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    Super Mario Galaxy – Ship Access Glitch
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    Super Mario Galaxy – Ship Access Glitch

    January 17, 2020

    Choose a star at Deep Dark Galaxy which has the ship area blocked off (Such as Bubble Blastoff). Go up to the cliff area overlooking the beach with a pipe on it. Stand against the rocky wall and face away, standing right next to the edge, then backflip onto the rocky edge, and you’ll start to slide off. Tilt the control stick in the direction you are sliding, jump, shake the Wii remote, and immediately hold the control stick backwards. This allows you to ‘climb’ steep areas by re-activating your spin jump. Keep repeating this process and work your way over to the tall point above the pipe. On your final jump, go backwards far enough that you will fall through. After falling through, hold the control stick to fall towards the underground lake. If you don’t get close enough to the lake, you’ll keep falling and lose a life. You should be able to swim now, even though the surface is really low. Swim towards the blocked off path to the ship. Once you get close enough, the water will allow you to swim upwards. Stay near either the lake or the tunnel of water, otherwise you will run out of water to swim in. After you get past the final blockade, swim into the area with the jellyfish. You can now surface and explore the empty ship area. This is what happens if you don’t fall close enough to the water.

    FISH STOPS BITING?! Our go-to TRICK before changing bait/location. Work for salt water | fresh water
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    FISH STOPS BITING?! Our go-to TRICK before changing bait/location. Work for salt water | fresh water

    January 15, 2020

    It’s the 3rd day after a cold front. Let’s see what fish will bite. Anchovy got us the first mackerel, indicating active fish. A calico bass followed, still on anchovy. The shrimp bait got us the first wrasse. then a surprising California sheephead This fish tastes good, but be careful with its sharp teeth. The bites continued for a while, then suddenly stopped Before changing location, we tried to slightly shake the rod tip like this and it worked! The perch also tastes very good, we let it go as we’ve already got sheephead This is my worst release of the day and we missed the bite from a duck:) The same trick works for other species as well let’s take a closer look I hope I was able to share with you the
    joy of fishing! See you next time

    How to Choose the Right Anchor for Your Boat | BoatUS
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    How to Choose the Right Anchor for Your Boat | BoatUS

    January 9, 2020

    Oh boy, this is a workout! But I’ll tell you
    what. If you want to get fit, go to the gym. If on the other hand you want to be
    a boater, you do have to learn a few things about
    anchors. Hi folks. I’m Lenny Rudow for BoatUS Magazine, and I’m here today to
    talk about the basics of what an anchor is and what it does. Now, there are a lot
    of different types, shapes, styles, and sizes of anchors, and that’s one of the
    reasons we came to this West Marine in Annapolis, Maryland, where they have a
    large selection of them. In fact, if you went back there in the aisle and looked, you’d see 50 or 60 different anchors back there right now. Now will you know
    exactly which one to choose? Well it varies quite a bit depending on the
    bottom type in the area you’re in, the style of boat you have, the size boat you
    have. And all of that can change, so it’s really a good idea to talk to the
    experts at a store like this West Marine to get their input on your particular
    location. Now, that said, let’s talk about some of the specifics of these different
    types of anchors. Now you old salts, you can probably just go ahead and tune out,
    but you new boaters, this is important stuff to know you because let’s say you
    walk into the store you want to be able to speak intelligently with the people
    there, right? Well, here’s the first thing you need to know about an anchor — it has these things called flukes. These give an anchor their holding power. They dig
    into the bottom. And all different styles of anchors have flukes. This piece down
    here is called the crown. This holds the different pieces of the anchor together. It’s basically the base, and you can see here it attaches the flukes to this
    piece. We call this the shank. At the top of the shank, there’s an eye and that of
    course is what you attach your line to. Use a shackle like this. Put it through
    the eye, then bring a chain up and put the pin right through there. There! There you go. Now if I were gonna put this on my boat, I would secure this pin — it’s called seizing it — with a piece of
    wire. Make absolutely sure that shackle doesn’t spin out. But the interesting
    thing is all these different anchors have an eye like this, right? Every
    different style, like this claw style. Or you can look at this plow style anchor, which has a very different set of flukes. It’s actually
    just like a plow, and just as you could picture in your mind, it plows right into
    the bottom. Heck, there’s even an eye and a shackle on this little grappling
    anchor. It’s a very different kind of anchor obviously than these others but
    it’s you know it’s got its advantages. It’s compact, it packs up, and you can open it up like that. Now it obviously has some rather unique parts. It has an eye
    on the back so you can attach a line to it to pull it back out if you need to.
    Some other unique parts you might want to look at are, say, well the stock on this
    Danforth. Danforth has a big stock on the bottom. This is intended to help the
    anchor when it lands, hit the bottom in the right way so it doesn’t go sideways,
    and then drag into the mud so it holds. The downside being you can tangle your chain and line around it on occasion. You know the claw doesn’t really have any
    incredibly unusual parts, nor does this plow, although it does have this bar in
    the back which is not exactly a stock but you know certainly has its
    similarities. Now, again, I know you’re wondering which specific anchor should
    you buy for your boat, and again I want to advise, talk to local experts. Different places have different bottom types, and it really can vary quite a bit
    as to which is going to be the best choice for you. Now that said, you
    probably also want to know how to lower and how to retrieve an anchor right? Well
    fortunately we have a video on that very topic. Just stick around on the BoatUS
    Magazine YouTube channel, plug it into the search box, and you’ll find it — how to
    drop and retrieve an anchor. Well, folks, I hope this video has been helpful, and I
    hope you leave some comments in the box below. If there any other topics you’d
    like to see us address, please feel free to put them in there.

