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    My Dad Got Taken By Aliens!  Secret Mission to Find Treasure X
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    My Dad Got Taken By Aliens! Secret Mission to Find Treasure X

    March 8, 2020

    Moose Toys paid us to make this video. Jack! Jack! Dad got taken by aliens! What? Taken by aliens? Wait. What? Aliens aren’t real. Yes, they are! One just spoke to me! What? How? Well I was setting up to watch my favorite TV show when… Pop, check. Candy, check. Remote, check. Let the TV marathon begin! Oh, hi Fluffy. Muhaha Muhahahaha! Aliens?! I control your TV. In fact, it’s a portal to my spacecraft. Ahh! Muhahaha! What? A portal? I have your dad, and I can take you too, unless you do exactly what I say. You have my dad?! Why? What do you want with him? He has something I can’t live without. He has taken some of my fellow aliens, and he has plans to keep them. My dad was gonna keep your alien friends? First, he took my Treasure X alien ooze eggs. Then he took my alien people and then he took the mother of all aliens. Why would my dad want to take your aliens? Because of the rare space gems that are found inside. Space gems? No way. You must be lying. Somebody pinch me. I must be dreaming! I speak the truth! And you will never see your dad again, unless you find where he’s hidden my alien friends. Prove it! Prove that you have my dad! No problem. Kade, is that you? Kade! The alien’s got me! You have to save me! But Dad, is it true? Were you trying to take his alien friends? I was just trying to say that alien people were swallowed inside! That’s enough! Find my friends or you can say goodbye to Daddy! Ha ha ha! Whoa, no way! Our TV is a portal to his ship? Yes, and we must find where dad’s hidden the aliens and portal them through the TV in order to get Dad back. So let me get this straight. We have to exchange aliens for Dad? Yes, but who knows where Dad hid them. Dad’s hiding spot? You’ve come to the right person. Come on, let’s go. Whoa, I didn’t realize that this thing opened! You thought it was just a bench this whole time? What a great hiding spot! Yep, right under our little noses. They’ve been hiding birthday presents and Christmas presents here for years. No way. Let’s see what’s inside. Let’s take this off. Found one! Whoa, we found one and another one! Wow! Treasure X alien ooze eggs. No way! Whoa, it looks like there’s a mini alien inside covered in ooze. Epic! Dang it. It looks like we found the eggs, but we need the alien people and the mother alien. They must be hiding elsewhere. Hmm, where else does Dad hide stuff? Do you think mom would tell us? I doubt it, but it’s worth a shot. Mom, Dad is trapped in an alien spaceship! Oh, really? And if we don’t find the alien treasure people, Dad might be stuck in there forever. Well boys, you have quite the imagination. Hello, are you listening? Dad’s inside an alien ship trapped by aliens! Well last I saw him was early this morning when he was digging a hole in the backyard. Oh! Thanks Mom! Happy to help. By the way, I don’t know how you humans tolerate those beasts. Beasts? Uh, yeah, you know that furry gray and white ugly thing with the monkey tail. You mean our cat, Fluffy? Those suspicious creatures. Always cleaning themselves. Yuck! You’ve got to be kidding me. Do you think this is really it? Well, there’s a giant X and usually X marks the spot, so… Okay, let’s dig in! Dig on the top. Oh! I hit something! Oh, we got it! Whoa! No way, this has to be it! Whoa, this has to be the alien treasure people. Unbelievable, the alien people are trapped inside an intergalactic chamber. Crazy! We have two, now one left to go. Where should we look next? How about in Dad’s safe? Great idea. Let’s go! And that hideous sound they make, aha! You mean, “meow”? “Meow” Stop that! Stop that I say! It’s gross. “Meoow” Ah, stop it! Stop it now. “Meow, Meow, Meooow” Stop if you know what’s good for you! “Hiss, meow, meooow, meow, meow!, hiss” Ahhhhh! “Hisss, meooow, meow” AHHH!! “Meow” Haha! Stop it! Stop it I say! I will send you to outer space if you don’t knock it off! “Meow” Oh dang! It’s locked. Do you know where Dad hides the key? I’ve tried to get in here for years, but I’ve never found the key. What do you boys think you’re doing? Well, we’re trying to break into the safe. Seriously? You guys, knock it off. Find something else to do. Do you want to tell us where the key is? That’s for me to know, and you never to find out. Oh, come on Mom! Please! I’m thirsty. Yeah, me too. I’ll get the ice, you get the cups. Oh! What, what is it? No way! This is seriously the best hiding spot ever. What, what do you mean? I found the key. No waaay! You’ve gotta be kidding