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    ⛵️Sailboat on the hard for 22 years 💰 How much did it cost? #091
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    ⛵️Sailboat on the hard for 22 years 💰 How much did it cost? #091

    August 16, 2019

    So many people have been asking how much did we pay for this boat that was abandoned for 22 years. And that’s what we’re gonna talk about today. So, let’s get started. I’m Roberta. And I’m Duca. And the past year we have been building our own tiny shipping container house. Made possible by our Patrons (Thank you!!) So we can travel around knowing that we
    will always have this little place that we can call home. But guess what? We’ve just found our dream project before we expected: this abandoned sailboat. So, we’re gonna stop building the house for a couple months to bring our boat back to life and then we’re gonna go back in finish the house. Well, since the beginning of this channel
    his idea was to build a boat from scratch. Well, but then someone put sense
    on my mind. I mean, that would be awesome to build a boat from scratch, but it would take so long that we we would sail in maybe 10 years from now. And then she convinced me that we might be able to find a opportunity, let’s call like this… of a
    boat that was under construction halfway and at least we had like a hull ready
    and safe to build the rest. So, we would have like halfway. We would at least have like a safe good structural hull to work with. Yeah. We almost bought a hull that was
    empty inside and that was our plan. But.. We found this boat. Yeah. This boat is actually in much better shape than it seems. A lot of people have been commenting saying that this boat is gonna sink, that this boat is not worth what we pay…
    no one even knows how much we paid but… I mean like… this boat is in a much much
    much better shape than it seems. This hull is a hot galvanized steel, that means that almost there is no rust. When I say almost of course in some spots
    the galvanization didn’t go well. But it’s easy to fix and we are already working on it. I don’t know if you can see but the boat is like… it’s not as you saw last week. That’s another thing. We are shooting slow the videos because it’s so many projects at the same time. So we have a lot more already recorded than it seems. And people are like: so you guys shouldn’t waste time cleaning the boat if you have only 3 months. But we need to clean the boat to know what we have. And of course we did a lot more than cleaning already. But we didn’t edit the
    videos, we are just editing one by week, right? And we need to clean the boat to
    discover what we have and what we still need to buy. And discover other things we
    need to do that we didn’t know. Another question is survey. Of course we understand that you need to have a survey when you buy a boat. This boat was a really really specific situation where the owner didn’t want to buy (*sell) the boat. We got so many messages… Yeah, to sell the boat. We’ve got so many messages this past 2 weeks saying: “how did you buy this boat? Because I tried to buy this boat 8 years ago
    and the owner didn’t want to sell.” No one could buy this boat and this been said if we started to point out bad things trying to put the price down we would
    lose the deal. And we think it was worth for the money he was asking for. So we decided to just pay what he wanted, without discussing too much and without digging too much. Even though we checked the boat before we bought this. We came here one month before and we did all the… Basically we spent 3 hours with the former owner, going inside every single corner of the boat. We’ve touched every single thing the boat has with the former owner explaining all the systems, showing all the problems we
    need to fix. He explained everything. It’s not that we bought like out of the blue the boat. And he explained the good things and the bad things that we would need to fix. And we did like a list and we talked
    with a guy that makes surveys in Brazil, our friend that was here help us to refit
    the boat. So, before we bought this already knew kind of how much money we’d need to spent. Of course some extra money we’ll need… Of course you’ll always find surprise,
    but this is a… we call like a controlled risk. There are risks involved on buying
    a boat that was 22 years on the hard. Of course there is. But this boat was so well built that to be honest the price we paid we bought a hull. If we wanted to
    build a hull from scratch just like this it would cost 3 times more. So basically we bought a hull with a lot of things as perks. That’s the way we see it. The furniture is amazing. I think we got a really good deal. The amount we paid for this boat was 50,000 US dollars. Basically in Brazil we a 210 of our money, 210,000 Reais. And fifty thousand dollars. For Brazil this is a really good cheap boat. The thing is… just to let you know… In Brazil the law doesn’t allow
    us to buy using boats outside of the country. And we have not many options of
    used boats to buy. That means the boats are expensiver. More expensive. And we want to have the Brazilian flag. Because if you have a flag that’s not from Brazil you need to go away from the country for a period and then you need to come back. You’re not even allowed to do that for too many times. So we want to have a Brazilian flag and we don’t have too many options. And U$50,000 for Brazilian
    price is really good. Just for comparison… there are other 2 boats just like this one for sale in the Caribbean. And they are on the water… they are on
    the hard but they can go to the water. You’re fine. And one is asking for
    80 thousand US dollars, the other one is 90 thousand US
    dollars. We expect to spend 100 thousand dollars total on the end of the refit. That means if we spend a hundred thousand dollars this is gonna be almost a brand need boat. Because we’re gonna change everything we’ll need to change, we’re gonna fix everything we need to fix. We are gonna do all the… the mast. Yeah all the standing rigs and running rings we’re gonna do all the rigging again. And the painting again. The engine is actually moving, it’s actually turning. We didn’t try it yet, but it’s gonna work. We are waiting for the batteries to arrive to try the engine. We bought the batteries straight from the factory. So, we are waiting for it to arrive. Yeah. And just so you guys be more relaxed we are in the marina that is a working
    marina, it’s like a boat yard, and one of the main centers of boat building in Brazil. So we have professionals of any kind you can imagine here and we have supervision, we have people helping us. We are not doing… we’re not crazy. We are not two kids just like trying to get killed on the ocean. We are trying to make a boat
    seaworthy. This boat was meant to go to Antarctica
    when the former owner bought the boat, so it’s a really really strong boat. With time you guys you understand, with time we’re gonna show all the details on each week on the videos. We intend to have one video every Monday
    10 o’clock Brazilian time in the morning. So we always are gonna show all the details, but it takes time. We cannot show everything in 1 week. People think that this was something like… It’s understandable because YouTube there are so many YouTube channels showing like… we just bought a boat, we’ve never sail before and we’ve just bought it, out of blue. This is another question. We had sail experience, this is our third boat. We had 2 boats before this one. Duca actually sails since he was a child. Yeah, when I was a child my family’s
    summer house was a sailboat, a 35 feet for like almost 15 years. So basically we live in a island, we always been around boats. My grandfather built boats before.
    So it’s not something that we are not thinking about. It’s not something like crazy… these stupid kids just got their parents money and just just bought a boat and are just play around with dad”s money. That’s not true. Not many people know that, but I went back to the university to be an engineer to save money to buy a boat. And that’s the reality. That’s the truth. And we had a long-term plan and the way we afford to this boat wasn’t and with YouTube money yet. And it wasn’t with the savings we had for the house. The house we built with our savings, that
    we’ve worked hard, saved money and all the house is paid with our money. But one year ago we
    started make some money with YouTube. So the money from YouTube helped the
    house already and made our saving last for longer. But there is a sponsorship. One big cool sponsorship. That’s connected with the name of the channel. Finally, after almost 2 years we’re gonna explain you why the channel is called Odd Life Crafting. So, sit, relax, get a coffee because the story comes now. Yeah, it’s gonna be
    worth. if I was you I would sit and just… It’s a cool story. We’ve been wanting
    to tell this story for a long time. Our patrons already know. We told our
    patrons because… I’m not gonna say anything because it’s Duca’s story. So I’m gonna just sit here and listen for I don’t know how many times I’ve listen to this. Yeah. So basically… my dad 43 years ago was an exchange student in the US, in Pennsylvania. And in high school he used to have a friend that was his age they were like 15 or 16, and they were good friends. And then my dad came back to Brazil and
