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    Fishing in Greece Day 8
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    Fishing in Greece Day 8

    February 17, 2020

    The 8th day! A fish broke off Vlada’s line here in the marina on softbait Broke off … Čičko Fazli* Jašar* We will continue with Street Fishing. There’s a hole in the bottom. Ake bas* DUO je vrlo dobar. Čičko Fazli, show us the net. Look at this. It’s a RGB net for Mackerel. Hand me over the Net to land the first fish with it. There you go. Čičko Fazli handing it over. That’s it, the first fish with the new net. OPA! What is it? Maybe here. It came off. Look at this! And this! F*%k! C’mon, c’mon! C’mon! It’s a small one. A Seabass. OPA! WOW! Bravo! Is it a good one? Yes, but there is plenty of weeds here, it can get stuck. It’s a better one. Immer einen Fisch voraus. I can’t see where it is. It is still far out, in the current. I can tell by the line. It is out of the current. Ribolov je vrlo lagan … nije. We haven’t seen it yet. Here it is! It is a nice one! Bravo buddy! This is awesome! JAŠAR! JAŠAR! JAŠAR! This is possible a signing out for us today … I still haven’t got a beer. Because of the weather. Here is what happens when Čičko Fazli and Čičko Jašar come to town. JAŠAR! JAŠAR! The light is awesome. Great, she’s not tired. No, keep on fishing. It’s probably a Horse Mackerel. The new net. Opa. Upecao je sabljarku na plastični kotur iz ruke. Pričali smo baš tom plastičnom koturu. Pravi trofej! Bravo! Bio je težak 11kg. 11? Izgleda veće. Dugačka je. Maybe it’s a Leerfish. It fights close to the water surface. Čičko Jašar what is it? I don’t have a clue. I didn’t go to school ever. The drag is still working. Or maybe it’s fault hooked. No, no, it’s fault hooked. Dobar je borac ali je zakačena sa strane. Teže je za izvlačenje. Da li je to mala tuna? Ne, ovo je Lica Modrulja. Ovu vrstu lice Grci zovu Lico Melanuro. Ona je iz porodice džekova. Ova je mala. Evo je. Danas je bilo ludo. Bili smo u žurbi zbog kiše. Počelo je da lije. Rekao sam samo još jedan zabačaj. I u zadnjem zabačaju! Da, da, apsolutno. Počela je oluja, vetar, mi smo bili mokri. Ludilo, ludilo!

    Fall Run Striper Fishing on the Elizabeth Islands
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    Fall Run Striper Fishing on the Elizabeth Islands

    February 16, 2020

    So its the fall in Woods Hole. That means the fall run. This is the most exciting time of the year,
    you’ve only got a couple weeks left. There’s tons of fish migrating through, there’s
    been some really big fish the last couple nights, and you’re swinging for the fences. These fish, they’re going to come back down
    from north of the Cape, back down through the Canal, through Woods Hole, through the
    Elizabeths, and there’s been some really big fish around the last couple nights. I think we’ve got a good chance tonight to
    get a good one. It’s been a little up and down as the fall
    run kinda goes. Some nights you go out there and you wonder
    where they all are. The next night, it’s every cast. It’s an exciting time of year. It’s going to be a strong running tide tonight,
    we’ll throw some baits up-current and fish them down through the swing and around these rips,
    around these rocks. That’s really been the way to get them. We’ll see what happens, I’m excited. We’re out here fishing the Elizabeth Islands. It’s been a real great night bite the last
    couple nights. We found a rock pile we really like out here
    and we’ve been working these Hogy Pro Tails in bone. Throwing them up tide, working the swing back
    down. We’ve only been out here for about a half
    an hour and hooked up with this real nice 41″ fish. It’s just lights out.

    Crazy Magnet Fishing Finds
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    Crazy Magnet Fishing Finds

    February 15, 2020

    yes its a cosh another trolley ha ha more shopping trolleys found myself a little magnet nice little knife knife number 2 both kitchen knives crazy its all taped up its got prayers inside religious prayer box first bike of the day never seen a box that small before hit it on the corner and it will pop open shes open 1/2 penny mickronta hwlc nelson that looks like gold its made from wood what would you keep in that wings with a snake around it? wow its got diamonds in it thats awesome come across to peoples junk left here already ring the scrap men look at this bad boy wheel clamp another one somebody is missing alot of wheel clamps 2 more prayers 10 or 11 we have found today turn that into a lamp stand alex is finding even more jewellery o yes its a cosh look at that


    Where are the BIG WALLEYE?? (Ice fishing on a COLD day)