me! Quick, go get some warm water! Whoa! Whoa, the key! Whoa! It just fell out of the ice cube automatically. Come on. Let’s go and try it. Okay, here we go. Whoa! No way, it’s the mother alien! This is crazy! Whoa, I guess this is what they wanted. Look how cool this is! Okay, let’s put this in the backpack, so we can get Dad back. Okay. Ready? Let’s go! Quick, turn on the TV. All right, Mr. Alien Guy, we’ve got your Treasure X ooze eggs, your alien people, and the ultimate alien. Very good. Now set them on the table, so I can transport them back to my spacecraft. Not so fast! We’re not giving you anything until you give our dad back. Yeah! How do I know you’ll give them to me once you have your dad back? Uh, I guess he has a point. How about we give you the ooze eggs in exchange for our dad? Yeah, once we get our dad back, we’ll give you the rest. We promise. Hmm fine. Kade, let’s use this. All right, three alien ooze eggs coming your way. We’re ready for exchange. On my mark. One two three. No boys! We must take the aliens to save the people inside! Muhahaha! Oh no! No! NO! What’s this? There’s nothing in here. You tricked me! That’s right Mr. Alien. We’re gonna save the people! This calls for battle. I’m going to have to come after your planet hahaha! “Meow, meow, meoow.” Wait, what is that? Who? This? This is Fluffy, our cat. Don’t you know how dangerous those creatures can be? Oh, you mean Mister Fluffy. Oh, really? Wait! No, no, anything but that! Get it away from me! Oh, oh! Good little kitty. Oh, we’ve got to get out of here! Is the scary alien afraid of cats? Huh? Afraid of a little meow meow, huh? Oh, little kitty, huh? Get that away from me! No! No! NO! Ahh! Ahh! I’m outta here! I’m outta here! AHH! [Laughing] Nice thinking Dad! Hopefully that’s the end of our alien encounters. Now, let’s go play with those aliens! Yeah! I wanna open the alien egg first. Okay, but I’m opening the alien people. Alright, let’s do this! Guys, I see something right here! Oh, the alien had eggs! Squeeze to pop the alien. Whoa! There’s slime inside! Whoa! Whoa, I even got a guy inside the ooze! Oh this is so slimy! Looks like they love geting the ooze in and out of their mouth. There’s slurping it! Whoa, look how stretchy this is! Oh, look! Look how cool my guy is! Some of the aliens have rare space gems inside. Yeah, actual space treasures that came in real meteorites. Should we collect all 12? Of course! Time to bust this guy out of this intergalactic chamber. Guys, look at my guy! Fun Squad, let’s play with this alien and get the treasure people inside. I’m gonna use the X tool to get inside the alien toy. Yes, I got it! Okay, time to take time to take off the top to see what’s inside. Whoa! Whoa! It’s insides guys! Guys, it’s an ooze pack! Now, it’s time to open it and see what comes with it. Whoa, that looks so cool! It’s slime! Oh I see my guy! Oh, it’s the one I wanted, Fun Squad! I looked on the map, and I wanted this one so bad! Okay, there’s other stuff in here. Let’s see what it is. This orange thing. It’s right here. Guys, I got a little critter for his little pet. Now let’s check what else is in here. Whoa, it’s his stick! Whoa! I wonder what else is in there. Whoa! Yes, I got the one I wanted! Okay, guys I put the ooze in the alien toy, and now I just have to squish it. Three, two, one, ooze! Whoa! This is so cool! That looks awesome! Oh my gosh! Whoa, that looks so cool! Time to play with the Treasure X alien ultimate toy. First, you’ve got to pull it out of the box. Check out the alien tool. I’m going to use the X tool and play with the alien. Let’s take this piece off to see the insides. Keep going! Keep going! Whoa, let’s squeeze the insides. Whoa, look! I got some critters and a bunch of accessories. Put the slime inside the special bag. Let’s rip open the bag to see what’s inside. No way! Look, there’s the alien people. Quick, take it out. Oh check it out! There’s the alien’s tool. Sweet, we get to play with the alien’s head. No way there’s something inside. Let’s take it out. Whoa. Let’s play with this and find it’s power source. I got a gem! What?! No fair! Whoa, this is so cool! It’s a glow in the dark container. Put this piece back on. Put this thing into the alien’s back. Hey, look, it’s a steering wheel. Let’s put it together. Put the steering wheel in the alien’s body. Oh, this is awesome. The person can actually drive the alien. Attack! Guys, this Treasure X alien toy is amazing! It’s so fun! There are 26 levels of adventure. Playing with these aliens and finding who’s inside was awesome! Don’t forget to like and subscribe below. And parents, if you want to find out more about the new Treasure X aliens season 2 click on the link in the description below.

