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    Crypto Commandment #3: NO FOMO | Ten Commandments of Crypto Trading | Bitcoin Lifestyles Club
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    Crypto Commandment #3: NO FOMO | Ten Commandments of Crypto Trading | Bitcoin Lifestyles Club

    October 4, 2019

    Hello my friend, Caleb Wright here from Bitcoin
    Lifestyles Club, and in this video I’m going to teach you about the third commandment of
    crypto trading… Thou Shalt Not Commit Acts of FOMO! FOMO is a well known term within the crypto
    community that stands for Fear Of Missing Out… And where people tend to lose the most money
    in the world of crypto trading, is when they make poor trading decisions based on emotions
    and a ‘fear of missing out’. FOMO comes in several different forms in the
    crypto market experience… The most common acts of FOMO committed by
    newbie crypto traders are: 1. Buying into pumps or breakouts after the rise. 2. Not selling when the price is going up, peaking
    or having shown signs of peaking after a significant pump. 3. Selling too early when the price is going
    up and missing out on large potential profits. The first two mistakes are attributable to
    a fear of missing out on further profits and also greed which can blind a trader to the
    need to cut losses if its already going down, which can lead to further loss.. And the third ‘selling too early’ is a fear
    of losing money, and missing out on the profit that is already available. Getting into a trade based on FOMO and impatience
    will usually always lead to bad results and possibly even a string of consecutive bad
    trading decisions. The key to success with trading crypto is
    to have a proper mindset with trading, where you understand fundamental truths, such as
    ‘you never know what is going to happen next’ and that large whale traders exist on the
    playing field who can pump or dump the market at any time against your favor. The best way to avoid making FOMO trading
    decisions is to understand how the markets work, flow and react under the various market
    conditions we have to deal with in trading… To be properly educated so you can have an
    ‘eye’ for real trading opportunities where a profit can be made, and at the same time
    be able to recognize when a coin has pumped and is going to correct, so you don’t buy
    into it, thinking it’s only going to keep going up… and then end up hitting your stop
    loss… Or even worse, end up holding a bag of coins
    out of profit, leaving you with the decision to either wait for the market to get back
    into profit or to sell and cut your losses. And the less you know about the crypto markets,
    the harder it is to make these decisions, much less consistently position yourself with
    an advantage for profit… If you can follow the advice in this video,
    keep yourself from making trades based on the ‘fear of missing out’ and exercise patience
    with the markets, it’s going to go a long way towards your crypto profitability as you
    avoid many of the classic trading mistakes that many newbie traders make early on. Success with the crypto markets is all about
    timing. And when you catch yourself looking at entering
    a trade where the opportunity has already passed and other people are ‘FOMOing’ into
    the trade, you can sit back in comfort understanding that the opportunity has passed, and that
    can save your money to trade another day. I hope you got a ton of value out of today’s
    training. Keep your eye out for the rest of the 10 Commandments
    of Crypto Trading, that I put together just for YOU. In the next training video; Commandment #4,
    I’m going to explain one of the main reasons that cause uneducated traders to go bust,
    and on the flip side of the coin; how successful traders use this same dynamic to surf the
    flow of the crypto market to generate wealth… Because I want to help you avoid the costly
    mistakes made by so many new crypto traders and fast track your way to crypto success… Caleb Wright signing off for Bitcoin Lifestyles
    Club, but one last thing… If you are serious about developing your skills
    as a trader and carve your path to crypto wealth with confidence, you should check out
    the comprehensive suite of crypto trading education and the supportive community of
    WINNING cryptocurrency traders over available on the Bitcoin Lifestyles Club platform! Just click the link below this video for more
    information, and start accelerating on your path to crypto wealth and a financially free
    lifestyle starting today…

    Bitcoin Tanks But Was It BAKKT?
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    Bitcoin Tanks But Was It BAKKT?

    October 2, 2019

    – Good day guys, hope you’re well. Been a little while since I spoke to you. I’ve been all over the shop really. Busy in Hobart, Melbourne
    and events in Sydney as well. So I just wanted to go
    through and have a look at the top 10 with you guys
    because there has been… Well there’s been a lot of
    activity lately hasn’t there? I mean if we talking of Bitcoin right now, just quickly look at the weekly. Look, here’s the thing
    that’s been of my concern, is that the lower high
    here, lower high here. We had the potential to break
    out for a higher high as well. But obviously we’ve moved lower now. Couple of things to note here
    is the depth of the pullback. We’ve come back 41.21% now which isn’t out of the
    realms of normality, if you look at the pullbacks
    through here that we saw. We definitely saw a number
    of really strong pullbacks of that 40% tight region like back here. We also saw a 40%ish move back here. It’s just that they
    happened a fair bit quicker than what we saw here. If we look at the month though
    just quickly throw that up. You’ll see we’re actually
    back in around that 10 period Moving Average, which is quite normal. We saw back through here,
    touching on that 10 period on its way up. So nothing too out of the ballpark. Definitely lower highs and
    now we have some lower lows coming in there on that weekly as well. Is it tradable? Well, at the moment, not particularly, not from my point of view. If you have a look here in the four-hour, we’ve seen quite a quick dump. It’s gone down very fast and you’d be pretty brave
    to have gone short here. You may have, but since then there’s been really no
    really nice pullbacks even going down to the
    really low timeframes. Maybe, here, we might actually
    see a nice flat level form, which would be nice. I’d like to see that. We’ll wait and see if
    we get that eventuating throughout the afternoon
    and throughout the evening. It’s just a matter of time
    to see if we do get it. Okay, so, through the rest of the top 10, let’s have a quick little look through. Ethereum against the dollar of course having a big fall as well. Pretty unfortunate actually
    because as it pulled back into the cradle zone, it was
    looking really, really nice. Uptrend had kicked in. Very good run of course. Now we’ve undone all of that and quite spectacularly as well. EOS as well looking at hit here. Big fall. Again a really, really decent fall there. Regained a bit from those lows. Just keeping an eye on here. Anything on the pullback
    here that I can trade. Let’s go to the lower
    timeframe and just check again, any flat levels here that
    we could be interested in. Not just yet. It’s just a bit out of
    control at the moment, and that’s what the, not my concern, but that’s what’s keeping
    me being very cautious in the market at the moment, is just how fast it’s moving. Nothing on XLM. XRP. Good run up and then
    a very strong collapse once again here as well. So let’s have a look here. The one hour, back into that cradle zone. Let’s have a look at
    the 15, any flat levels. Ooh, nothing yet. Let’s draw a level through here. Look, I’m going to keep an eye on that. It’s got a lot of, a
    fair bit of work to do, but there might be the potential for a Bitcoin breakout short and if there was to be that, then I may look for that. It’s low risk, because of course we’ve got, I guess, a really volatile market at the moment which I need to be very careful of. From there, onto Litecoin. So XRP one to keep an eye on. Litecoin. Look it didn’t really bounce much and it sort of led the market down. We saw a decent move, if I jump back to the daily here. It moved lower a day before
    the rest of the market and then yesterday of
    course having another really, really strong fall, so it’s broken down through
    most of those key levels of support there and holding down again
    through those lows today. So not a great deal of interest
    there from me on Litecoin. Bitcoin cash as well. Very strong fall, a huge
    fall as a matter of fact, yesterday, we’re talking about 24%. Big, big, big move indeed. Happy to leave that for the time being. Binance against Tether. If you can trade this short
    against a dollarish pair, then there is also a flat level. I know some platforms do offer that. Just keeping an eye on
    that now, that flat level sort of coming about. But need to have conversions. Might get it. We’ll keep an eye on that. TRON, another one that’s
    in the list there on the 10 but it’s not doing a
    great deal at the moment. Needs to pullback a little bit deeper. Cardano in the same sort of boat and BSVS, they had a massive fall. Humongous fall which will
    make some people happy. What I will say is this. It’s in the downtrend and
    it’s moving quite nicely. Just a matter of waiting
    for it to come back into that cradle zone again really. It’s pretty straightforward from here. There was a a bit of a
    breakout that I mentioned to the Hobart class. Through here. And if I look at it on
    the one hour back up here. The market was a bit thin there, but it has had a very strong fall from it. Just waiting for opportunities. So guys, bottom line is this. Be patient. Good time to sit out for
    the time being in my view. Maybe some little
    opportunities for shorts. This market is so volatile right now that I’m really waiting to
    see what it will do next before I take any real action here. So, have a great day. I’ll speak to you all again soon. Don’t forget, anyone in
    London, Malta or Singapore, we are on our way. October will be when
    we come out to London, so not long at all. And from there, Malta and
    Singapore back to Sydney. Don’t forget Adelaide and Perth, we’re coming for you as well. Have a fantastic day. Trade safely, be patient and I’ll speak to you soon. Bye for now.

