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    Most FAMOUS Beach in Greece – Family boat life unplugged  (Ep. #14)
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    Most FAMOUS Beach in Greece – Family boat life unplugged (Ep. #14)

    January 19, 2020

    Yeah, we made it to an other paradise Hey Sailors, come with me and have a look. Look this beautiful color we are here in a very famous beach. Probably one of the most know beaches in Greece no worries, there are roads too to arrive there are cars, motorhomes but arriving by boat no other boats arround, look perfect for some foto shootings nord west of Kefalonia you can find the famous Myrtos Beach the beach has a reputation do be one of the best worldwide they promote this beach in several magazines to be one of the most spectacular ones, worldwide Myrtos got rated top for it’s cleanliness and it’s natural beauty it’s crystal clear water and it’s turquoise blue water it’s very impressive cliffs and it’s vegetation are the mark of this beautiful beach don’t be disappointed, you can arrive by car or motorhome too you can arrive by road from where you can also look the beauty of this beach that is prox. one kilometer long yes, here are turles you ll need to jump, if no one can give us a hand there will be people, otherwise you jump, Atl. I help you? ok, I’ll do it Captain I’ll do it, captain What we ll eat? Lot’s of salads… I don’t have cucumber, but it’s taste is good let’s see what we ll eat the tabule from here it’s kind of thick Lou, do you like it? Yes… I love the tabule. and salads… What? some naked couples there naked? yes… don’t look, cover your eyes what a place! here they did a part of pirates of the caribbean now we are the pirates fo the caribbean we arrived just stones, I help you? just stones, and I let him wow, just stones what a surprise all this stones never been on a beach with just stones you don’t get dirty, no sand… who makes the best stone cake? 3,4,5,6,7,8, 9!, Bravo! now 10, this will be the highest what did you learned? Never stop believing in yourself learn what skills you need to do it look dad, looks like a tree this place has something terapeutic. laying here on the stones stones, more gravel to feel the warm of them on your body, super relaxing. never been on a beach like this listen do music and relax you feel the waves on your feets you can move the toes over the gravel water is not so warm, 29 degrees, 30 degrees. ok, more like 29 degrees celsius I’m used to my mexican caribbean temperature. So everything below 33 degrees, feels cold but it’s ok it’s very very relaxing to be here on the gravel a complete natural spa treatment time to go, back to we will not we will move away for the night the anhorage in the bay was not very protected so we will finde a bay that offers more protection I can tell you. Sometimes when the boat is rolling a lot it’s very uncomfortable to sleep. very strong we are looking for a calm night, no?

