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    Urban Banx Carp Fishing Alan Blair in Bristol – Urban Banx 7
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    Urban Banx Carp Fishing Alan Blair in Bristol – Urban Banx 7

    December 8, 2019

    Well I’m on a mission I’ve travelled up from Essex I’ve been driving for about three hours now I’ve come into the centre of Bristol to see my good friend Jordan Dicks It’s a glorious afternoon I’ve got 25 degrees here which is an absolute scorcher I’m going to quickly stop off at the first spot which is actually a small park lake I’m going to check that out then I’m going to hook up with Jordan We are going right into the thick of it tonight right into the docks I can’t wait I’m absolutely buzzing lets see what happens Boy its busy Carp Loads of carp What a place just had a chat with some of the locals one boy has had one of about eleven pounds He’s had them up to twenty five though and others of eighteen and nineteen so not just little fish and it certainly looks good for a bite Anyway I’m going to head on now and go and meet up with Jordan and go and check these docks out We’re off in search of some bigger fish Lets go find some carp After catching up with Jordan we had a walk round the docks before deciding where to fish for the night First cast Jord With the rods out and the sun setting we kicked back and tucked into a takeaway How do we get on that boat? We had a couple of bream each before midnight and as we settled down to grab some sleep we hoped the carp weren’t far away So its the morning after last night down here fishing in the docks in Bristol and if you can’t tell already by the smile on our faces it was a productive one What happened then Jord we got down here about six? Yeah six had a quick look round it was nice and sunny and looked really good Its just the most amazing place! Yeah its pretty special and we got the rods out It was midnight before we got our heads down it must have been about 1.30am that I had a bite on my middle rod It took me right round the boat Heart in the mouth stuff! I managed to get him out and it was a bit of a mission landing it but we got there in the end A nice mirror What a cracker! Beautiful absolutely beautiful you just wouldn’t think it was living here No you wouldn’t and you can back that up by the number of carp anglers we have seen Absolutely none We have seen one old boy doing a bit of roach fishing but other than that we have got the place to ourselves Yeah So well done mate it was an absolute stunner Yeah and then just on sunrise this morning you had a nice take on your left hand rod Hooked into a fish after casting the choddy a bit further down into the central track its quite a lot deeper I’d say eighteen or twenty feet and it absolutely melted off It was one of those battles where I needed to go above and beyond to actually land it Which involved involved a little bit of swimming at 6am A little bit of knit one pearl one getting lines from out behind boats but I got it in the net and its a cracking common The pair of them have got their scars and fin damage just worn and tired proper proper fish I’m buzzing thanks mate thank you Shall we get them out and have a look at them? Yes lets have a good look Then slip them back and get on with the rest of our day What a stunner What a carp mate Just check that out What a result I can see why you love it so much down here mate Special fish It really is questionable whether these have ever been caught before Definitely Big up Bristol We are going to get them slipped back and Jords taking me on another adventure Bring on the boat Yes the boat Awesome This is Bristol this is Urban Banx I’m down here with Jordan Dicks and I’m having the time of my life See you later mate thank you So whats the plan for today then mate? Well I think we will go and have a look at a few landmarks Maybe head down to Nelson street and then go and have a look round the park lake later I stopped off on the way here there were so many carp A bit different to this style of fishing Totally different its got a much higher stock of fish and we should be able to get them going pretty quick It’s worth pointing out that depending the water you are fishing and the type of fish you are fishing for rig and bait play a really important part What we have been using this session is going to be very different to what we will be using this afternoon We have both been on the Stiff hinges Yeah So ultra strong reliable setups 15lb mono fished straight through with some putty blobbed along it A nice big heavy lead 25lb Armourlink and then a bit of Chod Link on the front with a sharp hook Big baits the moment you put a 15 miller on you catch bream Bream It would be safe to say if we took that rig there to where we are going this afternoon Its not the one But what I have learnt over the years of fishing places like this is they are not riggy are they No not at all The odds are they have never been caught before You don’t need the latest wonder rig to try and trick them you just need something thats strong and reliable That’s the key definitely With the day ahead we decided to pack away the gear and go and see the Harbourmaster to get a permit for Jordan’s boat It’s a seven foot boat and it’s a two horsepower engine Excellent value for money I couldn’t quite believe it was only three pounds Thank you very much, enjoy your the rest of your day Bye bye Let’s go sailing Let’s do it Where are you taking us? Bristol marina Is this the place the gentleman last night said he thinks there are a few fish in? Yeah Again free fishing as well? Yeah free fishing Incredible is all of the docks free fishing? So everything around us now is all free? Yeah Does it get fished much? No not by carp anglers you get a few coarse anglers but hardly any carp anglers at all It’s just marina after marina Get ready for this guys it’s a Banksy exclusive He has got his work in some places hasn’t he scattered all over the place Check it out Badboy What the **** happened to you? It looks like it was just sitting there and then fell off Well what’s this Jord? We have obviously had a little bit of a malfunction with the engine and we are about three and a half miles from the vans and we are now rowing back with one oar We have just found this little box there are some quite weird contents I don’t know what this little fella has got to say for himself A small pig – oink A bead… anyones guess?! Over twelve months ago this little box was put here Thats our message and we will give them a little big up I think the way these things work you are supposed to leave something yourself in the box So what have we got Jord? It’s got to be… a back lead Yeah So we will leave that where we found it Awesome now the big row back We didn’t want to bring the electric outboard did we Jord? No The petrol one will be fine After getting off the boat and packing everything away we decided to take a walk through the city Obviously with the rods in case we stumbled across any fish Have a nice one yeah cheers We needed to find somewhere to get a passport photo for our park lake permit but I still found the time to buy a couple of hats along the way Well we are trying to find somewhere to get our passport photos taken and it’s proving a little difficult We have been on a right mission haven’t we? Yeah We need it basically to get our permits This way? Yeah Here we go After all that the shop had run out of permits but the guy said fish anyway it won’t be a problem Bye bye thank you Honestly I’ve seen them catch them not that big that big honestly That is the classic anglers tale Thats big honestly Hopefully we will have one Yeah have a go Have a lovely day and you bye Well next stop where are we Jord? St George Park Yeah man it’s beautiful I reckon it’s probably 24 degrees what are we going to be doing? A bit of surface fishing I think get the Riser Pellet going in and tie up some zigs Only one thing to do really on a day like this isn’t there go and enjoy the sun go and find some fish and get them taking floaters Let’s do it Have you got any inserts in those? Yeah we have got some inserts My one started wearing out I started getting some gorges in them Grooves in it Thats dangerous it can cut the line So I just snapped the rod up and threw it away and bought another one There are some big ones in there seriously Any carp? You might do but the thing is people are taking them home instead of putting them back What the carp? Yeah so they disappeared They did that at Eastfield park they did the same thing there Do you want a joint before you go? No we are going to try and catch some fish fella You are enjoying the sunshine aren’t you?! You have a nice day mate and you as well Well we are here and just like always I am seriously excited You can see it’s not the biggest lake in the world It’s probably not the most picturesque and probably not the biggest fish in it but I can’t wait to do a few hours fishing on here Let’s do it So I’ve put out between ten and fifteen small pouches and they haven’t come straight up They are going to have seen a lot of floaters over the years and they are not going to be ultra easy But the Riser Pellet will turn them on the feed I’m absolutely sure of that Just to further enhance it I’ve just put on a bit more of the Pure Crustacean Extract oil to pull them up that bit quicker It’s just added attraction you know every little helps and the swans love it Yeah I might as well feed these considering we are going to be fishing fixed zigs on the surface and floaters I might as well make them my friend not my enemy and try and keep them in the margins as opposed to out in the zone where I am actually fishing After hooking my first fish I realised it wasn’t just the cameras that were watching me I couldn’t help myself