    Rattlesnake Bar (Folsom Lake) Kayak Fishing
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    Rattlesnake Bar (Folsom Lake) Kayak Fishing

    January 7, 2020

    Well we’re just getting started out here
    today Folsom Lake Rattlesnake Bar just got the first line out get the second
    line out here in just a second. First time up here at Rattlesnake Bar in the
    boat and we’ll see how the day goes Alright, so I brought the top line in
    we’re gonna switch things up a little bit this here is a rig that I’ve seen
    other people fish for king salmon. So I tried it last time I was in Folsom Lake
    I tried it over at Salmon Falls and it actually ended up catching a 21-inch
    almost two and a half pound rainbow on it so what it is we got this 8-inch ProTroll flasher up here about a 20- to 21- inch leader right now, which I think last
    time I used it as a little bit shorter than that and then what we’re gonna put
    on the hook here is a Gulp!…a Gulp! minnow so this is a two and a half inch Gulp!
    minnow and it’s a black shad color so we’re gonna put that on there and drop
    it down a little bit on the leadcore and see what we can get. So I’m gonna try
    to maintain some kind of consistent speed here while I probably have to
    re-rig the whole leader, but before we do that, I think we got a hit. Looks like we got a fish on this guy here….
    Still don’t have him in the boat yet, hopefully we will, but uh sure didn’t
    take long after we got the Gulp! minnow out there behind that flasher and we had
    a hit here, so it’s a good sign. It’s not fighting very hard but I can still feel
    him he’s on there…. Alright, we’re up to the leader here on the leadcore line so
    I can see the flasher, I can see the fish; looks like a nice little rainbow, not a big guy, but
    he’s a fish and he’s in the net. All right guys well got him on the stringer
    here. It’s a it’s not a huge fish, it’s probably about maybe 13 or 14 inches, but
    um we finally got one in the boat here, so we’re on the board we’ll put them in
    the put them in the water here and see if we can’t get another one No way…. Hey guys, I was… here I’m thinking
    I’m going way too fast for this lure considering you’re supposed to go like
    1.8 to troll for king salmon with this thing. I’m going to close to 3 on the
    Gulp! minnow, and what do you know, I got a fish on here. So it will take a while since I
    had a six and a half colors out there, so let’s just hope it stays on all the way
    to the boat. But yeah, on this Gulp! minnow with this flasher, I am shocked
    to pick up a fish going about three miles an hour, because I just I’m just
    going fast trying to get back to the boat ramp and… and what do you know, the fish
    jumped on there and he’s a rainbow, and we got another one guys. Isn’t that somethin’…. Six and a half colors out going three miles an hour
    with this Gulp! minnow and a rainbow jumps on there.
    I love it; I love it. Well we’re almost back to the boat ramp so looks like
    we’re gonna have to call it a day, but hey, at least we got two fish here on the
    stringer, so fishing was a little slow but better than nothing. So anyways, I am
    I’m really… I really appreciate you guys watching this, and if it’s something that
    you like I’d like to invite you to like the video and subscribe to the channel.
    But anyway, we’ll see you next time, and thanks again!