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    January 19, 2020

    thanks for watching our humble WatchDutch video,s on youtube for some oldskool metaldetecting back at the field where we found our silver treasure first we are trying on this edge john is happier than ever do you still know how metaldetecting goes? no… i,m forgetting the pinpointer run brian, run! it,s a nice summer day today song: ugu ugu ugu where are al those mosquittos no doubt, it,s a soda can for sure yes i can feel it the whole dutch soil was shaking part of a horse shoe tell us something about this grassland ruud said, all the grass in holland is dead from the sun but in Haarlem it still looks nicer than ever look how lush and green grass we have in haarlem we have the nicest grass of holland what is it? what will it be? getting smaller, but it can stil be a coin it,s a coin i can see it it,s a duitje how we missed it look it,s a nice coin it,s a old one how we missed it last time? but is more dried up than the winter time it was so wet can,t read it but a coin is a coin not much yet, but trying our hardest to find something nice john also put some new batterys in his metaldetector what did you find? i found my cap finally, will it still fit? looks great on you there is also a phone number inside it,s the old dutch phone number, it,s one diget shorter, so it,s 25 years old if this is your horse riding cap it,s the old phone number, so it,s lost for quite some time so if you have fond memories about this cap, contact us, and we will give it back throw it right back at you it,s a coin what for coin i think it,s a duitje duitje in the pocket how i missed it last time, not a clue but it happend 2 old coins already and a cap mayby it was mine cap you never took horse riding lessons no fair it could have it,s foil or gold somthing gold would by great and it is? ??? zoom what did you find? i think it,s also a duitje coin it old for sure another coin we missed old spot are never empty never get,s harder but never empty the shadow of the trees protects us from the hot summer sun nice this way, thanks trees i never had a moped weird button i also think it,s a button looks like it here you go why didnt have a moped growing up? you have had a motorbike? thats almost the same motor driving license i have i never got a moped, begause i went straight for my car 2 years waiting for what? or i buy a moped or a nice car what for car you had? suzuki alto? honda civik i think i have a huge coin no way holy mackerel look it,s huge! weird one johnny get the shovel, brian found a coin nooo, it,s not a coin it,s a brass ring to bad but i felt great for a moment johnny found a toy lead cannon old lead bullet i think lead bullet going to another spot we,ve searched here for a half year now but the rest of holland searched there to they alway search on our spots watchdutch show us were we can find stuff so we can search it empty before you so we don,t have to do any work or think so we have to do our best to find new spots and other people follow because they can,t find shit, unless they see were we go metaldetecting we will find our own spots without any help hello farm boys the ground is turned up side down i have a good feeling ruud look, it,s here a bit more dried up, watch coin it,s still hase some text on it spit can,t read it good duitje coin i think nice i can read a lettter W it,s a piece of lead with some writing on it what does it say? cool find i found a nice golf ball with my eyes golf kaaiyer what for parfume this is, tell me yolo what do you smell? smells nice girls parfume i think? another coin really bad coin you can see something on both sides nice spot this is we also love sports ready! brian, your up next i have to use your shovel nice one homerun safe! now some magnet fishing with nick and brian i,m going to walk the rope no hands! tell us brian we are magnet fishing at the docks i found a battery a stand for candles what we already found we are now 30 minutes magnet fishing look what we found already lets start with nice trolly idk? small chair, i found the top, and brian the legs ironssaw bicycle lock, candle holder unopened dvd box open it up monster madness is,nt it a game? curious can we still get it open last time i opened a dvd box is 30 years back there is a crab inside how he got in? it was closed shut point at it zoom, my hands are still wet awesome cool a crab mayby it got in when he was a baby crab nice cooking pan so we have cooked something today a 2 cent coin most people think it,s copper, no no it,s iron there goes the crab we,ve also have cables our best find, it,s a anchor it,s a really nice anchor, this will come in handy in the future it,s heavy, but in really good shape can,t see any rust some clams, but nothing other than that we will find good use for it it,s also sharp nice hook it is hook for pulling up sewer lids some kind of wall mount thingy pipe digital television box or dvd player? vcr? before our time i think it,s for television without this you can,t see television if you buy a expensive tv without this box, you cant see or do anything with it no box no television this this this nothing special were did you put that nice knife we,ve found? police radio more tools this is a cool find i saw a crab! pussy call in this is the 21 21, over john are you hearing me? it is so expensive: John electric cooking stove does,nt work without batterys that other cooking stove had text on the sides we also found a chair nice folding chair thowing cable more tools smells salty nice knife nice find already lid for something this is such a nice cooking pan all sorts of texts on the side salad, fish, fries sauerkraut fleish, wild und fisch show it closer please i,m goind to do some more testing with my new magnet fishing pole i,ve tested it with weights, nog some field testing will it still slide up and down i will do it now, so you guys can watch fail or not can you see it? open and slide works great!

    Mexico: See how fish skin is used to make boots, handbags and more
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    Mexico: See how fish skin is used to make boots, handbags and more

    January 18, 2020

    The skin is stronger than cow hide, for it’s thick, it’s advantages are it’s aesthetics and that it is attractive, that is what highlights and lends itself to make colorful and good designs. [Fish] Leather shoes I feel are a little softer and more comfortable. Somehow if you walk effectively you don’t feel the same feeling on the skin for example with cow or pig skin which is used in some shoes.

