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    Boom Beach: Dr. T’s Mega Crab Tutorial
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    Boom Beach: Dr. T’s Mega Crab Tutorial

    February 7, 2020

    Gardening watermelons… Long walks on the beach, and conducting evil experiments are Dr. T’s favorite pastimes. Now, he’s indulging in a dastardly new hobby: Taking over the archipelago with robotic base of destruction… The Mega Crab! The Mega Crab event randomly emerges from the waters shadowy depths near your home base. Tap the Crab to launch your attack! Mega crab comes with an infinite number of stages to beat; Increasing in difficulty on each round. You have a limited number of attacks. Use them to defeat as many stages possible. Be aware! Damage is persistent! Meaning, the damage you deal will carry over to the next attack. This allows you to inflict max punishment
    ‘till the stage is done. In each event, you will have a certain number of attacks to begin with and they will regenerate over time. Your goal: Beat as many stages possible! The less attacks you use per stage, the faster you’ll proceed to the next one! Defeating a stage gives you one extra attack. If you run out of attacks, you’ll have to wait a few hours to gain a new one! So raid smart! Check out the rewards you’ll get from completely destroying a stage! See who’s defeating the most Mega Crab stages in the High Score leaderboards. Here, you can see how people in your local time zone are fairing; as well as your friends! Before showing Dr. T who runs the archipelago, scout his mega base to see what you’re up against! The mega crab base layout gets pretty crazy the higher you go. Reinforce your strategically chosen troops and boost statues for a greater chance at victory! Apart from guaranteed rewards, you may also earn coveted items. Like Power Stones, Intel, Prototype Modules and more! I think I’m ready to try out my intricate and devastating anti-crab tactics! Prepare for surprises and twists, courtesy of Dr. T! There will be structures you may not have seen before. Like Critter Containers, Cryo Bombs and more, that provide new challenges. Use these to aid you in your attack. But keep in mind: Exploiting special structures can work for you, or against you! Dr. T’s Mega Crab event lasts a few days, but may vary from time to time. There’s no telling when this cunning crustacean will rear it’s purple claws. One thing’s for sure, Dr. T won’t give up until he takes over the archipelago… and makes you cry! Don’t let this happen, Commander!

    Boom Beach Community Insights #1 – Weapon Lab & Microwav’r
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    Boom Beach Community Insights #1 – Weapon Lab & Microwav’r

    December 28, 2019

    Hi! I’m Drew,
    Boom Beach’s Community Manager. I’m here to chat to you
    about the Weapon Lab, and some changes made
    during the March update, and introduce
    a brand-new Prototype Defense: The Microwav’r. COMMUNITY INSIGHTS #1
    WEAPON LAB & MICROWAV’R! So, first things first: the Weapon Lab. I see comments on reddit and Twitter about people wondering
    where their Shock Blaster has gone or why there’s no Hot Pot
    available in the Weapon Lab. This is because, in the March update, we introduced a cycle system
    for the Weapon Lab. Every week there will be a selection
    of six Prototype Defenses to choose from. Some weeks, there will be no Hot Pot,
    there will be no Shock Blaster, and there’ll be weeks
    where there is no Shield Generator. It should be interesting to see
    what happens to the leaderboard. Because we made
    five new Prototype Defenses, we wanted to introduce this cycle
    to mix up the meta a bit as well. We understand it can be
    a bit frustrating if… you’re constantly coming across HQs
    with three Shield Generators around them. So, that was our thought behind it. Now, through the magic of video editing, I introduce… the Microwav’r! WARNING! NEW PROTOTYPE DEFENSE! RADIOACTIVE DESTRUCTOR
    (ALSO MAKES GREAT POPCORN) MARK I MARK II MARK III So, that’s the new defense,
    the Microwav’r. As you can see, it emits
    large radiation pulses around itself, which absolutely fry
    troops that are nearby. It does 700 DPS,
    which is damage per second. It would take out your squishy units,
    such as Zookas or Riflemen if you’re running
    like a RZCM combo. Watch out for these guys. I’m super excited to see the strategies
    you guys come up with for the Microwav’r. I’m also super excited to steal
    those strategies and use them myself. That’s it. I know
    it was just a small update and a bit of clarification
    on what’s going with the Weapon Lab. I hope you enjoy the Microwav’r, and I look forward to seeing
    you again soon. Bye!

