on camera but dude I almost want to go back that way I’m really freaked out right now look maybe we should get back on our boats and go back to shore right okay well we documented everything we could with this camera so we can review the footage when we can get home and also have you guys help us review the footage but on top of that we found this and whatever information on the gamemaster we can find has to be on this all right come on let’s get back in her ships and get home chiku is that from inside room inside something’s in there come on we gotta go gotta go all right guys we’re getting out of here we guys take what we have back and try and open this and figure out where it came from guys make sure this act I couldn’t hit the subscribe button we’re putting a stop to this mystery the game master Thomas from Papaji

    BEACH BALL BOOSTER SNEAK ATTACK! Nerf Blaster Battle w/ Ethan and Cole ExtremeToys TV
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    BEACH BALL BOOSTER SNEAK ATTACK! Nerf Blaster Battle w/ Ethan and Cole ExtremeToys TV

    November 27, 2019

    How are we going to turn it off? (doorbell) Hello? Who’s there? Oh hey Hope and Noah! Can you guys play right now? The phone! The telephone! Oh there’s the telephone! We can’t get out of our room right now!
    What? You got grounded? What she means is we’re trapped in a room because the
    beachball booster is malfunctioning! (earlier that day) Oh hey Eden! Can you help me blow up 500 beach balls? Yes! I just made the beach ball booster! The what? Maybe you guys can help us? Sure how do we get up there? There is a way around the house, behind the garage, up the ladder, shimmy down the rope, through the hallway. Watch out for flying beach balls! And through the hallway and by the door. It’s probably going to take them awhile. Wow that was fast! Really? I thought it was slow. We need to sneak attack squad this
    Beach ball booster! Here’s your sneak attack squads dog tags. Let’s go get this
    beach ball booster! Coley stay back! I don’t want you getting
    hurt! Why? I can help! I got this boys, I’m gonna go sneak up on the booster and turn it off. She does not
    know how to do a sneak attack. I know what will work, I’ll distract the beachball booster by
    telling it a beach joke. What does a vegetable wear to the beach? A zucchini! Haha! Get it? Boo! That was horrible! Oh wow! Tough crowd. That wasn’t such a bad joke. I guess it’s all up to me. Take cover! Uh oh! I’m out of darts! I guess it’s up to the little guy! Bulls eye! It’s the little things that make a
    difference! What are we going to do with all of these beach balls? Pool party! Hi guys! Thanks for watching! And thanks to Ethan and Cole for filming a video with us. Go checkout their channel which is
    Extreme Toys TV and don’t forget to subscribe and like this video! That was fun!

    Granny Game! Classic Horror Kids Game in Real Life! / The Beach House
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    Granny Game! Classic Horror Kids Game in Real Life! / The Beach House