    Electronics Powered by Fish Scales
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    Electronics Powered by Fish Scales

    January 17, 2020

    What should you do with stinky old fish skins? How about powering your cellphone? I’m Anna Rothschild, and this is Gross Science. No matter how much you love fish, you’ll
    likely toss the skin. But why let a good thing go to waste? Turns out, a team of physicists has found
    a way to make fish scales into tiny electrical generators. So, how does it work? Well, fish scales, along with bones, cartilage,
    and tendons, are all made of a protein called collagen. Collagen is a “piezoelectric” material,
    which means that it creates an electric charge in response to a mechanical stress, like pressure. You can tap it, slap it, squeeze it, breeze
    it; no matter what, it’ll make electrical energy. You might’ve seen piezoelectricity at work
    this summer; it’s what makes barbecue lighters spark. When you press the trigger, it strikes a piezoelectric
    quartz crystal, which in turn generates high voltage that creates a spark and lights the
    fuel. The cool thing about these materials is that
    they work in reverse, too. Feeding a piezoelectric material electricity
    can make it change its shape or vibrate. This is how the tiny speakers in those novelty
    cards work. You open the card, close the circuit, and
    send electricity to a piezoelectric diaphragm. It deforms its shape and vibrates at specific
    frequencies, creating sound waves. But back to fish skins. To make a tiny generator, the team collects
    carp scales from a processing plant. They take these scales and put them in a solution
    that makes them flexible and transparent. Add electrodes and laminate the whole thing,
    and you have a biodegradable energy harvester. Potential uses include small electronics that
    you can bend, see through, and even eat. And it’s all because of fish skin. It’s basically the ultimate upcycling project! I should put that on my Pinterest board… Perhaps the coolest thing about the microgenerator
    is its high sensitivity to pressure. Just tapping four of them can power 50 LEDs. It’s able to pick up mechanical energy from
    ambient body movements, wind flow, and even sound vibrations. You could power your phone just by walking—no
    charger needed. And because it’s made of collagen, the generator
    could be “biocompatible.” That means it’s not harmful to living tissue,
    like your skin or organs. After all, so much of your body is already
    made of collagen. So, beyond handheld electronics, physicists
    are exploring medical applications like insulin pumps or pacemakers. The tiny movement of your heart beating would
    provide enough mechanical energy to keep the generator going. Which is super cool! … As long as you can get over having dead
    fish parts in your body. Ew.

    Italy’s Secret Paradise! Elba Island. Great Hikes, Amazing Food And Beautiful Beaches.
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    Italy’s Secret Paradise! Elba Island. Great Hikes, Amazing Food And Beautiful Beaches.

    January 16, 2020

    good morning from Elba Island I think I
    found one of my happy places I’m pretty excited I want to see these bunkers
    a hidden gem this is crazy history and beauty our AirBnB meh not so good I’m here a
    Cavoli Beach It’s called Capo D’Enfola We’re at Scaglieri Beach It’s called the ocean that’s why it’s salty I found I guess my happier spot if that’s possible don’t tell anyone though
    gotta keep it quiet it’s our place shhhh! Come on let’s go! [Music] when you think of Italy what comes to mind
    Florence Rome Venice and many other popular places my family who lives in
    Florence told us to visit those places but then they said Marco you have to go
    to Elba Island I’ve never heard of this place have you? man we’re sure glad we went and
    this is why good morning from Elba Island this is our view from our place
    we’re staying at and if didn’t have this view this place would be meh and I’m still kind
    of mad but this view is spectacular look at all the sailboats down there
    history is a big part of Elba Island Napoleon was exiled here it was also
    used as a German military base in World War two and today we’re gonna go see
    some of those ruins with the World War two bunkers we’re doing a hike today
    it’s called Capo D’Enfola it has old World War two German bunkers
    so we’re gonna see some of those I’m pretty excited I want to see these
    bunkers I’m a world war ii kind of buff so I know I’m like meh I just want to hike watch she’ll like them better than me [music] is this ever beautiful it’s not a hard hike but wow is it
    ever stunning you’re rewarded oh yeah not much effort no wonder they built a bunker up here there’s nice beautiful view Elba is such a hidden gem in Italy yeah not a lot of people go here it’s not
    that busy and there’s amazing things to do here and beautiful water yeah don’t
    tell anyone though got to keep it quiet it’s our place Jaden’s been asking me about tanks and world war two and if Germans had better tanks and they did
    they take about ten American tanks to kill one tiger tank because they were so
    well armored and well equipped and our tanks are just faster weaker Armour and
    weaker guns but don’t quote me on that but that’s my knowledge gotta
    check my facts you always get things wrong but I think that’s right right Jaden? get you’re face in there. there you go. [music] well we are at our first bunker or only bunker but we’re here this is crazy they hid in here look at this this is crazy
    you found the way out they would’ve had lights in here they would have power did they? how?
    running along the top there this is creepy and we’re out we found another bunker this is bunker bister busters let’s go in this is crazy you guys ever been in a bunker before oh my god look at this this is a maze this is probably where they kept the shells ok lets not get lost in here how can you get lost this the way out love this hike history and
    beauty I think the Germans just built a bunker up here so they could have this
    view [music] one thing Alba island isn’t short on
    is amazing beaches we basically got them all to ourselves check it out I think I found one of my happy places Cavoli beach oh my god
    it’s so beautiful here I never want to leave I think I’m just going to move here
    and it’s going to be my home there’s like this calm beautiful beach down below a
    beautiful hillside with lush green and then this aqua blue water is unreal we’re at scaglieri beach in ah biodola we got lucky we got chairs right up at
    the front beach and there’s not many people here is really awesome
    I’d recommend coming to this beach this is good this is ranked I think seventh out
    of ten but I’ve been to a Cavoli beach it’s really busy this one is big
    beautiful I picked this beach I’m at another Beach today I found I guess my happier spot if that’s possible I said I was in my happy place
    but I found an even more happy place for a beach
    this is Biodoli or ba doli beach and the sand is so fine it’s like
    it’s like flower or brown sugar and it’s even more beautiful which is actually
    hard to imagine I would say this is one of the most beautiful beaches that
    I’ve been to probably ever I’m stuck you’re stuck we’re just going to leave you here then a bye bye bye bye ciao this is amazing Elbe Island is one of the most beautiful
    places in the world you should go and oh yeah don’t forget to subscribe and hit
    that like button [music] how’s your pizza? really good! it’s a different style
    of Pizza isn’t it? it’s called puccini or something it’s made with chickpea flour it’s called square pizza what do you got there I got yogurt, nutella, smarties and chocolate he likes that ice cream oh my god
    let’s go good morning I’m working out well actually I’m not she is I still got my pajamas on
    I wont show you the rest because ah I’m all tanned