    February 15, 2020

    welcome back to Clayton Schick Outdoors
    would you believe it or not it’s 2:30 in the morning right now now yes what am i
    doing up at 2:30 well I’ve got a game plan I’ve got a little bit of a walk out
    to my spot where I’m gonna be walleye fishing today so I thought I got
    probably two trips because I got a pile of gear with me so I’m gonna take my
    first set right now find out where I want to be it’s gonna be very cold today
    like minus 17 to minus 25 there kind of predicting they’re kinda all over the
    place but windy so we’re gonna set up the otter in the area that I want to be
    at and then we’ll come back and maybe get a little bit of a nap and then get
    out there for the first light bite or I might just decide to fish all night I
    haven’t decided yet right now I’m wired after driving for I don’t know three and
    a four and a half five hours I don’t know but I’m here and I can’t sleep
    right now so I want to go get set up I may or may not show any of the setup
    with the otter but that’s the plan is right now get set up go from there
    welcome back baby gentlemen let’s go fishing now at my spot it’s dark the
    moon’s lit up everything pretty good which is nice but I’m about to put my
    first peg as you can see the tents not set up yeah it’s really windy so I like
    to put one one peg in first and then go from there oh yeah it’s cold and windy
    it’s really important you guys when it’s like gonna be gross out to try to fish
    in a shelter not for your safety but for the fish’s safety more than anything
    let’s keep that in mind all righty then 6:42 see the moon right there somewhere
    oh ho baby it’s full moon today full moon was like one of my favorite times
    but anyways I decided going back to the truck getting a few hours of sleep so I
    fell key human being today I’ve got my second load of stuff like what am i
    doing I don’t have so much stuff tell you what I’m really looking forward to
    getting back up that otter though and getting the heater going hunkering down
    for the day slamming some big walleyes I hope there’s big walleyes let’s go well you guys want the good news or the
    bad news first the good news is there is no bad news
    I’m set up I’m fishing it’s 8 o’clock that took an hour and a half to get
    everything organized and I had already the horse set up wow it’s windy out
    though it gets really when you have to reap egg down a little bit you can
    probably see the shock moving a bit it is windy we’re sitting in 26.1 feet of
    water had a couple big marks roll through already again stop dropping the
    transducer Clayton before you’re ready to fish but anyways what are we starting
    with dinner elves and I got to get a tantrum on yet yes let’s fish oh just letting that rattle beat just
    sit there right now feels like a Cisco maybe not maybe not it says just letting
    that rattle bait just sit there and you know so it feels like a Cisco and that’s
    definitely not it deftly not dad sticking the rattle bait
    yes it’s a thing come on come on come on lots of nice way to start the day right
    there look at that it’s got a growth on his side they’re weird here tell you
    what we’ll show off it’s a good side right there that’s a nice way to start
    the day nice golden Walter Thank You girl dad’s dick in a rattle bait
    apparently that’s the thing huh who would have thunk it ah I was really tiny
    really tiny oh boy oh boy this is what’s down there hey oh boy
    you guys need to get bigger I’m hoping please be bigger than what you are fish
    to mark you lots of fish right now but mostly little guys they’re gonna come
    through in different waves they’ll write like you’ll get some big fish come
    through you get some small fish comes through eater is going on hi we’re not
    gonna catch fish right now you might as well be hot and toasty in here
    I think a lot of the fish have been marking I just have too big of a lure
    for them really but I don’t really want to downsize because I’d rather I’d
    rather wait for the nicer fish to come by and be prepared with the right bait
    and right lure I’m not a numbers guy I’ll tell you one thing
    it’s sure not you send the order right now well I would not want to be outside
    very slow bite right now my eyes are falling shut well either pusher oh come
    on here we go finally like it everything’s
    small I’ve marked swim any fish this morning in the last literally last hour
    but everything is like this size though like tiny and the spoon that I’m using
    is a little bit too big for these fish so I haven’t had a lot of action at all
    I know I could downsize and probably catch a bunch of these but it’s kind of
    like I basically want to wait for like the right fish to come by I don’t want
    to have on that smaller bait when that bigger fish comes by I have confidence
    in a bigger bait so so far like I said lots of these like this is tiny tiny I’ve got on right now I’ve went to the
    tantrum here just to try to draw more fish in and then I have a jig and a
    minnow here for a dead stick rod yeah not hot and heavy but it’s only ten
    o’clock I think the fish just slept in today
    lots of marks though like lots so I’ve got confidence in a minute I’m a good
    travel route area and that’s what I’ll talk about a little bit today is like
    when you’re you don’t have the option of moving around a lot especially be out
    all this gear is to like pick a spot where you figure fish are gonna travel
    throughout the day or even come up maybe you say it last late to feed or
    something like that it’s all about putting yourself in the the right
    position or hopefully the right position are you like ice fishing sometimes it’s
    hard like sometimes it’s really easy you can drill the hole you’ll be on the
    perfect spot and sometimes you can drill a hole and you’ll end up being nowhere
    where are you nowhere near where you should be but we’ll see the days of
    puppy and the day is a puppy fish for apparently I brought the candy man to
    the play school today oh geez just drop back down there after
    fish for and I don’t think fish five is much bigger okay let me rephrase up it’s
    not any bigger much bigger oh boy Clayton oh boy it’s five
    rattle baits just hot right now catches all the big Mama’s Oh sums on the dead
    stick oh yeah I’m just just leveling them right now hey just showing those
    walleyes who the boss is right now good boy good boy
    whoa ah perch huh okay well a perch little perch perch more more more Giants
    while the Giants are really turning on now the Giants are really turning on now
    just cracking them cool man my arms are gonna get sore from you and all these
    giant fishing today walleye six fish seven but walleye six
    fish eight small okay well it’s been slow it’s 11:30
    oh look look at that so I thought this in unbelievable I’m like you know what
    let’s drop the underwater camera down and see what I can see down there
    instantly I saw a person like you know what law water clarity is pretty good
    even for 26 feet so we’re recording I just had that wall I come up and hit me
    and missing as a perch in the background you can see swimming around here comes
    again look come on it’s a big lure for that little perch and that’s it that time I let him do a double gulp
    I’ll make sure really make sure we get you perch sure perch perch perch perch
    so a lot of those little marks I’ve been marking they’re clearly perch right I’m
    gonna keep you you’re gonna be a perch snack isn’t that funny
    when I go perch fishing keep a wallet II and when I go walleye fish I keep a