    November 26, 2019

    Michael: Hello treasure hunters and welcome to The Beach House Michael: This is your Granny here and I have Michael: four children that I’ve captured into my home. And they have to escape Michael: by finding the items Michael: They need a wire cutter to cut the wire, a hammer to pry off this bar. Michael: They need a key to open the lock Michael: They need bolt cutters to cut this chain Michael: And finally Michael: they need s wrench. Michael: To cut off Michael: Open and unlock this chain. Five items. Five and then I’m going to hide them right now. Michael: They have five days to escape. Michael: If they get caught, they lose a day. Michael: I’m going to hide these now. First Michael: The key Michael: Where will I put the key? Michael: Yes Michael: Right Michael: here. Michael: That’s perfect. Michael: Now, where would I hide the wrench? Michael: That’s the perfect place. Michael: And the wire cutters Michael: I’ll put these right here. Michael: The hammer Michael: Yes Michael: And these Michael: They’ll never find it in here Michael: Perfect Michael: Now the granny can’t see. Michael: Only hear. Michael: So, we’ll just fix this Michael: problem right now Michael: I’m ready. Ryan: Day one. Ryan: Let’s go get everybody. Ryan: Alright guys, you ready to go? Ryan: There’s a granny in the house. Corbin: Oh really? Ryan: We gotta find the items. Corbin: But how did he get in there? Ryan: We have to find the items. I just got to get out. Ryan: Wait, be careful don’t get touched. Michael: I hear you. Michael: Where are you? Ryan: Found anything? Michael: Children, I told you not to leave that room. Michael: I hear you now. Michael: Yes, that’s definitely the pitter patter of small children. Michael: Where are you? Michael: Yes. Michael: I have you now. Ryan: Did you find anything yet? Ryan: Looks like we have to find a lot of stuff. Corbin: Five things. Ryan: Look in stuff. See if anything’s in here Ryan: Anything in there? Corbin: That wouldn’t be in plain sight. Ryan: That’s right. We need to find it in plain sight. Michael: I hear children. Ryan: Here, give me the hammer. Ryan: Charlie, are you ready? James: You’re not my Grandma! Ryan: Got it. Corbin: Hey! You’re not my Grandma! Ryan: Adjust it quick! You got it. Ryan: He’s coming. He’s coming. Michael: Where are you? Michael: I got you! Ellie: Day two. Corbin: Day two. Ryan: We still got one. You guys ready to go? Corbin: Be more careful Ellie. Ryan: He might be up here Corbin: He can’t go up here. Ryan: He can’t? Ryan: Hold it right now. Hold it. Michael: You children aren’t very sneaky. Ryan: Did you find anything? Michael: Where did they go? Ryan: James, see if you can undo it real quick. Ryan: Keep on looking. See anything? Michael: No escaping my house. Michael: Where are you? Ryan: Do you see anything? Ryan: What about you guys? Do you see anything? Ryan: He’s coming! Michael: Where are you? Ryan: Oh Ellie got hit. Ryan: Oh we got to go upstairs. Ellie: Day three. Corbin: He can’t be up here. It’s protected Michael: I hear you. Michael: You are not even trying to be sneaky. James: Charlie, come here! Michael: I hear children. Ryan: Guys, I need to find the items. Ryan: Guys we still need to find the items. We have three items and only two more chances. We still need the key and the clippers Ryan: And the wire cutters Ryan: Wire cutters Ryan: The key and that left. Okay. Ryan: See it anywhere? See it in here? Ryan: I don’t see it anywhere. Do you see it? Ryan: No don’t do it. Michael: Where are those children? Ryan: Where did you find them? Ryan: Here, get a chair. Michael: Where are you children? Ryan: Guys. We just got hit and we only have one more chance to get two more items Ryan: So, we don’t want to go right in front of him and go na na na na na. Ryan: Or else he might get us and then we’ll lose. James: So be absolutely silent. Ryan: Okay. Let’s go. Michael: I hear you. Ryan: So close. Michael: Come here little one. Michael: Come here. Michael: Come to Granny. Michael: Come Michael: Come to Granny. Charlie: You’re not my Grandma! Ryan: Did you find it yet? Ryan: We still need to find the wire Clippers and the Ryan: The keys Ryan: Bolt cutters. Ryan: Bolt cutters and the key Ryan: Charlie look out! Ryan: Run Ellie! Run! Ellie: Day four James: It’s actually day five Ryan: I guess we were counting it off. Ryan: We have one last chance. Michael: I hear you. James: Back in our room! Back in our room! James: Guys, back in our room. We need to lock it. Ryan: This time we need to be really really quiet. Charlie: We have one chance. Ryan: Do you guys see it anywhere? Ryan: Let’s check in here Ryan: I don’t see anything. Ryan: Where was it? Michael: There’s no escape Ryan: Let’s check the laundry room. Ryan: Let’s check the laundry room guys. Ryan: Do you see anything in there there? Ryan: I don’t see it. Ryan: Be careful Michael: I know I’m close. Michael: So close I can taste it. Michael: I hear you. Michael: Where did you go? Corbin: I took the key. Ryan: You did? Michael: There’s no escape the Granny’s house. Ryan: Run run run! Michael: No escaping. Ryan: Here. Give me the key. Ryan: That was so close. Michael: Oh no you don’t! Ryan: We’ll distract him over there. Michael: I got you! Ryan: We did it! Ryan: Good job! Michael: Thank you guys so much for watching. Michael: I had a lot of fun being the granny. and you guys did a great job. Ellie: Share and subscribe. Corbin: And like and hit the bell! Michael: We love you guys let us know in the comments below if there’s any other fun games you like Michael: I feel like I’m either like Bob Marley or Hagrid. ♫ ♫ (THE BEACH HOUSE THEME ‘PAUSE THE GAME’ BY CODY CRABB) ♫ ♫

    Trapped In Jumanji Game! / The Beach House
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    Trapped In Jumanji Game! / The Beach House