    Super Mario Party – Launch Trailer – Nintendo Switch
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    Super Mario Party – Launch Trailer – Nintendo Switch

    February 29, 2020

    [Nintendo Switch Snap] [lighthearted jazz music]
    [female VO] -Prepare for thrills
    and to use your skills!
    Invite your friends
    and family to the party
    anytime, anywhere on the
    Nintendo Switch system
    with the Super Mario Party game!Use your Joy-con controllers
    in a variety of ways.
    Get your body moving
    to match the action on-screen.
    And to move up
    in the competition!
    You won’t believe how fired up
    you can get in each of these
    80 new minigames.
    Plus, there are some
    brand-new modes
    for everyone to enjoy.
    [music fades] [rhythmic pop music]Sometimes it’s fun to get off
    the couch and feel the beat!
    So, hit the dance floor,and strike a pose,
    in the Sound Stage!
    [silly carnival music]
    You’ll march in a parade!
    [energetic synth music]
    And swing a bat!
    Whatever you do,
    don’t skip a beat.
    Steal the show every time,and prove who’s got the moves!
    [music ends][In-game announcer]

    [Mario] -Ya-hoohoo! [sprightly tribal music][Bowser growls]
    [Mario] -Ha-ha!
    [Yoshi] -Ya-hoo!
    [female VO]
    -Four players must join forces
    in River Survival!
    Row down the river
    by paddling the boat together.
    Pop a balloon,
    and it’s minigame time!
    It’s the first 4-player co-op
    mode in the series.
    Work together by speaking up
    and combining your strengths.
    Your goal? Make it to the goal!
    before time runs out.
    [In-game announcer]

    [music ends] [wacky synth music][female VO]
    -Connect two Nintendo Switch
    systems in clever ways
    to play in Toad’s Rec Room.Choose how the screens line upfor the ultimate
    in Koopa shell tank warfare.
    [Bowser growls]
    [music ends] [minimalistic bongo music]
    Try not to go bananas
    as you line them up.
    [magical chime][ballpark organ music]
    And go head to head in a little
    game of Mini League Baseball.
    [crowd cheering]
    [In-game announcer] -Home Run!
    [Mario] -Ho-hoo!
    [music ends] [playful big band music][female VO]
    -Up to four players can face off
    in a souped-up version
    of the original board game mode.
    [Luigi] -Yah! Yes![female VO]
    -Strategically navigate
    the board
    [Luigi] -Oh yeah!
    [female VO] -and collect the
    most stars from Toadette to win!
    [In-game announcer]
    -You got a star!
    [crowd cheering]
    [female VO]
    -Compete in minigames…
    Use an item
    to gain the upper hand…
    And, if you’re feeling risky,
    roll character-specific
    dice blocks.
    Epic party moments can spring up
    anywhere, so hone your strategy,
    and come out on top!
    [music ends] [spacey synth music]Partner Party is a 2-on-2
    team board game mode with twice
    the freedom for twice the fun.
    Freely roam the board
    and secure victory.
    The team that works together,
    wins together!
    [crowd cheering]
    [music ends] [high spirited big band music] [Mario] -Hyup. Mario, yeah!
    [female VO] -A party of one can
    still have fun on Challenge Road
    As the name implies, it’s quite
    the minigame challenge!
    Overcome each minigame
    that stands in your way
    to win the day!
    [In-game announcer] -Finish!
    [crowd cheering]
    [music ends] [rigid orchestral music][female VO]
    -In the first online
    minigame mode in series history,
    you’ll compete
    in sets of five minigames.
    Flaunt those hard-earned skills
    in matches against friends
    and other players
    around the world!

    [music ends] [lighthearted jazz music][female VO]
    -Super competitive. Super fun.
    And super memorable,
    every time you play.
    Party with your friends,
    your family, and Mario,
    anytime, anywhere.
    Super Mario Party!
    For Nintendo Switch!

    Lost Ship Buried in Ice | COLOSSAL MYSTERIES
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    Lost Ship Buried in Ice | COLOSSAL MYSTERIES

    February 25, 2020

    – [Narrator] In 1848,
    two massive vessels named the HMS Erebus
    and the HMS Terror disappeared with
    hundreds of men aboard in the frozen Arctic waters,
    never to be heard from again. So, what happened? Could modern tech help
    us discover the fate of these two missing
    ships and their crew? Let’s find out in
    today’s episode of… Colossal Mysteries. On the 19th of May, 1845, two ships left port from
    England with 128 souls aboard. They were under the command
    of Captain Sir John Franklin. Their mission was to
    locate a passageway through the icy
    maze north of Canada known as the Northwest Passage. If found, the Northwest Passage would allow ships to travel
    from the Atlantic to the Pacific without needing to sail all
    the way around South America. Franklin’s expedition
    was outfitted with state-of-the-art
    equipment and their two ships, nicknamed the HMS Erebus
    and the HMS Terror, were ice-strengthened and
    reinforced with heavy beams and plates of iron to withstand even extreme Arctic conditions. About two months
    after setting sail, both ships were seen entering
    the Northwest Passage and vanishing into
    the icy tangle. All 128 of the brave people
    onboard were never seen again. So, what happened? Why did such advanced ships
    disappear without a trace? And what happened
    to the doomed crew of the Franklin Expedition? After several years without
    word from either ship, a group led by Sir
    John Franklin’s wife pressed the English government
    to launch a search party, which they finally did three years after the
    expedition first launched. In several different spots, they found clues that only
    added to the intrigue. Three graves, an abandoned
    sled, two skeletons, some strange hard-to-read
    letters, and one key hint: a note written by the crew that declared Franklin
    and 23 other men dead. It also said that the ship
    had been trapped in the ice for well over a year and the survivors were
    planning to abandon ship and try to find their way
    across the Arctic tundra. Six years later, a Scottish
    explorer named John Rae made a discovery that
    added another layer to this morbid mystery. While exploring uncharted
    areas of northern Canada, John Rae met several
    local Inuit families who told him terrible
    tales about the grim fate of the Franklin party. They said that four winters ago, they had seen at least
    40 non-Inuit people dragging a small boat full of
    supplies south across the ice. Using hand gestures, the
    haggard men told them that their ships had
    been crushed by ice and they were heading south
    in search of animals to hunt. When the Inuits came
    back in the spring, they found at least 30 of
    the men frozen and dead. For the next 160 years, these stories were the
    only evidence experts had as to what might’ve happened to Franklin and his
    doomed expedition. But in 2014, all of that changed when Canadian search
    teams discovered the
    wreckage of Erebus hidden deep in Arctic waters. Two years later, the wreck
    of Terror was found as well in near-perfect condition. So, sadly, it seems as
    though Franklin and his crew slowly died off one by
    one as they tried in vain to trudge their way
    through unforgiving terrain in search of safety. But we’ll never know for sure. There’s always a chance that they could have
    found a way to survive. (light playful music)