    Crypto Commandment #7: Have A Gameplan | Ten Commandments of Crypto Trading by Caleb Wright
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    Crypto Commandment #7: Have A Gameplan | Ten Commandments of Crypto Trading by Caleb Wright

    September 3, 2019

    Hello my friend, Caleb Wright here from Bitcoin
    Lifestyles Club, and in this video I’m going to teach you about the 7th commandment of
    crypto trading… Thou Shalt Have & Abide by A Game Plan! If you want to experience a high level of
    success in the crypto markets you can’t just be randomly slinging satoshis on the exchange
    everyday with no vision or goals… Trader’s who approach the market without a
    specific gameplan in mind are most likely to become whale food… Don’t be that guy! Decide what your goals are… For example, how much money do you want to
    make and how often… how much would you like to make per week, per month, per year… how much do you ultimately want to make before
    you liquidate out into other investments like real estate or an income generating business? This would be in relation to your long term
    goals with your crypto profitability… And how much capital do you have to invest? It’s okay to dream, while being realistic
    at the same time. If you set the bar really high, you are bound
    to at least achieve a good result and grow from there. But as a universal rule of thumb, something
    that applies to everyone, you should only enter the crypto market with money you can
    afford to lose… You should not be depending on making trade
    winnings daily, weekly or monthly to eat or ‘pay your bills’. This will end up being a root cause to bad
    trading decisions as you may end up selling your holdings to pay the bills, and then your
    coin skyrockets… which is always a painful feeling…
    or even worse, if you really needed that money, and then the market goes red or even crashes
    and you can only get a fraction of the money that you needed… and now you can’t pay your
    bills. So this is why you should never put money
    into the crypto market that you are afraid to lose or going to need in any shape or form
    ‘anytime soon’. Once you become clear with your crypto trading
    goals, you can tailor your portfolio accordingly to reach those goals. And of course no game plan is complete without
    a well thought out Exit Strategy. So while every one of your trades should have
    a profitable exit strategy, as well as an exit strategy to preserve your capital for
    the next trade, if things go south on you…. You also need to have an exit strategy for
    when you reach your longer term goals with trading crypto… Of course I can’t give financial advice, but
    I personally think it would be unwise to stay 100% invested in crypto long term. And to me, it makes more sense to diversify
    your success out of crypto into other forms of investments that are less speculative like
    real estate, which can also have income generating potentials. So think about what you’d like to do with
    your money once you’ve reached your loftier goals of crypto trading, and you will be prepared
    to maximise on the situation and build a legacy for your families future generations. A major benefit of having a game plan with
    your crypto trading, is that you will be more in control of your emotions and less likely
    to fall prey to FOMO. According to your gameplan you will only be
    entering the market when prices are low and selling when prices are high… You will not FOMO into coins that have already
    broken out to higher levels…. meaning the buying opportunity has past. You will not hold onto trades too long once
    your profit targets are reached and end up back in the red when it corrects…
    …because you avoided impulsive actions or complete inaction, stuck to the script, and
    sold according to your gamplan… This is just scratching the surface but I’m
    sure you can see by now there are a lot of benefits to having a gameplan. Having a solid game plan in place is one and
    the same as having a winning mindset with your crypto trading. Because you are conditioning yourself to make
    the trading decisions that need to be made, so you can consistently take profit and preserve
    your capital… whatever the needs may be according to each
    given trading situation. This is where so many newbie crypto traders
    go wrong. Some may end up winning big, but because they
    didn’t have a game plan in place to take profit, they end up holding on too long. And they may not even end up selling until
    they are back to break even or maybe even in a loss! Don’t let yourself be that guy!
    because I guarantee it will not be a good feeling… Stick and abide by your gameplan, take the
    emotion out of it and be methodical with your trading and maximise your crypto profits as
    a result. Caleb Wright here from Bitcoin Lifestyles
    Club, and I hope you got massive value out of today’s training. Watch out for the rest of the 10 Commandments
    of Crypto Trading, that I have put together just for YOU. Because I want to help you avoid the costly
    mistakes made by so many unsuspecting crypto noobs. In the next training video coming right up,
    Commandment #8, I will reveal the methodology that successful traders are using to develop
    winning gameplans for trading the crypto markets. Because the more educated you can be about
    all of this, the more powerful you will become with each trading decision and your ability
    to minimize your losses. And by the way, if you want to fast track
    your way to immersing yourself in the crypto markets and if you are serious about developing
    your skills as a trader, you should check out the powerful crypto trading education
    and 24-7 running mastermind community of WINNING crypto traders available on the Bitcoin Lifestyles
    Club platform that we have put together to help you maximise your potential and overall
    success with crypto! Just click the link below this video for more
    information, and start accelerating on your path to crypto wealth and start living a financially
    free lifestyle starting today…

    Crypto Commandment #10: No Crypto Scams | Ten Commandments of Crypto Trading by Caleb Wright
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    Crypto Commandment #10: No Crypto Scams | Ten Commandments of Crypto Trading by Caleb Wright

    August 25, 2019

    Hello my friend, Caleb Wright here from Bitcoin
    Lifestyles Club, and in this video I’m going to teach you about the 10th and final commandment
    of crypto trading… Thou Shalt Not Lose Money To Crypto Scams! Everyday in the crypto verse there is a crypto
    noob who is risking losing their bitcoin forever by entrusting it to a 3rd party to ‘make it
    grow’. Let me tell you right now and settle this
    forever… There is no program or 3rd party you can trust
    as an average person to grow, much less multiply your bitcoin holdings for you. And if you think such a thing exists, you
    will be sadly mistaken when you try it and find that your satoshis disappear into the
    ether of the internet forever… And you are back to square one, with zero
    skin in the game and missing the ‘crypto opportunity’. The problem is that these insidious little
    scams that promise to multiply your bitcoins within a certain amount of time are a dime
    a dozen. Not one is different than another, in the
    fact that all will inevitably fold and run away with the victims bitcoin. Another type of scam you have to watch out
    for, are people who are trying to recommend or refer a ‘trusted bitcoin or crypto account
    manager’ with whose services they have ‘supposedly’ had great success in multiplying their crypto
    holdings. this will be another front to try to deceive
    and convince you into parting with your bitcoins, if you don’t know any better. Ultimately there is no better way to grow
    your bitcoin holdings than to learn how to manage your own money and secure and trade
    it yourself. You can also learn how to participate in the
    various forms of cryptocurrency mining to earn a passive income of crypto. This is another legitimate way of ‘doing it
    yourself’, when it comes to growing your crypto holdings and making it work for you. So it ultimately comes down to the fact you
    should never trust your funds with a 3rd party that is trying to offer you investment or
    growth services. And you need to learn to be in total control
    of your fate by learning how to trade and mine cryptocurrency for profit, yourself. There are many average people out there who
    are doing it. They were once like you, looking into it and
    learning. Trying to find a solution, get some direction
    or find where to start with all this… And it does ultimately come down to education,
    knowing your options and doing your own research to keep yourself in profit, out of the red,
    and able to identify a crypto scam from a mile way when you see one. And the kind of education that will put you
    on the path to crypto wealth and success is what you will be able to get via our Bitcoin
    Lifestyles Club crypto education platform, where I am featuring my comprehensive video
    based training course on cryptocurrency trading, mining and much much more that will help you
    maximise your profitability with your crypto experience. Not only that but you will be able to tap
    into and mastermind with our powerful community of crypto traders from all over the world
    via our 24-7 running chat group that covers all the burning topics of the crypto market. If you really want to take your crypto success
    seriously and get on the fast track to achieving your financial goals, we have the road map
    to success that you so direly need to get it done… Again my name is Caleb Wright, and as the
    lead educator of Bitcoin Lifestyles Club, I hope you got massive value out of today’s
    10th Commandment of Crypto Trading video and are feeling inspired to take your skills as
    a crypto trader to the next level. I made this training because I wanted to help
    and make sure you became educated enough to avoid losing your crypto in ways that you
    can so easily avoid… I want to see you to win long term! So we got to keep you safe from the crypto
    scams… and by the way, If you want to fast track your way to mastering the crypto markets
    by developing your skills as a trader, you should check out the powerful crypto trading
    education and community of WINNING crypto traders available on the Bitcoin Lifestyles
    Club platform that we have put together to help you maximise your potential with crypto! Just click the link below this video for more
    information, and start accelerating on your path to crypto wealth and start living a financially
    free lifestyle… Your future is waiting for you to take action