    November 21, 2019

    Previously on the beach house, so you guys voted and it’s been decided today. We are going to be playing It just went into the space all by itself what He likes your taste your party better move posthaste we better move Go go go guys. Go Google. Did you just hear that? We got the game Our adventure car Rebecca Wait wait Wait, we have to do it slowly if there’s still poison gas in there. It’ll come out your Paw everybody hold your breath The poison gas is gone If both of us the poison gas the mosquitoes are gone, but the alligators still Americans are still in there, okay The back door and all the fog must have escaped Yeah, shut up shut the door for sure it looks like the storm has dissipated – I guess it’s not gonna last forever, right I’m really wet. I want to go see it. Maybe I can change my clothes I’m just gonna check and see if he’s still in there Okay, you guys stay back just in case okay Here we go The lion definitely definitely still in the room Okay, so nothing’s actually left yet except the storm has dissipated we should go If we go into a small space, then we can close it after us I mean, they’ll stay and keep contained whatever whatever comes out of the game. We can keep it like a contaminate You have a closet anywhere maybe the boys Let’s go in the closet then you guys that’s a good idea. Okay. Let’s set the store to Whatever happens like let’s continue here. This turn is next So James just went that means it’s your turn, Rebecca I Think it’s your turn Maybe you could use this shelf right here The Shelf it will cut off will work just as well as anything This shelf right here. Well, you gotta hang up your church post but Yeah, yeah, okay we’ll have to get you some hangers Okay, you ready here we go All right, Becca we have to dice and give it a dinner oh, okay Nine nine nine, okay one two, three, four, five six seven eight nine a Slithering serpent disguised on the ground it will wrap you up and drag you down on the ground You think that’s the only one Oh Yeah, there was – there was one that was underneath the door and then there was something that came down around here No I think it was like remember how we can try to contain it – that room he might get out from underneath the door though Let’s put something into the door. Okay, get like a towel we can stuff a towel underneath the door one pillow or blanket That one right there grab that blanket Okay, okay, there we go it’s stuffed Put something heavy on it or something. I think I was flipping around like crazy That was definitely a Cobra those things are very venomous it could kill you in a vise Wow, I’m so glad we got out of there I know Did you see I did will you of course I saw it and you wrap it really like right out of the air. Oh We can’t go in there Cuz of cobras we can’t go in our room because of the lion we can’t go in the pool in the pool room because of the alligator or and the piranhas Outside so it does look like the storm has stopped It wasn’t a permanent thing. I can’t go back outside and hide in the bushes or something. All right Mosquitoes anything I don’t see any mosquitoes. Okay, if you hear mosquito buzzing sounds better just try it. Okay It’s gonna look real quick here Now the poison gas is gone guys. Look there’s a mosquito cloud right there. It’s going by it’s far away It’s not coming over here. I think we’re okay. I think we’re okay, though Let’s go to the side of the house. I Feel like we need to just stay outside maybe because that way if there’s any poison fog or something, it won’t get to us. Yeah How are you guys all feeling? Are you guys feeling okay? crazy There’s still water in here. Oh I have to say though being out here in the Sun is definitely nice. I’m able to to dry out because I was so So soaking wet from all that water. So it’s nice being out here in the Sun for a little while, okay Who has the game let’s get it set up Okay, let’s put it right here. And let’s play the next turn whose turn is it? The Corbin’s turn. Okay. Here we go. Are you ready Corbin? Yeah, okay It’s Corbin’s turn, it’s it’s appearing Pretty flowers, but don’t take a smell If petals are poison that will make you swell pretty flowers There’s flowers out there In the movie there were big flowers Those are huge Get the game get the game let’s get out of here quick Quick go go. Go go go, okay Okay, one nice thing about big scary flowers is they don’t move anywhere Behind you let’s go Let’s go back in the house guys. Let’s go back inside quick Maybe the flowers won’t be able to come inside here. Okay, are you okay? Those were really did anybody get shot? I saw there was a couple of spikes that whizzed right past me. They were shooting up poison needles Are you okay you feel okay, okay Maybe you should sit down for a little bit. You might have stood up too fast. Okay? Let’s play the next turn quick it’s my turn it’s mine and I’m ready to go Sure Okay, let’s go in here and something Let’s go to set up right here Yeah, I like the idea of being in the room so we can trap whatever comes out. Okay All right, like a dice lucky dice hopefully I get a good roll here Nine Eleven, there’s words. It says a hunter from the darkest wild makes you feel just like a child Well know how hunter he’s probably coming after us right now What if he’s what if he’s watching this house Something There’s somebody out there Go go go go go stay together stay together Okay Just switch that’s just my dancers urban area, okay He’s hiding. Okay, let’s lock the door lock the door doors Okay, lock the door lock the door. Okay whose three is next? He’s trying to get him I locked it though, let’s I Think it’s too late for that. Let’s get the game setup and jibs and hurry up and go. Okay. Hurry up set it up quick In case it’s juniors trouble wait a second, what’s up? You’re only 12 away I’m getting really close I could do that in one roll Cuz it’s eight and six sided dice. I could get 12 one more turn in the game’s over Okay, it’s James’s turn though and I think we should go as fast as we can before the hunter finds his way in here Go for it, buddy Okay, there’s woods Mysterious force conjured up by a seer keep playing the game or you may disappear disappear James Since he’s gonna disappear No James pretty feeling, okay? Can you still hear us Maybe we just can’t seem like he’s invisible but hear us. He’s like totally gone James. Are you there? Can you hear us? You can’t respond. Do you know? Becky you should take your turn quick. Okay, maybe you’ll come back. Okay. Are you ready? Oh, I have so many spaces left there’s no way but I’ll just try Seven seven one Two three four five six seven Into the jungle, you must stay until someone rolls of five or an eight Although she’s gone Corbin Arvin Oh No Rebecca’s gone she got sucked into the game just like in the movie. She’s stuck in Jumanji right now Corbin she got sucked into Jumanji but mitch is trapped in the world James disappeared mom’s gone inside Jumanji. It’s just the two of us now One of us has to roll a five or an eight to get her back, okay The hunters got to be around here somewhere still we need to get out of here Let’s go Okay Corbin, it’s your turn dude we gotta set it up somewhere fast Um, he was just in there. Let’s go back into the living Let’s go back in here, okay he saw us in here before which means you might not look in here again quick if He’s coming let’s go the front yard Okay, put it down right here maybe we’ll roll a five Ernie right here put it down the clip quick, okay Okay, it’s your turn bud grab the dice and roll as fast as you can okay But that doesn’t count to bring mom back even though you got eight because it’s actually 14 you’ve got a 14 dude, so it doesn’t really count if I got me, but that’s not really that’s great I know but you’re getting so close to the end. That means we’re getting really close to finishing the game You got a 14 dude one, two, three, four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen And James to be back Line and from this guy he’s in a bad mood. Hold on. He’s hungry again. It’s not what does that mean? Getting the idea The game is not food So coming in from the sky Okay, hold it don’t let it go It’s a bird it’s coming Look look at Corbin the bird it got the game. It’s flying away Oh No, corely, the game is gone and mom is trapped in the game and James’s disappeared That bird was feisty, oh my goodness. Okay. We gotta find it. We gotta follow it We’re in trouble you guys all know Corbin. What are we gonna do?