    birdseed what’s wrong with me you got a perch
    ease come in here Bert perch and walleye makes so much sense now as much before
    couldn’t get any feet it’s totally makes sense now so I kind of miss it
    put it in your bottom unit I was saying I was God up he’s hardly got it no you
    see them setting the hook slower than slow right now so I think I’ll make some
    soup some homemade chicken soup is like literally one of the best pick me ups
    he’s slower cold day not that I’m cold I’ve been turning that heater up on a
    high quite a bit well today it’s a win though it’s and
    it’s nippy out there today that’s for sure we’ve still got them inside spoil
    that puppy up mmm-hmm I’m a happy camper I’m a happy
    camper good news bad news bad news first this time the camera just died and
    apparently I forgot my cord to plug it into the battery donkey good news is I
    can fish two holes again okay we’re gonna downsize a little bit try
    something a bit smaller smaller dinner bell right now see like all that took to
    catch these fish is to really downsize it’s just that I was super stubborn
    because I that’s not like the these fish I couldn’t aren’t gonna make my day
    right like so honestly like part of my brain is telling me put the bigger hook
    back on because it’s like you just want you want like the right fish to come by
    but then part of me is also like just keep fishing what’s gonna catch fish
    right now because the little guys are eating this
    so should of big fish as it comes by and I got the rattle bait here too so it’s
    not like he might not key in on that rattle bait too right like the fishing
    is such a mental game oh I love it oh here we go again
    here we go there we go again not a big mark oh but it’s okay
    it’s all good light light light light light light I’m using a little bit
    lighter rod too this is the 37 medium light to the Frostbite series
    normally I’ve been using the 38 inch medium which is the True Grit and this
    is the smoke show it’s called it’ll still handle a big walleye but it’s like
    it’s it’s as light as I would go for the class of walleye that I have for that I
    fish for usually there we go but I got another mark down there too as this is
    dropping down I’m gonna pump that rattle bait a bit here we go now this one is a
    little bit better it’s still small though
    don’t get excited you guys don’t get excited it’s still not that big it’s
    just bigger than the ones that I’ve been catching that’s all that’s all but
    there’s hope there’s hope for them for the night bite it’s four o’clock I still
    got like two hours of solid fishing look at this thing just and hail this bait
    like gone interval choked put a 17 inch or be a good eater I say that a lot
    don’t I you’d be a good eater there you go bud and that’s what it’s going for me right
    now and just a small gold rose dinner-bell meter it’s not not small
    medium sized tipped with minnow head just for a little bit of scent more than
    anything there’s still hope you guys did you believe I always believed even
    though I could have had a nap midday here some point I’ve always believed
    because what have I been teaching you guys come on prime time you know I’m
    just gonna go with the theory that it’s harder to catch the small ones and the
    big ones because they have a smaller mouth does that work well a couple marks
    down there maybe come on yep wish I could say he’s much bigger but he’s not
    he’s like a medium small one so you’re probably wondering like how did I pick
    the spot that I was gonna camp out on all day
    well basically all’s I did you know get this fish back and we’ll talk about it
    with a 16 inch or again perfect eater so picking a spot to camp out on like all
    day normally early season like this that’s still considered a seasoned about
    810 inches ice if I can move around a little bit I’m gonna fish like a big
    bass and with like some we’re moving a back Creek access where I can kind of
    jump around on the mudflat the whole time if I’m gonna camp out on a spot all
    day where I know I’m not gonna move around I find like a sharp edge maybe
    right on a brake line or say a point where I feel like I’m in like a big
    travel route where the fish to get to another area they have to go so where
    I’m set up right now there’s like a point right here and there’s a basin
    here and there’s a basin here so the fish one accrues to each base and they
    have to come through this point intercept it now I just pick 26 feet as
    a magical depth because it drops often almost never another line this way and
    I’m hoping to build a draw fish you know say if they’re cruising of the 15 feet
    or 10 feet or whatever right like or even say 30 40 feet
    I’m hoping to be able to draw them towards me picking the exact depth of 26
    feet isn’t like a science or there’s a reason why I picked it
    I just set up on that point you know like I said to try to intercept fish as
    they’re cruising spots throughout the day
    now they should come up on this point as the as the day progresses here and the
    Sun starts to set and basically what they’ll do is they’ll push baitfish off
    this point and the beef fish will get to an area they’re all sudden they start
    playing scramble a bit and that’s when they start to pick them off one at a
    time take the thing and and they’ll do like in schools to the law as you’ll see
    like right now I’ve got a school a smaller fish right like we’re hoping
    that a a school of bigger fish comes by yet – right like but that’s kind of out
    of my control in terms of what’s gonna be there that day it changes from day to
    day now normally at this point I probably would never ever put this video
    on my channel but if I can get a fast edit out with this where I don’t have
    any big fish although it’s only for 12 the night’s not over that as the night
    progresses usually the fish are tending usually tend to get bigger and bigger
    and I goes fingers crossed hopefully that makes me what I’m saying right now
    it makes me look like a hero it’s not always the case obviously but I’m I’m
    positive and I’m hopeful that it is the case today okay well it’s definitely
    enough size right there we’re going the right direction
    we’re going in the right direction tell you one thing they’re pounding this
    little dinner bell spoon though like as soon as I downsize it’s just been on oh
    its marks meeting Museum coming down I pause it come on a little bit better
    mark for sure come on one will come back come on back back
    here comes here comes come on oh come on SF yeah it
    see I don’t see it right passed on right down maybe he’ll chase it down though
    that’s a better mark no he’s coming down it’s coming down he likes it likes it
    it’s coming down this is good for me this is good for me
    this is good hey he’s probably looking at it I’m gonna start to pound it in
    that sound a bit and I’m gonna slowly lift it and pause it
    are you here I see if how didn’t you eat it it’s a good mark best mark I’ve had all
    day for sure come on best mark I’ve had today if I should put it back in the sound
    again oh he’s still on it best mark I’ve had today come on come on seal the deal
    buddy seal the deal it’s good mark for sure does Kate ready
    gonna drop it in the sand oh well think he saw it start with a sand up a little
    bit but the hope that we don’t catch another fish before that mark right
    there he’s coming down to it come on come down
    to it come down to it come on give you a chance to eat it up hi all CEOs out of
    the desert there we go I got him I got him I got him I got him I got him eat it