    Crypto Commandment #4: Trade The Trend | Ten Commandments of Crypto Trading by Caleb Wright
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    Crypto Commandment #4: Trade The Trend | Ten Commandments of Crypto Trading by Caleb Wright

    August 23, 2019

    Hello my friend, Caleb Wright here from Bitcoin
    Lifestyles Club, and in this video I’m going to teach you about the fourth commandment
    of crypto trading… Thou Shalt Not Trade Against The Trend!…. In the world of crypto trading you need to
    always remember that ‘the trend is your friend’… let me explain this a bit further… Financial markets like crypto are constantly
    experiencing a variation of two different market trends; Bullish and Bearish. In a bull market the price of the coin is
    going to be trending upwards, potentially breaking through former levels of resistance
    and breaking out to new higher price levels. Prices are more likely to go up than down
    during a bull market trend But even within a bull market, you can experience a bearish
    trend when a coin corrects in price after making a wave of growth… No market goes up to new all time highs in
    a simple straight line, and you should not expect them to. These kind of market conditions are great
    for taking long positions early, which you can swing trade into significant profit. And in doing so, you are taking advantage
    of the prevailing direction of the trend. The trend is your friend! And so on the flip side of the coin, in a
    bear market prices will be falling, correcting back to and breaking down through former levels
    of support until the price floor or ‘bottom’ is reached as all the weak hands are shaken
    out of the market and a new bullish cycle can slowly begin. Prices are more likely to go down than up
    in bearish market conditions. Trader’s that are successful in a bear market
    are not regularly taking long trading positions for profit… instead they are focusing on
    selling and shorting the market via margin trading. Because once a bull market has peaked and
    the educated trader can spot the transition into a bear market… they can slowly gain
    confidence in their short trades as they move more deeply into the heart of the bear market
    where any positive growth is usually rejected by selling resistance as the asset continues
    to sell down to it’s eventual price floor over the course of the bear market. So just to summarize to make sure you got
    this, ‘the trend is your friend’, and so in a bull market you taking long positions and
    buying the market early on, so you can generate significant trade profits. But be careful not to hold onto your trades
    too long, after prices have peaked… like a law of gravity, markets always have to correct… And in a bear market you are selling and or
    shorting the market, because it’s prevailing direction is downwards. You can be very successful as a trader when
    you understand ‘what time it is’ when an asset is in a bear market, and be able to take advantage
    of so many profitable short trading opportunities as the market continues to correct like clockwork
    down to the eventual bottom of the bear market. Again, the trend is your friend! This is where so many newbie traders become
    REKT, thinking they know what is going to happen next in the markets, when they still
    don’t understand the nature and nuances of crypto market trends. That’s just asking for trouble. Always make an effort to trade with the trend
    and never against it, and you will end up positioning yourself for crypto trading success
    more often than not! And the best way to understand the trends
    and market cycles of crypto is to simply educate yourself and work with experienced traders
    who have been through multiple market cycles… Your research into these matters, and their
    experience will be priceless to your success. Knowledge is key to winning in so many areas
    of life and that includes the crypto markets! I hope you absorbed massive value out of today’s
    training. Watch out for the rest of the 10 Commandments
    of Crypto Trading, that I have put together just for YOU. Because I want to help you avoid the costly
    mistakes made by so many new crypto traders out there. In the next video, Commandment #5 I’m going
    show you how to avoid losing money to scammy cryptocurrency projects and trading suggestions
    that some people with questionable ethics are shamelessly shilling on social media. Because for every questionable trade or crypto
    that you avoid, your hard earned money will be able to go into a coin with true fundamental
    strength that can generate a profitable return over time. Caleb Wright here from Bitcoin Lifestyles
    Club signing off, but I have one last recommendation for you today… If you are serious about developing your skills
    as a trader and carve your path to crypto wealth with confidence, you should check out
    our comprehensive suite of crypto trading education and the 24-7 running mastermind
    community of WINNING cryptocurrency traders available on the Bitcoin Lifestyles Club platform,
    which is there to help you maximise your crypto wealth potential! Just click the link below this video for more
    information, and start accelerating on your path to crypto wealth and a financially free
    crypto lifestyle starting today…

    Crypto Commandment #6: Immerse Yourself | Ten Commandments of Crypto Trading with Caleb Wright
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    Crypto Commandment #6: Immerse Yourself | Ten Commandments of Crypto Trading with Caleb Wright

    August 23, 2019

    Hello my friend, Caleb Wright here from Bitcoin
    Lifestyles Club, and in this video I’m going to teach you about the sixth commandment of
    crypto trading… Thou Shalt Immerse Yourself In The Crypto
    Markets!…. Cryptocurrency is a massive global market,
    with so much going on daily, it’s impossible for the average person to keep track of it
    all, much less be in position to profit from any of it, as we go about our busy days. And because of this, as someone new or less
    connected to the information flow of the crypto markets, there will be times where you see
    some new cryptocurrency that is breaking out to new high prices, that you never heard of
    before, but it had some powerful development, partnership or other fundamental strength
    that has come into play and caused it to rise in price… But if you were ahead of the curve when it
    comes to being on top of the pulse and info of the market, you could have very well already
    been in position to profit from that opportunity. So in today’s training I’m going to provide
    you with some tips, on how you can immerse yourself in the crypto universe and be in
    position for profitable trading opportunities more often than not. There are a few simple and smart strategies
    you can use to keep yourself in the flow of valuable markets information that could potentially
    lead you to profitable trading opportunities. One of the first places you should be looking
    is social media. Social media literally moves markets, and
    as news and information about the industry is distributed on networks like Facebook,
    Twitter and Youtube… and as the users of these social media networks are constantly
    discussing it. This is your opportunity to become connected
    to the conversation and community sentiment of all the various cryptocurrency projects
    you are interested in. You can find and follow crypto influencers
    on social media, just to keep track of what they are doing…. what new coin projects
    they are discovering, which projects they are dumping, HODLING…
    or perhaps even trying to pump if they are one of those less ethical types of influencers. This is all info that you can read into, and
    use as ‘signals’ to do your own research, until you chance upon a real trading opportunity
    as a result! If you keep this practice up, a winning result
    will be inevitable… and you don’t have to necessarily ‘like’ these people to still benefit
    from whatever information they are putting out… And at the same time as you delve deeper into
    the crypto universe on social media, you will be likely to link up with someone with a track
    record of success that you would want to work with…. like myself, Caleb Wright and my
    Bitcoin Lifestyles crypto mastermind community for example! Another thing you can do is listen to podcasts
    while you are driving! There are many great crypto podcasts out there,
    but on of my favorites called Magical Crypto Friends regularly features Litecoin’s creator
    Charlie Lee and a well known twitter influencer known as Whale Panda. Another podcast I have got a lot of value
    out of is the ‘BAD Crypto Podcast’, by Joel Comm and Travis Wright. These guys do a great job analyzing the latest
    news and events of the crypto market, I know you’ll enjoy it too! Becoming more engaged on social media by following
    crypto influencers and having a podcast or two that you regularly listen to, will go
    a long way towards your success in the crypto markets. Once you have immersed yourself in the cryptoverse,
    it will not be long before you are finding yourself ahead of the game and in position
    to profit from so many more opportunities within the crypto market than you previously
    thought was possible for you. Caleb Wright here from Bitcoin Lifestyles
    Club, and I hope you got massive value out of today’s training. Watch out for the rest of the 10 Commandments
    of Crypto Trading, that I have put together just for YOU. Because I want to help you avoid the costly
    mistakes made by so many unsuspecting crypto noobs. In the next training video of this series,
    Commandment #7, I’m going to reveal the number one reason behind the success of a winning
    crypto trader, and the losses of new uneducated traders who are mostly trading without a strategy. And by the way, if you want to fast track
    your way to immersing yourself in the crypto markets and if you are serious about developing
    your skills as a trader, you should check out the powerful crypto trading education
    and 24-7 running mastermind community of WINNING crypto traders available on the Bitcoin Lifestyles
    Club platform that we have put together to help you maximise your potential with crypto! Just click the link below this video for more
    information, and start accelerating on your path to crypto wealth and start living a financially
    free lifestyle starting today…

