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    [ASMR] Special Live Jeju Fish grilled Sashimi🐟제주 다금바리 매운탕+튀김+회 рыба peixe ikan Eatingsound

    December 8, 2019

    It’s very salty! Today I will try it a Sawedged Perch. If you guys feel uncomfortable watching alive Sawedged Perch, please click “go back” button or skip the video. Let me explain you guys about this fish first. It looks very weird. Too salty! Why are you so strong? This is the Sawedged Perch. Its skin looks very luxury. Maybe it’s because of its price. It looks like a leopard. Doesn’t it look awesome? Hold on. I will try to explain its appearance. But it’s very slippery. There is a very cute fin. It looks like this. Sawedged Perch’s breeding season is from August to September.. I will prepared some sashimi, grilled fish, and a fishsoup. I purchased three sawedged perchs. It has a very slippery skin. I’m impressed that I’m trying an expensive fish after I started Youtube. Hold on! Please wait. Please click “Subscribe” and “Like” buttons! I got soaked. Let me grill this fish now. I added some cuts on fish. It’s all prepared! Raw sawedged perch. Grilled sawedged perch. Sawedged perch spicy soup. Thank you guys for the delicious foods! It smells amazing! The best! This sashimi makes me be able to feel the Jeju Island, Korea. A grilled sawedged perch. Let me take out all the bones. I always get excited at this moment! It tastes amazing! Let me dip some soy sauce! The grilled one tastes so different. No joke. It’s so yummy. This is the head part. It’s very hot! Meat! Two at a time. The sashimi texture is very chewy! The texture is just so different than other sashimi. I can tell why it’s so expensive. Awesome! Let me sprinkle some lemon juice on it. Sawedged perch sashimi with lemon shower, Let me try it without any sauce. It’s so yummy! The fin part looks like rose. So pretty. It just tastes wonderful. I want to dig more meat. It’s so delicious. Hello~ Four at a time. It’s insane. Today I tried some sawedged perch sashimi, grilled fish, and a spicy fish soup. A set of three kinds! I can tell now why people are so crazy about sawedged perch. If you guys have a chance to visit Jejus Island in Korea. Please try it. It tastes amazing. Please click “Subscribe” and “Like”! Thank you!

    Silversea Silver Muse Cruise Ship Tour and Review :  Best Cruise Ship In The World?
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    Silversea Silver Muse Cruise Ship Tour and Review : Best Cruise Ship In The World?