    out of the dirt I gave him so many chances to eat it up
    higher and he didn’t he finally got him to eat it out of the dirt I’m not saying
    it’s a it’s a monster but it’s probably the biggest one we’ve had today it’s
    definitely the biggest mark we’ve had today where are you girl you’re here
    somewhere where are you yeah that’s a big tail that’s a big tail that’s a big
    tail you guys I didn’t see the whole fish yet I just saw the tail look pretty
    good it’s a nice fish it’s not drying it’s nice
    come on come on oh it’s it’s pretty good it’s pretty good come on back up back up
    back up here she comes yes yes oh come on butt out funny it’s wrapped I don’t
    want the break the little wrap no we got it got it yours that’s a good one right
    there that’s what we’ve been waiting for slugging it out man that fish gave me a
    few chances they come meet the spoon up high didn’t eat it but we put her down
    to the sand and it ate it right out of the sand how many times you like
    swimming on my video you know and I hear so many comments over and over put it up
    high and like and twitch it and twitch it and twitch it I’m telling you you
    want to catch a big walleye consistently don’t underestimate eating it out of the
    sand awesome back down you go okay hopefully there’s more of you to come
    yet awesome man downsizing worked you guys like here is the size of food that
    I started with and this is what I’m using now quite a bit smaller right can
    you see that guy through my rest enough I think so that is quite a bit smaller
    never underestimate letting those fish eat it out of the sand
    I’m telling you it works it works does the best mark I’ve had all day for sure
    and I thought I didn’t think I was gonna get it to eat I had it up above him like
    three times and fun like you know what we’re just gonna put it in the sand
    I just kept just beating up that sound anyone sucked it right out of it little
    guy a little little little guy again I was beating up that sand down
    there this one’s tiny tiny tiny tiny wolf I just went from the biggest one of
    the day to the smallest well I got more mark stone there we gotta get down there
    now man these fish are coming in here coming in here right now here we go
    that’s what we waited all day for hummingbird is lit up like a Christmas
    tree move that rattle bait once in a while
    too because who knows right these fish get aggressive why isn’t my spoon
    sinking don’t forget about that rattle bait Clayton it’s a sleeper he’ll catch
    fish on it too Down Goes the dinner bell Oh awesome
    it was awesome I’m so glad that fish gave me another chance or gave me a few
    chances your instinct is always to pull it up
    higher above the fish and just like twitch it and don’t get me wrong
    that works for sure but I’m telling you you guys I’ve caught more big fish big
    walleyes especially Justin being off that bottom like lots of times when it’s
    up high they get too much time to investigate it and they’re like no
    that’s just a chunk of metal you’re like I know better than that
    whereas when it’s in that sand they don’t know if it’s crayfish or if it’s a
    minnow or what but they’re just like huh that looks like food I gotta eat it
    there we go this it’s crazy right now like it’s crazy you guys those walleyes
    sometimes they’ll wait all day just to come up for the last couple hours to eat
    don’t pack in too early I set up in the dark guess what I’m gonna be packing up
    in the dark come on well hold charged it it charged it and
    ate it I just didn’t really feel it it’s a nice fish as big as the other one but
    it’s nice as big as that last fish it’s still nice primetime baby primetime come on okay
    like I said I was big as another one but still still nice specimen but I got to
    get you down quick because there’s stuff going there’s stuff going on right now I
    got a buddy over there and that’s the sound of probably losing a good one
    poor guy either that or you had a baby not sure come on everything that fish crushed me
    rushed me I don’t think it’s that big it’s not it’s not small it’s got like
    medium-sized head shakes oh that’s got some weight it’s got some weight it’s
    got some weight he wants to he wants to pull what’s the dog mean when you’re
    fighting a fish it’s got some size don’t just crank and crank and crank that’s
    everybody’s first like instinct just a crank and crank and crank when it’s
    dogging down like this let it do its thing and if it feels like it’s pulling
    but it’s not giving loosen your drag just a little bit but you’re gonna have
    to tighten it up a bit when you know it a real again this fish this might be
    bigger than I thought you guys my heart starts the pump whoo um yeah it’s bigger
    than I thought it’s the biggest one of the day you guys it’s definitely the
    biggest one of the day might even be a fish worth worth measuring Oh baby go
    baby go baby come here oh what a liquor on that hole
    now mark came from nowhere like nowhere he just pounded me whoa back up slow
    it’s big fish you guys this is a big one this is a big one yeah this is a big one
    this is a big fish there’s probably my biggest ones a year
    swishy the year hands down my biggest fish in the year
    so far it is a told you guys we talked it out we waited all day for a bite like
    this the good news is it’s not just done yet it’s big it’s big I want to get us a
    quick quick quick quick quick weight on it you guys I don’t weigh a
    lot of fish vertical I never weigh them with a hook through the gill I’ve been
    okay with this clip so far this is a big one yeah oh baby yeah baby 10.0 – we did
    it we crafted ten-week wrapped at ten so Shaq yes
    Oh easy girl oh so good oh thank you so much girl thank you so
    much yes oh just don’t know little dinner-bell small it’s a medium sized
    dinner bell it scores it scores like I said I don’t weigh a lot of fish
    vertical I have been really good with this clip though because it locks the
    jaw in and it stays secure I don’t like the hooks for the gills I don’t like
    that what this one comes with sometimes is like a black clip and it slips
    through the lips it’s no good this one he’s been good what a day who is
    definitely a big law during the day that I think that soup was definitely the
    pick-me-up of the day and then that fish right there that seals the deal
    unreal oh I feel good like I feel good I just had patience that the fish were
    gonna come to me and trust me a few times today I started to really doubt
    myself and that’s why you don’t leave early you
    guys what have we been what have we been preaching like this whole year
    primetime well I fish for a little bit longer
    after that fish caught one or two more small guys that won’t even be on the
    video just because how better way to end the video at the 10 pound walleye right
    like I appreciate everybody watching as always by the time this video airs I
    should have to slash beanies back up in the merch
    I appreciate it everybody have prime time shirts coming soon
    you guys are honestly like I have the best community support slot whatever you
    guys want to call yourselves on YouTube you guys are awesome you’re the Schick
    stirs you’re it’s deadly you guys have been so good thank you for everything
    and I so look forward to us so got some more videos coming out before the new
    year yet I’ve got a lake trout fishing trip plan which I know everybody’s their
    favorite including myself so as always guys thank you very much for watching
    and don’t forget get outside