    Selling Fish On Live Stream | Modernising Traditions
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    Selling Fish On Live Stream | Modernising Traditions

    January 15, 2020

    [In Mandarin] Customers always tell me that I look like JJ Lin (Mandopop singer). They say that I look like him on video. It’s because they see me through their phones. The filter can help remove the blemishes on my face. That’s why I look better than in real life. Actually I am not very confident with my appearance. It doesn’t matter if I’m handsome or not. Doing business is all about building trust. [Laughs] [Cheerful music] We’re starting.
    [Cheerful music] [Cheerful music] [Applause] Hello everyone! Good evening everyone! (People say that) eating swordfish belly will give you a good complexion. Really? If so, I have to eat more of it. I have been doing Facebook live for about seven months. When I first started I often got tongue-tied when talking in front of the camera. I would be nervous. You can look at the first Facebook Live video I did. I have not deleted it. I was talking incoherently. Then… I was very apprehensive. It went like that. My live bidding usually starts at 10 p.m. It will last till around 1 a.m. Hello Maggie GR! You’re the first person I see. Why did it become Maggie Peh? That’s so strange. Some of my customers will fall asleep during my live. The moment I appear, the view count drops. Gosh. Wife: Really going to sleep? M: [Laughs]
    Wife: Really going to sleep? M: Hi Casey, you’re saying bye to me again. W: If you want to sleep, go ahead. I’ll be appearing on the Facebook Live soon. M: Don’t be like this. A cod fish chunk will cost $30-$36. Sometimes, customers find our fish expensive. Usually, I will explain that (our fishes are like) branded (goods). It’s like comparing clothes from pasar malam (night market) to clothes from LV (Louis Vuitton). The quality will obviously be different. For example, fish of Grade A quality is the freshiest. The moment you pick the fish up you will notice its bright eyes, red gills and its tender flesh. That’s what a good quality fish is like. I sell mainly saltwater fish here. Silver pomfret red snapper threadfin red grouper wild grouper. We have everything. The weirdest fish that I have sold so far is the longevity fish. Its English name is It can live up to 160 years. It’s hideous. It’s orange in colour and its eyes are big. It looks monstrous. But we don’t have it today. This fish weighs around 20kg. 10 to 20kg. It’s not really considered a special fish but the market doesn’t sell many of these. I need to return this to my neighbour first. [Laughs] [Whistling] Initially, I was here to help my mother with the accounting. Before that, I invested in some businesses but it failed. Back in Malaysia, my brother is doing live bidding as well. So I thought “Why not help my mum since she has been in the business for years?” Doing wholesale business is difficult to sustain. You can’t really earn much. That’s why I thought of doing live bidding in Singapore as well. From the wholesale market the fish gets delivered directly to the buyer. My mother is very open to new ideas They are also aware that times are changing. So they are generally supportive of new ways of doing business. Once you are live two hundred people watching your live is equivalent to having two hundred people walking into your shop. At the start, there were hardly any customers watching. There were less than ten customers. But after a month or two everyone started to know me. There were more and more customers coming on board. That’s how we grew the business. Watching my live there would normally be about two to three hundred customers. I’m actually very happy doing this every day because my customers are very kind. I’m also a very easy-going person so everyone becomes my friend. If you treat people well, they will treat you equally well. Recently, the child of one of my customers got diagnosed with cancer. We went to the hopsital to visit the child. The child is merely one year old. So I thought that I could do my part to help them. W: Thank you everyone. We hope the child will recover. M: Yes, we hope she will recover. We raised a total of $7500 that day. Then we donated the money to the family. It’s alright even if we did not earn that day. It’s good that we could help someone. Sometimes, you don’t need money to be happy. Money can be earned again. If we help to make someone happy we will be happy too.