    December 8, 2019

    Hi I’m Gary Bembridge of Tips For Travellers and I am going to take you on a tour of probably the most beautiful, most luxurious ship that I’ve ever been on! It’s Silversea Silver Muse. I’m going to show you all the features of the ship, the facilities, the dining options, and of course the suites as well. So let me talk about the different types of accommodation on board. It’s all suites and the Owner’s Suite is the grandest of all. It’s a one-bedroom suite, it’s very palatial and there’s an adjoining veranda suite so it can become a two-bedroom suite. The Grand Suite again is another magnificent suite, it had a real wow factor. It’s a one bedroom suite that can be made into two. The Silver Suite is also one bedroom suite. I really liked it. It’s avery comfortable suite and it’s pretty magnificent! And then you have three classes of Verandah Suites. You have a Deluxe Veranda Suite, Superior and Classic – and the real difference between the Veranda Suites is their location. So the Deluxe suite is mid-ship and in the quietest part of the ship. So let’s talk about places to eat now. There is no main dining room on board the Silver Muse. Instead there are eight dining venues, six of which are included within your fare – plus of course there is 24-hour room service. The first of the restaurants is a Silversea classic, La Terrazza. This is an Italian restaurant and is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. During the day it has serving stations it’s self service, and at night it’s an a la carte restaurant. Atlantide is a restaurant that I loved. It’s a fish and steak restaurant serving incredible cuisine with beautiful fish and great steaks. It’s a great venue. Indochine is another great restaurant, and this serves Asian food – fusion food. It has Thai food and Indian food. An innovative restaurant is a place called Silver Note. This combines music and food, serving Tapas style food and there is music there in the evening. It’s a really fun and great concept. If you’re looking for more informal dining, there’s two places that are very popular. One is Hot Rocks. Hot Rocks in the evening does Silverseas famous hot lava stone cooking, where you cook your own food outside. It’s a great venue and during the day it has much more casual food like burgers and that kind of stuff. Spaccanapoli is a famous road in Naples and this is the name of the pizza restaurant, which is an outdoor restaurant serving incredible pizza. The pizza here is absolutely magnificent! Now there are two restaurants which you have to pay a cover charge, which at the time of making this video is around sixty dollars per person. The first is a French cuisine restaurant which is called La Dame which is a partnership with Relais and Chateaux, which is across most of the Silversea ships. The other one you have to pay a service charge for is Kaiser, this is a Japanese restaurant it serves sushi and in the evenings it also does teppanyaki. So let’s talk about bars and lounges. Well the most popular lounge / bar on the ship is the Panorama Lounge. It’s a quiet place during the day but at night it’s really where everyone heads to after the show and after dinner for drinks and music. An innovative and new thing to Silversea is the Art’s Cafe. This particular venue showcases lots of eclectic art, has lots of art books and will actually have art lectures. It serves food morning, lunchtime and into the evening when has little chocolate treats. It’s a beautiful bright venue. Right next door to the Art’s Cafe is a Silversea classic which is the Connoisseur’s lounge where you can go and smoke. So quite unusually for cruise ships these days, there is a place inside where you can actually go and smoke. But at night it’s really for cognac and cigars. Right up on the top of the ship overlooking the bow is Tor’s Observation Lounge. This is a great venue and there’s a library there so you can take books out and have a read up there. It’s beautiful during the day because can just sit there with great views over the bow of the ship and the ocean. They also have a cheese and wine up there around about nine o’clock at night if you’re feeling a little bit peckish! Another place to go and hang out is actually in the atrium reception area. So in the area where you’ve got the reception and the excursion desk is a great big lounge area with a bar. It’s a bit of a hub and is great again in the evenings for meeting people and having drinks. So what else is there to do on board the ship terms of entertainment? There’s the Venetian lounge. This is the main show lounge where the Silversea singers perform shows, but also things like enrichment lectures are also held. In terms of outdoor activities there’s a fantastic pool deck up on deck nine with a great size pool, lots of very comfortable chairs and loungers and there’s a running track. There’s also a spa and fitness center which has barber, hairdressers, nail treatments as well. If you’re looking for other things to do in evening then there is a casino. It’s a small casino. There are shops selling things like branded goods, watches and that kind of stuff. There’s also a card room. Another thing that’s quite unique for Silversea on Silver Muse is that there is actually an activity room designed for children. So at peak periods when there are a lot of children on board there will be facilities and activities for kids. So hopefully as we’ve gone around the ship you agree with me that this is a magnificent ship. It feels very luxurious. It feels very plush. It’s a beautiful beautiful ship and I absolutely loved it. Hopefully this video tour has given you a good sense of what it is and helps you to help you decide if this is a ship for you. If you like the video I’d love it if you left a like for the video, and of course I’d love to your comments. What do you think about the ship? But very importantly please subscribe to the Tips For Travellers YouTube channel

    NUORTTIJOKI 2019 – Kalastusvaellus meloen Itä-Lapissa [ENG SUB]
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    NUORTTIJOKI 2019 – Kalastusvaellus meloen Itä-Lapissa [ENG SUB]