    Drugs Found in Birmingham While Magnet Fishing
    Articles, Blog

    Drugs Found in Birmingham While Magnet Fishing

    February 15, 2020

    Morning everybody today we’re in Birmingham
    and we’re here for the weekend and we were friend Alex he’s a well wrapped up
    its absolutely freezing this canal looks pretty clear I could
    see the bottom was still gonna find some good stuff so
    let’s find out so first bit of coinage for the
    day eighteen pence 18p richer so my first mystery item of
    the day is this bar its in two pieces it’s got a hole in the top of it
    and then a notch in the shaft don’t know probably just scrap just a
    cash box is anything inside? and no its empty it’s a very old one and it’s
    snowing okay old crusty lock pretty smart, its snowing and it is not even Christmas Size of that beauty you can see down there even the canal and river trust are doing some magnet fishing The other part was clean but we have moved down to see what we can find here. They are in packets what it’s some to
    move the magnet that’s a big bag as well yeah so it’s sharps box with needles inside, an old
    radio that’s quite disgusting that’s just dumped in there we have to
    dispose of that proper yes be careful there are drugs in there and dont know if they are
    steroids or like vials sodium chloride, what do you reckon thats used for?
    does anybody know what sodium chloride is useful absolutely tons of them are in
    the bottles that sounds tough Metatrophine?
    will have to google that and see what its udes for At first i thought it was like steroids but
    who knows I’m going to tidy this up and dispose of it properly Gas cylinder Big heavy gas cylinder mysterious like discs of all different
    sizes Look at all them what we keep finding disks of all different sizes what we
    think it’s like a motorbike in there because is oil every time we disturb
    something oil keeps coming to the surface so I’m going to try to grapple
    hook and see what can find First scooter another shopping trolley Alex thinks its a hoover? oh wow
    its an electric wood saw. found a Makita saw so just come to another bridge and as you
    can see somebody has left all there magnet fishing finds on the foot pat no good we’re
    gonna move them and we’re gonna check if anybody’s missed something
    so hopefully, absolutely freezing but yeah hopefully somebody’s left something
    for us so you find out very happy so we’ve come further north in Birmingham
    it’s where i did a collaberation with blazing magnets down there with a
    stretch is crazy I can see in the water we found four trolleys just a bit further
    down but five six seven it’s like part of one, 8 one eight nine ten
    keep going is any more eleven twelve thirteen fourteen Wow this is all littered with trolleys
    14 fifteen shopping trolleys in this tiny little stretch is
    he one there but yeah mad fifteen or bike frame see the blue bike can’t
    tell what the name is but bikes is all sorts in here just crystal clear but
    yeah we did the collab with blazing magnet between them two bridges found loads of
    cool stuff and so me and Alex are going to do this stretch to see what we can find see it shine

    매콤한 명태알찜 날치마요주먹밥 리얼사운드먹방/SPICY BRAISED FISH Mukbang Eating Show Ikan kukus Cá hấp ปลานึ่ง 紅燒魚 魚蒸し
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    매콤한 명태알찜 날치마요주먹밥 리얼사운드먹방/SPICY BRAISED FISH Mukbang Eating Show Ikan kukus Cá hấp ปลานึ่ง 紅燒魚 魚蒸し

    February 12, 2020

    (Checking if Fume is following well) Scary.. (I worked hard so I deserve it!) ★The smell of the great restaurant★ Mayonnaise Rice balls! Hi guys! Today I prepared Spicy Braised Fish (Pollock) dish! I heard that there is this great restaurant well-known for its Braised Pollock near my place! I have been craving it and now I’m eating it! These are Riceballs with mayonnaise! The side dishes are Acorn Jelly Salad, Dried Slices of Daikon, Stir-fried Potatoes, and Julienne Korean Radish Salad! I also have a bit of soy sauce with wasabi! I think I’ve eaten braised fish dishes many times! But this is my first time trying Braised Pollock with a lot of fish meat like this! I’m so looking forward to eating it! I ordered the spiciest one, There are also rice cake and so many bean sprouts in this! Ok then, I’ll enjoy the food! (Adding raw water parsley) It’s full of fish meat! Are you a rabbit….? It’s so much tasty than I expected.. I love bean sprouts.. Tender pollock It’s so good…..♥ So so so much better than I expected… It’s so tender and rich in flavor.. This is it! (I also ate my hair while devouring 🙁 ) Eating bean sprouts noodles.. (Wow.. it’s so tasty…) (It’s so delicious that It feels like I’m in trouble now..) It has a rich flavor and is seasoned well Hard roe! (we usually use fish roe for the nice fish dishes) Crunchy.. Bean sprouts play a huge part in Braised dishes! The main dish isn’t salty, so It goes well with the side dishes! So happy The size of this hard roe is.. huge! It’s so full of roe! I’ve never tried this before…
    Now I’m sad because I didn’t know this any sooner So delicious.. It’s bloody tender! This is the right way of eating fish Rice cake! The spicy seasoning is good,
    so the rice cake is also good too! (Wow so heavy….) (It’s time for bean sprouts) Water parsley adds a good scent to foods The size of the hard roe is amazing… The crunchy texture and the spicy seasoning are awesome.. (I’m not angry, I’m just savoring the fish meat) (I should have tried this sooner…) I can’t help but eat…. (can’t stop eating) *Gathering for the end* (Scary head again) Vegetables aren’t fattening so…I won’t gain weight One bite of crunchiness! *Cleaning to head to the end* *So happy with the food* (Mozzi is waiting under the table..) The drink is barley tea! Ok so, I tried Spicy Braised Pollock today! It was the biggest pollock roe I have eaten and was full of roe! The texture of roe and the fish meat were.. (just WOW..) I kept saying wow while eating! I’m also going to order a braised monkfish dish at this restaurant some day! As always, I really enjoyed the meal! *Waddling* Peaceful walk

    NEW YORK | VLOG 2 | HAPPY NEW YEAR in NYC. Brighton beach, Rockefeller center, Dyker Heights (2020)
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    NEW YORK | VLOG 2 | HAPPY NEW YEAR in NYC. Brighton beach, Rockefeller center, Dyker Heights (2020)