    ESCAPING ON JET SKI! 馃殧 Adventure To Abandoned Tree House (24 Hour Challenge)
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    ESCAPING ON JET SKI! 馃殧 Adventure To Abandoned Tree House (24 Hour Challenge)

    January 5, 2020

    I don’t know mascot whoops no he’s
    looking he’s coming this way hold on all right what’s going on guys Papa Jake
    here we are back I think it’s safe to uh to open up the windows now we’ve been in
    a box for surviving on the lakes since last night last night semana or maybe
    just a man came to the shore and they’ve been following us for the past few days
    we’ve been thinking there were cops but now we’re more and more certain that
    they are some sort of organization or something we don’t know what they are
    yet but we have to solve this mystery this morning time I think we’re good but
    we got to make our next moves oh I can’t tonight it’s beautiful though sleeping
    in a box for it on a lake at home it’s morning it’s time to smell the birds
    guys where we left off things are getting they’re getting intense last
    night if you guys saw our last episode we evaded what we believe is no longer
    the real cops we think that people have been sent out after us after creating
    this hideout and heading out into the middle of the lake in the middle of
    nowhere we were tracked down here by a man who we heard on the radio so as you
    guys could see someone was literally on the shoreline last night trying to find
    us luckily we’re in here they couldn’t find us we turned off all of the lights
    and went to bed but I just think that means Logan we can’t stay here man it
    has been an exhausting night there have been so many bugs like now it’s morning
    they’ve kind of all gone but guys the bugs were horrible last night not to
    mention the fact that someone is quite literally hunting us down Jake our
    anchor held up it was pretty good during the night so guys I think it’s extremely
    apparent that we cannot stay here all right this mystery is getting intense I
    mean we’ve talked to more Jase too and he’s starting to piece together things
    that that could explain that the people chasing us are linked to Chad wild clay
    is hacker there is just so much going on right now and now that we know that it’s
    quite possibly not the real police I think we need to turn it around
    I think Papa Jake needs to go full investigation mode and solve this
    mystery because we cannot just stay on the run Logan Jake I I just noticed a
    really big problem one of our rafts is deflated
    you know what Logan you’re right I seemed a little shorter this morning
    that is equally a reason why we can’t stay on here and I found out that you
    can’t order pizza to know the lake that was that was very disappointing I think
    I know a place where we can hide out Logan I’m talking about the tree
    house now I know what you’re thinking I know you’re thinking it is in the
    haunted forest but we’re not too far from it we could get there could we
    paddle in this thing honestly in the state that it’s in right now I don’t
    think we can paddle I think we’re gonna need to go back to land and hike on foot
    plus we need to get back there anyway to see if we can find any information on
    this guy Logan one thing though before we go
    Papaji has to go fishing you don’t even know how to fish folk and I know how to
    fish and if we only have four MREs left we don’t know how long we’re gonna be on
    the run for we have to become hunters Logan Papa Jake has to become a hunter
    hunting is the last thing you’re good at can I know how to hunt I once went apple
    picking with my grandma mom now help me with this Jake’s on some fishing mission
    which honestly he’s not gonna catch a fish Logan I got this alright I’m gonna
    catch the biggest fish hashtag Papa Jake’s fish looks like
    there’s a lot of seaweed in there Jake alright guys you all thought Papa Jake
    couldn’t catch a fish you thought Papa Jake could not become the hunter well if
    we’re surviving on the land Papa Jake is gonna catch some fish if you believe me
    put a comment down below but I believe in myself now the key to catching a fish
    guys stupid slow guys we really need to get to shore and get a move on this day
    but of course jake has to hold us back and go fishing we are gonna be eating
    like kings what oh yeah that’s a rare form of sea fish you can eat you know
    it’s not a fish but you can still eat this loken people eat this it’s a
    delicacy we got we got to get to shore Jake no you’re right you’re right you’re
    right we need to get to shore we need to figure out this mystery we need to get
    some clues the anchor is really heavy Jake all right anchor is up we are good
    to start paddling the shore how do we know that guys still not at the shore