    Sean Paul – No Lie ft. Dua Lipa (Timeforeh Remix) (Baywatch Official Music Video)
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    Sean Paul – No Lie ft. Dua Lipa (Timeforeh Remix) (Baywatch Official Music Video)

    January 12, 2020

    Feel your eyes, they all over me Don’t be shy, take control of me Get the vibe it’s gonna be lit tonight no lie Hypnotized, pull another one
    It’s alright, I know what you want Get the vibe, it’s gonna be lit tonight Baby girl yuh a carry ten ton a fatness gimme some a dat Pink sweetie badness, look how she hot She a black goddess, but tell her don’t stop It’s a good piece of mentals under the cap Hot piece of gear, mami love how you talk Watching every step, I dip upon what you got Stayin’ in my brain, I’m ‘membering all the touch? And my aim is to give you this love Hypnotic the way you move Let me acknowledge the way you do And I would not lie or play you Beam me up like Scottie It’s so hypnotic, the way you move That’s why I wanted to get to you And I would not lie, complain to you Pull so hypnotic no lie Feel your eyes, they’re all over me Don’t be shy, take control of me Get the vibe, it’s gonna be lit tonight no lie Hypnotized, pull another one It’s alright, I know what you want Get the vibe, it’s gonna be lit tonight no lie Feels how we do it (no lie) It’s always how we do it (no lie) Feels how we do it It’s gonna be lit tonight (no lie) Feels how we do it (no lie) It’s always how we do it (no lie) Feels how we do it It’s gonna be lit tonight (no lie) no lie I’m so lit, so lit, my girl So let me see you roll it, roll it, my girl I love it when you bend and fold it, now let me bone it And let me own it, my girl Give you all the style that I have mustered I say what, baby girl, that’s my word Give you the good lovin’ that is preferred You deserve it, so don’t be scared It’s hypnotic, the way you move Let me acknowledge the way you do And I would not lie or play you Beam me up like Scottie It’s so hypnotic, the way you move That’s why I wanted to get to you And I would not lie, complain to you Pull so hypnotic no lie Feel your eyes, they’re all over me Don’t be shy, take control of me Get the vibe, it’s gonna be lit tonight no lie Hypnotized, pull another one It’s alright, I know what you want Get the vibe, it’s gonna be lit tonight no lie Feels how we do it (no lie) It’s always how we do it (no lie) Feels how we do it It’s gonna be lit tonight (no lie) Feels how we do it (no lie) It’s always how we do it (no lie) Feels how we do it It’s gonna be lit tonight (no lie) Shake that body, let me see you just do it To the fullest extent (no lie) Move that body, let me see you just do it Girl, you’re magnificent (no lie) Shake that body, let me see you just do it To the fullest extent (no lie) Move that body, let me see you just do it Girl, you’re magnificent (no lie)

    Skates and Rays! | JONATHAN BIRD’S BLUE WORLD
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    Skates and Rays! | JONATHAN BIRD’S BLUE WORLD