I can only presume they have put this here because when the park is busy they need this walkway for the general public families wheelchairs to get past But its a Monday and the park is quiet I’ve taken a liberty and fished in the out of bounds It’s still the same bit of water we can cast to from the other side I’ve had a wander round with slow sinking maggots and eventually managed to get one to suck it in It’s not going to be as easy as I first thought having seen so many fish at the weekend and now feeding them for half an hour and the fifteen minutes stalking They ain’t no fools They have seen it all before they have been in here a long time one would argue they are quite pressured So refinement of tackle is going to be the order of the day small baits and fine line They certainly are not monsters so it allows you to scale right down This one has slipped up on the good old can’t be beaten slow sinking maggots Ok so you caught that fish illegally you caught it in there over the fishing line We have just said that and I appreciate that I have also said that I wonder if the reason that they put these lines here is because when it is very busy at the weekend they need wheelchair access No it’s nothing to do with that it’s to do with protecting the wildlife on that island and to keep this unpolluted and yet fishermen keep contravening the rules You have watched me you have seen everything I haven’t been near to the birds I haven’t cast into the island It doesn’t matter your line was there where they are that’s why we say this is the line I mean why you want to be torturing animals at all I don’t know but there you go What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? Well not torturing animals Can you please make a note that this is illegal fishing It’s just horrendous So yeah you never answered me what do you enjoy doing in your spare time? What relevance is that we are not talking about me Well you have come over and had a conversation with me I was just being polite I’m a member of the friends of the parks So you like the whole outdoor park thing? I love it yes and that is exactly the same as me No it isn’t you are killing wildlife You have to believe me I have fished since I was four years old that is twenty six years and I have never killed anything We have had fish torn mouths I’ll show you the hook is right on the edge there is no way that you can tear its mouth the fish are actually in quite good condition If you want to do this but to be doing it in the park and people are so distressed about it particularly people with young kids I’ve got the grandchild that I look after regularly and I know a lot of the mums and they say why is the council permitting it It’s horrible it’s horrible You don’t think it would be a good thing then for youngsters to get into the sport? No I don’t! But why is that? Because I think children particularly now need to totally love and respect the environment Not learn to kill things or harm them or chase them because we need to value the environment There are four of us here today and all four of us have fished all our lives Yeah and that one is over the line as well Yeah he is filming he is just sitting under the tree in the shade Well there is a rod there No the rods are all on the right side Yeah we have fished all our lives and it is because of fishing that we have such a great love for nature and the outdoors Do you know I’ve heard that with fox hunting no way no way You love nature because it provides you with a means to torture animals fishermen just seem to think they are a law unto themselves I think you might be being a little bit stereotypical though you are pigeonholing the entire angling community Well…angling community and you are very sarcastic about that comment I’m not saying every single fisherman doesn’t follow the rules I’ve just broken one and I absolutely hold my hands up Well can you put that fish back because it was caught there Yeah it will swim back to wherever it likes to go I appreciate that but I haven’t done anyone any harm I’m certainly not going to leave any litter here I’m definitely not going to harm the fish Well that’s good but please don’t cross this line in future I know I’m not supposed to fish over here but you know sometimes in life you just break the odd rule as long as it’s not hurting other people Well it is it’s been hurting the wildlife It’s not I haven’t hurt the wildlife You may have witnessed things down here in the past You’ll have a really good film Oh it’s perfect! Anyway shall we get him slipped back It was lovely to meet you I’m really sorry No I’m sorry I’m not going to shake your hand You won’t shake a fisherman’s hand well it was a pleasure speaking to you Not unless you start looking at these things as a whole not just what you want to do and there is no reason why you can’t go fishing in the canal or in rivers but not here ok You have a lovely day yeah I only wanted to come fishing Let’s get this beauty slipped back It’s nice to see she is very passionate about what she believes we probably both disagree on a few things I’ve already held my hands up for fishing in an out of bounds area It’s a great shame especially her thoughts about kids getting into the sport she absolutely doesn’t think children should be fishing because they shouldn’t be torturing the fish in her words I sadly disagree I’m afraid I don’t think there is a lot better things to be doing when you are growing up to keep you out of other trouble than fishing and I think the four of us here today Oli Jordan Carl and myself are testament to that I’m sure there are a lot of people in Bristol and other cities right around Europe that haven’t been lucky enough to have the opportunity to go fishing and as a result may well have followed a path and not necessarily the right one Anyway let’s get this one slipped back Do you want to have a look? This is a carp He is a common carp Wow! He is big Would you like to try fishing one day? Yeah It’s really good fun There he goes Bye bye That was a big one wasn’t it wait til you tell your daddy Have you been feeding the ducks? Yeah What weight was that carp? He was probably five or six pounds So a nice one for a little lake like this Oh look a dragonfly can you see it See you later have a lovely day Thank you for letting us have a look No problem This is an over depth zig with a little Riser Bug Just been spodding out Riser Pellet and letting it drift down over the top of it and we are in Well done mate Double hook up Thats the first common and thats the second one This one caught about a foot under the surface on a Mixer Bug Two lovely little park lake commons Well that one has managed to slip the hook Jordan has had a bite on this little Riser imitation The are feeding very finicky so I’m using the smallest coating hook bait I can find It’s strange really you have half an hour of a lot of activity maybe twenty or thirty fish showing an interest in feeding and then nothing Enjoying it loving it and this afternoon we’ll see if we can get one of the better ones As the afternoon wore on there was plenty more action for Jordan on the zigs Third one of the day on the Riser Bug They are being a bit finicky now having fifteen minute feeding spells then stopping for a bit When they go for it they go for it properly in here I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the other ones goes in a minute I’ve managed to take a couple of minutes out now I’ve got the rods back out to run you through my zig Basically starting at the business end we’ve got the Riser Bug and that’s attached to 10lb Zig Flo line running down to an anti-tangle sleeve Which is just attached to a bog standard swivel The inline lead locks onto the swivel and that’s attached to 40lb Cling On leader Just with a spliced loop to loop your mainline on the end and you can change them over nice and quickly so you ca have another one ready waiting to go Have your fish loop to loop it on and you are back out and fishing again That’s my rig really basic The key to this is finding the right depth though I’m fishing them over depth at the moment because they are having it on the top that seems to be doing the business Well we have been here a couple of hours now Jordan has had three I’ve had one and lost one It’s been prolific a great afternoons fishing on this lovely little park lake but I don’t think we are going to give it too much longer We have all got long drives back Bristol has been kind to us Caught two stunning fish from the docks and came here and caught had some beautiful food good company it’s been a great couple of days and rather than tempt fate we will get on the road now I’ve got a third of a bag of Riser left I’ll get that out there and have twenty minutes more fishing and we will call it a day It’s certainly not the last you’ll see of me in Bristol I really have fallen in love with the docks Its a special bit of water hardly fished if at all and who knows what is in there Jordan’s 26lb linear and the common and mirror we caught this trip Real aspirational fishing getting me excited and making me want to go more and more So a quick recast on these two rods a bit more Riser Pellet out there and it’s time to call it a day But the park had one more surprise for us Its a kipper It’s a chunk! It’s so big! Oh you happy so lucky you How long you waiting? Only a few minutes not long Nailed is not the word Huge fish! You need forceps? Yeah man! Yeah Proper nailed that So it looks like the food with just a small hook Ooooh 22lb 10oz There you have it what a way to finish the day session fishing the Riser Pellet and over depth zigs on a park lake £3 for the permit for the year For the year For the year! Well done Jord good effort mate it’s been a pleasure Thank you mate for coming down Get in the picture Al Oooh Quality