    December 6, 2019

    Paddling Adventure on Nuortti River At this point of the trip, our minds are still humble the canoe is still dry and men are still hungry We have been on bigger rivers This is like stand up paddling, next year we’ll take the boards Our trip has started We began canoeing from the beginning of Nuortti river and the first leg here is this narrow creek We left a part of our equipment a few kilometers off and we will pick them up as we go At some point the river begins to widen and there will be more fishing spots It’s been rather cold north wind the last days and according to the forecast the wind continues to blow throughout our trip So let’s see if we get fish But will we get through here? Speed makes amends! Juho went to move our car forward and we came here with Samuel to fish these spots nearby Small trouts A bit too small, even though tasty for sure Welcome to Planet Earth It’s our second morning We’re boiling some water to get this day started What is our plan for today, Juho? We continue paddling and fishing down the stream And with the canoe the whole day Indeed So, here we have the right and wrong way of going on a hammock This was the wrong way. Let’s try the right one Perfect It’s rather autumn weather and only August Suck your stomachs in, boys I got one! – But the same size
    – Is it a bit bigger? Don’t think so Maybe a little bigger Beautiful. Don’t crash This is how you steal a spot It’s our second day So far this fishing trip has been just a trip But slowly the river is getting wider and the spots getting deeper So the sizes of the fish will grow as well There is a fish rising. Did you see it? Again We found the fish It’s there behind the hanging birch Now it’s up to Samuel and his fishing skills if we have our first bigger fish Fish are very shy in these small clear rivers When canoeing, you should see the spots from far off and stop in time We have missed a few good spots with too high speed But it’s okay, we are learning here Is that such a good spot since you’ve blocked the route? We saw a big splash there further so we are all in line casting our lures – It’s already bigger
    – The size is growing Oh, there is a fish! – Did it catch on from there?
    – A bit further It was a big splash A while ago Samuel saw a 40 cm grayling under the canoe So far it’s the biggest fish we’ve seen on this trip But the view is beautiful and an amazing river for canoeing Hakuna matata It’s starting to be dinner time I have noticed that on these trips we eat dinner at night sleep during the day and paddle the afternoon Isn’t it so? Today’s agenda is to get the first bigger trout We’re about to paddle a few kilometers and then change our canoes to packrafts Towards the end we can’t carry the canoes back so packraft is a better choice This is a good spot, I tell you We have fish on It’s okay size A bit bigger again The one who invented J-stroke has been wise You get the canoe to go straight while paddling alone When I was learning it, I also tried other letters but they did not work We are paddling here with the packrafts and fish the big ones This is Nuortti wilderness zone And here there are plenty of fire places At each one we will cook one grayling And because the packrafts are not ours but borrowed we’ll let them go to Russia and walk away Thanks for the cooperation, Melomo! 😀 I’m not keen on letting mine go there First paddles with packraft You can feel the waves It’s our final full day on Nuortti river and we’re having a luxury breakfast We haven’t had fish too much this trip so oat meal and noodles – Oh, what a big trout there!
    – Was it really? – No
    – You liar This is a nice way to go forward. A little stretch and stomach muscles a little tensed And you can fish at the same time Finally we have a fish on Is it big? Smallish We get to paddle some amazing places As a fisherman I’d want to stop and fish Luckily we’ll have time for that by the camp The first bigger waves Oh mama! Amazing! What a great river for packrafting What are we having today? Today we have canned moose with eggs and pasta Traditional hiking food Self-shot moose mixed with some wild boar That looks rather interesting MacGyvering You could say that We got two ENO Hammock’s hammock sets for this trip This is short intro of the set On top there is a tarp, in case it rains Then we have the mosquito net And under the hammock there is the underquilt It’s like a sleeping bag under the hammock It’s been rather cold nights here but still nice and warm to sleep And then there is of course the hammock itself Boys, it’s meal time! The last evening of the trip The biggest fish so far is 25 cm trout, so we’ll set up the stakes It’s the fishing competition of Nuortti river The prize is the official pineapple of Nuortti And the loser will swim The competition lasts till the morning and time begins now The competition barely started and Samuel already has one You have strengthened your lead? Yes, I have three trouts However, they are smalls. Last one was about 27 cm Well it is a long night Was it on your lure? Great job! It’s a grayling Not small but unfortunately not big enough This is the biggest one so far, isn’t it? Hello there! Hello – You took the lead again?
    – 37 cm grayling It’s our first fish for food I also got two, but both were too small Well done! Could be that tonight’s videos are rather dark but let’s take an update Samuel, what’s the situation? Four fish of which I took one Grayling 37 cm Two small trouts With a fly You won’t get pitty points for that And I have two about 30 cm graylings So Samuel is in the lead although he’s about to go sleep and we continue with Juho Let’s see how’s the situation in the morning By chance and fortune it turned out so, boys Juho has the biggest trout of this trip Pretty good 43 cm and it means Juho takes the lead Fish swim, I don’t It’s Juho’s play time If you don’t surface in 30 seconds I’ll send Samuel after you It wasn’t tight enough Finally some use for the filleting knife What was the name of the food? Curry-grayling-rice-stew And on the side chicken We are about to leave The whole camp is packed You cannot even see our backpacks from under We have about 12 km (14 km) to the car, don’t we? So then let’s go It’s getting hot But what a view We continue down the river but for change of the shore side Read about the trip from the blog: (in Finnish) Thanks for watching! Don’t forget to hit the subscribe button