    they lost contact. When I was… I say 12 but I think I was like 10 years old or 11, he started sending letters to his friend again and this guy went to Florianópolis where we live in Brazil for the first time. And he loved Brazil. And after that he came to Brazil for years every single year. Sometimes once, sometimes twice, sometimes 3 times a year. And this guy was the guy that taught me how to speak English, this guy was the owner of
    the first camera I touched in my life. The first picture camera I used
    actually. And I grew up as a friend of this friend of my dad, right? So he would come to Brazil, my dad would be at work and he would say: “take him to go downtown and take him out”. And that’s how I learned English, with with this guy. And then when I was in the university… Business school. My first degree, when I was 19 I went to business school and this guy used to own a company in the States and I went for a internship. So I worked for 3 months at his company, just during my summer break doing an internship on his company. And during 10 years… And I used to work in his company live in his house and he would show me like everything take us to restaurants and the whole thing. He was like his kid. Yeah, but not just me. During 10 years he had 18 interns from Brazil in his company . Every single one of them was either my brother, my cousin, my brother’s friend, my
    brother’s brother’s friend friend, of a friend. All 18 know each other, all friends
    of friends and we all know each other. And then I think 10 years ago
    he had a surgery and he believed he could die so he did a last will. He wrote a last wheel. No one knew about that and he didn’t die. 5 years later or something, after his last will and after his surgery he died out of a heart attack. And then we found out that all 18 Brazilians were on his last will. That was just… crazy. It’s just like how are we in someone’s last will in the States. It’s just… yeah. Crazy story. But just to make it short… we waited for 5 years to know how much we would… he will give us. Because he needs to sell his company and his house and his apartment and blah blah blah blah… Someone needed to sell… Yeah, someone needed
    to sell everything. But I knew I would get some money from that. And when we decided to start a YouTube channel back in Indonesia we didn’t know if I… if the
    money would be I don’t know 5 thousand dollars if it was gonna be
    15 thousand dollars, we had no idea. But we knew that once the money come… came… yeah, once I received the money this money was gonna go towards
    our dream boat. As we knew the money from the last will would go towards the boat and our dream for the channel was in the end to have a boat and sail around with our boat and live on the boat, we decided to put the name Odd Life Crafting because my friend’s name is actually Odd. So basically our first patron is Odd
    because he is the guy that paid for… I don’t know 70% of this boat. So basically they boat cost $50,000 out of that he paid for $36,000 of the boat. Yes. we are lucky. Yes, we are lucky. You need to speak a little bit louder because this noise is… I’m sorry for the noise. It’s just… We’re in a working marina so someone is working. Yeah, so basically he paid for 36,000 out
    of 50,000. The rest we used to own a 26 foot boat that when we went to the University in Sydney Australia when I went to my master degree I sold half of the boat to a friend and then I own… we own half of a boat. So half of our other boat was another $13,000 (*U$11,000) maybe. So that means 36 plus 13… we needed like
    $4,000 ($3,000) or something like that, that our Patreons paid for. Thanks, guys. You guys are
    awesome. So basically we paid for the boat with my friends last will, with half of our our 26-foot sailboat plus our patrons support. And that’s awesome. And now you guys must be wondering: “so you’re crazy, you have just the money for the boat and now you are screwed” Because you know this refit is gonna cost maybe the same amount we pay for the boat. It could cost. But remember that I said that
    we intended to build the house with our money? Actually we make money on YouTube and then we didn’t need to pay for the entire house with our money. Right now all the money that goes to the house is YouTube money. And thanks to you guys that watch all our videos, that’s how we can afford to fix this boat. Because to be honest right now if the views keep going as they are we are gonna be able to pay for the whole refit with YouTube money and that’s a dream. Because even before I wanted to buy a
    boat I wanted to produce documentaries. This is a dream of mine since 2005 when I
    went to the film festival of Marrakesh, international movie festival Marrakesh in
    Morocco. It’s been a long long time plan and goal for life. And now it’s just everything coming together that’s so cool. So what we are doing now it’s
    our dreams combined. It’s the dream of producing documentaries, the dream of photographing everything, the dream of… Sharing everything, it’s just all together. And to share it with you guys it’s amazing, because
    we have so much… so many commenters… It’s inspiring… Yeah, this relationship is just crazy because we just… It’s crazy to post a video and one
    day later 10 thousand people saw it and commented and gave you
    advice and opinions and it’s just crazy. And if the dream goes forward and one
    day we travel to different country with this boat we’re gonna meet a lot of
    people that we are just like distance friends now. Virtually friends. Virtual friends. And we were afraid of changing
    from the container house to sailboat. But since we started to shoot the sailboat the channel started growing a lot. Yeah, a lot. And we are… excited. Really excited. I have no words. Yeah, but we’re gonna finish the house, don’t worry. That’s not the point. We didn’t gave up on the house. The house is… we have a really… how do I
    explain that? The house is also another dream of us. It’s like a little kid, it’s like our first kid the house. We put a lot of love on the house, we worked so hard on the house and we will finish the house. Because we wanted to come… we want
    to live in the boat but we also want to have this small tiny home base,
    like land base, that we can go back and visit the family and… you know, the whole thing. And a tiny house always was our dream also. We’re trying to live fully and trying to live what we believe. And that’s 100% honest. We are not shooting videos about this boat to make money on YouTube. We are not doing… we didn’t start a YouTube channel because everyone has a YouTube channel and now is the… we are gonna be youtubers. That’s not true. That’s not the thing. Truly, it’s not the thing. And it’s just… we are really really
    thankful for people that watch it. Really really thankful, because otherwise we would not be able to keep doing it. Because we had some savings, but it wouldn’t last forever, you know? And we would need to go back to a regular job in a office a job and that’s not… I mean, nothing wrong with that, but right now we are full-time like… really committed to this project and as you guys saw, we have a lot of work ahead. Oh! By the way… You can go. No, you can go. No. I would say just so let’s go to work
    because we have a lot to do. One last thing. Some people commented that we are not
    gonna finish this boat in 3 months. We know we are not gonna finish this boat
    in 3 months. We are gonna do what is necessary to put the boat back in water and to take the boat back to where we live, so we can finish the house and then
    we can finish the boat. So it’s painting, engine and the mast we’re gonna… Some pipes and some… Electrician and pipes. Just some water supplies and stuff. Just to make sure the rubber won’t break. And we can live inside of it. But we are not gonna have… you guys know already, we’re not gonna fix the mast yet, we’re gonna take it without a mast to be quick otherwise we are gonna run out
    of time in the marina and here can became expensive. But we need to be thankful because in the marina they are so helpful. And there are… We couldn’t be in a better place right now to work on boat. For sure we’re gonna miss this place. We’re gonna miss it for sure. We also wants to thank our new patrons for this week. Yeah, but this week it’s hard to write somewhere and it’s hard to remember all the names because the list is too big. That’s pretty cool. Thanks so much, Pierre, Tiago, Alex, Niko, One two and also our… That was a really amazing surprise. When we lived in Sydney, back in 2016, I used to work delivering food by push bike, by bicycle. And my good friend, my best friend from the Deliveroo, the company that I used to deliver food with was a guy from… Ukraine. Oleksii, we’re so so proud and so happy to have you as a patron. That was just… When we got the email saying Oleksii I was like “no no no no. Is this Oleksii? For real?” That’s actually… We talked to him and that’s him. That’s
    so so cool. We’re so so happy. We get so excited when a friend is on board with us. Thank you, guys. We really really appreciate the support. You are awesome. And we see you guys next week. Join the crew