    January 12, 2020

    Coming up next on Jonathan Bird’s Blue World,
    Jonathan explores the fascinating biology of slates and rays! Hi I’m Jonathan Bird and welcome to my world! You know me…I love sharks! It doesn’t
    matter if it’s a big shark like the Great White or whale shark, or if it’s a small
    one like the white tip reef shark. Sharks are cool! Skates and rays are the evolutionary cousins
    of sharks—they are contained within the class Chondrichthyes along with the sharks,
    but they are in their own sub-division known as the Batoids. The Batoids share many characteristics with
    sharks, such as the cartilaginous skeleton, the lack of a swim bladder and multiple gill
    slits. In fact, they are so similar that you almost could think of them as flat sharks. But there are some flat sharks. The Wobbegong
    shark, for example, actually looks more like a ray than a shark, because it’s flattened
    and tends to lie on the bottom. So how do you tell a ray from a flat shark? First of all, skates and rays are always flat.
    Biologists call them dorso-ventrally flattened. But unlike a dorso-ventrally flattened shark,
    a skate or ray has wing-like pectoral fins that are just an extension of its body, making
    it look a bit like a flying carpet. Or maybe if you squint a little, a bat, hence the name
    “Batoids.” Also, skates and rays have their gills on
    the underside of their bodies, while a shark—even a flattened shark–has them on the side. One of the most well-known rays is the stingray.
    This is a Southern Stingray, common in the Caribbean. It gets its name from its stinger—a
    sharp venomous spine at the base of the tail. This powerful weapon is used to defend the
    animal from its most feared predator—sharks! Wait a minute! Sharks eating their own evolutionary
    cousins? That is so uncivilized! The Southern Stingray feeds on animals that
    live in the sand, like mollusks and worms. The stingray’s mouth is on its underside,
    just like its gills. It blows water into the sand to excavate around
    prey, then slurps it up with powerful suction. Because it feeds in the sand, the Southern
    Stingray tends to swim close to the bottom, though it certainly doesn’t have to. But
    this poses a problem—with breathing! A shark breathes by taking water in through
    its mouth and then sending it back out through the gills to extract oxygen from the water. However, since the stingray has its mouth
    on its underside and swims so close to the bottom, you would think that the stingray
    would get a lot of sand into its gills. And you would be right, except for one thing. On top of the stingray’s head are a pair
    of openings called spiracles. They are kind of like big nostrils. Instead of breathing
    in through its mouth, the stingray breathes in through the spiracles on top of its head
    and away from the sand. Sharks have spiracles too, but they are really
    small on most sharks, and they can’t breathe through them. The only sharks that breathe through their
    spiracles are—you guessed it! Flattened bottom dwellers like the Wobbegong! Notice how this ray swims, by flapping its
    wings and gliding along just over the sand. By comparison, meet the Little Skate, common
    in the waters of New England. It looks just like a miniature stingray, but it’s a skate
    because it has no stinger. Although it can swim by flapping its wings,
    it often scoots along the bottom by repeatedly pushing off the bottom with its pelvic fins.
    Kind of like riding a skateboard. This type of locomotion has been termed “punting.”
    Most Batoids have pelvic fins like this, but only a few use them to move in this way. And if you think that’s weird, check out
    this strange looking ray! The Torpedo Ray doesn’t look much different
    from any other ray when it’s lying on the bottom. But when it gets up to swim…it has
    a vertical tail fin like a shark! Instead of flapping its wing-like pectoral fins, it
    swishes its tail back and forth to swim! And that’s not even the weirdest thing about
    this unique ray. The Torpedo Ray is also known as the Electric Ray because it can produce
    50 volts of electricity to shock its prey! Most rays can’t electrocute their dinner
    into submission. The Spotted Eagle Ray spends a lot of time
    soaring through the water like the Eagle for which it’s named. But look closely. It has
    a shovel-shaped face for digging around in the sea floor. It’s a bottom-feeder like
    the stingray. And look here! Not just one but three stingers! Another ray that likes to swim up off the
    bottom: the manta ray. If ever there was an animal that looked like a flying carpet, this
    is it. Unlike most other rays, this animal eats plankton. It swims through the water
    with its mouth wide open, allowing the tiny plankton to go into its mouth and get stuck
    on comb-like filters on its gills. Then it swallows them down. Mantas don’t have spines for protection.
    They rely partly on their large size to deter predators. But they can jump pretty far out of the water
    to escape predators too! Sometimes that doesn’t help. This manta
    has a bite cleanly taken out of it by a shark! Ouch, that’s gotta hurt. It probably happened
    when this ray was much smaller. Manta rays are ovoviviparous, meaning that
    they produce eggs that hatch internally. Baby manta rays emerge from their mother alive
    and swimming. All rays use this reproductive strategy. However skates, like the Little Skate, are
    oviparous—they lay eggs. This is the egg of a skate. The mother produced 5 to 15 of
    them. They are laid on the sand and given no parental protection. Inside the egg, a baby skate develops, for
    up to a year, dependent on water temperature. Finally, the day comes when the baby skate
    slowly forces its way out of the egg case and swims away. Even a newborn knows to camouflage itself
    quickly to avoid predators. Skates and rays are a diverse group. Not all Batoids look like the typical ray.
    This animal is called a Sawshark or sawfish. It looks more like a shark, but it is a ray.
    Don’t believe me? Where are its gill slits? A shark’s gills would be here, but they’re
    underneath. And look, its breathing through large spiracles. The Sawfish uses its saw to hunt by swinging
    it back and forth in the sand, impaling soft-bodied creatures on the teeth. So skates and rays are a diverse group of
    animals with many adaptations to survive. And while they are not as well-known as their
    cousins the sharks, they’re every bit as fascinating.