    Molly of Denali FULL EPISODES | First Fish/A-maze-ing Snow | PBS KIDS
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    Molly of Denali FULL EPISODES | First Fish/A-maze-ing Snow | PBS KIDS

    February 20, 2020

    Hey, everyone–
    it’s me, Molly!Molly of Denali ♪ Let’s go!♪ She’s Molly of Denali ♪(laughing):
    Whoo!♪ By plane or sled
    or snowshoe ♪
    ♪ She is ready to explore ♪♪ From Kaktovik
    down to Juneau ♪
    ♪ Always wanting
    to learn more ♪
    Yeah!♪ Together
    with her best friend Tooey ♪
    ♪ Always by her side ♪And Trini!♪ Discovering the outdoors ♪♪ On adventures day and night ♪♪ Come along with Molly ♪♪ Molly ♪♪ Through fields of fireweed ♪♪ Come along with Molly ♪♪ Molly ♪♪ From tundra to the sea ♪Mahsi’choo–
    let’s go!♪ Molly of Denali ♪Yeah!♪ She’s Molly of Denali ♪♪ Come on ♪♪ Let’s go! ♪♪ Molly of Denali ♪♪ She’s Molly of Denali ♪MOLLY:
    “First Fish.” ♪ ♪ (people laughing) (straining):
    Big one… (laughing) That’s the honest truth. Ah, that’s nothing. My first fish had fangs–
    great big chompers. Grandpa,
    salmon don’t have fangs. This one did,
    like a saber-toothed tiger. (roars) Fish don’t roar, either. Ilove this story, Dad. It gets wilder each time
    I hear it. Anyway,
    there I was on the riverbank. I got this salmon on the line,
    and he is one mighty fish. (reel zipping)Well, I braced my feet
    on the rock,
    and this fish comes
    chomping up the line.
    (yelps) (chomping) (yelps) ♪ ♪ (chuckles defiantly) (chomping) (clangs) (chuckles) Well, I had to eat it
    before it could eat me. (all laughing) The skillet is a nice touch,
    Nat. (chuckling):
    I like it. My first fish was so big, it pulled me
    right out of the boat. ♪ ♪ (reel zipping) (fish splashes) (yelping)I went bouncing
    across the water,
    like a little skipping stone.So I leaned back,
    got my feet underneath…
    Woo-hoo!And pretty soon,I was waterskiing
    behind that fish.
    (reel rattles)The fish was weaving
    around rocks,
    trying to shake me loose.But I held on.Woo-hoo! ♪ ♪ Ha! ♪ ♪ I landed on that fish and
    carried him home for dinner. (laughing, cheering) That was some celebration. (chuckling):
    That’s some story. And we’ll have a whole new batch
    of stories very soon. Theluk choo,
    the salmon are running. Why do they say that salmon run?Luk choodon’t have legs. That’s a great question. And if you could
    find the answer, I’ll take you fishing tomorrow. Wha…? You mean me? Really? Why not? It’s time you caught
    your first fish. Yes! ♪ I’m going fishing ♪ ♪ I’m going fishing ♪ You have to find out
    why salmon run first. I’m on it. Aren’t you forgetting
    something? (humming tune) ♪ La la la la la la ♪ (laughing) (panting) Okay,
    so, “What does salmon run mean”? The meaning of salmon run… (whines) So salmon running just means
    they swim upstream. I made this diagram
    to show Dad what I learned. See? You just follow the arrows. Molly hopes to catch
    her first fish today. Salmon start out as eggs. Then they hatch. And when theluk choo
    are big enough, they swim downriver
    to the ocean. And then, when they’re bigger, they leave the ocean
    and swim back up the river against the current. That’s when they run. Then what happens? If they make it past
    all the birds and bears waiting to eat them, they lay eggs. And then the cycle starts
    all over again. Fantastic diagram, Molly. I especially like
    how you drew a mustache on that mean-looking bird.Mahsi’.I don’t know if learning
    so much about salmon will help me catch one, but I hope it will! ♪ ♪ (sighs) (groans) (grunts in frustration) We’ve been waiting
    all day, Dad! How long does it take? The fish gives itself to you,
    Molly, in its own time. TOOEY:
    Hey, Molly! Catch your first fish yet? No! Do you want some help? My dad canalways find fish. That’s a….
    ♪ yes ♪ We’ll find out where they are,
    and get word back to you. Thanks!Hai’ choo!♪ ♪ (engine grinding) AUNTIE MIDGE:
    Engine trouble? That’s why I like muscle
    over machine. (chuckles) (gasps) Look at all the fish you caught! They’re about a mile down
    by the bridge. Can you tell that
    to Molly and her dad? They’re at Big Rock Bend. I’ll get the word to them. And call you a tugboat! (laughs) Here, fishy, fishy. Here, fishy. (reel zips) (gasps) Dad, it’s happening! My first fish! Hang onto it, Molly! Keep reeling it in! (reel zipping) (straining):
    It feels like a really big one! What? I recognize this. Tooey lost it
    when he caughthis first fish. (chuckles) Which was a whopper, by the way. Ugh, great. At least I could say
    my first boot was a whopper. AUNTIE MIDGE:
    I’ve got to get these fish
    in the smokehouse. Molly’s over at Big Rock Bend. What? Big Rock Bend! Molly! Yeah, I heard,
    trying to catch her first fish. What dish? Fish! Tell Molly that Tooey said there are salmon
    down by the bridge. Say that again? (faintly):
    Salmon are running
    down by the bridge! Ham and onions
    down by the ridge? ♪ ♪ (engine revs) Nina! Hey, can you get a message
    to Molly? She’s over