    February 12, 2020

    good morning guys it’s almost Christmas
    Eve today’s the day before Christmas I’m very excited because this is my first
    Christmas New York city our morning today started
    perfectly we had yoga classes after that we had a little breakfast in some cafe
    and then right now I’m going to Rockefeller Center
    Christmas tree to meet my friend and then later on we’re going to have nice
    dinner in some cozy place we want to find with the Christmas
    atmosphere I keep you updated guys so let’s go to Rockefeller Center ok, I cannot film here but we made it! We are in Bryant Park, it’s so cool I’m so happy happy and the entrance is free after the skating rink I decided that I do want to discover the Schwarz toy shop
    if you watch home alone the second part you probably know the toy store that
    Kevin visited up to the plaza so this shop really exists or it’s kind of close
    to it and it’s called Schwarz so people say it’s really amazing and a lot of nice
    cool stuff for kids in there I’m not interested in toys but I just want to
    see it and it’s crazy right now in New York a lot of people in there because
    it’s Friday and I guess it’s still some kind of weekend before even working with
    people here so I think I’m going to see the shop and then later on I will go
    home to make videos for you guys and yeah let’s go to that shop unfortunately I couldn’t go to the Schwarz store because there was a huge line and
    I’m not that interested in a toy store so I decided doesn’t worth it and I’m
    right now I’m just walking from midtown to downtown where I’m currently living the weather is nice and so the 5th Avenue is very busy but it’s
    like you go to 6th or 7th avenues it’s alright it’s almost empty there so I
    walked the whole Manhattan through and I really love it this is Madison Square this is where the Flatiron Building but it’s actually
    right now in restoration which is sad because it’s really pretty
    here you can also find a Shake Shack it’s a burger place and here in Madison
    Square it’s like the origin and the first one where they started to make
    these burgers which are now famous worldwide to tell the truth I didn’t like
    their burgers I tried last year and it’s nothing special I want to try that guys
    but I’m not sure if I am going for the burgers and as well as here they have
    Eataly a huge the restaurant and food court with the Italian cuisine if
    you’re craving for something Italian so today actually I was not really
    discovering the city because in the morning we did yoga classes which was
    perfect and then we chilled in coffee shop and
    then I decided to go shopping a little bit because I needed Christmas presents
    I’m very sorry for my voice and right now I’m just in downtown and I’m looking
    at the Statue of Liberty which is really small because when I was young I used to
    think that Statue of Liberty is something really impressive and it’s so big and
    when you look at it you’re like feeling something you feel incredible
    but in the reality it’s very small but still it’s good a really good way to see
    it for free you can just take a ferry to Staten Island it’s absolutely free and
    it takes you like 15 minutes if I remember right and just go
    to the South Ferry which is right in downtown and take the the ferry to
    Staten Island it goes really every 10 minutes every five minutes and then
    you’ll return back and you can see Statue of Liberty very very close and
    make photos and videos and it’s absolutely I think useless to go to the Ellis Island
    to see the Statue of Liberty really closer because it’s expensive and
    there’s a lot of people in there there is a line and queue and stuff like that so if you want not to pay just take a ferry to Staten Island that is my friend for today this is the New York chika
    real chika in New York yeah so I’m really grateful for all the friends I
    met here in New York just in the Internet but so right now we are
    going to walk and then as I said we’re going to Brooklyn so we made it to
    Brooklyn right now we’re going to see those houses this is called Dyker Heights we are in Dyker Heights right now so this is the first house and it’s crazy I mean it has lights in
    every single piece of this building and we can see further houses they are
    decorated betters I could say but it’s really nice to see how people decorated
    because in any other country you will probably not see these kind of houses
    decorated for the Christmas because you know in United States it’s
    very very famous and popular to do this kind of stuff so right now I will show
    you this house this is something really fun now we just visited Dyker Heights it was
    so nice it was so beautiful at first we’re thinking that maybe some of the
    lights are already gone because it’s after Christmas but then we found a lot
    of streets with a lot of houses with lights so you guys go there after
    Christmas and you will find empty streets good evening my dear dear friends so
    tonight is a Happy New Year’s Eve and all my friends and family they have
    already been celebrating Happy New Year for a couple of hours and I saw their
    Instagram stories and I congratulated them and I’m very happy for them right now
    it’s 9 p.m. in New York and we are about to head to our restaurant so we have
    reservation at 10:00 and I just wanted to quickly guys tell you about Happy New
    Year in New York if you’re planning to go to a restaurant here be ready to
    spend a lot of money because basically many many good places almost all of them
    they offer you a special menu with particular price so usually it’s like
    100 – 200 – 300 or 1000 $ is like a Plaza for example so you pay a fixed amount of
    money and you go to the restaurant you have a dinner you have a three-course
    menu or something like that so it’s really difficult to find a place with a
    regular menu and when you want to order whatever you want for the Christmas the
    same story so we couldn’t find any good place without prefixed menu so today
    we’re going to a Greek restaurant it’s very nice I’ve been there a week ago for
    lunch and I really loved it so we go there and they have a prefixed menu so
    I will show you I don’t know but the place looks great and I was thinking it’s
    worth it I mean I don’t have fancy dinners like every night so why not just
    to spend a little bit extra money while I’m in New York having a celebration of
    Happy New Year it’s something that happens not really often so yeah we’re
    going to the restaurant I hope it’s going to be fun because it’s going to be
    a live countdown and midnight oh so I don’t know I’m not sure if I’m going to
    film there because I do want to enjoy the atmosphere and especially the minute
    of midnight of course so I will try to share with you
    more atmosphere of the restaurant and of course Happy New Year in New York we’re
    not going to time square definitely because it’s going to be crazy there and
    every person with whom I communicated here in New York about Happy New Year
    they asked me like oh my god don’t tell me that you’re going to Times Square
    because it’s insane in there like people are standing there they reserve their
    places in Times Square from noon like from 11:00 and they stay there they wear
    pumpers because they cannot go to toilet and so they reserved the place and stay
    the whole day of Happy New Year like in Times Square I think it’s insane
    so and and also I heard that the policemen they occupy the area and
    you’re not be able to leave the Times Square before 2:00 a.m. I’m not sure
    about it but still it’s crazy so we just want to have a nice dinner I’m really
    happy that I’m not going to overeat this night because in Russia for happy new
    year it’s like insane all relatives and family they cook a lot of really
    delicious but very fat dishes and you eat it and you eat chocolate and sweets
    and the next morning you feel not really good because yeah you’re overate and this is really nice because I want to feel good in 2020 and I wish you the same
    so if you if you dreamed about you know being a healthy person beautiful and
    maintain a healthy lifestyle it’s right time to start it this video is a motivation
    for you I’m telling you write down in comments if you are
    planning to do that we will be together I’m also going to do more sports to do
    more yoga, meditation, healthy lifestyle so let’s do it together and we will rock
    in 2020 this is our year I’m just really happy I think I’ve never been that
    beautiful for happy new years yeah so let’s go to a restaurant
    they go partner hello from almost Brighton Beach I almost made
    it because I took another train and I didn’t make a change as I supposed to do
    so I’m right now in Bay Ridge or somewhere it’s like two hours walk to
    the Brighton Beach yeah I wanted to walk it’s very interesting to discover new areas so I took a tea and let’s go and I’m really enjoying my walk and I
    see a very very amazing bridge just near me and I will show you right now guys
    and I’m really excited because today is the 1st of January and I wanted to be
    active I don’t want to lie in bad and so it’s a perfect day to go
    somewhere and discover the area you’ve never been to because Manhattan is good
    but today I feel like more I want open space I want to see the ocean I want
    to think about upcoming year and my goals and I want to be just by myself
    here and discover some new areas I’m prepared for the walk and I am also
    excited about Brighton beach because it’s Russian area
    maybe I will try some Russian cuisine there some soup or I don’t know because I missed this food
    so much in Italy so yeah let’s go oh my god I’m so happy
    that I made to this place because I’ve never seen this bridge and it’s awesome I
    mean and now I see the ocean and I see the Sun is coming down like the sunset
    is about to happen and the very fresh air so I am really really feeling good this is super cool it’s super windy, it’s cold but it’s so beautiful, it’s absolutely worth it so if you have time I highly recommend you to go here and explore new areas like Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, Queens, you know, it’s nice! so thank you guys again for watching
    this video I’m really glad that I’m finally doing it I’ve been dreaming of
    doing YouTube videos for a long time especially in English this is something
    special for me and although I don’t have a lot of subscribers yet I value every
    and each who watched this video and I wish you all the best all the best you’re
    going to rock this year I’m telling ya