    Summer Bank Fishing on the VT Duck Pond- Bass with Jigs
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    Summer Bank Fishing on the VT Duck Pond- Bass with Jigs

    January 11, 2020

    We are at the Virginia Tech Duck Pond. Beautiful
    Pond. Really has a lot of fishing pressure on it so its not very productive. its a tough
    pond to fish and the water tends to be way lower than the bank so you CAN see things
    really easily. But those big fish in this summer heat man, do not want to eat. Okay
    we are gonna hit this spot. We are going to go in with the pro advantage. These fish are
    probably deeper right now because its mid day. At least thats what I gather. See Guys
    Im not gonna pretend to be a freshwater genius. I’m just describing to you what i learned
    a couple days of being out here. So its gonna be a learning experience for all of us. Hopefully
    with some fish mixed in. Ive had success at night with…Dammit,get down. Ive had success
    at night really giving a lot of tiny tiny twitch jigs to get reaction strikes (in the
    light line). But right now they can really see it so I’m doing the natural thing that
    they say, you drag it, you put it in a defensive position by twitching it a few times, let
    it sit, drag it, the whole nine yards. put it on rocks, throw it in deep cover. thats
    all I know. it’s worked, because I got a fish on right now. god dammit. just had a fish
    boys. trying this color jig. I’ve caught most of my fish on dark colors. darker browns than
    this but its daytime so I’m trying a little bit of a lighter brown. the crawfish was a
    little darker than that, the one i saw. oh, boys, thats a lesson on skipping a baitcaster.
    thats a professional shot, haha, lucky. I’m gonna really work these shadows along these
    banks. almost all the banks have rocks so thats a hot spot. I’ve been bit, a bunch of
    times surprised bit. oh thats a good cast too. a bunch of times I’ve had a surprise
    bite right at the water’s edge. Im talking like on land. Like where did you come from?!?
    But uh, I figure the reason I’m at least decent…I mean Ive bass fished with my friend after
    school probably twice a week during high school. just, you know, OH. That’s a bite! Got him!
    That’s a nice bass! oh yeah baby! Thank you. Okay so uh the day of classes was over so
    i decided to come back out late afternoon. I’m working the opposite side of the cover
    I was working in earlier part of the video and i noticed this sort of sub-surface mat.
    right here to the right of the screen so I’m kind of working it at a 45 degree angle from
    the tree back into the mat and under the mat and then twitching it under the mat. letting
    it sink, bringing my jig up to the mat and letting it sink. and it gets some really good
    results as you’re gonna see here in just one second. On the jig. so i guess we’ve proven
    ourselves with the jig. set pretty good there, bud. pulled him out of the mats. lot of healthy
    fish, just not that big. Thanks for watching guys be sure to subscribe if you really liked
    the video. thanks