    well in the radio we’ve heard a few important things first thing that we
    heard guys was he was referring to someone named captain mana GU or mana Q
    I can’t really make it out too well other than that he also referred himself
    not as an officer but as a tracker I’ve never heard a
    police officer refer to themselves as a tracker which makes us believe even more
    that he is not a police officer and is hired other than that we did hear say
    he’s heading back to base so our hope is that he’s not there but like I said guys
    we need to start our journey towards that treehouse because we are sitting
    ducks out here were able to make it back to the dock oh
    it has been a while since I’ve been on land all right let’s get out of here and
    start looking around we started walking through the woods a little bit and
    they’re going down the shoreline we’re looking for any clues that we can find
    us who was here last night as you know we made it to shore we’ve been kind of
    walking along the woods here trying to see if we can find anything Logan’s been
    up ahead looking for clues it actually just started raining cloud covering kind
    of came in I guess this rain is really starting to pick up and we were getting
    deep in these woods Marines really come down dude we got
    them start making her way to the abandoned house and fast guys if we
    don’t find anything in the next a little bit I think we’re just gonna have to
    start traveling there if we get caught in this rain and get soaked we’ll have
    absolutely no shelter we got to make her way to the tree house so we can set up
    camp for the night he followed us to where we came we built a raft just near
    here maybe he wasn’t even on this side of the lake he was tracking us he would
    have come to where we started he had to have been here Logan I’m new to this all
    right I’m not used to someone some sort of police officer chasing us down it
    could have been anything sent they could have used dogs and satellite imaging I
    don’t know what the capability is that these people are Jase do thinks it’s
    lead to Chad well clays hacker I mean that’s Logan
    what where’s your phone it’s in my pocket well give me your phone right now
    this is how they hacked us Logan they used our phones how can we have been so
    stupid look if this is all your fault this is
    why they got here you use your phone to trace us Jake I didn’t even want to be
    here in the first place Logan no phones I told you that what there now we can go
    to the tree house No okay you don’t need your phone well where’s your phone okay
    that’s right here what why do you get to keep your phone cuz Logan you know I
    like to play fort night at night plus I know how to turn on airplane mode so I’m
    gonna go get my phone you know what fine have them have them find us maybe it’s
    not even our phones G wait Logan Logan what it’s like a rain poncho some sort
    you don’t think this could have been the guys do leave G there’s a clock I think
    this could’ve been the guys I don’t know looks like a map I think this might have
    belonged to who is tracing us I think they’d left this year cheek what
    is this see looks like a data card of some sort
    hey any clues on the timepiece Jake this clock says that at 6:40 6:40 what time
    is it right now it’s 9:40 why would some I have a clock that’s three hours behind
    guys I don’t know who this is but whoever it is he has a clock that’s
    three hours behind looking what time zone is three hours behind us you know I
    guess it would be someone on the west coast but we’re not on the west coast on
    the east coast all right we’re gonna hold onto this
    let’s check this map out looks like the rains picking up we did get a map here
    let’s check this out and see looks like it’s a simple map of the area looking
    what are you doing it’s raining I might as well wear the poncho Logan that’s
    evidence you can’t just wear the evidence we got a bag down and put it
    somewhere hey you know what let’s just check the map here it looks like it’s
    simple whoa look what am I looking at no looks like instructions just locate Papa
    Jake capture Papa Jake locked Alba Jacob this is a note on the back of the map
    what are those codes target 2 7 9 wait my name’s here my name’s here target 2 7
    9 papa Jake target 2 4 3 Chad wild clay target 2 8 3 Steven share with Logan
    there are other names on here other youtubers they’re targeting looking we
    have to warn these youtubers what’s going on this is somehow all lengths
    wait Logan look there’s an attack drone here Jake what’s this bus purchase
    confirmation for sweet wait bus purchase your member Chad wild clay as last video
    don’t you yeah why Logan in his last video with his hacker on the SD card
    there was a picture of a bus this has a bus confirmation order number what do