    Massive kitemare off the coast of Marocco – Ep99 – The Sailing Frenchman

    December 6, 2019

    All right, pretty good start we’re going Right, let’s start to look at the options. We have costal wind at the moment. It’s just the effect of the land
    which is warmed up by the sun The wind will be changing soon though. So we need to see a bit of options and for these we have time zero so as we see all the fleet here, moving And yeah, we’re not bad, we’re here,
    one here, two here, Not too bad so far, but you know, it’s a one month race, so much can go wrong then The weather, so that’s the weather
    that we’re gonna have soon Hisham, one month at sea what do you think? Looking forward to it, unless when I’m seasick But you won’t be right, you have your sea legs already from last race Alright, welcome to the doldrums We are right out of Portugal The first day and which has become a kind of weird area west of Gibraltar not much wind we placed ourselves not too bad, I think light wind, spinnakers helming smoothly and hopefully this afternoon we get some higher pressure This area here, see wind is coming in this area So we should benefit from this
    but let’s see how it turns out What are you up to Manuel?
    Can I help you? No you can’t
    No ? OK That’s a good thing so could you, have you been able to tighten it maximum or yeah, there’s a bearing it’s something inside, stuffing So this is actual footage from my bunk,
    I’m not even enhancing the sound, just wait for it… It’s the spinnaker sheet going through a low friction ring, and it’s like this every 30 seconds Have a good night This is not my hat It’s one of the maintenance guys that forgot it. I feel like I’m selling drugs in the desert Good morning Hugo, did you bought that hat or were you given it? It’s Blake’s He forgot it It just never stops All right, so it’s day three into the race,
    we left three days ago from Portugal We’re about like 500 miles into this journey, and we’ve been doing pretty good so far, sticking along the the Moroccan coast,
    gave us a good advantage. We are with a group of 5 boats, still such a long race It’s hard to say it if we we’re first or last, but we’re definitely not last, we are towards the front of the fleet, which is pretty good Yeah, everyone is working their ass off. So it’s pretty good. It’s starting to get warm as we go south A 100 miles away from Canaries now. Last time I came here was with my boat and just had the best time there.
    It’s sad not to stop and see my friend José Still a long race, still lots of things, working with daily problems But so far, the boat’s moving.
    So we hope we continue to do this way, getting really good at helming with spinnaker,
    so that’s nice I’m able to stay here in the nav station just do a bit of tactics and just overviewing the sail, it’s really nice. It’s going well You’ll see in the next day we should have more wind coming, as we pass Canaries and then we’ll go for the scoring gates. Scoring gate is just like 2 marks, 2 virtual marks, somewhere and the first boat to pass these two marks gets 3 points the second boat 2 points and the last boat one point and all the rest going through the gates gets nothing So it’s always good to go for these extra points like we did on first leg getting second on this ocean sprint so yeah, we’ll try to go for this Hi Josh, how are you doing ?
    We gybed, we are 1.6nm from Sanya Nice, good job What do you say a lot when you are at the helm?
    Bare away, head up, stop flogging, trim, trim trim….etc HeyJohn what does bare away mean ? which way ? Bare away, or the other way It’s left or right, 50/50 That’s our problem I think At that point we had been three or four days at sea and we had just passed the Canary Islands Making our way towards the Cap Verde and the scoring gate that was just north of it We were constantly under spinnaker our code 2 was up and we were doing good speed So good that we were in the lead with Visit Sanya, Jorge’s boat Sometimes second, sometimes first, switching places But the afternoon right after that watch I was having a nice nap in the sail locker when I felt the boat slowing down and some shouting starting I always keep my life jacket when I have a nap, so I jump on deck and can only witness the inevitable It’s there, the mother of all wraps. The spinnaker, because of mistakes from the helmsman got wrapped not only around the forestay,
    but also around the inner-forestay No way to solve this from deck Within seconds, I had the climbing harness on, and the crew swept me up the mast Started a now and off battle to enwrap our code 2, me from the top and the crew from the deck We eventually got it back on deck with only minor damage and within minutes we had our code 3 up and we were racing again But this one and a half hour at reduced speed made us lose quite some ground on Sanya and allowed Quingdao to come back to our level. This one mistake definitely played a huge role in the rest of that race So again, lessons learned, never ever let down your guard Never get complacent and never stop trying to do things better and faster