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    November 14, 2019

    it is opening day at Papa jakester
    burger and burgers associates of burgers sir can I see you received an order Jake
    I don’t have a receipt this is your order we’ve got hundreds of orders back
    here who’s flipping the burgers come on boss how can that be out of beatbox
    don’t my gonna play for tonight if I don’t have to brand your skin no one’s
    gonna think I’m cool get some feed buck somehow I need to figure out a way that
    I can get some B bus this is an emergency this this is an emergency
    Logan Jake what’s going on where the feed box on for tonight Volken papa Jake
    doesn’t have much left over no one’s gonna think I’m cool what can we do
    focus Jake you know that’s not the end of the world you don’t need the new skin
    to play for a night well can sometimes I think you’re
    talking crazy of course they need the new skin to play for tonight we need
    some sort of get rich quick feedback scheme it’s gotta be something we can do
    we need like a lemonade stand but bigger people don’t eat lemons anymore Logan
    the hamburgers wait dirty burger their burgers the Hader
    burgers okay hoping this might be crazy but I have an idea what if we go into
    the games and we purchase a franchise of dirt burgers and sell them in our very
    own der burger box world will be rolling envy bucks everyone playing for net it’s
    gonna get hungry and want to come over to our burger restaurant and get some
    fresh burgers Jake sometimes I think you’re
    actually insane would have insane person take a micro transponder radiator to put
    myself into the game to ask the owner of der burger if I could make it do a
    burger in real life what no that doesn’t sound like an insane person
    sounds like a super cool person here we go tell me give my very own der burger
    restaurant damn brigadiere we could do if we could do could you do okay hello
    hello are you at home I’m here to purchase at a very good and
    by that I mean you’re der burger restaurant and pop pop a what you can’t
    just buy a der burger they’re not for sale okay hey what if I do this a wiggle
    wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle
    Oh wake up what are you doing don’t please please stop that putter such
    brooches don’t want to see any more of that
    hey wait what what did they give you a 2-meter Oh is that a real tomato okay if you can
    have the restaurant if you could have the name everything I could just have
    that tomater that’s all yours if I can have the restaurant it’s the best news
    I’ve heard all day I can’t wait to tell Logan I’m in business my own dur burger
    I got a dinner burger Tudor burger I got a Durr burger and we are back
    today guys it is an awesome day because today we are doing something I have been
    wanting to do ever since I first started playing for tonight and that is we are
    making our very own dirt burger look Logan’s driving around in a go-kart look
    what do you do is you know ok Logan’s comes but guys we are gonna be making
    our very own dirt burger so that we can get some bucks because we want to buy
    all of the awesome for tonight skins it in order to do that we gotta make some
    some V bugs and five selling burgers so that’s exactly what we’re doing today
    we’re actually gonna be converting the candy factory box 4 into a derp burger
    box board we’re gonna have our own slurp juice dispenser we’re gonna have our own
    fry cooker we’re gonna have a place to make burgers it is gonna be awesome and
    I think you guys are absolutely gonna love it also I do want to say guys big
    shout out to all of you guys who have been hitting that notification button
    all of you guys hitting the bell button down below the notification squad is
    growing and it is getting super super huge thank you guys so very much if you
    haven’t already hit the bell button down below hit the subscribe button so you
    never miss a brandy pop Jake video most importantly hit the like button all
    right I’m gonna go chase after Logan and grab some cardboard and then I think
    we’re gonna start building this thing because I’m super excited and I can’t
    wait to make hamburgers Logan if you ever made a hamburger before ok well I
    have this is gonna be fun this is what we’re starting with and what we’re
    basically gonna do is we’re gonna start by converting this box for it so we’ve
    got a lot of work to do I kind of want to go for like an open concept box where
    you know you have to have the cash register you gotta have the deep fryer
    exactly deep fryers weed a place to make the patties like to cook them and flip
    them and stuff and we can’t forget the slurp juice area we should get like a
    slurp slushy machine going who do that would be awesome alright
    guys so before we can actually get to all of that we need to start building so
    we are going to start working on this got it and then we can start expanding
    it and then of course going for the der burger theme so let’s start alright guys
    so check this out the fort is coming along and it is looking six fill it in I
    think about putting like some tables around now we still gotta put a roof on
    cuz as you can see there’s no roof at all and we’ve got a life the entire
    place and decorate it but we’re getting closer to making some super yummy der
    burgers which I’m pretty excited about I think Logan’s can be taking over the
    slurp juice station and then we’re gonna be pretty close serving our first der
    burger alright guys check this out I made the der burger sign a deep-fryer
    machine yeah do forget some deep-fried french fries up in here so I did get the
    deep fryer go so no cookies like soap you bring them out and then we’ll have
    some nice dirt burger fries that’s true you gotta get rid of the case eyes we’re
    also gonna get the der burger menu up and we need some custom der burger you
    know fry holders drink holders burger holders lot good stuff and I still need
    to work on the actual like burger cooking drill thing cuz then we can’t
    cook burgers so this logo a lot to do guys but we are making our way and we’re
    getting ever closer to making some extra juicy der burgers so you this place is
    looking so cool we already have the deep fryers going but now we got our grill as
    well as a bunch of derp burger signs all over including the menu I’m working
    right now on a table where you can eat your nice delicious burger but yeah guys
    we’re almost ready to make our first der burger we got a few more things to add
    to the sport and a little bit more touching up of but then we can
    officially open for business and start making some juicy burgers still have no
    clue on how to make a burger but I can make a mean slurp juice but guys that’s
    what matters our not guarantee I here at der burger that
    you’re getting a hundred percent meat or a hundred percent of anything but what
    we can guarantee it’s gonna be a hundred percent yummy all right guys it is
    finally time it is opening day at Papa jakester burger and burgers Associates
    of burgers because we have officially completed our der burger box board and
    this thing looks so cool I can’t wait to show you guys inside and show you what
    we dump the place so uh why don’t we head in the front door as you would if
    you’re a brand new guests to the der burger of course checking out our