    أكلت سمكة الأرنب الفوغـو السامة و القاتلة 🐡 – Fugu Fish
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    أكلت سمكة الأرنب الفوغـو السامة و القاتلة 🐡 – Fugu Fish

    February 11, 2020

    Fugu fish The Rabbitfish try another time we need to cut this part The Fugu, The poisonous Pufferfish The poisonous fish The most dangerous one safe? The Fugu natural habitat is the ocean, where it has no harmful threat The Rabbitfish
    but it’s real enemies are … are Japanese
    in Japan no one is scared … the real threat for The Fugu Fish … they’re never scared of it you’ve probably heard of Fugu’s tiger puffer fish …fugu let’s move out its venom you’ll not be able to breath the most destructive fish ever each one of them has a chemical liquide that’s considered as a poison capable of murdering 30 person this poison is 30x more than any other poison Today guys we’re going to try Fugu The rabbitfish …which is the most destructive …in the world more than 100 Japanese died each year of fugu poisoning … and each year, about 20 people are poisoned from badly prepared fi… its poison is one of the strongest in the world it’s 1000x more poisoning than cyanide this fish is prohibited in most of the places around the globe you need a license to sell pufferfish in Japan you also need a license to prepare fugu Give us a like and subscribe to the channel this is ” Only in Japan “, Jonney it was a rainy day in Tokyo our meeting with the Chef is at 04:00pm Okay guys …it’s the moment right now, we’re going to try the deadly fish and it’s The Rabbitfish Only a few qualified cooks, with licenses and authorized from the government can prepare this fish not everyone can do it, because it’s full of poison This fish goes to the deep of the ocean and eats poisoning plants that’s what it contains venom this poison can be found in its liver, stomach … and so so many parts … has poison in it but its meat is poison free … the fish meat so what they really do … the cook take it that has a license autorized from the government and there are few of them here in Japan so he takes it, chops it, ejects the poison from it and then give it to consumers that’s why people have faith in them not like a long time ago because of no one knows if it contains a small quantity of poison or not because of the very smallest amount … a mistake The smallest mistake of the cook can be fatal … Sorry, sorry Now, we’re in front of the restaurant our challenge starts now we went in the beginning to the … fish market … the newest one and we saw how they bring fresh fish in there heading now to the fish market in Tokyo I’m tired We arrived to the fugu restaurant guys … I don’t know if we can film here but it’s here where they bring it this fish market, here in Tokyo, has changed there was another different one this new one is partly sensitive when it comes to filming but it’s considered the most modern one in the world means its building is so modern, so developed can you imagine how developed it is … I’ve never seen a very modern one like this Why we’re here? … just to see where fugu fish comes from from the ocean to here and then to the restaurant … where cooks request it, he chops it there or sometimes right here and then it can be sold right here in the market to restaurant owners right now, we’re entering the restaurant … but first, we took a permission from the cook because if he makes a small mistake … his license will be taken right away helped us … you can find their information down in the discription Byfood give us the permission and helped us to be able to film here and here with us Jonney from ” Only in Japan ” so let’s go inside Okay … hopfully there’s no danger but it can be a small mistake ratio can kill Why till now Japanese consume it with all of that warnings … it’s dangerous is it because of ” it’s dangerous and contains poison ” then it’s tempting people like the challenging things …why? Why do people jeopardize? when there is so many other kinds of fish that’s what we’re going to discover today this is the fish guys it’s waiting … and it’s going to be cooked in front of us by the Chef and remove its poison so, is he gonna take out the poison in front of us? Yeah, that’s how it works so this is for us? Yes it’s waiting? Yes to kill me? Ye e e es you may die let’s meet the Chef let’s go this the place where we’re going to eat poison My name is Kazuki I’m the Chef and I have fugu license the poisonous fish He’s bringing the fish it’s the last one guys very strong is it ready? it a poison inside of it? I have a license I got a special license 15 years ago Okay, are we going to your kitchen? – Yes, let’s go let’s go OMG its time has arrived Can you see all of those cooks, he’s the only capable of removing the poison running the Pufferfish restaurant is very limited very rare we need a license one license for one restaurant Do you feel proud that you have a liense? Oh, yes. I’m very proud we need to cut … this part Okay … and … because .. can I … Yeah we need to wait for several minutes – So now it’s dying
    – Yes – Is it the easiest way to do it?
    – this is the very simplest way So how many Fugu fish have you killed? thousands thousands thousands, Yes, a lot – Does anyone get hurt from it?
    – No because you’re the best right? actually there is no accident in this restaurant – in this restaurant, there was no accident?
    – No so this one makes me feel safe but I know that there are some people die by a poisonous fish so why people eating it even it’s poisonious? because of Japanese people love eating Puffferfish because its taste is very good The tiger Pufferfish taste is different from any other fish tastes so this is the best one? the best one What if a Chef did it without a license? will he be taken to a jail? or something? Yes, the Tokyo government will stop him from running his restaurant? – it’s time to cook
    – Yes – So, are you going to take the poison now
    – Yes so, the poison is in the liver? we delete all parts especially the liver, because it’s the most dangerous part – the liver
    – Yes let’s start cooking …now, we cut the … we separate it the body from the skin You’re scared? Eh let’s go to the next … generally, fish can see just in the water but Puffferfish can see in air Okay … we can eat we cannot eat so here he’s going to put the uneatable parts and here what we can eat he’s going to put all the poison right here this one is poisoned Yes … we cannot eat that this is the heart Yes, it’s heart is poisoned Do you know that this fish is banned in my country? yes, yes … all countries … banned – all countries?
    – Yes – you have to be focus
    – Stay concentrate
    – Yes Sorry … because of the slightest mistake leads to huge consequences … we have to let him concentrate this big thing is …the liver – that’s the poison
    – Yes If someone ate the poisoned part in 30 minutes, he’ll not be able to move because of fugu fish poison effects directly the muscle he’ll not be able to move and death is quick? – Yes
    – and painful
    – Yes – in 15 minutes he’s gonna die if you eat those … look at them … all poisoned – is this the liver?
    – Yes, the liver Tell me, how do you know them? the poisoned one and the not poisoned? from my studies and eyes we can eat the poisoned part if we wait for one year by keeping the organ in salt it’s a Japanese old custom Who is gonna eat a poison? I tried a couple of times I ate the poisoned parts The Pufferfish meat is good for bones So, the Japanese still love eating Pufferfish meat This is the safe parts and this one is dangerous he separated them because he’s an authorized cook … he knew how to separate them Imagine it was one fish full of poison who’s gonna eat this? No one … we need to keep the poisoned part in a box that has a key no one can touch it? special box … away from cats and dogs Poison is keep away from cats and dogs, it is not gonna be throwen away with the garbage – So, there is someone from the government who will take it
    – Yes – Every month
    – we have a contract with a company daily … they come to take it and let’s try the Fugu dangerous fish Oh we’re going to make 3 dishes Sashimi, deep-fried and … hot pot 3 different kinds of fugu dishes meat is still moving so moving … and it’s very difficult – it’s breathing
    – Yes Muscle is still alive He’s saying that muscles … still alive … that’s why it is moving fry … deep fry this one here poison guys … poison guys … believe or not – Are you excited, Chef?
    – Yes 😬 – I’m very happy to seve you my creation keep it into the ponzu – and then die
    – No Can you eat first before Okay … okay He’s gonna teach us how to eat Pufferfish … I trust you …just wait … wait … we have to wait Do you wanna eat? Go first What not you first? Rock … scissors … Paper you’re gonna eat it … you first Jonney is going to try poison roll it up together Excellent very good very very good I’m gonna try now I’m going to eat this … the raw one challenging the poison … for the first time … In Japan In the name of Allah the most poisonous fish actually, it’s good very good … but it’s moving Waw … it has a gummy taste it doesn’t taste like real … normal fish – There’s something special about it
    – Yeah He’s starting falling love with fugu Poison is playing here? Eh Yeah 😂 Waw, I think this is the best, man that’s why the Japanese eat it? Eh but I’m not gonna take this risk again Thanks God … everyone is safe Okay guys …that was the Fugu story Tell us your opinion on this … Do you have the courage to try it? write in the comments section The Chef needs a license … that’s why it is so so expensive Is it your first time? How was it? different … Yes Esta muy bueno … muy rico
    It’s very good……….very rich … Does that mean it’s amazing?
    – Yes, it’s amazing amazing in Turkish in Japanese