    3 STEPS TO WIN BIG!⚡ Crypto Crash 2018 | BK Crypto Trader Boss Method
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    3 STEPS TO WIN BIG!⚡ Crypto Crash 2018 | BK Crypto Trader Boss Method

    August 20, 2019

    BOSSOFBITCOIN.COM you guys hear me okay move this mic a
    little bit closer see what this camera looks like yeah let’s see hey I know that guy I guess we can do this that’s better
    much better yes yes alrighty so let’s go ahead get
    our countdown going give our people a chance to make it on over I think since
    I D monetize YouTube does not uh you know even give alerts to a lot of the
    people anymore it’s craziest stuff I got to deal with
    but let’s get this thing going and we’ll go ahead man it’s still free oh I don’t want to
    do that no I leave it like that what’s going on everybody cool all right good much better get this
    up here make sure you hit that like button and we’ll get started in about 20
    minutes so you guys back pretty something if we
    could play some music too you all right can you guys hear my boy steel
    I’m just trying to find a decent little song here so let’s see what happens how many likes we got right now I still
    gotta share this to the Facebook group just wanted to make sure everybody was
    on it 20 son it’s actually really funny Krypto bump that’s pretty funny it’s right everybody
    it’s about that time I feel like I’m a DJ right now it’s spinning on the ones
    and twos I might I used to be a DJ back in the day he said I used to throw
    parties my own little uh I got like a turntable in the other room that’d be
    kind of cool to add like a DJ and I’m over here doing some charts of something maybe one day hey bit Mandy you know I’m in Atlanta
    I’m right off 280 you know I’m saying so whenever you trying to roll out there
    let me know it’s kind of nice to like this week all right so I just posted a link on the
    Facebook page Alabama if I could have found the block button I would have
    blocked you so and set it out of warning all y’all come in my chest wearing the
    same shell check is much out right now no Sam just as L know 75 lights
    appreciate it lucid vision was going on it’s good to
    see so many conscious people in the community they just whenever you want to
    throw a party and turny let me know I’ll be there we might have our uh we might
    have our crews down there was Bitcoin hit a hundred thousand I’m a book of
    crews somewhere y’all just bought a plane ticket I got
    the boat it’s nice though I do mind done it already make sure you jump in a group
    share this post right there at the top making money on a Monday I’m Sam
    I say a winner is here but we’ve got to warm up real quick yeah No I gotta cut up this other thing
    and you’re off this great oh yeah I might have my ladies out from now on I
    like this come on that’s why I gotta load it up I
    was kind of cooled up I’m happy to do that for next time it’s
    too much going on now it’s coaching like yeah first couple ones were pretty nice there’s a YouTube just looked up no
    copyright music it’s just wanted to play this on their shield Lofa hip hop I can’t I can’t play you know copyrighted
    music you do doesn’t like that so no uh Kendrick Lamar unfortunately that
    butterfly has already been pimped all right so let’s do this let’s bring
    this over here and it’s not happening right now happens over here Bam Bam that’s the music right dear but it’s
    lagging out so we’ll get rid of it what do we want on this thing cool so again you guys make sure you
    jump over and the Facebook group this post right here is our contest post make
    sure you jump in and share that so I’m gonna chat as well let me know what
    chart you guys want to see we can uh maybe jump on a couple charts real quick
    but a people before we get this thing going and then I need to its frame and also you need to understand that if
    I went out when I make a prediction on a chart that prediction is not going to
    change in three days my method is based on fractal harmonics which is you know
    essentially infinite repetition of cycles so ADA for example it hasn’t gone
    down yet the market is top-heavy meaning you can see a lot of its selling off a
    lot of these all coins are already down 10 30% past two days ADA has not been
    one of them but that does not mean it’s in the clearance this means it’s
    probably gonna go down on the next cycle which will probably happen in three to
    four days all coins have about a four day five day cycle small cycler
    microcycle so if I make a chart make a video especially if I take the time to
    make a video for a chart that usually means like I’m fairly confident that
    it’s gonna feel so don’t ask me if two days later if the video is still
    accurate because 98% of the time it is please and thank you where is um Bitcoin
    13 8 13 uh let’s just take this over here actually under this and knock this out
    real quick so I see somebody let’s do a we can run through a litecoin real quick
    and then what else 13 actually litecoin is gonna be one of the coins I’ve talked
    about today in this video so I don’t want to do that before the video because
    we’ll I’m gonna write that now we’re gonna do that one during the call what
    else what else is out there 13 8 13 to the 4 that’s pretty close all right we’ll do uh okay let’s check
    out okay see a couple people who talked about that so again I’m everybody I’m gonna break
    this little part of our video out every day I like to try to get a couple charts
    in so right now we’re actually live on the air
    what about 200 people right and I win right now I appreciate that
    so what we’re gonna do is look through a few of the charts for our community for
    everybody that came on earlier and I’m on trade mu calm I have a link in the
    description and the number one comment on this video so feel free to click on
    that link to check out my profile on there BT Kelly 1203 and we are going to
    check out o K cash a Bitcoin it’s actually not bad good let’s go ahead and clear our board
    here here we go good good good okay so Wow this isn’t
    bad this actually you know what I forgot I have some okay catch going you guys
    this is a solid solid chart it’s a solid setup we’re doing we’re looking at a
    three forty three minute chart for these videos I like to try to do a free
    version so let me cut off some of this extra stuff here and so I’ll actually
    break it down to the four hour and the first thing you want to do when you look
    at any of these charts is you want to scale out to see you know what does the
    last 12 months look like right and for okay cash it really broke out into like
    two cycles almost right you kind of have this cycle of money right there and then
    you have a cycle that happened right after it which was this one right and
    that’s the cycle we’re in right now so you can look at that one at two ways you
    can say to first cycle you know made the second but the second looked like it’s
    almost done right so we really don’t want to use this first cycle for
    anything because the second one is almost complete now if I was trying to
    say for example if I wanted to know okay well where is the head of that pattern
    than a form at all I would do is just take a basic Fibonacci from break out to
    break down and it’s just that easy you get that thing within you know five or
    10% on each side with no problem at all but being that this pattern is almost
    done we don’t really need this one for anything right this one is basically
    it’s done its job so let’s focus on this pattern because now we need to know
    what’s come over here right and in order to do that
    two things first of all we look at the 231 and that’s the white columns right
    what I like about this chart a lot is that the 231 is almost flat right and
    you can see like it had basically three Hills it’s almost like a mmm it did that
    one that one now it’s coming up under it right and when it comes up under it
    that’s literally sending energy all up you know upwards right that’s a positive
    very very positive reversal formation you look at every chart every chart does
    this so it’s not just okay cash that I’m saying this applies for it is this any
    chart ever forever any chart anywhere forever right and someone knowing that couple things
    we’re gonna do we’re gonna break out our cycle lines to see when we expect our
    next moment to happen right when we expect to do something like that right
    and then we’re gonna break out our Fibonacci to see how high we expect to
    go those are only two tools you ever need to meet need you ever need to use
    if you notice I really don’t draw trend lines anymore because as long as we know
    the magnitude and the momentum and the direction of the energy you know that’s
    all trend lines get you anyway right and so now let’s go ahead and just scale
    this thing couple things real quick I’m gonna confirm first of all some people
    will say well how do you know okay cash isn’t gonna go lower right and this is
    gonna be more of an advanced charting metric that I’m using for you guys
    because I want to show you it’s multiple ways you know you can kind of use this
    information to look for what you’re trying to see right and so some people
    might you know ask well how do you know okay cash isn’t gonna go down after that
    point right well this is why because I’m gonna