    Fishing Joy 3D – Catch the Golden Shark | Mobile Game Review
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    Fishing Joy 3D – Catch the Golden Shark | Mobile Game Review

    December 28, 2019

    Hello. Today I’ll play a game called Fishing Joy. I’m sure many of you are familiar with the game. It’s the game that you’ll see at every arcade inside a shopping centre in Vietnam, I’ll start now. It’s pretty simple. You can choose the level of your gun. And we don’t need to purchase with real money. to buy anything to enjoy the game The game is totally free. However, if you want, you can purchase to buy other equipments. This game don’t require powerful shots. I have to admit it’s a bit difficult. It’s just like this, pretty simple. You don’t have to go to the arcade to enjoy your favorite game, the mobile version is enough to entertain you. You can play the game on your smartphone. There are also tasks given to you. Here, I need to collect 150 coins within 3 minutes. I’m out of coins. When you’ve run out of coins. you can tap on the Free Coin button and watch a short, about 10 seconds ad and you’ll receive 50 coins You should spend your coins wisely. If you don’t want to watch the ad, you can purchase coins with real money. Thank you for watching. See you next time.Bye

    Let’s Go To The Beach | Learn Sea Animals
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    Let’s Go To The Beach | Learn Sea Animals

    December 17, 2019

    Hey, what do you want to do today? Let’s go to the beach. Yeah! Beach, beach. I like the beach. Starfish Beach, beach. I like the beach. Clam clam Beach, beach. I like the beach. Lobster Beach, beach, beach. Pufferfish That was fun. Let’s do it again. Sure. Beach, beach. I like the beach. Starfish Beach, beach. I like the beach. Clam, clam. Beach, beach. I like the beach. Lobster Beach, beach, beach. Pufferfish

    Boom Beach: Warships Developer Update #2
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    Boom Beach: Warships Developer Update #2

    December 7, 2019

    Hi everyone! Welcome to another
    Warship’s developer update video. I’m here with my colleagues
    Valtter and Ayushman. We’ll go a bit more in-depth
    on the Warships feature. What exactly can players expect
    from this second base? The Warship is going to be exclusively focused
    on attacking and defending. So there won’t be
    any resource generation buildings. It’s more about the core of Boom Beach, which is attacking and defending
    and getting to the fun parts. You just go fight and once
    you get enough resources from fighting, you go back and you build your base,
    you upgrade stuff, and you go out and fight again. And we want to keep
    the whole experience all about the base building and the fighting, because in the main island,
    there’s this layer of resource collection and timers and things like that. So here it’s just about fighting. So why didn’t we go for another island? Why are we going for a Warship? The first reason is, it’s really cool. It’s nice.
    It’s a big mechanical island of sorts. It fits well
    with the whole theme of the game. That makes sense. Why would there be
    another island for this Warship that guards your archipelago? That’s what the game needs. A lot of people asked why it’s not just
    a Task force VS Task force feature? Can you give background as to why
    the decision to go with Warships was? A feature that has always been
    in discussion in the Boom Beach team was Task force VS Task force,
    and in the community as well. What we realized is
    that the current Island is not as exciting a space
    to explore meaningful PvP and maybe team versus team PvP. Everyone by now has the same Island and you’ve got the same troops
    and depending on your HQ level the number of weapons you have
    on the island are pretty much the same. It doesn’t create for much of a strategy
    in a real PvP scenario. So we thought the best way
    to go about doing this was to create like a second base, which would be like the center
    for PvP in Boom Beach. So in a sense Warships is going to be
    this really good foundation for us to build upon. The first version
    that comes out early next year is going to be this foundation version which is going to be a lot of fun and eventually bring it to a level where we can have Task forces
    versus Task forces. Where you have many Warships fighting
    many Warships and really cool things like that. It just opens up
    a whole new world for us. Thanks a lot for chatting guys and going through
    the more detailed specifics of Warships. I hope you guys out there enjoyed it and remember to subscribe for
    more Warships developer update videos. See you next time! – Bye bye.
    – Bye bye.