    Sugar Beach Resort Tour

    December 6, 2019

    Hi your with Scott from EZTravelPad touring Sugar Beach Resort in St. Lucia it’s a viceroy resort one of only a handful of those which
    mean that it is luxury at every turn we’re looking at one of the one of the villas up on the hillside at we come into to the living area looks a bit of the kitchen there gorgeous bedroom draped in mosquito netting so that you know violated by stray insects that you might let wander in on the patio with your own private plunge pool located right at the base of Petit Piton what a view if you look the other direction from the
    plunge pool across the patio past your private lounge chairs is Gros Piton so you can see this resorts is nestled
    right in between the two peaks the iconic peaks that really defines St. Lucia this quiet area that’s your spa that’s the rain forest spa where you can see the
    treatment rooms are all built into nestled into the rain forest uh… it’s amazing this is one of the coolest places as far as the spa goes I don’t know where I would want to have a treatment besides this place now I’m spoiled for anything else you see it’s just very serene very quiet it it speaks for itself now after spa have a cocktail bar game of billiards maybe some air hockey maybe get into a card game with somebody at this resort Sugar Beach it’s not
    about activities really it’s about total relaxation whether it’s on the beach or at the pool how beautiful is that it’s amazing the pool is very close to the beach also very serene fantastic it’s a really great choice for a
    honeymoon for just any kind of romantic escape when it’s time for yours think of
    EZTravelPad your friends in the travel business

    FLORIDA Pier Fishing: Catch Fish Fast!
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    FLORIDA Pier Fishing: Catch Fish Fast!

    December 5, 2019

    Wow! Brendon, the striped fish just came up to the surface Do you see them?! Oh my Goodness! This week we are at South Point Pier in Miami Florida and we’re attempting to catch that many species of fish is possible. And a little bit of sunshine. Some people spend their entire lives chasing monster fish, but when you’re in a new area it is hard to catch those big trophies. This episode is about catching what’s the over quality. This week I want to share my way to quickly and easily figure out what kind of fish are biting an area and, catch a lot of fish in a short amount of time. I will be putting my recommendation in the description below. “My go to rig…Very easy-to-use…Guaranteed fish almost every time.” This is a Sabiki Rig. It is a line with 3-6 hooks and a bunch of tiny flies attached to the Sabiki rig is an excellent fish finder. It is really easy to use and it comes in a variety of hook sizes. All you really have to do is Bait up the hook, drop the rig down and wait for a tug! If there are fish around, the Sabiki Rig Will catch them. I’m using cut shrimp because I’ve heard Florida Fish love shrimp, but you can use whatever kind of bait you like. I told Erin to use a sabiki, because it’s really easy and it’s really fun to use and ultimately she had a really great time. “Okay.. you are tangled immediately…” “How did you mess that up already??” “What did you do?” “Oh! I did it!” “I just pulled it right out!” “Oop, nope you got one.” “Oooo thats the first one!” “Caught a little fish, what kind of fish is this?” “No idea” My family caught a bunch of different fish that day, but i love it when you guys tell me what they’re called. If you could share your knowledge with us us please comment below. This fish had a really weird mouth, maybe with some kind of bottom feeder? My dad caught a fish with a big black spot on his tail, does anyone have any guesses as to what kind of fish this is? “Caught right at the rocks. Another species. that spot on the tail” “What was it.?….What did you get?” “I dont know! I just like it when they pull. It makes me excited!” “Got a bite?” Yup! “Get it!” “EEK! ITS A NEEDLEFISH! ” “Oh you snagged it tho, did you snag it?” “Dont touch it, dont touch it, its gonna bite you.” “Ok what do I do Brendon!?” “Alright put it down.” “This is a tiny one.” “Its weird tho, its cute!” “Yeah It has a lot of teeth on the inside.” “Oh wow, its like a baby, so cute!” “Alright so we’ve caught four species now within like 10 minutes something like that?” “It is so easy.” “I see Needle Fish in there!” Don’t catch another one! they’re not fun to catch. They are so big! “They are like a foot long.” “Whats that??” “Over there” “AHHH!” *Shrieks “BRENDON” “I diddled the line” “Give it a cast out there!” “I thought I caught the fish of my life!” “YEA RIGHT. Cast it over there” “Brendon Brendon!” “WOW, Brendon! Go Go!” Now Im not exactly sure what kind of fish this is… maybe you guys to tell me. “Whoa! Oh this is a Parrot Fish. “Look its changing colors… “It’s changing colors. See it? Its turning from blue to red oh no its turning blue. “Am I seeing things?” “Wow. Ok I’m going to throw the rig right by the rocks and see if there’s anything hiding in there.” “Got one already??” “Another species, this is like species number…6” “Look at this one” “Thats beautiful. Species number 6” “We were here for probably 15 to 20 minutes” “We caught like seven different species of fish. Just goes to show why I really like the Sabiki rig. Again it’s not it’s not a very challenging ring I mean it’s very easy casual kind of fishing rig but I catch the whole bunch of different kinds of fish and its really great at catching bait fish and it’s so fun. It is so fun and it’s so easy.This is the kind of fishing that I love where you just go and you just catch bunch and it’s over and this was like so much fun I’m so happy. Now the hardcore fisherman would argue that is very boring kind of fishing but this is not for everybody who ever wants to chill out, catch a bunch of fish, kick back and relax, the sabiki rig is for you.”