    beautiful der burger sign you guys know you’re getting a quality burger when you
    have a sign like this but let’s go let’s go inside here and check out the dirt
    burger so this is the front entrance this is what you would come in right
    away guys you were brought in to our dirt burger now here is the cash where
    you of course pay with v bucks order some nice delicious der burgers
    we got a menu here so burgers are 10 v bucks fries are 5 V bucks and a slurp is
    20 V bucks I think that’s a fair price to charge we also have well one table
    because knowing for that you’re gonna be out running around you’re not really
    gonna sit down and eat your bare burger here but we do have a table but I’ll
    bring you guys into the back here and show you where the magic happens so back
    here behind the cash I would simply take your order so sir what would you like uh
    I’ll have one der burger can I offer you some der burger fries an extra five
    bucks plus I’ll throw in a drink for 20 people that’s der burger deal right
    there so first things first we’re gonna go over to the Fry’s section here and
    start making some of our der burger fries now we’re gonna put these in the
    two fryer here you want to make sure the fries get nice and crispy that’s the
    durbur your special so the cries are gonna be cooking here
    you can hear them sizzling I’ll tell you know the fries are good take them out
    here all right take you some derp burger fries of course we’ve got our derp
    burger themed fry holder here that’s the derp burger premium right
    here these are premium derp burger fries so I’m gonna bring these over here while
    I get your hamburger ready now this is where we make the derp burgers
    themselves okay so this is actually the hamburger cooking station I’ve got some
    hamburgers here already started because we make them fresh never frozen and
    they’re always fresh to put on because you can hear that sizzle that’s how you
    know they’re good now you might be noticing they are a little bit thin
    that’s okay because they’re super tasty so we’re gonna flip them around here
    make sure they get all nice and cooked up here what would you like on your
    burgers I’ll have ketchup lettuce onions pickles green olives and cheese do you
    guys want anything on your burger just let me know I’ll get Jake to cook Irina
    all right all right that is that is quite a lot unfortunately all I’ve got
    for you is a few pickles here that’s that’s that’s all you’re getting on your
    dirt burger no cheese no ketchup nothing because I’ll just taste that good you
    don’t need ketchup you don’t need mustard you don’t even
    need cheese you just need a dirt burger all right these are looking about done
    here let’s get the production line going all right burger on top sprinkle on
    you’re one pickle there we are close it like so and there you have a derp beggar
    we’re gonna put this in our luxurious derp burger travel case here so you can
    get on your way and back to fortnight your fries included as well sir I’ll now
    get your slurp juice ready so over here guys we got the slurp juice dispenser so
    of course you know you’re having a long day playing for tonight you want some
    slurp juice with your durbur core so you just come over here and activate this
    like so and there you go you’ve got your own refillable slurp juice container
    here it’s got a nice blueberry smell to it lock this up for you order up order
    number one order number one is up derp burger extra large fries – slurp juice
    here we go sir can I see receipt on this is your order Jake I don’t have a
    receipt no this is your order we’ve got hundreds of orders back here who’s
    lumping the burgers come on whose order is this order number one it’s literally
    yeah I’m the only customer bucks Jake we built this place together neither of us
    have VBox your slab just enjoyed that enjoy the dirt burger all right I got to
    keep cooking them up we’ve got more people coming any second I just I know
    it there’s gonna be people coming and getting der burgers so guys the key to
    making a good der burger is enforce it all in the flipper here you want to make
    sure you get a nice good flip and that’s gonna make sure that the burgers Logan
    Logan quickly get behind you we’ve got our first customer are you boys okay you
    must be extremely hungry doing your professor stuff in 4/9 well can I offer
    you a dur burger here we’ve got three different options slurp juice fries and
    winter burger itself hey I guess Durr burger with fries and a slurp that
    would be quite nice perfect coming right up I’ll get yourself a Durr burger with
    extra large fries fries come on perfect super yummy what I want those new skins so bad that
    we all want the new skins now all your fee bucks all these dirty burgers me
    bucks jakey looks pretty angry maybe you just do what the man says
    oh okay okay all right I’m just I’m just gonna get some v bucks from underneath
    the fryer that’s where I keep all of my feed box fries professor that’s right
    you ain’t taking any of our v bucks and in fact I think I have a shotgun
    challenge for the day by plus can be offered only see him next all right
    well our first customer tried to rob us and we’ve sold a total of Logan what’s
    the accounting look like how many B bucks are we up to we haven’t sold any
    burgers no burgers I’m no accountant Logan but that doesn’t sound like a
    financially profitable business come on Jake I think I have a good marketing
    strategy what if we go outside cause some kind of distraction and tell
    everyone to come to our dur burger joint that idea I think some people are
    battling out front all right let’s gear up and go up front and show them that
    fighting is not the way all right we should put down our Fortnight weapons
    and come inside and enjoy some of papa Jake’s juicy der burgers come on follow
    me hey listen to me alright look I know
    you’re all playing for tonight and you’re all having fun and that’s good
    and I’m happy for all of you but there’s something there’s something missing from
    all of this fighting something you’ve lost
    you don’t have any dere burgers that’s right
    Dara burgers you know what I’m feeling in your stomach that girdle that’s
    hunger and I know all of you right now could use some der burgers come over to
    Papa Jake’s der burgers establishment where you can get fine quality burgers
    yeah take guarantees 100% beef but it is a hundred percent der yes even you
    dinosaur man put down that grenade and come get a juicy burger because at the
    end of the day we could all use some of papa Jake’s there guys wait Jake I think
    your speech worked everyone’s coming come on get back yeah do I think that
    worked a walk under that I thought all right quickly let’s start the fryers we
    got some cooking d’Urbervilles to do let’s go
    Oh guys that was insane we’ve had over a hundred customers that we are rolling in
    Vee bucks I think papa Jake’s der burger was a
    success what do you guys think let me know down below and of course guys if
    you have any other awesome box sort ideas or just other ideas you think we
    should do be sure to leave a comment below and if you never want to miss a
    brand new pop of Jake video smack the subscribe button smack the Bell button
    but guys I will see all of you in the next video this has been pop Jake I’ll
    see you guys next time