    Bienville Largemouth Bass Fishing | Bob Redfern’s Outdoor Magzine
    Articles, Blog

    Bienville Largemouth Bass Fishing | Bob Redfern’s Outdoor Magzine

    December 7, 2019

    – [Narrator] On this
    week’s Bob Redfern’s Outdoor Magazine Bob heads to
    Bienville Plantation in White Springs, Florida
    for some early winter bass fishing. Plus on this week’s
    Sportsman’s Table we feature a pork wellington
    recipe using South Carolina-certified pork. All this and a
    whole lot more, and it all begins right now! [music] – Oh, he dropped it. Come on, fish! Oh, there he is,
    okay, hang on. Okay, alright. Yeah, there we go! I put the havoc
    on him, Mike. Well folks, welcome
    to our show this week. We are in north Florida
    back down at Bienville Plantation. We’re fishin’ one of the
    27 lakes on this property. I’ve never been
    on this one, okay, and so my guide and the
    go-to guy showin’ us how to do it today is Mike Sloan. He’s one of the professional
    guides down here that you’ll run into. Mike, you think I
    put the havoc on him, brother? – You got him – Yeehaw! Oh my gosh, look
    at that, well okay. That’s a healthy
    fish right there. Let me put my
    worm up there, okay, and I’ll tell y’all
    what I’m fishin’. ‘Kay, we’re fishin’ half
    ounce weights on this Texas rig and this Havoc worm,
    it’s a biggin and that’ll bring him in just like that. Now Mike, you know, let
    me let this thing go here. Let’s talk just a
    couple of seconds here, and I know you’re interested
    in getting guides, okay, I mean
    gettin’ fish, but listen, when you come to Bienville,
    what can folks expect when they come down here? I mean, this is
    a great fishery. – It is a good fishery,
    we’ve caught a lot of fish, and the biggest fish I’ve
    had a client catch out here was 12.5 pounds, and
    it was on Thomas Lake. But you can catch
    brim, speckled perch, bass, catfish, we have an
    assortment of fish that they can catch. We offer, really most of it
    is all artificial fishin’. We don’t do any shiner
    fishing or anything right now. – [Bob] Yet! – We did it one time,
    but we don’t right now. – Well, I’m hopin’. Folks, I’m
    talkin’ to Tia Rodie, the manager down here, we’re
    gonna try to see if we can’t do a show down here
    doin’ some shiners. But that’s another
    subject for another day. With that,
    brother, I tell ya what. Now out here and fishin’,
    this is a relatively new lake out here, it’s what,
    four or five years old? – This like’s about four,
    four and a half years old and has really no grasp,
    but it has more humps, more points, more structure
    as far as trees and stuff in the water, and that’s
    basically what we’re fishin’ today. – Well, I’m gonna
    date this, okay, ’cause I don’t
    normally do that. But it is 70 degrees,
    will be 80 degrees today. It is mid-January,
    okay, so listen, you don’t have to go to
    South Florida to catch trophy bass. You can come right
    here, White Springs, Bienville Plantation
    Log on to, go to Bob’s Top 16 and
    you’re gonna find it right here. You love to quail hunt,
    you love to bass fish, okay? You’re gonna get guides
    like this gettin’ you on the water, and you’re gonna
    have a great place to stay, five star, great facility. With that, I’m
    gonna shut up. I gotta get this
    Havoc back in the water, right? Alright, Mike, I got another
    one planned with my Havoc there, the 10 inch. – [Mike] A 10
    inch Havoc, huh? – Yep, great
    brown belly, mm-hmm. Oh, there he is,
    alright, come on. You know, he’s
    right over that, oh. Right over that
    hump, aw man! He took me all the
    way back to the boat. Alright folks, I’m gonna
    tell you what I caught the last fish on. 10 inch great
    brown belly Havoc. It’s a Skeet Reese design,
    and it’s by Berkeley, okay. Very, very simple Texas rig. The line that
    I’m usin’ today, I’m usin’ a 12
    pound Berkeley braid. I’ve got a
    Venerate Abu Garcia, and then of course,
    you know as always, Abu Garcia and
    a bait caster, so. That’s the combinations
    today that we’re fishin’ with, and thus far I’m
    havin’ a lot of fun, how ’bout you? – Havin’ a great time. – Yeah, man, woo hoo! – Catch a few more. – Yep. Come on, take it! It must be somethin’
    about that long tail. – Yeah, they’re grabbin’
    hold to the end of it. – Yeah, he’s kinda battlin’
    a little bit so oughta have to, I gotta be patient. Man, it’s hard to be patient
    when you’re worm fishin’, you know that? Oh my gosh! – [Mike] It’s easier when
    you’re crank bait fishin’. – Crank baitin’,
    that’s fishin’ for dummies. This actually takes a
    little bit of skill. I don’t know, maybe
    uh, I don’t know. Of course we got the sun
    comin’ up a little bit, so that’s gonna
    change the light. Now, have you noticed
    any differences in light patterns as the day goes
    on when you’re fishin’? – It’ll start movin’
    a little bit more. – Will it, oh,
    there he is again. Oof, come on. I wonder if that just
    ain’t some smaller fish just messin’ with me. You know, these bass
    like to mess with me, okay. I’m not sure
    why, but they do. Oh, oh, oh, oh,
    oh, oh, come on, take it, take it! – [Mike] You’ve got it. – Aw, take it. There he is, okay, okay. – Alright. – Woo hoo! – [Mike] He played around
    with it long enough that time. – Yeah, he did! Yeah man, he’s
    lovin’ that curly tail. Yessiree. I got the Havoc magic. Woo. Those are nice, chunky bass. – Yeah, they’re
    good little ol’ fish. They’re strong in this lake. – Yes sir, they are. You know, and that’s the
    great thing about Bienville down here, with over 27
    lakes available to catch fish. I mean, look, I can’t, why
    would you want to go any place else, to be
    honest with you. Now I can see, and folks,
    Mike actually lives in Jacksonville,
    Florida, about an hour, a little over an hour away,
    but that doesn’t keep him from comin’ over here to
    guide for you folks two, to three, to
    four times a week. And hey, he gets more
    folks seven days a week, he’ll even bring his motor
    home over here and he’ll be here 24/7, 365, woo hoo! – [Narrator] Stay tuned,
    after commercial break we have more bass fishing
    from Bienville Plantation. Plus we’ll introduce you to
    Bob’s Top 16 Destinations of the Week. Lake Guntersville, the mecca
    of bass fishing in Alabama. Bob Redfern’s Outdoor
    Magazine is brought to you today by Chevrolet, the
    official vehicle of Bob Redfern’s Outdoor Magazine. By the South Carolina
    Department of Agriculture, buy South Carolina,
    it’s a matter of taste. By Pennington Seed, the
    leader in outdoor forage products. By Browning,
    Browning, the best there is. By South Carolina Embroidery
    and Screen Printing. And by Back
    Woods Quail Club, offering southern-style