    ⛵️The reality of buying an abandoned Sailboat (22 years on the hard) Made of Steel  #093
    Articles, Blog

    ⛵️The reality of buying an abandoned Sailboat (22 years on the hard) Made of Steel #093

    August 14, 2019

    The boat is a mess this week. Check it out. I’m Roberta. And I’m Duca. And for the past year we have been building our own tiny shipping container house. Made possible by our Patrons (Thank you!!) So we can travel around knowing that we will always have this little place that we can call home. But guess what? We’ve just found our dream project before we expected: this abandoned sailboat. So we are gonna stop building the house for a couple months to bring our boat back to life and then we’re gonna go back in finish the house. *New episode every Monday!! What is going on here? It seems like we were in a war. Yeah, look at that. We took all these off around this hatch. We know that’s not in good shape. But we already knew that. We just didn’t knew… didn’t know we were gonna do it this week. We took this one off also this
    one off. And on the bedroom. No, and this one off. This entire one off. And… All this off. Why did we do all that? I think we need to go outside to show you why we did that. Yeah, we did that because of this. Once we started to hit the rust we discovered that we have some holes. So, we pretty much have… I don’t know, like five six holes
    like these ones. And as we are on the dry it’s the best time to do that. And as
    we’re gonna paint the entire boat that’s the perfect time to fix the holes and
    weld small plates here, right? Yeah, we’re gonna weld some plates on this, but in order to do that we need to take all the interior off otherwise it’s gonna burn. It’s gonna burn because the weld is really
    really hot and then there is EPS inside and then we can just throw fire on the
    whole boat, we don’t want to do that. And basically before you say that the boat
    is in bad shape we knew about that. Before we bought it. So now all we need to do is to cut this piece off and to weld a small plate in this that and that and the other hatch. And for that we count with some help this week, right? Yeah. Yeah, we had some friends over for the weekend and they helped us to take the whole ceiling apart. And they’re actually our patrons. It’s so good when a patron is actually handy. They can give some hand and help us. João and Lina they are the couple that are our patrons that actually introduced us to this boat. He knew a guy that knew a guy that own this… No… he’s like third generation of someone
    that someone that knew this boat. He is friend of a friend of the former owner. So he is the one that showed us the boat and gave us to buy, and that’s pretty cool. And he was anxious to know the boat personally, so they came here. But, we’re talking to much already. Let’s show you some action and these are João and Lina, our good friends. Let’s get started. We gave up on this one… for now!! So, we have friends today. Hello. Hello. One day we will finish that. Yes. Eventually. Probably. The hard thing is to put back in place and
    knowing where are all the pieces but… It’s like a puzzle. A huge one. So, our ceiling is made of laminated,
    plywood, EPS and the galvanized steel. Well, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do, right? We need to make a t-shirt written: sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. No break though. Ops. I’m gonna show you the outside, the rust. The one they are working now is this one. Hello, guys. Hey. So, we need to weld this. And this. There is only one panel that we couldn’t take off. We still need to… I don’t know find out how to do it, but we will do it eventually. Good for today. Done? We see you tomorrow. Not Yet!! Our first Patreons to try the booze. *These bottles have been sitting on the boat for at least 22 years and someone needed to taste to check if they are still good How many years? Whiskey… I’m gonna just try the open ones. Yeah, we’re gonna keep the sealed ones sealed. At least 22. There is no seal, the seal is broken, right? Is broken? It’s broken, look at that. You can try it then. It’s not full. We can try it. I don’t like whisky, but… I’m trying it. First tryer. Still alive? Yes. Good. At least 22 years. That’s 15 years old plus 22, that means… 37 and that’s open. 37 open. Do you wanna try this? Why not. They are gonna be drunk really soon. Bad news. Well, we lost all the footages of our friends drinking, trying all the buzz. The only one that we have is that ones that we showed. Somehow we deleted I don’t know how. It’s just too many videos (files) the same time and we lost that one. Sorry, guys. We’re really really sorry. But we guarantee you
    that was fun day. They tried every single bottle that was opened. They even got one for gift, wedding gift. That’s cool. They are gonna get married next month, we’re gonna go to the wedding actually. And we gave as a gift the bottle. And by the way just before you
    guys say anything… João is a doctor, he is anesthesiologist, so he knows about chemicals, he studies chemicals. And it was on his own risks. He said he wanted to try, we didn’t make he do anything. That was his own choice, right? Yeah. And Lina trusts him so… you know they tried it and they liked it actually. And they are alive. So now we can tell you that liquor after 22 years sitting there it’s fine. Even if it’s open. Let’s keep going. Finally. It’s not that bad. Finally, we did it. The reason why we are doing all this mess here is because the screws for this
    panel were underneath this piece of wood. And this is perfectly glued, the whole frame, and we didn’t want to take this frame off. And here we have a trim and the trim
    can hold that in place. So, it’s gonna be fine to cut. I don’t think it’s gonna be a problem. No. So, we did it. At least this one. Good job. One less problem. So the idea is to be inside with a wet cloth. And a fire extinguisher. And a fire extinguisher. Masks. Well, we have good and bad news. So let’s show you what I mean. Good news. We fixed all the holes around the hatches. These were all rust problems that