    confirm from that intersection and probably that intersection actually know
    that relative high point I’m gonna use that point up there that this point was
    a floor right so that’s what we need to begin we’re making step logic so that’s
    gonna be the first thing we want to do we want to say okay we hit the floor now
    we start to change direction right and so when we do that almost that’s that so
    this one is a little bit different but check this out when I go to that
    relative hi I almost hit it this one is just a
    little bit different look at all this energy that we had on that one six line
    actually that’s good enough right there all that energy on both sides of that
    high right so you just put a line right there and look for confirmation on
    forwards and backwards and that gives you your support your test right all
    that resonance to that line the one six is the first natural extension of these
    two segments so from this to this right adding I don’t I told you I don’t want
    to do two intersection because the intersection would have given me the
    levels and I was looking for a floor right so I went from intersection too
    high to get the floor on a extension going in the negative direction but now
    that I know I hit the floor we’re gonna come right back up and do something like
    that and that’s how I know now that okay cash is moving in the right direction
    another way I know it’s moving in the right direction is because we have
    positive momentum coming from the 77 right that intersection right there I’ll
    put this in a blue circle right but that intersection right there when that 77
    goes above the 231 on a four-hour chart that’s like itsgotime right and
    you can see as soon as that happened you know this thing went and gained another
    30% pretty easy right because that’s kind of like the Calvary that’s the
    reinforcements that’s the long money coming back into this chart this cycle
    and so okay cash is an amazing pick up right now it really is it really is and
    let’s see how long now we expect this cycle to run right so let’s wipe the
    board real quick we know what we’re looking at we know that we hit the floor
    right now let’s see how high we expect to go and how fast we expect to get
    there I actually like I’m gonna keep that intersection right here because
    that does a pretty good job of pinpointing you know that bounce point
    right there this is going to be a major point for us this is going to be a major
    point for us this is going to be a major point for us and that is going to be a
    major point for us what do you guys notice about those lines they’re almost
    equidistant apart right the only one that’s a little off is probably that one
    right because it’s probably tying in like right there somewhere but check
    this out this is why we do our psycho lines because when you do your psycho
    lines just from there they’re going back look at how clean it back tests right
    and all it’s grabbing right here I grab that 77 under 231 remember I said that’s
    the death cross this is a huge breakout turning point this is the 77 over 231
    coming back in a positive territory and that’s our bounce line right and now all
    we got to do is move them forward a little bit
    and this is going to be our next big breakout happening right here between
    January and March and the end of January beginning of March we got a chance to
    make a lot of money with this one let’s see how much is guaranteed
    you got about that much guaranteed let’s see what this is about 63% guaranteed
    with upwards of say you can probably get one candle up
    there somewhere now no it’s not gonna get that high I live right up under it
    upwards of 100 roughly those are two lines that’s pretty clean this is a nice
    chart um I actually have this coin um and that’s why because it’s a good
    long-term play I don’t need to you know make you know every little two three
    five percent on a on a you know entered a scale but for me sixty percent in a
    month and a half is a decent amount of money and hopefully that’s the same for
    anybody out there right and this chart will just about be sure to get us there
    what we look to do is you know look to probably struggle to break up here
    especially against a down market of Bitcoin but not too soon we’ll probably
    do something like that come down confirm it and you know maybe even go higher if
    not and we’ll just kind of bang it out you know to get up to mid line which is
    right there right and that’ll be a pretty clean pretty clean run sixty
    percent guaranteed upwards of about a hundred that’s okay cash it’s a nice
    chart you guys if you like money you might want to get you some what’s next
    big shot what up as a clean chart I’m gonna publish this to to my um my
    trading view page so let’s go ahead and clean this up a little bit chai you got you some okay cash so one more will do one more before we
    start these mines are so low – is that daily
    so that ain’t go me nothing but look at that when I just do that real quick it
    gives me all of that concentration of energy right there I’m not gonna take
    the time to explain that y’all could go through and rewind it to see how I did
    it but a lot of these times a lot of times you just need a little bit of
    confirmation but know you ain’t crazy that’s all I did right there I’ll even
    throw up one more but right there that’s gonna be our run it’s gonna be a nice
    run that’s crazy man that doesn’t you can’t fake that
    that’s pretty cool that’s gonna be some nice some nice profit right there what
    okay cash remind me of my college days oh you got 25 Bitcoin in huh small thing
    to a giant I actually know what we’ll go ahead and
    get started I already said we’re gonna be doing like point as part of this
    video so good yeah I’ll upload this screenshot of an
    to patreon too so everybody that is uh on the patreon
    page I’ll share this to you guys as well and I’ll probably make a little steam
    and post about it tomorrow but this is a solid chart let’s do this good
    cool last call you guys just jumped if you haven’t done it already
    jump in the Facebook group that is the post right there that you want to share
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    is January 15th Bitcoin still consolidating a little bit right north
    of $14,000 Bitcoin cash is hanging in right above 25 and aetherium closing it
    out little little higher close to 1300 as you know all coins are down quite a
    bit you know but when when the charts you know go down like that that’s
    actually a buying opportunity you guys and so the opportunity we have is to
    make money on the down so we could cash out you know like a boss a little bit
    later on if this is your first time to name congratulations baby
    you are now rocking with the best my name is BK you know me as the crypto
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    on light it’s kind of dark hold on what’s a yeah I had to brighten it up a little
    bit had to brighten it up yeah I’m BOSSOFBITCOIN.COM saying I’m a I’m a bright filling myself
    so I’m saying hot yellow sometime but just just have brightened it up a little
    bit yeah now here we go here we go one of the
    things again one of the things I want to do with you guys is a let you know that
    when when everybody’s losing money that’s when you need to be looking to
    make money right and so now is the time to shift from selling to buying to be
    honest not saying that every single chart is ready to buy but a few of them
    are and a few of them are at the tail end of their life cycle and they’re
    coming up on a new season a new cycle right so winter is here what does that
    mean does that mean you want to go outside and the same clothes you was
    wearing in September no don’t do that you come back freezing and you might end
    up dead that’s not a good way to be trading right now if you had it in
    September you probably don’t want to have it in January you understand and
    this is just natural cycles natural season natural selection right so you
    need to self select the right coin to hold and the right coin to sell how do
    we do that we do that with the Boston ethic right patented intellectual
    property fractal harmonics we view the whole field the more we understand you
    know the individual cycle we’re on the more we understand the whole cycle of
    the market of that chart and that’s the biggest thing you gotta so don’t get
    frustrated right don’t don’t don’t go you know running back to Wall Street
    where you don’t go take out an 18-month CD thinking that’s a safe place for your
    money I’ll tell you a secret it’s not right and don’t think you need to cash
    out and hold your worth in u.s. DT which is a great apocalypse waiting to happen
    don’t do that and no damage and don’t run back and run back and put your money
    in the dollar right cuz if the dollar was that great you wouldn’t be trading
    crypto in the first place right so let’s take a look at a few options we have on
    this market today one of the things I wanted to do
    is literally walked through chart by chart with you guys some of the
    methodology that I use to make money I make a lot of money during this time I
    like it when everybody losing money because then it’s easy for me to make
    money young Xan when everybody making money
    it’s hard to make money because then we competing for each other to make money