    you think that means I don’t know but it could mean that that bus is linked to
    whoever wrote these notes look we need a warm chat the rain is picking up we got
    to go somewhere fast all right we need to find that treehouse let’s start
    moving and fast we got quite a hike to go we’re currently making our way
    towards the abandoned treehouse to set up camp for the night Jake I think
    there’s a dock over there yeah looks like there’s a canoe there we just
    paddled over to the haunted forest and go to the abandoned treehouse I mean
    they’ll still take ours but it’s better than walking Jake it looks like we’re going into some
    kind of swamp yeah man you really know you’re getting
    close to the haunted forest when you go through stuff like this looks like this
    bridge is falling apart this is creepy keep an eye out guys
    okay guys I’m making it closer to the abandoned force to try to keep our voice
    down though we don’t want to draw any attention to us as of right now we still
    don’t know who these people are they’re tracing us but we are getting some more
    information and clues are coming together don’t forget guys we need your
    help to solve this mystery if you see anything suspicious or know anything
    about the clues we’re finding comment it below I like it I think we’re in a good
    spot good spot for what was we’re in a remote enough location I thought I could
    turn my phone back on and call chat Jake you’re gonna risk turning on your phone
    to call Chad what can I have two I mean yeah there’s a chance they could trace
    my phone but so what by the time they get here we’ll be miles away maybe you
    can get the word out to other youtubers and guys maybe you can get it out as
    well tell anyone on the list that Papa Jake found out they’re being targeted
    Texas guys it’s Papa Jake calling me he hardly ever calls me this must be
    important check chess that you can’t hear me look it’s Papa Jake what’s up
    Papa Jake I needed to warn you about what’s going on as you can see I’m I’m
    in the middle of nowhere I’m actually in a canoe right now in your last video I
    noticed in the drone footage there was a bottle weight yeah you saw the picture
    of that bus in my last video yeah wasn’t that picture the bus was on the drone
    wasn’t that weird I think I know what that bus is it’s related to the hacker
    on the list of paper he had your name lifted at the target not only that he
    had a bunch of other youtubers wait seriously at the bottom of that we found
    a confirmation number for a bus order I’m actually at a bus right now so that
    you’re saying this might be a stolen bus Chad I think that bus might be the one
    that you’re about to go into I needed to call you and warn you well I’m really
    glad you call because I was just about to try to get into this bus I’m gonna be
    extra careful now getting in here now that I know this might be a feeling
    with the hackers thanks Papa Jake all right talk to you soon all right guys
    well at least Chad knows now there’s still a lot of other youtubers on the
    list that we have to warn and be honest I think we’re gonna need your help to do
    it how’s it right now though we got to keep
    going we got to keep up with our time it’s only midday but we have a lot of
    traveling to do and we need to get to the tree house before the Sun sets
    or worse before it starts raining again okay yeah see you on the dock do you
    think we could use it I don’t know let’s just left here that’s getting closer
    dude if you get that seed working this we’re cut down our travel time by hours
    we could be there in like 30 minutes this is literally gonna cut down our
    travel time to buy so much all right let’s see we can get it working I don’t
    know if has any gas your goblin chief you know how to drive one of these
    welcome papa Jake knows how to drive everything okay you know what they say
    you can ride a bicycle you can drive a seadoo Jake literally no one says that I
    look what we got to move we got to get to the tree oh so fast there we go it
    started awesome all right let’s get it off of here come on perfect all right
    looks like we’re in business guys got ourselves to see do
    finally no more paddling right now if I know the map correctly it shouldn’t be
    too far from here we hit down the lake a couple miles and there should be the
    abandoned forest for the abandoned tree houses alright let’s do this thing you
    do you ready Logan let’s do this crazy adventure I gotta be locum the fun
    right now now if I’m correct the lake should be
    following along the trail here which means the haunted forest should be down
    that way yeah we definitely got to start heading this way honestly we’ve been
    making such good time guys we’re practically here looking he’s coming
    this way hold on ingenious I don’t know