    we fixed. This was a problem created by the wooden frame around the hatches that when this boat was made they built it with this wooden frame. We found a boat just like
    ours to show you what we mean. That makes a lot easier to understand it. So here is a image of this boat. So, this was the twin boat that were here at the same marina that we are. It’s so cool because we went inside it and it’s exactly the same boat inside. It’s crazy. But basically these wooden frames would hold water in between the plate of the boat and the wood. And that would help to create rust
    with time. But this problem is solved. The other one that we cannot… we didn’t solve yet… That’s the bad news. We have some rust here. But we don’t know how it got rusted. But the bad news is not this, it’s not that we don’t know how it was created. The bad news is that we need to take
    apart a piece of furniture inside and it’s all glued. Yeah, basically we didn’t figure out yet how to take apart what we need inside. It’s just… we’ve been working on that for a week. And it’s just right in between the
    head (bathroom) and the saloon, in a area that if we need to take both panels off it’s just like half of the side of the boat. What are you doing? We need to take this off. That’s not good, but we need to do it. We have some patches to do on the
    welding outside and there is EPS inside here. So if we weld outside it’s gonna
    put this on fire. So we need to take this whole thing off. We’re trying to fix
    every single bad spot on the steel of the hull, otherwise in the future we’ll need to fix it again and we don’t want to fix it again anytime soon, so… Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do, right? And if you do it right you do it
    once if you do it wrong you do many times. So let’s try to do it right. More good and bad news. Look at that. I don’t know if you can see it. We see the beginning of the hole right there. And the good news is we could open
    this and now we can weld on here. But we believe that the hole will come all the way to here and then is the worse it could be. Because then we need to take this whole
    one piece off. But we’re gonna try first to create a hole on the worst spot
    outside and see where it’s gonna land. We’re gonna see if it’s here or there. Let’s try it there. It’s really thin. See? And how about here? Now we go inside and see where this is and then we can measure… 3 fingers. So, let’s see it. We need at least three fingers after that, at least. Fingers… fingers crossed now. Yeah, basically. No good… Bad news. We are really really close. But really really far. I mean we’re really
    close actually… Bad news… We’re gonna need to take all this and it’s really really well glued. And we also have this frame here that’s all glued. But actually… wait wait wait… We need to examine it now to see how bad this is. Yeah, we have like 2 fingers… We’re gonna think and then we’re gonna show you. We have good news. Not necessarily, we think we might have
    good news. It seems like the hole is on the high spot. So maybe we don’t need to
    take this off, we just need to have the panel off. So now we’re gonna take this
    part of the panel off. You guys must be tired of us just… this mess, right? Just like go and forward. Let’s skip this part and go straight, not
    straight… We’re just gonna film some time lapses and then we’re gonna show you
    what… The final result. What’s the plan? The plan is to use this fiberglass cloth to stick inside so we don’t get the wood in fire or the EPS. This is basically to protect the heat of coming through this piece of wood, so we can weld it. Let’s hope it works. But also we are waiting for the welder, he’s gonna bring some argon gas. So we’re gonna insert gas on the back so we avoid fire. That’s the plan. That’s it. Finally, we finished all the welds of the
    hull of the boat. Check it out. This used to be the big hole, here one and
    there another one. By the way, this gray color
    is a intershield 300 from international. That’s just a treatment for the steel to make sure the welds in the new plate won’t rust. And then we’re gonna give the finishing in the future. But we’re gonna talk about painting
    in the future episode because there is a lot more on the painting inside of the boat. There is some weld that we didn’t show in this episode. We’re gonna show you in a future episode also because… And there is a cool thing about the welding. I took some classes of TIG welding. But that is for the future. And also we didn’t finish this yet.
    I mean… he did finish it we just need to trim it and get right in
    the right position. It’s not easy to do the angle that we need there. But, we’re working on that. Other than that we already started
    working on the painting as you can tell. A lot of intershield around the deck. By the way that’s all covered because it’s a rainy weekend this weekend. So we decided to cover just to guarantee we don’t get water on a cockpit because the hatch for
    the engine is open. Ups. Talking too much. We broke a record this week. That’s so cool. We had an insane amount of new patrons coming on board to support us and help us to achieve our goal to finish the refit of our sailboat. That’s amazing how the world have so many generous people. People that are willing to help some
    strangers all the way from the south of Brazil. Welcome on board, guys. The list is really big (*long). So, get a mug, get some coffee, relax. And enjoy the list of new patrons. Sorry for the mispronouncing because they are not Brazilian names. Some of them we don’t know how to pronounce but we are gonna try it. Yeah, we’re gonna give our best
    because sometimes it’s tough. Ulf, Robert, Spike, Olov, Sailing Broken Halo, Marell, Ilja, Christijan, Sailing Roxanne, John, Tom & Rocki, Rastrops, Mike, Roger, Jonathan, XineasHD, Martin, Robin, Zoltán, Dave, Alex, Casey, Kerry, Scott, Tim, Paul, Dominic, George, Ken, Mikael, Jeremy. Guys, thanks so so much. We really
    really really appreciate the support. And we see you guys next week. Next Monday. We see you, guys. The wall in between the bathroom and the main room. The saloon. Yeah, it’s in between the saloon and the… The galey, no the head. It’s just tough. Join the crew