    hunting and an array of exciting and challenging
    clay target shooting sports. – Alright, another Havoc. Ah, yeah, oh yeah! – [Mike] That’s a good fish. – That’s a nice fish, yeah. It’s okay. Man, oh man, mm mm mm. You know, and the good
    thing about this Havoc, I know I keep raggin’ on it,
    but that’s the same worm and I caught four fish in row! And I ain’t
    changed him out yet. Hoo hoo, mm. Now that’s a
    little bit bigger. – [Mike] Yeah, that’s a
    good fish right there. – Gosh, they’re
    nice and healthy, mm mm mm. Now you can tell
    it’s wintertime, though, ’cause they’re a
    little bit lighter in color, but that’s okay, you
    know, that is okay. – They get a little bit
    lighter in color when the water’s got a little
    bit of tint to it. Get out in the clear water
    and they turn just black as they can be. – Well, remember
    that, and begone, brother. Yeah, yeah, aw
    now he’s a runner. Let me get out of the way. He is a runner! I think that’s a
    little bit bigger fish. – [Mike] Nope, it’s
    about the same size fish, he just thinks he’s mean. – [Bob] Get him over here,
    I’ll get him out for ya. I got my union
    card, brother, huh. – [Mike] He just
    thinks he’s mean. – [Bob] Ah, there you go. – Yeah, that’s not
    a bad little fishy. – Well folks, we’re
    hump fishin’ out here, actually. And for all you
    all that bass fish, and you know, what Mike has
    located out here for us is basically a gravel point. This is a relatively
    one of the newer lakes, about four or five years
    old here at Bienville, and it has not had the
    opportunity to pick up hydrilla and a lot
    of the lily pads yet. And that’s the great thing
    when you come down here. Of the 27 lakes that are
    available for you to fish, there’s just every single
    type of basically water types that you
    can fish down here. And again, crank
    baits, spinner baits, and of course as we’re doin’
    this morning on plastics. This is just one of those
    places that you can kinda do it all, okay? And with that, the only
    thing you need is a good guide, and they got
    lots of ’em down here. So just again, log
    on to, go to my Top 16, and
    you need to connect. If you love fishin’, fine,
    if you love to hunt quail when it’s in season, man,
    Bienville’s your place. Or you just want to bring
    the family down and spend a weekend. It’s one of those
    places you can do that. Alright, Mike, come
    on, get out there. Get another one, brother. – You can fish from a
    foot deep to 35 feet deep. Just depends on what time of
    the year and what you want to throw. – [Narrator] Chevrolet
    presents Bob’s Top 16 Outdoor
    Destination of the Week. A look at the best
    and hunting and fishing destinations in
    the United States. Each week, Chevrolet will
    feature a new hunting or fishing destination in
    conjunction with Bob Redfern’s Outdoor
    Magazine and Bob’s Top 16. If ever there were a classic
    bass town Guntersville is it. It sets on a peninsula
    in northern Alabama. Surrounded by its
    namesake, 69,000 acre Lake Guntersville. A regular stop for
    many professional bass tournaments, with 950
    miles of shoreline, Lake Guntersville is to
    bass fishing what Augusta National is to golf. Steeped in old
    south tradition, picturesque and
    uniquely challenging, yet rewarding. It can get hot
    in the summer, but the climate is pretty
    mild and falls are colorful. Guntersville was ranked
    among the 100 best places to live in America by in 2002. Thanks to its
    excellent schools, artsy culture, and relative
    proximity to major cities, like Nashville 150
    miles to the north, Atlanta 160 miles east,
    and Birmingham 70 southwest. For more information
    about Lake Guntersville, log on to For more destinations, be
    sure to visit and click on Bob’s Top 16. And to get to your
    next destination, go online at Stay tuned, next we head
    to the Sportsman’s Table to show you how you can make a
    pork wellington that will impress your
    family and friends. The Sportsman’s Table is
    brought to you by the South Carolina
    Department of Agriculture. Whether you live in South
    Carolina or out of state, be sure to by South
    Carolina-grown meats, vegetables, and fruits. Make sure your food is
    South Carolina certified, it’s a matter of taste. – Folks, my guest this
    week is culinary student Dan Portrello here. He’s a senior at
    Horry-Georgetown Technical College in Myrtle Beach. And I’ll tell ya what, you
    got a great recipe for us. I can’t wait to get
    started with this one, Dan. – Alright, so today we’re
    gonna be makin’ a wild boar wellington. So we’re gonna start off
    with a sheet of puff pastry here. It’s been
    defrosted and laid out. This right here is about a
    six inch chunk of wild boar tenderloin that I seared
    off with a little salt and pepper, cut it to size. So we’re gonna take a little
    bit of this egg wash here. – [Bob] And folks, if you
    want a copy of Dan’s recipe you can log on to and his wild boar recipe will
    be right there. Listen, you know, and this
    is getting to be a mainstay, a lot of folks are
    usin’ their wild boar meat. – It’s very versatile, and
    if you get it in the right time of year, I
    prefer the flavor to pork. – Awesome, okay. Okay, Dan, we’re gettin’
    ready to roll it here. What are you gonna
    add to this next? – Alright, so the next thing
    that goes on is a little bit of sauteed spinach. This and a little
    olive oil and garlic, gonna wring it through a
    towel to get the liquid out. If it’s too wet the
    puff pastry won’t rise. So we just put a little
    bit of that on there. Just enough to
    cover that up, and then after that we put
    a little roast red pepper, lay that over the top. – [Bob] Again, certified
    SC grown right there, awesome. – [Dan] Alright,
    so the next step, simply tuck this in, and you
    want to roll this as tight as you possibly can. And when it
    starts to overlap, you’re gonna want to take a
    little bit more of your egg wash, hit that
    there, roll that up, and you’ll want to
    crimp those edges. So I take my knife, with the
    back end of my knife crimp it down, and cut
    the excess off. – Just kinda
    finishes it off. – Yep, and it seals all that
    in so the liquid won’t fly out in the oven. Put a little
    crosshatch on the top. Now, you’re gonna want
    put this in the oven at 350 until the internal
    temperature of the pork’s at around 145. The temp will right it to
    150 from there and it’ll be completely safe to eat. – Well great, I can’t wait
    ’til this thing gets done, awesome. – Alright, Bob, I just
    took this out of the oven. I’m gonna garnish it with a
    little roasted orange pepper sauce. Little bit of drizzle. – And again folks, if you