    on the same stuff but when they losing money they panic you don’t want to do
    that right stay calm stay cool stay collected understand what’s happening
    and planned right and then when you strike you strike with a vengeance you
    move your money you put down – and then you pick up six you know I’m saying then
    you go put six down right with them they putting down about 30 30 percent of
    their one right you got twenty four times as much you know I’m saying and
    then we start a whole new season you know tell you to three forty seasons
    it’s gonna be a different story in this market but for now you know we just swim
    in the shadows and that’s what’s that’s what’s going on right so wanted up one
    of the charts we literally just walked through right before I came live on the
    air was okay cash and I actually like this chart a lot in so much that I’m
    actually gonna recommend it on this video I didn’t plan on doing it but now
    that I see it this is essentially a safe haven for your coins for the next two to
    three months this is almost locked in guaranteed money 60% by March let’s put
    a flag in the ground yeah I’m saying so y’all come back and tell me I make these
    predictions six seven days a week but by March fourth three four this thing will
    be up no joke 60% Bitcoin bottom right it’s a lot of energy
    you know consolidating to get us there right but it will most certainly happen
    and we should actually not and I’m looking at this thing we should actually
    have a break out there boom boom yeah right around that yellow line will be
    will will do pretty well February will be a big month for this chart and once
    we get there this cycle you know we could go all the way up to a thousand on
    this thing right now we’re at four four or you could get two and a half times
    your money that’s about two hundred and fifty percent Bitcoin into three months
    this is gonna be a banger you guys so you know we don’t want to go out there
    and chase money we more or less wanna put our money down take our hands off it
    and let the chart make it for us this is one of those charts you can do it on no
    joke right people are asking me what percentage of their portfolio they you
    know you should put on it I’m actually making a separate class for that so I’m
    not discussing portfolios that’s something I do in all of my one-on-one
    classes but I specifically have not done that in these videos because I am
    dedicating that content for another platform right this is literally just
    the charts right yeah my man Damien just jumped in and said I went yeah shoot me
    you up there in wild man another one that I believe is pretty good right now
    is LT c2 the BTC right BAM look at that and what we’re doing I’m gonna jump down
    to the 343 so we have a second look at it guys hopefully you remember back
    around December 4th December 6th your boy came on air I said LTC is a buy buy
    it BAM it shot down 30% I felt so bad you
    know I feel so bad shot down 30%
    I came in a Facebook group I said I’m sorry y’all I can’t hit them all hopefully you didn’t sell it
    I didn’t tell mine I just felt bad cuz some people was hitting me up saying I
    lost money remember guys rule number two of trading rule number one buy in the
    red cell in the green rule number two you only get hurt on the roller coaster
    when you try to get off so as long as you stay buckled in BAM this thing came
    right back like could crack made you about two
    100% and I’m saying inside of uh inside of two weeks 100 120% Bitcoin and since
    then it’s basically consolidated so what does that mean what does that mean BK
    what are you saying I am saying all the energy that pushed this thing up right
    there look at that that’s a lot of energy you guys all that energy is now
    getting wound back into a tight area right there right cause you have to
    understand sorry Coughlin’s all of that energy is equal to all of that energy
    right it’s just consolidated constricted and now confined to a much much smaller
    area so energy is just like water in the sense that it follows the path of least
    resistance which is to continue moving in the direction that it came from now
    while with litecoin we may just may have something that looks like that more than
    likely it will just do something like that again over the next month you know
    during this – wave – for or I’m sorry – week to four week cycle you’ll see a lot
    of these altcoins drop another 20-30 percent but if you’re in something
    that’s going up 20 30 percent what does that mean you made 20 percent the market
    lost 20 percent that’s a 40 percent difference on Bitcoin that’s a lot right
    that’s a lot so this is our this is when you really need to be focused this is
    when you don’t need to gamble this when you don’t need to chase money you really
    just need to bet on the horses that are making money right now and more likely
    going to be poised to make more money in the future right so litecoin is another
    one of those coins right so we have litecoin we have okay cash
    and I’ll show you two of them I’ll show you two of them this one’s okay this
    one’s not bad F it’s pretty good right I can’t even be mad at a theory right I
    told y’all theorem was going down to a nickel where for Bitcoin six months ago
    and that’s exactly where it went I said it wouldn’t be worth buying until it was
    worth with nickel were for Bitcoin and that’s where it went
    right so he came back it came back very very strong but I think it’s a bit
    overextended that is not sustainable to be that high over the 77 and so
    therefore I don’t think this is a good buy for the next two months because in
    my eyes something like that is very easy to do we are on a three hundred and
    forty three minute candle and right now we have a range of 24% from there but
    45% from the seven to the 231 you could just do a little back test than the see
    the last time we were that overextended what happened right not saying that’s
    going to happen again but I’m just saying this is not the best place to buy
    if you look at it is like being over over the top of a roller coaster that’s
    not you know that’s just it’s not the best place right but but little brother
    is looking a little better little brother is looking a little better and
    so much that it is just now starting to make some money right and if we take
    that same situation and look at the spread between top to bottom or much
    lower we’re only about 30% which means theoretically we could double again and
    that would actually give us that you know 15% rate of increase right and
    so I’m looking at aetherium classic during this next two weeks to two months
    during this next little you know sideways action right I don’t think the
    markets gonna crash I think it’s really just gonna tail sideways like this but
    even within those side waves you got you’re gonna have a dip right there you
    know I’m saying and so that’s what I’m just exit out all together I said I
    don’t want to trade sideways I don’t want to try to time the bottom of that
    little micro dip that I don’t know when it’s coming I just know it’s gonna
    happen right so now I’m looking for coins that are gonna make me money
    during the next two weeks this is one of those coins right even if we look right
    here and I’ve been I’ve been sayin e.t.c for a few weeks now because this is
    basically on like a nine month cycle this is a monster of a chart you guys
    this one I like this one a little bit more than okay cash mainly because it’s
    older than okay cash is more seasoned I think it has more of a global market to
    where OKC is is more so just a specific platform coin it’s a it’s really a
    beautiful chart but you really can’t you know you can’t do much more than that
    boom boom boom break out break down flatline what comes next
    BAM just that easy to get paid right when do we expect it to happen we expect
    to make some money by February 7th like a boss where do we expect to go let’s do
    this Oh boom right there that’s almost guaranteed I would say
    right about there it’s pretty comfortable 70% about a summer it’s not
    bad not a bad coin right so again the method
    we use to determine the success of these coins and I forgot I didn’t say this in
    the beginning I have an entire method walkthrough you guys step one step two
    step three it’s called the boss method it’s very very easy I’m not going to go
    through the logistics or specifics just type in chart like a boss on YouTube and
    that will get you there right but essentially we got a situation
    to where we may very easily inside the next actually we probably will step back
    like that come back up there step up there stuff up there step down there you
    know and we’ll end right there pretty easy that’s not that’s not all a hard
    trajectory at all there you go right I’ve been chart like a boss watch the
    first three videos in that playlist and that will help you understand this
    methodology that we’re using right now I go through them real quick because I try
    to make these videos quick concise to the point to get all the resources all
    the tools and all the information out there this is another resource we have
    launched right now it’s on patreon right so if you type in and then
    type in BK crypto trader you are gonna see this product it’s called the boss