    at Big Rock Bend. Sure! It’s from Tooey. He wants to tell Molly there are
    ham and onions by the ridge. Yams are drowning the fridge? (engine starts) Huh, must be some kind of code? ♪ ♪ NINA:
    Hey, Molly! Oh, good, you’re still here. I have a message from Tooey. Yay, fish news! Hi, Nina. Tooey says,
    “Yams are drowning the fridge.” What does that mean? I don’t know. I thought you’d know. I don’t care about yams. (sighs) Tooey was supposed to find out
    where the fish are. (sighs) I’ve spent the whole day
    out here, and all I caught
    was a lousy boot. You know…
    tall tales aside, not everyone catches a fish
    on their first day. You’re just saying that
    to make me feel better. (birds squawking) Hmm, where’d all those birds
    come from? (squawking) (gasps):
    Birds! (exclaims) Birds mean fish! It’s just like in my diagram! Let’s go! (squawking) Come on, come on, come on! ♪ ♪ (squawking continues) Be careful, Mol. Don’t slip in the… Whoa! (grunts) Mud. (squawking continues) (reel zipping) Woo-hoo! Oh, I really hope
    this isn’t a boot! (straining):
    Or… a… tire…. DAD:
    Yeah! NINA:
    Go, go, go, Molly! Hold on tight, Molly! Reel it in! Go, go, go! (laughs) This is gonna be a really good
    first fish story! Mm-hmm. ♪ ♪ MOLLY:
    It was probably the biggest
    first fi
    sh ever. (zipping)That fish pulled
    so hard.
    (straining, cries out)I went cartwheeling
    down the river after it.
    Pretty soon, I caught up.And…Whoa! (splashes loudly) A-ha! Hello, Mr. Fish. (laughing) Hey, all right. Good story, Molly. (chuckling):
    It’ll be even better
    the next time I tell it. Oh, and… (laughing) (object shifting) My first fish is for you,
    Grandpa.Setseye go ees
    gaa noho desdloh.
    Oh… What an honor to receive
    your first fish,segoya.Biggest first fish
    I ever held! Dinner at my house
    tomorrow night! (all laughing) Hey, everyone, Molly here to answer your questions
    about life in Alaska. Tanisha in Rhode Island asks,
    “Can you tell me more about the salmon life cycle?” Sure! ♪ ♪ We’re in Anchorage, Alaska! GIRL:
    And we’re visiting a hatchery. ALL:
    We’re learning
    about salmon life cycles. GIRL:
    Indigenous people
    have been fishing for salmon for over 10,000 years. I mean, in Alaska, it’s like you can’t even live
    without salmon here. This diagram shows the order
    of the stages in the life cycle. GIRL 2:
    The first stage
    of a salmon life cycle is a fertilized egg. Then they turn into
    a sac fry or alevin, but they still have
    the food sac attached. GIRL 3:
    There’s tanks down there that have baby salmon. These fish are growing
    into adults. ♪ ♪ GIRL 1:
    Then out in the wild, they go all the way
    to the ocean. Adult salmon are eating
    in the ocean. And then, when they’re ready
    to spawn, they return
    to their home streams. The last stage of the cycle
    is spawning. GIRL 1:
    Spawning means they return to
    their home river and reproduce. They lay these eggs again
    and it starts the cycle over, all over again. Look! (kids exclaiming) GIRL:
    Look at that, whoa,
    look at that! GIRL:
    I see one! So it has to be a circle
    because it’s just gonna keep going and going. Diagrams are really helpful when you’re learning
    about something new. ALL:
    We love salmon! (taps)Mahsi’choo.Thanks for asking,
    and see you next time. “A-maze-ing Snow.” Hey, there, it’s Molly,
    and Tooey, and Trini. Hi! Whoop. (Trini laughs) Hey! So this is our school in Qyah, Alaska. Weloveschool, but we also love… ALL:
    ♪ Snow days ♪ Yoink. (sighs) So, last night,
    there was ahuge blizzard. School’s closed,
    which means I get to play with my friends
    all day. Got it! Only Speedy Boy Tooey
    got it first. Trini Mumford
    has the ball! Nothing can stop her
    really, really good awesomeness. Whoa, nelly! Whoa, nelly! TRINI:
    The stadium goes wild! Listen to that roar! (rumbling) (roof cracks,
    kids cry out) (basketball bounces) Oh, no.Gwizuu t’sa’.Did I break the roof? Uh-uh. It broke from the weight
    of all the snow. Good thing no one was inside. Without a roof, this snow day could turn
    into a snow year. I’m pretty sure
    that’s not a thing. Come on,
    let’s go tell someone. ♪ ♪ (people talking softly) I won’t sugarcoat it. We’ve got a hole in our roof
    and no money to fix it. We used up our funds
    on the new snow plow. We either come up
    with some dough, or this snow day
    turns into a snow year. Told you. AUNTIE MIDGE:
    So, any suggestions? We could have
    a bake sale. Good idea. But my salmonberry pie isn’t going to bring in
    the bucks we need. (gasps) Tooey, I have an idea! A carnival with all sorts of…
    carnival-y stuff, like snowshoe races,
    and fiddling, and hot chocolate and… A blanket toss contest! (laughing, talking) GRANDPA NAT:
    Good idea. Done. A carnival this Saturday. That gives us two days
    to pull this thing together. (people exclaiming, laughing) This will be the most fun
    fundraiser ever. Hey, we can call it a… Fun-raiser! Fun-raiser! ♪ ♪ Yesterday,
    this was a field of snow. Tomorrow, it’ll blow your socks off. MOLLY:
    Mr. Patak is selling whistles, Mom is setting up
    for the cook-off, and there’s a trophy
    for the blanket toss contest. TOOEY:
    Hey, Molly, check out
    the hot chocolate stand. Coming! TOOEY:
    Are you coming? I’m trying. There’s all this snow in my way. Follow my voice. Molly! Over here! Brilliant, huh? I just had an even
    brilliant-er idea. Brilliant-er
    isn’t a word. A maze! Made of snow! We can charge admission! I like it. Yay! Let’s start building! You can’t just build a maze. You have to design it. You need a plan. You need rulers and stuff. It’s still gonna be fun, right? Totally. ♪ ♪ TOOEY:
    There, the entrance to our maze. The entrance to our maze
    is a line? Two lines. Ooh, look at this one! “Hampton Court Maze
    in England.” It’s got all sorts of twists
    and turns and dead ends. Dead ends are good. And check this out. World’s largest snow maze,
    in Poland. I like the high walls. It’s cool when you can’t see
    where you are. ♪ ♪ It’s done! Our amazing maze. That looks excellent! Now we just
    have to build it. Dad! ♪ ♪ DAD (on walkie-talkie):
    Okay boss, tell me
    when to turn.
    Right about… now. Now, Dad! ♪ ♪ By the way, I love it
    when you call me boss. Sure thing, boss doodle. TOOEY (on walkie-talkie):
    Okay, Mr. Mabray,
    go about five yards,
    then a sharp left. DAD:
    ♪ ♪ (crashes) Uh, we’ve got a situation. (engine idling) Oh, no! The rock! I thought it was closer
    to the library. DAD:
    No worries.
    I’ll just go around.TOOEY:
    The map is all wrong now. The rock’s in the way
    of the path I drew. We’ll fix it later, Tooey. It’s still gonna be the most amazing maze ever! Step right up
    and enter the amazing maze! (coins clatter)Quyana!Enjoy the maze. (speaker feedback squeals) GRANDPA NAT (on speaker):
    How does this… Ow!
    Ooh, ooh,
    attention carnival-goers!
    How does the…Oh, the blanket toss contestwill be starting
    in ten minutes.
    (chuckles, feedback squeals) (groans)That is all.(microphone clicks) ♪ ♪ Hi, hi, hi. (coin clatters) Hi, Trini. Wait, I thought you wanted
    to do the blanket toss. I do! This will only take
    a couple of minutes. I’m great at mazes! ♪ ♪ This is so easy. ♪ ♪ Ah. ♪ ♪ (coin clatters) Getting a lot
    of customers? So many. Hey, Dad, would you mind
    taking over so Tooey and I can go see stuff? Sure thing. That’s right, folks,
    check out the amazing maze made from 100% real Qyah snow. (playing fast tune) (stomping, clapping) ♪ ♪ (playing notes) (repeat notes) ♪ ♪ Hey, kids, I gotta bring another
    blanket to the blanket toss. Can you cover the maze? I’ll be right back. Uh-huh–
    thanks, Dad. GRANDPA NAT (on speaker):
    The blanket toss
    is about to begin.
    Wait for me! I’m still in the maze! BOTH:
    Uh-oh. Trini, it’s Molly! Are you okay? No! I’m gonna miss the blanket toss! Tell us where you are! I’m stuck in the maze! We know that. Do you see any people? TRINI:
    No! They’re probably all
    at the blanket toss! We’ll get you out! Stay where you are! Say my name,
    so I can follow your voice. TRINI:
    My name! Trini? Over here! Trini? Tooey? Trini? Tooey? Woo-hoo! Yes! Yay, you did it! I found Trini! MOLLY:
    Hurry! They just started
    the blanket toss! Okay. We’re here,
    the exit’s there. First we’ll have to take
    a left turn and then a right turn. BOTH:
    Left… Right! I don’t get it. Where’s the exit? Oh, no. Oh, no. The map’s wrong! Remember when the rock
    was in your way, so you made a different path? Yes. Well, Tooey and I
    were going to fix the map to make it accurate, but… You forgot? Uh-huh. Maps are great,
    except when they’re wrong. And this is a wrong map. GRANDPA NAT (on speaker):
    Blanket toss ends
    in five minutes.
    Final contestants, make
    your way to the blanket toss.
    I’m sorry, Trini. That’s okay. (sighs) It’s only a little your fault. You know, what would help is
    if we had someone to sniff them out. (panting) (gasps):
    Oh, my gosh, yes! Suki can find anything! Come on, girl. (barks) Tooey! Call Suki’s name! (sniffing) TOOEY:
    Suki! Suki! Suki! Good dog. Lead the way, girl. ♪ ♪ And the winner of the
    blanket toss contest is… Wait! Can I get tossed? Please? (laughing) Of course, young lady. Make room for our
    final contestant, Trini Mumford. ♪ ♪Atausiq!(laughing, cheering)Malguk!Whoa!Pinasut!(laughing):
    Whoa! The carnival
    was a monster success. They’re already fixing
    the school roof. And speaking of fixing things, we fixed the map. We added the boulder,
    because the maze won’t melt for at least a month. (bell jingles,
    door opens) (door closes) Hey, Mol. Best thing of all, for now, we’re holding school
    at the trading post. (bell jingles,
    door opens) Can we start with show and tell? (groans) This thing’s heavy. (all laughing) ♪ ♪ Hey, everyone!Molly of Denali
    is made possible in part by: a Ready to Learn grant from the
    U.S. Department of Education; the Corporation
    for Public Broadcasting, a private corporation funded
    by the American people; and by viewers like you. Thank you!