    GAME MASTER CHALLENGE! Sinking Box Fort Prison Escape (Project Zorgo Hacked)
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    GAME MASTER CHALLENGE! Sinking Box Fort Prison Escape (Project Zorgo Hacked)

    November 13, 2019

    they really explain what’s going on right now to make sure you hit the subscribe button and the power button where am I what’s going on where is this place it’s a GoPro what’s going on hello was I was they filming a video Logan did I pass out in a box for what wait wait no no they buzz chasing the gamemaster no no no no no no no she must have got me again you must’ve captured me what’s going on why is their camera hello can you hear me Logan are you here hello I’m cooking the chains he’s got me all chained up the door what yeah welcome to my box for prison escape balloon replay game since you’re so inclined to escape from prisons you could try to escape from my box for prison that’s giving you a GoPro to film everything this this isn’t a prison this is just cardboard look I’m I’m getting out of here I don’t care what do you mean not following my rules we’ll leave you with a shocking surprise if I break out if you follow my rules or else what if we pick out of here without using what kind of game is this the game is simple escape the prison using my rules before the time runs out you can escape by finding a final key and pressing the red button above you have 30 minutes the box was slowly filling with water water good luck what do you mean water buddy what do you be where am I went what are you gonna do with the water I don’t know I don’t know who’s gonna be seeing this I don’t know who’s maybe watching this footage this is you guys I’m in a lot of trouble right now it looks like the game master wants me to escape following his rules if I try and break out of this in any other way well he’s gonna eliminate me and worst of all if I don’t get out of here in the amount of time that he’s given me this thing’s gonna fill up with water and if I’m in these chains there’s no way I’m surviving all right Hey look I just gotta gonna think it’s gonna take like the game master with he’s gonna play his game he he must have set this up like a puzzle he does everything like a puzzle this isn’t like a box for a prison escape these in here have to make sense but also be a trick it’s gotta be something in here looks like this is all just random stuff on the wall if anything will touch anything box punched what do you mean don’t touch and how do I know what to touch it when not to touch you I gotta get these chains off and quick maybe there’s something in here looks like there’s some sort of funny beaker with some red substance inside of it hey rocky there’s some sort and weight depending who the waters are you trip we’ve got a rocket of some sort maybe a test tube for it I’m paying now has this this has gotta be UV light UV like that it uses UV light to find clues okay first I gotta get out of these cuffs well if the gamemaster set this up like a game it means he wants me to escape maybe maybe this is part of it maybe maybe he wants me to film it this is why would he give me a GoPro why would he give me access to you guys she wants me to film it he he wants me to escape he wants to put me through a game that’s why he’s the game master Oh keep it look if I don’t if I don’t play his game and I don’t escape then this will be the last video I ever make so I just gotta do it I’m gonna figure out a way out of here and I I can do this okay Papa Jake can do this I’ll end the game master be the end of me look I found this inside the chest he gave me I think I might be able to use it to open up these cuffs I’m not sure exactly what he wanted me to use it for but heck if I’m playing this game I’m bending the rules a little bit all right here we go I’m just gonna put it in here and I should be able to bend the metal enough to turn it into a makeshift key just like so and I got it I got the first cuff perfect okay all right now our objective is to open up this timer and click the button here to stop no more water this isn’t good guys there’s more water getting in here I thought the game master says is true this place is gonna be filled with water before I okay okay we’ve got to find a key to open up this timer and click the button to stop it that will end the game now if he’s hitting a key in here it’s gotta be somewhere we’re water more water more water no no no no no no I can’t plug it okay she’s gonna hide a key it’s gotta be somewhere in here maybe behind one of these walls maybe gonna be somewhere secret okay your seat can be received by pressing one of the buttons press the wrong one and the game boy the buttons through the buttons okay all right if I press the wrong button I get eliminated if I press the right button I get the key okay it’s going to work backwards and fast how do I know which button to press maybe