    method I released uh am planning to release an alert service to where every
    day you get updated you know and notified when the swing in the market is
    happening on or 3:43 right and we have a few more spots left in this if you want
    to jump on patreon there is a link in the description and the number one
    comment on this video again 2018 is gonna be a big year for building I’m
    building out multiple platforms multiple methodologies multiple you know multiple
    platforms methodologies and products that I think will try to you know
    provide some value for our community right and lastly one of those is gonna
    be this website I’m revamping this thing I’ve just talked with the guy my
    Canadian friend you know to get everything together
    number one Bitcoin group in the world boss of Bitcoin dot-com you type that in
    you go see my man up top suited and booted and real white
    blue looking like the American Dream you know I’m saying putting the tu-16 on his
    back bringing it back to the middle with a map biggest things on this you guys
    again if you’re just now starting right welcome to the money team trip da police
    report this little thing right here thirty five dollars no joke can help you
    make a lot more right I get emails and notifications every day people that
    started with a thousand dollars right now got twenty thousand dollars people
    that started with fifteen thousand dollars right now got a hundred thousand
    dollars so it’s not a matter of decimals and commas it’s a matter of percent and
    just like I told you with aetherium classic we’re looking
    between sixty and 90% inside of three months that’s
    not bad them circle-jerk boys on Wall Street
    can’t do that it may follow my channel they add me on LinkedIn every other day
    I’m looking at Elaine are you are you how do you get my information know I’m
    saying yeah I’m the only thin every other day one cheek guys need to I want
    a job in Miami I say I said for what you know what I mean they’re for it
    yeah no disrespect but that’s the thing you we don’t have to trade our time for
    money right we spend our lives given our time away when time is our most valuable
    asset that’s why with this method on these fractal harmonics we always get
    paid for our time right because as long as they have all the money and they’re
    stupid enough to bet in the market against us then we smart enough to take
    it right as long as they have all the money they by definition are that 77
    they can never beat us when we trade on that setting as simple simple
    mathematics can’t get around it run till that here we go guys Boston Bitcoin calm
    dream team right there you know next generation of greatness a lot of people
    just getting started you know what $1.00 in a dream this list is for you and so
    much that if you just got a $20 bill you could get every single coin on this list
    right now to date right so you come people message me say I only got a
    couple hundred dollars I say have you got the dream team did you get 10 coins
    of each that’s all you need right we buy an array we sell in the ring we don’t
    get you know disheartened with the foot and this fear and uncertainty in a doubt
    and you know the haters and the broke trolls that just want to take you down
    we elevate ourselves you understand we are elevating our collective well-being
    right by switching over to the blockchain right we don’t need a
    fractional reserve interest rate we don’t need a consolidating to
    consolidate a kyc we don’t need a bail in policy you don’t need a bailout
    policy we don’t need to be pro right up left
    blue red green LBGT plus B we don’t need none of that you understand the
    bobbleheads on Wall Street are set to distract you and dis inform you and keep
    you broke so that you will keep pressing play on their bobblehead Channel does a
    hamster running and will when do a hamster ever stop when do a hamster ever
    get out of that cage when do a hamster go outside that cage
    make his own food track his own food down and make his own diet and so don’t
    do that right it’s time for a different frame of thought that’s what my mission
    is that’s what 2018 is go do I’m setting this stuff up to bring together twenty
    thousand two hundred thousand people a day these words are changing lives right
    this is not my method anymore this is the world’s method so if you know
    somebody in the world that needs some help if you know somebody that is sick
    and tired of being sick and tired then this method is for them this method is
    for you I used to trade my time for two dollars an hour two dollars an hour in a
    Mexican restaurant right there in Brookfield Milwaukee Wisconsin right off
    Moreland Road I know because they had to McDonald’s
    right there they had one one shopping mall with two McDonald’s and you know
    you broke when you know exactly where to McDonald’s head I don’t do that no more
    switch your frame of thought switch what you value I do not value them pieces of
    paper with green faces on it but I got a lot of them right because I value
    something different I value something to which them green faces can’t do they
    can’t bring people together they can’t create a protocol that’s uniform and
    distribution but yet unlimited in design you know I’m saying this is this is
    lightyears ahead of anything a bank could come up with and I know because I
    worked for one I traded a hundred and fifty thousand dollars a year to four I
    traded my 401k in a cubicle for microphone and a conscience and right
    now hopefully I’m empowering you to change your life as well you know I’m
    saying each one reach one reach one teach one I
    brought in 20,000 how many can you bring in let’s do it
    you know I’m saying that’s what we here for because we have the masses we have
    the power right now we got a method I’m Sam
    here we go that’s what it’s go be you and chat right now shouts at country out
    wrap this thing on up boss a Bitcoin calm I’m a booked out of uh one-on-ones
    for a little while I’m about to be updating this election right here I’m
    gonna make up beginners in a master’s class that way we can kind of self
    select you know the content that you would like to try to receive I’m miss
    Nani crypto is gonna be helping me to do that so again thank you ms nani crypto
    you know it’s a beautiful community guys you know i just i just want you to
    understand that the time is now you don’t have you don’t have another two
    years to wait to see how much you got in your 401k and your golden goose your
    nest egg I tell you what if you think it’s that big of a nest why ain’t you
    sitting in it yet you don’t have that time you don’t have that luxury stock
    market will more than likely not be at all time highs two and a half years from
    now the time is now what goes up do your research let’s go ahead and uh bring our people
    downhill down yeah here we go who we got right now alright alright Israel what’s going on
    Sweden is in the building I gotta take me a trip out to Sweden now I keep
    hearing good things about sweet Nam had to go back out there someday sad town
    boss walking on the west coast Cory said he came just in time for the sermon you
    know I’m saying hey hey some people yeah I feel like coaching a locker room you
    know I’m saying I just gotta get y’all high get y’all ready yeah I’m saying we
    goin for championship right now don’t let nobody tell you we don’t let nobody
    tell you to trade your time for $10 an hour you know I’m saying it give away 30
    years of your life for platinum and a worthless you know the use don’t don’t
    do that just so you could be a gear in a machine you understand that every time
    they pay you ten twenty thousand dollars an hour ten twenty thousand they’re
    making you know 1.6 million on that read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill he
    said this 16 to 1 so whatever your job is paying you just know they’re making
    sixteen times that on you being there that’s built into the business plan
    right don’t trade 30 years of yo life you know for a 401k that grosses eight
    percent that you can’t even touch down saying don’t do that don’t don’t feed
    into the Ponzi scheme don’t do it Canada was good
    you saw Flo Rida I see you out there aspiring me ami
    Tejas Ireland power to the people in abundance
    please believe it believe it please USA UK BC taya’s back to back Holland Austin
    big shot on the down for the west coast 90 crypto holding it down for New
    Zealand big mix I appreciate it was going on Miami Oakland New York LA and
    the nasty natty shout out to my how players always can’t stand up that with
    that being said is that time of the day signing out this stuff both boy BK no
    matter where you stay Brazil debate don’t ia all the way back
    out to jerk my name good night good morning and good day thank you for
    joining me everybody thank you for your time
    if you value mine pass this video on to a friend so that they can join the money
    team I am creating an army of empowered informed and enlightened individuals and
    I invite you to join the cause you know I’m saying cuz it’s not me it’s us and
    it ain’t us it’s it’s it’s now right the time is now the cycle is now right and
    this happened in regardless so come on in
    those are always opening till we meet again stay cryptic y’all please