    Why are Fish eating Plastic? | #aumsum
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    Why are Fish eating Plastic? | #aumsum

    February 20, 2020

    It’s AumSum Time. Can you guess the title of my next video? Hurry up. Write your guess in the comments section below. Why are fish eating plastic? Every year, about 8 million metric tons of
    plastic waste is dumped into our oceans. Hence, in some parts of the oceans. There is more plastic than planktons and krills which are a source of food for many fish. Now, according to a research. Fish eat plastic because it breaks down into smaller fragments which are similar to the size of planktons. In addition to this, the plastic fragments
    present in salty seas or oceans. Release odor similar to that given off by planktons. Hence, fish mistakenly assume the plastic
    fragments to be planktons and thus, eat them. As a result, many of them die. Besides this, some of these fish, even reach our table as seafood. If we eat such fish, it can cause severe health problems. Hence, it is very important to recycle plastic and use eco-friendly products like paper bags. Why do we get sunburn? Because sun is jealous of my skin. No. Sunburn is a term for red and inflamed skin. It is caused by ultraviolet radiation present
    in sunlight. Sunlight consists of three types of ultraviolet radiation, UVA, UVB and UVC. Does it contain UVZ as well? Just listen. Our skin is made up of cells. These cells have DNA. When we are in the hot sun for very long. The UVB radiation enters into our skin cells and starts to damage the DNA. DNA damage can lead to cancer. Thus, to reduce the risk of cancer, the damaged skin cells kill themselves. This programmed cell death is called apoptosis. Apoptosis activates the immune response. As a result, the blood flow increases to that area to heal the skin. This leads to red and inflamed skin which
    we call as sunburn. Why do we have different skin colors? It is because of a pigment called melanin
    and ultraviolet radiation of the sun. Confused? Obviously. Alright. I’ll explain. Millions of years ago, people living near equator received a lot of sunlight and ultraviolet radiation. Now, ultraviolet radiation is actually absorbed by our skin to produce Vitamin D. But excess radiation can damage our skin cells. Hence, the skin of these people produced more melanin to block the excess ultraviolet radiation. Thus, overtime. These people and their succeeding generations adapted to have a higher level of melanin in their skin Making their skin darker. However, people living away from equator received less sunlight and less ultraviolet radiation. Hence, in order to absorb sufficient ultraviolet radiation and produce the essential Vitamin D. These people and their following generations adapted to have a lower level of melanin. Thus making their skin lighter. Why do we shiver when we feel cold? Because our body is on vibrate mode. Oh no. We shiver because our body tries to keep us warm. Our core body temperature is about 37 degrees Celsius or 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. A part of our brain called hypothalamus controls and maintains the core body temperature. Will it also maintain my physique? Please listen. Usually during cold months, the temperature is quite low. Hence, if we have not worn any warm clothes, we feel cold. Our body temperature starts to decrease. This decrease in temperature is instantly
    detected by our hypothalamus. Thus, it sends signals to our muscles to contract and relax rapidly, making us shiver. This rapid contraction and relax of our muscles generates heat. This heat warms our body, thus helping us
    maintain our core body temperature. Topic: Earthing. Why do buildings have lightning rods? I know. They are used to dry clothes. No. They are used for earthing. Earthing means digging the earth, right? No. Earthing is the process of transferring charge from a charged object to the earth. It is done with the help of this lightning
    rod. A lightning rod is a metal rod whose lower end is fixed to a copper plate buried deep in the earth while upper end has spikes. But, why is it called a lightning rod? This is because it protects us from lightning. Lightning is a flow of massive charge. It can damage an entire building and harm
    the people living in it. Hence, to protect them. The lightning rod transfers the massive charge from the lightning to the earth safely.