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    December 4, 2019

    good morning it’s Anna Von and Luna Tuna it’s a
    Saturday whatever-whatever it’s a Saturday anyway I’m gonna do a little
    bit it’s kind of a day in the life video kind of but not really because it’s not
    really our regular life but we have a sweet little Saturday planned Luna over
    here as you can see is on her tablet her passion I’m just getting ready my a
    really good friend Gina’s coming over with her daughter Reggie she’s gonna be
    taking care of these two little girls at our sweet pad in our pool today and I am
    going to get some work done and running some errands and then later on today
    we’re gonna go do some shopping and maybe spend the sunset on the beach so
    it’s not quite typical but it is a way that we spent we try to make the most of
    a Saturday so strap in here we go saturday in puerto escondido beach life Adios Muneccas bye guys adios it’s fuly
    savage in here Salvaje it’s my nice friend Gina it’s taking care of those
    guys so that I can go work and by work I mean get a massage so first stop is to get a little bit
    work done a this beautiful cafe off their decent Wi-Fi and stuff right it’s just a quick and dirty 30 minutes
    but man did it make a difference oh my neck she like poked her finger in
    there and move me to another place and you got a treat yourself you have to my
    mom was just visiting we were in the city I was sick for four days
    work has been nuts I got about a little bit of time Luna free and that thirty
    minute massage was like Lorna is taking me down this alley to a
    fish taco place so we talking about–we the pool we talked about by the beach
    and now we’re just going for tacos and Luna’s pass out trying to get stuff done
    at the beach it’s like herding kittens here we go this supposed to be really
    good place it’s a bit of a hunk of plastic but I will make sure
    that it gets a good home when she grows out of it it’s also Barbie brand it’s great – let the feminist revolution begin okay that’s it adios baby

    Time to get a Fishing Boat? Fishing with the Nguyen family!
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    Time to get a Fishing Boat? Fishing with the Nguyen family!