maybe maybe there’s a clue me maybe there’s something with the UV light wouldn’t be that simple all right hold on let me get this last cup off and then we can figure it out come on got it all right cuffs are off now all I need to do is get rid of this chain if water starts pouring in here and fast this is just gonna sink me gotta find a way to open this looks like it’s a combination lock there’s got to be a clue in here some sort of combination maybe the UV light they can use this now if using the UV light combination would be written but I see something here No way oh no this isn’t good what kind of clues are these I can’t panic can’t panic all right there’s got to be something in here I don’t know enough time gotta find the combination if he’s giving me this UV light it’s gotta be with this it’s gotta be somewhere on the walls here was this mean boom feels like this is hollow but I don’t want to break through it he already told me if I touch too many things he will illuminate me okay let’s try and find this combination there’s got to be another clue on here somewhere somewhere maybe on the roof this side of the wall here something something nothing on the door wait here good guys we gotta hurry up come on what’s this a legit clue play something here subscribe no no no these are all these riddles numbers somewhere here this isn’t good this is a good can’t plug it wait wait here numbers one one eight six that’s got to be the combination there’s no way you’d give me the number of the button right now this has to be the combination and if I press the right button here that could be the worst thing I could do okay let’s try this huh one one eight six one one eight six got it the cheese off click on the channel police now if this place fills up the water I can swim a little bit much can be dragged down by this chain alright next step let’s find our way out of here there’s gotta be another clue in here oh no no more water come on tell me something what do you want me to do the answer from escaping can be behind your great what would I buy the boom behind the broom okay okay I gotta get behind the boom I’ll just punch it can i plunge it usually Walker Oracle’s use the rocket I thought you were an expert of escaping persons look yeah I’ve done prison escapes before but never something like this he wants me to get through the boom using this rocket he’s gotta think he’s the game master he’s putting things for my own videos in here what have i used before like a rocket and a prison escape wait that’s it baking soda and vinegar rockets that that must agree with the test tube was for hold on here it is okay looks like we have some sort of baking soda in here now only would need is vinegar and then I could set this rocket off and blast it through the boom like that through the boom I could get to the next step but I’ve got to set off a baking soda and vinegar rocket which means no no no I need to find some vinegar and fast something in here well are you starting to pull up here guys this isn’t good there’s a lot of water in here come on give me more time have fun vinegar vinegar vinegar where would it be I can’t go in the boom without using the rocket just catch something just gotta be something wait what’s this there’s some sort of substance in here guys wait guys guys check this out there’s no water in here that’s going to be the vinegar there’s got to be vinegar running through this tube look if I shine this on water it does nothing but inside this tube it lights up like crazy there’s supposed to be where he’s hiding the vinegar I need something to cut this way I know how this game has to be played he’s gotta follow his rules and do what he wants but that means solving his mysteries we’ve got to figure out a way to set off this baking soda and vinegar rocket I know I need vinegar to do that but the problem is the vinegar is inside this tube once I set off the rocket I can get behind this boom and maybe then I’ll figure out what the number is so I can escape using a key but if I press the wrong number then I go boom all right the only thing is we need something to cut this with I need some more clues in here I barely search the entire place here nothing here maybe something on the ground or the ceiling come on wait wait guys there’s an arrow there’s an arrow pointing towards this box here that must mean I’m allowed to open it okay all right if he’s pointing at it another arrow here okay if he’s putting out it with arrows it means that should be able to open it come on see what’s behind this thing oh no more water come on come on I was right there’s something behind here what is this some sort of song device but wait it’s missing a battery no no no no why is everything a riddle I might be able to use this device to open up this tube but this is missing a battery just gonna find myself a battery Jake who’s that hello okay Louise listen closely