    Koi Toy Light-up Bathtub Fish Toy
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    Koi Toy Light-up Bathtub Fish Toy

    February 13, 2020

    Your child’s face
    is sure to light up when you introduce the
    illuminating, color-changing Koi toy to their bath. The Koi toy is made of
    squeezable, flexible plastic that’s durable exterior ensures
    that it won’t fall apart, if your young one plays rough. Like any quality
    pool or bath toy, the Koi toy floats,
    allowing your child to continuously observe all
    of its awesome features. The first of those
    features is its ability to light up immediately upon
    coming into contact with water. Your child will adore the
    brilliant glow emanating from within the Koi toy. The other neat feature
    of this fun fish is its color-changing ability. It cycles through
    a rainbow of hues so long as it’s touching
    the surface of the water. This is sure to grab the
    attention of even the hard to impress child. The Koi toy is totally safe. The LED bulbs and the
    battery are securely stored inside the
    belly of the fish. The battery has a life of
    approximately 40 hours. The Koi toy, available
    now from, creators
    of award-winning DVDs and purveyors of curiously
    awesome products.

    Couples See What Their Future Kids Will Look Like • Ship It
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    Couples See What Their Future Kids Will Look Like • Ship It

    February 11, 2020

    – [Voiceover] Three, two, one! (laughs)
    – Oh my God! (groovy music) – Our relationship is great. – A little over four years, like a month over four years. – Eh! Four-ish.
    – Like a month! – We have talked about babies, just in general senses. Like babies walk by and
    (mumbles) goes hysterical. – Babies in the future? Yes. – Yeah, we’re gonna have kids, in the next three to five years. – Not that long. – Babies in the present? – No I’m good. – I’d want the baby to have Gena’s eyes because their fierce and their emotive. – I mean, I do love his face, but I would like at least my nose. – (mumbles) is Indian and Danish. – Her nose, my head. – I am Welsh and Chinese. – I’m curious just to see
    what you guys came up with. – But it might, who knows? – [Voiceover] I feel excited. – I’m excited too, I mean, this is gonna be my future baby. This is what he or she is
    gonna look like exactly, so. – [Voiceover] Three, two, one! (laughs) – Oh my God! – [Voiceover] One! – Oh, my God! (laughs hysterically) – Oh, my, God! – It has my eyes. – Can I tell you something?
    – Yeah. – I kinda wanna care for this child now. – Is it reading a guy to you?
    – It looks like a guy. Yeah. – It even has your beauty marks. – If the nose comes out
    on the baby like that it’s too much. – This wasn’t always like this, it grew as my head grew.
    (laughs) – This is my baby skin, my baby skin is on this baby. – Aziz William.
    – Aziz Williams? – Zee Zee?
    – Zee Zee Williams? – That’s a cool name! – It has one of your
    eyebrow and one of mine. (giggles) – I didn’t know how
    excited he was gonna be about seeing this baby. – About seeing the baby,
    not having the baby! I just wanna make sure
    this is crystal clear. – Listen, your kid is gonna
    look a hundred different ways and there’s a lot of
    things that could happen, and as long as it’s your
    child you’re gonna love it. We look at this and we say,
    that’s not really our kid and then we had to say,
    well that is our kid, right? And then we stepped
    into the parenting gear, so I’m confident that when (mumbles) and I go down that path we’ll do a great job.

    TSJOE TSJOE WA | Dutch Children’s Songs | Dance | Video | Beach | Mini Disco
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    TSJOE TSJOE WA | Dutch Children’s Songs | Dance | Video | Beach | Mini Disco

    February 7, 2020

    Chu chu wa, chu chu wa,
    Chu chu wa wa wa… On your marks Stretch your arms Chu chu wa, chu chu wa,
    Chu chu wa wa wa… On your marks Stretch your arms Make a fist Chu chu wa, chu chu wa,
    Chu chu wa wa wa… On your marks Stretch your arms Make a fist Thumbs up Chu chu wa, chu chu wa,
    Chu chu wa wa wa… On your marks Stretch your arms Make a fist Thumbs up Lift your shoulders Chu chu wa, chu chu wa,
    Chu chu wa wa wa… On your marks Stretch your arms Make a fist Thumbs up Lift your shoulders Your head up high Chu chu wa, chu chu wa,
    Chu chu wa wa wa… On your marks Stretch your arms Make a fist Thumbs up Lift your shoulders Your head up high Bottom behind Chu chu wa, chu chu wa,
    Chu chu wa wa wa… On your marks Stretch your arms Make a fist Thumbs up Lift your shoulders Your head up high Bottom behind Pigeon-toed Chu chu wa, chu chu wa,
    Chu chu wa wa wa… On your marks Stretch your arms Make a fist Thumbs up Lift your shoulders Your head up high Bottom behind Pigeon-toed Now stick out your tongue Chu chu wa, chu chu wa,
    Chu chu wa wa wa… Bye Bye!