    want a copy of the recipe just log on to, and Dan’s recipe
    will be right there, that’s awesome. Man, that really adds
    a lot of color to it, okay. And the flavor, you know, I
    tell ya I can tell that this is awesome, mm. Oh, that sauce
    is awesome, yeah, there you go. And remember,
    nothin’s fresher, nothin’s finer until it’s
    certified South Carolina. Log on to their website at and see for yourself. – [Narrator] To find out
    more information on food that’s fresher and
    tastier, go online at Buy certified South
    Carolina-grown products, it’s a matter of taste. Bob Redfern’s Outdoor
    Magazine brought to you today by the South Carolina
    Department of Natural Resources, life’s
    just better outdoors. By Shakespeare’s
    Ugly Stik GX2 rod, Ugly Stik,
    America’s strongest, most sensitive rod. By Ranger Boats, still
    building legends one at a time. By Browning
    Ammunition, Browning, the best there is. And by Southern
    Woods Plantation, a place where the grandeur
    of times passed can still be experienced today. – Ah, there we go, okay. You know now, Mike, it was
    a little different on that one. He was actually
    up on the bank. Mm-hmm, up there
    in that gravel, yeah. Mm-hmm, alright, here we go. Come on up here, oh yeah,
    he got a little size to him. Listen, I take
    these all day long, okay? Oh my goodness, mm mm mm. You know, I’m not so used to
    havin’ somebody kneel down to get my fish,
    oh my gosh, yeah. – Pretty little fish. – Now, he’s a little cool. What’s the
    water temperature, I didn’t even check. What is it, in the 60s? – 60, about 63 degrees. – Yeah, well it’s just over
    the threshold for plastic baits. Well, I’ll tell you what,
    I wrecked havoc on him, too. – Yeah you did, there
    ain’t no doubt about that. The Havoc’s been workin’. – Get on back
    in there, buddy, woo hoo! – [Mike] You have
    worked the Havoc over today. – All my friends at
    Berkeley will be happy, brother. – [Mike] And the funny
    thing is that’s two baits, two worms, and six fish. – Yeah, exactly, you know? There’s something to be said
    for longevity for plastic. I’m tellin’ ya,
    you know but, ah, a 10 inch. You know, folks, just a
    little bit about the bait selection here today. I just thought
    that that long, curly tail
    Havoc 10 inch worm, not much underbrush,
    mainly gravel high points. I just thought maybe that
    might be the ticket today, and you know, that’s one
    of the keys to fishin’. Whether you’re fishin’ in
    Florida or wherever you’re fishin’, you just gotta
    try some different things, you know? And I’m always, most of the
    time you’ll see I’m on the down end, the
    guide’s always beatin’ me, but that’s okay,
    it ain’t about me. I want our viewers to see
    guys just like Mike Sloan and all the rest of
    the guides down here at Bienville. I want ’em to understand
    that their whole focus is to put you on fish. Again, it’s a destination,
    and we want them to get in the boat and catch fish. And they’ll put you on the
    right stuff to do it with. You just gotta be patient,
    but if you wanna bring your own stuff and you
    know what the deal is, you could do that, too. But if you’re comin’ down
    here just havin’ a family fun time you don’t get out
    on the water very often, these guys,
    they’ll put you on fish. And especially if
    you’ve got kids. They love kids in the
    boat, as we all do. Again, the future of the
    outdoors is with these youngsters. – [Mike] Yeah,
    it’s with the kids. – Yeah, get ’em
    off the iPhones, get ’em off the iPads, get
    ’em out from behind those godawful video games, and
    get ’em out breathin’ a rod and reel. – Out in the
    wide, open spaces. – Alright, I’m gonna try
    the middle of that cut right there, we’ll
    see what happens. Now, I love the structure
    on that bank there, the rock, goodness, mm. I’m tryin’ to be
    extra careful. – You don’t want
    to lose that Havoc, now. – No, man, this
    might be the money fish! Might be the money fish. You know, the
    bites kinda changed, though, just a little bit. The sun’s come up now, but
    they’re still comin’ off these little
    humps and points. He may have
    dropped it right there. Maybe. I’m kinda
    stringin’ him along. Eh, I still feel a
    little weight there, no he’s still there. Oh, come on, I hate gettin’
    ’em this close to the boat! You know what it is? Dang it, do you want to
    play the gator chomp? – Go ahead, hit him. – [Bob] Could I
    just get you to, I mean, one
    rendition of rocky top! Yeah, man! – Alright! – Yes sir! I’ll do that one for you. Yeah man, mm, mm, mm, okay. Well, he ain’t the biggest,
    but I’ll tell you what. Took me a little
    while to play ya there, little fish. Woo, well folks,
    listen, I will tell ya, this is been an
    awesome trip. I come down to
    Bienville a lot. Quail hunt and really just
    to come bass fishin’ and hang out with these guys
    because I learn so much when I’m here. And you know, Mike, you’re
    one of those exceptional guys. I tell ya, folks
    tell us all the time, you know, Bob, what’s really
    special to us when we see your show is these guys
    that you go with and fish, that they just act like we
    could spend all day with ’em. And I said, well yeah,
    that’s part of the deal. And you’re one of
    those special guys. – Yeah, it’s like
    everything else. You want to have
    people have a good time, you want ’em to
    enjoy themselves. You want ’em to catch fish,
    you want to be able to teach them something that’ll
    help them catch fish. And that’s really
    what I’m here for. – Well, and you know,
    and that’s very special, because I mean it
    takes a certain amount of temperament to be able to
    spend eight to 10 hours, especially when you’ve got
    a family and that sort of thing, and you guys do
    it so well down here. And the other thing,
    with Ranger boats, I know you’re still buildin’
    legends one at a time. Yeah, there you go. Well folks, that’s
    our show this week. It has been, well,
    one for the books. I just really, again
    from one bait right here, the Havoc, man,
    this is the ticket. Log on to our website, go
    to the Pure Fishing website, go to, and
    Abu Garcia and all the great folks that sponsor our show. I know I’m not tryin’ to
    make this an infomercial, but I tell you what, when
    you want good gear to come down to
    Bienville to fish with, Abu Garcia,
    Berkeley, Shakespeare, it’s the best on the market. And with that, as I always
    like to say each and ever week, the
    outdoors’ my passion, I want it to be yours, too. We’ll see you next time. Alright, man, we
    have got to get, and I got one
    more in me, Mike. One more, beau. – [Mike] Let’s get one more. – Alright.