    ⛵️After 22 years abandoned 😱it’s time to (pressure) wash our sailboat #092
    Articles, Blog

    ⛵️After 22 years abandoned 😱it’s time to (pressure) wash our sailboat #092

    August 14, 2019

    As you can tell the boat is a lot different already. What we are gonna do this week? We’re gonna prepare the boat for painting. This week we’re gonna give a huge clean up outside of the boat and start taking things off the deck so we can finally finally start painting this boat. So, let’s get started. I’m Roberta. And I’m Duca. And for the past year we have been building our own tiny shipping container house. Made possible by our Patrons (Thank you!!) So we can travel around knowing that we
    will always have this little place that we can call home. But guess what? We just found our dream project before we expected: this abandoned sailboat. So we’re gonna stop building the house for a couple months to bring our boat back to life. And then we’re gonna go back and finish the house. *New episode every Monday!! So, we’re gonna wash this now. We’re really curious to see the boat without this black part. We have a long way to go. Let’s get to work then. It’s a pretty easy job and actually it’s really fun. Of course we should have done the deck
    before but the machine was with some problems. And we were curious to see the side of
    the boat. It’s fine, it’s all good. Ready? Yeah. Let’s do it. We only have one trouble, the rest is fine. This is the only one that is giving us some trouble. To be continued… Too many locked bolts… leave it for later… Last job of the day. At least the mosquitoes didn’t kill us yet. At leas another successful job. Yeah, a successful job. That’s pretty good. It’s good when you do something from beginning to end. Not like this. All these marks are the ones that we couldn’t take off. It’s like 15 from each side. We need a better tool and we will eventually get that done. Otherwise we will need to screw on
    the top of it and that’s gonna be a mess. We’re practicing how to get the
    drone on the air because once we are sailing we will need to do that moving and that’s gonna be a lot harder. Successful mission. Success. Next try. We tried all the methods you could imagine to take this screw off. So now the next step is to break
    the screw. Let’s see if we can do it. The big, not the huge. That’s a victory. We won one. One out of 30 screws that we need to take off. After half an hour. That method was taking too long, so… Last chance. If we don’t do it with this I don’t know how we’re gonna do it. Jig saw it is. Good news. We can do it. Is it off? Yeah. It worked, but now we have another… I don’t know… 20 or 30 to go. We can do it. That’s a really really really good thing. You guys have no idea how big of a
    victory this is. That was like a week fighting with this track. We did it. That’s pretty good. So, what day is today? Moving day. Today we are finally gonna move the boat from here after years. We’re gonna write somewhere the amount of years it’s been sitting exactly on this spot. Because in 22 years the boat
    went to many spots on the boat yard. We found out which day… the exactly day this boat is been here in this marina. So just for fun, that’s the picture
    of the dates the boat moved on the last 22 years. Yeah, but today we’re gonna take the boat to the covered place. Because we are gonna start sanding the hull to get ready for the painting. That’s the idea. So we are waiting for a travel lift and we’re gonna see the boat on the Travel lift for the first time. That’s exciting and scary. But let’s do it. Here we go. Looks pretty good!! Hello. New home? Yeah. So here’s our new spot. Really loud because everyone… It’s pretty dark inside now. And really loud. A lot of people working here. But it’s all good. At least now we can sand the boat and no rain is gonna come because… It’s about time to welcome on board our new Patrons. Yep. The list is long this week also. Thanks so much and welcome on board Ivan, Z-non or Zac. Timothy, Orville, Mattheu, David, Marek, Eric, William, Randy and William. Another William. Guys, thanks so much we really really really appreciate the support. And we hope you guys enjoy the extra video that we are gonna prepare today for you. Yeah, today we are gonna shoot a short… Sometimes we have been doing that, a short up to date video exclusively for Patrons. Because the refit is just too long and we’re not like in real time right now . So, it’s just a perk just to show you how is the boat right now. We hope you enjoy it. We see you guys next week. Join the crew