    Frog Fishing – Best way to catch frogs
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    Frog Fishing – Best way to catch frogs

    January 5, 2020

    Now that’s how you do it. (Music) That is a big guy. I can’t get a good bite on it. There he is. Now that’s how you do it. So there you go. This is the way I do it. You ain’t got to chase them and it’s fun. It’s kind of like catching a big bass or
    something they fight a lot. There you go… That is how it’s done. Give it a second, let them swallow it, and just take it again. They’ll just jump after it. It really works better if you’re behind them so you can drag it up onto the bank and then they’ll usually get it every time. and if they don’t get it the first time just give it a little shake they’ll keep going after it. Then you don’t have to wade in the water. And easiest way to get them off… Is if you just grab them by the back here. So I’ll squeeze on that backbone then they can’t jump as much and it comes out pretty quick and easy. That’s why you got to really keep her in it. If you give it any slack they’ll get off. So you always want to keep it tight it’s worse than a fish. So… there you go Frogs every time Look at that big o guy. Those will be some good eating right there. Best way to catch bullfrogs. right here. Works almost every time. Real sharp hook and a nice plastic worm and… this just the way I’ve always done it I know you can usually catch I don’t know five or six and just a few minutes and that’s plenty to eat. AwwAhaww There’s two actually. That little one right there oh dang it you can get that other one Not quite close enough. Sometimes it’s a little hard to set the hook with these if you have those little worm hooks with the… it’s like a little stick it sticks down and then you hook it into that it works better. You got a really yank these and hope that the little plastic kind of comes down Because they don’t and even once you hook them they’re really easy to come out I don’t know what it is about a frog’s mouth but it just comes out pretty easy actually right in front of him. Nope right behind him but he turned there he got it you got it and that jump there it is like I said earlier no slack.. Ahhh there he goes again they get any slack they spit it out somehow it’s a lot of fun though that might be it for that patch we’ll see if we can see one more try to get one in come off of there. Caught a fish on the rebound . Wasn’t trying for that. Wasn’t even ready. I think he took it again nope. Now he’s in the weeds maybe he’ll take it again. Yep think he did. Oh get of the roots… Ahh! Dang it! Again! Oh!… I just can’t I cannot hook them today I don’t know what it is with my hook. but hey…you get the idea right it’s a little bit of fun. He might be pretty smart now. Nope. Missed him. Guess he aint smart yet. He went for it but he missed. So you got to re throw it I just hope we do a better chance of hooking him. I’ve gotten them all on the bank. Except for that one. But they all fall off as soon as they get on. Well that time we got him but he’s really… he’s trying a big old mouth open. All right finally got that one. These are smaller than the ones from the other day. You just want to get them right there around that back. Now let’s do the… look at that big old frog. Way back perspective thing. Anyway this guy that time, you got it, see look how easy that was to take out so if you give them any slack they get it out of there. That one’s not very big the tomb in the bucket we got yesterday are really big. But they’re still this was still pretty good to eat. good size look at those legs Those right there that’s a big as chicken drumstick you know Alright we’re going to let Caitlyn try it. So that was one out of four I think I got three got away this one didn’t so anyway that’s how you do it and it’s a lot more fun than a BB gun or gigging so Alright let’s let her try. Alright we’re going to let this guy go though because nobody feels like cleaning today we got to leave tomorrow so we won’t have time to eat them anyway. They’ll be here for next time. Here you go Hoppylong. You want to real it fast till it gets to the edge of the grass and then start just hopping it across the grass. Now get up there you’re too far away probably. Ok stop right there and just kind of hop it across. jiggle it a little bit jiggle it. Keep jiggling it just keep jiggling right there he’s going to it. Give it a little bit of a pull okay Now reel your slack in and then yank real hard and start reeling. Reel! Reel! if you get any slack keep reeling tight faster faster. If you give him slack he’ll get off. Reel it. Reel… back up if you have to. Don’t let him get on the ground cause he can hop spit it. Reel… back up back up. I don’t know what happened but the camera is cut out she got her first frog there I will have some close-up video hopefully mine didn’t shut off so we got some of that I did have to run down and help her it got stuck in the grass right down right down there can get it up but luckily it was hooked really well on this one actually I looked just like fish right below that bone so yeah all right below the bone there so he worked out pretty well and didn’t get off all right well first frog right there. jiggle it all right a little more a little more and right there jiggle it jiggle it around and just stop right there and try to jiggle oh there you go there you go same thing as last time reel up your slack yank hard and start reeling start reeling you let too much slack oh you let too much slack yeah alright… he jumped that time… yeah got all your slack out reel and yank reel reel reel reel don’t give me any slack get him over that grass don’t let him jump getting reel there you go Perfect He’s pretty good size Yeah All of these frogs are pretty good size Well I know those two in the bucket though are huge for frogs from yesterday. I aint grabbing this thing for nothing. That’s going on the video right there. Alright everybody caught a frog we can go back and do more chores. I aint grabbing it for nothing. Look at it squirting and throwing up on us. Alright guys best way to catch bullfrogs and the funnest thanks for watching please like subscribe do all that great stuff and we’ll catch you in the next video!