    Powder Mill Pond  BASS FISHING – PART 1 HUGE BLOW UP Top water
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    Powder Mill Pond BASS FISHING – PART 1 HUGE BLOW UP Top water

    December 3, 2019

    Ahhhhhh. That was a nice one. That was a real nice one. It was probably 2 pounds. It kinda knocked it it didn’t. (Got one on.) Mine jumped the water and missed it. Oh I got one on… I didn’t I didn’t see. There you go. You good. You got it. Oh man, oh man. This is a huge one. (I was off on a lure but..) That’s a fat one to it look that. Two and a half that’s close to… perfect. We have it on video someplace. That was exciting. Yes, not and it’s my second bait caster topwater. It basically did what I wanted to. It was about two and a half pounds lighter than the one I was predicted but. Mine’s not huge… it’s a crappie no wonder it hit it so weird. Wow it’s a big crappie. It was so weird. And I foul hooked him. Can you hand me that? thank you Nice crappie that’s a fat one. If we had a bucket I take it home and eat it. I bet that’s what was just popping yours because he didn’t he didn’t eat it, he popped it that did you see how when it uh when I got hooked it was like on like… It it snagged itself because that the hook was on the outside. Yeah I was gonna say the way it hit it feels like a pickerel. I was just thinking the same thing. I feel like it’s dangerous or the river current. Might not be difficult but it might not be safe. Oh you know what let me check my… I think this is also a pickerel. Ah no it’s a pickerel. Alright enough of this.

    Florida Travel: Stunning Sunsets and Fishing in Keaton Beach, Taylor County
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    Florida Travel: Stunning Sunsets and Fishing in Keaton Beach, Taylor County

    November 29, 2019

    (lively piano music) – [Narrator] Serene. Perfect. Sunsets. Relaxing. (lively piano music) Keaton Beach is located an hour and a half southeast of Tallahassee
    on the Gulf Coast. – [Narrator] We’ve got the longest undeveloped coastline in the entire state which is pretty rare now in Florida. Secret to our fishing is
    we’re the nursery of Florida we’re where all the fish
    come to spawn because we got the unspoiled grass flats where they come and lay their eggs every year. It just makes our fishing tremendous. – The waters here in the Taylor County and off of Keaton Beach are absolutely terrific for fishing. We have these shallow,
    crystal clear grass flats that might be more like
    what you’d expect in parts of the Everglades or inside
    of the Keys, that I’m in. It’s us and one other boat as
    far as you can see right now. I think if more people learned about it they’d make their vacation plans here. – [Narrator] This is a perfect getaway in the spring or the fall to come and to enjoy some of our just beautiful stops
    along our coastline. On such as this year Hagen’s Cove there’s five or six other spots, you can just stop, get
    out and make a day of it. Pop in, pop out bring your RV, you can actually camp or rent a place. But this is a great
    place to bring the kids and sort of get back in nature. – I’ve traveled everywhere. I can’t name a place where
    I’ve been that feels like this. It brought back these incredible memories that I had of growing up. When you look forward to
    having that glass of wine and everybody watching the sunset. That’s an event for us every night. I’ve found this piece of paradise and this feeling of complete tranquility and calmness. I think one week-end
    that you would come here with your family absolutely
    would change your life. (lively piano music) (lively piano music)

    Flaming Gorge Ice fishing
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    Flaming Gorge Ice fishing