    Moving Aboard our Sailboat & Freedom Party | Sailing Soulianis – Ep. 7
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    Moving Aboard our Sailboat & Freedom Party | Sailing Soulianis – Ep. 7

    August 12, 2019

    Last time on Sailing Soulianis We’re buying a boat in a half hour Alright, congratulations you guys How official can this get we’ve been waiting so long for this whatcha standing on there our boat That’s what you wanted me to say, right yeah it’s our home I could actually fit in here. it is that
    big! you know think about maybe putting some more insulation in it. So
    what are you gonna cook me at the stove I have no idea we gotta figure out I’ll
    work at first Just chillin in our boat Look at all these chives! Mmm they smell so good Would you like a mojito? Yeah we gotta get some rum so now we’re gonna get some
    lunch it’s very beautiful day we could go sail the boat instead of just look at it. We could. You’re nervous. Yeah I’m nervous. Cause its OUR boat Because it’s our boat and it’s a giant beast We just got a thumbs up from that lady we drove past I think she was trying to hitchhike. I don’t think she was telling us “you’re cool” I think she was like “gimme a ride” Probably I like that that was your first reaction though “Oh that lady thinks we’re cool!” But it was this type of thumbs up not that type of thumbs up So it’s like, which… “you’re cool, gimme a ride, you’re cool, gimme a ride…” I don’t know yeah I’m nervous to take that thing out
    of this slip too. when we were out on it with Jeff and Linda last week the gravity of the situation hit me. specifically how much weight is actually in this boat how large the mode actually is and how we us two tiny people are now going to be
    responsible for this 15,000 pound… don’t think about it that way. it’s so
    light and beautiful just a tiny puff of air can send it gliding through the water. sure yeah when it’s not in the middle of a 50-foot wide river right next to a drawbridge that
    sometimes doesn’t open. I’m glad you know how to drive boats. yeah I know how to drive boats. it makes me very nervous as well. but I think we just need
    to go do it a few times and we’ll get better at it and yeah yeah I would say
    it is definitely one of the most difficult docking situations. The first one. Mango our sellers are so lovely and put
    together a to-do list of sorts for day-to-day procedures, and what you do when
    you haul it out in the fall which we probably won’t be doing, but it’s nice to have. The first section is “Do not lose” The wire hook and fiberglass rod in the drawer on the side of the navigation table needed for taking out the battens in the main sail and then, the wire rod under the pilot berth used to clean out hole for water to drain into bilge from engine area. alright. do you know where all those things are? we’ve already lost them. why thank you. we go anywhere in the world, from here. as long as its… on the water. the world is our Rocky Mountain oyster. Oh look it there’s that whole storage area below there think I can put that coconut water in here? sure Oh man, what a day. We went sailing for the second time. and Kirk docked the boat perfectly and it was a beautiful day. It was like 10 knot winds and we were just on a beam reach straight out into Lake Michigan and then straight back and we’re sitting on the floor. or on
    the cabins sole. is that right? this is our freedom party. 4th of July. [Kirk’s mom: freedom from what?] [Kirk’s dad: freedom from land!] Freedom from ordinary life ordinary life [Lauren’s dad: never gonna see you landlubbers again] ready? here we go… to freedom! Wooooooo! Yewwwww! Cameraman [Kirk’s mom: Did you pay $5 for that bottle?] [Lauren: yeah] Mmm ahh, sweet. Sweet taste of freedom! Mmm delicious the first week after moving board was
    full of firsts. everything was moving, there were new sounds the front doorstep was moving up and down as the river levels rose and fell even the seemingly simple things required extra thought like how to move around the boat without bumping your shins or elbows how to start the stove and where we’re gonna set up and work during the day with so much to learn about living on a
    boat we were really happy to be living right in downtown Racine where we had
    everything we needed right within walking distance this is our alcohol stove puck. it’s very large hockey puck. so we put denatured alcohol into there and then we put it back in here, turn it all the way on light the stove and then turn it down.
    basically what we’re doing here is we are burning the fumes of this as it
    evaporates. all we’re doing with this control is opening that. it’s kind of how
    it works [or we think] We think. [we’re trying to
    make eggs] Eggs with legs coming up bring in ZE EGGS! There’s people sleeping around here I got carried away. I think they’re probably awake now. Sorry Ty. Oh he’s awake. Alright good. So what do you got there Toasted ciabatta bread. Sliced tomato, sliced avocado, fried egg with some sliced onion fried into it and mixed berries. and where did we make that we made it on our boat. but I think the answer you were looking for was our alcohol stove. it worked! yay! it was actually it was a lot hotter than I thought it was going to be. I mean everyone was making fun about how alcohol stoves don’t get very hot and how it takes forever to warm your food to “room temperature” but we had fried eggs in like 3 minutes. I’ve got a bit of a mess on my hands we’ve been living out of our suitcases
    out of the back of our car even though we’ve been staying in the boat because
    we actually didn’t really have anywhere to put our clothes. we’ve got these tall
    hanging lockers in the vberth and they don’t have any shelves or anything in
    them so we were kind of waiting to figure out how we’re gonna organize
    everything. We got this thing. Should work for now. it was a cheap easy fix. it doesn’t really utilize all the space in the locker. So maybe we’ll build shelves in the future but in an effort to start sailing and get all of our stuff stowed away, this was a quick fix. it’s hard to see the mess from that angle the chart table is full of hard drives
    that we need to consolidate because there’s no way we can take like twelve
    hard drives which i think is what we have right now in the boat. a lot of this
    stuff is my clothes, to be honest. there’s electronic equipment, cameras and stuff
    that hasn’t found a home yet so gonna try to figure that out.
    kitchen’s not terrible but we’ve got a bunch more stuff in boxes that still
    needs to be stowed. so that’s my job today. so Kirk and I just finished a little
    workout on the dock right next to the boat and it’s about eight o’clock and
    I’m on my way to there’s a little liquor store right across the bridge from where
    the marina is so I’m going to get some white wine and Kirk’s cooking dinner right now I decided to get a little bit better view you can kind of see the boat over there she’s not the blue one, not that white one, but she’s behind that big white one we’ve been on the boat for 4 days now and so far so awesome it’s it’s finally feeling real after years of dreaming about this and probably I don’t know three or four
    false starts with other boats we finally are living on our boat which is so cool We’ve moved all of our stuff pretty
    much on to the boat we weathered a storm last night and
    there was no leaks Kirk and I have been working all day We spent the whole weekend putting stuff away on the boat and this morning we
    were back to our official jobs which is photography and video editing for me and
    for Kirk it’s project managing website design okay I’m going to go buy this bottle of wine and go enjoy dinner What did you cook us for dinner? I cooked quinoa… quinoa with kale and a
    cucumber mint salad wow and we’re going to have hummus and pita chips Cheers We’re going to Milwaukee today