    Boom Beach: Warships Developer Update #3
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    Boom Beach: Warships Developer Update #3

    November 27, 2019

    Hey, guys. It’s Drew…
    Not really! Hey guys, I’m Rick, your new
    community manager for Boom Beach. Super, super excited to be part
    of the Boom Beach team and the Boom community.
    But first: let’s talk Warships. BOOM BEACH
    WARSHIPS As you may know, Warships is centered
    around real-time PvP combat and it really does showcase who is
    the best Boom Beach player out there. This means you’ll go
    head-to-head with other players to see who has the best attack. This is something we’ve never been able
    to achieve before in Boom Beach. So, how does it work? Warships will be seasonal and the seasons will last
    between two to three months. Whilst the season is ongoing, you’ll be
    unlocking and upgrading your troops, Gunboat Abilities, defensive buildings
    and even more throughout the season. You’ll be reaching higher ranks
    in the leaderboards and unlocking those juicy rewards. Once the season resets,
    your rank from the previous season will define your starting point
    in the next one. The Tech Tree is a new way of unlocking and upgrading your buildings,
    troops and more. As a player, you will have
    to make those choices on what you unlock or upgrade
    throughout the season. So, do I want stronger troops
    to bring down that ship faster or better defenses to get that victory? The choice will be yours. I’d like to go through some comments
    that I found on social media in regards to Warships and hopefully
    we can answer some of your questions. Will there be upgrade timers
    for defenses on the Warship? Whether it’s defensive, or troops,
    or whatever inside that Tech Tree, once you purchase and unlock it
    with your Warship resources, it’s there immediately for you to use. “No Core? Does that mean you need
    to clear the whole ship?” The artwork you’ve seen previously
    was actually all work in progress, so we didn’t clearly have it defined yet,
    but now we can tell you, there are new buildings
    and they’re called Engine Rooms. You can think of Engine Rooms
    as Cores on Operation maps. You’ll need to take them out
    and destroy them to get that win. Oh, there will be more than just one
    Engine Room on any Warship, so this could lead
    to some interesting battles. “Please! Make it give Intel!” We all know Intel is scarce
    in the game, so why not? You’ll be able to get some Intel
    from the battles you make in Warships. One here says, “But could we get
    the resources of Warship battles for the Warship itself
    and our main Base?” Okay, so you’re wanting resources
    for the main Base as well as the Warship. Yeah. Done. Right, this question
    has been asked everywhere. Look at all of this. This is all from you.
    I want to be honest with you. We don’t have a release date yet,
    but we’re still aiming for the early 2019 release.
    As soon as I have any information, I will be informing you, so make sure
    that you smash that Subscribe button to stay up-to-date
    with everything booming on those beaches, and we will see you, guys,
    in the next video. SUBSCRIBE

    Boom Beach: Announcing… WARSHIPS! (Developer Update)
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    Boom Beach: Announcing… WARSHIPS! (Developer Update)