    Crypto Commandment #9: Risk Management | Ten Commandments of Crypto Trading by Caleb Wright
    Articles, Blog

    Crypto Commandment #9: Risk Management | Ten Commandments of Crypto Trading by Caleb Wright

    August 19, 2019

    Hello my friend, Caleb Wright here from Bitcoin
    Lifestyles Club, and in this video I’m going to teach you about the 9th commandment of
    crypto trading… Thou Shalt Exercise Proper Risk Management! So many new crypto traders get this one wrong,
    its not even funny. Its so fundamental to your survival in the
    markets, because only half the game is generating profits, the other half is preserving your
    capital. There is nothing worse than having all your
    capital locked up in ongoing trades, so you have nothing to work with if a great trading
    opportunity arises… So the first key to exercising proper risk
    management with your crypto trading, is to find the right position size to use for your
    overall trading budget. Many trader’s like to use around 3-5% of their
    total trading capital per trade. This gives you plenty of room for error and
    an ability to participate in more trading opportunities according to whatever trading
    gameplan you have developed. You want to avoid using too BIG of a position
    size, or going all in on one trade. This is usually a recipe for disaster, because
    you are not going to win every trade even if you are the best trader in the world. And its also going to lock up your capital,
    keeping you from being able to take advantage of any further trading opportunities until
    one of your trade positions comes back into profit. So pick a position size that is sensible for
    your situation, stick with it, and don’t FOMO into coins with overly large positions, no
    matter what you are seeing on the charts! The second key to exercising good risk management
    is to use a Stop Loss. Now you should ALWAYS use a stop loss with
    your trades, unless you are 1000% comfortable with holding for a long period of time…
    because you don’t know what is going to happen with the market, whether you are going to
    go right into profit, or into the red. Many traders like to set their stop loss to
    the maximum amount they are willing to lose on a trade, which is usually anywhere from
    5-20%.. Obviously the larger your stop loss margin,
    the more comfortable you should be with waiting for your coin to jump out of the red, if it
    goes there, and the more confidence you have in your directional bias. And that brings another point, that if you
    aren’t comfortable with your coin being in the red area above your stop loss on a trade,
    then you lack confidence in your analysis and the trading opportunity, meaning you shouldn’t
    be in the trade in the first place. That’s something important to recognize! If you can exercise good risk management by
    having a strategy for your use of position size that fits your situation and by using
    a stop loss to mitigate loss on your shorter term trades, you will be well on your way
    to long term success and profitability as a trader… Trading the crypto markets should not be looked
    at as a sprint or a race to ‘get rich quick’. If you have a get rich quick mindset, you
    should get rid of it as fast as possible, because it’s not going to serve you well in
    the crypto markets, where patience and timing are key. True success with the crypto markets or any
    financial market for that matter is more comparable to a marathon. You take it slowly but surely, exercising
    the proper risk management precautions, so that as you build upon your capital and overall
    wealth, you are also preserving your capital by mitigating loss whenever you can. This is the mindset of a successful and WINNING
    cryptocurrency trader, that is able to not only survive the crypto markets, but thrive
    and be profitable for the long term. And if you follow the principles in this training,
    you will be well on your way to becoming the winning crypto trader you are meant to be…. Caleb Wright here from Bitcoin Lifestyles
    Club, and I hope you got massive value out of today’s 9th Commandment of Crypto Trading
    training and feeling inspired to take your skills to the next level. Watch out for the last segment of the 10 Commandments
    of Crypto Trading, that I have put together just for YOU. Where I’m going to give you the last very
    important piece of advice in this video series, that will help you avoid the costly mistakes
    made by so many unsuspecting crypto noobs who part with their crypto due to bad choices
    made with a get rich quick mindset. And by the way, if you want to fast track
    your way to mastering the crypto markets by developing your skills as a trader, you should
    check out the powerful crypto trading education and mastermind community of WINNING crypto
    traders available on the Bitcoin Lifestyles Club platform that we have put together to
    help you maximise your potential with crypto! Just click the link below this video for more
    information, and start accelerating on your path to crypto wealth and start living a financially
    free lifestyle starting today…

    Crypto Commandment #8: Learn Market Analysis | Ten Commandments of Crypto Trading by Caleb Wright
    Articles, Blog

    Crypto Commandment #8: Learn Market Analysis | Ten Commandments of Crypto Trading by Caleb Wright

    August 16, 2019

    Hello my friend, Caleb Wright here from Bitcoin
    Lifestyles Club, and in this video I’m going to teach you about the 8th commandment of
    crypto trading… Thou Shalt Learn Crypto Market Analysis! So the key to having a winning gameplan for
    the crypto markets, is to understand and analyse them more deeply on two different levels. Technically and Fundamentally. Technical Analysis is going to 100% be a study
    of the charts and price patterns, and levels of support and resistance over time. All represented on the candlestick charts
    on available crypto charting platforms like Trading View or Coinigy. I personally prefer to use Coinigy, it has
    all the tools and indicators that you would ever need, and the interface is very user
    friendly. When you understand the markets from a technical
    perspective, you will be much so much more grounded in knowing when to buy and sell. You will understand how to identify bullish
    and bearish market cycles, the phases within them, and how these various market conditions
    and trends can be traded for profit. Learning the various methods of technical
    analysis will be invaluable to your overall success in trading cryptocurrencies, because
    it will help you to formulate a game plan you can have confidence in. When you don’t know what you are looking at,
    when you take a look at the charts… it can be extremely difficult to come up with an
    effective gameplan you can count on. This is where the educated trader wins and
    lives to trade another day over the inexperienced trader who lacks the knowledge and enters
    the market at a much higher risk of making fatal trading decisions as a result. But it’s not ALL about the charts, there is
    another side to analyzing the market that we have to take into consideration. And that is Fundamental Analysis. Which is where we are research and learn about
    the coin project, read the whitepaper and familiarize with the technology behind it,
    learn about the developers… and most importantly in regard to trading, you learn about key
    release, launch dates, partnership announcements or other types of news events that could potentially
    have an effect on the price. So all the background info is good for helping
    you decide if the coin project is of actual value with a real world use case… or just
    some worthless vaporware. And if it doesn’t wreak of scam AND ticks
    the marks of a good coin project, then you can have confidence in trading that coin. And once you are paying attention to that
    coin, when you learn about an upcoming launch date or other type of important event that
    can build hype around it… This will be your potential trading opportunity
    to buy the rumor and sell the news on the date of the launch, which is typically what
    happens in the crypto world. If you do your own research on different altcoin
    price spikes, you will find many of these little bull trends end on certain launch dates…
    all you have to do is research what was going on for that coin around the date it began
    a significant correction to learn what was going on that led to the growth in price and
    the correction that followed. Coins will pump right up until key dates,
    and then the smart traders who are in position will take profit at the peak which begins
    the next correction as other traders in the market follow suit. So this is why Fundamental Analysis is also
    important. There are many factors at play between real
    life events and the technical action on the charts, to make up what we get for crypto
    prices on a daily basis. If you take your crypto trading seriously
    and learn how to analyse crypto markets from a technical and fundamental perspective, you
    will be way ahead of the average crypto trader when it comes to your ability to formulate
    a winning game plan and reach your financial goals as a result. Caleb Wright here from Bitcoin Lifestyles
    Club, and I hope you got massive value out of today’s 8th Commandment of Crypto training
    and feeling inspired to take your skills to the next level. Watch out for the rest of the 10 Commandments
    of Crypto Trading, that I have put together just for YOU. Because I want to help you avoid the costly
    mistakes made by so many unsuspecting crypto noobs. In the next training video, Commandment #9,
    I’m going to teach you the number one strategy that winning traders use to preserve their
    capital and not only survive the crypto markets, but thrive for the long term of their crypto
    trading career. And by the way, if you want to fast track
    your way to mastering the crypto markets by developing your skills as a trader, you should
    check out the powerful crypto trading education and 24-7 running mastermind community of WINNING
    crypto traders available on the Bitcoin Lifestyles Club platform that we have put together to
    help you maximise your potential with crypto! Just click the link below this video for more
    information, and start accelerating on your path to crypto wealth and start living a financially
    free lifestyle starting today…