    Liveaboard Century Old Sailboat Tour: Circumnavigation & Single Handing Ocean Crossings
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    Liveaboard Century Old Sailboat Tour: Circumnavigation & Single Handing Ocean Crossings

    August 12, 2019

    Hello, my name is Martin and that’s my boat. The name is Styrr. The boat is 108 years old years old and I own her now for 12 years. I’ve been sailing since I’m a little boy so
    50 years, 60 years. The first boat I owned that was a 420, a sailing dinghy. Sailed
    around Italy to Greece to Turkey and back. Then I had a steel boat that was
    built in the Netherlands. We took her to all the canals in France. Then the boats
    were getting bigger and bigger and now I’m in this one. Twenty years ago this was my
    home. We sailed around the world twice. Once with this boat once with the
    previous boat and now we are planning to sail to Madagascar. We have paying
    clients sailing with us usually the Med for one
    week. Usually they are families with kids. So we have to stay in the Med for maybe
    two or three years and then we’ll see. Maybe going down the Red Sea, maybe go to the Pacific and then Southeast Asia. This way too. She’s about 80 foot over deck. A gaff
    rig ketch. It’s eight working sails. I have more but I don’t use them all the time.
    Got the windlass for the anchor. Down here you have the storage for the chain and I have paint down here and wine and stuff like that. Down here they have been the water tanks but we moved them. Now it’s a cabin. I’m
    alone on the boat now so all the chairs and stuff is removed. Yeah, that’s a good thing on this boat, there are different levels so people can sit here or they can go on to the cabin roof. Here I sit for my morning coffee. This is the deck house. In bad weather we can sit outside. We have the fuel as well. It’s not like in a normal yacht where you’re always downstairs. Three cabins like this one. It’s a double. It’s for two people or for kids they
    can sleep up there. They have the shower and toilet there, just straight ahead. That we call a small cabin. We give
    it for one person or if they are really in love there can be two. It’s not that big. This is nice and it’s big, a lot of storage. It has been before, as far as I know, the owner cabin. Aft bathroom here. The boat was built in Scotland so
    originally she was sailing in cold countries so this stove is here. I use it
    in the winter in the Med as well. I just make a big fire in there. That’s the galley so we can cook here
    for yeah like 10 people. it’s not big but it’s okay. It works. We use electric and
    gas, but it’s hard to refill the gas bottles sometimes so we change. Now we only have electric. It makes things easier. That’s the wheelhouse or when I’m sailing
    alone I can sleep up here so I have the overview. Standard navigation and stuff.
    I’ve two autopilot cause I did a lot of crossings like Pacific or Atlantic on my
    own so I need a lot of electronic around the world. When I bought the boat
    electronic was out of the maybe 70’s. It was good stuff, but not
    useful anymore and I’ve got lucky I’ve got hit by a lightning strike and this
    lightning strike killed everything and the insurance paid so I could buy the new
    one. *laughter* I got hit twice by lightning. Some of the boat must be magnetic. That’s the engine room. That’s the place where I spend my days and nights. That’s the main engines. I can store six tons of fuel. The main engines are from
    Rolls-Royce from the 60’s-70’s as far as I know. And that’s the generator.
    Bunch of old stuff you need for the world around the sea. Water I can store 1000 liter, but I have a water maker that is producing 250 liters an hour so I don’t need more
    water storage. That’s enough. The boat was ending here. When I bought
    her it was just a wall and nothing in between so I just ripped it out to make
    the bed bigger. And the hatch was not here. In
    case of a fire I thought it was a good idea if you have an emergency escape. Our cabin is down here so we try to keep
    the people out of here so we don’t make it too comfortable. We have the washing machine here
    and the freezer and all the stuff I need for working and yeah that’s my hammock.
    That’s my second bed. I use solar panels as well. I have three on this side and three on the other side. When I’m alone I can live on the solar panels. With
    people on board, it’s impossible. You see the mast, I did it in Turkey new
    and that wood was not completely dry so it’s bent a little bit. Now this one is from laminated wood as well and they are not special or waterproof, just
    standard laminated wood, but it stays. The wires, they are standard wires.
    Nothing is stainless steel. Stainless steel looks good-looks good and the next day just breaks. Galvanize is more elastic. It’s honest. I see it gets rusty then
    you can change. Plus for insurance you would have to change your wires every I
    guess ten years or something and this one’s now 14 years old. I can just buy
    the stuff in the hardware store, makes it cheaper. I can do everything on
    my own I don’t need special terminals or anything. Well, it’s dangerous. I mean staying at
    home, maybe you get hit by a car or whatever. Now living
    around world, it’s completely safe. In these 20 years I’ve got nothing stolen. I never
    had some bad experience nowhere. I mean just try, but there are different ways
    you can live and you can be happy and standard job can be good as well. But you
    start with a small boat somewhere or get a boat and across the Atlantic and we
    will see what happens. I’ll try to do this as long as I can. I don’t know how long it
    works. Now I’m 61 years old and with 70, I don’t know if I still have the power to do
    it, but then I will find something else. *laughter*