    November 25, 2019

    Welcome to the Boom Beach
    developer update. In this video, we’ll announce
    a brand-new feature for Boom Beach. It will be called… Warships! What exactly is Warships? It will be a brand-new experience
    for our players. It’ll be a second base
    nestled atop your warship. It will introduce real-time
    competitive PvP combat, a brand-new ranked league system, a huge matchmaking overhaul, and an entirely new way
    to play Boom Beach. It will be available for everybody. Whether you are new or experienced,
    you’ll be able to play. Before we go any further, we want to be
    very open and transparent with you. Because Warships will take the team’s
    entire focus, and requires a lot of time, we won’t be releasing any updates
    until Warships is out. Warships is going to be out
    sometime in early 2019. But don’t worry,
    it’ll still be business as usual. You’ll get your monthly Mega Crab, Gunboat abilities and Troop Manias. So, why Warships? As a team, we are really happy
    with the concept we’ve put out so far. We love Heroes,
    we love the Prototroops, we love Tribes, but it didn’t really address
    the core problem that affected our max-level players, which is, when you hit level 65, you still have Task Forces and PvP,
    but as far as base building goes, when you hit HQ 22
    and upgrade your buildings, there’s nowhere else really to expand. With Warships, we want to address
    the key concern among high-level players, which is the lack of content
    at the endgame. We’ll make
    regular developer update videos, that will explain the development cycle and let you see exactly
    how this new feature is being created. The next video will be
    with our designer Ayushman. He’ll show you how he came up
    with the ideas for Warships, how the PvP elements will work, and some really in-depth cool stuff. As these videos are a work in progress
    on the development, some stuff may change
    in the final version. If you enjoyed the video
    and are excited about Warships, subscribe to the channel
    for more developer update videos. I’ve been Drew. See you next time!

    Boom Beach Dev Update: Q&A, the next update, Boom in 2018. Oh, and MEGA CRAB!
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    Boom Beach Dev Update: Q&A, the next update, Boom in 2018. Oh, and MEGA CRAB!