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    November 8, 2019

    previously on Papa Jake I just press it doors opening
    I can’t get a big red boy no all right well puts if you only remember getting
    out of here is with some sort of crystal fall good thing I’m slightly trained in
    acrobatics let’s stick this out sounds like success all right we made it to the
    next room whoa okay it’s a bit of a smaller room oh but it looks like this
    is in the last room though I’m not seeing a crystal ball anywhere
    which means this maze keeps going on yeah okay I’ll have the video done in 30
    minutes all right guys I need to update you on what’s going on currently the
    game master has me upstairs editing Jake’s footage I think he’s trapped in
    some kind of box for maze right now but essentially the game master has taken
    over our channel I’m only able to talk to you guys when I sneak Clips like this
    into the videos hopefully Jake can figure out a way to break out soon but
    as of now there’s not much I can do guys the game master can disable
    subscriptions so you have to make sure to hit the bell button it might be the
    only way you can see our videos my guess is the ground fight anything
    there’s a triangle here this might be the door it’s locked oh looks like
    there’s a walk across it okay all right well it looks like we found the way out
    of here I don’t think that has anything to do with this though I mean if the
    gamemaster has all of these rooms being some sort of puzzle or game this room
    has to be a puzzle or a game I’m not seeing anything like that wait what could he want me to do with this
    okay well I mean you already had me popping balloons maybe maybe I have to
    hit something with this I could hit the triangle all right let’s see what
    happens if I hit the triangle flashlight on this okay that helps see if this does
    anything nope doesn’t look like that did anything
    at all alright well if it’s not that it’s gotta
    be something in here something I’ve got a hit with this something something I
    need to activate using this nerf blaster guys there’s got to be some sort of clue
    in here to tell me what to do with this nerf blaster it’s gotta find it wait
    with the pen lid I still the UV light on it
    I saved this from the prison ok maybe there’s a clue in here written in UV ink wait wait there’s some righty l-o-l this
    isn’t funny the keymaster think he’s funny putting jokes in here something
    something wait the triangle the track guys guys I got something there’s an
    arrow there’s an arrow point towards the triangle another arrow wait wait here
    punch punch I think I have to punch it I have to punch the triangle whatever I
    have to do with this nerf blaster has to be on the other side of this triangle
    all right well I’m gonna do what the thing says and punch it here goes nothin
    in three two one oh all right it worked and it looks like
    there’s another room on the other side okay
    well unless I’m crawling through a very small hole then I need to do something
    to open the store using this nerf blaster okay guys so looking in this
    room there’s not much information but at the other end there it looks like there
    might be some sort of target I’ve got nothing else to lose I might as well try
    shooting it with this and see if it does something to activate the door lock three-two-one okay that was completely
    off and I only have two shots left let’s try that again all right this time I’m
    gonna try bring the blaster through the hole and holding it like this here we go just missed getting closer let’s try
    that again okay here we go last shot in three two one
    nice guys I got it look Oh guys guess the logs moving perfect that looks like
    it works guys the law completely retracted which means we can go into the
    other room all right here we go sweet all right well looks like so far
    the game master hasn’t been able to stump us maybe the crystal balls in this
    room whoa okay well crystal ball is definitely not in
    this room but I found ourselves a bigger room and there is the triangle that
    we’re shooting from okay so we gotta find our next spot now it’s time for me
    to give you the most valuable item you all ever have something something to
    help you escaped from my mace you supply sleep the most the most important item
    I’ve ever used what what do you what do you mean what what is it what what do
    you what woody why are you giving me a gift
    look this is another trick I’m not falling for it guys The Game Master
    wants to give me some sort of gift to help me escape from this thing either
    he’s tricking me or this is all part of him seeing me complete some sort of game
    guys I don’t know about this I don’t know about you but I’m not exactly sure
    what that is all right well we still have to complete this maze and if we’re
    gonna get that crystal ball the only thing we can do right now is trust the
    game master and follow him all right let’s see what’s at the end of this
    hallway guys I don’t know what that is kind of
    scared to pick it up and look it looks like there’s some sort of hole here all
    right well let’s who this is guys do you have any idea what this is what you see
    in front of you is a portable 3d printer use it to escape my base a portable 3d
    printer what what am I gonna do with this guys I have no idea how I’m
    supposed to use a portable 3d printer to escape this maze I don’t even know how
    this thing works what I’m supposed to do with it print
    print a way out of here print like a key to open me to open the door wait wait
    wait yes that’s that’s a keyhole and I think this might be the next door let’s
    try it mm nope
    buzzer went off all right you know what maybe this is something I can use to
    print a key look if you look here it looks like there’s a very specific
    keyhole in here I’m not able to really get in with my finger anything but maybe
    I could make something with this to get inside okay let’s bring this back here
    and figure it out all right so it looks like it is some sort of 3d printer it
    looks like this is I guess like ammo for it and I guess we just get guys guys
    it’s working it’s pretty it’s pretty okay I got some
    plastic it’s hot all right well it looks like this is in fact some sort of
    portable 3d printer guys this could be a huge asset but why would the gamemaster
    give this to me I mean I know he wants me to solve his puzzles I know he wants
    me to solve his game but giving me an asset like this I could make things to
    avoid his traps all right we got to use this and utilize it as best as we can
    first thing starts with that keyhole all right looks like it should be a pretty
    generic keyhole if I can make something that resembles a key I should be able to
    use it to get in there and get into the next room I don’t know about you guys
    but I think we’re getting close and Logan if you’re watching this I hope the
    viewers know I’m doing this for them I’m getting out of here for them the only
    reason I’m playing the game masters games is because he promised me some
    clues he promised he tell me who he is Logan I’m not able to see the comments
    or know what’s going on but maybe some of the viewers were able to crack the
    code from the last episode maybe some of you guys know what the game master is up
    to all right well let’s get to printing this key should be too hard let’s just
    start making a generic key all right and there we go guys now all
    they have to do is wait for the 3d print to set and I think we should have a key
    and be able to get into the next room I really wish I had one of these before my
    prison escapes this could have come in handy and guys let me know in the
    comments if you have any ideas on how I can use this to escape from here I mean
    I don’t know how much materials I have for this but if I can print anything I
    want we can definitely use it to take down the gamemaster
    looks like he’s ready and yeah it’s a solid key guys check that out this thing
    is rock hard all right let’s see if we can use this to open that okay here goes
    nothing in three two one looks like a one in hand let’s turn it
    Oh perfect looks like the doors activated alright time to go into the
    next room guys here we go game master yeah I think you forgot to turn the
    lights on and in the next the next room that there’s no lights on in there okay
    you guys I I can’t see what’s going on in there at all and knowing the game
    master and knowing that he has creepers I don’t exactly want to go in there
    maybe you guys can go first