    Woodworker Builds The Perfect Tiny House Boat for Life on the Water
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    Woodworker Builds The Perfect Tiny House Boat for Life on the Water

    August 12, 2019

    >>MAT: Hey everyone, we were just driving down the highway and came across this really awesome floating houseboat. So we contacted the builder, Richard, and he agreed to put it in the water for us so we could have a look. He built it all himself by hand. It’s like a tiny floating cabin. It looks tiny, but you’ll be really surprised to see how much he was able to fit in this houseboat There’s a dinette that turns into a bed, a full kitchen with fridge, sink, cooktop, there’s a heater, a full bathroom with a toilet, separate sink and shower, and on top of that there’s a super spacious deck for hanging out and enjoying the surroundings Ever since we saw this boat, we can’t stop imagining how cool it would be to live in this for a whole summer. Just living on the water. So we’re really excited to show you this we’re gonna give you a full tour. Let’s go take a look inside! [Music Playing] So this houseboat is 24 feet long (7.3 m) long and 8.5 feet wide (2.6 m) wide It weighs 5,700 lbs and it’s set up on three aluminum pontoons There’s a gas motor with a 192-liter gas tank at the front. For solar power, there’s a 260 Watt solar panel hooked up to two 6-volt AGM sealed batteries and there’s a 30 lb (13.6 kg) horizontal propane tank used to power the heater, the cooktop, and the hot water heater. So when you come in, this is the whole living area so there’s a little dinette here that converts into a sleeping area. You just remove the leg, lower the table and make your bed [Music Playing] There’s also a bunch of storage underneath the benches like this Over here is a pretty nice and spacious kitchen, there’s a sink, a propane stove, and actually quite a bit of counter space. And over here is the fridge. It’s 4.5 cubic feet, it’s electric and it runs entirely off the solar power system. There’s a ton of storage and there are some nice handmade drawers here For the heater. It’s a little propane Martin heater here. This is a pretty nice feature, too, there’s some open shelving but he added some mesh because things are moving around in the boat quite a bit. Over here is the roof vent that runs off the solar power system also to get some good air circulation and prevent it from getting too hot in here. All the LED lights are also running off solar power. And this is the little dining area. There are some cup holders here and some storage for a few things here if the boat’s rocking and it won’t move around and believe it or not even though this space is tiny, there’s a full bathroom with a toilet and a shower. So it’s just a dry toilet, dry composting toilet. And in the same space, there’s a small shower. There’s also a separate sink and then the floor is made of wood slats and the water drains through the wood slats into the greywater system. And if you’re taking a shower, you just close the curtain all around to cover the door and the toilet. [Music Playing] The sink in the kitchen, the sink in the bathroom and also the shower all run off a 12-volt pump and they all drain into a custom greywater filtration system that Richard designed. So apparently here in Quebec you’re allowed to dump your greywater (if you’re on a boat) directly in the body of water that you’re on. Richard thought it was important to filter the greywater before dumping it so he actually custom-built a greywater filtration system. It’s basically a big charcoal filter that purifies the water before letting it drain. There’s a 56-liter freshwater tank but you can also flip a switch and draw water directly from the lake or a river that you’re on. For example if you want to take a shower without emptying your freshwater tank, you just flip that switch and take your shower like that. [Music Playing] It’s cool that there’s a bunch of windows in here, you can get a really nice view from pretty much every angle. You can open a few of them so you can get some nice air flow. There’s also the big patio doors at the front and a really nice touch is that he put some small glass panels at the edge here and it’s just a really nice touch gives it a cool effect. You’ll notice all the woodwork, all the cabinetry, the beams, the ceiling, everything has been made by hand by Richard. He’s actually a woodworker, a professional woodworker. So you can tell that everything’s beautifully crafted and made with a lot of care. For the wood, he used mostly white cedar which is one of the lightest woods in the world and it’s great to use on a boat because it doesn’t rot like other types of wood. And one of the coolest things about this mini floating house is the huge patio door leading onto a deck Right now, this boat is kind of set up more as a fishing boat, but he’s actually planning on building one that’s more of a home so there’s gonna be some couches on the outside and it’ll be set up a little bit more just for hanging out. There’s also an awning that you can set up for shade and protect against the rain. [Music Playing] So many years ago when we started trying to figure out what we wanted to do, if we wanted to live in a tiny house or a camper van or an RV or a sailboat. The sailboat was always one of our favorite options but we hadn’t really considered a houseboat like this on pontoons and one of the advantages to this as opposed to a sailboat I guess is that you don’t need to learn how to sail and your living space is above the water so you would have a lot more light. It just seems like a nice living space. So if you’re interested to learn more about this boat and what Richard’s working on you can check out the link to his website, it’s going to be in the description of this video. Please share this video if you liked it and subscribe to see more like this.