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    February 11, 2020

    Ben : We need to prepare to heck-in Ben : Ready? Ben : Pao are you going to kill somebody? Pao : May the IT force be with you Ben : Oh shit you can separate the bed with that!! Tam : Nah , it’s not
    Ben : Oh Really Ben : Ok it’s time to go , Marina cruise center Ben : We reach already same place Ben : and event happen again!! Ben : Ok event it’s happen with everyone in our team already
    Tam : Almost fuck dup with that!! Ben : This is first year of Tam
    Pao : and Pao
    Ben : Yes, you too Ben :Shall I take you tour a bit
    This is canteen that we come to eat everyday “Windjammer” Ben : Damnnn My High school friend : How come , why we meet here?
    Ben : Hahaha Ben : My friend again hahaha Ben : It’s really feel like come back home !!, I meet a lot of friend!!! Ben : I need to put my audience in this vlog Ben : and this is Thai people who watch my Vlog!! Yes I do!! Ben : I need to tell you first it’s not advertising or review , It’s my life!!! Ben : And now this sound call us to go to meeting Ben : Mama I’m so sorry , I’m still a man don’t piss off me with this hahaha Peach : Why I need to join this? Ben : So our costume look like Sailorman right? Ben : but you need to see it clearly what this be like Ben : Peach please act like a girl

    Fishing in Greece Day 07
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    Fishing in Greece Day 07

    February 10, 2020

    No, it’s a small one. It’s not a Salema porgy, we don’t know what it is for days now. It’s not a Gilt-head bream. It doesn’t have that head shape, it looks like it though. Maybe it’s like … It’s not a Sand steenbras either. It is between a Gilt-head bream and a Dentex. Something like that. I see it, I see it! To the right Vlad! It is gone! It is gone! Yeah, on the Tetra Jig! Thanks. Super far out. Horse Mackerel! Look what Čičko Fazli found! This is a … how do say? It’s the intro and the outro. 7th day! Cheers Čičko Jašar! Cheers Čičko Fazli! I hope you like our 50 shades of red on our faces. I lost 3 Licas today but We caught some Horse Mackerel. It wasn’t a bad day, but it wasn’t great either. He caught a big Lizard fish. Tomorrow I hope it will be better. Bye!