    November 24, 2019

    Hey, everybody! My name is Drew,
    Boom Beach’s Community Manager. I’m Matt, developer on Boom Beach. We’ll talk about Boom Beach in 2018,
    and answer some questions. First question:
    When’s the next update? The next update will be
    around the end of March. That’s our goal. With this update, we’ll make Boom
    a lot more eventful for you. We’ve got a few ideas on how to do this, which leads to the next question. Mega Crab more often? When is the Mega Crab coming back? The next Mega Crab should be here really soon after the release. Then, we should see it a lot more often. We want to try and roll it out… Every month is the current plan. And give it some more interesting twists on each level, each time around,
    to make it interesting for the players. The plan is to have a monthly Mega Crab, which, as a team,
    we’re super excited about. I guess you will be as well. What changes will we see
    in the monthly Mega Crabs? I think each Mega Crab will have
    different level bonuses. We’ll be able to set them up to make
    each level more interesting than before. We want to give players
    more unique rewards for their successes in the Mega Crab, something they can show off to people, so that they know they did well
    in the event. Yeah, I think it’s really cool.
    What we’re trying to work on is making each monthly Mega Crab unique, and something you’re aware
    throughout the month, so you can practice
    different loadouts and stuff. There are always resource rewards,
    and the leaderboards. There’ll be unique monthly rewards,
    so you want to plan it every month. It’ll be a bit more planned. We won’t spring it randomly on players
    anymore. It’ll be more scheduled. You’ll know when it’s coming. There won’t be a shadow,
    and then: “Oh, my god!” Yeah. You mentioned experimenting more
    with tribe boosts. What can we look forward to? We want to work on making tribe boosts a lot more meaningful for the players. At the moment, we think
    they’re a really cool feature, but they’re kind of underutilized. I don’t think we properly fleshed out
    the tribe boosts to the maximum capacity. There are things missing from it that players wanted,
    and we want to put in, too. We wanted to experiment with letting
    you, the players, and the community vote on what sectors you want. So, if there’s a Mega Crab coming up
    that you think would be cool to have plus 300% Scorcher damage on, we’re all for that. I think it’d be cool to get
    more experimental with the tribe boosts, and make it a bit more fun. – Let’s do it.
    – Yeah. Why do you think adding
    temporary things to the game is a better idea
    than adding permanent things? It’s so that we can test things out
    a little bit more, and put things in the game quickly, see if they work,
    if you like them, and then, if they are not working out, we can pull them out,
    change them, and bring them back, and make them better than the last time. I think we’ve had
    some surprising results with some things we experimented with, like watching the Cryo Bomb
    be a Mine clearer. Yes. The Cryo Bomb
    was designed to freeze stuff. And when we put it in the game,
    it turned into a glorified Mine Sweeper. But everyone loved it. So we realized
    that was going to be its main purpose. It doesn’t need to be
    as massively balanced, as well, which is a good and a bad thing. It will be harder to commit to something
    like that without more thought. It was great to see it in action, and that it was
    more useful than we initially thought. Like the Proto troops, for example.
    They were really cool, because… Basically, we sat in a room,
    and threw out lots of the most experimental
    troop ideas we could think of. So we ended up with the Rain Maker,
    which is a huge hit. Then, the Lazertron,
    which is not such a huge hit, but the good thing
    about it not being permanent is that we have looked at it,
    and for the next update, we’ll put in… rebalanced Proto troops, and stuff. Make the Lazertron
    live up to its potential. Yeah. Bring it back up
    to where it should be. Why can’t there be a defensive balance
    to even the playing field? Yes. In this update, we will add
    more proto defense buildings to the game. We have been playing around
    with them, trying to find ones that are specifically targeted at some of the current meta build-ups
    of offense for the players. Tackling some of the compositions,
    like Smokey Zookas, and stuff like that. We are really aware
    of the Smokey Warrior and Bullit. It just decimates bases, basically. We were super keen
    to mix up the meta a bit. Do you have any of the examples we had? Yes, for example, we have
    a new sniper type that ignores smoke. Its placement
    should be interesting to see if… it can counter these smokey attacks
    that we’ve been seeing a lot. We want to try to mix up the gameplay
    a bit more with the players, and see if they can use new strategies,
    build new defenses, and change the way that they play. This a huge question,
    but after this March update, what’s going to be happening
    in Boom Beach in 2018? Following the March update,
    what we really want to focus on is… something for the max level players. We understand that a lot of you
    are at the end with not much to do. You have invested a lot of time, and we really want to build
    something meaningful for them to do. It will, of course, be available
    for a lot of players in the game, but the real value will be for the people who have put in this long term effort
    to get to the end of the game. Yeah. Our goal in 2018 is to focus on making the max level players have super engaging endgame content
    that will be something fresh and new. Whilst also looking out for the players
    who are on their way towards max level. It will be working towards something
    that pretty much everybody can enjoy. Yeah. Our focus at the moment is on March to really get the Mega Crab
    coming out more often and to have more events. All these ideas for the endgame
    of Boom are on the table and we, as a team, are going to decide
    towards March on what we’re going to do. This March update is going to bring
    a load of events. Obviously, the monthly Mega Crab
    will be massive. That will allow us to give
    you guys a lot more content throughout this development cycle. So instead of an update, then waiting,
    and then another update, our March update is going to
    bring in all these cool events and stuff. The Mega Crab being the main one, so that you guys will
    consistently have stuff to play with, and earn unique rewards and stuff, while we as a team are working
    on this awesome piece of content for the update after March. One thing that we really want to focus on
    this year is you guys. As a team, we think it’s super important that we have this great connection
    with the community. When you guys are giving us feedback,
    whether it’s good or bad, it’s all super useful and great,
    because it helps us, especially during an update cycle, to put some of your thoughts
    and ideas into the game, and to keep the ties with
    the community very strong. Yeah, it’s good being
    so close to the community and we want to make the game
    that you want to play. It was really nice having
    you here to chat, and thank you guys very much
    for your questions. And here’s to Boom Beach in 2018. – See you!
    – See you!