    December 4, 2019

    So, today our journey starts at the marina, because we are getting on a boat! We’re meeting up with a subscriber and him and his dad are taking us out on his boat thank you guys so much, I haven’t met you yet, but I can tell I already like you. But, today we’re really going to see if– what it takes to maintain and have a boat and if it’s actually worth it to have a boat. Uh, that’s really the question I want to find out. So this is your dad, who’s everybody else? [Truoung:] Uh, this is my uncle, that’s my cousin, Peter, and this is my sister.
    [B] Uncle. What can I call you? Call you Uncle? [T] Uncle, yeah. [laughing] [B] and this is your sister? Yeah, Ying. Hi, what’s your name? Ying. Yae? okay. and this is your brother? [T] Cousin.
    [B] Cousin! [E] Peter! Peter. Nice to meet everybody. [E] Thanks for having us.
    [b] Thank you for taking us. So how much work does it take tohave a boat? [T] Uh, you gotta clean it. Every single trip, it’s not too bad if you rinse it with the bucket, like we said. [Dad] We clean it on the way back. [indistiguishable talking & music] Woah! Woah! Oh! A ha! [Dad] Man, I thought today was calm. it’s not calm at all. [T] The weather was– I don’t know why it’s so bad today, it’s like, borderline dangerous.
    [E] Do you think it changed? [B] Borderline dangerous, huh?
    [T] Yeah, [speaking vietnamese] [T] Is that one all set? [B] How deep are we? [T] Uh… 20 feet. we’re pretty shallow, but the spot where we were catching the black sea bass before, the good spot, was only 30 feet. 30 – 40 feet. This is actually where we caught scup before. Are you using this rod? [B] Do you guys like to eat the scup? [T] Scup is good. we haven’t found any since the black sea bass came in though. [B] I’m going to sit next to you, okay? You got a bite? What’s out there? Mackerel? [Sister] Unknown fish. [B] Unknown fish. There we go. Which one is this? Bass! [Dad] That’s it! Oh, my god! Oh my god, man!
    [E] Yay! [Dad] Alright, that’s it, I’m changing. [B] Me too, you said it’s nothing! You said it was going to catch nothing earlier! [22″, right?] [T] 28. [28?]
    [E] 28. [ Is that 28?]
    [T] No. [speaking vietnamese] [Dad] It’s hard to tell. Look at today, look at right now, the weather say it’s perfect. It’s not perfect. [B] I didn’t know we would have time to eat, hehe. [Wow.] [Dad] Yeah, I didn’t expect to eat. Ohh magoodness. Buns. Are these bahn mi? Yeah, I wasn’t expecting to eat, man. not with you. Not bad, man. Alright. We’re going to the light house, right? Yeah.
    I think. I think that’s the plan.
    Are you ready? I’m ready. Are you ready? I’m ready. Is Peter ready? I’m not sure. You guys ready? Yeah.
    I’m ready if you’re ready. Peter is saying no. Peter is not ready. No one cares. No one cares? Everyone wants to fish. [ooh!] I’ve got little hooks, I should be able to hook’em. [Sister:] Ew, Peter. Chumming, he’s helping us out. [Sister:] Ew! [Erin] I’m sure he’d rather not. [Sister:] It’s all the way over here. [You alright?] [Peter:] Yeah.
    [Sister:] He’s dying. That’s going to attract some black sea bass. [Peter:] Huge loss today. [T] Huh?
    [Peter:] Huge loss today. I didn’t catch any fish but I lost all the food. I’m not full anymore. [Erin:] Huge loss. [B] Huge loss today. [Peter:] Yeah, man, I’m hungry. Oh man. The sea robin are going to start messing around with the bait. First fish of the day. Yeah. Alright!
    That’s it! It’s big. [Sister:] Get the net.
    [Erin] Big enough. [Erin:] Get ready the net? [Fish on]
    [I don’t think we need a net for this.] [Dad} Don’t worry about it. This way.
    [Alright] [B] What is it? That was a whole makerel on there, huh? [Dad] Half, half a mackerel
    [T] If it’s a mackerel it could be a stripe or a blue. [B] Stripe! stripe! [T] Oh man, dog fish. [B] Dog fish? Let me see! [Dad] Man! [B] Man… [T] Bring it back up. [T] You guys know they make fish and chips out of this in Britain? Dogfish? Yeah, really.
    [Really?] Oh, you got one! Who? Another dogfish? Yeah. Mouth wide open. Small pliers. Do I loosen it? You do it. Hold it by the tail, and throw it back in. You see how strong that is?
    Yeah! The boat’s pretty clean. He’s been cleaning it. He keep cleaning it as we go. Okay. So here’s my conclusion about the boat, you’ve gotta be the right kind of person, someone who enjoys navigating the water, someone who enjoys taking care of your boat, someone who enjoys being out here, and um, it’s work! It’s not just plop the boat in the water, go, it’s cleaning, it’s maintaining, it’s learning, it’s researching what’s wrong with the boat, if there is something wrong with the boat, it’s learning what spots to go to it’s learning about the safety, and it’s all very important if you want to get a boat. Um, me, personally, I think that a boat I-I-it just doesn’t make sense for me to get a boat right now, I’ve been really enjoying uh, shore fishing, and it’s a completely different game when you’re playing shore fishing vs boat fishing, ’cause there’s a lot of different things you need to think about when you’re on a boat, um, hopefully, you guys gained a little bit of insight, if anybody’s interested in getting themselves a boat, this is a good overall experience to see if you’re interested, uh, I want to thank this family so much for letting us join, it was such a great time to get to know everybody, um, see ya. Thank you, every body, for letting us come on the boat, I had a great time.