    November 26, 2019

    [Music] The world of American Angler you are up with the Sun with a fish on your line your day’s just begun the world of American Angler on lakes and on streams now you are living the good life catch the one of your dreams Hi I am Pat Traynor welcome to the American Angler
    today we’re coming to you from the ice-covered Flaming Gorge lake in Wyoming we’re going to be after some big lake trout
    today hopefully the Fish will cooperate we got some beautiful weather ice is
    starting to go off the lake we are here a little bit late but there’s still some good
    fish being caught. This lake is notorious for huge lale trout up here they call
    Mackinaw but the lake record exceeds 52 pounds this is my first experience of lake trout
    through the ice. So who knows just grab something warm turn up your thermostat to stay with us
    we’ll be right back through the ice on the flaming Gorge [Music[ hey guys well about time you got here.
    you gonna say yeah thank you see aJohn how are John how are you good to see you Thank You How’s fishing. it’s good catches terrible
    catching is terrible? [Laughter] how long y’all been out you couldn’t have beat us out here by much. no probably about 15 minutes that right. ya is it cold enough for you. oh it just feels great out here really does
    i’m looking forward to this I’ve never before fish for these kind of fish in
    these kind of conditions never well you ot have a lot of fun today and we already got some holes
    drill all over. we’re gonna have to drill few. just be careful were you step [Laughter] engine noise] Ken your season starts about when?
    basically about the first of January when we start getting on anywhere from
    the first to the first week in January we start getting on the lake for ice
    fishing the ice is a it’s a little thin at that
    time but it’s it’s it’s while worth being out here that’s when that’s when the hot
    time is. When it first gets so you can get on it. when it first gets ice on is when the fish are really active. It seams to work the same way with ice off as soon as
    ice is off as soon as ice is off we get out here in the boats and we we have a pretty good action for
    about two to three weeks and from then on like after the first three weeks of
    January that tapers down it just gets progressively a little slower each time how many days during the winter months
    well you get out here get a chance to do it well for most people that work most people are weekend fishermen they get at least one day out of the weekend this year we’ve been a pretty
    fortunate i haven’t been doing any work this winter has been fishing so I’ve
    been out here like two or three times a week so it’s been great for us have you had a good season this year
    as far as of numbers of fish we’ve had a real good season this area
    is produced well I i was able to catch a 40-pounder
    40-pounder out of here a lot 0f 35’s 38’s haven’t seen him but I’ve heard that
    there’s been 3 40 pounders caught out of this area this winter so it’s been real
    real productive i’ve heard that you get some super lake trout fishing up here.
    the record on this lake is 51 and a half pounds now that’s a good one. that’s a real nice fish the
    lake trout on this Lake don’t get as long as some of the lake trout in your
    northern Lakes so what we get as we get a football looking type mackinaw real fat Basically you got what fish you got the lake trout in here you got
    the Mackinaw well lake trout and Mackinaw are the same fish. are they? yeah it’s a but that is what you are fishing for. that’s right that’s what we’re fishing for now you also have you
    have rainbow about three different strains of rainbow in this lake we have kokanee this lake we have
    smallmouth bass lake we have brown trout and there’s a few large mouth bass I understand so we have a pretty good pretty good fishery here. This
    type of fishing your doing I know with the bass fishing and I’ve done in the
    winter months when the water is at its coldest normally you’re only gonna get maybe one or two hours out of the day that are going to be highly
    productive in the rest of day you really gotta work for him you might get a fish
    now and then but you’ll get that definite feeding period for it may only
    last an hour may last 30 minutes right yeah..right we found fishing for lake trout
    which that’s basically all we do in the winter is fish for lake trout. huh we don’t go the shorelines and fish for
    rainbows. we found it early morning bite this is usually the best time to be out
    here that you’re calling early morning from about when to when? well basically from sunup until the sun up hits on the lake until
    930-10 which works out pretty well then it slows down and then some days you’ll
    get an afternoon bite and it we haven’t really been able to
    establish a pattern other than the early morning. how long will you work on a hole
    before you just give up on it. well if I’m seeing fish in it and I’ll stay on a
    whole all day as I don’t feel there’s any sense in moving as long
    as there’s fish coming through. Right. I feel like if they’re not biting here
    they’re not biting anywhere else ether. huh and it’s you can get 25
    fishermen spread out and sooner or later somebody’s going to catch one out of the
    hole there’s no doubt about it. you know, one fish is going to make a mistake. When the
    lake gets busy and the fish are really biting in an area that were in similar
    to this how many fishermen we see out on the
    like that will be doing this probably i would say in January when it was real productive i would say you’d in this area here you could find
    a hundred fifty fishermen in this area Is that right? yeah spread out and they fish all the way North and they fish South so there’s ice fishermen from lynnwood
    Bay which you know i think is in the southern part down below pipe line.
    There’s fishing from there all the way up to fire hall which is basically the
    beginning of the lake. huh. well with these fish now in the area know you spend a lot of
    days out here are we keying on a piece of particular structure right
    we are structure fishing. You know what’s down under this ice right here. right yeah we learn this by boat fishing
    and maps contour maps they’ve got out We fish for structure that’s what we’re
    looking for but what are we sitting on right here. We are in 67 feet of water and it’s
    basically an island like that’s exposed over there it comes up the lake
    channel goes around if we go this way we run into 110 feet of water that’s the
    river channel drop right here so we’re kind of on the flat part of it a
    little ways. but pretty close to the river channel it’s self we want to stay
    on the sides were the structure is. huh. those fish come out of that channel may be
    move in here to feed a little bit gonna feed. great and I think they’re
    probably basically feed on Kokanee and chubs that is probably what the mackinaw feed on most of all. Kokanee is really gotten to be a dominant fish in
    this Lakes like I’m sure that’s probably the basic food supply well I’ve just got one question you got
    an answer for me if we get a 50-pounder on how we gonna get him through that
    little hole? will get him through [Laughter] We will get a chainsaw out and make that whole bigger. If we have to fillet him in the whole [Laughter] how much how much importance
    to you put in the electronic verses coming out of your blind and drilling
    holes well Pat we have. I think electronics really help number one is it it helps you find the
    structure that you want to be in the depth that’s very important for Mackinaw fishing you don’t find a lot of people fishing in a hundred forty feet
    of water for Mackinaw uh-huh i’m not saying that you couldn’t catch one here but
    your biggest percentage of them is going to be a almost 70 foot range to 90
    somewhere in there so in essence of the electronics the
    depth finder will help you find the depth you want to be in. Plus let you
    know if there’s fish there. if you sit punch a hole out and you sit there for
    two hours and nothing comes through and it’s time to move there is no fish there In that sense if were not using electronics you could sit there for
    two weeks maybe the fish may never come by. [Laughter] or you’re going to be pretty sure if
    you sit here for an hour or two and you’re not getting any fish on
    that screen then you know to move. Right it’s time to start moving right
    right well I’m gonna move I’m gonna go over and get this spoon wet Ok Pat I am going to catch one Good to talk to you. catch a big one Pat out of that whole over there. OK got a fish got a fish on hey Pat come here I have one on. gotta fish on! hey Gilbert alright [Reeling] I got to see this puppy oh he’s got bowed up pretty good It feels like apretty fair fish did he really thump it? he thumped it pretty good. well he’s making some runs on you to
    stay with him [reeling] aw he’s getting ornery now look at that line go off that reel yeah he’s a good fish [Reeling, heavy breathing] this might take us a while he’s he is all over the screen on this
    thing This makes your day when you can come out here and you can do this. after you have got a fish on out of the whole like this as a rule can you go right back in there catch
    another one is this commotion gently bring them around or It will bring them
    around uh whether you get down there or not that’s a good question I know sometimes when a fish is trashing around fighting like that it will spook the
    other fish away and there’s other times it’ll bring them right in the back we’ve
    seen it do both you know sometimes they’ll come in and other times there he is right there there he is! there he is! OH! Oh! what do you guess him at? 12 pounds, about 12..14 hmm are you gonna get to land this fish? Ken what you want to do is not stick your hand in the mouth of a Mackinaw huh full of teeth full of teeth are going to cradle him up out of there? there he is again he’s gonna be
    ornery That’s a pretty fish thou. hmm they are pretty fish aw there he is there he is he’s not
    done yet this is exciting way to start off the
    morning huh! boy that did not take no time to get him looky here looky here! all right nice job nice job [Laughter] Oh! now they got a slot limit on this
    lake right and that fish is? in the slot right. what is that one 26 to 36 inches
    26 to 36 you gotta release it of course we going to release them all anyway but for
    somebody wanted to keep him he couldn’t do that that’s a nice little lake trout pretty
    fish, pretty fish he is under the slot 24 inches so you could keep that fish 24
    incher we will put him back and let him grow up let him do it again another day oh Ken looky here he’s cheating on us.
    i want you to look at the bottom of this bait what he’s doing to us here we got a
    tube bait tied onto the bottom. is this a secret weapon? that’s a secret weapon there. here you go Gilbert you did a good job. thank you. get you another one I’m going over to this whole and get me one
    that got my blood pumping More fun is coming up so you stay tuned. [Music] [Music] Hey Pat I have a fish on. Aw come on! Beck do you really. that’s good thing I starting up Hey you do have! Hey we got a bey on this fish Come on baby get off, get off I mean if you’re showing me this thing
    i’ll gladly.. there’s your bubbles. There he is right there what do you mean a baby? just a baby what do you mean a baby. Lookat this don’t
    look like a baby to me. That’s just pup okay what’s this I see sticking out of
    his mouth Beck that’s what they call a Gitzit that
    looks like a tube bait to me that’s not a bad little fish that is a nice fish and it will be
    under about 26 inches what 6 or 7 pounds? gotta put her back hooked pretty good I think we can get it out do want to just cut the line and put the fish back in so we don’t hurt it that’s fine. it ain’t your in her gills I believe it’s in
    roof of her mouth. aw no he took it down good see it is right there in the roof of her mouth yeah wait a second don’t let her get your finger now. you are going to be sorry you got that right look at those teeth they got a mouthful of them
    puppies yeah are they not pretty fish though. they do put
    up a fight don’t they look at that fish built for power. Look at the tail spread
    on that fish. pretty fish. that is nice have you been jigging that tube bait all
    along yeah I got a whole bunch of back.. something you’ve done well with? yeah all
    through the summer and matter of fact that particular colors is my favorite color.
    That dad gum tube bait I think can take it anywhere, fish for anything and catch em there you go push her back not only that it’s one of my favorite
    colors you got tied on. go back come on sweetheart don’t let that little ol fish whip both of you noe. yeah here we go there you go we hurt her a
    bit oh there she goes boy she went out here like she was shot out of a cannon Great fish. now let’s catch it’s dady congratulations l will enjoy that bet this evening over dinner [Laughter] I’ll bet, I’ll bet now go catch a fish I’m going to try that. there’s a bite! fish on! Alright Pat got a good one? Good fish good fish. wait, wait oh that’s a big fish, big fish make sure your drag is not too tight on that I have got to get this other glove
    off I can’t handle it just took that different that different
    bait new presentation looks like a really nice fish a good 38 inches Smile [Laughter] this is serious business sure it is real serious business I am trying to keep him off that I can see all that ice now under there there some air you had him up pretty close huh yeah he was.. I can feel the line going across the bottom of that ice then it going to be awhile he is going to make another run it looks like there is right now I got a look at him then. aw that’s a good fish, nice fish let him wear himself out come here big boy you got him snaged on the tail. he is foul hooked. foul hooked on the tail But it’s a big fish, oh yeah I will give you that. man that’s a good looking fish. we are going to bring him out tail first if we can wear him down [Splashing] come on back up here big boy there he is! Alright! Got him fouled hooked right here behind the tail You got a tape measure there Gilbert? don’t go back in the hole big boy yet. he has pretty color in him got the tape measure he might be legal no he is in the slot limit 28 and one half, 28 1/2 [Laughter] 28 1/2 he’s got to go back I would say it’s over ten pounds feels like he is 8 or 9 alright nice fish there he goes action [Music] [Splash] I about got em, I about got him! woo he is slick hey nice fish will look forward to
    seeing you next week on the next episode of American Angler [Music]

    12 Fishing Essentials for Every Angler | BoatUS
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    12 Fishing Essentials for Every Angler | BoatUS

    November 23, 2019

    Hey there, folks! Lenny Rudow here for BoatUS Magazine. You know. it doesn’t matter if you like to troll for walleye in Wisconsin or chum for stripers on the Chesapeake, no matter what kind of angler you are there’s some basic fishing gear that everybody needs. Well, let’s start with the basics first. Obviously every angler needs a rod and reel. But along with that, another very basic item is your 5 gallon bucket. You can use it for a seat. You can use it to hold you bait. Heck you can use it to hold all your other fishing gear, including a ruler. Got to have a ruler right? Otherwise, how do you know if your fish are big enough to keep? Another item every angler should have is sunscreen. Yes, people. You have got to protect against the sun in this day and age, especially if you’re going to be out all day fishing. Now, I really like to carry backup handhelds to my electronics. If you’re going to be out on a boat and fishing all day long, it’s really important to be able to tell where you are and call for help in case of emergency. What else we got in here? Let’s see. How about a pair of binoculars? These little guys will help me find fish when I see working birds in the distance. Heck, I can use them to spy on other anglers if I want to know if they’re catching anything. Very handy for a fisherman. Now, here’s one that’s a little specialized. These are split ring pliers. See that little knobby on the end? We need this so that we can change out the hooks on lures which are attached with split rings. Another little tool I have here is a multi-tool. Now this has all the different little doodads, screwdrivers, knives, all that stuff, and I like to always keep one of these around for reel repairs or gear repairs that I need to do on the spot. Here we have a pair of fish lip grippers. These come in really handy, especially when you’re fishing for a toothy fish. You can just insert the jaws of this into the jaws of the fish, clamp them down tight, and then you can hold on to that fish really easily. Now I consider these little snippers and absolute must and the reason is especially if you fish with braid It can be really tough to cut fishing line. Make sure you don’t fake it and try and bite through fishing line, because in the long run that will really hurt your teeth. And of course, you’ve got to have a pair of long nose pliers so you can pull the hooks out of the fish’s mouth. One final item on my boat It’s attached, but you might not have it, is a cooler. You’ve got to have a cooler to keep your catch, right? Of course if you want to get the fish from in the water to into your boat, you’ll also need a landing net. Hmmm. I don’t think that’s quite big enough for the fish I catch. Wait a minute, let me see what else I got in here. Ah! Now we’re talking. That’s what I call landing net people! And of course one final item you don’t want to forget is those sunglasses. You need them not only to protect your eyes but also because the sunglasses help cut the glare and actually let you see through the water a little bit better. Well, folks, I hope you found this video helpful. I hope you’ve enjoyed it, and don’t forget to click on the subscribe button below so you don’t miss any future BoatUS Magazine videos.

    Lost Buildings of Somerset: The Fish Houses
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    Lost Buildings of Somerset: The Fish Houses

    November 22, 2019

    Hello and welcome back to Somerset Place.
    Today we are continuing our Lost Building series by learning a little bit about the
    Fish Houses. Over the years we know of two Fish Houses that were built on the plantation.
    One here on Lake Phelps near the Owner’s Compound and the second one was built in the
    1880s near the canal. Fishing was a very profitable industry in this region of North Carolina.
    Many enslaved men and women were forced to work in the fishing industry around the Albemarle
    Sound and the Outer Banks. The fish house and fishing on Lake Phelps and the canals were
    used for in-house purposes. Salted herring was a major food source within the enslaved
    community at Somerset Place. During the spring when the herring were running in the Transportation
    Canal, Josiah III sent enslaved boys to catch a years supply and had the fish salted, smoked,
    and issued to his enslaved labor force. Mrs. T. C. Holmes lived on the plantation in 1885
    and she described the second fish house. “A fish house (for herring) was erected
    near the canal about a mile and a half from the mouth. Here the herrings were prepared
    for market. Poor people were allowed to fish behind the hedge and get their herrings for
    the year. This was a very profitable and inexpensive fishery.” Most likely she was referring
    to the Transportation Canal, as the main carriage drive and entrance to Somerset Place was along
    that canal. Lake Phelps and the canals were full of herring, lake bass, and a few other
    varieties. Josiah III’s brother Hugh Williamson Collins
    was interested in the running of fisheries in Chowan County. Hugh leased a portion of
    Sandy Point fishery from Thomas Benbury in the 1840s. There fishermen were using seines
    up to 2,000 yards long. Seines are “a fishing net that hangs vertically in the water, having
    floats at the upper edge and sinkers at the lower.” And that’s according to Along
    the canal and Lake Phelps, it is most likely that seines would have been smaller than the
    ones used in the Albemarle Sound. That concludes what we have for this Lost
    Building video. If you have any questions, please comment below, and don’t forget to
    subscribe to our channel and ring the bell to be notified of our new videos. We hope
    to see you sometime here soon for a guided tour. Until next time, thanks for tuning in!