    360 video walking tours I Øster Sømarken Beach I Bornholm Denmark
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    360 video walking tours I Øster Sømarken Beach I Bornholm Denmark

    December 3, 2019

    Hello Bronwyn Lund here from BronHolm tours I’m on the south of the island I’m standing at the mouth of Øle Å which is a stream that runs out from the centre of the island out into the Baltic Sea What we’re going to do is we’re going to just walk along the beach a bit and go along the pier at Østre Sømarken That’s a small fishing village with a very nice smoke house I hope you enjoy the tour This is where Øle Å I always get my Danish vowels mixed up when I pronounce this stream It’s where Øle Å meets the Baltic Sea I have done another film of a walk along the stream so check that one out if you want to go a bit inland and have a look at an interesting trout farm which is unusual for Bornholm and an old mill This walk is about walking along the beach We’re going to end up in a little fishing village called Øster Sømarken and walk along the pier which we can see up in front of us to the left and end the tour there Directly in front of us, as I turn to avoid the seaweed it can turn into a bit of a quick sand experience, is the local smoke house I’m not sure if we’ll be able to see it over the sand dunes but it’s coming up on our right hand side It’s a lovely place to go and have some fish They do an excellent job of smoking the fish It’s called Bakkerøgeriet, or The Hill Smoke House We’ve been there quite a few times It’s closed down now for the winter In the summer we go there a lot It has a fantastic balcony looking out over the Baltic Sea and over this lovely little pier so it’s quite a nice place to come and have an evening meal and a beer (Please note I am not plugging the smoke house for financial gain I DO NOT get a kick back I genuinely have really enjoyed meals and the beautiful view from there😀) I think it’s a bit difficult to see We might be able to see it a bit better once we get up onto the pier There’s a lot of seaweed it’s been quite windy This is one of the first days where it’s been relatively calm It’s not much fun making a film in the wind because the wind drowns out all sound The wind has dumped the seaweed onto the shore We’ll get up on the pier As we come onto this tiny little harbour, we’ve got a few operating fishing boats We can see the wall has been built up because on this side of the harbour the wind and the waves become so huge that this wall is here to protect the boats in the harbour That’s how rough the weather gets here in the winter As you can see, it’s a pretty grey end of autumn day today We can see right down the coast all the way to Dueodde The main beach area of the island That was a tour of the beach at Sømarken and a little walk past the fishing town of Øster Sømarken or Eastern Sea Field If you enjoyed the tour, please like, comment and share on the film and if you haven’t subscribed to the channel already, please do It all goes a long way to the success of the channel This is Bronwyn Lund from BronHolm Tours signing off Bye for now

    North Beach Skatepark | Rollerworld – Ep. 02
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    North Beach Skatepark | Rollerworld – Ep. 02

    December 2, 2019

    After many failed attempts at going to a skatepark I think that finally the weather cleared enough for us to go. [All black clothing]
    So we’re gonna give it a shot and
    go to the first skatepark of this segment. So turns up that I went out and it was
    really hot outside so I changed the black clothing for
    this one and now I look like the Icecream man
    all in white… there’s sun here, over there at the end of the world.
    modror’s that way and a cloud it’s about to rain down on me hope I can beat the cloud to it, I’ll try and hopefully in the skatepark that’s about
    2miles from here, it’s a nice day. WE MADE IT!!!! we are at collings and 82nd St. it’s the first skatepark, one of the smallest
    we are going to visit. It’s packed with kids, I wanted to come before
    they left school, but thats too early and I’m on vacation. so I was just changing the frame from
    the 80mm to the aggressives. and something magical happens!!!
    Everyone left. alright now we’re ready to ride in the
    North beach skatepark It’s public (free) not many of those here.
    In Buenos Aires we are all used to that most of them are public, but here is the
    other way around, they’re mostly pay’d. I was happy that no one was here but then realized
    if something happens, it’s not that great It suddenly became cloudy, but the weather
    is holding! That’s good, but now there’s a lot a people again. ok, now it started raining a bit harder
    enough to start filling the skatepark with water unfortunately we won’t be able to skate anymore, for today. it got really slippery now,
    so I’ve got my backpack [the guy just wanted to keep going]
    and we’re leaving cause i’m not that nuts to do things while
    it’s raining and everything is so wet. anyway I will come back, cause
    I still wanna try some things here I’m gonna go look for some shelter under some roof hopefully not get shot, or kicked out I didn’t have time to change the frame and skating
    with aggressive wheels on wet it’s really hard. that’s because they are way harder and as you saw on my
    tutorials, the harder the wheel, less grip. skating with wheels so small they tend to get stuck everywhere here’s a spot to stay, it’s nice… It’s a garage, I don’t think anyone will complain. this skatepark was a bit small, but to have it close by
    it’s really great! it’s a nice option… it’s cute. this is the end of this episode, don’t miss the next one
    that we are going to the haulover park that’s a bit more to the north. I’ll see you on the next episode…
    I’ll see you, on wheels!